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August 2006 - one year on!

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sarahlou1uk Wed 15-Aug-07 18:31:59

new thread for all us 2006 girls!

snowboo Wed 15-Aug-07 18:46:51

Hi ladies!
Has anyone missed me?

Hiya eeny, good to see you.
Wheres Pinky?

Will catch up properly once my home comp is back on and running!

Nbg Wed 15-Aug-07 18:52:24

I was thinking about a new thread too!

I was sat thinking today what things were like and what was happening this time last year.
Makes me all emotional, lol.
I used to check on here everyday to see who's popped next

Its Ellis' birthday next Thursday. We've bought him a sand and water pit thats on a little table.
We set it up as soon as we got home and he loves it We also got him a ride on tractor which has a little trailer on the back so he can ride his bunny around lol.
Weather permitting, we're going to take him for a picnic on his birthday as we've done a couple over the last couple of weeks and he loves being outdoors and rolling around in the grass and paddling in the stream, then on the Saturday we're having a party for him.

As for me, I'm 25 weeks now (its going so so quick), getting loads of proper kicks now all day, cant think of a name but never mind

lunavix Wed 15-Aug-07 19:49:42

PreparingFor2 - 14/07/06 Matthew 3.7kg & Sarah 2.29 kg
mojomummy - 19/07/06 Girl 6lb 14 oz
Micku5 - 21/07/06 6lbs Talia
Aussiemamma - 26/07/06 Zachary
Arabica - 27/07//06 Esja (NE London)
PinkTulips - 28/07/06 Caleb 8lb 10oz
Bumble10 - 29/07/06 Dixie Florence
Frodofitz - 03/08/06 Joe 7lb 7.5oz
Snowboo - 02/08/06 Austin 8lb 10z
Pucca - 06/08/06 George Henry 9lb 6oz
2labs - 06/08/06 Fraser 6lb 15oz
Eeny and Sal - 08/08/06 Alexander Duane 6lb 6oz
Boobylicious - 09/08/06 Charlie Jayne 6lb 7oz
Kitegirl - 10/08/06 Miles Eliot 7lb 6oz
Melsy - 16/08/06 Bryce Ella 7lb 8oz (Middlesex, top of!)
Freddysays - 16/08/06 Rafferty 10lb 7oz (South-East London)
Trix1 - 18/08/06 Caitlin 7lb 6oz
Purpleturtle - 18/08/06 Elijah Samuel 8lb 1.5oz
hoppybird - 18/08/06 Julia Kirsty 5lb 2oz
burstingbug - 19/08/06 Joseph Benjamin Samuel 8lb 6oz.
Lockets and Wheresmyfroggy - 19/08/06 Kitty Scout
AGJ - 19/08/06 Alice Rachel 7lb 4oz.
BabiesEverywhere - 20/08/06 Girl
Aprilgirl - Jake 6lbs 6oz
Sarahlou1uk - 21/08/06 Molly Anne May 7lbs 11oz (and 1 tooth!)
BigHotMama - 21/08/06 Jackson Lee 8lbs 11.5oz
YellowFeathers - 23/08/06 Ellis Niall 8lbs 7ozs
lunavix - 24/08/06 Kiera Meghan 8lbs 2oz
ellanatal - 24/08/06 Christopher Michael 8lbs 6oz
bugpurple - 24/08/06 Thomas 9lbs 5oz
rattleskuttle - 24/08/04 Reuben Connor 9lb 4oz
snic - 28/08/06 Leah 8lbs 6oz
olivo - 28/08/06 Holly
MonkeyandBabyBoo - 28/08/06 Emily Nicole 7lb 7oz
katylou25 - 29/08/06 Jack William 8lb 15 1/2oz
Muminaquandry - 01/09/06 Girl 8lbs 2oz
Ronniemummy - 01/09/06 Katie Lily 8lb 15oz
Noodlekitkat - 04/09/06 Olivia Inez 8lbs 3oz
Micromum - 08/09/06 Girl 8lb 14oz
Dreamydowler - 13-09-06 Sophie Ja

lunavix Wed 15-Aug-07 19:51:14

can't believe it's gone so quick nbg.

I'm sorry I haven't been around guys.. so much stuff has happened recently, my mum died last week and me and dh split up the week before.

Coupled with huge work load over summer holidays (as most people know I'm a childminder) so it's been.. a bit urgh.

But I'm here and want to catch up

And I need an August babies meet up as I need to start being more social

Give us all the goss then

lunavix Wed 15-Aug-07 19:52:47

oh dressed up (booby???) I second haemmorhoid cream, I have a tattoo on my wrist and used it.

I want one with ds and dd's names on it but I can't think where or how, any suggestions on a postcard....

Nbg Thu 16-Aug-07 08:28:23

Luna, dressdup sent me a pic of her tattoo and its on her under side of her wrist with dd's initials in like a scroll type and then her date of birth in roman numerals.

Looks pretty good actually and I am no fan of tats.

luna big hugs wat a horrid few weeks hope things are getting better

melsy Thu 16-Aug-07 20:30:37

oh my lunavix , thats a harsh lot of stuff to go through in such a short space of time, you seem ok , are you ??? Im sorry you lost your mum, and to not be with dh either , you appear to be coping very well, Id be an absolute mess .

How did it go today dressed up ? I know what that dread and anxiety feels like walking into work , how were they with you? oohh lol just seen your online !!!!

katylou25 Thu 16-Aug-07 20:59:20

Hello everyone, haven't been around for ages, just seen this new thread thos o thought I'd try to keep up this time!

So sorry Luna, What a rought ime you're going through.

Jack's just started to walk - it's so funny he does it with his arms above his head and a big grin on his face. It's his birthday at the end of the month and we're having a joint naming ceremony and party for him at my mum and dads house on bank holiday weekend so that should be good. We meant to have the naming for him when he was about 6 months like we did with Harry but life sort of passed us by!

check my profile out ive put my tattoo on

snowboo Sat 18-Aug-07 21:35:02

Oh luna i'm so sorry to hear your news. I can't imagine what you are going through. Just remember we are all here for you. xx

Nbg Tue 21-Aug-07 15:24:09

Well Ellis' birthday on Thursday

Cannot believe a year has passed already and I cannot believe I look like I did this time last year, lol.

Anyhooo, going to take him for a picnic (weather permitting) and have a party on Saturday.

So must go and start tidying!

hoppybird Tue 21-Aug-07 16:25:23

Hello everyone, and happy birthday to all the August babies who are one already, and those who are yet to reach single figures!

Luna, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. It must be so stressful for you with everything happening at the same time.

I've not been around lately due to moving house a month ago - we're still surrounded by boxes as the house needs work, so it's not worthwhile unpacking some of it. We're having a wooden floor put on the whole downstairs in a month's time(it's concrete covered by the cheapest possible £2.99 rugs atm). We had to ger rid of the carpets as thd previous owners had dogs which left their smells firmly established in the carpet in many ways. It's enough to say we were both surpried and disgusted.

dd had her birthday on Saturday - she completely refused to even try the cake, even wrinkled her nose! Fortunately, not having any time, I didn't bother doing a home-made one, so I wasn't too put out.

dd's crawling at high speed, standing pretty steadily and taking the occasional step. BUT she has yet to sleep through the whole night without waking! Not one single unbroken night has gone by since she was born. She's still sharing with us though as her room isn't ready yet. I was hoping not to have to resort to CC (as I did with my ds - worked after 2 horrible weeks) so that's on the cards when she gets her own room, unless I anyone can offer any nicer solutions? I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to miss her sleeping in our room.

BigHotMama Tue 21-Aug-07 19:55:59

Hi everyone not had chance to catch up properly yet so just thought I'd let you know that Jackson is the big 1 today and he learnt to walk properly on holiday. Portugal was beautiful and we had a cracking time, bit depressing coming back to soggy England. Had a birthday bbq for our little man sunday it went really well and he loved it when we all (26 of us) sang happy birthday to him. Had a cheeky monkey chocolate cake and he decided to put his hands in it and help himself

Right am now going to attempt to catch up now so be back in a bit

Bet somebody else is pg lol.

BigHotMama Tue 21-Aug-07 20:27:47

So sorry to hear your sad news Luna its awful having so much going on in your life in such short space of time? Cant imagine what your going through.

Hiya Hoppy, smelly carpet sounds yuk! How do people live like that eh? Your dd sounds funny screwing her nose up at her cake bless, hope you got it on video so you can show her when she is older ha?

Cool tat Dressedup, I'll have to get a pic of mine to show you although mine is just tribal/henna stylee and doesnt actually mean anything, may have J's initials put somewhere one day.

Katylou my ds does a similar thing when walking, has to have his hands up in the air as if he's going to take off ha! Finds it hilarious too.

NBG hope picnic goes well and sun shines for you.

Would be great to do a meet up soon if we get our heads together.

Have got 2 days voluntary work starting in Septemebr at 2 local primary schools working as a teaching assistant which will hopefully give me some experience when I enroll for a teaching course the year after.

The only words Jackson says is dada and mama but funnily enough only says mama when he's tired or hungry hmmm! Is obsessed with the word dada and even growls saying it. He also shakes his head if I say No but doesnt say it yet.

olivo Thu 23-Aug-07 19:28:23

hello everyone. just back from a hectic but enjoyable couple of weeks in England.

luna, so sorry to thear things have been so hard for you, please let us know if there is anything we can do tot support you.

5 more days till my big girl turns one. not having a party but dh and me taking dd out for lunch then dh's family coming round for birthday tea and cake. she is not walking yet but eats like a horse and stands well and crawls soooo quickly!
oh, and she's still too small for real shoes

hoppybird Fri 24-Aug-07 15:55:05

Olivo - my dd hasn't never had any kind of shoes on her feet ever! She removes socks at lightening speed the moment they are on her feet, so I've even given up on those! Thankfully, it's warm enough for bare feet. Besides, I'm of the type who don't believe in shoes for babies unless they have started to walk outside.

BHM - teaching, eh? I had toyed with the idea myself at one time, as I ran an evening class, but things changed and I took a different direction. Hope it goes well for you.

re: talking. Ha. dd has been practicing lots of sounds for ages but I'm not convinced it's real words until she actually uses them deliberately (ie pointing and naming something). For instance, she has said 'mamama' and 'dadada' sounds since 7/8 months old, but she has yet to call out 'Mama' to call me. I think her first word will be a bit more unusual however. She has a yellow bath ducky she is in love with and carries everywhere, and frequently makes a 'dck,dck,dcky,dck' sound, so we are fully expecting her first word to be 'ducky'! grin

sarahlou1uk Sat 25-Aug-07 14:45:38

Hi everyone. Molly was 1 last Tuesday and we had a little party. She is now nearly walking and chases after her big brother all the time. Her first word was 'Jack' - she absolutely adores him but he's not too sure! I think he wants the quiet times back!

Luna - sad

olivo Sun 26-Aug-07 09:43:19

BHM - hope you enjoy being a TA. i'm a secondary teacher and our TA s do a great job but i guess its different in primary schools.
Hoppy - know what you mean about the sock removal! dd wears shoes outside as she likes walking with her wooden walker on the gravel outside our house but she is just in little soft daisy roots ones until her feet are big enough.
we are enjoying the beautiful weather - cant believe its back to work in a week.sad its gone so quickly! but i start my four day week this term - hurray!
hope everyone has been enjoying their dcs birthdays. any ideas for cool pressies?

snowboo Sun 26-Aug-07 11:28:48

Any news on Pink yet?

Nbg Mon 27-Aug-07 19:39:41

Evening ladies.

I have dressedup/booby here with me atm. She came up with CJ on Saturday for Ellis' party and is staying till tomorrow.
Its been lovely seeing CJ and Ellis together. CJ is walking so well and Ellis is doing quite a few steps here and there.
We've also established that when Ellis says "mamama" he means that he likes or wants more of something.
I however have somehow managed to teach CJ how to say "Gay" blush grin

Long story, lol grin

Luna, hope your doing ok.

Olivo, good luck for going back to work.

BHM, the work sounds good. Are you looking forward to it?

BigHotMama Tue 28-Aug-07 12:09:18

Hiya NBG yeah I am looking forward to it thanks, will be feeling very nervous on my 1st day though. Hows bump doing?

Sounds like Ellis and CJ getting on well bless them, hope the party went well.

Olivo, I really think your brave being a sec.sch.teacher, I find them quite scary at that age? How do you find it? My sister is loving working the GCSE and A level groups. I'm working with 6 year olds so should be fun. Bet you cant wait to start the 4 days instead of 5, more time with your dd.

Hows everyone doing? Very quiet on here lately? x

Nbg Tue 28-Aug-07 19:54:09

Dh just taken booby back to the station.
Had a lovely time, just wished she could have stayed a bit longer.

Bump is doing well thanks Bhm. 27 weeks now and getting alot of BH's. Its going really quickly though which is good. Cant wait for d day really.

olivo Tue 28-Aug-07 20:46:48

hello everyone. dd's birthday today so we have been for a party at her playgroup, lunch out, afternoon at the zoo and then fammily for tea! we're all exhausted grin
she's got some fab toys. can't believe a year ago we were there worrying whether she was going to be ok etc.
nbg - glad you've had a good time with booby; lol at taching CJ 'gay' grin. cant believe you're 27 wks already!
BHM - I love teaching although i found it really hard going back after maternity leave. i always thought i'd teach younger kids but I particularly like the 11 to 14 yr olds. we dont have a 6th form at ours so i just do up to GCSE. look forward to seeing how you find it - bet 6 yr olds are hard work!
am feeling a bit of a fraud as everyone assumes i have dropped to 4 days so i can spend the extra day with dd - in fact, she will mostly be in nursery but ultimately, the things i'll get done while i'm on my own will mean that weekends and evenings , i'll have more time to spend with dd and dh.

melsy Wed 29-Aug-07 11:08:29

just come home from hospital again (sadwas only there 7weeks ago in same ward room with dd2), dd1 has a very acute UTI and on a drip & intrevenous anti biotics , been in A&E all night with her and up all Monday nigth too , my lovely mums come to relieve me so I can sleep a bit and go back for the night shift.

Please all send her healing wishes , as shes in a lot of pain, hoping shell stabilise by tommorrow.

sorry for spelling , Im wrecked sad.

Hope I can sleep a bit now , Im reeling and giddy.

oh my god mel hope she is ok

<<<<<<<<<<positive vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

olivo Wed 29-Aug-07 14:00:17

oh mels shock sending her healing thoughts,hope she gets better really soon. and you take care too.

Nbg Wed 29-Aug-07 14:15:27

Have sent you a text mels.

melsy Thu 30-Aug-07 14:48:25

Home at last , its been quite a time for lo. Ive not slept for 3 days now , I dont really know how Ive kept on , you just have to. Nights at hospital are so surreal , its that weird in and out sleep that bggers you up , as they did obs and meds for dd2 every 2 hrs all night. After 2 bags of rehydration drip and 4 lots of antibiotics intravenously shes much better than she was. Shes still on a cocktail of meds but phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. As NBG mentioned she was booked in for a scan today, but they felt it wasn't necessary as her temp came down by this morning and wouldn't have done if their was a kidney problem (like pus in them sad[yuck]).

Its now my turn to drive back to the hospital in an hour for my own appt with breast clinic consultant, hopefully to be discharged.

oh my gawd what a week. I sooooo need some sleep and a little day to myself in a spa lol !!!!!

Ive got my birthday party planned for Sat , I hope were all ok to do it still ,weve spent a fortune on nibbles and drinks! If she was really really bad then I wouldnt have cared two hoots.

Hope everyone else is ok, can you believe the babas are getting to the year stage !!!

BigHotMama Fri 31-Aug-07 12:02:51

Oh Melsy thats awful news, hope she gets better real soon, it seems to be just one thing after another with you poor thing sad Keep us updated! And Happy Birhtday for Saturday too smile

((((Big hugs))) (((positive healing vibes)))

melsy Fri 31-Aug-07 19:30:00

awww thank you bhm , it has been quite a few months for us. Shes been up and down with her temp still and little tummy pains , but much mch better than shes was 72hrs ago. I was up during the night as her temp shot up again, but by morning she was ok. I think she prefers to be at home , but whenever she doesnt want her anti biotics I have to say shell have too go back sad. I soo hope they start working , as if the temp carries on I can see myself back there this weekend.

Thankfully dh let me sleep till later this mormning and my mil let me get back to bed this afternoon, but I feel all out of sorts and yuck.

am I mad to do my party ?????????????

sarahlou1uk Mon 03-Sep-07 18:09:24

Melsy - belated birthday greetings for saturday! It was my birthday last wednesday and I have been battling an enormous cold since then. Feeling really crap but luckily, no one else got it (yet!). Hope I get the chance to recover before any of the kids get it.
Back to school next week for Jack! Hooray!!!! smile He (and me) can't wait! Just another couple of years and Molly will be starting as well!

burstingbug Mon 03-Sep-07 18:32:33

Ooooh, just seen this new thread.
Sorry to hear about your mum passing and your dh leaving {{{hugs}}}
Mels, hope your DD's are back to full health.

Joe started walking a week and a half before his birthday. All crawling has ceased and its upright all the way grin. Still only 5 teeth atm. Still bf in the night and first thing when he wakes in the morning, other than that, I have managed to wean him off me and onto 4 btls of cows milk.
No sign of talking, the odd mumumum and makka pakka! Oh and he sings with the tittifers!!!

melsy, sending good vibes your way smile

happy birthday to birthday girls and babies.

we just had a quiet birthday for ds. he is walking everywhere now, unsteadily like a little drunk man.

burstingbug, i have also got him down to morning and night bf. he eats everything in between, including k'nex, sequins and lollypop sticks blush so far.

i am lazing about in bed a lot due to having a minor operation last week - a laparoscopic sterilisation. dh is off work looking after the dcs 'til thursday so i'm making the most of having an easy time.

oh, and just a warning to everyone - we keep dangerous stuff out of reach of ds but he still managed to scoop a load of dichwasher tablet into his mouth. he loves to unload hmm the dishwasher with me and i didn't realise that the tablet hadn't dissolved properly. before i knew it he had a load in his mouth and i think it's quite dangerous. luckily he's fine, but i still feel bad that he managed to get it.

olivo Sat 08-Sep-07 18:29:21

oooh, where are you all?
rattle, hope you are feeling better after your op.
melsy, hope dd is feeling better too.
survived the first week back at school and now enjoying the good weather. dd settled in really well to her new nursery and is becoming more mischievous by the minute. she hardly sleeps in the day now and so bedtime can be hard work. also she wakes up pretty early and we have got back into the habit of a 4.30 a.m feed, purely to get some more sleep sad
off out for a rare nigght out. will check in later. enjoy your weekend!

sarahlou1uk Mon 10-Sep-07 16:58:55

HI everyone. Jack now back at school (hooray!!!). He's a big boy now and goes all day on Mondays. He's absolutely loved it and really glad he's back. Hope everyone ok.

dreamydowler Tue 11-Sep-07 13:48:46

Hiya girls IVe been near to tears reading all that has happened in the last few months. Ive moved to a large 4 bedroom house and have at the moment no kitchen and am still living out of boxes. My daughters baby is due in 4 weeks and we are all doing well. Sophie-Jane is 1 this thursday and she is walking and chattering on. She is a lovely baby but very clingy since we moved. Im so looking forward to my grand daughter being born and am going to be at the birth. My daughter did really well in her as levels with a b in biology and three cs in french chemistry and theology We had a lovely baby shower for her at the weekend and its now just a race against time to get everywhere tidy before Kaitlyns arrival Funny I was doing just the same last year. Im glad everyone is well and wish all our lovely babies and their families a very happy and healthy second year xxxx

olivo Tue 11-Sep-07 17:09:13

great to hear from you, dreamy, and good luck to your dd and her new babe. what a fab thing for you to be at the birth too.

i am fed up after dd has been sent home from nursery poorly - nobody's fault, it's just i thought i might get through at least the first two weeks of term without having to take time off. luckily (or unluckily grin) its my day off tomorrow so i only have to take thurday off. she seems totally fine but has had several loose nappies so they had to call me.sad
have decided that one year on from having dd, i need to sort myself out and stop making excuses so have gone on diet -more a healthy eating spree!- and joined a gym. ten days in and not doing too badly!
oops! better go, someone is pestering for her tea grin

sarhlou, my dd has her first day at school nursery tomorrow. i can't relax and keep pacing up and down!

dreamy, having a grandchild is lovely. i'm going to attach a pic of my grandson, who is 6 weeks younger than my ds.

olivo, i thought all the schools would be closed on thursday for the air display. are the teachers supposed to go in anyway? have you looked at our local site? it is very sad and empty, lol.

i'm really pleased i got this operation done. i feel just the same as usual and no more contraception worries smile

olivo Wed 12-Sep-07 12:46:50

hi rattle! hope your dd's first day at school went well. glad to hear you're feeling well after your op. no school for kids but us teachers still have to go in on thursday although we finish at 1pm.
enjoying the sun today with dd - she doesnt seem ill at all which is good.
hope everyone else is well. where are you all?

dd had a really good start to school. she especially enjoys seeing the other children told off blush she helped tidy up and i think sees herself as a mini teacher, lol.

glad your dd is ok, olivo. i've heard there are throat infections as well as norwalks going around. are you sure you wouldn't like to be a tsarina too? the local site could do with more input grin

dreamydowler Sun 16-Sep-07 14:03:00

Hi there girlies
Sophie-Janes 1st birthday went really well and dd age 4 starts full time school on Tuesday yippee although I will miss her I suppose. My kitchen now has a sink and my father is as we speak cutting the worktops to fit. I will try to put some up to date photos of Sophie-jane on here for you all to see

Nbg Sun 16-Sep-07 14:09:30

Hi dreamy!!! grin
Lovely to see you back and great to hear your brood is doing well.

I now have 10 weeks left and baby is breech hmm (typical boy).
Got to see my MW next week and then see a consultant at 36 weeks to confirm babys position.
If he is still breech by then I will just ask for a section at 37 weeks and get it over and done with.
Bye bye home birth, hello theatre!

hi dreamy how is your eldest doing hope shes ok too??

noticed you've been mia for a while hope your well

BigHotMama Mon 17-Sep-07 21:24:53

Hi everyone! smile

Nice to see you back Dreamy, cant believe its only 4 wks for your dd's due date and NBG only 10wks to go? shock Woosh the time has flown? Hopefully your little man will turn soon so you can have your home birth you brave lady.wink

Well I aint come on AGAIN! Did a pg test and it said NOOOOOOOO! My periods are all over the place 6-8wks apart? Crazy or what?

Jackson has grown into such a fussy eater, stopped eating veg, potato and its stressing me out all he wants is fruit and yoghurt? Anyone else having any food issues?

Olivo, hope your dd is feeling better? I'm loving my voluntaryday at primary school, so much to learn though and the kids are fab, they say such cute things I want to munch 'em.

Hope everyone else is doing well x

hi ya on the period note

since ive been on my ad's im having a period every two weeks

not great since i fancy having another baby so god knows how i'll ever work my dates out if i do

BigHotMama Tue 18-Sep-07 13:19:47

Bloody heck Dressedup that sounds bit shitty? I havent had one now since mid July shock Just keep trying am sure you will catch soon wink

Me and my man are off out for few drinks and a nice indian meal tonight as its our 3rd wedding anniversary, cant wait, we've really pushed the boat out by ordering a taxi so we can both can have a drink. grin

snowboo Mon 24-Sep-07 21:18:04

Hi ladies, how are we all? I keep trying to find the time to hop on here but its so manic!

sarahlou1uk Tue 25-Sep-07 21:02:56

Hi everyone. Just got 5 mins to say hope you are all well. Melsy - hope you got the car sorted and that dh wasn't too mad! grin It can happen to anyone - it happened to an ex colleague of mine (police officer) who picked his new petrol car up and filled it with diesel. Cost him around £500 to have it collected by the dealership and drained! Luckily he hadn't started the engine otherwise it would have been more!

dreamydowler Wed 26-Sep-07 22:18:04

Hi again girlies
We are all fine here thanks Shannon age 4 has settled well into full time school and my kitchen now has some tiles on the wall. My Eldest daughter goes back to uni this weekend and my pregnant daughter has only 12 days left and has been having some niggledy pains all day. Im very excited. Hope baby turns Im sure he will Nbg Its good to know everyone else is well and looks like there may be a few more pregnancy announcements soon how time flies eh girls.

olivo Thu 27-Sep-07 19:16:46

oooh, dreamy, you must let us know how it goes for your dd - best of luck to her smile
i am SO broody at the moment. read the thread on here about the dh that doesnt want a baby - that could be me; dh doesnt want another although he is a bit less adamant than he was 6 months ago, so here's hoping!

nbg - cant believe you are so close; how are you feeling?all is well here; dd full of naughtiness and cheekiness but very sweet nad great at nursery. work is busy; we have an inspection in 2 weeks so lots to do.
hope everyone else is wel x

BigHotMama Sun 30-Sep-07 18:06:15

Lol Olivo at being broody wink it must be catching as I often have days where I'm broody and days where I say NO WAY!

Jackson is refusing potatoes, meat, veg at the moment and only wants to eat cheese, fruit, yoghurt and anything sweet little monkey! he also refuses to sit down i the bath hmm.
He is very cheeky and does things all the more if we say No and runs away with our phones or remote controls lol. He climbs onto our settee and runs across it then gets down in a superman stylee shock. Oh and he now nods his head for yes but seems to shake his whole body instead of just his head.

He is booked in for his MMR a week on Monday, anybody elkse had their lo's done yet? Feels scary!

Hows' everybody and their lo's doing? Any funny stories?

Beelzebug Tue 02-Oct-07 12:54:33

Joe refuses to sit in the bath too hmm infact he refuses to sit anywhere, he'd rather be on the move!

Is anyone still bf their little monsters? I stopped bf in the day and just fed on night-time waking. But I've not bf at all for a few days. Now the cheeky monster has just climbed on me and helped himself!

sarahlou1uk Tue 02-Oct-07 18:38:37

Hi everyone. Molly booked in for her MMR next Thursday BHM - not that worried, Jack was fine afterwards when he had his. I'd rather she had the jab than caught the mumps or whooping cough.
Hope everyone else ok.

sarahlou1uk Tue 02-Oct-07 18:40:05

Bath times - I bought one of those seats that you put in the bath. Molly loves hers but Jack not soo keen - it means that whenever they have a bath he gets splashed! My bathroom floor is sodden when Molly is in the bath. Going to take her swimming soon once I pluck up the courage to get into my costume! blush

hoppybird Thu 04-Oct-07 13:17:38

Hello everyone,

Not been here a while - been a bit busy, would you believe! dd started walking 1 month ago, and a couple of days ago, started climbing the stairs. We had a double party weekend, my 30th (again) on Saturday, and my ds' 7th on Sunday - we had 15 of his schoolfriends round for a house party, and it's enough to say that I hadn't realised just how well-behaved my ds was!

dreamy - are you a grandma yet?

nbg - how's the pg going?

