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March 2009 - The crawling / walking / talking race is on . . .

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jollyjoanne Sun 27-Sep-09 15:05:25

the new thread for March 09 mummies

jollyjoanne Sun 27-Sep-09 15:17:16

Grinning really sorry to hear about your friends experiences it all sounds horrible.

Yarnie glad the sleep tactics are working, hope you get him sleeping soon.

Miss no crawling here, still just the worm impressions, with bottom up and head down and then head up and bottom down. However, she still seems to be able to power herself around the floor / bed / cot wherever she is, so we have to be really careful with her.

meep Sun 27-Sep-09 15:50:35

<pops in and waves to bookmark new thread>

By meep on Sun 27-Sep-09 13:37:40
wheredidiputit who are you?

By wheredidiputit on Sun 27-Sep-09 15:54:12
Sorry meep I was Lizziemun, but there seem to be a lot of 'Lizzie's' around all of sudden.

laweaselmys Sun 27-Sep-09 17:53:37

grinning am in shock at all of this, really hope your friend manages to kick him out for good and women's aid etc can be more help than the police.


No crawling here either.

But she has turned into an extremely active wriggler, even in the bath with her this afternoon she managed to fling herself half underwater twice. She's just learnt to splash though! Which is fantastically cute.

Mols is not a napper, but she sleeps well at night so I let it be. I think sometimes it is just either or with some babies.

meep Sun 27-Sep-09 18:25:01

aha lizzie in disguise.

Read my question back and it sound a bit abrupt - sorry - wasn't meant to be - knew it must be one of the March regulars! Love the new name!

It's alright Meep, I noticed a 'Lizzymum' and lots of other 'Lizzie....' names posting and rather get into a discussion as to whether the new person should change their name like some do on here so through oh sod it I was Lizziemun when i joined and only had Lizzie but have since had 2 more so it was time for a change grin.

Gald you like it as I spend all day asking myself where have i put............ unfortunley i hardly ever remember grin.

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:47:55

Hey Y'all - I wonder what number of thread this is for us all since (over) a year ago..hmm We clearly, like a blether! grin

Another busy weekend. I keep insisting that I am going to take some time out and do nothing and it rarely seems to happen. So I am going to go and sleep in the garage tonight (yes really) and watch my Charmed DVDs!

Friday was crazy with one thing or another and seemed to be having a day of "Poo-Pong" I sweart to God, I'd change Hb then DD2, then just get ready to leave the house and I'd have to change HB again. And then again with DD2... I've been averaging 5-6 dirty nappies with them every day last week - must be all the fruit. hmm I get so fed up of wiping up crap.

Meep seeing as you asked, the last poo-cot-fest I had, I went through (again during nap time - you think I'd learn) and she had jammed her hand inside her nappy where all the lovely squishy poo was, but she couldn't pull it back out as her vest buttons had made her stuck! I ask you! I keep saying to her, "Can you not just tell me when you need...??" No. She can't.

Still, DH and I had a lovely night on Fri eve as we haven't spent much time together lately with one thing or another, so we got the kids packed off to bed and had steak, winde, candles (small interruption with Dad walking in, but that's another story) and then a bit of the old nooky - amusingly interrupted by HB waking up around midnight to practice blowing raspberries for half an hour....it did hinder the mood somewhat. grin

We are working towards moving HB in with DD2, but are currently weaning her off her dummy (two whole days with out it and then DH goes on shift yesterday morning and immediately gives it to her angry whining; "I didn't what else to do.." Loser. Anyway, I forgave him for being crap but hopefully she's back on track now. I do think tho that when we do move them in together there will be problems to start. But am hoping they'll get used to each others' noises and sleep through them.

I hope!

Yarnie Hope things are on the up for you!

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:50:38

Ohh, meant to say, re: weaning, I remember some posting about some babies not being interested or not taking very much, I have found that as long as I have a bottle of cooled boiled water with me while they are eating that helps them take the rest. They do get very thirsty and won't even take milk if they are. That's what mine have been like, maybe not the same as everyone elses' I'm sure. But worth a thought?

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:52:27

Er..that was "steak, wine.." The wind came later. grin

Yarnie Mon 28-Sep-09 12:54:57

Jolly Spike's pretty much doing the same pre-crawling actions as Mae, by the sounds of it. I keep lifting his hips to help him get the idea. I'm excited about him crawling but also dreading it(!) Our house is a death trap and not much we can do about it until we move in November.

The Grand Sleep Experiment is still going well. He slept from 6.15pm until 4.30am. I went to settle him which turned out to be a mistake. Usually DP does and when Spike realised he wasn't getting any milk, he flipped out. So he ended up getting milk(!) Still, not bad going. His first nap of the day was a bit rubbish, but we'll see how the second goes. He seems to alternate from day to day between having a long nap first thing and having a long nap at lunch time, which is odd.

Weaning is also going a little better. Because of his sensitive gag reflex, I'm taking it slowly. He gets breakfast and then bits and bobs all day. Breakfast is either banana porridge or yoghurt and fruit which he spoonfeeds himself (I offer him the spoon) and some slices of peach or pear, etc. I then offer him bits of whatever I have during the day. Yesterday he had a good go at some steak and mange tout. He loved the steak. He's still sick at most breakfasts, but I think his gag reflex is not as violent and there has certainly been a much reduced quantity of sick.

I'm hoping his better napping will mean more time to actually make some suitable food for him, so I can actually offer him a bit more. I have the Annabel Karmel Finger Foods book which has some great looking recipes in it.

I'm having a serious think about work at the moment. I used to be a lawyer, but I retrained to become an interior spatial designer. I only managed two jobs after I finished my diploma before I got pregnant. Now I'm trying to work out when I am going to pick it up again and how that fits in with wanting a second child.

What's everyone else's work situation?

Wheelybug Mon 28-Sep-09 15:39:55

Found you !

Glad things are looking up Yarnie. As for work - I was an accountant before having dd1 and never went back. I had my first wobble about not having worked for 4 years a couple of weekends ago - friends were talking about how they had got to an important position in their career and 'how did we suddenly become in charge' and I thought 'sh*t, I threw my career away'. I don't regret having been at home all this time but we did intend to have a smaller gap between dd's so would have got back to work sooner but we'll see. Don't think I'll do anything until dd2 starts school.

A question for those who know about giving up breastfeeding - I gave L her last feed last saturday morning (9 days ago) and had taken about 6 weeks to stop so did it very slowly. All has been ok this week - one side has been totally fine and one side has had moments of lumpiness. Suddenly this morning it has hard lumps and a bit sore. Am worried its going to turn into mastitis. Have been massaging it and getting milk out of it but obviously don't want to do too much as I want to stop producing milk... Any advice ???

Boobz Mon 28-Sep-09 18:06:56

Am back to work hence lack of posting. Hate it. Really really don't want to be working - have done a week already and am now wishing away the day until I can pick up Penny again (mostly because thinking makes my brain hurt!)

Yarnie Mon 28-Sep-09 19:08:51

Wheely I am very far from being a BF expert, but it may just be a blocked duct which can be lumpy and a bit sore (though mastitis can follow if not addressed). If massaging isn't working, you might want to consider expressing just enough to relieve the symptoms. Note how much you express and over the course of a week, express increasingly smaller amounts.

Someone may have a better idea, but when I was plagued with blocked ducts and mastitis early on, expressing was the only answer. Hot flannels helped as well.

Missmodular Mon 28-Sep-09 21:04:55

Wheely it may sort itself out but if the pain gets worse you might be best off seeing the doc about getting some antibiotics. I got a sore boob a few months back and the pills sorted it out in a day (could've been coincidence tho - who knows?).

Boobz lots of sympathy re the work front. It does get better (or less awful, whichever way you want to look at it). Hope you get your bfp soon.

Slick will watch your progress with getting HB in with his sister with interest. Our DDs are eventually going to be sharing a room but DD1 is so possessive about her stuff atm I can't imagine it happening any time soon. However, I do have a friend with a 3 and a 5 year old who originally had separate rooms and then asked if they could share (aww), so am keeping that in mind and hoping that it will happen that way rather than us having to force the issue. Not waiting until M is three though! grin

Looking forward to another night with a teethy baby - urgh hmm

Wheelybug Mon 28-Sep-09 21:43:23

Thanks Yarnie and MissMod - it seems a bit better this evening so fingers crossed. A friend of mine had mastitis last week (baby is 8 months) so its on my mind I think !

Boobz - sorry you're feeling that way but am sure it'll get easier (or you'll get a bfp !).

laumiere Tue 29-Sep-09 19:49:41

grinning Much sympathy for your friend, Women's Aid is a great place to start.

Yarnie no crawling here either, and we have a 'sleep' window too, G either starts to zone out or rubs his hair (like Laurel in Laurel and Hardy).

law another bath explorer! Gabe keeps trying to flip onto his tum in the bath, it's cute if a bit nerve-wracking!

We're in Wales with v slow net connection so not many posts! Poor Gabriel is throwing up masses (both volume and frequency!) so we think he may have a virus of some kind. I've all but stopped BF so we're giving little and often feeds of follow on milk and no solids for a day or two. However his balance when sitting is coming along well and he's not too shabby at reasoning/memory: DS1 has a 'gumball machine' that chimes and rolls out platic balls when you pull a lever. G watched DS1 operate it once and then made it work a few hours later

mdavza Tue 29-Sep-09 22:06:57

Hiya, been busy-busy-busy and just fall into bed at night.
Grinning, jeez, what a sobering story! Makes me want to go out and clobber a policeman (what did the policewoman say?!), seriously, when is it ok to break someone's nose? The guy is obv mad as a hatter and I feel for your friend. You and your dh are good people for standing by her.

Yarnie- so good to hear that sleep is improving. B is having sleepathons the past few days, sleeping almost 4 hrs daily and 11-12 at night. I thank God and all the sleepy godesses for that, but know that it will change. Agree totally with meep. At this age they get tired for a nap after 2-3 hrs, and i believe in a dark and quiet room.
Slick. Looking forward to seeing pics of all your new diy. Respect! Here I'm sewing soft toys onto his curtains and paiting Elmer on a piece of wood, which will be stuck next to his bed.

Boobz, its hard when your job sucks. Is there any way out?

On weaning: he's on purees of all different things and sucking/chewing on carrots, bread, sausage, chicken drumsticks...and loving it. I love it, this weaning! He is often thirsty and drinks water from his sippy cup. He is still getting a lot of milk.
And he now has TWO teeth! All the miserableness has vanished, mystery solved. And hes up on all fours, swaying forwards and backwards, I think we'll be putting up the stairgate etc this weekend.
Slick, giggled a lot at your poo- pong! Ben did two massive poos yesterday... Both while dh was on duty- good boy!

I have some personal news that will hopefully end well: I am finally, after almost 7 years, weaned off antidepressants. It's a long story, basically depresdion runs in my family and I went on ad after a particularly bad episode. That dr told me I needed to stay on it for life, but I went on half dosage a few years ago with no prob. And now, with lots of support from a new doc, some counselling and lots of meditation, I'm almost off them. Feel very good, strangely alive, so there you go.
In case you wondered: I did go off when I fell pregnant, became extremely dep, went back on tiny dosage after 3 months.

mdavza Tue 29-Sep-09 22:11:33

Ps: does anybody else's baby have nigtmares? Lb woke with a sharp cry last night at around 10( he never does that) and was obv distressed. I checked his nappy, he smiled at me, I patted him and kissed gnight and that was it. Strange

Slickbird Tue 29-Sep-09 22:14:10

Just checking in quickly before bed -

Mdavza That is fantastic news!! Good for you! Who says you have to do them for life?? Being proactive about it the way you have is just the best way to try and combat it and I'm so pleased for you that you feel able to take this next step. Wish you all the best with that. smile

Just been to see my best friend in the hospital as she had to have a mammoth cyst removed from her ovarie (just had her second baby in April) and they had to remove her ovarie too as it was f*cked. sad She's ok tho and just glad it's over with. She's been living with it getting bigger and bigger for a long time now, so she's glad to get it out. Was quite emotional to see her tho as I've known her since we were 6 and have been through everything together. Shame she is still trying to BF and lift a toddler - the rocovery is going to take some time, so I don't know how she'll manage.

Anyhoo, am off to bed. Hope you're all well.

Slickbird Tue 29-Sep-09 22:15:46

That doesn't look like how you spell ovarie? hmm Ovary? Nope. Ovarie it must be.

corgikelly Wed 30-Sep-09 08:22:09

Hey all --

Rhys is taking a quick nap before heading off to nursery, so I'm trying to catch up on the mammoth backlog of posts!

Not much time to comment, but I do have to say yarnie that I'm SO glad Spike seems to be settling in. He sounds (or sounded, fingers crossed) a lot like Rhys, and I know how challenging and worrying and exhausting that can be.

laumiere, I thought I had the only baby bent on flipping over on his tummy in the bath. I let him, because I've always got a hand underneath him and he loves to float, but I've been wondering if that's encouraging bad habits...

slick, believe it or not, it is ovary. smile And glad your friend is okay.

boobz, I'm with you on the work front. Not enough to make me want to get pregnant again quite yet (I can feel DP blanching at the very thought), but close!

On the Corgi homefront, it's been all ill, all the time. All three of us have been sick for about a month - congestion, sore throat, cough, etc. I don't know if it's one virus we've not been able to shake, or whether Rhys is just cycling through new ones at the creche as fast as he can. Poor little man. My cough has settled into a permanent dry hack, and there is nothing quite as exhausting as lying in bed in the middle of the night trying as hard as you can NOT to cough for fear of waking the baby!

And speaking of sleep -- hallelujah, things are going better! We've Ferberized, and life is suddenly much brighter. Rhys is now in bed between 7.30 and 8 and generally grizzles for 5 to 15 minutes before falling asleep. On his own. And then he STAYS asleep until 1:30, when he wakes to feed. Then back to bed until 7 or 7:30. Calloo callay o frabjous day! Long may it last. (Naps are another matter, and we've not pushed the point of getting him in his cot for those. I figure that can be the childminders' job! grin)

I would love to get rid of that night feed, but he's so hungry when he wakes up, I don't know how. I'm also battling with the childminders at the creche regarding the number of bottles he gets. I don't know if I'm taking things too slow or they're being too ambitious - would love to get some opinions: Rhys will be six months old this Friday, and he is on one full meal (lunch) per day. They want to replace his afternoon bottle with fruit puree, but I'm worried he won't be getting enough calories/milk in the day. Can someone tell me roughly how much milk they should be drinking per day at this age? With Rhys, it's hard to tell because he's still breastfeeding, but he tends to be a light eater. Roughly put, now his routine is:

7.30 BF
9.30 - sometimes a quick BF before heading to the creche, sometimes not
11.30 - lunch (solids)
14.30 - the formula vs fruit debate
16.00 - sometimes a very small bottle of formula
18.00 - sometimes a small veg meal, depending on whether he's had a bottle earlier or is hungry
19.30 - BF
01.30 - BF

Should I okay the switch to fruit in the afternoon, or insist that he keep a bottle? He's thin for his size (99th percentile for length, 50th for weight) and I don't want to shortchange him calorically!

Or am I overthinking this? hmm

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 10:24:16

Hey Corgi Ovary huh? grin I'm still waiting for my spelling to return to it's pre-pregnancy state. A very odd state of affairs. For a long time, I kept going to spell shock - schock - as if I suddenly had turned German! grin

Anyway, re: your feeding issues - with HB, he is 6.5 months and for a while now he has been on 3 meals a day and four 8oz bottles. He sleeps through the night, (but is noisy with it!). It's very hard to know what Rhys is getting through the breast feeding obviously, but in terms of formula, they recommend around 30oz in 24 hours. Mine has that, plus his meals, plus water. Personally, I would up his food intake. If you have a hungry baby on your hands it really can make a difference. Also, he may take some milk and water with his meal, have a break and then finish his milk at nap time.

I also feed him at these times but it's different for everyone obviously:

7.30ish - Breakfast Cereal & Milk (8oz)
9.30 - Nap (Finishes breakfast milk)
Noon - Lunch - veg/fruit/toast & Milk 8oz (and water)
2pm - a wee drink and then nap
4.30 - 5.00 - tea - as lunch.
7.30 - Night time bottle 8oz BED!!!

I wouldn't worry too much about replacing one calorie with another - it sounds like he's getting plenty BF, taking formula and would quite happily take some solids - they love (ususally) the new tastes and textures.

Good luck with it. smile

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 10:25:49

P.S. I quite often throw him a wee rice cake or bit of banana mid afternoon too.

meep Wed 30-Sep-09 11:29:15

Rosie is still night waking - ugh. Ever since she was ill she tends to wake up around 4am - wants milk - and I let her have some as it means I can get back to bed.

But...............she won't finish her bottles during teh day. slick dd1 followed the sort of route that HB is on - but Rosie is having none of it. Wee question - do you use the same bottle from his 7.30 feed to give him before his nap at 9.30? I have it in muy head that you have to throw away a bottle after an hour - but I am sure that is just over cautious and I reckon what you are doing would work for Rosie.

She is also so distracted by her big sis that she would rather grin at her than drink. And I know that the 4am bottle means she's not that hungry in teh morning.

Sorry for the me me me post - just very frustrated as I woudl love to eliminate the night wakings in eth next month so we are good to go for me going back to work.

corgi I have heard that when you get them going on protein it helps them sleep longer and feel more satisfied. We have tiptoed into the realms of fish and she seemed okay with it (white fish poached in milk and mushed up with sweet potato and cream cheese - mmmmm!)

boobz sorry your feeling rubbish. The only downside about getting pregnant again is that you get to teh stage I am at - about to go back to work knowing I ain't having any more, so no lovely maternity leave ever again . You could always do a kanga and have lots and lots of babies though grin!

yarnie glad things are working out with sleep. When it sorts itself out you feel so much better about everything!

Mdavza well done you about the anti-d's. A close friend of mine has gone through it and I know it takes a lot of courage to get yourself off them.

lau you have a child prodigy on your hands grin

wheely sending healing vibes to your boobs (just read that back and it sounds a bit odd - ha ha - you know what I mean!)

laumiere Wed 30-Sep-09 16:16:49

meep Am afraid of that! Mum said i was exactly the same as a child and by 10 months I would climb out of bed, undo the baby gate, close it to stop my (3 yo) brother escaping, then CLIMB DOWN THE STAIRS and play on the living room floor int he evenings.

mdavza More yays for you here. I was on anti-ds for 3 years and found 5 HTP (from Holand and Barrett) really useful for those 'dips' when i first came off it. Goths use it to replace serotonin after taking tabs.....

corgi Gabe does BLW and has about 5 7oz bottles a day (but he is a big lad).

I guess I'm the only one here looking forward to work? Went with DH to Culver House Cross near Cardiff and spent £189 on some new suits at the MASSIVE Marks and Spencer there. It would have been more but he wouldn't let me near the shoes and jewellery (boo!)

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 17:53:39

Meep That's exactly what I do. And for the lunch time bottle. So yeah, within a two hour window thereby. I've found it fine so far. I kinda get a gut feeling when it's been too long. When he was younger I was stricter about it but now, I feel a bit more relaxed.

Had the HV round today for my 6 month check and she said I was a 'brilliant mother'. Aww shucks. I did point out that it's only been easier to cope because I've been really luck with Happy Boab and that if I were my friend who has a baby who WILL NOT BE PUT DOWN AT ALL - I don't think I would be in such good fettle. I really think it's the luck of the draw. I know some argue that it is how you are with them as well and that might be part of it but I don't think that's at all fair on those who just get a baby that won't be put down or is grizzly a lot etc. They're all different and you just never know what you're gonna get.

Anyhoo. Am off for my walk. DD1 wanted to come with me but seeing as she's been complaining of a pulled muscle in her leg and hirpling around all day but now seems to have made a miraculous recovery hmm I said no.

Wheelybug Wed 30-Sep-09 17:54:12


On the food front here L is having 4-5 7/8 oz bottles of milk (normally 4 now as she is not usually up in the middle of the night now - any time from 4.30 - sometimes 6.30 shock), a weetabix for breakfast, 1 meal which is meat/fish/lentil based and fruit and 1 meal that is veg based and yoghurt. Then the odd rice cake/biscuity thing during the day. The time of her waking does tend to correlate to how well she's eaten during the day.

meep - The formula packets now say you can keep a feed for 2 hours if that helps.

corgi - I would have thought the 2pm slot is an odd place to add another solid feed. Either breakfast or tea would be normal I think. COuld R not have a bottle at 2 and then tea at 4.30/5 ?

She still doesn't sleep much during the day though - I have found that if I am at home afer lunch she will have an hour if I put her in a grobag and close the curtains. Other than that she might nap a bit in the buggy/car but not much.

She is sitting reliably now although tries to crawl from there and gets v. upset when she can't. Happiest when standing (supported by us of course!).

Boob update - My right one (the lumpy sore one) is much better, hopefully was a sorting itself out blip. My left one (the scalded one) is horrid and scabby. my poor boobs grin.

Mdavza - well done on the anti depressants. That's great.

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 17:54:46

P.S. Meep Re: the nighttime feed - any chance Rosie will take water instead and hopefully get bored of waking for it? Or have you tried that and it's just not cutting the mustard?

meep Wed 30-Sep-09 18:25:36

slick am going to try water tonight...........will let you know how we get on in the morning!

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 19:16:49

We did that with all of them when it got to the stage you're at and it did work. Fingers crossed for you it won't be long. smile

No movement on the crawling front from ds but i think he be a bum shuffler if he bother at all. He may just not bother and just get up and walk his sisters at 8/9mths.


Hope the water works for you and dd2. I tried it with dd1 who would have none of it and didn't stop waking for milk when she was only having an 1oz at 2years.


On the weaning front ds was 6mth last week and is now having 3 meals aday and 4 7oz bottles.

Ok now is the woe is me bit.

DD1 has bought home a nice D&V bug. She was sick twice in the night once where i had to chase her bed. I coped realy well as i sick phobic and dh always deals with the children have been sick (can't change a nappy without choking) was away last night so i had to deal with it. But today i have it. Thank god mum lives around the corner and was able to come round a look after us.

jollyjoanne Wed 30-Sep-09 20:22:07

Wheredidiputit oh no, I also have sick phobia and am dreading the ill child thing. Fingers crossed you're all better soon.

Mae is absolutely full of snot at present and is not liking it. She is snoring when asleep and keeps waking herself up. Poor little thing.

Corgi Mae is bf morning and night and then has 3 bottles during the day normally of only 4oz though, and she has brekkie, lunch and tea too!

mdavza hope it all continues to go well with the ads, and that you get all the support you need to stay off them.

Boobz I am doing OK at work but wishing I had more time at home with Mae but could still get all my work done. Hope your job improves.

Boobz Wed 30-Sep-09 21:13:10

Thanks for all the lovely posts about my job. Was in a real grump when I posted it, so sorry for not really catching up on other's news.

Corgi, Penelope is now on 4 x 7oz bottles and breakfast and lunch (introducing tea next week). I agree that 2pm is a strange time to be introducing a solids meal so I would hold out and keep the bottle then and then introduce the evening / tea meal a couple of hours later. But then I am very new at this so what do I know?!

Pen slept through the night last night (second time ever) after doing controlled crying the night before. Basically now that I have finished all BF-ing, I thought she wouldn't bother waking for 3oz of formula from a bottle at 4am, but she has, and so night before last, we bit the bullet and said she didn't really need that feed. So the cc lasted all of about 8 mins before she fell asleep, and then last night it was DH's turn and he was ready to do it at 4am this morning... and she slept through! I know one night does not make a trend, but here's hoping she can do it again on MY night (she wasn't even that hungry at 7am this morning when she woke up - was happy to be dressed etc before getting her bottle).

I miss breast feeding. I still hate my job.

meep Thu 01-Oct-09 10:14:20

large bottle of water consumed at 3.30am - hooray!!! She struggled to get to sleep afterwards - but then slept till 7.30am and devoured 7oz of milk! My DH was very hmm about the whole plan - but I am so glad it worked - fingers crossed she eventually decides not to wake at all.

for the d&v wheredid. It is not nice even if you are not sick phobic.

jolly child sickness is truly a thing to behold - the number of times I have been standing clutching a sicky child with my bra full of vomit..............grin

hooray for Pen! for boobz

I am currently doing very lazy parenting - have discovered that Rosie adores Waybuloo on Cbeebies - so she is watching it (very happily - lots of giggles) with her sister while I MN and get ready to take them out (and have a sneaky cup of coffee)

Have a nice day ladies - the sun is shining here!

corgikelly Fri 02-Oct-09 10:20:54

Does anyone have any tips for helping a baby cope with/get better from a wet, mucousy cough?

Rhys is on week 4 of the nursery onslaught of germs and viruses, and his two major symptoms are a stuffy nose and this cough -- and the cough was what kept waking him up last night, poor little guy. sad

We were at the paed's last Friday and she said his lungs were fine and not to worry, that it was just the mucous from his nose and sinuses draining -- but it's been going on forever and it's really rough on him.

Am SO uninterested in work today, it's not even funny. hmm

meep Fri 02-Oct-09 12:55:01

Poor wee Rhys. The only things are putting Olbas oil or something similar in his room and propping up the head end of his cot.

Cough medicines here are now banned for little ones and you can only get teh syrup ones which don't really do much good.


I use karvol plugin in the dc rooms when they have colds.

i plug it in an hour or so before they go to bed with the door shut then turn it off about an hour after they are asleep. It seems to be enough for them to be able to breather for the night.

All better here now. That bugs comes quickly and goes just as quick (24Hrs) thank god.

Meep your so right about 'school' bugs being a thing to beleive. Thanks for that delightful reminder of last year grin.

meep Sat 03-Oct-09 10:13:11

.......everyone's gone again..........

Slickbird Sat 03-Oct-09 14:36:49

Am just popping in....

Meep I think we all must be 'getting things done' before the winter sets in. I know I am! I bet when all those cold dark nights are here, this site will be thriving! smile

Hope everyone is well. I have a rare mid-day bath running as DH has taken the kids out.

Back later.

Missmodular Sat 03-Oct-09 18:18:33

I'm still here - I went to bed at 8.30 last night after an epic teething night from hell the night before... woke up this morning feeling normal - not particularly refreshed, but just not as sleep deprived as before.

Is anyone else finding mealtimes incredibly long at the moment? Lunch and dinner seemed to take an hour each yesterday and today, what with the toddler wanting everything but what's on the table and the baby just wanting a smidge of what's given then throwing it all on the floor!

Gotta go - just witnessing the classic 'baby posting something inside the video player' scenario...

I'm here But......................

I have reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaly bad PMT to the point i am getting on my nerves.

So i'm being anti-social and ignoring everyone.

Will be back in a day or 2 when i feel better.

meep Sat 03-Oct-09 19:10:23

grin at wheredid*!!

I have a baby who cries between mouthfuls because I can't shovel it in her fast enough - she eats more than my toddler does! Agree that toddlers at mealtimes are a nightmare - takes forever to coax the teeniest tineiest pice of anything into her - sigh!

Right - off to tidy up the deitrus of a day with a baby, toddler and hungover dh - then feet up for X Factor <sad cow emoticon>!

mid-day bath...............a house with no kids envy slick!

Slickbird Sat 03-Oct-09 19:54:51

I did say it was rare....wink

meep Sun 04-Oct-09 10:00:18

slick meant to say - the bottle of water did the trick - Rosie has slept from 11pm till 7am for teh last 3 nights! (i'll have jinxed it now won't I!!!)

Slickbird Sun 04-Oct-09 18:18:42

Meep Excellent news! So glad it worked. smile

Wheredid I'm in your PMT camp as well. I woke up today with NO PATIENCE at all and all my family (apart from HB) were getting on my last shredded nerve! New it was PMT tho. Managed to get out to Dalmeny House and down to the beach today as it was lovely so that dispelled some energy, but they've all been banging on drums, sleigh bells and the guitar (like a bloody wican commune or something hmm) since half seven this morning. I am SOOOO ready for half seven tonight!

Funny tho, whenever I am in this PMT phase and have no patience and am getting irritated by everyone, it's when my DH wants lots of cuddles and can't keep his hands off me. And I keep saying, "Keep away from me! I don't want cuddles, I'm too annoyed! angry" and he just "Aww, darling! Give us a cuddle...grin" hmm Is v. weird. Must give of cuddle pheramones at this stage of the month. Anyone else experience this pheramon phenomenon?? (Say that 3 times fast! grin)

Slickbird Sun 04-Oct-09 18:20:15

Except I 'knew' it was PMT. Even MY spelling's not that bad.

jollyjoanne Sun 04-Oct-09 20:57:42

Well I've not got PMT but I am now officially old, having turned 30 today.

Sympathies to all those going through the grumps, I seem to have got worse since having Mae especialoly as I now seem to have much worse back ache than I ever got before.

Mae is another one who cries out if the food is not shovelled in fast enough or god forbid it runs out before she deems to have had enough.

Waiting to see if she will sleep at all tonight as she has barely slept at all today becos of the excitement of mummies birthday she has been fighting since 3ish even though these eyes have shut a few times she won't given in. Hopefully she'll go down soon.

meep Mon 05-Oct-09 07:55:06

happy birthday jolly and you are officially NOT old ( I am old )!

I am currently watching Rosie really really really trying to roll around - she spent from 5.30am whirling around in her cot until she got wedged sideways - hmmmmmm!

OK. was feeling better today until i read Jolly post. If your old i'm going to be anccient on thursday (40) grin.

Happy Birthday.

lolianja Mon 05-Oct-09 14:49:44

Hi everyone!

Jimmy's really settled down recently, he's stopped refusing to eat if he hasn't drunk first and better still has begun to sleep right through again just like he used to. Out like a light at 6.40pm (ish) last night after a bottle and didn't wake until 7 this morning - glorious!

And ironic I guess, because in approx 8 or 9 weeks or so his whole little world will be turned onto its head. My due date's FINALLY been revised to 37 weeks, hopefully I'll make it that far - both babies still breech at the moment but I've been told not to panic and that they've plenty of time to shift around. I really hope they do, I don't relish the idea of a c-section tbh.

Happy birthday jolly!

laumiere Mon 05-Oct-09 19:01:00

Back from the wilds of Wales! Not too much to report, loli am keeping fingers crossed for you, jolly in that case I will be old in March!

mdavza Mon 05-Oct-09 19:40:49

loli Good luck for these last few weeks, I remember they sucked with only one baby, so hats off to you with two!

meep Ben also gets very grumpy if the food is not in his mouth fast enough, but it also depends what he's getting. I'm fascinated by the fact that he seems to love chicken (his dad) and potatoes (me). And he has a new way of just closing his mouth if he doesn't fancy something - it's cute now, buuuuuut.....Glad your water trick worked!

Corgi Ben had a snotty nose for ages and then two teeth came out, so maybe it's that? We burn tea tree oil in his bedroom for an hour before he goes to sleep and that helps a lot with a blocked nose. I also have Melaleuca cream that I rub under his nose and on his chest to open the snotgates. He has a snotty nose again and is chewing everything - including my chin - furiously. So another tooth coming?

slick Can't say that dh gets more cosy when I'm PMT, he gets a very evil eye.

