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*~*~* August 2010 *~*~* where does the time go?

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CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:30:24

Only 5 spaces left on the old thread - wonder how long it'll take us to fill ths one up?

Happy chatting

Chulita Mon 18-Apr-11 13:10:09

bookmarking, my bet is we'll still be going on this one at Christmas time

CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 13:30:30

Or maybe Easter 2012....

pamplem0usse Mon 18-Apr-11 13:55:41

Thanks for all of the supportive messages ladies. We will write to Waitrose once the dust has settled. It's a paradoxical one because I actually have no intention of going back in there unless it's something urgent (nappies, milk, you know...) the way the manager treated me (considerable focus on my being a [PhD] student and my age - I probably look younger than 26.... also left me in a room with just himself, and took my phone from me), but it's rather upsetting to be banned from somewhere without any just cause! I've never been in trouble in my life - I didn't ever even have a detention at School! - so it's all a bit blerrrgh.
Anyway the good news is my wedding ring is being remade for free.... and my replacement watch has arrived! And Scarlett had (at least) one tooth come through overnight. There's definitely one but I'm fairly sure the next door tooth has come through over the course of the morning. Will have a proper look when she wakes! Is it (un)usual for that to happen?
Breast feeding: I knew about the health benefits, but I wish I'd had more information about it not being OK for it to hurt and how ill-informed GPs are about it.
Anyway will reply properly to you more individually v soon xxx

soontobefatnat Mon 18-Apr-11 18:42:18

Marking spot. Just checked, and we started our last thread back at the end of November!! Feels like a lifetime away, eh?!

Go Scarlet and her teeth!

So E is sleeping SO much better after letting him cry a bit and putting him in his own room. <whacks self over the head repeatedly for not listening to neez all along> He had a big cry the first night, 3 bloody hours of full on crying, with us going in at intervals. Really horrible. then 1.5 hours of crying/grumbling the second night, then NOT A PEEP last night. He's sleeping 4-5 hour stretches and just sort of chatting when he needs a feed. He goes down with a little pat and shush. I can hardly believe it. Miraculous! Daytime naps are another story but, honestly, I don't mind wandering about with the pram when I have had SLEEP!!

Love to you all on this glorious sunny evening!

<leaves a pile of Nigel Slater's brownies on the table>

CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 19:23:56

Pample - that is excellent news about your ring, you must be so relieved!! Great news about S's teeth, they may all come through relatively quickly now, Corey didn't get him first one until a month ago....he now has 3 with a 4th just starting to cut!!
Don't know about Scarlett but Corey is a nibbler and will bite if the mood takes him.... <ouch>

Nat - So glad it's paid off for you. I am personally dreading moving Corey out of our room as he will then be sharing with ds1 and I'm not convinced that our current routine is going to work due to ds1 being a screamer...

I'm estimating that if we all get our chatty heads on we can have this thread over and done with by June <starts thinking what next thread title could be>

LCRLCR Mon 18-Apr-11 20:33:51

Hello hello marking spot x

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 12:27:48

Afternoon ladies

What a lovely sunny day it is!!

Nothing can spoil my day today, Corey has learned how to cuddle, well he knew before but now he accompanies it with a "Aaaahhhh" which just makes my heart melt and I squish him all up!!

Oh and tooth number 4 is officially through!

No progress with TTC yet, will keep on badgering talking to dh tho [fingers crossed emoticon]

Have a super day girls xxx

bellygazing Tue 19-Apr-11 14:48:06

Aargh, I've had a post swallowed twice! Not going to bother reiterating it now in case same happens again, but quickly, no-one will think you are a thief pample, brilliant news about your nights nat, love the cuddling cherry and neenz, check out the thread I started in breastfeeding if that helps with your BF interview.

Oh, and E is much better now, although v clingy and off solids so I'm breastfeeding like there's no tomorrow!

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 14:54:46

Owh belly I hate it when that happens!! It used to happen to me but then I started copying/pasting so I didn't lose a mammoth post.

So glad E is better now!!

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 20:11:31

nobody around?

soontobefatnat Tue 19-Apr-11 21:31:22

Belly glad E is feeling better!

I'm here, Cherry! Went into work today to chat with my new boss about part time working. She's happy for me to come back part time, but her manager has stipulated that she can't lose a full time employee from the team (due to the public sector hiring freeze, the post would essentially be lost for good). So they have to find someone (internally) who wants to job share with me, or I can't go back PT. I mean, how likely is it that we'll find someone?? I just feel like this is going to trundle on for months - and meanwhile I'll have to let my nanny share that I've worked out (on paper, with a friend) go, cos what if it doesn't work out? Feel demoralised.

CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 08:48:17

Belly - That is a bit of a pickle. I'm sure someone will be willing tho, hopefully it doesn't take months and months to come to fruition

Well girls, not much going on here. Washing in and will soon be blowing in the breeze. Wish we had a local park here that I could take the dc's to, they're so bored.
The school holidays are the only time I miss having a car, I want to be able to take them places to keep them entertained but can't really go that far on a bus - especially when they don't always behave!

Aaah well.....off to hang out the washing and let the sppotty pup out for a wee.

Much love x

bellygazing Wed 20-Apr-11 13:27:23

Hiya, Hope you find someone Nat, I bet there are a few people who would be keen - frustrating though!

We had a bit of a mare last night. I went a quiz night expecting that E would probably wake before I came home - which she did at 10.30pm. She was still awake and crying when I got back at 11pm - she just won't really settle for my DH or take much milk from anything other than my boob. Going to have to take action fairly soon, but I think she's still a bit off colour - woke again at 4am ish which was fine, but then at 5.30am and wouldn't go back to sleep, just kept crying whatever we did. After a lot of cuddling, crying, attempting to feed, walking around with her etc, plus a dose of Calpol, eventually she latched on properly in my bed and we both fell back to sleep - til 10am! Oh well, think she probably needed it. Think it may be teething as we are having some seriously weird poos. TMI?

cazzybabs Wed 20-Apr-11 13:32:51

Poppy still hasn't got any teeth - blimey I was thinking the last time I posted - months ago! Still read it though. She is crawling though! It is blommin' hot - am about to try and take the girls out to the botanical gardens (and sum up energy to hang out the washing). And we have lost the keys to our new patio door - grghhhhh. So jealous of you all TTC and congratulations to GYA.

CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:39:06

Ooops sorry belly my last post was for nat! blush

Belly - sounds like it could be a bit of everything, poor little E. I'm sure she'll be much better soon. Did you enjoy your quiz night?


CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:42:07

Hiya cazzy long time no see

We're just about to take our pooch for a walk up to the green with a football - wish we had botanical gardens envy


vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:47:43

Oops I missed this new thread so I'll just paste what I had typed into the old one!!

Just popping on to give hugs to Pample. I was in the exact same position up until last Friday when we did the unthinkable (in our minds I mean) - controlled crying. For me it was a choice between trying that or going to the doctors and asking for anti-depressants which is what my HV had recommended as she was sure I had PND. I was being woken up every 2 hours in the night and felt like someone had sucked all the joy out of my life. Some days it got so bad I was looking at the baby thinking 'I feel nothing' and that was when I knew this wasn't right

So DH asked if we could try controlled crying over the weekend. In 3 nights he went from waking every 2 hours for feeds to sleeping through. And I'm talking 7pm to 7am. With no upset crying either, he yelled for 1.5 hours on Friday night and woke every 2 hours, yelled for 10 minutes but then went to sleep. It got better the following 2 nights and last night (the fourth night) he slept through with no crying at all. He is happier and looks better (he had dark shadows under his eyes before). I am so glad we bit the bullet and did it, its something I never wanted to do but it was actually quite easy.

Anyway, not trying to tell you that you should do it as I know it doesn't always work but just saying what worked for us. I now feel like my old self again and I'm shocked and horrified at the effects sleep deprivation can have. I had a poor sleeper for 8 months and it really takes it toll, he had never slept more than 4 hours in a row, and generally only did 2 hours in a row so I was exhausted. I am now basically on a Gina Ford schedule because it works (sorry!) so he sleeps 9-10, 12.30-2, 7-7 and only has milk feeds at 7, 2.30 and 7. He feeds so much better both at the breast and at solid meal times, it has made such a good difference to him. Anyway...

I'm sorry to hear about silly Waitrose, FGS it was an honest mistake I think they were awful to you.

WRT BFing and doctors, they are clueless! I've got a recurring problem which I think is a milk blister but nobody knows what it is. Every so often this lump comes up on the end of one of my nipples, it goes yellow and swells and it blimmin kills. When he feeds its like razorblades are being sucked through it, and when he's not feeding it sometimes feels like someone is skewering me through the boob. The doctors have no idea what it is and gave me some cream which has done nothing. They just send me away and tell me to keep an eye on it.... The pain is unbearable and sometimes has me in tears but I want to continue feeding him so I just force myself through it.

Cherry I'm sorry evil Aunt Flo caught up with you I'm waiting for her to turn up as well, keep feeling like she's coming but then nothing happens. Anyone else still waiting for their first period? I'm dreading it!!

vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:50:06

Oh Nat I see the leaving to settle approach has worked for you too - it is miraculous isn't it? I keep having to pinch myself and remind myself that it could all go wrong again at any time lol

neenz Wed 20-Apr-11 14:31:14

Well done Vix and Nat! It does make such a difference when you're getting a full night's sleep. I was actually surprised how easy cc was with Daniel. I read so much stuff about AP and how babies only cry because they need you and it's wrong to deny them, but being woken every 2hrs at 8mo is not normal and causes real sleep deprivation and depression sad. And when cc works so easily (2 nights!) you have to wonder whether the baby really did need you or was it just that they needed to learn how to get themselves off to sleep.

Nat fingers crossed they'll find someone at work, there might be a mum working FT who really wants to go down to PT. But you have a legal right to ask for PT work and I don't think they can use 'the post will go for good' as a reason to refuse you! Ask your union if you're in one. It's not your fault there's a recruitment freeze on it shouldn't impact on their decision whether to let you go PT.

The breastfeeding support worker interview is tomorrow. Thanks for all your responses, I asked on some of the antenatal threads too and got some really interesting replies. I have to give a presentation on what i would cover during a BFing education session and how I would deliver it. Scary but exciting too. They are interviewing 12 for 2 posts apparently.

bellygazing Wed 20-Apr-11 14:40:30

vix that's brilliant news on the sleeping through! CC worked a dream for getting Elodie to go down at the beginning of the night and for several weeks she was only waking once, often at around 10.30pm to 11pm ish, then sleeping through til 7am or later. I never did it in the middle of the night because I was happy with one waking, just wanted my evenings back. With this nasty fever/cold/bug/teething things have gone seriously tits up, altho she is at least settling fine at the beginning of the night. I'm going to have to do it again for night wakings prior to returning to work (on May 31 - eek!) and am thinking if she's properly better and back on solids I'm going to do it over the Royal Wedding/Bank Holiday weekend - had initially earmarked Easter for it but think it's still a bit soon after her poorliness.

WRT Auntie Flo - I had one two-week period four weeks after E was born (making 6 weeks of continuous bleeding, really lovely) then another very short one about two weeks later then nothing since - but I'm on Cerazette and it's v common not to get periods on it.
neenz I bet you get one, you've given tons of good advice on here and elsewhere plus you BFed twins! [shock and awe emoticon]

soontobefatnat Wed 20-Apr-11 18:40:10

Good luck neez! Let us know how you get on.

Vix nice to see you back here! I was wondering how you were getting on with sleep. So glad to hear you're returning to the land of the living too. I really didn't want to do CC, but I felt it was the only thing left to do. I felt so trashed physically and mentally and was cross all the time. I just about managed to muster up enthusiasm for my days with E, but I have been so awful to my DH. Just needed to let the frustration out somewhere. Our marriage was definitely suffering. I mean, we haven't even managed to do the deed yet - between E being awake all the time and me being beyond exhausted, I just wasn't interested. Now we've got our room back, I feel like we have a bit of personal space back. I though I'd really pine for E, but I'm actually well chuffed at how big our bedroom feels, being able to get undressed with the lights on, talk at normal volume, READ A NOVEL!? It's great. E is still waking a few times, but I don't mind at all - quick boob feed and I put him down awake and shush/pat to sleep. He slept 6 hours in a row last night. A record!

pample I'm sending you good sleep vibes because, by god, you deserve some!

Off out this evening with my NCT ladies. Whoop! I'm going to wear an outfit that would be impossible to boob feed in. Hurrah!

vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 19:53:08

Ugh AF has arrived!!

neenz Wed 20-Apr-11 21:40:33

I have just started being able to wear some clothes I wouldn't be able to BF in as well, it's great isn't it. D is feeding a lot less now so don't have to worry too much. It is so nice when they get to that stage where they go down at 7pm and you hardly hear from them till morning. And not having to go to bed as soon as they are asleep! It's lovely to get your space back as well, nat. Bet your DH is pleased too smile

Pample, I am so sorry you are having woes. I would definitely complain to head office of waitrose, they are supposedly great with customer service and I think you have been treated terribly! I can imagine the humiliation you feel, but try to remember that everyone is thinking about something else now and will have forgotted about you smile.

weehector Thu 21-Apr-11 02:01:14


Been gone far too long mostly because I have the most physical, struggliest baby on the planet but I have missed you all..x

So new thread!!

caz massive congrats to you, lady. Can't wait to hear what flavour Belle's little sibling will be. So so chuffed for you and Jon x

pample I think a softly worded letter to Waitrose hr/customer services should do the trick. Any mum there would just think duh, (went through checkout at Asda a few weeks ago and only handed over clothing items after the till had been rung otherwise would have done the same thing).

neenz I wish I'd known how often babies would feed. My HV was saying how they'd all been retrained on how feeding 1.5hrly was normal. This info wouldn't do much for bf uptake granted, but it would have prepared me a bit better. I'd also have liked to know that it might hurt as much(would still have persevered) & advice on how to deal with mastitis. I know several people who gave up post mastitis & although I knew what it as straight away, I'm not sure I knew what to do. I also think a PR job for bf post 6months is required at the moment. I think you'd be brilliant in this role too...so many of my mantras have come from you(if it cries, feed it springs to mind) that I think bf education would benefit massively from your sage advice. Good luck!

gya congrats to you too! How exciting..I just wish I was getting the practice in to make it a possibility..

Life at Maison Hector carries on apace. We're doing brililantly, 2 teeth, we stand at every available opportunity rather than crawling, we've got 2 chefs preparing meals to order for Junior Sir's every conceivable dietary whim. He's wilful and charming and beautiful and I'm just so grateful I have time to indulge him, hopefully with enough restraint to avoid spoiling him. Sleep is still an ongoing issue here but we're getting there. I feel 2013 is my year for a full 8hrs. A PFB in 2nd hand Polarn o Pyret here.. Apart from sleep, life is good..I have the work dilemma going & a muffin top that Tim Horton would kill for but I'm generally happy if you don't count 'the first mother's day that daddy didn't bother his arse about'. Big mistake, huge mistake on his part there..

Hope you're all happy & well xxx

cjdamoo Thu 21-Apr-11 02:31:52

I have given in and booked a 4d scan for 20th may to find out what this bubba is packing :D

CherryPie3 Thu 21-Apr-11 08:01:17

Hello hello hello...

Weehector? Is that you? Wooooo welcome back grin missed you too! Sorry to hear sleep isn't happening well for you, I l have faith that it will be long before 2013 that you get your full 8hrs tho
Glad to war you and lo are otherwise well.

Cjdamoo - is it possible you need the Antenatal Thread for August hun? We've all had our babies here . Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Neenz - best of luck to day hun, let us know how it goes!

Vix - poo for AF . Hope she buggers off soon!

Don't normally eat breakfast but am really hungry this morning! Off to hunt for food scavenger stylee co's there's not much in until asda come later this morning. And I neeeeed a coffee!!!

CherryPie3 Thu 21-Apr-11 15:44:12

That June finishline is looking veeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyy far away grin

soontobefatnat Thu 21-Apr-11 16:05:20

Hooray - there you are Hector! <hands round party hats and victoria sponge to celebrate reunion> Glad you're doing well, sleep aside. Bah, who needs sleep? Although, uh oh for your OH. Bet he won't bloody forget next year!!

Well, I'm pretty effin knackered after being out until 11 (woo!) (in a beer garden!) and a baby who started the day at 5.30 today. Zzzz. Three pints last night didn't help either! But it was SO nice to get out. I must say, my NCT group was so brilliant. Really have made such great friends through it.

Weather bit hazy/cloudy in London today, and breezy too, but still loving sitting in the garden with E asleep next to me in the pram. Such unbelievable April weather. Hope you're all up to similar!

Chulita Thu 21-Apr-11 19:02:31

vix I had that milk blister thing constantly from 2 weeks til 24 and it was agony. One day it just disappeared but I'd gone to the doc's and one of them offered to 'stick a pin in it' having admitted they had no idea what it was hmm Have you had a look at the kellymom website for any tips?

weehector welcome back! We'd wondered where you'd gone. What sort of things do you cook for your lo? I'm in a rut with S and often end up giving him weetabix/porridge twice a day.

We spent the day in the sun, S stood at the sand/water table and got completely soaked and then crawled through the newly planted lawn and got covered in mud but he enjoyed himself. Hurrah for hand-me-downs that we don't care about grin

Good luck neenz <late as ever>

I've not got AF yet, it took 8.5mths with L and I'm on 9mths now so it's a new record.

soontobefatnat Thu 21-Apr-11 19:15:27

Ditto. In such a rut with meals for E. Any successful recipes welcome!

weehector Fri 22-Apr-11 00:36:44

<Feels the love and gathers Aug 2010 ladies to her ample bosoms>

So food, my favourite subject. Weaning was a complete head f ache for the first few weeks here but we're pretty relaxed about it now. We've always fed ourselves well, cooking from scratch every day so its not much extra work really. We're pretty much BLW with spooning for the things adults would use spoons for & I've been working my way through the Annabel Karmel recipes.

Things going down well here...add pears to everything below. Every meal needs a bit of pear at Maison Hector.

breakfasts - porridge & bananas, weetabix banana (said in a singsong voice here), french toast & strawberries, yoghurt & a dollop of stewed fruit (I mix up a batch a couple of times a week and keep in the fridge)

lunch - scrambled eggs & toast, cheesy toast fingers, bread & hummus &
veg sticks, cold chicken & half soft apricots (we need another mortgage to keep us in apricots (£3.19 a bag!) & blueberries)

supper - steamed veg finger food 2 or 3 e.g. courgette, broccoli, carrot + a portion of a meal eg. AK stew, popeye pasta (Philly, gruyere, spinach, onion, pasta = fab), cherub's cous cous, roasted sweet potato

gotta go...

weehector Fri 22-Apr-11 01:19:10

...I'm back, the boy must have known I had been gathering others to my bosoms as he took buckets of milk there...

Chulita - my ace card (or last throw of the dice depending) at dinner, when A's thrown too many bits of broccoli on the deck or we've got into a spoon fight that no one wins, is semolina. Super easy - a tablespoon of semolina, 120ml of milk, on the hob for 2 mins or so stirring til it thickens, add a pinch of cinnamon, some diced pears or apple stew & a teaspoon of maple syrup. He tends to wolf it down regardless of what's come before & I can be happy he's got something warm & filling in his little tummy.

Lovely day in Hectorland. Been out for hours today, walking the prom, chatting to mummies, talking to the birdies in the park, an impressive go on the swings, a sail on daddy's boat complete with dancing porpoises...

bellygazing Fri 22-Apr-11 10:45:15

weehector your day sounds absolutely lovely! Things continue to be a bit mixed here. After a much better night, waking at 11.45pm then 6.45am, last night E woke an hour after going down, crying inconsolably - still crying while being cuddled etc. Offered a bit of boob but she kept pulling off and crying more, so we got out the calpol, cuddled her for a bit, then I fed her and put her down awakeish and she slept til about 12.30am (although then woke AGAIN at 4am). I am feeling a bit under the weather myself, and went to bed about 9.30pm - when my DH joined me an hour later I had already fallen asleep, unheard of!

E is still a bit off solids after being ill but generally we do for breakfast porridge with some form of pureed fruit, scrambled egg, yoghurt or bits of bread(last resort if she is not eating!). Lunch is finger food and we've done broccoli, carrot, mandarin segments, banana, blueberries, green beans, babycorn, breadsticks, rice cakes, avocado, sticks of cheese, chunks of mango.. Dinner is usually pureed stuff, so it's usually some kind of whizzed/mashed up protein (I've done lamb and apricot, chicken and asparagus, pasta with cheese and broccoli sauce or tomato and cheese sauce, beef and ale stew, v mild chicken and coconut curry, lentil and veg stew) then I usually add a bit of veg puree as well, or sometimes I'll grab a selection of veg puree and grate some cheese on top. My freezer is full of random cubes of food! Would like to try meat as a finger food, any suggestions?

neenz Fri 22-Apr-11 19:54:54

Hi Weehector! Lovely to have you back. Sounds like you are loving life atm smile. Glad to have been of help re the BFing!

The job interview went OK but I think maybe I didn't emphasise how I would put across the benefits of BFing. I think from being on MN and living in a middle-class area I just assume people know BFing is better than formula and that the biggest barriers are information and support. But the area where I would be working, I think they find in their AN classes that people think there isn't much difference, so one of the big aspects is convincing people to give BFing a try. My presentation was more based on how to give people all the info they need to succeed. Anyway I think I got across that I knew about the issues and I said at the end 'I hope I have managed to show how passionate I am about Bfing' and they all said 'oh yes you have definitely done that' smile. I figure if it's meant to be I will get it and if it;'s not I won't. The hours are mostly evenings and weekends and I do wonder whether I want to give up a day of family time each weekend... so if I don't get it I think it might be for the best. If I do get it I will accept and see how it goes. I will hear on Wednesday!

Food here is beans and lentils mixed with sweet potato and spinach, or leftover spag bol or lentil stew with rice or pasta. Chicken or cod and potato and broccoli. A protein, potato and veg mostly. I give him a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. Apricots are a big hit here too (with my DD too) - ours are £4.99 a bag tho! Unsulphured ones which are healthier (with a price tag to match hmm)

Chulita Fri 22-Apr-11 21:52:05

bellygazing S absolutely loves fish fingers.

weehector I think my trouble is that I can't give S dairy so a lot of stuff I used to fall back on with L I just can't do (leek/cheese pasta was a classic!) I'll give semolina a go though, DH loves it so it won't go to waste.

neenz good luck! fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday.

S seems to be self-settling ok at the moment which is lovely, I'm thinking about coaxing him out of night feeds...hmm, we'll see how my resolve goes on that one. He's such a happy little boy, I love his big cheesy grin and the excitement he has when exploring. Feeding's a bit hit and miss but lentils always go down well so I'll just have to keep feeding him that I suppose.

weehector Fri 22-Apr-11 23:34:30

chulita <slaps head at dairy no-no> AK's lovely lentils with pitta? That's a good 'un too...

CherryPie3 Sat 23-Apr-11 12:02:26

Morning, what another lovely day? Very unusual for April however...

weehector Your recipes sound fab, loving the semoline tip too...Corey often gets too fussy/grumpy to actually eat a lot. Corey's absolute favourite food is strawberries - he will never turn them down. In fact I have been known to mush them onto toast [in place of jam] for him. Don't like giving him jam, feel like I'm going to rot his teeth before they're all here!
Sounds like you had a lovely day out on Thursday too .

neenz From your post it looks like you definitely made an excellent impression - fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday! . I know what you mean about giving up a 'family day', hope you can work something out.

belly Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell, get well soon hun. With regards to giving meat as a finger food, I just cut strips of whatever meat we're having and pop it on his highchair/baby walker/bumbo tray - chicken works best for him.

chulita Have you started cutting night feeds? How did it go?

nat Way to go staying out on a school night wink. Glad you had a good time

We went to Blackpool yesterday, weather was beautiful!! I haven't been there since I was about 9 and I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things then as we didn't have a lot of money - so I absolutely spoiled my dc's yesterday doing all the things I couldn't do when I was younger. It was awesome!
Best bit was going on the 'ferris wheel' (as my dc's call it) on the Pier, it was a very clear day and the views were amazing! Of course the kids didn't appreciate that, and nor would I have at that age.

My lucky dh today has been whisked away to Nottingham races today for a stag do - dropped him off at pick-up point at 9:45am, won't see him again until 5pm tomorrow. Which is why I'm actually allowed to be on MN (he hates me being online when he's at hom hmm. He'd better win big if he's gonna be putting bets on.

Off to go make lunch now - I've switched the kids (and dh grin) onto wholemeal/wheat everything so we're trying wholewheat tortilla wraps today with chicken strips and oven chips. Jacket potatoes and salad for tea.

x x

soontobefatnat Sat 23-Apr-11 20:02:59

Just popping in to say thanks for the great food tips. I'm seriously getting out my pen here and making notes. Lentils have gone down well here too, and I've finally cracked the pasta conundrum here (in that E seems like like it, but struggles to keep it in his mouth). Mini pasta shells! With Bol sauce. I've got a bit lazy about BLW weaning recently, after starting v gung ho. Must get a bit more adventurous.

Going to watch a DVD now - woo! Loving having our evenings back.

Happy Easter all!

CherryPie3 Sat 23-Apr-11 20:47:12

Nat - is it the Annabel Karmel pasta you've used? I found them to be fab for C, the stars especially

Wish we had our evenings back....Corey is refusing to go to bed!! So he is up, with me, because I don't have the energy to fight with him tonight, I've spent the day doing lovely things with the kids while the weather's been nice (storm forecast tomorrow!) and have been very unconcerned with the housework - and now I'm very concerned as my house is a mass of folded laundry awaiting being put away. Kids bedrooms aren't looking very tidy either.
Gonna be a looooong night of fixing this before the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow... Aaah well...My kids are more important than a perfect house!

weehector Sun 24-Apr-11 00:13:44

cherry only dull women have perfect houses. That's what I've been telling myself anyway as I've been pulling on my sunglasses & flip flops & heading out the door with the buggy this week. This being Scotland, that's probably our full quota of sunny days used up for the year..

Well that's the cot finally lowered. The extra stretch won't be great for my dodgy hip but Little Lord Hector is pulling to standing from sitting very casually these days & his little pal took a header out of his this week so I'm happier that there's one less thing for him to get up to. He's a very busy boy - nappy changing is a complete fiasco, he won't sit anywhere anymore (anyone else's baby just want to stand in the bath?) & my back is breaking from all the bending to 'walk' him about the house. I think he honestly thinks he can walk..it's so cute to see him cruising & then putting his hands up for a walk but at the same time it's maddening that he's starting to think that his Jumperoo is a bit lame. It used to be the best thing ever & my way of securing him if I wanted to make a cup of tea or whatever but now he howls whenever he's dropped into it. I need a new strategy for containing him..is a playpen/travel cot my only option because I can't see that going down too well with my little er, explorer...

nat/cherry Asda do wholewheat mini pasta shells - same as my beloved AK but a million times cheaper. (need all my pennies for apricots...

Lying in bed with the windows open and feeling a bit tense that the neighbours are partying when I need to be getting some zzz in. I'd probably party too if I'd just netted £7m in a takeover. To be fair to them, they're very modest, I only know they're minted because I read about it in a business profile..not that I'm jealous or anything when they're drinking chilled wine outside whilst I have a bedside glass of ribena & apricots are £300 per bag & there's three of us living on Mr Weehector's salary...

marzipananimal Sun 24-Apr-11 15:52:22

Hello everyone, glad to see pample and weehector back

We've had a lovely week staying with my parents in sunny Devon. We went out for our first evening meal since J was born while my parents babysat but then proceeded to wolf down our meal at top speed - absolutely no need to, we've just got into the habit.
The night before we went away he actually slept 10.30-6.15! First (and only) time ever. Hoping he might do it again once we get back into a bit more routine at home.

vix I haven't had AF yet but am not looking forward to it, and not enjoying the fact that I have absolutely no idea when it'll come.

pample I can't believe how waitrose treated you, that sort of thing must happen all the time. I nearly did it yesterday in WH Smiths (picked up a drink, wandered around looking at chocolate, decided it was all overpriced and then nearly walked out without paying for the drink)

Happy Easter

soontobefatnat Mon 25-Apr-11 10:35:17

Ooh, so your neighbours are minted then, Hector? I think I would be a little cross at al fresco champers clinking too. I have no idea whether I'll be able to get my part-time hours at work or not. If not, I'm jacking it in. DH has finally decided that he can't stand his job anymore and is going to jack it in. <gulp> He used to be his own boss before, so I have total faiththat he'll make a success out of whatever he chooses to do next. But still! It's going to be hairy for a while. I'm not the most relaxed person in the world at the moment and am struggling a bit to 'go with the flow'. And meanwhile our crappy rented house is full of damp, mould, mice and moths. <sigh> Wish we were just a bit minted. And yes, on that note, supermarket mini pasta ftw! I'm sort of afraid of Annabel Karmel. All of the photos of her are circa 1991. Has she been frozen in time, like something out of Dr Who?

Marzi congrats on the epic sleep! E doing much better still here, but he wakes up at completely different times every night to feed. Utterly random. Not complaining about two wake ups, mind! He was waking up every 2 hours less than two weeks ago!

bellygazing Mon 25-Apr-11 19:29:49

nat hope they agree your hours and you find a way to make the work stuff work - if that makes sense. But lovely you've got your evenings back, it made such a difference to us. With pasta, I must admit I use whatever I've got in the house and then whizz it up to manageable size.
hector your little one sounds like a lovely handful - pulling up and cruising already, that's amazing! Elodie is still not crawling, although on the sofa or the bed she sort of does...
marzi yay for long sleeps!
cherrypie Housework? What is this of which you speak? wink
chulita did you start with the night weaning?

E has finally regained her appetite and is mostly much better - although she now has a horrible barking cough and sometimes I think it hurts her throat so much it makes her cryr - but she's all croaky and can't do it properly which just breaks my heart sad I also keep losing my voice and coughing up all manner of delightful stuff so I think we are all on a par with each other. Provided she is fully recovered (and I think this is a sign of her getting better actually) I am hoping to stop doing night feeds next weekend, as my DH is off Friday til Tuesday which gives four nights when he doesn't have to get up and go to work. Am I right in thinking that they tend to cry for a lot longer in the night rather than at the beginning of the night? I am planning to leave it 5 mins first off, then go in and offer water and a cuddle, then put her down and if still crying, leave it 10 mins, then 15 and so on. I'm back to work on May 31 and really could do with not getting up in the night by then - but won't be able to do it if she's still a bit poorly.

Have had a lovely weekend, visiting my parents, going out for lunch, meandering in the sun in the local park, visitng some gardens and having a picnic. Love the sun smile

weehector Tue 26-Apr-11 00:03:44

belly A is definitely a handful but I just get in with it because I don't know anything else...but my RL mummies (all the babies are about the same age) confirm that he's easily the most physical & the swimming teacher lady commented on it today (tries not to get too paranoid or start googling hyperactivity). He's usually charming & all smiles with it but yesterday I had a vision of my future toddler hell when he went into a complete meltdown & tried to get out of the trolley in Asda as he wanted to be carried. An old lady literally walked past & then came back to, in her words, 'save me.' The old 'Judgey pants' me - who silently tutted at out of control children in public - would be horrified. After a couple of aisles hunched over the trolley dementedly singing 'the wheels on the bus', attracting sympathetic smiles from mummy-types & slightly frightened/startled looks from everyone else, I chucked it & slunk home to lick my wounds with a fisher-price telephone, some ham, wine & thankfully the right ingredients for last night's tea. As Asda is 25mins away, that's thrown our household organisation (a bit of a game of jenga at the best of times) into further disarray. No teabags, no porridge, no kitchen roll to clean up the mess...it's a curious mix of nuclear bunker stockpiling (about 20 tins of tomatoes & chickpeas, sacks of rice & pasta, 200 nappies) & Just (not) in Time ordering (never any butter or milk) at Maison Hector these days.

When you consider the 2hrly feeding overnight & the 4 little teeth marks left on my bleeding nipples, all in all, yesterday was not my finest hour of motherhood.

However, as sure as sunshine follows rain, today is a brand new day. A lady taking her kids swimming stopped me in the changing rooms earlier & said 'I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but you have a really beautiful baby', his appetite is back, he's 95% happy & he went to bed 3.5hrs ago without a fight. Fingers crossed for more sunshine, metaphorically, as we have a busy day followed by a 6.5hr roadtrip south as soon as DH gets off the boat at 5pm tomorrow.

What are we all doing for The Wedding? Champagne, shouting at the telly or ignoring the whole thing? My inner princess is quietly getting quite swept away by the whole thing..have been negotiating with DH & I'm hoping to spend a child free morning/early avo with my SIL & niece with party food & champagne. I'm quite glad I'm actually away from home as I'd probably have blown the year's apricot budget on bunting & run myself ragged hosting a party.

bellygazing Tue 26-Apr-11 14:35:34

grin for hector's annual apricot budget. Confession here - most of the fruit E gets comes from tins - we do fresh bananas, avocado, blueberries, mango and apples but apricots, pineapples, pears, mandarins are all from tins. As for your stockpiling, provided you've got a few spices sounds like you've got all the ingredients for a delicious chickpea and tomato curry. Mmmmm. Bleeding nipples sounds horrible! I have tiny scratches all over my boobs but as no teeth yet I haven't had that to contend with so far...
WRT the Royal Wedding - Ms Middleton actually comes from about 2 miles away from the village I grew up in so it's all a bit weird. I want to see the dress and the dramatic, fairytale kissing bit, but other than that not too fussed - will prob have it on in the background.

CazandBelle Tue 26-Apr-11 15:27:25

Hello lovely ladies!

lovely to see you again weehector

Had my 12 week scan today and it was really lovely. Bow (what we're calling baby for now!) was very very wriggly. Arms and legs all over the place and rolypoly's galore. Belle hardly moved in her 12 week scan apart from a bit of waving so it was really beautiful to see Bow playing around and being really awake. A really special moment.

