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mini-pill (cerazette specifically) and depression/anxiety side-effects - a warning! Please read..

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RedFraggle Sat 29-Sep-07 16:44:42

After my horrendous experience with a mini-pill I felt I had to post this here as well as on the feeling depressed board.

I had my DS three months ago and after initial baby blues was starting to feel better. Went for my 8 week postnatal check and was prescribed Cerazette (the mini-pill) as I am breastfeeding. After about a week I started to feel really miserable and paranoid, gradually got worse until I could no longer face taking my kids out for the day as I just didn't feel I could cope.
Carried on getting worse to the point I was suicidal and kept thinking about harming myself or my baby. Spent a lot of time sitting with him and my DD throwing tearful wobblers and me sitting on the floor crying too!
Asked my HV for help and she got me a Doctors appointment - my HADS score was extremely high and I was put on anti-depressants, they started to kick in (although the side-effects were horrid) and I felt a bit more normal and so popped on to here for a look about. i hadn't felt up to even doing that for weeks! I saw a post about cerazette and mood swings and alarm bells rang. Googled Cerazette and anxiety/depression and found lots of stuff. I spoke to my doctor and came off all medication and lo and behold - I am totally fine again! Cerazette made me so mentally unstable, it was terrifying. I have had it yellow carded and suggest anyone else with similar issues speaks to their GP and does the same.
The fact that this pill is being heavily marketed to doctors at the moment (according to my HV) means more people are likely to be prescribed it, and at a time when they have just had a baby and therefore their side-effect symptoms could easily be confused with PND.
If you have recently had a baby and were feeling ok but suddenly start to feel bad or not yourself shortly after starting a mini-pill it might be worth considering changing or stopping medication to just rule out a link. Check with your doctor first of course!!!

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Sep-07 16:47:57

Thank you for that. Very interesting indeed! I have been thinking about going on the mini-pill, and I have a tendency to anxiety as it is!!

monix Wed 02-Jan-08 11:11:31

Thank you Redfraggle for that..I have been taking Cerezette for 6months and have been feeling very strange, even my husband has been worried about my mental stability.. As my father recently died I had thought it was due to that, but reading your comments has really helped. I'll be visiting the doctor! Also on the funny side, I started to take the pill to improve the spontaneity of our sex life..but since taking it i have just not been interested!! So I think it has affected my sex drive too..it was healthy before this!

NewYearNewCatkin Wed 02-Jan-08 12:12:00

Very interested to read this as I was convinced going on the pill helped to trigger my depression last year. Surprise surprise - Cerazette!
I'd used Depo for years with no side effects until I was told that there were issues associated with it and I'd be better off on the pill. I used Cerazette on the recommendation of my GP and consequently suffered from awful depression, resulting in a need for ADs. As it happens, I was convinced there was a link to going on the pill but was reassured by my GP that there couldn't possibly be!
As it happens, the cerazette didn't work and I became pregnant. The depression eased even though I wasn't taking the ADs anymore and I was told this was probably due to pregnancy hormones. Obviously I'd stopped taking the cerazette once pregnant so maybe that wasn't coincidence??
I was worried about PND because of my recent history but have had no reoccurence at all. I'm not using cerazette anymore though!!
Think i'm going to have another chat with my GP when I see him as this thread has really got me thinking!
Thanks Redfraggle

Just wanted to add that I experienced exactly the same symptoms as you RedFraggle. I HATED Cerazette with a passion and wild horses couldn't get me back on that poision.

Brilliant of you to post on here and alert other MN-er's to potential dangers of this drug.

anchovies Thu 03-Jan-08 18:48:18

Just to add I was also prescribed cerazette when breastfeeding and have taken it for 2 years. During this time I have had panic attacks, severe bouts of depression, developed social anxiety and a fear of swallowing requiring CBT and counselling. I hadn't heard (before now) of any association between depression and cerazette and before having ds2 never had any mental haelth problems. I stopped taking it almost a month ago now (no particular reason just decided I didn't really like it) and have been feeling progressively better. I will be going back to the doctors!

expatinscotland Thu 03-Jan-08 18:50:47

I had an equally bad experience with Cerazette.

I was already being treated for PND and the GYN had ruled out Depo and the implant for me because of my PND.

But it was thought the Cerazette would be okay because it's apparently low dose progesten.

My depression and anxiety became very nearly unbearable. BAD. REALLY, REALLY bad.

Not to mention, I bled and bled and developed huge, painful, boil/cystic acne all over my chest and shoulders.

I will never ever use progesten-based contraception again!

I'd rather risk getting pregnant again than go through that.

expatinscotland Thu 03-Jan-08 18:53:55

it also killed my sex drive cold dead.

and that had never happened before in my adult life.

Islamum Thu 03-Jan-08 19:01:10

I have had awful depresseion on combined pill, tried 2 different brands with same result, gp said no way pill would be making me depressed, but i've spoken to a few women with similar experinces, and never been depressed when not on the pill angry

pirategirl Thu 03-Jan-08 19:12:03

I am on it and cant say i have had any problems.

I started taking anti depressants yrs back, as i can't survive without them. I havent seen a change in my depressant status, since taking this pill.

For me it has eased pelvic SPD pain, back pain etc...

No probs with bleeding, and only an occasional spot.

Just saying how it is for me. I am sorry it caused such drastic effects for you other ladies.

goldfish17 Wed 06-Feb-08 20:18:49

I'm new on here, so hello everyone. I'm married with 2 kids (9 and 5) and have been on the pill for around 17 years. My GP recently took me off the combined pill Trinordial as I had had two migraines in the space of five years, she was initially happy to leave me on it but phoned Family Planning to check and they said to get me off it right away. My GP then prescribed the mini pill Cerazette and I started taking it on the 14th of Jan. Within just a few days I started feeling really agitated and jittery, grumpy and weepy. The anxiety symptoms increased over the next couple of weeks until Sunday (3rd Feb) when I just felt so weird and out of it that in desperation I Googled "Cerazette Mini Pill" - well, the relief when I found all the postings about the side effects, not just on this site but many others, I just couldn't believe it. I do have a history of anxiety and I thought I was just going through a bad phase again, but I couldn't pinpoint any reason for it, and the timing was just too much of a coincidence. I stopped taking Cerazette right away and went to the GP on Monday, she agreed that it obviously "doesn't suit" me, although she seemed to be saying it was the change in hormones rather than that pill specifically that causes the symptoms. I'm just going to stay off the Pill altogether and see how we get on with condoms for a while. Also had headaches just about every day I was on Cerazette. I stopped Cerazette three nights ago and I haven't slept for the last two nights - I wonder if it's connected? Anyone else had that? Cheers.

RedFraggle Fri 08-Feb-08 15:40:42

I'm so glad I posted now, if it helps anyone else avoid the problems I had with this pill. If anyone believes it was cerazette responsible for their depression/anxiety I really do recommend asking your doctor to let you yellow card it. It is the only way to have these problems flagged up to GPs so they are aware of it for the future.
I'm months down the road now from this issue, and am feeling totally fine and still determined not to go back on the pill again. I had no idea it could wreak such havoc!
Hope you are all feeling better!

Interesting stuff. I was prescribed it for the same reason (bf'ing etc).. I haven't had any issues with depression/anxiety but my sex drive is zero.. Thought it was just having a new baby but she is 9 months now so would have thought/hoped things would be better...

Pinions Fri 08-Feb-08 15:51:22

I too took this pill once and felt completely floored by it. It was by far the worst pill I have ever taken. I only took it for a couple of weeks and then stopped as I knew it was this that was the prob. Terrible.

bobsmum Fri 08-Feb-08 15:54:35

Also had zero sex drive and although I'm not prone to depression I was definitely not myself. Felt a million times better once I stopped. Will not take it again.

Hated all the on/off bleeding too - spent a fortune in sanitary products sad

bubblagirl Fri 08-Feb-08 16:12:04

i have been on cerazzette for 3 yrs nearly and i take 2 a day aswell but i'm ok

is good to make people aware though

mine was for bleeding i never stopped and this has helped although had to up to 2 a day as my body rejects things but i will say i'm ok but maybe because my body was lacking so much i need it

sorry to hear all other bad experiences if i do indeed worry about how i'm feeling i will get it checked

grimbergen Tue 19-Feb-08 11:28:45

I have been taking cerazzette for about three months now and feel terrible on it.I get angry for no reason with a drop of a hat then all of a sudden I am myself again. It is very strange. From previous experence with other pills I am positive that its this one that is making me aggressive, irritable, no sex drive (total shock on that one - no wonder they prescribe it if you dont want sex then you dont get prego..haha)and angry to the point of crying. I have two small children and a great husband who puts up with my out of body experience as I would like to call it. I am in general a happy person, like very one else there are days that can be a bit stressful. I have worked in high stressed jobs and never felt so stressed or out of control of my emotions since I have been on this pill. Next visit to my GP i will be taking off this pill.

grimbergen Tue 26-Feb-08 08:04:08

update - Have stopped taking the pill and feel great! Won't be going back on that pill.

Pinkchampagne Tue 26-Feb-08 08:17:15

I've been taking this pill for a few months now, and much as I am not depressed, there are times where I have questioned whether it is making me more emotional than normal.
i used to be pretty strong & it would take loads to reduce me to tears, but this is no longer the case.

The on off bleeding has been a real pain as well, and I have started a good few threads on the subject.

Maybe I should think about trying something different.

PABLOP Tue 26-Feb-08 08:32:03

Oh great, I have just started taking cerazzette, is there an alternative? I mean alternative mini pill because I don't fancy coil, injections etc

Pinkchampagne Tue 26-Feb-08 16:06:33

There are other mini pills, PABLOP, but you may be totally fine on cerazatte. My sister was on it for years with no problems, and no periods!

PABLOP Tue 26-Feb-08 22:53:06

thanks Pink champagne, was really worried can do without side effects!

mammyjo Wed 27-Feb-08 11:28:19

This thread has really interested me as I have been taking Cerazette for the last 4 weeks. I have a history of PND, but was told that this would be safe for me to use.
So far I feel absolutely fine, probably more stable than before if I am honest, as I had a low few weeks after christmas.

I just wanted to say thanks for highlighting this pill though, as I was not made aware of the potential for depression on this when it was prescribed for me. If I start to feel even slightly down I will be off to the GP, so thanks!

mummyhill Thu 28-Feb-08 21:20:04

Do other minipills have the same effect? I was prescribed cerazette after having ds and was dx with pnd shortly afterwards. I wasn't happy with the way cerazette affected my cycle and came of it after 6 months. Have been put on micronor instead and now ds is 2.5 I am still struggling with depression and anxiety

Jenniferann Mon 03-Mar-08 12:34:13

Thank goodness for these posts, I thought I was going crazy! I went on to Cerazette in October last year. I seemed to be fine at first, I was only concerned that I would put on weight, having managed to lose almost 3 stones and nearly at my target weight. That didn't seem to be a problem to begin with, I accepted that my weight loss was slower anyway, being nearly there, but it began to creep back on very gradually or stabilise, although I was still following my eating plan!

That aside, my main problem with this pill is the 'mood swings'. I have never been a moody person, and have never been depressed for any length of time until now. It isn't all the time, but I can be fine and full of energy and enthusiasm for life one day, and incredibly low and tearful the next: it can even happen over one day, happy in the morning, and desperately unhappy by evening, with no reason. It's really awful, and because I couldn't think of any other reason for it, decided to Google Cerazette. What a revelation! I am sorry for everyone suffering in a similar way, but so relieved to know that it is likely to be due to this. I have made an appointment with my doctor for this week, and am going to tell him that I will stop taking it and hopefully get back to normal! Perhaps I might even be able to lose these last 4 stubborn pounds too!

Imawurzel Thu 06-Mar-08 11:54:06

I've just been given these pills due to b/feeding too.
I am normally a happy/relaxed kinda gal, but do have moments of ''agh'ness', so i wll keep a mental note of any strangeness.
Will tell DH and mum to keep an eye on me too.

iggypop Thu 13-Mar-08 16:14:16

I am so glad I read these messages! I have been on Cerazette for about 3 years now and I have become increasingly anxious about things. I am normally a relaxed non-worryer, but just lately I have had an underlying feeling of anxiety even when there is nothing to worry about. When my daughter just has a cold now I blow it out of proportion. what made me really think "this is not natural" is last night when watching a programme about house rennovations I began to worry about a crack in someone's wall! It was after that that I looked up this web site. I am stopping using Cerazette from today and intend to use alternative. I just hope my libido returns! (hmm)

bexiebabe Sat 22-Mar-08 22:09:48

I am utterly amazed by all your stories.
My son is 18 months and i have been on Cerazette for 5 monthsand recently i have become very depressed with horrid thoughts of harming myself or others. I had the same kind of feeling with PND but it had 95% gone before i started the pill. I have too been having horrific mood swings, put on weight (about 1 stone) and panic attacks. (not my usual self). I do not want any more kids (two already) and am worried that i will get pregnant even if we use condoms as they are less reliable! Any thoughts on this decision???


RedFraggle Sun 23-Mar-08 18:21:23

I have been using condoms since deciding to come off this pill. It's not ideal but I won't risk going back on a pill after the horrid experience I had. I am contemplating the mirena coil - but I will want to discuss it with my doctor first. Not sure what others are doing - any advice welcomed!

peachygirl Mon 24-Mar-08 17:11:49

I've been lurking on this thread as I was given cerezette when I couldn't remember which pill I was on previously.( new doctor and no records) I have also had horrific mood swings.
Before I got pregnant I did natural family planning I was trainedat the clinic. Temped and checked discharge (sorry blushTMI) and used a persona machine. I'm going to go back to this and use condoms too if necessary.

iggypop Thu 03-Apr-08 20:41:25

Well, I have been off cerazette now for 2/3 weeks and I feel a lot better already! My libido has returned, it's like being given a toy I forgot I had!!! I feel more level headed. One of the previous messages commented on terrible thoughts of harming herself or others, I had those thoughts and they have gone now. I just feel more normal again and relaxed. As for contraception - a tricky one, using sheath at mo.

katyt1 Sat 12-Apr-08 14:16:35

omg, so sorry for all of you suffering/who have suffered these side effects
i have just started taking cerazette (day 3), having had ds2 11 weeks ago and bfding.
no weird signs as yet but will tell dh to keep an eye out for weird behaviour.
plus my libido was zilch since having ds2 anyway so not sure if i'll notice blush.

lexilex Fri 20-Jun-08 22:03:30

hi ive just found this, i have been on this mini pill for a while now but also on anti-depressants, i went on anti-d's about 2 months after going on the mini pill, but i have a history of depression and was going through a really bad time with my family (again!) so just thought i had got me again, this has really got me thinking and have now made a docs app. i really didnt make any connection until reading this, ill let you know what the doctor has to say about it.

Eriu Thu 26-Jun-08 11:31:17

I have been on cerezete now for 3 weeks, I am suffering on and off bleeding ( 5 days on one day off and then back on) Im weepy have pelvic discomfort when I am not bleeding I have very little natural lubrication, My boobs feel like Ive had them in a vice and Im queezy.

I have 4 children and this is the firt time I have tried a CP, my Gyno said it was the best for me as Im a smoker.

I have booked myself into the gyno for next wednesday to hopefully get an answer , but if the bleeding has not stopped before then I will be comming off the pills no matter what he says

I do have to say it is probably the best contraceptive ever as I have not had sex since going on it but I do believe abstenance is free.

Just one quick question, I am off to England on holidays on the 8th of july and my appointment with my gyno is the 2nd. How long will it take for my body to go back to normal after stopping this pill?

simpson England Thu 26-Jun-08 21:12:20

I have been on cerazette for just under 3 mths now. Am v glad i found this thread. I sometimes feel I have a big black cloud over my head.I also feel so ANGRY sometimes. Thought it was due to DD and lack of sleep etc she is only 21 wks. My poor DH is being nagged & shouted at for no reason really. Definately going to doc's to change. Would another mini pill do the same?

RedFraggle Fri 27-Jun-08 09:33:39

Hi Lexilex, I too have a history of depression and so when I started feeling depressed I just thought "Well they did say I was at high risk of PND" and that's what we all thought. In my case we were wrong!

If you think it might be linked to Cerezette then it is worth speaking to your GP. Be prepared for them to say it is not linked (mine did) but I insisted I wanted to come off everything and we discussed the best way to do that and arranged for me to have regular phone calls (GP) and visits from the health visitor for about 3 weeks / month afterwards. This was very reassuring to me as I was worried I might spiral out of control as I had been so very depressed prior to seeking help.

Hi Eriu, I was back to normal mentally in a few days after stopping Cerazette, it didn't really seem to have a huge effect on my body though so I'm not sure about that. But I believe the hormones go back to normal pretty fast.

Hi Simpson, It is worth trying another pill - I was on a different mini-pill after my first child and I don't remember any side-effects from it (unfortunately I can't remember what it is to tell you though!) I think they all have slightly different compositions so there could be another one that suits you. Your GP will be able to help hopefully.

I've just come off cerazette too, i also got nausea and sore boobs with it

But i'm on a new pill now, and will wait to see what happens as only been taking them 3 days

lexilex Fri 04-Jul-08 18:32:10

hi red fragle, i spoke to my gp and he said i could come off the pill, so i have done and im also weaning off my ad's. gp said i should consider a non hormonal coil as the hormones have been affecting my depression, but im going to have a break from it all, i have been off cerazette for about a week and i feel back to normal already and im coping better even though i have alot going on at the moment, so i really think it was affecting me alot, hope all is ok? x

RedFraggle Sat 12-Jul-08 10:14:34

Hi Lexilex,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am still not using any hormonal birth control methods, I think DH would prefer I did but after me taking responsibility for contraception for over 10 years (and with the unbelievable effects it can have) I have just said it his turn now! smile

Let me know how you get on with the non-hormone coil if you do decide to give it a go.

I still feel fine. I am so glad I posted this thread now, at the time I thought people might think I was a bit bonkers!

nik76 Mon 14-Jul-08 06:15:25

OMG - is this why me and DH have been arguing so much??? nearly broke up over a bacon sarnie!!!!!! I'm defo shouting and saying things I wouldn't normally say - I'm the one who will say only what I truelly mean and would say out of an arguement but now full on shouting and have thought a few times that I am saying things to DH that I'm not happy about.

HAven't had any bleeding, thought was feeling a bit shitty due to DD AND there's no way she's going to ahve any brothers or sisters at this rate.

I had a problem with my pill years ago - it was the first one I had and was percribed by the hospital. After about 6 months DH was complaining that I was moody and not very happy most of the time, I stopped my pill and I was much better. Got a differenet one was all better - and on it for about 10 years before DD but BF so couln't stay on that one.

PS just told DH about my this and that it could all be down to this and he has told me that it could be or I'm just an akward bastard - bless him grin

Webstermum Wed 16-Jul-08 13:59:36

I'm taking Cerazette for Endometriosis - have anly been taking it for 2 weeks but feel terrible - nausea & really bad headaches. No bleeding though but really bad mid-month pain which I thought this pill was going to get rid of. Am supposed to take it ofr a 3 month trial but feel so bad don't know whether to continue or not?sad

Babymumma Wed 16-Jul-08 14:35:25

What a fantastic post! I was prescribed Cerazette at my 6 week check & I took myself off it about a month ago. I was unbearable to live with & started to obsess about everything & doubt my abilities as a wife/mum. I realised there was a problem when my dp got home from work one evening & I realised I had stomach ache from not going to the loo because I had cleaned it & wanted him to think I was a perfect housewife/mother. Also was really thirsty as had cleaned kitchen taps & didn't want to make them dirty!!! I am so much more relaxed now & actually started to feel better within a week Sex drive is coming back also wink.
It's good to know that I'm not the only one & to fully confirm my suspicions about that pill.

PazzaPlusTwo Sat 19-Jul-08 16:02:05

just stopped taking cerazette for the same reason - feeling like the world was about to end

I am definitely going to mention it to my GP and Yellow Card it

Can I suggest everyone also "Yellow Card"s it:

Fayzee Mon 21-Jul-08 20:17:09

Hello, I have been taking cerazette for over 2 years now and am confused as to why i was ever allowed to go onto it. I am nearly 23, healthy (up until point of starting cerazette) and am totally fed up of feeling the way i do. Until reading this thread i had no idea cerazette could worsen anxiety..?? I have severe anxiety issues! i have no sex drive and would rather cuddle than have sex, ,my periods are all over the place and i usually find myself having 3 sets of spotting a month. Not only is this costing a fortune but means i cant have sex anyway regardless of whether i wanted to or not!I have now started to have a headache most days, the doctor is convinced it isnt cerazette causing the problem but i have a gut instinct that it is..?? Anyone else experienced really bad migraine/headache with cerazette?? Please help anyone who can


RedFraggle Wed 23-Jul-08 21:54:07

Hi Fayzee, I didn't have headaches with Cerazette but I did used to get migraines when I was Marvelon many years ago. I used to get migraines everytime I stopped taking the pill for a bleed. Apparently it is linked to the hormone drop when you stop taking taking the pill and your body gets used to a certain level of hormone and when it vanishes it can trigger headaches (in some women who are susceptible.)
If you think the issue could be your pill, I suggest going back to your GP and asking to be changed to an alternative pill or plan to come off it for a few months to see. Your GP should be willing to help you with this if you suspect your pill. After all, pretty much every drug has some side effects for some people!
My GP was unsure it could be Cerazette causing my depression initially but did agree to monitor me while I stopped taking it (and anti-depressants too).

expatinscotland Wed 23-Jul-08 21:57:24

My psych consultant thought it was my Cerazette. Because otherwise, I hadn't changed ANYTHING - meds, routines, exercise, etc.

He was right!

Am pregnant again, but if DH weren't going for the snip after this one I'd be having sterilisation.

I can't use combined hormone contraception as have hypertension and really don't like the way the copper coil works so that pretty much leaves condoms and sterilisation as options.

bella22 Fri 01-Aug-08 11:21:25

I started on Cerazette 2 weeks ago to see what the side effects were as my doctor said they are simular to the implant. For the past couple of days though i've begun to feel quite ill physically and also very emotional, moody and just quite depressed. I had a niggly thought that it might all be connected to Cerazette, now these thoughts are pretty much confirmed!

lj100 Thu 14-Aug-08 11:38:32

Finding this message board has been one of the best things ever. After taking cerazette for three months, I went to the doctor after I started to have bad mood swings and generally feeling miserable, crying for no reason and totally disinterested in sex, but was told it was unlikely to have caused this. A year on after being told to keep going as my mood would regulate, my new doctor thinks this pill is most likely the cause and I've now stopped taking it. I was just wondering just how long it will be before i start to feel normal again!

RedFraggle Thu 14-Aug-08 20:19:55

Hi Lj100,
So sorry to hear you have been suffering. If you have stopped taking Cerazette and it was the cause of the moods and depression then you should start feeling better in a matter of a few days I think. It took less than a week for me to improve. I hadn't been on it for more than a few months so I'm not sure if it accumulates in your system though.
I hope you feel much better soon, just be kind to yourself for a while! smile

lilly2 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:25:51

please read this if only for your own sanity

thankyou thankyou

i have been home from work with anxiety i never have time of work, and reading this might of just saved me from more attacks, i am normally very calm i have delt with a marridge breakup and all the rubbish that comes with it whilst holding down a job, home and new baby. just started a new relationship after five years of being single and decided to go back on the pill was prescribed cerazette been on it for six months now the first three months were fine but just recently had a lot of on off bleeding lower pelvis pain and acne, also the most terrible mood swings panic attacks for no reason, worry about the most stupid things like if i drive down this road what is the likleyhood of me having an accident!!! or oh my god my headache is a brain tumour! also coincides with a bleed but never put two and two together until being signed off work and then having another bleed today started to get me wondering, so thankyou i will not be taking this pill tonight i want my life back if i could kiss you all i would xxxxxxxxxx

RedFraggle Sun 17-Aug-08 18:04:42

Oh Lilly2, my heart goes out to you.
I can definitely empathise, I was doing the irrational panic thing badly when I was on Cerazette. Was I about to crash? What if that bus mounts the pavement and runs us over? etc. It is horrid. I hope you start feeling better soon!

(I posted on here ages ago as katyt1)
Have decided to stop taking cerazette as of today.

Have discussed with dh and he agrees that i have not been myself, and it is getting worse
I snap at anything, go from happy to extremely fed up in seconds, ds1 drives me insane (well he might still do that but hopefully i'll react better!) and i have started worrying in ways i never used too, not as bad as anxiety attacks i don't think, just fretting about nonsense.

So having read all your accounts, i'm giving up. it's condoms from here on (until we ttc no3 that is!).....

here's hoping for a new me grin

tallbirduk Thu 21-Aug-08 16:14:54

I have just started on Cerazette - my baby is 8 weeks old and I am breastfeeding.

I started taking the pills 10 days ago and have been having a bit of spotting since yesterday - did anyone else have similar when starting on this pill?

I was suprised to see the blood as I am breastfeeding and it seemed a bit early - so wonder whether it could be the pills?