Wheredidi Happy birthday so long for Thursday (I will forget). Hope you get a lovely baby for the day and spoiled rotten! And 40 is the new 20. (I am now 35)

I have had a nasty cold with fever the past two days, was hard with lo toay, me not feeling like doing much, so we just rolled around the floor. He is now moving forward in his own version of crawling: pushes himself gently on his face with his feet, and then forward. Hard to descrtibe, hillarious to watch. And he's already chasing the cats. But my, he is CUTE!!! Giggling and blowing rasberries, and I swore he said 'ma' the other day...

Thanks Mdavza.

DD1 (5.8yrs) made feel heaps better when i picked her up from school tonight. I got

dd1 'Mum, we doing about dinosaurs at school today.'

Me 'Thats good. what did you learn'

DD1 ' Well they lived millions of years ago. Like when you were my age' hmm.

Me 'why thanks DD1.'

DS could be saying 'mum'. I know when i go into Robbie room in the morning he lays on his changing mat going 'mum, mum, mmummm'. He also keeps shouting 'nannan' at me.

laweaselmys Mon 05-Oct-09 21:50:15

Congratulations to mdavza for kicking the ad's. I know it can be really tough, so I think you're pretty awesome for being able to do it with a little baby around!

Happy Birthday to wheredidiputit and jollyjoanne

Very excited for all the mums of sleeping better babies too. Hope you are enjoying all the lovely sleep.

In the Law household we've just started our second no DP weekdays routine as he's gone off back to work - it's actually okay. DP and I have done long distance relationship before so we're all sorted on keeping up the communication. I'm still wishing the days away until he gets back though.

and... I've just quit my job. I'm not totally sure I'm going to do the SAHM thing long term, quiting was really because work and I couldn't come to an arrangement that suited both of us when I go back. I'm sad about it, because I liked the job and I was good at it, but when I am on my own without a car I can't be scooting off all week going to obscure places to do courses for them.

However, having worked out new benefit's calculation etc we will be better off. Which is a bit of a relief, if an unhappy one, because I would much rather we did it alone.

laweaselmys Mon 05-Oct-09 21:52:30

not back to work, sorry DP's gone back to University.

BTW - snotty baby here too, snores like a trooper - I think we are well and truly into cold season now.

Slickbird Tue 06-Oct-09 10:15:19

Not had a chance to catch up with everyone's posts again and will try to tonight but may be going to see my friend who just had the op.

Well HB is sitting up himself now which is great but I still put cushions round him just in case. He also seems to have a chesty cough which is his first, but so far, he doesn't seem to bothered by it.

Am off to go and get the last of my wisdom teeth out. Am dreading it. Weird, having been through three childbirths, I'm dreading this more!

Hope everyone is well.

Law Hope you enjoy being a SAHM for the meantime, these are precious years so if you can stay off it's worth it.

Slickbird Tue 06-Oct-09 10:16:17

Just glanced - Happy Birthday Jolly You're not old! Am 37 on Halloween and I really, really can't believe it. Where the hell does it go??

Wheelybug Tue 06-Oct-09 16:32:08

Popping in to say hello although have very little to report. Another snotty baby here - has been for a while so maybe teeth ???

Happy Birthday Jolly and wheredidI*.

- hope the wisdom teeth pull goes ok. I had to have a baby tooth (yes really - I still have a couple of others too) out just after I'd had dd1 by csec and was soooo scared about the tooth extraction. I had to keep telling myself I'd just had major abdominal surgery whilst awake. There's just soemthing about teeth though !

laumiere Tue 06-Oct-09 22:13:05

law Jealous of HHB sitting himself up! G can stay if plonked (found the breastfeeding pillow was good to save any falls).

meep Wed 07-Oct-09 07:15:32

Morning all!

Rosie is also okay only if "plonked" (see photo on profile) but not up to HB standards yet! It is great when they can sit and reach for toys by themselves - a whole new world of amusement for them.

happy birthday wheredid - you are officialy a dinosaur today grin

slick ouch for yourteeth - am also in the camp of hating any kind of messing with my teeth even though I know it won't hurt!

wheely both mine are full of snot at the moment. Rosie's cot is propped up at one end, which would be fine if she stayed with her head at teh raised ened. But, oh no, her latest trick is to whirl abouit in her cot so that she is perfectly placed with her head at the bottom. She is in such a straight line that it looks as if we've put her in that way (the first time she did it I actually accused dh of having being an eejit and putting her in upside down). But it really does nothing to help the snot and we've been awake since about 5.30am with her huffing and puffing.

law well done you for quitting your job - it is such a shame that employers can't sort things so that we can all juggle work and children/childcare. The most difficult part of having children and working is the mad dash to nursery - which for me means leaving work at 5pm and no later. I do get "looks" from people for leaving early - despite the fact that when teh kids are in bed, I am normally catching up in eth evening - boo.

Dd1 is shouting "mummy, cuddle" over the monitor - so i'd better go.......

meep Wed 07-Oct-09 07:18:22

aaggh - pic didn't work - will try later

meep Wed 07-Oct-09 09:24:41

photo of "plonked" baby finally on profile.

Have just come accross a poster called "mrsmeeps" - hmph! Thought I had a name that was unique!

Wheelybug Wed 07-Oct-09 14:00:58

Don't worry Meep - you'll always be the true meep to us !! Lovely picture - she's so cute.

L has truly mastered sitting here too so much so I was able to plonk her on the floor of starbucks this morning so I could drink my coffee, a major perk (no one point out how filthy those floors are please !). However, she's also getting herself around on her tummy (I still wouldn't call it crawling but sort of commando-ing) so we seem to have missed out on that being able to put baby on the floor stage and leave them happily playing. I had it for 3 months with dd1 as she sat quite early but crawled quite late. Ah well.

Happy birthday WheredidI !!

EllieorOllie Wed 07-Oct-09 16:55:56

Hi everyone

Gosh it's been ages since i posted. Going back to work has totally taken it out of me - even when i get time in the evenings to look on here, i cannot ever manage to lift a finger to actually post...

Have just been reading everyone's news. Very jealous of those with sitting babies - G can commando crawl/face shuffle forwards about a metre but he's not even close to sitting. If plonked he looks confused for about 4-5 seconds and then keels over, none too gracefully... He eats like a horse, and has moved on to sitting in his bumbo with his mouth wide open, waiting for me to shovel food in. Which is rather cute! He's also huge. Have no idea what he actually weighs but I had to buy a load of 9-12 months clothes online yesterday as he has already outgrown the 6-9 month stuff. Such a chubster...

I have just got a new job, starting after christmas. Obviously I'm mad, but it's more flexible and a lot better paid than class teaching, so I am quite pleased. Will be able to drop DD off at pre-school twice a week too. Still jealous of the SAHMs though. If we weren't mortgaged to the hilt I would love to be doing the school run and spending all day with G. Grass is always greener though I suppose!!

Slick - hope the extraction went ok. I still flinch when people mention wisdom teeth!

Loli - hope the last few weeks are ok. I am in awe of how well you are coping. One of my friends is just about to have her 3rd baby in under 3 years and I am exhausted just looking at her...

Re coldy babies, I love snufflebabe, it's great. I use it on myself too!

Arg, got to go. Life calls!


Slickbird Thu 08-Oct-09 09:09:47

Hey Y'all. I really just don't know where the time goes at the moment!

Thanks for the kind wishes about my tooth, but er...in the end, he never took it out! blush smile. Instead he fitted me for a night mouth guard to stop me clenching my teeth. So the mouth full of gag-inducing cement in the gob was still better than having the tooth out! How relieved was I?? He said that it may help stop me grinding all together and then I may not need to get it out at all. Hurray! We shall see!

Meep Awww, what a cutie! She's gorgeous! How's the older one getting on with her? My DD2 is still generally very good with HB but just ocasionally in the last couple of weeks I've seen her taking something off him and say it's hers! It is occasional tho and quite often she's taking him stuff to play with which is cute. Her speech is just rocketing at the moment. She's coming out with stuff and I'm thinking, how do you know that?? "Sheep crossing the road..." "Oooh spinning top! Round and round!" She's way better than her sister was at this stage, which is great because it helps stave off some of the tantrums. (So far)

Happy Birthday Wheredidi! Hope you had a great day!

Ellie Good to hear from you! Hope your work situation improves. HB is a chubster too. People are always surprised when I say he's only the age he is.

Well I've got the bathroom renovation started next week (I knoe another bloody room) and have been a bit tressed because our
friends husband who is a plumber was going to fit it but is noew too busy having moved house and working on that and now won't have the tme which means i'll have to rely on DH and his friens. God help me. he always gets really grumpy doing diy. sorry am typing with one hand.

I'd better go. The room is filling up with two stinky bums and things are just too funky in here....

Boobz Thu 08-Oct-09 09:12:20

Hey all - just a fleeting post before I have to run out the door for meetings...

Happy birthday to those who are a year older. I was officially old in May and can't believe I am now in my 30s. Like someone said, where does the time go?

Still not pg but not actively ttc - DH wants his wife back for a little while before getting huge again and he has only just "reclaimed the breast" - his words! So we're going to wait until after we've been skiing in Feb before coming off the pill. I've not even had a period yet so I don't think we'd get pg even if we tried now. I have come to terms a bit more with going back to work, so I am less "must get pg now!".

Penny has been sitting up on her own for about 2 weeks now which is great - she can play with the other babies at child minders and is happy to sit and roll all over the place. She also got her first tooth coming through (felt it yesterday) and today I can actually see it! And another one is there too I think - 2 teeth in 2 days! She refused her bottle last night and this morning so I almost rang work to say I was keeping her home, but a bit of teething gel really did the trick and she took her bottle not 10 mins after giving her the gel so I packed her off to CM this morning and will try not to worry about it all day! Can't believe my little baby has teeth!

Have uploaded latest pic of Pen on profile showing off her sitting up skills - DH bought her the dress before anyone says anything...

back later xx

Slickbird Thu 08-Oct-09 09:12:43

lol at one hand typing! 'a bit tressed'! yeah, my hair's looking fantastic - not! grin

Slickbird Thu 08-Oct-09 09:16:19

Boobz She's just gorgeous! DD2 just saw her and said, 'awww baybeeee...and a gog!' grin

mdavza Thu 08-Oct-09 10:53:25

Boobz: Cuuuuutie! I like the dress, think it's much more fun to dress girls, they usually have loads more clothes for them too. Glad you've made your peace with work. My dh has also rediscovered my boobies, but tbh, bf has spoilt the fun a bit...

Slick: you and dh seem like our type of diy'ers, constantly (s)tressed, and it has to be done NOW and not a moment later. Honestly, we've slept in every room in this house except the kitchen and bathroom, in our diy history. But B has his own room, at last, and we'll be staying in this room until we win the lottery. Or something.

Question: what cereals do you give your los? We've been giving B Organix and Hipp Organix cereals, but its expensive and he's now chomping through it like a caterpillar. Oats? Polenta?

Ben is sitting up and every day his crawling technique improves. My dh calls him a snail because he leaves a slimey trail of slobber wherever he goes, haha! He is so cute though, I just cannot stop cuddling him! He is defo trying to communicate, nothing makes sense yet. I'm sure for him it does!

Meep: Rosie is beautiful!

mdavza Thu 08-Oct-09 10:54:54

Another question: does anybody have a baby carrier that you wearon your back? Is it worthwhile? Thanks

laumiere Thu 08-Oct-09 14:17:13

mdavza WEETABIX! Usually half a biscuit squished in milk.

Hee, G was having his BLW lunch (toast and apple)and DS1 was sneaking the apple pieces off G's highchair!

Wheelybug Thu 08-Oct-09 14:18:21

gorgeous picture boobz ! Glad you're happier at work. Where are you skiing ? We're deciding whether to book a trip - depends on whether we're brave enough to take dd1 out of school for a week and if DH's balance is up to it so we're planning a trip to the Milton Keynes snow dome to practice !

Mdavza - I give dd2 weetabix and porridge.

corgikelly Thu 08-Oct-09 14:36:52

Hey all - another one here who's been too tired and stressed by work to actually post, but I did just want to say howdy before we head off for an actual HOLIDAY. shock

Happy (current, belated and future) birthday to my fellow oldsters. Though I think I'm still older than anyone's owned up to being yet! grin

Gorgeous pics, meep and boobz. I can't WAIT for Rhys to sit up - it will make a world of difference for both of us. He still seems far from it, though, and his crawling attempts usually end in his patented stranded turtle impression... hmm

Went to the paed yesterday and came home with some homeopathic syrup to give him before bedtime - hopefully it will stop him coughing just enough to let him sleep. Otherwise, we just have to keep plugging along with the saline drops and that horrid torture device that you stick up their nose and suck out the snot with your own inhalations. R is to the point where he howls every time he sees the thing!

We are heading to the south of France tomorrow night. We've chickened out and are doing the trip there and back with overnight hotel stops, as the longest R has ever been in a car is 1.5 hours and he wasn't overly pleased at that. Wish us luck for the long trip to Avignon! Will look forward to catching up on things the week after...

Have a nice holiday corgi.

And yes i am the oldest at 40 today.


meep Fri 09-Oct-09 14:23:36

enjoy your hols corgi*

, I hope you are having/have had a big party to celebrate - I am not far behind you and I tend to hit 40 with style grin!

mdavza we inherited a baby rucksak carrier - and we've nver used it! That being said, we don't tend to go out on walks very often - and now that we have a rampaging toddler are probably less likely to!

Also, shreddies/malties are very low in salt and if you leave them in milk for long enough they go very mushy and baby friendly.

slick I left Rosie on the bathroom floor to sort out dd1/s clothes for the day - turned my back and dd1 had lain down beside her/on top of her giving her a "squeezy cuddle and BIG kiss" grin. At the moment dd1 adores her for some of the tikme - but can quickly get bored and likes to take toys away (needs constant reminding that they are Rosie's toys and needs to share etc). Rosie really adores dd1 - likes nothing better than being carried by me in teh sling and giggling as she watches dd1 run around.

dd1 did profess the other day that "my share with Rosie. She my baby sista. My luff PodyPody". And the girls at nursery have to ask dd1's permission before they are allowed to hold Rosie.

Had to take Rosie to teh doc today - rash all over her face/tummy/legs accompanied by a lot of howling and night waking. I kind of knew it was a virus or heat rash, but I am very cautious of rashes - but it was confirmed as a viral rash. Poor wee thing is all out of sorts - and I am sooooo tired - ugh!

wheelY I am like you - dd1 hardly moved at all - sat early and just stayed put (was great when you met friends for a coffee). But I think Rosie will move earlier - she has taken to rolling onto her tummy now (very annoying at 1am!) - but still prefers to cover distance by shuffling around on her back!

boobz Pen is always so cute and smiley!

Right - off for a cup of tea and at some point I need to have a shower..........................


No big party (don't like being centre of attention) but having a family dinner at mums on Sunday. And a week on saturday going to here for afternoon tea with my freinds.

Lexie keeps sitting on Robbie wanting to play 'horsey' grin.

laumiere Fri 09-Oct-09 19:52:27

Wah, can't get any photos on my camera to go on my computer!

Just trust me, Gabe looks gorgeous :-)

Starting to panic about going back to work now, I feel like first day back at school, but of course everyone else has been there for 3 weeks!

meep Mon 12-Oct-09 08:57:33

just bumping this as it seems to have fallen off my "threads I'm on" - gremlins in the machine again!

Wheelybug Mon 12-Oct-09 11:36:16

ooh fallen off my 'threads I'm on' too .

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I have a very mobile baby now - arrgh - still commando crawling but v. fast when she sees something she wants (and usually its something she shouldn't - screwdriver, pencil etc). Also her first tooth is just breaking through which probably explains the two weeks of snot we've had. She's 7 months today too shock.

Some questions I've been meaning to ask -

If you give your babies water do you bother to do cool boiled water ? I've reverted to tap but not sure I should have done. She doesn't really drink much anyway...

For the breastfeeders out there (who have stopped, or stopped previously) - how long did it take for bra size to settle ? I really need to be re-measured as I suspect pre-pregnancy I was wearing the wrong size unless my cup size went up 5 or 6 sizes in pregnancy (unlikely I think ?) but don't want to do it too soon if they'll shrink a bit more ! I stopped feeding completely 3 or 4 weeks ago but had been cutting down for hte month before that.

Mdavza - we have a back carrier. Used it with dd1 who liked it sometimes mroe than the buggy. Have yet to use it with dd2 but will be doing so when we have the opportunity especially as I've just got rid of our 3 wheeler so if we want ot go anywhere where the Maclaren isn't up too we will use it. Which reminds me - must flog the Close !!

Meep - hadn't thought of using shreddies and waiting for them to mush a bit. DD1 eats shreddies so would save buying yet more variety of cereal !!

meep Mon 12-Oct-09 14:39:15

found some time to post.

Rosie is rolling - aaaggggggghhhhh!

Rosie is refusing to sleep - aaaggggggghhhhh!

Both are linked!

I'm putting her down at night and there is lots of huffing and puffing until she is on her tummy - then screams. This has now moved onto refusing to sleep any way but on her tummy. I have just been leaving her - is this okay - eek?! If I turn her onto her back she instantly wakes up and howls for hours.

I was feeling corgi's pain teh other night when Rosie didn't fall asleep until around 8,30pm then woke 4 times during the night - ugh.

Now back to just one 4am wake up call - and a bottle of water is no longer cutting it - boo.

so - that's my tale of woe.

How is everyone?

wheely I use cooled boiled water. Not sure about tap - but you woudl think it woudl be okay? Surely?!

Wheelybug Mon 12-Oct-09 15:42:20

The front thing is fine meep I think. L has been sleeping on her front for a while - I think if they can roll then its fine.

meep Mon 12-Oct-09 18:24:54

that's what I thought wheely - but it just goes against the grain - especially since dd1 didn't roll onto her front until she was so much older! But for the sake of my sanity and sleep I have just been letting her sleep how she wants to!

has everyone gone back to work - it is soooooo quiet on this thread...........or maybe it is just that our little March babies are now more demanding of our time

Slickbird Mon 12-Oct-09 18:37:11

Hey everyone, just popping in quickly as I still have no blooming time at the moment!

Meep Don't worry about her rolling on to her front. Lots choose it as soon as they can. Mine have all done it.

Wheely Re: tap, I think once you have stopped sterilising, but I can never remember! HHB is still on cooled but we have stopped sterlising and so have just contradicted myself! I just can't remember what I did with the girls.

Also, we have tried HHB on the Weetabix (but he always brings back a lot) but seems to really like ready brek as it is now salt and sugar free. He and DD2 love it.

Have started stripping bathroom walls now and have to paint the ceiling this week. Then fit the bathroom. Then decorate it. Why do I make life so easy for myself? hmm

I've just looked at the calendar for Oct and is packed! And I thought it'd be a great idea for us to have the halloween party for the hamlet this year, esp as I can combine it with my birthday. hmm Am gonna be a wreck by November.

HHB is teething hard today, really rouge about the dial and slavering. Tooth number 3 soon I think.

Gotta go and see pal who had the op just now. Hope everyone's well and will resume normal service soon! xx

Slickbird Mon 12-Oct-09 18:38:00

Did I mention the tiling?

laumiere Mon 12-Oct-09 18:59:38

wheely My boobs went back to normal after 2 weeks of stopping BF, can still get a little milk out, but they feel back to normal if you see what I mean. I was SO wearing the wrong size, was wearing a 36C nursing bra, am actually a 32E! Still, it was an excuse to spend some money on pretty bras on figleaves.com, for the first time in my life I have LINGERIE!!!

Missmodular Mon 12-Oct-09 20:58:53

Hi everyone, I thought this thread had disappeared! Glad it hasn't smile

Wheely I alternate between tap and cooled boiled - basically, if there's cool water in the kettle I use that and if I've just boiled it I use water! Useless logic I know blush

Slick I feel your decorating pain. We had a new kitchen fitted over the summer, had the dining room floor sanded and varnished (ugh, the dust, the smell...) a new living room carpet after that, the loft lagged and we're now painting the dining room. Only then is our work done - until I decide I can't stand the hallway carpet any more grin Hats off to you if you're doing your own tiling.

Meep I'm sure it's fine to let them sleep on their front by now. M usually sleeps on her side but when she wakes up she immediately rolls onto her front and starts crying. So I have to pick her up, rock her and put her down on her back to have any chance of her getting back to sleep. Then she usually smells my milk so I have to bf her. It's infuriating.

Our nights are just beginning to settle down again after weeks of 3-4 wake ups a night. It was driving me insane but seems to be improving now. I think it was teething, but (tmi alert!!!) could be bowel related - M is still having much harder poos than I think is normal at this age - not sure why as have cut down on the bananas and she has plenty of fruit and veg. Off to get more prunes tomorrow as it's the only thing that seems to work.

Funny about all the birthdays this month - it's my birthday this week too - 36 years young hmm

meep Tue 13-Oct-09 06:42:15

miss sounds like you've been going through the same sort of sleep hell that we have. I laugh when I think of my early posts where Rosie just slept so easily - I knew then that it was bound to go tits up at some point.

Luckily Rosie likes it on her tummy and sleeps well like that (like her mum) - and I suppose the one teeny benefit of not BF is that she doesn't smell milk from me.

But - here I am at 6.30am - BOTH girls are still asleep - Rosie only woke up at 10.30pm when I went to bed - had a mini wah at 5am and went back to sleeep. PLeeeeeease let theis be the norm from now on!

Re hard poos - I woudl eliminate bananas totally - and watch out for jars etc - a lot of the puddings/breakfasts have banana in them without you realissing (they use it to bulk them up). Also - I have heard that baby rice can be the culprit too.

If you are going for prunes - I stewed them with some pear - pureed them then added them to yoghury - a big hit. Alas I went a bit overboard resulting in a poo every hour or so for one day - oops!

Hi slick - you are putting me to shame - we have a huge list of diy to do and I just can't face it!

lau in days long gone by I was a 32E - you get some really nice things in TK Maxx if you have one round your way!

Slickbird Tue 13-Oct-09 10:21:37

Meep Oooh, I didn't know banana caused hard poo! (I actually didn't mean to make that rhyme!) I had to extract a rock from HHB's nappy this morning but it was swiftly followed by...well...the softer variety. Sorry. Grim. Will bear that in mind tho. Apricots are always good to loosen things up too but I guess they'd have to be stewed a little.

Have managed to get DD2 down for a nap without her dummy just now. Hoorrrayy! The naps seem to be the hardest time for her to relinquish it. Am meant to be stripping wall paper but I was soooo dizzy and knackered last night I am away to watch tele and have a cup of tea as this is rare indeed.

Happy Birthday Miss What day is it? We have a lot of libras and scorpios on this thread. Am I the only actual witch tho??

laumiere Tue 13-Oct-09 12:19:28

meep Ooh thanks will look! I did try today but the stuff was all jumbled and I didn't have time to trawl.

slick not a witch but have been a Druid for about 10 years. I couldn't be a Goth and a witch, the stereotyping would have been a step too far....

Wheelybug Tue 13-Oct-09 14:02:37

Thanks for the tips !

I will go and get measured asap I think although am trying to lose weight too which will obv effect things too.

Will try and remember to do some boiled water when I make my cup of tea in the morning I think. I have stopped sterilising though.

L slept 7 to 7 last night with a brief 'wah' at 1.30 which needed a quick back rub so pretty good although she woke DD1 up in the process who demanded milk (aged almost 5 -sigh).

mdavza Tue 13-Oct-09 14:51:58

Hi, I've had the flu and only now feeling better, and now dh is in bed. and pleaseplease please let Ben only be teething? He is so snotty and it's clear, which means it's not infected, and he has now fever, and, fo course, slobbering away. Which tooth usually comes next? I can see something lurking on the top gum...
I downloaded another pic, he is a lovey!

Slick, again hats off to your diy. My dh has cut out the elephant and now it's up to me to paint it. Although I seem to be going trhough a cooking phase, been cooking nice recipes and looking frward to making a pheasant pie on Saturdy. Never even tasted it before!

Meep. Ben has recentaly started waking at 5:30, 6am , and then he is way over there in his bed, out from under the covers. I put have to put him back and just lie next to him until he's asleep, but I don't fall asleep again, ugh. Hope Rosie sleeps better soon! Must be a phase, but then phases are all they seem to be having. His naps have grown shorter, alas, but maybe he's just been feeling off due to the teeth.

I don't boil water, he drink a lot in the morning and he loves rooibostea which also does wonders for the poos.
See ya!

Missmodular Tue 13-Oct-09 18:19:16

Ooh, Mdavza, what does rooibos tea do for poos - loosen or harden (OMG I can't believe I'm asking this in public blush)???

Meep thanks for other constipation related advice. I think I'm going to go to the docs as it's been going on for a couple of weeks now and it's causing her pain, poor wee thing sad

meep Wed 14-Oct-09 09:50:12

ugh - Rosie woke at 3am because she got her legs stuck through the bars of the cot - AND she is in a Grobag - ugh!

Hi all. You probably don't remember me as I was only an occasional contributor and now that I'm back at work I don't seem to have any time.
We're getting much better with sleep but Michael wakes up at ungodly hours every day. He is wide awake and ready to start the day at 5am!
What the hell can I do to break this habit?

Apart from that he's a little cracker, I am totally besotted. I have hated going back to work this time and spend large chunks of the day trying to find ways we can cope with me not bringing in a wage. No miracles have come up so far though!
Hope everyone else is well.

meep Thu 15-Oct-09 18:23:54

hi lula I remember you - welcome back!

Rosie was a 5am baby for a while (once upon a time when she slept through!) - she just slowly got later and later. Ugh while it lasts though - especially if you are working.

Only news here is that Rosie has tooth no.3 - a top one! She is constantly puling that gurning face that teething babies have - poor wee thing!

jollyjoanne Thu 15-Oct-09 19:22:20

Hello again everyone, and many happy birthdays to everyone else who is or has been celebrating this month.

Been mad busy this week with work and actually meeting old friends, although I suspect I have bored them all to death with talk of Mae as none of them are parents yet!

Mae fell out of swinging chair one morning this week in her determination to reach one of her toys. It was a little unnerving but she seemed fine once I'd picked her up.

And we had our first choking epsiode this week and of all things it was on a piece rusk - a food stuff she has been eating for the few months.

Mae's poos seem to swing between hard poos that resemeble normal poo to the old style soft curry like poos. But I presume it is becos she has both solid food and is still breastfed in the morning and at night.

Love all the new photos everyone has put on. The babies are soooo cute.

I can't believe all the little ones with teeth, Mae still has none, although we have been slobbering and snotty for a while.

Mae will sit up for quite a long time now if plonked, but she hasn't mastered how to sit herself up yet and think it fustrates her quite a lot.

Still sterilising here and still using previously boiled water, but not sure how much longer for, it just seems so pointless given how she now just puts everything in her mouth.

Hope all the sleep issues get sorted again soon.

Right baby calling. Hopefully manage to get back on over the weekend.

jollyjoanne Fri 16-Oct-09 17:43:06

Hi Lula I remember you too. Glad you are still OK.

Meep how do they manage to do that? (get their little legs/ feet stuck out of the cot bars) Mae has done it a couple of times and she is in a gro bag too.

Also impressed with the DIY I am too lazy to even bother putting the hoover over let alone do some DIY.

laumiere Fri 16-Oct-09 21:18:13

jolly We've got teeth on the top and bottom now (G seems to teethe in pairs, obviously more efficient). He can't sit up unaided either and it drives him bats poor love!

Oh for the girls who were asking, the article I wrote for Filament magazine is available in part here (please remember it's an erotic mag in parts too though!) http://www.filamentmagazine.com/Content/Issue2sample.pdf

I'm after the Placebo drummer

Slickbird Fri 16-Oct-09 22:23:08

I feel like I'm ignoring all my MN pals at the moment blush But it could be that no one gives a sh*t! grin

First coat is on the bathroom ceiling - all the paper is off, tiles getting ripped off tomorrow and then the suit is going on sunday - give or take. I'm movin the kids to mums for about 4 days - but there is no way I'm leaving the men to it themselves - bloody come back to find the tiles on the ceiling and the bath in the wrong place (garden or something) no, sorry, they NEED instructions. Well in my experience! wink

Anyway, seems to have a backward step getting DD2 off the dummy as she screamed the house down for it tonight and when I thought she was having naps without it - turns out she seems to have a secret stash in her cot. I wonder who her supplier is....hmm

Tried HHB on a sippy cup today and he just kept biting it, but then had a miraculous moment where he sooked some out and then that was it. grin Still, it's a start. I have to say tho, I take ages at this stage to move them off a bottle cos I know they just LOVE it and a cup's just not the same.

Hope everyone's well and will get more time after the bathroom's done to post. I will then sit down and post photos of all my before and afters of the rooms I've done. I'm not posting any of the kids - who wants to see them?? grin

Slickbird Fri 16-Oct-09 22:26:41

I can say that about 'the men' as I'm talking about my DH and our friend!

laumiere Sat 17-Oct-09 11:17:02

slick sooked is a great word! We use cwtch (cuddle in Welsh) a lot, I also for some odd reason say ambulance in Welsh if I'm with DS1 hmm.

DH is on his weekend off and so far was up til 3 am Thurs and Fri night with beers and FB. I am a bit cross (especially as I'd arranged a babysitter on Fri but DH cried off as he's got a nasty cold). But I did get to go and have my highlights done without kids tagging along yesterday, which was nice!

Am in a bit of a dilemma. DH is staying in tonight to be on a Facebook Wrestler radio show (yes, I know) so I can go out. A friend who is not very good socially (he's difficult to get on with and only wants to talk about roleplay games) is having birthday drinks and I don't think anyone is going. I feel rather sorry for him and don't want him to be by himself, but equally don't really want to be stuck with him either! What do I do?

jollyjoanne Sat 17-Oct-09 15:31:06

Lau definitely find another friend to go with you!

kanga5 Sat 17-Oct-09 15:40:40

hi all

long time no posting, sorry soooo busy...

lau, sounds like you area good friend, try and rustle up someone you would want for company as well, just to make it easier...

all go here. snuffly colds clearing up in the dds at last. dd2 has been sitting up unaided for a week!!!! yehhhhhh she LOVES it, and is much happier to see what is going on in her house. Mind you knowing her, she will soon be frustrated and want to start crawling.

no teeth as yet, but lots of dribble. still wakes in the night, oh well. She enjoys three meals a day now, and rice cakes for snacks. still BF her, but planning to stop soon.

missmod, do you give her baby yoghurts? they seem to soften things up.

i still use cool boiled water for her drinking. Slick: we are also having success with the sippy cup, tommy tippee is the best and i love it when they get the hang of it. mine seem to like blowing into it then the look of utter suprise when it shoots back at them under pressure is so funny!

meep hope things have settled on the sleeping front so to speak. i too think it is ok to let them sleep how they like.

anyway might have no more time to post as off on long haul flight on tuesday, to OZ for a few weeks. grandparents will meet dds for first time. Yes i am dreading the flight but looking forward to the sun.


kanga5 Sat 17-Oct-09 15:56:07

ooopps jolly i had same suggestion at same time!

just added a pic of LO sitting...she can do it, just in time for holiday too, but not crawling so quite good timing really. will be so much easier eating out, etc, back carriers etc, sitting on beach, etc. yes i know i am rubbing it in!!!! just have not had holiday for years, and not been to OZ for 5 years.

