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June 10 babies are growing apace, teething and crawling all over the place.

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Here we are ladies. Let's see if we can manage to chat a bit more on this one .

latrucha Mon 14-Mar-11 18:26:15

Thanks CSWS smile

BraveGirl Mon 14-Mar-11 18:37:14

Jolly good show!

greensnail Mon 14-Mar-11 19:16:43

aww, I liked MrsAR's suggestion wink. Thanks anyway CSWS.

I should have learnt by now not to mention Alice's sleep improving on here, her naps have been terrible today. I think she's coming down with something else - the nicer weather doesn't seem to be doing anything to reduce the constant illnesses yet. Will have to wait and see how the night goes tonight, but I'm not confident I'll be getting much sleep tonight.

Fillybuster Mon 14-Mar-11 19:57:26

Aw shucks, CSWS, I'm touched blush....and I didn't even have an acceptance speech prepared grin

Thanks for starting the new thread...must admit that I thought MrsARs suggestion was good too

Thanks ladies smile

Am aiming to post more and lurk less on this thread.

NizzyNoodles Mon 14-Mar-11 21:10:57

Just marking my place.

Hope you're all doing ok!

MonkeyMargot Mon 14-Mar-11 22:12:51

hoorah! and on we go. Well started CSWS. BTW - isn't your MN Moniker now obsolete since J slept through?! here's hoping so...

He only slept through once mm wink. Though is still miles miles better than before last week.

minimoonumbertwo Tue 15-Mar-11 13:40:42

Just marking place - thanks for new thread

goodname Tue 15-Mar-11 14:39:17

think I should get your name instead csws as fergus has had so many bugs reccently his sleep is dreadful. Feel like I am going crazy again. He's actually slept loads fer the last 2 days but onoy if I hold and feed him constantly. He is so miserable with this lastest cold and so am I as i literally cannot put him down!

Barbeasty Tue 15-Mar-11 17:59:49

Both titles were good- we'll just have to make sure we all post lots so we can use MrsAR's next time!

Greensnail I know what to mean about discussing sleep. I'd been chatting about sleep/ lack of it last Wednesday, and so at 4am when Ruth was still awake I was tearing my hair out! It wasn't that she couldn't sleep, she was just crying if I left her in her cot and full of beans crawling and playing if I went in to her.

Of course, on Thursday she had a horrible cold, which I now have!!

Ruth doesn't eat a massive amount, unless there's cake. We had to go to a reception for the bishop after mass the other weekend, because DH does the parish website. So, after the introductions there was tea and cake. A big slice of cake with buttercream was put on my plate, and before I could break a little bit off for Ruth, she had grabbed the whole slice and rammed it in her mouth. blush it went everywhere.

Crikey, a new thread and I've got lost at the end of the old one! I've been trying to post for weeks and weeks, and other things just keep getting in the way. And I'm Not Prepared To Discuss the S-word (thing babies are supposed to do overnight and E hasn't been) because when it's bad, it seems worse when I talk about it, and when it's good, talking about it curses it utterly.

He's great with food though. Eats almost anything (except cucumber. Looked at it with curled lip, licked it once, threw it over his shoulder), half-inched the pizza off my friend's plate a couple of weeks ago. Down to 1 BF a day and everything else from a sippy cup.

No real signs of movement at all here, although he let go of the sofa and stood unaided for a few seconds yesterday. He doesn't see the need to move, when siblings bring you what you want, but he's babbling madly. None of the others moved early either, so it's no great surprise. And it's easier to keep an eye on him while he's not mobile!

Csws, hope you are feeling better now and J is doing more sleeping. We've had real problems with cutting teeth, hoping there'll be a bit of a respite for a bit now.

Off now to work - self-employed thing has taken off, but I have to work evenings and weekends when DH can be on lead-parent duty, which is one of the reasons I kept not posting on the last thread.

But at least the sun has finally come out. Makes up for the front wheel falling off the Britax (long story, but don't buy a B-Smart)!

greensnail Wed 16-Mar-11 13:46:37

Oh no, poor Alice has chicken pox She's been grotty for a couple of days and then the spots appeared this morning. DD1 seems fine so far but had similar symptoms last week without the spots so am hoping she had it mildly then and is in the clear. I realise I'm probably deluding myself grin. At least the weather's good so we can get out in the garden and aren't confined to just the house.

MonkeyMargot Wed 16-Mar-11 13:50:09

Oh dear greensnail. Poor Alice......it's been going round the houses here and my friend's 5 month old had it really badly. Hope your DD1 manages to avoid getting it, but I guess she needs to get it at some point.

Oh greensnail that's no fun. I think we were exposed to chicken pox last week in the playground at school (ahem), so now we just have to wait to see if E gets it. Luckily the others all had it at once a few years ago, although DD was under 2 so we might be in for a second dose if E does come down with it. It might be good to get it out of the way - my much younger brother gave me a second shot at chicken pox over my 15th birthday and I was not impressed.

Hope Alice is feeling better soon. Lots of bicarb baths, I suppose. Hope your DD1 has had it sufficiently to build up immunity.

latrucha Wed 16-Mar-11 19:46:51

I think DD and Daniel may have it too. Can they really get it again if they get it as a baby? I think I have herad that before.

Daniel's sleep is appalling. DH is bearing the brunt of it as I am sleeping on the sofa bed (
I have other issues which mean he's being lovely to me ATM). ~I did have him from 4.45 this morning and it was enough for me. I have been awake since then. I don't think there is much we can do until he eitgher gets chicken pox or doesn't, cuts some more teeth and most importantly,learns to walk. That's pretty much what he's doing all night, either round the cot (and he wears a sleeping bag) or on DH's chest. hmm Monster.

greensnail Wed 16-Mar-11 20:07:55

Oh LaT, that sounds tough. Hope things improve for you soon. When we were exposed to CP when Alice was a newborn the doctor said if she got it then she would probably get it again later too. Never heard the under 2 thing before though - I had it when I was under 2 and have only had it once (so far...)

Alice also seems to have a tummy bug, I'd sort or assumed it was just part of the chicken pox virus, but have just had a quick google on chicken pox and I can't see anything about getting D&V with it. Does anyone know if this is normal or if maybe she has 2 bugs going on?

I can't remember who mentioned the under two thing to me, but I confess I've been very aware of it the past week or so! I think it's a question of having CP 'enough' to kickstart the immune response - I caught it twice because I had a very mildly when I was 4, and it wasn't enough.

Mind you, there's a lot of misinformation out there - we were exposed to it when I was expecting DD and I have to have blood tests and panic and all sorts because the GP insisted that since I'd had it twice already I had no immunity at all. The blood tests proved him wrong.

I'm not aware of an upset tummy going with it either, but two of mine are unfailing sick when they get a temperature - could that be it?

LaT, hope things get better soon. We were awake from 5.33 this morning, which was quite early enough for me thanks! grin

Fillybuster Wed 16-Mar-11 22:32:57

Oh dear, the not sleeping sounds pretty horrendous - sorry to those of you who are suffering from colds/teething/wanting to play at 5am issues.

Mia is still not remotely moving, although has bottom bounced a bit and goes into complete and utter meltdown if she thinks she is being left on her own for even a moment. Its heartbreaking because she becomes genuinely distraught - it isn't just the 'noise-thats-a-bit-like-crying-for-attention' we get at other times. Proper full-on screaming, tears rolling down her face, hyperventilating, panicking baby It does mean she's pretty much glued to me, even for toilet visits, which is just very very wearing....

Apart from that, all is good. Eating and (ahem) sleeping are mostly fine, although she seems to have 'off' days where she isn't at all interested in milk or food. I try not to worry, and she does tend to make up for it a day or so later. We're down to 3 bottles a day....can anyone remind me when that changes again?

As far as CP goes, I thought it was 2 as well. DS caught it when DD1 was 6 weeks old and she got about 3 spots - the GP also reckoned she would catch it again so I was a bit nervous when she started nursery and Mia was 10 weeks old....hopefully we're past the scary stage now (apparently its quite dangerous under 12 weeks - I'm very glad I didn't know that when DD1 had it!) so I guess we'd cope if the girls picked it up, but massive sympathies to Alice greensnail as it really isn't any fun. It was the being stuck at home that was the worst of it iirc....

Right, must go to bed....I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon and my brain feels like lentil mush at the moment.

lolalot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:44:26

Ooh Filly good luck with the job interview!

Am very envious of the eating and sleeping babies. Mine doesn't do either consistently at all. We are still on 5 bottles a day, but suggested to DH that we try the sippy cup at the weekend and see how it goes.

George has had a chest infection since December and I've had him back to the doctors 5 times to be told "nothing we can do, just keep an eye on him". I know he needs to build up his own immune system (am very peeved that bottle fed DD seems to have had a better immune system than George who was breast fed for 4 months...) and I know he's teething like a monster (5 teeth now), but it's really starting to upset me.

His talking, climbing and cruising aren't suffering though, he's growing up really fast! I think he'll be walking very soon shock

lolalot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:45:26

Ah... let me introduce myself.... I name changed from AlwaysHopeful because I felt like a change grin

Sympathies for the cp greensnail. I guess she's not even old enough for liquid piriton yet is she? Bugger.

Am glad you explained the name change lola - I thought I was going to have to wrack my brains to remember everyone's baby's name! I hope that you are still hopeful though!
Am with you on the walking soon. Not imminently, but J can push a walker along if he chooses to now. Mind you, the others did this for a good while before they actually walked unaided. He has 2 and a half months to go to equal dd, and she was the first of her rl peer group.

Op recovery still going fine here. I did pick J up for the first time yesterday, and thought it was ok, but I am sorer as a result today, so it's prob still too soon really. This is a bit of a bugger though as I have no help next week, and dh will be away, so I have no choice but to pick him and the others up. Eek.

Oh and I hope your interview went/goes well filly. Within the same company or something completely new?

Ooh, Filly, hope the interview went well and lentil mush was not in evidence.... as it currently is on my kitchen table <slattern alert>.

Must go and scrub, and do packed lunches etc. CSWS pleased to hear you are feeling stronger - just don't overdo it, temporary single parent or no.

And hello again no-longer-AlwaysHopeful smile.

Hello new thread! smile

Not much 'crawling all over the place' going on here. Emma is another bottom bouncer...reminiscent of yogic flying....(on a rather smaller scale obviously) grin
However, she is at last eating something...getting to grips with all sorts of finger foods, yoghurt and fruit purees (but only if she can suck them out of a pouch - not off a spoon....darn, there goes my home cooking...unless, perhaps I could put my own purees into icing bags for her???) Her intake of savory foods is rather scant but who can blame her preference really?

greensnail - Seems to be quite a bit of chicken pox going about here too. Hope Alice is ok. It's just horrible for babies to have it when they are too young to understand anything about it. Just wondering, are you still breast-feeding? I had thought that it gave a certain amount of immunity but maybe not.

CSWS - Just seconding earlyonemorning - don't overdo it if it is at all possible not to!

How was the interview filly?

Fillybuster Fri 18-Mar-11 11:14:51

Lentil mush must have been well hidden as they've asked me to drop everything and come back to meet the management team today. At 2pm. Eek.

Thank god for lovely aupair and MIL who have both insisted that I should indeed drop everything and go, as I was going to say I couldnt make it.

New company, CSWS - I don't really fancy going back to my old one, what with my boss leaving in 3 weeks and all.

Aarrgh. No clean clothes, frizzy hair, no make up on and need to leave house in 1 hour straight after feeding Mia. Suspect lentil mush may be in evidence today...

greensnail Fri 18-Mar-11 12:04:01

Yes, being stuck at home is definitely the worst bit so far. Although being up at 3am trying to stop Alice scratching herself to bits wasn't much fun either.

madamef yes, I'm still bfing both my girls. However Alice has a tendency to go off her milk when she's not feeling well whereas DD1 wants to feed loads when she's ill. I suppose this could be one explanation why DD1 doesn't seem to have it yet. She is feeding loads today and yesterday, but I'm not sure if this is because she's not feeling well or if she's fed up of being at home.

Good luck for the interview filly! I really must step up my own job hunt.

MonkeyMargot Fri 18-Mar-11 14:42:44

Good work filly and good luck with stage 2...I'm sure you'll be brill! (note - check shoulders for porridge/vom/milk).

Boys both crawling and humping their little bums in the air. Very funny. Both fat now, weighing over 24lbs each. They both eat loads and are down to one milk feed a day now. I gave them my last BF 2 mornings ago, when Rafferty decided to chew on my nip and drew blood. Ouch. So that's it for me - the last time I'll ever BF a baby.

I went into work last Friday to meet my new boss who joined after I went on maternity leave. He seemed lovely and it transpired he too owns a dog called Margot! A good sign me thinks.

Have been interviewing nannies this week and think we've found the one. Fingers crossed! We are moving house next month from London to Oxfordshire, then off to France for 2 months, then back to new house and back to work. So need childcare in place ready.

Barbeasty Fri 18-Mar-11 14:45:55

Ooh Filly, hope it went well this afternoon.

I think the closest we've got to chickenpox so far is the sibling of someone at the nursery who run the playgroup we go to- hopefully not close enough to catch on top of the colds we've had for over a week now.

But, despite the colds we're off into Bristol tonight to celebrate my brother's engagement. Bless him, his GF got home from work and was told to pack for 4 days but not where they were going. He took her to Venice and proposed on a gondaler. I'm quite proud!

Hope all poorly babies make a speedy recovery.

Hope yesterday went well Filly

MonkeyMargot where in Oxfordshire did you decide on? <nosey emotion>

We have finally got an appointment through for Alice to go to the allergy clinic. Only a few more weeks to wait.

Alice still waking up 1-2 times a night. I have decided to stop feeding her when she wakes overnight as I don't think she really needs it and is just having it as its on offer IYSWIM. 3 nights in and she doesn't seem to be missing it and settles again after a quick cuddle.

DH has buggered off for the weekend again to watch the Rugby. My "fed up with being abandoned for yet another weekend of sport" vibes paid off though as he has bought me flowers and chocolates this morning (have eaten most of these already! blush

Also became an auntie this week. SIL had a girl called Polly 5lb and 1/2 an ounce. 4 weeks early as SIL induced due to pre-eclampsia.

Have a fab weekend ladies <wanders off to finish of remaining chocolates>

Elena67 Sat 19-Mar-11 18:12:59

crawling around the cot in the his sleep and waking himself as he bumps the end or ends up on his front... Anyone else experiencing this - is it perhaps his sleeping bag that's winding him up? Are pyjamas bettter and if so, do we use a duvet as well as pjs? He has a sheet and light blanket(s) over him in his sleeping bag so I suppose he could be too hot, maybe...? He has always been such a good sleeper and now that he is missing his 11pm feed he wakes at 5.30 so it's too hideous that he wakes in the night as well! Any advice would be most welcome.

BraveGirl Sat 19-Mar-11 19:30:32

We get maybe 1 undisturbed night in a week here - lots of teething but no teeth. J seems to sleep better on his side. Should i be worried about this or go with it?
On a brighter note, J has realised what he's supposed to do with food. Consequently, he's now racing up the centiles after 9 months at 0.2...hurrah! Milk feeds not dropping off yet though.
Good luck with the nanny search MM - it has made a huge difference to us having our lovely nanny full time from half term.

greensnail Sat 19-Mar-11 19:50:34

BraveGirl I would definitely go with the sleeping on his side - I think the advice is that once they can turn themselves its fine to leave them in that position. Alice has just worked out how to roll onto her side and seems much more comfy like this (she's still not rolled over yet).

Congratulations on becoming an auntie MrsAR. Loving the name. Fantastic news on the allergy appointment - hope it provides some answers and help for you.

Feeling much better today for having some adult company - was starting to go slightly bonkers being stuck at home all day. Alice's spots are starting to crust over so hopefully she'll be allowed out and about again soon. They seem to be really itchy at night though which is a real nuisance. Had to strip her off and apply calamine in the middle of the night last night. Once the itching improved she was wide awake and decided to lie awake chatting and kicking for 3 hours, hopefully she'll sleep a bit better tonight.

latrucha Sat 19-Mar-11 20:36:42

One disturbed night a week BraveGirl - How the hell did that happen! grin

I am getting pushchair frenzy again. I still love my Baby jogger double (although it's getting a bit tatty) but D is too small for DD's light pushchair and his two-parter is really comfy but too heavy and awkward with a buggyboard on the back.

Thinking of a Maclaren XT or XLR - any experience?

MonkeyMargot Sat 19-Mar-11 21:43:56

MrsAR congrats on your niece - I love the name!
We are moving to East Hanney, near Wantage. Whereabouts are you?

bravegirl we've one more nanny to see, but I really want to make an offer to the one we met last week. It just felt right.

greensnail poor alice :-(

roundabout1 Sat 19-Mar-11 22:38:10

very jealous of the sleeping babies - 9 months & still waking frequently envy trying to convince myself that the recent teething probs & the latest cold are making it much worse than normal & that things will get better soon hmm

*mrs a r * - congrats on being an auntie

la t - i bought an xlr when dd1 was 2, she was huge & too big for my other pushchairs, i love it. It's my main pushchair for lauren now, still loving it. Only probs i'm finding this time round us that the footmuff/apron doesn't come high up on her legs but i use a buggy snuggle instead & when it's reclined back even 1 notch it's hard to get into shopping basket. With dd1 i was using it when she was older & so had no criticisms at all. Great when they are older as being a bit bigger they don't look too big to be in a buggy iyswim. I used to get lots of comments that dd1 shouldn't need a buggy as she was big for her age people assumed she was older than she was. hope this helps.

Well done filly - How did the meeting go?

MrsAR - Tell me more about cutting out night feeds. Did you have to go through any nights of Alice crying? Do you go to her in the night or does your DH? Do you cuddle her back to sleep or put her back in her cot while still awake? Has her appetite increased in the day?

Sorry so many questions. I'm wondering whether to try not to feed Emma at night but worry about her just shouting the house down. She usually feeds twice, say midnight then 4ish but then she refuses a feed in the morning and won't have any breakfast either. She doesn't want a feed at all until around 11am. That means she goes for 7 hours without anything...why can't she do it at night?
I'm thin

confused Huh? Where did that "I'm thin" come from at the end there??? Ghost typing? confused Wishful thinking!! How very bizarre!! confused

lol freckle! I expect you typed 'I'm thinking' and didn't quite delete all of it grin.

side or front sleeping here, but has never slept on his back. Has a purflo mattress so less of a worry than if he had a normal one. But as greensnail says it's not a worry once they can turn themselves over freely. We're back to swaddling him too now, which stops the constant standing up. Maybe you could try that elena?

MonkeyMargot I'm in Didcot so not far away.

madamefreckle I usually get up in the night with her. She seems quite happy just to have a quick cuddle then back into her cot. Sometimes she is asleep when I put her back other times she is still awake. She isn't having any extra milk feeds in the day but is eating more breakfast. Previously some days she would only have a couple of spoonfuls but much better now.

BraveGirl Alice quite often sleeps on her side too.

latrucha Sun 20-Mar-11 20:50:39

Thanks roundabout. Funny what poepl get wound up about, isn't it? I know a lot of people think dd shouldn't be in a buggy - including her! - but I insist at times because I don't drive and sometimes we just need the speed. Plus Daniel is not keen on pushcahirs except when he is pushed really fast.

We all went to a big party today and Daniel was in his element. He insisted on being finger walked on the dance floor with all the other children and was so jolly and happy for the whole rest of the day. He couldn't stop smiling.

LaT - Aw! Sounds like you've got a l'il socialite there!

MrsAR - Thanks. I've just got to bite the bullet and do it!

Fillybuster Tue 22-Mar-11 19:49:50

Ah, LaT that sounds deeply cute....Mia would have loved dancing but we're about a year away from any finger walking if my other 2 are anything to go by!

I must admit I lol-ed at MadameFreckles 'I'm thin'....me too....not!!!! In fact, my so-called diet has been going spectacularly badly for months, and I still weigh exactly the same as I did last October, which is really frustrating as I was determined to have lost all my baby weight by now. Obviously not quite determined enough to avoid pizza, pasta, chocolate, bread & butter & cheese, etc but even so

Now I have 4 weeks to go before we go to Israel for a week and spend most of that time on the beach in tel aviv with friends and not a chance of looking remotely unscary in a swimsuit. Eek, panic and triple panic....

I think I asked this before but might have missed the answer: Mia is now on 3 bottles a day (7.30am, 4pm, 7pm bedtime) - anyone know when we drop the afternoon milk or is that not for ages?

Interviews are going ok but no job offers yet....the very large consultancy I had a first round with 2 weeks ago have asked me to come back tomorrow (hell yeah, nothing like waiting for 2 weeks with no feedback then asking me to drop everything on the spot, right?) and the startup I saw twice last week want to talk me through their growth plans on Thursday afternoon. Thank god for my lovely aupair and my MIL....I may, however, have to go naked as I only own 2 shirts that fit and they are both currently dirty and unironed...

NizzyNoodles Wed 23-Mar-11 09:29:33

Quick catch up so sorry if I've missed anything

Sam likes to sleep on his side and sometimes on his front but then gets a bit whingy if he can't roll back again - his sleeping bag doesn stop him a little bit. He has no trouble rolling around on the floor so I tend to leave him to sleep whichever way he's comfy. He does bash about in his cot though - which wakes me up but not him!

Only on 2 bottle here - after lunch and before bed - don't know why the morning one disappeared. It may have been something to do with trying to get all 3 of them out the door for the school run in the morning.

It's Sam's christening in a couple of weeks and people have been asking me for ideas for presents and I don't have any!!! Does anyone else have any ideas?? I can only think of books.

Formally on a "career break" from work now after much deliberation so need to stop shopping and spending like I'm still at work. Has anyone else decided not to go back to work?

depends on budget nizzy, but these are gorgeous, or cufflinks, or little timbers in mk does some wooden boxes which are nice for holding christening memorabilia, or these are quite fun.

Oh actually there are wooden keepsake boxes here too.

Do suggest something to those who ask or ime you'll end up with a lot of money boxes and crockery sets!

BraveGirl Wed 23-Mar-11 15:25:59

Typed a huge post on Monday, but it got swallowed....
Dr has advised to try dairy free diet for both J and I - to help his eczema and it may also help his sleep - I will keep you posted, although giving up dairy is very hard and not for the weak willed - If I weren't quite so desperate for good sleep I wouldn't consider it!
Still on a fair bit of milk here, although I think we're possibly dropping slightly - I used to have to leave at least 15 oz for the nanny, but now 12 oz will do!
Filly we are also planning to take a holiday next month - secretly I am dreading. All the trips we've done so far have been by car, but plane is a whole new ball game - anyone with any experience care to share tips?!!

whenwillisleepagain Wed 23-Mar-11 15:32:10

Wow, thanks for the new thread, except it's not actually so new now is it! I really should be cleaning the kitchen floor while Alice sleeps but this is much more interesting.

Sorry to hear about various poorly babies, just skimmed through, so might muddle up details, but hope they are all improving.

I bought a Maclaren Quest just before Christmas - having literally run our old Maclaren Techno XT into the ground. I am not sure i'd recommend it. It's nice and light and manouevrable (sp) but doesn't have adjustable handlebars, so DH (6'2") not happy. Then the brake didn't work so it had to go back to Maclaren for over a week. As per usual the raincover has already ripped and had to be patched up with preserved bits of former Maclaren raincovers and (promise my anal Maclaren rant nearly over) it has an all in one cosy-toes thing which ties on with ribbons, slips down and is infuriating. Having said that if you're like us, live in central London and do at least one bus journey a day, then Maclaren is the only way to do. Wish I'd had XLR though...

Nizzy I could only think of books for DS's christening and that worked out fine...

