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August 2007 - new thread as I can't find one!

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Hi all,

VERY VERY long time no see..... just had a little catch up - my goodness, HOW MANY of you are preggers??? Gosh- NOT ME!
Can't believe our beautiful babies are talking walking noisy toddlers.
Evie is still a monster - always has been , always will be. She talks constantly, and is now stringing words together, like " I'll do it" - usually in relation to feeding herself, or getting dressed.. and usually accompanied by a small tantrum.
She does finally sleep through the night.. after a fashion- is up between 5.30 and 6.15 - still a shock after Billy who slept 7-7 from 4 months.
But - she does eat anything which is fab (compared to Billy), and she is happy to walk, or go in the pushchair, so its easy to take her out - unlike Billy who always wanted to walk no matter how long it took.
She has a passion for dolls (oh crumbs), handbags, and hats - she is SOOOO not related to me!
Take care all, can't say when I'll visit next - good luck with the births!!

Knickers0nMaHead Fri 13-Mar-09 20:07:18

Hiya SS, long time no see. How clever is E stringing words together!

Went into dd's room this morning and she was saying quack quack and reading a duck book so I asked her what do ducks do, and she said quack quack again. grin

Hope eveyone is ok.

helibee Sun 15-Mar-09 03:31:34

hiya Shrinkingsagpuss, lovely to hear from you and Evie sounds very clever

knickers-your dd always sounds soooo sute and very intelligent. Callum's newest word is doorhmm and he signs plwase and thankyou nearly all the time and says "ease" and "oooo" for thank yougrin. He's also learnt to sign sorry and earlier he hit me with a roll of wrapping paper (accidently) so dh said to him say sorry to mummy, so Callum came running over and signed sorry on my chestgrinhmmgrin

He's so much better now and back to his usual self. MIL and I took him out for lunch the other day and he sat so beautifully on a chair, eating with a knofe and fork and drinking from a glass that when an old lady asked how old he was i said 18 months she nearly fell over-she thought he was 3yrs oldhmm He now gives a royal wave to everyone he meets which is hilarious and all the old people think it's delightful, i think he's being a rascal and loves being the centre of attention! grin

What are all your lo's eating atm?

lizziemum-hope everything is ok and that baby no.3 comes very soon, sending you big hugs.

GillL Sun 15-Mar-09 07:01:10

Hi all. Thanks for the well wishes. I've got my consultation with my manager and an HR rep on Tuesday. I'm not holding my breath but I'm hoping they'll be able to find a job for me.

ds hasn't been well this week. He's not eaten much which is definitely not like him. He was sick all over my mum 3 times in town on Wednesday and then had some really awful nappies. He's much better now though.

Dd had her party yesterday. There were 8 3 and 4 year olds and it was chaos. Fortunately most of the mums stayed so that made it easier. Most of them didn't want to play any of the games though, except for pass the parcel of course. Ds spent most of the day at my nan's with my mum, otherwise he would have been mithering me to pick him up the whole time. He was apparently good as gold when my nan passed out for 10 minutes. She's in hospital now with a low heart rate but otherwise ok.

SS good to hear from you. Glad Evie is sleeping well.

Knickers - For ds, all animals say quack quack. He says it with a big grin on his face so I'm sure he's just being cheeky smile

helibee - ds eats anything and everything.

Good luck with the labour and birth lizzie.

GillL Sun 15-Mar-09 07:02:05

btw, I thought I was up early helibee (wide awake at 5:45).

My2 Sun 15-Mar-09 21:06:47

hi all

shrinking - lovely to hear from you

gill - will keep fingers and toes crossed for you on tuesday. your poor nan - bet that gave her and your mum a fright!

helibee - thank you for the girls books (picked them up from the post office yesterday). very kind of you. i think callum is going to be a right wee charmer and have all the girls running after him when he gets older!

dd2 will eat nearly anything - apart from brussel sprouts and cauliflower.

she was sitting eating a packet of fruit flakes (yoghurt covered pices of fruit) the other morning when she turned and said 'nose' - i thought she meant her nose was running so gave it a wee wipe - she looked at me as if i was completely stupid, shook her head and said 'no, mama, NOSE' - which was when i realised that there was a fruit flake stuck up her right nostril ! grin hmm fortunately i manged to squeeze from the top' to get it out.

helibee Mon 16-Mar-09 23:30:33

my2-dd2 sounds so funny, a real wee monkey and reminds me so much of Callum grin that is hilarious about the fruit flake up her nose (although not if an a&e trip was neededwink

gill-we'll be thinkning of you tomorrow, i couldn't sleep on sat night, dh's company are losing a lot of people atm but thankfully not him. My knees were really sore thats why i was up.

this evening dh was watching the news and weather and Callum started copying the weatherman with huge arm movements and babbling then he took an applausehmm (thats where he differed from the BBC weather mangrinwink

He also sat in the shower earlier and was oretending he was in a car and using a travel wipes case as his steering wheel whilst saying "vroooooooom vroooooom, eep eep (beep beep)" it was so cute, i just love seeing their imaginative play. Then we went to see his wee friend across the road and she was holding her dolly by the neck so Callum told her off and held her poperly and patted the dolly on the back and then carried her around for the rest of the afternoon, thats exactly like i was ( i was the 2 year old who held all dolls properly and put them to bed in a drawer with blankets and i had to leave the drawer open so that they could breathegrin

lizziemun Tue 17-Mar-09 06:19:38

Hope it goes well today GILL.

As to what Lexie eats well all i can say is EVERYTHING she can get hold of. Unlike MY2 dd she had a mild tantrum on sunday because she had eaten all the brussells grin which sister and BIL found very funny. They think my dd's are odd because they rather have fruit and veg then sweets.

Although Lexie is a little 'mini me' version of my sister right down to the 'oose'(shoes) and 'and ags' (handbag pink & Fluffy) she has to carrying. She is deffinatly a girly girl which she has not got from me grin.

And as for DC3 still there at 41wks today. Am 3cm and had a sweep yesterday so hopefully something will start moving today.

lizziemun Thu 19-Mar-09 18:40:26

For those who asked

Saturday is EVICTION DAY horaay. I will be 40 + 12days.

loler Thu 19-Mar-09 21:29:54

Good luck for saturday - hopefully you'll both be home for Mothers day!

lizziemun Sun 22-Mar-09 18:34:14

Robert David arrived (finally 40 + 11days) yesterday at 3.25pm weighing in at only 8lb's.

Quick birth story

Got to the hospital at 8am to be induced. Given Gel at 10am when checked at 2pm was 8cm and moved to delivery suite.

And given gas & air got to 9cm when the midwives started to get concerned as baby heart rate wasn't recovering quick enough. Was rushed to theatre, where the midwives were getting the bits ready for a Ventouse delivery ready and the consultants telling us that they were going to put in an epidural, or just decide and do an emergency section when i pushed baby out. The cord was around his neck twice and he had low oxygen levels so we had to stay in so he could be checked later.

Have just one minor tear and no stitches.

Baby was back to back as well so today i feel like i have been run over by a steamroller grin.

conkertree Mon 23-Mar-09 20:09:09

congratulations lizziemum - fantastic news although sounds like the birth was a bit scary - so much for third deliveries being straight forward.

love the name too.

hope the healing doesnt take too long, and hope your girls are taking things well.

loler Tue 24-Mar-09 14:30:18

Trust a boy to be difficult - hope it's not a sign of things to come wink.

Hope you're feeling lots better and are enjoying being a family of 5. Savour every minute of it - time rushes past when you're not looking!

Conker - can't be too long for you now - good luck xo

lizziemun Tue 24-Mar-09 17:18:21

Thanks conker & Loler.

I feel fine in myself, I just have realy painfull back ache where i pulled a muscle (or 3) so i can't do much.

So i having to sit and be waited on by DH.

loler Tue 24-Mar-09 17:46:45

That's probably a good thing - enjoy it while you can. I think I started doing everything far too quickly after ds2. I felt great but it does catch up with you eventually. I think after no.2 everyone just expects you to get on with it so I didn't get much help.

Ds2 has decided he hates having his haircut - so have had a hard couple of days trying to finish off the other side. Looked like a weird 80s haircut for a bit!

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 25-Mar-09 21:07:13

Congratulations LizzieMun, cant believe that's two babies on here now grin

Hersetta Thu 26-Mar-09 09:53:44

Congratulations Lizziemum - lovely name. Hope he is settling in well and the girls aren't too jealous.

We been away for a few days in Spain which was lovely as the weather was fantastic. Spent the days on the beach and even have a nice tan (and a peeling nose!).

Caitlin is doing well - rabbiting and singing away the whole time. Very cute last night, she was watching Kipper on Nick Jnr 2 and when it finished she waved at the TV and said 'bye bye Kipper'. She did the same when we were in Spain last week when she was stoking a little dog in a bar one night. I found out the dog's name and as as we were leaving said 'say bye bye to Chico' she waved to the dog and said 'bye, bye chico' perfectly. Pround Mummy moment.

Hope everyone is well. Conker - hope you are doing well as our next expectant lady.

helibee Sat 28-Mar-09 02:16:42

huge congratulations lizziemum, thats a lovely name. Hope you're all keeping well.

Hersetta-Caitlin is so sute and very intelligent, glad you had a great time in Spain

Callum said some new words "day" "cheese" "teddy" "down" and they all appeared in his vocabulary in one day, he must have been practising in his sleep grin

His wee friend is a screamer when she doesn't get her own way and C has started copying hmm so i told him that if he screams or whinges he wont get anything, he is learning VERY quickly winkgrin He also keeps getting please and thankyou muddles up which is very cute but he is getting good at saying it.

Did everyone have a good mothers day? I had a violent sickness bug and everytime i was sick in the bowl, C spat into the other side of it (for sympathyhmmgrin) and then wiped my mouth, it's the only time i can hinestly say i've laughed whilst being sick, watching C run from the other side of the room just so he didn't miss trying to pretend to be sick with me grin

GillL Sat 28-Mar-09 22:16:12

Congratulations Lizzie. Hope you're feeling well and still getting lots of help from your dh.

Sorry to hear about your awful mother's day helibee. Kids always seem to know how to make you feel better. For mother's day I got a tea bag in a tea cup card and a fun size Kit Kat. Dd took one of the fingers and I had to share the other one with ds hmm Dh told me he had intended to get me some flowers but forgot.

I went to my interview on Tuesday and it went very well. He said to me 'can you start tomorrow'! I got back to work and phoned my HR rep. I was then told that I will need to attend an assessment for the role, which made me relax thinking I had a bit more time to finish things up in my current job. I got another call yesterday telling me they had great news that I can start the job on Monday. I don't think my manager will think that's great news. I still have some things to work out but it's looking hopeful. The only problem is that it means travelling to London every day so I will have to reduce my hours. I'm hoping that won't be a problem for them.

conkertree Tue 31-Mar-09 21:10:24

hi everyone - thats very cute of callum helibee when you were being sick. just a shame you were sick in the first place. thanks for the text - sorry didnt reply - ds has been a bit unwell the last few days and other things have slipped a bit.

think he might have chickenpox. very high temp last night and then a rash appeared today - didnt look totally like chickenpox but will see what happens tomorrow.

anyway - three and a half weeks till d day for me - feeling great. loads of energy and finally the house feels like its getting organised so am getting a little excited about the new arrival.

struan is getting new words every day like all the other los although is also working on his naughty streak - latest one is throwing stones so need to nip that in the bud if we can. trying to not react to too many naughty things so that he doesnt learn that he gets a big reaction to them. will see how that approach goes.

conkertree Tue 31-Mar-09 21:11:15

oh meant to say thats great about the job Gill although a longer commute. but great after the worry you've had about things.

loler Fri 10-Apr-09 13:13:53

Blimey it's a bit dead on here - popped on to see if there were any more baby announcements.

I'm suffering with the toddler from hell - hoping it's a stage he will very quickly grow out of. Hope everyone else is fairing better xo

conkertree Tue 14-Apr-09 07:11:37

i know loler - i was thinking the same about it being quiet.

What aspect of the toddler from hell have you got? Ds is doing a lot of throwing things just now and hitting other children, but then others his age are doing the same so am not too worried about him being a candidate for Borstal just yet grin but I am finding it harder not to get frustrated by him.

Am determined to try and stay calm as much as possible so he doesnt know he gets a rise out of me for bad behaviour, but I think the closer he gets to 2, the more we will have to rethink how we handle things.

My2 Tue 14-Apr-09 20:34:34

my goodness, i thought that i was going to have to spend ages catching up....where is everyone?

conker - how are you? you must be due very very soon? how are finding running after struan when heavily pregnant?

i've got to say i do love this age, so cheeky and mischievious - though i don't remember enjoying it as much with dd1, she was more of the stroppy, tantruming toddler. distraction works really well (atm) with dd2 if it looks like she is going into meltdown. if i threaten her with a timeout she takes herself off to the bottom step and smiles at me with a wee twinkle in her eye hmm

dd2 is absolutely fearless - had the 2 of them at soft play today and i hardly saw dd2(only when she came back to the table for a drink and something to eat). tried and failed miserably to keep her in the under 5's play area - she much prefered the blue bumpy chute and the twisty tunnel chute...

conkertree Wed 15-Apr-09 07:43:19

Hi My2 - due next Friday. Was hoping I might be a bit early this time, but no convincing signs yet. Was 6 days over with Struan, so hoping it wont be any more than that this time.

Have had some good days out with ds recently - Summerlee Industrial Life Museum, Palacerigg Country Park and Almond Valley farm in Livingstone, so has been nice to have lots of time with him before the baby arrives, but am pretty uncomfortable now - pelvis really hurts.

Which soft play did you go to? Havent been to one since the one in Glasgow but am thinking it would be a good thing to stock up on locations for so that Struan can run about while I feed a baby.

Anyway - sounds like you are having lots of fun with your dds. Struan is also at quite a cheeky age - and I love the new words emerging every day. He gets sooooo frustrated if I cant work out what he is saying though and we have to sit there for however long it takes for me to get the word right grin.

My2 Thu 16-Apr-09 19:59:59

i took them to palacerigg today - fred the donkey e o'd and gave them both a fright grin

we've got a few softplays near us - it was cadwinkles (off grahams road in falkirk) that we went to this time. there's also playzar (falkirk), cheeky monkeys (at grangemouth sports complex), motor musuem at bo'ness, playbugs (linlithgow), tumblezone (livingston), time zone (sighthill, edinburgh) that are all within 20mins or so - though some might be a bit far for you to travel.

there's also the falkirk wheel - which has a good play park that my2 like and it's fenced in.

have you started all the supposed labour inducing stuff - fresh pineapple, long walks, raspberry tea etc?

fingers crossed you won't be overdue again.

so where is everyone else?

gill - have you started your new job?

lizziemun Thu 16-Apr-09 20:25:41

I'm Here grin.

Good luck conker, hope you don't go to far overdue.

conkertree Thu 16-Apr-09 22:08:40

thanks my2 and lizziemum - have had some possible mild contractions today or painful BH at least, so you never know - might happen this week sometime. trying some of the self inducing methods but am fairly hmm about most of them. lots of walking though when pelvis isnt too painful.

sounds like lots of soft plays to try out. will need to persuade dh to leave the car here sometimes when he's at work and we can explore.

We've had a couple of viewers for our house this week suddenly after months of nothing, so need to start looking for somewhere to move to (hopefully).

lizziemum - how are you getting on with 3?

lizziemun Fri 17-Apr-09 12:37:41

Don't ask, I would stop at 2 if i was you grin.

Will be better next week when Lizzie back at school and i can get into a routine. This is week dh has been back at work as he had 3 weeks off. Although it has taken me that long to recover.

My2 Tue 21-Apr-09 20:40:40

i think 2 is a nice number!

conker - any progress???

conkertree Thu 23-Apr-09 02:43:59

well my2 after several days of on/off bh etc, i now have contraction master on with painful ones so am reeeaaaalllyy hoping this is it.

mum is staying for a few days so would be great timing. just hope ds stays asleep unlike the last few nights.

lizziemun Thu 23-Apr-09 06:26:26

I hope it was the real 'thing' and you have your new baby in your arms.

Hersetta Thu 23-Apr-09 08:40:25

ooh good luck Conker !

Hope everyone is well. How are you coping with 3 Lizzie?? we are all fine and Caitlin is doing well and is very talkative - i have just taught her how to say I love you which is too cute for words. I am also trying to teach her colours and fruits at the moment without much success as everything i point to is either 'yellow' or a 'narna'.Counting is coming on well exept she always says 6 straight after 4 and forgets about 5 all the time. She's had all 4 incisors come through in the last week which explains why she has been very bitey and has nipped everyone including her grandparents.

lizziemun Thu 23-Apr-09 09:35:59

If you see a headless chicken running around that's me grin.

It's getting better now DH & Lizzie are now back at work & school so i'm getting to a routine.

I have found it easier going from 2 to 3 then i did with going from 1 to 2.

helibee Fri 24-Apr-09 02:00:01


conker-hope your new wee one has arrived safely, it's so exciting

my2-good to hear that your 2 wee monkeys are doing well

lizzie-it's so much easier to get into a routine on your own isn't it, dh was only off for a week and C's routine went out the window grin and now he's not well but hey we keep smiling (and pulling our hair out at the same timegrin)

hersetta-Caitlin really does sound so advanced, that is very cute with the love you thing. C just signs it and he also now wants to say grace or pray before EVERYTHING we do hmm but he puts his hands together and babbles away about 'sus (Jesus) which is very cute.

loler Fri 24-Apr-09 21:59:40

oh conker - what's happened?! How exciting!

Lizzie - I'm also that chicken! It doesn't get any easier (sorry!) - was talking to a friend with 3 and we decided it should be easier when the youngest gets to about 17/18 and is capable of looking after themself or goes to Uni.

Ds2 is really trying to talk, he's mainly interested in cars so mostly it's related to them "look car", "see car", "my car". "daddy car" (this is both for dh car and my car as he calls me daddy too?). He also loves narna's.

lizziemun Sat 25-Apr-09 06:33:23

17/18 oh no i'm making them join the forces at 16yrs grin.

Whenever we out Lexie spends her time scaring the local wildlife by shouting 'DAT' 'HIRD' aand 'OG' then followed by her lifting her hands and saying 'where gone'hmm.

She is so much more vocal then Lizzie every was at the same age.

conkertree Tue 28-Apr-09 17:28:57

hi folks - well that wasnt it last week - have had so many false starts, i was starting to go a bit crazy so stayed off mn for a few days so i could stop obsessing.

had sweep today and am 3cm dilated so at least all the bh/contractions are doing something. had a few aches and pains since so am hoping it will lead to more over the next day or so. booked for induction next thursday anyway but mw doubted i would need it.

struan is being a very good boy but i'm sure he knows something is up and is playing up from time to time.

his granny was down all last week and he learned lots from her - 'dont scratch' was his favourite and he has been saying it to everyone he meets since.

he's trying the counting too - very good at two, three and nine grin. i find the speech development thing really interesting cause he doesnt so much string words together as ideas - he will say 'daddy' then i repeat it, then 'landrover' then makes a face to say he doesnt like it, then 'noise' - cause he doesnt like the noise of daddy's landrover.

sure its the same for everyone but i think i expected him to put two words together, then three etc but i suppose any way of getting your meaning across is what communication is all about.

My2 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:20:11

oh conker - sending you lots of 'labour vibes'. sounds like things are progressing though - fingers crossed (and don't leave it too long to get to hospital when you think things are properly in motion). have you got someone on standby to look after struan?

i was actually going to send you a text to ask how things were but thought i'd pop on here first to see if there was an update.

i love this speach thing with them - dd2 has really come on leaps and bounds. she talks all the time! if i go out the room or when she wakes in the morning her favourite is to say (and then shout if you don't answer quickly enough) 'mama, where are you' she's started recognising and saying the name of noises 'ooooh, noise, car' or plane or train.

i had a bit of an embarassing (and bad mummy) moment when picking dd1 up from a party. have always told dd1 that when the ice cream van plays it's tune, it is to say that it's run out of ice cream grin. i overheard dd1 telling several of her friends this, and them all telling her not to be daft, then they all asked their mums/dads blush so now i've had to tell her the truth...

hope everyone else is well?

conkertree Wed 29-Apr-09 07:32:09

lol my2 - these stories always catch up with you in the end grin

few contractions last night but pretty much one an hour so a bit pathetic really - but all progress in the right direction.

my sil is on standby (till my mum gets down) although she has two los of her own but she says she is up for it. mil is not too far away either so hopefully should be fine. does make me slightly nervous how fast a lot of second labours seem to go.

dh just went up and got struan after a full nights sleep - we always worry now when he does it cause it happens so rarely but he just giggled when dh went into his room grin.

lizziemun Wed 29-Apr-09 09:57:37

Conker - i hope still going grin.

I know what you mean about worring when they sleep through. I used to make DH go and check on Lizzie.

loler Fri 01-May-09 18:25:44

Any news?

My ds1 was 4 on wednesday - good day to be born!

conkertree Fri 01-May-09 20:22:46

nah still here. (If you were asking about me - might be asking about general news blush)

have had loads of show - sorry if tmi but getting into the pre-birth no point in having any dignity for the next week or so, and on/off contractions for days but not getting stronger or more regular.

just nervous cause my mum had pretty much no painful contractions with two of her three babies, and ds wasnt a particularly painful one - eg managed fine on gas and air and tens, and didnt really full the contractions with the pushing - just had to be told when to, so am nervous it could come fast.

anyway sorry - am waffling and very me me me post but i am going just a little crazy with this waiting. struan was 6 days over and i am now a week over with this one, and just naively assumed it would be here by now.

hope everyone else is fine grin

conkertree Tue 05-May-09 16:51:43

well that was wishful thinking - hoping it would come fast.

contractions started tea time on sat - Angus Andrew arrived 8.04pm Sunday. long birth - shorter pushing stage than with Struan but possibly more intense - certainly not the easier second birth i was hoping for but overall not bad.

so far ds2 is being very calm and feeding well. struan is being great - cuddling him etc - hope it lasts.

