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May 2009 Towards the Terrible Two's

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momino Wed 26-Jan-11 22:20:19

Well, here we go again. may this be the start of a thread with lots of positive news and posts smile!

omnomnomtom Wed 26-Jan-11 22:35:54

Thanks for the new thread momino

Right I'm off to bed in a minute with my book and a hot choc- have just ordered a load of books off Amazon so need to crack on with my 'to be read' pile. Has anyone read this?
It's one of the books I've just ordered after reading a few positive reviews in the paper and I'm really looking forward to it

momino Wed 26-Jan-11 23:27:24

Hi omnomnomtom! hope you're relaxing with your book. not read that one yet but will await your review.

I'm supposed to be reading 'The Slap'. a massive book. have 1/3 to go so will attempt to read a bit now that it's 11.30pm... night!

belgina Thu 27-Jan-11 07:58:02

Thanks for the new thread momi. I sort of thought threads took a thousand posts confused. Anyway. We've been on that last one for ages, so it's nice to have a bit of a change

momino Thu 27-Jan-11 12:33:30

belg, you're probably right. in fact, now that I'm thinking about it you ARE right. I think we'd taken so long with the last one, I was a bit bored. but now I'm a bit blush.

but if you all don't mind carrying on here.


<gets coat and goes out to find her brain>

llareggub Thu 27-Jan-11 15:39:07

Just bookmarking for later. This week has been crazy busy! I've got governor training again tonight, this time to learn all about Headteacher recruitment as we're recruiting at the moment.

See you all after it finishes!

flippineck Thu 27-Jan-11 15:43:02

lol momino! I love the shiny new thread, thank you x

DandyLioness Thu 27-Jan-11 18:42:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hello all,

Sorry for not doing a proper nc - have been suffering with extreme lack of sleep (new noisy neighbours, pg insomnia and a toddler who has decided to wake up in the night again).

Film was v good, would def recommend it although it is very dark and pretty gory in places. Beautifully filmed though and I would be v surprised if Natalie P doesn't get an oscar, she was v convincing. Did manage to stay awake although, was bursting for the loo for almost the entire film but didn't want to leave as it was too gripping! I went with two friends who are also pg and we were pretty much elbowing people out of the way when the film finished to get to the loos

Right must go and see what I can dredge from the freezer to eat for tea... its been a long month.

essenceofSES Thu 27-Jan-11 22:34:41

Momino - thank you for the lovely new thread

I'm just bookmarking as well...Must go to bed so I don't fall asleep on the sofa!

momino Fri 28-Jan-11 16:26:08

hi all.
Hope you got some sleep Ses!

Running, hope you get some sleep!

Dandy, 'stuff to share*.... sounds intriguing. Don't keep us waiting too long!

Llare, hope your training is going well.

well, Harper's a bit down today. She's been a bit chesty, clingy, unsettled, constipated, teething and today had a slight temp. She's been napping for three hours! I'm hoping it's a minor bug and will wake her in a minute to check.

DH's opportunities have exploded: one in Whitby, one in Liverpool and a new opportunity in (gasp) Seattle. There all quite strong with two of them offers and the Seattle one wants to possibly fly him across to interview.

All but the whitby one mean a move from York and I'm getting nervous. The seattle one bothers me the most since, although in the US, is still far from my family so not sure what good it would be. Still lots of things to consider in all cases and we'll be having some good long chats this weekend about it.

in any case, all this action has given my poor DH a needed confidence boost!

Hope everyone has a good friday night.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 19:51:12

Hi everyone.

Had another little bleed, which has stopped again. I really wished my body made up it's mind. I'm so fed up with this. I'm also very tired... I can't wait for my scan on Monday. I think with the bleeding and everything the likelihood is that it won't be very good, but hey ho. That's life I suppose. Why do these things always happen at busy times of my life. My last misc was at our wedding, now a troublesome early pregnancy with a house move. Poor DH has been so busy with clearing out the house and I've not been able to help much + it also means he's not really around for support. Not that he's all that much use on the support front; in fact, he's told me that he's pretty sure it'll be bad news. So there you go. Very supportive. hmm

momino Fri 28-Jan-11 20:48:22

Hi Belgina,
Sorry things are so confusing for you. How are you feeling physically (beyond the stopstart bleeding)?

Anyway, bring on Monday so you can put your mind at ease. I hope you're able to relax but with housemove (very stressful), early pregnancy troubles (very stressful), i don't blame you for having difficulty doing so!

As for your DH, I don't know him but it sounds like he is being pessimistic about the whole thing and would rather jump to the worst thinking he'll avoid being disappointed (?). no clue. also has no clue how this is making you feel.

hope you're ok.

llareggub Fri 28-Jan-11 20:57:26

Belgina I'm sorry too that things are so confusing for you at the moment. I know it can seem a little pointless comparing pregnancies, but I had a similar experience of bleeding with DS1 (big gush, clots etc) followed by sporadic bleeds. I hate the early stages of pregnancy, it is such a rollercoaster.

Momino great news on the job front. I would have given my right arm to live in Seattle back in the grunge days. Hope he gets the job that will be right for you all.

I feel like I am just dipping in and out at the moment. This week has been ridiculously busy and I've only managed two runs. I ought to go out tonight but my knee is playing up so I am resting. We had a very stressful day yesterday. EDF turned up while I was at school to cut our electricity off! I got really, really stressed when I read the letter and couldn't understand the problem as I was there when DH paid the bill. After a few calls it transpired that the money had been taken and not applied to our account. hmm

Arse. DS2 is crying. BRB.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 21:00:02

momi thank you. I'm feeling physically ok. Tired, but I think that's mainly due to lack of quality sleep (I think), only very mild nausea, no abdo pain, but I do have a little backache and a touch of SPD type pain. I am actually slightly concerned about the lack of stronger symptoms, but on the other hand, if my dates really were wrong than the symptoms won't really kick in until next week some time.
Congrats to your DH for the job offers too. Sound like you've got lots to think about

llareggub Fri 28-Jan-11 21:13:31

I wouldn't wouldn't worry about the symptoms. I had none with DS1 and a bit of tiredness with DS2 but that it is about it. Never any MS at all.

belgina Fri 28-Jan-11 21:50:47

llare thank you, but with me the symptoms seemed to have got progressively worse with every pregnancy, so I expected it to be the same or even worse than with C, but it's not. And that's why I'm worried about the lack of symptoms I didn't expect sore boobs though, because last time I was pg and bf I didn't have sore boobs either. Anyway, I'm going to try and not break my head over it too much this weekend and I'm going to try and have some good quality sleep tonight, because I've been sleeping badly, grinding my teeth and everything.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 00:09:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

essenceofSES Sun 30-Jan-11 21:13:38

Dandy - your DD and DS sound as wonderful as I remember them.
Really bad timing with your friend telling you her news. That wobble was more than understandable but I'm pleased you've managed to think things through clearly.
Great that you've got exciting things happening at work!
As for your DH's job, bit of a difficult one as I can tell you are pleased for him but won't be easy. I hope it manages to work well though and the time passes as quickly as possible.

Belgina - thinking of you and hoping all turns out well.

Llare - EDF - angry

Momino - wow, 3 opportunities for your DH now! I can understand your mixed feelings about locations but I guess you'll just have to hope the right one will come through.

All fine here. Very busy week with work coming up but it's all good. I've been having conversations with my boss about my career progression and he's keen to support. It will just be a waiting game though as the job that I'd like and suits me best, there are only 2 of in the SE.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 21:32:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Sun 30-Jan-11 21:34:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belgina Mon 31-Jan-11 12:32:10

Hi everyone.

Just come to announce my bad news. No change at all from last scan. So no growth at all. With the bleeds and lack of strong symptoms I had sort of anticipated it, but it's really upsetting non the less. Now I need to make up my mind whether to go for ERPC or conservative management and I really don't know at all. DH wants conservative and also wants me to go back to work while awaiting events. I'm not sure whether awaiting events can be combined with going to work IYKWIM. I'm worried about it all starting at work. At the same time the thought of a GA and ERPC scare me too. I'm soo confused at the moment. I've taken tomorrow off for now and am not supposed to be back until Fri, by which time everything should clearer.

dandy exciting news for your DH, but I can understand why you don't like it. At least it's temporary. I'm sure it'll fly by

hi ses

DandyLioness Mon 31-Jan-11 13:06:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

So sorry belgina

I'm afraid I also don't have any sensible advice but do remember seeing a thread about the two options a while back - might be worth having a look if you can face it. Most of all though, take care of yourself x

Not ignoring others, just popped in for a read and couldn't not say something to Belgina. Will be back later to catch up properly.

llareggub Mon 31-Jan-11 14:05:16

So sorry to hear your news belgina. X

Reggiee Mon 31-Jan-11 15:04:00

Belgina really sorry to hear your news sad. Take care and it sounds like you could do with a little bit of time off work. You've had a really stressful couple of weeks [hugs].

Will be back soon but hello everyone else.

belgina Mon 31-Jan-11 16:13:09

Thanks everyone. reggie I've already had 2 weeks off, so adding 2 weeks while I wait for nature to run it's course would take it to a month, which would be a bit long and which is making me feel a bit guilty tirades my colleagues. I'm veering more and more towards the ERPC, as the sooner it's over, the sooner we can start over again.

essenceofSES Mon 31-Jan-11 17:21:38

Belgina - so sorry xx

essenceofSES Mon 31-Jan-11 20:39:30

Belgina - FWIW, it makes no difference really that you've had 2 wks off already. Things have progressed and if you need more time off to cope with the physical effects of conservative management or ERPC and/or the emotional side of things then take the time.

As for your decision, I had an ERPC both times and although I reacted a bit strangely to the GA the first time (BP dropped a bit too much!), I would always go that route again as - like you say - it brings a definitive solution. I'm not telling you what to do but just sharing my honest experience in case that helps.

Thinking of you xx

flippineck Mon 31-Jan-11 20:39:38

belgina - I'm so sorry to hear your news, thinking of you x.

When I had mu first mc, I went for the ERPC, because I couldn't cope with the thought of it going on any longer (there were some similarities with your position now). I'm not sure if I'd do the same again, I just don't know. It's a horrible decision to have to make.

flippineck Mon 31-Jan-11 20:42:15

Cross-post with ses, same kind of thinking.

belgina Mon 31-Jan-11 21:16:59

Thanks flippin and ses. It's useful to hear from others and what they've done. I've decided to go for ERPC as it's been dragging on for so long now. IMO things must have stopped developing a good 4 weeks ago as I'm pretty sure I must have conceived mid dec. So in a way I think my body seems pretty slow getting on with it naturally. The only thing is that due to several reasons, mostly practical. I can't go into hospital this week, so I'm looking at a week of expectant and than if nothing has happened ERPC more than likely on mon (they've got to confirm the appointment tomorrow). I hope things will start naturally in the mean time, but somehow I've got a feeling it won't... Common sense says I should really take this week off, I've taken tomorrow off and am seeing the GP tomorrow to discuss my next night shift on Fri. Gosh. I really hope I never have to experience this again or I'll tell DH we stop at 3. I also blame him. I heard the other day that partners of men over 45 (DH is 46) are at greater risk of misc, even if the partner is in her 20's. I'm joking. Of course I don't blame him, but it sure must be a factor.

Cupboarddoor Tue 01-Feb-11 08:22:40

Belgina just wanted to say so sorry to hear of your sad news. Hope everything goes as well as it can over the next couple of weeks

Cupboarddoor Tue 01-Feb-11 18:38:56

OK, so whilst I'm hogging the thread... here's some news from me! I took DD2 to consultant today. She definitely has a problem with the valve on left side between kidney and bladder causing reflux. So onto more tests to understand the extent of the problem which may or may not require an operation to fix.

As for me and life in general, well that's just biscuit!

belgina Tue 01-Feb-11 19:24:08

cupboard thanks for your message. Your dd's kidney and bladder problem sound like a real worry. Hope it won't need an op.

I Phoned work to let them know about what's going on and that I'd be back next fri. The mw in charge wouldn't have it and gave me the whole of next week off too, which means that I won't be back until the weekend after that and even that she thought might be too soon for me. How kind is that??!

flippineck Tue 01-Feb-11 19:54:04

belgina - that's really good of the MW in charge, hope the time off is the right thing for you and that everything goes ok.

cupboard - it's good that you're halfway to getting a proper diagnosis for your DD. Fingers crossed that the problem is fixable with no major surgery. Hope everything is ok with you too x

pikachu999 Tue 01-Feb-11 21:12:28

belgina- so sorry to hear what's happened. Take care of yourself.

cupboarddoor - let's hope they can get to the bottom of your DDs medical problems and find a good solution - poor DD2 - I know she has been having water infections and stuff for some time now.

I haven't felt very chatty lately, as my mood is a bit low. There is the threat of redundancies at work, and my dad has just started chemo for lymphoma, so lots of stress and worry sad. I thought my PND was coming back, but I think it was just really bad PMT although I haven't had a period for 7 weeks. Can you still get PMT without periods (I am not pg BTW).

pikachu999 Tue 01-Feb-11 21:17:29

Just in case you missed my namechange earlier, I previously had a repetitive name and have a DD, DS1 and DS2 wink

belgina Wed 02-Feb-11 09:00:17

Thanks pikachu also thanks for the reminder as to who you were again. I did see your namechange, but couldn't remember. Ds and dd1 would very much approve of your new name. They're huuuuuge Pokemon fans.

Dreadful night here. C has got a cold again. I'm starting to wonder if her amount of colds she's getting is normal. Ds and dd1 used to get 2-3 over the whole winter. C seems to get one every other week. As soon as she's back to normal and she's got a few days of eating normally again, another cold arrives. It makes tackling her sleep so difficult, because I don't really want to do it when she's not well. At the same time I'm completely fed up with broken nights. In a good night I get woken twice. Both ds and dd1 were sleeping through the night for a good year by this stage. <sigh>. With everything that's been going on, I really do need some decent sleep too.

Apologies for my little sleep moan, btw.

Hope you're all ok.

belgina Wed 02-Feb-11 09:02:32

Oh, pika so sorry about your dad, must be very hard for you. Have you got PCOS? Or could your lack of period be stress related? It does sound like you're going through quite a bit at the moment.

flippineck Thu 03-Feb-11 10:56:54

Pikachu - that's a lot going on at the moment, hope some of the pressure eases soon. Hugs.

belgina - sorry to hear C is ill again. Do you think it might be an allergy rather than a cold? Just wondering as there's been so many. And I feel your pain about the sleep, A is still dreadful and I can't work out what to do about it. She usually only wakes once in the night but will be awake for a couple of hours, she won't settle in her cot but if I take her in bed with me she a) gets really cross because I won't feed her (I've stopped completely, I just can't do it any more) and then b) fidgets for hours, crawls all rund the bed, hits, kicks, pinches. Last night she woke at 3, I tried for an hour to get her back to sleep in her cot, then gave up and she came into bed with me and DH where she kept us awake until 5.30. We're all shattered.

blush sorry, that turned into a rant of my own there!

Waves to everyone else!

smokeybacon Thu 03-Feb-11 19:27:43

<pops head round the door>

Wot no cocktails????

belgina so sorry to read your news. Hope you get through it ok and also that C picks up soon.

pika are you feeling better now? Hugs from here too. You have a lot on at the mo so not suprising you are feeling a bit low.

dandy exciting news for your DH but another one here who understands why you wouldn't want him to be away sun to fri. At least its only temporary. And glad to see you have your head round the whole neg test thingy.

flip I feel your pain. R was the same until we sleep trained him in September. Before that I could count on one hand the number of times he slept through in the year before that. He would end up in our bed every night with similar consequences to you. So we had 2 weeks of sleep training and he is now sorted. It is very rare now that he doesn't go through. Just the DTs to sort now!

momi thats very exciting about your DHs opportunities. I wouldn't hesitate on the Seattle thing! But then I'd only be a few hours from my DB in Whistler so it would be a no brainer for me. Can understand your trepidation though.

The nanny has started here now one morning and one afternoon a week. Its going ok I think. Its just a matter of us finding a groove I think. In due course I will start going to the gym on a Thurs morning when she is here, leaving her with R and the DTs. At the moment, I'm around quite a bit and R is still in nursery on Thursdays. That will be changing as we have to save a bit of cash somewhere.

Sorry not to NC everyone but hope all ok and will be back soon.

momino Thu 03-Feb-11 23:40:45

Hi all.
Belgina,so sorry for your news. For my job, I've got resources/websites with info on dealing with such a loss - I can forward but you prob have similar resources in your job (?). do let me know. am thinking of you, xxxxx

pika, I kept meaning to ask about your dad. he was diagnosed a while ago, wasn't he? Hope he's doing ok and handles chemo well. with you, I think you've got a lot on your plate at the moment, I'm not surprised you're down, depressed. allow yourself to feel that way, ok? and take some time out for yourself. (can you tell, I've just been to a counselling session smile?)

flip, hope you get some sleep!

Cupboard, sorry about your DD but as the others say, I'm glad there is a diagnoses - I hope you can get the problem solved.

Smokey, hope the nanny settles in well. will be lovely to go to the gym - you must be well overdue for time to yourself, eh? can't imagine how you're doing it....

actually, I just saw a mum who had a baby slung on her front, a toddler in the pushchair and a 3/4 year old on buggy board and thought, (first) 'she's mad!' and (second)'crikey that was me when H was born!'. but oh, how quickly has that passed. it has become easier with dd1 going to school last sep. anyway, I bow to you, Smokey.

so, on the DH front: two job offers! one in Whitby (first choice), second in Liverpool. the Seattle one has closed because they want to hire quickly so will go local (I'm relieved, DH a bit disappointed). We're quite happy, because both offers are reasonable and the Whitby one will allow us to stay in york for the time being. most importantly, we can keep some of the redundancy which will pay for our trip to see my family!!!! I can't wait. three years it's been since I've seen/hugged my mom. I can't wait!

on that exciting note, hello to everyone else and hopeyou're well. I really must go to bed!

flippineck Fri 04-Feb-11 07:41:45

momino - brilliant news about your DH's job, that must be such a relief for you all.

smokey - envy (in a nice way, of course!) at the nanny, hope it all works out well and that you do get some good time to yourself!

Well, after my monster grumble yesterday, A had a much better night last night - she woke once, I went in and gave her a cuddle, shushed her a bit and then went back to bed. I lay there awake for ages waiting for her to start again (the usual pattern) but she obviously went back to sleep because next thing I know it's 6am and she's awake! She does this though, we might have a few good nights just to lull us into thinking she's sorted it out and then it starts again. And the thing is that when we do have a good night it's nothing we've done differently so have no idea what works confused.

I'm teaching myself to crochet! Well, I went on a course on Wednesday at our local craft shop to learn the basics, DH had the day off work to look after the girls bless him. So now I'm just practising doing squares but I need a project - anyone got any suggestions of very simple things?

flippineck Fri 04-Feb-11 07:42:46

Pah, posted too quickly.

belgina - how are you? hope you are ok x

belgina Fri 04-Feb-11 09:33:05

flippin thanks, I'm ok. I'm about to phone the hospital, because all of a sudden I just feel dcared that I've made a mistake and that the baby is ok after all confused
My first crochet project was a scarf. Nice and easy, just all straight IYKWIM.

momi. Great news about your DH's job offers. And you must be so relieved that seeing your mum is on the cards soon
The hospital gave me some good info about miscarriage and I do have some stuff floating about somewhere too. I've mainly read the things of the Miscarriage association leaflets and website.

smokey glad the nanny is working out ok. I agree that it does take a few weeks to all settle and run smoothly. We get that with au pairs

momino Fri 04-Feb-11 14:56:18

Flippin, so glad A had a good night last night. and very impressed on the crochet! I just don't have patience to crochet or knit but would love to. Ihope you get on well with it.

Belgina did you call the hosp? I can imagine how you'd feel so confused, you've been through such a roller coaster lately. Take care.

flippineck Fri 04-Feb-11 16:19:46

belgina - what a horrible feeling. Hope you were able to talk to or see someone to ease things.

belgina Fri 04-Feb-11 16:54:02

Thanks everyone.

I called the hospital. They've booked me in for a repeat scan and cancelled the ERPC for now.

belgina Fri 04-Feb-11 19:06:08

I'm back with a bit more time now to explain what's going on.
You know (or maybe not) how you've got to be careful with what you say in bad situations, because people might pick up a little thing you say and take it and blow it up. Well, that's sort of what's happened. I keep thinking about the scanner saying that there was an implantation bleed at the first scan. Than at the 2nd scan she said there was a big one, bigger than the gestational sack. Now I keep thinking: what if all the energy went into implanation first and now it's actually growing? Probably completely irrational, but I can't let it go and really want to double check it. On top of that I my symptoms have got worse and my belly has got bigger,...

Oh, flippin You know, maybe there was something in the air last night as C slept non stop until 4 last night for the first time in probably months!

momino Fri 04-Feb-11 20:15:29

Belgina, go with your instincts! very, very reasonable to double check. When is the 2nd scan? I think it's best to be safe. What does DH say?

belgina Fri 04-Feb-11 20:20:45

It's on mon. DH thinks it's best to double check too.

pikachu999 Fri 04-Feb-11 20:59:44

Belgina- i think you've done the right thing too - you need to be sure.

Momino - congrats to your DH - seems like job offers are like buses - nothin then 2 turn up at once wink. Hope you and DH can decide which one to accept. I guess Whitby is good as you can stay in York, but then Liverpool would not be too far from your PIL. And good news that you have the funds for a flight back home smile.

flip- hope DD2s sleep improves. DS2 was a terrible sleeper, and it would take a couple of hours to get him back down. We did have to do sleep training, and even that took a long time, but at least now it is rare if he wakes, and is usually only if he's poorly, teething or lost his muslin (comfort blanket).

smokey- hope the nanny settles in well, and that you get some me-time. I am also in awe of you - you are wonder woman smile.

I have been going to the gym myself, 2 or 3 times a week and it's great just to have time to yourself, and my jelly belly is shrinking. Sometimes my gym visit involves time in the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi which is lovely wink.

Thank for your caring kind words. I am trying to stay positive. My dads treatment has been very drawn out (he was diagnosed in July 2009) and he is the worst he's been after the radiotherapy almost worked, but it has come back with a vengeance. Hopefully the chemo will sort it out. At first all the affected sites were "hidden" but now it is spreading all over, his back, arms and face.

As for work, everyone in my grade has to submit a paper application by end of Feb and should know if we have a job by the end of March. It is worrying that a couple of sheets of words can decide if you have a job or not hmm.

Oh and DD has been bullied again sad. She had muddy tights and I said something about falling over, and she said the same as last time "I didn't have a very nice day". There were four Y2 boys hounding her, calling her names, and then she was pushed over. I was annoyed that again, the school didn't tell me and it was down to DD. All boys have been spoken to and had to say sorry (2 wouldn't which means parents have been informed). I don't know whether I am being precious and over-protective- DD does her fair share of name-calling at home, but the physical stuff is really nasty. I think if it happens again, I will be writing to the head too to find out what they are doing to stop bullying and whether they think it is working.

smokeybacon Sat 05-Feb-11 18:56:21

pikachu your poor dd. Surely the parents should have been informed despite the apologies. I would want to be if it was my DS involved. I don;t think you are being over protective at all.

belgina what a roller coster, but absolutely you should have the repeat scan to be sure of what is happening if you have any doubt at all. Thinking of you. I know these situations are awful having been there myself a number of times.

momi great news about your DHs job.

Went to see Peter Kay last night. Hilarious. But man, he has put on weight. And although there were a number of points where I was crying with laughter, I did feel that he had lost his innocent and nice feel that he had a few years ago. It felt more cynical in places, IYKWIM. Minor points in what was a great night out! And the DTs slept from 10pm to 4am.

essenceofSES Sat 05-Feb-11 20:48:59

pikachu - I agree with the others. I would expect the school to discuss with all parents of the children involved. I hope this doesn't develop any further for her and the school support.
I'm impressed with your gym trips!
You've got a lot going on at the moment. Fingers crossed for your work situation and I also hope your Dad's treatment helps.

