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'October 2009-chattering and on the run, our toddlers are such fun'

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Right ladies, off we trot into the next stage of our gorgeous toddlers lives. smile


Iggly Tue 22-Feb-11 20:34:55

Hello new thread!

fidelma Tue 22-Feb-11 22:57:57

I want a baby!!!!!

So do I!!!!!!!!

fidelma Wed 23-Feb-11 21:52:20

I am not having another !!!!

feeling poorly today.Painkillers all the way.

Oh dear, doesn't sound good. What is the matter? Hope the painkillers work soon.


fidelma Wed 23-Feb-11 22:46:02

It feels like mild flu sad It is so hard being ill with children.
Ibouprofen are keeping me going.off to bed.

HappyTangerine Wed 23-Feb-11 23:58:19

get well soon fidelma

Wish I lived nearer to help out as ill with children is not good. Hope you feel brighter soon. x

littlepea72 Thu 24-Feb-11 19:17:52

Hi everyone grin

Was going to comment on everyone, but soooooo tired Im going to hit bed.....i had a false alarm today & its taken it out of me! Will be back tomorrow!!

PS.....get well soon Fidelma xx

Iggly Thu 24-Feb-11 19:42:22

Hope you're ok littlepea!

Get well soon fidelma

I've got my driving test tomorrow. Bugger.

Hugs littlepea x

fidelma-how are you?

Iggly -wishing you all the best luck in the world and just imagine the examinier sat on the toilet with his trousers round his ankles. grin


HappyTangerine Thu 24-Feb-11 23:46:23

Good luck iggly

Thinking of you littlepea, hope you have a restful night

fidelma Fri 25-Feb-11 09:49:23

Feeling a bit better today thanks.I didn't move yesterday my mum had to come and take over.

Iggly good luck.

Iggly Fri 25-Feb-11 12:40:42

Glad you're better fidelma

Passed my test!!! Was in shock at the end grin

HappyTangerine Fri 25-Feb-11 13:24:51

iggly Well done you! You'll see the Lake District in a whole new(crazy) light when you're driving through it grin

fidelma Glad you're on the mend, sounds nasty

Littlepea How are you today?

fidelma Fri 25-Feb-11 17:25:25

iggly well done grin

Still having to take lots of drugs but I am managing to run the kitchen ifkwm

Children all happy because it is Friday night.

Going to have steak soon

litlepea hope all is well

fidelma Sun 27-Feb-11 17:34:19

Having had a birthday party I am now bathing everyone early in the hope of an early night.grin school mstuff packed and off to make lunches for tomorrow hoping to sit down with my big girls by 7.15pm !!!!grin

fidelma Sun 27-Feb-11 17:58:38

3 washed,music practice done,violin,flute and 2 drumming practices (pipe band!!!!!!)

Dh making the tea.....

roll on the telly

fidelma Sun 27-Feb-11 19:04:21

Just about to read to ds1 yipeeee

Back from our weekend in the caravan and it was a nice break. Girls are back at school tomorrow so I am doing and early bath as will be too knackered to to do it after tea.

Have put 1.5 lb on so a tad miffed but impossible to diet when I am away.

Hope all OK.


fidelma Mon 28-Feb-11 22:12:51

HC you just need a good POO LOL !


fidelma Tue 01-Mar-11 14:36:17

DH has brought home a friends working cocker spaniel in the hope that I will fall in love BUT she hasn't stopped running around since she got here!!!!!I need that like a hole in the head!
She won't even watch cbeebies FFS!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a dog lover.I have 4 children ffs !

Morning all!

After an hour lying in bed awake I thought I might as well try doing something, I'm soooo bored of waking up between 3:30 and 4am everyday and somewhat freaked out that I'm not tired - makes me worried that I'm so stressed and worked up that I'm heading for big meltdown, not good when you're about to TTC {tries to take a deep cleansing breath}

CONGRATS iggly no mean feat driving in London!!

Littlepea how are you doing?

fidelma yikes! a dog like that sounds barmy - aren't you moving soon as well?! Glad you're better, DH and I were BOTH ill trying to look after Annalise last weekend, the first time we were both out of commission, and was I glad I only had the 1 to look after!!

HT are you all mended bad chest and all? I only recover from chest ills with the green puffer these days, even the brown one is too lame.

HC pft 1.5lb, you're still doing really well

PPM are you ok, secret woman?

Scout also very quiet, are you doing well?

Talking of scouts (sort of) a location scout from 'Spooks' came to my house last week as they'd posted a letter through my door saying that they wanted to film the location of a principle character's home in a house just like mine! Sadly, not heard back since...

littlepea72 Wed 02-Mar-11 07:50:06

Good morning grin

Going to try & catch up here....sorry if I miss anyone out.

Fidelma that is not a good dog to have about in hope someone with fall in love with! They are the more hyper dog you can come accross! My DH brought Homer home over 7 yrs ago....he is a beautiful Westie....but he said he had always wanted one as they were fat lazy things....NOT! LOL.....

HC dont forget that water can cause weight....and you cant stop that, plus being on a wee holiday, you cant be good lol....or is that just me? I think you have done really well! grin

Iggly have you been out driving on your own yet? I remember driving in Belfast for the first time, that was bad, what driving in London would do to my nerves!! LOL

HT how are you????

Calypso grin on the starting to TTC!! Hope you start sleeping better soon. Just use it as an excuse for the ttc and wake that DH up! Always here if you get stressed and need to talk xxx

Scout & Mel hope you are both doing ok xx

My life is mad right now. Dont know where I would even start.
We got told DH was moving to England....then they stopped that....he was then told NI.....that was great! Then not.....now WE have been told we are ALL moving to England!!! So worried about DS's school with his ASD, but in the end we feel the family being together is more important to DS and we will move....watch out ladies, I might see you all soon!!!
Off to the hospital again today...30 weeks and the baby is BIG! 2 weeks ago he was 3 pounds!!!! So now they are scanning me every 2 weeks....so ill....fainting, pain....its terrible this time round but not long to go, cant wait to get rid of the crutches lol...

Better go & get ready....im always late lol xxx

Hi all

fidelma-I so do not like dogs so that would be one of my worst nightmares!

Calypso-hate waking early in the mornings but that doesn't happen now I am on AD's but will be coming off them next month, <eek> Wish it was me So excited for you about to TTC. grin

littlepea-really hope we can all meet up one day. Whereabouts in the UK will you be based?

How is everyone?


HappyTangerine Thu 03-Mar-11 22:31:21

littlepea I am so sorry you're having such a shitty time, am quite worried about you sad. Wish I was closer and could give you a hand for a bit(your ds could teach Joseph how to walk up wallsgrin-God can you imagine them?[hmmm]. Kudos to you for being so upbeat about yet another move.

speaking of moves fidelma how is the packing going? I forget when it is you move out(if you haven't already! I'd have another dog in a heartbeat, I adored my collie. I think Joe would like a cat (he calls them all Mog grin)but dh very resisitant. I'm working on him...

Calypso Very for you excited about the ttc-good luck! Re being awake in the wee hours-I am Queen of insomnia and have been for months now but it is getting better. Hated lying awake in the dark but then discovered audible, the audio book arm of amazon. Have chosen a few books and loaded them onto my mp3 and I feel like I'm actually doing something rather than stare at the ceiling in the dark-I know if I get up I'l be shattered later. Give it a go, there are loads of titles on there. Chest mostly mended thanks, running is helping. Have got a 5k Race for Life in May and the Cardiff 10k Race for Life(eek) just before my birthday in July.

waves to everyone

HappyTangerine Thu 03-Mar-11 22:33:09

Calypso - that was meant to read "very excited for you" ignore the mad word order! hmm

fidelma Sun 06-Mar-11 20:40:00

Bing bong bing anyone out there?

HappyTangerine Sun 06-Mar-11 22:44:52

Well I was until I killed the thread...

fidelma Mon 07-Mar-11 22:00:58

HT glad someone was out there.

Sickness in our house for what feels like weeks and weekssad

dd1 on crutches with a bad achillies
Connor bright red cheeks with teeth and a bad cold
ds1 Ok at the moment but I always feel he should have more attention
dd2 pretending that she has a sore tummy so that she didn't have to walk a mile up hill, on the way home from school angry
Karate chop for ds1
homework and music practice for dd1,dd2 and ds1
tea, bath.bed,reading and alot of crazy laughter,hot chocolate for all,dinner for dh (and a quickie!!!! while Connor was napping tmi!)
Oh and I managed to get my hair cut,dh took dd1 to the consultant (i had them all at the DRs before school this morning)

Please can I have a you made it through the day badge.

No wonder in my dream last week when I drempt that I was pregnant."I was telling the midwife to put him back inside me LOL"

HappyTangerine Mon 07-Mar-11 23:27:03

Bloody hell, you definately deserve a "I made it through the day" badge! Sorry about the sickness.

DH was off today as I had a nasty experience at the dentist. Pain since Thursday-found out today that the tooth underneath my lovely inlay filling had crumbled on one side. It was still attached to my gum and every time it moved, it literally ripped the gum, tearing it. Have had 4 days like that! Dentist removed many shards of tooth and I spent the afternoon sleeping off the pain. However...it meant that dh sat down and watched One Born Every Minute with me and he got a tad broody. Ha! my plan is working. grin

Had a day out at a farm yesterday, Joe got to take a ride on a steam train and meet the animals. He loves horses and sheep. Lots to see and do but we couldn't get past these little ride on tractors in the end, it was all he wanted to do. Broke his heart when we had to leave, huge 20min tantrum and tears. He has spent this afternoon running rings arund his dad and nana and everyone bar me is now zzzzzzzzzz.

This is my first day of giving up chocolate and I am struggling with going cold turkey sad

Hi all

It's all gruesome here with the discovery of body parts, keep scanning the ditches for the remaining parts. Ew!!!!

HT-tooth pain is the worst so hope you are on the mend from it.

fidelma-you are always so busy and it is nearly putting me off wanting 4 children. Well, perhaps not! Sending you a virtual badge. grin

Have lost 4 lb this week which is the 1.5 I put on last week plus a bit more. smile

Matthew is still a delight and love taking him to the Childrens Centre 3 times a week. Can't go on Thurs as my car needs an MOT-boo hoo!

Big wave to everyone!


fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 13:53:29

HT hope yoour tooth is a bit better now,sounds awful.Connor cries when Ibring him in from outside.

Connor has had really red cheeks for 3 weeks just realised that he has slapped cheek!

HC great weight loss.Well done you must be getting skinny!What is that about body parts. (must watch the news)

Off to make a million pancakes!

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 15:24:13

Have we lost Scout?

She isn't posting on FB either <worried>

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 20:00:19

SCOUT Hope all is well with you.Please come back we miss your cake.......

2 in bed 2 to go

ballet programme on bbc 4 at 9pm
(where I was, so interested)

watched one born this afternoon and cried my eyes out.I should of been a mwenvy

So look forward to 9pm on a Monday for One Born Every Minute. If I was younger and finished having babies I would attempt to be a MW.

Scout19075 Tue 08-Mar-11 22:37:38

I have broken internet -- it's been screwy for three weeks now. When it's up I send mad-emails for Guides & Seniors before it crashes again. ACK!

fidelma Tue 08-Mar-11 23:14:37

hello Scout

Phew, glad to see you Scout but boo to your internet. Thought of you when we went to the caravan and boat show at the NEC as there were lots of scout and guide groups doing the climbing wall and mountain rescue activities.

Wet today.


HappyTangerine Wed 09-Mar-11 12:04:26

Hello scout, glad you're ok.

I am in so much pain I've just sat in a corner and cried for the last half hour. Can't get a doctors appointment until tomorrow.sad Think it might be a pelvic infection or uti, I am so run down at the moment

fidelma Wed 09-Mar-11 21:06:54

HT thats not good sad hugs{{{{{{}}}}}}

HappyTangerine Wed 09-Mar-11 21:25:11

Thanks. Got seen as an emergency this afternoon-pelvic infection, bladder infection and prolapse.sad Now have antibiotics(again) and an appointment with a female doc next week who'll refer me re thr prolapse.

How is everyone else?

Oh God HT-that is awful, hope they can do something to help you.


littlepea72 Thu 10-Mar-11 10:46:47

HT hope you are ok, did they give you good painkillers? xx

fidelma Thu 10-Mar-11 20:35:32

DD1 is 11 today.How did that happenconfused we watched dvd of her first weeks, amazing, wish I had taken more of the otherssad

HappyTangerine Fri 11-Mar-11 14:31:56

Wasn't allowed v strong painkillers as Joseph is feeding so much at the moment. Antibiotics kicking in now so feeling a little better. Bit gutted about the prolapse though.

My sister is holed up on some romantic getaway with her boyfriend in N Wales -have been trying to get hold of them all morning as I doubt they've seen the news. They are both TEFL teachers and are starting new contracts in Japan - my sister starts in Chiba for 6 months on the 28th March and her bf somewhere in N East Japan from next Friday.

Oh Blimey HT-it doesn't sound very promising for them. Those poor people in Japan. sad Hope you feel even better soon.

Gave my friend a PG test today as she is late but it was -ve. She is pleased and I admit I was too as would have been envy I mean, how bad is that?

Big wave!


fidelma Sat 12-Mar-11 23:03:32

HT hope you are a bit better.What prolapse?

HC sadly no advice for youwink

Hello my lovelies,

HT ouch ouch ouch, sounds like you're really suffering. Is it because of all the coughing? Hope that it rights itself or do you need surgery? And is the tooth ok now?

scout good to hear you're about

PPM and Iggly you're both awfully quiet!

HC hope coming off the ADs goes really well

fidelma I feel exhausted just hearing about your mad family life!

I'm not ttc just yet, in a couple of months probably!

One friend had her baby girl yesterday (her first), another is being induced today (her 2nd), another one is due Wednesday (my oldest friend who had a mc and would have had a baby same week as Annalise) and my neighbour is due her second next Monday! Its going baby-mad in my life!!
And apparently one can't by wellies for size 2-3 feet hmm poor A; she'll have to make do with some funny boot things until she grows another 2 shoe sizes!

fidelma Mon 14-Mar-11 20:27:30

Good day in the fidelma household.I had a mad cooking session and made enough dinners for the week smug grin

HT how are you now?If you need a holiday contact me as the cottages are quite quiet over the next month.I am happy to let any of you have a week as long as you pay the cleaner for the cleaning and washing when you leave.ie as long as it doesn't cost me you can use it.Especially off peakwink
calypso great to hear from you
Waves to everyone

fidelma Mon 14-Mar-11 20:28:41

Ours are the Furze and hillfoots

littlepea72 Tue 15-Mar-11 15:19:16

Just sat down to write, but bloody back is broke sad.....while return later xx

fidelma Tue 15-Mar-11 15:22:14

littlepea how long now.I think you need this baby out!!!!!

littlepea72 Tue 15-Mar-11 17:36:17

Fidelma about 7 weeks left! Not long, but having such a hard time lo...can you make my dinners for the week? I wish I was like that lol...how is everyone in your house???

I went to see the doctor yesterday after being on with the hospital. Now on very strong painkillers, my back is so sore. Everyone keeps asking if the baby has stopped moving so much, but he is going hyper! Honestly, I think he has a spacehopper in there lol.....and I keep thinking im going into labour, was the same with DS1 for 8 wks before he was born. Never again.....never again!!! LOL....

HC I think you just need to go TTC! grin you know you want to lo.... looking forward to Sunday, Moto GP....happy days!!!

Scout good to see you back!

HT how are you now???

Iggly how is the driving going???

Better go....Faith is throwing waffles everywhere! She thinks its great to sit and throw her food at everyone!

HappyTangerine Wed 16-Mar-11 01:05:22

Hi all, am feeling much better. Just finished antibiotics. Saw a female doctor this morning who confirmed mild to moderate prolapse of front the front wall. I've been referred to a phsyio who'll go through some intriguing exercises with cones hmm. I need to discuss my running-I'm not going to stop but it seems it's not good for a prolapse. It looks like it was mild until a 9 week chest infection made it 100x worse so Calyso you're right, it was the coughing.

Joe is full of beans as usual,he will go in his buggy for about 10 minutes at the time but then wants to get out and push it grin. He is another food thrower, managed to smear porridge in his hair this morning. That stuff is lethal, it's like quick dry cement! I got sick of him weeing on the mat and bought a potty and that bloody irritating Pirate Pete and his Potty book. Joe has no interest at all in sitting on the potty but happilly sits Penguin(fave toy) on it while he still wees up against the toilet! The book lasted a few days and I've hidden it now wink

Fidelma Thanks so much for your generous offer. If dh could get the time off work we'd be there like a shot but it looks unlikey sad. March/April seems to be a v busy time for Immigration for some reason.

HC Go on, ttc-you know you want to!

Calypso How is the insomnia/early waking now? Are you feeling a bit better about your studies?

littlepea You have really suffered with this pg haven't you? It seems to have flown by, just not for you! 7 weeks left, wow. I hope the painkillers kick in soon.

Scout19075 Sun 20-Mar-11 20:53:49

I have a suspected (small/slight) crack in one of my ribs, curtosy of S. He jumped on me a few weeks back when we were playing and I haven't been right since. I've also had a cough/chest infection for about six weeks (which hasn't helped my rib). Finally went to the doctor Thursday and have meds for the cough and painkillers for the rib/s. Now S has pink eye (diagnosed today) so going for his eye drops first thing in the morning (got out of the drop-in clinic too late to get to the shop).

Lost track of what week I'm on with treatments but my appointment scheduled for next week was moved to this one. Getting very tired of pills. Sent M&D a link to video we took of S walking and cuddling last week and got a lecture from Mom on how thin I am. I know I am and I know she didn't mean to Mom made me very sad about it all.

<<Waves>> to all.

Hey Scout-your mum is only worried about you like you are about Seb. smile Cracked rib <ouch> You are coping so well.

HT-please take it steady <begs> Potty training biscuit and wine Not ready for that yet.

littlepea-'tis the final countdown, you can do it! smile

AF was 3 days late and although I don't want to be PG yet I was a tad sad Need to be able to drink in Spain in August. grin

Big wave!


fidelma Mon 21-Mar-11 15:15:52

PMT aughhhhhhhh why why why

been away with my dad and the 4 dc for a long weekend.I need a weeks holiday to get over it.

scout hope that rib mends soon.Try soft play next time!

HC my AF was late last month and I realised that I never want to be preggers again.That is a real break through.Will still cry at One Born tonight though.

HappyTangerine Mon 21-Mar-11 20:36:53

HC-Lol at the potty comment! For the last 7 weeks, Joe has been running into the bathroom during nappy off time and weeing up against the toilet. Am still treating it as a game but friend with 6 dcs advised me to just get a potty and stick it in the bathroom so he gets used to seeing it. So don't worry, no training, we're far from it!smile He wears it on his head, slides around with it on his foot and has sat in it swinging his legs but thats about it.

Besides, J has a new fascination, having just discovered his nose has holes in it.hmm He keeps trying all manner of things to see what fits. He's so funny, life is very amusing with him around. I think it's one of the things they should tell you about more as a parent-you laugh so much more than you did before.

Scout Sorry about the cracked rib and especially about the chest infection. Your mum didn't mean to upset you, its so hard for her to know you're in treatment and she so far away, she wants to mother you a bit. Can you and Sebby get back over to the States this spring?

fidelma Had a good time by the sounds of it!

Love to all x
PS-Physio/prolapse appointment next week

Hi all, not helping broodiness but...
MY NEIGHBOUR HAS JUST GONE INTO LABOUR! Am so stupidly excited! I'm on toddler baby-sitting duty if she has to get to hospital before her parents get here. ooohh a new little neighbour! She sent me a text to warn me incase I have to pop over

On the otherhand one friend was induced on Monday and had her baby by C-Sec 2 days later, bah, and my oldest friend is now 6 days late. Makes me remember when we were all birthing - who's next?! :D

Scout Fractured rib is incredibly uncomfortable, hope it mends quickly. Your treatment sounds very tiring. Take care.

HT are you feeling better? I hope so X

HC* & *Fidelma kisses X

PPM & Iggly hello?!

fidelma Mon 21-Mar-11 21:45:46

HT keep an eye on the nose thing, I have had to go to the DRs with a bead stuck up dd1s nose,ds1 a cherry stone and then a pencil led in his ear !!!!!!

If they do lose something up there
( a friends dd stuck up a bit of sponge, they only noitced when she started to really smell!)
Close off the other nostril and get them to blow. (may start teaching Connor to blow his nose now in antisipation!)

calypso I love it when friends are having babies confused

HappyTangerine Mon 21-Mar-11 22:09:06

Just had good news - all my sister's students from N East Japan seem to have been accounted for. She is due to go back out to Chiba(v near Tokyo) on the 28th but I don't see it happening, she's getting v nervous about the lack of food about and the aftershocks. Seems only mildy concerned about radiation atm. The other good news is she has been told she casn get a full refund on her £700 airfare so thats a huge weight off her mind.