Feeling really great this afternoon but wondering how long it will be until the fear kicks back in. A bit all over the place emotionally but it was always going to be like this.

Going to upload the picture of Belle's little brother or sister onto my profile if anyone wants to take a look! Next scan 13th June for an 18 week doppler scan Should have date for my 20 week "flavouring" scan by next week too! (Although hoping they'll tell us at my 18 week scan!)

Chulita Tue 26-Apr-11 19:48:20

bellygazing I forgot blush S woke up at 4am and I just rushed in and shoved boob in mouth before I fully woke up. He still woke for the day just before 6am and I left him to grizzle for ages a tiny, tiny moment and he fell back to sleep til around 8. I'm doing it tonight though for sure, dreamfeed at 10 if he hasn't woken up and then nothing til 6am at the earliest (except offers of water that will be rejected).

weehector I'm not doing anything for the wedding. It'll most likely be on while we do other stuff. I'd love to chill out with my girly friends and enjoy it with some vino but seeing as they all live 100 odd miles away or further, I can't. fwiw S is a really 'cuddle me mummy or I'll scream so you can hear me from the other side of the shop and not stop til you come back and cuddle me mummy so freaking cuddle me mummy NOW' baby. We went to Dunhelm Mill the other day and I wandered off to actually look at something and he screamed, I gritted my teeth and kept going upstairs into the dark, distant depths of the baking section and I could still hear his piercing shriek slicing through the air like a finely sharpened paring knife. I gave up and rescued my rather wide-eyed and desperate-looking DH and went with S on my hip as usual and couldn't look at anything properly one-handed with him grabbing at it so it was a waste of time.

cazandbelle lovely that little Bow was having a good old wriggle, time's ticking along isn't it?! Just to let you know that I pray for you whenever I remember, hope you don't mind! (even if you did I still would, I just wouldn't tell you grin )

Thanks for redirecting me chulita

Lying in bed next to a SCREAMING Tilly ..
Has been sleeping 7-7 and Obv decided that wasn't nearly as fun as waking up to scream..
Have done calpol + milk and now nurofen but she's not stopping.

The other two wil be up soon so I guess it's just the three ish hours of sleep for me tonight..

Caz- glad things going so well. Looking forward to hearing what you're having

Things here not going so well. As I had a very light period before I realised I was pregnant the gp sent me for an early scan

That was at what I thought was 6+2 but they couldn't see anything except a sac no heartbeat or anything else.
They were fairly negative saying I should come back in two weeks to re scan and in the meantime I would bleed more and lose it or need a scrape.

Other chance was that it could become a viable pregnancy..

Totally confused by that really!
Anyway I feel very pregnant , want to puke all the time and have a growing stomach so whatever is there is definitely doing something

Wait is over at last nearly and have my scan tomorrow.
Looking on here it's not unusual to not see a heartbeat at 6 wks.

Talking about baby development Tilly can only just sit on her own and is 9 months now. She waves when she fancies it, rolls/ swims to reach her destination but barely puts any weight on her legs at all.

And of course says dada ad infinitum but no mama

Right she has given in so I may get ten mins bef the others wake

Chulita Wed 27-Apr-11 06:37:14

gya good luck for your scan tomorrow, I hope the little one is growing well. The waiting must be so hard! I had an awful night here too, S woke up at 2 and cried til 5 then woke for the day at 6, lucky me...

bellygazing Wed 27-Apr-11 10:04:43

gya as just thinking about you today, must be a bit scary re your earlier scan but if you feel really pregnant (and no more bleeding) then hopefully you still are. Thinking of you smile
Lovely to hear from you caz, Bow sounds lovely, I can understand emotions must be v difficult but hope you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy.
chulita sorry for rubbish night, hopefully it will just be a one-off.

Yesterday was a good day - after a not brilliant swimming lesson last week, E was back on form, and her appetite is properly back again. And as well as being smiley and happy, she woke for a feed at about 10.15pm then slept til 7.30am, happy days.

CazandBelle Wed 27-Apr-11 13:58:48

gya thinking of you today. I really hope you have good news at your scan.

Chulita of course I don't mind the prayers. Infact I welcome them! Only hope and faith is going to see me through this without completely losing the plot!

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Apr-11 19:32:42

gosh GYA keeping my fingers crossed for your scan. Sometimes there's not much goingon if your dates are a bit off with the really early scans, as I understand it. Must be v hard waiting and meanwhile looking after a poorly Tilly.

Belly so glad E is feeling better.

Caz lovely news about Bow. So great that he/she was full of beans for the scan for you and your DH smile Can only imagine how topsy turvy it must feel for you, but you sound like your doing brilliantly. Lovely to reach that 12 wk milestone too.

We had a crappy night last night too. DH and I had our first meal out since Aug last year while my mum babysat. Meal was brilliant, E was fine, we rolled home a little giddy (ok, pissed!) and then just as I was falling asleep, E woke early for a feed... And then woke again, and again, and again - really weepy and frantic. Felt in his mouth as he sounded in pain and, lo, he has a little shard of tooth through at last. Gave him some Calpol, lots of boo. And cuddles, but not much sleep was had by any of us. It did not help being bloody hungover either! So, my question is for all you teething veterans out there, once the tip of the tooth is out, is the pain relieved a bit or will we have disrupted nights until the whole tooth is out? Think I can see the tooth next to it coming through too, so just as our nights improved, alas, I think we're back to being up all night for the rest of the week. sad

Now for my random apricot-related question (!) how do you ladies prep them for your LOs? I hadn't even thought E might be able to have them and currently scoff my £50,000 a bag organic unsulphured 'uns all to myself!

LOL Hector at your frantic supermarket shop (with sympathy). Have definitely been there. Also trying to keep a bad napped asleep in asupermarket is a fecking nightmare, which leads to random shopping decisions and missing essentials. Those bloody self-service tills that have the volume turned up to 11 (PLEASE SWIPE YOUR NECTER CARD!), screaming toddlers, squeaky trolleys. I often run around Sainsburys and end up with barely anything in the trolley as I needed to avoid noise and couldn't get near the items I wanted! What a psycho.

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Apr-11 20:06:55

Ugh. Bloody iPhone. Boo should read boob, napped should read napper, etc.

My DH just sent me a link to a kid's book that is pretty LOL - www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1617750255/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/178-0331567-5334212

neenz Wed 27-Apr-11 21:28:32

Love it nat!

D has not been well this week - very grumpy which is not like him and not sleeping well when we had just got him sleeping thru sad. I was trying to avoid feeding him in the night but he obv wasn't right, feeling very hot and sticky as well. Took him to doc's today, he had fever but no ear,chest, or urine infection. She thought maybe just his teeth. I have basically been plying him with Calpol/Nurofen every 4 hours since Sunday and she said just carry on doing that! No anti-b's or anything just yet, only if it carries is on for another week. he is off his food too so just Bfing lots (every 2 hours in the night!). Me and Dh are doing a detox atm and I feel surprisingly full of energy but after another week of little sleep it might hit me.

I didn't get the BFing job but feel very positive about it. I got good feedback, she said the interview was excellent but someone else got more points than me (the Q's were scored on points 0-4). I feel like it was a really good experience and I know what to say next time to get more points! I t would have been a lot for me to take on atm anyway.

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:11:47

Hi girls smile

GYA - fingers firmly crossed for your scan today, I know from experience that not knowing whats going can be so worrying! Hope it's good news hun xx

CazandBelle - How lovely little Bow was bouncing aroound in there giving mummy and daddy some reassurance, smile

Neenz - Sorry you didn't get the bf job, great for the feedback tho!! I know you said you were on the fence about it anyway so hope you're not too disappointed.

Hector - Thanks for the tip re mini-pasta, I'll definitely be using those from now on. sad About your Asda experience, I hate being in that situation and always runaway as fast I can and don't look back!

Chulita - Clingy baby here too! C has to be able to see me in the same room within about 3 metres of him otherwise he starts his lip quivering routine. Absolute pita when we're out and about.
grin at your "cuddle me mummy" situation!! Can totally relate to that!!

Nat - It will all work out and it will be fine, whether you get your hours or not hun smile. Keep the faith!

Belly - I'm same as you with the Royal Wedding being that I want to see the dress and the kiss etc... I'm like that with any wedding tho, not just 'WillKats'. Nice to hear you had a better night smile.

Feel full of beans today, up before the children, housework done before 8am. I'd even got the veg on the hob ready for tea at 11am. We're having stew and dumplings today and the stew is ready now, quietly simmering on a very low heat. Organic beef chopped up and chucked in too.

Gave Corey super noodles for his dinner today grin. What a mess gringrin. But he enjoyed them, I had a wholemeal salad sub (would've been quite healthy if it wasn't for the slathering of full fat heinz salad cream hmm)

Bored now. Might go find some more laundry to do, maybe the bed sheets...

Bye for now ladies smile

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:12:47

Awww Hector, I forgot your crown...


There you, Princess Hector!!

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:14:07

Ok I'm digging a hole now... I didn't mean that you're a sad princess or anything, just adding the crown to the emoticon in my post to you....

Right I'm off to find a shovel to get myself out of here...


soontobefatnat Thu 28-Apr-11 19:45:49

LOL Cherry!

Chulita Thu 28-Apr-11 20:22:09

grin cherry, on a housekeeping high I see! <throws a rope ladder down>

neenz sorry you didn't get the job but great that you've got a bit more idea of what to say next time. I agree that perhaps with D the age he is it might be a bit much yet.

What's with apricots on this thread? I just buy evil orange ones and S eats them, now I feel like I'm a bad mother for not getting brown ones...

Chulita Thu 28-Apr-11 20:23:46

nat wrt teeth I'm afraid all children are different and all teeth are different. Often once a tooth pops through the pain from that seems to go but they get teething pain long before any teeth come through so who knows how many more they've got wriggling away underneath. Thank goodness L's got all of hers so just 18 more to go for S...

gya how did today go?

bellygazing Fri 29-Apr-11 15:19:08

any news gya?

Sorry about the job neenz but sounds like it was good experience and you'll know how to 'score' better next time - prob best if you weren't 100% sure anyway!

Last night was to be the first night of my attempt to train E to sleep through the night. Clearly she knew this was my intention because she slept from 7pm to nearly 8am without any assistance/encouragement from me whatsover shockgrin I am not expecting a repeat so anticipate that I will start it tonight instead. She had eaten a bottomless pit of pasta with broccoli and cheese sauce so that may have had something to do with it. Or maybe she was excited about the Royal Wedding and wanted a good night's sleep before it grin. I, however, was half awake most of the night ready to spring into action with my plan...

bellygazing Sat 30-Apr-11 15:27:29

Bah, last night not so good. E woke at about 1.15am, she cried on and off for about 10 mins after I went in and offered her water and a cuddle. Then quiet for half an hour, then about 2 mins crying. THen another half hour quiet, then not quite 5 mins on and off crying. Then we all fell asleep (during which time I had a nasty dream in which I smacked E on the head, WTF?) so when she woke again babbling at 4am, as soon as it progressed into tears I went in and when I picked her up she was rooting away like nobody's business. The combination of the crazed rooting and the huge guilt feelings from my nasty dream meant I caved and fed her. She then slept til 8am.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight now - she was actually crying much less than when we did CC to get her to go to sleep in the evening, but I found it v hard, possibly cos DH seemed to think she was distressed crying. Gah. DH is away tonight as well. Maybe she will just sleep through again and I won't need to worry about it? [hopeful emoticon] followed immediately by [sardonic laugh emoticon]

Guess everyone is enjoying the lovely bank holiday weather.

marzipananimal Sat 30-Apr-11 19:27:26

tis tricky isn't it belly. J's sleep has deteriorated a bit since going on holiday but I don't feel able to cope with more than one episode of crying per night.
nat we had a bad night when J's first tooth came through but the second followed soon after with no trouble - I hope you're doing ok smile
neenz glad you got good feedback from the interview and aren't too disappointed. You can still spread your bf wisdom through MN smile

Did everyone enjoy the royal wedding? I wasn't too bothered about watching it beforehand but am very glad i did in the end.

J is crawling now and can get from lying down to sitting which is great - I no longer have to keep sitting him back up and putting toys back within reach. We have had to seriously tidy the living room though!

neenz Sat 30-Apr-11 20:51:00

Belly, well done E on sleeping through! My DS used to do that too - as soon as I decided to do CC he wouldn't need it, DD did tho. You just have to persevere, it DOES work. Don't worry about caving and feeding her last night, if ever you want to feed her, do it. You'll put yourself back a night or two but you just have to do what feels right. D woke every 2hrs last Sunday night and every night since has been bad, and for a couple of nights I left him to cry but then I realised he had a fever (prob teeth) so since then I have just fed him every time he wakes. So it's back to cc next week but should be easier this time.

Thinking of gya xx

weehector Sun 01-May-11 00:31:26

<sends her lady in waiting in to collect her tiara>

One is currently honeymooning on holiday in Cambridge (oh the irony), returning to ChateauHector on Monday or Tuesday. I will respond to my subjects on my return.

<cuts rope ladder & sends both chulita & cherry to The Tower>

Xoxo for gya

bellygazing Sun 01-May-11 10:42:22

That little Elodie is playing me for a fool - she only went and slept through again! Leaving me wondering whether this means a) she is getting there in her own sweet time and I should rejoice when she sleeps through and feed her on the occasions when she wakes or b) she has shown she can sleep through the night and does not therefore need to be fed in the night so I should stick to my guns and not feed her between 7pm and say 6am, and do CC where necessary. I just don't know!

marzi congrats on the crawling, E is finally sort of there - she kind of pulls herself along and intersperses crawling on all fours to going flat on her tummy - but is definitely finally managing to move in a forward direction. Fortunately quite slowly.

neenz it's the worst thing when you are thinking to yourself, no, I won't feed you this is all for your own benefit etc etc and then when you do go in you discover there is fever/baby in uncomfortable/dangerous position/massive poo in nappy.

One more for luck before they get rid of them grin

neenz Sun 01-May-11 13:10:24

Belly I would only feed her now if you suspect genuine hunger or illness. I always found the more you feed them the more they wake up and vice versa! Well done E smile

Chulita Sun 01-May-11 13:58:19

belly if it's any help S sometimes skips his 10pm feed, other times skips his 2am feed and very, very rarely asks for both. I started not feeding him between 10pm and 6am but I've settled on just feeding him when he wants it and letting him get there on his own (for now). At this age L was still feeding 3-4 times a night so I'm just happy he only wants the one.

<ignores weehector with her delusions of grandeur and her holiday> secret envy

marzi hooray for proper sitting up and crawling! S has been crawling for ages but has only just started sitting up properly. Up until now he'd been reclining rather than sitting.

soontobefatnat Sun 01-May-11 18:24:05

belly it's impossible to know what to do, isn't it? Eli has gone back to waking up every 2 hours from 6.30 until 6.00 when he is up for the day. It's gruelling and seems more painful now that we know he can do 5-7 hour stretches. His tooth coming through was to blame initially but now we're worried that we've been too hands on at night and now he's waking for cuddles and feeds. He doesn't seem at all grumbly during the day, so we think the teething pain has calmed down.... But we're not 100% sure, so we don't know whether to start the CC crying again or wait a few more nights. It's so hard to strike a balance between consistency/sympathy/sanity (i.e. Sometimes DH is really keen for me to feed just to get E back down to sleep quickly). Plus E is weeing/pooing through his nappy with alarming regularity pre-Dawn at the mo, so we're having to be on the ball about that. Ah, sleep - sleep is for wimps anyway!

Enjoy the bank hol guys!

neenz Mon 02-May-11 16:29:22

D's sleep was definitely affected by teething last week - he had a fever and was very grumpy, we were giving calpol/nurofen every 4/5hrs day and night so I fed him in the night. Now he is much better in the day, no fever, no grumpiness and he tooth came through yesterday! So it was back to cc last night with some success. He woke at 12 and went back to sleep pretty much immediately. Then at 1.30am , I went in to cuddle and put down and he was back asleep after 10 mins. But at 4.30 I fed him cos i thought he'd had enough of cc for first night. more tonight and I am hoping he'll sleep through to the 4.30am waking.

He was hardly eating any solids either last week - now he has his appetite back so I know he is feeling better!

Woodlands Mon 02-May-11 22:42:16

Good to know it's not just me struggling with sleep issues! We did about 10 days of not feeding J between 12 and 6, but every night there would be crying/2 hour wakeful periods/whatever. Then suddenly one night he did it, but only because he was coming down with a bug. Then he was ill so couldn;t do it, and then after that we were away and didn't want to wake housefuls of people. We're now about to startit up again - wish us luck! It's just so much easier to feed him when he wakes in the night as he goes straight back to sleep, but long term I would kill for an uninterrupted night.

marzipananimal Tue 03-May-11 21:04:56

earlier J farted and then laughed, how does he know it's funny at 8mo?!

good luck woodlands

bellygazing Tue 03-May-11 21:10:52

Oh, sorry Daniel's been poorly neenz - and hope things improve for you woodlands and nat

Well, of the last five nights E has slept through unaided for three of them, and last night although she woke at some point she only cried for a couple of minutes then chatted to herself and went back to sleep - so I didn't ac tually get up. Long may it continue... Although I'm with you woodlands, in the short term a quick breastfeed is by far the quickest and easiest way for everyone to get back to sleep. I'm back to work in four weeks today - eek! I can't believe it's come round so quickly sad although I think I've timed it well because for the first time in the last couple of weeks I've got a little bit bored - maybe because I knew I would be going back, I don't know.

vix206 Tue 03-May-11 21:48:34

Blimey where is everyone? And am I the only one who's baby still has no teeth?!

vix206 Tue 03-May-11 21:50:00

Oh! When I posted my last message it showed no activity since 18th April!! Hence my shock at how quiet it was but as soon as I posted a load of more recent ones appeared....

bellygazing Wed 04-May-11 11:34:10

Teehee vix! It is a quiet thread tho, I agree! How's your LO's sleep these days? E has literally today got the tiniest top of her first tooth poking through. It's been a busy week here - finally getting the hang of crawling (she is faster today than yesterday which does not bode well), first tooth and (whispers) sleeping through. Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Still sunny! My Mum is coming over very shortly because she's going to be helping with childcare when I go back to work [gulp].

Chulita Wed 04-May-11 13:16:47

We've got 2 teeth here vix but they popped out months ago and no sign of anything since.

S sleeps either from 6pm til 10pm, feed then til 5.30am or he goes through til 2am then up at 5.30 so he's doing all the right things and having a long stint every night, I just need to get him all the way through at some point.
He's upstairs at the mo crying and has been for the last hour but he's been awake since 10am so he's knackered but for some reason he won't shut down <realises he's not done a poo so far today and beetles off to check>

Chulita Wed 04-May-11 13:19:02

<sits back down cos he's finally quiet probably with the worlds fullest nappy >

belly are you looking forward to work then? I can't imagine working at the mo tbh but then I've spent the last 2.5 years looking after L so that's my life at the minute.

thedogwalker how's everything settling in with you?

vix206 Wed 04-May-11 22:44:15

Alex sleeps 7-7 every night now, 12 hours straight. I can barely believe I'm typing these words!!!!

bellygazing Thu 05-May-11 09:16:52

vix that's amazing, so pleased for you! E is continuing her run of 7 til 7ish and it feels so good - but i find it hard to believe so I'm constantly expecting a return to the odd waking. Probably the night before I go back to work...

chulita I am looking forward to going back, even tho there have been a few worrying changes in my absence. I always planned to go back (financial necessity) but just in the past couple of weeks I have occasionally found myself a little bored, which hadn't happened before. Looking forward to getting my brain in gear and thinking like a journalist rather than Elodie's mum!

marzipananimal Thu 05-May-11 21:34:35

yay for the sleep vix and belly (am a little bit envy but it gives me hope!)

Had a rather sad experience this morning. I put J down for his nap (fed him to sleep as is usual at the mo) but 2 mins later he was awake and sitting up playing in his cot. I was sure he was tired and I have a cold today so was not in a mood to let him get away with a 2 minute nap so I left him. He cried and played on and off for a hour (I went in and gave him a cuddle a couple of times and he seemed sleepy, but wouldn't go to sleep when put down), then finally went quiet. I went up to check on him and he was sitting up against the side of his cot with his eyes shut and his head nodding forward onto his chest making tired little squeaks/sighs sad I didn't know whether to laugh or cry he looked so cute but so sad! I lay him down and he slept for 1 1/4 hours (phew!) I feel like a bad mummy though sad

Woodlands Thu 05-May-11 21:48:12

aw poor J! they really fight sleep, don't they?

i think my J is smack bang in the middle of the 9 month sleep regression. He has whinged all day today. I hate hate hate it.

Internet has not been playing ball sorry for lack of post to update.
Scan went well!! Heartbeat was there and all looking good.
Next scan the proper one is on may 24 will be glad to be able to tell people as I'm showing already.
My mum guessed it won't be long before someone with just as much tact as her says something!

Tilly has 2 teeth now she seems to be teething again but nothing appearing.
She was up this evening and also yesterday evening and during the night.
Not coping with that I was rather enjoying the 7-7....

Apologies for mistakes as am on the iPhone

soontobefatnat Thu 05-May-11 22:30:15

gya fantastic news! <does a little dance>

marzi oh, your poor little J!! I am still too crazy/anxious about E's sleep to leave him to get on with the daytime naps, so I'm still roaming round with the pram for all napszzzzz....

woodlands nine month sleep regression? Dear God, is that a thing? Eek. E is so up and down here. Slept 7 hours in a row last night from 6.30 - 1.30, but was then up loads after that. It's so sporadic still. But I was rather hoping that it was going to keep improving (give or take the odd bout of teething).

Finally (speaking of) Vix E has one and two bits in terms of teeth through...bottom three at the front. And bloody congrats on the sleeping through! Yippee.

marzipananimal Fri 06-May-11 09:37:21

yay gya I'm so glad! Great news grin

bellygazing Fri 06-May-11 09:58:13

brilliant news gya, really pleased for you. nat, it WILL get better - I was planning to start sleep training but E just randomly started sleeping through, 5 out of the last 8 days with no noise at all and only once have I got up to her, the other 2 times she settled herself back to sleep

i have no idea why I was excited about crawling, there is now no safe place to put E while I hang the washing out/ have a cup of tea/mumsnet... She is just off like a shot with a strange combo of pulling herself forward commando style and traditional crawling on all fours.

Poor marzi, sure J was just fine. Had similar thing this morning - when I wemt in to E she was on her front doing push-ups but with her blanket completely over her head like a child dressing up as a ghost! They do get themselves into ridiculous positions.

Off shopping in a bit to buy some new work clothes - including a bra which you cannot breastfeed in! Judging by the state of my finances, going to be hitting Primark...

neenz Sat 07-May-11 20:59:16

Brilliant news GYA! Was fearing the worst when we didn't hear from you.

Marzi, cute story about J. I'm sure he was just fine.

D got the CC treatment last week and has slept through the last 3 nights smile. Things feel a lot better after a few nights' proper sleep. I was getting really exhausted after 9m of broken sleep!

bellygazing Mon 09-May-11 09:50:26

Quiet here again! We've had a nice wknd, took E for an underwaterphoto shoot - the culmination of our exorbitantly expensive swimming lessons - it went really well, am hoping the pix come out well. They too are very pricey, hey ho. She is so cute in the water, lots of kicking and splashing.

We've made our 1st concession to her crawling and moved a whole load of stuff from various shelves - and decided which things we will let her pull out and which she can't have. But she's already trying to pull herself up so
it's going to be a constant battle of moving things. Recently she's really taken to eating paper like restaurant menus and argos catalogues...

Chulita Mon 09-May-11 13:10:06

bellygazing I leave S to play with the local paper that comes weekly. He'll spent a merry 15 mins destroying it grin

marzi poor little J, sounds very very cute though!

S is being a little treasure at the mo, he wakes either at 10 for a feed or 4am-ish. I'm not worried about one feed over the night.

gya so pleased everything's ok. DH and I aren't actively ttcing but aren't taking any precautions against not iyswim.
I've not had my period yet though so I've no idea if anything's going to happen.

soontobefatnat Mon 09-May-11 14:38:26

Ooh, that's exciting Chulita!

Belly are you doing the Baby Swimming classes? We had our photos done over the weekend too. Eli HATES the submerge still, so was quite upset after what was, essentially, a class dedicated to dunking! He hasn't shown that much enthusiasm for the classes, tbh. But I'm going to give it another term because I think confidence in the water from an early age is a great thing.

So we're off to California in a couple of days - am excited and tense about it in equal measure. Eli still very unsettled in terms of sleep, so dreading what jetlag might do... But perhaps it'll be fine. Any expert advice from long haul veterans? I'm just looking forward to spending time the three of us altogether. I've actually found adjusting to motherhood quite tough and I think I've been pretty hard on DH at points, so hopefully we can chill out and have some fun. Leaving on Thurs, so will pop on before we head off.

bellygazing Mon 09-May-11 15:54:46

nat we do Waterbabies but only 1 term as can't really afford another and I'll be working 4 days a week as of May 31. E usually loves it but the last couple of weeks we did a dunk where mum wears goggles and goes under 2 catch baby from instructor and she REALLY didn't like it. So was paranoid that was what the photoshoot would be, she would refuse to be dunked and that would be £45 (!!) wasted. But fortunately there were no goggles and she did all three submersions with no tears.

Re going away, we haven't been yet but a friend went to New Zealand for a month. She used the same travel cot wherever they were for consistency and same sleep cues like a particular scarf over a pram for naps, and found jetlag only really a problem for maybe two days either side. Good luck and try to enjoy yourself ans relax a bit.

chulita wow, good luck ttc (ish) I think it will be a while before we go down that road again. We would also have to be doing rather more horizontal dancing than is currently the case...

Speaking of ttc, anyone heard from cherry?

marzipananimal Mon 09-May-11 16:09:20

wow nat, hope you have a great time! We haven't been out of the country yet with J (and can't see it happening for a while) but when we've been away we just try and keep the bedtime routine as much the same as possible and he's been fine. I guess it will be tricky adjusting to the time change - a bit like having a new born again who doesn't know day from night! But at least you're on holiday so can take it easy.

J has been waking between 5.30 and 6.15 the last week or 2 but yesterday we put up darker curtains and he slept til nearly 7am. Why did we wait til now to do it?!

thedogwalker Tue 10-May-11 09:47:56

Hello all, I'm back smile. The move itself went ok, but it was the unpacking. T had a bad cough and was very grizzly for days which meant I couldn't unpack as quickly as I wanted to. DH had to go back to Germany, so I was on my own. Took DH to the Doc's, who said he had a chest infection, antibiotics and I have my happy baby back again grin

During my time off line I've had my first AF sad, can't say I was happy about having them again. T still has only 2 teeth, he can sit on his own, he can sit up from lying down on his own, he says Dad Dad and Mama and can clap when asked to. He eats everything I put infront of him, I give him what I make for us. Last night I made Chilli, I only put in half a chilli to start with and cooked it, tooks T's portion out and then added more chilli. He then had chilli and rice for dinner. He had chicken piri piri last week which was also quite hot. He is used to the heat from my booby juice grin.

Talking off BF, he is now biting me when he lets go, but then laughs as he is doing it, little monkey. Any tips on ow to stop him from biting? And Marzi, T also farts and laughs, it's a boy thing????

Would like to say a huge congrats to GYA, glad the scan went well and CazandBelle, looking forward to your 18 week scan, let us know the flavour of Bow, getting excited for you.

T has gone to creche for the first time this morning, he was happy, I was upset when leaving hmm. It's only for 3 hours, but I am lost without him.

Hope everyone is well and is having a good day. Take care xx

thedogwalker Tue 10-May-11 16:28:28

I stand corrected, T came back from Creche with his 3rd tooth peeping through grin.

I was really lost without him for the 3 hours. Don't know what I'm going to do next week when I'm back at work full time and my DM is looking after him instead of me. Hate the thought of being a part time mum sad.

Hope everyone is having a good day x

Chulita Tue 10-May-11 16:42:24

You'll never be a part-time mum dogwalker, such a thing doesn't exist.
S still only has 2 teeth but I'm happy with that. When he bites I plonk him in bed quite forcefully and leave him to it but tbh he only bites when he's not fussed about milk and I'm forcing it on him so it's my own fault anyway.

Chulita Tue 10-May-11 16:43:54

I meant to add, someone was talking about when L goes to preschool and I changed the subject. I can't stand the thought of her not being with me all day, as much as she drives me crazy at times I'm going to miss her so much for the couple of hours she'll be out!

marzipananimal Tue 10-May-11 21:44:23

Welcome back dogwalker smile It sounds like T's doing really well - especially with eating! Does he feed himself things like chilli? How does he do it? J is eating pretty well but doesn't quite get how to eat things like mince or rice. He's also started rejecting broccoli which he used to like.
I'm sorry you're not feeling good about going back to work - but as chulita says, you're still a full-time mum! You're just providing for him in a different way some of the time.

I'm 25 today! DH got the later train to work and made me a nice breakfast but that's been the extent of the festivities. We're going to go out for a meal later this week though if we can get a babysitter.

It feels strange at groups now that J's crawling. He'll crawl off and play while I sit and chat (which is great!) but I'm not sure quite what I'm supposed to do, ie. am I supposed to follow him around closely to keep him out of trouble or just keep half an eye on him? Don't want to breach toddler group etiquette!

weehector Tue 10-May-11 23:13:17

<thumbs up to gya >

envy at nat's travels.

sad at dog having to go back to work. I just couldn't contemplate it right now. I would need a life coach in to organise my life before that could happen & it would break my heart too...

Crawling/standing/walking (Little Lord Hector thinks he can stand AND walk -lets go, stands for 1-2 secs then doof..waaa...)/climbing at E6 grade (the one handed pull up to standing from under precipice of the video cabinet)...I'm knackered chasing him so have just dropped £100 online on a playpen & safety stuff.

And what is it about newspapers & magazines...sheesh, I thought my old dog was bad for making a beeline for them but LLH has Edward Scissorhands from all the rumpling & tearing. He likes The Sunday Times & a watersports courses brochure the best.

Two front teeth here too but the biggest news is that we have had our first word - 'mama' twice..clear as a bell & in context (as in 'hey, you get back her & shovel in some more grub' & 'you're no use, I need the milk tanker' when his dad was settling him last night), as opposed to the mumumum I've been secretly proud of for weeks. Mt little heart was so delighted..

Night all

Hello all we are on holiday at camber sands it's very nice.
Was just a sun £9.50 job so cost us about £80 in all for the five of us for a mon-fri break.
It was meant to be a 2 bed caravan but has ended up being a 3 bed chalet bungalow thing which is rather nice.
Went to beach yesterday and swimming after. All our three love to swim which given we are swim instructors isn't really a surprise ..

Still only got dada here and two teeth but she does eat pretty much whatever we give her and has the same meals as her sisters which is handy

SupersonicDave Wed 11-May-11 20:59:44


How are you all? I have been rubbish, sorry blush

F is doing well, learnt to crawl a week ago, and has already got bored with that, so is now pulling himself up to stand and starting to cruise <oh dear god> He has got 3 and a bit teeth, still BF (didn't think i would be!) and the sleeping is ok, now does roughly 7pm - 4-5am, then feed, get up around 6.30am, then a short nap in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon, so doable.

I have had a quick skim of the thread, just wanted to add that between 4 and 8m, i really hated being a mum. I wished i had a job to go to and was struggling and often felt that DS was more an inconvenience sad Since he turned 8m everything has changed. He seems so much jollier! We have moved him into a room with DD, so feel we have a little of our own space back, and strangely he sleeps so much better in with her, even when she makes a noise. I looked at him last week while he was sat in the bath smiling and actually thought "I love you to bits" which seems like it should be obvious, but it hasn't felt like it.

I hope you are all well, how are the pregnant ones doing? nutters grin

soontobefatnat Thu 12-May-11 06:27:40

Alright Dave? Welcome back! Tell you what, if I hadn't had this trip to look forward to, I think I would have been really depressed by now. Just hanging on, really. I've found the adjustment to motherhood has just hit me like a ton of bricks in the last month or so - cumulative sleep deprivation nit helping either. I'm so looking forward to learning to have some fun again. And spend proper time the three of us...

And on that note, love to you all and see you in about three weeks

<runs around like a headless chicken chucking random crap into a suitcase>

Chulita Thu 12-May-11 08:39:03

Ooh dave tell me more about sharing a room, we want to move them in together but L often witters away to herself til 8.30/9pm ish and S has at least one wake-up a night. They don't keep each other up? How much later do you put DD in bed?

nat have a lovely, lovely time!

thedogwalker Thu 12-May-11 14:54:51

Hi all

Marzi, I mix BLW and spoon feeding, so when feeding T things like chilli, I use a spoon, but T is starting to grab it to try and feed himself, so I let him do it with a little on the spoon, makes a real mess, but he wants to learn.

No sign of crawling here, lots of rolling but that's it. But I do love it when he says Dad dad or mama, makes me go all goey inside, he was saying them for ages but not in the right context, but all of a sudden he just started saying them in the right place. He also knows/recognises the words, grandma, apple, clap and Tessa (the dog). If i ask him to find Tessa, he starts looking around the room, trying to find her and holds out his hands to her when he locates her. Ah bless, but still no crawling. We also say to him Thomas clap, and he will start clapping, then I say Mama clap and I clap and he knows not to. Amazing little sponge minds they have at this age, so going to miss all this, next week when I go back to work sad.

Well it's time to T up from his 2 hour afternoon snooze, so ta ta for now

Take care all xx

SupersonicDave Fri 13-May-11 10:16:27

Chulita we had always said that when F was sleeping through we would move him in with DD, but at 7.5m he was reliably sleeping til 4am and as it was coming up to the easter hols (and DD would'nt suffer too much from being woken if she didn't have preschool the next day) we decided that during the hols we would put F in the travel cot in her room and just see how we got on. He actually slept much sounder as i think DD sleeps sounder than we do iyswim? We were putting them to bed at the same time, and putting either a story cd or DD's music box on meant that generally they were both quiet. We moved F into his own cot in there after a week, and his mobile has a light projector wich they both like to watch. Sometimes DD will sit out in the hall with her dollhouse if F is not settling, but generally he is good going to bed and DD will sit with some books or something until she wants to sleep. They really don't tend to disturb each other. The one thing we have noticed is that if F is having a bad night (teething for example) DD will wet the bed. But him waking 4-5am for a feed doesn't disturb her at all. HTH smile

bellygazing Sun 15-May-11 21:24:06

Hi all, nice to hear from you Dave. I can't believe how quiet it is here - I've been away in the Forest of Dean since Wednesday and was expecting to have loads to catch up on, but not so much...

