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April 2010 - Growing and Changing Every Day

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sayitwithme Thu 27-Jan-11 20:29:05

Starting us a new thread so we don't get cut off.

sayitwithme Thu 27-Jan-11 20:31:55

Old thread here

Zeeky Thu 27-Jan-11 22:26:29

Good thinking sayitwithme.

harverina Sat 29-Jan-11 10:51:38

Oh a new thread! Well spotted sayitwithme! smile

Great to hear from you sleepywombat. Your new house sounds wonderful. It sounds as though things have been going well and that Noah is doing great smile. You are sounding really positive. The flights solund like a nightmare. Think we'll be sticking to the UK this year too. We want to buy a new house so need t holiday on a budget!

I am expressing all the time just now. Going away for the weekend next weekend - 2 nights, 6 girls, and uninterrupted sleep! TBH I am stressing a bit about leaving Eilidh but I know I have to leave her at some point overnight and she is in good hands with her Dad. I have expressed 27oz so far. Aiming for 50 but not sure I will manage that. I have to pump pump pump! Oh thinking about it is stressing me out. I'm so worried that I wont have enough. I should have started expressing earlier but I used to get so much in one go so thought that starting 12 days before would be fine but Im only getting 2 oz at a time most of the time, whereas I used to get 5oz easily sad

zeeky, hope sleep has been ok. Eilidh has been up a bit more but she has a cold so I'm hoping its because of that and not another regession!

Hope your having a good weekend smile

Just popping by to say I found you!!! Sleepywombat your house sounds amazing!!!
We are also holidaying in the UK...A £9.50 sun holiday lol ...I also end up packing for me, 2 kids and DP...as well as ironing all the clothes, making sure he has razors, deodrant, enough socks bla bla bla...I honestly don't know what he'd do without me!! And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing haha. Today he made a comment that suggested we shouldn't do housework before leaving the house, we should just concentrate on getting the kids ready and all the stuff we need for the day!! Laziness...he just hasn't got a clue!!!
We are on day/night 3 of sleep training...I've cut out all bottle altogether. Jude has been using a sippy cup in the day, with bottles at night, but I figured if I did the usual and let him have his bedtime milk from a bottle in his cot that he woud fall asleep with, it was defeating the object!! Night 1 was awful...screaming, tears, frustration..3 hours of settling, patting, and shusshing!! Last night was much better..he slept til 3am, would have settled straight back down after 10 mins of patting, but my silly mutt decided to scratch the door for a bowl of water, and run up and down the stairs, disturbing him, which then took me an hour and a half to settle him. DP sleeps with a pillow on his head, so doesn't hear half of the noise...but he does feel the kicks as I clumsily climb into bed!!! grin
Jude's back in our room while I try and cut out the night feeds..mainly for fear of disturbing Makenzi but she seems to sleep through. She's had a cough that was disturbing Jude through the night, so I'm hoping that in a few more days, they will both be able to go back to sleeping in the same room, peacefully!! Hmmmm!!
Oh dear..was only popping on , and I've left a rambling mess!!! I'm offv to finish watching DOI...then punish my darling DP grin by settling down on sofa for a good old 2 hour sob while I watch PS I Love You...thinking if only you were like Gerry, but then looking at him (dp that is!!) and feeling all mushy in love!! wink xxx

Zeeky Mon 31-Jan-11 06:25:16

Good luck with the sleep training Princess. George will now usually sleep through but has been waking between 5 & 6 and will not settle back down, he wants to get up for the day. For the last week I have found being up from 5 or 5.30 each day more knackering than when I was getting up 2 or 3 times a night! Typically, the day when DH says he will get up with G & take him downstairs so that I can get some more sleep, was the day that G slept until 6.45am. Not fair!

Haverina sounds like you are doing a brill job with the expressing. Other than being in hospital for a night when G was born, I have never left either of my boys overnight & DS1 is 3 & half!!! It hasn't been a conscious decision, just that I've never needed to go anywhere that required me to stay overnight without them!

sleepywombat your house sounds gorgeous. glad to hear the reflux has gone, Kacie's has too.

Kacie can do 3 or 4 steps on her own now when she gets her balance right. going to take her to get measured for some cruising shoes tomorrow. i'm quite excited about it, how sad grin

harverina Mon 31-Jan-11 10:11:16

Wow, well done Kacie! I'm very impressed smile. I'd be excited about getting shoes too!
Eilidh slept all night again till 6am. She is doing it more and more so going to start sleep training next weekend if she gets up. Going to try pick up put down I think.
Eilidh just danced to the jeremy kyle tune then waved at jeremy when he came on...time to put the tv off I think?!
I have 30 oz expressed now for my weekend away. Zeeky I think i'll enjoy the weekend away. My in laws are visiting on saturday so they will be able to help my dh a bit!

harverina Mon 31-Jan-11 10:15:50

Meant to say, hope the sleep training is going ok princess smile sounds like you have made progress already. Its hard not to give in!

Bettymum Mon 31-Jan-11 20:21:40

hello all, just marking my spot so I don't lose you all!
Well, Alexander is now onto formula and is not happy about it. My cracken nipples were getting worse and worse, my right boob was getting very red and sore but I didn't have time to go to the doctor because of work, but by Friday afternoon it was agony and I was a shivering fevery wreck. Went to the out of hours doctor on Saturday who confirmed I have mastitis, he prescribed antibiotics and then said "but they'll take a couple of days to kick in, so you'd better get some strong painkillers too." So what with all that in my system, plus the pain, I decided to just stop feeding. He has not taken happily to formula in a cup, but I think he's beginning to get the idea. He still leans in towards me, mouth open, and clamps onto a nose or whatever he can get hold of grin.
Anyway, after three days of the antibiotics, I can lift my arm above my head and can just about stand to touch my boob. I've been trying to express but there's not much there, I don't want it to get engorged so I'll keep trying till it's clear. Top tip to everyone still BFing - don't ignore cracked nipples and hot boobs! Mastitis is horrendous, DH was in a foul mood all weekend because he'd had to look after the children with a hangover since I was too ill to do it. He gets irate when I point out they are his children too wink.

sleepywombat Tue 01-Feb-11 01:01:19

Well done, Kacie! What a grown up girl. Noah can stand alone but only when focused on something (e.g holding & looking at a toy), as soon as he realises he is not holding onto something, he wobbles & falls!

Harverina, that made me laugh so much about Eilidh being a Jeremy Kyle fan! Excellent news about the sleeping & enjoy your time away. I'm scared to leave Noah. He won't settle for dh anymore. The few times dh & I have gone out for dinner & left N with a babysitter (sadly, he's not the sort of child you can take with you, he won't sleep & gets crazy overtired), he has woken shrieking, even when he has slept fine the few nights previous. He probably senses that I'm worried about it before I put him to bed. Last time, the babysitter told me that she'd picked him up & he'd calmed & rested his head on her. Then, he felt her top & felt her nose, realised it wasn't me & went crazy!

Poor you, Bettymum. Hope it gets better soon. I am only bfeeding at night, & not all nights, now. Boobs back to tiny (went from A to DD & back).

Could any of you give me advice about sippy cups? N will drink juice (sitll no water, I'm persevering) out of a basic cheapo one (not fancy tommy tippee one), but will only have milk from a bottle. He either refuses or splutters it everywhere.

Everyone here is scared about the huge 100 km cyclone due to hit tomorrow. Schools & businesses will be shut & the supermarkets are empty with everyone panic buying. Power could be out for several days & water system contaminated. Praying its not as bad as expected.

harverina Tue 01-Feb-11 19:15:28

sleepywombat I personally wouldn't worry too much about noah not taking milk from a sippy cup yet. Just persevere I suppose. I would recommend having the cup around alot with water in it. We did that with eilidh from 4 months. Because it was water it didn't matter that it got spilled, so we let her play with it. Eilidh drinks out of her cup on her own. If I express I still give her bottles. Not sure when we will stop doing that. What are the guidelines? Off bottles by age 1? We are lucky that eilidh will drink pretty much anything out of her cup. She only gets water at meals and at her 2.30pm snack. She has tried juice at toddler group and out of my cup and loves it but I'm scared to start giving it to her in case she then refuses water!
How is the weather now sleepy? Hope you are all safe and well. It must be scary. Have you experienced anything like it before?
bettymum hope your feeling Ok. My left nipple has been a bit sore. Eilidh has bitten it a couple of times but its feeling better now. We are still feeding at 7am, 10.30am, 7pm and occasionally she will feed in the afternoon and during the night. Eilidh has dropped her 2.30pm feed on her own. I'm hoping that by the time I go back to work at the end of april that eilidh will only be feeding morning and night. Is this feasible?
Hope you are all well.

You're joking me??! Jude's just pulled himself up to the sofa, pressed a button on the comp, and deleted my post....TWICE!!!
Right must type quicker!!!
Ok, so Jude actuaslly sleeps through the night now...actually through the night.!! I can't believe it..night 1 and 2 were the longest..and noisiest, night 3 was a quicker time to settle, with a sneaky cuddle in my bed blush, then nights 4 and 5....sleep!! My main concern has always been disturbing dd, but she slept through absolutely fine. smile
sleepy, With dd, I did the same as harverina 's suggessted, in that we constantly left a cup of either water/juice for her to handle pretty much all day, and once she'd mastered that, we gave milk from a cup, and stopped using bottles completely, so she realised she was only getting milk from a cup. Jude wasn't ready as early as Makenzi, but has recently took to a cup a lot better...I first used to try and control the flow by not allowing it to tip too far back into his mouth, and not let him get too much milkin one go, until he figured it out for himself!! I think they are very used to being able to have a continuous steady flow of milk so it can be a shock!!He's ok now with a cup, but I don't think you should feel pressured into omething, and you have plenty of time yet for Noah to get used to it by himself Hope everything goes ok with the cyclone xx
So it's my first midwife app this morning. I took dd and jude to stay n play yesterday, and one mum kind of lucky guessed I was pregnant, and another lady couldn't believe how big Jude had got, and remarkde, 'That's not your baby?!@, to which my 3 year old happily replied , 'We're having 2 babies now.' !!! She then replied with, 'Ooh, I hope not. Not yet.' I think I kind of muttered something along the lines of it being a bit late. Poor woman didn't know where to put herself when she asked if I was actually pregnant then, and replied with, 'Oh well. Never mind, at least you can get it all over with while they're all young!!' DP seems to think she just felt like she'd put her foot in it, and didn't mean anything harsh by it all, and to be fair she is a nice friendly woman in general..but I just couldn't help feeling hurt for my lil bumpy flump. He's very much wanted, and so much not an accident, or a mistake, or a night of forgetfullness, or a sigh, and I just know that as more people realise I'm pregnant, more people will think that. On the flip side, when he gets here, he will be showered with hugs and kisses and attention, so it won't matter by then. grin xxx

I'm very sorry for all the mistakes...I really was trying to type as fast as I could...and I'm not that good at it!!!!! grin

ilovesprouts Wed 02-Feb-11 09:07:31

hi ladies just marking my place

Zeeky Wed 02-Feb-11 09:20:46

princess well done with the sleep training!! It's amazing when they start sleeping through & then you start thinking maybe you should have done sleep training earlier!!?? George slept until 7 this morning which was fab. He had been waking between 5 & 6 most days bur yesterday when he woke at 5.30am & wouldn't be settled we had to leave him to cry. After 5mins he went back to sleep until 7.

Princess try to ignore all the tactless comments from people - it's really none of their business. It amazes me why people think they have the right to comment on or question women about their babies/fertility etc as it can be a very sensitive topic. It took us 15mths to conceive ds1 & we'd been married for 4yrs by that time, & we were constantly being asked when we were going to start a family. After lots of smiling & making jokes about it, dh finally snapped & blurted out to a nosy aunt that actually he had a low sperm count so we were having problems conceiving. I've never seen my aunty so gobsmacked grin!

George's days of being bf are numbered. He bit me on Monday evening & drew blood shock. I'd tried him with some formula for a cup but he didn't seem to want it so thought i'd try him with the boob. He opened his mouth for it & then bit down hard & let go. He obviously just didn't want any but got scared when I screamed & yelled at him! He's now just having a bf in the morning. He has his formula from the same style cup that ds1 still has his milk in - one with a straw. I was amazed at how easily he grasped how to suck the straw as I thought he was too young, but he's obviously been watching big brother carefully!

Mistymoo Wed 02-Feb-11 19:42:00

Princess you kept saying "he" in your post. Do you know you are having another boy?

Sleepy I hope that the weather doesn't get too bad for you.

J is so close to walking. He cruises round the furniture at great speed and stands unaided for quite long periods of time. He tried to walk to me today but only took one step as he lunged forward to me.

His latest tricks involve cuddling me when I ask for cuddles (however when anyone else asks for them he looks for me to give them to me grin). He will also hand me things when I ask him for them, even a rich tea biscuit which is a great sacrifice!

sayitwithme Thu 03-Feb-11 11:00:12

Glad you're all finding the new thread OK.

Princess, I must follow your lead as it sounds like you've had success with sleep training. DS has started waking TWICE now in the night (1am and 5am) and I've just been giving milk in a bottle as it's the only thing to send him back to sleep but I'm knackered and I know it's a cycle I have to break. I think I'm going to start trying this weekend. So, I'll start by offering milk in a tippee cup (he's good at taking water in one during the day) and then maybe start gradually replacing the milk with water over time. Do you have any other pointers? I'd be grateful to hear them.

Sayitwithme, it's been the best thing I've done. That was the reason I started, and he had started to want milk an hour after going to bed as well, so it was 2-3 times a night, plus stirring as well. I knew it was going to give me a few long and tiring nights, but would be so much better in the long run. He hardly wakes at all now, and usually only needs me to pop his dummy in and give him his elephant comforter if he is crying, rather than the continuous patting.
I started out by replacing one nightime bottle of milk with a bottle of warm water, which he always drank, and giving all daytime drinks (milk/water) in a sippy cup. The night of the training, I gave him his milk from a cup downstairs,and then took him upstairs to bed, rather than let him drink it in his room from a bottle. He has always gone down for any naps awake, without milk, so I knew he was able to fall asleep by himself. He woke after an hour as usual, but I stayed by him, patting him, then just leaving my hand on him until he cried when I would pat agin. I did pick him up while he was crying, but not hysterical, but that actually made him really frustrated when I put him back down, so i only cuddled him when he became really angry and frustrated, putting him back down when he had calmed. I found he coped with that better. I always remember that the Baby Whisperer always said that they would stop crying and calm down, but would more than likely start up again before falling asleep, so be prepared for more tears until they had properly calmed down..I looked at it in stages, so I was always prepared for a next batch of tears until he felt that he was fine and was calm enough to fall asleep.
It is hard, it's hard to remember that you're doing a good thing, but one thing that kept me going was to keep thinking that if I gave in because I felt bad, it was so much unkinder to Jude, and that I had just made him angry/upset/confused for absolutely no reason, and that was unkinder to him to make him get that upset only to give him what he was screaming for 45 mins later. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you...and sorry for a long post!!! Hope it helps you. I started last Friday, and a week later I am getting so much more sleep, I feel loads better, and I have a baby that actually sleeps through the night..I wish I'd done it earlier!! xx

sayitwithme Fri 04-Feb-11 13:25:29

Thanks Princess. I was going to start tonight but DH is now going on a bender out for some drinks with friends so I'll not only be handling all night duties but will also be without support in the morning so I think I'll leave it til Saturday night.

The problem I have is that when he wakes, DS is not really that upset, just either chatty or whingey. So I don't really know how to handle that. I've been lying in bed listening to it for a bit recently before going in, in the hope that he'll go back off to sleep again by himself but he gets so loud and shouty that I end up going in and giving him the milk to keep him quiet and send him back off to sleep again. Last night, he did two 6oz bottles, one at 1am and the other at 5am. Could he be going through a growth spurt??

So I haven't quite decided on a strategy yet but it will involve replacing milk with water at some point and maybe trying to give it to him in a cup instead of a bottle. He did use to have a dummy but I took it away around Christmas because I thought he might be waking up to find it (creating the problem it solves) so I'm wondering if these bottles are providing the comfort instead of the dummy. So maybe the cups will help to put a stop to that. Oh, it's all a minefield isn't it?

harverina Sun 06-Feb-11 18:46:52

Hi everyone!

Just home from my weekend away. Had a fab time! I'm tired tonight though smile - so much for getting more sleep than usual. Didn't get into bed till 5.30am on Friday night/Saturday morning blush I missed Eilidh lots but I was ok and really enjoyed relaxing. I was desperate to get home today and kiss her chubby cheeks! I had to express over the weekend which was a bit of a pain but I only expressed in the morning and evening for ten minutes each boob, so not too bad.

Eiidh was really good all weekend. She went to bed oth nights after her porridge, without milk, and has done the same again tonight. Not sure how to deal with this as feel she may waken hungry...do you think that I should try and give her a breatfeed before her bath from now on?? Advice would be great!

Princess well done with the sleep training. You must be feeling better getting more sleep, especially being in the first trimester of pregnancy.

We were thinking about starting training but Eilidh is still sleeping through about 80% of the time confused. Think I will try offering water during the night if she does waken..good tip Princess, I hadn't thought about warming to water.

Sayitwithme, is your DS still drinking/eating as much during the day when he is having the two bottles during the night? If so it may be a growth spurt. If it is a growth spurt then it might be better to wait to start sleep training as it can take alot longer. Although it might just be that he is getting bigger and hungrier? E gets 4 meals plus an afternoon snack now during the day plus 3 milk feeds! What is your routine?

Hope you are all well. We have just ordered a chinese takeaway smile. Eilidh went to bed at 6.30pm, mega early! So we re making the most of a quiet night.

sayitwithme Mon 07-Feb-11 21:38:40

Glad to hear you had a good time haverina. DH and I have a weekend away on our own coming up, which I'm really looking forward to.

So, tonight will be night 3 of sleep training.

First night: Offered him a tippee of milk at bedtime, only took an ounce at best. Woke around midnight. Offered him a tippee cup of water. Big temper tantrum but with a bit of shushing and patting, he went back to sleep. Woke again around 2am. Did the same, offered water. Didn't have as much of an issue with it but then took 1.5 hours to go back to sleep. In and out of his room at increasing time intervals, shushing and patting. Slept then until 6.30. Gave a bottle of milk around 7am and he had about 4oz.

Second night: Offered him a tippee of milk at bedtime but again only had around an ounce. Stirred around midnight but settled himself back to sleep. Didn't wake then until 3.30. Offered a tippee of water, bit of a tantrum again. Then took 1.5 hours to settle after much shushing and patting from me and DH. DH also administered dose of Calpol as he was chomping furiously on his comforters whilst crying. Offered him a tippee of milk around 7am and he turned his nose up at it. Proceeded to demolish a weetabix (made with formula), a fromage frais, a fruit pot and around a finger of toast for breakfast.

He does seem to have a healthy appetite in the daytime. DH is wondering whether to reinstate the dream feed but I'm reluctant as I see it as a step back. And also, i would like him to learn that food comes during the day and not during the night. He's not a big fan of milk during the day so the only forumla I manage to get inside him is the little he takes before bed and on waking and the 4oz I manage to sneak into his breakfast.

haverina - how do you manage to fit in four meals? We do breakfast at 8am, lunch between 11.30 and 12, snack after nap, around 2.30, 3, and dinner at 5. Milk is offered at 7am and 7pm.

Fingers crossed for tonight. Feedback appreciated!

Hi sayitwithme...Just quickly wanted to say Jude hardly has any milk in the day either. He has milk with his 2 weetabix for breakfast, most morrnings he will take 4 ozs from a cup just before I give his breakfast, but if I offer it after his breakast he will take about an ounce, if any. He has milk before bed, anything from 5-10 ozs...and during the day most days he will take none, some days he will, but in honesty that's very rare these days, as he has juice/water throughout the day. To compensate I just offer dairy foods like cheese/yoghurt more often. I agree with you about offering a dream feed, but it's your choice. I hope tonight goes well for you xx
Harverina..I do feel loads better...but have now suddenly gone back to my old bad habits of waking in the early hours, not being able to go back to sleep for at least an hour and half, and then struggling with the early mornings!! Think I need some sleep training of my own grin xx

sayitwithme Tue 08-Feb-11 13:44:35

So, night 3 went as follows: offered milk from a tippee at bed, had about an ounce. Went straight to sleep and didn't hear another peep at all until 3.30. He woke up just chatting, with the occasional whinge so I left him to it until around 4.10 when he started complaining quite loudly. Went in with water in a tippee, put him back in his cot complaining, and did a bit of shushing and patting until he calmed down and then left the room. He continued to whinge/chat for another 30 minutes before going back to sleep until around 6.30. Gave him milk at 7am, he had about 4oz.

So not too bad I think. It feels like it's improving gradually with each night. Thanks for your feedback princess - good to know like-minds are out there, as well as like-babies! Hope your sleeping improves. S*ds law, isn't it?! Just as baby starts to behave, Mum can no longer sleep properly. It's happened to a friend of mine who, after months of co-sleeping and sleep issues with her baby, he's finally slept through the other night and she lay awake until 5am! <eyes rolling to the sky emoticon>

harverina Tue 08-Feb-11 22:29:36

sayitwithme this is our rough routine...
6/7am breastfeed
8/9am porridge and fruit
10/10.30am breastfeed
12ish lunch
2.30pm snack and I offer breast but dd rarely accepts now unless she hasn't napped well and is tired
5ish tea
6.45pm ish supper
7pm ish breastfeed, although increasingly dd is refusing this or taking a very small feed.
The quantity of milk she takes at 6am depends on whether or not she has fed during the night. The times of breakfast vary depending on when eilidh wakens. I don't ever waken her, we let her waken when she wants. Sounds like you have made progress pretty quickly, well done!
princess sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. Have you tried a warm bubble bath before bed? I find this helps me. How many weeks are you now? Hope your ok smile
So, a developmental update...eilidh is waving on cue, standing up, hiding behind her hands when I say "where's eilidh", playing peek a boo using the living room curtains, trying to cruise...so much all in a week or so! I'm a very prove mumnw when she waves bye bye! She still doesn't clap her hands though!
Hope you are all well. I'm still tired from my weekend away! Self inflicted! grin
Have some feeding worries...eilidh hasn't been interested in a bedtime breastfeed this week and I'm a bit worried as she has also dropped her 2.30pm feed...although by the sounds of it she isn't the my one not wanting as much milk so maybe I should relax! As she is allergic to milk I worry that she won't get enough calcium though.
Hope you are all well.

harverina Tue 08-Feb-11 22:42:29

That was supposed to say proud mummy sorry! I must start previewing!
While I am back on, sleepy hope you and your family are safe and well and that your house is Ok???

Zeeky Wed 09-Feb-11 09:30:37

Hi all!

Good to hear of the progress with sleep training everyone. George is still pretty good at night since we did the sleep training. He still sometimes wakes too early (5 this morning!) but we just go in to check he's ok & then leave him & he settles after a minute or two of crying.

I've stopped bf'ing. After the biting incident last week he was down to only having a bf in the morning. I was clinging on to this feed a little as was sad to be losing the closeness of bf'ing. But on Sat DH got up with the boys & gave G a cup if formula which he downed! He now takes about 5-7oz at 7ish, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, 5-7oz formula after nap at 3.30ish, tea at 5, anything from 1 to 7oz of formula before bed. He usually is not bothered with much milk before bed as is too tired & full from an enormous tea, but last night had about 6 oz! He seems to love having the formula from his straw cup as he can now watch telly or whatever big brother is doing at the same time as having milk which he couldn't do with bf'ing!

Since he started on the formula though he's not eating quite as much at breakfast, so I think he was only getting a tiny bit of breast milk.

It feels weird to be back to wearing normal bras. Boobies have shrunk back to the usual A cup from a DD shock. On a mission now to get back into shape. Not got the excuse of bf'ing now to eat rubbish & not exercise. Also got my brother's wedding in July & don't want to look like a heffalump!

Bettymum Wed 09-Feb-11 10:28:23

Zeeky I've completely stopped the BF now too, took me 6 days of taking the antibiotics to start feeling better, but I'm OK now. I miss it too, but Alexander is now seemingly happy with his sippy cup of milk at bedtime and when he wakes in the morning, so I guess I'm happy too. I've been trying my old bras on, only one seems to fit, I think I'll wait a week or two and go and get measured. In our new office we have a gym, I'm trying to go as often as possible at lunchtimes to try and get back into shape too. I hate looking at my wobbly tum.
Sleepy hope you are all OK, how was the storm? I heard about it on the radio but I didn't see any pictures.
sayitwithme this is our routine, in case it's any help:
6.30 - wake and about half a sippy cup of formula
7.00 - sits in highchair and has a couple of rice cakes and maybe a few more sips of milk while I eat breakfast
8.30 - cereal and toast at nursery. Water
12.00 - lunch at nursery - usually a hot meal and pudding. Water to drink
4.30 - tea at nursery - usually more of a sandwich-y type meal and pudding. Water
6.00 - may try and nick a bit of DD's biscuit if she's having a snack after nursery
7.00 - usually most of a cup of formula (about 4 or 5 oz)
And then we follow pretty much the same routine at the weekends. I try and give him plenty of yoghurts, and normally at least one meal with cheese or a cheese sauce of some kind. He is eating like a maniac at the moment, but he's pretty active now so I guess he's burning it off! He has a lovely chubby bottom though .

sleepywombat Wed 09-Feb-11 12:18:40

Really interested to read your routines, here is Noah's:

7.00 3 course breakfast(!) - raisin toast, porridge & fruit (melon is his favourite)
10.30 7 - 8 oz formula
12.00 lunch (hot meal & yoghurt) & water
2.30/3.00 Sometimes breastfeed, but like Eilidh, only interested if tired.
3.30 snack - rice cakes/toast/rusk etc
5.00 supper (hot meal & fruit) & water
6.45 7 oz formula before bed

His naps are around 9am & 1.30pm. He usually still as a bfeed at 4.30 am. I have tried dropping it, but he just plays rather than going back to sleep & is thus completely knackered to start the day! I guess I'll have to try to give it up soon, but at the moment I don't really mind - so much better than the old days (up for hours rocking a screaming N every night)!

