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Feb 08 - Never mind my wrinkly tum, look what's come out of my baby's bum!

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Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 16:39:22

done it

beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 16:42:17

Oooh, it's quite roomy in here!! grin

Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 17:11:47

Well I went for Bean's suggestion - seemed to speak to me as I have not only wrinkly tum but fascination with nappy contents.
Anyway - arghh - Malc's got a temperature and since about 7 last night has not slept unless being held shock. The thing is he seems perfectly happy apart from stubborn refusal to go to bed. (Egg just like your DD you can see it is a real treat to be up with mum and dad and the telly late at night!) My boobs are very sore from being chomped on all night as I tried in vain to get him off to sleep. I still managed to go for a decent session at the climbing wall this morning though but DP has disappeared on a suspiciously long trip to Sainsbury's this afternoon - suspect he is sitting slumped in the cafe.

Egg nice to see you made up for your absence by filling up the last thread! Wine box sounds a good idea - your supplies were looking low grin We have a friend staying tonight so I am looking forward to cracking open the cava that I didn't take to yours - although he is more a beer sort of bloke so clearly it's a thinly veiled excuse to indulge myself.

Mark Foster yes I would - remind me is he a diver? I think he's the oldest one in "Team GB" isn't he? Which means we are all old. There was also a nice russian? grey haired man doing the gymnastics today (ancient at 35!)

Oops DP back better stop this older man chat. And Malc has still not been to sleep for more than about 5 minutes all day - it's 5PM!!!!!

Oh BTW after chat at the meet-up about other areas of mumsnet I have explored a bit and don't we inhabit a nice, normal, friendly and not mad section of the MN world?

beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 17:24:17

Oh no, sorry to hear that Malc is not too well. It's really hard work when they won't sleep. Fingers well and truly crossed you have a better night tonight. smile

When you have a mo Gill, pur-lease post the recipe for the chocolate stuff you brought to the meet up. I suspect it's at least a class B substance! grin And yes, dh took 2 hours to do a shop I can do in an hour with both boys!! hmm

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, 38 is not old. D'ya hear me? NOT OLD!! grin

Egg Sat 09-Aug-08 17:33:31

Just popping on to get new thread on my list. Hope Malc feels better v soon, his girlfriend is not well either, she has been crying a lot today although has slept for 3 hours in total so not bad there.

Back later for another gazillion posts from meeeeeeee.

Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 17:44:55

Hee hee sorry Bean.

Maybe they're lovesick Egg?

leesmum Sat 09-Aug-08 18:40:45

Hiya all x

Great thread title beany, and from your comments on the other thread i'm presuming that you don't think the picture of Mark Foster with the flag looked a little phalic...fnar fnar

Gill how is Malcolm now? do you think he's teething? it could just be a bit of a cold. And whats this choccy recipe that beany's on about, sounds yummy. And i have to agree with you about other parts of MN, there are some real sh*t stirring nasty bas*@rds on here sometimes angry

Egg well you should be chuffed with yourself for hosting what sounds like a great day. Thanks for comments about photos, my Dp really does come 3rd after the two boys!!! LOL at visions of you sneaking off to watch Mark Foster porn, hmm you've given me ideasblush Do you think Dp would mind if i made him wear Ds1's swimming cap to bed tonight!shock

I'm setting a challenge for you all, lets see who can find the hottest man at the Olympics!

hi all- sorry been away all day- one of those days- i am feeling much better today- although think i may be getting a bug/cold or somrthjing dont quite feel right iykwim-

Great to hear back from u Slacker- your pics are gorge-

Love the thread title very apt!!!!!!!!grin

Slimming world plan seems to be working here for me so far- but thursdays weigh in will prove it or not- theres quite alot to take in in the beggining though!!!

Egg- you are so nice but yeah i am happy with the pic of DH and i at last weeks wedding- and he rather nice!!!!lolgrin

Basingstoke is about 2drive hours from me- but would love to come!!!!!

DD is doing well sitting but today had her first fall- DS was being a tad naughty as i was telling him off she nose dived onto the carpet- really did cry but is uninjured and was giggling at Hary moments later- (who was still be a little sod!!!!!)

Egg- BTW its been great to have you posting so much its far too quiet without u!!!!lolgrin

beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 20:54:06

My brother phoned earlier to say that his ex wife (my SIL) died suddenly this afternoon. She was in her early 30's. He has now has to tell his 8yo dd that her mummy has died. She has been with him today as they have the usual every other weekend type arrangements.
He is also expecting twins any day with someone else (who chucked him mid-pregnancy) and he has huge financial problems. I'm not sure how he or my niece are going to cope with it all. It's all a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Sorry to tell you lot but dh is not here and my head is a bit of a mess. Bugger.

Ohh Beany-

Dont really know what to say tio you but om my goodness are u ok?

Really feeling for your brother- how terrible for him and DD,

dont know what to write without sounding stupid-

Egg Sat 09-Aug-08 22:23:45

shit beany am having quick read of thread using mobile phone before bed and saw your post. Am so sorry. How awful for your brother and your niece. Hope your dh is home now to give you a shoulder to cry on. Did not realise when you said about him having twins due that he was not with his partner. That in itself would be hard enough. Are your family around to help support your brother? Sorry cannot do paragraphs on phone... Thinking of you and your family tonight.

alkar Sat 09-Aug-08 22:36:27

Loving the new title

Really lovely pics slacker, nice to hear from you again. As far as thinking about more babie goes I don't think I would be as lucky again. DS is so good and I think I would get a horror next time!

If you find any good suction bowls ginger, let me know. We went to an italian restaurant tonight, I was letting DS eat the crusts from our garlic bread which he was loving but then he tried to grab more from the plate but missed and smashed the plate on the floor instead blush luckily it was a very child friendly place.

Hope slimming world works for you Sarah, my weight loss seems to have stalled lately...

Gonna have to watch the olympics more, need to find out who mark foster is grin

alkar Sat 09-Aug-08 22:37:30

So sorry for you and your brother beany and your poor poor niece {{{hugs}}}

MERLYPUSS Sat 09-Aug-08 23:26:40

Found You!!
Beany - oh that is crap. Hugs to you and brother.

Isaac tried fish yesterday for the first time and I ended up wearing it. He was/is a reflux baby but this was the most impressive puke I have ever seen. We will be leaving fish for the moment hmm
They both chow down on most thing ATM. Pear and porridge, Banana and Avocado (frog) mashed together and toast being their fave brekky. Want to try scrambled egg soon, which I hate but can't transfer my dislikes to them.
Great to hear you slept in til 11am. I thought I was doing well with 9.30.

wrinklytum Sat 09-Aug-08 23:35:12

Sorry to crash your thread,ladies,but your thread title made me dash of to examine the contents of dd's nappies

Then I realised it was a post natal thread and I hadn't posted this in a tired inebriated moment.LOL.

(It was just wee in her nappy,you'll be pleased to know....)

Hope all your little uns are well.

leesmum Sun 10-Aug-08 08:07:00

Hi wrinklytum smile

Oh Beany love how are you? Sorry for your brother and niece, what a tragic thing to happen. Did you have someone to talk to last night before your Dh came home. I don't like to think you were on your own when you got this horrible news. Thinking of you x

Merlypuss will your boys actually eat the toast, my lo has chew'd on toast and ricecakes but spits little bits out, i suppose it just takes a while for them to get used to it.

Alkar at the moment we are using bowls but with Ds1 we just used to put a lot of his food straight onto the high chair tray and let him get it with his hands, a good idea is to buy a cheapo shower curtain and have it under the high chair to catch most of the food.

NO MORE BABIES HERE! god nosmile i'm done!

Sarah how is your poor DD today? they are a lot stronger than we give them credit for, And think positive about dietingsmile i think if you can cut out snacking and eating late it'll soon drop off x (well that was my downfall anyway!)

Take care all x

beany how was your nite- hope you got some sleep-

Lees mum dd id fine today, she doesn't seem to have any ill efects from her fall yesterday!!!!

i think u r right about eating late- when i get in from work just after 9pm i could eat a scabby dog!!!!!!! try to go to bed so i wont eat!!!!!!!grin

More babies- I WOULD LOVE ONE MORE!!!!!dh said im not aloud though!¬!!!!! hmm who knows i am happy i have both a boy and a girl so i should probably agree with DH- we shall see!!!!lol

Welcome wrinkly tum- feel free top pop in as you wish xxxx

Gill79 Sun 10-Aug-08 10:03:32

Oh Bean - fk. How awful. Doesn't bear thinking about. <<<Hugs>>>

beansprout Sun 10-Aug-08 10:10:06

Thanks for all your good wishes. My brother has to tell his dd this morning, and no-one should have to do that. She lived with her mum so even basic stuff like where she lives and goes to school is suddenly very complicated. It's all just at the too awful for words stage. Egg - He is in Dorset, I am in London and our mum and dad are in Sussex so we are not too near each other which is especially crap at times like this. sad

Didn't sleep too well. Ds2 woke up 3 times and Ds1 managed to walk up the hall to our room while vomiting so the carpet needed some swift attention! Spent the time inbetween fretting, but at least it is Sunday and dh is here. Did say to ds1 that it would be good if he could maybe vom in the toilet if he feels sick again, to which he replied, "yuck mum, the toilet is just for wee and poo." Sigh.

Sarah - glad dd is ok. We agreed at the meet up that falls are compulsory! grin
Merly - lol at wearing the fish. ds2 is a vegetable refusnik atm but he can't keep chomping on bread so am going to leave it for a few days.
Slacker - great to hear from you, fab pics smile

Hope you all have a good Sunday. smile

DartmoorMama Sun 10-Aug-08 10:26:00

HI all
I had forgotten how early they get mobile, have to keep an eye on all the roly polys now, DS seems to migrate so fast, and he managed to pull himself up on all fours then do a comedy leap/wobble forwards and land on his nose, Think I am going to have to rearrange the house back to baby safe mode.

Scarey how fast they stop being little babies!!
Am convinced I didn't want any more babies but maybe I do.

tyaca Sun 10-Aug-08 12:22:39

just checking in. and whispering that basingstoke was a joke! i did grinning emoticions and everything wink

tyaca Sun 10-Aug-08 12:24:30

wtf bean. that is nuts and so awful.

Slacker Sun 10-Aug-08 12:41:49

EWWW yuck to new thread title!

Beany, so sorry about your dreadful news, I hope everyone concerned pulls together in the difficult times to come, to make things as bearable as possible for your poor niece.

Egg - you flatter me quite unjustly! When I manage to get a pic of all my (mostly) lovely children together I'll upload it. You're right I have 5 altogether, 4 ds (13, 11, 8 and baby) and 1 dd (5). I don't find babies difficult, but my first 2 were definitely the biggest challenge. Thankfully they're old enough to be helpful now - DS1 made it his summer holiday project to carefully pick off all DS4's cradle cap!

LOL to meeting up in Basingstoke - of all the places! Make it Bicester Village or Gunwharf Quays and I'd be there though!

Had a look through some of your profiles at pics of cute babies (just a teeny bit broody now AF has just returned...DH mentioned contraception though, bugger!) - Leesmum your boys are so sweet together, Gill your pics have put me off the idea of weaning for as long as possible! Egg yours are gorgeous, I know it's hard work but there's something very special about twins. Beansprout - more photos please! Your DS2 looks just like my DS3 (whose name he shares IIRC) at the same age.

Rearranged our bedroom yesterday so that we could fit the cot in - then found it's 2 inches too wide for the gap, arghh! Can you get narrow cots? Otherwise I'll have to get the longest widest crib I can find, or put him in with DS3...

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 16:47:51

Oh beaney so sorry, what an awful time for you and your family. Take care hun.

Erm ....think babies might have given each other something, Toby up all night gurgling snot which arrived from nowhere at about 1am. Lovely. Gave in early am and took him into our bed, if he wakes all the time tonight its straight in with us, i can't survive on no sleep anymore (obviously the lie in friday nightwas was a complete fluke )

phew to basingstoke! Egg, can't we come to yours again? ! wink

Am still trying to upload blardy pics but dh is helping dd1 sort out some stuff for her hols atm.

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 16:47:52

Oh beaney so sorry, what an awful time for you and your family. Take care hun.

Erm ....think babies might have given each other something, Toby up all night gurgling snot which arrived from nowhere at about 1am. Lovely. Gave in early am and took him into our bed, if he wakes all the time tonight its straight in with us, i can't survive on no sleep anymore (obviously the lie in friday nightwas was a complete fluke )

phew to basingstoke! Egg, can't we come to yours again? ! wink

Am still trying to upload blardy pics but dh is helping dd1 sort out some stuff for her hols atm.

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 17:26:00

YAY! have done photos.

lovely pics ladies- you all look like u were having a blast!!!!

So cute to see all babies together too!!!!

beansprout Sun 10-Aug-08 20:07:48

Gingermumi - I think you may be right about the baby bug - ds2 is sniffly and is also pooing for England. We have gone from about one day to 6-8!! shock

My niece keeps asking my brother "who is going to be my mummy now?" and I keep crying every time I think about it. This is about as grim as it gets. sad

Love the new thread title Gill - very appropriate!

Just popped on quickly to catch up and its taken me ages to read all the posts I've missed!

Bean - so sorry about your nieces mum - she was so youngsad.

The photos of the meet up are great - sounds like you all had a fab time.

I too don't think we'll be having any more babies - as much as I love and enjoy our boys I think 3 is the right number for us. We do get asked all the time if we'll be having any more or trying for a girl. Really annoys me sometimes actually that people seem to think/imply that we're not satisfied with the children we've got because they're all boys and a mixture of both is somehow betterhmm. Our 3 are all so different and I love having my gang!

On hot sportsmen/superstars - I used to have a real thing for Roger Black in his running days - probably around 15 years ago. He doesn't do it for me in the same way anymore though.

Well done for joining slimming world Sarah - I've found that exercising has really worked for me.

Cross posts Beany - your poor niece - so so sad.

manamana Sun 10-Aug-08 20:20:05

Just saw this new thread and thought i might have a chance of keeping up with everyone's news if i got in at the beginning but have just scanread this though v tired eyes and not taken it in so maybe not - will try and pop in to catch up every now and again.
hope erveryone's los are doing well - mine are good but NOT SLEEPING and i have to go back to work soon - not sure how that's going to work...
Beansprout - sorry to hear about your brother, that's really heartbreaking for him to deal with.

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 21:03:33

Bean that so sad. My cousin died last year, she was a bit older than me, it's even harder (if that's possible when losing someone) when they're young. Your little niece, poor thing, goodness knows what anyone can do. Your brother is going to have a difficlt time. Nothing can equip you for this kind of thing.

Good to see you mana, was wondering how you were getting on!

CountTo10 Sun 10-Aug-08 22:43:06

Bean - so sorry to hear about your brothers ex, how awful for your niece.

So thought the weather was going to be good but my words about sunshine here yesterday were quickly replaced by torrential rain and wind!!

We've had a party today and then my aunty's down so quickly popped into my mums which means both boys totally flaked out. Although ds2 did wake up about an hour ago absolutely screaming. Think it was a bit of wind cause after a few burps and a nicely timed puke all down my chest he seemed fine!!! I now feel sick tho so I'm hoping we're not about to be plagued by some kind of bug!!

Defo no more kids here although the thought of that does make me sad. It's just that more kids means more pg and more money and more time out of my career which I know sounds awful but I just think it'll be too much. I think for me its the idea of never coming home again with a tiny little bundle for everyone to meet. Silly really!!

Anyway got to go as definitely think I'm going to need to be sick soon!!!

leesmum Mon 11-Aug-08 14:07:42

Hi Beany how have you all been over the weekend? (stupid question i know) your poor niece, what an awful shame to loose your mummy at such a young agesad xxx

Sorry to hear some babies are not well, big hugs to all lo's that are poorly x

Count i know what you mean about feeling sad about the thought of another baby, i think i'm already savouring all DS2's time while he is still so small, i know it won't last foreversad, how are you BTW? was you sick last night? I suppose i shouldn't joke about it being morning sicknessshock

And Rozzy i get asked all the time if i'm gonna try for a girl! NO! i don't want any more, wether its a girl or boy, i love my two little men and can't even imagine having a girl in the house. ROGER BLACK!! hmm i'll let you off with that one i suppose he wasn't bad a few years ago but he's turned into a right "wet weekend" (sorry manc expression for bloody boring lol)

Ginger great pictures, was Tyaca taking them? Its great to have a picture like that to keep and show the babies when they're older.

Has anyone heard of PRINCESS in a while? i hope she and her family are ok x

Egg Mon 11-Aug-08 14:33:30

Hello all. Back online properly now but been busy with cleaning etc. More or less done now.

Beany how are you today? Been thinking of you a lot. It really is very sobering thinking about how it could happen to any one of us. i know your parents are not nearby to your brother but has one of them or anyone gone down to be with your brother and niece for now? I hope he is not on his own trying to deal with it.

Ginger thanks for putting up lovely pics. Leesmum, Tyaca took first group pic and Gill took second (it took me a while to work it out and I was there blush). We should have asked one of my neighbours to take it so we got all five of us.

I am feeling v guilty as it is probably my babies who infected everyone else's. They had been really snotty although seemed a bit better that day, they are still snotty now although thankfully not miserable all the time.

DS2 has learnt to clap [proud]. And DD has finally managed to roll both ways [proud].

As for DS1, he had his first potty poo at the weekend [proud]! He has had a couple on the loo but only when he has been crossing his legs so long and is screaming and we physically force him onto the loo just so he can get it out! This time he he asked for the potty and sat on it willingly. When he looked in afterwards he exclaimed "two poos" excitedly. He was even more excited when I explained it was not two, just it was sooooo big it broke in half grin.


Btw, the above would have been fabulous, except it was 12:30AM, ie the middle of the darn night, when he shouted out that he had to poo and wanted his potty shock.

alkar Mon 11-Aug-08 17:24:51

Had a bit of a nightmare yesterday. Daniel started being sick a lot, when we got to 20 times in an hour and half I rang NHS direct he was sick 4 more times whilst I was on the phone. Ended up being sent to A&E, was told to feed him and they would come back in 30 mins - he was sick 3 more times. Admitted to the childrens ward overnight, he was sick a few more times but then slept. He's only been sick a couple of times today so they let us out. Have no idea what it was, they are checking to see if he has inherited DHs milk allergy if its not that then I guess he'd just picked up a virus, scary though.

Gill79 Mon 11-Aug-08 18:27:16

Crikey Alkar - that does sound scary.Has anyone else in your house had a bug? It's easy to forget that they are vulnerable little things and problems can develop so quickly.

Leesmum - IIRC Princess is in France.

Bean been thinking about your family over the weekend - poor little girl.

DS is not really that much better - he's ok in the daytime and temperature gone but the nights are HIDEOUS. Screaming and inconsolable and not sleeping unless being held. Last night we tried to put him to bed so many times and each time he would sleep for fifteen or twenty minutes and then start shouting. By 2am things were looking rather bleak grin but then we took him into bed with us and he slept through till 6 and then till 9.30. Cheeky beggar. We're not sure whether to be worried about him or not, there's really no physical symptoms, apart from having a blocked nose, but he sure ain't himself.

We went to get facing forward car seat today as he was so big in the baby one. He seems a much happier passenger although does seem so much more vulnerable....

Gill79 Mon 11-Aug-08 18:28:29

Egg I think your DS1 can be king of the poos for the day. He should like that smile

That sounds scary Alkar - same thing happened to a friend of mines ds when he was around 7 months old - they just get dehydrated so quickly don't they?

Egg - you sound very proud of your 3 todaysmile. They sound like they're all getting on brilliantly.

Count - hope you're feeling better.

Gill - hopefully it's just teeth that are bothering Malcolm.

Leesmum - I'm talking 15 years ago with my Roger Black thing - definitely not now but he was hot in his day!!

Beany - hope you and your family are doing ok.

Hi again mamamama!

Well cutting down on portion sizes and doing a lot of running has paid off and I lost 2 lbs this week and am down to my target weightgrin. Still not entirely happy with the tummy area though so hundreds of sit-ups are on the cards (though not convinced anything will help my wrinkly tum). So can now enjoy pigging out on a curry tomorrow for our anniversary.

Ds3 is 6 months old today - can't believe how quickly time is passing. He is sleeping in his own room for the first time tonight and I must admit I'm looking forward to getting my own space back.

Leesmum START 10st 4lbs CURRENT 9st 7lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Egg START 8st 7lbs CURRENT 8st 2lbs TARGET 8st 3lbs
Beautiful START 12st 9lbs, CURRENT ??? TARGET 10st 4lbs
Sally START 75kg CURRENT 73kg TARGET 68kg
Alkar START 10st 10lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 7
Gill START 9st 9lb CURRENT 9st 3lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Beansprout START 9st 7lb CURRENT 8st 6lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Rozzyrasperry START 11st 3lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 12lb
Mutha2beagain START 10st 3lb CURRENT 10st0lb TARGET 9st 7lb
CountTo10 START 11st 6lb CURRENT 10st 7lb TARGET 9st 7lb
Gingermumi START 13st Current 12st 10lb target 11 st
BovrilSarnies START 11st 6lbs CURRENT 11st 0lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Tyaca START 11st 7lb CURRENT 10st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb
morningglory: START 7st10 CURRENT 7st10 Target 6st13
Omy: Start 70 kilos Current 69.5 kilos Target 63.5 kilos
Bessie123: START 11st 7lb CURRENT 11st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb

Egg Mon 11-Aug-08 20:53:17

Oooh I forgot to add in my Roger Black comment. Also about 15 years ago he was appearing at Crystal Palace sports centre in some athletics meet and my sis and I went to watch. We made a huuuge banner saying "Go for it Roger, Sex on Legs" and we got our pic in the (wait for it...) MAIL ON SUNDAY!

Alkar I would have been terrified. DD did a huge puke on Saturday and I was worried after just one. Glad Daniel seems ok now.

Gill hope poor Malc (and you and DP) have a better night tonight. I forgot you were getting the car seat, what one did you get? We have the maxi cosi cabriofix for DS1 which we got when he was about 8 months old and love it, am looking forward to moving DS2 into it though and getting DS1 a new one. Want a non isofix one so he can sit in the front and hopefully get less carsick.

Rozzy I am indeed very proud of my three. I feel like we have come out of the "dark" bit now and although it will be hard when they are on the move, fingers crossed we wont go back to how it was. DS1 is so much happier at the mo now. Happy mummy = Happy boy and vice versa.

DS1 had another huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge poo this eve. On the loo [proud].

Rozzy congrats on weight loss! Mine is now up a couple of pounds from that list, but it seems to be static now and I am fairly happy where I am. Tummy also a bit wobbly but it is, I am told, acceptable! Enjoy your anniversary. And good luck with DS3 going in his own room! I thought of the nights I spent sleeping on DTs floor in a sleeping bag and almost cried with memory.

And to respond to your earlier comment, when I meet people with three boys I say "oooh you are so lucky, I wanted three boys" (I do then go on to say that I am happy with my DD of course). Boys are fab grin. Girls are ok too grin.

Count how are you? Hope you are ok. After DD puked on Saturday I was terrified DS2 was going to as well as he was coughing and coughing and making all sorts of gurgling noises, at one point I picked him out of the cot and held him over the bath as it had taken nearly 2 hours with the steam cleaner to get DD's puke stink out of the carpet. Then I thought I was feeling sick too but I think it was just the stress of sorting out DD. We all survived the night (DH's friend / DS1's godfather was here too, poor bloke).

Better post this, I am not used to using this laptop and it has taken me blooming ages to type as the cursor keeps jumping to the wrong place so I am typing in the middle of the previous paragraph without noticing and keep having to start again.

Egg Mon 11-Aug-08 21:03:28

When i said cabriofix I meant priorifix (cabriofix is the newborn one)....

Gill79 Mon 11-Aug-08 22:27:34

It's maxicosi - think it is the priorifix but I could be wrong. Not the Tobi which is more expensive. They had a Britax one on offer and I tried to like it but couldn't grin.

Gill79 Mon 11-Aug-08 22:29:25

ohh btw I am going to try and start typing out choc cake recipe - might take a few attempts to finish though! Malc managed half an hour before waking up tonight - he's now been asleep for another half hour but only cause he's ON OUR BED hmm

Gill79 Mon 11-Aug-08 23:03:34

Here we are. He's still crashed out in the middle of our bed,even though we're not there. It just doesn't make sense. His cot is three feet away from where he is now but will he sleep in it? NOOOOOOOO.

Velvet Chocolate Torte (aka 6,000 Calorie Sugar Crash Cake)

16 Hobnobs
65g melted butter
3 egg whites
110g caster sugar
330g plain chocolate
375ml double cream
3 tbsp brandy
1) Crush hobnobs into crumbs. Mix in melted butter but save 2tbsps of crumbs to sprinkle on top of finished cake. Press mixture into base of cake tin with back of spoon (fits well into 10” tin) Use a loose-based tin if you can. Put base into fridge to chill.
2) Whisk egg whites and sugar in heat-proof bowl over pan of simmering water for about 5 minutes until forms stiff meringue-like mix that stands up in soft peaks.
3) Break up chocolate into pieces and melt in microwave on medium for 3-4 minutes or in bowl over simmering water. (Careful with the microwave - it’s really easy to burn chocolate and that’s a HORRIBLE waste)
4) In a separate bowl whip cream until it just holds shape.
5) Fold melted chocolate into the egg mix, followed by cream and brandy. Pour into cake tin on top of base. Sprinkle with reserved hobnob crumbs and chill 4 hours or overnight. Keeps two days in the fridge or a month in the freezer.

MERLYPUSS Mon 11-Aug-08 23:17:43

Thomas has learnt to blow raspberries. With or without a mouthful of food. I'll say no more other than I am switching back to contact lenses.

MERLYPUSS Mon 11-Aug-08 23:19:33

Gill - You mean it would last two days ??? !!!??? Not in our house.

Gill79 Tue 12-Aug-08 08:12:50

Merlypuss if your household finish that in two days (just two of you?)it could well be fatal. Don't do it!

Raspberries are so cute aren't they? It's Malc's favourite past-time.

hello everyone,

cake sounds great but will so not be baking it as i need to loose the pounds not gain them!!!!

How is everyone????

Egg Tue 12-Aug-08 20:08:46

Hello everyone.

Beany how are you today?

Gill how is Malcolm now?

Sarah Gill's cake is definitely one to steer clear of if you want to keep the weight down! How are you today? It is quiet on here...

Had my parents over today which was lovely, DS1 played cricket in the garden with us while the babies watched. Both babies got v grumpy and were screaming about 4pm but cheered up once they had eaten. No teeth yet. Blooming well hope they are here soon.

Had a message from Ginger to say her DH has broken the PC (always the other half isn't it?, and usually the ones who actually work in IT...) so she is not around at the mo.

Tyaca I was blush at thinking you were serious about Basingstoke. I have never been and although I know it is not exactly beautiful there I was just thinking "ok it could be a shorter journe

Egg Tue 12-Aug-08 20:08:46

Hello everyone.

Beany how are you today?

Gill how is Malcolm now?

Sarah Gill's cake is definitely one to steer clear of if you want to keep the weight down! How are you today? It is quiet on here...

Had my parents over today which was lovely, DS1 played cricket in the garden with us while the babies watched. Both babies got v grumpy and were screaming about 4pm but cheered up once they had eaten. No teeth yet. Blooming well hope they are here soon.

Had a message from Ginger to say her DH has broken the PC (always the other half isn't it?, and usually the ones who actually work in IT...) so she is not around at the mo.

Tyaca I was blush at thinking you were serious about Basingstoke. I have never been and although I know it is not exactly beautiful there I was just thinking "ok it could be a shorter journe

Egg Tue 12-Aug-08 20:11:06


Bloody computer

anyway, thought it could be a shorter journey and figured maybe there was a park or something we could meet at.

My house is always open. Any time anyone wants to come and visit me you are more than welcome. Think it might have been quite a long and stressful journey though for some of you so would not expect you to do it again, if anyone is passing though please come and see us.

I hate this computer.

Thank you Egg! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Roger Black was v sexy back then! I'm glad things are getting easier for you now - can't imagine how hard it must have been with 2 babies and a toddler! And I agree boys are fab and I feel very lucky to have 3! However if I had 3 girls or a mixture of the 2 I would feel just as lucky because I really do feel so fortunate to have 3 healthy/happy children. (sorry for the soppiness but I have been a bit sentimental and over emotional since I had ds3 for some reasonblush.

Ds3 has settled really well into his own room. On Friday night I started trying to settle him back down during the night without feeding him as I was finding he was feeding in the night then not hungry in the morning. I think I've been picking him up too soon because I was worried he would start screaming and wake everyone up but actually if you leave him he just does a bit of grunting and sucking his thumb. Anyway last night there was only a few minutes of grunting and I didn't even have to go into him - he was in his bed from 6.45pm until 6.30am! Unfortuneately I was up twice with ds2 who dreamt that robots with flashing yellow lights were in his roomhmm. It's such a treat to have my room back again - had a happy time pottering around in my room then reading in bed last night.

Gill - I can feel my arteries hardening just reading that recipe!! My friend gave me a recipe for another chocolate fridge cake which is yummy the other day but I'm trying to resist making it because I know I'll just eat far too much of it.

We got some money from our parents for our anniversary so we went to a ceramic place here and imprinted the boys footprints onto a clay rectangular plate. They paint the feet and put the names/ages beside each so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out. We've just had a curry and I'm now having some fizzy wine - bliss!!

hi i'm back i'm back.
bean, really sorry to hear your news, heartbreaking stuff.
sorry for all of you with the vomming. was really gutted couldn't go to the meet up-but maybe not quite so envious nowgrin. i vow that no matter what it takes i will get to the next one.
egg you must be so chuffed being well on the way to one out of nappies. can't wait. i insisted on putting both kids in reusables last night but forgot the extra night time bits so had to change pj's grobags sheets and mattress protectors this am, and dh not amused to be dealing with mammoth poo disaster with reusable nappy at 5am either-had to put ds in bath.
we had a brilliant holiday. first few days were a bit tricky as both dd and ds not sleeping, cue massive bickering from both parents.once dd slept better big improvement. ds is officially huge. all the french people kept saying 'comme il est grasse' which i'm pretty sure means wow he's a real fatty. the biggest triumph of the holiday apart from getting lashed and almost falling off my chair laughing with my mates for the first time since 3 summers ago, was that when we missed our plane on sunday afternoon and had to wait 5 hours in airport for next one and pay for it all we didn't have a single row. i feel like i should get a u n peace award. hope ended up running up and down the departure lounge at 10pm in her pyjamas with a manic look in her eyes (could have been the medised) blush evil mummy! and it didn't work obviously.
only huge disaster was that i had a ginormous row with my mum the last morning. never had row like that with her before. and in front of the babies who looked horrified. she had a go at dh the night before because of something i'd said about my brother over dinner with our mates. he briefed me that night and we practiced what i was going to say the next day. did i stick to my lines...sadly not. went mental at her when she attacked me. entirely lost plot including telling her that she is so aggressive after a few glasses of wine that no one in the familly will call her after 7.30 at nightblush-it is true though. also was waving huge knife around at same time in alarming manner as was cutting melon for kids. we basically haven't spoken since and i feel like i've been punched in the stomach every time i think about her. trouble is it's all complicated by her bf being a total prick. and lo keeps saying 'when will we see granny'. sorry, trivial compared to beans family disaster and long winded.
bean i love your son saying that loos were only for pooing.
on the plus side ferdie went for his post meningitis check up for his hearing and they think he's doing ok (although not v responsive on the left side)the tests were so basic hmm.will check again in 3 months. tomorrow have check with paediatrician and more blood tests i think unfortunately-but hopefully the last.

Oh princess, i hope u manage to sort things out with your mum,

Glad you had a nuice holiday though!!! Fancy missing your flight!!!!!!!

Egg i am good thanks, glad i wasn't the only one who though basihstoke was a real idea!!!!1{silly me emoction}

DD is teething terribly- cannot wait for her to cut her tooth she seems in awful pain but is generally happy!!!

DS is now totally dry at night, been a few weeks now with only a couple of accidents so thats good,

Work is great, however DH has booked a 5 day break for 8th sept (mom to fri)and i cannot get the time off-(they only allow 4 people annual leave per shidt and its all booked til november- and has been since i started) don't know what to do- do i say sorry wont be in, tuff poo!!! or fone in siok for a week(would rather not as i hate lying and do a terrible job of it), or what????? what would u lot do??

Off to bed now, worked hard tonight and am exhausted

Gill79 Tue 12-Aug-08 22:10:35

Well done on not feeding in the night Rozzy. I always lose my nerve to try it but he's still in the same room as us and anyway I think it just wouldn't work.

Well don't want to tempt fate but DS has now been in bed (his bed!) for about an hour and not a peep.

Princess - your holiday sounds exciting! Must have been having a great time to miss your flight. Hope you sort things out with your mum - are you going to make the first move do you think?

Sarah I don't know what to suggest, except you probably won't enjoy your holiday due to being too guilty and stressed if you phone in sick. Maybe just tell them you need to have a family holiday before November! It's not that much to ask I don't think. What do you think would happen if you forced the issue?

Gill79 Tue 12-Aug-08 22:12:24

Oh BTW I thougt Basingstoke was for real too. Although did think it was a bit of a crp idea grin

Gill - I only put ds in his own room last night. I started trying not to feed him in the night on Friday night when dh was on a night shift so it was only me being disturbed anyway! The first couple of nights it was harder because it meant I was up for an hour at a time rather than the 10 minutes I would normally be up and I did end up feeding him around 5am both nights due to exhaustion. On Sunday night I was again away to feed him around 5am, lay down with him and got my boob out only for him to stick his thumb in his mouth and fall asleep - reassured me I wasn't starving him. I found though that he never really properly cried when I left him - just the odd shout when his thumb escaped from his mouth! You have to do what's right for you though and it sounds like it's maybe not the right time to do this with Malcolm if you're struggling to get him to sleep in his own bed.

