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August 2011 - a place to wAit until the rest graduate !

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MrsVidic Mon 08-Aug-11 07:25:43

Thought I would start us a postnatal thread. Were still in hospital, here till Tuesday monitoring dd (now named Eva) and giving her the anti biotics. Im missing dd1 loads as I only get to see her at visiting and trying to contain a toddler on the ward is tough.

Marking place for when something happens for me!
Lovely name MrsV smile

also marking my place in the vain hope that one day I'll graduate to The Other Side! 38+4 today.

Annie456 Mon 08-Aug-11 10:33:20

I'm marking my place too blush

WinterLover Mon 08-Aug-11 11:04:51

Yay ive been lost since I graduated from the pregnancy threads...

I now have somewhere to hang out woohoo grin

I cant believe it DS is now 15 days old!!!! Where has the time gone, oh yeah a week in hospital and a week at home.

Firawla Mon 08-Aug-11 11:36:14

marking my place too
wow winter 15 days! that seems to have gone quick!
my little one is 3 days today!
mrs V lovely name, we are still not yet decided. didnt take so long with the other 2, hopefully today or tomorrow will get it finalised, feel bit sorry for him with no name

WinterLover Mon 08-Aug-11 11:49:24

Firawla dont worry about the name, DS was 4 days old before we decided.

I know I cant believe its gone so quick. He doesnt look too much like a premature baby now, hes starting to look and sound like a newborn lol

Oh DP is already planning the next baby hmm apparently we have to bonk like crazy in Feb to make a NOV baby! He has mentioned next DC 5 times now in the past 2 weeks. Starting to get worried that all he has in his head now is baby baby baby haha

MrsVidic Mon 08-Aug-11 13:18:14

Firawla we only decided on Eva for dd yesterday! I felt quite bad but wanted her to have the right name

Winter- hospital stays are crap aren't they? I keep seeing all these new mums come and leave while I know the earliest I can leave is tomorrow!

WinterLover Mon 08-Aug-11 13:46:26

They certainly are mrsV, we was in for a week along with DS having a stay on NICU.

They gave me the post natal depression talk on day 5, they kindly got told I didn't have it and it was the stay in hospital and poorly DS that was making me cry.

MrsStevo Mon 08-Aug-11 15:34:58

Ooohhh, love the new thread!!

MrsV - love the name. Eva was /is one of my fave names too but our surname is Stevens so it would sound a bit like Even Stevens so it got ruled out!

Winter - I cried everyday whilst my babies were in special care. It nearly drove me crazy living on that ward - it is such a bizarre environment when you have just become parents and just want to get to know your new baby. I got very jealous of every new baby that came and went before we did. But all in all the care was excellent and worth the ordeal of being in there now that we have our girlies home.

I'm finding being a new mum amazing but overwhelming all at once. Had such a good day yesterday - the girls slept all morning (as did their daddy who had got up for the 5am feed whilst i slept thro until 9!) so I got myself sorted, had a leisurely breakfast and even did some housework until the rest of the house woke up. Today, I have felt shattered, achieved nothing, got showered and dressed at 1:30pm and have done nothing except change nappies, breastfeed and express milk for the next feed. And the health visitor turned up unannounced and was here nearly an hour so that threw a spanner in the works of going out for a walk (it's raining now ... I'm going nowhere!). DH is back to work tomorrow so I'm on my own with both girls all night and all day ... then my mum is coming to stay on Wednesday for as long as i need her - hurrah!!!

Firawla Mon 08-Aug-11 23:34:05

winter i got that with ds1 too i was in a week and kept crying cos i wanted to go home, wasnt pnd at all just didnt like having to stay in there! mrsv i hope you do get to go home tomorrow

WinterLover Tue 09-Aug-11 09:05:45

Hmmm I think DS is trying to test my nerves.... I put him to sleep on his back and wake up to him on his belly hmm he just seems more comfy and settled on his belly.

He's got really bad wind issues, he struggles to burp. I was told it's normal especially since he was early but I hate seeing him like it sad

charlottery Tue 09-Aug-11 11:30:07

Hello, can I join you. Our little girl was born on Friday, 2 weeks early emergency section after getting a bit stuck. She doesn't have a name yet either. I was so sure I would be overdue that she caught us on the hop a bit. She's utterly gorgeous (obviously!) and everything is going really well. I feel so much more confident than I did first time round.
Mrs S - showering and dressing at all with one new baby is a major achievement, never mind two!
Mrsv - hope you escape tomorrow, hospital is horrible. I was actually treated really well compared to last time but stll couldn't wait to get out of there.

MrsVidic Tue 09-Aug-11 13:35:45

gringringrinI'm going home today!!!

Winter- if he can turn himself over he'll beable to roll back so I wouldn't worry. Also windy babies benefit from a bucket bath, really worked for dd1.

Welcome Charlotte! I too am finding it so much nicer the second time!

MrsS you sound like wonderwoman!

Leilandri Tue 09-Aug-11 14:13:51

I've graduated! Now just to get used to having two little people at home......
confused !!

WinterLover Tue 09-Aug-11 16:13:17

mrsV this is going to sound silly but what's a bucket bath?

Leilandri Tue 09-Aug-11 18:55:58

Have posted some pics of my little one, and of me and my 2 beautiful boys x

Firawla Tue 09-Aug-11 20:17:10

awww leilandri lovely pics
i will put some up on my profile in a bit if i can work out how
would love to look if anyone else is putting up new baby pics
congrats charlotte & welcome to our august threads
mrsv yay you must be glad to be home!

WinterLover Tue 09-Aug-11 20:33:12

Ive just put a picture up grin

Firawla Tue 09-Aug-11 20:54:20

awwww beautiful

MrsStevo Tue 09-Aug-11 22:05:47

leilandri and winter - beautiful pics!!! What little bundles of gorgeousness. Congratulations!

MrsV - welcome home!!! Wonderful to be back I'm sure and in your own bed!

I have survived my first night and day by myself with the girls - we're all still alive, with full tummies and even managed to get out for a walk! I am shattered though!!

MrsVidic Wed 10-Aug-11 17:24:57

The bucket bath is a clear tub really works.

Well day 1 at home going fine, had ok sleep so I feel good!
My milk has come in so I look ridiculous, Dp loves the look! Dd2 is not feeding as much as yesterday so my boobs really hurt

fizzypigs Fri 12-Aug-11 10:30:29

Hi! My baby was born on Sunday morning and would love to join this thread! He's our 1st baby - my partner and I have spent the last few days in awe, love & utter fear!! Congrats to all the other new mums and good luck to the very soon mums to be xx smile

Firawla Fri 12-Aug-11 11:26:51

congrats fizzypigs!!

WinterLover Fri 12-Aug-11 12:16:29

How is everyone doing?

DP reminded me this morning that although DS will be 3 weeks old on sunday, technically i would have been 39 weeks today hmm

Im struggling with the night time feeding with DS, he's feeding every 2 1/2 hours but takes nearly an hour to settle back off again. Knackering doesnt come close sad

fizzypigs Fri 12-Aug-11 13:18:36

Thanks for congrats! Winter I am also struggling with night feeds. Absolutely knackering and I think psychologically there is something about night that makes them scary! I had a bit of a cry yesterday evening about it - think mostly down to exhaustion! I've no helpful advice but just wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat wink x

MrsVidic Fri 12-Aug-11 14:12:03

Hi guys regarding getting your dc's to settle a few tips:
Ensure they are burped sufficiently
Put the mattress on a slope (prop up at 1 end with a towel)
Don't react to mumers- babies sometimes make noise before going to sleep.
Ensure they are warm enough


Eviepoo Fri 12-Aug-11 14:51:15

Hi guys, just marking my spot for when Dragon arrives and I can graduate with you. It is nice to read that you are doing well.


fizzypigs Fri 12-Aug-11 18:32:52

Will be trying that advice mrsv! I have just discovered the wonders of cabbage leaves for sore boobs - wasn't convinced before but now I am!!

Firawla Fri 12-Aug-11 21:55:53

another tip it can be worth try swaddling them, that is working well for mine

MrsVidic Sat 13-Aug-11 08:03:06

Morning all,

We had a good night dd fed at 12, 3 and 5 but will settle easily after so its not really effecting my sleep. She only feeds for 10min- dd1 was the opposite but went for 5 hours so it's swings and roundabouts really.
I weighed myself today out of curiosity and I've already lost 1 stone 6 pounds so I'm chuffed with that- only 1 more stone to go!

I can not believe how much washing such a little person makes! She's quite sicky so were changing her outfit up to 4 times a day!

I'm going to attempt a walk with the double buggy today on my own.

fizzypigs Sat 13-Aug-11 09:01:04

Glad you had a good night mrsv!

We were up for a lot of it..had a good night previously but baby was back to not settling from around 1-4. He wasn't crying constantly, just didn't want to be put down & fed hrly.

Feel ok about it though better than I did previously! Fingers crossed that continues or even better that he goes back to feeding 3hrly at night x smile

Firawla Sat 13-Aug-11 12:28:01

mrsv thats really good! i dont dare weigh myself yet, i still look a bit pregnant and feel huge still so dont even wanna know how much i weigh! thinking ill give myself the 40 days for all the bleeding to finish & get a bit back to normal then go back to doing slimming world..

we had a good night, i think best one so far, i gave his bath about 7.30/8ish and then after that fed him and settled and wasnt up til about 2am! then back down and not up til 6ish. although i did have ds2 up couple of times and ds1 sneaking back into our bed, but still. fizzy i hope he settles better for you tonight, its soo tiring when they wont let you put them back down

WinterLover Sat 13-Aug-11 12:36:35

mrsv thats good grin

After my week in hospital I had lost all but 3lb, 1 and half stone loss in a week so I was definately happy about that. However the scales havent moved since then, but all my visitors are bringing me biscuits so as much as Im trying to be healthy its just not that easy.

Had a very good night with DS last night. He was feeding every hour yesterday, im now guessing he wanted more milk but there wasnt any there as my boobs have grown over night lol Managed to get 4 hours sleep before his first night feed smile then 3 hours before the next one!!

fizzypigs Sat 13-Aug-11 18:54:35

Hey! Just a quick post - anyone have any top tips for helping babies get rid of hiccups? Tried burping but doesn't seem to work. Thanks!

MrsVidic Sat 13-Aug-11 19:31:56

Fizzy- feeding them helps but apart from that there's nothing you can do.

We had the Mw round today and she informed us that talc is one of the main causes of cot death as it sits on the babies lungs! Oh and just to use cotton wool not wipes for 6 weeks as it causes escma! Cue me panicking and throwing all trace of talk away and airing upstairs for hours!

I'm having a takeaway tonight as I'm back at slimworld on Monday!

Dd2 is still scrunched up but she's just gorgeous- I can't get enough of her! Dd 1 is being really sweet but I have to be so careful she doesn't accidentally hurt dd2 with her hugs and kisses!

Leilandri Sat 13-Aug-11 20:15:42

Had midwife today, and DS2 has lost 7% of his birthweight, making him now a teeny tiny 7lbs 7oz. My DS1 was 9lbs 5oz and lost no weight whatsoever, so having such a tiny person is rather daunting. He is being brilliant so far tho, and letting me have a very easy ride! (I will eat these words in a week or two, I'm sure grin)

Last night he took loads at 11.30, then was still sound asleep at 4am when I woke for the loo, so I fed him anyway and he settled straight away and slept through til 8am. Tho DS1 was awake at 6am - Grrrrrrrr.

Currently I am co-sleeping with baby, as I can't lie down yet due to CS, so while I am still propped up, baby is sleeping on my chest which is really rather lovely, and not something I was able to do with DS1 as he was such a whopper!!

MrsV I am with you on the washing thing, baby has been in this world for 5 days and has already filled the washing machine twice! shock and DS1 has been brilliant with baby, but we are having to watch him like a hawk as he keeps wanting to hug baby, and touch him - narrowly missing his eyes everytime. hmm

Leilandri Sat 13-Aug-11 20:16:59

Oh and in other news (babybrain made me forget to add this to above post!) I stepped hesitantly onto my wii fit board today, and I have lost 7lbs in 5 days, so I'm happy with that grin

Leilandri Sat 13-Aug-11 20:21:51

Oh, me again!

Does anyone know of anything to help with constipation in a newborn. DS2 is struggling to go, tho I can see him trying, and hasn't been now for over 48 hours sad

Some oldwives tales are diluted orange juice, or rubbing butter around their anus confused but I wondered if anything actually worked?

WinterLover Sat 13-Aug-11 20:46:14

Leilandri DS was just the same when we was in hospital. The TC nurse said some babies can go 5 days without emptying themselves and its nothing to be concerned with. DS's constipation was in the transition between black tar poo and chicken korma poo (the hospitals definition)

MrsStevo Sat 13-Aug-11 21:27:17

Leilandri - I was a bit worried that one of my girls was constipated as she didn't 'go' for over 48 hours, having previously given me at least 2 dirty nappies a day. Research told me that babies can go 5 days without pooping and sometimes 7 if they are breastfed. Fortunately I didn't have to worry for long as Madeleine then produced 3 spectacular nappies in as many hours!!

I also read about OJ and stuff but wasn't keen to give my 3 week old fruit juices. There are some baby massage techniques that are supposed to help - massaging just south-east of their tummy button with two fingers in a circular motion and also holding both their feet and pulling them towards you and then bending their knees back to their tummy button over and over. HTH.

I am knackered today. Mum is staying and helping with all the boring stuff like housework, washing and cooking. Unfortunately DH has taken that as his cue to do bugger all so his contribution to the day is to just cuddle the babies when they are being cute and sleepy and then disappear into nowhere when there's feeding / changing nappies / bathing to be done. I'm about a day away from snapping at him and / or punching him in the face.

Still totally smitten with our girls. They are just so perfect and everyone keeps telling me how beautiful they are. I love going out for walks with them as we get stopped by hundreds of people who want to gawp at twins! I don't mind a bit for now but suspect it may get a little tedious in the not too distant future ... or when I need to get somewhere in a hurry!

Yukana Sat 13-Aug-11 21:57:27

Marking my place. Nice to see everyone here, how are all of your babies doing?

Freyja is a sleepy baby, she's colic so we got some drops and she's been doing much better since. She however, lost a lot of weight and I'm worried she'll have to go into hospital if this keeps up. She usually finds it difficult to feed a lot - a requirement as she's a big baby and needs the extra nutrition. I've tried to breastfeed, but find my confidence broken by the fact she is losing weight and the midwives are concerned. They offered to give me support at the hospital nearby, but for my own mental health I can not spend anymore time in the hospital.

When I was told during my hospital stay after the birth that I had to make a decision whether to have her breastfeed or bottle formula feed (as the breastfeeding wasn't going well and they wouldn't let me go home) I cried uncontrollably for a whole day. Even now when I think about still failing with the breastfeeding I break into sobs. I just want her to be happy and healthy, but for some reason I cannot let go of the thought of breastfeeding. Is it postnatal depression? I also don't really have much of an appetite.

Just wondered around what age do babies start being able to sleep more inbetween feeds?

MrsVidic Sun 14-Aug-11 01:07:48

Yukana- babies will sleep more gradually- yet each growth spurt will be up to a week of feeding almost constantly! You can dual
Feed- express a bottle a day and give your dc both! Bfeeding takes a lot of faith and is so much easier then second time as you are more confident- yet I'm sure if you feel that strongly you could keep trying? How is it with your medication? The best thong to do is speak to ppl in rl about things especially drs about your pnd who will be able to help.

Yukana Sun 14-Aug-11 05:39:10

My milk has come in so I've got a fair bit of it, I just find expressing by hand really quite difficult. I remember using a pump at the hospital to try to express milk but got barely anything out of it, perhaps it's worth another try as my milk definitely has come in now and I don't think that was the case back then. I find breastfeeding easier now than I did before, but little one still doesn't go on the breast for very long. A part of me knows the added stress of that and the fact she is losing weight means I should probably give up and find an alternative, but I'm finding it mentally difficult to let go.

The only 'medication' I have to speak of is iron tablets twice a day, so nothing more than that. I have considered anti-depressants before but worry I'll feel like a fake, that it will change who I am.

I worry about speaking to professionals about things like this. As soon as I mentioned that I had depression and an anxiety disorder, the hospital assigned me with a social worker, something I don't want. (I prefer the support of my family, and the local children's center to worrying about what the social services may do everytime I see them). My mother has been amazing throughout, giving me the support I need to keep going sometimes. I honestly don't know what is wrong with me, when I think about failing to breastfeed I can't stop crying, and suddenly feel very fragile.

On a happier note, Freyja didn't scream during the night last night, for which I am relieved. She did have a crying phase just as we went to bed, but settled down quickly compared to before. A midwife is coming over today to see if she's put on weight, and I sincerely hope so!

MrsVidic Sun 14-Aug-11 08:24:16

Yukana-Just to reassure you social services are pushed to the limit with their case loads and there just arent enough foster famailies- I really wouldn't fear their involvement- I know as someone with a mental health history you can feel tarred for life but actually recovery etc is seen as a massive stregnth of character and you shouldn't worry about asking for help.

DD slept really well last night only woke twice, quick feed and back to sleep! I'm banking my sleep while I can though as I know how quickly these things can change! DD1 is pushing her limits at the moment- refusing to share with her friends and pushing- we are being consistant with the pushing with the naughty space and giving extra cuddles as when she falls shes really crying atm. To be honest I'm finding coping with her behaviour harder than having a newborn! Then I feel guilty about finding her hard work as we used to have such fun etc! So I'm doing 1 thing a day just me and her while baby sleeps- ie I did bed time alone with her last night and we had a lot of stories and the day before we made pictures.

Any other second timers finding this?

Firawla Sun 14-Aug-11 11:29:21

mrs V my oldest is also pushing his limits a bit at the moment, i think it will help more when he goes back to his normal routine though, as it was the same when i had my 2nd. but my younger one has not given any trouble so far

this morning ive woke up with really bad pains, i feel like i can hardly walk. i dunno what it is i didnt have with the other 2 sad so ive called the midwives and they said to come in, which is a huge pain but hopefully they will sort it out for me

MrsVidic Sun 14-Aug-11 13:04:37

Hope your ok Firawla

Firawla Sun 14-Aug-11 15:04:44

im back, seem to be okay they said its prob just severe afterpains as it gets worse with each child? but have sent some things for testing. after i came out from hospital 2 quite big clots came out (sorry gross i know :P) so still feeling bit weak but atleast im able to walk around and stuff now. trying to get dh to help a bit more, lifting and carrying ds2 for me etc, cos he is really heavy so not sure its great to keep carrying him round

MrsStevo Sun 14-Aug-11 16:34:44

yukana - I felt the same as you about bottle feeding. My girls weren't getting the hang of latching on well enough to get a decent feed so they were screaming with hunger which was SO upsetting to hear. I had been determined that they would be exclusively breastfed and tried and tried to carry on but it was too painful and neither they nor I were happy about it. DH and I made the decision to bottle feed them - mostly my expressed milk at the time but now it is mostly formula. I sobbed when we made the decision but knew I'd done the right thing after their first bottle feed - both of them had a good fill and settled beautifully and the whole feeding experience was a lot calmer so I felt a lot better. Plus we got to take the girls home 48 hours after starting the bottle feeding as the hospital were satisfied that we had 'established feeding'.

Now we're home I'm still very hopeful to return to at least partial breastfeeding and try to put the girls on the boob every day. I am expressing after every feed though to make sure I keep my milk up and to ensure that they still get some of the goodness from my milk. I would deffo recommend getting an electric breastpump if you can afford one (or rent one?) - they do work very well once your milk has come in so don't be disheartened by it not being very successful in hospital. Hand expressing is all very well and good but you don't get nearly as much and it takes agggggggges. I would also deffo recommend that you carry on trying to put her on the boob at each feed - even if she just takes a couple of sucks and gives up she won't forget how to do it. What has worked well for us is giving the girls a full bottle feed and then putting them on the boob in between meals when they seem a bit unsettled and want comforting. That way they aren't missing a meal if they don't eat and the whole experience isn't a trauma as they aren't screaming with hunger.

I still feel very guilty that they're not breastfeeding as that seems the "normal" thing to do but the way we're doing things works for us and the girls are putting on weight. I also think that it is far better to have a happier mummy who is bottle feeding than a stressed out frazzled one who is desperately trying to breastfeed.

In relation to you not having much of an appetite, if nothing else make sure you drink plenty of water / squash so that you don't get dehydrated. If you do decide to carry on breastfeeding or expressing then you need to be well hydrated otherwise you won't get much and that can be very disheartening too.

HTH anyway. You are definitely not alone in how you feel though I assure you and please don't feel like a failure if you decide not to breastfeed - you aren't at all. Freyja is lucky to have a mum who cares so much about her health and she has already had some of your milk which is a fantastic start for her.

Yukana Sun 14-Aug-11 17:28:27

Thank you MrsStevo, it's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling like this. You made me feel a bit better.

I think what I'll do is solely bottlefeed her, and put her on the breast if she needs comfort. I'll express once I'm able to steralize the electric breast pump a family friend has given us. I'm not sure how much I'll get out of it, but my breasts currently are leaking due to the volume!

She's crying at the moment, she's had a good feed (75ml formula) but she gets very bad wind, I put some colic drops in her bottle and tried winding her a couple of times, but she's not settling. Could she be crying for attention? It's stressful to listen to but I don't know whether to ignore her or not. I changed her nappy just before feeding her which wasn't long ago, but I'm going to check it now just incase.

bettyboo83 Sun 14-Aug-11 20:03:07

Hi girls,
I've graduated! Quick question, any top tips for getting rid of wind? Joshua will only sleep on mine or DP's chest because of it! xxx

Leilandri Sun 14-Aug-11 20:33:13

Yukana I second everything MrsS has said about choosing between struggling to BF or choosing to formulafeed. I had surgery on my breasts in my teens and was only given a 20% chance of being able to bf after the op, but I still clung to hope when pregnant with DS1.
I tore myself to pieces when he was born, and I couldn't bf from one boob at all, and only a tiny drop from the other. It is disheartening, and the MW/HV don't help by banging on about "breast is best".
You are doing your best for Freyja by ensuring that she is well fed - regardless of where it comes from. DS1 ended up being FF exclusively as the pain and awkwardness of getting out those few drops wasn't worth it. He is a very happy, healthy 2 year old now who runs me ragged! We have an incredibly strong bond, and he is very advanced with his speech and emotional development so try not to worry, smile

As for the crying/attention seeking, have you tried giving her a dummy? I know some people are dead set against them, and I certainly don't like them for older children, but some babies have a very strong desire to suck, but don't need to feed all the time, and a dummy can help to get that energy out of them. DS1 had his dummy for 6 weeks, then he just spat it out himself and didn't want it anymore. I have just given a dummy to DS2 as he was whinging after feed and nappychange and cuddles, and he has settled right down.

bettyboo For wind try lots of different positions for baby. I find lying baby down then sitting him up is good as it squeezes air out of tummy, or over shoulder with as straight a body as possible. Infacol is good if you are still struggling as it is suitbale from birth, and gripe water is fab after 1 month. I also found with DS1 (who had awful colic for 4 months) that a vibrating bouncy chair is amazing, so maybe give that a try for a short burst?

Firawla Sun 14-Aug-11 21:27:47

congrats betty! i dont really know any tips about wind but hopefully you get it sorted out

agree about the formula feeding, if thats what you need to do to keep your baby well fed and keep you both happy then dont beat yourself up about it, they will still grow up fine and healthy! i didnt bf my other 2 for very long and ended up with ff and it worked out well for them, hoping to bf this one longer as it seems to be going a bit better so far, but either way if you bf or ff them as long as they are not going hungry theres no need to feel bad

WinterLover Mon 15-Aug-11 12:53:33

Ive had to do it, and now I feel really shitty about it.

DS has had a top up FF sad he's fairly settled now, he must have been starving. I think my milk is going away, been on some antibiotics and the doctor said the only side affect noted is your milk can get a bitter taste so hopefully thats why he's not taking my milk and the only milk he does take he brings back up again.

He was having FF top ups in hospital when he was on NICU so he's used to having them but i still feel like I've failed sad

MrsStevo Mon 15-Aug-11 14:18:28

winter stop it immediately!! You HAVE NOT failed. You have given your baby his lunch which he otherwise wouldn't have had because your milk tastes a bit funny today. Stop feeling shitty. You would feel 100% shittier if you hadn't given him a FF and he had gone hungry and spent the whole afternoon grizzling and wailing. You can't help the fact that you're on antibiotics and that won't be for long (I presume) so you can get him back on the boob soon. Would suggest expressing after you would have boob-fed though otherwise your milk will go away.

And besides ... you're making me feel shitty because I almost exclusively FF now. My girls get about 30mls of "Mummy milky moo" (as it has now been termed) and about 60mls of formula per feed so it is hardly worth bothering now but I persevere with the ruddy breastpump.

WinterLover Mon 15-Aug-11 14:30:02

Thanks MrsS and sorry if ive made you feel shitty too. Think I just feel crap about it because it too so long to get BF started as it was. Only got the antibiotics for 2 more days, then they take 2 days to get out of my system and hopefully my tear wont be infected then so I wont need anymore.

Im blaming my hormones smile tbh I think he's going to be mainly FF now, just seeing how happy and content he is (like you saw your girls after the first formula feed) makes me realise that he must have been hungry for a good few days.

Question about naps...

Should I be making sure DS has plenty of naps during the day so he's not overtired at night?

Yukana Mon 15-Aug-11 14:53:46

Thanks everyone, I'm starting to feel a little better. I do agree though the midwives and consultants saying 'breast is best' and questioning my decision all the time is very disheartening.

I think the reason Freyja was crying yesterday was due to wind. She has extremely bad wind that I just can't seem to get rid of despite using the same tactics that work for both my partner and grandmother! Baby obviously doesn't like burping for mummy. I was exhausted yesterday, she cried regularly on/off for five hours, it was draining constant caring for her with no rest, no break, two nappy changes, two feeds, and dealing with the crying.
She's due for a feed in half an hour, just hope she'll settle so I can get some rest as I'm exhausted again.

My milk has been leaking out of my breasts often for a couple of days now. I haven't gotten round to finding and steralizing my breast pump, so that's two days of doing barely anything expressing/feeding wise. I hope my milk doesn't go away, I don't really want to deal with more guilt and stress right now.

Freyja has put on weight, 90g to be precise, in 24 hours, so I'm relieved. They'll weigh her again tomorrow and then hopefully I won't be visited so often as I want to be able to take her out somewhere!

WinterLover I was constantly beating myself up after collapsing four times and being so ill I couldn't feed my baby in hospital so they had to feed her formula for the first time at less than a day old. I think even now I hold a grudge for the poor care I received at that time, but I should remember that it wasn't my fault I was so ill, it's just something that happened through no fault of my own. Remember, it isn't your fault and your antibiotics are only a temporary thing, perhaps express milk in the meantime? Big hugs to you.

just marking my place for when baba finally arrives

MrsVidic Mon 15-Aug-11 18:54:57

is anyone else feeling so happy they could burst! I just cant get over how in love I am with dd and how doable it all appears- im getting a little freaked out by how smoothly things are going tbh and fear ill fall back down to earth fast soon!

MrsStevo Tue 16-Aug-11 04:40:13

MrsV - yes! I feel the same. I am ridiculously exhausted but every time I look at one of my girls I just smile, they are worth every second of tiredness and just make me so happy. Dare I say it, I am finding life with newborn twins to be easier than I'd anticipated (I had anticipated it being dire though to be honest) - they are hard work but I didn't realise how much my feelings of love and adrenaline would carry me through.I am dreading the first time one of them gets ill as I suspect that'll be when it all falls apart!! My only complaint is that I'm expressing and I hate it... feel like a bloody dairy parlour! But it seems it is the only way the girls are going to get any of my milk so I plough on...

Me too, having a newborn baby, 2 year old and (almost) 4 year old is far easier than being heavily pregnant with two children to run round after! Love seeing my older boys giving their baby brother a kiss, so sweet. I found after I'd had DS2 that I would have, on average, one bad day a week where I was shattered and it was hard work getting through the day. DS2 woke every 3 hours until 7 months old though so I was pretty sleep deprived by then, hoping DS3 will go a bit longer at night sooner than that!

Not too shattered at the moment because DH, a farmer who normally gets up at 5am, is at home until 8am so I don't have to get up with the older two at 6.30ish, and believe me that extra bit of rest makes all the difference! Baby Matthew has really settled down after the initial feeding frenzy of the first week to get my milk supply established. He feeds roughly every 3 hours at the moment and once I've made sure he has burped sufficiently he then goes down in his moses basket for a couple of hours sleep. Long may it last. He likes to be swaddled but with his hands free.

Think I'm almost through the worst bit of breastfeeding for me - I always get very sore nipples at the start (despite numerous breastfeeding consultant people checking the latch with all three) and I hate the leakiness until the supply settles down. Soreness subsiding now but getting a bit engorged and leaky before a feed, hope that settles down soon. Sleeping on a towel so my nipples get some air at night!

Hope everyone else's babies are doing well too.

MrsVidic Tue 16-Aug-11 17:46:55

Glad I'm not alone- I do find pregnancy really difficult so it's Lovley having my body back! Baby Eva is doing really well so alert and is less scrunched up! She woke at 11, 3 and 5 last night but it felt more tiring, so Dp got up with her at 6 to give me an extra hour. She's been feeding lots today so think tonight may be a tough one!
I went to slimming world yesterday and was really pleased when I got weighed onle have 12 lbs left to loose till my goal / pre preg weight grin

Hersetta Tue 16-Aug-11 18:41:42

A lot of these posts are very familar to me as I am now solely FF as Alex was screaming with hunger and so had to top up - he then completely rejected the breast. Feel bad but he is doing well which is the main thing.

I have finally managed to resize photos suitable for mumsnet use so i have added a couple of pics of Alex to my profile for you to peek at. Lots also left from DD as a baby so you can see how similar they are.

fizzypigs Tue 16-Aug-11 20:42:00

Hey mums! A quick update from me..baby boy is doing well (touch wood). He only lost 60g at his 1st weigh in. He gets weighed again tmrw so fingers crossed he's gaining. I'm doing alright - knackered as baby has taken to being awake for 3hr stretches in the early hours. I need to keep reminding myself he's just over a week old and go with it. I am really enjoying being a mum bit have moments (particularly in the evening) where it all feels overwhelming and that my life has changed immeasurably.. Start worrying how having a baby will affect my and my partners relationship. I'm hoping this is all normal and just me getting used to the magnitude of having a baby, lack of sleep, hormones etc. Hope you are all having fun and have a good night tonight wink x

theonlyhb2 Tue 16-Aug-11 20:48:31

hello! i had Harper Lea last Wednesday (10th) only just out of hospital on Sunday, seems crazy she a week old tomorrow! Going to get her registered. She still has jaundice but feeding lots so hopefully flush it out.

My main question is about feeding. Harper was too sleepy to take to the breast but she does want it! But can't be bothered to suck properly which leaves us both a little frustrated. Have been expressing and bottle feeding which actually is fine, my milk is flooding in and expressed half a litre already today (just call me Daisy). She did feed off my boob the other night, and OH said he thought thats what she wanted last night when she wouldn't settle (I was asleep, my first proper sleep for a week, bliss!) So now I am in 2 minds cos I would like her to take off the breast but then I don't mind expressing and bottle feeding as OH can do it.....I am not even sure what the question is here! Anyone else doing the same? I was all panicked about it but then thought well the most important thing is she drinks my breast milk so it doesn't matter show she gets it, does it?

