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Jeremy Hunt Sums Up The Tory Agenda For Britain In A Single Sentence 16 Isitmebut 09/10/15 10:32
Terrorist Sympathising 45 blacksunday 08/10/15 22:34
Cameron isn’t colonising the centre. That’s fraudulent spin 9 Isitmebut 08/10/15 13:43
Will changes to tax credits prove to be Osbournes Poll Tax? 29 Isitmebut 08/10/15 11:23
another ex-Eton College to run as London mayor 29 Alibabsandth… 07/10/15 18:11
Anti-austerity march Manchester. 52 ExitPursuedByABear 07/10/15 15:51
Is Theresa May moving closer to wanting to leave the EU? 16 claig 07/10/15 14:33
Is it possible to support the Conservative party while at the same time be a Christian? 87 Isitmebut 07/10/15 11:23
Dilbert creator says Trump will become President. Says he is a magician. 1 claig 07/10/15 09:19
Worst and Best possible outcomes of uncapped benifits? 2 Isitmebut 06/10/15 08:51
How will Dave do in speech at conference? 8 sugar21 05/10/15 20:19
Without wanting to seem shallow or annoy anyone- Tory women are, for the most part, more attractive than Labour women? 12 suzannecaravaggio 05/10/15 15:43
Corbyn Speech 174 Isitmebut 05/10/15 12:38
It should be a non-brainer. Was slavery bad? If it was then why does David Cameron not say sorry for it? 46 bobthebuddha 05/10/15 12:30
Is it a good thing the Labour leader will never 'press the button'? 28 Isitmebut 03/10/15 10:19
Is the BBC really biased in favour of the left as the right claims? 19 ALassUnparalleled 02/10/15 19:27
McDonnell's Speech - Barnstormer. Panic in the usual circles 155 claig 02/10/15 18:04
So has Tory HQ given up on Cameron and are now focused on George (Annointed One) Osbourne? 15 Isitmebut 02/10/15 11:17
While I disagree with Daves abominationes gaudens in a Ridiculum initiationis-with a dead pig, I hope he mentions other things at conference too.. 13 Isitmebut 02/10/15 10:47
Has anyone wvery watched Russia Today? I'm thinking in particular of the show Cross Talk? 17 claig 01/10/15 18:37
Corbynomics vs Ideological austerity 48 Toadinthehole 01/10/15 09:48
While refusing to apolagise for slavery while in Jamacia, Dave Cameron says he will pay for them to build a prison. 18 AnyoneButAndre 01/10/15 08:03
Does an incumbent Party always get to go last during confernce season? 2 ChillieJeanie 30/09/15 06:50
Labour’s ‘Old McDonnell won’t bet the (UK) farm, ei ei oh-yeah’? 7 Isitmebut 30/09/15 01:44
For the cost of shaving 30 minutes off the London journey time to Birmingham we could give free school meals to all kids for a century.(?) 13 NicoleWatterson 29/09/15 20:52
Has anyone ever got a response from a MP when you raise a local issue with them via Twitter? 5 gingerdad 29/09/15 19:48
How will Corbyn fund nationalising the Railways, higher taxes? 86 Alyosha 29/09/15 16:37
Trump promises zero tax for the poor and slashed tax for the middle class 31 claig 29/09/15 16:30
The NEW PMQT - what do we think? 14 StitchesBurstinBath 29/09/15 16:29
The political group 'Class war' has blocked me posting on their facebook page. 5 StitchesBurstinBath 29/09/15 16:25
UKIP Conference; debating whether to deselect their only Westminster MP? 3 Isitmebut 29/09/15 11:58
Do prisoners still have SKY telivision? 17 ReallyTired 28/09/15 22:36
Free school lunches scrapped as children pay price for causing recession 79 caroldecker 28/09/15 17:49
whats the diffence between Socialism and Marxism? 7 oxoladysguilty 27/09/15 09:37
Has Corbyn ALREADY ditched his anti-Trident policy? 3 Isitmebut 26/09/15 00:46
Jeremy Corbyn's long awaited response to PigGate 26 Paddletonio 25/09/15 23:44
Can anyone give details in the Goverments proposed change in law to curb 'legal highs?' 5 Isitmebut 25/09/15 23:27
If Dave had sex with a pig then you just know Boris did too.... 58 wannabelolly 25/09/15 22:05
Britain needs to do more with the Mediterranean Refugee crisis 29 Onetitbile 25/09/15 19:20
Tom Watson! 5 Fatrascals 25/09/15 19:09
Is Corbyn now flip flopping his anti EU beliefs? 3 Onetitbile 25/09/15 18:51
Why does Labour seem to prioritise out doing the Thick Of It rather than the serious buisness of getting elected? 1 Onetitbile 25/09/15 18:01
Piggate- is this the photo? 52 UnGoogleable 25/09/15 12:50
Did it come up in Prime Ministers Questions 6 UnGoogleable 25/09/15 11:06
The best of Twitter on #piggate 13 wannabelolly 25/09/15 09:50
Is it a good idea to have a vegan in the shadow cabinet? 15 BlueBrightFuture 25/09/15 07:55
Why do the least well off still have the highest tax rate in the UK? 27 AllThePretty… 25/09/15 07:52
So at Torie HQ, their PR/Communications/Spin department must surely be on a war footing? 19 wannabelolly 25/09/15 00:05
Has Corbyn's 'people QE' policy flip flopped as well? 14 Isitmebut 24/09/15 23:22
Since the Piggate scandal started, has the PM had his weekly consultation with the Queen ? 6 GiddyOnZackHunt 24/09/15 22:32
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