Hello again all - sorry to hear about the non-sleepers and the poorly babies. We're going a bit mad here - last night E woke up at 2.30am and screamed blue murder for two hours. The theory thus far is that cauliflower at teatime doesn't agree with him, but I'm getting to the end of my tether with it, it's not the first time it's happened. He simply won't be comforted during that time and all I can do is walk up and down while he yells and hope he doesn't wake the others. Last night I had to put him down and walk away because I just couldn't deal with it, and I don't know what to do any more. None of the others ever did this. Does anyone have any thoughts to offer?

On the positive side, he got stuck on his tummy trying to crawl today, so maybe he will confound all my expectations and get on the move before his first birthday after all!

filly hope the second round of interviews went well and you found an appropriate shirt! My diet has totally failed as well, but I caught sight of myself in a shop window today, wearing a tshirt, and I think I'm going to start again PDQ. Just as soon as DS2's birthday cake (8 tomorrow!) is finished. grin.

On the milk front, we were told to drop the afternoon 'feed' a little while ago, and have replaced it with 10am and 2am little cups of milk (about 2oz at most) and a rice cake / yoghurt / helping of custard.

nizzy my older boys had some lovely wooden toys (fire engines and the like) as christening presents, and they got played with endlessly and are now in a box for E when he is bigger and then for each boy to take to his own family in time.

Right. Must be off to ice chocolate cake for DS2.

roundabout1 Fri 25-Mar-11 10:17:11

morning everyone
sleeping still crap here, just seems to be one thing after another at the mo. lauren ill last week with cold this week dd1 (5) has been ill with a stomach bug, vomiting & stomach cramps since mon night, sick last y'day morning so hoping worst is over. She still looks dreadful but a bit more colour. I have a phobia about being sick so paranoid about anyone else getting it & going mad spraying dettox around.
filly - hope the job interviews went well. I seem to have a permanant clothing crisis, mountain of ironing & tbh no decent clothes anyway. It was my bday last fri am now the big 4 0 & ended up wearing a maternity sweatshirt for lunch out with my friend. Everything else either dirty, unironed or covered in dribble & food at the last minute.
wwsi - you have made me love my xlr more now, as def no such problems with it. Crap that the brakes should need fixing so soon though.

Lauren is now 9.5 mths & still not eating much, she'll happily have ago at pretty much anything which I suppose is the main thing. I have moved away from exclusively blw as (whisper) I bought some jars as some lunchtimes seem to have bugger all in the house & need something relatively healthy for Lauren to eat. Since feeding her custard off a spoon she will happily eat off a spoon which does make it easier at times. Love just being able to give her food to eat/play with rather than spoon feed though at proper mealtimes.
Right off to see to my patient

Well a fun week here. Ds1 had sick bug (seems better today at last). Ds2 teething badly and also picked up sick bug, although has generally been able to keep bm down at least.
Then last night I slammed the car door to and forgot to remove my thumb in time, so am now in A&e waiting to be seen, having had an Xray a while ago.
And before I came here I had to go to dentist for filling.
I'd quite like a normal week with everyone well for once!

Oh CSWS it's not your month, is it? Hope the thumb is ok. Do you have a great big bandage on it, a la Dennis the Menace? grin

NizzyNoodles Fri 25-Mar-11 21:56:14

CSWS hope the thumb gets better soon - although the treatment sounds as bad as the original injury!

Roundabout1 - I'm the original jar queen when it comes to food so I understand what you're saying about jars and spoonfeeding sometimes

Thanks for the christening gift ideas will pass them on

latrucha Fri 25-Mar-11 22:13:42

Hi all,

CSWS - hope you're better soon - and your luck.

Filly - any news?

Snarling grunts of envy to any mothers of sleeping babies. Daniel is just dreadful. First it was teeth, then illness, now walking. On a good night he wakes every two hours and is up at 6am. A bad night is hours awake trying to walk, frequent wakings then up at 5am. DH - who is with him at nights - he only comes to me for one or two feeds unless dh gets desperate - assures me it will get better but I really do despair. We can't even let him cry because it wakes up DD straight away and we've just got her back on track. Also, Dh says there's just no point until he's fully mobile because he's so obsessed with walking. ~He just doesn't seem to need sleep atm. He's just fine without it. sad

earlyone and roundabout - you have my sympathy but no solution.

Bravegirl - is it just one baby on the plane? It'll be much better than you think. I'll put my mind to thinking what we did and get back. Most of our effort goes into entertainig the toddler. Daniek mostly watches her and leaps about (trying to walk, of course)

roundabout1 Fri 25-Mar-11 23:46:00

csws - hope the thumb is ok, what a bad run of luck you're having.

la t - Really sympathise re sleeping, lauren was awake every 90 mins - 2 hrs last night & it's hard work. Same problem with waking dd1 too. People here think I've gone complaetely soft as Lauren is in our bed all the time, with dd1 I was a lot stricter (she still wasn't a great sleeper though!) but it eems to cause so many problems, 2 dc's in a very small house.

latrucha Sat 26-Mar-11 12:17:02

Same problem here. What we wouldn't give to have a third bedroom atm. Well, DH tried keeping him in his cot last night. The result was that, after waking at 10.30 he screamed so loudly he woke the neighbours and did so on and off - (mostly on - the off was when I fed him and when he saw dd and started playing!) until 3am when he went into bed with DH and slept until 5.30 when he was up for the day. He has only just consented to go for a nap now.

So, I guess my ultimate weapon of CC isn't going to work this time. I was so relieved when I heard DH start to do it last night, but it just didn't work at all. sad

The boy simply doesn't seem to feel the need to sleep.

Fillybuster Sat 26-Mar-11 14:48:02

LaT - can I remind you that your DD was just as bad and in the end, that did get better in the end? My dcs might sleep at night but all 3 have been an absolute nightmare during the day when I can't even put them down for a second because they can't move and suffer from major separation anxiety....so I'm very envious of Daniel's desire to move!!!

CSWS - wishing you a better April!!

Thanks for all the good interview wishes. No update on the job front yet but feeling very worn out by last week and quite stressed as we start to try to sort out childcare and realise how complicated it has all got....

whenwillisleepagain Sun 27-Mar-11 11:49:05

lat, roundabout and I think elena IIRC, sounds like us and others are having similar sleep problems. Alice really did the crawling around all night thing last night - after virtually no daytime sleep. I so relate to what one of you posted about your DC seeming to need no sleep at the moment.

Lat I agree with your DH about not much point trying great interventions at present. I have the stern new nursery manager though asking me about Alice (she goes 2.5 days per week with DS) and asking me what I do at night... so I had to confess to nighttime bf, etc and she reminded me that 'we need teamwork' as I think Alice is proving very difficult for them to get to sleep except in a rocking chair. I ended up feeling I was letting Alice down by not making her more independent, but then I thought about it again and she's in the middle of adjusting to nursery and being apart from me, and now on some big developmental spurt it seems - I know I am finding it hard to let go of her because she's definitely my last baby, but really not sure what's right or wrong at the moment.

Can I just ask about bf - those of you who are still bf the June10 baby, rather than tandem feeding, how much milk do you still have? I really think that since Alice started nursery I have next to none.

csws bad luck, sure you will have a more normal week soon

latrucha Sun 27-Mar-11 12:55:18

WWISA - bit cross for you that they made you feel you had to 'confess' to how you parent your child. Your shoice really, and hardly unusual! Your supply should be well established by now and will respond to what your baby wants. You won't feel engorged as you might have done in the early months, but milk will come when it's asked for. IF you're expressing (don't know if you are), the amount you get won't represent the amount that's available for Alice. Babies are better at getting it out.

Daniel slept two good stretches in his cot last night, but was woken by DD. Typical!

roundabout1 Mon 28-Mar-11 17:16:14

WWISA - Poor you, don't beat yourself up about it, like you say she's adjusting & they are still babies. people seem to think I've gone soft on Lauren as will be my last & I don't think I am. If I am it is because of circumstances & trying to please everyone & let everyone get the most sleep possible.
re - bf & milk I don't feel as if I'm full of milk as Lauren is having less now, still wants to feed lots but v short feeds. Still seems to be plenty of milk for her when she wants it though.

dinosaurinmybelly Tue 29-Mar-11 14:22:47

Hello everyone, lovely to find you all again. Am back in the UK for a cowpoke of weeks and eating loads of delicious chocolate and enjoying watching quality TV, that is when I am not running after the little ones.
Zoe is going through another tricky teething episode so not eating very much and sleep is disrupted again. She too seems to be taking less when BF during the day, but is always looking for the breast at night.

Sorry to hear some little ones have been poorly - hope the mites are better soon and that all goes well with new job Filly.

greensnail Tue 29-Mar-11 20:49:07

Hello everyone
have been out of action for about a week as DD1 and I have had a terrible stomach bug. Finally feeling human again today which is a huge relief as was beginning to feel as though I'd never make it out of the house again as it came just after Alice's chicken pox.
Unfortunately while I was busy being unwell I failed to notice Alice hadn't had a poo for days and she's spent all day straining and getting very distressed. Have been trying to get as much fruit into her as possible today so hopefully relief will come soon.
In between that she's desperately trying to get moving but I'm not sure she's going about it in the best way. Mostly ends up doing the splits as she tries to shuffle across the floor or falling backwards and bumping her head.

Hope all the other poorly babies and mummies are feeling better.

MrsDmamee Thu 31-Mar-11 18:19:07

Hello new thread...it's been a long time since I dropped in.
Life is very busy with 3 dc's and with the time difference it make's it harder to feel involved in the thread.(-7 GMT)

Elyssa just turned 9 months last weekend and I feel she is way behind in her development. She is barely sitting up on her own, only in past few days she seems to be a bit better at sitting unsupported. But I still need to surrounded her with cushions just incase she gives up and flings herself backwards.
So definitely no sign of crawling or pulling herself up to standing.
I think she is quite happy to be carried around and looked after by her 2 big bro'sgrin

She also got her 1st tooth too at the weekend and isn't sleeping very well as I think tooth number 2 is on the way. Last night she was very unhappy and after teething gel & pain relief and even some water it took a longtime to settle her back to sleep. She usually sleeps 9pm-8am.

Hardly getting a smile from her during the day due to all the teething. But she did manage a big grin and nearly leapt out of my arms last night when her Dad got home.

Hope all the sick little babies start feeling better and that the non-sleepers start getting a good nights rest soon.

BraveGirl Sat 02-Apr-11 07:24:31

Is it just us, or is everyone else 's sleep gone potty?
I fear we may have hit the 9/10 month sleep regression! J has always been brilliant at going off to sleep, but for the past 3 nights he has woken at 02.40, 02.20 and last night 04.30. Each time, he has stayed awake for up to 2 hours!! I don't want to get into the cycle of BF in the night again, so have tried a bit of controlled crying, returning at 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5 minute (repeated ad inf) intervals. Doesn't seem to be having much of an impact.
Darn it, he just woke....back later!

BraveGirl Sat 02-Apr-11 09:58:52

Back again...
The last sleep regression lasted a couple of months and now that I'm back full time, I can't afford to be awake for 2 hours every night. Darling DH did it last night (he is still asleep now!) and I guess we'll take it in shifts.
Any advice from those who're wearing this t-shirt already? Should we bother with CC? Should I return to bf in the hope he might go back to sleep quicker, but then have to night wean again?

goodname Sat 02-Apr-11 14:48:54

Sorry brave girl I have no idea. Fergus is so up and down with his sleep I dont know whether I am coming or going. Can say however that taking babies on flights is much easier than I thought although would not like to try a long one. We fly to france for skiing hol a week ago and F loved the flight. He played with the seat table for ages, the air vents, side of seats, lights etc. He loved the air hostesses and the trolleys and walking up and down the ailses (with us holding him obv as he is a long way from actually walking himslef) playing boo with people behind or in front and even the bathroom was a source of interest. So plenty to look at on short flight. I bf him on way up and down and he went to sleep on way down both times (normally he's rubish at sleeping unless in quiet room). BTW with easyjet and prob other airlines you can take pram right to plane and you can check through car seat for free as well.

ANyway had great holiday, lots of sun and beer and crepes and a wee but skiing too. Fergus had great time cos we went with his granparents, and cousins etc so loads of entertainment for him. DH and I got a bug on way home tho and have been ill all week with flu type thing. F has been fine which is good but trying to keep hime entertained when feeling like crap is tough going. He is so wanting to walk around everywhere just now but as he cant do it himslef means we are stuck walking around everywhere with him. He just wont sit down anymore.
Am quite bored this weekend. What do you do with babies for fun? Where can you take then they might actually enjoy. Went to Farmers market today but that was more fun for us than baby.

greensnail Sat 02-Apr-11 20:42:37

bravegirl I probably should be the last one to give advice as Alice's sleep is constantly rubbish, but I would go back to bfing at night. I couldn't be doing with being up for 2 hours in the night, especially if you're back at work. FWIW, DD1 was generally a good sleeper but the 9 month sleep regression was pretty hideous with her. I just kept feeding her through it and she went back to sleeping through just as I was reaching the point of resorting to CC, so she narrowly avoided that threat!

goodname Do you take Fergus to the park? Alice loves the swings and the seesaw and is just starting to enjoy the slide too. Once you've finished playing you can have a walk and look at the wildlife etc. Softplay can be good too - they usually have a baby area and round here they are all free for under ones so fine if you just want to spend a short time playing. Are there any farms near you where you can go and look at the animals, or just go to feed the ducks somewhere. One of our favourite indoor activities since moving down here has been the aquarium as both of my girls will sit and look at the fish for ages - don't know how good the one in St Andrews is but might be worth a try.

Happy mothers day for tomorrow everyone. Hope you all get spoiled

latrucha Sat 02-Apr-11 21:06:40

Just glanced at this and will be back but Bravegirl - I think you have to look at your baby and decide about CC. Worked like a dream with DD at 10 months. I really don't think it would work with Daniel ATM - although we may find out whether that is true the next time DH goes away on business!

goodname Sat 02-Apr-11 21:39:44

Yep we go to the park but he is enjoying his pram somewhat less these days so cant go for such long walks as I used to which is a shame. He also hates the car just now so feeling a bit limited these days. Took him to deep sea world but he was actually more interested in the other children so was a slight waste of money there.

BraveGirl Sun 03-Apr-11 09:46:05

Well DH confessed that he did 2,4,6,8,10 minute intervals on Friday night (I found out yesterday afternoon).
Last night was my turn on duty and to my DH's horror, J woke twice briefly at 03.47 and 05.47. I just popped his dummy in and he fell back to sleep both times. No idea whether it was the result of CC or something else, just relieved and praying that it wasn't a one off...

As for things to do, J loved the aquarium in Antwerp and the nanny took him to an indoor soft play centre this week - free for J but £3 for accompanying adults and apparently he loved it! Then he's into everything at the moment - he's learnt to pull himself up so a whole new world of possibilities is now open!

Still being v small, I can take him in the front carrier when we're out and about - he still loves it.

PogueMahone Sun 03-Apr-11 21:32:01

Hello it's been a looong time. I moved back from America to the UK with the DCs a few weeks ago (H and I have just separated) and it's been a bit hectic to say the least.

M has 8 teeth now and they popped up like daisies one after the other so he was miserable for several weeks. Surely he'll have a break now? I hope all the teething babies pass through that quickly.

As for sleep, we're not doing brilliantly, still up 2-3 times a night but I just feed him to sleep so it's pretty painless. Hope it wasn't a one-off BraveGirl!

MrsDMammee I wouldn't worry - M is nowhere near crawling nor pulling himself up, and tbh I'm quite happy about that as life with 3 pre-schoolers is hectic enough without one of them crawling.
Ps DIMB I loved your "cowpoke" autocorrect

greensnail Mon 04-Apr-11 19:34:10

shock at £3 for adults at soft play. They're all free for adults round here, but used to pay £1 before we moved which I thought was bad enough considering all you're going to do in there is spend even more money on coffee. I was really happy when we moved down here to find the soft play is generally about half the price we used to pay in oxfordshire. And the food is much better here too so we go a lot.

Welcome back pogue. Sorry to hear about the separation, hope you and the DC are settling back into life in the uk ok.

I finally cracked and ended up doing some controlled crying with Alice last night . Will wait and see how tonight goes I'm hoping I won't need to repeat it but am not holding out much hope.

BraveGirl Tue 05-Apr-11 19:07:03

Currently keeping v quiet about J's sleeping in case i jinx things....
Crikey pogue...8 teeth...wow! Welcome home..hope things are looking up for you!

Hi ladies

Welcome back MrsDmamee and Pogue

Alice had her appointment at the allergy clinic today and they have confirmed a milk allergy and also egg which I was surprised about as I didn't think she had even had it before. Have been advised that she will have to avoid milk/dairy products and anything with egg in until she is re tested in a few years time.

Sleep wise <desperately hopes not jinxing things here!> but we have been having more nights of Alice sleeping through. Not sure if it is related to stopping feeding her at night or just a coincidence. Unfortunately DD1 has been ill so have been up at night with her so have yet to enjoy an unbroken nights sleep.

Popped into work last week for a quick handover with the temp who has been covering my maternity leave. All very unsettled as lots of re structuring happening and people waiting to hear if they are at risk of redundancy. Not looking forward to going back to that!

Why do I not seem to have time to post at the moment?!

Sorry to hear re milk and egg allergy MrsAR. I have done dairy free for years with all of mine being intolerant, but egg free would be a disaster for us, as the older 2 adore them. In fact ds1 (2.5), when asked what his 3 favourite foods/drinks in the whole world are, replies 'eggy, boo-boo (a breastfeed), eggy'!! Hope you are able to find some good egg free cake recipes, or get hold of some egg replacer easily. When you say that she'll be retested in 'a few years', do you know when that will actually be? I believe that around 80% of children outgrow milk allergy/intolerance by the time they are either 3 or school age (I forget which), and dd's paed said at 6 months that he'd see her again if she was still intolerant at age 2, as so many outgrow it by then. I would hate for you to do extra years of exclusion diets just because they weren't testing often enough.

How did the cc go yest/today greensnail?

Sorry to hear about separation Pogue. Hope that it's a mostly positive thing for you, and that the dc aren't too unsettled by it.

ds2 still miserable a fair bit here, but when he's cheerful he's very cheerful! Suspect teeth still to blame, but we still don't actually have any through! He is going through a phase of wailing hysterically every time I put him down, but 11kg is a lot to carry around for 12 hours a day!
Thumb thankfully getting much better. No bandage now earlyone, but even when it had one it wasn't massive.

Barbeasty Wed 06-Apr-11 08:08:04

I'll join in the jinxing! We had almost a week of only waking up once a night, which is a miracle by Ruth's standards. That went to pot at the weekend, but (touch wood) I only had to get up for her at 2am and then 6am, and she's sleeping at the moment (are those famous last words?!)

She's discovered the joy of climbing, and has realised that she can get the things that DH has put out of reach if she stands on something. To be honest, I'm not stopping her from getting some of his stuff (like the DVDs he has stacked next to the TV) because quite frankly I would have liked him to move them before I was pregnant, let alone now... [evil wife emoticon]

Mrs AR- at least you know what to avoid for now. My DN had a suspected reaction to egg when she was little. Cue SIL telling the woman on NHS direct "no, she isn't blue, she's purple"; Woman at NHS Direct "yes madam, that's what we mean by blue- the ambulance is on its way". Although I'd definitely have to find some egg-free cake recipies fast!

Pogue- Also sorry to hear about your seperation, but I hope that you're enjoying life back in the UK.

Goodname- Ruth enjoys people watching- she actually quite likes the farmers market and wandering through town, but enjoys it longer when she's being carried. Although, maybe I should just put her facing forwards in the pushchair.

CSWS- Glad life it treating you better. Long may it last!

latrucha Wed 06-Apr-11 11:30:38

Hello all,

Welcome back Pogue. I'm sorry to hear about your break-up. Do you have support over here? How are you finding things?

Daniel is being very jolly now and crawling everywhere. I would say to those whose DCs aren't mobile to not worry at all. My two children cold not be more different. DS has wanted to move himself from about 4 months; DD had very little interest until 17 months and then did everything in about a week. I did nothing different really. They just have the yen or they don't, IMO. And for the record, GPs etc don't start really worrying until they are very much older than DD was.

And (whisper) Daniel slept 10.30 to 6.30 last night. I'm sure it was a fluke. DD however woke up loads. Oh my Woolly word! as they say on Show me Show me.

Will definately be hunting for some dairy/egg free cake recipes!

I think they will look to retest when she is about 3. They said quite a lot of children do grow out of these particular allergies so fingers crossed.

greensnail Wed 06-Apr-11 21:20:19

I'm a bit rubbish at the controlled crying. Did some on sunday and monday night and it worked ok but i found it very hard. Tuesday night she didn't wake up too much so I just fed her when she did and that was ok, but I suppose I should really pick a plan and stick to it consistently otherwise its not really fair on Alice and it probably won't work!

Anyway, we've received a CD in the post from my brother in Australia today which apparently will work miracles and make her settle as soon as I switch it on! I haven't spoken to my brother or SIL to ask if its worked for their DS (I assume they have one for him too) so I'll just have to see what happens with it tonight!

latrucha Wed 06-Apr-11 21:24:33

Is it white noise?

Would it help withthe CC if you said, I'll do it for x-number of nights (we did three with DD) and if it doesn't help, I'll go back to whatever it is you're more comfortable with?

Doing cc doesn't mean that you can't feed them at all though greensnail. You could set a period of time that you think she should go between feeds, and then say that you'll do cc if she wakes before 5 hrs (or whatever) are up, or if she's difficult about going back to sleep after a feed, but otherwise you will feed her.

Barbeasty Thu 07-Apr-11 07:14:07

Does anyone else have a baby who enjoys hitting their head?

Quite apart from the new favourite game where Ruth shakes her head really hard, and then looks at DH & me in turn so we have to copy, she will sit there at least once a day hitting the side of her head pretty hard. And then yesterday she started head butting the wall with the top of her head, and was obviously enjoying it.

I'm hoping that these are all little development stages she's going through (I think the head shaking stems from my ponytail flicking around which she found funny) but would rather she didn't go around deliberately hurting herself.

BraveGirl Thu 07-Apr-11 14:49:07

I am never saying anything again about J's sleeping - everytime I do, it goes to pot!
J loves to stand and is really enjoying soft play and climbing, not that keep on bumping his head though!
MrsAR - if you find any decent recipes, please point me in the right direction. I am gradullay returning to dairy a little at a time. Not sure if it's the dairy or just the work stress and continued breastfeeding, but my weight is in freefall. Now down to 9and half stone, which I haven't been for at least 10 years....(I've probably just jinxed that too!)

latrucha Thu 07-Apr-11 21:07:06

D doesn't hit himself but both of mine have found head shaking hilarious. He does soemtimes like to press the top of his head against things which is a little peculiar. His favourite place to do this is in a shopping trolley. He sits and hodls the bar and then bends and pushes his head against it. It's very peculiar. All three of us fnd ourselves staring at him doing it, wondering why.

Bravegirl - bet you feel slinky now! I'd love to be that weight again. My wieght has been going down slowly, though not so much recently. I am wondering what effect not feeding at night will have.

CSWS's idea has helped some people I know.

Daniel is very jolly now, after a slow start mirthwise. He's a loely giggler. He is a little adventurer too, always wanting to go into any place that he can;t quite see, like a hall or cupboard.

whenwillisleepagain Thu 07-Apr-11 21:33:07

Hi everyone, just trying to catch up, and not doing a very good job of it. Welcome back pogue & hope things going ok.

