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May 2010: The little ones may start to crawl, and we're returning business calls!

(260 Posts)

Hello Ladies,

Here is a brand new thread for a brand new year!

Here is the list of babies::


11 April LuckyC, GIRL, MATILDA, 14.47
15 April ForcesSweetheart, GIRL, MOLLY, 10.27, 7lbs 6ozs
16 April Littleowls, BOY, JOEL, 14.40, 4lb 8oz
16 April Memorylapse, GIRL, OLIVIA GRACE, 6.17pm, 6lbs 11.5ozs
23 April Sophie2008, BOY, COREY DREW 7lbs 2.5oz and GIRL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH 7lbs 4oz
27 April Brightredballoon, GIRL, 10am, 7lb 12oz
27 April Pagen, BOY, JACK JOHN, 7.30am, 9lbs 2ozs
29 April littleonemum, GIRL, LUX EMILIE, 9.40pm, 7lbs 7 ozs
29 April mummymunchkins, BOY, ZAKARIYA IDRIS, 7lbs 4oz
04 May fiveisanawfullybignumber, GIRL, FLORENCE MARGARET GRACE, 6.14pm,
04 May hormonalmum, GIRL
05 May sweetkitty, BOY, JACOB DAVID JOHN, 4.52am, 8lbs 5ozs
05 May Mustbemadno3 GIRL, LILLIA VICTORIA SOFIA, 05.05am 6lbs 8ozs
06 May Alle, BOY, OSCAR, 12.20pm 6lbs 8ozs
06 May alexw, GIRL, JULIA MAUD, 7lbs2oz
07 May TwentiethCenturyHeffa, BOY, CORIN, 7lbs1oz
07 May sheepgomeep, GIRL, JESSICA, 9lbs 12.5oz
08 May Lizzie9442, GIRL, LOUISE, 9.01pm, 10lbs
10 May Hobnobfanatic, GIRL
11 May 30ish, BOY, OLIVER JAMES, 10:05am, 9lbs 7oz.
11 May millingtonsmummy, BOY, HARRY EDWIN, 1.17am, 8lb
12 May kateyjane, BOY, THOMAS EDWARD, 11.29am, 7lbs 12ozs
13 May MarquiseDeMerteuil, BOY, FELIX BENJAMIN, 5lbs 15oz
14 May itshappenedagain, GIRL, FLORENCE ELEANOR, 5.22am, 8lb 6oz
14 May TomlinTowers, GIRL, SOPHIE MAE, 8.43am, 9lbs 7oz
15 May pigleychez, GIRL, LUCY OLIVIA, 9.30am 7lbs 12oz
15 May slipperthief, BOY, DANIEL HENRY, 7.28pm, 8lbs 4oz
16 May Wibblela, GIRL, REFAELLA, 12.22am, 8lbs 4oz
17 May pamelat, BOY, ALEXANDER, 12.14pm, 7lbs 8oz
17 May Morph2, BOY, JACOB ANTHONY, 7.50pm, 6lbs 11ozs
18 May squirtsmum, GIRL, REBECCA LOUISE, 1.37am, 9lbs 14.5oz
18 May MinnieMummy, GIRL, 8.31am, 10lbs 11oz
18 May KatnKankles, GIRL, AVA ROSE, 8lbs 14oz
19 May TinyVeins, GIRL, VERITY RUTH ELLEN, 00.41am, 6lbs 2oz
19 May Sweetpeasmum, GIRL, SOPHIE ELIZABETH, 6.38am
20 May Sassles, BOY, SAMUEL, 9lbs 4oz
20 May KaffaCakes, BOY, ALBERT STANLEY, 1.09am, 7lbs 8.5oz
20 May Den26, BOY, RIAN ALEXANDER, 7lbs 13oz
21 May Carikube, GIRL, ALICE JANE, 2.17am, 8lbs 5oz
21 May peaky, BOY, FINN, 2.47am, 7lbs 12oz
21 May Gils, GIRL, MELISSA ANNE, 3.38am, 8lbs 10oz
21 May Rachelfruitloop, BOY, ERIC DAVID, 3.48am, 11lbs 2oz
22 May Fumble, GIRL, ISABELLA ROSE, AKA BETTY, 6.10pm, 4lbs
23 May newmomma, GIRL, 6.34am, 8lbs 12.5oz
24 May Mollycuddles, GIRL, MOLLY LETITIA ROSE, 2.24am, 8lbs 3oz
24 May LuckyMiller, BOY, IRA JACOB, 8lbs 2oz
25 May Hollyoaks, GIRL, GRACE ANNABEL, 6lb 110z, 00:07
25 May JamesandtheGiantBanana, GIRL, 7lbs
25 May Nimk, GIRL, 6lbs 8oz
26 May myfirstbump, GIRL, DARCEY ELIZABETH, 2.18am 8lbs 15oz
27 May first1, GIRL, CHLOE GRACE, 8lbs 3oz
28 May AnAngelWithin, GIRL, WILLOW, 00.34, 8lbs 15oz
29 May schipo, BOY, HUXLEY, 4.40am, 7lbs 13oz
03 Jun RacquelWelsh, BOY, GEORGE, 6.20am, 7lbs 9oz
03 Jun Moggmum, BOY, DYLAN ASHLEY, 7.34am, 7lbs 10oz
03 Jun AliMouse, BOY, CALEB LLOYD, 2.31pm, 8lbs 1oz
04 Jun Yorky, BOY, DAVID LUKE, 2.05am, 9lbs 1oz
05 Jun cupcakefairy, BOY, JUDE, 3.11am, 8lbs
05 Jun Booboomonster, GIRL, ARIEL INDIA, 3.25am, 10lbs 4oz
05 Jun Ande, BOY, 09.54am, 6lbs 12oz
07 Jun Homebirthmummy4, GIRL, VIRGINIA NIAMH, 23.42, 10lbs

Ladies, I was just thinking it was about a year ago that I joined the May 2010 thread. I was so scared to give birth again once I found out it was a boy, I really didn't know what I'd do if he was as big as DS1 (ha ha, eleven pounds and two ounces, I STILL can't believe I pushed him out!!!) Finding you ladies was a godsend. I can't thank you enough for your support this past year. I mean that sincerely.

Carikube Sun 16-Jan-11 18:11:08

Thanks rachel for sorting out a new thread and aw shucks for your comment. This has been a fab place to rant/ramble/generally find out what everyone else is up to.

Hope everyone is well and all; I'm feeling miles better than I have done for ages as we have now gone 3 nights without any wakings (yay!) so hopefully DD2 is back in the swing of not needing a nighttime feed...

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sun 16-Jan-11 19:37:10

Pigley - hope DD is a bit more settled in at nursery.

Tomlin - guinea pigs doing great thanks, they're a lot more relaxed now and lots of fun. DD loves them.

WLTK - sounds very difficult with your dil, why does he think you can't cope? I give Corin breakfast with the rest of us, he normally has toast and a banana.

Pamelat - glad you're getting more sleep Still terrible here, DS already eats loads so don't think we could fill him up anymore.

Rachel - thanks for new thread. I feel the same as you about the thread, it's been so useful and supportive. Very glad to have you all to talk to, I'd have gone completely mad otherwise.

Carikube - yay for sleeping through the night!

Birthday party this weekend which was nice. Life should quieten down a bit this week which is good, it's been mad ever since Christmas. Hoping that the rain stops as well, has been pouring non-stop for about a week Impossible to get out.

Hobnobfanatic Mon 17-Jan-11 07:44:25

Aw, thanks, Rachel.

Little one has started cruising! Yikes! She's an absolute dream - though a monkey for sleeping, needing human/skin contact otherwise she wakes every half an hour. So we're co-sleeping, which is fine, but it's the time from 8pm until midnight, when I need to do chores and work that is the problem, as she needs cuddling/holding. Only another three years of this, if DD1 was anything to go by!

Anyway, school run beckons... Better dash.

Hope everyone else is well; I'm still reading regularly, even if I'm too busy usually to write these days sad

mollycuddles Mon 17-Jan-11 12:05:50

Hi all

I've been awol as I've decided not to spend as much time on MN. I've always given up Bejeweled Blitz as was a tad obsessional. But Molls is still up in the night and I need something to do while she's feeding so now I'm obsessed with Angry Birds...

No movement here yet apart from rolling and wriggling. Think she has too many willing servants to see the need for crawling just yet! She too won't sleep without me or at a push Daddy and evenings are a constant challenge of getting her settled then trying to do some stuff before she wakens again. And we're co-sleeping. She doesn't need to be on my chest but lies with a hand stretched out touching me or her Dad. It's a nightmare when I have to work evenings though.

Pleased for the sleeping through carikube

Thanks for the new thread rachel

Love to all x

cupcakefairy Mon 17-Jan-11 13:07:38

Quick hello to all.
Happy belated birthday heff...I love guinea pigs! I think they're a great pet to have ...easier than rabbits and can be kept indoors, and not nocturnal like hamsters. Glad they're settling in nicely

Thanks for new thread rachel and you're so right about the support. It's been great to know we're all on the same journey. I felt nostalgic looking at that list too; I remember all the birth announcements coming in (while I was still waiting forever!!!) such a lovely time.
Your birth story gives me hope for my second too. I had such a horrible time with little Jude I'm absolutely terrified about having to do it again but I want at least 2 more kids ...but to see you so positive about Eric's birth is really an inspiration especially as he was so big!! It just proves there are no rules with birth doesn't it! (Speaking of birth, yay OBEM tonight!)

Hi molly...meh, sounds a nightmare about the sleep in your house Jude is still waking a couple of times a night but at least we get a whole evening when we know we can get on with stuff as it's always after we've gone to bed that he wakes. Good call on not going on MN so much; it can be so time consuming! But do check in every now and then.

Hi hobnob great to see you

pigley bless your dd! Gat that she's still positive about going though.

Right, must dash...we're off to a soft play centre for first time this afternoon and just trying to get ds to nap first...I can hear him whacking his musical cot thing hmm

AnAngelWithin Mon 17-Jan-11 14:06:39

oooh new thread!!! hellllooooooooo!!!

Not much to report here. Willow has her hip follow up next tues. I am worried as she doesn't use her heft leg that much and won't put any weight on either leg. She's started rolling more though so maybe it will come with time. Just odd as by this age all my others were standing up!!!

hobnob cruising?? yikes!!!

cupcake hope you have a nice afternoon!

carikube yay on the all night! Hope it lasts! Willow wakes in the night when shes teething....

wouldliketoknow Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:04

hi all
thanks rachel for the new thread, i also find the support invaluable, what would i do without you lot? can't moan to dh about his family, i just get an 'oh, well'

dh has a theory about his dad, it's not that he thinks i can't cope, it is he wants to do it all himself, and help as much as possible as he knows i have to manage on my own most of the time... that and that he thinks i am still 12, the problem is i have lived with them as a teenager, dil am#nd mil, being 'responsible' for me, so thye see me as a kid, i guess... also he doesn't get on very well with sis il living with them, and has being a main carer for another nephew, some things he does are really not right, and he thinks/knows we partly blame him. and that's my psychoabnalysis done.

back to work next week, and i just got my hours today, so i spent the day hunting for a nursery, i found two, one is near home nad they look lovely, probably chose that one, we are going to go everyday this week to get oscar settled, the other one is more expensive fancy and bilingual, but not quite in my town and i don't drive, so doesn't sound very practical for everyday to get a train to get to the nursery and then another train to go to work, might take ages... right, i am rumbling now...

angel hope willow will get very good news on tuesday, i am glad that you are holding up and things are better.
pigley you sound like supermum...
molly i cut off online time too, far tooooo much...
breakfast, i am going to try a bottle, or maybe half, when he wakes up, maybe wake him about 7, see if this way he falls asleep earlier, and then cereal at 9 like in nursery, when he masters that maybe we move into toast...

chicken with potato was a big hit today...ate lots, it is really funny when he tries to feed me back with the spoon and also cleans me after finising...

right, what was i saying about spending less time on mn? time to go, me thinks
hope everyone is well

pigleychez Mon 17-Jan-11 21:19:53

Thanks for the new thread Rachel

What a long list we had/have. Shame we dont hear from so many now but hope they are all doing well.

Rachel- Lovely words which im sure most of share. Its great to share thoughts/feelings/advice/ fears etc with you all. Its so lovely hearing about how our bubbas are growing.

Hobnob- Yay on the cruising
Hope the sleeping improves soon for you.

Carikube- envy of sleeping through. How have you found them both in the same room?
Does DD2 wake DD1?

Cupcake- Thanks for the reminder about OBEM! Id forgotten about that. My broody 60 mins again!

Angel- Hope the appointment goes ok.

TT- Thats exactly what I dont miss about work too. Its hard to keep up isnt it!.
Hope you survived the long weekend!

WLTK- Welcome back. For breakfast Lucy has either toast, cereal or Porridge fingers.

Pamlet- We too have found now Lucy is eating more solids she is starting to sleep abit longer. Hope its continuing for you.

Well DD's second Nursery visit went reasonably well. Still abit upset but on and off and was letting the teachers comfort her which is an improvement. There is hope!

Lucy has been poorly the past few days. Lots of time asleep and a high temp. Poor little sausage. Seems brighter this afternoon so fingers crossed.

pigleychez Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:56

WLTK- X posted.

Hope the nursery settling in goes well.
Cant believe so many people are heading back to work already.. Wheres that time gone!?!

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Tue 18-Jan-11 08:20:34

Hobnob - good to see you

Molly - loads of my friends are obsessed with Angry Birds, I haven't downloaded it yet! I'm a bit obsessed with Farmville though and play WoW so don't need something else to steal all my time.

Cupcakefairy - guinea pigs are fab aren't they? I heard they were particularly good for little ones because they're so gentle. They're very fun to watch, just crazy.

Angel - good luck for Willow's hip follow-up, hope all's well.

WLTK - hope you find a good nursery.

Pigley - glad DD1 had a better time at nursery second time round Hope Lucy's feeling a bit better.

pamelat Tue 18-Jan-11 20:27:24

Thank you rachel

I have felt more positive in the last couple of weeks. Its either coming out of the hormonal post birth fog now our babies are 8 months old or thereabouts grin or getting a bit more sleep. On a good night Alex wakes once and we now just give water (or else he wont eat his breakfast at 6/7am) on a bad night he wakes about 8 times!! We co-sleep a lot but he is a bit dependent on it now and once he gets mobile am worried about him falling out/wriggling around too much

In the last few weeks I have decided I am mad as I have felt broody smile I think one day we may have one more, we have 2 for now. I am shattered and I still have 12lbs to lose and I swore I would never do any of this lark again but ......... the thought of not having another baby makes me want to cry. I need to wait at least 3 years and I'll be 36 so still "in time" smile hopefully.

I am back at work at the start of June, mixed feelings but its still a long way off.

I cant believe some babies are fully crawling/cruising, its very impressive isnt it. Alex can stand up if I hold his hands and i think that is brilliant!! My daughter never could, all different blah blah blah.

Carikube Wed 19-Jan-11 13:52:11

pamelat am with you on the mixed feelings re work. I'm due to start back part time in June and in the meantime we have found out that DH's job is going - they're merging 5 jobs in to 3. There's a possibility he may get something one of the 3 jobs, otherwise he will be made redundant. As we don't know yet, I'm loathe to change my work request to full time but I can see that I might have to at some point if he does get made redundant. The silly thing is that it has really upset me purely from the point of view of the fact that I know that I want to have DC3 at some point and as I'm 37 it should be sooner rather than later but if he's out of work that will make it difficult sad

angel hope Willow's appt goes well

pigley the girls are brilliant at sharing a room and rarely disturb each other. When DD2 has been waking in the night for a feed, DD1 doesn't even stir. DD1 has had a couple of bad nights recently and as she can really scream when she puts her lungs in to it, she can (eventually) wake DD2 but it rarely works the other way. DD1 still has the sides on her cot bed so can't get up but I can see that when we do take them off, she will go over and try and get DD2 to play with her...

Sleep is still a bit hit and miss - after months of DD2 sleeping through she's really regressed over the past month. She slept through last night though which will hopefully be repeated tonight (fingers crossed!).

wouldliketoknow Wed 19-Jan-11 14:31:08

hi all
i have found my nursery, we spent an hour there yesterday playing, oscar seems perfectly happy to play there with the other babies and to be hold by the staff, they look lovely and treat the children very well, as far i can see... they have plenty of staff but not too many kids, specially babies so i don't think he will be unattended, we are doing a settling session tomorrow as i have a meeting to get back to work, so all looks good.

pam i am rather nervous but i think is the logistics of the nursery that make me uneasy and it'll be fine once i get used to all the new systems.
cari so sorry about your dh work but fingerscrossed he might be one of those three, otherwise a sathd, hopefully situation will change in good time for baby n3, remember stress doesn't help to conceive, don't worry, plenty of time...

Den26 Wed 19-Jan-11 21:55:55

Hi All - nice to have a new thread - thanks Rachel.

Carikube - fingers crossed that your full nights of sleep continue we're averaging one bottle a night now. i really hope things work out with DH job

Heffa - guinea pigs - how lovely! I used to have lots when i was little, i love the little purring noises they make and their bottom lips are too cute!! grin

Nice to hear from you Molly

Cupcake - i'm loving OBEM too but seems less exciting without a bump!!!

Angel - good luck with the check up

WLTK - good luck with nursery and back to work - i stillhave until the end of next month but it'l be here before i know it.

Pigley - hope nursery settling continues to improve - when my time comes i will keep reminding myself that all you guys have managed!!

I'm an absolute stress head at the minute!! we had our consultation at Liverpool yesterday for Rian's op - worse than we thought. He has quite a severe case of the condition meaning that he requires an extra procedure added on to the original surgery for max results sad this extra procedure is much riskier as it involves operating at the back of his head where all the major blood vessels are. This extra procedure is really only for cosmetic reasons which is why its such a hard decision to make but consultant says that without it his head will look very noticable when he grows. He also said that many parents who have opted not to have it done are now returning and asking for further surgery to be carried out meaning going through it all again. The op should be in around 4 months and we should have a date for it soon.

On a positive note Rian blah blah blah'd all the way through the meeting and the speech and language therapist was laughing saying that she had no concerns about that department!! He kept giving me kisses so my face was dripping with his drool while i was trying to concentrate on all being said!!!

Health visitor also very pleased with him although he is not on the move yet. He is 22lbs at 8 months and on the 99th centile for his length!!

I'm also stressing about work as still not decided which post to return too and i really need to decide in the next week - to the one i really enjoy for less money or more money and OK job aargh!!! confused

Anyhoo - sleepless nights ahead! Hope everyone well xx

hollyoaks Thu 20-Jan-11 10:02:59

Hi all

Rachel - thanks for the new thread, I completely agree with how important this support network is, I'm hoping but preparing for the fact that I might need it an awful lot in the next few months.

Den - it sounds like Rian is doing really well, what an awful decision for you to have to make, I really don't envy you as the world of hospitals and surgery is frightening. I can't imagine which surgery I would go for but I would imagine when Rian gets older he will appreciate the cosmetic effect the riskier surgery will give him.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently after professing that I was going to keep up with the thread, but literally on the evening after I write that we got some devastating news. My nephew (5.10yrs) was being investigated for some tummy problems and a swollen lymph node in his neck. Unfortunately they found more swollen lymph nodes in his stomach and groin, the consultant paediatric oncologist was called in and he was sent for surgery to remove the neck lump on Friday. We're still waiting for the news but they were testing it for non-hodgkins and hodgkins lymphoma. They have so far rules out the most aggressive disease but we don't have the all clear yet. This is the same sister who lost her ds in 2008 so you can imagine the stress we've been under as a family.

So, sorry I haven't been keeping up as promised, I have been reading all the posts and the babies sound like they are doing well. Please prey for us or keep your fingers crossed, I'm not sure we have the strength to go through something like this.

Carikube Thu 20-Jan-11 16:27:39

Sorry to hear about your nephew hollyoaks; fingers crossed that he gets the all clear. I know how horrible it is and how helpless you feel to see a sibling lose a child and it sounds like your DSis has already had to go through enough with losing her DS. I hope you manage to stay strong enough to support her through such a difficult time.

wouldliketoknow Thu 20-Jan-11 20:26:46

holly, so sorry to hear, you sound like a strong family and you will get throught this together, hopefully, all will be well in the end, we are crossing everything for you, keep us updated if you can but don't worry about posting.
den, what a difficult choice to make, i don't have any words of wisdom, but hope everything will be right in the end.

have you guys seen what a wonderful result in the press for riven? i just hope she gets the help she needs and doesn't need to give up her child....

for the me, me, me section, i left lo alone in nursery for two hours to go to my meeting and his settling session, he was fine, playing and didn't cry, i panick a bit, took a bottle, food, change of clothes, 3 nappies and water beaker, they didn't need anything but gave him a drink. on the work front, new office seems fab and new boss sounds reasonable, and i can fit into my uniform, not the one prepreg, but the one i wore till 4 months pregnant, that's a reliee, i hope to be in the other one by summer(?)

Den26 Thu 20-Jan-11 22:10:02

Oh Holly - that is devastating, your poor family. My thoughts are with you all. I really hope you get good news x

WLTK - glad nursery going well definately will make going back to work a little easier

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 21-Jan-11 08:17:37

Hollyoaks - so sorry Your poor poor sister. Hope you get positive news soon, my thoughts are with you.

WLTK - glad nursery went so well, must be a relief

Den26 - sounds like a bit of a headspinner for you, nightmare decision Is there any support group for the condition that you could talk to about it maybe?

Pam - glad you're feeling better and more positive!

Carikube - hope everything works out with your DH's job, sounds quite stressful.

MooseyMoo Sat 22-Jan-11 21:14:15

Hi all, I haven't been on here for ages and I posted a couple of times before dropping off. Hope you don't mind me dropping in again.

Hollyoaks - My thoughts are with your family. I have everything crossed (quite hard to type!) for positive news.

Den - What a horrible decision to have to make. IMHO would it be better to do the cosmetic surgery now rather than later? My only reason is that he wouldn't remember much about it at this age.

My me me me bit: I'm 10 days late, I've had backache and stomach cramps on and off, very tired in the afternoon and early eve and some extremely vivd dreams (last night I was drowned by a freak wave hmm). However I've had x2 negative tests.

Did anyone on here get a negative and then positive a couple of weeks after you were due?

Can't stand the waiting!

hormonalmum Sat 22-Jan-11 22:42:26

Argh, I just typed a long message, but lost it!!!!
I will try again tomorrow as we are all ill in our household and need to get to bed.
Hope evryone is ok

wouldliketoknow Sun 23-Jan-11 00:31:11

mosey, i am going to scare the hell out of you, my first test was neg, a week later positive, considering the scan dates, i must have been 4 weeks when the neg test...
hormonal, get all better...

can't be bother to write anymore, baack tomorrow

hollyoaks Sun 23-Jan-11 10:09:39

Thank you for the supportive messages, the finger-crossing must have worked as his results came back late Friday afternoon all clear. There's no cancer thank god but definitely something up, the same consultant will keep investigating but they're now thinking glandular fever.

Moosey - I only got a very faint bfp at first, but it was definite when 10 days late. What result are you hoping for? I strangely had a very vivid dream during my second pregnancy about a freak tidal wave which I'd forgotten about until you mentioned it again. hmm

Is anyone's lo's teething atm. Grace has had lots of loose nappies recently and nappy rash. I tried everything but went to the gp after having two weeks of going through 10-20 nappies a day! Feel guilty now as she was diagnosed with thrush and they've sent a stool sample off, not sure what they're actually looking for. confused

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sun 23-Jan-11 17:52:52

Hollyoaks - that's fantastic news So glad he's OK, I've been thinking of you and your sister ever since you posted. Glandular fever nasty but hopefully will pass soon Must be such a relief for you all.

Mousey - ooh, exciting! I never had a negative but my first BFP with DD was very weak (I didn't see it, DH had to point it out to me blush). I get the vivid dreams while pg too, although I get them lots even when not.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend. DS started crawling properly today, he's been mobile for a while by shuffling/rolling/pulling himself around but not actually crawling until now. He went straight to his highchair hmm

Den26 Sun 23-Jan-11 20:39:34

Hi all, holly that is fantastic news sending good luck thoughts for further tests :-) moosey goodluck with the testing, can't remember, were u planning more? I was 7 days late before xmas and did tests co i'm never late. All negative and AF turned up! Heffa - wow to ur lo on the move! I have found a couple of support sites which are really helpful unfortunately hardly anyone had the full op rian to have. Thinking it may be best in long term to get it all done now. We have a date for surgery - 25th march! In 2 minds really, atleast its not too long to wait and oh god its not long to wait! Asked if we can discuss it all again when we go down day before. On the other hand work problem should hopefully be resolved next week. Both managers want me to stay so being cheeky and seeing what they both can offer! :-D. Sorry for weird post as on phone! Hope everyone well :-)

pamelat Sun 23-Jan-11 21:26:23

hollyoaks only just read about your nephew and the all clear, thank goodness, how terrifying for you all. Glad it looks as though nothing too serious smile

mousey I tested neg at about 1 week preg and then faint line (very faint) at about 10 days. Think you are meant to wait 2 weeks or so? What result would you like?

I am very torn. I think with my practical head on it would be wrong for us. Financially/emotionally/physically ... all of it but I just want to be pregnant blush My friend is due to have her baby boy today (first and probably only), she has waited years on IVF, very very excited and bit jealous smile

Hope everyone is well

WLTK you give me some hope. We are going skiing at the end of March. I have left Alex over night with family for a night and am fine with that but hes going in to nursery every day in resort sad its very expensive and I am terrified he will hate it. He will be with his big sister and she will love it, thats the only way I can justify it to myself.