Firawla Tue 16-Aug-11 21:06:27

awww hersetta such cute pics!

theonlyhb2 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:23:53

i should have read the thread before I posted but wasn't sure if I needed to express/feed/change her! OK i feel better now as lots of you are doing the same!

Yukana, I was expressing 25ml from 1 boob on Friday, today I just got 120ml! I have the Advent electric breast pump and its so much better than the thing I was using in the hospital. I am actually debating getting a second one so I can double express and half the time!

Also, I have a very windy baby! She had hiccups in the womb during labour and they haven't gone. Just have to sit her over out shoulder or keep her upright for at least 10 mins or so after feeding. I got some different bottles and they seem to help, but she does burp a lot, and loud! I think she gets it off me ha ha.

I also had a stay in hospital, went in on Wednesday 10.20am, took them and hour & half to check if I was dilated (I was, 6cm!) then all of a sudden seemed to be fully dilated and Harper was born 1.07pm. I then had massive PPH and lost 3.5 litres of blood, rushed to surgery, had to have my womb packed out as it wasn't contracting at all (even though I had the placenta injection thingy then loads of extra drugs) and ended up having 4 transfusions. Thought they would let me out on Friday (was still in delivery suite, and i swear it was 100 degrees in there, plus they don't feed you anything but toast or sandwiches, which is NOT what you need when recovering) but then Harper had jaundice......got home Sunday avo finally! Now I am on some adrenaline high, I did sleep last night as OH did the night shift, but generally feel amazing not to be pregnant, am waiting to crash and burn......

charlottery Wed 17-Aug-11 11:44:53

Is anyone else feeling very up and down emotionally? I was on top of the world a couple of days ago, and am still really happy but really, really weepy today. We've had a couple of difficult nights with (still unnamed!!)dd not settling after feeding so maybe I'm just tired. Haven't managed to get out much either since coming home due to painful scar and anaemia so I don't think thats helping. We're going to go for a coffee later, which feels like a major adventure, but maybe it will help.
Sorry to be moany

fizzypigs Wed 17-Aug-11 12:13:17

I am with you on the up & down front. I feel it especially in the evening - been quite weepy. Ive also had difficult nights - in fact a fair few more difficult than easy! For me getting out the house (when I can!) makes me feel better as does having a shower! Good luck with coffee this avo x

hi all, just popping in from the other side...still pg but due date is tomorrow and I had painful BH in the night so I'm naively hopeful I'll be officially with you soon!
theonly I expressed all my DD's feeds for a month so she had breast milk from the bottle, but eventually it got too much for me to keep up. I got bleeding hands from washing the breast pump all the time, and found I couldn't go out much because although DD would take a bottle, I still needed to express the next feed so I'd have to go home to do that. If your baby will breastfeed from you then in the long run you'll find it more convenient! I can highly recommend keeping up one bottle a day though so your OH can give you a break. HTH.

Firawla Wed 17-Aug-11 14:34:19

charlotte i feel much better when i go out too, im sure the coffee will help

MrsVidic Wed 17-Aug-11 14:35:13

Afternoon all, well if anyone feels like biting off more than they can chew- feel free to join me on a food shop with baby and toddler! grin it was horrendous! Dp was there to help hmm
Think I'm going to realise my limits and save shopping for when dd is at nursery so I only take baby! I ended up breast feeding at the checkout !

Anyway- last night baby Eva slept from 9-230 but then only went till 4 struggled to settle then woke at 7. Not too bad as dd1 also slept in until 7! Dp on the other hand got up early to do the ironing!

I keep getting really bad muscle ache in my hamstring- Mw says it was pushing but dd is 11 days old now??confused

Highs and lows are normal- I cried the other day and threw a strop at Dp as he was doing my head in complaining about fantasy football grin

WinterLover Wed 17-Aug-11 17:04:51

Im getting fed up with my bloody stitches and this dam tear sad

I finished my tablets on Monday but today it looks likt the infection hasnt cleared which means more dam antibiotics... got to go to the doctors tomoro for them to have a good old look (dignaty really does go out the window when you have a baby doesnt it)

All I want to do is start my fitness DVD again, then il start feeling better about myself therefore my mood will get better too!!

Ahhhhhh rant over grin

MrsStevo Wed 17-Aug-11 18:33:30

charlottery and fizzypigs - I was all over the place with my emotions / moods for the first week or two. One minute I'd be all smiles and elation and the next I would be sobbing over nothing and for no reason. It is all hormones so don't worry, it doesn't last forever. I am fairly stable now emotions-wise, unless I get thoroughly exhausted or DH does something to piss me off

winter so sorry to hear your infection hasn't cleared. And also sorry about your impending undignified trip to your gp. It is such a treat being a woman sometimes - periods, smear tests, pregnancy-related poking and prodding, all your bits on display during childbirth and then post-pregnancy poking and prodding. Can't wait for my first mammogram too! Really hope you're healed again soon.

I have had a lovely day today - went for coffee (and cake!) with some NCT buddies this afternoon, followed by registering the girls' birth followed by brief shopping trip in town followed by impromptu cuppa at a friend's house as she wanted to meet the girlies. Sadly, I'm now back at home / the dairy (expressing AGAIN at the mo) and soon to start tackling the flea infestation sad

theonlyhb2 Wed 17-Aug-11 18:49:33

my nesting kicked in last night. Was my turn for night shift and the kitchen was almost gutted! Harper so well behaved, she likes to go on the breast about 2am but that seems to be more for comfort. OH said he likes being involved in the feeding as was something he worried about and Harper likes it. Gonna get a 2nd pump to double express.

I feel pretty good apart from tiredness but me and OH share everything and i am amazed at how well we work together and had no arguments so far! So he on night shift tonight and got friends coming round to cook dinner. Registered Harper today amazed there on time i am normally late for everything anyway!

MrsVidic oh dear!! When DS1 was 2 he used to be a nightmare in the supermarket so I used to go food shopping when when he was in nursery with just the baby and it was much more stressfree. For the last year (since DS1 turned 3 and DS2 turned 1) they both love going food shopping so I have been taking them both and they've been great. When DS2 hits the terrible tantrumming twos properly I will no longer be doing that though! I will just take baby on a nursery/pre-school day instead!

I am also a bit up and down emotionally. I know that a lot of it is hormone related but I think it's also because Matthew will be our last baby and I'm struggling to accept that. I'd happily have more newborn babies for ever more, it's such a special time - but they grow up and three children is what we had hoped for and is quite enough to care for and provide for. I can't bear the thought of parting with the baby things, just the thought of it makes me tearful sad. Will have to pick some of my favourite clothes to keep I suppose. Doesn't help that people keep asking if we're going to have a fourth to 'try for a girl' as though our family can't be complete as we only have one gender of children.

MrsVidic Fri 19-Aug-11 07:40:07

I can't believe it but baby ev has frown out of her new born stuff she's so long!

MrsStevo Fri 19-Aug-11 20:45:27

Please may I have a not-all-that-baby-related moan?

Feeling shitty this evening and fairly knackered (but that's normal) and it is making me feel very miserable. DH is upsetting me with his lack of ability to do anything, or ask if anything needs doing, or pre-empting any of the girls' needs, or giving me any kind of support, or really talking to me properly at all. I feel like our relationship is totally on hold and we merely co-exist in a barely-civil fashion. He just doesn't get anything right and I have no energy to do the sit-down-and-talk-about-it thing so end up just snapping at him or critisizing or being sarcastic. He's also just being so incredibly selfish and doesn't have a clue how that impacts on the girls and me. He blames his, pretty stressful, job (which he is leaving next Friday) and moans about being tired which - as I'm sure you can all appreciate - doesn't go down all that well with me at the moment!!

I'm also starting to go a little crazy as my mum has been staying for over a week - which has been fantastic as she has done everything I haven't got time for and just been an angel. But yesterday my MIL also arrived to stay for a week and "help". Now I have two people buzzing around the house, seemingly trying to out-do each other with helpfulness and MIL doesn't know the routine or anything about the girls' noises etc (Sophia grunts a lot in her sleep, she is fine and she DOESN'T need picking up or her pram rocking) so she is meddling and annoying me. She fed Sophia 100mls of formula today (she has max 80mls of EBM and formula) without me looking and Soph just yakked it all straight back up over everything and spent the rest of the afternoon unhappy and smelling mingy. This also threw feedtimes for the rest of the day out of the window and out of sync with Madeleine so I've been feeding for twice as long. Not sure I can bear both of the staying until Wednesday when they are due to leave.

We also still have the flea infestation which is driving me potty. Found 5 more fleas in my/ the girls' room today and Madeleine even has what looks a lot like a flea bite on her face. It makes me weep with sadness to know that my babies are being hurt by these little fuckers that I just can't get rid of - I've tried everything, including steaming my bedroom from top to bottom to kill them and their eggs. Any tips?

Anyway, I know I'm moaning - sorry. This is my only method of venting at the mo as I can't talk to DH, mum or MIL and I don't see anyone else as I don't have time!! I just wish that me and the girls could get on by ourselves now without intervention. I'm exhausted by all the people I see and have to make conversation with everyday!!! The only thing that is keeping me from losing my mind entirely is that my beautiful little girlies are just such poppets. I still find myself just gazing at them and showering them with kisses. Such a lucky mummy!

Firawla Fri 19-Aug-11 23:01:38

mrs stevo you might find your dh helps more and makes himself a bit more useful once your mum and mil have gone? i seem to find that with mine. if my mum is here helping out he will slink into the background a bit, sometimes it makes them feel a bit pushed out maybe, but when its only him and you he will have to make effort? hopefully anyway..
totally get you about the people there to help, i did feel a bit the same with my mum, as not always easy having people in your space doing things in their own way and not following your exact routines and methods etc, but its not long til wednesday!
my mum came over again 2day just for the day and we were gonna go out for dinner and take just rafiq and leave the other 2 at home with mum to babysit, but dh has come down with something and not feeling well, so we didnt get to go sad but oh well

littlemisslozza aww that is too sad to think of getting rid of the baby things but just dont think about it for now, he still has ages left as a baby so would just put all that out your mind!

Hersetta Sat 20-Aug-11 08:17:28

Big day today as it's DD's 4th birthday party (swimming party followed by party games) so we were making party bags etc yesterday and I am just about to start on making sandwhiches etc. Will be lovely to introduce DS to all our friends today so hope he doesn't steel the limelight away from DD too much.

DS is being brilliant (apart from being a bit windy and still suffering from constipation) and has slept through the last 3 nights! Last night he went from 11pm to 6am so am feeling pretty chirpy this morning. Feel bad for him about being constipated though as he cries when he strains to go. We have even moved him to the comfort formula for colic and constipation 10 days ago but with no sign on improvement. Have resorted a couple of times to a little sugar disolved in boiled water which enables him to go within 6 hrs. I have been massaging him tummy, have put vasaline around his bum, been cycling his legs and everything else I can think of but poor mite is still having problems....any other suggestions?.

Annie456 Sat 20-Aug-11 10:54:34

Hersetta, this may sound a bit strange but I went to see a friend yesterday who explained that she had a very colicky baby and after 3 weeks someone suggested seeing a 'cranial osteopath' (our NCT teacher actually suggested that every baby would benefit from this) apparently their heads and diaphragms can become very squashed during labour and makes feeding / sleeping and just about everything really uncomfortable for the baby. She said within minutes of being at her apppontment she had a completely different baby and from that point on he never had colic or struggled to feed. I've not graduated to this board yet but because of some similar stories ive heard, I'm probably going to try and take my baby to see one within the first week or 2 when he is born so just thought I'd mention it here.

MrsVidic Sat 20-Aug-11 16:35:01

Hersetta- I am do envy of your sleep! I'm getting 5 hour stretch then a 2 hour stretch then 1 on good nights. Tempting to try to see if formula would fill my dd up more.

MrsS - a baby is like adding a ticking bomb to the room in a relationship- and you have 2 so you're bound to get stressed etc. In with the others who said when your inlaws go he'll have more confidence. Also I personally find it easier when your help goes as you will move at your pace and it will be done your way.

I an knackered today as dd went down at 830 fed at 12 woke at 3 then 4 then dd1 woke at 5 ! Hope it goes better tonight

Firawla Sat 20-Aug-11 21:41:10

hersetta hope your dd had a good bday, and wow 11-6am is really good!!

rafiq is up and down with his sleep, some nights pretty good some not so much, but overall cant complain really. am tired though cos the other 2 wake up too so if not him then it will be someone else. think i will be trying to have an early night myself to catch up a bit

feel quite down because my dh has ended up having to go into hosp today, so i am really worried and miss him so much already sad they think he might have appendicitis so they will have to operate on him tonight. i know its a quite common operation but im really worried.

Yukana Sun 21-Aug-11 01:25:23

Just popping in, I have a question to ask (and a bit of a vent) whilst I have a spare moment.

My DD has a routine of feeding approximately every three hours. She is formula fed, and I try to get her to take 90ml each feed, if she feeds more, that's up to her. I let it go if she has one or two smaller feeds, if she doesn't have room for it for example. If she has a very big feed (105ml+) then I let her go three and a half hours before feeding her again.

She has bad wind, and we use colic treatment which has helped her massively. Other than that she sleeps a lot apart from approximately twice a day. One of those times she is looking around, I presume using her senses to explore. And the second is often a crying phase where she will scream and scream for no apparent reason. This frequently happens when we've just gone to bed.

My question is, is it bad to leave her to cry? She more than often settles to sleep after crying for a while, it's not so much trying to get her into a very strict routine, I think I do it (even though it's stressful for me to listen to) so she knows bedtime is bedtime, and that if she doesn't sleep she'll get terribly overtired, which I'm sure isn't a nice feeling for her. sad I'd cuddle her but if it does stop the crying she'll cry as soon as I put her down. Which being as most of the time I'm so tired I feel like I might faint, and the fact it's not safe for me to sleep cuddling her, the only solution I have for my sanity and DP's, is to leave her be. I'm not a horrible mother, am I? It's awful listening to her get so stressed, especially when she gets louder and louder and louder, but I just can't cope with no sleep after looking after her so much during the day.

MrsVidic Sun 21-Aug-11 02:57:48

Personally yukana i think a newborn is too young to sleep train, I'd pick her up and cuddle her. I'd elevate 1 side of her Moses basket as she may not like lying flat and check if she's warm enough. Shes still so small

MrsStevo Sun 21-Aug-11 04:31:33

Thanks for your advice ladies. I agree, I think we'll all feel a bit calmer and work together better once it is just the 2 (well, 4) of us. I have spoken to DH about it now ... altho I was ranting at the time as there had been another cock up because he hadn't thought about the consequences of what he was doing with the girls .... but he did apologise and realise that (of course) I was right! grin

Firawla - so sorry to hear about your poorly husband. I know appendicitis can be agonising - was it quite a traumatic admission to hospital? Horrible seeing someone you love in pain. Fingers crossed that the operation goes smoothly and he'll be back on his feet soon. Let us know how he gets on.

yukana - I agree with MrsV, newborns are a bit young to be sleep trained so you might find that this doesn't actually help her with a routine in the long run. I also read somewhere about how newborns not being comforted when they are crying can actually make them more anxious in the long term. I know the dilemma you're in well though - Sophia is almost exactly the same by the sounds of it. Tonight, for example, she has been up since her 11pm feed and has JUST settled back down - she had two enormous poos in the meantime and obviously had an uncomfortable stomach. This would have been completely unmanageable for me on my own as I was up all day yesterday and was quite busy, but DH stayed up with her until 3 and then woke me up to take over (just as Madeleine woke up too hmm ) is there any way your DP can help you out and work as a tag-team during the night, at least at the weekends? Are you managing to get any rest during the day - it might make staying up a bit longer at night more bearable

Hersetta - can't help with suggestions for constipation I'm afraid because you've mentioned all the ones I know (and some more... thanks for those!) I have also read, and seen a TV programme about cranial osteopathy for newborns and it sounds brilliant. It helps the plates of the head move into their correct positions and can instantly cure some babies who cry a lot. As Annie said - it is to correct the squidging that happens as babies travel down the birth canal. Might be worth a go for your little one? No idea how much it costs though but the woman on the programme had to take her baby a few times as it is gentle manipulation done over a few weeks rather than full-on head compressions (obviously!)

I'm up expressing at the mo. Much as I HATE doing it, it does give me a chance to catch up on here as I have mastered the art of balancing the sucker things whilst typing! Had a chat with DH tonight about quitting expressing though as it is so time consuming and, once all my helpers go home, I'm not sure that I will have the time to do it - particularly once the girls start sleeping a bit less. Madeleine can BF though so she could just transfer onto the boob all the time, but Sophia can't (altho I admit I could have tried harder to teach her) and I would feel awful if M continued to get my milk and S didn't. IMO, if one can't have breast milk then the other shouldn't either as it isn't really fair. Oh I don't know... another bloody heart-wrenching decision thanks to being a mother! Someone told me on Wednesday that babies don't get anything other than weight-gain from breastmilk after 6 weeks - anyone know if there is any truth in that? If so - I could happily justify FF after 6 weeks as they're piling on the weight with that stuff!

Sorry, epic post, I'll bugger off now!

Hersetta Sun 21-Aug-11 07:58:09

Firawa - hope your DH recovers soon. DD's party was actually really good. Everyone loved the swimming and dancing afterwards and 20 4 yr old were tired and quiet afterwards when they had their party food so it was a succrss all round!

Yukana - I agree with the others that a newborn is too young to do controlled crying. They need at the moment to feel secure and loved so I think she needs to be cuddled. If you are tired try to catch up during the day....sleep when the baby sleeps should be your mantra.

Up a bit earlier today but DS still managed 10.45 to 5.30 - he passed out last night after doing a huge poo so can't complain. DD is going to a birthday party at 10am so I'm going to catch up and go to bed for an hour.

Firawla Sun 21-Aug-11 13:06:35

yukana i agree with the others i would try to cuddle her and then catch up on sleep a bit in the day while she's sleeping if you can? and get your dp to take turns maybe one night each, as she's ff he should be able to take over for a night then atleast you would each get plenty of rest on the other night

my dh seems to be doing okay, they operated on him last night and we went in to see him this morning. apparently his appendix was really really bad so lucky he did go in and get operated when he did otherwise maybe it would have ruptured or whatever it is that appendixes do?! but he had to have the full open surgery because it was so bad, so i think it may take him a while to recover sad but atleast he is okay, and hopefully back home soon in a few days

Yukana Sun 21-Aug-11 13:16:43

Thanks guys. She doesn't cry at all during the day, it's just at night once or twice. She sleeps very well in the daytime. I do manage to get five hours sleep or so before the evening inbetween feeds, but it's not enough and by the time it gets to when DP and I have to go to bed, I'm exhausted again. If I cuddle her, it doesn't matter how many minutes or hours I've been doing so, as soon as I put her down she is awake and crying within ten minutes. I don't know how I'm supposed to cope.

DP can't do night feeds during weekdays as he's so exhausted from 12 hours of travelling plus manual labour. So it's only Fridays and the weekend where he can help with night feeds. I find myself calm but lonely during the day, tired and frustrated during the night. Having company really calms me down, so I enjoy it when friends and family come round.

fizzypigs Sun 21-Aug-11 19:57:34

Tummy time? Hey anyone know when to start doing tummy time with babies? Seems to be conflicting advice - from birth or from 6wks? I have been given a lovely play gym but not sure when I can start using it. Baby is now 2wks old - can't believe it!!

Yukana I had a few nights where my baby hardly slept - I found switching things round so I fed, changed & then fed again before putting him down helped - previously I'd been feeding only once then changing and attempting to put him down which didn't work. Not sure if that might be worth a shot?

Hersetta Sun 21-Aug-11 21:10:02

I wouldn't start tummy time untill baby can support their own head - think they would probably hate it before then otherwise. I would say from about 8 weeks.

Hersetta Mon 22-Aug-11 12:10:10

Just had the health visitor round and Alex now weighs an amazing 11lb 6oz up from 8lb 15oz just two weeks ago so he is doing really well. If I can get this constipation issue sorted we will all be fine. Health visitor recommended soaking some dried prunes in water and giving him the water to drink after the prunes had soaked for a while.

Hersetta Mon 22-Aug-11 12:17:28

Forgot to reply to Annie. I'm not sure if the cranial osteopath is appropriate for us as I didn't go through labour and DS was born by elective CS so he hasn't been all squashed like natural birth babies.

Head shapes reminds me of a really amazing comment we were told when DD was about 9 months old and we were on holiday in Menorca. The bar we used to frequent was run by a man and his retired mother. It turns out she used to be a midwife and after cuddling DD one night she said ' she was born by CS wasn't she - you can tell as she's got a beautiful shaped head'. I thought that was pretty impressive!!

Firawla Mon 22-Aug-11 20:49:35

aww hersetta he is getting really big!
i got rafiq weighed on sat he's gone up to 6lb 11oz from 6lb 1oz the thur before so he seems to be gaining quite quick aswell, although some of his newborn stuff still is really big on him and looks silly, cos he is very skinny, so waiting for him to grow into everything

fizzy i would probably leave the tummy time for a bit, about 8 weeks sounds about right to me too

yukana i hope your nights are going a bit better & not so tired. i have had a couple of bad nights recently too and starting to get really tired especially with dh not here.

i hope tonight goes a bit better. im thinking might have been affected a bit by eating spicy food, cos it goes through the milk?? so have eaten bland stuff and will see if he seems more settled. the other day i also felt as though he was suffering from trapped air bubbles after i was drinking coke, not really sure how plausable all that is but only explanation i could think confused

fizzypigs Mon 22-Aug-11 21:11:28

Thanks for replies - tummy time is postponed! wink

bettyboo83 Mon 22-Aug-11 22:14:38

Hi everyone, I've finally managed to find the time (and the free hands!) to write something, though I have been reading posts every now and then. I'm glad everyone and their babes are doing well.
Joshua is an absolute joy, even though he's not keen on sleeping at night hmm I'm going to try elevating one side of his crib as he hates lying on his back, so thanks for that tip MrsV He tends to end up in with us most nights, and co-sleeping wasn't something I'd even thought to try when I was pregnant. He's breastfeeding really well though and now weighs 7lb 1.5oz at day 10. We're still struggling a bit to get his wind up, if he doesn't burp he ends up with hiccups bless him. I guess I'll get better with practise smile

hi ladies well i found the thread i am very nervous as midwife coming to take my c-section stitches out tomoz and a couple are quite sore and because tyler jack was a big boy my scar is quite long but hey it needs to be done. hope all babies are doing well x

MrsVidic Tue 23-Aug-11 05:19:19

Hersetta that weight gain is impressive- Eva saw hv on Friday and has only lost 1 oz in 2 weeks so they are happy (as they tend to loose at first of bf)

Good luck Lilly

Betty hope the nights get easier quicker. It feels impossible now but they really willget easier.

firawla dd gets wind too and I don't drink pop! I do eat mild spicy food like falafel and pasta though. I thought it was down to veg n fruit though (as I eat lots)

Well Eva did 8-330 last night and is napping now! Think it was a fluke thou!

NHAN Tue 23-Aug-11 13:10:24

Hello can I join you all on here? Miles arrived on friday and i'm so happy I will probably annoy those still waiting if i stay on the other thread.
I had not been on for a while and became pretty down towards the end as everyone seemed to be having their babies early and i got to 41 weeks and was so worried i wouldn't get my homebirth.

Congratulations to everyone whose births i missed, hope everything is going well. If anyone needs any milk I have enough for about 20 and have renamed myself daisy! smile

majormoo Tue 23-Aug-11 19:01:07

Hello all on the other side. Ds3 doing well but I have just about recovered from horrible mastitus so had tough few days last week. He feeds all the time too. Dh back at work tomorrow so will interesting coping on my own with all four of them.

Firawla Tue 23-Aug-11 19:16:36

congrats nhan!

majormoo mastitis sounds horrible, hope you're feeling much better now, and sure you will be fine with your dh @ work. how old are all ur others?

rafiq was bit better last night, so hopefully will be same again. betty he is the same, gets hiccups if not burped properly

bettyboo83 Tue 23-Aug-11 21:39:28

Firawla do you have any top tips when it comes to burping? I either have him upright over one shoulder or him sat on my lap and me supporting under his chin, but I don't often get a burp. Are you meant to just keep going until they burp or are there times when they just don't have wind??

Firawla Tue 23-Aug-11 23:23:08

not really, i just do same as you although i find the hand under chin one better than shoulder but sometimes i dont get anything up from him either. i just try for a while & if nothing then i give up. can normally tell if he looks more uncomfy from trapped wind i would persist a bit more with it.
also sometimes if fallen asleep while feeding i dont wanna disturb him too much with any vigorous burping..

KLou111 Wed 24-Aug-11 19:07:35

Hi all, haven't read back on this thread yet, totally forgot it was her TBH, and haven't read back on the other thread either to see who else has had their bubbas. Not that I haven't got the time as Euan is a dream, I just would rather stare at him at the mo lol!!! grin

All OK here, Euan sleeps, sleeps and sleeps a bit more! He is feeding so well, lost 4oz's at his weigh in at 6 days old, his next weigh in is this Friday when the HV comes for her first visit, and he'll be 13 days old. My milk is literally pouring out and choking the poor little man where he has this adorable little cough (which is not good obviously to be choking him!!).
He loves his bath time, the first one he hated as I think the water was a little cold as we were shit scared of it being too hot despite the elbow test and have a thermometer too.

Reusable nappies are working really really well (eco bumbles and motherease wraps) and coming up spotless on a 90 degree wash which is fab!
DH is being fantastic and helping out everywhere. He baths him in the evening, changes him all day, top and tails him in the morning, dresses him, cuddles him, soothes him, and even (sometimes) sits up with me in bed when I feed him in the night.
So lucky that we work from home so DH and I will have all the time in the world with the little one and can share everything without feeling guilty the other has to go to work.

Anyway, sorry for the long self centred post, will read back when I can pull myself away again from my gorgeous little man grin

KLou111 Wed 24-Aug-11 19:11:52

just read about the wind, I sit Euan on my lap, hanother hand d under chin, hand at back of neck and move his top half in a circle, and that works. Or other way is pick him up under the arms and just dangle him (MW told me this one, don't like doing it but it works when the other doesn't), also can lie across your lap face down with one leg lower that the other (bum end) and soothe his back. smile

MrsVidic Wed 24-Aug-11 19:56:20

Hi KLou - sounds like things r going really well- Congrats x

I'm currently bfeeding dd and getting ready for bed. Dd1 is staying at my mums tonight so ive enjoyed a bit of 1 to 1 time with Eva. I can not believe how quiet/ tidy/ easier it has been today! As much as I adore my toddler I am so grateful for my mum having her once a week so I can have a rest!

Dd is very windy too- I'm going to try lactose free milk etc next week to see if that helps. I find winding her as she is led over a firm cushion ( supporting her head with my hands helps)

Yukana Wed 24-Aug-11 22:48:27

I have another question, sorry if TMI!

Me and DP have had sex three times since me giving birth, and he has ejaculated inside of me all those times. I'm worried that I could get pregnant and so we won't be having sex again until I see a doctor which I'll be booking for ASAP. Is it possible to get pregnant so soon after the birth? I'm still bleeding (though not much) and my stitches are still a little sore. I have no idea when my periods are anymore but they were irregular to start with.

I'm very worried about getting pregnant again, DP would be furious, I want a chance to get my body back, and I wouldn't be able to have an abortion or give the baby away for adoption. It would just be a very, very bad idea. Should I take a pregnancy test in a week just to make sure? I'm not getting any symptoms, it's just me being a worrywart.

Yukana Wow, I'm impressed... three times already! I've not done it before about 6 weeks, just not felt ready. I'm pretty sure that it's not possible to get pregnant in the first 3 weeks following the birth but beyond that I imagine it could happen. I'd go to the doctor and mention it, plus get contraception sorted asap. Tbh I don't see how your DP can be furious if he is prepared to have unprotected sex - he needs to be more responsible if that's the case!

Yukana Wed 24-Aug-11 23:26:34

I guess I was exaggerating when I said 'furious', he'd probably be negative about it however. But I also thought it wasn't possible to get pregnant within the first three weeks, she was born less than three weeks ago, so based on that I'm in the clear, but I just want to be sure! smile We'd like to wait a couple of years before trying for another baby.

I'm quite amazed myself that we've managed to have sex so soon. blush Especially as I'm still a little sore! I probably should've waited a little longer to be honest, but I do have a tendency to get caught up in the moment...

Firawla Wed 24-Aug-11 23:43:09

klou sounds like you are really well, that sounds so nice you & dh both being able to be at home with him!
i am gonna try some of the other winding suggestions, but what exactly do you mean by danging him?? like holding him up under the arms lion king style or something else?? as ive not heard of that one but worth a try as we seem to have lot of hiccups & trapped wind here tonight.. wanted to go to bed before now but too unsettled with the hiccups so far
yukana hopefully you wont be able to get pregnant so soon but would test just to put your mind at rest and then sort contraception out asap

majormoo Thu 25-Aug-11 08:39:28

Yukana good god just the thought of sex makes me feel faint. if you are not breastfeeding then you will be fertile pretty quickly so get some contraception sorted! your dp must be as aware as you how babies are made so he would have nothing to be furious about.

Klou I for sitting them on my lap with head in my hands for support them run them on back for winding.

Mrs v love your dds name. I have an eve, who is sometimes an evie depending on how sophisticated she is feeling.

firwala hope your dh on the mend. my mil had a partially ruptured appendix a few years ago. was horrible.

survived first day with dh at work. DD is 8 so pretty independent and the other boys are 4 and 2 so luckily they were not too wild yesterday. ds3 only woke twice last night which is a huge improvement from bring awake most of the night. long may it continue.

majormoo Thu 25-Aug-11 08:43:00

Please translate spelling errors in my post-on phone with baby on my lap. Must get us ready for day ahead as have loads of visitors today-again

Firawla Thu 25-Aug-11 09:18:15

dh still in hospital and not doing too good really sad hopefully he will start to improve more before too long, really really missing him

HI GUYS i have a question for those of you who have had a c-section how long do you leave till you can drive again really need to do a good shop lol x

KLou111 Thu 25-Aug-11 11:07:28

Firawla yes dangle lion king stylee grin He looks so uncomfortable doing it, and I do it as a last resort TBH, but it does work if all else fails.

Yukana respect on the sex smile But agree with the others, your DP couldn't possibly be angry with you if you did get pregnant again, 2 to tango and all that!!!! Are you BF??

I am dying for a good doing blush am not a sex crazed lunatic, but have definitely noticed the lack of in that department!! Stitches have nearly healed completely now, so hoping this weekend may be the weekend wink
Am BF, and we have never EVER used condoms in the 14 years me and DH have been together, so that would be VERY weird. And though we've had the talk about having another baby, and how we would be over the moon if I did fall pregnant quickly, we would always think baby number 2 would be an 'accident' rather than planned like this one. Have the HV out tomorrow so may ask about contraception and all that then.
Going to register Euan this afternoon, good times smile

KLou111 Thu 25-Aug-11 11:10:21

lilyrae I know someone who was up and driving within 3 weeks, although I probably do an online shop if you can smile I did a 2-week one 2 weeks ago yesterday, and still have stack of stuff!! Just write yourself a 'menu' for dinners etc and order, that what I did, and boy it worked!! Just need the odd bit of fruit etc, but ordered loads of milk to freeze, and bread mix rather than bread so could make it as needed smile

lilyraesmummy I drove after 10 days last time and 2 weeks this time. You need to tell your insurance company though (mine have never had an issue with it) and you need to feel comfortable enough to brake suddenly. Supermarket shopping however - you ought to take someone to push the trolley and carry the bags for at least the first few weeks.