I am just cursing my lack of maternal intuition. Alice had exceptionally bad nights 2 weekends ago, which I put down to the dreaded sleep regression. It turned out she had an ear infection and this week she had another one, so is on ABs this time. She has been pretty stoical but had another big disturbance two nights ago, which with hindsight must have been when she was in most discomfort, before the ear started oozing.

I've been trying gently (especially in view of the ear infection) to get her to go to sleep without bf - for first time ever, I had to be out on Monday and DH got her to lie down in the cot and go to sleep, so now trying it nightly.

Alice doesn't bang her head but she does like doing a wiggly thing from side to side with it. She's been going in the baby swings at the park and likes it. And yes, I've fallen foul of DH by letting her take his DVDs off shelves.

goodname Fri 08-Apr-11 15:36:15

Fergus also loves the head shaking thing. He also shakes his head whenever I say no no no which is very cute. Sleep has been hell this week as Fergus has yet another cold combined with a bad stomach/really bad wind which makes him really restless and wake regularly. I am wrecked.
We also have been doing really badly with the consistency at night. Tried for a bit to make him sleep a certain amount of time before feed and in his own bed but then he got ill and ended up back with me. The DH tried having him all night with no feeding which worked til DH got ill, then in with me feeding when he wanted. Decided to get strict again and try crying in cot but he decided to get ill on the same day so didnt have the heart to try it!
Had good day today tho, its lovely and warm here so we had a picnic on the beach and it was not freezing. Fergus loved the sand and the water and hoping the sea air will be good for his cold.
He seems to be down to one long nap in the afternoon instead of 2 a day. Is this okay for this age. Whats everyone elses babies doing nap wise?
Booked flights to France (near La Rochelle) for June so we can visit some friends who moved there last year. Vary excited but flights are v late at night so worried about how unsettled baby will be.
Hope eveyone else is enjoying some lovely sunshine today too

greensnail Fri 08-Apr-11 20:13:37

Also enjoying lovely sunshine here. Alice is having great fun exploring our garden and I think I can now officially say she's a bum-shuffler as she can now get right across the room on her bum - usually making a beeline for the bin so she can empty it!

DD1 loved head shaking but Alice loves to nod her head - we like to joke that she's obviously much more of a positive person than her sister.

That sounds very familiar about the ear infection WWISA. I was the same when Alice had one and didn't realise what was causing all the distress until the next day when the ear started oozing.

LaT- your description of Daniel pushing his head against things reminds me of DD1. She likes to lift up her top and push her bare tummy against different surfaces, she especially seems to like the feel of glass against her tummy hmm

goodname - Alice seems to be working down to one nap a day too. Bit of a shock to me as DD1 was still having 2 naps a day when Alice was born but then she's always been a sleepy thing.

The CD seems to be working quite well for settling Alice. Its not white noise, but nice relaxing music which is meant to support natural sleep cycles and the resting heart beat or something. I find it very relaxing too and its definitely helping her to settle better, even when DD1 decides to come and help mummy put Alice to bed. Its this CD if anyone's interested.

Thanks for that CSWS. That's basically what I've been doing, but feeding every 3 hours not 5. Will see how we go and try to stretch the feeds out a bit at some point, but am busy potty training during the day at the moment so don't want to take on too much at night at the same time.

PogueMahone Fri 08-Apr-11 22:40:01

Thanks everyone. It's a relief to be separated, actually; things were pretty grim and it's nice to have a bit of peace I'm loving lots about being back in the UK (Chocolate Hobnobs! Good TV! And of course having friends and family close by for support.)

M does the head-shaky thing - isn't that strange they're all doing it at about the same age. Must be a developmental thing. He is still on 2 naps a day, unless we're out and about and it disrupts his schedule.

It's so nice to get out in the sun, it really is good for the soul. Picnic here today too. More weather like this please!

latrucha Wed 13-Apr-11 20:31:02

I've got flu here. What's everyone else's excuse? grin

grin laT. 3 kids and half term!

But I'll throw in a question. A few weeks ago I recall several of you saying that you had limpet children. How long did it last please, and how severe was it? J is utterly despondent if I put him down. He stopped breathing and turned blue in the face the other day because I took 4 steps away to get a cloth to wipe his face with after dinner hmm. He's been really quite miserable and not sleeping or eating well the last 2 or 3 weeks.

He actually had his first ever sleep in his buggy today though - hurrah!

latrucha Wed 13-Apr-11 21:07:10

It didn't get awful here, and has really eased off. He did cry every time I put him down for a while, but since he's moving, he can follow me anyway, so I think that has helped. I must say, I just ignored it. I wouldn't have down with DD but I just didn't feel able to make the same mistake again. Has he been exposed to anything like chicken pox?

Nope - no sickness, except a slightly snotty nose (which is almost permanent with all of mine when little), possibly some teething (but still no actual teeth), and some exposure to dairy, which I'm still unsure whether he's ok with or not, but he was miserable for a couple of days even before his first exposure.

greensnail Wed 13-Apr-11 21:37:04

I'm not mentioning sleep and didn't have anything else to say grin

Alice is in super separation anxiety mode too. I was thinking we might have got away with it a bit as she's one of the oldest on the thread and everyone else already seemed to have it, but no such luck. She's also desperately trying to get moving and wants to be walking. Is doing that thing where you try to sit her down and she goes rigid and won't bend in the middle so you end up standing her instead.

She suddenly seems to look much less baby-like as well. Its making me quite broody for another one. I wonder when we'll get our first pregnancy on the thread....

Barbeasty Thu 14-Apr-11 11:09:35

We've been busy! We went down to Plymouth on Friday and spent the night on my Dad's boat which Ruth loved. She really enjoyed crawling around on the bed, giggling as she went right to the far end where it gets narrow and she couldn't be followed! We went for a day sail Saturday, and this time Ruth wasn't hideously sick.

We had my SIL and her daughter staying from Sunday-Tuesday, and then yesterday we went out for my birthday.

So today's the first quiet day for almost a week. And Ruth was up half the night until I dosed her with calpol. She still has a bit of a temperature now, but another dose seems to have sent her to sleep- so I can get up now...

Ruth is bad with separation. But it's more being handed to other people than leaving her alone. I can put her down in the lounge and go to the kitchen without many problems, but hand her to my dad or brother, and she screams, even if I'm right next to them (fun clambering onto a boat). And my other brother came into Dad's house noisely on Friday and Ruth screamed then hyperventilated. Took a while to calm down.

I hope it improves soon- she's due to start nursery in June.

minimoonumbertwo Thu 14-Apr-11 14:01:31

Oh my goodness greensnail you are right, it could well be time for some announcements - certainly not from me though!! I could never believe friends of mine who were pregnant by their other child's first birthday - madness!!

latrucha Thu 14-Apr-11 14:26:07

It won't be coming from us! Our two DCs sleep has been so awful for so long that both me and DH are giving up on our dearly held desire for three children.

I am thinking of starting a thread in sleep about it, but feel strangely rleuctant. Maybe because DH is actually the one looking after DCs at night and partly because I just don't know where to begin. Can I run it past you guys? Please feel free to skip it if you don't feel like it.


DH is looking after the kids at night firstly because I look after them during the day and he has felxible working until July. The second reason he is is that I need a bi of recuperation time after losing two parents in two years - let alone having had two children, various illnesses and the loss of two other close family members.

At first, he did really well, keeping them in their cots but due to tiredness this has all gone downhill and the three of them sleep, usually very badly, in his bed. He has had enough and thinks it can't get any worse. Sometimes the kids do sleep all night in their own beds but rarely.

DD is 3.4. She has been greatly affected by disturbances while my fatehr was dying and since (in November). Essentially, though she is lonely in her room and wants company. She says her bed is uncomfortable etc...

We did do CC with DD when she was younger, but don't feel it's the right way to go now. She seems very fragile right now. She can also make herself vomit at will now, and starts to do this if any strong opposition is put to her about sleeping.

Daniel is a baby so there's teeth etc to contend with. He doesn't feed at night. He is pretty happy for me to settle him with songs pats etc but not DH. He teethes very badly.

Our current plan is now to move Daniel earlier than we planned into her room. We're going away after Easter and we're going to do it when we come back.

DD has been looking forward to this. However, when we told her this morning she was not keen. She likes sleepign with Papa, i think.

Our plan is to keep them in their room, in their beds. DH is going to take to working at nights and sleeping in the day so he can make a good fist of it. He'll settle them with rocking patting etc. He lieks working at nights anyway.

Does this sound like a rational plan? Is there anything that sounds ridiculous? I feel really angry with DD for being so manipulative and really sorry that she feels insecure and lonely. She is really the problem. We could easily sort Daniel if she wasn't in the room or so likely to wake up. I have lost perspective on the whole problem.

Thanks for reading, if you did!

dinosaurinmybelly Fri 15-Apr-11 01:39:09

Hello! I am getting approaching the danger zone right here as DS2 and DD1 were both conceived when their siblings were 11 months old. I'm keen for it not to happen again as physically I am definitely at maximum capacity in looking after these 3 but something definitely happens when they stop looking like babies around this stage...

La Trucha - what a horrible couple of years you have had. I'm so sorry. We had this very problem but with 3 children up until recently and it is now almost resolved so please believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Reward chart and praise worked with my eldest who is 4. It was a bit over the top to begin with but he soon started just doing it naturally and not asking for the reward. His younger brother followed suit very quickly although I'm not sure he really understands the reward chart. He is 2.5. Zoe has 7 teeth now and suddenly seems to be relaxing at night into some really lovely deep sleeps. She snuggled into her cot when i put her down and this was unheard of a month ago. It sounds like your little ones are dealing with their own stuff and perhaps the reward system and putting them both in this same room might work for you. I hope so... Good luck!

latrucha Fri 15-Apr-11 08:46:38

Thanks DIMB. We have tried all sorts of positive reinforcement with DD but it essentially makes no difference. She's just lonely. MAybe we'll put up a chart again and have one for Daniel too as an incentive as he is bound to sleep worse. grin

Ladylou83 Fri 15-Apr-11 22:48:20

Just saying Hi!

Dont use MN as much as I should, but was on the original June Bus in TTC, and the anti-natal group. DD Erin was born 16th June, weighing 7lb 1oz at 8.12pm, and is just brilliant.

Will have to go back and read the entire old thread and hear how your all doing now, looking forward to it

MonkeyMargot Sat 16-Apr-11 21:49:34

Hi all. Welcome back ladyLou and congrats!

Pogue sorry to hear about your breakup. You sound positive about the decision which can only be a good thing. Good luck - hope you have lots of family support.

LaT I think you have nothing to lose by putting your 2 DCs into a room together. In theory, you are simply doing what you already planned on doing longer term, and your DD might stop feeling lonely/scared etc. I think if your DH is strong on this one, the 2 of them will thrive sharing in the end. Our boys have always shared, and they definitely enjoy the company!

All is going well here. The boys are both crawling at speed now, and Atticus is standing a lot (Rafferty is a bit slower developmentally than his older brother). I finished BF last month after a nasty nip, but both are eating enormous amounts so only having one milk feed a day now anyhow.

Lots going on at the mo, we are moving out of London in 10 days time, after having lived here for 15 years, to a little village in South Oxfordshire (via my parents for a week). We will have just over a week in the new house before going off on a long trip to France for 7 weeks, then back to reality and back to work full-time. We've already found a fantastic nanny so feeling good about that.

Sympathies to all who are still struggling with sleep issues etc.

Greensnail I predict YOU will be the first to get PG on this thread! It certainly won't be me thanks very much......3 DCs is quite enough for me.

whenwillisleepagain Mon 18-Apr-11 09:08:52

Just catching up - welcome back ladylou and congrats

la t I think your sleep plan sounds rational. We are going round in circles talking about sleep plans here but not doing anything as it just feels pointless to start until we know we can be consistent and DH and I never seem to feel in the mood for a 'DS and Alice sleep discussion' when we do get a bit of time together. We have DS who is 4.5 and like a wall of noise and then Alice, who never seems to get a peaceful or consistent bedtime. DS started saying how lonely he was when I was PG with Alice and we then used huge amounts of Thomas-the-tank-related rewards to get him back in his bed when Alice was born. One of the debates we're putting off is whether to put them in together or do the big project of turning our study into A's bedroom. It's hoarders' paradise (DH mainly) so a big job. But we both think DS too rough and enthusiastic with Alice and that the 3.5 year gap is not quite great for sharing.

Ah yes, the separation thing. Slight improvement over the last two weeks, but Alice is one of oldest on this thread, 11mo tomorrow, so may explain it. Also her crawling is up a gear, so she just races round after me, which I think helps. She is noticeably happier though to sit and play with things either alone or with DS - only at home though, nursery is another matter, but it's very slowly and slightly improving there.

I am so never getting pg again! Doing it at 42 was knackering and our flat is already too small. But I will cheer anyone else on from the sidelines - I was wondering the other day when some of you might be off to join new antenatal threads. I am off shortly for a steroid injection into my achilles tendon, which has been ropey as hell since I had Alice (from lots of sitting around bf initially, although technically it's a sports injury, if only). Apparently the guy I'm seeing is the only NHS physio who does this procedure, so figure I am lucky. There is a small chance I will be on crutches, so I am hoping not. Anyway the physio department is next to antenatal, and it is a weird feeling to walk past and see the women queueing up for their appointments, with bumps of various sizes.

minimoonumbertwo Mon 18-Apr-11 20:09:03

LaT I'm not sure if you remember but ds1 is pretty much the same age as your dd and we had a v similar problem with him - basically wanting company at night. I started a thread in sleep and a fantastic mnetter got back to me with a clear plan - basically just keep taking him back to bed however many times as it takes. It has really worked - he is generally up once a night now (usually before we have gone to bed so fine, and quite often for a wee so can't argue with that!), although it did take time and a lot of commitment. We never actually got to the point of him sleeping in our bed so I imagine it may be harder to break that cycle with your dd if that's what she is now used to. I have to say I did feel like things were starting to go backwards a few weeks ago so changed his reward from 4 stars on his chart to get a toy to an instant treat every morning, guess what it has worked so he's a manipulative little so & so!! Wishing you all the very best, I'll try and do a link to the sleep thread but I have no idea how!!

minimoonumbertwo Mon 18-Apr-11 20:10:46

http://bit.ly/eeHDOJ Hope this works

minimoonumbertwo Mon 18-Apr-11 20:11:43

Sorry LaT one more thing, perhaps once dd's sleep has improved then you can tackle Daniel's - too much to do all at once!!

latrucha Mon 18-Apr-11 21:35:59

Thanks for your responses. I'm still pondering them.

Did just want to say ...
Daniel took five steps today! smile It was a case of standing him in the middle of the floor and saying, 'come to mummy' but at nine and a half months old, I'm impressed. DD was almost 18 months before she did anything but cruise (and that includes crawling).

greensnail Tue 19-Apr-11 19:56:44

Wow, that's impressive LaT. Alice seems to be working on her speech before she gets moving. She can now say quack, clap, (ba)nana, mama, dada and something that sounds like hiya.

Have spent all day at the beach today and am now a bit pink. Girls had a fab time, but I think Alice may have some very sandy nappies tomorrow!

greensnail Tue 19-Apr-11 20:08:55

Oh and MM, I think DH is worried you may be right. I'm very broody at the moment, and was already pg with Alice by the time DD1 was the age Alice is now. The sensible part of me realises its a very bad idea for lots of reasons, and I think my body agrees and I can't see my periods returning any time soon as I'm still feeding DD1 all day and Alice all night!

LaT, I think your plan sounds sensible. Would be too much to take on at once in normal circumstances but I definitely think you should take advantage of the fact that DH is willing and able to turn his day and night back to front for a bit to get it sorted. Seems sensible to make the most of that and get them both sorted.

Yikes greensnail - 3 that close would be VERY hard work!
No more babies for me, so nobody hold their breath waiting for an announcement here.

Well done Daniel on the walking - very early! I thought that Jeremy was doing well managing to stand unsupported for a few seconds at a time, but that's nothing compared to Daniel.

Great talking too greensnail. We have just this week started to babble a bit - something that I don't particularly remember the other 2 doing, but I do love it when he does!

I think the misery and terrible sleep of the last 3 weeks might be down to me reintroducing bits of dairy to our diet (plus a bit of teething). We've had no dairy for a couple of days and he was much happier today, partic with some calpol for his teething. He actually took a daytime nap of 1hr 45 mins, which is about 1 hr 10 mins longer than he's managed for a while!!! So, no more dairy again for me.

Good luck with the move MM.

minimoonumbertwo Wed 20-Apr-11 13:58:10

Wow greensnail that's amazing!!! A very eloquent little girl

latrucha Wed 20-Apr-11 15:58:49

That's great Greensinail. I can't imagine Daniel uttering anything except 'mama' and (we think) 'papa' and disturbingly 'no' thanks to 3yo DD for a long time.

goodname Thu 21-Apr-11 18:58:42

Greensnail think our babies are quite similar, Fergus is also much better at speaking than moving although he will walk all day holding on to me if I let him. Not finding much time to sit at a computer these days. I am glad to still be bf as it is the only peace I get . He can say all the same things as alice apart from clap but he can also say baa and moo and woof woof altho moo and woof sound slmost the same. He calls all food nana which is cute. I love listening to him babble away.
Fergus does not like to be put down either but I can sometimes distract him with things he that are not toys like my phone or the contents of the kitchen cupboards. I think he is just bored rather than anxious and things will improve when he can walk on his own. He does the going so stiff you cant put him down thing as well.
His sleep has improved over the last 3 or 4 nights on its own with no intervention, think he is just having a rare period where he has no bugs or teeth coming through (he has 6 so far). He was only up once last night, twice night before and three times 2 nights before. All of which are classed as good here. Maybe all the walking around and all the fresh air we have been getting have helped as well. I am loving the better weather, it just makes life seem so much better.
La T I am sorry I do not have a good plan for sleeping but your idea sounds good and as you sound a bit desperate I would say its def worth a try.
Was planning on getting pregnant around about now but actually cant be bothered now. Not sure I can cope with this tiredness and being pregnant, never mind actually finding the time and energy to have sex!
How much food / milk are babies having these days. Think we are having more milk here than most. Fergus is very keen on his milk and has at least 4 feeds a day. Cannot actually imagine being able to stop feeding ever as think he would go mental. I do find that a little worrying although I dont actually wont to stop now its just before I had him I had sort of imagined having some sort of life back by now smile
Well done on improved napping CSWS and on napping in pram. Long may it continue.

BraveGirl Sun 24-Apr-11 11:01:21

We survived our jaunt to Egypt without any major hiccups, but now trying desperately to re-establish the norm again. Sleep has also gone to pot, last night was particularly bad and I ended up feeding J twice in the night to settle him. J is showing little signs of wanting to reduce his milk intake and feeds up to 6 times a day still, normally nothing overnight, occasionally once. Is it me, am I missing signs? I don't know how to make the transition from miulk to solid - J is putting away lots of food 3 times a day. Where am I going wrong?!

latrucha Wed 27-Apr-11 20:24:20

Just jumping back on. No movement on the sleep front yet as DH is away on business for a few days soon, and not much point trying anything until he gets back.

One thing I'd like to know is WHY Daniel wakes up so much when he CAN sleep (exasperated capitals, please excuse me). It's not teeth ATM, I'm giving him gripe water in case it's his tummy. I'm putting him down in his cot awake and patting him while he goes to sleep, so he does know how to do all of it. Is it just learning to walk / developmental?

greensnail Thu 28-Apr-11 19:06:15

Could be I suppose Latrucha, I'm all out of answers when it comes to sleep. Am currently camped out in the bedroom. Alice appears to have settled herself to sleep, i'm in too much disbelief to leave her to it and go downstairs!

whenwillisleepagain Sun 01-May-11 19:28:21

Hello, just catching up.

bravegirl it doesn't sound as though you are doing a single thing wrong. If J is so little relying on milk at night and eating 3 meals a day, that sounds very good from where I'm sitting. I'm on a big thing about milk and bf and transition too. Alice can settle herself to sleep but wakes after about 4 hrs (on a good night) and then latches on for the night. Obviously lots of this is about me not wanting to separate from her because she's my last baby, and there is, I am sure, something about the timing of my dad's death in December when there were a few days when the only way I could sleep was by bf so the sleepy hormones could do their thing. I think I am too quick to bf sometimes during the day as well, and when I do less of it, she clearly eats more. Sorry that is no answer to you at all, just me being baffled - or more accurately, indecisive about tackling the issue. And lat as you can see, I'm no use on sleep answers.

Can I ask a couple of questions:
Have the rest of you had 8-10 month developmental checks with HVs? (or at least been invited to them). I have had to push to get a date from the HVs and we are finally going next week - they are group sessions, although my friend who lives nearby has different arrangement for her HV patch, where you go individually. I'll be interested to see how big Alice is compared with other children, I had one of those not-very-helpful in the street encounters a few weeks ago where a woman asked me how old Alice was, and when I told her, went 'Oh My God, she's so tiny'. Thanks.

Is anyone else about to ditch the formula and move onto cows' milk? I think once we are through with the current tin of SMA powder, it will be only a few days from Alice's 1st birthday and I'll make the switch. It's not like she drinks masses of it - see my bf debate above.

Hope you're all having a good bank holiday

BraveGirl Sun 01-May-11 20:53:42

Thanks WWISA - reassuring to know!

I think we're getting the sleeping pattern back again after the early mornings in Egypt - he's even slept until 7 or even 7.30 in the past couple of days.
Have to say I wasn't aware about an 8-10 month developmental check - is it in the red book or birth to five?
Thinking about it, I ought to get a date for J's 1 year check up - our Dr is v popular and it's coming around fast.

On a sad/happy/bizarre point, my periods returned this morning. J is alomst 11 months old, so now the question must be asked - will there be a number two. TBH, I really don't know... My mind is in turmoil. Having spoken to others, I know J has been relatively easy (a few sleep issues aside) so I'd be worried about number 2 being problematic. Then there's the cost... and the return to getting up every few hours in the night. But are 2 better than 1? Do they play nicer together? Do they entertain each other? DH and I both have siblings (and don't get on with 2 out of the 3) - is that the exception or norm? I'm just very confussed!

greensnail Sun 01-May-11 21:15:18

How can we be in May already? Alice is going to be 1 this month - can't believe a whole year has gone by already.

We don't have an 8 month check here, they do it at 1 year instead, so will hopefully get Alice's soon. Not sure how they do it here. With DD1 it was 8 months and the HV visited us at home but we're in a different area now. Will be interested to see what they make of Alice. I don't have any concerns about her development but am starting to get comments from others about her not yet being mobile. Her 6 month old cousin is already a proficient crawler so that's highlighting the differences to me at the moment.

Alice has never had formula WWISA, but has had a couple of cups of cows milk in the last couple of weeks, just to see if she likes it really. She thinks its great for pouring over the table and playing with - much more fun than water grin. DD1 had cows milk while I was working from when she was 11 months, but she actually drank it.

Fairly certain my periods are on their way too BraveGirl. I love having 2 DD's, even though Alice is a much worse sleeper than DD1 was she's easier to entertain in the daytime and they do keep each other entertained. Its lovely to watch them together, they have their moments but generally are good at sharing and love to be together. They seem to have their own little language between them and often both laugh at something when I have no idea what the joke is. I really hope they grow up to be good friends.

mampam Mon 02-May-11 00:42:23

Hi all.. It's been so long since I've checked in with you all.. TIlly's walking now and there really isn't any rest for the wicked hmm

It's lovely to read about all of the (not so) little babies and I hope you don't mind me checking in after so long smile????

greensnail Mon 02-May-11 20:16:59

Mampam!! I'd been wondering how you are. Glad to hear all is well smile

Not seen filly around for a while. Hope she's ok. I expect she's busy being her very efficient self and catering for hundreds over the bank holidays.