He'll start nursery in June part time anywa but a full week suddenly in March feels like a really big thing!!!

hormonalmum Mon 24-Jan-11 11:31:54

Just popping by to say I finally added myself to fb group.- better late than never
One week left before I return to work so trying to sort few things and have have a long list to get through!!

MooseyMoo Mon 24-Jan-11 20:53:29

Thanks for the replies. I am hoping for a BFP - crazy I know with an 8.5month baby. Had slight bled yesterday but stopped overnight and v slight bleeding today. Traumatised DH by showing him my pad blush to prove I wasn't bleeding alot. Ahem. Am going to wait a couple of days before testing again.

Have been feeling rubbish today with really bad back ache. DD is in bed and I'm about to pop into a bath - hmmmm bliss.

Hope everybody has had a good day.


pigleychez Mon 24-Jan-11 21:52:04

Hello all,

Hope everyone is well. We are the house of snot here at the mo which is delightful!

Mooseymoo- Ohhh how exciting! Ive only ever bought 2 tests and both of them were BFP's for my girls

Hollyoaks- Fantastic news!! grin What a relief. I hope the results come back with nothing else to serious.

Heffa- Yay on the crawling.

Den- Thinking of you. Must be a really emotional time for you. I think id kind of agree on doing it all now when hes too young to understand.

Pamlet- Wow on the skiing. envy

DD1 is slowly improving at nursery which is good. Still heartbreaking leaving her crying

Lucy is so very close to crawling, Any day now god help me!
She is pretty mobile now by shuffling, rolling etc and has already started getting into all sorts of trouble. Today alone ive found her under the kids table and chairs set, climbing on the fireplace and pulling it down ontop of herself!! (ony the metal frame) Shes going to be one to watch im sure! shock

sweetkitty Mon 24-Jan-11 22:05:13

hey there sorry I haven't been around just never get the time am going to make more of an effort.

On the Jacob front, he's just a big lump of chubby, gorgeous boyness grin loves his food, cannot get it in his mouth quick enough, still wakes in the night a few times for a feed (or 6), is moving by pulling himself along with his arms, bites and eats everything in site (new Argos catalogue is missing half a front page).

On the baby front, no more for me, 4 is more than enough I think I am at capacity now and my body and mind couldn't handle another pregnancy, I think my heart will always be broody but my head will overrule it, plus DP is going for the snip after his next marathon.

Hope you are all well I have most of you on FB anyway.

wouldliketoknow Tue 25-Jan-11 12:08:36

hi all

mosey try to relax, and prepare as well for a negative, it could be a just a weird period... and then if you are, you are.
pigley my heart goes for you, i only started leaving lo in the nursery, he gets all serious but doesn't cry, i don't think i would leave if he did... hugs.
sk wellcome back, whenever you have a minute you now, here i am instead of attending lunch preparations and doing laundry, i am going, i am going....

i am feeling anxious back to work tomorrow and a whole day too.

newmomma Tue 25-Jan-11 13:29:58

Just wanted to include DD name...

Then going back to catch up on approx 4 months of reading! :-)

11 April LuckyC, GIRL, MATILDA, 14.47
15 April ForcesSweetheart, GIRL, MOLLY, 10.27, 7lbs 6ozs
16 April Littleowls, BOY, JOEL, 14.40, 4lb 8oz
16 April Memorylapse, GIRL, OLIVIA GRACE, 6.17pm, 6lbs 11.5ozs
23 April Sophie2008, BOY, COREY DREW 7lbs 2.5oz and GIRL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH 7lbs 4oz
27 April Brightredballoon, GIRL, 10am, 7lb 12oz
27 April Pagen, BOY, JACK JOHN, 7.30am, 9lbs 2ozs
29 April littleonemum, GIRL, LUX EMILIE, 9.40pm, 7lbs 7 ozs
29 April mummymunchkins, BOY, ZAKARIYA IDRIS, 7lbs 4oz
04 May fiveisanawfullybignumber, GIRL, FLORENCE MARGARET GRACE, 6.14pm,
04 May hormonalmum, GIRL
05 May sweetkitty, BOY, JACOB DAVID JOHN, 4.52am, 8lbs 5ozs
05 May Mustbemadno3 GIRL, LILLIA VICTORIA SOFIA, 05.05am 6lbs 8ozs
06 May Alle, BOY, OSCAR, 12.20pm 6lbs 8ozs
06 May alexw, GIRL, JULIA MAUD, 7lbs2oz
07 May TwentiethCenturyHeffa, BOY, CORIN, 7lbs1oz
07 May sheepgomeep, GIRL, JESSICA, 9lbs 12.5oz
08 May Lizzie9442, GIRL, LOUISE, 9.01pm, 10lbs
10 May Hobnobfanatic, GIRL
11 May 30ish, BOY, OLIVER JAMES, 10:05am, 9lbs 7oz.
11 May millingtonsmummy, BOY, HARRY EDWIN, 1.17am, 8lb
12 May kateyjane, BOY, THOMAS EDWARD, 11.29am, 7lbs 12ozs
13 May MarquiseDeMerteuil, BOY, FELIX BENJAMIN, 5lbs 15oz
14 May itshappenedagain, GIRL, FLORENCE ELEANOR, 5.22am, 8lb 6oz
14 May TomlinTowers, GIRL, SOPHIE MAE, 8.43am, 9lbs 7oz
15 May pigleychez, GIRL, LUCY OLIVIA, 9.30am 7lbs 12oz
15 May slipperthief, BOY, DANIEL HENRY, 7.28pm, 8lbs 4oz
16 May Wibblela, GIRL, REFAELLA, 12.22am, 8lbs 4oz
17 May pamelat, BOY, ALEXANDER, 12.14pm, 7lbs 8oz
17 May Morph2, BOY, JACOB ANTHONY, 7.50pm, 6lbs 11ozs
18 May squirtsmum, GIRL, REBECCA LOUISE, 1.37am, 9lbs 14.5oz
18 May MinnieMummy, GIRL, 8.31am, 10lbs 11oz
18 May KatnKankles, GIRL, AVA ROSE, 8lbs 14oz
19 May TinyVeins, GIRL, VERITY RUTH ELLEN, 00.41am, 6lbs 2oz
19 May Sweetpeasmum, GIRL, SOPHIE ELIZABETH, 6.38am
20 May Sassles, BOY, SAMUEL, 9lbs 4oz
20 May KaffaCakes, BOY, ALBERT STANLEY, 1.09am, 7lbs 8.5oz
20 May Den26, BOY, RIAN ALEXANDER, 7lbs 13oz
21 May Carikube, GIRL, ALICE JANE, 2.17am, 8lbs 5oz
21 May peaky, BOY, FINN, 2.47am, 7lbs 12oz
21 May Gils, GIRL, MELISSA ANNE, 3.38am, 8lbs 10oz
21 May Rachelfruitloop, BOY, ERIC DAVID, 3.48am, 11lbs 2oz
22 May Fumble, GIRL, ISABELLA ROSE, AKA BETTY, 6.10pm, 4lbs
23 May newmomma, IVY ELOISE, 6.34am, 8lbs 12.5oz
24 May Mollycuddles, GIRL, MOLLY LETITIA ROSE, 2.24am, 8lbs 3oz
24 May LuckyMiller, BOY, IRA JACOB, 8lbs 2oz
25 May Hollyoaks, GIRL, GRACE ANNABEL, 6lb 110z, 00:07
25 May JamesandtheGiantBanana, GIRL, 7lbs
25 May Nimk, GIRL, 6lbs 8oz
26 May myfirstbump, GIRL, DARCEY ELIZABETH, 2.18am 8lbs 15oz
27 May first1, GIRL, CHLOE GRACE, 8lbs 3oz
28 May AnAngelWithin, GIRL, WILLOW, 00.34, 8lbs 15oz
29 May schipo, BOY, HUXLEY, 4.40am, 7lbs 13oz
03 Jun RacquelWelsh, BOY, GEORGE, 6.20am, 7lbs 9oz
03 Jun Moggmum, BOY, DYLAN ASHLEY, 7.34am, 7lbs 10oz
03 Jun AliMouse, BOY, CALEB LLOYD, 2.31pm, 8lbs 1oz
04 Jun Yorky, BOY, DAVID LUKE, 2.05am, 9lbs 1oz
05 Jun cupcakefairy, BOY, JUDE, 3.11am, 8lbs
05 Jun Booboomonster, GIRL, ARIEL INDIA, 3.25am, 10lbs 4oz
05 Jun Ande, BOY, 09.54am, 6lbs 12oz
07 Jun Homebirthmummy4, GIRL, VIRGINIA NIAMH, 23.42, 10lbs

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Wed 26-Jan-11 10:43:00

Den26 - work situation sounds good, hope you get a good deal! I think you're probably right to get the operation out of the way now, but must be a very tough decision.

Pamelat - skiing sounds great I've never been but would love to go, DH is very keen to take the kids sometime. Lovely news re your friend, it's so fab when it works out.

Moosey - good luck with test. FWIW, my periods have been quite irregular since DS.

Pigley - it's lovely when they're mobile isn't it hmm Now DS is crawling I keep finding him all over the place. He crawls to the nearest thing he can stand up on and then looks so happy with himself. Lots of bumps though when he then falls over.

SK - lovely to hear from you, glad Jacob's doing well. I think I will always be a bit broody whatever I do. I need to start thinking about what I might want to do when I'm finished looking after DCs at home. I always planned to go back into librarianship but I think the profession is going to be destroyed by all these library cuts so probably not a good choice.

Newmomma - good to see you, how are things going? Is Ivy a bit more settled now? Hope you're OK.

stuffthenonsense Wed 26-Jan-11 16:45:46

homebirth/egopostulo here changed my mumsnet name, thought it might work, i want to change it again but dont know what to yet as i think i am in identity crisis now SAHM is a reality.
wow! so much has happened to everyone since i last posted on here. thank you rachel for keeping on top of it, i also love the support from the may2010 mummies, you are all amazing!
den, i hope all goes well with the op and you are soon breathing a sigh of relief.

our sleep pattern has been awful and it took me fainting to get DH on board to help with a system but we are getting there.

moosey, i really hope you get the result you want, my periods are all over the place so i now use a blackberry app to keep track, but every month i hope a little, particularly as i have told DH that contraception is his responsibility and we are carelessly careful if you know what i mean.

love seeing the fb pics of cruising babies! we are still happy just sitting and rolling a little, not looking forward to babyproofing.

wouldliketoknow Thu 27-Jan-11 07:52:43


hi all

survived first day at work in new office, quite alright actually, all is comin back to me and staff are fab, even the boss.
oscar also survived first day at nursery, played lots, ate lots, hardly ever slept, not a surprise there, and the best part, you have to see how excited he gets when i get home, dh said he didn't get so happy when he picked him up hmm and............ wait for it, slept at 7 pm and still asleep, it took us by surprise, so didn't get him into pijamas, but he is wearing very soft fleeze like clothes, you think that's wrong?
too early for personal but hope that everyone is well, i can feel a namechange coming too but, ...who knows what? all those just reading and not posting, drop a line, will you? and stuffthenonsense, the last time we were carelessly careful i ended up in this thread, iykwim...

stuffthenonsense Thu 27-Jan-11 09:44:05

yay, well done oscar! lets hope it continues.

MooseyMoo Thu 27-Jan-11 17:43:06

AF arrived last night so back to normal life here.

DD loves standing (with help and in walker), not really crawling but is making small attempts. Just very happy to sit and play with her toys. Good for me as I can leave her playing whilst in other room.

She is very vocal though: dada, nana, yaya, baba, gaga and this morning mama.

She's got her 8-12 month review with the HV on Monday - anybody else had their's yet?

WLK: Well done Oscar - glad he enjoyed nursery and you enjoyed work smile

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sat 29-Jan-11 10:23:37

STN - good namechange. I've been thinking I should change mine sometime. We're always a bit carelessly careful blush I leave responsibility for it to DH because I can't use hormonal contraception.

WLTK - yay for Oscar doing well at nursery and sleeping well Good that your colleagues are nice!

Moosey - sorry your AF arrived, must be good to be back to normal though. Enjoy being able to leave her where she is for now

DS is all over the place now and following his sister around. Lovely to watch but harder to get on with stuff around the house since I don't know where he's going to get to!

Work has called me in for a talk about my 'availability'. I spoke to my boss back in November to say I wouldn't be able to do very much (think I posted here about it) which hasn't changed but it sounds like they're not happy about it. Think I'm just going to resign tbh since I can't do justice to the job and someone else out there probably really needs it. A bit annoyed that I might get a ticking off for something that I explained and had approved though, but will wait and see.

pigleychez Sun 30-Jan-11 13:47:19

SK- Good to hear from you. Glad your all doing well

Stuff- I know what you mean about the identity crisis. I have times when I feel abit lost if you know what I mean.
Hope the sleeping plan is going well.
We are still up once a night for a feed... usually between 4-5 ish. Copeable but prefer not to!

WLTK- Glad the first day back went well and that Oscar was OK at nursery. Ive found the little ones settle quite well as generally at this stage its 'out of sight, out of mind'.
Hope nursery continues to wear him out so you get good nights

Mooseymoo- At least you dont have that on your mind now.
We never got a 8-10mth review with DD.. just a letter saying they were too understaffed. Its anyones guess if we get one for Lucy!

Heffa- Hope the meeting goes well.

Lucy is now mastered Mum, mum, mum which sounds so cute Just love hearing her say it and has started waving. She has also started to do tiny crawls... god help me! She has pulled the fireplace down quite a few times now and seems to make a beeline for it! Little monkey!
oh and this weekend has been attempting to stand herself up!! In the middle of the floor, unaided so guess she will be crusing before we know it too.

Bit stressed her at the mo as ive been trying to arrange my dads 60th birthday but my mum (as ever) turns the simplist thing into a huge drama! So we have had yet another falling outhmm
I can really feel a HUGE blow out arrising soon as for years ive just let her wear me down but im kinda reaching the end of my fuse!
Sounds dramatic over one disagreement but been an ongoing thing for years and theres only so many digs at how she diasgrees with my (apparently terrible) parenting.

On a brighter note... Ive managed to convince DH to redecorate the hall and stairs. He has suprisingly said we can hire a decorator to do it to, so instead of us taking ages to do it bit by bit around the kids it can be done quickly and professionally! woohooo!
Wallpapers choosen and the guys coming tomorrow to quote us.

Suns out here today which looks lovely but its bitterly cold out there. Roll on the summer!

pamelat Mon 31-Jan-11 13:36:44

Hi all pigley you seem to be one of the best mums I know smile

We good, we considered controlled crying, controversial I know but we were desperate but Alex has sorted himself out!! He now just wakes once for his dummy about 2am and hen goes back to sleep happily, a huge relief after months of 4 or 5 or sometimes worse wakings and constant co-sleepings. Dh and I slept in the sme bed for the first time in 5 months or so last night!!

DH has now said what about a 3rd, eeekkk, I think its because we feel ok again now.

Carikube Mon 31-Jan-11 14:36:04

Hi all,
Very me post coming up...
Just back from a week away; we had a lovely time though DD1 seems to be really making use of the tantrum atm. Both DH and MIL gave in to her far too often so she has started having a fit whenever she doesn't get her own way so I think we will be in for an interesting week now that we are back to 'normal'.
DH seems to be over his illness at last though he is still very down about work; we should find out over the next four weeks whether he is being made redundant and I am bracing myself for the worst. DD2 can't decide whether to sleep through or not so I never know when I go to bed whether I'm going to be getting up in the night.

Anyway, general whine over and hope everyone is well!

wouldliketoknow Mon 31-Jan-11 16:06:34

and we have a tooth....

hi all hope everybody is ok, fingers crossed carikube your dh will be ok
heffa, what is it with managers that think once you come back to work no longer have to arrange around the baby?
pigley, your mum sounds like my mil, the baby is perfect and beautiful, even know you are doing everything wrong...!, so that you know, what she says is right because none of her children or grandson she cares for had ever had a tummy upset, or being ill, or had a tantrum or even cry.... and i have it so easy because my baby is good that it is like having no baby to care for, she tells everyone, never mind that dh works all day and i have absolutely no family support, and never get a break from baby...oh, don't get me started, there's nothing wrong with your parenting.

AnAngelWithin Mon 31-Jan-11 20:45:35

Hi all!!

Carikube hope you are feeling better...families are such hard work when you want your kids to learn that you won't give in!!

WLTK yay on the tooth!! Willo has just cut too number EIGHT at the weekend shock

Pamelat, our decision for the 3rd was the hardest...we already had a boy and a girl at the time. But then we just carried on haha

Pigley, yay on the mum mum! DD did say it a couple of times but shes all dad dad dad now!

Moosey sorry about AF.

SK chubby boys are so lovely arent they!? Glad you are enjoing him. I said no more after 4.... hmm

So what's been happening here...not a lot really...just busy busy busy!! DD1 and DD2 were off school most of last week being sick. I now have a queasy tummy. hmm Still trying to lose weight..I lost 3lb last week which is good. Plenty of time on the cross trainer and on the wii active sports workouts lately! Down to 10stone 1 now (was 12 stone 3 before I had willow) another half a stone and I will be happy!! DH stunned me last night saying he would like another baby one day when I said about selling all my baby stuff... shock I don't think sooooooooo!!!!.....

oooh...new icon bear when did that happen?!?!

wouldliketoknow Tue 01-Feb-11 12:34:26

angel, how good to read you so positive, glad everything is going well, even discussing more babies....

getoffme Tue 01-Feb-11 15:18:54

wltk, namechange.

AnAngelWithin Wed 02-Feb-11 12:25:33

WLTK I don't think its an option really....especially not now. I am trying to stay positive, though we seem to be having a lot thrown at us again...the car breaking, unexpected bills etc, but we are trying. That's all we can do at the moment. Only time will tell, but certainly another baby is not on any of my cards in the near future....if ever!... Loving the name change!!!

DancingThroughLife Wed 02-Feb-11 22:04:26

Hi all, long time no see. Can't find the old thread so I don't know what's been happening, but ANGEL!!!!!!!! you're back!!!!!!! grin The pom bear thread was hilarious, some random posh couple who served macaroni cheese or something at a dinner party. It's in classics, but I'll try and find a link. Was hilarious. I can't look at pom bears the same way. Actually, Darcey was eating them at my Aunt's today and I couldn't stop chuckling.

I need a new name too, I fancy a change.

Feeling a bit envy at all these BFPs. I still haven't had AF come back - anyone else?

Darcey just this week out of 3-6 month clothes, she's a little dot now She went into that size at 2 months, so I've got a fantastic 6 months wear out of some of her stuff, yay! She's got two teeth, crawling, standing and so nearly cruising. A right little dynamo. It's hard to keep up with her, so that's why I've not been around much. I do think about you all, all the time. It's good to keep up on fb but I don't have everyone on there.

And pigley, for the record, I am spectacularly in awe of you and your lovely DDs. They are so obviously happy from head to tippy toe, and it's fab to see them into everything on fb. Most people on MN seem to have MIL trouble, but I'm with you - get most of my grief from my mom. Mostly about weaning (sound familiar getoffme?) and her not understanding it, despite me giving her the blw book to read.

Pam - glad Alex is sleeping better now. What a relief for you! We gave in to the CC two months ago and it worked for us, but I know it's not for everyone.

Moosey, I was going to book Darcey in with the GP, but the HV said apparently noone does the 9 month(ish) review anymore confused Going to try anyway as I want to ask about two of her toes that are wonky.

Anyway, enough dramble. See you all soon, will check back when I can.

TomlinTowers Wed 02-Feb-11 22:50:58

Hi All, long time no see! I am keeping up with reading and on FB, but so little time to post!

First the me bit - we are all doing fine. DD is still up once a night for a feed, any time between 1am and 4am but only for 20 - 30 minutes so I don't really even wake up now. Just stumble into the nursery chair and then back to bed! We tried to wean her on to formula so that I could be a bit less tied to her and in preparation for going back to work in May, but it appears that she is intolerant to something in the formula. It isn't dairy because she is fine with cow's milk on cereal etc, but whenever she has formula she has tummy cramps, and terrible nappies. So, that means me feeding her for another 3 months. I don't mind, but I hope she is OK by the time it get rounds to May.

My DNiece has been diagnosed as dairy intolerant, so my Dsis has had to cut all dairy out of her diet whilst she is feeding her. DSis is already gluten intolerant herself, so think she must be living on apples and eggs! They have been referred to a paediatric (sp?) dietician for advice on weaning. Hope that all goes OK.

Other than that, things progressing normally here. No teeth yet, and no AF for me, but I am still feeding 4 times per 24 hrs so not surprising. Looking forward to being able to get out soon without being wrapped up in 15 layers!! Getting fed up of DD's pram suit!!

SK - nice to hear from you, I keep up with you on FB, hope you are all feeling better and recovered from the lurgi

Stuff - good namechange, I hope you are feeling a bit better. Hope the sleeping is improving. Next time you feel that you are letting people down, you should ask them if they feel let down by you - I would lay bets on their reply being no! We were carelessly careful on holiday last October and I spent the next three months wondering "what if" - made me realise that I would like another DC but not yet!

Getoffme - another good namechange! Glad Oscar is doing well at nursery, that must be a relief. I find the best policy on "helpful" relatives is just to nod, smile, say you'll take their advice on board, and then carry on exactly the same as you were before.

Moosey - never heard of the 8mth review. Hope it goes well if you get it.

Heffa - hope your meeting goes well, bit off of them to change their minds when you thought you had all this sorted out.

Pigley - best of luck with your Mum. Just focus on your lovely, happy, smiley children when she starts criticising, and take deep breaths! Hope your Dad's party goes well. If your Mum has lots of ideas, could you suggest that she organises it instead?! Love the idea of decorating, I love it too - love picking all the colour schemes, and all the finishing touches for the room. Need to go back to work and earn some money, then we can start decorating this house - lived with textured ceilings and flock wallpaper for far too long!!

Holly - so glad the tests all turned out OK, hope everything is continuing to go well.

Pamelat - fab news on the sleeping, well done for sticking with it! Let us know how it goes with number 3...!

Angel - good to hear you are trying to stay positive, one day at a time and all that - your weight loss is fantastic! I MUST start doing something about my half a stone of remaining baby weight, I won't get back into my work clothes otherwise!

Carikube - hope DH's job situation sorts itself out. It is horrible waiting for news which is so important but which you can do nothing about. Hope it works out for the best.

Dancing - good to hear from you, your DD sounds like she is all go!

Hi to everyone else that I may have missed. Hope all is well with you and yours!


pamelat Thu 03-Feb-11 18:21:02

Sorry for being very me but Alex has slept through for 2 whole nights, he had never slept through before!!

Didnt have to resort to controlled crying in the end but were just strict about him beng in own cot and own room, even if it meant going in with the dummy/reassurance as and when. Within a week he was sleeping. I am sure its luck/may stop or he was just ready? Do they have to be emotionally ready?

Am starting to really enjoy being with them. Still find 2 stressful, in that everything can be ok and then suddenly it all kicks off. DD needs toilet/tantrum/juice/food and DS will also need something at the same time, usually a hug or food!! In public,I still find that stressful grin but all good.

Carikube Thu 03-Feb-11 21:23:39

Dancing still no AF here either though I am still doing 6 feeds every 24 hours. I'm assuming that DD2 is taking a bit less these days given the amount that she eats but given the number of people who have described her as 'solid' hmm in the last few days, maybe she's just a pig. I'm quite pleased in some ways that AF's not back as that takes the decision on DC3 a bit out of my hands at the moment...

Our trip away last week seems to have really mucked things up sleep wise and DD2 is back to waking once a night which is a bit of a pain, especially as DD1 has started doing her random waking-up-and-screaming thing recently. DH has been pretty absent this week as work is manic (I've just asked him whether this will stand him in good stead for when they decide who is getting made redundant and his response was 'will it f*&%!') so I've been doing bath and bedtime on my own.

Though as pamelat says, I'm really enjoying being with both of them as on the whole they are absolutely wonderful; it will be a real wrench when it is time to go back to work sad

pigleychez Thu 03-Feb-11 22:48:16

Thanks for the lovely comments ladiesblush
After some more 'discussions' its been decided that Mum can deal with all the roganisations now. To which shes moaning about! - I seriously cant win! hmm

Carikube- Glad you enjoyed your break
Hope things go ok with DH's job.

Yay on the tooth.

Angel- tooth 8 shock we are only on one.

Dancing- My mum too has never understood/choosen to understand BLW either.

Tomlin- Glad to hear your all doing well.

Pamlet- Woohooo!!! on the sleep. How refreshing for you Lucy has the odd night where she sleeps through. Ive been trying to work out any correlation but it seems so very random.
I too am enjoying 2 now. Lovely seeing them interact with each other, although DD1 has a hard lesson to learn in sharing!!

Well after a few weeks of being so very close, Lucy is now on the move! God help me now!

Had a fab day today. My SIL visited with my little 4.5 mth old neice. They travelled a fair distance to visit us for the day which was lovely and nice to see the cousins playing together. She was also the very first person ever to visit me and then insist on making me a cuppa!! grin

pamelat Sat 05-Feb-11 19:52:50

Sleep went wrong sad last night but both children sick today, DD been sick 10 or 12 times, poor sausage, and then Alex has been sick just before bed time.

getoffme Sat 05-Feb-11 22:21:28

hi all
took oscar to first visit to the dentist, and she was a bit shock, all is well hmm and as it should be, nice to get him use to it, she said. are you taking los to the dentist or will wait till when?
all good and normal at work, starting to become routine now... but always have amussing costumers with silly requests...
oscar is loving the nursery, big smiles for his carer when he arrives at 8 in the morning so can't be too bad...does him good to play with other children and share toys, i guess...
pam don't worry, everything will be back to normal and they will sleep through, they are just little...
pigley wonderful sister to visit you, dd1 will learn to share, she will. you can apply to your mum the confucio proverb me and sil apply to dil:
if you have a problem and you know the solution, you have no problem, just something to do
if you have a problem and it has no solution, why you worry?

good luck everyone!