BHM and Beelzebug - the refusal to sit in the bath thing - my dd did it for about 2 months when she was around 10 months old - we finally persuaded her to sit by giving her a bath duck, and also putting her in the big bath when ds was in it. She fell in love with the duck and carried it everywhere with her for a while.

I've not been swimming with her yet - I don't swim so good, so it's not been a natural pasttime of mine. I sort of envy people who like it and take their LO's when they're tiny. It would be a real effort for me to do that.

I'm still bf, Beelzebug! Once in the morning, once for nap time, sometimes in the pm, and then bedtime. dd STILL wakes a couple of times in the night, but am now doing CC with her (started Monday). I resisted doing it for ages, saving it for a last resort, but I'm relieved that she's not actually getting too upset, maybe because I'm doing it with knobs on - I recite 'go to sleep Upsy Daisy' etc from 'In the Night Garden' which she loves, whenever I go in to comfort her every 5 mins (she stops crying immediately when I'm there). She protests when I leave the room, but last night, she only awake in her cot for 25mins before she fell asleep on her own, and she then slept for 7 hours together! (a record for her). Maybe one day, she might even sleep through!

BigHotMama Fri 05-Oct-07 10:43:40

Hiya Hoppy, nice to hear your lo is doing well and sounds like she loves her brother too bless! Envy all the ladies who are still bf, thats a great achievement you know!

Sarahlou my floor is soddened during bathtime too and whatever I'm wearing lol.

At the moment ds has a cold and keeps wiping his nose all on me so got trails of glisteneing snot all down my top, good job its an old one wink

Its a lovely day here today so going to go for a nice walk over the park and feed the ducks. I keep saying 'quack' to Jackson and =he repeats after me but sounds like he is saying 'cock' blush

BigHotMama Fri 05-Oct-07 11:12:50

Check out my profile I've added some more recent pics of ds smile

olivo Fri 05-Oct-07 19:26:36

how gorgeous is Jackson!! he's soo cute!
good to hear how everyone is getting on.
hoppy and BBug, i'm so envious of you still bf - i stopped just after 7 mo as i had to go back to work but i wish i'd carried on longer.
my dd is really wearing me out, she just doesn't stop in the day and has all but dropped her naps; she has about 30 mins in the afternoon. she's so sweet though, and loves reading and big kisses!!
i'm trying to get her to drink milk out of something other than a bottle in the morning but so far she has rejected everything sad. any tips?
we have an inspection in school next week so i'm working really hard but the thought of our holiday in 3 weeks is spurring me on!
hope everyone else is well.

dreamydowler Fri 05-Oct-07 23:31:55

Hiya all, No we are still awaiting the imminent arrival of Kaitlyn who is due on the 9th which is my mums birthday too. My daughter is doing the whole eating pineapples and going for walks which I remember doing last year. Cant believe how quickly the year has gone Im so looking forward to xmas this year too anyone got any good suggestions for presents for our little darlings?

BigHotMama Sat 06-Oct-07 10:38:53

Thanks Olivo! He doesnt sleep much during the day either but luckily has a good 12 hrs at night. We are lucky if he has longer than hf hr. I have started putting him in his cot around 12pm and usually he will drift off.

Dreamy must be soo exciting waiting for your 1st grandchild, hope she labours soon.

Jackson had a hysterical crying fit last night as I was leaving for work, he has never done this before, it was loud screaming and he was crying so much his facewent blotchy and he couldnt catch his breathe sad at first I thought something was wrong with him but after I took him for his bottle he calmed down. Felt awful leaving him but he's fine today must be sep.anxiety kicking in.

sarahlou1uk Sat 06-Oct-07 11:43:45

Olivo - Molly drinks her milk from a cup with a straw. You should see her suck it up! Tried her with cups with those holes in the lids - went everywhere! Seems to like the straw so sticking with it. Plus she can copy her big brother when he has a drink!

snowboo Wed 10-Oct-07 12:09:37

Ah BHM, your pics of Jackson are gorgeous! I really can't believe how they have all grown up! I realised yesterday just how heavy Austin is....madness.

Am i the only one who has become addicted to facebook? I can't manage anything else as i'm on it constantly! (well, when Ausitn has his morning naps, when the kids are in bed, when dh is out....) I've turned into a saddo....

Olivo, Austin also uses the straw and he has his own little cup with two handles which he finds ok. Well he did ubtil yesterday when he discovered how to spray the contents of his mouth everywhere, hope thisgame doesn't last too long....

olivo Fri 12-Oct-07 21:00:15

thanks for your tips, folks. will try and get a straw one tomorrow. saw a cow cup mentioned on here so she is using one of those sometimes and she has recently learnt to use a straw in a carton (serves me right for not letting her have juice - yesterday, she found my smoothie carton and helped herself!!) still having a bottle morning and night though as she won't take milk from anything else.
have had a stressful week but inspection is over so can relax! just enjoying a large glass of wine or two...grin

olivo Fri 12-Oct-07 21:01:07

ps - snowboo - is that a 'normal cup ( ie - wihout a lid?) if so, can i ask where you got it?

BigHotMama Wed 17-Oct-07 21:20:56

Hi all smile

Lol at facebook addiction Snowboo grin I am on there too try not to spend much on there but it just kind of drags you in and before you know it your throwing sheep or poo at random people! I'm sad too.

Olivo, ds still insists on his morning & night bottle of milk blush but drinks from spouty cup during the day for his juice.

Went for interview this week for a part time admin job andd guess what I got the job! Cant believe it! Have got to find a nursery though as nobody seems to be free to have him on Tuesdays so bit gutted about that but am sure he will love being with the other kids, he doesnt want to know me at playgroup when he gets there as too interested in the other boys & girls, he actually made 2 of them cry last week because he kept wanting to kiss them and pulling them towards him for a smacker bless.

Any news Dreamy??

Wonder how NBG is doing? Haven't seen her on here for ages? Mind you I dont come on here that much due to ds tugging me for attention if I'm on here. shock

Hows everyone else doing?

sarahlou1uk Thu 18-Oct-07 11:57:07

Well done BHM for getting the job! I'm just waiting for my results from my reflexology exam I took 3 weeks ago. They did say it would be a minimum of 1 month before we would get them but I can't start advertising until I know for sure I have passed!
Molly had MMR last week and has started with a cold this week which I am putting down to side effects as Jack was the same when he had it 3 years ago. she also brought all her breakfast back (with the calpol I had just given her) and has now started doing the most disgusting bottom burps, so much so that I have to keep checking that she hasn't filled her nappy! Oh the joys! smile

olivo Fri 19-Oct-07 12:59:59

well done BHM - and i bet ds will love nursery. my dd does - sometimes, she doesnt want to come home!
i'm off work today, my IBS has really flared up over the last few weeks and today i just couldnt stop visiting the loo ( sorry, TMI!)
i think its a stress related thing as i have had a tingling nose for weeks too, which someone has told me can be a symptom of stress! was hoping to get some rest but there is a large concrete mixer next door which is not quiet!
dreamy - any news?
nbg - how are you?
sarahlou - fingres crossed for your results - let us know!hope everyone else is well.

dreamydowler Sat 20-Oct-07 21:59:18

Hi girls. Still no news. Poor thing is totally fed up. Went for sweep on friday and has tried every trick in the book She gets niggledy pains for a few hours and then they ease off. She is due to be induced at 7.30 tuesday morning and midwife who did the sweep told us it could be a long haul sad Im desperately hoping something anything kicks in for her before then she is really nervous of being left in labour on the ward on her own tuesday night as we have been told we will have to go home at 8pm if nothing much happening. Her bf is really nervous too Hope I can be a strong support for them both but will probably cry at having to leave my grown up little girl in pain alone too have had her bouncing on her ball walking eating curries and pineapple all week and have sent her to bed to do nipple tweaking. Will keep you all posted

olivo Sun 21-Oct-07 19:19:42

oh dreamy, i hope things start off before then for her (a glass of champagne did the trick for me but that was not a medical recommendation!!) good luck - i'm sure you'll be a huge support to her, whatever happens.
BHM - when do you start your job? good luck!

PinkTulips Mon 22-Oct-07 13:13:51


have only scanned through as in my dads shop and he's being nosy

Luna, I'm so sorry bout you mom babe {{{hugs}}} how are you going without dp?

Caleb is huge and has turned into such a little boy, he's fighting back against sarah now so the 2 of them are covered head to toe in bruises and he's been running around since the week before his birthday so i'm shedding pounds by the day running after them both!

we love our new area, gorgeous little country almost a village and very friendly but unfortunately broadband just doesn't exixt there sadsadsad the withdrawel symptoms are chronic!

going to try and read through a bit more now before i get booted off the pc..... pray for internet providers so i can come back propely!

sarahlou1uk Mon 22-Oct-07 19:09:09

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigHotMama Mon 22-Oct-07 20:59:53

Well done Sarahlou! smile

Hi Pinky great to hear your all well and settling in your new place, bless you having withdrawals, I'd be the same lol. grin Get some more pics of your lo's we need an updates.

Olivo, I dont actually know yet when I start it might be next week or week after am just waiting for their letter to confirm everything. Making the most of my freedom as we speak, a nice lie-in tomorrow me thinks wink Hope your IBS has cleared up!

Fingers crossed for your dd Dreamy, hope she labours before inducement, am sure you'll be a fantastic support to them both, look at your experience? Best of luck smile

Jackson had his MMR and Pneumococol (sp?) today and had bit of a temperature but was such a brave bvoy diodnt cry bless him.

Hope everyone is good too x

hello pinky

well done sarahlou and bhm, and sending good vibes to your dd, dreamy.

i don't seem to get on here very often now. ds runs about everywhere but still no talking!

i have finally finished my degree so can read whatever i like now. before i always felt guilty picking up a book that wasn't OU.

ds has become very clingy. when i'm going out to work he cries terribly and when i come back he holds onto my legs for ages. he wasn't clingy at all 'til a few weeks ago. is anyone else having the same problem?

sarahlou1uk Tue 23-Oct-07 18:22:01

RS - molly is the same, very clingy recently. Has now got a full on cold which I put down to the MMR as Jack was the same. Woke up this morning at 5am as she was being sick but it was phlegm off her chest. Ended up sitting downstairs on the sofa with her watching crap on tv until gmtv came on!

BigHotMama Wed 24-Oct-07 20:40:19

Same here too RS, Jackson very clingy and hates being put down starts screaming and moaning, even sometimes he will lay on the floor as if having a tantrum? I have to attempt to sneak out nowadays lol shock

Sarahlou, ds is feeling bit yukky after MMR jab too, he's off his food, his poo is like diarrhoea and constantly grumpy and wanting to be held? His eyes went really dopey yesterday amd today his nose has been bit drippy and bit of phlegm on chest, cant believe how its affecting him. At least our lo's can have a rest from jabs now for a while, poor little babas sad

olivo Thu 25-Oct-07 21:02:42

hi everyone - just dropping in to say 'well done' sarahlou - wish you lived near me, my reflexologist has been of sick for ages - i miss her!

we're off on holiday tomorrow - a week in madeira so have been furiously packing - 3/4 of the things are dd's, of course!

dd hasnt had her mmr yet but i'm not looking forward to it. she's having her pneumococcal next month so will probably leave mmr till after christmas. hope your los get better soon.

see you in a week or so!

BigHotMama Fri 26-Oct-07 14:38:16

Have lovely time Olivo you lucky girl smile

Jackson had pneomococcal and mmr at same time but in dif legs? No wonder he feels like crap! got a slight rash now too sad

hoppybird Fri 26-Oct-07 15:21:15

Hi everyone!

Well done on your reflexology Sarahlou!

dd is due for both her MMR and pneumococcal, but I've not actually signed up with a GP since we moved to our new area. I remember having the MMR myself before we TTC last time, as I hadn't had a rubella jab. I got a rash on my face and chest, swollen glands (which lasted for weeks), painful joints and a severely swollen knee for a week. ds got his booster at the same time and didn't have any side effects at all!

Rattle, BHM and Sarah - yes, my dd is certainly clingy, particularly in the evenings, but she does have another tooth coming through. Not looking forward to her having the jabs.

Hi Pinky! Wondered where you'd gone! My two don't fight but my ds does encourage dd to do naughty things, like climbing up the ladder to his cabin bed shock We tell him to remove his ladder and put it on top of his bed when he gets up in the mornings now, which he has been doing, thankfully. Would be quite a drop if dd fell off, as it's about 4ft off the ground.

i've got them both at home this week as it's half term! Those with kids who are usually at school will appreciate what a wonderful and special time half term is at this time of the year!

BigHotMama Sat 03-Nov-07 15:26:51

Ok where is everybody? Its been a week since anybody posted? shock

Hoppy, am sure your dd will be fine with her jabs. My HV who did the jabs rang up after a week to check how ds was which I thought was a nice gesture.

I have booked ds into nursery for 1 day a week starting wednesday as starting my new pt job, reckon I'll get all teary sad. Have loved being a sahm but we need the extra cash especially for xmas.

What is everyone getting their lo's this year???? Need ideas grin

hello! ds has started having tantrums. i called in to a small supermarket just to get a few things and i shouldn't have - he was tired and hungry. he walked around holding my hand but then we had to wait a while at the checkout nad he started to fall to the floor, screaming and rolling around. then he got up and began to grab what he could off the checkout and throw it as far as possible. i suppose i'm going to get a lot more of this for the next year, lol.

bhm, one idea i have for a present so far is the aquadraw thingy. good luck with the new job too.

BigHotMama Mon 05-Nov-07 20:51:34

Awww Rattle pmsl at the tantrum! shock ds has done it a few times but in the house I think I'd wet myself if he did it in the supermarket. I think they get very frustrated at this age dont they? If I take something off ds that he shouldnt have he drops to his knees and headbutts the floor shock then screams and has real tears lol.

Also he has taken to hitting mer in theface and slapping my chest, its a wonder I havent got a black eye the little bugger! keep telling him No but he thinks its funny??

I like the look of the aquadraw...no stains grin Thinking of getting a mini kitchen and that bounc'n'spin zebra, my sister is getting him a mini trampoline with the bars on. I'm so excited to see his little face.

Job went well thanks, missed ds so much that I couldnt put him down when I got back, felt so guilty.

Nbg Tue 06-Nov-07 10:55:50

Oooooooh hello everyone!

I have to be honest and admit that I have forgot a bit about our thread but just remember I am pg grin

Am 37 weeks tomorrow (thank god!), large and in agony lol.
MW is coming to deliver my home birth stuff this week I think and tomorrow I start sniffing clary sage grin

Ellis is a little love now. Although he is a complete mummies boy and takes it to the extremes.
The only people he will go to are me, dh and my mum.
I cannot shut him behind the baby dan gate thing because he screams until he is sick also I cant leave him in a room on his own even for seconds.
He's walking beautifully, saying mama and his favourite thing which is Car grin. He also has a jellycat bunny which he has to have to go to sleep and stinks to high heaven and he calls that Ba or baby.
Having a bit of a bad time with his last few teeth atm. They have all decided to come at the same time but he has a full set now shock. I've been woken up to a cot full of diaorreah one morning and vomit the next! All because of the acid on his stomach sad

Anyway, enough of me rabbling.

Pinky great to see you back! I've been chatting with Melsy and Booby (now known as dressedup) and saying where were you!
You need to badger NTL or someone to set up broadband near you!!!!!
Lots of love to you all.

Olivo, envy of your holiday. Hope your having/have had a great time.

Dreamy, hows your dd doing? I havent seen a BA on here.
Has she had baby yet and if so lets have the details!

Sarahlou, well done on your graduation grin
What are you planning to do with it? Go freelance or work in a salon?

BHM, have you got a new job? What you doing? Are you still singing?

Rattle, hows your little one doing now?

Oh btw, I kind of have a new job in that I've taken up making jewellery grin
I've got a little shop on mumzmall called Applejack Jewellery. So have a look and get some lovely xmas pressies grin
I'm adding some more bits this week hopefully wink

olivo Tue 06-Nov-07 15:32:30

just a quick hello everyone- our internet has been down since the weekend so am sneaking on at work!
our holiday was a bit of a disaster - dd took ill at gatwick (we had an overnight stop over) and was admitted to hospital in East Surrey (?) overnight. it was a viral infection, she was so floppy and drowsy, it was scary. she is totally fine now though and we still managed to get 4 days of our holiday.
NBG -cant believe you're nearly there - good luck in case it all kicks off before i get back online!
BHM - hope work /nursery has gone ok.
Dreamy- news?
all your los sound delightful (lol at tantrum, Rattle -will look out for you next time i'm shopping grin). my dd throws spectacular tantrums too and is so loud!! she has a few words - mama, dada, baby and 'da' (that, i think!) she has a wicked sid james kind of laugh and refuses to go anywhere in the buggy now - it takes hours to get anywhere!
hope everyone is ok, sorry if i missed anyone.see you soon!

hoppybird Wed 07-Nov-07 16:20:36

Hey everyone! Look what I found here!!

hoppybird Wed 07-Nov-07 16:44:21

Ha, Olivo, my dd also does the Sid James laugh! Luckily, no full-blown trantrums as such, but lots of protests, squirms, running away and general non-cooperativeness during nappy changes! Also no words yet, although she does nod for yes and shake head for no, but does talk in her own language plenty.

Wow, nbg - 37 weeks already! I can't believe it! And amazed that your ds has full set of gnashers already. My dd really complains about her teething - has nine so far. The main things she does with it is multiple wakings in the night and unpleasant nappies - heh, when are they that pleasant anyway wink. Your poor LO and the cotfulls of nastiness, though.

bhm - how's the job/nursery going? I know what you mean about needing the extra £££.

My ds is about to lose one of his front teeth - been hanging by a thread for days now. Can't believe that he's growing so fast!

BigHotMama Fri 09-Nov-07 15:36:15

Hi NBG smile bet your ready to curst bless. Great to hear how you and the lo's are doing. Ellis sounds like a darling, I wish ds was a mummy's boy but he will go to anybody except my sister's dp for some bizarre reason? I think its his big bushy eyebrows hmm.

I got a new pt job just doing office admin for 2.5 days per wk. Its been a bit of a shock to my system getting up so early and have been so tired on evenings am sure I'll get used to it lol.

Jackson was fine at nursery Hoppy & Olivo, thanks for asking. Only bad thing is that he didnt eat much so he ended up drinking 15 oz of milk on his last bottle before bedtime shock, he's become so fussy with his food.

I have sent off my app forms for a GTP course next Sep 08 so fingers crossed for me girls, I'd love to become a teacher.

Olivo that must have been so scary with your dd falling ill like that? How is she now?

Lol at the Sid James laugh lo's grin

Ds' fave word now is "dada...gone?" He always says it when dh leaves the house for work bless, but at the moment everything is 'gone' even when he finishes his bottle ha he says "gone?".

I wish they could stay this age its so lovely isnt it.

Hope everyone else doing well x

BigHotMama Fri 09-Nov-07 15:36:50

Oops NBG that should read 'burst' blush

Nbg Sat 10-Nov-07 10:01:04

Awwwwwww BHM at "dada gone". Thats so lovely grin

Hoppy, thanks for the link to dreamys dd's announcement. Bless her.

Olivo, hope dd is ok now. That must have been frightning for you all.
You'll just have to go and book another holiday now grin

BigHotMama Sun 11-Nov-07 17:04:07

I think my son is related to Michael Jackson as he has started doing some major dance moves since yesterday....he normally bounces to music but yesterday he started doing a fast jig step thing and then did a bit of a moonwalk going backwards lol, and today he is doing a full spin on the spot really fast????? Its hilarious grin not sure how he learnt this but its entertaining us loads.

burstingbug Mon 12-Nov-07 09:27:42

Joe now has 8 teeth, god, they're coming soooo slow.
He still wakes up several times in the night, we have moved him into a toddler bed and he sleeps in Georges room now too so that means I have to trek into their room to settle him or he wanders into our room.
I finally took his cot part which was next to our bed, so there is no going back now!
Still no words really, although he babbles makka pakka, bob the builder, dummy and milk. He is getting the hang of saying Mummy and Daddy.
He is the clumsiest thing I know, forever falling over and collecting grazes on his nose and bumping his teeth and getting a fat lip .
He does this cutest little bobbing and swaying dance grin.
No longer bf although he is still mega Mummy obsessed.

Hope everyone is well.
Gongrats on becoming a Nanny Dreamy!

Nbg Tue 13-Nov-07 10:35:07

lol at the dancing grin

Ellis likes to have a good dance and he has his favourite songs too!
His current fave is Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson lol and he likes to listen to MTV dance grin

He also likes to brush my hair and play with shoes.

Do you think he's showing early signs of his feminine side grin

hi girlies

i have a mad dancing baby too

ok im now offically worried cj has 4 count em 4 teeth everyone else seems to have loads

well madam now says mumma dada woof gone she shakes her head for no and points to things like lights and clocks when asked

she loves nursery really loves nursery so im happy

so we have two pregnancies who will be next ????????

sarahSILVERbells Tue 20-Nov-07 20:50:29

Hang on a minute...
2 pregnancies??????????????? shock
Have I missed something? Who else apart from NBG is pregnant? grin

sarahSILVERbells Tue 20-Nov-07 20:52:22

Does the phrase "I have a mad dancing baby too" mean in english = dressedup is pregnant?
I may be being a bit thick here and missing something that is obvious to others but it has been a long day...
If it is, then CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!grin
If not, then WHO IS PREGNANT?

olivo Wed 21-Nov-07 08:41:50

lol sarah! i was confused too whether dressed up was being subtle (too subtle for me!) or maybe referring to dreamy's daughter?
i have finally sat down with my dh and talked properly about me wanting to have another baby - he's managed to change the conversation every time up until now but has finally given in and conceeded i might get my way! grin. part of me wants to start trying now as i'm worried i may not conceive but we'd really prefer dd to be out of private nursery etc so may think about it this time next year.
we are fighting off the cold and cough bug at the moment; had to cancel dd's pneumococcal today as she's barking like a barky thing! i have a much awaited day off - i've been doing quite a lot of supply work on my wednesday's off,to earn a few xmas pennies! and the internet is finally back on after some time out - maybe i can MN all day!
hope everyone is well. NBG - how is it going?

ps- re -dancing babies - ours is crazy! she dances like her dad!

snowboo Fri 30-Nov-07 09:30:07

Oh what has happened? I feel lost on here!!!!

Oh well. Hello ladies, thought i'd try and get back into this MN thing again! Don't have time for anything atm due to a very naughty, very funny little 16month old!!! Is it me or has the time flown????

Oooo congrats Dreamy! grin Hope all is going good.

Pregnant? ANother one?? Well it certainly isn't me. No way, not a chance.... Tet....

sarahSILVERbells Sun 02-Dec-07 22:00:58

Me thinks everyone is too busy with their lives now to log on here...... smile
Hope everyone has a good christmas grin

sarahSILVERbells Sun 02-Dec-07 22:02:20

ps. definitely no more babies in our house - dh has had 'the op' (more like the little cut!) and if I do become pregnant there will be lots and lots of questions asked, followed probably by a letter from a solicitor citing divorce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought hoppy was pg maybe im wrong ????????

or was i dreaming it lol

hoppybird Mon 03-Dec-07 16:42:04

NOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm certainly not pregnant!
Perhaps you miscontued something I said?

We're quite happy with two - if another one came along, he/she would be an accidental surprise! (lovingly accepted though, of course). We did actually visit my dh's young cousin yesterday, who had a baby 6 weeks ago. I must say that she didn't make me feel broody in the least!

Maybe it's someone else you're thinking of?

hoppybird Mon 03-Dec-07 16:50:47

Sarahlou - yes, we've been busy, I'm suffering with a cold and trying to keep up with dd's demands, although I pop back once in a while on here and other topics. Wonder where others are from the August thread? Pinktulips lost her broadband I think, Eeny, Lunavix, Melsy - haven't seen those on here in ages.

maybe frodo then ???????

oh my god nbg had the baby at 18.31 little ethan james 8lb 1oz

she was in full labour from half four to half six

bless her i think she had him at home waiting to find out

sarahSILVERbells Sat 08-Dec-07 10:06:11


olivo Mon 10-Dec-07 13:17:19

Yay! congratualtions to NBG!!and welcome to baby ethan. smile

BigHotMama Mon 10-Dec-07 21:58:21

Yeah Congratulations NBG! Love the name grin

she did have himn at home lol

she is fine and well and literally gave birth in the room where ethan will be sleeping

BigHotMama Mon 10-Dec-07 22:07:05

Hiya Booby how are you and CJ doing?

Just read NBG's borth announcement and put a message on, she makes it sound so bloody easy! Like shelling peas lol.

lol hiya bhm

im poo apart from my birthday at the weekend see drunken piccys on profile

had to give up work i cant cope with it

cj's fine on her fifth tooth loving nursery sleeping throgh walking and talking

hope you and jackson are well

BigHotMama Mon 10-Dec-07 22:20:18

Lol...dont think I could cope with clubbing anymore. Glad you enjoyed yourself and happy belated birthday.

Ah bless CJ and her 5th tooth....ds has just got one of his big ones at the back through and he finds it funny trying to bite my toes the little tinker!

Work is hard when you got a lo I feel so guilty doing pt hours.

jinglebug Sun 16-Dec-07 11:14:15

Christmas ponderings alert!
What on earth are you buying for little terrors this year. I have no bloomin idea what to get Joe! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Hope everyone is all well smile

hoppybird Mon 17-Dec-07 11:16:01

As far as presents are concerned, we've got dd a teletubbies aquadraw, and we've put various things on the list for family to choose from, so we don't know what they'll buy. My ds said he really wanted people to buy the tree building blocks for her, because he'd love to play with them too! I've asked family to choose from all of the building blocks on that page. I also listed this and this, to choose from, and I shall be also buying lots of books. LOL, I just had another look at that Deluxe Fun Park Play set, and I've second thoughts about it. I bet someone will buy that now. Oh well.

What's everyone else getting?

cj is having a kitchen and lots of food related paraphanalia

she fell in love with nbg's dd's one so that solved the question really

olivo Tue 18-Dec-07 19:21:54

we've got dd a beanbag chair,several books and some more drawing things -she just loves drawing and painting. other than that, she is getting an easel from one set of grandparetns, a peppa pig playhouse from another and then we've asked for jigswas, books, a tea set and loads of playfood from other relatives, and a play buggy for her 'baby'. didnt really know what to suggest when people asked so ringed loads of things on ELC catalogue and family passed it round! the one thing i didnt actively encourage is clothes as we have two sets of regular hand-me-downs which give us plenty!

dressedup - envy of the kitchen - would have loved to get one for dd but nowhere to put it!

olivo Sat 22-Dec-07 19:32:09

just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas smile hope you and your los have a fantastic time x

lunavix Sun 23-Dec-07 16:25:43

hey everyone smile

yeah it's been forever.. sorry. But I'm back!