Alice has been miserable today - hope we wake up to some new teeth tomorrow.

greensnail Mon 02-May-11 20:20:39

oops, posted too soon. Has anyone thought what they're going to be getting for 1st birthday presents? I'm struggling a little for inspiration, everything I think of would probably be appreciated more by DD1 than Alice, although I suppose that's not such a bad thing as Alice won't really care and would save me feeling like I should buy a half birthday present for DD1.

latrucha Mon 02-May-11 21:33:52

I think Filly's away.

Wish me luck ladies - DH is away so I am with the two of them in bed. DH has promised we'll get the sleeping sorted when he gets back, which involves putting them in the same room and going in to reassure etc. Anyone have strong opinions on whether to pick them up when they cry or not? I know you're nto supposed to but I'm sure this will be a fiasco with DS.

I got my periods back a few months ago. It was an umwelcome surprise. I wanted to say, 'What are you needed round here for?'

I have a little wooden train for D's birhtday. I bought it ages ago in a sale from Holz. It has stacking bits on it too. I'm thinking of buying a wagon like this as both DCs would love it. I'm also pondering some kind of post box game. Daniel is obsessed by putting things in other thigs ATM.

HI Mampam.

Barbeasty Mon 02-May-11 21:43:35

We saw this recommended ladybird and have seen it in a local toy shop. It looks pretty good.

Mampam- good to hear from you.

La T- no idea about picking up, but I would have thought that the main thing is to be consistent.

Ruth has well and truly discovered chocolate. She found a melting cream-egg-sized egg at Easter and sucked it out through the foil. The lengths she will climb go to in order to get chocolate are astounding.

Hope everyone has had a good Easter and long bank holiday weekend.

greensnail Mon 02-May-11 21:43:59

Good luck LaT! That wagon looks like a great idea, mine would love that too. Post box also a good idea, Alice very keen on putting everything in the potty at the moment so poor DD1 has to empty it before she can use it grin

greensnail Mon 02-May-11 21:46:50

Ah, yes, wheelybugs are great barbeasty, a friend has one and it causes huge arguments whenever we visit her so I think I'd need two which would make it too expensive for us!

latrucha Mon 02-May-11 21:51:21

greensnail - count yourself lucky re: potty. Daniel tries to get his head in there whenever DD sits down on it. He is fascinated. Poor dear is very hassled by it.

greensnail Mon 02-May-11 22:01:17

Sounds fun grin. Alice also likes to move it just as she's about to sit down. I had the lady in the next cubicle in the sainsburys loos in hysterics the other day listening to me trying to get them both organised so DD1 could do a wee!

hello. off to bed now but just adding this back to my list, as it's not bumping up when people post.

quick responses to 2 questions asked....

haven't heard re 8 month check. think it's supposed to be 8-10 months round here, but they change it so often that I'm not completely sure

no idea re birthday present, although I do still have 2 full months to go so haven't really thought about it yet. Wheelybugs are fabulous, but we have 2 already (both sizes). Puky trikes also fab but we have already.
That cart looks good, but think that the older 2 would commandeer it and J wouldn't get a look in. Sandpit also a recommendation for those that don't have one already.

Right must go to bed. Hopefully back to catch up more properly tomorrow.

latrucha Tue 03-May-11 11:09:52

So, I totally failed to be as nice with the DCs at night as DH is!

IT went like this: I went to bed. They both woke up. I settled DD in her room, I settled DS in our room. DD woke up. Settled her. DS woke up. I couldn't settle him. DD woke up while DS awake. DS trying to crawl off our bed constantly. I thought 'HELP!', expleained to DD that she couldn't sleep in our room as ahe wouldn't sleep but I would stay with her while I taught Danny to go to sleep by himslef. Did controlled crying with DS. Went to sleep after about 40 minutes. I went to bed. He woke up. I made up a bed for myself in DDs room in despair. Danny went to sleep, as did all of us until 6am.

I am hopeless. I can't hack co-sleeping with two including a kamikazee baby. DH is officially a nicer parent than me.

I do plan to do the same again tonight though.

BraveGirl Tue 03-May-11 15:04:50

Fair play to you LaT, you are much braver than I - I wouldn't even entertain co-sleepingwithone, let alone 2!
We have made the decision to try for number two...If all goes well the age difference will be 20 months. Obviously given my history of miscarriages I'm playing it by ear. Haven't told anyone in RL, but actually am really excited - please keep my secret?

greensnail Tue 03-May-11 19:26:15

ooh, I'm excited for you too BraveGirl. I think 20 months is a lovely age gap if it works out that way (I have a 17 month gap between my two).

LaT, sounds like you did brilliantly, sounds like hard work! Hope tonight goes ok for you

latrucha Tue 03-May-11 19:48:15

Thanks! We'll see how tonight is. hmm

How exciting BraveGirl. IT's a nice age gap. But so is two and a half years, which is what I've got!

Blimey BraveGirl, did you conceive very easily last time? I've never met anyone so optimistic about a quick conception! But good luck - yes it is exciting. I have a 20/21 month gap between ds1 and ds2. I think it's harder work now than the 2.8 yr gap I had between dd and ds1, but I can't be sure that that's down to the gap rather than the fact that I've got 3 of them now, and I think it will make the boys closer when they are older.

No way could I co-sleep with 2 of them LaT. I struggle enough on the odd occasion that I co-sleep with just J now, as my bed isn't against a wall, so too easy for him to fall out. Good luck for tonight.

Welcome back mampam.

Fillybuster Wed 04-May-11 11:31:54

Gosh...well, I've spent a full 30 minutes reading and I've finally caught up on the thread...sorry for disappearing for a whole month - time seems to go by so fast at the moment, especially with half term followed by the easter hols etc...anyway, I'm sort of caught-up but I'm sorry if I mess up on the personals, now....

Mia is still the Limpet-Baby-From-Hell. We had a lovely 10 days in Tel Aviv over Easter, seeing friends and family, and the big dcs had a great time, but M was a liottle so-and-so: she screamed blue murder every time anyone came near her, or if I put her down for a split second and was generally very hard work. She also pretty much went on hunger strike, and refused to open her mouth for any food at all, which I find really stressful. She started refusing all puree about 6 weeks ago - so I've had to go down the BLW route as madam is determined to eat whatever her big DD and DS are haivng and won't let me help AT ALL angryhmm - no laughing at me please CSWS and LaT smile She then finally cut her first tooth a few days ago and has sort-of started eating again, although seems very unkeen on most protein - but she does love her fruit and veg and I'm trying to stay calm about it all...the other 2 dcs eat really well so I'm going to assume she'll end up being the same by their age. DH keeps reassuring me that they were the same...At least she still sleeps smile

I'm going back to work in 5 weeks and feeling quite stressed about it. Unfortunately most of the jobs I applied for have been put on hold (oh the joys of job-hunting in a recession) and so I'm going back to my old job. Not sure I posted about it, but the a*sehole who was covering my mat leave made it clear he didn't intend to vacate my position...anyway, apparently I'm sort-of getting my job back but the whole thing is chanigng anyway. Off to Head Office on Friday for a meeting with my new boss to get the details...

Mia will be starting the settling-in at nursery in early June - hopefully it will help with the screaming heebie jeebies separation anxiety. My other 2 dcs had exactly the same thing and it stopped as soon as they were crawling - so only a few more months to go....<sigh> No crawling here at all, and only the tiniest bit of bumshuffling, although she loves pulling up to standing, which DD1 and DS never did...

Not going to really bother with birthday presents, I think: she's #3 and there's not much space/left we don't have. Maybe a couple of small toys so the big dcs don't get cross with me...hmm

LaT - how are you getting on? I think you're on the right track, in terms of dh working on nights, but you need to be kinder to yourself: you're an amazing, commmitted and caring mum, just a bit frazzled and in need of more sleep. I look forward to your 'my teenagers sleep all day and wont get up' threads in about 12 years time...smile

MrsAR - are things better now that you know about the allergies?

Mampam - welcome back!

Pogue - welcome back to you, too - where are you living? How are you finding life on your own with 3 dcs? How are the dcs adjusting to the move?

Bravegirl - good luck smile We've got nearly 2.5 years between our 3 and its a great gap, but I think anything over 20 months is fairly manageable...and mine really love playing together - we found childcare much easier with 2 than 1 smile Very envy of your weight loss although I would hate the dairy-free thing....smile

CSWS - sympathy on the heavy limpet baby...although I think J is a lot heavier than M! How is your thumb now?

Greensnail- broody???

Definitely stopping at 3 here...they are very lovely (mostly) but it definitely feels like enough. We'll get a dog when Mia can walk, maybe, but no more babies...we've been giving away and ebaying all our baby stuff, and it actually feels like a relief. I'm totally positive I don;t want to be pregnant again smile

Sorry for a stupidly long post....blush

BraveGirl Wed 04-May-11 14:16:36

Well CSWS, I'd like to think we're fairly good at the conception stuff...however the rest was never easy.
1st conception happened 1st time trying but miscarried by 12 weeks
2nd conception happened 4th time trying but miscarried at 9 weeks
3rd conception happened 2nd time trying....and was ultimately sucessful.

DH has decided he'd like to get J a bouncy castle for 1st birthday (junior version in costco - approx £40).
Does anyone else have a baby who won't go on grass!!!??

Barbeasty Wed 04-May-11 18:03:11

Ruth hates grass. If she has to crawl across it to get to the gravel (which she would rather crawl on, or eat) then she will keep one leg in the air so it doesn't have to touch the grass. Bizarre but quite amusing to watch.

I've just had a call from the HV team and someone is coming next week to do the 9-12 month development check. I love the way every area seems to have a slightly different age range for this. Does anyone know what they are looking at?

After your comments, it looks as though we're definitely going for the bug ride-on. Just got to choose between the ladybird and bee versions.

latrucha Wed 04-May-11 21:34:03

Thanks everyone. Last night was fine. Daniel didn't really cry at all. I had to go in three or so times but just for a stroke. He's teething badly today, so I may not be so lucky.

DD hated grass. That's why she started wearing shoes just because it was so diifficult without them. She's always really funny about textures and mess still. She's the only toddler I know who eats with a serviette plus knife and fork, or sometimes more than one. She's very worried by Daniel's mess when eating but will sometimes ask if she can use her fingers too. I've been tyring to encourage her to eat with her fingers since 6 months old!

Daniel is completely the opposite. I took him to the park for a picnic today and no sooner had I taken him from the pram than he was off to see the pigeons. As it was a safe enough place I decided to see just how far he would go before looking for me and it was a good 15 yards before he even turned round. Scary. And he eats grass and plays with daisies, which is cute.

latrucha Wed 04-May-11 21:37:27

Oh, our check was a measure and weigh plus questions like, is he sitting, is he eating family foods, is he babbling, is he cruising, is he picking things up with thumb and forefinger.

Ours was at 8 months, though so yours may be different.

We are, despite what I said before, completely divided about a thinrd. We'd both love one, but everything practical screams no. The main obstacle for us is pregnancy. I do really get so sick we would need paid help, but money is tightish as it is. Very sad not to have another for that reason though sensible.

MonkeyMargot Wed 04-May-11 22:04:52

Just quickly readding to my list too. Been busy as moved out of our house last week, and been staying at my parents, but finally moving into the new house tomorrow - and no broadband initially so will be out of the loop.

Good luck LaT with the sleeping :-)

Boys doing well. Both standing up lots, moving constantly. Both are ENORMOUS. Almost 2 stone each now. They look like a couple of thugs!

Hi filly. Hope you have a good start back at work. The guy filling in for you on your mat.leave sounds like a k*ob!!

greensnail Thu 05-May-11 19:33:56

Wow, big boys MM. I've not had Alice weighed for ages but I'm sure she's nowhere near that big. Hope the move has gone well today. Let me know if I can help out with any local info!

I feel like everyone I know is pregnant at the moment or TTC. DH reminded me last night that they're all having first or second babies which we've already done, but it doesn't stop my broodiness. LaT, would you consider having a bigger gap and then going for a third? Our main reason for not going for a third is similar to yours, in that we know with my liver issues in pregnancy I would not be able to care for two small children through another pregnancy. We've decided we may think about it again once DD1 is at school and reconsider whether its an option then.

Alice has refused all breast milk during the day today, then had a massive feed at bedtime. I'm reluctant to mention sleep on this thread as it always leads to bad nights for us, but am feeling very curious to see how this change in milk habit affects the night tonight.

latrucha Thu 05-May-11 19:44:49

Greensnail - I'm 38 in July, so I don't feel all that confident waiting longer. DH is 40 this year and doesn't really fancy being a third time Dad much older than that. I know people do have children at much greater ages but it's not for us, or at least not for DH. Also, I sort of feel it will soon either be time to have another and get all the baby and toddler stage done together or it will be time to move on. I'd love to be able to think about it again in 5 years, but it's not for us.

Some days Daniel is not that interested in milk, other days he's a little suck monster.

I seem to have a problem. Daniel is sleeping much better. Last night was not quite so good but the thing about it was, he was very wakeful between about 1.30 and 2. I went in to settle him several times, which he seemed to like, but he wouldn't stay. Eventually, I thought I would just try closing the door (I have the door between the room where DD and I were sleeping and the room he was sleeping in open and they are very close). As soon as I closed his door he fell asleep.

I think he just doesn't like being in the same room as anyone else while he's sleeping. DH suspected it as he always woke as soon as DH went to bed and not before. I think he's right, which is a huge problem as we only have a two-bedroom house! DH and I might both be sleeping on the sofa bed! Either that or DD will achieve her ambition of sleeping in our room and D will go in her room by himself.


greensnail Thu 05-May-11 20:10:42

LaT - yes, I can see that would make a big difference. I'm only 29 so have time on my side. I feel the same about probably not wanting to go back to the baby stage in a few years time, but its still nice for me to feel that it could be an option.

That's really interesting about Daniel. DD1 is also really insistent she has the door closed to go to sleep. Maybe he could sleep in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter!

dinosaurinmybelly Mon 09-May-11 22:36:24

Hello - feeling very exhausted here. Zoe is feasting on milk at the moment and I'm trying increase her intake of solids so that I can get more of a break, but often she is not interested. She has had a serious bout of teething recently and is now on tooth no. 10, so at first I thought it was just comfort for that, but she has just turned 11 months and I'm now keen to get her on cows milk at 12 months to relieve me of some pressure and hopefully fill her up more so that she sleeps better at night. She often wakes 2 or 3 times for a quick feed and I was hoping that would stop naturally, but now feel action needs to be taken.

I have 20months between DS1 & DS2, as well as between DS2 and Zoe Bravegirl. It is difficult in the early days, but I think all age gaps are. Now though, it is less physical as they do interact well. Good luck!

latrucha Tue 10-May-11 09:30:47

DIMB - you might not find it that bad getting her off the milk at night at this age, but a helping hand from someone else to settle her might be useful. Is it possible?

Sleep. Daniel did two nights sleeping straight through in a room on his own. It was fab. But that sleeping arrangement meant me sleeping on DD's floor and DH on the sofa bed so we decided to try something more rational and we put them in the same room AT LAST! It's pretty difficult TBH. DD is being very good and staying in bed and not complaining as long as I am there until she sleeps. The first night Daniel and she woke up a fair bit but settled and eventually slept. LAst night something was bothering Daniel and was waking constantly - and waking DD. I gave him milk and calpol which I haven't done for months and ended up sleeping on the very narrow strip of floor between their beds. He did sleep, even gave a cute little sigh of pleasure when he saw me there and went to sleep, but I can't take it long term. Not sure if I can even take another night! DH may work nights etc, although this would mean me walking two hours a day to do two nursery runs (I don't drive), rather than one and it's pretty tiring in itself.

Any advice?

greensnail Tue 10-May-11 11:05:48

LaT, could DH do the nights until a certain time (maybe 3 or 4 am) then you handle any night wakings after that point so he can go to sleep and get a lie in. Then he could be up in time to do the second nursery run and you'd be able to sleep undisturbed for the first part of the night.

We're planning a small birthday party for Alice, although are getting worried we might have invited too many people. Will be fine if it's sunny and they can play in the garden but will be a squash if everyone's stuck inside. It was a scorcher last year when I was in labour so hoping for the same this year!

minimoonumbertwo Tue 10-May-11 20:30:17

greensnail I was just going to ask about birthdays!! So exciting. Crap have just burnt the rice back in a min

laT - could you put Daniel in your dd's room on his own for a few nights to get him used to the location, and have dd in with you, and then once he's used to the room, move dd back in there with him?

bravegirl - fingers crossed for successful conception and pregnancy soon.

still surviving on 4-5 hours sleep a night here. just got past (touches wood) a few nights of ds screaming lots when I put him down, but he still feeds a couple of times in the night and it takes 45mins - an hour each time, and then he starts the day about 5:30. I had to nap for 15 mins on the sofa this afternoon whilst he was asleep and ds1 was looking at some books as I thought I would fall asleep driving to school otherwise.
Anyway, now on day 9 of dh being away, and another 9 to go, and we're all still alive!

latrucha Fri 13-May-11 20:14:21

Thanks CSWS - it's our plan B but I doubt we'd ever get DD out of our room again.

DD had a tummy ache last night so little sleep. Daniel seemed to be better. He's waking every two hours, and I had been goin in to pat, shush etc but thought he'd just get too used to it so 'slept' on the floor again last night and didn't do any settling, was just there. He seemed to sleep better. Hopefully it will break his waking habit. still got lousy sleep though as D like an octopus in a handbag all night.

latrucha Fri 13-May-11 20:14:31


MrsDmamee Sat 14-May-11 01:47:29

Hi All...just a quick drop in before I rush off again to get E her dinner.

We are all still in the US and it doesnt look like we'll be home anytime soon. But the 3 dc have settled in well.
E is a very contented 10 month old, loves sitting surrounded by toys.
DH says" he's never seen a baby who loves sitting as much as she does"smile

Pogue so sorry to here of your seperation but I hope being back home surrounded by family is helping

LaT sending you some go to sleep dc's vibes!! E is a good sleeper as is ds2 but ds1 still doesnt get the whole bedtime = go to sleep.

MrsA So sorry to hear of your LO's allergries

No chance of me ever being pg again...3 is enough for me and after 2 em-cs and SPD on all 3 pregnancies. I never want to go through any of that again. The thought horrifies me.

SIL announced her 2nd pg over easter (on skype!) her DC1 will be 22 months when new baby arrives. Sad in a way to be so far away from all the family, new Nephew/Niece will be 5 months old by the time we meet him/her sad
And E will have a quiet 1st birthday next month with no GP's to spoil her.

latrucha Tue 17-May-11 09:23:58

Any tips on two sharing your attention? DS won't let me play any games alone with DD; DD won't let DS play any games with us both. Managing it, but tips would be appreciated!

Fillybuster Tue 17-May-11 15:20:19

<waves> Sorry for being utterly crap at the moment. Mia is still not crawling and demands to be held (or at least be right next to me) at all times...sigh...

How much milk are ff babies getting at the moment? We're on 3 bottles a day, about 6oz in the morning (4 to drink, 2 in weetabix), I offer 4 in a cup in the afternoon but she doesn't really drink it, and she generally downs 7oz before bed. Is this normal?

Also...help on weaning/food please! Mia loves vegetables (esp tomatoes and courgettes) but won't eat potatoes and mostly won't eat anything that has 'texture' like fish, chicken, meat etc. She quite likes chicken cocktail sausages and will eat cheddar cheese, bread and pasta, but that's about it. Any suggestions? I feel like I'm at my wits end as my other 2 dcs were much easier at this stage.

(DH says the other 2 weren't easier but that I have conveniently forgotten....!)

latrucha Tue 17-May-11 18:45:51

That sounds pretty good Filly. What else are you wanting her to eat? More protein? Maybe chicken soup, lamb broth etc pureed if you prefer. If she still likes puree, S always liked chicken pureed in banana when protein was difficult.

Faves here that seem to fit: pasta twists with flaked salmon and pesto; cheesy scrambled egg; lentil and vegetable soup (I do it with courgette, celery, carrot and a tomato. Only a lunch dish though).

Does she like rice? We have bolognese-type ragu sauce often with rice. Then you also have risottos.

TBH, D is not keen on meat. He does like fish but for meat we tend to go down the chicken soup route.

If I'm on the right lines, I'll think more.

latrucha Tue 17-May-11 18:48:55

Another thread just reminded me that tortilla always gows down well here.

latrucha Tue 17-May-11 18:49:21

And a spanish puy lentil and sausage thing. Everyone lieks that.

sunshineday Wed 18-May-11 11:17:38

hi hope you don't mind me posting after all this time but I never seam to get the the PC any more! the older dc take up all the time with it. dd is nearly 13 months old now (wow that has gone so quickly) she has just self weaned from b/f and I am a little sad (I think its because I no I will never feed a baby again silly of me but there you go) she is crawling at speed every were and pulling herself up on the furniture but not walking yet. hope everyone is ok and the lo are coming on well.

latrucha Wed 18-May-11 12:52:03

Hi Sunshine - nice to hear from you.

Big news here: Daniel has left the furniture and started staggering about. He keeps looming in to view, arms waving, legs tottering. He falls down loads but is incredibly pleased with himself so just picks himself up and goes again. It's very nice. He's 10 months! DD was 17 months before she did this.

sunshineday Wed 18-May-11 13:30:51

how sweet, that's great news about Daniel no stopping him now! grin

greensnail Wed 18-May-11 19:19:06

Nice to hear from you sunshine smile

The big news here is that Alice slept through the night for the first time ever on monday night. She only woke once last night as well and DH went to her so I've had two full nights sleep in a row after not having a whole night's sleep for over a year. The bad news is I feel more exhausted than ever, but I can remember that happening when DD1 started sleeping through until I got used to it so am hoping to feel better soon grin

What sort of things do you want Mia to eat filly? Neither of mine are too keen on plain potatoes, but love mash or wedges. They also love rice, pasta, cous cous and noodles so we tend to offer those more and don't often do plain tatties. To get more protein into her would she eat pepper sticks dunked in houmous or philly? How about mince, or scrambled egg?

I'm lucky that Alice still loves her food and has now semi-mastered the use of a fork, its very cute watching her try to spear things on it. She's now quite a nifty bottom-shuffler and can cover big distances this way. She makes a beeline for our patio doors whenever they're open and I think its only a matter of time before she manages to launch herself headfirst onto the gravel outside of them. Maybe I should install a ramp so she can get out safely.

BraveGirl Wed 18-May-11 19:45:21

Go Alice!!!! Really pleased for you greensnail!!!
LaT - wow - that's really something!! Jack walked on Saturday through the toy department in John Lewis (using a walker). At home he's been pushing an upturned laundry basket around and toddling behind it, but has no inclination of walking on his own yet! However he can crawl really fast!

Jack is eating huge amounts, and still taking a morning and evening breastfeed plus approx 10-12oz in the day whilst I'm at work. When I say huge, I do mean it. Today, for breakfast he will eat a whole weetabix with 4oz breastmilk, toast and a piece of fruit. At lunch he ate a jacket potato with small tin of beans, and roast chicken. He then had a banana in the afternoon. For tea, he ate a third of an adult portion of fish pie, peas and corn, followed by raspberries. Is this normal??? I'm trying to encourage him to use a spoon to eat himself - he's great at putting it in his mouth, but can't get stuff on it himself yet.

latrucha Sat 21-May-11 17:38:43

Definite walking now. He seems to think it involves waving his hands in the air. With that and his bandy baby legs he keeps staggering into view looking like Topol dancing grin

Bravegirl - if he's happy it's normal smile

greensnail Sat 21-May-11 21:41:43

grin Loving that image LaT.