Belgina - what an awful rollercoaster. I hope Monday gives you a definitive answer.

Momino - congratulations to you and your DH on the job offers!!! Has he definitely decided on Whitby?

Smokey - sounds like a good night out and well done on those DTs sleeping!

flip - crocheting sounds good and what a great DH to take the day off for you.

Hello to everyone else - hope you're all well and enjoying your Saturday evenings!

As for me, I'm heading towards the end of the 2ww (for the nth time!) At the beginning of the week I had loads of symptoms and now they're all fading and I had a BFN yesterday at 10dpo. AF due Monday but I'm not getting my hopes up!

DS has not been 100% all week (cough and slight temperature) and at bedtime I noticed a spot on his tummy that looked suspisciously like chicken pox. It is only the one at the moment though...

omnomnomtom Sun 06-Feb-11 20:32:16

Belgina so sorry to hear you are having such an awful time. It sounds like work are being supportive.
Cupboard poor DD having lots of tests- I had lots of kidney/bladder problems as a child and although I can remember a bit about having tests and being in hospital it didn't have any lasting effects on me, so although obviously unpleasant it wasn't traumatic iyswim. I hope that makes sense- can't think how to explain it in a less clumsy way
momino great news about the job offers- can't believe you haven't seen your mum for so long, have you a date for your trip?
Ses don't envy you the rollercoaster of ttc- hope it happens soon for you- and eeek at the chickenpox
pikachu sounds like you have a lot going on. Glad you are getting some 'me time' at the gym

No real news here- am still feeling sick a lot but it does seem to be easing and I am starting to gain weight. Also my feet have spread so my shoes are pinching, am usually a size 7 but think I am now a 7.5 however due to my feet being so narrow am finding difficult to find anything long enough that doesn't slip. Went to Clarks today as they do half sizes but the only ones I liked they didn't have in my size so am waiting for them to order them in.
We are on the Sainburys 5 meals for £20 this week- a huge saving on what we usually spend so will being following it for a few weeks if they keep doing it to save up for my mat leave

llareggub Sun 06-Feb-11 23:09:01

Hello everyone. I've been lurking for days, itching to post but keep getting called away.

Belgina I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Don't feel guilty about the time off, you need the time to look after yourself.

Cupboard how are things with you? Poor DD! Let me know if you fancy meeting for a quick drink after work.

Pikachu I'll be thinking of you and your dad too. Your poor DD seems to be having a torrid time of it at school. Do they have a buddy bench or similar? When my DN was bullied at school he made use of the buddy bench and it seemed to work for him. He had some help with assertiveness too.

Dandy WOW about work. Sounds very promising. With regard to DH and his travelling, could you and the DCs go with him from time to time, or would it be a nightmare?

flip let me know how you get on with crochet. I'm useless at things like that but I've always wanted to be able to "do" something.

Momino great news about your DH's job. Will you have to move? When does it start? I'm so pleased that it means that you get to see your mother.

Smokey I think your DTs are sleeping better than my DS2. envy Hope all is going well with the nanny induction.

I've just got back from the out of hours doctor with DS2, who had a high temp, sickness and a bad cough. I thought it was a chest infection but after sitting there for nearly 2 hours, he had a miraculous recovery and is now fine. He had a lovely chat with a boy with chicken pox so no guesses what might come next!

We started our election campaign tonight with a tour of our ward. I'm standing for the district council and I'm looking forward to getting out and about canvassing. I've only ever done it for other people before so I'm a bit nervous about it. I've just finished my first week of self-employment and it has been great. Such a relief to be out of my job. I'm buzzing with ideas for the business and can't wait to get on it. I even worked last night!

We have some exciting travel news. After a few years of local holidays only due to DH's job, we've been offered an opportunity to go to California to stay with friends. I'm so excited! We're hoping to go in June/July but it will depend on the financial situation by then. I'd assumed that DH wouldn't be able to come but he says he can so it will be wonderful to go as a family.

Hello to running reggiee and anyone else I've missed. Febes how is it all going with you?

llareggub Sun 06-Feb-11 23:09:48

om I meant to ask, when are you starting your maternity leave? I can't remember when you are due. My feet never went back to their normal size, you know!

flippineck Mon 07-Feb-11 13:26:48

belgina - thinking of you today x

Also been thinking of you belgina

Sorry for absence, life is getting in the way of proper MN'ing. Must sort self out and catch up properly.

pikachu999 Mon 07-Feb-11 21:08:48

belgina - also been thinking of you today

llare - yes they have a buddy bench at school. She does have some good friends, but also plays on her own. Once when she said she was on her own, I asked why she didn't sit on the buddy bench and she said "then they'll know I don't have any friends" sad so I think there is a bit of stigma attached to it.

She is quite shy (like me), but then she is often quite happy on her own (like me). She is not as shy as another girl in her class who said to her mum at parents evening "Does your DD talk a lot at home, because I don't think I have ever heard her speak" shock.

I was meant to go to the gym or to play badminton tonight, but I thought i'd make a start on my job application, but looking at the process has just made me panic and worry about what i'm going to put down.

Cupboarddoor Mon 07-Feb-11 21:27:55

Just wanted to pop on to say Belgina been thinking of you today.

Quick catch up
Llare how exciting about election, and travels to California with DH sound v. exciting
Pika sounds like you have a lot on your plate, Mrs. Take care of yourself
Smokey how is the Nanny working out?
Momi so glad your DH has such exciting options to choose between
Om my feet grew 2-3 sizes for each pregnancy, but have returned to normal
Ses hope the 2ww is going OK
Dandy wow, exciting work plans sound intriguing

Things still limbo land here biscuit. Have been requested to see the Headteacher about DD2 (they have been spectacularly unhelpful thus far and are threatening to take her out of school) so that's not adding to my stress levels, much wink

Cupboarddoor Mon 07-Feb-11 21:29:04

Forgot to say hello to everyone else and sorry if I've not NC-ed you.

llareggub Mon 07-Feb-11 23:06:49

HOW can they threaten to take her out? That doesn't seem right to me. Are they being crap?

Pikachu I've always wondered that about the buddy bench but it did work for my friend's DD too. I don't know what else to suggest really, although I've read that martial arts can help with confidence building, but obviously it depends how you feel about it. My niece has really taken to the sport and is doing brilliantly.

smokeybacon Tue 08-Feb-11 13:52:39

cupboard that sounds unbelievably bad on the schools part with your DD. Bad bad bad. How is everything else at the mo?

belgina thinking of you.

I had some bad news last night. My DB who lives in Canada has been diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his lower abdomen. He had a biopsy which has revealed this as the doctors had though that it was benign due to lack of symptoms and its size ( its about 9cm and until 3 weeks ago no symptoms at all and he was only alerted to something when things became a bit painful in that area). So he is due to start on chemo and then an op to remove it but we don't really know much at the mo as far as treatment/time scales and so on are concerned. But the doctor did tell him that if he was to have a form of c ( I can barely say the word let alone type it), this is the one to have as it is treatable. So we are trying to be positive but am, in reality scared for him. Its hard for us here for him to be so far away so can't imagine how he must feel. I just want to support him as best I can and want him home really, I suppose. He hasn't even met the DTs yet sad.

Cupboarddoor Tue 08-Feb-11 19:30:03

Smokey what terrible news. It sounds like he is in good hands. It must be very difficult with him being so far away. What a shock.

The problems I am having with DD2 at school is that because of the UTI / urology probs, she is wetting & poo-ing herself at school quite regularly. So far the school have been helping clean her up, but they have gotten to the point where 'they can't spare the helpers from the class to sort her out.' Their suggested solutions have been either for me / the Nanny to be available on-call to come into school and clean her up whenever there is an accident, or take her out of school until it is sorted, because (technically) she doesn't have to attend school until she is 5 and she is 4 until July. Double hmm. To say I am fuming about the situation is understating it somewhat. I am a governor at the school too, and can't quite believe my child, with a medical problem, is being treated this way. angry. As it happens, DD2 has a consultants appt tomorrow evening which should shed some more light on tests / treatments, and this week she has had no accidents at all, which is taking the pressure off a bit, I hope. But still, Grrrrrrrr.

belgina Tue 08-Feb-11 21:14:17

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much everyone for your kind thoughts.

The scan on mon was confusing news (again) from where i'm standing. I had expected a confirmation of no further growth, but instead it'd grown by 3.3 mm. Still no fetal pole or anything, but as there is some change i cant get myself to go for ERPC, just in case IYKWIM. I was then booked for a scan next Thurs. Then later that day i got a call from EPAC and the nurse told me quite bluntly that the consultant has had a look at my scans and that i have to accept it's a missed miscarriage and that my scan has to be rescheduled so there are exactly 2 weeks between it. The thing is, i do accept that more than likely it's a misc, but i cant be sure if there is some growth. Also i am more than happy to move my scan date, but i dont like the way she told me why.
I'm othetwise still ok. My spotting is getting a bit heavier, but is still nowhere near anything like a period, but i'm sure something's up.
I've also decided to go back to work next fri, no matter what, because i'm fed up with living in limbo.

llare wow, sounds like lots is happening with the elections, the business and the exciting prospect of a holiday to California

pika poor dd. Have you talked to the teachers yet? My own dd used to come home often telling me she's got no friends and the teachers were very surprised as apparently she's actually got quite a few friends hmm. I also agree the school should talk to all parents involved. Ds got bullied and it came to a head in nov when he got into a fight (started and won by ds, and the fact he started it really upset him, bless) He'd never mentioned a thing to us, but once it came out, the school were great. They kept a good eye on the boy in question and stepped in whenever it looked like the boy was going to harass ds again. Ds and the boy are now friends, oddly enough.

smokey how worrying about your brother, however it's good that the drs are positive

cupboard shock at the school. It's not as if your poor dd has got any control over the situation. I hope that the consultant appt sheds some light on what's the problem

momino Tue 08-Feb-11 23:51:07

hi all.
Quick catch up.
Belgina, have been thinking of you. Not liking the nurse's attitude from EPAC. ignore her. I'm glad you're feeling ok but wishing things were more straightforward for you.

Pika, am so sad for your lovely DD and for you, it must feel helpless at times. hope things get taken care of.

cupboard, am sad about your dd's situation as well. I can't believe the school and the way they're treating the situation. how is DD in herself? I hope she'll be able to forget some of this when it's finished.

Smokey, how scary for you. I hope your db is ok and gets it sorted quickly. Will be saying some prayers and sending best wishes. Who is he in Canada with? Does he have a good support network there?

llare, glad your DS is ok smile and good luck with the campaigning.
omnom, intrigued at the Sainsbury's meals and wondering if it could work for us....

Ses, good luck with TCC. Also hope DS is feeling better. Do you think it's CP?

Hello to everyone else not NC-ed.

A quick update in that DH (along with my approval) has accepted the job in Whitby smile. it's less £ but the opportunity he wants. It also means we don't have to move from York for the time being until/unless he decides it's a longer term job and a move towards Whitby would be practical.

We will also start planning our hol to the US for eastertime. I've spoken to my mum who is so excited! She's never met H shock. She'd come to visit for DD1 and 2's births but then her knee was too bad to travel when H was born (she's since had a knee replacement). The last I was home was in 2007 then meant to visit her the following year but got pregnant and then got too difficult to travel, hence 3 years since I've seen her (sob). Just thinking about our 1st hug upon arrival (sob again). can't wait grin.

on that happy note. I must get to bed! good night all.

sausagemashnpeas Wed 09-Feb-11 11:15:09

Hello everyone. Long time no chat. I've been lurking for ages and ages but have never found the right time to say anything on here without seeming gloaty or insensitive.

Just before new year, we found out I was pregnant smile. Only took 2 months of trying, so we were over the moon. I did so want to share after we had the news to ourselves for a bit, but then so much had been happening on here, I felt that sharing my happy pregnancy news would have seemed a little insensitive to some.

M got chicken pox, and I had to go and collect her from nursery on the 27th? or the 28th? lost track of my days now...

However, last Monday (the 31st) I experienced a little faint pink bleeding. Went to A&E and they said it could be just one of those things, scanned me, and there was a little foetal pole, measuring 6+1 and no heartbeat - my dates would have made me 8+4. They arranged another appointment for me the following week to see if the baby had grown and I had got my dates wrong.

Anyway, the bleeding got heavier throughout the week. I'd come to my parents for TLC, and DH came on the Friday to take me back home. Well, to cut a long story short, we decided to stay Friday night after a trip to the local PCT walk in thingy, and was told to rest and take some stronger painkillers. That night, I ended up back in hospital with heavy, heavy bleeding, passing big clots, and in terrible pain. I was in for the weekend, and on Monday I had an ERPC, as the scan showed the sac and foetus were still there, but lying right on my cervix. (crying now) Everyone in the hospital (Swindon) were fantastic, and I had tears streaming down my face in the anaesthetic room. Before I knew it, I was in recovery.

The pain has obviously eased tremendously, and the bleeding has nearly stopped, and I came back to my parents that day, and am still here. My parents are being amazing, helping me with M. DH has had to go back to work, but will come and get me at the weekend. We sat down and worked out that we knew more people who had had a miscarriage that hadn't. I didn't realise it was so common. I just - perhaps selfishly, blinkered, I don't know - never thought that it would happen to me. All I know now is that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I keep thinking that I am all cried out (as Alison Moyet would say) but then I just remember again. sad I know it's a bit daft - I was only just shy of 10 weeks when I had the op - but we had so many plans and dreams already. The surgeon was lovely, he said there's no reason why we can't try again soon, but wait at least till I've had one period. After that, it's up to me and DH emotionally wise. It's promising that we fell pregnant so easily with both M and this time round, so we'll see.

... and just to put the icing on the cake, Mum has a lump in her breast - the biopsy showed there were pre-cancerous cells, so she is scheduled for surgery in just over a week - to remove the lump and some lymph nodes - and then start a course of radiotherapy.

Fuck, basically sad

Anyway. Sorry to be such a bringer of doom, but I am in desperate need of hugs right now - virtual or otherwise. Thanks to those who I have been in touch with outside MN. You know who you are, and your messages have been so, so appreciated.

Might go and hide now. Lots of love to you all, sorry for not NCing - I can't even remember what day it is, let alone what important news any of you have shared.

sausagemashnpeas Wed 09-Feb-11 11:15:40

Just noticed this emoticon: wine

Yes please.

flippineck Wed 09-Feb-11 11:18:52

sausage, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well with your mum too. Thinking of you, hugs xxxx

smokeybacon Wed 09-Feb-11 13:35:44

saus big hugs . What a time of it. Having had 4 mcs I can imagine how you feel. But after 3 of mine I got pg v quickly so go for it. No need to even wait. It's just fir dating really and after an eprc I had 2 successful pgs resulting in ds1 and then R. It's like you've had a good clear out iykwim . In the meantime chocolate wine and crying helps A LOT.

I'll add your mum into my list with my brother who need good vibes for treatment for c. Xxxx

essenceofSES Wed 09-Feb-11 14:53:12

saus - thinking of you and sending you hugs and multiple wine
Go easy on yourself and come and offload here whenever you want xx

muddleddaizy Wed 09-Feb-11 15:11:57

Goodness nearly everyone is having such a bad time at the moment.

Saus So sorry to hear your sad news. Lots of hugs and wine coming your way. Hope you're taking good care of yourself and hope all goes well with your mum.

Smokey Sorry to hear about your brother, I hope he makes a full recovery.

Pika Sorry to hear you've got so much going on at the moment. Thinking of your dd. And sending positive vibes for your dad.

Cupboard Can't believe how crap your dd's school is. Hope all goes well with the consultant and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Belgina Sorry you've got no definative answer. The nurses sound like they could learn some bedside manners!!

Momino So glad to hear of your dh's new job and that you'll get to see your mum soon!! 3 years is a loong time!

Omnom glad your ms is easing.

Llare glad everything with the business is going well and the holiday sounds great!

Thank you for all the kind messages about my Grandma.
We had confirmation that my dad has cancer of the prostate so he'll be going for radiotherapy soon. It really is a crap start to this year.

This next bit seems so trivial compared to what people are going through at the moment. Dh has backed out of ttc no3. I was gutted. I can understand why he said no, but I gave him so many opportunities to back out before he said yes. I was making plans in my head all to be dashed. I feel completely fed up at the moment which seems as Ive already said really trival.

Sorry for anyone I haven't name checked

Oh I am so so sorry for everyone having such a crappy time of it

saus I don't know what to say but big hugs and keep talking. I am glad you have lots of support around you x

belgina sorry you haven't had any answers and rubbish treatment x

smokey, saus, muddled my thoughts are with your families for their health and speedy recoveries x

pika sorry to hear you have so much on too and your poor DD. Your school should be being proactive about nipping any bullying in the bud so keep pushing them to do something about it if you can. OFSTED are hot on what a school does about bullying so keep that in mind if you don't get what you believe to be support from the school. As for DD, does she do any clubs or anything that can help her make non-school friends and build her confidence? I was badly bullied at school and brownies and guides was a real escape for me and I made lots of friends from other schools through that which I really valued.

cupboard I am a bit shock at your DD's school. IMO they should be offering support not suggestions to take her out. I don't have much experience of primaries but will have a think if there is anything you can do. I hope the consultant appt provides some support/help/solutions for you all.

As muddled says, what a crappy start to the year. I hope things get better for everyone.

A big mwah all round is required I think x

omnomnomtom Wed 09-Feb-11 20:17:48

belgina Can't imagine how you must be feeling with this hanging over you, thinking of you- make sure you take good care of yourself and only go back to work when you are sure you are ready

Saus sorry to hear of your loss, again- my thoughts are with you

Smokey, Saus and Muddled sorry to hear about your DB, mother and father, I hope their treatment is successful

<hugs> and wine all round is in order I think xxx

momino Wed 09-Feb-11 21:01:15

oh goodness. such sad posts here.
Saus, I'm so, so sorry. Also for your mum, sounds like it could be treatable when they said 'pre cancerous' hmm? anyway, you're in my thoughts. And muddled, your dad? will add him to my list of people to send healthy vibes to.

I'm going to stop there on the NC but sending hugs, virtual support, and lots of wine to those who need it.

belgina Wed 09-Feb-11 21:01:29

Oh no f*** f*** and the same again. I'd done a mamoth NC post and it's all GONE!!!

I cant do it all again, as i'm on my phone and it takes ages to type it all out again.

I dont want to leave without sending lots of non MNy hugs to sausage. It must have been so scary and upsetting for you. I dont think the length of the pregnancy matters. In your mind there was a baby and all the plans that go with it.
I hope your mum gets better soon too. The fact that they were pre-cancerous cells sounds hopeful

I like the new wine smiley. It's come at such a great time when so many of us really could do with some.

muddled was right: what a crappy start of the year. But it can only get better now, no?

A big wave to all of you. Sorry for the lack of decent NC.

DandyLioness Wed 09-Feb-11 22:03:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Wed 09-Feb-11 22:18:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

essenceofSES Thu 10-Feb-11 08:42:11

Thinking of all on this thread - particularly those in the middle of tough times at the moment.
I'm sorry so many have had such a rubbish start to 2011 and let's hope things improve for everyone soon

flippineck Thu 10-Feb-11 13:41:02

What a few weeks for everyone, hugs wine and biscuit (closest there is to cake!!) all round. May things improve all round soon. Thinking of you all x

pikachu999 Thu 10-Feb-11 16:19:34

Saus- so sorry to hear what you've been through, and your mum's health problems. I was told to wait for a period before TTC but in hindsight i wished I had just started TTC as that period seemed to take forever to come (only 5 weeks) and only being pg again could make me feel happy again. Luckily I conceived after that first pg and I am sure it is quite common to fall pg quickly as smokey says.

smokey - sorry to hear about your DB. It must be hard being so far away from him.

muddled- I am sorry your DH has changed his mind as I know how excited you were about it.

belgina- sorry the scan is still not conclusive either way- it must be very hard for you.

Thanks for all the ideas and comments re. DD. She does have friends, but just a few really close ones, but if they are off playing with others, she will just play on her own. She gets invited to friend's houses for tea, but i can't often have them back here due to working, and not enough car seats if i have the DSs too. She also does lots of out of school activity - swimming lessons, church after school club, school after school club, art club and can be sociable, but also seems to ignore friends too hmm. Maybe that's just 6 year olds. Anyway, it's parents evening soon so I will discuss this then. It was a different group of boys dandy- they are all only 1 year older, but DD is quite small and i'm sure they see her as an easy target sad.

belgina Thu 10-Feb-11 20:46:11

Hi everyone. Well, the inevitable has now started. I've had bleeding like a period all day now. I'm sort of glad i waited for nature to take it's course now, as I know there cant be a mistake and for me so far it hasnt been any worse than a period + some clots. An ERPC would have been so much more traumatic.

pika I think it might very well be a case of your dd being a 6 yo. Last year my own dd was very fickle with her friendships. She didnt seem to understand that she could have more than 1 friend. Actually I spent a lot of time thinking 6 yo are a bit odd. She's starting to become a bit more normal now she's 7, lol.

How is everyone else doing now? I'm sorry if there are a few xposts. I'm on my phone and started this post over 1h ago. I cant really refresh or I'll lose the whole thing.

Oh and wine wine biscuit I think the next new MN smiley will have to be a slice of cake (preferably chocolate grin

omnomnomtom Fri 11-Feb-11 09:03:37

Oh Belgina , I hope it is all over quickly. Hope your DH is taking very good care of you.

Pika Hope dd is having a better week

Letting J watch Zingzillas whilst I (ahem)catch up on internet banking grin <studiously ignores thread about mums neglecting their kids because they are online in discussions of the day> Am wondering whether to go out for a wander later. Might let J watch a bit more CBeebies later as there is a new programme on called Mr Bloom starring someone I was friends with when I was younger- was a bit of a surprise when I saw the trailer but it's not the first time someone I know has popped up on my tv screen- in fact it seems to happen a lot!

Oooo Zingzillas has finished better go or the boy will turn goggle-eyed x

momino Fri 11-Feb-11 22:29:48

Hi all.
Belgina, hope you're ok!

belgina Sat 12-Feb-11 23:13:27

I'm ok, thanks, momi

omnom funny how all these people end up on telly. Must be something about where you grew up.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I'm about to go off to bed and for the 1st time since we moved here it'll be a proper bed and not a mattress on the floor . I hope my back will become happier now!

flippineck Mon 14-Feb-11 15:33:46

Hello everyone - just thought I'm come on and see how you all are x

essenceofSES Mon 14-Feb-11 17:01:14

Hello flip and everyone else!
Hope you're having a lovely Valentine's Day and being spoilt.

Belgina - hope things have settled down for you but don't rush back to work and doing too much. Go easy on your self.
(That goes for you too saus !)

Hope this week brings better things for everyone xx

omnomnomtom Wed 16-Feb-11 18:23:53

hmmmm bit quiet round here...
... how is everyone?

belgina Wed 16-Feb-11 21:27:50

Was thinking the same omnom

Everything ok here. Bleeding is very on and off. I sm going back to work on fri though. It'll be a night shift and I know what you're thinking, but actually, nights are quieter and more relaxed, so I feel it's a better shift to go back to work.

C's become such a funny toddler now. Earlier tonight she kept pretending she was asleep and everytime I said "oh, look at C, how sweet she is all asleep", she'd open her eyes and burst out laughing.
I've started night weaning her now. She settles pretty quickly, but then starts fiddling with my hair, so I'm still getting no sleep. The plan is to start putting her back in her cot once she's completely used to not feeding. From day 1 she's been one where this sort of thing has to be tackled in stages. In fact, I think that my night shifts will even help in the battle to get her to sleep through.

