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January 2011

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MacMomo Sun 16-Jan-11 14:03:47

Thought we should have a post-natal thread so we can stay together from our ante-natal one. Technically, DD was a December baby after coming early on new years eve; hope you don't mind if I stay with the January group after all this time. How is everyone doing?

kiwijesta Sun 16-Jan-11 20:54:41

Doing good! Body is healing nicely, slowly adjusting to less sleep. DD still doesn't like her moses basket, so co-sleeping, thank goodness for the spare room!

Loving reading the news of new babies filter through!

Mac I think you'd better stay with us, its been too long!

Hannah1890 Mon 17-Jan-11 02:23:28

Hey not doing too badly here, although having a few feeding issues, Rory doesnt like his moses basket either in fact doesnt like being still at all. DH and I have been taking it in turns to stay up at night and have developed a new found hatred for 2-5 in the morning...

Definately stay with us Mac !!

MacMomo Mon 17-Jan-11 03:21:08

Yes I think this thread could be very active at this time of the night!

deedee321 Mon 17-Jan-11 19:46:47

Hello again everyone! Having such a different experience from last time, which was easy birth and I bounced back, but dd was fussy and jumpy and wouldn't feed or sleep. This time horrible birth and really not well yet but brilliantly chilled out ds, feeding for Britain and amazingly sleeping 3 hour stretches without fussing throughout night.
Loved reading all the birth stories (though got some shivers down spine, going to be a while before I'm cheerful about mine) and will be fun keeping up with everyone and hearing how the babies are getting on!
Louie is such a wee darling, going to make the most of every minute of these early days, they pass so fast.

readyornot2011 Wed 19-Jan-11 02:52:42

Hello ladies,

Night 4 of being a mum here, think I have been blessed witht the easiest baby in the world (so far) and the most anxious (and lovely) DH.

Woke up this morning with bolders where my boobs used to be and they have steadily got bigger & bigger all day, they feel like their fit to pop. More or less woke DD at the first sign she was stiring for a night feed because I was so desperate to drain some off and am now sat with her, having had her fill on one side hoping she'll take an intrest in the other side but she is fast asleep again.

Have leaked all over 2 vests and the bed, don't want to go back to bed now as I know I'll be uncomfortable & wet. Have nipple cups but they leak when I move... Any tips?

Hope you're all loving motherhood, cant believe all those cliches are actually true

MacMomo Wed 19-Jan-11 21:40:53

Just got my avent nipple shells today, readyornot, so I will tell you if they work. Unfortunately I am still using nipple shields to feed as still painful; I do one feed each day without the shields but DD is already lazy and preferring the shields. Am seeing the bf lady tomorrow, trying to stay positive! Having trouble settling her after feeds between midnight and 7 am, then she's a sleeping angel for dh all day! Joys of motherhood!

deedee321 Sat 22-Jan-11 05:42:45

Hmmm ds has gone from sleeping 3 hours between feeds to sleeping 30 mins average between them the last few nights! Feel like a zombie...

MacMomo Sat 22-Jan-11 05:47:29

Not a big fan of the shells: too big for me (they almost double my boob size) which means they cant fit properly in my bra so they're uncomfortable. They do the job though. Maybe I just need a larger bra to accommodate them.

DD has a touch of nappy rash, fractious night. Looking forward to the tIme when she sleeps through!

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 07:25:23

Sorry, just ran out of room on the ante-natal thread so have copied this in here too! Is it ok if we pg mum's join the postnatal thread whilst waiting for these stubborn LO's?! grin

That's a shame about your parents pacita, but sounds good on the sweep front Hopefully won't be too long for you! My parents live in the Dubai most of the time and are flying back Sunday, but only here for a few days (i think) before having to fly away for another week or 2, and pop back again! Would be really nice if this baby could come before Tues/Weds!

So my sweep hasn't worked, although not 48 hrs until 3pm <<not hopeful>> ! Having another reflexology session this morning and a walk and may have to make myself have some more 'prostaglandins' as pacita delicately put it 40+5 today Can she really get any bigger?

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 07:28:16

Hope all the mummies and babies doing well...all those scrummy cuddles smile, and sleepless nights hmm

crumblequeen Sat 22-Jan-11 12:11:54

Hi all, joining here as my baby decided he didn't want to wait for Monday, and also that he did not fancy a c section!

Started contractions 4am today, arrived at hospital 6am and peter was born 7.30. They managed to get spinal in for c section but he was too fast for them and could see head by the time it had taken effect so delivered vaginally 10 mins after that!

I was having section due to damage from previous birth so will assess damage when up and about but am pleased it was quick and managed to avoid section.

Will catch up with all the news properly soon!

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 19:52:20

Thank you mamasunshine deedee littlehuman walkthdog wintersniffle crumblequeeen macmomo pacita for all the support. I was so down in the dumps and your messages helped. Exactly was this is for I guess.

Had to put off drinks for Mum as we have all had D&V over this week. Hopefully we'll all be well by Sunday as my Aunty is up to see DD this weekend.

DD put on 200g this week. But this was on different scales, so I will get her measured next week to see if it's true.

A friend came over whose 10 week old has been doing very poorly and got missed because of the snow. They thought they had the perfect baby, but she wasn't being weighed - because of the snow - and she slept a lot. When she was weighed after 6 weeks, she was still not at her birth weight! Anyway friend told me my positioning was off, and this seems to have helped with feeding.

pacita - you can probably get clary sage on Amazon. Or a herbal place like Neil's Yard. We have a shop in Edinburgh called Napiers that have it.

Macmomo thanks for websites.

Mamasunshine can't believe you are still preggers. Good luck with it all. I can only imagine your frustration.

Hope we don't lose anyone from the thread...

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 20:02:55

OMG Crumblequeen just read your post! CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of Peter! So happy for you. Wow. Hope you still have a perineum!

readyornot my bed is a milky mess. My DH just put the rubber sheet back on!! I tried wearing a bra and pads at night but it is horrible. So I just wear a clean T each night and shove a muslin up my T.

MacMomo DD is on the normal clock for a newborn. She will start to fit into yours I promise. My DD had nappy rash - I had been using Sudocrem and then Metatanium. I just gave up and started using only Tui Balm - just bee's wax and olive oil and it has cleared up! Can highly recommend it.

Sorry for disjointed message - trying to get it in before DD wakes.

sarrita Sat 22-Jan-11 20:05:43

hannah was recommending a hammock to littlehuman. DD is in one, and it is brilliant as it has a spring. This is the one we have but there are others.

mamasunshine Sat 22-Jan-11 22:46:46

OMG crumble shock What a suprise grin Glad you're both doing well (hope any damage isn't too bad) That was so quick! Huge congratulations!!!

Glad we helped sarrita smile Sorry to hear you've all been poorly. But what a good weight gain for your dd smile You're obviously doing a fab job! How scary for your friend, that must've been a complete shock for them.

Still in limbo here...maybe tonight hmm !

deedee321 Sat 22-Jan-11 23:52:53

Oh my goodness crumblequeen, that is a dramatic birth - cannot believe how fast!! Great you have avoided a section, I very much hope you recover ok from the birth you've had. Many congratulations!
My dd turned 3 today so hosted a birthday party - managed to really enjoy it through my haze of exhaustion!

deedee321 Sun 23-Jan-11 00:00:50

The other messages just popped up - so sorry you've had bug Sarrita, that must have been miserable. Hope you get to enjoy your Sunday. Fab that little one is putting on weight (awful story about your friend!)
Willing you on MamaSunshine, can't be long now!!

MacMomo Sun 23-Jan-11 05:42:18

yay crumblequeen congratulations! Hope any damage was minimal and you're back on your feet.

sarrita can't believe you had illness on top of everything else, but you're sounding brighter so hopefully all is a bit better. 200g sounds like a lot to me, more than the difference between two scales, so well done for perservering.

MacMomo Sun 23-Jan-11 05:53:51

Interrupted by nappy change

Any news mamasunshine?

mamasunshine Sun 23-Jan-11 09:36:34

Well done on your birthday party deedee smile impressive! I'm thinking of having a party for ds1's 3rd in March hmm we'll see how much sleep I get 1st I think!

No news sad Very disappointed, don't really have anything to do apart from wait (and look after the boys!) Uh...fed up, 41 wks tomorrow shock More walking etc in order for today before dh is back at work AGAIN tomorrow!!

Hope everyone else is well? Any news pacita?

littlehuman Sun 23-Jan-11 10:01:10

i finally found the thread lol
i almost lost you's!!

brooklyne as put on 200g last week and the health visitor said it was great so i imagine it might be some average.
she s probably the only one doing great here!

DH and myself totally exhausted 9though dh can sleep on command if needed and i cant...), and my poor cat with cancer is not doing any better these days.

we are having the nights of hell!i am trusting 2nd or 3rd time mums who say it gets better with timw cos so far thats my only hope!

readyornot2011 Sun 23-Jan-11 17:26:48

Congrats crumble a very speedy delivery indeed, hope you're recovering well

mamasunshine sorry you're fed up, at 41 weeks I'd given up hope and resigned myself to being induced at 42 weeks, only for Rosa to arrive in a bit of a hurry at 41+1.

Think we are doing well here, more by luck than judgement though! We have such a contented little thing. Day 8 now and she's only had 1 really bad night. When the midwife came the next day, she gave a knowing laugh and said 'ah yes, the day 5 growth spurt, you'll have the same on day 10.' Wish she'd told me before! (growth spurt really helpred with the pregnancy belly though!!!)

She had put on 8oz in the first 5 days making her 8lb 14oz which the MW was over the moon about. DH even managed to miss the 'bad' night with work.

We've had lots of visitors this weekend, which was great. Even managed to lunch out both days and she was good as gold in the cafes.

Only downside; stitches very sore and a bit swollen. I know its my body saying take it easy but in truth I'm having too much fun to listen.

Also feeling a little bit neglected by DH, but even as I type this I want to kick myself and shout 'pull yourself together'. It's just he made such a fuss of me throughout pregnancy and now naturally all that fuss is transferred to the baby, which is so heart-warming to watch, he's such a sweet Dad. Plus the poor chap has the new job to cope with, funny hours, lots to learn. I have clearly seen too much tv where the husband is suddenly in awe of his wife for producing his child. I can't help thinking mine is faintly horrified by me after witnessing the birth.

I know this is just me struggling with my self image post birth, coupled with the niggles and irritations of sleep deprivation, but I'm usually pretty self-assured and confident and hate feeling this pathetic. Anyway, its pretty easy to put that to the back of my mind and concentrate on my amazing new daughter and my DH growing into a wonderful new Dad. Just needed a vent

wintersniffle Sun 23-Jan-11 21:05:23

Hello all, loads to catch up on this thread!

macmomo thanks for starting the new thread smile

Congratulations crumblequeen, I hope you are ok and have a swift recovery. Amazingly quick birth.

mamasunshine can't believe she's still keeping you hanging on. Perhaps it's true what they say about girls always taking a long time getting ready to go out wink.

sarrita glad things going a bit better even though you've had a bug. If your DD has put on 200g while you've had D&V she must be doing well.

deedee I thought every hour during the night was bad enough, every 30 mins sounds like a nightmare. The joys of the day 10 growth spurt I guess.

littlehuman must be hard work having a poorly cat as well as a newborn. It definitely does get easier but I think 1st time round it felt like it took ages to get to that stage, this time everything (even the sleepless bits) are going too fast.

readyornot you almost need a separate person to take care of you as well as one for the baby. Everything does take slightly longer to get back to normal than you expect and the sudden crash of hormones, combined with your body not looking how you expect, sleeplessness and recovery from birth/stitches is a pretty toxic combination. Have you got any lavender and tea tree oil to put in the bath? I find bunging both of those in helps the stitches to heal. Finding the time for yourself to have the baths is also helpful but probably easier said than done...

DS2 fast asleep on my lap smile so adorable but probably just saving his energy for later.

Jobi1 Sun 23-Jan-11 22:49:42

Hello everyone, I had DS 29th December but is it ok if I stick with the January gang?

crumblequeen that is amazing and was my fantasy birth! Didn't happen to me, I got the ELCS as planned, but I wish it had. I hope once you;ve had a chance to assess things that you are ok, healing well and happy with what happened. And congrats on baby Peter.

Good luck to everyone who hasn't popped yet!

Nathan is going 3-4 hours between feeds now, occasionally 2, and I generally feel knackered at night but mostly ok through the day. his big brother has moments of jealousy but is generally doing really well and seems to really love his little brother. So we are still blissed out really!


beijingaling Mon 24-Jan-11 02:13:46

Yay! I found you!

DD is 4 weeks tomorrow! Where has all the time gone? Doing ok now but she was badly jaundiced and it was touch and go on sending her back to hospital. Lots of blood tests for her and I sobbed each time they did it.

She also didn't gain enough weight so dr had me on 2 hourly feeds. On weds we just got put on to 3 hourly and it's bliss getting that little bit more sleep.

Regarding sleep she drops off fine during the day but at night she decides she wants to be awake and it takes me ages to get her to settle to sleep. Poor lamb. She's so tired and keen to sleep but just can't drop off. Not sure what to try next.

Hope you're all well and not too sleep deprived.

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:32:43

Ladies, can I join you? I wasn't on the ante-natal thread but DD was born on 21 Jan. She was 8pm 9oz which was frankly a relief after weeks of MWs saying 'oooooh this is going to be a big one'.

Bit of a speedy 3.5th delivery on a ward full of people while waiting for induction meds to kick in. I said 'she's coming!' They said 'no she isn't. You haven't started to dilate yet'. I said 'she's f&£king b@££?/d c&)£ting coming'. Needless to say I was right.

DD is my second. DS is 3.7 and rather touchingly in love with his new sister. Although he's a bit confused about why she can't eat biscuits. Which is a fair point.

All going well so far. Feeding ok although amdesperate for milk to come in properly now (famous last words). Sleeping lots during the day and barely at all at night but that'll sort given time. Very alert. Feels like a 2 week old but then she was two weeks overdue so not surprising!

Nice to meet you all and I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your party.

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:33:26

8lb 9oz of course. Bloody predictive text thing...

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 03:34:52

Obviously also meant 3.5hr. It's 3.30am - what can I say!

MacMomo Mon 24-Jan-11 09:33:34

Welcome limelight and congratulations!

Pacita haven't heard from you for a few days - fingers crossed your baby has finally arrived!

DD just let me have three hrs sleep, she normally only does that when dh is looking after her in the afternoons.

littlehuman Mon 24-Jan-11 10:18:36

jobi1 i stick to this thread too though dd was born on boxing day grin i know you all for too long ;-)

limelight welcome! funny about your ds not understanding dd not eating biscuits lol

wintersniffle we had the best night since she was born last night hurray!! she usually wakes up at 1am and wont go bk to sleep until 3ish and then again around 4am and then thats finish for me ! but last night she woke up at 1am, back to sleep just before 2am and then woke up again around 4ish til 5am. and the cat woke up at the same time so i didnt have to get up twice for DD and for my cat.

beijingaling hope your dd is feeling better and putting on weight(except for last night, i understand how you feel about your dd routing, awake at night and sleeping during the day grrrhhh...)

mamasunshine ??? we are waiting for you now lol good luck!

Hannah1890 Mon 24-Jan-11 12:19:35

Congratulations to all new babies, have been AWOL for a while so lots to catch up on, Rory and I ended up back in hospital 4 days after her was born as I had a bladder and kidney infection. Didnt even realise I was ill until my mum came round and I was in tears because couldnt lift him. I thought it was just after pains of labour...clearly not. All good now though got out on Friday.
Rory is now 10 days old and 5ozs heavier than birth weight, slept last night from half 12 till half 9 with a half hour feed at 5, feeling like maybe horrible pregnancy and birth are paying off with a gd baby. Still having a few problems with feeding but was taught in hospital how to do it lying down so am only feeding like that atm to try and build up my and his confidence in it.

Looking forward to hearing the news of more babies and will try catch up!!
Hope all Mums, babies and bumps are doing well!

mamasunshine Mon 24-Jan-11 12:49:00

littlehuman - it really does get much better soon, just take 1 day at a time smile Sorry to hear you're cat's so poorly sad Hope you're doing ok?
readyornot - try not to worry about all the mixed emotions/feelings etc, it's all VERY normal. Your hormones will be all over the place. I find that by 4 months post birth I'm pretty much back to 'me'. Just be kind to yourself smile And everything that wintersnuffle said!
Hello and congratulations limelight grin what a speedy birth shock!!
Also hoping pacita has had her baby by now?

So nice to be hearing all about your LO's smile You all sound to be doing brillantly! No baby here 41wks today, never even imagined! Kindof don't want her to come until the end of the week now (for pure convenience), so I'm sure she'll come tomorrow now!

ursulabear Mon 24-Jan-11 14:40:53

Hi everyone, i'm following from the Janurary 2011 thread. Due 28th and have no ningles at all...beginning to think I may be having a feb baby at this rate! This is no.1 for me so not knowing what to expect, keep thinkin what if I start labour and don't realise(LOL). Not even overdue yet and impatient, just want to meet my lil one. Got hosp appointment this wednesday so I assume they discuss induction dates etc if I don't go on friday. I've never had an estimated weight, is this normal?

Limelight Mon 24-Jan-11 20:29:33

Hi ursulabear! Don't worry, you'll know... I wasn't given an estimated weight for either DC. DD seemed to grow at speed once I went overdue and I think some of the hospital staff felt that I should have been given a growth scan because she was seemingly a big baby. Unless you've got a whopper (my cousin was 13lb for example shock), I'm not sure it makes a dIfference. DD was much bigger than DS and I didn't really notice.

Hi everyone else too! Thanks for letting me stay. You all sound like you're doing brilliantly and am particularly impressed with all of you first-timers. I was a jibbering wreck for the first six months of DS's life!

It did prove to be famous last words. Milk came in today, along with her royal highness deciding her express purpose in life is to feed and feed and feed and feed and feed.... All good though I suppose although feeding from 1.30am to, well now really, has been a little challenging.

I'm a bit sad that my nipples are sore this time around. I'd really hoped to avoid that particular joy this tome around. They're not bad (certainly not like they were with DS), but a bit tender to say the least. It'll be latch again no doubt, and (sorry if tmi) but teeny tiny newborn mouths and my apparently gargantuan nipples are not a match made in heaven. Looking on the brightside, it got better last time and so I'm sure it will again, and if any of you have any marvellous ideas about how to get a new born to open her mouth wider, then do let me know. I've tried all the usuals so think I might have to resort to DS sneaking up on her and shouting 'BOO!' wink

mamasunshine Tue 25-Jan-11 09:46:55

Hi ursula I'm 41+1 and beginning to think I may be having a feb baby too grin Are you having a scan to estimate weight? I know they do it through measuring the tapes to check on growth. I think most first labours start off gradually building up, so I'm sure you'll know, so don't worry smile Mine started with very bearable contractions every 10mins and VVVVV slowly built it's way up and got more painful, but it was a matter of hours.
limelight - I had the nipple soreness with ds2, was spending most of my time readjusting his latch and trying to hold his mouth wide open! He did click on relatively quickly though!

Still pregnant and still feel like she won't be here anytime soon hmm...

deedee321 Tue 25-Jan-11 13:43:38

Oh MamaSunshine, what a wait!!
Anyone else racing around all day with a toddler while your baby angelically sleeps, then up all night with a baby that refuses to settle?? He seems to have sore tummy, which makes me so sad, but doesn't get tummy ache during day??

pacita Tue 25-Jan-11 16:39:32

Hello ladies! Finally manage to sit down! Baby Inés arrived on saturday at 9;39. She weighed 3.2 kg. It was a short labour in the water.

I need to go collect DS from nursery, but will come back to catch up and share the birth story, if anyone is interested.

I too have an angel by day and a party animal by night! What are we going to do, deedee?!

Limelight Tue 25-Jan-11 16:48:25

That sounds like my life too deedee.

littlehuman Tue 25-Jan-11 18:42:17

hey pacita
congratulation! brooklyne was 3.2 kg too
you seemed to have been able to have a waterbirth , great!!

Redone Tue 25-Jan-11 20:41:29

Hello lovely MNers,
Have been ashamedly lurking since May last year and have really taken comfort from everyone's updates and posts as pregnancy has progressed.

My DD1 was born last thursday by emcs, bit of a traumatic induction experience due to high bp and pre-eclampsia. Spent the first 24hrs on a high as expected but seem to have come down to earth with a mahoosive bang.

Feeling so low and stressed about motherhood it's making me feel sick and crying on my poor dh every night and day isn't helping.
Really worried there is something seriously wrong with me, praying it's baby blues but can't imagine ever feeling positive again.

Sorry to bum everyone out, just really hoping to find someone with some advice or words of comfort, selfish?

Thanks so much in advance


mamasunshine Tue 25-Jan-11 22:52:43

Congratulations pacita grin I knew that you'd be cuddled up grin Another fab name! I love to read a birth story!
Welcome and Congrats to redone smile Your dd was born 5 days ago? Perfect timing for the baby blues. After my EMCS on the 5th day I went completely mental with my dh about a washing basket...and started lugging the heavy filled thing around hmm,,,then proceeded to have a complete breakdown and smash our kitchen window shock Along with other things, and lots of crying blush But it passed within days really, concoction of traumatic birth, recovery from major surgery/the pain, feeding issues, hormones...the list goes on and on! So be kind to yourself, take one day at a time and you are going through a very common phase. Obviously if you feel like this for weeks it will be something to seek help over, however I'm sure it'll just be baby blues <<<big hugs>>>

Jobi1 Tue 25-Jan-11 23:23:16

Sounds like me after EMCS with DS1, I cried for about 3 weeks & kept saying how rubbish I was at being a mum. It got a lot easier, promise.
Congrats on new additions, so exciting!
I'm also chasing toddler by day & baby by night, I think happiness is keeping me going!
Hugs all round x x

sarrita Wed 26-Jan-11 01:28:38

Welcome redone.

MW told me not to worry if I got a bit weepy. I said - "as if". And then proceeded to fall to bits over something my Dad said; not like me at all.

The lack of sleep will do it, and the crash after the high.

You will get through it.

beijingaling Wed 26-Jan-11 01:34:39

Redone I also spent days 3-5 sobbing and got very teary over nothing up until the weekend (when I started getting more sleep iirc). As happy as I am I was sure I had made a mistake! It should all pass soon but please tell us if you're still feeling crap.

Baby is 4 weeks now! Need to get to hospital as just realized one of my dissolvable stitches hasn't dissolved. Eeeeek!

Redone Wed 26-Jan-11 20:58:57

you ladies are lovely, thank you so much for your responses.
No better today really, dd is 6 days old and have felt like this since i got home from hospital on friday evening. Going to call the midwife tomorrow and see what help there maay be, really can't face the thought of continuing like this and feel so bad for my lovely dh.
Feel bad for you beijingaling, the thought of ever setting foot inside hospital again makes me feel sick. I hope the stitch is easily sorted.
Thanks again all. X

pacita Wed 26-Jan-11 22:32:56

Hang on in there, redone. It will get better.

beijingaling Thu 27-Jan-11 09:17:10

I dont think that 6 days is unusual Redone but hope you get some support in RL from MW and others. Do keep posting though and on other areas of the site if you need the support. Also I never got the rush of love that people talk about. It was more like the gentle waves of the tide coming in over a few weeks.

Popped into the dr/hospital today. He says I'm healing very well and pulled out 2 threads that hadn't dissolved. He's left one knot in there though and will remove it in 4 weeks if it still hasn't gone. He also has banned sex for a further 4 weeks thank god

littlehuman Thu 27-Jan-11 13:00:13

mamasunshine you smashed a window?? lol
that must have been pretty bad!

i agree with you though about going mental for little things,
i am already a clean freak usually but going home not being able to do things i would usually do, i was getting so angry and frustrated and then nights were absolutly awful (they are not any better but i think i just got used to it)
i was so pissed off at dh to be so relax and laid bk about everything!
with the snow i was cleaning the floor after each visitor lol grinnow the floor is a mess ahahah
redone if you think you need help to get over that period , i am sure there must be plenty around your area , i got given lot of liflets and phone numbers etc by the mw and bounty pack...you might have the same where you live xx good luck

ursulabear Thu 27-Jan-11 14:14:24

I've had the measuring tape done the whole way through and baby in the beginning was measuring way big, but leveled out, i think i'm just having a long one as i'm 5' 10 and my parter 6' 2. Was at the hospital yesterday for what was essentially my 40wk appointment although i'm not due until tomorrow. I was offered the sweet which I accepted, then got a little confused when I came out as the form I was given when asked was sweep performed, no was circled?! The MW had some gel on her fingers and did an internal, is this not a sweep?