Missmodular Sat 17-Oct-09 20:38:32

Hi everyone, just a quick poo update from me - the doctor gave me this stuff called Lactulose which is nothing short of a miracle - after just half a teaspoon yesterday and today and M did the most ENORMOUS poo of just the right consistency. AND I didn't have to change it as DP discovered it first grin Bless her, she seems much happier now and only woke up twice last night, which is great progress hmm

Glad to hear everyone's doing well! Hopefully my next post will cover stuff other than defecation blush

meep Sun 18-Oct-09 06:32:05

kanga what a wee cutey - she's gorgeous - am very impressed by her sitting!

miss glad the poo is out grin. I had lactulose after getting bunged up after my c-section - wonderful stuff! I can confirm that when it works you do feel a whole lot better!

lau did you go out?

slick I miss your chat when you're not here - so hurry up and get your diy done grin (then come round to mine and sort what needs done here - !!!)!

Right - can I have your thoughts on the lovely non-sleeping Rosie.

She eats solids so well - loves them and has not refused anything yet. Has breakfast lunch and dinner.

The problem is tea time. I feed her at about 5/5.30pm so that she eats at the same time as her big sis. She stokes up on solids then doesn't want any milk before bed at 7pm - maybe an ounce if we're lucky.

She then demolishes a bottle at around 11pm - and sleeps till 5/6am at best - ugh!

She is still having a milk feed at 3pm too - about 5ounces.

So.........do you think I should move te/solids earlier in the hope that she drinks her bedtime milk - or just not worry about teh bedtime milk as she is getting enough milk through teh rest of teh day/night?

What d'you all reckon?

kanga5 Sun 18-Oct-09 09:21:55

meep my thoughts as follows:

can you cut down on the 5pm solids if you want to ensure she has a full milk feed at 7? and yes feed her solids earlier.

also could try putting her to bed later? our lo goes at 7 if her last nap ended about 2.30/3pm. if she has a later nap it might be about 8 or 8.30. she sleeps until about 7 or 7.30 then. with the usual night wakings of course!

i too am impressed with slick's diy...i couldn't ever get it done if it were me! hardly time to get on mumsnet these days...


laumiere Sun 18-Oct-09 10:04:08

meep no I didn't, caught DH's Manflu At least now I'm not BF I can have Lemsip again!

Rosie's pattern sounds a lot like G's, so we moved his solids to 4.30 (when DH eats 'breakfast' before his night shift) then he usually drinks 4-5oz at 6-7ish, another 7oz at 11 and usually sleeps until 7.30ish. I think we'll probably change it when I go back to work as I'll never see him awake otherwise!

Did get to sleep in til 9 today grin. Would have been longer but I seem to have lost my sleep in genes when I gave birth!

meep Sun 18-Oct-09 13:58:03

ugh to manflu lau - there are some real nast ies doing the rounds at the moment - get better soon.

I have also lost my sleep in genes - but I did go back to bed this morning after a 5am wake up from Rosie - it was heaven!

thanks for the food/milk advice! I will move her "tea" to 4.30pm and see if that helps. Means that dd1 will get picked up a bit later from nursery but she is going to have to get used to it as I will be back at work in a couple of weeks - eek!

kanga she is really ready for bed at 7pm - gets very fidgety and rubs her eyes a lot. She doesn't have a 4pm nap at all now - is normally awake from about 3pm till bedtime.

lau does Gabe still have a bottle at 11am and 3pm?

Am going to dig out some weaning books to see if they have any miraculous answers - I just want some decent sleep!!!!!!!

meep Sun 18-Oct-09 14:03:58

okay - am reading a weaning book which suggests cutti9ng out the 11am feed - and giving lunch at around 11.30/11.45 which I think Rosie would go for. Then a 3pm bottle - then tea at 4.30/5pm.

I will let you know if this works.................

(it wil bugger up my social life - but am more than willing to forgo that in place of some sleep!)

laumiere Sun 18-Oct-09 14:42:58

meep Some days he does, he seems to have 2 patterns at the moment:

Up at 7.30, breakfast, then bottle at 9 and nap til 11.30/12, lunch, play and bottle at 2, nap at 3.30/4 and then wake and dinner at 5, bottle and bed about 6-7.


Up at 7.30, breakfast, then bottle at 9. out in the pushchair, snack at 12, bottle at 1 and nap until 3, then bottle, dinner at 4.3-5, and bottle and bed about 6.

jollyjoanne Sun 18-Oct-09 15:22:31

Meep don't know if it will help at all but Mae has bf at 7ish, brekkie at 8.30 ish, bottle at 10 with a rice cake, lunch at 11.30, bottle at 1pm with another rice cake and tea at 3.30 followed by a bottle at 4ish which she only drinks a small amount of so could probably be swapped for water and then she is bf on demand in the evening but still normally at 7 ish and then again at 9ish when I put her down to bed (she hardly drinks anything though I suspect the bf is more a comfort thing now).

Wow reading that back she is a proper greedy baby! I must stress bottle wise she doesn't have very much only about 120mls so she is getting most from the food. But she is sleeping from 9.30 ish to 7 without waking too often.

meep Sun 18-Oct-09 19:06:43

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - lunch at 12.30pm - nap - tea at 4pm - only 3.5oz milk at 6.30pm. I have a baby who is just not that into milk!

laumiere Sun 18-Oct-09 19:32:17

meep and jolly I think Gabe must be having alllll the milk love, he so prefers bottles to food!

Meep we doing

6.30am 7oz Bottle

8am breakfast

9am ish 30 mins nap

10.30am 7oz bottle

12pm lunch then nap.

2.30pm 7oz Bottle

4.30pm dinner

6.30 pm 7oz bottle then bed

I offer bottles at 10.30am and 2.30pm although he often leaves at least one.

He sometimes has 4oz 's of milk at 10.30 then his lunch at 11.30am then he will have the rest of his milk.

I also give a bottle when i go to bed (10ish) if i feel that Robert hasn't had enough Milk.

I have found with all mine that they are likey to take milk when half a sleep (dreamfeed) then they go through the night.

Wheelybug Sun 18-Oct-09 20:02:00

meep - dd1 did that. When she really got onto solids she gave up milk and was drinking no where near what she should. I had to give her loads of other dairy. At the time there were some yoghurts you could get which were made from formula but I don't think they exist anymore.

L on the other hand, has a 7 oz bottle anywhere between 3 and 7 in the morning, breakfast at 7.30/8, 6-7 oz at 1030-11, lunch somewhere around 1230-1, 6-7oz bottle at 330, tea at 530ish then bedtime bottle she takes usually 5-7 oz. Hmmm and I was wondering why she'd suddenly put on loads of weight.

Slickbird Sun 18-Oct-09 21:12:14

<Sticks head round door shaking plaster dust from her hair and peels paint from her skin>
Hey Y'all - The bathroom is on track and currently we have lots of hole in walls and wires sticking out and half laid tiles! Can't wait til it's done and I can get back to normal for a bit. Whatever that is. hmm

Hey Meep smile A lot of babies can off milk a bit when the start food as they think, 'Why do I want milk when there's all these lovely new tastes I can have instead!?' But I think you are doing the right thing - I give the wee ones their lunch at 12 and he rarely takes much milk at that point but then has it for his nap at 1.45ish then I sometimes have to start making his tea at 4.20ish as I know he won't wait to eat with the rest of us. It kinda depends how the day goes, but Rosie's maybe just not quite at the stage where she's able to wait and eat with the rest of you or with her sister. (What is her name again?)

Kanga Enjoy OZ!! smile Am terrified for you of flying that far, with all those kids!!

Lol Miss I can talk about poo stories for hours too.

Lau We also use 'cwch' as DH is Welsh (although he doesn't know any Welsh really) and I think it's a fab word cos you can also use it for like a cubby hole area or a booth. 'The cwch' Fab. I taught myself to say the longest place name in Britain (Welsh as you know) and is now my sad party piece. grin Llanfairpwllgwngechgogerichllyndrobelllantisiliochgogogoch! Hah! It always makes me laugh!

meep Mon 19-Oct-09 09:43:47

<whispers> Rosie slept from 11pm until 7am - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks for all the tips ladies - I have read and digested them sall and reassuring myself that I am not doing anything to cause my little darlings nocturnal habits - it is just her!

I shovel fromage frais and yoghurt into her - and also use the last bits of milk to make her breakfast/cool down her lunch & tea - so in that way she should be getting enough. I am sure someone on here said that a small fromage frais has 4oz worth of milk in it!

kanga I am in awe of you even thinking of travelling to Oz with 5 children - you must have mystical child/toddler/baby whispering powers. But I suppose no matter what goes on in the journey - it will be worth it once you get there envy!

laumiere Mon 19-Oct-09 09:45:23

slick DH always said they won't let you leave Wales til you learn that one, as it's the first thing anyone ever asks!

I just love the fact it's so specific, sort of the equivalent of 'the church over there between the big tree and that little stream, you know the one'.

Ah boo, we were making a bit of progress with the mornings but last night reverted back to newborn sleep patterns. Down at 6.45 then woke at 9.30, 12.30, 2, 3.30, 5, 6.30.
It MUST be teething as he was screaming when we woke, not just shouting IYSWIM. Tried calpol but it made no difference.
I am at work half asleep today, luckily my boss isn't in.

You can't get Medised anymore, can you?

Slickbird Mon 19-Oct-09 12:56:08

Lau Lol! I know that's exactly what it's like! grin

Have had no sleep the last three nights as we are all de-camped to mums (apart from DH) and so HHB is really restless and so is DD2 so I'm up most of the night, settling, changing nappies (that'll be the last of the apricots for a while blush) and then the days have been tearing around keeping the boys fed and supplied with DIY materials! As well as looking after the kids! I can't wait to get back here to do the decorating as it will be a piece of piss by comparison. My mum's house isn't very toddler friendly so it is def harder. Hey-ho, hopefully not much longer.

Lula Maybe teeth? Maybe a growth spurt? Hope it will pass soon.

Hurray Meep for LO sleeping! smile

Wheelybug Mon 19-Oct-09 14:19:39

Arghh! Permission to moan ?? (and advance apologies for the 'me' post).

Was up most of last night with L - v.v. snotty, assumed teeth again. This morning she's been ok, a bit grizzly and off food a bit but not entirely. Gave her lunch, then a rice cake and she vomitted. Assumed she'd gagged, put her in car to go to dd1's swimming lesson - got up the road, big vom. She seems fine in herself really, just gone down for a sleep.

So don't know if its a bug (pleassseeee no....), excess snot and yukky stuff.

Tips and advice please - do I hold off milk ? Or give it to her if she wants it ?

Oh wheelybug, how awful.

It's probably just due to all the snot rather than a bug. Just feed her when/if she wants but probably just milk until she's recovered a bit.

Wheelybug Mon 19-Oct-09 19:30:29

Thanks Lula - well, she had a big sleep this afternoon, woke up, did a slightly dodgy nappy but not ever so, quite a few whiffy parps but other than that has been ok (touches wood). I gave her some pear and crumbled rusk for tea, some water with a dash of apple juice in instead of afternoon bottle and decided to try her on milk at bedtime. I water it down slightly. Will see how the night goes.....

Slickbird Tue 20-Oct-09 10:35:30

Wheely Funny, HHB was like that yesterday too - it could have been a bug but I just put it down to teething! I prefer that idea than it being a bug! I've always been advised to carry on feeding them their milk at this stage. When they are older I have always kept them off dairy during a stomach bug as I was always told that it could kick start it again - I guess with milk being the way it is, But then, the last time DD2 had a bug the advise was starting to change. All advice along these lines, I find is like the weather and changes every bloody minute.

I now just go with gut instinct.

Had a better night last night as I booted HHB out to my parents room so I could get some sleep. My Dad reported that HHB was doing an Irish Jig all night so I think he may have kept him up instead. blush

Still, hopefully back home by the end of the week and I will have a fabby dabby new bathroom. Can't wait!

Hope everyone is well. xx

laumiere Tue 20-Oct-09 11:08:46

wheely I was always told BF on demand if they have a bug, if FF give 1oz every 10-20 min so even if they vomit some of the liquid gets digested.

Ugh, horrible morning, feel like I've done nothing but tell off the boys and counting the minutes til DS1 goes to nursery. sad

Anyone going through schools admissions this year? DS1 is starting Jan 2011 so admissions in our borough are opening Nov and closing Jan, joy! With DS1's disability we have to still apply for a mainstream school while getting him statemented, then ask to be referred to a special school later if we find one that suits. Yay! hmm

Wheelybug Tue 20-Oct-09 11:45:52

Thanks Slick and Lau.

Well L had her best night ever last night after all that and slept until 7.20 (woke a couple of times but went back to sleep). I did put the karvol plug in on all night but also maybe if it was a bug then she just wasn't hungry in the night ! Hmmm...

Gopod luck with the school admissions Lau. That was us last year - many sleepless nights wondering what to do (without the extra issues you have). So far I think its worked out for the best (not least because the school is 5 minsround the corner and our other choice was at least 20 minsaway !!).

Wheelybug Tue 20-Oct-09 11:45:53

Thanks Slick and Lau.

Well L had her best night ever last night after all that and slept until 7.20 (woke a couple of times but went back to sleep). I did put the karvol plug in on all night but also maybe if it was a bug then she just wasn't hungry in the night ! Hmmm...

Gopod luck with the school admissions Lau. That was us last year - many sleepless nights wondering what to do (without the extra issues you have). So far I think its worked out for the best (not least because the school is 5 minsround the corner and our other choice was at least 20 minsaway !!).

laumiere Tue 20-Oct-09 11:54:12

Thanks wheely in some ways we have it easier than others because if our heart is set on a school (for instance the RC one round the corner) we can specifically name it in the statement and then the school would have to prove that either i) they categorically cannot meet DS1's needs or ii) having him there would negatively affect the learning of other children, so in some ways the process is a bit better.

Which is good because of the 7 schools near us, 2 are special measures, 3 are just on satisfactory and 2 sound possible!

meep Wed 21-Oct-09 09:38:51

wheely hope L is feeling better. There has been a vomit bug doing thr rounds up here - but hopefully she just had excess snot.

When Rosie had the vom I just kept offereinbg her little bits of formula - she threw a lot of it back up - but some stayed down.

I am happy to report that Rosie seems to have settled down. Have been puitting her into her cot on her tummy and she drops off to sleep without any howling and seems much happier for it. The cutest thing is when I switch the light on in the morning and she lifts her wee head up and grins.

She is also rolling rolling rolling everywhere! I still find it such a novelty and dd1 thinks it is hysterical!

School admissions ........... eek - have no idea when you sort it out in Scotland - slick can you enlighten me?!!!

meep Wed 21-Oct-09 09:43:32

oh and can I just say that I have added to my pram collection blush. Managed to sell my Bugaboo Cameleon for a good price and then bought a well used but functioning Phil & Teds for the girls. It is great, though dd1 freaked out because she couldn't work out where Rosie was but could hear her squalking away!

I have finally had to accept that Rosie + sling are not going to last much longer as she is tooooooooo heavy. I also had to accept that my side by side free cdouble buggy does not mix with going to cafes for a coffee!

And can I just dsay that MN is wonderfuil and I got the P&T from a local MNetter - hooray!

Have to go - am meeting my manager for a pre-return to work catch up! Luckily he has 3 young children so will not be phased by me shovelling gloop into Rosie while I talk about court cases grin!

Wheelybug Wed 21-Oct-09 10:05:52

Are you becoming a pram hun Meep wink. I must say though the Phil and Ted does seem to be the bees knees where double buggies are involved. My age gap meant I didn't have to go down the double buggy route though. I have now got our pram collection down to 2 though and actually am only holding on to the pramette in case my brother wants it in feb.

I haven't used a sling for a while either - L got a bit heavy and too wriggly ! We'll probably try her in the back pack next week as we are off to the new forest for half term and don't think the maclaren will stand up to the forest !

Hope your meeting goes ok.

L seems much better thanks - she woke up last night so she must be - ha ha. I probably think it was a bug as she was off her food for a bit (and slept exceedingly well !) but fingers crossed it isn't as I don't want it (or for dd1 to get it - arrrggh).

Missmodular Wed 21-Oct-09 10:31:25

I'm a P&T fan too - I wouldn't be able to leave the house without ours. DD1 isn't much of a walker (despite being nearly 3 hmm) and M gets a fair amount of kip in it - plus it's small enough to get on the bus with AND fit in our miniscule car. Only bummer is the tyres which keep going flat - otherwise gold stars all round smile

Both DDs out of the house (DD1 at preschool, M at a friend's house being minded by her nanny) so I can get a bit of work done. So I guess I'd better make the most of it.

Slickbird Wed 21-Oct-09 11:18:25

Morning all. While I am grateful to my mum for buying us our double buggy it is a bit crap, which I should stress is not her fault, but mine. We were together when I chose it but I didn't look at enough of them, I got it from Babies R Us and the break feels like it will snap any minute. I keep meaning to take it back. It's also a bugger to steer because DD2 goes in the front and it makes it sooooo heavy. Also her front seat doesn't recline. And the straps are crap and easy to escape from. I'm a bit mad because I saw a much better one reduced in Mothercare and I really wish I'd got that instead. Don't know what to do about it really. We have another one which I can add a buggy board when DD2 is old enough but that's a while away yet I think.

Meep and Lau Schools are different up here so I can't advise for you Lau but all I know is up here the intake - in terms of getting them on the list for the school year is in the November before, then they start the following August. Bit different for High School, but that's a way off for you Meep.

But I have to say, we got DD1 in her school very last minute as we moved over the summer so she was lucky and then when we moved to where we are currently, she joined her new class in the October after the break. She hasn't looked back which is great. But yes, definitely seems to govern everything in life - where you live, what the feeder primary is for the secondary etc etc.

Anyway, got to go. Tiling and grouting calls. The guys are now a day behind as they hit a stumbling block yesterday with some rogue pipe sizes of days gone by....

Later Y'all.

meep Wed 21-Oct-09 14:38:43

OMG wheely maybe I am a pram hun grin! Until last week I owned 5 prams and 3 slings. To be fair I only bought the Bugaboo, a McLaren buggy, and the Close sling - the rest were all inherited!

Phew - thanks slick at least I don't have to do anything for dd1 right now! We're weighing up having to buy in a decent catchment area (small house for lots of money) against moving to a decent house anywhere and going for private school from Primary 1 (which will cost about the same as what we currently spend on nursery).

Meeting went fine - I multitasked like the seasoned pro that I am - one hand shovelled gloop into Rosie, one hand fed me coffee and I chatted about work in a reasonably adult fashion grin!

laumiere Wed 21-Oct-09 14:47:10

Bah, HV is now worrying me as Gabe is now 8 mo and can't get from lying to sitting on his own (he's amazing once you put him in a sitting position). He's not delaying already is he?

(Mostly stressing because of DS1)

meep Wed 21-Oct-09 15:01:28

good grief lau your HV is a loon!


I have NO expectations of Rosie getting from lying to sitting at 8mo - I can't remember when dd1 did it but it was way past that age - she just sat or lay and didn't do much else and she is now running around like any other toddler.

jollyjoanne Wed 21-Oct-09 19:48:51

Lau, Mae is also 7.5mths and no sign of getting from lying to sitting at all. It annoys her but she doesn't seem to know how to do it all, she just shouts until mummy comes to get her!

Slickbird Thu 22-Oct-09 11:36:14

Lau Eh??????! What a load of Sh*te! Tell your HV to piss off and go re-train. What a load of crap. Way too early.


laumiere Thu 22-Oct-09 11:56:20

Thanks guys, I needed the reassurance!

Yes meep I think she may well be a loon!

Right off to buy a cake at the nursery bake sale.

Wheelybug Thu 22-Oct-09 14:25:10

Yes another vote for your HV being a loon ! L can sit v. well, crawl (in her own inimitable style) but can't get from front to sitting either. DD1 certainly couldn't until at least 9.5 months (probably even a bit later) and was walking at 12. Mad as a box of frogs.

L's sickness was a bug - DH has got it. How he managed that when he wasn't there for the vomit I don't know !

meep Thu 22-Oct-09 14:49:56

I have never caught the vomit bug from my dd's and I am the one who is normally soaked in the stuff. Dh always manages to catch it (and every other ailment brought home by our petri dish toddler!).

Rosie attempted to crawl today - eek - was very cute to watch and she looked very pleased with herself even inf she only got up onto one kneee and whirled around in a circle!

laumiere Thu 22-Oct-09 20:05:58

meep and wheely I don't know whether to envy or feel sorry for you with crawling LOs! G is showing no interest yet.

meep Fri 23-Oct-09 09:50:58

I think I'd like to either get sitting or crawling sorted so that she can entertain herself a bit more - my left arm is tired from lugging her about!

dd1 is very excited about the crawling - I think there are going to be lots of games of "chase" around the house!

Slickbird Fri 23-Oct-09 09:53:22

Lau HHb is just only starting to get his knees up, he's not on them yet, but he's trying. God help me when he does get going. One going one way and the other going, er, the other. hmm

DD1 was crawling by 7.5 months, but DD2 didn't crawl til she was 9 months. In fact DD2 took ages to do a lot of things. Now she's speaking like she reads War and Peace every night! It's incredible the speech she comes away with at the moment. Much quicker than her big sister. It's interesting how they are all so different. HHB is only really now just showing signs of starting to babble - which is age-appropriate I've been told but the girls started wayyyyyy earlier! I guess us girls like to talk! grin

Back to work in the bathroom. Am sooo tired. sad

Hope you're all ok. xx

mdavza Fri 23-Oct-09 10:29:29

Hallo! (waves and smiles at all)
Can't remember who asked, but the rooibos tea I give B loosens his stool, wonderful stuff. Since he's started eating preteins his poo has become more solid, and sometimes he sits and strains with an acute look of concentration on his little face! We laugh, but I'm sure it's hard for him.

Just saw the new emoticons smile ha ha

I've been on the go this week, spent two days at my sil with baby as they were putting in a new boiler, my house is a mess but I'm going jogging in a while, can't be bothered at the moment. And we went to Ikea on Tuesday and Ben loved it, loved the free baby food especially! Couldn't get enough of it, and he grabbed our croissant right off the plate and stuffed it in his mouth. We were delighted! (And took it back - it was ours!!)

Wow, kanga wonder how you flight was with your brood. I still can't quite get my head around five...

Lau agree wholeheartedly with the others, what a loon. And so insensitive?! Ben is almost crawling about but he is not near close to sitting up from a lying down position. Dh had to put up the stairgate (sounds like a sf movie) this morning, can't believe we're already there.
After the jog I'll spend my day baking as we have a coffee morning for charity at the church tomorrow.
And Monday it's back to work sad...oh well.

corgikelly Fri 23-Oct-09 10:48:50

Hi all – already a week back from hols and wishing we were still away.

Miraculously, we emerged from Provence no sicker than we were before we left -- not quite what I'd hoped for (I thought perhaps removing Rhys from the festering petri dish that is the creche would allow him to shake off the cold(s) that have plagued him for almost two months, poor little sausage), but given the fact that we were harbouring someone with swine flu(!), I call that not a bad outcome. We went to some lovely wineries, and Rhys was a star both on the long trip down and back and on our various wine tastings (though he does keep trying to grab the wine glasses...). In fact, he shocked us both one day by grabbing a glass of apple juice from DP and drinking from it. He only spilled about half of it down his front…

Rhys didn't get sicker while he was there, but the return home has been difficult -- he quite liked spending 24 hours a day with us and was NOT impressed by having to return to the creche!

He’s clingier than ever…will howl if set down anywhere, be it on the floor, under his gym, in his swing, on his changing table. Is this normal for 7 months (well, it’s been going on for almost 2 months)? It’s to the point where even the people at the nursery say they are having to hold him a lot because it’s unmanageable with his squalling. Plus he’s coughing all day and all night, so the syrups the paed prescribed aren’t working. No fever, though, and no stomach issues. Small mercies, I guess. He just seems really unhappy most of the time – we have to work to get a smile out of him, and it’s like he’s forgotten how to laugh – but I suppose that if I were sick for two months straight, or a third of my lifetime, I’d be out of sorts too.

Lau, Rhys is just short of 7 months old and shows no signs of being ready to crawl or sit up on his own, let alone shift from horizontal to vertical! Glad to hear everyone chiming in to say babies do things on their own time.

Wheely, I LOVE the phrase “mad as a box of frogs” and plan on using it as much as possible.

Slick, hope you are seeing the light at the end of the renovations tunnel.

And thanks to whomever pointed out that bananas are constipating! I really thought they were supposed to have exactly the opposite effect. blush

I leave for a three-day work trip to Prague on Sunday – this will be the first time DP has been totally on his own with Rhys, and I’m quite positive he has NO clue about a bunch of things. Wish him luck…

jollyjoanne Sat 24-Oct-09 09:45:24

Ok have just attempted to upload a youtube video of Mae trying to crawl. She is so nearly there, but it is really hard to film her becos every time she spots the cmera she stops and poses!

So if it all works the link should be here

I'll now go back and read what others have to say . . .

jollyjoanne Sat 24-Oct-09 09:54:35

Mdavza, hadn't even thought about stair gates although I suppose now she is moving round we better had.

Meep I have to say the sitting thing was definitely useful as now I can just plonk her on the floor with some toys and get on with jobs in the same room without getting an aching arm or back from holding her all the time.

Slick hope all the bathroom DIY is finished now, big respect to you for getting it done.

Corgi poor little Rhys it must be so miserable having been ill for so long. Although on the positive side once he has had all these germs surely he shouldn't get them again. So he'll probably be superhealthy as a toddler or something!

corgikelly Sat 24-Oct-09 11:50:16

Well done, Mae! She's adorable, and her little dress is so sweet!

EllieorOllie Sat 24-Oct-09 13:28:11

Aw, Jolly, Mae is so cute! She crawls in a very similar way to George, though he is alarmingly fast on occasion!

Corgi, I hope Rhys starts to feel better soon. It's such a shame when they're poorly, it makes you feel rather helpless. If it's any consolation I'm pretty sure the clinginess is a phase, as George cries if you even threaten to put him down. I swear he already understands spoken English!

Lau, your health visitor is totally mad. All babies develop differently, George can crawl but he can't sit up unaided let alone go from lying to sitting, and I think that's supposed to be physiologically impossible.

I passed my driving test yesterday, whoop whoop! First time and everything. Went out on my own this morning, now I've just got to muster the courage to take George and DD out. Bit scary, but I'm sure I'll get there!

Hope you all have a great weekend


Wheelybug Sat 24-Oct-09 19:59:46

Well done Ellie ! Freedom is yours smile.

Lovely video Jolly - Mae looks v. cute.

Welcome back Corgi - sorry Rhys has been so poorly. Hope he perks up soon.

Mdavza - hope going back to work is ok.

We had a bit of a shock this morning - L was in her cot which is still on its highest setting as she likes her back rubbed (in the middle of the night - sigh). I put her in it sitting up to go and get ready and came bakc and she was standing up, having pulled herself up... yikes. She did it twice more after that whilst we were watching so time to lower the cot I think !

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend - we're off to the New Forest on Monday for a few days. Can't wait !

Wheelybug Sat 24-Oct-09 19:59:47

Well done Ellie ! Freedom is yours smile.

Lovely video Jolly - Mae looks v. cute.

Welcome back Corgi - sorry Rhys has been so poorly. Hope he perks up soon.

Mdavza - hope going back to work is ok.

We had a bit of a shock this morning - L was in her cot which is still on its highest setting as she likes her back rubbed (in the middle of the night - sigh). I put her in it sitting up to go and get ready and came bakc and she was standing up, having pulled herself up... yikes. She did it twice more after that whilst we were watching so time to lower the cot I think !

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend - we're off to the New Forest on Monday for a few days. Can't wait !

meep Sun 25-Oct-09 06:53:34

awwwwwwwwwww jolly I love the video! Great crawling skills. When I said Rosie had got up on one knee it was nowhere near as proficiet as Mae - what a gorgeous wee thing she is!

Well done Ellie - even after 22 years of driving I still sometimes get a bit freaked when I have my 2 girls in the back, but the freedom is great (and a car journey with Nellie the Elephant playing on loop normally keeps the toddler quiet!)

Mdavza I feel your pain about going back to work - my return is a week on Monday - ugh (though I am looking forward to having some adult chat and baby free time!). I have nursery settling in next week so will have a few hours totally to myself..........what am I going to do?!

wheely ....... standing ......... eeek!!! Rosie loves standing but I don't think she could get there herself.

corgi glad you had a lovely holiday. This is a notorious time for clinginess. The wee souls are just beginning to work out what is going on in the world and they just do not want to be away from mummy! If it's any consolation, when you are gone they kind of forget about you - so at this age they are not waiting for you to come back - but as soon as they see you again they think it is the most wonderful thing ever and normally start crying! I left Rosie asleep in the care of my mum and dad - they got her up from her nap, gave her lunch, played with her and put her down for her next nap and she thought it was all great. I came home, gave her a cuddle then left the room and she started howling. Oh they know how get the mummy guilts working!

slick Rosie is babbling too - actually it is mostly shouting. Dd1 shouts at her "stop that noise now" which is what I say to dd1 when she is whinging constantly blush!

Well.......dh is away this weekend and last night I was exhausted after a day with teh 2 of them on my own and a fraught trip to buy shoes for dd1 (meltdown because I put Rosie in the front of the P&T because dd1 was walking hmm!). So I really couldn't be *rsed to do an 11pm dreamfeed and went to bed thinking that what will be will be. And Rosie slept until 7am (well 6am with the clocks back) - so hooray - her first sleeping right through. Please please please let it continue so that I can move her out of our room and into her sister's room.........I want my bedroom back!

laumiere Sun 25-Oct-09 10:38:36

jolly Aw, she's lovely!

wheely It's one of my Fears that G will just pitch out of his crib one of these days! Will have to get DH to lower it.

meep I'm waving my sleeping through pom poms for you!

News here: it seems there is an explanation for my post-birth insomnia (3 nights out of 7 I get 2 hours sleep max and it's not the baby!), it's called post-natal insomnia. Going to doc's for short course of sleeping pills to reset my sleep patterns as really can't do my new job in this state!

Article about it here.

meep Mon 26-Oct-09 06:37:26

lau I hadn't realised it had been so bad for you - you must be exhausted. I had no idea you got post natal insomnia - I siffered from pre-ntal insomnia in both pregnancies but slept well afterwards. Big sympathy to you and hope the pills help.