Hope everyone else is ok

flippineck Thu 17-Feb-11 10:21:47

Oooh, it is quiet. Hope everyone is ok! Would some wine tempt you all back in? wine, or maybe brew and biscuit?

All fine here. A's sleeping has improved significantly sinced I stopped feeding her...I think she's got used to the idea that there's no 'mulkie' (her word, not mine!) any more and so is sleeping through quite a lot of nights now! And even if she does wake, usually I just need to go in a shush her a bit and she's off again. We are having a few early mornings though, yesterday she was up at 5.30, but then today she slept until 7.

She's talking a bit more now too, which is fascinating! She's very different to DD1, so this is all new - DD1 talked early and well, A is still only on odd words but then she's too busy running/climbing/jumping to put effort into talking.

momino Sat 19-Feb-11 20:36:02

Flip, you still around?
I've been away a couple of days (to Helmsley, N Yorks) with DH.

I'm so glad A is sleeping better. and the talking is fabulous. I love when they say new words. H is in between DD1 and 2: she doesn't say as many as dd2 did at this age nor DD2's comprehension, but still a bit more than dd1 at this age. She repeats things that we say. one word things. she'll say, 'ssssssbbbblll... pasta' or 'sssssbbbffff george' <the dog>, etc.

momino Sat 19-Feb-11 20:38:13

i love the brew but am quite happy on the wine at the moment...

essenceofSES Sat 19-Feb-11 20:52:14

Hello momino
Sounds like you've had a nice few days away! Enjoy your wine

Flip - glad A's sleeping is better. After an awful first 10mo with O, he hardly ever wakes up in the night now. I feel v lucky!

talking - O still isn't saying that much, maybe about 20 different words and not many of them very clear.
I did have a funny conversation with him this morning. It was just after breakfast and he was still in his PJs. I saw him strain and could tell he was doing a poo so I said "Have you got a dirty nappy?" "Yeah", he replied. So I said, shall we go and get you changed and ready for the day?" "No" he said. We repeated this about half a dozen times and the look on his face told me he understood exactly what he was saying!

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

Things ok here. I've just had a lovely week off work. DH has just been put on tablets for high blood pressure though and also has to go and see the diabetic nurse as his fasting blood glucose was high. It's a bit worrying but at the same time I'm glad he's finally seen someone as he knew his BP was high but was ignoring it.

momino Sat 19-Feb-11 20:54:10

glad you had a good week off, Ses. hope DH's blood pressure goes down and glad he's doing something about it.
Hope youre having a good night. smile

pikachu999 Sun 20-Feb-11 09:44:51

Hello ladies,

Glad you had a nice time away momino

flip I am so pleased that A is sleeping better - you have had a hard time and I hope you get some good nights from now on. S was bad for the first year, but he rarely wakes now although he does wake up on the early side

ses - O sounds similar to S - S can say some words, many only recognisable to me and DH. He also tells us when he's done a poo- he pats his nappy and says "do do". Glad your DH is getting treatment for his high BP.

I was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday with a suspected UTI. Got an appointment at the out-of-hours GP at 9pm last night and was prescribed some antibiotics. It made me think of cupboard's DD2 and what she is going through. I don't think i've had a UTI before but the pain was excrutiating until the painkillers and ABs kicked in.

smokeybacon Sun 20-Feb-11 12:28:50

Morning/Afternoon all.

Update on DB. He starts chemo tomorrow. 3 cycles of 3 weeks. First week 5 days on the trot and then once a week for next two, Repeat twice more. I spoke to him on skype last night and he is amazingly upbeat, just wanting to crack on with it. I think he will be ok. The docs have given him a 95% chance it will be cleared up. So am slightly happier but still wish I could give him a big hug.

Interesting to hear how our LOs chat is coming on. I find R incredible. He is a proper chatterbox and must have 100 words, maybe more. He has even got to grips with please and sorry (or "rorry" as he says). He can sing twinkle twinkle and baa baa black sheep too. I must video it as it is unbelievably cute.

The DTs keep us guessing nightly what they are going to do. Freddie can go from 10.30pm to 5am. Tobias still will wake between 3 and 4am for a feed. Last night both up at 4am and then proceeded to chat, wriggle, cry a bit and generally make nuisances of themselves so I didn't get a wink of sleep again. Grrrrr.

pikachu hope you are feeling a bit better now. SOunds painful <winces>

I need to go back to bed.........

omnomnomtom Sun 20-Feb-11 14:04:28

belgina hope going back to work was ok
Ses if I ask Jake whether he is doing a poo- he shake his head and says 'no' but his cheeky grin gives away that he knows exactly what I mean. He doesn't have lot's of words; a few names of animals, shoes, socks, bubble, ball, mama/dada, hello, ta, gar! (star), car, tractor, mine, nose, eyes- but it is amazing how much he understands. Am blush to admit he can point out all the ITNG characters in his book if I say thier names and he can point out lots of different animals for example even if he can't say the name itself. He understands most simple commands too- 'go and get your coat' things like that.
His current favourite is to climb on my lap facing me and grab my hands and shout 'row row row' meaning he wants row row row your boat grin He also likes giving big kisses with a loud lip smacking sound
pikachu hope you feel better soon
smokey R's speech sounds fantastic, And little Freddies sleep is impressive. Hope you got an afternoon nap and am glad the prognosis for your DB is good.

We have had a great day, took Jake to the park where he had a great time playing on the slide and then we had a naughty mcdonalds for lunch- Jake demolished his happy meal and was most impressed with the balloon he was given. Am now enjoying the peace whilst he naps

omnomnomtom Sun 20-Feb-11 14:06:28

hmmm that bit about Jake's speech doesn't make much sense does it?- but I'm sure you get the general idea confused

smokeybacon Sun 20-Feb-11 15:44:38

omnom awwww row row row. So cute!

Am over tired. Dh taken ALL the DCs out and I can't sleep.

belgina Sun 20-Feb-11 16:08:14

Hi everyone,

For a sec I thought flip and I had killed the thread.

Everything is OK here. Back at work this weekend and it was very very busy last night. I had a 1st year student for the first time ever and in a way that was nice as I only had nice normal women to look after, but we did have 3 births and I'm shattered. It doesnt help that the dcs were very noisy, do I only had 3h sleep last night.
I think I passed the sac last night too. When I got home I found something that looked like miniature membranes, so hopefully I'll be getting back to normal soon now.

ses hope your dh will get his bp and blood sugars sorted soon. You're right about it being good that he's finally sought help.

smokey hope your db gets better soon. My own db had testicular cancer 6y ago now. He was given a similar prognosis and is now still clear of the disease. He was also told that if you're going to get cancer that his was the one to have as it has such a good survival rate. Sadly it hasnt put him off smoking though. hmm. Hope your dts dont start making a habit of cot parties!

talking. It's interesting how they're all at different stages. C clearly understands a lot and will follow instructions or react to what might be said in a normal conversation, but doesn't actually say much. I think she says about 10 words, but they are very clear. She's also always been our most musical baby and she's keeping up that reputation by trying to sing along with her musical toys grin
She's also developped a clear sense of humour as she'll do things with the sole purpose of making us laugh. Really sweet and funny to watch.
C also seems to be aware of filling her nappy and calls nappies "bwerk" (has to be accompanied by disgusted face grin. I'm definitely going to give potty training a whirl this summer as I think she'll be ready by then.

Cupboarddoor Sun 20-Feb-11 23:40:57

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

Smokey glad your DB is so positive, and that the Drs are positive about the treatment and prognosis.

Pika In a similar vein, sending positive vibes to your Dad too

Om am in awe of the number of words. G just says 'car' to everything going. That, or his absolute favourite 'no' <accompanied by a foot stamp.> Anyone else getting screaming from DC when they don't get their own way? Tis getting very wearisome!

Ses lol at DS's nappy filling expression. And glad your DH has seen the GP

Belgina sounds like a very busy night for you. I have a particular soft spot for hearing about water-births, having had two of my own, they hold a special place in my heart!!

Well, the DD2 saga is going well. Saw a paediatrician last week who spent a whole hour and a half with us (sometimes, private health insurance is just brilliant!). We now have a treatment plan which we have started. It is a bit counter-intuiative, being drinking loads and loads more, toileting every 2 hours and a couple of different drugs for 6 months. I also had a pow-wow with school, which seems to have calmed down too. And this weekend, only one accident. Woo-hoo!

Hello everyone else, sorry for not doing a proper NC.

Reggiee Mon 21-Feb-11 10:07:40

Hi Cupboard. Really pleased to hear that things are improving for DD2 and you have a plan in place. Glad to hear the school is taking things more seriously. Hope everything else with you is going well too smile

Sorry I've not been around for a while. Really saddened to hear about start of the year for some of you. Belgina and Saus in particular I am so sorry to hear about your news ((hugs)) - you both sound sooo strong and I can't imagine what you have been/are going through. Saus thinking of your mum too. And Smokey's db - I guess this will be a really hard week for you all sad (very bad grammar there. I am sure you're not supposed to start a sentence with "And").

Belgina am so pleased your first day back was filled with nice women and happy births! 3!! Wow! It sounds a lot to deal with in one shift.
How's your new house? Are you all settled?

Omnon I went to Mcdonalds with dd for the first time recently. Haven't been for years and am blush to say I was pleasantly surprised. DD particularly loved her plastic tat toy <sigh>.
HAven't watched Mr Bloom yet but keep seeing it advertised. I am howeveer intrigued to know about the various people from your past who you see on tv <nosy celeb gossip hunter emoticon>.

Smokey I am impressed at how well the twins are sleeping (with the odd exception). Or has time gone really fast, and they're not actually about 4 days old (which is how long it is since you announced their arrival) and are indeed 18 and they wake you up as they return from a night out....

Hi Pikachu. Loving the name change. Do pokemon still exist? They were around all the time a few years ago but I've not seen them on tv for ages.
How are you feeling this morning? I had a UTI years ago which travelled up to my kidneys - then BAM! The pain <sobs with the memory>. Worse than (my) labours <shudder>. Hope the AB are doing their business and you recover quickly and pain-free.
How are things with dd and school?

Momi (belated) congrats to dh on his new job. Fantastic that he ended up with a choice. I am personally very pleased that you will be staying in the beautiful city. For someone who visits there so regular I feel guilty that we have met in passing only once. I really must make more of an effort. Bet you had a lovely time away smile. Have you booked your flights yet?

Hi Ses. Sorry I missed your birthday - hope you had a great day!
Hope the tablets work well for dh (don't get me started on stereotypical men and their inability to visit the doctors). Is he diabetic or do they suspect it?
Did O have chickenpox btw? Hope he's recovered from whatever he had.

Hi Flip. Must try these new emoticons - brew anyone? Well done A for sleeping more! Ours are early risers (but they are in bed c 6pm so no surprise) but it was v nice this morning when there was a tiny bit of light in the sky before the dc woke. I sooo can't wait for summer / warmer weather / lighter days.

Muddled how is your dad sad? Has his treatment started yet? Oh, and I agree with everyone else. Your dh backing out is not trivial. Do you think you can keep talking about it, and it is time he needs (as in a 'no' at this point in time, rather than a 'no way ever')

HI Dandy <drums fingers awaiting travel blog>. How are you? Has dh started his travels? Will you all be able to join him a couple of times (or is said European destination not that attractive / youngsters in foreign place with no facilities for them etc).
By the way, I can totally identify with your struggles re decision over having another dc. In my heart, I really really want another. BUT, my health would suffer (the drs have advised me not to have any more); dh only wanted one anyway, so I managed to get him to agree to a 'compromise' of 2 so it would be unfair of me to change my mind; and I know what you are saying about the dc becoming more independent. Dd is such a pleasure to be with and I am slightly horrified at how quickly she is growing up - casn't belive she'll be starting school in September...anyway. Ridiculous ramble over. This last month, four of my good friends have announced they are pg so I can surely get the best of both worlds by cuddling the newborns and handing back to 3am feeds. Plus my career has just taken a massive upward turn which may become a permanent move in the summer.

Llare long time no seee. Hope all is well with you. Hello too to running. Who've I missed??

Has anyone moved their lo to a bed? I'm considering it after ds turns too but just need some forward planning as I'll need to evict dd from her toddler bed first. I have a feeling that ds will not be as obliging as dd was at going to and staying in bed.

I really love this toddler age. B has impressive tantrums, most often because we don't allow him 24 hour access to Iggle-Piggle, or a constant stream of chocolate, which would be approximately his dream day.
Re talking he's coming along pretty well. He can probably say >100 words and joins some together like nigh'nigh' mummy, and impressed us rececntly with some counting (aka 'reciting numbers'). Did I mention he finally got up off his bum and started walking? Only about a year after everyone else!! Oh, and he has perfected annoying his big sister. I do feel sorry for her constantly having her neatly set up complicated play area trashed as a whirlwind toddler bombs through.

I'm fine. Had my pprolapse op last month and have felt absolutely normal (if not better) except excessive tiredness early on, but no pain. Not too sure if it's totally worked though - have had a tentative poke (tmi).

Anyway, essay over. Hope you are all having a good day!

smokeybacon Mon 21-Feb-11 14:55:32

Bloody hell Reg. That must win the prize for the longest post.Ever! How do you do it? I can't even remember stuff 3 posts away. Glad to hear you have recovered well from your op.

pikachu999 Mon 21-Feb-11 17:05:59

reggiee- amazing post. You reminded me of a few things I'd forgotten too blush. Are you due to go back for review after your op? Sounds like it needs looking at...I love your descriptions of your DS, made me smile. I can only picture him shuffling around in the railway museum in York, so will now have to imagine him walking grin.

I thought i had a low pain threshold when i was sobbing in agony waiting for the pain relief to work on my UTI but maybe not.

cupboard- glad you and DD2 have an action plan and that it helps- sounds good so far. I will be seeing my dad on Weds so will see how he is. He's had a month of chemo, and they've doubled his dose - not sure whether that means they start off low dose first or that the dose he was on wasn't working well enough hmm.

I've just been with DH to take all 3 DCs to the dentist. Just wondering for any of you with 2 or 3 young DCs, do yours ever run around, making lots of noise in public? Mine did this in the dentist waiting area. I get really blush that they don't do what i ask (get coats on, stay away from the automatic door so that S can't escape, be quieter etc). One starts and the others follow...

belgina Wed 23-Feb-11 09:06:49

picachu. You definitely did not have a low pain threshold when you hadca UTI. I had one when I was 20 and I also found it the most excrusiatingly painful thing I've ever had. Even labour was better.

reggie phew what a post. I'm exhausted just reading it!! Glad you're feeling well after your op. Hopefully the drs will give you the all clear when you go for your check up.

Hope everyone is Ok. I cant remember where Febes is in NZ, but hope she's not affected by the earthquake.

I'm Ok. Still recovering from my nights. It doesnt help that I had to work mon and tues as well and that I had to collect the new ap from Gatwick yesterday and only got home at 1am, yawn.
On sun I thought I'd passed a tiny sac and I had a scan yesterday which confirmed this. I've only got 3ml of blood to pass anymore apparently. Not sure how they know this so accurately though hmm I should have a BFN in 2 weeks hopefully and then DH and I can start all over again. We've not had sex since NYE or somewhere around that time. Poor man must feel a touch neglected, though he's not said a thing.

DandyLioness Wed 23-Feb-11 16:35:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

febes Wed 23-Feb-11 21:52:13

Hi no time to catch up on the thread but wanted to let you know we are fine and all my family and friends are fine. The earthquake was horrendous and it is devastating out there. We are the lucky ones with power restored quickly and water on. We lost lots of stuff but our house is structurally fine.

llareggub Wed 23-Feb-11 23:16:04

Oh febes, I was wondering about you. My former colleague is in Christchurch and was in the centre when it hit. Thankfully I had an email from her and she is fine. I'm thinking of you all out there, I just can't imagine what it must be like.

I'm also thinking of you all who have posted recently with such bad news. I've been reading and lurking and trying to post but RL has just completely taken over me. I have been thinking of you and praying for you.

Hugs to everyone. I think we all need it.

belgina Thu 24-Feb-11 21:22:39

febes So glad to hear from you. When I heard about the earth quake on the news my heart stopped because I knew you'd moved there. I'm so glad you're OK. I cant imagine how scary it must have been. I've only ever experienced small quakes and they were scary enough. Sending you lots of un MNy hugs and hope you and your family get back to normal soon.

llare with your business etc... I can imagine you've been busy. Glad you're OK too

Everything OK here. We had a great day at the zoo today. I did lose ds for a minute, but found him in no time, when I realised that he wasn't ahead after all, but probably still at the tiger enclosure :blush: An ice cream solved things pretty quickly.

belgina Sat 26-Feb-11 18:56:44

Oh no. This time it's me who killed the thread.

flippineck Sat 26-Feb-11 20:37:49

Belgina - lol! I'm here, lurking.

Febes - so glad you are all ok, but that's sad about losing stuff. Life must be really quite tricky now.

Everything is fine here, A's good sleeping continues!

Right...I haven't been sure whether to post updates on my pg or not, this thread has been so sad and I don't want to upset anyone. Have gone public on FB now.

flippineck Sat 26-Feb-11 20:39:54

Oh bugger, after all that dithering I posted too quickly anyway blush. Meant to say thinking of you all x

momino Sat 26-Feb-11 21:08:14

I'm lurking too smile.
Hi everyone!

momino Sat 26-Feb-11 21:19:29

Flippin, it must be such a relief to go public with the pg now. how are you feeling? I hope all is well.

Febes, been thinking of you as well and so glad you're ok.

Belgina, sounds like a good day at the zoo and glad you found DS quickly!

pika, so glad you're feeling better. UTI sounds horrendous <shudders>

Reg, good to hear from you! Glad all is ok and hope things are sorted post-op. Sounds like good things happening for your career? Do get in touch if you're ever in town.

Dandy, looking forward to the travel blog.
llare, not surprised you have little time!

cupboard, hope all is well with you. Glad there is a plan for dd2 and sounds like she's doing well.

Hi everyone else, hope you're all well.

momino Sat 26-Feb-11 21:33:17

all ok here. one week before DH goes to work smile and sad. it's been so wonderful having him around to help with school run, nursery run, dog walk, housework, cooking, that is - everything! I've felt so much more relaxed and am now dreading all the home responsibilities coming back to me. I know I can do it but it was so lovely being on top of my job and being on top of housework and parental duties.

Anyway, am still overjoyed he has a job smile, he worked hard for it.

And more exciting, we have booked our flights to the US! I can't wait to see my mom, siblings and for the girls to meet some/most of their 23 cousins (!).

Am terrified of the flights (3 each way) - DD1 has been having spectacular tantrums (still at 5!), H has been having spectacular tantrums, and dd2 is a bit naughty. Any advice on how to travel with 3 young children? my sis said a portable DVD player is invaluable. I may try that one as I'm not sure inflight entertainment will be enough. So if anyone has further tips, I'd be grateful!

smokeybacon Sun 27-Feb-11 11:46:24

Where to start??

febes so glad you are ok. Was very relieved to see your posts on FB but it must be awful there at the moment. I have an old friend from work who also lives in Christchurch and she's just had a baby too. Thankfully all her family are ok too. Thinking of you.

momi how exciting about DH's job and your trip. We've only travelled (so far) with 2 DCs short haul, but if we were doing long haul I'd probably go against every bone in my body that says I don't want to get one, but would get a Nintendo DS for DS1 who is 5 1/2. Its the nearly two year old thats the problem! When we went to Canada when DS1 was 22 months, he just walked up and down the aisle when he wasn't sleeping. At least they can't actually get lost on a plane!

smokeybacon Sun 27-Feb-11 11:56:45

Oops posted to early!


flip delighted to see your news on FB. When is your actual EDD?

belgina hope you are ok after your traumatic few weeks. You must be exhausted after all those babies arriving though. Hope you managed to retrieve some of your lie in this morning.

llare so glad the business life is going well. You sound so postive! Hows the running going btw?

dandy another one looking forward to your blog!

News from Casa Smokey is thus. DBs chemo has started. He seems to have got through the first week ok and is now back at home in WHistler. They are scanning him on MOnday to see if the grwoth has been shrunk at all by the chemo. FIngers crossed it has. He sounds remarkably positive.

I am off for girls weekend skiing on Thursday. Am so excited yet dreading leaving the DCs, particularly R and the DTs. DS1 probably will barely notice my absence sad but R will and the DTs will too. Its only three nights, but I am looking forward to having some undisturbed nights and more importantly time on my snowboard again. There are 8 of us going, all mums, so it should be great. The ILs are down to help DH so I will miss most of their time here (yay).

The nanny is around to help too. So far she is working out fine. We've yet to "formalise" the arrangement, but its a help to have that extra pair of hands around even if it is only one day a week now.

Hope everyone is well, and the others with poorly relatives are in my thoughts.

Laters dudes. (getting in to snowboarding character)

Hello, just popping in to bookmark - back from hols with inlaws... not the relaxing experience we were hoping for is all I will say although v nice to see some sun! Will read properly tomorrow/Tues when DH back at work but v glad to see Febes and family are ok.

Thinking of you all x

momino Sun 27-Feb-11 22:11:35

smokey, all best wishes for you DB. also, snowboarding with friends without DC's sounds great!

Hi running!

momino Tue 01-Mar-11 22:58:05

and the 2nd born said to me frankly,'mummy, you are wobbly' (my tummy, that is). Many thanks, Saskia.

essenceofSES Wed 02-Mar-11 20:56:56

Hello all!

Momino - I dread to think what S would say about my belly!

running - welcome back! I hope your holiday wasn't too eventful and it was "just" a matter of a holiday with a toddler.

Smokey - enjoy snowboarding!
Did you get an update from your DB about his scan?

Reggiee - that was some post!
DH is seeing the diabetes nurse again tomorrow for another blood test and (I expect) diet advice. I think they're going to try to get him to control his blood sugar with his diet for a month and see what happens.

Flip - great to hear all going well you and A's sleeping is still better

Hello to everyone else and hope you're all doing well!

belgina Wed 02-Mar-11 21:26:36

Hi everyone.
It's been a while since I've popped in.

Everything is ok, I'n just a bit shattered. Actually this morning I took the dcs to school and was greeted by one of the mums with an "Oh my god, you look awful" hmm. Thanks... I actually felt really great...
The miscarriage is definitely complete now. Hopefully we can start again very soon now.
We had a new ap arrive last week. She's really great. As good with the dcs as the previous girl, but very tidy. Tidier than us actually and the house is now looking very good grin

momi i have some experience with long haul flights with dcs. I helped my hostparents when we flew from NC to Brussels. Their trick was overnight flights (i.e. Sleeping dcs) and plenty of entertainment: portable dvd player/DS or equivalent. Good luck with the flight anyway. You must be so exciting. How have your dh's 1st days at work been?

smokey. Sounds like things are pretty much organised at casa Smokey. Is the nanny going ok?

A big wave to everyone else who might be lurking about
ses how is your dh doing?

flip so happy for you that your little bean is growing nicely

belgina Wed 02-Mar-11 21:27:58

Hmm, my post went a bit wrong. The big wave should have been at the end hmm

momino Thu 03-Mar-11 16:20:43

Belgina,I hate when people say things like that when you're feeling otherwise? I usually get, 'you look so tired...' and think, what reason are they telling me this?

Thanks for your advice on flying. Most flights to the US from Manchester are daytime but coming back is a night flight which I agree is easier. I'm excited to see my family! My brother from California is even flying across with his family - we haven't seen him in about 7 years.