Hersetta Tue 05-May-09 20:12:58

Well done Conker and welcome to Angus - he certainly made you wait !!

lizziemun Wed 06-May-09 13:52:05

Congrates Conker.

loler Thu 07-May-09 17:46:15

Wow a boy - I had in my head that you were expecting a girl. Congratulations and glad that things are going well so far!

My2 Thu 07-May-09 20:03:29

Congratulations! welcome to Angus. hope you are all doing well and getting to know the new arrival.

helibee Thu 07-May-09 22:33:23

congratulations conker for Angus, can't wait to see the pics and hope that you are enjoying your two wee boys

GillL Fri 08-May-09 00:01:03

Congratulations conker. Hope you're recovering well.

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. For some reason it takes at least 10 minutes to load each page on mn at work and I just don't get the chance to post at home most of the time.

I started my new job on Tuesday. It's not the same one as I told you about before. That didn't work out. This new one is only a temporary assignment for 6 months so I'm still at risk of redundancy at the end of it but it buys me some extra time. I'll be able to work from home 3 or 4 days per week when I get my laptop so that will be good and I'll be able to do the school run most days at least for the first 2 months that dd is at school.

Dd got into our favourite school. We'd put the closest as first choice but we're really pleased that she's got into the smaller school. She's not amused that she won't be going to the same one as her cousins but I'm sure she'll get over it.

Dd and ds are not sleeping well at the moment (as you can tell from the time I'm posting). Dd still falls asleep in the car but most of the time she is waking up a few hours later. Ds is teething and has had a cold so he can take hours to get to sleep some nights. Hopefully they'll both get into a better routine soon - we're so tired all the time.

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in ages but not much to tell here, James still isn't talking.

Congratulations on the new babies, glad you're all ok. x

Hersetta Wed 27-May-09 14:29:16

Hi James - glad you are OK as I wondered the other day how you were.

Sorry to hear James still isn't talking - we have the opposite problem as we can't shut the little blighter up. Can be cute though as her new game is to sit at the top of her slide and yell 'Mummy' and when I say ' yes sweetheart' she says 'I love you'. Melts your heart. New words in the last couple of days include 'another one' (which is a step up from the 'more' she has been spouting for a while now and usually preceeds the word biscuit or beepbit as she says), plus 'put it on', and 'this way' I'm beginning to think we have a parrott rather than a DD now.

Hope everyone is well - i've recently finished 5 weeks of working 14 hour plus days for my company's financial year end (my first at this new job) and it went better than I had ever dreamed it would. I introduced lots of new processes and systems and got huge praise from our auditors so very happy at the moment - only bad thing was not seeing DD at all during the week which was very tough on me, her and DH.

They are growing up so fast6 - can't call her a baby anymore - she is definitely a little girl now. (as her addiction to shoes bares testament to!).

Yeah, I don't know what to think about it to be honest. I veer between thinking maybe there's something wrong to being convinced that nothing's wrong (his hearing is perfect, he knows what everything is when you ask where things are, he knows his colours etc)

The only thing he says is yeah ("eh!") and when he babbles mamama or anything else that sounds vaguely like a word I try to encourage him to turn it into the proper word and he just clams up. It feels like he's being stubborn! I do talk to him and ask him questions - I don't know how else to encourage him to talk.

He's having tantrums now and smacking us a lot - we are thinking about introducing a time out area to kerb his behaviour before it becomes a habit. Anyone else's dc having tantrums?

He'll be starting a playgroup for 2 yr olds in september (just a couple of hours a day, up to 3 days a week) but he'll be there on his own which is a pretty big thing as I still haven't left him with anyone!

I've almost finished my garden now and he loves playing out there all the time which is nice, I chuck him outside with a stick of chalk and he has a whale of a time scribbling all over the place.

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 08:55:45

I definitely wouldn't worry james-I've heard a lot of late talkers who say nothing until they are two or more suddenly just click and they'll be chattering away like mad. If he knows what things around him are and his colours etc then he sounds like he's doing OK - I bet he'll surprise you one day by blurting our something momentous!

Caitlin is still expasterting me with her colours - everything is still 'yellow' at the moment and if i say no it's green (for example) she repeats green and so i say what colour is it? and she says 'yellow'. It sometimes turns into a shouting match which I'm sure she finds funny with her saying 'yellow'. I say 'no, red' she shout's 'yellow', I say 'it's red' she shouts 'yellow'...repeat ad nauseum.

Yes we definitely have tantrums here as well - at least 2/3 meltdowns a week. (last week's major one was because my DH wouldn't let her have the whole bowl of breadsticks at a toddler group that they had put out for the children). It's more difficult when you are out and about but at home we have used the naughty step a couple of times and to her credit she had stayed put and sobbed her heart out whilst sitting there - after the required couple of minutes we call to her that she can come in again now and the crying stops immediately and she slinks in and wants cuddles (and usually gives her Dad the evil eye as he is the one you puts her on the naughty step). I know her childminder has put her in the naughty corner once as well when she bit a little boy.

Caitlin loves the garden too - she has a swing, a slide, a water table and a sand pit to keep her occupied plus 8 guinea pigs which never tire of her poking blades of grass through their cages. She runs out into the garden calling 'Shaun, shaun (her favourite GP) he comes running over as he know food is about to be delivered and Caitlin points and says 'there he is'. Cute.

GillL Thu 28-May-09 11:05:31

Hi James, Hersetta. I can't believe how quiet it's been on here lately. I guess it's the new babies keeping everyone busy smile

I agree with Hersetta about James' talking. I don't think there's anything you can do. He'll just start in his own time. Alex tries to copy almost everything we say. He makes us laugh sometimes - when he's done a poo he points to his bum and says 'stink'. He's always giving us hugs but sometimes when we ask for one he says 'nah' with a big grin and runs away.

Hersetta you must be shattered after those long days. Did the 14 hours include travelling? I bet you missed Caitlin terribly. Was your dh good about the pick ups and drops off etc? My dh really moans and gives me dirty looks when I ask him to pick up the kids on my days in London. It's like it's the end of the world. And wherever he has to be is always more important. If he has to be somewhere for 9 then I have to arrange to get to work late. It really makes me angry. I'm always the one who has to compromise. I'd asked him yesterday to pick the kids up and he complained that he wouldn't be able to go shopping. As it happened I was home a bit earlier so I was able to do it. He decided though that he would rather watch the Grand Prix and go shopping tonight instead hmm

We have tantrums but they don't last long fortunately. Dd is much worse, especially when she's tired, and she's 4, so be prepared for another few years of tantrums (unless you're lucky).

Alex loves the garden too. He screams and screams when we have to take him indoors.

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 12:00:46

Hi Gill,

I was shattered by the end of it and no my 14 hrs days didn't include an hour each way travel. I was getting in each night at around 11pm, going straight to bed and then up again at 6am the next morning.

Dh was really good to be honest as he looks after DD most of the week anyway - she does 15 hours a week with a childminder whilst he works but he gets her up, feeds her, drops her off and picks her up everyday anyway. He also takes her to a couple of toodler groups, 2 x baby singing classes, soft play and messy play and he goes to coffee afternoons with all my NCT friends - although now he had made them switch to a pub with swings and slides etc in the garden - he's more of a Mum than me !!

GillL Thu 28-May-09 12:59:45

I can't believe you had to do that shock I'm glad it was successful though.

You're so lucky with your dh! Can we swap? wink Part of me wishes I could be at home more and do all those things but I think the novelty could wear off very quickly. I'm not a very sociable person so I don't think I could do all the coffee mornings and toddler groups. I'd love to find a job that fits in with school hours so I have more time with the kids in the afternoon/evening but they're very hard to come by. Would you swap your job to be a sahm?

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 14:41:46

Would I....absolutely. I'd love to spend more time with DD as I feel I missed quite a lot of milestones (the first time she rolled over, crawled, her first word (which was mum!)but i was lucky I suppose as I saw her first steps as she thoughtfully did those on a Saturday! However, I know that that can't happen as I earn a very decent salary which my DH would never be able to acheive so these are the roles we have to live with.

I know he was a bit uncomfortable going to groups etc at the beginning and he said that no-one talked to him for at least 6 weeks, but after that he seems to have settled in quite well and he often walks down and back to some groups with 'other' Mum's.

loler Thu 28-May-09 21:21:48

banana - don't worry about him not talking. ds1 (and to some extent ds2) was a late talker. Boys are know for this in particular, going to playgroup will really help because he'll have to talk to make himself understood (he probably doesn't need to talk to you because you just know what he means) - he'll also want to get on witht he other children. DS1 can talk well now but it has been very gradual none of this talking over night! I was very hard for me as dd was a very early talker (sounds like Hersetta's dd). Remember - at his first job interview he won't be asked at what age he started talking!

Thanks loler, that was some comfort. I feel like he's never going to talk. He can make a range of different animal noises (his growly bear is adorable) but it's not really the same as hearing him talk! Maybe he's odd. grin

lizziemun Fri 29-May-09 07:20:59

See james comes back and we get all chatty grin.

James, Lizzie didn't realy speak until she was 2.5yrs. I was told that babies either learn to talk or walk.

Lizzie learnt to walk/run and climb with so much more confident then alot of her freinds who talked early. And there is nothing wrong with her in fact when she goes back to school next week she will be doing year 1 work rather then reception work.

Is anyone else child covered in bruises. Lexie's legs are covered in bruises, scatches and grazesgrin I hate it when they learn to run but not how to stop.

lol lizzie, the very fact that I'm so chatty is what confuses me about the boy, I mean he doesn't even babble very much. I wonder if I'm letting him get a word in edgewise... lol

Yeah, he's very steady on his feet, loves running and climbing and stuff so maybe you're right. Thanks for the supportive messages, feel better now.

Oh and his legs are always covered in bruises- he's such a typical boy, he came in from playing out yesterday covered in mud and wet from the hosepipe, covered in bruises and scratches, chuffed to bits cos he'd found a stick in the garden (which he's now brough in to whack things with) hmm

Off to south wales now so sorry it isn't a very long message, got to go I'm being frowned at... grin Have a nice weekend everyone!

GillL Fri 29-May-09 14:11:11

Dd is always covered in grazes and bruises. ds doesn't have many but he's always falling over. Also, his cousins and sister forget that his balance isn't as good as theirs and they barge past him and knock him over quite regularly.

It's such a nice day. It's a shame to be indoors working but at least I'm at home and I can have the windows open. It was really stuffy in the office yesterday. It's good to be able to get the washing done and out on the line though, instead of having to do it in the evenings and dry it on the clothes airer or tumble dryer.

GillL Fri 29-May-09 16:28:51

Posts crossed James. Have a lovely weekend away. Should be good weather!

Hersetta Fri 29-May-09 16:56:32

Yep - another bruise and graze covered child here - Caitlin has so many her legs look dirty!

She tripped over last weekemd and scraped her knee - it has scabbed over nicely and she doesn't notice it at all except for when she can see it and then gets all distressed about it. She normally points at it and says oww, oww.

Have a good weekend all - enjoy the sunshine.

Uki Mon 01-Jun-09 12:55:47


I was lying in bed with LL, and I suddenly remembered you all. I have been terribly absent, so nice to read what other Augies are up to, sounds oh so familiar.

Lizzie- BIG BELATED CONGRAT'S on the little bundle of blue, to join your girls grin hope you are settled and enjoying all three now.

I'll be there soon too,my number 3 is due in 8 weeks, and my oldest doesn't even start school till 2011!!!!

CONKER-BIG CONGRATULATIONS [Grin]on little Angus- gorgeous name. how are you going now?

someone was asking what other toddlers are eating, well LL, eats everything in sight, even spicy food, loads of fruit, cheese , rice. I keep joking I'll need a second job to pay to feed him, he eats double what my almost 4 year old eats.

James- don't worry too much about the talking, you'll probably be suprised how one day soon it will all just start up.

LL tries to talk alot, but I don't always understand what he says. he is very affectionate with kisses and cuddles which is lovely, not so much into rough and tumble stuff like ds1.
thankfully my ds1 has enough tantrums for the both of them, couldn't cope with any more.

Think i'm absolutely mad having number 3, it's hard enough with 2, but 8 weeks to go, and already suffering enough tiredness, sickness and soreness, so can't wait to meet her now.
looking forward to some pink in the house too winkJust need a name but that was harder than I thought it would be.

any plans for 2nd birthday's LL is into 'the night garden' so I might be making some ninky nonk,toddly,bubbly boo... whatever cake hmm

GillL Tue 02-Jun-09 13:38:25

Hi uki. Nice to hear from you. Can't believe you only have 8 weeks left. Time has flown by. Sorry to hear you're suffering. Have you shortlisted any names yet?

Mamamila must be due around the same time. I wonder how she's doing.

No plans for ds' birthday yet. Probably another party in the garden with his sister and cousins. He won't care as long as there's food and toys. Hopefully the weather will be better this year and they can have the paddling pool out.

lizziemun Tue 02-Jun-09 21:08:58

Thanks UKI

Robert is 10 wks shock already, I don't know where the times gone. I have to say i have found it much easier going from 2 to 3 children.

I hope everyone enjoying the sunshine, and dc are behaving themselves wink grin.

Uki Wed 03-Jun-09 13:17:20

Hi again

Lizzie thanks for the re-assurance, about 2 to 3- I need it. any tips?

Gill- Hi again, yes mamamila, is on the same ante natal thread as me, due in august, which is nice. i think there is like 59 others on our thread, HUGE

LL started talking some more today, said 'I choose' when offered a biscuit, and told daddy 'I want juice'

he just loves food, he's favourite place is the fridge (very annoying), and he was sooo excited when i brought home the food shopping

GillL Thu 04-Jun-09 13:28:48

Wow - 10 weeks already Lizzie! I bet Lizzie and Lexie love having a little brother.

uki - LL is so clever putting 3 words together. Alex sometimes says 2 words together but not very often. He seems to know enough words to make himself understood most of the time so he's happy. His favourite thing to do is shout 'Grandad' at my dad all the time. He thinks it's hilarious. He's also very particular about things that belongs to people. Fil's partner was not allowed to sit in mine or dh's chair in the living room on Saturday. He got quite cross with her smile

Can you pass a message on to mamamila to pop in and say hi and let us know how she's doing please uki?

conkertree Thu 04-Jun-09 20:32:01

hi everyone.

thanks uki - cant believe how close you are now. dont know about you, but i found the second (or third for you) pregnancy felt like it went on a lot longer than the first.

angus is 4 1/2 weeks now and getting more alert every day. he sleeps much more than Struan ever did.

Struan is chatting away lots - we tend to get the same statement over and over - still doing the daddy, landrover, noise statement ad nauseum.

helibee - thank you very much for the book and outfit - very kind of you. Struan sat down to read the book straight away, and the outfit is very cute.

my2 - I tried the Falkirk soft play today - liked it and Struan did btoo, although he kept climbing up the big one and then having to come down the same way as he was too wee for the big chute.

i seem to have missed mamamila being pg - unless its pg/new baby brain and i just cant remember.

conkertree Thu 04-Jun-09 20:36:27

meant to say - good to see you back James. thought i'd posted since, bvut I see I havent.

agree with the others - lots of toddlers seem to not really speak for ages then suddenly come out with lots of words all at once.

loler Fri 05-Jun-09 09:30:06

Wow I can't believe it only 8 weeks until August. That seems to have come around quickly!

Uki my tip for 3 is let your standards drop - tv won't emotionally scar them and jam sandwiches for tea for a week won't kill them! Enjoy every minute of the baby because you realise they don't stay that way for very long. In fact I'm still enjoying ds3 at the stage he is rather than looking for the next one as I know he's my last. It also took me having 3 to become a bit selfish - I used to try to keep everyone happy (friends family etc) now I just please myself and have noticed that no-one else really minds.

Gill - how are the headaches?

I'm feeling ready to join the real world again now - have been to weight watchers and now have a half decent body back (will ignore the stretched saggy tummy - the down side of have 3 huge babies) and we have just found a babysitter so had the first night out with dh since ds2 was born, not feeling quite so tired. Will now find I have a surprise no4!

GillL Fri 05-Jun-09 13:15:26


A teaching assistant and the lady from the office at dd's new school came round this morning (reception teacher is on mat leave). She was hiding under the table when they got there and didn't say a word to them the whole time. She's really worried about going to school sad She still seems so young. Found out there are 2 other children from our street going which dd found quite exciting.

conker - hope you and Angus are doing well. How has Struan taken to being a big brother?

Hi loler. My headaches come and go. I went through a patch of having to take the full dose of paracetamol again recently but I think that was stress related. I'm going to have my eyes tested tomorrow just to rule that out. Annoyingly I am waking up with a bad headache every day again.

I'm in 2 minds about when to have my next baby. Even though we can't consider it until I have a permanent job again, I do think about it a lot. I keep switching between being really broody and wanting to be pg asap, and wanting to wait a bit until ds is a bit older. I just can't decide.

tokentotty Fri 05-Jun-09 21:31:23

blush blush blush


Ladies, how are you all? I know it's been forever since I came on here and am typing blind in so far as I haven't read any posts yet so please forgive me if I've missed some show-stopping news be it good or bad.

What can I say? To be honest have no idea. All is fine. Imogen (known universally as Mimi thanks to Paddy, not sure if I ever mentioned it?) is 'challenging'.... She is SO not like Paddy was as a baby that its untrue. Hard work is also probably an understatement! She's five months now (just realised its five months today!!) and has a smile and chuckle that can draw crowds, but at times is possibly the devil incarnate blush. How are you others that had two so stupidly close together getting on?

Paddy thankfully is a true delight. A bugger at times obviously, but he wouldn't be normal otherwise. His talking never fails to amuse and his loving nature, especially to his sister, is unbelievable. I thought his adoration for her wouldn't last two weeks, but here we are, five months on and she is STILL his first waking thought. When he wakes up in the morning, I go down to his cot and am greeted with an excited cry of "Mum Mum". Always followed by a questioning "Mimi ??".

Ok, have bored myself with the length of this post and am off to check out the rest of this thread in an attempt to catch up. Hope to hear from some of you soon and for those of you still reading, a meet up would be lovely!!!

Lots of love, a very blush TT xx

GillL Mon 08-Jun-09 13:32:56

Hi TT. Good to hear from you. It's so sweet that Paddy loves his little sister smile

Have you got any photos of them together?

A meet up would be lovely. When/where do you have in mind?

helibee Mon 08-Jun-09 20:28:57

hi everyone, good to see people chatting again. this is just a quick hi and i will catch up later. I sprained my ankle today tripping over ds's hundreds of toys grin

James-good to see(?) you back and conker glad you got the pressie

conkertree Mon 08-Jun-09 20:42:45

poor you helibee - ~I've had a few close shaves like that but havent been properly injured yet. the house goes from tidy to a pigsty in minutes.

tt - good to see you back. sounds like you have your hands full. i seem to have very little time to get on here too so its nice that this thread doesnt move too quickly. think i am overall happy with the age gap - or will be in a years time maybe - but just now i certainly have moments of questioning why we did it this way.

struan is mostly still good but gets wound up, then lashes out at him for no apparent reason.

today was a nightmare - am feeling fluey - shivery and an aching head. right breast is sore too so dont know if its related to that or not. am so glad ds2 is now asleep on me - early night I think.

gill - poor dd. sure she will settle in fine though and the neighbours going too could mean a new best friend.

loler - love your tips. think i've used a couple although i only have 2. woman in my village has 4 under 5 - think number 4 was a bit earlier than they meant it to be. i am always amazed that she can get out of the house.

anyway - long post. might head to bed soon.

GillL Tue 09-Jun-09 13:16:22

I'm always falling over toys too. I'm sure the dcs are out to get us wink

Conker - could you have mastitis? I've heard you can get flu-like symptoms. How is the feeding going?

Thanks. She'll take a while to settle in and be comfortable with everyone but she'll be fine. It would be nice for her to have some local friends instead of miles away.

I can never work out how my sil gets out of the house with 4 under 5s. It must be like a military operation.

tokentotty Wed 10-Jun-09 21:44:20

Ok, heading off to try and download a reasonable picture of the small people....

Pinkranger Wed 10-Jun-09 22:55:31

Hi ladies,
Cant belive our little ones are nearly 2!!! where has that time gone!! Congratulations to all the new babies coming or on their way! I do come on mumsnet rrom time to time but can never keep up with Anything. Tate is doing well, extrmeley hard work, if hewas the first there never would have been a 2nd, Talking lots and his new thing this week is Noooooo Mummy!! even at just trying to get him to sit and et lunch!
Life here is busy we are moving in 5 weeks to stafford so should be a challenge, will promise to try and drop by every6 now and then XX

tokentotty Wed 10-Jun-09 23:01:49

Pink!! So glad that your infrequent drop-ins have coincided with mine. Any chance that we could perhaps organise a meet-up before you move to Stafford ? Am totally flexible, will happily have it at mine if it suits or am also more than willing to go wherever the majority can do....

Hi all, hope you're ok!

Uki, didn't realise you were pregnant again, congrats! Must be nice knowing it's a girl after two boys, are you "done" now? didn't realise mamamila was pregnant too, how nice that you're on the same antenatal thread!

Lizzie I love the name Robert How's it going? do the girls help to fetch nappies etc for him? Is it a big shock going from two to three?

Conker, well done getting to soft play with the two of them with Angus only a month old, I imagine it's pretty difficult getting used to leaving the house with two, especially if you're breastfeeding. How are you feeling now? was it mastitis?

loler, that's great that you're getting "yourself" back these days, I feel that way too (not so much bodywise!) I've made a garden and I'm trying to indulge my hobbies a bit more. I've managed to Read A Book which was pretty unheard of in the first year of having James. We still haven't had a night out since he was born but then again we're always skint so I doubt we could afford a babysitter AND a meal out unfortunately.