Congrats nbg smile smile smile smile smile gorgeous name

dressedup (booby??) dd loves ds's kitchen so I couldn't get her that cos we already have one! It was in Toys R Us a couple of years ago for £29.99 in the sale, a fisher price one. It's not actually that big either.

jinglebug (burstingbug? grin) I got dd wayyyy too much. Got her this trike as her main present, her best friend has the blue one (still have to put it together shock )

also got her.. the in the night garden story cd for bedtime, this fairy toadstool cottage a new taggie with her nickname on it, a bag and a drinks bottles and an umbrella... two of these dolls they're really sweet in person, some my little ponies... oh and some dressing up outfits, sleeping beauty and cinderella. She LOVES dressing up grin

Is anyone else amazed just how quickly their second child picks things up? I've been told she's bright, and ds was a bit slow cos of his hearing but my god.. I think she knows easily as many words as he did past two.. hundreds of them. The things she can say amaze me.

hoppybird Wed 26-Dec-07 13:45:52

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hope you had a nice Christmas Day, or whatever holiday you like to celebrate at this time of the year! smile

hoppybird Wed 26-Dec-07 14:27:33

Luna - re second children - there is certainly a difference between my two - it's the fine motor skills that mark out the difference, but I put it down to my ds starting off life prematurely. ds didn't scribble until he was over 3, and pretty sensible, so he drew only on paper. smile dd on the other hand draws on any available surface! As far as language, walking etc is concerned, they're pretty much the same.

I like the toys you picked out. My kids got far too much stuff from family, mostly things we didn't ask for! A couple of the things we suggested were bought, so I shouldn't really complain.

I'm really of the 'less is more' opinion, and I'm extremely happy with my own modest amount of presents, the best of which was an berry red woollen cardigan from my dh, which I have desired for a long time, but which, he tells me, he bought at 50% off, which pleases me even more! smile

BigHotMama Thu 03-Jan-08 18:21:42

Took ages to find this thread lol where is everyone??? shock

Happy new year and hope everyone had a good christmas.

Jackson had so much stuff our place looks like santa's grotto...we just dont have enough space.

We got him a mini kitchen with all the food stuff which he loves, also had a mini dyson and bounce'n'spin zebra which he gets most enjoyment out of.

Just come back from Butlins break which was fab, loads to do and Jackson just lapped everything up and didnt want to sleep ha ha.

Starting my new job on Monday - part time teaching assitant cant wait.

Hope everyone is doing well and hope this thread isnt slowly fading away...come on girls...lets keep this going!


Nbg Fri 04-Jan-08 15:58:57

Ahhh hello everyone!

Havent been here for ages!
Having 3 kids is manic I tell you.

Hope you all had a lovely xmas and new year.

Ellis has turned into a monster child. He is so mischievous its unreal but incredibly loving to Ethan.
I think he'll be his protector when they're older lol.

As for em I'm finally no longer pregnant and its bloody marvellous grin
I plan to thoroughly enjoy this year!

poxy Fri 04-Jan-08 20:22:04

Hi everyone (it's olivo!) Happy New Year! hope you all had a good Christmas - we had a good one and dd was full of fun and naughtiness! she is also really cuddly and affectionate though so is mostly forgiven! we've just come back from my sisters, her dd has just had chicken pox, hence my name; am waiting for dd to come down with it in the next few weeks.sad
can't believe i'm back to work on monday, these holidays have gone so fast and i'm more shattered than at the end of term!
BHm - good luck with yuor new job!
NBG - hope baby ethan is doing well.
hope everyone else is well. x

BigHotMama Sat 05-Jan-08 14:48:02

Lol at new name change poxy! Have any spots appeared yet? Yes its flown by for us too. Roll on the summer!

Great to hear you and your brood are well NBG. I bet its hectic with 3, I find it hectic with just 1 lol. Glad to hear you had good one and so sweet Ellis loves his new little brother.

Re:Monster child, I cant help but laugh when Jackson is a bit naughty and I know I shouldnt as he'll do it all the more but some of the things they do at this age just creases me up. He is slapping us when we tell him off or take away something from him he shouldn't have, and his new trick is pouring his juice upside down into the carpet and rubbing it in....nice! shock

poxy Mon 07-Jan-08 20:27:42

BHM - how was your first day at school? smile

BigHotMama Mon 07-Jan-08 21:45:31

Went really quickly as only doing 3 hours each day but was shock to the systejm getting up at 6am, Jackson didnt know what had hit him bless shock.
Am doing a real mix of classes too so great experience for when I do a GTP. Doing some one on one support for children with SEN and supporting 3 different lessons at various levels on different subjects. I just want to be a kid again they didnt stop talking today about what they had been doing over xmas it made me remember how exciting it was seeing your friends again after the xmas hols.

How was your 1st day back Poxy? grin

poxy Tue 08-Jan-08 20:38:55

Glad to hear you enjoyed it BHM. My day was exhausting and my throat is killing me from all that talking!grin. And still waiting for the pox to arrive (i'll change my name back once we either get over it or get away with it!!). DH is away this week so hopefuly it wont be this week!

mumtojandm Tue 15-Jan-08 11:11:51

Hello everyone. One full week since last post???? What is going on?? I'm currently stuck at home with dd with sciatica which is absolute agony. Still waiting for painkillers to kick in. Hope everyone else ok. By the way, it's sarahlou1uk - I fancied a name change! smile

olivo Tue 15-Jan-08 19:45:35

hi sarahlou! i'm still here! had a busy week, still waiting to see if dd omes down with the pox but have changed my name back! all my friens seem to be falling pg at the moment - i am very envy even though i couldnt manage another right now. i hope to think abuot it later in the year though. anyone care to join me?
hope everyone is well - where are you all? grin

BigHotMama Wed 16-Jan-08 16:21:40

Hello girlies it is so quiet on here isn't it? shock

Sorry to hear about your sciatica MTJM, I had it slightly at end of my pg and god it hurt like hell! How is Molly & Jack doing?

Olivo, I know quite a few pg too and it does make you broody lol. I might second you ha ha we were only talking about when to try for No.2 earlier. Dont want a big gap but also want to get my teaching out the way first. So we will just see what happens...grin Still no pox yet then?

What do all your lo's eat nowadays? Ds has gone from eating loads to eating rubbish and not wanting any veg at all? Loves fruit though so thats a bonus!

Right next thing I want to ask is when do we all think about potty training? Is it far too early yet or are you doing it soon?

mumtojandm Wed 16-Jan-08 20:47:21

Hi BHM. Potty training - Jack was 3 before I even attempted it but they say boys are later than girls! Think I'll give it a try with Molly in the summer as it's easier then and that's how I did Jack. I never bothered with a potty though - I bought a toilet seat with handles on that fits on top of the normal toilet seat and also a reward chart. Be prepared for lots of accidents! I just kept taking him every hour and sitting him on the toilet and eventually he got the message! Night time is harder though - I waited until the nappies were bone dry for a couple of days before I went nappy free.

olivo Fri 18-Jan-08 09:20:53

still no pox so far, touch wood!
re-potty training, i thought i might give it a go in the summer. need to find a cute potty first grin

BHM - holly is becoming more fussy with her food but she still eats piles of fruit and things so i'm trying not to worry. bizarrely enough, she doesnt like chocolate much (maybe an overdose of chunky kitkats while she was in the womb?wink) and she still loves my homemade veggie things so i'm grinning and baring it! How is you TA job going?

I'm off sick today, have the dreaded tummy bug.sad

hoppybird Fri 18-Jan-08 11:42:51

Hi everyone,

we've all been suffering from really bad cough/cold comination - dd has been off her food and really going at the bf to soothe her throat - it's like I've got a newborn cluster feeding, and not eating hardly anything at all. Fortunately, today she had more than a couple of spoonfulls of breakfast, and asked for bread mid-morning, so she's obviously feeling a bit better now.

BHM dd is a pretty useless eater. My ds ate, and still eats everything we give him, and claims his favourite veg is brussel sprouts LOL.

The list of foods dd eats is hopelessly limited - fish fingers (her favourite food above all others), swedish meatballs, bread, buttered crumpets, various breakfast cereals, cheese, breadsticks, any pasta, any rice (including rice pudding) but not keen on sauce, so no opportunity to hide vegetables. As far as fruit is concerned, she only likes bananas (has never eaten a whole one), and will eat fruity yogurt. Vegetables - oh dear, will only go for peas and raw peeled red, yellow or orange pepper, but does enjoy spinach and ricotta tortellini. hmm Actually, that list doesn't sound too terrible when written down. We always put other food on her tray and try to enourage her to eat - I guess she'll get there in the end.

Potty training - I did this with ds when he was 2yrs 5months. It took a week of staying indoors during horrible wintry weather (people who say 'do it in the summer' are ones with gardens, we didn't have one attached to the house at the time). However, It's a good idea to familiarise your LO with the toilet now, if you don't do this already. Always tell them that's where you're going and take them with you if convenient, make a point of going before you go out, talking through the whole routine, hand washing etc - children learn by copying. They'll want to try themselves when they're ready.

Hope everyone's sickness is better soon.

BigHotMama Fri 18-Jan-08 16:12:34

Oh thats a bit of a relief then, dont need to buy a potty just yet PHEW!

How's the reflexology going? I want some on my feet its soooooo relaxing and last time I had it done I fell asleep blush

Jackson's food list isnt as good your dd's Hoppy? AT least she has some raw veg? Only veg ds will eat is sweetcorn, he used to love broccolli and cauliflower and carrots but wont touch them now? His fave thing at moment is raisins, bananas, any fruit, chunks of cheese, sausage, scrambled egg, rice cakes, cereal bars, toast, crumpets, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, mash potato, yoghurts, cereal, tuna in pitta, and thats about it? shock Oh and he lurves choc and naughty food like me lol.

Sounds like lots of nasty bugs going round at the mo hope your all feeling better soon!

TA job going well thanks Olivo, it can be really hard work doing some of the one-to-one's as the boy I work with has no attention span and wont focus at all so feel like hitting head against brick wall at times but hopefully by end of the year will see some improvement (she says!).

hoppybird Fri 25-Jan-08 17:24:06

BHM, I think Jackson's food list is better than my dd's - at least he acknowledges fruit other than bananas! It's pretty frustrating when ds is chomping through a lovely juicy melon, and she turns her nose up at it. Also, the amounts she eats are absurdly tiny!

Have to share this with you - dd has started doing something hilarious. ds has become interested in The Simpsons (my dh is a big fan) and I guess at 7 it's just about acceptable, although there are a number of episodes where I think hmm and worry about further questions. grin. Anyway, whenever dd sees or hears anything Simpsons, she says "D'oh! D'oh!" grin grin

olivo Fri 25-Jan-08 20:08:36

grin hoppy!
my dd is obsessed with peppa pig and now anything to do with pigs, she shouts 'dedda'!
i'm impressed at your dcs' food lists; my dd eats really well at nursery but is far more fussy at home. fortunately, fruit is good! just as well nursery is every weekday!
BHm - is school still going well? I am really snowed under at the moment. but only 3 weeks till half term!

BigHotMama Mon 28-Jan-08 19:31:18

Lol at your dd Hoppy grin that's hilarious! Wouldnt worry too much about the amount of food as if they are hungry am sure they will eat more, sometimes ds refuses his tea and I have just started to accept that he may not be hungry at the time and he wont starve. Is she still having milk? ds is still loving his morning and night bottle.

Jackson enjoys teletubbies at mo and waves'n'says bye bye to them and blows them a kiss. And at the end when the baby's face comes up in the sun he shouts 'baba!'

Ds has started throwing himself on the floor as if he's a stuntman its so funny? He lunged off the sofa onto the dogs back yesterday! The girls at nursery call him ACTION JACKSON lol.

Hi Olivo school still great although last week had bad diarhoea bug then a cold and now I got a bad chesty cough so am like a walking bug at the moment but loving the challenge. We only got 2 wks to go for half term yippee!!! Do you work full time?

hoppybird Tue 29-Jan-08 10:50:24

LOL @ Action Jackson! dd also adores the Teletubbies - she's often tugging at my sleeve saying 'Tubby? Tubby?' and either wanting to see the DVD or for me to go onto CBEEBIES website for her Teletubby fix. She joins in the right time in the song with 'Ki Ki'(Tinky Winky) and 'Po', and in the first flush of her Teletubby love, she would cry bitterly when it ended.

dd is still breastfeeding, which has been useful with teething and illness. She seems to find teething extremely miserable, her entire mood changes, so at least I have a guaranteed way of helping. She's not interested in cows milk unfortunately (or wisely? I'm not sure, lol). I really tried very hard to get ds to drink cows milk, but he completely refused, so I'm not going to push dd - at least she very, very occasionally drink the milk left at the bottom of the cereal bowl. ds self-weaned at just over 18 months, I don't mind going over 18 months with dd (still no AF!) but I have 2 years in my mind as a limit.

BHM and Olivo - I do admire you both for working in schools, you must have a lot of patience. Much as I like kids, I find them very draining, particularly when there's lots together! Still, it must be nice to get out of the house. I work from home, and although I do freelance (web design) so I can choose my hours, sometimes it's pretty hard to get motivated in the evenings - it's always so much nicer to sit down with a glass of wine and a DVD, instead of slogging away at the PC! Was easy to do during the day when I just had ds, but I can't really do much in the day now until dd is a bit bigger.

BigHotMama Sun 03-Feb-08 13:49:34

Draining? You can say that again..I only do 3 hours support in classes and I'm totally zapped when I get home so God knows how olivo must feel when she does a full day teaching. I do love it though and yes am quite laid back with bags of patience luckily. One week to go and I break up for a week yippee!

Have just gone back to weight watchers this week as cant seem to get rid of my baby flab and still look pg blush First aim is to lose a stone for my sister's 30th birthday bash in March then hope to lose 3-4 stones by June for our hols.

And good on ya Hoppy for bf this long bet it makes you feel fab knowing what a good start you have given them.

Where is everyone lately? Seems like we the last few standing sad

hoppybird Wed 06-Feb-08 22:52:02

Yes, where is everyone? Living real lives in the real world probably! Would be really nice to find out how everyone is and compare notes on our LO's, though!

Was very proud of dd the other day, as she finally tried the broccoli and carrots I've been offering her on her tray alongside the usual stuff. Honestly, I've found weaning onto solids and getting decent meals established such a pain. I thought my ds was bad when he started weaning, but then I had no clue what to do so I guess it just seemed hard. However, last couple of days dd's been eating larger amounts and having a good amount of porridge before ds goes to school (clock-watching nightmare though)!

Good luck with your weight loss, BHM. What excercise are you planning on doing?

BigHotMama Sun 10-Feb-08 15:17:16

Thank Hoppy! Just ordered the new Davina dvd off ebay as lost both my old ones I used to do - Jackson has probably hidden them somewhere grin. I lost 4.5 pound and feel really determined to get 4 stone off am so p'd off about not being able to wear nice clothes and cant go in my old fave shops anymore as only go up to size 16.

Well done to your dd eating hewr veg? Only veg ds likes at mo is sweetcorn - he loves it! I might try just putting dif veg alongside normal stuff he eats and see if he takes the plunge. Know how you feel about them not eating much though, ds is really wierd one day he loves sausage and the next day he just throws it up the wall? I cant win blush - he's so sly too he puts food down the sides of his highchair thinking I will not see them and sometimes I think he's eaten everything and then later on I find it down the sides of the chair yuk.

I do find ds eats a good breaky - normally has cereal, toast and a banana. Its teatime where he wont eat much at all the little tinker!

Its a beautiful day here in the west midlands, we havebeen to the park to feed the ducks (or ca-ca as ds calls them) it feels like spring is in the air smile

mumtojandm Tue 12-Feb-08 18:23:53

Well girls, I've just been able to log on for the first time in weeks after having 2 back operations. My sciatica turned into something more serious (more like prolapsed disc) and I ended up in hospital undergoing surgery. Absolutely shi**g my pants but needed it doing. Am now home but on bed rest for 6-8 weeks so am grabbing 5 minutes at a time to get on the computer. Hopefully, I won't get any worse - only better.
Hope everyone else ok.

BigHotMama Tue 12-Feb-08 20:46:29

Prolapsed disc? sad Oh Sarahlou thats awful, hope your ok? Sounds like you been through it lately you poor thing? Am sure the surgery can only help your situation and fingers crossed you make a speedy recovery. How are the lo's doing?

olivo Fri 15-Feb-08 14:39:51

ouch sarahlou, that sounds horrible. hope you are feeling a bit better now.
we have been strick by the d and v bug. i knew as soon as dd came down with it that i would get it too, i'm so run down at the moment. loads of staff are off at school with it too, and so extra work for those that are left sad!
however, next week is half term and dd will be a back at nursery so i will get my first proper time without her since she was born! she is on exceptional form despite being ill, and makes me laugh many times a day!

how is everyone else and their little ones? we seem to be pretty reduced in numbers!!

BigHotMama Sat 16-Feb-08 16:59:19

Oh dear Olivo d&v sounds awful? Its amazing how many bugs go around a school isnt it? I had a diarhoea bug and a cold withing space of few weeks?

What funny things is your dd doing then?

DS makes us laugh too he tells us when he has done a poo by holding his nappy at the bum and pulling a right funny frowny face.

He always has a mad half hour before bedtime by whizzing round and running on the spot and doing a dance type move but other day he fell over and landed on his face - ended up with a big fat bloody lip and a nasty nose bleed - boy did he scream! He was ok after initial shock wore off but there was blood everywhere all on the carpet and down his pj's.

My dh plays a boxing game on the ps3 and Jackson has picked up punching and making a pow sound whilst doing it - its hilarious just hope he doesnt go round punching anybody at nursery! blush

I just cant believe how quickly our lo's are growing - I've been putting all my old photos of him in photo albums this week and reminising on how small he was when he was born - he is such a little boy now. Think I'm getting bit broody lol grin

Have good week off Olivo I've had lovely week but it goes so fast - make the most of it while you can!

How are you Sarahlou?

hello all oh my god its been so busy

right bad start to year have left my hubby and moved back in at my mums so things are very hard at the mo

good things though my jewellery is coming along great www.mumzmall.co.uk/bramleyjewellerydesign

have a look and tell what you think

otherwise feeling loads less anxious now and less depressed im sure the shock of being on my own with a lo will kick in at some poin tbut im cool for now

can vouch for nbg ethan is beautiful i want to eat him

she is very clever please check out her doll things she makes on her blog theyre fab

also hoping to meet up with melsy soon

do you think we could all finally get together this year girlies

oh and have spoke to eeny and alex is getting big and is cute as ever

im on msn constantly if anyone wants a proper natter
love booby

olivo Sat 16-Feb-08 19:42:53

hey, booby, good to hear from you. sorry to hear about you and your dh. hope you are coping ok and that your mum is looking out for you. you sound so good at catching up and keeping up with people!it's lovely to hear that everyone is well. will check out your jewellery later in the week - did i mention that i have whole week off?!?!?!?!

i seem to be over the worst of the d and v,as is dd, but dh has it now and of course, is worse than everyone! thank goodness its now half term, and dd can still go to nurseryso i get some time out! i love her to bits but she's always on the go and i'm shattered! BHM, i's the little things that make me laugh; the way she comes and sits next to me on the bed in the mornings while we clean our teeth together, and if i don't, she pats the bed for me to sit; the faces she pulls, so full of character, and the way she flings her arms round me and hugs me tight when i get her from nursery, but heekilt tries to wipe her snotty nose on me at the same time.smile

BHm, i am broody too .......grin

hoppybird Thu 21-Feb-08 20:35:04

Oh Booby, so very sorry to hear that you've split up with your dh, it's good you have your mum to go to though. Nice to hear that our other long-lost August girls are doing well.

Sarahlou, hope you're recovering from your back operations.

Have thankfully avoided the d & v bug here at Hoppy Towers, but we've just had constant colds since Christmas. dd is still rather snotty with her latest cold, so STILL waking a few times a night, not that she's slept through yet. hmm She starts settling herself nicely and sleeping longer sometimes, and then something (cold, vacs, teething) knocks it all back again. One day...

LOL @ your ds boxing, BHM - we have a wii, and my ds is a complete maniac with the boxing, and can flatten opponents really quickly - I also worry about it bringing out a violent streak!

BigHotMama Thu 28-Feb-08 12:48:30

Hey Booby, you sound like your feeling better, sorry to hear you have split, must be hard for you? Glad CJ is doing well and yes I'm most defo up for a meet up finally! Lets hope we can arrange something for this spring/summer? Good to hear the others are all ok.

Well talking about bugs I only caught chickenpox last week and have been off school all week scratching, and wasnt well at all the first few days as had spots all in throat and mouth could hardly eat or swallow yuk! I've perked up now and am raring to go out somewhere when the last spot scabs over.

Anybody got any nice plans for Mothers Day? We have booked table at the hotel where I got wed for a big family get together so should be fun!

How was your week off Olivo?

Hoppy, my ds is getting more and more voilent as we speak he keeps charging at us and has started kicking everything in sight -think we're going to have our hands full. I'm terrible at trying to tell him off and keep a straight face - I just get the giggles as its funny but its not iykwim. shock DH is always doing it too. blush

olivo Sat 01-Mar-08 20:04:33

oh no BHM - are you ok? i've heard CP can be horrible when you're an adult.my week off was fab, thanks; it was great to be able to catch up without dd undoing all my good work!grin. still seems like half term was ages ago, i'm having a really busy time at work- just as well dd loves nursery as she is spending a lot of time there at the moment!

booby - how are things going for you?
hope everyone else is ok x

mumtojandm Sun 02-Mar-08 17:58:58

Hi everyone. Well hopefully I am now on the mend and am able to sit more than 10 mins! Still got to have the iv antibiotics 3 times a week but have been trained so that I can do 2 out of 3 at home. At the moment, 3 of us are on antibiotics: Jack and Molly have impetigo (god knows where from???) on one of their eyelids. Looks horrible, similar to bad eczema and weeping but starting to clear up now. Went for another mri scan on Friday but not heard results yet.
Booby - sorry to hear your news. Hope you and kids ok.
BHM - cp can be very horrible and can turn into shingles in some cases. Hope you clear up soon.
Olivo - glad your lo loves nursery. Molly is really missing going to toddler classes but as I am not able to drive at the moment, she'll have to do with me at home!
Hope everyone else ok.

BigHotMama Mon 03-Mar-08 17:51:26

All scabbed over now and gone back to work so feel loads better thanks girls.

Impetigo sounds awful Sarahlou sad its just one thing after another isnt lately? Hope you start to feel better soon and get positive results back.

Glad you had fun Olivo and I think nursery has loads of benefits for our babas anyhow, Jackson loves it now and even waves me goodbye and blows a kiss when I take him. Mind you he had an accident there other day he got bitten by another child and it left a nasty raised mark on his arm. I wasn't very impressed, but at the end of the day things like this happen all the time its just a part of growing up with other children - sometimes they are going to hurt you but other times your own child will lash out at another. I'm sure it wont happen again.

I've been doing weight watchers for past 4 weeks and have lost 10.5 pound and canf it back into my size 18's so am well chuffed and probably having the pox helped me to shift some too lol. grin

BigHotMama Fri 07-Mar-08 14:38:35

Oh no guess who has got the pox now??????
Jackson shock

olivo Sun 09-Mar-08 16:32:05

oh no! how is he with it, BHM?
sarahlou, how are your brood? hope the impetigo has cleared up.

mumtojandm Mon 10-Mar-08 12:12:51

Hi everyone. Impetigo has cleared up but Jack still left with sore patch on eyelid. Took him to docs this morning but all she's said is it's eczema and given him some more emolliant cream (I could have given HER some - our cupboards are full of it!!) Will give it till the end of the week and then go back and see another doctor. Molly is fine and starting to get the terrible 2's early - never had this problem with Jack! Totally different in character. Bloody girls!! grin
I'm also trying to lose several stone to help my back. Not had any chocolate since January and my skin has cleared up-no breakouts which I was prone to so think I will keep off it. Trying to eat more healthily but not easy when my ds keeps bringing home takeaways or kfc's!

BigHotMama Mon 10-Mar-08 17:46:01

He's not too bad in himself thanks Olivo, but has loads of spots it makes me feel bit sick to look at his little body and all these nasty big blisters everywhere. We're meant to be going to my sister's 30th birthday party this week too, (bloody typical!) so just hope the spots scab over quickly.

Lol at your Molly having the terrible 2's Sarahlou, think ds has had them for a while now, he gives me a slap when he cant get his own way he has such a short temper. Hope Jack gets his sore patch sorted bless.
Well done on the choc ban, thats some willpower you got, I could never give up my choc sins lol.

How's Olivo and dd doing?

dreamydowler Wed 19-Mar-08 11:20:58

hi all, Hope everyone is well. At least its getting a bit sunnier. I was going to start potty training too after easter I think when the weather improves a bit more. I really cant believe how quickly the time has gone since my daughter had her baby who is now nearly 5 months old. Sophie-Jane is lovely with her but has become extremely and I mean ridiculously clingy to me I feel like I cant move without her being attatched to my hip. She has become a nightmare to get to bed also and has took to waking around 4am screaming too. Any suggestions anyone??

olivo Mon 24-Mar-08 12:44:23

hello! just grabbing 10 mins while dd is asleep! hope you've all had a nice easter; i need to try and go back on my diet now that I won't be tempted by mini eggs!

dreamy - good to hear from you! my dd is extremely clingy too; she cries when i go out of the room,almost like she panics. i can't go to the loo on my own and dh now drops her at nursery all the time as she screams when i go (although i know she stops after a few minutes!) it's ridiculous but i know there'll come a time when she doesnt want to know me so i indulge her when i can!
BHM - all healthy again? hope you and ds didnt have too bad a time with the pox.

just hanging on for the end of term here, two more weeks, and then we're off on holiday; i can't wait for some sunshine after this manky weather.
how is everyone?

AbbyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 25-Mar-08 14:51:01

Hello all - sorry to barge in, but if you haven't already done so, would you think about completing our sleep survey here? If you do you'll be entered into a lovely comp to win £1250 of rather special, children's furniture. Thanks ever so!

BigHotMama Wed 26-Mar-08 13:47:53

Hi Dreamy nice to hear from you again, glad to hear your all doing well. On the sleep thing we had this with Jackson a few times lately and reckon it may be a growth spurt?? We gave ds a bottle and he went straight back off or sometimes we try our best to ignore him for 5 minutes and he goes back off but if not we give him some milk but it doenst happen that often so not sure what to suggest?

Hey Olivo I am on half term now its lovely but ds has now got a nasty cold and think he has conjunctivitis as eye really weeping and its yellow stuff not nice. Poor little man seems to be one thing after another lately.

I gave into the mini eggs and put on half stone after losing one stone so on a mission to get it off again playing squash and doing lots of walking. My choccy eggs are hiding away in cupboards until I get back on track.

olivo Wed 02-Apr-08 14:31:25

Hello everyone - where are you all? I am counting down the days till the end of term on Friday and then we are off to dubai for 10 days - hurray! I absolutely can't wait, although deading th travel with dd; she just can't sit still at the moment. she has just started calling me mummy instead of mama, it's so cute smile and has started putting two words together (usually 'no, mummy! grin). she is totally obsessed with peppa pig and jumping in muddy puddles, and with taking her clothes off and taking them to bed with her hmm
I LOVE this age!