Fidelma I'm being vigilant and trying to get dh to do the same. My cousing got a wodge of cotton wool stuck up there when he was younger and it stank-had to have an operation to remove it all! So fsr it's been toothbrush, spoon handle and the ariel from the baby monitor

Calypso Much better thanks. How exciting -keep us posted! IS it all making you feel v broody?

Hi - so I got up this morning and saw my neighbour's car still parked outside and I thought 'oh no, she's had to go in by ambulance after all', but then I saw her head in the kitchen window and when I bumped into her outside she said 'well it was all going fine but then totally eased off' - she didn't say it but I'm pretty sure its because her parents turned up.
Unfortunately her dad then said to me, 'well, we might as well stay until it comes now!' and my poor neighbour actually made this face hmm behind their back. I mean, really?! Who could happily go into labour at home with overly-anxious and overbearing parents RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE. So we'll see!

HT Joe is so funny, he seems so bright! But smelly stuff up a nostril, yuk Really glad you're feeling better, I hope you can still run (I had the best race of my life on Sunday; 10km in 50mins! 12th woman in of 68, that's fast for me ). Hope you can enjoy the spring weather for some good runs.

Annalise getting over her second gross stomach upset, please please be well enough to go to nursery tomorrow! My thesis is turning into a joke - I wish I could click my fingers and zoom forward 12 months; PhD in, viva exam done, corrections done and possibly most of a pregnancy done. Wouldn't that be fab?!

Kisses to all X

Aaargghh help-*fidelma*, anyone?

Have discovered that mum at school and 2 DC now living next door with horrible wife beater man. Tonight DD1 had friend for tea and boy next door squeezed through chicken wire (breaking it) then DD1's friend invited him and his sister to play. Fine, then DD1 offered them crisps, drinks, tea??? (said no) Sent them home when tea was ready but as soon as they went out to play after tea the boy came through into the garden. The girl next door is already planning her next visit on Sunday! When DD1's friends mum came to collect her I told boy to go home and not to come through the wire as I didn't want Matthew to escape so he said he would come over the wall or though the gate. Lordy, have visions of the doorbell ringing day and night! DD1 isn't even friends with the girl and boy. Don't mind them playing before tea but don't want them coming in unannounced and tramping round my house!!!!!

Feeble wave!

HC & wine

fidelma why didn't it go bold?

HappyTangerine Thu 24-Mar-11 21:16:48

wine anyone? I need it tonight. Slightly mortifying day. I took Joseph to town on the train and there was a man with a very pronounced tic on there. Joe thought it was hilarious, giggling non-stop and pointing at him, shouting "Nok Tok! Nok Tok, Oooh, Nok Tok!" God, the shame. blush I moved him away and he leant over until he was practically falling-just to point and say Nok Tok again. After 2 hours of me trying to shop and Joe chasing pigeons shouting "bird bird!" we get back on train. This time a lovely old lady tried chatting to him. He put his finger up his nose, pulled out the contents and examined them to her before offering them to her with a "Mmmm." I was so glad to get home.

I'm guessing this is where the fun begins, when they start to talk more? He doesn't normally say much. That all changed yesterday when he was chasing two dogs in the park. He ran the whole width of it 3 times giggling and shouting "dog dog." At one point he took a huge tumble, I checked him over asking if he was ok, alright. He was still scanning the park to see where the dogs have gone then scowled at me saying "Alright, YES mummy-DOG dog," before legging it after them again. Talk about stroppy!

Please can someone bottle some energy and send it to me? I'm worn out. Am trying to fix our dvd player before dh comes home at the moment-Joe has been messing with it and now the screen is flashing HDD repair. This is not good is it?

HC No experience of that so can' offer ay good advice but maybe they will all tire of each other pretty quickly? Sorry, no help I know.

Calypso Is Annalise better now? Hope so. Your poor neighbour, my blood pressure would have been through the roof if I'd had my family around me when I was waiting for Joe to arrive. I still think you're amazing for even attempting the thesis, hang on in there.

fidelma You are a wise woman. Your advice helped release a petis pois from Joe's left nostril earlier, thank you!

Love to all x

HT-have shared a wine with you. Blimey what a day! Can't believe how much Joe is saying. shock Matthew doesn't say anything apart from Mamma and Memma (Emma).

Sick to death of my itchy skin which the Dr claims is dry skin. hmm

Bed soon, took the girls swimming so no unexpected guests in the garden. Saw the mum this morning and she never even acknowledged me. Don't want to form a friendship anyway.

Big wave!


Iggly Fri 25-Mar-11 09:13:58

Hello ladies ! HT your story about Joe prompted me to come and find the thread and catch up. It's been toooooo long grin

HT - Joe sounds adorable. I think him and William would make a great (yet terrible) combo as they sound similar - except the talking, William doesn't day much.

Calypso sorry to hear about A. She better? And I'm in awe, as always, of everything you manage. I'm struggling enough with work - have temp gone up to four days a week as busy and don't like taking stuff home.

How bizarre and rude HC!!

How are you fidelma?

scout, blimey hope you heal ok! Love the pictures of S on FB

Well it's sunny here, I'm off work and William is napping. I also have mildly exciting news - got a BFP last week. But given what happened last time, am a bit nervous. So fingers crossed.

Mildly exciting Iggly? That is fantastic news, congratulations. grin smile We will hold your hand all the way until December. smile

Matthew has just laid on the floor and fell asleep, bless him, I think he has another cold. <sigh>

Have a lovely day all!


Iggly Fri 25-Mar-11 12:47:05

Thanks HC. Cant get excited yet.... Doesn't feel real really and don't want to get hopes up just yet!

fidelma Fri 25-Mar-11 16:47:46

Back later hectic here.
Dinner party (wht why why!)
and a few issues at school (sigh)

HC u need to say only when invited.Will be back x

Iggly-I know how you feel having MC between DD1 and DD2 but all was OK then I went on to have Matthew. Is it OK if I am excited for you? smile

fidelma-you do too much! grin


Iggly Fri 25-Mar-11 18:14:59

Yes that's ok for you to be excited! I sort of get excited every now and then but not for long. Sorry to hear about your MC - it's hard isn't it?

Scout19075 Fri 25-Mar-11 19:33:56

I've had good news today -- S's tests for my blood disorder have come back negative. So he is a big fat FREE!!! Bad news is I've lost even MORE weight though the loss has definitely slowed.

In the middle of week 33 so only 14.5 weeks left to go!

Finally feeling better on antibiotics for my cough and rib/s doesn't hurt nearly as much any more. Only when I get kicked in it (yes, S, I'm thinking about you as I type that statement).

Ohhh, Iggly.... will keep everything crossed for you.

Haven't admitted to anyone but am wondering if I had an early stage MC a few weeks back. Had started feeling funny for about a week and when I thought about it was very similar to how I felt when (unknowingly) pg with S. Then I had the strangest Aunt Flo ever and after all of the cramping (really bad ones) I felt oddly better and all of those "feeling funny" feels disappeared. It sounds crass but if it was one I am grateful as I shouldn't get pg on my treatments as it will do all sorts of damage and cause problems and most likely end up in MC anyway. It saved me all sorts of panic and concern and having to make horrible decisions I don't even want to think about.

The fear has nearly put me off non-baby-making baby-making (if you know what I mean). In reality what's actually slowing it down is two people on drive-lowering drugs (DH's anti-seizure meds and my treatments) and my rib.

S's eyes are finally clearing up (YAY!) and his fever is coming down (double YAY!).

Waves to all!

Sunny morning to you all

iggly I'm over the moon for you! Congratulations! Completely understandable that you're cautiously optimistic, but its a fabulous start Very happy and excited for you!

Scout Excellent that S is clear, what a weight off your minds, and that missed m/c sounds confusing and upsetting, but as you say, perhaps was on balance the best outcome at that moment. Sorry, and hope you continue to do well on the treatment and can get some weight back soon. X

HC your neighbour situation sounds annoying, maybe I'm more feisty than you, I would just ask them firmly to leave; it's your home! Doesn't sound like you're that fussed about making friends with the family anyway?

HT goodness me - Joe's talking in SENTENCES! He's always seemed about 9 months ahead of Annalise at least, maybe he'll be at Oxbridge by 15 grin Hope the prolapse situation is much less painful. Did you fix the DVD?

fidelma another dinner party? You're soooo sociable! Hope the school issues resolve themselves - no-one's bullying your DCs are they?

Littlepea are you ok? We miss you!

PPM hello somewhere!

My neighbour has still not gone back into labour, but her parents are leaving today only to be replaced by her in-laws! How inconsiderate are some people, she's not running a B&B people, she's about to give birth, leave her alone! {eye-roll}
Also my oldest friend is still pg; 41+5 days today, was due to go for an induction yesterday but cancelled until tomorrow, poor her, soooo close!

Annalise only finally went into the nursery yesterday, I was so frustrated and anxious about the thesis when I had to go home at midday on Wednesday to look after her, I ended up bursting into tears on the cycle home, pft. DH gave me a VERY stern talking to when I got back, he'd though I'd nearly been run over again. It's true that its impossible for people to understand how intimately attached intellectually and emotionally one becomes to a doctoral thesis, it really is a bit like a baby that you've nurtured and tended to for years. But DH is right, with Annalise being so ill, and college rules being what they are, I've had 6months less than other students and I have to emotionally detach myself from it, run a damage limitation exercise and just get it in on time. Bah.

Charting for ttc purposes and worked out that when we ttc in May (when a close friend of mine is going to start ttc too!) I ovulate start of May (Jan baby) or late May (Feb baby). Feb would give me more time to work on thesis corrections and much more sensible incase I have a crappy 1st trimester, but if we go for late May conception, I ovulate right in the middle of when DH's family are all here, and sleeping arrangements were that I would sleep in the nursery and DH on the sofa bed in the lounge - how are we going to ttc then?! We were joking that I would have to sneak down for a quickie, heh :O Anyway, it could take MONTHS to actually conceive, but I'm counting down the weeks....

Big post, good procrastination when I'm supposed to be working on my thesis!

Have a smashing weekend ladies X

Iggly Sat 26-Mar-11 08:54:06

grin Calypso at your TTC plans - very forward thinking! You should aim to DTD before you ovulate iyswim - so how many days in advance do you have? wink

scout that's fab news about S. You must feel so relieved! And 14.5 weeks left - wow I can't believe just how long you've been having the treatment for. Sorry to hear about the missed MC -it must be hard not knowing either way. Will you try once your treatments are done?

HappyTangerine Sat 26-Mar-11 12:26:50

Congratulations Iggly Really happy for you smile

HC Aww at MEmma, that's so sweet! Ignore next door mum then, her loss

scout You're on the home stretch now re treatment. Fantastic news about S test results. Re the missed Mc-I''m sorrysad. You've had so very much to deal with lately, I hope your weight stabilises soon.

fidelma Hope dinner part was fun, you make me dizzy!

Calypso Joe has gone back to largely ignoring megrin. I think sentence was a fluke just to get me to release him back to his dog chasing game! It's interesting though because I was worried about him not saying much but it seems he just can't be bothered most of the time. Lol at Oxbridge-at this point I can't see him ever sitting still in a school classroom! DVD player ok at the moment[fingerscrossed]

littlepea How are you? we're all rooting for you here, hoping the last few weeks go quickly

I feel really dizzy and weird today, heavy period and an electric shock last night from the kettle-it knocked me off my feet. Hand feels quite strange,hurts like it's been burnt but there's nothing there. Now off to see my nieces performing in an Irish Dancing show[proud auntie emoticon]. Not sure how long Joe will last there though!

Scout19075 Sat 26-Mar-11 21:56:55

Wow, Calypso, and I thought I was organized! LOL

How are you feeling, HT? Have you been to the doctor?

The more I thought about it the more I came to the realization it probably was a missed MC. Scary as we are sooo careful given the meds, etc. TBH, and I realize it sounds crass and unkind to all those who TTC and/or have had MCs, I am relieved. I would have been forced to face decisions that I never want to have to face.

There will be no TTC. I wouldn't be able to start for at least another 15 months (one year from end of meds) which takes me to my 38th birthday. I know women have babies later (my SiL is having number 6 at 40) but given my heart problems (as well as other things), age, etc., it's not a risk we're willing to take. I am okay with this decision (though do have the occassional wobble). I am forever grateful for my one as I never thought it would happen (we were very much do we/don't we have children and S is a very pleasant surprise/accident).

Besides, if I had too many more I'd never get to go home as flights aren't cheap!

littlepea72 Sun 27-Mar-11 09:23:40

Hi HC* *HT Scout Iggly Calypso & Fidelma hope i havent left anyone out!........*Mel* hope you join us soon!

HC What has the doctor given you for your skin? My skin is forever itchy when I have water near it. Its the chemicals....it drives me crazy!
I really wouldnt worry about what you say to your neighbours kids, just tell them you dont want to many arround because M is to young, and not to be coming through the fence! They dont sound very nice a faimly so I wouldnt worry about saying it.....

HT Ohhhhh at getting an electric shock, are you ok?? Joe makes me laugh! He is so funny lol.....they will always say what they think!

Scout Happy days....the end is near! So happy that little Seb's test results came back clear, that must be a weight of your mind. And now your treatment is almost finished....you must be so happy. Sorry about the MC....but i do know what you mean. My DH had been on Meds that could of caused me to have a MC or to have an abortion.....thank godness it never happened to us when he was on them. But it must still hurt. 38 not to old......I have to say this as I am 39!! grin Would you ever think about adoption?

Iggly what great news!!!!! grin grin I also tried not to get to excited when I was pregnant with Faith. I only really felt a bit more relaxed at my 20 week scan as I to had a MC before her. Its a normal feeling to have....I even felt it with this pregnancy also. How are you feeling??? Any morning sickness???? How far along are you??? So exciting!!

Calypso your poor friend with a full house! How could you relax with people coming & going so much. Is this her first? I have laughed at your TTC date problems....but not in a bad way! Just go for it grin

Fidelma how did the diner party go? Have you started work on the house yet???

I must admitt I'm a bit spaced out right now, these painkillers may do their job, but they arent to kind to the head! I was taking 2 together, but I couldnt walk or see straight, so I now take 1 of them along with 1 paracetamol.

I went to the hospital for my appointment at the maternity clinic, i go every 2 weeks for a scan. They did an internal as they thought I had gone into labour....thankfully no! Had scan done, and he was forever flashing his bits! The doctor was rather glad I knew the sex lol......a week on Wednesday I will get my date for my c-section which should be anywhere from 36 weeks to 38 weeks. Im now 33 weeks so not long to go! It will be great to be able to walk without crutches, to get up the stairs or to just not have any pain! He is almost 5lbs already, but small compared to the others....thank godness smile

I have everything almost got for him, would it be to early to put up moses basket etc? Being here on my own, im worried that if i go early, then DH wouldnt have a clue......what stage did you all get things setup? DH is coming over for a week on Friday smile its been 5 weeks since i have seen him. He will get a month off when the baby arrives....thank godness!

Faith is now running arround the house! She just took off. Sleeping mostly through the night, unless her teeth upset her, but she only has 1 more to get and that is her full mouth of teeth! She still wont drink out of a cup....only a bottle! Also refuses to eat her veg! Only wants finger foods.....its a a pain! She has also been phoning people, its thankfully only my mum but also her dad in Germany! Her words are mostly NO!!! Dont want.....away.....mine! She can also say my DS's name & the cats lol....but she is very lazy lol....cant believe she is no-longer a baby!

Well....this is very long so I will stop before you all fall asleep lol.....have a great sunday, Im going to get ready to watch the Superbikes in a couple of hours! grin xxx

princessProudmel Tue 29-Mar-11 12:56:36


princessProudmel Tue 29-Mar-11 13:03:32

New Thread!!!

I'm here! Sorry, been awol again!

I will recap some posts and catch up

Upadate from us ....
Everyone in the PPM house has been sick (apart from me) the last few weeks. Ugh it was awful. V and D. I washed every sheet and towel we owned.
F was so poorly and almost dehydrated that last wed he nearly went to a+e for a drip couldn't keep water down.
He turned a corner though after 4 days and slowly got better.

Nights are horrendous at the mo. he's feeding loads to catch up all the not eating. And teething.

He's saying loads of things. I'm keeping a list on my iphone.
Mummy, daddy, shoe, hoover, train, choo choo, bic bic for biscuit, car, cat, etc.
He loves going outside on the trampolene and soft play at the farm
Likes chuggington and postman pat.

Ok I know I said I wouldnt but add me on fb. I think I'll be able to keep in touch better that way, MILLIONS of photos of F I take tons every day!!!

fidelma Wed 30-Mar-11 00:44:08

Heloooooo Great to hear from you Mel.I hope everyone is on the mend.I feel that the first 2 and a half months of the year were sickness and more sickness !!!

Iggly congratulationswink

I can't sleep so annoying

almost the Easter holidays (the children are back by Easter)hmm

Been very hectic.

HC how are the children from next door?

HT hope all is well with you.

littlepea not long to gowink

Calypso there must be some babies being born near you.

Scout hope all is well.you are doing brilliantly wink

Now feeling tired off to bed again.

Hello Mel! Fab to hear from you again, and know all too well the v&d bug, smelly and gross, glad to hear all are recovering in your household So nice to have you back on the thread, its not the same without you!

HT ouch about the shock! Nasty

littlepea good to hear from you too, hope that you can rest even though F is dashing about, will be good for you to have DH about a bit more.

My oldest friend had her baby yesterday by C-Sec after being induced on Sunday (41+5), a 9lb 2oz girl, and she's not very big herself andI don't know much about how/why it was by C-sec. Nothing from my neighbour though (40+5)!

Don't other people plan babies like I do?! I wish I could go for it, but whilst I know there is no perfect time, there are definintely some very wrong times so we're waiting for a 2012 baby

Went with other mummy friends for a day on on Hampstead Heath, tried to have a picnic, but it started to pour down once all the blankets and food were out! Ended up in a cafe for a bit and saw Bill Oddie Finally cleared up and the babies toddlers loved traipsing around the heath and woods! Will be posting photos on FB when I can organise myself...

Hello to all others X

Also have random insomnia argh! Going to be getting up for work in 4.5hrs and really can't sleep!

Lovely to hear from you PPM, sorry the sickness struck. I will add you on FB if one of the others finds you first. Am not very good at locating people. smile

Calypso, sending you sleep vibes. Rotten when you can't sleep. sad

fidelma-the children haven't been in since Sunday night and praise the Lord that it was raining tonight so the gilrs played inside. Phew!

FIL has been lecturing me and DH about managing our finances and what do I do with my money and why are we going to Spain when we have a caravan etc...........................................angry

Big wave!


littlepea72 Thu 31-Mar-11 08:33:57

Oh my god HC tell the man to Feck off!!! What is it to him? I like coffee...but sometimes its nice to have a cold drink....something different! Your holidays in the caravan im sure is great, but to get somewhere like spain with the kids AND to have a holiday yourself, as lets face it, you still have to look after the family...cooking etc if you are in the caravan! As for asking about your money.....he has crossed the line! Have another baby....that will wind him up! lol......If nothing else, send him to me, im not in the mood for people today....i'll give him what for! grin xx

Off to fight with the school now angry

Iggly Thu 31-Mar-11 15:25:55

Hi mel great to hear from you at long last! I’ll see if I can find you on facebook – would love to see your latest pics grin

littlepea, your tales about Faith make me laugh – she’s a character for sure! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Not long now! I’m only 5 weeks so a looooooooooooooooooong wait before a – I can relax and b – if I make it to 12 weeks, before I can even think about having another baby. Madness.

Calypso don’t over do the work! You’ll run yourself into the ground by the sounds of it. Hope you can get some sleep soon.

HT how are getting on? What with the shock and prolapse issue – you’re taking a bit of a battering.

<waves to fidelma and HC – your FIL sounds a nightmare>

I’m at work at the moment very very tired. W has been really ill with a nasty virus – took him to the docs this morning and they’ve said it’ll run its course. I hope so – he was up last night every 45 mins or so. It was a killer.

HappyTangerine Thu 31-Mar-11 22:29:15

Hi all, am well and happy, just madly busy! My neices (5 and 10) did ever so well at the Irish dancing competition at the weekend and both came away with a cup each and load of medals. Joseph was bouncing away in time to the music and ran over and tried to join in several times, much to the amusement of the judges. I think the class teacher is sizing him up ready for when he can start! Sunday we had a big family meal, really lovely as the last time we all got together was for a funeral a few weeks ago. Since then its just been all go with trips out, batch cooking, revamping house-am having a big purge of stuff. We are in Wales this weekend for Mother's Day-its just over a week until my mum starts her treatment so she is desperate to see Joe before then as she'll be radioactive for 4 weeks!

I've come to the conclusion that Joe is very much like a puppy-he needs a good run out twice a day or is a nightmare. Have now officially abandoned all attempts at structured groups after Joe ran up to to stereo during a robust sing along of "Five Little Monkeys," at circle time in the library, shouted "No, HOME" and bolted for the door. Playgroups are the way to go methinks - let him burn himself out while I have a cup of tea and listen to the advice of wise mums of other stubborn, energetic boys.grin

littlepea Faith is so funny! grin at her phoning people. I don't think it's too early to put up the moses basket-this baby sounds like he could well make an early appearance of his own accord! Your dh is back tomorrow isn't he? Why are you fighting with school btw?