He is now drinking water but not very much - as soon as it is a hot day I have to revert to juice otherwise he sweats too much & gets constipated.

No luck with the sippy cup for milk yet - I think he is so used to a bottle that he sucks too hard & it goes everywhere & he chokes. He still won't drink out of the Tommy Tippee 'slow flow' cup - it is really bulky & also blue so he can't see the milk. Has anybody tried the Avent spouts that you can use to transform a bottle into a sippy cup? I was wondering if that might work.

Harverina, dh & I just think Eilidh covering her eyes when you say 'where's Eilidh?' is sooooooooo cute!!! I think this is such a fun age, so much going on/happening. Noah is so much happier now he can crawl & explore.
He suddenly started clapping the day before yesterday & does it lots, not just when I am singing (to try to distract him at lunch when he is getting impatient for more food).
He also does this funny dance whenever he hears music - sort of bouncing on the spot & moving his arms up & down!
Oh yes, and finally a tooth has arrived!!!

I would upload a recent photo but since the cyclone our internet has been very slow. The cyclone was v scary & noisy - we taped up all the windows & huddled together in the bathroom. We were v lucky though because the eye passed further south than expected so although our area was a mess, there were no roofs off or anything. We had no power or phone reception for 4 days & car broke down so we were housebound & living in sweaty heaps on cans of chickpeas but all ok, apart from a few trees down, now! Bloomin global warming.

Princess, when is your next one due? Any name ideas? I always wanted to have a small gap between children but now want to wait quite a while. Had such a hard time with the colic, reflux, non-sleep, am only really just starting to enjoy motherhood!

Zeeky, I actually like having my tiny boobs back - so much more comfortable running & sleeping on ones tummy!

sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 13:25:53

Sounds like you've had a rough time weather-wise sleepy but glad to hear things have settled down again now.

And I'm slightly jealous reading all the updates on progress. We still have no teeth although his gums look so white and bulgy, we have no clapping, no moving, no waving, no peepo... But he does like us to play peepo with him. And he does like to make our hands clap and bang on the table (by holding our fingers). And I think he's trying to give kisses - it's a sort of open-mouthed slow approach to someone's face whilst saying "aaaaahhhhh", which is really cute. His sister is mainly the lucky recipient so far.

Last night, things didn't go too smoothly. He seemed to be quite unsettled, crying out the odd time, coughing a bit, between the hours of 1am and 6am but I only had to go in to settle just the once and discovered he'd done a poo. That was at 3.15 ish. But as he was making noises for most of the night, I couldn't sleep too well so I'm shattered today. Was hoping to catch up this lunchtime but the sneaky little blighter had two catnaps in the car this morning and is now not tired. angry We've got to go out again at 2.30 so no chance of having a kip this afternoon either. Never mind.

haverina, you mentioned that my progress seemed to have happened pretty quickly. That gives me some comfort as I was starting to think if he wasn't sleeping through after 3 nights of training, he never would. How long has it taken with everyone else?

Sleepy..glad you're ok and things have settled down again. I can't imagine anything like that, and feel very lucky that we've never worried about our roofs coming off.
I'm due 7th Sept...so am 10 weeks today. I have my first scan on 25th Feb. I was going to take dd, as she mentioned the other day to my mum on a doctors appointment with Jude that she used to go to the doctors with us, so i thought it would be a special time, but on our letter it says children are not permitted, so won't be doing that!!
Namewise,I think most likely for a boy will be Sonny..although we do have other names floating around. Sonny's always been a name of discussion..Jude was ahead in the stakes lol. Also, Makenzi-Shei seems to remember that name, so she used to call the bump Sunshine, until she remembered it was actually Sonny, so now she says she'd like a brother called Sonny so Jude had a friend to play with. smile Girls names are much more varied and less favoured...our list so far is Paisley, Piper, Eliot, Oaklee, Amelia, Devon, Lexie, Tayla and Kennedy!!!!! My trouble is I haven't got a girls name that jumps out at me the same way that dd's name always did (I chose her name wayyyyy back lol), or that has always been at the top of any choices we have spoke about..like Jude or Sonny as a name. I actually quite like the name Aiden as well...and for the first time in 3 pregnancies, and endless conversations, dp actually came up with TWO choices...Lexie and Ashlee for a girl...I'm not sure about Lexie, and I have a nephew called Ashley so that's a no go!! You know third time round and this is proving to be the hardest!!!!! grin (PS you don't have to pretend to like my names lol...most people don't! wink) Still, I have another 30 weeks or so...so time is still on my side!!
Right...I have a feeling this is going to be a long post..so will leave you all in peace..but before I do, boobwise..I'm looking forward to having a pregnancy boob spurt all over again...goodness me, what I've actually got left post breast feeds have gone shapeless...I've never seen saggy grapes before!!!

sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 21:27:55

princess, FWIW, and if it helps your DP's case, Lexie is my favourite. Friends of ours have a little girl by that name and I think it's beautiful. And Amelia I really like too. That was on our list for DD.


sayitwithme Wed 09-Feb-11 21:28:26

Oh and I forgot to say, I really like Sonny for a boy too - good choice!

sleepywombat Wed 09-Feb-11 23:35:11

Princess, I like your names more than some of the pretentious ones mners suggest on the baby name topic! I think Devon & Ashley are really nice for girls. Kennedy is good too, but maybe a bit too like Makenzi?
Have always liked Sonny. My best friend in England was going to call hers that, but in the end had a girl called Anna!

Sayitwithme, as everyone is always saying to me 'they develop at different rates'! I always felt N was a bit of a late developer but just seems to have caught up in the last couple of weeks. His tooth isn't even a tooth yet, just a little sharp milimetre, can't believe how long its taking & how many more he has to go!
Sleep training took about 4 nights (& days) of sheer hell for us & then I've had to do it again several times after holidays, illness etc & he's still waking up 1+ times a night! So, in other words, you are doing well!

Can't believe our babies are nearly one, time has just flown by.

harverina Thu 10-Feb-11 22:47:02

Oh sayitwithme sounds like your having a hard time. Hope you get some sleep tonight. We have tried controlled crying and it just wasn't for us. People told me I'm too soft and I disagreed but I only lasted 27 minutes doing it! But it does seem to work and as sleepy says, every baby is different. I've read about babies who take a couple of nights to respond to it and others that take up to a week, so I wouldn't worry.
princess I love the names Lexi and Amelia for a girl and I like Aiden for a boy. I'm not keen on Paisley, but only because its a town in scotland not too far from me and its not my favourite place!
sleepy I love the name Anna. Eilidh was almost Anna! It was my top name for ages. We wanted a scottish name, and there weren't many girls scottish names that I liked. Glad to hear that your Ok. The weather must've been really scary. I get nervous at a little thunder blush!
Eilidh's top teeth are giving her bother. She has a big white lump and is constantly biting down on her poor wee fingers. Its really unsettling her. Hoping it will break through the gum soon! Eilidh keeps doing little cries during the night. My hear sinks but she often goes back to sleep.
I am very excited to report that I started my breastfeeding peer supporter training this week! Its a 12 week course. Eilidh came with me and stole a dummy from another baby and began sucking it even though she's never had a dummy! So funny!
I have a weaning query...when you give your dc's fruit do you just chop it up and let them eat it or do you still mash it?
Hope you are all well smile. I! Going to see a childminder tomorrow in time for going back to work sad. Dreading it!

sayitwithme Sat 12-Feb-11 14:02:01

Thanks for the words of encouragement, sleepy and haverina. I can gladly report an improvement! I haven't had to get up to settle now for two nights on the trot grin but he hasn't slept through soundly yet. When he's woken up over the past two nights, it's usually been for a brief babble though and he's settled himself back off to sleep so MUCH better for all concerned, esp. moi. <breathing huge sigh of relief and mopping brow emoticon>

So now we're tackling potty training with DD. <grimace> Please send us your psychic waves of support!

Oooo, just spotted this: brew. What a good idea.

<signs off to put the kettle on>

harverina Sun 13-Feb-11 13:17:29

Glad to hear that things are a bit better sayitwithme. Its amazing how much better you can feel with some extra sleep. I think even being able to have 5 hours in a block after I go to bed makes a huge difference. E has been up during the night for the past two nights but I think its due to her teeth. Her top gums are swollen and lumpy and are really giving her bother sad.

I'm afraid I don't have any advice about potty training, other than to be sure that your DD is ready - what age is she?

Oh and I too am also away to have a nice brew

I did pour myself a glass of wine last night as my DH and I had our valentines meal, but I was feeling miserable so didn't drink it. Have a bit of a sore throat etc, nothing major!

We are looking for childcare at the moment. Does anyone use a childminder? I visited one recommended to me this week and I think I like her but she has 2 cats...would this be an issue for any of you?

Taking Eilidh swimming this afternoon so better run.

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks for the names opinions..it's always nice to hear first reactions...although it can be better behind a screen lol..my cousin has no shame in making her fullest and truest opinions known..facial screw up and all. It can be a lil disheartening if it's a favoured name!!
sleepy, I agree with Kennedy sounding like Makenzi x
sayitwithme, hope your run of sleeps has continued.
harverina I think Jude is having same trouble with his top teeth as well. That ad seperation anxiety!!!! I can't even look like i'm about to head for the door, let alone go through it..he does this really cute/sad dramatic acting of lying his head on floor while he's crying, so it just makes you feel so bad for him! Mornings are worse..obviously I bring him down, then make milk for him to drink and his breakfast, dd's breakfast,and he hates it. Sometimes I think he's a lot worse than what Makenzi wsa, but I was in a totally different routine with her as a baby..the house was always tidy when I got up, and stayed tidy so i had less to do throughout the day so it just feels like it's worse when in fact it's just cuz I have less time to sit and 'play'. My lil drama queen..I think he's taking lessons off his big sis wink
I don't use a childminder, but I wouldn't be able to leave any of my 2 with someone who had cats as I'm allergic to them, but other than that, petwise, or rather dogwise, I would be ok with pets as long as I had the chance to see them in their environment,have a nosey at their temperament, where they were allowed to go, and where was off limits, and general cleanliness blush I'm an animal lover, was brought up with dogs,and have a pooch of my own (It's her birthday today too!!) My mum had no qualms in letting her dogs drink from her cup, but it makes me cringe,so purely for that reason I would just be making a mental note!! Sorry if any of you have just threw up at that point!!confused Maybe this is of no help to you at all. blush Yeah, I don't think I'm being much help..I'm feeling a lil rambly and confused...I can blame it on my hormones ...for now, so really need to think of a new excuse in about 7 months time grin
We are going away in March..and I'm really looking forward to going in the pool with both the kids...we took Makenzi to Spain when she was about 18 months old, and she loved the water! She would take a run up and jump into the pool so her daddy would catch her..soo cute. Right I am gonna go now, before I confuse you all ..or just annoy you! wink x

flybynight Wed 16-Feb-11 19:24:42

Gosh hello (waves!)Haven't hada achance to look at this thread since Flora was about 4 weeks old. She's not really crawling yet - her legs get caught behind her - and I suspect she will be a bumshuffler. She eats us out of house and home though.

I'm loving having just one baby at home whilst the big 3 are at school. So much easier to concentrate and take it all in. I don't want to rush a single minute this time. Not like having 3 under 3 at all!

sayitwithme Thu 17-Feb-11 13:01:04

haverina re childminders... My DD goes to a CM and it really works for her. We tried her in a nursery first and she hated it. Of course, there are pros and cons to each, for example, with a CM, you have the uncertainty of what to do with your child during CM holidays/sickness, etc. But I really rate mine and we get around the holiday issue by booking ours at the same time. DD loves it so much, she sometimes asks to go there when it's not her day! Some people would have a problem with that but I'd much rather my children loved it there than have to leave them every day screaming and crying at my ankles, begging me not to leave. sad

WRT pets, personally, I think it's lovely if they have animals. Of course, I also agree with princess in that allergies would be an issue and also to make sure you're not concerned about the animal's temperament around kids or the CM's standard of hygiene with their pets. We have a cat at home and the kids love him and he loves them. We teach them how to behave around him so as not to upset him and I believe they're learning a good lesson and that it will also help them not to develop any anxieties/fears/phobias about animals. There we are, CMs according to sayitwithme! grin

Run of sleeps not going too badly although have had to go into DS last two nights to settle him around 4am as he's woken up a bit upset. But all I've been doing is changing his waterballoon nappy and giving him a drink of water. Seems to work OK <touch wood emoticon>.

Potty training with DD is going really well too <touch wood emoticon again!>. She had two accidents on the first day, one accident on the second, nothing on the third, one on the fourth, nothing on the fifth and then one yesterday. And all wee accidents, thankfully. I'm dead proud of her. grin haverina, she'll be 3 in April and she'll be going to pre-school in September so I thought she should probably be in knickers well before then. But judging by our results so far, it seems she was probably ready anyway <phew emoticon>! Hope you're feeling better, BTW. I think we're all suffering a bit with colds at the moment too. Just popped a couple of Sinutab and starting to feel the fug lifting a bit. smile

sayitwithme Thu 17-Feb-11 13:04:00

Sorry... Hello flybynight! I wasn't on this thread the last time you posted so it's nice to meet you. smile

harverina Thu 17-Feb-11 21:37:45

Hi everyone...hello flybynight, nice to meet you grin

Thanks for the advice sayitwithme and princess...*sayitwithme*, I think that you are right about the cats, and thank you for the very sensible persepecive, it really helped - I actually love animals and grew up with cats and dogs so I'm not too sure why I was concerned. I suppose I just want everything to be perfect, but have to be realistic and realise that no CM or nursery will be perfect. My DH and I went to visit the same CM tonight and we both like her. She is the only CM that we have seen though - mainly because she has been the only one recommended to us - so we are going to call a couple more, even just for comparison...does that sound silly? Eilidh has allergies to milk and egg so I'm worried about animal allergies, but she is around dog hair alot as I have relatives with dogs, and so far she has been fine.

Are any of you going back to work soon? I am going back at the end of April - have not had a response from my work about my request to work part time but I am assuming it will be allowed. If its not I don't know what I'll do...I suppose I may have to consider quitting, which we cannot afford (we can't really afford me going part time as it is!), but I am not willing to go back full time yet.

Sayitwithme, sounds like sleep and potty training are going well...well done! smile

Eilidh's sleep has been ok - ok one night, then up the next and so on. Its bearable though. I ended up getting a cough and cold so I'm tired this week.

I have started breastfeeding peer support training, which I am enjoying smile

We are getting close to first birthdays shock...anyone have any plans? I think that we are just going to go out for lunch with Eilidh and her grandparents. We were going to have a little birthday tea but we are still in our small flat so don't have alot of room.

harverina Thu 17-Feb-11 21:41:34

Oops didn't mean to post, hadn't finished...

sayitwithme, hope your feeling better.

princess, I enjoy reading your posts, they are not annoying or rambly at all! Hope your feeling ok and getting plenty of rest. The first trimester can be hard. How is the teething? E still has a huge lump at her top gum and is really suffering with it, fingers crossed it'll be through soon, poor baby sad

sayitwithme Fri 18-Feb-11 21:02:02

haverina, no not silly at all! Always sensible to get a comparison if you have nothing else to use as a benchmark.

I too am back to work in April sad. I asked to return part time and they said no at first but I contested it and thankfully they have now approved it. I originally asked after having DD but they couldn't approve it at that time because of the economic climate so I had to go back full time. I would have left if I wasn't intending to have another but as we were planning to have a second not too long after the first, I stayed on so as not to lose the really good maternity benefits at my company. If they'd said no this time round, and not changed their minds, I would have found another job for sure. Good luck with your application haverina - make sure you chase up that response just in case it isn't favourable. You'll need the time to work out a plan B. smile

And first birthdays! You and I must be quite tuned into each others thinking at the moment. I'm having a real dilemma. As DS is 1 around the same time DD is 3, I was pondering over a joint party. As DD missed out on any sort of celebration last year because of the arrival of DS, I wanted to give her quite a good party this year but it seems unfair to share that with DS as DD never had a big first birthday bash...! confused And then there's the politics of party bags, etc. So now I'm starting to think just have a small family meal for DS (like we did with DD) and then have a little party for DD at home with a few close friends. I was trying to avoid the "at home" option because I'm a bit of a control freak and the thought of a hadnful of small toddlers running around the house with food and drink in their hands and emptying out every toy box in the area kinda fills me with dread... blush

Anyway, I might sign off for a bit now to watch Eastenders and One Born Every Minute on the web. And enjoy one of these wine. It is Friday night after all and DH is out with a friend so why not. grin

Finally Jude has two top teeth just cutting through the gum. At last, I think the screaming and grumpiness may be starting to settle down.....either that or he's gonna take after his daddy!!! wink
It really is awful isn't it Harverina..Jude had two white lumps for a few days, and he has suffered so much more than dd did. Yesterday his cheeks were red raw, and he kept leaving strings of dribble from his mouth to my shoulder that were like lil chains of attachment from me to him!! Today he seems to be so much more content, o I'm hoping it continues when he wakes from his nap in a couple of hours.
I have afeeling this may be a long post, so I am just prewarning you all lol
Ok, I normally have dinner round my mum's on a Sunday, we take it in turns to buy dinner, as somehow it feels a bit unfair that she has to buy for 4 extra mouths each week, when it is her on her own usually! DP had a drink (or a lot!!!) yesterday/last night!! He went out at 11am to see his brother, telling me he wanted to spend the afternoon with us so would be back in a couple of hours, came back at 3, saying my brother had text him to see if he wanted a drink, so I obviously said of course. (I'm not quite in the routine of dictating and disciplining him....YET!!!!) He stupidly had the idea that my brother would have a couple of drinks, then go home and get changed for the nighttime, so at that point DP said he would leave him to it and come home....only my brother was out for the night, so DP ended up home at 11pm...I have had no guilt in telling him that I've been alone for a full 24 hours, as he didn't clamber out of bed til 11 this morning hehe grin I actually went to bed at 9.15 with a new book, (that I couldn't quite get past the prologue), I only went to bed so early cuz I knew he would annoy me just by talking to me in his drunken state blush. He thinks his jokes are funny!! He's suffering today We are staying in, much to DD's disappointment, but DP has now popped out to get ice cream and butterscotch wafers for pud...he always feels the need to buy me goodies after a night out, which I absolutely LOVE!!! Think it may be another long soak, and then a snuggle on sofa whilst watching chickflick of my choice
Harverina, I'm generally not too bad, but yeaterday was the first day after about 3 days that I managed to shift a headache and sickness. I suffer with migraines, and my hands always feel numb, and my coordination kind of feels a bit wobbly, and that was how I was feeling, so think it may hae been a milder migraine..I dropped a toy chair I was trying to put on the floor for Jude to play with and it landed on his foot, I felt so guilty I cried before Jude did. He was ok, no marks left, but I just felt terrible!! He has had so many bumps to his head, he pulls himself up with ease now, and walks the length of the sofa easily too, and he is starting to crawl on his hands and knees a lot more, rather than on his belly, so he sometimes forgets coordination and falls to the side, but each time he does it I just worry about his head. Makenzi was spinning around like a ballerina yesterday, lost her balance and bumped heads with Jude who was playing happily on the floor Many tears, ringing ears and cold compresses later and all was ok again! Do any of you worry about the bumps? Everything seemed to be so much calmer when DD was a baby.
Birthday wise, I'm not too sure what to do yet. I love having all the family kids around, (not my house..my mum's!! I too hate having the olderkids ransack all the toyboxes!!)and generally they are all 4 and under, but I feel there is a massive difference in the way 5year olds and unedr play, and then the older ones..I invited a friend off DD's for her 3rd birthday, and that invite got extended to brother's/sister's, plus older kids from my friend, and step children from family, and it was mayhem!! The older kids were playfighting on the bouncy castle, and it was quite hard to maintain order, without looking like a meanie. I definitely don't want that at a first birthday!! We have such a big family that I don't want to exclude anyone. My cousin held her daughter's first birthday at a soft play centre, we had an hour for the kids to play, then half hour for the kids to eat. That worked ok so is worth a thought, but I may just do a birthday tea...no party games as such, just something for the kids to enjoy.
This is bit random, but DD has asked me to put some smiley faces up that she can see on the right...so these are for Makenzi!!!
grin smile angry biscuit brew blush confused hmm

Mistymoo Sun 20-Feb-11 22:41:31

Hi everyone. We now have a walker - finally clicked on Tuesday and now he walks the full length of the room regularly. He is not even 10 mths until the 27th grin

He has a very sore bottom at the moment. He hates getting his nappy changed because it is so sore and I don't know how to help him other than put on loads of sudocreme. I would leave his nappy off for a while but he has the runs too which is not helping the situation. I hope it clears up soon poor boy sad

welcome back flybynight

i've had a lot of catching up to do again, must check on here more often.

1st birthday: with Ajay we took him to the local zoo so was going to do that again with Kacie but a friend told me about south lakes wild animal park which sounds loads better so think we're going to take a day trip there

Kacie's routine is:
6.30/7 - 8oz bottle
9 - nap sometimes until 11!
11ish - when she wakes breakfast, huge bowl of porridge usually
12.30 - little sandwich and some fruit
1 - nap
2.30 - 7oz bottle
4.30/5 - hot meal and yoghurt

apart from her porridge she doesnt like being spoon fed she is much happier with things she can feed herself. i am worried that she doesn't really seem to eat much especially compared to how much Ajay ate at this age but she's always quite happy in herself so she mustn't be going hungry. just very different from her brother.

she has another tooth that has just cut through at the bottom. so thats 3 on the bottom now but still none at the top. does seem to have 2 big white bulges at the top though so hopefully not too long until they appear. they don't seem to be bothering her too much at the moment though.

Kacie is still cruising and will walk around holding your hand. she can do steps on her own but is more wary about doing it now instead of just charging like she used to.

i am loving the wine symbol grin

ilovecreameggs Mon 21-Feb-11 20:52:45

Hi everyone, its harverina here...have namechanged for the first time ever to reflect my current frame of mind!

sayitwithme, I will chase up my application this week for sure. I know that they have 28 days to respond and I think that it is nearing this deadline or perhaps past it!

Princess, yes I worry about the bumps! Eilidh hasnt had alot but today she fell down while cruising and it was such a thud, it must have been her head. I am worried that she is concussed despite the fact that she was fine afterwards! She cried and cried but was fine in her bath and soaked her dad as usual. She was also giggling lots when he was chasing us round the house! smile

Nicnac sounds like Kacie is in a fab routine. We have a great bedtime routine but Eilidh's naps have gone to pot. She wouldnt sleep today at all confused, not sure how to sort it out as she used to be a good napper???!

Wow misty, walking? Thats fab, what a clever boy! Elidh is cruising lots now. She hasnt worked out how to get back onto her bottom though and gets frustrated when she has been standing for a while!

Have to run, one born is starting soon and I need to cut my DH's hair hmm

ilovecreameggs Mon 21-Feb-11 20:53:23

sayitwithme, your idea of a birthday tea and seperate party for your DD sound good!

sayitwithme Mon 21-Feb-11 22:39:20

Hello again nicnac! Good to hear your news. Still no teeth at all for our DS... I keep thinking I can feel sharp bits poking through his gums but nothing showing yet. He is now trying to clap on demand though (kind of flaps his arms horizontally) and will put a muslin over his head and cackle with laughter when he wants to play peepo. Loveim.

ILCE - love the new name. Does what it says on the tin! grin How did the hair cut go? Hope you didn't slip up getting distracted by great telly (I watch OBEM too). If I see a man tomorrow walking around looking like he's been attacked by some sheep shears, I'll know who's responsible... wink. Keep us posted on the flexible working application. I'll be thinking of you.

Zeeky Tue 22-Feb-11 08:12:43

Hi all. Lots of teething going on here. In the last 2 weeks George's top front teeth have come through & I think the ones either side of them are coming too. He spends all day gurning at me or grinding his top & bottom teeth together - the sound goes through me! Also every opportunity he shoved my finger in his mouth to bite which really hurts as they are razor sharp!!

Still sign of any movement from G though. He just sits or lies playing with his toys all day long. He is developing a very long reach to get things but doesn't attempt to actually move to get things or pull himself up. It does mean he is very easy to look after as I can leave the room & know that he can't get into mischief grin. He does lots of clapping, waving & babbling on demand though. One of his friends who is 6weeks older than him is toddling around everwhere hmm

Kacie started saying bye bye yesterday whilst waving. it is really clear as well grin

going to put a couple of more recent photos on in a minute if anyone wants a look.

sayitwithme Kacie does the blanket over the head thing and we all say 'where's Kacie' then she whips it off giggling. it's really cute isn't it, always makes me smile

ilce i love them too! they are delicious. my dh always has to bring one back for me whenever he goes to the shop.