Any thoughts gratefully received!

firkingal Fri 22-Aug-08 09:31:01

Im new on this page, i was on cerazette for 9 months and had very bad panic attacks couldnt get out the house feeling that im going to faint, crying over nothing, i was put under the mental heath ,I was reading this page 2 weeks ago and ive stopped the cerazette thats two weeks ago now,,, i am feeling 100% better no more panic attaks or hot sweats, crying, those pills are the most powerfull thing ever, i wount be taking them again ever, im now wondering how long does it takr for your period to start again.

i'm wondering that too firkingal, been off the pill for 4 days now and feel like i'm back to the 'knicker checking' stage of never knowing when something's going to happen blush
will have to start carrying stuff with me i think!

lilly2 Sat 23-Aug-08 10:10:06

a liitle update for you all, not taken this nasty drug for eight days now feel so much better no anxiety or panic attacks my head feels so clear and i am so relaxed im sleeping through the night its great just one thing no sign of a period but hey im not going to worry about it whats the point this pill made my hormones spiral out of control so will take a while to settle down again it will happen when my body is ready. hope everyone is feeling as good as i do its a relief to no i am not going insane love to you all x x

mummyhill Sun 24-Aug-08 08:44:52

Since stopping this pill I have been steadily improving. I am not completely back to normal so think that I probably was having a depressive episode but that it was magnified/made worse by this pill. I have managed to reduce my Ad's and am plodding along ok atm. I think it is defiantly worth yellow carding this drug.

Still no af....

But I am def returning to my old self, much more positive and upbeat
Took about 10 days i reckon, so stick with it.

loopylizzy Fri 29-Aug-08 17:52:45

I am new on this page too, i goggled in cerazette last week to see side effects. I have been taking it for a year and in that time have become a different person, it was such a relief to see other people suffering in the same way due to cerazette, i really thought i was going mad sad. i have suffered severe mood swings, anxiety attacks complete loss of confidence and have been very tearful. My partner is on verge of giving up on me and i don't blame him. however i stopped taking the pill last friday and am feeling as though a big black cloud is being lifted from me, i feel so much calmer. it makes me angry that when i have been to GP they just offer anti depressants angry. thank goodness i found this page smile

firkingal Fri 29-Aug-08 20:13:32

Well ive been off cerazette for 3 weeks now and im nearly 100% normal, but im still waiting for my period, ive got all the syptoms but yet nothing. how long does it take for your period to go normal?

firkingal Fri 29-Aug-08 20:13:36

Well ive been off cerazette for 3 weeks now and im nearly 100% normal, but im still waiting for my period, ive got all the syptoms but yet nothing. how long does it take for your period to go normal?

meglet England Fri 29-Aug-08 20:26:49

I took Cezaratte for a few months after the birth of DS. It made me feel really miserable and panicky. As soon as came off it I felt so much better. I'm worried about what I will do if bf is successful this time as I won't take Cezarette again, hopefully there may be other options.

I had taken the pill (Dianette) for years and it never gave me any problems.

lilly2 Sun 07-Sep-08 14:01:01

*be warned*i felt great for the first 3 weeks!! ive just had my first period 4 weeks after coming off this pill and it is the worst period i have ever had in my life i have never had such a painfull heavy bleed ever not even after the birth of my daughter. ive no energy at all and am so tired spent 2 days in bed also had bad heart palpatations went to the doctors who is testing me for a thyroid problem now, i never had a problem until starting this pill and wish i never took it in the first place i blame this for my ill health at the moment i guess i still have some hormones in my system and am wondering how long they will take to settle down if i have to go through this again next month i dont no how i will cope

NattyBee Mon 08-Sep-08 19:43:50

Well I felt great for the first month and was so pleased that I was experiencing no side effects. Sadly it hasnt lasted! Like many of you I too have felt very down, quite tearful and depressed. I have just had baby number 3 and thought these symptoms were just a result of being busy and perhaps a bit run down. But now I feel like an invalid. I am very tired, have got an mouth ulcer that I cannot get rid of and am now taking antibiotics for mastitis and cystitis. Lovely!! I am breastfeeding my daughter of 4 months and cant stand feeling like this anymore. So after reading through all the experiences I am going to stop taking it. I think the problem is it is a gradual process and we dont realise how bad it is making us feel till we stop taking it. I am usually very healthy and full of beans so its rather a shock to feel so fragile. Good luck to you all !!

lexilex Wed 10-Sep-08 09:26:32

hi i cant believe how many people have suffered the same problem with this pill, i have been off this pill since my last post and have felt so much better,
ive had alot of relationship stuff i have been going through recently and i know that if i was still on the pill there is noway i could have coped with it all. i did think about have a coil but have decided against it to give my body a break from being forced to do whats not natural.lol. anyway i hope your all feeling better now. xxxx

lilly2 Thu 11-Sep-08 19:15:02

just a little advice have been told the hormones can stay in your body for at least 4 months and a soya supplement is good to take it helps with eastrogeon levels. hope this is of help to anyone

having af now, finally think that's about a month off cerazette...

boocatholic Sat 04-Oct-08 18:00:46

Hi, I've today googled cerazette due to my unsatisfactory symptoms I'm having and am shocked to find these comments, thank you for posting them.
I've been on Cerazette mini-pill for about two years (can't believe it's that long!). I was put on Cerazette after having key hole surgery and a cist removed from my filopian tube (I had two and they left the other cist in my womb - eek). They said it would 'give my body a rest'. I have always had severe periods every month since they started (about 20 years ago)and am bedridden every month (with one or two exceptions) being sick and feeling like dying kinda stuff. This has disrupted my work life considerably being off sick and I've indeed lost jobs to this health issue.
Due to having open heart surgery as a child I am not allowed to take the full pill due to extra health risks that they carry and I can only be put on the mini-pill according to my present doctor hense going on the mini-pill.
My symptoms on this cerazette pill are that I've had boils-spots on my face constantly now, although the strange thing is that these spots and boils have been there permanently (not intermittantly) since about a year or so ago, so did not have them say the first 10 months. I was going through a stressful time about a year ago so thought it was stress spots or something! Then I was diagnosed with being allergic to cats (of which I have two for about 5 years now!) so I've been thinking my symptoms are the cats and was for a short while taking hay fever tablets they mild form-forget the name. I've stopped them about two weeks ago. Then also two weeks ago, (as I was abroad for a week),I started to take half my mini pill (yes I actually cut them tiny little pills in half with scissors!)Last night I just didn't take the half pill due to someone commenting on my spots while I was out at a bar for the first time in months. My appearance is no longer a happy one and I just don't want to be sociable, also the mini-pill has made me put on weight. I noticed this as soon as I started taking the pill and was quite pleased at the time, as I'd been previously under weight a year before that (about nearly 3 stone!-due to stress). And I was also please as my boobs were a bit bigger!! Now from my holiday pics, I have been more shocked and my eyes more opened to my health problem. My bottom part of my face almost looks like it reacting to something and swollen,(my eyes look kinda sunken) and my weight is just not right and too big. Also Symptoms are fatigue, I've not had a full time job for some time(I had a cleaning job about a year ago and had to lay down before going to it-just two hours a day job!I had a full time job at high school for a couple of weeks, but had to reduce my days (it was temping so this was easy to do), but my anxiety got that in the morning after going to the loo, I'd start coughing, which turned into 'reaching' then trying to throw up into the loo, but then just sobbing into the toilet! (which actually made me feel so relieved) then I'd start yawning- and have to lie down! The job is known to be a fairly stressful one, so thought it was the job -or just me as I had depression in my teens due to family situation, and counselling in my 20's etc.
I'm a bit worried about lilly's warning of the worst period pain ever when coming off cerazette, and would like to know if this is other people's experience too? As my periods were always bad anyhow. I just lived in fear of them. Going on cerazette gave me relief, and took a lot of fear out of my life. I had bad pmt before cerazette, and this was reduced for a while when taking cerazette, but I still have anger bursts but not quite like before, this may be that a stressful period is now over in personal circumstances so hard to measure it.
I just feel cross and fed up though now with my symptoms.-mainly the fatigue,anxiety,rash/spot/boily face and weight. I guess I ought to tell my GP what I'm doing, I hate the docs.and pills.
Thank for your post again. x

Nyasmum Wed 08-Oct-08 06:53:42

Thanks for everyone who's posted here. I can't believe its taken me so long to make the connection, I've been on Cerazette for a year. Yesterday i realised that I started feeling depressed around the same time i started on the pill. Also had the anxiety and zero sex drive. It's been a very difficult year, I really hope the cerazette is to blame. DH and I have just decided to stop taking it and see what happens.

lifeisgood Wed 08-Oct-08 16:18:32

I have been on cerazette on and off for about 2 years now. I had been on the combined pill for about 5 years before this until I was told migraine sufferers should not take the combined pill (why had it taken 5 years for a Dr to alert me to this?!) and that the mini pill was better. The first time I took cerazette I was on it for about 9 months and had no problems at all. I have a history of depression and had not been off my happy pills long before I started cerazette. Unlike some of the poor ladies on here, I did not have any problem with mood swings or feeling down. I felt quite emotional for the first 2 weeks I started taking it but I guessed that was the change in hormone levels in my body. I did not have one period in the 9 months I was on it which for me, was great. I stopped taking it due to very painful boil like spots on my face. I did not have a face full, just one or two at a time but as soon as one went, another started to appear! However, when I stopped taking it, I had very painful and heavy periods, which I never used to suffer from before I took the POP. So after about 4 months I went back on cerazette. That was 9 months ago and again the painful and unsightly spots have reappeared. I would say the advantages for me are no periods, larger breasts (I was an A cup before and I love my fuller boobs!)and no adverse affect on my history of depression. The only disadvantage for me is these spots - it sounds like a small price to pay for what is otherwise, I think, an excellent pill, but they are affecting my confidence. My husband and I are looking to start a family next year so combined with the acne, that is my reason for stopping this pill however I would definitely consider it again in the future. I am so sorry to hear that so many of you have had such a rough ride on cerazette. Thank you all for your posts x

tetti Tue 14-Oct-08 19:13:12

Thank god for this thread!I thought I was going mad,and it's all down to this blooming pill.I am coming off it this minute!!!
Went from being a very happy person to seriously depressed,and all that's changed is that pill!
Was prescribed it to deal with bad pmt(mood swings),but instead it just gave me permanent moodswings!

FullMoonHowler Fri 17-Oct-08 10:04:07

wow, this thread actually confirms what I always suspected and after years I stopped taking cerazette. I'd been on the combined for a few years, very happy with it, unitl one day I just couldn't see from one eye and developed migraines so was put on the mini pill. after not long I was on the cerazette I felt very depressed. Thought it had to do with stressful house move and having FIL living with us for nearly 2 months (he's a very exhausting person to be around and always end up having big arguments...). I got to the point of being very suicidal and in a very critical moment I thought that no matter what was going on, it wasn't enough for me to get in that state. Went to the GP and told him how I was feeling and thought it could be the pill. His answer was "are you sure there's nothing making you depressed" and offered antidepressants. was quite p'd off, as I thought that there was no need for that straight away, just wanted to try a different pill. So went home, threw away the cerazette and within days I felt absolutlely fine! But felt so ashamed of what I nealry did that I've never told anyone, and all because of a stupid pill!! such a big relief to have the confirmation I was right! though I tried different mini-pills (unfortunately I seem to get nearly 2-3 wks of bleeding and spotting with all of them so won't take them again), none had the same effect.

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 10:10:11

I WAS PERSCRIBED A MINI PILL opps caps, when dd was 4 weeks old as i was bf,

within days i was depressed, i was crying, not coping, telling dp i was an awful mum, thinking i couldnt love dd,

one night all came to a head and dp suggested i stop taking it just incase it was having an effect,

i stopped and within 3 days i was totally normal again,

<<goes to find pack to get pill name>>

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 10:21:50

yep, same one shock

zazen Fri 17-Oct-08 10:22:20

Hello all!

This happened to me also - I was prescribed Noriday - norgestimate - three months after DD was born, as I was b/f and I think it really wrecked my experience of being a mum.
Within days I had searing headaches and by the end of the months I was considering suicide 'you'll all be better off without me' was my sobbing mantra.

It's a nightmare - my OLD GP was unsympathetic, and told me that I was to let it settle down, but I quit taking it after one month. My poor DH had had enough of seeing me wailing and collapsing in tears, whilst holding my throbbing head. DD was getting spooked.

After a months or two of taking St John's wort and going natural - no pills - I began to make up lost ground. But that first christmas was HORRIFIC.

I still feel angry at my GP, (and myself TBH) for telling me that there were no side effects and that I should carry on taking it, to let it settle, even though I knew my body was telling me enough.

The mini pill stole my babymoon!

These stories are al so awful - i hope you all have the same effect coming off as i have.
I'm still the same stroppy sod i've always been wink but without the crazy mood swings.
also an added plus, i've started losing weight, really easily, so far grin
must be hormonal as i'm still bf and still eating quite a lot.

Good luck to everyone coming off it

ZamMummy Mon 20-Oct-08 14:41:31

Another one to add to the list here! I suffer from depression/anxiety from time to time anyway and, lo and behold, as soon as I started on the minpill/POP when DS2 was 2mo, back came the symptoms..... I came off that one (can't remember the name) and after a couple of months tried Cerazette. Exactly the same thing happened. DH even asked me if I needed to get away on my own, he was so worried about me getting angry with DS1 (he's 2.5, he's annoying at times, but still shock)
I stopped taking it (we have called it the psycho pill) 10 days ago and am feeling better but still not myself, how long have others found it takes to get out of the system? Am interested in the post about soya supplement to increase oestrogen levels, I always feel on top of the world when pg so maybe could do with a bit of topping up? But would that affect BF?

Nyasmum Mon 27-Oct-08 08:22:03

Hi again, It's been 3 weeks since I stopped taking Cerazette and thought it was worth an update. Within the first week I started feeling different, felt so free. My DH says it's like I'm back to the old me and thats exactly how I feel, like I'm me again. I've always been a laid back relaxed person, don't let things get to me, except for the last year that is. I still notice the same little annoying things my DH does but I can actually think logically and realise that it's no big deal so why let it get to me. A big difference compared to a month ago when I could barely go 2 days without getting hugely upset and angry at DH for silly little things. I'm enjoying life and marriage again for the first time in over a year. Not sure yet if I even want to consider another type of pill, too scared it will have the same effect. Anyone have ideas? If this pill effected me so bad will they all be the same? thanks


I wasn't on Cerazette but have had bad experiences with both types of mini-pill I tried. These were Micronor (exactly same suicidal depression that people report on the Cerazette - was on for 3 months and it nearly ruined my relationship at the time - was 19) and Femulen (was on for 3 years - more mood swings and PMS than the grinding depression I felt with Micronor). With the Femulen I thought it was just 'the new me' and DP hadn't known me long enough really to think anything else sad. I came off it on holiday when I'd accidentally run out and I felt much better. I went back on it and within days the mood swings started again. DP threw them in the bin for me!

I now no longer bother with any hormonal methods as I am scared to, to be honest.

ShePeeTeePee Mon 27-Oct-08 08:42:37

Yes, I think I experienced something similar but only recognised it in retrospect. I went on to have a Mirena IUS a couple of years later - and those hormones had an even more disastrous effect on me. I wonder how we can get some of this annectdotal evidence channeled back to the medical or pharmaceutical communities. Doctors still just seem to look in wonderment, and say 'well it shouldn't do'.

MadisonT Mon 27-Oct-08 13:45:33

Ive only been on cerazette for 10 days and already suffering mood swings and spots appearing on my face, tingly fingers and dont know whether to keep taking in the hope it gets better, any advice? Im on it to see if it gets rid of my migraines but I dont know which is worse?

mummyhill Mon 27-Oct-08 16:55:55

My Migraines were actually worse when I was on this pill I get far fewer since I stopped taking it.

ShePeeTeePee Tue 28-Oct-08 11:14:43

MadisonT - it didn't actually make my migraine worse (unlike the combined pill). I only took it for three months, but during that time I had near constant regular (i.e. not migraine) headaches as well.

MadisonT Tue 28-Oct-08 13:57:09

Ive decided to stop it after reading all the posts here because it doesnt sound like it gets any better, is it worth trying alternative POP or are they all the same?

ShePeeTeePee Tue 28-Oct-08 15:58:25

Can't really say for someone else, but I've tried enough hormonal contraception now to decide they are just not for me. I suppose at least with pills you can just stop taking them (unlike implants or mirena). Really weird to think much of my late teenage neurosis was probably less due to the confusion of young adulthood, but due to a poor contraceptive choice. Even a simple questionnaire given to patients both before changing contraception and again a couple of months in could help stop this misery.

suey2 Tue 28-Oct-08 16:50:42

thank you op!
I am on ad having been diagnosed with pnd. I started with cerazette after dd was born. Previous combined pill ok so I will go back to that right away.

ShePeeTeePee Tue 28-Oct-08 17:01:20

Ok, have just seen the "yellow card" link from a previous poster (PPT) to the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority. Am filling it in now.


amz1234 Tue 28-Oct-08 18:53:14

ive been on cerazette fo around 8 months now, and gradually ive found myself become more and more depressed, crying for no reason, shouting at my bf for no reason. town as i have no confidence! i cant look at anyone in im sick of feeling like this and want to be myself again, ive never been depressed before or selfconsious! ive also gained loads of weight and my sex drive has gone my bf is lucky if i want it once in 2weeks, ive only come up with the conclusion that it could be the pill and thanks to all you guys i now no it is!! im going to go to the gp tommorow. thank you

Claire236 Thu 30-Oct-08 08:25:01

I had a horrible experience on Cerazette but had been on another mini-pill before that without any problems. Maybe change to a different type rather than avoiding the pill altogether.

amz1234 Mon 03-Nov-08 18:19:27

sorry for my confusing post there dont no what happened, well i missed the pill the other day and thought wot the hell may aswell stop and see how i feel, so far so goog im only in my 2nd day but already feel happier and now im goin to the docs on tues to sort a non hormonal contreceptive ie coil or something. and i cant wait to get my sex drive back and im sure my bf cant either!! thanks guys you have been a great help!!

danni25 Fri 07-Nov-08 10:25:31

Hi All,

I'm so glad i have found this site - I've been on Cerazette for 4 months, 9 years ago i was put on Dianette as i suffered from really bad skin from the age of about 13 (am now 25) - i was moved from Dianette to Cilest about 4 years ago and then after i mentioned that i was having migraines they moved me to the mini pill...and what a nightmare it has been...funnily enough the first 2 months were ok, then all of a sudden my skin has got really bad, spots on my neck, back and face - even in my hair line...for me this was awful (vain i know!) but after struggling for years to clear up my skin i feel as if i have reverted right back to how i was when i was 14/15 with no self confidence and starting to feel as though i dont want to go out because my skin is so bad! I'm angry at the docs for putting me on cerazette especially as they know how my skin reacts - I dont know how my skin will react if i come off it either, will it it improve (due to no progesterone) or will it go back to how my skin was when i was 15 (because my skin needs both estrogen and progesterone to look relatively normal)!!! Anyway, the other side effect is that i have been losing some of my hair, if i was to run my hands through it i would have about 7 or 8 strands a time...it just feels really week and thin...which has never happened before...i have just read elsewhere that this can happen when on this pill! The worse thing is the moods...real black clouds, extreme anxiousness and becoming really angry at the drop of a hat...i dont seem to remember being like this on the other pills (although i have always been called a grumpy cow!)...The only problem is that I have been on so many pills for so long that i dont know where they finish and I begin...i have never 'not' been on the pill in my adult life! I have decided though (after a really emotional/teary morning of trying to cover my spots) that I am not taking todays pill, i want to see what i am like without taking any form of hormone, i want to see if my skin is playing up because i am on this pill and i am curious to see what my skin is like without any form of hormone in my system to see whether it has 'grown up' or whether it is this pill that is making it bad again...i want to see if my hair gets thicker and i really want to see what kind of person i am without this pill, will i be calmer and less angry/teary!!! My boyfriend is fully supportive as i dont thinks he likes how irrational i am at times so he has given me the thumbs up...so here goes...no more pills! I will write back in a week or so and let you know how things are going (in a way i am really excited!)...Keep strong ladies!

Good luck danni
Glad your bf is being supportive, will be v interesting to hear how it all works out for you.

dietfreak Fri 07-Nov-08 11:57:53

Hi There,

I've only been on Cerazette for 2 weeks, I was previously on Marvelon for 15 years but was taken off it because I am over 35 and smoke, I tried Micronor but this only had a 3 hour window for taking it so was put on this. Bad move, although I have only taken it a short while my moods have changed, can't stop crying, I'm newly married but my libido has nearly disapeared. My husband is understanding but I dont think I can carry on with this pill. Considering the coil but not sure, if not then hubby will have to have the snip!!

meanmutha Wed 12-Nov-08 14:12:28

Help!I have been taking this pill for about 6 weeks. Just having my first period on it and instead of lasting the usual 5/6 days I am now on day 10! And its still running bright red, if slowly, sorry tmi! Putting me off sex and reading these posts fills me with dread! I mean, assuming my period stops sometime soon, will I get into a less bloody cycle? Because its not worth it otherwise. How long should I bleed before going to docs?!

amz1234 Wed 12-Nov-08 19:31:21

meanmutha, i understand how you are feeling ive stoped cerazette now for a week and omg i feel fantatic, my libido is back on form and no more crying at the drop of a hat!! i wanted the coil but the docs didnt want me to so on an other pill micronor, ive been on it before and i had no probs with it mayb try that before the coil, i think we all need to make a stand against the 'evil' cerazette!!

I stopped taking cerazette about a fortnight ago, and have re-discovered the sound of my own laugh, which had been missing during the months I took this pill. I'm feeling less depressed and distressed and anxious

RedFraggle Sun 16-Nov-08 22:20:47

Blimey! I'm half glad that it wasn't just me that this pill sent insane and half of me is very sad that so many people have been miserable due to this pill.

Can I just recommend again that if you have had a bad experience with Cerazette (or another pill) you can yellow card it by either going to https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/ as linked by PPT, or by contacting your GP or Health Visitor directly.

I really feel that this pill should come with a warning that it can cause serious mental health issues, suicidal thoughts and depression rather than just the vague comment of "mood swings" buried in the list of other minor side effects.

Thanks for posting everyone, it's good to keep this relatively bumped for any other women who are prescribed this drug in the future.

KTea Tue 25-Nov-08 11:04:14

help...I've just got back from my new doctors...my first appointment cus I was running out of Dianette pill...was telling him about the awful migranes I've been having for the past 3 years and straight away he told me no more dianette (orginally put on that pill by my old doctor for bad skin), and swopped me to Cerazette for contraception. He told me to perhaps use other contraceptive methods too, such as the inplant..that got me worried, how effective is Cerazette as a contraceptive if he recommends other contraception??
I decided to look it up before even thinking about taking one and now I'm really nervous! I am an anxious person as it is, with very low self esteem... blush I don't want this to become any worse! Esp cus I've just moved away from home and started uni (hence having a new doc).. the only "side effects" the doc mentioned was periods not being as "organised"...which is one reason I thought Dianette was great...
So help me ladies! Should I take this pill and "wait and see"? Is it an effective contraceptive? Are the periods/bleeding REALLY that sporadic/bad?

Lolly1234 Wed 26-Nov-08 21:57:14


I can't believe there are so many posts on here about bad experiences with Cerazette! It's a shame but its also kind of comforting to know I'm not the only one

I was on Microgynon for a couple of yrs with no probs til I started getting headaches (which were most likely tension as I was buying a house! ). Doc put me on Cerazette, I got home, read online reviews and thought "no way" but when I went back to doc she convinced me I should try it as everyone's reaction to it is different.Started taking it and was paranoid I would get side effects but thought I was ok apart from generally feeling a bit yucky most of the time. Then suddenly started getting breathless, thought it was my asthma but doc told me it was anxiety and panic attacks. I asked if it could be the Cerazette, she said "I don't think so" and didn;t look it up or anything! Was given an anti-depressant, had a bad reaction and came off after 2 days, basically been suffering with panic attacks for 4 months now and at my wits end, waiting for a counselling appointment to come through. I suddenly thought, what if the Cerazette is causing it, looked on here and couldn't believe it ! Stopped taking it a week ago now, was really pinning all my hopes on this being it but so far no change. Sleeping badly, wake up every night with severe nausea and stomach cramps, horrible taste in my mouth, still anxious. Went back to doc yesterday, his answer was to offer me Yasmin (I thought you couldnt take a combined pill if you've had headaches??!! That was what the other doc told me!) and a differnet anti=depressant I keep hoping once the pill gets out of my system I will magically feel better, but its a struggle.