HC Pleeeeasee can we lock your FIL and my SIL in a room together and see who can out-insult the other? By the end of it, one of them might have developed some tact hmm

PPM Good to hear from you! So sorry about the illness, sounds awful. I will look for you on FB and add you.

Calypso Don't beat yourself up about your thesis, you still have time for it to all come together and have a fab mad week of inspiration. I hope you get a decent nights sleep soon.

Iggly Are you and dh letting yourselves get a wee bit excited yet? When are you going to tell family? Sorry to hear W has been ill, there are some really nasty viruses doing the rounds at the mo

fidelma and Scout Big wave to you both, I'm guessing you're both crazy busy in the run up to half term?

Hi all

I said to DH we will have another baby to annoy FIL and DH said that my mum will say she is running off to Spain with shock and FIL will tell her she can't afford to. grin Will be seeing FIL tomorrow, can I bite my tongue???????? hmm

5 weeks Iggly smile

HT-your nieces have done so well. smile Joe sounds like a Monkey.

Better get ready as Rhyme Time starts at 1pm and Matthew is snoozing.



fidelma Fri 01-Apr-11 22:44:54

HC wink

princessProudmel Mon 04-Apr-11 22:39:57


Congratulations Iggly
How many weeks are you?
When are you due Littlepea?

We went to London today for a casting , f was very good bless him. I'm tired now. I walked a long from the station to the studios and back

Waves to everyone

Iggly Tue 05-Apr-11 06:27:33

Thanks ppm I'm 5 and a bit weeks so super early. However am suffering already with nausea and already regretting this - I suffered quite badly with DS!! Luckily we've a first aid room at work so will be using a lot grin

littlepea72 Tue 05-Apr-11 13:44:27

Iggly bad sickness is always a good good sign! grin I always said that I would take it and not complain.....I did get it, badly...and I did complain!! LOL....

Mel I have 5 weeks to push, but thank goodness they will take me in early for the c-section.

DH is back for a week, only been here since Friday night....driving me mad already!

HC how did it go with FIL??

Hi to everyone else.....sorry its just a short one, but back is killing me! More later xxxx

fidelma Tue 05-Apr-11 21:48:05

Iggly having had hyperemmis twice and very bad ms with the boys I can sympathies (sp?)

I know they say eat but it really does help.I used to eat a yogurt in the middle of the night to keep my blood sugar up (couldn't manage much eles) I also sucked sweets and drank fizzy water.Very happy for you.grin

LP I can't belive you are about to have another.(I didn't find the jump to 3 toooo bad!!!!)

I am sad that I wont bring another baby home and get to feel its little body.I really must try and do NCT.

dd1 is now eleventeen ifkwim she can be fantastic and amazing and then a real pain.However I can't believe how growen up she is getting.She has bigger feet than me and is generally bigger all over which is a little wierd.I can honestly say that I feel like she was just born.(How did that happen) 7 more years and she will be away (hopefully !)

Connor is turning into a live wire.He is very vocal. today "spider no no no nice" "mummy knee MULK !!!! PEESE mummy" uh oh time to slow the dairy down.So since Sunday he has only had 3 bf per day, morning (oppertunity to wake up slowly) after his nap and before bed. He has coped really well.I have managed to distract him when he has asked for MULK !!! I haven't noticed much difference in my breasts.However he has enjoyed his 3 big feeds (as have I)sad but I know that I want to stop.(well by the time he is 2 LOL)

HC how are you?

PM great to hear from you x

Off on a day trip to St Andrews tomorrow wink

HappyTangerine Wed 06-Apr-11 01:50:15

Hi all, how was your Mother's Day? We were in Wales with my mum, it was lovely. I was going to cook a meal but we had a burst tyre as I was going to get supplies so ended up at a Kwik Fit which is handily next to a fab gastro-pub so we spent a happy 45min wait having a yummy meal. We were very good and burnt ot all off later, playing football with Joseph in the park. I never thought I'd see my mum playing football!

Please can I have your top tips for fussy eaters? Joe has suddenly decided that he will only eat green things. hmm He's actually picking green things out of my lovely meals and leaving the rest so will eat peas (loads of bloody peas), spinach, green lentils, courgette, pears, grapes but barely anything else unless its cereal or cheese on toast in the morning. Lunch and dinner are becoming a bit of a battle. Sleep has been bad lately as well -am I right in thinking 18 months is a bit of a developmenal leap?

Iggly Sympathy on the nausea. Mine was terrible, I had to give up my work (had served my notice but been offered another role) as I kept pulling over on the motorways to be sick! I stayed like that for 7 months sad

fidelma Enjoy the day trip! I'm still bf at roughly the same times you are but adding more during the night-its the only thing that calms Joe down from the night terrors he suddenly started having.

littlepea When are you going in for the c-section?

PPM Good luck with the casting! Is F all better now?

Waves to eveyone else, must try and get some sleep! x

princessProudmel Wed 06-Apr-11 17:14:59


I'm still BF ds first thing in the morning, before bed and in the night when he wakes. Sometimes he sleeps through, sometiimes it's once, other times twice...
I stopped feeding him in the day about a month ago. He was asking less and less. I used to bf him before his nap or in the afternoon but he was managing to go down for naps without feeds ( still cuddled to sleep, but not bf) so I decided to stop the daytime feeds.
My boobs were very painful at bedtime milk time for the first few days as they adjusted but then were fine

Casting went well thanks F was very smiley and lovely. They're seeing LOADS of babies so we'll wait and see.

iggly I hope you are feeling ok xx

mothers day was ok....! I found mouse evidence in the understairs cupboard that morning which made me feel a bit fed up! Chewed bags, blankets and droppings!!! Then dh broke (by mistake) my fave wooden statue of a mummy and baby
But my parents and sister came for a big lunch and that was nice
I cooked a Lemon Meringue pie buuuut I somehow managed to stir the lemony sauce bit with the chicken basting spoon by mistake!!! opps!

Next time I'm on I'll tell you about his dairy intollerenace.(sp)

princessProudmel Wed 06-Apr-11 17:16:00

Sorry forgot to say ....
oooh not long now Littlepea!!!! Put your feet up as much as you can.

And wave to everyone else

Evening ladies

Matthew had his first night terror on Monday night, took about 20 mins to come out of it then gave him a BF to settle him.

Didn't see much of FIL at the weekend but weekend after next we are away to a Motorhome show with them. Will be parked next to them <eek>

Am still BF Matthew when he wants but he doesn't speak so he can only lift my top up and uh, uh, uh! grin Really must decide when to wean him. sad

littlepea-when is you C-Section?

Iggly-feel for you, hope you are OK. {{xx}}

Still taking folic acid and charting on Fertility Friend. DH said he hoped we have another boy but bet when the time comes he won't send the troops in.

Hi to everyone else!


fidelma Wed 06-Apr-11 22:44:10

HC send the boys in bang on cue.(worked twice for us!!!)

Glad that I am not the only one still bf wink

littlepea any news ?

littlepea72 Fri 08-Apr-11 07:15:05

Hello grin

I went to the hospital on Wednesday, consultant and diabetic clinic. Both big doctors had a meeting last week to talk about my c-section, and both think I need to wait to at least week 39. The consultant is the top one at the hospital, and she feels with everything medical wise, it has to be that late, or the baby will have to the special care unit before that....she explained why, but honestly, it could of been double dutch she was taking! I didnt understand a thing she was talking about lol.....I will take her word for it grin so it will be the morning of the 9th May.....she will do it, and she wants me to be awake for it!!! Oh god....scared now! I would rather be knocked out cold!

No chance of putting my feet up, my DS is having real problems with his autism, its really bad now, and we dont know what will happen to him with school etc.....could do with my DH being here (he goes home on Sunday) but at least he is back on the 30th for a month.

Faith has gone off her food too!! Only eating waffles & porridge! Its terrible, but you cant force her.....she was sick for 4 days, so i hope its only because of that, but no veg! Kids!!! lol

Iggly how are you feeling???

HC call your DH's bluff!! Get going woman!! You have a FIL to piss off lol....

Mel when will you know about F and the casting? Boo to the mouse!!!!

Well done to all off you that are still BF.....I can tell already that I wont have any milk, its like the other 2 times, and im not going to upset myself this time round....bottles from the start.

DH came off the board.....he is now a Ssgt....just went up a rank, so we will get to find out soon were we will be moving and if it will be England or not!! Watch out ladies.....here I come!!!! grin

Have a good day everyone xxxx

HappyTangerine Fri 08-Apr-11 14:07:24

littlepea Ooh, you have a date, how exciting! Sorry about ds-are you getting any help?

I think I may have to give up bf soon, saw physio again this morning re prolapse and they can't do anything for me. My pelvic floor is fabulous apparently grin but the ligaments are very damaged. Bf is keeping them soft. I'm being recommended for surgery. Had a bit of a cry, now have come out fighting-going to try losing a lot of weight and see where I go from there. I can't leave J overnight for surgery (he's uber-clingy atm) and the recovery time is impossible for me and dh to deal with on our own.

Waves to all, am off back out in the sunshine x

littlepea-9th May, that is not long now. I do hope you get to live in Blighty so we can all meet up. grin

HT-sorry things are still rough. Enjoy the lovely sunshine, it is such a tonic. smile

Has been a super warm and sunny day, made me feel sooooo well!

<waves> to everyone!


fidelma Fri 08-Apr-11 21:46:21

HT ahhh shame about the prolapse perhaps you should wait until you stop bf and let your body get back to normal (no idea if that will medically make a difference but my body always changes after bf)

lP excited for your date 9th of May will be a lovely birthday.grin Are you going to move with your dh rather than stay where you are ? my army friend is just about to stay put with her 4 children.(not easy)

HC waves.I too am LOVING the SUNSHINE gringrin

fidelma Sat 09-Apr-11 12:49:18

sun and garden bliss.(handy having an eleventeen girl to aupair the Conster! amazing what she will do for a fiver LOL !!!!!)

Thinking of you all enjoy the sun x

morning all!
Littlepea hope that you're ok, your FB posts were alarming take care, fingers crossed he'll stay in there for another few weeks!

HT fab news about your pelvic floor, but sorry to hear that BF is perhaps hampering your prolapse healing. Tough choices X

HC are you really ttc? ooh that would be fun to have you pg when I might be trying too - two more periods to go for me!

fidelma hope hat you're enjoying the hols with all your lot (same to all of those with school aged kiddies!)

Mel hear about the casting yet?

scout hope your internet is fixed soon!

All alright here, Annalise has turned into the most daredevil stubborn willful little tyke , almost overnight! she keeps throwing herself head-first down slides and climbing over everything she can get her little legs over. HT you're probably thinking that sounds like Joe about a year ago, but its a big change for my girl, haha.
Having a piano delivered today! Didn't mean to buy one, was trying to buy a mirror in Camden mrkt and got sidetracked!

Don't go out very often but I went on Friday to see the Philharmonic orchestra playing the filmscore to 2001 Space Odyssey along with a screening of the film at the Royal Festival Hall; was completely amazing

Should be doing some work, so cheerio for now, X

HappyTangerine Tue 12-Apr-11 13:38:38

Calypso-your post makes me long for London! We miss it so much, especially in the early summer, so much to do! Happy memories of dh and I finally getting together in London and the long distance romance that ensued. He always jokes that he should have proposed at St Pancras station, we spent so much time there saying hello and goodbyegrin. I've not seen the station since it's been revamped, how does it look?

grin at Annalise, sounds likes fun. She's braver than Joe-he won't launch himself head first down a slide, just wants to climb up them (backwardshmm)

littlepea What a week you're having, thinking of you. Glad you're coming home but please take it easy. SO glad you have family close by x

fidelma and HC What happens to your body after bf finishes, does everything ping back into place? [hopeful icon]

Weather has been lovely here, its at times like this I feel so blessed we live near the beach. Joe cannot bear to be parted from his football, as well as our local park, we've found a lovely dog free park in an area we'd like to move to. Spent most of the day there on Saturday with him at one point trying to join in a junior training game that was on (and they let him until he ran off with their ball!) He's down to start football academy in September, we're just waiting for him to speak a bit more first (latest phrase being Go AWAY when its bath/bed time). They take their football very seriously here oop North!

Right, need to tidy up before Joe wakes up, bye for now x

fidelma Tue 12-Apr-11 21:51:38

Exhausted......... friends with their 4 stayed last night only 12 in the house !!!!
DD2 was 9 today and spent the day wearing a birthday hat which had 8 ! candles sticking up and said Happy Birthday, Brilliant.Drove to Tyninghame beach and had a picnic,jelly and all.2 blissful hours playing and guddling in rock pools.Fish and chips on the pier at North Berwick then a long drive home to chocolate cake (which we carried all the way but never ate) feeling a little dizzy with exhaustion must go to bed.dds setting up playmobil as I type.

wish I was 9.........

Scout19075 Thu 14-Apr-11 13:11:30

House of poorly here. I have a nasty case of flu I can't shake. Doctors have done bloods to make sure my immune system is working. I sleep when S does, and am off for a nap now that I've finished my lunch but wanted to say I'm still here/alive.


fidelma Thu 14-Apr-11 20:45:18

Scout sending you get well vibes {{{{{}}}}}

fidelma Mon 18-Apr-11 08:21:55

Helooooooooo !!!

fidelma Mon 18-Apr-11 20:49:10

Hellooooooooooooo! Even !!!

HappyTangerine Tue 19-Apr-11 10:53:49

Hi Fidelma and all <waves>

Scout Hope you are on the mend

littlepea How are you now?

Hello from here too!

A busy hello from work! Such lovely weather, yesterday Annalise enjoyed a lovely paddle in the garden with a friend whilst friend's mother and I had Pimms :D

fidelma Wed 20-Apr-11 13:03:55

Calypso I like your style LOL

littlepea72 Fri 22-Apr-11 12:51:46

Hey everyone, hope you are well grin havent been on, sorry, kind off in a angry, crying....fed-up way, but at least its only 2 weeks on Monday! Going to go and have a lie-down lol.....

Iggly Fri 22-Apr-11 13:12:00

Hello everyone! Saw this on active convos so thought I'd stick my head in.

Lovely lovely weather - bit too hot for W though we're off on holiday tomorrow near the south downs grin hope the sun stays!!

Scout19075 Sun 24-Apr-11 08:03:56

Happy Easter! smile

princessProudmel Tue 26-Apr-11 22:33:54

Hello smile
I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding , are you?

We've had a lovely few weeks. Fab weather, kids off school, dh off work (for some of it) bbq's and trips to the beach smile
F has been outside so much! He points outside and says 'garden', 'swing' and 'bounce' for the trampoline! It's lovely as he's now saying words to actually get/ask what he wants. He says 'drink' and 'biscuit' very clearly too smile
Oh and tractor, car, shoe, etc etc. loads of things!

He lies down when we ask him to get into his gro-bag and it's very cute x
In fact he's a million percent cute!

I hope everyone's ok.

fidelma Wed 27-Apr-11 21:50:20

Just made the campest cake for the dc to take to school tomorrow for a royal wedding picnic (obviously has too much time on her hands!!!)

fidelma Thu 28-Apr-11 22:24:13

Friend is having a party tomorrow night.Come in your wedding dress.Great 3 days notice!!!! A month on a juice diet would of been good (as if!)
However after 12 years and 4 dc I have just tried on my vail!!! no only kidding I can still get into my wedding dress (smug emotion) Cant breath much but hay ho I can get it on.What a laugh!grin

HappyTangerine Fri 29-Apr-11 00:02:52

fidelma your posts always make me want to move to Scotland, it seems like you like in one of the few places where there is a sense of friendly community. Wedding dress party sounds like great fun!

Hello Princessmel glad F is enjoying the lovely weather. Am secretly looking forward to the Royal Wedding myself but dh has gone all Republican on me so I suspect we're out tomorrow. Off to the beach (its great having it so close) again for a game of footie and laugh at Joe's many ways of examining sand. He never seems to mind it getting into our packed lunch, odd child.

Scout belated Happy Easter. How are you and Seb?

I have just tucked into a huge sirloin steak. I am a BAD veggie!grin

Loving the Royal wedding smileys. We need bunting though!

Waves to all-come on, lets get this thread going again! x

fidelma Sat 30-Apr-11 00:46:51

What a blast!!!

princessProudmel Sat 30-Apr-11 08:15:11

Hello smile
I reeeaaallly enjoyed the Royal Wedding!! We went to a friends house with another family (9 kids) and it was lovely . I watched all if it and then watched it repeated in the evening!!!!

fidelma I tried on my wedding dress last week too ! And 10 years on and 3 children later it fitted like a dream!!!! smile you're wedding dress party sounds fab! How many people actually wore their dresses though?!

ht how lovely being so close to the beach smile we just try to go on as many sunny days as possible when Dh is off work.

F still waking in night. Last night was at about 10 ( grrh) and 4 . Every night is totally different . A week or so ago he slept through..! I'm sure it's teeth and that also sometimes he gets hot. Also I think he wakes less when he eats loads of carbs at dinner time .

Surely it's nearly time for littlepea to have her baby ? Hope you're ok x smile

fidelma Sun 01-May-11 21:28:46

Princess You should have a wedding party! Most people were wearing their dresses.One was huge as the lady is now much smaller,a few wernt done up !!
What a laugh we had grin

No holiday for us tomorrow.DD1 is away over night with the school on her first trip over night.

Need to go and find some gym tops in the ironing pile.(oh joy) and put the hens to bed (sigh) really just want to crawl into bed LOL

Helloooooo, it has been so long so will attempt to catch up on all the news. Thank goodness the girls are back at school, it should give me time to MN occasionally.....



Oh, not that much I see so don't feel too bad for being away.

All well here and Matthew is a babbling, toy throwing joy. He has got to the stage where he wants to feed himself but when I leave the plate infront of him he eats some then throws the plate on the floor.

Nearly finished my AD's but this is making me be awake half the night so have downloaded a Stephen King book onto my IPhone so I can listen to that and not disturb DH. V. expensive though so haven't told him how much it was. blush

Watched the Royal Wedding all day and partly wished it was me. <sigh>

Still waiting for a decision from DH as to whether No4 will happen but we did have a tiny accident on Saturday. Wrong time of the month though and knowing how difficult it is for me to fall PG I doubt anything has happened. Don't really want to start TTC before our hols in August as I have bought a couple of bikinis from Primark that I need to fit into. grin

littlepea-not long now. smile

Iggly-how are you?

Calypso-not that long until you TTC. grin

Hi to Scout, fidema, HT*, *princessmel et all.


Scout19075 Wed 04-May-11 07:26:26

Off today to the first of two hospital appointments this week. This one is my yearly cardiology appointment. I've grown up going to the cardiologist so don't mind/am not usually anxious. It's just funny being the youngest in the room by 40-60 years. It was even worse when I was 18, just released from pediatric cardiology and going to one for adults for the first time. I had ridden my bike the three miles to the appointment to be greeted by a reception room full of 80+ year olds staring at me and middle aged receptionists asking me what I was doing there. Hoping the young one does his usual "Mom's at the hospital AGAIN so I'll turn on my charm offensive and dazzle all of the nurses and patients." My bloods doctor (Friday's appointment) has a Dec09 baby so she ends up playing with S and we talk about babies/our boys.

HappyTangerine Wed 04-May-11 20:16:09

Good luck Scout.

PrincessMel-I really enjoyed the wedding as well, even shed a tear! Loved seeing all the crowds at the palace, nice to see the country come together to celebrate something.

I've got a problem with my arm and have made the stupid mistake of googling. Not normally one for health anxiety but I'm a bit frightened and cant get a doctors appointment for a few weeks(and at this point feel too scared to go-have a family history of cancer.). My upper arm at the back and under is really swollen. It started a few weeks ago, from carrying Joe I thought. I was getting odd pains down my arm in my vein but just put it down to muscle strain-have also got an old wrist break on that arm that has been playing me up. It seems to be getting worse not better. Tried self manual lymphatic drainage and no change. I've an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow so fingers crossed. Am losing sleep over it hence not being on here that much.

Big wave to all x

fidelma Wed 04-May-11 21:07:07

scout I am sure all will be well.Enjoy charmming them LOL!

HT I am sure it is nothing serious but can't you get an emergancy appointment tomorrow.If we ring at 8am we always get an appointment.Say it needs looking at now! X

fidelma Wed 04-May-11 21:09:03

Someone with one dd said to me today "don't you worry about your dc less because you have 4 !!!!!!!!["shock]" hell no you just get 4x the worry!"

HC keep us posted

fidelma Wed 04-May-11 21:11:06

Also went to the boden jumble sale (clothes fight) today.Kitted out the girls.£5 for a top,£10 for trousers,£15 for knitwear and they were still making a profit ffs

Scout19075 Thu 05-May-11 14:37:05

All well with the cardiologist, but it tends to be. It's tomorrow's appointment that always make me a bit confused (that's meant to be a scared face).