DH starts his new job next week so is finishing a lovely short 'break'. Ever since he accepted the job offer, he's been able to relax and enjoy time at home with me and the girls. I'm going to miss his company and help, it's been wonderful. smile

Hope everyone is well.

omnomnomtom Fri 04-Mar-11 22:14:27

Hi everyone

Glad to hear febes is ok

We were meant to be having a relaxing week off work but it got a bit hijacked by DPs family deciding to visit at short notice, my parents visited at the weekend which has been planned for a while then DPs parents phoned up on Sunday and when they realised we were off work they decided to come on Mon and stayed till Weds, and we are going to visit DPs sister tomorrow so have only really had Thurs/Fri to ourselves. Has been nice to see everyone but it wasn't how we planned to spend our week off and I am soooooo tired! I have also been suffering with nausea and vomiting again, which is a pain but at least I had a couple of weeks of feeling ok

Can't remember who was asking whether I had any celebrity gossip but the answer is sadly no- other than Mr Bloom the other people I know who have been on TV have had bit parts or have been on reality tv shows (the family, hotel inspector- stuff like that) or programmes about art/music so nothing exciting.

llareggub Sat 05-Mar-11 21:20:56

Evening all.

Just wondered how everyone is doing. I'm very jealous of Smokey's ski trip.

Not a lot of news from here, but my feet have barely touched the ground this month. I've been so busy since I gave up working. We started canvassing today for the May elections and I was terrified beforehand but it turned out fine. Hardly anybody answered their door but I did manage to convince 2 people to vote for me. Hurrah! Only another 4998 to go! I can't believe one chap though. He actually came to the door smoking a joint. He didn't live there and told me that his girlfriend wouldn't come to the door because she was naked. Ahem.

I met J@o C@amer@n from The Apprentice this week. She is really funny and just like she was on the telly. She is so energetic and really quite inspiring.

Right. Ironing to do! Night night all, have a great weekend.

Hello all,
Well I totally failed to come back and catch up last week didn't I?

momi hope your DH's first day at new job went well today and woo hoo re the America trip, I can understand your excitement No experience of longhaul travel but I can really recommend sticker books - kept A entertained for a good while on our 2x 4 hour flights the other week. this was particularly successful

belg hope you are ok and a bit less shattered. Make sure you look after yourself.

ses hope your DH is ok

flip glad you are doing well.

smokey hope you enjoyed yourself I must admit to being a bit envy although I am not a skier, the sound of a girls holiday sounds wonderful. Hope your DB is doing ok too - any news?

omnom sorry your week off wasn't that relaxing and that your nausea/sickness has returned. How much longer are you working for? A loves Mr Bloom by the way

llare that sounds v busy - am v impressed at your running for local gov. One of my ex-students has recently been voted to his town council, making him the youngest elected official in the UK ever - he won by pounding the pavements apparently so keep up the good work Loving your new 'do by the way, v glam

Hello to everyone else, pika cupboard regg dandy and anyone else lurking.

All ok here. I def do have GD but it looks like I'm managing it with diet so far which is good. Feel as if I am spending my life at the maternity hospital for various checkups though - never seem to get in and out in under 2 hours for some reason. A is as entertaining as ever - doesn't stop talking and singing but is definitely heading towards terrible twos. We had a 10 minute meltdown outside the childminders last week as she didn't want to get in the carseat. She was yelling 'leave me here' at the top of her voice and doing that annoying thing where they go completely limp so you can't pick them up properly. I'm finding the days I am off work with her on my own v difficult at the moment as I'm v tired and feeling ginormous now. Have badly planned my first two weeks of mat leave too - its the Easter hols so I'll have her full time! Think I'll be calling in reinforcements in the shape of my Mum

Right, must go. Milk and bedtime cuddles are required, hope everyone has a good week.

smokeybacon Tue 08-Mar-11 20:52:32

Evening all.

Back down to earth with a bump after a fabulous trip. Think it did all of us who went a world of good. So nice to not have to think about doing anything except pleasing ourselves!!!

Thanks to everyone for asking about DB. He is doing well. Have just spoken to him on skype and he looks really well!! He is on week 3 of cycle 1 and the effects of the first week of consecutive days of chemo has worn off so he feels fit and well and may even go for a ski himself tomorrow. He has cut his hair in preparation for losing it which he has been told is very likely to happen. But a small price to pay. But feel so much happier now as the prognosis is good.

running when are you due? You must def try to have some me time before baby arrives. Get your ma here prompto.

Sorry not to NC everyone, but hope everyone is ok.

momino Thu 10-Mar-11 23:44:15

gosh. I keep losing this thread so back to bookmark again.
smokey, sounds like a great trip, loved the fb pics. glad your DB is doing well and best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. glad it's positive.

Runnning, take care with your GD. be sure to rest in the midst of your busy life.

dd2&H down with stomach flu so haven't got much work done. Just finished a bit so of to bed to make up a little for last night's rubbish sleep.

poor little H in her few awake hours of the day only wanted cuddling. then screamed the rest of the time (presumably tummy cramps sad), got sick a few times and slept on my shoulder (aww). they're all still asleep now so hoping everyone is better in the morning. thanks for the lovely wishes on fb for the DD's.

Hi omnom and llare and everyone else! Hope everyone is well. x

flippineck Fri 11-Mar-11 09:50:42

Hello All!

smokey - your trip sounds fab, photos ere great! Good news about your DB, hope everything continues to go smoothly.

running - glad that you are able to manage to GD through diet. A sounds a character! And ye, tantrums have started here too, <sigh>.

momino - hope everyone is better soon.

Everything is ok here now. A was ill earlier in the week, D&V, nice...especially as my morning sickness pops up every now and again. I've had to get my maternity clothes out, my normal stuff is uncomfortable now.

I'm terrified - we promised DD1 that she could have a birthday party, never done one before! So village hall booked for a couple of hours, what on earth do we do with 20 3 and 4 year olds?! Eeeeeek! Oh, it's in two weeks time and DH is away all of next week for work. And I hate party bags.

momino Fri 11-Mar-11 21:56:21

Hi Flip. Hope A is better soon. Good luck with the birthday party <shudders>

H said her first full sentence today 'Daddy's in the shower'. <proud mummy>

DD2still quite ill but is asleep. I'm in front of an open fire with a glass of wine so a bit more relaxed than before. Hope all ok tonight.

pikachu999 Sat 12-Mar-11 08:23:30

flip and momino - well done for coping with the D&V and stomach flu. Sounds awful. I really am not good at dealing with sick.

flip - if you don't want to do party bags, a good alternative is to buy books and wrap them up instead. I know people who've done this. I would say that 3 and 4 year olds just like running around and if you provide loads of balloons on the floor, they'll love that too. Pass the parcel with lots of layers and choc/sweets in each layer is usually good if you have time to fill. Does the village hall have a playgroup that you can borrow toys from?

smokey- your skiing trip looked wonderful. I am inspired to do something similar myself next winter now. Glad your DB is feeling Ok with his treatment.

running - look after yourself, and call in reinforcements - I found pg with a LO to look after very tiring. S is having more tantrums at the moment and it's very draining.

pikachu999 Sat 12-Mar-11 17:33:04

Hello. Not sure if anyone is there but i need to talk. My Dad hasn't been well all week (I only found out on Thursday). He's been getting breathless and had some worrying blood test results. He was told not to take his chemo tablets this weekend and go to the hospital on Monday for a checkup. Well he ended up being admitted this morning. I phoned my mum at 4pm as i hadn't heard anything and she would just say he's not at all well and will call later- I guess because its a mobile and she shouldnt be using it there. I am just so anxious wondering what it wrong sad.

I'm here pika on phone so a bit slow. You're prob right tgat yr mum was feeling awkward with a phone in the hosp. How far away are they? Can you get there? Or ring hosp directly. Hope everything is ok x

pikachu999 Sat 12-Mar-11 17:56:24

I am about an 80 min drive. Was waiting for news all afternoon- now just wish I'd driven over...

Aw not an easy drive then. Do you think yr mum wld mind if you rang the hosp directly? Use the reasoning 'i know mobiles aren't allowed in hospitals' if nec. No idea if they wld give out any info but might put yr mind at rest if they do and then you can decide what to do re driving over. Sorry you are going through this x

Also worth bearing in mind that as it's a weekend and if the hospital is anything like ours, they may be waiting around on seeing consultants etc so might not have anything useful to tell you. Haven't phrased that v well but hope you know what I mean.

pikachu999 Sat 12-Mar-11 19:27:26

Thanks running. Just got the DCs to bed and my brother called - he has seen my dad and picked mum up from hospital. Sounds like he has picked up an infection and it really affected his breathing. He's on oxygen and antibiotics, and being monitored but is stable. It's just so frustrating because he was feeling poorly last Sunday, my mum said he couldn't manage a flight of stairs without struggling for breath but he wouldn't phone a doctor, and was still claiming this morning that he would be OK. My brother hopes it is a wakeup call to him that this is serious and he shouldn't ignore the signs.

Glad you have heard some news and hope he recovers quickly. Hope you are ok too x

pikachu999 Sat 12-Mar-11 20:16:16

Thanks running. It's been a hard week - stress at work as everyone completes their applications to keep a job and not be made redundant. I've decided there's nothing i can do now, so will try and forget about it for a month.

Also DD decided to be brave at her swimming lesson today and when she took her armbands off as she has done for the last few weeks, she moved away from the wall as I said she should try beforehand (as she always clings on with one hand). Next minute she's sinking and swallowing water about 1m from the edge and I was up out of my seat ready to jump in. She was very upset, but i really want to take her tomorrow as I feel I need to know how she is after that sad.

Hope you are not too tired and having a relaxing evening.

Hope you are doing ok today pika. Sorry I didn't get back on last night but went to bed at 8.30 as was exhausted. Have you heard from or seen your Dad today? Hope he and you and your family are doing ok.

Sounds like you are having a v tough time of it on top of all this worry - a good friend of mine has just gone through being reinterviewed for his job and it is not a nice thing to have to do. The swimming with DD sounds scary too but you are probably right to get her back in asap - we took DD swimming this mornign for the first time in a couple of weeks (we usually go weekly) and it was strange to see how she was a bit timid even after a short break.

Hello to everyone else.

pikachu999 Sun 13-Mar-11 15:05:39

Hi running - I am OK - he was in the critical care unit last night (mainly so they could monitor him and give oxygen) and my mum said she would call this morning, and didn't and then wasn't home when i tried. Spoke to my mum last night and was a bit angry that my dad had a temp of 104 and still wouldn't see a doctor, and that my mum kept taking his temp every few hours all day and didn't think that maybe 104 is a little bit too hot hmm. I am a bit angry too that noone is calling me but then worried incase they are too busy at the hospital to call. I was going to offer to go over and give my mum a lift back from the hospital later as my brother is taking her, but it's too late now i think. Will have to try tomorrow as i'm off work.

flippineck Sun 13-Mar-11 21:00:32

pika, how worrying for you, hope you get some more information soon, and that it's positive. Sounds like you've had a horrble week, hugs.

Thanks for the tips for the party! We actually went to another 4th birthday party today, and blimey the pass the parcel dragged on, so yes, I guess that'd be a good time filler!! Like the idea of books, also thought of a (plastic) mug for each child, we could stick a ballon and a bit of cake in it and ta-da!

momino - well done H for the full sentence! A still doesn't talk loads, but will now sometimes put two words together. We have quite good conversations though, with her one word answers! And I love the way she says yes, she has a very serious expressiona dn nods her head at the same time as saying 'yesssss'.

Hope everyone is ok! All fine here, girls seems to be well, touch wood. DH is away for the week again. I'm still feeling a bit queasy at times. That's it really.

pikachu999 Sun 13-Mar-11 22:40:09

Thanks flip- I finally got a call at 6pm and the direct number for the unit at the hospital so i can call whenever. I'll be driving over tomorrow morning. He sounds very poorly, but making some progress but sounds like he will be in for a good few weeks (a week in intensive care maybe) and then he will need to start the chemo again. Sounds like they are worried about his heart - he has a blood clot (on his lung?) which is making him breathless, and is on warfarin to thin the blood, and IV antibiotics to fight the infection.

Plastic mug is a great idea smile. Mine would love that, especially if there was cake and a balloon inside too. Hope you are OK whilst your DH is away. 2 DDs and morning sickness isn't much fun!

momino- I am also impressed with H's language skills. S is coming on well, and uses signs a lot to help us understand. He can say DD and DS1s names (sort of) now and it's cute when he says things (only comprehensible to DH and I) like "Breakfast DD!" He also loves Bob the builder and can (sort of) sing the song which makes me smile.

Cupboarddoor Mon 14-Mar-11 22:57:28

Hi Pika Sounds like very worrying and stressful time for you at the moment. Hope your Dad is being cared for well.

Momi v impressive talking skills. G is still on single words. Favourites are still 'car' 'spider' or 'stuck' grin. How is your DH's new job going?

Flip birthday parties for DC... my advice is make sure gin is on hand, and remember it's once a year!

Running I second the take it easy line... being pg and having a toddler is not much fun. Mega-post BTW !

Life bit more settled with me ATM. DH is back from the States, hopefully permanently, and we are trying to work things out. Some good days, some bad; you know how it is.

pikachu999 Tue 15-Mar-11 16:02:01

cupboard - nice to hear from you. Hope you are OK, and that soon you have more good days than bad.

I am having a tough time. My dad is still in intensive care and very poorly. He might not get through this, but at least he's stable ATM.

Yesterday was the day from hell. I came over to see my dad in the day and he wasn't looking well, although my mum thought he was better than Sunday, so dread to think what he was like then. I decided to take the DSs home and come back as my mum isn't sleeping/eating, and hoped it might be comforting to have me overnight and someone to take her to/from hospital as she doesn't drive.

She called as I was driving back, so i knew it must be important. When I called her back, she was hysterical and said she needed to be there by 9pm. I thought the worst. Turns out he was really poorly and needed to be sedated and moved to a new hospital, but wouldn't let them do it so she needed to sign the consent. I am sure he was worried he might not wake up from this and wanted to see mum. When we arrived he was so weak and breathless and was scribbling his will sad. He wouldn't stop writing it all down (all his bank account logins, shares, business instructions etc) and no-one could stop him. It was horrible. He needed to do it for himself ("just in case") but it was making him weaker. My mum felt tortured by it as though he was doing it deliberately to upset her, and I was stuck in the middle. Luckily my brother and sister are coming over tomorrow as I don't think i can manage much more on my own. Basically his lungs are not functioning, so he's on a ventilator and sedated, and he is on a cocktail of drugs as they aren't sure what is causing it. Could be a virus (still unidentified and results back tomorrow hopefully), pneumonia, or a result of his chemo although unlikely as he was only low dose. I think if he worstens then that will be it sad. Sorry for going on, but i am really struggling. I phone DH a lot and keep my siblings up to date, but it's hard. Took my mum to her GP this morning and she was prescribed diazapam. She blames herself for not getting medical help sooner, but after seeing him last night, and how determined and stubborn he was, I can see how hard it must have been, and he hadn't been telling her the whole picture (e.g when they asked when his feet started swelling, she said it was in hospital and he said it was at home). I really don't know how she'll cope if he dies. She asked if she could come and live with us, but it's not a workable long-term solution and she has friends/family local to her too. Anyway, one day at a time...

Oh pika I don't really know what to say it sounds so very hard on you all. I am sorry I can't write more right now but was having a sneaky peak in while cooking tea but will come back on later if you need someone to talk to. I'm sure others won't mind me saying this but we are all here for you to vent/share or for some support. Please, PLEASE don't feel you need to apologise to us for going on. Massive hugs xx

Reggiee Tue 15-Mar-11 20:31:55

Pika I have just seem this sad <<hugs>>. One day at a time at the minute is a very sensible way to take things. You cannot do anything else. Just take one day at a time. Are you eating and managing to sleep? Big hugs x

momino Tue 15-Mar-11 21:03:34

Just on quickly to see Pika. big hugs to you, lovely. what a tough, tough time.
I've just sent you a mssg on FB. Call me if you need to <goes to fetch mobile>. I'm just 'working' right now but ready to listen at any time or offer support.
WE're all here for you!

muddleddaizy Tue 15-Mar-11 21:05:09

Hi there,

Pika So sorry to hear about your dad. What a horrible time for you all. Please feel free to offload on here. Your dad sounds very, very stubborn and I hope that will aid his recovery!

Dandy has your dh started working away yet? If so hows it going? Is your travel blog live? I'd love to read it.

Belgina hows things with you?

Febes So glad you and your family are safe. Can't imagine what it must have been like. My friend was caught up in it with her parents, all safe but they were very upset by the whole thing.

Momino Hows your dh's new job going? I can imagine it must be weird not having him around all the time. So glad you're going to visit your family - not long now!!! Are your dd's better now?

Running sorry to hear of your GD, how are you managing with keeping it under control?

Smokey glad you had a good holiday and that your db is doing well.

Flip good luck with the bday party - 5 children in our house was enough for me!!

Reggiee Are you fully recovered now? Hope so.

Ses how are you? Hows your dh?

I've felt quite low recently, think its mainly related to dh changing his mind about ttc. For a week or 2 all I could think about was babies - it was doing my head in, thankfully Im coming out of it now.

Dad is doing well at the moment. He's just started his treatment which is hormone tablets & injections. He has radiation in a few months time.

Ds2 is quite a talker. He usually repeats what I say, which can be quite cute! His cutest phrase is 'Oh my days' usually when he can't do something - wonder where he gets that from blush Also the tantrums are starting!

Hi to everyone else!

momino Tue 15-Mar-11 21:20:09

Hi muddled, what an impressive post!
Awwww at the 'oh my days'. I'm sorry you're down lately, though. Hope you feel better soon. also, so glad your dad is doing well. Hope he recovers quickly.
Flip, I did the book thing at dd2's last party which went over well but I love the mug idea I must say.
cupboard, good to see you. Hope things are ok with your DH and that you can sort things out.
DH's job going well on his 2nd week. DD2& H better this week so we're experiencing more of a 'normal' week. i can't do my job in the daytime anymore (with 2 toddlers in the house? no way) so am a night worker again <yawn>.

must get back to it then. Hello to everyone not n-checked. x

flippineck Tue 15-Mar-11 21:20:53

pika - I'm so sorry to hear the latest news. One day at a time is all you can think about. Huge hugs, and of course come on here and let it all out if helps xx

pikachu999 Tue 15-Mar-11 21:53:06

Thanks everyone. Just checking in to say thanks for the support- it is hard in RL as I have to play the strong one - I only cry when i'm on my own. So now my mum thinks i'm holding it together and coping well and I got a bit snappy with her just now. We've made up now, and I phoned the hospital and they said it was good he hasn't deteriorated, and if anything, his oxygenation levels have improved slightly. We are hanging onto this glimmer of hope tonight, and i am trying to keep my mum from getting too excited as he had seen this before, when he went from 100% to 80% but then back to 90% dependent. Anyway at least she will sleep better tonight and we will face tomorrow in the morning. Just got to call my brother now. Night all

belgina Tue 15-Mar-11 22:35:27

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been AWOL for a little while. It seems that ever since I got the iPhone everyone is on the computer and I dont get a chance and MN isn't the easiest to navigate via a phone.

pika. How is your dad? It sounds like you're going through a really stressfull time. I hope your dad is getting better from the infection and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your re-application was successful.

flippin I did books once too and they mainly were a success (one or 2 complaints about not enough sweets hmm. How are you otherwise?

running. I agree pg with a toddler in tow is exhausting. I think that's why I only ever enjoyed pg no1

No news here except for the misc carrying on. I had a scan last week as home pg test still pos after 2 weeks of no bleeding. On scan there was only a tiny spot of thickening, nothing visible as such. So was sent home with anothet test. Yesterday still pos, so today I went for HcG bloods and I should have results tomorrow. This really is dragging on now. I could have been 4m pg by now. I reallt want TTC asap.
My parents also came over last week. It was lovely. They love the new house too grin
My last bit of news is that my uncle who has been very ill for the last 3y has passed away. Actually I'd been expecting the call for the last 3y, but he clearly had a strong desire to live. His funeral is tomorrow, but I've decided not to go.

C's well too. We had a little scare thanks to a less than tactful GP who said C was very ill and needed admitting to hospital, while the paed wasn't concerned at all and C went home witj an inhaler to help her breathe and some antibiotics. She's ok now. Only used the inhaler 2 days. She's not talking yet at all. Yesterday was the 1st time she ever combined words: Daddy, look grin. Her best words are Pe-pig (peppa pig) and choc, both followed by a tantrum if not provided. The terroble 2s are definitely on their way with C. The other day I also saw her really think. She wanted something and stood there with a real thinking face and then suddenly said the word! She also hasn't taken all that well to the new ap (who is lovely, btw). She keeps glaring at her and frowning and has become very clingy to me. I hope she thaws soon as I'm feeling a bit sorry for the ap.

I hope

belgina Tue 15-Mar-11 22:38:11

Aaarghh, posting on phone is such a pain. It's quicker to just post and carry on in a new post.

Basically I wantex to just end with wishing everybody the best and sorry to all of you I've not nc'ed.

essenceofSES Wed 16-Mar-11 07:10:22

Pika - thinking of you and your Dad. It's really hard feeling you have to stay strong for everyone else. Make sure you have your own outlet and we're here for you too. I hope you get further encouraging news from the hospital today.

Belgina - how frustrating for you, still getting +HPTs. That happened with one of mine and I had to have a second ERPC. I hope that's not the case for you, but even if it is, at least that will clear things and give you the go ahead for ttc.

muddled - I'm sorry you've been feeling low. Completely understandable though. Hope your dad continues to do well with his treatment and ROFL at "oh my days" grin

Momino - I'm pleased DH's job us working out well. Must have been a very difficult first week for you though. I can only imagine how excited you are about your trip home!!

Things here have just been really busy with lots going on at work.
DH is now on BP medication which was doubled yesterday as it still hadn't come down enough. They've not officially diagnosed him with diabetes as your fasting blood glucose needs to be 7.0 or more for that. His two results were 6.9 and 6.8 so I'm trying to encourage him to eat more healthily. It's not the meals that are so much of a problem, more the snacks.

We've now been properly ttc for 6mo (although it feels longer as DH was dragging his feet for about 4mo before that) and still nothing. I feel Luke I shouldn't complain though as there's so many others who have it tougher with mc or it taking longer.
I'm trying to do all the right things with charting my temp and CBFM. I'm also on a get fit drive. I need to lose weight so am being careful about what I eat, I've started a short course of Pilates on a Wednesday morning and - the big shock - I'm having weekly sessions with a personal trainer!!! He's one of the DHs from our NCT group and does fitness training with the police force. It's tough!!! I also end up having aching muscles half the week but I've found some stomach muscles lurking and they are finding out what it's like to be used grin
3wks in and I've only lost a couple of pounds but my trousers definitely feel looser so I'm persevering!

Hello everyone else - Running, Reggiee, Flip, Llare, Dandy, saus, Banned and anyone else I've missed.

Just popping in to say pika I have been thinking of you, hope you are ok.

