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October 2011 - we can hardly believe its true, our babies are turning two!!

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MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 21-Sep-13 11:37:42


Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread as once again, birthday season has begun and the first of our October babies are turning 2! Would be lovely to hear from everyone past and present smile
Ill try copy over all the stats again when I'm next on the laptop.

Hope everyone is well smile

CheshireDing Wed 09-Jul-14 20:34:05

Glad to hear the brace is working for little J killa

P doesn't run off at all smile but she still wakes most nights and is up by 6am(often earlier) paying no attention to the gro clock ! sad She loves M, sometimes too much and has just moved to the last room in nursery (which felt a bit scarey and sad for me anyway). Her vocabulary is fab,obv i am biased, yesterday i told her not to sit on a parcel and she said "why, is it delicate?" I just said "er,yes" whilst thinking shock

I start anew job in August,when M is 9months and DH is going to use the rest of my ML and stay off until November <hollow cackle>

Have you decided what to do re work pene?

Tallulah not sure how much milk P drinks but she has milk, water or fresh juice in a day so maybe combined a pint of liquid per day (excluding when it's really hot)? Surely a person couldn't drink too much milk could they ?

engels sorry to hear about your DH 'diagnosis

strabs did you respond re the duck question ? smile

P's worst are she says every elderly person is a gran/grandad and she thinks boys have short hair and girls long. This must just come from.her own head but can be a tad embarrassing.

TallulahPumpkin Tue 08-Jul-14 21:00:35

Engles that's so sweet. Seb's childminder is pregnant and Seb pushes his tummy out and announces that he has a baby brother in his tummy! He might be disappointed!!

MrsH Another Frozen obsessive here (Seb not me!). He knows much of the script and can sing along to most of the songs too. He randomly goes around signing 'lellitgo, lellitgo...'
Seb went through a phase of saying 'See you later, see you tomorrow' when saying goodbye to anyone, even if he'd just met them and we were never going to see them again.

Can I ask how much milk all the little ones are having? Seb loves his milk and dh is concerned he is having too much, is there such a thing as too much milk? We order 2ltrs of blue milk from the milkman every week and he usually ends up running out. Sometimes he gets through a litre in a day.

Seb's got a horrid cold at the moment. Nightmare sleeping last night; I got up with him at 4am in the end and was off work with him. He's upstairs crying at the moment and I feel so awful but we are just a distraction from him sleeping when we go up. He's dosed up on Calpol and Ibuprofen and has olbas oil under his sheet. What more can we do? I'm shattered and dh has the same cold sad.

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Tue 08-Jul-14 17:00:07

I am feeling pretty rough today. 15+2 and no ms but my blood pressure is low so am feeling exhausted all the time and light headed if I do too much. Even managed to faint last week. So my days at home with M are very lazy and rather too tv-filled as well mrsh ! Only 3 more days to go and then 6 weeks summer holiday thank goodness.

listened to baby's hb at mw appt yesterday. M came with us as it was the mw who delivered him. When I picked him up from nursery today he shoved a soft toy up his t-shirt and said, "Mama, I've got a baby in the belly!" Apparently he's been doing it all day!

MrsHende Tue 08-Jul-14 10:36:30

Hello all!

Haven't read back, not sure when I last checked the thread!

Hope all are well and enjoying the summer.

The sickness has stopped at last!! Thanks Killa! I'm now 27 weeks...I think! It's amazing how last time I knew to the day how far along I was and now I'm not even sure about the week! And as for what's happening in there, not a clue - with L I could have told you lots of details for each stage and week of pregnancy. Just goes to show how distracting and exhausting a toddler is.

It's so lovely being on summer holiday, July is a great time to be a teacher. L is still going to nursery two days a week so I have time to chill out and get housework etc done...although today I'm also getting my nails done! I feel very guilty when I drop her off and then head home though.

I love the stories about what they are all saying now. Is anyone else living with a child who quotes movies all the time? L got a lot more tv time than we would normally have allowed when I was ill and loves films. Every day she spends more time talking in quotes than real chat! Frozen is a favourite and she often leaves the room with 'bye, I see you in two weeks' when she's off to get something from next door. Yesterday I laughed a lot at Tesco, the checkout lady said bye to her and L said 'Bye, nice to meet you all!' very loudly while waving and smiling to everyone in the queue!