HappyTangerine Thu 05-May-11 21:14:16

Thinking of you for tomorrow Scout and sending positive vibes.

HC Good luck with the TTC and any happy accidents in the meantime wink

fidelma Bizarre thing for the woman to say-are you supposed to have just one big pot of worry and divide it up?!

Chiropractor hurt! That cracking of the neck-eughh. He thinks my arm problem could be a trapped nerve-apparently the brain is sending messages to the muscle to guard something underneath it and thats what is causing the pain. When he was manipulating it I shot off the table! I seem to have a lot of old scar tissue from the wrist breaks on the same hand so thats not helping. Very, very sore neck tonight and have felt disorientated for most of the day. Am thinking positively anyway. Back there on Monday, a tad apprehensive.

fidelma Thu 05-May-11 22:15:39

OOooooooo HT sounds sore.You will feel a bit knocked out for a few days (well at least I always do!)
hope it starts to improve.

scout good news for today,Thinking of you tomorrow.

littlepea72 Fri 06-May-11 06:35:25

Hello my lovies grin

Well only have to wait until Monday morning and its all over (if not before).....and the way im feeling it could be sooner lol. At least my DH is now here, for 3 weeks, so happy days. Yesterday I started getting pains in my back, and walking is so sore now, I think im now coming round to the fact that im pregnant!

Faith is now feeling well again, thank goodness! Last night she slept through again, first time in 6 nights, didnt think it would happen again! Just in time smile and she has started her 'terrible 2's' talk about a temper!!! She has also given me her cough/sore throat, its terrible when you cant take anything for it.....oh well, could be worse!!

Better go....1 more cup of tea before the family gets up!! Hope you are all well xxx

fidelma Fri 06-May-11 13:22:06

Littlepea wow you are having another baby envy
Thinking of you.Keep us posted X

Iggly Fri 06-May-11 16:05:12

Hello everyone! Got back from a lovely holiday last weekend - perfect weather. W fell in love with the owners chickens - feeding and stroking them every day! We're now looking into chickens although we have a family of foxes who live somewhere behind our garden so not sure confused

littlepea not long now! Wow, I'm always uber impressed when I read about what's going on - how do you cope?!

HT your arm sounds painful - hope you get it fixed soon.

scout, hope it's gone ok today.

I'm now 10 weeks and time is draaaaaging. Saw the GP finally yesterday so hope to get a scan soon. Then I'll find out for sure if everything's ok. I still feel grotty so hopeful.

Am out in the garden - what lovely weather.

<waves to everyone else!>

littlepea72 Sun 08-May-11 07:00:07

Last posting before the baby is born! shock how has it gone this quickly!!
Today I head off to my mums which is closer to the hospital, it means I dont have to go through Belfast tomorrow morning....nightmare! Mum is looking after the kids, and I need to get the cat to the cattery today also......so I will let you all know how it goes when I get out on Wednesday!!

Iggly it will go in so very fast, I think once you get past the first scan, it starts to fly in....

Take care everyone xxx

All the best littlepea-so exciting having 3. smile

Iggly, 10 weeks already. smile Scan soon then. smile

Hi to everyone else. Still feel ill, it has been 5 days now so hoping it passes soon as struggling to be a good mother. The children have been left to their own devices. blush



Scout19075 Sun 08-May-11 22:09:46

Happy Mothers Day!

Good luck, littlepea.

Scout19075 Mon 09-May-11 19:35:48

YAY for littlepea!!!

hello all!

So happy for Littlepea, she looks so happy in her FB profile! can't imagine having a little one again already shock

And HC you were right, not long until ttc - we were planning last weekend but I suddenly got The Fear and decided to wait another 4 weeks, just not a good time to be tired, nauseous, potato-brained!! Thesis is going horribly slowly, have writers block which is making me panic, pft... MiL over at the mo, and she's badgering me about having another, really having to bite my toungue not to say 'yes alright, I'm getting to it!!'

HT your arm sounds awful, poor you - I have an old wrist break (run over when cycling) and it does give me gip, nothing like yours though. Mend fast!! x

Scout hope the appointments go well and you continue to get better smile

PPM we were in Hyde Park for the wedding, not really a fan of the royals but it was so much fun, Annalise LOVED waving a little plastic flag about and dancing to the choir/organ bits. When W turned to see K for the first time, c100,000 people collectively gasped and swooned :D

Hello to everyone else, and a big kiss X

HappyTangerine Mon 09-May-11 21:14:58

littlepea Well done and congratulations!

HC I find it very hard being ill with one, being ill with three is tough. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're a brilliant mother and the children know you are close at hand x

Iggly Welcome back, glad you had a good time. Chickens sound like fun! We're at Coombe Mill for a few days at the end of the week -not sure I'll be able to tear Joe away from the tractors!

Chiropractor again this morning, a bit less painful initially but am feeling it now. Armpit feels all swollen where he was stretching, massaging and prodding. This time I felt energised afterwards and went on a mad gardening and cleaning fit. Dh had taken the day off to look after Joe as I was so bad after it last week and he was a bit hmm at my running around like a loony cleaning fairy.

I am trying to wean Joe from the boob but it is not going well! Tried talking to him about it the other day when he dived in for a snack and he just put his hands on them, gave me a sad look and said "booby happy." Of course I just melted and am now feeding on demand..an awful lot!grin Maybe not the time to try just now.

Love to all x

Big congratulations to littlepea and family. Well done! smile

Calypso-excited for you but know what you mean about feeling icky. After feeling like that for a week it has put me off getting PG (well, just for a little while)

Back in Nov the NHS people came and weighed and measured the reception children then yesterday I got a letter to say my Sophie is overweight!!! shock My little Sophie who was 6lb 3oz at birth and always on the 3rd centile and still wearing some 12-18 month clothes is overweight with a BMI of 94 with 98 and above being clinically obese!!!! Incidently I did my BMI and yesterday I weighed 9st 1.5lb which is healthy but today I am 9st 2.5lb which is classed as overweight. Stoopid charts!

Big wave to everyone!


HappyTangerine Tue 10-May-11 21:19:11

Oh bugger, Joe has a rash-and we're supposed to be off to a very child centred farm (to stay) at the weekend. 6 spots on his shoulder/top of arm-raised and perfectly proportioned-almost like a pattern. All same size and distance from each other. Doctor says its too early to say chicken pox or viral rash but his throat is inflamed and sore, glands raised, and he has a little cough and is very clingy. Waiting to see if more spots appear. Dh then got the gp to examine me and I also have very raised glands and the inflamed throat so we are leaning towards a virus. I'm wiped out though as opposed to Joe who is full of beans! Keep fingers crossed for us.

Calypso X posted with you last night. Royal wedding celebrations sounded like lot of fun with a fab atmosphere-now you can always say you were there.

HC What silly charts. Dreamt up by a computer and not ever checked by a human being by the sound of it. I wonder how much money the NHS managed to waste on that hmm

HT Joe any better yet?

HC hope that you're feeling better too!

Next door neighbour has had to take her month old son to A&E with a fever that won't break, poor her & him, very worrying.

Hope everyone is really well and happy x

littlepea72 Sat 14-May-11 10:41:04

Hi everyone grin

Just a quick one, before the feeding starts again lol....

Got back home a couple of days ago, they only keep you in for 2 days! Feeling really sore, but i did get my tubes clamped too. So glad I stayed awake for c-section, it was great. DH even got to see Gabe lifted out of me.....glad I didnt see that! He had to be looked over as he kept forgetting to breath, but apart from that has been great. Sleeps alot! He was only 7lb 12 which is small for one of mine, its lovely having a wee one lol.....My scar spilt open a bit, but seems to be doing ok, yuk! Faith wasnt to happy about a new baby, and we have to watch her with him. She seems so big now! And heavy!

Hope everyone is feeling well.....HT how is Joe???


fidelma Wed 18-May-11 13:41:03

Littlepea hope you are all well.Give us an update if you have the time.
It is soooo wierd how big your last child feels when you bring a new baby home.My ds1 said last week "that it was disapointing when I brought Connor home as he took all my love" GULP quite articulate for a 5 year old and very sad for me sad

It's so quiet on here! Hope everyone is just busy having a nice time...?!

All fine here, had a really nice run in to work this morning, 2 weeks until I go to Spain for a wedding, otherwise just puffing on with the thesis...

Post news!

fidelma Sat 21-May-11 14:46:07

very quiet sad

Iggly Sat 21-May-11 17:18:47

Hi everyone! Congratulations littlepea! Gabriel is very cute grin

HT sounds like you and Joe had what W and I have just had. W had spots on his face which I thought were the pox. But I had raised glands and ended up with tonsillitis. W had a nasty ear infection culminating in a perforated ear drum which is very leaky <grim> he's happier since it's popped though.

calypso wedding sounds fab! Is A going too?

I've got a scan the week after next - so will finally find out if all is well. I'm 12 weeks - I thought I was 11 so a nice bonus grin

littlepea72 Tue 24-May-11 09:30:25

Wow Iggly things seem to be moving fast for you, always great to have an extra week over you lol. How do you feel, any sickness???

HT how are you & Joe now?

Gabriel is now 2 weeks! shock its flying in lol....

We are moving to Southampton in July, Im happy to be getting the family back together at last, and its hard work being on my own with 3 kids! But the thought of packing up the house again...oh well lol.

How is everyone else? Its all very quiet on here xx

Hi all

Seems like I am AWOL again <tut tut HC>

All well here, AF arrived 9 days late so convinced myself I was up the duff but alas no. Glad really as I do want to go to Spain in August without morning sickness. smile DH needs further persuasion too.

littlepea-Gabe sounds adorable and am sure Faith will adapt very soon. I remember when DD2 was born how big DD1 suddenly appeared to be. smile

Iggly-12 weeks, wow. Let us know how the scan goes.

Big wave to everyone else!


HappyTangerine Wed 25-May-11 13:55:57

Hi all,we've been on holiday in Cornwall and then at my mum's in Wales. Had a wonderful time, I was surrounded by mountains ad cliffs and trees and was absolutely in my element. Really lifted my mood-I hadn't realised how low I was feeling. We stayed at Coombe Mill and Joe loved it-tractor rides every day to feed the animals, play barns, river to explore and open access to goats and alpacas which seem to be his favourite thing in all the world. Very silly animals.smile He got to collect eggs each day and take one home-they are massive! You don't see them in Tesco. He came away with lots of new words- including goat, duck, tractor, alpaca, farmer Nick. He's also started saying "Oh Jesus!" when frustrated which won't go down well with his Catholic nanas! I shall have to watch my mouth as it's me he's copying. DH back at work today which we're all pretty upset about. Lots of pics on FB, as my sister in Japan begged to see them.

Pain and swelling feeling in my arm got very bad the first night(I woke up screaming) then went away for 4 days. Came back on Friday when I caught a cold after getting caught in the rain but now I know it goes away, am less bothered. Had to see doctor as cold turned into infection and he said all the lymph nodes on my left side are really up so it is probably me fighting a virus. Joe got two more spots on his face and a bit of diarrhea but that was it, phew-no chicken pox!

Littlepea Gabriel is gorgeous. I saw your FB post about moving-Southampton is supposed to be quite nice. I don't evny you packing up the house but I guess it's a good excuse for a declutter[clutching at straws emoticon] How is Faith now?

Iggly Good luck with the scan

fidelma My heart just melted when I read what your ds1 had said. He's very articulate for his age.

calypso Have a great timem at the wedding, I think you'll miss all this ash cloud nonsense.

HC August not so far away now, sending you good vibes smile

Iggly Thu 26-May-11 10:57:36

HT sounds like you had a fab holiday! I liked the pcs on FB - J looks so grown up! And his hair is gorgeous, such a lovely colour.

I had my 12 week scan today. Can you believe it, there's a live kicking baby in there grin I held my breath until she turned the screen towards us and baby was leaping about, heart beating away. So so pleased. I feel exhausted as I can finally relax and start to think that this might actually happen now grin

fidelma Thu 26-May-11 13:11:55

Iggly fantastic news grin what a great day 12 weeks and all wellgrin

HT love the photos you all look so happy.Lovely to get away.Joe is gorgeous,I to love his hair.I hope your arm is Ok.Are you doing any work at the moment?

HC hope you are Ok.

Husband in Barcalona (we should of all gone but long story) we have miss each other loads.Loads of dramas in the Fidelma household since he left.(you couldn't make it up!)

Off for a wee nap as I am so exhausted at the moment (note to self don't have people round every night lol) Oh and stop doing dinner parties !!!

Iggly-how wonderful, keep looking at that scan pic. smile

fidelma-you must learn to do less. smile

Half term next week and dad has booked the beach hut so we are going every day. Hope it doesn't rain.

Saw Watchdog last night and there was an item about cold calling names in the phone book asking about Dyson hoover servicing in the hope that someone will own one. Anyway, I get this call quite often and say I don't have one so they say sorry, our mistake and hang up. Today I got the call so I said 'you know I don't own one, I know you are ringing everyone in the phone book because I saw it on Watchdog last night' and promptly hung up.

Off to Rhyme Time at the Childrens Centre at 1pm.

Big wave!


fidelma Fri 27-May-11 14:43:16

Try not to rely on your 11 dd to remind you that you have invited people for lunch.(I am off my head) Can't decide weather to walk to school or not, 1 mile there and 1 mile back up a steep hill with 4 dc.Usually do it but not sure about today!
Then 4 swimming.

Tea at home or F and C?

fidelma Fri 27-May-11 14:44:24

Note to self listen to HC

Just sent my dh a text reminding him that I am looking forward to my lie in tomorrow!

Scout19075 Fri 27-May-11 15:17:03

Sorry I've been awol. It's been a crazy few weeks topped off by a very sad two weeks. I've known or known of three people that died in less than two weeks one of which was my unborn baby niece who died at 38 weeks (gestation). We buried her yesterday. Gutting, really. S was induced/born at 38 weeks because of my blood disorder and he was healthy and perfect and is a strapping lad now. They won't know for a few more weeks what caused it, if they are actually able to determine it.

We're off to Southampton tomorrow for a wedding and are leaving S with his grandparents. It's the first time we'll be gone for more than 2-3 hours or so without him. Eeek! He was invited to the wedding but we opted to leave him with his grandparents so we could enjoy ourselves. That and we thought it would just be too long/boring for him.

Six weeks left of my medicine. I've lost so much darn weight I'm practically back to university weight AND it's getting hard to find proper fleshy bits in my legs to stick the needle in. OUCH!

Why are bank holidays here always so dreary weather wise?!

littlepea72 Fri 27-May-11 17:58:12

Oh Scout that is terrible news sad so so sorry. Feeling so bad for you all, its one of the worse things that could happen....big hugs xxx
Does that mean that your treatment will be over in 6 weeks?
Have a great day at the wedding!

fidelma Fri 27-May-11 21:05:24

Scout so sad for all the family.

I hope you enjoy the wedding tomorrow.

HappyTangerine Fri 27-May-11 21:31:44

Scout I wondered where you were and if you were ok. Such sad news, I'm so sorry for you and your family. Very glad that you can see the light where end of the treatment is concerned. Enjoy the wedding x

fidelma You are a prime candidate for Come Dine With Mewink Why couldn't you go to Barcelona? Enjoy that lie in, sounds like you deserve it.

Iggly Great news about your scan, really pleased for you.

Thanks for the photo commments,we really did have a great time. Booked to go next May as well, a little later though.

We're trying to find a new town to move to asap, really feel that life is too short to stay in a place that makes us so unhappy. It needs to be commutable to Liverpool in the short term but also friendly (ie unlike here!). Dh considering the other side of immigration now and retraining in law-he's sick of the policies of his job and there are loads of paralegal vacancies for immigration law. I have not gone back to work yet-I always said that after almost killing myself with overwork and tiredness (literally on the M25) for the last job, I'd be working for myself next. Not sure what to do though-am leaning towards something outdoorsy that would fit around Joe. Decisions, decisions...

littlepea72 Sat 28-May-11 09:24:21

HT Where do you live now??? And have you any clues were you might like to move to???

HappyTangerine Sat 28-May-11 20:35:56

littlepea Southport at the moment. Looking at Chester, maybe the Wirral. My heart says Lake District, somewhere in Scotland or rural Wales but I know thats not possibe at the mo. I have to be somewhere rural, I feel like I'm choking here sad

Evening all my lovely friends :D

littlepea hope all well with Gabriel, he's so cute (as are all your DCs)! I'm from Southampton, and its quite... benign? Nothing massively exciting but its alright (changed loads since I left for London in 1994). Its nice and close to the New Forest and everyone sails and dead quick to the Isle of Wight which is good!

HC 9 days late with AF and you didn't POAS? Such self control! But you have lots to enjoy so good that it wasn't pg this time smile It is raining here, hope it isn't at the beach hut?

HT your holiday sounds amazing, have bookmarked the place in Cornwall for a future possibility. I hope your arm doesn't hurt anymore. Good luck with the new house hunt, it must be awful to live somewhere that makes you so unhappy. Best of luck with DHs and your plans for the future.

Iggly yay! so happy for you that the bean is alive and well, what a relief, excellent news, I hope all goes very well, will you find out the gender this time (did you last time?). And don't forget if you are ever bored on Mondays and Tuesdays, I'm happy to pop up for tea smile (but no worries if you're too busy!)

Fidelma your life sounds crazy, I hope that you are all nice and relaxed now, or as relaxing as 4 DCs allow you to be grin

Scout good to hear from you but shocked and very saddened by the death of your niece, how awful, condolences to your family-in-law sad Sorry to hear the weight loss continues, sounds very uncomfortable.

All fine here, finally got around to TTC so we'll see. Dreadful timing as DH and I are sleeping on the sofas as our house is stuffed full of extended family staying over haha. Also the week-long wedding celebrations in Spain next week will be super hard to avoid drinking; DH not helping by pouring me large servings of Cava and beer by mistake hmm.
Annalise still doesn't talk very much, but sings ALL of the time; it's like living in an infant version of Sound of Music!
See you later chicas x

littlepea72 Thu 02-Jun-11 14:41:19

Calypso you might find you fall pregnant sooner rather than later lol...you will be grabbing what ttc time you can on the side, who knows what might happen!!!! grin Hope to hear some news real soon!!

fidelma Mon 06-Jun-11 13:33:15

I've got a days work on Friday.it is going to take me all week to get sorted!
Connor teething,big red cheeks.Chatting loads,putting up to 4 words together.I can't believe he will be 2 in under 4 monthsshock
We are steam rolling to the end of term only 3 weeks to go.So sports day for 3 ,pipe band,musicals and lots of fun.
I am looking forward to getting off the roller coaster.
We are away to the west coast for 2 weeks in July, just the 6 of us for beach fun with daddy around.For the middle of the holidays I have booked the big 3 into some summer courses, not all day but a few hours sport (in an atempt to exhaust them!) Then a bit of chill out before the autum term.
Quite cold here in scotland.I am hoping for some warmer weather soon.

I hope you are all well.
Let me know what you are up to. X

HappyTangerine Tue 07-Jun-11 01:51:19

Well I had a weird moment this evening when I went to bring in the washing from the line. I was singing "Small Potatoes" (yes, too much CBeebies blush) and someone from another garden piped up and joined in on the harmonies! I know my immediate neighbours and it wasn't any of them. Finished the end of song, both laughed then went our seperate ways. Very funny!

littlepea72 Tue 07-Jun-11 07:09:00

HT love it!!! grin lol.....

No holidays for us, just a move, same every year! Next year we will make the most of the south of England and see some it smile

Gabriel is 4 weeks already shock Faith looks like a giant beside him, and she is still not liking him. I am now here on my own with the 3 of them, not an easy job! Im ready for a weeks sleep lol

fidelma Tue 07-Jun-11 23:01:13

I was waving at a plane today saying" hello pippin!" then we were blowing kisses.Cbeebies gets under your skin lol

Scout19075 Thu 09-Jun-11 21:35:28

I often sing -- in my head! -- the theme song to "Olivia" when we're at tots and S's little friend Olivia is there. Sad, I know.

S had a tumble down the stairs on Tuesday evening. I saw it happen and was powerless to stop or catch him. Lots of screaming, lots of a blood and a visit by the (SUV) ambulance. Fortunately it didn't require a trip in the ambulance to A&E. S has a lovely swollen lip, rug burns on his lip/above his lip & below his nose and he had a wonderfully bloody nose that covered both of us in blood. An hour later in the tub he was laughing away and yesterday he was runnning around like a nutter. It took me until today to get the black stuff (dried blood) out of his nose -- I didn't push it yesterday, not wanting to stress him out or loosen the clots if they weren't ready to come out.

I can't believe it's June already! I only have four weeks of my medicine/treatment left and am now starting to count down the number of injections left and days of pills. I'm ready to be done now.

<<Waves>> at everyone!

littlepea72 Fri 10-Jun-11 07:39:30

Poor Scout! Poor S!! Its so easy for falls to happen, and not being able to stop it is terrible, but one things for sure.....there will be many more smile It must of been terrible to see all that blood.....big hugs for you both xx

Happy days on your countdown!! You will feel like a new woman when all this is over grin Are you heading back home to the US this summer???