Hello to everyone else, will hopefully be by later in the week to properly nc still got work to do this evening so had better go x

pikachu999 Wed 16-Mar-11 20:07:03

Hi running. I am OK thanks. I came back home at 6 tonight to see DH and DCs, as my DB has come to stay with my mum for a couple of nights. My dad has seen improvement in his lung function, coming down from 90% to 50% oxygen. But his kidneys aren't functioning well so will need short-term dialysis, which they should have started now. My DB is visiting ATM so I will get an update soon. I plan to go back tomorrow but just needed a break and to see the DCs. S was sent home early from nursery today and isn't settling (GP said it was just a cough/cold) so might need to stay home with him tomorrow.

flippineck Wed 16-Mar-11 21:46:15

Pikachu, that's positive news about his lung function. Hopefully the dialysis will take the pressure off his kidneys while all this other stuff is going on. Hope you can relax a little bit yourself tonight and that S is ok. Still thinking of you x

essenceofSES Thu 17-Mar-11 09:17:29

Just checking in for news from Pika. Glad his lung function has improved and fingers crossed the dialysis helps the rest of his body fight the infection.
Really hope S is feeling better too. Take care xx

pikachu999 Thu 17-Mar-11 09:33:35

Thanks everyone for thinking of me. My dad had a good night. The dialysis seems to be helping, and they have been able to turn down his ventilation again and he is breathing a little for himself now. We ended up with S in the bed last night as he was just coughing and crying all the time, and he decided to start the day at 5.20 <yawn>. Luckily I went back to sleep - he is very good at entertaining himself (in front of the telly) blush in the mornings.

flippineck Thu 17-Mar-11 20:52:42

That's good news about your dad. Have you been to visit today? Hope S is better today and that you can get some more sleep x

momino Thu 17-Mar-11 21:17:21

Hi all.
Pika, just checking on you as well. Hope you got some support and relaxation with your family. Hope S is ok as well.
Good to hear some positive news about your dad.
Hope you also got some sleep!

smokeybacon Fri 18-Mar-11 19:40:49

Just seen what a week you have had pika. Hope things are ok. Thinking of you.

pikachu999 Sat 19-Mar-11 22:22:52

Hi smokey - I am starting to get worried again as he isn't really improving- it's still 50:50 whether he will get through this. He has had no urine output since Wednesday, and dialysis doesn't seem to be helping. The doctor said his immune system is extremely weak, and the chemo drugs in his body aren't helping with his recovery. They are planning a blood transfusion. The only saving grace at the moment is that his heart is strong. I hope your DB is OK, and all I can say is for him to see a doctor if he ever feels really unwell. My dad was stubborn and convinced my mum it was just the side effects of chemo, but I am angry that he didn' take it seriously. Anyway, time for bed. Night.

llareggub Sat 19-Mar-11 22:28:41

So sorry to hear about your father, pika I'll be saying little prayers for you all.

The same, also to you, smokey for your brother. I also hope your boys are having quieter cot parties.

We've been away at Bluestone in Pembrikeshire for the week and we had such a wonderful time. I really didn't want to come home, it was so relaxing. I got a few muddy runs in and discovered that I really don't mind running up and down hills. It was fun. The boys loved it and we had a great time in the lazy river.

I hope that everyone else is well and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

momino Sat 19-Mar-11 23:14:17

Hi everyone.
pika you ok? Hope you're getting sleep.

momino Sat 19-Mar-11 23:14:54

llare, you're holiday sounds lovely.

pikachu999 Sun 20-Mar-11 13:02:47

Hi Momi and llare -

I would be getting sleep if a certain little toddler wasn't teething and full of cold hmm. I am just so tired, and am trying not to get snappy with the DCs. Anyway, slightly positive news this morning - lungs still improving slowly even if no change with kidneys. They may even take him off the ventilator and sedation next week and give him a tracheotomy to help him breathe on his own.

belgina Sun 20-Mar-11 18:03:39

pika oh no. Your dad sounds very ill. I hope he recovers. Sending lots of thoughts and healing vibes his way.

llare. Your holiday sounds nice. How is your campaigning going? You sound busy but happy

All well here. Work is ok. We seem to have a temporary dip in birth rate as it's steady, but not manic atm. It was a bit of a nightmare a month ago, as our Trust opened a new hospital last month with 100% single rooms and they had people turning up in labour, unannounced from all over the county and beyond because they wanted a single room hmm So they got over full, we got the overflow and also filled up, etc... This seems to have settled now. The plea on the local news appears to have worked.

C's ok. Tantrums seem to be sneaking in. But the other 95% of the time she's fine. Well, except if you're the au pair. She really does not want the ap to even look at her when I'm around. DH says I'm too possessive over C, but actually she's quite clingy and I just respond to her. I cant turn her away if she comes to me for comfort, now can I? C's OK when I'm away though.

I hope everyone else is doing OK. Big wave to smokey, Flippin, momi, ses, running, muddled and anyone else I have forgotten (sorry, 3h sleep after night shift, memory is non existant)

Cupboarddoor Sun 20-Mar-11 23:32:46

Just popping on to see how you all are.
Pika sending prayers for your Dad and your family. Hope this week brings lots more positive news
Smokey sending prayers for your DB too
Llare sounds like a thoroughly lovely holiday
Belgina G is starting to tantrum now too. His favourite trick is grabbing a bunch of hair (and yanking) of the person he doesn't like at the time. Little horror.
Hi to Running Momi Flip Muddled Ses Dandy Febes Saus and anyone else I have missed. Wishing everyone a good week this week

momino Mon 21-Mar-11 13:41:05

How's everyone today? Gloriously sunny here in York and I imagine (and hope) it's the same by you.

It was a good morning - dd1 still didn't dress her 5 year old self so I had to dress each of them but we were still (barely) on time for school. most importantly, there was no screaming (save for dd2 who woke up with a stiff neck so her screaming in pain doesn't count hmm)or tantrums for once.

got an hour and a half so have some bread starter going (yes i know. stoopid, why don't I save time and buy a loaf), hung out some laundry, half-emptied the dishwasher, a bit of social networking and now going to stuff some work envelopes. I am multi-tasking gone wrong. I just need to finish something to feel productive, so off i go.

Hope you're all well.

flippineck Tue 22-Mar-11 13:37:58

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.

pika - hope your dad is improving x

pikachu999 Tue 22-Mar-11 20:32:22

Hi flip - i think he is OK thanks. He might come off the ventilator and sedation tomorrow, and the dialysis seems to be working better. The main worry at the moment is that he still has an infection and fluid on the lungs, and they don't know what caused it and how to treat it, as they've tried everything already. So they keep giving him blood transfusions and took him for a CAT scan today. I am finding it hard to concentrate at work, and feel really tired. I will be just working half a day tomorrow then going to visit my dad and stay overnight with my mum. I feel bad that I haven't been since last Friday, but S has been really clingy, even DH isn't enough, so it's hard to leave him, and also the reports my mum gives sound a bit gruesome and I am very squeamish - the bit about blood dripping from his eyes shock was not something i wanted to see, but apparently it's nothing to worry about...

pikachu999 Fri 25-Mar-11 23:31:24

Sorry if I killed the thread.

Hope you are all OK. Not much to report here. Dad still very poorly but should be coming off sedation now as he's had a tracheostomy which means he can be connected to the ventilator via his throat rather than his mouth. Still on dialysis. At least S isn't quite so clingy.

Anyone else got DCs waking up really early ATM? We're hoping the clock change will help, but if not, we may have to try telling S it's not morning when he wakes at 5.30 hmm. I've tried him tonight without a sleeping bag and with a duvet and pillow to see if that makes any difference (sometimes he gets tangled up in his bag)...we'll see...

momino Sat 26-Mar-11 22:26:27

Hi Pika, you didn't kill it! I've been thinking about you. Hope your dad is ok tonight.
waking early: mine are actually having a prob going to sleep on time. H didn't nod off until 930pm tonight. Wondering what the time change will do for their schedule.

Sis is here with her 2 little boys 6 and nearly-5. It was so amazing how easily the little cousins got along straight away, as if they knew they were family smile.

How is everyone tonight? Hope all are well. and check back in again soon.

belgina Sun 27-Mar-11 22:43:26

pika how's your dad? C's waking incredibly early too. Am hoping it'll sort itself out with the clock change. TBH, all 3 had this around tnis time of year and so far the clock change has always done the trick. Let's hope C isn't the odd one out.

Hi all,

pika sorry your Dad is still so poorly but being off ventiliation and responding to dialysis is progress so hope it continues. Have been thinking of you a lot over the last week or so.

momi how lovely that your sis is there. I have loads of cousins and am very close to a lot of them so I hope one of my or DH siblings gets a move on and provides A with some soon as I will be v sad if she misses out on the relaitonships I have with mine. I bet you are getting so excited about your trip home now.

Hiya belg hope you are doing ok. I did a little lol at your facebook at the weekend about C's bid for escape and tantrums as it is pretty much exactly what happened in our house this weekend too! A must have had a growth spurt as she definitely couldn't reach the front door handle a few weeks ago. Door is now locked!

We were also suffering from early waking too, coupled with raging insomnia from me has not been a good combination. I wondered whether the wakings were because the mornings are getting lighter so hoping the clocks will sort it out too.

Have had a couple of weeks good news here - my blood sugars have been really low as I am appearing to manage to control it with diet (thanks to lots of good advice from our very own llare) and as I haven't even yet put on a stone yet shock and baby is measuring totally normally the GD team have signed me back into community care! I still have to check my blood once a week to keep an eye on it but all looking good so far. It might even mean I can go for a homebirth if I want to - double shock, just need to wait and see what my next scan at 36weeks shows up growth-wise. Oh and as DH has forbidden me from telling anyone in RL... we definitely know we are having a boy Finding names v hard though! Am still exhausted and as well as the insomnia already mentioned, have incredibly restless legs and heartburn which is nice. Had a mw appointment this morning and baby is head down and 3/5 engaged apparently which is a bit scary at 34 weeks but mw assures me its probably going to bob up and down a bit over the next few weeks!

Hello to everyone else, ses, cupboard flip, smokey, llare and anyone else who is reading.

pikachu999 Mon 28-Mar-11 21:52:12

Hi running - glad to hear you are controlling the GD. Whilst I love the excitement of being pg, I don't miss the restless legs, insomnia etc wink. I can't believe you are 34 weeks already! That has gone quickly (for me anyway!)

The clock change seems to have helped here smile. Thank goodness. I also stayed at my mum's last night and slept until 8.15 shock. Wonderful. momino- I guess you may be busy with your DSis but I wondered if H might be ready to drop her daytime sleep if she is awake at 9.30pm shock. My DCs are all in bed for 7pm and asleep shortly after, but i remember that when they started taking a while to go to sleep we started to adjust day time sleep.

My dad seems to be improving. He's still not communicating much even though he hasn't been sedated since Friday, but he can nod and shake his head when asked a question, and opens his eyes very slightly and it seems like he is looking at us. But he grimaces a lot when they do things to him, such as having fluid drained off his chest via a tube down his trachy. He is still very poorly, gone back on the ventilator (they are weaning him off that slowly) and kidney filter temporarily, but the staff are happy with his progress smile

Reggiee Mon 28-Mar-11 22:22:35

Hi pika. I keep thinking of you and your dad. Glad to hear there is a little improvement.

Running a boy grin grin. Fab!

Belgina it's not the dc I'm concerned about with the clock changing. Dh has gone to bed early announcing he's setting the alarm for 4.45am so he can get up and go for a run shock. Madness. Does he not realise what the time really is?

Momi hope you're having a fab time with the family. When do you go to the States?

Hello to everyone else. Wonder if Spangle still lurkes? Can't believe it's her ds's 2nd birthday very soon. Where has the time gone?

momino Fri 01-Apr-11 20:18:13

hellooooo? hellooohhhhh? <echoes>
my, it's quiet in here.
Hi Reggiee, how are you? I too wonder about Spangle. 2 years feels like a long time ago.

I may reminisce though - do they still keep archived threads? Would love to re read.

Pika, how are you? I hope you're relaxing a bit, I hope your dad is settled and comfortable.

Running, I'm so glad your sugars are under control - hope it stays that way! Congratulations on having a boy as well!

Belgina, hope C has settled down by now with the time change.

as for us, we're away on Mon night, driving to the inlaws who live close to Man airport. Flight leaves tues AM. I'm SCARED. Mainly of the DDs' behaviour and what they're going to be like. I really. must. relax. I even had chest pains (again) this week and went to the GP to get reassurance. of course all is well but I was almost hoping he could give me something to relax a bit but then I also want to be in control so.... should I try calpol as well? grin

anyway, I'm sure all will be well and I'll try to just think about the homecoming and seeing my mom and family again <wipes emotional tear>. gosh, it will be like a Visa advert, won't it? 'new suitcase - £300. airfare - £50000. taxi to the airport - £300. seeing your mother after three years? priceless.'

sigh. ok. back to work I go. just a few hours' work to do before holiday handover. I think I'll finish tomorrow so I can concentrate on packing (no, haven't started).

Hope everyone is well tonight.

momino Fri 01-Apr-11 20:24:45

oh, Running, I want to comment on the boys names though. Since I know we're not having anymore babies so no boys sad, I can happily tell you my choices had we had a boy. I love Atticus, Henry, Cassius, and, and... oh, I think that's it! actually, I would have loved to call a boy August after my Dad but wouldn't have done as my bro already used it for his son (nn Gus, isn't that cute?).

not really sure that helps you hmm.

llareggub Fri 01-Apr-11 20:55:31

Oh, have a wonderful time, Momino. I'm sure the flight will be fine. shock

I'm very keen on hearing what names are in store for your little boy, running. Boys are great and I think your little man needs a fine Welsh name to confuse the English. wink

How is your dad doing, Pikachu?

No news here really. I am out canvassing most nights which is surprisingly enjoyable. Haven't yet come across anyone who plans to vote Lib-Dem but I have come across lots of people who plan not to vote at all, which is frustrating. I'm planning a night away after the election with dh, which will be our first child-free night together in blinking years. I can't wait. Oh, and DS has told me that he wants two more babies. No blooming way, not until I've had a child-free night!

I can't believe its reached 2nd birthdays too! Hope Spangle and H had a fab day yesterday

pika hope your Dad continues to improve

momi Ooh have a fabulous time. I don't know if anyone has suggested it but sticker books worked an absolute treat for the plane with A when we went to Tenerife, we bought a few including an airport one which was a particular favourite. Thanks for your name suggestions too - I do like Gus in particular and my good friend who is due a week after me is having a Henry so that's out too!

One of the reasons we're struggling is that we want DS to have a Welsh name like A Current favourite is Evan but I also like Hwyel. Unfortunately being a teacher has crossed off two of my favourites as I teach some really naughty ones this year with those names! Also not helped by the fact that two of my cousins are pg with boys and due a week either side of me so that's crossed a couple more names off too!!

llare Glad you are enjoying the canvassing, I think I said I know someone who got elected recently and he said that he puts his win down to the fact that he was probably the only candidate out knocking on doors and talking to people. Hope it is the same for you. Yay for your night away sounds lovely. at your DS

Well I finished work yesterday - a week early as I've been feeling really rough this week and suffering from terrible insomnia and restless legs. FElt immediately better as soon as I made the decision to finish this week then have had a hideous night with A - up from 2-4.30ish for no apparent reason <yawn> and then back up for the day at 6.30 <double yawn>

Hello to everyone else, hope everyone has a lovely weekend

llareggub Sat 02-Apr-11 09:05:44

My cousins are Ceri and Evan and I LOVE Hwyel. In fact thinking of it, I have a cousin Hwyel too.I do regret not giving DS2 the Welsh name we picked out for him. It is his middle name and I really wish it was his first name. There are so many fantastic names. I like Trefor, Tomos and of course Taliesin and Iestyn which I used for my boys.

I' m so glad your GD isn't too onerous. I think mine got better towards the end ifs my pregnancy and of coursei was so on insulin so I think I had a few moments caused by too much insulin. We actually had to reduce the dose. They said it is quite common.

Thank you for the canvassing good wishes. I am supposed to be going out today but it is raining and I am a wuss. But I will go.....sigh!

momino Sat 02-Apr-11 11:54:12

I love Hwyel! though I don't know how to pronounce it. hmm

How is it pronounced? blush

llareggub Sat 02-Apr-11 13:36:09

Well I say HOWel but in a welsh accent. People from north Wales probably sound different. Actually, just like Howell but a bi more welsh.

Cupboarddoor Sun 03-Apr-11 09:30:38

Happy Mothers Day all. Hope you are all well

Momi have an amazing trip. How wonderful to be seeing your Mum (or should that be Mom wink)

Running glad you have finished work. As you know, I like Gethin, but also liked Iestyn and Rhodri and I love Hwyel too. Welsh names are the best!

Pika how is your Dad? Reallty hope things are improving for him.

Reggie how are you doing?

Belgina has the clock change helped C?

Llare glad you are enjoying the canvassing. And the prospect of a childfree evening sounds wonderful

Things with me are, erm, complicated as usual. Got a promotion at work. Which then got withdrawn because they didn't have the budget, so they want me to do the work as well as everything else I do in my current role... don't think so hmm. Then my wonderful new Nanny who started with us 6 months ago handed in her notice on Friday because she has been offered her old job (teaching assistant) and has decided that Nannying isn't for her. And my DH is really really pissing me off this weekend.

But the DC are being brilliant. I love it when the weather turns warmer so that they can play in the back garden whilst I watch them nursing a cuppa grin.

flippineck Sun 03-Apr-11 22:18:45

Hello everyone! Happy Mothering Sunday!

Pika - how is your dad doing now? And how are you?

momino - hope you are having a fab time and that the journey was all ok.

running - glad you have finished work, and hope you get some sleep soon! I'm struggling with insomnia too, not helped by the fact that I have a cough at the moment as well.

llare - I'd probably vote Lib Dem. But nowhere near you, sorry! Hope the canvassing goes well.

Re Welsh*names*, as you possibly know we have two Welsh girls, and have a few more girls' names up our sleeves but struggling a bit with boys. A lot of the men in my family had Morgan as a middle name, but I'm not sure about it. I love Dylan, but it's very popular round here. I like Iwan...but after that I'm struggling! The problem is that quite a few nice names have associations that I can't get past.

We survived the clock changes, and the girls are both sleeping a bit later which is lovely, typically wake up time now is about 6:40, which I can cope with! A is sleeping through fairly reliably, although DD1 has been quite disturbed at night because DH has been travelling quite a bit and she's missing him.

DD1's party went well, she really enjoyed it and it was nowhere near as stressful as I thought it was going to be! Did you see the photos on FB of her riding her new bike? How clever is she!!! We are immensely proud of her.

Think that's enough from me. Please don't take it personally if I haven't namechecked you! Catch up soon x

omnomnomtom Mon 04-Apr-11 10:31:23

Hello all! Hope everyone had lovely mothering sundays

Pika you sound very stressed- hope your Dad is doing well and make sure you take good care of yourself in between looking after everyone else x
Running some lovely sounding Welsh boys names- our littl'un is going to be a Rory but needs a Cornish middle name, we are thinking either Tristan or Jowan

I STILL have morning sickness at 33 weeks- boo! And since 3am I have a diarrhea and vomiting bug too- have spoken to CMW this morning who has reassured me that I don't need to stress unless it goes on for more than 24 hours. On a positive note am due to finish work in 3 weeks

Sorry not to NC everyone but am feeling bleurgh

pikachu999 Mon 04-Apr-11 12:34:02

Hi all,

flipp- I was very impressed with your DD1s bike riding - my DD age 6 still has stabilisers and DS1 is nearly 4 and hasn't got the hang of pedals yet blush. We have just found it hard to teach them to ride when we have younger DCs in tow.

momi - have a great trip and don't stress too much (easier said than done). Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back (we must try and meet up!).

running - glad you managed to finish work a week early - I think I did that with my DS1 - I was just so tired, although with DS2 we brought his ELCS forward a week so I only had about 3 days ML before he arrived! That wasn't much of a rest!

omnom - poor you, with morning sickness still and now D&V. At least you are nearly off on ML.

llare- love the photo on FB of your DSs new hair cuts - so gorgeous smile.

cupboard - how annoying about being given a promotion then having it retracted hmm. And your nanny leaving. And DH being annoying.

I am OK. My dad has improved so much in the last week. A week last Thursday we really thought we were going to lose him as they'd nearly exhausted all the options. But he had a tracheostomy on the Friday and they started to suction off a lot of fluid and get him to cough, so his lungs are much better and he is on oxygen now, but only low levels. He is still on a feeding tube, kidney filter, and has to have fluid drained off his feet/ankles due to being laid up for 3 weeks, but is now talking. He doesn't always make sense, but nurse said that was normal.

But on the work front, I should hear on Thurs/Fri if I have a job or not after the 20% reduncancies, so got that hanging over me. Can't really celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on Weds until we know the outcome.

Oh and DS2 is having major tantrums, and DS1 aged 3.10 has regressed with toilet training and keeps pooing in his pants/night nappy and having wee accidents too angry. So I find myself being a very shouty mum at the moment, with all the dad/work worries and crying children sad but I am trying to keep calm.

pikachu999 Mon 04-Apr-11 12:34:53

Oh and sorry if I missed anyone, will check back later - got to get DS2 down for his nap now Balamory has finished (major tantrum if we go before it has!).

momino Mon 04-Apr-11 14:09:25

HI all. Not much time but wanted to say happy Mother's day for yesterday. Hope everyone had a good day.
pika, glad your dad is better and good luck for your job this week. fingers crossed.

Hi everyone else. I'll prob log on when in the states and let you know how things went (either here or via FB).

Take care all and see you soon. x

Cupboarddoor Wed 06-Apr-11 21:26:01

Just wanted to say hope you get good news on your job Pika

llareggub Wed 06-Apr-11 21:44:49

Yes, me too Pika

Also thinking of you today pika

flippineck Thu 07-Apr-11 16:55:08

pika - thinking of you, hope all is ok x

omnomnomtom Thu 07-Apr-11 17:59:11

Any news yet Pika? Hope you are ok x

pikachu999 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:01:42

Sorry i didn't check in earlier. I found out as I left work today that I have a job and won't be surplus smile. I think most of my close colleagues at the same grade are OK too. Others will find out next week and the week after

flippineck Thu 07-Apr-11 21:30:26

What a relief for you! Phew. How is your dad doing now?

pikachu999 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:52:42

Hi flip

My Dad is doing OK. He came out of intensive care on Monday smile, came off oxygen today smile, his kidneys are working better smile, and he might start on some purees tomorrow as he's been fed via a feeding tube for nearly a month smile.

However, he isn't speaking much, and the physio is slow-going so they might want to run a brain-scan if he doesn't improve. When he was first admitted one of the first things they treated was a blood clot, so I guess it's possible he's had a stroke?

flippineck Thu 07-Apr-11 22:51:19

That's good news. Hope all the improvements continue and that you get some more answers soon x

Good news all round then pika am v pleased for you. Hope the scan provides some answers for your Dad re speech too.

Happy Anniversary too!

Hello to everyone else

pikachu999 Fri 08-Apr-11 19:15:00

Thanks running- he's had his brain scan this afternoon so should get the results soon I guess...

omnomnomtom Tue 12-Apr-11 14:00:22

Heeeelllllooooooo? <listens for echo>
where are you all?
Hope everyone is ok- esp you Pika

I am on AL and meant to be writing an essay but can't concentrate. Just watched some strange man clean my windows- not my usual window cleaner so hoping he is a stand-in and not some random person, weirdly he has gone without asking for any money or leaving a note to say they've been cleaned like the usual man does so I'm thinking there has been a mix up and he's nowt to do with the usual bloke confused

only 1 more day at work this week, then 4 days next week then ML starts for me- hooray! Am seeing MW tomorrow and am pretty sure she will tell me LO is transverse but am only 34 weeks so still time to move, right?

right must get back to essay.... yawn...

pikachu999 Fri 15-Apr-11 22:16:47

Hello omnom - it is very quiet on here lately.

Glad to hear it's not long until your ML starts. I am sure S was transverse at around 34 weeks and then one night there was lots of (uncomfortable) movement as I think he moved himself round. It wasn't an issue for me as I was booked for an elcs anyway.

Well, good news today - my dad is being moved back to the cancer hospital where he was 5 weeks ago when he first became ill, as he is well enough to be moved, and they can review his cancer there and then decide on the best treatment for him. A few days ago he had a bad time as he'd lost his short and long-term memory although the MRI scan was clear. He now has his long-term memory back but not short-term but it should be temporary. He was even able to stand up briefly with help and a frame today and is determined to get back home asap so I am sure he will try hard with his physio.

flippineck Sat 16-Apr-11 09:48:03

Pika - that's good news, hope things continue to improve.

Omnom - did you ever solve the mystery of the window cleaner?!

We've had a worrying few weeks, my mum went into hospital for a hip replacement which should have been fairly straightforward but after they let her out there were complications, a possible infection, she had to be reoperated on and now she's having blood transfusions. She might be out som time next week now but it's been really worrying, it was supposed to make life better for her not cause more problems! I've not been able to visit her either, it's hundreds of miles. She sounds brighter today after having the transfusion but still a way to go yet.