Re winding, I find that a good wiggle helps, I sit him on my lap and move his upper body from side to side gently. Tend to do this if the traditional method of back rubbing while held upright hasn't worked. Changing his position every few minutes until he has burped enough seems to work too.

Firawla hope your dp is better soon, you could both do without this right now I'm sure.

ohanotherone Thu 25-Aug-11 17:00:13

Hi guys, I've found the thread!!! It's been two weeks today since Baby ONO came into the world. She sleeps really well, just having a 3 hour grizzly period in the evening each day. I'm pants at winding despite this being my second baby. She's now 8lb 11oz so 3 ozs up on her birth weight and 98% percentile in height!!!! The breastfeeding has been going really well and I've found as long as I don't eat onions and drink peppermint tea, she doesn't have too much tummy ache. DS is being really good aswell with only a few comments about not getting enough attention. I'm glad everyone is doing well and I can't believe Yukana that you have had sex and more than once. I will not be having sex for at least the next three months despite the midwives and health visitor literally ramming contraception down my throat!!!

Firawla Thu 25-Aug-11 17:50:26

klou ive tried the lion king thing and not getting any results so far, but will give it a few more tries.

ono congrats and welcome over to the thread :D my 2nd ds was 98 percent on height too and he looked huge, and got through the clothes sizes soo quick!

i am really happy now cos i am just back from seeing dh and he has improved soo much since yesterday, so i think he will be allowed home soon and just so nice to see him with his personality back after seeing him so weak and not like his normal self, so yay grin

Hersetta Thu 25-Aug-11 19:12:52

I have been driving for a week (so from 3 weeks) and in fact took DD swimming and clothes shopping today whilst DH looked after DS. I agree though that you shouldn't puch a heavy trolley or lift the shopping bags just yet - online is the way to go!!

Following suggestions on here I tried the lion king hold for the first time this morning - a huge burp soon followed - and then a large percentage on his milk which went all the way down my pyjama top and my boobs....not sure I'll by trying it again!!

Leilandri Thu 25-Aug-11 20:48:32

Burping - I find letting Leo lie flat for a little while after his feed, then sitting him up with one hand supporting him, and one hand gently compressing his tummy works quite well. Or gently bouncing him on my knee.

Driving - With my emcs after DS1 I waited the recommended 5-6 weeks before driving and slowly went out of my mind! This time after much more relaxing ELCS I waited 12 days. I did ask my Dr when I went to get prescription, and he did exam tummy muscles and scar, but he said generally you need to be able to do an emergency stop with no pain as that is what the insurance company will want.

Yukana Cudos on the sex thing, but please be careful. Not only could you soon get pregnant without even having a period, but as you are still bleeding you could get an infection too. Condoms really would be a good idea x

All is well here with us. Little Leo has put on weight and is now back up to his birth weight. DS1 is still being an attention seeking tot, but we are managing. Never knew how quiet a newborn could be as DS1 had raging colic and used to scream every hour or day and night. I am thankful for every night when Leo settles peacefully, just got to work on getting him to settle earlier now grin

bettyboo83 Fri 26-Aug-11 14:53:01

In response to the driving question, for patients at work who have had abdominal surgery we advise them to sit in a stationary car and as long as they can comfortably do an emergency stop and twist to check their blind spot then they are ok to drive. Plus it's definitely worth letting your insurance company know as they try to wriggle out of anything!! xxx

Eviepoo Fri 26-Aug-11 17:46:03

Hi all - I can finally join you!!!

I had a wee girl yesterday morning at 8.14am at 9lb3oz. Labour was really tough!! I will talk more later about that.

I'm fine and Grace is the most perfect angel of a baby, so content and quiet.

I'll post more when I am settled

KLou111 Fri 26-Aug-11 17:57:25

Congratulations Evie!!! Beautiful name smile

Firawla Fri 26-Aug-11 19:21:50

congrats evie!! sorry your labour was tough but glad you are both well

MrsVidic Sat 27-Aug-11 20:12:33

Congrats Evie!

I'm struggling here with my toddler! She has been having accidents increasingly weeing when I'm feeding! I'm stressed anyway and just want to shout at her as I feel so frustrated (she has been dry for months!) I have to grit my teeth and remind her of the potty and try not to over react!

I'm going to buy a star chart tomorrow and pray that works

ohanotherone Sun 28-Aug-11 11:35:27

Congratulations Eviepoo, what a whopper!!! Hope you are okay too.

Hersetta Sun 28-Aug-11 11:52:55

Congratulations Evie!!

Well we have survived the first month (can't believe it has been a month already!!). Alex is still gdoing well and sleeping between 6 and 6.5 hrs at night. We have been getting beautiful smiles for the last week and yesterday got our first giggle which just melts your heart.

His big sister who is 4 this week is completely in love with him. She constantly kisses him and tells him how much she loves him and chats away to him about whatever she is doing...it really is lovely to see them together.

Fingers crossed we have sorted out Alex's constipation issues. we moved him from Aptimil comfort formula to cow and gate comfort and he has now been on his own with no help from me at all for the last 2 days.

Hope everyone is holding up well.

fizzypigs Sun 28-Aug-11 18:29:11

Congrats Evie!

Hersetta I am so jealous of your 6 1/2 hr sleep, smiles & giggles!! We're a week behind you and at the moment are getting a max of 3hrs sleep and lots of dinosaur baby noises as well as feeding marathons. Today there have been no naps that last longer than 20mins. Ah well a lot can change in a week?!?!

Firawla Sun 28-Aug-11 19:38:43

awww giggles! that must be lovely. looking forward to those. we have started getting some smiles but its mainly still the while asleep ones rather than awake proper ones. still very cute though grin
dinosaur baby noises also sounds cute fizzypig!
hersetta i know what you mean cant believe rafiq is 3 weeks already so nearly 1 month, the time is flying tooo quick!

fizzypigs Sun 28-Aug-11 20:12:19

Realized my last msg sounded a tad negative - just had an impressive display of push ups in my chest & neck muscle development! Yip time is flying almost 1/6 of mat leave gone - WTF??

Hersetta Mon 29-Aug-11 13:14:15

You're going to hate me now!!!

Alex fell asleep at 11.15 last night and I had to wake HIM up at 8.20 this morning!!! He had a little grizzle at about 3am but I just put his blankets back on him and he settled himself back to sleep. he definitely cluster feeds in the evening to stockpile food for the night as he had two 6oz bottles in three hrs, had a poo and then passed out!

We are celebrating DD's birthday today (she doesn't know it's actually on Wednesday) because my DH is going away for work tomorrow for a week so he would have missed it, Glad Alex is being so good at night as I will be managing by myself for the next week.

MrsVidic Mon 29-Aug-11 13:25:07

Glad he is being such a good boy Hersetta!

Eva is doing 6 hours then 2 then 1 but that's fine for me. I'm going to take her to an osteopath to sort out her grunting as she looks in real pain!

I can't believe it but I'm actually in my pre preg size 10 clothes again- woo hoo! I do look odd thou with huge boobs!

majormoo Mon 29-Aug-11 15:45:58

Fizzy I am in the max three hour sleep, dinosaur noises, feeding marathon club.
yesterday I spent nearly all day feeding while ds hardly slept. still today he is sleeping loads-which is just as well as I am trying to get DD to tidy/clear out her bedroom. how many crystals/rubbers/pens/trinkets boxes/random bits of paper can one 8year old need? It is harder work getting her to tidy her room than giving birth!

ssmile Mon 29-Aug-11 17:34:35

Hello can I join you. the first to pop from the Sept edd club. Had DD on Fri by C-sec is our 2nd DD (1st is 4.5yrs). Came home yest pm. Struggling again with BF. Dejavou as had horrid time getting BF established with DD1 vowed not to get in that state again but alas last night despite nipple shield had blood out cracked nipple. Only just feeding on one side and using syringe formula to top up. Baby has lost 10% weight in 3days but as she was 8lb14oz and other signs ok MW not overly concerned yet. Steeling myself for another night of exhausting hourly feeds ahead..... somehow it seems better once u make it to 4,am and dawn approachs.
DD 1 is proving challenging over excited loud big sister not quite understanding why baby sleeps all day!

fizzypigs Mon 29-Aug-11 20:43:15

Congrats ssmile!

Glad I'm not the only one in the baby dinosaur club!! Yay major! Although have to admit I'm jealous of the other sleeping beauties...

Had what seems like a major achievement - Baby took a bottle of expressed milk! So pleased. However if anyone has any tips on improving technique they'd be gratefully received - milk seemed to escape from both sides of his mouth & he spat what seemed like a lot of it up after the bottle was finished. Posted about this on feeding thread too.


MrsStevo Mon 29-Aug-11 21:54:11

Hello all! Have had a busy few days (weeks....months...) so no time for posting! All well in team twinny, the girls are just the best!! They are sleeping between 4-6 hours over night (dependent on whether they're in our bed or not!!) so it is very bearable. BUT I have jacked in breast feeding and expressing this week. We managed 5 weeks of combo feeding but then my mum went home and with DH at work it wasn't manageable. The girls are thriving on formula though - 6lb 9 and 5lb 2 last week - so it is going well!

My birthday today and the girls gave me the present of seeing almost every hour of it PLUS both of them vommed on me before dawn - a new record! Early night? I think so!!!

ssmile Tue 30-Aug-11 14:23:38

mrs stevo sounds like a grand birthday present hopefully the coming ones will make up for it.
fizzypigs gd luck with ur ebm. Sorry don't have any tips except maybe slower delivery either teat or syringe? I really struggling with cracked nipples so resting them by hand expressing into a sterile cup then sucking up with a syringe and feeding baby that way. Then supplementing with formula same way. Can just about tolerate feeding off one nipple using a shield. It's early days ere &unfortunately I had a similar experience with my first DD 4yrs ago but I did get there after 4-5wks and made 9mths BF so hoping I can keep going through this vhard patch one day at a time again.

bettyboo83 Tue 30-Aug-11 16:02:12

Another member of the dinosaur club here! Joshua is sleeping a max of 3 hours (usually in with us) and has 4-hour cluster feeds morning and evening!! Needless to say I'm not getting much else done and my amazing DP is keeping the house going...however, he's gone back to work today sad Someone please tell me the feeding gets less frequent, before I lose my mind! xxx

ssmile Tue 30-Aug-11 17:41:50

bettyboo it does get less frequent but they all different. With my 1st DD 5wks was magic turning point when things started to settle more. I keep a note pad on the go writing when fed how long etc and I Rember around wk3 more of a 2-3hr pattern emerging. Hang in there it seems endless but it will improve.

I very proudly hand expressed 9ml off my vsore boob earlier. It doesn't sound much but was just relived to keep it going. That was 3hrs ago so about to try again. Phew seems such hard work but know it will be worth it when I'm confidently whipping out boobs for feeds with out thinking about it in about 5wks time........I hope.

fizzypigs Tue 30-Aug-11 20:42:26

so baby took ebm again tonight..yay! but had to breast feed straight after for about 40min which seems to defeat the purpose. this is after a feeding marathon this avo. i am hoping this is a growth spurt that will pass quickly as at the moment my plans to bf till 6mths are fast diminishing. i need a break!! i had no idea bf would be so intense.

Once you get past the first few weeks it's easy fizzypigs. I had a very hard first few weeks with DS1, traumatic birth, had to express for the first week using electric pump which gave me a huge oversupply so I leaked everywhere for weeks afterwards, sore and cracked nipples. Kept going out of sheer bloodymindedness as I wasn't going to give up when I'd got so far. Got to about 6 weeks and it was so easy, fed him for 9 months in the end. With DS2 it was easy from day 1, couple of weeks of sore nipples at the start but soon settled and fed him for 9 months again. Really easy again this time with DS3 so all that perseverence with DS1 has paid off for me. It's so simple to feed out and about once you get used to being discrete and great for not having to get out of bed in the night wink!

fizzypigs Tue 30-Aug-11 21:00:11

thanks littlemiss! i hope so. think i'm just struggling with how intense it is - it's just really overwhelming to have someone need you this much. i guess part of this is about becoming a parent and another part is about feeling like my body is not (still after giving birth!) my own. just feeling like the prospect of having a night off is far far in the distant future.

Eviepoo Tue 30-Aug-11 22:46:29

Fizzy, I'm feeling your pain. I'm having 6 hour cluster feeds on an evening and I want to cry... I have 40ml ebm in fridge and if needs be DH will give her it in a while....I think she might be settling now..I hope so.... Shattered.
Good luck x

fizzypigs Tue 30-Aug-11 23:30:29

Poor you Evie! Hopefully in a wee while we'll look back at this and laugh or not even remember how consuming it was. I've eaten at least my body weight in biscuits as some sort of compensation but now feel a bit sick! blush Oh well tomorrows another day - let's hope it's a better one! smile

Eviepoo Wed 31-Aug-11 08:07:36

Omg I the six hour of evening feeds was bad but she slept for 6 hours last night.....grin
I can't help just gazing at her, she's too beautiful.

majormoo Wed 31-Aug-11 08:40:28

Eviepoo glad you had good night.
these marathon feeding sessions do pass. I keep telling myself just need to get through the first six weeks then breastfeeding is so easy.
ds3 seems to be following my dds voracious appetite. I thought her mad feeding was because she was born in the 2003 heatwave and was thirsty but no heatwave this august and still got a very hungry baby.
last night was not too bad but so far this morning ds2 has pooed all over the hallway having decided he is now too big for nappies and ds1 is wandering around in the nude demanding to try his school uniform on. Luckily DD is at a sleepover so she is out of the equation for a while. how I will ever get them to school on time with lunches made is a mystery. at least now I can feed in bed for a bit and leave dh to cope with the mayhem for a bit. Thank god he works from home most of the time!

hiss42 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:19:54

Hello everyone! Congratulations!

I had Jonah on the 17th, so he's two weeks today. He was 8lb 3oz when he was born, but I must have pretty impressive breast milk as he was already 9lb 1oz by 7 days old!

I feel like I'm having post traumatic stress about the birth, I keep thinking about it at night, googling it and crying it's awful!!! Have all of you with slightly older babies got over it? I had a forceps delivery in theatre and had a hell of a lot of stitches! Because of the high risk of a cesarean I had a spinal block rather than an epidural and I think feeling that helpless probably is what's causing me to be so stressed about it.

How long did everyone take to get going again? I was in hospital as me and DS had an infection and were both on IV antibiotics for 5 days, we came out and went to nandos with all the family grin was so yummy! Then we went to the trafford centre the day after, shopping again the day after that and then to london to visit my family for 4 days. I walked to the doctor for some lansinoh the day I got back and she was shocked I had made it to the surgery... good job I didn't tell her I'd been out and about for days! I thought getting back on your feet was what would help you get back to normal?
Having said that, after all these stitches sex is definatley not on the cards for another ten years unlike what I've read bacck on this thread!!!

ssmile Wed 31-Aug-11 11:41:50

hiss42 wow in awe of your outings mega impressive. You are allowed to take it easy. But I was bit like that after my first determined to prove my life had not changed that much and could still do it all. I also had a form of post baby/not the labour I wanted stress. I think large stemmed from being an in control career woman prebaby to suddenly my life wasn't my own any more. Massive shock to the system. My SIL had counselling post birth talking through her notes with a Snr MW which helped her deal with it.

This time baby no2 is 5 days old and I making most of any opportunity to just lie in bed relaxing. I've got until 12sept when DD1 starts school for first time to be 'unrountined' so making most of it grin

BF I found relentless for 5wks never thought I'd keep it up then suddenly turned a corner and by 6wks was enjoying it with DD1. If you can keep it up it should get easier, I too made 9mths with DD1 against the odds. Hoping can get there this time as also finding it vhard again but taking it each day at a time.

Firawla Wed 31-Aug-11 13:19:16

hiss congrats on your ds!!
that sounds quite similiar to my ds1's birth, also forceps in theatre with spinal & stayed in a week for antibiotics. at the time it was quite traumatic but have got over it fine now. i would see how you feel in a few more weeks if you're still thinking about it a lot & affected a lot, cos you can get post birth councelling if you need but with more time you may be okay so see how you go?
i find getting out and about very helpful aswel its good to keep busy & back to normal imo, especially once paternity leaves finished & your on your own, cos once you go for it & go out & about as normal then you feel confident that you can do it & cope fine whereas i do know people who became quite anxious about taking them out, getting on bus and tube etc and they are still that way after a couple of yrs! so to me i find it best just to get on with it. although the idea of relaxing is quite appealing too, if i ever get the chance

smile congrats & welcome! i hope things improve for you with the feeding

feeding is going well for us this time, compared to the other 2 its amazing really! actually this is the longest ive exclusively bf any of them (well excluding his formula top up in hosp for the low blood sugar). he does feed quite a bit but somehow just seems to be a lot easier this time round

mrsstevo happy belated bday!

KTisSTILLpg Wed 31-Aug-11 13:32:07

<sneaks in from a very lonely August Antenatal thread>
<wonders if she'll still be allowed to join if she doesn't have baby today>
<sneaks out again>

Firawla Wed 31-Aug-11 16:30:50

of course you should still join us if you go into sept! how many days are you over now? hope its soon!

Annie456 Wed 31-Aug-11 17:08:32

It really is lonely over there KT....I've wandered onto the sept thread for some company in the final day(s). Desperate for it to be tonight...I just have a feeling, and midwife thinks it's early labour hmm
Tomorrow is my sweep with the male midwife, really hope the baby comes before then!!!!!blush

MrsVidic Wed 31-Aug-11 18:26:29

Hiss talk talk and talk some more- I found that helped me get to grips with my first labour. Glad you're getting out- I'm the same it feels better tk get on with things than hide in doors.

Kt and others please still join even if u go inti sept!

Firawla well done on the feeding! I admire your determination!

Things r good here- we got a sticker chart from tesco for dd1 to help with regression with potty training and it has worked like a dream! smile I'm so happy as she has returned to normal and is back to her usual cheeky self! Also she has calmed down and isn't so obsessed with Eva anymore, she gives her kisses but has stopped wanting to be with her constantly. Thank god grin

Eva is doing well and only woke once last night, a fluke I'm sure! But much appreciated! I'm taking her to see a cranial osteopath tomorrow to see if it helps her colic.

Is anyone else really broody? grin

MrsStevo Wed 31-Aug-11 19:54:07

MrsV - wouldn't say broody, but have talked about when we have our NEXT child several times already. Despite my hideously traumatic pregnancy, I can't wait to do it again. Although I WILL wait, at least 2-3 years I should think!!

Well done to those of you battling on with breastfeeding. Some of your stories of cluster feeding make ME want to cry for you, you must be exhausted. I feel very guilty that I didn't plough on BF / expressing for my two, particularly since people say it gets easier after 6 weeks (mine are 6 weeks today) but I have to stick with my decision now. My HV mentioned today at the girls' 6-week check that Sophia is tongue-tight and can't lift her tongue as much as she should be able to ... which may be why she couldn't breastfeed. WHY DID NO-ONE NOTICE THIS SOONER???? Can't believe I put us both through the trauma of trying to breastfeed when she was never going to be able to. She got so distressed trying to latch on, poor little love.

TMI alert - need some advice on a sensitive matter! DH and I DTD last week (for the 1st time since the girls were conceived last November!!!) and whilst it was all fine at the time, I have had some pains since... kind of like period pain but not so intense. It is every day and gets worse at times and then better. The pains coming on also coincide with me giving up BF so not sure if it is linked? I am still bleeding from the girls' birth - only very lightly now, but it is still there. Could I have some kind of infection? Am I just still a bit internally battered from PG and CS? Any thoughts / advice gratefully received.

KTisSTILLpg Wed 31-Aug-11 20:02:33

I think it is just me and Annie left now on the antenatal board. Was checking the dates thread earlier and there are a few regulars missing - RugbyWidow and Teladi but from their last posts I'm assuming they have had their babies by now.

I had my mw ap earlier. I'm officially 40 + 11 but by my dates I'm 40 + 4 so I've declined induction - how to win friends and influence people grin. Have an accupuncture ap tomorrow and am bouncing on my ball with clary sage in the burner. I think agenda for tomorrow night is hot curry, 16 pineapples and a hot session with DH grin Unless I'm the only woman in history who never gives birth it surely can't be long now????

Firawla Wed 31-Aug-11 20:17:57

kt oh yeah if your dates put you at 40+4 it may be good to put off induction cos only 4 days over is not so much.. i bet they will push you for it though! but good luck, hope it all goes well!

mrsv yeh i am broody too but then i am always broody! but keep telling myself to try and wait a bit more before the next one, because i don't want to finish too quickly, and after having #4 i think it would take quite a bit of persuadeing for dh to want more, so if it would be my last then i dont want it over and done with so soon (dont like the thought of next being my last though, too sad.. soo we will see!)

mrss dont think you should feel bad at all, youve done really well to bf and express at all for twins i think some people dont even start with it as they know it will be twice as hard with two?

Hello ladies!
I've graduated, yay! Elise Olivia Miraid was born on sunday night at 11.07 after an EMCS. She weighed 4260g or 9lb6.5oz! How I fit her in I don't know. She looks exactly like me and DH is absolutely fascinated with her. Best thing I ever did.
Will have a proper catch up on the thread and compose my birth story as well, but just wanted to come and wave at you all smile
Hope you're all good, lots of love x

KTisPG good luck! Can't be long.

MrsVidic me too, kind of... in that DH and I have decided that actually we don't think we're done and I really thought I would feel I was when DC3 arrived. WOuldn't want more than 3 years between DS3 and potential DC4 though as only two lots of 2 year gaps between our current 3 and wouldn't want baby to be loads younger. We've decided to give it serious thought from when DS3 will be about 18 months, and decide yes or no then. I'm thinking it'll be a yes though.... I cannot contemplate DS3 being my last baby now, I just don't feel finished. I always feel broody when people announce pregnancies, I hope that will actually disappear one day??!!

Matthew is feeding roughly every 2/3 hours in the day, cluster feeds for a couple of hours in the evening and feeds about 2/3 times in the night so going quite well here. The key to him settling is making sure he has burped enough, my milk comes out a bit too quickly at the start of a feed and he gets a bit windy with all the gulping I think. He is getting chubbier and outgrowing his newborn sleepsuits so I know he is doing well smile

Sargesaweyes Thu 01-Sep-11 05:18:05

Hi ladies can me and little Bertie join in please. He is now 2 days old and is perfect! At the moment am breast feeding which I really want to do although my nips are already getting sore. Milk is coming in so think that I will express today as I have the bf community support lady coming soon to help and want to make sure I am making enough. Any tips on expressing? Literally have no clue what I'm doing lol. Bertie latches on like a bloody crocodile but tends to feed in 5 minute bursts before drifting off to sleep. Is this normal to have to keep waking them up? So many questions I could ask it's ridiculous.

Hi sargesaweyes and congratulations! Love his name. At only 2 days old short, frequent feeds are quite normal, he's stimulating your supply and in a day or two you should get your milk in properly. Get his latch checked if your nipples are sore just to make sure he's on properly, however I always have sore nipples for the first couple of weeks despite him latching on correctly. Lansinoh is good for making sure your nipples don't get too dry. Expressing doesn't usually get out as much milk as the baby does so it's not a reliable way to see if you are making enough. I would not bother at this stage if I were you. You will be making enough if he is feeding frequently, doing wet and dirty nappies, and after the (usual) initial weight loss in the first few days he puts on weight. Hope the bf lady helps, try not to worry and good luck!

Eviepoo Thu 01-Sep-11 09:11:34

Hi sarge, glad you see you here smile they are just so beautiful huh? Contests again on bertie x

I wish we had a bf support here. I am going to the clinic on Monday though to check see if I can better latch on the right. Grace gets on the left easier. I hope she helps you out I wouldn't bother expressing just yet though as littlemiss says they can get it out way better than we can.

Days 4/5 were so hard. But Grace is a week old today and for the last 2 nights she is doing a 6 hour sleep, feed, then a 2-3 hour sleep. What an angel. She cluster feeds all evening though before her big sleep and my nipples are sore. At least I'm not shattered as well.

We've been getting out n about too which is nice. I think now I've had a week off I am ready to talk about the horrid induction experience. So I'll post later I hope you wont mind me moaning about it.

Firawla Thu 01-Sep-11 09:49:31

congrats jennifer and sarge!
sarge i dont know whether 2/3 days is too early to express?? but the bf support lady should be able to help anyway
misslozza thats great you decided to have one more, cos you sounded so sad before about thinnking he would be your last

Hi everyone, Elliot Jonah was born on Sunday 28th at 4:04pm weighing 9lb 5oz smile He was 10 days late but I avoided induction which was booked for day 12. It was a very sudden on-set 90min labour which frankly was a bit too intense, we only just made it to the hospital in time (thank the Lord for wonderful best friend who realised how advanced I was, phoned the hospital and got us there in the nick of time!) Thankfully I didn't have any tears or problems and was allowed home again a couple of hours later in time for DD and DS1 to meet their baby brother before they went to bed.
Feeding is going ok so far, being a bigger baby helps I think as he's more efficient. Day 2 was a bit of a mare as he was hungry but my milk wasn't in yet. I gave him an ounce of formula three times in that day which saw him through until my milk came in yesterday afternoon. I'm trying to feed 3-hourly which is going well so far!

hiss I was traumatised by my DD's birth but didn't realise it at the time, I wish I had known that help was available. It was years before I could think about it without getting upset, in fact while I was in hospital on Sunday and they had my notes there I asked the MW to find the notes of my DD's birth and we had a chat about it which was very kind of her! Tbh it does sound like you're trying to do too much (sorry, but I can see myself in you after my first birth!). With DS1 and 2 I've stayed home for the first week, put my feet up and just watched tv and got to grips with feeding, which means I've recovered nice and quickly from the birth. Looking back I can see I had unrealistically high expectations of myself after having DD - I used to see other people out and about with newborns, confidently feeding, and tried to do the same, but they probably weren't out in the first week or two after birth, or that might have been the only outing they did all week, you never know. I hope you feel better soon smile

Hope those who are still pg are doing ok...not long to go I'm sure!

ssmile Thu 01-Sep-11 16:38:05

sarge I'd echo that expressing with pump not much help at day 2/3, I'm at day 6 now and hand expressed on one side in days 3-5as my nipple cracked &bleeding. It now healing so I can feed with a shield. I was prepared this time as had same problem with DD1. My rhs nipple is just odd shape I reckon as latch been checked. Get help though from a BF supporter or counsellor if u can as it can make all the difference in early days. I struggled for wks with DD1 but by wk5 was a confident BFer and did 9mths. I finding it tough going this time but taking it day by day and used the odd formula syringe top up when it just all gets too much so my DH can help too. Gd luck x

ssmile Thu 01-Sep-11 16:44:40

I hadn't realised how much my previous birth -emcs - had effected me until 9mths later at the dentist sitting in the chair and seeing lights above sent me into a panic attack and flash back to theatre. I also waited a long time (4yrs) until I felt ready to have another baby whilst most of my antenatal group were popping out no2 within 2yrs of first. I had flash backs for a gd year after. There is counselling avaible if u feel the need to talk about it just talk to your GP or HV they should help.

Annie456 Thu 01-Sep-11 17:03:17

was hoping to have joined you all on here by now as I am T+4...I know its not very overdue but just had a failed sweep where midwife said that labour "isn't imminent" due to posterior cervix? Anyone else have this and if so, how soon after did labour start. Dr Google has told me that cervix's can come forward during contractions in a matter of hours so just wondering how likely that is. A bit deflated as I've been given an induction date for next Friday (I know thats ages away) and I thought things might have happened by now... sad

Annie I had a sweep on Wed - high, posterior closed cervix. Then another Friday - it was softer but still posterior. On Sunday I had a show, contractions started - so it can take days, but my mw also said hours. Don't worry - you'll go into labour soon enough lovely smile

Annie456 Thu 01-Sep-11 18:34:54

Thanks jennifer - did the midwife manage sweeps when it was closed and / or posterior? Mine said he couldn't do one as it was so far back. I do think he's generally a bit crap though so might not have tried very hard...

Firawla Thu 01-Sep-11 19:04:48

annie my ds2 i was told labour nowhere near & booked in for induction but he just came a few days before that, and cervix has been really far back with all of them, even during labour of ds3 they were saying it was still far back??
hopefully it wont be too long for you

Sargesaweyes Thu 01-Sep-11 19:31:01

Thanks for all of the tips guys. Breast feeding lady came today and nipples are bruised. However she was brilliant and helped me with the rugby ball on a triangle pillow with Bertie. Been such a better day due to this and boobs don't hurt now when feeding. She is coming back tomorrow to check we are ok which is excellent- even have mobile number if any queries! Milk has come in and Bert seems happy which is the main thing. Feel very lucky to have received such good support!

Can I just ask if enormous wees are normal after birth. I feel like I am weeing pints out at the moment lol! Also how are people managing visitors? Can't catch up on rest due to constant stream of lovely folk-I don't want to be rude. So good to have mumsnet for support especially at night time.

ssmile Thu 01-Sep-11 20:23:08

I've asked for visitors only 10-1pm and said none in arvo as I need my rest. Everyone been fine with that. You &babe are most important thing, plenty of time few wks down the line when you will prob welcome the company more. Ask your DP/DH to be firm for you.
Fantastic you getting some BF support maybe I should ask for help with rugby feed as my boobs vlarge they need lots support when feeding and I've not practiced the lying down feed which was my fav last time. Waiting to get off shields first. Left nip nearly healed so by sat might be brave and try with out shield again.

Sargesaweyes Fri 02-Sep-11 03:53:03

Really seems to be doing the trick for us whilst we get used to the whole thing although I struggle a bit with getting the pillow and cushions in the right place but I think I am over thinking a bit. Oh well I'm sure it will become easier- really wishing I had a fancy bf chair but out of my price range. I have already had quite a few funny looks off older family and friends regarding bf. They obv think that it's just something that comes naturally and I am being a bit over the top.

Dp is part of the issue regarding visits. He is so desperate to show Bertie off that he wants everyone round. Have had a gentle word today so hoping he has got the message. On the whole he is being very good- the him being tired comments are doing my head in a bit. I don't want to bang on about labour but had to point out that women don't have the chance to get over the exhaustion of that before the hardwork begins. Sent him to bed tonight as my plan is if he gets a good night then he will not be able to complain. On the plus side he is obsessed with his son which is lovely to see.

I hope everyone is having a good night tonight. It is all a bit scary when it's dark.

majormoo Fri 02-Sep-11 08:25:48

Annie sweeps have never worked for me-had not stopped three natural labours and rapid induction! Good luck

I do not think I would express in first couple of days before milk comes in.

Regarding stress about a bad birth experience a friend of mine, expecting her third, recently had an appointment at the hospital and went through notes from her two previous births with a midwife which she said really helped.

First couple of weeks definitely time for rest not rushing about in my book. Though we gave been inundated with visitors.

I have to say I am far from broody though ds3 is gorgeous. Attempted a park 'fun day' with them all the other day and was a nightmare with them all running off in different directions-I lost ds2 for a few horrible minutes. It is hard to give them all time with the constant feeding. Am taking DD shopping on sun with just me and ds3 as she cried yesterday that she gets no time with me with three demanding little brothers. Still I do love the beautiful chaos

KTisSTILLpg Fri 02-Sep-11 08:59:06

Still pg sad Going in to day unit at 10 for monitoring. Fingers x everything ok.