Hi to everyone else....what is everyone up to???

Im soooooo tired! He has decided to only sleep about 6 hours a day! I thought babies slept about 20 hours.....and he is going through this I want held all day! If you dont then he screams untill he goes blue....little tinker! lol....grin

fidelma Sat 11-Jun-11 22:16:03

Scout great news about your medication almost theregrin
Poor S.
Have you all got stair gates up or down?
Also I am now feeding more again.C had a bad cold and is teething,it is so easy but I do want to stop when he is 2.What are you all doing with milk/bf?

I taught yesterday for the first time in a year and I can hardly walk today lol!

LP I think of you often with your 3.It will be full on.Happy sleep!

Iggly Sun 12-Jun-11 07:04:53

littlepea, you always sounds so cheery in your posts! Love it - hope you're getting on ok despite lack of sleep smile

scout that's great re the treatment. It seems a lifetime ago when you were thinking about it starting, getting Seb sorted etc. It has flown. sorry to hear about S's fall. We had one last year and I still feel guilty. Now have a stairgate and have (tried) teaching W to climb but his legs are too short to walk down - he wants to walk not shuffle hmm

HT, that's brilliant! I worry that my neighbours would chuck stuff it they heard me sing wink

calypso how goes the TTC? also am v busy at the moment but come July am able to meet on a Tuesday for lunch (will be at work so easy). Anyone else fancy a summer meet up?

fidelma I still feed W but planning to stop at 2, a couple of months before Dc2 arrives. He still cant have dairy but tries cheese yesterday and no major ill effects except for wind grin

Did anyone find princess on FB? I don't know her RL name - feel bad as she did suggest it. Can someone PM it to me if they know?

Waves to HC and any other lurkers (wonders if ruby is around - although still see on FB)

HappyTangerine Mon 13-Jun-11 21:20:36

Hiya, hope you are all well. All good here, enjoying the sun and dreaming of a bigger house that will magically tidy itself!

Joe in usual mischevous form. Stairs are his latest thing, that and launching himself off the sofa shouting "Johhnymo." I think he's trying to say Geronimo, but no idea where he's got it from. He's still not saying a huge amount of words but when he does speak, he's suprisingly clear ("Outside see bike NOW" and "Give me pear NOW"). Very shouty. I don't think he can be bothered to speak half the time. Not sure I can delay potty training for much longer, he's weeing and aiming for fun during the nappy off time I give him before bath. Peed in my shoes the other day and ran off laughing, I was not impressed! He still sees the potty as more of a toy and shuffles around with it on one foot but we did get him to sit down on it the other day and he did a tiny wee. Its a start, v early days yet.

Scout So glad Seb is ok, how scary for you. Boys eh?! No fear. Meanwhile, we try to make sure they do as little damage as possible...Great news that your medication is coming to an end-can you get home to the States for a bit of tlc?

littlepea Gabe sounds exactly like Joe was as a baby, always wanted to be in my arms and never slept! You are doing brilliantly. Had to laugh at your fb post re nappies though! How has your ds reacted to Gabe? I am in awe of anyone having more than one dc, Joe totally wears me out each day.

Fidelma After the palava with my tooth out and the resulting infection, I gave up bf for a few days-painkillers with codeine were the only way I could sleep. I really want to give up now and dh has started to do some of the bedtime routine to give me a break. Joe however, is having none of it and is feeding for Britain. I am going mad from the twiddling. He woke up at 3.30am this morning for a feed and a twiddle and went into meltdown when I stopped the twiddling. He didn't bloody well go back to sleep either so our Monday started at 3.30am[yawn].

iggly Great to hear from you, how are you? Lol at William and the cheese grin

Calypso How was the wedding?

waves to HC, princess and anyone else.
Very tired and in desperate need of sleep so nos da(Welsh for good night) all x

Oh crikey,am so poor at keeping up now. :-( The days and weeks seem to fly by and I go out every day. I take Matthew to the Surestart childrens centre 4 days a week and I love it. Me and one of the mums I met on the BF course run our own group on a Tuesday-get us eh? Am making the most of it as I realise how soon it will be before M starts nursery.

How is everyone else? Must set a reminder to check on here once a day. blush

Right, need to catch up now. Have stopped my AD's now but the withdrawal symptoms seem to be much worse than last time. Then with me and DH falling out this week. All OK now though.

Big wave!


Summer meet up-oh yes as long as it isn't too far away.

Calypso-I did POAS 3 times blush but still relieved it was -ve. Was 5 days early this month so hope it isn't the start of the menopause. <panic>

BTW, was at the centre today and there were 3 new mums there who chose not to BF (fine) but when I said I was still BF M at 20 months they were horrified. Asked if it was for me or M. M of course and it is only very rarely now.

Scout-poor Seb. M fell down the stairs yesterday as someone left the stairgate open. Frightening at the time isn't it?

fidelma Thu 16-Jun-11 21:18:08

Connor had a full strop today when I would not let him have any "mummy milk" in the afternoon.He was sobbing,hitting and throwing himself on the floorsad very sad for him.He did have morning mummy milk,before his snooze and bedtime [sigh] I would keep going if it wasn't for eveyone eles frowning.

Also a friend last night was telling me to just walk out the door for the Take That concert and forget all my dc! not easy when you still have a 20 month old,who needs you.I am cross with her for being insensitive.(her youngest is now 9 and that is a whole different ballgame, she also only has 2)

Had to have a massive filling todaysad and falllen out with dh so not good.

HappyTangerine Thu 16-Jun-11 21:49:38

Big Welsh cwtch to you fidelma, sound like you need it.

I've applied for a job. (gulp) I've been told I have a pretty good chance of getting it. Their offices are in rural Wales gringringrin.

HappyTangerine Thu 16-Jun-11 21:53:26

Fidelma Stop bf when YOU want to, sod everyone else. I wish you were closer-you could join me on a massive breastfeeding picnic next week. wink Lots of bf toddlers will be there. Your friend has clearly blocked out the early years of motherhood!

fidelma Thu 16-Jun-11 22:13:34

Great location for the job HT thanks for your words X

littlepea72 Sat 18-Jun-11 08:12:19

I dont BF as you know, but i will join you on a BF picnic & use a doll grin lol.....its up to you as a mother, to hell with anyone else, let them watch! At 20 months they are still babies!

HT hope you get the job!

Something in the air....im not talking to DH...pig that he is! He was meant to be back here 2 days ago, but phoned up today again to say it will be tomorrow, he can find time to go out drinking with his mates, but not to get back home on a plane....ive told him to off! angry

Hope everyone ok.......xxx

Hi all, I would join you on a BF picnic if I lived nearer. Matthew only feeds a little bit now but I think that's perfectly ok at 20 months.

littlepea-men are a challenge aren't they?

Raining here today and don't feel 100% but DH wanting me to help him at work later. Boo!



Afternoon all!

Just got back from Spain. Was a bit of a shit holiday; Annalise was really ill, so ill she was taken by ambulance to the regional hospital as she couldn't breathe and wasn't responding to asthma drugs and 02 mask, xray showed enormous throat infection (strep/tonsilitis) which fortunatetly cleared up after a couple of days of anitbiotics on a drip. After that we went back to DH's dads house to prepare the house for the wedding blessing which meant HOURS of sweeping, dusting, hoovering, cleaning, re-tidying, 3 dogs constantly barking and lots of shouting as DH's dad and brother-in-law are both deaf-ish. Not only that, but I totally abstained from any alcohol only to get a negative test result yesterday (unsuprising what with all the stress) and period today. BAH.

HT good luck with the potty training, I'm starting as soon as A is settled into her new room (toddlers!!) at nursery in around 3 weeks. As shes in terry cloth nappies I'm hoping it will be quite easy(?!) And ARGH at the middle-of-the-night feeding and twiddling! that would drive me crazy, perhaps time for a trip to the shops so J can choose a smashing new cup which will be his big boy night water cup as there's no more boob?
Have fun on the toddler BF picnic, sounds great! And GOOD LUCK with the job, the transfer will do you a world of good smile

Yikes to all the LO taking tumbles down stairs - A did on holiday (PiL house FULL of stairs in every direction tiled in hard terracotta). Really have to watch them like hawks!

scout horray for nearly end of the treatment!

Fidelma sorry about the toothache, and 4 DCs is really a massive commitment, you're so selfless!

Littlepea tsk at your DH, I can't imagine looking after 3 DCs alone, that is annoying!

Iggly am working full time early 2 weeks of July but can do third or forth week Tuesday for lunch! Have penciled you in and I think you have my email? Will by green with envy of your bump smile

Hello to everyone else! XX

fidelma Sat 18-Jun-11 22:46:42

Calypos that was a scarey holiday. I hope A is now on the mend.I am sure you will get a bfp soon.It can be disheartening though.

LP hope your dh is home and making it up to you.

HC hope M is OK.

HT how did the picnic go?

DH and I have been out for dinner together tonight.We left at 7pm leaving all the dc up and quite high after their homemade pizzas and 3 mile walk/cycle in the pouring rain.However we have come home to all in bed late (great = lie in) washing done and on the pully or in the tumble dryer and the whole house tidied.She is such a gem.Wish I could have her every night and let you all have her. Golddust comes to mind.

HappyTangerine Sat 18-Jun-11 23:57:33

A bottle of ze finest red wine winging it's way to Calypso,wow what a scarey time you had of it on your hols. So glad A is ok now. It may be therapeutic to start planning your next holiday...and you may have a bump of your own by thenwink

fidelma Bf picnic is on Tuesday. It's turning into something of an event now-local paper covering it, big raffle and a possible guest appearance from Peppa Pig!

Littlepea Hope you have been pampered by your dh and you get a bit of sleep. Definately something in the air-had a massive, v serious argument with my h this afternoon and the only reason that I didn't up sticks and take Joe to Wales for the week is because it's Father's Day tomorrow. Am still q upset. sad

HC Good on you for the toddler group! We spend a lot of time at our local Surestart as well, it's fab. Can't get Joe to do the messy play/creative stuff, he seems to want to paint other people rather than paperhmm

fidelma Tue 21-Jun-11 10:33:14

Bloody sports dayssad

HappyTangerine Wed 22-Jun-11 13:42:50

Why sad fidelma

My mum thinks Joe is going to be some kind of mad, tearaway delinquent (her words) sadsad

Fidelma - share your sports day blues! I'm looking forward to A being old enough to do sports day, what's rubbish about it?!

HT pft, Joe is a lovely cheeky, bright, inquisitive boy, why on earth would your mum say otherwise wink

Helloooooo anyone else?

HappyTangerine Wed 22-Jun-11 22:38:26

Thank you Calypso Well today we went to our new very active group for the second time. In a better room this time, no 5ft stacked tables to climb like he tried last week or doorless rooms for him to run into. He was a lot more confident this time, played with a few more of the children (had his first scrap last week over a toy treadmill that mercifully wasn't there last week).

There are some lovely activities with big floaty tents that the mums hold up and the children go under and then pop up through the holes. He was too shy last week but dived on in today. Great I thought! Not wanting to be too much of a helicopter parent I just carried on with the tent when he wandered off but got a bit suspicious when he started to go from one big ball to the other, giggling manically. It's the big gym ball type ones. The little monkey had found a way to pull the stoppers out with his teethhmm and was going from one to the other, letting the air out - as people were sitting on them. blushblushblushHe'd saunter up, give a really cute smile then bend down to pick a toy behind..and pull the stopper out with his teeth at the same time. One mum was rapidly sinking to the floor before we realised. Luckily all four of them took it in good humour and helped me rescue the other deflating balls. I had that sympathetic look and variations on the "does he sleep in the afternoon, you must need a break/he's a little livewire isn't he..." comments again-I get that a lot! My mum thinks he 's going to be a delinquent-or now perhaps a gymnast(he's doing full on headstands and I have a mini heart attack every time he gets his whole body in the air wink

I am sitting here with a HUGE bar of chocolate and I am now going in search of wine. Ta for reading/sympathising x

Aw Calypso, I feel for you. {{xx}}

As for me, my AF has started 2 weeks early so not a good sign as I clearly am not ovulating. Must be perimenopausal. sad

Had a sponsored walk in the rain at school today. <joy oh joy>

Looking forward to Sports Day on the 6th July (NOT !)

Big wave to all!


littlepea72 Fri 24-Jun-11 07:48:23

HT I have to reply about Joe as Im really [mad] at these people! I got this alot from people also about my DS1, alot of them telling me you can get meds for children like that, or just about how I can cope with him. Joe is just a little boy who is seeing so many things for the first time, and enjoying it! These things are new and exciting....wouldnt it be worse if he wasnt able to do any of it. It can be terrible sometimes, and you will get embarrassed by some of what he does, but most people, and they are the ones that matter, will smile or laugh with you & enjoy watching him have fun. I think he sounds great grin and to be honest.....very clever! I would of loved to see him pulling out all the stoppers with his teeth lol grin Hes a little boy & is lucky to have a mother like you smile so dont listen to anyone.

Calypso what a holiday! I couldnt believe everything that happened, you sound like you could do with another one to get over that one xxx

Fidelma what has happened??

HT my cycle was all over the place & I thought it was all over for me, which is why it never entered my head that I would of gotten pregnant again!

Iggly how are you feeling? Are you starting to show yet? Have you told work??

Scout been thinking about you.....not long now grin

Hi to everyone else, I was looking at the list that started on FB, some of the people I cant even remember! There were so many of us, always wonder what they are up to now......

twinklegreen Fri 24-Jun-11 21:47:46

I'm still lurking littlepea trouble is by the time I've caught up with all the posts I'm too tired to actually post!

Congratulations on your new addition smile

<waves> to everyone else x

fidelma Fri 24-Jun-11 23:11:23

Sports day so serious.But all over now for another year.

Pipe band practice every morning for the whole of the summer term (tierd)

2 sports day 3 children all disapointedsad but good sports.

school trips,teddy bears picnics,picnic up the hill,meet the new teacher days,report cards,school musical (till 11pm, 6th form)dd1 started serious swimming training.101 lengths tonight, she loves it.Mums night out lol.And Take That last night, brilliant.

Not to mention normal life LOL

Love all your stories.

Back soon X

fidelma Fri 24-Jun-11 23:12:02

Holidays start on Wed.grin off to the West coast of Scotland for 2 weeks.

littlepea72 Sat 25-Jun-11 09:54:20

Hi Twinkle great to hear from you grin

We have got to spend a day with our Reception Children and that includes getting in the swimming pool with them. shock My thighs are so big!!!



P.S. I love Take That more than any of you. <sticks tongue out>

fidelma Sat 25-Jun-11 21:55:28

HC I have to spend Monday afternoon with the prep 1s (ds1) being taught circus skills by them !

Your thighs are fine, what are you talking about!

Take That was 100 time better than the best fireworks you have ever seen. I am still buzzing and exhausted from it !

HappyTangerine Sun 26-Jun-11 19:08:39

Ooh I ache like a huge aching thing! Ran(mostly jogged) the Aintree Race for Life earlier and it was so hot and muggy. Very relieved to make it round! It's my MILs birthday so we took her for a meal this afternoon and I've just now put Joe to bed. Can't move, think a bath is in order! This was the least prepared I've ever been for a 5k..am now considering whether to do a beach 10k at beginning of September or an 8k with Joe in the buggy at end of Sept. hmm

littlepea Thank you for your lovely words. He is a livewire and a busy adventurous little boy who is very, very mischievous and too clever by half. grin I have never laughed as much as I have this year, he's hilarious! I generally ignore the looks of pity from people who ask if I ever get a break. Would quite like a houseful of children if they're all as much fun as Joe-will need to get fitter first though! How are you? Loved the FB pics of Faith and Gabe. When do you join your DH here in Merry Old England?

fidelma Happy Anniversary! How was the pipe band? V jealous that you got to see Take That. I've always had a bit of a thing for Howard blush You are so busy, I bet you're counting down the days to your holiday.

Right must go get that bath as my legs are screaming-big kiss to everyone MWAH! X smile

HappyTangerine Sun 26-Jun-11 19:19:42

Argh-forgot to say twinklegreen Lovely to hear from you, hope all is going well with the house smile

twinklegreen Sun 26-Jun-11 20:48:36

Saw your status update earlier about RFL HT, well done you! Sounds exhausting... The thought of running anywhere makes me come out in a cold sweat x

twinklegreen Sun 26-Jun-11 20:51:50

Oh, and hoping to move in next month smile

Scout19075 Wed 29-Jun-11 22:21:43

Just bouncing in for a minute to pass around cake to celebrate -- tonight is my last injection of treatment and the doctor said I could stop taking the pills or I could continue until Tuesday if i wanted to/it made me feel better to. I'm going to carry on with the pills until next week but I'm on the downslide and I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel!

fidelma Wed 29-Jun-11 23:15:26

Scout grin go girl gogrin

HT great run. I hope you have recovered.

Schools Off grin (I think)

Hello all!
twinklegreen hello you! good luck with the move, what an accomplishment smile

Scout fabulous news, well done and hope that you feel much better and manage to get some weight back on quickly x

fidelma woudl LOVE to see Take that, your sport days sounds mad

HC I'm sure your thights are fine!!! Enjoy the pool smile

HT sounds like you never has a boring day with Joe, I bet he'll be really popular at school; and therefore very successful in life wink. Well done for the run, I've been running in the heat/humiditiy and agree, it really is quite hard work. A beach 10k sounds like fun, but I run with A in her pushchair, didn't know you could race like that?! I've decided to stop running in the '2 week wait'; paranoid that I'm bouncing all that precious genetic material around grin Can't remember when I stopped running when pg, I think when my boob wouldn't fit into my sports bra!

MAJOR deadline today; submitting 70,000 words of my PhD to my thesis supervisor for the last revision before final submission to faculty (Sept). Have a month to write up another 30,000, <sigh> man am I bored of writing!

Iggly hello...?

PPM where are you? tried to friend you on FB like you suggested, but you've rejected me! smile Anyway, if you're lurking, hope you and F and well!

HappyTangerine Fri 01-Jul-11 21:42:20

Calypso, you might be interested in the Tommy's baby races if you like running with A in her buggy and can get to Windsor -am thinking of running the Cardiff one with Joseph. What buggy do you use?
I'm guessing by now you have met your deadline? wine and enjoy the weekend!

Scout Thats great news, really happy for you

littlepea Are you packing yet? Hope you are all ok smile

Enjoying the lovely weather here. Joe is stickering every surface in sight so all our interior doors now have puffy stickers of planes, cars, trucks etc. I wound up back at A & E this morrning, in excruciating pain with my wrist. Still no signs of fracture 3 weeks on but still swelling. I got a row for not wearing my splint all the time and have to now totally rest that arm. With Joe? Ha! Next step MRI hmm It will sort itself out.

Big wave to all x

fidelma Sat 02-Jul-11 23:20:07

We are off to the West cost of Scotland tomorrow. 2 cars packed.
6 x trainers
6 x wellies
6 x crocs
6 x full wetsuits
6 x shortie wet siuts
6 x goggles
bread machine (best shop, a ferry away to tobermory (balamory)on Mull)
So food for 6 very hungry Fidelma's for 2 weeks OMG!
6 hot water bottles (don't go anywhere without them)
flasks and water bottles
First aid/medicine
6 bags of clothes for the Scottish weather ie. carriben sun or arctic conditions and lots of rain!
towels and face cloths for 6
nappies etc.
a bag of cars for the boys
Books for 6 although dd1 has just bought herself a Kindle[gasp]
art kit (needed in case of wet days)
monopoly (our own version that I bought dh a few years ago) great gift
scrabble (perhaps I will learn to spell!)
maths books for dc 1,2,3 (slightly pushy parent)
rounders gear
rugby ball
buckets and spades
boogie boards
looking forward to comming home for a rest..........
see you all in 2 weeks (unless I can get mn/fb on dhs phone as mine has now been missing in action for at least 3-4 weeks)
(will try to remember the freezer stuff and the dc tomorrow)
excited XXxxxx

twinklegreen Tue 05-Jul-11 21:19:34

Have a lovely holiday fidelma

Hope everyone's ok smile

Well I seem to be 'back' on mumsnet! Must be because house build is almost done grin

Hi all

fidelma-try and rest on your hols. smile

Scout-great news. grin

twinkle-so excited about your house, all the work is so worth it. smile

Was meant to be sports day this afternoon but was cancelled due to rain. Rescheduled for 18th July.

Went away in the caravan last weekend and was fab apart from Matthew being poorly. He is better now though.

Better wake him up so I can do the school run. Tonight me and DH are going to the (nearly) local bike night so am hoping it won't rain as we are child free for once and want to enjoy it in the pubs.

Big wave to all!


Love these:

smile grin wink biscuit shame there is no [hwine]


twinklegreen Mon 11-Jul-11 22:57:42

Yes there should definitely be a hwine

littlepea72 Wed 13-Jul-11 20:01:59

Hello everyone grin xx

Hello all!
Its so quiet on here, I hope its because we're all having so much fun?!
Lovely to see you twinklegreen

scout you must be all done with your treatment now? well done and congrats!

HC & HT are you both alright?