Caz6422 Fri 28-Nov-08 12:45:39

I've been on anti-depressants for a while, and Microgynon for years. A month ago my nurse changed me to Cerazette. My moods changed within a week, I could go from high to low in the space of 10 minutes. And the lows were very low, couldn't stop crying. Two weeks ago I took an overdose, which even my GP can't believe. No one asked me about my Pill. Yesterday I went back to the nurse, and asked about the side-effects of Cerazette. She mentioned mood swings and depression and has brought me off it immediately. I'm hoping it's going to solve the problem, but seeing all these messages is now making me really angry - someone should have picked up on the link between Cerazette and severe depression. I might not be here now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once the pill is out of my system things will improve...

joey38 Fri 28-Nov-08 15:02:21

Oh wow - finding this discussion has totally saved me!! My doctor changed me from Microgynon to Cerazette about 2 months ago, due to my age, even though I don't have any of the risks associated with the combined pill, e.g. high blood pressure, history of strokes etc. I didn't think much of it, as I've never had any problem with the contraceptive pill before. About 6 weeks ago, I experienced my first ever panic attack, which obviously frightened the life out of me. The 6 weeks following that have been an absolute misery for me. I've felt constantly anxious, as though something terrible is about to happen, even when in the safety of my home. I've been tearful for no apparent reason, I haven't wanted to go out of the house or see anyone, I've been constantly tired, and really wanting to do nothing other than crawl under the duvet and hide. I've had terrible dark thoughts, and I couldn't figure out why I was feeling like this, as nothing particularly stressful had happened or changed in my life during that period. I was reluctant to go to the doctor, as I didn't want to be put on anti-depressants, especially as I couldn't think of any reason why I would suddenly have become depressed!! Last week, I was telling a friend about how awful I had been feeling. She asked me if I was taking any kind of Pill, as she had known a friend suffer in a similar way. I was a bit sceptical, but finally on Sunday, after breaking down into tears once again for no apparent reason, I googled Cerazette and found this site. I was absolutely gobsmacked to read so many similar stories. I stopped taking it straight away, and even within 48 hours I started to feel 'normal' again. I'm now 5 days off it, and I feel like someone has switched the lights back on in my head. I'm enjoying going out again, my boyfriend is so relieved to have 'me' back, and I feel sooooo much better and happy. I've been back to my doctor and she has put be back onto Microgynon. I haven't started it yet, as waiting for my cycle to get back to normal. I'm a bit nervous about taking another pill after this awful experience, but I've been OK with it before, so will give it a go. First sign of any problems though and I'm off it!! I would advise anyone taking Cerazette that if you start to feel any of these terrible symptoms, stop it straight away. I really don't think it gets any better, and for me it was a totally evil pill.

Caz6422 Fri 28-Nov-08 15:59:53

I agree, and I'd go even further and say if you have a history of depression just dont take the risk with it - it's not worth it. I can't wait for it to come out of my system now, hopefully it'll be quick and I'll get back to normal. I've been advised by the doc to take Microgynon again straight away, although I'm a bit nervous about another Pill - but I've taken it before so hopefully it'll be ok.

NikkiMc72 Sun 30-Nov-08 14:25:53

I am so pleased to have stumbled accross this site when googling cerezette.
I started taking it about 6 weeks ago and 5 of these weeks I have slowly been becoming more and more depressed. This last week has been a nightmare. I have been off sick from work ,done nothing but cry, have panic attacks,terrible headaches, and awful thoughts that I am going to die!
My partner suggested the possible link and I came off the pill on Friday, already the headaches are beginning to subside.
Back on femulen for me!
Thanks again, hopefully I will quickly be on the mend!
This site is fabulous, made my day. Thank you

HS1 Sun 30-Nov-08 20:27:43

Just to repeat the previous posts really and say thanks because without reading these posts I would probably still be thinking it was in my mind. I have been on Cerezette for 5 months. Usually a very happy go lucky kind of person but since changing from Mercilon because of headaches I have been very anxious, depressed, argueing lots with DH and have lots of spots around my hairline. Also had an increase in appetite and loss of sex drive. Went to GP and they changed pills but I can't bear feeling like this anymore so decided to stop taking any and give my body a complete break.

Lolly1234 Thu 04-Dec-08 09:47:21

Hi, just an update on my story - I've been off Cerazette now for about 10 days and I really do believe now that it was what caused my Anxiety and panic attacks. I'm feeling better within myself and more in control phsycologically but this pill is still not completely out of my system yet, its hanging on for dear life and making me feel yucky on and off physically - I had bad nausea and metallic taste in my mouth for the first few days (GP said this was normal withdrawal reaction) and dizzyness. Still keep getting these weird numb, tingly sensations every couple of days and a racing pulse. Its quite scary, I'm just trying to hold on and hope it will be over soon. I just wanted to let anyone else having weird reactions coming off Cerazette to know about mine. Good luck!

suzybare Sun 07-Dec-08 14:55:06

I cant believe how many people feel the same as me-im not going bonkers
ive tried Microgynon marvelon and cilest-all send me bonkers hormonal crazy.
The Doctor recommended Cerazette saying it should react differently. but i feel like ive stepped a few years back into the twilight zone.

my symptoms are: really bad spots-like boils around cheek and hairline, no sex drive, no self esteem/confidence, feel like i cant cope with daily life stressors, dont feel like going out anywhere, wanna stay in bed/the house, arguing with fiance over the studipist things, crying all the time, poor sleep quality, bizarre throbbing pain in right leg (not linked to anything), no energy, feel weak.

im normally a strong person, who cant sit still for 5 mins, loads of energy, self esteem and confidence.

im going to take myself off these pills and see how i feel over the next week-il keep you posted.

im sure this will please my fella too, instead of walking on eggshells and counselling me.

joey38 Thu 11-Dec-08 17:53:02

Hi - further to my previous post, I now have a question for everyone who stopped taking this pill. I came off it over 2 weeks ago now, and decided to wait until my next period before I started back on the comined pill. My pack of Cerazette that I stopped would have been finished last Friday had I kept taking it, so I would have expected my period any time from then. There is no sign!! Did anyone else take a while to get back to normal? I can't decide whether to just accept that my body is readjusting after coming off this horrible pill that does stop your periods, or start to get worried that I may be pregnant!! Any ideas??

JustKeepSingingCarols Thu 11-Dec-08 17:56:15

Took me a month iirc to have a period.

hawkes85 Thu 11-Dec-08 20:40:43

hi everyone, can i just say how happy i am that i found this site! i have been on cerazette for nearly 2 years now. at first i thought this was an amazing pill i didnt have any periods which i was glad about because i was put on microgynon when i was 13 for seriously bad irregular and painful periods, my periods had always been bad, the night i started them when i was 11 it looked like there had been a murder it was so bad!! I'm 23 now and i have been on most combined pills, cerazette being the first pop as i put on weight so had to be put on a pop. i didnt get on well with any pill except yasmin, and although i still had periods on yasmin and they were still painful i knew when they were coming so it was ok until they put me on cerazette.... the past 18 months have been real hell for me... and i'm now even more worried that the cause of all this depression and upset have been caused by cerazette! and to think if i hadnt been put on it i would be alot happier now... but anyway i have stopped taking it now because i am a complete emotional wreck... i cry for no reason and i recently started a new job due to being made redundant and i am a complete mess! i can't do stuff and i get frustrated because i know that i have always been a strong person.. it would take a hell of a lot to get me crying but now the smallest thing and i'm crying and once i start cying it dont stop for ages.. its like a floodgate has been opened! in may last year i went through a really rough patch, kept having panic attacks at work and running into the toilets to cry for hours at a time while my manager was outside wondering what was going on, i also started arguing with my mum alot until she kicked me out! i went to my doctors and he put me on prozac, i was on prozac for 2 months and while i was on them i was an even worse emotional wreck! so i stopped them and just had councilling. i thought i was having a breakdown and thought i was free of it but then i had a car crash and then got made redundant and started my new job and its started all over again! crying for no reason, panic attacks, mood swings, guilt, low self esteem, no confidence etc etc i went to the fpc who prescribe me my pills and told them i was depressed and was convinced it was cerazette and the nurse told me i'd put on over a stone in 3 months and it was my weight causing me to be upset even though i explained that i had once been big and happy (and i dont even consider myself to be that big! a size 16 - average size for uk woman...) but obv the nurse knew best... and i left with a 6 month supply of cerazette and agreed that i would go off and put myself on a diet and do more exercise. yesterday i had another emotional breakdown at work and came home and searched for emotional side effects of cerazette and found this site!!! and oh my days now i am convinced that its this pill! all the misery started after i started this pill but ive always been moody (probably because of being on the pill) and thats not my only bad side effect.. i have had tingling fingers, headaches which i had never suffered from before but i thought it was eye strain... spots like boils on my chin and cheeks, strange warm feeling in my legs (dunno if this is related) weight gain (over a stone in 3 months) i always feel hungry too and i saw someone had mentioned symptoms of pregnancy, i crave particular foods now and i didnt before such as tuna lol i also feel depressed, anxious, suicidal, discontent generally, and like a fat ugly mess to be honest but yesterday i stopped taking the pill and i will keep you posted on how i feel. i have a question for people who have already stopped taking cerazette. how long was it until you had your first period and was it worse than normal? i am really dreading mine! i'm sorry this is so long! i just really wanted to get it all out and thank you if you have taken the time to read it

hawkes85 Thu 11-Dec-08 21:25:22

i forgot to mention i have been suffering from sore itchy boobs blush no sex drive and i have noticed that i'm growing a faint moustache... can cerazette cause facial hair?? also hopelessness, terrible mood swings like feeling great one minute and miserable the next.

rocksanta Fri 12-Dec-08 09:45:39

Joey - don't want to worry you but I would do a test. I was on cerazette and came off it for all the reasons people have talked about here. I know other people have different experiences but I have worked out that I conceived either just before or just after I came off it - shock turns to grin

I am like a new person off this pill!
Was put on it when dd was 6 weeks , she now 11 mths.
JKS sent me over here and am glad she did.
Stpped it straight away and the fog has lifted!

Hi everyone! This all sounds soooo familar! Over the last 6 months on this pill i was terrible, never felt worse in my life! I Have 3 DC and when i went back to the Dr to complain about the side effects i was told it was prob the stress of having young children! I was tearful grumpy tired just all round shit! No sex drive, after being of this for a few days felt so much better! I have been of this for 6 weeks now and feel great, but no period? Done 2 tests and both negative. I Had probs with my PCOS before i had children i am now concerned that i have triggered them off again by using this pill. Any advice? Thanks for this thread its nice to know that your not alone! xxxx

leerachel Thu 15-Jan-09 12:09:27

Actually it isnt my own experience, but my daughters.

3years ago my daughter began taking Cerazette following the premiture birth of her daughter, she had a pretty tough birth, but appeared to cope with it amazingly, she had always been a person that was able to cope with most things in life and see a positive, however, at her post natal visit, the doctor put her on the mini-pill Cerazette and within days her personality changed, she began having mood swings, sometimes so irrational it was really hard for those around her to understand, she would cry a lot and everything seemed negative, she suffered headaches, her confidence seemed to plummet and she started having thoughts of self harming. she was told that she would not have a period but around every two months she would bleed extremely heavily. My grandaughter died when she was only a few months old and the doctors considered some of my daughters simptoms to be related to this, (even though she had them before the loss of her baby) however three years on they continue, she has self harmed on more than one occation and it appears to come in a cycle, she is such a wonderful woman and before being put on Cerazette she never suffered with any of these things, she was strong, bubbly and a sheer charm to be with, it is agony to watch my beuitiful daughter suffer in this way. She has been to councelling and has the support of mental health.
In desperation I began to monitor the 'dark' episodes and there was definately a pattern, The Phsycologist is in agreement that there appears to be a cycle to this and it is not classic depression, bypolar or any of the 'usual', however I am supprised they have not investigated this pill.
I googled Cerazette and was absolutly shocked to see how may other women appeared to be suffering the same symptoms. Why is this pill still on the market, why is it that it isnt being given a yellow card to be investigated. I am aware that there appears to be a minority of women who do not appear to get these symptoms and I am very glad that they are ok but on balance the amount of women who do is alarming... this needs real investigation, who knows how many women have actually taken there life and it hasnt been investigated!!

PetitFilou1 Thu 15-Jan-09 13:25:26

To the original op I came off this pill after two weeks after experiencing bleeding every day, severe breast pain and terrible mood swings. However I do know several women who have taken it and experienced no side effects whatsoever. To be fair the potential side effects are clearly listed in the accompanying patient leaflet. You need to read it carefully if you are thinking of taking it (not that I am suggesting your daughter didn't).

Bex1985 Tue 20-Jan-09 22:27:01

I am so glad i have found this website. For the last two years i have been taking this pill and i have not been myself but could never pin point what was wrong. Over the last six months i have been a nightmare to be with. Im 23 and have been married to my wonderful husband for over three years. how he has coped with my for the last few years ill never know and recently he has asked me to make an appointment with the doctor because he cant cope anymore.

in desperation i decided to google cerezette and depression and was shocked by what i found, if only i had done this months ago.
I am constantly nagging and shouting at my husband at the smallest insignificant things for no reason. I have just got the job i have always wanted and have no energy to get up in the morning, all i want to do is sleep, ive put over two stone on, i constantly crave the wrong fatty foods. i cry for no reason and have nasty mood swings and thoughts! Oh and i have no sex drive what so ever, which made my husband think i no longer wanted to be with him but that was not the case but along with the moodiness what was he suppose to think?

after reading this site i will no longer be taking this pill and hopefully i will get better and my marriage will survive this!
i will keep this site updated and hopefully the fun, outgoing Bex will be back!

pillpuzzled Thu 22-Jan-09 22:05:12

any links between cerrazette & vaginal discharge....?!!(blush)

JammyApples Sat 24-Jan-09 14:38:25

My experience with Cerazette....

Month 1: I had a 3 week period.
Month 2: a 2 week period.
Month 3: a 1 week period.

During this time I had mood swings tiredness and ALOT of spots! It was like going through puberty again everything was pretty bad (I'm 30!) then on the fourth month I had no period but was still getting alot of spots but by the fifth/sixth month it was like a magic switch had been flicked the spots disappeared, obviously my body had adjusted and now I feel great - better than I have for the past 10 years!

I used to get very heavy periods and very tired, there is a history in my family of heavy periods and anaemia. My auntie died only a few weeks ago because of this, if only she had been able to take this pill and avoid those heavy periods then maybe things would have been different.

For me the 4-6 months of hell while my body adjusted were worth every minute for the new lease of life it has given me now. I think it is a bit harsh for the lady who thinks this pill should be withdrawn because we all react differently and for anyone whose life is being ruined by their periods then just maybe this is your answer. Just give it 6 months while your body adapts and decide then. I've even managed to lose a stone in weight because I am not so tired all the time and I don't have to miss gym classes because of painful periods!

hawkes85 Sun 25-Jan-09 12:26:58

I stopped taking Cerazette 2 months ago now and still no period? did anyone else experience this and how long until u did come on?

silentlywondering Mon 26-Jan-09 07:46:11

JammyAples I am glad you had a positive experience with this pill however I was on it for nearly two years and nearly lost my husband and children through the severe depression and mood swings I for one am extremely glad I came off it.

rosbif Mon 26-Jan-09 08:01:45

Very bad experience too, dr laughed at me regarding lack of sex drive and anxiety. Came off after a year (so really gave it a go!) and feel so much better. Periods took three months to return

zan06 Sat 31-Jan-09 15:33:31

I'm so pleased I've found this site, but I'm also a bit worried...

I have been taking Cerazette for 5 years and have been lucky enough not to have any major problems with it. However, I was concerned I might be pregnant and as I have no periods while on Cerazette, it's difficult to tell. So my GP suggested I stop taking it, wait for a period and then start it again (he clearly hasn't read this site!).

I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago and haven't had a period (which I've now realised is normal thanks to this site!), but I have got a painful distended stomach, am ravenous and nauseous (and all pregnancy tests are negative!)

I want to start back on Cerazette as soon as possible, but now realise that I might be waiting some time before I can start it again, because I have to wait for a period.

Has anyone done this?? Come off Cerazette and then started again soon after? And did it cause any problems??

RedFraggle Mon 09-Feb-09 10:42:52

Petitfilou - I did read the full patient information leaflet. I always do. It says "mood swings". Mood swings are not quite the same as suicidal depression!

I started this thread not to slate Cerazette as I'm sure some people are fine on it, but I wanted to make people aware that sometimes mini-pills can seriously mess with your emotions. If you have had a baby and are depressed the first thought of all GPs (generally correctly) is to think PND. But sometimes, just sometimes it could be your contraception.
I just think that there should be more detail in the patient information leaflet, "mood swings" just doesn't come close....

lollydegenkolb Tue 10-Feb-09 00:35:34

Totally with you on the cerezzette, I have had the marina coil three times now, still maintain that its a fantastic form of contraception, and helps with the hormones around that time of the month, but unfortunately the third time I had it, didnt help me so much and the marina was removed after 18 months, as its life span should be five years, I was prescribed cerezette to help with the hormones mostly, but also as a form of contraception (five kids is enough), I have been on it for a year, and nearly lost my marriage over it as well, until someone said that what they was experiencing was similiar to my situation, and that she was told it was her pill, which would you believe is cerezette, I have absolutely no need or desire for sex whatsoever, the thought just made me want to make an excuse up, and trust me, thats not me, I have piled on the pound, and have experienced severe headaches, I took myself off them, to see if there was a difference, and what a difference, time to try another marina coil, never go near that pill again......

lillyrose3 Fri 06-Mar-09 00:03:40

hi just had to post cos im so glad i found this forum. ive just come of the compined pill cos of my increased waigh, my doctor was like, yeh that a very good choice well put u on .. wait for it cerazette. she said it was safer and hardly any side effect and all the info on it say the same so i whent ahead ive been on it nealy three month and im paranoid spotty and lactating with very sour breasts and i thouge it was the pill so stop taking it and decide to just use condoms. ( i was 100% pos not pregnent) had my son 10yr ago so know the symtome well. anyhow thought ill just look for some info on it incase i was wrong and wow i dint know all this and also did u know this pill is used to help women lactate when they what to breast feed and adopted baby, it medicly proven to help mmmm anoyed no that i was seled as a safe to use drug..... think we all need to enlighten the medicle profetion.

jankje Thu 12-Mar-09 11:02:01


I,m from the netherlands, and i'm happy with the things i see here.

I'm on cerazette for 4 months.
In the begin i just thougth; my body must accustom to cerazette
but for the last month i realy notice mood swings, and i can cry al the time. for nothing.
I'm not as happy as i was before!

My english is not zo good but i hope you can understand it.

I also hope that if i stop with cerazette i feel much better!


babez Thu 19-Mar-09 12:26:12

I was on the cerazette mini pill for just over a year , ive come off it last November 08 in the hope of getting pregnant again but chance would be a fine thing .... ive not had a period yet!!!Anyonw else had this trouble?

poppa Fri 20-Mar-09 10:08:06

I've just found this forum & what an eyeopener... I was put on cerazzette 8 weeks ago due to being over 35 & a smoker, Was offered the minera coil but turned it down because of an abnormal smear result.
So far I have been less energetic, more spotty, producing small amounts of milk, loss of libido, numb hands in the morning, Spotting for the last 3 weeks, Back & leg pain & generally not myself Oh & despite joining a gym-gaining weight.
I'm throwing them in the bin!!!! & He will just have to wear a raincoat if my libido reappears!!

jaimenic Fri 20-Mar-09 12:32:58

I too have been on cerazette now for about 5 months and feel constantly angry and agressive. I have a daughter who is 15 months old and I seem to have points where I have absolutely no patience with her even though she's only doing what babies do naturally!! I am constantly tired and have a definate loss of libido and fell like I have a coiled spring of anger inside me at times waiting to explode. It is definately only since I have started on this pill so I am going to see the Family Planning Nurse today to see what she says. If she asks me to persevere, I may kill her the way I feel! (Only kidding)

Thanks for all these important posts - and thought I would share my exp on Cerazette. No emotional side effects at all but terrible terrible headaches (and a bit of spotting). Dr pressuring me to keep going 'to see if it will pass' but these posts make me wonder if something is wrong with this pill! Been on a month. I will finish the cycle and then chuck if no better.

jaimenic Mon 23-Mar-09 15:24:59

Update: I came off cerazette and went straight onto Microgynon and 3 days later I feel like a new woman. I have had fun with my daughter today for the first time in months and feel so much happier. Anyone experiencing these problems should see their doctor asap to sort it out.

toni1984 Mon 23-Mar-09 21:18:38

I have was on Cerazette for 7 months, my mood swings were horrendous. To begin with I was just crying all the time and just really depressed. I went to the doctor and they told me to keep with it as due to me being a smoker and my weight if I went onto another one it could cause serious health problems. Then they went the other way and I was just shouting or getting moody with my boyfriend over the smallest of things. i was a nightmare to be around. I just wanted to hurt him, I even chucked stuff at him. He broke up with me last week - who can blame him I hated myself and thought I was an idiotic crazy bi*ch. I came off it straight away as I thought what was the point of taking it when I have no partner. Since I have stopped I have started feeling myself slightly again and thought that was due to me and my partner splitting. I have not come on my period yet and googled to find out why as before when missed one pill I would come on immediately. I found this site and after reading your stories I feel relieved - it was not me it was the pill. I cannot believe it has taken the best thing in my life away from me :0( I wished I had found this site before.

burba Tue 31-Mar-09 10:01:39

Thank goodness I googled this morning! I've been on Cerazette for just over a week. I was recommended this pill because it is apparently safe to use while breastfeeding. Normally I'm a very motivated and positive person but almost instantly since taking the pill I have been feeling upset, lacking in confidence and like many of you have already said - like there is a constant black cloud over me. Only this morning did it cross my mind that it could be the pill. I'm stopping right away and will let you know how I feel in a few days. One question I have is if this is recommended for breastfeeding mums and they say it does pass into the milk what if this is having an effect on our babies as well?

RedFraggle Tue 31-Mar-09 10:08:57

Hi Burba - Glad this helped. Re the passing to baby, that concerned me too but I was told that it was only a tiny amount that was passed on but. (but then I was also told that it wasn't the pill making me mental hmm )

It wouldn't surprise me if it had an effect on my DS. when I was on this pill I spent most of my time sitting on the floor crying with him laying on his playmat next to me also crying. It is possible that he was just picking up on my utter misery though...

Hope you feel better very soon.

Deborandum Tue 31-Mar-09 11:22:11


I have just sat here and read in detail everyone of these posts regarding Cerazette. I came off Cerazette on February 20th 2009 after my boyfriend and I decided that it may have been the cause of my behaviour towards him. I had been on it for about 3.5 years and during this time I added 4 stone in weight (admittedly not all through the pill!), I had terrible mood swings. I lost all my confidence and became a hermit. Christmas 2008 became a turning point for us and our relationship has been a little rocky to say the least so we decided that I should come of the pill. My GP does not know this yet but I have an appointment later today to discuss.

Since coming off the pill I have felt a variety of different things both positive and negative. Firstly, my moods have been better. I am more relaxed and seem to have some of my old personality back. I am constantly hungry so am eating like a trojan. I dont sleep as well as I used to and often wake up in the night thus making me tired all the time. I have had 3 migraines in 3 weeks and have had a constant headache since coming off it (hence me visiting the GP today). My boyfriend has also said that I have a lot more lubrication when we have sex and not just 'down there', my mouth is also very lubricated and I tend to dribble a lot!!!!! I have just started my first period in years as I never had any whilst on Cerazette and its very very heavy and the stomach pains are something I havent felt in a long time! They hurt.

So even though there are mainly negative things that are happening to my body the one thing that reigns high is that my moods have reduced, I have motivation and I am getting out the house more.

Lets see with the GP has to say later then hey?!?!

Deborandum Tue 31-Mar-09 11:28:18

Sorry for the double post but I mist ask if anyone has suffered from memory loss whilst on cerazette.?

I used to have memory as sharp as a button prior to being on Cerazette but since being on it I have been having problems remembering simple things so much so that I have 2 diarys, my phone calendar and I write constant lists.

kingy19 Fri 03-Apr-09 11:48:08

When people talk about 'dark thoughts' here, such as self harm etc, did anyone also feel like they didnt love their OH? Not particuarly anger, just obsessive thoughts about it? Have thoughts such as they didnt love them anymore etc?

I've also had the self harm thoughts and I've NEVER been like that.

Turning point came for me yesterday when I literally sat at work crying my eyes out all day.

I have constant anxiety and i cant muster the motivation for anything, I just want to go to bed and hide.

I came across this thread yesterday and decided to come off this pill. Heres hoping it helps as im thoroughly miserable!!!

kingy19 Fri 03-Apr-09 11:49:12

When people talk about 'dark thoughts' here, such as self harm etc, did anyone also feel like they didnt love their OH? Not particuarly anger, just obsessive thoughts about it? Have thoughts such as they didnt love them anymore etc?

I've also had the self harm thoughts and I've NEVER been like that.

Turning point came for me yesterday when I literally sat at work crying my eyes out all day.

I have constant anxiety and i cant muster the motivation for anything, I just want to go to bed and hide.

I came across this thread yesterday and decided to come off this pill. Heres hoping it helps as im thoroughly miserable!!!

notcitrus Fri 03-Apr-09 11:53:26

Just to say that I started Cerazette when A was 7 weeks, when I had my usual SAD kicking in along with terrible thrush pain and the exhaustion from a young baby, and had no side effects at all.
If anything it made me happier than usual!

But I know pills affect people differently and best wishes to people having possible side effects in finding meds that work for you.