5.45am start today - ugh - little Rosie is still working on her normal body clock. Damn those clocks going back. And she didn't sleep through - instead woke at 10.30pm and drank about 4oz milk - hmm!

laumiere Mon 26-Oct-09 09:16:57

Thanks meep, of course I couldn't get an appointment today, I was calling the surgery's emergency appointment line since it opened at 8.30, just got through at 9am only to be told they've all gone and I might get an appointment next week. If I could wait until next week I wouldn't be ringing the emergency line would I?


Anyone else HATING the clock change? Both boys were wide awake at 5.55 this morning (yawn)

meep Mon 26-Oct-09 09:22:12

5.45am for Rosie - 6.30 for Emily - ugh!

mdavza Mon 26-Oct-09 21:27:44

5:50 for Ben...yawn. Suddenly his sleep has gone bonkers, he wakes up at least once a night, never for longer than about 15 mins, but ugh, I'm tired! He's now standing on his knees and trying to climbing on people, couches, things, and I think all these new movements and abilities is playing havoc with his normally excellent sleep. What's soooofunny is that, everytime we hear him crying and I have to get up, dh wakes and mumbles 'sorry'. B only wants mummy now, also something new.

Laum - shooeeeee, I feel for you! I've had periods of insomnia and it sucks big time. Hope you get those pills soon. Would you consider going to an acupuncturist? I went to one during pregnancy and it worked incredibly well for my insomnia. So meep, I also went through that.

Corgi, I'm also finding that lB is incredibly needy, especially of me all of a sudden. I hope it's just a phase and that he cheers up soon. Is his cold better? Sounds an afwul lot like teeth!

All is quiet in his room, he was sobbing in his sleep, aaaaauw!!!!

meep Tue 27-Oct-09 05:49:44

5.30am - I wish you could reset a baby's body clock by just pushing a button. Ugh!

meep Tue 27-Oct-09 11:42:22

just left Rosie at nursery for 2 hours. She grinned at the girls and went with them happily - but had done a poo. I could hear her howling as they changed her . I know she will be fine but I sat in teh car and howled myself - then phoned dh who thought something awful had happened, not just him having a big sap for a wife

But am now alone in the house with a cup of tea.............

laumiere Tue 27-Oct-09 12:29:17

meep it gets better I promise!

Got an appointment at the doc's today and have my sleeping pills, hopefully this will sort out the insomnia monster. Either that or getting dirty with DH, did that last night and slept like a baby

In other news, I'm getting my colours done! (They assess you and tell you what colours suit you best).

meep Tue 27-Oct-09 13:29:12

I know it will get better - and I am definitely not as weepy as I was when I put dd1 into nursery.

Well - she is home now and having a well earned nap. She didn't even notice me come in for her and was happily bouncing away - and had eaten lots of food for lunch and drunk a whole bottle (which she never does for me!). She just looked so happy and pleased with herself!

lau your dh will think he's won teh lottery if he is the cure for your insomnia grin!

jollyjoanne Tue 27-Oct-09 15:59:17

Meep - trust me you get used to the nursery thing quickly. I am currently working from home, whilst Mae is at nursery and I have no intention of rushing to pick her up - to be honest I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Although I keep expecting to hear her babbling over the monitor or from the cot. She now seems really settled and seems to be really happy when I drop her off and when I pick her up. At the start she used to cry everytime she saw me when I came to get her.

Lau - hope the pills sort out your sleep, it sounds like you need it.

Mae is also still getting up particularly early, but she is getting better, it was nearly 6.15 when she got up this morning.

Ellie - congrats on the driving.

And thanks everyone for the nice comments about Mae. Just wish I could get a decent recording but she just stops and starts doing a parachutist impression everytime she spots me looking at her!

Wheely - very impressive with the standing already. Mae keeps trying but she isn't that advanced yet!

jollyjoanne Wed 28-Oct-09 20:46:45

Oh everyone appears to have gone . . .

Well I have been horse riding this afternoon, the first time since I was a teenager. And now I ache in all sorts of places I never knew existed. I think I may regret it tomorrow.

It also felt strange just doing something for me and leaving Mae with nanny.

laumiere Wed 28-Oct-09 20:52:25

jolly It's so important to have time to yourself, and it really does help you keep going in the crappy times.

meep Thu 29-Oct-09 10:00:08

permission to moan.........

Rosie had a temp spike last night and has more snot coming out of her than I have ever seen - so only a couple of hours sleep for me (and her) last night - she is a poor wee thing

I have both girls today and have had to cancel my trip to soft play and coffee with a friend

My dh is snowed under at work and will be working late tonight and all weekend

Rosie was booked into nursery tomorrow to give me a day of "me time", but unless she dramatically improves I won't be sending her in

Even my Mum and Dad are busy all day so can't even come to mine to keep me company

I have tearful pmt

the sun is out and I doubt we'll get out today if Rosie stays the way she is

I have to go back to work on Monday

it is rubbish

Slickbird Thu 29-Oct-09 14:54:24

Hey Y'all - Hope everyone is doing ok.

We too are struggling with clock-back-set-backs. The wee ones keep waking up really early and even DD1 was up at 5.45am this morn. I mean WTF?? What's WRONG with kids?? Why don't they want to sleep? Me and DH are just soooooo exhausted because we are still breaking our backs to get the bathroom finished for Saturday (my birthday where I am also having the halloween party for the kids in the village - hmmmmmm really good idea hmm) Anyway, we are getting there but I spent days grouting (WHY does it take soooo long and why is it so difficult!!) When it came to papering that was a piece of P*ss and just wheiched round the room. Now I painting and I'm going through the; "Shhhhiiiiiit! I don't know if this is the right colour? It's really strong" phase - which I do every time and then end up loving it. I actually dreamed two nights in a row about grouting. I mean, that's just not right....

Meep can't believe you are going back to work on Monday sad Who will keep this thread going as you are at the core of it I believe. I will try to take over the mantle (if I can just get this bloody bathroom done!) grin Hope the transition is painless for you. I also hope Rosie is feeling better soon. I have PMT too, but mine is the 'being frustrated with everyone type!'

Jolly Good for you for getting back in the saddle. I tried to find somewhere round here but all the stables are either livery or doing lessons. No-one seems to do hacks/trecks anymore because of insurance purposes. It's crazy.

Wheely gosh, standing! shock Not had that one yet. The best he is doing is seal-humping his way across the floor. Although he is clapping now and he is VERY pleased with himself. grin

Lau I also go through awful periods of insomnia but I have always been like that. I've never gone for the sleeping pills tho. I should have on times, but am a bit paranoid about taking stuff.

My friend asked my DH what I was doing for my birthday; "Having a bath" he said. And he's right. I will be. With candles. I can't wait!

Slickbird Thu 29-Oct-09 14:56:26

Meep Any ideas on how to spell 'Wheiched'?? 'Wheeched?'

meep Thu 29-Oct-09 15:21:52

hi slick!!! Alas I am even moving back to an even more open plan office so won't even be able to surreptitiously read our thread whilst at work - I will do my best to post in the evenings though!

And I woudl say wheeched - great word - and have just googled here!

I also hate grouting - it is knowing that you have to clean really well as you go because if not you are left with a horrible horrible cleaning job at the end. I am also a real ditherer with paint colours - in fact am about to employ someone to right a couple of wrongs from when we moved here (I was 39 weeks pregnant with dd1 so my brain did not work!)

No Halloween parties at our house (bah humbug) and the average age of our street is 89 so I doubt the grannies will be out kncking at our door.

Dd1 does have a delightful witches dress to wear to nursery - and if Rosie is well enough she has a pink top with a spider on it! Very cute!

If I forget - happy birthday to you slick - enjoy your bath - that is good incentive to get the room finished grin!

Slickbird Thu 29-Oct-09 15:38:39

Hah! grin I wonder if it's in the Scot's dictionary. One of those words I use without thinking. I love the contexts that the urban site used. Lol.

I had the horrible cleaning (scrubbing with wire wool actually) of leaving grout on too long. And I still need to go over a lot of the tiles again. I swear, even when you think you've got rid of it, it dries and it's still there!!! I guess after a nuclear war the only things that would remain would be cockroaches and grout. grin

I'm keeping the wee ones away from the scary kids as I think they'd be hysterical. So we are decking out the garage and doing most of it all there. The adults can be inside having a nice civilised drink. I will run back and forth between the two. At least I'm not pregnant this time.

Wheelybug Fri 30-Oct-09 21:38:08

POpping in - back from hols. Had a lovely time. Will catch up over weekend!

laumiere Sat 31-Oct-09 13:24:58

Hey all! Just popping in between icing cakes with monster hands to say hi. Also DH's LAST NIGHT SHIFT tonight, wheee!

Also a happy Samhain to you all, as it's my New Year today (Druid). To celebrate I'll be digging a pit and lighting a fire to the death god in the back garden... No, seriously I'll be laying an extra place at the table for those who've gone before us and leaving a lit candle at the window to attract good energy for the next year (it's less difficult than a fire pit). And drooling over Jensen Ackles in Supernatural. Yum!

meep Sat 31-Oct-09 13:30:00

a fellow Supernatural fan.......I love it and am even watching it from the very beginning again as they are repeating Season 1!

Happy Druid New year to you lau

Well - nothing exciting happening here apart from vomit.

Both girls have a weirdy vomit bug - milk has stayed down so far but solids juts come straight back up.

Dh is at work and I am having a duvet day with them both.

Maybe they won't be well enough to go to nursery on Monday and I won't have to go back to work..................

meep Sat 31-Oct-09 16:47:18

ugh - the milk has come out of dd1 - as a very runny poo which soaked through her nappy, pants and all over her bed, duvet and teddies. I was scared to open her nappy the smell was so bad. Poor wee thing thought she had been sick

Wheelybug Sat 31-Oct-09 20:47:47

urgh Meep - poor dds and poor you ! Hope things have improved. Sicky, pooey children are grim grin.

laumiere Sun 01-Nov-09 10:29:18

wheely Seconded! DS1 had poo running down his pyjama leg this morning :-( Bleugh!

meep Sun 01-Nov-09 16:19:00

there is nothing worse than a sick baby and a bouncing toddler! Have been stuck at home all day - it is raining, dh is at work, and Rosie has still got the vom.

Dd1 is much better though not eating much - but has been covering me with stickers and demanding "look at my" - so I think she'll be okay for nursery tomorrow.

Rosie on the other hand will not be going anywhere until she can keep milk/food down - has had runny poo and sick on me 4 times - so no first day back at work for me tomorrow. I really hope they don't think I am taking the piss <sigh>

Wheelybug Sun 01-Nov-09 18:34:31

sorry to hear about the sickie children meep and Lau esp. badly timed meep . Am sure work won't think you're taking the pee.. offer to take her in with you wink.

jolly - how did the riding go ? I too was an avid rider in my teens and haven't really ridden since. For my birthday last year I got a riding lesson from my bro but was pregnant (unbeknownst to him) so couldn't use it and still haven't. I had thought I might get the chance in the new forest but didn't. DD1 had her first proper riding lesson which was .v sweet, she got to rising trot but then almost fell off - not sure I should be encouraging it really given the expense !!

Now I haven't moaned talked about sleep for a while. Things are better in that L is sleeping through but waking like clock work at 530 (why do they do that, as if an alarm has gone off) and then is up. Am finding it hard - so hats off to those who are or will be holding down a job at the same time as sleep deprivation. Must try and get to bed early and then it won't be a problem but I'm not v. good at that.

Good luck going back to work when you manage it Meep !

meep Sun 01-Nov-09 19:11:10

wheely Rosie has been sleeping in - but I know it is just because she is ill. Despite this I am wide awake at 6am every bl**dy morning as I am so used to getting up with her any time from 5.30am. Any bets as soon as she reverts back to early wakening I will have readjusted to late waking! hey ho!

Slickbird Mon 02-Nov-09 14:37:53

Raises a weary head and opens bleary tired eyes.

Poor HHB was Very Very Unhappy Boab last night. sad He's streaming with with cold since yesterday morning and because he was bunged up and couldn't suck his thumb, he screamed from 7pm til, oooh, well, 4am. Grim. Howling and howling and howling. Even took him out in the car at 9.30 to try and get him some sleep and of course he did and then woke up when we got back, despite best efforts. So I got 2 hours sleep then DH and I had a big rant this morning over nothing. DD2 has it too and she had spent ALL of yesterday screaming and whining as it turns out she was coming down with it. I was exhausted yesterday as it was as I had spent my birthday finishing the bathroom and organising the halloween party for all the kids in the village and then taking them all guising (not on my own tho). So I had really been looking forward to chilling yesterday and maybe going for a walk but with VVUB streaming and DD2 screaming and the weather just PISSING down to biblical proportions, it just made for HELL. DH and I were meant to be having a nice meal together last night and a candle lit bath in the new bathroom, but er, it was all spent eating re-heated curry inbetween soothing a very windy pissed off VUB. Hey ho.

I still have work on the bathroom to do and I have my neice and MIL coming up on Wed eve. Really, I have to laugh at my calendar sometimes or I'd just greet.

Anyway, better go, got to go and get the Diva from school.

Meep Hope wee one's ok and that you got back to work alright (and that it's not too much of a shock.)

Sorry not had chance to read everyone else's posts. Hope to later. xx

meep Mon 02-Nov-09 15:23:50

oh no, poor vvub

I am still here - rosie is still vomitting - has kept down most of one bottle - the rest has been chucked up on me

My dad came to the rescue and took dd1 to nursery so it has been a bit easier.

At this rate I won't be back at work till next week <sigh>

slick hope your two get better soon - there is a nasty gastro/flu bug doing the rounds. We had the streaming nose last week. I hate this time of year!

Wheelybug Tue 03-Nov-09 18:28:30

How are the houses of vom, snot and poo today ??

meep Tue 03-Nov-09 19:27:11

Only been vommed on 5 times today grin! Last 3 bottles have stayed down almost intact - so there may be light at the end of the tunnell. Horrid nappies from both of them though. And the snot seems to have reappeared..........

Work have been great and I don't have to go back till next week (though I won't be paid for this week) - so I can just relax and tend to poorly children!

It's very quiet on here at the moment - has everyone gone back to work ?

How is everything in eth wheely house?

Boobz Tue 03-Nov-09 19:37:29

Hello all - indeed work and life has gotten in the way of Mumsnetting recently - but I do check in every now and again even though I don't have time to post on everyone's news - sorry!

Penelope is now just over 7 months and going great guns. 2 teeth on the bottom and today I felt the top left tooth coming through! She does like to grate apple chunks with her 2 little teeth - so cute! She's on her knees a lot so I think she's going to crawl soon - which I'm dreading! I love plopping her on her arse and knowing she'll be in the same place when I pop back from the kitchen 5 mins later...

Not much else to report except work has been an almighty drag and my mum is sick (cancer) so have been up and down the motorway every weekend to Norfolk to see her in hospital. Looking forward to a bit of normality when we take 2 weeks off over Xmas and visit my dad in the states - 2 weeks of no work, no motorway driving and lots of lie ins as my dad can dote on his granddaughter in the mornings!

Oh, Pen had a photoshoot for Jojo Maman Bebe! That was fun - shots going to be in the Spring catalogue coming out on Xmas eve... lovely!

Hope everyone's going well. How many crawlers have we got now?


Wheelybug Tue 03-Nov-09 20:24:58

Hi Boobz - t'was wondering how you were getting on the other day back at work and all. Sorry to hear about your mum. Look forward to seeing Pen in the JJMB catalogue. Apparently my DH was a baby model - you wouldn't believe it to look at him now.. hee heee...

Sorry R isn't better meep - the poor thing (s). Things here are fine, I think (grabs a large chunk of wood). L actually slept 7.30 to 6.50 last night shock. The only thing I can think was different was that she probably had a max of an hour's sleep in the day and stretched over 3 sleeps so maybe she just doesn't need much sleep. Apparently me and my brothers had given up daytime sleeps completely by 1. DD1 was 18 months which was bad enough.

L is also being a little minx at the moment. V. mobile and v. curious so can't take my eyes off her for a second it feels. In the space of about 10 mins this afternoon whilst I was trying to do something constructive on the laptop (and actually it was something constructive) she had almost poked her eye out with my pencil, knocked over my big cup of tea, turned the tv off (by remote control) and ripped up, and tried to eat, a load of paper. But she's very happy and content whilst causing havoc so won't moan much.

She very much likes the idea of standing too so is trying too (and sometimes succeeding) to pull up on anything which leads to lots of tumbles.

Right, must og and cook some dinner. Here's hoping for a vomit free day tomorrow for you meep.

corgikelly Wed 04-Nov-09 09:29:59

Hey all - sympathies to the Houses of the Unwell - this weekend Rhys decided to add a fever to his 10th straight week of congestion and snot and coughing, so it's been a fairly exhausting few days. DP stayed home from work with him on Monday because I had to go to a meeting, and I stayed home with him yesterday. The fever has gone, so he can go back to nursery - thank god, because work is FULL ON - but he started howling the instant I dropped him off this morning. sad

No time to read, but selfishly do have a question: Here we are in November and R is getting EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes. I counted 11 bites on his head and face this morning sad. He moves around too much now to use a mosquito net, so does anyone have any recommendations for baby-friendly solutions? Are those plug-in things that use tablets or liquid safe? Poor little man, he looks dreadful!

Back to the salt mines. sad

Wheelybug Wed 04-Nov-09 09:42:39

Corgi - am fairly sure the plug ins are safe. You used to be able to get little patches that you could stick around which were quite safe. They're quite difficult to find now but I will have a google for you. I even used them one year in sri lanka because I don't like the sprays myself. I'll be back....

Wheelybug Wed 04-Nov-09 09:49:19

can#'t find them corgi - they were called mozzie patch and i think just gave off citronella. I need to go out now on a ballet uniform search as I managed to throw dd1's out (5 weeks old, £15 worth grrrr). I'll have a better look later.

Hope the houses of ill are better !

laumiere Fri 06-Nov-09 10:42:43

Mummy panic now as Gabriel is one of the oldest on here and is showing no interest in crawling and cruising.

Wheelybug Fri 06-Nov-09 13:34:31

Don't panic Lau. They're all so different aren 't they ? DD1 was not showing any interest in crawlng or pulling up at this age but still walked at about 12 months. I have a friend who was similarly worried (her baby is 7 weeks older than L) and she has suddenly just started crawling at 9 and a bit months.

Just be smug that you're not chasing a baby round all day smile. L started up the stairs yesterday - didn't get very far but I will be putting up stair gates this afternoon. Grrrr.

Wheelybug Fri 06-Nov-09 13:35:11

Also, although he's one of the oldest he was quite early wasn't he ? Makes a difference I think.

meep Fri 06-Nov-09 14:35:58

lau please do not panic. Rosie got up onto one knee ONCE! All she does now is roll onto her tummy and very occasionaly rolls back. She has stood at the edge of the sofa holding on - only because I put her there and she has only just mastered the art of sitting up totally by herself - but needs lots of cushions round her as she still isn't that steady.

Dd1 NEVER rolled and NEVER crawled! She walked late and just bum shuuffled everywhere.

wheely eek at the stairs!

The meep house of ill is getting better. I am exhausted after what feels like weeks of looking after sick children (particularly with Rosie who cried if I put her down ) - my dh has been working until 9/10pm and weekends so I have been doing it all myself. And now that Rosie has stopped being sick she is waking up for a feed in teh middle of the night <sigh>!

Havew put them both in nursery today - so that I can have a couple of hours child free - 'tis lovely!

Slickbird Fri 06-Nov-09 16:38:26

Hay Y'all.

Am still exhausted as DD2 screamed all the next night and we had to call NHS24 as she was seal barking and sounding very croupy. They are still very snotty and chesty but doing ok. I have it a bit but just feel done in with everything that's been going on. And I have MIL and neice here too.

Lau still wouldn't panic - DD2 didn't crawl til 9 months and I have a friend whose 3 children didn't crawl at all but all just got staight to their feet. HHB's method is to crawl on his stomach just using his right knee for propulsion. Kinda like a dehydrated man in a desert.

He is working on his 3 tooth but it seems to be coming in the bottom next to his two bottom teeth which is a bit unusual but not unheard of.

Meep Hope everyone is feeling better now. I hate this time of year too. I just want to hibernate.

Corgi I know that Avon Skin-so-soft works really well on midges so maybe worth trying for the mozzies? You can get it on line.

Boobz So sorry to hear about your mum. How is she faring? What's her prognoses. I f*cking hate cancer. angry I hope she recovers and am sending lots of healing vibes to you and her.

Right better go and make tea for the masses. I really need a break! Maybe next weekend!

laumiere Fri 06-Nov-09 20:10:49

wheely he was a couple of weeks early (due 10 March, arrived 21 Feb). We're just hyper-sensitive after DS1's issues.

lolianja Sun 08-Nov-09 14:51:50

Laumiere just to reiterate what everybody else has said! James is 8-and-a-bit months now and is OK with the actual mechanics of getting into a crawling position and manoeuvering his way via shuffles a couple of metres along the carpet but that's it. He got the hang of it, seemed to realise he was pretty hopeless at it and hasn't made many attempts since, in honesty! If I plonk him somewhere and go to the other side of the room he'll strain in my direction and babble a bit, possibly go onto his tummy, but nothing more.

He can stand if he's helped up and will stay upright for a couple of seconds or so without support but he rarely shows any actual ability/inclination to walk, stagger or stumble. On the couple of occasions where he's attempted it, he's just collapsed in a heap.

Don't worry about it, they've still got plenty of time! I'm personally relishing his plateau in progress because I'm just getting to the stage now where running after people/stray pieces of paper caught in breeze etc is bloody impossible. It seems to have happened overnight - I stormed walked 7 miles the other week in a temper with no ill effects and now suddenly I'm almost useless after going up and down the stairs!

laumiere Sun 08-Nov-09 21:00:37

Hey loli! How is it all going? I was thinking of you the other day.

Gabe won't stand! If you hold him up under the arms he holds his legs out straight in front of him til you get tired hmm..... However standing up and holding my hands appears to be acceptable.

Bit miserable here as have a nasty cold and trying to sort self out for work return. I keep feeling like I'm going to be hopeless!

lolianja Sun 08-Nov-09 21:42:05

Damn lau, hope your sniffle clears up soon. I had one the other week and was terrified it was going to graduate into the dreaded oink flu but thankfully it went away.

I'm not too bad, 33 weeks just coming up. A bit pissed off because I'm almost guaranteed a section now, as Baby 1 has decided that it would be an excellent idea to not only remain breech (they were both breech, but the more co-operative Baby 2 spun around) but to descend so low as to virtually engage bum-first in my pelvis. It hurts like buggery and I've been told that I can only attempt a natural birth if either both are head down, or A/1 is head down and B/2 is breech. Sadly tis the opposite so unless A manages to spin around in what little fluid he or she has got to manoeuvre in, looks like I'm heading for a sunroof job. Had my last day of work on Fri which was a blessed relief - still not particularly huge aesthetically speaking, but my bladder capacity is virtually nil now and no doubt brain capacity would swiftly have followed. I'm no use to anyone at the moment!

Am seeing the consultant again in a couple of days, they've been absurdly vague so far as regards running through birth options but I'm expecting that to be the 'hot topic' this time round. Will be due another scan soon after that, I wasn't able to book one immediately after the last one. They were both around the 15th percentile last scan, am hoping things will have improved somewhat by now - I've upped my healthy food intake enormously!

Sorry for lengthy 'me me me', I hope all's well with everybody else. Boobz, I'm really sorry to hear about your mum and hope she makes a full recovery. It isn't bloody fair, is it.

laumiere Sun 08-Nov-09 22:13:10

loli don't worry hon, DS1 was born at 31w at 4lb 6 and he's a feckin' giant now Am sure mini-lolis will be fine.

Wheelybug Tue 10-Nov-09 14:10:39

Good luck with the next few weeks (months and years wink) Loli !

Meep - hope everyone's better and that you've managed to get back to work and that it is going ok.

Nothing to report here just thoguth I'd pop in and say hello to everyone

Missmodular Wed 11-Nov-09 09:52:13

Hey all, good to hear from everyone. Hope all the baby bugs are clearing up. We've just had the worst few nights of sleep - M is fine during the day and then the moment I put her down to sleep she seem to develop the worst nasal congestion ever and is up every two hours or so needing her nose wiped! Monday evening I made the mistake of letting her nap in the buggy at 5.30pm which resulted in her being up and ready to play at 3.30am shockhmm

She's with the nanny today so I can get a bit of work done but I keep hearing her crying downstairs and wanting to go down and cuddle her sad. Seems like separation anxiety has set in good and proper.

Anyone out there still bfing? I'm kind of wanting to stop soon, but M is really not into the bottle. Would I be better off just going straight to a sippy?

laumiere Wed 11-Nov-09 15:07:09

And to prove my point had DS1 weighed and measured yesterday, at 3.5yo he's 103cm tall and 18 kg! (3ft 4 and 2.8 st to non-metric people). Unsurprisingly he's one of the tallest at nursery.

Gabriel is now 7 kg (1.7st) so at 5ft 2 and 62 kg I think I'm going to struggle in the future!

kanga5 Thu 12-Nov-09 14:38:10

hello everyone we're back safe and sound...

had a look through the posts and seems lots of you have been ill...sleeping poorly, etc, here's hoping it blows over quickly.

mismod i am still BF, (it was the right thing to do while we were away, but i have bought a tin of formula so my intention is to stop SOON..) and yes i would try the sippy cup with her. Our LO has been getting used to it since 5 months or so, and i now use the soft white spouts with the avent bottles. She doesn't seem too worried about it. I am glad to have got past the teats stage TBH.

well Australia was great though VERY expensive! It was good to get away from all the chores for a couple of weeks, did me a world of good. Now back to domestic bliss, er, mountains of washing that won't dry!!!

will try to get a pic up soon.


kanga5 Thu 12-Nov-09 14:45:46

picture added...

school run beckons...

Missmodular Thu 12-Nov-09 16:16:37

Kanga - quick question - how much does your lo drink with a sippy? I remember getting to this stage bfing DD1 (who also wouldn't take a bottle at first) but she never drank enough formula from a sippy so we ended up doing the whole bottle thing anyway as it was the only surefire way of getting more than an ounce or two down her (not to mention getting her drowsy at bedtimes).

Can't believe you went to Oz with five children! You are a supermum wink

kanga5 Thu 12-Nov-09 16:50:42

mismod- not much at all, as she is still just practising!

she has water as required, just a couple of ozs a day, if that. Formula is hit and miss at the moment, i only offer her a couple of ozs and will hopefully increase it as she goes off BF.

Having said that, dd1 never liked formula, i stopped BF her at 16 months, she doesn't drink milk at all, but she gets her calcium needs from cheese, yoghurts and milk on cereal. can you talk to your HV if you are worried?

ps not a supermum, am about to shriek at ds3 for bad behaviour!!!

Missmodular Thu 12-Nov-09 17:45:13

Thanks Kanga - and gorgeous pic. Glad you had good weather. I went to Australia a few years ago in November and it bucketed down most of the time (we were in Melbourne tho wink)

jollyjoanne Thu 12-Nov-09 20:30:41

Sorry not been on for a while our computer broke, someone managed to pull the wire to the plu just once too many times and we had to wait for a new one to get delivered.

Sorry to hear everyone seems to have been poorly. We seemed to have escaped so far - but it is bound to change.

Felt like rubbish the day after the horse riding everywhere seemed to ache! I had forgotten how much work horse riding actually involved.

Kanga love the photo of all the kids, and it looks lovely in Oz. I am very jealous.

MissMod I still BF Mae in the morning and the evening, it is so much easier than preparing more bottles.

Boobz really sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she is getting good treatment.

Ooh and Mae is getting her first tooth at last. It seems to have been trying to break through for ages.

Loli nice to hear from you again. Good luck with the twins positioning and getting a nice easy birth!

jollyjoanne Thu 12-Nov-09 20:39:57

New photo of Mae in her halloween outfit added.

meep Fri 13-Nov-09 14:22:40

Hi everyone - just popping in quickly in between vomits. Yup - little Rosie is STILL being sick

We had 4 days of her being fine so she went to nursery tand I finally wnet back to work. 11am on Wednesday and I get the dreaded call of doom to go and collect her.

She is still chirpy and has been to see the doc - but there is not much we can do except keep her as hydrated as we can. But it is bl**dy difficult withholding milk as she just cries with hunger

Will read everyone's posts when I get more than a nanosecond.......

Wheelybug Fri 13-Nov-09 20:19:27

oh poor you meep and poor dd2. That must be hard. Hope she's better very soon.

Lovely pics Joanne and Kanga - glad Australia went well

Hope your sleep is getting better MissMod

L had her 8 month check yesterday - all ok but we keep sniggering about her measurements. 9th centile for weight, 25th for height but her head circumference is 75th. So she's long (relatively) thin with a big head. Bless.

mdavza Fri 13-Nov-09 21:09:38

Hiya! Been lurking awhile, just busy and I'm trying to finish 3 thick books before they have to go back to the library (the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the last two Twilight books). And lB has been keeping me occupied, oh yes, he is crawling all over and stands up against anything. He hasnt figured out how to sit down, though, but knows how to call me to rescue him! And he has 4 new teeth, seriously?
Boobz, will look forward to the pics. What a nice thing to do, imagine she can keep it forever. Hows your mum?
Meep, you seem to be having a raw deal of late, and poor Rosie!! I hope she gets better real soon.

Laum, hope you have a strong back! I can imagine that you must be super-sensitive re G's development, but from all I read and see, babies develop at their own paces. Trust your instinct!

I'm on a quarter ad every 2nd day, talk about placebo. Some days are good, some less so, but I'm determined to continue. My emotions are all over the place and suddenly I cry at the strangest things. But I feel more alive, in a way. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have waited until B was older because I still find myself extremely anxious about him some days, but don't we all have good mum and bad mum days?
Enough about me!

Ben has suddenly decided to take massive naps in the morning, and then to stay awake until bedtime at 7. He sleeps okish at night, is anybody else's lo doing something similar?

And kanga5, welcome back!

laumiere Sat 14-Nov-09 11:59:13

mdavza sounds like he's keeping you busy! I've been all over the place emotionally too and it does get better, promise!

Back to work Tues, eep....

Also had a horrible day on Thursday, went to visit my brother in Warwick and DH slipped on some wet steps carrying DS1. Cue a trip to Casualty with DS1 having a suspected toddler fracture on his lower leg, DH has 2 broken ribs and Gabe threw up over everyone. We then had to get the train home reeking of sick (£60 single fares too) and got home about 10pm. DS1 seems to be improving so they aren't casting his leg but argh, what a day!

lolianja Mon 16-Nov-09 00:09:26

lau - Sorry you had such a shitty time of it on Thursday. Phrase about it never raining for pouring springs to mind. Hope your DH feels better soon.