Right, I'd better go and actually do some of this housework that I've been putting off till nursery day.

Ha I love the things they come out with. E has so far managed to only utter embarrassing declarations in private but I imagine it's only a matter of time.

Had specialist appointment for J's hips last week and the brace is working so fingers crossed he won't have to move onto cast or operation. We'll find out more again on next appointment in four weeks and until then he has to keep it on 24/7 still.

Engels how're you feeling? Everything going ok?

Mummy how are things going with S's dad?

MrsH has the sickness stopped yet?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine and our super cute 2.8yr old toddlers grin

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 05-Jul-14 09:07:47

S hits out with some crackers usually when going round asda etc. one day it was 'why is that lady buying lots and lots of chocolate? I hope she is going to share!!' blushgrin

They are so funny, I find myself laughing daily at something she has said!

TallulahPumpkin Fri 04-Jul-14 22:17:05


Toddler quote of the day from Seb "Show me your boobies!" blush Luckily it was to me (hmm) in the privacy of our house.

He's also recently come out with "I like girls knickers". Should I be worried?!

Toddler quote of the day from W. 'mummy (points to a perfectly ordinary woman) that lady's not a duck is she? Quack quack' (with hand signals) no idea what he was thinking about!

When I had gestational diabetes with W I found that the weirdest things would push my blood sugar up eng curry for example was pretty bad. I know GD is different from proper type 2 but I think a lot of the management of it is just learning what works or not for each person.

W isn't so much of a runner in the supermarket tallulah but he is a 'grabber' he likes to run his hand over the things on the shelves and pick stuff up. I do have to resort to putting him in the trolly sometimes (and I do admit to bribing him to sit in the trolly with a chunk of fresh bread which he loves)

When W had a little phase of waking up in the night we got him a night light bear, he can press its paw and it lights up for 15 mins. We would pop in and tell him everything was OK put the bear on and say that it was night time and mummy/daddy needed to go back to bed. He was pretty much ok with this and it gave him the ability to settle himself back down.

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Tue 24-Jun-14 21:28:48

After this week, 2 more weeks. But last week will be lush (meetings, planning time and no students!).

I think DH is still in denial. He thinks his diet is fine, but he eats zero fruit or veg during the day and even though we eathealthy meals his portions are always too big, and he's just scoffed half a tube of pringles in front ofethe tv!

M hasn't napped since end of last summer. It was becoming a battle and I gave up after the poo incident (shit smeared on his face, haid, floor, hands, door handle and frame <sigh> ). The only time he does now is if we're in the car late afternoon and he nods off, and then I have to keep him up a bit later.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Tue 24-Jun-14 21:01:25

Oh that sounds hard. When do you finish school? My last day is tomorrow and I cannot wait! I'll be skipping out there! How is DH coping with the diagnosis?

It's finally went quiet after half hr of screaming. I let her stay up and watch a bit of frozen as she had been asking for a few days. Is anyone's dc still having an afternoon nap?

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Tue 24-Jun-14 20:57:18

If M wakes up in the morning and we're still in bed, he'll peer round the edge of the door to look for sign of life as he doesn't want to get shouted at. If he does wake up in the night which is still happening once a week or so, he'll hover in the hallway until we fall asleep again then try and sneak in.

The first thing he says to me every morning now is, "I had a good sleep!"

He is very sweet, though still having tantrums.

Had a very long day at work today and not going to get much better with end of term madness. Plus DH was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes today. Hope it's the wake up call he needs to do some bloody exercise.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Tue 24-Jun-14 19:38:14

She knows she's to stay in her own bed as in the morning she will say 'I slept in my bed allllll night' confusedshock. I think tonight if when she wakes I'll stick to just water. I think it's just habit now more than anything!

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Tue 24-Jun-14 17:58:24

When M started waking in the night at 24 months we first tried the softly softly approach. It was only us getting cross at 3am that sorted him out (and choclate bribery when he stayed in his own bed the whole night). He still says at random moments during the day without prompting, "Have to sleep in my own bed. Otherwise mama and papa cross".