Iggly can only meet on the 26th July for lunch - do you still have that spare?

littlepea hope G is doing well

fidelma back from hols yet?

I'm alright, 9 weeks until my thesis is due for submission and I'm doing nothing but writing writing writing, very bored I am! Also had a gazillion couple of BFPs this week, but AF due tomorrow or Saturday so won't think about getting excited until Sunday at the earliest. I've convinced myself its a chemical pg so not to be too disappointed, but temp seem relatively high this morning so maybe, just maybe...

Someone post some news, I'm sooooo bored at my desk and I've only been here an hour!

Iggly Thu 14-Jul-11 08:32:59

Hello ladies just saw this on active convos!

calypso what day is the 26th? Am so busy at workbi dint know whether I'm coming or going. Doing four days a week plus evenings and weekends when W sleeps <yawn>

HT I saw the pics from your run - how do you find the time to train? I do miss running - will start again when DC2 sleeps through (so could be a while grin )

scout, that's fab news!!! Can't believe the time has passed! How are you feeling now?

I've got the 20 week scan next week so hopefully baby will cooperate and flash their bits for us... William is in a really funny mood at the moment - not sure why. Takes ages to go to sleep at night, very grumpy in the mornings (might be hunger though). Not sure what that's all about confused

How's everyone else? Am on the train to work - boo!

Hi all

Calypso-that sounds like a +ive to me but will keep everything crossed for you.

Iggly-gosh, 20 weeks already. Where does the time go?

My 101 year old grandma has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer which is a huge blow as I always thought she would die of old age. sad

School still doing lots of things to raise money but being a tad short it is getting tedious. Don't want the girls to suffer in any way. 1 more week at school then the pressure is off-phew!

Big wave!


HappyTangerine Fri 15-Jul-11 00:16:06

HC So sorry to hear this, what a shock. Are they looking at treating it or more along the lines of palliative care because of her age?

Calypso Thinking of you and keeping fingers and toes crossed. Your FB status updates about Brad Pitt/zombies/thesis have made me laugh.

Iggly Good luck for scan, come back and tell us how it all goes!

littlepea How are things-have you moved yet> Hope you've got things sorted ok with school now

fidelma Hope you are having a fab holiday

twink How are things with you?

Not much time to post at the moment as Joe has dropped his afternoon nap. I was upset for all of 5 minutes and then realised how much more freedom it gives me. He had first haircut 2 days ago and he looks like a proper litle boy now Our bedime battles have become a thing of the past, although he still wakes at 5am (always has unless unwell) so I'm a bit shattered at the moment, long old day. He's had really bad night terrors the past few nights though. sadThe summer programme is out for our local Surestart centre and there's far more on than I expected so I'm really pleased. We spend a lot of time there!

I finally saw a doctor about my arm after finding what I though was a lump in armpit. Tests reveal I have a torn tricep and tennis elbow/tendonitis, it seems from picking up Joe. Lots of soft tissue damage &bswelling in upper arm. Have been advised to rest it completely(ha!), not pick him up on tha side at all (double ha!) and under no cirumstances push the buggy as the repetitive motion is the worst thing I can do. I laughed in her face at that one-one or the other yes bu not both. Now waiting on a course of physio.

HC sad prognosis for your grandmother, how shocking, I hope that she is comfortable and everyone can visit her easily x

HT your arm/wrist sounds very painful, I can imagine its next to impossible to completely rest it though! My MiL supposed to wear a splint support for exactly the same thing but hates it; can't garden and do the enormous patchwork quilt project she's undertaken for Annalise- both of which probably induced it! I'm shock at Joe dropping his nap, I get soooo much done when A is asleep, would miss it terribly! Hope you can enjoy all the things you can no go out and do smile Shame about the weather... Any more news on moving away?

Iggly good luck with the scan, very exciting! And the 26th is next Tuesday - any good?

Hello to everyone else - lurking? AWOL? smile

So no period still, day 33 of a 29-30 day cycle, tons of BFPs (but not a single other symptom), I'm wondering if I've willed myself into a pseudo-pregnant state grin
My mum has been staying her and looking after A whilst I work full time but she leaves on Wednesday morning, wondering if I should tell her (I'll be c4+6) by then, won't see her again until Sept.

Seeing HP at the IMAX tonight [hgrin]

fidelma Mon 18-Jul-11 21:25:20

HC shame about your gm.My 87 gm is having to move to London to be with my dad.(Disaster waiting to happen)

HT Oh no your arm poor you {hugs}

Calypso your are pregnant CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

Twinkle Hi to you and congratulations on getting the house done.wink

We have had the best holiday ever.House on the beach, facing West to the setting sun, over looking Eigg,Muck,Rum and Skye. One day there were over 12 dolphins in the bay,leeping and twisting infront of our eyes for 30 mins.The best wildlife experience I have ever had.Also seals,lizzards,snake and alot of sheep!!!!

We met the local fisherman a few times a week to collect our fresh lobsters and crayfish (my idea of a good night)

the girls got on so well,,alot of giggling,swimming in the sea,fishing,collecting shells,painting and making bread in the bread machine which was hit and miss.you either got the best loaf ever or a congeled mass!

The boys also got on really well with Tom making Connor laugh. Connor loved looking for jellybabies in the sea (jellyfish).Tom swam with his wet suit on and Connor got braver ever day with his paddling.Shouting out NAKED BOY! They loved our day trips to Balamory.(I can't get that B** tune out of my head)

My dh and I both managed to relax and put down work and the responsibilities of home.Giving us time to enjoy our family.Sadly the girls were full of energy and were up almost as late as us most nightssad

We are all now back home and the 2 cars are unpacked,I am back to too much clutter and stuff to deal with, the veg in the poly tunnel is boalting away,and everything seems to have growen about 2 feet.Oh well at least I have lots of fresh veg and flowers from the garden.The children are all happy to be back in there own little (and large) beds wink Me to, if only I could stop dh snoring?

Hi all

Welcome home fidelma-sounded like fun but why oh why do they have to stay up later when on holiday. My girls are the same and end up reading me a bedtime story, smile

Calypso-what is your due date then? grin Hope I will be joining you one day. FIL gave DH a lecture about Matthew needing a brother right infront of all my family at DD1's 8th B'Day family party on Sunday. Oh, the shame! Big congratulations BTW. smile

HT-how difficult for you, how on earth can you rest it? I go to our Surestart Centre 4 days a week and I love every minute of it. We can more or less do what we like in there and happily put things on the walls and look after the garden. Today we blew up balloons and covered with flour and water soaked newspaper strips. They are going to turn into piggy banks.

Hi to everyone else <waves>

My grandma isn't going to have any treatment as she, my mum and the lady from the home feel it is not the right thing to do. She has probably had it about 5 years so may have spread around her body and all treatment will more than likely be too much for her. The McMillan nurse will come to the home and give her all the help she needs. She has asked to see the girls so will be going in the hols.

Next week is another week at the Beach Hut so hoping this horrid rain will clear off! Then not long until our Spanish Holiday, really must start getting things ready for it.

Oh, Marmalade wants his tea so must dash. Laters.......


littlepea72 Wed 20-Jul-11 18:35:16

hC Im so sorry about your GM, is she feeling good in herself?

Iggly cant wait for your scan! Any thoughts on the sex??

Fidelma really you could do with another holiday to get over that one! lol...sounds like it was fun grin

HT hope you are feeling better x

Calypso grin grin congrats!!! Told you it wouldnt take long!

DS1 has ADHD now on top of his ASD, poor wee thing, he is going to be going onto meds, we have been told it would be better for him if we put our move of for a year. So DH is in England alone....is someone trying to tell us something?? lol....

Hope you are all well, and hi to anyone else out there smile

Iggly Tue 26-Jul-11 08:08:22

Hey all! well most of you saw from FB that we're having a girl grin very exciting but strange. Not sunk in at all. We're thinking of names but I've still not got my head around the idea of having a girl. A girl?!! Names are a lot harder - there's too much choice. I found it easier with William as there were so many to rule out!

We move William to a big bed next Friday. Am scared and nervous but I struggle to pick him up now. Has anyone made the move yet?

calypso CONGRATULATIONS!!!! how are you feeling? Sunk in yet?? Any mpre BFPs? wink it's Tuesday today and I'm at home so can't meet up! I'm looking after a snotty coughy child sad he's also thrown the biggest tantrum ever - poor thing was hysterical as I wouldn't leave at 7am to buy a digger hmm

HC sorry to hear about your GM, how is she?

fidelma sounds like you had an amazing time!! Really lovely.

HT how's the arm? I hope you're managing to follow the docs advice grin

littlepea, saw your FB updates re G - I hope he's ok as sounds horrible sad

Wow iggly, that is wonderful news isn't it? Enjoy the next few weeks. smile

littlepea-am still in shock over Gabe. So glad you are home.

My grandma is ok at the moment but asking to see my girls so will go next week. At the Beach Hut all week and so far quite cool and windy but hoping for better weather soon.

Love to all.


fidelma Wed 27-Jul-11 09:59:32

HC enjoy the beach hut.My gran doesn't want to see the childrensadI am off to see her on my own today.I don't know if she will see the dc again as she is off to London in 2 weeks to live with my dad.(She is sadly an anoying old woman,infact she wasn't any better when she was young!)

Littlepea I was also shocked about Gab. How is he now?

Iggly excited for your news,your house will turn pink over night,Enjoy wink

Calypso you are quite,are you around?

scout how is everything with you?

HT glad you had a good holiday.

Twinkle how is the house?

Connor has a MASSIVE TANTRUM this morning at least 20mins.
He also did 3 poos on the potty yesterday so I have his nappy off today but I am not too hopefull.I will give it a go.

Very upset about Norway sadsad

fidelma Wed 27-Jul-11 23:00:55

All wees on the potty bar one grin
poo outside sad lol

HappyTangerine Wed 27-Jul-11 23:02:09

Calypso Please can we start shouting CONGRATULATIONS and getting excited for you?! grin

littlepea Hope Gabe is continuing to improve, I can't tell you how relieved I was when you posted those pics of him in the cot. Must have been so scary.

HC Enjoy your time at the beach hut

Iggly Many congratulations to you both! Is W aware of what is going on yet? A friend of ours is due her second very soon and we met her is Asda the other week, Joe kept touching her tummy, fascinated saying baba!

fidelma Your holiday sounds idlylic and very busy. Glad you had a great time, the show the dolphins put on for you sounds amazing.

We had a great short break at Haven with my mum, she realy bonded with Joe. I was unprepared for how ill she looked, it really shocked me and I had to hide away and have a bit of a cry at one point. She had radioactive iodine a few months ago for overactive thyroid and it killed the thyroid but then made it underactive. A mix up at he doctors mean that noone contacted her to tell her her levels were dangerously low and she had a few funny turns before a scheduled hospital appt picked it up. All hell broke loose then, the consultant was roaring down the phone at gp. She is on thryoxine now and slowly improving, there was a huge difference by day 3 of the holiday.

Dh and I finally got a night out - our first in almost 2 years, then we sneaked out again when we go back to Wales and went to the cinema! My extended family laid on a big tea for us before we went and Joseph was tearing round the place chasing the cat-got his head stuck in the cat flap hmm then proceeded to throw potatoes all over he kitchen. Elderly relatives were just cooing over him!

Am getting a bit stressed about the baptism which is a few weeks away. dh adamant that he doesn' want his sister and brother in law to be godparents. She still makes no effort with us and has taken to organising extended family get togethers which we are not invited to. Family members have cooled towards me somewhat. Makes me feel a bit rubbish to be honest and sorry for dh and Joe-its not their fault the family doesn't like me. I will most definaely get the blame for the godparents thing though. I wish we could up sticks and move far, far away...

HappyTangerine Wed 27-Jul-11 23:06:00

Apologies for typos-am trying to make an elaborate chicken curry thing in between typing. Talking of cooking-Joseph is going through a VERY fussy eating stage and is being very testing. Any tips to stop me tearing my hair out? He has taken to refusing anything for lunch and I'm worried he's losing weight sad

Morning! A quick one as supposed to be leaving for work!

littlepea that must be really tough on DS1, I hope that the school have good support for his needs?
I haven't been on FB in ages, sounds like something awful going on with Gabe, hope all is well now? X

iggly Yay, girls are fabulous, and have to confess that I'm hoping to have another although I'm not really fussed smile
Sorry to hear that W is ill, had a billion things on on Tuesday as it was so we'll make it another time, perhaps in October when I'm not full time again? Will you be on mat leave by then (due date?) X

fidelma shame your GM doesn't want to see your DC, sounds sad (and a bit rude?) She's coming to live here in London, is she from here?

HC have fun on the beach, and WHERE is our summer weather sad

HT Hope your mum gets better quickly and bummer about the family dynamics, sounds v stressful. Hope you enjoy the baptism. no tips for fussy eating, just seems to come and go, but don't get too stressed, he won't starve smile

And thanks all for congrats, still no symptoms at 6wks, working like crazy to get the stupid thesis into some kind of reasonable shape, 6 weeks and 4 days to go until submission!

Big kisses to you all X

fidelma Thu 28-Jul-11 12:11:42


fidelma Fri 29-Jul-11 22:20:20

Potty training going pretty well.Looking forward to no more nappies (11 years is a long time) lol

fidelma Sun 31-Jul-11 21:33:55

Going well.Only one miss today grin

I have a slightly dodgy tummy and feel a little sick.Reminds me that I never ever want to be pregnant again. LOL

littlepea72 Mon 01-Aug-11 07:55:04

HT I dont have anything for you sad Faith isnt eating either! I think its mostly to do with her throat, but a bit of fussy eating in there too. She is doing nothing but drinking, hardly any eating, she has also lost weight. Nothing is working.

Calypso you are so lucky not having any sickness, hope it stays that way! Dont push yourself to hard!!

Fidelma well done on the potty training! I dont know how Im going to master it! Not looking forward to it lol....

Iggly how are you feeling?? Thought anymore about girls names? We found it more difficult thinking up the girls names.

HC are you still at the beach???

Gabe is alot better, thank you for all the well wishes. It has got to be one of the most scary moments we have been through.

Will be back on later....the kids are all getting up at once! lol xxx

HappyTangerine Mon 01-Aug-11 20:59:23

Only one dish of food thrown on the floor today, great. Zen....

fidelma The potty training sounds like it is going well. I laughed out loud at your post about the poo on the stairs! Have given up on potty training at the moment in favour of food issues and moving to a toddler bed.

Calypso How are you feeling, has it sunk in? Hope thesis is going well smile

littlepea Sending sympathy from one fussy eating camp to the other! The only lunch Joe will now eat is cheese on toast, corned beef hash at a push. Nothing else. I want words with Annabel bloody Karmel and her failsafe fussy eater recipies-most end up on the floor!

Joe has suddenly shot up in height a bit. Some neighbours noticed it when we got back from holiday and then Joe decided to deminstrate how he could now hook his leg over the spare cot near our bed, lever himself up and jump onto our mattress. Great hmm Time for a big bed methinks. I had to buy new extra tall stairgates at the weekend because he can now climb over them as well.

Big wave to everyone else x

Hi all

Gulp at potty training, not going to attempt that until Matthew is nearly 3. Good luck though. smile

Had our week at the seaside then went away to the Heckington Show in the caravan. The inlaws went in their motorhome so was a challenge.......

DH has gone out on his motorbike so constantly checking if he has returned but will hear him first.

Hope all Ok.


littlepea72 Tue 02-Aug-11 08:15:12

HT Joe sounds so like my DS1!! When we moved to Canada he was 22 months. The bedrooms where downstairs, his room opened up onto the stairs, which had the front door at the top. The houses over there are terrible, you cant put up stairgates and there are no locks on the insides of the door (army houses). So DS1 was jumping out of his cot, up the stairs and out the front door! Wee monster!! LOL...we ended up puting him in a single bed, and putting it in the walk-in wardobe in our bedroom!! I promise the door wasnt closed into the wardobe lol....it was so we knew when he got out grin plus the walk-in was huge!! I have just bought the recipe book for fussy eaters.....oh dear lol

fidelma Wed 03-Aug-11 11:40:57

Hi all hope you are enjoying the summer.The weather is lovely up here.The children are doing lots of sport (trying to exhaust them.they just get fitter lol)

The potty training has gone well.We have about 1 wee accident a day,the rest goes in the potty or on the toilet.Poos always take longer but it looks like he has now got the hang of it.He is dry after his naps and was dry this morning so happy days.It has taken effort on my part and will continue to for a while but we are both really chuffed grin

Off to feed hens,collect eggs and water the veggies and maybe a wee nap wink

HappyTangerine Wed 03-Aug-11 22:10:09

I've had a lovely couple of days with Joe, dh has had to go into work early each day so is just been us making mischief together! grin Yesterday we played trains all morning, then after lunch the heavens opened and we stood on the doorstep catching raindrops and singing incy wincy spider. Once it calmed down a little, we donned waterproofs and spent ages splashing in puddles. Quickly nipped into town on the bus(minus buggy), only for Joe to drag me to the train station-I didn't realise he knew the way! Poor genteel elderly ladies, there they were on the train o Liverpool, happily chatting about their bargains from Windsmoor and Hotter shoes when Joe appears in the gap in the seats. First he tapped one on the shoulder, hid and leapt out shouting "Hiding boo!" Minute later it was train, Tree, DOUBLE BUS when he saw a double decker. He went lovely and quiet then did a huge trump, held his nose and shouted "mummy poo!" Cheeky monkey!

Today we've been here. A bit hit and miss-Joe is mad for trains bu they don't tell you until you've paid that children aren't allowed on the grass. Of course, all he children wanted to ge close to the trains so all the parents spent the whole time trying to stop them. We stopped at a park where he could run about and he started playing with this little boys ball. They played together for ages while I chatted to the dad-officially the first Everton supporter I've spoken to at length! Lovely, lovely Scousers, so friendly.

littlepea Wow, how did you manage with your ds1! You must have been up and down the stairs all the time! They do sound alike though, don't they? Ah well, never a dull moment...Hope you have beter luck with Annabel Karmel than me, although hew loves her grandma's fish pie thing

fidelma Well done! You are now our potty training guru grin

Scout haven't heard from you for ages, how are you and Seb?

waves to everyone else

fidelma Wed 03-Aug-11 22:26:07

HT sounds and looks like a couple of great days. They are such fun at the moment. Enjoy wink

Sounds like you had a great time HT. Can't believe how many words Joe knows shock Matthew only knows Mamma, Dadda and no.

Wet here today so going to do some packing then take the girls for their swimming lessons.

Big wave!


fidelma Thu 04-Aug-11 13:48:08

Wet wet and Wetter sad

DD1 off for a swimming trial with Stirling.OMG she is like a fish!

fidelma Fri 05-Aug-11 08:47:27

Sunny sunny sunny grin

fidelma Sat 06-Aug-11 18:42:49

Off out for dinner grin

fidelma Sat 06-Aug-11 18:43:11

I'll keep this thread going lol!

smile thanks Fidelma!

I'm supposed to working on The Unmentionable so just stopping in very quickly to say:
fidelma Great potty training!
HT Joe sounds such fun and glad you had fun with the trains - sort of (Annalise kept running about all over the grass chasing the ducks which was a huge no no at the wetland centre, they just don't do rules grin
HC welcome back from your hols
Iggly hope you're feeling better and pg going well
littlepea your DS1 sounds very cheeky, hope all your three are well
scout thinking of you!

Think thats everyone, back to the boring thesis then sad

fidelma Sun 07-Aug-11 00:27:42

Such fantastic news Calypso how are you ?

Morning all

Fed up of being awake all night, must be stressing over my hols next Sunday. Will get packed today to relieve some of the pressure methinks.

Hope everyone has a good day. One of my friends has a son who is 18 today and she is younger than me. When Matthew is 18 I will be 58! shock

Big wave!


fidelma Sun 07-Aug-11 15:41:54

I'll be 53 when Connor is 18 OMG!!! But 44 when dd1 is 18.

HC when are you off?

I can't get going today.

We fly at 6pm next Sunday-can't wait. We are taking 3 suitcases but there seems to be no room for clothes after I have put in nappies, swim nappies, travel booster seat, kettle, tea bags, coffee, sugar, biscuits x 3 packets, pasta, rice, fruit shoots, bottles of water.......... hmm

Need to do some veg for tea.



HappyTangerine Mon 08-Aug-11 21:14:09

Just a quick one from me as Joe is very poorly and I don't really know whats wrong. Started as a cold and him being off his food on Friday, took him to doctor and he suspected teeth. Bad night Saturday with him really congested, wanting to feed in the night but unable to. Last night was bloody awful, I didn't get any sleep, he was moaning and coughing, snoring loudly and waking up crying. Ok in himself today and managed to breastfeed but tired but in his bath tonight I noticed two massive red spots on his arm. So we'll see what the night brings. I think its viral. I'm not well either, coughing, diarrhea and itching madly. Just in time for Sundays baptism eh grin

Calypso Not long to go now with the UnMentionable..then you have ababy to prepare for again! What next afetr the thesis btw

HC You are sounding very organised

Fidelma How did your dd get on with her swimming trial? Good I hope. I used to be a fish before the accident then it took me 3 years to get back into the water! My dsn(step-neice) swims for Northampton and is apparently heading towards olympic trials. She is in the pool by 5am each morning, I so admire the dedication.

waves to all - t key on laptop is being v temparamental so apologies for missing letters/typos! x

fidelma Tue 09-Aug-11 08:16:27

HT hope all Ok it could be the pox! calpol,piriton and Eurax.Not great for the baptisim but fantastic to get over.Keep us posted.