Hope nat is having a fab time and that thedogwalker's return to work goes well. I'm back to work in 2 weeks - I can't believe it. Got our first nursery settling in session tomorrow (she will only be going one day a week though).

We had a lovely time in the Forest, and amazingly the sleeping stayed fairly consistent - we had quite a lot of tears at bedtime because we couldn't get the rooms we were staying in very dark I suspect but for three of the four nights she slept through, although she woke at 3am this morning and I ended up feeding her because she was crying quite a lot (teething again) and we were staying at a friend's house with thin walls and didn't want to wake everybody. Thought it would buy me a bit of a lie-in, but instead she decided to start the day at 6.05am. I hate early mornings more than night wakings, euh. She was waking more like 6.30am as well rather than 7am ish, I hope it was just a holiday thing.

Hope everybody is well.

Chulita Sun 15-May-11 22:20:46

Glad you had a lovely time belly, I'm very envy I feel we need a holiday, DH is so stressed with work at the mo it's making life quite tricky.

dave I think we'll have to hold off, much as I'd like to move them in, L goes to her room around 7pm but usually chats/plays til 8 or 9 and S wakes 1-2 times a night and is up for the day at 5.30. Their schedules are so different I just don't think it would work now having thought about it!

S is currently waking at 5-5.30 every morning so I'm not staying up a moment longer, I'm shattered and DH is still at work so he'll wake me up when he gets in...great!

Harsh that you get woken by Dh returning chulita. Is it him being loud or you sleeping lightly?
I can sleep thru Dh coming in from work nearly every night now. My Dh also stressing at the moment he's bought his own cab and that involves lots of paperwork ..

Proper scan in 8 days I can't wait. If only to give my parents the ability to tell their friends the news I haven't heard the end of it- when?when?when? Etc.
Has anyone heard from Caz? Wasn't she finding out babys sex soon?
Anyway must go battery about to die

neenz Mon 16-May-11 15:57:43

Very exciting about the scan GYA. Good luck.

I did my doula course last week and it was brilliant. Now I have to do a post-course module, then I can register with Doula Uk as a trainee and hopefully get some clients. I need to do four births and four postnatal clients then I am 'qualified'. It was really inspiring, all about leaving women alone during labour, keeping things private and quiet and hopefully helping women achieve a positive birth experience (whatever that may be, not necessarily natural birth, as long as the woman is happy).

Dan's sleeping went backwards last week, and the twins' behaviour went backwards too! So I was tired, dh was ill so I didnt want to do cc, so was knackered and feeling really down. Did cc with D last night and it was only 1 x 20 mins crying at 2am so pretty good.

I went to the FA Cup final on Saturday and needless to say it was great! gringringrin. I nice day off from the kids too, they stayed home with DH smile.

Chulita Mon 16-May-11 19:21:05

We have a very creaky house so he can't help it and doesn't try. As it happened he didn't get home til 4am and S was up again anyway so he didn't wake me as I was already up hmm

Very exciting re scan gya hope it all goes well for you!

neenz how cool about the doula stuff, are you going to look after friends? or how are you advertising yourself?
fwiw S has gone backwards with his sleeping too, back to 2-3 wakings...not good.

weehector Tue 17-May-11 01:16:29

Bit of sleep regression here too...sad

SupersonicDave Tue 17-May-11 07:56:26

Same here sad not too bad but he fights his naps more and has started waking before 4am again

marzipananimal Tue 17-May-11 08:00:12

we had 4 wakings before starting the day at 6.30, oh dear

CazandBelle Tue 17-May-11 09:21:12

ooo hello, came to lurk and saw you'd asked about my gya

We've booked a private gender scan for the 6th June. Still feels like ages away. We tried to get a slightly earlier date but there wasn't any available so it is only a week before my 19 week doppler scan anyway on the 13th, but we still booked it because it will be a lovely experience (we hope!) compared to all the medical scans we're having otherwise. Apparently they have a little look in 4d too, which will be so cool if they do! My "20 week" date arrived yesterday too - which happens to be at 19 weeks on the 15th June. So I'll have waited ages (6 weeks) for a scan and then 3 come along at once as it were!

I turn 20 weeks and "half way" on Belle's birthday. Although worked out that as of today in theory we have 22 weeks to go until my promised 37ish weeks induction, exciting and scary and sounds really close, yet seeming such a long way away, just praying God keeps us safe this time until then.

We had to have an another scan 2 weeks ago though due to a small bleed. Bow was very happy - busy stretching its legs out straight and aching its back but they could see a small area of bleed on edge of placenta. No-one was too worried though and there hasn't been anymore bleeding since.

Belle's rose has bloomed ladies so I'll get a picture taken and show you all later on. It looks beautiful. Can't believe I've managed to keep a plant alive - definitely a first!

marzipananimal Tue 17-May-11 19:49:05

yay glad the rose is blooming cazsmile and very glad to hear Bow is looking happy. I hope you can really enjoy the scans.

I hope your scan goes well gya - the scans feel like a lifetime ago to me. How amazing to see another little one growing in there not long after Tilly came out!

dave good to see you back and glad you're feeling happier now. I found 4-6 months particularly tough and it's still up and down but I am totally in love with him too

How did the nursery settling in session go belly?

bellygazing Tue 17-May-11 21:18:06

neenz fab news about doula course, sounds like you've found a brilliant use of your talents.
+gya* and caz, lovely to hear about your growing tums.
Sorry to hear some of you are having rubbish sleep. Touch wood E is still sleeping through (never thought I'd say that) although she is waking earlier, not a fan of 6 - 6.30 starts. Although she did nap for 2 hours and 40 mins this morning...

The nursery settling in went well, we were there and she just played on the floor with the other babies quite happil
y. Tomorrow I have to leave her for two hours, then three hours on Friday then a full day next Tuesday... I'm sure she'll be fine but I haven't really left her all that much...

Looking for advice - we only have one car and pre-baby I cycled a lot so I'm planning to pop her on the bike, but I'm really confused by all the contradictory advice/opinions on the benefits of trailers vs front seats vs back seats. Anyone got any experience?

Chulita Tue 17-May-11 21:21:45

We have a Weeride Kangaroo and we love it. The only meh side to it is that the straps don't fit fantastically well but I love being able to witter away to them and hear what they're saying. I'm going to get a back one now for L so feasibly I could put S in the Weeride and L on the back [glutton for punishment emoticon]

neenz Tue 17-May-11 22:01:13

Front bike seats are supposed to be great, we have one (two) on the back or our bikes and they were fine. Might get a front one as well so we can take all three of them this summer.

D got the cc treatment last night - he woke at 4am and was awake till 5.20am, went back to sleep then woke again just 45 mins later at 6.15am sad. Then I brought him in my deb, he seemed really hungry. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Caz, so lovely that your rose has bloomed and very exciting about the scan. Bleeding must have been worrying - so glad they don't think it's anything serious. Have they offered you anything else other than induction eg monitoring of the placenta instead? I totally understand you want the baby out safe asap - we would all feel exactly the same - induction is just a really tough process so early on because it is highly likely Bow will be quite happy tucked up inside you and probably won't want to come out! So it massively increases the chances of a section. Might be worth asking the hospital what their C-section rate is after induction. Mind you, you might not care whether you have a section - I totally understand that too. Over 50% of inductions before 41 weeks end in a section at some hospitals according to my doula course. Tell me to bog off if I am overstepping and telling you things you already know smile.

bellygazing Wed 18-May-11 19:57:48

Hey all, had a bit of an eventful day. Elodie had another settling in session, this time I left her two hours which apparently went fine - a few tears when the key worker left her to go to lunch but they had cuddles and she was okay. She was very pleased to see me.

But when I put her down for a nap about half an hour later, she was making quite a lot of noise and after about 20 minutes I decided she was not for sleeping - then when I went in to her she had thrown up everywhere. I felt awful for not going in later. She's not keeping anything down, poor little mite, but doesn't seem ill otherwise. My DH reckons she must have picked something up from nursery but surely it wouldn't have processed that fast? I think it's probably more likely because she's more mobile so literally everything is going in her mouth. Anyway, she hasn't kept anything since breakfast down, after water came back up again I didn't give her a eed at bedtime, so I'm expecting a few wake-ups...

Chulita Wed 18-May-11 21:41:11

Ack! That's horrible. Fwiw, I've left L a couple of times and later gone in to find her fast asleep in dried vom blush felt so bad! Let's hope E's better in the morning!

bellygazing Thu 19-May-11 08:24:15

slept through the night but threw up her morning breastfeed. Ace. Have been advised by nhs direct to keep feeding her and giving her fluids even if she keeps throwing them up. Gave her some bread and a tiny BF earlier and she's not thrown that up yet... It's going to be a messy day.

Chulita Fri 20-May-11 06:49:15

how's E today bellygazing? did she manage to keep anything down yesterday?
S's sleeping has gone to pot but he's cutting at least one top tooth, maybe two so that might explain things. I've been dreading the top ones coming through but I can't stop 'em!

CazandBelle Fri 20-May-11 07:54:35

Hey girls, finally got a picture of Belle's rose on my blog

neez -you're not overstepping! yeh I will be asking all those questions at the hospital. After all it took 5 days to induce me with Belle, although that was earlier on again, so I know it is likely it won't be straightforward. I'll be having very regular scan monitoring the placenta, blood flow and growth too though. However, I'm not prepared to go overdue, I know too much now. The placenta works at full function until 37 weeks and then starts to deteriorate. SO many ladies on Sands are there simply because their placenta died at 39-40-41-42 weeks. So based on that, if they think an induction would take too long at 37 weeks and end up with an emergancy c sec based on their hospital rates I think I would rather just plan a c section instead. I'm really not bothered how this baby is born, as long as its born and I get to take it home. Lots to discuss with the consultant though. Next appointment is 13th June so I'll start asking then I think...

Chulita Fri 20-May-11 09:04:35

caz that's a gorgeous flower, I hope it will bloom for Belle for years to come. How strange that it's almost white! smile
As you say, an elcs is better than an emcs and if being induced at 37 weeks will help you relax a bit more it can only be a good thing. I hope everything's gearing up for Belle's day soon, you're very much in my thoughts. xx

thedogwalker Fri 20-May-11 15:14:30

Hi all

CazandBelle Just read your blog, which reduced me to tears, but also found so uplifting. The rose is beautiful and I'm so happy for you that is has so easily become part of your rose theme, definitley uncanny how it all fits together.

Well that's my 1st week back at work over with. I cried buckets on Monday whilst driving to work and so did T. I rang my Mum after 2 hours and she said he was still crying and calling for Mama sad. He has improved over the week, thankfully.

But what has happened is that he no longer wants BF. He was only having small amounts anyway, and then biting me, but no he won't go near my boobs at all. He just won't take milk from me anymore, which has upset me as I loved BF, but I can't force him to feed from me, just cos I enjoy the closeness. My little boy is growing up sad.

Well I've started on the Folice acid, I like to take it for a while before ttc, so when my DH is next over, maybe i will start ttc grin as I am really broody.

Hope eveyone is well. Have a good weekend xx

Chulita Fri 20-May-11 15:31:26

dogwalker sad you poor things! If it's any help L stopped bfing around this time. I dropped her night feeds and she got into a bit of a sulk I think and dropped the day feeds. I was really upset for a few days and then things settled down. I'm kind of thinking of encouraging S to drop a few from 4-5 down just cos we're not ttcing but having Risky Nookie and I don't want to bf whilst pg.
I hope T settles down very quickly for your mum and that you both get used to this next phase in your lives!

thedogwalker Fri 20-May-11 17:10:28

Thanks Chulita, It is pretty hard going back to work when all I want to do is be a SAHM. I've got 2 years left on my contract and then I can leave, plus plan to have another little one before then so hopefully will get more time to spend with DS.

BF was a way I thought I could remain being close with him but he obviously has other ideas. hey ho, he's growing up and there's nothing I can do about that. They aren't babies for long are they shock.

neenz Fri 20-May-11 17:39:02

dogwalker, sounds like a nursing strike. Almost definitely not self-weaning yet! Have a look at www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/baby/back-to-breast.html for some tips on how to coax him back to the breast. Even if you haven't fed him for a few days you will soon get your supply going again. Apparently even women who have not BF for years can lactate again if a baby sucks.

Caz, sounds like you have it all very well sorted in your head. I can completely understand how you feel re just being able to take your baby home this time. God bless you and Bow.

We are good here - i think we have another tooth on the way as off his food and waking lots in not (plus he seems to get a fever when teething) - unless he has a virus again to coincide with teething. I did some cc with him again this week which has helped but there is obv something else going on as he is waking at random times.

Chulita Sun 22-May-11 06:52:39

belly is E any better?
S has started standing on his own for a couple of seconds which is quite exciting, I can't wait for him to walk so I can let him out in the garden without him eating everything he crawls on!

bellygazing Sun 22-May-11 08:06:40

Well, E's sickness bout lasted about 24 hours so not too bad - but meant we had to miss one of her nursery settling in sessions and I couldn't really leave the house. Then we went to a friend's for dinner on Friday which was lovely but I felt sick all yesterday - don't think it was the 2 glasses of wine because I also drank lots of ribena and tea! As well as that, E went on a nap strike yesterday, only managing about 1 hour 15 mins in two naps, one of which my husband had to take her out in the pram for which almost never happens now. And after conking out at bedtime, she woke an hour later in distress so I ended up calpoling and feeding her but fortunately she then slept til about 6.25. I'm proper tired now though, despite a very early night.

neenz Mon 23-May-11 14:55:13

Belly, feeling any better today? D has slept through the last 2 nights, unfortunately my other 2 haven't (falling out of bed, shouting me to put the covers back on, wanting to go to the loo hmm) but I do feel better than if D had been waking too! Weekends go too fast - I really appreciate having DH around to help out. D had a virus last week so nights were disturbed and now I have it (sore throat and stuffy nose). D is better though hence the sleeping through.

D is still not babbling (he doesn't really make any noises except screeches) but he is commando crawling now and tries to pull himself up on stuff. He can stand for a while holding on to something.

marzipananimal Tue 24-May-11 19:33:58

quiet on here!

How is everyone? dogwalker are you finding things any better now?

We're doing ok although both have had colds which are hard to shake off. J can climb stairs now confused. A bit worrying! We weren't planning to do the whole safety equipment thing as we'll be moving house before long but I'm thinking a stairgate might be a necessity. The bannisters only go down to the second step though so he'd still be able to fall off climb onto the first, hmm.

Hope you're all well smile

bellygazing Tue 24-May-11 22:26:08

tis very quiet! Was much better on Sunday and e seems fine - although naps have gone a bit unpredictable. E had her first full day at nursery today - it went quite well although she only slept for an hour all day. I can tell she's bonded with her key worker because she had loys of smiles for her. I also managed ok - no tears, but I thought about her a lot and missed her. My longest time away from her!

Back to work next Tuesday and not sure whether I'm more excited, nervous or sad to be spending less time with my little one. i've certainly been prolonging the cuddles the last couple of days.

bellygazing Thu 26-May-11 18:56:31

where is everyone? Miss you all - particularly since I'm baxk to work next week and mn time is likely to be severely truncated.

Chulita Thu 26-May-11 21:42:13

I'm here, just hardly anyone posts so I sort of forget to check this thread! Has E settled well into nursery? That's lovely that she's getting on well with her key worker, at least you know that she's not missing you too much even if you find it very hard to leave her!

neenz S has been climbing stairs too, he fell down two stairs today while I was distracted and forgot to close the stairgate. He's just so quick! We have a gate on the living room cos otherwise he's in the kitchen or playing with the phone/router wires.

Are you looking forward to going back to work belly?

Got any pg ladies to doula for yet neenz?

LCRLCR Fri 27-May-11 08:22:48

I am always here too, always keen to see how you ladies are doing. S is 9 months old today ahhhh. She is pushing herself backwards so not long until she figures out forward motion eeek! Still just the 2 bottom teeth, eats absolutely tonnes but BFs have dropped right off to 4 very quick ones in a whole 24 hours. Anyone doing anything nice for the long weekend?

Chulita Fri 27-May-11 08:41:26

We're hoping to take the children out on the bikes, we just got L a seat since S has nicked hers. It's still really windy here but hopefully we can just get to the woods and have a good old pootle round.
S still only has the bottom two teeth too but it he's definitely getting at least one top one (a little bit's broken through) and it looks like maybe the other top and two more bottom so the next month could be interesting...
He's still in 6-9 month clothes despite being 10mths, his pjs are the next size but they are huge on him. He was standing next to a 7 month old yesterday and she was taller than him grin he's only little!

bellygazing Fri 27-May-11 10:09:55

hi, girls, I am looking forward to going back chulita but I'm a bit apprehensive about how it's all going to work as my childcare arrangements are such that the routine will be a little different almost every day - DH looking after her Monday, nursery Tuesday, me working from home Wednesday and Thursday with my mum looking after E here, then day off Friday. i just hope it all works!

LCRLCR good to hear from you, I have deliberately gone down to three BFs, morning, bedtime and one in the middle of the day to make it work while I'm at work. That said, E woke at 5.20 this morning and I wasn't about to get up then so I fed her and put her back to bed and fed her again when she woke at 8.10.

marzipananimal Fri 27-May-11 15:31:07

chulita J's still wearing some 3-6 months clothes even though he's nearly 9 months and big for his age confused I think they've just stretched as he's grown.
LCR J's just having 4 feeds in 24 hours too - such a transformation I can't quite get over it! No weekend plans particularly, hopefully just plenty of time to relax and catch up with some friends.

How many naps are your babies having now? J's been having 2 since about 6 months but I think he might be ready to go down to one (eek!). Has anyone else done this? Not sure how it will work out around feeds and lunch.

I went to a breastfeeding group today as a peer supporter. Was a little bit scary but I think I did ok. Poor lady with a nearly 6 MONTH old who has fed pretty much every hour since birth!

Chulita Fri 27-May-11 19:26:02

S is still having 2 naps, one around 8 and one around 12. L dropped down to one at about 13 months (I think). I could push him to one but it would have to fit in with L's so might be tricky if he keeps waking up at 6!

I think I'm about to get af, I've had niggling crampy aches for about 5 days now - couldn't avoid it forever I suppose.

Well done for your first peer supporter day marzi, I really enjoyed doing it for the 4 months before I moved smile A 'colleague' on the July thread has a 10 month old who still feeds every 2 hours or so and she's got two older children. I don't know how she's still sane!

thedogwalker Sat 28-May-11 16:25:40

Hi all

well I've survived 2 weeks back at work. But long to be a SAHM. My DM is looking after T 4 days a week, she's living with us whilst doing this and he goes to creche 1 day a week. Hope to have full time au pair settled in by the end of June. Will be sad to see my DM leave, she's been wonderful and T loves her to bits.

T still has not gone back to the boob, so no more bf for him, he just won't take it. So now he just has 3 bottle feeds per day. He has 2 naps on most days, but his morning one, is getting less and less. But he still has his 2 hours in an afternoon, every afternoon.

Belly hope all goes well on your return to work. I felt as if I'd never left, everything same old, same old grin.

All of you talking about crawling and climbing stairs, gosh, T hasn't worked any of that out yet. He can spin himself 360 degrees and occasionally pushes himself backwards, but he is happy just rolling around. I've got a stairgate for when I need it but me thinks it's going to be a while yet.

Chulita, feel for you, hope the cramps go away soon, I'd quite forgotten what they felt like, was a bit miffed when they came back, was quite happy plodding along without them.

Took T on a nice long walk today, before it rained, thankfully, he was asleep by the time we got to the swans with the baby swans, sooo cute. Taking him to a fete thing on Monday, with duck races, see what he thinks of it all, probably sleep through it again.

Hope everyone has nice weekend, take care

neenz Sat 28-May-11 18:24:50

I got Af last week too. Only a little bleeding though cos I have the implant so it cuts it right down. No pain either which I only just realised! i got my periods back at 9m with the twins too.

No doula clients yet - I haven't finished the course yet cos got to do a post-course module which includes a book review, which I have just finished reading. Then I can register with Doula UK and hopefully some clients will find me! Will be hard to fit in round childcare but hoping to do some births, fingers crossed.

Daniel slept through again this week 3 nights on trot but still with dream feed so I cut out dream feed last night, he woke at 1am but went back to sleep with just a quick cuddle so hopefully it will be 7-7 now. Me and DH went out for a meal - it was lovely! Having had a few full nights' sleep makes all the difference.

Marzi well done on the peer supporter work. I do two or three groups every week now - I hardly have time to do anything else! I enjoy it though. Every hour since birth, that sounds really tough. It's funny how some babies are isn't it.

bellygazing Sun 29-May-11 19:00:58

dogwalker once e started spinning 360s the crawling came very soon afterwards. We live in a flat so no stairs but e is getting very confident at pulling herself up but as herbalance is still questionable we're getting a few bumps to the head.
Elodie is slender but long, which is a pain for clothes as there tends to be masses of space around the middle but everything is getting a bit short. She's in 6-9 months at the moment.

Napwise, we usually get two, a long one in the morning around 9 and then one of variable length and reliability in the afternoon.

One more day then back to work, eek!

thedogwalker Sun 29-May-11 20:13:21

Oh Belly I feel for you, I was so worried before I went back, worked myself up, over nothing in the end. T has a fabulous time with his granny and he loves creche once a week. It's us that hurts the most I think, the LOs just get on with it, smile

Well it will be my 3rd week back and even though I long to be at home, I know he's well looked after.

Hope the bumps aren't too painful for E, I suppose they all have to go through it, not looking forward to it though, I would wrap him in cotton wool if i could blush.

Take care and thinking of you for Tuesday.

bellygazing Sun 29-May-11 20:40:20

Thanks! I try and catch her but sometimes she seems absolutely fine and then seconds later she's thunk on the floor - does that make me sounds like a terrible mum?! I don't think they're too bad, she usually just does a quick cry and is happy moments later after a cuddle.

I'm sure she will be fine, but I have a slightly mad childcare arrangement on my days from home in that my mum won't be arriving til 11.30am - E's usually out for the count 9am to 11am at the moment, but if it doesn't work we'll have to see how it goes. The reality of going back to work is beginning to hit home - I received an e-mail from my news editor with my weekend shift rota, while I only have to do one Sunday in July then a weekend at the end of August, I shall be working the entire bank holiday weekend including the Monday! On the plus side that means I'll get three days off in lieu plus time and a half for the bank holiday but still, seems a little harsh.

thedogwalker Tue 31-May-11 20:45:14

Hi Belly was thinking of you today, how did your first day back go? Hope it all went well, bet you cried more than DD grin

Chulita Wed 01-Jun-11 09:08:31

How're you doing belly? That does sound rubbish re bank holiday, on the plus side you'll get some time off when it's not so busy. As much as I like bank holidays, everywhere is so crowded!
wrt to bumps, S tumbles all over the place and usually has at least one bruise on his forehead. It's all part of growing up and learning to walk!

Hi all
Just a quick update.
Scan went well though the pix are rubbish.
Due on dec 12 have to re scan on June 6 to do nuchal measurement. Was only 11 wks at scan and baby not obliging.

Right crying baby must go...

soontobefatnat Wed 01-Jun-11 19:47:36

Hello lovlies! Gosh, was expecting to read pages and pages - we are a bit quiet, eh? Still, glad we're all still here and posting. Even if it is quiet, it means a lot to me to check back in here with you all.

A few shout outs to people having speed-read the posts I missed while we were gone. Caz gorgeous, gorgeous rose - and how fitting for Belle. So glad all is well with Bow and can't wait to hear what flavour he or she is! Neez congrats on the doula stuff. You're gonna be amazing. Am so interested to hear how it goes - am planning to apply this autumn for a midwifery degree starting next autumn (crosses fingers and toes). Dogwalker sorry to hear about the end of BF for you. I'm rather dreading that day - it has gone so quickly! I can't believe it. Sounds like you're doing great settling back into life in the UK though. Well done! Belly how's work going? GYA glad the scan went well, if not the pics (grrr, annoying!).

Now can I bury my face into the mumsnet bosom and weep? I should be posting about how fabulous our epic journey to California was, but it seems like I'm finding hard to enjoy anything or anyone these days and wonder if, nine months in, I've had PN depression and just haven't noticed. Eli was sleeping great (for us!) in California. After the initial bit of jetlag, he started sleeping from about 6.30 until 1.30 (ish), then he'd wake again at about 4.30 - 5.00, and then we'd wake him at 7am (both wake ups I would feed). It felt amazing to get that much sleep - if you don't remember, he was waking up every 2 hours before we left.

Well, we've got home, the jetlag is much worse in this direction, he seems to be teething again, he has a cold, is INSANELY impossible to settle (you wouldn't believe how lightly he sleeps. We basically have to hold him if we want him to stay down). Today he napped for 45 mins in total... He's up every 1.5 - 2 hours in the night and awake about 6-7 times before we 'go to bed' in the evenings. I am about to lose my shit. I thought we were done with this. I'm struggling to enjoy my days with him because I'm so tired and so anxious/frustrated about his naps. He's a beautiful, loving boy but I feel like I am so impatient with him because I'm so tired. I slammed my hand down on the table in front of him at dinner time this evening as he flicked a spoon full of food across the room, held food in his mouth and squealed at the top of his lungs... all the sort of frustrating stuff a nine-month-old is supposed to get up to (esp. if overtired) and I can't handle it. I feel like a totally crap mum. All my NCT friends seem to have moved on a bit and are either back at work or drifting about having a brilliant time with their babies and I feel like a total loser, all sleep-deprived and jangly like I have a 3 week-old.

DH and I are arguing like crazy and our holiday has not done what I wanted in terms of rebuilding our relationship/bond. AND one of my NCT friends and my MIL both made me feel weird that I was BFing E so often at this age. I thought we were doing great with food/weaning and now feel really undermined. E is having a feed at 10am, 3pm and 6.45pm (and then two night feeds that are quite short because I cave and can't shush him and pat him all night long and want to get back to bed). Is that weird or okay?? He's on three meals a day.

Anyway, sorry guys to write such a self-absorbed post. I'm just finding being a mum really tough sad

bellygazing Wed 01-Jun-11 20:51:47

Oh nat you poor thing. Don't feel bad about how often you are feeding, don't compare yourself in a negative way to your fellow NCT mums. Sounds like maybe you could do with someone to talk to. It's hard for everyone some days, the people who seem to be swanning around happily are probably struggling with something you haven't even thought about. WRT to breastfeeds, I only cut down a bit because I had to go back to work, as far as I'm aware the World Health Organisation encourages feeding regularly and on demand until 2 (I may have read that on Mumsnet so can't vouch for the truth of it).

So sorry you and your DH are not getting on so well but it's understandable why. Try and find something, some time every day you can do that makes you feel relaxed and happy, even if it's only for a few minutes.

As for work, too early to tell at the moment but the first couple of days have gone okay. Although E had a major meltdown at lunchtime here while my mum was looking after her and I was working in the other room. I ended up going in and feeding her while I had some toast for my 'lunchbreak' but think probably me being there made things worse as she really didnt want me to leave. Separation anxiety I guess.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. And great news on the scan gya.

marzipananimal Wed 01-Jun-11 22:08:26

just time for a quick post - sorry to hear you're having a tough time nat sad Don't feel too bad for getting irritable with him - it would take the patience of a saint not to under the circumstances. Wrt bf, that's very similar to how much J feeds and I was worrying that it might not be enough! Anyway got to go but hope you have a better night tonight and can feel more rested soon x

thedogwalker Thu 02-Jun-11 21:09:32

Congratulations GYA on the scan, keep us updated, very excited for you.

Oh Nat poor you, I can't even begin to comprehend how tired you must be feeling, my heart goes out to you. Most certainly, do NOT feel bad about the BF routine, you know your LO better than anyone else, and just because other NCT mums and MIL (with impaired memory no doubt) don't/didn't need to feed as often doesn't mean you don't have to. Do whatever is right for you and Eli. You will always have our support from this thread so you are not alone.

Hope you feel better soon and feel free to rant as much and as often as you like. Sending you lots of hugs x

soontobefatnat Sat 04-Jun-11 06:44:05

Thanks for the kind words lovelies. Feeling a lot better the last couple of days. DH and I have been taking it in shifts to deal with E's wakings so we're actually getting proper chunks of sleep and the world feels a lot more sane! We had previously refused to do that because sleep in separate beds seemed like the last straw, but it has actually been worth it. And E is definitely responding to CC, thank goodness, and beginning to resettle himself at night.

Marzi that makes me feel so much better!

Enjoy the sunshine! Xx

soontobefatnat Sat 04-Jun-11 20:31:22

Ha! Hellooooo? <echo> Only mad people chat to themselves on the interweb, right?!

Question for you ladies unrelated to sleep. How the HELL do you feed a baby who now hates spoons entirely, but also just mauls all finger foods to oblivion?

OR, to rephrase, what are you feeding your babies that's nutritious but kind of indestructible? I await your sage advice.

Chulita Sat 04-Jun-11 21:50:18

nat I'm here, just had a friend and her toddler girl over for a few days so I didn't get time to post. Have you tried pasta with various sauces/cheese/pesto? or cheese twists? or risotto mushed into fingers? shepherd's pie? vegetable stew?
posting this, I'll be back in a tick

Chulita Sat 04-Jun-11 22:09:14

nat just completely ignore anyone who tells you you're feeding your LO too much or too little, it's utter, utter rot. S feeds 1-2 overnight, 8.30am 12.00 6.00pm so that's 4 or 5 in 24 hours depending on how often he wakes up at night. I feed to sleep every time despite talking about cc-ing I just haven't got around to it yet.
S eats the stuff I mentioned above, the veg stew I make quite thick and let him get his hands in.
I hope things get better for you soon!

gya glad the scan went well smile

CazandBelle Mon 06-Jun-11 17:05:16

Hey everyone! Bow is a little baby boy! Anabelle's little brother is going to be called Alexander Jon (Xander for short) smile Having a very happy day!

Chulita Mon 06-Jun-11 19:19:05

Brilliant news! So glad he flashed you so you could give him his proper name. Have a hot chocolate or something to celebrate smile

CazandBelle Mon 06-Jun-11 23:22:12

Updated my blog with some pics from today! cazandbelle.blogspot.com/2011/06/alexander-jon.html

soontobefatnat Tue 07-Jun-11 09:39:18

Whoop whoop! Amazing Caz. congratulations! Lovely name too.

And thanks Chulita! I feel much better about how much (or not!) I'm still breastfeeding. It's so easy to feel like you're doing something weird/wrong.

Report in from this week - massive leak in E's room due to rains on Sunday night. Had to bring him into our room and he's now sleeping horribly again. Argh! His room is pretty trashed though, so God knows when he'll be back in there. And he's got SO clingy this week too. confused Where's my happy California baby got to?!

Anyhoo, hope you're all well. Trying to keep this thread going a bit, but seems like it's on its last legs. sad

Chulita Tue 07-Jun-11 13:00:05

I know what you mean nat, I think everyone's just getting on with rl, how very dare they!?
Is he teething? They do get a 9 month-ish growth spurt, maybe it's that. Rubbish about his room, hope you can get it fixed soon, I only had S in our room for 2 nights recently and I was sooooo happy to get his room back!

bellygazing Tue 07-Jun-11 14:09:13

i'm still here! Currently pumping in the first aid room at work. I find it a real shock to the system when I have to share a room with E. We lowered the cot yesterday as she managed to pull herself up to standing, not good! E fell off my bed this morning, not hurt but not happy. I put her there while I was finding cycling shorts and looked away for a second and she crawled off. Felt pretty crappy.
Work's going ok, my dh absolutely loved his first full monday with her and she was in a brilliant mood when I came home. Only downside at the moment is persistent early wakings, sometimes before 6. I can sometimes feed her and put her down but it tends to mess up her naps. I don't think its the light because a couple of months ago when it was really bright we didnt have this problem. Any tips?

soontobefatnat Tue 07-Jun-11 18:30:36

Nope! We were doing better with E waking up properly at 6.30 (after being wakeful from about 4.30 onwards). But now he's waking up and refusing to go down again at about 5am. Brutal! It means he's knackered by 7.30 and the whole day just sort of gets off kilter from there... I don't think it's the light either, or the bed time. Any one else got any suggestions?

How are you finding expressing at work, Belly? how often do you do it? I don't particularly want to start E on formula when I go back to work but (and I know this sounds stupid) I don't really want to have to bung my milk in the fridge with everyone's yoghurts and sandwiches and stuff. Some of the guys at my work are pretty blokey and I think it will make them and therefore me uncomfortable. Or is that not an issue for you? Also our facilities (the manky loos) are pretty grim. We'll see. Anyway, it's lovely that your DH has a day at home!

marzipananimal Thu 09-Jun-11 13:19:00

No tips either for the early waking I'm afraid - I just try not to let him have his morning nap too early in case that reinforces it.
Great news caz smile very exciting. I love the name too.
J has been poorly this week - woke up monday night with a very high temp and was sick sad Think he's better now but has been a bit grumpy and miserable.
Glad things have been going well belly, are you enjoying your work?

neenz Thu 09-Jun-11 14:10:49

Nat don't they have to provide you with a separate fridge? Or could you take a coolbag with ice packs? Breastmilk is very resilient and lasts ages. They DEFINITELY have to provide you with somewhere to pump that's not a loo. Anyone who pumps has my utmost respect! I probably would just go to morn and eve, your boobs will cope with different supply (I can go all day and not feed daniel and not feel too full eg when I went to the FA Cup final and was out all day.)