Good to see you back princess!

tyaca Tue 12-Aug-08 22:54:31

hello all. dd is snotty too. i fish the bogies out with the rounded edge of a hair slide. there is undoubtedly a really sound medical reason why this is unsafe practice - but it does seem to work a treat. there's a real hook and pull motion to it grin.

i used to have a huge crush on roger black. my mate was a steve backley fan and i'm fairly sure we both cut pics out of newspapers of em to stick on bedroom walls... tho' i could be confusing that bit with my andre aggassi phase. now that i'm embaressed about.

egg - are you saying that jacob is refusing esther's courting gift? she'll be most upset! really tho', esther doesnt even know it exists. her memory sucks grin grin

well dd has gone mental. really crazy. we had friends stay for the weekend, a v busy house full of kids and dogs. they went yesterday but she's not settled since they arrived. screaming herself awake at night, crying whenever dh or i out of sight, unable to stay awake for a couple of hours without going bonkers. ho hum. if she were the second or third or <<ahem>> fourth child, she be used to a bit of mayhem. i need to mayhemise her. our friends kids were really full on with her. but really i dont want to be an arsehole and ask them to back off. tres pfb. also i dont really know how to say these things right, you know? of course, i might be reading this all wrong and she might just be bonkers for no good reason.

Gill - i have no idea what eould be said if i forced the issue, but the supervisor i have is a real pita- like to be in authority weven if she is wrong!!!she is not approachable- ( i have got fri nite off due to a family party- have had to take it a unpaid leave as there are already 4 people off and she has a few snide words at the start and end of each shift- to make me feel guilty and back down)

speaking to a few of the girls it seems when there were half the number of staff that we have now still only 4 people were allowed annual leave so dont see why the number allowed has not increased!!!! its so frustrating and i could take it as unpaid leave if i reallt caused a fuss but the problem with that is when am i going to get chance to use up my annual leave if there is no space and i canniot carry it to next year!!!!!!{angry}

It was so much easier to be a SAHM- really is getting to me now!!!!!!

Gill79 Wed 13-Aug-08 11:11:32

You were the first back at work of all of us weren't you Sarah? So many people end up leaving work again I think but it's not always an option! If there are twice as many staff with half the opportunities for leave surely this means you're all really restricted about when you can take your holidays? How frustrating. Well,if your supervisor is unapproachable and a PITA it sounds like you've already got a bad relationship with her so you;ve got nothing lose by forcing it! (unless they threaten you with the sack and then you can make a decision). Good luck with it!

Well we got off to a great start last night as DS slept from 8.30 through to 11.30 before waking for a feed. He went straight back down again but then developed this really awful tickly cough. He coughed for about half an hour before waking himself up, then started singing away to himself, me and DP lying in bed in state of great anxiety wondering what was coming. Of course it turned into shouting and then screaming and DP ended up taking him through to the front room to calm down, bought him back to bed at 1am and I tried to feed him again but he was not at all interested, just wanted to wriggle around, sit up and play. angry So we let him cry for long enough to tire himself out and then I managed to feed him and send him to sleep by about 2.
He was up again at 4 and would have slept quite late this morning and given me a lie-in except DP was extremely cack-handed when it came to turning his alarm off this morning - it took him AGES and it was getting louder and louder and of course then it woke DS up (at 7). Could have cried.

This morning's been ok hence my ability to post long rambling messages! Have mowed the lawn, fed DS three times, sent him to sleep, sewn on a button and watched hours of olympics grin

Gill79 Wed 13-Aug-08 12:47:38

Well done Rozzy - I'm 2lb down too - what a miracle. Must be the chocolate cake.

Leesmum START 10st 4lbs CURRENT 9st 7lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Egg START 8st 7lbs CURRENT 8st 2lbs TARGET 8st 3lbs
Beautiful START 12st 9lbs, CURRENT ??? TARGET 10st 4lbs
Sally START 75kg CURRENT 73kg TARGET 68kg
Alkar START 10st 10lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 7
Gill START 9st 9lb CURRENT 9st 1lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Beansprout START 9st 7lb CURRENT 8st 6lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Rozzyrasperry START 11st 3lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 12lb
Mutha2beagain START 10st 3lb CURRENT 10st0lb TARGET 9st 7lb
CountTo10 START 11st 6lb CURRENT 10st 7lb TARGET 9st 7lb
Gingermumi START 13st Current 12st 10lb target 11 st
BovrilSarnies START 11st 6lbs CURRENT 11st 0lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Tyaca START 11st 7lb CURRENT 10st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb
morningglory: START 7st10 CURRENT 7st10 Target 6st13
Omy: Start 70 kilos Current 69.5 kilos Target 63.5 kilos
Bessie123: START 11st 7lb CURRENT 11st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb

Egg Wed 13-Aug-08 13:30:58

Hello girls!

Sarah I really feel for you. It is tricky to know what to do. I do think it is VERY unreasonable for them to expect you not to take any time off for so long, but also if it already booked up then often that's "Just Tough" (sorry not me being harsh, but it happens to DH, I missed a v important prior arrangement last Oct as DH could literally only get 2 weeks off in the whole last 4 months of the year or something stupid, due to people getting in there first and booking time off - he did leave it a bit late though...). I would definitely not call in sick, you will feel guilty, and you will hate not being able to talk about your lovely holiday to anyone too!!!! I would try to talk to them, see if anyone who has got that time off can possibly swap (if they are not booked to actually go away maybe?).

All ok here at the mo. Both babies a bit grizzly but seem to be so much happier now they know when they are going to be heading off to bed (wish I had got them in a routine earlier but was impossible with DD waking at night for feeds and DS2 not, meant they were always off kilter with each other anyway).

I too am desperate for those first teeth to appear as I am sure it is why they cry so much when it is not feed or nap time. Earlier both were sobbing for no apparent reason, I rubbed some Anbesol (not Anusol LEESMUM!!!) on their gums and they were happy within a minute or two and started watching Balamory!

Rozzy and Gill I too would get up and give DD water (or milk before that) knowing she would be back in bed asleep within about20 mins, rather than me lying there listening to her cry and risking her waking the lads, it just needed a few nights (or two weeks aherm) to get her out of the habit and now she has four proper full bottles a day.

Tyaca Jacob is in now way spurning Esther's love gift! He loves it. He wont let Rebecca near it! He will of course not be returning it to her in Basingstoke!

Gill, DS2 has a semi permanent cough (esp at night) and I always wake up when he is coughing and lie there, heart thumping, wondering if he is coughing in his sleep, whether he will start crying, whether it will make him sick.

Princess! Lovely to have you back and glad you had a great hols. I really feel for you with your mum, sometimes you have to get these things out of your system, but then feel awful for it. I hope you sort things out. Who was it who fell out with their mum before all our babies were born?

Tyaca DS1 was just like DD with too many people when he was small. We took him to a wedding when he was 4 months old and it was his first crowd experience and he had a complete meltdown. He then used to get a bit distraught when we started going to soft play when he was about 9 months if it was crowded but thankfully he got used to it and loves noise now. DTs don't bat an eyelid seeing as they started nursery at 3 months and seem quite used to commotion (there is always commotion if DS1 is around).

Well done Gill!! Chocolate cake as weight loss food - if only!

That is a pita Sarah but unfortunately as Egg says it's pretty common to have to fit your holidays round others in your team. My dh doesn't even get to choose when he takes his holidays but we do know in October which holidays he's been allocated for the following year so I try to fit my holidays round that although it's not always possible if they fall at a busy time for me. If there are a lot of you though they should have some 'fair' system in place for doing this. Eg in my mums work everyone has to put their holidays in for the full year in order of preference so in theory you should definitely get your first couple of holidays where you want them. I think it's strange though that they would let you take unpaid leave - surely the whole point of only letting 4 off at a time is so they have adequate staff to do the work. They would be as well letting you take your leave as letting you take unpaid leave. Personally I wouldn't phone in sick either - but then I feel guilty phoning in sick when I am actually illhmm.

We have had shocking weather here for the last week. A lot of the roads are closed around us today because of flooding so our little town is jammed with cars having to come through because the main road which bypasses us is closed. If the weather doesn't improve soon we'll need to get a boat!! I'd been umming and aahing about keeping the baby clothes because it seemed such a shame to get rid of them all but our garage flooded and ruined them so that's one decision made for us!!

I have explained our situation to my supervisor(the approachable new one)she has informed the other one who has said i need to speak to the manager abouve them but they are not happy about it, (i have no problem booking holiday around my team members, but given the fact they all booked holiday back in april(when i was not employed then!!!) i dont stand a chance of getting anything- not even the odd night atm)

Anyway i think thats why i have been feeling a little down i now feel so much better as i have stopped worring about it- DH has said whatever happens we are going!!!!!!!

MERLYPUSS Wed 13-Aug-08 21:37:36

EGG - Thomas has developed a night time cough that happens at 11.15 every night (or thereabouts). We have tried to work out whether he is disturbed by anything in particular that makes him wake up and cough but can't. We are going out tomorrow night and have to leave explicit instructions on how to deal with 'The Cough'. Plug him and walk away.

Yes that is crap that everyone had their holidays booked before you started Sarah. At least you're forewarned for next year - get in quick!!! You do now accrue holidays as soon as you start so they'll have to give you an opportunity to take them sometime!

Rozzy i will get holiday at some point as if its not taken u loose it- but it is so frustrating that it has to be on their terms!!!! ( couple of weeks ago one of the girls was offered a shift change, and accepted on the thurs, however over the weekend she changed her mind and returned on the monday- but her holidays has already been taken by someone else!!!!!) u really do need to get in quick!!!!lol

I am ok about it will be having my holiday wether they like it or not to put it bluntly!!!!

Hello everyone,

Sounds like you all had a lovely meet up at Eggs house! V envy! wish I could have made it too.

We have news to report! Seren has rolled both ways AND ........... wait for it.......... a tooth has appeared over the past couple of days!!! [proud]

Gonna start weaning in the next couple of weeks - baby rice at first - then veg mush - then fruit mush - then who knows!! [excited!]

Hope everyone is well. I shall read through the posts now and catch up with everyones news - Just couldn't wait to share mine first HeeHee grin

hey bovril-

Well done Seren- bet you are proud too,

Great to hear from you xxx

CountTo10 Thu 14-Aug-08 23:29:29

I'm back!! I was really poorly the other night. Dont know what it was, some sort of bug I guess but went to bed and woke up in the night throwing up...nice!! Didn't eat all day on the monday but by tues started feeling lots better. Thought ds1 had got it as he started telling me he felt sick and then I found the biscuit jar under the table looking demolished grin so needless to say he was fine!! Defo not morning sickness as monthly turned up the same day, just what I needed!!!

Well weather has been odd here, rain, hail, thunder and scorching sunshine and that was just tuesday!! We did legoland on wed though and it was so good. Ds1 loved it and ds2 handled it really well given how much he had to be in the buggy. There is a surprising amt to do for those under 5 which is a relief!!

Can't believe teeth are cutting already, well done to seren. We've got a suspicious bump and a bucketful of drool but still think its a way off mores the pity.

Blody fridge has stopped working again so called someone out. Its so frozen up we're having to switch it off for 4 days!!! And its supposed to be bloody frost free!!! Luck a kind neighbour has taken pity and put all of ds2's frozen food in her freezer, I would have cried if I'd had to chuck it all!!

What's everyone up to this weekend, weather report isn't good.

PL - sorry to hear things with your mum aren't great, hope you can sort it out when you're both ready. It's horrible rowing with your mum x Gt news re ferdy!!

Bean - hope you and the family are ok, spec your niece

And to all little ones that aren't feeling well, hope you feel better soon (and let your mummies get some sleep!!)

alkar Fri 15-Aug-08 09:13:14

Sorry, not got time to catch up yet. DS is still being sick loads. The asllergy test came back -ve but he still could be allergic to milk as these tests aren't that specific. Does anyone have any ideas?????????

Egg Fri 15-Aug-08 13:02:23

Gosh Alkar I really feel for you. I hate sick. Is he still throwing up all of his feed, or just bits here and there? Both DTs are more sicky than normal at the mo (of course I am putting it down to teething) but just the odd "mouthful" not whole feeds apart from once.

I can't remember but has he only recently gone onto formula, or started having cow's milk on cereal or something, to havetriggered it if it is a milk allergy? Hope he is feeling better soon, you must be exhausted.

We are ok but all DCs a bit grumpy today. DH and I are going OUT FOR DINNER tomorrow night grin. We have a babysitter from nursery coming round. YAY! Can't wait. I think I might get a little bit tipsy grin.

Egg Fri 15-Aug-08 13:04:53

Count oops I forgot to say, sorry you were sick too sad. Glad it was over with fairly quickly and you were able to enjoy legoland. I did laugh at DS1 and the biscuits! I would like to take DS1 to legoland as we went last year but he was obv a lot younger then and also I was pg with DTs so found it all a bit knackering. I seem to remember bursting into tears on the hill train on the way back up at the end as there were no seats left and some bitch lady was rude to me blush.

New pics on profile btw [proud].

loving your pics Egg- cannot belive how alike they all are, xxxx You should be proud of them !!!!

All ok here off to a party tonight!!!yeah will also get tipsy lol

gingermumi Fri 15-Aug-08 21:47:02

Hi ladies,

am only able to get on net as a special treat! Internet still not working properley, dh on phone to new deli as we speak! Only had time to do a quick scan, hope all ok (esp bean).

Ds still not sleeping .

have to go again. Have a good weekend.

gingermumi Fri 15-Aug-08 21:49:10

*new delhi* blush - virgin media's help desk not the local sarnie shop!

Gill79 Fri 15-Aug-08 22:29:10

Ha ha. I thought maybe he was calling them for a take away before it twigged.

Lovely to see the new pics Egg. They're great.

Alkar - no ideas - sorry! Hope things improve.

Bovril - congrats on the progress! And GL with weaning hope it's fun!

Count - hope all improved, just what you don't want is to be getting up extra times, especially if you're feeing rough.

DS slept through last night with only one feed between 11 and 8 - hurrah! He was wide awake when we went to bed, and has started to take the p a bit, like he'll be fine, and then he sees me and he'll start crying. So I came up with genius plan of hiding under the covers and it worked - he thought I wasn't there anymore, crying stopped and within five minutes he was asleep. Does not say a lot about his intellect though!

leesmum Sat 16-Aug-08 08:27:27

Morning all x

Alkar is daniel still being sick, is it a full feed or just bits coming back? unless he's had something different in the last week or so i can't think what could be making him sick.

Egg your pictures are brillsmile they are so alike and have the same eye's and cute nose. Any sign of a tooth from either of them yet? We have been up with james a lot for two nights now and he was really upst last night so tooth no 3 could be on its way. And Anbesol does work. Every time i get that out for Ds2 i can't help but smile and think of piles!!

Count are you all better now? i think this strange weather is giving everyone upset tummies, i know loads of people that have been sickly this week.

Bovril congrats on getting first toothgrin here's to many more!

Gill have you had another good night? LOL at hiding under the covers. is malcolm still in your room, its hard to ignore them when they wake up and are all smiles. Apparently you're not supposed to make eye contact or talk to them when they wake in the night, i've tried it and he put on his fake cough or laugh that he now hassmile

Sarah have you sorted out your holidays at work yet, where are you off to?

Does anyone know if i can give tap water instead of boiled water to ds2 in his bottle yet, i think they have to be over 6 months but i'm not sure.

Hi to everyone else and have a lovely day x

CountTo10 Sat 16-Aug-08 10:02:09

Morning!! Well. sadly I am very excited as am sat watching Soccer Am on the first day of the new season.......yipeee!!!!! Not sure about the new presenter though. Secretly hoping for wet weather so I can set ds1 up with creative stuff whilst I sit and listed to soccer saturday and then footie will be on later!!! And Match of the Day in the morning!! Can;t beat it!!

Alkar - hope sickiness is subsiding. There are a lot of bugs at the moment so it could be a bug or do you defo think its an allergy?

Leesmum - not sure re tap water, I just always did the boiled water until I moved to proper milk!!

Ds2 has a cold, conjunctivitis and teething so not a happy boy!! Phoned docs for an appt yesterday and altho they gave me a time, I then had to sit there for over an hr with the boys waiting. Luckily there were really good but I needed the drops otherwise the weekend would have been a nightmare. Now got to disinfect everything and try and keep ds1 from getting it!! Before he went to bed last night I had to bathe ds2's eye in salt water then put the drop in, then I gave him an Ashtons & Parsons sachet and a dose of calpol!! Poor thing was getting it from all angles!!

Hope everyone's ok and those who were getting tipsay last night aren't paying too much this morning!!

Slacker Sat 16-Aug-08 10:58:51

Lovely pictures Egg, DS2's hair is great, my babies never have much hair at this age.

I gave DS4 some tap water the other day Leesmum but only a sip from a cup, didn't occur to me to give boiled water. Presume he's not going to drink much anyway?

Sorry about the sickness, we've had some kind of bug here so I think there's a few going around.

Has anyone else tried those baby food pouch things, Ellas kitchen? Bought the green one (pea, pear and broccoli I think) and it was absolutely foul (tasted it myself, and I like all those ingredients, on their own), poor DS4's face was a picture. DH put it in the bin before I could give it another go! DS4's not actually ingested any food yet, just paper, but he sucked a breadstick yesterday and some of that may have gone down. I don't keep track of how often I feed him but he's very quick and efficient so I'm not in a great rush to get him on solids. He's usually waking once in the night but as we're fully cosleeping at the moment it's not a problem. Still haven't solved the problem of how to fit the cot in our bedroom, might put him in with DS3 instead.

My not-so-little boy DS2 has gone off to SAfrica on a rugby trip, so I'm planning DS4's autumn wardrobe to take my mind off my former baby being on another continent! I hate the way that baby clothes for older babies are just the same as clothes for 10 year olds, sick of sludge coloured clothes for boys, prefer bright colours. And no "I'm a little horror" type slogans on T shirts either! Anyone one seen any nice older baby clothes out there?

Gill79 Sat 16-Aug-08 11:16:55

Leesmum I gave DS tap water (not boiled) from 10 weeks on advice of HV.....

I guess there is always a risk of something nasty in the water but then you have that risk with everything they put in their mouths!

Egg Sat 16-Aug-08 13:32:47

Leesmum I think advice is tap water ok from 6 months but I still use boiled water for making up formula (although do use it stone cold) but use tap water for their cups they have with meals. They never drink more than about an oz per meal anyway of water.

Slacker we use those pouches. Strangely that is one of the DTs faves, although it does stink (cooked broccoli mushed up on its own does though anyway). I was only horrified when DH told me he gave it to the babies for breakfast when I was away a few weeks ago shock. Mine are pretty keen on them all, try something like the strawberry and apple one with yoghurt it's yummy!

Sarah yes forgot to ask where you are going on hols after all the nightmare about work. Hope it is somewhere lovely. We are off to the outlaws for NEARLY A WEEK shock next weekend. Hoping BIL and his girlfriend will be there quite a bit too to make life easier (his gf keeps MIL talking in the kitchen so I can skulk off).

Alkar hope DS is getting better.

Bean hope you are ok. Not heard from you in a while imagine things are pretty tough at the mo.

Gill love the idea of hiding from Malcolm grin. I get soooo hot with my head under the covers though. Funnily enough the night nanny did say it is around 8 months I think that babies start to "notice" you are in the same room when they are in their cot even if they can't see you (she said we had got the sleep training done at a perfect time as DD was not realising nanny was there unless light was on, but a month or two later she would sense her being there and not settle so easily apparently).

Thanks for all lovely comments on my pics. Just said on other thread that DD reminds me of a furry potato smile. Bless her. Did I tell you I gave them Organix baby biscuits (sweetened with grape juice - they taste foul), and DD has never ever looked so happy in her life (apart from when she met Malc of course...). She held on to it for dear life with both hands and ate it like a squirrel. DS2 also was v keen but he gagged on his and I had to rush him into the kitchen to slap him on the back.

Count hope DS2's conjunctivitis does not pass round the family. DS1 has had it a few times and we usually manage to avoid getting it (and I am crap at washing my hands every 3 mins). DH is also excited about start of the Premiership today. He is not really a big footie fan as such (is a Rugby man) but he is part of a Fantasy League and they take it soooo seriously. He spends hours working out his team each week.

Slacker wow your DS2 is so grown up! A rugby tour! Does this mean he is a pretty good player? DH and I have decided for DS1 (yes he is only 2) that he will play cricket for England. Not keen on attitude that goes with footie, rugby too rough for my little boy (ok I do want him to play it though, they even play at NURSERY!) so cricket is the way forward. He has already begged to go out to the cricket nets next to our house for a quick game with DH.

Sorry, I am posting waaaaaay too long these days.

Egg Sat 16-Aug-08 13:34:09

BTW Ginger I too thought your DH was calling for some paninis or something and wondered why you were telling us!

hurrah tap water. thank you gill what a relief. very cunning hiding under the covers, i'm going to try that one. i always end up walking out the room like the pink panther on special assignment-including arms out at 90 degrees-like it helps hmm
leesmum, i too think of piles every time i see the ambesol in the chemists.
love the new pics egg, they are so grown up now. your dd is looking v pretty and the boys are lovely-big envy on the hair front. dd is still v short on the head after almost 2 years.
alkar i do feel like the queen of milk intolerance so if you want to try me on any questions i'll give it a shot. i do know that these things show up more when their immune systems are under strain, for instance when they have a cold or teething. ds is much worse with his reflux with teeth coming through.
gingermumi i did think it was strange that your computer problems were being solved by the delicatessan.
count poor you with the vomitting, glad ds was only poorly with biscuit over load.
dd has learnt how to take her nappy off hmm if only she could learn how to go to the loo first. we had a great morning with everyone behaving here. dd and me even went and bought croissant on the bicyle like something out of a boden catalogue. disaster has now struck-the part time nanny has given notice as of now angry she gave me some rubbish about her uni course requiring her to do a 9-5 job starting on monday that she has only just found out about today. apparently it's temp and might be for 1 week or 2 months-what?! she reckons her mum or sister can cover for her in meantime. i'm about to ring her back and tell her she can shove it where the sun don't shine. thankfully my dad can help with bath time this week and am away at in laws next week. after which i am shafted. especially as i'm not speaking to my mumsad. even worse, if i ring her now she's going to think i only want to make peace to get babysitting. nightmare. really looking forward to my weekend away with dh next weekendgrin

slacker i agree re clothes for boys-all sludge with slogans and more pockets than an sas man would find power tools for. so far have seen some in boden and some in petit bateau and a bit in gap but the prices are not pretty. what's h and m like?

Egg Sat 16-Aug-08 14:12:22

Slacker DS1 has a couple of nice striped rugby style shirts from M&S (two tone green or two tone blue) that are great and bright. Also if you buy the multi pack tops in Next you often just get plain bright colours or plain bright stripes with no slogans.

Also like Gap polo shirts which come in bright stripes or bright plain colours.

Must be honest, DS1's fave top of all time (at the mo) is his new Mr Men t-shirt from Next. It is bright green with Mr Men on the front. He and DS2 both have one so they look v cute wearing them together. Reminds me of things our generation wore!

My lo also loves Ellas kitchen - some strange combinations though!! He's never tried brocolli yet!!

Count - I'm not a fan of football but am gorging myself on the olympics at the moment. Hurrah for maternity leave. My boss e-mailed me this week to ask if I knew when I was coming back to work. Told him I thought I'd be back properly in January - think that's later than he will have thought and so far I have had no response.

Princess - I didn't realise you were back at work already. Lucky your dad can help out until you find alternative childcare but a bit of a nightmare your old one not giving you much notice!

Lovely pics Egg - they're getting so big.

Sarah - how did you get on at your slimming club this week? We made chocolate cake yesterday which is not a good move because I've eaten far too much. In my defence ds1 starts school on Tuesday and ds2 goes back to preschool so I won't have as much time to do baking and stuff with them after that.

Have a good weekend everyone.

rozzy not back at work yet. was going to be but the nanny wouldn't look after both kids and i didn't feel ready so re-scheduled for january. it may sound pathetic but i can't get them both to bed on my own without hideous struggle yet so i need extra pair of hands for the last 30 minutes of the day. ds has to be rocked to sleep before putting down and can't do that whilst entertaining dd as she makes too much noise and gets v loud trying to get attention when she is overtired.

Princess - Doesn't sound like your nanny was much good anyway if she wouldn't look after both kids - maybe a blessing in disguise to give you more time to look for a better one before you go back to work. Doesn't sound pathetic at all needing an extra pair of hands at night - I know Ferdie is still affected by his stay in hospital - hopefully as he recovers and goes to bed easier it'll get easier for you. Can you push his bedtime back a bit so your dd is in bed before you have to rock him to sleep? Probably not that easy in practice but might make bedtime a little less stressful when you're on your own.

alkar Sat 16-Aug-08 19:26:00

DS has calmed down a bit with the vomiting. I think he might be teething again princess, does that mean he could be more likely to react to milk then. DH, FIL, SIL all have a milk allergy (whey products) so its likely that DS has it too. All I have given him is the packets of baby cereals and some yoghurt. Have stopped millk altogether now, he has stopped being sick as much but he's still sick on a daily basis. Have been referred to a paed now so we'll wait and see.

Tyaca I have been using hair slides for ages, they work really well blush

Sorry to hear about your work problems Sarah, it doesn't seem fair being refused leave when you haven't been there that long.

Love the photos egg, your 2 boys look so alike

lol at the thougth of you hiding Gill

Poor DS2 count, hope he gets better soon

My DS also loves the ellas kitchen food slacker, his favourite is the purple one, sounds awful but he loves it grin

beansprout Sat 16-Aug-08 21:43:52


Just popping in, am back now after being away all week. Funeral was yesterday, v grim. My niece did really well as did my brother, was v proud of them both. The congregation was invited to have a moment's silence and reflect on their memories of the departed and ds2 did a massive burp blush. My dn realised it was him though and thought it was funny, so at least there was that!

Good to be at home though, have hardly seen dh all week and ds1 got very upset last night when he woke up and I wasn't here. sad

Am going to bed now but will catch up on all your news tomorrow and post properly!! smile

Egg Sun 17-Aug-08 10:02:55

Ahhh Bean, it sounds so sad. Glad DS2 lightened the mood a bit for your niece. Have your brother's twins been born yet? Does he need anything for them clothing wise?

Alkar glad DS seems a bit better. Sounds likely re: the milk allergy if so many in family have it.

beansprout Sun 17-Aug-08 10:35:35

Slacker - totally agree with you on the problems re boy's clothes. I despise the "I'm a right little sh*t, me" lines and sludge and vehicles seem to cover the rest of it. Ds1 wears a lot of stripes!! grin

Gill - hiding is a genius plan indeed! Was intrigued by Egg's nanny's comment about them noticing you at 8 months. Will have to take that into account!

PL - hope the childcare comes together soon. Nightmare.

alkar - when will ds see the paed?

Tyaca - am seriously tempted to try the hair grips although I do spend quite a lot of time telling ds2 not to pick his nose. hmm

Egg - twins are due on 28th Aug by section as they are breech. Will ask db how they are doing for clothes though! smile Love your new pics. Ds1 and 2 look so similar!!

Ds1 is playing "lympics" with his train track. Methinks we may be watching too much. At least he has stopped doing his "Mummy, I am the primeminister Gordon Brown" thing. blush

Am going to try and add some pics to my profile.

leesmum Sun 17-Aug-08 12:16:43

Hi Beany i was wondering how you and yours were getting on? Your niece and brother did very well consideringsad and you can always depend on the youngest member of the family to lighten the mood! At my dad's funeral ds1 didn't come to the service but i picked him up and took him to the wake for the last hour, he was walking round trying to figure out what was going on and suddenly he shouted " who's trumped? that really smells eh mummy!" i was mortifiedblush and then everyone started laughing and the sombre mood changed a little, and as for the trump, well no it wasn't me!

Hair grips are a brill idea for getting snot out! I personally have a "crow finger" this being my little finger which i have got it down to a fine art of sticking it up and giving it a twist and voila! He always asks if i can see his brain afterwardssmile

Beany will you be watching the football today.............COME ON YOU REDS!!!!

Slacker Sun 17-Aug-08 13:05:17

OK, I'll give the baby food pouches another go then if they're not all revolting, DS4 attempted a bit of bread and some cucumber yesterday so I'm sure he'll get the idea eventually! We had lunch out yesterday, just me and DH and the baby, to celebrate our anniversary, then a half bottle of champagne and a DVD later on - that counts as a good night for me these days grin

I got DS4 a few things in baby Gap, they've got some lovely organic cotton rainbow striped things, so I got the bodysuit and socks from that range, plus some nice soft lined jeans and a cream fleece lined knitted cardigan - I just hate scaled down versions of big kids clothes, especially with loads of pockets and scratchy fabrics. Then DD and I were diverted by Monsoon's sale, so that was the end of shopping for boys clothes! Petit Bateau is a good idea, that definitely means a trip to Bicester Village soon, does anyone fancy a meetup there? There's a lovely play area...train from Marylebone for you Londoners.

Egg, DS2 is pretty good at rugby, mostly due to being twice as big as everyone else - I got him new boots for his tour - size 10!!! For a not quite 12 year old! He plays for school and club, so in season he plays or trains at least 5 days a week. It's the only sport that my boys aren't in the D team for!

Bean, glad the funeral went ok, and hope future living arrangements for your dn are working out too. LOL at your ds aspiring to be Gordon Brown, wouldn't be allowed in my house wink

PL, wtf kind of nanny won't look after 2 kids?? You'll look back and be glad she's gone, once you've got something else in place. Nightmare though.

I'm back to my pre preg weight btw! Unfortunately that's a good 1.5 stone above what I should weigh - will have to start putting some effort in.

Hello all-

i have been feeling sorry for myself so havn't posted much as dont want to always moan-

I am feeling much better in myself- now

Went out fri nite and was very poorly -didn't drink much but had nothing to eat since luch- (we were supposed to be going for a balti but it never happened!!!!oh dear)

Egg- my DD love those organix biscuits too- she has finger sfood down to a fine art- never misses her mouth(i remember ds used topoke himself in the eye before he found hisgrin

We are off to Perranporth- Cornwall for our hold on 8th sept and cannot wait- Work are still being funny but have said i will have to take unauthorised absence and will have a disciplinary hearing when i get back(the others have said its nothing to worry about its fairly common because of the way the hoidays are) I am not worried TBH they could sack em and really wouldn't care right now- i love my job but hate the greif and hassle!!!

GLad funeral went ok beany- Hope you DB and DN are coping ok-

Slimming world was great i lost 3lb, have bought a receipe book and made soup today they have some lovely menu ideas so will give it a whirl i think- am hoping to be slima nd able to cook!!!!!!hahahaha DH just laughed!!!!grin#

We loaded our car up last night for me to go do a carboot sale got up at 5am to go and called the checkline to make sure it was on and -yep it was bloody cancelled- we had a fair amount of rain in the early hours so it was rained off- weather has been lovely all day though, such a shame, DS now has a room full of junk again till next week!!!!!
Hope everyone is well-

Gill79 Sun 17-Aug-08 21:16:32

Nice to have you back Bean - how is your niece?

Does DS2 really pick his nose? Wow wink

Well I've just looked out a load of bigger clothes for Malc and yesterday he was wearing a top that says Authentic Industry Quality Vintage Brand Watch Out!Here Comes Trouble The Original Funky Little Dude Little Geezer 74. grin He looks GREAT in it (with navy blue cords) and I love it smile.

Have had quite a good weekend - hosted a dinner party last night with three courses and home-made rhubarb crumble [proud] and didn't get too embarrasingly drunk, and then went out for lunch today with some long lost uni friends. Apart from that have been as lazy as possible (may be just about to finish a book for the first time since pregnancy and actually lay on the sun lounger both days!!!) as am fighting off something horrible, have been feeling quite floaty and feverish since yesterday afternoon - please all keep your fingers crossed that Malc doesn't catch it!!! On Friday we're heading off for a week with my parents to an island off the west coast of scotland so a poorly little boy in the car would be no fun. I think I will be sending him off to go to the beach with granny and grandad while I sit and do nothing a lot; at the moment I'm feeling like I really need a holiday from being mummy.

Princess - where are you and DH off to?

We're loving the olympics here too - is a great excuse to watch tv from the moment we get up!

Love your excuse for making chocolate cake Rozzy. I am NOT weighing in tomorrow, that's for sure.

BTW I heard from Tyaca a few days ago and she is having computer problems in case you were wondering where she was.

Gill79 Sun 17-Aug-08 21:22:49

Well done Sarah! I've made that mistake with no food a few times before...

DS manages to get finger foods into his mouth however he doesn't understand about eating them! And when the bits crumble in his mouth he pulls the funniest face and gags cause he just doesn't like bits in his mouth.