BigHotMama Thu 03-Apr-08 16:22:52

Wow Olivo, Dubai? Sounds cool, hope you have a great time. How cute of dd saying mummy, ds sometimes says MOM MOM MOM instead of MAMA like he did in Asda earlier...I got some old bloke laughing his head off at me as it was really loud.

Lol at taking her clothes to bed. Ds has learnt how to pull his pj trousers off and the pillowcase off his pillow so god knows what he gets up to during the night??

Ds is obsessed with Boogie Beebies and Night Garden..he says cupacupa for makapaka lol.

I do love this age as they make you laugh but also find it frustrating as ds just wants his own way all the time, he wont let me brudh his teeth as he only wants to suck the water off the brush, also gone off lots of foods he used to like so hardly eats food I cook and I HATE wasting food. Just tricked him into eating cheesy mash potato by hiding inside a mini pitta bread grin.

Where have all the old Aug 06 girls gone to?

hoppybird Fri 04-Apr-08 22:32:44

I'm here! Nice to hear about all the things our LO's are saying. My dd called me 'Mummy' from the start, well, after she had said 'Dada', 'ducky', 'bubble' and several other words! ds called me 'Mama' first, which I really loved, but I guess dd copies what he says.

Funniest thing dd says is when she is pushing her little trolley around, and it gets caught on something, she declares "Oh dear! It's stuck!" There are plenty of things which get 'stuck' according to dd - the PC when it's still booting up, or when she can't climb onto a chair she shouldn't be on in the first place etc.

Anyway - got my little angel weighed for the first time in ages - just over 20lb!! She's a tiny titch, but following the graph at just below the 2nd centile, so that's ok.

BHM - dd says 'Akka' for MakkaPakka. dd also not eating much. Eats quite a lot of breakfast cereal though, but gets worse as the day goes on. She is teething (top two sharp canines), really stuffing her hand in her mouth a lot, so I guess that's why. Still bf a lot, She's started asking for it when we're out (she only used to have bf morning, nap time and night), but I suppose it helps her poor little teeth, is it a natural analgesic? I had planned to bf till 2 years, but I'm wondering whether I should just time it until all her teeth have come through (4 molars to go) as she really suffers with teething and it seems to comfort her more than anything. Don't know if that will be before or after her 2nd birthday though.

Dreamy - nice to hear from you again - my dd also wakes suddenly screaming, and is clingy and it's definitely to do with teething pain - could that be what's happening with your dd?

PinkTulips Sun 06-Apr-08 23:16:40

hello all smile

we finally got internet... yippee.

caleb is a right little monstor now, a real little daddy's boy and doing his best to drive me totally bonkers, lol. his speech has come on incredibly in the last month, he's gone from barely having any words at all to full sentances. it makes everything sooo much easier.

dd has started in her new playschool and is loving it.

can someone give me a condensed version of the last 9 months as i have no idea what's happened around here while i was gone!

BigHotMama Thu 10-Apr-08 20:41:35

Hiya Pinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you back! Good to hear your all doing well.
You haven't missed much really as this thread has gone a bit shy grin. How are you settling in your new place?

Hoppy, ds is only just over 2 stone and he has been the same for about 2-3months, not been putting any weight on but looks and seems healthy enough.

Had some fab pics done of him so will try and get some on my profile soon.

Bet Olivo is lapping up the sun lucky girl.

Secretly worrying as AF is late shock

hoppybird Mon 14-Apr-08 23:57:50

Hello Pinky!

Long time no see - how's your new home? Weren't you moving from a flat to a house? We moved from a 2 bed 1st floor maisonette to a 3 bed house, and it's so very different - having somewhere to hang out the washing for a start, and we have a hallway the size of a room! Before, we used to have a fight for space at the bottom of the stairs when trying to sort out coats, shoes and pushchair!

BHM - I'd love to seen new pics - I've also got to update my profile with new pics. My dd's hair is now quite long and she looks like a proper little girl. She used to be mistaken for a boy a lot before she was crawling/walking. I didn't used to mind at all. I did mind, however, when a couple of weeks ago, the guy in our local shop addressed her as "young man". She was dressed in pink with her hair in a topknot, looking obviously girly.

Pinky, just peeped at your lovely new pics - what sweet little smiling faces!

hoppybird Mon 14-Apr-08 23:59:22

hey...BHM...everything ok on the AF front?? ;)

PinkTulips Tue 15-Apr-08 00:08:59

lol, have been wrestling with my profile for hours! internet is sooo slow

can't get used to having a garden, it's so lovely and the kids enjoy it so much.

your dd is adorable, she has a really infectious smile smile

BHM, any news?

BigHotMama Tue 15-Apr-08 17:15:55

Am soooo envy of you lot having gardens as ds loves to be outdoors now and hates me dragging him in. I never planned to be in this flat this long wish we could afford place of our own.

Panic over, AF is here but over a week late and had really convinced myself I was pg...phew! Dont get me wrong I cant wait to have a little brother or sister for ds but I really want to get a bigger place; dh's work is really slow and my income is shite at moment so not a good time tbh.

How rude of that man Hoppy? I would have been sarcastic back with him about her wearing pink and having hair tied up, I mean how many boys do you see wearing pink for a start?
ds' hair is getting long and girly, also getting darker too.

Off to have a nose at Pinky's new pics x

BigHotMama Tue 15-Apr-08 17:20:14

Ah Pinky they are so sweet. Your dd's hair has really grown and is lovely colour, and Caleb looks like a real cheeky cute boy bless him! Like your house too its huge!

BigHotMama Tue 15-Apr-08 17:35:07

Your brood are gorgeous too Hoppy, they look like they get on so well together. How on earth anybody could mistake your dd for a boy is beyond me? She's a sweet little thing.

hoppybird Wed 16-Apr-08 01:22:28

BHM and Pinky - thanks. I think they're a bit cute too.

BHM I thought it was a bit weird for my obviously girly looking girl to be mistaken for a boy, I was a bit hmm but I didn't say anything. The guy who made the comment was asian and his grasp of English wasn't perfect so I let it be, as I wasn't entirely sure he was genuinely being a fool, or if his language let him down. I've been addressed as 'sir' by non-native English speakers before, and couldn't find it in me to correct them!! And there's no way I could ever be mistaken for a man.

I know what you mean about feeling stuck in a flat - we were in ours for nearly 7 years, because of finances. That's why there's such a gap between my two (nearly 6 years). As soon as my dh got a new job and pay rise in 2005, we changed our bathroom and kitchen in the flat to ensure it was saleable, and then started TTC. It worked out fine, as I got pg straight away. Whilst I was pg, we worked on decorating the worst bits of the house, but we held off putting it on the market until after she was born, (I didn't want the stress of moving whilst pg).

I think she was about 6months when we started selling. She was sharing our room at the time, and continued to do so after we moved! But she has her own room now. I really feel for anyone living in a too-small place.

PinkTulips Wed 16-Apr-08 10:42:27

we did the daft thing and had our second while still stuck in a 2 bed flat and broke blush

worked out ok though. they liked sharing so much they refused to be in seperate rooms now we have a house, lol. means we have a spare bedroom upstairs for the pc and all the junk we haven't got any cupboards to store in.

BigHotMama Wed 16-Apr-08 20:38:08

Ah bless them Pinky, thats so lovely that they want to share. I am so close to my sister and I reckon its having a small age gap between us too, although we used to fight like cat & dog when younger blush.

Well definately can't ttc before next summer as my sister has just announced she is getting wed next year and I am chief bridesmaid, so have got to lose weight and sort out a fun packed hen do for her. Dont think I could cope being pg doing all that lot.

We have just been looking into maybe renting a bigger place or going into a 50-50 deal where you buy half your house so its cheaper but then have the chanceto buy rest at later date, not sure about it as not got much info on it.

Oh am just about to put some pics on so have a look x

PinkTulips Wed 16-Apr-08 22:17:27

oh my god BHM, he's gorgeous. he looks way older than caleb for some reason, a real little man.

btw, you look gorgeous, you don't need to lose weight babe.

BigHotMama Thu 17-Apr-08 15:55:48

Really? I always think he looks little for his age for some reason? And yes he's a proper little boy now always wanting to rebel around with us on the floor.
Thanks for the compliment chick but you cant see my body on those shots wink

Going to see the dancing on ice tour tonight with my mom and aunty, we got rink side seats so will be hoping to get a glimpse of some rather nice bottoms, (men's bottoms of course!)

hoppybird Fri 18-Apr-08 09:34:29

Hey, BHM, those are great photos! You look like a lovely little family. I really like the wistful one at the bottom, too. We've never got round to having professional photos done, but it's something I'd love to have.

I'm quite excited! We're just in the process of booking our summer holiday - first one we've had since before I was pg. We've been constantly on the go for the last couple of years: new baby (obviously), dh's mum dying, moving house and all those things surrounding those issues, they really build up and we need a break! We're planning a do-it-yourself touring holiday of the States for three weeks! Trouble is, I keep thinking that we could spend that money on a new bathroom...grin

hoppybird Fri 18-Apr-08 09:47:11

Oh, also, the 50-50 thing where you buy half your house and pay rent to a Housing Assoc. - my SIL has one of these properties, but I think she has 40-60. It was a great way for her to get onto the property ladder - she wouldn't have been able to afford a place otherwise, despite having a really good job (she lives alone). Apparently, different Housing Associations have different contractual requirements. My SIL, for instance, would like to gradually buy more of a percentage share, but the HA only allow her to buy £15K chunks, which she feels is a bit too much. I guess she would feel differently if she had a partner, as it's easier to save up. BHM, you'd have to look carefully at the contracts, and compare what different HAs require from you.

PinkTulips Fri 18-Apr-08 09:47:38

ooo, that'll be brilliant hoppy. when i was 14 my parents did that. all around california, arizona and nevada with a day in mexico.

best holiday i've ever had. bloody hot though!

startingoveragain Fri 18-Apr-08 10:04:21

hello pinky mwah welcome back

btw its booby

well we are settled in flat big girls beds for both of us lol and still no sign of a sofa so im still on my patio chairs lol minimalist is all in lol

its hard having no money i darent spend a penny coz of paying bills and waiting for all my benefits to sort things so i can work out how many hours i need to work still knitting and making my jewellery has kept me sane

me and chris are still tentively getting on bt he's finding it really hard he has good days and bad bt we are muddling along

cj is sleeping and eatig well has about 10 teeth and is obsessed with football and crayoning her talking is not great but she is very good at expressing her wants and needs

hope your all well

hoppybird Sun 20-Apr-08 13:01:50

Hi there Booby! Wow - big girl's bed already! I'm hoping my dd is staying in a cot as long as possible, for my sanity! It's hard starting over again, particularly downsizing - I know, I've been there (went from a house to a 1 room studio at one point to get out of a relationship) - I hope everything goes well for you. My dd loves scribbling with crayons too, she makes really good spirals!

Pinky, our touring holiday won't be quite as hot (I hope - I don't do well in heat) - we're covering the East Side, where we have friends in various places (Boston, Buffalo, Philly) We're also hoping to stay on a farm in Lancaster (Amish country), which should be nice an relaxing. We tend towards atypical holidays.

olivo Sun 20-Apr-08 19:58:01

I knew it!! i go away for a couple of weeks and you all start chatting without me! grin
Pinky - welcome back, great to hear from you, and booby, good to hear you're getting along okay (and a big wave to you others, of course! smile)
we had a fantastic holiday; it was very hot but dd was great throughout. she loved being able to swim all day and can now do a whole length of the pool on her own ( with her armbands!). she loved running and jumping in, it was so lovely to see her confidence. her talking has also really come on in the last couple of weeks and her obsession with peppa pig is at its peak!
we've come back to a building site; we had a wall knocked down to open up our kitchen; not quite finished and the whole house is filthy and dusty but back to work tomorrow so it'll have to wait till my day off!

got to go, loads of reports to write this week so need to make a start. hope everyone is well x

startingoveragain Mon 21-Apr-08 10:14:37

olivo your lucky cj wont entertain arm bands just screams and yes shes fab at spirals too

i have to hide the crayons coz she has coloured everywhere due to me being on here and not concentrating

well i had to go with a big girls bed coz chris kept her cot and she looked to big to stay in the travel cot but we have a stair gate on her room and once thats sht she knows its sleep/nap time its nice and low and she just jmps in its so sweet to see

she is showing sign of stroppiness we went to nbg's a couple of weeks ago and she threw something at ds2 i was gutted at her behaviour nbg says it normal and kept knicking the babies bottle hmm

am thinking time for more toddler groups as a sibling will not be an option for a while

any ideas of arty things to do with little ones too im a bit cautios as i dont want her poisoning herself ????

PinkTulips Mon 21-Apr-08 13:46:32

sorry i disappeared, lost the damn thread, lol

booby, good to hear from you babe. i'm sorry things with you and chris didn't work out. i've just gotton access to my hotmail account (don't ask, dodgy pc and internet ganged up on me) so i'll email you in the next few days to see how you're getting on.

toddler group is a great idea... both of mine enjoy them so much and it's good for them to play with other kids and learn how to interact.

hoppy, we went to NY in may one year and almost boiled to death so don't count on the weather being cooler, lol!

olivo, HI! your holida sounds ace. glad dd enjoyed the water... my two haven't been swimming in so long, i keep meaning to check about a toddler pool that's supposed to be about 40 mins from us but forget. where did you go? we never got to take that holiday last year, had to use the money for the move instead, am gagging for some sunshine!

BigHotMama Mon 21-Apr-08 16:05:19

Wahey the thread is moving again grin

Hiya Booby, hope you and cj are well! She sounds like a darling! We are having major strops here with Jackson too but think he's getting used to not having his own way all the time.

Olivo, glad you had good time away, wow your dd is doing well in the water, she seems so confident which is great start for them at this age.
Bet your loving being back at work wink.

Is my child the only one who tends to chew crayons instead of colouring? He's really into his cars and football at the moment, luckily he loves books too and sits himself onto my lap and demands me to read, bossy bugger!

Thanks for the advice Hoppy, will check out the different HA and see how we go about getting the ball rolling soon, think its going to be only way for us until I get into teaching. Your american hol sounds like a great adventure, dh wants to move there now, its like another world there apparently.

Have you tried chalks or paints Booby as an arty thing, ds has aquadraw but he's not into it much yet.

Essay over grin

PinkTulips Mon 21-Apr-08 19:52:02

yep, non-toxic, washable paints or washable, non-toxic markers go down a treat.

be ready with the baby wipes though as they do rather suddenly decide they're done and wander off covered head to toe in blue and red grin

olivo, my 2 adore peppa pig too... dd has memorised a peppa pig book and 'reads' it to ds lol

hoppybird Mon 21-Apr-08 23:08:46

Wow, I'm really impressed with your dd's swimming, olivo! Sounds like you had a great holiday! I'm a neglectful mummy on that front - I have never taken dd swimming ever! blush. I just never consider going to the pool as I'm not a great swimmer myself. It's finding the time as well, there's always so many other things to do.

Pinky re NYC - yes, I'd realised that it could be pretty hot there too! However, dh has convinced me that the marvellous air conditioning they have in many of their shops should keep me happy. We'll only stay in NYC a couple of days before heading for the coast near Boston.

BHM - it will be an adventure for me, as I've never been to the States, but dh has several times (he had a gf over there, nearly went there permenantly). One of the couples we'll be staying with have a son similar age to dd, so that should be nice.

I second aquadraw - dd loves hers, but it seems to be not working as well as when we first got it. ds once bought her an 'In the Night Garden' magazine, and she really loved the stickers, although I'm sure they tell you that they're not suitable for under 3's.

PinkTulips Tue 22-Apr-08 00:15:47

dd poured orange juice on her aquadraw an hour after getting it, then drew on it with marker the next day.... it went mouldy and got dumped. not a fan of aquadraw angry

at least paint you can wipe up properly, if aquadraw gets something on it it shouldn't it's totally wrecked and that's 30 quid down the drain

BigHotMama Tue 22-Apr-08 21:41:07

Jackson had me in stitches earlier..after I pulled the plug out from his bath I went to fetch his towel and come back to find he had done a big poo in the bath? I couldnt believe it shock but glad he didnt have chance to pick it up or tread into it. He stood there looking at it saying poo poo...wonder if its a sign he might be ready for potty??? Am so clueless about starting potty training...any ideas or tips?

hoppybird Tue 22-Apr-08 22:25:30

BHM - that's really funny! It does remind me of an incident when my ds was actually potty training, so he was nappy-less, and had an 'incident' on the carpet. He turned and realised what he'd done, exclaiming "Poo fell out!"

If Jackson is aware every time he 'goes', or goes to a special place to do it, or better still, tells you that he's 'gone', or tells you if you ask him, then maybe it's time to start thinking about potty training.

Personally speaking, I found potty training ds a complete doddle compared to establishing bf or weaning. In fact, I actually quite enjoyed it because it went easily. There, I've gone and jinxed myself - dd's gonna be a potty training nightmare now! grin

I'd take it slowly, BHM. You could get a few books about it (for you to read to him). 'Once upon a potty' is good, if a bit americanised - just insert your own words. 'Everybody Poos ' as well, can't remember what others we had. There's a toilet-themed episode of Bear in the Big Blue house, too. Start with those. Maybe buy a couple of potties, one for him and one for his favourite toy, to get him used to seeing them Some people start on the toilet straight away, but it's better physiologically for a child to have their feet on solid ground, or at least something solid.

When you think the time is right, sit him on the potty with a nappy on regularly after meals and read to him. Gets him used to sitting on it for a long enough time. If you feel he's ready, maybe suggest one day to sit with nappy off, reading. If you get a result, show him what he's done, and give lots of praise. After several results in a row he might make the connection, at which point you could start potty training seriously - you need to be consistent - no nappy, sit him even more regularly, ask him if he needs the potty, praise for each result, and if he was truly ready for it, he'll start running to the potty *just before* he needs it!

There endeth the sermon.

PinkTulips Tue 22-Apr-08 23:06:56

lol BHM grin

ds is starting to become aware of that stuff too now, he's been telling me for a few months when he's dirtied his nappy.

the other day he was running around without a nappy on and started to pee on the floor, i called over 'uh oh, are you peeing?' and he stopped and looked really confused, oops! i plopped him on the loo on dd's seat but he's terrified of it so we've got the potty banging about the place again now and his teddies use it now and again grin

am refusing to be optimistic as dd still wets he knickers every day practically and she's been 'potty trained' since she was 2... she never does it at playschool, just for me angry

he was very funny earlier after their bath, i was dressing dd and he climbed into her bed with no clothes on so i called over 'now don't pee in sarah's bed caleb' and he replied 'ok mama' pmsl grin

startingoveragain Wed 23-Apr-08 13:23:51

lol we have paint i just darent i might thought now i have a settee and we cand sit at table with the patio stuff lol

well all is going well apart from being skint bloody broadband fee but i cant live without it scrb that wont lol

bhm yo singing my way again any time soon ???

cj has decided she's being girly this week keeps knicking my handbags and jewellery then playing football dressed like pat butcher is all very strange

she's doing really well with going off to daddies as long as she has upsy daisy shes a happy girlie still has a dummie though much to my angry

have dipped my toe in the dating scene and seems im not a horrible warty minger and have had a few nice young men take me out lol i met chris for a cuppa today and its made me sad it was strange sitting across from him not holding hands not having a kiss i still miss him lots but i know weve done the right thing sadhmm

hope everyone is ok

PinkTulips Wed 23-Apr-08 20:31:06

sad booby, must be so difficult.

i wouldn't worry about the dummy, both mine still have em and are giving them to santa this year together

BigHotMama Wed 23-Apr-08 20:55:25

Jackson still loves his dummy (num num) too but we only let him have it at night and what a good idea to give it to santa this year Pinky! grin

Booby, not singing your way until 1st August at The Diamond in Sutton in Ashton, would love to meet up if you could make it, we stay overnight there as they have rooms and its too far and tiring to travel back after the gig, so maybe you could stay if too live too far away? And you are NOT a warty minger, your gorgeous and will find the right man when the time is right I'm sure!

Cheers for your advice Hoppy, am definately going to get a potty this week, hope its a doddle for me too. Will have to look out for those books too, great idea!
I really like the little mini-toilet-looking ones has anyone tried them? Will get a nice cheap one for teddy too grin (How funny saying your ds saying poo fell out!)

PMSL at your ds pinky saying OK mama, dont they just say & do the most funny things at this age? I absolutely love it!!

Jackson has a new milk ritual before bed, he goes to the kitchen with dh, opens the fridge and gets his milk out, then watches it being warmed up in microwave and waits for the beep beep beep and joins in, funny thing is he always chooses the full fat milk out of the 2 (we have semi) how mad is that?

startingoveragain Thu 24-Apr-08 07:43:07

cj does that with the milk and likes opening all my cupboards coz when we were at home and at my mums there was a cj cupboard wigth bottles and plates etc bt i keep them on a shelf here to save her destroying my kitchen

is it just us or am i the only silly one not to have black out blinds she's been up at 6 twice this week but when it was light like this last year she didnt wake til 7-8 mind yoou she was still breast feeding

cj has started showing food preferences she loves pine nuts baked beans and mashed potatoes and the little bugger will only meat for everyone else apart from me

she's still at nursery one day a week which is helping her but i want to get her in a bit more so i need t go back to work

bhm im not really sure where sutton is lol so it must be quite a way lol

is anyones elses little ones demanding a certain place in the house cj is obsessed with 'her own seat' at my mums its a chair at mine itsd the chair and her nans its the chair she screams blue murder if someone sits on too the point of trying to pull them out

oops essay

hi to all though xx

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 13:39:45

bless booby, she sounds like a little miss to rival my dd grin

don't think balckout blinds make a scrap of differance, my 2 are waking up at the crack of dawn too and their room is pitch black, weirdly they never did in the other house where they had a south facing bedroom with no blinds at all to speak off. it's worse on the days dp does his course though as he has to be out the door at 6.30 and he doesn't seem to have a mute button when he's clattering around in the morning. they end up running around my room til i dig up the energy to crawl out, then the 2 of them are moody and grumpy for the day (and i'm not much better!)

how did cj take to nursery booby? can't wait to ship ds off but he'll have to be 3 for the playschool and no other options locally til then sad was nice when sarah was little that she could go to creche, although it cost a bomb, at least the playschool is cheap!!!

BHM, dummies here are technically for night time only but anytime we're upstairs they scream til i give them to them blush

BigHotMama Mon 28-Apr-08 20:44:33

I have to hide them during the day here too lol, I remember not long ago he had 3 dummies in his mouth at once, we couldnt stop laughing, he must have a big mouth grin

Ds loves nursery too, used to cry when I left him but now waves me and blows me a kiss. I think its good for them to be sociable with other kids their age but agree its so expensive, we pay £16.50 per half day and he goes twice a week.

Lol at CJ being demanding in her own seat ha! Sounds like she means business grin. Jackson gets dominant when he tells me and dh to lie down on the floor on our fronts and he just tramples on us and does body slams on our head, and it bloody hurts!

Well got a cheap potty off ebay and ds wont go near it yet lol.

olivo Wed 30-Apr-08 21:50:06

BHM - you are so lucky with your nursery fees -ours is £292 a week (full time), it's seriously expensive.
lol at the dummies, we have a serious thumb sucker on our hands! dd laso has her'own' cupboard and her 'own' seat; she goes mad if we sit where she wants to!

hope everyone is well; having a hard time at work at the moment and have an inspector in tomorrow. on the plus side, we have 2 bank holidays next week so i'm only working 2 days - phew!

BigHotMama Thu 01-May-08 16:12:45

Olivo I have broken up today yipee! Have you got Ofsted in then? Sounds scary think I'd be having hot flushes, hope everything goes well for you.

Lol I still suck the skin on my thumb, not the end bit, just inbetween the bones, wierd I know. grin

startingoveragain Thu 08-May-08 11:42:59

well finally bottom teeth seem to be coming thru after lots of poo and tantrums and colds bless her all that for one lousy tooth

i have noticed she has satarted saying more bird raaaa for lion lol nurnur for dummy or bottle makka pakka lol bye bye mummy daddy

but its not a lot im a bit worried to be honest but like i have said before she is very expressive

and my word tantrums are not the word i had crossed arms shaking of the head and the biggest bottom lip you ever did see yesterday my mum is getting worried about taking her away co she's so mardy at the mo bt im sure she'll love a week in the sea air

have been making the most of the weather and trying to do some gardening which you will maybe remember i hate and never got the chance to do co my mil always used to do it well now its all down to me have taken a before so if i can get it sorted i will post an after too

oooh and i got a sofa too

PinkTulips Sun 11-May-08 22:20:28

please don't mention tantrums to me... ds has gone completely mental recently.

it's not like i'm not used to tantrums, dd threw them from 9/10 months on but he takes it to a whole new level.

the second you say no to him his face goes red and he explodes into a rage, screaming, kicking, howling like he's being tortured and it goes on for up to 2 hours sad every week at toddler group he does it and it's mortifying. he doesn't ever do it if daddy dearest is around though hmmgrin he's also started saying 'go away' really crossly if you try and interfere with whatever mischief he's up to

on the plus side the playschool is now insured from 2yr6 months instead of 3yr so ds and my friends little girl will be sharing a place after xmas, we each send them part time on alternating days. is it sad that i'm already looking forward to it?!

was reading a book in the garden earlier lying on my tummy and he crawled onto my back and fell asleep! wouldn't have been too bad except our garden is open on 4 sides and dd was running around and dp wasn't about.... thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown as she kept dodging round the side of the house or towards the road. and i now have seriously weird tan lines as it was midday and i got baked!

booby, what's the sofa like? did you survive gardening?

snowboo Fri 16-May-08 09:50:17

Hello ladies! Is this thread still up and running??
God i've been away for far too long...
How are all the little people doing?
My little angel has turned into a monster! Not sure when it happened but it happened alright. Has a new trick of flinging himself across the floor doing a superman if we dare to say no to him.
His ds just looks on in disbelief. Mustn't laugh but we can't help it.
Pink, i really feel for you. I could say its because they are boys but ds1 was never like it! A real angel of a child.
Now where did i go wrong?? hmm

BigHotMama Wed 21-May-08 17:01:06

Hiya Snow, where have you been hiding? Good to see you back grin and lol at superman act, I find it hard not to laugh too.

Ds had a major tantrum fit today because we left the park and he didn't want to come home. Tears, stiffening himself up so I couldnt get him into his carseat, headbutting the seat backwards and then rolling on the floor once we got home.
I knew it was naptime so picked him up and sang to him, within 2 mins he was fast asleep. Phew! I think he is worse when he's tired too. I love motherhood! grin

Cant believe our little ones will be 2 in 3 months?

Off camping next week cant wait! Ds will absolutely love it.

Hows everyone doing? x

snowboo Wed 21-May-08 22:16:22

Hi BHM smile Finally finding time to catch up on here....
Ds2 has been going to bed at 6pm most nights and sleeping til 8am so its been good! Shame ds1 still isn't going through the night but thats another story....
So it mean smy evenings are more my own at last.