Daniel's waking at 6.30 but twins are up at 6 so it's no bother. At least he is sleeping through from 7pm so that's a big improvement. We put some extra blackout material over the window and he started sleeping later.

Trying to get my doula business up and running - please like my page at www.facebook.com/formbydoula

soontobefatnat Thu 09-Jun-11 18:35:58

neez consider yourself liked! It's so ace that you're going to be a doula. They probably do have to provide me with a separate fridge. I'd probably have to make such a big song and dance about it though that I'll probably go the cool bag route. That said, dropping down to mornings and evenings sounds like the best plan. It's sort of where I thought we'd be at by 12 months anyway. I'm waiting for E to be less interested in the midmorning/midafternoon feeds... Guess I'll see where we are in about four - six weeks and decide whether I need to pump or not.

marzi sorry to hear J has been sick and glad to hear he's on the mend. I've got a screamy baby here - screamy as in basically having tantrums when he is put down/ignored for five mins/bored of what is happening. confused I thought this started at age 2!! I think it's tiredness, to be honest, because he's gone back to having two little cat naps (30 mins apiece) a day. Not sleeping in the sling, pram or cot really. I can't be bothered to get all worked up about it though because there's nothing much I can do except keep him on routine and give him the opportunity to nap at the right times!

bellygazing Thu 09-Jun-11 19:00:30

Hi all, re expressing I just do once a day. I dont have a fridge to use but as I express at about 2 and home at 6ish it works ok, I just keep it in an insulated bottle bag. It has been a great source of amusement to my colleagues, some of whom are quite fascinated.

Work's going well so far - it was difficult the first couple of days working from home with my mum looking after e because she cried a lot, but now they seem to have great fun together. She seems to like her day at nursery but only sleeps 40 mins compared to a total of 3 hours... Hopefully that will increase as she gets used to it. And for the most part I'm enjoying work. Certainly not sitting there moping because I'm far too busy!

thedogwalker Thu 09-Jun-11 20:42:57

Hi all
I have the same Nat, my T was sleeping 8pm til 8am since he was 2 months and now all of a sudden I am lucky if he can make to 5 am. 5 past 5 this morning, don't know where my good little sleeper has gone to. Think it may be that his curtains are lighter here than the last house and so his room is brighter much earlier. Might get some black out blinds.

Neenz good doula page, wish you well and fingers crossed for your first client.

CazandBelle So so happy for you and what a wonderful name. Hope you enjoy every minute, you and DH deserve so much happiness.

Nothing much to report about really. T still isn't crawling, but he stands on his own, he prefers standing than sitting now, novelty I think. He has 4 bottom teeth which he is using to great effect for everything he eats and boy can he eat. Think someone mentioned a 9 month growth spurt earlier in this thread, I can believe that as T eats everything he sees. Thankfully he is not being fussy at all, he is enjoying tasting all that's put in front of him.

Hope everyone is well, take care, ta ta for now xx

marzipananimal Thu 09-Jun-11 20:49:01

That's good belly. I suppose there's so much going on at nursery that she doesn't want to sleep but as you say, she'll get used to it. Lol at your colleagues smile I suppose it must seem very bizarre to people who don't have any experience of bfing!

nat I sympathise! J had a tantrum when I stopped him putting his hands in the bin hmm He actually threw himself down on the floor and cried!

I have liked you neenz. Funny, I picture you with brown hair - strange you make vague mental pictures of people you've never met (or is it just me?)

dogwalker how are you and T? Have you found an au pair yet?

marzipananimal Thu 09-Jun-11 20:51:00

x-posts dogwalker. Hope you crack the early mornings - seems to be a common theme on here!

Chulita Fri 10-Jun-11 06:42:20

S is still up at the crack of dawn. I'm going to get wider blackout linings for the curtains but other than that I can't block out much more light. I've stopped feeding him between 10ish and 5.30ish and tonight I'm going to drop the dreamfeed. It's our anniversary next week and my parents are going to watch them on Monday so we can stay at a hotel but obviously I need S not to be feeding!
Aaaaand AF came today of all the genius timings, first night away in 2 years and we ain't gonna be gettin' up to nufink.

Anyone up for a mini-survey?

Number of teeth?


Number of feeds/bfs?




Anything else you fancy sharing?

S has 4 teeth

Cruising and took his first step yesterday but nothing since

5 bfs a day, 5.30, 8, 12, 6pm, 10pm

Naps at 8 for an hour ish and 12 for 2 hours ish

Bedtime around 6pm, wakes around 5am

Just learnt to clap on Wednesday and won't stop. Dances to music, says mama dada and baba to the right people

Loves drawing!

marzipananimal Fri 10-Jun-11 14:12:38

wow chulita, S is doing loads!

J has 3 teeth

He's crawling and cruising

Usually has 3 feeds per day and one in the night

Usually has 2 naps, sometimes 1, in total about 1.5-2.5 hours

Bedtime about 7.15, wakes usually 6.30ish but since being ill this week has slept in later (hurrah!)

Makes lots of noise but no words

No clapping or waving but lots of smiling and laughing. He crawls away and giggles if you chase him

soontobefatnat Fri 10-Jun-11 19:15:49

Love a survey!

E has two teeth

He's crawling, not yet cruising

He has 4 feeds a day and one in the night

He is a TERRIBLE napper. Best day? 2.5 hours over 2 naps. Worst day? 20 mins.

I'd rather not talk about nights!

Bedtime about 6.30, usually wakes between 5-6am and I've been cheating by taking him into our bed and shoving a boob in his mouth to try and get a few more mins sleep!

Lots of different noises - says mama and dada, but not really in context.

Claps but doesn't wave.

Is a total rockstar. Heh.

bellygazing Fri 10-Jun-11 20:50:55

Ooh, surveys are fun.

Still just one tooth

Crawling and occasionally something approaching cruising until she gets distracted.

Three feeds a day, unless there's a very early waking then another one gets snuck in in the hope of extra sleep.

Naps at 9am for 2ish hours, then afternoon nap is a moveable feast which can be an hour or can not happen at all

Bedtime at 7pm and wakes anywhere between 5.30am and 7am but like nat I apply vigorous boob and try and resist actually getting up until 7am.

Has been clapping since about 6ish months and waving for a few weeks.

Says mama quite a lot, sometimes in the right context, and said dadda to DH for the first time on Monday. We reckon she's 'said' 'oh yeah', 'hiya' 'bummer' 'Abba' 'Hamas' 'Rabbi' 'Imam' and 'Ararat' - draw your own conclusions about our active imaginations/interpretations...

Thinks being upside down is the funniest thing ever and makes a beeline for the catfood as soon as you put her on the floor. She hasn't managed to half-inch any yet, but she did eat a handful of grass last week blush

Oh, and if you point a camera at her, she stops, smiles and poses for the camera.

Chulita Fri 10-Jun-11 21:34:36

marzipan I am truly jealous of your mornings!

nat I'd love it if I could boob S in bed to get another 30 mins! Hopefully they'll all start sleeping a bit longer soon...<daydreams>

belly did you drop it to 3 feeds or did she do that herself? Clapping since 6 months eh? I think it's so cute!

S is awake hmm odd for this time of night, off to boob and then call it a night I think!

LCRLCR Fri 10-Jun-11 21:48:02

oooh well S is 9.5 months now and not quite crawling but very very close and can manage to cover a bit of ground bum shuffling.

2 bottom teeth and I noticed today that the top 2 are starting to finally cut through after a very snotty 2 weeks.

She's been waving for a few months now but only started clapping on Wed and hasn't stopped since. Rocks out to loud music and loves to feed me with mucky yogurt covered hands, mmmmmm mmmmm.

2-3 breastfeeds a day, sometimes one during the night sometimes not.

Naps variable. Can sleep 45 mins - 2 hours in the morning, 30 mins - 1 hour in the arvo. Bed generally 7.30 - 7ish and is sleeping through more and more often.

Lots of sounds including lion roars!!

Neenz I've got some books I can send you for your doula library - The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth With Confidence and Childbirth Doesn't Have to Hurt. Other books that I loved so much that I can't part with but highly recommend are Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth which inspired me massively and Kate Evans Food of Love amaaaaazing.

We are off to a field wedding in Dorset this weekend - S's first camping trip!

soontobefatnat Sat 11-Jun-11 09:36:10

LOL Belly at Rabbi and Imam! Brokering a peace deal already? Now THAT is what you call an advanced baby.

LCR We're going glamping in Dorset next weekend (a Featherdown Farm). Just dipping our toe in the water in preparation for the Green Man festival in August. We've finally booked our tickets! My biggest concern is how to keep E warm at night/keep him from getting wet from the dew. I guess he just needs to be raised up from the groundsheet... Any thoughts? Hope you have a fab time! PS we read exactly the same books as baby prep - except Kate Evans Food of Love. Wassat?

marzipananimal Sat 11-Jun-11 20:26:26

haha impressive vocab belly. We think J said hello once but it's mainly shouting, blowing raspberries or cackling with him, with a few babas thrown in.
nat what's glamping? Will you not be in a tent?!
Have fun LCR. I've been camping a few times in recent years but don't think I could cope with taking J - your'e very brave or mad grin

marzipananimal Sat 11-Jun-11 20:27:05

you're obviously

Chulita Sat 11-Jun-11 20:33:50

S says 'oh no' regularly hmm we obviously suggest things he's not fond of!

I couldn't take our two camping, I absolutely love love love camping but <shudders> we just wouldn't sleep. At all.

soontobefatnat Sun 12-Jun-11 09:23:44

Marzi - yes, glamping is a stupid Sunday supplement truncation of glamourous (I think!) camping. We'll be staying in big canvas tents with rooms, wooden floors, beds and a wood burning stove. It's not really camping at all but I am looking forward to it!

Chulita yes. I too am shuddering re the prospect of NO SLEEP AT ALL with Eli when we go proper camping. A few people have told me that all the fresh air makes babies sleep really soundly - but whenever people tell me stuff like that I think to myself, grimly, 'Not this kid!' Case in point was our flight out to California - was on the plane 12.5 hours in the end (delayed on runway so that 55 school kids could join the flight, in our cabin!) and he slept 40 mins. 40 mins the whole flight!!!!! Everyone claims babies sleep well on planes. Anyhoo, maybe a miracle will have occurred by August and Eli will be sleeping like a log all night long. <maniacal laughter>

LCRLCR Sun 12-Jun-11 17:19:47

Well we've had a big week here - not only did S start clapping this week but is now a crawler too! Camping was great fun - it was just the one night but totally fine. We had S sleep between us on a blow-up mattress with a duvet underneath, a duvet over us plus she was in her pjs, tights and a sleeping bag so super cosy. Lucky the sun was shining yesterday as it wasn't so nice today packing down in cold rain. Top 2 teeth finally coming through!

Nat Food of Love is a really well-written and well-illustrated book about breastfeeding. Totally charming and really informative

marzipananimal Mon 13-Jun-11 11:47:35

That sounds very civilised nat. When you said about keeping the dew off him I had visions of you sleeping out under the stars!

LCR I really liked The Food of Love too - really funny as well as informative.

DH has the day off today and we took J swimming this morning. Was really fun, he loved it and is now crashed out in his cot. I hope it makes him sleep well tonight, the last 2 nights he woken up twice around midnight then at 4 AND 5am. Grr.

bellygazing Tue 14-Jun-11 14:20:33

hi chulita, on my pumping break at work! It was a sort of mutual thing, she wasn't really demanding them so I
offered less. Found she was just as happy with a snack for one of the feeds...

That said, she does occasionally try to get into my top and get busy but I think thats a game as much as anything.

Love camping but need a much bigger tent before taking E!

soontobefatnat Tue 14-Jun-11 20:16:15

What is going on with the weather at the moment?! One day freezing and rainy, the next totally BOILING! Not complaining about it being hot and sunny, just sayin'! I took Eli to this brilliant new paddling pool and sandpit in our local park. It has a stream running through it which is fed by a pump that the kids operate. It has rocks to climb on, a massive sandpit, nice trees and grass... E had so much fun. He's napping really well at the mo - nights are a nightmare though. He will only be settled by me, not DH, and is just so wide awake and active in the middle of the night. confused Hoping all the sandpit excitement will keep him down a bit better tonight!

LCRLCR Tue 14-Jun-11 23:10:52

Ouch ouch ouch - for the past few days S has been biting really really hard and it hurts. I am now getting pretty tense before a feed worried she might slice my nipple off. I notice she does it when she's not too keen to feed but unless I offer, she rarely asks for a feed. Today she fed when she woke up this morning and two abandoned attempts since - one short BF can't be enough for a 10 month old? She has water from her sippy cup during the day but might she get dehydrated? Is she self-weaning? I don't want BFing to end!

MaidenDevon Wed 15-Jun-11 00:05:30

OMG I haven't read the thread in an age, so I'm just going to jump in!

F is 10.5 months has 6 teeth with 3 more making an appearance, a very drooly time all round. Her bottom 2 came through first, then the ones either side of her top front ones which made her look like she's gone 5 rounds with Rocky, until the middle ones came through. She's up on all fours but can only crawl backwards hmm, though she does manage to get around with some creative rolling/ bum shuffling/heaving her self about using bits of furniture.

The last few days she's only had a bottle at breakfast and before bed, she was down to 3 bottles before this, with the bottle during the day just to help her off to sleep if she was fighting her nap (I could write a book on the nightmares we've had with her daytime napping). She seems to have 2 routines, if she wakes early she'll nap twice (morning and afternoon, 30 minutes each), if she wakes after 7am she'll nap once at midday for 1 hour. She is terrible if she gets overtired, so I watch her like a hawk for "the signs".

Nights are OKish - after seemingly one cold after another since Easter (her sleeping upright in the pram and me on the sofa for 3 nights - that was fun!), we're finally back to a 7.30pm bed time with a couple of wakenings which are solved by popping the dummy back in (I know, that's another book..) or a quick cuddle, most of which I seem to be able to do without actually waking up myself, I wake up in the morning and honestly cannot remember if I got up to her in the night. Most mornings, she'll wake up about 6.30am, but I bring her in with me and she'll doze for another half hour or so. I can deal with early starts, as long as I get my evenings.

She chatters away constantly though lord only knows what she's saying, I swear sometimes she is making jokes to herself about us as she'll just burst out laughing at something she's just thought of.

Have been doing my KIT days at work and loving it, can't wait to go back, just wish I could afford to have a nanny instead of putting her into nursery. She loves other children, but she likes her quiet time as well. Starting our taster sessions next week at nursery before she starts properly 3 days a week at the end of July.

What are we all doing for Father's Day? I've put together some piccies of just DH & F in a nice frame, if he doesn't shed a tear over it, he's got a heart of stone!

CazandBelle I think of you often and wish you all the joy and happiness you and Jon deserve when your Precious Second Born arrives smile

Sorry that was a mammoth post!

MaidenDevon Wed 15-Jun-11 00:35:31

LCRLCR Can't offer any advice on the nipple chomping, I lasted 5 days before mine got ripped to shreds by gums, never mind teeth!

Nat glad to hear that things have turned a corner for you, here's my tale of woe, so you know you're not on your own!

I found between months 7 and 10 incredibly difficult (much worse than when she was a newborn), so much so that I told DH that under no circumstances was I having any more children (and I really meant it), after yet another night of pushing F around the streets at 10pm in a desperate bid to get her to sleep, I fell through the front door in tears and broke down in a blubbering mess - she was still wide awake in her pram. He was really understanding and just let me get it all off my chest, how shit I was feeling, how bad a job I thought I was doing (I thought everyone else's baby has a lovely 1.5 hour nap twice a day and goes to bed at 7pm - they aren't by the way).

In the end I just decided, bugger it, I slept in the spare room and brought F in with my if she cried in the night, what was the point of me being up every half an hour doing shush bloody pat if we both (her and me) felt like crap the next day (the kind of "I'm so effing tired if I shut my eyes whilst sat on the loo I would fall asleep" kind of tiredness), just so I could say "no I never bring her in with me", tough titty if any says "you're making a rod for your own back", do what you need to do to get a good night's sleep. DH has the monitor on a Friday and Saturday night and I stay in the spare room with earplugs, he'll come and get me if he really needs me - hasn't happened yet. Just a couple of good nights sleep a week really got me through the rest of the week.

I also got out of my mindset that she should be having 2/3 naps a day for x long. I would literally be on tenterhooks listening to the monitor when she was down for a day time nap dreading her waking up after 20 minutes, knowing I would have to try and get her down again at some stage during the day, I was a nervous wreck. People were asking me how I'd lost so much weight, the honest answer was stress! Now if she wakes up, I get her up and carry on with what we were doing/go out rather that spending another 30 minutes trying to get her back to sleep.

Fortunately F seems to be back in a better night routine, but DH still does 2 nights a week, and I have loosened my control freakery grip by repeating the mantra "F has 2 parents, you don't need to do it all..."

thedogwalker Wed 15-Jun-11 13:33:52

Hi all

T has 6 teeth, 4 on the bottom and 2 uppers.
He is just rolling on his own, no sign of crawling, but when holding his hands he can walk.
He eats 3 meals a day plus 4 milk feeds.
quick half hour nap in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, goes to bed at 7.30 and wakes about 5 am
He says Mama, DadDad, claps, and does high 5s, waves hello and goodbye, dances loads.

LCR clapping and crawling, good week for you. Any tips on how to teach crawling? Or should I just be patient confused. I also agree about the food of love book, it was the one I read before having T. Regarding the biting, that's how T was, before he stopped having booby juice altogether. I tried all different times of the day and he would only bite me and then he stopped looking for my boob sad. I really miss bf, but he eats loads of solids and obviously has no need for lots of milk anymore.

Maiden that sounds just like my T, he also babbles away and then laughs to himself, I love listening to him and so glad your sleeping has improved and you are no longer a blubbering wreck smile. Isn't it amazing what journeys we have all been on.

Just on a totally different thing, I'm late this month and we aren't activing ttc shock, will keep you updated. Am on the folic acid but wasn't planning to start ttc until September, a moment of lust and.......

Hope everyone is well, ta ta for now

marzipananimal Wed 15-Jun-11 15:26:31

ooh exciting dogwalker! Are you going to take a test soon?

LCR J also tends to bite me if I try and feed him when he's not really interested so I pretty much only feed him now at naptimes and bedtime (and in the night). When he's tired and falling asleep he'll feed well. I'm also careful to let him come to me rather than putting my nipple in his mouth iyswim. kellymom has some tips on biting here

marzipananimal Wed 15-Jun-11 15:30:02

oops, pressed post to early...

Maiden! Good to see you back. Sounds like sleep has been so tough but glad you've seen an improvement. I'm doing the same thing for Fathers Day - I spent a misty-eyed hour yesterday looking through all our photos of J deciding which ones to print. I can't believe how much he's changed in 9.5 months!

thedogwalker Wed 15-Jun-11 16:55:12

I'm going to wait until at least Friday before taking a test. Not sure why ....just, [changing my mind as I type emoticon] well I don't honestly know why I'm waiting confused

So want to be... but know the timing is wrong with DH going away, Gosh not sure if I should take test sooner or just bury my head in the sand for a bit longer hmm

thedogwalker Wed 15-Jun-11 18:55:30

False alarm, test negative. Will keep on practising (safely) and then start ttc when orignally planned in September.

soontobefatnat Wed 15-Jun-11 19:55:03

Gosh, Dogwalker, it's so funny isn't it, that precarious moment before you take the test? Sounds right to wait until your DH is around properly to help out though. Still, you would have managed I'm sure had it been the other way!

Maiden honestly, I could WEEP at your description, it is so close to how I've been feeling until very recently. <big hug> The thing I found hardest was how CRAZED I would feel if E wouldn't nap/only napped for 15 mins. I drove myself totally beserk trying to get him to have naps that just weren't ever going to happen. And made myself into a nervous, tightly wound wreck. I'm not what you could call relaxed about his daytime sleep still, but I'm trying to just let it go if a nap doesn't happen or is cut short. It really has not had any bearing on his (terrible) nighttime sleep anyway, although I do feel crap when he's overtired and cranky for whole days at a time still... I think the worst part for me was just not feeling like myself, between the mad anxiety about sleep (I couldn't talk about anything else, so boring for everyone around me...and most of them couldn't possibly understand either) and the sleepless nights, I just felt hollow. Anyway, a change of attitude is working and we do have glimmers here of better nights and days to come. It helps that this is just such a fun age. Eli really is such a wonderful little guy to be around. Anyway, so nice to hear from you and to hear that you're coming through it too!

It didn't OCCUR to me to do something with photos for Father's Day! What a moron! We're off glamping this weekend with three other first time dads and, somehow or other, have decided to do a kind of crap, fathers-at-sports-day kind of theme - we're gonna do sack races, egg and spoon, 'pin the poo/dummy on the baby' (instead of the tail on the donkey!) and loads of other stupid stuff. It's going to be really hilarious! Think we'll do cakes too and I've bought DH a few little presents from E. Will have to sort out a photo for Christmas though!

Finally, in other news, my bottle-refusing son shocked the hell out of me yesterday... Was chatting to one of my NCT friends as our little ones played together and then all of a sudden we noticed that E had picked up the other kid's bottle of formula and was chugging away on it!! WTF? a) I spent MONTHS trying to persuade him to take a bloody bottle and he'd scream like I was trying to poison him and b) COW AND BLOODY GATE, EH??!! There goes my purely breast-fed baby! Heh. What a little tinker.

thedogwalker Thu 16-Jun-11 08:32:23

Sorry nat had to laugh at the chugging on the bottle story, I guess they will never cease to amaze us!!!

Hope you and and Maiden are coiming through the sleepless times ok, I cannot imagine it, T has always been a good sleeper up until moving and I think some black out blinds will solve my problem. Lots of hugs and brew coming your way.

Since being back at work, one month today, I've been struggling with working, looking after T and housework, etc, it feels like I have no time to unwind. As soon as I get home I give my undivided attention to T. When he goes to bed at 8pm, I then do some cleaning and then usually finish off some work that I've brought home with me. Well this last week has been great as DH has been here, he's cooked dinner and I even managed to find time to bake. Just the act of baking has made me feel normal again, odd but true.

And even though I'm broody as hell, I am glad I am not expecting just yet. I am a bit of a control freak and i want everything to be planned hmm.

Hope everyone has a good day xx

marzipananimal Thu 16-Jun-11 21:45:00

nat your fathers' day plan sonds great fun! Dh would love that. Lol at E's sly formula swigging - maybe that's the key to getting reluctant babies to take a bottle - just leave it where they think they're not supposed to get it grin
dogwalker glad it's the outcome you wanted. I really can't imagine how people can feel so broody with a 9/10month old though!

J learnt to clap yesterday, very cute. This is such a cute and fun age smile

Chulita Fri 17-Jun-11 08:15:29

<waves> been away for a few days at my parents' and celebrated our 4th anniversary. Glad to see you've been chatting while I was away, I wondered if I'd come back to an empty thread smile
Hello devon, most of us have been through complete rubbish over the last few months. I hate to say that S was one of those having 2 1.5 hour naps a day and in bed by 6pm but he'd wake up twice in the night and start the day at 5.20 so it wasn't great here either!

dogwalker could you get a cleaner in once a week? I don't have a job and I still think about it sometimes confused both of mine are in bed at 7pm at the latest so I have a couple of hours to clean up (most of the time I spend it pottering on the computer though!)

I had a 'am I pg am I not' moment last week but I'm not, starting to try though cos I don't want a huge gap between them!

marzi I love the clapping, and the massive smile they have on their face while they do it!

nat sounds like a really silly and fun weekend, I hope you get enough sleep to enjoy it smile

thedogwalker Fri 17-Jun-11 08:38:12

Marzi I never expected to be so broody but from T being 6 month shock I've been broody so I've been holding off since then.

Aren't they all just so cute when clapping and dancing about, I never taught T to dance he just started on his own. I love just sitting there and watching him dance to any music that he hears. They are defo at a cute age, just wish I wasn't at work missing it all.

Good idea Chulita, might look into the cost. When my au pair starts at the end of the month, she has light housework chores, hoovering, dusting, and ironing Thomas's clothes which will be a big help. I already have a gardener who comes twice a month smile, which has been great, as the garden in this new house is massive and is on a slope hmm, not good with my lawn mower.

Great news Chulita that you are starting ttc, I'm excited for you. I'm going to start in september and hope that before DH leaves for distane shores in November that we are successful. Lots of pressure on him to produce the goods grin.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day, I've got a brunch picnic planned as DH leaves to go back to Germany at 11 am sad, but I've bought him and DS matching Welsh Rugby shirts, which they can both wear, cute!!!

Take care xx

Woodlands Mon 20-Jun-11 13:14:52

hello all, just catching up on you all! sorry to hear about the bad sleepers. if it's any consolation, three weeks ago, at the age of 10 and a bit months, J just suddenly started sleeping through. It did coincide with moving him into his own room, but he did it for the first time the night before we moved him, so I think he was just ready.

He has also just started crawling within the last 10 days - finally, at 11 months! We have been busy babyproofing our flat. He only has two teeth so far.

Good luck with the TTCing ladies! We're not going to start trying till late next year, though I guess that will come round fast.

bellygazing Mon 20-Jun-11 14:36:04

hello all - so quiet here! Hope everyone had a good father's day. We went to Lincs to see the inlaws then swung home via the pub to see my Dad. Ended up being a lovely evening. E was really clogged up and snotty this morning, I'm worried she might have hayfever as we both do. Would they show symptoms this young? Expressing at work at the mo, the amount I'm getting seems to be diminishing. Could E manage without milk during the two days I'm at the office do you reckon - I dont want to give her formula if I can avoid it. She eats loads.

Chulita Mon 20-Jun-11 16:17:22

belly some hvs reckon at 10-11 months they should be down to morning and evening only. If she eats lots I wouldn't think it's a problem at all. A lot of babies aren't bfing at 12 months and we're not far off that. Obviously if you don't express you'll stop producing as much due to supply and lack of demand...

Anyone have any ideas how to get motivated to eat better? I just love baking and eating and probably should be hypnotised into believing it'll make my hair fall out (even that wouldn't stop me I don't think). I just want to be able to not eat what I cook but can't work out how to when a fresh pie/tart/cake is staring me in the face. Not cooking isn't an option cos it's one of my hobbies/how I relax. Argh!

MaidenDevon Mon 20-Jun-11 20:11:44

CazandBelle I don't know whether I'll get chance to get online tomorrow, so I wanted to be one of the first to wish beautiful Anabelle, our first August baby a happy first birthday. I'm sure she'll be looking down on her mummy and daddy and baby Xander and sending them a message in her own special way to let them know she's fine and watching them excitedly as they prepare for the arrival of her little brother.

It struck me that Tuesday is the summer solstice, the one day of the year when it reaches the highest point in the sky, how apt that the sun will be shining for the longest and and reach its peak on Belle's birthday, she truly is a ray of sunshine. smile Much love from me and Felicity Violet.

Chulita Tue 21-Jun-11 06:54:08

Happy 1st Birthday Anabelle, cazandbelle I hope you manage to make this day special and positive in some way and that all's going well with Xander! Thinking of you lots today.

marzipananimal Tue 21-Jun-11 08:01:03

Thinking of you and your family today CazandBelle x

thedogwalker Tue 21-Jun-11 10:33:23

Thinking of you CazandBelle, wishing you lots of happiness.

cazzybabs Tue 21-Jun-11 20:58:08

Happy 1st birthday Anabelle! I too am thinking you you 4! (your blog still makes me cry everytime I read it)

CazandBelle Tue 21-Jun-11 21:09:43

Last night the lanterns didn't go to plan. It was just to windy, and when we gave up it started raining too. We got one lit and it shone brightly for Belle the moment she was born, but we couldn't get it to heaven. We sent a pink star balloon to her this afternoon though.

Today has been such a mixture of emotion, as usual the build up has been far worse than the actual day. I've felt remarkably calm for most of the day today where as last Thursday (remember day) I was a complete state. We've cried for the birthday we wish Belle could have but have celebrated her and her 1st birthday with lots of pink, flowers, garden decoration, balloons and candles. I'm glad I did the mess bit last week so I could celebrate her life today.

We've experienced such generosity from everyone today. Lots of messages, cards, flowers, gifts and gestures. Belle's justgiving page has gone nuts today for her birthday. The lovely Mme started a thread in AIBU for her birthday to rally support for her justgiving page too and lots of people have donated. It really was the perfect day to reach our target and go beyond. I think we're going to be gobsmacked at the final figure when I've counted out what we have in cash offline donations too. My friends work have collected almost £500 today, ontop of the walk and the justgiving page and the raffle and everything we'll collect on Saturday. I'm already amazed.

I cannot believe a whole year has passed. Going to finish the day by lighting the lanterns hung outside our house for her. We've decorated the outside of the house today with new flowers and garden ornaments for her. We bought Belle the pink heart one for her birthday and a friend has given us an identical white heart one for her today. They look beautiful together.

Thank you for all your thoughts and wishes xxx

bellygazing Wed 22-Jun-11 12:37:58

Was thinking of you last night too Caz, but didn't get round to posting due to internet issues. Glad you had a good day and that you were able to make it a celebration, it sounds lovely. And lovely to have Belle's little brother doing so well too.

thedogwalker Thu 23-Jun-11 09:44:40

Where is everyone???? COuld it be that your LOs are now up and about so much that they are taking up all of your time. T is wnating to be up and on his feet all the time and gets upset if we sit him down. He needs one of our hands to balacne him so that he can walk, but that is hard work to do all the time. He still has no interest in crawling, just walking hmm.

His appetite is now huge, not sure if he should be eating as much as he is. Don't want to give him bad eating habits, i.e. large portion sizes, but he soon lets me know that he wants more, if I don't give him enough. Anyone else got a food devouring LO?

Hope everyone is well. Take care xx

Chulita Thu 23-Jun-11 13:11:58

dogwalker at this age they don't overeat, they can't. You cannot give them more then they need, if he's asking for it and it's still going down, he needs it. Just be sure you're not giving him pasties/sausage rolls and he'll be fine grin I've got the opposite problem in that S doesn't eat much at all. Have you got a toddle truck/walker he can use?

I'm still here, it's all just very quiet at the moment!

thedogwalker Thu 23-Jun-11 15:55:00

Thankfully no pasties or sausage rolls in sight, I've gone completely organic and homemade for everything since T born. Quite expensive and time consuming but with bf for 8 month and eating this healthy I am now 8 lbs lighter than before I had him.

He also has a walker, but he gets lazy when in it hmm, is that the boy in him, me wonders....

I honestly don't know what I'd do if he didn't eat his solids as he is so hungry. Not found many foods he wont't eat, so far doesn't like broccoli or spinach, but everything else he gobbles down, he especially loves peas and I love watching him pick them up one by one and placing them in his mouth, he looks so cute whilst doing it, as he likes to inspect each and every one first.

What does S like? Is there anything you can use to tempt?

Chulita Thu 23-Jun-11 16:22:59

He likes pears and porridge and that's pretty much it at the moment. He gets given loads of stuff but not much goes in.
I meant on of those push-along walkers, he might be past the sit in ones!

soontobefatnat Thu 23-Jun-11 21:22:33

Very belated birthday wishes for Belle. I cannot believe it has been a year. Caz that is fantastic news about her Justgiving page - how amazing. You must be so proud. <hugs>

We had a wonderful Father's Day - lots of silly hijinks and a lovely BBQ. The glamping weekend was lovely. Weather not too bad at all (aside from the hairy drive down - properly scary). Eli always has such fun surrounded by loads of people/babies. Makes me feel like we should have 10! Ha. He was definitely bummed out on Tuesday when it was just me and him kicking around the front room. I'm really trying to get out and about every day now and make the rest of my maternity leave as fun as possible.

I know what you mean Dogwalker about too much food - some days Eli will guzzle amounts that I would be proud to eat! Then other days (like today) he eats like a bird. It drives me crazy, but I try and ooze calm about it. Who am I kidding? The boy knows when I'm fractious about his eating - he blows raspberries with his unwanted food, covering me in lentils or whathaveyou! Heh. I have no idea how big the portions should be right now though - and soon I'm going to be responsible for making lunch for Eli and the boy he's going to share a nanny with. Any thoughts? Should I just make loads and they can leave what they don't want?

Interesting to hear about the milk feeds too... Since Eli decided to chug another babies bottle of formula last week, I got (stupidly) paranoid that maybe I don't have enough milk anymore. Or that maybe Eli needs supplementing at this point. So I bit the bullet and gave Eli a bottle of formula for his afternoon feed yesterday. I figure I probably won't be able to express enough for his mid-morning and afternoon feeds when I'm back at work, so I might as well drop one boob feed now <sob!> Anyway, he went for it, and chugged 130 mls before he got bored, then had a bit of boob. Seemed pretty good. Then I tried to give him some today and he barely had 5 mls and then just sort of blew into the teat like it was a trumpet! I gave him boob instead. I'm just well confused at the moment as to what I should be doing. Gonna bury my head in the sand for another four weeks smile

Hi everyone firstly a big hello to Caz happy birthday to belle - continue to admire your amazing strength and courage in the face of adversity.
And congratulating you on your boy news too!

Answers to the survey- Tilly will be 11 months on Saturday

5 teeth two bottom three top
One nap around 2/3 hours if in the cot shorter if out
3 meals a day loves her food!
Two ish bottles a day
Says dada nana and Lola - her biggest sisters name
No mama tho :-(
Can clap wave & point tho doesn't bother much!
Crawling very fast but in a death drag type horror film way not a conventional crawl..
Pulls up to stand only in the bath the awkward child.

And - don't hate me- sleeps 7-7/8 every night pretty much without waking.

I had my 16 wk midwife check today and heard babys heartbeat for the first time. Lovely.

Anyway hope all is well.

thedogwalker Fri 24-Jun-11 09:34:27

Chulita, all I can think is, he obviously doesn't need it yet. He must be getting all he needs from the milk. Doesn't help you with the weaning though does it, wish you luck in finding some other foods. Have you tried home made rice pudding, I normally use a bit of cinnamon or honey to sweeten it, instead of heaps of sugar. My T loves it.