MERLYPUSS Sun 17-Aug-08 21:29:46

SLACKER - Dare I suggest Primark for kids tops? I got DT1 an orange stipey polo top and cotton jumpers for both, green & cream and blue & cream stipes. Primark have a fab set of baby grows that are in acid colours. Spots, stripes and animals.
Also Asda had some good boys stuff. A lot of their stuff is Disney [puking emoticon] but the bits that are not are nice. They also have Mr Men t-shirts.
My two had avocado mixed with philly cheese today. They loved it. Also rich tea fingers spread with philly but Thomas turned it upside down and licked the cheese off and threw the biscuit away. Bless.

i'm liking the idea of bicester village slacker-have to work out who i could leave/palm dd on if i did come. impressed with your ds's rugby life. i only made it into the d team once in my whole career at school-i think it must be great for confidence to be good at sport. well done on the weight front. i'm slowly getting there, not helped by my new passion for walnut whips.
bean i love the idea of your ds doing gordon brown. i'm always getting hope to say 'labour' and 'gordon brown' in enthusiastic sounding voice to wind dh up. she also says 'bye george' when dh's boss rings up -try to make her say it as loud as poss to give him the hint when it's at the weekend.
have managed to persuade my friend's little sister to come and help us for a month whilst we try and get a new nanny. she's going to be living with us. i hope i don't regret it. she's been slightly wild in the past and never lived in london before and has just finished school. she is one of 5 kids though and really good with kids and unspoilt, friendly and helpful. am i mad. we're going to pay her £110 per week for a month to do 3 half days plus thursday bathtime and one night babysitting a week. does this sound fair?
am really going to need the help as am still not speaking to my mum. i tried to broker peace this morning and it didn't work. dh says at least i made the effort to try and sort it out. and i can now tell my brother and dad that i've done what they said and rung.
we had a fab day despite the phone call as one of our mates came round to cook for us and some other friends. so easy to be chilled out when someone else does the work. slight embarrassment when discovered after they all left that hope had put an entire loo roll down the downstairs loo piece by piece as she'd been potty training her dolly. not only blocked the loo but left princess loo seat on and scarey doll and doll's scarey knickers on floor-totally put off dh's friend who is a city boy and has no child experience. he then went to the upstairs loo instead, in which dh had left one of hope's dirty reusable nappies in as he couldn't find nappy bucket and everyone was arriving.blushblush. we sound like the most squalid parents reading that.
rozzy and slacker thank you for comments re crapola nanny, really cheared me up smile. will be road testing rozzy's plan on putting dd down first and then ferdie tomorrow night.

alkar-milk intolerance could go on for a while after stopped milk. not sure how long. teething would defo make it worse. i think there are 2 types of milk intol in kids too. mine have eosinophillic intolerance which wears off around 2 years old, sounds like if yours had it it would be the other type because the reaction is more instantaneous.
gill, we're off to the ile de re on the west coast of france. i cannot cannot wait [have i been watching too much charlie and lola hmm. good luck in scotland. we took dd last summer when she was 8 months. the only bummer was that it was hard for her to crawl in the wet sand. plastic backed picnic rug was helpful as was all in one waterproof outfit. she loved the beach though, so beautiful.

merlypuss will check out primark.

tyaca Mon 18-Aug-08 00:27:02

oooh, i have internet back! hurrah! and i fixed it myself. no gingermumi style trips to the local deli to ask for olives and some techinical assistance...

slacker i would love a trip to bicester village. i spend my life ebaying petite bateau. cant see me escaping from there without denting my visa card sad. funny to hear you commenting on boys clothes. i always look at it enviously as i survey the pinkarama available for girls. zara baby is my suggestion FWIW.

egg - how was your dinner out?? i think dh is finally coming round to the idea that one day we too may leave the house together without dd.

count - argh! the footie! and leesmum that must make you happy too? it means the end of summer i always think, not that it makes ant difference this rainy year. i 'd bet a year of dd's child support that the first week kids (and dh) go back to school it'll be proper warm!

princess ROFL at dd's toilet training. yup, that could seem ever so slightly weird to a childless eye. but WHAT great friends to come round and cook. <<makes note to upgarde own friends>>. £110 a week plus food and boars sounds v generous. a generous au pair's rate for less work by the sounds of it. good luck grin. will you have to retrain if you're going back to work in jan? i seem to remember you mentioning that might be the case if you were off for more than six months???

sarah - vwd on the weight! and the cooking. i too made soup (inc using homemade stock [proud]) the other day and was inordinatley impressed with myself.

bean - hope your family are doing as ok as can be expected. so horrible to have a funeral for someone so young.

dh has finally come round to the idea of weaning dd. i mistakenly told him about the 6 month guidelines and he has refused to budge. she's now 23 weeks (i think) but been getting v hungry between feeds so he has grudgingly conceded that we could give her a bit of food. she stuck her hand in my soup the other day and he glared at me as i left it to the very last moment before she stuck it in her gob before i wiped it off. no BLW here then .... grin. his objection to the soup BTW was not that it had copious amounts of cream in it, or indeed that she - underage - but that the soup was " v garlicy" lol lol

oh, and (this one's for you rozzy)... i have entered a half marathon. this is clearly madness. i was even sober when i did it. it is in 13 weeks. i hadnt run for eight weeks and had never run outside at all til last saturday. then i managed ... wait for it.... 1 minute and 42 second before being doubled up in agony. all my hard work of months ago has vanished and i am starting from scratch.

Gill79 Mon 18-Aug-08 09:07:43

half marathon!How exciting. Where is it? Please keep us informed with your progress. My knees are shot at the moment so I would love to experience this vicariously through you (the glory and achievement and weight loss and not the pain)

I don't really mind football but for some reason the return of it really depressed me last week - I think it's cause it's so all-pervasive.

I had a dream last night that I hosted a Febbers' meet-up at my house. I cooked a roast chicken and bought champagne but I was really unorganised and everyone turned up earlier than expected, I forgot to put the oven on, I just couldn't get the champagne glasses out of the cupboard, I forgot to chill the champagne and then it turned into pear cider! Everyone arrived and then went out again for hours and came back with kebabs sad

Did anyone watch The Perfect Vagina last night? It was very grin. Taking plaster casts of fanjos and eveb better this woman who ran these love your fanjo classes where women sit around exposing their bits to the room while they talk about their emotional problems. And then they look at their own with a mirror while the rest of the class crowd around being sisterly and supportive saying "aaaahhhh. You have a beautiful vagina". grin grin grin

Anyway. Dentist today first time in four years sad

beansprout Mon 18-Aug-08 09:44:40

At least it was not a dream about a Feb meet up with us all taking plaster casts of our fanjos. grin Yeesh.

Well done on the weight loss Sarah!

We're off out for a pizza for lunch today because (another excuse!) school is back here tomorrow. Ds1 is still excited about starting school but a little nervous too I think as he's been especially cuddly over the last week and ended up in my bed from 4am last night (which he never normally does). Have heard that there's likely to be a janitors strike on Wednesday so the schools would be closed the day after starting back - not great for getting all the lo's settled into school/preschool!

Tyaca - I ran 9 miles on my treadmill last night and dh is now trying to persuade me to do a half marathon in October. A few of his work mates are doing it for ms as one of the guys on his old shift has had to take early retirement as he has ms (is only early 30's and is already on crutchessad).

Princess - that sounds fair for the nannying as it doesn't sound like she'll be doing long hours and is getting board - I'm sure it'll work out fine.

I second merlypuss's suggestions on asda and primark for boys clothes - my older 2 trash their clothes so quickly so I go for the cheap and replace more frequently option!

Good luck at the dentists Gill!

beansprout Mon 18-Aug-08 10:37:34

Photos now added!!

Good luck at the dentist Gill! smile

sallyforth Mon 18-Aug-08 10:45:19

Well hello everyone I have been on holiday but now am Back. Hurrah. Feel v relaxed and happy. DH by contrast is a wreck b/c he had to do a fair amount of childcare!!! My diet took something of a back seat (ie I completely pigged out) and I failed to do any exercise at all so I don't dare to weigh myself today.

Am proud to report that LO is now commando crawling! He can go quite quickly now. Especially when I am not looking He still can't sit up though, partly b/c he is not inclined to practise when he can just fall over forwards and go crawling instead! Have been panickedly researching play pens or I will never be able to go to the loo again!

... which reminds me I luaghed a lot just now reading princess's story of her dd's dolly's potty training escapades! ...

and now the obligatory poo update - we have started weaning and the poos have become very unpredictable. All colours of the rainbow (nearly ) and varying in quantity from skid marks to nappy-busting explosions! Also now DS gets v upset sometimes and I don't know if it's constipation or teething or wind or what. Babies eh. They are a law unto themselves.

Gill79 Mon 18-Aug-08 11:56:53

DS2 always has such a cheeky expression doesn't he Bean?

Glad you had a good holiday Sally. My DP finds looking after DS harder too - but then I guess we've just got more practice!

gingermumi Mon 18-Aug-08 12:09:25


we seem to be back on line at last! Started to watch fanjo prog but i found it a bit upsetting, only watched the first 10 mins or so and felt so sorry for that poor young girl i turned over. Dh was also cringing in corner making puking noises! he made a good point though, rather like presenters partner, he had never seen one he didn't like or even noticed the differences. Society has a lot to answer for when women feel so pressured about something so personal. Must say it's not something i've ever thought about (ihave enough hang ups to last a life time withourt worrying about what my fanjulie looks like!).

DD2 is coming over soon so had better go an hoover before she thinks her mother has returned to her sluttish ways!

Egg Mon 18-Aug-08 13:36:59

Bean love those pics. So very cute. Is the pic of DN on their your brother's little girl? She is so pretty.

Sally glad you had a great hols. My DH too is always more tired after weekends and time off than when he goes to work.

Tyaca and Ginger, good to have you back online.

Sally impressed with commando crawling. DS2 motors about the room now by using a combination of SAS rolling and spinning himself breakdancing style on his tummy 360 degrees so he is pointing the way he wants to be. DD just lies there and puts her face in the carpet...

Tyaca am v impressed at half marathon. I cannot run to save my life. Am crap.

Sarah well done on weight loss. Always once you lose a few lbs it spurs you on. For some reason did not realise your hols are so soon, no idea why but had NOVEMBER in my head.

Gill I would have drunk the pear cider anyway grin. Am not fussy. Strange how quite a few of us have had Febbers dreams!

Princess I agree your old nanny sounds a bit useless. Yes it is hard looking after 2 children but for a nanny it is not surely acceptable as that is what they are there for... Can't imagine how hard bedtime is for you. I struggle but at least I just chuck the babies into bed once they have had their milk and then head off for QT with DS1, must be so hard with little Ferdie needing some extra love and comfort. Is he seeming more settled now he has been home for a while? I think if one of mine had been through what he did I would sit up and cuddle them all night if I had to (and I am hard as nails don't forget...).

I missed the Fanjo prog. DH would never have let me watch it while he was here anyway.

Gill79 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:49:10

You're right Ginger - it was a big shame for that girl although WHY do people with such embarrassing problems decide to appear on national TV with them? Maybe Channel 4 paid for the operation shock. DP ran from the room in horror.

It went ok at the dentist - just one little filling at the back which didn't need anaesthetic - not bad after four years of neglect! DS got quite upset though watching me on my back getting attacked by the dentist and nurse!

Rozzy how was the first day of school? (Is that DS1 just starting school for the first time?)

Yes Gill Ds1 just started primary one today!! He was really excited - was saying 'I'm a school boy' whilst we were taking his photo. Because it was pouring with rain here (again) all the kids went into the same door and I think he was a bit overwhelmed by all the people but went into his classroom fine. It's not a very big class but there are 3 Michaels - we didn't realise we'd picked such a common name! Anyway they have a 2 week settling in period so finish at 12 so we'll see what he says when we pick him up. Ds2 is back at preschool today and he went in fine too. The house is so quiet!!

Sally my ds2 did the commando crawling too for MONTHS before he finally worked out there was an easier way to do it!

Just dawned on me last night that this is the first time I've been on maternity leave over the summer and it has just pi**ed down raining the entire time!!!!

gingermumi Tue 19-Aug-08 11:14:14

where is everyone?

Glad it went ok at dentist egg, i absolutely hate going, am impressed that you needed so little done!

Had a another quick read of what i've missed, i agree about boys clothes and what really annoys me is that boys are all 'terrors, trouble, monsters or mucky pups' and girls are 'gorgeous or pricesses'! talk about predetermining their roles and reinforcing every stereotype in the book. Ds is not trouble and i hate buying things that say that he is (so i don't!). It is difficut to find things that are sloganless but asda sometime has plain tops. I don't mind some of the designs but its the slogans that get me. Orange is currently my fave colour for ds (prob not the best choice with his ginger ninja locks but i think he looks cool! wink).

He's just gone down for a slepp, it's raining really hard so i'm going to have a quiet (and hot) cup of tea in peace. DD2 out with boyfriend (gone to monkey world and lulworth cove) so should be a quiet day. Have one of the mums from baby group coming over later with her ds who is a bit older than toby.

Still no teeth (ds not me) and like your dd egg, not much moving about. am v envy of all those who have babies that are starting to be more active. Ds sits up and only falls back sometimes now and he loves being on his feet. It worries me sometimes that he's slower but i asked HV today and she said he's fine (taking into account fact that he was 4 weeks early). She put his development at around 7 months which is slap bang between actual age and corrected age. I think she thinks i'm a bit mad! Did the whole bit about babies developing at different rates and tbh if someone had said it to me i would have said the same. Does anyone elses lo do a funny grasping thing where they open and close their hand over and again? ds does, especially when he's tired or cross. HV didn't seem worried about but i worry a bit because my 8 year old neice (who has cereal palsy) does it. Again i think the HV thought i was being crazy lady (she did'nt say so, i just felt she thought it!).

Ah well, better get that cuppa before ds wakes up again. Have a good day one and all

gingermumi Tue 19-Aug-08 11:16:27

Aww bless rozzy Are YOU coping ok with it? Funnily enough it when when dds started senior school it upset me most (that really did seem like the end of an era!

Now, i must get that cuppa!

Slacker Tue 19-Aug-08 12:07:50

Aww Rozzy, starting school! Typical to have 3 with the same name in his class, I don't know any little Michaels I don't think, but DS3's name is rather more popular than I'd anticipated so he does sometimes have to be Theo X.

God this weather is awful, DH is taking DS1 & 3 camping and climbing later, just down the road so I expect they'll be back for changes of clothes!

OK so who is up for Bicester village then? Tyaca, Princess, anyone else...? Probably better for me after kids are back at school in Sept, although it would be nice to bring DD...well I don't mind, whatever suits others.

DS4 is growing up so fast, he can sit up for a while now without toppling over! Also shouting is a new hobby of his. He's currently fixated on CBeebies - I am a BAD MOTHER!!

Princess, the new childcare sounds good, although I would make it quite clear before she starts what expectations you have so she doesn't take the piss (we've been burned with DH's sister 'helping out' for money and being both useless and obnoxious!). Sure your arrangement will run smoothly.

Bean - cute photos! Nice to put faces to names (or nicknames anyway)

hi everyone-

Was up with DD last night she was hungry at 3-30- think it must be a groeth spurt as she has selpt so well since well forever!!!! think we may start the dream feed again!!!!

All well here, i am feeling much better, DS is still bored and really needs preschool but he doesn't start back till sept 18th OMG- we are off to meet a fried at our local wacky warehouse later today so that should be fun!!!!!

Bet is very quiet in your house Rozzy-.

Ginger how was your cuppa????

SPk later ladies

Yes was quiet until we picked ds1 and ds2 up at lunchtime. Strike is affecting preschool so ds2 at home tomorrow but ds1's school is luckily not affected.

I'm coping fine with it actually. Quite surprising given the state I was in on his last day of preschoolblush. Think it'll be more difficult when he's there from 9 to 3.15 - will be strange that he's going to be out over lunch time.

gingermumi Tue 19-Aug-08 20:10:41

LOL sarah- by the time i had finished messing about, made the drink and got to the living room he blardy woke up!! typical! hmm

Where is everyone today!

missnatalie Tue 19-Aug-08 20:14:56


I havnt been on here for ages!! And were on a 3rd thread already. How is everyone doing? Theres way too much reading for me to catch up on but hope your all doing well.

Ive been so busy lately and Henley is 27w already shock. I just dont know where the time has gone.

I started weaning him at 24w and at first it was a total nightmare. He refused everything apart from his bottle. 3w later and hes eating anything he can get in his mouth but refusing his milk hmm. Does anyone know if this is normal? Hes gone from 9-10 bottles a day to 2 at the most at 7oz a time.

He's no longer sleeping through either. Think its his teeth that are bothering him. Hes cut his bottom 2 (there so cute) and i can just about feel one on the top.

I took hime to the clinic today and his weight gain is good. He now weighs 18lb 4oz. His weight is on the 50th centinal but his height is on the 95th. Hes gonna be a tall boy.

On his calcium and vid d deficiency. He hasnt had a seizure for a long time now and hes completly off all his meds. The only thing he has it multi-vitamins. He goes back to see his consultant in 3w and im hoping that he gets the all clear and is discharged.

Thats all thats happening with us really.

I havnt managed to lose any weight but i havnt put any on either. I bought a pair of those Trinny and Susannah sliming pants. The ones that start at your knees and finish just under your boobs. There fab!

Henley has just started crying AGAIN gona try and give him a bottle.

I'll have a good read tomorrow to try and catch up.

CountTo10 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:28:27

Bloody weather, it's so depressing!! Hello everyone, hope we're all ok. Sooo bored, can't bring myself to go to another soft play centre!! We've just been chilling out and luckily ds1 has been so superbly behaved the last couple of days.

DS2's eye has cleared up now and fingers crossed noone else seems to have it. Of course now I've said that, we'll all wake up with it tomorrow!! He's not himself at the mo though. Usually he's really chilled and full of smiles but last couple of days he's been gripey and unsettled so teeth are defo on their way I just hope its not much longer.

Ginger - I was concerned re ds2's dvpment but he's coming on a bit now and as he gets bigger he gets stronger. He's not sitting up 100% on his own but he's getting there. Not sure re the hand thing, ds2 does tend to open and close his hands a lot, i think there's a point where they really become concious of the control they have over them and the feeling of them opening and shutting I guess is quite interesting. If you're concerned though, you should mention it.

Ooooo I'm up for bicester, it's not that far from me and any excuse for a bit of shopping!!

CountTo10 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:31:25

It's been ages since I updated myself on this. I lost another 3lb this last fortnight but given that I had a stomach bug and then took a couple of days to get back into eating properly, I can't help thinking it'll all go back on by the next time!!!

Leesmum START 10st 4lbs CURRENT 9st 7lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Egg START 8st 7lbs CURRENT 8st 2lbs TARGET 8st 3lbs
Beautiful START 12st 9lbs, CURRENT ??? TARGET 10st 4lbs
Sally START 75kg CURRENT 73kg TARGET 68kg
Alkar START 10st 10lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 7
Gill START 9st 9lb CURRENT 9st 1lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Beansprout START 9st 7lb CURRENT 8st 6lb TARGET 8st 7lb
Rozzyrasperry START 11st 3lb CURRENT 9st 12lb TARGET 9st 12lb
Mutha2beagain START 10st 3lb CURRENT 10st0lb TARGET 9st 7lb
CountTo10 START 11st 6lb CURRENT 10st 1lb TARGET 9st 7lb
Gingermumi START 13st Current 12st 10lb target 11 st
BovrilSarnies START 11st 6lbs CURRENT 11st 0lb TARGET 9st 4lbs
Tyaca START 11st 7lb CURRENT 10st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb
morningglory: START 7st10 CURRENT 7st10 Target 6st13
Omy: Start 70 kilos Current 69.5 kilos Target 63.5 kilos
Bessie123: START 11st 7lb CURRENT 11st 3lb TARGET 9st 7lb

strawberrycornetto Tue 19-Aug-08 20:41:02

Hello. I am a mum with a Feb 08 baby. Is it too late to join this club?? blush I'm new to MN too but it seems great, I wish I had found you all this time last year!

My DS was born on 26 February and I also have a DD who is 3 and 3/4s. It would be great to find out how other mums and babies are getting on.

Thanks smile

CountTo10 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:54:18

Hi strawberry and welcome!! Never too late to join. Think I'd go mad if I didn't have this some times!! There's quite a few of us in here that also have a first child of that age too so you're in good company!!

strawberrycornetto Tue 19-Aug-08 21:34:18

Thanks Count, looking forward to meeting you all!!

Gill79 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:54:10

Hi Strawberry! Welcome on board. And welcome back Miss Natalie.

Ginger - DS does all sorts of wierd things which make me think OMG he's disabled / mad / very very simple. He opens and closes his hands a lot if he thinks there might be something to pick up.

So is there a good baby clothes shop at Bicester Village? If there's a nice place for lunch I could very well be persuaded!

Count you've lost loads of weight! Well done.

I too am a bit upset about the summer now it is pretty much over. How unfair - just when I have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the garden and wander in the park. In some ways it's good that it's not so hot though as it's easier to be outside with DS and not worry about the sun and also I can avoid the old dilemma of tan-now-and-look-nice-now versus not-look-like-an-old-bag-at-40. I usually go for the first option!!

Hello all- Welcome Strawberry- MyDS is 3.5yrs and DD was born 7th feb, hope you stick arounf we are a great bunch here!!!!

Nice to here from u missnat, Glad Henley is doing well-

Ginger isn't that always the case- never get a hot cup of tea!!!!lol

Off to bed now c u all tomorrow

sallyforth Tue 19-Aug-08 22:42:46

Hello again Missnatalie, nice to hear how you and Henley are doing.

And welcome Strawberry

Am feeling uninspired (bit poorly/achey/fluey) so going to go to bed now... hopefully not to be woken up for some hours to come!! <fingers crossed emoticon>

its very quiet- where is everyone???

gingermumi Wed 20-Aug-08 16:58:11

Welocme strawberry and welcome back missnat!

Thanks for reassuring words about development, am just being a bit paranoid i think!

Hope you're ok sally.

Looked at Bicester website, it looks nice there but it's quite a long way from me. Is there a train station near the shops? Am slightly worried about getting lost! (which is mad because i've driven all over the country before, i think it's a post baby confidence thing).

Off to check dinner now. Wonder where egg's got too?

Hi everyone!

Welcome strawberry. My ds2 will be 4 at the end of October so similar age to your dd. I'm finding it a 'challenging' age at times at the moment!

Gill - the summer is over - what summer - hasn't it just been rubbish this year. Agree that it's easier not having to smother them in suncream though.

Misnat - hi there! I think it's probably normal for babies to cut down on their milk intake once they're taking a significant amount of solids. Milk is still the most important thing for them at this age though so it's important they still get enough. If your lo is refusing bottles I would give him a lot of things like porridges/cereals where you can 'hide' the milk. My sil who has a 10 month old has just been advised to do this as her ds was not gaining enough weight.

Ginger - the only thing that's certain is that all babies will develop at different speeds and do things at different agesgrin. My lo is pretty solid sitting now and loves being on his feet. He has absolutely no interest in rolling or moving at the moment though - not surprising given that his brothers provide him with an endless stream of entertainment/toys so he really has no reason to move! Gives me a bit longer to try to figure out how I'm going to stop him from eating all the lego which is invariably scattered all over the house.

Its been raining here all day today(again). Ds1 seems to be settling well into school although he still doesn't know (or claims not to know) many of his classmates names. He can be quite shy and reserved at times - I just hope he'll make friends soon.

bicester is going to be great.
tyaca good to have you back.
gill and bean you made me laugh alot about the tragic programme.grin
welcome back missnatalie. Ferdie is about the same weight as Henley at 5 months but can't remember his height. he's eating for britain too but sadly still having a bottle in middle of night.
hi strawberry.
rozzy you seem to have coped with the transition smoothly. am knocked out you ran 8 miles after putting the kids down. you are hardcore.
ginger-monkeyworld how romantic can you get!
well im bleary eyed from 3 days without the useless columbian girl and dh inviting 6 people over to dinner last night hmm insanity. and lo continuing the poo theme by pulling off her stinky nappy in her cot and smearing it on her tummy, legs, cot, toys, dummies, cot bumper...she was quite distressed when i finally got her up (bad mummy ignored the crying from upstairs as thought it was just the usual). she kept saying got mud on tummy. have to say have had 3 mainly really enjoyable days with the kids-amazing.
dh going for democratic convention in us next week so am hot footing it to inlaws for some help for a few days-hope doesn't end in disaster rows.
anyway we're off for a hoolie tomorrow til sunday in france without the kids. can't wait gringringrin
sally glad you had a good break.
egg, my friend is moving to the winchester area. she doesn't really know it well but has to move for dh's job. she wants to live somewhere with good mums community. i said i'd ask you if you had any ideas. she doesn't have kids yet but is planning to start trying soon.

Gill79 Wed 20-Aug-08 23:13:45

Hi all - just signing off for a week or so as going on hols.

Princess - LOL at DD and her nappy shock. Have a good time away - can't believe you're going to be in a different country to your DCs!

Oooh and exciting news from here - I was feeding DS today and he was sitting on the floor with his back to the sofa when he leant round, grabbed hold of the sofa and stood up! It was so amazing to watch him get upright all by himself smile

Egg Thu 21-Aug-08 09:19:54

Hello all sorry got a bit behind on the thread so was putting off posting blush. Welcome to strawberrycornetto (I like the mint ones best!) and hello to missnat too.

Ginger toby seemed absolutely spot on when we saw him. I keep worrying about DD because she is so far behind DS2 on pretty much everything physical. DS2 is very nearly crawling, he can get anywhere he wants across the room, is now sitting pretty well, he was playing with DS1 yesterday (with some cars) and seems way ahead of DD. She seems fine, perfectly happy, can sit briefly if you get her in position but doesn't bother rolling at all anymore unless she is very angry and left on floor crying. I can't imagine her being strong enough to crawl for ages.

Gill have a fab hol and Princess a good weekend away. We are off to outlaws on Sunday for the week and prob no access to computer and even my blooming phone doesn't work there sad.

DTs both got bitten at nursery on Monday. By an older baby in their group.Skin was broken and blood was drawn on both shock. Was a bit upset about it on Tuesday mainly that it happened to both of them, when the staff should have been on red alert after DS2 was bitten to stop anyone else getting bitten (child has bitten others before apparently too). Anyway have had a long chat with them and am happy that it WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Poor DD was bitten on her face shock.

Princess nearly missed your last para. We live in Hyde in Winchester (10 mins walk from station and town centre). It is full of young families. I mean full. Definitely would recommend it. The house opposite is up for rent at the mo!

CountTo10 Thu 21-Aug-08 10:47:58

Morning! Jealous of those heading off on hols, have a good time and look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

Pl - that nappy smeaaring sounds awful!

Had such a norman wisdom moment last night. Before I go to bed I always go in and check on the boys. Went into ds2's bedroom not realising that dp had helpfully left a small chair right in the door so theatrically style I walk in trip over said chair and go crashing into the cot almost landing in it!!! Ds2 immediately woke up crying bless him. Luckily didn't take long for him to go back to sleep but then he woke up at 5am so feeling a bit bleary eyed. Especially as ds1 was up at 5.30am yesterday!! It's like they take it in turns to get up early making sure they wake the other one up in the process!! Can't complain tho as the in laws have got ds2 this morning while ds1 is at nursery and then they're having ds1 this afternoon so at least I can catch up on sleep as well as get the 101 great jobs I need to get done!!

ruva Thu 21-Aug-08 12:09:12

Hi all have missed u all laptop not working using blackberry n its limited so can't read all saba is now tounging I think is because of teething every time I kiss him hope all lo are fine will be back soon need lots of advice

alkar Thu 21-Aug-08 13:25:50

Nothing much happening here. DS not being as sick now, I have stopped giving him dairy and also bread which seems to have helped. Also I'm putting baby rice in all his fruit pots to make it thicker as GP said it might help him keep it down.

Going in to work tomorrow to try and find out if I can still do the hours I had verbally agreed with my boss (who has been mysteriously suspended), fingers crossed hmm

leesmum Thu 21-Aug-08 13:46:56

Hi Ruva good to see you back on here x is your lo drooling a lot? and just generally whingy? then its probably teeth, this can last for a while unfortunately until a tooth ACTUALLY appears, whilst some babies don't get any bother with themgrin x

Count we've also had nights where they take it turns to wake up, about 3 nights ago i caught Ds1 in Ds2's room at 3 o'clock, they were both laughing and when i asked Ds1 what he was doing he said "i came in to check on james and he said he was bored so i've been making him laugh"!!!

Oh Egg your poor Dt's, i know a lot of children go through biting/kicking/pinching phases but when one child is constantly doing it it's not on!

Gill you're probably away now but i'm very impressed with malcolm pulling himself upright, well done to him x

Ginger my Ds1 was also 5 weeks early and he did all the "milestones" at this own pace, some things he was early with and others a bit later, he could actually feed himself with a fork and spoon properly before he could even walkshock

Princess thats quite funny what your DD has done with her nappy (i'm sure it wasn't for you though) i hope you have a lovely time in France, even though you'll miss the Dc, i'm sure they'll be fine for a few days. make the most of it xxx have fun smile

Rozzy i agree with you on the weather, what a load of crap! i'm fed up with the rain, i don't want it blistering hot just a few dry days would suit me. How are the boys enjoying school and nursery? i bet it's quiet in your house eh?

Sally how are you feeling today, any better?

Hiya sarah, does your DS also start nursey soon or is it pre-school?

Hi Missnatalie x

Welcome Strawberry, pop in and chat whenever you feel like it, you'll get loads of advice on here x

alkar Thu 21-Aug-08 13:55:40

Thats cute leesmum, did you hear them laughing?

Forgot to say - egg your poor DTs

leesmum Thu 21-Aug-08 14:02:51

Hi Alkar yes i could hear them laughing, Ds2 has a real hearty laugh and he only has to look at Ds1 and he sets off, it is lovely to see them together like that, just not at that time of the morninghmm

How is Daniel now, is he still being sick? do you think he has a milk allergy, or could it be something else?

leesmum Thu 21-Aug-08 14:03:52

Sorry Alkar i missed your earlier postblush x

Hi everyone.

Egg - I suppose there are always going to be some 'incidents' at nursery but imo biting is the worst. Are your dts ok? Hopefully the nursery staff will keep a closer eye from now on - agree that they should have been more vigilant after the first bite. My ds2 went through a phase of biting when he was little and it was horrible - luckily he only ever bit ds1 (not lucky for ds1 obviously) but I would have been even more horrified if he'd bitten someone elses child.

Leesmum - ds2 is only at preschool from 9.15 to 11.45 and ds1 is only at school from 9 to 12.20 for the first couple of weeks but yes it is quiet here in the mornings! DS1 came home with a picture a little girl in his class had made for him today so it looks like he's making friendssmile and ds2 is loving being back at nursery. I agree with you that nothing is cute at 3am!!

Princess - the pooh smearing doesn't sound like much fun. You're very brave going to stay with your inlaws. As nice as mine are I don't think I'd cope with staying with them without dh.

Alkar - glad the sickiness is getting better.

I'm a bit knackered and grumpy today so dh just took ds3 out for a walk so I could do what I liked 'have a sleep or whatever'. BUT he left ds1 and ds2 with mehmm as if I would get anytime to myself! I sometimes think men are from another planet.

Slacker Thu 21-Aug-08 16:59:41

Only 2 more weeks till school <sings to herself with fingers in ears> And DS2 is still away so it's only 3 of them fighting

DS4 is being sweet though, he has a tooth and has taken to swiping food, so although he's barely on solids yet he has had his first chip blush. He woke up screaming inconsolably in the middle of the night, I guess that must have been teeth pain.

If people are off on holiday we'll definitely leave Bicester till September - it's worth a drive Ginger, I think you're about the same distance as I am! Petit Bateau pyjamas/underwear are the best...

must go and break up another row [sigh]

Hello one and all- welcome abck ruva- good to hear from you,

Leesmum- Harry is starting pre-school at a very good primary near us on 18th Sept- we have been shopping for his shoes today and he got upset as he didn't want black as they are boring!!!!! (i will remind him when he will wear nothing but black) the shop assistant was very amused!!!! grin

lol at your 2 at 3-am!!!

Had DD weighed at the clininc also- ashe is 27 weeks and 1 day and weighing 18lb 1oz, doing very well so sill HV told me!!!! (er i know)grin

Alkar Glad to hear DAniel is no longer being sick, sounds like you have it all under control,

Egg- your poor babies there is nothing worse than a bite!!!! but 2 from the same child child on the same day!!!!!! oh dear

off to work c u later

ohh meant to add- SLACKER your house must be mayhem!!!!!!

leesmum Fri 22-Aug-08 08:54:30

anyone on here who hasn't got up to MORE RAIN?

It's Ds2's christening on Sun so i'm hoping its dry, i'm going to look good in my white trousers with mud flicked up the back aren't it? Is someone else having a christening on sun? i can't rememberhmm

Sarah ahhh your Ds not wanting black shoes cos they are boring thats very funny x

My ds loves his black shoes - I think he feels very grown and smart in them - slept with them on his pillow when we first got them.

It was dry here this morning so I managed for the first time to walk to school this morning. Looking like it's definitely going to rain soon though. Yesterday was dire - got stuck in really heavy hailstones when we were waiting for ds1 to get out of school - its AUGUST ffs.

Leesmum - hope you have a lovely day on Sundaysmile

Egg Fri 22-Aug-08 12:35:51

Leesmum have a lovely day on Sunday grin. Lots of pics of your gorgeous lads please.

Egg Fri 22-Aug-08 13:34:20

Sorry posted that quickly earlier in case I didn't get time to post properly.

Loving the thought of some of the little ones heading off for pre-school and school for the first time. Can't wait for DS1 to be off because I just know he will have his little chest all puffed out and be all nervous and excited at the same time. His first day at nursery was not really an event as he was only 18 months and had no idea really.

Rozzy so cute that your DS1 came home with a pic from a little girl smile. DS1 talks about a girl at nursery a lot and goes all bashful when he sees her. She is very pretty.

Leesmum it is SUNNY here grin. Praying it stays dry this afternoon so we can go to swings.

I would love to do the Bicester meet up but don't think I can quite face it with two or three DCs in tow. Would love to come shopping though! If you ended up going on a Monday I could sneak over for a couple of hours but tbh not sure I would, would worry about being too far from nursery and breaking down or something!