God, 2 already. I know, it seems like yesterday we were all popping! But i have my friends baby to look after once she pops him out so i can go through the baby stage but hand him back this time lol!
Oh, if none of this makes sense i do apologie. had to have a 'procedure' at hosp today and they ended up having to sedate me. Apparently i'm supposed to be in bed now sleeping.... But dh has buggered off to watch footie so what can one do??!

SO how is everyone? I've really missed you all.


olivo Thu 22-May-08 20:19:42

helloooooo! good to hear from you, Snow. smile i am so shockand envy that your ds sleeps so long, you lucky thing!
we are fine; half term next week so looking forward to the break from work, though not sure how I'll entertain dd if the weather is rubbish! she is tantrum queen too at the moment; nursery keep commenting on it grin. she has started stringing a few words together now and its sooo cute!'my mummy here' when she's telling me where to sit etc.
have booked her mmr for next week; what have you guys done? i've been umming and ahing about it but have finally decided to go ahead.
i too cant believe that they're nearly two; several of my friends with similar age babies are having another and I'm so broody! i need to convince dh though that we must have another baby!
hope everyone else is well.

BigHotMama Fri 23-May-08 14:57:23

Olivo, if it wasn't for my sister having her wedding next August I'd be trying for No.2 but because I'm bridesamid I cant be pg, also want to enjoy myself (and get pissed on the hen do). We will def be trying after the wedding so ds will be 3 by then. I keep looking at ds' baby pics and feel all broody, cant remember him being so small in my arms.

Snow, hope your feeling ok after your hosp trip. Have you started potty training yet? We got a cheap pot just to get ds used to sitting on it, hasnt done anything in it yet. But today he has told me 3 times when he has done a poo? Thinking about starting him when schooltime breaks up for summer as will be home all day with him.

Ds has had the MMR jab as we didnt think they had enough evidence surrounding the hype of links to autism, and I think there are more serious diseases if you dont get vaccinated in my opinion.

hoppybird Sat 24-May-08 16:36:32

Hi everyone, hi Snowboo! nice to see you again - you're very, very lucky with your LO sleeping so solidly! My dd still wakes properly (crying for bf) once in the night - I do hear her other times wake and self-settle, and she can go to sleep on her own from being put in the cot awake, so at least she isn't fed to sleep.

However, I must say that this extended bf did come in very handy on Thursday. At bedtime, just after her nappy change, dd escaped and started doing her whirlwind impersonation (as usual just before bed). Dh was in her room getting her nightclothes ready, and I heard a sound like someone slamming their hand down hard the wooden chest in her room, and then a scream. Dh ran into the bathroom, white-faced, carrying a screaming dd - she had a bleeding open cut on her cheekbone, 2cm from her eye. What had happened was that dd had suddenly climed on her chair and launched herself off it, hitting her face on the wooden chest. I was absolutely shaking as I put on cold water compresses, dd screaming and pleading for 'aba' (her word for bf). Fortunately, the bleeding stopped in minutes, when I could then bf - worked like magic - dd even fell asleep. We saw that the cut was quite open and had to be seen to, even though it was only about 1cm long. We called the emergency GP, who said he couldn't come out as dd had to be assessed in hosp. just in case. DD had been asleep for 10mins, still latched on, so we somehow managed to work around her to put on her pyjamas (poppers down the back), and I carried her out to the car, still asleep and latched on.

However, she noticed, woke up and was her usual self! (she likes car rides). We had to take ds with us as we don't have anyone to look after him at the drop of a hat.

To cut a long story short, after lots of waiting around, a nurse came along with a teddy in pink pyjamas holding a helium ballon to distract dd whilst they did her treatment. She cried and struggled lots when they cleaned her up and closed up her wound with a couple of streri-strips, but was soothed instantly with a quick bf afterwards. She got to keep the teddy (the ballon had "I've been brave today" on it). Poor ds was so tired with all the waiting around he slept in the treatment room. We didn't get back home 'til 12:45.

dd is fine now. Apart from her cut, she's got a big graze going towards her nose, bruising and a bit of a black eye. I'm hoping it won't scar too badly. She's a nightmare for climbing stuff - she's started to climb into her cot now. I think it's time we got her a toddler bed, I'm scared she'll try to climb out of her cot and fall. DS was never like this! Also, dh said he'd been wondering if she'd wean soon, but after the other night, he said it's great that I was able to comfort her so instantly, and thinks it's a really good thing I'm carrying on till age 2 (or longer).

How exciting that you're thinking about another LO, BHM! I don't know any little babies - would love to smell that newborn baby-head smell again!

Snow - we had the MMR for both our children - ds had his very late, at 4 years old, before he went to school. I had to have MMR at the same time because I wasn't immune to rubella and I was planning getting pg at the time. ds had no side effects, I had several (swollen joints, rash on face and chest, swollen glands on the back of my neck)! Apprently, it affects adults far more than children. We
waited because we were worried about the risk of autism, but at the time he had it, loads of reports had come out saying it was unfounded, and we considered the risk of him catching the diseases far greater, particularly in a school setting.

We had dd's MMR done on time.

Phew, that was an essay and a half!

olivo Sat 24-May-08 19:52:11

wow hoppy, glad your dd is ok now; i too have a dd who throws herself around, i am forever signing the accident book at nursery.
twas me who asked about the mmr, thanks for your info, i feel reassured, there is so much controversy still.
BHM,lol at not wanting to be pg at wedding! I really hope to persuade dh to start trying before the end of the year, so keep your fingers crossed for me!
anyone got their LO in a bed yet (apologies if you've mentioned it, long thread to check! grin)
Everyone else well?

snowboo Sat 24-May-08 21:42:04

Both mine have had the MMR. Ds1 has both jabs, ds2 has had the first. I agree that its not been proven but the illnesses are far more worrying. My friend (a nurse)has had lots of cases of measles over the past few months so advised me to get it done asap.

God you lot must be mad at wanting to get pg! The mere thought of it and i break out i n a cold sweat lol!

Well that'll teach me to gloat about ds2 sleeping! As i type he is climbing over my head dancing to the crappy songs on eurovision.... Must learn to keep quiet.

Well will find some time to catch up when beasty sleeps shock if ever....

hoppybird Wed 28-May-08 23:04:48

Well, last night, for the first time EVER, dd slept for over 10 hours, waking up at the very civilised time of 7:40am! The maximum she's managed before this is 9pm to 6am (that was only once). All other nights she has woken up. I'm not really hopeful I'll get another unbroken night tonight, as she's been chewing on her hand a lot and been off her food, so I guess another tooth is coming through. However, it is a start!

dd's face looks a lot better. I'm supposed to take the dressing off today, but I think I'll keep it on a bit longer.

In other news, ds has been spending the half term at his great-grandparents. It's the first time he's stayed away from home. He went fishing with his ggd, and caught a six pound fish! (put it back again though). I guess the weather doesn't matter for fishing - it's been really pouring it down over here! Hope everyone else is doing ok and not being flooded by our lovely British weather!

cj has had her mmr i d be petrified if she ended up with measles or something

well she has spent the last week on the east coast with my mum and little cousin and its been horrible

my flat looks like a show home but my god do i miss her she comes back today i cant wait to see her

got a jewellery party next friday so hoping that goes well

cj is sleeping well and eating well and hopefully after spending the week with another child she'll be jabbering loads but who knows????

has any else seen a health visitor this last six months or is it just me ?????

hope everyone is well

BigHotMama Mon 02-Jun-08 19:19:38

Well camping in Cornwall was fantastic, Jackson loved it and got very muddy splashing in big puddles.

Glad your dd is ok Hoppy, bet it was a scary situation, but what a great sense of achievement knowing your bf helped soothe her in such time of need. Go girl!

Booby, I havent seen a HV since ds' check up at around 1 year?? Are we meant to still have regular meetings with them then?
Good luck with your party, I gave up doing Virgin Vie parties as wasnt getting enough bookings, but was very nervous doing them to strangers I kept sweating when doing the presentation, and I mean literally dripping onto the carpet blush

Olivo, need some reassurance. I am sooooo confused as to what to do with my future in teaching, I really love the primary but my head is telling me to go for secondary as I can specialise in music which I love, but hate the thought of being with teenagers with asbos and attitude, please tell me you love your job and that I'd be ok????

Lol at ds climbing on your head Snowboo grin

My ds is getting sooooo naughty and mischievious. Keeps doing things he knows he shouldn't and running off laughing. He is going through a stage of throwing everything, even threw a small toy at my nan's leg and has caused an ulcer shock. Even keeps running after the dog and trying to kick her, then messes with the washing machine dials when I've got a load on, he seems to have this mad energetic devilish hour before bed too?

One of my friends has just had a baby girl called Delacey, cant wait to go have a munch and get all broody wink.

Very funny thing ds said other day when introducing him to my mate's new man Rich, ds called him Bitch shock and kept saying Bye Bye Bitch! grin

Hope everyone is good x


its my own jewellery i have got to sell so im bricking it lol

cj is the d e v i l at the mo so i know how you feel

hope everyone is ok the camping sounds lovely i may attempt it in the summer my stepmum has all sorts of camping stuff about as cheap as i can get too other wise no jollies for me and cj together

have decided for fathers day to put a dvd together of photos of cj and chris together right from her 28 week scan to a fortnight a go with a couple of meaning songs playing over the top i cant afford to do anything else so we gonna make a card too i think he'll love it and it more than i got on mothers day but what do you expect four weeks after you split up hey hmm

olivo Wed 04-Jun-08 08:34:00

BHM - pmsl at 'bitch' grin, yuor ds counds full of fun, just like my dd - she is seriously testing her bounaries at the moment and sometimes it is hard not to laugh at some of the things she does!

regarding teaching, i can't say i love my job at the moment, but that is not to do with teaching and the kids, more to do with current school politics. If your subject would be music, i'd be tempted to go with primary;i know that secondary music can be hard as if children either aren't musically talented or aren't interested, they can behave badly as they know its not a subject they 'need'. You would also need to think of the extra curricular in secondary which would mean longer days. if you did primary but specialised in music, yuo might have more enthusiasm from the children. these are just my thoughts, i have to say! have you cahtted to the music teacher at the school you're at? or can you arrange to do a couple of weeks in a secondary school; they are REALLY different and its not just the teaching, you do have a lot of teenager behaviour and angst to deal with; some of this can be very time consuming (yet very rewarding if it all works out!) - sorry everyone, end of rambling!!

I am actually off work at the moment, with a chest infection and a lost voice; have been signed off till monday so catching up on a few things, as i dont feel too bad, just very tired and of course, can't talk!

dd had her mmr last wednesday and so, far is ok,although she has been a bit whingy over the past day or so. i had many reservations about giving it to her but didnt want her not to if that makes sense; couldnt get singles so waited until now and had it done separately from the pneumococcal or whatever it usually comes with, which she'd already had.

booby, hope your jewellery party goes well; must be added presure when it's your own work to sell. I think that the CD idea for fathers day is lovely.

well, have finally got dh to agree to another baby smile so hopefully i will come off the pill later this year and will ask you all to cross your fingers for us when the time comes.apologies for thios long-winded post - this is what happens when yuo can't physically talk to anyone!wink

hope you're all well!

oooh big hugs olivio chest infections are not nice wouldnt no what to do woth myself if couldnt speak wink

have decided to take cj to london zoo for her 2nd birthday and have just found on the national rail site vouchers for 241 so wont be too expensive either woo hoo

so 24 quid for my return train and 7 50 for the zoo sorted hahahahaha

any body fancy joining us we are going on the 9th of august ????

BigHotMama Fri 06-Jun-08 15:45:22

I cant make it Booby as am singing on that evening but have fun! Dont envy your train journey though chick, isn't there a zoo any nearer? I took ds to Drayton Manor Zoo about a month ago and there are rides there for the lo's and even a brand new Thomas Land which the kids love..

Hope your feeling better Olivo, and thanks for your sound advice. Wahey your going for No.2 soon then, thats fabnews, I cant wait to start next year again.

Have just been offered a full time position at the primary school I'm working part time at, they want me to support a girl in year 5 who has appalling family background and has behavioural and emotional difficulties. This is a 2 year post so have decided to take it and will just see how it goes, sounds very challenging. And have only got to do 2 hours extra per day and during that time ds sleeps anyway so not as bad. I thought I would have to start looking for another job as my contract ends in July but as of next week I am a full timer again shock. Luckily my dh's mom will help out with looking after ds so wont have to fork out extra childcare costs. I am well chuffed they offered me this job as dh's work has slowed down and we had started to struggle a bit. Sorry for the essay.

We are off to Majorca next week for 2 wk hols so busy washing, ironing, packing and buying lat min things. Cant wait to get into the sun and chill, well dont think it will be chilled with ds running us ragged around the pool grin.

olivo Fri 06-Jun-08 19:38:44

BHM - congrats on your ft job, it'll give you some time think about teaching while still gaining more experience too. They must think a lot of you at yuor school.

Booby, bit far for us grin but hope you have a fab day; my dd loves the zoo, we have a family pass for the conservation "zoo" here and she loves the gorillas, orangutangs, snakes and spiders!

i am feeling quite a bit better; my voice has come back (much to dh's disappointment grin) but i now have sinusitis and feel like i'm going to explode!
BHm, your holiday will still be relaxing, just in a different way. when we went to dubai, i felt more relaxed just knowing that i didnt have household chores and school work that i could be doing.

need to lose some weight, maybe half a stone before we ttc - anyone any ideas? i'm a fussy veggie! i thought i might start by eating a porper breakfast; and not buying bisuits and chocolate as i have been pigging out while being off work.

hope everyone enjoys the weekend. x

PinkTulips Sat 07-Jun-08 23:05:42

o dear, i have loads of catching up to do again... for some reason this thread keeps disappearing from my watch list and i forget to go hunt it down.

hiya snow... knew i'd tempt you back grin

hoppy, that sounds horrendous. i'm so glad dd is ok now. ds is a nightmare climber too and he's had a few bad ones but we've avoided a&e so far thank god. your poor ds falling asleep in the waiting room.

booby, am very envy of you having a toddler free week!

congrats on the job BHM, sounds tough but at least it'll keep you interested. nothing worse than a boring job! hoilday sounds great, at least you only have one so you and dh can take turns lazing in the sun grin

sorry you're not feeling great olivo. my dad gets sinus problems and swears by sudafed. hope it clears up soon.

well, after all that i have news of my own....... i'm 5 weeks pregnant with no.3 grin due in feb, all going well of course. got the shock of my life as i only tested to get a neg so i'd stop wondering, never imagined it was actually going to be +ve. got a really dark line in less than 10 seconds, which if any of you remember my history regarding preg tests is a new experiance! really excited as this baby will be born around dd's 4th birthday so all the kids are nice and close in age which is what we wanted.

olivo Mon 09-Jun-08 21:32:49

wow, Pink, congratualations! that's great news, make sure you take it easy!

nothing new here, feeling much better, just very snotty now, back at work, but only 23 more working days till the summer holidays (can you tell how much i really don't like my job at the moment? grin)

how is everyone else?

BigHotMama Mon 09-Jun-08 21:54:47

Ohmygod Pink! grin Congratulations chick thats fantastic news, you sound delighted!

Olivo will be next year then erm maybe me lol grin

BigHotMama Mon 09-Jun-08 21:56:49

Doh that should read 'next' not 'next year' blush

PinkTulips Mon 09-Jun-08 23:02:19

thanks olivo and bhm. i am very excited although trying to be a bit calm what with it being early days and all.

had such a shitty day today... woke up with chronic hayfever and had to go to the dentist who turned out to be the most sadistic bastard on the face of the earth.... you know it's bad when the nurse keeps wincing and throwing you apologetic looks! mouth is cut to pieces and i can't stop sneezing. also getting really tired now and finding 2 toddlers rough going by the afternoon! starting to question my sanity wanting no.3 grin

olivo... just keep thinking of that lovely long break and spending it with dd in the sun (if we ever get any!)

hoppybird Wed 11-Jun-08 12:33:49

Oh my word PINKY!!! What exciting news! Congratulations! Horrible about your hayfever and dentist though.

Booby - meet up in London Zoo is a great idea, we're not so far away so I'd certainly be up for it. However, we'll be away on holiday in the US at that time, so unfortunately we can't come along.

Olivo, your weight loss plan sounds good - my dh went away on business for two weeks and managed to lose weight - I'm conviced it's because he started each morning with breakfast, it helped him not to have too much for other meals. Hope your ttc plan goes well - and your BHM! And well done on the ft job, BHM - you're very lucky to have family to help with childcare. It's a real struggle for us sometimes not having family babysitters close by.

We're also preparing for our holiday, but it's more complex - we're planning on finally having our downstairs floor fitted whilst we are away (parquet - we have concrete and rugs atm). FIL and SIL will take it in turns to stay and supervise the work and feed our fish. So that should be fun when we come back!

PinkTulips Wed 11-Jun-08 12:40:07

that's brave hoppy! i guess you trust them to make sure it all goes well though or you wouldn't be chancing it grin

where in the us are you heading? hang on, i've asked you that before haven't i?

hoppybird Wed 11-Jun-08 13:19:04

East coast, Philly, Boston, Lake Placid, Niagra. It's taken a heck of a lot of planning and a few ££! Fortunately, we're staying with friends part of the time, and the flights were part of my dh's bonus scheme at work, which keeps the costs down.

Yes, the floor has been an issue since we moved in nearly 11 months ago. We haven't been able to unpack some of our stuff properly(DVDs, books), as we need to get proper cases etc for it, which we can't get until the floor is done. We've been stacking stuff up on the boxes which contain the floor (there's a total of 15 flat boxes piled up in various places). We absolutely trust SIL, but poor old FIL (who is coming up from Cornwall to stay) is slightly clueless. However, our workmen come highly recommended so it should be ok. It'll be better than what we have atm anyway, I'm really ashamed to invite people over as it's such a mess.

PinkTulips Wed 11-Jun-08 13:48:21

sounds fantastic. how long are you going for?

well we have a floor but still no window coverings a year after moving in so i feel your pain with regards to house embaressment grin apparently the old lady up the road can watch our tv blush

hoppybird Wed 11-Jun-08 18:34:04

We're going for 3 weeks in August.

What makes our house embarrassment worse is the fact that all of ds' friends live in lovely houses, but their parents tend to be a bit older, so they're more established in their homes. (that's what I like to tell myself) Me working from home doesn't help either, as the housework gets neglected. It really does get very messy, especially as there's nowhere to put anything yet, together with the boxes of floor that have been with us since last year. A tradesman let us down, and we haven't been able to plan time to do it, or find another reliable tradesman.

Still, one day, it will be lovely.

im so happy for you wow!!!!!!!!!

PinkTulips Fri 13-Jun-08 21:18:01

well, the only persons house in our village i've been in so far was like a rubbish tip.... i mean really disgusting... normally i'm not adverse to pushing junk out of my way to sit down but when there's rotting food in the junk i do have to raise my eyebrows a little. the whole experiance has completely resolved my house embarressment for the time being!

am going to someone elses house for a birthday party tomorrow so am bound to come back from seeing their beautifully decorated, fully furnished interiors feeling an even more intense form of house humiliation but for tonight i'm content grin

hey booby, thanks babe grin

Nbg Sat 14-Jun-08 08:15:52

I knew when you left a message on my fake tan thread that you'd be pregnant grin

Congratulations Pinky.
I'm really pleased for you.

As much moaning and all the faces I pulled at having another, its flipping brilliant and I wouldnt change it at all.
Having 2 boys is ace and the age gap between ds1 and 2 is lovely. Ellis absolutely loves him to pieces and is very protective of him.

And although when Ellis was born, dd wasnt all that bothered about him. I dont think she was at that age but when ds2 came along she was totally different.
I reckon your dd will be allover this baby like a rash grin

PinkTulips Sat 14-Jun-08 17:20:53

she's already really excited about the idea of baby..... especially the fact that this one is due not long after her birthday.

she'll be 4 and ds will be 2.5 so pretty good age gaps (hopefully anyway!)

we always wanted 3 and tbh, if we'd left it any longer and the kids had gotton any older there's no way i would have wanted to go back to square one so it was now or never.

am starting to panic now though..... so far i've had a hand to grab each child but what do i do with the third?!

Nbg Sat 14-Jun-08 20:10:20


Its amazing how you manage to balance all 3 children on your knee.
I can do that and drink a cuppa at the same time now! grin

Now thats what I call multi tasking, lol.

As lovely as it is though, its bloody lovely knowing dh has had the snip too grin

PinkTulips Sat 14-Jun-08 21:15:04

yep..... dp has suddenly made an about turn on the whole snip issue and will be running out the door for one once this baby arrives grin

3 is enough for us too, and being young there's far too many years before menopause when a little accident could pop along, last thing i need is another baby when dd is 20!

am very envy of your balancing act, ds's ass is so big i can barely manage him on my lap never mind the 2 together...... and they fight [sigh]

Nbg Sun 15-Jun-08 14:38:24


Well Ellis is quite scrawny really. Still in 9-12m clothes and Ethan has caught up to him already. There was me thinking that Ethan could have Ellis' hand me downs.
Fat chance.

Madison and Ellis fight a bit too. M has far more time for Ethan than Ellis.
I dare bet your dd will be the same.

Oh its all good grin
Apart from the lack of sleep which I cannot do with.

Right now I could happily crawl into bed and not be woke up until M start school in September grin

micku5 Sun 15-Jun-08 21:59:26

Hiya..... Just popping in for a quick hello! How is everyone?

Talia's been keeping me busy hence the lack of mumsnet in the past 18 months (can't believe it been that long!!)

She's been in and out of hospital about 18-20 times over the last 18 months with various breathing related problems and has had pnuemonia 3 times but she is a little fighter and is getting better. All the staff at the local hopsital know her and has free rein at the ward lol

Apart from that she's been a little angel at times and a monster at others, terrible twos have come early. She has speech delay which probably adds to her frustration but if she doesn't get what she wants or gets told off, the bottom lip starts to tremble and stamps her foot.

I swear she has 6th sense... first time i get to post a message and she has woken up. Here's a couple of recent pics of Talia and her sister.

Take care Micku xx

PinkTulips Sun 15-Jun-08 23:16:45

hey micku.... good to see you again. sorry to hear poor talia's had such a rough 18 months, she really does sound like a tough litle cookie though. i hope things keep getting better for her.

nbg.... sarah wears caleb's hand me down pants shock i've already been asked if they're twins a few times as they're so close in size

PinkTulips Sun 15-Jun-08 23:20:03

micku... just looked at those pics.

the girls are gorgeous grin you'd never know talia's been unwell to look at her!

micku5 Mon 16-Jun-08 11:44:31

Thanks... Congrats on your news Pink!

Nbg Mon 16-Jun-08 13:17:42

Awww Micku your girls are beautiful.
I agree with Pinky. You would never know she was unwell looking at those photos.
She certainly looks like a happy little thing.

Can I just ask you about the speech delay.
Apart from the obvious, how do you know she is delayed iyswim?
Does she say anything at all?

The only reason I ask is that I have my concerns with Ellis and have spoke to my HV a couple of times about it now.
They have told me to hang on until his 2yr check up.
He can just about say all gone but no one other than dh and I would know he's saying it and Car which he's been saying for months now and he calls everything a car.
I thought at one point he was starting to say more but he really isnt.

micku5 Tue 17-Jun-08 10:57:43

Hiya there are known development delays with Di George including speech which is why I pushed for an assessment with SALT.

At the first meeting Talia was age appropriate for understanding things ie can you get me that toy or where's the ball, but speech wise she was approx 9 months behind. Having said that she has got a few words not all are clear. She says 'hello, all gone, no more, mummy and her version of thank you. Oh and Peppa (from peppa pig)

I have to admit that I do compare her to dd1 who was talking by 18-20 months but other parents with kids Talia's age tell me that theirs don't say more then 2 or 3 words.

If you and your dh are concerned ask again or see your gp and ask them if they can do a referral.

Nbg Wed 18-Jun-08 10:06:37

That is interesting.

Its hard isnt it when you've had a child before because you instantly think back to what they did but you can never fully remember what age they were when they did certain things.

I'm going to hang on until the 2 year check.
The HV said that they will look for them to be saying 20 words and if they can say a couple of words together.
I know for a fact that even in the space between now and August he wont be saying that.

PinkTulips Wed 18-Jun-08 10:33:12

nbg.... caleb was extremely slow with his speech in comparison to sarah as well and i was very worried but a couple of months ago he just suddenly started talking in sentances, now i actually think he's better than she was a the same age!

he seemed to learn in a completely differant way to her, whereas she learned tonnes of words and then started to string them together, he seemed to listen to our speech and absorb as much as he could before simply starting to talk.

i also had a cousin who was late talking, he was almost 3 before he said anything at all that was recognisable as speech to anyone besides his mother but once he started he flew along and at 4 he was no differant from other kids in terms of speech.

try not to panic too much, i think 2 is still within normal range for starting to speak.

girls are supposed to be quicker anyway so the boys are at a disadvantage having older sisters they're being compared to by us! wink

olivo Wed 25-Jun-08 09:44:15

wow shock at LOs talking in sentences - that's amazing. my dd chatters away but never more than two or three words together; my dh often wonders how i understand what she means but we communicate well!! have sent dd off to nursery with a sticker to show her keyworker as she asked this morning t ogo on the loo and she did a poo - i was so proud of her! she's been following the bigger girls to the loo at nursery so we've just bought her one of those seat things and she loves it.
everything else is good, dd is so entertaining at the moment but exhausting! I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with ehr in the summer holidays, only 3 weeks to go.
can i ask which toys your dcs are into at the moment? people are starting to ask about birthday presents and i'm not sure what to suggest. i did actually wonder about asking for contributions towards a bed from our parents etc as we'd like to get dd one with a pull out bed underneath, but obviously, she'd prfer toys! she is only jusy getting into some that she was given ages ago so maybe i should think ahead? any ideas welcome!!

snowboo Wed 25-Jun-08 21:52:59

Pinky!!!! Congrats hunny. So pleased for you!!!! grin

Well i've just come out of hospital after having an operation to remove a tumour in the lower part of the bowel. Found out a few weeks ago, the doctors were positive when we saw them, said they were hoping to cut it out, join the two ends of bowel back together and that might be it. I get the results of the biopsy in two weeks and find out if i need chemo. Very scary and it was bloody hard leaving my boys. Hoped to come home on Sat but due to a nurse leaving me sitting in my own faeces (had catheter and epidural in, couldn't move!) i got a UTI. Started antb's then they caused me to catch c.diff. Change of ab's, got oral thrush from all the meds but they finally sent me home yesterday, 8 days after i went in. So i'm a little bit sore, have my period which doesn't help when your abdo musles want to sleep but soooooo glad to be in my own environment. Doctor said the op was a success and they removed all they had to so fingers crossed. Its a rollercoaster ride and i want to get off! But as a treat for Austs birthday we will be going for a Day With Thomas in Hampshire somewhere. No sympathy or sad feelings please, just wanted to get it all off my chest. Have a few friends who are giving me the pity look and i am positive so they really don't help!!!! I have said to dh (who has been a star) this is going to make us stronger and make our lives richer, nothing should be taken for granted. I cried on the way home as i could smell the fresh air. Something so simple but i missed it.
So, thats what i've been doing for the last few weeks, but i'm still smile.