Alice's birthday party tomorrow (actual birthday on monday). I have no real idea of how many people are coming, so am a bit nervous that we'll either have nobody here or so many people we can't all squeeze in, but I'm sure it will be good fun.

latrucha Sat 21-May-11 22:45:27

My lord! First birthdays already. And my baby who doesn't want to be a baby.

Damn I'm broody.

greensnail Sun 22-May-11 20:00:53

Me too, lots of bumps at the party today. DH keeps reminding me they're all having their second babies though. Alice had a fab time today but I'm now exhausted.

Hello everybody. I popped in ages ago but then popped out and didn't post again. It's lovely reading through the thread and seeing so much stuff that sounds so familiar and that DS isn't the only one.

Our current battle is persuading him to sleep between 2 and 3:30 a.m. He seems to think that is a quick, overnight play slot. Oh well.

I'm trying to plan a birthday party at the moment. It's also DH and I's 10th wedding anniversary this summer so we're having a barbeque on the beach and relaxing in the sunshine, hopefully with lots of relatives to help keep DS entertained.

Spent today at the National Herb Centre which seemed to mainly involve me going on the climbing equipment with DS to stop him walking off the edges. What fun!

Golly has it really been nearly a fortnight since I last posted shock?

Nice to see some oldies back - welcome smile.

LaT - why did I think that Daniel was already walking before now? Must be going mad.
Jeremy took his first steps today too, so must be something about the youngsters on this thread! He's pretty much exactly the same age as his sister was when she started walking. She took 10 days to develop the skill and start walking everywhere. Ds1 took weeks and weeks from first steps to walking properly. Wonder which of their footsteps ds2 will follow in?!

Happy birthday to Alice. smile
Has she kept up the good sleep?
I still have absolutely no idea of what to get J for his birthday.

BraveGirl - IME they can really vary how much they want to eat, but particularly during a growth spurt can consume incredible amounts.

Arrgh - J awake and screaming so better dash - no nap this afternoon which always means we're in for a bad night.

latrucha Mon 23-May-11 21:51:07

He was taking steps if we got him going. Now he's going all by himself. Everywhere! He finds playing chase hilarious smile

latrucha Mon 23-May-11 22:11:23

Happy birthday Alice!

Congratulations on J walking. smile

TSGardener - is it teething? DD did that but sometimes for hours and hours. She wa son edge from the teeth despite calpol etc.

whenwillisleepagain Mon 23-May-11 22:14:25

Happy Birthday to all the recent and upcoming one-year-olds. Alice was one on Thursday - I just took her to see my mum during the day and then we hurried home to open presents with DH and DS. I actually found it quite tough emotionally as I never ever imagined my dad wouldn't be around for her first birthday - but there's a limit, thankfully, to how much one can dwell on the past when you have 1 & 4-yr-old DCs

Finally Alice is starting to enjoy nursery, where she goes in the first half of the week. Interested lat to see your question about siblings sharing. We had total acting out of jealousy and a terrible bedtime with DS on Alice's birthday because he 'only got one present'. He's so lovely with her sometimes and a real dog-in-the-manger at others.

Really nice to see people back on this thread. Anyone know what happened to gizmo? she vanished a long time ago, hope all is ok with her.

Alice has no teeth yet and very little hair, just like DS. She's walking with the babywalker and climbed from bottom to top of the stairs the other day. I was running a bath for her so it was a shock to turn round and see her making a start on the climb. Nights are bad but to be fair DH and I have yet to be proactive. Greensnail I spotted you on a sleep thread and took heart from your experiences as described there and on this thread.

I'm not sure its teething Latrucha, when it's been that before he's been tired and cranky, now he just wants to play. Of course, it could be a new way of him teething, he seems to like to keep me guessing, ill have a good look around in there and see if i can spot anything. I'm going to post on the sleep thread as well I think.

Related question - how many naps is everyones DC having? DS has a long morning one which has been getting later and later and then usually, but no always, a second short nap later. Are your DC's on one nap or two? It's so confusing trying to work out what they need when heir is so much going on.

CSWS I have got DS a trampoline for his birthday, one of the ones with a handle to wear him out, unfortunately it will also build his stamina up but that's a later problem. Grandma has got him a scuttlebug to ride around on. Don't know if they would suit your DC.

Bit worried about the amount of head bumps DS is collecting at the moment, every day he seems to collect at least 2 nasty knocks, mainly because he is trying to run full pelt when he has only just mastered walking. Anyone else thinking of buying a helmet?

Sorry for the typos. On phone in the car while DS sleeps. Easier to find a good view and MN than wake him.

latrucha Tue 24-May-11 13:02:04

TSGardener - DS is mostly on one nap in the middle of the day for about an hour. He's always up by 6am, often much earlier, and always seems to want to go to sleep around 9.30 but rarely does in fact. If he does, he has another around thre but only for 20 minutes or so.

We haven't considered buying a helpmet, but we have totally babyproofed our front room - in a stlye you proabably won't have seen before. We have strapped pipe lagging to all sharp edges and corners with masking tape. It's DH's idea and execution and I let him do it as if DS has a bad fall and I've not let him do it, I'll be in for it. I figure, I have most say over the DCs as I'm with them all day, so he can do it if he wants.

BTW on the sleep front. Both DCs are down to an average of one waking a night, DD often none so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. They also both stay in their beds. DD seems quite happy now she feels she and DS are either treated equally or are companions - I'm not sure which one it is. What she can sleep through is miraculous, and even if he does wake her up, she's not making a scene. Putting them in the same room really paid off.

That sounds really familiar Latrucha. DS is usually up around 6, and then seems to want to sleep 3.5 hours later. This has then been leading to me having a battle with him for half an hour to get him to sleep, and him then sleeping for 1.5 to 2 hours. Today he went through that tired bit and seemed to come out the other side so maybe that is a battle I don't need to have.

I'll try that and see what happens, thanks for the advice. I'm going to miss that long morning nap though, I can get so much done in that time.

As for baby proofing, we have baby-proofed in terms of locking cupboards and attaching things to walls, but he usually manages to bash his head by having impressive falls and I'm not lagging the entire floor. We haven't got sharp corners on our furniture so I'm hoping he'll learn quickly that bashing into things hurts instead.

Glad to hear things are going well on the sleep front, you don't realise how valuable a good nights sleep is until you have kids.

greensnail Tue 24-May-11 20:36:07

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Yes, CSWS, the good sleep is continuing. She's consistently waking once a night now but the time she wakes is different each night. If it happens before about midnight then I consider that as sleeping through the night as she then goes through until at least 6am. I've not fed her overnight for a few weeks now which is great as it means I can happily leave DH to sort her out some nights.

Alice is generally having 2 naps a day, although sometimes it is just one. She also wakes up around 6am and appears tired at about 9.30am. I've discovered that if I put her down for a nap at 8.30 she goes down much more easily and sleeps longer than if I leave it until she actually seems tired at 9.30.

I have seriously considered a helmet for Alice. She falls and hits her head at least once a day and the sound it makes as it hits the floor makes me feel sick every time. DD1 is possibly the most cautious child ever so she didn't really go through this phase. Think I may have to reconsider our childproofing strategies.

latrucha Wed 25-May-11 09:21:31

Can I bring this petition to your attention?

Petition to restore funding for Breastfeeding Awareness Week


minimoonumbertwo Wed 25-May-11 14:25:53

Happy Birthday to our babies!!! Seb was 1 yesterday - oh how I cried! We have really been through it this year so I am really really proud of our little family. We just had a party at the local sandpit/park with 3 other mums all of whom have older children ds1's age and younger ones Seb's age so perfect. Oh I did manage to forget to put suncream on him tho - poor little thing had quite red cheeks yesterday, I felt truly terrible so at least I won't ever forget again! Dh also went out last night - first time in ages - to celebrate although of course I got emotional and he wanted to talk about work!!

So very many happy returns to everyone - 1 year on - wow.

justbeme Thu 26-May-11 21:29:38

Haven't been on here for AGES - hello to everyone - nice to hear that everyones babies are coming along - and that I'm not the only one with a naughty sleeper. A is really suffering with his teeth - he has 7 now - he's been getting me up every 2hrs after about 0100 and I find often I have a little nap in the morning when he sleeps (about 0945 ). He's crawling and climbing - found him standing on the picnic bench the other day and I keep having to shut the bathroom doors as he has a thing about toilets!!!!

minimoonumbertwo Fri 27-May-11 11:39:26

justbeme that's hilarious, Seb too loves toilets - must be a boy thing!

latrucha Fri 27-May-11 15:05:39

Another loo lover here!

Barbeasty Fri 27-May-11 17:32:55

Either it's not just a boy thing, or Ruth's a tom-boy.

I think the seat just happens to be at the perfect height to chew hmm

Ruth went in the sea today for the first time. She wasn't too keen, but was surprisingly ok with sand, given her hatred of grass.

But she seems to be learning how to throw the most amazing tantrums if she doesn't get her own way, with screaming and either thrashing around or going limp so you can't hold her! I dread to think what she'll be like when she reaches 2...

monthlymayhem Sat 28-May-11 23:32:31

Hello [waves, brushing off cobwebs..]. I haven't been on MN for ages, but have tried to do a quick catch up of recent posts. It's nice to hear everyone has similar challenges!

DS2 is also a loo lover, much to DS1's amusement... he's crawling, climbing, and 'walking' holding on to two fingers, but isn't quite ready to let go yet! Interesting to hear about the naps, DS1 tends to have his bottle at 6am, go back to sleep until 7.30ish, and then will have an hour or so at 10.30 if we're at home. He then goes down around 14.30 for a couple of hours (sometimes 3 if we're lucky). DS1 was the same, loved a long afternoon sleep if at home, but not so great if out and about...

Up until a couple of weeks ago he ate everything in sight, but recently he's been a bit off his food and I'm putting it down to teething hmm Nappy changes are also becoming difficult - he is a champion wriggler, so think we're going to start using pull ups now he likes being on his feet.

My return to work is looming in a few weeks time, and given this is most definitely my last maternity leave I'm feeling a bit sad about it, but need to go back financially. I'll really miss my boys though sad sad

Happy birthday wishes to all those who have celebrated, or are about to. DS2 and I have the same birthday (quite a birthday present last year grin ) but still have no idea what to do!

goodname Mon 30-May-11 11:45:23

Hi all, not been on for ages as moved house and had no internet for a while, then the day the internet was connected my laptop melted or some such thing.
Fergus was 1 on Saturday and he stood on his own for the first time to celebrate. He has just started taking some steps also. We also took him to the theatre as they handily had a show specially for babies on that day. It was actually great, there were about 20 babies (6months to 1.5) and all of them sat transfixed for 1/2 hour. Some ideas for homemade presents here. Making him a book full of photos of all his favoutire people and things (cows sheep and ducks mostly). A friends children made him one using on old harback baby book from the charity shop, lots of pictures cut out of books and some sticky back paper and I though it looked like a great idea so am going to try one using photos. Also hoping to make him a treasure basket type thing with lots of items which are not actually toys but that he will have fun with, getting all my family to put one or two things in so should be quite interesting.
Sleep here is beyond awful and so not improving, He can easily be up about 10 times a night and 4-5 is a reasonable night. Best case scenario is twice. Have been trying the whole crying to sleep thing but really not good at coping with it in middle of night. He seems overly obsessed with milk still and I cannot seem to get him to settle during night without out. How did you manage greensnail or anyone else. Any ideas gratefuly recieved here. Fergus has also gone from being a great eater to spitting out anything with the slightest lumps in it and saying bleh to loads of things he used to love. Is this normal?
Nice to see lots of old names back on here again

minimoonumbertwo Tue 31-May-11 14:28:18

Just quickly, Seb had a 2/3 week period of eating pretty much nothing, a typical days consumption would consist of a few raisins, a weetabix & a yoghurt plus 3 bottles of milk. A couple of days after his birthday he now eats everything in sight so who knows? Could be he's having a growth spurt now, his teeth were troubling him (although none came through), he had a bit of a bug? No idea.

greensnail Tue 31-May-11 21:13:15

goodname I think we were just very lucky that when we decided to tackle Alice's night wakings/ feeding we caught her at a point where it wasn't too hideously difficult. I think having a very definite plan which DH and I both agreed on was important. We sat down in the evening and agreed our plan together and wrote it down so we both stuck to it. To start with our plan was that I would feed Alice at 10pm and 2am and DH would go to Alice for any wakings in between those times and settle her without picking her up. He plays her CD, gives her dummy and strokes her head until she settles. We also agreed that if it was really hideously bad then at 4am we could give up for the night and just bring her into bed with us. I think this really helped us keep going with the plan as we knew that even if she wouldn't settle then we wouldn't have to keep going all night and we could give up for the night without giving up completely if you see what I mean.

She was pretty rubbish last night though and wouldn't go down at bedtime tonight so maybe its all about to go wrong again.....

Photo book is a great idea. I keep meaning to make one for the girls as they love looking at family photos and I get fed up of lifting them up to see the ones on the wall.

Re photos - we're going to get ds one of these for his birthday. Love that you can record a little message to go with each pic!

Variation in eating habits all quite normal goodname. Ds2 seems to go off most solid stuff whenever he has a cold or (we think) he's teething.

sorry got to go - just brought ds down as poorly and miserable

Barbeasty Tue 31-May-11 22:11:23

We got Ruth and her cousin this for Christmas, which is another nice alternative for children's photo albums.

It's lovely as a cloth baby book, and really easy to put the photos in and out. Not too easy though- Ruth is an incredibly determined paper eater, and she's only managed to get one picture out so far.

latrucha Wed 01-Jun-11 16:30:45

I got dd a little photo album from poundland that she adores. The best thing in it is the photos of me before, almost during and after her birth. She adores them. Also, I don't mind if the album gets rough usage because we can just buy a new one.

I do assume it will eventually be destroyed by one of them, though.

latrucha Wed 01-Jun-11 16:35:59

RE: sleeping. Essentially we did CC, although we started with me sleeping next to the cot mainly to reassure DD who is sleeping next to him. At first I patted him, then after a few nights I just was there, then I was in my room and visited every couple of minutes while he cried. Maximum crying time was twenty minutes and I can cope with that (and, more importantly, so did DD).

Everyone is much happier now.

Once we had broken the back of it, I stopped doing CC (mainly) and I go to visit to pat him and reassure DD. Having said that, he slept all night til 6am last night (and for about 3 nights before that) so much better. DD did wake them up with a nightmare but that was before my bedtime so doesn't count.

I would say, either one of you doing it or a completely united plan otherwise things could get very tense and the children confused.

BraveGirl Wed 01-Jun-11 16:40:39

Is anyone else here suffering from ever earlier morning wake-ups? This morning it was 04.30, after a few days of 05.30 - it just keeps getting earlier. No discernible difference in routine, and in fact one night even later bedtime didn't help. Sad thing is, once he's awake, he's very reluctant to go back to sleep! Normally when we're at work it's 06.30 get up, but we're on holiday this week and it's rather annoying!

latrucha Wed 01-Jun-11 16:43:50

Daniel is always up by 6, usually earlier. I'm sure it's because he needs a poo. HE usually does abotu 3 by 9am. Some people say wake them up 15 minutes before their usual wake-up time, but I've never done it. Age is the only thing that has worked for us.

DS seems to have decided to wake at 5 the last few nights. We did wake to sleep a while ago and it worked brilliantly, until his whole night routine was upset by something, so I think we'll try that again. Worth a go!

BraveGirl Wed 01-Jun-11 19:42:26

I read the thread in the sleep forum about taking them outside before bedtime, so after dinner we walked to the allotment with Jack in the carrier - whether it works remains to be seen....7am would be nice....

Fillybuster Wed 01-Jun-11 20:43:10

<waves> Happy birthday to all the babies who have already turned 1! I can't believe how fast this year has gone...<sobs>....and I am so in denial about Mia's birthday in 3 weeks! smile

Thanks for all the food ideas, especially from LaT - I feel quite inspired. I think part of the problem is that I got into a bit of a food rut, especially on the days when its just Mia for lunch and I couldn't think of any new ideas. But I'm now off to try noodles, more rice things (as unlike my other dcs she actually likes rice!) and some of the mixes like salmon and pesto that had never occurred to me - and that I hope the other DCs like too smile Yes, the problem is mostly with protein, but its all a bit random - some days Mia will happily eat large amounts of salmon/cod/chicken/whatever and then she will totally refuse to entertain even the suggestion the following day....hmm

She's down to 2 bottles a day (morning and bedtime) but turns her nose up at milk in a cup in the afternoon, even though she's happy to drink water out of one and I am certain she would take a bottle with total joy at that time....sigh...

Delighted that you've semi-solved your sleeping arrangements LaT....are you feeling better? Very envious of D's mobility....Mia is still stuck fast and not very happy about it...sad

<waves at CSWS> Lovely to see you last Sunday grin!

Back again. What else was I going to say last night....

J slept through for only the second time ever one day last week! But has since got bad again due to a cold type bug - snot and dribble and gunky eyes galore! Hopefully it won't last long and he'll get back to improved sleeping again soon.

We have found something for his main birthday present at last. Bought him this the other day. Hoepfully it will hold his interest enough to deter him from climbing up and standing on the rockaboat swing seat in the garden!

Still no teeth here at almost 11 months. Are we the only ones?

<waves back to filly> Was indeed a lovely surprise to bump into you smile.

greensnail Thu 02-Jun-11 16:41:35

Oh, good choice CSWS. They have one of those at soft play and my DDs love it - its one thing they play with together which is nice. They mainly post balls through the post box to each other and Alice likes playing with the birds on it as well. 4 teeth here.


greensnail Thu 02-Jun-11 20:35:27

Oops, sorry about the above post - I got attacked by a toddler demanding the cbeebies website!

I was going to ask if anyone has any bright ideas for teaching Alice to safely negotiate the step down from our patio door. I keep finding her precariously balanced on the doorstep and I think its only a matter of time until I find her flat on her face on our gravelled patio area. If she was crawling I would teach her to turn around and go backwards, but she's a bum-shuffler so its not so easy. We have the door open a lot to let DD1 potter in and out as she wants to and the sandpit is just outside the door so it's a big temptation for Alice to try and get out there.

Hello everyone - been such a long time! [waving and grinning a big freckly grin]. Happy Birthday to all of the Wonderful Ones! I keep saying it but MY it's gone so fast!

We've had a brilliant few weeks. From birth, Emma woke at least twice a night for a feed but suddenly, two weeks ago, she just slept through and has done ever since - [those with bad sleepers- look away now] - usually from 7pm til 8am! Actually, perhaps it could be a ray of hope to those with bad sleepers. I never thought it would happen, I was anticipating awful nights of CC in a desperate effort just to get a good night's sleep. I never thought it could suddenly just happen! It has also conincided with her first 3 teeth, a groovy, speedy but ridiculous asymetric 'crab-crawl' which I read on some website is a 'red flag for autism' [shakes head and rolls eyes] and the dawn of the Purposeful Finger Pointing Era.

She is a really happy and determined little creature and I'm absolutely loving it at the moment. She is so different from her big brother and the more her character emerges, the more the differences amaze me.

I'm going to try to drop in more often as I love hearing everyone's updates. I've been noting down a few food tips as we've been in a serious rut revolving around avocado, yoghurt and blueberries.

goodname Fri 03-Jun-11 09:32:40

Greensnail dont know how to train alice to go down steps safely, will have the same problem with fergus when he bothers walking properly as he is also not a crwaler. He has managed 4 steps on his own now tho - yippee. Anyway was thinking what about just putting down some foam squares at your back door like these ones from elc (http://www.elc.co.uk/4-Recreation-Mats/122877,default,pd.html) then it wont matter quite so much if she falls?
Madame freckle thats great about the sleep, fergus is still bad but at least I dont have to deal with early mornings either, he generally sleeps til 8. Actually think I would prefer a few night wakings and a later morining than starting the day at 5! Emma sounds very cute, love it now fergus does that finger pointing thing to, he also says something that sounds very like 'whats that?' This is a great age I think, well on the days when I have a had a decent amount of sleep anyway!

greensnail Fri 03-Jun-11 19:14:34

goodname, that is a brilliant idea, thank you. Why didn't I think of that? In fact I may even make a little path of them going from the back door to the grass so DD1 doesn't need to put her shoes on to cross the gravel!

Alice is also great fun at the moment. She's saying loads, her best new word this week has been hoover and she also says something that sounds like "what's this?" She was being so cute today turning on the music on her toys and then dancing with a big grin on her face. Its a shame they have to turn into 2 year olds eventually.

latrucha Fri 03-Jun-11 20:34:08

Daniel amazed me by going down the steps sensibly ie going on to his tummy and sliding down but that was before he learnt to walk. He has now decided to propel himself forehead first into the concrete at every opportunity he gets.

May well invest in the crashmats.

Lovely to hear from you Madamefreckle. It's a fearsomely cute age, isn't it? I would just love to go back and see DD at this age again. Unfortunately she was about this age when my mother died, so I don't really remember much about what she was like.

The pointing is just darling, although he has started to point to my breasts when he wants milk, or to me when someone else is holding him which is embarassing.

He absolutely loves Ds schleich animals and went to bed with the calf in his hand today. He is pretty much carrying one of them all the time, mooing which is lovely, or one of her wind-up dinosaurs. Very not good for a year old baby, but he just loves them.

But then, I found 1-2 with DD just wonderful and am trying to reconcile myself to officially not having a baby come the first of July.

Filly - is Mia going to be your last baby? If so, you want her to stay wee for a while, don't you? I do kep trying to persuade Daniel to be a baby, but he just isn't interested.

Oh, the other supercute thing he does is cuddle, now. If he fancies one, he climps up and gives us a big kutch. Awwwww.

latrucha Fri 03-Jun-11 20:49:42

Oh, the other thing he has developed is a Vincent Price-style wicked laugh. He has his usual baby giggle and then he breaks into a deep, slow 'Ha ha ha ha ha' as if he is about to bite some young virgin's neck

Can you tell that both my children actually slept all night last night?

greensnail Fri 03-Jun-11 21:20:31

Ah, see I find the pointing to the breasts thing fabulous as it is so much more discrete than DD1's loud "me need gug" whining. I was thinking today I don't remember much about when DD1 was this age either although for me it was for much happier reasons as I think I was just too caught up in pregnancy yuckiness.

Do you really think they're not officially a baby once they are one? Alice is still very much my baby, but then I suppose it will be a bit difficult to say she's not a toddler once she starts toddling.

Have been offered a job today, which is great as it means I don't need to pay back my maternity pay. Also means I actually have to go to work which isn't so good but I suppose it might make a nice change smile

latrucha Fri 03-Jun-11 21:31:08

Well, I never knew when they stopped beign a baby but a friend told me they are toddlers after one.

Does not help my broodiness one bit.

Congratulations on the job. smile

greensnail Fri 03-Jun-11 21:39:15

I wouldn't say they're toddlers until about 18 months myself if that helps at all. Maybe we need an inbetween word for when they're no longer babies but not yet toddlers. I was wondering when a toddler becomes a child as well. DD1 seems less toddlerlike every day which is a bit sad too.

latrucha Fri 03-Jun-11 22:02:55

I know. DD is such a little girl now. I know we'll have a good time together, but I like her being a wee one.

I think they're babies until about 18 months - and if not walking then probably longer (I'm not prepared to accept that the baby days are over quite yet! - Not having any more either so will string it out as long as possible!)
I reckon they stop being toddlers at some point between 3 and 4 depending on the child.
LaT - Lol at your comment about Daniel's laugh!
Greensnail - Alice's talking sounds amazing - hoover - blimey!! I get excited about Emma saying Buh buh (Blueberry) or Buh (ball) or Buh buh (banana) !

goodname Sat 04-Jun-11 13:24:51

greensnail they have the crashmat thingys in Tescos for a fiver as well btw.