Re debriefing negative birth experiences, the NCT have postnatal/early day sessions and a helpline that are very good: 0300 330 0773

Teladi Fri 02-Sep-11 22:45:43

Hi everyone, I graduated 7 days ago now but just have not found the time to get on here! The last week has been quite a hormonal one for me, I have cried every day for various reasons, the main one being DD entirely refusing to breastfeed. She has just never done it. We had a difficult delivery and then I required care not long after her birth so I think we maybe just missed our window for DD learning how... I have been trying everything but she just will not latch on. So for now I am an exclusively pumping mum, I am going to keep it up as long as I can. I am still trying to get DD to latch on but also trying to ditch the feelings of guilt and regret - I was determined to breastfeed and was looking forward to bonding with DD that way but it just has not worked out like that. DH has been fantastic ever since DD was born, am hoping that when he goes back to work I will be able to continue with the feeding schedule and looking after DD.

I'm really wishing I had had a chance to get on here before as I am finding it very reassuring to read all your posts - so much to relate to. Being a new mum is such a lifechanging experience. It's good to know I am not alone.

Sargesaweyes Sat 03-Sep-11 01:32:37

Hi teladi. Ask your midwife if there is a community support worker for bf in your area. Mine is brilliant. Still not mastered but def getting there. I seem to have quite Alot of milk and the other day I pumped a bit off for relief. My friend has lent me an electric b pump and it is brilliant. Might be worth investing as hand pump can be quite hardwork. I've had an emotional day to. Seems to have caught up with me and have felt that I am doing things wrong. Truth is Bert has just found his voice and is now crying more which was bound to happen. Hoping for a couple of hours extra kip tonight to feel better smile

MrsVidic Sat 03-Sep-11 06:45:14

Teldi- congratulations! Well done with the expressing- are you keeping trying to let your dc feed too? My friend had to bottle feed for a week but she kept trying and her ds latched. Perhaps try when you dc had just fed? Please don't beat yourself up- you tried your best and baby is still getting all the milk they need. And please don't take it personally, it can be so easy to give babies adult motives/ emotions when we feel down.

I cant believe dd is 4 weeks old now! I'm only having 6 months off work as I only work 2 days s week and think it's going to be really tough going back- I may extend it to 7 months so I can make sure she's properly weaned.

Took dd to cranial osteopath and think it's really worked

Firawla Sat 03-Sep-11 09:51:43

congrats on your dd teladi!
sorry your feeling bad about the bf, i would try not to feel guilty though because if she never latched on properly and fed even though you tried, that's not your fault. my 1st did that at 3 weeks just suddenly refused to latch on and i never got him to feed again confused
mrsv mine is 4 weeks today too must be born on the same day. it has gone quick!

i am sooo tired today, i think all the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me a bit. rafiq did not sleep well last night at all i think maybe a bit too overtired and overstimulated during the day as he was awake wayy too long in afternoon and early evening, which doesn't seem to help. hoping to persuade dh to sit with the kids for a bit n keep an eye on them so i can sleep for a little bit! although as he's still recovering he does not want to do anythingggg to help out at all hmm so need to persuade him its not going to medically harm him, i really need the rest for a bit

MrsVidic Sat 03-Sep-11 10:12:14

Firawla- my dp makes me laugh as he will take dd1 to the park then think he has done his bit- I have to remind him that we have 2 children and easy as it is with dd2 I have still not had a rest as I have been feeding etc! I have been going running quite often on my own which is 20 mins of bliss!

Second timers does a newborn remind you how much more work older kids are? The days dd2 are in nursey are my easy days - I get to watch what I want on tv and actually sit down!

Totally mrsvidic! This is my third time and the older two are way more work than the baby!! First time round it's such a steep learning curve though, and it's been easy second and third time as I have a much better idea of what the baby wants and feel loads more confident. My mum is having DS1 and DS2 this afternoon and it will be like an afternoon off!

Teladi congratulations! I sympathise with the breastfeeding issue - I had a similar thing with DS1 after a traumatic birth. I found that after about a week he suddenly 'got it' and breastfed brilliantly, I was able to stop expressing within a day of him learning to bf. In hindsight he must have had such a headache as he was rather bruised sad. Keep putting her to the breast, when she's at her most alert and you never know, she might start. If it doesn't work please don't beat yourself up about it though, you are doing really well and all that expressing is hard work, you sound like you are doing your best.

Ds1 was 4 yesterday, he had a little party in the garden and it was lovely. Ds2 had so much fun too and now they are playing shops with DS1's new till and groceries. Very cute to watch, they are becoming pretty good playmates, although they do have theor moments of one of them is shattered....

Sargesaweyes Sat 03-Sep-11 11:34:42

DP hoovered today!!!! Woo hoo. Can I ask everyone what clothes/ blankets they are putting newborns in? Weather is a bit random in the north west at the mo!

hi ladies, im finally here!! hooray! little Willow Ann was born on Tues 30th Aug at 4.50am weighing a teeny tiny 6lb12oz! (her brother was 10lb3oz)
she is gorgeous and very very good she barely cries which is also the complete opposite to her big brother but her big sister was a v good baby so hopefully she is following her her footsteps!

i had really bad backache for 2 days and a bit of a show on the sunday, i had a sweep on mon morn with more show and on/off contractions during the day and was getting v excited and scared! but they stopped at night so i went to bed at 9pm, when dp came up at 10.30 i got up for a wee and they stared again i tried to sleep but couldnt so i went downstairs on the ball and walking around and then rang the hospital to check if i should go as they were still irregular but 45-60 sec long and i needed the anti biotics for strepb, she said have a hot bath, so i got in the bath at 1am and then after 10 min i had a whopper and shot out the bath and woke dp up and said we had better get my parents round! the contractions were getting really strong in the car i had my tens mc on when we got to hospital it took me ages to get in cos i had to keep stopping having them, so glad it was 2 am and only a few people saw me!! mw examined me at 2.45 and i was 4cm but i warned her it would go really fast as it did with ds,she said i should have the iv antibiotics so she put a horrible canula in the side of my hand and i had two bags which too an hour to get in, i was on gas and air and the contractions were really strong, every other min for a min, she had to sqeeze the anti biotics in to speed them up it was agony. Then she said i could get in the birth pool, i was so glad she agreed i could as the two mw before had said no so in i got and within 30 min i started to feel the need to push a bit at the end of each contraction, i kept saying "im going to have it soon" and the mw just kept saying "lets hope so" she was still sat on her chair reading something when i had a contraction my waters popped and i said "its coming" she still didnt get off her chair, and i pushed and Willow shot out under the water and the mw shot off her chair to come and get her out and lift her upto me, so i was only in the water for about 40 min, i didnt have the injection to get the placenta out, i sat on a stool thing and it came out after 16 min so was fine.
We had to stay in 2 nights as Willow couldnt keep her temp up at first and had to go on a heat pad, and her heart rate was a little slow, we were really worried it was to do with the strep b and the fact i did not get the anti biotics in long enough before delivery so the did some blood tests but there was no infection, she just took a little longer to get going.

Im breastfeeding which ive never done before and its going really well, was hard work at first to get her to latch on but there was a fantastic mw who really helped me and staying in an extra night prob really helped even tho i hated it and it was so horrible for my other dc's.

her big sis and bro adore her and dp has been being fantastic but he has to work sun and mon morns so im a bit scared about being left on my own so soon with 3 but im gonna have to get used to it.

will catch up soon on how everyone is doing xxx

hiss42 Sat 03-Sep-11 14:01:32

Teladi that's really great your expressing so you still can try and get your DC to latch! I'm impressed! smile My DS is now 17 days old and is having a massive growth spurt according to the midwife and is BF every bloody hour for the past two days!
I also have mastitis and thrush in my milk ducts which is so excruciating!! I didn't think I could carry on BF but I went to the baby cafe again this week and someone said that nipple shield will help until the cracks heal and I'm on antibiotics from my gp! they've honestly saved me although it takes twice as long as usual for a feed! I have to go back again on monday to make sure mastits is clearing up in case I have to be admitted back to hospital sad After spending so long in there after DS was born I really want to avoid it!

I suddenly crashed after all my outings like most of you said! It's just caught up with me and I had a mini nervous break down. My DP didn't have any paternity leave and so I've done everything cleaning/cooking/babywise. GP said yesterday that it's normal to think you should do everything if he's at work, but I think he's going to have to help me at least once in the night because I can't cope with this lack of sleep! I can see Sargesaweyes Dp seems to be helping! How are everyone elses partners and husbands helping out? I have a serious resepct for single mothers now, I don't know how I would cope!!!

Showing DS off at a family party tonight, I'm a bit stressed because they all smoke indoors (even with 6 children of their own, and smoked through pregnancy). I was hoping if the weather was nice we could just go in the garden but it's raining! I don't know what to do because we want to go but you can't tell someone not to smoke in their own home and there is no way DS is sitting there with them all puffing away!!

Hiss42 poor you! Nipple shields are fantastic to help through a rough patch, this is the first baby I haven't used them with. Used them with DS1 for about 2months and with DS2 for a couple of weeks and they kept me feeding. Mastitis and thrush at the same time sounds awful, separately they're bad enough! Hope you are better soon. Sounds stressful re the smoking, I wouldn't be happy with that either.

ssmile Sat 03-Sep-11 16:40:40

teladi wow your doing vwell with expressing its much tougher to keep that going than just BF well done. I had problems with first DD once I stopped expressing and got her going on me on shields I had more energy less tears. Our local surestart childrens centre hires electric Breast pumps out for min cost and has BF cafe &helpers maybe see if your local one has such support.
My DH has been fantastic keeping the housework going and taking our active 4.5yr old out daily. I've just turned a blind eye to the amount of chips n icecream treats he has bought her as just getting a few hrs quiet time in the house with babe has been utter heaven. I had few tears today as day 8 we had first trip out. I did slow shuffle around local harbour followed by hot chocolate at local pub. But the walk left me exhausted (post c-sec) so had few tears but it passed and I had hrs nap when we got home and world felt better again.
I did laugh as DH said this morn "had a gd night?" (he sleeping in lounge at moment so he can get gd sleep&look after DD1 &i can have bedroom to myself w babe). Yep I said well I considered 6hrs of sleep split into 3x2hr chunk gd grin !

Sargesaweyes Sat 03-Sep-11 17:18:27

Hi Neverlookback. Your labour sounds a bit like mine. The bath really helped me to go from 4cm to 8cm. Your midwife sounds awful! I had 5 throughout process and ranged in ability but the lady who delivered was brilliant. I can't believe that this time last week I was pregnant!

I feel that b/f is starting to become easier although I am so paranoid about mastitus. It sounds awful Hiss42. Is it just one of those things that you can't avoid? What are the signs to watch out for?

New rule-No visitors after 5 which is great. I really enjoyed seeing everyone who came today but it is so nice to think that I can slope off to bed in an hour after feed for a kip.

D/P not doing badly at all. In his sleep last night he was dreaming that he was burping Bertie and was doing the actions and talking to him. Very cute! Am going to put a pic on shortly when I make my profile. In the process of ordering a batch of pics from Kodak. Very proud mummy.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends.

sisterT Sat 03-Sep-11 18:37:36

Hi all - hope some of us are getting a few hours sleep......

Teladi I sympathise with the energy it takes to combine BF and expressing as DS didnt latch (he had a breathing problem which is another story entirely). Hire a double pumper if you can; it will make you feel like Daisy the cow but save you precious time.
Also, ask your midwife/HV to check DD for 'tongue tie' as this can be a common reason for poor latch initially but easy to solve. Meredith had this diagnosed at 8days and snipped at 9 days - shes 19days now and my nipples have nearly recovered grin
There is limited support for exclusively expressing mums in this country if thats the road you decide to take: 'pumping moms' is an American group that I found after stopping pumping!!

Keep going for as long as you want but, easier said than done, dont beat yourself up if you switch.

All the best. x

aaww that is so sweet of your dp dreaming sargesaweyes my dp is being really good too with the other dcs and has gone a bit ocd on the cleaning and is makin me feel a bit bad at times, as soon as you put something down hes there clearing up!! but hes at work in the morn hopefully for half a day so im letting him do it cos its gonna be hard without him already!

What is a good breast pump to use and when is ok to try, are you supposed to wait a few weeks? also mw said that you can have a couple of glasses of wine etc and still bf is this Ok? thanks

Eviepoo Sat 03-Sep-11 21:04:37

Hi ladies, well have been busy adoring Grace. We've been out most days and had plenty visitors.
Today was more tough, up earlier than usual to take DH to his sponsored bike ride so proud 26 miles in 3.5 hours with a dodgy knee. Met him at the end for a BBQ on the beach. Loads of friends and kids and babies there. Busy afternoon Grace fed for ages and ages but would not settle. On the drive home had to park up to feed more. In asda, fed more. She cried in car again til home and eventually settled, over tired I think. So now gonna have a bit of an unsettled night... The last 4 nights she has gone down between 11 and 12 sleep til between 5 and 6 and then fed and down til 8 or 9. Which is amazing. DH shouting on me gotta run catch up with you lot later x

majormoo Sat 03-Sep-11 23:29:03

Hiss42 I sympathise re the mastitus as I had a couple if weeks ago-I felt so ill. mine came on pretty suddenly but looking back I had not fed ds3 as frequently as I should have as we had so many visitors.

my second solo park outing with the kids was as disastrous as the first. Ds2 got a dreadful nose bleed. as we tried to leave he fell over again and screamed so being helpful DD pushed the buggy with ds3 in it for me. unfortunately it was a bit hilly and the buggy tipped over giving me two screaming children. can envisage lots of people shaking their heads thinking 'she's not really coping with 4 is she'

still did enjoy watching x factor with DD earlier so we must have both recovered from the trauma and the boys seem fine.

ssmile Sun 04-Sep-11 00:05:43

Does anyone else find BF makes them windy? I can't seem to stop farting whilst I feeding babe blush

Firawla Sun 04-Sep-11 00:06:07

mrsv yes definitely, older 2 are a lot more work.
sarge im mainly keeping mine in baby grow type suits with vest, or some top & trousrs but he is still small in mostly 7.5lb clothes so i dont have that much for him, mainly the all in one suits. once he gets to 0-3 i will be looking forward to have bit more choice. i've not been using snowsuit or coats when going out, even on the cold days cos hes in the buggy cocoon so quite well padded there with just blankets, depends how your buggy is i guess
never congrats!! beautiful name, glad youre both well
majormoo oh dear your poor ds, hope he is okay now. sure noone would have thought anything, we all have those days

Sargesaweyes Sun 04-Sep-11 00:38:18

Firawla- Brill. That is the same as me. I feel so hot at the moment I think I am a bit paranoid.

Neverlookback-Medela swing breastpump is the one that my friend has lent me. Also a couple of glasses is fine- I have been eating a cheese board a day with a cheeky red smile. The amount that they get is minimal to none.

Midwife visited me today and it was a different one to normal. Didn't like her to be honest. I asked her if she could show me how to swaddle correctly and she refused even though I said it was only to start with when I first put him down to stop him hitting himself in the face. Basically told me that it would cause cot death which hasn't put me on edge at all sad! I find it really strange how muchh midwives vary. This one was also bizarre regarding b/f and seemed to think that I was fibbing about Berties frequent pooing and weeing and was almost telling me that it would go wrong at some point! Bitch. Luckily I have the lovely b/f lady comig on Monday. Dp said that if I keep banging on about her he will invite her for Christmas dinner! Just makes such a difference to have quality support and someone to talk to about it who isn't family etc.

I have put a couple of pics on profile-not sure if I have done it right as I am really bad at stuff like that. Fingers crossed you can see my little man (puffs out chest with pride). Anyway I hope you all have a good night-Eviepoo I can't believe how well Grace is doing with sleep! Well done you.

Sargesaweyes Sun 04-Sep-11 00:39:58

ssmile I am windy-mum seems to think that it is due to gas and air consumption. I like your reason more as it gives me a good excuse! I am farting to feed my son.

MrsVidic Sun 04-Sep-11 04:37:02

Sarge- dd is in baby grows - warm days no vest. In the car i can put blanket if I have air con on and also in pram. Places to be careful of over heating are indoor shopping centres- people forget they're inside and also they get warmer when they r held lots.

Never- I wouldn't express till at least 2 weeks or you run the risk of messing your production up. Also if I would have seen u at the park I would have thought how lonely a family helping out, what good kids!

PrettyVacant1 Sun 04-Sep-11 04:53:25

Hello all, I've not been about much as tbh I never thought I was going to get here!
I had my baby, after 3yrs and 6mc including a molar preg, I did it!
My DD was born on the 23rdAug weighing 6lb13.5oz.
She had been breech from 20weeks so I had an ELCS.
She is beautiful and we are besotted with her.

Congratulations to you all on your babies and fx the ones that have made it in to the the next school year get a wriggle on pronto! smile

ssmile Sun 04-Sep-11 04:59:45

sarge the only way our first DD would sleep was swaddled so we bought. A grobag swaddle blanket was godsend in early days but can do with any blanket it stopped her arms flaing about. Guess like anything you have to ensure they dont get too hot. This DD doesn't at moment seem to want to be swaddled is happy n content in a loose blanket with arms above her head.

ssmile Sun 04-Sep-11 05:03:16

I wasn't sure if the excess wind was a by product of c-sec or BF but everytime i feed I need to fart suddenlyfrom no where and it gets really uncomfortable blush

Huge congratulations prettyVacant what a lot you have been through to get your beautiful precious daughter, made me go all goosebumpy when i read that! Well done x

I swaddle dd as she couldnt keep her temp up in hospital so they said to keep her extra warm so she has socks vest babygro and swaddle and mits on! think im gonna tame it down a bit as warmer today and she is doing really well now.

Another bf question here! how much coffee and tea are ok to drink? i read the caffine passes through and can keep them awake so dont want her overtired but ive had to have 2 cups of coffee this morn as dp at work from 6am and ds woke at 7, got 5 hours sleep in total, 2hours, then up for 2 hours then 3 so quite big blocks but im still catching up from the 3 nights in hospital of having virtually none!

ive just put some pics on of Willow and her sister and brother

Hersetta Sun 04-Sep-11 09:41:30

Things going well here still. DH has been away in Lithuania since Tuesday - he's not back till Tuesday night (he's a basketball sports journalist and he's covering the GB team at the European championships) so have been on my own (aside from the two kids, 6 guinea pigs and a chinchilla!) and have a new respect for single mothers. I also agree that the baby is so much easier to deal with than a 4 yr old. Thankfully DH's parents took DD out for the day yesterday and she has slept over and she's not due back until 2pm so I have some time to myself. Not sure what to do with myself now - housework is all done, as is washing and ironing. DS is asleep and i am watching general crap on tv.

DD starts school tomorrow and is very excited - I can't beleive she is going to school already - she is only 4 days past her 4th birthday!

Alex is still doing really well - pooing issues now seem to be behind us and he does go once a day. he helpfully makes a 'poo noise' when he goes (kind of a hyperveltalating shrill little shriek sound) so I at least can whip his nappy off straight away. Do your DC's make a noise - as DD used to make almost exacting the same sound when she was this age? He's still sleeping well (11pm to 7am last night - although it is usually an hour less). He was exhausted last night though as I took him to a friends housewarming where he behaved like an angel. He was passed around all the broody ladies and cooed over and rewarded them with beautiful smiles.

Right must go - crap tv doesn't just watch itself!!

Sargesaweyes Sun 04-Sep-11 10:32:45

Hersetta What an ace job title! My brother has said that Bertie makes a noice like something from a rainforest and calls it the call of the Beej. He is pretty quiet but last night seemed to find his voice. He is burping an pooing well but I think it's all a shock to his system and had a real grumpy 3 hours from 3-6.

Would love to know everyones night time routines as this is the time I feel like I am winging it with no plan (must always be a plan). I think it is also because I didn't swaddle him last night.....grrrrrrrr bloody midwife putting the fear of god in me. Glad to read that some of you swaddle successfully.

PrettyVacant1 Congratulations! What a fab ending to a difficult time.

Have been looking at all of your pics on profiles of your babas and family. What a beautiful bunch everyone in the August thread seems to be! Could someone tell me if you can see mine as I'm not sure that I did it right. Thanks.

Sargesaweyes Sun 04-Sep-11 10:35:43

Can I also add regarding b/f- I am demand feeding and making sure Bert has a feed however big or small every 2-3 hours at least. Is this right to start with? The way that I understand is not to try and leave it to long to begin with whilst milk flow begins.

KTisSTILLpg Sun 04-Sep-11 10:41:55

Still pregant sad envy biscuit

Sargesaweyes Sun 04-Sep-11 11:07:01

KT Bless you. How far over are you? Hang in there, I know it's hard and I only went over 5 days. All of the frustration I was feeling went straight away as soon as he was born- I can honestly say though that I don't miss pregnancy. Can't be long!

Annie456 Sun 04-Sep-11 11:16:50

Still with you KT...I'm a week overdue today, induction on Friday. So desperate to meet my little man...not had the guts to start googling induction stories, I think it might be better not to know! DH thinks he's waiting until Tuesday to make an appearance on my birthday...would be the best present ever but I imagine waking up still pregnant on Wednesday morning will be pretty depressing!!! X

MrsVidic Sun 04-Sep-11 12:11:24

Baby Eva grunts when about to poo - so about 6x per day grin

Our routine is big bfeed before 1 put dd1 to bath and bed 6-7. Eva usually naps/ is sat there during this time. 7-730 my tea time/ feeding if required.) 745 bath or massage Eva then upstairs for last feed and put down at 8- I just feed till she's full then put to bed and I stay with her in the room and either sleep or watch tv. I always put her down awake thou in Moses. She then wakes at 4 feeds then sleeps till we get up.

Congratulations prettyv!

Kt and annie sending labour vibes- I hated being pregnant and I promise you'll feel brill when you have had the dc!

Going to drop dd off over night at my mums soon and plan to make cushions tomorrow! I randomly bought a sewing machine yesterday as I figure I've got time to get creative on mat leave confused grr impulse buys!

Firawla Sun 04-Sep-11 12:39:27

congrats prettyvacant!
kt & annie hopefully your babies will be here really soon
looked at the pics of willow & bertie, very cute! i have put one more up on mine as i managed to get a nice one of all 3 together
as for bedtime routines im keeping rafiq in living room with us till we go to bed at the moment, dont think ill bother trying to do an earlier bedtime routine with him till we move house again as thats only another month or 6 weeks. i do his bath whenever he is awake around 10-11pm then do keep the light lower after that so he knows its nighttime, then just watch tv while feeding him back to sleep
sarge that midwife sounds a bit of a cow, i would just ignore her! didnt know swaddling was said to be particulrly risky?? i was swaddling the first couple of weeks but not now as he got little bit bigger and doesnt seem to need it as much now

ssmile Sun 04-Sep-11 13:56:01

hersetta I'm the same here our 4.5yr DD starts school on 12th. I've been having dilemma of who takes her on her 1st day.I. can't drive yet post c-sec, let alone the challenge of getting us all out the door by 8.20am! So think my DH will have to take her and I will miss out on this "first" but I will pick her up with granny taxi help at noon as she on half days for 2wks-gulp!- that's gonna be a handful as she has been fine doing 8-9hr days at preschool whilst I working. It's been SO much harder looking after her versus babe whose a doddle at the mo!

jspark123 Mon 05-Sep-11 06:26:41

Just posting my first message here after being on the due in August thread. Up with Henry feeding/trying to get him to settle in moses basket, being a rascal and only settling when being held. Hopefully this time he is out and sleeps for at least 2 hours so I can catch up, so taking chance to post here whilst I see if he settles. I haven't had chance to read back through posts yet, my life seems to be taken over with breast feeding at the mo, although he is only 17 days old so prob still have a few weeks until things semi-settle down :-(

Will post again soon x

MrsVidic Mon 05-Sep-11 13:47:05

i just put the cutest pic on my profile page of dd1 n dd2

Sargesaweyes Mon 05-Sep-11 13:51:39

Very cute Mrs V. smile

MrsVidic Mon 05-Sep-11 13:55:03

Finally got round to viewing everyone pics- we produce beautiful dc's dont we!!!

never- your dd and ds look adorable and willow is so cute!
Hersetta- hope your dd had a good day at school and you didnt get too upset - Alex looks so sweet
Sargesways- Bertie looks adorable- and quite suprised! Where abouts r u the the northwest?
Firawla- your 3 boys look like angels- love the photo on the orange settee

Sargesaweyes Mon 05-Sep-11 15:44:28

Mrs V- Cheshire. I agree that all of the pics are gorgeous. What a great looking August bunch they are!

Annie456 Mon 05-Sep-11 15:49:58

Just been on a 3 mile walk along the Thames to the hospital with DH-was having mega bad cramps all the way. Had my sweep-got a bishops score of 6 and she said it's all looking very ready-head fully engaged, 1-2 cm dilated, very soft and only slightly posterior cervix-COME ON BABY!! would be the best birthday present ever tomorrow!!
KT has been quiet today? Could I be the last woman standing??!!!!!!

MrsVidic Mon 05-Sep-11 16:21:49

Come on baby Annie!

I'm in cheshire too- weather miserable isn't it'

Hersetta Mon 05-Sep-11 16:37:34

lovely pic Mrs V.

DD was fine this morning. I even got instructed 'don't come in with me mummy' at the school door so I left her to it.

Firawla Mon 05-Sep-11 16:40:14

thats sounding good annie hopefully not long to go then!
mrsv i can assure you they are not angels! older 2 have been driving me mad they wind each other up all the time. i am soo glad children's centres opening up again this week to keep them busy, think they just go a bit crazy being at home too much.
pic of your 2 dds is soo cute
smile and hersetta good luck for your dds starting school, must be so emotional if they are starting for their first year. im sure they will love it though

Sargesaweyes Mon 05-Sep-11 18:33:48

Where abouts mrs v? I'm in Nantwich south Cheshire. I've just put the bloody fire on I'm so cold.

MrsVidic Mon 05-Sep-11 19:03:40

Cuddington - I'm trying to resist the heating too!

KTisSTILLpg Mon 05-Sep-11 20:02:42

I'm still here and still pregnant - off for monitoring again tomorrow. Fingers x baby still ok. COME ON Annie sending labour vibes even if it does mean I'm last envy. Been to my sisters wedding today - had a lovely time but was really hoping we could have introduced the newest member of the family by now.

Lovely pics MrsV

Loving everyones photos. Gorgeous boys Firawla but I know exactly what you mean about wanting to keep them busy. It's so frustrating how most things stop for the summer for toddlers and activities are aimed at older children instead. Wish everything would just keep going, we like our weekly routine. Pre-school starts again this week, DS1 is looking forward to going back, he'll be doing 3 days now as he is 4and needs to be busy! DS2 starts, doing a couple of mornings and I think he's going to love it, he's so used to going to take DS1 anyway and knows his way round, he also knows half of the children anyway so I'm hoping he'll settle in quickly.

Good luck Annie and KT, hope to hear some news soon.

Sargesaweyes Wed 07-Sep-11 06:59:41

Little update on Bertie and me.

9days old today and I feel like we have turned a corner. Nipples no longer feel bruised- hate the first 10 seconds but after that fine- does this go? Have really become strict now with regards to visits as it just was stressing me out and really want dp to enjoy this week rather than make brews all day long!

Have been b/f loads in the day- as soon as he searches I bang him on for a bit which is draining but I never leave him long enough to shriek for food( mainly for my tits sake as his angry munch face is frightening!).
So last night I started trying to form some kind of evening routine which was this-
7-7.30:Bert ate and fell asleep.
7.30-8.30: I ate and drank a glass of wine whilst Reading my book-bliss!
8.30-11.00: bath, feed, cuddles with daddy whilst mummy napped.
By 12 Bert was fed and fast asleep and woke up at 3 for an hour and 6. Just fed and back to sleep so so am I.

Not expecting tonight to be the same but I so needed those hours last night and although I don't want him in a strict routine yet it was great for me to have a small plan for the night. How
is everyones babies doing at night?

Can I also ask with regards to dummies how people feel? When have you introduced it? Bit fed up of being a source of food and a giant dummie so if I can get him to suck for comfort on something else it would be good.

Hope everyone is happy.

sarge the first 10 toe-curling seconds thing does go! Took about 3 weeks this time for me. My little ones have all had a dummy too, never to put off a feed or anything like that, still fed on demand, but like you I get used as a dummy which has made me very sore in the past. Also they would want to suck for comfort but milk would come out and they'd get upset and windy as they were already full and just wanted to suck, not have milk. Sometimes it helps DS3 to get to sleep and sometimes he doesn't want it. Personally, even though I don't like the look of them, I prefer them to a thumb because if they are still using one when they are a toddler (mine have until 2.5 just for naps and sleeping) then you can remove it. Some friends of mine are starting to worry about the potential long term issues with their little ones who are very attached to their thumbs but don't seem to be able to do a lot about it.

Night time is starting to develop a pattern here. Feeds early evening, sleeps until about 10.30pm, short feed, sleep until roughly 1am, short feed, sleep, 3.30ish big feed and wide awake for about an hour, back to sleep until around 6.30-7ish when I have to get up with DS1&2 anyway. Had DS3 weighed yesterday, he's 4 weeks old, and he is now 10lb 2oz (from 7lb 10oz at 10 days) so really pleased with weight gain, I think it's partly due to all the chocolate I crave and eat when breastfeeding....that's my excuse anyway wink

Got to have all three out of the house by 8.50am tomorrow for pre-school (by myself, DH at work from 5am), eeek! Must get myself in gear in the mornings, am so not a morning person!

Firawla Wed 07-Sep-11 08:34:23

sarge i think its worth trying him with a dummy, if they like it then it can make life easier and will be able to get them off it eventually. my oldest had one when he was very small then about 3 months old he didnt want it so was not a problem taking it off him, ds2 still has it 20 months but it makes it very easy for him sleeping, he has always been the easiest one to get to sleep i think dummy has contributed to that! i have been trying to get rafiq to take a dummy aswell but he does not seem to like it. tried again last night, he kept it for about 10 seconds max and does not seem too impressed! prefers to use me for dummy i think. dunno if maybe bottle fed babies prefer dummies more, cos my other 2 were mainly bottle fed

littlemisslozza good luck for the preschool run! and hope your ds2 enjoys starting preschool, im sure he will. i should really get off mumsnet myself and get us all dressed cos i need to leave soon after 9 to get the bus down to stay and play. then have to go and register birth this afternoon, never done it before dh went and did the others

Annie456 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:58:28

I'm still bloody here angryangryangry [throws daily tantrum and wonders what the hell the little fella is doing in there that is so freaking interesting that he wants to stay put whilst im also growing more concerned about how much weight he'll have piled on in the 10 days since his due date]
pfffffffffffft. That's all I have to contribute, not having a baby yet and all............

fizzypigs Wed 07-Sep-11 10:46:20

hi - i've been using a dummy when my baby won't settle at night after being fed. he doesn't need most times but sometimes he does. he isn't very good at keeping it in his mouth for a sustained period of time so i help him a bit. normally takes him 10-20min with dummy to settle and fall asleep. i felt awful when i first used it - but was so exhausted i needed him to sleep!!

ssmile Wed 07-Sep-11 11:09:14

Hi sarge my Lo is 12d old and we did nearly identical plan as yours last night and my gosh she slept 11.30pm -6am with a 3am feed in middle! I feel like different person this morning oooh sleep is SO nice I actually did some dancing in kitchen this morn to the radio after had got DD1 dressed &out door with DH at 7.20am for preschool. Fingers Xed for a nap later though as gonna need it as Lo seems to need hourly feeds 5-11pm to fill up first.