Clarabelle74 Mon 06-Apr-09 15:54:06

I was wondering if anyone who has been on Cerazette and gained weight on it could tell me how long it took them to loose it once they came off the pill. I have been on it for 3 years and came off 3 weeks ago and have felt pregnant and bloated ever since.

After over 2 years of eating well and exercising like a maniac, with and also without a personal trainer I was at breaking point. I then found this website and realised this is a problem for other people. I have also had terrible mood swings, bad skin, thrush, have felt very low in myself and not wanted to go out and about the way I used too and have had a massive loss of libido which has caused no end or arguements with my husband. I thought all of these things, including the weight gain was down to anxiety caused by the very traumatic bith of my baby 4 years ago. My doctor suggested I go for counselling, which I did and I guess I felt slightly better but not much. I was also treated for IBS as I had constant upset stomachs and was running to the toilet every time I was eating and still gaining weight. I got that I wouldn't go out for dinner etc as it was too embarrassing. Once again I was told all of this was down to stress. I couldn't believe what I read on this site and how many people have had similar problems. I went to my doctor and expected to be told I was being paranoid and she told me she had been on the same pill and had to come off it for all the same reasons. I felt a real weight had been lifted and I now feel so much better in myself. My only complaint is that I have actually gained a couple of pounds and I expected the weight would start coming off instantly.

Apologies for the extremely long post!!

Neon123 Mon 06-Apr-09 20:07:23

I also am on Cerazette, i was put on this pill due to high blood presure.
But since starting taking the pill in November i have put on half a Stone, which i'm confused about i havent changed my eating pattern so just pinning it on the pill.

I also have been having mood swings, and low sex drive which is not good.

I have notice a few ppl have mentioned their periods had stopped during taking Cerazette but mine havent they have been very unprediciable.

I'm thinking of stopping it to try and get my body and hormones back to normal and hopefully try for a family.

Has other ppl experienced these problems,

minkymoo1 Tue 07-Apr-09 20:42:08

I started Cerazette in November which ruined a new relationship he said I was an emotional wreck and depressing!!!! I thought he was just an ass hole. Started another relationship in January which has just ended as he said I was negative, exhausted, no interest in sex whatsoever! It is this pill. I have gone from really skin (use Elemis) to large angry red spots, greasy forehead and back which I didnt have before. This is an odd one too I have terrible sinus problems ie tender face around that area and catarrah which I dont ever have usually. So tired since becoming single AGAIN I am in bed every night aT 9.00pm!!!! Ive been really bitchy at work too actually saying things you usually just think. Having read all your posts Im stopping this nightmare pill tonight. Thanks to everyone that has written youve saved my summer being miserable xxx

LizalFrizal Fri 10-Apr-09 14:20:03

I have been on this pill for 4 years, at first i thought it was just what i neeeded and the no periods bit was an extra bonus! All of sudden i have noticed that my mood and temperment has changed, i feel annoyed more easily at things i wouldnt have before, i feel like crying all the time, i lack motivation to do things and to be honest im fed up with it!I feel it has changed my personality by making me more insicure about every thing. I have decided to come off this awfull pill today and see how if it causes any change! Fingers crossed for a lift and happy feelings return!!!

TwilightFan Sat 11-Apr-09 20:04:09

Hi there, this message is really aimed at Kingy19.
Iv only just stumbbled across this site and im actually crying as i can finally put a reason dwn to my on/off depression...cerazzete. I was put on these nearlly a year ago now, im 20 years old and im used to having a livelly and bubbly personality. Since being on the mini pill i have had bouts of depression, terrible mood swings and recentlly thought of ending my 5 year relationship, having bad and confusing thoughts about loving him.
Reading your post in particular has made me think more positive, iv decided to come off the pill and see my doctor, all the effects wrote on these threads are linked to what i am going through at the moment.
Thanks for helping me out guys.

Chik Tue 14-Apr-09 00:07:14

MY DW has lost all desire and interest( normally all over me everynight!!)This is the second time we have engaged this OCP called CERAZETTE lets hope for a reversal of side effects tonight!!
Concerned Husband

mizpah4444 Wed 15-Apr-09 21:45:33

i have read all of the messages and have been on this terrible drug for 18 months-it has changed me into a monster.
feel depressed offered anti dep from gp and valium havent taken them yet
terrible headaches dead arms and hands in the night and morning,weight gain,blurred vision,loss of confidence,breathless,
the worst symptom is vaginal soreness with has been unbearable now since christmas,awaiting gyno appt because no 0ne can tell me what is causing it now i think that i have found out,
has anyone ever had any soreness that would not go away,
i have been so sore that i thought i was going mad and that the gp thought i was making it up!
sex is a no no at all still kept taking this drug though never thought it could be that,
stopped it 2 days ago and feel slightly better
any help please

rinni123 Fri 17-Apr-09 20:47:47

I have been on Cerazette since last July (had no period in this time) and stopped taking it on 30th March, does anyone know how long it will take for my periods to start again? Thank you

Ayam Sun 19-Apr-09 20:11:50

Hi, I've been reading the comments on cerazette with interest. I started taking it a few days ago and woke up this morning, crying uncontrollably for no real reason. I started arguing with my partner - on the grounds that he doesn't love me (all having no basis in fact). I am sure it is the impact of this pill. I feel low, flat and depressed. I'm going to give it a month and then re-evaluate, but on the basis of the comments so far, I think there is an element of truth to this side-effect being experienced by some of us out there! p.s. I'm an experienced medical scientist and not prone to jumping to anecdotal conclusions.

Izzianin Sun 26-Apr-09 21:05:28

I've been on cerazette for about a year now. And as of last night am no longer taking it. It's the only thing I can think of that would cause me to feel the way I do now. Depressed. I have also lost any sex drive I had. Which is a bad thing as I've not been married a year yet.
I know it does work for some, but it's not for me.

dizzybtnbabe Tue 05-May-09 14:01:40

OMG I thought i was going mad, i have been on cerezette for 4 years now and the mood swings have got that bad that i have beaten up my current partner for no reason at all... thank god i have read all your postings and have today booked an appointment to see my gp, Im depressed and crazy and cant handle these mood swings coz im afraid i will do someone some bad damage if i continue to take this bloody pill...

Thanks you for posting on this site and show me the light.... I was beginning to think i was going f*uckin MAD!!!!!!

tigana Tue 05-May-09 14:06:05

I went on cerazette in January this year.
I had been on microgynon for years and had been depressed for roughly the same ammount of time ( but only for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off - roughly. Took me aaaages to work it out as pill-related!). Not fun AT ALL.

Cerazette has sorted it out. No more depression for me grin (<<--see!)

Different pills affect different women in different ways.

tigana Tue 05-May-09 14:10:29

So many of the problems you are all listing from cerazette are dead on what I had with microgynon.
Grey foggy deep depressions on and off. Incuding pondering suicide (not in a 'planning 'way, just in a 'passing thought' way)
Not feeling in love any more.
Sex drive..what sex drive?
Absent mindedness/forgetting things

Please see GP and ask to change pill and tell them why.

FrankMustard Tue 05-May-09 14:14:18

I have to say that I used Cerazette for a while and it was great - no issues with weight gain or depression and my gp prescribed it to me based on the fact that I have had terrible problems with other min pills in the past (noriday especially) which gave me murderous bad tempers, mood swings and total loss of libodo with weight gain and spots...but she assured me Cerazette was different - and certainly IME it was.

Scute1982 Wed 06-May-09 09:53:58

How pleased am I to read all of these posts!!!! Thank-god for Google.

I was recommended to use Cerazette as I had PCOS, I thought I'd give it a try as the estrogen based pill I had taken gave me severe headaches. I started using it October last year. In December my friend took her own life and in March my sister gave birth to beautiful twin boys that also died. I got angry at everything but thought it was because of my recent losses that I had a right to feel so low about everything and lash out at everyone. I've never felt so down and depressed in my life. I hated everyone, and even the people I did like I thought they hated me. I don't know how my bf coped with my constant jealousy and mood swings. One minute I was totally in love with him and the next finishing with him for the smallest reasons. I stopped taking Cerazette last Tuesday, by total accident (just forgot to take it) and I have noticed the change already.
I've stopped have anxiety breathing problems too (which other people on it have suffered from) I feel so much calmer and happier - I had the best weekend with my bf, found that I knew how to laugh again and I can easily say its down to Cerazette. It gave me a personality defect, I wont be going back on it!
Can anyone help to recommend what I should go on? My doctors are of little or no help at all, I normally go there with the facts myself and they put me on what I ask for.
I'm thinking Microgyon? Or does this generally come with the same problems??

Sarah x

Dom71 Thu 07-May-09 14:46:16

massive thanks to all who took time to write about their experiences. I have been taking cerazette for a month and have gradually been feeling worse each day. mood swings, emotional outbursts, head aches,dead labido, dryness, spots etc etc. have been prone to depression in the past and had pnd, so just thought i was having another bout. last night i ended a relationship which was fabulous just 2 months ago and this morning felt hopeless. Now, however i feel a huge sense of relief. Am not going to take this pill again and hopefully will return to myself and (fingers crossed) my fab relationship asap!!! will let you know

Once again a massive thanks to all

sootsmeister Wed 27-May-09 00:35:47

OMG!!! I'm utterly shocked by what i read on this thread.
Here's my story... I was on the Marvelon(combined pill) for 5 years and had no problems. Skin flawless, happy, slim etc.
Due to a head injury, losing conciousness and having spent several days in hospital almost motionless I have developped DVT in my left calf. I was told on that day to stop with marvelon and never again take another combined pill. So for a year, i was off of all kind of contraceptive. Then at my local Family Planning Clinic i was offered all the possible options,implant,coil etc. I however opted for the Cerazette.
In the first year the weight gain wasn't too much, but by the end of the second year i was struggling to fit into my normal size clothes.That time i still haven't though much about this being the side effect of Cerazette. Went back to see Family Planning nurse and mentioned about my weight gain and achy breasts etc. She has absolutely dismissed me and simply stated that you get this with all contraceptive medication.
Came spring this year, people started to stop me on the street to congratulate on my baby bump. I quickly told them that it's only weight gain(by this time over 2 stones,fingers so chubby had to remove engagement ring!!!) and no baby in sight. Just to reasure myself, i have done a couple of Clear-Blue tests but negative.
A friend suggested to have a bloodtest to see if it's not a thyroid problem that's creeping up on me. test=negative. went to see GP 3 weeks ago. She listened to my list of symptoms( weight gain,constant craving for sweet items,spotty skin, no libido,painful breasts,terrible mood swings during which i broke a wooden spoon, OH who thinks I'm turning into a psycho)and decided to take me off Cerazette. Now 3 weeks on, i'm loosing weight, much happier within myself, cravings stopped and hopefully soon back in those old jeans!

speedster Thu 28-May-09 11:28:19

Hi, thanks to everyone for their comments on this site - now I don't feel like i'm going bonkers!

I've been taking the combined pill quite happily for many years purely for contraceptive purposes (I did try the injection once in my early 20s but didn't like the weight gain). The last combined pill from Family Planning Clinic (FPC) I was given was Yasmin - no problems. Went back to get a repeat perscription, had my blood pressure checked and they were a little concerned as it was a bit high (they did nearly squeeze my arm off though)- they instantly put me on a POP - Norgeston. I wasn't really convinced that this is what I wanted (as having a period every month means you know where you are), but they kept banging on about my bp and I could no longer take the combined. I tried this for about 4-5 months with my bp being checked by the FPC (1 slightly high bp reading, 1 low bp reading & the last was slightly high again). At my last visit I explained to the nurse that I wasn't happy with the weight gain - about a stone. They switched me to Cerazette - my weight continues to increase.

I feel (and am) fat & bloated. I have made an appointment to see my GP tomorrow morning. I now feel better prepared to fight my corner if I have to.

I will let you know how I get on.....

Woman25 Fri 29-May-09 20:08:26

I have been taking Cerazette for a year, as I wanted a no-estrogen birth control pill, and I have had vaginal soreness 99% of the time. I changed to Yasminelle, but that just gave me a horrible yeast infection, as did the Yasmin pill when I tried it in the past. Yeast infection did not go away, even after 2 treatments with Monistat. Switched back to Cerazette, yeast infection went away, but soreness was still there. No doctor takes me seriously, or they dont know what to say. They just keep testing me for STDs, but I dont have any, never had. I dont use any other medication except for the birth control. I am so tired of it, because I cannot have a sexlife with my boyfriend. 9 of 10 times my vagina is too sore, even before we get starting. So the pain is not just after intercourse. I use tonns of lube, tried different kinds. No effect, still sore. Anybody who can help? Is it the Cerazette causing this? What birth control can I try if Cerazette is "poison" to me?

clarelouise30 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:34:49

How glad am I that I found this site!

Started on Micragynon 4 years ago and after 4 months was suffering migraines so I went back to doctors and they put me on Cereazette. Had no problems on it or so I thought.

7 months ago a month before my wedding, I noticed that I wasn't feeling right - just didn't seem to be myself, snappy and loss of sex drive. Put this down to the stress of getting married and moving house and struggling for money.

I was snappy, moody, moaning at my husband all the time, rowing and arguing about the smallest thing, tired, demotivated and no interest in anything or anyone

Well to cut a long story short, I decided to do some research 3 weeks ago to see what the side affects of Cerazette were and came across this site and was amazed that my attitude and behaviour was down to my pill. My husband and I had been married 6 months and when I thought our marraige was on the rocks, it turned out that it was all down to the pill.

There was such a relief that we both had finally got to the root of the problem. I've been off it for 3 weeks now and went to the doctors yesterday who said it could take another 3-4 months for the chemical to fully get out of my body and to return to my old self. Also we want to start trying for a baby but first I need to get my sex drive back - something which is rather frustrating at the moment!!

Unbeknowing to me, I thought things hadn't been right for the last 7 months but my husband has said he has gradually see me get worse over the last 2.5 years which I found shocking and he thought it was depression but then found this site and my god was I glad.

I'm looking forward to getting back to normal both in myself and my relationship.

lilyluv Mon 08-Jun-09 16:40:40

hi there, i have been taking cerazzete for about 6 weeks and after about 1 week of taking it i have become extremely depressed, anxious and obbsessed! it started off where i thought i had blood in my pooh (turned out 2 be what i had been eating but i became obsessed, frantically checking my stools each day and getting into a right old state, ive never been away fro the doctors surgery (seen about 6 different doctors who all told me not to worry) i have been convinced that im ill and have been suffering from extreme anxiety. doctors are now thinking i could have post natel depression as i have a 6 month old, but after googling cerazzete side effects i am now wondering if it could be this? i dont normally suffer from depression or axiety....does anyone have any thoughts on this???

smifsta89 Thu 11-Jun-09 19:38:01

hi im new here. started taking cerazette only last week. the doctor put me on these ones as i am prone to migranes she said they were the safest. only i hadnt had any migranes in months, and since being on cerazette i have had 3migranes and 3 severe headaches in a week! i also find my mood goes up and down, i am actually to the point where i am disgusted with myself and feeling very ugly. the fact i keep getting headaches isnt helping. i only initially went on the pill as after miscarriage a year and a half ago, i have had a very irregular, sometimes heavy and painful periods so thought this may sort my cycle out. i cant carry on taking this pill if the headaches dont stop so anyone got any advice on another pill i could try? i dont want to get implant or injection as they are more long term and me and my partner want to start a family within a year or so. any help would be great!

poppypops Fri 12-Jun-09 14:38:35

I've been on cerazette for 4 weeks now and think from reading everyones posts that this tablet may be responsible for my recent change in behaviour. The changes are so subtle that i wasn't sure to begin with however my husband has just said that he's noticed a complete change i.e i cry at the smallest of things, i've become obsessional in my thoughts to the extent that i've considered that i've got OCD. My patience with my 17mth old is so low but she's not doing anything more than any other 17mth old. Had a massive panic attack out of the blue. Constant feelings of guilt over my behaviour.
I did have pnd for which i was on AD's for 6mths but came off them 6 weeks ago because i was feeling so much better and had only been on a low dose for weeks prior. Not sure if i came off them a bit early or if this change in mood coincides with starting cerazette. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

andie3000 Mon 15-Jun-09 17:40:12

This message board has helped so much, it means I am not going insane - I was taking the combined pill and had no problems for 8 years until I had a migrane and they switched me to Cerazette about 9 months ago.

I went to my doctors the other day and explained that I have boils on my chin, upper arms and back and have done for the past 7 months, they are very painful and are leaving scars now - I am getting married next year and im worried that the scars will be so bad then I will have to change the dress. I said to my Male GP that I have also put on a stone in weight and I have been the same weight for the past 7 years. I explained that I couldnt stop craving foods and I was constantly eating - he said 'well that is just you - it's not the pill!' I was gobsmacked because my friend and sister are also on the same pill and all 3 of us have had the same side effects. The GP said that he could send me for blood tests for thyroid problems. he had the cheek to say 'are you sad' I said 'I am now because you have told me that its just me and that its not the pill'. I am a happy person (I was before taking this pill)and my weight gain and boils are getting me down now - so yes I am sad. Maybe I shoud go and see a female gp and they may be more understanding.

It does affect your relationship and you start to resent the fact that you have take the health risks and side affects to prevent pregnancy. I got so fed up that I came off it for 3 days but then felt really guilty that we could have an accident and a baby could be the result - we want children but not just yet. I went back on Cerazette but now after reading these posts i'm not too sure. My gp said the only other method he would recommend is for my fiance to use protection which is less effective so I/we are stuck really.sad.

I haven't had period in 9 months which is great but it doesnt feel right and I am dizzy and feel sick quite frequently and no I am not pregnant - I have never had this before so putting it down to this pill.

not sure what to do really but would love to feel and look normal again.

I started taking Cerazette on 20/06/09.

By 21/06/09 my LO started to become fussy and screaming for no apparent reason while nursing and incessant crying for no reason when all needs had been met.

By 22/06/09 I started to have extreme axiety and feelings of panic (I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks anyway, but these were intensified after a long stretch of relative calmness)

25/06/09 I refused to take my pill.

I feel almost like I wish I could just go sleep adn never wake up. I feel the most immense sadness and like everything is just hopeless.

I feel like my children were a mistake because I'd bore them into a world full of global warming, swine flu and recession and like they have a really bleak future.

I even feel unable to cope with June's unusually hot weather - it's absolutely rediculous..

I have physically lashed out at my partner twice within those 5 days and became unreasonably angry around 6 or so times - at one point I told my partner to 'take the screaming little c*nt away' - I just feel like an absolute SHAMBLES of a mother and a person.

I feel like it has destroyed me in a matter of days..

Since DS2 was born I have been on cloud 9 and with the patience of a saint and it was all snatched away in the blink of an eye.. It has just been so SEVERE..

Has anybody else noticed behavioural changes in their LO's that they are breastfeeding whilst on Cerazette?

My LO is only 11.5 weeks old and has been a contented, happy baby and fabulous feeder - untilt he day after I started taking this oral contraceptive - now he is awkward and fussy and screams for no reason in the middle of a feed - and thats when I'm lucky enough to get him to latch on without a fuss.

Hoping to get back to normal relatively quickly due to the short amount of time I have been taking this contraceptive.

An absolute NIGHTMARE..

I didn't fare much better on Implanon prior to DS2 - I guess hormonal contraceptives are NOT for me at all - I think I'll be trying the hormone free coil or perhaps planning baby number 3 and then getting sterilised..

I feel if I continue taking it, it will be of HUGE detriment to my relationship and I just don't trust myself to be able to cope with my 6 1/2 year old and my baby..

Shocking stuff, absolutely shocking.

Jemma23 Thu 25-Jun-09 11:42:45

wow! i can't believe how similar my experiences are to a lot of posts on here!
I was on the combined pill for around 2 years, which was fine for me. Then when i kept getting headaches i asked the doctor and they told me to change to cerazette.
At first i found that i felt more depressed then usual and had bad PMT symptons, but i just put it down to changing the pill and was determined to stick with it!
I have been taking cerazette for about 9 months now...and i thought it was just me!
I suffered with really bad OCD around 3 years ago, and one day it just went and i havent thought about it since. But since i started this pill, weird things have happened!
Within the space of 9 months my OCD has come back and i have had two panic attacks! These attacks were totally out of the blue and really really worried me. Also i have being feeling depressed for no reason and put on loads of weight. I have really been struggling, as i had no idea why my OCD came back or the panic attacks! I thought it was just me and didnt know what to do.
Now looking at all the posts it seems really common to get these symptoms with this pill and im starting to think coming off it might be the best thing i ever did!
Thank you!

notsohotchic Thu 02-Jul-09 01:23:45

Another BAD review for cerazette! NO SEX DRIVE. 4 WEEK PERIODS! Oh dear, this is going to sound pathetic... I am totally in love with my bf of 10 months. I decided to try cerazette after a couple of months. This didn't suit me as I was bleeding for up to 4 weeks at a time with none of the expected improvement and less and less sex-drive inbetween! Hell! So I gave up after 4 awful months.Yes I gave it a good trial, the thought of NO periods was a nice dream! Since then I have found that he now has no sex-drive and although we are very affectionate and cuddle and kiss, he doesn't seem to want to be sexual any more beyond the odd snog. I keep feeling devastatingly rejected (he always says he is too tired or else has some minor discomfort, backache etc...)and upset and I know I'm wrong to but I keep having strops about it and asking him whats wrong. He said today that the more I react badly the less sexy he feels!
I've done the sexless marriage and I don't want to go there again!! I am soo frustrated! I totally blame that pill for this problem. It also altered my mood. I might have cottoned on to his lack of sex drive sooner but I was so miserable when taking it and just relived he was supportive and patient.

fairyland123 Sat 04-Jul-09 06:56:56


i have been on the pill for past 5 months and in this time only got my period once which has lasted 3 weeks!! Is this completely normal?

Also I have also read that being on the cerazette and if one is more than 12 hrs taking the pill and have sex and do not take extra precaution, they are not protected against pregnancy..

Your advice and help would be very appreciated.

Kind regards.

soundbites Mon 06-Jul-09 14:38:51

Really interested reading this. I've been on Cerazette for 5 weeks and started bleeding. DD2 is only 11 weeks old, and my periods didn't come back with DD1 until I stopped BF at 14 months. I find this bleeding disconcerting, as I won't know for sure when 'real' periods come back.

(saw this message from Tallbirduk above: "I have just started on Cerazette - my baby is 8 weeks old and I am breastfeeding. I started taking the pills 10 days ago and have been having a bit of spotting since yesterday - did anyone else have similar when starting on this pill? I was suprised to see the blood as I am breastfeeding and it seemed a bit early - so wonder whether it could be the pills? Any thoughts gratefully received!"

What happened with you?)

So far spared the depression / mood swings, but was much happier with Femulen which I was given when BF DD1.

ariel123 Sun 02-Aug-09 18:17:38

Hi to everyone..

I'm amazed but also reassured by the contributors to this particular thread...I'm on month two of taking this pill..

First of all, my period was over two weeks late..(first period since starting the pill)..I woke up during the night and was destroyed! I'd no inkling that a period was comming..no cravings..or cramps or spotting..just out of the blue, it appeared...but the thing is..that was it..the next day, nothing! It was like it never happened at all..I'd been spotting with a brownish discharge for a couple of weeks days into taking the pill initally but no blood as such..A week later, and I started heavy spotting again..and I've that now for over a week..Is is a period or not, that I do not know!!!

Next up, my mood swings..OMG..I think I'm turning into a horrible monster..I'm cranky..(and popping evening primrose and startflower oil to try combat this!!) and moody, and getting terribly paranoid over things..sooo not like me..and I'm seeing bad in everyone right now..and while I kinda know it's this damn pill, it still doesn't make me feel any better..!

I've another month's supply here now..and then I'm going off it..I was on another mini pill a couple of years ago..and had heavy bleeds three weeks out of four, which is why I went off that one..but I was on the combined pill for years..Cilest, and had no trouble what so ever..I doubt I'l be prescribed that again though now, as I'm 43...I'm thinking of going down a more permanent route now..of sterilization..and I've an appointment in October for that..

expatinscotland Sun 02-Aug-09 18:46:10

'I doubt I'l be prescribed that again though now, as I'm 43...I'm thinking of going down a more permanent route now..of sterilization..and I've an appointment in October for that.. '

So long as you are not a smoker or have medical issues which contraindict (history of DVT, hypertension, stroke, etc.) then you can take the combined pill right up until menopause.

You can also use teh NuvaRing, which is combined but bypasses the liver as it's inserted into the vagina.

Warning: they will hardsell the Mirena coil to you, but if you have problems with POP (progesten-only pill/mini pill) it may not agree with you (although they'll tell you it will because they'll claim the progesten is localised entirely to the womb, which is a bit hmm because the womb, after all, has a blood supply).

ipiratethief Sun 02-Aug-09 18:59:13

just saw this was an old thread, with me on it!!
I had posted I was fine, but for some reason i have decided to come off it. No dp so no point. I was using it really to help control my cycle, as I have spd, and found it helped alot in balancing me out, and less pain as I got no periods on it. I was one of the lucky ones in the respect I think.