Otherwise I'm fine - 20 week scan next week! Can't believe how quickly it's gone, just haven't had time to think about it really.

Hope everyone is ok x

pikachu999 Sat 16-Apr-11 20:22:10

flip - sorry to hear your mum hasn't been well. It must be hard when you don't live near either.

20 week scan - that has gone quick - do you think you'll ask to know the sex if LO obliges?

omnomnomtom Mon 18-Apr-11 16:23:13

pika glad your dad is doing better and is now in the best place to get the treatment he needs
flip sorry to hear about your mum how is she doing now?
So worrying for both of you to have family in hospital - hope you are managing to take good care of yourselves x

flip the windowcleaners never came for any money and I'm pretty sure they are nothing to do with our usual window man. DP thinks they were burglars casing the joint! However not worried because after peeping through our windows at the mess inside I don't think they'd bother coming back if they are burglars!

I am off sick again can't believe I still have nausea and vomiting at 35 weeks. It is my last week at work so hopefully will be well enough to go in tomorrow. I feel guilty as had only been in this job 4 months when I fell pg so have been repeatedly off sick for most of the time I have worked there, I bet I have had 2-4 days off each month of my pg and have also had a couple of periods of 2 weeks off- I am hardly ever off sick normally but they must think I am a timewaster.

Still very quiet on the thread- everyone must be too busy making the most of the weather!


pika glad to hear your dad is making progress.

flip sorry to hear about your Mum too. Can't believe you're at 20wks already, seems to have gone v quickly!

omnom hope you made it in today, the end is nearly in sight!

Well I'm playing the waiting game here - head v low down 37 weeks this week and really really hoping that I don't go 2 weeks over like last time as I am finding it v hard especially running around after A. Even worse this weekend as she has a raging ear infection and just wants to be picked up which I can't do very easily She is much better today though so we've had some fun planting veg and watering the garden.

Hope everyone else is doing ok - lots of 2nd birthdays coming up soon - will be thinking of you all

Reggiee Tue 19-Apr-11 20:49:39

Running 37weeksyougottobekiddingme shock. If it's any consolation, I found being heavily pg + toddler much harder work than newborn + toddler. Passing labour vibes your way and looking forward to the announcement.

Omnom 35 shock. Hope you're feeling better and enjoying the start of your mat leave.

And just to deal with the pg laydeez... Flip how was the scan? Did you find out the sex? Is your mum out of hospital?

Pika really pleased to hear your dad has improved. How are you? Are you getting any time for you?

Hello everyone else smile. It has been really quiet on here recently. Momi must be back soon and I look forward to hearing how her trip went. The weather has been great here and like other folk we've been pottering around the garden a la 'Good Life' stylee. Planted some tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, corgettes and cucumber. Anyone want to place bets on the amount of veg I will actually get from these bearing in mind the kids are helping me grow them.

Find out dd's primary school tomorrow <nervous>.

Anyone any plans for Easter? We have family coming round, and it is B's birthday on Saturday (happy birthday to his twin if you're still lurking Loobie). How did they all become 2?

flippineck Tue 19-Apr-11 21:58:00

Evening all!

The scan went well, everything is fine. We didn't find out what gender the baby is, we haven't before and didn't want to this time either - I like surprises! The girls both saw the baby and seemed to be excited.

Still not good news with mum, she's still in hospital and being operated on again tomorrow (third time in three weeks shock) as there's still problems with the wound. When I speak to her she sounds quite bright (she's always been good at putting on a front, iyswim), but dad says she's miserable. And now my dad seems to be struggling a bit too - he's disabled, she normally does quite a lot for him and although a lot of their friends are helping him I think he's finding it hard.

momino Fri 22-Apr-11 18:47:03

hi everyone! just a quick check-in from me.
Flippin, hope your mum is ok, saying prayers and finger crossing for her. Sounds difficult for everyone in the family. x On the other subject, that's exciting about your scan!

Hi Regg, B's birthday, wow! I'd almost forgotten the LO's birthdays are nearly upon us.

Running, omnom, hope you're both relaxing in the late pg stages. You're nearly there! Can't believe how quickly it seems to have gone and so excited for you. I can't wait till there's news (bet you can't either smile).

Pika, glad your dad is a bit better and hope he does well at the C hosp and recovers fully. How are you holding up?

I'll come back on here later to elaborate about our trip. The travelling was a nightmare with the 3 DD's but the visit itself was amazing. You may have seen pics on FB of the girls with cousins, aunts, uncles,e tc. it was wonderful to see everyone but I'm quite sad now to have had to leave my mom and extended family again. it's always hard to leave.

At least the weather is good! smile Going to inlaws this weekend. The girls are there now so that DH and I can get some work and house cleaning done.

Have a good easter weekend everyone. xxx

smokeybacon Sun 24-Apr-11 20:33:45

Hello all.

Can't believe our LOs are turning two! So happy birthday everyone. Who are R's twins? (2nd May) Is it Momi's H, and there is one or two more who popped on the same day too but I am sorry, I can't now remember! Please remind me!

I am also sorry for not being more regular on this thread as <gets emotional> you ladies are actually quite important to me! I thank god you are all on FB so I can keep up to date with you all and your DCs. I really feel like you are all my mates! I haven't really connected with anyone at all on the DTs ante/post natal thread although I am on a lovely twin thread where all the mums are great (except one who reminds me of someone on here who no longer posts dandy was one of her greatest fans wink and all her posts are always all about her ) Anyway I digress.......

I am going off to look at Momi's pics now. I will be back soon <crosses fingers> chicken poxy baby twins allowing.

llareggub Sun 24-Apr-11 22:09:10

You soppy thing! Though you are excused, given your poorly poxy boys. Are they any better?

I hope everyone is having a lovely day, and feel as chocolatey as I do.

G is 2 on Friday. His birthday will be royally themed, of course. Speaking of which, my older one was photographed for the daily mirror dressed as a prince. The pictures will make cracking material for future 18th birthday/wedding day embarrassment. We're not sure when it will be in but he had a fun time at the photoshoot and has now upgraded his career ambition from bin man to photographer.

pika how is your dad doing? Congratulations to DD on her swimming. She must be thrilled.

DandyLioness Sun 24-Apr-11 23:54:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Sun 24-Apr-11 23:54:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Sun 24-Apr-11 23:55:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smokeybacon Mon 25-Apr-11 07:09:38

Look. A second post in 12 hours!! And a good morning to dandy and llare. still need to to a proper catch up with last few weeks so no nc yet but am desperate to know the latest pregnancy updates.

DTs are up and down. T was clearly bothered by his spots overnight but F seems to be taking it in his laid back normal style. The spots just look so raw and red . The pics on fb don't do those spots justice.

LOL at llare's G and his royal birthday on fri. I shall look forward to the pics!!

Dh is letting me have a lie in so time to put on daybreak blush and snooze..........

Ps <waves at lurker>

smokeybacon Mon 25-Apr-11 07:13:12

Sorry llare. Re read your post. Got your DSs mixed up there! You will have to link the Mirror pics for us when they are printed. How did that come about? Seems quite random!

smokeybacon Mon 25-Apr-11 08:38:08

Have just spent my lie in reading our thread from 2 years ago <stiffles sobs>

Awwww so lovely reading back. Have only got to about the 7th may so a way to go yet to do everyone's!

So R shares his birthday with Momi's H, Cupboards G and Muddleddaisy's S. I hope I've got that right! There was then a gap of quite a few days before the next arrival and I've not got there yet! Detsy is in labour now. I cannot believe 2 years have passed so quickly. And I wrote in my birth story that I had never felt pain like it. Hahahahahahahaha. The DTs birth trumped R's for pain.

Forgive me for my nostalgic and emotional posts. I don't know what's come over me!!

llareggub Mon 25-Apr-11 10:40:36

It was through twitter. I do a daily #journorequest search in the vague hope we can get some free press for our business. So far I've netted two free holidays but no free PR yet. Anyway, a journalist was looking for children aged between 4 and 11 to interview about the wedding. I asked DS and he said weddings are boring but that G's party would be fun. I told the journalist this, she asked for a picture and then it snowballed into them sending a photographer and two prince outfits. He got paid for it too! Don't panic, I'm not intending to become one of those mad modelling mothers. It was just a bit of fun.

I'm sitting outside typing this while the boys play in the paddling pool.

I hope the boys get better soon. Chicken pox is awful. Bless them.

DandyLioness Mon 25-Apr-11 12:30:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smokey I agree with everything you've said. I quite often find myself saying 'a friend of mine...' and then realising I can't really explain how I know you and you're all only imaginary anyway Hope the twins get better soon.

dandy name suggestions welcome as we are still dithering (although has to be Welsh!). Does make me picture someone doing a swinging champagne bottle naming ceremony though which is probably not a good idea with a newborn! Re you being a child model - I really hope you used to make unreasonable demands whilst on set

llare look forward to seeing the pics. How is the campaigning going?

momi looks like you had a fabulous time and that you are now recovering from the jetlag.

flip and pika hope you are both ok. Have been thinking of you and your families

As for me, I am just over 38 weeks and at the 'I really, really, really want this baby out of me' stage of pregnancy. VERY uncomfortable so have been eating a lot of spice and other tried and tested methods of labour induction wink. So far no good though so have walked waddled about 3 miles today as well. My Mum is here atm so we have ready made babysitter should it actually happen. Not holding out much hope though - am almost convinced it will happen when she is halfway back to Wales later in the week!

Hello reg and to anyone else lurking and happy birthday to all the little bundles of joy that are the reason we all know each other

did I break the thread?!

pikachu999 Tue 26-Apr-11 21:12:52

Hi ladies.

I see there was a flurry of posts that i've missed!

running- hope you don't have much longer to wait. It must have been hard being heavily pg in all the recent hot weather. 3 miles of waddling is impressive too - i remember getting really out of breathe in late pg.

smokey I thought your DTs pox looked bad on FB so if they are even worse, then poor little things. Around 20 children at nursery have got the pox over the last few weeks, but S has avoided it somehow - I am hoping he doesn't get it now as we're off to centerparcs at the weekend.

llare - DD was really pleased to get her swimming badge and it's amazing how she has come on during 3 one-2-one lessons. There were lots of tears during lessons 1 and 2 and it felt cruel and unmotherly to watch her so upset, anxious and out of her comfort zone, but I really think it's important for her to learn to swim and be confident in water so I persevered. DS1 will be similar, but S is a water baby so I am hoping he will be fine!

My dad is doing well. A minor setback as a cough has become a chest infection and so he is on abx and other drips again, and they don't want to start his chemo again until he is strong enough, so they want to discharge him next week, either to a care home/rehab environment for a few weeks, or straight home, although my mum is anxious about caring for him, and she would need to get someone in to build a new step into the house, and fit handrails up the stairs. Dad is desperate to get home, so this could be a problem...

belgina Tue 26-Apr-11 22:27:21

Hi everyone,

A quick catch up. Thank god for fb though, I haven't been on here in ages, but still sort of know what's happening to all of you smile

pika Hope your dad's cough remains just a cough.

llare I see the campagning is going well. Your story about your ds being a prince in the paper made me smile

running Eek, 37 weeks already. OMG that goes quickly!

omnom Has your baby turned around yet? C decided to spin around and become transverse and I was admitted to hospital! Don't know if you guys remember the saga. Anyway lots of bum up in the air and she spinned back to the right way around and then sat there for the next three weeks hmm

smokey I hope your DT get over the chickenpox soon. It must be difficult for babies. I get that nostalgic feeling too sometimes. It was such a lovely thread. Still is, but all that excitement of the impending births isn't there and the continuous chatter grin I often find myself saying, "a friend of mine" and then, oh well, actually I haven't met her, but. And then DH goes, ah a MNer then. And then I need to do a sheepish, "erm yes"

flip How are things with you? Your A is my C's twin, isn't she? Didn't they have a triplet or am I mistaken?

Here everything's going well. I'm finally starting to enjoy work a bit more. For some reason it used to feel like I was there all the time and now it doesn't feel like that anymore. I haven't changed my working hours though. It's very odd hmm
C's doing well, her big chunky cheeky self. She's now moved onto size 4y clothes shock. Doesn't really talk in sentences yet, but has discovered the work "No" and says it with conviction. Actually I think she might have picked up the Spanish ap's Spanish kind of "No", because it doesn't sound English grin. She also now asks for milk (still bf) and her amount of feeding has gone up dramatically since she's discovered the word. She shouts "Mek" (Dutch) and then "Mo mek!" if I take her off too early hmm Her sleeping is still rubbish though. So hard to do anything about it when I work nights and when she's still in our room.

The TTC is a bit non existant here. I finally had my first period after my misc last week. I hope we can start again soon, but DH and I seem to be in one of those periods where sex doesn't really seem to happen. DH just seems tired all the time and so I don't want to disturb him you see or he works nights and overtime.

That's it for now. Bye everyone smile

flippineck Thu 28-Apr-11 16:26:59

Hello all! Looks like I missed a chatty few days. Hope you're all well.

belgina - hope things work out for you, ttc wise. Glad you are enjoying work a bit more now too. Yes, A is C's birthday twin; I think there was another but am very blush to admit that I can't remember who it is.

pika - hope your dad is still doing ok. And that you are too x

running - can't believe it's so close now! Looking forward to a birth announcement grin

lol at the confessions of child modelling, and princely wedding stuff!

smokey - hope the boys are on the mend now, the pox can be miserable for them.

momino - looking forward to hearing more about the trip!

Well, everything is fine here. Nothing exciting pregnancy wise, except for me being irritated about the massive round of appts I'll have a 28 weeks: anti-D, usual bloods, glucose tolerance test because my dad has type 1 diabetes and an appt with the anaesthetist because there's a chance I have a hereditary problem with general anaesthetics. I have to see them even though I'm planning another homebirth, the anaesthetist will just talk to me, say 'gosh, that's interesting', call a student in to listen to the story, then stick a big warning sticker on my hand held notes and send me away again. And that will take up a whole afternoon. Sigh.

My mum is still in hospital shock, more complications. She might be able to come out next week but she has even less mobility than she had before now. This is going to take a long time. I really want to go and see her, but I can't see how it's going to happen now because my ILs are coming to stay for 2 weeks next week!

Hopefully catch up again soon.

TheMitfordsMaid Fri 29-Apr-11 17:54:32

Hello, it's me, on a namechange for various reasons, not least someone from my old school finding me on my mumsnet twitter account and guessing who I was in RL. Blinking scary. Anyway, I was the one with the name that was impossible to spell, which said something backwards. Bugger.

We've had a lovely birthday party today for G, with lots of bunting and cake. We're having a little party tomorrow for his little friends.

Will be back later for a proper post.

flippineck Fri 29-Apr-11 22:11:28

What a PITA, TMM.

DandyLioness Sat 30-Apr-11 10:02:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMitfordsMaid Sat 30-Apr-11 17:36:29

Just a quick post from me between canvassing, grabbing some food and stuff, but Dandy, have you heard of doodle? It is an easier way of arranging dates. You can list a load of potential dates, and then we can all input our availability and it will tell us the best date to go for. Dead easy(!)

momino Sat 30-Apr-11 20:39:03

A quick Happy Birthday to Mitford's G!!!! hope he had a great day. x

Dandy, I can so imagine you were a child model - you're so beautiful! love your twt pic btw.

Running, thinking of you. it CAN't be long now. hang in there.
Smokey, I totally know where you're coming from and you said it perfectly. I also like what running said about 'the reason we all know each other'. love you guys <runs quickly to the loo to wipe eyes before anyone sees>

belgina Sat 30-Apr-11 20:59:53

Hi everyone.

Trying to not get as far behind as before.

Ah, yes, Dandy. I remember now :D. Lol at your ds putting on the washing machine :D. C just loves buttons and has an obsession with phones (and Peppa Pig, or Pepig, but that's a different story). So anyway, I have to watch her with the oven, because she keeps turning it down to 0 and when the timer goes stuff is still uncooked, a right pain. Everything phone shaped becomes a phone nowadays, the case of my sunglasses even became a flip phone grin. She's also obsessed with shoes and socks and it's the first thing she looks at on pictures, especially if they're missing. I can see a little budding shoe-aholic in her grin
Talking is still at the one, occasional, two word sentences. She'llbe bilingual though, so I'm not worried. She's also great at big long monologues of jibberish.

Maidof. Great new name. How's the canvassing goibg. I really admire your energy and commitment to taking on such an amazing challenge. Loved the pictures of your ds1's b'day party.

Never heard of Doodle before, but it sounds like a great idea. I'd love another meet up. Last time we saw eachother, they were all still babies. It must be outdoor somewhere, so they can be let loose.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and have enjoyec the spectacle that was the royal wedding ;)

belgina Sat 30-Apr-11 21:01:36

Can I just quickly correct my typo (stupid touchscreens). I meant maidof's ds2..

momino Sat 30-Apr-11 21:21:34

Flip, your antenatal appointments sound eventful! but, your I/L for 2 weeks? I couldn't manage that <awestruck>.
about our US trip, it was such a whirlwind of a holiday: girls meeting a new group of cousins every couple of days and it was lovely to see them getting close. My mom had a good catch up on reading books to them, cuddles, etc. the DDs took to her easily as if they'd known her for ever smile.
I was in my element seeing many of my (11) brothers and sisters. got to see 9 of them and one flew in from Calif with his family just to see us. I was so overwhelmed.
I also saw some really good friends from high school who were absolutely lovely. I always worry about those kind of reunions turning into a oneupmanship situation but these old classmates were so genuine and interested/interesting.

It was a very happy, satisfying trip.
Except for the travel. I wouldn't travel with the 3 anytime soon. We had 3 flights each way. I'm not a calm flyer so had a tough time with anxiety and being switched on the entire time for the DDs. We also missed our connecting flight from Detroit to Cleve (our destination) where my family were waiting to meet us. Detroit had cancelled all the evening flights to Cle that night (no reason given), we had no bags, children were hysterical and I burst out crying, I was so frustrated. I think, because of the commotion, they thrust $800 worth of flight vouchers and put us in a hotel for the night. so, an awful trip there but got a free flight back to the usa for me this year when I choose smile. very worth it (just wish I'd had hindsight).

coming back was a bumpy flight so little sleep and exhausted girls who, again, were quite tantrummy in flight before landing in Amsterdam. we are not going to be one of those families where people nudge in and say, 'they were so well-behaved...'. people mostly were understanding though.

anyway, girls will only get older and easier when it comes to flying (right?) so we shouldn't have it this hard again (right?).

just now can't believe holiday is over. i need another holiday.

momino Sat 30-Apr-11 21:28:09

Hi Belgina. C in 4 year old clothes shock! makes me smile. how tall are you both (parents)? Glad you're enjoying work more.

momino Sat 30-Apr-11 21:31:03

oh, and a Big Hello to everyone I haven't NC ed!

belgina Sun 01-May-11 16:09:13

momi sounds like you had a lovely, but busy time. Boo about the cancelled flight, but yay about the vouchers smile
Both dh and I are 5'9", so I'm on the tall side, dh is average for a man.

hotcrossSES Mon 02-May-11 20:56:22

Hello everyone!
I've not posted in ages as seem to be just about keeping up via FB but all the 2nd birthdays got me sentimental and I've found my way back grin

Hope all those celebrating over the weekend have had a great time.

Dandy - I was really impressed to read your news on FB! Let us know if we can help support in anyway - even in a virtual way!

Running - your frustration is understandable. Hope your new LO decided to put in an appearance soon and smoothly smile

Smokey - how are the DT's pox? Is it just about cleared up?

Pika - glad to hear your Dad is doing well despite his slight set back. Is there any update on him moving to a care home or similar?

Momi - your visit to your family sounds incredible and although the flights were a nightmare, how fantastic that you'll be able to "pop" back and see them soon!

Belgina - Wow at C being in age 4 clothes!! She sounds similar to O in speech as he's only just starting to put 2 words together (eg: "Daddy car" and "one more")

Flip - hope your mum's doing better? Hope your appointments all go well and quickly!

Mitford - good luck for what I expect will be a very busy week for you!

Ommnom - hope all is well with you, J and bump. I'm sorry I can't remember whether you or Running is due first?

Meet up - sounds like a great idea. I agree with Belgina though, there will need to be plenty of safe space for the DC to explore!

All ok here - been a very busy few weeks. Not due to let up either as PILs arrive for 6 days on Wednesday, SIL for 3 days at the weekend and then a big weekend of 2nd birthday stuff smile

omnomnomtom Thu 05-May-11 11:16:52

Hello all -sorry to have missed lots of 2nd b'days, belated bday wishes to all those I've missed!
Belgina good luck with ttc- hope things are more favourable in that regard soon, Baby is head down thanks for asking but moving a lot. Last time I was at midwife he turned from being right down one side over to the other side then backtoback whilst she examined me and checked for heartbeat!
running you sound fed up- hope you are not waiting much longer
momino your travelling sounds a nightmare but glad you had a nice time and the vouchers will make it all worth it!
Hi Ses you sound busy- Running is due first (this weekend?) I'm not due till the 22nd and have been enjoying my first couple of weeks of mat leave so baby can stay put for a bit longer!
Smokey saw the photos of the spotty twins on FB- bless them, how are they now?
Mitford Good luck!
Dandy awwwww at your helpful DS- and congrats on your fab news, hope it is very successful (am sure it will be you talented lady)

momino Thu 05-May-11 21:31:31

Just on to say happy 2nd birthday to those little ones whose birthdays are now! It's exciting isn't it? What's everyone doing/done for their LOs bdays? we had a birthday picnic on Sunday with friends (mostly ours not H's, or I guess they are H's as well!). Monday went to a play farm - it was cold but sunny and H had fun, most importantly.

What did (or are you going to) you get as a birthday gift? We bought H a scooter but know she'll have to grow into it. Her favourite gift was actually a cuddly dog that came with a veterinary set smile.

Hope everyone else has a good birthday celebration and let us know what you did.

TheMitfordsMaid Thu 05-May-11 23:15:22

Just checking in as I am shattered after a hard day of leafleting, campaigning and running around. I'll know tomorrow.

G had a balance bike for his birthday and he is very pleased with it. He had also been sleeping better since he turned 2!

pikachu999 Fri 06-May-11 13:20:33

TMM - have you heard yet? I'm very excited for you and Dandy too. Glad G is sleeping better - S is getting worse at night and some terrible tantrums hmm.

Happy birthday to all the LOs. S is 2 next Thursday smile. We've just bought a happyland windmill farm (half price) and some secondhand ITNG figures on ebay, and plan to get some garden toys. We really don't need much as DD and DS1 have so many toys already. He also has lots of family who will spoil him too!

Good news is my Dad should be coming out of hospital later today smile. It's been a long 8 weeks for him and my mum, but it is great that we've got to this stage. He is still very weak, but has done physio this week to make sure he can manage stairs. He now weighs less than me at just over 10 stone. His immune system is still very compromised, so he has been having bone marrow injections (?) and the odd pint or 2 of blood now and again, so he will have to stay in for a month and limit visitors, especially those with colds and bugs.

TheMitfordsMaid Sun 08-May-11 15:22:59

Great news about your dad. He must be home now? How is he doing?

My news is that I lost the district seat by 70 votes but won a town council seat. Scarily, over 1400 people voted for me and it is SO weird seeing it on the ballot paper. It is all a bit exciting and DH got really into it on the day and wants to do it all again. My first council meeting is next week, starting with mayor making.

Better run, DH's birthday is tomorrow so need to run to town efore it shuts to find something for him. We've been to shattered to move since thecount on Friday.

DandyLioness Mon 09-May-11 11:22:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandyLioness Mon 09-May-11 11:27:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hello, sorry to disappoint but no birth announcement yet!

dandy I would seriously consider Mai (Welsh May) but as we're having a boy am not sure it will work. Will run '09 past DH though later smile

Sounds like everyone is doing well, sorry Mum here and attempting to keep moving as am having a few good twinges so not got time for a mega post. Will keep everyone posted!