KTisSTILLpg Wed 07-Sep-11 11:46:07

Oh Annie so am I sad Had a sweep yesterday followed by contractions every 10 mins then a show in the night. Was sooo convinced we were finally starting and this morning nothing! I'm so fed up I could cry. And if one more person asks when its going to come I swear I will not be responsible for my actions. I've stopped actually believing that I'm ever going to have a baby

aw kt and annie i really feel for you both ive been well over with all 3 of mine, Willow was the earliest at 10 days late, KT i had show and contractions after sweep that then stopped but then started again for real a few hours later, maybe if this is your first then it may just take a little longer, fingers crossed, legs open!!!

WinterLover Wed 07-Sep-11 15:53:03

Hello all - its been that long since I posted on here its vanished out of my active threads shock

Fizzy DS was given one on the hospital after being advised by the NICU nurses that it would be better for me and him as he was using me as a dummy.

He still has it now 6 weeks on, but only when he feels like it. He can go hours/days without needing it then the next day cant go without it. I also find it a good way to see if he really is hungry (can tell my the hard sucking noise he makes)

I'll try to catch up with everyones posts soon.

DS and I are doing well. I cant believe he's 6+3 already!! Hes now out of his premature and newborn clothes and in 0-3months. He's grown sooooooo much sad I gave up on BF after my antibiotics despite expressing whilst on them my milk just got less and less. DS still latches but gets stressed after a few min as there isnt the supply there. DS is much happier on FF and is growing much better and tbh it is so much easier, had to pick DP up from the hospital on Friday so rather than dragging him with me to sit and wait my mum looked after him (although he didnt need a feed whilst I was out, I felt better knowing she could feed him as much as he needed)

DS technically slept through last night (well he would have if I hadnt put him down at 9pm) last feed 9.15, night feed 4.15 then up at 8am. Although he did get transfered into out bed as he woke up crying at 12 as he'd kicked his covers off and wouldnt settle with them on despite it being cold!!

Hope everyone with LO's are doing well and good luck to the ones still waiting x

Hey everyone, not getting time to post but am keeping up with you all. Sounds like we've got some good babies out there!
Elise is awesome smile but very bloody hungry. At 10 days old we've already had a growth spurt, lots of stress about not having enough milk to keep up with her, stress about having too much now (woke up with boobs like boulders this morning!), stress about not being able to feed her off my right side (am giving her the left on demand and expressing from the right and using this to top her up/let DH feed her when I need to) - plus immense baby blues yesterday. But she's a big girl -9lb7 at birth so she's going to need some feeding! MW has just been and now I'm stressing that she's not putting on enough weight, any words for me anyone? She was 4260g at birth, dropped to 4140 at 5 days (negligible weight loss) but today is only 4170g, so she's only put on 30g in 5 days and MW says it should be 20g per day?
She's a crazy cluster feeder at night especially and in the mornings a little too, but is sleeping 12-5 or 1-6 straight through which is ace as far as I'm concerned, 4am is a very lonely time! Although now I'm wondering if she's going too long and I should be waking her (see earlier comments re weight gain) but she's done this since birth, and I don't want to mess with a good little body clock either, seems to me it'll make sense later if she's used to sleeping?
Other than she seems v content, I'm just about getting used to being a mum, but it's a veritable minefield of conflicting emotions and stress, isn't it?!
KT and Annie I promise those babies will be here by then end of the week. You poor things sad
Still not going to put my birth story up yet, it's all still a bit raw and mental (I shouldn't have read the HV handover notes from the MWs yesterday about how she was when she was born.)
Hope everyone else is cool and all is going swimmingly smile xx

KTisSTILLpg Wed 07-Sep-11 17:51:51

Jennifer that sounds exactly like my DDs weight loss. She was 9lb7 too and lost just more than 10%, gained a little and then lost some more. I was advised to mix feed but I really wish I'd given her a little more time now. The mixed feeding really messed with my supply and I never got her back to exclusively breastfeeding. I think so long as she is gaining weight, has plenty of wet/dirty nappies and is settled I wouldn't worry to much about the actual amount gained IYSWIM. All babies are different and a big baby can cope with losing more and gaining it back slower than a little baby.

I'd seriously recommend getting some hands on support from a breastfeeding counselor, either at BabyCafe, or your local NCT/La Leche League/Breastfeeding network will have counsellors. They can help you with positioning and attachment and should be able to help you work out why she will only latch on one side (my DS did that too - turned out he only liked lying on one side so if I held him under arm he would feed on the right. After a few weeks he was fine feeding on either side). If you can get the hang of it BF is really worth it IMHO and I had an absolute nightmare first time and then a reasonable time second time smile

Eviepoo Thu 08-Sep-11 20:24:09

Annie I hope you LO is here very soon.

Winter - hiya long time no chat - glad to hear you ok. X

I would like to give Grace a dummy to stop here comfort suckling me but she is just not interested in it.

In good news she is back to birth weight, she is 2 weeks today and I'm feeling I'm through the worst with feeding. she is just so windy on an evening and wants to cluster feed all evening. I have tons of milk on a morning so express between 60 and 80ml and she gets that about 9pm.
I can't complain as she sleeps from 11 to 7 with an hour up to feed and change etc around about 4am.

Firawla Thu 08-Sep-11 20:49:54

kt and annie how are you both doing hope babies here very soon or on their way now

rafiq seems to be feeling a bit under the weather since this afternoon sad he is really snuffly and doesnt want to be put down at all just sleeping on me, poor thing. any suggestions what to do for him? as cant really give them anything at all at this age even snuffle babe is from 3 months. i feel really sorry for him. wonder if he has picked something up in stay & plays as we've been out all week in them cos i really missed them! there wasnt really a lot of children tho, quite quiet n didnt c ne1 with a cold? i suppose also could b the crappy weather, me and ds1 got totally soaked thru in the rain the other day it was coming down sooo heavy! anyway just hope he will feel better soon. hope he lets me put him down to sleep at night time too, am already feeling so tired!

KTisSTILLpg Thu 08-Sep-11 21:00:57

Still no baby here sad

MrsVidic Fri 09-Sep-11 08:42:25

Oh kt I really feel for you- when is your induction date? Being over due is the worst thing!

Eva is doing well sleeping 8-2 then feed then 2-4 then feed then 5-7 so were good here! Wish I could get her to take a dummy though but she just refuses!

Annie456 Fri 09-Sep-11 09:47:40

No baby here either but induction date has finally arrived (12 days overdue now) so fingers crossed for a quick one please ladies! Have had the worst cramps and show since midwife did 3rd stretch and sweep on weds so really hope I'm already on my way when they start...they predicted that one low dose of the gel would be enough so fingers crossed it's not a 3 day event. Hopefully be posting back soon... Xx

Annie456 Fri 09-Sep-11 09:48:12

Also, thinking of you KT and hope we're both on the other side soon xx

Sargesaweyes Fri 09-Sep-11 10:22:31

Bless you ladies! Thinking of you both and hopefully the little monkeys will Appear soon. Bertie has taken to the dummie sometimes but not that impressed. Prefers boob!

Had a rubbish night last night and feel exhausted today. How tired is everyone feeling? Need to know I'm not the only member of the walking dead sad

WinterLover Fri 09-Sep-11 10:35:44

Im the walking dead too... DS is good with sleeping (5hours ish at night) but im just knackered! Im getting more sleep now than a few weeks ago but my god im sooooo tired.

DS today though is needing mummy cuddles constantly which is getting frustrating - finally got him to nap so he's back in his cot now.

ssmile Fri 09-Sep-11 11:26:53

Yep walking dead here too slept 11pm-1am,up till 5.30am, slept till 7am as had to get up look after DD1. DH does half day Fri so he promised to be hone by 1pm and take DD1 swimming so hopefully can get a nap in if babe allows this arvo before hourly eve feeds start........

Gd luck with induction kt and annie sounds like you already on the way with pains sure the gel will fast track it.

KTisSTILLpg Fri 09-Sep-11 12:44:09

Good luck Annie

I'm 40+13 by my dates but officially 40+20. Have just had my 4th sweep this week and am 5 cm but cervix easily stretches to 9cm. Mw said she doesn't know what's holding baby in and she could almost pull it out by its ears!!! Am going in tomorrow to have my waters broken and with a bit of luck that will be enough to get things moving, but I'm disappointed not to be able to have my home birth. Just can't stand the waitling any longer.

Firawla Fri 09-Sep-11 13:40:06

good luck kt and annie!!! wow kt im suprised you are 5cm and not in labour, hopefully it'll be a quick and easy one then as you are half way already

sarge i am also quite tired. when they all wake up in the morning im always thinking nooo, not time to get up yet. this morning ive gone and tried to sleep more on ds1's bed while they play, cos just dont have the energy to be properly awake in the early morning. but then if have coffee i am alright, and keep drinking a few more coffees through the day. without the coffee i think i would be walking dead

Sargesaweyes Fri 09-Sep-11 18:58:12

I really admire everyone with other children! I need to get a grip lol. HV came today and my little man has gone from 7lb 10 to 8lb 1 and he is 11 days old. Can't believe it! Neither could the HV. He has been feeding well and since the bf support lady has been coming I have become more confident.

Getting that night time dread!

Hersetta Fri 09-Sep-11 19:18:13

Blimey 5cms KT - I never got that far after 6 days of contractions!!

DS continues to be a star - slept for 8 hrs solid last night and now weighs in at an impressive 12lbs 11oz. We took him out for lunch day (he had milk we had steak and ale pie!) and he was cooed over by our waitress and assorted biddies. He treated them to lovely smiles and took a shine to a light fitting - he would gaze at it and giggle away like mad. Not quite sure what he found so appealing but it was very cute to watch.

Thw waitress also said rather nicely that i looked amazing and i made it look easy. Just lucky we have a good sleeper and i have good foundation I said!

majormoo Fri 09-Sep-11 19:35:50

Kt and Annie feel for you having always gone overdue too. Hoping babies are in yours arms in a matter of hours.
Ds3 is a month tomorrow and gone from 8lbs 6 to 11lbs 11.not surprised as he feeds so often. I never get more than 2.5 hours sleep at a time so am shattered. Ds1 started school this week and lve

majormoo Fri 09-Sep-11 19:41:59

Whoops-smart phones and breastfeeding co ordination problems there. Meant to say ds1 loves school but is also exhausted. DD thinks her new teacher is too strict and health visitor thinks ds2 may have a slight lisp from all his thumb sucking so needs speech therapy. After school yesterday had a couple of extra kids to tea to help out heavily pregnant friend so looked like the von trapps walking back from school with 6 kids-only less serene and with more screaming and less singing! Oh for some sleep

MrsVidic Fri 09-Sep-11 20:16:11

My life line is tea! Prevents me from falling asleep during the day. Eva is starting to go longer between feeds during the day- which is welcome as I can do more with dd1.

Dd1 is dropping her nap, which makes 4 pm onwards overtired hell! I'm tempted to drive around/ walk till she sleeps- then as soon as we get home she wakes up!

Firawla Fri 09-Sep-11 21:29:25

mrs v sometimes mine are really tired around that time too, if they are really overtired and moody i will just do dinner 4.30 and bed 6pm!! sounds ridiculously early but makes life easier if you are having one of those days when you're just thinking 'hurry up bedtime!' and sometimes they need it. well as long as it does not result in them waking up @ stupid times of the morning like getting up at 5am for the day or anything!

hersetta wow 8 hours!!! he is a really good baby!

MrsVidic Sat 10-Sep-11 06:22:12

Firawla- I do 6pm bed times but she then wakes at 5.15! I'm going to either walk for hours today or go on a long drive to make sure she gets an hour sleep as I cant cope!

Hersetta Sat 10-Sep-11 08:09:01

Well the girls in this house are up and both lazy boys are still in bed!

I'm up with DD and she's watching bananas in pyjamas (which i can't stand) and baby Alex has yet to put in an appearance so I thought I use the computer before DH hogs it.

DD's first week of reception has gone well although as the week went on she did get tired. Her bedtime has always been a bit later (usually 8pm) so I would see her for a couple of hrs after I got in from work and she gets up usually between 7.00-7.30 so it works well for us as we're not up at the crack of dawn. DH is out most of the day today (football piss up) so I may resort to the easy option and let DD watch a marathon of Barbie movies I have been taping for her (bad Mummy!).

WinterLover Sat 10-Sep-11 09:34:48

Hersetta We all need a day like that sometimes. I usually have a rule - no kids tv before breakfast as DSD takes forever to eat her breakfast if I let her watch it before. But on the odd occasion (when DS has been up loads) we have a 'comfy' day especially if its crappy weather, so its comfy clothes, blanket and DVD'd/kids tv. She loves it, I love it as I get quiet time and DP loves it as the house is quiet grin

Hersetta Sat 10-Sep-11 09:52:03

Thanks Winter - to be honest, I'll only resort to the barbie fest if it rains (which it looks like it might) otherwise I'll take them both into Town to have a mooch arouncd the shops.

It is about the only time that DD is quiet though - she even gives us a running commentary when she is doing colouring so the peace and quiet is rather nice.

WinterLover Sat 10-Sep-11 16:15:11

Hersetta are you sure your DD isnt my DSD??? grin Just like yours she gives a running commantary for everything.. having a bath, having a wee, colouring, getting changed etc etc but unfortunately when her mouth starts her actions stop so getting changed takes forever!

Sargesaweyes Sat 10-Sep-11 17:58:49

Hi ladies, hope all is well. My friend has lent me a fisherprice swinging music chair and Bertie loves it!!! Has has much longer nap this afternoon which has been nice.

Sleep is going ok-I don't have anything to compare it to though. Last night though I fell asleep burping Bertie and dp luckily spotted me. Felt very guilty but a few people today have said they have done this before.

Can I ask if anyone else is eating alot of sugar??? Trying to eat healthily but can't believe how quickly a bar of dairy milk (giant) vanishes. Plenty of time for weight loss.

Hersetta Sat 10-Sep-11 19:48:39

Winter - They sound identical!! I am just listening to her in the bath - she is having full scale conversations with her bath toys, with her doing both sides of the conversation - very surreal!

Firawla Sat 10-Sep-11 23:04:33

sarge yeh im eating quite a bit of sugar, and generally just really hungry n wanna eat non stop i dont know if it is breastfeeding related?? but i am gonna go back on slimming world next week, i said ill give myself 6 weeks and then crack down on it, and he is 5 weeks today

winter and hersetta my ds1 is like that too with the constant running commentary

Annie456 Sun 11-Sep-11 03:23:52

Benjamin was born yesterday after 16 hour labour weighing 9.1lbs! I finally have my little boy!
Had a pretty traumatic ending to what started out as a good induction and I'm still trying to get my head around it but Ben is letting us get a decent sleep tonight so hopefully I'll feel brighter in the morning, although still a little bruised and sore! Still on the labour ward so currently being kept awake by re-living the horrors of screaming women! Will post full story soon

MrsVidic Sun 11-Sep-11 04:48:49

I too csnt stop eating, been back at slimming world for 3 weeks - had again 1/2 pound last time- only got 6 more to loose! Im struggling resisting sweet things! Muiller crunch corners are my weakness!

Having said that running is a lot easier and I've been doing 5k last week- i going to attempt s 10k next week!

Hersetta Sun 11-Sep-11 07:51:12

Well done Annie - welcome little Ben.

Just KT to hear from now.

Firawla Sun 11-Sep-11 10:23:51

congrats annie!!!!

Congratulations Annie!!

I'm a chocoholic at the moment... but that's been true while breastfeeding all my three. I'm trying to keep it under control but I'm only half a stone heavier than before I was pregnant so not too worried - the last few pounds never come off until I've finished feeding.

yey well done annie xxx anxiously awaiting kt's post x

KTisSTILLpg Sun 11-Sep-11 12:02:51

Congratulations Annie

Well I've finally graduated too grin Edwin James was born yesterday at 17.09 following a two hour labour and, brace yourselves, weighs a HUGE 11lb7 shock !!!!!!!!

I went into hospital and had my waters broken at about 1pm. after monitoring for about 45 mins etc we were told to go for a walk for an hour or so to try and get my contractions going. I had my first proper contraction at 3.15 just as we were getting back to the car park. Very quickly I was getting really stron contractions every 2-3 mins and for a little while I struggled to cope with the intensity with just my tens because they started so quickly. I was very sick and hot so decided to try the birth pool, which helped, but I missed the distraction of my booster button. Then I felt the urge to push so asked for gas and air which really helped and Edwin was born in the water. His cord was round his neck twice which was a little scary but other than that all ok. The mw had to check his weight twice and get a second opinion grin

We got home at around 10pm (I discharged us rather than wait for the pediatricion checks - my GP will do them tomorrow). So now we are bf every hour or so as he is a hungry little chap and I think we are both looking forward to my milk coming in smile

Not quite the homebirth I was hoping for but the next best thing I think. And after 4 days of pre-labour, stop-startin I really couldnt wait any longer.

Firawla Sun 11-Sep-11 12:26:37

congrats kt!!! wowww 11lb 7 he is a big lad! must be definitely the biggest one out of the august babies! i thought my ds2 was big at 9.5lb lol
would be nice to see newborn pics if either of you want to put any up kt and annie smile

Sargesaweyes Sun 11-Sep-11 14:31:10

Wow! Well done, that really is big! Glad that you have both finally got your babies smile

Glad that I am not the only chocoholic. Am building up to weighing myself- used to be between 9 and 9 1/2 stone and I know that I am nowhere near that! I seriously couldn't even consider a diet yet though. I used to run Mrs V-well done for getting back into it so quickly. I have started walking and that takes it out of me!

So Bertie looks like he is going to be an alert baby. He really fights sleep which is quite draining. Does anyone have any tips to share regarding getting him off to sleep? He likes the hoover but I can't really have that on at 5 in the morning. I am finding that he wakes up for a feed at 11.30 and gets to sleep by 12.30. Then he wakes around 3 and is a nightmare to get back off. Last night he was feeding on and off for about 2 1/2 hours. He gets quite windy at this time and usually has an enormous poo, so by the time this is dealt with he is wide awake. Is this normal for 12 days old? I don't want to expect too much. Someone that I know on facebook who had a baby a week after me keeps posting how her baby is sleeping in 4 hour blocks on breast milk which is making me paranoid. Also another mum told me I should be giving him an expressed bottle at night by now. Very confused and conflicting advice is making me feel a bit nuts! I am more of the school of thinking that he should make the routine at this age and I should follow his needs. However another mum has said that I must get the Gina Ford book (not my thing at all to be honest) because this attitude will result in me b/f every couple of hours for the next 6 months. shock Sorry for the ramble I think I am having a dip in confidence as d/p goes back to work tomorrow.

Firawla Sun 11-Sep-11 15:04:54

just ignore them, you & he will work out your own routine in time - he is only 12 days! no need to rush to the gina ford or making him have expressed bottles or whatever else if you dont want to

charlottery Sun 11-Sep-11 20:19:59

sargesaweyes, my first baby was exactly like that for the first few weeks, but it all settled down eventually - ignore everyone else and trust yourself - you're doing fine! Adelaide (finally named!) is much more chilled than dd1 was, but I think I'm more relaxed so maybe thats it. She does wake a couple of times at night but I don't mind so much as the house is so peaceful without a crazy 3 year old tearing around.
Congratulations KT and Annie - so glad your babies are finally here

MrsVidic Sun 11-Sep-11 21:30:43

Congrats Annie and kt - were all here now!

Regarding the routine- to be honest the only person going to be benefitted by it or stocking to it is you- babies won't do routine for a few months- having one helps me thou

ssmile Mon 12-Sep-11 03:03:32

Hi sarge my babe is 17d old feeds all over the place.likes to be wide awake 12.30-2.30am sad I've found infacol has helped to speed up winding process as she gulps down my gushy milk too quick then we get wind. Most BF babes that I know at this age rarely go more than 2-3hrs between feeds and its all about the babe there is vlittle I think the mum can do to influence that at this age. My DD1 never went much more than 2hrs when BF young, this babe has done a couple 3-4hrs between feeds I was gobsmacked! I tried to do gina Ford with DD1 but got so stressed trying to make babe fit the routine my DH has banned the book this time and I am so much more relaxed finding our own routine even with a vlively 4yr old in the house too. Gd luck x

Wow, congratulations KT!!! What a big boy, well done.

sarge I have found with my older two that they would become more predictable at around 2 months - feeds became more evenly spaced and I'd have a better idea of when they would need one next. I like to have some routine to my day too but it is far easier to let baby develop a a pattern of his own than to impose a strict one that will probably just result in a lot of stress!

Eviepoo Mon 12-Sep-11 09:39:14

KT and Annie - Yeay and Congratulations - glad to hear your babies are here safe, two big healthy boys smile

Sarge your baby is still so little - ignore other people and do what feels right to you, you'll feel better that way....
I must admit I'm finding this time easier, but I am older (therefore wiser? lol), done my newborn worries before, way calmer and damned lucky I have a chilled out Grace. DD1 was not this chilled I tell you. charlottery maybe it is a 2nd LO thing smile, loverly name btw.

Oh and sarge DH went back to work today too....we'll be fine. you having a home day or you planning to go out? The sun is shining so I may go for a walk with pram later.

They are right when folk say every baby is an individual, so don't stress trying to make Bertie try to fit a pattern, he will get his own soon. As MrsV suggests, if you find you like having a routine have one smile but Bertie will no doubt change it to suit him over time.

MrsV I'm impressed you're are running again, I plan to start Zumba, Pilates and bootcamp after 6 week check. Just doing walking now.
I am 2lb below pre-PG weight now (thanks to BF) but I was a couple of stone overweight to start, so my plan is to shift that now.

I've finally got round to putting some pictures of Grace up, and there is one with her big sister too. Everyone I see comments on her hair as she has so much, so see what you guys think.

I've been looking at your pictures guys and oh what lovely August babies we made grin all beautiful x

Okay Grace fell asleep on me so going to get a cuppa while I can, take care ladies.

wow kt what a finale!! congratulations cant wait to see pics x

Willow is feeding mad, she does do some 3-4 hr stints and she even did a 5 hour from 9pm till2am and was only up 40 min then another 3hr, twas heaven! but was a 1 off i think, she does take ages to go back down in the middle of the night she just wants to be held, and in the evening from around 5pm she feeds every half an hour for 5-10min till 9-10pm does this sound normal? ive not breastfed before, i bought a manual breastpump yesterday so gonna give it a whirl when i get a min.

just done the whole morning and school run on my own or 1st time went a bit wrong dd2 wokefor feeding at 8.45am and needed changing so had to give her 5 min and then a dummy but i got dd1 in just as they were closing the gate!

oh yeah i forgot to say gina ford book is v stressfull i just dont think u can make any baby fit her v strict routines!

Sargesaweyes Mon 12-Sep-11 10:37:19

Thanks for tips guys. I felt I was doing well when I was doing my own thing but yesterday had a bit of a cry and convinced myself I was doing it all wrong-silly I know. I think it is a bit to do with age and him being my first-I am the youngest in my family so although I'm 26 some members do still baby me and think I'm a bit scatty so can 'take over' a bit. I am naturally a bit self critical and just need to stop being harsh on myself. Am going to a b/f group on thurs all being well so hoping this will be a good source of advice/ friendship from people who don't already have an opinion about me.

Actually loving my day so far Eviepoo. Weather is rubbish here so snuggled up with Bert on the sofa. I think to be honest I am totally overwhelmed by my feelings for him and I just want to make sure he is happy all of the time. The pictures of everyones babies are so cute!
Will put some more on of Bertie asap as he is already changing so much.

Is anyone else a first time mum? If so how are you feeling?

Sargesaweyes Mon 12-Sep-11 10:44:02

Glad to see your little one is feeding alot to neverlookback. Are you going to express for night time feed? Expressing confuses me- God I sound totally clueless lol.

I wouldn't express sarge because it will make you produce more milk and you'll probably wake up leaking and engorged.

ive bought the pumo thinking i will express some for evening occasionally, so that i can go to bed and dp can give her a feed, she cluster feeds in the eve at the mo and its quite relentless can barely get a shower in or get the others to bed, and then maybe my alterior motive so that i can have a drink when i have the energy to have more than one glass of wine!!

Also with her needing feeding just as its the school run i could have a backup to take with me! i dont fancy flopping my boob out in the playground!!

but i am aprehensive as to what it will do to my supply, i have a lot of milk as it is.

oops i meant pump not pumo!

Eviepoo Mon 12-Sep-11 17:05:39

neverlookback I have a lot of milk during the night and in the morning (as she does have longer between feeds at night) so I express early on (sometimes in the night if I wake leaking). Then I use this to get a wee break from the cluster feeding in the evening. 4-5 hours of on/off feeding makes me feel tender and empty and stuck to the couch. Besides DD1 and DH like to give her the expressed bottle (I usually only do 80-100ml).

sarge well the sun only lasted a wee while. it's horrific weather again. DH came home for lunch - I took him back to work and kept the car. I went out for a coffee and headed home. She isn't really liking the car seat and I am trying to do a few short journeys to get her more settled with it. Heading back out soon to pick up DH and get some diesel.

majormoo Mon 12-Sep-11 18:48:04

Congratulations Annie and Kt. Good god what a big baby Kt!
Large my ds3 has been feeding very frequently and although I an exhausted am holding out for a couple more weeks til I am relying on things calming down. My DD used to feed in the same way and the constant feeding drove me mad. Now she is 8 she still eats loads but loves sleeping! It is hard doing it for the first time as you are so desperate to get things right but really I think everyone just muddles through.
You have years ahead of you of bath, milk, story, teeth, bed etc so I reckon enjoy your baby while you can be a bit flexible. Talking of which off to get the others to bed

Congrats annie and kt! What a finish to our ante-natal thread with such an enormous baby and a wonderful water birth! annie hope you get the closure you need on your birth too.
For those wanting some structure, we're doing the baby whisperer (with the intention of moving on to GF by three months as I have with my other two) and its great. I'm not a very intuitive parent and need all the help I can get, and the pattern of eat, awake, sleep in a 3 hour cycle really helps organise their body clocks.
I'm also having school run issues though, there's no way I can stop DS2 falling asleep in the pram for the 45min round journey morning and afternoon, so I have to organise the rest of the day around knowing that he'll nap then.
I really want to know how much he weighs, having had his tongue-tie snipped at 8 days he then put on 13oz in the next 6 days shock so I guess he's over 10lb now. All the newborn clothes are back in the loft and he's only 2 weeks old!
Great to hear how well everyone is getting on and enjoying their babies, and they are all beautiful smile

alibaba76 Mon 12-Sep-11 22:20:55

Not been on here for an age, just been so busy with my new arrival. Lewis Hamish was born on 28 Aug, 7.58am by CSection, weighing 7lb 13 oz.

Here is my mammoth birth story if you fancy a read...

After 2 unsuccessful sweeps at 1cm dilated (midwife didn't think I'd need 2nd sweep never mind getting to the induction appointment!) I had to be induced. So on Friday 26 August in I went. I thought it would be quick - in, examined, pessary, home. But it took hours. Monitoring, examination & pessary, half an hour lying on side to ensure pessary stayed in, monitored again. While being monitored, I had to lie almost flat on my back which was extremely uncomfortable, especially when I had to get up again. Anyway after 4½hrs we went home. 12hrs later contractions started although it took me an hour or so to realise what was happening. So on went the TENS machine. After a few hours I rang triage just to see if I should take the pessary out, they said no. I decided to go to bed and try to sleep and I think I actually did manage to between contractions. The pain was manageable and I certainly could have withstood more. I kept the TENS on all night. At 6am while on a trip to the loo, the pessary came out and basically the contractions stopped. As I was due to go back onto hospital the next day anyway to have the pessary removed, I decided to keep that appointment. So I went in, explained that the pessary had fallen out and was told the ward was full so to go for a walk for an hour and a half and then go back. When I went back there was another half hour wait and then I was hooked up to be monitored again. After that I was examined and now 2-3cms dilated, so at least the pessary/contractions had done something. So I was to have my waters broken and waited on a bed in labour ward, which came up very quickly.

So up in labour ward I was examined again and my waters were broken. After midwives consulting and further examinations they agreed that there was merconium in the waters and so I had to be monitored for the remainder of the labour. Contractions began again, so TENS was back on and I sent DH home to feed the cat and have his own tea.

In just over an hour he came back and the situation had completely changed. While he'd been away my contractions had increased beyond belief. Every time I moved I set another one off and there were little or no breaks in between each one. After a while of this I mentioned the epidural word to the midwife but she convinced to try paracetamol and dihydracodine first. After nearly an hour they had barely dented the pain and so I got my epidural. By this point I couldn't move and could only stand immobile while the contractions came in waves. I couldn't speak or be touched either. Thankfully the anaesthetist arrived very quickly and got the job done and I was soon much more comfortable but bed bound.

So my body laboured away while I felt no pain and tried to sleep. I got the epidural topped up anytime I wanted it and was getting regular examinations to check on my progress. I got to 8cms and nothing happened for a while so they got the oxytocin drip going. After a while I still hadn’t progressed so they tried laying me on my left. This created a problem as baby’s heartbeat dropped dramatically so they tried my right but heartbeat still didn't pick up. So all the doctors were now running in and it was a bit of a blur but I remember someone giving me am oxygen mask and then the doctor talking about monitoring the heart by using a probe on baby’s head. My instincts were that now that I was on my back again, he would be ok so I asked her to give us a minute and the heart returned to normal. I really didn't fancy that probe thing! While I had been on each side though, another problem had been discovered... I had developed pressure sores on my backside (bed sores). More on that later!

So after another hour or so on the oxytocin I was examined again but there was still no movement and so at about 7.30am they suggested caesarean. So after throwing up a few times, off we went to theatre. The section went well and Lewis was born at 7.58am. He was covered in merconium (looked like curry sauce) but cried straight away which was a good sign. He was cleaned up, I was stitched up and off we went to recovery then onto the ward.

As I had a catheter in I was bed bound for 24hrs so other people did the nappy changes and he was brought to me for feeding. Unfortunately we had big problems feeding as he wouldn't open his mouth wide enough. I was quickly shown how to hand express while one of the nursery nurses syringed the colostrum from me. In the meantime Lewis developed the newborn rash but it was quite severe so each doctor who came referred it to a colleague. About 4 doctors saw him before they were satisfied it was nothing more serious. He also developed a temperature which had people worried and I was warned to prepare myself for him going to neonata,l however another of the nursery nurses thought that it was all down to dehydration and so I decided that he should get topped up with formula because of the breastfeeding issues. This did the job quite quickly but as the feeding was still an issue the top ups continued for a few days.

In the meantime countless doctors and specialist nurses had been down to look at my behind. It was something that had happened to another few women recently during childbirth and so was of great concern. Mine was the worst so far though. Thankfully it wasn't painful, but I had to stay off of it, which is quite difficult when you're recovering from a caesarean!

On day 2 I had a total meltdown. A midwife was in trying to help Lewis latch on for a feed. I was worried about his rash and temperature, which hadn’t yet been sorted out and he was crying with hunger and frustration. It was heartbreaking as there I was ready to feed him but it just wasn’t working. I just burst into tears. It was probably the lowest moment so far.
After 2 nights on the ward a lovely midwife got me my own room and the next day I had a shower which took ages but was so worth it. The feeding issues continued but small progress was being made every day. My butt was still of concern but was getting the correct treatment and the best news was that Lewis' temperature was back to normal and his newborn rash was reducing day by day.

After 2 nights in my own room and after loads of great feeds on my last day (no more formula) I finally got home. I was in hospital for a total of 5 nights. Much longer than normal even for a CSection.