Slacker DS2 also keeps trying to swipe food. It makes me laugh. I usually let him have a taste, he was very keen on getting a bottle of beer i was swigging from whilst trying to give him his bedtime milk the other night. I didn't let him have any of that!

Leesmum I love the story of your two boys laughing together at 3am. OK 3am is not ideal, but so cute that they seem to be friends already! DS1 and DS2 were "playing" together the other day (DS1 was passing cars over to DS2 who was overjoyed that DS1 was even looking in his direction). It made me smile. Both babies are over the moon if DS1 so much as smiles or looks at them, and if he tickles them they are in seventh heaven (sadly he only does this when I ask if he will cheer them up for me, otherwise he tries to ignore them!).

beansprout Fri 22-Aug-08 15:40:20


Sorry, it's been v busy here. Have been trying to take advantage of dh being home to get a million other things done. We will be away for the BH weekend so need to pack for that too.

Hope you all have a good weekend. smile

lljkk Fri 22-Aug-08 16:28:20

Hi gals --
We have tooth! And backwards crawling, & rather little interest in food. hmm
Now back to ur regularly scheduled natter.

wel done with tooth!!! we are so jelous (sp) here!!!!!

Have a good few days away beany, you need it i think!!!!

Well guess what- went to work last night and had to work in theatres!!! very exciting to work in a new area- my supervisor is up my back end over this hol business and though i might like to do some more training- IT WAS FAB!!!!!! (nothing to do with rather nice looking surgeons .grinlol

Hope all well am off to work now to hopefully ogle some more!!!!lol

hope all well xxxxx

strawberrycornetto Fri 22-Aug-08 20:30:02

Hello everyone. Still trying to get the hang of MN, but so far think its great.

Leesmum, I hope the sun shines and your christening goes well. Still thinking about doing a joint one for DD and DS. Not especially religious but it kind of feels wrong that we didn’t do it. Mmm, will keep thnking.

We've had mainly sun today. DH and I took DS to London for the day and only had one shower which we missed because we were having lunch. Good timing smile.

Llkjj - congratulations on the tooth, we have lots of chewing of everything but no sign of teeth as yet.

Sarah, glad work was good.

As I have 5 minutes, I thought I'd tell you all a little bit about us.

As I said DD will be 4 in November. Generally she is pretty good although she does have her moments. She's really bright and articulate but only likes doing things she is good at, not so keen on writing etc. She even seems to have mastered sarcasm - MIL wittering on about something and she looked at her and said "Oh Granny, you're soooo interesting!" grin She is at nursery full time. While I have been on maternity leave, I kept her full time place but she goes late, gets picked up early and often has days off for various reasons. It has worked well because she's kept her routine so I'm not now worrying about her restarting nursery when I go back to work.

DS will be 6 months old next week (where has the time gone?). He was 3 weeks early because I had obstetric cholestasis. He was only 5 pounds 12 so quite mini and he's still only between 2nd and 9th centiles, so he's small but perfectly formed! He's just finishing his second week of solids and has loved everything except banana. He tries to snatch things from me at every opportunity! He loves rolling and is trying to crawl but not really getting anywhere yet. He can sit for a little while but usually ends up collapsing onto his front and then goes back to attempting to crawl.

I go back to work on 1 October. Am not especially looking forward to it but have agreed a 4 day week with one of those days at home so I hope it will be manageable.DS will start full time with his sister at nursery, I really hope he'll be ok. It seems harder this time.

Am doing well with post baby diet, didn't really gain weight with DS but was left with the stone I gained with DD still to lose. I've lost 8 of those pounds but would still like to lose at least another 7 pounds.

Well, that's quite enough for now. I will try to get to know you all too. Thanks so much for all the welcoming messages!

Hi strawberry- fab to learn more about you, you seem to have family life down to a fine art,

Great to get to know more people- well done for not getting wet in London BTW-

i have been in theatres again tonight but think i have pulled a muscle in my back with the floor scrubber!!! ouch!!!!!!!! Sure it will be fine tommorrow- working bholiday monday 5pm til 8pm but really dont mind as its a day off in lui and double pay!!!!

Off to snack on something feeling really hungry tonight!!!!!

strawberrycornetto Fri 22-Aug-08 21:39:49

I'm snacking on a muller strawberry shortcake corner as I type - mmm!!

MERLYPUSS Fri 22-Aug-08 22:01:48

My two are all but 7 months now and Isaac is 14lb 14 and Thomas 20lb.
I went to a friends house today (her DD is 1 week younger) and she was freaked about them being sick. About a tbsp of milk and solids(sorry if TMI). My two were reflux babies and earlier on there wasn't a day went by when they didn't hurl a whole feed. DOes 1 tblsp sound a lot or has she been blessed with a non sicky kid ? (I thought that was pretty good, she seemed peturbed that I wasn't dashing to him with a fist full of tissues hmm)

strawberrycornetto Fri 22-Aug-08 22:11:14

Hello Merylpuss

My DS is 6 months and is 14 lbs 5. He has reflux although not too badly thankfully and although he hasn't often brought up a whole feed since very early on, he is consistently a little bit sick almost every day. Since I started weaning, there hasn't been much change. He was sick an hour or so after his lunch today (in a restaurant queue - oh joy blush) and there was definitely at least a tablespoons worth of milk and apple. At least half seemed to come out of his nose - lovely! I think your friend is just lucky!

sallyforth Sat 23-Aug-08 01:35:49

Hello people,
Well we have been having a busy old time, my friend was staying this week. She doesnt have kids and we hadnt seen each other for approx 1 year so she confessed afterwards she was a bit worrried she wouldnt enjoy it with the baby there - she even brought super duper earplugs imported from USA!!!!

Anyway thankfully she seemed to think LO was "cute and very well-behaved for a baby" <phew> and we both had a good time - just been clothes shopping today grin although bit depressing that she is size 12 and I am size 16 - it always used to be the other way round!! now I know how it feels!!

On the subj of babies that spit up. I am pretty relaxed about baby sick - being sick is normal for babies IMO - and am not one to always be rushing in with a muslin when a little bit of sick comes up. But I have noticed some people get v twitched about this sort of thing. Think my friend will be a natural though - she commented with interest on the colour of DS's poo after he'd eaten carrot

leesmum Sat 23-Aug-08 07:44:16

Hi Sally it sound like you and your friend had a good time catching upsmile and don't feel too down about your weight once lo is up and mobile you'll probably find that you'll loose weight without even noticing it.x

MERLY i think your friend is very lucky if her lo hasn't so much as brought back any milk or dinner (there's timegrin) my lo didn't have reflux but he was a very windy baby and even now will bring the occasional gobfull back up, it's perfectly normal i think. It's too easy to compare with other babies, they're all different and that's what makes them special.

Hi Strawberry, thanks for filling us in smile My Ds1 will be 4 in oct and there is a few of us with children the same age. You hear people go on about the terrible 2's but i think this age is FAR more testing! My DS1 was also 5lb 12oz and was tiny for ages but if you look at my pics you'll see that he's doing ok now, they get there in the end. When i look back now Ds1 was in 3-6 months until he was about 9 months and Ds2 is already growing out of his 6-9 months even though he is only 7 months (hmm now what did i say about comparingblush)

There is also a weight loss list on here if you fancy joining? i think most of us are still trying to shift that last few pounds x

Sarah is your back any better today? i think it's more likely that you pulled it craning your neck to have a good look at the yummy surgeons lol

Hi lljkk backwards crawling is fab? how are your lot doing? xx

Slacker Sat 23-Aug-08 12:09:42

Mayhem here has subsided somewhat, still looking forward to school going back though (although have to buy new uniforms and name them...never my favourite job)

Leesmum, hope christening goes well and the rain holds off for you

Egg, I'd missed the bit about your babies being bitten at nursery - I would be Really pissed off about that. Although I've been on the other side with my child biting another child at school blush not babies though. It happens, but it now shouldn't happen again, so if it does give them hell.

Sally, glad you had a good time seeing your friend but hmm about the earplugs, bloody cheek.

Lljkk - sounds like a carbon copy of my baby. How are your older ones getting on with him? Mine still think DS4's lovely, but he's starting to be slightly more annoying grabbing things etc so I think the novelty may wear off soon.

Sarah, careful with that heavy machinery, even double time isn't worth putting your back out for!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, we're not doing anything cos DH is studying for an exam and I can't be bothered to take them for a day out on my own

Nice to virtually meet you strawberry!

Merleypuss - my lo didn't have reflux although it was mentioned by the hv in the early days as he was sicky and didn't like lying flat. He's never brought up a full feed but is sick numerous times every day - usually just a little mouthful these days - I carry a muslin everywhere mainly to mop the sick off my clothes/peoples carpetsblush. I did think he would have grown out of it by now but no such luck.

Let us know how tomorrow goes Leesmum.

strawberrycornetto Sat 23-Aug-08 21:26:55

Leesmum, will look out for the weightloss list, could definitely do with something to keep me motivated. DH is doing Atkins and has lost more in a week that I have lost since March [envy.

Rozzy, glad its not just me that spends time mopping up other people's carpets and apologising grin. I have taken to bringing a cheap ikea fleecy throw with me wherever I go so he can be sick without embarrassing me!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are off to a friend's housewarming party tomorrow, hope the weather is good so I don't have to entertain DD in someone else's house all afternoon.

Met friend's new little boy this afternoon, he's gorgeous and made me v broody. DH was v worried!!

alkar Sat 23-Aug-08 21:52:03

What a day.

Have spent most of it in the eye hospital. Yesterday my friend called me and asked me to go over to hers where she showed my a photo of my DS and her DD, Her DD has the normal red eye look whereas daniel had bright white eyes. She had seen a piece on the local news the night before about retinoblastoma which can cause this 'phenomenon'. Freaked out big time. At the hospital today poor DS had drops in his eyes and 2 doctors looking at him. They couldn't see anything but didn't get to look into his whole eye as he was getting upset. They are woried about the photo and he has to go back next week to see another consultant. I just hope he's ok.


Leesmum your boys sound very cute its making me think again about having another. Hope the christening goes well tomorrow.

Sarah lol at the black shoes, sounds like work is going a bit better, hope your backs not too bad.

Merly I dont think that a lot of sick but as I've said before DS is sick a lot. He chucks on a daily basis, about 15 times today. Havent had any come out of his nose yet though strawberry grin

back is much better today thanks for asking everyone-

lees mum i think you were right!!!! Surgeouns- mmmmmmmmm-have a lovely christening day.
Oh Alkar- poor you bet you are so worried again now,

off to bed now as am getting up a t 5am to soa car boot sale if the weather remains dry overnite!!!!

Spk soon

strawberrycornetto Sat 23-Aug-08 22:16:28

Alkar, how scary. I really hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about, often is with these medical dramas. Will keep my fingers crossed.

MERLYPUSS Sat 23-Aug-08 23:23:04

ALKAR - Hope your LO gets on well at hosp and they are worrying unnecessarily. But, it is nice to know they are taking it seriously and didn't do the 'paranoid mummy' look and send you home.

sallyforth Sun 24-Aug-08 05:23:28

oh Alkar how stressful. hope it gets sorted really soon, it is horrible to be kept waiting like that x

Alkar - that must be so frightening. Your friend is on the ball to pick that up but hopefully everything'll be ok. Take carexx

MammaK Sun 24-Aug-08 21:42:08

Nervously wondering if I can join this thread blush, new mummy to a dd born on Feb 22nd, have been dropping in unsuccessfully on some threads but saw this one tonight & realised I actually might fit in somewhere!

MERLYPUSS Sun 24-Aug-08 21:50:30

MammaK - C'mon in. I shouldn't be here anyway as my DTs were 3 weeks early and came in Jan. But I stayed here as these are my fwends.

Welcome mammak- were a great bunch welcome!!!!!! How are you asnd Your DD doing??

Hello everyone-

Did my car boot sale yesterday and made £175-00 wohoo= however i split it with my DM as we shared the work etc- (although i have picked up a tummy bug and spent the day vomiting)(sorry tmi at this time of day) we got back about 3pm unloaded the car and i went to bed i have just got up and still not feeling great!!!

How did the christening go leesmum- looking forward to seeing some pics!!!!

leesmum Mon 25-Aug-08 08:54:10

Hi just a quickie to let you all know that we had a wonderful day yesterdaysmile

We awoke to rain but as the day went on the sun come out, Ds2 slept throughout the service while Ds1 was running between the pews pretending he had a "big gun" and is everyone "getting ready for the big fight" shock the Cannon saw the funny side thankfully. It was lovely to see family and friends again for a happy occasion, the last time we were all together was at dad's funeral, we always say we should make an effort to get together more often.

Anyway DP will put pics on later (when he gets up!)

Hi MammaK a very big welcome to you x

MammaK Mon 25-Aug-08 13:26:08

Read through some more of this thread and feeing really normal - thankyou! DD was a little sick on laptop the other day (she's a keen typist) & now my 'l' key is refusing to work, using on-screen keyboard to help but it is v.tedious so apologies in advance for sp!
DD is under the weather with a cold but that aside is doing really well. She's 21 1/2 lb but off the scale for length as DH & I v.tall.
I have more than a few pounds to loose! Weigh more than I did 2 weeks after the birth! Think its because of the change in lifestyle - evenings in front of TV, laptop, book or sink listening to monitor & eating chocolate (with the odd glass of pear cider)!
Back to work a week today, I love my job but have cried so much at having to leave DD. DH is having his 2 days off in the week, & DM is having her 1 day & 1 afternoon, she will be in nursery for 2 mornings. Anyone else in this position or already been there with some good advice? Never used to be this emotional at all but having DD has even made me cry at TV adverts blush
Leesmum - so happy your day went well sounds like lots of fun with a canon & a big gun! Thinking of 1st weekend in Oct half term for DDs.

sallyforth Mon 25-Aug-08 15:49:39

Welcome MammaK indeed you sound like you will fit right in here! Am v impressed at your DD's weight and length - exactly how tall are you???! I am 5 foot 11 but DS is bang on 50th centile for length. We think he is going to be the family short arse at any rate he looks just like his uncle who is not blessed with great height!

I am back to work in a few weeks and have already had my fair share of tears. You are lucky you like your job! Are you a teacher? I suppose my job could be worse really (I work in a lab) but I am NOT looking forward to leaving DS. He will be in nursery fulltime as we have no other childcare options.

sarah - sorry to hear you are vomiting - if it continues you will have to do a preg test !! tee hee.

leesmum looking forward to seeing your new pics - your boys are SO gorgeous esp your mega cute DS2, who i think looks a bit like my DS only plumper!

Glad you had a nice day yesterday Leesmum.

Mammak - hi there. I'm on my third ds and it is always a wrench going back to work but it sounds like you're leaving your dd with family most of the time and she'll probably love nursery!

I went into work to agree my return this morning. I'm just doing a week in December then going back properly in January. I thought I was ok about it but after speaking to my boss I'm starting to feeling really apprehensive. I only work 3 days and he said the md and head of finance in the US have been saying again how my job is really a full time position. So they're talking about keeping my temporary cover person on part time once I'm back (he's been working full-time on a years contract but is nearing retirement so happy with a pt position) but after doing the job on my own for the last 7 years I'm not sure how that would work out. I suppose I'm worried that they'll discuss how things are going to work out whilst I'm not there and I won't be happy with it. Anyway not much I can do about it at the moment I'll just have to wait and see how it pans outsad.

alkar Mon 25-Aug-08 16:01:13

Sally what kind of lab are you in? I work in an NHS biochem lab. I did enjoy my job but I'd rather not go back smile

MammaK Mon 25-Aug-08 20:22:32

Was it the half term comment that gave me away Sally grin? Yeah, teach year 1 & do really love it. But I have always been so committed & worked 9/10 hour days and through a good deal of hols so Im going to have to change my whole way of working!
Im 6ft & DH 6'4 Uncle's on both sides 6'+ & aunt is 5'11!
Been going to induction sessions at nursery with DD for about 5 weeks, the babies love it... Its heart wrenching to leave your DCs but try not to feel too sad about full time nursery care hon- they seem to love the whole no boundary thing! I know our narrow pokey lounge with many (soon to be fenced off) hazards will not compare to the limitess toys, treasure boxes, soft play, covered outdoor areas & next-to-no boundaries offered by nursery!

MammaK Mon 25-Aug-08 20:24:53

'Uncle's' apalling error that is bugger a to do with my reluctant 'l' key blush I am truly shamed!

strawberrycornetto Mon 25-Aug-08 20:29:19

Hello all.

Leesmum, glad the christening went well.

All ok here. Had fun at friends bbq and managed to stay until midnight with dcs asleep so feel slightly delicate today as it was then a 2 hour drive home!

Hello MammaK, I am very new too and everyone seems lovely. smile

Looks like lots of us are either just back to work or heading back soon. I have 5 weeks and 2 days to go (not that I'm counting). Did it before with DD but am still dreading it. Am a lawyer so an expecting lots of pressure and a real struggle to adapt to my new part time hours.

sallyforth Tue 26-Aug-08 08:31:18

Alkar I work in a Uni research lab but based at the hospital site as we deal with patient samples a lot of the time. I don't have a PhD or anything, I'm the one who's always going "I don't understand that, please explain!"

leesmum Tue 26-Aug-08 12:56:39

Hi everyone , i will be back at work two weeks today sad when i finished in dec for 9 months it seemed such a long time off, and Ds1 starts school next tue so i'll have to start getting my day a bit more organised again hmm

I've put some christening pics on and a couple of my two men x

strawberrycornetto Tue 26-Aug-08 13:31:36

Hi leesmum. Just looked at your pictures, your little men are gorgeous!!

I so know how you feel about going back to work. I've been off for 9 months but its gone so fast sad.

I'm just off for a facial grin and waxing shock. SIL is a beautician which is great as I get a family discount grin. So nice to do something for me!!

What is everyone else up to today?

leesmum Tue 26-Aug-08 13:42:36

Strawberry hi, lucky you having a facial AND waxing, you are bravegrin I have an epilator that i do my legs and underarms with, i tried bikini line ONCE and didn't bother again, i tell Dp that it really hurts and thats why i have to take a large glass of wine upstairs when i do it lol

Not doing much today, Ds2 is asleep for now, i've made potato hash for tea and am going to sew some name tags into Ds1's new uniform [yawn]

Love your pictures btw, your daughter is beautiful and your son is scrummy, i do have a soft spot for little boys xxx

leesmum Tue 26-Aug-08 13:47:18

Strawberry hi, lucky you having a facial AND waxing, you are bravegrin I have an epilator that i do my legs and underarms with, i tried bikini line ONCE and didn't bother again, i tell Dp that it really hurts and thats why i have to take a large glass of wine upstairs when i do it lol

Not doing much today, Ds2 is asleep for now, i've made potato hash for tea and am going to sew some name tags into Ds1's new uniform [yawn]

Love your pictures btw, your daughter is beautiful and your son is scrummy, i do have a soft spot for little boys xxx

leesmum Tue 26-Aug-08 13:48:41

How did i manage to post the same message 5 mins aparthmm!!!

strawberrycornetto Tue 26-Aug-08 14:09:50

Thanks, I do completely adore both my dc!

I am a terrible wimp with waxing but have been shamed into it when I saw the sex and the city film and realised I was Miranda blush. I wonder if SIL will supply wine in her salon?!

alkar Tue 26-Aug-08 14:20:41

Love the pics leesmum - I would love 2 boys smile

I haven't been for a bikini wax since early on in my pregnancy. I now don't want to go because I'm too freaked out by my section scar - I think it might hurt more!

alkar Tue 26-Aug-08 14:23:33

And your pics are lovely too strawberry!

beansprout Tue 26-Aug-08 17:11:58

Hi, I'm finally back after spending 6 (count 'em) hours on the M1!!! Had a lovely, lovely weekend though so am v glad we went. smile

Welcome to the new people, it's lovely to have you here. smile
Leesmum - glad it went well on Sunday and your boys really are very gorgeous indeed!!
Alkar - hope you are ok, that really does sound stressful sad

Have just finished "Three in a Bed" and now want to co-sleep with ds2. He was in bed with us over the weekend and it made life much easier. Trouble is, our bed is not that big so Dh would probably have to sleep somewhere else. Ds2 is fine in his cot (still in our room) so am not sure what to do. Does anyone have any thoughts?

MERLYPUSS Tue 26-Aug-08 20:04:07

Can I ask a numpty question re weaning ?
How much goop are you LO's getting through per sitting. My two have a weetabix and 1/2 baby banana each and leave about 1/3. Lunch 1 pot of stage one plus 4 ice cubes of hm veg between them. Supper same again with a fromage frais each (will eat the FF and leave the 'growing' food). The reason I ask is that my friends LO eats like a horse and I feel I am starving my 2. I know I sound paranoid but as Thomas is having meltdowns at each meal I am losing the will .......

beansprout Tue 26-Aug-08 20:09:34

Ds2 is 7 months now and still doesn't want any food. They all come to it in their own time so don't worry. Comparisons on this one just don't help!! smile

strawberrycornetto Tue 26-Aug-08 20:12:57

DS eats 3 cubes of veg for lunch and about 2/3rds of a large banana for tea. He's just onto week 3 of weaning and has increased to that amount fairly quickly. I think he's eat more at lunch but he struggles more with tea because he's tired in the afternoon. He has had toast for breastfast as fingerfood, but only cause he gets so jealous of DD. Will probably start proper breakfast in a week or so. He's young for Feb though, his birthday is 26 Feb and he was 3 weeks early. Sounds like your two are eating more than him so it sounds fine to me.

CountTo10 Tue 26-Aug-08 20:37:54


Merly - they're all different. DS1 used to eat anything and everything put in front of him and ate loads but ds2 is a lot slower on the uptake. Some days he eats loads, some days not so much but this is what he's on in general:

On waking - 7 oz milk
Bfast - 2 ruskit bics & milk or rice & milk
Am - 4 oz milk and piece of finger food
Lunch - 5 cubes of a chicken/white fish or beef dish, then a pot of fromage frais/fruit or other dessert and drink of water
Pm - 4oz milk and piece of finger food
Dinner - 5 cubes of a veg or pasta dish with pudd sim to above
Bed - 7oz milk

Now he very rarely eats the finger food and usually leaves some of the meat dish but wolfs down his veg!!! Just carry on with what you're doing and see how it goes. If they were starving you'd soon know!!!

Got some exciting news here!! Out of nowhere, dp and I were drunkenly talking at the weekend and we've agreed that we're going to get married in 2010!! Want to get married abroad and wanted Portugal but you've got to be a resident for 30 days which as much as dp was up for doing is totally practical!! So now we're looking at Italy, probably Florence.I'm so excited that I now want to get married tomorrow!!!! Dp hasn't been that interested but I think since having Ds2 he seems to have wanted to feel more together. I said to him a few weeks back that I'd decided I wanted to get married in a couple of years and wasn;t interested in proposals or diamond engagement rings, I just wanted to go off and do it. This way we will have the people there that want to be there instead of agonising over who gets invited etc!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!

beansprout Tue 26-Aug-08 20:39:06

Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations!!!! That's so exciting!!! grin
Being married is fab! smile

missnatalie Tue 26-Aug-08 21:27:59

Thanks for all the welcome back messages smile

Ive had a lovely weekend. We went down to Devon for the weekend. It was fab!! Although it felt like it took forever to get there and back. I put the DVD player on for Henley and he wathched Ice Age 1 & 2, twice. He normally hates travelling in the car but this time it didnt bother him. We took Henley to Paignton Zoo and he loved it. He was fasinated with the baby pigles and monkeys.

He was 7 months yesterday and JUST coming out of his 3-6 month clothes. Cant wait to get his 6-9 months out. There so cute.

OMG!! He did the worst poo ever this morning. It was huge. So big it came out of the sides of his nappy!

Does anyone know how i can get baby food stains out? Hes been having jars whilst we were away and now most of his clothes are covered in orange stains that just wont shift.

CONGRATUALTIONS count- how exciting- !!!!!

Loving pics everyone,

i am feeling much better now thanks. Sally - that comment was not funny if i was preg again i would sue the people who make the implant!!!!!!lol grin (TBH i really would not mind one more but DH says NO!!!!"!!!!!!!!)

hope everyone is ok,

gingermumi Tue 26-Aug-08 21:51:46

Ooo, a wedding... how cool. we had the best day when we got married, dds were bridesmaids and we had loads of family and friends and all their children, it was loads of fun, i'd do it again tomorrow!

anyway, have missed you all but have been so busy here, am back to work today sad and have been desperately trying to get house and work stuff sorted (nearly there i think).

Welcome to all newbies

MammaK- my ds is off scale for length too - dh is 6'4' and most of my family is tall (except me!). Ds weighs over 22lb and looks about 10 months old and is in 9-12 mnth clothes bless him!

Bean- thought i was only one to still have LO in our room! we moved him into his own room on sunday so that there weren't too many changes all at once - Toby starts nursery next week, dh is looking after him this week. The move has gone surprisingly well, he has only been waking up once at night which is so much better then before. I think I have found it much more traumatic, i like having him in our room tbh! He still comes in first thing for a cuddle and sleep (the latter depending on how early it is). I don't mind LOs coming in bed, dds used to do it too (not now, obviously!).

Food -

Early am - 8oz bottle
Breakfast - weetabix (x1) or readybrek, drink of water
Late morning - 7 or 8 oz milk
Lunch - half to two thirds of a 7mnth plus jar or similar amount of home made lumpy puree, fruit or from frais
Afternoon - bottle
Tea- Same as lunch
Night - bottle
Poss another bottle during night if he wont settle

Of course he is huge!! grin - but those who have met ds will vouch,not fat, just big for age (see above!!).

Any way, am going to try to catch up with what i have missed but couldn't get page up earlier. Hopefully wont be so long to next post!

gingermumi Tue 26-Aug-08 22:08:39

See, back already!

have manage to read rest of messages!

Egg- how awful bout the biting- expell the naughty child methinks! Thanks for comment about ds- i think i am being a bit silly (especailly bearing in mind i have two other children i should know better). Ds doing loads of stuff including sitting up unaided now, he is also opulling himslef up but no furniture standing as yet gill! Am v impressed with malcolms new skill!

Bicester sounds great - dh says it's not too bad a drive (he used to live near there, so depending on work may be able to make it.

Merly- not sure about your friend- puking and babies just go together, i would probably think it odd if a baby didnt puke much [hmmm] i think your friend must just be blessed!

Stains on bibs- try oxy (the pink one)- i put bibs etc in a bowl to soak after use, not sure how good it is with dried in stains though.

Alkar- how is LO? How stressful for you, hope all ok.

Am off to watch Big Bro (sad i know but am slightly addicted )

MERLYPUSS Tue 26-Aug-08 22:12:32

Hmmm hmm food for thought. They are having milk too but Thomas has a hissy fit if he doesn't get milk. We are trying to make him wait so food isn't associated with the milk as he will hold out and not take solids as he knows what is coming up. Bit like the fromage frais I suppose. Waits for the best bit. I feel sorry for Isaac as he quietly munches on until the crying hits fever pitch and then he feels obliged to join in. Maybe next week I will be moaning about Isaac instead? Pesky pair !

MammaK Tue 26-Aug-08 22:19:55

Well bu**@er me! I've just realised I can see profiles & seen your pics leesmum - they are lovely - your boys are gorgeous!

Merly I cant get DD to have much at all for breakfast (few spoonfulls at most), but she has a whole Annabel Karmel cube of food for lunch & a good helping of baby rice & pureed fruit for tea + about 30oz of milk spread across the three meals & supper with water & fruit to suck in between.

beansprout, I co-slept whie breastfeeding & loved it - felt like the most natural thing in the world & still feel that way. DD loves her cot or Id still be waking up next to her. Having said that we have a lg bed so DH & I still had lots of room, DH was happy with any arrangement provided he got as much undisturbed sleep as poss!

Sudden realisation today that my hair resembles that of cousin it, my eyebrows are the size of view obstructing privets & as for my bikini line... The mantra 'he married me because he loves me' just isn't going to wash at all when I start back at work next week sad. Urgent preening required, although the bikini line may require dutch courage!
Want a bit of colour but fake tan is going to stain my dry skin, especially my horrendously dry cracked hands (from washing them, washing up & sterilising a the while).

Had a rubbish tea tonight, feel so unsatisfied by my crap offering that Im having a bueno!

Slacker Wed 27-Aug-08 00:48:21

Bean, what do you want to know about cosleeping? I've had one or more children in with us for the last 8 years, so be sure that it's not a temporary thing! DS3 and DD never went in the cot at all, whereas DS4 falls asleep on me, I put him down in the cot (was moses basket until last week), and at some point in the night he wakes and comes back in with me, I don't wake up enough to be particularly aware of it. Our bed is 5' which is fine (6' would be better but hey) and DH has never felt the need to go and sleep anywhere else, even when we've had 2 children in the bed (both DS3 and DD came back in with us till they were about 5 - yes that means DD often ends up in with us now!)

Countto10 - thought at first glance that all the congratulations were for you being pregnant! Getting married abroad is good, we had an Elvis wedding in Vegas grin

Hello Mammak and strawberry, nice to have you here. And fab photos Strawb!

Leesmum, lovely pictures, James is gorgeous!

Ginger, will do a roll call for Bicester in a week or so when kids are back at school and I have some idea of my timetable (DS1 starting upper school, will be there till 7pm some nights shock and will need picking up, yes I know we all got ourselves to school from 11 but it's Different now. Ugh! To be fair to him, if we lived anywhere near school he would get himself home, but we're a 25 mile round trip away!)

Not too much solids going on here, but he's hardly starving, his thighs are just edible! Got the cheap IKEA highchair and it now comes in red! I was stupidly excited! So he sits in that and spreads dinner round the tray bit, some of it even goes in his mouth. He was bashing it so hard yesterday the peas were jumping up over the edge!

Was overdue for a smear test (supposed to have them every year) so phoned today for appointment, and was there getting it done 2 hours later! Thank fark that's over for another year (or more, if I have another baby...)

DS2 still not back from SAfrica, will be great to see him at the end of the week. And then they're all back to school next week and it will just be me and DS4 again - we won't know what to do with ourselves! At least there will be fewer bits of crap all over the floor for him to put in his mouth grin

leesmum Wed 27-Aug-08 13:11:50

Hi everyone x

Beany Ds1 NEVER got into our bed because he always slept well in his cot, but Ds2 has been in our bed LOADS of times, i think if it suits you then do it. I think this time round i'm more conscious of the fact that DP gets up at 5 and i also think if i leave Ds2 to make any real noise it will wake up Ds1. So for an easy life i just put Ds2 in bed with us, especially if he's unsettled and i must admit to loving waking up next to him all warm and snuggly x and p.s. i was looking at your pics, it's lovely to meet you at last and your boys are so handsome x

Count, Florence is lovely my mum's just got back from there, just think how great it will be to have your two as pageboyssmile i'm very excited for you x

Anyone else's lo not liking the high-chair? Ds2 is ok in it for about 2 mins and then manages to squirm himself down, the straps are tight enough, maybe when he can actually sit unaided he'll feel better in there.

Slacker thats a long day at school your Ds1 is having, does he stay behind for sports? and good for you for getting your smear test over and done with, would you really have any more children? you must have so much patience i'm done in with two!

Hi Ginger i think your Toby will be a big lad, have either of your dd's babysat for you yet? are they fine with Toby or are they too busy doing other stuff.

Hey those of you with DS's 4 in Oct, i know its early but i've just bought Ds1 a brill spiderman costume from M&S, it has the padded chest and arms and is reversable with the naughty black spidey underneath. The other day he asked if he could have a playstation for his birthday!!! no chance mate. lol i have to be a bit ahead of myself because i have about 10 birthdays in Oct, so i'm getting a few things now. I dont know about the rest of you but all Ds1 is interested in is spiderman, ben 10, star wars and shitty power rangers. Cbeebies is starting to take a back seatgrin

lees mum ds will be 4 in jan- he into nick jr at the mo- deigo is his favorite- fireman sam, blues clues, super why(drives me mad) still like Thomas but not as much-

Funny how they all go through these phases!!!!

leesmum Wed 27-Aug-08 13:19:31

"here's spidey"

strawberrycornetto Wed 27-Aug-08 14:05:52

Leesmum - love the spidey suit! I saw a little boy out shopping in a full dalek outfit the other day. It was great!! grin

loobyt Wed 27-Aug-08 16:24:19

Hi, please can I join your lovely thread. I have been on before on the odd occassion and also on the anti-natal thread and all the advice and chat is great. My DS is 6.5 months and is a grumpy chap at the mo, think it must be his teeth. He also hates to sleep sad so we're really knackered at the moment. But hey he is lovely and goregous and the best think that I've ever done. Looking forward to chatting with you all. grin

gingermumi Wed 27-Aug-08 18:42:19

Yes leesmum ds is a big lad. DDs have done a bit of looking after but nothing major. dd1 not at home much anymore as she now has a flat as student accomodation was so awful but dd2 is around lots but we tend to do most things together anyway. They both love him to bits! I think dd2 is a bit rough when she plays with him but he seems to love it anyway!

Have boought a car today (my old car is a heap!). Have got a (second hand) volvo estate, borrowed my parents when we went to Devon and it was so much easier to get buggy in and out and to get all the other 'stuff' in. Feel a bit scared, i hate buying a new car in case i get sold a dud. Oh well, tis done now. I collect it next week.

Had better go and check spuds or it will be burnt offerings for tea!

gingermumi Wed 27-Aug-08 18:42:53

welocme back looby

loobyt Wed 27-Aug-08 18:52:43

thanks gingermumi. hoping you ladies can cheer me up as feeling down at the mo, prob due to lack of sleep?

hiya looby and welcome back.

Hi everyone else too.