Anyways nothing seems to have started yet, feels a lot heavier around my groin area but thats bout it so far!

wintersniffle Thu 27-Jan-11 16:11:35

We've had an interesting few days, even before DS2 turned up DS1 was struggling a bit in the afternoons because he's dropping his nap. In the morning he's sweet with DS2 but by mid-afternoon he's losing the plot a bit and tries to hit him a lot. We're ok at the moment as DP is around to make sure he can't get violent while I'm feeding DS2 but I'm not sure how it's going to work once it's just me and them confused.

Congrats pacita and hello to everyone who has just arrived on the thread smile

mamasunshine Sat 29-Jan-11 17:11:13

Hello smile Just back from hospital as blood pressure went up in early labour so decided to cancel the homebirth.

Baby Arabella born last night at 20:06hrs, weighing a huge 7lb15 (big for me!). Had early labour from 2am Friday morning then baby turned back-to-back, so was expecting a very long labour. Got into hospital at around 5pm was 4cm dilated, had her at 8pm So my total labour from being established was 3hrs14mins VERY different from last time! Was excruciating though think because it all happened sooooo quickly I wasn't prepared and kept saying I can't do this, give me an epidural...little did I know I was in transition So in the end managed on gas and air, and she came out perfectly She's gorgeous and has barely stopped feeding yet!

Was kept in overnight as had the high blood pressure and protein in urine, but all's started stabilising...thank goodness between my baby cring and everyone elses inbetween you stood no chance of recovering!

Hope everyone's doing well?

wintersniffle Sat 29-Jan-11 20:14:04

Congratulations mamasunshine, you must be so pleased to finally be getting baby cuddles. smile

Everyone seems to have gone very quiet, I think sleep deprivation must be catching up with everyone or there's more arrivals happening...

crumblequeen Sun 30-Jan-11 08:12:04

Hi everyone!

Mamasunshine congratulations, you had that name picked from the start didn't you? It's lovely. Glad it was quick for you, although I found it a bit shocking at the time too!

Pacita congratulations also, hope DS is happy with the new arrival?

Wintersniffle my DS is also very tired in the afternoons after dropping nap, he really needs one but will not go to bed at home in the day and I refuse to drive around in the car every day. He has been great with baby though, couldn't have wished him to be any better, but he is taking his tiredness out on us and being very difficult. I am very lucky as DH has 2 weeks full pay paternity then my mum and sister are staying for 2 weeks which was to help after the c-section that never happened but they are going to come anyway.

Jobi1 are you on your own with 2 now? How are you getting on? I was pleased I avoided recovery from section and feel like I am healing well 1 week on. Can just about feel pelvic floor, which is much better than last time! Going to really need to focus on doing the exercises every day though.

Redone how are you feeling now?

DS2 is doing really well, had some feeding trouble for a couple of days when milk came in as got really quickly engorged but its settling down now and getting less sore, although I still wince when DS1 gives me an exuberant toddler cuddle! He is sleeping for around 2 hr stretches at night, either in his crib or next to me in bed so that's going ok. Have sent DH to spare room now as there is not really anything he can do in the night and one of us needs to be half awake in the day to keep up with DS1!

I have remembered now that I hate night time nappy changes, January not the best month for doing them!

Hope everyone doing well and enjoying your gorgeous babies while they are so tiny. Looking forward to hearing of some more arrivals soon!

Jobi1 Sun 30-Jan-11 09:53:16

Hi crumblequeen and everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Yep I'm on my own with two but DS1 goes to pre school 3 mornings and grandmas for one day. She's also been taking him for an extra afternoon whilst I'm recovering from section, and usually visits one afternoon, as do my parents (although they're less helpful but thats another story!). So I have loads of support and am very lucky. DS1 has been pretty good though, he's extra attention seeking but thats fair enough and he's had the odd meltdown but seems very tired so I think he may be getting disturbed at night sometimes. He hasn't had daytime naps for about 9 months or so, bummer! The difficulty is I can't take them both out yet, although I don't think I'd cope with 2 yet anyway! And keeping him amused without too much tv!

Redone, just to say I had very bleak moments after the birth of DS1 - hormones and exhaustion and traumatic birth and mastitis and a cranky colicky bubs all contributed! It can be a very difficult time. Things that helped were getting out in fresh air, talking to friends and family and going to a mum & baby group at the local childrens centre. Hang in there and keep posting, you're not alone.

sarrita Sun 30-Jan-11 10:13:22

mamasunshine!!!! at last. Congratulations. Though does sound excruciating. Glad to hear you are both well and at home.

Good luck ursulabear.

I was very sick on Monday morning, but luckily we had lots of oral re-hydation salts in the cupboard. So frustrating as by week 3 was beginning to feel back to normal.

My beautiful DD seems to be finally gaining weight - she managed 300grammes this week! And she seemed to sleep a bit longer last night. But if I don't concentrate on the BF she does green watery poos.

In laws are here for 3 weeks. They have DS at their flat that we rented for them. They are annoying, but at least they can help with DS.

Can't believe how many gifts we have been given. I would have thought it would be less with the 2nd - but people have been very generous. It is lovely - DD has her own pink wardrobe now.

redone I hope you have managed to get some support and that you are feeling a bit better.

deedee321 Sun 30-Jan-11 13:16:44

So happy to hear your news MamaSunshine, kept checking the thread to see when you'd pop!! Sounds quite a trauma, it does take a while to take in what's happened when the birth is not quite as toy imagined! I felt really upset thinking about the levels of pain at first, but it does pass, thank god.
Sarrita, I giggled at your in-law paragraph - good that they can concentrate on your wee boy though, and give you baby snuggling time, esp when you've not been well.
I am still awake most of the time, trying to keep up with my disco-dancing, jumping-bean toddler during the day, then getting the big eyes from my ds during the night...every night at 11pm on the dot he starts his awake time! I'm the same as you crumble, so relieved my toddler likes the baby, so not complaining!

MacMomo Sun 30-Jan-11 16:23:05

mamasunshine at last! Big congratulations, love the beautiful name.

redone I'm still weepy every now and then, 4 weeks after the birth. Hormones all over th place, sleep deprived and rather emotional at the whole "I love this baby more than anything in the world" feeling. I am trying to accept the emotional rollercoaster rather than fight it.

DD putting on weight at twice the rate of the 'normal' graphs, despite ongoing issues with bf. HV was so shocked she weighed her twice last time just to be sure. Unfortunately, she has just started a fussy feeding routine - snacking! Short feeds, short sleeps with general grumbling and fussing in between. I hope this doesn't last long!

I'm expressing a lazy boob every 2 hours to try to increase the milk flow, and the nipple is now so sore I'm ready to give up - but the sight of a E cup boob next to a B cup boob is just so freaky shock

sarrita so glad about the weight gain, must have been a relief to know it's all ok now.

splodge77 Sun 30-Jan-11 18:24:20

hi all, goodness its been a long time since i last posted as i ended up in hospital for 9 days with our little boy. Arnie arrived on 20th jan. we had a natural birth at the birthing centre which all went well (tho i'm sure had more pain relief than gas and air been available i would have lapped it up. it was bloody painful!!!). 2 hours of skin to skin later i was scoffing spag bol and thinking we might be going home the very same day then i suddenly got really dizzy and my heart rate went mental. had to be transferred to the labour ward for a blood transfusion then the next day arnie got jaundice and some kind of mystery infection - had to go in lightbox and have antibiotics. it was horrible being stuck in hospital without my partner for so long - nights were particularly awful but am thrilled to be home now. breastfeeding going ok tho i have mega leaky boobs and sore nips!! hope this will improve soon! congrats on all the other new arrivals. i need to read back thru the thread - a lot to catch up on!

deedee321 Sun 30-Jan-11 21:49:41

Congratulations Splodge, on your lovely little boy. Sounds like you have had a stressful time since his birth, hope you can relax and enjoy having him at home now.

MacMomo Sun 30-Jan-11 22:22:14

Arnie! splodge that's what dh wanted to call ours if a boy. Congratulations! Sorry you've had such a scary time and so long in hospital, though.

MsScarlett Mon 31-Jan-11 01:36:32

hi!Was on previous thread AKA RoxieP and GlitteryBalls. Can i join the fun? Had dd on 4th by elcs due to breech. EBF and nigts are a nightmare (feeding now,hence no capitals) otherwise all good!

Haven't read through thread yet, but hope all are well. x

kiwijesta Mon 31-Jan-11 14:04:12

Hey all,
Yay for Mamasunshine! I've been watching your updates as I feed DD at various hours of the night, love love the name, was on my list but not on DH's, hehe!

Wintersnuffle we have gone quiet, I've been lurking while night feeding, but typing on phone one handed at 3am is a bit too far for me, so I've decided to sit down while she is asleep in her basket and catch up properly!

I can't believe she's 4 weeks tomorrow, seems a life time and yet its flown by (does that make sense)

Still BFing here, going to weigh her today, but as she is growing out of/into baby grows I don't think we'll have any probs. Bought a pump on the weekend, once I've sterilized it I'm gonna have a try expressing. My mum is visiting from abroad for 3 weeks so she said she'd give her a bottle so we can get used to it. My god-daughter refused all bottles for 6 months, and while I'm planning on BFing for that time, a bottle now and again of EBM would be handy (more than one glass of vino anyone wink?)

Hope everyone is managing an occasional nap in the day, I find Escape to the Country lulls us both off nicely!

MsScarlett Mon 31-Jan-11 18:10:57

Hi Kiwijesta, your dd was born on the 4th by ELCS wasn't she? Mine too, I was called Glitteryballs over xmas if you remember? How are you recovering from the op? x

wintersniffle Tue 01-Feb-11 22:00:37

crumblequeen I keep forgetting about pelvic floor exercises, it's only when someone mentions them on here or in RL that I think I'd better get on with them!

Congratulations splodge, sorry you've had such a rough time.

Welcome back MsScarlett hope you're recovering well.

All going well here, DS1 is still pretty tetchy but hasn't been taking it out on DS2 so we can cope with it.

I've been trying to decide whether I need a double buggy, I thought I'd be fine with single and the sling but DS2 is heavier than I'd anticipated! Thing is DS1 is perfectly capable of walking quite long distances but won't because he's being a stubborn toddler and as soon as he grows out of this phase we'll be fine. I just wish I knew how long that would take and whether a double was a worthwhile investment or not. If any of you have similar age toddlers (2.8) have you got one and do you think it's worth it?

beijingaling Wed 02-Feb-11 06:52:58

MsScarlett and Kiwijester - that means our DCs all have the same birthday!

Redone Hope you're feeling better.

wintersniffle I'm also being lazy about pelvic floor. <too tired to care emoticon>

I think I've got into a bloody rut with DD as she is now ONLY falling asleep on my boob. Any tips on how to get her to sleep in her cot and not on me? Last couple of nights have been nightmare marathon feeds. Fingers crossed for a good night tonight.

Mum flew out today with her DP which is great. It's also Chinese New Years eve today - happy new year little tigers!

MsScarlett Wed 02-Feb-11 20:49:49

beijing - my dd is doing nightmare marathon feeds too! Seems to be a big growth period. I also think at this age they still can't take huge amounts at a time, still aren't in a routine yet are starting to be able to go longer without sleep = constant feeding all the time!

She also is not very good at settling in her mosesb basket atm. x

deedee321 Thu 03-Feb-11 01:11:03

wintersniffle, my dd has just turned 3 and I def feel I won't need a double buggy - but just a few months ago I wouldn't have been so sure. Guess what I mean is, you prob would get use our of it at moment, but only in the short-term, so maybe try to beg/borrow one or buy secondhand so you don't spend fortune on something he may not want for long? I've ordered a buggyboard, whether that will end up good or waste of money I'm nor sure yet!
Sleeping, or lack of it, continues here. Ds is piling on weight, which is great, but think gets most of it at night!! Now in 'routine' (har har) of nappy change, howl, feed, wind, fall asleep on mummy's chest, transfer to cot/baby beanbag/beside us in our bed, depending on what he will accept! Had all sorts of sleep issues with dd and was determined this baby would fall asleep by himself, but he is so weeny and feel cuddles are more important! So each night wake-up takes an age. Are you lot the same??

sarrita Thu 03-Feb-11 13:28:32

Not caught up with others... But just had to relate to you deedee. Exactly the same.

I have in laws here - who thankfully are away now for 4 days and then back for 10 (arrrggghhh) who are still annoying.

This am DS went to childminder, and I went back to sleep. DD sleeps alright during the day, and is awake and feeding most the night. There are approximately 2 hrs between the end of one feed and the start of the next. NOT ENOUGH SLEEEEEEP!

She is sleeping now - in a hammock, with white noise and swaddled.

Oh Splodge that sounds tough. Great to hear you are home! CONGRATULATIONS. Leaky boobs par for the course with me anyway.

And congrats MsScarlet, my DD was born on the 3rd.

On boobs - just bought a new maternity bra. Have two old knackered ones from DS. It gives me lift, but squishes them in the weirdest places. So I want to ask what people are in? I'm a 34H and wearing a new Panache Superbra maternity.

wintersniffle you prompted me to do some kegels. Which made me laugh! Maybe we should all open our posts with a reminder.

MsScarlett Thu 03-Feb-11 18:52:16

My has less than 2 hrs between beginning of each feed most of the time! Last night was good for her as she settled at 12, fed at 3am and then woke at 6. Normally night is just one long feed! So deedee I am the same. If she settles at all, it takes forever... x

wintersniffle Thu 03-Feb-11 22:08:50

sarrita I'm in a 34F bra but it's from DS1 and I really need to get measured properly. I'm a bit worried about buying too many new bras too quickly though as my size took a long time to settle down then and I think I'm still shrinking this time.

We've been on a roughly 2 hourly night feeding schedule as well. Seems to have caught up with me more today than it had up until now.

Have been checking ebay but even cheap doubles seem a bit expensive for the amount of use I'd expect to get out of it. Will probably keep procrastinating until it's too late to bother...

Have managed to do a few pelvic floors so at least I've achieved something today!

pacita Fri 04-Feb-11 08:26:57

Bookmarking. Will post later from comPuter with update!

MsScarlett Fri 04-Feb-11 21:25:06

Wintersniffle, I'm squeezing as we speak!

Was looking for some advice from you lot - sorry if TMI - but I have been bleeding today, not loads but a fair amount and it's bright red. I had a ELCS on 4th Jan, and stopped bleeding completely within a week, so why has it started again? I probably have overdone it today, carrying heavy shopping bags and dd in car seat etc. I am EBF so doubt it would be my period, plus I usually get bad cramps with my period but I've got no pain, and it doesn't look like period blood IYSWIM.

I know you can bleed for up to 6 weeks, but I thought that would be more with vaginal delivery, and also I thought normal lochia should be brownish at this stage but it is bright red and very fresh. Is this cause for concern? I couldn't have ruptured something internally could I? How else could increased activity cause fresh bleeding to start suddenly? My external scar is fine... Know I'm probably being paranoid!

kiwijesta Fri 04-Feb-11 22:37:24

winter my MW said you can bleed more if you over do things. Hope it's just that!
Am recovering well, can't believe our DC are a month old today, it has gone so fast! I have to say I'm loving this mum business so far, as my DH says, it seems to suit me.

Going out for a pub lunch on Sunday and will be the only parents there, going to have to BF in public for the first time, psyching myself up already!

kiwijesta Fri 04-Feb-11 22:38:43

Sorry winter that was meant for Scarlett baby brain!

MsScarlett Fri 04-Feb-11 23:00:04

I've wapped my boobies out everywhere already! Even in front of my grandad and my FIL blush. DD feeds so often it is unavoidable! I had pub lunch too yesterday. I took a bottle of EBM as I had some spare, but dd wouldn't take it. So I had to wap them out in the end anyway but noone said anything, and I was discreet. I think everyone was just grateful that I stopped her crying tbh...

Hi - can I join?

Hello to Mamasunshine who pointed me in the direction of this thread.

DD2, Abigail Poppy, was born at 5.28am on 22nd Jan weighing 7lb 2oz. DD1 (26 months) delighted as are Mum and Dad.

She is settling in nicely but I do think I had forgotten the feeding on demand fun from first time round! No sooner do I get her full up and out the door I end up having to stop the car somewhere 30 mins later to feed her again. She is not a fan of the car seat!

She is sleeping relatively well at night with 3 to 4 wakings and is a bit of a non-sleeper during the day. I think that is because I am dealing with DD1 and miss her tired cues. However, as we are out and about so much she does manage to get her head down and seems happy. Had her weighed yesterday and she has put on 7 1/2 oz in 2 weeks.

I have been a bit worried this week that she is showing signs of colic but fingers crossed it won't come to much. She does seem uncomfortable after some feeds but I rarely get a burp up or a trump. Spoke to HV and will give it a week to see if her gut matures a bit for her to bring wind up on her own. My first DD was a feed and sleep kind of girl so she was usually just plonked down in moses baskets and she went to sleep.

Nice to be here and read all your stories!

MsScarlett Sat 05-Feb-11 23:11:54

Congrats Blanche!

Glad to hear you have avoided the colic so far. I am as we speak trying to settle what I assume is a very collicky dd. She has been screaming but yet demanding feeds all evening. She just screams and screams unless she is on the breast. Is it the right thing to do to keep feeding her? I have tried rocking and winding for hours, but she will only stop crying if I feed her and she is constantly rooting. She will fall asleep on the breast, stay asleep for 5 miuntes and then start screaming again. Help!

Jobi1 Sun 06-Feb-11 10:56:22

I think unsettled evenings are common at this stage, especially if they're having a growth spurt or colicky. If she is happy to feed then that's the short term answer I guess. If BF is established then what about a dummy maybe, see if its just comfort she needs and give you a rest?

Bleeding is common for 6 weeks regardless of delivery method, and bright red blood could well be sign of doing a bit too much. I had the same after it had stopped and doc wasn't concerned. I've just got my period and its horrendous, so heavy, I hope it eases off soon sad

Does anyone use the contraceptive injections and are they ok? I need to decide on a method soon. Going to discuss with gp at 6 week check on thursday. Hopefully DH will have the snip in due course and I can stop worrying about it! I am very keen not to have any more children, 2 c sections has me done for, plus I don't want to go through another pregnancy, so need to be safe!

MsScarlett Sun 06-Feb-11 11:17:36

The implant could be a slightly more convenient alternative? It's also progesterone but it stays in indefinitely whereas you need to get the injections every 3 months. x

Jobi1 Sun 06-Feb-11 21:24:12

I had a quick read up on the injections and it said that they can make your periods irregular and unpredictable, sometimes lighter sometimes heavier, and it can take 4 injections, in other words a year, to settle down. Hmm, I'm not sold on that at all! Will just go back on the pill I think and hopefully DH will have the snip in a year.

sarrita Mon 07-Feb-11 08:39:26

I bled when I went out for walks, even when it seemed like it had all stopped.

Jobi I did the injection as I get migraines and can't take the pill. First time it was for a couple of years. I had no periods at all and it was brilliant; no other side effects. It took 18 months for my periods to come back after I stopped it. With this is mind I expected this to happen when I came off to have my DS. Admittedly I hadn't been on as long; and got pregnant in 6 months.

Colic - I have always had to wind my babies right from the get go. I have found if I don't wind then both my DS and DD will wake or would wake, up scream and/or vomit. But once that burp comes they fall immediately back to sleep. The wind is definitely painful but if they burp they become content again.

DD slept twice for 3 hrs last night! Amazing. She is asleep right now - listening to Radio 4 - I think I will go and join her.

sarrita Mon 07-Feb-11 08:40:09

Ohh and welcome blanche and baby Poppy!

sarrita Mon 07-Feb-11 08:44:00

MsScarlett my DD has been the same some nights. But at the moment it seems to have settled. I was ready to give up the will to live and had to call my my DH on a work night to come and lie with DD as I couldn't take it anymore. But last night and yesterday she was feeding well and burping without too much effort.

I think the pain of trapped wind makes them want to suck, as that is a comfort. But added milk makes them even more uncomfortable... So a painful viscous cycle.

Sorry for the disjointed response. Must go back to bed while I have the chance.

MsScarlett Mon 07-Feb-11 10:33:43

Sarrita - I am the same, I can't take combined pill cos of migraines, but the thing is I tried the progesterone only pill and had crappy side effects so I am loathe to try the implant or injections as it's the same hormone. I have thought about getting a coil but I am really funny about having ny cervix messed with - smear tests make me feel queasy and as I didn't have a vaginal birth I worry about getting it put in. Plus, the mirena coil has progesterone in it and some people report side effects, and the copper coil can make your periods more painful and mine are painful already! So goodness knows what I will do...

Me and DP had an "encounter" the other night and we used a condom, but condoms are how I ended up with dd! Something must have gone wrong but we were too drunk to didn't notice at the time...

Sarrita, I am glad things are improving. My dp went back to work last week, and being solely responsible for night stuff is exhausting and I too have been at the end of my tether a few times. Things always seem so much worse in tHE dead of the night when you are exhausted and desperate for some sleep! It was so nice at the weekend to have dp at hand in the nights. Yes, I still had to feed her but at least dp could do the transfers/settling, burping and nappy changes. My dd too was very good last night. She only woke for 1 feed at about 2.30am, although she didn't settle again til 4am!

deedee321 Mon 07-Feb-11 13:47:42

Great to hear sleeps are finally going better for some of us - me too, the last 2 nights he has slept 3 hours, short wake-up, 3 hours, longer wake-up, 3 hours - compared to what it was like, that's bliss! However he is not too well, has nasty chesty cough and awful sneezes, am worried he is sleeping more as is under the weather. I am great at finding things to worry about!

ursulabear Mon 07-Feb-11 16:28:29

Thought i'd leave a wee update. Finally had my little one. Codey David Malcolm arrived 6days late on 03/02/11 after an unplanned induction and vacuum. Had an extra day stay in hospital as the little man was jaundiced slightly and needed repeated bloods etc.

Now home and settled he is thriving and is the absolute love of my life. As horrible as labour was, very much worth it the second I saw him!

Hope everyone is well..all babies are doing well and those still waiting, its awesome and remember at every stage of labour what your doing it for

sarrita Mon 07-Feb-11 17:21:55

ursulabear woohoo. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Codey!

MsScarlett Mon 07-Feb-11 18:39:16

Yes Congrats!

mamasunshine Mon 07-Feb-11 21:40:07

Congratulations to ursula, splodge and msscarlett grin Hope you're all doing well.
wintersniffle - ds1 is 2.11 and I still have him in the dbl buggy, but I walk up to 6 miles a day normally and he just cannot keep up. Maybe buy a more comfortable sling that may distribute the weight of baby better? I'm using a mei tai with dd and it's VERY comfortable, you can move them on to your back when they're 6 months old.
deedee def the same re night feeds here, I LOVE my newborn cuddles smile and they grow so quickly, they really aren't tiny for long that I'm going to enjoy all the cuddles I can find time to have, esp as this is our last!
sarrita I'm just wearing a M&S nursing bra 36E and not great but does the job, will treat myself to some nicer underwired nursing bras once boob size has settled!
msscarlett - I think the bleeding is normal, from my experience, but prob best to ask a professional just in case. Also I would keep bf lo as much as dd wants. Are you using colic drops, I've found them particularly useful in the past.
Hope everyone's bf in public 1st's have gone well smile I found it hard at 1st but forced myself to do it and have fed anywhere and everywhere quite comfortably now. lose top over a vest top works very well here smile
jobi - I knew quite a few women who put a lot of weight on with the injection so that has put me off. Dh is going to be getting a vesectomy too, but we're just going be very strict with condoms when the time comes! And get him booked in ASAP!!

Hello blanche smile <waves> glad you found us, how's Abigail doing?

mamasunshine Mon 07-Feb-11 21:48:56

Thought I'd try and catch up a bit first! Well Arabella is 10 days old and I must say has been an absolute dream so far grin My blood pressure is still high though so I've been on bed rest really trying to get it down. Have 1 wk with dh at home before I'm left with 3 under 3 <<<<Very scared>>>> grin She fed like a trooper for the 1st wk, but the last 3 nights she's slept for 4 hrs, feed and nappy, then slept another 3.5hrs shock My ds's were extremely demanding so this is a whole new experience, which I hope will continue so I can function with the other 2 in the days! Although waiting for the 2 week growth spurt! She was weighed today and has put on 14oz in 5 days shock What a piggy!

The boys are dealing with her arrival very well, they're both quite 'in love' with her smile lots of kisses and cuddles. Feeling relieved that I have no desire to ever be pregnant, or have another baby ever again so dh has decided to have the snip (so no going back!) Feel very lucky to have my 3 gorgeous dc's and just going to enjoy them as much as I can now whilst they're little, Ds1 is 3 soon and cannot believe how quickly the time had flown by. Off the wake dd now and give her a bit of milk before I crawl into bed grin

mamasunshine Mon 07-Feb-11 21:52:50

Shall we do another thingie (can't think of wordblush) so we can see babies born in the group?

mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

deedee321 Tue 08-Feb-11 01:04:32

mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11

pacita Tue 08-Feb-11 09:58:03

deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

deedee321 Tue 08-Feb-11 13:12:02

Both children have chest infections and on antibiotics - no sleeping, lots of coughing, vomiting and tears. Feel so so sad seeing tiny baby ill!

crumblequeen Tue 08-Feb-11 14:33:22

crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

I think the 2 week growth spurt is here! Feeding pretty much on and off all night and from 9.30-1 this morning. Glad DD1 at nursery.

