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April 2011 - We understand no but we choose to ignore it.

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ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 18-Jun-13 14:02:40

Welcome Aprilites smile

13Stitches Sun 21-Sep-14 17:38:39

Sympathy, Daisy.

Daisy17 Sun 21-Sep-14 09:53:50

Quite beflopped and feeling a bit unsettled of tummy but not exactly sick. Must admit I'm dreading being at school if and when I start to feel really sick. I was never actually sick last time, thankfully, but had constant nausea for a good 3 months most of which was during the summer holiday which made it way easier. Not so well timed this time..... sad

SarniaCherie Sat 20-Sep-14 10:01:11

yes I meant to shout as have been absent too long. The catch-up on the Facebook group prompted me to poke my nose round the door here as well. I'm glad you're still posting and I shall make sure to put us back on my Watching List. smile

13Stitches Thu 18-Sep-14 23:25:08

Congratulations ecuse! It sounds amazing!

daisy it's getting better, colleagues are warming up a bit. It's weird being new but experienced - I feel like I've got no idea, like I'm an NQT again but then I'll find myself contributing like an actual professional. I'm having massive Imposter Syndrome issues, actually. I'm struggling to believe in my own abilities. I really need to sort myself out or I'll sabotage myself.

Toddler (preschooler?!) is in a tame patch! He did improve over the summer, and we've found that a total tv restriction winds things back quickly. (We are overly reliant on TV during the week)

Got to visit schools this term! How can we choose? He's so little!

TwentiethCenturyGirl Thu 18-Sep-14 15:21:12

Sounds perfect ecuse - and what a gorgeous picture. She's a little beaut!

Sending sticking vibes your way Daisy smile

ecuse Thu 18-Sep-14 14:26:12

Daisy- amazing, congratulations!! How exciting, how do you feel (apart from tired?)

Thanks, 20th. Was a really amazing fun day. I like being married so far. DD was completely gorgeous and the star of the show (stealth boast photo attached)

Three nights away just DH and I was pretty awesome too. The George is very nice, highly recommend. Rye is the perfect town for a lazy short break. Just enough interesting to do in Rye and surrounds to have a little pootle when you feel like it; not so much of such imortance that you feel guilty for spending most of your time drinking tea and reading books / watching season 2 of The Bridge.

Daisy17 Thu 18-Sep-14 07:14:30

Excellent endorsement, 20th. I am really excited and not as terrified as when it was a mere supposition! Anyway, early days yet, please send positive sticking vibes....smile

TwentiethCenturyGirl Wed 17-Sep-14 21:55:47

Congratulations Daisy!! I love having two - DD1 adores her little sister and DD2's face lights up every time her big sister is around. Unfortunately I don't think I can get tempt DH to try for a third, otherwise I'd be going for it!

Daisy17 Wed 17-Sep-14 21:25:44

I've always said I'd take early retirement if my HOD ever left! Very impressed you made the leap at all, 13. Hope your new colleagues start to feel more normal soon. How are your toddler taming issues going?

Daisy17 Wed 17-Sep-14 21:21:51

Insomnia going away, thankfully, guess now I know I'm pregnant shock shock my body has stopped waking me up to try and tell me!!

13Stitches Mon 15-Sep-14 22:55:30

Congratulations Daisy! (Took me a good minute for that to click!)

My ovaries are jealous, they've definitely decided that a 4yr gap would be nice. Shame the finances can't manage it for another year!

Hope you sleep soon, though. Insomnia' the worst.

We're well and truly into the new school year vortex. F's gone from 1 to 2 days in nursery/preschool and is loving it! He's still with the cm the other 3.

I'm now at my new school - but of a learning curve but seems good so far. Missing my old colleagues loads though.

Daisy17 Mon 15-Sep-14 20:38:27

Um, well I WAS in the 2ww.....looks like insomnia IS an early pregnancy symptom......shockshockshockgrinshockshockshockgrinshockshockshock

Bit shellshocked. brewbrewbrewbrewbrew

Very glad to hear your two are both thriving, Twentieth, if all goes well I plan to be very lazy with no 2...... Is it nice having two?!

TwentiethCenturyGirl Mon 15-Sep-14 15:12:13

We're still here - and yes, no news is good news.

DD1 has started nursery at the 'big' school now and seems to be getting on ok and baby TCG and I are settling into a nice little daytime routine. I started at our first baby group with her today, which she seemed to enjoy. I'm so much more lazy than I was first time round though. She's six months now and I'm sure I was out and about at groups at about 8 weeks last time blush

I don't remember any insomnia during the 2ww Daisy but I did feel a bit odd, particularly first time round when I somehow just knew that I was pregnant. Does that mean you're in the 2ww at the moment? Fingers crossed for you if so.

ecuse - I loved the few wedding pics I saw on FB. You looked fab and DD was a gorgeous little bridesmaid smile Hope you had a brilliant day.

Daisy17 Mon 15-Sep-14 09:13:36

Helloooooooooooo?!?!?! Have we all been sucked into the new school year vortex?! Hope no news is good news....

Insomnia. I definitely remember this during later pregnancy - anyone have it during 2ww?! Feeling really weird.....hmm

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 25-Aug-14 19:36:23

Lovely dresses ecuse smile Of course I had to google the hotel, it looks fab. I could defo do with a night in a hotel at the moment! I think you've been wise not to do a city break. Dh and I went to Paris when I was 28 weeks pg and while being on my feet walking around most of the day was ok at the time, I was wiped out when I got back home.