Nicnac she's so cute. She looks so grown up in the pic of her watching tv resting on her arms. I've also put a few pics up, altho some of my fave ones I don't think I've saved to the comp, so I'll put them up another day. The really close up one he has chickenpox scabs, I have one where he's covered in calamine lotion and I call him my lil calamine ghost! All pics over xmas and New Years, they are both spotty. Jude's got quite a few scars bless him, and even now they are going but are still pinky/purply colour and I hate them! Poxy chickenpox!! Grr!
If you sing Twinkle Twinkle, Jude opens and closes his hands. He doesn't talk or say any words apart from dada...but that's cuz once he can say mama he knows he'll be saying it a lot more cuz mama will be the one doing everything ;) ...but it does sound like he's saying hiya with one of his sounds, so whenever he says ayyyaya, everyone says hiya as if to encourage him along lol.
I'm considering learning some really basic signs, (milk, juice, hot, cold, tired,eat etc), as for a while I've been thinking about the lack of two way system gthat is going to start occuring soon..they know what you are asking of them (within reason), but cannot ask you, and today my 18month old niece got so frustrated, and seemed to spend a while screaming when in actual fact a good few times she just wanted a drink, her shoes off etc. What do you all think? Have any of you tried it before? I 've seen it on Quints By Surprise with lil ones, but I'm actually a bit worried that I'll look a bit pretentious and silly (I'm not even sure if pretentious is the right meaning of what I mean, but hopefully you know what I mean!!!)
My poor lil girl had her preschool jabs today...and OMG they are soo much worse than baby ones! I filled up and had to stop myself from crying just to help her along, she's been so worried about it for a few days, we played it down, and told her she would feel a scartch but she was concerned it would leave a hole in her arm!! confused She cried...or screamed..for so long, and even for about an hour and half afterwards, she burst into tears every 5 minutes thinking about it. So glad that's it until she's 14....until Jude needs his next ones that is!! GULP!!
x x x x x x

Mistymoo Tue 22-Feb-11 22:13:39

princess I used baby signs with my dd and she picked them up really well. It does help them let you know what they want and avoids frustration. I'm doing some with J but should be doing it more consistantly really.

Zeeky Wed 23-Feb-11 08:08:59

Hi Princess DS1 picked up lots of signing from watching Mr Tumble from about 15months. It definitely helped him communicate & he was a really early talker. We managed to avoid most of the frustration tantrums that his friends went through at that age as I could understand a lot of what he wanted. Definitely worth a go.

Just seen on telly that organic food has been proved to be no more nutritious than normal food. No more forking out for organic fruit & veg & meat for George then!

Zeeky Wed 23-Feb-11 08:12:59

Oh and DS1 also had his preschool jabs a couple of weeks ago. He too was worried about there being a hole! Hr was really brave but when the needle went in he was screaming "mummy mummy" & made me feel awful He stopped crying quite quickly but then kept saying for the next few days that he wasn't brave ad he had cried until we convinced him that daddy would have cried too! Dreading George's next ones

hello all!

long time lurker here, just recently started posting blush

DD Isla born 29th April, three weeks early, the little monkey. was small when born, but has caught up in the last month or two, hooray! grin

haven't read the entire thread but am going to go have catch up now! blush

Mistymoo Wed 23-Feb-11 11:43:05

Welcome PorcelinaOfTheVastOceans You will always remember the date of Kate and Wills wedding won't you grin

i know, obviously trying to steal her thunder! wink

sleepywombat Fri 25-Feb-11 00:08:24

Welcome Porcelina
Hello again flybynight
And love the new name ilovecreameggs! There are a lot of ilove names on mn - so far I've seen yours, ilovespouts (on this thread) & ilovehens.

ilce, you asked ages ago about giving them fruit - well, I used to give it to N any old how (chunks etc), but I have started cutting him thin strips & giving them to him one at a time, because it takes him [a little] longer to eat. He is sooooo greedy, can't get over how much he consumes in so little time. He is still quite slim too. With chunks, he just picks the lot up & stuffs into his mouth, bits flying everywhere, like cookie monster. He eats any fruit - peel doesn't bother him either. The only things he can't manage are underipe apples or pears (too hard), but I still give them to him because he sucks the slices so it gives me time to prepare the next course!

N is going through an annoying sleep phase, in which he messes around/plays in his cot for hours before he starts overtired screaming & I have to pat him to sleep. He then wakes lots of times in the night owing to overtiredness. Last night I put him to bed at 7, he was so tired his eyes were half closed when he was drinking his milk. However, he still managed to play until 9 pm! I went in & he was standing up, arm through bars, trying to reach something on his change table. I put him back down, tried to pat him but he was having none of it. I think it must be linked to development, because he did this for a while when he was about 7 mo.

This sleep phase followed one night last week when he slept through (7.00-6.20) for the FIRST TIME EVER (yet to be repeated)!!!!!!! Of course, I woke up loads anyway so was still equally knackered.

N's speech seems to have regressed somewhat as he spends all his time pointing at things, saying 'mmm'. His understanding is great though, I can say 'where's the lion/ball/fan etc' & he will point at it. I'm also interested in baby signing, where do I find out about it? Is there a book/website?
Did anybody see it on 'meet the fockers'? - very amusing.

Princess, hope your two stop itching soon! At least you've got the pox over & done with!

Nicnac, gorgeous photos - just want to cuddle little Kacie!

Re 1st birthdays, we've just bought a bbq so were thinking of having one (mainly for the adults' benefit, obviously) but its been torrential rain for the last few days (N in disposable nappies because I just can't get the washables dry), so not sure if we will still be in wet season like we were last April.

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 09:52:37

Nicnac, your photo's are fab, Kacie is gorgeous!

Sayitwithme, I spoke with personnel at my work and my application has been signed by one person but has still to be countersigned, but they advised that it would be unlikely to be refused at this stage. So I am happy! Well...as happy as someone can be at the thought of going back to work sad I'm sure it will be fine once I get back into it. I just have to learn to say no to people...my job previously involved late nights and working overtime, but I'm not going to be able to manage this anymore as I will have to be home to pick Eilidh up.

I'm interested in baby sign language too. I think that there are classes locally to me but not sure what the costs are, I'll have a wee look once I have finished here.

We are planning Eilidh's christening at the moment and plan to have at the end of March. One week before her 1st birthday! We had planned on having it much earlier but never mind!

Eilidh has started to clap her hands but its very sporadic and she still misses...she is trying though smile. She now has a top tooth and the other is coming through. They have given her so much bother this time. Its such a shame. She is still cruising lots. In fact she is constantly on her feet then cries as she still can't get back onto her bottom. She is into everything and can open the doors if they are not closed properly so she gets around the house easily shock!

Welcome Porcelina!

Sleepy, I have been giving Eilidh litle chunks of fruit and she enjoys that...I have to admit that when I give her slices I worry that she'll bit off too much and choke but think I need to get over that as I don't want to hold her back as she is a good eater. Hope this bad sleep period doesn;t last too long for you.

Eilidh's sleep has still been ok. She is sleeping through till 6am quite alot, although she was up at 5am yesterday and today, but she went back to bed after a short feed.

Hope you all have a fab weekend. My DH and I are going to friends for a takeaway on Saturday night. My in laws are coming to stay so they wil look after Eilidh and get her up on Sat morning...yay! grin

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 09:55:42

Sorry for the typos, EIlidh is pulling at the cord on the laptop!

ilovesprouts Fri 25-Feb-11 11:42:43

my 2 grandsons are coming along nicely now lucas &oakley both very different cant belive they are both gonna be 1 soon,times gone very fast i willl upload some new pics on and you can have a look

Isla has her fifth tooth just poking out now, that makes both bottom front teeth, one top front, and the two either side of the top front ones <doesn't know technical tooth names blush>

she claps her hands when she gets excited, is cruising and pulling herself to standing, but i love love love it when a song she likes comes on and she starts bouncing and rocking back and forth to the rhythm! grin

hardly any talking as of yet though. occasionally get a 'mama' when she's upset, had 'dada' for about a week, but not heard it in a while...

have FINALLY worked out how to put some photos up of her on my page! <phew!>

ilovecreameggs Fri 25-Feb-11 23:22:55

porcelina, eilidh dances when music comes on too! The smallest bit of music gets her going, its so funny and I love it. I put music on alot and we dance together. Eilidh clings on to me and screams with laughter! Oh they are so cute at this age!

ilovesprouts Sat 26-Feb-11 20:44:55

my 2nd grandson oakley says mama dada ,ta cat

ilovesprouts Sat 26-Feb-11 20:46:40

porcelina your dd is soo cute

thanks sprouts grin she knows it though, the little monkey!

i have had a fun-filled morning of having porridge flung at me, and then wiping poo from places poo should not be confused perhaps some retail therapy is in order...

Zeeky Sun 27-Feb-11 15:02:14

We've had 2 days of miserable teething from George. He's usually soooo happy & content but since yesterday morning has been so miserable. Had a temp off and yesterday & bouts of crying. Hardly eating but still drinking his milk. Still slept through the night thank god as I was really dreading being up all night with him. He's now been asleep for almost 3hrs! Poor little thing.

ilovecreameggs Sun 27-Feb-11 20:27:27

Oh zeeky poor George and poor you. Eilidh has had a similar few days. She has had a high temp and just not been herself. She just wanted held yesterday. I'm not sure if its teething related or a bug but Eilidh has cut a top tooththis week and another is coming through.

My DH and I were out at a friends house last night and when we got home at 1am Eilidh was up! My in laws were looking after her and our house alarm went off randomly without being set! So Eilidh woke up and stayed up! The only good thing was that once back in bed she slept till 9am!

Hope you have all had a good weekend smile

Bettymum Mon 28-Feb-11 16:19:09

Hi all, just a quick one as this has dropped off my Threads I'm On!
Not much news here except A is teething again at the back somewhere, so he has bright pink cheeks and constantly has his fingers in his mouth. He is well though, cannot believe that he will be one in six weeks' time. Where has the last year gone??!

sayitwithme Tue 01-Mar-11 13:50:54

ILCE - great news about your flexible working application, I'm so pleased for you! But, yes, share your sentiments on the thought of returning to work, even on a part time basis. And also on the saying no thing. We're often expected to stay late, travel, work days when we're supposed to be off, so it's going to be a challenge.

Great to hear everyone's updates on their DCs development. Love the chat about dancing. DS likes to dance too and absolutely loves it when his big sister is doing her "funny dance"! grin

We have our first tooth! And by gawd, didn't we all know about it. The night between Saturday and Sunday was horrendous. He got such a bad cold and spent the night coughing and crying, poor little mite. I was up and down like a yo-yo from about 1am and had to stay in his room with him from about 4am onwards, which isn't great as it's too small for a bed so I tried to sleep in a chair with a thin blanket for warmth in a room that was about 16 degrees. sad (emoticon chosen more for the colour than the sentiment!). I'm kinda hoping that a whole bunch will follow in the next week or so as I noticed from porcelina's post that her LO has five teeth now.

And porcelina, DS also says "mumumum" noises when he's unhappy and "Daaaaaaaadee" when he's completely the opposite. envy

six now! grin discovered the other front tooth peeping through this morning.

she has been bundled off up to great-grandma's so that i can have a shower without a small fist banging on the door demanding to come in and have a splash too...

rumpleteaser Tue 01-Mar-11 21:00:55

HELLO everyone, I haven't been on here for aaaages and have just had a lot of catching up to do!
Everyone's babies are so different and it is such a comfort really because as much as I try not to compare Valentin to other babies I know it is difficult not to! He has 2 teeth and doesn't crawl but manages to get everywhere he shouldn't!
He says dadadadada, occasionally mumumum and loves blowing raspberries and waving at people!
I think we'll be seeing top teeth soon as he is very grizzley at the mo sad
Other news - I am now MARRIED! Wedding was Saturday just gone and it was awesome!! When I get a few mins I will post new pics of Valentin and also a wedding pic. I had my own DANCING CHICKEN!! I demand a dancing chicken emoticon! will settle for wine though!
PrincessTweetz - omg - congrats!!! I love reading your posts and love seeing how you're getting on, I want another one soon too, just need to convince DH.. haha I wrote DP and then remembered he is now DH!
Hello to the new people also, this a lovely thread and everyone is lovely and helpful and I've missed it! I will be online more now the wedding is over, so much planning just for one day!
Ilovecreameggs, please post me one! Don't get Cadburys here!
Happy [stdavids} day everyone! We have snow here! Brrrr

rumpleteaser Tue 01-Mar-11 21:02:15

ooops stdavids (wrong bracket)

Bettymum Wed 02-Mar-11 16:30:31

Congratulations Mrs rumpleteaser! grin wine cheers wine.
Would share my thoughts about going back to work with two small children, but it would just depress me. And probably everyone else. I have a timetable at the moment that requires me to do an estimated 36 days work in 23 days. My boss asked me how long my "days" were. I said, umm, 8 hours. He said, oh well, if you work 12 hour days we can do it. He wasn't joking. I am starting to look to move on now, can't stand the commuting and the hours, if I can just get the commute down it'll be a lot better. I hate leaving the office and thinking it's another hour till I get home. Anyway better not chat any more, I've got my 12 hours to do hmm.

blardy hell bettymum! bet you're cream crackered! i'm sick of job searching had to move from scotland to stinky wolverhampton, and there are just a ridiculous number of people going for every job. and i work in photography and photoshop which only normally have a handful of applicant per job, getting ridiculous now! <sigh> ah well, keep on keeping on...

today i have been a human climbing frame. sorry, i mean a dribble-soaked, nose being yanked, human climbing frame. oh joy! grin

ilovecreameggs Wed 02-Mar-11 21:20:32

Welcome back rumpleteaser and congratulations! It's good to hear from you. Your right about the babies developing at different rates, they are all so different. I always used to worry about it.

I have been busy organising Eilidh's christening this week. Have picked her a gorgeous Sarah Louise dress. She looks like a princess in it I could have cried! I sent out the invites out today and have booked the church and restaurant for afterwards. Just my outfit to get now which will be a nightmare. I am still a size 20 and feel so bad about my size sad I was actually thinner after having Eilidh than I am now.

I have a girls night out on Saturday which I'm looking forward to. Expressing is a pain though and I have a massive 2 oz so far!

princess hope you are well.

sayitwithme fab news about the tooth! Hope the others come through without any problems. Eilidh's first two weren't too bad...she seemed to be teething for ages but it wasn't too bad, but the third tooth gave her a lot of bother.

porcelina oooh retail therapy would be nice! However, my DH has warned me about shopping...I am not getting any pay and money is tight! So these is a plus side to going back to work after all!

ilovecreameggs Wed 02-Mar-11 21:28:09

Oops bettymum I didn't see your post...your work sounds tough. Hope you find something soon. My core hours are 8.45-4.45 which isn't too bad but I work in a very unpredictable job so its difficult to balance. I also used to work far longer days, usually ten hours and my work was never done. I used to waken at 4am worrying and not get back to sleep. I need to be strong when I go back.

porcelina where in Scotland were you from? I am from Scotland too!

stinkypinky Wed 02-Mar-11 21:34:26

Hey Porcelina, stop taking my name in vain!

Hi all, and welcome to the newcomers! Congratulations Rumple! Love the name ILCE!

I have been a tad busy lately, what with working full time with two small children. It is not that bad, honest - you get into a routine and make the best of the time you are home.

Billie is fab - 2 bottom teeth, crawling, waving, saying Mama and Dada and Rara (big Sis). She has a horrid cough too, and more teeth are on the way so I am lacking sleep at the moment.

Biggest news is that my promotion is soon to be a demotion due to 'service redesign' God Bless the NHS! And my exhaust fell of yesterday, so need to scrap the old heap as just not worth fixing.

I am having Billie Christened at Easter, a couple of days after her 1st Birthday. She will need a new outfit as DD1 was 'done' at 12 weeks.

Good to be back - I have missed you, especially the joy that is Princess!

stinkypinky Wed 02-Mar-11 21:37:41

I am Scotland (Stirling area), and weigh more than I did when I had Billie! I am still feeding too.

Mistymoo Wed 02-Mar-11 22:11:10

Just thought I'd mention that I'm in Scotland too - Highlands grin

we were a couple of miles up from gretna, so only over the border, and was only for just over a year. DD was born up there though, which DP was pleased about as he's scottish too grin but yeah, i'm english really, got the hideous black country accent to prove it! grin

Oh no..I have just eaten 2 kiwi fruits and my lips are tingly and feel swollen...I feel like I've got a trout pout!!! Maybe I could have made the most of it while it lasted, but I have a patch of excema at the side of my mouth, plus they are chapped, so it's not quite the Angelina feel/look lol grin
I'm going to look up allergy reactions in a mo..I've never been like this before after kiwi!!!
Jude's two top teeth are now fully through..he has really struggled with them. His gums went so sore and tender, and he would scream if you even touched the gum. He's perfectly fine now tho. He had his before 1 year development check on Tuesday, they were happy with him and he now weighs 21lb something. He dances too, it's so cute. He has just started to whisper the tuhtuh sound...when I heard him do it I remembered that Makenzi used to do teh same. It makes me think back to what she was like as a baby, where now she just seems so grown up. I waited in the car while DP picked her up from nursery the other day, and she walked out holding her little friends hand
To all the working mummies..I have the utmost respect for you. The only deadlines and targets I contend with are having enough clothes to last the kids for a week, getting dd ready for nursery on time and making sure meals are done...and if I was on a points system for all that I would be bottom of the table!! My ironing pile is ridiculous!!!! You working mummies have super strength.I'd be a complete pile of mush in the workplace xx
Congratulations rumpleteaser Good luck convincing your new DH. There is a lot of organisation and idea throwing isn't there...DP leaves all ideas to me...but thay are just remaining as ideas too
Ilovecreameggs I hate the way I look...it's not my weight, it's my face, and the truth is it holds me back in everyday life (that's why I like coming on here!!)...but I try and remind myself that the people that matter most truly do see past 'flaws' that I see...and they love me because I'm their mummy not cuz I look the 'part'. That doesn't always help me in real life tho!!! I hope you don't feel too hung up about it xxxx
Rumple, Ilovecreameggs, stinky and bettymum...thanks for saying you like reading my posts I have a very big coathanger smile right now and I'm feeing quite chuffed ;) I don't get out much hehe

Yep..my lips are definitely swollen..the tingling has stopped now but I think I'll stay away from kiwi for a little while!! confused
I forgot to say that I had my 12 week scan on Friday I had to empty my bladder halfway through the scan though as it was too full!!! I was worried i would wee too much, but I think I did ok blush They still didn't get a clear picture of the scan though, but I saw my lil baby bouncing away on the screen. It was lovely...for some horrible reason, I was half expecting tehm to tell me something was wrong. I had slight spotting around week 8, but nothing major at all, then I took my lil girl to Hatton during halfterm to see the baby animals...not even thinking about lambing season. Then all through the week I kept telliung myself that I was an absolute idiot for putting number3 at risk. Luckily everything is perfectly fine, I think as a pregnant mummy you just feel the responsibility and can easily over analyse everything we do. So I am very much looking forward to my 20 week scan...and hoping that I will be strong enough not to look at the screen..as I am going to try and keep it a surprise...but I'm not very good at keeping surprises! hmm
I have midwife on 8th, so will be hearing the heartbeat for the first time too. It's no less exciting being number 3 as it was for Makenzi and Jude, I can't wait until I can start to feel the movements and actually 'feel' pregnant...although the the dreaded heartburn has started to creep in on me now envy x

Bettymum Thu 03-Mar-11 10:20:29

Ooh exciting news about the scan Princess!!! And re working, quite honestly my deadlines involving large spreadsheets and international phonecalls are getting less and less important, and the deadlines invoving DD's "homework" from nursery drawing a picture of the book she's been reading that week, or getting up every morning and cuddling Alex in his sleeping bag and giving him his milk are getting more and more important. The world would fall apart if it wasn't for mummies (and a few daddies I'm sure) just not my DDDH and their domestic deadlines!
Porecelina I am laughing at your post, we have a gym in our swanky new offices and I was up there on Monday (trying to lose some weight and regain some tummy muscles!), I took off my smart clean trousers in the changing rooms and realised I had baby bogey all over the knee of one leg. DD always used to give me leg cuddles, A is doing the same now which is lovely but I'd failed to notice he'd wiped his nose on me that morning grin.

rumpleteaser Thu 03-Mar-11 21:46:17

I am impressed by those of you who work as well! And I only have the one baby!
princess pineapples do that to me too. Maybe lay off the kiwi's until you're planning a night out and want sexy pouty lips?!
I haven't really shifted any 'baby weight' since giving birth, and since I no longer need to get into wedding dress I have been eating like a pig!
I'm hoping when Valentin starts toddling I'll be running round and lose the weight without even trying!
If not - then back on the Wii Fit!

aw thanks princess sleepy and ilce

congratulations rumple

i too am bigger now than after having Kacie. of course the fact that it is half 7 in the morning and im sat at the computer stuffing pringles cant be helping that! they're just too yummy though, im going to have to stop buying them.

we are three days into sleep training now and Kacie settled after 5 mins last night when i put her in her cot at 7 and didnt wake til 6. yay. hope that carries on now and wasnt just a fluke. the first two days she woke at 10.40 and had to give her a beaker of water then she took a while to settle.
she drinks her milk in a beaker by herself now though which is great, no more washing and sterilising bottles for me.

princess cant believe we're going to have to wait the whole pregnancy to find out what your having im already desperate to know now ha ha. grin

Kacie will walk about now but we still have to follow her everywhere so we can catch her when she falls.

she's learnt how to brrrrrrrr her bottom lip now if you know what i mean and loves doing it.
she says hiya all the time too.

a top tooth has finally cut through so thats 4 all together now and another two on the way. the first bottom two really bothered her but these last 2 havent seemed to have affected her. although she doesnt like you trying to feel them.

i agree with princess about all you who are working mummies. i dont know how you do it. i am constantly behind with washing, but then the computer and telly are probably at fault for that rather than Kacie ha. oh and this wine at the weekends!

right, forcing myself to put the lid on the pringles now half the tub have gone and check to see if Ajay is ready for school yet. hope everyone is well.

oh rumple beautiful wedding pic, and Valentin looks gorgeous in his little suit.

Zeeky Fri 04-Mar-11 08:06:59

Congrats MrsRumple!

Another one here who is heavier now than after I'd had George. I think the breastfeeding lulls me into a false sense if security as initially I could carry on eating whatever I liked & was losing weight. But then as the feeding reduced & especiallt since he started solids, the weight has started to creep on. I've been on a healthy eating diet since Christmas & cut out all the rubbish I was eating (biscuits, choc, crisps) & only occassionally drinking & yet I'm not losing any weight!!!! Been doing more exercise too - Zumba, Wii Fit & a fitness DVD & it doesn't seem to be having any effect! After DS1 the weight fell off & my tummy firmed up a little of it's own accord & then I managed to lose the last half stone just before getting pregnant with George. Maybe it's because I'm a bit older this time around or maybe because it's the second time. I just wish I could get rid of my saggy belly & huge muffin top. Got my brother's wedding in July & really want to be looking good by then so that I can get a nice dress.

Enough about my weight issues!!

George seems to have stopped the teething than goodness. He's back to his happy self & is eating better. Had him weighed yesterday (22lb/10kg). He'd barely put on anything in 5 weeks as his appetite has been so affected with all the teeth coming through (3 in the last 5 weeks & another 2 almost through). Thankfully he's been sleeping through every night despite the teething. So glad we did the sleep training. Well done Nicnac and Kacie!

Better get on with breakfast...

ilovecreameggs Fri 04-Mar-11 11:45:43

Zeeky You are totally right...in the early days when Eilidh fed all the time I was eating what I wanted, usually junk, and the weight was dropping off. I kept eating rubbish, Eilidh has gradually fed less and less and now I am huge and finding it so hard to stop my poor eating habits. I am so greedy. I love vegetables and salads, its snacking that is the problem for me. I'm hoping that it will be easier once I'm back at work.

princess I can identify with your feelings. My weight has always been an issue and it really affects my confidence. Hope your ok. Scans are fab aren't they! I can't believe that it was Eilidh in the scan pics! Oh and I think kiwi is quite a common allergy, my mil has a reaction to them so I don't give them to Eilidh just in case.

nicnac you made of laugh...pringles for breakfast...I was out of control at Christmas on pringles!

Oh for all the Scottish mum's I am go the west in renfrewshire.

oh well I'll go now...was typing on my phone while feeding Eilidh and she has fallen asleep so will gently put her in her cot and go and see what holly and Phil are up to today!