MummyDuckAndDuckling Tue 24-Jun-14 11:55:39

Yes another runner (at times!!) here. I've almost given up going food shopping with her as she won't sit in trolly but then just messes about and I get angry with her. She wants to push the trolly and you can't dare touch it shock. Hard work!

I lost my temper with her early hours of the morning. The last 6 months or so she's waking every flippin night between 1-2am sometimes for well over an hr. She wakes screaming for milk but then wants me to stay with her/rub her back/head etc. generally I do for a few mins but then without fail as soon as I lay back down she starts crying again confused. I flipped last night and think she got a fright as she was clinging into my neck for a cuddle. I was just do tired and really not in the mood for it. Was some time around 3am that it all went quiet again. I have no idea what to do. I started leaving a cup of water beside her bed but she just ignores it and shouts for milk. Ahh!!!

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Tue 24-Jun-14 06:20:43

tallulah M is the same. A few months ago he legged it into the kitchen area of Starbucks and last month he ran away at the till in the supermarket (the 1 time I'd popped in for a few bits and he wasn't in a trolley). If I'm on my own with him, he is either still in buggy (if going round town for example) or with reins (at zoo). He can cope with short trips now, but when I'm on my own I'd rather deal with a few funny looks because of reins (the Dutch don't really do them) than have to chase him in a public place.

He is slowly getting better. He didn't run away once on the ferry the other weekend when I was on my own, though thefirst trip he was olouring and reading the whole time with my undivided attention and the way back he found the soft puzzle ushions so was thrpwing himself around for 90 minutes.

I'm hoping that he'll have calmed down a bit more by the time the baby comes, but in the meantime I'm keeping him on a short leash while I'm on my own with him. I think DH is scarier os he doesn't leg it so much.

TallulahPumpkin Mon 23-Jun-14 22:13:53

Hi all,

Killa hope J's brace goes OK. You're right, he won't remember a thing.

Pen sorry to hear about your job. Could you try for other posts and then get the money if you don't get one of those? At least if it does come to that then you are not totally against the idea. They had to shed laods of jobs where I work about 3 years ago (I also work in Gov and was in Policy at the time!) I couldn't have afforded redundancy (didn't know I was growing a bean at the time!) as I am the breadwinner so had no choice but luckily they decided to go for volunteers instead.

Mummy can't you pick which hours she goes or will she just get offered a place?

Engels sorry but I did chuckle a bit. We've put a stairgate on Seb's room. Lord knows what he'd be up to if we didn't.

Has anyone else still got a feisty little thing? Seb is so head-strong and sometimes it's a real struggle to do anything; change his nappy, get him in the bath, get him out of the bath, walk down the road..... Sometimes it's a two person job. DH really wants another but sometimes I feel like I struggle with one. How on earth would I manage a head-strong toddler and a baby? Whenever I've been to a cafe with friends and their kids (same age as Seb), they all sit nicely with toys etc and Seb's racing round the place. He almost made it into the kitchen last time. I feel like such a bad parent for not being able to control him; he just does what he wants. I do try to and talk sternly but it doesn't seem to do anything. Help!

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Sun 22-Jun-14 19:12:26

I don't know how the little bugger managed to get into the bathroom without us hearing!

Would she go every morning (if those are when you havebto take the hours) duck ? Would be a massive change for you both. I must say I really enjoy the days M is at nursery and I'm on school holidays for doing grown up stuff or me stuff, but obviously I always get my 2 days off with him. Hope your training went well.

shock And gringrin eng sorry but that did make me laugh! Def a story to embarrass him with in the future!

What a tough choice pen I have no idea what I'd choose to do (unhelpful sorry!)