Hello everyone else, Micku, your girls look beautiful and the others are right, dd2 looks a very happy healthy little girl! Well done. x

BigHotMama Sun 29-Jun-08 18:59:30

Snowboo, shocked at your news? I really admire your attitude hun as a lot of people in your situation would become very negative but you have exactly the right outlook to get through this and yes you will become even stronger coming through this. Hope you feel better soon smile. Your lucky they caught it in time as for others its too late.

Micku5, the girls are just beautiful. They look like great friends too. Sorry you been through a lot with Talia must have been a tough year for you all.

Just come back from hols and it was lovely spending quality time as a family. Jackson met a little boy called Myles who was same age, and they hugged each other every time they saw one another, it melted our hearts.

Starting my full time job tomorrow so going to be hard week, but break up in 3 weeks so can have all summer off wahey!

Lol at NBG bouncing all 3 on her knee, just cant imagine it ha!

Jackson ate mashed potato today and even tried kebab meat on holiday which made me rather proud as he hardly eats anything. Hoping this fussy phase is slowly going grin

Hoppy/Pink, at least you got your own pad. We still renting a 2 bed apartment and with summer here I feel guilty that ds cant go outside in a garden to play.

Olivo, funny you saying that somebody asked me yesterday what they should get him for birthday and we said NO TOYS! lol. Rather have the money and put it in his savings account or buy stuff that he needs at the time.

Hope everyone is ok x

hoppybird Mon 30-Jun-08 15:01:45

Gosh Snowboo! That's a story and a half! But it goes to show how strong you are, being able to fight off those hospital infections on top of your surgery - c. diff can lay people out for weeks. I'm curious though - how did you know something was wrong? I do hope your biopsy results come back ok. Fingers crossed!

Nice to see you back again, Micku, and as everyone else has said, your girls look lovely, and you can't tell Talia's been ill.

Olivo - well done on your LO using the conveniences! Are you potty training her full on now? I've not started yet. Might see what she's like when we get back from holiday in September, then she can get lots of practice with no interruptions and constant changes of scene. No ideas for specific presents, I'm afraid - dd plays with ds' cars, scribbles with crayons, loves playing with water, likes megablocks - actually you can never have too many megablocks - you can make huge buildings, chairs and motorbikes to sit on etc.

NBG - forgive me if this is a bit obvious and you've already done it, but have you had Ellis' hearing checked? Could that be an issue with the lack of words?

BHM - glad you had a nice holiday, it's lovely when they make a little friend, isn't it. I really feel for you with not having a garden - it won't harm your LO in the long run, I'm sure he gets out plenty. We had a garden when we lived in the maisonette, but it was separate from the house and you had to walk all the way down the drive to get to it. Might as well have been the park really - very inconvenient - I couldn't just let ds out to play. It hasn't affected him adversley though, we were there for 7 years, so don't worry! You won't be in your flat forever!

olivo Mon 30-Jun-08 19:36:25

blimey, snow, what a time you've had. glad to hear you so positive though.
micku, sorry to hear talia has had such a rough time too - they're lovely, by the way smile
bhm - glad you had such a good holiday. we have just less than 3 weeks work left and i'm counting the days, i hate work at the moment but no other jobs about as yet, will keep on looking and waiting. will probably sit tight and think about ttc to be fair!
well, dd did another poo on the loo today - i love the way she claps as she knows i'll tell her she's clever! not really potty training her as such but they sit her on the loo after nappy changes at nursery as her big girl friends are training! might try during the summer holidays or probably leave it to nursery after the holidays!

BigHotMama Tue 01-Jul-08 16:44:25

Bless your dd for doing poo on the loo Olivo grin
We're thinking of training during 6 wk hols too, I'm not looking forward to it though. What kind of potty have you got?

olivo Tue 01-Jul-08 20:45:24

i bought her just a boots cheapie potty and we decorated it with peppa pig stickers but to be honest, she prefers the loo. i bought a hideously expensive winnie the pooh seat but the better one is a woolworths ladybird one; the WTP is too slippy, although it does have handles.
dd came back from nursery today sporting a gold star, as she had done her first ever wee in the loo. she was SO proud of herself and nursery were great in praising her. they have been sitting her on the loo after every nappy change, which is what I will try and do. i give her a sticker every time she does something and i bought her 3 potty type stories to encourage her.
are you being a full time TA, BHM?

am very excited, am off to london on saturday, for the day, and going to see lee mead in joseph! i have a secret crush....grin

BigHotMama Thu 03-Jul-08 21:22:48

Think I'll check out that seat wink
And well done your dd for doing 1st wee.

Yes have just got new contract as a full time LSA with a girl in year 4 who has emotional and behavioural diffulculties due to negative home environment. She needs support in class as can become disruptive and tends to run out of school when upset, Its going to be hard job me thinks wink

snowboo Mon 07-Jul-08 19:38:04

I'm confused. says at the top page 10 of 11, can't get the 11th page!!!! Has my comp gone mad or is it me????

Saw consultant today, op went well, they took out quite a few lymph nodes and it hadn't spread, see the oncologist as he might want me to have chemo but he might not. Not as simple as i'd hoped but consultant seemed happy with me.

Hope everyone is good


PinkTulips Mon 07-Jul-08 20:59:42

wtf? i posted a huge long message a week ago and it's disappeared hmm

snow, good to hear consultant seemed happy.

most of my missing message was for you and my preg brain can't remember what i said exactly so this will have to do....... {{{{{hug}}}}}

it's good that you're positive but don't be afraid to have a few bad days babe, you're entitled to them. email me if you want a (non-pitying) chat smile

snowboo Tue 08-Jul-08 10:50:36

Ah see pink, can always count on you to put a smile on my face grin
Feeling a bit more positive today, think its just the whole emotional rollercoaster you get stuck on. And the fact that i can't pick my boys up is driving me mad. But once i've got over the operation and get my head round it being a 'major operation' i'm sure i'll feel more like myself.

So hows the pg going? How far? And any ideas what this little angel will be? I predict a girl. So it'll be a boy no doubt. I'll get it right one day.....

Oh and i think it was hoppy who asked how i knew i was sick (hate saying that as i haven't felt it...) I had no idea. Had piles since having kids (oh joy) but the blood (tmi i'm sure) changed from bright red to dark. My doctor refered me for an endoscopy (not to be recommended without sedation!! shock) and then they dropped the bombshell about 4 weeks ago now. So its been a bit of a blur. My dh keeps saying it went well yesterday, he listened, i was away with the fairies not taking anything in. More worried about being well for ds2s birthday in a few weeks.

Bringing me on to the next subject.... NEARLY TWO??????? How did that happen? Is it only me or has it flown by? I'm sure i gave birth a few months ago lol!

PinkTulips Tue 08-Jul-08 19:54:35

i know, i keep being so shocked at how big he is now, he's turned into a little boy instead of my little baby... sniff sniff. have no idea what to get him for his birthday as they already have every toy under the sun. we were planning a swing set for both of them but there might be a park going up literally across the street in our field so that would be a waste of money.

don't worry about not being well for his birthday sweetie, be grateful that it was caught and you'll get to be well for all his other birthdays smile he'll be too busy stampeding around the place to notice if mommy needs to sit down more than usual.

am 10 weeks tomorrow (or thereabouts.. irregular cycle as usual so who knows!).... am huge though blush tis very embarressing, have a playschool night out on friday and will have to tell everyone as it's so obvious.

haven't got an inkling yet about sex, normally takes me til later in the preg to guess. dp thinks boy. my dad will tell me though once he finds out, he's always right [spooky]

take it easy babe, they're big strong boys with legs of their own... you have years of cuddles ahead of you as long as you give yourself the chance to get well properly now

PinkTulips Tue 08-Jul-08 20:04:17

i know, i keep being so shocked at how big he is now, he's turned into a little boy instead of my little baby... sniff sniff. have no idea what to get him for his birthday as they already have every toy under the sun. we were planning a swing set for both of them but there might be a park going up literally across the street in our field so that would be a waste of money.

don't worry about not being well for his birthday sweetie, be grateful that it was caught and you'll get to be well for all his other birthdays smile he'll be too busy stampeding around the place to notice if mommy needs to sit down more than usual.

am 10 weeks tomorrow (or thereabouts.. irregular cycle as usual so who knows!).... am huge though blush tis very embarressing, have a playschool night out on friday and will have to tell everyone as it's so obvious.

haven't got an inkling yet about sex, normally takes me til later in the preg to guess. dp thinks boy. my dad will tell me though once he finds out, he's always right [spooky]

take it easy babe, they're big strong boys with legs of their own... you have years of cuddles ahead of you as long as you give yourself the chance to get well properly now

snowboo Tue 08-Jul-08 23:09:32

Oh we can see you are deffo preggers now! Making sure you don't lose the message this time? LOL!

10weeks? wow. i'm excited for you!!!! Another ickle baby to coo and cuddle. I'm settling for stealing my friends little baby (sorry meant look after lol!) and giving back when he poos/cries/wees/needs feeding.

I know, i'm going to go to the park tomorrow, a short walk up my road with AUst, my mum and in-law. Will be nice just being out. I must say the boys have been good, ds1 understands that i can't rush about and Aust is getting the hint too.

PinkTulips Tue 08-Jul-08 23:39:20

lol, internet crashed as i posted and i just presumed it hadn't gone through.

would still like to know where that other message went though. hope i didn't post it on another thread as i'm sure i saw it printed n the screen with emoticons and all so it has to be somewhere hmm they need a pregnant emoticon for moments like this blush

park sounds lovely, hope you get better weather there than we've had here.... can't get outside with the kids for more than 10 mins at a time it's so windy and wet sad tis going to be a very long summer if this keeps up!

BigHotMama Wed 09-Jul-08 20:02:22

Weather wet and wild here too, dont think we're getting a summer here.

Snowboo, glad your op went well chick, just take it easy and rest as much as you can. Must be frustrating for you though but you got to follow doc's orders and as Pink said you got the rest of your life to do the cuddles etc. Am sure you'll make up for it wink

10 weeks is a quarter of the way Pink, cant believe your big already? And you thought Caleb was a big baby lol? grin

Talking of pg I haven't seen AF this month yet but think it could be delayed from going away - play havoc with my cycle.

Hope everybody else good x

snowboo Wed 09-Jul-08 22:47:30

Ooooo BHM! Shall we get excited yet??
I'm surprised theres not more of us announcing news. Of course, i won't be. Which helps in the battle with mil. She wants a pink one apparently. I can only give her blue...WTF????

Anyway, had a rough day with mil today, i ended up getting lunch for her....again, WTF!!!!!!!

Summer? That was a couple of weeks ago wasn't it? Blink and its gone....

PinkTulips Thu 10-Jul-08 15:30:14

oooo, shall i post you one of my cheapo tests BHM.... guilt free testing as they're so cheap wink fingers crossed for you, it was the month i was really unconvinced i was preg that i got my BFP

poor you dealing with your mil snow, thankfully i live 5 hours away from dp's mother and that suits me just fine grin can dh not have a word and tell her to behave as you're not well?

BigHotMama Thu 10-Jul-08 18:11:03

Ha ha you nutters! Thanks Pink but I've come on today! Although not trying was slightly gutted when I did grin Dh relieved though as we are struggling financially at mo with this flaming credit crunch. All the building has just stopped on his building site due to houses not being sold.

Your mil sounds delightful Snow? shock
Shouldn't she be treating you? I'd have had to say something, you need extra tlc babe.

olivo Mon 21-Jul-08 12:32:50

hello everyone - where are you all? I am finally on holiday but have spent the first day trawlnig round the shops trying to find a bed and some bedroom furniture for dd - no luck so far! am full of cold but at least the sun is shining.
snow, how are you? and PT, are you ok?
hope everyone else is enjoying some sunshine too smile

BigHotMama Mon 21-Jul-08 21:39:14

Hey Olivo I could get used to this 6 weeks off malarki? Trying to plan lots of nice things to do and see with ds. Peppa Pig is a firm fave with ds at moment like your dd.

Hoping to get Jackson on the potty this week and do a poo or wee, feel like its going to be tough as haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Hope I have the patience shock

Off to Sea Life tomorrow on a family day out!

Jackson is making us laugh so much lately, today he pulled some cough medicine out of his nappy bag and brought it over to me and said 'Mommy, poorly cough' and gestured me to give him some even though his cough has gone lol. Think he likes the taste of it bless.

olivo Tue 22-Jul-08 20:04:36

HI, BHM, the 6 weeks hols is grrrrreat, isn't it?! DH is off for a couple of weeks too so we've been having some well-deserved family time and also getting a few chores done.lol at Jackson and the medicine; my dd would take vitamin medicine fine but wouldn't touch the 2 weeks of ABs she had to have angry !
after a good couple of weeks with pooing and weeing on the loo, dd isnt bothered anymore but going to try big girl pants at the end of the holidays and see what happens! good luck to you too! we'll compare notes!
I just love it now that dd is putting sentences together; she is SO bossy (just like her mum wink!) and loves ordering us around and telling us everything she can see, it's hilarious!

BigHotMama Thu 24-Jul-08 17:17:01

Lol Olivo, bossy bugger here too. Is constantly shouting MOM for my attention only to show me one of his toys and the fact he knows what it is called like 'Yellow truck' or 'Mommy's car' - all his toy cars are named after people he knows.

Just been to the park and he had to say hello and goodbye to everyone we passed, quite amusing.

Does your dd grab your hand and take you to certain places in the house? Jackson keeps taking us to the sweety cupboard and asking for treats.

Well no success here in poty training, all ds wants to do is put his toys in it and empty them all out again. May try next week wink

snowboo Fri 25-Jul-08 21:18:26

Potty training?? SOd all that, i'm giving it a miss for a while. Austin keeps giving it a go but he won't use the potty, stands at the toilet which is proving a pain as it means i'm forever running up and down the stairs!!!! I'll wait a bit longer....

Saw oncologist, i don't need chemo so thats got to be good!!! grin so no hospital appts for 3 months YAY!!!!

Oops, comp going to crash so i'll finish off later....

BigHotMama Wed 30-Jul-08 11:38:59

Great news then Snow, hope your feeling better and taking it easy.

Jackson has done 2 wee's in his potty,YEAH!!!!!! so chuffed as yesterday kept sitting on it but nothing happening. Made big mistake of putting him in his highchair for his dinner yesterday without nappy on and he wet right through it so had to take it all apart and clean the thing. Was a massive wee too blush.
Today's findings are bit more than a dribble but its a start.

olivo Thu 31-Jul-08 20:05:07

well done jackson! my dd has stopped performing on the loo but now asks to go, does nothing then almost immediately poos or wees in clean nappy grin! may have go at real pants when we come home; we are away for two weeks as of monday so no point in going for it now.
good news on your treatment Snow, hope you are feeling ok.
well, i've decided to get "babyfit" ( she says with a glass of wine in her hand!grin) with a view to hopefully ttc later in the autumn. a couple of friends have recently had babies and i've become sooo broody again. dd was jealous as hell when she saw me holding them but she has a new cousin arriving in a couple of months so maybe she'll get used to babies!
is everyone enjoying the sunshine? dd launched herself into the sea today, fully clothed, taking me with her. she just LOVES swimming!

BigHotMama Fri 01-Aug-08 08:20:28

Lol Olivo at your dd she sounds like a real character! We've been soaking up the rays in my mom's back garden with a paddling pool for ds. We're off to a swim pool today with baby slides and wave pool, then lunching with my sister somewhere.
Good luck with tcc wink am sure it wont take long! We're trying next summer, really cant wait!

Nbg Fri 08-Aug-08 12:59:13

Hello you bunch of nutters grin

Snowboo, I had no idea you were poorly.
I hope your on the mend now. Good news about not having chemo smile

Pinky, how your bump coming on?

Come on BHM and Olivo, get yer sens up the duff will ya wink

Its really weird seeing you lot talk about having more babies and thinking about ttc and I've actually gone on, had another and he's now 8 months grin

Has anyone got their 2 year olds into a bed yet?
We put Ellis in his over a month ago now and all was ok to start with but now he has discovered his door handle and tbh, nights are hell.
I was unscrewing his door handle at 6am!

BigHotMama Mon 11-Aug-08 09:44:18

Lol NBG! For that reason we wont be converting to a bed just yet. He loves getting onto our bed but never sleeps in with us. Still in his cotbed, maybe think about a bed next year or when we have moved to a bigger place as cant swing a cat in his bedroom with our wardrobes in there.

Cant believe Ethan is 8 months already? talk about feeling left behind now lol grin. Come on Olivo your next, my turn next year ha! I got all broody yesterday munching a friend's 11 week old litle girl she was tiny, ds looked huge.

Well potty training is going well, Jackson is doing wee's and poo's now, still a way to go as haven't ventured out without a nappy on yet but its a start.

Hope everyone is well x

olivo Mon 18-Aug-08 08:03:37

hello everyone! back ffrom 2 weeks in the Uk, nice but very tiring, dd didnt sleep through once and ended up sleeping with me most nights.
we are starting potty training tomorrow, she's been doing odds and ends on the loo and wearing feel and learn pants but we're going to go for real pants tomorrow and am planning to barely go out for the rest of the week. wish me luck......
we have bought dd a bed ( well, bunks but we'll only construct one for a couple of years!) for her birthday but we will pput it up when it is delivered and see of she likes the look of it. i'm in no rush to get her out of her cot bed but will definitely be putting a stair gate on her room! we are moving her to the spare room which is bigger; i have had such fuun buying girly things for it!
not ttc yet as i havent been well for a few weeks but i've started on my folic acid in anticipation! can't believe your ds is 8mo already NBG! how fast has that gone?!
hope everyone is well.

PinkTulips Thu 21-Aug-08 13:02:02

nbg..... stairgate the bedroom grin

caleb has been in a bed (read mattress on the floor) for a couple of months now and most nights he's fine.....some nights he's a tyrant but he's gated in and i just go up and make scary mommy noises when the noise leval interferes with tv grin sarah knows how to open the gate but also knows the consequences wouldn't be worth it so she won't open it for caleb!

bump is staying nice and small thankfully, i got a scare when it developed so quickly but it just seems to be rounding itself now.

baby all good, have had a couple of scans and everything looks fab. think it might be a girl again (help!)

caleb wants to be in 'knickers' all time but had yet to do a single pee or poo in the toilet grin he asks to go and tells me he's gone but nothing happens.

luckily he doesn't pee often and tell me when he has so it gets cleaned up so it's not too much hassle to have him in pants.

i have a house full of kittens atm...the cat i've been feeding moved in with her four 6 week old kittens so stress levels are through the roof!

glad you got the all clear snow.... really delighted for you grin

can't believe they're all 2 now (well almost all!)

BigHotMama Tue 26-Aug-08 09:18:07

Well Jackson hasn't done a poo in potty since last post and hasn't done wee in potty for few days so we have gone backwards blush.I think its because he's been in a nappy all weekend as been out at mom's caravan and we had a birthday bbq party for him so didn't want him to wee himself. So I haven't been consistent and probably confused the poor little man.

Have got big boy pants on him today and got 1 week left to try again before going back to work.

Great to hear bump is doing well Pinky, is it a feeling you have or is a little girl confirmed from scans?

Are our little ones all 2 yet? We got ds a pop up tent to play in, some Peppa Pig toys, Shrek toys, double sided easel and thomas tank first train set. So as you can guess my place is a mess shock.

Going to view a 2 bed house with a garden later today, so fingers crossed we like it as same rent we are paying for 2 bed apartment.

olivo Tue 26-Aug-08 11:12:00

BHM - join the club - dd is back in pull ups after 4 days of seeming promising then getting bored of it all and weeing on the floor all day!she's gone back to nursery today so am hoping they may have some luck grin
my dd isn't yet two - thursday is the big day! i've got her a few little things but we are moving her into the spare room ,as its bigger than her room, so have spent quite a bit on 'things' and a new bed.
PT - good to hear things are well with the baby, hope you are feeling well too.
BHM - good luck with the house.
well, am supposed to be cleaning so i'd better get back to it......

olivo Tue 26-Aug-08 20:09:18

I take it all back shock! dd did all her wees and poos except one in the loo at nursery and was actually asking to go! they have said we can send her in pants next week!

BigHotMama Wed 27-Aug-08 12:03:42

Well done to your dd Olivo! grin All your hard work paid off. Jackson did two wee's yesterday but no poo, but guess what he did a poo as soon as I put his nappy on!

He has just moved into the next room at nursery for ages 2-3 and hoping if he sees the other big boys poo on potty he might want to try it again as was doing so well and now no pooing unless nappy on.

The house we went to see was a total waste of time, angry the estate agents didn't bother to ring us to tell us the house had gone the weekend and we were standing outside waiting to view it for 20 minutes. But we got our eye on another we are seeing next week.

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 15:28:27

envy at the potty training.
Ellis is going through the stripping phase atm. Sometimes its to take his nappy off, other times its to draw on himself hmm
I've tried him with the potty and he doesnt get it at all. Far too busy being mischievous.

Pink, we cant stair gate his bedroom or the hallway as our walls are so incredibly wonky you wouldnt believe.

DD started "big" school yesterday and Ellis starts preschool on Monday.
I literally am getting butterflies from the excitement of him going.
It will be just me and Ethan, who is now crawling sad but is also going through a wanting to cuddle phase grin, so it will be really nice.

Melsy is coming up to visit us all at the weekend with her dh and girls.
I cant wait!

olivo Tue 09-Sep-08 17:57:55

have just got a bit freaked out - spotted an August 2008 thread in post natal! also just had a look at the list of all the people on the ante natal thread - does anone hear from any of the others who don't post in here? I hope everyoneis doing ok.
all is well here, tired from back to school, dd toilet training and doing well so far, too tired for anything else much to be happening!

BigHotMama Fri 12-Sep-08 19:05:28

NBG Howcome Ellis starts preschool so early? Jackson doesn't start until next September? Scary thought that! How are they both getting on?

Lol at you being tired Olivo, same here, been falling asleep on sofa at 9ish glad BB has finished as I wouldn't have managed to stay up anbd watch it.

Ds wont go on potty for anyone else except for us at home so just let him do his wee's in potty and put nappy on for going out. Hasn't done a poo in potty for ages though.

Ds' talking is really coming on now and he makes me laugh so much. Always asking What's that? and Who's in there? Is obsessed with monsters and is always trying to draw them on his easel we got him for bday. Loves it as he can rub the chalk off. He knows his numbers up to ten too which amazes me everytime.

Hope everyone is well x

hoppybird Mon 15-Sep-08 13:02:31

Hello everybody

Finally recovered from our holidays in the States! dd was a dream on the journey there, but a bit of a nightmare coming back - night-time flight, and she only slept a couple of hours, recovery from jet-lag took about 5 days (same as at the beginning). We were out there for 3 weeks and 5 days grin - Weather was not unbearably hot, thankfully (as I don't do hot) but nice and sunny. We did lots - started off with our friends in Philly, then onto NYC for a couple of days, where we hired a car and drove to Plymouth, had fun on the beach (first time in the sea for dd) - met up with friends in Boston (really nice city) had dinner at Cheers, where nobody gave a toss about our names and scowled at our total of 4 children (3 under 3's), although we did find that entertaining in itself.

We drove to Lake Placid, where we had a fab motel on a lake, where ds benefitted from the pedalos, drove to Niagara and took the Maid of the Mist boat ride into the falls - was amazing, as it was a sunny day and we were surrounded by rainbows. Then we drove back to PA, where we stayed with an Amish family on their dairy farm. We had our own enormous aparment (with hand-made quilts on the beds), which included all mod cons, although they themselves don't use electricity in their farmhouse, although they have compressed air and diesel powered appliances - our hostess uses a diesel-powered washing machine and they have a LPG powered fridge(!) and propane lighting - we were priviledged enough to have dinner with them in the farmhouse one evening. It was so interesting finding out about their way of life, and they were really nice people. Then we spent some more time with our friends in Philly and then home again. Phew!

Was our first holiday as a family of four (we haven't been away anywhere for 3 years), and we think it went really well - involved lots of planning though, and not much went wrong.

re: potty training - I'm not planning on starting until after we have our boiler replaced and bathroom refitted - too much up upheaval. I'd rather wait until she's good and ready. Nice to hear your LO is doing so well, Olivo! And don't worry BMG, I'm sure your ds will try No 2's out again. Very clever about learning counting!

Good to hear you don't need chemo, Snowboo. That must be a weight off your mind. Glad that your pg is going well Pinky.

Hope everyone else and their 2 year olds are well!

hi ya all well big news

cj is toilet trained woohoooo and i think she will be dry at night soon as i keep being woken up ast three when she wants a wee lol

shes been in a big bed since we moved in to the flat and shes been fine stair gate at first then just a closed door

talking has come on loads recently too he has come on loads in leaps and bounds im so proud of her shes such a joy .

hope your all well sounds like the holiday was a dream hoppy

olivo Wed 17-Sep-08 13:27:11

Wow, Hoppy,sounds like it was great!
CJ sounds like she is really growing up, dressed up; it's frightening how independent they are, isn't it? DD is now toilet trained too, I can't get over how much less rubbish we put out every week grin. She won't let me help her with anything so gettign dressed takes forever, as does getting meals, tidying up, carrying anything anywhere grin.
I'm feeling absolutely shattered as usual, just can't seem to shake it off. Ha dlots of tests done but i guess it just must be the joys of being the working mum of a toddler. Am somewhat apprehensive as we have finally agreed I will come off the pill in November and ttc dc2, can't imagine being this tired and pg but we will see. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

must go, work to do sad
where is everyone grin?

hoppybird Wed 17-Sep-08 18:02:23

Well done, Booby and Olivo! (or rather, well done your LO's!) they sound so grown up!

My own little 2 year old is far from being indepenant with regard to dressing and toileting, but I do think other, unexpected changes are afoot. She seems to be starting to be more cautions of the world instead of hurtling around dangerously. My dc's play a little on the outdoor equipment after school if it's nice, which is was today, and as dd stood on top of the slide, she realised that actually, she was quite high up (had never bothered her before). It's a wide wooden platfrom at the top, but with gaps between the planks - she was rooted to the spot and saying 'spaces' - she was scared to walk on it, even though she'd done it lots of times before in the last school term. She wouldn't go on the slide until I went onto the platform and picked her up over the 'spaces' and put her on the slide myself!

Good luck with the TTC, Olivo.

You sound really happy, Booby - hope everything's working out well for you now.

BigHotMama Wed 17-Sep-08 20:13:20

Hi Hoppy, your US holiday sounds absolutely brilliant. What an adventure you had? How was NY with lo's? Me and dh really want to go but not sure there is much there for ds? Please tell me there is lots to do and its toddler friendly grin??