Fergus slept in his cot all night last night for the first time ever. He did have 2 feeds still but that is progress as far as I am concerned. Have got feeds down to 1 -2 a night and wakings are lasting a lot less time when I dont feed him now. He just crys for 5 minutes or less so things are getting slowly better here. Tonight we are going out and my sister is looking after him (its our anniversary) so he will have his first night away from us. Quite nervous but excited to see how he gets on!
Amazing weather here for last two days but today it blinking freezing. Went paddling with fergus in river yesterday and he insisted on going in up to his nappy. This is the same boy who screams when I put him in an inch of bath wtaer!

greensnail Sat 04-Jun-11 19:10:47

madamefreckle - yes, we're constantly amazed by the words she comes out with. I'm not getting too excited about it though as dd1 had a lot of words quite early too and then seemed to forget them all when she was concentrating on learning to walk.

Happy anniversary goodname! I hope Fergus enjoys his night away and behaves for his auntie - I bet he'll be just fine.

latrucha Tue 07-Jun-11 09:51:15

Wow, Greensnail. I managed to miss that. I thought I was imagining things hearing D say 'Hello'! Maybe I'm not. smile

minimoonumbertwo Tue 07-Jun-11 14:02:11

Good grief all these words! Seb has none...should I be worried???

greensnail Tue 07-Jun-11 21:00:49

I wouldn't worry at all minimoo. As I say DD1 had a lot of words early on and her talking is definitely below average for a 2.5 year old now. I think Alice's speech is better than hers was though so maybe she'll continue to be an early speaker. Her new word today was "dance" which was accompanied by a little dance - very sweet.

I definitely need to go and buy those crash mats for the patio. She managed to nose dive out there this afternoon and ended up with a nose bleed. She doesn't learn though - I found her standing out there again 10 minutes later hmm

bluesteel Tue 07-Jun-11 21:36:32

Hi ladies, I honestly don't know where the past year went but I don't seem to have managed to post in all that time blush. My old moniker was meggymegmegs and I had a boy called Jimmy, hopefully some of you might remember me and you don't mind me crashing back on here a year on!

Going to have a read back to catch up with all your news. In summary for us, jimmy has just started sleeping through (thank the lord for controlled crying), we've recently moved house and I'm just starting a new job so things have been manic.

Ok, off to catch up on 12 month's chat!


meggy! I remember you smile.
Great news on the sleeping through. My ds has managed it 3 times in his life so far. 2 of those were in the last couple of weeks though, so that's promising smile.

minimoo - def don't worry re words! My dd didn't say a lot until maybe 14/15 months iirc, and then around 18/19 months her speech really took off and within no time at all she was streets ahead of her peers.
My ds1 then barely said anything until he was well over 2, and it's only in the last 2 or 3 months that he has started to catch up a bit (he's 2yrs 8 months now).
Ds2 hasn't said anything yet (although is the youngest on this thread). But I bet he'd win a stair climbing contest any day of the week instead!

BraveGirl Wed 08-Jun-11 07:20:24

Ohh I think my J could take on your ds2 CSWS - first time he saw the stairs (a month ago) he crawled straight up them without looking back! But no words at all yet apart from the sounds!
Today is J's first birthday - can't believe the time has gone so fast. I am home this morning until break as a speacial treat, Family-IL round at tea time, but party on Sunday afternoon. To celebrate his birthday, J slept 7pm-6am last night - woohoo!!!

Barbeasty Wed 08-Jun-11 08:19:33

I'll let Ruth join in the stairs race- she started when DH was "looking after her", wondered where she had gone, and then spotted her near the top of the stairs!

I had been wondering how to teach her to cone down backwards, and not use her favourite sofa-dismounting technique of diving head first, but every time I tried to get her to reverse down a few steps, she would start back up again- like a wind up toy! I was so pleased last night when she randomly reversed down 5 steps.

To get out of the conservatory she just goes carefully forwards, but it is just the one step!

We've had lots of words, but the only one to stick is duck. She's obsessed, and has stolen one from granny's house!

Got to get her up now, as she has her first settling session for nursery this morning.

She slept through on Friday night, 10-6.30. But since 6.30 I haven't had more than 1.5hrs straight as she had a fever all weekend. Yesterday was the first day that she ate more that 1 strawberry, and we're still dealing in pieces rather than portions of pasta etc.

meggymegmegs Wed 08-Jun-11 10:31:40

Ok, I've gone back to the meggy nickname, was confusing myself there with the whole bluesteel nonsense confused. Thanks for remembering me CSWS, the original pregnancy thread got me through some pretty tough times, I honestly hadn't even imagined it was still going, but am delighted to see all the familiar names.

Jimmy is a stair racer and a loo lover too. Also obsessed by remote controls, my iPhone, the laptop... can you see a technology trend? Cutest current thing is using everything as a phone, so for example, he holds a toy car up to his ear and says 'hiya' or 'ed' ('Ted', his cousin's name), then repeats with a teddy bear, plate and on and on.

CC really has been great for us on the sleep front, I resisted for ages thinking it would be traumatic all round. Tried, pick up put down, patting etc, but Jimmy just found it confusing and distressing and it was taking hours. Since we implemented CC he just got it straight away, I think it was the only thing that made sense to us all. I know it's not for everyone, but for us, yes.

Have loved catching up with everyone's news and can't believe they're all 1 or thereabouts. Jimmy was 1 on 16th May and his favourite present was this from my mum and dad. Just hoping for a bit more sun so we can enjoy it more (I live in the rainy north west).

Those crash pad thingies are a great idea. We have a set of stairs in the garden that Jimmy tries to walk down (because his cousins do), my heart's in my mouth and he just won't do the turn around thing that he's happy to do indoors.

Sorry for the long long post, over-excited to be back on board!

BraveGirl Wed 08-Jun-11 20:14:04

Well today was J's big day - by the time I was home from school at 5pm he was stressed out, tired and hungry so wasn't much in the mood for present opening. We had some fun though and have some lovely pictures to remember the day. Birthday pressie for mummy and daddy was J sleeping 7pm-6am!
1st month TTC didn't happen as AF also arrived today. What timing!

J is good at getting down off the sofa and the bed, but we've yet to train him on the stairs...

latrucha Wed 08-Jun-11 21:06:58

Well, your babies may be faster than D up the stairs, but no one's baby is stupider doing it than mine grin. He thinks going upstairs is so great that he has to stop every three or four to wave his hands in the air and look behind him to see who is watching. Not a good plan, Danny boy.

Hi Meggy I remember you too. How has the first year of being a mummy been for you?

I still can't believe how big and strong Danny is. DD is such a little dainty thing compared to him. She did pull him backwards off the sofa yesterday though shock so I guess she can give as good as she gets for now. He is incredibly jealous if I try and cuddle DD or read a story. He just stands and roars and roars at us. It can be very difficult.

meggymegmegs Thu 09-Jun-11 19:36:10

Thanks LaT. I've loved being a mum thanks, of course huge ups and downs but I've been lucky to have a very supportive DH and family and Jimmy's been a good baby so I've had it easy. Would love to start TTC, in fact it was our plan to do so about now but I've been forced to change jobs so I'll need time to settle in and more importantly qualify for mat pay! sad

Totally know what you mean about the turning and waving lark on the stairs, have had that too. smile

meggymegmegs Thu 09-Jun-11 19:37:06

Oh and Bravegirl, a very happy birthday to J for yesterday grin

meggymegmegs! Hello!! Good to hear you're doing well and enjoying it all.
Bravegirl - you are that - TTC already! It took me nearly 3 years before I thought that it would be a good idea. Having said that, I think having two close together would be wonderful but you'd need to be more organised or calmer in chaos than I am!
Barbeasty - I hope Ruth enjoyed nursery. We're at exactly the point you described with stairs - Emma is that wind-up toy! I pull her down 3 steps on her tummy and she just scuttles straight back up them...again and again!

Barbeasty Fri 10-Jun-11 06:29:26

Ruth did ok thanks. I stayed for the session on Wednesday, which she enjoyed. Then yesterday she did the same session but I left her to it. They said she cried occasionally, when she realised I wasn't there, but generally she was fine.

Next week she has two proper sessions (this week's were a bit shorter) and then it's two full days a week until she starts school!

It gave me a chance to go and get her birthday present and mooch around Cirencester child-free though, which I've never managed before!

Just a quick post to see if it triggers this thread to appear correctly in the new iPhone app.

woofie Sat 11-Jun-11 18:00:11

Hi everyone, haven't checked in for ages but just wanted to wish all the June babies a happy birthday! Hope you've all enjoyed the first year amid the sleep deprivation etc

Laurie turned 1 on Wednesday and is basically into everything and great fun, though the end of the little baby phase is bittersweet since he's our last.

Have fun with the celebrations over the next few weeks!

meggymegmegs Tue 14-Jun-11 11:19:20

Hi everyone, has anyone tried to introduce cow's milk yet? Jimmy was on the breast until I went back to work at 6 months, then formula since then, both with no problems.

He was 1 on 16th May, so for the past few weeks he's had cow's milk in his cereal and we've been gradually adding cow's milk ounce by ounce to his bottles, again, no problems.

Then this weekend we completely made the switch to cow's milk and all hell has broken loose. He has had awful diarrhoea and his bottom has been so sore he screams when I'm changing his nappy (which was about 15 times yesterday). We've now switched back to formula and the problem's getting better. He's well in himself and is eating and drinking fine but I'm debating whether to get the doctor involved. Has anyone had similar experiences or have they taken to cow's milk well when it was introduced?

meggymegs - you already qualify for stat mat pay. Is it additional pay from your company that you are waiting to qualify for?

Lovely to see you again too woofie. These birthdays do bring folk out of the woodwork wink.

meggy - all of mine have been milk intolerant, so def no cows milk introduction here. tbh your gp or even a paed is unlikely to do much if he can tolerate some degree of milk. You will just need to revert to formula (which is made from cows milk so if he can have this ok then any intolerance is mild) or another milk alternative (eg oat milk with added calcium), although note that alternative milks aren't such complete nutrition (though this isn't a real worry if he is eating a good diet too). Has he been having cheese and yogurt ok for a while?

meggymegmegs Tue 14-Jun-11 11:48:31

Yes, CSWS, it's the extras I'll be hanging in there for, had to make do on SMP with Jimmy (due to working in male-orientated business with no family-friendly policies) and christ it's tight isn't it?

Thanks for the milk advice. Yes, cheese and yogurt no problems either so hopefully it is just a mild reaction. Will stick to formula for now and maybe try again in a few months. Really hope it's not a problem for him long-term, it must be so hard to steer them away from all that dairy loveliness for their whole childhood sad.

woofie lovely to see you back here, it's like 12 months ago all over again, I remember when we were all moaning about how tired we were and just hoping it would happen soon smile

the good news meggy is that about 80% of children outgrow it by school age. Dd was ok from around 20 months (gradual introduction from then onwards). Ds1 has been able to tolerate some dairy from a similar age, but still doesn't drink cows milk (he's 2.8). And J still can't tolerate it at all, which is a shame as I'd really like some cooked cheese (am still breastfeeding so have to avoid it myself).

dinosaurinmybelly Wed 15-Jun-11 23:57:34

Hello and Happy Birthday to all those little ones how have turned or are about to turn 1. It certainly feels like time has flown here, although I find that I live my life in weekly increments at the moment and just hope that I achieve something by week end.

Zoe turned 1 on 5 June and we had a lovely day. I introduced her to cows milk and that has all gone well, but she settles much better with breastfeeding in the evenings while I read the boys stories. I've also found it really practical to be able to feed her when out and about on a whim so to speak. I had planned to stop at 12 months, but given it has been such a success this time and works for us, I thought I would keep going until it felt it was natural to end. Unfortunately - I have a recurring eye condition that flared up again after 4 years last weekend and was given some steroids and antibiotics last night to treat it. This means that BF had to come to an abrupt end and it was heartbreaking to have her look for the breast last night. She has been OK about it today, but I am dreading bedtime when I have to turn her away again. Also - doing it cold turkey like this is a bit uncomfortable, not unbearable, but I've heard it might get painful. I'm going to butch it out as it really is for the best, but I'm emotional about it all and just keen to put it behind me and enjoy the next year. 1 - 2 has been a very exciting year with both my boys, and so I know there is a lot to look forward to.

CSWS if you have any advice about stopping BF cold turkey like this, please share!

Meggy so lovely to have you back and to hear you've changed jobs and enjoying motherhood. This forthcoming year will be even better...

meggymegmegs Thu 16-Jun-11 10:14:32

Hi dinosaurinmybelly, lovely to see you too. Your bf experience made me well up then blush, I so miss that closeness with Jimmy even 6 months on. I was lucky that I knew our time was up so I was able to give up gradually. It was more gut-wrenching for me than Jimmy though who frankly didn't seem that bothered which actually rather pissed me off <warped mum emoticon>.

As a result of the milk introduction, Jimmy's belly is still a bit off and his nappy rash reached a new level of sore yesterday which was upsetting all round. I've been recommended Metanium which I'd never heard of before, put some on him before work this morning and in the 20 mins it took me to drop him off at my mum's it had significantly improved. Miraculous! Hopefully it's not just superficial and it'll clear soon because it's breaking my heart to hear him in such distress. sad

Last but one day at work today... can you tell I'm busy?! grin

Dimb - what are the specific drugs? You may well be able to continue bf - people are so often told that they can't when they can! If you name them I can get one of contacts to check today for you.

goodname Thu 16-Jun-11 14:35:11

Hi Meggymegs, great to see you back
DIMB I feel for you having to give up like that. I also thought I would have given up by this point in time but now have no idea how I would as Fergus is still very keen. Would be so difficult to just say no. Also I can never get him to drink much water or milk during the day so worry he woulld get dehydrated? Anyway hope it all works our okay for you.

dinosaurinmybelly Thu 16-Jun-11 23:33:17

Thanks CSWS I really appreciate you checking for me as I think exactly the same thing. DH is so cautious about everything and when I checked on google I couldn't find anything to persuade him. I'm on 60mg daily of prednisone and 250mg daily of Azithromycin. It has now been 48 hours and boobs are bad in terms of discomfort, but don't feel like they are getting worse now...

greensnail Fri 17-Jun-11 08:47:25

Dimb, I'm on my phone atm, but once I've finished feeding I'll find the site I used to use to check drugs I was taking. I was on loads of meds when pg with alice and kept feeding dd1 right through

greensnail Fri 17-Jun-11 09:05:40

here is the link to lactmed - A peer-reviewed and fully referenced database of drugs to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. Among the data included are maternal and infant levels of drugs, possible effects on breastfed infants and on lactation, and alternate drugs to consider.

I checked your drugs I personally would be happy to continue feeding given the information on there but you check yourself and see what you think.

roundabout1 Fri 17-Jun-11 09:33:15

DIMB - i would agree with greensnail. I also contacted the breastfeeding network & their pharmacist okayed drugs for me totake that every gp i'd seen had said was a no no when bf. such a shame for bf to come to an end before you are wanting to.
everyone else hi - I have been very absent on here but have been reading up just no time to post. After being really poorly with a very bad chest infection for 5 weeks luckily i was just about recovered enough to enjoy Lauren's bday on sunday. Had a lovely bday weekend &she loved it, has got very sociable & engaging lately so loved all the attention.
sleep is a nightmare at the mo, when i was ill I bfed her to sleep all the time as she wouldn't settle for dh, now predicatably she will only go to sleep if i bf her to sleep & is in our bed again. am dreading sorting this out as still not feeling great & so need what little sleep i can get. anyway she's crying so better gop

latrucha Fri 17-Jun-11 20:00:37

The Breastfeeding Network Drugs helpline is 0844 412 4665.

You can read about it (or show to DH) here

Just popping in....

from longstanding lll leader...
per hale 2006 it is L2, usually compatible with b/f, short term use safe. Azithromycin 'has an extremely long half life, particulaly in tieeues' but is still L2, however the predicted dose via milk [0.4g kg/day]would be much less than pediatric dose 1- mg/kg STAT followed by 5 mg/kg per da for up to 5 days.

I'm not entirely sure what all of that means, but I think it means that it's prob ok, esp with an older child rather than a newborn. How long do you have to take the drugs for?
If you do decide not to feed any more anyway, then you will need to express a bit of milk off for a while, gradually reducing the amount, or you will almost certainly end up with mastitis. Hand expressing may be enough, but if you have a pump then you may want to use it a little for a few days.

dinosaurinmybelly Sat 18-Jun-11 04:36:05

Thank you so much for the information everyone. Am off armed for discussion with DH..

dinosaurinmybelly Mon 20-Jun-11 05:52:23

Hello - DH argued that we had perhaps broken the back of the weaning by going 48 hours and I had to agree. The pain was tolerable and Zoe was settling into her bottles of cows milk. I have really gone through the mill though as there have been times when I absolutely long to feed here myself in the last few days. It has now been 5 days and pain is subsiding in the breast plus I still get to cuddle her tightly without her turning towards me for a feed. Eye doctor has actually switched medication which is also not working,so I am off to the consultant tomorrow to discuss radical néw treatment of injecting directly into the eye. Ugh!
Thank you so much for advice. I wish I had come straight t you on Tuesday and not been miss led by the doctor. I had a lovely experience with feeding this time and I totally put that down to the guidance I had on here...

Fillybuster Wed 22-Jun-11 16:00:28

hi all....are you still speaking to me? I keep promising to try harder with this thread, then fail to get online again for weeks....and my phone lets me onto facebook but not mumsnet...bah!

anyway, i cried this morning...Mia turned 1 today! Eek! shock How did a whole year go by so fast??? confusedgrin

actually, we haven't told her its her birthday as we're delaying it until various family members are back in the country and we can have a little tea party (with her first slice of chocolate cake smile ) on sunday 3rd july...<hmmm...must start baking soon, esp as its DS' party the week after....>

in the end I convinced DH to let me buy a few new presents (got a fab musical noah's ark from smyths and a few other bits on ebay and amazon) but mostly she's getting recycled stuff from the older DCs...the cost of new batteries is shocking!!! grin

probably quite good we're not doing her birthday today as she's utterly miserable and teething at the moment. still not crawling (so still the uber-clingy-baby-from-hell a lot of the time) but she is finally semi-shuffling around so hopefully not long to go. lots of chatting, quite a lot of words and some great pointing at what she wants though - so communication skills are coming along even if she can't move!!! smile smile

hope everyone is well...sorry for no personals but I'm going to try and read backwards now....

Fillybuster Wed 22-Jun-11 16:05:34

ps we switched to cows milk a couple of weeks ago, and it went fine, but i did it 50/50 with formula for the first week or so. i think i did the same (50/50) with bm and formula when i stopped bfing a few months ago but its all a bit hazy....

pps mia started at nursery for 3 days a week last week as I was supposed to go back to work last week. she loves it, which is wonderful but also quite shocking given how massively over-attached she it (ok, she does scream when I leave, but i know it stops quite fast)...

ppps 'supposed to go back to work' because i have agreed an extention of unpaid leave to get me through the summer holidays...totally can't afford it (especially as the lovely nursery refused to delay mia's start date!) but the childcare was getting stupidly expensive and complicated and commonsense finally kicked in. on the downside, we're rather skint as i've never had nearly a year of unpaid leave before, but on the plus side i get summer with the DCs...hurrah! smile

Barbeasty Thu 23-Jun-11 09:42:39

Filly- I was wondering how things were going since your nanny problems. Ruth is the same when DH drops her at nursery- she screams as she's put in the highchair for breakfast, and as soon as she gets her toast she's happy for the whole day. She's on her second full day today, before I start back at work on Tuesday.

Far from relaxing, I am madly baking ready for her party on Saturday. Why did I think a hungry caterpillar cake was a good idea? I've already made 2 carrot cakes, a fruit cake, the two chocolate cakes are in the oven, and I need to buy more eggs before I can make a second fruit cake. Since both my brothers and both DH's brothers and their partners have all cried off, I'm not sure who will be eating all this cake! A barbecue should be simple, surely...

I'm avoiding discussing BF with DH. I think he's worried that still doing it now means that I'll still be doing it when she starts school! He asks every so often when I'm planning to stop, but I don't want to put a deadline on it. Although I might just tell him I'll stop when he agrees to try for another baby...

latrucha Sun 26-Jun-11 20:08:32

I hope it went well Barbeasty (the barbecue, not the emotional blackmail of DH!). No point stopping until at least one of you is ready if you don't have to smile

Enjoy the summer Filly! Personally after today I'm starting to dread it. Most things are fine, but if I ever try and give DD some undivided attention, Daniel just screams and roars. I just don't know how to handle it, especially as his nap finishes around quarter to twelve now. Between 12 and six thirty is a long time not to give a three year old any 'me' time. Today, I actually took her upstairs into my bedroom to read her one single story, with Daniel wailing at the downstairs stairgate it was so bad. If I try to sit next to her, or near her, or heaven forbid with her on my knee he just climbs on me, roaring and pushing her off. He's so easy otherwise, but this is really difficult.

Sigh. I can't build Daniel's birthday present. I'm usually pretty good at assembling things, but this has funny plastic bits on one end of each nut which seems to stop me being able to actually tighten the screw. Am I being super dumb? Is it obvious what I should do? I've just never seen them before an the instructions are in German. DH is away until late Thursday night so no help there (the big day is Friday).

So, what were the big hit presents, big or small? I may have to hastily rething his!

Barbeasty Sun 26-Jun-11 21:22:14

The barbecue went really well, thanks. And actually DH seems to be coming round to the idea without blackmail- although apparently I would have to make sure it was a boy hmm

The wheely bug thing went down really well, although at the moment it's mostly used as a very maneouverable walker. The other hits were a paddling pool and plastic balls to turn it into a ball pit when the weather isn't like today, and a musical bath toy.

Just debating what to do with my last day off tomorrow before going back to work on Tuesday. And the big question of what to do with the left over cake. Even Ruth can't eat all that- it was over a metre long (DH says I went too far). We have a fruit cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake left. I think we'll be seeing how well it all freezes!

Do the plastic bits come off? No idea otherwise, but good luck! Have you googled to see if anyone has had the same problem and found a solution?

greensnail Sun 26-Jun-11 21:48:38

No idea about the plastic bits - sounds too complicated for me smile Alice's best birthday present was her activity table but maybe a bit better for the less mobile babies (she'd definitely lose the stair race!). Other bits that are still going strong from DD1's first birthday are the big bucket of wooden bricks, a ride on/ push along thing and this which I thought was a bit babyish when DD1 got it for her first birthday but both girls still love it now.

Barbeasty, your cake sounds amazing. Glad the barbecue went well.

Am feeling thoroughly exhausted at the moment and have the inlaws tomorrow to stay for a week. Have been cleaning most of the day but am sure the place will look like a pigsty again by the time they arrive and MIL will worry her baby boy isn't being well looked after hmm

roundabout1 Mon 27-Jun-11 18:57:07

Lauren's favourite present was a Wow friction powered car that dd1 bought herIt has been a big hit & they have both spent ages playing together with it. She did have a few smaller presents of us but had a lot of " recycled " prese.nts that were dd1's. They had been stored round at in laws so she hasdn't seen them before & I know she didn't mind but I still felt a bit mean!
Oh crikey havocs breaking out this end with them , better go!