Mmmmm...I love junky food for brekkie!!! My fave is left over chinese/indian/pizza lol I can quite happily walk downstairs, pop the kettle on and demolishe a packet of chocolate biscuits before the kids have even started theirs!! (Cereal tho, not a packet of chocolate biscuits!!)
Nicnac, Jude drinks from a beaker all the time now too...it is great not to have to worry about washing and sterilising numerous bottles isn't it
Well done you on the sleep training, and well done Kacie on walking around. You may not have to wait the whole pregnancy.....I may sneak a look, it depends on how strong willed I am on the 26th April lol
3 weeks today, and it's my lil man's 1st birthday!!! I can't believe the time, it's gone sooooo quickly shock When I look back at the very first pic of him, I can't believe it's the same child. Some of them look nothing like him, and some of them I can perfectly remember him at that stage. Aww..if I wasn't already pregnant I think I'd be making myself broody now grin Aww, I can't wait now til my lil Number3 is born.
Off to put my lil cherubs to bed, then I think it's pizza hut for dinner....and tomorrows breakfast!! ;) xx

ilovecreameggs Mon 07-Mar-11 10:42:30

So it looks like we are going to have a go at sleep training! The last few nights Eilidh has been up twice. Last night she kept crying out then going back to sleep. When I went in to check her she had her eyes closed but was rubbing her face so I think her gums were sore, poor girl.

I was out on Saturday night for a girls night. It was a late one so because of that and Eilidh not sleeping great I am sooo tired today! Luckily we have no plans, just lots of loudly housework and washing!

I bought Eilidh fish fingers yesterday that are free from milk and eggs. She has never had anything like that before and I feel a bit bad for not making my own! Have any of your babies tried anything like that yet?

Re. the beakers, Eilidh is great at drinking water herself from a sippy cup, but if I express milk she still has a bottle but I'll need to have a go at offering milk go a cup if I express.

Hope you all had a fab weekend

Good luck with the sleep training Ilce
Don't feel bad about the fishfingers...otherwise that makes me a terrible mummy!!!! ;) Jude is an absolute monster..he eats EVERYTHING!!!! He has hearty meals...meat, veg, fish etc...but definitely has 'freezer' food too. Even if I 've not made it for him, he finds a way to pinch off his big sister! He was picking up rice crispies this morning and munching on them...and she definitely gives her fair share of food away too lol. The other day she broke a bit of a chicken ball up from the chinese and gave him some of that. blush grin I had to gently remind her that she needs to check that Jude can eat things...as well as praise her for sharing so nicely. I would never dare do such a thing as share my chinese food!! grin

ooo i would never share my chinese either princess grin

i have just this past few weeks bought fish fingers for Kacie and tried her with them, she really likes them. i had tried her with the birdseye vegetable fingers before that which i had in, which gave me the idea to try fish fingers. they are nice and easy for them to eat. Kacie loves garlic bread too blush she always steals that off us and wolfs it down.

well the past two nights Kacie has gone down in her own cot without any fuss so fingers crossed thats it now and the sleep training has worked. (sleep training for us was getting her back into her cot in her room after having her in bed with us)

Bettymum Wed 09-Mar-11 11:21:00

Quick wave to everyone, and confirmation that my two love fish fingers (and baked beans) .

sayitwithme Wed 09-Mar-11 13:43:40

I'm afraid that when it comes to the evening meals, DS usually gets what DD is having, just blitzed up a bit. So, he has in the past enjoyed fish fingers, beans on toast (yes, blitzed up!!) and sausages with mashed potato and greens. Again, they usually eat very well and I don't see the harm in a little easy food every now and then - both for them and for me!

He's now waving and making better attempts at the clapping! He's also getting quite dextrous and knowledgeable with his toys, pressing buttons when you ask him to, getting the spinning top to spin without any help, holding toy phones up to his ear, knowing which things go down which shutes, etc. He seems to have developed loads in the last few weeks. That might account for our recent disturbed nights... hmm

ilovecreameggs Wed 09-Mar-11 20:42:38

Oh thats good that I'm not alone with the fish fingers haha! We are trying to give Eilidh what we eat as much as possible but because she can't eat milk or eggs we feel a bit restricted sometimes. There is milk in so many things...cold meats, crisps (and not just cheesy ones!), sausages...loads and loads of things that are not obvious.

Nicnac, great news about Kacie sleeping in her own cot! We haven't done sleep training yet...as soon as I decide to do it, Eilidh's sleep seems to improve! We are still waiting on her second top tooth and its really hurting her sad

Eilidh is really embracing clapping! We started a new music class on Friday and there was lots of yays and clapping and she did it every time! I was over the moon (sad, I know!) and very proud smile. Now when I sing clap a' handy she claps and if I say "yay" she claps and tries to say "yay" too! sayitwithme, I feel the same with Eilidh...all of a sudden she can do things and every time she does something unexpected I can't believe it! She gets her dolly if I ask her for it and strokes its head and gives it a kiss. She is doing fab at the cruising too. Its all so exciting watching her progress.

I am still training to become a breastfeeding supporter and really enjoying it still. stinky, are you having an biting issues? We are! Its agony! Mostly when Eilidh is sleepy confused

stinkypinky Fri 11-Mar-11 11:52:22

Hi ILCE Still feeding, but Billie only bites at the end of a feed, and I can usually see it coming as she wrinkles her little nose first, and whip it out grin
She will not feed at all from one side now, but the other is still going strong, and seems to fill her up.

Billie is staying up later at night now, but sleeping in later - quite nice as it means I get cuddle time with her when DD1 is asleep. DH is not happy though, as he wants cuddle time too.

Zeeky Fri 11-Mar-11 22:34:28

Someone has stolen my darling, happy, smiley, contented George & replaced him with his evil twin Egor, who won't nap & screams when put in his cot & gurns at us all day!!

Darned teeth!

ilovecreameggs Sun 13-Mar-11 18:45:47

stinky eilidh only bites at the end of a feed too! It's not toooo bad at the moment...bearable, and not causing cracking or anything, but also trying to "whip it out" like you when I suspect she is going to start! How are u finding work? I go back in 6 weeks. Have childcare arranged now...grannies 2 days and a childminder one day.

zeeky eilidh's naps are also all over the place. I have given up trying to put her down during the day unless she falls asleep on me. I was stressing out about it to start with. She is teething too its a shame. Can't wait for teething to be over!
We have been giving eilidh ibuprofen or call. I used to try and avoid it.

Eilidh has become a real mummy's girl...even if I give her to her daddy or team she cries to get back to me and cuddles in!

ilovecreameggs Sun 13-Mar-11 18:49:47

Oops have a new phone sorry for typos!

stinkypinky Sun 13-Mar-11 19:25:36

ILCE Work is good for a rest tbh! The worst bit is the 'Nursery and Grandmas house run' morning and evening. I cannot afford both in Nursery at the same time. Billie has yet to cry when I leave the room! Asha was the same - very content with whoever.

zeeky I hope things are improving with Egor smile

aw zeeky hope you get george back soon.

we had a lovely day yesterday. took the kids to the sandcastle (indoor waterpark) and then out for a meal. was a bit worried kacie would be frightened but she was fab. it was packed and she kept getting splashed in the face and all sorts and she loved it ha.
i pulled some swimming shorts out for ajay before we went and he put them on and they fit him perfectly. when he took them off i noticed the label said 12-18 months!!! i couldn't believe, i know he's skinny but they really must size things wrong sometimes, he'll be 5 on thursday ha.

Zeeky Mon 14-Mar-11 09:18:56

We have George back today. He seems to alternate days with his evil twin at the moment! Yesterday not a good day, but Saturday he was good as gold. Just as well really as we went into London for the day. Went to the aquarium which was really expensive for a 2hr visit, except we managed to get round in an hour as DS1 didn't like the dark & didn't want to look at any fish!!! He used to love going to aquariums which is why we took him as his treat for filling his pasta jar (he gets a piece of pasta to put in a big jar everytime he does something good). Then he kept complaining that his feet hurt so had to be carried on Daddy's shoulders the rest if the day. Poor DH must have lost about half a stone with all that extra exercise! But the weather was beautiful & we managed the tube with the buggy ok. George seemed to enjoy it all - lots for him to see & lots of ladies to smile at on the tube wink!

stinkypinky Mon 14-Mar-11 09:59:15

nicnac DD1 is nearly 5 and still in 2-3 skirts. They are getting a bit short now, but she always wears them with leggings. I weighed her yesterday, and she is 2st - I was weighing myself pre-diet, and she wanted a go. She is only 7lb heavier than Billie!

zeeky I think aquariums are such a rip-off. This year I am buying a season ticket for the Safari Park down the road - There is so much to do, and Billie gets in free, and the ticket is equivalent cost to 3 trips - we will be there at least twice a month, as I like to get value for money grin

ilovecreameggs Mon 14-Mar-11 22:27:20

I love London Aquarium, although it is expensive! zeeky, glad that George is having some good days smile

Today I went shopping for a christening outfit...this is what I bought...


I got it with a silver shrug and I have silvery/grey shoes already which I have never worn but have been wanting to! Please give me an honest opinion...too dressy? I have a couple of wedding receptions in April and May and hoped to combine my christening outfit with the wedding outfit, so this is why I went a little dressier??? Aarrrgghhh! I usually love shopping but not when I need somthing!

Hope you are all well smile

ilovecreameggs Mon 14-Mar-11 22:29:00

p.s we have had a nightmare with Eilidh's christening dress. We ordered it from a local childreens boutique and they let us down...said they couldnt source it but they didn't tell me until I phoned to see if it was in! So I have ordered two online in desperation...both are Sarah Louise so hoping one is ok...so upset that I didn't get to chose the one we wanted sad

stinkypinky Tue 15-Mar-11 09:28:37

ILCE If you like it, who cares! I dare you to take it to AIBU if you want honest opinions, or post a pic of you in it?

I am in the process of sorting kit for Billies Christening too, and will probably be in all black as I am soo fat. Day 1 of healthy eating today. I am very happy with the little ones outfits, so will hide behind them grin

Eilidh will look gorgeous I am sure!

ilovecreameggs Tue 15-Mar-11 11:48:30

Oh stinky I am too scared to post in aibu! I am very fat but the dress us comfy. I will post a pic after the event for u guys to see though!

Eilidhs dress didn't arrive today. So fingers crossed it'll arrive tomorrow! I'm sure one will be fine!

sayitwithme Tue 15-Mar-11 12:55:29

Feel free to laugh at me... when I started to read ILCE's post about christening outfits, I was assuming it was for Eilidh. As I read on, I started to think "silver shrug? Seems a bit grown up... maybe it's quite cutsie...". Soon realised the outfit was for Mummy, not baby! blush

ILCE, it's lovely and not too dressy at all. Go for it!

Bettymum Wed 16-Mar-11 11:03:23

A random question here, all of you who are having your babies christened or have had them christened - are you regular church goers? I haven't had DD or DS christened, as I'm not a churchgoer, and our vicar in our quite small town is quite old fashioned and traditional, and I'm not sure if he would agree to christening children he's only ever seen at the annual church fete. Now they are growing up, I feel that I would like to get them christened but I'm not sure if it's appropriate.
Apologies if this is a bit of a personal question, ignore me if you like .
ILCE I can't get your link to open so can't comment on your choice but it sounds lovely.

ilovecreameggs Wed 16-Mar-11 14:38:55

bettymum we joined our church when we got married 3 years ago. We go occasionally...once every few months probably. And before we got married we had never gone to church. I think the elders at our church prefer people to be members before their children are christened...I know that our minister allows people to join so that their children can be christened. You should just ask, no harm.

we dont go to church apart from special events that i think the kids might like. however my mum goes every week, and through the week, and is very involved with everything that goes on there so they know me there through her. we are not members though and you dont have to be to get married/your baby christened at my mum's church (methodist) dont know if thats any help bettymum

stinkypinky Wed 16-Mar-11 17:43:46

I was brought up Baptist, but DH is C of E, hence Christenings. I was 'dedicated', and would have preferred that for my children, as it is a simple way of thanking God for our lovely bundles, without all the fuss that goes with a christening. I have a personal faith, and go to church when I can.

I think you should just ask the vicar, and if he says no, ask elsewhere! You would not be the first non church goer to do this, just make sure you are going to be happy saying what you need to say in the service.

rumpleteaser Wed 16-Mar-11 19:49:31

ILCE I also couldn't see your outfit but I like silver and wouldn't worry about your weight, as long as you feel good in it, go for it!
I think Valentin is getting top teeth soon and the change in weather (it is hot and sunny now) is affecting his moods, he is very tantrummy and refuses to sleep a lot of the time now, this past week has been a headache!
He's ok out and about but in the house, or other people's houses, he is a bit of a nightmare and cries and flaps and does the horrid backwards headbutting thing if he can't have what he wants or go where he wants! How do you deal with tantrums in such a small person?! confused
I keep trying to distract him with things but eventually run out of interesting, distracting things!

ilovecreameggs Wed 16-Mar-11 21:53:00

Ah the dress appears to have sold out so thats why the link no longer works sorry! I am just going to go for it. Had another peek at nicnacs christening outfit and she looked pretty glam (and fab) so I am going to stop worrying about it.

Eilidh's dresses arrived today yay! Both are lovely, so just need to decided which one to go for. Only prob is that they are both sheer at the neck so she couldnt wear a vest confused, not sure how I feel about that?! So, looks like we are all sorted!

rumpleteaser sorry to hear Valentin is a bit grumpy. Eilidh has a bit of a temper, she throws her hands down in a rage when she doesn't get her own way! And she totally arches her back too when I am putting her in her pram or car seat and she doesn't want to go in. Its hard to deal with becsuse they don't really understand it if they get a row. I suppose it shows that they are developing their own personalities!

rumpleteaser Thu 17-Mar-11 07:48:49

Haha yeh I suppose Valentins personality appears to take after me!
I hope everyone puts pics of christenings up, I'd love to see them.
I don't think we'll get Valentin Christened as we are not churchy people. I had a naming ceremony when I was a baby and there doesn't seem to anything like that in Bulgaria.
Nearly 1st birthdays!! What's everyone buying as pressies for their one year olds?!

aw thanks ilce i never worry about being too dressy i love dressing up and you dont get many excuses for it so got to do it when you can grin

we have toys stored away from when ajay was little for kacie's 1st birthday. i know there's the fisherprice laugh and learn chair, and an activity table, not sure what else. might get her her first doll as well.

Bettymum Mon 21-Mar-11 14:51:21

I'm not buying Alex any toys for his birthday either since he has the run of DD's really (much to her dismay . I'm planning to buy him a trainset when he's two, I think he'd like that, he loves anything with wheels on it. I have knitted him a blue rabbit with a fluffy tail, a jolly little stripy jumper, and I've made him a mobile - well I've made little birds which will perch on twigs, but I haven't got round to actually getting any twigs or putting the whole thing together. I'll probably be up till midnight the night before his birthday fiddling about with fishing line and branches...

Ahh, that sounds well cute Bettymum...and very hard work too!!
I'm massively reducing all toy buying in our house too..we have got Jude a ride on car thing, and a couple of pop in jigsaws, plus clothes and that's it. I thought I was gonna sound like a right meanie not buying much for his birthday, but honestly there are sooooo many toys in our house it's ridiculous!! There are so many things from the past 3 years with dd, plus christmas just gone as well. I have toyboxes in each room, 3 big ones in the living room, plus a couple tucked away in the cubbyhole, not to mention the things that don't fit in toyboxes!! I'm really fussy too, so we have smaller toyboxes as well and each one is organised...cars/transport in one, dolls house people in another, toy food, bla bla bla. Iain's always telling me if he bought me a load of storage for xmas/birthdays I'd be well away!! blush
Jude's birthday is on Friday!!! I was looking at pics of dd on her first birthday, and they look so similar...Jude's hair is much lighter, but I have piucs of the two of them with the same kind of facial expressions. Jude's top teeth have come through with a gap between them as well, exactly the same as when dd's came through..it's adorable. Makenzi's has closed right up now tho..I took her dummy away from her at 14 months, so not sure if that had anything to do with closing the gap up as they came fully through or not,so maybe Jude's will close up a bit too. He's a funny lil thing now, he fake coughs, and can blow back at you if you blow his hair, and says agatagatagatagat...that took me a few attempts to write it like he said it lol grin
nicnac I agree with you about dressing up too

harverina Mon 21-Mar-11 20:48:10

Oh princess and nicnac that makes me feel a bit better. Your right about dressing up.

I am sitting feeding eilidh just now. We were a bit late home tonight. She is full of wind and has been popping and burping. She seems a bit uncomfortable and she was holding her tummy.

My christening dress is half price! So I took it back and got the difference back. Got back 47.50 so well worth the trip!

Eilidhs birthday is in 2 weeks. We aren't getting a lot of toys either...she loves spinning tops so going to get that and probably clothes. Maybe a bear factory bear too. Not going mad though!

So, I am officially back at work but on annual leave! Not long now till I'll be running around and over worked again!

princess eilidh fake coughs too! So cute! She is saying mum and dad a lot clearer too. Also if I say the lion says "roar" she does a cute little roar too! Ah us proud mummies eh!

bettymum well done for knitting! I would love to be able to knit things for eilidh, especially little cardigans.

princess i am exactly the same with the toys having to be organized. ajay has plastic drawers in his room for them and they are sorted into a ben 10 one, a people and animals one, a cars one, a transformers one, a toy story one, a tools one and a bakugan one. then he has a big toy chest for the larger toys and a bookshelf for books and dvds with his dinosaur sets on top. he's really good at putting things back in the right place and was right from when i first did it but when he has friends round and they put things back wrong - argh! grin
kacie's toys are all in the living room in 2 boxes and a basket. one box is for little toys, the other is for larger hard toys and the basket is for larger soft toys. i get stressed when they're put back wrong too, with dh being the main culprit ha.

bettymum train sets are such good play value. for the christmas when ajay was 2 and mad into thomas i bought a load of 2nd hand take along thomas sets and trains off ebay, finally after hours of trying all different ways worked out a way to link them all together then we set it on some wood and drew around the outside and dh cut it out so it'd be shaped and nailed legs on. i painted it green and yellow for the island of sodor and then nailed the track down on it so it couldnt be broken apart and take me ages working it all out again ha. it's the best present we've ever done i was so chuffed with it as was ajay and he and his friends still play with it now at 5 and dont look to be stopping anytime soon even though he's not that fussed about thomas anymore. i will try and find a pic of it and put it on here in a min.

picture is on.

are you sick of cream eggs now harverina grin good job on getting half the money back, im rubbish at doing stuff like that i get my friend to do it for me ha.

we have a poorly kacie again here. full of a cold again started with weepy eyes, runny nose and dribbly mouth. now moved on to a cough too, although she seems a lot happier this morning than she has been the last couple of days. she's been off her food but still drinking plenty thankfully.

oh and forgot to say kacie has the gap in her top teeth too, which ajay also had at first but they soon closed together

rumpleteaser Tue 22-Mar-11 08:50:55

Valentin already has loadsa toys even though he has no older siblings! I think I might get one of those lil' inflatable pools and some plastic balls so he can have a ball pit thing indoors and a splashy pool outdoors in hot weather.
I keep looking at play dough and paint and messy things with longing! I want to play with them! A couple more years!

ilovesprouts Tue 22-Mar-11 14:21:37

my grandson,oakleys got the gastro bug at the mo .. must be doing the rounds ds2 had got it now its never ends

Another bug infested household here!!! Both me and dp were really poorly with sickness on Tuesday..I was so bad I couldn't move off the sofa all day, I was in so much pain and just couldn't stop being sick from 11pm Mon night. My stomach was empty but was still throwing up, it was horrible. I had to sleep on sofa all night, and my lil cherub heard me being sick and came down to see if I was ok and slept with me all night. I didn't sleep tho, and kept looking at her, peacefully in her own world. (While I tried to gracefully move away fom her every 40 odd minutes so I wouldn't disturb her!!)
I thought we were over it,and had scrubbed and bleached and dettolled my house ffrom top to bottom, boiled every blanket that got used...and now Makenzi has diarrhea We have just had to go out and buy her older girl pullups cuz she just had an accident in her sleep...and was so upset about it too poor thing. At least I know now why she has been off her food..I feel guilty now cuz I thought she was starting to get finicky :s
Well....this time a year ago I was in LABOUR!!!! I think Iain was probably on his way to pick up my mum about now..and then when she got here I was so concerned it might be a really long labour I didn't stand still. I kept pacing the lenght of the living room..feeling incredibly guilty that my mum was struggling to keep her eyes open! I even offered her my bed for a few hours and told Iain to go to sleep on the sofa for a few hours in case it was a long night!
It was a long night..I jumped in and out the bath, went for a midnight walk in the rain, got a peculiar look from a patrolling police car and realizing I was wearing iain's big black hooded jacket, and we had just been passed by trhem going one way, then was turning back on ourselves when they turned round again, thought I better get back to the house before the police actually stopped us and asked us what we were doing. (In a way now, I wish Ihad stayed walking just to see if they were going to stop us in the street and see what they would have said lol..but back then I was concentrating on breathing ha!!)
I'm now sitting on the sofa where I delivered my tiny baby boy writing to you, remembering the night like it was yesterday. It has gone so quickly..probably even quicker than it felt like it did with Makenzi.
I can still picture Makenzi's face when my mum brought her downstairs to see her new baby brother as soon as he had been dried and dressed, I can still see the pride and amazement in Iain's face, and how he was trying so very hard to do all the right things for me, the relief on my mum's face when Makenzi woke up just as I was pushing so she could go upstairs and sit with her, missing all the 'gory' bits..and the afterpains and the way I walked to the toilet too :s
It's mad that I'm at a different stage of pregnancy a year later!!
I think it will just be the kids and me and Iain and possibly my Mum tomoorow for Jude's very first birthday, with the bug and all...but in a way that is really cute and perfect..cuz it was just the 5 of us together the day we welcomed him to the world as well
Happy Birthday JudeyBoy..Mummy loves you lots and lots XXXxxxXXX

Zeeky Thu 24-Mar-11 23:00:47

What a lovely post Princess - brought a tear to my eye reading it (the bit about Jyde's birth, not the sicky bit!!!) You were one of the first on our thread to give birth so I remember Jude's birth story really well - especially the bit with the police following you grin!

Happy birthday Jude!

aw i remember the police bit too ha ha grin happy birthday Jude, hope you all have a lovely day and feel better soon.

rumpleteaser Fri 25-Mar-11 08:26:34

Ahh it's so nice you have lovely memories of labour! Happy birthday Jude!

harverina Fri 25-Mar-11 09:37:06

Happy birthday Jude! Princess you have me bubbling! What a lovely story. Are u planning another home birth?

Eilidh is loaded with the cold and has a cough. I had it last week. Hoping she us better for her christening on Sunday!

Going to music class soon so have to run. Hope u all have a fab weekend and are enjoying the sunny weather.

Bettymum Fri 25-Mar-11 10:27:40

You've made me cry too Princess! Happy birthday Jude! xxx
Begone nasty germs (sprouts, hope you are all feeling OK now!)

stinkypinky Fri 25-Mar-11 13:01:14

Tears and snot here too at your post princess - I so wish I had nice birth stories, but I am just grateful to have my two babes.

We have all had various bugs too, and I ended up in hospital for 24 hours on a drip. I could not feed Boo obviously, so resigned myself to giving up, but the little one had other ideas and was rooting the second I got home. I waited another 12 hours as was still poorly, then let her have feed, thinking she would not get anything, but she did, and fed overnight for a couple of nights until my supply was back up. Very pleased she persevered! She had taken a bottle no bother when I was away, but DD1 was distraught without me sad

My healthy eating and weight loss is going well - 5lb down (no doubt a bit due to copious vomiting)

Happy Birthday Jude!

Neeko Sun 27-Mar-11 22:12:35

Hi all. Sorry I've not posted in a while. Work has been really manic and I come on and read what you've all been up to and intend to post but never get round to it blush Lovely to see you all doing so well though.

My girl is 1 on Tues and I can hardly believe it. I'm still feeding in the morning and before bed but planning to stop over the spring break. She is taking a couple of steps, crawls like the clappers and has 6 teeth. She can say "that", "Mum", "Dad" and "Hiya" and can wave and clap. She eats me out of house and home and is in at everything and refuses to acknowlege the word "No", but she has the best smile in the world and I fall more in love with her every day. smile

I'll try to catch up with you all soon. Take care.

harverina Mon 28-Mar-11 10:45:36

Hi neeko lovely to hear from you. Hope work is going ok. I start back in 4 weeks and I'm dreading it. It's not so much that I mind going back to work, its my particular job that I mind going back to haha! I used to love it, but having mixed feelings about it just now. I'm still feeding eilidh too. Not sure what we will do when I am back at work. I can't express a lot these days. Eilidh can't have formula due to her allergies and I'm not really wanting to give her the special stuff as its vile.

How much milk are all your babies having during the day?

Eilidhs christening went well yesterday, she looked so gorgeous! Will put pics up soon. On my mobile just now.

harverina Mon 28-Mar-11 10:47:50

Meant to ask...is it ok if our babies sleep on their tummies now? Eilidh rolled onto her tummy last night. I rolled her onto her back at 1.30am as it was stressing me out!

Neeko Mon 28-Mar-11 11:08:47

Morning harverina. Glad the christening went well. I really liked your dress.
It's absolutely fine for babies to sleep on their tummies once they can easily roll over which I'm sure Eilidh has been doing for a while.
Re feeding. I bf H in the morning and before bed and she takes some milk from a bottle about 3pm. It's just cow's milk now. I'm planning on changing this bottle to a cup once I stop feeding. I hasd to fight with H to take a bottle in the first place and I'm keeping this one going so she'll take one at bedtime when I stop. She does drink from a cup but not enough to get her to sleep IYSWIM.
Re work being away is fine and my CM is fantastic. I'm working 3 days a week and have had the work load and responsibilty for 5 days which is why it's been hard. Things are thankfully easing off now though.