I'm feeling exceedingly pissed off because we met up with a close male mate of mine and his girlfriend, who have a 3-and-a-bit-month-old little boy. Not only did the girl steal my baby name (I normally hate the petty concept of a name being stealable, but she asked me what name I was planning if one baby was a little boy and I said Guy - she said it was 'OK but not to her taste at all'... and promptly used it when she gave birth in early August a few weeks down the line), but she was constantly needling me about the fact that, somewhat embarrassingly, Guy seemed at times to be more articulate (I use the word loosely but true nevertheless) and spatially aware at not yet 4 months than James is at not far off 9 months.

Thus far I'd been reasonably relaxed about it, he's hardly 3 years old so an inability to crawl efficiently/walk/say mama, indeed utter anything other than burbled gobbledigook, is hardly worrying... just put it down to him going at his own pace. But she kept on and on about how admittedly Guy was Einstein in the making etc etc, so James might seem a big unexceptional in comparison, but still, was I not perhaps a little *concerned*? etc. And then she effectively told me not to worry, because J is an exceptionally good-looking baby so it didn't matter if he was hopeless at everything else, or words to that effect! I'm pretty laid back so she got no visible reaction out of me and happily I think that irked her but still! I'm furious! I may not be concerned yet but at times teeter precariously on the brink of being concerned as is natural, so why deliberately try and nudge me in that direction, particularly when I'm weeks/days/even potentially hours off popping out two more! Why do some women derive pleasure in stressing out others to try and validate their own experiences? It makes me so annoyed.

Sorry for epic rant, just can't stand the competitive culture rampant in so many other mums!

The maternal alarm bells aren't going off with James because a) he's not even 9 months old for a couple of weeks yet, so hardly lagging dangerously behind by not reciting Keats and running marathons already and b) I was a very, health-visitor-astoundingly early talker but a pathetically late walker, whereas my ex (Jim's dad) was running along like a child of 4 at 9 months old but barely said a word that made any sense until he started school. I think perhaps Jimmy just drew the short straw of both elements, so to speak! Hope he hasn't done though, no reason to suppose he'll be behind but in the dark of the night I do think about it.

laumiere Mon 16-Nov-09 10:06:40

loli don't worry too much, I was also an early talker/late walker, DH on the other hand said his first words and crawled at 6 mo. Gabriel's just making more directed noises at the moment and still shows no interest in crawling/tummy time, far more content to sit and play/watch DS1/squeal like a velociraptor.

To be honest we only started being concerned with DS1 when he started to crawl at 11mo and wasn't walking at all, and 11mo is still late but normal. I tend to just avoid mums like your friend, no good tends to come of it. Last one I met was asking if we wanted more kids as we hadn't had a girl, and I said we might adopt in the future and that it's slightly easier for us to do so as we have experience with disability ( a lot of kids waiting for adoption in UK have some degree of disability). She replied in horror (knowing about DS1's condition) 'oh but how could you do that to your children, bringing disability into your home?!' FFS! I was so proud that I didn't tip her stupid latte over her head....

Yarnie Mon 16-Nov-09 10:26:24

Loli Like you, I hate the competitiveness that seems to be prevalent amongst a chunk of mothers out there. My little one is lagging a little way behind his peers at nearly 8 months (all the other babes at coffee morning are crawling and Spike isn't, etc), but you know it's unlikely to be anything to worry about. But, it's obviously natural to be anxious. It's rubbish that your friend preyed on that.

If it's any consolation, my other half was an incredibly (and I mean, incredibly) late walker and talker and ended up taking a double first at Cambridge in Natural Sciences, coming top in his year, getting a scholarship to Harvard and, as a grown man, is doing rather nicely, thank you :-) I like to think these late walkers/talkers have a lot going on in their little heads, taking their minds of motoring of the leg and mouth variety!

meep Mon 16-Nov-09 12:05:19

OMG I can't believe the competitive mothers that you have all come across - and how restrained you have all been. I am so so lucky that I haven't really met this breed in my circle of friends (though I can see some potential in a couple of first timers)

Can I just say again that my dd1 NEVER NEVER NEVER crawled! Honestly. She "crawls like a baby mummy" now at 2.4yo but she never crawled or rolled when she was a baby. She just went from sitting upright to bum shuffling to eventually walking. She was a late walker (but bum shufflers tend to be late - as they have both hands free, so why bother getting up to walk!). No idea whether she was an early or late talker - but she certainly never shuts up grin

Rosie rolls a bit and can sit up - but is not saying anything (just loves shouting) and I really am not expecting her to for ages. But she has 4 teeth where dd1 had none at this stage.

My advice is to say to any mum crowing about their early crawlers/walkers is that you are delighted that your baby is staying put as it means you can have a coffee and not have to chase after them all the time (which is a huge bonus)! So turn it on its head and see how they react!

We are now starting week 3 of Rosie being sick Tried to buy some more rehydration stuff from teh chemist yesterday. They couldn't give her any without a prescription - so had to phone nhs 24 who wanted her seen. They referred us to the A&E of our (very good) children's hospital. Had to do a fluid trial where she got 3.5mls of water every 5 minutes. She howled and screamed for about 40minutes until her wee tummy felt full. The paediatrician said he'd completed all the paperwork to admit her as he really didn't think she'd keep any thing down (which would have meant a tube up the nose to get some fluids in her )but luckily she kept it all down and we got home. It was horrible to see her so upset - but she has had milk now and fingers crossed no more sick or runny poo.

I can't wait until she starts eating properly again - she is so thin - you can feel her ribs and all teh bits of her backbone - evern her lovely chubby cheeks have gone. I want my chubby baby back!

Still haven't had the chance to read everyone's posts - will catch up properly soon............

corgikelly Mon 16-Nov-09 15:27:16

Oh dear - haven't been on in ages and haven't time to catch up properly now, but I did just have to say poor Rosie, meep! How awful for her and for you - I hope she will at last be on the road to recovery.

Rhys came down with pneumonia ten days ago (2.5 solid months of colds had to take their toll at some point) but improved quickly with antibiotics. He dropped a bit of weight, but nothing compared to poor little Rosie. (Of course, as of this morning he's back at nursery after more than a week away, so I figure he'll bring back another cold tonight...)

Wishing you all healthy babies (you too, lau) and families (especially your mum, boobz) and witty retorts to the uber-competitive snarky ladies out there!

mdavza Wed 18-Nov-09 22:08:05

Loli, good for you for keeping your composure. Tbh, she sounds a bit jealous? And I'm mean and petty-would be furious if somebody took my baby name!

Meep, sounds awful, hope she's better, and chubby soon.

Lau, what a bummer! (pun intended). It must have been so sore for both! Hope you work is ok.

Ben now has 7 teeth and he's drooling like a tap. But so sweet, laughing and squealing when we play peek-a-boo!!
ALthough he's now trying to stand up against things, and then letting go, I take no credit for this, it's just how he is, isn't it?
..today he woke at 7 (after a 5:30 am start but got him down again) and then napped from 11 til 2:30 ( of course, it's my working day so I missed this massive nap) and back to bed at 6:30-will have to see what the night brings.

laumiere Thu 19-Nov-09 10:31:16

Well, DS1 is back in hospital this morning so I'm home with the baby (great in my first week back at work!) but hopefully it'll be ok, we've just got to monitor hi leg in case it is a break.

In Gabriel news: typical baby, I spend 11 months with him and no sign of moving, DH spends 2 days with him and he's starting to bum-shuffle! (Only about half a metre at the moment but is a start!) He's also acquiring a second lot of teeth so nothing within a metre of him is safe from chewing

Wheelybug Fri 20-Nov-09 19:49:10

lau - hope ds1 is ok. and Meep - how is poor Rosie ??

Competititve parenting really does my head in. My bro is terrible - our my dd1 and his dd are 6 months apart (although thankfully different school yrs) and its terrible. I was hoping that as dd2 is 3 years younger than his youngest it wouldn 't be an issue anymore but when I was telling him what dd2 was up to, he changed the subject to how his ds's potty training was going. Sigh.

Well I agree with those who say, be pleased if your children aren't moving. L is being a nightmare - her latest obsession is climbing up on our fireplace and munching the fake coals.

Missmodular Sat 21-Nov-09 20:15:24

Gosh, competitive mummies are awful aren't they? Thankfully most of my mum friends are the opposite - they're always saying how awful their little ones are, what crap mums they are etc. I'm sure they don't mean a word of it, and it's just said to make me feel better about myself, bless them grin

I second what everyone else is saying about mobile babies - they're hard work. I spend half my time checking that DD1 hasn't just left a pile of coins/buttons/marbles/stickers in M's path (DD1 has a penchant for collecting random objects) and the other half checking M's mouth to make sure she hasn't swallowed anything inappropriate.

Hope everyone's well!!

laumiere Sun 22-Nov-09 19:26:05

Hmm, quick question for the mums of boys here! When your little men are teething, do they ever get swollen/sore looking penises?

Missmodular Wed 25-Nov-09 13:45:37

Er, where is everyone??

Laumiere, I'm afraid I can't be of any help re boy's bits, but if it were me I'd go down the docs just to make sure.

Major childcare stress here - the nanny that I've been sharing with a friend has just handed in her notice. Her last day is just before Xmas and I've got two magazines going to press in January. Aarrgghh. Has anyone used nanny agencies before??

On the plus side, Melissa has found her first consonant! So it's now Bababababababa ad infinitum as well as the random vowel sounds we've had to date. grin

Wheelybug Wed 25-Nov-09 14:13:51

Hello I'm still here !

Lau - can't help you with boys bits either I'm afraid. How's dd1's leg ?

missmod - no experience of nanny agencies. Hope you get something sorted - sounds like bad timing.

And meep, hope you're back at work so too busy to post. Hope dd2 is better.

L is being christened on Sunday - will try and post a piccie of her before she gets food on her dress grin.

laumiere Wed 25-Nov-09 19:52:40

missmod ouch, what crappy timing! We got our last nanny off Gumtree.com (we needed someone over the summer and she is a Teaching Assistant so we did well there).

Bits back to normal thankfully! We rang NHS Direct (love them) and were reassured that time would help and it did

Gabriel has also said his first recognisable sounds: 'yay', 'dada' and finally, 'mama'!

Work is getting me down but it's only week 2, hey ho.

kanga5 Thu 26-Nov-09 13:22:46

hello i'm here, too, just busy that is all!

I guess with lots of you returning to work, the thread is so quiet...

meep hope Rosie is much better now. you haven't been on here for some time, so I hope you have a boring excuse like work/housework!!!

Corgi is rhys recovering too?

best wishes to loli, how are you coping now?

i can't believe 7 teeth already Mdavza, our LO still has none, though lots of dribble. and a cold.

Laumiere, is your ds1 home again? I was going to say i didn't notice teething/penis problem in my 3 boys, anyway i can't remember now my brain is mush now. good to hear it cleared up. sounds like gabriel wins the talking race, well done little man!!!

mismod, haven't used nannies before, only a childminder. i have heard though that with the recession and many parents returning to be at home, that childminders have found it tough, so hopefully you will have little trouble finding a nanny soon. can you try the trusted word of mouth technique?

wheely, looking forward to that pic..

news here at Kanga's place:

Dd1 being toilet trained, dd2 on formula during day, but still BF at bedtime and ALL night (it seems anyway). Just got to get rid of dd1 dummy....

also dd2, 7 1/2 months and crawling!!! lovely little wobbly legs, but very determined and i am sure will speed up next week. have to get on with moving all the smallest bits and bobs, putting up gates etc.

other brilliant news, at last consultant appointment dd1's heart problem is nearly resolved, all measurements normal, and will probably be off her last medicine next march...i never thought we'd get to this point, but kept praying and hoping.


mdavza Thu 26-Nov-09 13:27:16

Wonderful news, Kanga5!
And lau, I'm jealous of Gabe speaking. LB chatters away but nothing really legible at the moment.

Tired here, yawn. His sleep has become really disturbed the past couple of weeks, doing funny things with naps and crying at night for (apparently) no reason. By accident I stumbled upon an earlier post where I wrote about him sleeping so wel, mwaaahhhhaaahaha! (Rolls about laughing) That didn't last! Must be honest, finding that bit of parenting hard sometimes, all the changes.

WIsh we could afford a nany, maybe one day...

jollyjoanne Thu 26-Nov-09 16:47:04

Kanga that is really good news.

Mdavza yep Mae used to be such a good sleeper too, and to be honest she still is once she has got to sleep but the last week or so she just has not wanted to go to sleep at all, making for very tired parents. So you have my sympathies.

Wheely looking forward to the photo and hope L is good for the christening.

Lau congrats to Gabe on his first recognisable words, very impressive.

Can't believe all the competitive mums, makes me quite grateful none of my friends have children yet. Although will have to try and remember not to be the competitve mummy myself in future.

Corgi hope Rhys is all better now, you really seem to have had a tough time.

Sorry I've not had chance to read through all the posts in detail, I will try to pop in over the weekend. But just thought I'd say hi.

Mae now has two bottom teeth but is absolutely full of cold and we seem to have spent the last week wiping snot from her face and she has a horrible cough to go with it.

And very generously she had the sickness bug over the weekend so DH and I have been sick and off work all week, and we also managed to make my parents ill as they had to look after Mae one day due to our sickness!

Boobz Fri 27-Nov-09 19:27:02

Hi everyone - long time no post (again! whoops).

Thanks for all the well wishes for my mum - she is actually, finally, on the mend now, which I thought was never going to happen when I saw her in hospital. She looked like she was on death's door - but she's started to eat now, so doesn't look so painfully thin and the biopsy came back clear so no chemo - thank god. All good news, in the end.

Penny now has 4 teeth, and is on the cusp of ccrawling (at 8 months and 5 days). She's been getting from sitting postion onto all fours, rocking a bit, thinking better of it and then rolling over instead of pushing forward with her legs... but I think it's only a matter of days, maybe a couple of weeks, until she figures it out and starts to do a classic crawl. Can't imagine she will be walking for a long time yet.

Says da da da daaaa all the time, but not at DH so I don't think it counts.

Sorry to hear about all the babies with colds / flu / teething etc. Pen has come through the worst of that I think, and is now sleeping through again after a couple of interrupted nights from snotty nose due to teeth.

Wheely - hope you have a lovely christening on Sunday


laumiere Sat 28-Nov-09 23:07:40

Boobz yay Pen on the crawling! We can't leave Gabriel alone now, he can travel a good metre before we can turn around

Yarnie Mon 30-Nov-09 10:16:57

Hi all.

Good to hear of all the progress. It's an exciting time, isn't it?!

Spike has just started doing some modified commando crawl which, in truth, makes him look like a baby seal on the beach. Both arms get flung forward simultaneously and he hauls himself forward with a big "Ehhnnn!" He has also started pulling himself up to standing on any rickety object that crosses his path! We're moving in 8 days (AAarrrghhh) to a more baby-friendly house and I'm so glad he has left it until now to get mobile.

I have a question for all the Antilop users out there. Do you take the tray off to clean it? I have tugged and pulled at it, but I'm worried it isn't meant to be taken off and on. It's quite an effort to clean all those underneath bits with the tray in place (though a lot easier than with many highchairs I've seen).

laweaselmys Wed 02-Dec-09 21:48:44

Hello, have been absent after a rough month food poisoning and norovirus on the trot! Plus a friend had to leave her partner because of dv and is now just a few houses away from me so have been spending a lot of time with her and her ds. She had a bit of a wobble but she is doing really really well (And because she has told everybody about the dv this time there is no way me or her family are letting him near them again)

Honestly, trying to lug DD and entertain her DS on my own this morning was hard work! And he was in a lovely mood, feeling very apprehensive about whenever we have no 2 lol.

I see we have lots of crawls and nearly crawls! Very exciting. Molly rocks around on her bum, really really slow but she is lunging a lot so I think maybe there is a bit of proper crawl in their somewhere.

I also think she has finally 'got' eating. On a ready made pizza at a party typically. grin but has been munching down lots of things since. Although she has developed a really annoying habit of throwing everything off her plate at breakfast so she can look at the pattern on it. I need some plain plastic plates!

lolianja Thu 03-Dec-09 21:15:15

HV said that James wasn't "the sharpest knife in the drawer" this morning and that he'd "have to rely on the pretty face in future." shock hmm angry

Had to pick my chin up off the carpet, can scarcely believe somebody could be that fecking unprofessional!!! How on earth can you tell a child's cognitive aptitude when they're 9 months old? I' totally laid back about him being a slow developer but I really resent the implication that he's thick from somebody that cannot know in any way, shape or form! She also said it was "worrying" that he'd vaguely managed to semi-crawl but hadn't attempted it since, but didn't elaborate and was completely vague when I asked her what she meant, and essentially dismissed it and just said it was weird! FFS!

Am due on Tuesday (37 weeks), section booked for 16th assuming nothing gets going by then. Am feeling very full, I carry "tucked in" (hence small bump) so my torso is just completely jam-packed, can't bend over or hunch or anything so don't feel safe driving and can't sleep anymore. All I am aware of recently is feet in my ribs and a bum/more feet right down by my cervix. Very very painful.

laumiere Thu 03-Dec-09 22:13:51

loli Good luck darling! And sod the HV, Gabe bum shuffles...

jollyjoanne Fri 04-Dec-09 18:14:40

Loli - good luck for the 16th, hope it doesn't all get too painful in the next couple of days. I can't imagine how heavy and painful it must carrying two babies, Mae was plenty on her own. And don't worry about the HV some of them seem to get really slated on the other talk threads on here.

mdavza Sun 06-Dec-09 07:50:24

Hi there, B has a cold and a bit of a fever, I feel sooooooo sorry for him! Just been si involved in real life, getting little time on the net.
He is now 9 months!! Time flies, huh.
Goodbye all,

laumiere Sun 06-Dec-09 22:26:58

mdavza It does shoot past doesn't it? G is 'daddy'ing all the time now, which is only fair as DS1's favourite word is 'mum' . I was looking at newborn pics of G on FaceBook and feeling quite emotional!

Life-wise, work is not going so well, I have to stay with my employer til Feb to cover my mat leave so now looking for opportunities within it to get me out of my current team.

Missmodular Tue 08-Dec-09 08:54:43

Hi all, hope you're doing well. I'm guessing everyone's working hard, hence lack of posts!

Loli that's unbelievable what your HV said. Maybe she was trying to compliment James on his good looks and it came out wrong, but even so, that's bad. And good luck for the 16th - you must be so looking forward to not being pregnant any more!

Laumiere hope you find a new post soon. It's horrid working somewhere you don't want to be.

Law it's hard work having two - but the older they get the easier they are - DD1 actually helps bring me things when I'm bfing Melissa which is a welcome development grin

Yarnie, you definitely can take the tray off the antilop, although I never do blush so not sure how (I have a rather - ahem - cavalier attitude to tray hygiene blush blush)

We've managed to sort out the childcare stress - I found a childminder who not only lives just down the road, she's also happy to mind on an as and when basis, which is great for me as a freelancer, as I don't have to have the double stress of making sure I've got enough work to pay for the childcare booked! So fingers crossed it will work out.

kanga5 Wed 09-Dec-09 12:29:41

hi everyone, we've been decorating the room the computer lives in so more difficult to get on MN than usual.

Anyway we have had bad colds sweeping through us too. Hope dd2 doesn't get it as it is a nasty one.

Loli not long now, bet you are looking forward to christmas with two little sweet babies to hold. Sorry to hear about unkind HV comments. They should be more supportive. You seem a devoted mum, and you know your child better than they do!

Mismod sounds like you found an ideal arrangement, hope it works out.

Laumiere hope you manage to find something more rewarding.

Our LO is now high speed crawling all over the house. Nothing is making her so happy as to make it to the boys room and dive into the lego box.

corgikelly Thu 10-Dec-09 08:57:22

Oh, I miss my MN time! I think we're all in the same busy boat, though. Hope all are well - the crawlers, the chatterers and the about-to-be-born.

We are getting ready to leave for 3 weeks in the US this Sunday. By getting ready, I mean that we are working 20 hours a day trying to get projects finished up at work and not even THINKING about the trip, packing, etc., etc. Plenty of time for that on Saturday, right? hmm

It will be Rhys' first trip by plane, so wish us luck. Am a bit freaked out, but I guess we'll survive.

Rhys himself is generally in fine form, scooting around and blabbering nonstop - except for the fact that his sleep has gone completely to pot AGAIN. Ho hum - maybe a nice 9-hour time zone change will put him right.

Probably won't get a chance to post again, so happy hols to everyone and talk to you in 2010!

ALittleBitPregnant Thu 10-Dec-09 19:28:38

Am seeing if my name change has worked...

Wheelybug Thu 10-Dec-09 19:44:52

ooh what a time to come on - Alittlebitpregnant - you can't leave us hanging like that !!! Whoever you are, I hope you are happy and well. Am wondering if its someone who wanted to be preggers or... a shock ! Its not me grin. Unless this is a double bluff of course grin.

Anyway, hello from me ! I have just been busy with stuff. Lurked a little bit..

Corgi - good luck with your trip !

Hope the poorly babes are better.

Not much to report here, L is fine - a complete mischief. All over the place and is on occasions standing unsupported for a few seconds until she realises what she's doing. Her chirstening went well - haven't got a photo in a suitable format to post but will try and do so. We left her for the first time last weekend to go to a wedding and she had her best night's sleep ever. grrr. Our sleep is generally much better although could be a little better but I'm not complaining.

ALittleBitPregnant Thu 10-Dec-09 20:06:20

It's Boobz!

It's a bit of a shock, but not really. I went on that special pill which you take when you are breast feeding, but the doc only gave me 3 months supply, so I finished them at about the end of July... and never got around to getting a new supply! Stopped breast feeding at the end of Sept - haven't had a period - and had always intended to go back to the GP and get the normal pill again, but never made the appointment... laziness rather than anything else. DH wanted to hold out trying for the next one until after we'd been skiing in mid feb, but didn't want to use condoms either... so he knew we were being risky..

He's away until tomorrow night, so he doesn't know yet, and I don't want to tell him on the phone tonight. Not sure what his reaction is going to be... pissed off that I probably won't ski in Feb or really happy we're having another baby?! I'm over the moon (wanted to get preggers as soon as I went back to work in Sept actually)... but I'm a little bit worried about his reaction. He'll be happy in the end, but I think he really wanted a bit more of a "break".

Rubbish timing for Xmas though!

Name changed as quite a few peeps on here know me in real life, and I don't want them to find out before DH does tomorrow night! But wanted to ask a question in the pregnancy section, so changed my name (am hoping none of them are bored enough to come on to my post natal thread!)

Glad the christening went well and looking forward to seeing the photo.

Missmodular Thu 10-Dec-09 22:32:35

Congratulations ALBP!! Am sure your DP will be chuffed to bits smile

kanga5 Thu 10-Dec-09 22:34:16

Congratulations boobs, that's wonderful news and nice of you to share with us first!!! We know you wanted this so best of luck for the next 9 months. I am sure DH will come round to the idea, a very lovely Christmas present I'd say....

kanga5 Thu 10-Dec-09 22:43:58

By the way boobz, when are you due and how many weeks are you? Oh so excited for you!

ALittleBitPregnant Fri 11-Dec-09 08:22:27

Don't know yet Kanga - don't have an LMP to go by, and it could have been any of, ahem, a few nights in question going back a few weeks. Am going to get one of those Clear Blue thingies that tells you how far gone you are.


Wheelybug Fri 11-Dec-09 13:49:54

Congrats Boobz ! Great news... Am sure your DP will be fine after all it takes two to tango !!

What made you suspect (am only thinking if you had symptoms you might be further on than a few weeks.) ?

ALittleBitPregnant Fri 11-Dec-09 17:37:47

No symptoms - was just going to go to get pill and thought I might as well take a test before I do...

Am at least 5 wks, according to Clear Blue...

Wheelybug Fri 11-Dec-09 19:52:48

Am I right (possibly not !) in thinking that those clear blue thingummies count from the date of conception so that would in fact make you 7 weeks in medical terms ? I thought I'd read it on here somewhere but might be worng.

ALittleBitPregnant Fri 11-Dec-09 20:32:18

Yes you're right - it said "3+ weeks", which makes me at least 5 weeks preggers...

Wheelybug Fri 11-Dec-09 21:19:44

oh ok. I did wonder that after posting.

Have you told DP yet ??

ALittleBitPregnant Fri 11-Dec-09 21:59:53

He's home at about 11:30 tonight...

laumiere Fri 11-Dec-09 23:15:54

Yay boobz!

Wheelybug Sat 12-Dec-09 19:01:52

How did it go Boobz ?!

jollyjoanne Sat 12-Dec-09 19:38:57

OOOOOh Boobz how exciting . . . hope it all went well with breaking the news.

Not much to report here. Mae has been full of cold and an awful cough and now has an inhaler as she is so wheezy. Sounds like she could be asthmatic like her mummy.

Corgi hope you have a good time in the US.

And I hope everyone else also has a good Xmas, just in case I don't get chance to pop on here in the next week or so.

Lau good luck with finding a new job or sorting a new post in your current one. I feel so lucky that my employer is very understanding and that my colleagues are all lovely.

Wheely glad that L was good for the christening and as always I am looking forward to the cute photos.

laumiere Sun 13-Dec-09 19:31:20

Thanks for the good wishes all, things have picked up a bit but will be seriously thinking about reducing hours around march (will be putting in a working from home request for 2 days a week from Jan) as really missing the boys.

Gabriel opened his first Christmas present today (my parents are only over from Spain for this weekend)and also mastered a sippy cup on his own, so we're very proud

ALittleBitPregnant Mon 14-Dec-09 10:02:07

Thanks for all the congratulations! DH was a bit shocked but now very much looking forward to it. Phew!

Am going away for 2 weeks over Xmas so won't be around to post much, but will report back with EDD when I have my dating scan on Jan 4th.

Merry Christmas all!

mdavza Mon 14-Dec-09 21:17:45

Congrats, Boobz/ALBP! It is exciting, wonderful stuff. Glad you DH is glad, I think mine will have a coronary!

Yarnie, yes you can take it off, but you have to pull quite hard. Don't do it while baby inside.

Corgi, good luck on trip, one of my friends has just flown from USA to SA and she was suprised by how well it went. Hope he surprises you too!

Kanga, sounds like much fun in your household. LB loves his nieces and even though they're 9 and 7, the three of them manage to play and fool around and he just lights up.

I'm feeling a bit disheartened by B's well, tbh, relatively bad sleeping. Thing is, he used to sleep so well and it's hard to adjust to a baby that wakes often, wanting milk sometimes, sometimes just trying to stand up and so firth. Ok, I admit, he was teething like mad, and he was sick for a week, but now he's fine and he's still not sleeping as well as he used to. He is growing incredibly fast (83cm) and is also now standing unsupported for a few seconds (as if testing the waters). I sometimes curse the 'experts' and books that tell you how things should be, because if he cries at night, I go to him, and comfort him. But then you read the books and now I'm worried about teaching him night-time sleep dependency, and that he'll start feeding at night again permanently, and....will he ever sleep through, for more than two nights in a row?!!! I now wake him from naps, so that he doesn't sleep more than 3 hours during the day, but I think if it continues I'll probably try shortening his naps. Sigh.
I posted a pic a while back.

Hope we hear from meep and slick soon. But Merry merry to y'all!

Wheelybug Tue 15-Dec-09 20:43:17

Great pic Mdvaza ! Hmm.. on the sleep, I don't know what to say. My dd1 started as a great sleeper and then went backwards (then forwards, then backwards again) during teething episodes. It is hard once you get used to it being good. DD2, on the otherhand, has never slept as well as DD1 did at ten weeks. But, because she is so much better than she was (except for last night - teeth) I feel much better about it.

If its any consolation once dd1 stopped teething she's been a v. good sleeper... except when she's excited about something - like tonight and she's still awake !!

Wheelybug Tue 15-Dec-09 20:45:02

oh, and I don't know if this will make you feel better but dd2 hardly sleeps in the day - I reckon most days she has about a total of an hour's sleep and often not in one go. BUt she sleeps less at night if she has more so am guessing she just doesn't need a great deal of sleep.

mdavza Tue 15-Dec-09 21:08:46

Thanks Wheely, like I say, I think I need to get rid of some of my "shoulds" and "ought to's"! He slept a long sleep n the morning until 1, and then nothing further until bedtime, so I'll be interested to see what the night brings. But then again, he's been touching his bottom-left gum the whole day, and drooooooooooling, so there is a tooth on its way.

laumiere Tue 15-Dec-09 21:12:04

Wow mdavza fab standing pic! Gabe barely sleeps in the day so DH tells me, maybe an hour in the morning and an hour at night. He will sleep through the night from about 8pm but we were quite shocked after DS1 who slept 2 hours in the morning until 3 and will still also sleep 3 hours in the pm if we let him!

Missmodular Wed 16-Dec-09 12:00:00

Mdavza if it's any consolation Melissa has never slept through the night - I'm not even sure if she's ever made more than four hours on the trot! I'm now making efforts to sleep train her - for the last four nights I've not fed her when she wakes, just patted her back to sleep - which hasn't been too bad. I'm hoping that I will be rewarded for this soon by her not waking at all, but it hasn't happened yet. I really can't remember the last time I had a full nights' sleep, as I had insomnia during pregnancy [knackered emoticon]

laumiere Sat 19-Dec-09 12:26:19

Quick can anyone think of a way to market baby/toddler snot? We've got a goldmine here!

Missmodular Sat 19-Dec-09 21:03:56

Ewwww Lau! I hate wiping noses. DD1 is just getting to the point of being able to deal with her own snot which is a blessed relief.

Feeling quite festive with all the snow! Now if only our dining room wasn't quite so darned cold angry What's everyone doing for crimbo? We're hosting DP's family here, which should be nice.

laumiere Tue 22-Dec-09 19:51:38

Hey everyone, hope no one is being too inconvenienced by the weather! We're going to try and brave the rails to South Wales tomorrow, I am currently shaking my fist at the sky and swearing at it.

lolianja Wed 23-Dec-09 14:50:46

Guess who is still here and going nuts at 39+1? blush

I've turned down several inductions so far (even since the section was cancelled and despite considerable pressure) but am going to wave my white flag when I next speak to them and agree to an induction - they've as good as said they won't stop pestering me until I either agree or go into labour!! The attempted sweep yesterday came to nothing because the poor cow (although not as 'poor' as me - why did nobody tell me how bloody fecking painful they are??!) couldn't even reach my cervix. Have come to the conclusion they're just not going to come out on their own.

Anybody here with any experience of inductions? They have a history in my family of going badly so i was really keen to avoid.

kanga5 Wed 23-Dec-09 18:25:05

hi all

poor loli , i do sympathise....why was the section cancelled? I have had 2 inductions...one with a gel and one with the 'latest': a string they insert for about 24 hours. Both have pros and cons. The last with no5 baby, resulted in an overnight stay but was more gentle, but because baby was not engaged, the ARM really speeded things up. in both cases it was the ARM that was the start of real labour for me. good luck, are you going in over christmas?

mismod, we are just at home on our own, but will be noisy chaotic and exciting all the same.

so i will wish all our March (April and February too) babies a very happy first christmas....

merry christmas everyone xxx

lolianja Wed 23-Dec-09 19:50:29

Hi kanga

Was cancelled not long after I last posted because the breech twin (twin 1) managed to co-operate and turn head down! I was certain he'd turned but the midwife I saw told me he was still breech. Saw cons. not long after who confirmed that twin 1 was head down hmm. Part of me wishes I hadn't bothered cancelling it now though, at least they'd be out by now!