W is watching Disney songs on the iPad at the moment and singing along with some of the ones he's heard most! (he likes to listen to them in the car, he also really likes the drum heavy soundtrack from the newest superman film)

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Sun 22-Jun-14 18:44:55

Oh my god...M has just wandered downstairs 45 mins after bedtime. He'd gone into the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom, opened up my body shop footscrub, smeared half on his face, the rest on the floor and god knows how much in his mouth , picked up my ttc pee cup and filled it with water from the toilet. I'm pretty sure he was drinking it! shock blush

A story for the baby book!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 21-Jun-14 23:38:40

Killa, must be very hard but time will fly past. I have no experience with this but sending thanks

Pen, I'm not sure what I would go for. I spent the first year with S (minus 6 weeks over the summer) and I was starting to climb the walls! I do like the idea though if you take pay out then you could have another year as a sahm. How does it work with pre school/school with A? Here in Scotland, every 3 year old gets 15 hrs funded pre school a week from the term after they turn 3, meaning S will get hers from Jan 2015. I'm fortunate in that I only work afternoons so I'm still with her till 2pm when I drop her at my parents. But her pre school hours may be in the mornings meaning it will be an hour between picking her up and me leaving for work that I'll get with her (minus time at breakfast etc!). I think I'll find this hard!
At least you have some time to think about optionssmile

We spent today with S dad at local(ish!) beach which was nice. Not quite as sunny as it had been but she had fun in the sand and freezing cold water grin

I'm at volunteer at the commonwealth games this summer and have training tomorrow morning so S staying with my mum tonight. I've had a lazy evening and looking forward to no 2am wake up wanting milk but wish I could get a long lie. Have to be at venue for 8am! shock

PenelopeLane Fri 20-Jun-14 23:07:02

Thanks for the advice engels! I love the idea of being a novelist or at least giving it a good go to finish and polish a book, but did like my job too. Moving isn't really an option as DH has a good job here and all the govt jobs are here too, which is what I'm trained to do really. <shudders at thought of moving to Auckland>

At least I have a month to think about it all, and will spend much of it obsessively browsing job websites to have a think about my options

L's one on 27 September! I was thinking of you and M the other week when I took both kids to Te Papa. A likes it even more now he can talk, although he has discovered he's really scared of a skeleton of a horse for reasons I don't understand.

CallingAllEngels Netherlands Fri 20-Jun-14 16:49:44

Hard decision pen . I think if I loved my job I would apply and hope that I get one of the jobs still there (don't know why I said "if" - I do love my job!). If you have ideas or desires for taking your career in another direction then I would consider the payout (novelist? grin ).

I guess the question is, with so many people facing the chop in your area, where would more jobs come from? Would you and dh consider a move in the future (see yourself as JAFA?!).

If DH and I were in this position, I would reapply and DH would probably take the redundancy.

When is L's birthday? (I'm losing track!). Can't believe it's nearly a year ago we met up in NZ!

PenelopeLane Fri 20-Jun-14 12:10:46

Hello ladies smile

Killa sorry to hear about J, that must be tough. If it helps a girl A's age in my coffee group had this, and now she runs faster than A! Fx it works.

I don't know if I'd enjoy a child free weekend or not! A friend of mine has every Sunday to herself now (custody arrangement) and says she loves the lie in and leisurely breakfast, but once that's done feels a bit lonely.

I've had a weird week - a bit of a roller coaster emotionally really - as I found out that I am probably going to be made redundant from my job (I do Policy in Govt) that I was due to return to in a couple of months. I really liked my job, and although I've loved my year off (excepting some crazed poo-covered early days) I think part of loving it was knowing it's not forever.

I don't even know if I have to go back for a short while just to be made redundant, or if I'll never return.

AND I just can't decide what to do - it's affecting everyone at my level and there will be a third the number of jobs left, which I could theoretically get, but need to decide whether I try for one of these or just take the redundancy. If I try for one of the remaining jobs and get one, of course I won't get a payout. And I just can't decide - the payout won't be massive, but will buy me about another year as a SAHM if that makes sense, and I just don't know what my job prospects will be like afterward.

Gaaaa! Decisions! Sometimes I think I want to take the payout for longer at home with my kids, sometimes I get terrified at the idea of being without work at the end of it, and the idea of being at home for another while fills me with joy and dread in equal measure. Including often mere minutes apart. Like I'll be reading with the kids and think yay this is great, then A does something naughty and I think nooooo!

Sorry about the epic post! Writing it all out like that feels somewhat cathartic. Thanks for letting me rant!

Yes exactly that strawberry.

Brace is on and apart from crying when it was fitted J seems fine. Fingers crossed now that it works!

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