GillL, I'm exactly the same re: having another baby. I want one but then I keep thinking about my spd last time, the birth, lack of money etc. I can always think of reasons not to, but the bottom line is both me and dp vehemently don't want James to be an only child so we'll have to do it at some point! These things always work out I spose. I hope dd settles in well at school, I'm sure she'll be fine.

TT, that's so cute that paddy asks for his sister first thing. Do you think you'll be having any more children, or is the jury out til mimi is a little older?

Helibee, how's the ankle? and how are you generally these days?

Pink, nice to see you. How are you feeling these days? I remember a long while ago you were a bit down. Good luck with the move!

Well after moaning that he doesn't talk, we may have had a little progress. He says yes, shakes head for no (all the time, whether he wants something or not!) and tries to say all gone. He's been babbling quite a bit today so I think maybe we're on the verge of him talking. Quite exciting since we've waited so long. We keep asking him questions just to hear that little "yeah!" - it's adorable. grin

tokentotty Wed 10-Jun-09 23:59:49

Jamesandetc,etc,..... How are you love ???? You've asked so many questions of others but said very little about you! Glad he's starting to talk, guess you won't appreciate me saying that very soon you'll be wishing he couldn't...

Am semi-joking actually, Paddy's a talker but his two cousins weren't. My sister in law was worried and saw someone about it. Bottom line is that it's fine and ok, some just don't until it suits them. The fact that he's saying anything at all means that there's nothing wrong and he's perfectly capable. Bad news is that he's just being a pickle and playing up....!!

Hehe, ooh, don't ask. Things remain pretty constant here, I still work part time from home but make no money, dp still stuck in a job he thoroughly hates with a shit wage and has no luck applying for other jobs, we're settled into the house now with quite a nice garden going on, but our life revolves around James really, we do a lot of going to the park/soft play/toddler groups and visiting family, lots of free things. I still have homestart round every week or so, they've been really good.

We're so skint it's really affecting things now. Dp is depressed (makes a change from me) I haven't paid the council tax or water bill in 6 months and being a bit ostrich about it tbh, can't persuade myself to make the necessary phonecalls so I'm not sleeping etc

It looks like I need to get a job but I still can't bear the thought of leaving James. I've been looking into it, but I think it's going to be difficult to find a local childminder or nursery with free places within reasonable walking distance (I can't drive) in time to start a mythical new job, when I don't know what hours or days I'd be working.

Plus I think now jobs are few and far between employers can afford to offer minimum wage and awkward hours because they have twice as many people scrambling for every job. There's a job going less than 30 seconds from my house but they want someone to work mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, weekends... no-one with kids can be that flexible. All I can think to do right now is cash in hand cleaning work but dp doesn't even get home til 7pm and who's going to want a cleaner coming in the evenings?

So yeah, apart from chronic lack of money we're fine, it's just that it's colouring everything we don't do. Anyway, sorry for the whinge! How are you? lol

Pinkranger Thu 11-Jun-09 08:25:46

James- hope things get better, sounds like its not an easy ride at the moment, Have you thought about doing something like childminding? Ihave done this for 2 years and earn around £140 a week, this is just with one lo (age 3) 3 days a week and a 6 year old 4 night after school - maybe something to look into?

Im feeling really well now, came of the AD after a year and threw myself into a) the move and B) getting fit - Since feb i have lost 20lb and go to the gym 4 times a week, its great when im feeling down, i get on the treadmill, put my ipod on and 30mins later i have ran 4k, and sweated out the stress, in feb i couldnt even run 4 mins!! lol! I am training to do a 10k run next year

TT - Would love a meet up, im moving around 20th july so would love to try and squeeze it in - your dc are beautiful, cant belive how blonde paddy is now!

Hi to everyone else x - will try and upload a recent picture of Tate

Hersetta Thu 11-Jun-09 10:00:37

Hello all - good to finally see some proper chat on this thread. Nice to see some of the old faces back ahain (not that I'm saying any of you lovely ladies are old !!).

We are all well and I am running around like a headless chicken as we go on holiday for a fortnight on Saturday so I am washing/ironing and packing for britain at the moment inbetween working full time as well!.

Caitlin is going well - can now consistantly count to 10 so we're moving on to the alphabet - she recognises and can name a and b but we're stuck at c - it's going to be a long time to we get to z !!

TT - let me know when you next come in to I* and I can coo over Mimi.

lizziemun Thu 11-Jun-09 10:20:37


Yes the girls help a lot with Robert. Although how much help Lexie is when she is either trying to bounce him out of his chair grin.

I actually found going from one to two bloody hard work (whether it was because Lexie was/is very high maintenance). It took probaly 6 to 9 months to be able to cope where as Robbie is so easy going (like Lizzie) he just slotted in.

I'm sorry things are no better I hope things pick up for you soon.

GillL Thu 11-Jun-09 11:17:13

You guys were up late. Dd had me up til 11 and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

TT - Just looked at the new picture. It's sooo cute. Paddy has a lovely smile.

Pink - so nice to hear from you. Well done on the weight loss! I've started walking to train for Race for Life in July. I've put on some weight recently and really couldn't get motivated to diet but now I've got an excuse because we've been invited to a wedding in August.

Can I be really cheeky and ask for the meet up to be on a Saturday or Sunday? I'd really like to be there and I don't think I'll be able to get any time off work before pink moves away.

James - good to hear James is talking more. Hope the job situation improves. I keep hearing people saying that things are going to pick up soon. It's so hard when you've got kids. You're right that employers have the upper hand. I've been looking for jobs ever since I found out about the redundancies. None of the part time jobs fit in with school hours and, because hundreds of people apply for every job, I don't feel I would be able to ask for flexible working or reduced hours for a full time job. There would be plenty of people lining up to work the hours they need.

Alex's talking seems to progress in waves. Last night he helped us put the shopping away and was naming a lot of the food - beans, yoghurts, grapes etc. He breaks my heart every night though when I put him to bed - he waves at me and says 'bye' with a tear in his eye sad

Hersetta - I don't envy you trying to get everything ready for your holiday. Do you trust your dh with doing any of it? Hope the weather's good where you're going.

Lizzie - Glad your girls help you out. My dd was helpful initially but now she just moans that she's too tired to help. She loves him to bits though. She and her cousins fight over who's going to hold his hand.

Hersetta Thu 11-Jun-09 12:10:10

Gill - god no !!

His only task was to put the clothes he wanted to take away on the spare bed. I came in to fine 6 T Shirts only, no shorts, no socks, no pants....nothing. Oh, he said i thought you only meant t shirts? WTF !!He's rubbish at planning etc....whereas I've been making packing lists for the last month!!

That's so sad about Alex waving goodbye to you at night...must be heartbraking. Caitlin has just learnt to blow kisses so blows me a kiss and says night, night.

tokentotty Thu 11-Jun-09 13:00:38

Hey Hersetta - you're not going to Spain are you? I fly in on the 20th if so.

GillL Thu 11-Jun-09 13:09:16

Lol - My dh has done the washing 3 times in 7 years. I prefer to do it myself so I can make sure everyone has the clothes they need. Dh just chucks in whatever's at the top of the laundry basket.

It does make me feel sad but he's getting better. He used to cry before I even put him in the cot. Now he just whimpers 'bye'. Sometimes he cries for a few seconds, other times he just goes straight to sleep.

Just did a 30 minute boxercise dvd in my lunch break. I surprised myself how well I coped with it. I thought I'd be knackered. I underestimated how much fitter walking has made me.

Hersetta Thu 11-Jun-09 13:37:09

TT - no we're renting a lovely child friendly villa in Corfu. I am going to Spain though for a week on September 6th.

tokentotty Thu 11-Jun-09 13:55:55

Oh shame, well, not for you obviously H !! Am determined to bring the smallies up to I* when we get back from holiday in July so I'll definitely let you know.

lizziemun Thu 11-Jun-09 14:37:59


I think it less about helping more about 'I'LL DO IT' 'NOOOO, ME DO IT' grin.

I must start my diet and getting fit because i dont want to be fat and forty, so i need to start now as i'm 40 in octobershock.

loler Thu 11-Jun-09 21:54:15

PINK - I live 5 miles from Stafford - If you fancy meeting up in July let me know. I'm sure I could show you some nice places to hang out over the school holidays. Where is your DS going to school?

Good luck with the move - hope it all goes well for you - moving is a nightmare let alone to a whole new area!

loler Thu 11-Jun-09 22:16:29

Pink - you can email me at mnloler@googlemail.com and I'll send any flyers etc for activities around here.

loler Thu 11-Jun-09 22:24:27

PS hello everyone else - TT is good to see you're copying well with 2. They look really alike in the updated photo.

James - hope you're OK, you're sounding a bit down in your posts.

Short term memory completely shot and can't remember what I was going to say to everyone else!

GillL Sun 14-Jun-09 07:45:31

Hello. Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. It's not been much fun round here for the last 2 days. Dd was sick 5 times all over the arm chair and carpet. I spent Friday evening hand washing the seat cover, cushion covers and carpet. Then last night it was ds' turn. Fortunately he was only sick once on his pillow and dh's t-shirt. There must be a bug going round as their cousins were both sick this weekend too.

Also, ds has been diagnosed with eczema. He's covered in spots. We've been given a moisturiser and steroid cream. Anyone got any tips?

Pinkranger Sun 14-Jun-09 20:12:54

Loler - Thank you so much, would love to meet up in the July, so dont want to be on my own! - Have noted your email address.

Sorry the dc were ill over the weekend Gill, its awful when they both get it, Must say very lucky ds2 has NEVER been sick ( only milk) be a shock when he does (im touching wood as i type........)

Had a lovley weekend, had a hugh BBQ for about 30 people yesterday as a good bye part, very sad but lots of fun, lots of food and lots of drink, didnt go to bed until 3.30am and up with the kids at 7, been fine all day but getting tierd now, hope everyoneelse is well

GillL Mon 15-Jun-09 08:35:24

It was my turn last night sad I feel a lot better today but I was awake most of the night feeling very rough. I'm not working today. Just got to get my strength up. Of course I had to help dh get ds ready this morning hmm (dd had a sleepover at mum's).

Poor you pink. It must be sad leaving all your friends and family. Is this move for your dh's work? I think I remember you mentioning this some time last year. How does your ds1 feel about moving schools? Hope you managed to get an early night.

loler Mon 15-Jun-09 10:20:06

See you in July then Pink! - It must be a real up heave to move everyone but you couldn't chose a nicer area - I really love living here (not from here originally either so no biases!

Children adjust really quickly - I used to move regularly when I was little (DF was in RAF) and used to hate the thought of it but always found after a month that I liked the new place more than the old one!

gill - hope your better

Hi guys, thanks for all the messages, things are a bit bit better as in I've made all the important phonecalls and got stuff sorted out. We're still skint but I'm sleeping better. I think we just need to make some big changes- I need to get a job, and we may need to find somewhere cheaper to rent. I'm going to apply to go on the council house register but I doubt we'll get anywhere for a few years as we aren't high priority.

Pink, I did look into childminding a while ago but it's not for me. Glad you're doing better, sounds like you're getting really fit too! well done. Good luck with your move, hope it goes smoothly.

Lizzie, I've heard it said a lot that going from one to two is hard (I suppose it's like learning to juggle!) I'm glad you're finding three no more difficult.

Gill, that's so cute about him waving bye with a tear in his eye at night! bet it makes you feel awful! I have to admit that by bedtime my patience has rather run out so I just stick classic fm on, pop him in his cot with a few books, chuck a blanket over him and cheerily shout "night night darling, looove yooou!" as I'm retreating down the stairs, by which time J has his nose stuck in a book and barely notices I've gone. If dp takes him up he tends to stand about saying goodnight and "it's ok, don't cry", so James starts crying and messing about because he knows daddy faffs about on the landing for ages and goes back in if he cries.

Sorry to hear you and the kids have been poorly - wait til your dh gets it, he's bound to be laid up for days milking it for all he's worth! Bloody men. James has eczema too, the best advice is to use a special bath oil like oilatum which won't dry out or irritate the skin, and apply the steroid cream/moisturiser afterwards. Babywipes are bad on eczema so avoid using them anywhere but the nappy area if you can.

loler, I'm ok thanks - think the last post was pmt, although I do get down when I'm due my anaemia jab too because I get so exhausted and mentally foggy. I didn't realise you lived in Stafford, I'm about 20 miles from Shrewsbury, so not ages away. I like it round here too!

We saw a speech therapist at playgroup yesterday who said that James was very clever at communicating what he wanted without words so that was probably why he wasn't talking much yet, but that he was showing signs of being about to speak, so she's given me the phone number of our local SLT but she says that by the time the appointment comes around in a couple of months it's highly likely he'll have progressed more. So pretty reassuring, but also good to have a 'backup plan" too for if everything stops. I also spoke to a mum whose 3yr old son had only just started talking "all at once, loads of words every day" in the last fortnight which I found reassuring!

Is anyone else MASSIVELY BROODY at the moment? hmm angry I can't think about anything else and it's doing my head in. Even my dreams are full of bumps and babies, and they're everywhere I look. Not fair!

Sorry for the mega-waffle, better go and get something done. xxx

GillL Wed 17-Jun-09 16:30:47

I'm feeling much better now but still a bit weak. Ds keeps saying 'ick, mummy' smile. It caught up with dh yesterday morning. He had to pull over on the motorway on the way home to be sick (sorry for tmi). He went straight to bed and got up just after 9am today when I came upstairs to work. Usually he does milk it James but he saw having today off work as a great opportunity to do the gloss paint in the living room. At least he's making himself useful! I had to make him toast twice this morning though.

James - It's nice to have you around more often smile Glad you're getting the bills sorted. Thanks for the advice about the eczema. We use Infacare in the bath which is supposed to be very gentle. The spots have flared up just recently so I wondered if it was the suncream I was using on him. My sister uses an ASDA suncream on her ds who has eczema so I'm going to give that a try and see if it helps.

I'm not broody at the moment. The thought of having no money and no sleep ususally sets me straight.

Have you heard from tasha/snot recently?

Annie75 Wed 17-Jun-09 22:37:47

Hello! I've only just found this thread grin. How lovely to catch up on everyone's news. And congrats to the parents of the new babies! I was wondering what you'd had Tokentotty. Love her name

So, broody, eh? No danger of that with me. Well, it's crossed my mind but I couldn't imagine having the energy or the money for a while. Two sets of nursery fees sounds scary...

Hello James - nice to hear how you and James are doing. Am jealous of you being able to put him to bed so easily - Nell has seemingly never-ending energy and can out-last me in spite of a regular bedtime routine. Am hoping it won't last forever and that one day I'll be able to reclaim my evenings!

I work a four day week and wish I could spend a bit more time with her. She's very, very funny and chatty and yes, has started to have some spectacular tantrums hmm. I resorted to feeding her chocolate buttons around the supermarket the other day blush. She's a bit of a tomboy - always clamouring to be outside whatever the weather and asks for brown clothes, not pink! She's now really settled in nursery, which is lovely and a big relief.

So, that's us. Will try and revisit this thread to get the baby news! x

Infacare isn't that gentle imo, I bought it for James but it seems to dry out his eczema further. Oilatum and other ones designed for eczema are much better, they're really moisturising, but they do make the bath slippery so you have to be careful. Then again as you said it could be the suncream, anything can start rashes off really, it's very much trial and error. Do you use a non-bio washing powder?

Wish I could brush off this broodiness that easily, it's been with me a while now ever since I thought I was pregnant a few weeks back. It's frustrating because I really need to lose a lot of weight before trying again ideally, I've got a doctors appointment on tuesday to talk about it. Even if I could lose 3 or 4 stone it'd be better than not!

Hi Annie, sorry I x-posted there. Glad you're doing ok! I know there's plenty of reasons not to be broody but unfortunately my mind won't listen to reason right now hmm He does go to sleep easily but he goes to bed quite late (usually 9.30ish) so we don't get much of an evening together anyway.

Your dd sounds like a little character asking for brown clothes instead of pink! Her and James would get on well wanting to stomp around outside in any weather. He'd play in the dark too! Glad she's settled into nursery, did she take long to settle down?

Pinkranger Thu 18-Jun-09 12:37:15

James, glad you are feeling a bit better, broody - NEVER AGAIN! Love my boys to bit's but i struggle to find time at what i want to do with them now, it would be so much harder with one more, plus they are both in Bed and asleep by 8pm so finally feel that im getting a life back! grin

Nice to here about nell settleing in well, like james said She would mix well with the boy's, Tates very similair in the fact that he either has to be covered in something (mud,wood chippings, grass, food - the list could go on) or climbibng on something, my ds1 never hurt himself and got many bumps but i feel i may have afew trips to A&E with this one in the next few years!

Gill - Am worried about leaving people but im sure i will settle ok, I have made alot of friends here but mmost of them have been through the school network or toddler groups so i just have to build up my confidence and get out there, i do really worry about Ben (older ds) but as loler said they adapt well and he is a VERY confidnet boy and will just get on with it i think.

Wont be back for a week or so as we aredriving to south of france tomorrow night for a week, Cant wait!!!!! Have a good week girls

GillL Thu 18-Jun-09 12:52:33

Hi Annie - good to hear from you. Glad to hear that Nell is doing well at nursery. I work full time and would love to work a shorter week but what can you do when you've got bills to pay. My dd doesn't like pink either. She keeps swapping between blue and yellow being her favourite.

James - I use Persil non-bio. I started using it a couple of months ago. Before that I used a Morrisons non-bio. I guess the new one could have triggered a reaction. It does coincide with when the symptoms started.

Hope you have a lovely time in France pink.

Here for a rant!! angry

The other day I posted on MN that James had done a mural on a cream wall with a big black crayon an hour before my landlord was coming over. I ended up painting over it. I've just come in to find he's done and even bigger, much worse one in the same place! Told him off, he cried his eyes out then went and got another crayon (god knows where from, they live on a very high shelf) and did it again right in front of me! shock angry

He's trashed the livingroom and his bedroom - he's even pulled all the furniture out, it looks like we've been burgled, and he's rubbed loads of tuna mayonnaise into his hair and tomatoes down his pale blue top, so now he needs a bath - we're supposed to be going to south wales in an hour! hmm

I'm so bloody angry!

GillL Fri 19-Jun-09 10:27:30

Poor you James. I would have been very angry too. Maybe it's the start of the terrible 2s and he's testing the boundaries to see what he can get away with. Hope you managed to get away on time.

lol, we did manage to get away ok, only an hour late (posting from S.Wales now) Sorry for the rant but I was fuming. grin It's definitely the terrible two's - it's come on all of a sudden!

He's been dead naughty since, too. Yesterday he posted a digestive biscuit in our friend's video player, drawn pictures in spit on their TV screen, thrown an assortment of stones,dog toys and finally the dog's basket in their fishpond. He had loads of tantrums, and he wouldn't sleep til 12.45am! shock

He hasn't been too bad today apart from hitting mil's dog with a wooden hammer, but the day is young... hmm

Apparently the dog exacted its revenge on James this evening, bit his hand. angry He didn't break the skin but left teethmarks. James wasn't doing anything mean to him (I was watching) just wandered over. sad

loler Sun 21-Jun-09 08:28:50

James - sounds like you are having fun - of your list of things though I think the only really naughty one is hitting the dog. The others are just experimenting with the world (in a messy way) - you just need eyes in the back of your head to stop it!

The dog biting him would really worry me - even if he was pushing him around earlier. Can they be seperated when you visit? I always keep our dog in the kitchen when we have visitors who aren't used to dogs. A toddler can't be expected to read a dogs body language and avoid being bitten.

I'm currently entertaining the dc downstairs (well sat with them while they watch tv!) so that dh can have a lie in on fathers day (to make it different from every other day this week hmm - ds2 been waking at 5am everyday).

Yeah I am worried about the dog - to be honest I've always been wary of him, he's a puppy (probably 7 months old) but full size now. The trouble is he's mil's baby hmm she lets him sleep in her bed, sit on the sofa, feeds him from her plate etc - the dog thinks he's further up in the pack than James, so he was putting him in his place when James wandered over to where the dog was sitting on mils lap.

You can still see the bite mark on his hand today. I'm keeping the dog away, I don't give a shit if I piss mil off, I've already told her if he ever bites him again I'm going to kick him round the room (and yes I am an animal lover but you know how it is when something hurts your baby) angry

GillL Mon 22-Jun-09 11:49:18

Whenever we spend time at someone else's house I spend the entire time chasing round after ds to stop him doing things he shouldn't. Even though most people tell me not to worry (saying 'it'll wash off' etc) I would still feel really bad if he stained or broke something.

Hope the bite didn't put James off dogs. Alex used to love animals but my mum's cat often swipes him when he walks past (innocently, minding his own business) so now he's scared of cats and dogs.

loler - that sounds like every day in our house too. I very occasionally make dh get up with the kids but most of the time I let him lay in. If he doesn't get at least 9-10 hours sleep at the weekend then he's not worth being around. He spends the whole day snapping at the kids.

Anyone else's lo still not got all their teeth? Ds has 8 altogether at the front and 4 molars. One of the canines has just cut through after months and months of nothing. It's seems like he'll be teething forever.

I don't think James has been put off dogs, he was attempting to play with him the day after, but we wouldn't let him. And funnily enough, the dog went for dp yesterday too when he went to speak to mil. Next time we go there we'll be keeping him away from James full stop.

I think J has 8 teeth top and bottom, I'm not sure how many milk teeth they're supposed to get though.

What shoe size are your dc taking now? James is a size 6g, his feet barely seem to have grown since last year.

GillL Tue 23-Jun-09 10:19:31

I'm not sure how many teeth they should have. I thought it was 20 but I could be wrong.

Ds is currently in a 6H but I have a feeling he won't be in them for much longer. He was in a size 5H for about 8 months and then 5 1/2 G for 6 weeks before he went up to a 6. He loves his sandals though. They're a 7 but, when I took dd to get some Sandals from Clarks they told me that they fit them a half size bigger. Ds' are from ASDA but he doesn't walk outside much so I don't mind getting the cheaper ones for him.

meandjoe Tue 30-Jun-09 14:19:35

Hi everyone, been months since I was on here. How is everyone doing? Sounds like we're all very busy with our nearly 2 year olds! I can't believe how fast it seems to be going now.