TomlinTowers Wed 09-Feb-11 22:10:41

Getoffme - I love that proverb, I might have to adopt that when I go back to work!

getoffme Fri 11-Feb-11 20:49:14

where is everybody gone? or did i miss anything?

not a long post today, asthma playing up, not feeling too well and off work for the time being, not pleased!

Den26 Fri 11-Feb-11 22:27:24

Hi All! Its very quiet in here! I thought i'd have loads to catch up on cos not been in in a while, glad to see things are plodding along!

Getoffme - love that proverb too!

Pamelat - hope the kids are feeling better now and you're getting back to 'sleepful' nights! Rian still not sleeping through here either, wakes for a bottle anytime between 11 & 4am. Tried upping his calories during the day but he doesn't want to take much more.

Rian doing well here, looks like he may not crawl and just go for standing, not interested in lying on his front and wants on his feet all of the time! I'm with you guys and love spending time with him, he makes me laugh everyday!

DP's sister had a little girl on 1st Feb not seen her yet but we are travelling home next weekend so will see her then. She was forceps delivery at 9lbs 13!

Finally decided about work which has reduced my stress levels! Whats even better is that my manager has agreed leave until after Rian's op so hopefully don't have to worry about work until May woo hoo!! Rian's nursery being fantastic too and keeping our space open - so glad somethings going right!

Health visitor suggesting starting to reduce bottles now - any ideas for snacks guys?

Hope everyone has lovely weekend wine - loving the new smileys!!

Unfortunately no wine for me tonight and settling for a brew !! grin

getoffme Sat 12-Feb-11 10:29:55

hi den,
i give for snacks: banana pieces, apple puree, breadsticks, grapes, toast, pear, any fruit you like really and occasionally yogurt, being a bit more adventurous following the nursery lead... blush

hope everyone has a great weekend, i am still confined to my bed, but pain easing now... dh still went to work this morning, so oscar playing in this big rug we have him, with his trillion toys....

pigleychez Sat 12-Feb-11 17:44:26

Pamlet- Hope the kiddies are feeling better now.

Den- Congrats on your new baby Neice
Sounds like everything is working well for you with work and Rian's Op. What a relief

re snacks- Lucy has mainly fruit but also some breadsticks.

Getoffme- Hope your feeling better soon.

Well we are all good here. Lucy is into everything.. opening drawers and things.
Can just spot tooth number 2 on its way now.

Lucy starts her swimming lessons tomorrow. Im really looking forward to it. We are doing Waterbabies. DD1 has similar swimming lessons but the tutor has become very unreliable lately so may change her over to the toddler class with them too.

Not really much else to say. We are having the hallway decorated on Monday so been busy preparing the hallway ready. Cant wait till its done as its going to look sooooo much nicer.

pigleychez Sat 12-Feb-11 19:57:40

Pamlet- Hope the kiddies are feeling better now.

Den- Congrats on your new baby Neice
Sounds like everything is working well for you with work and Rian's Op. What a relief

re snacks- Lucy has mainly fruit but also some breadsticks.

Getoffme- Hope your feeling better soon.

Well we are all good here. Lucy is into everything.. opening drawers and things.
Can just spot tooth number 2 on its way now.

Lucy starts her swimming lessons tomorrow. Im really looking forward to it. We are doing Waterbabies. DD1 has similar swimming lessons but the tutor has become very unreliable lately so may change her over to the toddler class with them too.

Not really much else to say. We are having the hallway decorated on Monday so been busy preparing the hallway ready. Cant wait till its done as its going to look sooooo much nicer.

pigleychez Sat 12-Feb-11 19:58:50

Oops My computer was doing funny things! Sorry

Den26 Sun 13-Feb-11 15:58:24

Hey thanks guys. Getoff- hope u feel better soon, pigley - seen pics on fb she looks like she's having fun :-) happy decorating!

pamelat Mon 14-Feb-11 13:54:40

HI all, we managing. Alex a joy really, just terrible sleep sad just taken him to the docs to rule our ear infection as he was up hourly last night shouting. I cant believe he hd those 3 nights sleeping through, feels like never again.

I am hoping once he starts crawling he will sleep more. He is definately getting frustrated by not moving.

We are off to visit my friend and her 8 day old smile, taking both children, she had an emergency c-section and first time mum, trying to breastfeed etc so my 2 better behave?!! We wont stay long blush

Apart from sleep, everything feels more manageable.

A RL friend with an 11 month old has just announced she is 12 weeks pregnant, she has a 3 year old too and says she is happy but mainly stressed. She has a bump already, am not as jealous as I would have expected grin

cupcakefairy Mon 14-Feb-11 14:43:19

Hello ladies...quick dash through from me.

Wanted to check on carikube- are you ok? has dh heard about his job yet? We're waiting to find out whether dh can be moved back to his old department, as his current contract ends in June...boo. HOpe you're ok.

Den I haven't cut any milk feeds out yet (still 6am, about 10am, about 3pm and bedtime) but just given slightly less milk at each one. Not sure which one to cut next confused but we give breadsticks and rice cakes for snacks. He won't eat banana

pam Jude's sleep has improved no end since he's been crawling around. he's slept through (to 5 or 6am) for the last couple of weeks so I'm just hoping it continues! Hope Alex gets on the move soon and tires himself out!

I think Jude has teeth finally coming through! He won't stop licking his bottom gum and I can see a lump...we'll see!

Big waves to everyone and hope you're all doing ok! perpetually are you still out there? Hope the pregnancy is going ok.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Tue 15-Feb-11 07:30:02

Den26 - congratulations on your new baby niece, great everything's working out so well for you with work and Rian's op

Re dentist - my dentist told me it was a good idea to start taking them young so they get used to it. I book them appointments alongside mine so we go together. Last time was the first time the dentist got a proper look inside DD's mouth but she was as good as gold and didn't seem bothered by it all. Haven't bothered with DS yet since he only just got teeth!

DS has been sleeping so badly, went through a long stage of being up pretty much all night so I was really on my knees Started blacking out with exhaustion last week so DH used annual leave to go in late so I could have a lie-in. Took DS to the GP and he's had an ear infection since September (not a really bad one though) so have medicine for that which will hopefully help. His first two teeth have finally put in an appearance so hopefully that will help too.

He's busy getting everywhere and DD is learning to shout 'MINE' a lot hmm. She likes giving him his ear medicine too because she worries about him hurting.

getoffme Tue 15-Feb-11 10:33:29

heffa, how sweet she worries about him hurting...!, don't worry about the mine face, when the others start moving they realise they can get to their toys, their attention etc... my nephew (3), tells me it is better to put oscar in his cot to sleep, as we must play now hmm

den, lovely that your niece and sister are ok, congrats!, glad work is understanding, we are all sending good wishes to rian...

i am feeling better now, and back to work tomorrow, just call the boss to let him now, he's happy grin

now my big moan, and might appreciate some opinions on it.
i went to the hv clinic yesterday, i told her that he had a bit of diarrhea and fever on sunday but he was well now, so she told me not to undress him and better take him again on thursday, said fine, bye, see you thursday, got home and read my red book, says that she could not weight him because he had diarrhea and vomit for 2 days, i write a correction on the book, not the first time, and i am going to refuse to see her and write a letter of complaint to her supervisor, it is not the first mistake, in the other few times i saw her she had:
- tell me off for not weanning at 20 weeks, besides he obviously been ready, wtf?
- tell me off for not buying baby food in supermarket, must find the balance between cook at home from scratch and manufacture food, you can imagine what i told her...
-tell me to cut feeds because oscar is going up the percentiles, changed her mind when i made her measure him, he happens to be upper 75th percentile too...
-refuse to weight him because there aren't enough spaces in the chart...
also usually tells me that i take him too often, every 4-6 weeks, as guidelines, and this time she told me i took a long time because 8 weeks went by, is she trying to just cross me or what?

well, rant over, opinions please, i mean i am going to complain any way, but my feel better if someone agrees with me, besides dh obviously, can't rant to my mum, cos my brother has convinced her we have developing country style nhs with doctors without qualifications or any idea,

getoffme Tue 15-Feb-11 10:35:38

that should say refuse to measure him because there are only five spaces in the chart...

Den26 Tue 15-Feb-11 11:38:05

Hi All, thanks for advice re snacks.

Hope all ear infections clear soon girlies - i'm getting paranoid about taking Rian out now, don't want him catching anything that might postpone op!!

Pamelat - hope sleepful nights return soon, sounds like you're surrounded by babies too! I have 3 friends with bumps waiting...and i'm v jealous!! grin

Heffa - sorry to hear about blackouts - sounds like you are exhausted, glad to hear D able to help. Does your HV have family support workers attached to them? We have them and they can be used to give you an hour or two rest or whatever, you should look into it. I've not used one but have been offered for after Rian's op and they are available to be requested whenever.

Getoff - i think i'd feel same as you - how annoying. you need a HV that you can trust and rely on.

I started Rian on follow on milk last friday, he slept right through until 7.55am on sat!!! shock (with a few returns of the dummy!) He woke for a feed sat & sun but i let him cry and settled him - no bottle needed!! Usually he wouldn't settle until he had a bottle. Last night just faffed with the dummy again but no bottle. Hopefully we have turned a corner!

brightredballoon Tue 15-Feb-11 12:46:17

Hi everyone

long time no talk, we have just been so busy with one thing or another, I am finding 3 children a handful (in a nice way!!). Maybe it's my smallish age gaps of 2 yrs between each but there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done let alone time for me to look on mumsnet.

My DD2 is now 9.5months old and shuffling all over, she rocks back and forth on her knees but hasn't crawled yet. She is a gorgeous wee thing and is no bother at all. She still has quite a few breastfeeds a day (and a couple at night) but eats plenty of solids too so I am not too worried. she weighs 19lbs and has 6 teeth, think two more are on their way if the dribbles today are anything to go by.

Den hope your DS's op goes ok, what is that for?

getoffme your HV sounds barking!

Twentiethcentury hope you are getting some more sleep now. Its so awful being that tired, unfortunately before Christmas all three of mine were ill and I was literally going from one bedroom to the next to give calpol and wet flannels and I was done in.

pamelat Hope your DS settles down again soon, I agree that i think them being frustrated before achieving a milestone leads them to be more unsettled at night.

hats off to those that are pregnant, our bedroom activities are few and far between so no chance of any more babies for us in the near future!!

Den26 Wed 16-Feb-11 09:43:06

Hey bright red, glad things going well, don't know how all you guys cope with more than one! DS having op for sagittal craniosynostosis where the suture down the middle of his skull has fused too early so op is to correct this and reshape his head. All very scary but he will be in good hands. Nice to hear from you :-)

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Thu 17-Feb-11 07:33:11

Getoff - she does sound very annoying, and is giving out some fairly dodgy information so I'd be angry too. I'd certainly not see her anymore, not sure about complaining but I'm a bit of a wuss, and should probably complain more so ignore me

Den26 -- thanks for advice about family support workers. I have a lot of family nearby so luckily they can help a bit, although everyone's been really busy recently.

Brb - nice to hear from you and that DD2 is doing well. Tiredness is horrible, I'd forgotten how bad it could be.

Hope everyone's OK and getting more sleep

SK - thinking of you and your friend.

AnAngelWithin Sun 20-Feb-11 11:02:11

Hello all!!

Gosh no time to post lately!! So this one is a quick one again sorry!!

Sorry for all of you having bad nights sad

BRB I know what you mean. I have 23 months between first two, then 2 years 5 months, then 2 years, then biggest gap of 4 years. Small gaps are hard but lovely at the same time!!

Heffa hope the blackouts stop soon. Hope you get some help and are less exhausted.

Getoff you HV sounds a nightmare!!

All going on ok here. Willows hip appointment went ok. Her one hip is a slightly different shape, all the depth etc is great now so no worries. She also started stnding up a bit on monday. She's not crawling as such. She commandos round in circles and rolypolys everywhere. Generally things are going ok. Me and DH are talking more, about things in general and everything thats upsetting us. We haven't argued for a couple of weeks now. I still think about what happened most days, and there are days when I doubt everything, but I am dealing with it I suppose. I don't cry every day now, which is the biggest acheievement for me. I don't think things will ever be back to 'normal' but if we can learn, love, talk and move on, then I think there is some hope. DH certainly seems very remorseful and willing to do anything to make things 'right' so for now, I am going with that. The kids aren't as stressed either now we aren't arguing, and I am looking forward to half term with them. Though today is hard work as I stupidly decided to let them stay up late last night but they were still up at stupid o'clock and I now have 5 tired and grumpy children!! So I have just bathed them all and put the girls sheets in to wash. Just going to get the roast pork and veggies sorted for later when DH gets in from work then we might raid the 'making cupboard' for something good to make and chill with a dvd later.

Anyway I will shut up now!

See you all soon!!
Lots of love x x

AlmaMartyr Sun 20-Feb-11 20:49:30

This is Heffa, I namechanged!

Angel - lovely to hear from you Glad Willow is doing well, it's great that she's standing up! Glad you and DH are doing OK, and you're not crying as much anymore. Hope your DCs sleep well tonight!

I'm still a bit exhausted but DS' ears are clearing up so hopefully that will help!

getoffme Sun 20-Feb-11 20:56:14

loooooooooooove the name change grin
angel, good to hear willow is going well and so do you, glad dh and you are working on it, take it easy
not much to report here, my inward growing nail is having treatment and now hurts like hell, got another app tomorrow to try to sort it out, if this works it should be fine within the month,...
oscar has a second tooth, one on the down gum, one on the up, one each side too, so looking funny at the moment, but think the missing two are coming through... and he has taken to wake up in the night, at 3 am, not for a bottle, for a poo shock, hope it won't last....

Pigleychez Sun 20-Feb-11 22:05:12

Alma- nice new name. My DD is another one who isnt keen on sharing her toys with her little sister. Cue lots of "Its mine Lucy, give it back, thats not good Lucy!" hmm Totally agree with others in saying small age gaps are hard work but worth it seeing them both giggling with each

getoffme- re HV. She does sound annoying but she probably doesnt remember what she says to every person from one day to the next cause they see so many people.

Den- Hope the sleeping through has continued!

BRB- Glad to hear your all well

Angel- Glad the appointment went well. Willow sounds like shes doing just great.
Great to hear things are improving with DH too.

Been busy here last week with the decorators in and keeping the kids out of the hallway. Looks fab though! Lucy has developed quite a speedy crawl and has been following her sister around. Also discovered that at 9mths she can master the stairs! Started pulling herself to to standing on everything too!

Both girls are now doing swimming lessons. Lucy is loving it and a natural fish. DD1 is also loving it and having both lessons on a sunday makes it soooo much easier for me as DH is on hand to dress/undress one whilst im swimming with the other. I was attempting do it on my own on a monday which was a complete nightmare and very stressful!

Hope everyones well and those with older kids on Half term next survive! DD1 has no nursery, no monday swimming and no Ballet class next week, so ive been busy trying to find things to do to occupy her!

getoffme Sun 20-Feb-11 23:33:49

re hv: i suppose the world does not revolve around me, but...

Pigleychez Mon 21-Feb-11 11:40:06

getoffme- I wasnt being funny. I just know from experience that they are very busy and dont rememeber what they say to each person from one day to the next. ie When HV came when Lucy was newborn and had lost weight she told me to come to clinic the next week.. following week 'why are you here?' cause you told me to come. 'oh right'.

Ive also found they tend to give out of date advice (ie to wean at 4mths) and have little info about newer ideas. ie BLW. Just not really keeping up to date with current advice and the latest guidelines etc.
Its sad really as many people, especially first time mums look to them for advice. Or manybe thats just in my area.

I agree shes sounds like shes abit loopy though.

getoffme Mon 21-Feb-11 11:54:08

no offence taken pigley, i think you are so right, that was more self-criticism, i do it with the doctor too, sometimes he feels like i think i am his only patient... but it is really sad that such a potentially good service is run in such a bad way, but this particular one is really... peculiar, i guess, she is also very noisy, she had one of those late in life change of career, and just started as an hv a few months ago, she even tells off other hv about 'policy', and the fact that i took an instant dislike to her the first time i saw her doesn't help... her.

Carikube Mon 21-Feb-11 17:20:16

Hi everyone, sorry haven't posted in ages so here goes with a very me post!

Cupcake thanks for asking after me; we won't find out about DH's job until the end of next month. I'm buy getting all my ducks in a row - my work are happy to wait until then to find out if I'm going to be going back F/T or P/T, nursery is sorted out for the girls either way, and I am just psyching myself up for it whatever happens.

DD2 is 9 months old today. She's still not rolling or crawling but she is desperately trying to move whichever way she can (though not succeeding!). She finally has a tooth so that will probably explain why she has been to upset over the past few weeks. She has slept through once I think since Christmas and I am turning in to a walking zombie as I seem to be getting up anything up to 5 times a night between the two girls. We have taken the sides off DD1's cot bed and so have had a couple of bumps in the night as she has fallen out but after three nights in it, she seems to have got the hang of it.

And yes, the small age gap is fantastic - it is so lovely seeing them together (apart from when DD1 is getting selfish or jealous) as they look so happy together.

On a completely separate note, my washing machine has blown up again (flames and everything this time shock) so I am not best pleased, especially as this was followed by DD2 having a nappy explosion all over everything and the engineer can't come until Friday (still under warranty).

Right, have to go get DD1 from nursery...

AlmaMartyr Wed 23-Feb-11 07:41:30

Getoffme - some HVs do seem to be really behind (most of the ones I've seen are comically out of date) but it is worrying when a lot of mums don't access things like MN so rely on their HVs

Carikube - know what you mean about walking zombie, hope you get sleep soon. DS has still never slept through but has been terrible since Christmas. Hope your washing machine gets fixed properly, that sounds terrifying! Good luck with DH's job.

pamelat Wed 23-Feb-11 19:21:28

Hello all, Alex has joined the crawlers smile he did it first last Weds but for a few days would only move a knee or two's crawl, then since Monday, he is everywhere smile I love it and find its easier. I may change my mind but I find the movement/safety easier than the frustration (for him)of wanting to move and not being able to.

Monday night he slept 630pm-7am so I naively thought crawling was the answer blush up a lot last night sad. However, I feel its improved and the end is in sight.

Hes had a very grumpy afternoon but I think hes just too tired from his new skills and being up in the night, here is hoping he sleeps tonight.

Hope everyone else is ok, I do still read updates smile

30ish Wed 23-Feb-11 19:56:36

Hello! Been sooooo very long since I posted! Hope everyone is happy and healthy! Haven't had time to even read the thread as we had a nasty housefire in October. Our neighbour left her hair straighteners on! Fabulous insurance company, builders and decorators have sorted everything though so all is well! Oli isn't crawling yet, he just rolls everywhere! Very strong upper body! Very funny to watch! Went back to work in January. Not too traumatic as a very good friend has just started childminding! We also sold our house and bought another my very first day back at work! Been off for 10 months and it all happens when I go back! Typical. Love to all, will try to keep up!

cupcakefairy Thu 24-Feb-11 16:08:56

30ish shockshock to your house fire!! Glad you're all ok and the insurance company didn't con you.

pamela yay for the crawling! Jude is ridiculously speedy now and has taken to gorilla crawling, basically walking on his feet but with his hands on the floor hmm think we're gonna have an early walker on our hands!! His sleep has improved no end since he's been crawling so here's hoping alex does the same!

carikube you sound very zen about the whole thing...que sera sera and all that. Really hope your dh's job will be ok though, redundancy is never a nice thing no matter what your financial situation.

Just found out Jude has been exposed to chickenpox one of his baby friends has come out in it this morning and he was playing with her 2 days ago and even stuck her dummy in his mouth so I'm sure he's gonna get it So annoying that it's a long incubation period cos I don't know whether to be super cuatious (not swimming etc) over next 3 weeks as he might not even get it! Hmph.

Got him weighed on Monday, 20lbs 5oz at 37 weeks.
Is everyone still sterilising things? I'm only sterilising his bottle teats, rims and lids...but HV said I should be sterilising everything until 12months. I've never sterilised his spoons/bowls etc confusedhmm

Ooh, hes awake...gotta go x

30ish Thu 24-Feb-11 21:06:25

Cupcakefairy I don't sterilise bowls or spoons! Oli puts everything in his mouth! The huge. Chink of sponge he swallowed last week & the shoe he was sucking on weren't sterilised & he's fine! DD had chocken pox when she was 8 months & it was the best time to have them! She wore scratch mits & didnt scratch! Friends older children who have had them have caused nasty scarring by scratching until they have bled! The more germs the better in my honest opinion!

cupcakefairy Fri 25-Feb-11 11:41:52

Ah thanks 30ish...I don't mind if he gets it as like you say, he won't know much about it at this age and hopefully won't scratch too much... it's just the being cautious bit that's annoying during the incubation period. My sister's hen party is next weekend and a few of her friends are bringing their babies, some who are really tiny, now I'm gonna have to keep Jude well away from them all just incase. Oh well.

Ha, Jude is obsessed with shoes too! Why do they always go straight for the thing that's the most dirty/unhygienic?? grin

Pigleychez Fri 25-Feb-11 16:53:59

Carikube- Glad everything is good for you (despite the washing machine dramas that is!)

Pamlet- Yay on the crawling. They do seem happier when they are crawling and more able dont they.

30ish- Good to hear from you. shock on the housefire! How scary. Glad it was all sorted out well.
You sound very busy what with being back at work now and the house move.

Cupcake- We stop sterilising completely when Lucy started crawling. She was picking up and sucking all sorts (including shoes) it didnt seem worth it. We did the same with DD1. Never sterilised bowls etc with either.
As long as they are washed throughly in hot water then they are fine.

Having real issues with DD1 sharing toys with Lucy. Just bought out the reward stickers so se if that helps. Its driving me round the bend and is relentless from the momement she wakes till bed time. Doesnt help that Lucy is a stubborn little thing who wont give up without a fight! Sometimes they are literally having a tug of war over a toy with Lucy shouting NO at DD1! shock

Had a fab morning with friends here having a rather messy but fun painting session. The girls covered themselves as did Lucy!

Hope everyones survived the half term!

getoffme Mon 28-Feb-11 11:45:55

hi all

psssssssss! it's all gone quite again....
both oscar and dh had a stomach bug last week, so it has been me doing the running around and work and everything else.... but they are both on the mend now, so i am looking forward to some redecoration, we are going to recover the bedroom for us and that means changing rooms agains, the bedroom to the living room and the living room to the bedroom so i thought we can take the chance to change carpets and paint as well, and as we are doing stuff also the bathroom and the corridor and stairs....big leap i know...

AlmaMartyr Wed 02-Mar-11 07:49:23

Getoffme - hope you're all better now. Redecoration sounds lovely We had to redecorate completely when we moved in here and I loved it.

Pigley - sharing thing can be a problem here as well. DS is also quite stubborn and focused on what he wants. Luckily DD gets upset if DS is upset which helps.

Cupcake - I haven't sterilised anything this time round blush DS was bfed until 6 months and by then he was grubbing around on the floor so I didn't see the point. Stopped sterilising everything with DD at about 8 months when I realised I was sterilising her bottles while she played with compost in the garden hmm Hope Jude is OK and doesn't get the chickenpox, must be a pain

30ish - shock at fire! Sounds like you've been very busy. Have you already moved or is that yet to come?

Pamelat - yay for Alex crawling, it's so great when they can move themselves around! The hardest time with both of mine has been just before they've been mobile when they've been really frustrated.

DS slept through last night shock shock grin Wasn't expecting it, and it'll probably never happen again but so glad he finally gave me one good night! I feel slightly drunk with sleep now hmm I've been sorting out preschools for DD and found a fantastic one just around the corner which is great. DD loved our visit there and now keeps looking through the brochure about it and getting excited so that's good.

pamelat Wed 02-Mar-11 12:51:50

Hi all, Alex has yet another cold and he is such a boy about it sad waking hourly, grumpy and really struggling with it, poor sausage.

Having only learnt to crawl less than 2 weeks ago, hes now insisting on standing all of the time (holding on to things), hes not really interested in crawling, unless its to chase the cat smile

I think I have a ball of trouble (Alex, not the cat on my hands. he has suffered a lot more bumps and falls than DD ever did!

getoffme Thu 03-Mar-11 11:06:30

hi all

i am not so well, i have a cough and a cold, asthma not looking brilliant so back to the doctors this afternoon, i also have an inward growing nail that needs to be partially removed... where's molly gone?, decoration hasn't start yet, with all the sickness at home dh actually has a good excuse this time around, will have to start pushing now...

i only sterelize the bottles, because the formula can have that bacteria and so on, the rest i don't bother, he picks up everything from the floor so...

oh, and dh has started to talk about the next baby... not yet, no.

TomlinTowers Wed 09-Mar-11 22:08:48

Hi all, sorry not been on for ages, but I think I keep up with most of you through facebook!

We are all fine here. DD is so nearly crawling but just can't work out how to move forward. However, she is pulling up to standing all the time, cruising around the furniture, and can stand on her own unsupported for several minutes so don't think it will be too long until she is walking. Eek!

DD has also cut her first two teeth and touch wood seems to have been OK with it. She was disturbed at night but ok during the day.

30ish - glad all is OK with the housefire, sounds terrifying. Thank goodness for insurance, eh? Good luck with your move.