Nat, I think its lovely that Eli still wants boob, I wish T did, I miss bf.

GYA lol at the death drag type crawl, made me laugh. T still has no inclination to crawl, not interested one bit, he just wants to be on his feet.

Have got a walker and a push along walker, one of those v-tech thingies, will have to see if he is strong enough to support himself on that, good idea Chulita

Well I hope you all have a good weekend, I'm baking lots this evening, got my village fete tomorrow, oh how mumsy. Never thought in a million years I'd be the baking type, always the job first and now I love everything about being mumsy, take care xx

MaidenDevon Fri 24-Jun-11 11:40:09

Oooh, we have another crawler - F is 11 months next weekend, so has been pretty slow on the uptake, but she's done most things slowly, she likes to consider things, judge if they will benefit her in anyway, then think about it about it a bit more before deciding whether it's worth the effort! She didn't roll over(either way) until she was 9 months. She's been doing a weird going on all fours lifting opposite legs and arms (looks like one of those lizards in the desert trying to keep its feet from burning), for a few weeks, but last night she saw her dummy on the floor across the room and went for it full pelt, after a full assessment of the pros and cons and looking at me with puppy dog eyes to see if I would get it for her first grin

She now has 8 teeth, with the latest being a (pre)molar on the bottom left hand side, ouch, that one had us pacing the floor at ungodly hours I can tell you. She's now on her 2nd tube of baby toothpaste, though the "brushing" is a bit hit and miss, I have resorted to swaddling her with a towel on her changing mat to give them a proper going over on a couple of occasions (that went down well, not!) Fortunately she only drinks water during the day and hates any kind of juice (despite my mum's best efforts to get her addicted to "high juice"hmm)

Re the napping, Nat have a look at this thread, had me going, YES! YES! YES! to a lot of it daytime naps those who say "a baby will just fall asleep if it's tired" just don't get what it's like to have a baby who is easily over stimulated, but if you've never had one of those babies I guess it's easy to judge that the mother is just becoming a mentalist about the napping - I would have done it as well prior to F blush

On a positive note I have managed to get F to sleep 3 times in the last 2 days with no pram pushing or feeding to sleep. Small achievements, but I nearly cried with relief, knowing that she could do it, especially as she is starting nursery at the end of July when I go back to work. My KIT days have been fab, fortunately I love my job, the money has come in very handy and F has enjoyed her days with GP's who spoil her rotten (I have to forgive them giving her the odd choccy digestive biscuit as they are doing me a huge favour having her one day a week).

F loves finger food (see aforementioned chocolate digestives), much prefers it to being spoonfed anything (she wants to do it all herself), got a fab book (in charity shop) Finger Food for For Babies and Toddlers which I found much more "me" than Annabelle Karmel, although I'd love to be fashioning a leaning tower of Pisa from mashed potato, complete with Michael Angelo fresco around the bottom for decoration, I just can't be arsed haven't got the time.

Hope the sun shines for you all this weekend.

cazzybabs Sun 26-Jun-11 20:11:23

Poppy took 5 steps today and has leant to stand! I am going back to work next week sad still nearly the summer holidays smile

cazzybabs Sun 26-Jun-11 20:11:51

learnt to stand from sitting I meant to add

marzipananimal Mon 27-Jun-11 20:39:14

wow well done Poppy! They look so cute when they take their first steps, I'm looking forward to that with J (though he gets into enough mischief without being able to walk so no rush).

That sounds like great progress with the naps Maiden - hopefully it's a sign of greater things to come.

We've been away for a long weekend in Kent (my bro got married on saturday). It was really nice to see loads of family and friends, and we had a gorgeous outfit for J, but the travelling and nights were pretty rubbish. We had to do quite a bit of the journey down with him screaming in the back and the drive back today (to Yorkshire) was soooooo hot! Am very glad we are back in our own beds tonight.

Hope everyone's well smile

bellygazing Mon 27-Jun-11 21:33:59

Congrats to all the new crawlers and walkers! Not too much to report here, other than that the amount I'm expressing at work seems to diminish all the time which is a bit rubbish. Two ounces today. If it carries on this way I may end up dropping the middle of the day feed earlier than I intended.

We were away at the weekend too to a friend's 30th and my darling daughter, although she woke for a very sleepy feed at 5.15am, she then slept until 8.45am - the longest lie-in I've had in aaaages.

Good to hear all is well gya, remember how much I loved getting that first sound of the heartbeat.

And at the risk of sounding like a major worrier and pain in the ass thedogwalker (feel free to ignore this) but I'm fairly sure honey is the one thing they advise not giving to babies under one because of a risk of botulism. It's very rare but pretty nasty.

CazandBelle Tue 28-Jun-11 21:15:08

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing?

Just wanted to pop over and say that between the just giving page, sponsored walk, fete and other donations we've raised over £5000 for Sands! and still counting because I haven't collected all the money for the walk yet! Now we're waiting on Santander organising their (part)matched donation.... the final final figure is going to be out of this world and far more than I ever dreamed we'd be able to raise! My baby Belle did all of this. I will let you know the final figure when it is all arranged!

21 weeks pregnant now, 16 weeks until they will induce me. Please keep praying Xander stays safe until then. Getting more and more anxious as we approach 3rd tri.

bellygazing Tue 28-Jun-11 21:31:25

Caz, that's brilliant, what a lovely legacy for your daughter. Think of you, Jon, Belle and Xander often and praying for you all.

Chulita Wed 29-Jun-11 08:13:19

That's great caz, well done for all your efforts and hard work! Definitely praying for you all smile

bellygazing S sometimes is too tired for his lunch feed so I don't bother. Tbh I don't feel like I've got much anyway and even if he goes all day without a feed I'm not massively engorged at the end of it. But then he's 11 months now so I was hoping to have stopped by 12.

We had a weekend of fun down in Herts for a wedding and true to form my two slept very badly so we're all tired and run down at the mo. S is still waking up ridiculously early, 4.20am yesterday and 5.20 today. I can't work out what I need to do to get him to sleep later, I've tried dropping one nap/feeding later/dreamfeed/later bedtime but he's always up at the same time <yawn>

bellygazing Wed 29-Jun-11 12:10:28

chulita will he go back to sleep if you feed him or is that it, he's up for the day? E quite often wakes dispiritingly early (4.45am yesterday) but if I feed her she'll - mostly - go back down til 7ish. Although she woke this morning at about 5.30am, I put her back down and then at 6ish decided she wasn't sleeping and went in to find she had pooed EVERYWHERE - had to change the bedding, her clothes, the waterproof sheet etc. Think she may have eaten something that disagreed with her as she did another 'interesting' poo at about 8.30am. And has been a bit clingy.

Oh, did I say tooth number 2 has finally arrived? And top 2 look like they're on the verge of coming (mind you, I was saying that about her 2nd tooth for about 6 weeks)

thedogwalker Wed 29-Jun-11 13:06:02

Ouch belly that doesn't sound good, hope E feels better soon, not good when they have upset tummies. Tooth number 2, great news, more of them to keep clean. I found that when T is teething his poo is terrible, so it might be a sign that more are on the move. On the honey thing, well T has been eating small quantities for 2 months now and it never occurred to me not to give it him, I will still give him some in his rice pudding, but I do alternate between that and cinnamon so he doens't get it that often.

T has 6 teeth and he uses them to great effect now, tearing through his food. He also likes to try and bite my hand, little monkey.

CazandBelle, so glad the fund raising is going so well, you have done a wonderful thing and I agree with belly what a lovely legacy for Belle.

Cazzy, go poppy go, congrats on the walking.

T is now using his v-tech walker thing to walk with but he gets scared really easily and then sits back down. Trouble is he cannot get himself up yet, so its left to me and my mum to keep standing him up so that he can walk about, wish he would learn to pull himself up or to crawl for that fact hmm.

Hope everyone is having a good week, take care x

thedogwalker Wed 29-Jun-11 13:26:53

Forgot to mention, my Hungarian au pair arrived on Monday. My Mum is staying the rest of the week to handover to her, but then it's just me and the au pair next week. I am a bit worried that my T won't be looked after as well as he should be. Its just that my Mum obviously loves T as she is his Grandma but the au pair has only just met him and there is no bond of love there. Hope I'm doing the right thing confused {worry emoticon}

Chulita Wed 29-Jun-11 13:50:19

Nope, that's him up for the day. I occasionally put him back down but then he'll scream for as long as I ignore him.

dogwalker S likes to crawl to my legs and try and gnaw on them hmm If the au pair is any good she'll make friends with him quickly and your mum should be able to see what she's like with him over the next couple of days.

thedogwalker Wed 29-Jun-11 14:04:18

Chulita T is the same, once he's awake, that's him, he plays for a while in his cot, but then after 20 mins or so I can hear him getting gripey and I have to go and get him before the full on screaming occurs. Long gone are the 8pm to 8am sleeps, mores the pity.

Lol at the gnawing your leg, maybe that's why he doesn't want to eat too much, you're tasty enough for him grin

Chulita Wed 29-Jun-11 14:49:55

grin can't say I blame him really.

marzipananimal Thu 30-Jun-11 12:37:31

I see I'm not the only one with a biter! I have lots of little teeth shaped bruises on my legs and arms. I hope think he's just doing it cos he's teething, although he definitely prefers to bite me over toys. I don't know how to discourage it really - I try not to react, just gently push him away and say 'no' but I can't help the occasional yelp of pain and he thinks it's really funny when I push his head away hmm

dogwalker I hope things are going well with the au pair. I'm sure as they get used to eachother they'll get along fine

thedogwalker Thu 30-Jun-11 12:47:52

I think we must all be very tasty dishy mums and that's why our LOs love to bite us wink.

The au pair and T are getting on very well, long may it continue.

T say ta yesterday. My DM has been teaching him for the last 2 months to say ta when he gets given something and he has never bothered before but last night at dinner when we were passing him his food he said ta everytime, [gush emoticon]

So he can now say Mama, Dad-dad and Ta, still no crawling but walking with the aid of the vtech walker thingy. Oh how quickly they are growing, wish I was still at home to see it all.....big sigh.

Hope everyone is well and Belly hope E's tummy has got better. Take care xx

bellygazing Fri 01-Jul-11 19:10:42

Elodie bites me too, mostly my upper arms under the pretense of a cuddle. She's still not wuite right - has had a barking cough for nearly two weeks now - not as bad as it initially was - and for the past few days has been off her food and seems to need more daytime sleep. What she has eaten has been coming through undigested. I'm in two minds as to whether to take her to the doctor/ hv as she appears to actually be coughing stuff up then, as she doesn't know how to spit, swallowing it. That said, her third tooth (top one) has broken through so it could all be linked?

soontobefatnat Sat 02-Jul-11 22:02:15

Belly I reckon if she's still off colour, take Elodie to the GP on Monday. There's no harm if there's nothing wrong. Just a bit of time faffing about.

Eli bites me loads, or tries to - especially my face and nose! For a while I was trying to pretend it was his version of a kiss (ha! how desperate) but now he's taken to biting my arms too. I just try and gently tell him to stop, or distract him with something else.

Well, the big news here is that I saw a sleep consultant on Thursday and she's given us a method to work with to get Eli to sleep by himself in his cot at night. It's a mixture of pick up put down and controlled crying and a few other things. Not rocket science, but now we can at last be consistent with him at night as we know exactly what to do. Last night (our first night trying) was pretty hard going in the early evening, but he slept from 8pm - 3.30am without a proper wakeup, just some noise and shuffling about here and there. After 3.30, it was back to Eli's usual early morning tricks... he was asleep again by 4.30 by himself but then woke up at 5.30 for the day. SOOOO early. The consultant reckons we'll be able to fix this, but I am a bit sceptical. Tonight he took much quicker to get down, but we've had a few more wake ups/sporadic crying, but he's taken himself back to sleep again.

It also looks like E has dropped his afternoon feed, so I'm now only feeding at wake up, 10am and bedtime. In the next few weeks, I'll be dropping the 10am and replacing it with formula to get ready for the nanny starting. I tried to express recently and got barely anything! Feeling quite nostalgic about the early days (am I CRAZY??! They were so hard!) with my return to work looming and Eli's 1st birthday right around the corner. I'm sure you all feel the same. It's great, but it does go painfully fast.

Is anyone else's little one a little bit crazy/clingy at the mo? E has perfected a ruthless scream for when he's bored/left alone for a second/having his nappy changed/having his clothes changed/eating something he doesn't care for... bloody hell, it's wearing me down a bit! But I flicked through Wonder Weeks last night and looks par for the course at about 43 weeks. 43 WEEKS!!

Much love to all - have a good weekend!

soontobefatnat Sat 02-Jul-11 22:05:13

Oh! Meant to say to Devon congratulations on the daytime naps! Bloody brilliant. And that thread you linked to make me feel so much for the OP. Not many people can possibly understand what it's like to have a baby who is such a poor sleeper... it literally drives you mad. I'm still so tense about E's naps and I know my friends/in laws/NCT friends think I'm nuts. But when people say "they'll sleep when they're tired" I can now bitterly laugh and tell them that my baby slept for 40 mins of a 12.5 hour plane journey and was hysterical, yet awake at the end of it. How'd you like them apples?

Chulita Sun 03-Jul-11 08:10:52

<frantic typing> so what did they say about early wake-ups? It seems the only way S will sleep beyond 5.20 is if he wakes up for 15 mins or so around 4.00. Both of mine have been pretty ill so we've been having some rubbish nights. This morning L woke up at 5.50am (grr) while S slept til 7.30. She hardly ever wakes up that early but she has had a fever for the last 4 days so she's not 'herself'.
nat you most definitely are crazy, although we're aiming for a couple more, the first few months are my leastest favourite of all! S has an ear-shattering shriek that he uses to great effect quite regularly. L didn't drive me mad like he can!
belly I'd take her in if she's still off colour, 2 weeks is a long time for a bad cough.

thedogwalker Mon 04-Jul-11 13:18:29

Belly I agree with the others and take her to see the Doc, best to be get it checked out.

Nat so happy for you that the sleeping is improving, long may it continue and I'm with Chulita any tips to get them to sleep longer in the morning.

Thomas also has a piercing cry reserved just for me. Think it must just be a stage they go through, well at least I hope so.

He is now starting to mess with his food. I've been doing BLW but sometimes I spoon feed him, porridge, stewed apple etc, he has now started to spit his food out, but not spitting it on the floor, letting it dribble out, testing the consistency type thing, before smearing it all over his face with both hands hmm and of course smiling at me the whole time, cheeky monkey.

I've had a change of heart on the honey thing after reading up on it, he has only had it a couple of times, but have now decided to wait until older, so he is now restricted to just cinnamon to sweeten. Thanks for the info.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

bellygazing Mon 04-Jul-11 16:02:07

thedogwalker I wasn't meaning to send you scurrying to google in fear! It's only a few weeks now until they're one and apparently the danger ends (anyone else sceptical about all these dates where something is not fine one day but fine the next due to an arbitrary date??). I think our LOs share a birthday if I remember correctly, 21/08? Cinnamon to sweeten is a great idea, I also use mushed up fruit in porridge (strawberries, blueberries, pear, apricot, peach, the world is your oyster - even papaya once when I was feeling flush). Oh, and v impressed at your LO saying 'Ta'. We do get the odd mama and dada with meaning but most of what E says is just lovely babble.

Share your early waking tips Nat! The days of waking after 6am are few and far between at the moment, although I do usually manage to persuade E to go back down for a bit longer if I feed her. Although I also sometimes wonder if that is reinforcing the waking...

My DH took E to the doctors' and she said she was fine, apparently coughs can linger on after a virus for up to 6 weeks! I really just wanted her to listen to her chest and check there was nothing worse going on, and there isn't so that's good. Her tummy seems to be more normal now and she's eating better too (or at least today she is...). I however had an upset stomach this morning so have been working from home so as to be nice and close to the loo, lovely!

Is anyone else still waiting for their '8-month' check? They're supposed to contact you about it and I haven't heard anything at all. They originally told me it was any time between 8 months and 12 months, but would probably be around 10 months. Which we've gone past now...

bellygazing Mon 04-Jul-11 16:04:48

Also, what are anyone's thoughts on introducing cutlery? I let E play with a spoon and when she was being very difficult the other day she ate a bit off it herself (we do a mix of finger foods and mushed up stuff). And how are you supposed to teach them to do the right thing with them??

Chulita Mon 04-Jul-11 17:42:27

belly they forgot S so I contacted them to ask and they made an appt - might be worth hassling them.
wrt cutlery, it took L about 18mths to use a spoon anywhere near reliably but I've been giving S a spoon to 'help'. I might move onto metal ones soon because the plasticky ones aren't quite big enough anymore!

dogwalker I hate the spitting food out, makes everything so much messier than it needs to be, grr!

thedogwalker Mon 04-Jul-11 21:46:04

Belly not a problem, I'm glad you let me know as I was obliviuos to the risk, I'd been using cinnamon and only introduced a bit of honey just to mix it up abit, never realising he wasn't supposed to have it, so best air on the side of caution.

Thomas has a cough for ages, still has some days, but he had a chest infection at 8 months and even though his chest is fine the cough has lingered, ope E gets better soon.

Thomas had his 8 month check at 9 months, as I had just moved, I went to see the HV and whilst booking him in she did the 8 month check at the same time.

Thomas chews his plastic spoon as he chews everything grin. I have bought metal for him but not introduced it yet.

Oh the spitting food out, he does it so slyly and with a smile on his face and now he's started saying 'oh oh' straight after, taught to him by the au pair hmm. I want to be stern with him but all I can do is laugh.

Hope everyone has a good week ta ta for now x

marzipananimal Tue 05-Jul-11 12:41:49

I haven't even heard of an 8 month check let alone had one! What does it involve?

I put food on a spoon and give it to J to put in his mouth. It can be pretty messy but he will rarely let me put the spoon in his mouth for him. I'm not going to let him have both bowl and spoon for a while though - can't bear the thought of the mess!

Just bought a new car seat for J as he's getting to big for his. It's pink though blush (well grey and pink and it's a fairly muted shade of pink). It's the older version of the one we wanted and the newer version (coming in various colours) cost £70 more so we decided J would have to cope with pink! We'll have to just pretend we're being incredibly PC smile
It's a rear facing one - chulita am I right in thinking L has a rear facing seat? How do you find it? We're thinking of rigging up a little mirror so if we look round we can see his face. Also, was it you that said you re-use huggies little swimmers nappies? Do you just rinse and hang to dry?

bellygazing Tue 05-Jul-11 14:07:47

I reuse the boots swimming nappies - just as you say rinse then dry out. I would usually only get two uses per nappy though. And I
'm yet to have a code brown in the pool!

Chulita Tue 05-Jul-11 14:44:37

Yy marzipan both of ours have rear facing. L is 2.8 and although her legs are curled up we're often off on long journeys and she's never complained. We have a mirror so we can see them/they can see us. The only downside is that if they drop toys they're usually out of reach but that's out-weighed by the safety aspect imo.
And we re-use swim nappies, the one S is on now has been used 7 times so far. Just rinse and dry, proper huggies ones though so must be better than Boots <looks down nose and sniffs> wink We've had no poos either so far, must be lucky!

soontobefatnat Tue 05-Jul-11 20:10:32

Ooh, reusing swim nappies, eh? Brilliant, as I'm down to two and they seem to be impossible to source in our neighbourhood. TBH, the swimming has been going down like a lead balloon with Eli recently. I think it's due to his extreme tiredness (the lesson is at noon, which also means he has his lunch a little late) but he cried almost the whole half hour last Sat. Not sure whether to continue or blow the swim fund on something like Gymboree once the term is over. Honestly, this kid has a more expensive exercise regime than me or DH!

Well, sleep training has gone a bit tits up because Eli has been ill the past few days. He's gone down quite well in the evenings, but we're getting more wake ups again, and the early mornings are still with us. No magic spell as yet from the sleep consultant re early mornings - she reckons they're the toughest because, at that point, your kiddiewink has had the bulk of their sleep and sometimes they're just UP. Two nights ago E had slept through from 7pm until 5am and I woke up and panicked and went to check on him to find him crumpled up in the corner of his cot. Must have crawled about a bit in the night. I felt bad for him, so moved him and woke him up. What a doofus! The next night he woke up at 5am and grumbled and moaned for 50 mins, but we left him to it and then he miraculously fell asleep until 7.15!!! AMAZING! But yeah, it just seems to be random. The sleep consultant reckons the better/deeper they sleep at night, the more likely they will be to keep going. But she also reckons that once it's 6am, if they've woken up, that's it for the night.... Ho hum. There are no quick fixes.

So what rear-facing car seats do you guys have? I'm quite keen to get another Maxi Cosi seat as the Cabriofix has been brilliant for us, but in my (scanty) research on group 1 seats, I can't see that they do one.

Oh, and re sweetening things - I often put some vanilla in Eli's porridge/rice pudding. It really does lift things a bit.

marzipananimal Tue 05-Jul-11 21:11:19

I got the besafe izi combi X2 - appears I bought the last one as it's gone from the shop's website but it looks much like the X3 just a different head rest here

Maxi cosi do one too here but I don't know anything about it. I'm sure someone will on the car seat topic though.

J sleeps in all kinds of funny positions and seems to move around a lot in the night. We have a peep in every time we go past cos he's so cute smile

It's so hard to get any consitency with nights isn't it? We just don't seem to have any long stretches where we're not away and he's not teething or ill. Although he has some good nights I don't feel like we've made progress in the last couple of months.

The early mornings are such a pain aren't they? J has been doing quite well recently (not sure how) but this morning I think DH's alarm woke him up at 6.15, grr
I'll have a look in my sleep book and see if has any useful tips x

Chulita Wed 06-Jul-11 07:59:47

6am is fine, it's when they wake at 5/5.20 when they really shouldn't be UP imo.
We've also got the Besafe Izi Combi for both of ours. We bought them from [[http://www.prams-pushchairs.co.uk/besafe-izi-combi-x3-isofix-rear-facing-seat-black-p-620.html here] but paid £100 less for L's 2 years ago and £50 less for S, the price has rocketed up! The X2 and X3 are very similar but the X3 has a moveable headrest so as they get older you can move the headrest up. I'd have had the X2 for S too but couldn't find one!

Chulita Wed 06-Jul-11 08:00:09
thedogwalker Wed 06-Jul-11 13:17:41

Thomas has just moved in to his bigger car seat. I had the maxi cosi family fix base so went with the front facing pearl. It got decent reviews from which. Didn't really consider rear facing as Thomas's legs were already crumpled up and now he's facing forward he loves it.

I'd like to think that if forward facing wasn't safe then they wouldn't be allowed to sell them (IMO).

Hope everyone is having a good week, take care xx

Chulita Wed 06-Jul-11 18:57:34

thedogwalker I agree up to a point, but after finding a few research things online DH and I were fully convinced. In some scandinavian countries all seats are rear-facing til about 4. Each to their own though, and in some cars you just can't fit a rear-facing. We're quite lucky that our car is like the Tardis so there's loads of room!

MaidenDevon Thu 07-Jul-11 22:30:20

F is in her new forwarding facing seat and much prefers it, tbh I didn't really consider a rear facing seat, though the old rear facing seat is now in DH's car (though the straps are so tight on it now, she can't have a coat or cardigan on when she's in it!) We got this one Baby Weavers Car Seat we got the same one for my parent's car as they have her one day a week. The seat reclines as well, so useful for that 800 mile round trip to the inlaws...

We're up to 10 teeth now so half way there (I think?!) Re the early waking, anything after 6am is fair game in our house, oh how I recall those pre baby lazy weekends in bed surrounded by the papers eating my pain au chocolat washed down with gallons of tea, followed by a leisurely shower (including washing my hair - gasp!) seems like a different life now, I suppose it is, it'll never be like that again, but I didn't have the most gorgeous baby snuggled up for cuddles then either so thems the breaks!

A friend told me on Monday that Posh had had her baby and called her Felicity angry - she said she immediately thought of me and how annoyed I'd be. Fortunately it seems it was a bit of internet gossip, but I'm hoping she calls her something else!

We don't have 8 month checks here, just one at about a year (though they're so far behind this seems to be happening at about 15 months)

Does anyone have any recommendations for good bath toys, the ducks and stacking turtles are losing their appeal now and I'm looking for inspiration?

soontobefatnat Fri 08-Jul-11 10:02:10

10 teeth, Devon?! That's amazing. E seems happy with his two teeth - heh. Not sure we're ever going to get any others, the way he's going at the moment.

God, I also miss those lazy weekend mornings. Or being able to shave my legs in the shower as a matter of course, and not having to organise a 'long' shower, in advance, with DH! Heh.

The ducks and stacking turtle have totally lost their appeal in this house too! E now prefers to stand up and grab at all of the non-toys (candles, glass jugs, whatnot) I've stupidly still got on the ledge next to the bath. Or he likes to try and grab the taps, including the hot one. Hmmm. It is, to say the least, a bit hectic.

We're going to have to go forward facing in our car. DH is 6'6" and we just can't fit in a rear facing seat...

Chulita Fri 08-Jul-11 11:05:24

Bath crayons are a winner here, S loves drawing anyway so the added bonus of doing it in the bath is brilliant. A teapot and a couple of cups keeps them both happy for ages too! He crawls around non-stop in the bath so it's a nightmare tbh.

Go with what you need to for car-seats, I know some children get car sick in a rear-facing so you wouldn't want to splash out and find they vom every journey!

We just completed on our house purchase <gulp> it's a LOT of money isn't?! Buying a house is scary stuff!

thedogwalker Fri 08-Jul-11 13:05:16

Congrats Chulita on buying a house, exciting stuff, now comes more expense, redecorating how you want it grin

Bloomin 'eck 10 teeth Devon, that's amazing. Thomas has 6 and that's enough for now as I hate it when he's teething, as we all must do.

Bath crayons sound like a good idea, will have to invest in some of them. Thomas also has lots of cups and plastic watering cans of different sizes, he likes the feel of the flow of the water from the spouts.

Thomas is full of cold, he woke up at 4 am crying and wouldn't settle back down. Put him in bed with me, which is something i only do in emergencies, and he still wouldn't go back to sleep. I had 2 hours of him poking and prodding my face, neck and kicking me in the belly. If I tried to stop him, he would start crying again. Now at work and I'm knackered. Oh yes the lazy pre baby days are a distant past. So looking forward to DH coming over from Germany this weekend, not seen him for a while. Hope to get a lie in this weekend, as when I'm on my own, I have to get up with Thomas as there is nobody else to do it. I don't think I could be a permananet single Mum, hats off to them as it is knackering.

Hope everone has a great weekend, I've got my Mum's 75th surprise birthday party to go to. As there are quite a few young children, we're having it in the afternoon, which is great, so we can all attend, without having to worry about bed times etc.

ta ta for now xx

Chulita Fri 08-Jul-11 14:31:14

We'll be renting it out to start with hopefully til DH quits his current job - we can save up for decorating smile
You tried Karvol? doesn't solve all the world's problems but can help clear nostrils. S has just got over a cold/fever and it's no fun sad

thedogwalker Fri 08-Jul-11 20:04:11

Oh yes, he's got karvol soaked items around his cot and some baby vicks stuff on his chest. Hope he sleeps better tonight, I need the sleep too.

Good idea about renting and saving up for the decorating. My work supply my housing wherever they move me, so the house I own back up north is rented out smile

soontobefatnat Fri 08-Jul-11 22:04:10

Sympathies on the colds, ladies. E has been ill since Monday - we had to spend the whole week indoors going mad... Now he has this hacking cough that wakes him up ALL THE TIME. Sleep training out of the window (quelle surprise!) Really hoping it clears soon because it is extremely tiring having a cross/tired/out of sorts baby. The last month of my maternity leave is going by in a blaze and I want us to be able to enjoy ourselves a bit.

Gosh, exciting stuff, Chulita, re the house purchase. We just tried (and failed) to buy a car today. But even that felt epic!

bellygazing Sun 10-Jul-11 19:04:24

sorry to hear about poorly LOs, E is pretty much fully recovered although still coughs a little bit. We have squirty ducks in the bath which E likes to eat, but as I still get in with her I seem to be the most entertaining toy. hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your maternity leave nat life feels very different when you're back at work.

I worked my first weekend shift since going back today - busy but not too bad. Raced home to Elodie though. She's being unbelievably cute t the moment although is making a beeline for everything she shouldn't eat then putting it in her mouth. Dried bird poo yesterday, really enjoyed foshing that one out...

marzipananimal Sun 10-Jul-11 20:22:49

Yuck! I often have that moment of seeing something disappear into his mouth but not knowing what it is. Really should sweep the kitchen floor more often blush

I hope the poorly babies are better. I have a horrible sore throat/cough/cold today but thankfully J seems fine and DH has looked after him pretty much all day so I have taken it easy.

Cute moment earlier - I was bfing J at bedtime and while latched on he started clapping smile (better than the usual boob/arm pinching!)

Congrats on the house chulita! They are ridiculously expensive though aren't they? We should be exchanging contracts on our first house tomorrow! Will be moving in August. Can't wait to be moved but seriously not looking forward to the process.

Poor you nat having to stay in all week! Nightmare! I had to for one day cos J had some spots that looked like the beginning of chicken pox (but turned out not to be) and that was bad enough.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend smile

Chulita Sun 10-Jul-11 20:41:11

I'm 3 days overdue for my period <twiddles thumbs and tries to decide what she wants the pg test to say>

marzipananimal Sun 10-Jul-11 20:54:24


marzipananimal Sun 10-Jul-11 20:57:19

that reminds me actually, those of you who have got your periods back, did you get any warning?
I got a bit of blood tinged mucous about a week ago (sorry if TMI) and more today - plus was in a foul, PMT-type mood on Friday. Do you think it's on its way?

Are you going to test today? [very excited emoticon]

Chulita Sun 10-Jul-11 20:59:42

that's how I started, had my first last month. It took it's sweet time coming which is why I'm not convinced I'm pg - I don't think I'm back in the swing of it yet!
I'm going to buy a test tomorrow and test on Tuesday if I'm not on by then.

bellygazing Mon 11-Jul-11 18:52:33

v exciting chulita, take the test! I too have news. It is less glamourous. Elodie pooed in the bath this evening. I was also in the bath. That is all.

Chulita Mon 11-Jul-11 19:50:59

grin that girl has class!
I tested, it was negative sad still no period though...

soontobefatnat Tue 12-Jul-11 09:23:19

Maybe it was too early to test, Chulita? Wait and see, eh?

I had a complete emotional meltdown on Saturday about slightly burning the lunch. Like, howling and door slamming. Bit embarrassing. And have felt really crampy the last few days - surely must be my period finally looming? I'd better prep my big fanny Mooncup. Heh.

Belly argh - a poo in the bath! I think I would have dealt with that badly, with lots of flapping about!

Chulita Tue 12-Jul-11 12:02:03

Maybe too early, who knows. I've been feeling really lightheaded since Sunday, everytime I stand up I get dizzy, also quite bloated regardless of what I eat but no sign of lower back cramps that I always get when due. Just a bit confused but it's probably just my period taking a while to settle into routine <fervently hopes that by pretending I'm hoping I'm not pg I will be in some convoluted way>
I've never tried mooncups, meant to but never have quite enough periods in a row to warrant them iyswim

marzipananimal Tue 12-Jul-11 12:58:42

Yeah it could be too early - bit hard to predict I suppose with period only just come back.

belly argh! DH sometimes has baths with J but I think he might cry if that happened to him. He's not very good with poo (or sick either).

Sounds like it could be nat. I hate the way hormones can inflict such horrible moods on you. Hope you're feeling better smile

My period still hasn't made an apearance so I'm hoping it was a false alarm. I've got used to not having them and don't want them back! Have never used a mooncup - I'm not very good with putting things 'up there' so not sure I could do it confused

bellygazing Wed 13-Jul-11 10:07:37

Ah, periods are rubbish! I had one - possibly even two? - straight after my lochia finished, then nothing since as I am on the minipill which I don't get periods on.

It could be too early, chulita, see how you feel in a bit. I get lightheaded and dizzy all the time, it appears to be one of those things that some people suffer from. My DH says I stand up too quickly.

Re the poo in the bath incident, it was pretty gross - it all separated out and floated away and I will be honest, there was a certain degree of flapping about after I stopped staring in horror. Fishing it all out of the bath was NOT FUN but I let DH do the cleaning of the bath afterwards. I had done enough.

Am feeling like crap this morning. E woke at 10.30pm last night - very uncharacteristic - wouldn't go back down with a cuddle, ended up BFing her and giving her calpol but the whole thing lasted about an hour. And she still woke at 5.20am, I managed to get her back down til about 6am then she came into bed with us. So very little sleep for me. Have a headache and finding it hard to concentrate on work.

thedogwalker Sat 16-Jul-11 16:06:41

Hi all, been visiting family all week. Thomas's cold turned into a chest infection, so he's now on antibiotics and he's not sleeping through, so we've got a pretty tired household.

wft the periods, buggers aren't they. I'm currently on my 4th and they are just coming back to normal. My 1st was very light, and the 2nd and 3rd weren't on time, so I guess the first few are just as and when.

I was the same last month Chulita when my period was late and I thought I was pregnant. I really want another and I am broody as hell but want to wait until DH moves from Germany.

Poo in the bath, not had that one, can't say I'd be any good at dealing with it, probably would be flapping too. Not looking forward to any of that.

Well I've now really got to start baby proofing my house. Thomas has shown no sign of crawling, so not had to do too much, but now he is walking round with the aid of his vtech push/walker thingy and he can move at such a fast rate of knotts, he has become very adept at it very quickly. However, he is soooo cute when walking as he uses lots of concentration and his face is a picture grin

Hope everyone is well xx

Woodlands Sun 17-Jul-11 18:02:44

Hello all - it's J's first birthday tomorrow! My little baby is not so little any more... This time a year ago we were umming and ahhing about when to head into hospital, we eventually went in at about 8.30pm. I think the next few days are going to be full of 'this time last years'.