Abigail having a well earned kip and I am rushing round cleaning toilets and showers - how glam!

crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

crumblequeen Tue 08-Feb-11 14:48:41

deedee so sorry little one is ill so soon! Did he catch it from toddler? DS1 was coughing all over DS2 for the first week of his life, think its unavoidable they will catch the toddler bugs!

My DH has agreed to have vasectomy too, we are definitely not having any more children! We feel the same mamasunshine that our family is complete now and its great to think about the future without uncertainty of how old future children might be etc!

I am in a 36E Anita underwired nursing bra - have only bought one so far as I think my size might change after another month or so, but I can't stand non-wired bras! Have some M&S basic ones too from last time to sleep in and emergency use.

Peters weight was fairly static for 2 weeks but he put on 8oz in 4 days to yesterday so he has got started now. Did my first day alone yesterday which went much better than expected actually! My mum is here today and tomorrow so its much easier. Had a walk with the pram and DS1 loves the buggy board, although I don't think he will be walking much any more he likes it so much, and he has lazy tendencies when walking anyway!

Had a very unsettled night last night, lots of screaming and short bursts of sleep. Very tired today as sleep has actually been going OK until last night so I hope it was just a blip.

Congratulations to the new arrivals! Hope everyone doing well!

mamasunshine Tue 08-Feb-11 15:16:18

I spoke to soon with the sleep! Think the 2 week growth spurt has started here too, no sleep last night, or today, feel like a zombie. Thankfully dh is here to look after the other 2. Now dd is asleep I have to get dinner started! Erg..hope tonight's easier.
blanche - put the toilet brush DOWN and go and have a rest smile !!
crumble - yes, it's very nice to know that you're done! I feel I can think/plan the rest of our lives rather than age gaps etc! Where's the Anita underwired bra from? Is it comfortable? I also DETEST non-wired bras but we have a complete lack of choice where I live. Will have to order some on-line.
The babies always catch thing's early with toddlers in the house. But I found that ds2 wasn't as poorly as ds1 when starting nursery, as his immunity was already quite well built up. Hope they get better quickly deedee.

MsScarlett Tue 08-Feb-11 17:00:28

MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

Tired today as dd had a restless night! I was knackered and fell asleep a couple of times whilst feeding her. I was lying down on my back with dd draped over my chest. That was the only sleep either of us got last night. Does anyone know if this is a dangerous position for co-sleeping? I find the classic me on my side with dd lying next to me with my boob in her mouth uncomfortable and she doesn't seem to like it either.

So - I feel your pain mamasunshine, and blanche I have done the whole cluster-feeding/growth spurt thing too! Luckily dd seems to take more at each feed just recently and feeds less often, though now she is getting a bit of colic so just cries all the time instead of feeding all the time!

beijingaling Wed 09-Feb-11 03:57:34

Beijingaling- dc1 seraphina 04/01/11
MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

Agh! She's woken up, must dash.

Ladyopheliastar Wed 09-Feb-11 09:22:20

Please may I join? Feeling lonely. ds1 22/01/11

Baby Saskia Faye born 27/1, horrific childbirth ending in EMCS. Early rupture of membrane resulting in infections for both of us, haemmorhaging, an epidural that wasn't highly effective in theatre and so on.... But a beautiful healthy girl in the end. Although twas scant recompense when the consultant anaesthetist swore it would be different next time!!
Night feeding here - same as you all, doesn't like moses basket and feeds all night.
Posted pix of Saskia...

mamasunshine Wed 09-Feb-11 12:07:13

Hello and welcome ladyophelia smile

Sorry to hear you've had a traumatic time travis I found talking about my experiences to close friends (or anyone that would listen!) very helpful in the months afterwards.

Will finish post later x hungry baby has decided I am only one who can hold her hmm smile

readyornot2011 Wed 09-Feb-11 13:04:59

Beijingaling- dc1 seraphina 04/01/11
MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
readyornot2011 - dc1 Rosalyn Lorelai 15/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
Ladyopheliastar - ds1 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
travispickles - Saskia Faye 27/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

22nd was a busy day!

readyornot2011 Wed 09-Feb-11 13:05:49

Beijingaling- dc1 seraphina 04/01/11
MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
readyornot2011 - dc1 Rosa 15/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
Ladyopheliastar - ds1 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
travispickles - Saskia Faye 27/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

22nd was a busy day!

readyornot2011 Wed 09-Feb-11 13:16:14

Hello ladies,

really appreciate all the posts, its great to read about others in the same boat and get tips and reassurance.

Welcome to Ladyopheliastar & travispickles

travis Im still telling my birth story to anyone who'll listen, still can't believe I managed it and mine was straight forward! Can't quite face '1 born every minute' yet though

After reading all the posts about colic, it seemed to fit with how DD has been the last few days, sucking all the time, vomity, won't settle, hic-ups (all the time!) So after 2 restless night I decided to try Infacol (work made me a 'baby hamper' before I left so I had some in there) I gave her some before her bedtime feed and last night she slept like a log! So much so that I work her up at 3'0'clock for a feed because it had been four hours since her last. She was pretty reluctant to wake up but did feed in the end. I didn't dare give her anymore infacol then but just gave her some now as she was fussy again and she seems much calmer.
So 2 questions really;

1. is this typical of your experience of Infacol/Colic

2. Would you have woken her at 3 or just let her sleep...

appreciate any advice/thoughts

crumblequeen Wed 09-Feb-11 14:23:54

Travis welcome back, sorry you have had a bad experience.

Welcome ladyopheliastar!

Beijingaling love your dd's name, fabulous!

Mamasunshine yes I think anita bra is brilliant, wore them all through feeding ds1. Got it online at nursing-bra.co.uk.

Readyornot I have been using infacol for last couple of days as ds2 has had bad trapped wind problems and it seems to be helping bottom wind escape! I don't think he has full on colic but does help the wind. I am not sure what official advice would be re waking but in these very early days I would wake to feed after 4 hours as milk supply still establishing and baby will definitely have digested feed after 4 hours.

Hannah1890 Wed 09-Feb-11 15:11:33

hi all jst having a quick catch up as havent been on for a long time. great to hear the news of all the new babies, congratulations to everyone. Rory is 4 weeks old tomorrow. Have had a nightmare few days with constant feeding, fed for 3 hrs last night but on the plus side the marathon night feeds lead to him sleeping through the night, ws worried this morning when i woke up at 8 and he hadnt woken up since 1. finally been discharged from MW today though and apparently hes having a bit of a growth spurt.

Very grateful for all advice about colic.
hope everyones doing well. apologies for lack of capitals and punctuation, one arm taken up by hungry baby...

Beijingaling- dc1 seraphina 04/01/11
MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Hannah1890 - dc1 Rory 13/01/11
readyornot2011 - dc1 Rosa 15/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
Ladyopheliastar - ds1 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
travispickles - Saskia Faye 27/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

I am knackered today. Bubs feeding 4 times through night for about 1 and a half - 2 hours each and just got back off to sleep at 6 when DD1 came charging in. Hoped to have a few hours today but DD2 only catnapped for 30 mins in my arms at noon. Got to go and get DD1 from nursery in half an hour now.

Heres hoping Abigail sleeps in the car and I can can get her back in house and dinner done before she wakes.

She absolutely hates car seat which is a new one on me so any advice welcome. It is a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix. I wonder if I should take the newborn insert out as she seems scrunched up IYKWIM. Screamed round Tesco earlier and I was getting lots of advice from little old ladies that I should give her a bottle - I had just topped her up with boobs in the car.

Never used a dummy with DD1 but considering it with her as she is very sucky.

pacita Wed 09-Feb-11 15:39:44

Hello ladies, welcome new comers. Yes, us ladies from the 22nd picked the most popular day, no?

I too have been utterly sleep deprived, but not because of baby, but because of jealous toddler. he was up half the night wanting us in his bedroom, and screaming and crying whenever we went out thinking he was asleep. Both DP and I are utterly exhausted, as he spent half the night in his junior bed or on the floor, and I was feeding every two hours. He has also been tantruming, difficult, whiney and even slapped me hard yesterday. Anybody has any tips to deal with a jealous toddler? We try to give him lots of love and give him lots of attention, but inevitably he sees the baby sleeping in our room, and me feeding all day long!

i feel so sad for him and don't know what to do. He is obviously very anxious.

Hi Pacita,

I could have written your post as it describes what is happening here with DD1. Our solution is that DH is in spare room at night and is intercepting DD1 before she gets into me. She then sleeps with him but he gets up for work at 5.45 so she ends up getting up too. I have her in nursery 3 days a week which is a godsend during the day, especially as we have had feeding frenzy here.

At bedtime we ensure she gets bath and storytime with one of us while the other keeps DD2 out of the way. It will get better.

pacita Wed 09-Feb-11 16:29:41

Thanks Blanche. Let's keep exchanging notes and repeating to ourselves that it WILL get better. DP has also been brilliant at intercepting him too, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it's best if we let him be in our bed when he wakes up?

kiwijesta Wed 09-Feb-11 17:52:50

Kiwijesta - dc1 Eilidh 04/01/11
Beijingaling- dc1 seraphina 04/01/11
MsScarlett - dc1 Scarlett 04/01/11
deedee321 - dc2 Louie 07/01/11
Hannah1890 - dc1 Rory 13/01/11
readyornot2011 - dc1 Rosa 15/01/11
crumblequeen - dc2 Peter 22/01/11
Pacita - dc2 Inés 22/01/11
Ladyopheliastar - ds1 22/01/11
blanchedevereaux - dc2 Abigail 22/01/11
travispickles - Saskia Faye 27/01/11
mamasunshine - dc3 Arabella 28/01/11

I think the 4th is now catching up!
Ahh the colic begins, I think my girl has it too, and terrible trapped (bottom) wind, she makes the most heart wrenching cries and sad faces trying to push out the poo. And finally 5 minutes after the screaming out comes the loudest poo noise you've ever heard, all this about 6 times a day! I guess I should be pleased she isn't constipated!

Apparently I'm supposed to get a letter about a scan appt for DD because she was born breech, and at the hosp they said it'd be around the 6 week mark, and thats next week. It hasn't arrived, is anyone else in this situation? Might pop into the doctors tomorrow to ask the receptionist.

Speaking of 6 weeks, isn't that supposed to mean growth spurt? Man, I already feel like a dairy, don't even want to think about more feeding!

crumblequeen Wed 09-Feb-11 18:24:45

We are having trouble here with ds1 too. He is not waking at night but is just ignoring me when I ask him to do anything or doing things really obviously that hr knows are not allowed like throwing things down the stairs! I am spending a lot of time telling him off at the moment which makes me sad but he is a very feisty and wilfull boy and really needs consistency and routine so I am hoping once he has tested that all the boundaries are the same he will accept better that his position is safe. It will get better!!

mamasunshine Wed 09-Feb-11 19:40:58

msscarlett - think if co-sleeping it's only really 'safe' to sleep in the classic lying down position where your body would naturally cocoon baby. So on your side, it does take some geting used to though, with ds1 it took us a few months really to find it comfortable.
travis - saskia is beautiful grin
readyornot - I have had similar experiences when I've used infacol, I've found it helps bring the wind up much more efficiently, therefore not causing pain which = fussy baby, wanting to suck constantly to ease pain! I personally would leave a baby sleeping and just feed on demand, unless there were weight gain issues (i.e. not enough).
crumble thanks re the bras, they look great, will def. be treating myself soon!
hannah - the feeding does get sooooo much easier very soon, I promise!! The first 6 weeks are VERY hard with the frequent growth spurts, but after that point it generally becomes a breeze, with the odd growth spurt thrown in!
blanche - no advice on car seat, but I went through that with ds2. He detested the car seat and absolutely wailed everytime he was in it. He did grow out of it eventually (can't remeber when?)
pacita - poor you, it's very stressful when the toddlers having a difficult time, but it should pass fairly quickly (hopefully). I'm a big believer in doing whatever makes it easier for everyone at the time, and nothing has to be long term. So for e.g if in the short term it's easier for you all to let ds into bed with you for a bit, then you can change things when you're all getting more sleep, and can deal with things better. or follow through? Hope that makes sense? I've got a friend who's dh slept on their ds's bedroom floor during a similar phase, it quickly passed and the dh got to sleep in his bed again!
kiwi yes big growth spurt at 6ish weeks! Oh I remember feeling that those first 6 wks with ds1 were the longest ever!

'It WILL get better' should be our group mantra grin I picked the boys up from nursery with Arabella and dh today confused ...so how am I to get newborn in car seat, 19m old, nearly 3yold, 2 coats, 2 bags and all the other bits that nursery send home IN and OUT of nursery in 1 piece?!??! I'm starting to feel very scared about Monday now! ANd that's a nursery day!

MsScarlett Wed 09-Feb-11 20:15:35

Hello Ladyophelia and congrats!

Travis, sorry to hear your experience was so nasty sad.

Readyornot - I tried infacol and it didn't make much difference for my dd. However she is now old enough for gripe water and I've found it works a treat! Guess it's just a case of trial and error... How old is your dd? Mine is 5 weeks now and I let her go as long as she likes at night (which usually ends up being no longer than 4 hours anyway if I'm lucky!) as she is healthy weight and I figure she will let me know if she is hungry. And also I suppose the idea is eventually to give them a big feed last thing and first thing so she can go through all night eventually? Some may disagree though!

kiwi - I got my letter about hip scan last week, it is scheduled for the day she turns 6 weeks. My HV said beforehand that it may take longer than 6 weeks if they were having a busy period, but to get in touch if it was very late...

deedee321 Wed 09-Feb-11 21:32:10

travis, I am so sorry to hear about your birth experience. It sounds similar to mine but worse, which I cannot even bear to imagine! I am finding it is easing out of my mind eventually - had felt unwilling to talk it through but managed to with my sister and somehow that let me close it down in my mind a bit.
Pacita and Blanche, we are currently in despair over our 3 yr old dd. She is very loving to the baby, and fine all day, but in the evenings turns into a screaming, tantrumming banshee for the most minor reasons - refuses to eat, refuses to clean teeth, refuses, refuses, refuses...she has taken to jumping into our bed halfway through the night, and we have caved and let her, partly as no energy to deal with hysterics in middle of night and partly because we don't want her to feel left out with us all in together...is exhausting. She's not very well at moment so hoping things improve once she feels herself again. Massively relieved that Louie is lots better today.

deedee321 Wed 09-Feb-11 21:33:10

travis, I am so sorry to hear about your birth experience. It sounds similar to mine but worse, which I cannot even bear to imagine! I am finding it is easing out of my mind eventually - had felt unwilling to talk it through but managed to with my sister and somehow that let me close it down in my mind a bit.
Pacita and Blanche, we are currently in despair over our 3 yr old dd. She is very loving to the baby, and fine all day, but in the evenings turns into a screaming, tantrumming banshee for the most minor reasons - refuses to eat, refuses to clean teeth, refuses, refuses, refuses...she has taken to jumping into our bed halfway through the night, and we have caved and let her, partly as no energy to deal with hysterics in middle of night and partly because we don't want her to feel left out with us all in together...is exhausting. She's not very well at moment so hoping things improve once she feels herself again. Massively relieved that Louie is lots better today.

wintersniffle Wed 09-Feb-11 21:41:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beijingaling Thu 10-Feb-11 02:12:03

Right... 6 week check up yesterday. I'm all fine and given the sex green light. Haven't told DH that though! grin. My pelvic floor is shot but so lots of keegles for me!

Seraphina has thrush but it's not bothering her and I don't feel it on me so were leaving it to clear itself up. She's gained 330g a week over past 3 weeks so were now not waking her at night and in the day doing a mixture of clock watching, letting her sleep and waking her.

She also has bad wind and what turns out to be reflux- screaming if put horizontal, screaming at the same time each day, acid smelling puke, lots of puke etc. Treatment looks like it's working.

Ok... Must shower before she wakes. Will reply to everyone later.

MacMomo Fri 11-Feb-11 10:17:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MacMomo Fri 11-Feb-11 10:19:30

oh kiwi I meant "like your dc" not like you! I don't think you cry, scream, double up and demand the boob...sorry!

sarrita Fri 11-Feb-11 12:39:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

splodge77 Fri 11-Feb-11 17:12:24

hi all

sigh, we have had a difficult week here. having been out of hospital for a week (after a 9 day stay post-birth!) Arnie became very sleepy and i was having to wake him for every feed so we were re-admitted to hospital on tues which was very dispiriting. we were allowed home last night but he has to have antibiotics for a fortnight so has a canula in each arm all wrapped up in bandages, breaks my heart to see him with his big bandage-arms flailing about! they still don't really know what is wrong but hopefully the long course of antibios will blitz whatever it is. he already seems much better in himself after 2 days which is a relief - tho he seems to have forgoten how to latch onto the boob properly and keeps spitting it out. i have been finding it very hard to cope with the worry and tiredness and am dreading DP going back to work next week. definitely keeping in mind that mantra 'it WILL get better'. i just want his immune system to get stronger and for him to become a bit more robust, poor little mite!

splodge77 Fri 11-Feb-11 17:13:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladyopheliastar Fri 11-Feb-11 20:17:47

Thanks for the welcome, it is good to know we are not alone. Having my first baby has been one hell of a shock despite planning for him and doing all the research reading I could. I never imagined how all consuming a baby can be or how traumatising the birth could be! They really do change everything!

kiwijesta Fri 11-Feb-11 22:17:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

readyornot2011 Sun 13-Feb-11 13:09:41

Ladyopheliastar it gets easier and more'normal' honest!

Started a new regime last night in a bid to regain a little bit of us time and the use of my arms. We put her in her moses basket upstairs after her early evening feed and used the monitor (movement & sound). Usually she lies in our arms all evening but after a few evenings & nights of grumpiness we decided that wasn't working. Anyway it seemed to work well, she settled easily after all her night feeds and we enjoyed our dinner and a recording of Glee in peace. Also it was nice to have a relaxed bedtime with her already asleep rather than it being all about feeding and settling. We also went back to swaddling her because she kept waking herself up, that seems to have worked well too. We have tried having her basket in the living room with us until bedtime but she won't settle.

What do other people do in the evening?

Also what do people do about changing nappies at night. Rosa doesn't yell for night feeds she just wakes up and snuffles & makes sucking noises until I wake up & feed her. So she stays very relaxed and then gradually falls back to sleep during the feed, but when I change her she's wide awake again & sometimes yells, after which its hard to settle her even if I top her up from the other boob whereas if I just feed & burp her, I can literately just put her in the basket and she sleeps. So I must admit if I'm really tired & I know she hasn't done a poo I don't bother with a change everytime, is that bad? On that sacred day when she finally sleeps through she won't get changed... Again I'd be interested to hear what other people do?

Thanks for reading my long post, hope today is a 'good day' for everyone

crumblequeen Sun 13-Feb-11 15:26:43

Readyornot re bedtime-peter stays upstairs with light out once we have put ds1 to bed, sometimes I have to stay too for an hour if he is not quite ready to settle as he hasn't fallen into a routine of timing sleeps and feeds yet but I still think it will get him used to day/night difference quicker even if he doesn't sleep straight away. Peter has been settling for a couple of hours in eve too so I have been going to bed early to bank some sleep, I forgot how awful the sleep deprivation is and I have 3yo ds1 full time so cant get any rest during days.

Wandering round house with peter in new ergo baby carrier at mo while DH and DS1 play train track upstairs! Peter fell straight asleep in it so he likes it so far!

DS1 has had a great week, behaviour much better now its just the three of us with no one else in house, maybe he just wanted things back to normal, although normal does now include baby of course!

Splodge sorry arnie still not well.

Ladyophelia yes its a huge shock! In a few months you won't remember life without dc though!

crumblequeen Sun 13-Feb-11 15:30:16

Ps no way do I change nappies in night unless there is a poo, and they are pretty noisy so I usually know! And i don't even change a poo after 5.30am until DS1 wakes up as the risk of waking him up at that time just too big as he would be up for the day!

wintersniffle Sun 13-Feb-11 21:27:24

DS2 is still down with us in the evening, I like being able to give him a bit of exclusive time after DS1 goes to bed. Most evenings he cluster feeds so I'd have to be up there too if he was upstairs but so far tonight he has mainly slept which makes me wonder whether it is time to start more of a bedtime routine. I think I'll probably see how tomorrow goes because one night doesn't necessarily mean he's started a new routine!

With DS1 we changed his nappy at every feed, DS2 is on a more neglectful relaxed schedule and only changed if he's pooed. Once DS1 slept through we certainly didn't wake him for nappy changes and it doesn't seem to have done him any harm smile.

splodge I hope Arnie is getting better.

DP goes back to work tomorrow so it's my first full day with both DSs. Even with 2 of us some days it's taken ages to get out the house so I'm just hoping it all goes smoothly.

Jobi1 Sun 13-Feb-11 21:45:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beijingaling Mon 14-Feb-11 06:55:57

Just want to say I love all the baby names!

kiwi my DD has also found her lungs and now let's us know when she's pissed off. Yyyaaaaaay hmm

readyornot DD is the same for nappy changes. I don't change her at night unless I'm sure she's pooped, she's uncomfy or the nappy feels heavy. In the day I change her after feeds but at night I change her before so the feed relaxes her.

Re bedtime we are all over the place for sleep and feeds at night. I'm now not waking her unless she is sucking etc in the hope that will make her sleep more. At the moment I wake her up and usually can't get her back to sleep after. Bloody nightmare as she gets more and more tired.

Jobi1 Tue 15-Feb-11 08:35:45

Its a nightmare when they start resisting sleep!

Having just (bottle) fed Nathan at 3am & 7am, I can't believe the difference! 7am all relaxed & guzzled it down. 3am fussy, limbs flailing & a real struggle. I don't get it! A lot of night feeds are like this, almost as if he doesn't want it, but I'm feeding him on demand! I suppose its wind, and he settles ok afterwards, but it makes night feeds even less enjoyable. Anyone any ideas?

sarrita Tue 15-Feb-11 12:30:24

Hope you are all exercising your pelvic floors!

Last night was hell. She screamed from midnight till 3.30am. I got DH to come through a 1.30. He stayed with her till 3.30 and was in a serious grump this am.

She is exhausted now from the nighttime shenanigans.

I think it is definitely caused by wind. My friend is going to show me another technique where you lie baby on your legs and roll them. Will let you know how if it works.

I also find that over stimulation causes it. So if DD is in a noisy, brightly lit space at bed time - i.e 7pm onwards - she gets upset. If I bring her into bed and give her a big feed in the relative calm away from noise DS etc she seems to have a better night.

Last night DH insisted on watching Die Hard 4 in our bedroom (where TV is) I am sure this contributed to her unsettledness.

Re nighttime nappy change I don't unless it is dirty.

She wakes... have to dash.

wintersniffle Tue 15-Feb-11 21:38:02

jobi I like to think making the night feeds less enjoyable is nature's way of persuading babies to give them up quicker (please DS2!).

sarrita that sounds like an awful night.

DS2 has been vomiting an awful lot today. He was restless 5-7am but not making enough noise for me to bother standing up and turning the lights on to see how he was doing. At 7 when I did get up I discovered he was lying in a puddle of sick, it did make me feel like a fairly useless parent, even more so because exactly the same thing happened with DS1 so I really should have thought about checking a bit quicker blush but he wasn't making that much noise. He's not normally very sicky but that seems to have set the tone for the day, he finally went to sleep after projectile vomiting all over me.

I'm now worried that he won't sleep well tonight as he's been asleep for so much of the evening and slightly worried that he's sleeping more than usual as he's poorly confused, can't win really!

splodge77 Wed 16-Feb-11 06:29:27

glad to read these comments about night nappy changes. I was just having similar concerns. Arnie hates being changed and screams his head off - he doesnt cry much otherwise so i find nappy changes rather stressful! i dont change him every feed in the night, only if i've heard a poo. Relieved to hear others do the same.

Jobi1 Wed 16-Feb-11 09:10:53

Just wondering how those with older kids settle little ones for naps? Now he's past that newborn sleepy stage he doesn't settle so easily and DS1 is very noisy! I get fed up of trying to settle him upstairs as I end up backwards & forwards like a yoyo. Any tips?