My lo is now on 3 solid meals a day. Around 6 dessert spoons of porridge for breakfast, 5 cubes of veg and a fromage frais for lunch and 5 cubes of veg then some fruit for tea. He was down to 5 bf a day but has recently decided he wants milk during the night again but settles after only half a feed (me thinks he's not really hungry but am too tired to do the no feeding at night thing at the mo).

Is anyone else feeling a little run down at the mo? I remember when my hv was talking about bf and weaning and she said weaning should start at 6 months as mum and babies iron supplies start running lower at this time. Now I know that's a load of rubbish and babies are fine on just bm but wondered if it was true that mums iron supply ran low at any time. I get to around 7pm at the moment and am just shattered. I only managed to run 4 miles last night where a week and a half ago I was running 8/9 miles. Just wondered if anyone else is feeling the same or if its maybe just because I'm running around doing school drop, pick up etc which I wasn't doing during the summer break?

Ds1 is still loving school - he was sitting with bricks this afternoon practising his sums. First full day is on Monday so he's looking forward to that.

Leesmum - ds2 has his own personal argos book which sits open at the lego page. He pours over it every day deciding what he wants for birthday. He's obsessed with lego - spends all day playing with the stuff ds1 got for his birthday when he was 4. He's better at building stuff than me. So we'll probably just get him a lego set for his birthday (and probably christmas for the next 5 years!).

Anyway I'm supposed to be writing an e-mail to my boss to confirm my return date so better not put it off any longersad.

CountTo10 Wed 27-Aug-08 21:49:32

Hi all , thanks for the congrats. Even though its yonks away am still feeling quite excited!!

Leesmum/Sarah - ds1 is 4 in oct and he's into similar. We have to endure ben10/scooby/diego in the day and now superwhy is the ritual before bed!! ds2 had one of those suits for bday last year and loves it. He quite often sleeps with the mask bit at night!! We're getting him an england football top and a ben 10 omnatrix watch (get me with the lingo smile). Have already started my xmas shopping tho - stockings almost done and grandmas etc. We do xmas big in this household so have to start early!!!

Ginger - your ds sounds exactly like ds1 was at that stage. Ds2 is so much smaller and not as huge on food its quite a novelty for us!!

I do often wonder if it'll be long before someone announces annother pg - it certainly won't be from this end. Two is defo our lot!!

Ds2 started clapping his hands together and I was so excited. We were at a soft play place and I just got really loud telling my friend - think everyone thought I was a bit nuts!! He'll be 7mths this weekend and I just can't believe it. Surely I only gave birth yesterday!!! It's defo gone quicker this time round!!!

CountTo10 Wed 27-Aug-08 21:50:06

Hmmm meant that ds1 has one of those suits clearly!!!!!

welcome back looby-

Hi everyone-

Yes i feel exhaussted too perhaps it is iron levels then!!!!!

Christmas in ur house is big too count- DS is completely done- (he is getting nothing else) hmm he has a bike, diego stuff(too much), fireman sam snap trax and a few little bits!!!

DD- no idea what to buy- she needs nothing- we have said to everyone else this year its token gifts will probably make up a hamper of goodies for parents and PIL, as it gets out of hand- friends and i have agreed no xmas pressies as the DC's get to much but will speed more on birthdays- hopefully it will work ok!!!!

Get me its stil august and i am harping on about christmas!!!!! oh dear i need to get out more!!!!grin

off to weigh in at slimming world thismorning not feeling too optomistic tbh!!!!

loobyt Thu 28-Aug-08 11:05:32

good luck @ SW sarah, idid it for a bit after ds was born but gave up, should go back really as FAT smile.

still trying to read through all of the thread, there's loads! just been to tesco and bought one of those baby bouncers that you hang from the door frame, on offer for 14.95, bargin, just hope he likes it!

hope everyone is well this thursday morning, almost the weekend now! grin

oh and no sleep last night, ds awake every hour, not to feed, just unsettled, can't wait for this tooth to should itself, might get some sleep. as for christmas well don't get me started on that im like a bit kid grin

loobyt Thu 28-Aug-08 11:07:35

or even a big kid!

alkar Thu 28-Aug-08 17:02:07

Congratulations count grin

The consultant rang me yesterday and said that DS is now in the system to see a paed about his eyes but it might take a while. He said he'd had a good look and is confident that he is OK and he'd be suprised if the paeds found anything. He neglected to tell us this on Saturday though so we have been worrying for days now. We wont know for sure until he has seen the paed but we are feeling much better about it.

strawberrycornetto Thu 28-Aug-08 17:25:56

Alkar, that's really good news!

We also had an unsettled night and a very grumpy day today which I am putting down to teeth sad. I really hope it shows up soon, its just so unlike DS to be sad and grumpy. I've just handed him over to DH for 10 minutes because it gets so tiring after a whole day of grizzling. I feel so sorry for mums whose LOs are like this all the time.

I do have to confess, however, that after much grumpiness last night, when I dreamfed DS at 11, I thought his arms were cold. I realised I shouldn't be able to feel his arms and I had forgotten to put his sleepsuit on, so he was only wearing a vest and his sleeping bag. blush - what a rubbish mummy!!

alkar Thu 28-Aug-08 17:31:16

Did you change him or leave him strawberry? My DS has been in his summer sleeping bag and just a long sleeved vest for a few nights if that makes you feel any better?

strawberrycornetto Thu 28-Aug-08 18:05:28

I changed him. I felt bad last night but since he's been grumpy today I am putting it down to teeth and not my inept attempt at getting him ready for bed. Its not cold in our house wink.

i stayed the same at slimming world!!! not worried though as i have been snacking on all the wrong things!!!! have decided to start a fresh today and cooked a lovely curry for diner even DH loved it!!! so hoping for a good loss next week!!!!

What a relief alkar, you must be so happy!!!!

Strawvberry- you are not a rubbish mummy at all- lo was obviosly happy in a vest or he would not have settled into his sleep!!!!!

hope u r all ok, xxx

strawberrycornetto Thu 28-Aug-08 22:00:04

Thanks Sarah, although I feel he gave up all hope of being warm and shivered himself to sleep!!

How do you find slimming world? I do weightwatchers online which works quite well for me if I can motivate myself to stick to it! I stayed the same last week but am hoping to lose a pound this week. 2 pounds to lose to make my holiday goal by 20 September!!

tyaca Thu 28-Aug-08 22:57:46

hello hello febbers!

last few days of dh's insanely long summer holidays and have been enjoying hanging out with him and dd so much feels a bit cheeky to start MN'ing grin. only scanned a bit of thread so hello newcomers welcome back looby and bear with me the rest of ya'll...!

just started giving dd food. so far she has not been bothered about pear or brocolli or carrot but started on some hummos i was eating and loved it. going to have to get all jamie oliver and make my own cause of the salt. teething and so dividng her time between screaming and clinging onto me hopelessly. sleeping more than ever and has taken to just falling asleep randomly on floor etc sad. i now it is bonkers to be worried and when my next kid doesnt nap at all i will look back on these times and wish i appreciated them more... but even so i do still worry why she so sleepy so much.

have had all my hair cut off. from below bra strap to above jaw length. tis great. my running is going ok ish. keep panicing but just trying to do my runs each day and not worry about managing 13 miles in 12 weeks time. whoch reminds me Rozza - do it! it has taken me being scared witless to really kick into gear and i am enjoying hitting the roads.

will catch up proper with everyone else's news soon. promise! slacker i fear it would rip me apart to go to bicester. i am too scared to go get some gliders to put curtains up cause of being near shops and all their sparkly shiny things for sale grin.....

tyaca Thu 28-Aug-08 22:58:28

oooohhh.... and Count! fab fab fab news. congrats! x x

tyaca Thu 28-Aug-08 23:01:28

oooh ooh mark two! slacker, we were married in vegas too. little white wedding chapel but minus elvis. was meant to be drive thru but our driver didnt realise and just dropped us off. we had to wait ages then were married in actual chapel there. apparently. cant say i remember much grin if .... ooooohh.... three febbers express interest i will post a pic including me resplendent in D&G leopard skin frock. glamour, i tell you!

Slacker Fri 29-Aug-08 00:07:26

Oh don't tell me about sparkly shiny things for sale, I bought DD a pair of red glittery shoes in Monsoon today!!! She looks like Dorothy of Oz! Thank god I have one DD to buy for, all other clothing I bought was school shoes and numerous school games shirts in variations on the theme of blue. SO if I have any money left once they're back in school, I will be able to enjoy Bicester, otherwise I'll be going with a strict shopping list! Petit Bateau definitely has to be visited though.

How long have your DH's hols been Tyaca? Ours will have been 8.5 weeks. I am so ready for them to go back! Have to go to school early tomorrow to pick DS2 up from his tour, can't wait to see him, got a text yesterday saying he had a head injury shock but as no teacher phoned have to assume it was a mild one. It's a whole different world having older kids, really. Looking at DS4 snoozing next to me and can't imagine that he'll ever be a big rugby player.

He has another tooth! And a new toy, one of these - he loves it! And it's somewhere safe for me to put him if I need to leave the room for anything, I decided I couldn't cage him in a playpen

Looking forward to the leopard skin dress pic Tyaca...my wedding photos are deeply tasteful too (dress from Miss Selfridge though not D&G!)

Slacker Fri 29-Aug-08 00:16:24

Posted too soon then....Alkar, sounds like you don't have too much to worry about now, hope you can relax.

Ginger - new car sounds good, used to have a Merc estate and now have a Volvo, a combination of the 2 should be great!

Rozzy - you're probably knackered cos you're running round after 3 kids! But you could take some Spatone or Floradix just in case your iron levels are low, won't do any harm if they're not IYSWIM

Hi loobyt, hope you're feeling better today, lack of sleep is my least favourite thing about having babies, definitely.

Too tired to keep scrolling up and down thread, so hi to everyone else, will catch up next week as busy busy few days ahead.

Alkar that must be such a relief!!

Ah Slacker - the running about after 3 boys might have something to do with itgrin. Just seems strange that the exhaustion has hit me when ds3 is sleeping more in the night and ds1 and ds2 are back at nursery and school. 8.5 weeks is a long break - we only had 6 and that was long enough.

Nice day here today for a change so we're going to take dc out this afternoon as ds1 starts full days at school on Monday.

lljkk Fri 29-Aug-08 10:59:06

You sound like a champion co-sleeper, Slacker, we do it, but I don't pretend to enjoy it

I am proud to announce DS4 is crawling forwards as of (suddenly) last night. Means I'll have to keep him contained more than ever.

Many bad nights here, too, culminating in the appearance of 2 teeth. And DID YOU KNOW that Calpol contains adrenaline, cafeeine and steroids? Those most be on the hidden ingredient list, judging by how bouncy and happy it makes my baby. So he ends up staying up later, not the sleeping longer affect I was hoping for at all, sigh!

Am totally shattered myself.

gingermumi Fri 29-Aug-08 20:53:07

Have been missing mn but have had tummy bug
DH doing the bloke bit and having sympathy stomach ache (he really annoys me when he does that, why can't i have an illness all to myself?!!). Feeling better now though just a bit washed out really.

Tyaca- put pickies on of your new hair cut sounds cool.

Alkar glad all looking ok.

DS also a bit grumpy- still no teeth but they must come soon, this is ridiculous!

Wonder where egg and beany are?

Ds sleeps in long sleeve vest or pyjama top and summer grobag so i'm sure your lo was fine strawberry.

I wondered when someone might announce another pregnancy the other day, would love another one and we're... erm... not being very careful but it took us a long time to make toby so i'm not really thinking it will happen. we wouldn't want another one later than next year anyway as i would be VERY old then wink. If it happens, it happens (as they say) but we are lucky and blessed to have ds, another would be a bonus.

Have a good weekend, we're supposed to picnicing with friends on sunday but it looks like rain!

gingermumi Fri 29-Aug-08 20:54:58

ooh tyaca... and the wedding pix too!!

CountTo10 Fri 29-Aug-08 21:22:29

Tyaca - defo want to see pics of wedding outfit and new hair. I have been umming and ahhing about getting my hair sliced for some time. I have decided that my hair just plasters itself to my face and just doesn't suit me long anymore. I quite like Kirsty Gallaghers hair so think I might take that inspiration to my hairdresser!!!

Ginger - sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope you're feeling better x

God crawling babies already!!! I just can't get over how quickly its all happening!!

Have already started getting brochures for wedding and just want ot get on planning it and booking it now....not to mention getting suitable attire he he he!!!

Ok, this might be a bit TMI but wanted to run something past you to see if anyone else has ever had anything similar. Periods returned last month and I've now had 2. In the lead up to the first I had 3 instances of thrush which got so bad I had to go the docs - not that they were bothered. The minute my period came it went. Then about 10 days after the period had finished, I got something similar to spotting and increased discharge which then turned into thrush which only stopped when my period came. Lo and behold its 10 days or so later and exactly the same has happened, its driving me mad!! I've got a smear booked next week so I'll discuss it at the same time but just wondered if any one else had this? I wash every day with femwash or whatever it is, have made sure my underwear is 100% cotton and I don't wear particularly close fitting clothes. It's just such a nightmare!!

Sory if that's put anyone of their friday night snacks grin

leesmum Sat 30-Aug-08 07:50:32

Oh Count that sound nasty! i have no advise sorry, hopefully the nurse will be able to help you out when you go for your smear. I had the implant fitted in june and apart from a bit of spotting i haven't had any proper periods yethmm it had better be working because i got prg with both boys within a month of tryingshock

Ginger i hope you're over your tummy bug i know what you mean about men having to have it as well, but of course they are MUCH worse when they get somethinggrin

lljkk congrats on the teeth, we also had 2 within a couple of days, and ds2 was only 5 months at the time, i think they deal with it better if they are older, and no i didn't know calpol had all that shit in itshock your lo is doing great to be crawling already, ds2 can sort of just about sit up!

Hi Slacker and Rozzy, no wonder you two are shattered with a house full, iron tablets are great but the shop ones are very weak, i still have 3 packs of the 200mg ones from when i was prg if anyone wants them, i had to take 3 a day! but i think 1 a day would sort you out, also dark chocolate has loads in itgrin

Tyaca i would love to see your wedding pics, they sound great x

Ds2 had his last day at nursery yesterday, they had a graduation party and all wore cap and gowns..ahh he looked so grown upsmile

Hi to anyone i've forgotten x

leesmum Sat 30-Aug-08 07:55:13

Or should that be Ds1 had his graduation lol

Ginger - sorry you've been feeling rough. Hope you do get pregnant soon if that's what you want - very brave after the rough time you had last time but no 2 pregnancies are the same and the end result is definitely worth itsmile

Leesmum - thanks for the offer of the iron tablets - I'm a bit nervous of iron tablets though as I've heard it can .. ahem... clog you up. I've had a bit of a break from the running but will try again tomorrow and see if I feel any more energetic.

Count - that sounds rotten. My periods have not yet returned (woohoo!!) but it definitely sounds like it's linked to your cycle somehow - perhaps caused by changes in hormones? Maybe you're not really getting completely rid of the thrush and it's then flaring up with hormone changes at certain times in your cycle? Definitely see someone about it - I've only ever had thrush when pregnant (right through 2nd pregnancysad) but it really is horrible - hope you get it sorted out soon.

hi everyone- hope all well-

We went to spend the dat at teh severn valley railway yesterday with Thomas and his friendsm it was fab- DS had a great time seeing all the engnes and bouncing on thomas castles etc!!!

DD was golden as usual lovely day all round!!!

how have ur weekends been ???

sallyforth Sun 31-Aug-08 11:53:27

Hello everyone!

Am having lovely weekend. This weaning business is pretty time consuming though isn't it? by rights DS ought to be having a bath after each meal (BLWing) but I don't think that's v good for his skin!

Have just bought No Cry Sleep Solution. Anyone else tried this? It seems like a lot of work - but then, so is getting up every 2-3 hours at night!

Co-sleepers - what do you do re LOs falling out? Was wondering if DS might not just climb over a bedrail and fall even further not that he is rolling yet but it surely won't be long! (am trying not to teach him!!)

Ginger - am in awe that you have already been ttc (or "not preventing" anyway). Good luck to you! I am seriously considering stopping at 1. (Am a wuss really!)

Count - how exciting re wedding!!! can't help you on thrush problem I'm afraid except to say get as much air to it as you can!!!

leesmum Sun 31-Aug-08 12:43:28

Sally you're going to be giving Count's Dh some ideas there grin

As for co-sleeping Sally, the times when lo has been in our bed, as soon as he moves you feel it, and as he is inbetween me amd Dp he is quite safe. We also had that book when Ds1 was little and even though i don't like getting up 3 times a night i felt her ideas were a bit too structured, but we did take some ideas from it. TBH some babies take longer to adjust to the "going to bed and staying asleep" time. Does your lo get themselves to sleep in the day by themselves?

Sarah we haven't done much this weekend, Thomas and friends sounded good my Ds1 was never into thomas but my nephew would love it. We are taking the boys to a farm tommorrow where you can give the baby lambs milk from a bottle, it's a lovely place and they do loads at christmas and halloween, its in Bolton which is about 1/2 hour from us, in fact its not that far from Alkar i bet. i'll have a look on-line and post a link.

leesmum Sun 31-Aug-08 12:45:41

"smithills open farm"

am in need of your wisdom for car seats. my brain seems mulched and can't even work out which car seat to buy. dd has a britax explora which is v good except that she is now removing her arms from the harness-making the whole thing pretty useless. i'm going to try tightening the straps to bursting to see if that helps and if not give that seat to fatso ds who really needs to move out of the baby seat and buy a new one for dd. i think the britax with the safe strap thing is quite good? any ideas.
we are struggling with sleep like the rest of you. especially as i just did a week of trying to stop ds from having a night bottle on my own when dh was away. it's sort of worked-he doesn't have a bottle smile however, he is up from 4.45 onwardsshock. and dd is having massive nightmares/nightterrors.sad. really upsetting. also bizarre, last night kept wailing about horses in her cot and how we had to get them out for her-does anyone have any ideas? thought maybe a night light would help. and someone told me liquorice helped-is this possible? bet she wouldn't try it. will try homeopathic remedy tonight. dh is smashed with jetlag but doesn't dare admit it v oftengrin. he is taking the promised week of nightshifts like a manwink.
count-you need to be referred to gynae i think-could be a whole load of diff things. big big sympathies-not doing so great on that front myself, think was allergic to pool water. so horrible to be itchy blush.
tyaca i'm not up to date yet, i hope you've posted vegas pictures.
leesmum hope you have a good day out.
weird week at in laws-unexpectedly good diplomacy with mil but step pil was in almost permanent rage. really unlike him as he's a big softy. mil suddenly opened up to me and said she didn't feel like he was the same man she married.
slacker how's ds's head injury?

omy Sun 31-Aug-08 20:54:44

Hi!!! I have missed you all!
I have been reading back over the last few pages and it is so nice to hear everyone's 'voices' again. Love the thread title - yes I have been away that long!!!

I was away from internet in the lakes and wales having a lovely (wet) summer holiday! Also I started back at work last week for real and will realistically have very little time to squander around here soon.

I am amazed and impressed at talk of another baby from some brave mums! tbh if i had loads of money I would probably have another one too but I am very happy with my 3 widely spaced girls!

I have a question - is it OK for LOs to sleep on their tummies? I am paranoid about cot death - and keep turning her back over but she seems to end up on her tummy most of the time. Shall I just leave her be?

The week at work was OK considering I am still exclusively BF and my pump broke! I had 2 days of rock hard boobs before they calmed down - LO is being a genius and does take a bottle of I am not there (she checks carefully first!). Also she is eating quite a lot of food now so I don't feel so bad about leaving her in the day! DD1 has done loads of the looking after (I have to pay her!) but she will be back at school soon so it will be just up to DH 3 days a week.

Princess - sorry I know nothing about car seats! 4.45am is a bit rough!! Poor little DD with her night terrors. I would try some sort of 'magic' spell that 'protects' her bed and the surrounding space. Even sprinkle some 'magic water' around or something...be inventive.

Night all - off to read some work docs ugh!

thank you omy.stellar suggestion on the magic water-will try that, although this evening it was all about needing a cuddle from the cat.weird, just wish it would stop.
well done with dd's feeding. hope you have a new pump now! my lo's have always slept on their fronts because of the reflux-they just wouldn't sleep any other way so i'm used to it now but used to scare me. must be hard to be back at work but you sound upbeat which is great.

Welcome back omy- its been ages, glad yopu had a nice (but wet) sumer holiday!!!

Are you enjoying being back at work???

gingermumi Mon 01-Sep-08 14:45:05

Am feeling better now. am at work so will try to catch up later . Hope all ok

missnatalie Mon 01-Sep-08 17:32:51

Hello everyone!! smile

How crap is the weather?? Its bloody August!! Only 8 more days and were off to sunny Fuerteventura. I can not wait!! Our first proper family holiday.

We went to a beautiful wedding yesterday. It was in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by miles and miles of fields. And sheep. Was beautiful. Actually made me feel all mushy. And ive even been thinking about getting my ass into gear and sorting my own wedding. Weve been engaged for nearly 2 yrs so is about time.

Henley is full of a cold AGAIN aaarrrggghhh! He kept me up most of lastnight cos he couldnt breath through his nose and today he's full of beans, although quite grumpy. I think he looks really cute with his snotty nose, lol.

He's also mastered how to blow rasberries too. I was in a lift with him last week. It was tiny. There was this woman in there who absolutly stank. He breath was vile. Anyway she got up really close to him and he decided to blow a rasberry right in her face. It was really funny. She was covered in baby spit. She didnt look amused at all. Maybe he was getting his own back for her breathing her stenchy breath in his face hmm, lol.

Oh, oh, oh. I nearly forgot. I managed to get my hands on a Wii fit the other week. I am ADDICTED! Its fab. Ive lost 3 lb in just over a week. Stuff going to the gym when you can jump around your living room looking like a loony. Keeps DS amused too.

Going to Sainsburys later to stock up on baby stuff whilst its still on offer. Im going through wipes like no ones business. The boots ones are really good. I much prefer them to the johnsons and there on offer 3 for £3. Bargin grin.

alkar Mon 01-Sep-08 19:46:47

Thanks for the smithills link leesmum. DH is head of tourism for bolton hmm and when I just told him about the farm he said he'd told me about it ages ago blush Its definately somewhere we'll be going.

Princess we have the grobag nightlight, it goes on your lightfitting so theres nothing to plug in to the wall and no cables around. Its good, gives off a blue light, DS has been happy to go in his cot awake since we bought it.

DS has just taken another tumble whilst DH was looking after him, he (DH) is so easily distracted by the tv its like he lives in it!

ohh missnatalie-i want a we fit too they are like gold dust!!!!!!

Sorry to hear poor henly is poorly again, hope you both get a good nites rest, xxx

did u grab any bargains in sainsburys????
will try to get there tomorrow i just dont have enough hours atm!!!!!

Ginger glad u r feeling better, how was work??

Is Egg back yet???

we are all good, DD has very bad nappy rash, due to teeth but still very happy, she has an appointment tommorrow as we have noticed she has a squint in her left eye, its very obvious when she is tired, not too worried but want it checked to make sure all ok,

i dare say i will be told am a neurotic mother !!!Lol

will let u know how we get on, appt is not til 3-10 so will post asap, (hopefully b4 i go to work)

decided as time seems to run short i would have a look online at sainsbury's and have ordered my shopping online- (never done it before) and am glad to say it was a very pleasant shopping experience!!!!lol

i am sure Harry will be happy he wont have to do mummys boring shopping trip now!!!!heeheegrin

sallyforth Tue 02-Sep-08 01:52:29

leesmum - no! LO does NOT get himself to sleep in day for naps - needs to be carried in sling / attached to boob. (Same at night). Needless to say am getting a bit worried what with nursery coming up soon. Can't see them learning to use a sling just for DS! - prob against health and safety or something anyway. Not sure I can bear to let him cry it out either. Help.....

right more later got to go to bed now x

missnatalie Tue 02-Sep-08 10:56:24

Im really worried about Henley. Hes full of a cold and finding it quite hard to breath at night. Last night he slept on a pillow and i put a flannel with Karvol on it, on the side to help him breath easier (i used the Karvol night before too). During the night he had a slight nose bleed. Nothing major. Just a little brown blood mixed in with his snot. This hes got up and his quilt is covered in brown blood and snot. DP said that it may have been because he was hot, but he wasnt. He was more on the cool side. Is it normal for a baby to have nose bleeds. Please someone put my mind at ease. Just asked my mum and she started going on about his blood pressure which has made me worry even more.

Do i need to take him to see the doctor?

missnatalie Tue 02-Sep-08 13:47:44

Its very quite here today. Where is everyone hmm?

leesmum Tue 02-Sep-08 14:57:33

Missnatalie, how is Henley today? neither of mine have ever had a nosebleed but he could just have a reallly bad cold, look if you're still not happy, take him to the docs, i would rather go and be told he's ok than sit at home worrying about it. You know him best, i'm sure he's fine.

Let us know how you get on if you do go xxx

miss nat- sorry henly is poorly, cant help u i am afriad- seey doc if you are worried

Been to see eye doc- she seems to think Rosies eye is ok, her one eyelid sits lower then the other but she has perfect eye coordination and her vision is fine, just told me to keep an eye on it(no pun intended)

I was not particulary worried about it but wanted to make sure its noted in her records etc!!!!

Its certainly quiet in here where is everyone???

sorry my post was a mess was trying to feed DD as well as type!!!

alkar Tue 02-Sep-08 19:21:35

Glad rosies eye is Ok sarah.

Did you take henley to the doctor Missnatalie?

Still no letter from paed about DS eyes. A friend came over today with her 8 week old we put them next to each other for a photo and Daniel pulled his hair and made him cry blush

missnatalie Tue 02-Sep-08 19:29:30


Didnt take Henley to the Dr's. Spoke to HV who said its probably to do with his cold. It hasnt happened today. Just going to keep an eye on him and see how he goes tonight.

Hes really cranky at the moment. Hes on the floor surrounded by his toys and winging cos he dont know which one to play with. Im going to give him some supper and then bath, bottle and bed. Today has been such a long day.

alkar Tue 02-Sep-08 19:40:12

Days like that are really hard missnatalie, DS had a bad morning and didn't stop crying in the cinema he was tired but fighting it. He's been OK this afternoon since he's had a sleep.

CountTo10 Tue 02-Sep-08 20:27:41

God tues night tv is sooo crap and bloomin dp decided not to go to football tonight so I can't splurge on my beverley hills 92010 dvd boxset - thems are the breaks!!!

How is everyone? Sooo glad that ds1 is back at preschool tomorrow. Don't know what's got into him since the weekend but he's been a nightmare. Today he just kept attacking ds2 and in the end I had to send him to his room till bed and withold bananas and custard. He had such a tantrum that he ended up crying himself to sleep. I feel awful cause I remember doing that when I was little but I just didn;t know what else to do. He's been in and out of the naughty corner today and just taking not a blind bit of notice. I'm hoping that it might shock him a bit and what with going back to ps the routine might do him a bit of good. Sigh, why do we have kids again??? wink

Had an awful experience sat night. Went out with some ladies I know into a town near us for a few drinks and it ended in such drama. We went to this bar and I didn't feel that comfortable in there cause everyone was a lot younger than us and we really stood out. One of the women we were with gets very animated when drunk, nicely, but does end up attracting attenntion and I said we need to go soon as she's gonna attract the wrong sort. Spoke to soon as next thing, she's gone flying across the dance floor. Evidently some girl had said to her come on grandma and my friend gave her a bit of a look and next thing it all kicked off. Anyway I got a kick to the face trying to help my friend out after I got knocked down (luckily not hard) but this girl went out and told the police she'd been bottled. So we got thrown out and then my friend got arrested for ABH!!!!! Luckily after a lot of talking and club owner vouching for us etc, the police dearrested her (especially when said girl made a miraculous recovery and went off laughing with her mates) and we got to go home. It was all so bizarre. I've never been involved in that kind of situation before whilst out - well not since I was about 16. Needless to say I won't be going to that place anymore!! I just kept thinking god this can't be right, we've all got kids at home, surely we're not involved in this right now!!!

Miss nat - hope ds is a lot better now. When they're really full of cold they can get allsorts coming out which isn't nice. How are his ears cause sometimes they can get blocked and it might be that some of its coming out of his nose. Gross I know but all the nose ear throat etc its all connected which is why a lot of babies under a year get snot coming out of their eyes!! Takes a while for all the plumbing to sort itself out.

Right so this has got to be the longest post in the world....apologies blush

oh conut what a night, there is nothing worse than trouble makers

(i did giggle though)

off to bed very sleepy catch up tomorrow ladies xxx

missnatalie Tue 02-Sep-08 23:33:47

CountTo10 - ur night out sounds like mine used to. Sadly ive been told that im too old to be clubing now. Im 25 shock. It was a 17 yr old who said it.

I think that it may have something to do with Henley's ears. I took him to the Dr whilst we were away in Devon as he had LOADS of watery ear wax coming out at night. And when i think of it, the stuff thats coming out of his nose is a similar colour to what was in his ear.

For some reason i cant add anymore pics to my profile. Heres a link to the ones on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=68514&l=9c47a&id=695280049 . They were taken last bank holiday whilst we were away in devon. Hope the link works.

Nite, nite everyone

Your pics are lovely Miss nat, i have addded u as a friend too!!!

gingermumi Wed 03-Sep-08 13:44:57

missnat dd2 had loads of nose bleeds when she was little when she had colds, it's because their tubes are so little they cant cope with the pressure. i was told not to worry about it, hope this helps.

sally, i think crying it out might be the only way we have done it with ds for the last week and he slept through last night. it isn't as bad as you expect it to be and it only takes a short tim to work (IME).

sarah glad lo's eye ok

wow count, what a night! am impressed you can be de-arrested! thats one to tell the grandchildren!

work ok but haven't gone in today, dd2 and now ds have bug that i had. dd2 has had it worse and has only stopped being sick today (since saturday). i felt mean leavinbg her but there wasn't much i could do, i knew work wouldn't wear me stayin home because she's 17. couldnt leave ds though, who started with it this morning (perhaps thats why he slept through?'cos he wasn't well). not sure what work think but i will have to go in later when dh gets home. ds does't seem anywhere near as bad as dd2, hopefully it will be a 24 hour thing for him like it was for me.

apologies for typing but he is rolling about on my lap at the mo!

haven't heard from bean and egg in ages.

Egg Wed 03-Sep-08 16:07:30

Hello wanted to pop on and say hi. Got back last Friday but never managed to post here when I was on briefly on Sunday or Monday and then had my sis and kids staying.

All ok here. Just wanted to say to missnat that DD has had quite a few minor nosebleeds (she used to get them when she cried a lot when she had a cold) and the HV and paediatrician both said not to worry as it was most likely a tiny blood vessel close to the surface. She has stopped getting them now touch wood.

Oh, and proud parent alert - DS2 can say "mama" now grin. Only when he is gearing up to cry mind you. And not directed at me specifically. And its more like "maaaaaa maaaaaaa" but hey smile.

Will catch up properly tomorrow as DS1 at nursery.

gingermumi Wed 03-Sep-08 16:41:52

welcome back egg

sallyforth Wed 03-Sep-08 20:25:44

Hello everyone again!

DH not home yet. what time does everyone else's DH get home?

DS has decided he likes solids. He is putting on weight faster now - LOs aren't "supposed" to do this I gather but every single mum I know in RL has told me they had the same when weaning - that their LO went up a centile line (DS has gone up from 2nd c. to midway bewtween 2nd and 9th)

omy - I gather its fine for LOs to sleep on their tummy if they are able to roll back over easily - because otherwise you'd be up all night turning them over! Also thanks for letting us know about your back to work experiences as am v nervous about my own return to work. Am impressed that your LO is eating lots of food - what sort of stuff is she eating and how much does she manage?

missnat - hope Henleys cold is getting better, its awful when they are poorly.

Count - what a terrible thing to happen! did the police take a DNA sample from your friend? they routinely do for all ABH arrests I gather. Also OT but snot out of eyes EEEEEEWWWWWW!

missnat - ah, watery earwax all coming out at once means the eardrum is inflamed or irritated.

ginger - think I am too soft to let LO cry it out by myself, and DH never home in time to provide moral support!! (see above)

egg - wow!!! VERY impressed at talking baby!!!

omy Wed 03-Sep-08 21:07:53

Hi Sally - you remind me of what i was like with DD1 - I don't think I put her down for a year! i am much tougher on DD3! One thing that you might try - give LO a toy to play with in his cot and chat a bit to him when you put him in the cot - as if to say 'this is play time' not 'bed time' - DD3 often falls asleep in the middle of playing with her toy - it is so cute!

Food wise - am fuming at DH who gave Leila her dinner tonight while I was out at yoga - he didn't listen as I was explaining that I had made lentils for her without onions or stock cube - and he gave her our lentils with the onions and stock cube - (she ate loads apparently!) So she has eaten loads of salt, onions and monosodium glutamate - GREAT!! angry

Apart from tonight's fiasco she usually eats those fab things from waitrose called 'ella's kitchen' - purees of fruit and veg all mixed up. They are yummy! They have a spout so she sucks it straight out of the packet! brilliant. Also I give her tastes of what ever we are having - she loves fish, humous, oatcakes (I chew bits up for her) lentils!! and bread. She does freak me out by gagging on the bread but she loves it so much. One thing she absolutely refuses to eat is the baby rice and spelt baby porridge i bought when i started weaning. Don't blame her!

Hope Henley's cold is much better!

Egg - Leila says maaa maaa too! (when she is miserable!) and baa baa, gaa gaa and very occasionally daa daa!!