Not sure when I would be going in, desperate as I am to have them out I don't want to spent Christmas in hospital so if I can indicate I want to avoid that then I shall. Thus far they've plucked the dates for me on all the offered inductions and on the now-cancelled section so I'm not entirely sure the amount of "power" I have on this one, so to speak. It's all so so different to last time around!

Thanks for the info re: inductions btw, my anecdotes from mum, auntie etc are all outdated now, think I'm just trying to jutsify my rubbish reasons (mainly pig-headed desire to retain some control, and pride!) to have continually turned down the induction. I do have my limits though and can see that having them helped out is probably the best option. I don't want to get too fixed on anything mentally because after all, still a significant chance i'll end up with an emergency section anyway!

Hope everybody is well and has a very Merry Christmas And huge congrats to Boobz, by the way!!

Wheelybug Wed 23-Dec-09 20:05:26

Good Luck Loli... I was induced with dd1 and it didn't work BUT it was 3 weeks early and I didn't even go into labour with dd2 at term so I think I have a problem with going into labour. I think the fact you have gone into labour on your own is in your favour for an induction.

We're off to MILs tomorrow for the festivities so happy christmas everyone ! Hope the LOs enjoy their first christmases (DD1 has been ill with something which may or may not have been swine flu so really hoping dd2 does not come down with it).

jollyjoanne Thu 24-Dec-09 13:46:10

Good luck for a good birth Loli, whenever or however it may happen x

Wheely hope your LO stays healthy.

Lau hope you managed to get to Wales OK, and that all the snotty noses have cleared up.

I've sent Mae to nursery today even though I am not in work, just to have a little bit of peace and quiet before all the action tomorrow and boxing day.

Anyway hope you all have a fantastic Christmas x

laumiere Sat 26-Dec-09 13:03:48

jolly Thanks we're a lot better though Gabe's been given some antibiotics (the yellow banana smelling stuff) for his chest.

loli any news?

lolianja Sat 26-Dec-09 16:36:53

My induction is booked for Jan 1st but have been very mildly contracting ten minutes apart since yesterday morning, so hopefully things will speed up soon!

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

kanga5 Sun 27-Dec-09 20:33:22

Loli that is encouraging news. here's hoping you won't need the induction after all. I hope all goes well, keep us up to date if you can manage...tis very exciting!


lolianja Mon 28-Dec-09 18:12:41

39+6 today which feels v bizarre because on the first of March this year I had James - at 39+6!

In a little under 6 hours I'll be 40wks. Fed up is now a pretty epic understatement. About 8 mins between contractions at the mo so progress is being made but they're still just about talkable through and I can get through them reasonably ok if I crouch/squat a little and tip my head back (for some bizarre reason, don't remember that from last time around)

Still have my jan 1st induction but praying I won't need it. Doubt I will but my luck has a habit of draining at the most inappropiate of times!

laumiere Mon 28-Dec-09 19:57:55

Hang in there loli! Maybe you'll have one 2009 baby and one 2010 one...

Bit of news here, Gabriel took 5 steps today (holding onto my hands)at 10 months and 1 week.

jollyjoanne Wed 30-Dec-09 19:19:07

Loli fingers crossed for you, hope it all goes OK and the two new babies make their way into the world as smoothly as possible.

OOOh does that make gabe the first walker? That is impressive.

I was also pretty chuffed today at Mae managing to pull herself up to standing on her own today, although she has done it before never while I've been watching - which is juat typical! But no sign of walking yet. Feel a bit envy, but sure I will be over it soon.

laumiere Wed 30-Dec-09 20:53:57

No idea jolly he can't pull to standing (or sit up from lying down) yet but if put on his feet and supported he always walks now, is very funney as he's fine with right leg then obv has to think about his left and you can see him thinking 'why do I have two of these, aaaargh!'.

Yarnie Wed 30-Dec-09 21:15:26

Ooo! I wonder what's happening with Loli - hope it's going/gone well and that you avoid that induction smile.

I must big up my little man here. He'll be walking unaided by 10 months, I reckon. He is cruising, can get on his feet without any help from me or furniture and trots along if you hold his hands.

It is utterly terrifying! I spend my life dashing across the room as he stands - a beacon in a sea of hard floors - although, touch wood, he has only fallen on his bum so far.

I can see that the [even more] active stage of parenting is about to begin. He is into everything, which is a nightmare as we have moved into house which is still a tiny bit of a building site, so there are lots of no-go areas.

Treasure those stationaryish days, people wink.

Oh and, MissMod, thanks for the Antilop tray reassurance.

Missmodular Wed 30-Dec-09 21:34:13

Wow, lots of walking action! I think we're a little way off that yet - M is too comfortable and too good at crawling. Her big sis was the same - didn't walk until 14 months!

I must say that I'm looking forward to M walking - she's getting a bit too heavy to chug around in my arms all day and in this cold weather it would be nice to be able to take her to the playground and her not be crawling around in the dirt.

More sleep misery here - M has a cold which seems to render her unable to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a stretch. When she's better I'm determined to get her into a proper daytime nap and bedtime routine, with none of this co-sleeping constant feeding malarkey. But it seems cruel to adopt it while she's feeling poorly. Then again, I'm so sick of moaning about how sleep deprived I am.

Loli keeping my fingers x'd for you.

Hope everyone has a jolly new year - we're off up north visiting friends.

laumiere Sun 03-Jan-10 14:10:31

yarnie yay for Spike, he sounds very advanced.

loli any news?

mdavza Mon 04-Jan-10 12:31:11

Missmode - I am with you in the sleep deprived misery. He is waking almost every night now, but always at different times and for a different reason each time (seemingly) Arrrrghhhh! He was quite poorly over the holidays and same as you, I really don;t want to start some sleep-training regime while he is feeling ill. I don't know if they work, tbh, if you read up enough threads and speak to enough mums...Good luck and know you are not alone and feel free to moan

Loli, good luck to you too. See, I am tired uncreative and can only say 'good luck' but it's sincerley meant.

We had a very quiet Xmas and New Year, just missing the folks in SA, but it has been wonderful to spend time with DH. And Ben loves the attention! He is also cruising all over, and he can crawl at breakneck speed especially if he spots a cat! He's becoming more assertive each day and babbles away all the time. He is still king of naps, at the moment having a monster nap of 3,5 hours...will go and wake him because, seriously?!

And what do you do to keep busy in the snow? Well, we've still got loads of snow here in Skotland.

kanga5 Mon 04-Jan-10 13:16:44

Happy New Year everyone...

colds all round in the kanga house too. Yuk yuk yuk. Lo had a fever this morning, just my luck as first day back to school, up early busy morning etc and she only wants to be held. She seems ok for now though.

loli any news on the twins' arrival???? waiting here with anticipation....are you home yet? did all go well?

Our lo is cruising too and crawls fast, and in fact is looking for me now, must go!


Yarnie Mon 04-Jan-10 18:39:56

MissMod We are also mired in sleep misery. We have decided to try and knock the night feeds on the head as he has been taking a fair amount of his milk quota at night. Consequently, I was up 8 times last night doing shushing, patting, repositioning (and rocking, where necessary), etc. Tonight is night 6 of no feeds, I think.

We have had some better nights, but are hoping we can at least get back to only a couple of awakenings, which is what we were on before.

I am feeding him up and encouraging him to BF during the day and I'm pretty sure he's not hungry when he wakes now, as he settles fairly easily. But still, all the sojourns from bed are taking their toll. I feel pretty rotten today and have a sore throat and headache.

We're sticking at it for 2 weeks before we reassess, although if it doesn't improve - what then?

I'm going to be a mess in 2 weeks...

What are other people trying to get their LOs to sleep through? I am determined that our approach will involve as little crying as poss.

jollyjoanne Mon 04-Jan-10 19:49:56

I feel really quite spoilt, Mae is sleeping from 10 through to about 7 most days and is only waking once or twice during the night. Normally just shoving her dummy back in is sufficent to get her to go back to sleep. But every so often she refuses to go back in the cot so we have to have a cuddle with mummy and daddy and wait for her to get back to deep sleep before even contemplating getting her back into the cot. These nights can be really draining but I think they are mostly related to her feeling under the weather or the teeth coming through.

Also wondering how Loli is getting on. Although presumably she has her hands rather full with 3 little ones!

Yep and yet more colds here, we just seem to shake one and then we are all over come with another. And Mae really does not like having her nose wiped, which means an almost constantly snot covered baby!

lizziemun Mon 04-Jan-10 23:22:18

Hope all is ok Loli.

Sleep wise Robbie sleeps 6.30pm to 7am with no waking. But it has taken 3 children to get this. DD1 didn't sleep through untill she was 2 and dd2 would always wake at 5am untill she was 18mths.

Have you tried giving him some porridge before bed, I found that help with DD1.

As for Robbie is now crawling (thanks Santa grin) and i didn't realise how fast he was until he crawled raced from the front room straight out the front door head first shock.

grinningbee Tue 05-Jan-10 09:42:43

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year grin Sorry for appearing to fall off the face of the planet... I don't know where my time goes these days, lol.

It's going to take ages to catch up, especially with Amy wanting every second of my time.

Anyway, nice to see we're still here and I promise to post a bit when I can.

Amy isn't crawling on hands and knees, but is doing a combo of rolling and backwards shuffling. I have no idea if this is normal! She was 9 months yesterday. We do have 8 teeth now though and I am just getting over mastitis. Joy!

Must go, she's got her legs stuck round the play gym gringrin

mdavza Tue 05-Jan-10 12:48:18

Yarnie, I have full empathy, Ben still not back to his old sleeping self and me getting more tired, whiny and grumpy. I'm going to try weaning him off the night feeds by giving herbal tea instead of milk - my mom suggested it and I'll try it a few nights. Last night he woke at 3, ravenous, and I could tuck him in after his bottle, nighty-night and left him awake, he fell asleep no prb. But I didn't, aaaaarrrrrrgghhhh. Feel very sorry for myself today.
But I read up a lot and it seems like just another phase and I'm trying not to get too stressed. Hard though, when you're tired and can't think straight.

Yarnie Tue 05-Jan-10 18:25:36

I have a random query for you all...

I'm marrying my DP in April. We're having a very small registry office do at 3pm and then a big party at the Young Vic.

My query is, what on earth do I do with Spike? I obviously want him there for as long as would be fun for him, but at some point he will have to be put to bed. We are staying the night at a London hotel (even though we live in London wink). I have my own thoughts, but wondered whether you had any helpful suggestions, as all my plans seem flawed in one way or another?

lizziemun Tue 05-Jan-10 18:54:45


i would just take his buggy and put him that when goes to sleep.

laumiere Wed 06-Jan-10 08:14:35

yarnie we got married when DS1 was 3 months, book a nice room for parents/PIL and get them to babysit Spike once he needs to go to bed.

Missmodular Wed 06-Jan-10 18:13:19

Hi everyone - good to see some regular names back!

Yarnie I've been trying the shushing back to sleep - it was working quite well, I think we got to about eight days where there was no milk from 11pm to 6am. But she was still waking every 2-3 hours. Then she got a horrid cold which she's only just getting over so we called a halt on it for a while.

Congrats on the wedding! I too would recommend using the good will of friends and family to help with the babysitting so you can enjoy your day.

Back to the sleep issue (of which I'm completely obsessed until it's solved) I'm hoping that Dr Jay Gordon (whose advice I'm following) is right when he says that a few nights (I can't remember how many) they just stop waking up. It seems hard to believe, but I pray that it be so.

I've also decided to stop breastfeeding. I'm fairly sure that once formula is the main source of milk they sleep for longer. Unfortunately M won't take more than an ounce or two at a time at the mo. She's determined to foil my plans...

Boobz Wed 06-Jan-10 18:29:53

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence - I've been pretty manic over the Christmas period and going back to work last October... but it seems I might have some time on my hands again come May when I go on mat leave... I went for a scan yesterday, thinking I was perhpas 8 or 9 weeks - turns out I am 18 weeks today! Yikes. Did half my pregnancy without even knowing it.

So am due June 9th. Can't wait! Already got a rather prominent belly (thank god I'm 18 weeks actually, was starting to think it was twins if I was only 8 weeks!) And start mat leave beginning of May and don't go back again till Dec. JOY!

Sounds like all of your LOs are motoring along. Pen is crawling all over the place but no cruising yet. She's been sleeping through from 6 months 7 - 7 with no waking, but I think this is down to a combination of factors for us: stopping breast feeding; starting child minders, starting solids and 3 days of "sleep training" (she got the knack on the 4th day and has slept through ever since).

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to see if there were any up to date pics on profiles? I have added one of Penelope taken at Christmas in Houston.

Photos please!

kanga5 Wed 06-Jan-10 20:13:50

wow boobz, that's great news! what a surprise to be so far along.

we are having a bad run of nights as well, mostly due to fever and bad colds, but also my reluctance to do sleep training.

how's everyone coping with the snow?

kanga5 Wed 06-Jan-10 20:16:26

lovely pics by the way boobz

laumiere Thu 07-Jan-10 08:57:00

kanga Working from home thank God!

Kids are a bit non-plussed by the snow.

Yarnie Thu 07-Jan-10 09:17:04

Congratulations, Boobz! I relished each moment of my first pregnancy, but I have to say, it must be great to discover you're already half way there with no. 2! I don't think I will find pregnancy so fascinating second time around.

Thanks for all the tips for the wedding, everyone. Still not sure exactly what we'll do. I expect Spike's going to change a lot between now and then, so I might leave it a while before I decide.

It's interesting to hear about everyone's sleep situations. Boobz, what type of sleep training did you do?

I'm VERY happy to report that on night 7 of our sleep training, Spike slept through from 7pm until 6.30am grin I'm particularly pleased because it hasn't involved any crying, really. He had a few big grumbles on nights 1 and 2, but nothing we didn't get occasionally on ordinary nights. He's also had no milk between 10.30pm and 5am for the whole week. I very much hope that tonight wasn't a blip and that we continue to get more sleep.

MissMod I hope you get quick results when you get back to sleep training. I have done a lot of reading on it (haven't we all) and most people see results within 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, I have a stinker of a cold - my first in about 3 years, so I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself. No doubt Spike will get it and undo all our good sleep training(!)

Boobz Thu 07-Jan-10 11:09:10

Hey Yarnie... regarding the sleep issue, it kind of evolved over a couple of months something like this:

12 weeks old: Sleeping from 7pm to 5am, one quick BF at 5am, back to sleep and then up for day at 7am.

16 weeks old: All hell breaks loose, with sleeping from 7pm to 11:30pm and then waking up anything from 3 to 7 times a night for feeds, finally getting up at 7am. I was exhausted and very fed up my previously good-sleeping daughter had decided to wipe out all sleep for the next 4 weeks!

20 weeks old: Start doing CC to get DD down from 7 feeds a night to 1 a night.... I put her down at 7pm, did CC with Shh/patting for all times she woke until 1am, then fed her once at the first time she woke AFTER 1am, and then CC with Shh/patting for all subsequent wake ups until 7am. It took 3 days of this to get us down from 7 feeds a night to 1 feed a night: DD "worked out" there was no point waking before 1am as I wouldn't feed her, and then after she had had her 1am(ish) feed, there was no point waking up until 7am.

24 weeks old: Penny starts CM, stops BF and starts solids. We do 3 days of CC / Shh/patting to drop final 1am feed; after 3 days of limited crying, she sleeps through 7-7 for the first time, and has done so ever since (obviously hiccups due to teething / illness, but I have never fed her between 7 and 7 since).

CC / Shh/patting consists of: going in every ten mins whilst she crys and stay for one min, rubbing her belly and shhing her. Leave after one minute. Crying escalates until eventually she gives up and goes to sleep. First night took 1.5 hours of crying, 2nd night took 30 mins of crying and 3rd night took less than 10 mins of crying (didn't even have to go in on that one). 4th day, sleeping through.

But I do think it's easier if you've stopped BF-ing...


Wheelybug Thu 07-Jan-10 16:24:07

wow boobz ! That must have been a shock but how great to be so far on and over the most stressful part.

Hope all going ok Loli

Sleep here - well it had got pretty good 7.30 - 6/7. L used to be terrible but it did turn around once I stopped b/f and put her on solids. But, she's been quite ill the last 8 days so has hardly been sleeping. The poor thing has bronchiolitis so had a high temp for 8 days and often been quite floppy. Its been really upsetting and stressful. Hope the other ill LOs are feeling better - its horrid when they are so young and can't tell you whats up isn't it ?

When L is feeling well she's v. active - cruises everyhere and can walk just holding one hand and has been known to stand unaided for quite a while until she realises what is going on. I don't think she's about to walk across the room unaided but guess it won't be too long.

Not much else to report but can you believe that it won't be long until we're celebrating first birthdays ?!

Yarnie Thu 07-Jan-10 20:11:49

A desperately exciting thing (to me, anyway [sheepish emoticon]) happened today - Spike made his first sign! We have been baby signing on and off since birth, but started doing it a bit more since 6 or 7 months. The sign was for "light" and he is deliriously pleased with himself, and now spends half his time staring at the ceiling and making the sign! I'm very intrigued to see what the next one might be.

Anybody else itching to hear Loli's official announcement?!

Missmodular Thu 07-Jan-10 21:51:03

Congrats Boobz! I can't imagine being pregnant and not knowing - I pretty much knew both times at week 5 - but must be pretty exciting for you.

Yay Yarnie on Spike sleeping through! Our sleep training resumes tonight. She's just woken for a feed - if she wakes again before 11pm I'll feed her but then it's no milk until 6am. I'm knackered, but determined [gritted teeth emoticon].

Haven't been doing signing with Melissa, but she has started clapping, which is v cute smile

Yarnie Fri 08-Jan-10 09:28:48

Oh, Melissa's clapping! That must be very cute. I can't wait for Spike to start doing that. I love it when they clap when they are happy/excited!

lolianja Fri 08-Jan-10 12:47:44

Hi everyone Thomas and Daniel were born on Jan 2nd at 9:57am and 11:02am weighing 7lbs 3oz and 7lbs 1oz. TOTAL opposite of the breeze I had with Jim (must be karma)) was disastrous, 3 "shots" to kick off induction, dilated v slowly, births were horrible, i haemmorhaged v badly afterwards, nearly croaked and needed a 4 unit blood transfusion, twin 1 (Tom)'s birth was handled utterly shittily, he was born with broken clavicle, bruising and the cord round his chest, then was in NICU for 3. days with hypoglycaemia, on glucose drip an nasal feeding tube Danny was fine but his shoulders got stuck and i came v v close to em. section, everybody has said they are amazed I was allowed that long a gap witout crash section (although I was v much on the cusp but the initial limit I was given was 1/2 hour hmm)

Will update more asap, we are ok now although I feel like shit unsurprisingly, my poor mu isdoing pretty much everything! Babies are ok though which of course is the main thing x

kanga5 Fri 08-Jan-10 13:02:32

oh loli many congratulations on the births of the twins, but what a horrible time you have had. I am not surprised you feel so terrible, but at least you know of all the lovely things to come as you come home and they grow up. i feel bad i kept asking how you were going, but maybe it was some little distraction to jump on MN.

take care and wonderful to hear they've arrived ok.


Missmodular Fri 08-Jan-10 19:24:34

Gosh Loli, really sorry birth was so difficult, hope you have a quick recovery. But HUGE congratulations on your boys!! Take care of yourself smile

laumiere Fri 08-Jan-10 22:06:58

loli congratulations honey! If you're planning on BF, don't worry about the nasal tube, DS1 was on one for 3 weeks and still took to BF fine.

jollyjoanne Sun 10-Jan-10 10:35:54

Congratulations Loli x

Wheelybug Sun 10-Jan-10 14:57:09

congrats Loli !

laumiere Sun 10-Jan-10 22:23:17

Hi all, sorry to be so slack at photos, have put up a current one of Gabe now. He's started clapping too, I clap and he copies then laughs his head off, it's so cute

Good luck and biscuitbiscuit any other mums going through primary school selection, we're seeing the local priest (for the local Catholic school) next week!

mdavza Tue 12-Jan-10 11:57:02

Hi all, well, Ben has slept through (7-6) for the past two nights, and he's eating much better, so the past week or so of sleeping misery might just have been due to the illness/teething. (Touch wood!) I have read up a lot on sleep training, lol, and I am glad at the moment that we don;t have to do it. But will see, I have read Dr Jay Gordon's advice and I really like his approach - and the fact that he says: it is not easy!!!

I agree, Wheely, it's horrible when they're ill, you just can;t help to worry! He was mostly grumpy in the day, and a bit more lethargic, couching with mucus streaming out his nose. But now I'm sick as well, Yarnie, so we're in the same boat. The lack of sleep must have affected my immune system.

I'm lying in bed, hoping dh will bring me some lunch. Ben is napping but will go to the babysitter in a while. And my mum is coming to visit in March, yeeeahhhh!!!

Loli Congratulations and well done and having to healthy babies! I'm sorry it was such a hard experience for you, and hope the bad memories will fade quickly. Hope you feel better soon and that you get a lot of love and TLC at the moment.

Boobz Can't quite believe I'm saying this, but I'm quite envious of you having another baby! I'm starting to think (through the sleeplessness) that I'd really like another baby...and I'm turning 36....now, just to convince dh...

Ben got one of ELC little wagons with blocks in for Christams, and on Satuday he surspised us all by grabbing it and walking donw the hallway! Not long now.grin

mdavza Tue 12-Jan-10 11:57:57

Can't spell enymore anymore

Wheelybug Tue 12-Jan-10 14:39:10

Well done ofr sleeping ben grin./

Lovely pic of G Lau - what a great head of hair. Looks much older than my mohicanned baldy.

L had her first swimming lesson today. I think she enjoyed it but she kept her thumb in the whole time just to be sure smile.

Missmodular Tue 12-Jan-10 20:47:00

Well done Ben on the sleep!

Sleep success (sort of) in the Modular household too. While there's been no holy grail of sleeping through the night, M is getting much better at being shush-patted back to sleep and last night only woke at 10.30pm and 5am, which is pretty good compared to the --hell we've endured-- challenging nights of yore.

There, now I've said that and she's just woken up! angry Big wave to all while I get shushing hmm

laumiere Wed 13-Jan-10 22:50:41

Thanks, Gabriel does have EPIC hair. We need to take him to the barber again!

Slickbird Thu 14-Jan-10 16:40:07

<Pokes head round door and waves in a shy, embarrassed manner for dropping of the face of the MN earth...> blush

Hey Y'all!

I haven't been able to read in detail but big congratulations to Boobz - and how fantastic to find out you were already so far on!

And congratulations to Loli on the birth of two very good size twins! shock But sorry you had such a terrible time of it. Hope you all feel better soon.

Hello to everyone else and hope you are all doing well and coping in the snow.

I stopped posting as I got really ill at the beginning of November - I just burnt myself out because I am a foooool who took on too much. I was also anaemic, but it took ages to find that out. So I had exhaustion on a daily basis that was unprecedented and was actually worried I had done some permanent damage. Simultaneously, the kids were ill constantly for about 7 weeks and that, the lack of sleep and the constant exhaustion, it was a pretty low ebb and was teary a lot. It wasn't depression as I was ok when I didn't feel so tired. Eventually when I went to the doctors and told her all I had been doing (having third child, renovating three rooms and tons of problems within the family etc etc) and she said she wasn't surprised I was feeling so exhausted and checked my bloods.

Anyway, I've had super-heavy periods since HHB and that hasn't helped. We did go to see about the vasectomy for DH but I am going to try the arm implant first to see if it helps. Then of course it was Christmas etc. So I am starting to do better now, am on iron tablets but have had a few colds as we all have but am trying to not over-do it. I have to remind myself that 3 children are a lot of work in itself.

I did, however, go audition for a new singing group that do shows and raise money for charity and I got in, so it's really nice to be back doing that and doing something just for myself. Especially as DD2 is a walking cliche nightmare at the moment and screams constantly at everything. I also moved her and HHB into the same room last saturday and suffice it to say, we have not had much sleep since. We are working out the best way to make it work, but it may just take time. Or I just may have to move him back to our room and wait for the next 'window'.

It's not helped not being able to take them for walks as we are pretty snow bound and I can't push the buggy or carry HHb as he's so heavy, so that's not helped the 2 year olds mood at all. Or mine.

Anyway, can't complain we you look at what the poor people or Haiti are suffering. sad

Really hope you all had a great Christmas and New year and look forward to posting more regularly again. It's hard now that the toddler is no longer napping in the day as I no longer get any time to myself.

Take care.

jollyjoanne Thu 14-Jan-10 19:40:34

Slick really feel for you. We all had a sickness bug back in Nov and I don't think I've properly recovered from that and I only have one dd to stress over. And I've had to have yet more time off work due to snow and again today as Mae is poorly again, so that always makes me stressed too.

Mae has was horribly sick yesterday, to the extent that I was seriously wondering where all the food had come from but eventually it got to bile and she was still puking so we went to the local out of hours doctor where she was all smiles and wasn't sick at all - sure he thought we were mad! And then the second she went back in the car she was sick everywhere again. And today it has been very smelly diarohea and far too much sleeping so fingers crossed it is passing and she will be better soon and also fingers crossed that we don't all get the bug again, as I say my tummy has felt funny for ages as it is.

Anyway enough moaning.

Loli can't believe how traunmatic your birth was this time round. But really glad that you two LOs arrived and are healthy. Hope you are all enjoying the new family members.

Lau also shocked at the hair, he looks so much more grown up than Mae who just has a few wisps of hair.

I've added a photo of Mae dressed up as father christmas.

Missmod and Mdavza glad you seeing progress on the sleeping front. I am starting to wonder if we just sleep through lots of Mae's wakings, we are quite heavy sleepers!

Missmodular Thu 14-Jan-10 21:52:45

Welcome back Slick! I was wondering if you were okay. Sounds like you've had a hard few months so take care of yourself!

Actually, I do think that it gets harder to post now our little ones are crawling around and potentially getting into all kinds of trouble.

Hope Mae feels better soon Jolly - sounds messy as well as stressful for you and her.

Now, where is Meep?

Lol at 'EPIC hair' Lau grin Don't cut it off, it looks gorgeous!

laumiere Fri 15-Jan-10 12:26:03

Lol girls, Gabriel's always had masses of hair, he was born with a headful and it's just gotten thicker! We usually cut it when it gets in his eyes.

laumiere Mon 18-Jan-10 19:39:15

Has anyone been sent an 'invitation' to have their LO vaccinated for the swine flu? DS1 (3) has one but Gabriel hasn't.....

Wheelybug Mon 18-Jan-10 20:29:56

Yes we have here Lau. For both girls. They are having it done on Thurs. We have agonised a bit over the decision but decided (I think...) that as it was so horrid when L was ill with bronchiolitis and that's lung related (and I am asthmatic) that we should get her 'done' and although I'm not too concerned about DD1 I feel we should treat both the same. Also DD1 is 5 on sunday so its now or never.... But of course, now worried dd1 will have a reaction and be ill for her party... Arrrrgggghhh. I wish they'd never been invited for it tbh.

I have had the vac as has dh and we were absolutely fine other than sore arms (and apparently the kids don't seem to get this so its probably all in the mind.).

laumiere Tue 19-Jan-10 23:00:17

Hmm Wheely I wonder if we take G anyway they'll do him too... we need to check for DS1 with the CP and autism there's a lot of confounding factors.

Wheelybug Wed 20-Jan-10 10:27:11

Actually I have to admit - yesterday I postponed the girls' jabs. I was worrying that DD1 would be ill for her birthday (not likely but she was ill for her birthday last year and it was really upsetting and I knew I'd be really cross with myself if I gave her the jab and she reacted). They were fine about doing it for dd1 even though she will be over 5 by the time they do it.

I know some surgeries round here are only doing it if you request it so if you want G to be 'done' it might be worth ringing and asking.

L really snotty again - hoping its just teeth but she slept terribly last night nad I couldn't find the karvol plug in things. Grrrr.

Missmodular Wed 20-Jan-10 20:33:06

Hi all - Lau and Wheely, I had my two done last week and no adverse affects so far... I couldn't not have them done after having it over the summer. God I felt crap. For days and days.

Melissa has finally got her two top teeth! They've been a loooong time coming grin

Boobz Thu 21-Jan-10 15:12:09

Hi all - just checking in! Not sure if I said well done to Loli for your twins, so WELL DONE! Are there pictures to see? I'd love to see what little Jimmy looks like as well now, he was such a handsome little fellow when you first posted a pic of him all those months ago...

Well, I have finally had my booking in appt with the midwife (at 19+3!) and am due my 20 week scan next Wednesday. Had the quadruple blood test done for Downs etc, and they said someone would phone if it was bad news and I've not heard anything so am assuming all is ok there. I start mat leave on March 1st (early!) so I can get out of this stressful job and concentrate on growing this baby and sharing some quality time with Penelope before #2 comes along.

So am I the only one to have another on this thread, apart from Loli? No one else is pregnant? We only really have 10 or so hard core posters on here now, I guess, compared to the good old days.

Boobz Thu 21-Jan-10 15:13:35

Oh, and Pen is famous:


Yarnie Thu 21-Jan-10 17:04:25

Congratulations, Boobz! Hope you have a fun scan on Wednesday. How exciting...makes me a tiny bit broody.

And what an adorable pic of Pen! Did she love the modelling?

Can't wait to see pics of Loli's two smile

Nice to hear your news Slick, though it sounds like you've had it tough. I'm still trying to get my head round how on earth people manage with more than one, so you have my deep respect!

All's well here. I have a bite wound on my boob which is taking it's time to heal and causing me a disproportionate amount of pain hmm, but otherwise, I can't complain.

Spike is so close to walking. He takes a confident step forward and then falls on his bum, but I think it's only a matter of time before he gets it. There's a slightly more recent pic of him on my profile now.

Happy nearly Friday, people!

jollyjoanne Thu 21-Jan-10 19:19:57

Hello all.

Boobz love the photo of Pen. And hope your scan goes well.

Yay for Spike, Mae is standing up all the time but no walking yet.

Mae has her invite for the flu jab, but really not sure about getting her done, it just doesn't seem to be a big thing anymore. I also had an invite for one, but haven't been either.

I have what is probably a really stupid question but what are people still feeding and giving their LOs to drink? Mae has moved on to follow milk from a bottle and to water with food. But she is still offered a bottle every 3 hours same as she was when she was breastfed, but now I want to drop most of the bottles so she is only really having one in the morning and at night, may be with one during the day. As it seems a lot of food, having both food and a bottle. On the other hand she isn't really all that fond of water and I tried some of the baby squashes and she doesn't seem interested. So I'm not sure she'll be getting enough to drink.

laumiere Thu 21-Jan-10 19:27:39

Boobz Pen is gorgeous!!!!