Great news about your lo's being toilet trained. Really want to get ds fully trained but he's not even keen on wearing his big boy pants yet so may have to delay as he screams the place down if we try them on him?? Not sure why really? He prefers to run around commando but when we go out he has nappy on which the HV says I must stop doing as probably confusing him blush.

Ds made me howl with laughter the other day, DH broke wind and he said "Daddy pump, daddy stink, oh god!" grin I was in tears.

We are tricking ds into eating meat and fish by saying they are cakes and he's falling for it - for the moment anyway!

Hope everyone is well, oh and good luck ttc Olivo, I'm so jealous! x

hoppybird Thu 18-Sep-08 11:23:32

LOL @ Jackson's "Daddy stink" etc comment.

re: NYC with LO's - I wouldn't say it's particularly toddler friendly, no more nor less than London - but you can certainly find things to do that the LO's enjoy. We only had two full days in NYC (other days half-days, when we travelled in and out), so we didn't do everything there is to do there.

We did get 2-day tickets for the tourist bus, which comes every 5-10 mins and has designated drop-offs - a lot better than using the subway, which is nowhere near as good as the London Tube. The tickets included express passes to the Empire State building - an absolute must, particularly on a sunny day. (cues can be massive, so you have to go early in the morning). The kids really loved it - it's nice inside as well.

Times 'Square' (it isn't one really) is fun with all the flashing lights. Statten Island ferry is free and goes around the Statue of Liberty (ds wanted to go on Liberty Island though, which costs AND has hour-long cues for that particular ferry, and you can't go right up the statue anymore). Central park is great for kids - they also have horse and carriage rides round the park if you have the inclination, and there's also a zoo and children's zoo. There are loads of playgrounds in it - we went to the Diana Ross playground LOL. We really wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, which a 10min walk from there, but is was closing as we got there, and we also didn't have time to go to FAO Schwarz toy shop.

I think you'd have plenty to do if you had 3 or 4 full days - less is a little too short and any longer could be tedious for kids (not to mention expensive).

We stayed at this place which is cheap (for NYC) despite how the lobby looks - we had a junior suite and they served free unlimited muffins and teas and coffees in the mornings there - usually you have to pay for breakfasts in US hotels.

does anyone go to socatots we have just started and its such good fun cj loves it the crazy child

we are also doing mummy and me ballet twice a week she loves that too she is crazt about music and dancing she always has been.

she also suffers from a scary addiction to shoes lol she is the new imelda marcus !!!! in new look the other day she was drooling over some ruby sequinned converse style boots she drags me to my shoe cupboard picks my shoes she wants me to wear them minute im dressed [cue jayne walking around in heels and pyjamas most mornings]

apart from that her talking is amazing forming sentenances asking questions but it ndoes sound like she might have lisp which i'm trying not to focus on.

well i have just joined a govmt program called work directions to get back into work which will be the first time in a year so im trying to find a job and doing anxiety managment classes and im wselcome to take cj which helps.

hope everyone is else is ok

BigHotMama Thu 02-Oct-08 21:12:21

Wow your a busy little bee Booby?? I take ds swimming, park and lots of visits to family or maybe the odd lunch out at the weekend and thats all I get time to do with my 2 jobs. What do they do at soccatots then?

Ds loves to dance and sing too, he's been to see me sing few times and is mesmorised when he sees mommy on stage lol. grin

Hoppy, that hotel looks HUGE! Wow would love to go, sounds cool, and am sure we will go for DH's 40th in 4 years time perhaps.

Ds has a little black eye blush he fell in the bath last night and hit his eye on the handles of the bath sad he screamed the place down poor love.

Still weeing on potty but wont poo?? Keeps hiding away from us and demands nappy on for poo, am sure its making him constipated? Had few accidents with his pants on under his clothes but to be expected.

I'm taking him to his first birthday party from a little girl at nursery on Saturday, dont really know them but am sure ds will have a ball.

Olivo are you counting the weeks down yet for half term lol?? I am.

NBG how did Melsy's visit go?

olivo Fri 03-Oct-08 12:24:41

Hello. I'm off work today, feeling totally sore and achey. went in yesterday feeling the same but couldn't face it todaysad.
BHM - must be the week for accidents; dd has a fat lip having tripped over a toy and put her teeth through her lip; last week she had a black eye from a fall at nursery and her little shins are always covered in bruises! yes, can't wait for half term. we are off to edinburgh for a few days, really looking forward to that.
i love the sound of mums and little ones ballet, booby. my dd loves dancing and nakes us waltz with her when she's watching cinderella! i think they start ballet at abuot 3 round here, can't wait!
they do a music session at dd's nursery that i think she enjoys, but we don't find much time to do clubssad. we go swimming every weekend and I try and catch up with a friend of hers if there are no birthday parties or anything happening - BHM, be warned, kids b'day parties are exhausting!!grin
better go and find some food. hope everyone else is well!

Nbg Thu 09-Oct-08 12:54:28

Hi everyone smile
A few bits for me to catch up on!

Melsys visit was lovely. We had planned what we wanted to do but at the time the weather was dire and there had been some flooding nearby, so they were delayed in getting to us and were diverted a few times!

But they arrived safe and sound, the 2 girls wearing the same coat as dd grin
The girls hit it off straight away which was lovely and they played. We got a takeaway that night and they stayed till quite late before going back to their hotel.
The next day we went off for a sunday carvery and then back to their new hotel which was gorgeous.
It had some lovely gardens and a little covered decked area so we all sat, chased the kids, sat and chased the kids some more grin
It was a lovely weekend and we're hoping to go down to London next time, possibly next year in the holidays.

Someone said about Ellis being young going to preschool?
They can start at 2 and Ellis being like he is, I thought that it would help him come along a bit.
DD was 3 when she started but loved it from the word go and we never had any seperation issues.
Ellis has a cry when we get through the gate because he knows whats coming but he quite likes the male preschool assistant there and just runs off to him when we get inside grin
We're thinking about letting him go 2 morning a week after xmas. Its just the expensive of it.
Its already cost us £50 for one term and thats for just 1 morning a week!

Has anyone elses LO's had their 2yr check yet?
Ellis has been refered to a SALT and for a hearing test because he isnt speaking very much and his behaviour isnt great.
The HV has said that they will assess him overall, so how he does during the assessment, his behaviour, how he reacts etc.
As sad as it sounds, I hope they pick up on something cos I am at my wits end with it all now!

BigHotMama Thu 09-Oct-08 21:43:41

Hi NBG, ds had his 2 yr check up few weeks ago. They didn't really do much testing on him just asked me lots of questions about what he eats, sleeps, says, is he potty trained yet? etc I wouldn't worry too much about him not speaking as my nephew didn't speak much until the age of 3ish and now we cant shut him up grin Definately think pre-school is good for them at this age so they can learn how to play with other kids and interact with them.
Glad to hear Melsy is ok and you had good weekend together, sounds like you had fun.

OLivo your right, party was more tiring for me, it was at a big ball pit place, and ds had me running about with him up and down the slides. We're off to another bday party this saturday at the Snowdome, its like a big ski slope, ice rink, and you can play in the snow and go sledging etc, should be a laugh, although a bit cold too.

Jackson has picked up how to say 'Santa's coming with presents', everyday he says it bless, lets hope he doesn't cry when we take him to meet him at the local xmas store.

Hope everyone else is good x

lol at santas coming cj is mesmerised by all the crap on the adverts but mainly anything spiderman related [random]

cj has had her two yr check too all they did was weigh her and ask questions too i was worried about the talkiing and toilett trainign side of things but she is completely dry in the day now and is chattering along lots

we have the free places for 2yr olds now but you have to live in the inner city boundry to qualify which i dont but when i get a job she'll go in to nursery so its a nul point now

i wouldnt worry to much nbg if they do find something at least it will explain things how are the other two ??

bhm dont forget to keep us up to date with the singing !!

olivo Wed 15-Oct-08 11:14:05

i declined dd's 2 year check as i couldn't see when we could get it done till she was about 2 1/2 as we are away in the holidays!! I'd heard that it was chat about potty training, eating, talking etc and raising issues that might be worrying you(might be different here though!)

dd is exhausting at the moment, but hilarious at the same time. she is obssessed with cinderella and loves dressing up; we have to watch the film with her wearing her dress every evening!grin she's gone a bit faddy with her food but she's not fading away so I'm trying not to worry about it.

has anyone started thinking about christmas and what they might buy their los? looking for some ideas!

PinkTulips Wed 15-Oct-08 16:38:36

have done an online toy shop already so santa presents and most of our stuff is bought, have one big thing and a load of stocking fillers to get and the kids are sorted grin

envy of all you with potty trained lo's, dd is still wetting herself at least once a day so i'm too tired of dealing with pee to bother trying with caleb sad

it's a shame as he's booked in to start playschool after xmas but he needs to be potty trained to go there. would be dead handy with a new baby at home if he could go 2/3 days a week... dd's teacher was laughing today and saying 'well there'll be no trouble getting you to stay here with me' as he legged it in the door without a backward glance at me and went off playing with the big kids!

i drove to the payschool and back today, twice!!!! very proud of myself, and i didn't have any embarassing mishaps thank god.... none that anyone saw anyway wink need to get loads of practice in as dp starts work experiancethe week after next and i have hospital appontements in a town an hour away that i won't be bale to get to without driving.

caleb is getting cheekier and brighter by the day, it's amazing how much more cuddly he is than dd. he's obsessed with the baby in my tummy and constantly wants to hug and his the bump.... he fell asleep with his head on it the other day being kicked by baby!

hope everyone else is well, good luck ttc olivo, and anyone else who's planning it soon.

nbg, your house must seem so quiet on the days you just have ethan!

BigHotMama Wed 15-Oct-08 20:57:16

Ah bless your ds Pinky getting all loved up with your bump grin sounds so sweet.

Am quite scared at the thought of how much stuff ds will get at xmas - how do you all make room for everything? Every room is filled with too many toys and books, thinking of downsizing to a small xmas tree this year as got no room. Our ideas for presies are a mini jcb digger, colouring books, portable dvd player for hols/car, desk and chair set for painting/crayoning.

Jackson had his first accident free morning at playgroup today. Always poo's or wee's himself there. He can now pull his pants down and get on potty which helps. But still not pooing and in fact he is getting constipated through being scared to poo. Is there anything I can give him to help him as he looks in pain and cries when he needs to poo??? Everyone I talk to about this say its a 'boy' thing and that their boy went through this phase?

Anyone going to see the Ceebeebies show in December? Hoping to get tickets.

Have got a meeting with a high school on Monday about doing a GTP in music so fingers crossed, I will be so nervous shock

PinkTulips Thu 16-Oct-08 09:57:37

BHM, if the potty training is upsettng him that much i have to say i'd leave it for now and let him go back to nappies. he's very young yet, i know far more boys who trained at 3 than at 2 and those i know that trained at 2 were 2.5 or older. boys just don't seem to get it as young as a whole and if he's making himself constipated out of fear of the toilet/potty then he probably just isn't ready. wait til after xmas and try again when he's forgotton all about it and isn't scared.

talking about too many toys, our playroom is exploding, the kids bedroom has a heap of junk and there are still toys in every room of the house, i keep trying to declutter but the toys they love are the ones i'd love o chuck and the toys i adore they barely touch, and anything that's for babie has to stay as i'll need it in a few months! it's driving me mad trippping over toys all over the house.

good luck with the meeting on monday btw, i'm sure it'll be fine smile

PinkTulips Thu 16-Oct-08 10:00:27

BHM, if the potty training is upsettng him that much i have to say i'd leave it for now and let him go back to nappies. he's very young yet, i know far more boys who trained at 3 than at 2 and those i know that trained at 2 were 2.5 or older. boys just don't seem to get it as young as a whole and if he's making himself constipated out of fear of the toilet/potty then he probably just isn't ready. wait til after xmas and try again when he's forgotton all about it and isn't scared.

talking about too many toys, our playroom is exploding, the kids bedroom has a heap of junk and there are still toys in every room of the house, i keep trying to declutter but the toys they love are the ones i'd love o chuck and the toys i adore they barely touch, and anything that's for babie has to stay as i'll need it in a few months! it's driving me mad trippping over toys all over the house.

good luck with the meeting on monday btw, i'm sure it'll be fine smile

PinkTulips Thu 16-Oct-08 10:02:40

whoops, damn internet crashed and i thought that hadn't posted!

BigHotMama Mon 20-Oct-08 21:10:28

Meeting went well thanks Pinky, just got to try and get onto a GTP course now grin.

Ds has been a lot better over last few days we've really tried to cut down on things that may be making him constipated like bananas or crumpets. Its dried fruit, wholemeal bread and shreddies for now lol. He will do poo in his nappy for time being but still insists on weeing on potty so will let him wear his pants unless he needs to poop, did a lovely one in the bath earlier when I wasn't looking bless.

Cant imagine how much stuff you have with 2 (nearly 3).

MIL is taking us to Butlins between xmas and ny so looking forward to mini break and ds will love it as loads of kiddies there.

Only few more days until half term yeah! smile

olivo Wed 05-Nov-08 08:28:43

just dropping by to say hello to anyone who still reads (or am i talking to myself wink). all ok here after several weeks of us all being ill, a trip away and a hectic time at work on top of it all. this is supposed to be the month that we ttc so i have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the conception threads; I am obsessed already and I haven't even started yet!<sigh>!

dd is great at the moment, chattering away, saying the most gorgeous things, regularly getting into mischief and being totally accident-prone. She is very into princesses now so we are bombarded with pink glittery things and disney dvds!

I hope everyone and their dcs are well. x

twintastic Wed 05-Nov-08 17:46:12

Hi all,

Don't know if you remember me, but I used to be called Preparingfor2 (yes, it was twins).

Amazed and heartened to see that the thread is still going, and all the 2006 babes (and some new siblings!) are doing so well.

Matthew and Sarah are also doing well and so far the terrible twos have not been too bad - touch wood. They are real little sweeties!

We are also ttc Olivo (possibility of more twins!). Started a few months back but no luck yet.

Best wishes to you all!

BigHotMama Sat 08-Nov-08 13:04:39

Hi twintastic, I do remember you, how are you? Sounds like your lo's are adorable, bet its great because they can play with each other. I'd love twins! Good luck with ttc, we're trying next year.

Olivo, your dd sounds very girly bless her! Think we'll be getting some of the disney dvd's as Jackson is mesmorised when they are advertised lol.

We've had to change nursery for ds as we've had a few incidents we were not happy about. Hopefully ds will love his new nursery.

Ds constantly wants our attention so dont get much time on here lol. Is still not pooing on potty yet but knows he wants a nappy on beforehand which is good.

He knows santa is coming soon and is getting really excited with all the xmas adverts on and knwoing we are putting the tree up soon. I cant wait!

Hope everyone is well x (and come on girls lets keep this thread going as its gone really quiet!)

olivo Mon 10-Nov-08 19:34:44

i remember you too twintastic! good to hear from you and nice to hear that Matthew and Sarah are doing well.

BHM,sorry to hear yuo've had nursery hassles, hope jackson settles in well at his new one. I'm really excites about christmas too, as dd is already taking notice of christmassy things. weve booked to take her to the panto on boxing day - cinderbella, her favourite!
she is really girly, i'm fed up of watching cinderbella and sleeping beautygrin but its so cute to see her singing and dancing along, always dressed up!!

everyone else ok?

BigHotMama Mon 10-Nov-08 22:10:39

Lol Olivo, its Shrek-mania here!

My mom has bought ds a cowboy outift to dress up in for xmas - cant wait to see him in it.

Jackson ate stew and dumplings tonight yeah its the first time in ages he has tried something new, I couldn't believe it!

Forgot to mention Jackson had his first pets - 2 goldfish lol - called them 'nemo' and 'dolphin' (ds named them), he makes me laugh as he says goodnight to them and waves at them bless.

Made me laugh earlier by coming up to me and asking 'Mommy, whats the matter?' grin

Don't get me started on Disney or shrek or care bears or rainbow brite or my little pony. We have found loads of old videos and family have donated lots of DVD's as ice mentioned before cj is dressing up crazy I blame the GP's she got four Halloween costumes

On a good note I have a job 16 hours a week in a concession in new look so am very happy plus my divorce should be thru for my bday in 4 weeks so will have a wicked xmas as I will be able to get people a few bits rather than the nothing I was gonna be able to afford.

Cj starts a new nursery two days a week on Monday so should be good for her as I hate mum and baby groups but saying that I did enjoy my bibs group and I'm finding it a bit hard at the month as they are all on there second pregnancies and I'm the only one on here and there that has separated from their partners.

Have decided men are evil any way apart from Daniel Craig who I am going to marry !!!

BigHotMama Wed 12-Nov-08 15:33:20

Good on ya girl for getting a job! Its so hard to get work at moment with the evil credit crunch!

We should all post a pic of our lo's in their dressing up gear, see how much they've grown up. Ds loves wearing my boots and any odd shoes he can find grin

Sounds like your divorce will be a great help this side of xmas and you sounds really positive about it all.

Lol at marrying Daniel Craig, I'm hoping to have a nice dirty dream about him tonight as off to see the new bond film with DH later, heard he doesn't get his kit off though! (boo)

Right I'm on a flounce til that disgusting baby p thread is deleted I wanted t rxpress my grief but its a horrid horrid thead so I'm off til its removed
Have mailed mn HQ about removing I suggest everyone does the same

Right I'm on a flounce til that disgusting baby p thread is deleted I wanted t rxpress my grief but its a horrid horrid thead so I'm off til its removed
Have mailed mn HQ about removing I suggest everyone does the same

snowboo Tue 02-Dec-08 12:56:46

Hi ladies! Just popping to see how we all are....
Austin has a burst eardrum (6th time!) and hand, foot and mouth. So we're at the doctors once a week which is great. After everything the last place i wanna spend my days is sitting in the doctors lol! I phone in the morning then they call back, i should get a hotline direct!!!!
Any news on Pinks? Haven't spoken to her for a while.
Hope all others are good

dreamydowler Tue 02-Dec-08 22:39:23

Hi All Just popped in to let you all know Im expecting again Thats right baby number 8 on the way due 16th june Im so excited. Sophie-Jane is such a sweetie and hasnt given us too many temper tantrums My granddaughter is now 1 and is adorable Hope everyone is well sorry to hear Austin has had such a bad ear problem snow sounds like he needs to see ear nose and throat specialist

olivo Thu 04-Dec-08 19:38:36

hey, dreamy, congratualtions!smile I am envious, we have just begun ttc no 2!
hope everyone is well - are your los getting into the christmas thing? dd is scared of father chrisstmas but is hoping she will get a pink princess castle as a present ( and she may well!grin)She loves the lights and singing etc - can't wait to go to her nursery nativity play!
I am still unwell - its gone on for about 6 weeks now - 2 lots of antibiiotics, lots of early nights and several sessions of acupuncture haven't worked, am totally fed up. daren't take any omre time off work as i am so behind already!
sorry to winge!!

dreamydowler Fri 05-Dec-08 12:13:17

thanks olivo. Sorry to hear youve been so poorly I had flu a couple of weeks ago and the cough and bunged up nose are taking forever to clear I know there is a lot of gastric flu about at the moment spent half of last night up with my daughter age 5 being sick. Sophie-Jane is getting very excited about santa too we were hoping to get rid of her dummies but shes having none of it and I dont want to scare her off santa by suggesting he is going to take her dummies.

PinkTulips Sun 07-Dec-08 12:52:10

omg dreamy.... well done and good luck you mad brave woman wink

hope it all does smoothly, your dp must be delighted, i remember you saying he was keen on having another.

all good here.... i keep losing this thread for some reason! been driving loads and vey much enjoying the freedom i have now i can get out and about without needing to be chauffered.

caleb is becoming a bit of a monstor... think we're hitting the terrible 2's now! lots of whinging and argueing and stubborness but he manages to be so cute when he's doing it i can't help but laugh some of the time!

dd is doing great too, very excited about xmas and the new baby and her birthday (think they're all merging into one huge event in her mind bless her!). we're going to bring them to santa today at the craft fair near my parents so she's madly excited!

i'm huge... although thankfully huge bump wise and not just fat and blubbery like with caleb as i've been sick so much and had so many bugs recently i've not been piling on the pounds like i did with him. baby is as awkward as the other two though, feet lodged permanently in my ribs and occasional attempts to reenact the scene from aliens!

thank god i had the kids presents sorted really early, dp has been off work sick and we've no money coming in for several weeks.... xmas looks like it's going to be a bit sparse not counting the kids presents.... ho hum

great to hear from you P42 aka twintastic.... i did wonder if you were still about the place. glad the twins are doing well... if you have a singleton next though you won't know what to do with yourself it'll seem so quiet wink

dreamydowler Mon 08-Dec-08 10:15:42

Thanks pink its so lovely to here from you again How much longer have you got till new baby arrives? Do you know what youre having? Sophie-Jane has hit the terrible twos also lots of winging and saying no to everything cant get her off her dummy at all either

PinkPoinsettias Mon 08-Dec-08 12:08:14

well seeing as my dd has only just given her dummy to santa this week i haven't even thought about trying to prise caleb away from his til next year..... lord knows i think he'd bite my hand off if i tried to take it shock

don't know for sure what the baby is but i have a feeling it might be a boy. no idea why really, just 'feels' like a boy and i always seem to say 'he' rather than she.

due feb 4th so hopefully i can boot him out a bit early with my cumin tea like i did with caleb wink... really not enjoying this preg any more than i did the others and the thought of going over petrifies me. Xmas is going to be bad enough... i was at the same stage of preg with dd and i didn't have any other kids to lok after and xmas that year half killed me..... not sure how i'm going to cope this year with 2 toddlers as well hmm

snow, missed your post about austin's eardum... how's he doing now? poor thing must be miserable. how are you doing? taking it easy i hope? [stern look]

BigHotMama Sat 13-Dec-08 08:12:29

Wow Dreamy, Congratulations to you both! My nan had 9 children and it was always a full house of fun there when I was growing up.
Lovely to hear from you and glad your all well.

Sorry to hear some of you aren't very well and hope Austin gets better soon, poor little man! Its horrible to hear of little ones getting poorly.

Cant believe your nearly due Pinky?? How quick has the time gone? Imagine this time next year when you'll have 3 little ones xmas will be fab and crazy!

Jackson is getting stroppy when it comes to getting dressed and leaving the house. Its like the Benny Hill Show trying to get his clothes on he has me running all over the place.
But he is really loving and is talking so much now which makes me laugh. He comes over to me and asks 'Mommy whats the matter?' and is really interested in the Argos catalogue toys section. He is very independant and whats to do everything himself, gets easily frustrated if he doesn't get his own way.

We're going to see Santa tomorrow at a big family xmas lunch where Santa arrives and brings kids presents, then plays games and stuff with them. Hope he doesn't scare him lol.

I went for an interview last week for a GTP course to teach music and they have accepted me so will start next September, very scared and excited about it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic xmas and happy new year x

dreamydowler Sat 13-Dec-08 10:29:39

Thanks Bighot mama and congratulations with your course. Jackson sounds adorable. Sophie-Jane has conjuctivitis at the moment and its like wrestling with a crocodile after the initial chase through the house to catch her just to get her eye drops in Benny hill eat your heart out grin Its been lovely to catch up with you all again and hope everyone has a fantastic xmas. We are off to Birmingham today to visit dps family and my step daughter from previous relationship. Really shouldnt go as SJ not very well but dp hasnt seen his family in a while and its his fathers 71st birthday on xmas eve so would feel a right pig for not going will just have to keep bathing her eye.

olivo Sat 20-Dec-08 07:50:23

hello again everyone. a bit of news from me - i got a BFP a couple of days ago. Very early i know, as my AF was only due today, but please all keep your fingers crossed for me. I feel sick as a dog and very dizzy a lot of the time - had forgotten what it's like!
On holiday now so running round after dd - she has so much energy!! she is lovong the whole christmas thing except being scared of the man in red so we can't mention him!!grin

BHM - congrats on your GTP acceptance. i wish you luck. it's exhausting but so rewarding!

how is everyone else?

BigHotMama Sat 20-Dec-08 15:34:03

Oh WOW Olivo, fingers crossed sounds like the real thing, thats fantastic news, bet your so chuffed! grin

olivo Sat 20-Dec-08 21:42:18

thanks BHM. i am very chuffed , but petrified at the same time! had forgotten how you obsess over every little twinge.

dreamydowler Sat 20-Dec-08 22:43:39

congratulations Olivo oooo how exciting Im nearly 15 weeks now due in June and am just starting to get over the morning sickness Hope everything goes well for you just try and rest as much as possible over these early weeks

olivo Tue 23-Dec-08 13:28:12

just dropping by to wish everyone a merry christmas. Hope you and your los have a fantastic time. x smile

PinkPoinsettias Tue 23-Dec-08 19:55:09

congrats olivo grin

(was that your thread a few days ago perchance with the namechange? did wonder if it was one of our lot when i saw the older childs age.)

hope it all goes well for you, make sure to take it easy, pregnancy is a whole differant experiance with an older one to deal with... but very much worth it grin

olivo Tue 23-Dec-08 20:26:18

thanks pink. i hope you are feeling ok, not long now for you.

PinkPoinsettias Tue 23-Dec-08 21:41:38

6 weeks seems like forever to feel this sore and tired tbh but hopefully it'll fly by.

am still pinning my hopes on this one being a little early like dd and caleb were, stupid i know as it's bound to be 2 weeks over just because i'm hoping for that!

when are you due? september is it?

hope everyone has a very merry xmas and all our toddlers get what they want from santa (if they're as easily pleased by shiny things as my fella should be easy enough!)

we really should start a new thread for the new year, 'one year on' is getting a bit outdated wink

olivo Wed 24-Dec-08 12:10:21

ahem, due on dd's birthday at the end of august [ oops!blush )fingers crossed for you for at least an on-time arrival! you must be shattered with 2 little ones to run around after!
well, think i've cracked it - dd told me this morning that she would like FC to bring some pink cinderella and sleeping beauty things - phew!!

PinkPoinsettias Thu 25-Dec-08 11:24:56

don't worry about a shared birthday, this lo and dd will be right on top of each other as well and she's delighted at the idea of the baby coming for her birthday.... in years to come it'll mean you can do one mad chaotic joint party for them rather than having to do 2 wink

merry christmas everyone, hope yours are all going as smoothly as mine is so far smile

olivo Mon 29-Dec-08 19:48:46

how was everyone's Christmas? ours was lovely, but tiring. dd was thoroughly spoilt and i don't know where to put everything!
the bad news is that she has now dropped her nap; the good news is that she decided she prefers her cot for now so we are getting a bit more sleep!
hope you are all well!

hoppybird Fri 02-Jan-09 14:56:58

Happy New Year Everyone! smile

WOW, lots of stuff going on with all of you! Congratulations to Olivo on your bfp - didn't take you long at all! And Dreamy - my word you are blessed! (or crackers!) And Pinky's new one is nearly ready - how time flies. Hope everything goes well for all three of you!