I really wanted to get a rear facing stage 1 seat after seeing all the stuff on MN about them, but after weighing it all up we decided to go forward facing. DH has not been able to sit in the front passenger seat of our Fiesta without his knees being really squashed for the last year with just our group 0+ seat. I do feel bad that we could probably have kept him in the old seat for another couple of months, but he absolutely loves the new seat (we installed it last weekend) and seems much happier in the car now. Plus I get to drive again as DH can sit in the passenger seat in comfort!

Chulita Sun 17-Jul-11 19:25:57

Well, I got the two lines on Thursday so it was too early, just waiting for the ms to start...I told DH and he said 'here we go again' which is pretty much how I feel, excited but scared at the same time!

Happy Birthday J! (for tomorrow)

thedogwalker Sun 17-Jul-11 20:00:00

Woodlands what yo doing to celebrate J's birthday/ Are you having a party? I'm going to have a party for Thomas, but what do you do with lots of 1 year olds confused. Hope you have a great day with lots of happy memories for you all.

Chulita OMG, so happy for you. Wishing you and DH huge congratulations. I can't wait to start again, so jealous..... and so happy for you, let the excited feelings take over and forget everything else. Take care xx

soontobefatnat Sun 17-Jul-11 20:33:51

WOW! Amazing. Fantastic news Chulita! I did have a feeling! That's such great news. What's your ballpark due date?

And Happy Birthday to J for tomorrow, Woodlands! I can't believe it, can you? Ditto Dogwalker's question - what are you planning? I'm not sure what to do for Eli's birthday. Loads of our friends are away, so might just keep it simple with immediate family and birthday cake.

Woodlands Sun 17-Jul-11 20:44:39

Congrats again chulita (I've already congratulated her on the July thread, didn't want to say anything here until she had!).

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a write off. We've both been ill with a stomach bug over the weekend and while J is better today and I am on the mend this evening, I don't think we'd better see any other babies tomorrow. The plan had been to go to his first settling-in session at nursery in the morning and then in the afternoon a few friends with similar aged babies were coming over for cake and playing. The nursery has a 48 hour exclusion policy after D/V, and I guess we should stick to that for friends too. DH will be working from about 5.30am-9pm tomorrow. So it will just be me and J - not a very exciting day!

Woodlands Sun 17-Jul-11 20:45:30

But I meant to say, we're having a christening and first birthday party for him in two weeks time with various family and friends, so that will be the big event.

Chulita Mon 18-Jul-11 06:44:29

Thank you! Mid-march I think is kick-off. I think I'll hold off going to see a mw for a while though, once you're in the system I feel it drags on longer cos you have dates to count down to.

woodlands I hope you have a really lovely day with J even if it is just the two of you.

We're not having a party for S, we don't know anyone here we'd invite which is totally crap but hey ho, we'll just stick a candle in a muffin or something.

soontobefatnat Mon 18-Jul-11 07:25:27

Yeah, I think you're right about that. It stretches on so long, doesn't it, when you've got specific dates, and nothing goes on at the beginning anyway in terms of scans and other exciting stuff.

Woodlands hopefully your low key day will be lovely anyway.

Can't remember if I posted this last week or not but, thanks to the sleep consultant, Eli has started sleeping through the night!! Four nights this week, and two nights in a row now. I'm absolutely over the moon! Really feel like I'm coming back to the land of the living. What a difference a night's sleep makes!

marzipananimal Mon 18-Jul-11 10:55:29

yay chulita grin so happy for you.

We've just been away for a few days at PILs new house (with swimming pool!!!). Was lovely except fri night when J woke every hour, screamed a lot and wouldn't settle. I felt so bad in the morning cos everyone was knackered, but he had a new tooth to show for it so that's something.

nat that's brilliant envy smile

Happy birthday to J woodlands. I hope you have a really nice day and the party in a couple of weeks is lots of fun. Still over 6 weeks til my J's birthday but I'm sure it'll come round quickly. How fast they grow <sniff>

bellygazing Mon 18-Jul-11 19:51:10

Wow, lots to congratulate people on! chulita fantastic news, I think you're a teeny a bit crazy but equally I do feel very nostalgic about those early days. Not so much about the morning sickness.
nat that's fantastic about the sleep consultant, did they give you any tips on early wakings? We're very hit and miss at the moment, she woke 6am ish the last couple of days but we had some 5.20am wakings last week...
Happy birthday to J, woodlands, sorry you're both off colour but sounds like the christening etc will be really good fun. E's christening was a really lovely day. We're planning a very low key party, we've invited a few people over and if lots of people want to come, we're going to do a picnic in the park, if it's less we'll have one here. There will probably be a couple of other babies, but not loads I don't think.
When has everyone else got birthdays? E will be one on August 21.

thedogwalker Mon 18-Jul-11 20:35:46

Nat great news about Eli sleeping more, bet you feel great now after lots of sleep. fingers x that it continues and you can rejin the land of the living full time smile

Woodlands happy birthday to J. Gosh 1 year, dosn't the time just fly by, the party and christening sounds just perfect. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Belly My Thomas is also 1 on 21 August, we are having a small party just a few of his friends from nursery and some family over. Ordered a number 1 cake for him, OMG how pricey are they shock, however, unsure as to what to do at the party as they won't be doing any games yet, think its more for us adults really grin and photo opportunities.

Hope J and Woodlands feel better soon.

Marzi Yah on the new tooth grin

Take care all xx

soontobefatnat Wed 20-Jul-11 08:02:30

Belly - there was no magic bullet for early wakings. He was doing about 7pm - 4am/5am after we started the sleep training. Then the sleep consultant said it was all about tweaking. So I do a dream feed (I know I know!!) before I go to bed to MAKE SURE that he's not going to wake up hungry. I'm going to drop it in the next few weeks because, Lord knows, I do not have a newborn.

We also made his room much darker by pinning up sheets behind his curtains. Because the bloody John Lewis blackout material has not blocked much of the light out at all. This, I think, has really made the difference. I often hear him wake up (on the monitor) at about 5ish and grumble for a bit, but he has been going routinely back to sleep now until about 6.45. He did 7.15 today! And that's our forth day of sleeping through in a row.

thedogwalker Wed 20-Jul-11 13:38:04

Nat glad the sleeping is continuing to get better.

Thomas has just started to act oddly at bedtime hmm. He has always gone to bed with little or no fuss, but the last 2 weeks he has been screaming his head off, proper crying and taking ages to settle. Not sure of any reasons, I check for teething, nappy, wind etc, but find nothing wrong. Just finding it odd and stressful as he has never been like this before. Is anyone else experiencing this or something similar? Hope it is just a phase as I hate hearing him crying/screaming and I hate to think that he is in pain and I don't know what to do about it.

Hope everyone else is well, take care xx

soontobefatnat Wed 20-Jul-11 20:09:46

Dunno, Dogwalker - I'm finding Eli is throwing proper tantrums at the moment. He gets furious (with tears and kicking) if I take things off him, when I change his clothes/nappy... He seems to be asserting his independence in lots of ways. Do you think it could be similar, or do you think there's something else bothering Thomas?

thedogwalker Wed 20-Jul-11 20:22:42

Not sure at all, i snuck home from work early today. Thomas normally sleeps between 1 and 3 and I got home at 4.20 and he was in bed. The au pair said that he had only just gone down hmm, which is why he was still in bed. Hope that is the case and it's not that she keeps him in his cot most of the time, which is why he doesn't want to go there at night. Oh how I wish my Mum was still here [wishful emoticon]

soontobefatnat Wed 20-Jul-11 21:24:40

Hmm - could be just a one-off? I dunno, I wouldn't want Eli going down to sleep at 4ish though. A cat nap in a pram, maybe, but not a proper sleep. It's far too late in the day. Can you have a chat with her? I think it's okay to ask how his naps are going, as you're having such a hard time getting him down at night. I'm sure she's not keeping him in his cot most of the time.

thedogwalker Wed 20-Jul-11 21:38:13

Good idea Nat, I will ask her about his daytime naps, I think there is probably a reasonable explanation and he is just going through a phase. Thanks

Chulita Thu 21-Jul-11 07:28:06

I definitely wouldn't want S going to sleep at 4pm, that would throw him right off sleep-wise. I hope, like you said, she's not just popping him in bed so she can have time to herself... <googles "nanny-cam"> They do go through odd phases though so maybe it's just one of those.

I'm dreading the 1st trimester exhaustion kicking in, S is still usually up before half 5... gutted there's no magic bullet

LCRLCR Thu 21-Jul-11 13:03:54

Congrats chulita amazing news!! Ah I am nostalgic for the prego days....this time last year and all that. I'm going back to work August 31 and in order to qualify for the company's enhanced maternity package (18 weeks full pay) I need a year between maternity leaves so we could fesibly start TTC at the end of the year so i could leave again in a year!

S is doing well, 6 teeth now and proudly stands unaided so i think walking won't be too far away. She and I are visiting my brother and his family in Texas next month for 10 days and I am DREADING the 10 hour flight with her as she is such a restless minx. She's done plenty of short hops across to Ireland with me but nothing long haul - any tips? It's a day time flight.

Similiar to some of you, S has suddenly become a bit of a handful - goes ballistic if I take things from her, wiggles through nappy changes and screams as if I were murdering her - I am in a total sweat afterwards! And night time has also become very difficult to put down. Last night was awful, she woke up every hour so I am exhausted but she's now been asleep for almost 3 hours! Is there a sleep regression around this age? Of course it could be teeth but she seems generally cheerful and not acting like she is in pain.


thedogwalker Thu 21-Jul-11 13:33:21

Oh yes I know that feeling LCR, Thomas had me awake from half past midnight and he's at home now sleeping, whilst I'm at work, suffering [yawn, yours was cathcing]

I really don't know what's wrong with him, but he was screaming so badly that I couldn't get him back in his cot. Hope it is just a phase he is going through. Spoke to aupair, who was obviously aware that Thomas didn't sleep much and asked that he stuck to his 1 -3 pm sleep schedule so that it might prevent him from being awake tonight. So fingers x that it was just because he had a late sleep yesterday.

Chulita oh yeah the exhaustion, remember that well, good luck, hope it doesn't kick in too soon.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

bellygazing Thu 21-Jul-11 19:02:40

Hi all, E has been difficult to settle the last couple of days too - screaming after her last feed when I put her down. This morning she wokr at 4.30am so I fed her and put her back to bed then she slept til 7.30 - which put all her naps out of whack and she was again really difficult to settle. Sounds like a few of us are going through the same thing...

We have a crazy weekend ahead - I got last minute festival tickets through work and have been trying to work out the logistics. Including buying a tent big enough for us all, which my dh is hopefully doing as we sleep. The ,ost exciting/ scary aspect is that becayuse we both want to see bands late tomorrow night, my sister has offered to have E at hers (35 mins from festival site) all night! It will be our 1st night without her. Am excited, but wish we'd had a bit more time to plan it all properly.

thedogwalker Fri 22-Jul-11 12:17:22

Wow Belly a night without the LO, I've not had a night away yet either, so can understand why you want to plan it with military precision. Hope you enjoy the festival and go for it, take up the offer, it's not like we don't deserve a bit of fun time.

Got to the bottom of Thomas's crying and not sleeping. Thomas has not been needing his morning sleeps a lately, which is normal, he's grown out of that, but the au pair, was worried and so when she put him in his oct at 1.30 pm for his 2 hours, she was leaving him until he woke up on his own, even if that meant he slept til 5pm. So when I was putting him to bed at 7.30, he was crying and I think that was his way of telling "Hey Mum I've only just got up" and then he wasn't sleeping all night as he's already had loads of sleep through the day.

Au pair now updated and told not to worry about him not taking his morning sleep, but that she must wake him after his 2 hours in the afternoon, hopefully that will get things back to normal smile

sorry about long post. Hope everyone is well.

marzipananimal Sat 23-Jul-11 09:11:30

That's good that you've got to the bottom of it dogwalker, sounds like it will be easily resolved.

belly how did it go? We haven't had a night without J yet, can't see it happening for a while but it would be nice!

I had a bad mummy moment yesterday blush I let J play with a tub of pills while I was washing up cos they made a nice rattly noise but the lid came of and I looked down to see him with a handful in his mouth shock They were only lecithin capsules (a dietary supplement) so not drugs, but still I was a bit panicked. I fished what I could out of his mouth and then rang the doctor who reckoned it wouldn't do any harm (phew) but I'm going to be more careful with what I let him play with now!

In other news, we exchanged contracts on our house yesterday so will be moving in 3-4 weeks. Eek! Very exciting but slightly stressful too.

soontobefatnat Sat 23-Jul-11 10:14:49

LCR SNAP! We're going back to work the same day. It's the day after Eli's birthday, so I hope I don't get too weepy or anything. I think the first month or so are going to be very quiet as my boss sounds like she has no plan for what I'm going to be doing, and she works in another office, so it's not like I can pester her all the time for tasks. Hmm. I'm either going to love having lots of online/email time or be weeping in the toilets because I miss E so much.

Oops - E has woken up a-bloody-gain from his morning nap, better go. More later!

thedogwalker Sun 24-Jul-11 08:34:01

Marzi congrats on the exchange of contracts, exciting stuff.

I'm not doing too well. I had to put my beautiful, gorgeous, 15 year old Tessa dog to sleep yesterday and its broken my heart sad. Thomas has been looking for her and he noramlly throws food down for her during meal time, which he kept on doing yesterday and then shouting because she didn't come running like she normlly would to eat it all up. She kept him amused during meal times. My DH is in Germany, if ever there had been a moment when I needed a hug.

Feel so guilty, as the last 3 months I've been juggling work and Thomas and feel that maybe I didn't have enough Tessa time. Sorry this is a pnats post. Hope everyone is having a better weekend than me.

marzipananimal Sun 24-Jul-11 13:10:10

sad sad sad <hugs>

bellygazing Sun 24-Jul-11 18:56:00

so sorry dogwalker, losing a pet is horrible. Lovely to think that T bonded with her though, maybe he will remember her when he's a bit bigger.

Well, it's been extremely eventful - on the way to the festival the car almost went kaput so we've been constantly on tenterhooks that it would just fizzle out. When we got to my sister's she REALLY took against my brother in law - who she's spent plenty of time with in the past - and was clinging onto me for dear life. Thought things were going to get interesting... Then at the festival site I lost my wedding ring as I've lost so much weight it literally slipped off my finger.

Fortunately, E slept at my sisters til 6.45 and was absolutely fine until we picked her up, the ring turned up and the festival was great. On Saturday E stayed up with us til about 10 with baby ear defenders, then we went back to the tent and with minimal protest slept til 6.50. Yay! On the less positive side, every single nappy change this weekend has been a major battle complete with screaming, and she has taken to arching herself rigid and crying when we try and strap her into the pushchair. Not so good...

bellygazing Tue 26-Jul-11 19:15:52

hello, anybody out there?

LCRLCR Wed 27-Jul-11 10:41:09

I'm here! Hugs dogwalker that is so sad, I still well up thinking back to childhood pets. Congrats marzi and good luck with the move. Glad the festie went well belly am sorry we didn't make one this summer.

For those of you still bfing, how long do you plan to continue and how do we stop? S only feeds on waking up and before going to bed now and I am back to work next month so I am thinking about stopping - how to do it? I am totoally open to feeding longer but I met with some friends of mine at the weekend, both of whom are still feeding their 18 months old but are having great difficulty weaning them off the breast, they feel they have missed the window? So I wondered about weaning her sooner rather than later while she is still that little bit younger rather than a forceful toddler. any thoughts?

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Jul-11 14:19:20

Hmm, interesting to hear that LCR. Firstly, how much is everyone else feeding these days (boob/bottle, I mean)? I've sort of kept going with a pre-breakfast feed, a mid-morning feed, a mid-afternoon feed and a pre-bed feed. They've got pretty short, and our nanny starts next week, so I'm trying to switch E to having milk from his sippy cup for the mid-morning and mid-afternoon feeds. Yesterday he had a good amount in the morning, today barely anything. I'm worried he's going to end up hungry... he didn't eat more for lunch than normal. But perhaps I'm overestimating the amount of milk he's now taking in at the feeds and maybe he doesn't need milk between meals anyway?? (Although my NCT friends all seem to be giving their babies loads of milk).

But anyway, LCR, sorry for the slight hijack there. I think I'm going to keep going with the morning and night feeds for a while after going back and just sort of play it by ear. One of my NCT friends found that her baby just didn't really want the boob anymore once he got used to her going back to work and not feeding at any time other than the mornings. It was more trouble to breastfeed him than not, so she dropped it. Otherwise, my plan currently is to drop the mid-morning feed and replace with formula (hopefully, anyway), then in two weeks, drop the mid-afternoon feed and replace with formula. I can tell my boobs are a bit full from not doing the morning feed, but it's not very uncomfortable and I think dropping one feed at a time should get my body used to it without worrying about mastitis or anything like that.

Dogwalker Really sorry to hear your sad news. I think you're doing brilliantly with your DH away at the moment. Big hug.

Belly WOW! Could have been quite dramatic, eh? But sounds like it all came good in the end. We're off to Green Man at the end of August, so hoping that we have similar luck in the sleep department!

LCRLCR Wed 27-Jul-11 17:17:45

S has 2 breastfeeds a day and during the day I offer water and sometimes cow's milk from a sippy cup. I've been assured by health visitors that this is plenty as long as she enjoys a varied diet with plenty of calcium rich foods and she is certainly thriving. So nat I'm sure E will be totally fine if you drop to just two feeds. S eats like a horse so I am confident that she isn't deprived in any way and she has remained on the 75th centile since birth. How is E's appetite? I shoudn't think that you would need to offer formula, cow's milk is fine at this age.

DedalusDigglesPocketWatch Wed 27-Jul-11 17:19:42

Hello, just marking place smile (this is Alice/supersonicdave BTW)

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Jul-11 19:21:36

Hello Dedalus! Hope you're well.

Thanks LCR - that's really useful.

marzipananimal Wed 27-Jul-11 21:52:41

Hello deldalus smile was wondering where you'd got to.

belly that sounds like a very eventful weekend! I've not been around as much cos J has been really clingy and whingy the last few days and I'm not sure why confused Hopefully just a short phase.

LCR I've been wondering this too. J currently has a feed before his nap (around midday), one at bedtime, one in the night and sometimes an early morning and/or mid afternoon feed. I'm really in two minds about whether or not to carry on after he's one. I know it's good for him but I kind of want my body to get back to 'normal'. And if there's a window of opportunity for stopping easily I don't think I want to miss it. We might start ttc in about 10 months (eek!) and I don't want to feed while pg.

marzipananimal Wed 27-Jul-11 21:53:07

sorry dedalus

DedalusDigglesPocketWatch Thu 28-Jul-11 07:29:36


I have finished feeding ds. He had his last bfeed about 4weeks ago. I stopped because it felt like the right time. I was only feeding at bedtime then early morning (4-5ish) then around 7ish sometimes. I stopped the bedtime feed first as he was not very bothered having had dinner not very long beforehand. Dh put him to bed with some cows milk in a bottle for a couple of nights then I did and he didn't ask for the boob, just wanted the bottle. Then we noticed him getting quite cross when bfing in the morning so switched him to a bottle then too and have had no proplems since. I was surprised at how easy it was seeing as I had to stop feeding during the day because he was getting agressive.

He is teething atm and keeps biting.

thedogwalker Thu 28-Jul-11 09:08:51

Hi all, that is a good question about the feeding. Thomas has been on the bottle now for nearly 3 months, as he self weaned when we moved. He has breakfast at 6.30ish, then a bottle at 9am. He has lunch and then a bottle about 1pm, he then has dinner at 6pm and a bottle just before bed. I too have been wondering for how long we keep giving the milk.

I didn't know we could give cows milk now. He has that with his porridge, but I've not given it to him as a drink. So are you all planning on dropping formula/breast and giving cows milk?

My beautiful Tessa dog was cremated yesterday and now I'm just waiting for her ashes to be returned so that I can bring her home. I've bought an urn as I'm not going to scatter her ashes, well not just yet anyway.

Hope everyone is well.

DedalusDigglesPocketWatch Thu 28-Jul-11 09:20:17

Sorry to hear about your dog sad

We are using cows milk because he has refused everything else. Plus they say it is fine from 12m (ds is 11m) I did speak to the hv about it though. The follow on milk is meant to be very good, especially if they are not great eaters.

Ds seems to eat so much! I swear he will eat us out of house and home.

bellygazing Thu 28-Jul-11 11:24:23

marzi I too have a clingy, whingy girl - but in between she's lovely wink.
I have a vague plan to feed E until she's 2 as per WHO recommendations. At the moment, she gets a feed when she wakes, one at about 2pm ish and one at bedtime. She doesn't really demand them as such but is very keen when the boob appears. I am planning to drop the middle of the day feed when she's one (only about three weeks!) then I imagine the other two will go sort of naturally.
I am planning to give her cow's milk in her sippy cup during the day (no idea if she'll drink it, she's had nowt but booby milk and water to drink but she has cow's milk in porridge, scrambled egg, and cooking sauces). The other day I had to go out all day with work and didn't get home til 4ish and my boobs were really quite full and uncomfortable by then and I had to drain them straight away, so think it won't be terribly comfortable when I drop the feed - any tips?

LCRLCR Thu 28-Jul-11 23:56:31
thedogwalker Fri 29-Jul-11 08:17:30

They are brilliant, wish I was still bf, just so I could get one grin.

How is everyone today. How are the pregnant Mums? Not heard from any of you for a while. Hope all is going well.

Thomas is having less and less naps in the afternoon, but he is far more tired at night, completely opposite to 2 weeks ago. Phew.

Going to arrange his birthday party this weekend. I really cannot believe he will be 1 year old on the 21st. Cannot believe a whole year has gone by. It is certainly true when they say they grow up quickly.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

thedogwalker Sun 31-Jul-11 07:45:06

Bought Thomas his first proper pair of shoes from Clarkes yesterday. They are already improving his walking 10 fold. He loves wearing them and is much braver in them, now walking the gap between the two sofas. Don't think it will be long until he's walking completely on his own. Still no crawling, think he has missed out that phase hmm.

Hope everyone is well. Take care x

Chulita Sun 31-Jul-11 07:57:38

I'm here-ish, just feel so sick at the mo that screen time makes it worse.

S stopped bfing the day before his 1st birthday, one day he just didn't want it anymore. He was down to 2 feeds a day anyway so it wasn't a huge thing to drop it completely.

dogwalker sorry about your lovely dog, it's never easy sad

S is walking everywhere now, not very steadily but doesn't want to crawl anymore. I've not got him shoes yet so he just potters around barefoot but I'll need to at some point.

bellygazing Mon 01-Aug-11 19:03:02

baby hoes are shockingly pricey considering how little use you get. HV told us we didnt need them til she was actually walking so still using some soft ones she was given when she was born or going barefoot.

It's probably a big mistake saying this and will jinx everything, but E has been much better re earky wakings - about 6.30am or later for about a week, and 7.10am on saturday! It felt like bliss. I am having some trouble bf at the moment - not sure if it's a lazy latch issue or that she's not got to grips with all her new teeth, 5 now, but it hurts sometimes when feeding and I have little red marks on the top of the aureola. Think I'm going to visit the baby cafe on Friday when I'm off - bet they don't get too many 11 month olds!

Dedalus, great to hear from you, and also good to see you chulita - hope the 1st trimester crapness passes soon.

Chulita Mon 01-Aug-11 20:34:14

I like going barefoot anyway so I don't want to force him to wear shoes smile

envy at your 'late' wakings, S is still on 5.15am and it's killing me. Honestly, I can't function properly at the moment I'm that tired. I just need to be able to wake up at a normal time.

belly it wouldn't be surprising if you've both got a bit lazy as she gets older, might be worth working on the latch again!

soontobefatnat Tue 02-Aug-11 15:14:06

Oof - Chulita, hope you get over the queasy stage soon. Rank. Am definitely thinking of all you preggos in this heat. And sorry to hear about the early waking. We're having a little lucky spell too with wake ups closer to 7am than 5am. I thought it was the fact that it's a bit darker in the mornings these days than a month or so ago, but maybe it's just a phase. Better enjoy it while it lasts!

Those beanies are hilarious LCR!! Hehe. Wicked present idea... I might have to order a couple.

Good idea about the bf cafe, Belly - I reckon Chulita is probably right that you're probably so relaxed about it now that it's got a bit too lazy, if you know what I mean.

Eli's got properly enormous feet. He's already grown out of his 12-18 month soft shoes. Sigh...

Oops, and he's woken up from his nap. Better go!


marzipananimal Tue 02-Aug-11 20:28:10

belly I've had a bit of trouble feeding since J got teeth at the top. It was really sore at first and they still sometimes dig in a bit but he seems to have more or less adjusted to them now.
LCR love those hats grin
chulita hope you feel better soon - you must be so tired!
dogwalker I've been wondering if getting J some shoes would help him with walking - he can stand unaided a little bit now but tends to wobble about on his toes a lot. Glad to hear T's doing well

J has been doing horrible poos recently! Explosive ones which cover him in tiny little flakes of poo which are nearly impossible to wipe off. I'm not sure if it's something he's eaten or what but it's been going on for nearly a week and is very annoying!

bellygazing Thu 04-Aug-11 18:49:05

I spoke too soon! E woke at 4am then back down til 7 the night after I posted and has been
doing 6am the past two mornings. Marzi, hope J is fine, E has done some atrocious poos recently - two today that were a bit diarrhoea esque, hope she hasn't sneakily eaten anything too horrid.

soontobefatnat Thu 04-Aug-11 22:54:28

First full day for Eli with our nanny today. I'm not back at work yet, so felt totally bereft. You know that aching feeling in your chest? Not fun. Especially with torrential rain to boot. I think my main problem is that I don't even like my job (unlike my friend who we're sharing a nanny with). I just don't want an enormous gap in my CV. So torn. How's everyone else feeling about back to work stuff?

On the upside, we're off to France on our holidays tomorrow! I can ignore thoughts of work for another fortnight at least! X

Chulita Fri 05-Aug-11 10:21:51

nat sad that's no fun for you at all, different matter if you loved your job. Hope you have a lovely holiday! am very, very envy

I'm eating for britain at the mo, not nice but if I get hungry I feel really ill so I just eat and eat and eat. I feel absolutely huuuuuuge sad argh!

thedogwalker Sun 07-Aug-11 08:11:19

Nat hope you're feeling better, I know it's not easy, I hated going back to work and still long to be a SHAM, however, I do enjoy my job would just prefer to be at home with LO. Hope it all improves for you soon, be kind to yourself it will get easier smile and [hugs]

Was in the A&E and the childrens ward on Friday night with Thomas. my DH is over at the moment and looking after LO, I worked til 6.30 so didn't get in til late, but straight away knew that T wasn't well. His temperature was sky high and he had a rash all over his body which DH had not noticed hmm.

Rang NHS direct who said they would get back to me within the hour, no, no, no I wasn't waiting that long so took hm to A&E where his temp was soaring, so they put him on the children's ward as they confirmed a fever but said the rash was nothing to worry about. At 1 am on Saturday morning he started drinking fluid again so they let us home. His temp was still been high all yesterday and this morning he is still hot but no fever. Been a stressful 48 hrs. At least my happy little boy still slowly returning. Never want to go through that again, but I know that was just the first of many worrying times.

Chulita hope the sickness wears off soon and go for it with the eating, why not.

Take care xx

Chulita Sun 07-Aug-11 08:24:35

Aw dogwalker that's really scary! Glad you're all home again now but poor you and T! Fingers crossed he picks up quickly and gets back to his normal self.

DH is off on a course today, I used to get on with him being away for months at a time but him going away for 4 weeks (and probably back for two of the weekends) is making me really sad. Methinks it's definitely time to look for a new job, we're pretty stable in this posting but the next place will most likely be a 'normal' one and I think I'm over the 6 months away business.

I'm going to try and distract myself this week by going up to our house and painting if the dc/ms will let me.

marzipananimal Mon 08-Aug-11 19:15:35

thanks belly his poo is back to normal now, I think it might have been down to satsumas disagreeing with him. Will avoid them for a while

dogwalker I hope T is completely better now, how worrying for you. We haven't been to A&E with J yet but I know it's bound to happen some time. One of the low points of being a parent.

chulita hope you're keeping well. I don't think I could cope with DH away for 4 days let alone weeks (think you're amazing too dogwalker). Has your DH got other job plans/options?

nat it must be so hard going back to a job you don't like. I feel very lucky to be able to be a SAHM. I don't have much on my CV (other than a pretty useless arts degree) so don't feel like I'm harming my job prospects too much but I'm hoping (possibly) to be a SAHM for ever so hopefully it won't matter. Was it you who was thinking of midwifery training? At least you've got something really positive to work towards. Hope you're having a great time in France smile

J has decided to try and learn to walk now. He has already done 2-3 steps a few times, don't think it'll be long

thedogwalker Mon 08-Aug-11 19:54:28

Thanks everyone, Thomas is fully fit again, smile.

Marzi how exciting, the first few stpes. Keep us updated.

My Dh will be working away until at least next May, then he will be able to join me and I cannot wait. This time he was away for 3 and 1/2 weeks and with my beloved dog dying, it felt like an eternity. Not sure how I'm going to cope when he goes to Afghanistan and I won't be able to ring him whenever I want to. Cross that bridge when I have to.

DH and I chatted and confirmed that we are definitley going to start ttc at beginning of September, so it's count down now.

Hope everyone is well. Take care xx

bellygazing Wed 10-Aug-11 18:52:47

dogwalker, sounds like a a v scary experience with T, glad he seems to be fighting fit. And exciting about d-date for ttc!

First steps also amazing news. I think E is a way off, although she cruises she's gone off walking when you hold her hands and keeps sitting down. She can't stand on her own really either. But there's no rush.

I really feel for all you ladies with dhs who are away a lot. I think I'd struggle a lot without mine being around full time.

thedogwalker Thu 11-Aug-11 09:34:31

At last my T has decided that he would like to crawl. He has been cruising for ages and walks with the v-teck walker thingy but has shown no previous inclination to crawl, but last night he just decided it was time. He has been doing it again this morning. He doesn't crawl for long, still reverts to rolling if he wants to get anywhere quickly, but at least now he knows he can do it.

Au pair has asked if she can leave. She's only been here 2 months, and her boyfriend has proposed, so she wants to go back to sweden to be with him. I had asked for a minimum of 6 months as I wanted some continuity for Thomas, but now I'm having to look for another. Full time creche is not an option because in the 3 months that I've been back at work, I've worked past 7pm on 2 occassions and my local creche shuts at 6pm. Can't wait for DH to be here full time as then a creche could be an option and I could have my living space back. It is quite odd sharing your house with a stranger hmm. It takes some getting used to. There are no child minders in the village, so au pair is really my only option. My DM is stepping in to the breach again to cover whilst I search, as it could take some time. Have to hope I get preggers quite quickly then I can go on maternity leave grin.

Hope everyone is well.

bellygazing Thu 11-Aug-11 11:28:12

Great news on the crawling - but rubbish about your au pair. At my nursery, they move the babies up to the next room when they are walking confidently - moving on from their key person - so I think E will have a move before she's been there six months. Not that she seems particularly close to walking right now, mind you.

She has woken in the night twice the last week - once at 3am, when she went back down with a cuddle, and this morning at about 4.15am, when I ended up feeding her. It's very annoying, because I know she can do the sleeping and isn't actually hungry. Grrr. But at 3/4am, it's the easiest solution. Oh, and yesterday she woke at 5.40am and didn't go back down for more than 10 minutes, so that was a fun day. Heyho!

Chulita Sat 13-Aug-11 21:57:42

dogwalker that is rubbish, and worse that you can't do anything about it! I hope you find someone reliable quickly. I think you're amazing to get on with all this without your DH, it's no fun at all and you must be so aware of everything he's missing with T. Glad T's back to normal again!

Last week was long but here we are, packing up again for next week. I'm shattered again so going to potter off to bed. I'm trying to get up the courage to dye my hair, the hairdresser did a permanent when I wanted semi and now I've got grow-back...I might wait til tomorrow when DH is gone again so if it looks bad I can try and sort it before he comes home!

soontobefatnat Mon 15-Aug-11 19:40:08

dogwalker ugh - what a nightmare for you. It must be so intensely disappointing, especially, as you say, when you have to invite them into your home and try and make them a member of the family. I'm sure your T will be able to roll with the changes though, and then hopefully next time you'll get someone who will be able to provide you with some stability. I second what Chulita says - you really are a tough cookie to be able to cope with everything with your DH away so much. I am a total wuss - can barely cope with a night away!

belly ditto here on the bloody early wake ups. Thought we had them cracked, but everything went tits up on holiday. It rained a lot and was grey and cool when it wasn't raining, and Eli got diarrhoea a few days in and still has it. It has been a nightmare - distressed baby, truly explosive poos going all over clothing and prams and what not, he's been losing weight. We decided to come home early in the end as I was finding it so stressful being in the middle of bloody nowhere, in France, in August, when apparently even the doctors are on holiday. Took him to the GP this morning and she was totally unhelpful and made me feel (as usual) like a time-wasting worrywort. I really hate that he's got skinnier than he was (he's not a big boy anyway, only 25th centile) but she didn't think it was an issue. I'm to give it another week... Ho hum. Who knows if we'll make it to the Green Man Festival after all. Anyway, early morning solidarity! <raises fist in salute>

Thanks for the kind words re returning to work worries. I think it will be fine once I'm there, but I'm not and just sort of dreading the whole thing. I feel really disorganised for the nanny starting too and I want her to feel comfortable/happy so she sticks with us for a year...

Marzi yes! Well remembered. I'm starting to get my thoughts together to write my UCAS application (almost makes me feel young again! Ha.) for the midwifery degree, starting next year. I'm just trying to read as much as possible and I've got in touch with the lovely midwives who helped me with my home birth to try and get a work placement. Fingers and toes and everything crossed. I do think having this to think about will be a lifeline when I'm back at my dreary desk.