BraveGirl Tue 28-Jun-11 19:47:50

Well the bouncy castle wasn't the hit we hoped for, J screams every time we put him in. He's gradually getting better at it. The toddle truck is a big hit though - J is walking particularly well with it, but has trouble manouvering around corners!
My latest dilemma is working myself up to the next challenge of stopping daytime breastfeeds. I want to continue with morning and evenings, but plan over the summer holidays to phase out the daytime feeds. Anyone got any advice? The plan is to replace with cows milk (which it seems he's not intolerant to!)

Fillybuster Wed 29-Jun-11 14:54:52

Wow, barbeasty - that is some serious cake-making! I am impressed smile All cake freezes, dontcha know? Slice it up and separate the slices or sections with cling film, then you can just grab a couple of slices when you're off out on a picnic at the weekend....

We delayed Mia's birthday (she doesn't know she's 1 yet!) and are doing it with her party this Sunday. So far I don't have a card for her and am still thinking about presents...she's getting quite a few recycled things with new batteries but I did find this which I'm very excited to give her!

Any ideas for birthday cakes? I was supposed to be baking today but threw my back out last night so am stuck on the sofa....I was thinking either a chocolate caterpillar (but am worried it will look like a brown earthworm!) or just a pink number 1 with zillions of sprinkles that I can let DS and DD1 apply. I've got to make a big pirate ship for DS' birthday the following weekend so I can't spend too long on Mias....

dinosaurinmybelly Wed 29-Jun-11 23:15:12

Wow - am reallly impressed with all this cake making. Could you please direct me to a website or send me some tips for DS2's upcoming 3rd birthday. I normally make just a circular chocolate or vanilla sponge and drip some icing (badly) onto it, then a candle, but a pirate ship cake sounds amazing! And yes - I have frozen cake before and it does seem even more delicious when you grab it from the freezer as a treat for going out somewhere.

Well for anyone else who does have to stop BF cold-turkey, I can tell you that it took about 2 weeks for my boobs to even start to soften. Much longer than I thought, although thankfully the time passed quite quickly as I'm busy with so many other things at the moment. DS2 is in the midst of potty-training and I am stringing together the final details of our UK holiday (YAY!) in a few weeks time. We're off to the Lake District for a week and then to Dorset. I can't wait for my fix of all things British. Zoe was much neglected on the birthday present front. I'd kept all the favourite, durable stuff over from DS1 and DS2 and so she has pretty much everything. One thing we have started doing though which we are all enjoying as a family (and maybe LaTrucha your DD would enjoy with her baby brother) is to put on a playlist on my IPOD and bang some drums / shake some shakers. We do it after bath-time every night and it is a riot. Last night Zoe threw an egg shaker at her brothers and they rolled them / threw them back to her. She was a pretty good shot! It was brilliant fun, and I've been looking for music that I can enjoy too - Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley have been a big hit.

I'm very jealous Barbeasty that you have the go-ahead from DH to try again. Mine is resisting, and if I am sensible I too have to agree that we need at least a break right now to get a handle on the 3 we've got.

latrucha Thu 30-Jun-11 06:41:01

I don't suppose any of you remember but when I went into labour it started with hours of V+D from 1am on the 30th of June. 1am this morning D woke up with V+D. Spooky.

Might mean a pirate ship cake is beyond me today, but normally, I'd whizz one up in a jiffy wink

(how the hell do you do that?)

Fillybuster Thu 30-Jun-11 15:59:07

Pirate ships are amazingly easy....you need 2 A4ish size tray bakes: cut out two 'milk carton' shapes to make the main body of the ship, and layer with icing, then use the offcuts to build up the back end of the ship. Use rollos, chocolate fingers, maltesers to make cannons, cannonballs etc, and gold coins for booty. Sails are easy: print out some small skulls/pics etc and string them onto some bbq skewers. Lots of chocolate icing for the ship to make it wooden. Make some blue icing (or shake some blue dye into coconut) to make water around the ship....add some jelly fish. Oh, and pirate figures (playmobil/lego whatever) make a good touch. See here for loads of good ideas, pirate and otherwise. Enjoy smile
ps when I say 'easy' I still spend about 5 hours doing the icing and detail....

latrucha Thu 30-Jun-11 21:17:19

well, I seem to have come down with whatever D has got, and it's no wonder that he's been so shouty: the headache is terrible! He's lucky I've made a chocolate cake.

Really looking forward to tomorrow. I keep thinking of what stage I was at this time last year. It's definitely a nicer memory than waiting for an emergency c-sec without going into labour like DD. Poor DD. I must never tell her that!

Barbeasty Fri 01-Jul-11 06:21:24

LaT- enjoy the day!

I know what you mean about looking back a year. Although DH's comment on the anniversary of contractions starting... "Ooh- Mum's had Sky tv for a year now!" (she had it installed that morning). You've got to love him hmm

DIMB- I've got agreement in principle. Not sure when it will translate into agreement in practise. I sent him a message on my first day back at work, saying that we needed another baby to give me maternity leave to look forward to. That was met with silence! But agreeing to the idea o a second is a huge step forwards from just a month ago.

Filly- love the idea of letting the other DC decorate the cake. Gets them involved.

Got to go now, but instead of my nice easy day at work in the local office with an early finish, I've got a late afternoon meeting in the office 40 miles away. Grrrr! Roll on the weekend.

Barbeasty Fri 01-Jul-11 06:22:29

Sorry laT- hope you feel better to. They have such good timing with passing on illness don't they.

How are you feeling now LaT? Did you manage to sort out the presents?
J enjoyed his birthday today I think. He had just a few presents, but all went down well. Really liked his little tikes garden, and the photo album with recorded messages from us all to go with each picture, and I think the scramblebug will get lots of use too. And a Galt frog in a box was good once we sussed how to push it in correctly.
And we got to a year still with no teeth! I love gummy smiles, but it would be nice for him to get some I think as he loves putting corn on the cob in his mouth, but obv can't get any corn off yet!

So, what are we looking forward to now that the birthdays are all done?

latrucha Mon 04-Jul-11 10:54:32

Coldy virus thing is still around. Plus molars are leading to hysterical sobbing for an hour at a time at night. I've never had an inconsolable child before, but it really does take an hour to settle him down, even with all the usual teething tricks. It's not very nice but we did have a good birthday. Little red wagon was a hit, as were all the little bits. Little! Schleich animals cost a fortune. If I hadn't bought them little by little I never could have done it.

The Galt frog is great. We've had one since DD. We've played with it so much. We've done , 'Knock knock Mr frog' with it a million times and we also put surprises in it, so sometimes it's not Mr Frog who comes out.

I, and DH , are gradually coming round to the sensible option of only having the children we can really afford. It struck me at soft play at the weekend (which is £2.50 up till now as only DD paid) that we're not going to be ableto drop in if we feel like it any more now it will be £5 a time and £7.50 would be awful for just doing that. I also got to thinking about 5 plane tickets to see the grandparents and I feel life will really be a struggle, especially as there are no English grandparents any more.

Personally, CSWS, I am looking forward to me stepmother visiting for my birthday next week. 38 shock How about you?

greensnail Tue 05-Jul-11 21:45:53

I must admit I haven't paid for Alice at soft play yet. Luckily she still looks babyish enough at 13 months to get away with it, but am not looking forward to the cost doubling as we won't be able to pop in quite as much anymore I don't think.

On the subject of trying for number 3, DH and I had been a bit careless lately and were convinced I would be pregnant this month but it hasn't happened. We were both a bit disapointed even though it would be hugely unplanned so it has made us reconsider the subject again. Have agreed at the moment that it is too soon, but we'll discuss it again in 6 months or so and see where we are then.

I'm looking forward to Alice learning to walk on her own and talking more. Am loving seeing more and more of her personality emerging as she gets older. Hoping she gets a bit more safety conscious soon as she managed to fall down stone stairs in the garden yesterday, but luckily just scared herself with a bit of a bump on her head.

Am also looking forward to spending the rest of the summer here in Devon, I keep having to remind myself that I actually live here and am not just on holiday grin

latrucha Wed 06-Jul-11 19:35:44

We have to write down the age of the child. Plus, the young woman on reception is someone I used to teach, so not only does she know his age roughly, it would also be super embarrassing to be caught in a lie. And naturally, I am honest as the day is long.

goodname Fri 08-Jul-11 16:05:09

Its only £1 here for soft play if they are under 2, seems a bit steep charging full price for a baby. We are trying for number 2 as of this month but have very mixed feelings about it. Fergus is still a terrible sleeper so the thought of having another one like him is scary. At the same time I love him so much I dont like the idea of another baby taking up all my time. Fergus would be most unchuffed also I think as he is quite a demanding baby. But I also wanted 2 close together as I think in the long run it will be easier andthey will be closer so I am just going to bite the bullet and go for it (worried face).
Brave girl, I also would like to cut down on breastfeeding but not sure how to, fergus is really keen on milk still and has no intention on drinking out of a bottle. Any tips appreciated.
Just back from holiday in France which was great, stayed with friends who moved out there a year ago. They have a gite so we had our own space which was perfect. As they have five kids of their own it meant I had to do very little packing of toys books etc smile. Weather was so hot but sadly we are back to scottish summer of torrential rain now. Have managed twotrips to the beach this week though s cant really complain, feel very lucky to live so near to the sea just wish we could spend more days of the year enjoying it.

MonkeyMargot Sun 10-Jul-11 21:00:33

Hi alll. Good to see the thread is still alive and kicking. I've been absent for a couple of months now as moved house from London to Oxfordshire in May (via my parents house for 2 weeks - stress) and then after a week in our new home, we went off on our planned extended holiday to France for 7 weeks which was great. But have had very limited internet access which has been hard!
I can't believe all our babies are now 1. The boys had a fantastic birthday party with family at a beachside restaurant in the South of France. We didn't actually buy them a present. They very much enjoyed being beach bums for the summer, and not having to wear many clothes.

Great to hear of people trying for more babies. Not for me though, 3 is enough. I'm back to work this week (on Thursday) full-time which is going to be a massive shock to the system. Our new nanny started last week and so far, so good. DD will be fine when I go back to work, but I sense the twins might be rather more unsettled. They are definitely noticing when I leave the room etc at the moment. Still, things will undoubtedly settle down in time, as they always do.

whenwillisleepagain Tue 12-Jul-11 22:03:14

Wow, lots to catch up on with birthday news and other happenings on this thread. CSWS has J got teeth yet? Alice was toothless on 1st birthday then got two the following week. Like you, I am thinking it would be an idea to get on and get some coming through.

We have had, even by our sleepless standards, a particularly bad few days. Alice has had fever, cough, cold, croaky voice and I suspect more teeth coming, and has been like a sad limpet, didn't eat solids for nearly two days, just wanted to bf. At times it felt like life of a year ago, except, thankfully, without mastitis. Like others of you, I've been wondering about how to ever cut down on bf, especially after the last week.

Today we took DS to look round his primary school in readiness for starting Reception. He has been really quite unkind to Alice for the last few days, I think it's a combination of being anxious about the big transition to school, and the amount of attention she's had all weekend. I keep finding him whispering to her 'my mummy, not your mummy' and he's pushed her over a couple of times today. We are trying to be strict with sanctions, but at the same time I feel he's going through a lot. Oh well, all the kids in Reception class obviously thought I was the slummiest mummy ever, as one little boy asked me why Alice had food in her hair and on her t-shirt.

LaT - is it too late to wish you a happy birthday? You are just a couple of weeks or so older than me smile.

Great to have you back MM. How did your first day back at work go yesterday?

WWISA - no, still no teeth here. Though he's hardly eaten a thing, been miserable and clingy and sleeping terribly the last few days, so I guess there's a chance that one's on its way. Can't see any of the front ones close under the gums though, so who knows?!

We have now entered the joyful phase of objecting strongly to going in the car seat, and doing the back arching move to try and prevent me strapping him in. Hoping it passes quickly this time!

I am looking forward to August I think, as dh is taking it off work.

MonkeyMargot Fri 15-Jul-11 21:55:53

Thanks CSWS. Work was okay......i think. My feet hurt (not worn heels for a year) and my jaw ached from smiling. But I survived. I missed the children, it didn't appear as though they missed me all that much!

Hmm - the carseat objection sounds like a chore. My boys aren't keen on being strapped into the buggy these days but once on the move, stop complaining. We have 4 teeth per boy here (only just).

dinosaurinmybelly Fri 15-Jul-11 23:18:19

Hello - Happy Birthday LaT and CSWS I hope you have had / are planning some lovely celebrations. I have messed up the Maxi Cosi priori carseat that I was going to use for Zoe. Took off the cover to wash it, and now trying to put it together I spent 2 days at it before I figured out that I was missing the splitter handle and that is why it wouldn't work. I've asked Maxi Cosi to send me a handle, but it may not be here in time for our trip. So - I may have to buy a new carseat - do you ladies have any recommendations? The Maxi Cosi Priori is pretty cheap over here - is there a reason for that? Has there been a trouble with it?

afaik that's a well rated seat dimb, so I wouldn't worry there. We have the Britax duo plus as it used to be - think it's the kidsomethingorother now, and always been happy with them (we have 2).

dinosaurinmybelly Tue 19-Jul-11 00:10:09

I've just figured out why the Priori is cheaper - there is a new Maxi Cosi Pria coming out in a few weeks over here and I suppose they want to sell off their stock of Prioris before it comes in as it is an improved version of it.

latrucha Tue 19-Jul-11 10:53:53

We have a Britax Evolva and a Britax ermmmm something else, but I much prefer the Evolva.

Thanks. I had a lovely birthday. We drove up to a place that has a good fish restaurant. I was sceptical as I didn't know what else was there but it turned out the place was very child friendly, with golden sands, buckets and spades and fancy ice creams. They also had shops selling nice women's clothing aplenty so I even did a twenty minute grown up shop. Good news is I bought a size 12 skirt for the first time since pre DCs. I went to the cinema in the evening - also first time since DCs so all round a child and adult friendly day. A rare thing smile

We have 2 evolva 2 3s too, but not the evolva 123 as which? rated it poorly when we were looking a few years back.

latrucha Sat 23-Jul-11 20:23:18

Everyone out enjoying the sunshine? smile

latrucha Sat 23-Jul-11 20:50:11

Daniel has an obsession with edges at the moment which is keeping me on my toes. He hovvers on the edge of the back door; he teeters on the edge of the bed and today at the beach he refused to stay on the beach and insisted on climbing a little wall and wavering there. My nerves are shredded.

Relations seem to be developing well between my two, despite Daniel's habit of knocking on DD's head with whatever he is carrying. We play a little game of I spy to tidy up in the eveings (I spy Iggle Piggle who needs to go back in the red box etc) which DD always wins (which she knows). When I get ready to declare the winner, she now says, 'We both did well mummy.' ahhh

latrucha Sun 24-Jul-11 21:54:10

Any ideas here would be appreciated. smile

greensnail Wed 27-Jul-11 20:45:17

Hi everyone, it feels like i've been away from this thread for ages. We've had lots of visitors over the last few weeks and its been a bit hectic. Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine.

Alice is getting closer to walking but is mainly just throwing herself about and covering herself in bruises. Today she spent a lot of the afternoon climbing on and off her sister's potty and looking very pleased with herself until she somehow managed to fall off it with enough force to give herself a black eye. I'm not sure exactly what is going on with the potty obsession at the moment but she managed to do a poo on the toilet yesterday after asking for the potty. I guess she's just been paying a lot of attention to what has been going on with DD1.

Hope the biting is resolving a bit LaT. Alice bit DD1 yesterday when DD1 was trying to stop Alice joining in with her game but hopefully that was a one-off. Generally they get on together brilliantly and are always laughing at each other and spend a lot of time holding hands and kissing each other grin

How is the car seat issue going CSWS? Alice is now objecting strongly to getting into her seat although is ok once she is in as DD1 entertains her. I think she'd be much happier if I moved her into a group 1 seat but as she is tiny she's still a long way off outgrowing her group 0+ seat so I want to keep her where she is as long as possible. DD1 is heavy enough for a group 2 seat but i'd prefer to keep her in her group 1 rearfacing seat until one of them outgrows their seat.

That sounds tough LaT, but I have no useful advice, as my first 2 weren't biters, and since J STILL has no teeth, neither is he!
Car seat still much the same greensnail. I generally try to lure him in with food, but there are only a few foods that he really likes and can manage to eat, so we are getting through a lot of humzingers!! He too is fine once in. Ds1 weighs 16kg so also heavy enough for group 2, and we do have one for him, but he is still in his group 1 for all bar a very occasional trip without dd in the other car.

Ouch for the black eye.

latrucha Thu 28-Jul-11 20:52:07

Poor LO. I remember my DD's baby black eye. She did it in the Gp's surgery blush

On the biting, pulling, pinching front - I think it's much better already. I've been saying no and moving him away, or a no and giving a huge hug and lots of fuss to the hurt child if not possible to move him away. I did it at soft play today and his little face was a tragedy as he was not on familiar ground.

Daniel will now sit on command. I trained him to do it as we've had a lot of friends about so snacks have been on the floor picninc style and I don't want him walking and eating as he's a climbing maniac. I told him to do it at soft play today and he obeyed like a dog and some mothers gave me some very worried looks. Felt a bit blush

ALso, today we were sharing a banana and I was saying 'banana' alot to him in the way that you do with babies and the next time he wanted some he pointed and said 'baawaa.' I think that constitutes saying banana, don't you? wink

greensnail Thu 28-Jul-11 21:27:38

The black eye is amazingly improved today, she seems to heal very quickly which is good as she has given herself another 2 bruises on her face today. One from falling off the bottom of a slide and the other from falling off a stool in the bathroom while trying to "help" me clean the bath. I think I might need to buy her a crash helmet before she does any serious harm.

She's also been referred to the eye hospital today as we've noticed a bit of a squint in her left eye. Anyone else had this? What tests will they do at the hospital?

I had to google humzingers CSWS as I'd never heard of them and they sounded very interesting. They sound like they should be very tasty smile

Loving the image of Daniel sitting on command. DD1 likes to pretend Alice is a dog and takes her for walks on an imaginary lead so I'm sure would enjoiy teaching her that trick too.

I'd count that as saying banana LaT, especially if he repeats it. DH accidentally taught Alice to say fuck a few days ago, we're hoping she won't repeat that one blush

Barbeasty Fri 29-Jul-11 10:15:25

Greensnail Ruth had her referral the other week, because nobody could be sure if she had a squint and there's a strong history on DH's side.

It's mainly seeing how light reflects off each eye, and whether it's at the same point on both. Also they checked that neither eye moved when they covered-then-uncovered each eye in turn when they were looking at a toy.

All fairly simple, unless your child continuously tries to take the toys.

Turned out Ruth didn't have a squint, but they said one could develop at any time and we're going back in 18 months for another check.

They also said that at this age it's only an indication, as of course the baby can't talk so they can't be sure. They said they probably wouldn't have done much at this age to correct one either, because of the difficulty in getting babies to wear glasses etc.

whenwillisleepagain Sat 30-Jul-11 23:33:35

Good to catch up on your news everyone. greensnail I dread to think what our Alice will end up saying... I am usually careful but she & DS were treated to some splendid language when I was trying to change lanes at an unfamiliar massive roundabout a few weeks ago.

Right now I am pretty worn out with DS and Alice. It's hard to figure out what combination of things is going on with Alice - another cold (groan), the two front top teeth finally making an appearance, but really slowly, and she also seems to have moved up a gear in terms of expressing herself with hand gestures and sounds that seem a lot more like talking (but aren't words IYSWIM) - and she wants to do it all the time. Or at least for the last 48 hours. Rather than sleep. Last night, after two hours of failing to get her to settle I decided just to keep her up till I went to bed - she didn't even look particularly tired then at 11. Tonight she was awake till 10.

And she has decided that biting my boob is hilarious - not really sure how to tackle that. I'm sure I read somewhere that you should say 'no' really firmly, but maybe I just lack the natural authority that's needed

Can I ask - are any of you BLWers finding that the mess has got less? I'm not, but it would be nice to think it might reduce at some point.

greensnail Sun 31-Jul-11 21:06:21

Thanks for that barbeasty. Good to know what to expect and great news that Ruth's eyes are ok. I was also wondering what they would do about it if she does have a squint. Trying to get Alice to keep glasses on would be hilarious although i would make her sister very jealous.

WWIsa, I say no firmly and end the feed immediately whenever I've been bitten. Seems to work ok for us, I think DD1 only ever did it once and Alice maybe 3 or 4 times. Hoping the sleep improves for you soon.

I seem to be feeding loads at the moment which is driving me a bit bonkers. Alice has learnt to say "gug" which is DD1's word for breastfeeding and uses this new skill to ask for it frequently. If I say no I end up with both of them chanting it at me until I either give in or find some other suitable distraction. I hope the novelty will wear off soon and she'll cut back a bit.

Alice has never been hugely messy with her eating, and usually like to eat tidily with her fork. DD1 used to create ridiculous amounts of mess and I can't remember when exactly that improved but I know she was much tidier by the time Alice was born which means it must have happened some time before 17 months.

MonkeyMargot Sun 31-Jul-11 22:15:29

barbeasty and Greensnail DT2 (raff) has also been referred to the eye hospital for a squint. Will report back when appt has happened. His was much more noticeable when newborn and has almost (but not fully) vanished.

BLW - I can't remember the exact moment when it got less messy. DD is certainly extremely neat at eating now. We are just trying to get the boys to eat from a spoon now - this means we pre-load it and place spoon on tray. This in itself is making things much less messy.

greensnail OMG the double rendition of "gug" must be hard to turn down!!

My ds1 has been regularly seeing the hospital orthoptist because he has a severe astigmatism. They said when he was barely 1 iirc that he would need glasses, but because of the difficulty in keeping them on (they can have a strap go round the back of their head to help them) they would put it off for a while. He last went in June, and still hasn't needed them badly enough to get them. He's now 2.9 In fact at his last appointment his astigmatism had improved. He's going again next month.

BLW mess here is all relative. My 5yo still tries to eat with her fingers unless I threaten her with Bad Things, so there is mess from all 3 dc. J has improved though, and can feed himself a plate of peas with a spoon as long as I accept that half of them will miss his mouth. He seems to like eating with a fork now too, but needs some help with stabbing stuff onto it.
He still eats very little though, preferring instead to drink milk regularly throughout the night hmm. I am still hoping that his eating will improve once he actually bothers to get a tooth or two - still none at the moment.

roundabout1 Mon 01-Aug-11 12:02:12

My dd1 has been seen at the eye clinic since she was 2 & wears glasses although now just for close detail stuff. Because of this dd2 was referred too & has been seen twice so far, mainly what barbeasty said, lauren quite enjoyed it last time until she got bored & kept trying to hit everything they held in front of her face out of the way.
oh no all hell breaking out better go, will return later!!

roundabout1 Mon 01-Aug-11 22:18:15

Back again! Oh the joys of school holidays I can't seem to leave dd1 & 2 together without fights breaking out, dd1 (5) won't leave lauren alone always hugging her & lauren ends up smacking & biting her. When we are out they are lovely together & they are a real delight, at home it just seems like bloody hardwork!

la t - I have the biting problem too, lauren does it in temper or just if you are doing something she doesn;t like. Like above dd1 suffers the most, makes it hard as it is dd1 that winds lauren up a lot of the time but still feel like I have to tell lauren off even though dd1 has caused it. I also have a word with dd1 too btw about giving lauren some space. I started putting lauren in the playpen as a form of time out & so i could sort out dd1 but I don't want her to hate going in that. Now I tend to say "no biting" pick her up & just put her elsewhere in the room, normally a corner away from toys etc. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she seems to find it funny! She has such tantrums as well, really does seem like we have the terrible two's a year early at times!