Jobi1 Wed 16-Feb-11 12:18:18

Finally got him off after next feed and managed to move carry cot into dining room so the poor mite can get some rest without being disturbed by no naps shouty 3 year old! Gosh I feel tired and grumpy today! I'm actually considering being brave and trying to take them both for a walk. Just got to choore between buggy board and wrist strap with bag pram or toddler in buggy and baby in babybjorn. Decisions!

Jobi1 I am resorting to put Abigail into a sling as DD1 just goes up to moses basket and shouts "Wake UP!" at any opportunity. It also means I don't have to worry about popping out the room and leaving them both alone (DD1 is 2) as the risk of DD1 presenting/assaulting Abigail with a toy is too high at the moment.

How did the walk go? I've not managed to get out in the fresh air for a walk on my own with them both yet as it just seems like a lot of hard work to get everyone ready and I have a 2 year old that makes getting dressed a huge battle.

We seem to be on another growth spurt with feeding pretty much all day. Glad DD1 is at nursery. I forgot how hard these days are, can't get a thing done!

beijingaling Wed 16-Feb-11 22:39:08

Winter sniffle is ds2 feeling better and over the vomiting?

Jobi1 I'm blowed if I know how to get DD to sleep even without a toddler. Shell go 4 to 5 hours with only a 20 minute cat nap and becomes increasingly tired and unable to settle because of it. I'm at my wits end. I obsessively wrote down how long she sleeps for and im lucky if it's 15 hours a day which is too little.

I have a problem ladies. DD only wants to fall asleep on my boob which I hate to the point that it makes me want to stop bfing. My choice seems to be an overly tired baby off boob or falling asleep on boob.

Jobi1 Thu 17-Feb-11 04:08:59

Hi beijing ) 15 hours seems just fine to me, well within normal range. To solve comfort sucking issue why not use a dummy? Its natural for babies to suck for comfort & easier to control and stop than thumb sucking.

beijingaling Thu 17-Feb-11 06:50:50

Is it really? I thought all the bloody books said they should get more like 18!! <weight off mind emoticon>

Anyone else being horribly pfbish? blush

DD won't take a dummy at all job1 as she just gags.

Now Shhhhhh you lot. DD has just dropped off with no help at all!

Jobi1 Thu 17-Feb-11 07:36:59

I think 14-18 is normal, and there will always be those who don't conform.

What does that mean?!

Great she's just gone off! It can take a while for them to get hang of dummy, and worth trying different ones.


beijingaling Thu 17-Feb-11 08:39:36

Pfb= perfect first born.

Pfbish is behavior likely to cause mirth in others such as obsessively documenting exactly how much sleep your pfb has had etc.

May well check other dummies.

Jobi1 Thu 17-Feb-11 12:10:25

Haha, well its second time around for me, so I have Pfsb behaviour. I think you're supposed to be more relaxed, but I spend about a week obsessively noting feeding times and amounts!! Mad.

MacMomo Thu 17-Feb-11 20:39:51

oh god - also guilty! am noting on my iphone every sleep and wake time...at least I have stopped recording feeding times and nappy changes blush

Seem to have silent reflux here. totally gutted for the little thing, really thought we were going to escape more easily! She sleeps 5-6 hrs at night, then 3 hrs through to 9/10 am, then barely sleeps all day and feeds small amounts, constantly. Hates to lie down on her back. Hope it's temporary.

Is anyone else thinking of using reusable nappies? I planned to, but am putting it off until things settle down a bit more.

splodge how's Arnie doing?

wintersniffle Thu 17-Feb-11 21:19:59

Another one here! I practically had a spreadsheet for DS1, columns for feeds, sleeps and poos blush. I'm not sure whether DS2 will feel like a NSB (neglected second born) or just be relieved that he escaped the obsessive recording! I was looking at the DS1 diary while I was pregnant and thinking I should throw this away but I couldn't quite bear to part with it blush blush - I have an image of myself becoming the kind of terrible mother who shows it to his girlfriends one day...

DS2 seems fine, throwing up doesn't seem to bother him at all but the amounts were much larger than usual. I'm not entirely past the worrying about perfectly normal behaviour stage so maybe DS2 isn't that neglected.

pacita Thu 17-Feb-11 21:56:15

LOL, I hear you all ladies, noting sleeps and feeds was my pet obsession with my first (and I still do it for my second), only this time round I use a brilliant Iphone app to do it.

Try this:


sarrita Thu 17-Feb-11 23:35:51

Never noted sleeps or feeds. Firstborn easier than 2nd so far.

I just spent from 9 till past 11 bouncing her. She will no doubt wake now.

Did not use a dummy with 1st; am with 2nd. And yes - it takes some perseverance, but hours of screaming is making me more patient.

Had lovely day with DH. In laws flew back home this am - DS went to Childminder, and DH and I went for a delicious meal. Then we watched the Kings Speech and DD slept through it with the odd whimper/sucky noise/grunt. DH said I was very moody when pregnant and it was miserable for him. It is true, but I feel so much better now, so hopefully it will be for him. Realise I do love him after all...

reusable nappies I used a laundry service with DS. They went bust. Will do it with DD when the weather is better and I can hang them outside. It's not that bad -honest. You only every stockpile one load and then it's in the wash. We used prefolds and they were great - very simple and effective and cheap compared to the fancy nappy ones.

DH lurking and this is private for me... Best go.

beijingaling Fri 18-Feb-11 00:45:45

I use baby connect as you can be as insane as you like recording feeds, pumping, nappy changes, formula, sleep, mood, activity etc

Macmomo I was thinking about buying little lambs but now she's here and reusable are just so easy.

deedee321 Fri 18-Feb-11 00:57:38

Hi everyone, have been reading the thread daily, but there's been too much craziness going on to find time to post! First of all, splodge, been thinking of you and Arnie, I so hope he is on mend now.
We have had nasty couple of days. Louie has just not shaken off his chest infection and yesterday his breathing was getting faster and faster and really laboured and loud. GP sent us to A&E as thought he needed help breathing. Was just awful. He was assessed in hospital and has bronchiolitis - thankfully we got bringing him home, but have been stressed out monitoring him as have to return if any changes. So far, so good. On top of that, have developed mastitis in both breasts, have started the antibiotics (my third course since L's birth) and the feverishness has passed, thank god.
Night nappies - I'm with you lot in only changing for poos. Felt guilty until I read everyone is doing the same as I remember changing dd religiously after every feed! Seems so silly to wake them unnecessarily though!
Our sleep remains hit and miss. Some nights crazy, some nights fine. Have 6 week check tomorrow so am hoping get the green light to drive again.
Really enjoying hearing everyone's experiences. Hope the toddlers out there are behaving better than my one...the craziness here continues!! Would love just one quiet, calm day!!

splodge77 Fri 18-Feb-11 11:21:58

gosh deedee sounds like you've been having a tough time, hope you both get better soon. arnie is a lot better tho also a lot harder work now he is alert and hungry and feisty again - but i'm not complaining!!
he still has to have antibiotics daily so i am not getting out much - it takes an hour and a half and the nurse comes slap bang in the middle of the day - but i'm looking fwd to nxt week when he finishes the drugs. sure i'll be uber-anxious then tho, watching for any signs of a relapse, oh it is worrysome this mummying business!! i cant imagine how anyone manages with 2 or more!

sarrita Fri 18-Feb-11 13:09:42

Splodge that is great news that Arnie will be finished antibiotics.

deedee you are unlucky poor Louie and poor you. Roll on the better weather, less colds. The bfing will settle down.

And hey thank god for antibiotics! What must it have been like to be a parent before they were discovered?

kiwijesta Fri 18-Feb-11 14:30:05

Hi all,
I've not noted feeds or sleeps,she puts on 1lb a fortnight so thats enough, and sleep wise, well i'm just guessing really,some days (like today) we'll have more and others we'll have less. Speaking of sleep I went to a talk at my local childrens centre about establishing sleep routines to get them to sleep through. I thought I was going to an immunisation chat but my leaflet was wrong! Anyway besides the fact that DD is too little (thank god!) it was really interesting. ATM she stays downstairs with us napping til we go to bed round 10, I know we need to start bath, change, bed etc earlier but I'm to chicken not sure I want to put her upstairs by herself yet, very PFB I know!

Sleep at night like most of you is erratic, some nights are good and some are bad, my biggest problem is that sometimes I fall asleep holding her and we wake up 3 hours later!


readyornot2011 Fri 18-Feb-11 21:16:35

I haven't monitored anything! Maybe I should, Rosa decidedly grumpy for the last fee days.

Classic this morning, DH decides that she needs some nappy free time on her playmat despite the fact she hasnt done a poo in over 24 hours (she's usually a one a day girl) and then decides she needs 'crawling practice' (she's 5weeks Tom) which involves lying her on her front, she strains to lift her head & shoulders and her little legs start going with all the effort, verging on creulty I know! Anyway I'm sure you can all imagine the concequences (sp?) it was staggering!! DH yelling in panic and Dd calmly spreading it around, there goes my quiet time to myself! V funny though, don't know what he was thinking

deedee321 Sat 19-Feb-11 02:22:57

kiwi, not PFBish in my opinion, I am on my second and I can't put him upstairs by himself yet! DH and I really enjoy our evenings with Louie as it is our chance to enjoy him calmly while dd is sound asleep....think it will be a wee while before we pop him upstairs, just for that reason really.
I hadn't been monitoring anything this time (was ridiculous with dd!) but then you lot mentioned apps...I have had great time today obsessively logging everything in Total Baby - to realise ds sleeps 20 hours out of 24 (though he's not well, but it does seem normal for him...) and his feeds last an av of 5 mins (seems v short, but obv suits him as he is gaining weight). Can tell this new game is going to keep me very busy!
Thanks for thinking of us splodge and Sarrita, we're def improving

MacMomo Sat 19-Feb-11 21:56:03

deedee how's the mastitis?

beijinggal I have one Little Lambs that I'm trialling, a Bumble coming and some flat/terries. The LL seems quite short on my dd - PM me if you want any further info.

DD slept for...nearly 7.5 hrs last night! We bathed her, DH spend time time cuddling her in the sleeping room (me and DD sleep in there), and gave her a giant bottle of expressed breast milk (have decided one bottle won't spoil her latch), he swaddled her and she just passed out before I could put her down. Then I passed out and next thing I know it's 7 hrs later grin. Trying it again tonight to see if it's a pattern (please god yes!). She also slept a huge amount most of today, DH now believes she's been like this all the time he's been at work and I've been watching TV all day.

Got her in a sling today - 30 mins walk on the beach, first time I have felt human in about 4 months.

readyornot I laughed so much at your playmat story, hope you managed to get it clean again.

smallsniffle Sat 19-Feb-11 22:43:52

Sorry that so many of you are having a hard time sad, definitely grateful to live in the era of antibiotics and hope they've all worked splodge and deedee.

sarrita glad you got to watch a film in (almost) peace. We were so definitely not going to do the whole bouncing/rocking thing this time round and have ended up doing it again, whatever it takes to make life easier...

readyornot that made me laugh, I'm quite nervous about nappy off time because DS2 is a several poos a day baby, your story has made me even more nervous grin. Roll on summer when he can have a bit more freedom instead of 5 mins here and there on the change mat.

kiwi I'm guilty of the falling asleep during feeds as well, trying to make more of an effort to at least end up in a better co-sleeping position but it's not always easy. Also DS2 tends to come on and off and faff a fair bit during feeds, he's managed to give me a love bite above my nipple while I was dozing and not paying attention blush.

beijing disposable nappies here too blush, I don't feel good about it but I struggle to keep up with the washing as it is.

macmomo 7.5 hours! I am so jealous!

I really should go to bed now as I know there'll be a couple of wake-up calls tonight (still only managing around 3 hours or less between feeds). It's far too tempting to stay up to enjoy the odd peaceful moment while both the DSs sleep.
DS2 has managed to pick up his second cold already, he's been asleep on me all evening but, even though we've propped up the cot, will probably be awake and restless when I try lying him down.

deedee321 Sun 20-Feb-11 02:16:06

Wow macMomo, you have given us all hope!! Cannot imagine 7 hours sleep! Louie has shifted my mastitis...by feeding every hour since 1am last night - am like a zombie.Must be growth spurt extraordinaire!!
Amazingly have managed to have a lovely day - my dd is being golden again, so sweet without a tantrum in sight, and my sis and I took them both to a garden centre for a charge about and a coffee...anyone else loving the attention your tiny gets when out and about? I love people saying 'Oooooh, gorgeous!'
Walk on the beach with baby in a sling sounds utterly blissful....

beijingaling Mon 21-Feb-11 05:28:46

MacMomo envy

Seraphina was averaging 4 hours then dropped to 3 for her 6w growth spurt. I'm now trying to get her to drop off back to sleep as she is not always waking for a feed but just waking up. Fingers crossed for longer sleeps soon!

Speaking of sleep the poor lamb was awake for SIX HOURS yesterday and getting increasingly ratty and exhausted ending in a screaming fit before she collapsed asleep. It was for us both. Seriously, why wasn't a sleep control handed to us in the delivery room?

ready your poo story made me laugh!

deedee glad the mastitis has been shifted though hourly feedings are tough. Hope Louie is feeling better.

smallsniffle have you tried using a small diffuser with some tea tree or eucalyptus oil for the colds in baby's bedroom? <hippy woo emoticon>

sarrita Mon 21-Feb-11 09:23:17

Yee ha. DD slept from 10.30 ish till 4.30am. I went to bed at 11.30 so 5 hrs of sleep. Incredible. Then she didn't wake again till 8 as I managed to give her a two boob feed as I wasn't completely and utterly exhausted. And... she is asleep again!

DS is at the Zoo today with his childminder.

But the night before it was a feed every hour. Sleeping with DD on the boob shock (happens all the time with me and with DS before so try not to worry about it).

I never had 7hrs sleep with DS until he was 10months and through sleep training I got him off his 4am feed. Well done Macmomo.

Currently have casserole pot tied to a dressing gown cord, attached to baby hammock, so that one bounce goes on for longer on the hammock. Brother-in-law's suggestions (civil engineer) who had the hammock before us - genius!

splodge77 Mon 21-Feb-11 17:09:04

wow! amazing epic sleep macmomo, arnie only does big sleeps in the afternoon never at night. groan. i am getting seriously fed up with these boots nappies we have got - for some reason every single one i have put on him over the last 24 hours has leaked and i've had to change his clothes every nappy change which makes him scream. grrr. any recomendations for non-leaky nappy brands? the poor washing machine is going to conk out at this rate.

readyornot2011 Mon 21-Feb-11 17:21:42

splodge I had the problem with Huggies, have stuck to pampers since then, just buy in bulk when I see them on offer. My mum very kindly bought us a huge bag of huggies this weekend, didn't have the heart to tell her and they'll still get used

smallsniffle Mon 21-Feb-11 20:47:32

beijing I do already have some tea tree oil (have slight hippy woo tendencies smile) but must get diffuser. It's always the same when they're ill there are things I mean to buy and then they get better and I forget and curse myself next time when the thermometer still doesn't have batteries!

sarrita I'm loving the image of a hammock with crockery (or should that be ovenware?) hanging off it. It's amazing the things which work!

I've had occasional leaks with pampers but every time since buying Sainsbury's own. I think most nappies struggle to control the newborn poonamis (the force they're expelled with is sometimes amazing). I find own brand nappies work fine for toddlers though so it's worth giving them another try when they're older.

Was wondering today how a few of the regulars from the expecting thread were getting on. I haven't seen walkthedog, littlehuman, berrycravings and I'm sure there are others for ages. Any of you still out there lurking?

WalkTheDog Tue 22-Feb-11 13:23:50

Ah ha, found you all! Haven't been lurking, just couldn't find - dumb brain of mine wink

Haven't read any of the gossip yet.

Can't believe DD is over 5 weeks old. She is doing great and getting heavier every week (no need to go to gym to lift weights!). Was 11lb3oz at 5 wk HV visit. Is slowly dropping lower than the 91st centile, which am glad as don't fancy having to carry huge baby around until she starts walking.

Update news:

Post CSection recovery has gone well. Parents came over once OH returned to work which helped a lot. DP has taken over walking the dog now dad has gone home. Been able to go out with them carrying DD in Kari me sling (she hated the other one we have)

Needed to co-sleep as she wouldn't settle at all in crib or pram unless completely zonked and even then woke up in such a state. In past wk managing to get her to sleep in crib or pram, and managing sometimes to get her to fall asleep without needing to be held/comfort suck.

BF finally stopped being agony after 2 weeks. Started expressing at wknd - more for occ times, just as well it took me 20mins to express 1oz, which DD guzzled in couple of mins - hoping more I express more I'll produce!

Restarted resusables, tried once home but she came out in a rash - nobody could work out why - all going well with them now. I've had some leaks with pampers, very difficult to get out of clothes - argh!

Having some spells of evening colicish crying - occ druing the day, but can settle her easier and quicker in daytime. Found white noise - waterfall etc, works well.

Excitably awaiting brother's 1st baby which was due yesterday.

WalkTheDog Tue 22-Feb-11 14:00:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glad everyone is doing well. Having a nice relaxing day with DD1 at nursery! walkthedog I use a Kari me and DD2 is practically a marsupial, she is never out it!

TettyLouBar Tue 22-Feb-11 14:50:30

Hi there,
Please can I join in of the thread?

Ive just come over from the childbirth threads having had DD2 on Jan26th (4weeks tomo)
Was very kindly pointed in this direction from Blancedevereux think thats spelt wrong but you know who I mean!

havent had a chance to read all the posts on here as there are so many, but here's our story:

DD1 2years 8months, DD2 4weeks, EBFing. Weight gain has been great so far! 8lb15oz born, now nearly 10lb 10oz. Managed normal delivery this time around with G&A and tens (had lots and lots of interventions with DD1 as she was back to back sad) DH back to work now and In-laws staying this week which is helping with the mundane half-term. DD1 desperate to get back to creche and groups etc that are all off due to holidays hmm

Been trying to think of ways of managing to get the newbie some piece and quiet to sleep during the day as DD1 extremely noisy! Blanche I tried your tip and left baby upstairs to sleep a little longer this morning while I gave the little lady some brekkie. It does help but no further forward with naps during day - only sure fire way to make sure she gets sleep is to get out and about with her in the pram at the moment! confused

mamasunshine Tue 22-Feb-11 16:12:58

Hello ladies smile Have been lurking, but just haven't the time to type and catch up sorry. Have been very busy. Last week was my 1st week solo, haven't had any help but I've managed with ds1 2.11, ds2 20m and dd 3wo hmm honestly I do not know how??!! We've been getting to a couple of groups and having mostly 'good' days together. But had a few stressful days mid week with work pressures, and having to run errands etc. So Arabella had put on 1lb 14oz by 20days old shock, she really looks too big to be a new born, and 0-3 months are very fitted!! Co-sleeping, not that there's much sleep to be had, she's full of cold poor thing. Bf going well, but did has mastitis a week ago, managed to clear it up with feeding smile phew! We're using a mei tai sling which is fab, especially around the house. My 20mo is having regular meltdowns/very sensitive, so he's very hard work. My dh has been an absolute star this time around, helping change nappies, get breakfast out, do bed and bathtime for older ones before and after work smile I really think the 2 weeks paternity with him in charge of the toddlers scared him grin!! Feeling really fat and wobbly, can't believe I'm already worrying about my weight, prob because I've been this size for 3 pg in a row now! Cannot wait to start some exercise, but waiting for 6 weeks.

Hello tetty I was on the birth thread too grin Gld all's going well! Welcome back walkthedog smile

We're using pampers ATM, so far so good. Had a few leaks so went up a size, and none yet! We were going to do re-usables, but I'm REALLY struggling with washing now so think it may not be very practical. Hope everyone's well smile

mamasunshine Tue 22-Feb-11 16:15:23

Oh for my ds2 we use aldi's nappies...amazing and cheap! The best re-usables I've used for no leaks etc. Will prob put dd into those when she's a bit bigger (the material isn't as soft and bendable as pampers for newborn IYKWIM!)

WalkTheDog Wed 23-Feb-11 16:56:31

blanche love kari me, have it on me now

welcome tetty. could you try a quiet box for DD1, filled with variety of things she really likes, but that keep her occupied and quiet, that you only taken out when DD2 due for nap? I know hard to find something that does that!

mama pat yourself on the back, we are our own worst critics, you are doing great. I plan to start my wii exercises on fri/wknd once 6wks up, but gentle as can still occ feel one side of stitches - MW thought either stitched a bit too tight or had slight haematoma.

oh what a day! yesterday went so well - DD is very unsettled

wondering if my boobs are heading for mastitis, hopefully just engorgement. Luckily DD wanting to feed often so that is helping.

Getting married in summer, OH popped the question (finally!) and friend just messaged me to say hotel has us down for wrong date - argh, contract is right, just seems to be the reception. it's a pretty informal affair but if hotel makes a mistake like that, we will need to make sure any details are written out in full detail.

oh well one smile from DD and it is all forgotten

smallsniffle Thu 24-Feb-11 16:38:12

walk glad you found us and congratulations on the wedding - hope it all goes smoothly from here.

tetty I struggle with naps as well, so far have been resorting to buggy/sling as well.

blanche I also love my kari-me, it is probably my most used bit of baby kit.

mama I find it hard enough juggling 2, I can't imagine how busy it'd be with 1 more and I remember 20 months as being a fairly interesting time when I only had the 1!

I know I should just relax and enjoy DS2 for the moment but I have been weighing myself (nearly 2 stone to lose) and wondering where my waist went. I've bought a double buggy though so should be getting plenty of exercise pushing that around.

DS2 was feeding practically all day yesterday and DS1 was also being quite challenging. Today I don't have DS1 and DS2 has slept pretty much all day - it's been one extreme to the other, from manically busy to very peaceful. smile

MacMomo Thu 24-Feb-11 20:53:41

walk congratulations!

After our dream week of long sleeps, the colic and reflux kicked in, so things didn't stay so good - but at least I got a bit of respite. Have managed a better few days now, but really don't know how to get DD to settle in cot at 7pm. The books just say "settle her down by 7pm when she's 6 weeks old" as though you just decide to do it. We're doing the whole bath, cuddle, feed, calm, into the cot you go...wah! Wah! Wah!

Still, she's only 8 weeks tomorrow, seems very young to me. Just very afraid to find out at ten weeks that we should have been doing this differently all along and then it will be too late, bad habit ingrained!

Am also struggling with milk supply in one boob (one giant turbo tit and one tiny flat pancake) pumping every 2 hrs for a few days does sort it out, but it's chuffing hard to actually do!

Yay, weekend neatly here. Normal life task for this weekend: making pancakes smile

readyornot2011 Fri 25-Feb-11 09:08:50

Hello ladies

Welcome Tette welcome back walk

In awe of all the ladies doing this with a toddler already, can't imagine at the moment but I guess I'll be ready one day... Hmmm and mama wow!

Macmomo I started putting DD up at 7pm at 4 weeks, it all went brilliantly for a few days but then we had a few days away at the in laws and now we are up north with my parents and I don't like to leave her because the bedroom's too far away. Plus DH was away for a few days inbetween so she kept me company and it's all gone to pot! I have tried a few times but if she cries I cave straight away, she's only 6 weeks tomorrow so still very young. We gave in the power of the dummy ( evenings only) and it seems to relax her completely, no evening fussing. In fact she was so funny last (her & DH making faces at each other, I don't want to put her up anymore!

In other news, DH and I went out on a date on Wednesday night! Probably too soon I know, but as I said we are staying at my parents & there is a great restaurant opposite their house. So I bf'd & settled Rosa left her curled up on my mum, put on a dress!!! and heels!!! and went out for a wonderful dinner and rather too much crap wine. It was amazing to be a couple again for a few hours and have a proper talk about DDs arrival and how it's changed things. It was also amazing to get back to our gorgeous daughter who'd been as good as gold. She did punish us by waking every 2 hours (usually 4) for a feed, worrying considering the likely alcohol content. Anyway have just woken from a great night, 6 solid hours, so either all is forgiven or she was sleeping off a hangover!!! blush Oh dear, I'm a bad bad mum! But a happy one with a very smily DD smile

TettyLouBar Fri 25-Feb-11 15:30:59

smallsniffle what sling do you use?

readyornot wow - a date! how exciting! envy I can't wait to wear heels and go out somewhere that we don't have to check for a childrens menu/change room/highchairs etc!

walkthegod thanks for the quiet box idea - DD1 doesn't know the meaning of the word quiet but I have got a few books that she likes to read together. Had a breakthrough this morning and baby slept on her own upstairs in moses basket for a 30 minute nap with monitor! Progress people!!! grin

smallsniffle Fri 25-Feb-11 16:59:18

I use a kari-me, I did have a ring sling originally (the one shoulder type) but it got really uncomfortable really quickly. When I first went to baby group I saw someone else with a kari-me, came home, told DP I had sling envy and he ordered one for me smile.
I also have a patapum as the stretchy slings don't work as well when they're older.
I used to hang around the sling topic quite a lot and there's loads of good advice there. I only discovered after ordering it that the kari-me is just one long piece of material and some instructions for tying it, you could just get a length of stretchy material much cheaper. I also have instructions to make a mai-tei so I can have something in funkier colours than the patapum - however I've had them printed off and sitting in a drawer for 2 years now so I might not get round to it before DS2 is too old for slings...