So now waiting for for my period. I stopped taking it 3-4 weeks ago. DFunny tho, cos if i ever misse done I would start to get spotting within about 24 hrs!!

Since coming off it I have had non stop headaches, a feeling akin to nearly comng on, and horrible spots on my jawline/

I am hoping this is just my natrual hormones coming back.

Kim69 Sun 02-Aug-09 23:37:45

Hello everyone that has posted your comments on this site,
May I thank you all, my greatest friend has just had her coil removed 4 weeks ago and has started taking cerazette, over the last week she has not been herself her mood swings and tears has not been my friend she has always been my tower of strenght and she put it down to falling in love with a partner of 5 months ( the coil was hurting him thats why she changed to cerazette )( luckly her I thought lol )She was crying to me on the phone today saying that she thought she was going insane and thought her love for her new man was causing her to feel like this. I knew that this was not like her and knew she had so much strenght not to let a man make her feel like this she even said she was not like herself with her children whom I know they are her life the beging and end all. She said about this pill thats she is on and I began looking into it and thank god I did everything that has been said on this site is everything my friend has been feeling, we have had at least 4 calls in the last 2hours about what I have researched she is now feeling " Oh my god " and is of to she GP in the morning to discuss changing the pill to a different one, thank you all for your input my friends mind just might become her own again. Many thanks again for everyone,s input you probably just saved my friends sanity and her relationship xx

Hi everyone, haven't read all posts but the ones I have have made me want to cry!

I took Cerazette with DS1 - no probs - 1st period at 11mths when I came off it to ttc ds2. DS2 is now 5 months and I have been taking it for 2 months and I want to kill DH!!! (1st period immediately at 3 mths)I felt fine prior to taking it this time but in the past 2 mths feel so unhappy and unable to cope with my 2 beautiful kids who I know are not exhibiting anything other than age appropriate behaviour but I feel like I'm stuck in permanent PMS! I scream at them like a banshee! The thought of sex repulses me and I'm starting to feel slightly out of control! I have been told that there is no other pill available whist bf'ing. injection is not advised for 'older women' as it affects fertility (i'm 29) and know of bad experience of the implant and coil

Lizzy3 Thu 13-Aug-09 14:23:03

I'm so happy I've found this site! I've been taking Cerazette for about 12 months. Yesterday I'd scared myself silly thinking I had cervical cancer because of the irregular bleeding I've been having. I went to the GP and he said it was possibly side effects to the pill. Now I think about it, there are so many side effects I'm putting up with so not to get pregnant - it's ridiculous! There's the nausea, the hideous spots along my jaw, the panic attacks, the weight gain (I run 30 miles a week and still I'm gaining). No more Cerazette after today!

wynne111 Fri 14-Aug-09 21:28:05

So glad I have just read your message to realise I'm not the only one feeling the same. I have been on cerazette for about three years now. I was fine being on it at first but after having my second child I have been suffering from very irregular periods and terrible mood swings, feeling low and major panic attacks just going out to the shops. I don't know to do for the best, whether to go to the doctors or just wait and see if things improve. I think I will come off cerazette just to see if I feel better in myself.

thing1 Sat 15-Aug-09 16:37:46

Hi everyone, OMG what a load of horror stories & thank goodness for Google! I have been on the combined pill for years with no probs til I got blinding headaches, I was put on a lower Oestrogen pill which was OK but I got greasy hair which came out in handfuls, massive spots & extended bleeds but only 3 times in a year. I still got the headaches which were diagnosed as Migraine yesterday. I've now been taken off the combined pill & given Cerozette which I should start on Monday. I'm guessing my hair & skin will only get worse now - I'm 36 & can do without that - think I'd rather struggle on with the headaches. I'm back to the GP on Tues but don't think I'll get very far. Any advice please? hmm

busymum3 Sat 15-Aug-09 21:30:46

Hi Everyone, Have just had a miserable moody day with my kids and having read the messages here I am now convinced its down to cerazette. I have been taking it for 2 months just started a new pack and wondering whether to just stop. I bled on and off for 3 out of the 4 first weeks. Spotted only for one week in the 2nd pack and nothing since , so that is getting better. But what I hate is that some mornings I just wake up in a foul mood and feel really grumpy and depressed and today I shouted at my ds of 2.5 yrs for no real reason. I don't feel happy generally and I should be as I have 2 lovely children dd of 9m, ds 2.5 yrs. Just feel down and wonder whether I should stop taking the pill. Has anyone else stopped taking cerazette due to bad moods and how long after stopping did their moods improve?

busymum3 Sat 15-Aug-09 21:54:29

Hi, I have been taking cerazette for 2 months now. Had lots of bleeding to start with but that has settled down a bit. My main problem is my bad mood swings. I wake up some morning like today, and I feel really depressed and moody and bad tempered. I shouted at my ds (2.5yrs ) for no real reason and I have just felt low all day. This happens every few days and it is beginning to get me down. Having read the posts here I am beginning to realise that cerazette could be the source of my unhappiness. If I stop taking it does anyone know how quickly my moods might improve? Or has anyone had bad mood swings in the early days of taking cerazette and then has it settled down after a while? Any thoughts on this gratefully received. Thanks Busymum3

lexilex Sun 23-Aug-09 22:57:01

hiya. i posted v. early on in this thread, so have been off this pill for over a year and didnt go on any other contraception. but i have found my periods are a nightmare. i get the normal pains, headaches and PMT and i can cope with these as the are relativly normal in my mind. but its having them so irregular thats doing my head in. my peroids used to be the normal every 28 days but now they are almost every 3-4 weeks! and i hate it!!

i cant take any other hormonal contraception because i am been depression free when not on them.

but i was just wondering if anyone else have had a change in cycle patterns since coming off cerazette?

lexilex Sun 23-Aug-09 23:04:48

busymum3 - i would recommened you should speak to your doctor about coming off this pill. have you been on any form of pill before? have you got a history of depression?

i went to my doc and looked at dates of when i was on contraception and dates of when i was on AD's and the were generally at the same time, the only times i was depression free was when i was trying to concieve and when pregnant. so we concluded that the hormones were making me depressed. i came of both pills last year and have been feeling fab since. (apart from the irregular periods. but they are so unimportant compared to how i was before)

let me know how you get on. xxxxxx

busymum3 Mon 24-Aug-09 14:08:20

Hi, lexilex, thanks for your message, I tried to get an appointment but I couldn't see my doctor for 4 days so I decided to just stop.So it has been one week now and I have had some good days and some bad. I think I need to give it a bit more time. Yes I have had one time when I went on AD's and I used to be on the pill (not sure what make) before I got married. I think you are right that it is hormones in the pill that make me down as I also was ok when ttc and pregnant. Considering that we have had ivf twice to have our babies I am going to stay pill free for now and see how I feel, as the risk of getting pregnant is very small for us.Thanks for your help. xxx

LolaP Fri 28-Aug-09 12:28:55

OMG I'm so happy to have found this site. Only been on Cerazette for a week but already started to feel depressed, had mood swings and feeling very teary. Had to change from combined pill due to age and smoking. Im surprised to feel this low already. Doctor said to give it three months to settle but not sure I can cope that long. I have self harmed in the past and started to feel like doing it again as feeling so low but luckily don't feel alone anymore after finding this site. It has been so good to read how everybody else has been on this pill and Im not going mad. Hoping to see doctor next week to see if I can change to an implant instead!!

Berrie Fri 28-Aug-09 12:31:43

It cured my depression! grin

Berrie Fri 28-Aug-09 12:34:19

Also when I complained about the spots the gp gave me some wonder cream that has given me the best skin I've ever had! Loads better than the creams they brought out 20 years ago (last time I used them)

busymum3 Sun 30-Aug-09 20:36:25

Hi LolaP i think that is a good idea to go to your doctors. I gave up the pill just before 3 months was up I had had enough. I couldn't go another day with it , well thats what it felt like to me. It's now been 2 weeks off it's and I feel much better. Good luck love Busymum3

Rourou Fri 04-Sep-09 15:37:39

Well i have just read everybodys comments about cerazette and i must say cheers to all u lovely ladies for sharing ur experiences. I have just started on this cerazette on mon 1st sept 09 havent really had any side effects yet but i will let ya's know. I was on Femodette for the last three years and had no problems with it but when i went to doc to get BP checked the doc recomended i try cerazette due to being a smoker. She has given me a three month supply to try it out and if it doesnt work for me i think im gonna try and give up the smokes and go back on femodette.

moshy Sat 05-Sep-09 09:19:23

just want to AGGREE 100% with all adverse side effects of cerazette. I took cilest for 14 years which produced minor symtoms of the cerazette and then 2 years ago I was prescribed this pill. I have experienced a feeling of going insane, an almost out of body experience, were I also have severe mood swings, am aggressive, cold, nasty, uncontrolably upset and angry to the point of nearly trying to kill my other half. I became pyschopathically obsessed and paranoid and lost all confidence and self esteem - these are just some of the pyschological effecrs I suffered. There are also many physical, the same as most everyone else, I suffered from spots, mainly on my cheeks that were huge, sore, enflamed and there permanantly, serious loss of sex drive, food cravings, chocolate mainly, ecthema, infected dermatitis, constantly oily skin, skin discolouration, grey, brow patches, poor hair condition, loss of feeling in my fingers daily, and numerous more that I now know are cerazette related.

I stopped taking it and changed to a non-hormonal coil 3 weeks ago and fron day 1 I began to feel better in myself. I have noticed now a change in my personality, I seem to have found 'the little girl' qualities again, laughing, having a bit of fun, optimism, being excited about stuff, etc etc and from bout 48 hours of stopping the pills my sex drive began to return. 3 eeks on, the oily skin is starting to go, hair is healthier, spots are virtually gone, skin colour is looking brighter, and most of all, depression, anxiety, paranoia and obsessiveness are subsiding.

It is unbeleiveable that thousands of women are being precribed a contraceptive which does this to them. Sadly, I believe, that as it is mainly prescribed to women over a certain age, I am 40 and smoke, (only about 10 a day, not exsessivley)it is almost as though it s being tested on these women, me included, as generally, by this age we have had our kids, and may not nedd another form of contraception u to the menopause.

rebecca010 Mon 07-Sep-09 19:47:45

Hello Everyone,

Just been reading through the posts on other people's 'Cerazette experiences' so with those in mind I will share my story/experience.

I started taking Cerazette around about 6 months ago and prior to that I had been having the Depo Provera injection for a number of years. I was pleased to begin with and didn't notice any real differences apart from the fact that I lost around 7 pounds in weight. Not having a period wasn't a problem for me because I was used to that after being on the injection for so long.

Over the past couple of months I have began to feel low for no apparent reason and I don't really seem to be getting much enjoyment from life. Things that I used to enjoy doing seem like a chore and even the good things don't fill me with much excitment.

It has affected my relationship with my parter also and he has commented on the fact that I'm not the easy going, happy go lucky person that I used to be and I completely agree with him. I have been questioning how I feel about him and have been feeling rather emotional-less in other areas of my life which is rather concerning. I have been feeling sad and anxious, panicking and worrying about the slightest little thing and being very emotional, which isn't like me at all. I find it really difficult to understand how I can be one person one minute and then feel like someone completely different the next. I have been feeling that I am losing my mind and I can't understand why!! My mum became really anxious and suggsted that I visit the GP and discuss my feelings with her.

I took her advice and went to see the GP who suggested that I try a course of Anti-Depressants, which I have refused. I have just been given another months supply of Cerazette but after this my GP won't give me anymore until she has seen me.

After reading through the majority of the posts on this website and being able to identify with a lot of the signs/symptoms that other people are experiencing then perhaps I'm not going mad after all. I think that I need to discuss the options with my GP and see what happens from there.

Thanks everyone, all your experiences have been really helpful smile

Ralphyroooooooo Tue 08-Sep-09 14:45:06

Hi, I thought I would leave a message after reading everyone elses. I have been on Cerazette now for over a year and havent had many problems with it, although for the last for months I have had really bad constipation and flatuence and a friend told me that this could be because of the pill. Has anyone else had this problem?

Ralphyroooooooo Tue 08-Sep-09 14:48:51

Hi, I thought I would leave a message after reading everyone elses. I have been on Cerazette now for over a year and havent had many problems with it, although for the last for months I have had really bad constipation and flatuence and a friend told me that this could be because of the pill. Has anyone else had this problem?

RedFraggle Wed 16-Sep-09 11:56:57

I'm so glad that people are still using this old thread for support. It's been a few years since I first posted about my horror with Cerazette, but it's still fresh in my mind - to the extent that I still refuse to touch another hormonal contraceptive with a barge pole!

reading through some of the more recent posts I just wanted to re-iterate that if you are having any nasty side-effects (with cerazette or a different pill) the first stop should be your GP to discuss it and then plan a course of action with them. If you are sure that it is the drug that is responsible for the mood swings, spots, weight gain etc then please, please have the drug yellow carded as this is the only way the drug companies will respond and also the only way that GPs will know that there is a problem with the drug. So many people say that their GP has told them that it isn't the pill. Yellow card it and then the link will be there and other women might not have to go through the awfulness too!


kittikatti Sat 19-Sep-09 16:51:27

I am so glad to come across this site.

My GP prescribed me cerazette to try and regulate my mood swings!!..... I have been on it 5 months and feel totally useless at times because i cant function.

I have just turned 40 and have 3 kids (youngest just started school). I have decided to stop these pills as of today. I dont even need the contraception because my husband had the snip....(3 times!!)

The side effects are putting a srain on daily life. I have my fingers crossed that i start feeling better soon.

kittikatti Sat 19-Sep-09 16:52:00

I am so glad to come across this site.

My GP prescribed me cerazette to try and regulate my mood swings!!..... I have been on it 5 months and feel totally useless at times because i cant function.

I have just turned 40 and have 3 kids (youngest just started school). I have decided to stop these pills as of today. I dont even need the contraception because my husband had the snip....(3 times!!)

The side effects are putting a srain on daily life. I have my fingers crossed that i start feeling better soon.

kittikatti Sat 19-Sep-09 16:56:51

I am so glad to come across this site.

My GP prescribed me cerazette to try and regulate my mood swings!!..... I have been on it 5 months and feel totally useless at times because i cant function.

I have just turned 40 and have 3 kids (youngest just started school). I have decided to stop these pills as of today. I dont even need the contraception because my husband had the snip....(3 times!!)

The side effects are putting a srain on daily life. I have my fingers crossed that i start feeling better soon.

It has been so good to read all of your posts ladies, Thank you redfraggle, you have given me hope..

kittikatti Sat 19-Sep-09 17:03:18

Not sure how i managd to post 3 times..

All that matters now is that my head aches leave me and my Sex drive returns!!

Once again, fingers crossed....

Staceyclaire Mon 05-Oct-09 09:12:29

I thought i was going mad!!!

I am so glad i found this website as a lot of what has been said by everyone i have been experiencing myself.

I was only put on Cerzette about 2 weeks ago but after a week i had enough! Right away i started a period from hell and my breasts were really sore (i never usually suffer from that) My mood also went so low that i didn't even know what i was doing - i was walking around like a zombie, like i had this fog over my mind. I didn't want to talk to anyone at work and almost burst out crying a few times. Stupidly i put it down to being unhappy in my relationship and we split up . I have been so unhappy that i do actually think it is making my 2 year old son unhappy - he's been whining a lot this week which is not like him .

I went to my GP last Thursday and told them i wanted to go back on Cilest straight away - i was expecting her to tell me to continue with it but she was quite understanding and put me back on Cilest straight away.

Today i feel like a completely different person - its like the fog has lifted - i have had the best night sleep i have had in ages and am actually feeling quite positive again. I am also seeing my bf tonight so hopefully i can make him see that it was this pill making me act the way i have done this week and i hope he can forgive me - wish me luck

To anyone else on this pill experiencing these symptoms i would suggest either just coming off it straight away or else see your GP asap !

dinkybird Wed 07-Oct-09 00:02:06

Hi all! Also so glad i found this!! I have been prescribed cerazette when looking for a safe contraceptive to use whilst breastfeeding. Doc reassured me that there are no adverse effects passed onto dd. I was anxious as i have never used hormone based contraceptives!! After a long discussion with doc and partner i decided to go for it!!

A few days after atarting this pill i was feeling low, teary and tired.not like me atall so put it down to post holiday blues, as we just enjoyed a family hol to italy with 5 mth d.


I have an outbreak of spots on my chin, cheeks and hairline, feel unusually low, unmotivated and tired. All of which are not like me atall!! I also have an extremely bloated stomach, nausea and dizziness.

As a result i am stopping as of today, i am not putting myself or family through this!!

I originally went to docs with irregular bleeding following the birth of my dd! Have since read that cerazette is not to be taken if this is the case! I should never have been prescribed this in the first place!!

I will stick to non-hormonal methods of contraception and remain a happy, motivated and bubbly person instead of a depressed, tired,teary, emotional reck with a spotty face and hugely bloated stomach!!

Thanks girls xxxxxx

dinkybird Wed 07-Oct-09 00:22:51

Warning - do not take cerazette!!

Sorry to post again, but forgot to mention, very painfull breasts, which are now engorged!
Also, slightly blurred vision!

Cant be good for me or dd

shaunap Sat 10-Oct-09 16:31:24

hi ladies, ive been on cerazette for the past 4/5 months and quite literally ive been feelin like s**t. feelin down all the time, snappin at ppl for no reason, even my daughter has been winding me up more than usually and i have to leave the room. i went to see my family plannin clinic and wen i tried to tell them how ive been feelin it was brushed off and another course of the same pill given to me. i need to b on the pill as my husband refuses to wear a condom and i dont want to get pregnant again just yet. the other contraceptions are not an option for me due to personal reasons. does anyone have any advice. ive also experienced weight gain even tho i do exercise everyday, ive been gettin alot more spots which i never usually had, just generally feel like im guna freak out sumtimes. any help would be great.

SandyBoon Wed 28-Oct-09 20:42:31

Yes to all that! And the irregular bleeding as well which is doing my head in. I started Cerazette a month ago and I am coming off now because I cannot stand the mood swings anymore. The spots on the face, the greasy hair etc etc. I came to a point too where I was constantly snapping at people and felt like I was forcing myself to be pleasant at times and like Dinkybird I refuse to put myself or my family through this. The lack of motivation was getting to me as well and as I work from home it wasn't good at all. I am so relieved to read that it is not just me. Every review I have read is negative. Why are they prescribing that awful thing??


jessNW Mon 04-Jan-10 23:26:41

I am a young mother of 21. Two years after giving birth to my beautiful baby daughter erin, i decided to go on the pill again.

I was advised by the family planning clinic, to go on Cerezette as i do get migraines sometimes.

I was on the pill for about 9 months, and only after stopping taking it, i truely realized how evil it was.

At the time, i honestly thought i was just experiencing very bad depression for no reason. Not only this i experiences weird panic attacks in which i couldnt even swallow, and would have to calm myself down in order to swallow again. I kept gettin really back headaches, and was completely paranoid that i may have a tumour.

I was generally just very mentally unstable and stopped socializing with my friends and staying in.

I asked about three different doctors, drop in clinics advice and all said the head aches and dperession was not to do with the pill. I felt hopeless.

That was a year ago, and i only just thought that they could be linked and typed in cerezette with depression and here it was!

I can't beleive i didnt put two and two together.

sue86 Tue 05-Jan-10 16:23:59

Jess, i understand completly..i too am a young mother of 23 and have had simular problems. It all started with anxeity attacks shortly after starting this pill followed by depression which caused servere problems with me and my baby being able to bond and problems with my husband and friends!!! this had been going on for many months before i realised that it might have been the cerazette pill, so i decided to go of it and wow what a difference grin

babycakesxx Sat 13-Feb-10 00:17:24

Hi im new here but i have been amazed at all the stories iv read on Cerazette, i was on it for 4 months i took it the 1st day of my period and haven't bled again since then, i also suffer from PND and after reading some of ur stories im shocked that my doctor even considered putting me on this i have def felt much worse emotionally since starting cerazette im actually relieved to know that it was caused by this pill as i already take ADs and was worrying that they just wern't working anymore, i was also jittery and anxious alot of the time didnt leave the house for weeks i was constantly tired and slept loads and had next 2 no energy.
I stopped taking cerazzete a week ago as i missed a pill and was out of the 12 hrs window so i just didnt take it but i then took the next 2 nights after that until i read that if you miss 1 then you could be preg and if you continue taking them it can cause eptopic pregnancy so i stopped taking them.
I have had no periods as of yet which i no is normal but not sure if i could be preg. confused.

houmousandcarrotsandwich Sat 20-Feb-10 21:55:42

Wow, what an interesting thread!

I was prescribed Cerezzette this week at my 6 week post baby check up. Dr reccomended it as I'm breastfeeding, has a 12 hour window, and because I want to have more children in the future (Dr was opposed to coil or implant)

My initial concern was if I would have adequate contraception (despite the fact it took 18 months ttc for baby!), as info says its not 100% effective. But the Dr response to this was, 'would it be the end of the world if you did get pregnant again now?' (silly me thought it was called 'family planning'?! shock )

So I did research on Mumsnet and found this. I've only taken 2 (over 3 days as forgot 1 day blush , my excuse being a 6 week old baby!!) and don't think I will take anymore. I have a history of depression and anxiety and really don't want to go down that road again. I want to enjoy my baby and dont think it would be fair to put my DH through supporting me again.

Am annoyed that Dr didn't ask about my history (I'm new to that surgery). I dont like using condoms but think its that or risk depression (which is a form of contraception in itself!)

Debs14 Sun 21-Mar-10 17:01:04

I started taking Cerazette about 6 weeks ago. At first I started getting moods swings which weren't too bad and I thought I could cope with them. After two weeks I started getting bad bloating and really bad stomach cramps, then my period started and lasted for about a week, after that I felt much better again. About two weeks ago I started to feel anxious for no apparent reason, I am a bit of an anxious person but nowhere near this bad. I started to feel quickly worse and started with panic attacks and feeling completely scared the whole time, I couldn't even pick my kids up from school without having a massive panic attack. I have never felt this awful. I went to the doctor who said it wasn't likely to be the Cerazette and that I should keep on taking it, instead she prescribed me beta blockers for the anxiety. I stuck it out for another two days until I couldn't stand it any longer, I felt like I was going mad! So three days ago I stopped taking the Cerazette and I'm starting to feel a bit more normal again. I'll just have to wait and see.....!!

simsim30 Wed 31-Mar-10 21:09:26

Hi there, I haven't recently had a baby but am a single mum and suffered from PND shortly after my son was born, I know what it feels like.. my son is now 4 and the PND went a long time ago after having waves of it for about 2yrs. I was feeling fine after that even met someone last year who I'm getting married to this yr but since 3months ago I started this horrid pill too and since then I have almost split up with my partner over nothing, I am paranoid,negative,crying all the time & getting upset over the smallest things. It felt just like PND all over again. I haven't had a period for 2mnths and I so want 1! I have had to take myself off it a week ago as I could see it ripping me apart and changing my whole personality and turning me into this raging person. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! Hope you're ok now and be careful as Dr's these days don't always tell U the negative side of things.

exwife Mon 05-Apr-10 19:21:26

Just had to add to this thread... it's my first post on Mumsnet, but I've been reading this thread over the past week while looking for information about Cerazette and mood swings.

I started taking Cerazette about ten days ago. By day two I was feeling odd, then throughout the next week I spiralled back into depression, which I thought I had said goodbye to a few years ago at the time my son was conceived.

I was alarmed by how negative my thinking became and how I was taken back to a dark place I didn't want to go to again. I was volatile, full of rage, thinking very dark thoughts, feeling unbelievably negative. It was like I had been possessed by some evil force, like someone else was living in my body.

I stopped taking it three days ago and the darkness has lifted. I didn't think a contraceptive could have such a negative effect on my mental health, but it did. I haven't bothered going back to the doctor: she'll only tell me to stick with it, and I'm afraid of what I'll do to myself if I take that stuff. It felt like poison.

Thanks to this thread, I was able to assess the situation and see I wasn't the only one who felt crazy.

Rumpel Tue 27-Apr-10 15:01:51

I reasd through some of these horrible stories and others but wanted to say

smile smile smile smile smile smile

I have suffered from anxiety/depression for about 7 years now and have been on citalopram for 3 years. I suspected mone was very much influenced by my hormones so decided to try the mini-pill to see if it would stabilise my hormones. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and it has been FANTASTIC!!!! I feel so much better, less irritable, more in control, much much much less anxious ( there were days I really worried about going out of the house).

I would just like to say that cerazette is a medicationlike any other - you need to find one that suits you AS AN INDIVIDUAL and that may take some time but don't be put off by all the negatiove stories - people are much more inclined to repeat negative things than positive. I am in no way dismissing all of you who have had negative experiences but I do think it is great to hear some positive stuff too smile.

RedFraggle Thu 29-Apr-10 13:48:20

Hi Rumpel, Glad it is working out for you. I did not start this thread just to slag off Cerazette, I wanted to warn people that it can cause terrible depression in some people. Looking at the responses it has been of use to some people who otherwise may not have connected the mini-pill to their depression.