Cupcake/Carikube - hope all is well with the redundancy situations, and you are able to deal with whatever happens.

Getoffme - hope you, DH and DS are all better soon. It is horrible being ill, especially when you can't just crawl into bed and sleep through it.

Hope all who are having disturbed nights manage to get some sleep soon. DD hasn't slept through since she was born, but when she does get up at least it is only 15 - 30 minutes and then I can get back to bed. She is now on two BFs a day - morning and afternoon. She was having a feed at about 3am but I decided to knock that one out because it was only a small feed. I haven't replaced it with anything - just rocked her back to sleep rather than fed her and after two nights she didn't wake up any more. I did find though that DH was much better at settling her those nights, I suspect because she couldn't smell the milk. She didn't cry at all so obv didn't really need the feed. Her feeding is excellent, haven't found anything she doesn't like yet.

Hope everyone else is well x

getoffme Thu 10-Mar-11 11:13:20

hi all
ds and dh are fine now, but i am still a bit eek from the antibiotics and steroids, teething is getting a bit not fun at times, and sleep getting scarse, so after 3 pm functioning is difficult, but we carry on regardless... ds is a bum sufflers, he doesn't crwl or stand yet, but he moves all through the room, starting to lift himself holding on furniture, am i right thinking things will be easier when he walks? or am i deluding myself?, on a good note i am managing to lose some weight, not much, but as i cannot exercise, anything is good really, finally on the list for the toenail removal, so shouldn't be more than 3 or 4 months now... podiatry, not a priority; i asked the nurse for the pain levels of the op, and her answer was:'well, you've been through childbirth...' so bracing myself, but i asked around and people who had it done says than after it hurts less than it hurts now, so...

AlmaMartyr Fri 11-Mar-11 14:53:50

Getoffme - I've found life with both of mine has been better the more mobile they are because they were so frustrated when they couldn't move. Although DS seems pretty happy crawling. Glad you're on the list for the op, sure it won't be too bad.

Tomlin - interesting about dropping the 3am feed, I need to think about weaning DS off the milk at night. Pretty sure he doesn't need it. Good to hear from you!

Pamelat - chasing the cat a favourite here too hmm He's had quite a lot of bumps too, but nothing as bad as DD yet thankfully.

Carikube Mon 14-Mar-11 20:54:11

It has got so quiet here...had to trawl through Topics to find this thread as it had fallen off my list of threads I'm on...

I took the DDs off to see my parents last week (haven't seen them since October) and we had a great time. It was lovely watching them all together.

tomlin / alma I decided to go cold turkey about 3 weeks ago on the night feeds and although I spent more time awake as a result (DD2 would go straight back to sleep after a feed, whereas i've been having to cuddle her for ages to get her to drop off, and even then she'd only sleep for a while), we're now getting back to pretty much sleeping through. She's now on 4 bf and 1 ff a day as well as solids so has definitely cut back a bit...

DH still not home from work; dinner is now v cold but I might go and heat mine up as I don't know when he'll be home (he just said this morning that he didn't think he'd be home early...)

schipo Mon 14-Mar-11 22:10:23

Hello all, been failing to keep up with you all on here I'm afraid. Think of you all often though and enjoying the fb updates that I see. Wishing all the best to anyone with PND, health or DP issues! V jealous of anyone not contemplating their return to work!

Nothing special to report here really. We're getting on ok here overall. Nowhere near sleeping through. Still loads of BF. 5 teeth so far. No real crawling and certainly no cruising. He gets about (when he can be bothered) by shuffling around on his belly. We have plenty of laughs, giggles and quite a lot of dancing though. I almost wish I could slow it all down. I still can hardly believe I've got a real baby grin

Anyway, just wanted to say quick hello.

Pigleychez Tue 15-Mar-11 22:27:23

Good to hear from you all.. I do read regularly but just finding the time to post can be tricky.

Carikube- Glad you had a lovely time at your parents.

We are all good here. Lucy is a super speedy crawler, is pulling herself up on everything and crusing around. She likes to walk along holding onto your hands and tries to stand herself up in the middle of the floor too so dont think it will be long before she's off.

Lucy is mostly sleeping 7.30- 6.30 which is nice. Generally has 1 nap a day now. Shes such a happy smiley baby and a real pleasure to be around. She pulls some wicked faces too! grin

Think im going to have to move her soon to her next car seat as shes starting to get too tall for her baby carseat. She eats sooo much im suprised shes not a huge chubber and hasnt already outgrown it!

Hope everyone is well and happy and getting some sleep

pamelat Wed 16-Mar-11 13:47:02

Hi everyone, everything is on the up smile

After weeks of being up for hours every night sad we have had 2 nights of Alex sleeping 630pm until 11pm ish (half a milk) and then sleeping until 630am, perfect smile

He still needs 2 naps a day, think hes catching up from the months of no sleep.

More importantly, he is happier in himself now he has had a bit more sleep.

He constantly wants to stand, quite hard work as he either falls and screams or more than often, I hold his hands!!

A friend with 2 children the same age, aged 3 and 1 is pregnant with her 3rd smile I'm still not sure but never say never smile

Den26 Fri 18-Mar-11 14:31:19

Hey All! Sorry been i've not been on in a while, thought i'd catch up with everyone...

30ish - my goodness! That sounds scary, glad insurance sorted it out. Glad Oli doing well too

Glad to hear everyone doing well despite colds and other ailments!

Pigley - we moved Rian into the next car seat a few weeks ago as he is too tall also - i didn't want to, why do they grow so fast?!!

Pamelat - i can empathise with you, rian wants to stand/walk all of the time, he is definately not gonna crawl!

Not much else going on here really, his surgery is a week today and starting to panic now! Don't know what i'd do if anything happened to him. Trying to stay positive and think of all the success stories. He has a runny nose today which i hope doesn't develop into anything, don't want surgery postponed. The good think is he isn't being held back at all, plenty of babbling, giggles and dancing as well as constantly wanting on his feet smile.

After surgery next hurdle is nursery and back to work sad

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, i'm having a girlie night out on saturday (first one with these girls since before rian) so really looking forward to it and told DP that he may aswell write me off on sunday grin

DancingThroughLife Sun 20-Mar-11 22:28:04

For the love of all that is sleeping, look how quiet we've gone!!!! grin

30ish - that sounds terrible, but glad things are sorted out.

Den - how did your night out go? I had an impromptu one a couple of weeks ago after I'd had to work on a Saturday. After 12 hours out of the house I didn't really fancy it, but DH was well in control. As soon as Darcey was in bed I went to meet my colleagues for a couple. It was lovely.

Pigley, I was really worried about car seats - we had the Britax lie flat one when she was born, and around Christmas she was showing signs of wanting out of it. But she wasn't at the 9kg weight limit for, nor did I fancy, forward facing ones. We ended up getting an extended rear facer, so it's got masses of growing room.

Darcey is rocketing around crawling now, and so close to walking. She's actually let go a couple of times and stood for a good few seconds by herself. Just seeing her first top tooth breaking through today (number 3 overall). She's doing amazingly while I'm at work, which just makes me miss her even more.

However, she's now terrible at sleeping. She used to sleep through but she's just completely lost the ability. She's had a cold on and off since mid-Jan, so I've been feeding her overnight and we've just set the habit now sad Got to break it, but I just can't face battles when I have to get up for work.

Can't believe birthdays are looming too! shock This time last year I'd started the 10 week countdown to meeting The Baby, and now it's only that long until her first birthday shock shock

kateyjane Mon 21-Mar-11 22:55:18

Hello everyone
Sorry to just update and run, so to speak. I love reading everyones mumsnet updates and facebook, all the babies are gorgeous.
I don't want to bring anyone down but just to let you know that things are not so good here. Thomas is a gorgeous 10 month old now and doing most of the right things. However I've known that something wasn't right for a long time - he's had many hospital stays due to respiritory problems since October. He struggles to go a day without being really sick after food. Since November his liver has been really enlarged. We have been fobbed off for a while with non-specific liver disease, but now all the tests point to Niemann Pick Type C (also known as terminal childhood alzheimers - did anyone see leah's dream?)He is now struggling to swallow. We see Professor Wraith on Monday.
He is our fourth lovely child and I know how lucky we are to have such a lovely family, feel like I'm in a nightmare right now.
Anyway, just wanted to update you all. I so much appreciated your support through pregnancy and I hope everyone is doing really well.

AlmaMartyr Tue 22-Mar-11 07:20:22

Kateyjane - lovely to hear from you but so sorry about your news I don't know what to say but I hope your appointment goes well. Hope you're able to get support from here, thinking of you.

pamelat Tue 22-Mar-11 14:18:28

kateyjane, hello, I am thinking of you. I hope you get positive news with the consultant. I am very sad to hear your news. Thinking of you xx

Carikube Tue 22-Mar-11 20:35:48

kateyjane - thinking of you and hoping that poor Thomas isn't in too much discomfort. I have to admit that I know pretty much nothing about the condition so don't want to say anything too trite but I wish him, you and your family the best possible outcome in the situation xxx

kateyjane Tue 22-Mar-11 22:24:51

Thank you x

Den26 Tue 22-Mar-11 22:39:41

Kateyjane that is awful news, thinking of you and your family. Hope your getting the support you need.

TomlinTowers Tue 22-Mar-11 22:59:23

Kateyjane, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope the appointment on Monday gives you the information and support you need to help Thomas xxxx

schipo Wed 23-Mar-11 13:42:38

Thinking of you and Thomas too Kateyjane. Hope that your family are looking after you well. I might take up praying for you too. Will certainly be hoping for the best for you on Monday x

DancingThroughLife Wed 23-Mar-11 20:24:27

Katey, so sad to hear that. I must admit I've never heard of the condition so I've had a quick google. You are all being so strong.

Please keep us updated with Thomas's progress if you get the chance. I know you have much bigger priorities than us though smile I hope things go as well as they can on Monday. Will be thinking of you xx

Pigleychez Wed 23-Mar-11 21:56:31

Katey- What awful news! Thinking of you all and will be thinking of you all on Monday. I hope the professor is able to help you.

kateyjane Wed 23-Mar-11 22:06:41

Thank you, I really do appreciate your support x

getoffme Thu 24-Mar-11 11:23:02

i'll add my support too, i must admit i know nothing about the condition, but hope you get good news with the consultant...

cupcakefairy Thu 24-Mar-11 15:23:30

Oh gosh kateyjane I'm so so sorry to hear your news poor Thomas, and poor you and the whole family. You sound so strong though; I don't think I would be in that frame of mind in your position.
I really hope you're getting support from wider family and friends - don't be afraid to offload on here if you need to, I just can't imagine what you're going through. Thoughts and prayers with you xxx

den I'm away for weekend so wanted to wish you, dh and Rian well for tomorrow. I know it's been a long time coming so it will finally be over after tomorrow. Really hope it all goes smoothly and you get some lovely medical staff looking after you all.

carikube hope all ok with you. My dh has thankfully been transferred to another department now with a new permanent contract and slight pay rise so v good outcome.. the company have made him redundant twice now and he's still hanging on!! Haha.

Thankfully no chickenpox here, though we have had a nasty bout of d & v and doc seemed to be suggesting that might've been the chickenpox virus just no spots hmm which is interesting cos I never officially had chickenpox as a child even though my siblings all did and my mum reckoned I could have had it really mildly and she didn't notice.

3 teeth here and 3 more on the way. Crawling at top speed, crawling up stairs, cruising, but no standing alone yet...can't believe how soon they are all 1 shock in fact our first little one Matilda's bday is in just a couple of weeks isn't it shock

Sorry to dash in and out...ds is emptying pegs all over the floor hmm

getoffme Thu 24-Mar-11 18:10:50

on two feet today here! ok, hanging onto furniture, but who cares, and lovely afternoon playing in the garden...

good wishes for ryan tomorrow...

pamelat Thu 24-Mar-11 20:20:24

Best wishes for Ryan tomorrow

DancingThroughLife Thu 24-Mar-11 20:25:42

Den, will be thinking of you and Rian tomorrow too. Hope it all goes well x

kateyjane Thu 24-Mar-11 20:29:01

Den, will also be thinking about you and Rian. Hope it all goes so well. Take care xxxx

Carikube Thu 24-Mar-11 21:24:21

Den, hope it all goes well tomorrow xx

Cupcake, interview was this week and we'll find out early next week as to whether DH still has a job; he'll definitely have a pay cut if he does but at least he'd still be in work...

AlmaMartyr Fri 25-Mar-11 07:33:10

Den26 - thinking of you and Rian today, hope it all goes well xx

We finally put DS in his own room last week and it's made such a difference to his sleep. He's now never awake more than once (despite being poorly) and mostly sleeps through. Much better than being up 5/6 times which was the norm before. Feeling slightly human again

Hello all!

Popping in to say that I'm thinking of Rian and you today, Den. Hope that all goes well.

Kateyjane, I'm so sorry that Thomas isn't well. It must be such a nightmare, I can't even imagine. I'll be thinking of you both and hope things don't look too bleak after Monday.

Big hugs to both of you, Den and Katey!

AlmaMartyr Mon 28-Mar-11 17:33:09

Katey - have been thinking of you today, hope the appointment was OK.

Katey, I also hope your meeting went ok yesterday. You and Thomas are on my mind, praying that things are not looking too terrible for you guys.

Den, I hope that Rian is recovering well after his surgery.

Much love to you all. x

hollyoaks Tue 29-Mar-11 11:34:47

Hi everyone.

I'm back after a long MN break, it all got a bit much on here (on other threads, not this one ) and at home and I just haven't had the time. The recession has hit us really hard and dh's wage has dropped by 20K (compared to his best ever year) and mine is also lower with being PT. We're barely managing to hold onto the house and it's a real struggle, hence why we started our little business venture which you've probably seen plastered all over fb. Fingers crossed it takes off and dh can have a change of career.

Grace is doing well, we had a check-up with the consultant yesterday and they're really happy with her progress though want to see her again in 6 months as she's quite windy and unsettled (still not sleeping through -yawn) and they have to keep an eye out for adhesions in her bowel. She is covered in infantile acne though which is getting me down slightly as she's so beautiful but it's hidden behind all the redness. However, we are extremely lucky to be able to only moan about money and spots when we have two healthy girls.

Katey - I'm so sorry to hear your news, I can't imagine what your going through as I know the tests can take some time. My thoughts are with you all.

Den - I'm pleased to see on fb that Rian's op went well and he was ok. Again my thoughts are with you, I know what that wait is like for them to come back from theatre and the ups and downs during their recovery. I hope he's out tomorrow.

Wow, we've had our fair share of medical problems on the May thread!

It's nice to be back

kateyjane Tue 29-Mar-11 21:00:53

Thank you so much for your thoughts and good wishes. We saw Professor Wraith on Monday, who was lovely and I'm actually feeling a bit more positive. He didn't think that Tom had any neurological symptoms at the moment, and things are complicated by his chronic respiratory problems, again he didn't think that these were related. He gave us a lot of hope in that it can be years before patients have any neurological symptoms. Tom had a skin biopsy, which wasn't nice, but he was so good. We get the results in 6 weeks - his birthday week! So I'm trying to stay positive and look towards the future.

Hollyoaks it sounds like you're going through a really tough time. I hope things work out really well with your new business venture. Glad that Grace is making good progress and hope you manage to get some sleep soon!

Very glad that Rian's op went well.

Hope everyone else is okay and doing very well smile

AlmaMartyr Wed 30-Mar-11 07:26:31

Katey - soo gld that you're more positive, sounds like things might be quite helpful. Bless Tom being good for his biopsy. Hope it's not too frustrating waiting for his test results.

Hollyoaks - glad Grace is doing well, so sorry to hear of your money troubles. I saw your links about the business venture and was wishing I lived close enough to sign up. Hope it goes well for you.

Lots of love to everyone, especially anyone struggling atm.

babylann Wed 30-Mar-11 16:26:56

Hi everyone, I don't know if I posted here before. I am a May 2010 mum, but didn't discover MN until at least a month after she was born. Maybe I could join your thread?

I also wanted to say sorry to kateyjane, but I'm glad you are feeling more positive about it since speaking to an expert.

Carikube Wed 30-Mar-11 21:06:24

Katey - that does sound a lot more positive; here's hoping the test results are good too!

Welcome babylann. We've been a bit quiet round here recently so it will be nice to have a new face...

Hollyoaks sorry to hear about your money problems. We found out on Monday that DH is being made redundant which has come as a real shock as he was interviewed for the new role last week (following a reorganisation to reduce the number of roles) and the way everyone was acting, he was a shoe-in so we really don't know what happened. As I'm only going back to work part time, we're now busy doing our sums to see where this leaves us. There are very few jobs in his sector now what with all the cuts so I don't know whether he'll find anything else; we've given ourselves 9-12 months to get by on my salary and his redundancy pay and if things haven't improved by then, I'll ask to up my hours to full time.

All good fun I suppose....hope everyone else is well....

getoffme Wed 30-Mar-11 21:38:50

hi all
not much about me, just wanted to send hugs to all sick babies, and everyone in money troubles, we all ok ish, hope everyone manage to get by...
my meds have finally kicked in and i am no longer sad, yei! that's a statement, but... op next week, so wish me luck, will be in mn a lot next week, as i'll be bedbounded and bored to death...

DancingThroughLife Wed 30-Mar-11 22:13:06

Katey that sounds like good news in the circumstances smile

Hollyoaks, if I lived nearer to your delivery area I'd be inner than an in thing on an in day! Let me know when you go national wink Glad Grace is doing well too.

Den - hope Rian got on ok. Thinking of you.

Cari - it's everywhere at the moment isn't it? I know so many men (mostly, isn't that weird?) that are setting up their own businesses at the moment due to redundancy. Could that be an option for your DH? Hope you manage to sort something out.

Well I'm officially fed up living in the flat. Absolutely no chance of selling, which basically means we can't buy - we'd hoped to release some equity to fund a deposit, but that's not an option either. So it looks like we'll have to rent the flat out while we rent somewhere in the meantime. I'll miss the flat, as this was our first family home, but I can't be doing with the stairs/pushchair/wriggly baby combo any more! I've seen a couple of really nice houses on rightmove that would be lovely, if we can just get someone in here!

On the other hand, Darcey's doing well. Nothing to report, other than I'm a mega proud mum blush She's a little ray of sunshine, so bubbly and charming to everyone. Almost walking, almost got tooth #4, almost sleeping through the night. I could just burst. Enough of that now hmm smile

Welcome babylann - make yourself comfy, tell us a bit about yourself. We're a friendly bunch (modest too) if a little quiet lately. This time last year you couldn't shut us up!

DancingThroughLife Wed 30-Mar-11 22:14:18

Getoff - hope everything goes ok. I must have missed something somewhere, so I've got no idea what your op's for. But very glad you're no longer sad smile x

TomlinTowers Wed 30-Mar-11 23:29:03

Glad to hear that things are looking as positive as they can be, Kateyjane.

Den, glad to see that Rian's op seems to have gone smoothly.

Sorry to hear about DH's redundancy Carikube. How do you feel about having to possibly go back to work full time? Weren't you thinking about a DC3 (might not have been you, sorry).

Hollyoaks, your business sounds fab, if we lived nearer we'd be signed up. I hope you get the money side of things sorted soon. Glad to hear that Grace is doing well.

Getoff - glad that you are feeling better.

Welcome Babylann!

Dancing - nothing wrong with having a proud moment! Sometimes it is nice to just sit back for five minutes and be thankful for everything that you have got. We didn't think we'd sell our house either, we decided to put it on the market at a stupidly high price, and it sold 6 weeks later. No fee if you don't sell, so you can always just put it out there and see what happens....

Nothing much to report here that isn't already on facebook! DD is crawling everywhere now, and gets up quite a speed!! She is pulling up to standing and keeps on standing on her own rocking, like she wants to set off but can't quite work out how. One day I think I'll turn round and she'll just be off! She is still a very happy, contented, beautiful little girl. DS is going through a questions phase at the moment. Today he asked me if God made poo and wee! Think I messed up on the first proper "body" conversation though sad - he asked me what "these" were and pointed to his testicles, and I was so unprepared I just laughed nervously and ignored him, and then when he asked me again told him they were "a bag for his boy bits". Oh dear. Next time I will be better prepared....don't want to give him body issues for life!

Hope everyone else is doing well x

Carikube Thu 31-Mar-11 09:37:09

Yes Den, sorry I forgot to say that that's good news about Rian's op. Bet you're glad it's over.

Tomlin, yes I was thinking about DC3 but I think that the decision may have been made for us with the work situation. We sat down and went through our finances last night and we can definitely cope for 12 months before I would have to go full time. I don't really want to go back full time if I can possibly help it and DH has come over all 'man-provider' saying that he hates the fact that he is 'forcing' me back to work when it should be up to him to bring home the bacon. But we'll face up to it when the time comes I guess (and in the meantime just keep our fingers crossed that he finds something else!).

DD2 is taking after her sister and not moving anywhere at all; she looks desperate to be on the move as she wants to do everything with her sister but she still hasn't even got the hang of rolling so is going to be a late mover like DD1 I think. Makes my life a bit easier grin. She was up half the night and wouldn't settle so I think another tooth might be on the way...

hollyoaks Thu 31-Mar-11 10:32:04

Thanks everyone for the supportive messages, we're working really hard on the business and hope it takes off. We've had no negative feedback and hopefully will have a grant from our local authority next month which will allow us to have a newer and more efficient website. It's very exciting. Our motto is, in the words of Delboy, this time next year we'll be millionaires.

Katey - good news from the consultant, but a long wait for results. I'm thinking about you.

Alma - are you homebirth/epost-something with another name change?

Babylann - welcome to the thread, we don't bite.

Carikube - sorry about dh's job I might have to go back FT too if things don't improve though really don't want to as the work load being a teacher would be enormous, too much to bring home and lots of my time at home would be taken up with planning and marking At least you have some time to look around for a new job or start a business like someone else mentioned. If you can make it work in a recession than you'll be laughing when we come out of it. DC3 is also off the cards for us atm, we're still undecided about no. 3 anyway but it really depends on whether the business takes off.

getoffme - are you a newbie or a namechanger, sorry, I've only just come back after a break and trying to catch up. I hope your op isn't for anything too serious.

Dancing - glad Darcey is doing well No advice on selling I'm afraid as we've been here nearly 7 years, buying and selling was easy then. We're predicting we'll be national within 12 months and global in 24 I'll keep you posted.

Tomlin - 'a bag of boy bits' has just nearly made me pmsl. It's a tricky one, easier with girls I think. Why not just be frank and say it's his testicles for making seeds? hmm

You have been quiet on here lately, this time last year we were all close to popping.

babylann Thu 31-Mar-11 11:09:42

Thanks for the welcome everyone! DD (my first) was unplanned - in fact she came at a very awkward time - but now she's everything to us. EMCS, pre-eclampsia and SPD made pregnancy quite tough for me hmm and then giving birth to a 9lbs3 little feisty screamer made the recovery from all that significantly harder and it's only since about Christmas that I've started feeling well again, after months of infections and illness (apparently related to my liver) and an operation to remove my gall bladder, which had developed stones during pregnancy DD, however, is 100% fighting fit (despite a bit of baby eczema that we hope will go away when she gets a bit older).

There's my story, anyway! We're actually trying for another baby now, started trying in January as we want our babies close together (makes sense with me being a SAHM).

In terms of development, I obviously (like all first time mums) think DD is a genius and the first baby who has ever done anything at all grin, but she's still not crawling or "cruising" (I only even learned what that is yesterday).

hollyoaks Thu 31-Mar-11 14:02:03

Babylan - again, welcome to the thread. Sounds like you've had a tough time of things (therefore you'll fit right in) but things are improving. GL on ttc, hopefully you won't have to wait too long. My dd1 didn't move till she was about 11 months, couldn't roll over or anything. dd2 has been crawling for about 6 weeks now, maybe more, and it's a nightmare. Enjoy her stationary

Hope you enjoy it here, we're a supportive lot

babylann Thu 31-Mar-11 14:16:29

Thanks hollyoaks - I'm sure I will! And thanks for the advice and experience about crawling grin

Sometimes it's definitely a blessing that she can't race around causing mayhem yet, she rolls all over the place at a snail pace and that's hard enough to keep up with on it's own!

getoffme Thu 31-Mar-11 16:00:22

hi all
yes i namechanged, used to be alle01, but thought this is more exciting and exotic...hmm
my op is nothing serious, although i can get a bit precious, it's just a double partial nail removal, not nice, prob painful but certainly not life threatening...
wellcome baby lann, feell free to go on for ages and vent here, we are very supportive and quite funny, if i may say so myself...
lo is also on the move, not fun anymore... today he got off the rocker chair, found him on the floor, there's only the crib now to leave him alone for a second safely... or so i think...

and now for the cute note, he was in nursery yesterday, holding hands with a girl and they were bababaing to each other for at least half an hour... should i expect girl trouble?

DancingThroughLife Thu 31-Mar-11 20:26:35

Ha, getoff! I can outprecious the best of them when I get going grin Good luck with the op though, make sure you get plenty of looking after when you're recovering.

Babylann, we're planning no2 too, but it's not happening so far. I don't know how I'd tell though because I still haven't had my periods back, but then I'm still bfing so that's probably delaying it. Also, don't want to conceive in the next couple of months to avoid a Xmas baby - Christmas is expensive enough without a birthday thrown in too smile

Cari, fingers crossed for DH

Tomlin, we've had it on the market for 6 months with not even a sniff. Our problem is we're in prime first time buyer territory - the ones who can't get the mortgages. Or investors, but they don't want to pay what we need to get to give us our next deposit. It's all sad and angry at the same time. I just want our own garden to hang my washing in!

babylann Thu 31-Mar-11 21:24:05

I'm not getting periods either Dancing, well, not regularly anyway (my last one was in January, the one before that was in October). But I don't breastfeed anymore (haven't since she was about 2 months) so I don't know why they're not coming back for me. I hadn't thought about having a Christmas baby! wink Probably is, January is full of family birthdays too...