MsScarlett Fri 25-Feb-11 18:49:23

Hi all!

Is the kari me a good bet for a sling then smallsniffle? Is it good for bfing? I get nothing done atm so really think I need to get one!

Glad to hear you're all getting there! Quick update from me:

DD has had tough time since birth with sleeping, constant screaming especially during/after feeds etc. Diagnosed with reflux, using combination of colief and gaviscon means that finally we are getting a few hours sleep at night and dd is a bit happier - finally smiling regularly! She also has a tongue tie which was only spotted by HV at clinic at 6 weeks. Discussed with GP who said it wouldn't be causing problems and shouldn't be corrected, however as she IS having problems, HV referred me to BF expert at hospital who immmediately said it is likely to be the root of her problems and she is now having it snipped on Monday. Hoping it will improve things. Not looking forward to it though as it sounds brutal - they just snip it with no anaesthetic! I will cry more than her I think...

God this parenting lark is hard! Finally turning a corner I feel!

MsScarlett Fri 25-Feb-11 18:53:17

Oh and I had an interview for a medical school today and was offered a place! Had already done two years, but wanted to transfer to new one as I moved to be with dp and have dd! Pretty chuffed as both our families are local. God is was weird though, me in my suit with my engorged boobs threatening to leak everywhere! First time I've felt like a person in my own right since having dd! Now got to get everything in place to start in September...

crumblequeen Fri 25-Feb-11 23:13:12

Hi! Lurking every day here enjoying the updates! Going to pluck peter out to feed him now before I get into bed as he has been in his own bed since 8 and is sucking in his sleep! Has a current routine of waking for feeding at 11pm, 2am and 5am which is not great!

I think I am going to try a kari me sling too while he is tiny. Ergo is good but can't get comfortable with the infant insert so will try it again when he is bigger. He loves sling time though so hopefully will like kari me too.

Macmomo your post re giant turbo tit made me laugh out loud while cuddling DS1 on sofa, he asked what was funny too but I didn't tell him! I have similar problem but not as bad, abundant milk supply in one side and probably one cup size bigger. I am starting feeds maybe twice as often on smaller side to keep supply stimulated. Had same problem with DS1.

Msscarlett congratulations on your medical school!

Walkthedog congratulations on wedding - lovely news!

Readyornot where up north are you? I am yorkshire expat in tyne and wear.

Ps i am slight technophobe and don't know how to make names bold when posting from phone-sorry-its a bit annoying! Hoping for good nights for everyone!

MsScarlett Sat 26-Feb-11 13:48:15

Crumblequeen how old is your ds? My dd is nearly 8 weeks and since we have been medicating her reflux she has slept most nights from 10pm til 5am! (Previously she was settling for 40-60 mins at the most!) It seems a long time to go between feeds but she doesn't seem to be suffering for it, she is still gainig lots of weight and all of us are a lot happier for the extra sleep! I would leave him to sleep if I were you, he might surprise you, though not sure if this is contraversial?! wink.

Also, I have one huge tit! It has always been very slightly bigger, but in pg and while bf it has grown disproportionately to the other! When I had my nursing bra fitting the woman asked me if that was the one I was due to feed from next, but I explaine dthat it was always bigger than the other! I reckon there is at least a cup size difference there too. I hope that when they shrink back, the difference becomes less!

MsScarlett I adore my Kari Me, I got mine on Ebay for about £25. I've not managed the BF position, I just tend to put DD2 in the upright, tummy facing position and she goes straight to sleep after a feed. In fact, I think she hasn't managed a daytime nap in her moses basket yet as I always put her in the sling as she sleeps longer in there.

DD2 is 5 weeks today. Will probably go and get her weighed next week, I am so lax! Doing great and she is now settling about 8, 9pm, going through to about 1.30 am, having another feed about 4.30 and then getting up round about 7am when the whirlwind of DD1 appears. She is still quite a good sleeper during day if I am holding her or she is in sling. She feeds, looks about for an hour or so and then goes to sleep.

It's only been the past couple of days I have seen her begin to lengthen the gap between her daytime feeds. She was a real snacker before but has just began to show signs of going every 3 hours between daytime feeds. However, my motto is "if in doubt, get 'em out" so if she whimpers I always offer the boob and she invariably has a little drink.

Typing with one hand here and need to go and get dinner on. Lovely to read all your stories!!

sarrita Sat 26-Feb-11 19:09:20

I have a Kari-me type; but I find that DD slips down as I go for a walk. It is made of stretchy t-shirt like cotton, and just seems to get loose. Does that also happen with the Kari-me? I have been lent this one, so not too worried about buying a Kari-me if needs be.

What do you think Kari-me fans?

I have one boob bigger than they other. I call it my Major (in a ridiculous Spanish accent) and the smaller one is Minor (again said with Spanish accent). Seems less bad since I had DD. Was fairly uneven between babes.

smallsniffle Sat 26-Feb-11 20:33:31

MsScarlett Wow! I'm impressed tnat you've got into medical school once already and even more impressed that you're managing successful interviews at the moment. Sounds like you have avoided baby brain smile.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't managed to bf in a kari-me blanche, I only did the front carry with DS1 because I got the sling when he was a bit older and already too big for the newborn carry. A big part of the reason I got the sling was seeing someone else make bfing look so easy in it but it didn't really matter if I sat around feeding and then popped him in the sling after so I wasn't too bothered when I couldn't manage bfing in the sling. I've tried harder to make it work with DS2 but his head seems to be too high and I'm not sure why hmm. I might have to have another go because it would make life so much easier if I could feed him and run round after DS1 at the same time.

sarrita I would say the kari-me is thicker than t-shirt material so might have slightly less give in it. Depending how well used it's been yours might have lost some of it's elasticity or you might need to tie it a bit tighter (there are good demo videos on you-tube so you can check your technique). It might be worth trying a carrier like the ergo or patapum if wrap slings don't do it for you.

crumblequeen I think you do lose a lot of functions on a phone but I'm too much of a technophobe to get my phone to do the internet at all so you're still doing well smile.

DS2 appears to be having yet another growth spurt, all he's wanted to do all day is feed. Unfortunately I wanted to try out the double buggy as I only picked it up last night (ebay purchase), he screamed every time he went in it sad. Hoping tomorrow goes a bit better...

crumblequeen Sat 26-Feb-11 20:52:04

Msscarlett DS2 is 5 weeks, I decided to leave him in the end last night as was too busy posting my message here but he didn't disappoint and woke at 11.30! Really hoping the 3 night feeds become 2 soon. My tolerance for the noise and shouting of DS1 diminishes the more tired I become!

Got my kari me sling from eBay today so really looking forward to trying it.

DS2 much prefers sling sleeping during day to being put down and I am quite enjoying it as am sure he will be my last baby so its nice to keep him close! Also don't need to worry about DS1 assaulting him while he is sleeping somewhere.

How is everyone's toddler behaviour going? Ds1 seems to have settled down a lot now and is much happier generally. It's nice as the house is a much happier place in general too, there is nothing like a difficult toddler to ring down morale!

deedee321 Sat 26-Feb-11 22:02:05

Crumblequeen, agree entirely! We are all smiling a lot more now we have sunny toddler back!
Am jealous at all this talk of routines! Ds is 7 weeks but wakes whenever he feels like it, random and often! Feeds up to 18 times a day, little short feeds sometimes...

beijingaling Sun 27-Feb-11 04:37:15

Congratulations MsScarlett Good luck with the tongue tie. When DD had a blood test in her 2nd week I cried and cried but you just need to remind yourself it's for the best.

readyornot date envy

MacMomo the settle thing baffles me too. I don't understand how you're supposed to settle them in a cot especially when they settle so quickly on boob or on you. DD just wakes up unless she is fast asleep when she's popped into her cot.

After our horrid week of DD spending hours and hours (9 hours was the longest) wide awake it seems we have turned a corner. She's starting to cry when she gets tired which (I know this will bite me in the arse saying this) is better as at least she knows she's tired so she's more willing to settle. Last two nights DD has gone to sleep at 9:30, woken at 2:30 and then again at 7. I'm trying to bring the bedtime forward but we'll just have to see how that goes.

My biggest problem though is feeding to sleep and comfort sucking. DD loves it and I really don't enjoy it at all. Love BFing but comfort sucking makes my toes curl and she wont take a dummy at all.

MsScarlett Sun 27-Feb-11 14:33:15

smallsniffle I DO have baby brain which made the whole thing all the more surreal. I just felt like a complete fraud and that I shouldn't be there! I guess I just did a good job of pretending! I still don't feel like a capable human being just yet, but I hope by September I'll be feeling a bit more raring to go. I know it is the best in the long run for all our futures so I just want to get stuck in and finish my degree so I can start earning a decent wage for the first time in my life!

Thanks beijing! comfort sucking also makes me sore! Though in retrospect I don't think my dd's latch has ever been quite right due to the tongue tie. My dd also had trouble with a dummy (again tongue tie prob didn't help) but with some perseverance she does now take it occassionally if she's in the right mood. She can't hold the orthodontic teats at all but she just about manages with a cherry teat - have you tried one?

Thanks blanche I may purchase a kari-me soon...

Oh well crumblequeen! I'm sure he'll sort himself out eventually and go a bit longer! I never thought my dd would but she is getting better every day thank god!

TettyLouBar Sun 27-Feb-11 15:20:42

Hello all,

another one-handed typer here, apologies if spelling is bad!
Well DD2 4wk4dys today. feeding going well, managed to stretch to about 2 hours in day, sometimes 2.5 if sleepy, but night time is a whole other story. most nights she's settling about 9pm and then waking around 2 and 6. ( nothing like DD1 who never did this until about 4-5 months! )
But last night she didn't settle til 2230, but did'nt wake til 5am! fluke springs to mind, she was sooo tired from having such a windy evening. sad

I too am considering a kari-me. baby bjorn doesn't seem snuggly enough as her arms and legs are exposed. hmm

DD1 (2y8mo) is being a little rascal at the moment. trying lots of new naughty things out to see if she can make my head explode with her behaviour, i'm sure. angry
I know she's just trying to get attention and whenever baby not in my arms I make a point out if cuddling DD1 and making a fuss of her but the guilt is sometimes overwhelming when I cant play/pick her up and she's asking me too sad
Half term has made it even more intense as she's not been going to groups and creche. roll on next week grin


smallsniffle Sun 27-Feb-11 20:48:22

Happy toddler service has been resumed here as well, it does make such a difference. Up until this week I didn't really trust DS1 anywhere near DS2 but this week he's been having his first proper cuddles (I've uploaded a pic to my profile as it's so cute) and the only problem has been persuading him to give DS2 back. Tetty things might improve soon - I know they don't all follow the same schedule but your DD2 is one of the youngest on the thread and a week or two is a long time for a toddler.

We're still on 1-2ish hourly feeding by day, cluster feeding most evenings and 2-3ish hourly at night [yawn]. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the length of feeds or the spacing yet but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

DS1 would only take a cherry dummy and they discontinued the only type he would consider, we had a huge struggle to make him take a different sort and he still has one for sleeping now. So far I haven't tried to give one to DS2 because it turned out to be such a PITA with DS1!

DD1 is still being a bit naughty here. I think, however, it is a combination of my patience level being at an all time low and she feeling pushed out a bit with DD2 who spends 24 hours with me (we co sleep, DH in spare room, or she is in a sling or on my knee). Yesterday was the first time I left DD2, and that was only for 30 minutes to take DD1 to Sainsburys for a few bits.

I'm trying to focus on the positive behaviour from DD1 but I am struggling with the general two year old defiance, etc. We can be having a lovely time colouring or playing and then it just instantly sours when she hits, draws on sofa, etc, etc. I know she isn't being malicious or manipulative but I find it hard. All she must hear from DH and I at the moment is "no, no no..." sad.

Just trying for lots of cuddles and nice snuggles when I have the time.

smallsniffle I tried with a dummy here but she was having none of it! Never had one with DD1 but this little lady likes to comfort suck for hours before bedtime and my nips aren't as keen.

deedee321 Mon 28-Feb-11 08:05:41

I had felt everything was settling down nicely a few days ago - getting out and about with two of them, managing bedtimes/getting ready on morning better and having ok, if not great, sleeps. Now in state of total exhaustion and think I really must be doing something wrong...he wakes up every 40 mins to an hour at night at the moment crying. Have tried a dummy, which he likes during the day, but at night he screams till he is fed, then only feeds for minutes at a time. His longest feeds are under 10 mins, have not worried about it till now as think have fast let-down as I feel boob more or less empties each time (he never takes second side). He is a big baby and piling on the weight, heavy nappies and bright yellow poos, so he is well. He can do 3.5 hours sleep, he was doing it before at night. Sleeping better during day at moment, but really had felt had cracked day and night over last 2 or 3 weeks. I keep interaction to minimum etc, only vital nappy changes etc. Had got him out of our bed into his cot. Just not sure why the sleeps are all going wrong now. Anyone got any advice/ideas??

WalkTheDog Mon 28-Feb-11 10:01:15

hi, wow loads of reading - also typing one handed - lettind DD comfort suck on pinkie-she is in pram and has just woken from a very short nap screaming, she did that yesterday twice, she is settling back to sleep again.

Haven't had any probs with kari-me once know how to wrap it, but do wonder how it will be as DD gets heavier. Not tried BF with it. tetty have sling similar to baby bjorn and I didn't feel it was secure enough, think it'll be fine once she is a bit bigger.

deedee DD only feeds for a short time too, and as your LO is putting on weight etc wouldn't worry about that. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt and just needs more food. You could try comfort sucking on your pinkie, or gentle tapping on chest with "shh" sounds while still in cot, he maybe just needs some reassurance. We now have got DD into crib next to bed, (so I can very easily reach in to), and couple of times she has woken up and I've managed to get her to return to sleep by doing those things, other times food is what she needs, might only take about 2-3mins worth though so she might not really be hungry, just a bit of close comfort.

blanchedeveraux think most people go through same thing as you with DD1 and new baby, I know my friend had problems with her DD biting DS. If you are worried about the "no" . Friends in NZ are advised to try not to use the word no but turn it into a positive statement i.e. You draw on paper not on the walls. Not sure how it works in practise over 24hours though!

smallsniffle good to hear things going well with DS1.

bejingaling your DD night sleep pattern similar to mine. Also had the hours of her being awake through the day. Only over last week can we occ get her to lie down without being completely asleep. We also are starting to get the tired cry, and other tired signs.

got to go she is wide awake now

MsScarlett Mon 28-Feb-11 17:51:14

We had a bit of regression last night here too. DD wouldn't settle at all and has continued the same all day. She is knackered! Plus she had her tongue tie done today so she is fussing at feeds as she must be a bit sore. Deedee, I don't have any adviceI'm afraid, but lets just hope it's a blip and things settle down again soon. x

MacMomo Mon 28-Feb-11 22:45:07

deedee google dr jack Newman and read his stuff. If you still don't have a clue, email him. I did, and I got a reply overnight. Amazing! You might find breast compressions help - as the swallowing slows down they keep the flow going, this can help keep baby interested and if he feeds for longer he is more likely to get milk with higher fat content which may satisfy him for longer. But that dr saved me, he's a genius!

deedee321 Tue 01-Mar-11 22:26:53

MacMomo, thanks so much for fab advice and link - had never heard of him, great to get the info. Had called NCT Breastfeeding helpline and been advised the same thing, something I'd never have thought of. Last night was lots better, think was combination of AIMING for 3-hourly feeds (dug out the Baby Whisperer book, used bits from it with dd), slightly longer feeds with breast compressions and the end of crazy growth spurt. But approaching tonight with no expectations, just hope!!
On the plus side, dd has achieved pees in the potty today grin

deedee321 Tue 01-Mar-11 22:56:19

Also thanks walkthedog for ideas on how to avoid such frequent feeds - think getting them out of routine of being fed the min they waken is also key...though not easy when you're praying they don't wake the toddler!!

MacMomo Wed 02-Mar-11 23:34:27

Stopped swaddling ten days ago because DD cries a lot about it. Went from sleeping 6-7hrs to sleeping 4-5 hrs. Swaddled again last night...8 hrs! I think we will be swaddling for a while yet!

sarrita Thu 03-Mar-11 00:12:16

Gave two lectures this week - the only ones planned for this year mind. DD went to childminder and took a bottle of expressed milk (8wks). She did of course wake up at 2.30 and hourly there after last night - but I am so used to being sleep deprived and I new the subject well so it was fine.

Got up the road and realised I had left to give a lecture in a grey sweater with no breast pads! Had to go all the way home. Can you imagine. I actually dripped milk onto my mother-in-law the other day while serving her tea as I had forgotten to put pads in.

Now planning DS's 4th Birthday party on Saturday. Luckily sharing it with a friend. I would like to make a pirate birthday cake. Any good tips welcome.

Must must go to bed.

MAcMOmo we swaddle at night too and she sleeps much longer. We use a 'swaddleme' which makes it easier.

Have been tying Kari-me type sling tighter and discovered I didn't have it on right. It's now brilliant, although I still get sore back and neck. DD loves it and sleeps almost instantly in it.

readyornot2011 Thu 03-Mar-11 01:27:17

DH away with work for a few days; = me knackered

today I've managed to;
go to the cinema with DD and finally see the kings speech grin

forget I'd started running DD's bath and flood the upstairs so badly it leaked through the ceiling blush

must go to bed zzzzz

really enjoying reading everyone's posts and helpful advice

TettyLouBar Thu 03-Mar-11 12:13:17

Hi all.
Not much to report here. DD2 settling around 9-10pm and waking 2ish and 6:30ish still, so beginning to have some decent sleep smile

Haven't yet bought a kari-me. I tried the baby bjorn again yesterday afternoon, but suffering from a bad back, I last about 10 mins before I'm aching and my neck is sore - how long do you peeps last with bubba in sling? I'm wondering whether I should bother with one or persevere with making sure she's wind-free and just use the vibrating bouncer chair? it seems as long as she can see me she lets me do a fair bit until she gets restless and wants cuddles. hmm

My supply seems to have settled more so she's not as windy anymore. I think my powerful let-down along with full-to-bursting boobs was making her gasp and swallow loads of air. sad

smallsniffle thanks for the reassurance about DD1's behaviour, she is really so good a majority of the time but knows how to push my buttons! hmm

sarrita out with no pads - argh, that sounds like a nightmare! I have them stashed everywhere! change bag, handbag - (although that hasn't seen daylight since DD2's birth!), coat pockets, many rooms of house!

in other news, the weight loss from BFing seems to be slowing right down, coupled with my uncontrollable urge to eat chocolate ALL of the waking hours of day, means I need to start watching what I eat as of this week. sad

Tetty, I have just polished off a family size Milkybar and half a packet of Pringles - another healthy lunch - lol.

TettyLouBar Thu 03-Mar-11 14:56:10

oooh Blanche I am soooo tempted to go and raid the fridge, but I am gutted at how badly I've eaten over the first few weeks of DD's life! If I had eaten more sensibly, I reckon I'd be at least 10lbs lighter by now!
I should have shares in cadburys and walkers sad

new week next week = new me! (yeah right)

WalkTheDog Thu 03-Mar-11 20:46:27

Hi all

tetty With my Kari me, I can walk about the house (do hoover etc) and go out for about 40min walk. Make sure you are watching your posture, easy to let it all hang out and that can give you neck/back pain. Doing some gentle tummy pulls while walking can help. Also make sure the sling is snug enough to you. If you've neck/back pain at other times, check how your carry/feed/day to day things postures, when you are pg your posture goes to pot.

I lost all my baby weight by end of wk 3 but since then nothing, I was over weight pre-pg, so have been hoping that I might loose some with BF, carrying baby etc. Mind you I have been enjoying more treats than usual!

readyornot oops re bath

macmomo 8hrs!!!! I am so happy that DD sleeps for 4-5hrs at night, can't imagine 7-hrs, think OH would be up checking that she was ok.

smallsniffle Thu 03-Mar-11 22:21:21

I have DS2 in the kari-me for quite long periods, if he falls asleep I'll just leave it on until he wakes up. I find it easier if he sleeps through toddler groups so have done over 2 hours a couple of times. I have got a double buggy now and I was hoping if he fell asleep on the way somewhere I'd be able to park him for a while, only tried once and he woke the second we got there so I ended up carrying him round which is harder work than the sling.

He was weighed this morning and is 15lb 1oz at not quite 7 weeks, HV looked a bit shock but he's only gone up a couple of centiles since birth (96th to 98th) so not vastly unexpected. I'm guessing if he keeps going at this rate it might limit our sling time eventually though.

MacMomo Fri 04-Mar-11 04:46:42

Babybjorns well known for giving bad backs; plenty of friends carrying babies in slings until 4-5 years old (on backs when really heavy). Have ordered my third sling - am not getting a pram for at least another month or 2, longer i hope. Try slingguide.co.uk for all the info.

Also using a swaddleme though they seem to be made to fit very chunky babies, really useful.

Weight loss stopped here as well, I am just super hungry all the time. Trying to go for beach walk every day but dont always get off the sofa!

WalkTheDog Fri 04-Mar-11 10:21:02

smallsniffle 15lb 1oz wow!! Thought DD was big -almost 12lbs last week at 6wks, she's in 91st centile for weight/length/head circumference. Between her size and her real nappies finding so much 0-3 mths stuff is way too small. Have these great vest popper extenders. Think I'll become an expert at shortening trousers over the next few years as she'll need to be in the next size up to go round her rather large behind!

Bit drizzly here today, but should still get out for our walks. Try to go with pram at lunchtime then using sling we aim to go with OH when he gets home. Not yet able to take dog out for her morning walk, DD quite unsettled first thing and if she decides to start crying, the pram motion doesn't help. Until DD head control is better, can't sling and walk dog at same time.

Anyone expressing? I have done it a few times, but I've noticed that the night after I've done it, my boobs are really heavy and achy. Not getting much out, 1oz to max 3oz in 20-30mins, which is not enough to satisfy DD. Hoping it gets better or I'll not be able to leave her for long.

Hannah1890 Fri 04-Mar-11 10:56:27

Hi all not been on a long while but now all the hype of new baby and lots of visitors has died down starting to feel very lonely and remembered how much being on here whilst pregnant helped.
Really great to here everyone coping so well with sleep deprevation and still amazed at those with toddlers and babies.

walkthedog ive been expressing since week 2 due to illness, but had the same problem at the start, but persevered and now wake up at 4am spend 10mins making bottle of 8ozs and head straight back to bed. Hope gets easier and quicker soon!! having my first night out tonight so been stockpiling expressed milk this week!

Im also starting to struggle to lose baby weight, weighed myself for the first time at the weekend and still 10kg heavier than before pregnant! put on alot whilst pregnant but thought id have lost it quicker with bf, but maybe all those jaffa cakes arent helping!

TettyLouBar Fri 04-Mar-11 15:06:40

Hi all,
had major puke fest last night at 2am feed. DD2 decided she would gulp down tremendous amounts of air during feed, and puked over me, my hair, my bedding, her AND her grobag and grow sad

woke dh in spare room to try and settle dd2 while I sponged puke out of my hair, and he fell asleep with her on his lap and she was bright eyed and playful when I came back in - grrr. angry

I shouted at him and feel bit bad today about it but he couldve at least tried to get his butt out of bed to wind her upright over his shoulder!?! Unreasonable?confused

I'm having the same paranoia I had with DD1 at this 5-6 week stage. My supply has settled down leaving me no longer with that full feeling and I worry constantly that DD2 isn't getting enough sad
I know i'm being daft - I went through this last time, but I can't help worrying that she's not getting the right amount?! anyone else have this?


smallsniffle Fri 04-Mar-11 20:46:27

I haven't started expressing yet, DS2 is always either just finishing a feed or just starting another one so there's either not enough milk or I'm worried about not leaving enough for him. He does occasionally go longer between feeds but because there's no logic to when this happens I can't plan round it.

There's always something to be paranoid about but I always think if there's that much milk everywhere when they throw up then there's probably enough going down in the first place smile.

kiwijesta Sat 05-Mar-11 11:17:57

Hi all, sorry its been so long, I've been lurking at 3am when feeding but don't seem to have the energy these days to post then, I wonder why?

DD is doing well, she weighed 10lb 12oz at 8 weeks, can't believe its been 8 weeks, sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes it feels like a second has passed!