Sadly many people are not warned of the side-effects during prescribing. This particular pill's own documantation did not mention depression at all.

As I said in my OP:

"If you have recently had a baby and were feeling ok but suddenly start to feel bad or not yourself shortly after starting a mini-pill it might be worth considering changing or stopping medication to just rule out a link. Check with your doctor first of course!!! "

BabyGiraffes Tue 04-May-10 17:41:47

This is unbelievable. Went to the GP today because I have been very foul tempered on Micronor, and came home with Cerazette... This rang a bell somehow so I googled it and found this thread (I must have seen the title before). How on earth can they prescribe this to me which sounds so very worse than what I am experiencing on Micronor?
I asked for the combined pill but was declined due to high blood pressure (which was due to having just had to get two young children ready and out of the house to make my appointment on time...)
Really don't know where to go from here but feel reluctant to give this minipill even a try!!

RedFraggle Wed 05-May-10 17:46:46

Hi BabyGiraffes,
Oh dear. You could give it a try and just make sure you monitor your moods closely to make sure if it does disagree you with you are prepared. You might be lucky and find it suits you. Not everyone has had a terrible time with this pill. I am a bit angry that there is still so little information about depressive side effects though! How can we make informed choices about our own bodies without all the information?

Rumpel Thu 06-May-10 10:10:44

Back again - my mood is much much better. Cerazette has been fab for my anxiety and depression but I have been bleeding for a week now so am off to GP on Monday to change for another.

BABYGIRAFFES - you need to try dfferent ones to see what suits you - what works for one won't always work for another.

We are very lucky in this country to have so many meds avaialable to us and free on the NHS.

REDFRAGGLE - totally with you - think it is only a good thing to raise awareness and you are right - most people don't attribute mental welfare to certain meds. Just wanted to add a positive experience as people are much quicker to add negatie ones than positive smile.

Bear79 Sat 15-May-10 09:27:51

I was on Cerazette for a couple of years before having my baby. I never had any depression side effects but I had plenty of others...hair loss, spots in my hair, loss of libido etc... My baby is now 12 weeks and I am breastfeeding. I have just started taking Cerazette again and the symptoms seem worse. From the first day I started taking it I have had really vivid dreams and lots of them have been violent, gruesome and really quite disturbing! I have also had rashes on my legs, hair loss and libido loss. I also don't like the idea that some of the active substance in cerazette gets passed to baby through my milk. Think I will be stopping.

MaddieMoosMum Sat 15-May-10 09:28:43

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!! Am new on here and like most I found this thread while looking for evidence that I wasn't going mad lol!! What got me looking was seeing Denise Welch interview on this morning yesterday and she mentioned that she had had the Mirena Coil fitted years back (which slowly releases progesterone) and that when a specialist advised her to have it removed, she said she was better 95% of the time. Still has depression but she says that Doc saved her life!! It got me thinking about my pill as I too am on Cerezette and have been since my DD was 6weeks old. After about a year I had to go to the docs as was finding life pretty hard to cope with and was suffering with very bad/wierd anxiety and no sex drive whatsoever!! and he prescribed AD's which sort of helped with the anxiety but nothing else. Over time I went from 10mg Citalopram, to 20mg and now 40mg and although certain symptoms had reduced, I was still feeling pretty crap, always tired, always stressed to the point where I was just starting to think that I was just a rubbish mum!! My DD is nearly 5 so I've been plodding along for some time just thinking I'd turned into a looney! Today I have not taken my pill and will keep you posted as to whether I start to feel normallity return. I am convinced this is all down to the Cerezette as looking back, things only started to go downhill once I started taking it...we shall see! xxx

sleepysox Sat 15-May-10 11:29:47

I've just read this thread with horror. I discovered it by accident.

I've just been prescribed Cerazette and am due to start taking it in a week's time.
I have issues with anxiety/ hypervigilance that the Dr and I actually discussed at the appoinmtment in which she prescribed Cerazette for me.

I am too nervous of things getting worse to even try and take Cerazette.

Has anyone tried a different brand of mini pill that doesn't give these awful side effects?

I am keen to find an alternative, so I can have a suggestion when I go back to my GP.

I can't take the combined pill as I'm over weight.

I need to be on some sort of pill for birth control, but I find being on the pill helps my heavy, painful periods.

Please can someone help?
I am panicking now. I can't take anything that will make me feel worse than I do now.

June2009 Sat 15-May-10 11:31:38

I'm on femulen which has been much much better than mycrogynon (spl) for me.

sleepysox Sat 15-May-10 20:21:41

Thanks for that June2009. I've had a quick google and haven't foudn anything bad so far about it. I'll go back to my GP and ask for that instead.

I just can't risk taking Cerazette.

June2009 Sat 15-May-10 20:41:24

I think the only downside compared to cerazette is that you have to take it at the same time everyday and the window if you miss your pill is 3 hours iirc. (I think cerazette is 12.)

MaddieMoosMum Sat 15-May-10 22:12:16

Just a quick note to add, in hindsight, I reacted badly to the implant (which is a slow progesterone release) and I have many symptoms of low estrogen Only realised this in last couple of days since doing more research on Cerezette and depression. Thinks its fairly obvious that I've too much progesterone in my system and all the AD's have been doing is masking the side effects, not sorting the problem. Like I said, only stopped taking pill today so only time will tell but it all seems far to coincidental to me!!

Bear79 Fri 28-May-10 21:56:22

I went back on this after giving birth and was taking it for a week. As I said in a previous post i had loads of side effects. I also found that it effected my milk supply and babber was much more fussy when feeding. She had been putting on about 8oz a week consistantly but suddenly lost 4oz. I did some further research and found research suggesting a negative effect on milk supply and the taste of the milk. I stopped taking it and my milk supply has returned as usual and this week baby put on a whopping 12oz!

mummyhill Thu 03-Jun-10 18:56:47

I refused to give this pill a second try after having my third child and have coped so much better than after my second even though I still have the same stress levels etc as before. So for me I think I can safely say that I was so ill after my second child because of this pill.

tetti Fri 11-Jun-10 13:16:20

Thank you ,thank you,thank you,thank you!!!
I started crying reading this thread,as I'm so relieved it's not me going mad,it's cerazette that's turned me into a monster!

Was put on it 1 year ago to treat my endometriosis,and thank god,those intolerable,crippling pains vanished.
However,the first few months I had 2 periods a month,looked and felt like I was pregnant 2 weeks every month,now I have no periods at all,but am feeling like I am suffering permanent pmt!!! I went from suffering with no acne since I was a teen,to ending up with terrible boils/spots on my chin,they just never go away! (sometimes the whole chin swells up,and am currently on antibiotics to treat it as it's gotten so bad)
But the worst of all is the depression and terrible moodswings!
I sometimes feel like I could hurt myself or my child (just like you Redfraggle,I cried when I read that,as it was like reading about me!),I snap for no reason (I don't dare to go into half the coffee shops in my area now as I have shouted at those poor staff for not givinbg me hot enough coffee!)
I cry over nothing,and I feel so low and demotivated,and totally,totally exhausted!

I went to see my gp for depression,and ended up seeing the locum who prescrined me antidepressants (which I did NOT want to take,know from previous experience that I don't want to be doped up,took antidepressants years ago when I lost a close family member,and they turned me into a zombie!)
The (male,of course)Locum said when I objected to taking antidepressants "Well,what do you want me to do? You either put up with feeling and acting like a pmt monster,or you don't!What do you want me to say? If you think the prozac will make you feel like a zombie,don't take them! (ta very much for being so nice and sensitive about it!)

So,I found this thread,and the relief after reading all the posts is immense.I am not going nuts or out of my mind (I seriously thought I was losing the plot!Big time!)
I am stopping taking those pills NOW,I will not see my GP before.What I will do is keep a diary of how my symptoms improve (to show that it IS the cerazette affecting me,as I had NO anger issues or any other symptoms prior to taking cerazette,I used to be happy as Larry!)
I may also print out this thread,not that he'll read it,but to shove in his face (erm,that anger coming out again,whoops!) and go "Here,9 pages of posts from women having the very same problems,you still think it ain't cverazette casuign these problems?"
Hopefully there's something else that can be prescribed for my endometriosis.

Sorry for the long post,but thank you all sooo,sooo much again for all your posts,not just from me,but from my daughter who'll no doubt have her happy,loving mum back again
Hugs to you all!)))

Debs75 Fri 11-Jun-10 13:24:57

I was put on Cerazette after having DC3(21 months) as I was breastfedding.
I can't say I have had severe mood swings but I had been grumpier and snappier towards DP.
Also when I slowed brestfeeding to nights only I got caught pregnant so not a good mini-pill.

happybadger Wed 16-Jun-10 11:46:12

I am so pleased that I found this site.

I've been on Cerazette for 6 months, I have a recent history of severe depression and have gone back on the AD after being on Cerazette for 3 months.

I asked my Dr about my lack of libido and all she did was check to see if it was a side effect of the AD, and when I asked about my weight gain she said I was simply fat, this did make me laugh as last year I was severely underweight due to depression and anxiety.

I've now stopped the Cerazette and amongst other things feel like there's been a huge weight lifted from me as I'd internalised many if these issues which were feeding my depression.

Thanks for sharing your experiences they've really helped me.

kazzabazza Tue 29-Jun-10 06:52:22

I was put on this pill after having my son nearly 3 years ago. Almost straight away i became very depressed but had put that down to events that were happening in my life around the same time.
I had no sex drive whatsoever and it got to the stage where i couldnt bear to hold hands with my husband let alone do anything else. I had gone to the gp numerous times as my lack of sex drive was really upsetting me. I asked if it was the pill making me feel like this and was told definately not, and it wasnt suprising i had lost my sex drive due to the troubles i was having in my life at the time. I went back a few more times and eventually the gp said he would refer me for councilling. I moved house and never went.

My husband also believed the way i was feeling was down to this pill. He eventually convinced me into coming off the thing just 2 months ago, i wouldnt do it before because i couldnt bear the thought of having another child to cope with.

I am a totally different person now, even after this short time. I feel i am me again. My sex drive is 110%, and now want more than anything to have another baby.

I look back now on how i was and realise how hard i must have been to live with, i am extremely lucky to have a husband that was so understanding. It must have been hell for him too.

Cerazette took away 3 years of our life, i will never take it again.

Ledodgy Thu 01-Jul-10 10:29:44

Oh god i've just been prescribed this today. My meniere's disease (inner ear disorder)is worse before my periods so gp said this would help any hormone imbalance. I can't go on the combined pill as my mum died of breast cancer. Should I just not take it? I should also say that I have /still sometimes suffer from anxiety. confused

sarahloulou1707 Wed 14-Jul-10 21:51:23

Thanks sooo much for your post on here Redfraggle! JENNIFERANN i was just the same. Had lost quite a bit of weight since having my lil boy six onths ago and have been on cerazette and can already feel the weight creeping on! Iys the mood swings that u were talking about that led me to google cerazette! Its amazing what one little pill cn do to us women!? I definatly know it is the cerazette as i was on microgynon until a month ago when the doc changed me because of migraines! I wish i hadnt now. One minute im feeling fine, the next im in tears!!! Im stopping cerazette as of tommorow and will update on any changes! What us women have to go through! Not only carrying the baby but have to go through murder preventing getting pregnant again! Maybe they should invent a pill for men to take!!! Lol
Thanks again to you all so glad it was just the pill and not me and that im not on my own! Thank goodness for websites like this!!

Mermaidspam Wed 14-Jul-10 22:25:21

I just wanted to say that Cerazette, for me, had the complete opposite effect to most people here.

I had PND for 3.5 yrs after dd and the depression came back every so often until I began on Cerazette. I have never felt better.

madcow73 Wed 04-Aug-10 18:42:40

I can see from the date of these messages that they were posted a couple of years ago but I have been on cerazette for a 18 months now and have been havin some concerns about things so I started to look for some information. I have to admit to being quite alarmed that there are so many women out there who are having of have had drastic side effects from taking this pill, some of which I can relate to and up until now thought it was "just me". The first thing I noticed was the change in my sex drive it is practically non existent, and while I wouldn't say I suffer from depression on a regular basis , looking back on it I have had over the last 18 months some very severe mood swings, and bouts of feeling very low for no good reason, I have picked fights with my partner for no good reason, and even taken it out on my daughter, I am now wondering if it is responsible for my weight gain and struggle to loose it no matter what I do!! I haven't really had a period over this time, occasional light bleeding which can occur at any time, I sometimes get the symptoms of having a period, stomach cramps sore breasts and back ache etc, but often there will be no period, this in its self concerns me as your monthly is your body's way of having a clear out and this is not really happening. I am now seriously considering coming off cerazette even if it means going back to the coil.

QueenofDreams Thu 05-Aug-10 14:45:16

I was on Cerazette for ages, and never had any problems with it at all. I guess things just affect us all differently. I can't use the combined pill due to migraine and family history of dvt

RedFraggle Mon 09-Aug-10 21:33:23

Please do note that when I posted this message initially it was as a warning that this pill might affect people in the same way as it did me. I have stressed throughout this thread the importance of consulting your GP if you think your pill is the problem.

I do realise that many people will take this pill and have no issues, but my concern at the time of posting (and now still to be fair) is that this pill is marketed at women who have just had a baby and that if it does trigger depression/anxiety in the user, it could easily be mistaken for PND.

If you take it and it works for you that is great. I just want a bit more transparency from manufacturers and GPs about the extent of side-effects this type of pill can have. As I've stated before "mood swings" in my head does not really equal "suicidally depressed". hmm

mumstheword2000 Tue 10-Aug-10 08:48:01

Thank you for your help RedFraggle my poor husband and kids. I have been the most awful monster since taking Cerazette I have been taking it for two months as recommended by my GP because i am breast feeding. that's when it started the moods and such a short temper i would fly off the handle at the smallest thing I'm sure my family have been walking on eggshells for weeks. i am a very calm person normally so me being this way has made me very depressed.
Today i have spoken with my husband and I'm no longer taking "Cerazette" so i will update in a week.
ladies it's not worth the stress!!! there are many more on the market.

Katie1406 Mon 23-Aug-10 22:22:33

Thank you so much. I thought I was going mad. I have been taking Cerazette for nearly 2 years but 3 weeks ago started bleeding all of a sudden on the Saturday and spent most of the day crying. From then I started getting paranoid that my partner was going to leave me, dreaming it every night waking up crying, breaking down crying for no reason and feeling anxious about going out and going to work. I have bleed every Saturday only since and this weekend I had had enough of being an emotional wreck. I went to my docs this morning who just said change the pill but could not explain how I have been feeling so I left in floods of tears thinking this was not going to end. I went to work and after breaking down on my new boss googled it and Mumsnet came up with this and I felt like a brick had been lifted and I was no longer a mad women!! I will be investigating the new pill she has prescribed before I change. Thank you again you have put a smile back on my face xxx

ilovenewcastle Fri 03-Sep-10 09:34:36

I have found these messages from all of you so helpful. I had my daughter 3.5 yrs ago and have suffered from PMS ever since. In order to try and control these wild emotions i was experiencing, my new GP put me on Cerazette without even discussing it with me or checking my emotional background, etc. It was a completely detached decision and one that I am paying for now in blood, sweat and loads of tears ! I have never felt so utterly down in my life. My reactions to things are totally out of control. I wake up crying every morning, I get viciously angry at the slightest thing, its just ridiculous. This is the first time I've ever felt so completely out of control....nightmare. The only physical side effects I have noticed so far are strange spots on my chest which are taking a long time to clear up and the complete inability to lose any weight despite dieting (which normally would work for me) I have only been on this thing for 2 months and am wondering if I should ride the storm and see what happens or if I should bin it right now.

Good to vent though !


Hellsbells2805 Mon 06-Sep-10 17:37:12

I read your post with great interest as I had a baby 4 months and the instant I asked about contraception I was prescribed cerazette. I had been feeling ok mood wise previously, but now feel anxious and weepy. I am going to try stopping it to see if things improve. Has anyone had experience of the implant bc I was considering that but am frightened by all the bad press. I know everyone is different but don't want to risk it. I can't take anything with oestrogen in bc of breastfeeding. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks x

whispywhisp Sun 26-Sep-10 18:13:47

I went back on cerazette 6wks ago after a break of about 10mths....I am 42yrs old. I have today come off of it again. I cannot cope with the awful mood swings I'm getting, I feel very depressed and extremely fed up. I came off this pill because I wanted to give myself a break and only went back on it for fear of becoming pregnant and also to help my fairly heavy periods.

I would far rather cope with heavy periods than deal with the awful depression it causes me to suffer with.

The leaflet that comes with the pills should, imo, come with a clear indication/warning that for 'some' people these tablets can cause real problems with anxiety, unhappiness, depression etc.

I am now looking forward to being pill-free again and will rely on EPO/Starflower and up my iron and Vit B tablets instead.

Ree70 Mon 11-Oct-10 16:05:23

I haven't even lasted a week on cerazette. I told the Doctor when she offered this to me as I cannot have an IUD that the pill doesn't agree with me as it sends me mental. lol

Years ago from taking the combined pill, I know that it affected my mood and emotions, I stopped taking it and the monthly migrains ceased and I became so much more relaxed and less emotional.

But I'm already aware the same things are happening, I'm feeling anxious, emotional by things that would normally easily be put out my mind. I'm also getting headaches.

I guess I'll just have to stay pill free to be 'normal'.

burningcakeyatthestakey Wed 13-Oct-10 16:00:14

I'm still on my first pack of cerazette and decided to check on here for threads as I'm really not feeling myself - I thought it might be this pill and will now be having a word with my GP.

I'm BF my nine week old, and was fine and bouncy until I started taking it. I want to have a diapraghm fitted but apprarently have to wait until 12 weeks. Cerazette was a stop-gap, with the potential to stay on it. I'll be pushing for the diapraghm now.

Since starting to take cerazette I'm (more) short-tempered with DD1, lethargic, stuffing my face and putting on weight and am angry one moment, fine the next. It's so not like me that I've been starting to get really worried. It could be PND, but I do think this pill has something to do with it. Thank you to everyone who has posted here.

JC1973 Fri 15-Oct-10 21:37:57

Thank you to everyone who has posted. When my DD was young I took cerazette for 3 months, and bled constantly. I was still bleeding 3 months after I stopped taking it, and it was so heavy that I was diagnosed as anemic!I went back to my GP (male) who told me it was because I had stopped taking the pills and prescribed a new batch! Not happy with this I went back a week later knowing he was on hols and saw his female locum. She told me she would never prescribe cerazette and gave me HRT pills to counteract its affects. So you can imagine my horror when my now teenage daughter was given these same pills to combat heavy periods. In 1 week she has become moodier, snappier, she has bloated to the point where my size 14s fit her better than her size 10's and her normally clear skin has broken out in acne for the first time ever!! I know if we saw the GP he'd say she's being a typical teenager, but I KNOW MY DAUGHTER and this isn't like her. I told her what it did to me, and have showed her these posts... She has just binned the pills! She has asked that I pass her thanks on with my own. grin

Hazst Mon 18-Oct-10 12:52:55

Hi there, i have been taking cerazette for 3 years this december and its only after someone mentioned the side affects of this pill that i thought i would look it up. I was put on this as i cannot go on the combined pill due to me being a migraine sufferer.

I didn't think that any of what i was experiencing had anything to do with the pill, i just put it down to the stresses of being a 25 year old mum of 3 very active children.

basically I am a horrible person to be around. I shout, lose my temper over the slightest thing, cry over stupid things (sometimes nothing),feel depressed but just thought that was down to family issues, my sex drive is pretty much none existent which can be difficult for both my husband and I.
My temper can be really nasty sometimes, my husband says he doesnt know me anymore.

Recently i have begun to experience horrible dizzy spells and fainting episodes along with headaches which feel like someone crushing my head.
I have been to the docs and have had many blood tests, ecg's, different tablets, support stockings, etc etc. and yet everything comes back clear.
I'm not sure if it is worth mentioning cerazette to my doctor or not?

chrystl Tue 19-Oct-10 20:53:57

I was starting to think I was mad until I found this thread! I've been taking cerz for 9 months now and it's just not worth it I've had so many side effects, acne(which i never had before), depression, uncontrollable crying, random mood swings. One min I'm fine the next im on the floor crying so sensitive bf says one thing and i cry its so ridiculous sometimes. To be honest i'm surprised my bf has put up with me for this long I think he thinks im just a mad cow really lol turns out im not!!!
I was put on the mini pill bc i suffer from migraines so not allowed the normal pill, now im starting to wonder what is best hormonal or non-hormonal???
Cant risk not taking anything as im in uni and def dont want a baby now!
I was considering the IUS or maybe the IUD does anyone have any experience with these? suppose nothing can be worse than that pill!

myboysaregreat Wed 17-Nov-10 14:30:26

Firstly thank you redfraggle for originally posting this. Ive been getting lower and lower over the last 2 months the exact time i have been on the pill and on saturday the worst time came. Since then i have had dark manic thoughts reflecting on my life like i have never before. I have a wonderful hubby and 2 gorgeous boys why am i feeling like this? The boys have heard me shout and shout over the least few weeks and my 3 yr old has never experienced this. I even nutted the wall (luckily only a stud wall so no damage to me or the wall) and locked myself in the utility the other day! My husband was really worried. I came out after crying and crying pulled myself round for the boys then had a glass of wine! I had been using wine everynight, only a glass but this is not me!I spoke with my mum on Sat and she agreed that i hadnt been myself. Id been saying to my friend that the pill was making me nutty. Ive lost all confidence in myself. I googled about the mini pill cerazette and came across this thread. I made an appointment with my GP and Ive decided to come off the pill and not go on the anti d's shes prescribed until we see if the pill works its way out of my system. I'm on day 4 but still dont feel 100%. After reading other threads stating that people felt better within 3 days im really worried. Did it take longer for anyone else? Im feeling fine at mo but I was dreadful this morning. Ive been sitting in sainsburies carpark crying!!

Swizz Wed 17-Nov-10 22:24:01

Hi all,

I've nearly finished my first week on Cerazette and it's too soon to say. I actually asked to try it as a remedy for severe PMT/mood swings. I have heard anecdotal evidence about its success in treating this. I Googled beforehand and have found loads of threads just like this, but also many stories of success.

So I'm watching myself like a hawk at the moment and I guess I won't really know until a full month, when I get my period again. I don't feel terrible at all, but not sure I feel any better either. Little bit snappy sometimes but generally seem more calm.

Will come back soon.


myboysaregreat Fri 19-Nov-10 16:19:39

Well today seems to be the turning point. After posting yesterday in fear i wasn’t getting any better i experienced a sore throat, nausea, palpitations and hot flashes. I called my Dr who said I should go straight on the anti D's. I spoke with my rational husband who said that he would be there to help support me over the next few days to see if the pill comes out of my system and helps me. Lo and behold today, day 5 after stop taking it, I feel much much better. A little scared that I am just imagining how I’m feeling but I felt as though I could feel the dark manic mood lift. It is one of the scariest feelings I’ve ever had. I called Schering-Plough Drug Safety Department to inform them how I reacted and I'm back to my GP on Monday to tell them. (the drugs company will also be contacting them) I know for every person this drug will differ and some people may be fine but for those who are not I do believe a stronger warning should be given to GP's. My GP yesterday said how I was feeling was not the pill!! (hmm) I am seeing a different GP on Monday. The scary thing is a lot of woman who are breastfeeding are prescribed the mini pill and PND could be diagnosed when in fact its this pill. Its scary when a few days off it could alleviate the problem and prevent the anti d route!

cupofcoffee Fri 19-Nov-10 19:13:51

I have taken cerazette postnatally before and been fine with it. Like others have said it suits some fine and others have horrible problems with it. Problem is (as with most contraception) you can read all you like before hand about possible side effects etc but you never can find out how it will affect you as an individual until you try it. It's all a lot of trial and error.

Agree that cerazette is marketed towards post natal women. Think the thing is that women who breastfeed and want a pill will not be given a combined pill and cerazette is considered a bit more reliable than the older mini pills. When I say a bit more reliable I mean that cerazette has a longer 'window' in which you can remember to take it each day compared to the older pills needing to be taken close to the same time each day. I opted for the cerazette for this reason because with all the chaos of a new baby I didn't trust my memory to stick to good timing.

I think the OP has raised a good point. It is always worth considering stopping/changing the pill if symptoms develop to find out if it is the cause. Also right about it being all too easy for women/doctors/HVs/everyone to put problems down to PND and forget about other possible causes.

zara283 Fri 10-Dec-10 22:19:28

I am so so glad i found this thread I honestly thought it was just me!!!

I have been on combined pill over the yrs taken off it coz of migranes & high blood pressure. Suffered horrendously with endometrosis finally had my son then had the mirena coil to control heavy bleeding didn't agree with that, that was 4yrs ago. Then tried Zoladex injections coz of the pain, endometrosis and severe bleeding but then decided to try & have more babies with my now ex husband.

Then thankfully I found a new partner and decided to give the mini pill another go. I had tried one type 8yrs ago but that didn't work out. I was advised to try Cerazette.