That is such a cute story getoffme. I haven't seen DD interact with another baby (apart from 30 mins once when we visited DP's sister)... I wonder what she would think if she saw one!

Pigleychez Thu 31-Mar-11 21:30:36

Katey- Glad the appointment well. Hope you keep positive and the waiting for the results inst too hard for you. Glad to hear you sounding so positive though

Hollyoaks- Glad to hear Grace got a good report from the consultant
Hope the spots clear up soon though.

Den- Been following your updates on FB and hope Rian is continuing to recover well.

Welcome to Babylann.
Were a friendly bunch. There's quite a few of us with small ages gaps here so your in good hands

Carikube- Awful news about DH's job. I hope things work out well for you.

Dancing- Great that Darcey is doing so well. about the house.. hope you find a buyer soon.

Tomlin- Im loving your FB updates on your DS's questions. Such an inquisitive mind Id love to hear your answers grin

We are all good here and as busy as ever! Im a glorified taxi service for DD1! A 2.5yr old has a better social life than i do!
Lucy is fantastic and everyone always comments on how easy going and chilled she is. You wouldn't even know she was there!
She has a permenant grin on her face and hardly ever cries. She really is a pleasure

Shes a speedy crawler, crusiing everywhere and has started standing on her own. She will be walking before I know it!

Currently trying to fatten DD1 up. After her illness shes lost soo much weight and looks so thin. She was skinny to start with anyway. Her clothes are just hanging off her and I can get my hand around her arms and legs.

We are actually having another night out at the weekend! Nothing for about 2 years, then suddenly twice in a few months! shock Our friends are totally shocked.
On a diet though as all our friends in this group are childless and have much better figures than me! Does make me feel like a big fat frump!!
Also started going to Zumba too which should help with the Mummy tummy!

Hope everyones well

getoffme Sat 02-Apr-11 15:39:07

hi all
crawling with speed here too now...
babylann, i don't have many friends with babies either, where abouts are you, maybe we need a big meet up or a little one...
no nights out here, not much fun either lately, so making plans for that to change, once my foot is up and running, literally running...
on a diet too, well, from monday, so pigging out this week, need to lose a;ll this baby weight, also looking for ideas of a hair change,nothing too expensive you see, rather limiting...
we though of selling too, but getting a bigger mortgage for a bigger house looks gream, sooo...

yes! oscar just fall asleep, prob of boredom, so if you don't mind i'll go to make myself a cuppa, i need eyes on the back of my head and four free hands now that he is crawling with a speed and a taste for the stairs landing, where are those gates?

i'll continue my delirium soon...

babylann Sat 02-Apr-11 22:57:07

I'm from the dump called Stoke-on-Trent, don't know whether that's close to you? grin

hollyoaks Sun 03-Apr-11 10:55:06

Happy mothers day ladies, hope your enjoying your day

DancingThroughLife Sun 03-Apr-11 23:12:26

Happy Mother's Day everyone! We've spent the day at my Mom's, with my brother, Aunty, Nan and Mom's cousin, plus various girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands etc and Darcey. As you can imagine, it was carnage. Tears, strops, the works (not all me I hasten to add). It was all good fun though. Very glad to get home this evening and spend a peaceful end to my first mother's day on the sofa. Fingers crossed for a good night's sleep [doubtful]

Getoff, this is one of the reasons I'm glad we live in a flat apartment, the stairs are on the other side of the front door!

Baby, I'm from Shrewsbury, not too far away from you. Got friends in the delightful SoT smile

Pigley, everyone I know is on massive Zumba-fest atm! I'm too lazy to do it, else I'd have been roped in kickingandscreaming months ago. I know the frump feeling well, just can't be arsed to do anything about it. Lazy me blush

stuffthenonsense Mon 04-Apr-11 10:23:38

hi all,
i feel i need to reintroduce myself ive been off here so long! (used to be homebirth)

just having a quick catch up while virginia sleeps so have only read this last page.

hello to the new mummies! nice to see new faces

seems like i have missed a lot and i wonder if i will ever catch up, it makes me feel very rude and i feel quite guilty being here!

gosh, we are heading toward a year now and the babies are all so different in what they can do, some can walk, some have loads of teeth, some can crawl, some have even started making first words i thought i read somewhere!!!!!!!!

virginia is not crawling, can but doesnt roll, will bum-shuffle a bit though. she is trying to pull herself to standing but has no idea that one foot will move independantly of the other and has only just got her first tooth, (i am glad about all this as i havent babyproofed fully yet and as i am still feeding night and day, especially night, i dont want to be bitten)

she is though, learning sign language and has become a fantastic communicator , letting me know she wants food, or milk, or has finished, or wants a bath or a clean nappy, she is great and even with 3 others i had no idea just how much babies really do understand.

much love to everybody

getoffme Mon 04-Apr-11 10:53:02

hi all
i am in the south east, near brighton, don't ask me geography, i'll have to google it....

AlmaMartyr Mon 04-Apr-11 11:41:12

Whoever asked - I used to be Heffa, namechanged a while back.

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. Mine was nice, DD and DS very sweet all day. DS is sleeping loads better now he's in his own room so I feel human again. He's adorable as well, although a bit clingy atm because he's teething.

Had a slightly rough couple of days with DH but hopefully things sorting themselves out now, very hard though

cupcakefairy Wed 06-Apr-11 11:40:32

Hi ladies
lovely to hear updates on the babies...we're just getting constant falls here as he tries to climb up and onto everything...he's covered in bruises I'm just hoping nobody calls social services on me grin

carikube so sorry to hear about dh's job must have been a nasty shock if it seemed it was all going to be ok hope you feel ok about going back to work. Sounds like you have a good plan.

stuffthenonsense no need to feel guilty!! it's hard to keep up with the threads isn't it amazing the V is such a good signer!

alma sorry to hear you're having hard time with dh hope you're ok. I sometimes wish we all lived closer so we could meet up for proper support!

pigley I'd love to do zumba! Let us know how you get on

Dancing rubbish about the flat/house situation. Dh and I are of that group of first time buyers who would dearly love to get on the property ladder but have no chance we do actually have a decent deposit saved but have already had one house-buy fall through a couple of years ago so have been scared to try again...we'll keep saving though to buy one day! Hope you get some interest in your place soon.

Miraculously ds is still not awake from his nap so think I'll go make another cuppa...

hollyoaks Thu 07-Apr-11 07:45:17

Stuffthenonsense - welcome back, I've just recently came back too blush. Virginia's signing sounds great, better than Grace who just screams bloody murder till she gets what she wants.

Alma - hope the problems with dh sort themselves out.

G is still not sleeping through, we can get her down, though it's becoming more of a struggle, in her cot until about 3am and then she wakes up. She won't lie down again just stands and screams until she gets milk. After a bottle she then won't sleep in the cot, it has to be our bed. Unfortunately we're to blame for that one, it's too hard to fight when we both have to be up for work in the morning so let her stay. She does wake I up a lot too and she needs her sleep or she ends up really grumpy, so it's anything for a quiet life. Think we might try to be more forceful over the Easter holidays when I'm off, don't know whether to faze the bottle out altogether? hmm


Pigleychez Thu 07-Apr-11 22:39:54

Hi everyone, Hope your all well.

Fantastic weather here lately so lots of time in the garden with the girls and friends. The bouncy castle is getting plenty of use!
Picnic in the park with friends planned for tomorrow

Cant belive Lucy is nearly one! Ive just ordered alot of decorations etc for her family party.

Stuff- Lucy says No and oh No!.blush Picked up from her sister saying No to her all the time!
And also said Bye Dada this morning whilst manicly waving him off to work. Shes def a Daddies girl! grin
Virginia sounds like shes doing fab with the signing!!

Cupcake- Im glad to report that after about a month of Zumba classes (once a week) that Ive started to notice abit of a difference. My calves are def more toned which is a good start.

Hollyoaks- With DD1 we switched her milk for water as it became apparant that she was only waking with habbit and not really through hunger. Not sure how that is for you? She wasnt impressed for a few nights then just stopped waking for it alltogether.

Alma- Hope things are abit better with DH now.

Anyway all's good here x

AnAngelWithin Sat 09-Apr-11 10:34:04

Hi all. Very quiet here! Considering we were so talkative on the pregnancy thread!!!

Start of the easter holidays here and I can't wait to do some nice things with all my LO's, though this morning for some reason I have woken up in a foul mood and I can't seem to shake it off!! Willow is being a total nag today as well, tooth number 9 is taking its time coming!!!

We've endured sickness bugs here recently so I think I am just cathing up from that really. DH left again...and came back again (can't live with or without each other), but for some reason this time we are both feeling more positive about things. We have both acknowledged how much needs to change and I think that is a positive thing. We are spending more time together as a couple and he has changed the times and ways he does his own activities to make the most of this (which is a big deal!!!)

Willos is getting around by 'slug crawling' and can pull herself up onto her knees to get to her toy box. She eats anything and everything and is the only one out of all 5 of my little ones to be putting everything she finds in her mouth...shock to the system as none of the others did it!!

Been busy having a clear out of the house and selling stuff which was good. Enabled me to buy (another) new buggy smile Got the phil and teds smart buggy and I adoooore it. Wish I'd had it from the start!!Lovely and light for my weak wrists!!

On the plus side I have been losing some more weight and I have gone from 12 stone 3 to 9 stone 10 and actually bought a pair of jeans the other day in a size 8 shock Never been a size 8 before!!!

Anyway, I had better go and crack on...the sun is shining and I want to get out there and see if it cracks my awful mood!!

Love to you all x x x

Den26 Sun 10-Apr-11 00:36:13

Hi All!! Sorry i haven't been on to update you but glad some of you have seen the fb updates! Thank you so much for all your well wishes

I can't believe how brave my little boy has been and how well he has dealt with everything that has been thrown at him! Very proud mummy
I can't lie it was the most awful time and the day of surgery was the longest of my life. I took him down to theatre at 8.30am and he didn't get out of recovery until 5.30pm! We had a phone call around lunchtime to say that the riskiest part was over atleast. He was pretty much out of it on morpine for first day but was being sick so was taken off of it fairly quickly. I got my first and most amazing cuddle at 5am the day after surgery

The worst part was days 2 and 3 when his eyes were swollen shut, it was awful and i felt completely helpless, but the following day they started opening again and we got our first smile which made us all cry!! We were discharged on day 5. His new head shape is absolutely amazing considering how long his head was and how pointy it was at the back. He has a zigzag scar over the top of his head from ear to ear which will be hidden by his hair when it grows back in. We have a check up in 6 weeks time. The team at Alder Hey were absolutely amazing too which helped loads. We're planning a fundraiser for them in the summer as well as Ronald Macdonald house as its such a valuable service to families with sick kids.

Thanks again for having us in your thoughts.

Kateyjane - i'm so glad things are sounding a little more positive and really hope the test results bring more good news.

Hollyoaks - glad to hear grace is doing so well and good luck with your new venture

Carikube - so sorry your going through a stressful time too, i don't think anyone has escaped this bloody financial mess

Hi to everyone else! Sorry for no personals but glad to hear all little ones are keeping us all on our toes Its exciting to think all the first birthdays are coming up

stuffthenonsense Sun 10-Apr-11 11:36:53

Den you are amazing! I am genuinely humbled by you.

hollyoaks Sun 10-Apr-11 18:05:44

Den - so please Rian is home and well, I can't believe how quickly he recovered. I can't imagine how hard surgery day was for you, Grace was only down about 3 hours and it was the worst time of my life, so a whole day sounds like torture. I second Stuffthenonsense, you've been so brave.

Sorry for no more personals, have a sick baby and toddler, so lots of vomit, washing ahead and not much sleep

Den26 Sun 10-Apr-11 20:50:43

aww my goodness, thank you ladies

Not so good about the vomit Holly - hope it vanishes soon and you get more sleep.

AlmaMartyr Sun 10-Apr-11 22:06:20

Den26 - I've been loving your updates, so glad it all went well with Rian's op. I agree with Stuffthenonsense, you're so brave and you have such an amazing little boy.

Angel - congratulations on the weight loss, that's awesome! I've lost 4.5 stone since September but still have a way to go. I feel fantastic for it though.

Hope all ill children get better soon, there seems to be a lot about at the moment. DS has a nasty cold and his eyes are filled with green gunk and are all bloodshot Think I might need to take him to the GP in the morning tbh.

Everything good here, things much better with DH which is lovely.

getoffme Mon 11-Apr-11 11:32:32

hi all
first things first, den sooo glad everything has gone well, i am glad you have so much support, please let us know what you do for fundraising to collaborate, having a sick child is an awful thing and the children hospitals always help so much to make it all more bareable...
my toe is now on the mend, surgery was pain free, thanks anesthesia, and it looks a lot better, don't have as much pain as before either...
took the day off today as oscar has been sick since last night, wouldn't think something so small could hold so much vomit inside him, well in my carpet now, sleeping much of the time, which i think is good, maybe i'll try to get a few blinks myself, must hang the laundry, thought...

can't believe will be doing birthdays!!!!!!!!!!

hollyoaks Mon 11-Apr-11 11:39:57

Hi all,

Just an update for all of you who've been on the thread since the beginning, I've just being chatting to VivClicquot via pm, you may remember her dd Gracie was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder early in the pregnancy and so she left us, well she is now 37 weeks with dc2 and due early May. Hopefully she's going to pop on with a birth announcement in the near future, but I'm so happy for her after she went through such an ordeal.

getoffme - lots of vomit here too, both dds sleeping atm, we are now in hour 38 <yawn>

Den26 Mon 11-Apr-11 15:10:36

Alma - wow! re weight loss! i take my hat off to those of you with so much will power! Your poor DS hope it clears up soon

getoff - glad the op went ok and that its not as painful, hope oscar feels better soon and will keep you posted re fundraising - thank you

Holly - i remember Viv, thats great news, i'm glad she's getting on ok

Really hope vomit clears soon ladies

getoffme Mon 11-Apr-11 16:26:46

don't you just love the smell of the house with all the vomiting no matter how long for you open the windows which you can't cos will be cold ?

DancingThroughLife Wed 13-Apr-11 22:50:35

There's a lot of the vom bug round here too, but so far touchwood we manage to have escaped it. I'm suspecting a case of slapped cheek syndrome though, which has apparently been doing the rounds at nursery, but seeing as she only goes one day a week I'm hoping it won't be that. It's hard to tell between teething and general coldiness though.

Den, great news about Rian. I will definitely help out with any fundraising you're doing.

[jealous] of all this weight loss. I seem to be looking more and more puddingy at the moment. Tis weird. My boobs are popping out of my bra and I've had completely inexplicable rages at DH (poor sod). I'm almost starting to wonder if I might be pg again. It's extremely unlikely but I might poas at the weekend out of curiousity. Would be lovely if I was, but I'd started to get into the idea of having a 2.5-3 year gap. We'll see.

Viv was before I joined, but I'm always glad to hear good news! smile Would be lovely to hear her good news when the time comes.

littleowls Thu 14-Apr-11 22:45:06

Hi all, I am just skulking back to see how everyone is getting on. I don't know if anyone will even remember me! I've missed so much since it's been almost a year since I last visited. I can't believe how much time a baby takes up! I have caught up with most of the recent news but haven't dared to read all of the posts.

Its good to read good news - Den26 about your baby boy, I'll keep checking back to find out about your fundraising.

I remember VivCliquot - that's brilliant news. I've thought about her a few times since her sad news.

I hope all the poorly sick little people are recovering, there must be something going round at the moment.

Joel is getting big now and is off with his walking. He seems too independent already! His weight really caught up after a few months (he was 4lb 8oz when born), now he is just a little gannet. I'm also due again in October, but the absoloute shocker is that it's twins! I don't really know how I'm going to cope yet but it'll all just fall into place.

I'm going to make a huge effort to keep up with everyone on the thread. I just had to come back to wish all your fabulous little ones happy birthday next month! xxx

TomlinTowers Thu 14-Apr-11 23:57:06

Hi All

Just popping on quickly to catch up with the news.

Den26 - excellent news about Rian, so pleased everything went well for him. I hope he recovers really quickly.

Hollyoaks - good news about Viv, I remember her talking about her wedding (seems such a long time ago!). Please pass on my best wishes to her if you pm her again.

Littleowls - wow, twins! Many congratulations! Do you know if they are boys/girls/mix? You will be fine, your DCs will keep themselves entertained. You will just need a super-sturdy washing machine!

Sending get well vibes to all those with poorly babies at the moment, hope they all recover in time for their first birthday parties!

Talking of which, what are people buying their DCs for their first birthdays. I cannot think of ANYTHING to get DD, we seem to have already bought it all for DS first time round! I was thinking of a swing for the garden, a double on so that DS and DD can swing at the same time, but that seems more of a present for DS, and he is getting a bike. Any ideas that I can "borrow"??

All is well here, apart from present dilemmas, and the fact that I return to work in three weeks which I am dreading. I just want to stay at home with my babies!!

Pigleychez Fri 15-Apr-11 17:34:26

Den- Ive been following you on Fb and cant believe how quickly hes recovered! What a little star!

Angel and Alma- Well done you on the weight loss!

Hollyoaks- Pass on our best wishes and congrats to Viv. Thats fantastic news!

Dancing- Keep us updated when you poas! Exciting stuff.

Little Owls - Great to hear from you again. Wow and Congrats! Bet that was a shock. You will be fine!, Busy but fine grin

Tomlin- Cant believe its almost a year! Scary stuff!
Lucy's main present is a Smart trike. DD1 got one for her first birthday and loved it. She still uses it now and has jsut started to use its pedals. Can wait to take them both out on thier little trikes.. Too cute!
Theres plenty of other little bits that ive already got too (bead frame, wooden blocks etc) but agree its hard as shes already got tons to inherit from DD1.

Been out lots enjoying the sunshine and had a fab day out at the farm with a friend and her DD. Just arranged another farm trip (different farm) for Mon to meet the Easter bunny!!

Lucy's speech is coming along great and already says a few words, Mumma, Dadda, Baa (for sheep) Neigh sound (for horse) and Shhh ( can you tell her sisters volume button is stuck on full!)
And very cutely if you say 'Love you' to her she burries her head into you and says 'ahhh' Heart melts everytime!

Hope all the sicky babies are feeling better soon.

littleowls Fri 15-Apr-11 22:02:06

Tomlin - I haven't really got Joel very much for his birthday. He tends to get loads off his grandparents on a weekly basis. I couldn't think of anything special so I've just got him some nice books, he loves looking at books! (I feel like a cheapskate!!)
I don't know what 'type' they are yet. I am 15 weeks on monday. I don't think we will be finding out even though many people say it will help us be more prepared.

Pigley - That is sooo cute! She is doing really well with her speech isn't she?

memorylapse Sat 16-Apr-11 21:41:28

Just popping in again..after a ling time away..Im afraid I struggled to keep up with the thread and tend to post mainly on fb..Hope everyone is ok, Been thinking of you Kateyjane and Den

Littleowls..wow! you will have a busy little family..I recommend a new washing machine that can handle a 7lb load!

Olivia is one todayshock who'd have thunk it..I sometimes wish I could turn the clock back as there has abeen alot of happiness since that lovely time..but my children and especially Olivia keep me strong.

Joined slimming world and lost 3lb in the first week.
Our house also smells sweetly disgustingly of vom

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Sun 17-Apr-11 18:20:33

It's me, Dancing. Have name changed, just didn't know what to change to!

getoff, hope Oscar's feeling better and that you have got the sick smell out of everything the carpet

Littleowls, lovley to hear from you again! Congrats on the twins! Glad Joel is doing well too.

ML, it's nice to see you here too, although we keep up on fb. I'm still feeling a little shock that our babies are starting birthdays, although we've still got 6 weeks until Darcey's.

We bought her birthday party frock today, it's this one from John Lewis blush pricey, but beautiful. And you're only one once <setting daughter up for lifetime shopping addiction> grin

I can't decide between a wheely bug, sand/water play , trolley block tray, or toy pram for her present. We're having her christening on her birthday weekend, so with lots of relatives visiting, she's probably going to get spoilt rotten.

Pigley, Lucy sounds like a right chatterbox! It must be lovely having the two girls enjoying each other smile

So, I got a negative on the test. Although I worked it out, and it's been that long since we did 'it' that I could be around 12 weeks by now! I'm going to try and get in at the docs this week just to see. It could just be the sign that af is on the way back.

I was thinking about it, and although I'd love another one, I'd like a bit longer with just Darcey for now. I'm a bit scared of adding a newborn in, just when we've got the hang of our first baby! I know it would all be fine when we got there, but we're still waking up with Darcey, and I know a new baby wouldn't wake up at the same time and then I'd be destroyed!

AlmaMartyr Sun 17-Apr-11 19:35:04

Littleowls - congratulations!!! That's fantastic news

Hollyoaks - I remember VivClicquot, so glad to hear her news I was wondering how she was getting on.

Tomlin - we're getting DS a wooden playhouse. It's waiting in the garden to be built at the moment although DH and I have been painting it. It's for both of them really, since I don't suppose DS will mind but will enjoy it lots I'm sure.

Memorylapse - hope Olivia had a good birthday, she's such a gorgeous little girl. I was looking at your photos on FB and DH commented that she was a very cute baby. Hope you're all feeling a bit better now.

Seeksnewname - love your name change, that's great! DD got a wheelybug for her first birthday (from GPs) and it's been great. DS loves it too now. That dress is lovely! Hope the doc is able to help you. I still get very hormonal atm so maybe it's just normal?

Both DCs poorly here with a very nasty virus Hoping it will clear up soon and leave them both alone. Otherwise everything going pretty well.

Hope everyone with the sicky bug gets better soon, sounds pretty grim.

Hello Ladies,
I have a mega-post here!!! I've been feeling nostalgic with the first birthdays of the thread this week, so was having a look at our thread from about a year ago! It was a special time. I'm glad it was, as at the time I wasn't sure how memorable it would be the second time round. I've been keeping up with a lot of you on Facebook, but it's nice to hear from some of you ladies again. Congratulations Littleowls! that is fab news about the twins!! So glad to hear that Joel is doing well, too!

We've been keeping busy here, I've been roped in to being secretary of DS1's preschool committee, so that has added a whole other set of tasks! He's starting nursery next term and then reception in September... where has my baby gone?! The nice thing is that with Eric, I still see him as a baby, where as with DS1, he always seems so grown up because we see it all for the first time with him.

Eric is doing well, he's able to stand without holding on to anything, and is moving furniture around!!! He's like Bam Bam from The Flintstones! He's got a very sweet disposition and smiles loads and is extremely cheeky with a dirty old man laugh. He's saying Mama, Dada, and he calls his big brother Dadadada - I think he's trying to say JaJa (for James). He will also say good if he's eating a food he really likes. He's recently started making motor sounds when driving his toy cars and trains around, which was something his big brother did obsessively - that boy used to make motor sounds for everything! So it is very cute to see Eric doing it now, too!

I'm still breastfeeding, though I started expressing milk to give him a bottle after lunch, as he's such a nosy neighbour he won't stay latched on long enough to drink much. I've been adding the tiniest bit of cow's milk to it. One day last week we were out and I didn't bring any expressed milk, so I just gave him a cup with a lid with cow's milk in it, and he drank the whole thing! I was wondering if he'd be sick or anything but he was fine. It's a bit early, but from what I understand it can be a bit risky for allergies. He had eczema when he was younger, so I had to change to laundry soap for sensitive skin and that cleared it up.

It's the last month of my maternity leave, which ends the 9th May. I'll have annual leave after that and return to work the 18th June. We're having a holiday to Madeira to visit my MIL (who stayed with us for a few weeks when Eric was born) so that will be fun, my DS1 will turn four while we're there. My job has been eliminated and I am a displaced member of staff, so I will return to work as a "spare" weekends only, being sent to any train station within my group. I find that very unnerving, but I'm pleased I still have a job! A friend of mine is going to be babysitting the boys for me on the odd weekend days that my DH has to work as well. I'm hopeful that will end up being a good situation.

Eric is still not sleeping through and never has. It's been nearly 3 weeks of not feeding him in the night, but he's still waking up at least once. DH is having to settle him, and he goes back to sleep fairly quickly, but now DH is getting tired after 3 weeks of it. I feel like shouting "WELCOME TO MY WORLD"!!!! We seem to be not getting along great lately, but I think the tiredness has a lot to do with it. I got my first period I've had in months and months (since my breakthrough bleeding from the Merina coil stopped) so that has made me feel extra tired and moody. I am just absolutely not interested in doing the deed these days (poor DH), but I feel SO BROODY!!! Am I crazy?????? DH says there is no way we'll go for number 3 and I know that's very sensible! My body still hasn't recovered from carrying 11 lbs of Eric as it is, my GP said a month ago that I still have a 3 cm gap in my stomach muscles and she might have to refer me back to physio! I've started doing my exercises again, albeit sporadically!

I think we'll do a little birthday party for Eric, just inviting a few of the babies we know (mostly younger siblings of my DS1's friends!) and it will be Waybuloo themed, as that's Eric's favourite show. I'll probably just get Waybuloo plates and napkins and then do cupcakes and snacks. What are everyone else's plans for first birthdays?