James shock at poor James getting bitten, I have a dog and I love him dearly but if he dared bite Joe I'd go ballistic. Thankfully the dog is just so daft and gentle with him which is good.

Joe is growing up so fast. Seems to have stopped with the tantrums (for now but then he did start having them from birth!)

He's a proper little man now and every day gets more and more wonderful! He's obsessed with bin lorries at the minute and loves being outside (regardless of the weather!) He sees to be such an old soul though... I can't explain what I mean by that but sometimes he just looks at me like he's been here before! He knows thing that I have absolutely no idea how he knows them. Yesterday he told me that houses were made from bricks and that rain comes from clouds. Now.... the bricks thing I can sort of see how he's picked up on that but I am damn sure me and dh have never mentioned rain coming from clouds. He also told me thesun was 'bright and hot'. Sometimes he scares me with the things he comes out with.

Yeah think they are meant to have 20 teeth, Joe has all but his very back molars on the top so has 18 teeth altogether.

Anyway, haven't had chance to catch up fully. How are all the new babies? Anyone else pg?? Still not even on our adgenda to have another, Joe is too perfect lol (and the thought of the first year of hell is too much to bear again!!!)

Hope all is OK with everyone, I will catch up on this thread and see what you've all been up to! x

Pinkranger Tue 30-Jun-09 21:12:54

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week - James shock at your MIL dog, i would have felt exactly the same as you, it can put kids off for ages. with regards to behaviour as loler said he is only exploring and as a mother of a 6yr old boy as-well, sit back and enjoy, it only gets more fun! lol x

As for teeth they are meant to have 20, Tate is cutting his last four, no moaning ( yet) but lots of dribble -
and shoe size he is still a size 4 1/2 has been that for 6 months, his first pair of walking shoes were a 2 1/2 bless -

Had a Fab holiday, drive down was not to bad as we drove over night but way back was tough, Boys loved the pool and we just chilled out, may me notice this week how stressed out with normal life i can get, only 2 days back in and already im losing patience with the kids, where on holiday we had all the time in the world sad

GillL Wed 01-Jul-09 13:47:21

Hi Joe. How spooky, I was thinking about you yesterday. Joe sounds like a lovely little boy and very bright. Ds surprised me this morning when he heard a siren and said 'police car'. I was really broody at the beginning of the year but had to put off having another one because of my job but, as ds gets older and easier, I can't help thinking that I want to wait a bit longer.

Glad you had a good holiday pink. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses her patience quickly. I find myself shouting at the kids every morning, especially when I have to get them to mum's in time to get my train to London.

Dh is away for work for 2 nights. Fortunately both dcs went to sleep in the car yesterday evening and stayed asleep all night smile so I managed to get everything prepared for this morning. I was up at 5:30 but I still managed to leave late cos dd didn't want to get up. I don't blame her though, it was 6am! I'm hoping they're going to be good for me tonight.

Pinkranger Mon 06-Jul-09 20:55:19

hi All, hope everyone is well, very quiet on here now, hmm Im so glad its cooled down a bit, we all was getting a bit moany with each other, I love the sun but my kids ( as all) get moany with it!

had a good weekend, went up to where we are moving to and ds1 visited his new school today, he said afterwards that he was a little bit excited which is good, its breaking my heart seeing him so angry and upset about moving and it feels it all my falut as i could stop it if i wanted, im sure he will be fine and make new friends but he is such a tough cookie, seeing him all emontial is killing me! sad.....

On a different note is anyones darling child hmm escaping there car seat straps at EVERY opportunity, it is driving me mad!

loler Wed 08-Jul-09 19:26:19

Hi - we've just got back from a week in the Isle of man - would like to say it was very relaxing and I feel refreshed - it wasn't and I don't! Have hit the stage where all 3 dc are very hard work! Wish I could go back in time 2 years - everything was so easy.

Escaping from car seats is also an everyday occurance here as is throwing any food not high in fat, sugar and salt (although he does eat everything at nursery hmm, refusing to sit in a pushchair then running in the opposite direction (or sitting on the floor refusing to move), grabbing anything that someone else is touching while screaming MIIIINNNEEEE, crying uncontrolably if told 'no' and then hanging from my leg until I give him a cuddle. Life is so much fun with a nearly 2 year old! However - he still is very cute (even if his hair is in his eyes as he won't let the hairdresser within arms length of him) and I'm enjoying his emerging sense of humour.

Pink - I've just found out about some short tennis lessons 9.30-10.30 on Sunday mornings £2.50 a week. You just turn up and pay weekly, everything provided by them. If you're interested I can give you directions. DD is going to try them this weekend I hope.

Pinkranger Wed 08-Jul-09 21:58:34

loler - Lesson sounds great we will hopefully be up there the 1st week of August ( fingers crossed ) He likes anything like that! - Thank you, my email is leanne@stollie.co.uk

Are you sure you dont have my 2 year old there, I dont remember ds1 being this difficult but i look back, we didnt have other children around so he was happy to plod around in his own little world (now he is hard workgrin) Someone posted a link to a hudini strap thing for the carseat - going to get one - ill post link!

Pinkranger Wed 08-Jul-09 22:01:13


Was also meant to say sorry that you didnt have a relaxing break, i hate the thought of going away with just us 4, it can become sooo stressful

loler Thu 09-Jul-09 19:43:07

Thanks Pink - will see if this is a temp blip if not will invest in one of the clips!

Have just seen how moany my last post was - holiday was lovely but very hard work. I sort of pictured long lovely lunches in seaside cafes followed by reading a good book on the beach while glancing at 3 happy dc building sand castles - it didn't happen and I don't know what planet I was on to even expect it? It's full on from 7 til 7 at home and a 3 hour boat trip isn't a magical machine so it was the same on holiday. OK moan over - 6 days of school left and I can have those lazy days at home!

Pinkranger Thu 09-Jul-09 20:57:13

hhmmm lazy days, i will be upacking thousands of boxes! Spoke to ds2 today about the tennis and he is really excitied about it bless

Hersetta Fri 10-Jul-09 09:31:29

hello all,

we had a lovely couple of weeks in corfu - Caitlin was very good and seemed to charm everyone she met. One of the restaurants we used to pop into even gave her a present (a corfu t-shirt) on our last day which she was thrilled with. She ripped open the wrapping paper, held out the t-shirt and said 'wow' and then insisted on wearing it.

Our villa even came complete with 3 resident tortoises. Cait wasn't sure about then at first but within a few days, she go out into the garden in the morning to leave them some food and call 'tortoise, I love you' and then stroked their shells.

Cait got a bit confused on holiday as she'd point to the parasols on the beach and say 'Mummy, rain' as she thought they were umbrellas. Didn't have the heart to tell her she was wrong.

Don't know if anyone else with girls are like this but Caitlin is so girly it's untrue. She obsessed by shoes and now when I comb her hair she says to me 'Mummy, clips' so I have to put her hair chips in. She then dashes off to our full length mirror, stands in front of it and says 'pretty' - the child is so vain!

Came back with holiday blues so we decided to book a winter holiday - was within a whisper of going back to the Maldives but common sense prevailed at the last moment about taking a 2 yr old on an 11 hour flight so we settled for Egypt which is only 5 hours. We going for Xmas and new year - which hasn't impressed the MIL.

We even did something I never dreamed I would do - we booked a family orientated hotel!! 2 years ago it would have been the stuff of nightmares but it has really good reviews and it was the only place we could get that we could book a family suite so Cait has her own bedroom. How your life changes when you have a sproglet!

Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend.

Uki Sat 11-Jul-09 08:47:50

Hello All

nice to hear about all the holidays good and bad, There just not always 'holidays' when you have little ones, more like a change of scenery with all the hard work still attached blush

LL's favourite 2 words are 'mine' and 'me'at the moment, he is very enthusiastic about most things especially food.

No baby news yet, I'm very sore and uncomfortable if anyone needs putting off their broodiness, I have this horrible pain under my ribs all the time that goes around to my back, and everyone keeps telling me how terrible i look all the time, nice eh?

I think this pregnancy's aged me at least 10 years sad

love to all the Augies

meandjoe Sat 11-Jul-09 18:07:53

Aww UKI I can't believe people told you how terrible you look, how bloody rude! I'm sure you don't look as bad as you probably feel though luv. I had forgotten about the awful rib pain I had with ds, thanks for the reminder (not that we're planning anymore babies for a while!) Hope everything goes well for you and you have some exciting news soon!

Hersetta, Caitlin sounds adorable. No wonder she charmed everyone on holiday!

The holidays all sound nice but I do agree that 2 yr olds are just such hard work at home that a holiday is just going to be even more stressful without the familiar surroundings and routine etc. Not had a holiday this year, just didn't seem worth it, not to mention we are less than flush with cash at the minute! DH has just had another big pay cut so we are struggling a bit at the minute. I am looking for work but there are just no jobs in our town, still, it could be worse.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

GillL Fri 17-Jul-09 17:05:12

Hello. Hope everyone is well. Ds' skin is much better now. I don't know if it was changing the sun cream or covering him in Oilatum moisturiser twice a day but he's not sore or itchy anymore.

I went for another job interview a couple of weeks ago. I was offered the job but they wanted me in London 3 days a week starting at 8am! I tried to get them to change it to 9 but they wouldn't so I'll keep looking.

Sorry to hear about the money situation meandjoe. I can't imagine how we'd cope if we had pay cuts.

Nice to hear about all the holidays. Mine seems so long ago. I agree that they are still hard work when you have small children. I've got 2 weeks off at the end of August when mum takes her holiday. We'll just go on a couple of days out and maybe visit some friends. Might take the kids to London Zoo. I don't think I've been there for over 20 years. We're going to a wedding on the second Friday so we're all looking forward to that.

Hope everything goes well for you Uki.

tokentotty Fri 17-Jul-09 23:56:37


As usual I'm beginning with an apology for not getting online regularly and never reading previous posts. However I do promise to engage 'best efforts' to do so from now on ok ???

Anyway, all ok here, had fab few weeks at home in Spain with Paddy who doesn't bloomin' stop talking: "what's that?" (repeat ad infinitum) and Mimi who is now wonderful and doesn't stop smiling, especially when Pads spends most of this time with his face inches from hers shouting "Mimi Moo Moo".

Oh and yes, am still excrutiatingly tired most of the time!!

Right, am off to bed now but will deffo, deffo be back!!

Can't wait to get some spare time and read up on all you guys xxxx

loler Sun 19-Jul-09 20:02:35

I was just being nosey and spotted this:
By Uki on Sun 19-Jul-09 13:23:16

Hello Everyone

we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new baby daughter.

Monae Emerald
7lb 10zo
born on the 16th July

She was exactly 2 weeks early, an induced labour because of high blood pressure.

The Details: I was addmited to hospital on the 15th, and started induction at 6pm with prostogin gel, started to have some sharpish contractions and thought maybe baby would come that night, so called dh back in, given second gel at 11pm, more contractions, but then dr, told me to sleep, gave me a sleeping tablet and when I lay down contractions stopped. Given third lot in morning, walked around hospital to get labour going, but it didn't establish till 1pm. I was in major pain then, and told them all to either run over me with a truck or give me an epidural. Got edipural at around 1:40pm one word heaven started to really feel baby coming at 5pm and told them to get dr. back, they didn't believe me but dr. arrived and 3 pushes she was out, managed to push even though i couldn't feel a thing dr. wasn't even ready, and we were all laughing and smiling about it.
Little Monae opened her eyes as i held her, amazing.
dh went home to kids, as we were worried about leaving them, with Oma and Opa for so long. I got up to have a shower but had massive haemorrage, all went a bit scary then, I won't gore you all out, but we are all recovering well now.

Hope everyone is well, sorry for going early but they are worth the wait look forward to catching up and more baby news in just time.

One other weird thing, everyone thinks i bribed the dr. to have her on the 16th, as dh, ds2,my best friend and myself and now Monae are all born on the 16th of different months, ds1 was born on the 14th (so close)

Congratulations Uki - after 2 boys you're in for a pleasant suprise! And how different are the nappies, so few wet wipes are needed?!

GillL Mon 20-Jul-09 12:27:45

Thanks loler.

Congratulations uki. Hope you're all well and enjoying Monae - what a lovely name.

Not much from me today other than our front room is finally decorated after 7 years of living here. We also have our dining room back after using it as a living room for over 4 years. Ds thinks it's wonderful. The first thing he said when I got him up this morning was 'New new table' smile

GillL Mon 20-Jul-09 12:32:22

Sorry TT. Forgot to say hi, got distracted by the baby news. Are you still thinking about the meet up? I'm off work for the last two weeks of August.

Knickers0nMaHead Mon 20-Jul-09 13:01:56

congrats uki!
I never thought having two dc so close together would be quite so hard. Dd is now going through the terrible twos and ds just wont keep still but is very clingy! Cant believe he is almost 9mo! Hope everyone and toddlers and babies are well.

helibee Mon 27-Jul-09 00:39:20

hi everyone, i know it's been ages. Life just seems to keep getting in the way.

Callum is adorable most of the time, the whinging when he doesn't get his own way is frustrating and the other day i just looked at him and he took himself off to the bottom step for a time out, came back a minute later to say sorry and kiss me hmmgrin

Callum had a funny turn last week though. He seemed to pass out, fall from the 2nd step and turn blue. He was floppy until i shook him then he cried for about 10min and he was fine and has been fine ever since.

All the children in our village love Callum and for the last 3 weeks that they've been off i've had daily knocks at the door from 8 children aged between 5-8yrs, asking if Callum can come out to playhmm, It is very sweet but as he's not old enough to play on his own i have to go out and watch and i'm tellling you, never again will i complain that toddlers are hard work, a house full of 5-8 year old boys and the odd girl are much harderwink

I'm finding C's words so funny and he woke me up the other day to tell me he was "ducks", so i said where are the ducks? He looked at me and said "no mummy, mees a duck" and pulled at his sleeping bag. he meant he was stuck! and i was well and truly toldgrin He also tells me every time i go to the kitchen that the oven is teddy dot (very hot), he's so cute at those times that it def makes up for the tantrums.

When we took him for dessert at Nardini's last week, the drinks arrived and C turned to dh and I and said "cheers" and clinked our glasses, dh and i nearly fell off our seats laughing grin

meandjoe-good to see you back on here and joe sounds like such a cute wee soul and very clever too.

hersetta-your holiday sounded lovely, i'm very jealous as we can't get away for another month or so as dh is working so hard to deliver jobs that have all come off at the same time.

uki-congratulations on monae, it is such a sweet name

gill-hope ds's skin is better now, some hydrocortisone should help if it's not. C's eczema is bad at the moment because of the heat and humidity.

knickers-it really sounds like you've got your hands full. Hope they give you a chance for 5 min to yourself in a day. Is dd still having a nap?

conker-how are you getting on with angus and struan, hope they're not tiring you out too much.

Uki Mon 27-Jul-09 05:14:19

Thanks loler and thanks everyone.

what a nice suprise to see my news already on here. It's not easy to keep up with all my threads anymore.winkI was just trying to catch up.

helibee- good to hear callum is still so cute, something bad has happened to my sweet levi, it's probably being out of sorts having to share 'nimmy' as LL calls me, but maybe also terrible two's hitting???

Please tell me i'm not the only one, there is all day and might screaming and hanging off me at my place, LL is happy when cuddled but very hard to do a thing when you have to hold a weighty toddler all day.

I feel bad for him, but I'm not sure what to do with him, he just shouts 'no' all day, and doesn't want to get dressed, have baths sleep, etc.

Anyway hopefully it will be a short lived phase. Baby Monae is so far really calm and easy. so at least that's going well.

better try and catch up on this thread now.

Mona was

Hersetta Mon 27-Jul-09 08:55:03

Congrats Uki - glad Monae is being good to you. I held a 2 week old on Saturday - I had forgotten how small they are but my broodiness did kick in again big time. Desperately want another but will have to wait at least a year.

Blimey Helibee that must have been scarey - you sounded like you were very calm though, am am glad Callum has been well since.

Caitlin does the cheers thing as well - very cute but she insists on doing it at least a dozen times. She also nows sees a glass of wine and says 'Mummy juice'.....oops!

She was so funny on Saturday. She had just finished as enormous (for her) roast chicken dinner when she had a large mouthful of jiuce, sat back in her highchair and proclaimed ' delicious'. I have no idea where the word came from as I always just say nice? to her - guess it must be her childminder. It has since become the word of the weekend and she even proclaimed the end of the french stick she was eating as we made our way round Tesco's yesterday delicious!

Hope everyone else is well and not struck down by swine flu.

tokentotty Tue 28-Jul-09 22:31:00

hehehehe am laughing at everyone's little one's talking. I was thinking about all that time I spent being joyous at every bloomin' step towards speech when all I think now is "SHUT UP" !!!

Only joking (well ok, only kind of joking). There is nothing Paddy doesn't say, although am amazed that there's been no swearing yet to be honest. *bad, uncouth, common mother alert*

Just reading Hersetta's 'delicious' msg made me laugh as we had that in Spain last month, could have been me writing that post. Also, after me having one of those orange Callippo (sp?) lollies, and having to share it with him, he sat back, looked at me and declared, " Best Lolly Ever".

WTF ???? And yes, the spacing is intended and how he said it. Sadly we are now in the world of "Let go me" everytime he's picked up to do something unpleasing to him, and as for my efforts to impress politeness and manners on him? Well they've worked a treat. He is the most well mannered and polite child you could meet. The upside of that however ends there. A normal conversation with him now goes like this:

Me: Come on Paddy, let's get you dressed now

Paddy: Oh, no thank you Mummy

Great. Just great. What can you say to that? If he's screaming "NOOOOOOO" at me then I can happily just grab him and get on with it. When faced with such calm, assured politeness how should I proceed ??

Uki - massive, massive congratulations. I have to confess that I would have another one tomorrow (WHAT ?? I hear you scream). Well done on a fabulous natural birth despite what sounds like a rather protracted process.

Am currently (yes - longest post EVER), enduring both children teething at the same time. Paddy's last molars are showing themselves. One down, 3 to go. While Mimi has produced her first tooth. This is the house of dribble, poo, colds and misery....I could cry. Oh no, wait. I frequently do...!!! wink

Ok, just previewed this msg (and even bored myself with the length of it) and there are no spaces between the words "best lolly ever" leaving next paragraph rather null and void. There were spaces. Big, long, spaces.

Thankyou, goodnight. Have bored myself to sleep

And just remembered. Gil - yes, would love to meet up again (although reckon you'll have changed your mind after reading this rambling mess). Am not on holiday again until Sept 14th ish, can't remember exact date, so can we fix something up ??

Hersetta Wed 29-Jul-09 09:20:28

Hey TT!

paddy sounds so cute with his no thank you's and best lolly ever. We're never destined to meet in Spain...I come back on the 11th!!

We get a lot of yes please's now so even saying Caitlin would you like to go shopping with Mummy produces a responce of yes, please.

We went to our first NCT group 2nd birthday party last weekend and have concluded that Cait is a yob. She was the only girl at the party and soon encouraged the boys from their quiet playing with cars to running around madly screaming and chasing each other whilst she sang ' Bob the Builder, yes we can'!

Bob is her third love after Peppa Pig and Dora the explorer and thanks to the latter she not can spout a few Spanish words. Personally Peppa drives me round the bend (and Daddy pig is a moron!)but Dora i think is actually OK and we sit and sing the songs together. I ordered a Dora birthday cake for her for her party and am deliberating changing the order to Peppa but I have another 2 weeks to decide so will see who's most in favour then.

GillL Wed 29-Jul-09 10:07:23

Hello. I love hearing about the chatterboxes. Ds' speach is motoring along. The other day he said 'help daddy tidy up'. He didn't actually do it but the thought was there smile My favourite thing he has said so far is 'Troy, silly, love, him'. Dd is making him into a High School Musical (and Troy) fan.

TT - about the meet up. If it's a week day I can do between 18th and 21st August or between 24th and 26th August. If it's a weekend then I can do any date in August except 30th. Let us know what suits you and where. It was in my neck of the woods last time so you choose where we go. My dc's would love a ride on the train.

I'll catch up properly later.

GillL Wed 29-Jul-09 12:43:03

knickers - hope things get easier for you soon.

helibee - that must have been so scary. Glad Callum is ok now. Rather you than me with all the 5-8 yr olds round your house! Ds' skin is a bit worse now but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. Probably compared to Callum you wouldn't even know he had eczema.

uki - hope you and baby are well. My dc's aren't sleeping well at the moment - not going to sleep til at least 10pm most nights. My poor mum has to deal with most of the moods and bad behaviour.

I've been cheeky and arranged to have ds' birthday party at sil's house. Her kids couldn't go to ds or dd's parties last year because she has 4 kids and no transport so I suggested I bring the party to them. I'm sure it will be stressful getting all the food ready in the morning but I won't have to worry about my house getting messy wink (obviously I'll help to clean up afterwards!). What is everyone else planning?

loler Wed 29-Jul-09 15:00:23

Oh dear I feel like an unfit mother again - we're on holiday again for ds2 birthday so will be once agian skipping the party (he is only 2, ds1 still hasn't had a party and he's 4) - hoping that he might have a cake this year as last year he had an ice-cream with a candle in.

Ds2 is chatty but not very clear he mainly points out things with wheels but his new craze are go-gos (plastic tat that he steals from his sister) - he walks around screaming "NOOO, MY GO-GO" just to ensure no-one else goes near them.

Pink - hope the move went well - guessing that you haven't got your internet working yet.

What did the GP say about Callum - I think I would have had a panic?

helibee Thu 30-Jul-09 23:25:54

hiya, Callum has not been so cute today, he didn't want to be inside or outside, or upstairs or downstairs or dressed or undressed [aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh emoticon neededwink]

Anyway next wed i have my friends girls aged 13 and 16 coming to stay and i just love them and it's so nice having girls in the house, then on the 16th we'll have a tea party for C with his friends as we're going to the Cotswolds for his birthday.