I started it on 19th August 1st day of my period had normal period no probs. Then two wks later I was back on 4 2wks. Then it stopped again for about 5wks. Then I came bac on & this time it lasted 4wks. I have now had 5days off and started again.

It is driving me completley nuts!!!! I have noticed a lack in my sex drive (which is not gd 4 a new relationship), altho must admit my boyfriend is being v.supportive.

I have also started to notice my mood swings. I keep snapping at my son or other people around me or other times I go the complete opposite way.

My GP has suggested two other mini pills i can try but he is not so sure they are going to work either. I really don't have any idea what to do. And wondered if there any suggestions.

And to add insult to injury I have just managed to find the instructions that come with the pack and it does say Common side effects affecting at least 1 in 10 women mood changes, decresed sex drive, headacke, sickness, acne, weight gain, breast pain.
Uncommon side effects are painful periods, cysts affecting at least 1 in 100 women. Rare side effects affecting at least 1 in 1000 women skin conditions such as rash, hives, painful blue-red skin lumps.

Well the other week had one of those lumps thought it was a bit strange. And my eczema is three tyms as bad as it has been in a v.long time & the things I normally use which was prescribed by my GP arent work'n so can only put it down to this Cerazette.

Really not happy. angry

bevk Mon 13-Dec-10 10:32:22

i have been on ceracette for 6 months now and have been feelin really bad (headaches dizzyness feeling that sumthing bad is gunna happen to me) i went to my doctors and was told i was having pannic attacts and gave me sum medication i have not taken any and i am so glad i didnt take them now because all the things i have read on here is the same as i have been getting so im off to see my doctor at tea time and will see what they say am so glad i came on thise site now an seen that iam not the only one that has had the the same side affects as me

mangobear Wed 22-Dec-10 07:00:29

Blah, I'm scared to take Cerazette now, was prescribed it yesterday and picked up the pills today. I have bipolar type 1 and was told "it'll be fine" - the stories of extreme mood swings are really worrying to me as I'm already prone to mixed state manic episodes and suicide attempts. I did try looking for the best contraceptive options for bipolar patients but there seems to be not much info out there and of course everyone is different, bipolar or not.

On the upside, (correct me if I am wrong!) a lot of people seem to be saying the side effects go away quite quickly, so I will stop immediately if I notice any change on the mood front. It's good to know what to watch for.

Thanks so much for this thread, I just wish I'd known all this before they put me on it.

Kathleen1969 Mon 03-Jan-11 03:59:17

I went on Cerazette after my 6 week check-up after my baby. A week later started my period and havent stopped since!! She is now 17 weeks so I have had a period for 10 weeks and its not just spotting, it heavy! There is no sign of it easing off...period pains, moods, bloating feeling..everything for the past 10 weeks. My poor hubby cant take anymore of it and niether can I. My libido is nil! Wow they have finaly come out with the perfect contraception! - Abstinance! Same as others on here aswell, panicky, anxious. I dont want my older girls to go out of the house in case they 'slip on ice..... fall over near a passing car...etc etc! its ridiculous. I am so happy I found this link because now I know its not just me..its the pill. Tomorrow I am throwing those things in the bin and my darling hb will have to sort out the contraception!

Andzik Mon 03-Jan-11 14:02:04

I have tried to get the Mirena fitted but since I have no children it was impossible (as it happens sometimes) I considered every possibility but the pill as I'm not systematic so I would have forgotten to take it.
Since the Mirena coil fitting didn't work out I ended up with the Cerezette pill!!! Well one thing I can say I can be systematic but my sex life died 11 days from I started to take the pill. It lasted for 9 days and returned after 5 more. I guess I don't have to worry about getting pregnant as my boyfriend can't look at me because of my mood swings and I can't look at myself because of that constant bleeding.
One thing has changed though my periods although almost constant are painless which was the main reason I wanted a coil or whatever else in first place.
Don't know what I prefer having a painless period most of the month or die for 6 days once a month. My sex life was definitely better off when of that 'bloody' pill.
Has anyone got any good news??????????

housewife19 Thu 06-Jan-11 12:51:02

Hi all, ive been on Cerazette for just over 9mnths now, went on it to try to get con trol of my Anemia. (very heavy frequent periods & fibroids)sad. Tried the mirana coil, lasted 2wks, that was a horrendous experience. Doctor advised this one. I settled down quite quickly & have no periods at allgrin, but also have no sex drive,and have lost over a stone in weight in the 9mnths ive been on it. Anyone else exp this, because everyone else seems to say weight gain. Also my Anxiety levels are very high but i dont know if its a side effect or just me being my usual self sad

nursemolly Tue 11-Jan-11 16:18:21

Thank God I googled this today as I thought I was losing my mind. I started taking Cerazette 10 days ago & for the last 5 days I feel like I have been in a dark hole. I have a fog in my head & the most terrible mood swings, I actually threw a scissors at my husband today & started screaming at my poor 6 year old, this is so not like me. I am awaiting a call back from my GP but I will not be taking this pill again, I am living in Eire & the pill, as I have just found out, is still to be licenced here. I was put on this because of my age (42) and problems with hypertension. I was in Cilest for 18 years & its only recently that it was linked to my high BP. Thanks for all the posts, I now know I am not going mad & the severe mood swings, depression & general feeling of hoplesness is not a sign that I am mentally unstableangry

charley4 Tue 11-Jan-11 21:30:00

Thank goodness I found this tonight. Like lots of people above, really thought it was just me! Only been taking Cerazette for 32 days but have been bleeding heavy (not spotting like they warn you!)for 21 days. Can't say if my moods are much different but have been so wrecked from constant period that I wouldn't notice. I too suffer from migraines but have never been on the pill as we never needed contraception due to fertility problems. Thankfully we were eventually able to have children and after our last one decided maybe we should think of fp. Went to my GP and she suggested cerazette in view of my migraine history & that I was still bf. The fact that I "may not have a period" was also a bonus! I guess meds do work differently for everyone but if I'd read half of these posts, I wouldn't have taken it. Will be going to spk to my GP tomorrow but I've just let my husband see some comments on here and he's in total agreement (thought he hadn't noticed my lack of sex drive!lol) Will keep updated. Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone's attention

GG84 Thu 13-Jan-11 14:40:10

You may have just saved my life, I will not be taking this pill again and cannot believe i did not put two and two together, ever since i started this pill after having my baby I have never been the same person, panic attacks, massive anxiety, worried about everything and feeling unwell all the time...

Why hadnt my doctor worked this out? why do they still prescribe it?

Thank u so much everyone

littleniki Wed 19-Jan-11 16:58:45

I have been taking this for 10 months now and have been admitted into hospital with adominal pains twice (sept 10 and january 11). Both times this was suspected apendicitus and had to go through blood tests and such. Have then been told after second visit that its probably cysts on my ovaries. After researching this online I have found that this is a common side effect of this pill. Even after being prescribed antibiotics I'm still in pain, and so I think I will be coming off this quicker than thought.

Make sure that if this happens to you its checked out. can be serious if left!

housewife19 Thu 20-Jan-11 12:08:11

Thanks littleniki, and all of you for your replies,. I already have fibroids,dont think i want to run the risk of cysts as well.
Its been great not having the periods but the hormonal symptoms are getting worse and the headaches are getting more frequent. I went on it to help with my anemia and have been told that although my hemaglobins up my iron levels are still to low and that i just dont absorb or store iron in my body so im begining to wonder if its worth the side effects, still havent found anyone who experienced weight loss with it though. Seeing the doc on monday so see what they have to say. hmm

soozmum Sun 23-Jan-11 15:10:10

Really interesting reading about people's experiences on Cerazette. I have been on it for about 5 years and love the freedom of no periods. Last year I decided to "give my body a rest" and came off it. I started to feel really tearful, and just generally grrrry. It took me about a month to realise that I was experiencing my own natural hormones again, and I didn't like how they were making me feel, so I started the Cerazette again and quickly returned to a more happy disposition!
It looks as if there is a problem with Cerazette for many women though, and is probably not a good choice for mums who have recently had a baby, with the associated hormonal changes and potential for PND, which in my experience started about 3 months after having my son, but not as a result of taking Cerazette, which I started years after.
As a counsellor/psychotherapist, I am concerned about the number of women who suffer depression or attempt suicide. They are actually the silent majority, not recognised in the statistics we usually see. Often a suicide attempt fails, and is not recorded, and seen as "Just" a cry for help. I know the underlying problems can be far more serious and it is important that any new mum doesn't just put up with feeling depressed or feel she can't seek help. Any information such as that posted here is really welcome and long overdue.
Thank you to all and I do hope that those of you who have had a bad time with Cerazette or PND or depression and anxiety in general manage to find the support and understanding you need.

DeeStevo Tue 25-Jan-11 14:07:26

I feel so much better after reading this. I have two children 5 and 2 and the last couple of months have been on the mini pill (cerazette). I went away for christmas and forgot to take it with me. I felt so good, and when I got I was feeling down but I put that down to being ill and missing my mum. She lives in Spain and thats where I went for christmas. But once I was back to my old self I felt so happy and in control and was coping with my youngest temper tantrums.
It took a while before I had my period and once I came on I started taking the pill again and have slowly been starting to feel down and un able to cope with my little ones temper tantrums.
It only occurred to me as I sat and thought about how happy I was over christmas and when I got home that maybe it wasn't the holiday that did me good but being off the pill so I googled it and found this.
I feel so much better now for reading this and think I am going to come straight off the pill. Thank you. If you know of any other contraception that is better I would love to know. Thanks xxx

samdlb Fri 28-Jan-11 21:23:44

hi googled cerazette today as been on it 3 months my periods have stopped and have symptoms of pregnancy but all tests are negative feel ill all the time and moody and depressed and all of a sudden my 2 year old and 13 year old r driving me mad after what iv read today i think my pill could b the problem thanks for all the info x

row1987 Fri 18-Feb-11 20:05:04


I would just like to say from my experience - if you have ANY tendency towards or history of any kind of depression or mood swings, I would suggest that you AVOID Cerazette like the plague!!

Started taking it eleven days ago - nothing too extreme at first (or so I thought), but the last week has been my worst for a couple of years...bordering on suicidal thoughts...

Yes, I have been through periods of depression before (about two years ago), but nothing this bad for a long long time with no reason. As well as ACUTE depression, I also experienced dizziness, pressure headaches, dry mouth and stomach pains.

I know that Cerazette is effective in many women - I have a friend who's on it who has experienced none of these symptoms, so it's obviously a personal thing.

Even if you haven't been depressed for years, and consider yourself a changed person, I would definitely advise that you steer clear of Cerazette, or any progesterone-only pill (lower dose pills would, by logic, yield less extreme, but similar side effects).

So incredibly relieved that I worked this out before things got worse.

The worst thing about this was that I couldn't work out why I was so sad about everything - unless you are aware of the potential side effects, you tend to think it might just be you.

I even went to see the doctor today to talk to her about it and was very concerned to hear what she had to say. She said these symptoms only occur in a handful of women (1. obviously not, according to the hundreds of forum writers who would suggest otherwise; 2. I don't really see why that makes it any less important to warn people). I told her that when it was prescribed to me, I had not been asked if I had any history of, or tendency towards depression. She frowned and pointed out that I would have been asked if I had any medical conditions. As if this is a specific enough answer!! Yes I know, depression is a serious medical condition. But people who are depressed (partly because of the stigma attached, and partly because of the inherent and obvious mind alteration that occurs) may not consider their depression a medical condition. Surely a doctor should understand this. However, all this doctor had to say was that in fact it was a medical condition. As an example, she said that breast cancer patients in recovery may not think to mention breast cancer as an illness. Now I don't know about everyone else, but I think breast cancer is an obvious thing to mention when in a doctor's office. For instance, in my original consultation, I mentioned that I had migraines. Physical condition, not mental. Furthermore, in EVERY pill leaflet, it mentions the risks of breast cancer. When I read my pill leaflet, it did mention "mood swings" as a symptom, but it did NOT say anything about depression (two very different things - depression is a medical condition, mood swings are SYMPTOMS of a variety of conditions). It DID say, DO NOT take if you have had breast cancer, it DID NOT say, do not take if you have ever been depressed. This, I think, is a crucial error in judgement. I was very forthcoming about saying all of this to the doctor, and suggested that in the case of prescribing progesterone-only pills, patients should be asked if they have a history of depression, specifically. She said - she didn't think the NHS were going to change. How disgraceful. A black-and-white, bureaucratic answer to a complicated issue. Are you not supposed to tailor your advice to the particular medication offered?? And once you've been made aware of an adverse reaction (which she admitted in this case, she had), why wouldn't you make every effort to ensure that it didn't happen with one of your patients? I let her know how unimpressed I was, in the most courteous way I could.

I'm thinking maybe the coil is the answer to this problem!

JCL234 Mon 28-Feb-11 22:43:14

I thought I'd add to this with my experience of cerazette.
I started taking cerazette around 4 weeks ago, at first I did not connect my new mood swings with the mini pill; but something triggered in my mind to tell me my sudden unhappy mood were not normal!

I am normally quite an upbeat person, I'm only 23. Enjoy my job and life, but lately I have been feeling very unhappy. I began to cry (mainly at night - towards the time I'd go to bed! )
I started feeling really lonely, began doubting myself, becoming generally angry and upset!

So much so i would feel like I didn't want to socialize. I just wanted to be on my own.

I knew this was compeletly out of character for me so had a look online at the side effects. That's when I saw all of the pages upon pages of comments, women feeling the same as I did!

I have had to take it the past few nights as I am worried about just stopping before seeing my doctor.

I am booking an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully get back to feeling myself soon!!

housewife19 Wed 09-Mar-11 09:07:13

(JCL 234) wondered how you got on at the docs, ive stayed on cerazette, to keep my periods at bay,and opted to see a counsellor for the anxiety. I dont know if im worse because of the pill or im hoping the pills the reason im worse (does that make any sense). I had the anxiety long before the pill so i think i could be clutching at straws to think the pills the problem, but i do realize it could be making me worse.
Im going to try the counselling and make my decision in a few weeks.
If anyone has an opinion im happy to hear it {smile}{confused}{smile}

jd1111 Tue 15-Mar-11 13:24:01

Why are the GP's not warning new mums about these side effects. My GP said that it was very rare to get side effects with Cerazette. My mood swings and sadness crept up on me over 3 weeks. I was putting the feeling I had down to tiredness as my little one had tonsilitous. It was only reading this forum that made me realise that it was the pill. The final straw was when I was standing at the top of the stairs and thought "shall I jump?". Thank you to everyone on this forum because I stopped taking the pill immedieately and within 3 days felt 100% better. I feel like I have had a look at the dark side of life and actually feel a bit traumatised!
This pill should not be given to new mums at 6 weeks becasue its so hard when you are very knackered to be in touch with how you are feeling and if you feel any different. Beware of this pill!!

Rosa Tue 15-Mar-11 13:28:29

I lasted 3 months then came off it as I found that I was moody, depressed , Ihad low energy and I felt that the world was closing in. Everybody said post natal hormones but as soon as I stopped apart from the lack of sleep life came back ...Nasty pill and I agree more investigation and monitoring should be done with it especially post natal.

CrystalWaterlily Fri 18-Mar-11 15:24:08

Hi Girls, Im new here.. Im posting to tell you my experience with cerazette/Implanon.. I have 2 children and used cerazette prior to and in between pregnancies. I fall preg very easily & I am a migraine sufferer. I have no history of anxiety or depression, diagnosed or otherwise. After my youngest was born, i was offered the Implanon rod, as an alternative to cerazette which i had already started taking..(looking back my baby blues were very bad, i assumed it was cos she was a ;'winter baby' as opposed to my son who was born in June..)and was advised theyre the same hormone. I had it fitted in dec 2009. For a whole year I bled, I was exhausted, crying, withdrawn, anxious, fearful of our safety when we were out, particularly in the car, at one point i was taking cerazette AND had the implant just to control bleeding.

As the year wore on, I started to get dreadful symptoms. The list quite frankly is ridiculous and I was starting to wonder if i was a hypochondriac.. I was extremely tired, my sexual drive had taken a total nosedive, I had headaches, loss of appetite/nausea, bloatedness, pins and needles in my hands upon waking, moodiness/mood swings, low mood particularly on a morning and night, I was aching in every joint (im only late twenties), lower back pain, sharp crampy pains in my womb, serious lack of energy/motivation, i also developed an extreme sensitivity to the cold and got tested for an underactive thyroid.. as you may have guessed my thyroid was normal.

I had Implanon removed Jan 2011, and went straight onto cerazette, the bleeding continued and the symptoms increased to breaking point. So as a suggestion my doctor advised to stop all hormone BC and use condoms until my periods returned then try cerazette again. I can honestly say the 5 weeks I was pill free is the most amazing I have felt for years! I had so much energy, my cycle returned to normal, and i had no symptoms, and i felt WARM again! Heavenly!

I did as my doctor advised and started the pill again once my 'natural' cycle had resumed, and 5 days into taking cerazette, I just couldnt do this anymore! Im sacking the idea of hormonal birth control all together and sticking with condoms, a period once a month and a bit of fiddling on with condoms is a small price to pay for feeling normal! This is my first day of binning cerazette altogether, and Iv got a stotting headache, but Im confident i will feel better very soon

To all you girls who are taking this dreadful 'wonder mini pill' My advice would be, if you have a sneaking suspicion ur pills making u ill, it probably is! I am otherwise healthy, fit and usually have no problem shifting weight, however, since using cerazette, my appetite some days is thru the roof and im finding it hard to lose the lbs!! not good for the waistline..

wishing you all luck in getting sorted xxx

LadyLex Thu 12-May-11 14:20:52

I have just found this thread and am so relieved - I though I was going crazy! I have been on Cerazette for 3 weeks and have become progressively more anxious and moody. I was put on Cerazette because I was still breastfeeding my daughter and have never had any previous issues with depression or anything similar. However, I have been experiencing sudden violent bouts of anger and have felt totally out of control - I feel like I can't be trusted to be left alone with my baby, something I never ever felt with my first (it's totally different from the momentary frustration and anger we all feel from time to time, particularly at 3am when they won't go to sleep!). I have been terrified that I would hurt my daughter or myself. I have also been feeling totally exhausted, my appetite is through the roof and I have this bizarre itchy scalp thing going on. I saw my GP and explained my symptoms, but Cerazette was not mentioned as a possible cause.

Everything said on this thread leads me to conclude that Cerazette is the cause of these feelings - I was absolutely fine with my first baby and was fine this time, until I started taking Cerazette. I have stopped taking the pill now (there are plenty of alternatives) and will be asking my GP to yellow card the drug - it's really important to raise awareness of these symptoms, if I had known then I would have recognised that I was having problems with the pill much earlier on.

I have also told my husband and my mum about how I have been feeling (I was afraid to before as I thought I was losing the plot) and have asked them to keep an eye on me until things improve.

I want to relay my experience to help anyone else who may be experiencing the same problems - if you feel you my be reacting badly to Cerazette, pleased make sure you let your loved ones know so that they can help you, for your own safety and that of your children. It's also worth speaking to your GP if they're not already aware of the dangers, so they can hopefully warn other users.

HeartBurnQueen Thu 02-Jun-11 00:07:53

Just found this thread through Google and am starting to wonder if my recent "issues" are down to cerazette?

Started on it about 3 weeks ago - Felt great, happier than normal in fact - I still do but my personality seems to be changing. I'm usually a scruffy sod that can leave the pots until morning - since starting this pill the house is immaculate! I can't stop cleaning, wiping, hoovering, polishing - it just isn't like me at all and I don't know why I'm doing it. I'm feeling stressed out now because I know there is a glass of water on the kitchen side and I should really have washed it before I came to bed!

Another issue - I checked my weight on Saturday. 10st 7lbs - that's fine for my height. This morning - 10st 11lbs!!! 4lbs on in the matter of days??

In the cinema today the Harry Potter trailer came on - I was almost in floods of tears at it! No idea why I just got really upset for some reason. I held it together but it happened again tonight on the chat forum someone posted about the sadest thing they'd ever seen and I had a huge lump in my throat and I wanted to cry so much. I NEVER cry at anything!!! I mock those that do cry over stupid things!

Lastly - I feel so angry. I feel like I just want to tell everyone exactly what I think of them. I have to restrain myself on facebook because one person inparticular pisses me right off and although she's done nothing to me personally, I just want to write nasty things on her stupid constant status updates and tell her how annoying she is. Horrible eh?

But I feel happy at the same time, it's such a wierd feeling - I feel like I'm happy but I'm still pissed off at everyone around me.

Seems like it could be cerazette then? I mean I am usually quite unpredictable with moods anyway but I've NEVER had OCD symptoms and I'm never usually so angry and nasty.

katster37 Thu 02-Jun-11 12:36:34

I have been prescribed this, also at my 8 week check. I asked for Micronor as I have taken this before, and it was the only pill I got on with. Dr insisted I had cerazette instead and was quite forthright about it. I haven't yet taken it as I also have a history of anxiety and depression and when I told DH about the possible side-effects, he said he would rather not have sex again than have me like I have been in the past! I am tempted to go back to GP and get micronor instead, especially after reading this thread.

liamandabigailsmummy Sun 05-Jun-11 21:25:41

Am so relieved I came across this page. I have been on cerazette just over 3 months, after the birth of my 2nd child. Normally a laid back, pleasant person I noticed that a few people were irritating me more than normal! I mentionned this to my husband who (as nicely as possible) told me that I was irritable with everybody including him and our eldest child (18m). I thought about this and was horrified when I realised he right. Things that I would normally joke about I'd been snapping. I feel like crying all the time and feel I want to have a great big argument but luckily my husband knows what is happening and doesn't take the bait! I am going to the doctors tomorrow to find another method of contraception but was nervous, as the doctor practically forced the prescription in my hand. I know they will try and say I have PND but I LOVE being a mother, enjoy going out places with the children, eat well, have plenty of support and get plenty of sleep (4m old sleeps 12 hours, 18m old 10 hours a night). This page has given me the confidence to say what I need to say tomorrow. Thank you x

auntyt Thu 23-Jun-11 00:23:09

i hate it! there is not one day that passes without tears. im extremely depressed but am coming of it as of now! anti depressants are not necessary.. coming off this pill IS! since taking this my life has become HELL and i didn't understand why... but thats it! ive had enough good buy cerazette you life wrecker! i would much rather suffer from period pains and periods and finding other forms of contraceptives than suffering hell from this pill.. enough with the migraines, mood swings and the weird periods which comes whenever they feel like it! CERAZETTE is BAD!!!!

26mummy Sat 25-Jun-11 17:18:51

Hi all, i've just came across this website as ive been searching desperately to find the reason/cause to why im an emotional wreck & im so glad i did!! Ive been on the CERAZETTE mini pill now for nearly 3 years (3 years of hell) and stopped taking it as from today. Im a mother of 2 & was put on this pill by my doctor after changing from the main pill, since taking it ive experienced exactly the same symptoms as what ive been reading especially anxiety, panic attacks & depression, a couple of weeks back i thought i was going mad so went back to the doctors & they put me on antidepressants!!
Before i started taking them i thought id explore every possibility, i found out the date of my first prescription for cerazette & the dates match to when i first started feeling anxious. Over the years ive got worse and everybody is feeling the strain. I really hope that now i've stopped the cerazette pill my life will slowly return to normal & i will be my bubbly old self again smile

ajireland Tue 28-Jun-11 16:57:16

I've been on the mini-pill for about a year and a half to two years and had no problems with it up until recently when I got a sickness and stomach bug. I am now in my 7th week of bleeding, I went and saw my GP and she said to give it another 2 weeks and if it doesn't settle down to go back. I was wondering if anybody else had experienced this at all?

candy22uk Fri 01-Jul-11 11:47:55

Hi I went on the mini pill after a few bad experiences with the normal pill and it was horrendous! I was twitchy and couldn't sit still I had all the symptoms I had during my pregnancies, my boobs were sore, my face was covered in spots and my hair... oh my gosh... I washed it in the morning and come dinner time it was so greasy I felt so skank! I got really clingy to my boyfriend and jealous and just argued with everything he said. I didn't feel like me anymore I just turnt into a moody angry jealous person who couldn't sit down and didn't want to do anything else and because of that pill I lost my boyfriend too. I came off it after a few weeks and felt better straight away but when my period was due I got some of the symptoms back again and my boobs still hurt a bit and I got a few spots still. I wouldn't advise anyone to go on that pill EVER!!

lexi33 Tue 26-Jul-11 22:18:20

I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to read the above, i was changed to Cerazette by my docs 4 weeks ago as they wouldnt prescribe Microgynon to me anymore due to migraines.
The first couple of days taking it i had spotting but i am now on day 23 and am having the heaviest period of recent years, it has lasted 2 days and i am bloated and in pain as well as having spots come up and mood swings, also i have put on 3lbs in 2 days but not sure if this id due to water retention?!
i will be going back to the doctors as after reading all the comments do not feel this is the right pill for me.
Thanks for the useful comments! smile

JBlackall Sun 31-Jul-11 17:54:22

I'm not sure if they are the same brand but i started Micronor a month ago and its been horrible with anxiety which i have suffered for years but this was really bad.. Stopped taking it 3 days ago and haven't slept.. last night was the worst i felt like i was strung out on Coffee.. Yuck.. I'm so glad i found this page since when i talked to my doctor about anxiety and the shot and now this pill they said they haven't heard it effecting it.. well i guess it is true for some people..

moondaisy Sun 14-Aug-11 15:13:29

So glad I found this post. Thought it was my imagination.