At long last lauren is settling a bit better at night, still wakes up very frequently for bfeeds. Doesn't seem to be capable of sleeping longer tha n 3 hrs at a go. We have a big family birthday party I'm hosting on sat so after that I'm determined to try & stick it out at night rather than feeding her just to settle her but at the moment I just need some sleep!!

Fillybuster Tue 02-Aug-11 19:35:39

Hello there...not sure if any of you remember me....its been a while blush!

Been great catching up on your news....not much to report from here - school holidays with 3 of them underfoot are proving challenging hmm. I delayed going back to work until mid-sept to resolve childcare issues through the break...initially it was all "how lovely, I'll get some real quality time with the bigger dcs" now I'm beginning to think its a good incentive to get me back into the office gringrin

Mia is still not crawling or walking <sigh>. She will sort of bum-shuffle/semi-walk-whilst-sitting-down but its enormously labour intensive and not very efficient so she gives up (understandably). She will not use her knees or hands to propel herself, no matter what. And so she is still a total velcro baby, which is making school holidays even harder.

I was thinking about buying a sling today....probably should have done it a year ago but kept on thinking she would outgrow this phase. Now I no longer believe it....

Eating is fine, although she does like swiping the entire contents of her plate onto the floor the moment she thinks she's had enough, so I have to be quick smile And I love it that bottles are a thing of the past grin

Lots of talking and good pointing and stuff though, and lovely kissing and cuddles. So some good stuff too...thank goodness!

Worn out. Off to find wine and food. Love to all xx

PS LaT, I properly ROFLed at the idea of Daniel responding to 'sit' grin Genius smile

Barbeasty Wed 03-Aug-11 16:42:19

Ruth will occasionally swipe when she's finished, but more often she'll pick handfuls of food up and throw it on the floor until her plate/ highchair tray is clear. Sometimes she'll then point at bits and ask for them back hmm

She is clean though. After tipping half a pint of water over me the other day, she handed me a cloth. When I stood up and collapsed in a coughing fit (which hid my giggling fit nicely) she started to wipe the sofa herself. I don't know where she gets it from, but if whoever taught her wiping up would like to teach her hoovering or ironing...

Poor Ruth has a black eye. It goes onto her forehead too. She got too adventurous on some steps in MIL's garden. She doesn't seem phased though. DH said he felt embarrassed dropping her at nursery today because of it, but nothing was said.

And my coughing fit has gone on to turn into bronchitis. When I got to the point where I was worried I would collapse in the shower because standing for 5 minutes exhausted me, and my temperature went over 40 degrees (after taking paracetomol!) I went to the doctors. The nurse was so shocked with my temperature she gave me antibiotics. She wasn't too happy when I said I can't have amoxicillin, when I added that I'm breastfeeding she had to go away and get help with what to prescribe. But they found something, and Ruth has been ok with it so far (I'm probably more concerned with all the paracetomol she's getting from me!)

But I'm "enjoying" some quiet time at home as there's no way I can go into work, and no way I could look after Ruth all day. MIL has been great- I was due to have Ruth last Friday and this Monday so that she had a long weekend off from looking after her, but she had her all Friday afternoon and then all day on Monday.

I was also grateful that the dentist, who I was meant to see on Monday, was off sick so I didn't have to pay for missing an appointment.

I just hope Ruth, DH and MIL don't catch what I've had.

whenwillisleepagain Thu 04-Aug-11 19:48:53

barbeasty bad luck with the bronchitis - I had it in June but not as badly as you. DS had a hacking phlegmy cough for weeks before I became ill, but Alice and DH escaped. Funny about Ruth clearing up with the cloth - Alice also seems to like wiping up the many big spills she makes

filly good to hear from you - I am struggling with 2 dcs until DS starts Reception class on 16th Sept, so am full of admiration for the various women on this thread who seem to take 3 dcs in their stride.

Must go and figure out something reasonably stimulating that I can do with Alice and DS tomorrow. Nandos lunch maybe?

whenwillisleepagain Thu 04-Aug-11 19:49:06

barbeasty bad luck with the bronchitis - I had it in June but not as badly as you. DS had a hacking phlegmy cough for weeks before I became ill, but Alice and DH escaped. Funny about Ruth clearing up with the cloth - Alice also seems to like wiping up the many big spills she makes

filly good to hear from you - I am struggling with 2 dcs until DS starts Reception class on 16th Sept, so am full of admiration for the various women on this thread who seem to take 3 dcs in their stride.

Must go and figure out something reasonably stimulating that I can do with Alice and DS tomorrow. Nandos lunch maybe?

latrucha Thu 04-Aug-11 21:46:34

I fell off the end here again. I've been painting our kitchen and generally getting ready for a visit from PIL after the children are in bed lately, which is why. Back soon.

latrucha Sat 06-Aug-11 19:44:08

Hi all,

Comiserations on the cling on baby Filly. Sabela wasn't clingy but boy was she demanding in comaprison to Danny. It's wearing. Danny has had his moments, notably almost the whole time DH was away, when he got two molars through and was ill too. ugh.

WWISA and Barbesty - DD1 is like that and was as a baby. She still has to clean every spill. Warning! It is possible to tire of it. grin

It is only a matter of time until Daniel joins the serious black eye stakes. He is a lunatic, climbing everywhere and falling off constantly. Today at bedtime he climbed DD's step up to the sink and then hung off the edge of the sink trying to get his leg up on the bath. He fell, of course, and while he was still crying got up and started trying it again. Madness. I've decided not to try and stop him or comfort him unless it's either very dangerous on the one had or very bad on the other as he has to learn. If he's going to climb, he's going to fall.

I'm starting to worry about his temper. I don't remember DD protesting like he does when stopped from doing something. He really gets so cross at any interference. I need some new tools in my parenting box!

Fillybuster Sun 07-Aug-11 11:09:06

Mia's temper is so vile that she will lie on the floor having a full tantrum (and head banging) just because I say 'no' to something. Oh, and she will fling herself back in full drama queen manner and scream several times during a meal if she doesn't get exactly what she wants, the moment she wants it.

Am a bit shock at this, as dd1 and ds didn't hit tantrum stage until waaaay later...<sigh>

Mostly, we just ignore it.

Off to Lollibop in a bit....DD1 is very excited about seeing Waybuloos and Zingzillas....not sure how I feel but grateful to MN for free tickets smile

BraveGirl Mon 08-Aug-11 19:02:01

I've been out of the loop for a few intersting weeks - J has learnt to walk and got his first teeth all in the same week (It was rather traumatic), but for me the worst was walking into John Lewis Children's shoes section to get him measured for his first shoes (bless him, size 2F!) He has quickly learnt that shoes going on mean we're going out and is lovin the freedom this brings him - mainly to eat gravel and other stones....!

He's BLW but is trying to feed himself (unless he's grumpy) - we have just progressed to the fork and he's making a good effort at stabbing food. He's most sucessful (aka least messy) when the spoon/fork is pre-loaded. He did demolish two bowls full of salmon risotto last week - wet food seems to be his preference.

Summer holidays means he's turned quite clingy, although I'm not sure if this is just more teeth on the way. I'm starting to struggle to find things to do as I get bored senseless just playing around the house. Anyone got any good suggestions - he loves baby gym, but we can't do that everyday!???

minimoonumbertwo Wed 10-Aug-11 14:30:51

Am in chicken pox hell!!!

Fillybuster Wed 10-Aug-11 16:13:41

sad Minimoo - you have my sympathy...

Am in school holidays hell smile

greensnail Wed 10-Aug-11 20:51:32

sad minimoo - are they poorly with it or just fed up at being housebound?

Barbeasty, hope you're feeling better soon.

Well, Alice has finally caught up with the great stairs race and I keep finding her standing at the top apparently contemplating how best to launch herself back down. All my attempts to teach her to climb down safely are failing as she insists on holding my hand then jumping down. Can I ask what others are doing with stair safety? I never really had this issue with DD1 as 1. she is the most cautious child in the world ever and 2. we lived in a flat. We currently have a stair gate at the top of the stairs which is only shut at night in case DD1 gets up and is a bit disorientated and now if Alice is on the loose upstairs. I suppose I really need a gate at the bottom now to keep Alice from climbing up but I'm a bit reluctant as I want DD1 to be able to go up on her own when she wants to or if she needs to come and find me upstairs.

LaT- Alice has attempted that exact same manouver to get herself into the bath with the same consequences!

DD1 now refuses to get into the bath with her unless she's really messy as she spends the whole bath time worrying about what Alice is getting up to. Alice likes to stand up and throw herself backwards so she lands back in the water with a big splash. I think it looks like fun too, but DD1 says it is very dangerous grin

dinosaurinmybelly Wed 10-Aug-11 21:42:35

Hello - really enjoyed being back in the UK for a couple of weeks (and Peppa Pig World was fantastic - I highly recommend it), but we spent a lot of the time there sick, and still not completely recovered. I'm wondering how I am going to get through the next 5 weeks of school holidays with 3 DCs...

latrucha Thu 11-Aug-11 22:13:38

I'm really not keeping up here but will be back. DH away again.

How does anyone keep up with ironing? I've been at it for an hour and a half and still can't see the top of my basket....

Elena67 Fri 12-Aug-11 15:12:31

hi, braveGirl we get out of the house either to the swings or to the great theme park that is Sainsbury'sWorld or, for a change, WaitroseWorld! Tom loves whizzing round in the trolley and chatting up strangers. We get to chat, as he's on my level and it's bright and colourful - I expect they'l start charging entry when they realise that some babies like it so much. Another choice is walking through the woods and chatting to trees (him AND me) or feeding the ducks in the park, who are now the size of small turkeys after eating pounds of bread most days. LaT the answer is not to iron - I had, until recently, an almost entirely jersey cotton wardrobe and never ironed at all although I have accidentally bought some shirts now which I am trying to convince myself look 'better creased casual'.

greensnail Fri 12-Aug-11 21:03:45

I have ironed twice since DD1 was born. I think by the time you've been wearing the clothes for an hour it makes no difference at all - ironed clothes will be a little creased and non-ironed clothes will have lost most of their creases by then!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Have been pretty rubbish at keeping up with this thread! I'm now back at work part time and find the weeks are just flying by!

All good with us. Alice isn't walking yet but is pulling herself up against furniture and is an excellent climber! She is a chatterbox just like DD1 and her favourite word is more!! We have her first session at nursery next week when I'll stay with her and then a couple of settling in sessions before she starts properly in September when DD1 starts school full time.

Off to read through this thread and see how everyone else is getting on. Will try and post more often smile

minimoonumbertwo Mon 15-Aug-11 20:41:27

Thanks guys, was a false alarm with ds2 - annoying actually as he's had all the bad bits of the pox without actually having it! ds1 was okay, just went a bit stir crazy & had 3 or 4 days of that post-viral short fuse crossness which was exhausting. I understand that ds2 may still get it so still avoiding a lot of activities and other friends with little ones/pregnant friends - annoying for the hols! Ah well.

So how is everyone coping with the school hols?? I honestly don't know how you do it - must be half way through now though??

LaT - ironing - hahahahaha

Barbeasty Tue 16-Aug-11 15:03:22

Greensnail- thanks, the fever's gone. But I went to the doctor today because if anything the cough is worse and I'm wheezing. So I'm now on a double strength course of antibiotics, an inhaler, and I have a chest x-ray booked for tomorrow to check for infection. Apparently my wheeze is bad, and the doctor was struggling to believe that I've never had asthma.

I took Ruth in yesterday (to the same doctor) because she's had a cough for about 6 weeks now, and it sometimes gets so bad it makes her sick. So, no fever and a wheeze (sounds familiar!) and the doctor has said that, whilst they can't really diagnose it this young, she has asthma. So we've got an inhaler and facemask attachment to use on her twice a day.

Yet again, I couldn't think of the family history of asthma, but MIL's side of the family have a history- one of her brothers died from it as a teenager.

We've yet to use the inhaler on her, as it had to be ordered in, but I can see it being interesting. I think quite a few teddies might be treated for asthma this afternoon to try and make it fun. Wish me luck!

And as for ironing..... I can't say I did much before I had Ruth, let alone now. I have 1 skirt that needs a pleat ironed in and a linen dress which both get ironed. Nothing else does. Ever. I agree with the theory that once you've worn it a while you can't tell if it started creased and has been worn a bit flatter, or started ironed and is now a bit creased. Especially if you get DH to wear a jumper over a shirt...

Also Greensnail- we've gone for gates across 2 rooms (lounge and Ruth's bedroom) so we can shut her in if needs be, and only let her into the hall if one of us is with her. Could you rig up something at the bottom, which Alice can't open but DD1 could? No better suggestions I'm afraid.

We had another first at the weekend- Ruth ate her first wax crayon. Luckily it was only a small bit, but she was moaning and biting when I tried to get as much as possible out of her mouth when we spotted it.

Hope everyone's ok, and glad to be back to work tomorrow- I love having days off with Ruth (MIL is away for a couple of days), but I've been left so drained by my chest infection that haven't managed to do much. Good luck to all those coping with the summer holidays.

Fillybuster Tue 16-Aug-11 16:05:56

<woop> Just won the blebo trial thing too smile

Hurrah for MN smile

Boo for having a tummy bug on holiday in Devon sad

And it turns out Mia is just as willing to scream for 20 minutes solid in Devon as she is in London. Even if I am only 30 centimetres away from her in full line of sight. No tears, just screaming. Stops as soon as I pick her up.

Any ideas, anyone? I really don't know what I should do....I've tried ignoring it (no difference), I've tried giving in and holding her the whole time (makes no difference, she's furious as soon as I go to the loo or something).....she's nearly 14 months and can crawl if she wants to but all she wants to do is scream until I pick her up....help!!

latrucha Tue 16-Aug-11 18:11:41

You see, in a half-Spanish family, no ironing is not an option. I'd be shunned.

Back soon, I promise.

BraveGirl Tue 16-Aug-11 19:10:28

Sadly I quite enjoy ironing.... but then I treated myself to a steam generator when J was bored and it's now even quicker and easier than before!

Filly, will Mia be subdued by being being held by anyone other than you? Being summer hols, I am with J pretty constantly and he goes ballistic if I leave the room, even when Daddy is playing with him. A little distraction and he is generally fine. Not looking forward to september!!!

greensnail Tue 16-Aug-11 21:21:30

Where are you in Devon filly? You can come and dump her with me for a bit if you need a break, I'm sure Alice could show her a few tricks that might persuade her to get moving.

I've given in and gone for a stair gate at the bottom to keep Alice off the stairs. No chance of setting up something that DD1 can open as she's a bit slow at that sort of thing and can't even open her bedroom door yet (should I be worried about this at 2.7 do you think?). I think Alice would probably work out how to open it first.

Alice often eats crayons, her nappies are usually speckled with pieces of crayon or sand or glitter. Does this make me a bad mother?

latrucha Wed 17-Aug-11 09:24:49

I wouldn't worry about the door. DD can do some doors and not others at 3.7.

See, I am checking on you all, if not posting..

Fillybuster Wed 17-Aug-11 11:16:37

Funnily enough, Mia is much happier, and more likely to actually sit and play, if I'm nowhere around. So she's fine at nursery, and ok at home if I go out and leave her....the problem is only if I'm in the vicinity. Which is a shame, as I love her to bits but it makes it much harder to 'enjoy' her when every time I need to put her down for a moment she turns into nightmare-screaing-baby.

Greensnail - we're near Dartmouth....very tempted to drive over and drop her off for a bit smile smile smile Mia's nappies have been full of sand and some small pebbles this week after she spent a happy afternoon stuffing her face with sand on East Portlemouth beach on Monday grin I know I would be been bothered by this with dcs 1 & 2, now I just reckon it will all come out the other end.

Or, as someone said to me: when dc1 swallows a coin you try not to panic but end up going to A&E to make sure they're ok. when dc2 swallows a coin you don't panic, but do go through their nappies obsessively until you're sure it has come out the other end. when dc3 swallows a coin, you dock it from their pocket money....

greensnail Wed 17-Aug-11 16:07:26

Oh you're only about half an hour away then filly if you get desperate! Although I think if you came today you'd take one look and refuse to let even your neglected third born anywhere near. I me the error outlining it would be a good idea to wash my sofa cushions so now I am surrounded by semi dismantled bits of sofa and the girls have taken the opportunity to trash the rest of the rom for good measure

latrucha Thu 18-Aug-11 20:58:54

Did you get it all back together Greensnail? I made the silly mistake of having my cushions cleaned and had to get then to repeat it, then discovered the zips were broken. DH put them back on so I can't swear the company broke them. Boo. Mind you, they were a disgrace and now look good if you don't look at the back.

Barbeasty - how are you now? Isn't infant asthma something they can't diagnose until about two because it often just disappears? How's LO taking to the medecine?

Filly - I've no idea really except to ride it out and give her lots of cuddles as you are doing. I don't think you can train her to want you less, TBH. If DD is anything to go by (although different) they just are the way they are.

So, in-laws are here. I had to put my foot down this morning because I was just working like a dog and getting pretty resentful. For example, because of space restrictions and different timings, I'm cooking and serving up about six meals a day so I get a bit put out if I prepare breakfast, which anyone can do, while everyone else is sitting down chatting in the living room. Everyone is joining in now, so better. And I've done a mountain of ironing this afternoon while the others were watching the children grin

Am really having serious wobbles about potentially never buying baby clothes again. It's too cute!

greensnail Thu 18-Aug-11 21:28:28

No, LaT, it is still in bits all over the living room and is driving me mad. I had to wash the covers twice to try to get them clean so they weren't dry to put back on yesterday evening. It's a two-person job to get them back on as it is such a tight fit (never buy a self-assembly sofa - what were we thinking?) and DH has been out this evening so I haven't been able to do it. Am sat on hardboard and scatter cushions at the moment but the DD's think it is all a great climbing frame.

How long are the in-laws there for? I do a lot of takeaways when mine are here as I find cooking for them too stressful alongside generally entertaining them. At least you got the ironing done though.

greensnail Thu 18-Aug-11 21:30:06

Oh I know what you mean about the baby clothes wobbles though. There seemed to be hundreds of newborns at soft play today, made me feel a bit wibbly.

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. I don't know why really, as I look at the thread almost every day hmm.
I did have a week away in the Isle of Wight with just iPad and phone connection though. Was a good place to holiday, although not great sunny beach weather. I might consider taking them all abroad next year if I can find somewhere good to go.

J still likes to be held an awful lot too filly, although I sense not quite as much as Mia. He does weigh about 1000 times more than her though, so is really killing my arm! I would tend to take the line of she'll grow out of it, so run with it for now to make her feel reassured. And why do you put her down to go to the toilet? I've barely been to the toilet alone for 5.5 years shock. I have even been known to bf on the loo <glamourous>. Did you sort yourself out a carrier so that you can plonk her on your back or hip?

There is finally a bit of tooth visible under J's gum which has nearly come through, so he might actually get his first one before he turns 14 months hmm.

I don't iron, but don't have much that needs it. Dh will do a bit under duress from time to time (we also have steam gen iron), and failing that I pay a lady to do it for me - it's money well spent if it means that I don't have to do it!

lol at your coin scenario filly!

Bravegirl - what teeny tiny feet your J has. Mine has 4.5H clodhoppers! Actually they are waaaay wider than a H, but that's obv the biggest they do, so they had to rule out some styles.

Hope poorly dc and mummies are all brighter v soon.

stair safety - we have 4 of those roller type gates on our stairs (more than one set), but use them mostly to contain children on a particular level. Dd tends to climb over them if they are in her way hmm.

In the midst of potty training ds1 at the moment. He seems to have it pretty much sorted at home, so fingers crossed he copes ok with going out places over the next 3 days.

Barbeasty Sun 21-Aug-11 18:49:40

LaT- yes, the Dr said they aren't allowed to diagnose asthma this young, but the same symptoms in a 3 or 4 year old would be asthma, so hopefully she'll be one who grows out of it! And I suppose that at least she'll be monitored for it now, so if it doesn't go away we aren't left struggling for a diagnosis until she has a full -blown attack or something.

As for taking the inhaler.... She loves the pictures of teddies on the side of the spacer; loves playing with it, including putting the face mask over her face properly; she laughs when we pretend to treat a teddy; she laughs when she watches me use my inhaler. She screams and goes absolutely into a tantrum when we "puff" the inhaler. I thunk she hates the taste- and I gave to say I don't blame her. At the moment it's either DH forcing her to use it through the screams, or we do it when she's asleep (much easier). Not sure either is ideal tbh, but it'll have to do!

I'm feeling better though, thanks. The inhaler has stopped the sheer exhaustion. In fact it helped straight from the 1st puff, so goodness knows how much oxygen I wasn't getting! But the cough is still here. Worst at night and if I do too much physically. I'll just have to wait and see if the x-ray shows anything. Results due in Wednesday.

Fillybuster Sun 21-Aug-11 19:49:57

Ironing is something I have always refused to do....almost everything I own is wearable straight out of the tumbledrier, and I told dh very early on that if we got together for the long term, his shirts would be his problem. But of course he works stupidly long hours, and wants to spend time with the dcs (and me grin when he is home, so these days our very lovely cleaner spends an hour a week doing the shirts (and increasingly blush some of my things too) when she is here. But its money well spent, imo, as I would be enormously resentful if I had to do it...and wouldn't do it half as well or anywhere near as fast.....

Does that make me a total slattern??

Thanks for the support in dealing with Mia. I'm at my wits end, but trying to get her to sit/stand on the ground a bit, while staying right next to her and being really happy and chatty - it really is driving me mad. Then randomly this afternoon she crawled off to explore the other side of the room for 20 mins. hmm Hey ho...<sigh>

minimoonumbertwo Tue 23-Aug-11 13:57:49

Gosh barbeasty that does sound tricky and v difficult for you - well done for finding a way to actually get her to take a bit, I am sure it will be having some effect. Good to hear you're feeling better too, good luck with x-rays tomorrow.

filly - that's a good sign with Mia, maybe things are about to take a turn for the better? As with most of these things in a month or so you'll be dealing with the next issue! Sounds like you've handled it brilliantly though, she will be a very secure little girl.

Talking of which, I am ever so slightly worried about ds1 who is now 3.10, he was Mr Sociable from the minute he was born - always wanted more stimulation than just me and was always the kid running off to make chums at playgroups/playgrounds etc, no problem settling in at nursery etc. etc. However since Seb was born he seems to really have lost some of this confidence and sticks pretty close to myself or dh in social situations unless with friends/family he knows extremely well. The main thing is he really doesn't want to do anything with myself or dh, it's a nightmare dropping him at nursery although I know for sure he has a good time there, yesterday his good chums' mother offered to take him to the lido in the afternoon as he's been going crazy stuck at home with me & chicken pox Seb but he point blank refused to go without me. I suppose I am sad for him that he's not the confident boy he once was and I am wondering how I can make him feel more secure & get his confidence back - any tips/ideas? Sorry for long ramble.

Meanwhile Seb is really suffering with the pox, he is v unsightly! I thought piriton was going to be my saviour but he's still very unsettled at night and literally unputdownable in the day - argh!!!

Barbeasty Thu 25-Aug-11 12:00:07

Well, I have pneumonia! That's another 2 weeks of antibiotics, and more of MIL trying to persuade me not to go into work. I know she means well, but it's still the same cough and wheeze I had before I went to the doctor this morning, and I don't see that much difference between sitting in front of a computer all day and sitting in front of the tv!

Ruth is finally accepting her inhaler. Not happy, but not screaming and writhing- resigned probably describes it best!

Glad Mia is being a little less clingy. No idea what to suggest for an older one!

Still not ironing, even if I am working from home so have more time. Actually, I think pneumonia will make a pretty good housework excuse...

goodname Thu 25-Aug-11 14:38:31