Has anyone heard that wearing an amber necklace helps with teething? Sounds like superstition to me!

omy Wed 03-Sep-08 21:10:00

Ginger - bug sounds horrible - i hope you all feel better soon!

tyaca Thu 04-Sep-08 11:39:41

hiya -- arghhh! dh been back at work for three days and i'm already going a bit nuts. i'm so used to having a partner in slouching around.... he'll have been out three nights this week too (two of them work-related) and i confess i'm getting lonely already and missing london.

have signed up for a load of classes for me and dd but they dont all start til next week or week after. was meant to be taking dd to baby clinic round here for first time but just goolged location and its impossible without a car sad best part of an hour walk or longer if public transport. so i now i am feeling like i have this loooooong day and night stretching on front of me and am having a low-annd-pointless moment and feel a bit teary. know it will all be a lot better when days are filled and know some people round here.

breaking news: i read a book! first since dd was born. whatsmore it was a proper book with a recommendation by philip pullman on the front grin. got carried away and bought another yesterday, but turns out i have already read it hmm

omy - are onions bad for babies?? dh is not happy that i have let dd have things with garlic in them. but she too seems to love hummos. i have been letting her suck it off pitta bread which she seems to like. she starts rocking with crazed anticipation at mashed banana too.

sally - your dh always seems to get in late! when i was working it was alwasys me in at 8pm or 9pm and dh back by 6pm. glad your ds enjoying his nosh

talking baby egg! i am jealous. i have secret fantasies of teaching dd the odd bit of french to drop in at random moments grin... saying that, i also have fantasies of getting her to say "ooooh, fancy!" when sat at the dining table at my uber posh brothers grin. hope you ahd a nice time away and with family. i havent been on a lot here recently but when i've scanned i did wonder where you'd got to. was having crazed moments wondering whether this'd all get a bit morningglory and after meeting me you;d never return to the thread [slightly psycho emotcion]

wow count - what a night! ABH?????? i am so impressed that you are in a club in the first place. lol at your dh sntaching away the chance of a beverley hills boxset night - i have always sworn that we would never get a second telly but at times like that i would start to think it wouldnt be a good idea.

ginger - hope the gingerfamily are all feeling a bit better today!

right. am going to try to motivate myself to housework my way out of my low slump. wish me luck....

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 13:05:51


Im taking Henley to the docs today. He has a HUGE nose bleed in the night and then another one just before we got up. His cot and my bed are covered in blood. I phoned the HV back and she said its best to take him to the docs just to be on the safe side.

My baby (well hes 2) nephew started pre-school on Tuesday. He looks so cute in his uniform. Just spoken to him on the phone and this is what he said "nat nat. ive got some girlfriends. and i kissed them 2 times". Bless him, hes so cute grin.

Not doing much today. Cant go out because the weather is crap!! Plus ive got 4 omnibus episodes of Holly Oaks to watch shock.

Hope everyone is ok

Egg Thu 04-Sep-08 13:24:37

Gosh Tyaca I would never stay away because of you! You are lovely and I can say that for sure now I have met you grin. Btw, am afraid that DD has stolen Esther's penguin from DS2. She loves it though, she takes it out in the pushchair with her and chews the feet all the time.

Sounds like you are having a bit of a lonely time at the mo. You will be fine once you start the classes you have signed up to and meet some people. When we moved here last summer I didn't know anyone but because DS1 was older than your DD is now I was at the swings twice a day and so met lots of "casual aquaintances" there! Am now seeing a couple of the mums I met at the swings a year ago more regularly and meeting for coffees etc sometimes. When DS1 was younger though we made quite a few friends through swimming and Monkey Music [sobs - I miss Monkey Music]. Am sad also that I can't do those things any more with DS1 and can't do them at all with DTs as can't take everyone, and don't fancy even trying to go to any music type classes with two babies sad.

Loving your plans of getting your DD to say some great frightfully posh sentences. DS1 has come out with some cracking things in the past.

Omy it's funny, if my DH did what yours did and fed the babies the salty MSG laden food I would have gone mental, yet when it is not my own DH involved I think "ah well, once doesn't matter" blush. I give my poor DH a hard time whenever he doesn't follow my strict instructions poor bloke, and then wonder why he doesn't try to help out more with the babies. Seriously though, DD will of course be ok. Onions not a prob but the salt and MSG not exactly fab!

Am impressed with her speech! Was over the moon when DS2 said mama as DS1 never said anything along those lines (baba gaga etc) til he was nearly a year (well behind all his peers in our ante natal group...). Now he talks ten to the dozen as though he has been talking for about 20 years mind you.

We also use Ella's Kitchen, although am favouring Plum Baby at the mo as they have Stage 2 foods with meat in so even easier for lazy me. I fed DS1, DTs and I all the same meal the other day, Salmon, Mash and Cauliflower. My god I was rushing round trying to get everyone's to the right consistency (DS1 eats the same as me but I have to mash his cauliflower into the potato, whereas I wanted it whole, and DTs had whole lot stuck through the grinder).

They all loved it though. Mine was cold by the time I had finished shovelling into DTs. I went straight back to pots for them the next day blush.

Sally - my DH gets home at 6:40pm three days a week, and 7:40pm two days a week. Never later except maybe one day in every 20 if he has to work 15 mins late so he misses his train. Maybe one day in 6 months he ends up stuck at work v late due to a problem and is home at say 10pm. I always get the children into bed earlier when he is not here, but it is far nicer having him here to help as I always feel sad for DS1 who gets fed up waiting for DTs to give in and drink their milk so I can get them to bed (the buggers).

Count I am shock at the reception you and your friends got whilst out. I just looked at your profile (for some reason I have never seen your pics before, your boys are soooooooo gorgeous), anyway, you look very young yourself although maybe some of your friends are older, but still I am outraged on your behalf. I used to go out drinking quite a lot (before having kids) with a workmate who was in her 50s. We had such a great time and nobody ever said a thing. Glad your friend was not charged!

Omy DS2 nearly always sleeps on his tummy. He can roll back over easily. DD sometimes ends up on her tummy too but can't really roll back over in her sleeping bag. She is fine though and just turns her head to the side. I think it is only a prob when they are too young to lift their heads so can end up face down and suffocate themselves sad.

Sarah glad DD's eye is ok. My DD has one cheek bigger than the other shock. Slight quirks just make them prettier grin.

Ginger hope everyone is over the bug now. Also hope you get another baby soon! As I have I think said many a time, my mum was an "older" mum and she is the best mum ever (was 41 when I was born). And don't forget you only look about 30 anyway!

Sorry. This is getting quite long. Am reading through the thread and trying to reply to as much as i can blush.

Count have not even congratulated you! Very exciting. One of my MN friends on another thread got married recently, it was very lovely and romantic (not that I was there, I mean reading all about it). No advice on the thrush thing, but definitely get it checked out if you haven't already.

Am going to post this now. Congratulations to anyone still awake!

Egg Thu 04-Sep-08 13:26:51

Missnat missed your last post as mine took so long to type!

Poor Henley, I would be horrified to walk in and see any of my babies covered in blood. Good luck at the docs I hope he is ok.

I love Hollyoaks but never get to see it regularly. Did Mandy have another baby? Or did she adopt? I never saw it when she returned to the programme and have no idea what is going on! And what on earth is going on with Jack? Why is he pretending to be DEAD?

Egg Thu 04-Sep-08 15:41:22

Have I scared everyone off with my mammoth post?

gingermumi Thu 04-Sep-08 16:02:57

wow egg what a post! everyone getting better here now, thankfully ds didn't get it as bad as dd2.

Hi all- Goodness EGG i have missed you, xxxx

off to work will pop in later,

How was docs appt missnat??

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 19:21:19

Evening all

Dr's appt went well. He said that its tiny capilaries in his nose that are causing the bleeding. Once his cold has gone it should fix itself. Hes given him some antibiotics for his cold too hmm. Im a bit concerned about this because i was always under the impression that antib's wouldnt shift a cold as it was caused by a virus. He checked his chest and that was clear, so whys he given him the antib's?

I asked him for some more nurofen (the doc in devon gave him this and it works a treat with his teething pain) but he wouldnt because apparently it can cause bleeding in young babies. Has anyone else heard of this? If its true why the hell did the doc in devon prescribe it angry. Our doc said that the nurofen may have caused the nose bleeds to be worse than what you ususally get with a cold.

Egg - Mandy does have another baby. Ella shes called but not sure if shes addopted. Jack is pretenting to be dead as he got into massive debt. Him and his son realised that he was worth more dead than alive (life insurance). When they found a dead body in the pub car park they decided to say that it was Jack. Can only happen in Holly Oaks eh?

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 19:21:44

Evening all

Dr's appt went well. He said that its tiny capilaries in his nose that are causing the bleeding. Once his cold has gone it should fix itself. Hes given him some antibiotics for his cold too hmm. Im a bit concerned about this because i was always under the impression that antib's wouldnt shift a cold as it was caused by a virus. He checked his chest and that was clear, so whys he given him the antib's?

I asked him for some more nurofen (the doc in devon gave him this and it works a treat with his teething pain) but he wouldnt because apparently it can cause bleeding in young babies. Has anyone else heard of this? If its true why the hell did the doc in devon prescribe it angry. Our doc said that the nurofen may have caused the nose bleeds to be worse than what you ususally get with a cold.

Egg - Mandy does have another baby. Ella shes called but not sure if shes addopted. Jack is pretenting to be dead as he got into massive debt. Him and his son realised that he was worth more dead than alive (life insurance). When they found a dead body in the pub car park they decided to say that it was Jack. Can only happen in Holly Oaks eh?

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 19:21:46

Evening all

Dr's appt went well. He said that its tiny capilaries in his nose that are causing the bleeding. Once his cold has gone it should fix itself. Hes given him some antibiotics for his cold too hmm. Im a bit concerned about this because i was always under the impression that antib's wouldnt shift a cold as it was caused by a virus. He checked his chest and that was clear, so whys he given him the antib's?

I asked him for some more nurofen (the doc in devon gave him this and it works a treat with his teething pain) but he wouldnt because apparently it can cause bleeding in young babies. Has anyone else heard of this? If its true why the hell did the doc in devon prescribe it angry. Our doc said that the nurofen may have caused the nose bleeds to be worse than what you ususally get with a cold.

Egg - Mandy does have another baby. Ella shes called but not sure if shes addopted. Jack is pretenting to be dead as he got into massive debt. Him and his son realised that he was worth more dead than alive (life insurance). When they found a dead body in the pub car park they decided to say that it was Jack. Can only happen in Holly Oaks eh?

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 19:21:46

Evening all

Dr's appt went well. He said that its tiny capilaries in his nose that are causing the bleeding. Once his cold has gone it should fix itself. Hes given him some antibiotics for his cold too hmm. Im a bit concerned about this because i was always under the impression that antib's wouldnt shift a cold as it was caused by a virus. He checked his chest and that was clear, so whys he given him the antib's?

I asked him for some more nurofen (the doc in devon gave him this and it works a treat with his teething pain) but he wouldnt because apparently it can cause bleeding in young babies. Has anyone else heard of this? If its true why the hell did the doc in devon prescribe it angry. Our doc said that the nurofen may have caused the nose bleeds to be worse than what you ususally get with a cold.

Egg - Mandy does have another baby. Ella shes called but not sure if shes addopted. Jack is pretenting to be dead as he got into massive debt. Him and his son realised that he was worth more dead than alive (life insurance). When they found a dead body in the pub car park they decided to say that it was Jack. Can only happen in Holly Oaks eh?

missnatalie Thu 04-Sep-08 19:24:34

Oooopppss dont know what happened there grin

Egg Thu 04-Sep-08 19:50:29

Thanks nat! And the dead body was in fact Chris's dad is that right?????

GOsh have not heard that about nurofen. You can buy Calprofen for babies 6 months plus everywhere which is basically the same. Hope poor Henley feels better soon.

omy Thu 04-Sep-08 20:13:43

Wow! am so impressed with your post egg - you are so thoughtful and kind to everyone - I wish I was like that! so your mum was 41 eh? I keep wondering how it will be when I am 60 and she is 20!

Onions - it says wait till 1 year - I have no idea why. I am not really bothered about the onions though it was the MSG that worried me - all night I was thinking her kidneys could be damaged for life! Didn't get cross with DH though as he was out when I discovered it and I had cooled off by the time he got back.

It's funny how they seem to love strong tastes though - smoked mackerel for example! (also salty probably!)
Love the story of you all eating the same thing EGG - Leila loves fish too. Haven't tried cauliflower though as I don't like it!

Glad to hear you are feeling better Ginger.
Hope Henley gets better soon. Poor thing.

Hi everyone - no time to respond to all your posts but wanted to pop in and say hi! Things are a bit hectic here at the moment - no idea why just never seems to be a spare moment.

Ds1 has been full time at school this week and is loving it. I was a bit worried about how he would cope with school dinners but is getting on fine and is very excited about tomorrow because it's his favourite - fish and chips!

I've never heard that about onions before omy - maybe it's just cause it's a strong taste? I have the annabel karmel book and there are onions in some of the recipes for babies 6-9 months. My lo loves ellas kitchen too but now that he's almost 7 months I've started trying to get him to eat slightly lumpier food. Did a huge cook this week so I've got a lot of ready meals for him in the freezer. Going to try ellas kitchen with pasta though.

Have put a couple of new piccies on my profile - after thinking how lovely it is to see what a lot of you look like I thought I'd better 'come out'!

Take care allxx

MammaK Thu 04-Sep-08 21:37:16

Hello Everyone,
Just taking 5 mins out of my planning to say Im feeling really proud of myself. Started back on Monday full time after weeks of tears about leaving DD (Immy) and Im much more OK than I thought I would be.
Immy loving her days with grandparents, Daddy & her 2 mornings at nursery. Cheeky monkey eating more for them than she does for me & nursery staff are really (pleasanty) shocked by how much smiling she does grin. I have only cried once! Feeling so drained by 9pm but that is more emotional than physical.
My fantastic friends brought me back to school presents, a handbag, purse, lunchbox & fancy pens. DH & parents gave me some new clothes.
I know Im going to do the same for my friends when they are in the same situation, it meant so much & Immy being happy means the world to me.

Hope everyone is well, you're all so kind to each other it's such a lovely thread. Back to planning then off to bed xxx speak soon

lovely pictures Rozzy- so nice to put a face to your name,

Glad to hear DS1 has settled into school so well,

off to do somwe tidying we have DS's pre school teacher coming for a home visit tomorrow !!!!!! how exciting!!! DS said he is going to got o school with her!!!!!!grin

Gill79 Thu 04-Sep-08 22:23:02

Hello! Have been back from hols a few days and done a bit of lurking here but only just got it together enough to post. Well, it was good to get away but..... a week with my parents in a small holiday cottage on an island where there's very little to do but walk on beaches and the weather was BAD. And Malcolm gave me and my dad a terrible and I mean terrible cold. And he refused to sleep in his travel cot and slept in my bed all week, except the last night where he just woke up at 3am and DIDN'T GO BACK TO SLEEP.... There were definitely some very very low moments during the week but hey at least I had a break from housework, did get a few hours sunshine, went on a couple of bike rides and Malcolm had a lovely time. I'll stick some pics on when I get a chance.

Sarah - I think Malc's got a squint too but my mum reckons it's a wonky face rather than wonky eye although I think it's both.

Natalie - glad Henley's ok, that sort of thing can be really worrying can't it?

Am really blush about how many of you are cooking food for your LOs. I just can't be a*d.grin I'll start soon, honest. It's just I bought loads of ella's kitchen and stuff in the sainsbury's offer.

Count and Rozzy nice to see your pics. And Count shockat your night out. My God.

Well I'm beginning to think seriously about work and whether or not to go back... it's going to be a really hard decision. MammaK sounds like you're being well treated! It will be hard for me as I was fairly new at my office before leaving (week 1 of pg was week 1 of work!) and cause it's all project based work I'm likely to be working in a differnet place with people I don't know (and loads of other concerns and not-sures) oh well lots and lots of soul searching and "finanical plans" ahead in the next few weeks I think!

LO crying so better go. Missed you all! xx

PS Egg was very shock at dead body but seems it is telly not RL phew

missnatalie Fri 05-Sep-08 00:19:08

Yeah thats right Egg. Its Chris's dad.

Henley is fast eep in his OWN bed at last. He did really well tonight. He had a full jar of Hipp pasta, ham and tomato. Then for pudding he had a full jar of banana custard. He loved it. Hes also started shaking his head when he's full.

He had his bath and i got him ready for bed and everything was going well. No winging or crying. Then i tried to give him some paracetamol and he started shaking his head. Idiot me tried to force it down him and he ended up being sick all over my bed. His full dinner came back up. My lovely white sheets are now orange and my matteress stinks of baby puke.

He had a 7oz bottle and then straight off to sleep. Just been to check him and hes had a slight nose bleed. Nothing major (touch wood) but still.

Have just added some more pics from ur weekend away. Henley looks so cute on them.

Gill79 - i dont make Henleys food either. I used to but whilst we were away i gave him jars. When we got back i put him back onto my food but he just wouldnt eat it. So now hes on the Hipp & Ellas kitchen stuff. If hes eating it and happy, im happy.

Nite, Nite all

Egg Fri 05-Sep-08 07:22:48

Ah I made sure that last post included as many people as poss as I always feel I am a bit slack and talk about me me me and miss out replying to other people's worries or news!

And Gill, I do not cook for my babies AT ALL blush. The salmon and mash was the first time at nearly 8 months blush and it was only because I was cooking it for DS1 and me and we were all due to eat about the same time. The only other thing I do is mince up salmon or chicken to mix with ella's kitchen type things blush.

Sorry your week away was not really a break for you. I could never spend a week with my parents now, we would drive each other round the bend.

As I said yesterday, wonky faces etc are the way forward. Who wants a perfect baby anyway?????

Rozzy your pics are just lovely! So nice to "meet" you. You are nothing like i imagined blush. For some reason I pictured you bigger hmm.

Sarah impressed with home visit from pre-school teacher! I would be terrified about state of my house (the girls that visited last month can vouch for my untidiness!).

DS1 still asleep but babies roaming the floor so better check nobody is eating the tv wires blush.

Egg- very strange i pictured Rozzy bigger too- she is so beautiful!!!!

We go on our holiday monday, so as soon as Teacher has been i must start getting sorted!!!

Ds is so excited and asks everymorning if its holiday today!!!!

Oh i am hping that teacher will just look at Harry and not my house, its realativly tidy now but by 10 am - who knows what it will look like!!!!lol

Had a good week at work this week, been cleaning in pathology with a lovely lady who has worked there for over 15 years(she is the sort of lady who should be everyone granny!!!!)

NAT- how was yout night did u and Henley both get some sleep-?? I hope you can get the orange off your bedding but if Rosies bibs are anything to go by it could be a challenge- (BTW she has had home cooked food up until the last week and now loves the hipp organic range, i thought i had better use them on holiday for the convenince, and i am hoping to come back to home cooked with occasional jar, who knows!!!!!)

Enough about us now, hope everyone is well,
Have a lovley (if not wet) friday , its not stopped here all nite!!!

Egg Fri 05-Sep-08 08:48:50

Sarah we did exactly the same for DS1 at the same age, got him used to jars before hols and he loved the jars so much on hols he refused my cooking forever more! Well until it was "proper" food instead of mush.

DS1 keeps asking when we are going on holiday. He just loves daddy being around all day and would think we were on holiday even if daddy took a week off and we stayed at home. Poor DS1 keeps saying randomly "I love Center Parcs". We will have to take him back soon.

Babies just gone back to bed for their nap. DD has, for the second morning running, gagged on her weetabix and thrown up her whole milk and weetabix feed. It is getting annoying. She never used to gag except occasionally on rice cakes or something, but never mush. Now I am too scared to give her rice cakes / breadsticks / anything solid as she gags so often and always throws up all her milk as well. So then I worry that the less finger food she has the harder it will be for her to get used to it, but now she is gagging on mush as well no idea what to do. She doesn't seem to care but I am fed up of projectile vomit and having to wash bouncy chair / highchair / clothes / babies / scrub carpet etc.


Egg Fri 05-Sep-08 08:49:48

Oh and yes, Rozzy is indeed beeeyootiful! I think she must have made some comment about wanting to lose a few lbs or something so I just thought she was bigger.

She looks very young too smile.

strawberrycornetto Fri 05-Sep-08 09:13:31

Hello everyone. I've not been around this week because I've been out every day since last Friday! Am exhausted and looking forwward to a day at home today. There are so many posts that I've read them but don't know where to start replying so I might just start again from now.

Anyway, hope everyone is well and that you aren't too distressed by the miserable weather sad.

Nat, I hope Henley is on the mend today.

Egg, I sympathise with the gagging. DS still brings up milk all the time so I've not dared to give him any proper lumps yet. We tried toast but he kind of sucks it until it becomes mush so I don't think that counts!

sallyforth Fri 05-Sep-08 10:49:33

Hello all

what a lot of posts!

re Hollyoaks I had to stop watching it cos I got too upset by the story about Tina giving her baby away shock and then breastfeeding it anyway sad. Can anyone tell me if this storyline is resolved yet? then I can watch it again!!

have been giving LO mostly home cooked food. my mum says I should give him jars too but hearing your stories re LOs refusing other food after jars maybe I won't! I want to get him used to lumps anyway.

Omy - thanks for the tip on putting LO in cot. He does like it in there I think the bars remind him of his playpen! He just does not think it is for sleeping!
- I have given LO onions! in sauce obv not raw! He seemed fine with them. And I give him Muller Little Stars fromage frais (yum) and there is salt in that. And in bread. So I think a little bit of salt is prob ok.
- I did hear that about the amber necklace but don't believe it as can't see how it would work - unless you let them chew on the beads! but then what if the string broke and LO swallowed one? shock

tyaca - hope things are a bit better for you today - think we would all feel the same in your situation! Classes will help I am sure. You are lucky your DH gets home so predictably. Mine came home unexpectedly early last night (5.45pm) but while he was on his way home his boss PHONED ME AT HOME angry and told me to tell DH to ring him at work as soon as he got in!!! luckily he did not have to go back but had to do lots of work on computer that night. angry

missnat - I had not heard that about nurofen! tbh how do they know that about young babies because it is so hard to do clinical trials on little babies. Maybe the antib's are in case he has got a bacterial ear infection on top of his cold. You can't be too careful with ears IMO.
- henley v cute in your pics! your carrier looks q uncomfortable though - have you thought about trying a mei tai, Ergo or Beco? they should be easier on your shoulders!

rozzy - wow you are gorgeous! but your DS3 is even more gorgeous! soooo cute! you can really see the family resemblance between your DSs can't you. let us know how your LO copes with pasta, I fancy trying that too.

MammaK - so glad that going back to work/LO at nursery is working out ok.

Gill - sounds like you need a holiday to reover from your holiday!! sounds a bit like mine tbh. we went away with friends and it rained all the time and I could not leave LO alone sleeping in the bed (not safe bed) and so I kept having to miss eating supper with everyone! sad my friends said afterwards they were worried I wasn't enjoying it at all so I must have looked fairly tired/hungry/glum!
- hard decision re going back to work eh. remember there is no one right answer it is whatever is best for you.

Egg - I have to wash LO, high chair, mat, carpet, LO's clothes and MYSELF after every meal LO has! it seems all I am doing is feeding him and cleaning up after!! luckily we have got a lot of babyclothes in 3-6mo size so the washing machine is having a break today and am just going to soak all carroty clothes overnight in bucket!!! not sure what to suggest re gagging, maybe go back to smooth puree for a while and then maybe try mashed potato etc? some babies are very gaggy and they just need to practice eating for longer to train themselves not to gag so much I think...

strawberry - my LO does that with toast too! sometimes we help him by slathering it in apple puree to make it really soggy. but sometimes when its nice and soggy a little bit will break off in his mouth and he has a go at chewing it! although he doesn't actually have any teeth yet!

count - your LO is lovely and chubby and cute!

omg I am blush at all your lovely comments. I did have a lot of weight to lose after ds3 but the running has got me back down to my normal weight again. Thanks for the comment about looking young egg - I've been feeling about 70 recently!

Sarah - home visit - that's good service. Have a nice holiday - did you manage to get your work to agree to give you your holidays?

Egg - could your dd have a sore throat or be teething - could cause the gagging. I wouldn't think there would be a problem with avoiding finger foods for a few weeks and going back to smooth purees - might help your sanity at least.

Gill - that must be a hard decision to make whether to go back to work or not. I suppose a big factor in your decision might be whether or not you can work part time or flexi hours. Personally I probably wouldn't go back to work if I have a choice but financial reasons dictate. I do sometimes think though that I'd go mad if I was here all the time but I am so enjoying maternity leave I don't want it to end. Oh and you are very brave spending that amount of time with your parents. As much as I love mine I think that might be a bit much!

Missnat - glad henley seems to be on the mend. My ds2 had his first little nose bleed a few weeks ago (he's almost 4) and that freaked me out so I hate to think how you must have been feeling especially since you had a rough time with him after he was born didn't you?

Tyaca -hope you're not feeling too isolated. The classes will definitely help - hopefully there'll be some like minded mums there.

Sally - that must be rubbish your dh getting home so late. I know that when my dh is working I really look forward to him coming home.

Well my only news is that my first period since lo has started - boo. I was really hoping that I'd be one of these women who don't have periods for ages after having children and whilst still bf. I really must get myself organised and get some longer term contraception organised because we DO NOT want another baby!!

Work are still refusing annual leave but they are aware i am takingit as unpaid leave, will have to see what happens upon my return,!!!

Not to worried as there a a few of us having to do the same!!!grin

Must think about packing, wellies and raincoats all the way i think!!!!!

Working 5 til 8 tonight so that will be nice to be home early!!!!lol

Egg Fri 05-Sep-08 15:36:25

Sarah have a fab hols. Bugger work. You wont care while you are enjoying the rain sun in Cornwall! You'll still have a fab time even if it does rain, nice to get away!

strawberrycornetto Fri 05-Sep-08 21:51:15

Wow, its really pouring outside. Looks like summer is over before it really began.

Sarah, hope you have a great holiday. I love Cornwall and have always had sunshine when I've been (and I've always been in January).

MammaK, glad work is going ok. I am dreading going back, only 3 and a half weeks left, but its nice to know that your DD has settled well. I am sure DS will, he's a sociable little chap, but still don't want to leave my little man - v v sad. Gill, it is so tough making a decision but I did feel a bit better once the decision was made, if that helps?!

Hope the weather is better for the weekend. DH on standby so could end up with DD and DS on my own, which is always tougher if we are all stuck inside. Have made a rule that DD can only watch 30 minutes of tv plus the bedtime hour while I put DS to bed, but its very tough to enforce it blush.

looking forward to my hols, dont really care if it rains tbh, but would rather it didn't the beak is well needed!!!

Home visit from DS's teacher went well, and she really is lovley- very calm etc!!!! harry asked if he could go back to Oak Hill with her in her car not mummy's!!!! she didn't know how to answer as no other child ever asked!!!!

Must start sorting stuff to pack!!!! we have a birthday party later so must get on, speak later-

Strawberry- i am very inpressed at only 1 hour of tv- my seems like its always ona nd it drives me mad!!!!lol (in our house is nick junior instead of cbeebies though!!! and if i turn it off DS put on the Wii and plays deigoblush

strawberrycornetto Sat 06-Sep-08 09:13:26

Sarah, Well rules are made to be broken wink. Am keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine for you!

Off shopping this morning to return DD's shoes which DH complained about. Buying shoes for her is a nightmare because she has a really high instep. I bought lovely kicker boots in the end which I think are fine but DH thinks are too big. Grrr - have said he can now be responsible for finding some angry

I have a question for you all this morning. What are your LO's favourite toys at the moment? DS is at the almost mobile stage and gets really frustrated. I think he needs something new to entertain him but not sure what. Does anyone have any ideas?

rosie loves anything with music and lights if that helps

Egg Sat 06-Sep-08 16:34:58

Hello! Computer seems to be braindead and moving at snails pace so tricky to type as it only catches up with me 30 seconds later and I cant see what I am typing so will not say much now. Just wanted to say to StrawberryC that DS2 loves this at the mo. DD likes it too but DS2 is faster and gets there first. We are not using it as a walker yet obv (we got it for DS1 when he was 10 months so standing up) but the play bit detaches and they lie on the floor and play the piano etc! If you don't like electronic things then pop up people was always a big hit with DS1 from this age and he still loves it now. Great for them to chew on when teething! Mulberry Bush has lots of nice things!

cor, if you miss a few days it does put you off a bit doesn't it. have been chasing the thread all week trying to read everything.
egg that v tech toy-my dd loved it too, our nextdoor neighbour has it. Hope managed to cut her eyelid open on it spectacularly-don't panic, it was completely freak accident and doubt could repeat it if tried.
bummer about the holiday gill, have to say i had a holiday like that in scotland last summer. big sympathies.
tyaca hope you're not still feeling so isolated. must be horrid in this weather before you've got started properly. are there are there other mothers living on site?
really impressed with talking babies and crawling babies.
hope you have a good holiday sarah.
ginger glad you're all recovering
ds is moving further than i can believe possible when he's not crawling yet-weird. i'm trying hard to teach him how to say mummy but i'm sure he'll end up saying daddy like his sister.
have tried the fairy dust technique and it seems to be working for the nightmares.
we are on a real high although shattered. just got back from watching sil at Burghley. so exciting, first time she's done it even though she has been working so hard since she was a teenager. she's aiming for the olympics and this is the best she's done so far-mainly because she now has a sponsor so she's got a fab horse to ride. anyway, won't bore proudly any longer. anyone with a free moment (hah!) tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed she should be on bbc 2 around 3 o'clock show jumping. her name is emilly gilruth so could you all give her a virtual crossed fingers. we were so relieved she got round the course today safely. one of her friends died there 3 years ago and half the people today didn't finish

Gill79 Sat 06-Sep-08 23:15:30

Egg we have the v-tech walker. And yes DS loves it athough it does seem to have a bit of a mind of its own.

How was ile de re princess?

We're struggling a bit (again hmm) Last night DS was up at 10, 1, 3, and 4. I bf him each time cause otherwise he would just scream and scream. Very silly I know but he will scream for ever. As a result of this ridiculousness he has no appetite all day plus of course I feel crap. Keep resolving to be a bit stricter but it never happens. Am definitely going to try tonight though. I don't even mind getting up twice in the night to feed him if there's a reasonable gap and he goes straight down again, but an hour's gap is really pushing it!

oh Gill you must be exhausted, i am so glad we get good sleep here!!!

Princess i will tune in to your sil love to watch it!!!

i really have to pack today as still not done any, we are leaving first thing in the morning!!!

DD has very bad nappy rash and her cheecks are bad too!!! hoping her teeth will be here soon(she still has none) She is still very happy though although very restless last night,

struggling to get rid of her cradle cap too- any suggestions???

have a great but wet sunday everyone xxx

gill, we've been doing the same sort of thing with Ferdie, trying to get him back to sleep without a bottle. it's taken 2 weeks from waking throughout night to waking 1-2 times and just stuffing dummy back in, then having him in bed next to us from about 5.30. i think this is better hmm but we're not sure what to do next, i think we'll work on keeping him in his cot more. the only thing that kept me going was getting shed loads of sleep in preparation for the hard core nights. is there anyone who could give you some help so you could sleep from 7 in the evening til he wakes up? or could your dh try and do nights as he doesn't smell of milk?
sarah re cradle cap-my aunt was told the old way of doing it was rubbing olive oil in then combing through with a fine tooth comb after, prob same as special cradle cap shampoo which is just mineral oil i think.

alkar Sun 07-Sep-08 10:16:15

Hope you are feeling better now tyaca congrats on the book. I got three books out of the library last week and when I got home I realised I had read them all before blush

My DS loves hummous too omy

Love your oics rozzy - I'm quite jealous of you having three boys. I really wanted a girl when I was pregnant but if we decide to have another I want a boy!

Hows henley now missnat, and how are your sheets?!

We have the same walker as egg stawberry and DS loves it (its quite loud though!)

I have been giving DS lots of finger food and he loves feeding himself. I scatter slices of carrot / parsnip / potato / sweet potato etc on his high chair tray and he is happy for ages feeding himself. It means we can eat in peace aswell, I even gave him some quorn sausage last week which he loved.

Re talking DS says dadadadada constanlty so I am preparing myself for daddy being his first word. His name is daniel so I think he hears da sounds a lot anyway. My friend is a speech therapist and said da is easier for them to say, much harder than ma sounds.

How was last night Gill? DS is sill sleeping through but the cat wakes me up every couple of hours in the night so I am permanently exhausted too!

Have a lovely holiday Sarah, sorry you didn't manage to sort things with work.

strawberrycornetto Sun 07-Sep-08 14:52:29

Thanks for all the tips! Funnily enough, we also have the vtec which we had for DD but it needed new batteries. Have changed them and he was loving playing with it this morning, although at one point I did find him playing the piano with his nose!

Egg, the mulberry site looks fab, I will look for a good toy for DS for our holiday.

Princess, its almost 3 so I am thinking about your sister smile.

Gill, sleeping is such a nightmare, I've been lucky with my two but on Friday I was up 4 times to DS to roll him back over hmm and once to DD so I do sympathise.

Sarah, DS also has cradle cap. I was trying the dentinox shampoo but I'm not sure it really helped. I haven't tried olive oil but someone on here recommended aqueous cream and that has helped a bit. DD still has it at nearly 4 and so does my friend's DS at 8!

Alkar, am very impressed with finger food. I might try that for DS at tea time. How does your DS do with it? Am still worried about choking but I think I need to start being braver!

see you all at the weekend, am turning of pc now!!!!1

Have a great week xxxx

poor sil's horse kicked a stone on the way into the arena this morning and went lame so the vets wouldn't let her compete sad. it's pants for her as it means back to square one for next year. it's so tough, she's putting off ttc until after 2012 in case she gets to the olympics so there's so much riding (hah!) on it.
wishing us all a good nights sleep smilehmm

missnatalie Mon 08-Sep-08 12:11:19

Hi Everyone,

Henley is alot better. He's still got a snotty nose but no more nose bleeds.