Lewis dropped from 7lb 13 at birth to 7lb 1, but at his first weighing in the house was 7lb 10 and at just 11 days old he was weighed again at 8lb 5. So the breast feeding is paying off.
The district nurse also still calls in to check my butt and change the dressings (the sores have a terrible smell!) and has shown DH how to do it too so that they can be changed whenever I want. The right side is now healed, but the left will take 2-3 more weeks we think.

I am amazed at the level if care I received at the hands of the NHS. The staff I have encountered were all amazing. I had someone with me for every single feed in the early days and if I hadn't been in hospital for so long I know that I'd have given up on the breast and gone to the bottle, so maybe things happened for the best.

Rootatoot Tue 13-Sep-11 13:37:12

Helloooo everyone - I found you all at last! I've not had much time to pop online of late (strange that!?) but we're doing ok. Harry is now 6 weeks old. I'm still bf and he's piling weight on. To say he was 3 weeks early and only just 6lb, he is now 9lb 8oz and doing great.

I'm utterly knackered with his frequent feeds and my insomniac DH who is struggling to find a routine, but we've progressed from wanting to kill each other in the first 3 weeks so at least things are getting a bit easier! smile

Congrats to all of you who have had your babies and winter & evie & eveyrone I chatted to regularly on the pg threads, I'm glad you're still on here and hope I can catch up with your posts v soon.

Little man is now grumbling again so I'd better go but hope you are all v well. Will try and figure out how to put a pic up too!


WinterLover Tue 13-Sep-11 15:28:11

Hi root grin grin

DS is now 7 weeks old. Got him weighed last week at 6+4 and he had gone from 6lb 3oz at birth to 9lb 5oz so I was a very happy mummy. They still want be to go fortnightly to check him over but he's doing so well grin

Eviepoo Tue 13-Sep-11 18:46:05

Hi root glad that you made it here!

6 weeks!! and 7 Weeks for you winter my goodness time goes fast. Sounds like the boys are putting on weight very well grin
Grace was weighted a week ago (12 days and was 9lb 2oz - so only 1oz below birth weight) I think I will go to the clinic next thursday when she is 4 weeks for a weigh in and length measurement. I am guessing by then she will be 10lb+ as she is a happy wee guzzler smile

Grace is 19 Days old today and changing by the day I am snapping pictures like you would not believe. I have only got round to putting some on my profile a couple of days ago though.

I am so lucky she is a night time sleeper, she is now settling into a 2 - 2.5 hour gap between feeds during the day then a 4 hour evening cluster feed, then a long sleep (last night was longer than 6 hours - I was amazed) a long feed and then another 2-3 hours. Yes I know - I am counting my blessings and making the most of this while it lasts. She's now having awake times (awake and not feeding I mean) too, sometimes for an hour or so.

I still can't help looking at her, I just love her so much. I have two gorgeous daughters and I am blessed (even if I had to punish the oldest for swearing today!!...her argument - 'I'm at high school now and everyone swears' she's only 11!!). I am worried that I am softening up to the thoughts of another baby, DH keeps saying we may as well, another like Grace would be lovely, but Lauren was a bad sleeper, another Labour like Laurens would be fine, not an induction resulting in agony like with Grace. Oh and I'm not sure I could do another 9 months of sickness/reflux/heartburn hell and months of glucose testing and injecting myself again.....but they grow so fast and they are so beautiful.

ok I recognise the I want food grunting - best go xx

Eviepoo Tue 13-Sep-11 19:00:34

oh also wanted to say to alibaba76 your induction sounds crap, I had one which was bad (although not as bad as yours sounds), I hope gazing at your gorgeous wee boy is helping you forget the bad bits now. x

Sargesaweyes Tue 13-Sep-11 19:16:09

So I went to Sainsburys today to show off my chap! Proudly went around picking up all the things that I fancied.....Reached check out and as packing bags realised I had forgotten my purse. All the shopping had to be taken away! As i was leaving to make things worse my breast pad fell out!!!!!!!!

Back to hiding behind the blinds for another few days I think blush

Firawla Tue 13-Sep-11 20:01:42

awww sarge poor you!
alibaba congrats!!! sounds like u had a really difficult time with the birth i hope you are all recovered quickly, sores sounds really painful!
nice to hear how all the babies are growing, i keep meaning to weigh rafiq i think i will just do it tonight at home, he seems to have gone a lot bigger so curious to see how much he's put on. i've had to put away some of his tiny newborn clothes earlier this week, so definitely seems to be growing quick

Sargesaweyes Tue 13-Sep-11 20:12:18

Wow! Just read the birth story alibaba. Poor you it sounds like you really went through it. I hope you recover asap. Congrats root smile.

Eviepoo Tue 13-Sep-11 20:45:07

Oh sarge it's ok we all do things like that at times

I have a question for you ladies.

One of my stretch marks is a bit of a problem, (an old one from DD1) a couple of times in PG it turned into kinda like a spot - with pus. Then at the end of PG it became quite a blob and itchy and sore. The MW who visited me at home suggested soaking a plaster pad in breastmilk. It certainly helped it go down after a day or two and I have just ignored it. Well now it is a bigger lump than ever (about side of penny round and sticks out about 1/2 a cm). It looks full of blood and gone purple, it's right where my pants sit. Seems a daft thing to go to the doctors about - when so many people need appointments for more important things but I need to get rid now. I think I will try the breast milk thing again.

Do you think I should wait for my 6 week check-up (not til 6th Oct) or go to doc before then?

ssmile Tue 13-Sep-11 22:39:49

eviepoo if u worried get it checked out. Can your HV look at it first? I've had stretch marks that have come up in large spot things that don't respond to a squeezing makes them worse, I've just had to leave them be, but this was prepreg.

sarge grin Heehee oh yes we've all forgotten purse at sometime. I've worked on checkoute for yrs when a student and I had someone everyshift do it, we had special button to store transaction and people came back paid later &collected their shopping.

My worst BF story with DD1 was answering the door to postman with one nipple hanging out as hadn't put it away post feed, was winding babe forgot about it blush grin

MrsVidic Wed 14-Sep-11 13:54:17

Ssmile I have done the exact same thing to my window cleaner grin I'm sure he avoids eye contact now! However, he rang my bell yesterday to tell me I'd left my keys in the door blush

alibaba wot a tough induction, and bed sores they sound terrible you poor thing, take it easy x

sarge the breast pad bit made me laugh which i say thank you for cos im having a really crap down day today!! me and dp have really fallen out, we just dont get on at all at the moment, i feel like im constantly competing with this work and i always loose, hes just never here for me when i need him and hes missing out on his childrens lives! he is basically a workaholic, he went to work at 6am on monday and came back at 7am on tues with 1 text to say he was going to be very late, i did my first 24 hours with 3 kids on my own it was a killer with dd feeding all the time. ah well hope everyone else is OK x

Sargesaweyes Wed 14-Sep-11 15:54:55

Neverlookback, sorry you feel like this at the moment. I think it is tough on even the strongest of relationships sometimes when there is a new baby. Plus hormones, tiredness and men feeling a bit helpless. My dp is trying his best but I can't help but feel shitty towards him sometimes...yesterday I listed all of the things I was coping with from piles to leaky boobs, exhaustion to the bloody never ending use of maternity pads and blamed him for not being able to take any of the feeding issues away from me. This started because he announced at 9 he was going to bed because he was tired!!! Try and talk to him about how u r feeling- sometimes I def assume dp knows when really he is totally clueless. I hope you have a better day tomo x

MrsVidic Wed 14-Sep-11 15:55:26

never hope your day goes quickly! Dp and I are having little rows recently too, to be honest it's because were both tired. Luckily he is on leave this week and we are getting on a lot better. I just need him to realise that Eva doesn't cry just because she's hungry- he can pick her up too without waiting for me! He's getting more confident now so it's getting better.

Anyone else feel like a milk machine- my let down is fierce and sprays dd in the face when she has a break as the flow is so strong!

Dds colic is a lot better as I've totally changed my dairy intake to try to eliminate lactose. She has bad acne- at what point will it go/ should I get worried?

Sargesaweyes Wed 14-Sep-11 17:10:32

I feel like a milk machine and snap with the let down and baby spots. Any advice regarding this would be great- especially as clothes get soaked when he pulls away. I am finding the crying a bit relentless at the mo to. I love him so much and am really beating myself up at the moment that I am doing things wrong. My sister says this is normal for first time mums so just trying to get a grip. Hopefully going to a b/feeding group tomo so hoping to get some support and meet some people in same situation.

wishwales Thu 15-Sep-11 09:30:23

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I am not sure where I belong on Mumsnet. I enjoyed my time in the August ante-natal group with you all but since Morgan was born on June 8th (8 weeks early) it has been hard to relate. Now that things are evening out because all the wonderful August ladies now have babies, I thought I would stop by smile

Morgan is now 8lbs 14ozs (birth weight was 3lbs 7ozs) and growing beautifully. We have been so fortunate that she seemed to escape most of the potential health problems that could have come with her prematurity. Poor thing has severe colic, reflux and constipation which has been a nightmare for all of us. I feel bad complaining about this because we are really so lucky otherwise. We have the HV and a nurse from NICU out every week. And we see the GP weekly and the peditrician regularly as well as a referral to an NHS massage therapist to come to our flat. The support is unbelievable but she is still struggling so much.

Bonding is not happening like it is for most of you. There are only a few minutes in a day when she is awake and not crying, winging, hurting and this leaves little time to 'enjoy' her. I feel terrible...She is never a happy baby and hasn't even smiled yet.

Does anyone else not feel this overwhelming, gushing love for their newborn? I feel guilty and sad about it but she is in a lot of ways still an alien to me.

MrsVidic Thu 15-Sep-11 10:48:07

Wishwales dd1 i love with all my heart as with dd 2 but is was Definatley not immediate with dd1.

I was just so shocked by the enormity of it all + quick birth + she was not a brilliant sleeper. But slowly without me realising the love grew- it had always been there as I'm sure yours is but you have so much going on you won't realise it. Babies are bloody hard work, the first 3 months are about survival but it gets so much easier to feel close to them the older they get. They just take, take and take at first and it's exausting and infuriating at times but then they start to do things- first smile, first laugh etc.

bellamysbride Thu 15-Sep-11 12:19:29

Hi there, I have been lurking but not posting but felt compelled to respond to you wishwales. I have had two refuxy babies. DD now three weeks old and DS is two years old. I haven't felt an immediate, overwhelming surge of maternal feeling towards either. For me it is a slow burner as they become less miserable. I can emphatically say I feel such an intense maternal love for DS now though and I know that will come with DD too as I get to know her. Reflux and colic are buggers!

wishwales hang in there you are not alone, my ds was a very miserable screamy baby, it was a complete shock to the system after my dd was so good, he was lactose intol and it took a long time for him to grow into a happy baby and for us to be able to enjoy him, I vowed id never have another after him but here i am with dd2 who is as quiet and as good as her big sister was!

DP came in and apologised for being such a wanker!! thank god! and he has been much better i was too tired to talk much last night but at least theres hope!

Im feeling like a huge milk monster, id managed to express 1.5oz and dp gave it to her last night, she wolfed it down from an avent bottle i was impressed, ive done another 3oz today so i may be able to get a bath in tonight? The evening cluster feeding is almost impossible and she was feeding every 2 hours all night and this morn, and sometimes its every half an hour, when does this calm down? Am even wondering about giving her a bottle of formula at bedtime so get a bit more sleep but is that a slippery slope to stopping bf? aargh its good but so hard!!

fizzypigs Thu 15-Sep-11 13:47:20

Wishwales just to reassure you I have similar feelings to you. Definitely feels like a slog at the moment. This is my 1st baby so have nothing to compare it with. I am taking heart in that a lot of women I've spoken to have said they felt the same way. My baby doesn't have the same probs as your little one but I too am finding the constant feeding, changing & lack of sleep tough!! I would kill for a decent uninterrupted sleep, love to go out for diner and polish off a bottle of wine, feel jealous when my partner swans off to work & want my boobs back!!

Leilandri Thu 15-Sep-11 19:37:37

wishwales you are not alone in your feelings for Morgan. DS1 was an extremely colicy baby, he would scream for hours on end, usually just as DH came home from work, so I felt like I'd failed DH somehow too, to lumber him with this awful baby. Colic DOES pass, and things do get easier, I would never have had DS2 if things hadn't got better! The love I have no for DS1 is immense.. so hang on in there X

Leo is being a good baby so far, he does get quite grumpy in the evenings but I am trying different things to ease this. NO idea how much weight he has put on as HV's annoy me immensly so I avoid them at all costs! He has just started to do proper smiles, but it is hard work getting them out of him! I love him so much :-)

Firawla Sat 17-Sep-11 10:19:23

wishwales nice to see you here! must be hard with all the reflux colic & everything, hopefully all that settles down soon so you can just enjoy her. im sure its normal what you're feeling

theonlyhb2 Sun 18-Sep-11 09:14:38

thought i would stop by and say Hi!

Evie can't believe you had a girl! So convinced was gonna be a boy smile lovely to see root and winter too and your getting on so well.

I love not being pregnant! everyday I am thankful for not puking, no heartburn, not weeing myself, being able to sleep, to do housework, walk at a normal pace, cope with life in general.

Harper is a cutie, she has everyone round her little finger smile Maternity leave is like a holiday for me really. OH isn't working at the moment so its been great both of us here all the time. I don't know how you would cope on your own with getting anything done! I am expressing milk and bottle feeding (or breast feeding, depends what the little madam wants, quite often both, bottle from Daddy then boob). I do get out the house everyday, and often on my own. Even if its just to Tesco its quite nice. Deffo helps to keep me sane (and OH too).

Had some colicky bouts so now on Nuk bottles/teats, infacol before feeds and gripe water if needed. Also discovered orange juice is to be avoided at all costs! Jeez, the other night was bad but driving round town listening the Annie Mac soon put her to sleep.

Finally had my first health visitor check at 5 weeks as again "no onetold us you had given birth". pffft. Harper is now a stonking 8lb 5oz.....6lb1oz when born, lost 9% of body weight by day 3 (plus had jaundice) but day 8 was 6lb 3oz, day 13 was 6lb 8oz........she is now into newborn clothes smile buying girls clothes is fun!

hope your all getting a bit of a lay in on a sunday xx

NatashaBee Sun 18-Sep-11 17:24:37

Jumping on here a bit late, had my little boy on 13th August and have been lurking on mumsnet since. He is 5 weeks now and I found out last week that he has a Tongue tie, which probably explains why my attempts to breastfeed failed miserably. The doctor told me that they tend not to do anything with Tongue ties unless the baby has issues feeding - he feeds fine from a bottle other than dribbling a fair anount of milk. Does that sound right or should I be asking them to fix it in case it causes speech issues later?

Annie456 Sun 18-Sep-11 18:34:48

Hi ladies, good to see how you're all doing! Benjamin is a week old and already back to his 9.1 birthweight...he's growing so much everyday and it feels like the time scales in the books don't really apply to him-I don't know if thats because he was 2 weeks overdue?

I'm still waking him up in the night for a feed after about 4 hours-mainly because I'm swimming in milk by then! I'm struggling a bit with feeding and my nipples are just starting to heal after a week of cracking and bleeding-seems far less painful if i can express a bit first to get the milk flowing to avoid the strong sucking.

Any ladies who had an episiotomy...my cut is quite open at skin level (maybe 2-3 mm) with tighter stitching lower down. Is this normal? I just cant see how it will heal but I guess it's healing from the bottom upwards?

Hormones are a bit all over the place, I tend the have a low period at about 4pm where I try to get DH to take over. It's crazy how one minute I can be staring at Ben and crying tears of sheer joy and a hour later just feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. I feel pretty guilty but DH says it's perfectly normal at this stage-when should the hormones settle down?

Right well DH is on baby duty so I going to take advantage and do a bit of mindless Internet surfing!

wishwales Mon 19-Sep-11 08:38:08

We have changed up Morgan's feeding routine again. Now we add carobel (food thickener) to every feed, she gets an antiacid (ranitidine) every 8 hours and lactalose every 12 hours. In addition, we are keeping her sleeping surfaces at a slight angle and keeping her upright during feeds and for about 30 mins after. There had definitely been some improvement with her colic, reflux and constipation in the past few days smile Thank you for all the support ladies.

theonlyhb2 Mon 19-Sep-11 11:00:05

thats good news wishwales, its deffo a case of just trying everything to see what works best for you.

i swear the vibrating/rocking chair we bought is the best purchase ever. saves me having to go out for a drive with her so much!

WinterLover Mon 19-Sep-11 11:23:33

Pleased it's getting better wishwales

Well DS has his 8 week check and injections this afternoon, along with my post natal check .. Hopefully they'll be happy with his weight gain and give us the ok smile

Hersetta Mon 19-Sep-11 12:52:45

We have our 8 week check and jabs on Thursday.

Alex contiues to be a dream. He sleeps for approx 9 hrs a night and we haven't had an interupted night for over 3 weeks - bliss. We took him to a basketball game yesterday and he was exhausted last night and slept from 10.25 to 8.45 this morning - a new record! He has such a podgy tummy though (he is over 13lbs) that some of his 0-3 clothes are a bit tight around his tummy. Hope I don't get in trouble at his check up!!

Firawla Mon 19-Sep-11 15:25:41

wow hersetta he is such a good sleeper lucky you!! one day rafiq did 12.30 til 5.30am so i was pretty happy with that
hopefully they dont tell you off about his size, if they do try to make an issue ask them to do the length cos he might also be tall? then they back off a bit. my ds2 i remember the dr was really suprised at his weight at his check but compared to his height it worked out okay.
i got rafiqs check booked for in a couple of weeks, finally got round to registering him in the dr today although we are about to move house again so hardly seems worth it really
glad to hear things are improving for morgan wishwales

WinterLover Mon 19-Sep-11 16:12:59

He didn't cry gringringrin they are pleased with his progress, on his corrected age he's tracking 50th line so very happy with that. Got to have another check in 4 weeks when he has his next jabs and if all ok we can go on our merry way grin

MrsStevo Tue 20-Sep-11 10:05:27

Morning Mummies!! I notice this thread is a little quieter than our antenatal one ... are we all busy by any chance???

All is well with us although I am KNACKERED today. I should be waking the girls up to play for a while now so they go down well for their lunchtime nap but really can't motivate myself. Other than the lack of sleep I am loving being a mummy - it is even better than I'd ever imagined. The girls are two months old today and are little poppets. They still haven't quite got the hang of smiling yet and aren't hugely interactive with us but they will be 5 weeks behind schedule on that obviously. They do sleepy and windy smiles though which are just beautiful - can't wait for the real thing!

Had some problems with Sophia throwing up a lot, and I mean a proper projectile job not just 'possetting' (I hate that word). But we've sort-of taken on Gina Ford's routine of eating / sleeping and I think the spacing of feeds has helped as she doesn't seem to vom as much now. Perhaps I was overfeeding as I'm so keen to get them to pile weight on! Other than the routine I think Gina Ford is mean, mean, MEAN. She doesn't allow any time to actually enjoy the babies, or for that matter, go anywhere!! I didn't have children to breed sleeping and eating machines but that's all she seems to think they're good for. Horrible woman.

Haven't had them weighed properly for 3 weeks now but I put them on my Wii fit board yesterday (as it is gathering dust!!!) and Madeleine was 9lb 4oz and Sophia 7lb 12oz... just about the size of "proper" newborns now! Bless them.

Anyway, hope you're all well and babies are thriving.

MrsStevo Tue 20-Sep-11 10:21:38

Annie - my hormones seemed to settle themselves down at about 3ish weeks I think but that period could have been prolonged for me as I was in hospital for the first 2 which created additional hormonal nightmares for me. Hope you feel better soon though and get more periods of crying-with-sheer-joy rather than sobbing with overwhelm-ment (I'm pretty sure that's a word!!)

Wishwales - So pleased to hear things are getting better for you and Morgan. We have been so lucky that our girls have been reasonably healthy and not crying round the clock so I can't say that I've shared your feelings but I can well imagine that I would if I were in the same situation. I have a friend from NCT who was much the same as you though as her daughter had awful colic and constipation and I think she was ready to hand her back to the hospital at one point. The times when my girls have been really grizzly or crying and I've been tired myself have felt unbearable and it is all I can do to stop myself from shouting at them to put a bloody sock in it. I hope Morgan continues to get better and the medication works wonders so you can get on with properly enjoying her.

NatashaBee - I have the exact same dilemma with Sophia (except that they spotted the tongue tie at SIX weeks in my case). My HV said the same to me about not having anything done about it at the moment as she feeds fine from a bottle. I am just keeping everything crossed that it turns out fine - particularly since she has the name Sophia and our surname is Stevens... one of my worries when we named her was that she might end up with a lisp and would call herself TH-ophia TH-tevens!! I might ask my HV again when I see her tomorrow and will report back afterwards if she says anything different.

Sarge - hilarious Sainsbury's story. Bless you! Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but the breast-pad-falling-out-bit just made me chuckle!

Eviepoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:41:45

wishwales glad to hear things are getting better

theonlyhb2 - Hello! glad to see you... I should have guessed a girl after all that sickness etc - I was very sick with DD1 too. I am so chuffed as I think no words can describe how gorgeous she is (of course I say that because I am her mummy). I think it's cute Harper is into newborn size, I think Grace was never in newborn!! maybe a day or two. She is just so slim and long everything is baggy and too short!!

mrsstevo - Gina Ford makes me shudder and yes - so busy!

hersetta wow what a sleep! thats great smile. Grace is also growing out of some 0-3 months clothes and she is only 4 weeks on Thursday - except th problem for me is her length!! I am taking her on Thursday for a weigh in and I will ask them to check her length as I am sure it is over 60cm now.

In other news we went away for the weekend, (hence not mumsnetting) I know crazy with a three and a half week old but it was okay. We live near Edinburgh and we went to Newcastle to visit family on Thursday night (2.5 hours in car with a 30 minute stop to change feed etc), then on Saturday wento to Manchester to see DH's family (2 hour journey and she was fed/changed before we left and she slept the whole way!!). Then travelled back on Monday almost a 4 hour journey and we did 2 stops as I wanted to make sure she was out of the carseat plenty. I expected the travelling to be worse than it was. I was getting up twice a night while we were away - but in the grand scheme of things thats not bad.
I'm confident about our week in the lakes when she is 8 weeks old now.

Last night she was a bit unsettled and was pretty sick. She had bad wind and I think she guzzled too much milk.
Today she fought sleep all day, having only we 20 minute snatches here and there and was getting quite antsy, until I put her down on her front and she slept for a good hour like that - do any of you let them sleep on their tummys?

My stretch mark sore is healing now thankfully.
Tomorrow we meet three other yummy mummies and babies for lunch (ladies from my work - all who had babies in Jun and Jul) so I'm looking forward to that.

I am having a nightmare trying to get an appointment to have a coil fitted, after the fuss about them telling you to think about contraception straight away, you'd think it would be easier to sort it. I have to wait until 14 Oct for a consultation appointment - then I can make an appointment for fitting which is about a 6 week wait again - Grace will be 13 weeks by then. And even though I am still too tired - I should think we will want to resume by 13 weeks and I am not risking getting PG when BF it is way to soon!! Is it so difficult in other parts of the UK?

Anyway - I best sleep - sending you all sleepy baby vibes so you all get a good one tonight.

WinterLover Wed 21-Sep-11 05:44:04

Evie DS has slept on his tummy since he was a week old. Mainly because in the hospital he'd flip from his back to side, then side to tummy on his own but in doing so gets taffled up in blankets so for us it was much safer to just put him on his tummy to start with. I must add tho that from the hospital he was able to push his head of the mattress himself

theonlyhb2 Wed 21-Sep-11 11:13:24

often have to sleep Harper on her side as she doesn't like her back. Mum said I always slept on my side as a baby.

Evie, I am impressed with you going away! Do you think its easier as you have done before or does it all feel like the first time again?

Been expressing breast milk and bottle feeding since hospital stay, and thought would have trouble getting her on boob......but she seems to prefer it sometimes! Even wanted boob when we were out last week rather than bottle, I thought this was quite unusual?

Sargesaweyes Wed 21-Sep-11 12:26:41

Hi all. Not been on for ages as the days are very busy at the moment. Bertie is suffering colic for a couple of hours a night and also been finding round the clock b/f hard going. Exhaustion has well and truly set in. Bertie doesn't seem 2 like his Moses basket-any tips?I am swaddling him but he just wants to sleep on me. Last night I let him just so I could sleep. Dp and I are well and truly annoying each other. The bf support lady said to express at night for dp 2 give bottle so I can try and sleep a bit but this hasn't gone well. Am developing the attitude that Ill just do it myself rather than argue about stuff. Sounds like you are all doing really well. I feel a bit like I'm treading water 2 be honest.

WinterLover Wed 21-Sep-11 12:43:09

Sargesaweyes DS has started with colic too, its mild during the day but ramps up at night sad only place DS will sleep is either on me or in our bed. Its not a habbit I want to get into but he is just so stressed after his night feed. Ive got him on colic drops but if they dont have much of an affect Ive got to go back to the GP for something to help.

Leilandri Wed 21-Sep-11 13:23:09

Sarge and Winter My DS2 has colic too. Rather grumpy most of the day when not being cuddled, but really notches up a gear at night :-( He will only usually settle on me in bed, not in his moses basket. Like you Winter it is not a habit I want to encourage, but DS1 had awful colic too, and it DOES pass.

Around 3&1/2 months my DS1 had the night from hell, so bad we called my M-i-L at 3am to come and help out before we killed him, but that did seem to be the peak of it and things got better from there. Within a fortnight he had settled into a bath/bottle/bed routine and was sleeping from 8pm to 5am.

Having gone through it all the first time, and worried myself silly about routines and habits etc, this time we are just "going with the flow" until the colic passes, and will establish a routine after that. With colic it really is about survival, for both you and your DP AND the baby. Please don't beat yourself up, things will get better smile

WinterLover Wed 21-Sep-11 17:21:02

Thats what im doing, I had to keep a feed diary for the nurses/doctors of DS and I stressed myself out about it soo much. Found out at a check up that they didnt need it, and wasnt too fussed with seeing it they just wanted a rough estimate as to how much he was feeding.... guess what I did with the log grin yup it went in the bin and now I feed DS when he's hungry, put him for a nap when he's tired etc etc and its sooooooo much better. I am still jotting down his feeds when I remember but if I forget oh well lol

theonlyhb2 Wed 21-Sep-11 19:44:08

avoid orange juice! I found this out the hard way last week. I got some Nuk bottles and use infacol before each feed, deffo helps, you can use from newborn too smile

Eviepoo Wed 21-Sep-11 21:23:05

Yes - I too have found orange juice made Grace a wee bit grouchy and her poop was slightly different.

We were out all afternoon today smile

theonlyhb2 - I think it is easier because 1) I'm calmer, 2) DH is a star and helps loads, 3) I'm older and les inclined to panic- also have seen a baby projectile vomitting baby before and all you do is clean them then cuddle them and 4) I have an easy calm baby.

I found going away not to bad because I planned ahead and made sure I had time for stopping if thats what I needed to do.

Oh and I am also bad - when Grace wakes (between 3 and 5) I feed her and cuddle her and end up getting comfy and sleepy so just keep her in bed with me. I love it though.

Eviepoo Thu 22-Sep-11 09:39:41

Well I let Grace sleep on her front last night, she stirred when I put her down - but re-settled herself (at about 10.15pm) then she stirred at about 3.15am and re-settled herself again. then she got up at 5 for a (mammoth) feed and change. Cuddled in with me and slept from around 6-8am.

But why do I feel so guilty when she is fine and more comfortable?

wishwales Thu 22-Sep-11 10:03:26

To be honest, Morgan sleeps on her belly at least 50% of the time. I think it soothes her belly and provides some comfort since she slept this way for the first 5 1/2 weeks of her life in the NICU. We try not to don't do it when we will be sleeping, which makes sleeping hard for us. I completely agree that colic is about survival. Morgan was hitting her head against the crib rails when she was wiggling in pain. This terrified me and the recommendation from the NICU outreach nurse AND the health visitor??? Use a crib bumper!

Speaking of travelling with babies, Morgan has already been to London twice (from Cardiff), spent three nights in hotels, been on train, subway, taxis and public buses. But the true icing on the cake is we are flying to Florida Oct 3rd - Oct 17th!! My DH can not make it so I am bringing our 16 year old niece to help. We are staying with my family (my parents' house in Ft Lauderdale) so there will be plenty of breaks and attention there smile I am worried about the flight especially because although my GP and health visitor said go ahead, the NICU nurse told me that Morgan's pediatrician would have told us to wait a bit longer before flying but that there was no medical reason not to. Did she really need to tell me this? Now I am paranoid. They are concerned about the reduced oxygen and recycled air and the stress of flying on her body. She is 15 weeks now but only weighs 9lb 4oz. I am in two minds over this - I feel like she will be fine but if anything were to happen, I would never forgive myself.

Sorry for the self-centered post. it is nice to get some of this out....

ive been thinking of putting Willow on her front, as its how she is the most comfy on me and as soon as i try and put her down on her back so i can get on and do something she wakes up and i have to start all over again.

I need Breastfeeding advice of any of you,
The breastfeeding is starting to do my head in, from 5pm every night she just wants to use me as a dummy, she sucks well for a couple of mins then just "pretend" and falls asleep but as soon as i put her down she wakes and gets all niggley and it just goes on and on, i think she just wants to be held, the HV suggested colic but she isnt screamy, just wants cuddleing and to suck the life out of my nipples, also in the eve my boobs feel and look empty and last night i gave her 2oz id expressed earlier and she wolfed it down and was still hungry then she had 2oz of formula she still wouldnt be put down but it shows she was hungry, i think my boobs have just had enough by the eve? Shes really hard to get to go in her crib when i take her upto bed, which is usually around 10pm when she seems to of finally calmed down downstairs, she usually feeds again in bed but then it takes at least an hour to get her to go off in her crib and then again in the night after her feed, any ideas??? I think im going to give up and start bringing in the formula, she is 3weeks and 2days old, i havent bf in public yet i have basicallly avoided going anywhere and im sort of becoming a prisoner in my own home cos of it, dont think im cut out for it!

wishwales id say go for it on the flying, if all those other professionals have given you the go ahead im sure she will be absoloutly fine and you will be too, flying when they are tiny is way way easier than when they are crawling/walking x

Sargesaweyes Thu 22-Sep-11 15:47:27

Wishwales isn't it annoying how much conflicting advice you get. I swear they base it all on what they did with their own children. I haven't got any words of wisdom I'm afraid. America though.....can I come?

