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April 2011 - We understand no but we choose to ignore it.

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ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 18-Jun-13 14:02:40

Welcome Aprilites smile

ecuse Mon 21-Jul-14 20:28:52

grin at Daisy! It's a thin gold band with two pearls in a twist. From eBay an antique jewellers

GreenFirefly Sun 20-Jul-14 22:37:32

I've got a week off work this week, and the girls are both still going to nursery every morning. I cant tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.grin

Daisy17 Sun 20-Jul-14 21:39:35

13 - prune juice! grin

13Stitches Sun 20-Jul-14 18:13:59

Congrats on your DPs promotion Daisy, I might be trying your feet-in-the-washing-up-bowl trick tomorrow!

Sounds busy, Green, I'm sure M's speech will come on when she's ready. F's got a friend of the same age in a similar situation. His DM refused to panic about it (outwardly at least) and one day he just started with sentences. Not too clear at first, but the understanding is there and it's improving every day. Hope it's just a matter of time for M too.

Congratulations on the engagement ecuse! And the work trip, to a lesser extent! A moment of mourning for the lost front-sleeping.

Glad the preschool settling went well twentieth, F will be increasing to 2 days when he joins the nursery preschool group in September.

Hope the weather's improved Fizz - DH is on about 'popping to Glasgow' to see some mountain biking thing.

ILTMI - the weather was a bit of an anticlimax down here. A few tiny rumbles on Thursday night but then a bit of cloud on Friday, which was a relief if anything. Then all the rain that we were warned about (amber warning here) failed to materialise yesterday. We've had a nice warm occasionally sunny weekend really!

Well it looks like F is constipated (oh joy). We've had a weekend of whining and whimpering and him refusing to walk more than two steps. He's currently sitting on the potty (better position?) in the bathroom playing iPad games (I'll disinfect it later!) in the hope he'll relax enough to sort it out.

We've still got 3 more days of school to go!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 20-Jul-14 14:18:32

Wasn't the weather just bloody awful on Friday. We all went to the school summer fair in the evening and it was still 26 degrees at 8 o'clock at night. The boys were up late, charged with sugar and dripping with sweat - a rather potent mix I can tell you.

What's your engagement ring like ecuse? When I first typed that sentence out I missed out engagement, and the question changed entirely grin

Daisy17 Sat 19-Jul-14 22:09:19


ecuse Sat 19-Jul-14 20:58:54

God, that sounds like a plan. I've got an unexpected night at home on my own. I had said I would babysit a friend's 3 sons (me and DD were going to sleep over there whilst she and her DH went out). But apparently they're too hot and knackered to want to go. My DP is out for the evening, having thought we wouldn't be here. So I've just ordered a curry and am tossing up between settling down to watch some trashy TV and get an early night, or finish some work I didn't get done on Friday rather than having it hang over and ruin Monday morning. But whichever option I pick, it's definitely going to have a bowl of cold water in it. That sounds brilliant.

Daisy17 Fri 18-Jul-14 22:03:03

I've just been sitting in the kitchen reading my Kindle with my feet in a washing up bowl full of cold water. I can highly recommend it......

ecuse Thu 17-Jul-14 22:28:25

Yes, cankles a go-go. Just taken of my nice new engagement ring as well as have fingers like sausages. I'm sure I wasn't this swollen at this stage (23wks) last time. But then it was winter this time last time...

ILTMIMI - can I come with you to Alaska? Two and a half days to yourself sounds bloody brilliant! Jealous smile

No need to move to Alaska, just come here, it's been freezing and pouring rain <turns soggy shoes on radiator>

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 16-Jul-14 21:06:57

Hi ladies, I've just had a quick read through. So much going on. Weddings, new jobs, travelling, weeing at night!

Not much to report here. Ds got the sessions we wanted at pre school, so from Sept he will be doing 2 full days (9-3) and two mornings. It's going to be very strange.

There. Is. No. Air. Here. Today. It's bloody stifling and supposed to get hotter over the next two days. I should live in Alaska.

We're counting down to the summer holidays. I know I will be cheering when they go back in September, but for now ds2 is on his chin strap and needs a break. I can't quite believe that he has already completed his reception year. Then in three months time we'll be applying for ds3's place shock

TwentiethCenturyGirl Wed 16-Jul-14 20:42:56

That's the single worst thing about pregnancy for me ecuse. I'm a proper tummy sleeper and missed it both times.

Being pregnant in this heat can't be much fun either. I reckon I'd be rocking a right pair of cankles!

ecuse Wed 16-Jul-14 18:34:53

We're not doing pre-school as J is already in nursery daycare anyway but it sounds really fun for them. I bet given the chance J would be there like a shot! She's already talking about looking forward to going to school with the big girls. I can't believe that they will be going not far off a year from now <gulp> Weren't they all just born 5 minutes ago?

In pregnancy news, I miss lying on my stomach sad

TwentiethCenturyGirl Wed 16-Jul-14 18:22:43

Well, today's induction session went well. The teacher seemed lovely and DD was dead impressed with the range of toys on offer. So impressed in fact that she kicked up a fuss about coming home...