I can't believe baby A is one already shock

I feel your pain with the potty training firefly. I bloody hated it with ds2, it seriously got me down. You'll get there x

We had a great time in France and saw lots of great sights; Mont San Michael, Fougeres, Dinan, St Malo - they were all beautiful and what we hoped for. The weather wasn't that warm, but that's ok with me as we are more a sightseeing family rather than a sitting by the pool family <wistful>

TwentiethCenturyGirl Mon 25-Aug-14 19:18:47

Definitely an excuse to splash out ecuse. Enjoy every minute of it - and tell me if it's worth the journey down south after (if we ever get another child free weekend again!).

Sounds like you needed some wine over the weekend firefly. Hope it's been sleep filled and less stressful!

GreenFirefly Thu 21-Aug-14 22:23:35

I'm going to have to look up the hotel. how I dream of childfree weekends away now grin .
I'm afraid we gave up with the potty training. she was holding it all day, refusing to go on the potty or toilet then wetting herself when she was off. if we put her back on part way through weeing she'd stop. I started worrying about water infections and nothing was improving after a week so we went back to nappies. hopefully she'll think about it over the next few weeks and decide to do it herself (I'm hoping).
baby A is getting her top teeth through. its been a rubbish week for sleep sad

ecuse Thu 21-Aug-14 21:05:59

It is The George! And so have I. Figured this was a good occasion to splash out.

DP is angling to call the baby Alexander/dra anyway quite independently so he is using her as backup to his plan. I'm on the fence - neither love nor hate it. Like it more for a boy than a girl.

Daisy - sending moral support and wine. Jealous - our kitchen is rubbish and needs doing but we don't have the time, energy or money and it's hard to see when we ever will... I'll be on mat leave soon and then when I go back to work DP is giving up work to be a SAHD so we will be skint for the foreseeable (but I won't have to do the "oh shit I'm late for the nursery AAARRGH" dash across London, which is definitely worth being skint for)

TwentiethCenturyGirl Thu 21-Aug-14 13:22:37

Damn Peppa Pig - DD was also convinced that her little sister was going to be called Baby Alexander. Needless to say, she isn't. However we did buy her a new teddy which was promptly christened Baby Alexander instead grin

The boutique hotel option sounds fabulous. It's not The George is it? <nosy> I've looked at it longingly on Mr and Mrs Smith a few times if so but it's a bit of a trek from us, so have never been.

Daisy17 Thu 21-Aug-14 09:27:35

Just a quick wave from the midst of house extension and kitchen installation. Nerves shattered from drilling and all those little glitches that seem like the end of the world at the time...... Lovely to be distracted by all this talk of weddings and baby sister premonitions.... grin brewbrewbrewbrew

ecuse Wed 20-Aug-14 23:08:35

Thanks, ladies! Yes, we're having three nights away at a boutique hotel in Rye whilst my mum has J. In fact, she's having her for 4 nights and we've got a night at home to recover the day after the wedding before heading off. Very excited at the prospect of doing NOTHING for a few days. We were thinking of a European city break and then thought we're probably going to be KNACKERED after the wedding, and I will be nearly 7 months pregnant and not up for the sort of all-day-wandering-and-cocktail-drinking that is the backbone of any decent city break. So we decided to go somewhere where the whole point was to sit around doing not much and relaxing, rather than going somewhere we felt we should Make The Most Of It and then feel guilty for not grin

I use the app rather than mobile site so haven't seen the change yet, but shall check it out (as the Android app is, frankly, shit)

13 Baby Zoe is a cute idea. You know you're going to have to call it that whatever now?

Had a scan yesterday and took J along, she was SO EXCITED to see an "x-ray of the baby". She has decided she's having a little sister whose name will be Baby Alexander (as per Peppa Pig). She will not be dissuaded.

<waits with bated breath for poo update from green>

TwentiethCenturyGirl Wed 20-Aug-14 22:32:39

I've never liked the mobile site - it's the app all the way for me, so I'm blissfully ignorant about all the changes!

13Stitches Wed 20-Aug-14 21:45:21

Omg it's all changed.

This looks weird. I'm not sure I like it. I feel all disoriented.confused

TwentiethCenturyGirl Tue 19-Aug-14 19:53:49

Zoe it is then - even if F does have rather a long wait on his hands!

How's the potty training going firefly? Hope you've had some progress.

I managed to get stuck in the middle of the school uniform section in M&S today. After escaping, I was struck by the fact that it'll be us this time next year - gulp. We chose her lunchbox for preschool earlier this week and that was enough for me!

Fab dresses ecuse. Are you managing to sneak a honeymoon in post wedding or will you not have the chance before the baby arrives?

13Stitches Mon 18-Aug-14 08:32:17

Happy birthday Baby A!

F has a new amusing/worrying thing: "later, tomorrow, I'm going to have my baby sister, she's called Zoe"

Oh really? I think you might be waiting longer than tomorrow! (His grasp of earlier/later is tenuous)

I've no idea where 'Zoe' has come from either!

Still, ttc#2 is pencilled in for next summer.

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