Callum has been fine since, i phoned gp and he said not to worry as he has been fine and he may have caught his breath and passed out, am keeping a close eye on him.

Callum is now in his duvet an completely out of sleeping bags, he seems to be sleeping better now after 2 weeks of very unsettled goings to bed we figured that was the problem, he just didn;t want to be restricted. We're also going to turn his cot into cot bed as he seems ready for it.

I have to go and buy a potty and a step this weekend too as C insists on going to the big toilet and he is getting very good but it would be quicker in some instances to just pop him on a potty.

Have any of your wee ones become a wee bit more constipated since their poos have become "grown up" ones SORRY IF TMI? Callum drinks loads and eats lots of fruit but he still seems a wee bit constipated?

Hersetta-Callum sings Roary the Racing Car and he does like Peppa but he is still in love with Hannah Montana and his favourite tv show is As Time Goes By, everything is "mummy, were Jean and Ninor as C calls him (Lionel) gone?" every time the episode has finished, then "mummy, mes a need more (then he sings the theme tune and finishes with the word by)" who can resistgrin

meandjoe Sat 08-Aug-09 12:04:59

Hi all,

hope everyone is enjoying summer and all the lo's are enjoying their birthdays. It was Joe's on the 5th and we just had a little get together at our house (I say little but it still meant me flapping about preparing food for 23 family members and a couple of close friends which left me a bit knackered!) Joe really enjoyed it though although he isn't really that keen on cake, he did like the candles!

Anyway, we are potty training here at the minute... seems to be going well... almost too well so I am sure there will be set backs and regressions further up the road (as there always are with things like this!) His understanding and language are pretty good so I just explained it to him and read a book called 'me and my potty' which he loves and he seems to have done it really easily although I am still not daring to go too far from home as he doesn't give much warning when he needs to go!

Heli how scary about callum passing out! Hope he's ok now and takes to his new potty well! We were a bit premature and bought Joe's potty about a year ago blush even though we weren't trying to potty train him. I just wanted him to get used to it. It has meant that whenever he asked what it was I told him and he seems to have just got used to it being there so he's not at all anxious or confused if that makes sense?!

Knickers, how's things? Your ds must be about 10 months now, hopefully things will calm down abit when he becomes a toddler and less of a cling baby. Think you're doing amazingly. I'd be in a straight jacket if I had another baby like Joe and a toddler to run around after!

Right... not got much else to report, just wanted to say hello and wish all our beautiful babies a happy 2nd birthday!

helibee Sun 09-Aug-09 00:49:20

thats great meandjoe about Josephs potty training. Callum actually goes better on the toilet but we thought the potty was easier for a quick placing on like the other day when C decided he was literally a second off of a wee and we wouldn't have gotten him to the toilet in time but he made the potty, thankfully.

Happy Birthday to all the babies or toddlers nowwink we're having a wee tea party on sun for his 3 best friends who he loves and our family.

If you ask Callum now "how much do you love me?" he stretches out his arms and says "this much" and then points to the sky and says "moon back" cos we always tell him we love him to the moon and back, oh it's soooooo cute

loler Sun 09-Aug-09 19:59:50

Well done on the potty training - we've had ours out today as the dc were running around the garden with not much on. ds2 did lots of wees near it but none on it. Think it's going to be a while - probably because my heart isn't really in it. Ds1 was 3.4 and went dry day and night with absolutely no accidents so I know it will come in the end.

Hope all our babies are having very happy birthdays xo

loler Sun 09-Aug-09 20:02:18

Well done on the potty training - we've had ours out today as the dc were running around the garden with not much on. ds2 did lots of wees near it but none on it. Think it's going to be a while - probably because my heart isn't really in it. Ds1 was 3.4 and went dry day and night with absolutely no accidents so I know it will come in the end.

Hope all our babies are having very happy birthdays xo

Uki Mon 10-Aug-09 23:40:58

Happy Birthday to Joe and all the other toddlers smile

we are having a party at a little thomas amusement park, first time i've had something not at home, but saves cleaning as well as cooking.
LL loves the trains there, so should be great.

well done on the toilet training, haven't thought about it yet blush
better go
catch up soon

GillL Wed 12-Aug-09 12:49:26

Happy birthday to all of our lovely toddlers. Ds' birthday is on Saturday and I can't wait to give him his presents. It will be the first time he'll really appreciate what's happening. It was his cousin's birthday last week and he's been singing 'Happy to you mummy' ever since. We've got him an art easel with a chalk board and a kettle to go with his tea set, along with a few small bits. He loves making a 'cuppatea'. He helps my dad make his tea every evening. We've got 'In the Night Garden' plates, cups etc and dh is going to try to find a cake to match.

I've not been having a good time trying to find a childminder for dd for the school run 2 days a week (when I'm in London). I saw one lady who was really nice and everything looked good but then, when I phoned her later she told me that she couldn't have her. The other one forgot about our appointment to visit and was out when we turned up at her house. I decided not to re-arrange the appointment. Fortunately my sister lives just down the road from the school and will be able to help out if we don't find anyone in time.

We've not started potty training yet but ds has done a wee in the potty a few weeks ago. Since then he's not really been interested. We'll have to sort it out in time for next Easter though, when he starts pre-school. Strangely he's had a dry nappy when he's woken up the last 2 mornings. It will be wierd if he's dry at night before his sister. She's 4 and often her nappy is full of wee in the morning.

helibee - ds has never been constipated but dd started suffering at about 2.5. It was only this year that we found out that she was holding onto it on purpose and it was likely to have been triggered just by one time when it hurt. We had to start rewarding her to go. Now ds expects a 'gummy' (his word for sweet) every time he does a poo smile He won't let me change his nappy until he's had one.

Knickers0nmahead Sat 15-Aug-09 08:43:07

Happy birthday to gills ds and to everyone who has just gone/coming.

hiya everyone!

is everyone still about and all the toddlers doing well?

my lo will be 2 on the 30th i cant beleive how fast is gone! not much words her but he loves saying ee i ee i oo lol hes into full blown tantrums anybody else have this lovely experience?? my eldest is starting P1 in sept which he is a bit iffy about but hopefully he settles in ok.

i passed all my exams and start back to college again in sept which im looking forward to and hopefull be going to uni in sept next year.

oh im expecting number 4! a lot has happened over the last lot of months i can hardly keep up with myself.

hope everyone is doing well and all the new babys arent keeping their mummies awake too much.

lizziemun Wed 19-Aug-09 08:10:25

Congrates Snot with both pg and exams.

Happy Birthday to all the lovely hmm toddlers grin.

Lexie will be 2 on 7th sept and boy does she have her own personnality grin.

She is so much more vocal then Lizzie was at the same age, she just doesn't stop talking.

We have a lot of 'no want it' and 'fine' and 'ok' said with the attitude of vicky pollard grin.

helibee Thu 27-Aug-09 01:42:09

congratulations snot, it's great to hear from you.

Lizziemum-Callum says 'no' like a highlander and his favourite seems to be 'but it's me's!' hmm

Callum had a great birthday and he loves his tool bench and tools. He also learnt to count to twelve and takes great pleasure in telling anyone and everyone who'll listengrin

He is still obsessed with As Time Goes By and told me yesterday that he loves Jean, she's a Mormon hmm i think he meant womangrin

Gill-hope the childminder situation is going ok and you've found a good one.

Hersetta Thu 27-Aug-09 14:15:23

Hi helibee and happy birthdays to all.

Helibee, Callum sounds adorable the way he loves as times goes by. All we here from Caitlin is 'Peppa Pig next please mummy' she is obsessed!

Caitlin's bithday is bank holiday monday but her party is on Sunday. We have 45 guests coming - it's going to be a madhouse!!
Ciatlin is getting excited though as she's been running around this week shouting 'happy birthday Caitlin'!

helibee Thu 27-Aug-09 17:27:50

Hi hersetta, i hope caitlin has a lovely birthday and that you enjoy your houseful of people.

Callum does love Bob the builder and Roary too, in fact that and as time goes by is all he wants to singgrin

My fibromyalgia has been really bad today and he said "mummy's got knees" cos my knees have been bad and then he gave me his blanket-thats true love from himwinkgrin

GillL Thu 03-Sep-09 14:42:05

Hi everyone. I'm back at work after having 2 weeks off. The first week I had my niece and nephew for 3 days because my sister forgot that mum was on holiday and couldn't get any time off. In the second week we took the dcs to London Zoo and to a beach. The zoo was very tiring but good fun. We went to a wedding on Friday which was great. The dcs behaved themselves really well. Alex almost fell asleep in his dinner so I had to take him out for a run around after the starter and then he gave in and fell asleep on dh at 8pm.

I haven't had any time to look for childminders yet helibee. I was going to phone round this lunch time but something came up and I had to go out. Hopefully I'll get the chance tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

Congratulations on passing your exams and the pg snot. I'm really pleased for you smile

Ds' favourite phrase at the moment is 'what's that for?' (comes out as 'hot dat hor'). The explanation is then followed by 'why mummy?'. It is sweet but gets rather annoying after an hour. I've started asking him what he thinks it's for. If it's food then he normally points into his mouth and says 'eat'.

Hersetta - hope Caitlin's party went well and wasn't too manic. Alex was singing 'happy to you mummy' constantly for a week before and a week after his birthday.

helibee - hope you're feeling better now. Callum sounds so sweet. He really loves his mummy smile

Hi folks, sorry I've not been on for ages but I was a bit fed up with mumsnet (not this thread, just the nasty judgey people about!)

but I had to pop on to tell you my news! I'm pregnant. Very very early on though, probably only 4 or 5 weeks gone, so I hope it sticks!

In other news, James starts doing a few hours at pre-school as of this week which should be good, got the pre-school staff coming over tomorrow to spend a bit of time with him so he feels comfortable with them as obviously he'll be going there alone. I'm not worried, he's so outgoing I'm sure he'll have a whale of a time!

Still not talking much although we're seeing minor improvements, he'll say "yeah" "dada" and "hiya" if you ask him to. Won't say anything like that off his own back, but he babbles a fair bit now, it's all diddle-iddle-iddle and babaga. I've made him an appointment to see a speech therapist but the waiting list seems long. Hopefully being at preschool will help too.

Hope you're all doing ok! x

Oh btw, folks who have me on facebook, we aren't telling people yet as it's so early so please don't say anything in "public"

Knickers0nMaHead Mon 07-Sep-09 17:40:21


Thanks! Feels weird starting over again.

helibee Tue 08-Sep-09 00:17:06

huge congrats James, i wont say anything on fb. That is such great news though. I have to wait a few more months to try as my medication is a wee bit strong atm and it wouldn't be fair on an unborn child. Anyway so excited for you.

Gill-Alex sounds so cute, although i'm sure being constantly asked whats that for is tiring wink

Callum still loves Hannah Montana, he told me yesterday "mummy, me's love annah anana and we's kiss" But that pales into insignifigance when it comes to his love for Jean from As Time Goes By, he is obsessed and he wants to watch her all the time, he talks about her in his sleephmmwinkgrin

Do any of your wee ones love their teddies? Callum's Bob the builder toy and George the giraffe (both around the same size as him) have to go everywhere with us, he says "ssshh" to them and gives them a dummy to sleep, he's very cute x

Knickers0nMaHead Tue 08-Sep-09 07:41:12

Helibee, we still have flopsy shock She will not sleep without him but months ago we limited dd to having him just at bedtimes after he was 'lost'

James, I am so pleased for you grin

loler Thu 10-Sep-09 12:16:34

Congratulations James - hope everything goes really well for you. Feeling all broody now but that might be because I've just sent ds1 off (screaming) to school today.

Enjoy every minute - the nine months will wizz past this time!

GillL Thu 10-Sep-09 15:09:51

Congratulations James! I'm so pleased for you. Hope James gets on well at pre-school.

Alex isn't attached to any particular toy in that way helibee but he has adopted his sister's baby boy doll 'baby luke' which he keeps in his cot.

I took dd to school for her first day on Tuesday. I expected her to cry and hang on to me but she was fine. The teacher said she made a friend. She doesn't go back til Monday. I hope she's just as good although she did say that, even though she liked school, she doesn't want to go every day smile

I'm still having a nightmare trying to find a childminder. I've tried 25 so far - everyone within 2 miles of the school and our house. One said she would do it but she already goes to another school so dd would be hanging around the school on her own for 15 minutes or so and I don't like that idea. The school gave me the number of someone who is a childminder at the school but the Childrens' Information Service told me that she's not registered anymore. I've got the number of the local co-ordinator so hopefully she'll know of some cms who aren't on the web site.

Hersetta Mon 14-Sep-09 08:49:56

Congratulations James - really please for you. Hope you have a great pregnancy. I'm excited as well as DH has said we can try for another. Thought he was dead set against the idea but haven't pressured him at all and he told me on Caitlin's birthday that we can try. Won't be until the new year but am very pleased.

We've just come back from a week at my Mum's in Spain. Had a lovely time and by the time we left Cait was calling 'Ole ladies' to all the old dears who go out for evening strolls - they were captivated by her and tried to take her with them! She was even very good on the plane as she had her own 'official' seat for the first time. She could sit doen and say 'seatbelt Mummy'.

Helibee - glad to hear Callum's love of Jean is still alive and well. Cait has 3 toy dogs which she has to sleep with. There's 'Big Dog' 'Doggy' and Doggy's brother'. We rarely make it out of the house without at least one of them coming along.

Uki Mon 14-Sep-09 11:23:02

big CONGRATULATIONS to snot and Jamess grin
lovely news and wishing you a healthy pg.

Looks like a good age gap too, not great for us at the moment when there's terrible 2 melt downs and a hungry baby happening at the same time.

Pinkranger Mon 14-Sep-09 13:57:34

hi everyone, sorry its been a while but we couldnt get our computer to go wireless so no internet for 6 weeks, but ny new macbook arrivewd over the weekend so im back on line!!!
we are finally in and un packed, house is great and kids have settled really well, ds1 started his new school last week and so far so good, Taking ds2 to see a play group this week, he needs stuff to do now, we go swimming twice a week but i dont want him to be with me all the time, he was ssooo used to toddler groups and creche before so got to get him into something. Im ok, finding it hard to settle at times as i have no friends here, im sure it will change when Tate starts pre school and i find a toddler group and bits like that but do stuggle not being able to pop here for a cup of tea with friends and i miss family loads but my main concern is the children and they are good!!

Congratulations to the pregnant ladies, wishing you all healthy 40 weeks and also happy birthdays to all our little ones, where has them 2 years gone, even so my little one could easily pass for a 5 year old with his cheek and behaviour some times ( and his love of sponge bob square pants!!!)

Thanks all, I think I'm 6 + 2 today. Certainly doesn't seem to be flying by so far - I've joined the may 2010 antenatal group but there's been quite a few losses/threatened MC's on there so I think it's made everyone very aware of just how fragile early pregnancy is. I didn't have any of this with James since I only found out towards the end of the first trimester.

Hersetta, we were going to try again after christmas but once you start thinking about it you start thinking "a few weeks won't make much difference" grin

Try buying some ovulation testing sticks off eBay. We used those, got a nice dark line, had sex that night, 14 days later got bfp!

helibee Wed 23-Sep-09 17:00:19

hiya, James glad everything is going ok with pg.

It turns out that i had an early miscarriage over the weekend, I was only about 5 weeks but still really sucks.

helibee Wed 23-Sep-09 17:04:43

oh no one in RL knows apart from parents so please dont mention anything on fb

Oh helibee, I'm so sorry. (don't worry about facebook) Best of luck trying again, when you feel up to it. xxx

Hersetta Tue 29-Sep-09 10:37:02

Sorry to hear your news Helibee - get Callum to give you extra big hugs.

Thanks for the tip james - i'll do that. I think we'll leave it though untill after Xmas as we're going to Egypt on Holiday for Xmas and New Year - will have a last few drinks and come home and give up in anticipation of TCC. Have resigned myself to it taking longer this time though as i am imensely old now (39).

Sorry i was Lizziemun but there has been another Lizzymum posting as well as a lot of other names beginning with 'Lizzie'.

Oh and i forgot where i put the hoover grin. And it was only 1 night.

Sorry to hear your news helibee.

Congrate james hope everthing ok now.


I feel pg with Robert having sex just once when Lexie was 10mths at 39.

Where as it took 2yrs to fall for Lizzie at 34yrs and Lizzie was 10mths when we started ttc Lexie and Lizzie was nearly 3yrs when i had her.

Oh I'm so glad mum lives around the corner. Lizzie has bought a delightful D&V bug home again.

Lizzie was sick twice last night and DH was a way with work lastnight so i had to deal with it. Which I did realy well as i'm sick phobic. But today i have it and was unable to cope with the 3 dc so mum has come round and look after them and me.

Hersetta Thu 01-Oct-09 08:36:12

Thanks for the encourgement Lizzie. It only took 3 cycles to fall when I got pg with Caitlin (but the first two we didn't have the foggiest when was the right time to do 'it'. I did a bit of reading on the internet before my 3rd cycle, kept a proper eye out for clues and symptons and got it right first 'proper' try IYKWIM).

Have got my OV pee sticks as reccommended by James - they arrived in less than 24 hrs - was very impressed! Now just have to wait for january !!

conkertree Thu 01-Oct-09 20:28:22

Hi everyone. Cant belive how long it's been since I've been on here. Missed all the birthdays but hope they all had a good time.

Sorry about your news Helibee. Hope Callum has been fine since his turn too - does sound scary.

Congratulations to James and Snot - hope you have easy times of it. And congratulations to Uki - love the name.

Probably a bit much to catch up with but I was nodding along to loads of your posts (particularly the "Mine ...." about pretty much everything).

Struan is chatting away non-stop. "What's that Mummy?" all day every day. Came back from holidays saying 'Mummy drinks wine, Daddy drinks beer, Struan eats bogies'. My bil was with us - am blaming him for that.

Struan and Angus are getting on well together, but Struan does tend to take any frustrations out on Angus. Angus is sitting up and rolling about but if he cries, Struan doesnt like it and hits him, which obviously make Angus cry more. Mostly working well though - must admit have had sneaky little thoughts about a third but no decision made by any means.

Talking about soft toys as favourites, we went to Parc Asterix, and Struan has seen some of the cartoons and he absolutely loved it. Bought an Asterix character for Angus as had bought an Obelix for Struan before he was born, but when we took it out of the bag, Struan looked so delighted, took him and hugged him, patted him on the back, and then started breastfeeding him! Think he must have been watching me feed Angus lots.

Hope to keep a bit more in touch.

tokentotty Fri 02-Oct-09 01:27:02

As usual I turn up randomly and start typing before reading through thread so please forgive me missing any big news blush.

Helibee, gutted for you love. Doesn't matter how far along you are. If you wanted that baby then is really sad to have lost it. Sometimes I wonder if miscarriages are harder to cope with when you have had a child as you know what you've lost sad

Hersetta - lovely news that you're trying again. Having been though the agonies of taking years to get pregnant let me let you into a little secret. The best way to fall? Sex, sex and more sex. Do not believe all that rubbish about 'saving yourselves' 'til the right time. The more sex you have, the chances of getting preg are higher. (top Harley St. Dr's advice). Listen, prob going to be coming up to I* to meet DH and his desk with the kids in a couple of weeks. Will you be abt?

Things here crazy as usual. Last Friday got woken up by Thing 2 shouting for me. Went to her room and the smell of vomit was overwhelming. She was standing up, laughing and happy but saw that her entire cot was plastered in sick. Great. Was just trying to sort her out when I heard Thing 1 banging for attention in his room. Went in to be faced with scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His entire face caked in dried blood from a nosebleed. Honestly, I ask you?

Obviously ran a bath and plonked them both in. Then, 5 mins in to lovely, splashy time, Paddy says "ooooh Mummy....poo poo". Proceeds to have THE biggest poo known to man in the bath. Cue me grabbing baby out and just putting her on floor, showering Paddy down then grabbing him out asap, and trying to wash poo down the plughole. It was not yet 7am....

That morning is now known as 'The day of the Unholy Trinity'. Blood, puke and poo within the space of half an hour. Kids. Who'd have 'em...???

GillL Mon 05-Oct-09 11:05:36

helibee - so sorry to hear your sad news.

OMG at your awful morning TT. Sounds like one of those times where you have to laugh or else you'd cry.

Lizzie - sorry to hear about the bug. Hope it doesn't last long. These things always seem to happen when dh is away or can't stay home to help.

Pink - hope your ds is still doing well at school. Dd varies. Some days she's fine, other days like today she clings on to me for dear life and cries sad Today I put it down to having 2 days off and spending lots of time with my mum. She really misses her now she doesn't see her in the week. It's early days though. I expect it's going to take a while longer before she goes in happily every day. It must be quite a shock to the system.

Ds is also chatting away constantly. He said 'Look mummy, Burger King' 4 times in the car the other day. He also told me that the car was dirty and kept repeating 'Go car wash. Clean car'. He comes out with the most random things, normally something he's heard dd saying. He's very entertaining. One thing I do want to sort out is his dummy obsession. We weaned him off them during the day but my mum kept letting him have it so he has it most of the day now. I might wait a bit longer though.

Hersetta Tue 06-Oct-09 10:45:07

Hey TT. yes will be about now all the time (no holidays planned till Xmas). I beleive I am on same floor as your DH (indeed I think I am only about 50 feet from his desk). I am on 5th floor in room which was formerly HR (everyone knows where HR was as it is full of ditsy dolly birds!) but is now group finance.

DD also constantly chattering - not a moments peace to be had now - she likes to stand in the middle of the living room and shouts at the top of her voice and either counts (up to 14) or recites the alphabet. She's also so crafty as well for example she knows she has apple juice and I add water to it so now she watches me like a hawk when I pour her a cup of juice and says 'no water Mummy, lid on please'. So when she is in bed I have been adding water to her carton of juice. She thinks she's getting'pure' juice and I know she isn't...ha ha, you don't beat Mummy !!