No walking (or standing) here but G is brushing his teeth with a toothbrush and helping us dress him now!

Wheelybug Thu 21-Jan-10 21:13:31

Gorgeous piccie Boobz ! Good luck with the scan. Will you find out the sex ?

Lovely lovely photo too Yarnie. Hope the wound heals soon !

Jolly - I give L a bottle first thing, then one mid afternoon and then one at bed time (and then one if she wakes in the night...). She has water (or juice ocassionally) with meals but don't think she gets much although today I was out with her and didn't take her sippy cup and she was drinking from a carton of apple juice with a straw which I was quite surprised she knew what to do (might be helped by the fact dd1 insists on drinking everything through a straw). So that's it for me - I'll just lob her a carton of ribena every now and then (wink).

mdavza Fri 22-Jan-10 19:36:24

Hi all, was a bit optimitic there with the sleep...I'll moan on a bit later.
Love the pics, y'all!
And welcome back Slick, I feel for you it must have been a tough time. You are doing so well, with three kids!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Jolly: Ben has breakfast, milk, lunch, milk (sometimes, sometimes not) and dinner, milk. In an attempt to improve his night wakings and early wakings, I've now decided to stop feeding him at night. Seriously, if he could sleep through from 3-8 months while still only mostly on milk, he should be ok now! And the past two days, that I've given him diluted milk at night, he's been drinking and eating much better during the day. But I think he's on his way to only two milk feeds, which my HV told one of my friends is ok.

Boobz: Very impressed with your sleep training, I'm going to be doing somthing similar with lo over the next few weeks, now that he is not ill any longer. I am tired beyond belief, and it's having a real bad knock-onn effect on my relationship with dh and life in general. I don't have the heart for serious cc, I know ths gentler method will take longer, but at the moment hoping that the gradual move to only water will be one less incentive to wake at night. Not that he wakes every single night, which is confounding because you spend the next day trying to figure out what you did 'right' and duplicating it - which usually backfires, lol!

I'm 36 now. Feel old, but will feel younger again as sleep comes back. And on a diet, seriously...

Yarnie Mon 25-Jan-10 13:34:37

mdavza Sorry to hear about your sleeping woes. I hope you see some improvement very soon.

We're not much better, but managing ok on our one or twice nightly wakings and found that the sleep training wiped us out more. Spike did end up sleeping through, but then started teething again the following day! We'll give training a bash every time he isn't teething and see where that gets us.

In other news - we have first steps! Spike can walk two steps before falling on his bum! Two is his limit at the moment, but every time he manages, he looks so delighted! Such fun smile

Such a dreary Monday. I'm determined to be productive - still so much wedding stuff to sort out: invites, cakes, etc.

lolianja Tue 26-Jan-10 12:55:59

Hi everyone. I will try and upload some pics of the boys asap although atm I have no pics of Thomas and Daniel on the computer as my USB cable is awol, will need to get some from ex (who only recently found his USB cable!!) We hardly took any of them for the first week, feel really bad about it now.

Am feeling really low in general, getting no sleep since Tom never does and I spend my life holding him, consoling him etc, and Danny in contrast just never cries or emotes really, seems totally unfussed by me. I'm just really struggling to bond with them in honesty. Also worried about James, he's 11 months in a few days and he's still not crawling let alone walking, still hasn't said anything (no Mamas or Dadas here). My mum has been drilling it into me that at this stage it's nothing to worry about at all but I have so many other people telling me that he's developing too slowly. I suppose the fact that he's very tall with a full head of hair makes him appear a lot older so makes his slowness to develop seem exaggerated.

Yarnie Tue 26-Jan-10 13:35:48

Oh, Loli. That sounds tough. No sleep is awful, especially when you must have so much to contend with during the day. Any chance someone can come and babysit for an hour or two during the day so you can get a nap in?

As for Tom's mobility, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Spike only started crawling a few weeks ago and now he's already onto his first steps. I'm sure when Tom starts, you'll be surprised how quickly he gets going. A good friend of mine's son who is the same age as our gang is also not crawling - chances are, he's completely able but just isn't doing it.

If you're really worried, speak to a professional and put your mind at rest. Don't just stew on it - I'm sure you have plenty of other things to keep your mind occupied!

I am sure you are performing daily heroics. We're all in huge admiration of you here smile

corgikelly Tue 26-Jan-10 16:31:20

Can I be a part of the few and the proud even if all I’ve done for two months is lurk faithfully?

Loli, I'm with Yarnie – we all admire what you’re doing, and I hope you can suss out some relief tutto posto.

Mdavza – will be counting on you for good news in the sleep training department. Rhys is still waking up at least 2 to 3 times a night and nursing heavily each time, so we are going to have DP start doing bottle feeds at night and progressively diluting the formula each time in the hopes that this will convince him it’s not worth the effort to wake up. Like you, I’m utterly pooped and can’t understand why he’s never slept more than 4 hours at a stretch! At 10 months! Grrrr.

But as with everyone else, we keep getting hit with illnesses that sabotage our best efforts at sleep training. As of yesterday: enter pinkeye, stage right. Poor little goobery eyes.

Boobz – Pen is gorgeous – and if I haven’t already said this (can’t remember), CONGRATS!

Jolly – hope Mae is well and truly recovered.

Slick – sounds like you’ve had a rough time – it was nice to see you posting again!

On the home front here, Rhys still isn’t crawling, preferring to slither serpentlike at high speed, but he’s now cruising along the furniture with grim determination. And he loves – LOVES – books. Every evening when we get home from the nursery, he demands to be put in front of his books at the coffee – only then can the coat come off, and we settle in for 30-45 minutes of reading. Nice.

Down side: after such a promising start, he’s gotten very fussy about eating and really can’t be bothered with solids. Does okay at nursery for lunch, but I can stand on my head and recite Tennyson backward for all the good it does when I try to get him to eat. Any tips?

Right – speaking of nursery – gotta go get the little man!

<waves apologetic goodbye at those she's left out>

Yarnie Tue 26-Jan-10 21:45:37

Sorry, Loli - I meant James, of course.

Yarnie Tue 26-Jan-10 21:51:53

Corgi Spike is also not so into food at the moment. Not fussy, just not bothered about solids. He'll only eat a few spoonfuls of any one thing. I find he eats more if I offer him a selection. Must be a phase. I've started to think he has too much milk - 6 feeds a day (and often another one or two at night). Who knows?

I was checking out your photos of Rhys and I love the way he's hardly changed since birth smile He's just filled out and got bigger. I bet he'll be one of those guys you can easily identify from their baby photos! So sweet!

laumiere Tue 26-Jan-10 23:12:41

loli if James is worrying you, SEE A GP, honestly it is the only thing that will stop you worrying. I think I'm the only mummy on here with a babe with a disability, and DS1 wasn't doing anything at the right milestone (he sat up unaided at 9 mo, crawled at 11 mo, walked at 3) and seeing a professional was the only way to get piece of mind. We didn't bond until he was 4 mo either, just different personalities.

Mummies with fussy babies, we've got it too, we just put it down to babies learning independence and refusing food is one way of asserting it. We just offer and don't make a big deal of it.

Missmodular Wed 27-Jan-10 20:47:08

Loli, it says in all the books that crawling isn't a reliable developmental milestone. But as Lau says, see what the doc says - don't rely on hearsay or HVs! I also know that when M was born, DD1 regressed slightly, so you might need to factor that in as well perhaps? Hope you're getting all the support you need right now.

Melissa is fussy sometimes and then other times just can't get enough food. I've been working long days recently and she's been taking a bottle, but my heart's still not quite into weaning her off the breast yet. She's waking twice, sometimes three times a night still, but it seems more manageable than it was a month ago.

Does roaring count as a first word? I've been roaring to her when we get to a picture of a lion or tiger in a book, and she's started copying me! Well it's not quite a roar, more of a frog-in-throat effort grin but it's definitely deliberate!

laumiere Thu 28-Jan-10 13:03:02

Oops, didn't mean my last post to be so scary! Should point we knew from 6w there was something amiss, I would agree with Miss, may be regression.

meep Thu 28-Jan-10 15:14:24

<meep sneaks back in>

hello ladies! I was thinking of you all and finally figured out where to find our thread - have been trying to get up to date with all your news.......Boobz is pregnant - whoo hoo - congratulations! And congrats to Loli too.

Also nice to see everyone else again - and all the new pics - have put some new ones of Rosie up for you.

Anyhoo........the reason I was thinking of you all was after Rosie's dramatic trip to A&E. DH was feeding her - a jar of Hipp Organic - and he phoned me to say that she choked and he had to lie her on his knee and whack her on the back. He was a bit freaked out by it so I stayed on the phone chatting to him (I was at work) when he freaked out even more - there were bits of glass in the baby food! DH dials 999 and Rosie was whisked off to the Sick Kids Hospital - and the x-ray showed a teeny (thank god only teeny) bit of glass in her tummy.

It looked as if the jar had shattered on the inside and was being held together by the label. DH said it was pretty solid when he was holding it so he had no idea.

It was very scary - though Rosie was chirpy througout and loved her trip to hospital where there were lots of new poeple to wave and clap at.

So - that is why I thought of you all - to warn you to decant any jars of food before you feed your wee ones.

Will post more when I have caught up on everyone's news and photos.

Oh and welcome back slick - I think you have been awol longer than me (and keep looking after yourself!)!

laumiere Thu 28-Jan-10 19:03:42

Oh my god Meep, that is AWFUL! I'm so glad Rosie is ok!!

Wheelybug Thu 28-Jan-10 19:22:00

How worrying meep ! Glad all is ok. Good to see you back too and lovely pics of Rosie - esp the father christmas one ('who the hell are you ?!' !

yarnie - well done Spike on first steps. These babies are really growing up aren't they ?? Sob...

Corgi - good to see you back too and great pics. Hope you get the food sorted.

Not much to add here although L did decide to sleep last night which was fab but sadly her big sister decided to throw up at 4 am. I think I am fast learning the meaning of sods law.

Hmm.. will try and add a new pic of L.

Missmodular Thu 28-Jan-10 23:02:44

OMG Meep that sounds awful. Did they try and get the glass out? DD1 swallowed a bit of plastic last year which they said would probably come out in the wash, as it were.

Am so tired. M was up three times last night. Off to bed.

meep Fri 29-Jan-10 10:43:11

morning all.

Missmod they didn't try to get it out - it has reached her tummy and I think from there it will have a more "cushioned" exit grin! Loving the "roaring" by the way!

Took her to the docs this morning as she had a wee sick after her milk - but they were pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

Since I last posted in November blush we have run the gauntlet of good and bad nights. Whenever Rosie is teething (she now has 5 teeth) she wakes up at the slightest squeak of noise and howls. She also decided that 5am was the best time to start the day - ugh. But I am pleased to report that she seems to have settled down now and sleeps until about 6.30am from about 7.30pm - so I am back in the land of the living again (I was useless at work when she was waking early!)

Wheely hope L's big sis is okay - sods law always works in this house too.

Yarnie - first steps - wow! No walking or standing here- but Rosie has perfected crawling and loves disappearing round the house to explore!

Food for us has been no problem - Rosie just loves eating anything (except bananas!). She is doing great with finger food - but needs LOTS to eat so it can take forever. I swear she eats more than her big sister sometimes!

Loli - would echo what everyone else has said about crawling - do get James checked out - but my dd1 NEVER craled - just wentg from sitting in one place and stretching for things to finally bum shuffling to walking. Nor did she ever roll.

Corgie, Rosie loves books too - but her big sis won't let her have any so any book reading normally melts down into a screeching match grin!

Mdavza - I really am on a diet - have lost half a stone and am back at the dreaded weightwatchers. Only 3 more stone to go - ugh!

jolly both of mine are getting their flu jab next week - I think I am always on teh side of vaccinating than not. TBH I am more worried about how I am going to explain it to my toddler - she is not going to be amused!

Right - offt o get a coffee - Rosie has finally fallen asleep and dd1 is in nursery and I am not in work - whoo hoo!

corgikelly Fri 29-Jan-10 18:05:24

So glad Rosie is okay, meep - how horrifying!

True confession time: I have always felt the tiniest bit smug that Rhys has never been a vomiter - even when he was little, he'd never spit up.

I am now reaping the consequences of that smugness, blush because stomach flu has hit the corgi household and I have spent the better part of three days covered in litres of vomit. Poor little man - he is just miserable. DP took him to the doctor this evening and came home with a battery of meds (good news is she's not particularly worried about him, as he's still having wet nappies, although he's put on barely any weight since November):

Enterol to reestablish the beneficial gut flora
Motilium suppositories to use before meals (WHAT meals?)
Electrolytes to give after every loose stool

I am slightly perplexed, though, as both the Enterol and electrolytes are soluble powders and one dose of each is basically a full bottle of milk/formula (250 mls). He hasn't taken more than 60 mls at any one time for the last four days, so I've no idea how he's going to get the quantity he needs. We tried just now giving him a pre-bedtime bottle with the Enterol and he drank exactly 40 mls before falling dead asleep.

And now I hear more ominous regurgitating sounds coming from his cot. sad

Yarnie Fri 29-Jan-10 18:12:24

Oh, Corgi. That sounds awful sad. Poor wee man. Spike had a very protracted diarrhoea episode (nearly 3 weeks) and that was bad enough. I don't think there's much you can do other than offer the meds and hope what he does take, helps. I had a similar issue as Spike would not touch the electrolyte solution with a barge pole. Keep an eye on his nappies and go to the docs again if you think he's getting dehydrated. Little and often also worked with us. Hope he gets better soon.

meep Fri 29-Jan-10 19:47:07

oh corgi poor Rhys.

Rosie had 3 weeks of vomit just when I went back to work. We ended up in hospital (bit of a recurring theme here grin) because she couldn't keep anything down. They gave her 3.5mls of the electrolyte solution every 5 mins for over an hour - it got her tummy used to having something in it - and after that she was more able to keep her milk down.

Rosie seemed to love the electrolyte stuff - especially the banana flavour which produced the most disguting smelling vomit - yack!

What are the suppositories for? Just interested as you you don't really get anything more than electrolyte solution here in the UK.

corgikelly Sat 30-Jan-10 11:14:00

Three weeks of vomiting? My head is reeling at the very thought, meep - poor Rosie, and poor you!

I've just been down to the chemist's and gotten some banana-flavoured and some unflavoured electrolytes to see if he'll take either of those, since the orange flavour is a definite no-go. We may have to resort to administering it in in 3-ml quantities with a syringe if he won't drink it normally - I'm not anxious to do that, but as he had three MASSIVE diarrheal episodes in the middle of the night I'm starting to get seriously worried about dehydration. Touch wood, we seem to have gotten past the vomiting - which is what the suppositories are for, just like the Motilium adults take (do they have that in the UK?) - an anti-spasmodic.

He'll nurse a bit, but wants nothing to do with a bottle, so we've not been able to get any of the Enterol into him either. It's horrible seeing him unwell and not understanding what's going on!

On the (small) bright side, we had a lovely dusting of snow last night and the sun is trying gamely to shine today. I walked through the park on the way to the chemist's and some mums and dads were out with their little ones on the very small hill having a go at sledding. Nice!

laumiere Sat 30-Jan-10 12:38:05

Poor Rhys corgi! If it's any consolation DS1 had something similar at the same age (it got so bad we had to replace the carpet and sofa throws they smelt so bad, even after washing) and other than being quite wobbly for a fortnight afterwards he was fine.

We ended up doing 10ml of milk by syringe every 20 min and he was a lot better after that.

laumiere Sun 31-Jan-10 08:48:50

Well it's snot central chez Laumiere today, both babies have streaming colds and it's taken 45 min (and counting) to get DS1 to eat breakfast. Duvet day methinks....

Gabe is doing well bum-shuffling although we're still concerned about his feet, he's curling them up/in a lot so getting him to walk or cruise is nigh impossible. We have a referral to a foot specialist in Feb so maybe that will help (I don't hold out much hope, the same service spectacularly failed to notice DS1 had cerebral palsy).

Has anyone else started on introducing cow's milk in a serious way yet? G gets 4 oz about 3 times a day and 3-4 7oz bottles of formula but we're going to start working on reducing the formula, hopefully it'll improve his appetite too!

Also is anyone else planning a big 1st birthday thing? My parents are coming over from Spain and DH and I have been criticised by friends for planning to go out clubbing the night before G's birthday (so we'd be back late and up late). We pointed out it's the only chance we get to do it without having to pay £100 in babysitting fees!

meep Sun 31-Jan-10 09:25:53

small 1st birthday party for us - just family and probably not even close to Rosie's actual birthday(she won't know grin)due to trying to find a weekend day when everyone is free! Don't let your friends sway you lau - go and enjoy some well earned time out with your dh!

Hope the foot specialist goes okay lau - I'm sure it is fine - just make sure he/she knows what they missed last time - you might get a more indepth examination that way.

Rosie gets cows milk with her cereal - we won't change onto bottles of cows milk until she's one - can't wait - it is so much easier to just pour the milk into the bottle than faff about with formula!

Well Rosie now has vomit and runny poo (so I am sharing your pain corgi). My friend is an Occ Therapist at our children's hospital and said the bug is rife there with wards getting closed - so I think Rosie's trip to A&E has landed her with a tummy bug too. Trying not to think of how the wee bit of glasss will come out - hopefully down the way and not up. THink I will be spending my day syringing rehydration fluid into her - sigh!

corgi - hope Rhys is okay? We have frost this morning - and the sun is shining - but all my plans to go out are now shelved.

laumiere Sun 31-Jan-10 09:39:24

Thanks meep.... sure it'll be fine, just we worry more because of DS1.

mdavza Sun 31-Jan-10 18:53:42

You know, it's horrible to say, but reading all your tales of woe is making me feel better. Not that I wish illness and bad stuff on any of you, but at least I don't feel so alone, iykwim?

Meep, I read your story with horror, it must have been beyond terrible. You sound as if you handled it well but it must have been terrible? Hope you had a good cry. And hope Rosie gets better soon.

Yarni, I hear what you say about sleep training and rest. Here his sleep has improved a bit. Whether the things I'm doing or not doing is the cause I won't know. But not having mik at night has improved his daily eating and drinking a lot, and he is not very interested in the bottle of rred bush tea. And I also now handle him with the minimum amount of fuss, as soon as he is quiet I kiss him, say goodnight, and leave. the other night I had to do it 6 or 7 times over a period of 1,5 hours, and everytime I thought he would be sleeping, a wail would rise from the room and press repeat. But this morning when he woke at 5, I offered the tea, which he rejected, I tucked him in and left and that was it. So maybe I am making some headway....

...and then, at around 10am he developd a fever! And has been a crying, coughing miserable baby for the rest of the day, LOL! So no sleep training or accidental parenting correcting until he feels better!

Boobz, meant to say that I loved Pen's picture, she's a darling!

And loli, thinking of you and sending good energy and prayers that you will have a lot of support in this difficult time.
And to the rest, a bientot!
PS The sun has been shining here for a few days, woooonderful

Wheelybug Sun 31-Jan-10 21:00:01

Sorry to hear about the poorly babies. Hope they're all better soon. L has been snotty for ages and friday developed a rash all over her face. Despatched dh to the pharmicist yesterday (whilst I was on taking to parties duty) and he went to 2 and neither knew what it was. One of my friends thought it might be eczema which worries me slightly as my bro had it v. badly. Its subsided a bit today and am moisturising like mad (v. dry skin) and will see what happens.

We're having a smallish family/friends do for L's birthday but the weekend before as L is 1 on the same day MIL is 65 so we are off to centerparcs to celebrate that (hmm) on her/their birthday.

meep Mon 01-Feb-10 15:56:41

wheely hope L's face has cleared up - did you work out what it was? Maybe it was just a viral rash (was it a bit like prickly heat?)

I have eczema - as does dd1 and Rosie has just develped it on her back. However I did chnge to Asda non-bio and put the blame there - it is back to Surcare for me.

Rosie is keeping down fluid - I am syringing it into her slowly which makes her very unhappy/angry but at least it stays in. She also ate a very teeny piece of bread that I had left on a plate on the floor - hooray. It caused her to do the biggest fart I have ever heard from such a small person - it even startled her grin!

Wheelybug Mon 01-Feb-10 21:05:07

No idea what it was - fairly certain its not eczema as its pretty much gone. My best guess is a (post) viral rash but I've never seen one to this extent but was similar just 'more so' IYSWIM.

Glad Rosie's a bit better - LOL at the fart !!

Hope the other snotty/pukey/pooey babies are better....

jollyjoanne Tue 02-Feb-10 20:15:31

My sympathies to all those with icky, sicky, snotty babies. I was so worried about Mae when she was sick, it was horrible. We had dioralyte which is the electorlyte stuff but she threw it all back up to start with. Did eventually start to stay down but it made all her bottles stink and they had to be washed in the dishwasher several times before I could use them again. Fortunately Mae is healthy at present, fingers crossed to it staying that way for a little while!

Not even given any thought to Mae's birthday so I imagine it will be a very quiet one! Although I have taken the day off work to look after her.

Not starting on any milk here for a little while as I and a number of my cousins have all been allergic to milk as babies so I think I may leave it until I really can't stand making formula anymore.

meep Fri 05-Feb-10 11:46:20

Morning everyone.

Well we've just been discharged from hospital - Rosie's vomit bug just got worse and worse - so my dh took her back into our children's hospital. By this point she was so weak and just lay there - her lips were all dry and cracked. Dh said she had kept nothing down all day

So - they took lots of bloods from her (not nice) and gave her glucose and saline through a drip. She got off the drip yesterday afternoon and we got her home last night. She is only just keeping down electrolyte solution at the rate of 10mls every 10 mins. It is just heartbreaking to see her so frail.

If she vomits agin we have to take her straight back in.

They said that her blood sugar was incredibly low and that because she is a child that does this we have to be extra careful if she gets any type of sickness bug - and that we should bypass the GP (who just kept saying to me "keep giving her lots of water/rehydration solution - it can take days before they are better" - grrrr) and go straight to hospital.

Am so glad to be home - and we had some happy moments with all the doctors and nurses in hospital making Rosie giggle.

I just want my chubby cheeked little girl back again.

Sorry for the doom and gloom - just feeling a bit emotional about all that she has been through in the last 2 weeks.

meep Fri 05-Feb-10 15:47:05

oh and jolly menat to say - the electrolyte stuff dows stink - I keep thinking she's done a poo but it is just the smell of her wee (though I am just glad that she is wee-ing so more than happy to put up with the smell grin!)

Wheelybug Fri 05-Feb-10 18:17:17

oh Meep - you poor things sad. How worrying for you - no wonder you feel emotional. Hope there's no more vomit for you and her chubby cheeks return very soon.

Now this rash mystery deepens (or maybe not, it may be resolved) - my good friend's son, aged 5, has suspected rubella and it looks v. similar to what L had and they would have mixed. Eek. He's having swabs so we'll wait and see....

And a little proud moment if I may - L has taken her first few steps today. 3 or 4 about 4 times. Blub - where's my baby gone smile

meep Sat 06-Feb-10 14:56:30

Yay - hooray for L!

Rosie has eaten some bread and had a bottle of milk today - neither bounced - fingers crossed grin

laumiere Sat 06-Feb-10 18:45:06

Oh, get well thoughts for Rosie and yay L! I don't think Gabe will be walking for a while yet...

Has anyone else got a little monkey on their hands? G is soooooooo mischievous!

jollyjoanne Sat 06-Feb-10 18:59:27

Meep - fingers crossed for a healthy baby again very soon.

Gosh yet more walking babies - congrats to L.

Can't believe how quickly are babies are growing up.

Hope the rash isn't rubella and that we don't have yet sick babies!

Missmodular Sat 06-Feb-10 21:49:43

Fingers crossed that Rosie makes a quick recovery Meep - it sounds like you've had a lot to deal with in the last few weeks.

And congrats to L!

No walking here yet, although M has started cruising and adopting a 'downface dog' position, so probably won't be too long. But we're definitely hearing words - whenever she sees the cat she says something like 'Brrraaay', which isn't a million miles from 'Roy', which is the cat's name!

Wheelybug Sun 07-Feb-10 16:11:20

glad Rosie is on the up meep.

well done on the words Missmod Jnr ! Roy's a great name for a cat grin

False alarm here on the walking I think. Since friday night L has refused to walk a single step. DH doesn't believe me she did it but she did - honest !! Luckily my parents were here and witnessed it each time otherwise I'd think I'd made it up. I remember dd1 doing something similar and she was about a month before she did anything more.

laumiere Sun 07-Feb-10 23:20:11

wheely I remember that well, DH was convinced I was inventing DS1's milestones as he was never there when they happened!

Big changes a-coming in the Laumiere household, at the moment I work 5 days per week (2 at home) and DH is a SAHD for DS1 and G. He's decided that he really wants to go back into work full time (he was a part time security guard on weekends while he was DS1's carer for 2 years then a full-time superviser while I was on mat leave).

He initially wanted to get a nanny full-time (DS1 has too many medical appointments to manage a CM unless she's got very few other kids) and I pointed out I really want to be home with the kids as at the moment I don't feel like I see them. DS1's behaviour has also gone downhill a bit since I went back to work (night waking, naughty behaviour). So I suggested I cut back to 3 days per week and we get a part time nanny or CM. I'd prefer someone with the ability to take the kids out as DS1 will be in school from Sept and then poor G will be by himself. So we're on the lookout for a nanny or CM with special needs experience! I suspect hen's teeth may be easier to find.

I'm actually a bit stunned how much I want to be home, I've always been pretty career-focused.

Sorry, bit long there!

Missmodular Thu 11-Feb-10 11:46:03

Laumiere, I understand your decision - mums have a hard choice to make between work and childcare, and going part time is a great compromise between the two, imo. Good luck with finding a CM/nanny.

My freelance work seems to be all or nothing at the moment, which makes it tricky with childcare. I found a childminder who can be reasonably flexible, but I can't really expect her to wait for months while I find more work, and then mind the girls five days a week at the drop of a hat's notice. So I'm on the look out for a two/three day a week job, which in my field, is definitely akin to hen's teeth!

On a brighter note, anyone doing anything nice for half term? We're planning a few playdates out to friends who live in the countryside, so am hoping it won't be too cold.

laumiere Fri 12-Feb-10 22:39:13

Awww, Gabriel said 'mum' for the first time today, to me too! DS1 looked on in disdain as if to say 'well I can do THAT!'

meep Sun 14-Feb-10 09:24:29

we bought dd1 a wheelybug for her 1st birthday - we had to hide it from her to get her to start walking - why walk when you can whizz around on 4 wheels grin

lau I know what you mean about career -v- children - it is amazing how they shift your focus.

I have been trying to get Rosie to say mum - but she is still full of "da da da" at the moment! Well done Gabriel!

Sonce I last posted we had Rosie back up to A&E 3 times - she is skin & bone - couldn't keep solids or milk down. It was only yesterday that she was able to drink milk - and this morning she took a full bottle (no more syringe feeding - thank god!) and some cereal . Please let this be her back to normal.

I am hoping to actually leave the house with both girls today - will be a novelty!

Boobz Mon 15-Feb-10 08:47:14

Hello all! Long time no post - sorry about that.

Meep, am sorry to hear Rosie is so poorly. Penelope had a vomming bug after Christmas (not nearly as bad by the sounds of it) but kept nothing down for 4 days (the washing alone was killing me). And then on Day 5, she just sat back in her little bean bag and sighed and looked at me, with little cracked lips and sorry-for-myself eyes, and didn't move for a couple of hours, but didn't sleep either - was heart breaking! Took her to the doc's at that point, and started to smuggle the rehydration stuff into her milk (but she always refused it). She did seem to turn a corner on Day 6 though - like she had been trying to fight it all this time, but after she had succumbed (sp?) she started to get better, IYSWIM.

Anyway, I hope she gets better soon - it's miserable.

Hello to all the other ladies! Can't believe real live steps are being taken. Pen is cruising but showing no signs of walking on her own yet.

Got to run out the door to an ante natal appointment - back later!

Boobz Mon 15-Feb-10 09:48:38

Back! Blood pressure was a bit high so have to go back again next week, but other than that, all fine. GP was rubbish at finding the heart beat vs my normal midwife, but we heard it in the end.

Am starting maternity leave early, in a couple of weeks, so I can spend some time with my mum before #2 comes along as she's still quite ill (on chemo at the moment). Will be nice to have the time off though - is killing me working full time, running after Pen and being nearly 6 months pregnant! DH has had a posting to Africa Khartoum) and is off on April 1st so I will be on my lonesome until after the birth (he's coming back for that of course) so it's going to be a bit of a challenge looking after a 15 month old, a newborn and a dog and pack up the house to move to the other side of the world! But exciting none the less - we're due to go for 2 years so I won't go back to work after this one - not at least until we get back in 2012.

Right, better crack on with work - a lot to get done before I go!

Yarnie Tue 16-Feb-10 11:07:09

All these poorly babies sad Poor mites. I hope they are all on the mend now. Spike got hand, foot and mouth disease and was off his food for a week and exceptionally irritably (and had a temp of 40 deg at one point), but is now all better.

Gosh Boobz, you've got a lot on. Here's me grumbling about the wedding and Spike wink I hope it's plain sailing for you.

I am starting to try and get Spike off the boob, but not having any luck with gentle persuasion methods - I think I'm going to have to leave him in DP's care and head off for a few hours. My major problem is that Spike thinks liquids in cups are playthings. He just wants to get his hand in there! And sippy cups are for chewing. Other people I know have had similar problems, but it's only lasted a month or two. Spike has had daily drinks from cups since he was 6 months. I don't suppose any one has any advice?

It's all good otherwise. He's spending more and more time walking about. We're up to 8 steps before he falls down, but now he gets up and does another few steps instead of resorting to crawling. He's still immensely pleased with himself grin.

The words are coming, too. We have mama and dada, Je-je-je (his bear, Jessica - he has the syllables, but not the sounds) and Dan-da (panda, another stuffed toy). He's also added two signs to his signing vocab, so he now signs "light", "milk" and "book". It's such a fun stage - there seems to be new developments all the time.

I also want to put Spike in nursery for a couple of half sessions a week, to help with his socialisatio (and my integration back into the human race), as for at least a couple of days a week, he doesn't interact with anyone except me, but it really hinges on him taking more milk from a cup, first hmm.

Yarnie Tue 16-Feb-10 11:07:31

Oh, and sorry for the long post!

Wheelybug Tue 16-Feb-10 13:18:53

Argh - looks like we're next in the March babies stomach upsets. L started with diarrhoea yesterday morning, although she only had 1 episode first thing so assumed it was one of those things and then she had the swine flu jab. SO hoping that doesn't effect anything. Since then she's had a lot more episodes usually preceded by screaming so she must have a really sore tummy too sad.

She's not really eating and seems to be less interested in drinking today. Have got some electrolyte but she seems uninterested.