My mum came over from NZ and we had 3 fab weeks with her, it was so so hard saying goodbye, all three of us were crying!

So far I think I have a reasonably happy baby, she is quick to cry when she is unhappy thankfully that isn't very often and when she does she is quick to calm down (boob). Two weeks I think she was having a huge growth spurt and was quite crotchety at night so we decided to try the nightime routine this week, the score parents nil, child four. Oh well she'll get the hang of it eventually. For now we are trying to put her down, round seven, but if at 8:30 we are still trying, well I give up cause I want my dinner and wine.

Her first jab is on Monday and I think I'm gonna get some calpol and a syringe today so we are prepared. I'm also a bit nervous!

Had the HV come on Monday, which tbh was a waste of time, she made me fill out a form about pnd and then let me keep it? She dropped off some books, and that was it. I was expecting her to ask about DD, but she seemed more concerned about me going back to work confused DD has been doing green poo on and off so I asked about that and she said it was over feeding, but everyone tells you, you can't overfeed a bf baby?? So, since DD is pooing and weeing and eating and sleeping and smiling grin I'm happy!

I also tried a kari me, liked the idea of it but it took me ages to put it on, and since we were given a 2nd hand baby bjorn which takes 10 seconds to put on, I'm sticking with that. It is a miracle worker when DD is really upset, 5 mins of walking around and she's out like a light, I've even baked wearing it, hehe!

Happy weekend everyone!

WalkTheDog Sat 05-Mar-11 17:07:14

quick pop in, SIL's baby will be finally arriving soon, she's in hosp being induced, hope it comes quickly, moreorried for her and baby than I once for myself.

WalkTheDog Sat 05-Mar-11 17:08:21

oops - more worried and was- typing one handed and with no brain!

deedee321 Mon 07-Mar-11 05:54:53

Beat of luck for your sis-in-law walkthedog!
Kiwi, lovely you had your mum over for a good long visit, no wonder you were sad saying goodbye.
Things going much better here. Went to Breastfeeding Support Group and was amazed to find my positioning was all wrong (breastfed dd for just over a year so had felt I knew what I was doing this time!! Had forgotten the basic 'tummy to mummy'). It has really helped! Ds is feeding for longer now (averaging about 8 mins probably instead if 3ish!) as he doesn't have to crick his neck now, poor love. He has also (and am in disbelief typing this as dd didn't do this till about 2 years old after strategy upon strategy and much hysteria) started falling asleep happily on his own - I feed him, give him little wind/cuddle, pop him in his cot awake and he happily snuffles away and goes to sleep. This seems incredible to me . He's now waking twice per night on a good night, but the settling thing making everything much easier. Still keep him up till we go to bed - evenings are our precious time with him beaming and kicking at us once dd is in bed! - but feel start of routine has started in that he has one main nap each day for around 3 hours at half twelvish and that sustains him with other little 45 min naps as he feels like them.
And dd has conquered not only the potty but the toilet too!! (Most times ).

deedee321 Mon 07-Mar-11 05:56:12

Ps Sarrita, in total awe you are managing to give lectures (at all really, but just now? Wow!)

WalkTheDog Mon 07-Mar-11 11:07:13

Oh long tales today!

I now have a little nephew grin. Quite a traumatic labour/birth, so much so that my brother didn't know if baby was alive when baby was handed to him. Main problem was a knotted and twisted cord making baby's heart rate drop. Stupid Dr afterwards told my brother that a lot of still births are caused by that. All are well and healthy, but brother says never again (very sure they will have more). Can't wait to meet the new arrival , either this or next weekend.

deedee glad you got some help with BF. Good going dd and her toilet mastering.

kiwi nice you had your mum over for a while. Hope injections went well. I asked when I was in for my 6wk check and the receptionist said DD wasn't due until April, although I said wasn't she supposed be done at 8wks. If not had a slip in by end of week (DD 8wks then), going to recall surgery, seemingly they do them every Thursday.

I don't think you can overfeed a BF baby, but I did take Jo Frosts baby book out of library and she talked about getting baby on a schedule and increasing times between feeds so that you don't end up with a fat baby who eats too much. Everyone else I have spoken to says, feed on demand.

My DD has green poo too. MW initially said it was possibly still a meconium (sp?) pocket, but she still gets it. HV wondered if it was linked to her being jaundice (bile), took ages for her to loose the yellowing in her eyes/skin. We've looked up about it on the net and there are a few things why it can be green, but the bottom line seems to be that it can happen and don't worry about it.

poor you Tetty and DD2 re puking. Sure she is getting enough, if she is peeing, pooing, putting on weight and generally happy.

Hannah hope the lonely feeling isn't too bad. Wish I could express 8oz, but have found if time it right I am getting more out quicker. The last two nights I think I must have leaked about 10oz (ok maybe not that much!) all over me and the bed. Next time we are near any big shops going to get a mattress protector. Not too keen on having to wear a sleeping bra with pads. Did read up on lilypadz so might give them a try, quite expensive and supposed to only last for 2 months.

We are having some issues with DD's naps during the day or lack of them. She has always been a bit up and down with how long she sleeps, but usually at least every other day has a long nap at some point. Last 3 days she has only been sleeping 20-30mins, at times waking up wide awake or crying, but still tired, but can't return to sleep. Seems to be a common problem. Tried taking her up to bed yesterday, but no difference. Put her in a sleeping bag last night (best night sleep she has had, and she tends to sleep well then anyway), so going to try that for her afternoon nap (when she tends to sleep the longest). She's been asleep for the past 40mins grin.

springsniffle Mon 07-Mar-11 22:07:43

Wow deedee that's an amazing amount of good news for one post. I'm very envy of long naps!

kiwi welldone even having the energy to lurk at 3am, I can just about manage feeding but no multi-tasking.
You've also reminded me I must book injections, I'm sure the surgery sent a reminder for DS1 but haven't had anything yet for DS2 and my brain is even less functional now than it was then.

walk congratulations on being an auntie smile

DS2's naps are pretty hopeless, he's only been sleeping in the sling/buggy by day lately but because we spend so much time running around doing stuff with DS1 I don't have time to try and sort out better sleep habits. It kind of makes life easier having him asleep on the move as he's screamed on the rare occasion when he has been awake in the buggy but it also means most of his naps are only about half an hour as he tends to wake as soon as we get where we're going. I'm sure he'll sort himself out eventually, DS1 was a fairly hopeless napper for a long time but he got there eventually...

It's finally felt a bit springlike today, which is very lucky as DS2 did an explosive poo in the park. He seemed to think it was still a bit too nippy to be stripped naked and voiced his objections loudly but it really needed doing and he got a warming cuddle afterwards smile

beijingaling Mon 07-Mar-11 22:41:06

Well I think I can forgive DD for not sleeping in the day... Last night she slept for 8 hours. Night before that 6.30, before that was 7 and before that was 7 too. I now just feel tired as opposed to so tired I'm going to be sick.

Very, very green poo here too walk Its the colour of grass cuttings. I've got a drs appointment today so I'll let you know the outcome. Congratulations on becoming an auntie and very good to hear baby is now safe and sound.

deedee I simply can't congratulate you on the self settling as I'm too jealous. DD only wants to feed to sleep. Planning to stop that this week by taking her off boob after 15 mins a side and then offering dummy. Fingers crossed!

Expressing is ok here... 60ml in 20 minutes. Whether DD will then take the bottle is another matter of course...

Naps in the day also shocking. She just will NOT sleep. Yesterday she slept for 2 hours in 12. Horrible.

mamasunshine Tue 08-Mar-11 08:19:32

Hello smile <<<waves>>> So very busy here! Have been keeping up with you all, but no chance to actually post! Sounds as though you are all mainly getting on very well smile Be back later...hopefully!

WalkTheDog Tue 08-Mar-11 10:07:37

Does feel good to know that others are in same boat with naps and green poo. Be interesting what your Dr says beijing

Am also trying the not falling asleep after feeding and the self soothing, with varying sucess.

springsniffle I'd be screaming if someone stripped me while in the park wink

For the first time, I got up, had my breakfast, got the washing on, before DD woke up, felt werid. She def sleeps for longer in her sleeping bag. Previously wakening between 630-730, now 830am. Feel sorry for OH as he has gone to work last two days and not got his morning smile.

Better go do something as DD now settled in pram, hopefully for a good nap like yesterday am

beijingaling Tue 08-Mar-11 10:49:27

Ok... <breaths and tries not to jinx self>

I have had a very, very good day. DD slept for 8 hours last night. This morning she woke up, fed and fell asleep again. When she did wake up I had a shower whilst she happily burbled in her cot then fed her again. She was quite happy in the morning until she got upset because she got tired and wanted to sleep by having a comfort suck. Comfort sucking is now banned so I calmly held a dummy in her mouth, jiggled her on my knee and sang to her until she very, very happily accepted the dummy and fell promptly to sleep. She then slept for 2 hours.

Same thing happened after her bath (though I let her feed to sleep then) and she's been asleep for almost 45 minutes.

This is the first time in over a month that she has done ANYTHING like this ladies! Normally she's attached to my boob and I'm stressing because I want to put her down but she just won't sleep otherwise because she wants to suck and I never pushed the dummy.

Didn't end up going to Dr as DH has taken the car unexpectedly and taxis don't have seatbelts let alone any provision for babyseats. I will let you know on Thursday what happens as we're going in then for jabs.

sarrita Tue 08-Mar-11 14:54:09

Sorry lurking.

DD had lots of green poo at the beginning; looked like green string.

It stopped since I changed position feeding. Seems that green poo can be a sign of too much fore milk and not enough hind milk. She also wasn't gaining weight.

She is still a noisy feeder, and I do still get the odd green poo. But positioning her tummy to tummy helped.

deedee thanks. Last week was TOUGH! Two lectures, separation from DD at 8 weeks and a fourth Birthday party to plan and deliver - this included making a pirate ship cake. Was exhausted on Sat after party - and then had to go out and have a "chat" with my Dad, who has been behaving like a teenager [for the last 14 yrs].

Big Ups to all the Mummys out there with babies and toddlers. Am grateful that DS is 4 - but mine will never play like yours will. It'll all be worth it.

sarrita Tue 08-Mar-11 14:55:15

PS expressing worked with TommyTippee boob like bottle and someone else feeding - and me not around. Good luck!

WalkTheDog Tue 08-Mar-11 15:56:24

sarrita just popped on to say that I have just read abour green poo and not enough hind milk - odd how when I read up about it before it didn't mention that.

DD takes bottle from OH with no problems and will go straight onto breast after (can't express enough and we just want her to get used to bottle as told best to start between 4-6 weeks)

good news beijing

can you tell DD having long naps today! - 2hrs am and pm

springsniffle Tue 08-Mar-11 20:51:06

beijing congratulations on the sleeping - can't decide whether to disintegrate into a heap of jealousy hearing about all these good naps or live in hope that in another couple of weeks we'll get there.

mamasunshine <<waving back>> good luck getting on later.

walk more envy at the good sleeping, shame for your DH missing out on smiles though. I love this stage when they've just started doing lots of proper smiles smile

sarrita my sister is almost 4 years older than me and we did play together a fair bit. It all evens out eventually, if you have less playing together you'll probably get less fighting as well. I'm nervous about how much fighting there will be with a shorter age gap as I think we did enough!

We always used the tommy tippee bottles for DS1, not sure if they really resemble a breast or not but they seemed to work. I hope there'll be an opportunity to try them for DS2 soon.

DS2 very unsettled tonight, DP has taken him for a man to man chat upstairs and things had gone quiet for a while but there's still the odd squawk so I think they'll be back fairly soon...

deedee321 Tue 08-Mar-11 22:09:04

So much good news, well done babies!!

deedee321 Wed 09-Mar-11 01:42:07

Quick question - at what age/stage do you think a baby should start a proper 'bedtime'??
Dd (age 3) still requires a lot of input at bedtime. Would prob be easier to put them to bed at same time. BUT then I would be missing valuable sleep opportunity (he does one bigger stretch of between 3 and 5.5 hours - know this is far shorter than a lot of you!) then wakes fairly frequently for remainder of night (this is much better than it was as settles himself back to sleep after being fed - have not yet tried not feeding him on waking, now I'm typing it seems obvious that is first step to try!) So if he went to bed at half 7 or 8 I might miss my one chance at a sleep stretch. Plus we would miss him - is our focussed time with just him. However, DH works shifts and I need to do bedtime alone and at mo is difficult.

beijingaling Wed 09-Mar-11 04:48:50

I think it still is a proper bedtime even at 10pm. It just means that their morning doesn't start until 10am. If you are doing day and night with light and dark it also means you need to keep his bedroom dark until 10am too.

I think you just need to do what works best for you. We also get one long stretch with DD then short ones. ATM that's her first stretch but I'm going to try to encourage her to wake at 10 so her long stretch is after that. Will this work? Maybe. I suspect I'll get a week of shit sleep and then shell click.

I really think you need to do what works for you. Right now, for us, dds bedtime routine starts at 5 and shes in bed for 6 to give me as long as poss to settle her before I want to have dinner. If I leave it an hour later then I sometimes don't eat until 9. Well see how it goes.

WalkTheDog Wed 09-Mar-11 10:24:05

deedee do it whatever time suits you. We are trying to get into routine of the same type of wind down pre bed so she gets used to these things means night time sleep. Then hopefully bring what time she actually goes to bed forward as it suits her sleeping pattern. As yet we have no set times as it tends to depend on when she has a late afternoon/ early evening snooze, but we do bath/change into sleepsuit/quiet time. We are also bit wary of putting her upstairs by herself - in the evening we have to keep a close eye that she doesn't turn a slight cry into a very difficult to calm rage, so we all head to proper bed at the same time.

Oh and todays am nap - 20mins, dog barked at postie, woke her up, and my trying to settle her back to sleep, while on here, has failed. Baby bright eyes is fully awake and helping me finish typing wink

mamasunshine Wed 09-Mar-11 10:57:21

I'm back smile! Just got boys to nursery and Arabella asleep in car seat still, so quick typing! We have all been ill AGAIN! Haven't been anywhere since last Tuesday shock tonsilitis and colds etc, but all starting to recover now. That was combined with the horrid 6 wk growth spurt (which I always forget about!), Arabella wouldn't let me put her down day/night and fed pretty constantly for 5 days..phew thank goodness it's over. Last night she slept 4 hrs then 2.5 hrs which feels like huge amounts to me grin So onwards and upwards..it only gets easier now! HV coming around later to weigh and measure her, she looks and feels pretty huge to me!

No expressing here, I did with ds1, always got LOADS of milk off if I did it 1st thing in am, or whilst ds was feeding. But didn't bother with ds2 and won't this time, as I just don't have time. I keep looking at the threads in the 'weightloss' section, but none seem relevant to me. 6weeks post baby fri, so ging to start being good then and start adding a bit of exercise. Need to lose 2 stone as my 1st target (then another 7-14lbs...but will think about that once he 1st lots off!)

We've had a few green poos, not really sure why, but had them a lot with ds2 and was never anything to worry about. Apparently new research suggests that you don't get a foremilk and hindmilk?! Even though everything still states that.

Congrats on wedding walkthedog how exciting!! I loved my wedding, and it was a very simple affair, but perfect for me grin Glad your nephew was well, very scary this childbirth malarky for some.
readyornot Date night! Wow, I am impressed, how nice for your dh too smile I don't think will manage one for atleast another 9/10 months sad !!
msscarlett glad the colic meds is helping and hope the tongue tie procedure went as well as it could for you. And WOW on getting your place at med school so soon post baby grin
blanch love your motto "if in doubt, get 'em out"!! I do exactly that smile Also having huge lack of patience with toddlers, can't wait for sleep to get better so I relax a bit more with them.
sarrita Very impressive managing to give lectures shock smile well done!
Kiwi - how lovely having your mum visit smile My mum is a no-show this time due to them being so busy with their business. We have seen them a couple of times for a few hrs each time when they've flown back briefly...but I do miss having her closer.
hannah hope you're doing well? Do you have any groups you can try out in your area?
*deedee - i think once have bf an older baby you pick up 'bad habbits'! I'm still lazy with latch most of the time which causes soreness...bf dc3!

Well have prob missed loads sorry!

Going away Fri for the weekend, ds1's 3rd birthday on Monday shock ...can't believ I've been a mum for 3 years! So we're tking them to the sea-sied! Have spent 30pounds on 12 cupcakes for his birthday cake! They're gluten and dairy free though and look amazing! Can't wait I'm so excited to see his reaction to it all!

mamasunshine Wed 09-Mar-11 11:02:56

Wow that was HUGE blush

Also meant to add. I don't think the actual times for bed etc are important yet. I think teaching them the difference between day and night, and having a bedtime routine as in bath, milk, story, cuddle, bed etc. is good to start now, it won't make any difference whether that happens at 7 one night and 10 the next if baby is still awake. I found that once baby is 7/8 months old and having 3 meals a day, then a routine with say a 7pm bedtime comes into play.

I've always been very relaxed on routines though i.e. I've gone totally by baby, and both boys slept 12 hours every night (unless ill) from 9/10months old.

Good to catch up on everyone.

Like Mama, all good here, just emerging (I hope) from the 6 week growth spurt where Abby wouldn't let me put her down and fed pretty much constantly day and night for 4 days. So tiring and big sister not impressed with it all. Really enjoying having 2 but I am still amazed how different number 2 is from number 1. Just when you think you've got it worked out, this one behaves completely differently! She will not be fed to sleep and that was a sure fire certainty with DD1. LOL.

My friend gave me some spare breastpads she had the other day and looks like I was allergic to the glue in them as I had all over body hives yesterday! Was agony and so itchy. Of course, can't really take anything so was smearing myself in calamine and trying to have a soak in an oatmeal bath. Combining this with 6 week growth spurt and a heavy cold means Monday was pretty much the lowest point so far. Onwards and upwards I say!

Better go. Got to cut DD2's nails and she keeps scratching her face and howling!

sarrita Thu 10-Mar-11 11:22:56

Oh Blanch it'll get easier. I promise.

DD is snoozing in her bouncy chair. She slept from 9 till 5.30 am. I slept from 10. All good. She was as you are describing but is settling. Less spewing and easier to burp. She's 9 weeks now.

She had her first immunisations yesterday - a jab in each leg. oh how she howled. i'm too scared to take the plasters off! But nurse said i was the most chilled mum.

mama i'm sure growth spurt and running after your family will take off the pounds. i've been a mum for 4 yrs and only have 2!

Glad u and ur sister played sniffle. there's hope

bed times i agree with mama - we just always did bath massage bed - once ds had settled down a bit - post newborn stage. When we went to India for 2 months just before he turned 2 - everything went out the window but we always had a wash and song at bedtime. He came home and went straight back to normal bedtimes.

WalkTheDog Fri 11-Mar-11 00:00:34

hope the hives have settled blanche and you braves the plaster removal sarrita

mama good you got over your bugs ready for your wknd away. HV with us tomorrow, OH and I having bets how what her weight will be this time. We were 6oz too little last time.

Good news, nephew home tonight, cup feeding as won't latch, but SIL's milk coming in, so fingers crossed.

In bed with laptop, just turned off water sounds - helps DD settle if she is struggling to settle herself.

deedee321 Fri 11-Mar-11 21:16:29

Anyone else been living a life of trauma since the 8 week vaccine? Louie's really not been right since, absolutely screeching in a heartrending manner

Hives now gone, thanks for asking Walkthedog.

7 weeks old today and Abigail is beginning to need some encouragement to nap during the day. She is donig great at night, Going down about 8.30 with a waking at 1, 4 and then up around 6. However, naps are another matter and it doesn't help when her 2 year old sister is charging about the place being so noisy.

I can deal with the sleep deprivation but I cannot deal with a newborn cry. I know that is what they are designed to do, but I always pick her up straight away. I am trying to get her to have a nap in moses basket rather than sling but I think I will just go with the flow and pop her back in the Kari Me!

All good fun!

deedee321 Sat 12-Mar-11 15:13:09

I am exactly the same Blanche. glad to hear things are picking up. I am 'wearing' Louie constantly at the moment. Whatever works!!

WalkTheDog Sat 12-Mar-11 15:29:27

wild weather today. DD got a little snow on her face and she was not happy.

naps an issue here too - can be long or very short or almost not at all. Somtimes I need to keep going back to her, even for another feed, other times she settles herself very quickly. We resort to letting her sleep on us or on a cushion on us, if we know she needs a sleep but won't go down in pram.

I go to her ASAP if sshe starts crying, at this age surely they are crying because something is up -hungry, wet, hot/cold, bored, tired etc OH finds the cry a bit much if she is having one of her bad spells and he needs to leave the room for a few mins, it just washes over me now and I can just keep trying to settle her.

1st jabs in 2 weeks

springsniffle Sat 12-Mar-11 21:47:43

DS2 only has decent naps in the kari-me and I can't cope with hearing him cry either so he's spending quite a bit of time in there. He's quite happy in the moses basket by night, although he feeds to sleep downstairs before going up - still no proper bedtime routine.
Trying not to get stressed about sleep this time round but finding it hard when he's obviously tired and won't just drop off!

Suddenly DS2 is being very sick after every feed, I'm not sure if it's because he's a bit phlegmy after yet another cold or if it's reflux (can that start at 8 weeks?) he seems quite happy in himself, it's only been a couple of days and he's not likely to waste away anytime soon but it's another thing to worry about confused.

Sniffle, Abigail has had every cold going courtesy of DD1 and it causes her to be sick quite a bit as she gets very mucousy. I end up lying her propped up in her moses basket with the Next Directory under the feet or on a bath towel when we co-sleep to try and help it drain away. However, when they spend so much time on their backs it is pretty certain it is going to bung them up a bit. It's the extra washing I don't need.....

Well we managed a 7 hour sleep session on Saturday night, I felt like a new woman Sunday! She didn't repeat it last night (up 3 times) but it was great, apart from the boobs like basketballs. Reminds me that the multiple night wakings aren't forever and the 6 week growth spurt was maybe worth it!

I am still taking DD1 to her swimming lesson on a Monday but I don't know how long we can carry on. Abigail sits at the side in her car seat (which she hates) and as her naps and feeds are all over the place we have had to abort after 10 minutes or so a few times when she has been screaming the place down. DD1 doesn't understand why we are getting out and it is, tbh, a huge faff all round taking two of them, getting undressed, showered and dressed for a 30 minute lesson.

DH has got food poisoning so is in spare bed looking miserable. Like having 3 kids to look after wink!

MacMomo Mon 14-Mar-11 21:22:40

Have been loyally lurking but not posting for a bit.

blanche you sound run off your feet, don't think I could deal with more than one!

dd has been managing 7-8 hr sleeps each night for about 2 weeks now (since 8 weeks old). the time she goes down does vary a bit because we don't have a timed routine. we are following the principle that she needs to sleep as soon as she shows signs of being tired and is never awake for longer than 2 hrs. So when she does her first yawn between 6-7, she has a bath, feed, swaddle and then to sleep in her nest in my bed. She usually sleeps solidly, sometimes we have to go up and reassure her a couple of times. then she wakes for the night feed between 2-4 am. Then she's up at 7-8. It seems to work really well. We have our evenings back!

Last week, however, she stopped sleeping during the day which was a nightmare. I don't know how she did it and she cried a lot. Then after our second osteopath appointment, she pooed 4 times the next day shock and went back to having her 3 naps a day (although she does now need swaddling in order to nap which she didn't when she was first born). Or she sleeps in the sling! I have one like a Kari-Me and now a Connecta (which I love as it is so easy).

Just about going to 100% cloth nappies, too, but need some proper night nappies to deal with the long sleep time. Not sure if DH really approves but he's keeping quiet about it so far.

We haven't had the 8 week jabs yet (they lost the paperwork and didn't register us) - does it really upset the babies?

Have started to put weight back on shock; am blaming my mum but need to make more of an effort to get exercise.

Hope everyone is enjoying the cute smiles and the new things they do every day - as this is my first it's all really exciting, I'm really loving it.

MacMomo Mon 14-Mar-11 21:24:04

oh and I'm another mum who runs every time the baby cries!

deedee321 Mon 14-Mar-11 22:48:06

Oh Blanche, very impressed you are still managing the swimming with dd1 when it's all that effort, what a lovely mummy. I am finding myself in crazy situations too - staggering to the loo at 100 miles an hour with ds attached to me feeding to help dd with her newly-acquired toilet skills. I was a bit slow the other day and she came dancing though with her leggings pulled up. When I asked her if she'd wiped her bottom she proudly said she had, with the towel! But couldn't remember which one!!
Loving the new baby skills too . Louie cooing and beaming, am transfixed! Tired but happy days.

sarrita Mon 14-Mar-11 23:55:23

deedee lol about the towel - so glad I have a 4yr old - been potty trained since 2 and a bit.