GillL Tue 06-Oct-09 12:15:22

I can't believe your dd counts to 14 Hersetta. My 4 year old has only just learned to count past 11 in the last few weeks. Ds says 1,2,3,4,5,2. He sort of gets the concept of there being a number of items but he can't actually count them.

Hersetta Tue 06-Oct-09 13:55:44

She very good at reciting her numbers but not so good at counting things (IYKWIM). If she's holding 3 biscuits (for example) and you ask her how many biscuits she has she will only count to three about 50% of the time. The rest of the time she will say 1,2,3,4,5 biscuits! She does a lot of counting when watching Dora which i think has really helped her.

We've been working on shapes at the moment (she now knows square, triangle, and circle) and she's just finally 'got' colours although still falls back on red if she has to guess.

Classic moment on sunday morning when I reached into the fridge for something and as i tried to take it out, i knocked out a bowl of sweet chilli sauce which when all over my white t shirt and beige trousers. Caitlin saw me and said 'oh no, Mummy all orange'. Seething internally but secretly pleased that at least she got orange right!

GillL Wed 07-Oct-09 12:20:36

Funny how that never happens when you're wearing dark colours. Dh always spills something containing tomato sauce down a white t-shirt.

Ds only knows triangles as far as shapes go. We're doing quite well with colours though. Green has been officially renamed 'Green like daddy's car', although sometimes it gets changed to 'Red like daddy's car'.

tokentotty Thu 08-Oct-09 00:43:40

And if you're wearing dark colours you can guarantee that there'll be a milk (insert other white/light coloured food stuff here) dribble on them...

Sorry, on way to bed and tired and jaded right now. Pre-children when people asked if I wanted kids my stock reply was "no, they're small and they smell bad". Post kids - I was bloody right..

GillL Fri 23-Oct-09 11:18:52

Hello. Where is everyone? Hope you're all ok.

Dd is doing well at school but she's still very clingy and cries some days when I leave her. She's really looking forward to the holidays next week. She really misses being with my mum and ds.

I think I may have finally found a childminder shock I was advised to try our local children's centre. A very helpful lady offered to get in touch with some local childminders and asked them to speak to all of their colleagues on my behalf. I got a call from someone yesterday who has a vacancy from Monday. We're going to see her tomorrow. Unless we reaallllly don't like her I'll probably be signing the contract when I'm there. If I'm selected for redundancy next month or in December then I won't be able to get another job without her.

conkertree Sat 24-Oct-09 07:45:44

hi everyone. that sounds good Gill - hope she's very nice.

Struan has hit the terrible twos - thought he had already but that was nothing compared to the last couple of weeks. It seems to have come at the same time as suddenly expanding his speech as well so I wonder if they are related.

Main issue is that he has suddenly gone really clingy and whiney which he has never been before. He's still hitting people which is a problem too but I think I can deal with it more. It just seems that everything just now has to be a challenge rather than my easy little happy boy that he used to be. I recite 'it's just a phase' over and over every day.

Anyway - how are the rest of you?

Shattered grin.

It's hard work with a very tired Lizzie (5.8yrs half term now), Lexie hit the terrible two's with a vengence and Robbie if a very frustated (sp) 7mth old because he can't figure out how to crawl or why he can't walk yet grin.

glad things are getting sorted for Gill.

Hello folks, hope you're all okay, just thought I'd stop in quickly as washersaurus turned up on my antenatal may 10 thread due 10 days after me, which was nice! I think with snot/tasha, and (oh god, I can't remember your MN username... the lady who works in a zoo, and who is on my facebook!) that makes 4 of us currently up the duff!

Almost 11 weeks now, got my scan two weeks today - I've been quite exhausted but I'm hoping I'm over the worst now.

James is fine, his language is definitely starting to come on now, he's still way behind in comparison to some kids his age, but he's picking up new words every day. We've got an assessment with the speech therapist next monday so I'll see what she thinks.

Oops gtg I'm being summoned to bed (not in the fun way!) bye for now, hope you're all ok xxx

GillL Tue 27-Oct-09 14:52:04

Well the childminder was very nice but she seems to misunderstand the rule about under 5s at school. She told me that she would have to charge me for the time dd is at school (i.e. an extra 6 1/2 hours) because she would not be able to fill the place with another under 5. The National childminding Association agreed that this is incorrect. I asked her if she can contact someone to look into it because we really do need her.

Sorry to hear about the terrible 2s going into overdrive. It's got to be tough when you have another little one who's still so dependent on you. I can't remember if dd was like that but she has always been a very clingy mummy's girl.

Good luck with the scan James and hope you get over the fatigue. I remember being completely wiped out for months at the beginning of my pgs. Dh didn't really understand and thought I was taking advantage of him by making him do all the housework and everything for dd.

My2 Fri 30-Oct-09 12:51:03

hi everyone - it's been ages since i've been on here...hope you are all well, congratulations to those that are pregnant grin.

i've skim read everyone's news so think i'm up-to-date.

dd2 is still a real character and seems to have everyone she meets wrapped round her little finger. so far the terrible two's have been mild compared to what we went through with her sister (should maybe have whispered that one...).

we're thinking about moving her to a 'big bed' in the next few weeks, she's still in her cot - athough i fully expect her not to stay in it. anyone made the move yet or are we last?

dd1 started P1 in august and so far is loving it. i can't believe the time has gone by so quickly, so it's making me make sure i spend more time with dd2.

will try and keep more uptodate..

conkertree Fri 30-Oct-09 21:26:51

Hi My2. We made the move to a big bed just before Angus arrived so around April time. He liked it soooo much more than his cot, but he'd never really liked his cot.

Is dd2 enjoying having you to herself while dd1 is at work, or does she miss her?

My2 Sun 01-Nov-09 21:49:36

hi conker - i wish dd1 was working grin grin then maybe i could stop grin

dd2 and i have every friday together (i work the other 4) which we do lots of nice things - though last few weeks it's mostly been soft play because of the weather. i think it's a bit of both enjoying the 1-2-1 attention and also missing her big sister as she doesnt have anyone to wind up or be her partner in crime grin

speaking of soft plays - have you been to 'the buzz' in falkirk? my 2 love it and i have to go searching for them! though angus is maybe still a bit too young to fully apprecriate it?

Hi guys,

My2, we've made the move to a cotbed tonight actually, James is screaming and rattling the stairgate as I type. hmm

I knew he wouldn't stay there straight away but I thought he'd be up playing/reading rather than crying. I've been up 4 times already to settle him, and he does settle, but he follows me out again everytime, crying. Not really sure what to do! I suppose I'll go back up and try again in a minute.

Today has been a fun day, our first trip to A&E... hmm He swallowed a screw, and had to be x-rayed. Alls fine (screw was tiny, short and blunt) just have to wait for it to reappear now!

Quite chuffed because although I'm just under 12 weeks I've been feeling the baby kicking.

Oh dear, better go settle him again. Gonna be a long night!

He's asleep!!! (or at least it's quiet up there) only took him an hour to realise what he was supposed to do, that's not too bad I spose.

Did all the dc have a nice halloween? we didn't do much other than glue sparkly bits on a pumpkin and munch on haribo, but it was still nice. Really looking forward to bonfire night, hoping to take James to nice firework display, give him his first (closely supervised! one trip to A&E in a week is enough!) sparkler etc - I think he'll love it.

My2, glad your dd1 is enjoying school, it's nice that she's settled in quickly, and you've got some time to devote to dd2! Are you thinking of having any more? (I realise it would necessitate a namechange, but still...) wink

Gill, hope you get your childminder thingy sorted out, sounds a bit silly.

I think James might be a vegetarian! he will barely eat any meat at all (the occasional can of beans and sausages) and no fish, but was happily munching on quorn slices tonight. I keep buying meat to try him with, but he just won't. Maybe I should give up and feed him quorn!? Mil won't like it. grin

Oh well, better go and check on the boy, see if he's actually in his bed, or asleep on a bookshelf or something. grin

GillL Mon 02-Nov-09 14:47:52

Hi My2. You're not last wrt beds. Ds is still in his cot and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible cos I just know he won't stay in a bed. It looked like he was going to climb out of it one day last week but he hasn't tried it since.

Glad your dd1 is enjoying school. dd is getting better but still has bad days. She really doesn't like the big playground and tells me that she stands with the teachers at lunchtime.

James - dd was the same when we first put her in a bed. She used to stand at the saftey gate at her door screaming (with us checking on her regularly of course) and fell asleep there every night for several months until finally she decided to get into bed.

I love that feeling James. It always used to make me smile

We didn't do much for Halloween. Dd went trick or treating with my niece and nephew last year but my sister wouldn't let her go this year because apparently she slowed them down hmm (she was 3 fgs). Anyway, I bought her a half price witch costume from Morrison's on Saturday afternoon and we made her a hat. We only had 2 trick or treaters but that seemed to keep her happy. Ds slept through the whole thing.

Childminder is all sorted btw. Signed the papers on Saturday and dd starts with her tomorrow. Yay grin

loler Mon 02-Nov-09 18:10:42

wow doesn't time fly?

We're still in a cot here too - likely to be a while before he moves out too - he is currently reading happily in the mornings so gives us a while longer at the weekends.

Have got his 2 year development check on friday (think it's a bit of a waste of time but don't want to seem too uncaring)

So anyone cracked potty training? dd was dry night and day by this age - ds2 just likes to sit on his potty and watch tv - we have had one hit but think that was just because he was sat on it for so long! Think he'll take after ds1 who was 3.5 when we finally got there - but was very painless with completely no accidents.

The biggest challenge I'm having is meal times - ds2 won't eat anything at all ever (apart from sweets and crisps). Hoping he'll grow out of it but it's very irritating cooking nice things for him to look at and say 'yucky'.

banana - good luck with the scan

My2 Mon 02-Nov-09 20:57:18

james - i can assure that there will not be a my3 name change from me! very very happy with the 2 of them plus don't think i could do another few years of interupted sleep grin. hope the scan goes well

gill - do the teachers tell your dd to go and play rather than stand with them? my dd1 tells me things, and at the moment i've got to take waht she says with a pinch of salt (obviously not thinking that your dd does this) - the imagination (lies) is unbelievable! i tell her that i can tell by her eyes if she is lying....so when she tells me something that i don't quite believe and i say i need to see your eyes, if she closes them or turns away i know it's a load of rubbish grin she's very convincing and has had teacher and childminder believing various things including that her dad had a broken arm hmm, that he could play the violin hmm

loler - no potty training here yet - i've put the potty out and every morning dd2 wakes up (after she's sung the sleeping beauty song) she says 'mum, i done a poo in the potty'. i read the gina ford potty training book for dd1 and then adapted slightly to suit her and it worked great - that was at 2.4 months. not sure if dd2 will be ready then though she does say sometimes if she's done or doing something.

loler Mon 02-Nov-09 22:20:19

Sleeping beauty song is very restful in a morning! We get "peppa pig snort snort"

I agree with the saying things that might be real in their mind but not in reality. Ds1 says no-one plays with him but dd says he has lots of friends (most of whom seem to chase her!) and I've seen him playing with them at break time when I've been into school. DC are very good at playing on our emotions.

Hersetta Tue 03-Nov-09 09:52:47

I agree, sleeping beauty sounds very nice. My DH gets 'DADDY...........A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P... DADDY....Q R S T U V' etc. DH just lays in bed and giggles at her until the DADDY's become too loud.

I get the feeling that Caitlin has learned a phrase that will now haunt us for the next 10 years. If you say to her ' Come on Caitlin, time for a bath' she reples ' not yet, Mummy. Just a little bit longer'. Also applies to bed time, nap time etc.

No potty training success here ether. We've tested the waters a couple of time without much success (only wee in potty came when i said she could have some chocolate buttons if she wee'd in her potty, so she sat on it until she did one'). We usally get the reply 'not yet mummy' when I ask her if she wants to go for a wee...cue splash and puddle within the next 20 seconds usually!.

Apart from potty training though she's doing really well so no complaints really although i have just learnt never to trust a two yr old. Last night as i was getting her ready for her bath, she showed me her wrist and said ' ow...hurt' I asked her how she hurt it and she said 'William hurt Caitlin'. William bite Caitlin'. (William is a little boy at her CM who Caitlin has bitten twice). Asked DH to raise it with her CM this morning as unlike her not to mention it and it turns out that William wasn't even at CM yesterday so pretty unlikely that he'd bitten her!

Good luck with the scan james... am quite envious!

GillL Tue 03-Nov-09 12:19:07

We haven't tackled potty training yet. I have been putting it off but I think we will have to start sooner rather than later as ds will start pre-school after Easter and they insist on them being clean and dry. I've spoken to my mum as it will impact her more than us but she hasn't committed to a time to start. Ds often sits on the potty with his nappy and trousers on and tells me that he's done a wee or a poo but so far he's only done one wee in the potty. Presumably that was just a coincidence.

I doubt ds will be getting a 2 year check. Our hv is normally right on time for visits but we've heard nothing. Maybe they're short staffed and a bit behind. Tbh I'm not that bothered as I've got no concerns about his development. Also, when dd had her 2 year check the hv couldn't even tell the difference between a horizontal and vertical line that she asked her to draw. She drew them correctly but the hv was looking from a different angle hmm

Sorry to hear about the eating problems loler. Dd went through a phase of not having an evening meal for quite a long time. She's never had a big appetite, although she is eating tons now she is in full time school. Ds isn't eating as much as he used to.

My2 - I think she probably is playing with the other children because she tells me about not being able to keep up with her friend when he's running. It wouldn't surprise me if she did spend some time with the teachers though as she's quite insecure. Everything she does at school is a secret though until she lets something slip later on smile I guess we'll find out at parents evening on Monday.

Hersetta - we get 'not yet' or 'in a minute' from ds too. Then he runs away chuckling to himself.

conkertree Tue 03-Nov-09 20:49:07

Hi everyone - chatty few days.

Yes my2 - i guess work at that age is a bit premature blush. Is the one you're talking about got wizards on the door, cause if so, yes we've been and Struan certainly loves it.

Struan has finally made it out of his size 4 shoes - jumped from almost a 4 1/2 which he's been for about 5 months, to a 5 this week.

In the mornings we just usually get 'Mummy, Daddy, up time' over and over, and sometime 'want to see Angus'. Might think about moving Angus into his room soon (turned 6 months today) but he still seems so young, so maybe keep him with us for a bit longer.

James - so exciting when you feel the tiny kicks. Do you think James has any concept of a new baby or have you not told him yet?

Anyway off to enjoy some chocolate while dh is away at a conference for a few days. Just wish I hadnt dropped the bottle of wine I bought on the pavement outside. Oh well, cup of tea it is then grin

helibee Wed 04-Nov-09 03:52:37

hi all, sorry i've not been on for a while, things have just been hard with the miscarriage.

Callum is keeping us very busy though. He's doing fairly well with the potty training and sits in it every day but still wants his pull up nappies on in between. I think when we get back from a week away at the end of nov, we'll just bite the bullet and have no nappies at all and see if a crash course (so to speak) is better than this grin

We're also moving him into his bed this weekend so hopefully he'll be fine, i don't think he'll bother too much as he sleeps in the bed with me when dh goes to work anyway so he's very used to it.

C's fav phrase atm is "all aboard, choo choo" except it sounds more like "bore doard, choo choo" which never fails to make me laugh grin He can count the objects now whilst he is counting which is nice to see, he can get to about 12 then he starts again wink

my2-glad you and dd2 are having lovely muumy daughter time and your dd1's stories are very funny. Apparently when i was her age i had convinced my teachers and best friends that i had an older sister who lived in Australia )she was my imaginary friend and i'd just started watching neighbours, hence the Oz part{wink]grin) and my teachers asked my mum why they sent my sister to live over there, mum had lots of explaining to do to them, oopsgrinhmm

gill-glad everything is sorted with the childminder, that must be such a weight of your mind. It is a pain for you having to have ds potty trained if he's not ready though! My nephew was 3.2 and he is still occasionally wet at nursery now and he is 3.7, the nursery just change his clothes and praise him when he's dry. My SIL has let him pick a sweetie that he wants (jelly beans atm) and if he has been dry at nursery he's allowed 1 and that has been a good incentive for him.

hersetta-Caitlin sounds so incredibly adorable and thats very good with her letters. I know what you mean about the delaying tactics. If we want C to do anything he doesn't want to he comes and gives you neck cuddles, knowing how much we find them irresistable wink and then says "love you" and starts giving lots of kisses, he''s not daft my boygrin

Last week we stayed with PIL as dh was away on business and C's cousins were up visiting. Every night MIL made the grown ups hot chocolate. Then on friday, MIL, Callum and I were shopping and we asked Callum what he wanted to drink, he thought very hard and then said "hot choc please, me's very tired"grin

Anyway sorry for the mammoth post.

GillL Fri 06-Nov-09 10:36:42

Please wish me luck. I'll be finding out today if I've been selected for compulsory redundancy today sad

Hope you're managing to come to terms with the mc helibee. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. WRT potty training, we went cold turkey with dd from the beginning with nappies only at bed time (she's only just gone dry at night). We had a week or 2 of accidents and then she was fine, as long as we kept a potty close to hand.

Ds said to dh the other day 'Daddy, you're Simon Cow' (Simon Cowell). Dh's name is Simon so he thought it was funny to call him Simon Cow. He's such a nut case.

Hope you enjoyed your chocolate conker. Shame about the wine. Struan must be like my dd. She's got size 8 feet and they grow very slowly, much smaller than her peers and we get very little choice of school shoes in her size. Ds is in a 7 at the moment so will probably overtake her at some point soon.

loler Sun 08-Nov-09 15:58:55

how did it go?

GillL Mon 09-Nov-09 14:22:36

Well, apparently no news is good news. I was told that if my manager didn't phone me then I hadn't been selected. I'm still not out of the woods because if anyone successfully appeals and I'm next on the list then I'll go. I won't be safe for sure until the middle of December. Fingers crossed.

Ds spent the entire weekend ignoring everything I asked him to do/not to do. I found that quite stressful.

We've got our first parents evening tonight. We're last to see the teacher as I work til 5 and dh wants to come too. I overheard her telling a mum this morning that she'll probably be running late cos she talks too much hmm Hope we don't end up sitting around for ages waiting.

Hersetta Mon 16-Nov-09 14:48:44

Good news gill.

Just bumping our thread so we don't fall off the first page.

I have just updated my profile with a (unflattering) photo of DD taken yesterday at basketball.

loler Wed 18-Nov-09 19:21:25

I thought then that you're dd played basketball - thought that it was some new thing like soccer tots - doh!

Gill sounds a bit hopeful then.

I've hit the point where ds2 has become a boy with the cheek, getting lots of "no! naughty mummy" whenever I do or say something he doesn't like! This is the first time I've not got a cute smilie baby coming up from behind to remind me that someone loves me and I'm finding it quite tough! I can see how people end up with 12 children - I have to remind myself that I have plenty of babies and need no more!

Banana - how did the scan go?

GillL Thu 19-Nov-09 13:42:07

Even better news - I've been offered a permanent job! Same company, same department, just a different team. I still get to work from home 3-4 days per week. It's such a relief.

loler - Dd tells me daily that she wants to keep me forever and ds is always shouting 'I want you mummy' from his cot. Although he has started telling me that I'm a fleabag (that's what my dad calls his cat). He has also learnt 'I hate you' and 'You're stupid' from his cousin angry He doesn't know what it means though. I know what you mean about wanting more babies though. I've been having to put myself off having babies since March due to not having a secure job. There's nothing to stop us now but I guess I should settle into the new job before making any plans.

Hi folks, great news about the job Gill! chuffed for you.

Loler, the scan went well thanks, they put me forward a week (I thought I was 13 weeks, she said 14) so now 14+5. Stupid sonographer said I wasn't feeling baby movements, that it was "just hormones" which annoyed me because I remember the sensation from my first pregnancy (I would have accepted what she said had it been my first) and I felt him move at 17 weeks, only two weeks off that and it's my second, why is it so unbelievable that I'd be feeling it move now?

I think they literally say that because I'm overweight, consultant said the same last time at about 18 or 19 weeks which is ridiculous. I think they need an anatomy lesson to learn that fat is on the outside of the stomach muscle wall, not inside the bloody womb! hmm

Had a bit of a shit day, James has been trying it on. Shamelessly copied from my antenatal thread: I'm having a very moody tearful day today, probably because ds decided to wake up three hours early so I only had about 4 full hours sleep. It's as if they know when you're not up to the job of parenting and they're as naughty as they can be - he poured his cereal all over my paperwork, poured my drink all over the rug, wiped sudocrem into his shoes, crumbled a biscuit all over the livingroom floor, thrown everything everywhere and swung from the roman blind so it's all wrecked.

I've cleared up now but the place was a right mess and I've done nothing but shout and plead (then burst into hormonal tears which he's never seen before so laughed his head off at - probably for the best!) hmm Poor little sod, at least it's playgroup shortly so he'll have a few hours of fun while I rock in a corner get something done and shake off this mood.

Er, I haven't got anything done, but at least the headspace has helped a bit! We could do with cutting down the hours James does at playgroup though, we're so skint. It sucks, that time is precious for both of us! I suppose needs must though.

I hope you're all doing ok, helibee hang in there hon, you sound like you've coped so well, must have been so hard for you. How are you feeling in general at the moment?

GillL Mon 14-Dec-09 15:58:22

I start my new job tomorrow - I'm a bit nervous but looking forward to it. Beats the boring job I'm doing now.

We finally got rid of ds' dummies. We tried in April by only allowing them at night but they slowly crept back in until he was hooked in the day again. I stole an idea from one of the mums at school. We told him that the babies needed his dummies. We wrapped them up in Christmas paper and told him that Father Christmas would come to collect them and give them to the babies. He got something in return. At first he wasn't too keen on the idea but we kept telling him how kind he was and that made him smile. He's asked for them a few times but hasn't cried.