Ive started his on stage 2 food today. He doesnt like it one bit, but he's just going to have to get used to it. As i keep telling him, Mummys the boss not Henley grin. He had one of theose multi grain, banana cereals for breakfast. He had about half a bowl, gagged and then threw it all back up. Lets hope he likes his lunch.

Have a fab holiday Sarah. Hope you get some sunshine.

Im going to start packing today. Theres just so much to pack though. Normally i just throw everything in my case at the last minute but that was before i had a baby. This time i need to be all prepared. Im also hating the fact that we only get 20kgs pp and henley gets nothing. I can see us having to pay a HUGE excess baggage bill blush.

Anyone got any advice on packing and how to pack less? Im useless.

Henley is at the hospital today for his calcium check. sad. I hate taking him and having to hold him down whilst the take blood. I am a little concerned about him though. I dont think hes having seizures again but he's started doing little jerky movements as if he shivering but not. Im really hoping it hasnt dropped. I dont want my poor baba to be in hospital again especially when its so close to our hol. But he has to come first.

I'll let you know what they say,

strawberrycornetto Mon 08-Sep-08 16:39:10

Hi Natalie. I'm glad to hear that Henley is better. What's the calcium check for? I hope its ok anyway. Both my DCs were in special care and had lots of blood taken and its really horrible sad

We are just about to start on stage 2 food too. DS has loved all his food so far though so I reckon he'll be fine, just like his daddy who has a very good appetite!!

Where are you going on holiday? I have been a bit of a control freak and have started my packing lists already for our holiday in about 10 days time, so I might have some tips wink

missnatalie Mon 08-Sep-08 18:28:46

Hi Everyone

Strawberry - His calcium check is because he was born with a calcium deficency that caused him to have seizures. Thankfully though he hasnt has one for months and today he has been discharged grin. His consultant said that the jerky movements are just shivers. Im so happy. No more needles, no more screaming in pain, no more bleeping machines. Im that happy i cried when the doc said he doesnt need to go back again smile

Were going to Fuerteventura. We go Wednesday afternoon for 2 weeks. I cant wait. Im really un-prepared. Havnt packed, havent changed the money. Havnt done anything really. Think its probably because i thought that we might not be able to go if Henley's calcium was low. But its not and now im soooooooooo excited.

I havnt got a clue what to pack though. Ive been checking the net for the weather there and its roughly about 27c. Im thinking shorts and t-shirts for the day but dont know what to do about the night.

Where are you going? Anywhere nice?

alkar Mon 08-Sep-08 19:26:41

Strawberry, for the finger food I have been slicing veg or buying packet of diced carrot and turnip then steaming it until its really soft so if he doesn't chew it he won't choke. Once you see them choke then cough up the offending food easily a few times you start to relax!

Your poor sister princess sad

Great news about henley missnatalie

when do you start stage 2? can't remember.
missnat so glad you don't have any more needles coming your way, i'll never forget holding ds down each time the drs came, must have been awful for you strawberry with both of yours having to go through that.
re: packing, don't bother with nappies, you'll find the local ones at the supermarket if you're near one and they'll be just the same. you could look online to find out the temp at night where you're going to see what he needs to wear. also you could see if there's any way of finding out if they sell the same formula in fuertaventura-maybe there's an mnetter who's been who could tell you?
thanks alkar, em is still really gutted but she's a fighter so she's already dusting herself off and preparing for the next competition.

strawberrycornetto Mon 08-Sep-08 21:08:16

Natalie - Fantastic, am so glad he got the all clear! What a relief for you smile

Re your holiday, Princess's advice is really good I think. I also used the lists for packing from this website www.babygoes2.com/main_planit.asp#packing, it is definitely overkill but it gives ideas. The other thing I would say is to take lots of calpol etc. We went to France when DD was 7 months old and she got either a bug or possibly heat stroke blush. I had taken some sachets of calpol but we ran out and DH had to go and buy some from a french chemist which was a pain.

Alkar, am going for the steamed veg tomorrow afternoon if we get past the milk issue at lunch time (DS had a reaction to cows milk and HV wants me to test him so am going to do it tomorrow when (a) HV and doc are both in surgery and (b) DH is at home. Am quite scared though.

Princess, sorry about your SIL, I have such admiration for people who work so hard to realise their dreams.

beansprout Tue 09-Sep-08 09:13:13

Hi everyone, am trying to catch up with all the posts! smile

Ds2 still not really eating but am trying not to stress about it. The thing that I am worried about is going back to work before he is scoffing enough. Still have a couple of months though so keep telling myself it will be fine!!

lljkk Tue 09-Sep-08 11:50:39

Hi all -- glad to hear Henley's better, I'm sure your LO will get into solids soon, beansprout.

Having dissed BLW so thoroughly, it's pretty much what we're doing after all blush. Only tidy foods like rice cakes, chips (no sauce), carrots with bib, etc. And only bcuz I cant b asked to spoon feed -- no porridge until he can manage a spoon sometime next yr, methinks.

And having avoided all talk of poo until now, while he doesnt seem to eat much, I can report that judging from the nappies, baby is def ingesting a fair bit of solids.

My Nights are a lot like Gill's angry -- due to mad teething I suppose (zzzzzzzz). Little Sprite is very clingy, too, which is QUITE draining.


tyaca Tue 09-Sep-08 13:57:16

hiya all. lol lljkk grin.... after immersing myself in all the BLW blogs etc, i am now spooning dd and fairly much nowt else. once she gets a taste of food she starts screaming til the next mouthful so its easier to just shovel it in. this feeding thing rocks. prob cause i only have one baby and i spend my time thinking about food anyway grin.

what are the FF mums doing re milk now? dd not always finsihing her bottles but we do seem to spend all our time feeding now. she's having 5 x 7oz bottles plus 3 meals. i posted a similar question in the weaning section. i meant to title the topic "how did you cut down on milk when weaning" instead i wrote "how did you cut down on mil when weaning."... blush

gill, princess and lljkk - sorry to hear your nights are so bad. any sign of improvement gill? princess there are three onsite mums - two teach and one's the wife of a teacher. i am quite shy about these things but need to get off my ass and invite people round for tea. am impressed your ds is mobile - whenever i read what other babies here are doing i always console myself by remembering dd is about a month younger than everyone else.... but if you say such thing, i start to panic!

sarah - dd's cradle cap got so bad i went to the dr's and he gave me some shampoo. i only had to use it three times and it cleared up. that was about a month ago - its started to come back a bit in the last couple of days.

beansprout, know what you mean re catching up on the thread. maybe no food is as tasty as your milk?? grin can i tentatively suggest making your own cheese and yogurt <<exits stage left>>

jealous of all those holidaying. dh now back to work with a vengance. he's on duty today and tomo night which means he wont be back from work til gone 11pm. only upside is that i'll be able to watch the kate garraway bf doc on channel 4. will have laptop with me so i can keep an eye on what MNers are saying.

dd now in her own room. been two nights. first night went well, last night she was v v distressed from about 7.30pm til midnight but then ok. do you think its being in her own room? i was nervous about moving her at first but its bliss! we have two lights in our bedroom and last night i was flicking the switches wondering which one i normally used. then i realised i'd never switched the lights on in b-room before cause of dd. nuts.

strawberrycornetto Tue 09-Sep-08 18:00:19

Hello Tyaca, I saw your post on the weaning board and it made me grin. We are on purees, not really made much progress with BLW yet other than pitta breads and toast, which DS LOVES!!!

Have confirmed today that DS is allergic to milk. Am quite scared, waiting to find out from doc when we will get a referral but he starts nursery 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm really worried he will be given milk by mistake and what might happen.sad

Am also going to be watching the Kate Garraway programme tonight, am really interested to see what they say, given the milk allergy it looks like I might be bf for longer than anticipated.

tyaca Tue 09-Sep-08 18:24:10

sad re the milk strawberry, but better to find out sooner rather than later. does that me he has a full on diary allergy for forseeable future or might it go when he gets older? nurseries are really hot on these nowadays -- hard not to worry i know tho.' dd also loves toast. who can blame her? we cut out bread when i was trying to lose pregnancy and it sucked

strawberrycornetto Tue 09-Sep-08 21:13:09

I'm not really sure what it means yet, most all of my information comes from MN at the moment! I think most milk allergies are outgrown but not for a year or so sad Still he won't miss what he's never had and the nursery are good I think as DD are there.

Am so pleased I found MN though, this site is so brillant!!

strawberry my dd and ds both have a cow's milk protein intolerance and dd was def allergic to wheat too. am quite relaxed about it 2nd time round. the only consequence for my 2 was bad stomach pain and reflux and very snotty dd so i could be more relaxed than if it was something worse. you get into the swing of it after awhile, initially i used to get really wound up at mil's before they got with the programme-yoghurt etc angry hmm.
tyaca bf yoghurt-gahhhh!however, see what you mean for likkjk and her lo, good idea. now get off your bum and ask them round for tea-i bet it's nothing to do with being lazy and much more to do with nerves
the street party i'm planning is the sun after the one coming shock feel way out of my depth. wish i'd never started it, dreading it being a flop. and guess what-ferdie's non christening christening is the day before and dh keeps inviting people to a party the night before that-what!!! what party ??!!
sorry if a bit incoherent, 2 large glasses of wine and i'm going to bed...smile

leesmum Wed 10-Sep-08 11:28:38

Hi all, gosh i hate being away for too long, i struggle to catch up with everyonegrin

From what i can see everyone is well, i'm sorry some of you are still struggling at night though, tiredness is just the worst thing when you have a million other things to do as well!

I'm back at work now, it's ok i think its just getting used to a change of routine, and Ds1 has settled really well into school, he loves his dinners and as from next week he'll be there from 9am-3pm.

I'll get off now and i must make more of an effort to get on here and catch up with you all, i really shouldn't leave it this long but i've been so busy this past week, i've been a bit down as well...its 1yr on sat since my lovely dad died and i haven't been sleeping that well, i keep running things over and over in my head. I think once i get sat over with i'll feel a bit more calmer.

Take care all xxx

Bessie123 Wed 10-Sep-08 11:53:15

Hi all. Have been away on holiday and feel like I haven't posted on here for ages. I started off reading all of your posts but after about 20 mins, I ended up just scanning.

Strawberry and Leesmum - just looked at your new pics. Your children are beautiful.

Dd has been developing loads. My mum bought her a walker to use on holiday and she was running around in it, grinning. She also went swimming in the sea (in an inflatable ring) and LOVED it. She was kicking and splashing with a big smile on her face. She can clap her hands now (so cute) and she does high fives when prompted. She is on stage 2 solids, although I still haven't tried her with fish (just yoghurt, lentils and cheese so far). It is reassuring to read there is a big difference in the amounts people's LOs are eating. I was worried dd was eating too much but it looks like they just take what they need. She has big bowlfuls of food at every meal but I only bf her in between, no snacks yet. If I try to give her something solid, rather than a lumpy puree, she puts it in her mouth then takes it out again looking really disgusted with me, like 'how could you give me that shit?' Pieces of courgette is all she will eat unpureed and only because she was feeling particuarly tolerant that day.

Dd has also taken to having 2 hour naps mid morning; is anyone else's lo doing this? Should I be encouraging her to have shorter, more frequent naps? She will prob sleep for about half an hour this afternoon as well.

Bessie x

Bessie123 Wed 10-Sep-08 11:55:33

Leesmum - didn't see your last post. Hope you're doing ok. x

gingermumi Wed 10-Sep-08 15:03:54

Hi ladies,

haven't been on for ages, work takes up loads of time and then i have to fit everything else in as well!

Have tried to read all the posts i've missed but there's so much happened! \hope everyone is ok though

DS still doesnt have any teeth and can't crawl but is a crazy boy in his walker! He even tried to walk the other day but luckily i caught him as he stepped away from me. he is definitely not strong enough to walk but he obviously thinks he can do it!

Am finding the whole work thing really stressful, everything we are teaching has changed and i havent done the prep i need to do. Am so tired in the evenings all i'm capable of is watching crap TV and falling asleep let alone anything else. TBH most of the time i can't string a sentence together (i'm beginning to think I have alzheimers or something), the words in my head don't come out of my mouth, i say the wrong things all the time! Probably hormones and sleep deprivation! God knows what will happen when i start teaching on friday (students don;t start back until then). Wish i could stay at home but finances dictate otherwise, am able to do part-time but i'm scared even the three days i'm down for is going to be too much. I used to be really switched on and good at my job and now.... hmm

Ah well had best go and hoover (not in work today) while ds is asleep, he really screams everytime i put hoover on, this started suddenly, didn't happen with dds, anyone else heard of a reaction like it?

Have a good day

alkar Wed 10-Sep-08 17:38:23

Sorry work is stressful ginger, hope it gets better. You never know you might end up pregnant again soon wink

Hope you are doing ok leesmum it must be a really tough time for you.

DS went to the consultant yesterday for his vomiting. They are now testing him for coeliac disease which I am sure he doesn't have but I think he has a wheat intolerance as he's always sick for a couple of days afte eating bread / rusk etc. I work in the lab which tests his blood and I rang up my collegue today for the results. Coeliac screen hasn't been done yet but his iron is quite low and has other signs of anaemia from his blood results. I have just been to asda and bought baby cereal, green veg and vitamins. The problem is I am a veggie and really can't cook meat so I have also bought him stage 2 jars with meat in. What is everyone else doing about giving their LOs iron?

gingermumi Wed 10-Sep-08 18:38:40

thanks alkar, am veggie too- not sure if you're breast feeding but if you are you can take iron tabs and it will be passed on to ds (HV told me this). I also buy jars with meat in as i don't cook any (used to for dd1 but she has moved out (gone to uni) so no point just for ds. Hope this helps.

strawberrycornetto Wed 10-Sep-08 21:23:06

Hi all

Princess, thanks for the reassurance re the allergy. I think I've managed to sort out a referral on my health insurance which is good as at least I will know what's going on one way or another. I am very impressed with your plans re parties, i am thinking about arranging DD's 4th birthday party and even that scares me. Good luck smile

Leesmum, I'm glad to hear that working is going well, I am so scared about going back and have no idea how a routine will work sad. Am so sorry about your Dad, anniversaries are really tough. Be gentle with yourself.

Bessie, thanks re the photos smile. When was your DD born, am very impressed with the clapping and high fives envy!! DS still has 3 sleeps most days, short in the morning, long at lunch and then very short in the afternoon. Recently though he seems to be sleeping longer in the morning (1 hour +) then another hour at lunch time but then no sleep in the afternoon at all shock He gets so tired though in the afternoon, he keeps falling asleep when he has his milk after his bath like a newborn!! I kind of think they take the sleep that they need but thats just my opinion.

Ginger, I'm sure you will be fine at work, although I definitely sympathise. Not sure my brain is going to work again either. LOL at your DS trying to walk - I think its a boy thing!!! Oh, and my DD was scared of the hoover for ages, not that she heard it very often wink

Alkar, hope your DS is ok. All this food stuff is so scary and confusing. I hadn't realised we needed to do anything about iron. I am hoping my appointment for DS with the dietician will come through quickly so I can discuss all this stuff. I can't really buy jars now because they all seem to contain milk.

Our other news is that we started Monkey Music today. DS really enjoyed it but I had to leave early because my car broke down on the way there angry and I had to come out to meet DH and the AA. Will be back next week although slightly blush that I had to do singing myself, hadn't thought of that for some reason!!

tyaca Wed 10-Sep-08 22:30:16

hiya all.

leesmum - v nice to hear from you and glad your ds is taking to school. its funny to remember how much fun school was when you were little. i remember being about 6 or 7 and other kids moaning about science classes and i remember thinking i was a bit weird cause i thought they were great cause you got to cut open apples to look at the star inside grin. plus playtimes and bean bag!

bessie - you are holidaytastic! am v jealous tho' we have been billing our new boarding school pad as centre parks with a harry potter twist to all our mates with kids. dont you feel like your baby's a genius everytime they do everything for thw first time? dd also does that horrified look with food quite a bit. i can take it and carry on regardless but when dh is there he joins in the horrfiied-looking too and i feel outnumbered. like you i also feel like dd is a food monster. all day i feed her and she never tires.

ginger - you sound a bit low. are you ok? dont sweat the work. this is always an awful time for anyone in education. dh and i having a bit of a tough time of it and i have to remind myself that during the six years we've been together, always the rough moments have been in sept/oct when he is feeling the pressures of work. my theory is that maybe he should have less holidays for his brain to go off the boil grin ...

alkar - impressed taht you have insider contacts for the tests! i too have been having iron panics after reading annabel karmel book recently. all i can think of is the old popeye spinach thing, plus peas now cause of that advert on telly with the bloke off madness. you know, where the peas fight the brocolli?? grin

princess - ach yes its nerves. i hate making friends. i like old friends but they are all so far away. and childless. its all that early stages hard work stuff when you dont know people. ugh and ouch. street party, huh? my tip - get everyone munted. works every time.

strawberry - just reread my last post and saw i said diary rather than dairy grin... a diary intolerance would be far easier to deal with ...

took dd to tumbletots. she pulled a boys hair. he was a very good looking boy tho'. i applaud her taste. another boy was sick on her. that was a shame cause i was really getting on with mum but she ran off straight after the puke. ach - and i had so much vom-patter in me!

Gill79 Wed 10-Sep-08 22:39:26

hello all [waves]

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 09:38:25

Helloooo. Sorry to hear quite a few of you are feeling stressed / down / struggling with food probs with DCs etc.

StrawberryC if you try Plum Baby pots they are 100% dairy free. They do cost more than jars but don't seem to stain clothes and bibs so the money saved there is huuuuuge grin. Also I often put mixed beans in DTs food (I get cans of mixed beans in water (no sugar or salt added) from Tesco and then grind them up and mix them in to veg) which adds lots of protein and iron. The DTs fave Plum Baby pot is Carrot Lentil and Cheddar so no meat but lots of protein although not sure about iron.

Also Strawberry, whereabouts in SE London are you? My sis has a friend who runs one of the Monkey Music's (they are in Forest Hill). My DS1 used to love Monkey Music envy. There is not one near here and besides I can't take him now as there is no way I am taking all three. The chance of it being at a time where someone is not having either milk or food or a nap is nil sad.

Actually Tyaca that reminds me that DTs have 4 x 7oz bottles a day (although DS2 actually has 9oz before bed). DD rarely actually takes more than 5 or 6oz though at each feed.

Their day is kind of like this...

6:45am 7oz milk
7:30am weetabix or other cereal or yoghurt / fruit
10:30am 7oz milk
11:30am lunch - protein and veg plus fruit or yoghurt or biscuit
2-2:30pm 7oz milk
5:00pm supper - protein and veg plus fruit or yoghurt or biscuit
6:15pm 7/9oz milk

They basically usually have yog once a day, sometimes half a biscuit, always some fruit (either puree or whole if soft).

I rarely bother to give them snacks in between bottles and meals as invariably someone will gag or puke and I just can't be a**ed with the mess blush. Realise I will have to start giving the odd snack if I want to cut out the milk more. I did <<<whispers>>> Gina Ford loosely with DS1 and remember that it was around this age that he cut out his 10:30am bottle and just had lunch a bit earlier instead.

As for naps. They usually have about an hour 9-10 and then a couple of hours 12:15-2:15 but sometimes (like yesterday) they both poo and only have an hour at lunch so need an extra small sleep at 3:30 or so but it always means they are harder to get to bed by 7pm so trying v hard not to give them afternoon nap. Then I can get them in bed by 6:30 hurrah!

We have got their 8 month check up with HV in a couple of weeks. DD is at 11am and DS2 is at 11:30am. So will get in the way of trying to give morning milk and lunch by the time I get there and get home. Gah.

Gill how is Malc now? Hope you are getting a bit more sleep. It is so hard to know what to do as I am one of those mean people who thinks that my sleep is important and so I would try not to feed at night now esp if he is taking less in day but I know a lot of people disagree and say they feed at night because they need to.

DD is so so much happier since she doesn't wake at night and it means she is not grumpy all day like she used to be.

Talking of which, she is yelling now (ie not sleeping), can only just her her over noise of washing machine and bin men! Doesn't sound like she is going to go back to sleep. Hmmmm.

Sorry have rambled on about me and not finished replying to other posts, and now have to go. Back later!

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 11:59:57

StrawberryC sorry I was being a bit of a muppet there. I looked at the ingredients list for Sweet Potato Lamb and Carrot, quoted Plum Baby for being dairy free and then went on to talk about one with cheddar in which is clearly not dairy free [muppet emoticon]. Also I was getting confused thinking you were vegetarian when it is Alkar (and Ginger, and Bean and prob more), so was mixing up my bad advice anyway blush.

I shall be quiet for a while...

Prob not long though.

Did I tell you DS2 finally has a tooth? None for DD though.

tyaca Thu 11-Sep-08 13:02:31

congrats on the tooth egg. in true stalker esque fashion i dreamt i came round yours again last night. dont remember much (perhaps i was there briefly?) except that your dts had the most amazing heads of hair grin

i have an awful hangover. my sis came round last night and we polished off two bottles of wine. ughhhhhhh. i have been waiting all day for it to go. cant believe i feel so bad... a bottle is a lot but shouldnt have floored me this much.

waving back at you gill grin

tyaca Thu 11-Sep-08 13:02:37

congrats on the tooth egg. in true stalker esque fashion i dreamt i came round yours again last night. dont remember much (perhaps i was there briefly?) except that your dts had the most amazing heads of hair grin

i have an awful hangover. my sis came round last night and we polished off two bottles of wine. ughhhhhhh. i have been waiting all day for it to go. cant believe i feel so bad... a bottle is a lot but shouldnt have floored me this much.

waving back at you gill grin

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 13:17:47

wine is a killer. I feel crap after half a bottle these days shock.

Hope my house was tidy in your dreams... It is such a tip, even worse than when you were here!

BTW, have heard that hair pulling is a sign of affection hmm. When I was 7 I was chased and had my hair pulled by a boy at school and it turned out he had a crush on me so maybe Esther has moved on from Jacob sad and found new love? He only has eyes for his mummy anyway now. He is such a mummy's boy.

tyaca Thu 11-Sep-08 13:29:40

i have unique vision that just doesnt see mess egg grin the dirt blindess is as pronounced in dreams as in RL.

speaking of which i am eye deep in mess that i really do need to get sorted before dh gets home. he did his second 11pm in a row last night and when he came back i was passed out before doing the bottles or boiling the water for the morning. he always does the morning feed and was not amused at 6am today....

yes i fear esther may well have moved on from jacob. but she doesnt know about the tooth - so there's hope yet.

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 13:45:31

My DH is home late tonight on his first, or possibly second night out since we moved here last August! Not working late, just actually having FUN. Poor man rarely gets to do that!

I find that M&S refridgerator cakes are great for hangovers. Or even if you are not hungover. I have eaten three blush.

alkar Thu 11-Sep-08 19:23:44

Check the jars strawberry, I have found a few that dont have milk - saves you making every meal yourself grin

happy eating egg. gagging for a glass of wine here tyaca, even felt jealous of your hang over, i will just have to make do with green and blacks. i feel a bit cheesed off. i went and got contraception sorted out after being bugged by dh for ages. he had promised to get the snip then backed out (i can see his point a bit). so i had a coil fitted on monday(sorry tmi). the dr told me if i had continued bleeding or pain for more than 24hrs to come back and get antibiotics. well 2and a half days later felt rough, tearful and sick and still lots of bleeding. so now i'm on huge doses of ab's and can't drink. meanwhile i still had to do the night shift (up from 5) and dh not showing enough sympathy imo.angry. well he is now because i made him grin. hopefully should feel better soon and only 3 more alcohol free days.
Meanwhile plans for the street party are cracking. Am so chuffed with myself for having achieved anything. i even managed to get £100 sponsorship today from our local garage.grin so i've invested in vast quantities of bunting. just hope it doesn't pour.
anyway, enough about me
egg well done on tooth. i am going back to the unmentionable book tonight to work out how i can cut down the milk for ferdie. he wakes at 10pm if i don't feed him though-anyone got any ideas.
tyaca did you ever put your vegas pictures up? i'd love to see them.

leesmum i hope you've got through your dad's anniversary ok.

tyaca Thu 11-Sep-08 20:04:44

you got sponsorship from a garage princess? good lord i'm actually a bit scared by that. are the ABs doing their work yet? sounds awful. porr you (tho does only reinforce my sneaking suspicion that you horribly offended a senior deity in a previous life)

now - a small round of applause (or just a quiet moment of appreciation please.) tenants in our old flat which we now rent broke the light switch in the bathroom. guess who went round there this afternoon and replaced it? [bursting with pride] have done wall switches but never a ceiling cord one. .

dh out again tonight. i fear i may spend the evening googling retraining as an electrician....

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 20:07:08

leesmum so sorry I missed your post. I hope Saturday goes goes ok for you. Have you planned anything to mark the occasion? How is your mum coping?

How are you finding being back at work? I am in awe of you all sounding so cool and calm about it. I am terrified I have lost all ability to actually pretend I have a brain!

Princess that book says you should give the morning milk at 11am I think and only give half or less so then give lunch and offer rest of milk afterwards, thus hoping they will be too full to want it. However I always give their bottle earlier or I have a screaming hour from 10-11am (used to always take DS1 out for a walk but it's impossible with all three as would never convince DS1 to leave swings or park or wherever to come back in time to do babies' milk and lunch so we are housebound in morning atm.

As for the coil experience... ugh. It sounds awful and your DH really ought to be helping a bit more while you are feeling rough, esp if it is because he backed out! TBH my DH was all for going for the snip (he said as long as twins came out healthy he would get it done asap) but when it came to it we both felt it was a bit drastic. We really don't want any more children but you never know what's around the corner. I keep meaning to go back on the pill but have not got round to it. We never have sex anyway grin!

DD was still having 10pm feed until we got the night nanny in. She never woke for it and often resisted it but we were too scared to try and drop it. DH would leave her til 11pm at weekends to hope it would mean she would sleep longer but it never made any difference. She now goes through phases and sometimes wakes 3 times a night but always only briefly and settles herself back. Last few nights have not heard a peep from her but I fear she could be bad tonight as has been very unsettled today. Maybe she has a tooth coming too.

Right, DH is out tonight and I must turn off PC or I will spend all my time on here instead of being able to watch crap tv!

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 20:12:42

Tyaca missed your post. FOrgot you were a budding leccy! Impressed!

Also impressed that you only just found the lights in your bedroom due to DD!

Princess I missed the street party bit of your post entirely! Now remind me, what is the occasion? Or just because you can? Sounds fab. Something like that would work well here as our road is full of families and everyone is LOVELY. DS1 was standing on the windowsill in our bedroom looking out earlier and a family of three children aged 8-12ish and their parents walked past and they all waved up at him and said hello (have never seen them before!). He was very chuffed!

Finally Alkar meant to say, that if you are not breastfeeding (like ginger I can't remember) then you can use the No 3 formula from 6 months which has extra iron. With DS1 my HV said to me that if he was happy on the No 1 formula and was eating a varied diet then there was no point changing but if he was not eating well then to use No 3 to get the extra iron. Hope that makes sense!

Gill79 Thu 11-Sep-08 21:40:35

Hi again - another fleeting visit. Don't know what's happened but am SO busy - bought Heat on Monday and have only got as far as page 5....

Leesmum - was thinking recently it must be coming up for a year. Hope you're all going to be ok on a sad day.

Tyaca - I hope you manage to adjust to life in the new place with DH at work. It will be hard and take a while - but I actually find it so much easier to make friends now I'm a mum so hope there are others close by for you. How's the running going?

Ginger - sounds hard. Well done for just being there at work. Hope things improve!

Egg Thu 11-Sep-08 21:48:39

Gill so funny I got Heat on Monday and only read it last night. The longest it has ever lasted in my house. Maybe a dull issue hmm.

Agree with what you say about making friends as a mum. I talk to everyone now. esp at swings, but also in shops and just walking round, am sure I am known as the local nutter blush.

Computer going off NOW. I promise........................

alkar Fri 12-Sep-08 12:06:21

Another unread heat mag here grin

Thanks for the advice about the iron I am still bf and as DS may have a milk allergy we cant switch to formula (and I'm not ready to stop feeding him yet blush). I have tried reintroducing baby cereal which has extra iron in and milk - he isn't being as sick as he used to be with milk so hopefully it was just a passing phase......

Just been to circuit training I love it. Its all postnatal women with a creche next door, aerobics tomorrow. I really have to lose weight now I had stopped weighing myself and I think its crept back up again. I'll be starting the weekly weighins again on monday.

Tyaca I saw the pea and broccoli advert last night now I understand what you meant!

Slacker Fri 12-Sep-08 12:46:16

Hi everyone, just a quickie.

Alkar - don't be blush that you're 'still' breastfeeding, what's that about???!! I've just worked out that I've breastfed for over 10 years of my life so far, and not stopping any time soon!

Have you read the Kellymom page on iron/anaemia? Seems that iron rich foods rather than iron fortified foods are the best ones to concentrate on, alongside vitamin c rich foods. Doesn't have to be meat - my first 3 babies were veggie as I was then, and were fine.

I was too lazy to do the school run this morning so DH did it - and DS4 has spent the whole morning happily lying next to me playing with his feet, feeding, napping and smiling....I love babies!

Hi everyone -just a quickie here too!

Alkar - lots of us on here are still bf - nice lazy option as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the link re iron Slacker - I was getting a bit concerned that I wasn't giving lo anything other than veg and fruit (although we've been a bit more adventurous this week and cheese, pasta and chicken have all gone down well). He's still taking plenty of milk though and regularly has sweet potato and squash so he should be getting plenty of iron. He certainly seems happy and healthysmile.

Leesmum - all the best on Saturday - you've been so strong over the last year. I hope the anniversary passes quickly for you and your family xxx I'm glad work is going ok and ds1 is enjoying preschool.

Hi to everyone else! I have been popping in and catching up with everyones news but haven't had anything vaguely interesting to post myself! We're all well here though.

Does anyone have any ideas for really cheap child friendly holidays? Dh is off during the October school holidays but center parcs would be £600 for 4 nights which is a bit much (especially since I'm still on mat leave). We're in Scotland and wouldn't want to drive too far so could only really do Scotland or north england - any ideas? We went to a caravan park in September last year and it was awful - it was freezing - so October would probably be even worse.

Oh and princess let me know how you've find the coil. That's what I've been planning to do but it doesn't sound as if you've had a pleasant experience. How have those of you who had the implant got on with it? Is weight gain a side effect (not that I'm vain or anything). My cousin had contraceptive injections and put on a LOT of weight (that was around 7 years ago though so I'm sure things have moved on a lot since then). Really must get myself sorted out though.

rozzy will keep you updated. re holidays, i know that in the lake district they have cabins to rent , think they might have heating? but v basic otherwise. i think the national woodland trust or something like it may do them all over the uk?
leesmum-sorry insensitive moron i am, i got it wrong and thought the anniversary had happened this week. i'll be thinking of you this weekend.
nice to hear from you again bessie
i feel shattered as dd had a 50 min tantrum in the middle of a street. everyone was looking at us and i couldn't move her. 30min in ds started to get upset too about being stuck in the buggy. several people stopped and tried to help but unfortunately this made it even worse. guess what, it only finished when she fell asleep after i'd forced her into the buggy. then she continued when she woke up at home shock. ds then had a melt down too because he wants to feed himself but once he's holding the spoon i can't feed himhmm. is this happening to anyone else and what do you do? i'm going to try him on some bread next week. he was really pleased to be eating the same as his big sister at lunch-she started feeding him baked beans and sweetcorn. lord knows what bad stuff was in that-please don't tell me, i'm not going to let her do it again.smile
egg how can you be so witty when you must be on your knees dealing with all the babies? makes me feel a tad inadequate.

tyaca i do have moments of feeling i was something nasty in a past life however did feel my luck had changed with my £100 sponsorship. yes, still feeling pants. i still think about the lady from our meet up not talking to us after and wondering what i said. well done on the electrics-what a triumph to get there and sort it and not lose your nerve. 'here come the girls'
egg you made me snigger re coil-dh was here though so had to stop quickly so didn't have to admit to whining about him online (he's just come home with huge bunch of lillies and sushi)

LOVEMYMUM Fri 12-Sep-08 23:41:36

Sorry not been posting.

Egg - I know wot you mean about talking to all and sundry - if i didn't, some days the only person i speak to would be Katie!

gingermumi Sat 13-Sep-08 21:05:50

Hope you're ok leesmum.

Am OK with work now (for the moment at least). Am trying to be hyper organised but not sure how long i can keep that up! Still need to read two books over next week or so (might just have to wing it a bit blush). am doing prep at the moment and left dh in charge of a pan of broccoli - "please watch the broccoli, it needs two more minutes and then it'd done", I say. Next thing house is full of black smoke and the pan is coated with charcoal...his response..."i though I was two minutes"... bit like the bloke estimation of 6 inches! Vastly inaccurate! FFS do i have to do evertything!!angry hmm

Had best get on! Anyone know how bean is? Have a good weekend eveyone

strawberrycornetto Sat 13-Sep-08 21:09:13

Hello, hope everyone is ok.

Leesmum, I hope today has been .... not sure what really, just hope you've been ok I guess sad

Thanks for the food tips. Egg, I've just bought some of the plum jars and am still using the ella's kitchen ones too. Alkar, didn't realise your DS also has milk issues. Its a pain, isn't it. Desperately need to do some more cooking too but can't be bothered tonight wink. Am watching a box set of ugly betty which my bf lent me. DH is away grin.