DD1 did well in her trial but they don't have space in the club sad although they are trying to make a space at the moment so we should hear later this week.They said she was great.grin

HappyTangerine Tue 09-Aug-11 20:10:33

They don't seem itchy and he seemed to pick up a bit until this afternoon when he started to seem really fluey. Two more spots appeared tonight, this time on his tummy.

I am unspeakably angry about what is happening with these riots. My sister had to run the gauntlet through the Birmingham rioters last night - poor thing got off a coach after 6 hours and walked into it all kicking off around the Bullring. Luckily her and her friend were able to walk past unchallenged but she is very shaken up. Dh works in Liverpool city centre until 10pm each night and I am quite worried for him tonight. His work has said that people can leave early if there is trouble so we'll see. Copycat looters tried to smash in the doors of the Tesco Express round the corner from me last night so police on high alert here. Oh its all so bloody depressing isn't it?

fidelma Wed 10-Aug-11 22:39:15

HT I have been screamming at the radio.I am so mad.Hope you are all OK.Everything seems quieter tonight.Fingers crossed. X

I thought Connor had the pox today,but just seems like a wee rash.He is a happy,very determined chappy!

Scout19075 Thu 11-Aug-11 06:50:36

Sorry I've been MIA -- it's been an insane few weeks (both good and bad). I need to read back through and catch up then I'll post properly.


fidelma Thu 11-Aug-11 10:56:53

Hope all is Ok Scout Great to hear from you.

Oh sooooooo Wet !!!!!!

littlepea72 Wed 17-Aug-11 07:12:22

Hello everyone grin

How are the pregnant ladies gringrin

Great to hear from you Scout, happy birthday yesterday!!!

What is everyone up to this weekend???


fidelma Thu 18-Aug-11 09:02:40

Its oh so quiet.......

HappyTangerine Thu 18-Aug-11 23:04:35

Hi ladies smile. I'm in a kind of post baptism woo, still pretty shattered although it all went well. Joseph was very amusing in the church, baptising my car keys in the font and blessing the priest every time he tried to bless him! Very fiddly-if I EVER have another child I will make sure I do the baptism thing when baby is tiny. I've a ton of thank you cards to write this weekend for some lovely gifts-one of his godfathers even did him a family tree going back to the late 1700s. I relented and persuaded dh to let sil be a godparent-have decided to act as if I've only recently met her and so there's no history. She is infinately more tolerable this way. Seems pleased to be godparent although has never spoken of it to me. Lovely day though, weather was gorgeous-first decent day we'd had all week.

I think I'm going to start potty training next week. Joe is enjoying sitting on it now and is also often dry after a nap so maybe good time. His new Thomas themed room is almost done. He has managed to break a bar of his cot by using it as leverage to get out all the time so its staying as a big bed afer the weekend, thank the Lord it converts.

How is everyone?
fidelma Is it back to school this week?
littlepea Are you getting some sleep now?
Scout Good to see you back

fidelma Fri 19-Aug-11 19:52:19

HT the baptisim sounds wonderful.Well done you with your sil (makes mental note to self to do the same thing...... so thanks)

I am half dead with the summer holidays.The dc go back on Thursday.Although alot of activities start from tomorrow and my dc are doing quite alot.

DD1 is being trained twice a week for her swimming.The club are getting back to me soon (I hope) as they need to see if they can make a space for her.They said she was very good.That will mean at least another 3 sessions (gulp)

dd2 is drama daft.So lots of fun and games there.I am not quite sure yet how it will all fit in.
After school clubs
Family time
my time
dh time
and the 2 boys (what was I thinking!)

Luckily the boys are happy with whatever. My Mum and dh all help with the runs as do some friends.So they have minimal trecking about.

It feels cold up here tonight.I have a big jumper and the heating on !!!!!

All my dc have a hot water bottle tonight.We love hotties.I buy small ones so that 1 kettle can fill them all.Santa often brings them talking of which it wont be long.Birthdays first.Connor is obssesed with Come Outside so I will need to find him planes and dogs LOL! I cant believe they are almost 2!

I have just been invaided with my girls.so laters......

HappyTangerine Mon 22-Aug-11 14:00:27

Hello ladies...the sun is shining, the holidays are almos over...so how are we all? I am hot, somewhat bored and feeing mischevous, which means I have a good chance of wearing Joe out today and not the other way around! Did anyone see X-Factor on Saturday? I don't normally watch it but the lure of Gary Barlow drew me in. wink I was not disappointed!

fidelma Blimey, you've had a lot on. I bet you can't wait for the hols to be over. Thank goodness you get some help with all the driving about!

littlepea How are you and the dcs? I hope you are getting some much needed sleep

Calypso I am mindful that your deadline for thesis is looming-how are you getting on? No long to go now and you can concenrate on enjoying your pregnancy grin

HC How was the holiday? Good I hope

waves to Iggly Scout Twink and PPM

littlepea72 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:01:14

HT did you tire Joe out? Cant see it happening lol...didnt watch x factor, havent watched it in a couple of years.

Fidelma Jez woman, im tired just looking at that list! When do you get time for yourself??

DH is back for 3 weeks, we are fighting to get a house....angry its on-going. We have seen this great school called Forest Park, its a special school, but it looks great grin really hope we can get DS1 into it.
Heading up the Antrim Coast tomorrow, DS1 wants to go the gaints causeway.....should be good if the weather doesnt change.

Hope everyone else is well.....how are the pregnancies going????

HappyTangerine Wed 24-Aug-11 14:13:56

Toddlers are weird. Joe spent a large part of yesterday afternoon walking around with a photo of Cheryl Cole in one hand and my rosary in the other.hmm Every now and again he would wave it over the photo. At 6pm he finally managed to do a full headstand, he has been trying for months and did a litle victory lap around the room. I am a little worried about him damaging his neck/spine or is that a bit pfb? He loves crab walking as well, generally loves being upside down. We've been for a walk to our little Tesco to get some supplies this afternoon and he's waving the rosary in general direction of random people. The cashiers found it hysterical. I daren't tell my v Catholic MIL, she'll think we have a potential priest in the family. hmm

I had acupuncture on my arm yesterday, I didn't realise they did it on the NHS as part of phsyiotherapy. It looks like I'll be having 6 sessions to ry and combat the pain while they try and sort out the nerve damage. Very weird sensation, I slept for ages afterwards. Dh woke me up for lunch and I fell asleep again, headfirst into a baked potato!

littlepea I think I might know Forest Gate, I met a lot of teachers from there at a conference when I was Ireland rep. Brilliant school. Why are you having to fight to get a house? Its no your fault you can't move across the pond and you all have a right to a family home. Hope your trip to the Giants Causeway was good.

fidelma One more sleep till the dcs are back at school!

fidelma Wed 24-Aug-11 22:39:51

Yes last sleep before school. It's been a great holiday. I think I will miss them confused

Standing on your head is ment to be good for you ?!?! Not sure about the beads though LOLgrin

Littlepea do you need to move house?

Iggly Thu 25-Aug-11 21:31:31

Hi all! I saw princess on another thread and felt blush because I haven't posted in a while.

HT Joe sounds like a right acrobat - how does he do it?! Brilliant! I hope your treatment is going well?

littlepea hope all's well?

fidelma are the kids back on a friday? (cant work it out)

calypso how goes the bump?

scout belated happy birthday!

Hope everyone is well. I'm getting fatter and get tired running after W. He's great though - really growing up fast and talking is coming along! We were on holiday and saw some chickens - he pointed at them and said "eat" which had us in hysterics. the other day i was trying to eat some toast on the sly and he stared at my chin, pointed and said seriously "toast!". Busted!!

crazily am looking forward to number 2 arriving but DH and I rememberd the trauma of the nights with W. doing it again just seems shock - am really hoping this one is a sleeper. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

princessProudmel Thu 25-Aug-11 22:25:15

Hi guys smile
Hope you are all ok smile
F is talking LOADS now - says pretty much everything. And in 3-4 word sentances. eg 'dd gone, dd come back' 'bouncy castle up' ( he wants us to switch it on), 'ds/dd come here' ( he shouts this VERY loud) , 'alien shoes on' , 'my turn' .... etc smile
He had his first ever haircut this week! It had got soooo long, past his shoulder blades :D I just couldn't cut it!! Very blond now.
He is still on a dairy free diet. We just started re-introducing soya a few weeks ago. He also can't have any squash drinks or orange juice. It causes very sore bottom. He is on calcium (4x a day)and iron (2x a day) supplements. He looks very healthy though considering!
Also not sure if I'd posted before about his fainting on the thread, but he suffers from Reflex Anoxic Seizures (ggogle it!) which are scary. But it's been 3 weeks and 2 days since his last one ....

We went to France last week for our hols. About an hour from Paris. Camping and Disneyland. Kids loved it. Loads to do on the site. Good weather too.

Sorry for going awol x

fidelma Thu 25-Aug-11 23:18:41

Iggly and Princess Great to hear from you. Off to google Princess.DS1 used to have blue fits and pass out shock but it doesn't happen now.

DC all at school today.It makes for an easy week grin

dd1 is now swimming for Stirling grin whatever makes them happy and swimming does it for her.

Off to have a bath need to chill out after watching Toarchwood(ghastly)

fidelma Thu 25-Aug-11 23:18:55


Scout19075 Mon 29-Aug-11 20:26:46

<<Waves>> from holiday. Who doesn't love to be by the sea side?

fidelma Mon 29-Aug-11 21:57:26

Enjoy scout.Our holidays feel so long ago.dc all back at school.I am looking forward to the October break.

Hi all

How is everyone? Finally back in the land of the living especially after our delayed flight of 2.10am on Sunday morning meaning we landed at 3-30am then had to drive home so got home at 8am so no point in going to bed. Hols were just fab and we manged to not get scammed by the flower seller con women. grin DH agrees we can go again in 3 years so don't have to wait another 9 like last time. grin grin

Will catch up on everyone's news with a wine

Big wave!


fidelma Wed 31-Aug-11 20:13:34

HC nice to have you back.
My dc are all well back at school now.My life has been overtaken with sport! By the DC (well my dds) Here's to the next 15 years!

HappyTangerine Thu 01-Sep-11 20:56:00

fidelma Fantastic news about your dd and the swimming. I bet Connor is missing them now they are all back at school.

HC Welcome back, glad you had a great time

Littlepea Any news on the house? And how is Faith coming along with the fussy eating? Not much progress here sad

Princess Hello, lovely to hear from you. F sounds like he's coming on leaps and bounds. The seizures sound v v scary.

Iggly Great to see you back here - only a few months to go now. I keep meaning to ask-how is W settling into his big bed?

Scout Have a fab holiday

All well here, although I am knackered and want to go to sleep and wake up when Joe is 3. Terrible, screaming night terror last night that lasted well over an hour. His talking has really sped up this week, he's normally single words and not a very clear speaker unless he's upset, then it'sa v well pronounced "Go away, want mummy"hmm to poor dh. However, these past few months he's became obsessed with owls - he got to hold and stroke a real one at a country fair in July. Am now the world expert on owl story books -the current favourite is "Wow said the Owl"...which I've read 16 times today..and he's picked up all sorts of words from it.

Toy recommendation for you all - I bought Joe a Melissa&Doug magnetic fishing game from amazon and he loves it and now shouts the name of the fish when he picks it up on the magnetic fishing rod. He spends ages playing with it. I could do without him tearing round the room shouting "stingray" at 5am but the benefits outweigh the negs!

Off to make myself a cuppa before Torchwood, hoping it's less gory this week.

fidelma Thu 01-Sep-11 23:00:22

HT we have posponed torchwood for tomorrow,I have been finding it really tough[shok]

J sounds full on but great fun.Just to let you know it is the terrible 2s,3s,4s,5s,and 6s !!!!!!

But 7-11 are gorgeous(I can't comment any further!)

I have been crying my eyes out at the Irish dancing programme.biscuit

dd1 has also been picked to be captain of the c team for hockey,I can't decided weather it is better to be the captain of the c team or play for the A team? she may get to do both!

She's happy so so am Igrin

Sacked our housekeeper of 6 years as she hasn't been doing a good jobsad but have new fantastic girls for alot less time and she does more.I have found it all very traumatic as the first one was part of the family(but costing us a small fortune)..........Please tell me we did the right thing?

HappyTangerine Fri 02-Sep-11 21:02:24

fidelma You did the right thing. Sometimes people get complacent in a job and they just can't make the same effort that they used to. Normally a chat/warning does the trick but assuming you already had that, what else were you supposed to do? Now you're a) no longer being taken advantage of and b) Have more money to spend on lovely things(or fuel for running the dcs to all these clubs! wink). Torchwood much better btw.

I cried buckets at the Irish dancing film as well, my neices both take classes and I love to watch them. I adore Irish music, saw Christy Moore performing in a pub in Doolin and had a few drinks with him over the course of the week. I bought a low whistle there as well. Doolin was amazing, I used to play my flute outside on the sands or the pub and people would sing and clap along. Fab atmosphere. Liverpool Irish festival coming upgrin

Am struggling to find words to tell dh something that he is going to absolutely kill me for. Thinking favourite meal might help?

fidelma Fri 02-Sep-11 23:04:21

HT we have seen Christy Moore a few times also.We love him dh is Irishwink
Thanks for you advice/opinion with house keeper,it helps to hear other peoples opinions.

What do you have to tell dh?

Torchwood much better only 2 to go but Dr who tomorrow.x

littlepea72 Sat 03-Sep-11 10:13:50

Hey everyone grin

Fidelma I doubt you would of gotten rid off her, unless you really had to. It does make it hard because she has been there a long time, but you are paying for her to do something, and a good job, so if she isnt pulling her weight, then I would of done the same.

HT now really....what could you of done that would be that bad? Are you just be hard on yourself??? Dont panic...can we help???
Love that Joe is speaking alot better smile not liking that night terrors. They are horrible. It wont help, but they do ease off, just dont wake him, it can make things worse (i found that out with DS1).

Hi Mel hope all is well with you x

Scout I hope you are having a great holiday

How are our pregnant ladies doing????

HC Whats happening with the baby making???

Hi to anyone else!!! xxx

Faith is going mad with the fridge! She has even broke the lock we had on it shock and the dishwasher is another thing she loves being in.
No news on the house yet sad
Her eating is still as bad, as long as she is eating something, i suppose thats ok....
Gabe will be 4 months next week shock where is the time going?? He mostly sleeps through the night, from 8-7am, wish my other 2 were like that! Teething has started too.

Better go....

HappyTangerine Sat 03-Sep-11 20:33:02

Fidelma and littlepea - I contacted someone who I promised dh I would never, Ever, speak to again-and we're meeting up later in the week. It's my ex-manager, we go back 14+ years of working together and were close friends for a long time. When he left the first company we were at, I joined him 6 months later. Things deteriorated over the years, I was working far too hard on too big a territory. XM became a bit of a bully and as the only woman in a team of men, it got a bit chauvanistic and nasty. When I handed in my notice, XM was in tears and seemed genuinely remorseful - his take on it was that he was trying not to show me favouritism but had gone too far the other way and been a right git. My triumphant resignation was in fact a bit heartbreaking for us both that day, we both cried. Right up until the end of my 6m notice, they were trying to get me to stay but I had just found out I was pg so said no. They replaced me(twice!) and business seems good.

So now...money is tight and I think I need to go back to work p/t. I don't have the start up funds to do what I want at the mo so would be happy to do anything that would fit around Joe. Everything I pick, dh thinks is beneath my skillset or not worth applying because I'm overqualified. So having been out of the workplace for 3 years, I got in touch with XM. He's in town this week and suggested we meet up. He's v well connected in the industry and at the v least I can pick his brains, job wise. Hope dh can see it that way...

littlepea72 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:51:13

To be honest, I think your XM was very much in the wrong, but if it was as bad for him as he said, then I think its only fitting that he should help you if he can. And if he holds alot of contacts then use him for that. I think your DH should see that, and its not like you are becoming BFs with him, its to do with getting work. Have you told him yet??? If so, what did he say??? xxx

fidelma Mon 05-Sep-11 21:11:34

HT all sounds quite normal but I would talk to your other half before you see him.
Are you sure you want to be involved with him again?

HappyTangerine Tue 06-Sep-11 11:42:15

Hiya, would have been back sooner but had builders and carpenters in and lost internet for a while. I now have a lovely new front door and stairs that actually feel safe!

So...Dh predictably hit the roof but calmed down over the weekend. It helped that he had "forgotten" to tell me he'd got a parking ticket 2 weeks ago and that the bill would turn up this week in my name! I go from thinking it would be ok to see XM to getting quite upset about it - a lot more went on than I'm prepared to put on an open forum. If anything though, it might help me stop feeling all nostalgic about my job and the extra income we had.

Joe has a filthy cold which he's passed to me. We were at a puppet show on Sat which he really enjoyed but that night had an awful nightmare, the worst yet. Screaming, flailing-the only way to calm him was to take him into the garden and sing to him. He woke up properly and was all smiles, snuggled down and fell asleep within minutes only to repeat at 3.30am. I find them really scary. Since then I've been spraying his room with big bad wolf spray and using a brush to sweep the bad dream monsters-seems to work.

How are all the dc's everyone? Enjoying the torrential rain and puddles? hmm

Afternoon ladies

HT-what a difficult decision to have made but I really hope some good comes out of it especially as money is tight. Lots of luck. smile

fidelma-you absolutely did the right thing so don't look back. DH wants to get rid of some of his staff that aren't pulling their weight but it appears that it is not going to be an easy task.

littlepea-the baby making is half happening and I had convinced myself we would have a 'made in Spain' baby but AF arrived 2 days early. I am still temping but DH doesn't always want to perform at the right time and I don't want to push him as it will turn into a baby making exercise which I don't want IYSWIM. But hey, at least something is happening at the moment. smile

Hope everyone is OK. The girls are back at school. Matthew is driving me mad with his wet nappies. If I don't change him every hour it leaks and he wees all over the floor.

Better go as I have a complaint letter to respond to for DH.


Scout19075 Tue 06-Sep-11 20:17:27

<<Waves>> Hello!

Hello Scout <waves back> How's things?

Losing the will to live here as having spent 2 weeks out of the country I now find so many people are rude and ignorant here. Feel like ramming them with my pram.

<rant over>


HappyTangerine Wed 07-Sep-11 19:11:15

Where did you go HC? I've just applied for a job in Berlin grin

waves to Scout and all

Feeling poorly today, I have Joe's cold and he was up half the night coughing, at one point poor thing was sick all over me. After that, I didn't really sleep and have been wheezing all day. Ruddy asthma. Dh took day off as my coughing fits are a bi scary. Emailed XM to cancel meeting, he knows he'll be contacted for references now and we'll probably meet up next time he's up here. Feel strangely relieved not to be seeing him so think Joe did me a favour.

Is anyone else's toddler getting leaner? Joe still fussy, still off pasta and cheese and his clothes are loosesad. Am trying not to stress, I know his cold isn't helping. He won't drink any oher milk apart from biscuit[buscuit]. Doctor isn't much help, just tells me he's clearly going to be tall like his dad and all kids go through it.hmm

HappyTangerine Wed 07-Sep-11 19:12:08

Sorry for typos, hit send during a coughing fit!

Scout19075 Wed 07-Sep-11 23:03:01

Despite not having any school aged children I found this summer holiday/break FLEW by. It was a crazy summer.

Just before the summer holidays MrScout went to the US for work for three days. He came home with a suitcase full of American treats for me (to hold me over until Thanksgiving) and presents for S.

My Nan-in-Law had a massive stroke days before we went to Senior Section/Guide camp and passed away while we were there. S and then MrScout and I ended up with food poisoning (S's source was different from our source, so two different times but the same week) and we all went to Nan's funeral/buffet at her favorite pub sick. It was not good/easy (the service was 90 minutes away) but I am glad we went for my MiL (it was her mum).

Senior Section camp was brilliant. S loved it and had a great week living in a tent, chasing campfire smoke (learned "OT!" for "hot" and kept a good 18" radius around the alterfire) and running around playing. It was a week of new foods/flavors, attention/spoiling from his "girlies", playing half-naked with the fire bucket and inflatable paddling pool (he had severe nappy rash while we were there so when the weather allowed he ran around almost all nature but we had to take care as we were living outside).

MrScout has been asked to do a long-term project in the US. At the last minute he went out for 12 days and came home in time for our annual holiday to Devon. Now he's waiting for his visa to come through (not sure if I'm mentioned before but MrScout is British so will need papers) and when it does he can book his flights and go over for up to 12 weeks. shock He's going to the state where my best friend (and S's Godmother) lives and will be a short 1000 miles/1.5 hour flight in the same time zone) to my parents. Sooooo...I have strongly hinted -- okay, I stamped my foot and said what I wanted -- and S & I may be going for an extended trip, first with him, then to see my best friend then up to M&D's. No matter what happens we'll be there for Thanksgiving.