Tomlin I hope your return to work goes ok. As for birthday pressies, I think we're going to get Eric a Waybuloo soft toy for his birthday, he's much more into soft toys than his big brother was. He has inherited loads of toys from DS1 already, but DS1 was more into Night Garden and Eric isn't as bothered about it! I think DH wants to get Eric a Duplo set as well, as he likes any excuse to give the Lego corporation our money! I also want to get Eric a smart summery outfit, especially as he's having portraits done in the afternoon of his birthday.

I am extremely excited as I'm going to see my most favourite band of all time on the night before Eric's birthday - Suede performing their entire album 'Dog Man Star'. It will be so nostalgic for me, as I followed Suede across America when they toured for that album (and also followed them on the tour for their album after that!) so I've seen them perform many, many times! I'm definitely shaping up to being sad old Britpop mum! How uncool! wink

Den I'm so relieved to hear that Rian is recovering so well after his surgery, that is fantastic!

Kateyjane I hope that Thomas is doing ok. I am thinking of you guys often. After all this time on the thread, I only just discovered this week that my DH knew Katey at Uni! Such a small world!

I don't know if you guys remember about my friends' baby Brucie who passed away in September, but Brucie's dad is running a half-marathon at the beginning of May to raise money for the King's College Hospital where Brucie was cared for and Ronald McDonald House. If anyone has any spare pennies and wants to sponsor Brucie's dad, the link is here. There is a wee pic of Brucie there as well.

Pigley Lucy just seems like the most clever girl!!! It sounds like you're having so much fun with your girls!

Angel great to hear from you! Glad you and DH seem to be working things out. I know what you mean about it being a shock that Willow puts everything in her mouth, Eric does as well. DS1 hardly ever did, and he didn't crawl until he was 13 months! Eric gives me a run for my money!!! Congrats on the weight loss, that's amazing!

Alma well done on your weight loss as well, that is such an achievement!

Hollyoaks and Carikube I hope your family situations with the jobs isn't too stressful. So many people I know are/have faced redundancy and are rethinking their plans.

Seeksnewname I love that dress for Darcey, she's going to look smashing in it!!! Too bad about the negative test, but like you say, probably better to wait a bit longer! The night waking is a killer, that is why I think I must be bonkers for feeling broody!

Well, this post is just ridiculously huge!! Sorry! blush

To all with these nasty tummy bugs and snot monsters in their homes, I hope that all get well soon!

Much love to you all, and look forward to hearing about first birthday celebrations!!

hollyoaks Mon 18-Apr-11 11:07:43

Morning all

We tried controlled crying last night, as we were at our wits end with Grace and her non-sleeping. It's like she's never been in a deep sleep since she was born, constantly thrashing about or demanding milk/juice. We haven't helped by letting her co-sleep after she gave up bf. So, she fell asleep after her bath and bottle at about 8pm last night, slept in her cot till 11pm and then all hell let loose. She screamed for about 90 mins, it was horrendous and I know we got off lightly. Just kept putting her dummy in and lying her down, eventually she went off and then slept till 8am (the longest ever!). I tried to cuddle her in at one point but she wanted the bottle, not me So, a bit aprehensive about tonight, not sure whether to keep the routine really rigid or more flexible. hmm

Rachel - I'm not even going to attempt to top that post. Great to hear how the boys are doing. You've got me feeling all nostalgic, may have to revisit last years thread too to read about us all whining about big bellies and sore backs etc...

Seeksnewname - never mind about the bfn, it might take a while with your cycle not being regular yet, best not to stress about it and let it happen when your bodies ready. Easier said than done though I know.

Alma - well done on the weight loss I've lost about 4-5lb this week with sickness bugs and stress, shame I'll put it back on this week now we're all feeling better.

Getoff - glad your toes healing well and hope ds is feeling better.

Den - let me know if we can help with fundraising in any way, might have some ideas as we raised quite a bit for the local scbu and babyloss support group after we lost our dn.

Dancing - any news? Did you poas? V exciting (when it's happening to someone else)

Littleowls - welcome back, great to hear Joel is doing well and twins, wow and congratulations! I second the advice to get a big washing machine

Tomlin - we're in the same situation with toys, dd2 has everything handed down from dd1 and the house and garden is sooo full! I know my mil will get her something big and we have her trike that my dm got her for xmas still unopened in the garage. Might just go for clothes, though we've got loads of them too. Will probably just have a small family tea party for her actual birthday, as I'm at work , hopefully get out in the garden and burn some sausages.

Pigley - Lucy sounds like she's coming along well, Grace is still stuck on dada, mam (only at night!) and that (?).

ML - great to hear from you on here again, I think quite a few of us are venturing back now the birthdays are upon us. It looks like Olivia enjoyed her first birthday. Hope the vomit stops soon, it's just stopped here and it really too it out of Grace.

Hope everyone who can enjoys the easter hols and the nice weather.

hollyoaks Mon 18-Apr-11 11:35:29

Just got a lump in my throat reading this

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Mon 18-Apr-11 20:21:42

Hollyoaks. I am Spartacus Dancing. I'm quite pleased in a way that it was negative. When faced with the prospect of another baby (which could well be our last sad) I'd actually rather wait a bit longer after all. And I don't even have a cycle yet, let alone a regular one!

I got all emotional reading that thread too. Thanks for the link. God, remember all that excitement? I remember watching everyone coming past the ward thinking "is that Angel?" blush grin

We had to do cc again last night. Darcey woulddn't eaten a bite all weekend, so she wasn't full enough to go to sleep. On Saturday we indulged her <bad parents> and she was awake until 11pm when she finally crashed. Last night she screamed for about 35 mins then feel asleep. Slept until 2am then woke again at 5am and 6.30. She used to sleep so well, but it all went to pot just before christmas when she seemed to get one cold after another.

rachel, smashing is one of my favourite ever words! Glad you think so. Your poor stomach! How big is Eric now? Has he evened out at all?

memorylapse Mon 18-Apr-11 20:25:14

<<sniff>> Hollyoaks..I feel very nostalgic reading last years thread too..Hope Grace is feeling better now

Den26 Mon 18-Apr-11 21:48:31

Hey all! I cannot believe how crazy the thread was back then!! Feels weird that we now have nearly 1 year olds!!

Not sure what we're going to do for Rian's birthday, hopefully the grandparents will come and visit and i might attempt a cake (although ML your in the night garden cake on FB was awesome and an easier solution!!). Not sure what to get him - i've already got him a paddling pool and balls which i desperately want to give him early in all this nice weather but i had bought a leapfrog activity table which he got early cos i couldn't wait!!!

Great to hear about all of these baby genius' - Pigley Lucy is amazing!!! Rian's calls everything mummum or daddad! He is good at leaning in for cuddles and now knows what his tongue is when asked. Have taught him High 5 this week which i love when he does it! He's getting around by bum shuffling which provides me with hours of entertainment!

Little owls - good to hear from you and congratulations re twins! ow exciting!

Hollyoaks - hope tonight goes well

Thanks again to everyone for thinking of Rian and your offers re fundraising, we're planning a music event (as DP in a band) with various bands throughout the day. I've been left in charge of other fundraising activities to do during the event i.e. raffles etc so any suggestions welcome (thanks holly).

Good luck to Brucies dad Rachel, glad Eric doing well but hope his sleep improves soon.

hollyoaks Tue 19-Apr-11 08:23:16


Second night of CC, Grace went from 8pm to 5:30am then cried half-heartedly and stood up for about an hour and then went back till 7am. I feel surprisingly refreshed as when she sleeps we sleep really well, no more hanging off the side of the bed or being kicked in the head. DH feels like death, but he doesn't cope with being up in the night and was ready to throw the towel in after 5 mins last night.

DD1 also gave up her night time dummy to the fairies last night in exchange for magic pennies which we'll be using to buy her a pink slide today. She's thought about it for a few days and couldn't put it in the 'fairy bag' till we said the fairy would take it to her aunties baby in her belly and she put it straight in. There's pink glitter fairy dust all over my landing now.

Dancing/seeks - I knew that so why did I type that? confused Well at least you can have all the fun of ttc while not worrying about whether you do or not. I miss that Hope the CC worked for you.

ML - she's feeling much better now, off the see the hv this morning to get a referral to a nutritionist/dietician for her spots and tummy pains, the spots completely disappeared during her illness and then returned as soon as she started eating again. Wondering whether she has a slight food intolerance. Hope all of your kids are feeling better and you.

Den - reading the thread seems like another lifetime now, I got a little lump when I read you saying Rian had a funny shaped head, who'd have thought what would have happened since. I was choked when I read my own update five days after she was born, it brought back memories of handing her over to the anaesthestic nurse (one of the two worst moments of my life ), I'm sure you know how that feels. However, it then went onto feeding nightmares and sleepless nights and I thought glad we're one year on from that now.

AlmaMartyr Wed 20-Apr-11 07:41:36

Seeksnewname - hope Darcey's sleep improves. Corin went downhill before Christmas as well and has only just got better (putting him in his own room was a magic cure). He's up a bit atm but only because his ears are infected again and hurting him

Rachel - thanks for letting us know about that marathon. Good luck to Brucie's dad. A holiday in Madeira sounds fab!

Den26 - good luck with the fundraising, sounds great.

Hollyoaks - Hope CC is working. Love the dummy fairy! Sounds great

We're just having a little tea party for DS's birthday with family. I'm hoping we'll have his playhouse built by then so the DCs can spend the day playing in there. I was thinking about maybe turning a choc cake recipe I have into a Gruffalo cake. I think if I can shape it into his face then the decoration shouldn't be too hard. Hmm. Can't believe he's nearly 1 though. He's still very cuddly and very happy. Eats everything in sight (literally) including stealing his sister's food and ours hmm. His hair is finally starting to curl just like DD's did about now so looks like I'll have two curly babies!

Pigleychez Fri 22-Apr-11 18:47:48

Hi everyone,

Loving the nice weather! Really enjoying being out and about with the girls. We had a great time with friends on Monday at the farm and been lots of time in the local park feeding the ducks. DH had yesterday off so we headed to the beach. Brilliant day and DD1 got her first ride on a rollercoaster which she was thrilled by... def an adrenialine junky! The girls have been so cute together lately and its such a pleasure to spend time with them. Spent today in the garden in our new massive paddling pool which is a big hit too... with Lucy especially!

Lucy is shocking us even more with her speech and in the past week or so have had 'Gandad' , 'Nanna' and 'NighNight' shock

Seeks wow... 1st birthday and christening all in one weekend! What a very busy but Fab weekend grin
Love the little dress. I just stocked up on lovely little summer dresses for the girls.

Alma- Our 2 love thier little wooden playhouse. Im sure they will have great fun in it
Hope they both feel better soon.
We are planning a Gruffalo party for DD1's 3rd birthday. She loves the book and I too was planning on making a Gruffalo cake. Have you seen the Gruffalo website? They have a recipie and fact sheet on how to make a cake : http://www.gruffalo.com/upload/gruffalo_cake_sheet1.pdf

Lucy is will be having a Number 1 shaped cake for her birthday. Still cant beleive she will be 1 soon! The time is just flying by! I have a big box of 1st birthday themed decorations and partyware that I ordered and have gifts hidden away but still cant seem to get my head around it yet.

Rachel- Great to hear from you. Eric sounds like he's doing great.
Sounds like you have alot to look forward to what with starting work again, holiday etc.

hollyoaks- Hope the CC is going ok and not too stressful for you. Bless those dummy fairies too!

Den - Im another one whos terrible at giving presents early!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break. DH has 5 days off now which is just fab. So nice to have some much needed family time together. smile

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Fri 22-Apr-11 19:42:51

Pigley - the Christening is on the same day as her party! It got to the point that it just made sense to have them in one... one cake, one buffet, one invitation, two -dresses-- (you get the picture) grin I love the sound of the Gruffalo cake though. I hope Darcey gets into that when she's older!

I love that Lucy is so vocal!! It's fantastic!

My mum bought Darcey's Christening gown today. When we tried it on her in the shop I got this funny tingly feeling, I felt all emotional. Mum said that's how she felt when I tried 'the' wedding dress on, which made me feel even more emotional. It's a really plain, quite traditional one, with a little collar - and bonnet!!! I couldn't believe it! It was the last thing I thought I'd choose! But the pretty, frilly ones just didn't look right at all.

And I've decided to get a cake professionally done. I had a friend of a friend do our wedding cake to save some money, and I've never really got over it not being 'perfect'. I know that makes me sound really precious, and I'm embarrassed to feel that way, but I just want to have a stunning cake once. We even saved the top tier of our wedding cake, but I can't bring myself to look at it I was that disappointed. God, how shallow is that? blush sad

Alma - 5 days into CC and it took about 10 mins for her to go down tonight. She's a bit hit and miss really, but at least now when she's asleep she stays like it for a lot longer, and needs less fuss to get back to sleep.

Hollyoaks - glad Grace is doing so much better now.

Oh, and I went to the doc about the no periods/might be pg thing. I'm definitely not, but apparently I have some sort of kidney infection. There was a bit of blood, protein and white cells in my sample (twas like being pg again with all the dipsticks he put in there smile) so I've got some antibiotics (which are ok with bfing) and have to take another sample in a week or so. I was a bit hmm tbh, I haven't even felt ill. Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out fine.

Very jealous of all the barbies and beach trips grin But on the plus side we have had a couple of viewings on the flat, for rental, so we've started making a shortlist of places to move to once we've got a tenant for our place. Sad to be leaving Darcey's first home behind, but so excited about being able to have a barbecue!!

Sorry that turned into a spoutathon.

Den26 Sun 24-Apr-11 20:55:09

Happy Easter weekend folks - hope your all enjoying yourselves

Holly - i know i can't believe that from thinking he had a funny shaped head lead to the later events! You must be relieved too, looking back on it all and how well Grace has done. I was also glad the feeding nightmares have gone!! Glad the dummy fairy was successful!

Alma - good luck with the gruffalo cake! Will check out the site pigley!

Seeks - gown sounds lovely and don't think your being precious about the cake, hope the infection clears soon

Rian got his first settling in day at nursery tomorrow

hormonalmum Sun 01-May-11 22:25:01

Just popping by to say hello to everyone.
I started a discussion on fb about first birthdays as I rarely get chance to catch up here. Not many takers yet though...
I have got dd a slide for her bday. Having some friends round for lunch one day and then a small tea party next weekend with few friends and family.

Have read the last page only blush will do some personals when I get chance.
DD2 is doing more and more steps every day. She is very proud of herself and gives herself a clap when she stands for ages on her own!
DD2 only got half a tooth through yet,she seems to be struggling this weekend as she is really grumpy, pulling her ears and generally unhappy.

Her sleep is rubbish - was going to try and be little harsher this holiday but we have all been ill so not top of my list.

TomlinTowers Wed 04-May-11 23:03:52

Hi to all

Just a quick read to catch up with everyone's news, although I think I keep up with most things on facebook these days! Lovely to hear about everyone's 1st birthday parties/plans and to hear all about our little ones moving from babies to toddlers. I can't believe the past year has gone so quickly!

We are all good here. I go back to work on Monday, and had a trial run today as I am going to work early and DH is going later so he can drop DS off at playgroup and take DD to my Mum's, then I am finishing earlier to pick them up, whilst DH works late. Can't help but thinking DH has got the easiest end of the day! However, have to hand it to him he got DS to playgroup early today (rather than at the last second like me), DD was settled all day with my Mum which is a relief, and when I got home after DS' swimming lesson, the house was clean and tidy and ready for me to do tea. Hope it stays like that, and it was just first day brilliance! Needless to say, when DH came home after I had done tea/bath/bed on my own with two tired littles the house looked like a hurricane had hit it....must try harder to keep my end of the bargain!

Not really looking forward to going back to work, and if I could afford to stay at home then I would do, but we moved house last year on the basis that I would go back to work because we decided that we needed more space and a bigger garden, so I must start to just resign myself to it happening and then enjoy my last few days. Also, if I gave up work my professional qualifications would no longer be valid, and I do want to work once the children are at school and my current career would then be closed off to me, so I will just have to suck it up for now. I am extremely lucky that work have been very flexible with my PT request, and actually having the children looked after by my Mum is the next best thing to doing it myself. In fact, for the kids, being looked after by Grandma is better than Mum because Grandma doesn't do jobs/tidying/go and see friends and do boring chatting! I'll just have to persuade DH that we need another child to complete the family....

Hope everyone is doing well, and thinking of kateyjane x

AlmaMartyr Thu 05-May-11 07:41:55

Tomlin - good luck going back to work, I'm sure it will go great once you get into it.

Hormonalmum - it's DS's first birthday on Saturday. We've all clubbed together and bought him a wooden playhouse that DH is going to build tomorrow afternoon and I've spent the week painting. We're having family all over on his birthday for a possible BBQ lunch. We always do a little day out with them as well just us so we'll be going to Dartmoor Zoo on Sunday because I've been wanting to go there to see it for a while.

Den26 - hope Rian's settling in day at nursery went well smile

Seeksnewname - hope you're getting a bit more sleep now and feeling better.

Pigley - I was just winging it with the cake, although have got a template for the shape. I have a yummy choc fudge cake recipe to use. For DD's 3rd birthday she's requested a shark cake which looks altogether harder, depending on whether I try a 3D one or not.

Everything pretty good here, two lovely long weekends with DH doing things around the area. Next week I get to go and see my friend's lovely new baby - he was born 4 weeks early and we haven't been able to go and see them yet. Looking very forward to a snuggly new baby cuddle! We're then going to Centerparcs with PILs, which should be great although I'm not sure how well it will work being on holiday with them confused.

pamelat Tue 10-May-11 14:39:35

Hello to everyone and Happy first birthdays to all those gone and all those coming.

I am going to make more of an effort to post on here, have been keeping up (too much!!) with fb but mumsnet use has slipped.

We're really good. Alex started sleeping though at almost 11 months, 4 weeks ago and consistently sleeps 12-13 hours a night now. We still do a sneaky 10pm mini milk feed as I am so scared he'll wake up otherwise!!

I feel so much happier, I think I always do after the first year (9 months with DD), I dont function well on the lack of sleep/breasfeeding demands of early months etc.

I go back to work in 4 weeks, mixed feelings, mainly negative! We have 2 weeks in Greece before that though smile

I love how Alex and DD (3.4) now interact, they are best buddies and it makes me want a third smile. Not sure if we will as really I need to be given a 9 month old baby!!

No walking yet but can stand unsupported for a few seconds (mainly when he forgets to hold on!!) and he is constantly on the go. DD wasnt like this!! Hes in to everthing.

Weight coming off, 7lbs to go but fitting in to some clothes. Its been very difficiult this time, had to start running to shift it.

I am so proud of both of my children at the moment. DD seems to have come out of the worst of her tantrums and Alex, whilst very active/independent, is a happy chap.

How many of 'us' are having another/are pregnant?

I got pregnant with Alex when DD was 18 months, felt a nice gap, scarily thatts not long away!! I can't do that again as work will not be impressed but will have a think around his second birthday smile.

Best wishes to all of you, I do think of the other little ones a lot. Will properly catch up/read through posts later

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Thu 12-May-11 22:43:13

Hi everyone, not much new happening here. Just pulling together the last bits for Darcey's Christening/birthday do next week.

We've finally cracked the sleep. It's still reasonably hard to get her off, she doesn't want to go at all! But once she's asleep she's there all night <relief>

Also, we've got a tenant for the flat grin grin grin At last! So that means we've been househunting. Bloody annoying though, as the fewandfarbetween good places go, in the short time between booking a viewing and actually getting to see it.

Saw two places today though and I'm so torn. One is a pretty country cottage, but it hasn't got much garden, and the little it has isn't fenced in. But it's the only house in the grounds of a larger house so it's relatively private. Plus it's where the princes stayed when they were training and how amazing would that tale be when I'm old? I lived in the same house as royalty!

But the other one we've seen has a fab garden, massive drive, garage, 3 bedrooms, big downstairs rooms. In fact, it's a perfect house to buy and do up, which we obviously can't do if we're renting. And it's near a good school which will be handy in a few years. I'm a bit sad not to get my 'heart' house, but my head knows that the other house is the only really viable option.

Den - how's Rian doing at nursery now?

Alma - v jealous of your new baby cuddle!

I was feeling all nostalgic and such for this time last year, and I spotted the May 2011 board. For those who remember katnkankles/perpetuallypregnant - she had another little girl. Hope she's doing well with her new bundle <hint pp, if you're still reading winkgrin>

pamelat Fri 13-May-11 13:03:01

Hello, just spent 15 mins searching our old threads for perpetuallypregnant and due to my poor IT skills (!!) I can't find her. Congrats to her, did she have a May 2010 baby too then? I remember the sad losses early on that people had, would like to know how they are now. Can you search people?

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Sat 14-May-11 21:24:11

She came onto the thread before this to let us know she was pregnant again, would have been about Sep/Oct time.

If you go to advanced search, you can search by poster.

wibblela Mon 16-May-11 21:26:13

Hi everybody (c:

I've just popped in quickly to say thank you (c:

Refaella turned one today (c: We have had four days of celebrations - we didn't want her to be overwhelmed by lots of people (and presents smile ), so split it all up. All culminated in having her birthday today with just her, DH and me. We had a very quiet relaxed day and had her birthday cake today - which was a cheeky monkey courtesy of a well-known store, a pertinant cake seeing as that is what she is called (c:

Refaella is a calm, cheeky, inquisitive, very mobile girl (c: God has indeed blessed us through entrusting her to our care.

I quite often pop in to read the thread but by the time I have read everything it is time for me to sleep to make sure I have enough sleep to function the next day. I would like to say a big thanks to you guys. It has done me no end of good to read your stories and to catch up on what is going on outside of my house!

Ok, time to go - bed calls and I have washing to sort out first, oh the joys! wink


hollyoaks Tue 17-May-11 08:19:15

Just popping on to say happy 1st birthday to all of our gorgeous May 2010 bundles. smile

Grace is doing well, nearly walking completely independently (when she's brave enough) and becoming more and more intereactive every day. I'm at work on her actual birthday sad so dh is taking the day off to get a small buffet/bbq sorted for a little family tea.

Pamelat - we're undecided on a third, some days it sounds like a great idea and others it seems crazy. Not sure I want to go back to the early stages, but sil pg and I know when lo arrives I'm going to get soooo broody again. Good job we're giving her all of our baby stuff.

pamelat Wed 18-May-11 09:10:56

wibbela happy birthday to Refaella, it was Alex's too yesterday. We had a party on Saturday (pics on fb) and tried to keep it small but it grew on us a little,thats the problem with 3 year old siblings, they invite their friends!!

Yesterday, Dh took the afternoon off work and we had plans to go to a soft play centre but I had been at one all morning and was played out. DD was in nursery, we were meant to take her out but instead we took Alex shopping, bad parents!! We never get the chance to go, it was very nice, just an hour in town, mainly me returning things!!

We go to Corfu on Friday morning for 2 weeks, very excited. We fly at 650am so check in 450am, which is not so exciting!

After that, I have a week and then return to work, 3 days a week. Am in denial smile

As of Christmas time, we dont think DH's company (he works for it, not owns it!) will exist so he'll be the one off with them, so I definately have to go back!!

hollyoaks I am exactly the same. My friend is pregnant with her 3rd and I am not too envious yet because her gaps are tiny, 3, 1 and baby coming with youngest being 18 months. I know I need a bit longer this time smile but you never want too long as you get used to sleep wink

Den26 Wed 18-May-11 11:05:11

Hi All!

Happy 1st birthday to all our wee stars! Its lovely reading of all thebirthday celebrations, Rian will be 1 on friday and we're having a wee party for him on saturday so hoping the weather is nice.

So jealous of those of you with holidays lined up, we're not really going anywhere this year, looking forward to a long weekend in a chalet with all of the family in july though.

Pamelat - think we'll start thinking again when Rian around 18months if i can wait that long!!! Well done on the weight loss smile

Seeks - how is the house hunting going?

Back to work going ok although Rian is not taking to nursery very well which makes it very hard to leave him, he'll get there though. We had his 7 week post op check up yesterday - the surgeons are absolutely delighted and he is their star patient this year!! Has anyone been watching the cranio prog on BBC 2? I can't believe our wee boy has been through that!!

Den26 Wed 18-May-11 22:00:24

Oops meant to say, for those of you interested, we are having a charity gig with 6 local bands playing in our village hall to raise money for the neuro unit at alder hey and ronald macdonald house. Its gonna be on the 30th july. I remember some of u saying you wanted to donate, we're gonna have a raffle so donations or raffle prizes all welcome. Please don't feel you have to though :-) but if u do private message me on facebook or here :-) thanks x

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Thu 19-May-11 22:06:35

I've got some prizes I can donate - some gift sets of bath smellies, if they're any use? We're clearing out the flat of any extraneous stuff, because guess what...


grin grin grin grin grin grin

It was the second house we looked at, the 50's semi avec garden, big drive, plenty of space etc. It's going to take every penny we have for the time being, but it feels so good to finally be on the move! We'll be renting, but it's worth it just to have a garden for Darcey to play in safely.

Den, I haven't been able to watch that programme. It makes me cry every time, and I'm embarrassed to say I'm not even brave enough to watch what those families go through. You are so strong, I'm in awe!

There were loads of teeny babies at the bf support group I go to today. I was so broody it was unreal. But still no AF, so it's got to wait. I'm starting to think it's going to take stopping bf completely before anything happens. And we can't afford another round of ML just yet. I'm probably going to apply for another job before baby #2 which will also push it back. I've seen one that is way better pay for a very similar job to what I'm doing now, but officially a manager role, which I'm not at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Happy birthday to all those already celebrating. Still a week to go here, but it's her Christening/bday party on Sunday so I'm just putting the finishing touches on all those plans!