DandyLioness Mon 09-May-11 12:09:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pikachu999 Mon 09-May-11 19:30:54

ooh twinges sounds interesting running - let's hope your LO is ready to come out as I know you're ready for it!

Well done TMM and Dandy - very impressive.

I went to see my dad on Saturday. He is doing well - not allowed out of the house (apart from walking practice) for a couple of weeks. He has no memory still of the period from the week before he went into hospital up to a couple of weeks ago. He just had a very strange dream where people who were looking after him or visiting him would keep coming in and out of it! They think it was a rare allergic reaction to the chemo drug, so they are still deciding what treatment to try next, but he will go back in 2 weeks time to start something.

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 18:53:11

Hello blush

I haven't been here for a while, so huge apologies. I've name changed to his rubbish name, because more and more people were realising who I am and I discovered quite a few work colleagues are on here, us it's very similar to my twitter name. Anyway, I used to be scrunched up bits of pig meat in phallic shapes and lumps of squashed potato....

I'm catching up with what's been going on with you all. I'm now up to the beginning of April - have just left reading the 'Hywel' conversation (my Dad's name!)

Hopefully back later, or tom pm when I am at a meeting in Macclesfield. No idea where that is. Up somewhere smile

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 18:54:27

this not his, and as* not *us. Ggggrrrr.....

momino Wed 11-May-11 20:22:28

woof smile!

DandyLioness Wed 11-May-11 21:01:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 21:01:59

Me again!

Running - just thinking about Welsh boys names. My brother's middle name is Elwyn, my Grandad was Mervyn, and I have an uncle Irfon. I know a Huw as well. Here's hoping the twinned are turning into something more!

Pika, my god, you really have been through the mill with your Dad. The poor man. Sounds like things are more positive now.

Everyone else I've kind of been catching up with on FB. I've had a hard few months, the miscarriage knocked me for six. I was left anaemic and was exhausted, and having to deal with M wasn't much fun. Mum is now halfway through her radiotherapy and is being remarkably upbeat about it all. She told me when all the dates were and I emailed my brothers saying let's take it in turns to take her, and they both came up with excuses - living too far away, too busy, blah blah blah. (*smokey* how is your brother doing?) Anyway I'm heading down this weekend to spend some time with her and take her to a few sessions and drop the bombshell that I am the duff again.

Yes, you rread correctly. 6 weeks tomorrow. We both can't believe it happened so quickly. My periods returned to normal pretty much a month after my ERPC, so I had 2. My mum thinks it best that I should wait a good 6 months, and grieve, and get fit and healthy, but I'm not a spring chicken (39 in a couple of months) and RL friends who I know who have had mc's actually got pregnant quite quickly after. I also remember smokey saying something about it too - your words stuck with me! Anyway, no-one in RL knows yet, as I am actually terrified, but secretly hopeful. We have a big tree on the side of our drive with a nest in quite high up. I found a little eggshell on the ground and DH reckons its a good omen. Plonked. Sweet though. Still, I'm at this nursey conference oop morf tomorrow and Friday so not quite sure how I am going to avoid the booze. I can't give the old antibiotics line as there's actually only a few you can't drink on, and if I was on them I'd be pretty poorly. Hm. Any suggestions?

So, big waves to you all, and I really am going to try and say hello more often. I'm definitely up for a big meet up again. South bank area has a big charging about area, where we took them to the swings last time?

Good to chat again <wipes tear> (probably hay fever, but still) grin

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 21:04:22

God I HATE this predictive spelling on this bloody iPad. Twinning is meant to read twinges, FFS.

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 21:06:11

Plonked? Oh bloody hell. STOPPIT! I meant plonker.

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 11-May-11 21:06:57

I keep re-reading my post. I give up.

pikachu999 Wed 11-May-11 22:26:21

woof- congrats on your pg and hope everything goes smoothly for you this time - sounds like you have had a tough time. I don't think there is anything wrong with ttc soon after a mc - it's up to the individual - it was all i wanted to do after mine.

As for an excuse for not drinking, one i've used before is that I'd been drinking the previous night and was really hungover and just couldn't face a drink - it worked because they knew i was a lightweight and that i never did "hair of the dog" grin.

belgina Wed 11-May-11 22:46:29

woof Nice to see you. It took me a while to work out who you were until I read that you'd had a misc and then it clicked. Great discription of your old name grin So glad you've already conceived again. 6 weeks! Yay!

TMM Congratulations about your election. Wow. I've seen your pictures on fb and you look fab in you councillor outfit. I didn't know they excisted!

pika So glad your dad is doing better now. I hope he'll go from strength to strength now and that they can find an alternative treatment for him.

running How are your twinges wink Have they turned into something more exciting yet?

Here we're all OK. Claire is now officially a 2yo. shock What happened to my baby! She got a trike for her birthday and her party will be on Friday as that's the day all her toddler friends are out of nursery etc... and I wanted a weekday so I didn't have the big ones around, IYKWIM. It'll be a Peppa Pig party of course, considering she's such a big fan smile

In terms of TTC. I don't really know what's happening to my body. I think a visit to the GP and possibly a referal is needed. After my misc I had about 1.5m of no bleeds and then for the last 3 weeks I've been continuously spotting. Actually I had 1 very light period 2 weeks ago. It stopped and then a few days later I stopped spotting and I still am. Not sure what's going on hormone wise, but my system has been well and truly confused by the miscarriage. I'm testing negative, so I don't think anything's got left behind from the miscarriage. The way things are I suspect I'll get another May baby and I really wanted a closer gap hmm

I hope everyone is going well and that all new 2yo are having a brilliant time at their parties

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 11-May-11 23:10:32

Woo hoo! Well done woof

Thanks for the comments about the outfit. I am rather ambivalent about it but don't want to poke fun at it because of the traditional aspects which are so important to some people. I was just a little shocked by it all!

Hello. Sorry no exciting news - trying to distract myself from uncomfortableness and general grumps so...

Woo hoo woof fab news grin I used the 'too hungover' excuse before too and also 'on a diet' or just order things like tonic and with no gin in it and fake drunkenness smile I sincerely hope I am not twinning by the way - although I did get asked by a random old lady if I was having twins when in town yesterday hmm

belgina yes get yourself to GPs Happy birthday to C

dandy happy birthday to H for yesterday as well

mitfords I do love your expression in your pic - to me it says something in between 'what have I let myself in for' and a Joey from Friends style 'looking good' smile I hope the first meeting went well.

Right off for a wander around the supermarket with my Mum. This morning's excitement has been cleaning the inside and out of downstairs' windows, mopping floors and dusting skirting boards which reminded me of our threads this time two years ago smile I can report that I did let you all down however by not wearing a housecoat.

Hello to anyone else reading hopefully I will be back soon with baby related updates smile

TheMitfordsMaid Thu 12-May-11 15:20:32

Sending birth vibes your way, running. WRT that photo, I did do a couple of "I'm raving I'm raving" type poses with the white gloves but I did get some strange looks.

Cupboarddoor Thu 12-May-11 22:43:23

Bollocks. Just wrote a big long post and the blimmin' internet went down as I hit the post message button. Grrr.

Woof fantastic news, sending sticky LO vibes your way

Running sending labour vibes and sympathy your way

Pika great news on your Dad leaving hospital - how is he doing?

Maid grin at raving photos!! I'd like to see a copy of those grin

Belgina get thyself down to a GP

Hello Dandy Momi and everyone else.

No great news from Cupboard (I must get a new name...). DH are together and working things through smile

Going to the GP tomorrow, have been putting it off for a while. My toes have been pins and needle-y for about a month now, it's getting annoying. And <deep breath> blush I am finally admitting to myself that all is not as it should be with my pelvic floor (sorry is TMI). It's stoopid - I've had 3 babies but I'm still embarrassed about going to the GP about it. Hey ho.

Cupboarddoor Thu 12-May-11 22:44:26

When I said 'no great news' I meant that nothing exciting is happening, not that things aren't great <note to self - preview before posting>

momino Sun 15-May-11 22:39:49

hi all!
Woof, so happy for you. take care of yourself.x
Belgina, echoing the others: a GP will help you with the answers.
HI TMM, Dandy, Pika, Cupboard (been awhile smile), running, hope you're ok. everyone else hi!

I'm enjoying seeing all the birthday photos on FB. our little ones are 2!
had a very difficult week and weekend with dd1. anyone know any good books or advice for stopping tantrums in 5 year olds? we just can't control our 5 year old's tantrums. Naughty step, charts, stickers, bribes, taking away things, etc haven't worked.

Luckily, I've been referred to a course starting Fri, 'time out for Parents' parenting course at the local Children's centre. I hope it gives some good insight as we're at our wit's end. what will she be like as a teenager? the horror.

TheMitfordsMaid Sun 15-May-11 23:17:58

Cor, i've no idea Momino. We're struggling with the same problem to be honest. People go on about th terrible twos but in my experience the tantrums just keep getting worse. I've said before I think that we have a calm down tent that he can use if he feels himself getting angry. I've also moved some of his toys upstairs to his room and i'v encouraged him to get some alone time when he starts displaying his temper.

I've noticed a correlation between tiredness and tantrums so I've adjusted his bedtime which had drifted to 8pm. He is getting a little better. I also try and make sure we have some time on our own which he seems to enjoy.

It's blooming hard though. I'd love to hear what works for others.

belgina Mon 16-May-11 16:11:23

momi sounds like your dd is hard work at the moment. What's worked best for us has been ignoring the tantrum and focussing on good behaviour + recognising triggers and engaging in the distraction method when a tantrum is visibly brewing, the more surprising the distraction, the better. After a while the tantrums get shorter and then dissapear alltogether, but it does take patience and nerves of steel and a thick skin when you're out and about smile

All well here, period has properly arrived now. Still need to see GP I suppose, just finding where to fit it in. We had a busy few days, I stupidly decided to take the dcs camping on my own + organised C's b'day party on the same day as we were leaving. I haven't been so stressed in years!! It was cold and windy and the big 2 were being a couple of miserable so and sos. It's over now though and I can relax again and have brew as much as I like (we had no camping stove hmm)

stamped Mon 16-May-11 17:05:02

hello all
am one of you but have name-changed for privacy reasons so I can post this. I'm not giving clues, so if you work out who I am (and feel free to ask me privately on FB/email), please keep to yourself!
Feel very sad today. A few days ago there was a murder that was in the news. A teenage child was murdered. It turned out that I'd been in the very spot it happened just hours before the murder.

Then today I got a call from the school. The child who was murdered was the elder sibling of a child (we'll call them Ben) in my child's class. The school didn't know that Ben would be returning to school today, and apparently he was speaking to his classmates about his sibling's death. So the class teacher spoke to them, and we were being phoned to warn us.

My child came home and wanted to talk to me about it, as they felt very sad. They said they'd been chosen as one of 3 special buddies picked to look after Ben as they are his good friends and are very kind. They are to play with him, give him time alone if he wants, listen if he wants to talk but not to ask questions. Feel very proud of my child for that but despondent. Feel my child and his/her class (who are only 5/6 yo) has had to cope with so much. Last year their class teacher died halfway through the year of cancer and they had 4 teachers in total, and another classmate's baby brother died of breathing difficulties. Another child is severely disabled and was removed from their parents because of neglect. My poor child is already well aware of the fragility of life sad

Just needed to share that. Could do with a virtual hug please smile

TheMitfordsMaid Mon 16-May-11 17:40:42

I am sending a huge virtual hug. Happy to chat if you feel it would help. What a horrid thing to happen. I hope the school will be proactive in supporting your dc too, such a lot of bad news for little ones. You can have a virtual kiss too. X

smokeybacon Mon 16-May-11 20:46:46

settled what an awful thing to have happened. So so sad to hear of a child's death and truly terrible to have it taken away unnecessarily. Your DC sounds very lovely to be chosen as a special friend. But what a lot to deal with sad for anyone especially on the back of the other events too.

<<<virtual hugs from here too for you and your DC>>>>

running come on!!! <raps fingers on table> We're getting impatient you know!!! I need to see some lovely scrunchy newborn baby pics soon. Thinking of you (and checking constantly on FB for updates!).

woof big congratulations! How lovely for it to have happened so quickly. My theory, alluded to by your good self, holds strong then! Sticky vibes coming your way. Do watch Ben and Holly BTW? Was Gaston the inspiration for the name change?

momi we still have the odd big tantrum from DS1 who is nearly 6. I try try try to remove him to a different room and ignore. Then when all is calm again talk to him about why he acted like that. But its so hard, especially when you think they should know better by their age. Do share any wisdom from your course!! I sometimes think they should be obligatory for all parents.

cupboard actually it is great news that you and your DH are giving things a go. I hope you manage to work it out. And fingers crossed that your pins and needles thing is sorted out soon. Did you have a new nanny recently too? Ours is working out pretty good so far. She only comes one day a week as that is all we can afford but am working out ways to increase her hours so we can keep her till I go back to work.It will mean taking R out of nursery sooner than planned but thats no great loss as we would have had to take him out anyway. Do you use nannywage.co.uk or something like that at all? Its a minefield trying to work out pay, holidays and so on. We need her OFSTED registered too so we can use my vouchers to pay her too.

pika glad to see your dad is improving. Chemo sounds like an horrendous process, its hardly suprising there are strange reations to it.

DB said his felt like he was tingling all the time during the daily doses and that he could feel the chemicals in him. The nurses "advised" (am sure its not official advice tho) to smoke cannabis. He said it helped! Anyway, the good news is that he was given the all clear 2 weeks ago and the even better news is that he is over here for a visit too. grin

Now who have I missed?? Mitford Maid? Hmm not speaking to you right now you... you...... Swansea supporter!! wink

belgina happy belated birthday to C. Oink oink.

dandy similarly happy belated birthday to H. Def up for a meet up. Could prob do London as will deposit some of my brood with others and come down. Have you worn the t shirt, BTW?

The poxy twins have recovered well. T's head was covered. Looked nasty but its over now, and I hope thats it for them as they got quite nasty doses I think. We are just trying to get them to sleep 7 to 6(ish) and dropping the "dream feed". Varying degrees of success. WOuld be easier to deal with if R was sleeping through but he's regressed. To be fair to him though he is now on a bottom bunk so its a BIG move for him and he is only 2. He is super clingy to me at the moment. He has always been a bit of a mummy's boy grin but I only have to be out of sight for 2 seconds and he is on the hunt for me.

He also takes a chat pill daily. He never blardy shuts up!! But he is adorable. So I forgive him just about anything. Except chucking shoes at small babies.

SOrry if I have omitted anyone. Big love to you ALL.

stamped Mon 16-May-11 21:12:28

thanks Mitford and Smokey

I don't want to go into details here as is national news item but private tragedy, but the circumstances of the death are so utterly depressing that is makes you despair. The poor, poor parents and his poor, poor little brother.

Cupboarddoor Mon 16-May-11 21:31:42

Hugs stamped what a sad sad sad situation to deal with.

pikachu999 Mon 16-May-11 22:06:28

stamped- that is a lot for your DC to deal with, poor thing. Sending out virtual hugs to you both.

momino - I could benefit from the course you are attending! My DD (a year older than yours) is scary sometimes and I don't know what to do apart from send her to her room to calm down - she gets so angry and lashes out at DS1 and others. Once I tried to go into her room and she pushed the door in my face with such force - luckily I put my arm out, but if it had been DS1 or DS2 they would have been seriously hurt. She has also started wetting herself daily and nightly sometimes - sometimes I worry she's not happy and that us shouting at her about her behaviour doesn't help sad.

I won't go into all my concerns about DS1s behaviour and development or i'll be here all night, but i plan to ask my HV when they come to do Ss 2-year check next month.

smokey - well done on encouraging the DTs to sleep all night but just a shame R has you up instead hmm. S would love to sleep in DDs bottom bunk and climbs in it every evening and pulls the duvet on, but it's quite high off the ground, but he is doing well in his own bed. He is very clingy too - he spends the same amount of time with me and DH each week (we both work 4 days) so I get frustrated about him being clingy to me and not him (although it is nice to be popular wink)

cupboard - I am glad you and your DH are working things out, and also that the new nanny is working out well.

Has everyone seen runnings news on FB wink grin

flippineck Mon 16-May-11 22:26:11

stamped - that's so sad, and so much for everyone to deal with. Hugs to you all.

pikachu - hugs to you too.

cupboard - hope things continue to go smoothly.

woof - quiet congratulations.

waves to everyone else!

Everythings is fine here. ILs mammoth visit over in just a few days...it's been very very tough. A's birthday was good though, except that she insists that she's now 3, not 2! 24 weeks pg now, and feeling physically fine - just absolutely shattered.

Sorry for short update, will try to come back when I have more time and am less tired.

momino Mon 16-May-11 22:34:47

HI all. Am 'working' as usual, but on here quickly to give the following messages:
Stamped, I've absolutely nothing to say except I'm so, so sorry. You and your DC are in my thoughts and am sending you massive virtual hugs. I wish we were closer and I'd give you a real one. x

All, thank you for your feedback on my dd1. we do try to praise good behaviour and ignore bad but can't when she hits out or starts damaging things. That's just unacceptable and dangerous. We try to remove her to a room but she keeps coming out. so we silently put her back in. then she usually hits me (or tries to). When she has calmed down, we try to find out why she feels this way, she's so frustrated/angry but she can't seem to tell us. In a way, I'm comforted that perhaps we're not alone in this problem?

Hi all, hopefully you've seen facebook but baby boy arrived after a fast and furious labour at just after 7 this evening. 9lbs exactly and only g&a and not a stitch. I look a bit like this grin and am too wired to sleep hance mn'ing and fb'ing! Pics to follow soon.

Stamped am so so sorry thinking of you all xx

pikachu999 Mon 16-May-11 22:56:06

Momi- you are definitely not alone! My DD sounds very similar. As TMM finds, it is worse when she is tired but sometimes there is no real trigger apart from frustration about the situation and DS1 often gets the brunt of it when I'm otherwise engaged (a hit or a kick, or spitting hmm). Sometimes I think we are not consistent enough in how to respond and maybe we need to stick to the naughty step and stick with it. But it would be useful to hear what they say on your course.

flip - here's hoping the next few days go quickly for you wink and that you feel better soon - it's not easy being pg with 2 LOs, so hope you get some rest time soon.

momino Mon 16-May-11 23:00:21

running, congrats! smile well done! I'm so, so happy for you. go get rest. x

belgina Mon 16-May-11 23:09:01

stamped sending you virtual hugs. What a terrible thing to have happened sad. How proud you must be of your child though. Sending you {hugs}.

running congrats. Sounds like all must have gone well seeing that you were on fb in no time grin

smokey lol at your db taking cannabis grin. Hope it does work for him and hoping he gets better soon. Glad the twins are back to normal smile

momino Mon 16-May-11 23:14:52

ah, Smokey, missed news about your DB. so glad he's in the all clear. Hope he's feeling better. Glad twins are better as well.

bannedfromknitclub Mon 16-May-11 23:16:40

Fi sneaks in after going awol for a very long time

Thank you for all your wonderful birthday messages on FB smile sorry i've been off mumsnet for so long.. I've been trying to keep up with everyones news on FB as my non work computer time has been very limited which has meant I've not made it on here. I know i'll have missed heaps sad

HUGE Congratulations to running on your baby boy!

I'll do my best to catch up, figure out who's who, fill you in on what been happening in RL to keep me off the computer & wish all may 2009 little uns that have turned 2 already a belated very happy birthday xoxox

belgina Mon 16-May-11 23:17:39

hmm missed a whole page of posts, sorry, wasn't ignoring people...

flip glad you're Ok and that you mamoth il visit is over

cupboard glad you and your dh are managing to work things through

pika sounds like your dd1 is having trouble. Have you checked with school? Any bullying or anything?

running glad to hear you had a good labour grin

momino Mon 16-May-11 23:18:06

Belgina, can't believe you took theDC's camping on your own shock! not sure whether your brave or mad (or both wink)?

Hi flippin, hope you're feeling well.
Hi Cupboard and anyone else I've missed. I really must be getting back to work or it will be another 1am bedtime. yawn.

pikachu999 Mon 16-May-11 23:18:45

smokey - I missed your DB news earlier. Great to here he got the all clear and is well enough to travel too smile. You must be very happy and relieved that he's responded so well to his treatment.

bannedfromknitclub Mon 16-May-11 23:42:11

Well I've got through the first few pages of this thread and sending a lot of {{hugs}} to belgina pikachu smokeybacon muddleddaizy & everyone else I've yet to catch up on on the next pages for your really rough times you've had so far this year x

bannedfromknitclub Mon 16-May-11 23:58:14

I think i've worked out who's who now smile & stamped sending more {hugs} your way too.. such an awful thing to happen sad

I'm off to bed now.. but will make sure I pop in tomorrow after the school run smile

smokeybacon Tue 17-May-11 09:55:24

Oooooh running!! Big congrats. My finger rapping worked!! Just off to fb to check.

Good to see flip and banned too. We just need grumpy to put in an appearance here now!

Wriggly baby on lap so just a quick visit for now.

bannedfromknitclub Tue 17-May-11 12:55:47

Grr I wanted to pop on much earlier this morning for update you all on whats been going on in RL.. but darn BTinternet has been bouncing the emails with large attachments of images I've been trying to send to Knit magazine UK all morning! What should have been 6 simple emails have now turned into 10 and very confusing for my poor brain to work out which files needed split again!

I'm out this afternoon & DS has friends round for tea tonight so won't get a chance to pop back on here until after the DC's are asleep.. So I'll fill you in tonight smile see you later x

stamped Tue 17-May-11 13:20:20

lovely to see you banned smile

Thank you all for your hugs, they were much appreciated

I'm feeling a lot stronger today. Just ... life, it sucks, sometimes, eh?

bannedfromknitclub Tue 17-May-11 20:29:51

Well both DC's in bed and hopefully soon asleep.. DH needs the laptop shortly to answer questions about the bike bling stuff he's selling on ebay so I'll do my best to update you all a bit now..

Where to start?! Hmm.. OK start with our Nova Scotia plans.
The beginning of December we got an email from Nova Scotia Immigration saying they would support our community identified provincial nominee application and would be issuing us with that all important certificate of nomination so we could proceed to the 2nd stage of the application process. Huge celebrations ensued that we'd passed the first hurdle & then we knuckled down and ordered the police search certificates we needed to send the 2nd application off to London.

The police certs came and we sent off our 2nd application pack to London 31st Jan. Currently we are still waiting to hear any news from them sad but apparently according to the Britishexpat friends I know online they're currently taking about 6months to even acknowledge your provincial nominee application so we'll hopefully hear soon. We're hoping they'll request us to get our medicals done when we hear from them as they usually only ask you to do that if they've decided they want you smile

Getting through that 1st stage with NS immigration was a whole lot quicker than we thought.. so that meant I had to knuckle down get designing & knitting to get my online pattern business going. We really need my patterns to be bringing in a regular income to help our transition with jobs etc when we go so basically my free evening time has been spent designing, knitting samples & desk top publishing the pattern PDF's & dealing with queries from my online pattern testers. I now have online stores on Patternfish, Folksy & Artfire in addition to my exisiting Ravelry & Etsy ones. Keeping up with re-stocking/re-listing and emailing out PDF's when a pattern sells on Folksy, Etsy & Artfire is a challenge. I love my ravelry & patternfish stores the most as they sell the patterns and provide the customer with instant download when they purchase.. so I don't have any emailing to do at all! smile I plan to take July & August off designing to re-charge my brain cells and knit just for fun some patterns of other designers that i've been eyeing up for ages. I'm really looking forward to it & the thought of those months off is giving me just the nudge I need to get all the shawl designs I've been working on recently finished by then.