Because of the limbo-state we're living in at the moment I've stopped doing Guides, at least for the term. Must admit I'm looking forward to the break and might stop doing it for the foreseeable future. We've booked swimming (fifth term of doing baby, now tiny toddler swimming) because we both love it and they've said we can get a refund if we go away long-term.

Medicine stopped in July and in mid-August I realized I'm finally feeling "normal" again. I am also, for the first time in a year, hungry again which was wonderful to be in Devon with the cooked breakfasts, cream teas and yummy dinners every day. I ended up losing (approx) 35lbs and dropped to almost university weight. Everyone was really worried and the doctor also expressed concern and was about to intervene (how, I don't know) but then the course finished. I'm also starting to sleep properly again and am not exhausted all the time (tired, yes, I've never met anyone with a toddler who isn't tired).

Well, it's well past bedtime and I should go to sleep. I think I have a poorly toddler who's really struggling to bring through his incisors (fang teeth in case my spelling really is that bad) and his second set of molars. He's been sneezy/runny/cuddly-boy today which is a sign that a cold is on it's way. So I need to get some sleep while I can.

Night all!

Scout19075 Wed 07-Sep-11 23:03:48


Sorry for the novel!

fidelma Thu 08-Sep-11 06:47:50

Scout lovely to hear all your news.I hope you get a great extended trip to the US.

Off to make dh have a lovely birthday he is 50 shock (12 years older than me!)

Gosh, our cherubs are nearly 2, do we need to start a new thread or let this one run?

Happy B'Day to your DH fidelma. 12 years is nothing. smile

Scout-sound like a fine idea to go back home and you have been doing Guides forever so are entitled to a break-go girl!

Hi to everyone. Bought a bottle of vino from the local shop then when I got home I realised I had bought the wrong one so went back and they changed it-phewee!!! wine

Still gutted that Matthew gave up BFing while on holiday in Spain. sad


fidelma Thu 08-Sep-11 22:58:10

I wish Connor would give up bf but no he loves it!!!!!!!

fidelma Sat 10-Sep-11 09:48:16

Off to watch dd1 play hockey in the rain.She is the captin today smile

Out for a chineese in the big smoke tonight.Starting to get a life!

HappyTangerine Sat 10-Sep-11 20:33:58

DH is doing the bedtime routine with Joe, God I love weekends! Tried to give Joe goats milk today-he threw it across the room. That's a no then. hmm So far we have rice milk, soya milk and goats milk rejected and cows milk he can take or leave on any given day. I suspect I'll be bf for a while yet.

Had a bit of a fright on Wednesday night. I don't mind spiders normally but there was one scarpering across the floor that was HUGE. I did the old glass over card trick to chuck it ino the garden-I needed a pint glass and still its legs poked out. At one point it almost got out and slipped through my fingers but I got it and out it went. Seconds later my finger started itching. Within five minutes it had swollen to 3 times its normal size and I stared to feel v dizzy and sick. Just made it to the bathroom in time and was sick but felt like my throat was closing in, I couldn't swallow properly. I downed quarter a bottle of liquid piriton, crushed and took two Benadryl and crawled up the stairs to wake dh(it was now 3am). My finger was still swelling and my wedding ring was really digging in. Luckily the antihistamines seemed to work. I saw emergency gp the next morning and he thinks I was either bitten by the spider or suffered an extreme allergic reaction to something on it. I'm taking steroids to bring the swelling down on my finger and finally got the ring off last night. Have now got to be very careful around spiders-if it happens again, straight to A&E. I have a similar allergic reaction to almonds which is why I went straight for the piriton but this was much worse. Am now shit scared of spiders though for the first time ever.sad

fidelma How did dd1 get on at hockey? Belated happy birthday to your dh, hope he had a fab day.

Scout I am so pleased you are getting to go home for a break. Great to hear all your news

Calypso How are you and how is the Unmentionable coming along?

Big weekend wave to everyone else!

fidelma Sun 11-Sep-11 09:40:19

HT Now I am going to hate spiders even more!!!!!!!!!
DD hockey 3-1 to them grin She is having a ball.

Good friend comming for coffee (she lives in London) so scones in the oven.

windy and wild!

princessProudmel Mon 12-Sep-11 21:13:38

ggrgh just typed loads and lost it all!
here is a short version....

HT shock at the spider story!!! Scary!

jobs I have just started a new job at a pre school. F will be able to come with me when he's 2. Part time . Loads to sort out in the mornings before work and dropping the kids at school and with my friend who is minding F. I've made a chart to remind me of everything I need to remember . Which is a LOT!

rice milk When I first went to see the dietition we were advised that rice milk is not reccomended for the under 3's as it has arsenic in it!!! It was a shame as ds2 liked it on his cereal. Now he has to have water on his ready brek. Which doesn't taste too bad actually... poor sausage.

Hello to everyone else smile A long trip to America sounds great Scout. Glad you have your appetitie back too. I lost mine after ds2 was born and it was miserable.
Good luck with the baby making hc smile

F is in his own room now smile Has been for almost a month. I don't want to discuss his sleep as don't want to jinx it! ;) He's still bf before bed and first thing in the morning (plus in the night if he wakes...)

Scout19075 Thu 15-Sep-11 20:12:28

Just curious -- what is everyone doing for their toddler's for Christmas?

HappyTangerine Fri 16-Sep-11 00:05:18

Hello, hope you're all well. I met a lovely mum today who told me about some church playgroups for us to try out. She also sends all her children to the school I'm considering for Joe and has good things to say about the nursery so that was a huge help. Have all you all applied for nursery places already? We are going to gently break the news to MIL tomorrow that Joe may not be going to the school of her choice(that my neices go to). Eek!

I'm very upset about the trapped miners-I come from a big Welsh mining family(dad & uncles were all miners) so it's a bit too close to home for me. I was like this about the Chilean miners, up half the night worrying about them every night. Silly I know.

PPM Big congratulations on the job and lovely to hear all your news. I still don't know what to do job-wise - I veer from going back into publishing full time to going all trembly lip at the thought of leaving Joe and wanting to do something different. I met a teaching assistant at a Surestart open day last week and was really interested in that kind of work, it sounds very rewarding...and it's term time only.

The rice milk thing is interesting-didn't know that!

Scout Do you mean in terms of Christmas presents? Joe is train mad so probably a train set of some sort, I'm leaning towards Brio as the family can all buy bits for it to add onto. His second birthday is on the 5th and we're doing a Day out with Thomas the weekend before, just us, and a little family tea here the next day, then huge family party in Wales.

Right, I need to be at the hospital for more acupuncture at 8am so must get some sleep!

littlepea72 Sat 17-Sep-11 21:18:06


HT as ive never had to apply for any schools like that, we apply a couple of months before the child starts....what do I do, and say its for Faith, being almost 2.....what shools do I apply for now? We hope to be moved over to Southampton by the end of October...you will all be more than welcome to come visit!
At the end of the day, the school choice is up to you, not your MIL....my friends & I have a saying....FTF (Feel the Fear!!) just tell her lol....

Scout Faith loves my kitchen, so we are buying a little kitchen with dishwasher and hoover....I remember DS1 at that age, it was all Thomas the tank.

Better go...Gabe is crying, always when I get to sit down and do something, one of them starts lol....

Big hello to everyone else, will post more later xxx

HappyTangerine Tue 20-Sep-11 19:17:00

Helloooo < echo >Where is everyone? < tumbleweed >hmm

littlepea Up here, they apply for a school/nursery place a year before for the funded 15 hours, so around the second birthday apparently. Is the Southampton move back on now? Thats great news, have you found a good school for ds1?

That ruddy spider bite kicked off my asthma and it's been getting progressively worse. Caved in and saw doctor today, now on another course of steroids and am feeling v wheezy. We got talking about my running and he's been really helpful - I now have a target in mind and a half marathon to enter on his recommendation.

Joe's sleeping is suddenly all over the place again, night waking etc etc. We're all very tired...well, except him grin. He's dropped his lunchtime nap again so challenging day but woooogrin in bed and fast asleep by 6.30pm!

Hi all

I am here but struggling with a terrible twos toddler. Matthew is a nightmare and especially before every meal we have half an hour of him laid on the floor having a paddy. If he doesn't want to do something then we get to know about it.

Matthew is having Duplo for his birthday and some more for Christmas. Do like trainsets but might get that next year.

Emma my 8 year old got invited to a sleepover party the weekend we go away in the caravan so said she couldn't go. My mum and dad said that was terrible and they would have her and make sure she got to the sleepover. Part of the sleepover involves a trip to Butlins for swimming and a funfair. I have stuck with my decision to not let her go as she can't swim very well and being so far away I couldn't get home in time if there was a problem. I wouldn't have a minutes peace that weekend. Thing is, all the older children made fun of her for being upset at school. Rotten lot! She is 8 years old and still believes in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas and still needs her elephant to help her get to sleep. What do you all think?

Big wave and hope you are all OK.


HappyTangerine Tue 20-Sep-11 21:34:24

HC Sending you a virtual vat of wine, sounds like you've had a tough day. We're also trying to deal with tantrums-mainlys slapping, biting, hitting and the odd headbut. Sounds like Matthew is very much like Joe-willful, knows what he wants and all hell breaks loose if he doesn't get it (or did I just describe a typical toddler there?wink. What is it about mealtimes he finds so stressful, can you tell?

Dh gets it worse than me because I'll put Joe on a sort of time out on the beanbag-play stops, everything, until I get a sorry hug. Our big trigger point is shoes(he hates wearing them) and tv(I hate it and wish I could get rid of it again, Joe wants CBeebies 24/7). He throws himself, wailing, face first onto the sofa when he doesn't get his own way. When the theatrics don't work with me, he notches up the volume and turns around mid sob to give me evils and say "Mummy noooo, want daddy" before launching himself into sofa flailing and wailing again. I find it really hard not to laugh sometimes.

Re the sleepovers - blimey, thats a bit full on for a sleepover, what is it-a birthday? It's only the start of the school year, there'll be lots more sleepovers to be had. If you already have plans I'd be inclined to stick to them. What does Emma want to do? I suspect that lots of 8 year olds still secretly sleep with a comforter and are maybe a bit embarrased so they tease her. As for the tooth fairy-yes, they may not believe in her but they don't have get into a strop when the non-existent tooth fairy doesn't leave any money under the pillow!

HappyTangerine Tue 20-Sep-11 21:35:51

half not have hmm

littlepea72 Tue 20-Sep-11 21:58:03

HT What bite??? How did it cause such a bad reaction? Scary!

HC She is only 8 and to be honest, I wouldnt let my 8 year old go on something like that unless I was with her. I had my first sleep over when i was 14, just as well, cause i was still scared to be away with all the strange noises in a strange house, and I still had my teddy too! You are doing the right thing.

Faith has such a temper! Even with his ASD my DS1 was never as bad lol. And she climbs up everything. You really need extra eyes, she is always on the tables. She gets told off or time out, which will either trigger of something worse or alot of tears. You cant win! She is also doing free-fall onto Gabe while he is in his wee seat, she really hurts him, and she really means it too.

We are on the waiting list for a house in Southampton, but it could be months, and DS1 isnt at school until we go! Its terrible.....

For some reason, Faiths eating has gone crazy now. She will only eat big dinners, potatoes, meat, veg etc, anything else she doesnt want to know, wont complain, but i wonder how long it will last


fidelma Tue 20-Sep-11 23:09:11

HC you know I am on your side. FAMILY first, parties 2nd.

HappyTangerine Sun 25-Sep-11 22:38:25

Right, I've deleted my facebook accoun-not happy with the new changes. I think I've sent most of you a message wih my email address so you should get that. My mum has just been on the phone in some kind of technological moody fit because 30 odd people can now read what she thought was a private message. So I think I've deleted the thread by leaving fb - if you get any more messages, please can you let me know?

littlepea Re the spider - a rather large one took offence at my trying to chuck him out into the garden, bit me and I suffered an allergic response to the bite. Finger(ring finger) swelled up, throat started swelling, couldn't breahe etc. All fine afer a shor dose of steropids but my asthma hasn' been right since. These seroid tablets are amazing though-I felt really tired at first, now feel like wonderwoman, racing about the place cleaning and need far less sleep. Dh comes downsairs in the morning a litttle scared-I keep painting and moving furniture about grin

fidelma You are very quiet, hope all is well with you?

Love to all x

HappyTangerine Sun 25-Sep-11 22:40:36

t t t t t t t t t t -that should just about cover all the missing t's in my last post. As you can probably gather, I need a new laptop!

fidelma Mon 26-Sep-11 14:00:59

Just busy and it's been quiet on here! Thought I would catch your news on fb!!!!!

Connor can NOt stop talking he even calls himself a chatterbox LOL!

He is 2 on Friday.

Scout19075 Tue 27-Sep-11 07:42:24

I'm still in the UK sad but so is MrScout grin.

Happy birthday to fidelma's Connor! S isn't two until the end of next month. MrScout and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday. Those years have just flown by!

HT, glad the steriods have worked. There are some monster spiders in this country!

I've been awake since 4:45 with an awake toddler since 6:30. I think I may nap with him before swimming class this afternoon. [yawn]

S's ready for breakfast so off to fully start the day.

<<*Waves to everyone*>>

Hello hello, I hope that you haven't all forgotten me?! smile

Just catching up on September posts (sorry if I missed something amazing from August!)

HT that spider incident is horrible! poor you, how frightening grin I'm envious about the half-marathon, I feel odd not having something to train for, good luck!

HC 8 years old sounds so old when we have such little ones, I can't imagine what I would and wouldn't let my DD do at that age, but you're a super mother and should trust your instinct.

scout I hope that your long trip away is great

I'm amazed so many of you are still BF, well done! Annalise self-weaned nearly a year ago, but I was back at work by then so didn't seem too drastic. Do miss it although not looking forward to the first few months of starting again with a new one and all that discomfort... oh well, won't be forever!

Annalise was 2 yesterday! And I think that I'm very lucky that she's so easy going SO FAR smile Mind boggles as to what she could turn into in the next few months (and years haha).
Pregnancy going ok, now 15.5wks in, scans all ok and planning another home birth. PhD was DONE YAY 2 wks ago (waiting for the exam now) and have just come back from Malta, which was nice but not exactly relaxing as you can all imagine with ours + another toddler causing non-stop monkey mischief smile

iggly how are you doing, nearly due now?

fidelma Thu 29-Sep-11 18:39:20

Hi Calypso Happy birthday to A

I was in labour this time 2 years ago.shock wish I was tonight shock shock

We are having a BBQ tomorrow night as the weather looks good.Then off to Avimore with my Dad for 2 nights such a great holiday for dc grin

I am on a Mums night out for dd1 tonight she is 11 so secondary school next August (now thats scarey. Also makes me feel old!)

DH is snoring really badly which after 11 years of sleep deprivation can make you go a little NUTS!!!!!

Still BF !!!!!!

Hi all

HT-I am trying my best to sort my privacy settings on FB. Nightmare!!

Happy Birthday to Annalise and Connor. Matthew is 2 tomorrow. shock

I too am reliving the events 2 years ago and wish it was now. AF arrived today so no baby this month. Hey ho there is always next month for a July baby like my Emma. smile

Calypso-wow, you are so far on with your pregnancy. Not long until your 20 week scan.

Scout-what happened as I felt sure you would be back home.

fidelma so wish I was BF and so hoping for another baby so I can do it again.

My mum is 70 on Monday then I am 42 on the 8th October.

Big wave to everyone else.


Oh, and managed to embarrass myself at the McMillan coffee afternoon yesterday. Emma won a prize on the tombola and it was a mother and daughter photoshoot experience which had Happy Birthday, love from xxxx on it which was crossed out. Anyhoo, was just saying how disgusting it was bringing that in for children to my friend when a mum came up and said 'I brought that in'. I wanted the ground to swallow me up!


HappyTangerine Fri 30-Sep-11 20:36:32

Very quickly as I have an OU deadline to meet
Happy Birthday A for yesterday and Happy Birthday Connor today
I'll get back on tomorrow to wish Matthew Happy Birthdaysmile

fidelma Fri 30-Sep-11 23:12:10

Happy Birthday Mathew in 45 mins.I hope you all have a special day.grin

Where did the time go?

Scout19075 Sat 01-Oct-11 07:26:38

Happy Birthday to all of the Babies Toddlers. smile

Happy (Wedding) Anniversary to MrScout. grin

HappyTangerine Sat 01-Oct-11 23:57:16

Just in time! Happy Birhday Matthew smile
and Happy Anniversary Scout wine

littlepea72 Sun 02-Oct-11 08:36:26

Happy 2nd birthday to all the little ones grin xx

HappyTangerine Tue 04-Oct-11 21:04:18

Gosh it's quiet on here.
Joseph is 2 tomorrow - this time 2 years ago I was alterating wielding a paintbrush and furiously painting skirting board and doubling over in pain!

I have a funny feeling we won't be going anywhere to celebrate Joe's birthday as he seems to have chickenpox sad. He woke up at 4am with 6 spots on his back, two on his wrist and one on his chest. I was convinced they were flea bites from MILs cat who he was playing with yesterday. Alas not v-we were playing earlier with him just running around in his nappy and more spots on his back were appearing before my eyes (strangely fascinating to watch). So unless it's viral, I think we're looking at the pox. Apart from a cough he's fine in himself (usual mad whirling upside down dervish), we'll just have to see what the morning brings but it looks like hbis big Welsh birthday party is on hold for now. sad He did his first proper somersault today, ever so pleased with himself.

How is everyone else? As I am now fb free, this is the only way I get your news! Big wave to you all.

fidelma Wed 05-Oct-11 07:31:01

happy Birthday Joe. I hope he is OK and that you are armed with calpol,eurax and piriton. XXX

littlepea72 Wed 05-Oct-11 08:37:55

Happy birthday little ones!!! Faith is on Friday, cant believe its going in so quickly.

HC isnt the spots crazy looking! You find yourself looking all the time lol

We have a house in Marchwood!!! We get the keys on the 27th, so its going to be crazy getting it all packed up. I will be doing the packing and removals on my own, which im really used to, but never with 3 kids! Thank goodness I have family about lol. DH will fly over to hand over the house (its called a March out) and then drive us to Southampton. Now I have a fight to get DS1 into a school, want a special needs school.....

Not on FB as much now, mostly to talk to my 2 friends, and games, that is all. Think alot of people are stopping.

Off to get my hair straightened today, its called a Brazialian blow job! Will take 4 hours, but oh man, to have straight hair without having to use hair straighteners every day....happy days lol

Laters xxx

littlepea72 Wed 05-Oct-11 08:38:42

HT I meant to put T instead of C!!!!! LOL

Great news littlepea-am sure it will all go very smoothly. smile

HT-good on you being FB free, it takes over my life. Before FB I could play with my children. wink Sounds like the pox as the spots appear from nowhere. He will be fine though.

Can't believe our babies are 2 already. I want to be able to pick Matthew up forever. smile

Am 42 on Saturday and feel like crying, thought turning 40 was bad enough.

Big wave to all!


fidelma Fri 07-Oct-11 13:45:17

sunshine todaygrin

Connor now get 2 free hours in the playroom at my lovely health club.

So he played with gorgeous staff while I got everything waxed!!!!!!! not the most relaxing but oh so good to be on my own.

dh and I making an effort to spend more time together.Which we both need.We were out together on Wed night and have booked the babysitter every Wed going forward.(also come back to all my ironing donegrin)

Feeling the need for me time.

Potty training has taken a while but been so worth it. If you are thinking about it give it a go.Connor is often dry over night.Although I want him to stay in his cot for a good bit yet.Who is in a big bed?

dc all swimming tonight and I really fancy a chinese takeaway (even though it is pretty rubbish where we live)

Hockey and swimming am early and out with friends for dinner in the evening. A mountain of washing and organising dc. Non stop chat and questions and feeding,until 9am Monday morning.I am very lucky and must enjoy the madness! but you may find me hiding in the bath or on mn!

Happy weekend x

HappyTangerine Fri 07-Oct-11 20:56:14

Happy Birthday Faith grin

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Faith. smile

Oh god have not even thought of potty training shock Matthew got new shoes today as now size 5 1/2 and when he got home he was so excited to show my dad his new shoes. smile



littlepea72 Sat 08-Oct-11 07:47:03

Thank you from Faith smile

Happy Birthday HC

Faith was up most of the night screaming & throwing herself about the floor, she was in alot of pain. She is getting what looks like nappy rash, but its all red, no breaks in the colour, and no lumps or anything. It can be there 1 nappy change & gone the next confused. Nappy cream sent her into fits of screaming....I think Im going to have to get the doctor to look at her.

Hope you are all well, DS1 has to go see the OT this morning, then we are off to Faiths birthday party. DH goes back to England tomorrow, but we move out there in a months time! shock