Chulita I'm stuffing my face like a maniac at the moment. And really packing on the pounds. You, my dear, have every excuse in the world to keep eating, especially as a) you're growing a little one and b) it really helps to keep the vom at bay! Hope you breeze through this little bit and get to the lovely second trimester. When do you have your 20 week scan? Gosh - so exciting.

Laters potaters.

thedogwalker Mon 15-Aug-11 20:15:11

Bless my DM she has stepped into the breach again and will stay with me until I can find another au pair. Nat I would love to have a nanny but could never afford one, very envy of yours. On the returning to work, it will all go well once you're back at work, it's just actually doing the deed, the first day of leaving the house.

Sorry about your distressed Eli, that must be very worrying. I think Doctors should be more sympathetic, they should understand that a Mum knows her baby best and we know when they are just not right. Hope he improves soon, he is probably just fine but it doesn't stop you worrying.

Oh yes Chulita what about the 20 week scan and all the info. Hope you're feeling better and the sickness is subsiding.

Take care all xx

MaidenDevon Tue 16-Aug-11 01:32:32

Disclaimer - this is going to be a long one, I need to get it off my chest, so feel free to skip on I won't be offended.

Am starting my first full week back at work today (4 days a week), the last 2 weeks have done mornings only whilst F has her settling in days at nursery - hah, what a bloody disaster it's been!

I ended up changing from the first (Surestart centre) nursery a week before I was due to go back to work, we'd done several "stay and play" sessions but even with me there she was a mess of snot and tears. She has such bad separation anxiety and is so wary of strangers, none of the staff could get anywhere near her, without her screaming the place down. I left her twice and both times they had phoned me within the hour to come and get her, to be honest, this didn't really inspire me with a huge amount of confidence that they were used to dealing with "high need" children.

Oh, how I wish she was a docile, placid, gurning baby who is happy to be bounced on your knee, distracted with a Fireman Sam figure and persuaded that "mummy will be back soon", but she just isn't, she's intense, stubborn, highly sensitive (to everything!), inquisitive, anxious and bloody hard work (enough to put me off ever having another one), I did all of my KIT days and loved the break from her (feel a bit bad for saying that but I do love my job as well).

Ended up ringing around childminders (though I really didn't want a childminder for several reasons) to see if anyone could take her as I thought she might just benefit from one to one care in a home environment, of course she would still need to build a bond with the person, but no one had availability until September. One of them did recommend a very small, private, family run nursery, and fortunately they had availability for the days I needed. I took it as a sign and visited with DH (who of course was furious that "all of this hasn't been sorted yet, you're going back to work next week!", he just didn't understand why she couldn't settle at the first nursery, then he calmed down and agreed we had to do what was best for F not what was most convenient for us!)

Work agreed for me to delay my return by a week (just as well as we were all struck down with a hideous S & D bug that week) so I could do some stay and plays at the new nursery which went reasonably OK, lots of crying during first session when I couldn't move more than 2 feet away from her, then gradually less over the week as she got famililar with the room and the people.

New nursery is fab - they really understand her, yes she cries when I drop her off (heartbreaking for me, but I do that super enthusiastic "Mummy loves you, have a lovely day, see you later, have lots of fun, kiss kiss", then go and sob in the car) but after 5 morning sessions without me she is now eating her breakfast, snacks and lunch there (the first day she refused to eat or drink anything and she loves her food), and they have got her to sleep every day at lunch time (she would normally nap at 9am but that's when I drop her off so there's not a cat in hell's chance that she'll sleep then.)

Have recently read The Fussy Baby by Dr Sears - wow, it was like turning a light on, he describes F to a t, I nearly wept. I know all babies are "high need" to a certain extent, but having made lots of new mummy friends with babies the same age as F, it is clear to me (and them!) that she is different. I'm hoping "different" in the sense that she is going to be hugely intelligent, and not in the sense that I might be cultivating a serial killer!

She had her first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't believe a year had gone so quickly and dragged all at the same time. I was so looking forward to being a mum, I just didn't expect the baby I got, but I feel we've turned a corner now and we're both a lot happier for it. If I only had one word to describe the last year, it would be "RELENTLESS", I wish it could have been "magical", "exhilarating" or "fulfilling", but for me it hasn't been that, maybe I'm just not good with the baby stage, but I've found it hugely difficult, been reduced to tears on many days and felt very close to walking away from it all on several occasions, but when push came to shove, F needed me and not one person in this world loves her as much as I do.

I think this is what I find so difficult to reconcile - I love and hate being a mum, and wish I could find a middle ground where I could just muddle along thinking "this is OK, I can do this". A very good friend is having her 3rd baby in a couple of months, and I think to myself "how are you doing that?" I am genuinely in awe of anyone that can manage more than one child (physically and mentally). Does this mean I am a crap mum or that my baby is particularly difficult? I suspect (for me at least) the answer lies somewhere in the middle! Perhaps now I'm back at work I'll be able to rebalance myself a bit and be kinder to myself (am perfectionist and control freak personified) and just having time away from F gives me a chance to regain a bit of "me" which I lost somewhere along the way.

If you read any of that, well done! Love to all you wonderful ladies.

thedogwalker Tue 16-Aug-11 09:44:35

Oh Maiden your post made me cry. I feel so sorry that you have had such a harder time than me, and that you have not experienced the 'magical' and 'fulfilling' feelings that I have and I can't help feeling that you and F have missed out, which is what is really upsetting. I do hope that you begin to be kinder to yourself and then you may start to enjoy things more. You are most cartainly 'crap mum', you love your DD very much and want the best for her, which is what any mum wants.

Don't be so hard on yourself, remember no matter how much we want to be in contol of our lives, they, our darling children, are their own person and that can never be controlled the same. So chill out and enjoy the daughter you have. I came back to work 3 months ago and I miss being with my DS, I would love to be a sahm and I didn't do any KIT days, couldn't bear to be without my LO.

Glad you got a good nursery sorted. Take care of yourself and enjoy being a working mum grin.

thedogwalker Tue 16-Aug-11 09:48:01

Just re-read my post that was supposed to say you are NOT a crap mum blush. Sorry, hope I didn't cause too much upset. I really must start proof reading my posts before pressing the post message icon.

Chulita Tue 16-Aug-11 12:30:36

dogwalker good on your mum for stepping in again! I really hope you find someone quickly.

nat how exciting re application forms, I really want to do midwifery once we've finished our brood (which feels to me like 3 but DH is still hankering after 4, not the best time to ask me to have another one at this point grin)
wrt 20 week scan, I wish I was that far on, I'm currently trying to rearrange my 12 week scan cos I'm away on the day they've booked it (our one week's holiday for the whole year!) I'm only 9+4 so ages and ages and ages to go yet! Currently at the sick, exhausted and unable to eat/drink anything without feeling really ill stage but it will get better...

maiden you're not a crap mum, not at all, like dogwalker said all children come with their own personalities and you can't change them, you just love them and work within their characteristics.
I'm a sahm and I have to admit there are days I hate it. When L was about 3 months old I remember asking in a toddler group if anyone ever regretted having a baby and I was looked at in utter disgust with protestations of 'of course not, never, I love my baby'. Of course, I love both of mine more than anyone else in the world but L was a very intense baby, hardly slept and needed full-on, constant attention. DH went away for 6 months when she was 8 weeks old so it was just me, all day every day and seriously there were times I wanted to run away. My family all live miles away so I had no support/babysitters, it was horrible. But, it's all a stage and S is a completely different baby (thank goodness). I wouldn't want a different job but there are times I wish I had just one day a week for ME!
Sorry, a long-winded way of saying you're not alone, and you're not odd. There are plenty of mums who love their children fiercely but still really enjoy getting away from them and back to work and there's NOTHING wrong with that at all. Please don't worry about posting about how you're feeling either, that's what a support group is here for!

MaidenDevon Tue 16-Aug-11 13:33:23

My goodness, I can't believe you read it!

Thedogwalker and Chulita, thanks for your words of encouragement, in reality I know I'm not a crap mum, I wouldn't be so worried about everything if I was, I just wouldn't give a toss. I just feel I don't have what it takes to look after her full time, everyone kept saying to me "oh, it's hard when you go back to work, you just want to be with them all the time", errr, no I don't, call me weird!

I think things have been better the last couple of weeks now that I am back at work, she is exhausted from being in nursery (her first full day today and they've not phoned me yet...) and sleeping better. DH and I actually split the weekend up into him looking after her (to give me a break), me looking after her (to give him a break) and joint looking after (so at least we can say we've had some family time).

For what it's worth, when she is having a good day (morning/hour), she is an absolute joy and has an infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humour already (shut mummy in the bathroom for fun anyone? That one was hilarious...hmm) Plus she is the most beautiful baby, people actually stop me in the shop/street to coo over her (if only they knew the demon that lurks within grin). I think I am now (after reading Dr Sears) accepting that I cannot change the way she is (curses to you Gina Ford, you made my life a misery for a long time!), just work with what I've got and try and embrace the fact that she is going to give us a real rollercoaster ride whatever happens, with the lows must come the highs!

thedogwalker Tue 16-Aug-11 13:58:20

I second Chulita, that's what this group is for, to share the good and the bad times, so I'm glad it's helped you and hopefully cheered you up a bit, you are not alone smile.

soontobefatnat Wed 17-Aug-11 09:20:04

Maiden you are not alone! A lot of what you said has resonated with me deeply. I have found a lot of this year to be brutal. Magical moments and experiences for sure, but I had NO idea how difficult and intense this would be for me. My E doesn't sound quite as challenging as your F, but he certainly has his moments. He needs constant attention and stimulation and even with that, he can be hard to keep happy. We've had a really hard clingy phase where I have literally lost my rag with him because he wails even when held, let alone when I put him down or, heavens, do something other than lavish him with attention (like make a phone call or make him lunch). The sleeplessness has been brutal too. Luckily, his clinginess has eased in the last few weeks, as the nanny has started. Like your F, he has a great sense of humour - but sometimes I do worry I've turned E into an anxious, difficult little person by not being good enough, whatever that means.

This year has been a shock. I really had no idea motherhood would be so consuming and sometimes - if I'm perfectly honest - I resent it. My relationship with DH has radically shifted. We vent all of our frustrations at each other and in my blacker moments, I wonder whether we'll ever feel head over heels about each other again. I give 99% of myself to E because he needs it, so DH really gets the dregs. I think we both haven't really adjusted our expectations of life and still secretly banker after trips to the cinema, lazy weekends in bed, nights out... And it just ain't gonna happen. At least for a good long while. Ultimately, I think I need to be a less selfish person and just try and give myself up to life as it is, not life as I dreamed it would be. I'm just hoping that going back to work will lift some of the drudgery and not increase it - it could go either way. I'm excited about some time away from E, but also feel shit that I'll never have that endless me and him time back. I just wish I could have enjoyed my maternity leave more....

Ugh, sorry to ramble. Off to a day- long meeting at work. First true day back! Joy.

Love to you all x

thedogwalker Thu 18-Aug-11 10:52:08

Have you all had your LOs in for their 12 month jabs? Got a phone call from health cente yesterday, but my DM took the call as I was at work, so not sure how much of the actual facts I got. But apparantly my area don't do the 12 month jabs anymore but do them all at 13 months and I have to wait to be notified by post. This is all new to me as in Germany you just turned up at the HV when it was time and got the jabs done by the nurse.

MaidenDevon Thu 18-Aug-11 15:20:09

Oh, bollox, I just typed a long post and lost it (perhaps someone was trying to tell me something?..)

F has her MMR next Monday, she'll be 12 months & 3 weeks.

Last few days have been a lot better, so much so that I'm now not completely ruling out the possibility of number 2, much to DH's relief - I kept threatening to take all her old clothes to the charity shop as we wouldn't be needing them again!

Nat I think it is v. easy to neglect your DH when the little person in your life demands 99% of you, is it too much to ask that you keep the 1% for yourself and not give it to DH? If I get 30 minutes free time I want it for me (to do something mad like have a shower and wash my hair, or just sit and read a book), I used to take these things for granted, now they're treats, how sad is that?

Chulita Thu 18-Aug-11 15:51:20

S hasn't had his yet, I waited til 18 months with L just cos it seemed like so much at once for such a little person. She reacted really badly to the MMR so I'm quite scared of giving it to S. Once I've got up the courage he'll have it but I'm enjoying him being his jolly self at the mo and don't want to change it confused

MaidenDevon Thu 18-Aug-11 19:27:23

Chulita what happened when L had the MMR (if you don't mind me asking?) and was she OK with her other vaccs?

F has been OK with previous vaccs other than screaming the place down, which is to be expected, but she's never shown any symptoms of anything afterwards.

Chulita Thu 18-Aug-11 20:21:41

She was fine with her other ones but with the MMR she got stiff joints for 4 days which meant she cried every time she moved (literally, she was like an old arthritic woman), then she got a rash for 10 days that itched and bled, I have photos of her about a week after the jab and she's just a red, rashy mess. She just cried for about 2.5 weeks, was up all night...like I said, I'm dreading S's! To be fair though she's extremely reactive skin-wise, so much so that we can only wash her stuff in eco-balls/dress her in cotton/use one specific kind of moisturiser on her and she still has an eczema break-out every fortnight, it's just the way she is so the MMR might have something to do with her sensitivity.

thedogwalker Thu 18-Aug-11 21:50:50

Ouch Chulita that cannot have been easy for you or L. Makes me not so in a rush to get it all done. I think I'll wait until they ring and tell me to take T for his.

Nat that doesn't sound unreasonable at all, I think it's natural for you to want to unwind and spend the only bit of down time you get on yourself. Plus if you didn't then you would soon become unwell with too much work and not enough rest, sadly DHs don't quite see it like that. I think its been a very steep learning curve for most of us. So it's not selfish it's plain and simple a necessity.

I have had a very easy time compared to some of you, but I've not had a lie in bed past 6.30 for the last 6 months (he slept til 8am until 6 months old, big sigh) and yes I long for a lie in, a long soak in the bath, a glass of wine on a friday night just becasue I can. But with DH away I can't have any of that and when he's here, I still don't get it because he wants 'us time' . Would I change any of it, probably not, we as women just get on with it. But I am secretly yearning for my first lie in past 9 am, or even 10 am, or even breakfast in bed with the papers to read, oh now I know I'm dreaming hmm.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

bellygazing Sat 20-Aug-11 15:48:34

To maiden and nat and all those having/have had a tough time - I am so sorry that motherhood hasn't been what you hoped for and I reiterate that you are most emphatically not crap mums. We all go into it blind in one way or another - even those who already have children I suspect. For me - and I know how very lucky I am - it has been the most incredible year. I am truly a better person for having Elodie in my life - I have discovered reserves of patience and love I never thought I had, have dealt with the lack of sleep much better than anticipated and feel all in all more complete. Nauseating, I know. When she was going through the 4 month sleep regression, I was tired beyond belief, but I never had any truly black moments. I am constantly looking at Elodie in amazement that I made her (even when she is being a clingy whingy little thing) and fit to bust with pride. I hope for those of you who have had very difficult times, that part of your relationship will come and those feelings will creep up on you at the most unexpected times and surprise you in the best way.

E is one tomorrow - her main present from me is a bike seat and I can't wait to put her on it. After fiddling around with it last night I think I've got it all sorted. We're having a little party but I've just realised that there are 14 adults and three babies who are all definitely coming, eek. Looking forward to it though, and to giving E her first taste of cake!

bellygazing Wed 24-Aug-11 10:21:21

Was it something I said??? Where is everyone?!

Chulita Wed 24-Aug-11 10:28:04

I'm here! screens make me feel a bit sick so I'm limiting mn time at the mo smile

A friend heard that I was without DH for a while and she just dropped round the most enormous lasagne and lemon tart grin lovely! I've not been cooking much cos it turns my stomach so it'll be so nice to eat something proper!

I'm with you on the 'going into it blind' thing, I'm a bit confused about this 3rd one but I know that once it's here and we've settled into being 5 in the house it'll be brilliant.

soontobefatnat Fri 26-Aug-11 22:05:25

Hurrah for Elodie being one Belly - how did the party go? Eli is one on Tuesday. Cannot believe it. We aren't planning a big bash this year. Most of our friends are away, as are lots of our family, so we'll just do something mini the three of us. Tomorrow we're having a joint one year party with our NCT gang, which should be fun too. Hope it's not stingy on the little guy, but I figure we can throw a big party when he's a bit older and more with it anyway!

Chulita I think you're right, once your 3rd is here, you'll be away! I'm so tempted by the idea of three myself. I've got a lot to fit into this next decade, with the midwifery plans n'all! Heh.

Much love to everyone. Keep posting!! We can't let the August 2010 thread die! x

Chulita Sat 27-Aug-11 16:08:23

nat we didn't do anything for S except make him a cake. For one he's too young to care and for another we don't have any friends round here to invite. I'm sure he won't mind though, he didn't seem to on the day smile

MaidenDevon Sat 27-Aug-11 16:27:28

Happy birthday babies!

I was a bit neglectful over F's 1st birthday - we got a steam train from Paignton to Dartmouth, then back to Paignton for a play on the beach, by the time we got home, she was having a meltdown (hot and tired - bad combo) so we just put her to bed. We did her cake a few days later when she was being a smiley baby and put the "You're 1 today" banners up then to take the photos to send to DH's parents (who'll know?)

DH and I did manage to crack open a bottle of bubby (that we'd been given when she was born) to celebrate getting through the first year (by the skin of our teeth at times...)

F had her MMR no problems (well a bit of crying, but I would as well if someone stuck 3 big needles in me, and she did have some bruising) so that's it for the jabs now for a couple of years at least.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter by the day (as long as it's not another train heading towards me), indeed I can smell the fresh air grin F is settling in better than I could have wished for at nursery and is doing full days now (3 a week) and she spends one day with my parents (bless them). Loving being back at work, with hindsight, I should have done it sooner, but you live and learn. Feel like I've really got the balance right now, 4 days at work, 3 days with F (and 2 of those shared with DH)

Belly, please don't think I'm rocking in the corner like a mad deranged woman grin. It hasn't all been bad! I have had some wonderful moments since F has arrived, but being honest there have been some very dark times when I truly did not know how I was putting one foot in front of the other, but they do seem to be behind me now, thank goodness. I think it would have helped me for someone (antenatal classes/midwife/friends/anyone?) to be a lot more honest about how hard it was being a parent, not just the physical side (sleep deprivation/bitten off nipples etc), but the mental side, I just wasn't prepared at all, I felt completely wrong footed from the word go. I'm not talking PND here, it's something else that I can't name - the complete loss of your own identity, your needs seemingly never being met (and I don't mean not going for weekends away anymore, just daft things like being able to pee when you need to).

Much love to you all (and the lurkers, I know you're there...) x

marzipananimal Sun 28-Aug-11 20:57:57

just sticking my head in quickly to let you all know I'm still alive...have moved house and have no internet yet (am at a friend's now). Will catch up properly when BT get their act together and connect us!

ElusiveMoose Tue 30-Aug-11 21:35:40

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been around for months, but I just wanted to pop back in to say a very happy birthday to all the beautiful bouncing babies. I've only managed a quick skim through the thread, and in a nutshell, 1) you sound like you're all doing really well, which is fab, 2) cazandbelle, I'm SO glad to hear that all is going well with the pregnancy, and 3) I can't believe some of you are already having your second (or third or fourth or fifth - you know who you are grin). Utter bloody madness (but huge congratulations smile).

Everything is really good with us. We had a little family party for Seth last week, which was really sweet (and boy was I proud of my home-made duck cake grin). Seth is gorgeous, and I'd forgotten how much I adore this age - I think between 9 months and 24 months is the loveliest age, when they're so funny and cheeky and cuddly, but before the terrible twos kick in. Seth's doing loads of chattering and waving and general cute enthusiasm at the moment (though still not walking, lazy little bugger).

Anyway, I must dash off to buy a stairgate (Seth thinks it's hilarious to rocket up the stairs, cackling with laughter, every time my back is turned, and then howls as if I'd broken his heart when I lift him down). I hope the next few months are kind to everyone, and I'll try to check in again some time.


soontobefatnat Tue 30-Aug-11 22:10:56

Well, it's been a funny old day here for Eli's birthday. I have been feeling incredibly emotional the last 24 hours or so, just remembering how labour started up, how I felt, what we did... Did anyone else feel like that? Perhaps having a home birth means that you are confronted with vivid memories associated with certain spots whereas you might not have that if you had your baby in hospital? Anyhoo, have been quite teary, really! What an amazing, beautiful, raw old year it's been. I so absolutely second what Devon says - no one quite tells you what a truly 24 hour, full-on experience parenting is. Perhaps it's obvious to some people? I dunno. I didn't expect it to be this hard. But it's getting easier for us too. I can start to feel a rythym to it all...

Poor E though. Not much of a birthday! We were up every two hours last night with a hysterical baby. He's finally getting his two top front teeth and they seem to be giving him a lot of trouble. I actually found myself up at 3.24am, standing in our bathroom where I had him as a result! Quite mad, really! But, bless him, he's been knackered and crabby as hell all day. He cried through a lot of Gymboree class (which he usually loves) and then cried his way through lunch... Then my lovely friend came over with her cheeky six month old and cheered us up, and we pottered around Brixton a bit and then just played with the boys at home. Very quiet! Probably a good thing! Imagine if I'd planned an elaborate day out and he wept through the whole thing?! (she says, excusing her laziness).

Well, in yet another emotionally frazzling turn, I've got my first day back at work tomorrow, so better hit the hay. Xx

bellygazing Thu 01-Sep-11 12:20:25

I keep starting a post and then having to rush off/see to Elodie! maiden it sounds like you're in a much better place now, glad work is good. nat good luck with back at work stuff - hope you find that you enjoy it more than you expected rather than it being a necessity. Great to hear from you elusive!

E's birthday party was fab - ended up being about 14 adults and two babies and despite an unpromising start to the day, it was really sunny and we got the paddling pool out and filled it with water for the first time. Can't believe a year's gone by. Oh, and the new bike seat has gone down a storm - first time I took her on it she giggled the whole way round. She is less keen on the helmet and it's a bit of a fight to get it on - think I end up hurting her chin but I'd rather do that than leave it dangerously loose. Especially as she actually managed to pull it off on one occasion before I tightened it up, not good!

I worked over the Bank Holiday weekend, which is one of the reasons I wasn't around, and it was a pretty miserable few days. Normally I work Mondays and Tuesdays in the office and Wednesdays and Thursdays at home, this week I did Sunday through to Tuesday at the office and on the Monday I didn't get home until E had already had her bath, which really sucked. It made me realise how lucky I am to be able to work from home, just that extra bit of time with her at the beginning and end of the day, plus the chance to come in for a cuddle at lunchtime, makes an awful lot of difference. We're making up for it now though, I was off yesterday and I'm not back until next Monday.

Hope all is well with everybody - keep posting. Would be nice to hear from a few of you lurkers... let's not let the thread die a slow death...

LCRLCR Thu 01-Sep-11 12:38:06

Hello from this lurker and happy birthday to all our amazing 1 year olds! Bonkers isn't it! S turned 1 last Sat and started walking about 3 weeks ago. I didn't have a party as such, just a slice of cake with the grandparents and her little baby cousins. I went back to work yesterday and apart from the bastard commute (6.44am train to London from Brighton anyone?) I had a really good day - enjoyed feeling attractive and polished, great to catch up with everyone. We do plan to start TTC for no2 at the end of this year though so I doubt I'll be so enthusiastic about commuting and working then! I only have 3 days in London though and 1 day (today) working from home. S starts nursery Sep 12 and until then, my lovely parents have come over from Ireland to look after her. She was totally fine with them but as soon as I got home, she became very tearful and clingy and went to bed that night cuddling the top I had worn that day sad

To round off a crazy year of mat leave, i took S to visit my brother in Texas for 10 days. It was a lovely visit but a 10 hour flight alone with a near 1 year old was pretty challenging at times! Luckily she can be very charming so didn't incur the wrath of fellow passengers. She also self weaned while we were away and I am amazed, both happy and sad. She was a massive boob monster but gradually was taking less and less and then totally refusing. I persisted for 3 weeks in case it was a nursing strike but my efforts were rewarded with enthusiastic biting so I stopped offering breast and we have never looked back. Pretty good timing with the return to work and she drinks cow's milk from a cup with a straw.

maiden I do know how you feel and even though it didn't last as long for me, I certainly experienced some real darkness in those early months.

Much love everyone and yes, let's keep this thread alive!

marzipananimal Mon 05-Sep-11 11:50:45

Finally have internet! Glad to see the thread is still trundling along smile

J is walking now which is incredibly cute but is going through a bit of a bad patch with sleep. He does have a molar coming through though so that's probably why. We're going to our under 1s group today for the last time (he was 1 last week but they're letting us come one last time). I'm quite sad about it cos it's a lovely group and I haven't found anything else to do yet.

I hope work is going well for everyone who's gone back. I have slightly mixed feelings about being a SAHM. I am glad I can do it but do often think a day or two doing something different would be good for me, especially as lots of my friends are going back to work soon.

Hope everyone's well. It's feeling very autumnal today - I can't believe a whole year has gone by!

sparkle101 Mon 05-Sep-11 12:47:33

Hi everyone,

Good to see that everyone has been having nice first birthdays. Isabelle had hers a couple of weeks ago and cried through a great deal of it - bit overwhelming methinks!

maiden everything you have said resonates with me, although you reached your own conclusions yourself, I had a few months of counselling to get me to that stage, I never realised motherhood would be this hard, but at the same time, I would not be without her.

Have found out today we are being referred to a physio as Isabelle is not attempting to crawl or walk, so now feeling like shit mum, that I could have and should have done more to help with her development. In terms of all the other medical issues they all seem to be under control (fingers crossed) and the reflux has totally gone since solids and sitting up, so much so I think I could do this again!

Work is going well too but hard to fit everything in but also nice to be having a bit of adult conversation again!

Do doctors contact you about MMR or do we have to make the effort?

MaidenDevon Tue 06-Sep-11 14:24:06

'Tis me! I'm still alive!

Now into my second month back at work, and loving it. Had a fab day with F yesterday, her routine at nursery seems to be filtering into her days with me so she has one long nap at lunch time rather than 2 small "can't get anything useful done" naps which she normally has.

I dropped her off today and there were NO TEARS (from either of us...) I was gobsmacked!

She is starting to toddle about now, 12 steps is our winning total so far, so more "baby proofing" is the order of the day in our house at the moment - if it's not screwed down or shut away she'll have it away.

Her favourite toys at the moment are (in order of embarrassment) a novelty bottle of bubbles in the shape of a penis (from my hen night in what feels like a previous lifetime), some gaudy neon pink and yellow beaded necklaces and a Madonna style pink net glove (from same hen night - it was an 80's theme...) and a box of tampons that she snaffled from the bathroom cupboard, she wanders around with the beads around her neck, the glove on her head and holding the "willy" in her hand (please god, don't let her put it in her mouth, Social Services would have a field day!), dropping tampons behind her like she's leaving a trail a la Hansel and Gretel. However much I wave her Tomy/Fisher Price goodies at her these are her prized posessions. Needless to say she never has any of these unsupervised!

Sparkle as has been said to me on more than one occasion, you are not a a shit mum, if you were you wouldn't give a toss. Shit mum's don't care ergo, you are not shit (is that enough shits??)

My surgery contacted me about the MMR - the minimum age was 1 year and 2/3 weeks because they get given an extra injection now, but I could have said just give the MMR and we'll be back for the extra jab in a few weeks, when we got there she was reasonably OK had an absolute paddy so they did all 3 at once (in her legs, they said they normally do it in the arms, but she is quite petite, fortunately she has chunky thighs -like her mum grin)

soontobefatnat Thu 08-Sep-11 22:45:25

Sparkle ditto what Maiden said. You are not a shit mum! Kids do everything at their own pace and I'm sure Isabelle will be up and about in no time. It's no harm to get a bit of advice about it if there's extra things you can be doing to help her along. Let us know how it goes.

Maiden so many LOLz. But the bubble penis? Priceless. Eli enjoys playing with the lid of our camping kettle (so now that lives on the kitchen floor), toilet roll, receipts, and a leaflet on corneal abrasions from our local hospital. Because on Saturday night, my DH had to go to A&E as E poked him in the eye and had rather a sharp nail, leading to a cut on the eyeball. Awful. Hilarious. Awful. DH had to lie in bed for 2 days with his eyes closed while he recovered.

And in other news, work is pretty odd/stressful (there has been a lot of layoffs/restructuring since I went on mat leave, so I feel quite unsettled) and our landlord has just decided to give us notice to quit our house. So we have to find a new place to live and move out by the first week of November. It's a nightmare. I feel so attached to this place because I had a homebirth and we just had no idea this was coming. Rents are extremely high in London right now, and decent rental properties are thin on the ground. Plus we're sharing a nanny locally, so our search area is really small... It's all a bit overwhelming really - does anyone else find it harder to cope with this kind of thing with kids? I think if it was just DH and I we'd muddle through okay, but I feel so cross/upset about the disruption now that we have Eli... I'm not sure why. I just feel families shouldn't be put through this kind of upheaval unnecessarily.

Anyway, much love to you all. How are our pregnant ladies doing??

thedogwalker Wed 14-Sep-11 14:13:52

Sparkle I agree with the others you are not a shit Mum at all. All kids develop at their own pace and it's not easy to motivate/teach a young one to move, it's not like they understand what you are trying to tell them. Thomas went from rolling around on the floor, to standing up and cruising. He didn't show any interest in crawling at all. 1 week before his birthday he suddenly started crawling and last week he ditched the cruising and is now walking unaided. I was worried about him not crawling, thinking he wouldn't develop properly but it's all turned out just fine and so will Isabelle. Don't worry and we are all here for you if you need a chat smile

Had a party for Thomas's birthday, I couldn't help myself. There were 6 children there and 14 adults. Busy house that day. Thomas enjoyed himself even though he had no idea why he had loads of new toys. His fave is a helium balloon, which he takes with him everywhere.

Officially started ttc last week, not that it worked as AF arrived today. DH and I got to get our act together, quite literally blush, before he goes away for 6 months. I am so broody grin

Hope everyone is well. Take care

bellygazing Wed 14-Sep-11 19:12:25

hi all! I've been away (only to Hadrian's Wall and Blackpool) and you've all been sooo quiet! It's been an eventful couple of weeks - E was quite poorly while we were away, unsettled, off her food and then came out in a rash but fortunately it was a viral thing ehich has cleared up. Then I slightly concussed myself by banging my head on a mounted tv and had to take a day off work - 1st time since I came back off mat leave. Then today my mother was poorly and couldnt look after e so today I've been supermum, working and doing childcare simultaneously. I don't recommend it for prolonged periods...

Anyone up for a survey?

Back to work?
Last night out with DH and no baby
other cute stuff your little one does

E is crawling and cruising but won't be walking for a while I reckon
she has 6 teeth, 4 top, 2 bottom
she sleeps 7ish until any time between 6 and 6.45 and still usually naps for 2 hours in the morning and 1 in the afternoon - although not always the afternoon
I went back to work at the end of May and do 2 days from the office and 2 at home.
Not discussing baby number 2 for at least a year.
Went to a festival with DH and spent one night sans baby.
We have mama, dada, something a bit like cat and a rather disappointed oooh when stuff doesn't go her way.
E loves dancing, clapping and copies us all the time

soontobefatnat Wed 14-Sep-11 20:46:11

That does sound eventful Belly - poorly babies on holiday are not fun. Nor is bumping your head and getting concussed! Bloody hell. Hope you're feeling better.

No news here on our housing situation. It's all very unsettling and quite stressful looking for somewhere. Added to that, I've had to put the midwifery degree plans on hold because we found out that you can't get a second set of student loans when you go back to do an undergraduate degree if you've already had one before. This makes it impossible finally for us, until Eli is in school. It's really very disappointing, but I'm trying to look on the bright side. I'm going to try and become a breastfeeding peer supporter and maybe also volunteer a few hours a week at our local hospital - just keep my hand in.

It also means that we're going to start trying for our second baby very soon, otherwise the gap will be so big between Eli and his little brother/sister, plus running the gauntlet a bit with my age! I can't believe it really - wasn't planning on it at all for at least a year. Oh well! At least it cheers me up a bit about the degree!!


Eli has walked twice, for 7 steps total. He does some random standing, but usually falls over laughing. Mostly crawling/cruising.

He has two teeth up top and two on the bottom.

He sleeps 7pm (ish) until 6am (ish) and has a crappy 30 min nap in the morning and maybe 1.5 hours tops in the afternoon. Bad napper.

I went back to work two weeks ago and it's rubbish! Weds, Thurs and Fri mornings.

TTC...imminently! Oo 'eck.

Haven't had a night away from Eli yet. Last time we went out for the evening, we went to see Pulp play at Brixton Academy! (Reliving our youth!)

Eli says 'dada' a lot, about everything. And 'ah do'. About most things. In fact he makes talky noises all the time, but I don't hear any real words yet.

thedogwalker Wed 14-Sep-11 22:12:43

Hope you're feeling better now Belly

well here goes on the survey

Thomas is walking
he has 9 teeth, 5 on the bottom and 4 on the top
he sleeps from 7.30 until 6 ish in the morning. he has no sleep in the morning but 2 hours in his cot in the afternoon.
I went back to work 5 days a week in May sad wish I was a SAHM
started ttc last week, thomas is dc1 and I am not getting any younger
went out for a meal with 2 other couples last weekend, but have not been away from him overnight.
he says Mummy, daddy, dog, cheeky monkey, ta. When i say to him, belly, nose, mouth, he touches the said area, now trying to teach him, ears, eyes and toes but no success there yet.
he also loves dancing, talking lots and lots, by that I mean baby babbling and pushing the dog out of the way and he absolutely adores bath time.

marzipananimal Thu 15-Sep-11 13:20:35

How stressful about the house nat. It's rubbish that you can't get more secure tenancies in the private sector in this country. I hope it all gets sorted out x

J is walking
He has his 8 front teeth and a 9th (molar - eek!) on the way
He sleeps roughly 7.15-7.15 (with several wakings though, grr) and has 1 nap of about 2 hours
I'm not going back to work which is what I want but i am finding being a SAHM really hard at the mo (well being a mum full stop really)
The earliest we will start ttc is next may/june.
Can't remember when we last had an evening out blush and have never left him overnight.
He says something resembling 'again' and 'no'!
He is currently obsessed with climbing into boxes and loves the quiz show 'Pointless'

Good luck with ttc dogwalker smile

MaidenDevon Thu 15-Sep-11 14:29:57

Oh Nat, what a bummer about the house. But TTC, big congrats and lots of luck.