Princess Not sure if I've said it already but congratulations on your pregnancy. smile Do you have a little bump yet?

harverina Mon 28-Mar-11 16:11:04

Thanks neeko, I'll not worry so much if she is on her tummy tonight!

Just been to the allergy clinic. They didn't retest eilidh, so we have to continue with a milk and egg free diet. Consultant said she won't be re tested till she is 3 On the plus side because eilidh is almost 1 we can now use soya milk so going to try and replace breastfeeds during the day with a cup of soya milk to prepare for me going back to work. The difficulty will be eilidh not using me to feed to sleep during the day. Mostly she falls asleep herself after lunch but at home she will root to be fed! We have a cm for one day. Started settling in sessions a couple of weeks ago.

harverina Mon 28-Mar-11 20:15:07

Hey quick query...on 2nd Feb eilidh weighed 8.5kg, today she weighed 8.58kg....such a tiny gain, its worrying me a lot. I mentioned it to her consultant and she brushed it off...said different scales etc, not to worry etc. Eilidh was just below the 50th centile line last time and is now in between the 25th and 50th. I'm wondering if I have anything to worry about, or if im not feeding her correctly. Oh why am I such a worrier!

Bettymum Tue 29-Mar-11 10:42:13

Hi harverina,
I think as they approach one their weight gain really slows, plus they are burning calories as they're so much more active, so Eilidh is probably fine .
I haven't had Alexander weighed since before christmas, since I'm back at work so I can't get to the clinic, but he looks fine to me. I think you'd know if she wasn't thriving. DD was very light as a baby, she wavered from line to line a bit but she's fine too with her funny little skinny legs and her little fat tummy grin.

harverina Tue 29-Mar-11 12:25:52

Thanks bettymum. Won't weigh eilidh for a while now. She was weighed at her allergy clinic. Think the guidelines for age 1 plus are not to weigh anymore than 3 monthly anyway. Your so right...eilidh is sooo active these days, she is always on the move! I feel like she is doing ok too.

Hope u are all well. Sorry, feel like I have been hogging the thread!

stinkypinky Tue 29-Mar-11 20:05:49

I haven't weighed Boo since age 6 weeks. I used to get so stressed about DD1, that I decided not to repeat it.

She sleeps on her tum all the time - I spent a couple of weeks flipping her over, but she was always on the front again within minutes.

Still bfing am and pm, and cutting down on afternoon bottle - once this tub is finished she will be on cow juice.

We cannot think of anything to get her for her birthday as she has all DD1's stuff.

Only lost 0.5lb this week, but better than nowt.

harverina Tue 29-Mar-11 22:06:06

Well done stinky on your weight loss! any loss, no matter how small, counts.

Bettymum Wed 30-Mar-11 10:33:16

I have lost 4lb overnight by buying some new scales hmm. If I step from one to the other, my weight goes up and down, up and down, up and down...not sure which one to believe grin.

Mistymoo Wed 30-Mar-11 15:07:29

Bettymum I think you should go with the scales that say less grin

I keep thinking of going on a diet and then feel hungry blush

My wee man is doing great. Sleeping seems to have settled again so am getting a better nights sleep so that is always a bonus. I haven't got a clue hoe much he wieghs but there is no denying he is doing well (he's quite a chubby). He has another scan for his kidneys on Tuesday so hopefully all will be OK.

I'm still bfing but would like to stop soon. He takes about three feeds a day. I have tried him with cows milk in his cup but he's not interested so not sure if I should stop yet. Any suggestions?

i haven't weighed Kacie for ages either but i can tell that's she's growing and doing fine. i'm quite relaxed about it since i have a 5 year old that has weighed 2 stone 2 since he was about 2 years old i think ha and he eats plenty and is perfectly healthy.

i'm with you on the getting hungry mistymoo i don't have the will power to diet. i think about what yummy food i can eat all day long blush

have you tried expressing some breast milk and putting that in a cup for him to get him used to the cup without the new taste as well? Kacie was a bit fussy about the beaker with milk in at first but i just kept trying and in the morning she was that desperate for her milk she just got used to it.

Mistymoo Thu 31-Mar-11 14:27:50

nicnacinoonoo Thanks for the suggestion but he drinks out of a cup all the time so it's not the cup it's what's in the cup grin. I will keep trying to put milk in it.

sleepywombat Fri 01-Apr-11 02:16:48

Hello all & happy belated birthday Jude! I also shed a tear at your post, Princess.

Hope those of you with sicknesses are better now. I was reading a thread on mn about things you don't realise about babies before having them & one of them said they were ill all the time. Well, apart from the reflux & a croupy cough once when he was tiny, N hasn't been ill once! I expect we'll be in for a shock when he starts childcare/nursery! I am a teacher & during my first year of teaching, I got everything going including moluscum warts on my hand (usually only got by children not 25 yr old women) & nits!!!

N has finally got a second tooth coming through. He can't walk yet but 'cruises' & pulls himself up on everything (mostly on me - the human climbing frame). He is great fun now, cheeky & naughty! We haven't childproofed the house at all (open plan so v tricky re gates etc) & have just said 'NO!' loudly when he has tried to pull down books/cds. It has worked but sometimes he will sneak up to the forbidden thing, looking around & grinning. He still plays for hours in bed before he drops off to sleep-there is nothing I can do (he is grizzly if I keep him up later & laughs if I pat him like the old days) so I just leave him. Last night I could hear him babbling & giggling away to his pooh bear & koala until 9.30.

I am an incredibly mean mum as I wasn't planning on getting N anything for his birthday! We are struggling with money at the mo & N has lots of toys he never plays with. Apart from his teddies & his stacking cups, which are v popular/versatile, he tends to choose non-toys as toys, e.g. my mobile phone, necklace, some junk mail, pots & pans! I was going to try and make a Noah's Ark cake, though.

I have never managed to diet either, I aslways eat double what I would normally - think its some sort of reverse psychology! N eats ridiculous amounts but is not a fat baby, our friends can't believe it & think he has worms. If his metabolism ever slows we'll have to get him into loads of sports when he's older!

sleepywombat Fri 01-Apr-11 04:52:07

Mistymoo, hope everything is fine with the kidney scan.

Mistymoo Fri 01-Apr-11 15:53:41

Thanks sleepywombat I'll let you know.

Thanks Neeko..I do have a bump now, I love it!! Although I'm not sure if other people would realise I was pregnant, or just not lost my Jude-Belly!! ;)
I didn't mean to make anyone cry with my birthday post, but when I re-read it back, it made me well up too!
We are all better now, and just back from a few days at Haven in Clacton. It was raelly good, and Makenzi had a great time. She's at an age where she is really starting to get involved, and it was lovely to see her on the dance floor with the other kids, dancing away, and copying all the party dance moves as best as she could. She won Grooviest Dancer, where she got up on stage and danced/jumped/rolled all over the floor in front of every one, and she also won Best Fancy Dress, where she was dressed up as a ballerina. Too cute!! I'll post pics when I get the chance to. Jude pretty much kept to his usual bedtime routine, so slept through all the evening/night time performances and shows, and we were back in our lil caravan by about 9pm most nights, and in bed ourselves by about 9.30 cuz Jude's travelcot had to be in the living room bit and the tv disturbed him...we are such wild party animals these days!!
Glad you're feeling better Stinky..I don't think I could cope with a hospital stay away from the kids, let alone the other way around. x
Harverina I am planning another home birth this time as well. Even though I've already had the one, I still have an underlying thought that there will be a reason I won't get one, exactly how I felt with Jude as well. With my booking appointment, the midwife (not my usual), was very encouraging, and aside from already having a homebirth, could also see why I personally would benefit from not being at hospital (due to me not coping well in 'outside' situations). My new midwife, as my previous midwife has left the surgery, seems really nice, but I'm not sure she actually realised I have 2 other kids, and seemed more concerned that I take parent craft sessions, and book in asap!! It was her first day tho so I'm hoping she was just a lil flustered! I think she thought I was younger than my real age as well..I get that a lot, which is nice, but can also be highly patronising!!
I'm looking forward to feeling this one move around..I keep waking up wondering if today will be the day hehe. In conversation, I told DP that I hadn't felt the baby move yet, and that they say you can feel the baby move as early as 16 weeks in subsequent pregnancies..he looked at me gone out when he asked how far I was and I answered nearly 17 weeks....maybe I am just a lil overenthusiastic!! blush

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!! Hope you all have a lovely day xx

harverina Tue 05-Apr-11 14:27:30

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely mothers day and were spoiled.

its Eilidhs birthday today. Can't believe she is 1 already! My dh is off this week. We went to toddler group this morning and everyone sang happy birthday. it was lovely. We are now on our way to my in laws. Staying tonight as my dh and I are going away tomorrow for the night

Eilidh is a total mummys girl just now. She is also very "strange" with people that she knows so thought it was best if we all stayed at her grandmas house tonight to let her settle in. Plus my dh and I will get a long lie haha!

Hope u are all well

p.s eilidh is sleeping so well until 7am most mornings I'm starting to feel human again!

harverina Tue 05-Apr-11 14:36:16

misty not sure what to suggest about replacing breastfeeds. We are trying to do the same. I'm back at work in a few weeks. Eilidh can have soya milk and will take little amounts from a sippy cup so I'm hoping this will be enough. I want to keep feeding eilidh morning and night so I'm trying to drop all daytime feeds. My dh says that when I'm not there she doesn't ask for milk. Only prob us that eilidh isn't a huge yogurt fan, she can't have any other dairy (yogurts are soya) so calcium worries me. She dies lice broccoli and green means I suppose...sorry I'm now thinking out loud!

harverina Tue 05-Apr-11 14:37:36

Wow lots of typos sorry!

Bettymum Tue 05-Apr-11 16:12:16

harverina, you have got me giggling at the thought of a plate of green means grin.
Happy birthday to Eilidh!
It is Alexander's birthday a week today, I gave the lovely ladies at nursery a fiver this morning so that their lovely cook will make him a birthday cake. She makes the most fabulous cakes and the girls always take a photo of the birthday girl or boy enjoying it .

Happy Birthday Eilidh!!! Jude doesn't like strangers at all. Most of the people he sees are my family, but if he doesn't see them on a regular basis, ie every day, he cies at them, and turns away, burying his face into my shoulder, before taking another peek at them again and crying...again!!
Hope Eilidh has had a lovely day today xx

stinkypinky Fri 08-Apr-11 21:00:04

Boo barely bothers about Mummy.... She had her first day at Nursery today as my Dad is very ill, so Mum can no longer have her. All very rushed, only arranged on Monday, Nursery have been so good - DD1 has been there 3 years, so they know us well. Anyway Boo was there for 2 hours before she realized she was actually in a new environment, and did not know anyone, so got a bit upset - no tears though. She had waved me off, and I had been upstairs doing paperwork and chatting - she had snack too. She was the most laid back baby ever, and I was the most laid back mummy apparently.

She is 1 on 21st, and is getting Christened on Easter Sunday, so that will be a big weekend.

Today I learned about a job opportunity that has blown my mind - a move to an Island with a population of 29, and I would be the only nursie with 24/7 responsibility. DH is happy to be a house husband, and DD1 likes the idea as much as a 4 year old can. It would be a dream come true, but could be a nightmare. The Island is off Shetland, and referred to as 'the end of the earth'. I will apply, and think of the details if offered the post!

harverina Sat 09-Apr-11 09:49:42

Stinky hope your Dad is ok and that you are too. Good that you managed to get a nursery place quickly. Childcare can be a nightmare. Well done Boo for being so chilled out! Eilidh has been left with our childminder once so far for about an hour and a half and she didnt cry either and even went for a nap! I'm back at work in 20 days

The job that you are applying for sounds amazing! I have always loved the idea of living on an island...I am a social worker and when I originally qualified I applied, and got, a job on an Island in Argyle and Bute...not nearly as remote as the Shetland Islands but still involved a ferry to work etc. My DH was really keen for me to take the job and for us to consider buying a small flat on the Island. The difference for us was that my DH would still have had to work so I would have either been doing a 2 hour each way commute every morning or living monday-friday on the Island. I accepted the job but decided to withdraw when I was offered a job much closer to home. Its still somthing that I would love to do later on, but only if my DH and Eilidh came with me! I think it would be a lovely environment to bring up children, especially in thir younger years. Your right that it could turn out to be a nightmare but...it could turn out to be wonderful and you would never know until you tried. At least then you would have no regrets. And you could always go home if it didnt work out?

nicnac, just realised I had ignored you, sorry!!!...I will never get fed up of cream eggs! I could live on them, but sadly, I am not the kind of person who can eat what they want and be thin. In fact I sometimes feel that if I lived on lettuce I wouldnt be thin...although I would be significantly thinner than I am now!

So, my DH and I were away overnight during the week. We went to a lovely hotel in the Scottish Borders. It was so nice to spend some time together and relax. Eilidh has never been away from both of us overnight before but she was fine with her grandma. She got expressed milk at bedtime then at breakfast but thats all she got. She wasnt looking for milk throughout the day which puts my mind at ease for when I start back work as I can barely express an ounce these days.

Princess, Eilidh is exactly the same, if she doesnt see someone for one day she will cry when they pick her up. I think the only exception is my mum and my mother in law. Despite spending 3 nights with her granda during the week she still howled if she was left alone with him confused!! She would play happily with him or sit on his knee with me, DH or grandma in the room but if we left she screamed! Hope you are well and that your bump is getting nice and big now. I loved it when I had a proper bump!

Misty, hope kidney scan went ok smile

Wow this was a huge post, oops sorry! I am on the laptop rather than my phone and get carried away a bit!

stinkypinky Mon 11-Apr-11 09:38:40

Hi harv DH and I have spent all weekend researching the Island, and are getting quite emotionally attached to the prospect.

Dad is improving, thank you - did wonder if we would lose him as he is nearly 80 and weighs just over 6st.

Both kids ill - just as well I am off.

Bettymum Mon 11-Apr-11 11:02:06

stinky is the island Yell, or Unst? I have been to both (briefly) they were both beautiful, mind you it was a gorgeous sunny day .

stinkypinky Mon 11-Apr-11 11:06:54

Foula- most isolated populated Island 20 miles off the coast shock There is a job in Unst too, but I do not have the right qualifications for that one. Bit big too, with a pop of 600!

Bettymum Mon 11-Apr-11 11:19:15

Wow, that is isolated! Just you, the bonxies, puffins and kittywakes grin.

stinkypinky Mon 11-Apr-11 12:24:09


harverina Mon 11-Apr-11 14:38:00

With the neighbours I have, puffiins are very appealing right now

Those of you using sleeping bags at night, are you using 1 tog yet? I felt as though eilidh was really warm last night so going sleeping bag shopping today!

stinkypinky Mon 11-Apr-11 14:42:23

With the in-laws I have, puffins appeal too!

I am using 1 tog - poor Boo has a temp, and I thought she was just too wrapped up (bad mummy emoticon)

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Apr-11 04:49:52

my first granson lucas is one on the 22nd ,oakley is one on 14th may how time has flown

Mistymoo Wed 13-Apr-11 15:23:43

harverina Kidney scan went well. I don't think he has much of a problem now. We will speak to his consultant in May so will hear exactly what the scan showed then. About your move, I don't think I could live so far away. We're about 30 mins from Inverness and that's far enough for me

I have now stopped bfing. We were out all day on Sat and he had no feed before we went and so at bedtime dh tried to put him to bed which was fine. The next morning dh got up with him so no feed first thing and that carried on for the day so we just kept going. He does now drink a bit more milk from his cup and we're happy with his calcium intake.

we've stopped putting Kacie in a sleeping bag now and she has a little cot quilt although when i check on her before bed she's always kicked it off and is curled in some weird position or back to front. she's going to bed really well though now and even wakes up happy playing with scout for a bit at 6 in the morning before moaning to get up.

we have a new bedtime routine of putting her in her buggy to watch waybaloo and night garden before bed and it has really helped chill her out and prepare her that bedtime is coming. she even draws the little circles round and round her hand when they do it at the beginning of night garden, it's soooo cute.

Kacie is walking all over now. we've had to put stair gates on finally and i have one that comes on and off if i want to stop her going into the kitchen. she still cant pull herself up though hmm so when she falls on her bum she moans and Ajay usually gets to her first and pulls her back onto her feet which is really cute to watch. she has new proper walking shoes now instead of the cruisers which have flashing lights on grin

Kacie can say Ajay really clearly now, shouting for her brother. Daddy is also now quite clear and bye bye and hiya have been for a while but its still mama rather than mummy when she even says it.

hope all the first birthdays are going well. we let Kacie have a walk round the wild animal park which she loved but she seemed most interested in feeding the ducks ha we could have done that without travelling so far. we all had a really good day out though.

sleepywombat Thu 21-Apr-11 14:24:48

Hello all -

Noah had a lovely 1st birthday (as far as I could tell) - we had friends over for bbq brunch in the garden & put the paddling pool up. He got loads of presents, tonnes of blocks of different shapes & sizes & also shape sorters, which seem to be the thing to get for 1 year olds. He can't really do the shape sorting yet & has absolutely no patience when I try to show him, throwing the shapes around or jamming them into the wrong hole. It is funny how different children are - the little girl I used to nanny for was a dab hand at shape sorting & those simple puzzles & would sit for ages doing the same one.

He is not walking yet, but spends most of his time pulling himself up on the bottom of his highchair & waving at dh & I from that position!

I got quite worried at Noah's party (& do from time to time) about his size. He is much smaller than all the babies we know of a similar age - only 71cm tall & fairly slim. I keep having panics that I didn't feed him enough when he was younger or I'm doing something wrong. Whenever somebody at the shops asks his age, they say 'oh he's very small'. He is happy, healthy & eats like a horse now, so I know I should stop worrying.

Mistymoo, so glad to hear about the kidney scan. Are you a little sad to have given up breastfeeding? I used to cry at the idea of giving up, but when it happened (it just did one day, like with you), I didn't really mind. Like having my teeny weeny boobs back.

I know I've said it before, but its such a coincidence so many of you are from Scotland. I've only been once in my life (I nannied when I was 22 for a month 1 hour north of inverness), but was blown away by how stunningly beautiful it was. Amazing! Didn't like the midges though (although here we have far worse, so can't really talk). StinkyPinky, when do you hear about the job?

Re sleeping bags - Noah has a muslin one at the moment, so less than 1 tog. But since we have opposite seasons to you, it is just starting to get a bit cooler at night - I don't know whether to invest in a thicker sleeping bag, or try him with blankets. He moves around his cot something chronic whilst asleep, so don't think he'd keep any on!

Looking forward to hearing about more 1st birthdays and Happy Easter!

ilovesprouts Fri 22-Apr-11 09:06:35

hi my first gs lucas is one 2day pic on my page

harverina Sat 23-Apr-11 20:24:39

Happy birthday babies!...or are they toddlers now?!

I'm a bit stressed out tbh. Eilidh had her 12 month immunisations last Thursday, so 9 days ago. She developed a cough and cold within a couple of days and has had a fever the past couple of nights. On the nhs website it says that the mmr can cause symptoms for up to 3 weeks, but what is worrying me most is the huge decrease in Eilidhs appetite. I think its been since the jags...I'd say she is eating half, or less, of her usual. Can't pinpoint exactly when it started, think maybe a couple days after the immunisations, although she has been a little fussier lately. Anyone experienced anything like this?

sleepywombat, eilidh is slender too, although fairly tall. She is still in 9-12 month clothes and will be for a while. Untill a few months ago she always wore the correct size for her age but no.more! We have loads of 12-18 mnth summery clothes that we need to exchange for smaller sizes.

I'm still breastfeeding eilidh. She mostly just feeds morning and night with the occasional daytime feed, but not a lot anymore. Starting to think I may get away with a normal bra! Most days she doesn't feed after breakfast till bedtime.

I'm back at work on Wednesday how disappointing!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather!

I know misty its funny that a few if us are in Scotland, its a same we never got a chance to meet...we could all fly to oz?!

stinky any news about your job?

harverina Sat 23-Apr-11 20:26:30

Oh and eilidh isn't walking yet either...cruising lots!

Kacie isn't eating as much at the moment either harverina dh thinks it's because of the hot weather. she had her immunisations on thursday but not sure if it's since then or before that. she drinks lots and seems perfectly happy so im trying not to worry.

Hey all Just back from my 20 week scan, and I surprised myself by resisiting the temptation to find out...DP nearly fell off the chair when I answered no to finding out as well!!! Although I wass looking verrrry carefully at the monitor hehe ;) We both think we're having a girl, so in 20 more weeks we will know haha
Jude isn't walking, but he is starting to get more confident at standing on his own..he often lets go of the sofa or whatever it is he has pulled himself up onto and stands for minutes now rather than seconds before realising he isn't holding on. I can't wait for him to walk..purely so he can have more fun in the garden with his sister. My mum has decking and he has already had a couple of splinters in his feet from crawling on it, but he gets so frustrated at having to stay in the pushchair out there and not be around Makenzi. He just doesn't understand I'm doing it fo his own good!!
He also says hi...or a sound that I know is meant to be translated as hi anyway, and he holds a phone to his ear now to do it. It makes me laugh, because when Makenzi was a baby/toddler she would get the mobiles and copy us by pressing the random number buttons...Jude has started copying us by tracing his finger up and down the screen, how times have changed hey!! grin
Some of the things he does now are holding his toes to This Little Piggy, grunt like a pig and he also can put one megablok onto another to make a tower. He can also be a little drama queen, and screams very loudly when Makenzi takes a toy away from him..even when she's trying to show him how something works!
Hope Wednesday goes ok Harverina xx

sleepywombat Thu 28-Apr-11 01:20:49

Harverina, how is Eilidh now? Hope she is feeling better. N hasn't had his injections yet (doctors only does them in the morning, we only have one car & no buses go there so dh will have to bunk off school in order to take him!), but has had terrible diarrhoea & luminous red bum. Last night, he woke screaming for ages & I ended up rocking him to sleep (my back is in agony now), which I thought was definitely a thing of the past. I thought it might be cows milk, so I've taken him off it - the diarrhoea has calmed but not gone completely, nappy changes are still a nightmare. Guess it could be his teeth - two at the top are coming in, although two baby books that I have insist that symptoms of teething are a myth. Surely that can't be true.

Noah is in 9-12 month clothes length wise (body suits etc) but still fits 6-9 month shorts & tshirts. I try to feed him up but it doesn't seem to make a difference, his tummy sticks out more but he is still small! I hope he has a growth spurt soon - I was the smallest in my class at school, hated it & had to stand with the class below so the school photo looked right! DH is big (both ways), so hoping he takes after him!

Nicnac, I am impressed with Kacie's talking. Noah only says 'mum-mum-mum' to me, all his other sort of-words are random, although think he was trying to say 'ppppp' for puppy the other day (he ADORES dogs, & we went to see my friend's new puppy). He can do a few sounds - he does monkey noises if he sees a picture of a monkey but clicks instead of grunts for pig, which sounds more like a chicken!

Princess, well done you for resisting the temptation! I can't believe you're 20 weeks already. Is your bump bigger than with Jude? You'll have to show us a pic! I have so many friends pregnant at the mo - one due every month for the next 6! One of my friends just had her little girl after 41 hours drug-free labour, got no idea how she did it, I thought 13 hrs hard enough! Your 3rd should be a breeze!

Hope you all had lovely Easters. Are you all revved up for the royal wedding? They are going ridiculously overboard about it here in oz, especially seeing as a lot of people claim to be anti-royal. Both morning shows have sent their entire news crews to London, lets hope nothing big happens here in the meantime!

Zeeky Sun 01-May-11 22:45:17

Hello everyone! Been off here for a long time due to holidays, Internet being down, illness.

George was one yesterday!!! Can't believe where the last year has gone! We had DH's family down for the day & the godparents & families over for a tea party which was lovely.

G still not moving. He will roll over if put on his tummy or back, but no sign of trying to crawl or standing. Makes it easy to look after him ;). I did have to dial 999 a couple of weeks ago, as G dived off the sofa. He has done a breath-holding thing a few times if he has keeled over & bumped himself or had a big shock, where he screams then doesn't take a breath & passes out for a couple of seconds before coming round & crying again. It is terrifying when it happens but lasts only moments & is then fine. However on this occasion he didn't come round properly and was floppy & unresponsive & twitching. I called an ambulance & by the time they arrived he had come round, but he had been out for over 5 mins! I was terrified that he was going to die!! He was fine quite quickly afterwards but the paramedics wanted jim checked over in hospital in case it was a seizure. We had to spend the whole day on the children's ward for observation, after which the consultant decided it was just a more severe breath-holding episode. We just have to hope that he will grow out of it, but now I'm totally paranoid about him bumping himself again & dreading him starting to walk when he will be more likely to fall sad

Hope everyone is doing well smile

harverina Sun 01-May-11 22:57:05

Hi Everyone!