Well done on your music teaching course BHM - sounds like a fantastic opportunity!
Sorry to hear about Austin's ear Snowboo - that nust be so distressing. dd had the nost awful cold just before Christmas, and then another one on top of it. I really sympathise with anyone having to deal with sick children.

Well we spent Christmas at my FIL's in Cornwall - dd and ds loved all their presents, and were very excited to get lots of books and puzzles. dd got one of those vtech alphabet teddies, magnetic drawing pads and a set of smiley bendy people as stocking fillers - turned out to be her favourite present! However, she totally rejected a rag doll she got from her great nan (pushed it away, saying "No" very firmly. blush Fortunately, great nan wasn't there to see this.

dd has never expressed any great interest in dolls, although she likes cuddly animals. However, her great love is for cars - she loves the Pixar movie 'Cars', she plays with ds's cars and now she's started taking a foot long toy Batmobile to bed with (she takes it with her in the pushchair too)! She does like dressing up in the sparkly bits of fabric I have for that purpose, and she definitely identifies with the girl characters in books, so she's not a total tomboy! I did know when she was born that she wouldn't be super girly pink princess - you can tell by the fingers - I just didn't expect the obsession with a Batmobile! grin

right im over my flounce now so im back im sure you all missed me hugely not

right first OMG DREAMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
personally i think you should have been honoured in the new years honest for child rearing wow 8 omg i couldnt cope with cj never cj +7 big congrats

secondly hope you all had a lovely xmas and new year myine was awesome best ever in fact

and thirdly im feeling a bit sad now cause evryone ive met thru the whol cj circle be it on here on in the rl are all having second babies and i am a teeny bit jealous but very pleased for them [of course] as its obviously not going to happen for me in the short term long term who knows think i may turn in to a batty old single ton who drinks alot and knits in stilletoes but hey ho

big hugs and love to you all

BigHotMama Mon 05-Jan-09 17:04:36

Oi Booby there is still me who hasn't gone onto no.2 yet lol grin. Know how you feel though, as I'm gutted in a way as always wanted my babies close together.

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year.

Jackson was also spoilt to bits with so many presents we couldn't see the carpet and we hardly have any room as it is. He had a mini JCB digger, desk and chair, pirate ship, leapfrog 1st computer, cowboy outfit, spiderman and starwars figures and loads more. At least we have more room for them now the xmas tree is down.

Lol Hoppy at your dd obsessing with the bat mobile, maybe its because she has a brother?? Am sure ds would love to play with barbies though, he absolutely loves the film tinkerbell bless him.

First day back at work today feels wierd leaving bab again but he had lots of fun at nannys playing in the snow.

Not long now PInk, cant believe how fast its gone, get that cumin tea down your neck like last time.

Olivo, how's dd potty training going? Jackson is wee-trained but not poo trained yet lol, think it will take a while before he understands its ok to poo in the pot or toilet.

Anyone heard off NBG lately?

Hope everyone well x

olivo Mon 05-Jan-09 17:55:05

hey booby, good to hear from you. glad you had a good christmas.
and good to hear from yuo too hoppy. lol at batmobilegrin
bhm,i'm jealous that you have snow! we were lucky, dd managed the toilet training back in september, and has been pretty reliable since. all credit must go to her nursery i have to say, but that's whay we pay them so much i suppose wink
we are back to school tomorrow, not looking forward to it as i am feeling pretty rough and don't want to tell anyone!

BigHotMama Mon 05-Jan-09 20:57:24

Ah bless is the morning sickness kicking in? Am sure you'll be fine as its never as bad as you think its going to be. Make sure you have a ginger biccy to hand grin.
Great to hear your dd is fully potty trained.

girls if you ever need clothes out of season check the for sale boards its saved me an absolute fortuine and most the stuff is posher than what id normally buy pmsl

i bought a gorg dress in the sale for my hols ita julian mcdonald star for debenhams was 185 from 320 i think but its covered literally in sequins i feel very jessica rabbit

poor u olivio my boss is really struggling at work with the nausea rather than puking i think xmas nearly killed her but im sure you will be fine

spoke to nbg other day can you believe the little one is one now how time flies

cu soon xx

Nbg Fri 09-Jan-09 13:10:31

Hello ladies.

Congratulations Olivo and Respect to dreamy grin 8 children!
Its lovely to hear everyone having more babies.
I read through our last antenatal thread and the first postnatal thread the other day and ended up having a cry. It brought back some lovely memories.
I dare you all to go and have a read now grin

Christmas was lovely here. We had Ethans birthday at the beginning of dec and had a little party at home for him. He is talking a bit now which is rather amusing considering Ellis level of speech. He's saying Juice, more, teddy, choo choo, yeah yeah and daddy. Very sweet.

Ellis has had a second speech therapy appointment and has been transfered to a more specialist speech dept. Were also waiting on a hearig appt to see if he has glue ear. The SALT thinks his aggression and behaviour could be down to this but we'll see.
He's also started a second morning at preschool and it went down a treat this week. He really enjoys it. He hogs all the cars and trains but other than that, he seems to be doing well.
Another year and Ethan will be joining him!!!

Has anyone thought about schools yet?
I realised that Ellis could start in sept of next year!!! How is that for scary!

BigHotMama Fri 09-Jan-09 18:36:40

Hi NBG great to hear your all well smile

I'll read that thread when I get chance bet it took you ages lol.

Cant believe Ethan is one already thats gone far too fast. Blink and you miss it.

Good to hear Ellis is enjoying preschool. Jackson does 2 mornings and loves it.
We have put his name down for a nursery within a school but cant actually put his name down for the school until next year -just hope we can get into the same one as its a lovely school.

Hows your dd doing?

Nbg Mon 12-Jan-09 11:24:37

DD is doing brilliantly thanks.
Doing really well at school. She has a real thirst for knowledge so shes picking everything up. They have a sign language teacher in the class as one of the children is deaf and shes even learning the sign language. Its lovely.

Her and dh have gone to Austria skiing and snowboarding today.
I'm left here feeling all anxious and worried.
Being a parent is not bloody easy lol.

With regards to your nursery, if he does attend that nursery you will probably get a school place.
We were worrying about dds place at the school. She attended the preschool but we found out that there were only 40 places available.
She got in though.
If your in the catchment and already attending their other facilities, you should get a place.
I know where we live the prioroty goes; special needs, special needs with transport, those with siblings and then those in the catchment area.

BigHotMama Sat 17-Jan-09 22:10:48

Sounds great learning sign language.

Its only natural for you tofeel bit worried, i would too, but am sure they be fine out there.

Not sure if I am in the catchment area as its not walking distance about 5 mins in the car, so just have to see.

How are all the bumps doing?

olivo Wed 21-Jan-09 15:56:46

nbg, good to hear from you. hope dd enjoyed her holiday. her school sounds great.

BHM, we are a bit like you, the school nursery we have applied for is not in catchment but next door to where i work so would be very convenient.

I am feeling so rough, have been signed off work. All day and night nausea and a whole load of vomiting - i naively thought it would be the same as last time. you'll be pleased to hear no chunky kit kats on the scene just yet grin. havent told anyone at work yet, there are so many bigs going round that vomiting on my sick note shouldnt raise any suspicions!
Pink and dreamy, how are yuo both doing?

BigHotMama Sun 25-Jan-09 17:56:01

Sounds like your suffering Olivo, am sure the kitkats will be out in force as soon as your nausea goes away lol. grin

I am sitting here laughing to myself because ds is playing lovely with his pirate ship. He has got 4 pirate men and they are having some right conversations.. saying stuff like 'Whats going on?' and 'come on go downstairs' and 'I'm flying in the air' (not sure where he's learnt all this from but am finding it hilarious), oh and now they are all having a 'big hug' bless him. So glad I tidied his toys today and put his pirates in the ship instead of being stuck at bottom of toy box.

Anyway nothing much else to report my end just chilling out watching ET and playing on internet.

Hope everyone is well x

PinkTulips Fri 30-Jan-09 17:57:34

lol at jacksons chat BHM... caleb is the same, he narrates everything and he come out with the funniest things sometimes.

i'm ashamed of myself for ever thinking he wasn't too bright, he's proving me wrong in a big way... he's taken it into his head to learn letters (no idea why, it's not something i ever do with them and even at playschool dd doesn't do any of that stuff). he can recognise C, E, L, R, O, S, F, D, T and sometimes others and has started telling me the sounds some of them make shock

dd is 4 now and can't do that! pmsl, lord knows where he picked it up from though, superwhy on tv i think as i'm vehemently anti early reading, i think even at 4/5 when they start school is too young. cute party trick though grin

am still pregnant.... due next week. have been having false starts left right and centre but no sign of baby actually shifting his arse.... cumin tea failed me this time [shcok] sad grin and have tried ever other trick in the book bar castor oil and nothing happens other than contant twinges and half starts.

sorry your so sick this time olivo, i had a rough start to this one too and it really shocked me as i'd had it relativley easy with MS with the other 2. hope it eases soon, you're close to 12 weeks now aren't you?

olivo Sun 01-Feb-09 13:53:57

blimey, pink, your ds is amazing! lol at trying everything - although i nearly barfed at the thought of castor oil.grin
good luck as the big day approaches, look forward to hearing yuor news.

still feeling rough, although not vomiting as much thanks to plenty of acupuncture and a bit of time off work. still no sign of any chocolate caving, which concerns me grin.

Still really bogged down at work, but dh has taken out dd today so i have got quite a bit done. I am just so shattered in the evenings, i have fallen really behind.STill no sign of a scan date which i am hoping arrives soon. i have been so worried through this pg so ar, mmc is permanently on my mind and i really need something to focus on. It's been hard not telling people, partcularly in certain work situations.
anyway, i'd better get back to my work and stop whinging at you lot.

i hope everyone is well. I'll be back when i'm more cheerful!

PinkTulips Mon 02-Feb-09 15:11:00

the chocolate craving will magicaly appear soon trust me wink

try not to panic too much, i think reading too much about these things in magazines and books and on MN makes us so much more paranoid about things like mmc when in fact the majority of pregnancies progress just fine.

you can always whinge to us btw smile

BigHotMama Mon 02-Feb-09 23:13:11

Wow Pink sounds like Caleb is a clever little boy knowing so many letter sounds. I think its a good thing they get to see letters before school as gives them a bit of a head start and he obviously enjoys looking at them.

I was half expecting you to have made an announcement by now lol, how you feeling?

Olivo, bet its killing you to not say anything. When you going to tell them? You'll probably start feeling better soon, cant imagine how tired you must be feeling with work etc. Hope the ms disappears quickly. Does your dd understand she'll have a little brother or sister? Ds keeps saying he wants a brother called George, think he's got it from the film Stuart Little ha.

Hope everyone is well x

olivo Wed 04-Feb-09 13:52:26

thanks for letting me whinge blush.
am feeling quite a bit better, only nauseous for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening now, as long as i eat regularly. am 10+5, have just phoned having heard nothing about a scan date and have to wait till 20th so i'll be 13 weeks. the waiting is soooo painful!

BHM, havent told dd, proably wont till after the 20 wk scan. She quite often says she wants a little sister though; several of her pals at nursery have baby bros and sisters so i guess she doesnt want to be left out!

its my day off today, so taking it easy, despite being totally behind at work. hope everone and their lo's are well.

PinkTulips Thu 05-Feb-09 13:27:59

am overdue angry

totally new experiance for me and i'm not a fan!

glad you're feeling a bit better olivo... think of it this way, only 2 week til you get to see baby in the scan grin

olivo Thu 05-Feb-09 19:38:40

sending labour vibes to you, pink....grin

BigHotMama Sun 15-Feb-09 14:29:30

Are you still waiting Pink?

Know exactly how your feeling as I was 2 wks over with ds. Its pants!

Olivo, am sure your dd will be really excited when you tell her, bet you cant wait to announce it. Hope your feeling better.

Just had a bit of good news come our way, we're hoping to move out of our 2 bed flat into my nan's old house, she passed away in December and left the house to my aunty. Just spoken to my aunty and she is thinking of renting it out and will give us first refusal. Its a big old house and has so much potential, has 3 bedrooms, 2 lounge rooms, and its a corner house so has 3 massive gardens for Jackson to play in. She is going to put in a new kitchen and bathroom first and hopefully we'll be able to move in within next few months. Wohoo I have a got a big permanent grin on my face grin.

olivo Tue 17-Feb-09 15:17:21

just found this on the feb ante natal thread

PinkTulips – DS Aaron, 8lbs 2 oz 09.02.09

Congratulations PT smile and welcome baby Aaron. Hope you are both well.

PinkTulips Wed 18-Feb-09 10:36:35

sorry i've not been about to let you all know what happened.

had aaron on monday the 9th but he was admitted to scbu for breathing difficulties 2 hours after he was born and once there started coughing up blood. many tests and xrays later their best guess was that he inhaled some of my blood as he was being born and gave himself aspirated pneumonia.

i wasn't allowed to feed him til the tuesday night which sent his jaundice out of control and meant he was on massive amounts of iv fluids. he was also being pumped full of antibiotics to prevent whatever was in his lungs becoming infected.

i was discharged on thursday (after causing uproar when they tried to boot me out the day before and announced after they'd discharged me that parental accomodation was unavailable at the minute angry) spent thurday driving the hour home to get my car and then back to hospital to pump and feed all day and then drove to my parents for a few hours sleep, friday was spent camped out in scbu argueing with the idiot consultant that maybe if they reduced the drip he might actiually feed more (their brilliant plan was 'we can't reduce the iv til he's taking more fluids so lets force feed some top up bottles hmm)... i got my way and lo and behold he was off the drip and feeding like mad by that evening and the mammoth feeds started to clear the jaundice so he was able to come off the lights that night.

got him home on saturday and have been trying to regain some semblance of normality since.... poor dp has never had the older kids for more than a couple of hours at a time and he had to deal with them singlehandedly for over 4 days... i'm amazed the house is still standing tbh but there is a mountain of work to do.... my dirty laundry pile is on the verge of having it's own area code.

that's fabulous news about the house move BHM, bet you're over the moon grin

olivo Wed 18-Feb-09 15:34:33

OMG, PT, didn't realise what a time you'd had. I'm glad to hear you're both safely back home now and well done to dh for managing with the older ones - my DH wouldnt have a clue! Hope all is more settled for yuo from now.

BHM, that's great news about the house -lucky Jackson to have a lovely garden. YUO shoudl be in for the summer, then? fantastic!

BigHotMama Wed 18-Feb-09 15:37:06

Big Congratulations to you and your family Pink. Thank god baby Aaron is ok, bet your glad to be home safe and sound now, must have been worrying at times.

So have you got any pics yet? And who does he look like?

And well done your dp for surviving 4 days, it will do him good lol.

How are you feeling and how was the birth? x

PinkTulips Thu 19-Feb-09 10:49:33

he's the spitting image of caleb grin

no pics as my camera packed it in ages ago and i don't have the lead to connect my dads up to my pc... haven't taken many pics since we've been home tbh... too frazzled! and the hospital ones are fairly awful to look at what with him being hooked up to all sorts.

birth was great.... ridiculously fast at the end again, mw almost missed it, she only got back into the room as his head was already out!

olivo Thu 19-Feb-09 12:10:50

Pink, I know what you mean about those early photos; I still cry when I see the ones of dd in the early days in scbu. so glad he's ok now.

hoppybird Mon 09-Mar-09 00:41:28

Hey Everyone!

First of all, Pinky, congratulations on your new baby! Glad everything turned out well in the end.

BHM - sorry about your nan, but that's excellent news about the house - we moved up from a 2 bed flat (after nearly 7 years) to a 3 bed house too - it's such a difference!

Olivo, hope your pg is going ok.

Well, today we bought a potty for my dd, as I thought it's about time she had a go, seeing as the bathroom is at least half finished now (grr - workmen, time and finances issues, stupid bathroom project has been going on since end of October, can you imagine!), but at least now we have a sink and toilet as well as a bath in the bathroom. I think I must be one of the last ones to start my LO with toilet training though. blush She is still bf too, but at least I know the handful of us who do bf toddlers are in good company wink. One of my ds's schoolfriend's mums recently admitted that she bf her boy until he was 3, so thankfully I don't feel so unusual in my local area.

However, dd is a real sweetie and talks in good sentences, says cute things like 'plobly' for 'probably' (it amuses me that she finds a use for that word), and can do jigsaws, something my ds just couldn't master until he was a lot older.

Fingers crossed for me for starting potty training!

Nbg Mon 09-Mar-09 18:49:20

Oh congratulations Pinky!
I've been thinking about you and wondering when you popped.
Glad to hear Aaron is well now.

How are you doing now Olivo? Has the sickness subsided and are the kitkats out yet? grin

Hoppy, good luck with the potty training!
I can't even begin to think about it yet for Ellis. Although dh tried and failed terribly grin

We have Ellis' hearing test next week and another speech therapy appointment the week after.
I'm hoping something will come up in the appointment. His speech isn't really getting any better. I think he has about 3 more single words now and thats it.
Its weird reading about everyone elses LO's coming out with little conversations. Its hard to imagine.
I often speak to Melsy on the phone and I hear her dd2 gabbling away in the background. Its very funny grin

dreamydowler Tue 10-Mar-09 21:10:42

Hi everyone and congratulations Pink on baby Aaron. Hope you are settling well. Hows your pregnancy going olivio? Hopefuly the morning sickness has passed for you now. Im 26 weeks tomorrow and baby is getting very good at kicking me now. Got another scan in 2 weeks and hoping to find out what sex baby is think its another girl to be honest. Sophie-Jane is really excited about the baby and keeps putting her dollies to my boobs to be fed lol. She was really poorly a few weeks back and was in hospital for a couple of nights with gastroenteritis I know what you mean pink about men not coping bless mine was at a total loss
Nice to hear from you hoppy bird your lo sounds so georgeous I still havent got my head round SJ not being the baby anymore. I think she will be my baby always.

hoppybird Sat 14-Mar-09 14:16:08

Dreamy - wow, 26 weeks already! Hope everything is going well, I can't even imagine how it must be to be blessed with such a large family - I guess it must be great having older ones who can help out with the LOs.

Do we know if Snowboo is doing ok?

nbg - hope you find something at the hearing appointment, and that it's fixable. Fingers crossed it goes (or it went) well!

re: potty training - well, I knew I'd have to take it slowly. dd is happy enough sitting on it three times a day after meals, but no results yet, although she was fascinated when she was nappyless and found that she'd wee'd on the floor. I do think she is a bit nervous using it too, and unused to the position (I got her a potty chair, as my ds loved his). I think I'll need to get a more 'crouchy' kind of potty initially, so she can do what she is used to. Still, early days. I don't think she's put two and two together yet. I'll be happy if she manages before she gets to nursery.

I started filling in her application for the nursery attached to ds's school, for when she's 3, and it reminded me that in just 18 months she'll have to start...proper school! shock I bet she'll be the tiniest in the class - one of her contemporaries who is already 3 and at nursery lives round the corner from us - she looks SO much bigger and older!

BigHotMama Mon 23-Mar-09 19:43:17

How's the potty training going Hoppy? Stick at it, you'll get there.I feel like its taking ages with ds. JAckson started opn a potty chair. but refuses to use the potty now and has to go to the toilet for all his wee's which is fab but pooping is a nightmare. He wont do it on the toilet and he makes himself very constipated by holding it in and when he does need to go he just screams in pain and sobs his heart out. I have to put a nappy on and most of the time he'll do one but I've resorted to giving him Lactulose to help him as gets all blocked up and think it hurts his bum. He used to poo every day but now its sometimes once a week. Any advice?

Dreamy, good luck with scan come and let us know what your having. L

Listening to you lot makes me all broody. I cant wait to have another baby when I've done my GTP.

Olivo hope your ok, how's work? Have you had any scans recently?

Hope everyone is well x

olivo Mon 23-Mar-09 20:20:40

hello ,everyone. sorry havent been here for while but nice to catch up on your news. good luck to those of you potty training.

dreamy, how are you feeling?

BHM, how is teaching practice going? we have a student in at the moment, makes me feel so old when i said i qualified 12 years ago!

nbg - how did the appts go? hope they were helpful.

hoppy, the school thing is scary, isnt it? one of dd's friends is 8 mo older but obviously, same school year and she is just so grown up comparatively.

i have finally joined the world of the non-vomiting again, after a pretty grim time. am now just tired. 13 week scan was fine, bloods etc fine. have seen the consultant to go over what happened last timne and will be scanned and talked to at 36 weeks to decide whether to go for elec cs.

hanging on to get to the end of term now, then we are away for 12 days in dubai - absolutely cant wait! dd is really excited about it!

hope everyone is well.

BigHotMama Sun 29-Mar-09 18:46:43

Olivo, Dubai looks amazing you lucky lady. Haven't started teaching yet will be doing a day every week just observing the music department, seems a bit more laid back to where I work at the moment in a primary school, also the kids are more scarier lol. Cant believe you've been teaching for 12 years shock. Glad your feeling better, any sign of the chunky kitkats yet?

Jackson still holding his poo's in, always seems to happen as we're about to go out too so in the end I just stick a nappy on as its less hassle. May take him to docs if doesn't improve soon.

olivo Fri 03-Apr-09 20:11:08

well, i've made it to the end of term! dd seems shattered too, its been a long term for her too i guess.

no sign of chunky kit kats as yet but mini eggs are definitely the way forward at the moment! although i have been indulging in a normal 4f kitkat after swimming every week...grin

BHM - my nephew was like that with poos till he was about 3 1/2. would only do it in a nappy even though he was toilet trained for wees. all of a sudden, he did a poo on the loo and never looked back. my sil had tried all sorts of things but he just got more and more distressed. I would give him some time and he might make the decision for himself. good luck.

hope everyone else is well, and happy easter as i won't be on for a bit. holidays - yipee!

hoppybird Thu 09-Apr-09 13:13:55

Well I'm at home with both DCs this and next week, as it's Easter holidays, and we can't afford to go anywhere, so that's fun.hmm

However, that's rather fortunate, as I had to suspend potty training until now - dd had a bad cold, so I stopped until she got better - she always has much worse poos when she is ill, I didn't think it would be good for her to associate nasty poos with the potty from the start. TBH, I have left it quite long because she does have problems that end anyway (sorry, TMI here) as it's mostly too soft, and seems to come with little warning. Her hopelssly limited diet is to blame, I'm sure, but she's starting to eat a little better now, and things are improving that end.

ATM, she's without a nappy and sits on the potty regularly for a good length of time, but hasn't yet had the confidence to do a wee in it, bless. When I put pants on her though, they're wet within minutes, so she clearly has bladder control - just a case of changing her habits and getting that first wee in the pot.

BHM - I've heard of toddlers holding onto poos and refusing the potty - I think maybe it's best just to accept that he's going to use a nappy for that for now. I wish I could offer advice - I've not experienced that (yet). Hope you get some answers.

Dubai sounds interesting, Olivo - those tremendous skyscrapers look amazing, hope you have a nice time. Hope your and dreamy's pg's are going well.

nbg - any news on the speech/hearing issue?

Hope everyone else is well.

olivo Mon 20-Apr-09 12:30:22

hello again, back from our hols. it was lovely but very hot. dd did loads of swimming and running around so i cant say it was relaxing but she really enjoyed herself and it was great to be away from the daily chores!

hoppy - how is the potty training going? have just cleaned a wee off the sofa here...grin

pg is going ok, i think. have my scan on wednesday, am very nervous and dh is working away so cant be there sad. dreamy, how are you?
must get back to my piles of washing.....

hoppybird Wed 22-Apr-09 23:41:14

Olivo - hope your scan went ok. Nice to hear you had a good holiday. Does your dd actually swim then? Being a poor swimmer myself, I'm always impressed with young swimmers.

Potty training is peculiarly stressful this time round - dd can hold for ever, but then doesn't know how to let go and seems unable to predict when it will happen or what is actually happening. However, she is happy to sit on the potty for ages, just so long as she's not doing anything in it! (she does understand the concept, just isn't able to apply it). For instance, the other day she was dry for 6 hours, but then danced around and refused to sit on the potty when she needed it, and ended up with an accident. Oh, and yesterday, she went around 6 in the evening, didn't go again at bedtime, woke up with a dry nappy, had breakfast and then jumped around for 20 mins whilst I got increasingly stressed, as I had to take ds to school, so I put her in a nappy, (yes I know) which was still dry when she got back. "Aha!" I thought, "Now's my chance for some success!" but she was adamant that the nappy stayed on but was surprised and upset when she had a wee. Oh well, I guess it's just a question of time...


well hello there ladies


i have entered the world of full time time work my crap its tiring my flat look like a bomb has gone off and i only ever feed cj twice a week but hey its cool am loving being back at the salon and since my boss managed to get herself knocked up im managing it for her once she goes on maternity in a low profile no pressure way grin

cj is almost fully trained now just the odd acident at night which isnt so bad as she has two beds in her room so she just jumps out of one into the other lol

she is offically a proper big girl as she has started picking out her own clothes which leads to some very electic outfits but is so funny i cant help but smile. her dad is becoming somewhat difficult recentlyt regards contact and general behaviour towards me but i think that was inevitable really

back to you lots

hope ellis' test were ok ?
olivio glad yr scan went well !!
been talking to dreamy she's having a whopper this time lol !
and i know snowboo is doing very well in offical remission and things !!!

and wehat is it about poo's and boys that dont mix its soo strange ????

and hoppy dont sweat it re the toilet training i'd much rather cj tlk a bit more than she does now and not stick her tongue out as cheekily as she does at th e mo by way of greeting

now ive bored you all im off byeeeeeee

BigHotMama Sun 10-May-09 22:49:48

Hi girlies, hope your all well, I've not been on much just keep forgetting lol.

Whoops, its hard working again isnt it? Sounds like CJ is a lil cheeky one bobbing her tongue out ha.

Glad your holiday went well Olivo, how many weeks are you now? and how did scan go?

Hoppy, how's potty training going? God I remember geting so stressed out with ds at first but it gets easier, keep at it you'll get there!

Jackson still having poo issues but is great with wee's and even flushes toilet and likes to go by himself now.

His talking is coming on so well, I can have some proper conversations with him and he remembers so much he's like a little sponge. And he has an answer for everything too, if we tell him he is bossy, he replies "I'm not bossy, I'm Jackson!" and has us in hysterics.Loves to talk on the phone and at the end of the conversation he'll say "Bye, See you later, Have a good time" all in one sentence lol.

He is really into Power Rangers and Wolverine, what is it with boys and fighting programmes? He even knows some of the wrestling moves and tries to body slam me on the floor.

Fingers crossed we will be moving in the next 2 months into a 3 bed house. Its got to have lots done to it before we move in so going to be very busy with all that but seriously cannot wait to have a garden and have even invited family for xams dinner this year, bit premature I know, but so excited.

Counting days down to going Camping in Cornwall with the family so will be lots of fun and sun.

And am starting diet tomorrow so can breathe in my bridesmaids dress for sisters wedding in August, at moment it fits me but so I cant breathe much let alone sit down and have a 3 course dinner lol.

Anyway thats my update! x

Nbg Tue 12-May-09 12:53:44

Slightly impressed by h