What else.. we had a rubbish time illness wise pretty much from Christmas onwards. DH was really poorly over Christmas/new year with bacterial sinusitus, horrid cough & high temp so I felt like a single parent for most of the holidays. One by one all of the rest of us got the high temp/cough bug in Jan/feb & DS then brought home the D&V bug which he shared with us all.. again one after the other. Over easter DS & G were on AB's again for chest infections sigh. I fortunately avoided pretty much everything except the D&V bug.. but i'm exhausted from being nursemaid for pretty much 4months off and on & being up until all hours with my designing. Touch wood since the beginning of this term we are keeping fit and well! Hopefully we'll stay that way too smile

I'm trying to think what else has been happening.. but nothing else leaps out at me atm.

Right DH needs the laptop.. so I'll have to go now but I'll hopefully get back on later ;) x

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 18-May-11 18:53:06

Smokey - currently got Ben and Holly on as I type! Great news about your brother!

Stamped - I guessed who you were straight away. How terrible, sadly becoming more and more common in that area of the country. I hope your DD is bearing up. Hugs.

Banned - great to hear from you! I've been AWOL for ages too, so don't feel too bad! I've also namechanged - go on up to see who I was! Here's hoping you her from the powers that be soon...

Running - big congratulations! I tried to post on your facebook wall but my stupid phone wouldn't let me. Love the name! smile

I've spent the last few days at my parents to take my mum to hospital for some radiotherapy sessions. My mum can still be a moo, though, she just goes on and on and ON about DH's parents about how much she hates them. It caused a horrendous argument in the car, with M starting to cry. Her christening is in July and I am absolutely dreading it. My mum will not listen to reason. Gah. Today she burst into tears after we left hospital saying that she's irritable because of the treatment and this looming prognosis, and I'm so horrible and all I do is blame her for everything, all she wants is support, etc etc. Call me cruel, but she's always been picky and crabby, and her prognosis is excellent. I am cruel, I know, but sometimes I just don't understand why she bears such petty stupid grudges. Anyway, my brothers are doing bugger all to help out. I call every day, have offered nursey advice, advising which creams to get to help her skin during the radiotherapy, take her to hospital, etc etc. One brother who is getting married in a couple of weeks calls about every 2 weeks - none of us are invited to the wedding, except some poxy BBQ a couple of weeks after, but of course the sun still shines out of his arse.

Sigh. Rant over. Sorry.

I've booked an early scan for tomorrow. NHS won't give me one so we are going private. Just want to see if there is a heartbeat, there wasn't one last time, and I'm so bloody nervous and terrified about it all.... Keep your fingers crossed for me......

hotcrossSES Wed 18-May-11 21:37:29

Woof - hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I know that feeling of dread before a scan but also the need for early reassurance.

Stamped - how dreadfully awful. Must be so hard to see your DC go through something like that but quite rightly you should be very proud.

Running - congrats smile

Hello everyone else and sorry for not NCing further but in the middle of stuff here. I've not posted that I got a BFP just over 2wks ago. Understandably worried with my mc history. Anyway, this evening I've started bleeding (bright red and crampy) so not holding out much hope. Will try and get a scan tomorrow at the EPU.

Woofsaidtheladybird Wed 18-May-11 21:49:59

Oh Ses sad You poor thing. Have fb'd you. Thinking of you tonight and I hope you get an appointment first thing. Take care and try and rest xx

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 18-May-11 23:16:40

Oh ses, I'm so sorry. Try not to worry too much and wait for a scan. Sending lots of hugs. Xxx

bannedfromknitclub Wed 18-May-11 23:32:40

woof I knew instantly who you were as your description of your previous name was very memorable smile Good luck tomorrow x

Sorry to hear your mum is giving you a hard time atm. It's always the nearest that cops it.. or that's how it's always been for me. My mum has been through colon cancer & chemo 3 times in the last 15yrs & she's been clear for the longest time yet.. 5yrs now. She still gets very weepy and maudlin before every check up (let alone what she was like when she was having the chemo). During her chemo I'd get frustrated with her constantly asking me "i'm not going to die am I?" it's not the kind of question I really wanted to dwell on & she drives me nuts when she starts asking it again when she gets a sore throat or a tummy bug. You're not being cruel at all! it's hard bearing the brunt of the emotional backlash of criticism of everything around them.. I think they do it so they don't have to think about what they can't face.

ses sad take it easy tonight & will keep my fingers crossed you get an appointment tomorrow x

Thinking of you ses x

hotcrossSES Thu 19-May-11 08:46:08

EPU won't see me til Monday sad
They say they wouldn't be able to guarantee a clear answer at 6+2.
Still bleeding - fairly constant and not quite as heavy as a period. Boobs no longer sore this morning so really not hopeful. I'll try a HPT later maybe.
Do I stay home alone and mope or try and go into work?!

FX for Woof and hoping that'll be some good news to make me smile

DandyLioness Thu 19-May-11 09:52:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hotcrossSES Thu 19-May-11 10:04:18

Thanks, not really in pain. Just v dull period like cramps. Have made excuses for this morning's meeting but this afternoon am doing a presentation to Eastbourne WI (thrilling I know!) on pharmacy so plan to finish off the presentation this morning (should have done it last night) and go down and do that.

Thank you to everyone for your support - it helps.

flippineck Thu 19-May-11 10:29:40

ses, thinking of you.

woof - aaarghhh, that sounds so frustrating for you.

running - more congratulations! Lovely name.

Hello everyone else!

ILs have gone, phew! Need to try to get back to normal now. DD1's behaviour has been dreadful while the ILs have been here (dramatics, tantrums, general attention seeking) so I really hope that all settles down now. A has been ok, but not sleeping brilliantly, waking in the night again. I'm just tired and bad tempered sad. My mum is out of hospital and has been for a few weeks, but still only has the temporary hip - she'll have to go back in later in the year to have the proper replacement done. I really want to go and see them, but the logistics are a nightmare and I just can't see when it's going to happen...more sad.

belgina Thu 19-May-11 21:07:05

ses Just saw your news. Sending lots of {{{hugs}}} It's hard, this bleeding in early pregnancy, isn't it sad Glad it's not painful for you. Do take it easy and take time out if you need to. I was glad that I did during my long period of uncertainty. It was a proper rollercoaster and I don't think I would have been able to concentrate too much at work.

banned <waves> Nice to "see" you again. I have been wondering whether you absense from all things internet had something to do with the NS move. Sounds all very exciting, but long winded. I'm the slowest crochetter in the world btw and still working at that hat... I think it might have to become C's at this rate blush

woof Sounds like your mum is taking out her fears and stress on you. Must be hard to be on the receiving end. Sending you a little non-NMy hug too.

flip phew ILs gone. Must be a relief. I didn't know there was such a thing as a temporary hip replacement. You poor mum, having to go through surgery so often. I can understand why you want to go and see her. Hope you manage somehow.

momi I think I was mad grin It would have been OK in good weather, but both of the dcs were being miserable, not wanting to play with the other dcs on the campsite (and there were loads), not wanting to explore the woods, play area etc... In the end I just left them in the tent while I viewed some stands and joined in with a few activities. Next time I go camping I will take DH and the caravan!

stamped thinking of you and your dd.

All well here, well, as well as can be. I tried to book an appointment with one of the more understanding GPs at my practice and the soonest they could book me in was the 10 of june!! shock So I booked it, but I'm in 2 minds whether to rebook it for a less popular doctor, because I would prefer to be seen much earlier than.
C's been ill again. Another cold, another one bad enough for her to need an inhaler at night. It does go as quickly as it comes up and she's pretty happy and perky now. It's every time she gets cold (which she did while camping). So annoying, I hope she outgrows it, because the GP doesn't seem all that concerned.

Oh and the ap is trying to teach C Spanish. She talks to her in Spanish and has been trying to teach her to say "ola". Which funnily enough C now thinks is the ap's name grin It's very funny to see her greet the ap with "la" and when I ask her where "la" is, C points at the ap.

This has become a bit of a mamoth post. Didn't mean to.

Hope everyone's well smile

omnomnomtom Sun 22-May-11 11:47:13

Just a quickie post from me
Ses hope all is well tomorrow- thinking of you
woof hope scan was good news
stamped sad news- you are right life sucks sometimes

running congratulations to you- have read your birth story on t'other thread and it sounds amazing. Lovely photo on FB too

big 'hello' to all those I've neglected to NC and belated happy 2nd b'days all round too - J isn't 2 until June 6th, I think at the end I was left on the antenatal thread alone grin

must go as I being asked to join in a game involving tucking (Yo) Jojo into bed and pretending to snore x

hotcrossSES Mon 23-May-11 11:34:10

Not great news. Although cervix closed, vague flicker of a hb and potential foetal pole, sac irregular and baby measuring too small. They expect me to mc naturally within a week. Have appointment to go back next Tuesday.

TheMitfordsMaid Mon 23-May-11 12:37:50

I'm so sorry Ses. Did they give any hope at all?

So sorry ses x

belgina Mon 23-May-11 14:21:36

Oh, ses. So sorry to hear the news. Hope the week passes quickly so you know where you are.

DandyLioness Mon 23-May-11 15:59:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Woofsaidtheladybird Mon 23-May-11 18:47:34

Ses. How terrible, really am thinking of you at such a heartbreaking time. No words can make it better. Sending you lots of love and hugs and thoughts xxx

My parents are ignoring me, which is quite nice and peaceful, actually. We had a little party yesterday for M and they got narky as they weren't invited. We decided not to invite parents as we didn't want an atmosphere with their pettiness. I can't win, can I?! Gah.

My scan last week was all fine, but it is all still very early days so fingers crossed.

On another note completely, who's LO is still napping in the afternoon? M sometimes does but then she's a bugger to get to sleep at night. It took her an hour to get to sleep this afternoon. She's also now in her cotbed - we've put the baby gate across her door so she doesn't wander downstairs after bedtime but then we have this wailing with her clinging to the gate, like she's in prison. We moved her to the cotbed as we found her with her legs half way over the rails trying to escape the cot. Sigh. Any tips?

flippineck Mon 23-May-11 19:54:32

Ses, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I hope the wait for any kind of news is as good as it can be. Thinking of you all x

Reggiee Mon 23-May-11 20:35:50

Ses so sorry - just seen your news sad

Woofsaidtheladybird Mon 23-May-11 20:38:51

Sorry, that looks really insensitive of me blabbering on about crap there blush and sad Sorry Ses x

hotcrossSES Mon 23-May-11 21:03:25

Oh goodness Woof - don't worry! It's good to hear of some "normality" (or not as the case may be wink )

Thank you for all your supportive messages. I actually went into work this afternoon as I decided that was preferable to moping at home. Worked as a good distraction. I may just be putting off dealing with it fully until the inevitable happens but it worked for this afternoon!

I just wish I knew when the inevitable was going to happen though and hoping it's not in the middle of an important meeting or anything.

DH has been great and we sat in the car park at the hospital for an hour crying and hugging. He also picked O up from nursery for me and bought me some flowers which he got O to bring in and give me.

They were really lovely at the EPU too and gave us the best photo from the scan.

No further bleeding yet but feeling a bit crampy.

Thank you again for all you hugs and kind words - it really does help.

belgina Tue 24-May-11 19:26:07

Glad the bleeding has stopped, ses Hope it's a good sign smile Your DH sounds wonderfully supportive. Wish my own had been so thoughtful in jan/feb.

woof C takes naps 5 out of 7 days nowadays I'd say. This week she's been a bit under the weather with a cold (that needed an inhaler again, poor thing), so she's taken some mammoth naps. But yes, she's become difficult to get to sleep for naps lately, it can easily take an hour. hmm

I've seen a GP today. I decided to go to just any old one just to get seen soon. Luckily it was the one who saw me several times during my misc and so he knew my history. He said that my on/of bleeding for the last month is quite normal for a 1st period after a misc, but has refered me for a USS, just in case to make sure there are no retained products. In the mean time I've used an ovulation monitor and I've ovulated, so that bit is working. Though I bled during the ovulation hmm and I'm also taking angus castus which hopefully will help regulate things a little.

Big wave to flip banned Mitford omnom running reggie smokey pikachu and anyone else I might have forgotten

TheMitfordsMaid Tue 24-May-11 20:03:17

Big hugs to ses. I've been thinking about you today.

Belgina, now long have you been on the Angus castus? I am very wary of it; it completely messed up my cycle when I took it. I found it horrendous and now stay well clear of things like that.

Took DS for an eye test today, and have to return in 6 months because his left eye might need a prescription. Poor boy, he didn't enjoy it at all.

belgina Tue 24-May-11 22:44:56

Mitford, I've been on it for a week. I tend to react well to such things (grown up with it) and I'm hoping for it to improve my already messed up cycle. Can't make it much worse IMO. If it doesn't work then I'll just stop it. I'll see how it goes. I've also had a recommendation from a friend for a good accupunturist who specialises in women's health. Seeing how well I reacted to it when I had SPD/PGP, I'm going to make an appointment with her too.
Hope your ds wont need glasses. Not nice to need it from that young sad

omnomnomtom Thu 26-May-11 08:51:06

Ses so sorry to hear scan wasn't positive- massive hugs from me

Mitford poor DS fingers crossed he won't need glasses yet- they do have some better designs for kids these days than when we were little - my first pair were designed by -no kidding here- Timmy Mallet!

re naps; we are still on daily naps, long may it continue. I do have to try and get him down early though otherwise he won't settle later. He has been known to sleep for up to 3 hrs in the afternoon shock

flippineck Thu 26-May-11 10:28:31

ses, still thinking of you x

re naps - A still sleeps every day, and I am so glad! It's usually lunch time ish, sometimes before, sometimes after, and she can sleep for anywhere between 30 mins and 2 1/2 hours, it's random. She definitely still needs it, and as long as she doens't sleep much later than 3.30 then bed time is till ok too. If I have to wake her from a nap she is in a foul mood for ages though, so I try to let her do her own thing. DD1 dropped her day time naps when she was around about two, helpfully a few weeks before A was born.

A had her two year check by the HV this week, all fine - except TMM, the HV has referred her to have her eyes checked. No reason to suspect anything, but because DH and I are both short sighted (and I started wearing glasses quite young) HV thinks A should be checked. Odd thing is though that this has never been mentioned to us before by anyone, so DD1 has never had her eyes tested. Just a bit puzzled about it all really.

bannedfromknitclub Thu 26-May-11 14:09:08

ses was thinking of you all day monday {{hugs}} sorry to hear what they said in the scan sad What a wonderful DH you have smile how are you doing today?

belgina Thu 26-May-11 14:11:52

ses How are you today?

flip That is a bit odd. I do believe there is a genetic link to short sightedness, especially if both parents wear glasses since childhood, but I was always under the impression from the opthalmologist I was with dd1 (she's got a minute, no, virtually microscopic squint) that short sightedness generally appears around 10, sort of late primary school age. No harm in having her eyes checked though. I'm under the impression that dcs should have their eyes checked regularly anyway, but I've been very slack in that blush. Come to think of it, ds is about the age I started wearing glasses, maybe I should take him to the opticians' one day soon...

omnom Hello!

momino Thu 26-May-11 14:16:23

gosh, I've not been on here for about a week? Just a quick one (as usual). Mainly to say Ses I'm so, so sorry. I hope you're ok and am thinking of you. sending virtual hugs and support your way.
2*year**check*: are we supposed to arrange this with our GP/HV? No one's contacted me.
Woof, glad scan was ok and sending baby glue your way. H, like C, naps about 5 of 7 days. on the days she naps she doesn't go to bed till quite late and is always the 1st one up.
on getting out of bed, i suppose it will become less of a novelty with time so may be one of those 'this will pass' phases. just guessing.

hello everyone else!
have to go now as there is a quiet moment and I've not hoovered in over a week blush.

bannedfromknitclub Thu 26-May-11 14:17:02

Woof our G is at that dreadful in between stage of needing a nap sometime in the day but if she has one she then won't go to sleep at her usual 7ish and is up singing and shouting from her bedroom until way after DS has gone to bed & fallen asleep past 8pm. So I'm doing my best to not let her nap too long (1.5hrs max) if she does get so cranky she just can't do without a nap that day. Luckily we have the school run to do in the afternoons so If she's having a nap I have to wake her at 2.20pm at the very latest to get her ready to go. If she sleeps past 3pm there is no way she'll sleep again at 7pm. She's napping once every 2-3 days at the moment.

bannedfromknitclub Thu 26-May-11 14:21:00

eek is that the time! I have to fly waves to momino and belgina i'm supposed to be at DS's school at 2.30pm for a blessing of the new statue of Mary they're putting in their Garden of tranquillity.. Will have to catch up more later x

hotcrossSES Thu 26-May-11 15:29:44

Hello all! Thank you so much for all your messages of support - it really helps.

The inevitable has still not happened yet - I feel like a time bomb waiting to go off. We've decided to still go away for our planned visit to my brother and SIL in Keswick this wkend and I just hope my body hangs on until afterwards.
A few people have commented that they think I'm mad to have kept going to work but actually I think it's helped keep me sane and distracted. Naturally feeling quite up and down but having work to focus on helps.

naps - O still has a nap every day. I can almost time him to the minute that it will be about 70mins.

2yr checks - Not heard of those happening around here either unless we're meant to instigate them?

flippineck Thu 26-May-11 22:33:53

2 year checks - HV got in touch with us; round here according to the schedule they're supposed to do a 9 month check and then a 2 year check. It's very dull stuff, answer questions...does your child eat/sleep/move properly, are you concerned about anything, how much do they weigh and how tall are they, well done here's your bookstart bag. A didn't have a 9 month check because they had no HVs attached to our surgery, so they just didn't bother.

pikachu999 Thu 26-May-11 23:29:37

Hello ladies. Just logged on to see lots of chat.

Ses - so sorry to hear what you are going through. My heart goes out to you ((hugs)).

naps - S still naps every day, 12-2 at nursery or 12.30-2.30 or so at home. He has developed stalling tactics at bedtime (more books, milk, cuddles,...) but is generally in bed at 7.15 but has a tendency to wake anytime from 6am hmm. He has started waking a lot at night and calling out (luckily for "daddy" as he knows i never wake/get out of bed blush). He also has terrible tantrums which is really trying.

Our HV called us to arrange Ss 2 year check which is in a few weeks time. I'm planning to use the appointment to see if she can assess DS1s speech too as I am worried about him being understood properly when he starts school as there are still quite a few sounds he can't make.

Anyway time for bed. night all

pikachu999 Fri 27-May-11 14:05:31

I knew it- as soon as i said S napped every day like clockwork, he was too giddy to sleep this lunchtime (I remember with DD we started to remove all her soft toys to stop her playing!) and I was determined he did, so I've just had a 40 min battle - first lying him down every time he sat up, then patting/shushing which nearly worked, then finally cuddling him til he fell asleep. Then trying to transfer him to bed (he woke up very cross), then same again until I was sure he was sound asleep that time!. It was like having a LO again smile.

I think if he starts refusing naps, I will give him an hour quiet time then get him out of bed- I think that's what I did with the others - sometimes they'd sleep, sometimes not. At least that way you get a rest yourself wink. I also remember then doing the 5 or 5.30 bedtime when they were too tired to stay up any longer...

smokeybacon Fri 27-May-11 20:13:19

ses just caught uP and seen your news. So so sorry. Wine and chocolate are good medicine. sad Thinking of you.

momino Sat 28-May-11 20:50:17

oh and meant to say, good to see you again Banned!

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good weekend.

muddleddaizy Mon 30-May-11 21:00:26

Hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend!

Sorry I've been awol for so long. I keep up with the reading but never seem to manage to post!

Running congrats! Lovely name! Hope alls going well.

Omnom hows things going with you?

Pula Hows your dad doing? I persuaded the Dr to get my ds1's hearing tested as I was worried about his speech. It appears he has glue ear. I have an appointment with SLT soon and they have to do more hearing tests as he didn't want to play ball last time!! Like you I wanted to try and get things sorted before he starts school.

Ses been thinking of you. I hope you had a good weekend and thinking of you this week.

Banned good to 'see you' again. I was wondering how you were.

Stamped Hope all is well with you.

Congrats Woof hope all is going well with you!

We have another one who takes ages to go to sleep. Sometimes ds2 won't sleep unless someone is cuddling him hmm. It's driving me mad. He gets so wound up he ends up headbutting the top of his cot! Plus we've just taken the side of his cotbed, which hasn't helped. (He wouldn't sleep in it last night because he thought it was broken!!!!)

Ds1 is having regular meltdowns over the smallest things. Like he hasn't said goodbye to someone for the fourth time hmm

Ds2 is driving up the wall at the moment. He's not like his brother, won't listen to anyone and has this really cheeky face when he's doing something he shouldn't be! I think they've had too many sweets this weekend, so they've been hyper too! Sweet ban starts tom!

Hi also to Smokey, Momino and everyone else.

belgina Tue 31-May-11 18:30:21

Hi everyone,

ses How are you doing? How was your weekend?

muddled Hi <waves> Hope your ds's sleep/behave better soon. I'm pretty lucky that C's easy to put to bed at night. It's just naptimes where she needs cuddling to sleep and lately that can take an hour hmm She still seems to need her naps though, because she'll go to sleep easily at night and "only" wakes about 1-2 times anymore.

2y checks Not heard anything from anyone around here, but I remember asking about the 9m check at the time as everyone was talking about it and they don't really do that anymore around here. I presume it's the same for the 2y check confused Might pop in to baby clinic some time soon to see... Anyway, I've got no real concerns about C. She's pretty much doing the same as her big bro and sis did at her age.

We're all well. Went to Belgium for the weekend, which was lovely. As some of you might know, I've dyed my hair copper. My gm was really funny. She doesn't like it and really let me know grin I suppose at 92 you can say what you like (especially if you're slowly losing your marbles)

DH and I had a proper grown up time when in Belgium. He had a football tournament just over the border in Holland and it was followed by a slap up dinner and dance thing. So we both stayed in a hotel with the dcs staying at my parents and got drunk and slept in a hotel without little bodies joining us. It was brilliant grin I did express about a pint in 14h. Goes to show how much milk C still takes.

Right. Big wave to all of you. Hope you're all OK.

hotcrossSES Tue 31-May-11 20:42:53

Hello all! Thank you for all your continued good wishes. We had a lovely weekend away visiting my brother and SIL in The Lakes. It was a great distraction - didn't bother filling our hosts in on the details of what was going on as there wasn't much point.

Back to earth with a bump though as my follow up appointment is tomorrow. It was originally meant to be today but I postponed it due to a work meeting I couldn't really miss. I decided another day wouldn't make much difference!

Belgina - "proper grown up time" sounds great! I'm sorry but I did grin at your GM though. I suppose I look forward to being able to get away with saying things like that when I'm (hopefully!) in my 90s!

muddled - we also get lots of banging of the head against the cot. He cries when we put him in there every evening but is normally asleep within 20mins.

Omnom - hope you're doing ok?

Hello Flip, Banned, Woof, Running, Pula, Momino, Smokey and anyone else around

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 01-Jun-11 09:22:32

ses, I'll be thinking of you today. X

We're off to see a production of The Tiger Who Came to Tea this afternoon, so I am encouraging my two to burn off as much energy as possible this morning.

Hugs again Ses.

Hello everyone,

Thinking of you ses x

hotcrossSES Wed 01-Jun-11 11:50:11

Well no growth and no heartbeat. Bleeding slowed right down so ERPC booked for Friday sad
What I expected really but still trying to get my head around it all.

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 01-Jun-11 17:06:56

I'm so sorry Ses. Please look after yourself. X

Reggiee Wed 01-Jun-11 19:13:42

Sorry to hear this Ses sad

flippineck Thu 02-Jun-11 23:24:04

Ses, I'm so sorry to hear this. Please take care of yourselves x

momino Fri 03-Jun-11 21:16:05

Ses, thinking of you. Hope you're getting some rest and looking after yourself. xxx