Sleepy, Eilidh is much better now, thanks. She is still a bit snuffly with a runny nose but her appetite has come back, thank goodness! I was so worried. Nicnac, I really noticed a difference in Eilidh's appetite after her jags but, like you, I also think that the warm weather had an impact too. Although its been lovely and warm here today and she has eaten a good amount. In fact, can I just ask what sort of portion sizes your DC's eat at meals? I also doubt myself...am I giving her enough, does she eat enough etc?! Today Eilidh had:

6am -breastfeed
7.30am porridge made with milk (soya)
10am - pineapple
1pm - tuna mayo sandwhich (one slice of bread halved, she ate about 3/4 of this), half a cream cracker, a few organix crispies, 3/4 of a soya yogurt, 4 dairy free choc buttons.
4pm -an organix oat bar
6pm - veggie cous cous, a brocollie floret and a little bit of cauliflower, 2 tablespoons of sweetcorn (eaten one by one!), a little bit of her easter egg.
7.30pm - porridge made with milk (soya) then breastfeed.

Does this sound normal for a 13 month old? Sorry to be a pest!

Nicnac, Kacey's speech sounds fab! Eilidh is saying mum/mama, dad/dada/daddy, hiya and duck quite clearly. She occasionally says arm - random I know, but when I say "arm in" for her to put her arm in her jacket she copies me! When I say "Eilidh what does the sheep/cow/doggie/lion say?" she can reply correctly but only if she isn't distracted. We practice in the morning in bed when she comes in for her breastfeed and I just love hearing her lovely little voice saying baaaa!

Sleepy, Eilidh had a really red raw bottom a few weeks ago. It was awful. She cried in the bath because it stung her, I felt so bad. In the end I tried canestan on it because an ex-hv who I happened to speak to at a group said that sometimes sore bottoms are cused by thrush and Eilidh has canestan cream for the thrush on her neck caused by drool. It healed up pretty fast after that so either the HV was right or there was just something in the cream that worked! I agree with you that teething must be to blame for sore bottoms etc - every time EIlidh has a tooth about to pop through she poos alot more than usual and this sometimes hurts her bottom. I try and change her as soon as I smell a poo and we cream her bottom at every change. We also started giving her nappy free time every night before her bath for about half an hour.

Princess cant believe you are 20 weeks! (well more now!) Well done for resisting the urge to find out what you were having! I dont think I would want to find out either. It'll be a lovely surprise for you. How are you feeling and what size is your bump now? Is your bump at this stage bigger than it was with Makenzie and Jude?

I have been in bed all weekend with a D&V bug. It started properly on THursday morning - I had to phone in sick to my work on my second day back blush, I was so embarassed but there was no way I could have gone in. Today was the first day I have been up and about. What a wasted long weekend sad. Work was ok on Wednesday. Eilidh cried when I dropped her at the childminders though and I cried on the way to work. I felt heartbroken to leave her. The CM said she was fine after about 5 minutes though, but I feel so so guilty to be leaving her when Im at work. I never thought that I would feel that way, its amazing how becoming a mum changes you so much.

Eilidh is still breastfeeding, but usually only morning and night. When I am off work she occasionally feeds in the day at home, but mostly not. Now that she can have soya milk things are a little easier - not that Im out alot, but if I need to be out at bedtime she can have soya milk and she has taken to it really well. When I was unwell I couldnt feed her for 2 nights as I was stuck in the loo blush, but she took her porridge then some soya milk no bother from my DH, so it gives me a bit more freedom if I need to be anywhere. I dont think I'll feel too bad when Eilidh stops breastfeeding, but I guess I wont know till it happens. She has self weaned down to 2 feeds per day gradually over the past few months, so Im hoping she will just eventually self wean from those too. Sometimes I think that I wouldnt mind stopping, but I still love it and I know Eilidh does too, so Im happy to keep going for a while. As I said, being able to give her soya milk sometimes is a bit of a relief as before if I needed to go anywhere I had to express due to her allergies.

Wow, another big post from me, sorry. I'll go now before it gets any bigger. Hope everyone is well smile Misty, fab news about scan, meant to post about it before.

p.s I loved the royal wedding! I cried as soon as I saw William and Harry on their way to the church! Im a bit of a royalist and a total romantic, sorry!

ilovesprouts Sat 07-May-11 20:15:45

my gs number 2 is one next week .... but now hes started to bite and draw blood my dd says no and the bottom lip comes out and they tears flow

Hehe Harverina, I filled up at the Royal Wedding too smile If anyone had asked I would have blamed my hormones but they all would have known the truth ;)
I think because I'm so busy with Jude, and getting Makenzi to and from nursery each day, the days are flying for me as well. I can't believe I now have more weeks on my pregnancy than to the due date...if that makes sense!!
Bump wise, I know everyone thinks I'm quite small, but they always say it's cuz I'm so slim anyway, I think I'm probably a bit smaller than this stage with Jude, but dp looked at me the other day and told me I had just rounded out all of a sudden...and he keeps grabbing my b++um too8889!! Even my sister told me I get a nice rounded bum whenever I'm pregnant...I think
I must be sha-p+less when I'm not haha. I deffo feel more rounded now on teh old hips, thighs 35and
bum lol grin
The heartburn has really kicked in as well....bring back any horrid memories for you mummies??!! Grr..I hate heartburn..I've just stripped the beds and and had to run downstairs for a Rennie!!
I'm waiting on results at the minute to see if I'm immune to slap cheek/parvovirus..has anyone heard of it before? I never had, but my nephew 3h3ad it, 55ans5 556 and it can be dangerous for unborn babies acco2r
dngl33y9. I don't know whath
a.ens if I'm not immune tho :/
I will post some bump pics up so*on, maybe tonight when kids
are in bed.....sorry for any extra letters in this post..jude is helping me type!! He is also using the laptop as a phone and is putting his ear to the screen and saying his version of hi...soo funny!!
Zeeky how scary!! I think I'd be a completec wreck if that was me x
Right i must g.....o before jude decides to delete this post or make it totally unreadable!!
Hope everyone's had a nice weekend...*Harverina*, Eilidh's meals/snacks sound fine to me, and you're not a pest!! Jude has started to feed himself with a fork now..it was constant battling at dinnertimes, but he couldn't get a spoon in his mouth the rightway round and I was worried he wasn't eating enough sometimes. He does so well with a fork, and I just keep a spoon next to me to tunnell the odd spoonful in his mouth..surprisingly the only thing he doesn't seem to have a problem with me feeding him is his yoghurt or jelly after his dinner lol. Funny that..I remember Makenzi being the same! Some days he eats roughly the same portions as Makenzi, and other days they are less, but with more snacks/fruit in between. He varies day to day. I have afeeling this is a long post from me too...which probably makes no sense with my lil helper adding extra words hehe ;) x

Wow..that post is terrible!! blush
I've just put some pics up...my 20 week scan for this baby, a couple of recent of Jude with his big sister..and my Royal Bridesmaid !! ;)

Jennysbean Sun 08-May-11 19:40:33

Hi, I have not been on for months and months but have been meaning to!! Great to see you are all well, we are good, Romy turned 1 in April ( obviously) and is great, such a smiley wee chilled out soul, she doesn't crawl but can bum shuffle for Scotland which is funny, she is so into everything though, nightmare to clean up afterwards! Isabel is 3 and is such a proper girl, if it's not pink or to do with fairies then forget it, God 3 year olds are hard work though........

I have been back at work for a couple of months, its ok, bit boring now I have been given all the crap work to do but hey ho, I have been training to eventually become a counseller ( probably spurred on after my post natal depression I had after Romy) I am really enjoying my evening classes and although it will take me a few years it's nice to have something to aim for.

Wow Princess another one on the way!! - that is great, I have been feeling broody for a while now and especially since Romy turned one, will give it another year though I think....maybe...

It may well take me a few months to check in again but I just wanted to say hi, you were a very supportive group during the pregnancy and early days! How time flies


harverina Sun 08-May-11 20:21:17

Sorry zeeky I didn't spot your post! It's good to hear from you. You must have gotten such a fright with George holding his breath. Eilidh sometimes takes in a huge gasp when she's really upset and my mum always worries that she's holding her breath but I didn't know babies could really do it! I don't blame you for being paranoid but hopefully he won't do it again.

Eilidh was so upset when I dropped her with the childminder on Friday. She cried as soon as we walked in the house so she obviously remembered sad I felt so upset and left work as early as I could to go and see her. Thankfully she settled in ok though and had a pretty good day. I feel so guilty! Just wish I didn't have to work.

Princess eilidh tries to use her spoon but its always empty when it gets to her mouth! Well done Jude! I'm going to go and look at your photos just now.

Zeeky Mon 09-May-11 14:55:32

Great photos Princess.

Nice to hear from you Jennysbean.

Haverina although I haven't gone back to work since having kids, my friends who have felt the same as you to start with. But it definitely gets easier, so much so that all my working mum-friends used to say they didn't know how I managed being at home full time, as they found it much harder work than actually going to work!!

George has been sooooo cute recently. He's been so good & happy all the time at moment. Still no moving, but he is trying to talk all the time. He calls his brother Wuh wuh (he's called William) which is so sweet. I've taught him to cuddle too - if you ask him for a cuddle, he puts his arms tight round your neck and goes aaaaah - so adorable. No separation anxiety at all from him which I remember being really bad with his brother at this age. I swear he would happily go off with a complete stranger in tesco!!! In fact he seems to prefer strangers to people he knows, as they are far more interesting & pay him lots of attention if he smiles & laughs at them grin

sleepywombat Tue 10-May-11 05:44:52

Noah said his first word (apart from mum-mum-mum) yesterday, it was 'gecko'! Whenever he is having his bath, two geckos sit on the window catching moths/flies & he loves watching them. For a while he has been saying 'g' 'c' at them & finally managed the whole word yesterday.

Harverina, it sounds like Eilidh is eating well, I'm sure she is fine & you're doing a fab job. Noah probably eats more, but he is unusual - eats more than all the other [much bigger] one year olds I know. I'm also terrible in that I give him food to shut him up! He still hates the car, has done ever since day dot, so I hand him rusks/rice cakes/pear slices/crackers throughout every journey. As you can imagine, the back of our car is disgusting, covered in smears & crumbs - really must clean it. I'm not so worried about N's size now, as he has had a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks & I spoke to a nurse, who told me that he is happy & healthy & to stop worrying! I'm a mum, I never stop worrying!

Sorry to hear about the child minder. I'm still not back at work & really need to start thinking about it - so many things we need to buy & can't afford (fly screens for house, solar panels (carbon tax coming in so electricity bills set to go up & up) etc). I am quite scared about working again, to be honest. I found it really difficult/emotionally draining even before Noah. I'm wondering whether I should just get a job in a shop or something, but then not sure that would pay for the childcare!

Princess, gorgeous photos - your two look like they get on like a house on fire. Very impressed with Makenzi's hairstyle - I have tried to French plait my hair millions of times & can never get it right.

Jennysbean Hello again! Glad to hear you lot are doing well.

ilovesprouts, know what you mean about the tears when told 'no'. Noah goes crazy when I take something from him that he shouldn't have (e.g when he is hitting me with a wooden spoon), I find quick distraction the only solution really.

After all my cynicism, I adored the royal wedding & cried throughout. What a gorgeous dress, everyone looked great (except perhaps Beatrice & Eugenie)!

sayitwithme Fri 13-May-11 16:23:38

Hello everyone. It's been a while. Apologies but I haven't read through all the posts since I was last on as I can't remember where I left off!

Princess, hope all is going well with your pregnancy. Good to hear that the 20 week scan all went smoothly. I will have a look at your photos when I've finished posting myself.

DS now has 6 teeth (they've been popping through since end of Feb) but is STILL not moving!! He gets so frustrated when he sees everyone running in and out of rooms so I have to confess we put him in one of those wheelie walkers from time-to-time. He's so happy in there but I'm sure it's not helping him learn how to move for himself. He can say Bye Bye quite clearly and blow kisses now. And he's eating for England at the moment! Must be another growth spurt or something.

I'll make it a short one for now. Good to be back.

ilovesprouts Fri 13-May-11 18:30:36

my grandson oakley is one tomorrow,grin having a party and a lil bouncy castle ,hes got 4 teeth,he says yes/no,light,mum mum,daddy and he snorts down his nose like a bull does its so funny ,and hides his hands over his eyes and plays peek-a boo ,hes not walking yet tho but can stand on his own for a while .

harverina Mon 16-May-11 22:34:16

Well done Noah! I'm impressed! I feel the same sleepy, all I have done since becoming a mum is worry! I also agree with you about the job - Every day in work I keep thinking that maybe I could pack it in and get something local and stress free, maybe a few hours in the local shop a day! My DH (and bank manager) would not be agreeable to this though grin Eilidh cried again on Friday when we dropped her off but she seems to settle ok after a little while.

Good to hear from you sayitwithme, if you have time it would be good to hear how your DC got on at the CM's in the early days - I remember you saying before that you use a CM? Hope your well. Eilidh has 6 teeth now too. The last two have come through alot easier with a lot less pain, or so it seems.

Eilidh has a mega temper when she doesnt get her own way or when we take something from her! Not sure if its anything to do with the red hair! She wants to walk all the time ( with me holding her hand, she cant walk yet!), which has made shopping trips very interesting and sooooo slow!

Dont have much else to report. The weeksks seem to be flying by! I cannot believe that I have an almost 14 month old baby! Work is crazy. Its been pretty stressful already, been thrown in at the deep end big time and not sure if Im grateful for this or annoyed confused.

Hope you are all well.

ilovesprouts Tue 17-May-11 07:52:31

oakley has 8 teeth now ,[fingers dont go near mouth now] he took 3 steps the day after his birthday ,my other grandson lucas who 3 weeks older is just about walking now ,just a bit wobbley

sayitwithme Thu 19-May-11 14:33:22

Hi haverina. DS got on really well, thanks for asking. I booked him in for some settling in sessions on days when his sister was also there at first. Then he had a couple of sessions on his own, so I could have some dedicated time with DD before returning to work. The day before the first session, the CM asked me how long he'd be there for. I had totally not thought about it, just blindly ploughed on assuming an entire day. Then I remembered that those first sessions are only supposed to be for a couple of hours! Anyway, we had a bit of a deliberation about it and decided between us to go for a full day, on the basis that I'd be on-call anyway if it all went wrong, and he loved it! Lasted an entire day without any issues. And now it's like he's always been there. smile

He too has a temper, just like Eilidh. Much worse than his big sister ever had. Do you think it's a second child thing? Can't remember if Eilidh has a bigger sibling?

Mistymoo Tue 24-May-11 11:37:20

Hi all. J has had the all clear from the consultant about his kidney so no longer needs any checks. We're delighted. He is mostly quite a happy wee chap although the last couple of days we have seen quite a temper which I'm finding difficult to deal with. I'm back at work for my two days a week now and J goes to my mum and dad's. He's very happy with them and so I enjoyed going back.

It is amazing how time flies. Hope you are all well.

harverina Tue 24-May-11 21:46:08

Fab news misty, you must be so relieved smile Glad to hear that work is going ok. Im back 3 days and its been alright. Still full of guilt at Eilidh going to a child minders but need to get over that as its just the way it has to be. Part of me enjoys being at work and part of me misses Eilidh like crazy. I know my feelings are normal and I'm not alone, motherhood is full of guilt guilt guilt!

Sayitwithme glad to hear your DS has got on ok. Eilidh is still crying when dropped off but its getting better. Last week she was looking out of the window when we drove away and she wasnt crying anymore so I know she isnt crying for long.

Eilidh is just fab just now, chattering away all the time, really giggly (with a temper sometimes too misty!) and fab company. She is giving kisses all the time and is soooo cuddly, its lovely. She is mooing (cow), baaaaing (sheep), ssssss-ing (snake), ooh ooh ooh-ing (monkey, rarring (lion) and opening her mouth like a fish! I ask her all the time what the animals say and start working on a new one when she cracks one, I love it! She isnt quite walking but I think she is close. She wants to be walking all the time and gets mad when I try and carry her anywhere. She has a go at alot of words when I ask her to say them too.

Its been really quiet on here, hope you are all well. Imaway to iron my stuf for work and get organised for the morning...I am the most disorganised person ever so I need to work hard at being more organised! smile

Zeeky Fri 27-May-11 07:51:04

Been very quiet on here. Everyone must be busy returning to work!

George doing well. I agree Haverina that it is such a cute age. G LOVES dancing - it is hilarious! As soon as he hears any snippet of music he start bobbing up and down, kicking his legs & doing jazz hands - so funny. He also has a bit of a temper. I think it's frustration more than anything as he is still not moving. If he gets told no or his brother takes something off him, he shouts & bashes himself over the head with the nearest item! Generally he is a very happy chappy & beams at everyone (especially the old ladies in the supermarket!)

Hi everyone..it's been bug galore at our house!!! Makenzi was off from nursery for over a week with a chesty cold, back for 4 days, and then woke up Friday morning crying complaining she had a stick in her ear and it hurt. We took her doctors but she wouldn't let the doctor near her ear and screamed the place down, but is now feeling much better after her horrible banana medicine...and screaming the place down for different reasons!!

I also have 2 very loud drama queens in our family....sayitwithme I definitely think Jude gets his temper from watching his big sister!! He has to contend with having toys taken away from him by her, and her not letting him disrupt her 'tower' building with the bricks poor lil thing. Generally she does play well and can be really kind and thoughtful with him, but I am definitely getting into the swing of sibling bickering already!!! I think Jude thinks screaming is the way forward...if Mkaenzi is on timeout, or screaming in protest, Jude screams along for the fun of it thinking its funny!!!
He also gets very frustrated at not being able to get what he wants..he will crawl over to the big toybox, see something he wants and shout at you until you get the right toy out!! It's cute watching him try and tell you what he wants though, and we can figure out now when he is after certain things too. He points at everything now, and is fascinated by the leaves on the trees, especially when it's quite windy! He has figured out how to turn the tv off too, much to Makenzi's annoyance!! Oh, and he's always trying to put shoes on his own feet as well...he gets nowhere near actually putting them on, but it's funny to watch smile

Glad everyone seems well smile
I have my midwife coming out tomorrow to discuss the homebirth paperwork, so I'm excited about that. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going, yet New Years Day seems like ageeeees ago!! Heartburn has really kicked in now....as has the constant trips to the toilet for what ends up being a drizzle hmm But the movements are really strong now, and I love lying on the sofa at night watching my belly move around smile I've started to feel the 'grinding' movements now as well, rather than just the kicks/flutters.Ahhh smile
I've just spent the weekend going through all of Makenzi's old baby clothes, and Jude's baby clothes, keeping all the neutrals aside, and labelling up the bags of other clothes, so when he/she is born, I've at least got some colour clothes ready (ish)!! I realised this week that I'm not going to have all the drawers of clothes organised before the baby is born..not good when you're a bit of a n organiser/control freak..but the surprise will be worth it I'm sure!!
I'm so sorry cuz I know this is going to be one long post!!! xx

Bettymum Fri 03-Jun-11 14:33:20

Hello everyone, haven't been on for ages as my work has just been manic.
Alexander had his jabs last week, and on Monday morning woke up really struggling for breath sad I had to go to work, so DH took him to the doctors, who sent them to the hospital for chest x-rays, I was a total nervous wreck in the office but in the end they gave him some Calpol and an inhaler, and he was right as rain. I took him for a walk on the common in the afternoon to see the cows, he liked that smile. Gave me a nasty fright though.
Hope you all have nice weather - I'm not sure it's that great in Scotland though - we are off to Dorset tomorrow for the day to paddle in the rockpools and see if we can catch a crab.

sleepywombat Sun 12-Jun-11 03:21:14


How are you all? I expect you've all been very busy. Chesty coughs & post-jab illnesses over? Noah had a terrible cold - red, watery eyes & constantly running nose which he wouldn't let me wipe. Thank goodness all over now.

My mum (in the UK) says you've had great weather, although she is desperate for rain for the garden.
Its getting chilly here, but just at night & in the mornings - makes it difficult to know what to put Noah in as its warm until the early hours when the temperature drops. Still, he seems much tougher than me, perfectly content in his t shirt & nappy as usual, whilst I'm snuggling up in my tracksuit!

It was my birthday last weekend so we went out to lunch, fortunately managed to eat some ourselves in between handing Noah pizza crusts. He is so greedy, I still tend to wait till he is asleep before eating!

My neighbour lent me a book called 'toddler taming'! We already have a lot of tantrums, but mainly due to frustration at not being able to do or say something. Sometimes he points at something for ages and I list everything I can see, having no idea what he wants (although the other day, I'm sure it was the moon - No, I can't go and get that for you, Noah!), then he starts to cry.

Well done on the animal noises, Harverina and Eilidh! Noah does dog, duck & cockatoo (a common sight here). He tries to do lion & pig but they sound nothing like growls or oinks! He hasn't said any more words since gecko.

Hope you're all well, looking forward to hearing your news!

harverina Sun 12-Jun-11 22:09:52

Hello everyone! smile

Hi Sleepy, we have been having quite alot of tantrums too - I think like Noah, Eilidh is frustrated alot of the time, plus she wants to walk everywhere and when we try and stop her she stamps her feet and arches her back and screams! Tonight we went out for dinner and she wanted to go down and toddle round the restaurant. Of course we couldnt let her and she is too young to understand why...she was livid! The weather in Scotland has been rubbish - There is apparantly a drought in England, they can have some of our rain!

Eilidh's repertoir of sounds keeps growing...she now says vroom vroom (car and its not very clear!), eek eek (mouse) and neeeey (horsey!). Im always so surprised when she picks up a new word or sound!

Bettymum, how is Alexander now? That must of been really scary after his jags.

Princess, its so lovely to feel proper movements in your tummy, I actually miss that! (I miss alot of things about being pregnant!) Hope you are well smile

Zeeky, Eilidh loves to dance too. She loves Elton John haha! When we put him on she giggles and dances. Too cute!

Hope everyone is well. My work is crazy. Some days I love it, other days I am trying to think of ways to stop! I miss Eilidh alot when I am away from her. It is nice to have adult time but I'd rather be with her.

Anyone else got any plans for another bundle of joy? smile

Hello all smile Hope everyone is well..I pop on most days but don't message cuz I see noone else has, (and don't want it to look like I post to myself hehe)
Well, Jude is now properly walking, and has proper hard bottom shoes for when he is in the garden, or at the park etc. It's great now, cuz he can toddle about on his own (ish), and get up to the mischief that he wants to! He is becoming a proper lil character, and makes me laugh so mucg.h..yesterday at the dinner table, he leant forwards, pulled me by my top closer to him, and just gave me a kiss for no reason. It was so cute, and probably a one off so I'm going to write it in his record book so I always remember...well I haven't got his record book yet so I've been scribbling lil notes down for the past year in an a4 pad, ready to transfer into obne when I finally get round to picking one up!! wink
He sniffs his feet, or shoes, and says poo or pooey, he doesn't get much choice about sniffing Makenzi's feet cuz she sticks her stinkiest pumps in his face for him and he gives the most disgusted look back. They are so funny together now, they are either the best of friends, or worst of enemies..he's definitely learnt a few of her tantrum tricks!! grin
I can't believe I now have less than 12 weeks left!! It's crazy. I absolutely love feeling and seeing my stomach move when the baby does, and because it can be so hectic in the daytime, I love just taking half hour or more at night to really focus on watching each ripple. A part of me feels like I haven't really absorbed this pregnancy as much as I did before, so it feels to have gone so fast. I've been trying to get organised each weekend, and today seperated all the neutral newborn clothes into the drawers, ready to be washed smile Next week I am going to try and get as much of the smaller items in that I will need. I don't need too much, cuz of having everything still from Jude, and I even have some clothes from Makenzi too, but I don't want to be sorting through clothes in the first week of baby being born, and don't have the room to have a drawer of boys clothes, and a drawer of girls, so a mini shopping spree it will be ;)

Does anyone have any school starters in September?? I have come to the decision to home school Makenzi, until she gets a place at my chosen school. She is number 3 on the waiting list, so we are hoping it won't be too long. hmm Does anyone have any experience of home schooling/teaching pre-schoolers themselves? I've been working with makenzi on a one to one basis for a while now, we have introduced phonics, and phonic based spelling, basic number work, and obviously counting and the alphabet. I know it's not everyone's first choice, but I don't want to put her in a school, to settle, only to pull her out when a place comes up.

Hope everyone had as nice a day as we had today..although I was upstairs sorting through bedrooms so am jealous of anyone who actually managed to enjoy it without being a red sweaty lump!!! xx

harverina Mon 27-Jun-11 00:23:51


Princess I pop on regularly too so post when u want! Eilidh is walking properly now too and got her first hard shoes last week...too cute! She is so loving and gives kisses all the time. When she is getting changed she pulls our face down tor a kiss! Not long to go now...you sound pretty organised too, well done!

We are still breastfeeding. Just morning and night though. Eilidh is now sleeping really well which is great. We never did sleep training in the end but thankfully sleep got better in time for me going back to work!

I will pop back on soon with more but I'm in bed on my phone and so sleepy! I wrote a big reply earlier and ny battery died! smile

Zeeky Mon 27-Jun-11 18:53:48

Hi Princess & Haverina! I too lurk bit rarely post!

Can't believe you only have 12 weeks left Princess!!

Finding it rather hot here in the South East today - 30degrees earlier...