Let's hope she's that keen come September!

Kittycatcat Wed 16-Jul-14 16:16:13

Thanks everyone, I start on 11th August! It's not government so no school hols for me.

Where are you off to 13?

Congrats on DH's promotion Daisy

Hugs firefly, report back.

Ecuse - jel of your trip! Good luck with the wedding prep, and congrats on the engagement.

How did the induction go 20th?

TwentiethCenturyGirl Tue 15-Jul-14 22:34:58

Congratulations and good luck kitty - how brilliant to be commute free. I hate mine (and I know it isn't as bad as you London peeps have it). I'm definitely enjoying being on M/L and not having to spend 45 minutes in a car every morning and evening.

And massive congratulations on the engagement and wedding ecuse. How exciting. Are you having a big do or trying to keep it simple?

More fingers crossed for M's assessment firefly. There's always something to worry about isn't there? With us it's still behaviour. DD is so up and down at the moment. I'm starting to dread taking her out because I know she'll have a tantrum over something or other. It's sapping the life out of me at the moment.

We're off for an induction at DD's new preschool tomorrow. She's very excited. The preschool is in the primary school that we're in catchment for - it almost feels like she's preparing to start school <gulp>. They're growing up!

ecuse Tue 15-Jul-14 20:58:56

<wave of solidarity to green> I permanently don't know whether I'm coming or going at the moment smile Hellish few weeks for deadlines at work and DP and I rashly decided to get married this summer before DC2 arrives which means I'm trying to organise a wedding in 10 weeks on top of working till midnight most nights. Think my brain might explode soon (that or I'll turn into cheese & crackers, which is all we seem to get round to eating for dinner most nights at the moment. I think I'm scoring a bit fat fail on the foetal-nutrition front). Exciting times, though. A wedding and a baby within 3 months. Yay!

Also in excitingness I scored a work trip to the Seychelles the other week which was pretty fantastic. I hate leaving J for that long, and an 18 hour trip whilst 20 weeks pregnant is nobody's idea of a good time. But if I'm gonna go there are worse places to be grin. It's such a beautiful place and really interesting.

FIngers crossed with the assessment for M - hopefully it's just a case of kids developing at different rates? But if not then I guess better to know what the score is sooner rather than later?

GreenFirefly Tue 15-Jul-14 10:45:47

Hello, (I'm not really here), apologies for radio silence. I'm back at work sad This is week 3, mornings only still. It's going ok really but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to my leave next week when the girls will still be in nursery :D Everything seems to be stressful at the moment because there's lots of rushing around and I feel I'm constantly doing stuff for others and have bugger all time for myself.
We've realised that M's communication is way behind and we're trying to get her assessed - not many sentences, no questions. Just two word speaking generally, and the selective deafness, but her hearing is fine though - she can hear an ambulance in the next county.
Anyway, it's tea break time....

Daisy17 Mon 14-Jul-14 21:46:29

Very exciting, Kitty, how wonderful to dispense with your commute. I'm sure you will be fabulous. grin

Very excited in this household too as DP has got a promotion - he's not been enjoying things at work but this will mean working in a new building with a new set of colleagues in a new subject area - basically a fresh start without having to leave the security of his employer. So proud of him and relieved that he will hopefully be much happier again. grin

13Stitches Mon 14-Jul-14 16:39:47

Well done Kitty!

September start? V exciting!

I've got my last few days in my current place. V strange to be leaving.

ecuse Mon 14-Jul-14 15:59:41

Ooh that's exciting, well done kitty! I'm not sure I'll ever leave my job... 13 years and counting (started as a graduate, never left)

Kittycatcat Sun 13-Jul-14 20:34:11

Hello aprilites
Not dry at night here. We are in the process of changing the bed routine so he drinks before bath then wees after bath.

ION I have a new job. I wasn't looking. It popped up and I went for it, didn't think I would get an interview let alone the job. It's PA to the director of S's pre school, it's full time and local and I've never been a PA before, oh and it's maternity cover. I start the day after my birthday. Have been where I am almost 10 years.... Scared stiff.

Need pressie ideas for A's 2nd birthday present in sept?

ecuse Thu 10-Jul-14 14:00:25

No night dryness here (usually a very droopy nappy in the morning), although I'm firmly in the couldn't care less camp! Night toilet training sounds like a pain in the arse, whereas putting a nappy on is no hassle at all. Slummy mummy... fortunately J doesn't seem to care yet. Would be harder if she objected.

TwentiethCenturyGirl Thu 10-Jul-14 13:09:42

Thanks folks.

The nappy is definitely big enough, I think she's just fed up of wearing it and doesn't understand why she has to when she doesn't during the day. Tough I suppose, I've got a washing mountain as it is - there's no way we're going without until she's ready and I'm not attempting that crazy lifting business!

I'm sure you've tried this Fizz but can he bribed? And have you tried the Poo Goes to Pooland video on YouTube? That worked a treat became a minor obsession in this house for a time.

Not dry at night here either, but we are still having the odd accident through the day here. He wont poo on the toilet.......

Any ideas oh wise ones?

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