Carikube Mon 23-May-11 22:33:35

Haven't been on here for ages, but celebrating DD2's birthday on Saturday made me think that it was about time I posted here. We didn't do anything too energetic for her birthday, just things that we knew she enjoyed. She's still not moving though is showing signs of thinking about skipping the crawling stage and going straight to walking as she loves standing up.

She had her first settling in session at nursery today; she has another 2 to go this week before starting properly next week. I go back to work next Thursday (eek!) and whilst I'm supposed to then be doing 3 days a week, the following week I'll be doing a full five day week as I have to go to Germany for three days. I'm looking forward to is as it will be a good way of getting up to speed on my new role at work but it will be the first time that I will have been away for that long from the girls so I'm a bit nervous too. I had a night away last week so I suppose that was good practice and it all seemed to go well; I'd dropped the final breastfeed a few days previously so that DD2 would settle without me.

Life here is still a bit strange as DH is very down about his impending redundancy. I'm trying to buoy him up and keep him positive but it is very hard. There don't seem to be too many jobs out there that he can apply for and he has just been rejected from one (in New Zealand!) that he had his heart set on. I just hope he finds something soon (especially as although I'm heading back to work, I'm thinking about DC3 more and more at the moment grin, mainly because AF has just come back so I know we could start trying if we wanted to).

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the LOs first birthdays - doesn't time fly?!

Pigleychez Tue 24-May-11 22:45:28

Hello everyone. Apologise for not keeping up lately. Its been crazy manic here lately!

Will try and catch up with you all.

Tomlin- Hope the transition back to work goes smoothly for you.

Alma- Hope the holiday with the in-laws wasn't too stressfull! smile

Pamlet- Hope you have a fab holiday. I dont feel brave enough to take both girls on a plane just yet!
another one..ooohhh.. It was just afer DD1 turned 1 that we conceived Lucy. I keep thinking we should be doing the same soon but cant quite make my mind up on that one yet.

Seeks- Hope the christening went well smile Great news on the move! It sounds lovely and im sure Darcey will love the outside space.

Wibblea- Great to hear your all doing well. Do pop in more often smile

Carikube- Fingers crossed your DH finds something soon.

Ive been reading reguarly but what with birthday parties etc the days just fly by!

Happy Birthday to all our georgous little May babies!!
Lucy had a fab birthday. She had a little friends party on the Friday, then a family party on her actual birthday the Sunday then we headed off to Butlins on the Mon- wed then she had her jabs on Thursday and we finished off the week with a trip to Peppa Pig World. Peppa has been a fav of DD1's for a long time but Lucy has stated becoming a fan too and she loved seeing all the characters. Life has been pretty manic the past few weeks!

Lucy has been spoilt rotten with toys! We bought her a smart trike (amoungst a zillion other things! ) which she loves. She had all the family taking it in turns to push her round the garden in it!

She really seems to have changed alot in the past few weeks too. Shes now starting to walk everywhere and improving with that daily. Today Ive caught her starting to climb up on everything and recently she seems to understand to repsond to everything you say and her vocab is growing daily! Its so amazing to watch her grow up.


LuckyC Fri 27-May-11 21:05:12

Happy birthday to all our gorgeous May babies. I can't believe that they have gone from tiny little sleep-breakers to vocal, mobile characters. Well done us! Survived Year 1!

Obviously, I am never here, and so I am sorry for no personals, but I hope all is well with everyone.

We have just completed on our first (tiny) house - picked up the keys today!

Den26 Wed 01-Jun-11 12:20:07

Hey seeks, thanks for the offer of the smellies, any donations welcome, not sure if it would cost too much to post them to me though? Hows the moving going?

Carikube - good luck with return to work, hows the settling in at nursery going - rian had his best day ever at nursery on monday, think we're finally getting there! Sorry to hear your DH not having much luck with jobs, i really hope something comes along soon

itshappenedagain Wed 01-Jun-11 12:20:53

hello all! just a very quick post...i havent ben on in ages! for all you stil breastfeeding...have your periods returned? i havent had a period since june 2009! so im now 2 years without a period...obviously i was pregnant for 9 months of that. also how long does your baby sleep for and what kind of intervals...we seem to have lost all routine recently and just wanted to know that i dont have the only baby who still wakes up 3-4 times a night.
love to all

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Wed 01-Jun-11 20:51:09

Den, posting won't be a problem (I'll sneak it in the work post). Will PM you for details. I've got three box sets of stuff that I've found while I was packing up the bathroom. A perfume one, a men's shaving type one and a shampoo one.

Lucky - congrats on the house!

Our move out is happening this weekend, but the move in is off for a while. We've got tenants coming in next weekend, but the house we put a deposit in for has fallen through and they've decided to let to someone else. It obviously wasn't meant to be, and I'm sure something better will come up soon. I'm mildly disappointed but not devastated grin

itshappenedagain - still no period here either. I'm down to pretty much two feeds a day now (am/eve) while I try in vain to get some cow's milk in Darcey. She is terrible at falling asleep, but we've finally cracked the staying asleep part. About a month ago she got to the point of waking up 3/4 times after we'd gone to bed, and being back at work I couldn't cope with being the only one able to get her back off. At the time she was great at going to sleep, but not staying there. Now she's difficult to get off, but sleeps through when she's gone. I know which I prefer! Hope you get sleep sorted soon.

Pigley - Darcey's a bit of a climber this week too! Caught her on top of the box one of her presents came in, a cube that's as tall as her waist shock god knows how she managed that! And she climbed into the shelf in our tv unit. It was hilarious - she wriggled her way in and turned round and lay down. Pic on fb.

pamelat Tue 07-Jun-11 13:21:16

Den, I have things that may be of use, could you mail me your address, maybe on fb?

Sorry I meant to reply before. Just back from 2 weeks in Corfu, lovely holiday. Yep the flight was awful! but otherwise all good.

Alex walking competently now, can do 30 steps (I counted!) before sitting down, but he sort of chooses to sit down and can get up unaided!

I am back at work next week, 3 days a week, feel a bit sick about it. Alex was at a nursery trial yesterday and it was a disaster, hoping for better this afternoon. Hes become a mummys boy, was only interested in daddy until recently!

I change my mind about a 3rd everyday but I think we won't. I am so much happier once they are one and more robust, no feeding etc.

I have moved Alex to 2 bottles of milk a day, one in the morning and one in the evening but have moved to aptamil growing up milk. I did this with DD until she was about 2 (!) but wonder if it really has any value over cows milk?

Will read through/catch up soon x

stuffthenonsense Thu 09-Jun-11 14:47:15

hi all, i cant believe its been so long since i posted on here! i seem to try to keep up with most peoples news on fb, but obviously we dont all post all our news on there, and some arent on there so i just need to pull myself together.
virginia's birthday was the last of the may babies, so i guess now we are all heading towards if not already toddling. where did that year go???????
and what a year--so much has happened, both good and bad, to so many of us.
i hope this next year brings everyone what they are looking for, and we can all end it with smiley faces smile
please dont let this out onto fb as my daughters see my fb account and we dont want to tell them until it happens, but DH and I are in agreement about trying for another baby! yippee! just dont know how yet as virginia is still bf-ing (despite this i started AF when she was 3 months) and co-sleeping (which i like but where and when will we DTD?)

pamelat Thu 09-Jun-11 20:14:22

stuffthe oh wow, how exciting!! Wont mention on fb.

We talked last night about a 3rd child for an hour or so and was edging on "yes" but then we had the night from hell with DD awake for three hours sobbing/scared and ALex up all night (v unusual nowadays). Anyway, who knows ..

Good luck to you though. My friend got pregnant whilst bf and continued to bf until about 6 months in to her pregnancy smile

cupcakefairy Mon 13-Jun-11 12:34:00

Hello ladies, sorry for not posting in ages. I still read the thread as it is on my watch list but seems to have been soooo quiet!

Can't believe all the babies are 1 now! Have been feeling very nostalgic over the last couple of weeks thinking back to this time last year; it just seems like no time ago. Stuffthenonsense that's so fab you're in agreement about trying for another smile congrats. We're thinking about no2 soon too...although I am still absolutely terrified at the thought of giving birth again confused

Hope all are well...<waves into the empty abyss>

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Mon 13-Jun-11 21:41:03

Ooh, cupcakes and stuff, that's exciting!

We definitely want no. 2, but lack of AF is proving difficult. I've cut out day time bf now, we're having more success with cow's milk now, but she's still very attached to the first and last feeds of the day. I just think that I won't get any engineering back until we quit bf altogether.

We're also postponing our ttc because we have olympic tickets! <winner of Most Pathetic Excuse Ever award> I'm almost certain it's for Hockey finals in mid-August, and I don't want to leave a little baby behind for the whole day while we shlep off to London on a jolly. Well, I didn't want to leave Darcey when she was under 6mo, and I doubt I'll want to leave another.

Pam - hope sleep is improving in your house. No such luck here now we're all in one room at the inlaws. Last night she woke up every hour on the hour, and took half an hour to go back to sleep every time. We are broken smile

stuffthenonsense Mon 20-Jun-11 10:38:33

seeksnewname....im actually a little bit jealous of your lack of AF, despite STILL feeding like a newborn mine returned last september. ive been using OV prediction sticks (im in working order! grin ) which really work, i was chatting online to a mummy in natural mamas website (ttc whilst nursing) and she has OVed without AF. (wow, arent all these acronyms confusing)

i was just wondering the other day how many people will put off ttc because of the olympics--its as good a reason as any!

cupcakes, i agree about the scary birth too, i was always very blase about it until virginia's scary entrance....i might try hypnobirthing this time

cupcakefairy Mon 20-Jun-11 12:42:56

stuff- my af returned around 8 weeks post-birth despite the fact I was feeding constantly hmm they were regular but from looking at my charts I don't think I actually ov'd until I started to put ds onto bottles...anyway, my cycles are totally back to pre-baby normality now so we are just 'seeing what happens' but not actually 'trying' iykwim grin
Hypnobirthing does sound good... I am just praying that my next delivery totally casts out all the demons of my first, otherwise there certainly won't be a dc3!!!

seeks hope af shows up soon, but as stuff says, you could def be ovulating without it. Do you chart or anything? Lol at postponing for Olympics, and well done for getting tickets!

tinker316 Mon 20-Jun-11 22:11:55

Hey girls!!
I have been very slack & have not posted anything since my DD was born May last year blush

My DD was due in July 2010 , but with problems in my pregnancy I had an EC & she weighed 3lbs 4oz hmm stayed in scbu 4 4/5 wks- over year later & she is doing superb grin no problems whatsoever & she is on solids , crawls, sits unaided,cruising & trying 2 say couple of words grin looking at her now u would never know she had a bumpy start in her life smile she's my star!!

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Tue 21-Jun-11 20:51:51

Stuff, I reckon there'll be a baby boom in September 2012! grin We can't be the only ones waiting for them to be out of the way.

Well, after all that, AF arrived last Friday. Was completely unexpected, I didn't get any of the old signs and, the best bit, not a jot of period pain! Yay! I suspect I've probably been OVing for a while actually, but it's taken cutting down to 12-hourly feeds to get my system going. I like the sound of seeing how things go, but I suspect that I will always still want an autumn/winter baby, so we might end up having 3 if I catch straightaway (unlikely, but stranger things have happened). And I don't want to give birth again yet smile

We find out which tickets we've got this week. We're still living with parents, although Darcey's sleep has improved a bit so it's not as bad as last week. Still no good houses to rent. We've got everything crossed for something to turn up soon.

Stopsittingonyoursister Sat 25-Jun-11 00:28:06

Hi All, it's TomlinTowers here. I decided on a new name finally - I came up with this because I spent a day saying it DS, and it just struck me as one of things that I say regularly now, that I never would have believed I would ever say in my life! A bit like asking DH the consistency of DD's poo over the dinner table, or asking DS to stop picking his nose and eating the results [boak]. That's never in the books, is it?!

All is well here. Going back to work was OK, would give it all up in an instant if we won the lottery, but I just keep reminding myself that it's better to be at work and busy, rather than at work and bored, or not at work at all when I need to be there financially. I am getting a bit sick of people arranging meetings and events for when I am not at work though. They don't seem to understand that part-time means that I am not at work for part of the week! Also, because my parents look after my children [lucky is not the word], they also seem to think that they are totally flexible to cover days that I don't usually work if I am "needed" at work. Erm, no - my parents deserve to have at least two days a week when they can do things for themselves and not have to run round after a one year old and a four year old! Grrr - it makes me really cross sometimes!!

DD is getting on fantastically well. She has about 15 - 20 words now, her favourites of which are "more" and "no no no no no" accompanied by shaking of head. She has definitely got the personality to go with her red hair, my little gingernut! Well, she is more strawberry blonde really, but I love the ginger-ness! She can walk really well, and now spends her days just chasing after DS. They are playing together so nicely, it is a joy.

We had a lovely holiday to St Ives with all the family (9 of us) a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant sunshine every day except one, we were so lucky. Holidays as a family of four are a bit more challenging in terms of packing than I expected though! We have had to buy a roof box for the car - DH is mortified, and I had to be trained how to lift the box on and off the car without scratching it. He even got me a little step-stool thing to stand on, so there was no chance of damaging his pride and joy!

I keep up with all the news on facebook, but it is lovely to read the news on here as well.

Sorry to hear about DS not settling at nursery pamelat - is he getting any better as he gets used to it? How has your return to work gone?

Stuff, cupcake and seeksnewname - how exciting, to have new baby plans already! Will not breathe a word on fb. We have had a discussion about a third, but I would want the same age gap as I had between DS and DD (almost exactly 3 years - DS 27/5 and DD 14/5). So, I wouldn't need to start trying until around this time next year, which gives me plenty of time to work on DH [evil laugh emoticon needed!]. My AF only came back once I went back on the pill after I had finished bf-ing at a year, so not really a "natural" return iyswim. I do think I was ovulating before that though, as I got the white-ish discharge that I remember trying to spot frantically when we were ttc! Cupcake - I was really worried about giving birth again, because DS' birth and particularly the bit after the birth did not go at all to plan and DS ended up in SCBU with a hospital acquired infection when he was 2 days old, but DD was 3 hrs 13 mins from start to finish, totally natural and no pain relief. I think your body knows what it's doing second time round, and all the muscles are a bit more saggy! I'm sure you will be fine! DH just used to say "Well, it's in there, and it's got to come out somehow" - a good philosophy, I thought!

Den26 - hope your charity efforts are going well, what a brilliant idea. How is DS getting on at nursery?

Hello to everyone else, it was lovely to read about all the parties and holidays for the first birthdays.

Sorry for the essay, have had a glass of wine [benefit of no longer bf-ing!], and am a real lightweight having not drunk for two years! Makes me chatty!

Take care everyone x

cupcakefairy Tue 28-Jun-11 20:01:35

Hi stopsitting grin love the name that is hilarious!
Thanks so so much for what you said about giving birth again, that's really encouraging. Weirdly, one of the things I am most scared about is prolapse blushconfused as I'm sure things have somewhat shifted around down there since having ds (episiotomy and forceps) and I'm blummin terrified about my fanjo falling out if I have more kids...but I know I want more so as you say, it's got to come out somehow!!
Can't believe how good your dd is! My ds isn't saying any words yet (apart from mamamama and dadadada and lelelelele when he waves but not sure they count!! And he isn't walking yet; really hope he will be by the time we go on hols in Aug.

seeks any more luck with a new place? Hope you find somewhere soon.

pamelat Tue 28-Jun-11 21:59:20

stopsitting great name smile Alex much more settled this week thank you, hes eating (he went on hunger strike the first week!) and is even sleeping a bit there, and more importantly seems a lot happier.

hes then ultra clingy with me on my days "off" (I do a 3 day week) but I guess thats the price to pay.

The only problem I have is that DD (now 3 and a half!!) gets jealous. Shes very good with him but he is spending all his time at home needing cuddles/kisses/carrying and she sees it and wants the same. In some ways its lovely but carrying the pair of them around whilst I hoover is not possible grin

Hello to everyone, sorry no personals, meant to be writing a uni essay!

stuffthenonsense Wed 29-Jun-11 14:43:51

cupcakefairy, Virginia is not walking yet either, Dr Sears (attachment parenting) says its usually the laid back babies who take their time walking.
i would be very interested to see if that is true amongst the May babies.....are the early walkers highly strung???? late walkers really chilled?????
Virginia is very laid back but does know how to strop if needs must grin

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Wed 29-Jun-11 21:55:38

Cupcakes, thanks for asking. Shhh... we've finally picked a house grin A little new build over the bloomin road from where we've just been living! I can't believe after all that, we've ended up practically where we've just come from. We can't move in til mid-August, but it's just right. 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen (with a dishwasher I must add) and an actual, real-life bath in the bathroom! <faints with shock at a family house having a bath>

Darcey is getting a few more sounds this week - we can now add nenene and loideloi to her repertoire. Nothing with meaning though grin

Stuff, Darcey's quite, erm, high maintenance... She's very easy to please and chilled out and happy around anyone who will give her attention, but the attention is the key to it I think. She's not that good at entertaining herself, and not very good at settling herself to sleep either come to think of it. I think that theory is onto something! She has a spectacular mont if you tell her no!

Pam, glad Alex is settling in a bit better now. Darcey is clingy after her time away from me. I've noticed it more since I've been working 4 days, but now if we haven't done a bf within about half an hour of getting together in the evening she gets really cranky

cupcakefairy Thu 30-Jun-11 10:46:13

pamela lol at trying to carry 2 kids round and hoover grin

stuff- interesting, ds is pretty chilled and very good at playing by himself while I watch the tennis. He's also just soooo fast at crawling though that I think he can't be bothered trying to walk.

seeks fab news about the house! Yay for 3 bedrooms and a bath!! smile good luck with the moving.

pamelat Fri 01-Jul-11 14:00:25

wonder if its a boy/girl thing? My DD never played by herself and was late ish walking 14/15 months I recall. Although DS is clingy he enterains himself and was walking a step or two a few days before his first birthday, and fully walking by 12.5 months!

Maybe the independence makes them want to walk/crawl/run away to get on with it?!

Pigleychez Sun 03-Jul-11 12:47:59

Hi everyone,

Not been on for a while but do try and keep with everyone on FB.

Stuff - Good luck TTC! still undecided about number 3 here.
Cupcake- Go for it! My second birth was much easier and quicker. 6 hours total compared to 27 hours!

Tinker- Good to hear from you smile

Tomlin/spitting- Love the new name! Good to hear your all doing well.

Seeks- Yay on the new house!! Sounds lovely!

Stuff- Interesting therory... DD1 was walking by 11mths and is rather highly strung!! Lucy was walking at 12mths and is developing her sisters temper and stroppyness so there could be something in it!!
2 little moody monkeys!!!- OH the joy! hmm

Just returned from a week in Great Yarmouth. Agree with you spitting on it being more of a mission with 2!
Had a lovely time though and thankfully lovely weather!
Lucy has turned into a right little groover and loved dancing at the tots Disco at the caravan park. Any music now and shes popping away!

Bought her first proper walking shoes whilst away which she adores! Looks so grown up now!
He speech is improving rapidly and now says lots of words. Latest ones are Hello and 'Hank you' (thank you).

Dh has next week off too (2 weeks with an extra pair of hands around!!) My 30th birthday Tuesday so just hoping the nice weather holds so we can have another day out together.
Then a big family meal out next Sat.. 5 kids under 3... should be fun!

Carikube Thu 07-Jul-11 11:29:27

Hello all
It's been ages since I last posted so i'm going to do a me post as the chances of me replying to everyone since I was last on here are minimal...

I have now been back at work for a month and it's rubbish. The girls are really well settled at nursery for their 3 days a week so I have no complaints there but the job itself is rubbish. I always knew that if I came back part time I'd have a bit of a non-job but I thought I would be ok with it whereas I'm finding it really hard. I guess it's just proving me right when I kept saying that I should either do full time or not at all. Unfortunately keeping on top of things at home when I'm only doing 3 days a week is hard so there is no way that I'd be able to cope with 5 days!

DH finishes work next week and is still looking for something else. There doesn't seem to be too much out there so I think it could be some time before he finds another job (though hopefully he might do some of the stuff round the house on the days I'm working/girls are in nursery - or am I just being naive?!).

We have been drowning in chicken pox as well here; I kept joking about how the girls would get ill as soon as I went back to work and lo and behold DD1 got it and I had to work from home and then 2 weeks later DD2 has come down with it. MIL is here to look after her at the moment so I don't have to take any time off and at least that should hopefully be the end of it. She seems to be well enough for us to go to Peppa Pig World tomorrow as we only live down the road so thought it was probably time we stuck our heads in there.

Just to add to the madness we decided to start potty training DD1 (2.3) though it has been going really well. There have been a couple of accidents but nothing major and we haven't really been housebound at all - she seems to have a huge bladder so it's not been a problem going out and about which is a relief.

DD2 is taking after her sister and has only just started crawling. She doesn't like sitting for too long any more and prefers to spend time on her feet but can't yet walk on her own. DD1 was 15 months by the time she walked so I think we're looking at something similar for DD2. She's also not saying much but hey, she likes grooving in her high chair so that's ok grin

Hope everyone is well and I'll try and catch up more often...

stuffthenonsense Fri 08-Jul-11 07:46:56

Virginia is going to be a big sister. baby due March grin.
Told the girls this morning, they are very happy.
That is the reason DH bought me the gorgeous pink and blue bouquet that i posted on FB yesterday.

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Fri 08-Jul-11 11:28:04


Congratulations!!!!! What fantastic news! That happened fast!

<disables exclamation mark on laptop to prevent further overuse>

cupcakefairy Fri 08-Jul-11 12:42:34

CONGRATULATIONS stuffthenonsense that is fab! smilesmile you're making me extra broody now!!
Fantastic news.

Nice to hear from you too cari sorry your dh still has no leads and that you're not enjoying work sad I guess it could take a while to get into the swing of it and not feel so much like it's a non-job if you're not full time? Everything takes some getting used to. Hope you're ok.

DS took his first steps yesterday grin I managed to film them cos he took 2 or 3 just before so I tempted him over to me while filming and he took 7 or 8 steps. I was so proud gringrin

pamelat Fri 08-Jul-11 13:50:15

Congratulations!!! Brilliant news stuffthenonsense

DH told me yesterday that our marriage wouldnt survive a 3rd child, hes probably right ... for now sad

I think for us thats the sensible option but your news has made me broody smile congrats!

Carikube Sat 09-Jul-11 20:16:45

Congratulations stuffthenonsense! Really happy for you....

I'm definitely in the market for DC3 but I think that will still be some time off (though i could do with the maternity leave grin)

Pigleychez Mon 11-Jul-11 08:07:40

Woo hooo Huge crongrats Stuffthenonsense!! grin

Cupcake- Yay on the first steps! Soo cute isnt it

Cari- hope the job situation improves for both you and DH.

Well its back to reality for me this morning as DH is back to work after having 2 weeks off. Id got used to having him around and helping out with the girls. Had a lovely holiday though and a fab 30th birthday. Got spoilt rotten!

memorylapse Mon 11-Jul-11 10:04:24

Congrats Stuff!!!!!! I will not be joining in with the TTC. With five beautiful DC's I consider myself a lucky lady, and DD1 was 20 last weekshock so I think its time to stop..if I ever met anyone new I would be too old for aother anyway (40 next year)

Olivia keeps me more than busy, she is such a little scamp!, I need te pairs of eyes..and hands..still not walking pro bbaly because she can scoot round like a rocket o all fours ad get away from me quickergrin

memorylapse Mon 11-Jul-11 10:04:56

apologies..my N keeps sticking

Great news, stuffthennonsense! So great, I had to post to say Congratulations! Please remind me of all of the trials and thrills of pregnancy so that I can live vicariously through you!

No more babies here, I'm honestly scared my next one would weigh a stone! We don't really have the space or resources, either. Also, like you Pamelat, I think the marriage would be at risk. And like your Olivia, Memory, Eric is a little monkey getting into everything and speed crawling! So I'd really want to wait a couple of years, but the old grey mare ain't what she used to be! So, I really hope anyone who gets pregnant will tell us all about the experience!

Cupcake congrats on the first steps! I managed to record DS1's and Eric's first steps as well and they are such cherished videos! I also recorded Eric taking about 10 steps recently. He's perfectly capable of walking but chooses not to because he's so fast crawling. I'm in no hurry for him to walk frequently... it can only lead to running and he's already a handful!

Pigley, that's great that you've had such a nice couple of weeks and a good birthday! Like Lucy, Eric is becoming quite a chatterbox, saying what's that, good yoghurt, bye bye daddy, underground, and various other words. He's definitely taking after his brother who was also chatty at a young age.

Carikube, sorry to hear that things haven't improved on the job front for you or DH. It is really difficult at the moment with there not being many jobs available. It's been very hard being back at work just on weekends for me so I can only imagine how tough it's been for you. I hope things get better for you soon.

In general, Eric is such a smiley and cheeky baby, a real cutie! He's not great with teething, he suffers a lot with each emerging tooth, I'll be glad when they're all in - just 13 more to go! I'm still reading the thread frequently, but rarely have the energy to post. I'm hoping that will change soon. I don't want to jinx it, but Eric slept through last night from 7pm to 5am, I gave him a quick breastfeed (the only bf remaining is first thing in the morning, just about weaned) and then he slept until 6.30am! Also, DS1 who is 4 now, has had a dry pullup nappy 2 mornings in a row. Feels like we're about to turn a corner.

I think about you ladies often. I hope everyone is well!

Stopsittingonyoursister Thu 14-Jul-11 22:00:05

Congratulations StufftheNonsense!!! Sounds like your DH is pleased too, judging by the size of that bouquet!!