George still not crawling/standing/walking. He has just started turning on the spot whilst sitting so that he can reach things, but that is the extent of his movement!! He is however the most wriggly & kicking thing when having his nappy changed or lying in his cot - he somehow manages to get himself into all sorts of strange positions in his cot!

Lots of "talking" and pointing. He understands everything you say to him but we don't have a clue what he is telling us! He absolutely loves animals & whenever he spots a dog, cat, bird etc he woofs at them!

ilovesprouts Tue 28-Jun-11 19:41:53

my grandson lucas started walking just as he turned one .oakley not quite there yet he can stand on his own then sits down

Bettymum Thu 30-Jun-11 20:52:44

Hello ladies, wow princess I can't believe you only have 12 weeks left! I sometimes think I would like another but it's not going to happen. I am loving having two, they are so cute together. The other day the pair of them piled up all the cushions under the kitchen table and were playing at dens. I have a nightmare trying to keep Alexander out of my oven, which is a low level one, he makes a beeline for it every time I open it. He is really walking well now, thank goodness as he's a heavy lump! He is also trying to give me kisses... Or maybe he's trying to bite me, I'm not entirely sure. Hope everyone is well!

sleepywombat Fri 01-Jul-11 01:25:33

Hello everyone!

I would have posted before too but was a bit embarrassed to go straight after Harverina again & was waiting for some other posts!!!

Well, Noah finally took his first steps a couple of days ago! He wants to run before he can walk properly though & is very top heavy so seems to overbalance quite a lot or launch himself at me before he is anywhere near.

Zeeky, my neighbour's baby, Ben, sounds very like your George. He is also a fat lad(!) & not moving on his own & spins around on his bottom to watch everything but he does zoom very fast in his baby walker. He is so cute & smiley though & far less tantrumy than Noah. I'm so glad that Noah has a little friend of a similar age nearby & am looking forward to when they can play outside together on their bikes.

Noah also adores animals (a lot more than humans) & says 'woof woof' a lot. We do want to get a dog eventually.

Princess, you are a superwoman! I don't think I'd be able to homeschool plus look after two babies & a house (& a dp)! I think its a great idea though & much better for Makenzi than switching schools just after settling in. Good luck & if you need any materials/ideas, do let me know, as I have taught Reception & have plans/books/photocopied worksheets galore!

Harverina, its funny you should ask about another child as our second is due in January!!! I wanted around two years gap so thought better start trying in April & guess what, happened straight away. Am overjoyed as hated being an only child so did want two fairly close together but I am also terrified! I find it hard enough with one. Praying this next one doesn't have reflux & likes sleeping!

First trimester has been ok, except I had morning sickness (which I didn't have with Noah) for a few weeks - pretty awful, was wondering what the hell I'd done & told dh to remind me to never get pregnant again! Absolutely fine now though, apart from the stomach looking 20 weeks rather than 12.

Did any of you worry that you wouldn't love your second as much as your first? I know I will but I just love Noah so much that I can't imagine loving anybody else the same!

My mum is staying at the mo, which is trying. She is all about her & gets annoyed when Noah is squawking & she is trying to talk/rest/read. She also criticises me a lot, won't let me have my own opinion on matters & bosses me around. I do love her, but the visit is quite stressful so I am counting down until her departure.

Hope its not too hot there, its uncharacteristically cold here - have been wearing tracksuit in bed!

Zeeky Fri 01-Jul-11 16:50:39

Wow congratulations Sleepywombat!!! Don't worry about not loving the second - you'll surprise yourself with just how much love you have to give for your children. I will confess that the first few weeks of having were hard as I felt very torn between the two, but it all soon settles into new routines. DS1 is still quite jealous of his little brother though & he is often very rough & spiteful towards him, but then other times is very loving. I'm just hoping that he will grow out of it & they will become the best of friends. Maybe when George is on the move they will be able to play better as at the moment he is just a sitting duck for William to push over or take his toys away!

I would like to have a 3rd baby but DH not keen. I think we will have a bigger age gap between the last two, maybe 3-4 years (2.8 yrs between first two)

harverina Sat 02-Jul-11 22:09:06

Oh Congratulations Sleepy! Thats fab news! Glad the sickness has passed. I understand you worrying about not loving a second baby the same. I cant imagine loving another baby the way I love Eilidh! But I have been reassured that I will!

We ate out properly as a family for the first time tonight. Obviously we have eaten out with Eilidh before but because of her allergies we have always taken Eilidh's dinner with us. Tonight we were at the seaside and we were a little unprepared. We had snacky things with us but no tea and we decided to eat out. So we went to a seaside restaurant. Eilidh had sausage and chips and loved it! The restaurant is a lovely traditional italian/scottish - you get fish teas etc. I was a bit worried but she seemed ok, no reactions to anything. She sat so well with a proper adult plate and ate off it no bother. It was so nice to eat out as a family and order off the menu for her for a change.

The weather has been lovely here over the last few days, makes a lovely change. The only thing is I am so self conscious because I have put on so much weight. My self confidence has plummeted. I am joining a slimming club this week and going to really focus on getting fitter aswell sad

Zeeky my DH isnt too keen on another baby at the moment either. He says he is still too tired haha! We are still in a flat so its actually not an option anyway as we have run out of space but hopefully early next year we can start thinking about making plans. I dont want too much of a gap - 3 years maybe, so quite similar to you.

Hope everyone is fine and dandy - its nice to hear from you all again smile

Zeeky Sun 03-Jul-11 20:15:19

Harverina I can recommend the Dukan diet. I've lost about a stone since I stopped breast feeding at end of Jan. I lost the first half stone from doing more exercise & eating more healthily but then wasn't shifting anything. A friend recommended the Dukan diet & I kept Reading about it everywhere. I found it really easy to stick to and lost the weight easily. It's basically low carb & although i'm not following it any more, I still rarely eat pasta/bread/potatoes/rice and have so far kept the weight off even having pigged out a bit on hols. My self esteem is so much higher now & I have enjoyed buying new clothes which I haven't really enjoyed doing since before DS1.

Good luck with the weight loss. There are lots of support threads for weight loss on mumsnet which I found really helpful too.

harverina Sun 03-Jul-11 22:09:29

Thanks Zeeky, my sister is actually doing the Doukan diet at the moment and is losing alot of weight fast. My DH isnt keen though and keeps saying that its a fad, and I should just eat 3 healthy meals a day - if it was that simple no one would be overweight! I think that I will go back to slimming world. I need the group support. I did weight watchers years ago and went practcally every week for 3 years! I loved the group support and found it really helped to be getting weighed every week. I cant wait to feel better about myself and know that even losing 7lbs will feel fantastic, although it will just be me getting started!

Neeko Mon 04-Jul-11 11:05:09

Hi all. haven't posted for ages although I keep up with what you're all up to. Glad to see you're all doing so well.
All fine here. H is really thriving. Not speaking much but physically very active and runs everywhere. Still up for a quick drink most nights but I've accepted that she'll stop when she's ready. we stopped feeding at 12.5 months and she now LOVES her bottle after months of refusing. Typical!

Congratulations to Princess and Sleepywombat lovely news.

Harverina I'm at ww. I've lost a stone on the new plan since April. It's much easier to stick to than the old one and like you I need group support. Good luck.

Bettymum Fri 08-Jul-11 20:46:24

Congratulations sleepywombat! Lovely smile
It's funny about the loving the second baby, I actually loved Alex lot quicker than Elizabeth - instantly in fact - I never had that overwhelming and scary sense of responsibility with him that I had with her because I felt a bit better prepared with him. It took me a while to love E, I was just so scared of the whole thing. It's lovely having two smile.

rumpleteaser Thu 14-Jul-11 10:55:57

Hi everyone, the thread goes a lot slower now we all have toddley babies!!
Mine still not walking without holding onto stuff but I think it's gonna be pretty soon.

SO wombat also pregnant again and princess is almost at popping stage again.. I've missed a lot! The bigger Valentin gets the less I feel like I want another! It is hard work now we're getting the stage where tantrums and mobility are the main things on baby's mind!

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Haha Rumpleteaser..I am almost at popping stage!! I have 8 weeks left now...8 WEEKS!!! Time really has flew by, it's crazy! grin
Congratulations Sleepywombat...I wonder if you will find this pregnancy seems to go by quickly...I sometimes feel like I haven't 'embraced' this one the same way as the other 2, so I try and make the most out of (what few) relaxing baths I have, and watch my belly wobbling away with my lil baby moving around smile
Bettymum, if there was a like button, I would definitely 'like' your post..I felt the same with Jude. Maybe it was a more relaxing environment with me second time round, already at home, rather than feeling slightly alone in the hospital bed, waiting for Iain to come back and see me, but I also instantly fell in love with Jude from the moment I saw him. Although I knew I loved and wanted Makenzi, I felt more overwhelmed with her, (and maybe even felt a bit sorry for myself cuz I didn't want ot be on my own at the hospital) and can clearly remember looking over at Makenzi when she was a few hours old, telling myself to pull myself together. And I agree..it is lovely having two. smile
I love watching the two of them getting up to mischief together now..Makenzi finally has a play partner in her brother, and calls him when she wasnts him to join in...she also tells him to go away when he's annoying her, or trying to copy her pictures, but ripping what she's done...but I take more joy in the first bit wink He is getting rather like his sister..in more ways than one!! He calls her YahYah..sounds nothing like Makenzi-Shei, but it is so cute! They pull funny faces at each other, and giggle away, and even with the tempers, tears, and screams, I'm looking forward to having a housefull of lil people. smile
Jude has been off his dummy now for a week..and he coped a lot better than Makenzi did at his age, and already I've noticed that he babbles away to himself a lot more already. I thought I should get the bedtime tantrums and the want for a dummy out the way before the new baby comes along, and he will want the new baby's dummy!!
Thanks Sleepy wombat...I'm glad someone agrees about settling, then unsettling and resettling Makenzi at school, and coming from a teacher it means a lot too. I have found a few websites that have various activities on that I can work on with her, and I have had a meeting with her reception teacher (at the school she will be starting eventually), to make sure I can try and include the things they do so as not to hold her back, but any ideas/activities you can send my way will be greatly appreciated!!
It's lovely to hear from more of you..I hope you're all well. Hope slimming world is going ok, and that you're starting to feel better about yourself now Harverina. xx

Bettymum Fri 05-Aug-11 15:26:24

How is everyone doing? We are sweltering here in the South, fingers crossed it stays nice for the weekend but I think we might have some thunder on Sunday...
princess how are you doing? Hope you and the baby are well!
Have a lovely weekend everyone smile

harverina Fri 05-Aug-11 23:14:59

Hi Bettymum and everyone else!
Just thought I'd have a look to see if anyone had been on. The weather hasnt been too bad up here in Scotland too Bettymum, although its to rain this weekend .

I have had an eventful week. E took another severe allergic reaction and we are now carrying epipens. We were at my in laws when it happened this time - she had not been given anything out of the ordinary to eat - things she had eaten before. So, we thjink she has either picked something up and eaten it or that there has been cross contamination in her food prep. My MIL had given her lunch while my DH and I were at the shops. It was all very scary, 999 call etc. We stayed overnight in hopital for observation. We have to go and ee the allergy consultant in a couple of weeks which Im glad about as I have lots of questions. I am a nervous wreck now and constantly anxious. So scared in case it happens again. Although we are always very careful about her food and food prep, I had begun to relax a bit and just accepted that it was a way of life not using milk and eggs but this has really shaken me.

My dad died today. Its an odd sitatuation really. I only met him about 5 years ago for the first time, then saw him every few months after that until I was pregnant. Then when I had E I tried to arrange to go and see him a few times and he and his partner cancelled each time. I left it with them and said to let me know when they were free and they never contacted me again - no card or phone call when E was born. I decided just to leave things until a month or so ago my sister got a call to say that our Dad was pretty unwell. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and then again last night then he died today. Although he had been unwell, I never for a minute thought that he would die so soon after seeing him yesterday. So, Im not sure how I am feeling tonight. Sad. Sad for him at all he missed, sad for me for all we missed and just sad that thats it.

Anyway sorry for the depressing post!

E is just fab - talking non stop, what a blether she is! She points to birds and shouts "birdie" and shouts "bus" when she sees any vehicle bigger than a car!

Princess, hope you are well? You cant have long now till your due date?

Hope everyone is well smile

sleepywombat Sat 06-Aug-11 14:40:37

Hello everyone!

Harverina, what a terrible week for you. I hope Eilidh isn't allergic to anything else & grows out of her current allergies - must be so frightening for you. Condolences re your dad - very sad that you only really just got to know him. Hope you have some good memories from the short time that you knew him. My dad died when I was 21 & I think about him looking down at Noah & some of the funny things he would have said to him (he was hilarious & got on best with children & animals).

Princess, any new baby news?!
How did you go about removing the dummy? I don't dare take Noah's away. He used to only have it for sleeping but sometimes he demands it post-tantrum nowadays, so it is getting a bit annoying. I have a couple of times forgotten to give it to him & he hasn't been upset, but won't go to sleep (just messes around) - I think he needs the sucking to help him drift off.

Neeko, Noah still drinks milk from his bottle. I keep trying to get him to use a cup but then give up & think I'll try again in a few months. He point blank refuses. Its odd, because he'll drink anything else from any sort of cup, but not milk!

The pregnancy is going so fast. Thank you so much for your congrats, everybody.

Bettymum & Zeeky, thank you for your kind words/advice about loving the 2nd & jealousy! Have you seen 'Babies'? It is a film documenting 4 babies - 1 in Mongolia, 1 in Namibia, 1 in Japan & 1 in USA. You just watch them playing/feeding/learning - its very cute. Anyway, the Mongolian baby has a big brother (they live in a tent with a satellite dish on the top) & when the parents aren't looking, the brother whips the baby with a scarf in one instance & then in another, pushes his pram into the middle of nowhere & leaves him!!!

I had 18 wk scan yesterday, all fine & found out bump is another boy. I know it is a taboo subject, but I am a little disappointed as really hoped it'd be a girl. I guess just because I'm a 'girly' girl myself & always wanted to play dollhouses, make jewellery, plait my daughter's hair etc & dh doesn't want more than 2 children. I also worry that he'll be a big, boisterous boy & beat up Noah (I know, much more likely the other way round, but at the moment I just think of Noah as my little baby)! I know my worries are completely unfounded & I will love my other little boy completely as soon as I see him, though!

We don't have to buy anything (except another carseat) as we have all of Noah's tiny clothes etc.

Do those of you with 2 have them in the same bedroom? I would quite like my 2 to be together, partly because our spare room is tiny & is used as our storage room (our whole house is pretty tiny) but also because it would be nice for reading stories together/keeping toys in one place. However, if no. 2 is as terrible a sleeper as Noah was, then I guess it won't be practical.

Another question (sorry)! Do you think I can get away with not buying a double pram & just having Noah in pushchair, baby in sling until Noah big enough to walk longer distances? Looked at some prams online & so expensive & bulky!

Noah is so sweet & giggly at the moment - it makes me cry (pregnancy hormones, I suspect). He is walking everywhere & talks & sings to himself a lot. He says 'mum', 'go', 'leaves' (more like 'shheeevz'), 'flower' & 'bubble' - the rest of his words are either animal or vehicle noises or less understandable/gobbledy gook.

We are having a few problems with naps. He has dropped his morning nap but will only sleep for just over an hour in the afternoon, whatever time I put him to sleep. So we either have late morning grizzles or afternoon/evening grizzles, yawns & tantrums. I am hoping he will one day decide to sleep for 2 hours, but its never been done thus far (except at night). Are all yours on one nap now?

Rumpleteaser, nice to hear from you after so long. What is it like in Bulgaria, are your summers very hot?

Best wishes to all. Still dry & cool here, dreading the coming of the wet season (& the mould)!

Zeeky Wed 10-Aug-11 08:03:22

Hi all. Lovely to hear from you.

Haverina so sorry to hear about Eilidh's reaction & your Dad. Hope you're ok.

We've got lots going at the moment. DH has been looking for a new job since before George was born & has just been offered one in Northampton. As we are in Berkshire it requires us to relocate! So now flat out decluttering house ready to put on the Market & spending every weekend driving around Northamptonshire looking at villages to try to decide where we want to live!! It will be dependent upon where we can get a school place for ds1 who is starting reception in Sep, but as it is summer hols it is difficult to get any info about the schools, arrange school visits etc.

I will be sad to leave here as I love our house & we have lots of friends here. But also excited about moving - meeting new people, getting a bigger house & garden etc

harverina Wed 10-Aug-11 23:41:09

Oh its lovely to see some posts...hi everyone, its goo to hear from you all. Sorry I didnt reply to anyone really on my last post, think I just moaned alot sorry!

Thanks for all the the messages. I'm ok but its been a difficult/surreal week. I am off work until next week, but hoping to get a little more time off to sort out all th practical things.

Zeeky, congratulations to your DH, thats fab news - and scary but exciting that you are moving! You sound really positive about moving on which is great. I have lived in the same village since I was born!

Sleepy, thanks for that lovely message. I feel really sad that we didnt really get a chance to work things out properly, but I am glad that I saw him at all, although it seems more bitter sweet (is that the right term?!) I suppose. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your dad too. 18 week scan, wow, thats fab and congratulations that you are having a little boy. I think its ok to feel a little disappointed. Would you like more than 2 children? Im not sure how many I would like. 2 at least but - and I hope you and Princess dont hate me for saying this - the thought of the newborn sleepless nights scare me a little! I feel that I am only just catching up on my sleep now!

rumpleteaser, hope you are well. Eilidh started to properly walk around 14 months and now runs everywhere! Its hard work but alot of fun! Is it very warm for you just now? Its pouring here!

Neeko, Eilidh is still breastfed morning and and bedtime but when I am not there she will have a cup of (soya) milk before bed. There has been an odd night when she has gone to sleep without her soya milk but this is very rare. I'm quite happy for this to continue, whether its breastmilk or soya milk. We used bottles when I was not in until she was about 13/14 months and then just switched them to a sippy cup one night when I had night out and she took her milk no bother from the sippy cup!

Hope you are all well, its lovely to hear how you are all getting on smile

Zeeky Thu 11-Aug-11 08:20:05

I'm finding it funny hearing about the little ones running around as George still doesn't move or even stand!!! He can turn around on the spot & bottom shuffle a little bit but otherwise doesn't move & shows no inclination to try to pull himself up to stand. He does have an amazing reach & if he can't quite reach something he will sometimes use a different toy to try to hook it towards him - he getting quite resourceful! He totally obsessed with books at the moment. All day long we hear "b? B?" which means he wants a book smile. The lack of movement makes it easy for me I guess as I can leave him in a room & know he can't to stuff he shouldn't. But he does get very frustrated at times & has rages because he can't get what he wants or his big brother has moved something out of reach!

Otherwise we are all good. G had a couple more teeth through recently so is now back to sleeping well again after weeks of waking up 2 or 3 times a night. Feeding is a very messy affair at the moment as he wants to feed himself but as soon as he gets fed up or has had enough he starts flinging the food around - cue lots of mess up the Walls!!

harverina Thu 11-Aug-11 21:53:34

Zeeky, Eilidh loves books too! She will happily sit on my, or anyone else's knee, for a story. She can say "Book" and gets in a temper if we refuse to read her another bedtime story and will shout "book" and point at her books! Eilidh is so mobile and has even started to stretch up to the kitchen worktops to try and reach things so we have to be really careful. Usually she only does it if she can see one of her own cups and she is thirsty.

Eilidh seems to have grown lots of teeth too, but thankfully the last few teeth have come through without us being disturbed during the night.

Bettymum Mon 22-Aug-11 10:20:47

Hello ladies!
harverina sorry to hear about your dad, I imagine you must have a lot of emotions to sift through. I hope Eilidh is OK, that sounds awful for all of you. I hope the consultant can help or reassure you about things.
sleepywombat I was lucky with my two in that Elizabeth was 2 and 3 months when Alexander was born, so I never needed a double buggy - I have one of those ones that you can put a pram base on till the baby grows out of it, and then a buggy - so there was no option for Elizabeth but to walk when Alexander was in the pram wink. However she's very good at walking and we live in a small town where it's easy to walk to everything. We have friends a bit further up the hill out of town who have about an 18 month gap between their two, and they have a Phil and Ted double buggy which looks good and it's not too wide since they kind of sit on top of each other.
Other than that everything is well with us, Alexander is turning into a bookworm like his sister and his mummy smile he has a temper like his daddy though, he threw himself off a chair in a cafe the other day face first onto the tiled floor. I'm still not sure that he hasn't chipped a tooth slightly sad. He's fine, anyway.
princess any news...? smile

celebmum Tue 23-Aug-11 21:56:44

hi ladies, i've only recently found this thread and am still part way through reading! i wanted to join as i too have a DS born April 10! its nice to compare him to others born around the same time! agree that they are growing up so fast, one minute he's my baby boy and then the next he seems all grown up! grin
a bit about DS, lets call him J... he was born a few weeks early after a bit of a scary pregnancy (i had a PE but thats a whole other thread!) was a good baby, was BF for first 4months but then i had boob issues and had to give up sad, he weaned around 6/8 months and now eats like a horse! he never really bothered crawling and took to his feet around 8months, was walking unaided at 10months and hasnt sat still since! we're at the 'talking stage' now, he's quite a confident little boy and can say about 20/25 words and he will try and copy everything you say although mostly he talks about Buzz and Cars! grin

thats all for now, but ill try catch up with the posts! and i'll most def be back soon!


Hi all smile Well I've reached the 38 week mark now, and have just 2 weeks left!!!! The home birth kit has been delivered, birth ball pumped up, and tens machine all ready in the kitchen...with lots of bubble bath n clean towels on hand for the numerous baths I will be having during labour...now all I need is baby to decide on a date smile
We took Makenzi to Peppa Pig World on Monday, it was her 4th birthday, and I kept thinking back to my pregnancy and labour with her, and how long ago it felt, but yet the last 4 years have flew by and she is so grown up now if that makes sense..and now I'm doing it all again with baby number 3. It's so surreal sometimes if you take time to think about everything that changes within life, so amazing.
She is due to start school next week, (but I'm home schooling her until she gets a place at the school I want), and I just can't believe where the time has gone...I'm secretly glad I have her with me a while longer, with an extended place at nursery so she still gets her social interaction and freeflow into the class she will eventually be starting. She is more than ready to start, but I am so not!!! blush
Jude's doing really well..altho the only words he says are bah, for ta, mummy, daddy, and nana...but mummy, daddy, and nana are not the typical meanings..he just says them whenever he wants something!! people always ask me if he's calling so-and-so daddy, and I just have to look at him and know he is asking for juice! He understands what's being asked of him, and can answer 'yeah' very clearly, but other than that he is a grunter and a pointer!! Very impressed with all the talkers. Makenzi was saying more words at this age, but I have to just keep reminding myself that all babies are different..(and that I'm not failing Jude in some way!!)
Bettymum, Jude has a temper as well..he is up with us at the minute, he's either teething (and going to finally get a 9th tooth!!), or coming down with a bug from his cousins, but he just threw a plate and his cup of juice at his dad cuz I told him not to touch the phone!!
Sleepy Jude is on just the one nap a day now..preferably not too late in the afternoon cuz otherwise it interupts his 6pm bedtime. He also shares with his older sister..I find it fine for them, they both adjusted very quickly, and I am surprised at how little they both disturb each other!! Works fine for us, and it's really cute to hear them talking to each other in the mornings when they first wake up. smile
I'm sorry if this is a long but rushed post...not sure if anyone will be on to read for a while!! Love hearing everyone's news tho, even tho the posts have slowed down...hope everything is well with everyone, and hope you are feeling ok Harverina...my biological dad died back in March, and I'd only met him the once before that, so I understand what a surreal and strange situation it is, and how it can leave you feeling utterly confused about your feelings. xx
Well..maybe the next time I post I'll be telling news of a pink or blue baby!! xx

Shares a bedroom that is, just in case that sounded like they shared a bed/cot. x

Zeeky Thu 01-Sep-11 07:57:10

Great to hear from you Princess! Not long to go now!!! DS1 also just turned 4 & is starting school next week. I'm totally dreading it as he really doesn't want to go which is not helped by his best friend having just moved to US sad

Just a quick post to wish you all the best Princess!

Bettymum Thu 01-Sep-11 10:03:35

Good to hear your news princess! Funnily enough DD last night wasn't wanting to go to bed in her room, and wanted to bed down on the floor in A's room smile. She loves Alexander, I'm so lucky, I'm trying to get a Brio train set on eBay for his Christmas and I think he'll love it but she'll love putting it all together and telling showing him what to do smile.
She is losing a load of her little friends, they are all going to the SureStart preschool or even to the primary school, but she is staying in her nursery as I need the 8am-6pm hours. She will be starting school a year from now, I can't believe it sad my nephew starts next week, he's only just four, it seems so little. At least DD will be only a few months from turning five when she starts.