Egg, I am in Bromley and my Monkey Music was in Chislehurst. Was hoping to meet some mums. One was nice but said she was only doing the trial because it clashed with her NCT. Most of others may well have been nannies. DS seemed to really like it though. I may move on to gymboree or tumbletots when he's walking. What does everyone think other than Tyaca's vomiting experience grin.

Am impressed re the exericse Alkar. I am also trying to sort out exercise. Have renewed my gym membership and joined up DD and DS. DH keeps taking himself off to the gym so I think its only fair that I do to wink

Princess, not pleased to hear about your coil - I am due to have one fitted on Friday assuming my period shows up [terrified face?] I don't really want to, like others we hardly have sex anyway so seems a bit pointless blush. DH did volunteer for the snip too Egg but I am not one hundred percent sure I won't want another baby. (TBH I think I do although I very much doubt I will push it sad)

Slacker, am vv impressed with your 10 years feeding. People are starting to comment about how I must be about to stop feeding DS. He's only 6 months old and he's just been diagnosed as allergic to cows milk so why would I stop?? Yet people (including DH angry and MIL angryangryhave used the allergy as a reason I should stop. Grr.

Am also jealous of your happy baby Slacker. DS is so grumpy at the moment. All he wants to do is roll onto his front and then he shouts because he can't move. If I try to sit him up or put him on his back, he immediately puts himself back on his front. Arrrggggg - men!!!!

LOVEMYMUM Sat 13-Sep-08 21:14:01

Hi gingermum - i totally know the feeling of FFS do i have to do everything. DH earns the money and I do everything else.

Katie goes to Gymboree and loves it. I enjoy it too.

tyaca Sun 14-Sep-08 16:07:22

hey strawberry. did not realise you were in bromley. i am in croydon (tho on the outskirts, so call it surrey/kent borders to make myself feel better about it grin)

tumbletots is ok i think from crawling rather than walking. dd can sit up and fall over but thats about it.... so i may leave going back for a while. but of a scam. a fiver a class (fine) but then a £20 annual membership fee hmm.

there are a couple of things in beckenham i was thinking of trying if you up for venturing there together?

tyaca Sun 14-Sep-08 16:08:59

and big hello lovemymum!

strawberrycornetto Sun 14-Sep-08 16:35:20

Tyaca, I didn't realise you lived on the Surrey / Kent borders either!!!! What have you seen in Beckenham. I'd be up for it except it has to be a Wednesday as I go back to work 4 days a week on 1 October (sob!) Am also planning to try Gymboree at some point.

lljkk Sun 14-Sep-08 19:21:57

HI all,
I've had coil -- DH could feel wires (er, when he shouldn't, and he didn't like it), then it made my periods last 10 days. Plus insertion if you're not actually on your period is a b*tch. That was non-hormonal one.

I've had implant which makes arm very sore, and killed my libido, and meant erratic light bleeding... but, it was quite convenient in all other respects. Do not gain weight with implant in, they'll have to fish around (could be quite painful) to get it out if you do gain weight.

Princessllama, I feel for you with the 50 min tantrum in the road. Been there, done that.

Clapping already, Bessie, wow! shock DS sort of does the High-5s.

Gingermumi, the vacuum cleaner thing is a pisser, I bet, I try to make sure DS is exposed to it at least twice a week hoping he won't develop a phobia that way.

Bad nights means DS4's day sleeps are all over the shop, I got about 2 hrs sleep while he was napping today, feel strangely human for it .

Hello all were back from our lovely holiday, will have a read and catch up with you all must say there are lots of posts since last sun !!!!!grin

Havr added a few holiday pics for you to see too!!!

strawberrycornetto Sun 14-Sep-08 19:58:22

Welcome back Sarah. Your photos are great, looks like you had a fab time smile

Lljkk,not impressed with the coil horror story. shock Mine was fine last time although DH was completely freaked out when I told him he might feel the threat!!!!!!!!!!

wow what a read- my eyes are blurred now from reading all your posts,

Sorry to hear some of you have feeding issues going on,

Not really got much to add accept we got a wii fit and i am off to do some hula hooping!!!! catch u all tomorrow, xxx

strawberry- we had a great time the weather was great too which helped, Cornwall is a lovley place, DS did not want to come home as he likes surfing apparently!!!lol

dandandan Sun 14-Sep-08 21:51:05

Thanks slacker. Like strawberry I have also been getting comments about when I should stop feeding him and DS may also have a milk allergy. I want to carry on feeding him for a year and morning and night after that for as long as he wants to. I know a lot of people on MN are very pro prolonged bf but its hard when you have family telling you you are gonna make it hard for yourself in the long run. I might just lie and tell them I've stopped wink

Didn't get to aerobics on Saturday, DS came down with a bit of a cold so we didn't get much sleep on Friday night and I just couldn't face it. Going on a 1.5 hour walk tomorrow though. Must remember to weigh myself in the morning.

lol at the 2 minutes and 6 inches ginger

Yes she is gorge sarah!

Hope the weekend went OK leesmum, thinking of you.

alkar Sun 14-Sep-08 21:52:50

Bugger, forgot to change my name back blush!

Slacker Mon 15-Sep-08 11:48:25

Strawb - angry your H isn't fully supporting you bfing, mine is v supportive. Although only in the sense that he can see it works well and he doesn't have to get involved, he doesn't actually care deeply about bfeeding politics or anything! Also I'd knee him in the bollocks if he expressed disapproval grin.

There are various ways to deal with people telling you their opinions on when you should stop feeding - first the "feck off!" approach where you tell them to mind their own business in no uncertain terms...Then there's the "nod, smile, mmm" approach, where you adopt a benign expression and appear to agree with them without actually doing so. Also the "blind them with science/information overload" approach - where eventually they'll be agreeing with you just to get you to stop reeling off facts and figures. This one used to work well with my mother, who didn't ever breastfeed and couldn't understand why I was so passionate about it.

Alkar - if unhelpful people say you're making it hard for yourself by continuing, point out that even if that were the case, you're not making it hard for them so they can butt out of your business. My best example of why breastfeeding into toddlerhood is fabulous: DS2 stopped bfing at 8 months blush and a few months later ended up dehydrated in hospital because he'd had some bug and didn't want to eat or drink. DS3 at the same sort of age had a bug - really high temp, 20 nappies an hour type of thing - and only wanted to bfeed - so we got through that without a trip to the doctor let alone hospital. Bfing toddlers is not always the most enjoyable thing (hmm to people who say the mother only does it for herself) but the benefits have been so obvious to me, compared to my first 2 that I only bfed as babies. Not sure I'm planning to bf this one for as long as DD fed (4.5 years!) but certainly till he's 2 or 3.

Feeling quite run down atm but DS4 is still a happy chappy and his cold lasted about a day!

Lljkk - eek at coil! I had one (non hormonal) for a few months before last preg, didn't have too many bad effects but just didn't like feeling it was there all the time. Had it removed for ttc and pretty sure I wouldn't have one again. Don't like contraception. Hence the 5 children smile

Baby classes are not great for meeting people in my experience - you might get lucky though, and the babies will probably enjoy gym. I spent most of DS1's babyhood not knowing anyone locally, then when he started school made friends with various people who lived v near, if only we'd got together several years before school started!

Princessllama - hope you're feeling better now and can get back on the alcohol (!) - I'm trying to cut back as had got into the habit of a glass of wine most evenings, going to stick to weekends now - no wonder I'm still so bloody fat!

Rozzy have you found the holy grail of holidays yet? Can't think of anything cheap, warm and northern in school hols! I'd probably either spend too much and go to a nice hotel with childcare (Gleneagles??!) or rent a cottage in the middle of nowhere with an open fire. But an unheated caravan would be miserable. If the weather's not too awful we might head back to the beach in cornwall for a night or 2 in half term shock this was my friend's idea, not sure I'm entirely up for camping in October but we'll see....going to Center Parcs in a couple of weeks so will see if we still need a holiday after that.

Ds4 has had enough of his playcentre thing so better go pick him up, laters...

did i frighten everyone away????????shock

Gill79 Mon 15-Sep-08 22:23:03


Clapping! (SO cute)

That's the good news. The last two nights I've been up four times a night. Am feeling very sad about it at the moment. Am so sick of not sleeping for more than two hours at a time.

Rozzy what about Aviemore? There's lots of lodges and things I think; we had a family holiday at the hotel in Coylumbridge one year (the only time I can remember going to a hotel with my family so must have been fairly cheap.) Lots of nice walks / bike rides in the forest (not really sure what 3/5 year olds can do!) and the highland wildlife park not too far away which is fab!

Lovely to see your holiday pics Sarah.

Went into work with DS the other day on a bit of an impulse. Have had a bit of a rethink and am now thinking it might be sensibe to go back after mat leaves end in Feb. Hopefully two days a week if I can get it; I'm thinking it will give me more flexibility in the long term to stay with the same company rather than having to apply for a new job later on and potentially have to work more days. However although there should be plenty of work going on my project early next year they're moving to Canary Wharf which is much harder to get to. So I may have to find a new project within the company so better start doing some networking!

Feel a bit out of touch with everyone at the moment. Spending too much time practising clapping and high fives smile. Hope everyone's well and promise to try and get on a bit more xx

tyaca Tue 16-Sep-08 09:08:49

hey up all. well, i did a night works. from sunday at 10pm til monday 6am. a one off contract that half killed me and loads of stuff went wrong hmm. i feel weirdly liberated tho'. i used to spend all my life living on my nerves cause i found work so stressfull. i came back yesterday morning and instead of feeling awful and broken like i'd have done before, instead i thought - oh thank goodness, i dont have to do that again and its stregnthened my resolve to retrain. tho god knows as what grin.

sorry - only scanned other posts but just to say lol sarah, my "threads i'm on" but always has loads of threads where i'm the last poster so i always think i scarre people away. wd gill on the tooth and clapping.. rather spookily there is a baby in the AK puree book who i think looks like your ds. two days a week sounds a like a great option if its possible. sorry about tough nights (and you too on the last one ljjk).

alkar - sry you're not getting support you need for BF. of the three approaches outlined by slacker, i'd reccomend the smiling and nodding one (never tried it re extended BF, but works a treat with less fab HVs and also whenever DH suggests a really silly idea for the flat) good luck! got to go running out of power (on laptop, not physically!)

gingermumi Tue 16-Sep-08 10:50:24

Can't see what the problem is with breast feeding, what are people thinking? Apart from it being no one elsse business its about whats best for mum and lo and thats all that matters, i would still be feeding now if ds hadnt decided that a bottle was easier (lazy sod), i kept up one feed a day until 7 months but fed dd2 until she was 10 months no probs. She e started walking then and it just seemed like a good time to give up.

Hope you're ok gill, Toby slept through last night for first time in months 9since he was about 12 weeks i don't think we've had more than half a dozen nights like it). It's exhausting but it can't go on for ever (can it?! hmm

Tyaca- love the 'epiphany' - hope you think of something, just a suggestion but try doing the Stamford test (you can get it through the UCAS website, not sure if it's anywhere else), it gives ideas for careers based you answers to questions about interests etc.

Still no teeth here (FFS he's 8+ months), think ds must be last one to get any! and no crawling but he's a whiz inthe walker, saw him in bathroom this morning turning light on and off (with pull cord) and doing and andrex puppy job with the loo roll!

Had better go, am supposed to be doing stuff for work wink

strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Sep-08 13:24:50

Hey all. Still no teeth here but then DS is only 6 1/2 months and DD got her first at 8 months.

Gill, sorry about the sleep, really hope it gets better soon sad. V impressed with the clapping though, I keep trying with DS but he just looks at me like I've gone mad blush. I think your thoughts about staying at the same company are very sensible. Its definitely harder to agree flexiblilty etc with a new role.

Tyaca, retraining sounds exciting. Any ideas what you might do? LOL re the nodding and agreeing with DH's ideas. I do the same with DH, he is always coming up with crazy schemes for our house renovation. I usually agree knowing he won't do it anyway.

Ginger, completely agree that BF is no one else's business but its amazing how many people are willing to offer opinions. A checkout women in Sainsburys had a go at my friend recently for buying formula. She's only giving one feed a day to top up and told the woman so, and she carried on having a go at her shock My DS would be v envy of the walker, I just know he'd love one as he loves his jumperoo but he's so small for his age that there is zero chance that he would touch the ground I think. Poor mini man!!

DS started settling in at nursery this week. I've found it really hard, even though I know all the staff because DD is already there (and they all love her!) I just want to cry when I see all the little babies with runny noses. They all seem to spend a lot of time crying but I think I have been there around sleep time. Still feel so sad though, I'm just not ready to leave him, especially with all the worry about the allergies. sad sad

Egg Tue 16-Sep-08 13:54:54

Ginger your DS and my DD can be toothless and crawling-less together smile.

Egg Tue 16-Sep-08 13:55:57

Bloody hell whenever i go to Tesco I used to buy every single last carton of Aptamil as nothing else DD would drink and nobody ever even raised an eyebrow at me!

we ahve no teeth or crawling here either, DD is fab with stage 2 ffod though and her walker!!!(if ds left her alone that is) She pulls herself to standing postion at every oportunity too!!!

Hope everyone is ok,. were all good in our little bubble atm, however dd had me up at 4am this amhmmtil 6 omg!!!! decided to skip fream feed again but she obvoisly is not ready for it just yet!!!lol

DS starts new playgroup tomorrow lunch and play 2 afternoons per week and pre school on thurs 5 mornings per week!!!!! he is so excited!!!(and so am i)

catch u all later,


Hi all! Have had a minor meltdown today (as Strawberry already knows - thanks for the reassurancesmile). Took ds to be weighed and he was EXACTLY the same weight as he was 6 weeks ago. I know that weight gain does slow down, particularly in bf babies but I did think he would have had some gain.

Met my new hv and to be honest was not particularly impressed. She said I shouldn't be feeding lo during the night and should only be feeding 3 times in the day. She then further demonstrated her lack of bf knowledge by quizzing me on how long he fed for at each feed and then saying that because he didn't take long he was just having a 'quick drink' rather than a full feed. Long and short of it is that instead of giving any constructive advice on his weight gain she just spouted complete rubbish about bf. Really disappointing as my previous 2 hv were lovely.

Anyway tiktok and others have reassured me and I'll continue as we are. Lately lo is far more content than he's ever been and is consistently sleeping from 7pm through to 4/5 am without a feed. He's doing pretty well with his solids and although he's not a huge eater I'm pretty pleased with how that's going. So basically I'm going to ignore the hv.

Anyway enough about me - hope you are all doing well. Strawberry your friend should complain about the shop assistant - that's not on.

tyaca Tue 16-Sep-08 20:37:35

ugghhhh rozzy, its all very well to say smile and nod and ignore HV but that misses the point doesnt it? it makes blood boil tha someone could spout nonesense instead of giving decent advice or making sure you dont panic. glad the gurus in BF threads have helped out.... am now off to take a nosey, if nothing else i need to find out about this shop assistant grin

Shopping assistant thing is on this thread ty - see below!!

Do feel much better after speaking to my mum and dh - both said the same thing 'look at him - there's obviously nothing wrong with him'. Must be all the standing dancing on my lap that's burning the calories. Did feel like a numpty mummy at the time though - even lied to hv when she asked if he was rolling etc - he's not but I said 'yes' just because I wanted to get out of there. What's all that about I'm not concerned about him so why did I liehmm.

tyaca Tue 16-Sep-08 21:04:19

lol - just came back to this thread to do a bangs-head-with-stupidty type move. i even thought "wow, another shop assistant story!" well. maybe not wow, but i thought the rest of it grin. lol at the lying to HV about rolling over - thats exactly what i'd've done.

an only slightly related aside - my bro has posted two vids of my lovely niece on youtube: one of her crawling and one of her walking. at the top of each clip he announces her age - six months for the crawling, 8 and a half for the walking grin. they are coming round in a fortnight and i am desperatley trying to get her doing something

her current fave trick is to lock her knees so i cant sit her down. i wouldnt mind but much as she would dearly like to spend all her time time standing, she cant do it alone and i cant hold her up all the time. i've taken to leaning her against the arm of the sofa where she can semi stand for ages but at least fall back into the sofa when she tumbles.

strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Sep-08 21:07:17

I think the lack of standard advice between hvs is shocking.

DS has had a couple of times when his weight gain hasn't been great as I was telling Rozzy. First time I saw my lovely HV who said not to worry and just to feed a little bit extra if I got a chance. Second time, I saw someone new. I told her I was planning to wean (DS was 24 1/2 weeks) and she spouted all the standard crap about not weaning before 6 months even though I was only 10 days early and had genuine reasons to and had done my research. Then she weighed him and referred me back to lovely one for poor weight gain.

When I saw no.2 she said "don't tell me, weight gain" She then went on to say that I was the third person in a row referred back to her (which is why the wait was horrendous) and that his weight was fine and not to worry at all. I then told her about my weaning plan and she said it was a great idea for him and that she thought I should go and try it immediately!! So you can end up with completely conflicting views from hvs in the same team in the same surgery on the same day. Great - I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and able to read up for myself and make my own decision but others probably need more guidance and just don't get it. My lovely HV is so great because she is really focused on mums and listens rather than just give standard advice.

Oops sorry, a bit of a rant there but it does make me really angry.....

Gill79 Tue 16-Sep-08 21:23:46

Your neice sounds very advanced Tyaca! Malcolm does the knee locking thing all the time - he tricks grandparents into thinking he can stand up and then they let go of him (and crash).

Nursery must be so sad to begin with Strawberry...not looking forward to that bit at all if we do go for it. Enjoy your last few weeks of "freedom" hmm

Well last night was absolutely cack. He woke up every hour from 9pm till 1am then 3am, I fed him and he cried till 4 when I had to change a nappy and then he must have got up after that cause he was in bed next to me when I woke up. ARRRGHHH! What's the matter with him? He's perfectly happy in the daytime.... DP is out tonight so I put him down and let him "controlled cry" for 50 minutes while I cooked dinner. I kept going in to reassure him but by the time I picked him up he was in such a state and then fell asleep in my arms within a minute, so obviously was tired and just needed company/ comfort. Am really not convined that is the way forward and must trust my instincts but what other options are there for getting him to sleep by himself?

Sorry - haven't talked to anyone today! Apart from a man in India who phoned to tell me about the suspiciously high usage of my credit card blush.

Anyway. I made a video for my MIL today which is here as long as you promise not to listen to me gushing embarassingly over DS. Isn't he clever? wink And is that a wave to granny Fiona?

Gill79 Tue 16-Sep-08 21:29:53

I've only seen one HV, once, but she struck me as having learnt everything from a (small) book - just a quick set of standard questions and out the door. I think it was Bean who had a great encounter with hers with DS2 - unbelieveably useless. Although of course there must be good ones but the disparity seems huge.Imagine all those people who will end up getting in a tizz over bad advice.

Gill you vid is so cute Malcolm is adorable!!!!

HV are a reall pita!!!!!!!! Glad i dont see mine very often

strawberrycornetto Tue 16-Sep-08 21:39:54

Gill, love the video, he's so gorgeous!! He looks so much bigger than my mini man!!!!! His expression is great, kind of "why must I do this again for the camera mum?!"

Sorry your sleep is such a nightmare. I really don't have any useful advice to offer. Oh, other than I cracked sleeping with DS when I accidently forgot to turn on his monitor one night.blush Was amazed he went to sleep without crying once and then discovered I didn't hear him!! Felt terrible but I swear from that night on he's always gone to sleep straight away (probably in a damaged, abandoned, no one loves me kind of way though!!)

You lot always make me feel much bettersmile.

Meant to say earlier Gill that your plan to go back to the same company is a wise one re pt working. I've often thought about having a career break until kids are a bit older but the payoff for having a year or 2 off (all we could afford) would be that I would be really unlikely to be able to get a flexible pt job when I did go back and would have to work ft. Your nights sound awful at the moment - would you consider co-sleeping to let you have more sleep? I understand if that's not an option for you though as I can't sleep with dc in bed with me but you must be exhausted.

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for ages as the thread goes really fast, and my brain goes at a geological pace these days!

I'm going back to work soonish and really wish that it was a nice bit of gardening or something soothing, but I think it's going to be quite hellish. My employer has introduced hotdesking, and they've made the two people who run the service redundant. Oh dear.

Talking of bathroom light cords (well done Tyaca!), Hector's favourite thing is pulling the light on, and off, and on, and off again. That, and pulling the cats tails.

Still no teeth and no rolling.

I read the other day that 'food is for fun until they are one'. I'm just spoonfeeding as I can't bear the mess, but he likes everything so far, except bananas. The very whiff of them makes him puke, which is inconvenient as they're such portable food items.

I ordered a high chair and it still hasn't arrived after weeks and weeks. It was from a company called Two Left Feet. DON'T give them your money - they are crooks.

Well done Princess for organising a party - it's an excellent thing to do - and you'll get to know all your neighbours.

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for ages as the thread goes really fast, and my brain goes at a geological pace these days!

I'm going back to work soonish and really wish that it was a nice bit of gardening or something soothing, but I think it's going to be quite hellish. My employer has introduced hotdesking, and they've made the two people who run the service redundant. Oh dear.

Talking of bathroom light cords (well done Tyaca!), Hector's favourite thing is pulling the light on, and off, and on, and off again. That, and pulling the cats tails.

Still no teeth and no rolling.

I read the other day that 'food is for fun until they are one'. I'm just spoonfeeding as I can't bear the mess, but he likes everything so far, except bananas. The very whiff of them makes him puke, which is inconvenient as they're such portable food items.

I ordered a high chair and it still hasn't arrived after weeks and weeks. It was from a company called Two Left Feet. DON'T give them your money - they are crooks.

Well done Princess for organising a party - it's an excellent thing to do - and you'll get to know all your neighbours.

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for ages as the thread goes really fast, and my brain goes at a geological pace these days!

I'm going back to work soonish and really wish that it was a nice bit of gardening or something soothing, but I think it's going to be quite hellish. My employer has introduced hotdesking, and they've made the two people who run the service redundant. Oh dear.

Talking of bathroom light cords (well done Tyaca!), Hector's favourite thing is pulling the light on, and off, and on, and off again. That, and pulling the cats tails.

Still no teeth and no rolling.

I read the other day that 'food is for fun until they are one'. I'm just spoonfeeding as I can't bear the mess, but he likes everything so far, except bananas. The very whiff of them makes him puke, which is inconvenient as they're such portable food items.

I ordered a high chair and it still hasn't arrived after weeks and weeks. It was from a company called Two Left Feet. DON'T give them your money - they are crooks.

Well done Princess for organising a party - it's an excellent thing to do - and you'll get to know all your neighbours.


Gill79 Tue 16-Sep-08 22:13:29

Yup - I might bring him in with me a bit earlier than normal if it looks like being another bad night Rozzy. (which it does sad) He's just starting to wake up for the second time tonight....

Have put some holiday pics up on profile.

Watching the girl with two faces on channel 4 hmm

good night!

lljkk Wed 17-Sep-08 03:11:45

Oh heavens, 2 Left Feet is famous for their crap service, sorry to hear you got caught up with them, Mitford.

I haven't had baby weighed since...er, dunno? 4 months ago? He's develping steadily and growing thru clothes, that's all I need to know.

SOOO... who else will confess to having fished dodgy things out of baby's mouth recently? Please don't let me be alone in admitting to the likes of...
stones, tissues (various classes of previous use), an Easter chick with plastic feet, a bit of picture backing, newspaper, bits of the Argos catalog, grass, till receipts (obligatory, aren't they?)... any better?

leesmum Wed 17-Sep-08 08:11:31

Hello everyone, well i'm sure my last bit of baby weight must have gone now, i've been absolutely knackered, i think i underestimated how full my days would be once i went back to work!

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts about my dad, sat was very upsetting, all day i kept thinking "this time last year i was doing this" and i got very upset when i thought back to when i last saw him, i took my 20 week scan picture in because i'd just had it done and he was thrilled to be having another grandson. It just breaks my heart that he never got to see James sad anyway as you all have heard me say before, dad was a big man city fan, so me my sis and mum bought holly bushes and planted them on sat afternoon, they were called "Blue Angel"

I'll be back later...promise (i'm not in work today!!)

tyaca Wed 17-Sep-08 08:21:25

mitfords! hello. yes, 2 left feet are awful. i had a horrible time at their store in bedford when i was preg, remember coming home determined to start a thread rubbishing them here, but i think i just slumped in front of the telly with a fist full of sainsburys bakery products. dd fairly much only likes bananas. her eyes follow them round the room and i'm fairly sure the only reason she open her mouth to eat anything is cause this time it may be banana.

is anyone else having trouble resisting full fat milk? we've been on skimmed ever since dd born, but now i have the proper stuff in the house for her i find myself reaching for blue lidded bottles everytime. its so nice and makes everything taste cer-reamy!

gill, i do sympathise about knowing what is the right thing to do. esp when other half is out. i brought dd into bed other night when dh on duty just cause i was going to go nuts if i didnt. and i do feel like maybe i'm starting to create a problem. but i have no idea what the "right" thing to do was. as you say, its when they want company and attention that its hard.... i then start projecting and seeing a lifetime of bad parenting decisions ahead of me grin. last night at half four, i couldnt understand why she was so annoyed at my attempts to pop dummy back in ... turned out she already had one blush. without my specs i'm useless.

dh knocking off work early so we can go shopping for clothes for dd hurrah! i have strictly told that monsoon is out of the question sad. darn his sister for pointing out how expensise it is, i swear he'd never have noticed otherwise..... wink

tyaca Wed 17-Sep-08 08:23:51

x posts leesmum. that sounds like a lovely tribute to your dad. lovely to hear from you - dont work too hard xx

Gill79 Wed 17-Sep-08 09:57:53

how many days are you working Leesmum?

Some good news to report - five hours uninterrupted sleep!!!

sallyforth Wed 17-Sep-08 13:29:53

Bonjour mes amis

Sorry have not been posting much lately - have been desprately trying to organise my house before i go back to work in a few weeks time.

Rozzy my DS did the opposite - put on 7oz in a week after weaning, after months and months of exactly 4oz/week.
I sacked my HV from advising on BFing issues long ago so have developed my own theory which is that weight gain is determined by how much they get to eat in the first 6 months and then they have a period of catch up/ catch down growth once they are allowed to eat solids/are able to exercise to burn calories.
In my case I think my DS was slightly underfed for the 1st 6mo (low milk supply... long story) and now is shovelling in the food in an effort to catch up to where his genetics tell him he "should" be. So far he has attained the dizzy heights of the 9th centile

DS has JUST learned to roll, has been commandocrawling a little while, but no teeth yet this is good as I am hoping to keep bf a little longer if I can.

Gill am hugely impressed by Malcolm's hand clapping. Also by his hair Am I the only one left with a baldy-head baby?
Sorry to hear he has not been sleeping, I read somewher I think that they can go through a non sleeping phase when going through a developmental spurt, cos their little brains are so active not sure if true but makes me feel better about my own non sleeping DS.

lol re banana eating preferences. my DS loves them but is NOT ALLOWED them as he gets all bunged up

tyaca ooh yes full fat milk mmmm .... also petits filous DS not really getting a look in!

gotta go, DS just woken up... more anon

great to hear from u sally,. sounds like all is good with u guys,

When are u back to work??

omy Wed 17-Sep-08 20:26:19

Hi cyber pals! I am still here and managed to read the last 3 pages! Work is consuming me as I knew it would, but so far it is OK with DH as the nanny Leila is coping fine. We are poor but happy! We have let her cry herself back to sleep at night and she seems to have got the hint! I knew I wouldn't cope at work with broken sleep.

She is eating anything she can reach (paper is a favourite) and doing a funny version of crawling - lurching from tiptoes to chest! It looks quite painful but she can cross a room in 30 seconds if she wants to!

No teeth (thank god! not looking forward to that one) and still bf morning & night which I am so pleased about - I never managed to mix bottle and breast with the other 2 DDs it was all or nothing!

DH has set up a huge play pen in his studio so he can actually work and babysit - so far - I am sure it will get trickier as she gets older...

omy Wed 17-Sep-08 20:28:23

Gill - love your video of malcom - what a cutie!

LOVEMYMUM Wed 17-Sep-08 23:39:43

Hi everyone.

I made the mistake of watching the documentary about the girl with 2 faces and only watched part of it - the part where she died. Not the best thing for me to watch. My emotions are still near the surface. Am starting counselling soon.

oh lovemymum, u ok??? when does your councelling begin?

Dont really know what to write but didn't want to leave u unanswered!!!

Harry gone to preschool today he looks so cute in his uniform will put a pic on, xxx

DD has had me up now 3 nites in a row screaming with her teeth, i gave in last night and gave her medised as calpol was not doing a thing for her, feel totally shattered!!!!

she is napping atm and i really should hoover but i cannot be arsedblush, although i have put a a stew in the slow cooker for dinner

Egg Thu 18-Sep-08 10:24:54

Morning all. Feel like i have not posted properly for a few days. This is just a quickie but will hopefully be back on soon. Lovemymum hope you are ok, programmes like that are not good when you are feeling emotional.

Word of warning DS2 ate some paper today(left him alone for 2 mins and he ate the Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue). 10 mins later he had a huge puke full of chunks of chewed paper (all over himself and buggy and floor just when we were abouto walk out of the door to nursery).

Sarah hope your DD feels better soon. We now have three teeth between two babies. At least with DS at preschool you can hopefully get some rest. Mine stayed asleep til SEVEN AM this morning but DD did have a little cry in the night and I was up briefly with DS1 who misplaced his Blankie in the dark and was distraught sad.

I said this would be quick and am still nattering. DD had woken up from nap but seems quiet again but must drink my tea before they do wake up!

sallyforth Thu 18-Sep-08 10:48:09

Hi lovemymum, just wanted to say hi and hope you are feeling a bit better today x

Sarah I start work in 4 weeks time, loads of stuff happening in the meantime incl sisters wedding, DS christening etc! Hope the teeth sort themselves out soon.

Egg lol DS is always trying to eat paper, card etc. We have a great photo of him chomping away at the DoH Weaning leaflet

Hope counselling works for you lovemymumxx

Egg - I had one of these buggy buddy books attached to ds3 buggy and he managed to chew it off the cord when we were out shopping one day - excellent blw!!

Still not teeth here either but he keeps feeling around his gums with his tongue.

Hope you enjoyed your shopping spree tyaca - I've just splurged on some new clothes for my 3 because they were starting to look a bit scruffy!

Well done carrying on with bf now you're back at work omy - do you pump during the day? I am hoping to continue once I'm back at work but don't really want to pump at work.

My tesco shop has just been delivered so I'd better put it away I suppose.

alkar Thu 18-Sep-08 12:36:44

Like the idea of planting something in your dads memory leesmum. Hope things start to get a little easier for you now.

lol at monsoon prices tyaca, I tend to keep my DH in the dark about the cost of clothes too, keep saying someone gave us that and that was from someone else grin

Did you manage to get another good sleep last night gill.

Sally DS has his 2 bottom teeth but no top yet and so far bf has been fine. And no your not the only one with a baldy I have hair envy when I look at other babies, just can't imagine DS with hair though hmm

Leave the hoover alone sarah, put your feet up! Harry looks like a proper little man in his uniform.

DS has eaten loads of paper, thought I had managed to get it all out of his mouth one day but noticed he'd been storing some in the roof of his mouth about an hour later! Lol at the DoH leaflet Sally!

When do you start your counselling lovemymum? Counselling helped my friend so much she is retraining and has already done a counselling diploma.

gingermumi Thu 18-Sep-08 15:53:47

Just a quick catch up.

well done at 5hrs sleep Gill hope you get same (or better) tonight.

Lovely idea for a tribute leesmum.

LOL at paper etc stories, happened to me today, putting ds in car saw something white in his mouth, thought it was a little sickage only to find a paper mache (sp?) till receipt - heaven knows where he got it from, probably has a store of them somewhere hmm!

ds still no teeth, crawling or even bum shuffling but he can roll from back to front (but not back again). Haven't had him weighed lately but last time we went he was almost 23lb. HV is hopeless too, the one i had with dds was fab but this one is a right wet blanket and doesn't seem to remember who i am when i go, seems totally disinterested when i discuss any concerns so i just go to get him weighed now. support and advice much better on here!

Off to do some reading for work! Have a good evening one and all

tyaca Thu 18-Sep-08 16:55:16

excellent - lots of people we havent heard from for aaagees grin. lovemymum - you do sound low. counselling a good idea, watching shock-jock docs on channel 4 prob now sad. come and chat to us more often, its always nice to hear from you.

hello omy - yeh, dd loves paper. wonder why its so popular? i cant believe your dh could get that much done while in charge. i am in awe of him, but best not to tell him that, eh wink?

congrats sally on the crawling. and the rolling over. about a month ago we had a Week of Rolling Over. she mastered it then forgot it and has stayed put since.

sarah - goodluck with the teeth and sorry to hear about your broken nights. the only way is up ...

egg --- three teeth....? even between two babies, you're just boasting now grin.

i have to go - catch up with rest of posts later

omy Thu 18-Sep-08 20:02:35

Oh you do make me smile you guys.
re clothes - we really need to do a shop she has grown out of everything! So far we have survived on hand me downs and presents but they seem to have dried up! Perhaps we will get some more next week at her christening!! (finally got round to organising it) She also needs some new toys - she is bored with the old ones - but perhaps only paper and plastic will please her - she seems to love the baby wipes packet so much!

Rozzy -I dont pump at work - too busy/lazy - she has formula at 11am and 3pm and me morning and evening - perfect!
By the way - isn't it awful about the chinese babies who got sick from contaminated formula - so sad sad

hello all,

hope you are well,

Went to slimming world today and have lost 1.5lb, total loss is 8.5lb since i began 6 weeks ago!!!!really pleased with it!!!still no teeth but rosie seems happier,

Ds loved his first day a t preschool, so good here i think