Walking/crawling/cruising - Walking quite confidently now (she's 13 months 2 weeks). She doesn't have to fall over to change direction now and uses her arms to balance rather than grabbing random bits of furniture/the dog's tail/ears. Not got her any shoes yet, going to see how long I can leave it, maybe another few weeks. Nursery don't allow shoes on indoors anyway and she wears her padders outside in the garden (on grass/wood chippings)

Teeth - I've lost count - about 14? Lots of big molars now, and she's permanently wearing cute dribble bibs - DH says she looks like Clint Eastwood because they're like little neck bandanas (never saw CE in a pink polka dot one though...)

Sleep - Hmmmm, 45 minutes-1 hour lunch time ish if we're lucky, but then 7pm -6.30am so I can't complain.

Back to work? Yes, loving it, should have done it sooner. Horses for courses and all that.

Pregnant/ttc - Absolutely not. Sore subject. DH and I have agreed to not even discuss it until end of 2012, with a view to maybe/possibly/perhaps trying at the start of 2013, but I'll be nearly 38 then so who knows. We couldn't afford 2 in childcare anyway.

Last night out with DH and no baby - March 2011, (we've only been out twice on our own since she was born!), but I am determined we'll go out for our wedding anniversary at the end of this month, we need to get some spark back in our relationship.

Words - nothing discernable yet, sometimes something that sounds like "yes", but she makes herself very clear if she wants/doesn't want something, no words needed! "Talks" constantly though so I expect when she starts, there'll be no stopping her (I wonder where she gets that from?)

Other cute stuff your little one does - steals food (a lot) I can't remember the last time I had anything to myself and the dog has to eat his kibble pretty quickly when she's around. I threw some toast in his bowl the other morning and caught her eating it - oops. She pulled a bit of toilet roll out of DH's bum this morning that he'd missed - he was just about to get in the shower, I absolutely peed myself laughing, he was v. embarrassed blush Cute dancing (head bobbing really), grabbing my face with both her hands for a kiss (big open mouthed slobber from her). And her laughing, oh it's just fabulous, proper belly laughing, I hope she is always this happy - sheds a little tear!

LCRLCR Thu 15-Sep-11 15:47:50

Oh I love a survey!

Walking/crawling/cruising - walking - very fast and often sideways like a crab. Like maiden, I'm trying to put off buying shoes for as long as possible. If anyone has had good recommedations about where to buy - apart from Clarkes - do let me know!

Teeth - the same 6 for months and months now, she must be due more surely? 4 on top and 2 at the bottom.

Sleep - 8ish to 6.30ish on the days when she magically wakes up when I'm trying to get out the door to work, otherwise until 8ish. When we are at home, she'll nap 2-3 hours in the morning but at nursery, she'll probably just have an hour all day and gets home exhausted and overwrought.

Back to work Since August 31, 4 days a week with one of those days (today) from home. This means I do the godawful Brighton - London commute every other day (getting up at 5.30 for a 6.30 train)

Pregnant/ttc - On the folic acid! Going to try towards the end of the year but we've got a wedding in New Zealand in January at a vineyard for god's sake so I'd like a some local tipples before getting all knocked up again.

Last night out with DH and no baby went to the cinema about a fortnight ago but evenings out together are few and far between. We've had one night away from her when we went to a wedding in July. Missed her terribly!

Words - this little madam says "no", "stop" blush, Teddy, Daddy, Gracie (her cousin), shoes and errr, baboon hmm. She also roars like a lion and trumpets like an elephant while waving her arms like a trunk.

*Other cute stuff*- similiarly dancing, singing tunelessly to the radio, puts socks on Teddy, washes her own face and belly in the bath and tries to wipe her own botty during a nappy change.

She recently had her 12 month check and at 22lbs is at 75th centile for weight and 98th for height - this is shocking as DH and I are a very average 5' 9 (him) and 5'5 (me) - is this likely to continue??

marzipananimal Thu 15-Sep-11 19:20:41

interesting LCR, J is 98th centile for height as well but DH and I are 5'10 and 5'7 respectively so not particularly tall. I'm guessing he'll slow down at some point but who knows?

thedogwalker Thu 15-Sep-11 20:42:18

I think there must have been something in the water last August because Thomas is also 98th centile for height hmm. DH is 5' 10" and I'm 5'6" so not tall at all.

bellygazing Fri 16-Sep-11 19:00:25

e 91st centile for height and 50th for weight. I'm 5'3'' but DH is 6'2'' so she must get it from you. Feeling much better - though having a bit of a mad week nonetheless. Loving everyone's survey results. Was also wondering if I'm the only one still BF?

marzipananimal Fri 16-Sep-11 19:10:34

How funny that we all have tall babies! Glad you're feeling better belly.
I'm still BF. He went through a bit of an annoying (bitey and pinchy) phase and I thought about stopping but he's settled down again so we're still going

thedogwalker Fri 16-Sep-11 19:35:02

Oh how I wish I was still bf, but Thomas pushed me away at 9 months and would only bite. I was really upset by it, but the bottle hasn't done him any harm. I hope to bf for as long as possible with the next.

I can't wait to conceive again, now that we've started, maybe I should nt think about it so much, or else pressure might get the better of me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, take care and mind your heads, no bumps this weekend grin

Are we all still on this thread before I post??

28 weeks pregnant now- this is most definitely my last if Dh wants anymore he can go elsewhere!!

T took her first steps the other day & continues to be a joy.

The other two turned 3 & 4 last week and are really testing my patience!
Thankfully nursery starts in 2 days and they go 1230-330 five days a week which I'm looking forward to in a very bad mother type way :-/

thedogwalker Mon 19-Sep-11 19:45:37

Hi GYA great to hear from you. Yes some of us are still plugging away on this thread. We don't get much time with the LOs running around, but we keep it ticking over.

So 28 weeks now, do you know the sex or are you not wanting to know. Hope you are feeling well. Some of us are ttc, so hopefully there will be a few more of us soon counting down the weeks again.

MaidenDevon Mon 19-Sep-11 23:51:23

Hi GYA, glad to hear things are going well, you must be run ragged!

F is a little 'un, she still wearing her 9-12 month clothes and she's 13.5 months, she weighs a flippin ton though, I really notice it these days if I have to carry her any distance, my back and arms kill me.

I cracked and bought F her first pair of proper shoes today. We went out at the weekend to watch the America's Cup yacht race on Plymouth Hoe and her feet got drenched because the ground was wet from an earlier downpour. Turns out her little leather padder shoes aren't waterproof, her socks were soaking by the time I realised, poor thing, fortunately I had a spare pair (I now have one of those proper "mum" bags that contains everything from spare outfits for F and me, mini first aid kit, needle and thread, emergency snacks, mini samples of everything I get from hotels/aeroplanes/department stores, sunglasses, toys for F and an iPad amazingly intellectual book for me - DH says "why do you need to lug all that around with you?" oh to be able to shove a wallet and a mobile in my pocket and walk out of the front door!)

She had an absolute melt down getting her feet measured, it was akin to getting her MMR done again - she doesn't like strangers touching her at all. The poor girl in the shop must have had to go for a lie down afterwards! Of course, once we were out of the shop she wanted the shoes on and was strutting her stuff like she was at New York Fashion Week - "Hey everyone, look at me in my new red shoes with the funky flower and sequin detail, you'll all be wearing these next spring!"

DH has been hinting today about starting to think about no.2 despite us agreeing it was off the agenda for at least another 12 months. Better make sure I don't miss any of my Pills in case he tries to take advantage of me in a weak moment (usually a couple of glasses of Vino Collapso will do itblush)

Much love to all x

thedogwalker Tue 20-Sep-11 09:29:56

Oh come Maiden you know you want to, a bit of vino and way hey, F is just the right age now for No 2 to be planned. I can't wait to get pregnant again, very broody and when I'm out and about and I see a pregnant woman it makes me very envious, in a nice way.

Those shoes sound very interesting, much better than boring hoy ones, my Thomas's are plain blue and very functional.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

soontobefatnat Wed 21-Sep-11 21:43:59

GYA not bad mum at all! You sound like a saint! I can't imagine being that preggo, with a toddler and other little ones on top. You deserve the time off!

Ha! Maiden You made me laugh re the vino collapso confession! Ditto here, I'm afraid. But yeah, I second what Dogwalker said! Go on! You know you want to! Plus we can then be lazy and not have to worry about shifting threads to discuss bumps and what not ;)

Seriously though, in theory DH and I are TTC as all of our best-laid plans have gone tits up and so we might as well crack on with the family side of things, but in practice... well, I just don't know if we're ever going to find the time! Or the energy... Eli has had a vomiting bug (awful, awful...holding him tight talking to NHS Direct whilst he was retching up bile after the 5th vomit of the night last Thurs night was a new parenting low) and a terrible cold with a hacking cough that wakes him up 3-4 times a night ... it's all taking it's toll, basically. And the whole house move thing has been super stressful, so, to be honest, sex is the last bloody thing I want to think about when I flop down into bed at night!!

On that front (the house one, not the sex one!) we may have made progress and found a pocket of South East London that we can just about to afford to live in, that isn't 1,000 miles away from everyone/thing we know and love. Watch this space. Although it occurs to me it is miles away (in practical terms) from the nurseries that I have E on the waiting lists for... Oh for God's sake! Life isn't simple is it?

Lies down with vat of wine in front of telly

thedogwalker Thu 22-Sep-11 11:46:44

Oh dear Nat poor Eli, hope he's feeling better now. Gosh that must have been very worrying for you. Hope you feel better too as it does take it's toll on us as paretnts too. Fingers x for the house hunting too, exciting for you but nerve wracking as well. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Well worked out that I'm at my most fertile this weekend, so DH already been primed that he best get his act together, I am so bloomin broody it's unbelievable blush. I can't wait to be pg again.

Hope everyone is well. Take care and sending you lots of get well vibes nat smile

MaidenDevon Thu 22-Sep-11 13:44:48

Oh you girls do make me laugh (in a "slightly hysterical, are they completely nuts?" kind of way). I feel like I'm just coming out of some kind hostage situation, I love my hostage taker (Stockholm Syndrome?) but now she's let me go, I'm going to make the most of my freedom (even if freedom is just coming to work 4 days a week!)

I'm not completely anti having number 2 any more (which I most certainly was a few months ago - thank goodness I didn't get my tubes tied or send DH for the snip in a moment of madness!), but I really need to have a bit of time to myself (and DH) now she is much more manageable. I really want to get back on track with DH as well, we've neglected each other this last year and if we're going to even think about number 2 (child, not poo) I need our relationship to be at it's best point, not at its lowest, otherwise we'll have a toddler, newborn and a marriage that's being held together on a wing and a prayer - not a good combo.

DH & I have both booked a day off work next week to spend together, F is going into nursery for the day as usual (will probably have to put my work stuff on to drop her off, otherwise she'll know we're up to something hmm) Hoping to get some jobs done in the house sans little one which are impossible to do with her around (like vacuuming - the noise really upsets her), have a long lazy lunch in a proper grown up restaurant and go to the cinema.

Nat that sounds like a hideous time in your household, all you can do is wait for it to pass and be fastidious (sp?) about cleaning - F has had 2 serious bouts of S & D since she was born once requiring a stay in the children's ward for dehydration, it's horrible to not be able to do anything other than cuddle them isn't it? No life's never straightforward re the housemoving/nursery. You can guarantee as soon as you find a house a place will become available at the nursery you want...

Best of luck for this weekend Dogwalker, get yer bum and legs in the air girl (afterwards not during, actually do whatever floats your boat...)

Since no morsels have been left for ages, I've just put some scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam on the table in the corner with a big pot of tea - it might encourage some of the lurkers out of the shadows... x

thedogwalker Thu 22-Sep-11 14:33:50

I'm back just for the scones, yum yum, thanks Maiden.

I know what you mean about getting relationship with DH back on an even keel. Me and DH originally planned to start ttc ages ago, but due to work stress and not spending much 'us time', we were arguing all the time over the silliest little thing. So it's taken us a while to get back to some sort of normalacy, not that it is ever quite the same with a LO. But we have now managed to stop biting off each other's head and started having some quality time together again. I'm hoping that if we have 2 LOs close together then they will grow up and fly the coup near each other hmm then DH and I can have our lives back again. My theory but will prob get DCs that want to live at home and sponge off live happily with parents grin

Can we please not talk about wine?? I'm struggling majorly with the inability to drink until December..

Girls loved nursery which was a bonus for me as now I get time off without the guilt as they want to go so much.

No I haven't found out the sex didn't any of the times I think I'd freak out if I found out it was a boy anyway!
Difference this time I am enjoying tea when all three previous pregnancies I couldn't bear it.. So???

We got tillys feet measured today too. 3.5 she is also quite little. Didn't buy her any they are astronomical £32 a pair in Clarks you must ve kidding! They had toddler boots in there for £55!
I think the most I've ever spent is £50 on my own boots! Right must go take the kids to the loo- anything to save wet beds :-/

thedogwalker Tue 27-Sep-11 09:35:17

Got T's 13 month jabs tomorrow. I've taken the day off work as I wouldn't have been able to settle if I'd not been with him. I know he would have been in safe hands with my DM, but I'm the worrier. Hope everyone is well. How are the pg ones amongst us, hope morning sickness is keeping at bay. Take care all xx

MaidenDevon Wed 28-Sep-11 14:11:12

Dogwalker Hope T's jabs go OK and you enjoy the lovely weather - a walk in the park and an icecream in this weather is surely the order of the day. Hope your weekend erm "activities" went well and you'll telling us about your BFP soon!

Got some more fab shoes for F off ebay - these cute little trainers and Mummy would kill for these in her size shoes

Nursery is going well, they say she is like a different baby - no crying when I drop her off - she actually tries to unbuckle her car seat as we pull into the car park and reaches out to her keyworker when we arrive (thanks for the lift mummy, but I don't need your services now). She cries a bit when I pick her up (she runs towards me with her arms outstretched, crying, like they've had her locked in the broom cupboard all day - which they assure me they haven't...) but when I peek through the window before I go in, she's happily playing with toys/other children. It really has been the making of her - she is so much more outgoing at our Tumble Tots groups that we go to once a week and Rhyme Time that my mum takes her to on the day she looks after her.

I did laugh the other day when I dropped her off, as her KW took her into the room I heard her saying "Mabel, Ava, Edie, Felicity's here..." it sounded like she was taking her into the day room of an old people's home and they were going to have a round of bridge and a coffee morning! It's a bit of a contrast to the other groups we go to - my local Surestart centre is in a fairly low socio economic area, but the mums are (mostly) lovely - all their kids are called Harley, Lennon, Savannah, Harrison, Tai' Chi - I know this because in case they forget they have the names tattooed on the inside of their wrists or on the side of their foot - if they are particularly forgetful they have their dates of birth as well. The dad's have the names on their necks... I tell DH that if he really loves F he will get it done also grin...

All in all, I would say she is a much happier toddler than she was being a baby if that makes sense! She bit the end off a purple crayon last night (and promptly chewed it up and swallowed it), had to tell the nursery today if she had a poo with purple bits in, don't worry, it's not some tropical disease...

thedogwalker Wed 28-Sep-11 19:46:27

Maiden those shoes are lovely, shame you can't get the red ones as they look oh so cute.
T cried after his jabs, but then brightened up as I took him and my DM to Bournemouth. Never been there before and thankfully it wasn't too packed. It was a lovely day and T ate his weight in ice cream grin
So glad F is enjoying Nursery. T goes once a week and he started off crying but now he's like F and holds his arms out for his KW and I'm forgotten instantly as he enters the door. I'm glad because at least I know he's enjoying it. When DH finally moves over here next year after his 6 months away, we will put T in nursery full time, I just can't risk it as I can't be sure to make the 6pm closure time (I've had to work past 7pm on 4 occassions since being back at work, can't have him left on the doorstep can I???).
Hope everyone is ok and all the DCs are doing well. Take care xx

marzipananimal Thu 29-Sep-11 22:13:57

That's great the little ones are enjoying nursery. Glad T's jabs went ok, J had his 3 weeks ago and no ill effects so hopefully T won't either.

I have an exciting announcement to make. J slept through the WHOLE NIGHT last night for the first time ever!!! I really hope he does it again [praying emoticon]

thedogwalker Fri 30-Sep-11 08:51:17

Big whoop whoop whoop, for Marzi, congrats and welcome back to the land of the living, now that you've had a good night sleep. Did J repeat the sleep through, I hope so and long may it continue.
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a scorcher of a weekend. I'm off to a christening, which makes me think oops, I should really get T's organised. We did try but at the church where DH and I married they only do christenings every 3rd Sunday of the month and DH couldn't get back from Germany and now he goes away for 6 months, so will have to wait til he gets back next May.

LCRLCR Fri 30-Sep-11 13:50:24

Lovely lovely sunshine! Marzi long may the zzzzs continue, it's a new and brighter world when they sleep through! How are the prego ladies amongst us? Looking forward to hearing news of your arrivals soon - Caz should be first, so very very happy for her. And I have to admit, I am so frigging broody, I cannot wait to be prego again - fingers crossed - we plan to TTC at the end of the year. First I have a dodgy mole to contend with. I think it first appeared in pregnancy, just a tiny dark freckle on my right calf but I noticed it had 2 colours so doc sent me to a dermatologist who whipped it off. Turns out it's a bad 'un with mischief afoot so it's being treated as a borderline early melanoma and I have to have a wider excision around the area in a fortnight. Bugger. But hopefully that will be the end of it and we can get on with making a little brother or sister for S ( I dreamt last night I had a baby boy at 7 lbs 9 - ahhh!)

I've been back at work for a month now, 4 days a week and really enjoying though I admit, enjoying earning again most of all. S loves nursery so thankfully no issues on that front.

You might remember that she and I took a little jaunt to see my brother in Texas last month and if that flight wasn't challenging enough, we're now booked to go to a wedding in New Zealand at the end of Jan - 26 hour flight with a 1.5 year old, we must be nuts. Thinking of buying a Boba sling for walks - anyone got any experience of these? Can use them up to 45 lbs apparently.

marzipananimal Sat 01-Oct-11 10:39:52

Wow, New Zealand! You are brave smile
Good job you got the mole checked out quickly, I hope the bigger excision sorts it all.

dogwalker it will be nice for T that he's old enough to enjoy his christening

Well he slept through again on friday night but not last night. He did sleep in til 7.40 though so we had a nice weekend lie in smile

soontobefatnat Sun 02-Oct-11 21:20:25

Wahey Marzi! Bloody brilliant on the sleep front. I can't tell you how much more normal I've felt since E started sleeping through. Not that he sleeps through every night, mind ;)

How was Texas, LCR? Must have been bloody hot! Eli was a hell of a challenge on the way to San Francisco back in May, and we're off to NYC in December, and I'm absolutely dreading it. But New Zealand??? Mwhahaha! You're a nutter smile And very good luck with the excision. Hope it all goes well.

Well, our news here is that we've put in an offer on a flat and it has been accepted, and there's no chain either side so... keeping fingers and toes crossed... we may be free of our evil landlord sooner than we thought! We're moving about a mile and half away, to Peckham <cue dodgy Del Boy impressions>, which keeps us near enough to all the things and people we know and love, and we'll have a nice place with a surprisingly big garden, so perhaps things have worked out for the best? Hopefully! I will miss our house though, and our little neighbourhood.

Eli has taken a few more steps, but is still very much a crawler. He's also hilarious, laughing loads, he sticks everything on his head and cracks up (including food, toys, books, shoes, pens, phones, bowls...) he likes being chased round the front room... he's awesome, basically. And I'm hating being back at work as a result! (but that's another story).

Hope you all enjoyed this magical weather. xx

marzipananimal Mon 03-Oct-11 07:35:13

Great news about the flat nat, i really hope it goes through. We're so loving having a garden now - wish we could have moved in at the beginning of summer. We had the paddling pool out on saturday which J loved! He'd been playing in it for ages, then we took him nside to get dry and dressed but we forgot to shut the back door so a few minutes later he sneaked out and climbed straight in, clothes, nappy and all grin

thedogwalker Tue 04-Oct-11 10:09:24

Hi all, I've got news.....DH and I are on our 1st cycle of ttc, I had it all planned military style, so that I could get pg just before he goes away for 6 months, so that he will be back before the LO is born. Well I didn't leave much room for error, couldn't start ttc too early, but YAH on first time of trying I got a BFP, due date 16 June 2012. I am so excited and a little brother or sister for T grin.

marzipananimal Tue 04-Oct-11 12:34:43

wow dogwalker that so fantastic! grin
so glad it is all going to plan x

LCRLCR Wed 05-Oct-11 10:52:59

Congrats dogwalker amazing news, so excited for you!!

MaidenDevon Wed 05-Oct-11 12:28:34

Huge congrats Dogwalker!

thedogwalker Wed 05-Oct-11 14:32:01

Any news on the flat Nat, Move day etc. Hope it's all going smoothly.

CazandBelle Wed 05-Oct-11 21:10:43

Hello ladies!

Congratulations dog smile

Well I've had a hell of a month. I'm not sure who follows my blog here, but if you do you'll already know! I threatened prem-labour again, this time at 32+2, so a week later than with Belle. It was the absolute last thing we needed that week in the run up to reaching the same point that Belle died (32+4), I was a hysterical mess and convinced myself it was a warning sign that we were going to lose Xander too. However Xander coped much better with it all and his heart rate remained stable, unlike Belle who had dipped a lot through the whole nearly going into labour episode.

He seems much stronger than Belle. I don't think she ever moved very much at all in hindsight. Xander is always so active, (although he has quiet days which have me in bits) and still giving me massive boots now. I don't know what he was trying to do yesterday for example but my stomach was all over the place, and it hurt!! Belle was never this busy, but being my first I had nothing to compare it to.

Anyway, I've reached complete meltdown points in the last few weeks, and spent over a week in hospital before I felt "safe" enough to go home at all. I'm still very anxious but we've been going back and fore the hospital every day the last couple of weeks for daily close monitoring and it finally feels like we are on the home stretch.

I'm almost daring to believe Xander will be coming home. Today I'm 35+1 and they are inducing me at 36! (Tuesday morning) In 6 days his journey to the outside world will be beginning! Although since the threatened prem-labour this time I've been having constant 'pre-labour' symptoms and pain, so the hospital keep saying there is still potential for me to go on my own before then! (Although I just think I'm stuck in latent phase now and hope the pessary will just nudge me over into the real thing next week!)

I hope I'm back next week sometime with a happy birth announcement! I'm also hoping he doesn't make me wait 5 days for the induction to work like his sister did!

marzipananimal Wed 05-Oct-11 21:17:19

wow caz, can't believe it's so soon! Sorry it's been so stressful and scary but it sounds like the hospital are looking after you well. Will be praying for you and Xander and look forward to the birth announcement! xxx

thedogwalker Thu 06-Oct-11 08:40:29

Oh CazandBelle so glad that you and Xander are doing well and that he's a strong one. Wow not long then, I'm so happy for you and will be thinking of you next Tuesday. Please update us as soon as you can. Wonderful news, so happy for you, take care xx

MaidenDevon Thu 06-Oct-11 13:08:03

Hi CazandBelle, yes I've been following your blog, it's superb and I think it will be something you will treasure in the years to come, both the heartbreakingly sad parts and the lighter moments.

Roll on next Tueday, we'll excuse you if your blog is a little late that day... Best of luck honey, I know Belle will be looking down on the three of you. Remember to think "opening flower" and "breathing the baby out" thoughts (then demand lots of drugs! grin) x

bellygazing Thu 06-Oct-11 14:12:42

I tried to post a whole long thing yesterday and it vanished into the ether - first things first, congratulations on those newly pregnant, still pregnant (way to go Caz and Xander) and enjoying final sleeping through moments of bliss. Since I lasted posted, I've turned 30 (!) had a couple of parties and a lot of cake, enjoyed the sun and experienced true carnage volunteering at an NCT sale. E did well with her jabs (although I nearly cried this time) but is still not walking. She is, however, tall enough to reach the door handle, which she finds very interesting. Am praying it will be a while before she figures out how to open it... She's done some horrendously early starts recently (4.45am the other day and I still had to go to work) which is not much fun. She is getting much better at being put to bed by Daddy without crying mournfully for a big mouthful of boob, so I now finally feel I can occasionally go out before she's down.

Other than that, I am just craving sleep at the moment. Mmmm, zzzz.....

soontobefatnat Sat 08-Oct-11 08:23:09

Caz fantastic to hear from you. I cannot imagine how anxious you must have been feeling over the last few weeks as you approached 32 weeks, but it sounds like Xander is a strong little man. I will be thinking of you so very much on Tuesday - GOOD LUCK!!!!

And congrats Dogwalker talk about well planned!!! Amazing! June next year, eh? Such a nice time to have a baby, I reckon. Brilliant news!

One of my friends had a little boy yesterday morning - can't wait to meet him. Everyone I know seems to be pregnant at the mo - am most jealous!!

No more news on the flat front. Paperwork and surveys and lots of annoying requests from the bank/solicitors. Because my DH and I have different last names, they want to see our marriage certificate. a) is this 1952? b) we can't find our marriage certificate blush Dunno what we're going to do...

Congrats dogwalker! It feels a bit surreal falling pg first time of trying doesn't it?!
We had that with our first two- hence the small gap. Never thought it could happen twice but it did.

Good luck Caz. Always thinking of you and wishing you all the luck in the world.

All going ok here I'm 31 weeks now and now the girls are at nursery time is flying in a blur of picking up/dropping off/ ballet/ swim lessons etc so this baby will be here before we know it.

All three plus me have horrid coughs & Tilly is wheezing again. Doctor today at ten.
I'm only awake now as she woke up coughing & crying.
Been doing a good bit of middle of night sky+ catching up..

Hope everyone is well.

MaidenDevon Tue 11-Oct-11 13:14:16

Have got absolutely everything that is crossable crossed for Caz today. Oh that moment when she gets to hold Alexander and hear him cry for the first time is going to be so emotional for her, it makes me grin and sad at the same time.

Held my friend's 5 day old baby girl yesterday, not a hint of broodiness, though F wasn't impressed and kept trying to grab the baby's feet! The little madam got my makeup bag this morning and experimented with my lipsticks - aaargh!

thedogwalker Tue 11-Oct-11 20:00:36

My thoughts are too with CazandBelle today, Cant wait to hear from her. That first magical moment when she holds him, Maiden, it makes me feel the same.

AfraidInDevon Tue 11-Oct-11 21:16:18

Have updated my name for Halloween (it's me, MaidenDevon - geddit?). No news from Caz on her blog, I so hope she is having a night of blissful, peaceful slumber with baby Alexander curled up in his mummy's arms. She'll either have the best night's sleep she's had in the last 16 months or she'll be awake all night gazing at the wonderous thing she and J have created.

Am having an early night as F has got a horrible hacking cough and the only place she wants to be is laid on my chest in bed, so am iPadding (is that a word?) with one hand and baby back patting with the other.

How's the sleep going Marzipan?

Girls I still maintain that you have cloned yourself or you've got a nifty cape and long boots look going on and you are in fact Wonderwoman...

marzipananimal Wed 12-Oct-11 07:35:37

Like the name afraid. Yes hopefully Caz's induction hasn't/isn't taking too long. Can't wait to hear the news.
Sleep is pretty good thanks, he's sleeping through about half the time. It's so nice!!
I hope F and the girls family get better quickly. I hate this time of year for colds - J is very snotty but fortunately seems ok in himself

Thanks for the vote of confidence Devon! Nice to hear. I am slightly stressing out about the realities of having 4 though..
It will work itself out though I imagine

Can't wait to hear from Caz I'm obsessively checking to see if she's posted!

pamplem0usse Wed 12-Oct-11 13:25:18

Hello lovelies!
Missed you all.... I've been very rubbish about keeping up but I thought I'd make a quick post. Life is v hectic here.....
I saw your little survey so maybe I'll start with that....

Walking for about the last month.... well, running really (and then tumbling dramatically!)

Five on top, four at bottom.

If we're lucky we get 7-4.30 and then until 6ish. If we're unlucky maybe three/four wakings (especially if S has a cold). I'm still feeding her and not quite sure how to stop, especially as her bedtime one is what gets her off to sleep and I'm pretty sure she'll resist otherwise.

Back to work?
Yes, boo! But necessary evil. S is in nursery 1.5 days a week and with grandparents 2.5 days which I think is a nice balance. She's slowly but surely settling in to nursery.

I say TRYING TC but there isn't too much of the trying as I've only had one cycle and am sooo tired. Plus DH just started a new job an hours drive away + long hours so majority of getting S sorted in the evening and morning falls on me. Anyway house on the market so everything crossed it'll sell soon so we can move!

Last night out with DH and no baby

Who knows..... a couple of months? We've probably only been out about 6 times since she was born!

Mamma, Dadda, No, Yes, Hello, Duck

other cute stuff your little one does
Open mouthed kisses, giggling, running around, arms around neck cuddles, demanding her toothbrush from the glass whenever we go in the bathroom... ah so much!

Must get back to work! Hope you're all doing well smile xxx

LCRLCR Thu 13-Oct-11 09:33:06

Still nothing from caz it seems, I keep refreshing her facebook page like a proper stalker. With all my heart I hope everything works out for them.

S has developed a shoe obsession uh-oh.....

AfraidInDevon Thu 13-Oct-11 10:03:58

Hello Pample and LCR ah, it's like a school reunion!

Not on FB, but no updates on Caz's blog either, hopefully they're enjoying a lovely babymoon and don't have time for this t'internet nonsense!

F only has one word "hiya" which she uses for most things confused

LCRLCR Thu 13-Oct-11 11:56:36

S has a few words now - but in her world cows say "BOO!" rather than "moo" appropriately for Halloween I suppose and she confuses balloons and baboons...!

AfraidInDevon Fri 14-Oct-11 11:35:54

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap homemade halloween costume for a 14 month old? DH suggested putting her in her denim dungarees and letting her go as Chucky... I don't really want to do "scary" halloween (it's a kids party afterall) but the only cute thing I can think of is a pumpkin (and how is she going to sit down/run around in that?)

Is anyone using reins? F is a real bolter and refuses to hold my hand (sits down on the pavement and cries if I try and hold her hand to move her in the direction I want to go in) so have resorted to reins to let her think she has a bit of free will. The different reactions you get from people is strange. Older people don't look twice (I remember most toddlers being in reins when I was growing up, but I was a child of the 70's). Younger people look at me like I've put a dog collar around her neck shock. After a close call in the car park when she made a run for it, I've decided it's reins until she's a bit more co-operative.

marzipananimal Fri 14-Oct-11 18:57:25

Sorry, I'm not very good at costume ideas. I'm sure someone more creative will be along soon though.

We haven't got reins but at the moment I don't let J out of his pushchair when we're out except at the park. I might consider them or a wrist strap when he's a bit older and wanting to walk places.

We had fun at the park today - J was determined to keep going on the big slide, despite me trying to distract him with slightly less terrifying safer things. I have to follow him up the steps cos he can't yet get himself into a sitting position at the top of the slide (and it's very high and scary) so I'm not there to catch him at the bottom. Today he was wearing an all-in-one waterproof suit and so he whizzed down the slide and shot off the end! He loved it though smile

Good to see you pample and LCR! I'm impressed with the talking. J doesn't really say anything yet, though he can shake his head (usually accompanied with a cheeky grin).

Thinking of you Caz and hoping all is well x

Chulita Fri 14-Oct-11 21:43:32

Thinking of you caz, hope to hear some news soon!

Sorry I've not been on, been busy with non-stop toddlers and "morning" sickness that just won't stop.

afraidindevon I use a littlelife backpack with a clip for a 'lead', I've seen lots of people using them and I think they're a little more accepted than reins. You can also make them carry their own nappies/wipes/snacks which is a bonus grin

thedogwalker Sat 15-Oct-11 09:44:33

Afraid, I've got reins for T. I see nothing wrong with them. It has a nice comfortable piece around the chest and the straps are nice and colourful, T doesn't mind wearing them and they don't hurt him. Would much prefer him to wear them than the possible horrible consequence. I just think they are out of vogue with the fashion police and I really don't care, they are practical and safe.
Still waiting on news of CazandBelle, Hopefully she is in Mummy bliss smile.
Well I've not got morning sickness but I am suffering with dizzy spells, they just come on without any warning, didn't have any of this with T. So no rushing about for me at the moment.
Hope everyone is well, take care xx

Chulita Sat 15-Oct-11 13:35:48

Oh yes, congrats dogwalker smile <joins her on the dizzy step>

I got the backpack cos I wanted L to carry her own stuff tbh and it's cute. We only used the rein bit for a couple of months before she became more trustworthy. S isn't it to that yet, he'd run everywhere but he has no concept of following so unless we're in the park I don't let him out of the ergo!

bellygazing Sun 16-Oct-11 10:59:48

Has anyone heard from Caz yet? Keeping my fingers crossed to hear the good news any time now. Hope she is loving being a mum and too busy to MN!
Re reins - E still not walking - although is suddenly much more confident at standing unaided but after hearing about my friend's toddler making a dash for it in a shopping centre for the second while she signed her receipt, I think I will prob get some.
My DH claims an awful lot of words for E that I'm not entirely convinced by. He reckons she's said 'ball' and 'chair' among other things...

LCRLCR Sun 16-Oct-11 11:04:30

Caz had her boy on Friday - beautiful photos on Facebook. 8 lbs 13! Wonderful happy news smile