Thank you Zeeky...hope next week goes well for you both!! smile
Bettymum, your dd sounds just like mine!! She can be very authoritive with Jude when she wants to be, always showing him the 'right' way to play with his toys!! Altho today I was watching the two of them in the garden and she got him to go up the slide steps, then waited at the bottom of the slide with her arms outstretched ready to catch him, coaxing him down n telling him he was a good boy..soo cute. smile
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks 4 seems so young to be starting full time school..if she was starting on her official date, I would feel like I was giving up full control of her for the best parts of the day, and only there to feed her breakfast, tea and get her bathed and ready for bed!! I'm a selfish mummy and want her with me just a teeny weeny bit longer! ;) x

Just wanted to let any of you reading know that I had my baby Monday night...after convincing myself that I was wrong about her being a girl, and the midwife must be right and she was really a he, I was absolutely overjoyed when I got a baby girl smile
She was born on the due date, I started having contractions at around 1.15pm, 30 ish minutes apart, all the way through til about 5ish...I had a contraction in the nursery picking Makenzi-Shei up, which I managed to hide very well I thought!! Iain was ath the dentist having a filling, so I had to go back to my mum's house, and wait for him there. Then out of nowhere they just seemed to get quicker and quicker, and by the time I got back to mine I didn't feel like I was getting a break from them at all. Stupidly, I thought it was more responsible to bring the washing in from outside and try and get it put away, while Iain ran me a bath, and between us we tried to get Jude n Makenzi in pyjamas and into bed as soon as possible...reading a bedtime story through contractions is challenging I can tell you, but I was still convincing myself I had a few hours before labour would really set in!! hmm
From getting back at the house, to getting the kids in bed took us to around 6.30pm, I jumped in the bath, and suddenly felt like I should time them properly, started realising they were around 4-5 mins apart, and told Iain to ring the labour ward, and get my mum round...as well as trying to get hold of my sister who wanted to be at the birth...then I felt pressure!! I was still trying to convince myself I was just getting ahead of myself though, at the same time worried that I'd left it too late, my sister arrived within minutes, Iain left to take the dog to my mum's house and pick my mum up, midwife returned a call to say she was on her way to assess me...I got out the bath, onto the birth ball, set the tens up, and hoped everyone was on their way back to me!!
I was still trying to tell the first midwife the details, when the second midwife came, and it was my midwife I had seen all the way through so i was pleased with that (but not the midwife that told me she thought it may be a boy!!)
Anyway, before they managed to assess me, my waters broke, nice and calmly I remamber thinking too, cuz with Jude I pushed and they popped, but this time they just kind of leaked out gently...(sorry if TMI!!)) Judy managed to examine me, told me I was fully dilated so i got onto sofa, started pushing and within minutes she was here...it was soooooo fast!! I honestly do not remember any pauses between pushing her out, there seemed to be no pause between pushing out her head and then her body, it was so quick. Judy placed her onto me, and told me I could look at the sex, I looked down, saw she was a girl, and almost cried...but in the background I heard my siter and Iain both say a boy, and my mum said a girl, and Judy had to confirm to everyone in the room that she was indeed a girl...Iain's words were, oh I thought I saw some nuts!! Nice!! :/
So my lil girl Paisley Elizabeth was born at 7.11pm, weighing 6lbs 9 1/2ozs, official labour time on paper was 55 minutes...with 14 of them minutes the time it took for my placenta to come out!!!
It was a very quick affair, but it went perfectly, and my midwives were absolutely fantastic and so in control, and both so lovely too. I'm so glad I got to have my midwife at the start of the pregnancy all the way through to the start of Paisley's arrival.
We are all doing well, everyone's adjusting well...Makenzi loves her baby sister, sometimes a lil too much (!!), and Jude climbs up to give her kisses and cuddles by placing his head on her tummy while I'm holding her...he even put his hand through the bars of the crib this morning and patted her tummmy when she weas crying...soo cute!! All of a sudden his hands seem so much more chubbier than they did a couple of days ago!! I'm just waiting for all the afterpains to go fully before I feel like I can really be there doing everything (or most things at least) that they all want me to do, but for now I can say I am definitely enjoying being a new mummy of 3.
I hope everyone is ok, and sorry if this is a manic post...I wanted to write as much as I could while I could, so I hope it makes sense!! xx

Bettymum Wed 14-Sep-11 14:57:49

Huge congratulations pincess!!! I have been waiting for your happy news.
Love to you and all your family, what a great birth story smile

Zeeky Wed 14-Sep-11 15:54:55

Congratulations! I keep checking back here too to see if you have any news! Sounds like an amazing birth!

Look after yourself and your new little bundle. Xxx

sleepywombat Thu 15-Sep-11 05:05:07

Wow so quick!!! I too have been checking every so often to see if you'd posted. Hugest Congrats & much love! Look forward to seeing a photo of all three of your littlies.

Neeko Sat 17-Sep-11 21:41:15

Congratulations Princess. Like the name smile and a lovely birth story. You make it sound so easy grin

harverina Sun 18-Sep-11 22:35:15

Congratulations Princess, what wonderful news!!! And a beautiful baby girl smile What an amazing birth story. You are so strong and brave! Hope you are all well and that you are managing to get some sleep. Love to you and all your family. Can't wait to see pictures of your new bundle of joy.

What a lovely surprise to come on and read your post Princess. Not much of an update from me except that it has been confrimed that Eilidh is allergic to nuts too. We had always been told to avoid nuts because of Eilidh's milk and egg allergy and we have always been careful. I felt a bit hysterical to start with and constantly panicked every time Eilidh ate anything...even things she has had loads. I am starting to relax again a little bit.

Hope everyone is well.

Neeko Wed 21-Sep-11 20:58:51

hi Harverina Sorry to hear about Eilidh's allergies. That must be tough. Also belated sympathy for the loss of your dad. i was really sorry to hear that sad

ilovesprouts Thu 22-Sep-11 13:21:23

congrats princess x

harverina Sat 24-Sep-11 17:25:00

hi neeko thanks very much. How are you? Enjoying this wet Scottish weather?!

Neeko Sat 24-Sep-11 22:02:08

I'm good thanks, Harverina. It's my eldest's 5th birthday this week and we're having a big party tomorrow. We're both very excited! smile
How are you finding being back at work? I'm enjoying working part-time - 3 days a week is a good fit for our family at the moment.
As for the weather - it was sunny today! grin

harverina Sun 25-Sep-11 08:56:47

neeko, I am working 3 days too and find it works well for us too. I enjoy my job, although if I had a choice I wouldn't work! The hardest thing for me is worrying about eilidh's allergies...I find it hard to trust other people to be as careful as my dh and I and some days I want to phone constantly! The good thing about working 3 days is that we are at home more than we are at work and I like that. My days are so busy at work so they flyby.

hope you have a fab day!

hi everyone, I've not been on here for AGES.
Congratulations princess and sleepy
Very sorry to hear about your dad harverina and about the allergies.

Kacie is a little madam now. She's reached that clingy stage with me and will have a right strop when I try to put her down if I've been holding her or even if I try to give her to her dad.

She's very funny though, loves dancing to the tv, she really likes the teletubbies and copies them when they do the 'boo' bit.

She's still have morning and afternoon naps most days unless we're out somewhere so I still get quite a break. I have started doing the 30 day shred dvd when she has her nap after the school run in the morning. It will be day 5 today, I have joined the thread on here for it.

She's been able to say 'dog' or 'doggy' for a while now but unfortunately refuses to learn any other animals names so they all get called dog. Even the kitten that we got in the summer holidays. hmm

She says 'mummy' all the time now too, as well as 'thank you', and 'hello' rather than 'hiya'. She can also count to three but this is sound rather than being very clear, although the 'two' is clear. She also says 'baby', 'juice', 'cheese' and 'no'. There might be other words but can't think of them right now.

We've taken the dummy off her now apart from naps and through the night. Can be quite difficult sometimes as she has definitely hit the 'terrible twos' early with her tantrums.

ilovesprouts Sun 06-Nov-11 15:49:39


I was just sitting here expressing...and I thought I'd pop some pics of Paisley on for any of you to have a nosey at smile
She is smiling now, and cooing at us..and it's lovely to see her smiling at her big sister and brother...suddenly Jude really does seem such a big boy now!! He says baba whenever he hears her crying..his way of telling me to hurry up and make her happy again I think!!
I won't do a long post, I'm not sure if anyone comes on here anymore..but hope you are all well, and looking forward to christmas ;) I'm getting reallllllllllllly excited, and have started buying already...I've nearly done jude's presents, I got a load from the ELC sale in the half term, but I seem to be struggling on what to get Paisley as I don't really want to repeat the shedload of toys I already have with the older two :/
Hope everything is going well with Eilidh's allergies Harverina xx

ilovesprouts Mon 07-Nov-11 15:09:21

lovely pics x

Neeko Mon 07-Nov-11 20:27:09

Aww princess, she's beautiful! Congrats again.

Thank you smile xx

sleepywombat Sun 13-Nov-11 12:48:35

Gorgeous pics, princess. I love her dimples! I am also looking forward to Christmas, which is a bit strange for me because normally I hate all that stuff & whinge about how the shops get the decorations up too early etc (bah humbug). But this is the first year we will just us as a family & getting a Christmas tree so its extra exciting. I have already bought Noah an Elmo toy - he is crazy about him, despite having never really watched Sesame street & starts singing in a high voice every time he sees his picture!

I am MASSIVE. I've had people look at me in shock when I tell them I'm not due until January. I think it is because I am short, so there is nowhere else for the baby to go but outwards! At least I am hoping that's the reason & he's not an 11 pounder. Pregnancy has been going well though - no rashes or hip pain (yet) like with Noah.

Lovely to hear about Kacie, nicnac. We have also relegated the dummy to sleep times only, but he still wants it at other times - I have to distract him with food instead! Noah is the male equivalent of a little madam. He has this new game in which I have to chase him whilst he pushes his brick trolley & he demands I play it all the time & screams when I refuse (because I am knackered from doing it most of the day). I have been worried about his speech, or lack of. Whereas all the children of a similar age that we meet at the park seem to be able to gabble away, Noah has just a few words, most of which are only understandable to dh & I. He does understand everything, so I know he's not deaf but it doesn't stop me worrying/comparing! My other small worry is that Noah does not want to drink milk anymore. I am giving him lots of yoghurt & cheese in food & hoping that's enough.

Poor you & Eilidh, Harverina. I hope all is well at the moment. Allergies are such a pain. Fingers crossed she grows out of some if not all of them.

Have any of you moved yours to a bed yet? I have decided not to bother until after all settled with new baby & just keep baby in bassinet in our room until Noah is ready. Not sure if it is a great idea, but don't see any other option at the moment. Noah is not climbing/falling out of the cot or anything & I know if I moved him to a bed, we'd have all sorts of issues with getting up in the night etc & I want to make the most of sleep before no. 2 arrives!

Anyway, hope you're all well & its great to hear from you every so often. I joined a Jan antenatal thread but have given up as they post ALL THE TIME. I just don't have the time to keep up - every time I check they have started new threads & I don't understand what's going on.

Hi Sleepy....I've got a non-talker in Jude as well..he says bah for ta (thank you), yeahyeah for Lola (our dog), bye, and buguppies for Bubble Guppies (his fave show!!) He can make animal noises for different animals, and I got in the habit of constantly comparing him to his older sister who was a right lil chatterbox by his age, but now I've realised he is perfectly fine, we can all communicate amongst ourselves and like your Noah, he has no trouble understanding us so he will blurt out real words when he is ready smile
I've not put Jude in a bed yet...but again Makenzi-Shei was in a bed by now, and it only took a couple of nights of returning her back to the bed before she stayed in there without messing around...but I feel Jude still isn't quite ready yet, and with Paisley being a lil snuggle bunny around the older two's bedtime, I know at this point it will just create a cause for mayhem. I'm going to wait until me and Paisley are in some kind of (any kind of routine!!!), where I can put her down after a feed, knowing she will settle comfortably!!! At the minute I have her constantly attached to me in the evening...the second I lay her down, she wakes up. She uses me for comfort at the minute confused
I don't blame you for wanting to make the most of your sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!! wink
Oooh, and Jude is also completely off his milk, although I do give all 3 of them vitamin drops as reccommended by my health visitor. I have also just started to sneakily mash his vegetables into potato etc, cuz he would rather fling them at the dog!! He's a very good eater otherwise, and is constantly getting shouted at by his big sister for taking food off her plate when she's not looking, I love the way they are with each other smile
Well our two sound very alike!!! smile xx

ilovesprouts Mon 14-Nov-11 09:45:32

hey im going to be a grannie again dd is due a baby in july her ds1 will be 26m then cant wait [hope its pink ] grinwink

c ongrats ilovesprouts smile

ilovesprouts Sun 20-Nov-11 21:29:19

just put a new pic of oakley on if anyone wants to see smile

harverina Mon 21-Nov-11 16:45:57

Hi everyone,

Princess, Paisley is goregous! What fab pictures! Hope that you are well.

Sleepy, Eilidh isnt in a bed yet. She sleeps quite well in her cot and we have had no issues with her trying to climb out or anything so we arent going to hange anything just now. Our only sleep issue is that Eilidh cannot selff settle. She has to fall asleep on someone before bed and her nap. She is no bother - her bedtime is 8pm and she usually goes to bed no bother and sleeps all night, but I'd love to be able to put her in bed and leave the room and for her to self settle. Eilidh breastfeeds morning and bedtime so I think that its linked to that as she has been used to feeding then falling asleep. I'm not sure when we well stop breastfeeding...my DH and were chatting about the bed situation the other day and we think that we will wait till after xmas before we think about converting the cot to a bed.

I am really excited about christmas this year! I love christmas anyway but I think that Eilidh will be soooo excited when she sees her presents this year, whereas last year she didnt really notice! We have finished buying Eilidh's presents. Havent bought one big presents, just lots (too many!) smaller presents. We have bought her ELC happy people and have asked other people to buy some things from it too, its adoreable!

Eilidh still likes a cup of (soya) milk at breakfast and during the day. She eats non stop! She is pretty tall and skinny though - she literally eats on and off all day, but her diet is pretty healthy. We have had no other allergy incidents, thankfully. I am still really nervous in some situations but we cope pretty well with it I think overall. Eating out is a major issue though.

nicnac, I have a little madam too! Eilidh makes us laugh so much with her dancing and nonsense! She went through a stage where she had major tantrums but that seems to have passed...for now haha! Eilidh is very clingy with me too...its funny, she will leave me in the house and go out with her dad no bother, but if its me leaving she gets hysterical. Sometimes she screams even if I leave the room, even when she can see me through the gate in the kitchen!

I am on weight watchers at the moment...have lost 24.5lbs in 13 weeks. Im finding it ok and have had alot of nights out etc during that time....felt as though I was never out for lunch, dinner or drinks and now that I have started weight watchers I seem to eat out most weekends. Suppose its that time of year...although my DH, Eilidh and I have been to MacDonalds the past 3 weekends in row confused blush....no excuse for that!!! I do feel soooo much better about myself and I am very motivated, especially monday-friday. Being back at work helps in some ways although there is often lots of fattening food in work...pancakes, scones, chocolates...but I resist! I am determined to get to my goal weight this time, for EIlidh's sake more than anything.

Eilidh talks constantly. Her speech really surprises me. I have no idea how many words she can say, but it is alot. She pretty much chatters all day long!

sleepy, hope you are ok...I miss being pregnant!!! I loved sitting subbing my bump smile

Hope you are all well...its nice to hear from you again.

Just wanted to say happy New Year to everyone...or anyone lol ;)xx

harverina Mon 02-Jan-12 22:05:30

Great minds think alike Princess!

Happy New Year everyone (if your watching!!)

Hope you are all well x

Happy New Year Harverina, Hope you had a great christmas n New Year, and Eilidh is doing well smile xx

harverina Thu 05-Jan-12 08:31:25

Hi princess, we had a lovely Christmas and new year thanks...hope you did too? Eilidh is great. How are Jude, Makenzie and Paisley? x

harverina Thu 05-Jan-12 08:32:52

Makenzi, sorry x

Aww good smile We are all doing really well...still waiting for Makenzi to get a place in her preferred school. I asked her today if she had any best friends at nursery and she told me no not since all the old children had left sad She's doing great tho, and is soo cute with Paisley, who is getting big now..she lifts her head all the time now like she is doing mini sit ups..maybe I should take inspiration from her!!! ;) Jude is my chilled out lil rebel...he is Mr Chilled Out, but has a habit of throwing things. He's a lil grunter, everything is 'uhh' and 'errr' when he's telling you anything. He ran up to my mum today, patted her really hard on legs shouting ahh ahh, then ran back to dance, n when he thought she wasn't paying enough attention, he did it all over again!! Soo funny smile Still breastfeeding Paisley, but have introducewd a bottle of formula to help me out n tide her over when I need to. We are also moving house Friday...let thestress commence!! ;) xx

sleepywombat Sun 29-Jan-12 05:13:15

Happy New Year everybody!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, have been suffering severe sleep deprivation as Felix was born 30th December!

Labour was amazing compared to last time - I honestly didn't think it could be so easy & if it could, that it wouldn't happen to me! I was feeling a dull ache all day, which turned into mild contractions in the evening, put Noah to bed, ate pizza (which I later regretted - as felt sick), then contractions became strong. I called the hospital, who told me not to come in yet as I was 'obviously only in early labour as I was talking through contractions'. I told dh that I wanted to go in anyway, because I was in a lot of pain and couldn't face the car journey if left it any longer. The neighbour came over to babysit Noah. Anyway, lucky I ignored the hospital's instructions, because a few minutes after getting there, I felt the need to push! The midwives hadn't yet examined me & had just left me in the room - dh had to run & get someone & Felix arrived just as a midwife appeared. I didn't even have to push & was only in real pain for about three hours (compared to 13 hours of pure agony last time).

He was only 6lb6 at birth but was 7lb8 by the end of 1st week & is now too big for Noah's 3 month clothes. He is very cute & snuffly & is much darker (eyes & hair) than Noah. I'll try & put up a photo.

Despite the fab labour, Felix is not the easy, sleepy baby I'd hoped for. He is much like Noah was (praying its just colic though & ends at 3 months, not bloomin reflux) & takes HOURS of feeding/rocking/ssshhhing to get to sleep. Some days I simply cannot neglect Noah for that long to work at getting Felix to sleep, so by the end of the day he is screaming. Aaaaaggggghhh, why don't I produce babies who know how to sleep?! I think his huge weight gain is mainly due to me feeding him all the time as its the only way to keep him quiet. DH has said definitely no more children - but maybe he'll change his mind in a few years, once all the screaming & sleeplessness is forgotten (& we've won the lottery)!

Noah has coped quite well. He was very jealous at the beginning & would suddenly want a cuddle when I started feeding Felix & then have a tantrum. He is a bit more used to sharing Mummy & likes to stroke & pat Felix's head now. I do feel sorry for him, though, because I want to be with him & hate having to say 'I'll play with you later' all the time.

Princess, hope Makenzi gets her school place soon. Noah's speech is still quite 'backwards' too - although he definitely knows the word 'no' (which he uses even when he means yes). I've been trying to get him to say things but he doesn't do it on demand, & instead will randomly come out with something!

Have you got Paisley on a routine with feeding? If so, how did you do it?!

HOpe everyone well.

Neeko Sun 29-Jan-12 09:31:34

Huge congratulations Sleepywombat. Bet your mumsnet name has never seemed so apt. Those newborn days are so hard aren't they but rest assured Noah won't remember what it was like to be an only child and will not bear a grudge smile

Hi to everyone else. Hope you're all ok.

All good here. I can't belive that our 'babies' are nearly two! We're definitely not having any more (unless we win the lottery!). H is at a great age, really funny and discovering new things every day. Both girls really play together now which is great, although the fighting is not grin. Speech has come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of weeks too.

harverina Thu 02-Feb-12 21:30:18

Congratulations Sleepy! Fab news. Hope you are all well and getting some sleep smile

hoops997 Sun 12-Feb-12 23:20:20

Hello everyone, thought I would drop in and see how you're all getting on, I can't believe a few of you have gone on to have more babies smile Ben is nearly 2 now and has hit the terrible 2's! Someone has replaced my angel with a little monster!

Hope everyone is good smile

Hello smile Just a quick message..if I can do quick!! ;)
Well firstly, I donated some of my breast milk again after having Paisley, and I got in touch with the UKAMB , to share my story as a donor, and although they haven't used my story on the website, they have used a photo I sent in of me feeding Paisley, and expressing as well!! I can't believe it....It's a horrible photo of me, it is in the worst possible angle of all the things I hate about myself, but I still feel proud and priveleged to have been included on the site. smile
Paisley is now sleeping through the night, and today I was watching her trying to roll over :D sO CUTE.
Makenzi-Shei is in school now, and loves it, I have adjusted to her being away all day too. It is nice seeing Jude with paisley, and although he can have the mother of all tantrums, he is really sweet with her. He calls her Leelee, and always wants to know where she is.
Sleepy, how are you all? With Paisley she was fed on demand, but she is now on solids, and today was the first day she has eaten 3 meals, I still give her milk as and when, but try and keep to the same time for solid meals. Jude can say no now, he sounds welsh when he says it!! smile
Hope everyone else is doing well smile xx

Neeko Sun 18-Mar-12 20:26:06

Happy Mothers' Day to you all!

harverina Mon 19-Mar-12 14:47:22

Hope you all had a lovely mothers day. I was truly spoiled, it was wonderful smile

Princess I had a look at the website but couldnt see you...if you link I'll take another peek! Well done for donating, I will def do that next time round smile Eilidh is still brestfed occasionally but I couldnt express an oz!

Hope you are all well.


Ooh, if that link works I'll be well pleased cuz I didn't have a clue how to do that, I just guessed!!! Now I am warning you it is a HORRID picture vanity wise, but it makes me smile thinking back smile xx
My DP had a hangover Mothers Day, so I made my own breakfast on a tray for the sofa with the help of my cherub, seeing as I would have been waiting forever for breakfast in bed!! ;)
Really can't believe I'm sitting here at 8.30pm, all 3 kids have been tucked up in bed since 6pm, it seems only last week Paisley was needing feeding every couple of hours, settling only after snuggles from me, and still managing to sneak her way into bed. I am very grateful of course smile
Hope everyone is well xxx

harverina Tue 20-Mar-12 21:01:38

Ah fantastic, what a fab picture! Well done you, thats wonderful, you must be so chuffed Princess.

harverina Thu 19-Apr-12 21:16:44

Happy Birthday to all the April 2012 babies! Can't believe that Eilidh is 2!

Hope you are all well x

harverina Thu 19-Apr-12 21:17:45

Haha, of course thats meant to say April 2010 babies!!! 2 years on, Im still talking rubbish with tiredness!

ilovesprouts Mon 14-May-12 07:57:54

its my grandsons bday today hes 2 ,my dd is due a baby girl in july smile will put pic up later

harverina Fri 28-Sep-12 00:03:23

Hi everyone! Was just looking on threads Im watching and thought Id come on and say hi just in case anyone ever comes and has a sneaky look anymore...if you do then hello and hope you are all well?

I wont add anything else in case this is a total waste of time haha!!!

creepywombat Sun 04-Nov-12 05:07:52

Hi harverina, have just come on after a long absence. Would be great to hear everyone's news.
How are the terrible twos going?
Noah is great - although a bit too disobedient/cheeky at times for my liking. He was a very late talker, only saying a few words until a few months ago - now he says anything & everything. I am amazed by some of the things he comes out with, must remember not to say anything I don't want repeated in front of him!
He is potty trained & dry at night. I think I was just lucky, it only took 2 weeks of sticker chart & bribery with grapes!
We haven't been so lucky with his little brother. He had terrible reflux, which turned out to be ulcerative colitis and multiple food allergies, so we've had a pretty stressful few months with little sleep, a lot of shrieking & many waste of time doctors/hospital appointments. I'm now trying alternative methods to 'heal' him, as the doctors' only answer is steroids with side effects. So far going well - he still has big problems, but improving every day.
How are Eilidh's allergies, harverina?
Anyway, we should definitely try & catch up. You lot were my saviours/sanity in the early months with Noah.

harverina Thu 27-Dec-12 22:57:11

Hi wombat! Not sure whether to call you sleepy or creepy haha! I did try and send you a private message after you posted your last post but it doesnt seem to have worked.

Eilidh is doing great, she still has multiple allergies - she is allergic to milk, eggs and nuts. We carry piriton and epipens. She hasnt had a reaction for about 15 months and has not been tested since then either. We return to the clinic again in April when she is 3 and she is likely to be tested again then. I still get extremely nervous in new situations where there is food. I dread her going to nursrey but know that I will have to get over my anxiety as she is such a bright and outgoing little girl once she gets over her initial shyness and I do not want my feelings to rub off on to her. Sorry, I forget your DC2's name! How is he doing now? What is he allergic too? How does he react? I go on the allergy board on here and it is full of wonderful info and you will always get a response if you have a query. Allergies are so scary, I totally underestimated them before experiencing them with Eilidh. Hope you are coping ok with it all.

Aside from her alergies, Eilidh is doing really well. She is such a chatter box and some of the things she says make me laugh, I dont know where she gets half of what she says! She can be a cheeky madam and she stamps her foot and screams "no" if she is not getting her own way but overall she is just a joy and she is great company. I'd like to have a second baby next year (2013!) if possible. Sometimes I think that I love just having Eilidh but a second baby would be good for her too.

We moved house a couple of months ago. We finally have a graden and some more space, although the new house needs ALOT of work done to it and it will probably take years!

Anyway, hope you are well and hello to anyone else lurking.


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