Seeksnewname - congrats on the new house as well. Will you just sit in front of the bath, staring at it in adoration??

Pigley - glad you had a good 30th birthday. The photos on FB look great. How is the new camera?

It's lovely to hear about all the babies starting to walk and talk. Guess they're not really babies any more, are they sad.

Carikube, sorry to hear that your work is not going well. Does your DH feel positive about getting another job soon? I hope he is coping OK. I have been back at work since the beginning of May, and it is really hard work. I keep having to constantly remind them that I work three days 8.30 - 3.30, and then feel like I am causing trouble because things have to be re-arranged, when as DH says, it is their fault in the first place for forgetting my working hours. I also find that I am already bringing lots of work home, just to try and keep on top of everything. Another maternity leave is sounding like a very good idea at the moment...or else I just need to man up, stop feeling guilty, and get on with it!

Everything else is going well at the moment, Sophie is a little darling. Pamelat, I think the contented, entertaining themselves difference, is not boy/girl, but first child/second child. DS has always needed someone to talk too constantly, difficult getting him to sleep on a night, whereas Sophie has always just been happy to do her own thing. And Stuff - I agree with the theory, both of mine walked at two weeks after their first birthdays, and both are feisty little individuals! They are both starting to play together now, which is lovely. DS does a funny dance, or runs around manically, and DD just collapses into fits of giggles. I was really worried that being different genders they wouldn't really play together, but my worries seem to be unfounded so far. Just hope it continues!

Hope everyone else is doing well.

AlmaMartyr Tue 02-Aug-11 12:25:27

Wow, I haven't posted on here for ages. Went away on holiday in May and dropped off the thread then I've kept forgetting to post! I've been following FB though so fairly up to date I think!

Everything's well here. Corin is a little monkey, walking and climbing everywhere, pulling everything off shelves and posting things out the catflap/into bins/down the loo. DD is doing well, she's very good with him and they love having cuddles which is nice!

We've had a madly busy summer so far, lots on every weekend. Hopefully it will die down a bit soon. We've managed to have some lovely camping trips though, hoping to get away for a few more before winter. I can finally drive so that will come in handy!

Hope everyone is well, very exciting to hear about more babies! I always wanted 4 so I thought I'd be desperate for another but I don't really feel it tbh. DH isn't keen either so I think we'll stick with 2 for now at least. Although I'm still envious of those people having more!

cupcakefairy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:47:48

All gone very quiet on here ladies....how are the little scamps doing?

Just sneaking back in to whisper quietly...<I'm pregnant> shockgrin
Due on May 17th so basically exactly the same time as I was due with ds smile

Anyone else joining me and stuff? And seeks any news your end too??

AnAngelWithin Mon 19-Sep-11 19:01:44

Hello all!!! Long time no speak!!!

Congrats to all the pregnant ladies!!! I am jealous!!! But I think that's it for me really. And I have bought a puppy instead grin

Seeks...did the potato masher work?? wink (I bumped into her in tescos the other day lol)

Well life here has been hectic (hence the total lack of MN altogether!!)
5 kids, 2 dogs, 2 chinchillas, a rabbit and some fish.... plus a nice new massive house to clean smile (took me 4 hours to hoover and mop today EEK)

We moved house then went on our first holiday ever 4 days later.

Thins between me and DH are up and down, still trying to move on, still sometimes feel like we are getting somewhere then realise that maybe we aren't... confusedBut for now we are ok, and I think the change of house and the space is benefitting everyone.

DS1 has started high school and <<<whimper>>> already had his first detention....he is turning into someone I don't know and I am struggling with him.

Willow took her first steps the other day....4 in one go.Bless her. She is getting quite vocal and has a lot of words. She also knows animal noises and says 'woof woof' when you ask her what a dog does, and 'miaou..' for a cat and grunts for a pig.... She has temper tantrums already and scowls when you tell her no....haha

Anyway, must dash, got to go start on the glossing of the woodwork while DH is at college [groan....]

Take care all!!! x x x

pamelat Mon 19-Sep-11 20:21:55

Cupcake fantastic news smile thats Alex's birthday!

Angel, saw on fb that Willow has started walking, fabulous news

Not so good re your son, sorry no teenage advice, dreading that stage, I was awful. I think (like toddlers) the most important thing is to remember that its not their final personality?! Does that make sense?

Sorry, others may know more about teenage kids smile

We're ok here, I change my mind re ttc every day. Most of me thinks not but then I'll see a baby and want to sob.

Ella starts school in a year so maybe life will be easier then.

Alex is such a boy!! he runs, jumps, climbs, kicks balls and whacks my DH and I for fun (must remember to not laugh when he does it!) and rugby tackles his sister to the floor. Hes great fun but we need to work on calming him down a bit!! When hes awake, its very full on.

Congrats to all those pregnant. After DD I was ttc about now, in a months time I believe, and was pregnant within 4 or 5 weeks. I won't be doing that this time round smile

AlmaMartyr Wed 21-Sep-11 22:26:51

Congratulations Cupcake! Wonderful news smile

AngelWithin - glad things with you and DH are OK. No advice about your DS I'm afraid, I was a sickeningly good teenager blush. My DBro was a nightmare though and is lovely now.

Pamelat - Alex sounds like lots of fun! I was already pregnant with DC2 at this point and was exhausted! Don't think another one for me.

cupcakefairy Fri 23-Sep-11 09:52:52

Thanks ladies smile pamela lovely that my due date is Alex's birthday smile I'm sure this one'll be born on one of the May 2010 babies' birthdays (at least I hope so!!!) and go ooooooon, have another wink

stuffthenonsense Sat 01-Oct-11 17:04:28

Congratulations cupcake! Yay, i am no longer alone........how are you feeling?

This morning i asked virginia if she wanted croissant.....and she said.....Yeah, croissant, as clear as a bell! Very shocked!!!!

We are having good bedtimes too now with her in her bed in her own room until after 2 most nights. Its lovely to finally get some sleep.

Angel, teens can be so lovely , then they chuck you a horrible curve ball and you just wonder where you went wrong. My eldest is lovely, incredibly bright, then BANG you get a massive dose of bad attitude...i sometimes feel like sending her off to her dads for three instead of one night a week. Im often on fb if you fancy a rant.

Carikube Mon 03-Oct-11 15:07:55

Wow...nothing happens on this thread for ages then all of a sudden loads of posts to rattle through!

Congratulations cupcake - that's great news!
Hope your pg is going well stuff.

The news from round our way is that DH has managed to find himself a new job and so we are relocating to Nottingham. I have had to hand my notice in at work and will be finished at the end of next month (not particularly upset about that as I hadn't been enjoying the job anyway). In the meantime, DH is in a B&B up in Nottingham during the week whilst I'm on my own with the DDs and then he comes back at weekends. We really need to find somewhere to live up there so we can go and join him once my notice period is up confused.

We've had a summer of major developments with the girls; Martha (2.6) has now been out of nappies during the day for about 4 months which has been great (and a lot easier than I expected, though she did fall in the toilet yesterday as she forgot to put her loo seat on before she sat down grin) and Alice has now been walking for about 4 weeks. She's developed quite a strong willed character and is very definite about what she wants and doesn't want (and has shown an amazing ability to not understand the word 'no') though it is lovely seeing the two of them running around together.

Hope everyone is well and all and look forward to hearing more stories of more babies on the way smile

Hi everyone, it's Seeks here. New house, new name etc.

Angel - you have no idea how nice it is to have mash that hasn't been butchered by a fork in the pan grin Hope your new house is going well too. We've just about settled in now, and now that everything's unpacked it suddenly feels very small. DH wants to move again but I say stay put at least until DC2 (not pg yet, don't worry) or until we can buy again.

Cari - I hope you don't mind me having a teeny giggle at the thought of Martha slipping in the toilet. I know it's not funny, but it is! grin Fantastic news that she's doing so well with the toilet training!

Stuff - Virginia sounds like a little gem. You must be so excited about having a new bundle about. Hope the morning sickness and SPD aren't getting in the way too much. And the sleep! Just as you're about to get a newbie!

So we definitely have plans for baby #2 but not ttc until the new year. Although I'm itching to get trying, but I've got loads of work ishoos to get sorted. They've 'asked' me to change my hours from four days a week to either 5 or 3(and job share). Even after accepting a flexible working request. I'm fuming, but angling for a reduction in hours and a pay rise. It's worth a try. Although pamelat after reading your AIBU I wonder if I'll have the patience! smile

Darcey is a treasure. She's walking well - almost jumping in fact, she left the floor the other day hmm - not saying much (but sort of getting there) and her sleep is getting better. She's, um, exuberant to say the least, and I'm exhausted keeping up with her, but god, I love her to bits. Why don't they warn you about this all encompassing, overwhelming love for your kids? I'm fairly sure I didn't have it a year ago - it seems to have crept up on me after her birthday.

It was my birthday on Monday and DH was too skint to buy me anything. I had to lend him money to buy my cards angry but Darcey made me a card at nursery and they made a box for her to decorate, filled it with chocs and stuck a balloon on top to make up for him. I think I must have been quite irate when I dropped her off blush

Can't wait to hear about more of us. I actually really miss this thread. We used to move fast!

pamelat Sun 13-Nov-11 19:57:51

Not read this for a while, ahhhhh on Virginia's card smile

I am finding that things have got a lot easier, even in the last few weeks. Alex is having a few tantrums and is a bit whiney (a lot inthe morning) and normally wakes too early (in my opinion!!) but hes a real little boy, he fully feeds himself and he just feels like this little person who I love dearly.

I cuddled a 5 week old today and thought maybe, one day, who knows ...smile

LuckyC Wed 14-Dec-11 19:25:00

Hi all - doing my usual speedread drop-in. CONGRATS to the pregnant ladies! Yikes... I gave myself until Matilda Pickle turned 2 to think about number 2 and that is suddenly coming along very fast...

Well, other than my gorgeous girl, 2011 has been a crappy year frankly and I am glad it's ending. New starts all round please.

Matilda is finally walking; very chatty. Also slightly confused about 'Mismas'. Took her to see the lights being turned on. Anyway, they also had a Father Christmas, so we thought we would take her along to see him too, as practice. He happened to be in the museum, where they have a particularly excellent, realistic and frankly quite terrifying dinosaur display - you feed the dinosaurs and they roar and thrash around in an "I EAT LITTLE GIRLS!" way.

So now it's all got a bit confused in her little head, and she she says 'Yay, Mismas. Mismas man. Mismas tree. Mismas dinosaur. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Scary!' So she knows Mismas is coming, but she thinks it's to do with some sort of dinosaur apocalypse...

Happy Mismas to all of you and your families and here's wishing you a FANTASTIC new year.

memorylapse Fri 16-Dec-11 21:49:59

congrats to all the pregnant ladiessmile I will not be joining you as I have totally completed my family now..I have been having children for 21 years!shock time to call it a day I thinkgrin I shall eagerly await new baby news.

Olivia is my little angel-she has such a personality, she goes to a day nursery two days a week so I can get on with my paperwork. She is really excited about christmas..we get exclamations of WOW! everytime she sees decorations, lights etc and was very excited to see pressies in my room.

Hello Ladies,

Dropping by to say Happy New Year to you all! Whenever I think back to being pregnant with Eric, I remember all the fantastic support I got from all of you. I think that will stay with me forever. My brother-in-law and his partner are expecting their first at the end of April, a little girl. I'm reminiscing about all the pregnancy milestones with them. Surprisingly I don't feel broody, though! I think my family is complete now. I hope those of you having more babies will keep us posted!

It's my 9th Wedding Anniversary today. We've now been parents for half of our marriage, which seems so odd, it always felt like we were married for ages before we became parents!

LuckyC, I love Matilda's association of dinosaurs with Christmas! That is super cute! I found this Christmas was especially fun as Eric went around singing a lot of the songs from his big brother's school nativity play, and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells (he's such a copycat)! He's been good with the "Crickcrick tree" as well, and points out every picture of "Santa and 'nowman". He's quite chatty now, just like his big brother, and seems to have commentary on everything, "I shut da door mama", etc!

The biggest challenges this year with Eric have been his sleeping and teething. After getting his first tooth at such a young age, it took ages for more teeth to come in and lots of drool and suffering along the way. He got 3 molars in one week about 6 weeks ago, and a 4th molar about a month ago. Now we're working on eye teeth, no sign of them yet but lots of wet shirt fronts and waking in the night sporadically. He only started sleeping through most nights about 3 months ago, and wakes anywhere between 5 and 6 am. I just give him a bottle of milk and he goes back to sleep for about an hour most mornings. I wonder how and when we will break this habit when the time comes... And when is the time to draw the line? My older son has always been a stellar sleeper so we never had to think about this! God, I really didn't know how lucky we were with DS1's sleeping!

I am still the secretary of the committee of the local playgroup that my DS1 used to go to, which is a LOT bigger job than I was lead to believe when I volunteered to do this just over a year ago. I enjoy it for the most part and it is good to have a hand in keeping such a great playgroup running, but I am very busy with it. It has been nice having a break from it over Christmas. Hopefully, Eric will start going to the playgroup in the September term, and I think having him attending will make the work I do seem even more meaningful. This is all on top of my weekend job selling train tickets in London!

We've just bought plane tickets to go to Los Angeles to visit my family over Easter, which I'm really looking forward to. We haven't been over since November 2010, and I'm feeling quite homesick. Flying 11 hours with a nearly two-year-old I could do without, but DH and I will just repeat our mantra "this is just temporary". Luckily, DS1 has always been a good traveller, this will be his 5th trip to L.A. so he's well practiced.

DS1 is enjoying Reception very much. He's become quite the artist and got an award at school for one of his paintings. He's also gotten into Harry Potter ("haypotter" as Eric says) and he's having DH read the books to him before bed, they're making their way through Goblet of Fire now. DS1 has come up with 3 additional Harry Potter titles which are books he plans to write himself. His reading and writing is coming on well, so won't be too long! DH and I will have to stop spelling out secrets in front of him soon!

I enjoy seeing a lot of you on Facebook; please feel free to contact me there, I'll post a little message on our May 2010 Babies group there so you know who I am!

I hope everybody has a fantastic 2012! It's lovely to hear how everyone is doing, so please post if you get a chance. I can't believe how close we are to having two-year-olds already!

x Rachel

stuffthenonsense Wed 18-Jan-12 13:08:06

hi all.....seven weeks to go til baby no5 is due, head is already low...3/5 palpable on monday and i felt it burrowing deeper last night, so hopefully this one will come a couple of weeks early.
virginia is loving this waiting for a baby business...she listens to the babys heartbeat, when asked what will baby say...she says cying (crying)...hat will baby want....milk.....and she kisses the bump a lot....on monday, she managed to persuade the midwife to let her keep her demonstration baby dolll...
anyway....have just been to our facebook group... it is scheduled to be archived! please go and sign up to stay members...
virginia has just woken up and she is a bit poorly so better go.....D x

cupcakefairy Fri 20-Jan-12 13:17:38

Hi stuff...wow can't believe how close you are now! I'm 23 weeks and it's going so fast shock got a real kicker again though so prob another boy.

Lovely to read your update rachel, sounds like Eric is so advanced with his speaking! My ds is still only saying single words and not stringing any together yet. Will be lovely for your family to see your dss again at easter, they'll have changed so much in that time!

pam have another...you know you want to gringrinwink

Hello mums of two-year-olds!

Long time, no post! How are you all doing?

Anyone starting toilet training yet? Big boy/girl beds?

How were the birthday parties?!

Any more babies?

I see lots of you on Facebook, but would love to hear more in-depth from any of you posting here!

Hope all is well!

x Rachel

cupcakefairy Thu 14-Jun-12 22:26:07

Hi rachel smile I still keep this thread under my threads I'm watching..but not sure many others do as it hasn't been very active at all!

We're not potty training yet and don't intend to for a few months yet...ds is in a big bed now though. And we have our new addition...little Sebastian born 3 weeks ago (22nd May) all a bit mad getting used to having a little one again but enjoying it a lot. He was a big baby (10lbs) and had shoulder dystocia on his way out sad which if I remember right you had too? Not a nice experience but they got him out quickly enough and we're both fine smile

Hope you and your boys are well, and anyone else still reading!

Morph2 Fri 15-Jun-12 19:13:06

i'm still following the thread, although i was abit of a lurker since the ante natel thread and didn't really post very much.

jacob was 2 17th May.

Had his 2 year check with the nursery nurse yesterday and everything seems to be ok.

Not started potty training yet, was thinking about trying when we get some nice weather, nursery nurse said she wouldn't try a boy until they were 2.3 or 2.4.

Still in cotbed, going to keep him there as long as possible as i chuck him in there with some books when i have a shower in the morning.

Got him down to start pre school in Sept, hopefully, waiting for phone call back with availability.

Aren't they so cute at this age, DS is saying quite alot of words now but not yet at the stage where you could have a conversation with him.

He's dropped his day nap which makes the days very tiring, although we do at least get a nice long evening.

CackleALot Wed 11-Jul-12 14:36:43

Hi All - Den26 here!! just popping in, nice to see some of us still checking in!! Rian was 2 on 20th May - how time flies!!

Whispering a wee secret......i'm pregnant again! got my 8 week booking in appointment today. this is reason i popped back on here - went onto feb 2012 thread and found that i missed our group!! no one even acknowledged my post on new thread sad !

feels a bit strange to be going through it all again and same old early pregnancy fears rearing their head again!

Hope everyone is well. we are half-heartedly trying potty training but to be honest i'm being very lazy about it blush

cupcake - congrats on arrival of sebastian smile

cupcakefairy Thu 12-Jul-12 13:00:43

Hi den/cackle smile massive congrats on the pregnancy!! So exciting! It is really lovely having a second and seeing them both interacting. Seb always gives the biggest smiles for his big bro smile good luck with everything.
How are things after your ds's op, are you all finished with hospital stuff now? (think I'm remembering right that was you?)

Hi morph too, I agree they're at such a cute age, I love the stuff ds comes out with, usually repeated from us & it makes you realise what you say too much! Ds' latest is 'don't think so' every time we ask him a question- haha!

CackleALot Fri 13-Jul-12 13:15:17

Thanks cupcake Had early scan yest and seen heartbeat which is very reassuring!

Your right, it was Rian who had the op - he's doing great and scar hidden by his hair so you'd never know. He has to have a follow-up appt next year but i'm not concerned, he appears to be developing well, alongside his nursery mates smile

pamelat Wed 18-Jul-12 21:22:51

Congrats cackle!! Lovely news

Alex was 2 on 17th may. Loving this age, much easier than his sister was at this age smile

I think boys are more placid? In my limited experience of my 2 and my friends children

We decided we didn't want anymore,but in the last 2 weeks am thinking never say never. Basically ibthink I spend a year or so quite depressed after having a baby, then a year of coming round and when they are about 2 I feel great!!

I'm just not sure I can put myself back 2 years again but it might not happen again and it's not a lot in the grand scheme of life

No potty training yet but Alex does occasionally request to wee or pop on the toilet, I'll take him out of nappies in 2 months or so. I don't think there's any rush, better to avoid too many accidents.

AlwAys wAtching this thread

I can never seem to find this thread, but I've been thinking about it lately! Our threads used to move so fast it was hard to keep up!

No plans for DC2 here, at least not until the new year when I've definitely still got my job - it's a 6 month probation. No reason why I should be worried, but I was made redundant about a week into TTC this year so I'm more cautious now. I think I'm the only person to be glad that we didn't conceive!

No potty training here either. Darcey's really keen on the potty and keeps asking for it, but when she sits down she just holds herself and doesn't, um, produce. Still, she'll go when she's ready!

Another one loving this age. She's just starting to do pretend play now, it's sooo sweet to watch. We went out for a long walk today and she was giving her toy a running commentary. It was when she said "Look Puppy, children" in that singsongy voice I use that I realised just how much she's picked up blush

Relieved to be finally getting sentences out of her too. Not quite conversation, but on the way. It feels like she's late talking, compared to our friends, but I know that's ridiculous. We just know some very early talkers I suppose.

Glad to be hearing so much good news - and congratulations cackle and cupcake.

OhGood Wed 31-Oct-12 18:20:00

Hi all - if there's anyone around, LuckyC here with a namechange. Just wanted to tell you all that number 2 is on the way! And see how you are all doing.

pamelat Thu 29-Nov-12 16:27:48


How exciting ;) when are you due? Do you know what you're having?

We're pretty much sure we want to stop at 2

It's suddenly got easy though hasn't it?!!

RacquelWelsh Fri 30-Nov-12 16:49:23

Hi everyone, congratulations to the expectant mums... I am also pregnant again. Quite a surprise for us as we were still discussing whether or not to have another as I am 41 so well over the bloody hill. Having George somehow cured the pituitary tumour I've had for nearly 10 years and I got signed off by my consultant in the summer. Am only 8 weeks so not said anything to anyone yet, keeping it under wraps in real life... due on DHs birthday smile 8th July. 12 week scan on Christmas Eve so hope all is well.

Those with 2 kids already, tell me it's ALL GOING TO BE OK will you? Am really pleased but just now and then I think how the hell do people cope with 2 kids. I'm just being a wuss as of course people do, but there hardly seems to be any time at all now with just one child!

George is great fun, 2.5 on Monday and his hypothyroidism seems to be under control. He'll be on medication for the rest of his life but he's fine taking the medicine each day.

Be great to hear how everyone else is doing, shame the thread's so quiet these days.. guess we're all TOO BUSY!

cupcakefairy Thu 13-Dec-12 13:41:03

Quick drop in to say hello.. and huge congrats to those expecting again! racquel you will of course be fine! It feels like you have no free time with just 1, but once you have 2 you'll wonder what the heck you used to fill your time with grin it is fab having 2, just so lovely to see them playing together. When ds1 makes ds2 laugh it is just my favourite thing ever!

Hope everyone else is ok..we have come out the other side of potty training & went v well, I was pleasantly surprised! Ds1 dry day & night now. Happy Christmas to all!

stuffthenonsense Tue 18-Dec-12 18:55:10

Wow it's been so long! And do many pregnancies I am delighted and jealous all at once. Solomon is 9 months now, and I can't say it's been easy with building work and an undiagnosed tongue tie which basically screwed up the feeding (and he was slowly starving)but since we got it fixed we have just been looking forwArds. He is lovely, a real darling and the adoration between him and Virginia is fantastic. We are trying for number 6. Im not optimistic it will happen soon with still bf both Solomon and Virginia.
Very much looking forward to Christmas. Must check in here more often and hopefully wish more of you wonderful new babies.

RacquelWelsh Fri 28-Dec-12 10:14:27

Hi again everyone. Good to hear from others too :-) Sadly, this pregnancy was not to be and I miscarried at 10 weeks sad which was really horrible. We had the in laws staying at the time but surprisingly, they were very lovely. We'll try again in the New Year.

We had a fairly subdued Christmas but George had a great time. The day after I miscarried, he declared 'no more nappies' and apart from one or 2 accidents, has toilet trained himself. Hooray!

Happy New Year to everyone, all the best to everyone.

stuffthenonsense Fri 28-Dec-12 10:16:46

Oh racquel how awful! I am so sorry. Big hugs.

RacquelWelsh Fri 28-Dec-12 15:39:49

Thanks stuff. Glad to hear Solomon and Virginia get along so well and his tongue tie is sorted. Wishing you a very happy new year. smile

Carikube Sun 30-Dec-12 13:56:41

Hello...Thought this thread had died but had a quick look yesterday and saw that there had been some activity so thought I would come to wish you all a happy new year.
Congratulations to all those with new dcs/imminent arrivals. Sorry to hear your news Raquel. I had a miscarriage over the summer and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I don't know if we will try again as I'll be 40 soon and things seem to be going so well with the two girls that in some ways it feels like we're pushing our luck a bit too far.
Otherwise all is well, and I hope everyone has a fantastic 2013. x

Hello ladies, rachelfruitloop here with a name change! I haven't been on the thread for ages, but thought I'd pop on to see if anyone has posted recently. Happy new year to everyone!

Many congratulations to all expecting babies, and huge hugs to those who've had miscarriages.

Eric is coming up to the age that DS1 was when he was born. Since September, I've been thinking back to my pregnancy three years ago. I feel very odd as Eric approaches 3, I can't really explain why. It makes me feel sad in a way. I guess because he won't have a little brother when he's 3 like DS1 did. But it's an absurd feeling, I really don't want any more babies. DH had the snip in November, and I'm counting down the days when he gets the all clear and I can have this blasted Mirena coil removed. :-)

Eric is still train mad, and very loud, boisterous, stubborn and articulate. If I thought DS1 looked like DH, Eric is the spitting image of him. He's going to playgroup 2 mornings a week, so it's nice to have some time to myself. I'm having driving lessons, and despite driving in L.A. for over 18 years, I managed to fail my test in November, it is just absolutely so different driving over here. I'm taking the test again in March. Eric is not toilet trained, though he showed signs he might be ready this past summer. Nope. He's so stubborn, any suggestion that he might want to try to go to the toilet is met with much defiance. I am not sweating it ( as with many things this time around) and we'll try again in a couple of months.

I hope that everyone is doing well. I remember how wonderful it was having your support on our thread 3 years ago. I really can't believe our babies are almost 3 already!

pamelat Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:16

Hope everyone is well smile

Just watched OBEM and it made me think of you.

I can't believe our babies will be 3 this summer and that many are big brothers and sisters

Alex is still very much my "baby" ;)

We're having the very terrible twos but am thinking that we must be nearing the end. He likes to dictate which parent does what and when, and obviously exactly how he likes it. Woe betide anyone who does it "wrong"

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