Sargesaweyes Thu 22-Sep-11 16:00:39

Don't give up neverlookback. Bertie and I r the same and he is 3 weeks 3 days (I think). This is exactly what is happening 2 me but I have been told it all sorts out and becomes less frequent in the next couple of weeks when the good milk comes. This stage is all about stimulating milk (this is what the bf support woman has told me) and when your boobs start feeling less like bursting it is meant to be a good sign. I also feel like stopping alot of the time but after all the hard work of the last few weeks I am going to try and give it a few more weeks to see if what I have been promised is true or bollocks. I have taken to letting the little monkey just sleep on me in bed and I sleep propped up. Not ideal but so fed up of him getting up every few minutes- breast feeding is hard bloody work to start with and if it doesn't get easier as everyone has told me then I am going to be more than a little bit cross! However I have faith it will turn into the lovely bonding experience it is supposed to be x

Eviepoo Thu 22-Sep-11 16:08:00

wishwales if it helps you my friend took her 5 week old to Italy and all was fine (younger than Morgan is - but her baby was not pre-term). Also I think as the HV and GP said they think it is fine I'm sure will be okay

neverlookback I know how you feel but don't give up yet, week 3 is really hard still.
I understand the emptiness at night thing, I often express early in the morning - for using that evening - this combats the emptiness and me feeling like I am spending the whole evening feeding and feeling like I am being used as a soother. I would suggest you try to keep doing this for a while. My sister sometimes gives her son a formula feed in the evening when she is feeling empty.
Have you tried a dummy? I have - Grace won't have it for longer than a few moments but at least it's a few moments less on me and she will get used to it.
Also, if she is not screaming - try putting her in a swing/bouncer chair and leaving her for a few moments, even if she is a wee bit grouchy. I do this when I feel like Grace is just suckling for comfort, there are toys hanging from the swing to entertain her and distract her, the swinging motion she likes and I switch the music on. I can sometimes get 30 minutes befoe she cries to be picked up. Or my other option is get soemone else to cuddle her for a while. Grace will have a dummy for longer when DD1 holds her. She will also settle and sometimes drop off to sleep with DH - I think without her associating milk/BF with them she is more likely to settle without it.

This are just ideas for you to try - I hope something will help you

And regards getting out - I suggest you practise feeding with a shawl or muslin to cover you - at home so that when you go out you will be more comfortable doing it. Oh and I promise 99.9% of people either don't notice/don't care or discreetly just away if they do notice what you are doing. I had to feed on the bus the other day and I used my jacket round my shoulder, it was slipping of a bit to the old lady next to me just tucked it back on my should for me and smiled.

Took Grace to be weighed today (4 weeks old today) - she is 10lb 2oz now smile

Eviepoo Thu 22-Sep-11 16:09:07

sarge I feed DD1 until her 1st birthday - I promise it does get easier!!

Hersetta Thu 22-Sep-11 17:08:24

Wishwales - no experience of premmies but we took DD to my Mum's in Spain when she was 10 weeks. It was a doodle and she slept the whole journey - much easier than having a toddler.

It was Alex's 8 week check and jabs today. He was a trouper and cried for less than 10 seconds. He now weighs 14lb, 7oz and is 62cm long. The doctor looked at Alex and said 'you're a big boy aren't you' and as a reply Alex gave him a lovely gummy smile.

We had another 10 hr night from him last night and in fact I had to wake him up this morning in order to get to our drs appointment on time. I think I will have to start bringing forward his bed time from the current 10.30. I guess the way to do it is bit by bit - will try for 10.00 tonight and see how it goes?

WinterLover Fri 23-Sep-11 20:09:29

Quick question...

DS was 4 weeks premature so on everything they are doing his 'corrected age'.. So for weaning would I go from actual age or his corrected age? I will ask HV when I see them next but it's a question that's been bugging me all day grin

KTisTIRED Fri 23-Sep-11 20:28:14

Hi all, not been on for ages - haven't managed to master getting a hand free from bf yet as I'm still quite sore. Edwin is 2 weeks old tomorrow and weighs a hefty 12lb7. No wonder I'm starving all the time grin

Hope you're all doing well xx

wishwales Fri 23-Sep-11 20:42:42

winter I have been told that weaning (and lots of other things) is by the 'corrected' age. If you think about it, the premature weeks are really supposed to be time in the womb so their digestive systems are only as developed as the time from due date. Did that make sense, lol? I am on the antihistimine tonight. Terrible hives and they are multiplying.

WinterLover Sat 24-Sep-11 02:19:15

Thanks wish grin that was my thoughts.

My mum suffers with hives, you have my every sympathy.

Sargesaweyes Sat 24-Sep-11 12:50:48

I had 3 hours sleep in a row last night and feel like a new woman! Last couple of nights Bertie slept in his Moses. Turns out at night he prefers to be put down awake and I stroke his nose until he goes to sleep. Takes ages but seems to have worked (fingers crossed very tightly). In the day will only sleep in carseat or sling. Can I ask if anyone has used coleaf for colic? He really suffers for a few hours every night but itcosts 12 pound so don't want to splash out if it's rubbish (I realise how tight this makes me sound!) Been using infacol which does make him burp but doesn't seem to help the pain. Suddenly he is being more sick. My mum says it is due to richer milk coming in now??? is this true as mum has a habit of making things up so I don't worry. How many types of milk is in there! Lol.

Question for everyone- what is your favourite time/thing you do with your newborn bundle? Mine is morning snuggles between 10 and 12 when I know I should be asleep but love the cuddle so much I can't. Has anyone got a real smile yet? I really thought I did yesterday but everyone said a month is to young.

Sargesaweyes Sat 24-Sep-11 12:54:17

KTistired- what a big boy. You must have super breastmilk smile

Hersetta Sat 24-Sep-11 13:50:13

Sarge - Alex started smiling around 4 weeks and little giggles about a week later. He will now smile at anyone who talks to him and says how beautiful he is - it's like he knows what they are saying!! I love getting him out of bed in the moring, giving him his feed and then we just have a cuddle. It's lovely as he always smiles at me when I get him out of his basket and startes up at me the entire time he is feeding.

Following Alex's jabs on Thursday he has been super sleepy. I managed to get him to bed by 9pm - he settled himself to sleep within 5 mins and we didn't hear a peep out of him until 8.55 this morning!! He guzzled 7oz of milk, had a sit with DD and we got lots and lots of smiles and baby talk out of him, but by 10.15 he was asleep again and he is still there. I've read this is normal after immunisations but have no experience of it as it never happened with DD. Apart from the sleepiness he is fine, not grizzling, no temperature etc so I think he is otherwise fine. Has anyone any experience of this?

sargesaweyes we used colief for ds from 3 weeks till he was 4 months old, to cut a long story short he was lactose intolerant but the doctors are very dismissive about this and dont like testing for it, i did persuade them to give me coleif on prescription, it is fabulous and ds was calmer and not in as much pain from the 1st bottle but prolonged use can cause quite bad runs, which is what ds had and then he finally got diagnosed with being lactose intol after my 10th visit to the doc about it and he was put on prescribed formula until he was weaned off it onto cows milk at 12 months, he is now fine with dairy.

Ive been feeling a bit better about the bf, my boobs do just seem and feel empty in the eve so have given her some formula but she does seem a bit upset after and im worried its not agreeing with her or worse still that she has lactose intol too, but she has gone down at around 10pm 2 nights in a row and slept for 6 hours then 30min feed and down for another 3 so shes doing fab in that dept!!!

wishwales Sat 24-Sep-11 18:15:08

sarge Are you sure it isn't reflux?

MrsVidic Sat 24-Sep-11 19:25:57

Sarge if your bfeeding just cut lactose out of diet- just by switching my milk to lactose free my dd is so much happier!

Hersetta my dd1 was the same after jabs and always sleeps loads when she's coming down with something

Well baby Eva is doing well- just finishing a major growth spurt! She will not take a bottle thou so I'm getting worried about my return to work!

Eviepoo Sat 24-Sep-11 19:46:09

Sarge re your quetsion what is your favourite time/thing you do with your newborn bundle? I love when she has had a huge feed and is lying really content and staring up at me.

Today I took DD1 out shopping and left Grace with DH - I was away for a total of 4 hours, was hard I felt so guilty but as soon as I got back in I cuddled her and she was ready for a BF so that was great - I felt soooo full!! (I fed 30 mins before I left and she had taken 120ml of expressed milk from DH too).

I was the best feeling getting back to her. DD1 also needed my undivided attention for a while and she is going to go stay at my sisters tonight (my sisiter is younger than me so of course is cooler and DD1 loves staying there) - so all is peaceful in the poo family house tonight and if Grace settles then it's TV and snuggles for me and DH grin - I've jinxed it now huh?

neverlookback with regards to feeding when out and about - I wear a vest top underneath another top, then lift up top, pull down vest and there is hardly any flesh bare. once baby is latched on a muslin or shawl can hide the small bit of boob on show. Don't be too scared to try, you'll soon be a pro!

i jinxed myself by bragging about Willows brilliant sleep!! she fed like crazy yesterday and then every 2 hours in the night too! drat maybe its another growth spurt, my other 2 dc have had a bug in the last week, really high temp and swollen glands etc hope shes not getting that.
ive got a couple of bigger vests to wear under tops i breastfed her in the car after shopping at asda on fri!
been getting a few beautiful little smiles in the last few days they are gorgeous x

Sargesaweyes Sun 25-Sep-11 09:27:17

I wondered about reflux but it is only really in the evening he doesn't enjoy his feeds and gets upset. Would it not be constant if it was reflux? Am going to switch from cows milk just to see if helps as a few people have said the same 2 me. Will mention it to hv tomorrow and see what she says. I seem to diagnose him with something new everyday. Poor little chap!

alibaba76 Mon 26-Sep-11 22:35:08

Catching up again, some of you are asking about different types of milk coming in at 3 or 4 weeks, I'd like to know about this too - anyone know?? One of the messages above says something about "when your boobs stop feeling like they are going to burst". Is it true that they will stop feeling like this soon then? I was resigned to the fact that they'd feel like this until I stopped Bfeeding....

Teladi Tue 27-Sep-11 12:20:19

Alibaba as far as I know (and I may have read / be explaining this wrong) what happens is that your milk supply transitions from being hormonally driven as a result of your not having a placenta anymore, to being solely demand driven and production is based on how much your DC is feeding. I'm not sure if the quality of milk changes but there is definitely a change as to why it is produced. I've been looking into this a bit as I am still exclusively pumping for DD and paranoid about my milk drying up. I'll try and find where it was I read that so I can link you. DD is 4 and a bit weeks now and I am finding my boobs are more comfortable now and it's not such a big deal if I am 30 minutes late to pump. Which is nice as no matter what I do in an attempt to have them not coincide, it always seems that DD needs fed/changed/danced around the room just as I am due to pump.

I've been quiet recently but I check in on here almost every day to see how you are all doing. DD is a sweetheart and is probably a dream baby but I still find it quite hard going from time to time. I feel pressure when looking after her during the day on my own - I just want to do right by her and have her grow up healthy and happy. It's silly as I am pretty sure if she is feeding, pooing, putting on weight and sleeping (sometimes!) then I am doing OK at this stage. Hope you and your babes are all well smile

Firawla Tue 27-Sep-11 20:50:43

nice to see how everyone is doing, this had dropped off my active threads so didnt realise there was so many replies!

not much update from us really. i was supposed to go for his 6-8 weeks check today but ended up missing it blush so i will have to get another one...

i weighed him at home the other day though and i think he is 5kg which is over 10lb. seems a lot as he was only 6lb at birth but he does seem to have grown a lot, and got chubby cheeks now! someone was telling me they normally double their birth weight at 6 months, but that does seem really long time. im sure mine all have doubled it by more like 3 months and it seems like rafiq would aswel cos he's nearly doubled now at 7 weeks if he's 5kilo

what are most people doing about having babies in their room or own rooms?? my other 2 i moved them to sleep in their own rooms at about 2 months old.. im thinking of just keepin him in with us so i can continue having the other 2 separated dunno if this will make him less likely to sleep through though by being in with us as i found the other 2 slept way better in their own room less disturbance etc, n i was gonna move him out once he outgrows moses basket but thinking might just move ds2's small cot into my room & give it to him to keep him with me for 6 months+. i feel guilty for treating them differently tho by having him in my room for more if i only kept the other 2 for 2 months... dont know whether that is just being silly?!
will have to start putting him down earlier though i think to give him bit of routine.. still just keeping him with me in the living room til we go to bed

and as for this different milk at 3-4 weeks thing i have no idea i never noticed a diference with mine??

Hi ladies ive pretty much made the decision today to start weaning willow off the breastfeeding, i find it so tying and relentless, for huge parts of the day/evening i have her feeding on me, i know its supposed to calm down after 4,5,6 weeks but im reading tons of posts of women still in the same situation at 10 - 16 weeks and i cant cope with that, plus shes waking every 2-3 hours in the night for 1-1.5 hours at a time and then im up with the other 2 and im really really feeling it now! aargh i feel so guilty as i have good milk and its working but then another side of me hates it! it actually turns my stomach sometimes when she starts feeding not just the let down thingy, it actually does something in my stomach that makes me feel sick, at least it makes me not eat tons!!!
Im sorry im sort of justifying myself to you all but i suppose i need to get it out.

MrsVidic Wed 28-Sep-11 06:43:14

firawla I am having a similar dilemma regarding Eva- her room is all ready and I really want to see if it helps her sleep but at the same time her room is next to dd1's and I don't want her waking her sister up. On the other hand Dp is sleeping in our other spare room ATM as he cant sleep with Eva in the room as she grunts so much!
never if bfeeding isn't for you don't beat yourself up about it- if you have formula fed previously you'll know which one works for you best. If u haven't then I'd suggest having a try for a few nights to see if you can handle all the making andheating the feeds etc (as u can tell I have no idea on this grin)

Well Eva had her check last week and is 98th centime for height 75th for weight and is 11lb odd now. She's so interactive and is playing ish with her hanging bears on her chair! We get so many smiles and her eyes constantly follow dd1 who is also besotted!

I am back in the swing fully with running and Eva likes being pushed about for an hour!
I can't believe how much I was fretting about my weight when preg it all fell off with in the first 6 weeks. When does the relaxin go? I need to remember so I don't freak out when my hair falls out lol

Firawla Wed 28-Sep-11 09:09:11

never if you feel that you would be happier by not bf then i would just go to the formula, i know they say breast is best and its better to bf but if you are feeling sick thats not good.. apparently there is a condition where you get like morning sickness when you're breastfeeding?! i had never heard of it but someone told me the other day that she had it so maybe you have got that?? but i wouldn't feel too guilty, you have to do what's going to be best for you in the end. with my other 2 i felt really relieved to move onto formula, like a weight had been lifted i was sooo much happier with it so i get how you mean. it's only this time i actually seem to be getting on with it okay, but there is nothing wrong with formula so dont feel too bad

mrsV i dont think she's that likely to wake up your other dd if they are in separate rooms next to each other, hopefully.. mine dont wake up by each other waking up in the next rooms so i would say go for it in that case, especially if it means you get your dp back! lol. for mine i am just more worried about ds1 and 2 sharing a room disrupting each other as ds1 will probably find it hilarious to mess around and bother ds2, unless i put ds2 & 3 together cos ds2 is still in a cot too so cant get out to do much messing around. but hmm.. i dunno!
welldone on loosing all your pregnasncy weight already, wish i could say the same for myself

Teladi Wed 28-Sep-11 16:40:39

never I just wanted to say well done for breastfeeding as long as you have - you have done right by your wee one in her early days, well done for persevering with it but if it's impacting on you so severely and you want to stop you shouldn't feel guilty about it, you have to do right by your whole family!

Sargesaweyes Wed 28-Sep-11 17:46:52

Never, def do what is right for you. After my shit night last night I have been having the same thoughts. I am going to keep with it but I don't have any other children so totally different for me. Bertie wasan angel for 2 days and has been soooo grumpy today! I can't wait for him 2 smile so I know he does enjoy the world sometimes.

MrsStevo Wed 28-Sep-11 22:12:31

Never - why don't you think about combination feeding rather than dropping the breastfeeding altogether? A couple of my NCT friends are doing that and it is working really well. They still breastfeed at various times in the day but have changed some of the feeds to formula so their boobs get some rest and so someone else can feed. I BF / expressed for my girls until 5 weeks and, by then, was a crying, hideous wreck because I hated it so much. As soon as I stopped I heard all the "it gets easier after 6 weeks" comments and I felt really bad, BUT - if i'd have made it to 6 weeks I probably would have had some kind of break down. Now (at 10 weeks) my girls are thriving on formula and we as a family are SO much happier - we get more done in the day and more sleep over night. In many ways we are so much happier that I wish I could try BF again but obviously I'm all dried up now and, even if I wasn't, I bet it would just be as hideous as it was before.

Sarge - I know what you mean about the smile. I honestly wonder if I am just the worst mother in the world and make my children miserable as they still aren't smiling at 10 weeks (altho are only 5 weeks corrected age so it is ok). But I would love them to smile just so I know that I'm doing something right.

Otherwise we're all good!! The girls are now 9lb and 7lb 8oz. Sophia has horrible refluxy symptoms - very sick, obviously in pain when she eats and only wants to sleep on her tummy - but it seems to be getting a bit better touch wood. Much though it is lovely to have some sunshine - it is too bloody hot!!!! Particularly since Madeleine spent the day today wanting to be carried everywhere ... I was a sweaty betty by the end of the day!!

MrsStevo Wed 28-Sep-11 22:17:56

Oh and, apologies if TMI, but for anyone who has had a CS - how long did you bleed for afterwards? The girls are 10 weeks old today and I've prob only had 3 or 4 days when I HAVEN'T bled since I had them. I thought I had my first proper period last week which then stopped, but I've had more bleeding on and off since then and have quite bad period-type pains this evening. I went back on the pill 2 weeks ago too so I've got the hormones from that raging around my system again. Ugh.

Teladi Thu 29-Sep-11 09:22:10

Sarge I know what you mean about the smiling.  DD is a little poppet, very alert when she is awake and has a very expressive face but those expressions are currently limited to perplexed brow-wrinkling and fish lips.

Well done MrsV for getting out running.  I'm looking forward to getting back into it as well, I still get a little perineal pain in the evening though so I'm not sure my pelvic floor is up to it quite yet.  I am only 4.5 weeks postnatal though so hoping that will improve soon and I'm going to ask if it's realistic to get out there soon when i go for my post-natal check.

I am really struggling with the whole sleep deprivation thing, and DD is probably pretty good in terms of what she could be doing.  It is not easy to settle her back to sleep at night, I think she is a little windy.  It's kind of annoying though because she will settle straight back down at like 8am but 3am is a different story.  I was having a pathetic cry this morning because I am just not sure I am cut out for this mum business.  It will get better... I know it will, but I am tired.  I was having a little fantasy while I was feeding DD in the night, that someone would get me a night in a hotel for a Christmas present - I would check in, read a book for a while, have room service dinner, watch some TV, have a bath and then go to bed and sleep the whole night.  Which is definitely going to remain a fantasy!  I've always been a bit of a sleep monster though, but I need to get over it smile

MrsVidic Thu 29-Sep-11 10:52:13

Teldi with dd1 dp and I went away over night when she was 3 months old- we had a nice meal then I got drunk off a glass of wine, slept all night and woke up with huge boobs. Dp and I dtd and had to stop half way as my boobs literally started spraying! blushgrin
Anyway I was so worried about dd1 we left straight after breakfast

mrsstevo yes i think ill go down the lines of mix feed at first and see how it goes, i have tons of milk in the night and all day until around 5pm then they look and feel empty, pretty hideous! so shes having 1 -2 bits of formula in evening before bed and im going to give her 1 mid morn when im most likely to be out and about, thats if i ever get out and about! you sould like you are doing fantastic with your girls and really enjoying them, ive never had a cs but i think with twins you bleed even more, esp if you they had a placenta each.

teladiim v sleep deprived, ive just had a nap with Willow in bed with me which is becoming a bit of a habit, which ds had his nap, Willow is v hard to get down after her 3am or 4 am feed, im usually up feeding, changing, rocking for 1-2 hours and sometimes give up by letting her come in bed, which i really didnt want to get into but its all that works.

I went to bed at 8.40pm last night, i got the other 2 in bed and then settled willow, she woke at 12.50 for a feed and went straight back down, lovely, then she woke at 4.15 and finally went to sleep in bed with me at 5.30, dp got up for work at 5.45am and then ds came bounding in at 6.15am so ive been very grumpy today and had a terrible headache.

dp just rang to say hes going to have to work tonight aswell, so we wont even see him, he says hes having tomorrow off and sat but working Sun but i bet he ends up having to work for it all. i just try to expect nothing from him at the mo, that way i dont feel as let down as normal when he has to work, but it really is coming between us, hopefully it will calm down soon, hes not normally this busy at this time of year, the thing is he has to have an operation in Nov and have a month off, they will manage without him then, but when its me having a baby and needing some support he cant quite say no and peel himself away! that hurts.

im so used to being on my own that when he is here he annoys me!!

Im sorry you are all becoming my agony aunts!! ill stop moaning on now and get on with it!
thanks guys xxx

Eviepoo Thu 29-Sep-11 21:57:15

Oh ladies - you all took words out of my mouth smile it seems like we are experiencing similar things

teladi I could have written this exact sentence DD is a little poppet, very alert when she is awake and has a very expressive face but those expressions are currently limited to perplexed brow-wrinkling and fish lips.

I have had a couple of smiles but only a couple. I too had a pathetic 5.15am cry yesterday.

never Willow is v hard to get down after her 3am or 4 am feed, im usually up feeding, changing, rocking for 1-2 hours and sometimes give up by letting her come in bed, which i really didnt want to get into but its all that works.
I have the exact thing with Grace!!!! She is great and sleeps 11ish through to 3 or 4am but then I am up 1-2 hours with her. Last night I gave in and slept with her on me from about 5.30am only to be woken by DH and DD1 screaming at each other at 7.20am about homework. I am really suffering tonight as a consequence.

Grace has had a very snuffly nose and when the HV rang me yesterday and I said I didn't think she was feeding as well because of it they weighed her. She has only gained 4oz in the past week. As she is looking happy and healthy enough they are not worrying about it and putting it down to the cold. I hope so. I am exclusively BF and it's starting to get easier. (5 weeks old today).

Other question - I keep getting a pain in my tummy - inside, kind of like a knotting tense sensation. DH said it's hunger due to my feeding etc and I guess he could be right as I have been getting it at 4 or 5am as well as late afternoons. I have never felt hunger like this though. I suppose my body is working hard. I gained 1st 12lb by end of PG. I have lost all that and 6lb more in the 5 weeks and I am not watching what I eat at all. I think I have eaten my weight in ginger snaps the last couple of weeks. Do you think it is just hunger pains? I do have my 6 week check next Thurs so will mention to the doctor. Also I have tons and tons of wind, I'm sure I read on here about other BF mums having a lot of wind, it is just a hormone thing then?

Finally I have to sing the praises of a baby carrier, today I could not be arsed taking the pram to town. She was so blissed out today being held in carrier. Had a great long 2-3 hour sleep in it. So - as house is a tip I may try doing a few jobs with it on tomorrow smile

never we are here to listen to the moaning smile especially about DP/DH's and the annoying things they do - it's what keeps us all sane and saves our marriages/relationships grin

Leilandri Thu 29-Sep-11 22:33:43

Hey all. Seems we are all going through the same motions together!

Leo normally sleeps from 11pm to 3am, then awake for about an hour for feed and burping, then sleeps to 7am, then more milk, and then sleeps nicely till about 11am. Problem is that DS1 is awake and raring to go from 5.30, and I am anything but! I am knackered sad Leo did sleep through on Monday night from 10.30 to 5.30 without waking, but he was asleep on me the whole night. Problem is now that I know that he can do it, I want him to do it everynight!!

DH is working 6 days a week at the mo, in a job that he hates so it is really taking its toll, and when he is not at work, he just wants/needs to chill. The Xbox is getting far more love and attention at the mo than me, or either of the children sad

M-i-L (who we live with) is being fab with the kids, they both love her even Leo (traitor!!) but I feel under alot of pressure to keep the house spick and span, as she works full time and I am on mat leave, so I get stressy with DS1 when he makes a mess (which being 2 is ALOT of the time)

MrsSteveo I had CS with both sons, after DS1 I bled for 10 days, and didn't get a period for another 3 months after the birth (bliss grin) but this time I am STILL bleeding at 7+3 weeks postnatal. The Dr said that this is normal at my postnatal, but I have chosen to go on a progesterone only pill as you take it everyday, so no more periods until we decide to concieve again smile

Firawla Thu 29-Sep-11 22:58:32

never & leilandri i sympathise about the dhs, mine is the same never around. works a lot then tends to go out most nights after work, altho luckily he doesnt work weekends at all. annoying tho @ times how he doesnt come home in evenings. with the other 2 he seemed to make a bit more effort to come home, atleast til they were about 2 months or so but this time not really. i dont mind as such.. but would be nice to see him and also hand over the baby for a bit as he has been awake most of the evening most evenings so would b nice to share and not do everything one handed while holding him. especially as im supposed to be packing to move again dno when i am supposed to find time for that if rafiq is up all evening, as i cant do it during day times with the other 2 under my feet... i get what you mean about it hurts that they dont think to peel themselves away to come & help out and be with the baby, i think its just a thoughtless thing tbh, as they know we can cope? cos willow is your 3rd too right so maybe they just take it for granted by now?? although my dh did say yday that he appreciates that i do everything for them by myself, and is proud of me so suppose its easier to overlook them not being around if they do show appreciation, and good job he did because we had power cuts last night & i was trying to get hold of him for ages with no idea where he was and no answer to his phone so i was quite pissed off by that

evie maybe it is just extreme hunger? does it go when you eat, cos then you would know if its that?

MrsVidic Fri 30-Sep-11 04:53:03

Evie baby carriers are brill aren't they? My dp loves ours as dd is really content in there and he is able to look after both while i go on a run.

never both dd's have done the 4-5 am not going back in the Moses. My plan is to do what i did with dd1- when eva starts going from 830- 5 regularly I'll put her in her own room- that seems to sort the problem.
Eva has just slept from 8- 4.45 confused please let this be the first of many!!!

Dd1 is totally back to normal now and potty trained (without reminding once again) grin think were going to have a family trip to the zoo and pool today!

Sargesaweyes Fri 30-Sep-11 05:06:40

Regarding men and newborn babies i have discovered that the vast majority of women experience the same issues. I genuinely think it is a sex thing- obviously there are some fab men who don't fit into this catergory and some men who take being an ignorant dick to a new level but on the whole the women I know have similar issues with their fellas and it has always improved when the blokes start 'getting something back' from baby!! (typical) This also seems to be all generations.
V The common factors appear to be
1) housework- just not to the same standard and always look a bit miffed when asked to do some areas. My partner won't look at a pile of clean washing and think 'I know what would be helpful, I'll put the washing away!' instead he will just continue to add to the mountain of dirty washing for the laundry fairy to complete.
2) 'i'm tired because I've been at work' expression that makes me want to punch the wall.
3) 'he doesn't want me, he wants you.' that is true but I have had him clamped 2 my tit all day and would like 5 minutes to remember that I am a human being.
4) being a bit put out as your attention is now 100% elsewhere. Deal with it because I haven't the energy to care.
5) not realising that their lifestyles also has 2 change and maybe 'idiot abroad' on the tv will be spoilt by a screaming baby.

My list could go on- feel free to add. It's soothing 2 rant but I try to remember that everything seems worse when u r tired. I could write a list about the lovely things but it isn't so much fun. One friends partner text asking her what was for tea? after a hard day with 2 toddlers and 1 newborn she lovingly prepared him a meal of toast and peanut butter lol.

Poor dp is trying but is prob totally overwelmed. Since I explained that I also didn't really have a bloody clue what I'm doing it has got loads better and I know that he loves our little man with all his heart. I think on the whole it is a sex thing. I only have one friend who's partner makes her drinks in the middle of the night etc and she moans that he should be asleep lol.

Lol at the boobs spraying everywhere story smile

Sargesaweyes Fri 30-Sep-11 05:49:23

Evie, I seem to have come out in 5am hunger sympathy- tummy ache. I do think that I could have a urine infection which could explain it. Any chance you could have one??

I also love my baby bjorn carrier- I get loads done and Bert loves it.

Bert is eating every 2-3 hours in the night but since I started using a miracle blanket he settles much quicker. I dream about a 4 hour stretch.

Eviepoo Fri 30-Sep-11 07:54:48

sarge what is a miracle blanket?

Sargesaweyes Fri 30-Sep-11 09:04:33

It's a swaddle that has 2 be done in a certain way. My sister used one with my nephew who had bad colic and she got me one. I didn't think it would work but it seems to be. Am on my iPhone so can't link but if u type it into google there is a website. He really chills out in it which is good as he is so wriggerly. Last night he slept from 11 til 8 feeding every 2 to 3 hours but literally would eat have his nappy changed if needed and then straight to sleep. I have been using coleif which is helping the colic but the blanket seems to be helping him settle.

WinterLover Fri 30-Sep-11 19:23:22

Hi everyone, gosh lots happening on here since I was last on.

Well just being told I have PND, picking up Anti-D's on monday and got some group councelling stuff happening soon too. Feel better now its getting sorted.

Question for you all - are your babies feeding less because its warm?? All DS is doing is feeding then sleeping, but today he's about 8oz down on his usual intake. He's not crying or anything so im not too worried but I may be if it carries on tomorrow.

MrsVidic Fri 30-Sep-11 19:59:55

Dd is bfed and feeding the same but it's probably diff as breast milk adapts to the weather so will be more liquidy as shell need more to drink iyswim.

sargesaweyes glad Bertie is settleing a bit better, how are you giving the coleif? are you expressing and adding it to the bottle?

winterlover well done on getting some help for the pnd, ive teetered on the edge of it before, or maybe had it and didnt get diagnosed at the time. i think so far im ok this time. keep posting on here for a chat when you need us x

thanks for all the support and advice on my moaning, feelin much better today plus we slept a lot better last night and ive got Willow fast asleep in bed now so its quite strange being downstairs without her huffing and puffing on my shoulder!

Sargesaweyes Sat 01-Oct-11 00:02:44

Well had a day where Bertie had coleif in expressed bottle and I thought we had cracked it and told everyone how good he was etc. I had nights out flashing before my eyes and images of Bert happily sleeping over at his nanas. No such luck as since then he has totally refused bottle as I swear he realised boob maybe compromised. Now I express a bit into lid of a bottle and mix drops with that and I tip it down his neck. Glad that you feel a bit more positive after being diagnosed Winter. I was put on anti depressants for 6 months last year and really helped me with a difficult time x

MrsVidic Sat 01-Oct-11 11:00:34

winter go off nappies- as long as he's weeing he's ok. If you struggle to tell if he is weeing in the nappy you can put cotton wool in there and you can easily tell from that.

Eviepoo Mon 03-Oct-11 11:27:45

gah - got ready, went up to BF support group which is on every other Monday to find HV gave me the wrong schedule, have to wait til next Monday now.

Sargesaweyes Mon 03-Oct-11 12:50:15

Quick question- how many dirty nappies is your baby getting through? Bertie is fairly explosive. He had a big expressed bottle last night woo hoo. However he still woke every 2 hours. His bloody wind and night poos wake him up. The vomit seems to have stopped though.

charlottery Mon 03-Oct-11 13:08:34

hello everyone. I've been lurking for ages, really good to hear everyone's news and its really comforting to know we're all going through much the same things. I have a question for the more experienced breast feeders. Adelaide will take a bottle of expressed milk, but tends to sick most of it back up so I'm not really expressing much and just sticking to breast feeding her, but I'm absolutely desperate to get my hair cut! How do you manage it - what are hairdressers like about you breast feeding, or should I just chance leaving her with her dad and a bottle? All these dilemmas I just never considered .....

charlottery sounds like the teat your using may be too fast for her so shes getting too fast and then bringing it back up, what bottles are you using? dr browns are brilliant.

sargesaweyes willow is really trumpy and it sounds really explosive but not that huge when u look, she does around 6-8 in 24 hours
sometimes more i think!

willow is every 2 hours too she was doing 1 5-6 hour stretch but thats disappeardsad think its the heat?

bettyboo83 Mon 03-Oct-11 22:05:33

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for ages, just never seem to have the time or the free hands!