Well done MacMomo on the sleeps. We are kind of there too now. She does a big sleep in the evening. So I am staying awake so that I can wake her and feed her - see if that will give me a bit more sleep. Well done on the real nappies. I'm wimping out due to lack of space. Will start when weather improves.

Also gaining weight all the chocolate bars etc

Blanch wow on the swimming lessons.

Yup - loving gorgeous baby. Last baby for me I think :'( So making it extra special.

sarrita Tue 15-Mar-11 01:19:57

Have stayed up till 01.20 to see if I can give DD a knockout feed and sleep longer than 2 hrs. Wish me luck.

WalkTheDog Tue 15-Mar-11 09:42:34

morning all, rocking pram trying to encourage DD to go to sleep, she is tired but fighting sleep.

hee hee re towel tale deedee

look forward to long night sleeps macmomo. hope not long til you have another long sleep sarrita DD usually only wakes once, but last night she woke twice, 2nd time to do a loud explosive sounding poo - when changed it was a tiny amount hmm. DD only seems to be able to poo or fart if awake, maybe that is same for all babies, so often will wake up to do so.

not gained weight yet, but over course of 3 days I ate a whole pkt of choc carmel bicuits, OH last night said, "thought I bought some biccies", should have let him thinking he was going crazy. seem to be so hungry at times and get major sweetness need.

blanche very impressed you are even trying the swimming. hope DD1 gets peace to get some swimming done. hoping to get DD in pool soon, we have a warm pool nearby but it is closed while centre gets refurbished.

using real nappies most of the time. OH will occ put one on but prefers disposable, more of a mind set than it is any more effort, he just seems to think it is. got fast drying nappies so they are almost dry when come out of machine. helps with the drying space, fir someone so little DD creates a lot of washing!

adoring our smiles and constantly developing girl grin.

macmomoI read that most babies will be a bit fussy for a few days after jabs. DD gets hers next week. Hope not too bad as we head to see my parents and bro/SIL/new nephew the next day.

readyornot2011 Tue 15-Mar-11 13:39:23

DD had her jabs yesterday, screamed a bit when they went in, more just objecting than anything else. Slept all afternoon then woke very unhappy in the evening but she was ok and slept fine overnight. Resisted the calpol as Doc said it would lessen the effects but had it on hand. (I would have given her it tbh but DH said to wait and she got better). She's fine today.

Just dyed my hair bright red (anyone who's seen Glee will know the colour; Live colour XXL) disaster, all patchy, looks like a cheap witch wig. Already made an appointment with hairdresser tomorrow.

WalkTheDog Wed 16-Mar-11 09:24:35

readyornotGlad DD got over injections quickly. Hope trip to hairdressers works well. Maybe problems with dye are related to post pg hair. Have yet to notice the falling out in clumps you are supposed to get, but mine feels quite dry. So does some areas of my skin. My knees now have very dry patches.

DD must be going through a growth spurt, she was constantly hungry yesterday. Typical, I wanted to express yesterday so I could leave her with grannie today, couple of things I need to do, and minus baby easier. Only managed 1 1/2 oz (which OH ended up having to give her when I had taken dog for a walk yesterday evening). Shopping now postponed to tomorrow. Odd thing was she only wanted fed once through the night.

Confessions time - OH bought small box of chocs at wknd, I know they are bday pressie for me, I secretly opened the bottom and took out a couple and then resealed box. We did pay for them as part of our weekly shop so I feel justified.

mamasunshine Wed 16-Mar-11 10:19:37

Hello smile

blanche [shoock] at the hives, poor you really not what you needed! My 2 boys are the complete opposite in every way, mad really how different they can be I know! Very impressed that you've managed to do swimming lessons!
sarrita WOW at the sleep at night time! We haven't managed more than 4 hours in one stretch yet, and the boys didn't sleep for longer than 6 hours until they got to about 6/9months!
walkthedog grin at box of choc raid...something I would do!! How's your SIL and nephew getting on now?

Very envious of the lengths of sleep some of the babies are doing now! Hopefully we'll start getting there over the next couple of weeks. Arabella has ANOTHER cold and now an ear infection (due to the constant colds), so think that's why sleep isn't getting any better yet. She can do up to 3/4hours in one stint, then 2 hours in between. But she's so gorgeous and is smiling lots so that's keeping be going!

We had a great weekend in Wales, stayed in a holiday home on the coast and we were practically on the beach! Fabulous views and the boys just loved building sandcastles all weekend. Then had Ds1's 3rd birthady party on Monday - talk about chaos! Just kept it simple at home with family, a few friends and a chicken curry, but the house was still trashed afterwards (really need to sort it out now as it's Weds!)

I also hate to hear a baby cry, but somehow I have to try and block it out if baby's crying and one of the boys need seeing too - it's very hard sad Thankfully it hasn't happened often.

Think I've come to the decision to not go back to work hmm Supposed to start back in 4 weeks (arabella would be 10wo), but just don't have it in me anymore. I just want to stay at home for a while I think and enjoy the next year before ds1 starts school. Will prob offer to do some casual work for them as and when for some extra spending money. Thinking of re-training as a secondary school teacher as I think that would work well with the dc's as they get older. And I think I would really love it. So looking at the Open University science degrees and will prob do that whilst I'm not working.

Off to sort out this house <<<<booorrring>>>>> smile

Jobi1 Wed 16-Mar-11 11:59:09

On phone & brain mush, so sorry I can't refer back much or format!
Readyornot hope your hair sorted!
The towel story was very funny.
Re injections, Nathan had his 2 weeks ago and was fine except for being extra tired & a bit fussy & hot the next day. Soon be time for the next ones, boo!
I can't believe he is 11 weeks today, time is flying. He's doing really well, for the last week or so he has been going to bed at 7 to half past ish, late feed at 11ish, stirs at about 4am but settles with dummy then wakes at about 7am. Love it. DS1 was the same so I feel very lucky. I think it has helped a lot that we put him in his cot in own room, before that he would be very unsettled from 3ish but not hungry. I know its against advice but he's on other side of wall and I think before that we were disturbing him. He's a little chunk too, over 14lbs now and feeds about every 3 hours all day.
Another one here struggling to lose weight now, have plateau'd for last few weeks. Need to try harder, I want to lose at least 2.5 stone this year.
Hugs to everyone xx

Mama kudos to you for managing a holiday! I couldn't be bothered with the packing! Sounds like you have made your mind up re work. I had 15 months off with DD1 and hope to have a year this time so I can't imagine going back at 10 weeks.

Injections here next Tuesday.

Just back from a coffee with a Mum I met in hospital who only lives a few miles away. She has twins who were 5 weeks early and looks knackered and tearful. She is really nervous about getting out of the house on her own with them. Hope I managed to reassure her a bit to take it one day at a time. I don't have any experience of looking after twins (though I am one) but second time round I do feel I am worrying less and a lot more relaxed. You definitely know that nothing is for ever with number 2.

Have our house up for sale atm and have a viewing at 3pm. Just what I need. Going to pop Abigail in the sling and see if I can get the floor washed. I have managed to put all of DD1s toys under the stairs so at least the place doesn't look like a toy shop!

Off to baby cinema tomorrow to see "West is West". Did it all the time with DD1 so looking forward to seeing a film again in the company of crying babies!!!

How are naps going for everyone? Completely all over the place here. Abigail mainly catnaps in my arms or in car when on the nursery run. I am trying to put her in the Moses basket at least once a day to give her a chance to settle. She is great at night so can't complain!

CradleCrap Wed 16-Mar-11 14:22:20

Hello all,

I was on the ttc thread and Jan 11 ante natal thread but have name chaged.

DD was born on 1/1/11 (quite a cool b-day). She's doing really well, 6-7 hrs sleep a night, unfortunatey it is from 10pm to 4 am!

I put her next to my friends newborn (24 hrs old) and CANNOT believe the difference. It is amazing how quickly they grow

crumblequeen Wed 16-Mar-11 19:37:52

It's been so long since I posted-sorry! I have had to remind myself several times in the past couple of weeks that it will get better.

DS2 has had horrible chesty cold for nearly 2 weeks now, he is almost choking/vomiting from the coughing. Taking ages to clear up poor little chap. Our night time sleep no better than 3 hour stretches, although I suspect the cold hasn't helped but its starting to wear me down a bit now and I am struggling to deal with DS1 when he is being difficult, esp by Friday! Weight gain great though, and still feeding well.

We have had a busy march. DS1 was 3, DH birthday and my 30th birthday. We are going to center parcs soon cant wait.

Have been using carrier a lot, been a life saver. I love having DS2 so close, means I can sort out DS1 if he needs me (again for mainly toilet help). It is hard leaving him to cry sometimes if I am dealing with DS1 and I am sure DS1 is on a go slow sometimes so I can't rush back to the baby! We have had a few more instances of very bad toddler behaviour but trying to ignore most of it.

Glad you had a nice break mama. DS1 loves the beach too. Can't wait for it to warm up enough for weekends there. Congratulations on work decision-its nice to have the certainty and its a brave decision to have to make. It was one of the scariest things I have done in ky adult life when I decided not to go back to work after DS1 and went in to resign 4 weeks before I was due back! But I will never regret it and I am sure you will love the time with the DCs.

Love the towel story deedee. DS1 still calls me for wiping help-i am taking that as a good thing for now.

Blanche hope viewing went well! Love baby cinema but not been this time as DS1 at home full time too. Naps here ok, at least 2 good ones a day but in pram or sling, which I don't mind actualy as always out and about with DS1 so wanted DS2 to be able to sleep on the move.

Sounds like everyone getting on really well! Lovely to hear the updates!

springsniffle Wed 16-Mar-11 21:15:40

Loads to catch up on!

Oh dear to towel and hair mishaps.

I'm still losing weight but it feels very slow, I am probably still eating too much but managing to work it off pushing the double buggy everywhere.

mama going back at 10 weeks sounds incredibly hard sad when all 3 of your DC are so young. I did the first module of an OU science degree before having DS1, thought maternity leave would be a great time to crack on with it but still haven't quite got round to it. There used to be a requirement to do a week long residential school after each theory module which had put me off a bit but I think this has changed now and it can all be done long distance. Just need time and motivation now!

blanche I can't believe you've got your house on the market with a toddler and a newborn - that is truly brave. Hope the viewing went well.

cradlecap welcome back, can you say who you used to be?

crumblequeen happy birthday to all of you smile

DS2 managed with just a 4am feed on mon night which I thought was quite impressive (although not as long as some of the babies are managing), he was back to 2 feeds again last night though so I'm back to being fairly zombiefied. Hoping for good sleep tonight as it's been a busy day today with lots of fresh air and sunshine smile. Loving being able to spend time outside again, this did feel like the longest winter ever with a toddler to entertain, being too pregnant to waddle much in the snow and then a newborn to worry about getting cold!

MacMomo Wed 16-Mar-11 21:42:29

Am constantly amazed at how much people are managing to do with a new baby as well as older children - birthday parties, swimming lessons, holidays, house moves, potty training! You ladies are amazing. I have nothing at all to do except look after one baby and it seems full time to me.

Some lovely warmer, clear weather here this week = hour long beach walks every day. Well, almost. Still putting weight on, but I'm just constantly hungry!

DD is learning to have some naps during the day in her travel cot tent, which means I can do the housework. Not entirely sure this is a positive development! I am still allowing her to sleep on me, too, sometimes - mostly because I enjoy it. I will regret that soon, no doubt.

spring I too put off a load of things thinking that I would have lots of spare time sitting around doing nothing whilst on maternity leave. How ignorant was that? I can barely concentrate through a whole episode of sex and the city, let alone write an essay or read a book.

CadleCrap Thu 17-Mar-11 09:19:58

I was mummychicken but got fed up with that name no alterior motive.

MacMoma with DC # 2 plus, you learn to have a certain level of neglect which enables you to get things done! grin

I remember really struggling to be out the house for 9.30 am , now if DS (3.5) hasn't finished his breakfast he goes hungry and if DD (10 weeks) is hungry, she'll fall asleep in the pram.

sarrita Thu 17-Mar-11 10:46:25

I was wondering where were mummychicken. Glad you are back - cradle cap!

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 17-Mar-11 11:04:05

Sorry for gatecrashing... but has anyone heard anything from SuperParty? She was due in January 2011 and was on the ante-natal thread.

I'm from the post-natal thread of her Jan 2010 baby!! We're all just worried as haven't heard from her in ages and want to know all went well and mum and baby ok.

Sorry to bombard. Congrats to everyone btw.

deedee321 Thu 17-Mar-11 20:23:58

Yaaaay *mummychicken, we're glad you're back!
So sorry but not heard from Superparty on this thread either...really hope all is ok.

CadleCrap Thu 17-Mar-11 20:41:30

Does superparty not have 5 DCs? She's probably really busy/knackered.

springsniffle Thu 17-Mar-11 21:32:37

Hi mummychicken <waves>. How've you been? I've just realised you're cradle crap - liking it! I want to think of a witty/funny name but it'snot my strong point smile.

macmomo with DS1 all I did was hang around while he slept on me, with DS2 I've had to keep running after DS1 and even the 2 days when DS1 is with Granny each week the momentum keeps me going! Even so I'm not sure I could contemplate putting my house on the market at the moment.

Is it worth trying to PM superparty? I hope she is just busy.

MacMomo Thu 17-Mar-11 22:51:20

Hi mummychicken!

mamasunshine Fri 18-Mar-11 10:14:58

jobi1 - I think that's always been a big problem with lack of sleep in this house, us disturbing baby and vice versa (all 3 times!) I think I always rush in and start feeding at 1st noise too, so can completely see how seperate room for baby is better. I've got 2 1/2 stone to lose too, but going to focus on the 1st 2stone, have just started a thread in weightloss section if you want to join me smile Doing GL and couch-5km, so taking it easy really with breastfeeding and lack of sleep still.
blanche the packing was hard! But worth it even though only for a few days. When ds2 was 6wo we went camping in france for 2 wks shock!! It was a brilliant holiday! Good luck with house sale and viewings...must be tiring x
Welcome back cradlecrap smile Very much agree with the certain levels of 'neglect'! grin
crumble - going through similar with dd, she's had constant colds for 5 weeks now sad so no longer than 3 hours sleep at a time, coughing, projectile vomiting and now ear infection...it will pass soon hopefully. Very hard though. Had made the decision re work, spoke to them and they've now said I can be as flexible as I want. They said I can just do 1 day a wk in office (whicheverday I can do each wk) and the rest I can do from home. They are also going to pay for ds2's nursery fees as an extra shock so going to stick with it as too good to refuse smile Will mean I can actually afford to do OU cousre!
springsniffle how did you find 1st module? Which one was it? I'm just doing an intro course in Oct 10 points. Then if goes well will start the 'real thing' in Jan.

Will be back later to finish catching up ds2 desperate for some attention grin

mamasunshine Fri 18-Mar-11 14:02:49

macmomo - with ds1 I sat on our sofa with ds sleeping on me/feeding for 4 months! It was bliss and I don't regret not getting any of that housework done grin He slept in his own room from 6 months and was sleeping 12 hoours a night by 9 months. Then with subsequent dc's you just can't do it as you have to feed/dress/wash/entertain older dc's. I don't think I managed to get out of the house before 2pm with ds1, now with 3under 3 I can manage 8.30am shock Don't ask me how that works!

Haven't seen superparty and have also been wondering how she was doing. Hopefully she's just been far too busy enjoying her babies to get on and MN.

Took dd to dr's and ear infection is begining to clear up smile All 3 of mine are sleeping at the moment hmm <<<never happens>>>! Really fancy some wine in the garden, but will be sensible and stick with a brew and biscuit LOVE this good weather smile

CadleCrap Fri 18-Mar-11 17:24:34


I am 1/2 a stone lighter than when I concieved!! I was back in my jeans within 2 weeks BUT I think a lot of that was to do with gestaional diabetes. I have sort of stuck to the low carbs diet. (I will find out next week my what my risk of developing diabetes is)

I have also started the 30 day shred - pelvic floor really not up to star jumps

mamasunshine I'd love to be able to not go back to work but I have to, not till September

springsniffle Fri 18-Mar-11 21:11:16

mama I did discovering science (S103), I think it's been discontinued now but the replacement is probably very similar. I've got a chemistry A-level and the level 1 courses are meant to be roughly equivalent to A-levels so it was ok in difficulty level but I still found doing the TMAs time consuming and because there was a fair bit of physics and biology I did have to do quite a lot of studying. I tried to get to as many of the (optional) classes as possible because they were a chance to make sure you were totally confident that you'd grasped everything necessary for the TMAs.
I also did maths for science S151 (a 10 pointer) while I was dithering over not being able to get together the money/leave from work for the residential school (and this was pre-DC!). It'd probably be a good introduction if you wanted a short course to start.
That's the first time I've really thought about OU for ages, you have inspired me to find out whether there's an equivalent to the residential school that I could get on with in the evenings...

cadlecrap well done you! Although it must be horrible having the extra worry about diabetes.
Can I be smug about my pelvic floor? I think it's probably the only well toned muscle I have but managed to do some trampolining with DS1 without any problems - think we're going to get him one of his own for his birthday (trampoline that is not pelvic floor).

Had a bit of a rubbish day today, DS2 has slept really badly and I've not had enough time to give DS1 proper attention. Feel like they've been taking it in turns to wail at me, apart from when they've both gone for it at the same time sad. At least it's the weekend now!

Jobi1 Sat 19-Mar-11 11:23:11

Hi mamasunshine smile

I am starting couch to 5k on Monday with a newfound training buddy, so I'm very nervous! I'm not great at finding my way around these boards but will try and find you on weight loss thread!

Re separate room, I have to say although it goes against recommendations it is working really well, little one sleeps from about half 7pm til 6.30am with one late feed and also usually has his morning nap in there too. He is only on the other side of the wall and is happy as larry, as am I!!

deedee321 Sat 19-Mar-11 22:34:59

jobi1 I've contacted MamaSunshine on the other thread to say I'm starting couch to 5k at start of week as well! Want to get my pre-preg shape back, am 3/4 of a stone over my normal weight. Hope you find the other thread, don't know how to link to it, I just searched under couch-5k and found her.

WalkTheDog Mon 21-Mar-11 13:36:29

have taken DD up to her crib to see if she will have a decent sleep - 20mins is what she has been doing last few days. problem is she gets crabbier as day goes on, but today she has pretty much been a grump all the time.

mama think OH noticed by choc raid. SIL and nephew doing well. Still issues with BF, not helped by a temp MW telling them to use bottle. Poor mite getting so confused - breast, bottle and cup! Hoping to see them all this wknd

sounds good plan re teaching, but check how job situation is. quite a lot of unemployed new teachers or on temp contracts. most schools round here are having to loose staff due to budget cuts.

Well done all you couch to 5k people. My sensible eating starts now. have 1 1/2 stone to get rid of, that was there pre pg.

hope wknd was better springsniffle

macmomo nothing better than baby sleeping on you . I have lovely memories of cuddling/sleeping in my dad's arms as a toddler.

crumble hope long hours sleep come soon for you

dd still fighting sleep, she is already showing us her personality - stubborn, determined but a sweetie grin

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Tue 22-Mar-11 22:46:23

I have a new name! I'd got a bit sick of all the sniffing and snuffling, originally wondersnuffle was DPs pet name for me when I had really bad hayfever being pregnant in the summer, we're all just about cold free now so it's definitely time for a change. This seemed a bit more appropriate...

jobi I think mumsnet is the only place I've ever seen people get really irate about the own room thing (as well as a wide variety of other things). I think most of our generation were put to sleep in our own rooms, on our fronts and only fed every 4 hours, it's amazing any of us survived smile. If everyone's getting a decent amount of sleep then enjoy it.

walk short naps are rubbish, seems to be all DS2 can manage as well. Why don't babies just go to sleep and stay asleep when they're tired?

I did have a much better weekend, DS1 has been a lot more cheerful. We bought him a tricycle (from the tip blush, they do have loads of cheap garden toys there) and he's been whizzing around on it. He only really learnt to pedal a couple of weeks ago and he's still very pleased with himself.
DS2 also managed his first 7 hour sleep stretch! Makes everyone feel a bit more human.

When are all you runners finding the time? I like the idea of trying to get some proper exercise but DS2 still cluster feeds all evening. I'll be attempting some sensible eating as well as pushing the buggy up a few extra unnecessary hills (which seems to be the only way DS2 has a decent nap as well as good exercise) but that's probably it for the foreseeable.

CadleCrap Wed 23-Mar-11 07:43:06

Nice name pelvic .

I've been paranoid Mum. DD wasn't looking at me or smiling as a response, prefering to stare at the window. I, of course, googled it and autism came up. I told my worries to DH who then tickled her tummy and she turned to look at him with a huge smile. Stop bloody worring she is fine!

I have my Glucose tolerance test this morning (a hangover from gestational diabetes) Don't know when I'll get my results but I'm a bit nervouse

Jobi1 Wed 23-Mar-11 08:36:29

Good name pelvic! I'd not noticed anything on here about sleeping in own room, but then I only go on this discussion and now the weight loss one mamasunshine started smile

Nathan is 12 weeks today, and his 3 year old brother Jack also went into the room next door to ours at this stage. They've both done great with sleeping from 7pm so I'm a happy woman.

As for running, I started going straight after both little ones in bed, which is hard in terms of being tired but I haven't got time otherwise. I also get as much walking in as I can, and think if you diet that's enough really.

Cadlecrap I can't believe I only just noticed the joke in your name, how sad am I!! Good luck today, hope you get on ok. And do stop worrying about your DD smile I used to be the same with DS1 and he's a cracker.

WalkTheDog Wed 23-Mar-11 08:58:40

grin DD slept from 930pm-645am grin. Best sleep I have had since I got pg. No idea how she lasted so long without feeding. During the day she can be hungry 30 mins after a good feed. How long are your LOs lasting between feeds. We average at 2 hours.

yep like the new name pelvic. As I was trying to get DD off to sleep the other day, I read (try not to read much otherwise I'd be like cadlecrap and her autsim panic), that if baby wakes at 20-30mins, it means they are having problems going from shallow to deep sleep, they suggested hovering nearby, and as soon as signs they may waken, then to reassure and get them back to sleep. Have tried it over the last few days, and haven't found it works. She will either return to sleep or be awake! I did try hard yesterday to look out for any signs of sleepiness or overstimulation, and either put her in pram or held her. We did have a better day yesterday, still shortish naps, but she was far less grumpy.

Cool re tricycle pelvic, nothing wrong with 2nd hand stuff. Our house is full of rehomed goods. Another one sturggling to know when I would fit in proper exercise. Getting out for walks most days. Managed two yesterday, but my pelvis wasn't so happy through the night.

Here's to fast and good result of GTT cadlecrap.

jobi1, I think pelvic meant mumsnet in general, rather than this thread. Think I am going to have a battle with OH re getting DD out of our room. He seems to think that she'll be sleeping in our room until she is 2!!!!! He is such a worrier, but he is such a heavy sleeper, he has no clue what goes on during the night.

Walkthedog, not much more than 2 hours between feeds here during day. Tbh, I stick my boob in her mouth as soon as she whimpers so that may be my doing rather than hers! However, Abigail slept from 8pm to 4.30am the other night so I'm happy to go with that if I begin to get such long sleeps! Had injections yesterday, can believe she is 8 weeks old already. She seems ok with them.

Struggling with naps here too. Does great if being held or in the sling but I am determined to try the moses basket today but she is protesting! She is fine at night in it. Typing with one hand again as I have given in and picked her up!

Jobi1 Wed 23-Mar-11 11:34:39

Just wondering if anyone else finds they are often the only ones who can settle baby? With DS1 it wasn't the case at all but Nathan seems to love only me! His eyes follow me all the time & I get more smiles, but if upset I seem to be the only one who can calm him. Its lovely but wearing sometimes. I do absolutely adore him though!
He generally feeds about every 3 hours, then does 4 hours & 7-8 hours at night. He's a treasure. Thats AF though.

Jobi, same here. DH is so occupied with keeping DD1 happy when he gets in from work I always end up holding the baby and she just will not settle with him. I don't think he is getting the same one on one time with DD2 as he did with DD1 which is a shame but I hope it gets better as time goes on.

Didn't manage a nap in the moses basket at all, she was not having it. Relented and put her in sling and she had an hours kip so I got tonight's dinner made.

Loving these little gummy smiles, makes it all worth it!

beijingaling Thu 24-Mar-11 04:43:08

Hi ladies, sorry I haven't posted in a while. DD is not doing naps in the day at all without a lot of input from me. Bought No Cry Nap Solution & No Cry Sleep Solution and both are helping to a degree. Nights are fine really but it's just getting her to sleep without feeding to sleep for hours that is the bother.

Jobi1, exactly the same here but worse because DH travels so much. I've decided when he gets home I will take to wearing a unisex scent and making DH wear it too . No idea if it will work.