She seems to drink some milk although I was ondering if she shouldn't have milk ? What have others done ??

jollyjoanne Tue 16-Feb-10 20:05:42

Our doc had said the electrolyte stuff or watered down formula, so only making it half strength so to speak. But to try and carry on giving her as much liquid as she could manage becos they get dehydrated so quickly.

Fingers crossed all the tummy bugs are clearing up for everyone else.

Mae is not using any words for the right things except for the cat which she chases whilst shouting 'cat, cat, cat' at her! And she tries to answer the phone by picking it up and putting it to her ear and then she makes noises that could sound similar to hello but its not really there yet. But she will say, mumma, dadda, nanna, ta, cat, but generally they are just randomly shouted until someone pays attention.

laumiere Wed 17-Feb-10 19:03:46

Now worrying about Gabriel not talking enough!

Silly Mummy....

meep Thu 18-Feb-10 09:43:32

lau stop it!!!!! Rosie only says "da da da da" - nothing else (apart from veious screeches and screams when she wants attention).

Oh "wheely", poor wee L.

I think the advice is to have just liquid for 12-24 hours then to slowly introduce solids. If it is bad, cut out dairy for 12-24 hours.

If she's not interested in eth electrolyte stuff - try syringing it in like medicine - just to keep her hydrated.

yarnie no advice on how to get Spike to drink from a cup. Nursery always seems to work miracles on babies - so I am sure he will be fine when you leave him and will be drinking happily from a cup because all eth other babies are doing it

Yarnie Thu 18-Feb-10 10:58:26

Lau! Very silly mummy! We're all early walkers and talkers in my family - so don't use us as a bench mark. Spike is the first of his peers to walk and amongst the earliest talkers. Gabriel will be at it in no time.

Wheely When you do offer L solids, remember BRAT - banana, rice, apple and toast - I found this diet effective in regulating Spike's bowels when the worst of the diarrhoea had passed.

Meep That is interesting. I had wondered whether nursery might succeed where I have failed, but I thought they might think I was a delinquent mummy if I abandoned Spike to them with poor cup drinking skills. Maybe I should give them a call...

lizziemun Thu 18-Feb-10 12:18:51

I use this without the handles. The top also fits on to the bigger tommee tippee bottles.

If Robbie has a cup with handles he just throws the cup at me.

Robbie is walking around the furniture not taking any steps as yet. He is slower then my dd's as they where both walking by themselves at 9mths.

As for talking his says Dada, nan nan (although this normally shouted), Is Is (lizzie) then Mum.

Sorry for the babies with poorly tummies hope they get better soon.

We are the house of snot. We all have bad colds, its half term and dh has been away with work this week. It has been a very long week.

Thank god the dd's are at nanny & grandad today.

Wheelybug Thu 18-Feb-10 13:31:04

Thanks everyone - day 4 of bug here !! I thought she was getting better yesterday and then she threw up twice in bed yesterday evening. Poor thing. Took her to the docs this rmoning and they confirmed a virus and when I said all that she's had since new yr the doc said she reckoned L had had every virus going so far this year sad Poor Lara.. Anyway, I've probably made things worse by keep giving her milk so am withholding it for a bit which will cause heartache ! At least the doc said she wasn't dehydrated so I must have done something right.

lau - don't worry about the not talking ! L isn't really at all. She makes lot sof different sounds and some sound like she might be saying some things (the odd 'bye bye' and maybe 'mumma') but then she might just be babbling at the right time. AND L still hasn't made any further forays into walking so am beginning to think I made it all up grin.

Oh and I have a new niece as of this morning grin.

laumiere Thu 18-Feb-10 20:28:22

Thanks girls!

And yay for the new niece wheely!

meep Fri 19-Feb-10 08:58:50

congrats on the new niece wheely - did you go "ahhhhhhhh" when you had a cuddle and her little newborn head just lay on your shoulder and she scrunched up on you like a little frog <wistful> (newborns always make me a little broody - and I am so not a broody person grin!)

Rosie is back to early waking again. Nothing we do helps - we put her to bed later - cut short her naps- extend her naps - give her food before bed - put the heating on in the middle of the night so she's not cold - but when it hits 5.30am she is scearming to get up. It is killing me.

I know she is all out of sync after being ill for so long - but has anyone got any tips for getting it sorted. I left her to wail for 15nibns this morning and she just got herself so upset so that isn't going to work.


On top of that dd1 has snot and temp and a "sore mouth" so I am off with her today. Hoping she'll have a decent nap so I can catch up on some sleep!

lizzie we had a very long day yesterday - constant toddler whining and Rosie shrieking if I left the room. I was very grumpy by the time dh got home!

yarnie I don't know what they do at nursery - they must pipe something into the airconditioning. Bothe have mine have slet and eaten better there than they did at home - it is magic!

Need to go - dd1 is shouting for her potty.......

Yarnie Fri 19-Feb-10 09:50:29

Wheely. How lovely! A niece. I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I'll never have the honour.

Meep. I'm afraid we're the wrong people to ask about sleeping sad We've just about got Spike back to waking only twice a night, but obviously that's not great.

Ok. Another nursery question for you ladies.

I am a SAHM with ambitions to rekindle my freelance work, although I am not in a hurry. I think Spike would benefit from the socialisation that nursery provides and it would also give me a little bit of time to myself. I was thinking of sending him for 2 afternoons a week. However, I don't necessarily think that 5 days a week (even half sessions) is what I am after. I am really enjoying showing Spike the world and teaching him skills, words, concepts, manners, etc.

I have found an excellent montessori nursery who will have him for however many (or few) sessions I want. They have, however, advised that some babies find it very hard to deal with only a couple of sessions a week as they don't get used to being away from mama or get to know the nursery. This makes a certain amount of sense to me but, as I say, I have my reservations about sending him so often.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this?

I am sure it depends on the child, the nursery and the mother, to a great extent.

Boobz Fri 19-Feb-10 10:47:09

I send Penny 3 days a week and am cutting down to just one day a week when I start mat leave in a couple of weeks. The cynic in me thinks they are just trying to get you to commit to more time and more cash, but they may be right - you won't know until you try. Why don't you start off at 2 afternoons a week and see how he goes - I'm sure he'll settle in just fine. Just look at it like 2 toddler play-date afternoons a week, but without mummy, and then he'll start to look forward to them as "play time" rather than "time away from mummy".

Can't believe you are teaching Spike all those things (manners?!) - Pen just rolls around all day chattering away to herself! I must be a very lax mum... (although she can now do a high-five - we're very proud of that in the Boobz household).

meep Fri 19-Feb-10 12:42:46

My dd's are at nursery 3.5 days a week. Rosie doesn't actually seem that phased by it. Dd1 can get upset - but it is normally when one of her "bestest friends" isn't there.

THey do go though phases of clinginess. I trust my nusery because they tell me if dd1 is sad during the day. She is mostly happy - but it is tough having to go to work when they are clingy.

I love the fact that nursery lets both dds get really messy with paint. My favourite picture of dd1 was in the height of summer - they stipped all teh babies down to their nappies - put a huge sheet of paper of teh floor and let them run riot with paint and brushes. You wouldn't catch me doing that at home!

Some children really enjoy the social aspect of it. The only thing I would change is to make the days shorter. Working means they are in from 8am until 6pm which is a long day for a wee one. So an afternoon for Spike sounds perfect (and it is soooooo lovely to get some time for yourself)

Yarnie Fri 19-Feb-10 14:06:20

Thanks for the advice Boobz and Meep. I think I might give it a go for a couple of afternoons a week and if it doesn't work out, I can either increase the number of sessions if I think he would really enjoy it or take him out altogether.

Boobz. When I say "teach" manners, all I mean is say "that's very kind" when he offers a friend some biscuit or encourage him to wave goodbye, etc. As for the rest of the stuff, it's just what I guess we're all doing. Naming things they point at, showing him how stuff works and explaining what I'm doing - that kind of thing. It's just that I enjoy it much more than I expected, and more than some of my friends who I know were keen to get the baby stage over and done with.

High fives - how cool! Spike is not very developed with his hands and does not clap or point with a finger (or perhaps doesn't have the inclination, who knows?). Anyway, I'm looking forward to my first high five!

Wheelybug Fri 19-Feb-10 15:07:14

Thanks for all the congrats on my niece (and I didn't even have to do anything grin). Haven't seen her yet - hopefully will get there sunday. Obviously wanted to keep the diseased child away from their lovely newborn smile. So I think me and dd1 will go over for a squish. I must say, SIL had a perfect birth by the sounds of it - at home, quick, etc. Brings back my feelings of inadequacy at not being able to birth 'properly'. DH told me off though. I know it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but I guess you always hanker after what you can't have grin. I have been giving bro advice this morning - yikes.... makes me feel old (and he's actually older than me).

L seems to be turning a corner, fingers crossed etc. We did 24 hours without milk which caused some issues at 11-1 last night. She is v. able ot get her point across about when she wants milk. She screams (obv), then throws herself back and points at where her bottle/carton is kept at night (on the chest of drawers in her room). I tried her on some milk this morning watered right down (1 scoop to 4 ounces) and it still went through her although I think the poo was <ahem> a bit of a better consistency. TMI I KNOW. She's much more interested in food and food generally seems to be staying in ok what little she has. So fingers crossed we're on the up.

No experience of nurseries here Yarnie but it sounds like you can increase the hours if you felt it would be better after trying it.

Lots of experience of early wakings and poor sleep but no advice that will actually work. We have gone through similar actions to try and find a cause to no avail. Maybe hen they're 1 ?!?!?!?!? grin.

Thank god its the weekend almost. Haven't seen anyone other than my 2 little darlings since monday (DH obv but he gets in late so not muhc of him either) aswe've had to cancel every one of our half term plans cos of L. Looking forward to some adult comapny !

laumiere Fri 19-Feb-10 18:36:03

Just hit me that G's one in two days. MY BABY!

Missmodular Fri 19-Feb-10 21:00:03

Yarnie I can see where your nursery is coming from - I put DD1 into preschool for two sessions a week to help get her used to it and she never settled until she started going four days a week. She is quite sensitive though and every lo is different. But I'm a big fan of nurseries - and getting baby free time is reason enough to put him in imo - it's v hard being a sahm.

Speaking of which, Wheely, am genuinely in awe of you being on your own with dds so much this week - I go stir crazy if left to myself and the girls for longer than a day blush. And don't even waste head space on birthing. I've had a c-section and a vbac and - end results aside - both experiences can kiss my grits grin

Meep M is also waking at 5am, but tbh I'm usually just thankful she didn't wake earlier.

Wheelybug Fri 19-Feb-10 22:39:56

Wow L - our first to turn 1. I must admit, I keep seeing March 2010 annoucements and can't believe that year has gone !

Thanks MissMod. It has been a tough week especially as I'm the sort of person who cannot spend time in the house. Usually I drop dd1 off at school and go off and do all sorts of things and really struggle if I don't have something to amuse me outside of the home. That said, dd1 has been great (although she has watched loads of tv) and it has been quite nice to spend some time with her - we did get out shopping today (for new baby presents) and she was a pleasure to shop with - the convo did go 'right shall we shop or coffee first' - 'hmm' says dd1 'coffee and cake first'. That's my girl grin.

Wheelybug Fri 19-Feb-10 22:44:57

oh and missmod - LOL at kiss my grits. I know you're right - its just when you hear stories of lovely homebirths where the baby pops out (not even gas and air...) one feels a bit wistful but then am sure its not all its cracked up to be.

Right off to bed to see when L will decide to be cross tonight smile. Oh I suddenly noticed tonight her 5th tooth is poking through, up top though which is why I hadn't been aware as thought bottom comes first. Probably hasn't helped things this week !

laumiere Sat 20-Feb-10 10:22:19

wheely I've had 2 of those births (natural delivery, no drugs, both babies arrive in under 3 hours) and they're still bloody horrible, same amount of pain but all at once, bled lots very fast and no time to have any pain relief! (Did have gas and air for the tears with Gabe, god that stuff is great!).

0n the plus side at least G arrived in time for DH to make it to the concert I'd bought him tickets for that night!

jollyjoanne Sat 20-Feb-10 11:28:11

Wheely, glad the LO is getting a bit better, can't believe how many of our little ones have had this tummy bug. It must have really been doing the rounds.

I am also one of those who is shocked at how fast this year has gone. Can't believe Mae is going to be one in a couple of weeks! Not even got a present sorted yet!

Mae goes to nursery for 2 days a week and my parents look after her for two days a week, and both arrangements seem to work fine, Mae seems to really like nursery and spending time with her nanny and grandad. I like the nursery because it isn't too big, but at the same time it gets Mae used to socialising with other children and to having to share things etc as she is our only LO.

Definitely not been giving any thought to the quality or not of my birth. I am not sure that any circumstances are necessarily any better than any others, just glad to have a nice baby at the end. And then to put the rose tinted glasses on and make out it was all lovely! Although as Mae has a dent in the side of her head still I think it will always remind me that she was pulled out with forceps!

Also very impressed with the high 5s now desperately trying to teach this to Mae as well, although it possibly means some other recently learnt skill will disappear.

meep Sat 20-Feb-10 15:59:46

as first birthdays are looming - can anyone give me inspiration for a present for Rosie?

We have so much already - a wheelybug, ride on scooter, swing and sandpit for the garden. Her GP's will want ideas for something special for her - any ideas ladies?

<we will probably not get her much tbh!>

No high fives here - just gleeful clapping and waving (especially when in hospital - whenever the doctors did their rounds she waved at them through the window of her room grin!)

whelly for me it was never the birth that caused me sadness - it was the feeding.

lizziemun Sat 20-Feb-10 16:36:06

my sister got my 2 dd's one of these for their first birthdays.

We got dd2 these. We probaly get the ELC rocket as i got a 20% of voucher from their birthday club.

meep Sat 20-Feb-10 19:11:20

whelly - oops blush

Thanks lizzie - good ideas

Missmodular Sat 20-Feb-10 21:49:14

Meep We've decided to go halves with the grandparents and get M one of these - it's a bit too old for her but she can use it to cruise around and I know an 18mo who is obsessed with his. I'm also hoping it might encourage DD1 to play with her.

If all else fails, we can use it for toy storage grin

Missmodular Sat 20-Feb-10 21:51:40

oops - just noticed our present of choice is for 3 years and older - might have to rethink blush

laumiere Sun 21-Feb-10 11:24:52

Gabriel's one today! (And napping due to the excitement) My Ps are over from Spain so we all went halves on a smart trike with the handle at the back to push G along with. DS1 got a wee present too (a doctor dress up kit) and they both love them thank goodness.

Also DH and I managed to go out for a fab date last night, score!

Wheelybug Sun 21-Feb-10 19:29:19

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIEL ! Hope he's had a good day smile

I know you're all right about the birth thing - consider it put behind me. meep - don't sweat it on the feeding thing either. Having now almost 100% ff one baby and almost 100% bf one baby for 6 months I canhonestly say I don't know which I'd choose if I did it again (which I won't). Of our 2, DD1 has the far better immune system, DD2 has eczema etc etc. All 'anecdoatal' I know but I don't feel I have done dd2 any better by bf-ing her.

We'll be getting Lara a Stieff teddy - one of the soft cuddly ones. We did the same for DD1's first birthday. Something to keep (although DD1 isn't massively into cuddly toys so it sits at the bottom of her toy basket but hopefully she'll be pleased to have it in years to come !).

Saw my niece today - v.cute but they are so sleep deprived it didn't make me want another I have to say. Good job really as I've now given everything we've grown out of to them and told them not to give it back.

laumiere Sun 21-Feb-10 20:34:42

Thanks wheely he had a LOVELY day, sat on his trike holding the handlebars while we pushed him around, scoffed his (baked by me) cake gratifyingly fast, clapped and giggled through his cards and presents and only got a bit tired and overwhelmed about 30 min before bed.

DS1 loved his doctor outfit, insisted on wearing it all day and also spelled his grandad's name (Bob) on the fridge in letters, so really it's been a perfect day grin. Our family really is complete with Gabriel.

meep I echo Wheely, FFed DS1, BFed DS2, I found it easier with BF due to having two to deal with but I don't think DS1 suffered at all for having the bottle, he certainly has a very close relationship with his dad which I put down to FF.

Yarnie Sun 21-Feb-10 21:57:31

Happy birthday, Gabriel!

As for gift ideas, just before Spike started walking, we bought Spike this and he loves it. Trotting round with it is pretty much his favourite thing to do. We bought him some blocks from ELC and before he started walking with it, he liked taking them out and putting them back in again. The walker is great because you can change the wheel resistance so it doesn't run away from them and they can really lean into it.

We're thinking of getting a wheely bug for Spike or, like MissMod, a play kitchen. I know they're meant for older children, but I can't keep him out of our kitchen, so I reckon he'll enjoy it.

Missmodular Mon 22-Feb-10 21:15:34

Happy birthday Gabriel, and any other babes turning one this week!

Does anyone else's older elder children have 'special' names for their younger sib? DD1 calls Melissa so many variations on her name I can't keep up with them. It did make me laugh though, when, on a crowded London bus in the middle of Islington the other day, I heard a sharp "No, Melissooob!!" from the double buggy. God knows what the rest of the passengers thought I'd named my baby grin

jollyjoanne Wed 24-Feb-10 19:56:07

Happy birthdays for all the babies!

I love the names brothers and sisters give each other. I used to call my sister squiggle when she very little, but when she was old enough to understand she said she didn't like it so I called her Stinky instead! And she is still Stinky to this day! But I know people called gid rather than chris, and bud rather rather than david becos it was what there brothers/sisters had called them.

Love the tent thing with all the activities may have to look into one of them.

laumiere Thu 25-Feb-10 19:32:21

Heh, DS1 calls G 'Gabri-woo' or BAbaBAba :-) I used by called 'siskit' by my big brother.

meep Fri 26-Feb-10 20:00:30

Happy Birthday Gabri-woo!!!

Rosie's big sister calls her Pody-pods which is toddler speak for Rosie Posie! (dd1 is at that age where she can speak perfectly well but like to invent her own language for things - I have become "Mumbum or Mummet hmm)

mdavza Fri 26-Feb-10 21:31:54

Hi there all!
Happy birthday Gabe!!! Glad you've had a nice time!
Good to catch up on all the news too, and bless you, Missmode, for being so honest. Two days in the house with LB and I feel like shouting from frustration. Of course, then he does something cute like crawling away from me, waiting to be caught, and when I do catch him he screeches with laughter...and all is forgiven. Although still frustrated.

He is shuffling along, and his first word seems to be: nein.
My sis ter on law, who watches him when I work, is half-German, and between that and our native : nee!, well, he has certainly learnt how to say no! He babbles loads, and blows bubbles in the water in the bath, and is just absolutely cute.

And (she says in a whisper, touch wood, touch wood) he has started sleeping better from 2 weeks ago. It must be a combination of no more milk and not cuddling him at all, or maybe just luck, who knows, but I'm grateful.

His birthday is next week, cannot believe it. We got him a wheelbug and his own little couch, but it will be a small family thing.

I am having a bit of a wobble now, with insomnia. As you all know I went of my AD's app Nove last year, and things have been so good, even trhough the sleepless night, colds etc I was coping fine. But I've had some serious attacks of insomnia (and it feels as if there is NOTHING worse than being unable to sleep if the babe is snoozing away!) and I just hope it's the stress of the past few months catching up with me and nothing more serious. Aaah well.

No secret recipes for early mornings, at the moment still grateful if he sleeps past 4am.

I must still find the guts to send him to a nursery, just find it so hard, the thought of leaving him with strangers. But he loves other kids and I know I should give it a go.

meep Sun 28-Feb-10 11:56:34

Rosie slept from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. Howled until 2am. Slept only with my hand rubbing her back - woke at 5am - ugh - I can't function today. Really have no clue how to sort her sleep out - it is a disaster.

laumiere Sun 28-Feb-10 13:05:21

You poor thing meep, can you have a duvet day with her?

meep Sun 28-Feb-10 13:12:56

am trying - but have bored dd1 to contend with as well. We are all still in our PJs grin - dh is having a kip - and I am counting the minutes before I can wake him up and have one too grin

I have however become shouty mummy - have lost any inch of patience I one had - ugh ugh ugh

Missmodular Sun 28-Feb-10 21:55:01

Ugh Meep - really feel for you. M was up 12.30-2am last night and that was bad enough. Only Calpol would settle her. Then up like a spring at 6am. Bah.

Sleep vibes to all for tonight.

kanga5 Wed 03-Mar-10 10:12:11

Hi everyone,

I have been catching up only today with all the news. I am really bad as I have not even popped in for a look lately. So sorry to hear of all the sick babies over the last month, roll on summer PLEASE...

Hope they all feel better especially as the birthday month has arrived. We of course were lucky last, so have to wait until April 7!

My excuse is that we have decided to return to Australia to live, so have been beyond busy getting things organised.

I had also come to the end of my tether with our LO sleeping/feeding at night, so went for it about a month ago, to sleep train. Only twice she has slept through in her own cot, however we have stopped feeding at night which has helped no end.


Missmodular Thu 04-Mar-10 20:39:14

Hi Kanga - exciting news! Am quite envy Bet you're relishing the prospect of s p a c e grin

M is one tomorrow! Must go and bake a cake smile

laumiere Fri 05-Mar-10 09:08:45

Sorry I've3 not been around much either, been doing 40+ hour weeks at work and out and about.

My friend is teaching me weightlifting, did deadlifts on Tues and I swear my bum has never been so tight!

kanga wow that sounds exciting!

miss Happy birthday M!

Wheelybug Fri 05-Mar-10 12:19:20

Happy Birthday M !!

Exciting news Kanga !!

Nothing to report here really - have Lara's party on sunday (birthday not until next fri but we#re away for MIL's 65th which is on same day)... Planned a small one and have somehow ended up with 30 people (14 children). oops.

Waves to everyone !!

jollyjoanne Fri 05-Mar-10 17:05:18

Oooh Kanga lucky you on the move to Aus, sounds fab, although may be the actually moving part doesn't as packing all your stuff must be a bit of nightmare!

Mae is one on Tues, we're hopefully having a quiet day, no party, just Mae at home from nursery and mummy and daddy off work for the day. We bought her the activity dome thing in the end, it looks pretty cool and should keep her entertained for while. Doubt there will be any cake baking in our house, cooking is not my forte!

laumiere Fri 05-Mar-10 18:43:32

Oooh quick question, is anyone else's LO not quite pulling to standing yet? G is a bum shuffler and will get up on his knees but not feet (possibly because we have slippy wood floors)

jollyjoanne Sat 06-Mar-10 10:44:28

Lau, we have slippy wood floors too, but Mae does stand up while holding on to things, but she will stand on her own at my parents where they have nice carpet. So I think it must make some difference, it could also be because when she lands on her bum it hurts more on the wood!

laumiere Sat 06-Mar-10 10:46:01

jolly Maybe it's a height thing, G's so big he only needs to get on his knees to reach stuff he wants!

Yarnie Tue 09-Mar-10 10:26:28

A quick note to those with hard floors: you may already do this, but are your LOs in bare feet? Spike has no problem with our tiled floor as he is always bare foot. Socks were banned as soon as he started standing as he slipped too much.

meep Sat 13-Mar-10 08:55:06

Morning all! Haven't had the chance to get online recently - all been a bit hectic in the Meep house!

yarnie, would love to let Rosie rock about the house in bare feet but it is a tad cold up here, in a old house even with the central heating on! She is in those little leather shoes - she's not pulling up to stand yet but is certainly trying to!!

Her sleep is a bit better these days - we normally start the day around 6am which is bearable - but we are having towake her for a feed at 11pm every night. It seems to have broken the waking in the night habit which is such a relief!

kaga am very envy!

Happy birthday to everyone who has turned 1 since I've been away - and happy mothers day to all for tomorrow

laumiere Sun 14-Mar-10 22:39:43

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

grinningbee Mon 15-Mar-10 09:38:52

I'm going to hang my head in shame and stand in the corner.

Said I'd be here more and then never got time!

It's so exciting that the birthdays have started. Like Kanga we have to wait till almost last.

I got a big mothers day weekend surprise on Saturday...


All being well I will have a distinctly unboozy 40th birthday in November (sob) but I will almost have a new bean by then grin (fingers crossed, touch wood, and much constant knicker checking)

Dh went to the pub yesterday with my wee stick in his pocket shockgrin

I am now going to read up on what you've all been up to...

Wheelybug Mon 15-Mar-10 12:22:11

Oh wowee grinning - congratulations and good luck.

I have a 1 year old here shock. Lara's birthday was friday but it was also grandma's 65th so we were away for that. She got conjunctivitis for her birthday and we are now armed with antibiotic drops. She seem to have had one thing after another since new year.

We're off skiing on saturday which is quite exciting but am worrying about leaving L in the creche all week (pathetic SAHM here) and leaving DD1 on a mountainside. Eek.

Happy birthday to all those turned or turning 1 soon !

Any more siblings in the offing anyone ??(none here - we ocassionally discuss it in a hypothetical manner but we're not having anymore).

grinningbee Mon 15-Mar-10 13:03:38

Thanks Wheely

Funny thing was I've been seeing a consultant as my fibroid from last time didn't shrink, and at one stage I was told I wouldn't be able to have another.

Last appt was March 6th, and I was told "have sex every other day and you should be fine" shock (Do they realise btw how impossible it is with a small person around???). Little did I know someone was already in there!

Boobz Mon 15-Mar-10 19:15:01

Congratulations Grinning - how exciting! I have managed to be pregnant for 2 Christmases in a row so I know how you feel about the non-boozy 40th.. but a new baby will make it all worthwhile.

Happy Mother's Day all! I had to remind DH that he's supposed to get me a card from DD now I am a mother (and DD was born on Mother's day last year!)... I did get flowers in the end, but it's not really the same if you have to nag for them, is it??

Penelope is 1 in a week exactly - we have a party for her on Sunday. For those that have had 1st birthdays gone by already, what kind of thing did you do for the party? I'm planning to decorate a bit, bake a cake, invite family and friends with babies / toddlers, and have a bit of pass the parcel. Anything else I have missed? Presents of course! But what else? How long did your parties last?

laumiere Mon 15-Mar-10 19:36:37

Congratulations grinning! I must admit we've decided to stop on 2 (but never say never!)

Wheelybug Mon 15-Mar-10 19:51:30

Boobz - we had a similar party. Mainly family and close friends althouh we somehow ended up with 26 adults and 13 children. Most of the children were around dd1's age (5). It ended up like this -

Arrived 12 ish.
Laid out a kids party lunch in dining room to contain them at about 1245 once all had arrived
Got out platters of sarnies (and crisps - dh's addition) at 1 for adults
Kids eat their lunch then got down and played and were actually beautifully behaved
When the sandwich eating seemed to slow down I got out scones/cream/jam/strawberries for adults
Did birthday cake - everyone eat birthday cake
Then we did do a few party games but only becuase dd1 knew we had them as back up in case the kids needed entertaining but actually they didn't. We did 2 x pass the parcel and musical statues and musical bumps. I went to the 99p shop and bought enough prizes for all the children so either they won a prize or they had a going home present.

Seemed to work and was quite relaxed. Even dh admitted it had gone ok.

grinningbee Tue 16-Mar-10 13:35:00

So..... not that it's sunk in yet - just how big is the change from one to two lo's?

On the birthday front, we're taking a few friends and family to the pub for their Sunday lunch, seeing as it falls on Easter day! I am going to attempt the cake... hmm

jollyjoanne Tue 16-Mar-10 16:18:38

Big congrats Grinning! What lovely news.

Mae has conjunctivitis as well, not that you can tell except each time she sleeps her eyes gunk over, but her eyes don't look red or sore, so not sure I really believed the doctor. But she is having the drops anyway - just in case. She does just seem to be picking up one thing after another.

Mae is now 1. We had a quiet day, with just family and a few friends dropping in through the afternoon and evening who all got a piece of shop bought cake - becos I didn't want to give them all food poisoning!

No new babies here, having gone through a really broody phase when Mae was about 5 mths, I now don't think we will be having anymore for a while.

grinningbee Wed 17-Mar-10 09:12:24

Thank you! grin

Crap start to the day here. Someone has chucked a brick through the sunroof of my car overnight.

Poor dh has been sweeping the glass out, not to mention getting it out of the car seat too. Thank goodness it wasn't raining...


lizziemun Wed 17-Mar-10 10:29:59

Congrates on BFP.

Sorry about sunroof angry.

On b'day front Robbie 1 on sunday, we going to MIL's on Saturday for DH side of the family and having a buffet lunch on Sunday for my side.

As for going from 1 to 2 children I found it very very hard as dd2 was is the devil incarnate. She screamed every waking hour from the time she was born untill she was weaned.

grinningbee Wed 17-Mar-10 11:30:55

Hmmmm maybe I ought to sneak a bottle of gas and air home when it arrives just in case then! (For me, I hasten to add!!)

lizziemun Wed 17-Mar-10 12:24:09

Definatly grin.

On the plus side she slept through from 7wks.

meep Wed 17-Mar-10 19:48:06

grinning that is fantastic news - congratulations!

You will have the same sort of gap that I have. The thought of two under two is actually worse than the reality. Try not to over analyse everything (I would get myself wound up in knots trying to plan in advance how to get them in/out of the car, in bed, in the bath, keep both alive grin!) - when you are actually doing it you ust have to get on with it and you find the way. My Mum just kept saying to me "step back and take each day/hour/minute as it comes"

The only other good advice I got was to let your toddler (yup - a toddler!) go at toddler pace and don't try to rush them. Remeber they are still only little and they don't become grown up when the baby arrives (though they seem huge!). If you do this then you avoiid tears from everyone!

I love having my two girls - have just finished reading them a story together and they gave each other big kisses and cuddles - adorable!

Missmodular Thu 18-Mar-10 12:13:06

Happy birthday to all the first birthday-ers and congratulations Grinning!

I have a slightly bigger age gap - 2.3 years between my dds and I won't pretend it hasn't been hard work (partly because of M's sleep issues) but it's been lovely too - they're both fascinated by each other and it's taught dd1 loads about nurture. DP has had to get a lot more involved though, especially at bedtimes and we both have far less time to ourselves - plus it can take AGES to get the simplest of things done, like leaving the house! Online grocery shopping has been my best friend. Am sure it will all be worth it once the girls can play together...

I had a squidge of a friend's newborn the other day and when I held him while she went to the loo I had a small insight into what it might be like with three - DD1&2 both looked at him as if to say 'who is THAT?' Think I might be sticking at two for now grin

kanga5 Thu 18-Mar-10 20:45:35

Congratulations grinning, what great news!

I have all sorts of age gaps in our family... don't worry you will cope with it all, even if it seems like you get nothing done. Second babies seem so much easier, mainly because you have simply done it before and you know that things change as baby grows. Your experience with no 1 counts for a lot!!!

our poor DD1 came down with chicken pox on tuesday. I hate seeing any of mine ill. Surely DD2 will get it next, right in time for her first birthday...