Joshua is doing well and I'm completely smitten. He's breastfeeding well but our attempts at giving him expressed milk have not gone well! He refuses the bottle completely and had a tiny bit from a cup but TBH most of it went down his chin. I've ordered a NUK bottle as they seem to have a good success rate. FX!

Charlottery I had my hair done last week (highlights so a long job!) My mum took Joshua round town then brought him to me in the hairdressers for a feed. They were fine about it and cooed over him!

Sleepwise he's fairly rubbish. He'll have 2 3-hour slots roughly 7-10pm then until 1am; after that it can range from 45mins to 2 hrs! I usually bring him in with us at about 5am as he settle better then but not for long. I'm feeling pretty knackered so I'm in awe of those of you who have other children and I'm incredibly jealous of those of you who are getting 4, 5, 6+ hours in a row!

sargesaweyes Joshua has very explosive poos too! He's very windy and probably poos 4-6 times a day. It is completely liquid with a few mustard seeds in it! I've been trying him with gripe water this last couple off weeks as he was having colicky episodes and it does seem to help. I may try Coleif though if I can get him to take expressed milk. Any other tips for colic? I've been doing tummy massage, warm baths, etc. The only thing that really settles him is to suck my finger so we spend many an hour stuck on the sofa! There are worse ways to spend time though than snuggling a baby!

I'll try and check in a bit more frequently. You're all doing so well! xxx

can i just say that if your breastfeeding then the best way to see if your baby is colicy from lactose intolerance is to cut out dairy yourself for a few days rather than use coleif just because using it can have similar side effects of explosive poos and very windy so a bit catch 22. coleif has to be added to the bottle of milk and left for 20 min to break down the lactose, its mainly used in formula as lactose in breastmilk is much more digested so lactose intol in breastfed babies is quite rare.

Sargesaweyes Tue 04-Oct-11 02:08:58

I have cut out coleif today to see if it stops the night pooing. Hv said it wouldn't make a difference but don't really think she knows 2 be honest. I keep hearing about cutting out dairy. This will be the next thing but hoping it might be a bit better now he's getting bigger and eating better. (I basically live on cornflakes and milk, Rachels yoghurt and cheese on toast at the mo.)

Betty, bertie was the same regarding bottle but this week has
got the hang of it. Infact I could have written your post last week lol.

haha I live of cereal too and did while i was pg! and then when i was thinking of cutting our dairy i craved cheese yogurts etc which i can normally live without!!
HV i think are really wishy washy, the ones ive seen always have been anyway, she told me that i can just stop bf if i want to rather than wean her off but everyone else says to do it slowly so not to get mastitus.

My milk is going down i can tell already and willow is not so satisfied from BF as she feels fuller from a bottle, shes having around 3 bottles of formula a day and the rest still bf.

Sargesaweyes Thu 06-Oct-11 08:35:57

Started giving expressed bottle at night which took ages for Bert to have. Yesterday morning after I pumped he woke up crying so I put him on the boob. He ate but very fidgety and moany about it. Just to see I gave him the bottle and he ate it all!! Now he seems to find going on the boob a big pain and wants it in the bottle!!! This wasn't the idea-any advice or experience. Obviously if he is happier with a bottle that's what I will do but a bit sad about the boob rejection.

it could of been because you had pumped first so your flow may of been a bit slower so when he went on he had to work for it where he will be used to it gushing in at first. Its really hard to judge when to express, i think maybe do it shortly after they have fed if you can get anything out! its v confusing!
Im having exactly the same with Willow, i think they have to work harder to get it out breastfeeding so maybe they do prefer bottles as its not so hard? willow has started to get fidgety after a couple of mins bf and in the night i had to get her a bottle as i just couldnt fill her up so she just wouldnt settle.

Eviepoo Thu 06-Oct-11 17:53:46

sarge I agree - after expressing, my flow is a lot slower, so I try to express first thing when she still asleep and I'm leaking, and I only take 6oz. 3 from each (and I freeze it in 3oz bags), just so she doesn't get drowned grin when she does wake. Otherwise if I express too much or too soon to a feed she gets fidgety because it is not coming quick enough.

I would suggest you just don't give him a bottle for a day or two and just let him feed for you and don't express.

never Did you express in the night when she wouldn't feed? I wold be worried that my night supply would drop if I didn't do a night feed - unless of course she had fed so much there was nothing left smile

I find expressing any other time so frustrating. I am considering expressing later in the day to try and stimulate my supply in the evening (not really to get another bottle) as I feel that my supply dwindles as the day goes on - either that or Grace is jus guzzling it as fast as I make it. Grace usually feeds at least 2 hourly (often every 60-90 minutes) during the day. So I guess no wonder I feel empty by tea time. This afternoon I got a good 2.5hours break while she slept and we went for a walk, when she did feed again - I could feel the let down was strong and it was rushing out - her face was soaking and the other side started leaking.

To help with the constant tea time feeding I quite often give her 3oz in a bottle to give myself a break. Experience has taught me that she will only take from a bottle if she is really hungry and will rarely take more than 3oz. (But will want back on the boob an hour later - but that hour is needed for me to get enough for her post bath feed) The only time she has taken more than 3oz was the day I went out shopping and she was left with DH for 4 hours.

I am pretty much letting her demand feed as much as possible so I make enough milk and because I am paranoid she is not getting enough from me after she only gained 4oz last week. She is still really snotty this week which is affecting her breathing - during night feeds mostly and on Monday I had a tummy ache, then on Tuesday Grace was sick 4 times so what upset me also upset her. So I am paranoid she won't have gained much this week either.

She is really active during the day though, maybe has a 2 hour nap and about 4 x 30 minute naps and a couple of 10 minute ones all day. She sleeps about 4 or 5 hours then 3 or 4 hours at night. Are your babies still day sleeping? (Grace is 6 weeks today).

Oh dear I rambled. Anyway Let me know how you guys are getting on.


hi eviepoo i ended up giving her some formula in the middle of the night as she had drained me, i had fed off both breasts then back to the first but she was getting fustrated poor girl!
Ive stopped expressing and im just mix feeding, i just didnt/cant find the right time to express, but when i did i was doing it whenever i felt she was down for a good sleep and wouldnt be waking for a feed.

My milk is pretty non existant in the late aft/eve thats why ive now started giving her some formula and i am slowly weaning her onto that, but i will carry on with night feeds if it will satisfy her if not im giving up completey as my milk dwindles, i personally just find breastfeeding so irregular and doesnt always fit in with having 2 other kids, i just cope better with a bit more routine and a bit more sleep!!! but i will try to carry on mix feeding, at the mo im alternating it in the day and doing all breast at night.

Leilandri Thu 06-Oct-11 20:53:27

Hi everyone smile

Glad everyone and their babes are doing so well. I must say that BF sounds a right nightmare, and I'm so glad I never bothered! Leo will be 2 months on Sat, and we are finally settling into a routine...

He wakes at about 6am, and has 5oz and is then sociable til about 8am, then sleeps til 10/10.30.
Another 5oz and a quick snooze to digest til midday, then he is usually awake for about 3 hours and is getting increasingly interactive in this time - gurgling, cooing and starting to try and grab things.
Another 5oz at 3pm, and a good long nap, usually about 2hours.
6oz between 6.30 and 7.30, this feed takes a while as I want to get him as full as poss, and make sure all the niggly little burps are out.
He is now settling in his cot at about 8pm. I give him a dream feed at 11pm of about 3oz. He wakes for a feed at about 3am, usually only 3oz tho, and then we start the day all over again at 6am!

He is now in his "big boy cot" instead of his moses basket, so I am now going to start a proper bath, bottle, book & bed routine. I have waited as I didn't want him to get used to one space, only to have to learn his environment all over again. I am also trying to feed him as much as poss in the day, and slowly give less at night so he realises it is not worth waking up!

Thought I'd share our daily routine incase it helps anyone xx

MrsVidic Fri 07-Oct-11 07:18:14

Hi guys- can't believe how fast it's going- Eva will be 9 weeks on sat!
She's doing well, to be honest I have no idea how often she naps during the day- but she loves her big sister and watches, reaches for her. They love being on the baby gym together- I have to police that very closely as dd1 is only 2 so can be quite clumbsy.

Eva had her injections Tuesday and was fine- dp took her in while I waited with dd1 in the waiting room.
I have noticed more gaps between daytime feeds recently and nights shes constiantky only waking once at 430/5 am for a feed then will sleep till dd1 runs in instructing us it's morning grin usually about 6/7. Btw our bed routine is bath at 730 (as that gives me 30 mins to chill after dd1's bedtime.) then feed and bed at 8.

Eva is growing lots and is 98th for length and 75 for weight. Dd1 was 50th and 35th so it's weird having such a big baby 12lb odd now!

Sargesaweyes Fri 07-Oct-11 12:00:21

Gone to get my hair done today and left bertie at mums for the first time. Cried in the car afterwards lol. Everyday I love the little man more and more smile.

Even though breastfeeding has been harder than I thought I have loved doing it and would do it again. Seeing him full and putting weight on has been great. I have a feeling though that the nosy chap is going to put himself on the bottle as he can look around. This morning was a real effort and I think it is actually because my flow is faster than the bottle and once it gets going he can't control it. When he pulled off my nipple was like a garden sprinkler coming out of all random areas!! I have an electric pump for expressing which is really good but makes my nipples a strange shape afterwards for a while- very odd. I don't want to use formula but I also don't want to be permanently hooked up to a machine. It's very confusing but I am trying very hard to not pressure myself about it. I'll keep trying with the breast but not if he is happier with the bottle and if it turns out expressing gets in the way of my time with him then formula it is.

My routine doesn't exist. As soon as I think we r getting in one it changes. The dog was much easier to train lol. I'm sure we will get in one at some point but still only 5 weeks old so wasn't expecting to be in one.

Hope everyone has a lovely day ;)

littlemissw Tue 11-Oct-11 23:07:03

I have not been on for such a very long time... well, since DC3 was born actually! Hope all you ladies are doing well. I am absolutely loving having a newborn in the house again & really trying to make the most of every minute. I finally got a proper smile last week ... it just melts my heart every time he does it. smile

I would love some advise on nappies please ladies. I used cloth with DD1 & DD2, but it is just not up to the job for DS it would seem. He wees for England & I am yet to find a disposable that can hold more than one of his wees! I have tried several brands now, gone up two sizes & have now resorted to putting a cloth nappy over a disposable at night just to get a little more sleep as he wakes up drenched pretty much every time. Any ideas? Oh and yes, it is pointing down! LOL

MrsVidic Wed 12-Oct-11 05:39:40

Re nappies- The best are tesco or asda own I have found. Last time I stupidly stuck to pampers. This time I tried them all.

Well I think Eva is on a growth spurt, my boobs r like rocks and as we have been up at 2, not usual for her. Shes regularly doing 8pm- 430am Feed then up at 630. Oh well shell settle in a day or so (hopefully)

Eva is so long! Size 6-9 month baby grows etc ! Good job she's my second as I have lots of clothes, going to pack her baby stuff away today, can't believe it's going so

Firawla Wed 12-Oct-11 09:34:50

littlemissw what about the night time baby dry ones wont they even keep him dry? im guessing you must have tried them already?

mrs vidic wow 6-9 already!!! my ds2 was like that moving through the sizes quick but i dont think even he was that quick!

we are moving house again this friday, so i still have no routine or anything leaving it til we've settled in then hopefully will try & get him used to sleeping in our room in early evening rather than living room, probably will sleep better like that.

feeling bit sad though about moving, cos its to a different area this time and far away, even though its for the best especially for the kids but im gonna miss my area & all the people here sad

Eviepoo Wed 12-Oct-11 15:46:31

MrsV - try John Lewis for sleepsuits etc, they are longer than most brands smile in fact the JL up to 3 months are about the same length as most other brands 3-6 months.

I too have a long baby, I've started using vest extenders (genius invention) for Grace, her 0-3 months bodysuits are not long enough otherwise and the 3-6 months are too big on her slim shoulders.

littlemissw - Which cloth ones have you tried? have you tried bamboo boosters in your cloth nappies at night?

Firawla - good luck for the move, I hope you meet new friends there soon

Hersetta Wed 12-Oct-11 17:13:57

hello all - glad there is some people out there!

I use pampers or Tesco's own brand with Alex and we haven't had any leaks at all. I tried huggies for a day and I cannot stress how shit they were. We had 3 leaked nappies in 24 hrs so the rest went in the bin in disgust.

Alex now weighs 15lb 9oz and is firmly in 3-6 month clothes. He seems a happy little chap for the most part and smiles and gurgles at all and sundry. he had a couple of 'off' days after his jabs where shock horror, he woke up for two nights in a row for a bottle. It was the first time in 5 weeks that he had woken us up in the night so it was a shock to the system. Thankfully normal service was resumed and he now goes to bed at 9pm and his usual waking time is 7.45am.

We have been going to baby massage classes and have discovered that Alex absolutely loves having his face massaged. Each time you rub his face he gurgles and squeals with delight and beams a gummy smile.

I also think that Alex is teething already. He spends most of his waking hrs (which are a lot during the day) with his fist stuffed in his mouth with occasional inconsolable crying. If you put your finger in his mouth he bites now rather than just sucking it. I have given him some dentinox gel and anbesol liquid on occasion which has at least stopped him crying. Anyone else showing teething signs?

MrsVidic Wed 12-Oct-11 17:30:50

Evie we were given a few John Lewis outfits but they are massive (width) Eva is 12lb something ATM, and very long!

Hersetta Eva is trying to chew her hand off ATM, won't take a dummy thou. I can sympathise with the growth spurt - Eva is waking at 2-3 for a feed instead of her usual 4.30-5.30. It's a shock and makes me so thankful she's such a good sleeper in general!

Sargesaweyes Thu 13-Oct-11 13:52:13

Pampers at the mo. Tried morrisons but leaked. Totally agree with huggies being crap. Also I'm using the huggies wipes to clean the sink and loo as they are so heavily sented I wouldn't put it anywhere near berts bum.

6 week check today and the doctor had 2 students in with him. He said that Bertie had an incredibly strong neck which is rarely seen in a baby his age and was very alert for a newborn with a super personality smile. I have2 say my heart swelled with pride and have found myself texting people 2 tell them even though I usually hate braggy behaviour. Lol.

I am now formula feeding completely. Basically got mastitis and thrush and felt totally fed up with it. Really tried to make it a nice experience but it just wasn't and after a tearful trip to the health visitor this week I decided to stop. Have to say that although I feel guilty it is a massive weight off my shoulders. Bertie seems happy with it and much calmer than when breast feeding and that's the main thing. I have 2 say I can't wait to wear a nice bra and not leak all over my pjs during the night. Do you have to give water to with formula? Have heard both yes and no. Any other major things to know about formula?

Sargesaweyes Thu 13-Oct-11 13:57:13

Evie do you want grace to use dummies? If so try sainsburys own. Massive cherry and super cheap. I made the mistake of giving one to Bert and now he refuses all of the posh avent ones I bought. He sucks for much longer on them though.

alibaba76 Thu 13-Oct-11 20:12:10

Agree that Huggies are total crap - too many leaks to mention. I like Asda's own the best, never leaked once despite really heavy nappies and massive poos.

hi everyone, i went out for the first time last night for 3 hours for a meal with some friends when i came back poor dp had had a terrible time, ds would not go to sleep till 9.30pm and was screaming for me which is strange as dp usually puts him to bed anyway while i sort the girls out! and baby Willow had cried almost the whole time and had puked up all over him, i came in and gave her a feed and she fell fast asleep and i put her to bed where she only woke once at 3.30 for a feed! He actually admitted that it had been absoloutly awful and he doesnt want me to go out again!! but Willow seems to be really snuffley and snotty so maybe thats why she was so upset, didnt think she was old enough to really miss me yet?

sargesaweyes well done for feeding as long as you have you have done fantastic, im still doing both, ive sort of got stuck half way weaning her off the boob as they keep getting so sore i end up feeding her, but ive got a cracked nipple from expressing and its really sore so im thinking ill just stop as my boobs just dont seem to fill her up she still ends up having a bottle too? so did you just stop how did your boobs react? did it only take a day or two for your milk to go?

im using aptamil comfort at the mo as its 40%less lactose and i started to get worried that willow was intolerant like her big bro was as she was showing some signs, and she seems much better off this.

Sargesaweyes Fri 14-Oct-11 12:31:58

Neverlookback-have replied on the other thread. That is the same formula I got. Lol, we seem to be having exactly the same experience at the mo. My boobs hurt so much from mastitis and thrush i keep thinking engorgement may aswell be thrown in 2. It was hv who said 2go cold turkey. It has been soooo painful and am on antibiotics so can't give the expressed milk so just lean over the sink and get as little out to make the pain manageable. Breast feeding has been a bit of a nightmare if i'm honest. Was a bit cross yesterday as someone I know (not a friend) said that if I didn't carry on through the pain I was letting my child down!! I didn't really respond and am now doing that thing where you think about all of the clever things that you wish you had said and didn't.

Although I'm fed up of breast pain I feel much more relaxed smile. Hopefully we will both have normal boobs soon.

my hv said just stop if i want but im scared too cos they kill when full as ir is so ill carry on plodding along till god knows when! what a stupid thing to say your not letting anyone down, youve given Bertie the best start possible but now its time to get your boobs back and have a good drink, wear no bra in bed, eat spicy food, get someone else to do night feeds etc, i could go on and on!! ooh i cant wait x

Teladi Fri 14-Oct-11 20:40:07

Sorry to hear about the bf woes that have been going on and especially sorry to hear about people making stupid comments. How unhelpful, and what business is it of theirs anyway? I understand that ice packs and cold cabbage leaves can help with the engorgement pain... not sure if you have tried that but thought I would mention it anyway.

DD is 7 weeks old today, can't believe it. There has been a big difference in her over the past week - I see her properly looking at things, she seems to be interested in playing, the sounds she makes have changed a bit... just a lot more grown up.

I went for my postnatal check and found out that I have granulation tissue on my episiotomy scar, which is why I am still having some tenderness there, so now I have to go to the gynaecologist and get the extra tissue removed under local anaesthetic. Less than thrilled, after having an unpleasant assisted delivery and postpartum haemorrhage I was hoping I was done with 'birth stuff' and could get on with forgetting about it and focussing on life with DD. I'm hoping it won't hurt too much and will heal OK.

ooh good luck with that teladi hope ur back to normal soon x

Eviepoo Sun 16-Oct-11 13:09:56

Sarge - I just wanted to give Grace a dummy for settling her, I have tried the cherry kind, the orthadontic kind and the newborn ones she just doesn't want them. I'm just being better at taking her off the breast when it is obvious that she is not feeding properly.

Thankfully the BF is going well now, I have been lucky as I had a bit of a blocked duct but nothing else serious. The worst now is the wet top every morning and the cluster evenings. These are better too as I am expressing on mornings and giving her that milk after bath - thus helping to solve both problems.

Oh Teladi - sorry to hear you haven't healed so well.

ive officially hung up my boobs and stopped bf yesterday as the mix feeding wasnt successful, she would bf for 10 min and half an hour later have half a bottle and so on so i was doing twice the feeding, i just wasnt filling her up enough! so im hoping now on total bottle we may start to get into a bit of a routine with naps and bedtime.

i have tried a few times to put her down in her crib after bath and bottle but she just wont settle, even though she is shattered, she cries and fusses and is wide awake agsin after 2 min, so i always give in and end up bringing her down so the other 2 can go to sleep and she only really falls asleep on me at around 10pm,

Ive not had this problem before my other two were brilliant at just going to sleep when put down in thier cots at bedtime, from about 4 weeks but Willow just wants to be held in the evening.

Any suggestions or tips on how you have mastered a bed time routine would be lovely! especially if you have other kids.

my boobs are killing, not rock hard but my nipples feel like they have been cut off and stuck back on and going through a LOT of breast pads!!!

MrsVidic Tue 18-Oct-11 15:01:01

Bed time in my house- bath dd and Eva at about 630, then while feeding eva put dd to bed then take Eva down and feed till about 7.45- she drops off on me then goes in her room. I find to avoid disturbing my dd1 I have to let her be asleep before farting around upstairs.

Eva weighs 13 lbs now! She won't take a bottle again and it's stressing me out. I go for a run for literally 45 min and sometimes shell kick off all that time - I always feed her just before I go and never go at night. God I feel so alone- just wish Dp could get her to take a bottle- he hasnt felt confident as there's nothing he can do to stop her crying. I need my 40 min run though. It also doesn't help that dd2 will start winging when Eva cries hmm

Firawla Tue 18-Oct-11 23:14:04

never i have the same thing with bedtimes still not really settled into a routine, my other two had just started to settle down into a bedtime by this age but i don't know if its due to breastfeeding or maybe cos i have not put enough effort in for getting a routine, but hopefully soon will be able to get it sorted so i can have a proper break in the evening and also get things done of an evening.
i know what you mean aswel mrsv about wanting to be able to leave them with their dad just for a little bit, i wanna do that so i could do driving lessons, which wold be like 1 hr or 1hr 30 but i think dh would not feel confident, but we will see. have not tried him on a bottle yet at all, so thats another problem but will see

Hersetta Wed 19-Oct-11 08:55:36

Well our routine (now that we have one) is a bit like this. 7pm is DD's bath time which DH deals with, whilst i bath and change Alex. DD is allowed to watch an episode of the simpsons with DH after her bath and then its bedtime at 8pm. I usually then make dinner - give Alex a bottle at around 8.30 and he is usually in bed between 8.45 and 9.00. This time seems to be getting earlier and earlier (it was only a few weeks ago it was 10.30). We'll aim to eventually get them both to bed at 8.00.

This works for us and DD usually gets up around 7.15 and Alex around 8.00, although yesterday the lazy litle bugger didn't get up untill 8.55am.

My DH has had Alex for a couple of hrs when I've been shopping but he has a real test this saturday as I am taking DD to the O2 to see disney on Ice so we'll be gone from 3.30 till 10pm - we'll see how it goes!!

alibaba76 Wed 19-Oct-11 10:06:04

never someone just on Monday told me about holding their arms still when they are fighting sleep and it has worked for me each time I've tried it since then. Hopefully I've not just jinxed it!

MrsV We were having problems with the bottle (he gets a bottle of expressed milk for 2nd last feed) and just tried different bottles. He seems to like the Tommee Tippee anti-colic, either that or it is just a coincidence. And who knows, it could be.

Our wee bedtime routine is that around 8-8.30pm DH will give him the bottle of expressed milk, then I'll give him a massage then DH does bath. We might keep him up for a short time until he shows signs of tiredness, then he goes in the moses basket. Can take 5-15mins to settle him. I wake him for a dream feed at 11pm and he usually sleeps through to between 6-8am. I feel VERY lucky!

Sargesaweyes Wed 19-Oct-11 13:46:40

Teladi What a nightmare! Hope you are ok. We are finally getting into a routine-bath at 6.30 with dp,
cuddles and bottle with dp,
sleep between 7.30-8,
sleep in moses basket till 11,
bed in cot till 3-4 and bottle
wake up with dp and me at 7

Mrs V- I am sure you have tried this method but I would put bottle in Berts mouth for him to get used to it and then after a while squirt milk in. It took him a week or so too get it ( and some tears) but all of a sudden he started sucking. Have updated pics. Has anyone else? Would be nice to see how your babies have changed. I can't believe the change in Bert over 7 weeks.

Firawla Wed 19-Oct-11 14:18:52

awwww sarges he has really grown, how cute! i will have to put some new pics up too when i get a chance

hersetta wow your husband is good having him all that time, and all the dp/dhs helping out with the bedtime routine too i am a bit jealous lol

Hersetta Wed 19-Oct-11 14:26:10

Very sweek teladi.I think Alex has just grown in size rather than change facially. You tell me though - i have just put up a few new pics taken when he was 2 months old.

Sargesaweyes Wed 19-Oct-11 14:40:37

Hersetta so gorgeous! It looks like he has a very proud big sister.

Firawla DP has become more involved now. It took a very big melt down to realise how tired I was. Also it is obviously easier now as I am no longer bf.

Hersetta Wed 19-Oct-11 14:50:42

Sarge thanks. she is a fantasic sister, almost like a second Mummy. She always greats him in the morning with a kiss and cuddle and says ' good morning my darling boy'. So cute. i am so surprised but there has not been a hint of jelousy. She has been so fantasic with him - hence the treat to see disney on ice this weekend. We are having a girly day!! Lunch at Nando's then the show.

Firawla Wed 19-Oct-11 17:40:52

awww so cute hersetta, he looks cheeky! and your dd does look like she is great with him. hope you have a good day out together, that sounds fun

Hi all (MrsVidic here named changed for real housewives of newyork)
Cant believe my dd is so long she's in 6-9 month clothes. Anyone else find this?

Sargesaweyes Wed 19-Oct-11 21:46:17

Mrs V Is the new York one any good? Watched a few but found them all a bit creepy.especially the couple with twins... Yuk! Used to love OC and was it new jersey with all the italien Americans? OC got me through later pregnancy boredom lol.

Bert is reaching the end of some 0-3 months but I find the sizing so random from shop to shop it's hard to tell.

wishwales Thu 20-Oct-11 06:59:33

littlemiss Have you tried the Tots Bots easyfits? I like them because they have pockets which you can add several boosters into. The attached booster doubles over anyway and each nappy comes with an additional fleece/bamboo booster.

I have only seen the new York one but I am so addicted! Sad I know but it gets me throu

bettyboo83 Thu 20-Oct-11 23:01:46

Joshua was also a bottle refuser but I ordered a NUK bottle after recommendations on here and so far so good. He has to be quite calm though, if he's got to crying then the only thing that'll settle him is my boob!

Yuraye Fri 21-Oct-11 11:00:25

Hello everyone, it's been a long time. I was also known as Yukana.

How has everyone been? I hope you are all doing well with your little ones.

Baby Freyja is 11 weeks on Saturday, quite hard to believe! She is strong and healthy, gaining weight and in a perfect bedtime routine. She is just very clingy at the moment and wants cuddles or to play with Mummy most of the time she is awake. smile Not that I mind of course! Freyja's great grandparents and her grandma (So strange to call my mother that, she's only 39!) have helped get some sleep by babysitting once a week so that's made managing everything much easier to cope with.

She had her immunisations yesterday, was heartbreaking. sad She looked so upset. I have her big cuddles after though so she settled down.

Anyone else feeling really broody? When Freyja hit the two month mark, I felt ready for another baby! grin DP won't have that though.

Yuraye Fri 21-Oct-11 11:23:59

I've also uploaded a couple of photos of Freyja, too. smile

Hi all, went to mothercare for a nuk bottle and adaptamil to give me a break from expressing daily to try to get dd to take a bottle.

I learnt 2 things-
1) formula feeding is complicated and time consuming
2) dd is v stubborn and will not entertain any of it.


I need a wet nurse. She feeds literally every 45 min during the day and sleeps thru at least. And she screams constantly when dp has her while I go for a 45 min run.

Have had enough, however Eva never seems to have enough grin

Sargesaweyes Sun 23-Oct-11 20:40:45

Got a new pram today on Ebay. Bugaboo Frog and was a complete bargain- I love it!! Sorry had to share this smile hope all is well with everyone

Eviepoo Wed 26-Oct-11 21:32:33

Sounds exciting Sarge smile

I have been away for a week and thus BF only - no expressed bottles and now we are home Grace is refusing the bottle ....aaahhh I am using Avent - any advice on other bottles she may take?

Oh and just to prove how contrary she is - she will now take a dummy from her big sister!! lol

Can't complain though - she slept a 7 hour stretch last night!!!

Grace is 9 weeks tomorrow and had her first immunisations today and a check up with the doctor, he said she is so cute, developing fine and is strong and healthy - beaming mummy here. She screamed when he gave her the jags but after a minute stopped and I BF her.
She got weighted and is a mighty 12lb 2oz...thats her biggest gain - 1lb 1oz in a fortnight

How are you all doing?

WinterLover Thu 27-Oct-11 12:40:03

Hello everyone, god its been so long since I posted I had to hunt for the thread again!!!

How are you all doing? DS is almost 14 weeks old now!! I cant believe it, he's getting so big. Started a mum and baby group on a Tuesday which is nice to get out of the house. It was only then that I realised how 'behind' DS is with things sad but apparently he'll catch up over time.

Slightly personal question, but what is everyone doing about contraception if your planning on another sooner rather than later. Ive gone back on the POP pill but im bleeding every 10-12 days (it was not like this before having DS). Im not ready for another baby just yet but I dont want a long term method.... im just confused hmm Dont exactly need a method yet, still got to bite the bullet with DP yet.... please tell me it wont be as bad as I think it will be.

Anyways Il try to catch up with the other posts, think DS is waking up now so its dinner time smile

Hersetta Thu 27-Oct-11 19:18:06

winter - i have already had my depo injection but will propably get an implant at my next appointment.

DS is 3 months old today and to celebrate, I managed to take some particularly gorgeous photos of him with DD this morning which I have uploaded onto my profile for you to peek at.

hi everyone, time is flying by and our babies are growing up so fast!
sarge ive got a bugaboo chamelion and i love it, its so nice to push so well done, and they hold thier money to.

Ive gone on the mini pill, previously ive had the copper coil which was fine but i get really bad pmt and hormone headaches so i was looking for something that would stop me ovulating/having periods hoping to stop this. ive been taking it a week and have had no migraines so its looking good, but i have been having heart palpitations irregulary over the last year, the doc said they can be caused by hormones and i have to go for a blood test and ecg next week but ive been having mild ones every 10 mins for the last 2 days and im wondering if this is a side effect of the pill?? hope it calms down, think ill go back or ring tomorrow if they carry on. Other than that i was going to have the mirena coil as that can stop you ovulating too?

Ive got to say im am quite broody which is just crazy, Willow is my 3rd, dd1 is 6 ds is almost 3 so thier quite close, but i cant help thinking i dont want this to be the end of my child bearing days!! and to my absoloute horror and surprise Dp says he would too!!! but i dont think we will, im sure once willow is tearing around, not going to bed and driving us mad we will change our mind!!

oh yes hersetta he is gorgeous, they both have the same lovely little button noses, so cute x

Eviepoo Thu 27-Oct-11 22:22:30

Lovely pictures Hersetta smile

I just posted a few more of Grace too

OOh I do love a good browse of baby pictures

Eviepoo Thu 27-Oct-11 22:32:51

Yuraye - just seen your pictures of Freyja too - gorgeous x

Eviepoo Thu 27-Oct-11 22:39:18

Don't tell my DH neverlookback but I am feeling broody now too, even though I told him no way never after the terrible pregnancy smile

I was looking at your pictures too - very nice indeed smile

For contraception - I have an appointment for the copper coil back in on 18 Nov. I have discussed with my doctor and thats pretty much my only option and they don't mind removing it if/when I want another baby.
I can't have combined pill - my risk of blood clots is too high
PO pill and implant and injection all give me a high dose of progesterone, which makes my IBS flare up really bad (hence some of the terrible PG symtoms) so I simply refuse to have progesterone now.

I had the copper coil for 4 years before Grace - never been happier, no need to worry about conraception, no extra hormones etc. I was also very happy as I had my BFP 10 weeks after coil was removed. So as it works for me I'm sticking with it.

wishwales Fri 28-Oct-11 07:46:23

Hello lovely ladies. Even though Morgan is now 20 weeks old, she is going through her milestones along with the August babies. Since she was 8 weeks ahead of her 5th of August due date, her development is mostly on par with you all. Anyway, I added some recent photos!!!! Enjoy.