I'm below my pre preg weight but I lost 5kg in preg so in reality I'm at my lowest weight during preg. Really I just need to tone up and I'm waiting for my Shred DVD to arrive via Amazon. Beach holiday in 1 month so MUST get going on this!

Anyones baby laughed yet? When does that start?

WalkTheDog Thu 24-Mar-11 12:45:08

glad to hear your DD feeding 2hourly too blanche

DD settles better with me, but sometimes when in a real rage, she needs to swap person to settle.

A beach holiday sounds great beijingaling

Injections today. She screamed the place down. Tried to feed in Drs room, but DD wasn't having it. She slept on way home but is now really fussy. Did get paracetamol if need it but will she how she is later, hopefully she'll have another nap.

Not sure if it is just a scottish thing, but signed DD up for minor ailment scheme at chemist. You can get capol etc free - need to have a quick consultation and they will give you what you need without seeing the GP. Handy for when teething time comes!

Where are you Walkthedog? I'm Scottish but live in Nottingham now. From Renfrewshire originally, moved here to be with DH about 12 years ago. I watched Peter Mullan's "Neds" yesterday. Don't know how anyone from outwith the west of Scotland could understand the accents!

I think the minor ailment thing is Scottish, as is free prescriptions (jealous, not I!) Doc did give me a prescription for calpol as I told her I didn't have any (though with a 2 year old we do seem to go through quite a bit).

Had a whole days shopping at Meadowhall and a 3 course lunch (with obligitary chocolate pud) at Zizzi's. Abigail was pretty settled in pram which was nice. Diet will need to wait for another day.

CadleCrap Thu 24-Mar-11 18:14:13

beijingaling Make sure you do your peliv floor excercises before the shred arrives! grin

deedee321 Thu 24-Mar-11 19:37:56

I'm in Scotland too Blanche, Prestwick, so not too far from where you used to be. Minor ailments service is really good, use it a lot!

Anyone tried to introduce a bottle and struggling? Just got my pump today, pumped away enthusiastically....but then poor ds SCREAMED with horror at being given bottle instead of breast. Any tips anyone?

We now have good sleep routine with ds. He goes to bed at 7ish and happily chomps on a dummy for half an hour to an hour by himself in the dark then goes off to sleep. He seems to really enjoy his wind-down time! Still finding it so bizarre as spent 16 months feeding dd to sleep and tearing hair out at how progressively longer it took...ds is so different. I dreamfeed him at my bedtime (love dreamfeeds!), and he goes till about 4, feeds then goes to about half 6, then dd dances in so the day begins them for us! Happy with this after our feeding-frenzy start.

Naps are hit and miss here too. The more he sleeps, the smilier he is. He falls asleep in his pram really fast but tends to wake if I stop pushing! Loves to sleep in babybjorn but is so awkward being a fun mummy with my dd with ds attached bulkily to my front! Sleeps in his cot so happily at night but is not into it during day. We'll get there!

Lovely to hear your news beijingaling - not sure when laughing starts, will look up dd's record book!

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Thu 24-Mar-11 22:44:52

DS2 manages the odd 3 hour gap between feeds but it is generally more like 2 hours, now he's doing such long stretches at night I think feeding regularly during the day is fair enough (not that it ever stopped him feeding more regularly by day when he was feeding by night!). The evening is still just one big, continuous cluster feed but he seems to be crashing a bit earlier - 9ish instead of 10. Not sure it's been going on long enough to call it a definite change though.

He only naps in the sling or the buggy but generally it's not a problem - whatever I'm doing with DS1 he'll sleep on the way there or back. I've found in the last few days that he's staying awake a lot longer during the day and being cheerful with it. I've not even bothered trying the moses basket by day as it just made things so much more stressful when DS1 was a baby, I felt like I was spending my entire life trying to make him sleep.

No laughs yet but loads of smiling and the cutest little 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

Forgotten who said it now (and it's on the previous page which means I'll lose my post if I try and find it) but I remember having loads of moments with DS1 when the internet convinced me he was autistic despite no real evidence. He was a very late pointer and there was a thread on here about late pointing being a sign of autism, I totally disregarded the fact he was waving and decided the lack of pointing was a sign of something being seriously wrong. I think it's just a really annoying part of being a mum having unnecessary panics.

I haven't tried a bottle yet as I've only managed to express once, I fear I may be overly complacent because DS1 was totally unfazed by bottles. I may get a nasty shock when I do eventually try one!

Hope the GTT went well cadlecrap.

CadleCrap Fri 25-Mar-11 08:02:58

Theer are a lot of Scots on here! I'm Scottish too (Edinburgh), but live in England.

Don't know how the GTT went, hope they don't leave me hanging too long.

Pelvic It was me and the autism total paranoia worry. She has no other "symtoms" except a Mum who has a laptop now which I didn't have with DS. Google has a lot to answer for!!!

WalkTheDog Fri 25-Mar-11 15:36:55

oh meant to say beijingaling laughing can start from now. DD started this week, but sometimes it is a mix between a laugh and a cry.

blanche I studied and work for a while in Glasgow. We now live in the Highlands - middle of nowhere really! Friend worked in Nottingham years ago, had quite a wild wknd there Did the tourist bit of seeing the caves but not Robin Hood. We haven't braved going out for food with LO yet. Don't kids get free prescriptions in England?

Deedee possibly you know all this already - Make sure someone else gives DS the bottle, they can be confused otherwise. We were told it is easiest between 4 and 6 weeks, but can get them used to it at other times but may take a bit of time. Offer when he is hungry. Could get someone who is used to bottle feeding if you didn't with DD, so he feels there confidence. Watch what teat you are using. We have avent ones, but there are loads that are supposed to be good for BF babies. I haven't expressed this week. My boobs get quite achy after I have, they seem to overfill that night.

I only heard ofthe phrase dreamfeeds the other week, it is such a lovely term

We ended up having to give DD calpol yesterday after injections. She was screaming the place down everytime she wasn't asleep. She woke up at 3am, fed, fed, fed, screamed, fed, screamed - she has never screamed through the night. She has been a little better today, but not great. So looking forward to the next set, NOT!

sarrita Fri 25-Mar-11 23:17:02

walkthedog I grew up in the Highlands.

C-Crap my DS was raised by 'google'. Can be dangerous. Most constructive thought was NHS clinical guidelines NHS Clinical Guidance for Child Health. Then you can find out warning signs on temperature etc, the guidance used by Drs.

deedee I have had success with the bottle. I use a tommee tippee boob shaped one. And DH or someone else has fed her and I wasn't in the room. She even took cold formula when I was on a horse on Wednesday.

blanch minor ailments is brilliant << gloats >> Also we are close to the minor injuries clinic where you can get antibiotics and stitches etc without going to A&E. Luckily I have been the only one to use it so far.

beijing no laughs but lots of goos as gaas. When I am not ignoring her feel a bit bad, as DS gets most of my attention, or the housework.

I am getting fat again. I lost 14lbs + while preggers. Was all skinny and now I am piling on the weight. All I want is to eat after having no appetite during my pregnancy.

jobi I always feed DD and I don't think anyone else has tried to settle her. This also happened with DS. I ended up doing all the bedtime stuff - and then it just became me that does and DH didn't bother. He thinks she will be 'daddy's little girl' so we shall see…

I am in Scotland too. Edinburgh - anyone else?

Anika will be 12 wks on Monday. She can sleep from 7 till 2. She had a feed last night at 11 and lasted until 5am . But DS has been coming in at 6.30 when DH has been going off to the gym and waking Anika We all slept in till 8am today. She has found her thumb - so I swaddle her with her thumb arm out so she can suck. Yee ha!

All I can say is it is getting easier!!

She is just gorgeous. Amazing how adorable they are her skin is soooo soft and I even don't mind the ginormous boggies she produces. DS is being very sweet with her most of the time. She has been snotty for weeks now and has had an eye infection. The breastmilk in the eyes seems to have done the trick.

Has anyone found that they are getting achy arms/wrists? I think I still have lots of relaxin in me. I had a nasty fright on Wednesday when I decided to go for a 2 hr hack shock. It was one of those voucher deals. First time since I was a teenage shockshock. Although it came right back, about 1.5hrs into it my back just went and I couldn't canter or trot - agony. Seem fine now but dropped DD in her car seat - luckily she was strapped in. And dropped her onto the bed due to the pain.

sarrita Fri 25-Mar-11 23:18:27

PS Sorry for the long post - have been lurking.

WalkTheDog Mon 28-Mar-11 12:06:40

Wow there are a lot of Scots or people living in Scotland on this thread.

sarrita SIL is getting achey wrists, but ?how she needs to hold LO to feed, they still have some problems with BFing. Glad you enjoyed the hack, but maybe next time not so long! My pelvis still bothers me if I do too much and my pre pg achey knees have come back.

Saw my wee nephew at wknd grin. My DD looks like a giant next to him. She was his weight when she lost loads post birth, but he has a much thinner frame and shorter. I was giving him a cuddle and I said "think he is getting hungry", next I knew he was wide mouthed and pushing against my boob. He obviously doesn't care where his milk comes from. The babies didn't pay much attention to each other, but nephew def more interested than DD.

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Mon 28-Mar-11 20:54:04

walk from what I remember of the injections when DS1 had them, the first are the worst for after effects even though the later ones have more needles. No guarantees they all react the same way but you may be pleasantly surprised.

sarrita you've done well getting on a horse already! I've been riding about 3 times in the last 10 years but I've not managed it since DS1 was born.

We've had some really warm days down here (in the South West so bucking the Scottish trend) and it's been lovely being outside with the DSs. DS1 has so much more energy and has been a lot more cheerful and I've not had to worry about stripping DS2 naked at practically every nappy change.

beijingaling Tue 29-Mar-11 05:18:23

Oh yes walkthedog we're getting half laughs half cries now. My Dad comes to visit next week - I hope they're here for it!

Well done everyone, it seems like there aren't any major dramas.

Totally off the breast shields now. Seraphina is actually taking a dummy which is a blessing as we fly back to Aus and I'm bricking it over the flight and pressure in her poor ears.

We're an easy 3 hours between feeds but with her rough routine of sleep, feed, play, sleep it's pretty much 3 hours anyway. At night she tends to do 6 -7 hours then another maybe 3-5 hours. Usually it's 6 and 3.

I'm resolutely getting up at 7 every morning and opening the curtains. Spring is definitely here. The magpies make a huge racket in the morning and evening, the blossom is just coming out on some of the trees and we're getting blue sky days (a bloody rare event!) more and more. It's wonderful.

CadleCrap Tue 29-Mar-11 19:52:33

Took DD into my work yesterday, she was really good despite being passed around everyone who wanted a shot! It was really lovely as she looked towards my voice all the time.

You are right beijingaling seems we are all doing really well - aren't we clever grin

I also took DD into work today. She wasn't keen being passed round at all, also kept looking for Mummy. Good girl.

DD1 has horrible snotty cold and barking cough coupled with night sweats. Spent Sunday and Monday in the house with both DD1 and DD2 all day. Felt like the walls were closing in round me. DD1 just wanted cuddled all the time and not too happy that DD2 seems to spend a lot of time on my knee or in sling. I did a lot of TV bribing, I'm afraid, but it is so hard work when you don't get out in the fresh air. She was fine at nursery today but seems a bit sensitive tonight again. I hate nursery illnesses!

DH staying away tonight. Fully expect to wake up tomorrow with DD1 and DD2 in bed with me.

Had some bad news today about a colleague's newborn who was starved of oxygen at birth and is likely to never walk or control arms properly. Makes me look at my two and be so grateful they are healthy and strong. We are all so lucky.

Jobi1 Wed 30-Mar-11 07:38:01

Morning all, jabs yesterday whick he recovered quickly from thank goodness, and he weighed in at 15lbs 5ozs! He's long and bonny. Unfortunately he's succumbed to our germs, courtesy of DS1, so is snuffly and has a cough poor love.
That is scary isn't it, happened to a friend and their DS1 has very severe cerebral palsy. Makes you very thankful. X

readyornot2011 Wed 30-Mar-11 11:28:41

Hello everyone,

have been lurking but not had chance to post. DH and I have been out for the count for the last few days with a very nasty cold. Usually I think I'm pretty tough and DH is a softie but I must admit I felt dreadful. So much harder when you have a baby and I already used up my granny card when I got a virus so couldn't ask her to drive down again. DH called in sick 4 days in a row which will be a blow as he's on a self employed contract so no sick pay. Thankfully Rosa had one snotty sneezy day on Friday before it really hit me, which didn't seem to bother her much and has been good as gold ever since. Suffering from serious pfb-itus, she is so relaxed and content, just don't think i'd have survived the last few days if i'd had a fussy baby. As it was I had to go into robot mode, feed, change, play, REST, feed change play REST and basically leave DH to fend for himself.

Blanche So Sad, very grateful for ours. Know so many people who are having terribly traumatic times with late miscarriages and difficult pregnancy's, you just don't realise how tough this can all be when you're younger.

Beijingaling Congrats on the dummy ours is a god send, it gives me so much more confidence to go out and about knowing that I can keep her quiet with it if needs be.

Sarrita well done on the horse riding, we managed swimming the other day but I think that maybe where we picked up the cold.

Jobi & Blanche I took Rosa in to work a while ago. Its an odd set up as I usually work alone out and about on site and most of my colleges are chaps. I took her into the office, which is mostly women, and they were all dotty over her, passing her round and cooing over her. Then I met the site lads in a pub for lunch and they had a look and a cursory tickle under the chin then she slept in her pram while we ate and chatted, then they tickled her chin again and said what a good baby she was and that was that.

DH is much better today and I think he feels bad that he spent most of yesterday in bed while I still had to be up and about, so he just took DD to Gymboree, so sweet, I can't wait to hear what the other Mums made of him.

CadleCrap Wed 30-Mar-11 18:17:17

Blanche that is so sad - makes you really want to hug your own and be thankful.

DD's second lot of jabs - She's only diddy (just above 9th percentile) but my god did she let every one know she wasn't happy.

Glucose Tolerence test results back today aswell (check after gestational diabetes) anything under 7.8 is good, I was 4.6!!!! Yipee!

beijingaling Thu 31-Mar-11 05:45:39

Blanche this is very sad. I wondered if they really needed to vacuum deliver DD but then I read stuff like that and I think, well was it worth the risk not to?

Lovely work stories jobi, blanche and RON2011

Went for lunch yesterday with a friend of mine. Rather smart hotel in Beijing (only place that has enough space for the prams), and we're talking about vomit- and poosplosions. My friend (whose DS is 17w) says "he spews a lot but nothing major. Just wipe with a bib and he's fine." On cue her DS projectile vomits again and again and again. She was covered from hair to toe. The table was covered. The floor was covered. DS was covered. It was amazing. Who knew so much vomit came from such tiny babies?

WalkTheDog Thu 31-Mar-11 14:07:06

* blanche* makes you so thankful that things are well with our own, but a lot of kids with a poor prognosis do quite well.

Like the work stories. I was a bit like the guys in ready's tale. I would just have a quick look. If someone brought a puppy or new dog into work, then I was all over them cooing grin I don't have a work to take DD to, but planning on going to bookbugs next week, which is in the same building as OH works. She's probably is a bit too young for bookbugs, but I want her to get used to being out and about and meeting other people/babies. I will be prepared to quickly leave though - when she has had enough of something she is VERY vocal.

Sorry to hear so many of you have bugs. OH has a cold but so far DD and I have escaped.

wahey re GTT cadlecrap

Beijingaling hope you enjoyed your meal with all that sick! Is it a boy thing all that puking? We went to a baby massage class, and the boys were all puking throughout.

CadleCrap Thu 31-Mar-11 15:42:31

Thanks Walkthedog ,I celebrated with a twix grin

When I took DD into work, one man (late 50's) was actually hugging and kissing her. I was a bit weird until I remembered he and his wife tried IVF etc and it faied. It made me a bit sad as you could see what a great Dad he would have made.

Again, makes you realise how lucky we are

Other people's baby vomit makes me a bit icky as I can't help thinking of it as juice from a human {bf babies obviously}

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Thu 31-Mar-11 21:54:31

Good news cadlecrap, must be nice to be able to relax about that and eat lots of chocolate

I hope everyone gets over their germs quickly, it makes you realise how lucky you are when you hear about serious illnesses but it never stops all the colds and things making you feel rubbish.

beijing that sounds awful but it made me laugh! DS2 absolutely covered me this evening and is turning out to be a very sicky baby so I'm sure he'll get me in public sooner or later. DP tends to handle him like he's an unexploded bomb in the mornings once he's in his work clothes.

WalkTheDog Fri 01-Apr-11 13:49:21

laughing at image of your DP in the am PFofS

grin cadlecrap mmm twix..... I've such a sweet tooth since DD arrived. If I would stop eating so much rubbish I would be skinny! I'm lighter than pre-pg but still have some more weight to loose.

Have had a break through with taking DD out for walks. Unless she is asleep she hates the pram, so end up taking her out in sling. That is ok, but on wet days is a no go and is harder to take dog too. Yesterday I used the pushchair bit that we got with Buzz instead of borrowed pram bit. She was so much happier, even under the very wet raincover. Have now had three no crying walks

We got an appt in for DD to see the dentist in a couple of weeks. I phoned to check that was right, as was told that she would be first seen at six months by childsmile team. Seemingly the dentist sees them first. I've booked a check up for the same time so it's not a wasted journey as I can't imagine the dentist does much.

CadleCrap Fri 01-Apr-11 20:39:55

shock at walkthe dog and dentist. My DS didn't go to the dentist for the first time till 2 and a half. Surely your DD has no teeth!

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Fri 01-Apr-11 22:48:37

I wonder if that's a Scottish thing as you have to wait until at least 2 1/2 here as well, I guess even if they have no teeth it's about getting used to the chair and the atmosphere so probably a good idea.

WalkTheDog Sat 02-Apr-11 16:13:21

no teeth yet - her cousins both had at 4 months though.

It must be a Scottish thing - called childsmile. You get seen at 6 months for advice re teeth cleaning, what cups to use (get a free tommee tippee cup - already got one from HV - seemingly the best type for teeth) etc. And as pelvic says to get them used to the dentist. I've also already been given 2 packs of toothpaste and a brush.

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Sun 03-Apr-11 20:43:16

Hope everyone had a good mother's day smile.

DS2 did his first laugh for the occasion! We went to see DP's mum and she asked if he'd laughed yet, we said 'no', she cooed at him a bit and he started with a few 'heh heh's, then produced a proper laugh. I think it made her mother's day too.

WalkTheDog Mon 04-Apr-11 09:10:28

grin lovely story pelvicfloorsofsteel

lovely first real mother's day (always celebrated it since had dogs - any excuse!)

Hi guys,

Just emerging from a stinker of a cold that has floored us all (apart from DH thank god). Started last week with DD1 who ended up with a temp of 39.5 and a hacking cough ad sent home from nursery. By Friday DD2 and I had it and we spent Saturday and Sunday in bed.

So hard watching DD2 coughing and spluttering. It's been one of those that makes every bone in your body hurt and DD2 is still the worst off and struggling with mucus which is making it hard for her to eat or sleep. Basically if she isn't asleep (in sling) or feeding she is crying. DD1 has also been very hard work as she is feeling under the weather a bit still and just wants cuddles from Mummy and DD2 is stuck to me like a limpet or screaming the place down.

I would just love a day in bed (on my own) but that isn't going to happen. It is so hard looking after kids when you are ill. DH just started a new job Friday and I made him work from home yesterday as I couldn't face both kids on my own. DD1 back at nursery today and DD2 asleep in sling so at least getting some internet time in and getting the groceries ordered.

Lovely to read all your stories.

Please share your tips for getting your LO's to nap in moses basket, I've forgotten how I got DD1 to sleep elsewhere than my arms (probably I didn't do anything, she just did it at one stage) and DD2 is really beginning to hurt my back now but she just screams when I put her down during the day.

WalkTheDog Tue 05-Apr-11 15:41:24

feel better soon blanche

Hit and miss with the napping. Try amd put DD into pram when looking tired or getting grumpy. Rock the pram and sometimes give her my pinkie to suck (not too keen on dummies but she won't take one anyway!) Sometimes she screams and if doesn't stop very quickly I know not to continue, usually then take her out, at the moment ususally she needs to feed again, no matter when last fed, then will either fall asleep on cushion on my lap, in my arms or can put back in pram. Know they don't recommend feed to sleep or sleep in arms, but I am avoiding what the experts say and doing what works for us both. If I have problems later then I will just have to deal with them. Occasionally I have taken her to bedroom and put her in crib, but she is so fly that I need to stay in the room else she wakes up (she does this in the evening too - wee monkey!).

OH reminded me that DD's beginning is nearly here, hard to believe a year since then.

deedee321 Tue 05-Apr-11 20:52:08

Oh Blanche, what a nightmare, big sympathies from me!! Can't imagine being ill on top of dealing with two ill kiddies, and a not-well baby is saddest thing ever! Hope things pick up really soon. Constant crying drives you to state of hysteria...

Things good here apart from difficulty in getting them both to bed when I'm on my own (DH works shifts. If we're both here it's fine). Does anyone else find this tricky? Ds is sleeping really well, 12 hours with one dreamfeed and one brief wake-up so not complaining, but do feel a bit stressed on evenings when I'm running the show. Wondering about putting them in together, any opinions anyone?

Loving hearing about the giggles, we're not quite there yet, can't wait.

Got lovely big driftwood sign for Mother's Day saying 'Too blessed to be stressed' and without being twee, am going to adopt this as my mantra in times of chaos!!

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Tue 05-Apr-11 21:41:03

How horrible blanche, I keep on thinking now it's spring things should be getting better but there still seem to be some vile bugs doing the rounds.
I'm afraid I have not a single tip for napping in the moses basket, DS2 has slept on me, in the sling and in the buggy - he has never had a nap in the moses basket (although he does do a good 7 or 8 hours in there at night after feeding to sleep confused). Most of the time he also wakes up the second the buggy stops or if I attempt to sit down with the sling on. DS1 was exactly the same but eventually did start napping in the cot. Even with the sling DS2's been having rubbish sleeps the last couple of days, I think I'll have to borrow 'too blessed to be stressed' smile.

deedee I've only done bedtime for both of them by myself twice - and found it difficult - anything which might make it easier must be worth a try, if it doesn't work you can always move them back.

No repeat laughing here, not sure if we're not as funny as Granny or DS2 is just in a bad mood due to lack of sleep!

deedee321 Tue 05-Apr-11 22:15:14

Absolute snap with nap situation Pelvic!!

CadleCrap Wed 06-Apr-11 09:12:17

I lugged the moses basket up and down satirs every day with DS, I don't bother with DD,I just put her in the pram and let her nap there. (It does lie flat and I think it is probably more comfy than the moses basket)

I have a friend who's DD became so fussy about napping that she would only ever sleep in her cot. Sounds ideal until you want to leave the house and have a 6 month old that refuses to sleep ANYWHERE and then is really grumpy at the end of the day.

MacMomo Wed 06-Apr-11 21:43:11

have been lurking to keep up with news but too busy with reflux baby and a few Breastfeeding issues to post. Hope everyone is doing well x

WalkTheDog Thu 07-Apr-11 12:18:11

Can I just say it is nice that you all talk about things that are not going so well, otherwise I would wonder what is going on with us and DD. I know that we have quite a fussy baby, who can easy go into a loud long rage that is difficult to stop, doesn't always nap and isn't sleeping all night, but she is adorable, bright and fun. However over the last few weeks I have been to a few things and met mum's (with baby's of about the same age) whom all are either lying or have angels - very little crying, napping, sleeping all night, able to go wherever and whenever they want etc. Not helped by a HV at a class I have been to the last two weeks making comments when LO has started crying, if I wasn't so stubborn and sure of myself, I could easily have not gone back. So thank you all for making me feel that we are normal and their perfect LOs are an exception.

CadleCrap Thu 07-Apr-11 13:46:51

walkthedog there is always some lying bitch smug mother that goes on about how their precious child slept through from 3 days and smiled at 4 days. I always think "yeah! but your kid is ugly compared to mine!!" grin

WalkTheDog Thu 07-Apr-11 18:47:39

ha ha grin cadlecap Yep DD is prettier than those perfect babies!

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Thu 07-Apr-11 20:35:51

I think everyone struggles with something, I'm sure the people who really do have angelic babies will suffer at some point - they'll probably have hideous teenage years. Rubbish HV making comments walk, they're supposed to make everyone feel welcome. Are the other mums there nice?

I had a lovely day with DS2 today while DS1 was with granny, DS2 has been much more smiley with some undivided attention. When I have both of them I sometimes get to the end of the day feeling like neither of them has had enough quality time, it's just a long round of feeding and nappies with some dashing around in between sad.

MacMomo Thu 07-Apr-11 22:10:32