I'm constantly tired at the moment. Dd doesn't go to sleep until at least 9:30pm and ds wakes up to 6 times a night. Fortunately not every night though. I think it might be his teeth bothering him. His last 4 molars still haven't cut through.

Everyone ready for Christmas? I've wrapped up all but one of the presents and written all the cards. I did it a couple of weekends ago when I got the opportunity (those are few and far between). My mum, dad and nan are coming to our house this year and dh is cooking. I haven't gone mad with presents this year. I've got more than I intended but nothing big or expensive. Ds is mad on Chuggington at the moment so one of his presents is a Chuggington DVD.

Hope things have got better James. I remember screaming at dd when I found all of my make up emptied out onto my bedroom carpet. I apologised and gave her a big hug a few minutes later though. I'm normally fairly tolerant when it comes to spillages and dcs drawing on things but dh wouldn't have anything to do with ds when he took all the little logs and gravel off the fireplace. I felt quite sorry for him. He didn't talk to him for hours. How's the pg going?

Hersetta Tue 15-Dec-09 12:26:35

Good luck for today Gill - hope everything goes well.

Nearly ready for Xmas in our household, just a few things left to wrap up (icluding my DH's birthday presents as it's his dirthday on Xmas day as well).

We're not around for Xmas anyway as we're off on holiday to Egypt on Sunday so am looking forward to some nice warm weather. DD is very easy to please as when you ask her what she'd like father Xmas to bring her she says 'Egypt'!

She's also going through a funny phase of saying 'I can't do it' to virtually anything. We were in the car last week and she had just sung a lovely version of the grand old duck of york. I said to her that was lovely, can you sing Mummy another song? to which she pitifully replied 'I can't'. I asked her why she couldn't and she said (even more pitifully) 'because my fingers are too small'. How do you respond to that??

Potty training was going well (at home anyway) but she's had a cold the last couple of days and when i ask her it she wants to use her potty she just say's 'I can't Mummy'. Not pushing it at the moment but if it continues I suppose I will need to be a bit firmer with her soon.

brand new photo of DD on profile which was taken by a press photographer when she invaded the basketball court at a game recently during a time out to dance in front of 500 people.

lizziemun Wed 16-Dec-09 12:40:25

Gill hope the new jobs ok.

Glad you managed to get rid of DS dummies, we tried the given them to Santa with Lexie but when we asked her what present she would in exchange she said 'new dummies' hmm don't think she ready yet.

helibee Mon 21-Dec-09 00:16:53

very cute pic hersetta, have a fab holiday

gill, hows' the job? We have gotten Callum to give up his dummys in return for a microphone, he's obsessed with music and singing and so far so good.

lizzie, lexie is very cute with her reply about more dummieswink my nephew was 3 before he was ready to give his up. how old was lizzie?

how is everyone else doing? We're going away on tuesday so i'm very excited. Callum is so pleased as he's going to have a whole week with his grandad, auntie and uncle and then joined by another 2 aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents- he adores all the family, every day he tells me who is married to who and then tells me that they love each other, then that he loves them grin

Dh's granda died last week and Callum had been going to see him in the hospital every day for months. We tried to explain to him that he wouldn't be seeing his great granda anymore as he'd gone to heaven. A few minutes later Callum came and told me that it was ok because grandma (my mum) was looking after great granda in heaven with Jesussmile so sweet and melted my heart.

Anyway Merry Christmas

GillL Mon 21-Dec-09 14:04:15

The job's going really well thanks. It's hard picking up where someone left off in the middle of email conversations but I'm getting there and my manager is really helpful and understanding.

It was my birthday on Saturday. For some reason, all dh got me was a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers. This is despite having asked me what I wanted and having told me that he's having a Playstation 3 for his birthday in February. I waited all day for the surprise presents but I didn't get any. I could understand if we'd discussed not getting each other anything due to lack of money, as we've done in previous years but I don't remember having that conversation. I've decided that I'll be going shopping in the new year to buy myself something.

We're having Christmas dinner at our house this year (for the first time). My mum, dad and nan are coming round. Dh will be cooking and it will be my job to keep the dcs out of his way, otherwise he will get very stressed and start shouting. He'll probably do that anyway.

If I don't post beforehand, hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

loler Thu 14-Jan-10 19:08:06

blimey - it's been quiet on here!

Just got around to having a flick through various posts - have fractured my wrist on the ice, dh away and feeling very cabin feverish! The bright side is I get a month off work!

Hope everyone had a good christmas and new year - mine was excellent, ending on the high of a new nephew! Good luck for all the new arrivals of 2010 - some of you must be getting quite close?

Gill - I've given up with my dh and present buying - I buy my own and tell him what he's bought - the bonus is that you always like what you get!

Hersetta Tue 19-Jan-10 09:47:11

Hi loler - glad someone else is around, but sorry to hear about your wrist - poor you.

We had a lovely Xmas in Egypt. Weather was perfect the whole time and a lovely 27-28 degrees. Caitlin had a ball and made friends with the very friendly camel on the beach. She used to take an apple from breakfast every day to feed to 'Bobby in the camel' as she used to call bobby the camel!

Think she also developed her first crush as she used to slink off to hold hands with one of the entertainment crew - she has good taste, he was cute!!

Started potty training in earnest about 10 days ago. She's doing well - we've only had one accident in the last 2 days.

GillL Mon 15-Feb-10 14:33:26

Hello. Christmas seems such a long time ago now and the kids are on holiday again. It makes life easier for me as I don't have to rush around in the morning on the days I work from home and I get to take a full hour lunch break instead of having to make up time for picking dd up from school.

Dd is doing really well at school. She hasn't cried or clung on to me for weeks!! She's also come on leaps and bounds with her reading and writing. Something seems to have clicked into place. Before Christmas she was getting very frustrated with reading and couldn't write her name without copying it. Now she sounds out a lot of the words in her reading books and can write her name joined up on her own (they are teaching cursive from reception age).

Hope your wrist is on the mend loler. Are you getting lots of help around the house?

We've started potty training too Hersetta. We were going to do it at Christmas but ds had a tummy upset so I decided to wait. I took 3 days off last week to get him started before he went back to mum's today. At first he had quite a few accidents but he was clean and dry all weekend. It's hard work trying to persuade him to sit on the potty but he will do it eventually if I promise he can play with playdoh or if I read him a story. He's also had dry nappies in the morning 3 nights out of 5 so that will be a bonus if he's dry at night too. Dd wasn't dry at night til her first week of school.

Ds has started coming out with some funny phrases like 'oh bonkers' and 'ing ang oo, makka pakka moo mummy' smile

Hope everyone is well.

Hersetta Tue 16-Feb-10 13:06:20

Hi Gill,

Glad the potty training is going well. Caitlin has only had two accidents in the last month and there were both last week when she was a bit poorly. She doesn't even tell us anymore, just takes herself off to her potty, pulls her pants and trousers down and does the business. She always makes us inspect the contents though and she is especially proud of big poo's!!

We don't put her in a nappy for naps now as she is always dry. Night time is going well, she's dry most nights and even woke me us 2 nights ago to say she needed a wee but we're not going to rush that at all.

Caitlin has started to make up words at the moment which is very frustrating as I have no idea what she is going on about!

GillL Wed 17-Feb-10 16:16:37

Thanks. He's not been very co-operative for my mum so he's had a few accidents at her house over the last couple of days. She's too worried about upsetting him though so she doesn't make him use the potty if he doesn't want to. It's early days though and he's still learning to recognise the feeling of needing a wee. He's got really good control though. He can hold it up to 7 hours in the day unless he drinks loads. I always know when he needs to go because he keeps holding his willy and dances about a bit. If he wasn't starting pre-school after Easter I probably would have left it til the summer holidays but I guess one bonus is that we'll save money by not having to buy nappies.

Sounds like Caitlin is doing really well. How sweet that she's proud of what she's done smile Did you have to use rewards to encourage her?

Hersetta Thu 18-Feb-10 13:32:11

Caitlin is starting pre-school after Easter as well and is so excited. She has her school book bag which she carries abound the living room and tells everyone who's vaguely interested that Daddy will be comming to pick her up after school.

She is SO proud of using her potty. Especially for number 2's. It took a fortnight for her to do a poo on her potty and after she did her first one we made an emourmous fuss with lots of cuddles and high fives plus she got a small childrens chocolate bar. Afterwards she would occasionally ask for ' a chocolate treat' but she seems to have forgot about the reward system now.

GillL Fri 12-Mar-10 13:53:38

That's good that she's excited about pre-school. We've been talking about to Alex for months and he's finally accepted that he's going. We keep telling him about all the fun things he'll be able to do. He said the other day that he's going to play with the little boys. He doesn't want to play with the girls because they talk too much smile

We're really pleased with his progress on the potty and he likes using the toilet too. We don't often have to prompt him anymore and he's had no accidents at mum's for 4 days, even when they've been out. I kept having to tell Katelyn off for announcing that he will get a sweet after doing a wee or a poo in the potty - I don't offer any more and he rarely asks for one.

We'll have to see if dh does any better for mother's day this year. It was hardly even acknowledged last year. He didn't even get the kids to make me a card. I know he's planning something because last night he was taking pictures of the kids. Katelyn let it slip that it was for mother's day. I'd sort of guessed anyway.

helibee Thu 18-Mar-10 01:42:56

hi all just a quick hi

gill and hersetta glad that potty training is going well. Callum was doing well and then was very poorly with flu and chest infection for 3 weeks and that has put us back to start again! Nevermind wink

Callum has no dummies anymore though, he hasnt had a day one for many months but had at night until last month and it was no problem giving it up thankfully.

How are the pg's going? Hersetta are you ttc again yet? Gill are you still waiting for the job situation to calm down before you ttc no 3? I'm hoping to start clomid in the next month or so for no 2. My wbc count has been a wee bit raised but hopefully that has come down and i can start the clomid as i def feel ready now after the miscarriage.

My dad has moved in with us and C is loving having his grandad here.

Gill hope you and all the other mummies had a good mothers day.

Glad Alex and Caitlin are excited for nursery. Callum starts school nursery in August every afternoon and his wee best friend is going to be in his class so he's very excited to be a big boy but he does keep saying "mummy you coming too, help me for cuddles" Bless him he'll forget soon enough i'm sure grin

Hersetta Thu 18-Mar-10 10:02:51

Hello all,

Nice to hear from you Helibee. Poor Callum with his chest infection...sounds horrid.

You did well getting Callum to give up his Dummy. Caitlin still has hers at bedtime but I have told her the Dummy fairy will be taking it on her birthday to give to little babies and will leave her a present in exchange. When I asked her what present she wanted, she just said pitifully ' my dummies'.

Well still not 'officially' TTC yet as my periods haven't returned yet after having the contracetive injections. I hopeing they be back in another month or two so I will at least fell like we are going somewhere.

In othe News, Caitlin was so excited about pre-school we rang them up and asked it she could join after Feb half term instead of Easter and they said yes so she is going to a couple of sessions a week and loving it.

helibee Sat 20-Mar-10 00:55:52

thats great hersetta about pre-school. Will Caitlin start every day after Easter? Is it a nursery pre school?

As for the dummies, we told Callum that he would get a present if he gave it up during the day, then he was only allowed it for a wee bit at night then he had to give it to his new baby cousin (my SIL is pg). We then arranged to stay at MIL for 3 nights and told C that we didnt have a dummy here but he could hold mummy or daddy's hand instead. Then when we went home he asked once but we just said that they'd gone to Auntie Han for the baby and he just said, Oh right, and that was that thankfully.

Hope your periods return soon, will be thinking of you. I'm just hoping that the clomid works as well this time as with Callum. We'd be ttc for 16 months, then on the 2nd cycle of clomid i was pg (so 18mnths in total). Thankfully this time our new gp has been monitoring my hormone levels since C was 1yr and he knew that i'd need clomid to conceive and to keep my hormone levels high enough. Apparently thats why i had the mc so fingers crossed this time all goes well.

conkertree Thu 25-Mar-10 07:33:09

Hi folks - after a rather long absence, I am going to try and keep up with mn a bit more - although thankfully this thread doesn't move too quickly to read all the posts!

Glad to hear potty training hasnt been too hard for people - we have kind of started but not properly - need to set aside a few days to do it- Struans skin has been bad recently so if his clothes are off he just scratches and scratches so makes sitting on a potty a little more difficult, but he's done pees and poos in it, so he gets the idea - just he forgets to tell me when he needs a lot.

I love the change in the speaking just now as well - gone from little bits here and there to full on never shut up talking. He loves make believe stuff just now too - constantly dressing up as things and putting on funny voices.

Hope the clomid works Helibee, and hope things work out for you too Hersetta. Must admit number 3 has been crossing my mind recently but no decision made yet.

anyway i have a grumpy 10 month old wanting me to play, so will come back again soon.,

GillL Thu 25-Mar-10 10:58:15

Hi all. I'm at home with Alex today. He's got the start of chicken pox. Katelyn had it a couple of weeks ago. He had a temperature this morning and was very lethargic. You wouldn't know it now but I've had him dosed up with Calprofen and Calpol. Unfortunately he's going to miss Katelyn's birthday party on Saturday

Mother's Day was ok although Katelyn wasn't well. I got a lovely photo of the kids smiling nicely with their arms round each other.

Poor Callum with his flu and chest infection. That must have been miserable. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for your wbc count to come down helibee. My job is safe now but I'd like to wait for a while longer until ttc number 3. I'm thinking of starting next year. That's also partly because I'm so tired all the time. Alex falls asleep in the car every day when me or dh picks him up from mum's after work and often he wakes in the night or very early. I'm hoping when he's a bit older that he'll grow out of it. Knowing what I'm like in early pregnancy, I just don't think I'll be able to cope. And knowing how unsympathetic dh was in my last pg, he won't want to help me out

That's good of Caitlin's pre-school to let her start early. We tried to get Katelyn in a month early so she could start at the same time as her cousin and they wouldn't let her. We visited Alex's pre-school yesterday and he loved it. He got to do painting and drawing and he made a rice crispie cake. I think his favourite bits were the cars and train set. He never gets to play with children his own age so I think it's going to be really good for him. He'll be doing 2 mornings a week and then 5 sessions from September. I can't wait til it's funded - £18 a week is a lot of money for us to find.

GillL Thu 25-Mar-10 10:59:57

Sorry Conker, forgot to say that I hope Struan's skin clears up soon. That must be awful for him.

Hersetta Fri 16-Jul-10 13:38:14

Thought i would ressurect our thread in time for our 3rd birthdays.

Hope everyone is well.

Will add some more info about what we've been up to if other people post!

knickers0nmyhead Sun 18-Jul-10 19:45:44

Hello grin

Hersetta Mon 19-Jul-10 10:14:27

Hello Knickers!!

There is life out there!

How are your two??

lizziemun Mon 19-Jul-10 13:31:45

How are you both.

We fine if not knacked. When will Lexie sleep past 5/5.30am. Am about to tackle 'potty traing' with her even if she 'no wants it' grin. Lizzie finishes school on Thursday so we won't be dashing here and there, so will have time.

Has anyone got any ideas for presents. I have know idea as Lizzie has so many toys Lexie realy doeasn't need anything.

Hersetta Mon 19-Jul-10 14:05:39

Hi Lizzie,

poor you with those early mornings.

Good luck with the potty training. it was the one thing I was dreading but in the end it was simple. Caitlin suddenly decided she could do it and has been dry since january and even out of night nappies since march without a single accident.

Not sure about pressies either. Going to get her a little shop till so we can buy things from her from ELC but not sure what else really.

She's coming on leaps and bounds with just about everything and on Saturday even got her 5m cerfiticate from her swimming class which she is very proud of. She's now learning to dive but at the moment they are mostly belly flops! We practiced a lot whilst on holiday in Corfu a couple of weeks ago and it really has paid off.

Just booked her bithday party - she is having it at a soft play centre with an hours play, then food, then a disco as she loves dancing and singing more than anything. There are mostly boys coming to her party so not sure how they will like the disco!

Love to hear catch ups from eveyone.

knickers0nmyhead Mon 19-Jul-10 17:37:04

Both nightmares at the moment! Just got craft things for dd's birthday. Still not got over her 1st birthday when no one turned up for her party (only a small one with about 5kids) so not doing a party for her.
Hope all is well with everyone else.

knickers0nmyhead Mon 19-Jul-10 17:37:12

Both nightmares at the moment! Just got craft things for dd's birthday. Still not got over her 1st birthday when no one turned up for her party (only a small one with about 5kids) so not doing a party for her.
Hope all is well with everyone else.

helibee Sat 24-Jul-10 01:29:45

Lizzie, good luck with the potty training. Callum decided in feb that he was ready then he had a really bad chest infection and flu but once he was better, he just said, no more nappies and that was him dry day and night from day 1 (strange boy) but I am very pleased as I was prepared for a nightmare time.

Callum is talking non stop, literally grin the other day he talked for 9 hours straight, then fell asleep and started talking in his sleep too hmm

knickers hope everything gets better with them both, the pic of them on your profile is cute.

Hersetta, wow at Caitlins swimming. We really cant take Callum very often because of his skin, it makes his eczema really bad but am trying to find a local ozone pool to see if that is better. How is the ttc? Have your periods come back now? I have to have an HSG then at the beginning of sep we can start clomid again. They just wanted to be thorough as my lymphocyte levels have been a wee bit raised but they think its just normal for me. Anyway at least Im under the OB/GYN now so that should help.

We are getting Callum a kids toy guitar for his birthday, he loves music (esp imagination movers and zingzillas) apparently though what he really wants is a dr's kit, a REAL one not a pretend one like gran has grin so he can practice injections and 'PPR' (think he means CPR confused HELP!!!!!

Anyway take care x

Hersetta Mon 26-Jul-10 14:51:39

Hi Helibee!!

I feel your pain with the talking. Caitlin is never quiet. Even when she is happily playing with her toys she talks constantly. Listening to her playing both parts in a conversation between her and a toy is very amusing though.

Well my periods have finally decided to come back (3 weeks ago) so as I haven't had a second one yet I don't know if my cycle length. Have had no outward signs of ovulation (apart from half a day of pain in my lower left side) so will just have to see I guess. Trying not to get too worked up about it although am acutely aware that I am maybe getting too old for it to be as easy as TTC with Caitlin.

Hersetta Mon 26-Jul-10 15:01:00

Forgot to say, just upload a recent pic of Caitlin onto my profile.

loler Thu 05-Aug-10 10:25:09

Good to hear from people.

We've just cracked potty training, was suprisingly easy - basically left him to it. My main issue now is finding trousers that stay up without the help of a nappy.

We're away for Euan's birthday so avoid the hassle of a party. He's got a toy kitchen (passed on from a friend) for his birthday but he had his real present earlier in the summer so he could get use out of it - he had a balance bike, have always thought that they were a bit of a gimmick but he completely loves it, he can just about keep up with the others on their bikes. Hoping it will ease the trauma of learning to ride a bike too.

Hope all the 'babies' have a happy third birthday grin

Uki Sat 21-Aug-10 00:21:08

Hi all

lovely to see all your faces/names again grin
Hersetta- thanks for the resurrection of thread winkand best of luck ttc

Heli- LOL at the sleep talking

LL celebrated his 3rd birthday, with a family day out at a wildlife park, and pressies from the family, no energy sadly for a party here, but now he has started pre school (one day a week) I imagine next year with all his friends will be one!

LL talks alot too, interupted only by this annoying squeal he likes to do, when he is frustrated

Life with 3 children 5 and under is driving me to verges of insanity some days. I often ask myself if everyones house is this messy?
this loud? this crazy?
the only thing that keeps me sane, is that next year i'll have, one child at school

look fwd to more updates

knickers0nmyhead Fri 27-Aug-10 14:44:18

Happy birthday to all our big boys and girls!!

3 Years Old shock

helibee Mon 30-Aug-10 23:11:51

Hope all our wee ones had good birthdays

I became an auntie again yesterday but he has group b strep infection and is on IV antibiotics so please think of them all

I have to have a laparoscopy in 2 weeks for ttc next wee baby

Hope everyone is ok and sane and you are coping with little ones starting nursery

Callum is loving nursery but they were feeding him milk (even though they were told he is allergic angry office hadnt told teachers hmm and he had a rash from head to toe, flared uo eczema, lost control of his bladder but thankfully he is doing better now!

Hersetta Mon 22-Nov-10 12:10:00

Hello all,

any life out there ??

Well, as I am busting to tell someone and have no-one to tell, I just wanted to post that I have just got a BFP....EDD is 1st August 2011. Must be fated to have August babies!!

Hope everyone is well.

Hi everyone!! cant believe how long its been from i was on here!

not sure if any of you are still about but thought id drop in anyways smile

its crazy how fast the last 3 years have went and that all the little ones will soon be starting nursery. bradley is now running around fighting with his big brothers and torturing the dog lol.

hes really coming on with his talking now and any problems he had in past have just gone so a very healthy, bouncy 3 year old.

hope you are all well and hopefully hear from you soon xx

Hersetta- just seen your message i was looking at the thread the wrong way round blush shows how long its been from ive been on! congratulations! im due baby number 4 on the 24th july so could possibly be another august baba smile how are you feeling? im exhausted! and trying to do an HND in biology isnt helping lol. hope your keeping well x

loler Wed 01-Dec-10 09:39:58

COngratulations to both of you - going to be a busy summer for you!

Hersetta Wed 01-Dec-10 10:22:03

Congratulations Snot - hope everything goes well for you too.

Thanks loler!

SantasKnickersOnMyHead Sun 12-Dec-10 22:20:31

Congrats to you both grin

How are all the little ones settling into Nursery?