I have had really bad pmt since having third baby who is nearly 2 years old now, so doctor put me on cerazette. I can't take the normal contraceptive pill as I have a bad reaction to it and it speeds up my thyroid???

Ive only been taking cerazette for 6 days now, but even though my period has finished I feel even worse than ever!!! Really tearfull and agressive, and very down. I could feel it get worse within an hour of taking my pill last night, even mentioned it to my boyfriend. I'm taking myself off it as of today, and going to buy some progesterone cream instead, works wonders for pmt from what I hear. No good for contraception but I'd rather worry about that than feel like this.

BimboBear Tue 15-Nov-11 16:44:46

Sorry to hear people having bad experiences with the mini pill, but it's kinda comforting to know others as are in the same boat as me.
I started the mini pill (Micronor) about three months go, and for the last month or so have been experiencing a bit a depression. I'm usually a very happy and positive person, but have been feeling really out of sorts, kinda numb and not enjoying things I should be (was in Disneyland last month and walked about miserable). I have a bad habit of over thinking things and feeling the way I have been has made me over-analyize everything and its driving me crazy - feel like i'm going to explode sometimes. My GP doesn't really take me seriously and prescribed propanolol, but to be honest I just want to be myself again, wihtout the aid of medication. I've also been crying at the drop of a hat and had a but of acne which I didn't really even have as a teen. Sorry for the rant, but just had to offload smile.

jolie1978 Fri 18-Nov-11 00:06:25

Wow I can't believe I came across this thread I was googling cerazette due to my decreased or non existent sex drive which I believe to be due to this pill. I then find out my mood swings, generally feeling down in the dumps, paranoia, lack of confidence which are very bad at the moment! I just put it down to hormones and recently having a baby well he's six months now and I thought my sex drive would have returned its not that I don't want it as I do fancy my hubby but just don't have the get up and go in me and feel really self concious about making the first move for fear of getting knocked back which ironically I know wouldn't happen x

natty1234 Fri 18-Nov-11 22:44:14

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's sounds extreme but Cerazette has literally ruined the last couple of months of my life. I have been riddled with severe anxiety, panic attacks and angry mood swings (seriously out of character). And now that I think about it in the early days I was having trouble sleeping too. I have also had reduced patience with my beautiful toddler girl and I feel terrible. My anxiety has got so bad I have started to avoid social situations when I am usually the most confident social person in the world. I've started to not even want to go to work. I had previously suffered some panic attacks as a teenager but to me they were a thing of the distant past. My life is ordinarily happy and settled and no other factors have changed apart from my contraceptive method which I began 3 months ago. The worst symptoms seem to have started after around 1 month of taking it, when referring to my diary. I went to see my Dr suspecting that the pill was causing these symptoms, and he refered to his little medical book and confirmed that Cerazette does not cause the symptoms I described, only depression was listed as a symptom which I have not suffered. I feel like printing off this page and taking it down to the surgery for him to stick into his book. The Dr happily sent me away with a further 6 months prescription, which I have now thrown in the bin and I feel better already (*sorry for the waste but they wouldn't have let me return them!). I wish the medical world were more receptive to patient experience. There is no doubt in my mind Cerazette has caused these symptoms in me. If I remained on Cerazette no doubt in a month or so they'd be treating me with other medication to cure my anxiety, a good income for them I guess. I wonder how many mental health problems are actually caused by inappropriate prescription of drugs. I think I will stay well away from Dr's surgeries from now on and trust my own instinct.

imnewhere91 Fri 25-Nov-11 23:57:13

Hi guys, these posts are really reassuring! I have a question: has anyone here had a similar experience with Femulen? I've been on Femulen for three years and I'm having similar symptoms to the ones listed above; anxiety, frequent panic attacks, acting irrationally, feeling depressed and having extremely negative thoughts. I am having a stressful time at the moment but sometimes I think my behaviour is incredibly out of character, and I find every day tasks difficult and certain social situations almost impossible. I came off the pill for a few days over summer and even just in those days I felt less anxious... so I'm wondering if there's a connection. Maybe proestrogen only pills have this effect? My mother is a health visitor and she said she noticed a correlation between women feeling down and being on the mini- pill, and she discouraged me from taking it. Help please!

fridakahlo Sat 26-Nov-11 00:25:50

Don't know about Femulen, sorry, but I do know hormones (esp fake ones) can do wierd things to you.
Would not have bothered posting as it seems to be pretty clear that lots of people have experienced weird side effects on it (anxiety/depression).
But for me it was different, whilst I was taking it, I felt very removed from my emotions, very numb, a sort of permanent period of dissociation. Also had no periods and no sex drive. But when I came off it, I had the worst bout of PMT I have ever had in my life. Really crazy pyscho stuff.
Just thought I should put that out there.

fridakahlo Sat 26-Nov-11 00:26:39

I'd say stop taking it and see how you feel as a consequence.

chevytruck Wed 30-Nov-11 16:46:38

I have been utterly utterly miserable for months.
I'm taking TWO cerazette a day for dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
My husband thinks I'm depressed. We're really struggling to keep our relationship going. I have NO sex drive and as a consequence am finding his sex drive quite daunting.
I am aggressive, tired, moody (mainly down with VERY few ups). Feeling almost agrophobic.
I even went back to see my old pyschotherapist as I just couldn't decide what was wrong. She told me I was angry too.
Have been told to try a mirena coil and was scared because of the well-published side effects and lack of any guarantees.

But by the sounds of things I'd rather cope with the bleeding I get when I stop taking these pills if it will STOP ME FEELING MISERABLE.

Thank you.

betjam Fri 16-Dec-11 11:46:04

Hello all, some of the post i have read read offer great advice ans support so i decided to jointhis site as i am desperate for advice.

I have just been prescribed cerazette and have been using it for roughly a month with no major side effects as yet but i missed two days of taking this pill which i think triggered my periods, i continued to take normally after the missed two days and have been continuing to do so.. The problem is i have been bleeding now for about 7 days, it's not particulary heavy but it is now a darkening in colour i'm just worried if this is normal.. should i still continue to take this pill daily?

Kfox1988 Mon 19-Dec-11 15:41:11

Well i was on the cerazette took two a day i went from 8 stone 3 to 12 stone in a year and half, still kept eating the same food and exercised just could not budge the fat, also i was always moody and lost my libido, my partner was getting fed up and i was getting fed up.... Then a few weeks ago started gettin bad achy pains in my tummy (like id pulled a muscle) and feeling aick in the evening, just randomly took a pregnancy test and ohh im only pregnant So even after taking 2 pills dailey (at the same time too) i still got caught. smile i am now excited for my future

CrazyAlien06 Fri 30-Dec-11 03:29:03

I got prescribed cerazette too but came off it after a week as my moods were horrendous !

Rerevisionist Fri 30-Dec-11 03:34:29

Get hold of a copy of the BNF (British NAtional Formulary) - new edn I think every 6 months, in a new colour, cloth backed paperback style book; lists all drugs and has special side-effect listing, and risky combinations

ThompsonTwins Fri 30-Dec-11 04:06:46

DD takes Cerazette. There are moods etc but she's 17 and I put it down to that. Will Google and lurk. Thanks OP

minimonkey11 Sat 07-Jan-12 23:27:12

Oh my god like so many of you i googled cerazette and anxiety and found this site! I feel like i have been going mental but now i know why. Just finished 3rd month of this pill and i am angry, moody, constantly crying, increasingly impatient with my beautiful 5 month old baby, no sex drive and constantly tired. My boyfriend says i've changed so much over the last few months. I honestly thought i was going mad. I have an appointment to get some more of these on tues and i am going to tell the nurse exactly what i think! I am now even looking forward to period pain rather than this disgusting drug. I am now angry that this is still being given to people - accepting that there are people that have no side effects - there should surely be grounds for further testing? Thankyou all for taking a weight of my crazy mind xx

Rebeccalke Wed 11-Jan-12 17:39:16

So happy my mum found this thread and emailed it to me, I was taking Cerazette for about 18 months and didnt really have any side effects except for a bit of added weight but nothing major but then a couple of months ago I decided to take a break from it just as I thought I needed it! Then after about a couple of months and a period I went back on it and since I went back on it I feel shocking! Crying all the time, feeling depressed and panic attacks and anxious all the time, it basically ruined Christmas 2011 for me, once my Mum showed me this I sat down and worked out when I had taken the pill and missed some and noticed a pattern and also after speaking to a Homeopathist who said she wouldnt touch contraceptive pills with a barge pole! Also the last time I had depression was when I was 17 and on the injection, basically im not putting any drugs in my body anymore! Messing with hormones can not be good! I feel a lot better for reading this thread, although its been here since 2007 its great to read it and to feel relief, im going to stop taking the pill today and will report back in a couple of weeks to let you all know how im feeling smilesmile

FedUp12 Tue 24-Jan-12 11:36:50

I am so happy I found this site! I have been on cerazette for 5 months after the doctor decided my body didn't cope well with pills with oestrogen. For the last 5 months I have been depressed, anxious, panicky, having symptoms of pregnancy and pretty much wanting life to be over. I hate feeling like this as it is affecting my work and studies and not to mention my relationship. I have no sex drive I constantly have this brown disharge and I'm arguing constantly. Now I know it is possibly linked to cerazette I will be going to tell my doctor and hopefully get my pill changed! Thank you so much for all this information!!!

mumof2munchkins Wed 25-Jan-12 18:09:41

I was on Cerazette after the birth of my son for two years and had no problem. I have been recently taken it again for about a year, following the birth of my daughter and have had a completetly horrible experience. Low libido, depressed, panic attacks, dizziness, and anxiety. I felt as though i was spiralling and was developing a sense of fear of leaving the house. I was losing confidence and was starting to become anxious talking to other people.
I eventually came across this thread, which is one of many out there, and decided to come off it immediately. That was about 6 weeks ago now and i am feeling much better each day. I have had a period every two weeks since stopping, and am suffering with the usual PMT symtoms, but nothing horrific.
I certainly feel better without it.
As others have mentioned, do get it yellow carded, either through your GP or online at www.yellowcard.gov.uk
Oh, and i've booked my husband in for a vasectomy x x

Mrsrobertduvall Wed 25-Jan-12 18:19:51

Dd has just been put on it, and she does have mild depression.

mamamomojojo Fri 27-Jan-12 20:07:03

Am supposed to be going on cerazette tomorrow but freaking out now. I think I've like a tendancy towards mild depression and moderate anxiety I would say. Dread to think what I'd be like if worse. Baby is 3 months and it's the happiest time ever. Would hate to ruin it. Weight gain, its a struggle to keep trim -i dont need That to be harder.. Husband wont sleep with me till I go on the pill. I really want to get back into it but don't want to think of losing libido??! :-/ don't want to take oestrogen ever as family hx oest-dep breast cancer, am breastfeeding at mo anyway. This forum might be biased in that it's visited only by peoole who suspect link with the 2 and is first item to come up if you google cerazette at all. Hmm.. The rational me... Will she remain... I'll let u know!

Mumofthreelittleangels Tue 07-Feb-12 00:52:00

Hello Ladies!
I've been on it for 3.5 weeks now and in my opinion it's a "great" contraception - I haven't stopped bleeding since :-( I also developed hot flushes overnight, increased urge to wee all the time through the night (It feels like I am going to burst, but when I actually go - it's not much at all!), uncomfortable pain like feeling in lower abdomen, headaches and very sore boobs!!! Oh, and I put 3 pounds on in three weeks (and beleive me I am trying to be sensible with eating and work out 3 times a week in the gym too!). At the moment not happy at all - this supposed to be an alternative to my copper coil which is 5 years old now, but I think I will be sticking with coil.... may be it's just an early days yet.... will see my GP in the next few day, see what he has to say.

Mandahul Sat 18-Feb-12 22:04:57

I wanted to share my experince with Cezarette. I have been on it for approx 2 years. Have a history of anxiety and stress since about the age of 14 have been prescribed antidepresents in the past but never taken them. I am now 33 years old with 2 boys. I had been on Microgynon for years no problems.

At a routine repeat pill check up the nurse informedme that as I was over 30 (31) and due to having a couple of recent headaches (due to needing to update my prescription with my contacts which i did tell her) and the fact I smoke about 5 a day I could no longer stay on Microgynon and HAD to switch to Cezarette. I was a little reluctant as I was happy on the ones I was on. I researched and remember reading this thread 2 years ago. Read the different views and thought I had to give them a go as the health professionals were recommeding them. I put this thread to the back of my mind. Until now.

The first few months were like others, I had symptoms similar to being pregnant. Sore swollen boobs (my boobs increased a whole size), nausea, emotional and weepy - hormonal, craving for sweet foods even an increased sense of smell. I even did a test which was negative. I settled into it and thought it was amazing. No periods (apart from the odd bit of spotting once or twice) and bigger boobs.

I did have a stressfull couple of years personally but am very aware of my depression and can spot when it is coming on and I can take appopriate action. However, for about 6 months I have been feeling physically ill. Tiredness so bad I have been having to lie down and close my eyes for 5 mins at work in the afternoon and panic about how I can even manage to get through the afternoon. I work, cook the dinner do the boys home work with them and then sleep. I no longer go out I dont even pick up my guitar and I was performing up untill 18 months ago.

I went to the doctors and was sent for test, anemia, thiroids and various others. I cried all the way home because I just wanted to be told I had something wrong with me that could be fixed. Or a difficency that could be treated with vitamins. I started waking every morning vith vertigo. Feeling very weak and dizzy and feeling sick. I struggle to even clean my teeth without being sick. Again I thought I may be pregnant and did a test, Again negative.

Two weeks ago the doctor prescribed me sleeping tablets and I took them the last 2 weekends as I may not have been getting the right type of sleep. I also showed him a rash that I had been getting for a bout a week, he said to take antihistamines. The rash has got worse. My skin goes bright red and burning hot and I get itchy lumps so itchy I want to rip my skin off. I went back this morning and saw a different doctor. I said the sleeping tablets were helping and I did feel a little beter for the first couple of days after taking them. But I was starting to think I was going mad or even on the brink of a complete mental break down and was losing my mind. The sleeping tablets made me realise I am half awake all night listening for every sound in the house and I sleep with the window open so I can listen for people approaching the house. My son started senior school September and I was distraght and frantic with worry every morning he left the house and racked with guilt I was putting him through this tramatic event. Constantly thinking something really bad is going to happen to one of the boys and living the grapic experience in my head unable to stop it and desgusted inmyself for thinking it. No sleep, triedness, withdrawn, dizzy spelly, weakness, out of breath and now itchy I was at my wits end. BUT when I told the doctor this morning about my hives - thats what she said they were and I said can they in anyway be conected. Its like something clicked in her head and she said what pill are you on. I said a new one for the last 18 months to 2 years. SHE told me to come off it straight away.

Its like it was obvious to her and normal for this pill to have these symptoms. I was elated and releaved to know I am not losing my mind and destined for a life of sleepless depression and exhaustion. She has given me antihistamines to take mightly so the drousyness will help me sleep and I can stop spending 6 hours a day scratching. I have to now come off the cezarette. I am hoping I will now get my life back my husband will get his wife back and my children will get there Mom back.

P.S. All of the symptoms I experienced are listed on the paperwork and it took a long time for them to effect me the way they have (If it is the cezarette) I pray in a way it is so I can live again. I missed all the signs this time of getting depressed. I put them down to life and rationalised all of my irrational behavoir down too being tired. I was actually tired due to being so paranoid and anxious. I googled the tablet along with warnings and came across this thread again and remember reading it all those months ago. I wish I had remembered it earlier x

iloveknittinghats Fri 16-Mar-12 21:32:43

You wonderful women have no idea how much you have helped me. I hope you dont mind me writing on this forum though as i dont have children.

Two years ago i suffered some sort of breakdown due to pressures of work and events in my personal life. The doctor wasnt that brilliant but put me on a low dose of Citalopram. This did really help to ease the anxiety. Last summer i weaned myself off the Citalopram as i felt great and wanted to 'go it alone'. I also came off the contraceptive Ovranette. I had taken it for over 10 years and felt i needed to give my body a break. I had never had a problem with Ovranette. About 2 months later i decided to go back onto the pill as other contraceptives werent that great.

The day i went to get my contraceptive, i took home my prescription and received a call from my nurse by the time i got home. Because of my increase in weight, they wanted to change me onto Cerazette. As i was unable to get time from work again, the nurse left the new prescription for me over the counter, so no possible side effects were explained to me by anyone.

I continued with Ovranette until the end of my pack (as advised by the nurse) and then went straight onto Cerazette. This was in November last year. Initially things were ok. No bleeding or pain. Looking back, i started feeling quite withdrawn over Christmas and even that time didnt have the usual spark for me as it always has. Come January, i did not want to socialise and hubby was starting to get fed up of my anti-social ways. By February, i was becoming extremely irrational and paranoid. Breaking out in sweats, feeling guilty, having really foggy sight, my skin felt like it was burning and i would wake in the night from nightmares soaking wet. I was so anxious i felt like i was blind sometimes. I kept making strange connections in my mind and freaking out about things i wouldnt normally bat an eyelid at. I kept thinking that people i loved were going to die and i would be all alone and i kept thinking that myself or my loved ones could be capable of awful things. the skin at the top of my back and around my ears had become covered in cysts and i had terrible acne. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep all the time. Basically i was a wreck.

Because of the anxiety and thinking it was due to pressures in work, i again went to my doctor who put me onto Citalopram. After a couple of days, things spiralled and it started affecting my job which i was determined i didnt want to happen. I was crying all the time.

While all of this was happening, i started to have a period. It lasted 3 weeks and was the only symptom i associated with the Cerazette. Because of the bleeding, i Googled the symptoms of Cerazette and i couldnt believe that i found threads this like this one. So many women feeling like me and the one connection was Cerazette. As soon as i found this out i stopped my Cerazette.

I stopped taking it about 4 weeks ago and i do feel better than i did although am not 100%. I find that reading these threads every morning helps me to re-focus that i am not myself at the moment but that things will keep getting better and less scary.

The past few weeks have been terrifying and i cant thank you ladies enough for your honest stories and positive outlooks. I am hoping that the next few weeks will bring me back totally to myself and that i can like myself again.

Good luck to all of you whether your experience of Cerazette is bad or good.


jemmaj83 Sun 18-Mar-12 21:34:13

My little boy is 14 weeks old and life is wonderful with the exception of my horrific mood swings.... suprise suprise - I was prescribed cerazette at my 6week PN check up as I'm breast feeding. This morning, after searching the internet for an answer, I threw the rest of the packet in the bin.... Thank you all for sharing your experiences in detail as I feel exactly the same and have also gained weight through the food cravings (I thought it was supposed to fall off while b'feeding!)

steph35 Thu 19-Apr-12 14:25:04

Thanks so much for this thread i've been on cerazette since after my son was born nearly 3 years i had not had a period for nearly 2 years till out of the blue come on tue.googled about it to find this thread & omg has opened my eyes to so much i've been moody,crying all time very tired etc i was put on 30mg cialopram as was told was depressed not wondering maybe most of it is to do with cerazettee?been to dr's today & said about it so stopping it from tomorrow see if makes a diffrerent told to give it 3 months.my hubby had snip now so don't really need to be on it only reason i still was was because stopped my peroids & i suffered very heavy/painful periods bleeding for weeks on end.I hope stopping it will make me feel better & treat my hubby better i think had enough of my moods & my no to sex all the time

iloveknittinghats Sun 22-Apr-12 20:22:17

Hi everyone, how long has it taken people to feel better after stopping Cerazette? Especially in terms of depression/anxiety? I stopped mine 2 months ago and although i feel better, i am still getting times where I feel very anxious and paranoid. Ive started taking St. johns Wort to see if that helps but that will take a couple of weeks to kick in.

Thanks guys

Kidsmummy Thu 03-May-12 11:54:15

I was prescribed Cerazette two weeks ago as I was having hormonal
Mood swings and it was felt that thIs pill would help. The last two weeks have been a living hell - I felt out of control, spaced out, depressed more than normal, having anixety attacks all the time. I have been on AD for 5 weeks and couldn't understand why they weren't fully working as
they had done in the past. After spending the morning sleeping on the sofa after another night of insomnia, I came across this site and all the threads to do with this pill. I had a EUREKA moment and realised that the last two weeks I have felt worse than before. From tomorrow I will
Not be taking this pill EVER AGAIN

Sincere thanks up everyone who has taken the time to
post to this thread, your comments have been invaluable to me as no doubt my GP would have dismissed my problems.

'tomorrow is a new day - Cerazette free!'

Kidsmummy Sat 05-May-12 11:09:12

Update: spoke to dr who didn't 100% agree with what I said but supported my decision. Had a terrible night ( well from 4am onwards) but knew that might happen but this morning my period arrived so I am hoping that this will mean that the hormonal hell I had over the last two weeks will finally subside.

'today is a new day, yesterday is over'

Kt1991 Sun 20-May-12 20:16:09

So glad I came across this page. I was put onto this pill about 6 months ago now, as I was no longer allowed to be on the Yasmin Pill due to mirgraines, and because I was breastfeeding, and the coil didn't work for me, so I thought the best option was to stay on the pill. Bad choice! I have been constantly moody, snappy and just generally horrible to my other half. I have always suffered with anxiety, but this pill has made it ten times worse! I even had to call for an ambulance once, because I was suffering terrible stomach cramps, which made me have a very bad panic attack. I wish I coud change over to another form of contraception, but my partner and I prefer not to use condoms. I have only had a couple of proper periods, recently I came on a week late, which then lasted on and off for nearly 2 weeks. And this period this week has only been light spotting. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of the year, so I am not too sure whether it is that or the cerazette? Would love to hear from anyone in this same situation, as I am very confused and stressed right now!!

Kidsmummy Sun 20-May-12 21:54:45

I also suffered on and off with anxiety attacks and this pill made me feel completely out of control. I also ended up ringing an out of hours GP as I had had my first ever paranoid attack which made me feel, well I suppose the best word to describe as terrified.
Once I stopped with the Cerazette, a week or so later my AD meds were increased and only this last week have I been able to get through the day with minor attacks and have felt alot more social and contented. I don't know what the best form contraception would be for you but for me, I won't be putting any hormones in my body without first having a hysterectomy !

There are other pills out there and I suppose it's trial and error but being moody, depressed etc are side effects we can all live with if only minor - alas that pill didn't give me minor more like major major major

Good luck with your quest to find a pill that suits but don't suffer unless you have too!

jbemms09 Fri 03-Aug-12 00:13:51

OMG, seriously.... I just felt the need to write on this blog because of my truly AWFUL experience on the mini pill cerazette. Was prescribed this after the combined pill made me moody also, and this still doesn't work. It also took away my sex drive and gave me daily headaches... I am no longer using any pills condoms will work for me! Literally, I felt so depressed and psychotic splitting up with my boyfriend for no reason and wanting to call in sick and just stay in bed! I NEVER feel like this, I always want to go to work and do my best but since taking the pill i've been failing my targets and just overall miserable. I really truly do not reccommend this pill to anyone, I would cry randomly and become really aggressive. I am really thankful for all the other comments as now i know i'm not mental and it is the pill smile I'm hoping it will wear off in a couple of days smile

Thanks guys xxxxxxx

stacey282012 Tue 09-Jul-13 08:52:24

this happened to me too with cerazette. im so glad I have read this I thought I was going mad. now I know im not alone. I was only on them foe 3 months and ended up in hospital feeling like I was having a heart attack which the doctor said it was a really bad anxiety attack. I went on to suffer bad depression and regular pains in my arms which are a weird feeling and I still get them cause I think im paranoid about things still and I cause myself the pain by stressing and don't know how to stop.

anyone know a pill with very little side affects because after that experience I have not took the pill for about 2 years because im too scared too.

HelenPye Wed 21-May-14 14:58:08


I’ve just come across this thread and was wondering if any of you might be able to help me.

I was on Cerazette for 6 months and got awful depression to the point where I had to take a year out of university because I couldn't face waking up in the morning. I went to my doctor who refused to believe it could be Cerazette causing the problem and tried to put me on antidepressants instead. It took me going to multiple doctors before I found one who listened to my concerns and even then they wouldn’t report it to the Yellow Card scheme because they said they couldn’t prove it was Cerazette’s fault.

At the moment I’m doing a Masters in journalism and for my final project I’m looking at the link between the mini-pill and depression, and whether women are being overmedicated with antidepressants because doctors aren’t recognising the mini-pill is causing depression. It’s a topic I’m hugely passionate about getting more media coverage for and alerting more women to the dangers of Cerazette.

I was wondering if any of you would be willing to talk to me about your experiences, particularly as the mini-pill has been shown to trigger PND. It can be completely anonymous, but I’d be hugely grateful if one of you was willing to talk your experiences and hopefully we raise more awareness of the issue.


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