Hersetta Mon 13-Dec-10 09:24:19

Mine doesn't go to Nursery until January but I have no doubts whatsoever that she will be fine. She absolutely adores pre-school and has met the teachers at Nursery and just takes everything in her stride. Unbeleiveably, she really is the happiest, most confident little girl i know, which considering she is the youngest in her class is really great.

ds2 started nursery this year and loves it but he is so different in character from ds3 who is a clingy mummys boy! he starts in september and im thinking he will take a little while to settle in but the teachers and assistants are very good at dealing with children that have difficulties. what about yours knickers?

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 12:44:49

Hello strangers!! Congratulations Hersetta, that's absolutely wonderful news... Time to 'fess up to a enormous little accident myself. I very, very unexpectedly found myself pg with number 3 last year and am due 17th June.

Haven't had a second to read all through the thread so will attempt to if I get five minutes (unlikely), but anyone else know the main stories.....???

Hersetta Thu 10-Feb-11 13:24:08

Wow TT - huge congratulations!! do you know if you are having a boy or a girl yet?

All well with me - am now 16 weeks and due on 27th July. We were told at the FMC at our Nuchal (we saw the head honcho professor himself) that we are almost certainly expecting another DD. Caitlin is estatic, and can't wait to be a big sister.

Roll on the summer I say!

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 13:36:23

Snap, another girl here too!! Thank bloomin' goodness too as Paddy refused to even entertain the notion that it could possibly be a boy. Odd eh? Only trouble now is a name. Pads insisting on 'Jessie'.... Not happening. No way, no how.

How about you, any names? How are you feeling? All smooth going? Have to confess that am feeling well, just very, very tired. Usually as soon as we've got the kids to bed we're heading up ourselves! Very sad... Am not averse to the odd power nap while the kids are down either.

So are you still working at I***?

Hersetta Thu 10-Feb-11 13:56:42

Another girl...how lovely (and how strange that that paddy wants another girl too!).

All fine here but like you have been pretty exhausted. I have naps in the afternoon at the weekends as it has been impossible to keep my eyes open!

Still deliberating names (front runners are Hannah- which was going to be Caitlin's name until we decided on Caitlin when I was 6 months pg or Phoebe). How about you? Caitlin was us to call the new baby .....Caitlin!!

Still at I*** and loving the fact that our maternity policy has just changed from 13 weeks full pay to 26 weeks. So may take advantage and have longer off this time.

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 14:06:46

Oh my goodness, I'm so desperate to call this baby Phoebe but Dh still resisting sadly. I'll not give up without a fight though...

Dh was telling me the other day how they'd made it worse for dads as now you have to advise in advance of when you'll be taking your leave and whether it's 1 week or two. You're no longer allowed to split the time up and have a week immediately and one later. Also, it's now statutory pay for both weeks! Previously it was full pay for the first week and just statutory for the second. I was ever so surprised that they were allowed to make things worse. Thankfully his boss just said don't worry about it and that he could just take the time as normal.

Hersetta Thu 10-Feb-11 14:21:43

That's odd as when the maternity policy changed this month, the paternity policy did too. It is now 2 weeks full pay I was told at my HR meeting - just had a look and it says 2 weeks full pay on our intranet as well.

Will be funny if we end up with two little girls called Phoebe!

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 14:45:43

I'll have a word with him. I wonder if he actually read it or just listened to someone else who was talking the usual 'broker' drivel....

Hey, I know I say this every time, but I'm supposed to be coming up to the office in a few weeks time to meet Dh for lunch on his birthday. What usually happens is that it takes me forever to get out of the house and I'm so late I don't come in and go straight to a restaurant instead. This time I'll be picking Pads up from nursery at a set time and then driving up so hopefully I will make it in this time and perhaps we'll finally get a chance to say hello!!

Hersetta Thu 10-Feb-11 14:57:38

Ah....broker drivel, I know it well!

Sounds good let me know when (we're in Spain for a few days next month) and would love to meet up...finally!

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 15:06:47

When are you going to Spain? We go on 18th March. Taking outlaws with us and flying into Alicante. Then they're taking kids down to our house and Dh and I are going north to Valencia for las fallas, the big fiesta there for the weekend before driving back down on Sunday to the house.

Hersetta Thu 10-Feb-11 15:26:35

We're off on March 5th - just for 4 days to see my Mum. We're all off to the maldives in May and Cait is very excited. She chats away about going on a plane that lands on the water and Mummy teaching her how to snorkel etc. Can't wait!

tokentotty Thu 10-Feb-11 16:01:59

Oh wow, the Maldives sound too dreamy for words. No chance of us making it there...

helibee Sat 05-Mar-11 02:24:12

Congratulations to you all, so exciting more babies.

I keep forgetting to check this thread, I get too engrossed reading the AIBU grin

We're still trying and I had a laparoscopy and other fertility tests. My emergency c section caused adhesions to form which is causing problems as well as my PCOS but hopefully will get the clomid again. Unfortunately they couldn't give us an appt before May! Callum is desperate to be a big brother so just hoping that it all works out.

Callum is loving nursery and starts his pre school year in aug, with the same teachers which is good as they know the children well. Just had his parent teacher night and they said he was the politest wee boy in his class so that was good to know grin

How are all your wee ones doing? I'm getting fed up of fireman Sam and postman pat obsessions here and contemplating convincing C to give them up for lent, wonder how successful I'll be hmm grin

Holiday to the Maldives and Spain sound great. We're hoping to get to Fiji for my best friends wedding later in the year but are also in the process of building a house, so that kind of needs to take priority.

Anyway, hope everyone is well and need to remember ti check on here more often

Hersetta Tue 15-Mar-11 18:53:43

Hi Helibee. Sorry you can't get an appointment before May. I have all my fingers crossed for you

We're Fireman Sam obsessed here too - in fact Caitlin is watching it as I type! I even took her to the stage show at the weekend which she loved!

Well we have a news update. Had my 20 week scan and what they predicted was a 2nd DD is in fact a DS!! Am completely shocked but DD was very pleased to have a little brother. Now I have to get rid of the mountains of girls clothes we had saved!

kiteflying Wed 08-Jun-11 08:39:59

Hello everyone. I am not sure you will even remember me from all the way back in 2007 and it took me forever to work out that this thread was still going and that some of you are pregnant with number three! Congratulations Hersetta and TT!! And congrats to all who have had little ones since 2007.
I am (finally, after a fairly gruelling time of it with IVF) pregnant with number two and found my way back to Mumsnet via obsessing about baby names. My Isabel is now a funny, chatty, clever three year old, with golden curls and a sunny disposition, who would start school tomorrow if she could.
I had a lovely half an hour looking over our long ago postings when pregnant and babies were very little. It is so long ago, I feel I am having to learn everything fresh this time! Especially as the Australian health system seems to do everything differently - sometimes I feel I need someone to translate.
Hope you are all well. I suspect TT might be having or about to have her little one - good luck if so!

OneHundredPercentFucked Fri 22-Jul-11 22:32:33

Hersetta and TT...have you had babies yet????

I want another, badly! But need a man for that!

helibee Sat 30-Jul-11 20:16:43

hi everyone, how are you doing?

Kiteflying, congratulations on baby no2. We are having to go through IVF so I fully understand.

How is everyone doing? Ready for our wee ones turning 4!

Hersetta Sat 06-Aug-11 17:09:26

Hello all.
just to let you know I gave birth to Alex Andrew on 27th July at 9.37am - he weighed 8lb 12 oz. He is the spitting image of Caitlin at the same age - the resembalance is really quite freaky.

Caitlin is being a very proud and protective big sister and kisses and strokes Alex at every opportunity. SO far he seems fairly mellow and chilled - sleeps most of the day except to wake for food. He is so quiet most of the time it is very easy to forget we have a newborn in the house at all!

Hope everyone is well and good luck with the IVF Helibee - all my fingers and toes are crossed for you.

lizziemun Sun 07-Aug-11 14:04:39

Congratulation Hersetta.

Helibee, yes am looking forward to Lexie turning 4, she quite a drama queen character.

The only problem is that beacause she was a week late (7th September) she won't be going to reception until next year, and she is so ready for reception. Even her nuresery teacher thought she would be going to school as she very bright.

helibee Sun 07-Aug-11 21:48:53

Huge congratulations Hersetta, look forward to seeing some pictures of him. Glad Caitlin is enjoying being a big sister.

Lizzie, oh thats such a shame that Lexie can't start reception yet. School works differently up here so Callum has just finished his nursery year and he's just about to do his pre-school year. Have you asked the school if she can start early or after October half term? She sounds a great wee character. Callum had a man say to him if he carried on like this, he'd invest in him in a second as he has a bright future ahead. Callum said to him, "well im going to be a doctor, a rockstar and a fireman so I'll take the money now please" grin

Callum is having a bouncy castle party on sat, he's very excited, especially as his cousins are up from Manchester to come too. Hope you all have great birthdays with our gorgeous monkeys

Hersetta Tue 16-Aug-11 18:45:58

Many thanks - I have now uploaded a couple of new pics to my profile.

tokentotty Thu 18-Aug-11 23:21:48

Oh dear, am embarrassed it's taken so long but may I please announce that I had Thea Rose Alessia on 31st May blush. known as Theodora due to me singing along to the Dora theme song. How typical is it that the older two are abbreviated (Patrick - Paddy, Imogen - Mimi) that Thea is elongated to Theodora....?? Anyway, she's blooming lovely. Weighed in at 6lb 13oz and isn't that much bigger now so is like a little doll. Been through the mill a bit about her weight but I think she's just small. It was probably reflux initially but we didn't realise as she's so contented.

Oh, drunken husband home. Got to go. Back soon...

tokentotty Fri 19-Aug-11 00:08:26

Sorry, thought for a split second that DH was going to be helpful for a second there but oh no, reality kicked in and he's gone to bed and passed out (again). Anyway, is Paddy's 4th birthday tomorrow so got an open house all day for all and sundry which is great but a lot of work!! This is a bit of an 'all about me' post but haven't had time to read all posts yet.

I see that Hersetta's had 'Thing 2' (as mine are referred to, in order) and going to check out pics now, but huge congratulations love!! Hope you're getting on ok, have to say having 3 under 4 is tough going but this time is incredibly easier than when Mimi came along with a 16 month gap. 2.4 yrs gap does feel like a walk in the park.

Currently blowing up balloons, finishing wrapping up presents etc. What has everyone given (giving) their 4 yr old this birthday?

Hersetta Sun 21-Aug-11 15:10:48

Congratulations TT. Lovely name.

We had Caitlin's party yesterday (swimming party follwed by games and dancing). Seemed to go down well and didn't involve too much effort on my part so a result all round!! We are giving DD a bike for her birthday which we bought on Friday. DH tried to get her to choose one in a neutral colour so it could be passed on to DS - needless to say we came back with a bright pink one with a basket and tassles!!

DS is an angel and life with two is pretty easy I must say at the moment - helped by the fact that he has slept from 11-6 the last 4 nights so feeling very lucky.

loler Thu 08-Sep-11 09:56:41

Congratulations to everyone on their new babies. Hersetta - he's lovely.

Lizziemum - another year of childcare would be the thing that got to me the most! On the positive side she should pick up everything at school really really quickly.

DS2 started school on Tuesday - he's loving it and I'm not even getting a backwards glance as he goes in. Feeling a bit empty nesty, but also looking forward to getting on with the next stage - it's lovely to be able to go on a spur of the moment family bike ride without having to pack a just-in-case bag.

We were on holiday in Spain for DS2s b'day so he had cars 2 cars, but he's getting a big boy bedroom this weekend (finally getting rid of the cotbed after 8 years of constant use).

Off to hit Tesco (minus dc!) - all this time all to myself!

helibee Wed 14-Sep-11 02:59:54

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm pregnant grin actually can't believe it, it happened all by itself. Had to go to hospital due to pains and they thought it was ectopic! Saw the consultant who said the chances of me becoming pregnant and that it wasn't an ectopic (due to blocked tubes) is an absolute miracle! I am 8 weeks so still early days and hyperemesis has reared it's ugly head again but hopefully come April, I'll have my wee miracle baby.

Hersetta Wed 14-Sep-11 09:03:13

Yay - congratulations Helibee!!

tokentotty Wed 14-Dec-11 22:51:20

Erm....hello? (HELLO Hello hello....echoing madly on this thread I reckon!)

Anyway, Happy Christmas to you all!! Hope you're all fabulously well and happy?

Helibee, how are you??

tokentotty Sat 21-Jan-12 02:35:30

Is the world's worst post natal thread? Does no-one ever look in on it ever? Oh wait....what's that? Hmmmmm.....a tumbleweed blows past.....sigh.....

Hersetta Sat 21-Jan-12 23:53:44

I still keep an eye on it - just haven't posted as no-one else has.

Caitlin is doing fabulously as school - reading beautifully and despite being the youngest had the role with the most lines in the nativity. very proud Mummy.

Number 2 is an absolute Angel - the happiest little boy ever who thinks that his sister is the funniest person on the face of the earth. Makes me well up watching them together (I'm still blaming the baby hormones!) as they both dote on the other. I would quite like to clone him to be honest - i reckon I could make a fortune. happy little boy, slept through from 3 weeks and slept for 12 hrs before 3 months. I tell you life with 2 is a piece of piss. we have even considered a third!! We have since realised we're just too bloody old now so have parked that idea...don't really want to push our luck.

TT - how is life with your brood?

helibee Wed 15-Feb-12 10:26:51

Just a quick hi to anyone around smile

I'm 30 weeks now, 8 weeks max to go till ELCS. I'll try and catch up soon. Off to the hospital to see consultant now

Hersetta Wed 15-Aug-12 13:01:16

Just wanted to say...hey all. how is your number 2 Helibee? We need details!

helibee Wed 22-Aug-12 00:46:26

Hi hersetta, I always forget to check here, I get too caught up in nosing AIBU threads grin

Finlay was born on April 12th by planned section after the emergency with Callum. He has bad reflux and cows milk protein allergy so spent the first few weeks of his life screaming in pain sad he is now on ranitidine and gaviscon and he is laid back and a happy wee soul just like his big brother. Unfortunately he had meningitis and septicaemia 2 weeks ago but he is getting better. How are you? A few of us from this thread are friends on facebook if you are too you should join us. My email is helenandmatthew@yahoo.co.uk, I think that's all you need to add me smile

Hersetta Thu 06-Sep-12 12:00:26

Hello helibee - congratulations on Finlays arrival. Oh my it sounds like you've been through the ringer already though. Hope he is fully recovered and you can finally relax a bit and enjoy them boy.

Things are really good with me - Alex is a dream (and utterley gorgeous) and Caitlin loves her brother more than she loves us...they simply adore each other. How long this lasts remains to be seen though. Thanks for the address - I am on facebook so I'll do my best to find you!

tokentotty Fri 07-Sep-12 01:52:31

Where to start? Hersetta, how are you?

I can only say that have been trying to type this message 3 times but have had to set aside to run upstairs to Thing 2 sobbing abt random leg pains/wanting to come downstairs, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, first day of Year 1 for Paddy today. How is everyone dealing with that? Or more importantly, how are our 'babies of their year' dealing with it?


Hersetta Fri 07-Sep-12 11:40:43

Blimey...hello TT!!

All well here. Been back working FT for 6 months so our routines are working well. Alex turned 1 last month and is still the easiest kid ever. His GP's even voluntarily offer to have him overnight as they know it's a doddle. Not quite sure how it happened as we are both dark but ALex has bright blue eyes and a mop of very very blonde hair. i will try to post a picture soon.

Caitlin started yr 1 on Tuesday and seems to be OK, although she is not very forthcoming about what she does all day long. I think she wanted to stay in reception though and seems miffed that she has lost her youngest person in the school title!

Hersetta Fri 07-Sep-12 12:00:07

Phew that was easier than normal - didn't have to resize pic this time as it was taken on my Phone. New pic of the kids on my profile.

helibee Wed 12-Sep-12 02:23:15

Good to see you on Facebook smile
I'll look at your profile pic on the computer later as I any do it on my phone.

helibee Wed 12-Sep-12 02:30:55

Hi TT, how's paddy getting on? In Scotland the school years work differently so an aug birthday puts you bang in the middle age wise rather than the youngest. Callum is loving P1 though. He was poorly at the weekend with what we thought were chicken pox but it turns out to have been a viral infection that mimics CPhmm Anyway he was so desperate to get back to school after missing one day that he said he'd sleep in his uniform so he wouldn't miss it grin

Glad Caitlin is enjoying herself and that Alex is an easy baby. Finlay isn't as chilled as Callum but as he has bad reflux and he keeps outgrowing the dosage of his medicine I guess it's not surprising that he's not as laid back but he is still a fairly easy baby and not at all high maintenance. Since he was in hospital with meningitis though he keeps waking in the night as the nurses woke him hourly to check on him so he's not quite twigged that he doesn't need to talk or sing every few hrs to let me know that he's lying next to me grin

tokentotty Fri 30-Nov-12 01:47:14

Sincere apologies, have done it again... Had 5mins, written a genuine, enquiring msg, and then disappeared for 2 months!! I remember having 'Thing 1' and being on Mumsnet loads. Had 'Thing 2', on here infrequently. Had 'Thing 3' and forget it!! It's not been a good year. Thankfully not concerning me for once, but these last months I've not been able to breathe almost for friends, family and their nearest and dearest suffering. Is it just my group that seem to have been surrounded by illness, and mainly cancer?? I am genuinely interested as to whether others feel like this has been a bizarrely bad year or if it is just an unlucky one for me?

tokentotty Wed 06-Feb-13 21:14:44

Wow! Has been seriously quiet here.... How is everyone? Any news?? Xxx

Hersetta Wed 13-Feb-13 14:38:52

Hi, sorry forget to check on here mostly.

We are all well, Caitlin is doing OK at school, growing like a week (shes's 124cm tall and rapidly growing out of 6/7 trouser lengths). She's is madly in love with her brother (wants to marry him) and dotes on him more then i do - he can do know wrong in her eyes, whereas I know he can! so life is really lovely with the pair of them.

DS is 18 months now and such a happy chap but only issue with him is that he is not even close to walking (he's a bum shuffler) lazy little so and so, he's just so heavy to pick up and carry places! How are you?

meandtheboys Wed 01-May-13 21:24:52

Hi everone,

meandjoe here! Seems like forever since I've been on here properly but just came across this thread and nice to see so many familiar names for all those years ago.

How's everyone getting on?

Congratulations to everyone on the babies and pregnancies that have happened since 2007!

Joe is now a wonderful, happy, clever 5 year old who never stops talking which I love. He's doing well at school and was worth every one of those endless days when he was a whingy difficult baby. He is my very very best friend.

Hersetta, glad to hear your two are getting on nicely.

Joseph now has a 16 month old little brother. Rowan was born at Christmas 2011. Sod's law he's been every bit as difficult and grumpy as his brother was as a baby angry .So much for lightening not striking twice! He's also utterly beautiful and DS1 adores him so not all bad. He also like Joe did has an amazing ability to sleep through the night yet gets moody and grumpy fighting nap time. They're like clones of each other! DS2 is crawling everywhere but not yet walking as he's been diagnosed as having hypermobile knee joints so is basically a bit more wobbly and has low musle tone in his legs. He is pulling up and chattering but is no where near walking yet really which was a bit of a shock as Joe was running around at 11 months. We are hoping his mood improves like Joe's did when he got walking and talking properly. Arrrgh. Needless to say we won't be trying for a third and good old DH has been for the snip this year!

Sorry this all seems a bit me me me but thread is very old and long and I'm not sure who's doing what now days! Any news? Anyone still out there??

tokentotty Wed 12-Jun-13 00:47:25

Hi meandtheboys! Like me you're dropping in! Congrats on Rowan love. I think all of them have that dreadful tricksy stage, and when it's not the one at that age there's another one coming... Mine are now 5/6 (obv!!) Thing 2 was 4 in Jan and Thing 3 was 2 on 31st May. Having had 3 under 4 was clearly hard going but now their relationships are thankfully wonderful and they really love each other and play together beautifully. Big catch word here is 'usually' though!!! When it's good it's really good, but when it's bad.......it's truly feckin' shocking!!!! But I guess that's normal right? Doesn't make parenting them all day to day easy though..... Anyone else feel the same???

loler Mon 15-Jul-13 18:42:07

Hello - good to see that this thread is still rumbling on.

We've had a busy year - moved house, job and area. Finding much slower to make friends in a new area without a baby - they are good for something!!

Tt - your age gap is similar to mine - my August one is the baby though. Agree with when things are good they are brilliant and this is normally the case - the when things are bad is getting a whole lot more noisy and physical! I can see with a pre-teen daughter it getting worse before it gets better. The boys think its really funny to wind her up - watch those slamming doors!

Must say that I'm enjoying my sleep and when there's no sports I get a very good lie in. The dc look after their own feeding needs!

Hope everyp one else is well and long last the August thread!

meandtheboys Tue 20-Aug-13 23:28:37

Hiya token and loler and any other August 07 mummies out there. You guys are both obviously a lot more hardcore than me, we always planned to have 3 children but then with Joe being such a diffivult baby we agonised over having 2. Now after having DS2 and another high needs baby, there is just no more broodiness left in me!!! I still look at fmilies of three as being the 'ideal' though which is silly because I know there's no such thing. Everyone needs to do what's right for them but it doesn't stop me thinking it (maybe as I am one of three.)

Anyway, nice to see this thread is still alive. I just thought I'd drop by and see how everyone is.

Loler, congratulations on the house move and job change etc. Have you moved far? It must be hard relocating. Have you still got family near by? I must admit babies are certainly good for getting people to stand and chat to you! Baby and toddler groups were never really my thing but I did meet a few lovely mums who I am still in touch with from when Joe was a baby.

DS2 is now 19 months. What a bloody handful. I really think perhaps we just breed unhappy babies! I am trying to stay hopeful and positive though. Joe somehow turned into a reasonable human being somewhere along the line. It will happen again, right??????? ;)

Anyway, hope everyone is well. I wonder how tasha, helibee and james are getting on. If anyone reads this I am thinking of you and hope all you and your DCs are happy and thriving. Can't believe how old this thread is now and how much has changed.

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