Depressed lefty red-eye thread

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policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:21:52


HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:22:11


Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:22:54

Poor Limpit.

Hello smile


sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:23:01

will Lembit hold?

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:23:23

We were all being very British.

<after you>

<no, after you>

<no, really... you open the new thread>

<oh, I couldn't. You go ahead>

Well done PW for stepping up to the mark.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:23:24

See now what we need is a few more Northern and NW seats. Have totally woken up and totally need to get some sleep. Argh.

Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:23:26

Nope Lembit gone

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:23:29

The results are depressing but weirdly erratic, giving me cause for a shred of hope


sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:23:35

Feck it is for the Tory

Quattrocento Fri 07-May-10 02:23:38

Lembit lost his seat!!!

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:23:48

Still here hoping and atheistically praying for a miracle in Broxtowe.

RedRedApples Fri 07-May-10 02:23:50

bbbbbut I AM NOT DEPRESSED! I am energised and optimistic. Seriously guys switch to ITV it's given me a whole new outlook.

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 02:24:07

Phew! Wondered where you were going to be!

Massive swing in Montgomeryshire to the Tories sad

scoutliam Fri 07-May-10 02:24:11


PositiveLabourVibes Fri 07-May-10 02:24:25

mornin' I'm struggling to stay awake here but it is too exciting.

Laptop is burning my legs though, not good...

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:24:34

He'll have more time for extra-curricular activities.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:24:39

Oh, Shut up, William Hague.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:24:51

why am i still up?

poor old lembit, why did he have such a swing against him?

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:24:59

lembit is a total nob, i'm glad he's gone.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:25:02

About time he went, shame it went Con.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:25:04

ITV deffo better coverage. NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that.

Hope the new Tory MP in Montgomeryshire is less of a numpty than my former work colleague who shares his name. grin

PositiveLabourVibes Fri 07-May-10 02:25:20

Agree, I'm on ITV here. So much better than that boat!

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:25:22

Have to agree, ITV SO MUCH BETTER shock

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 02:25:25

Have had to take painkillers as headache has set in.

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:25:28

ITV reporting Eastbourne as lib dem but all over Twitter it has been called for tories, by tory staffers!

Fuck, Chester gone Tory.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:25:53

Yes poor old Lembit, did I mention I knew him grin

Bobbinsola sort of celeb mate now tho.

Is your recount seat Broxtowe then clemmette? Loughborough gone to Tories sad

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:26:16

what is this ITV of which you speak?
<suspicious of anything not involving a dimbleby>

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:26:17

Oh dear, Wales in general not looking good

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:26:20

I've switched to ITV too. There, that's how swings happen.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:26:33

Eastbourne for Lib Dem would be good but surely close

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:26:35

ITV not as gimmicky as Beeb.

moondog Fri 07-May-10 02:26:42

God yes, Lemibt a complete twat.
Good riddance.
<wonders why she is on lefty thread-prob. cos others too big>

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:26:44

oh no we have bernard ponsonby on itv, scottish rubbish.

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:27:03

Basildon South - Con. gloom.

electra Fri 07-May-10 02:27:30

Still here too

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:27:44

Anyone else truly depressed at how many votes BNP are getting?

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:27:44

Oooh The lovely Bernard Ponsonby. Is he still going? Used to work with him.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:28:28

oh shite maybe i should just go to bed

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:28:29

although a healthy profit of around two hundred quid on the election betting tonight.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:28:32

Eastbourne lib dem would be fantastic but I think Conservative have held!

Damn more Conservative wins coming in sad

moondog Fri 07-May-10 02:28:34

Niot really ClaRY.
L abour have only themselves to blame by losing contro lof immigration.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:28:41

I get ITV London as well as STV.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:28:45

I am still on beeb btw. Have to stick with Dimbles and Paxo tho agree boat grim grim grim.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:29:06

Yes recount is Broxtowe. 200 votes in it. Makes me feel sicker than if the Tory mare had walked it.

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:29:19

really? is he nice? i used to see him hanging near the toilets in bennetts, rather put me off.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:29:38

oh bugger
First Derbys result thru, Con gain in High Peak

depressed now

Clary - yes. Very. I just can't imagine ever having that mindset.

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:29:40

Can I get STV on *whispers it* Sky?

VoteRedLentil Fri 07-May-10 02:29:41

Bolton. Hurrah!!
And that swing in Basildon isn't so huge given that it was 17 on their target list.

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:29:48

Jaqueline - no, I think Eastbourne went LibDem.

electra Fri 07-May-10 02:29:49

Yes Clary, but most people are sensible enough to see the BNP for the fascist thugs they are.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:29:53

This is a problem though:

The whole Labour strategy of a coalition with the Lib Dems depended on the latter taking some seats from the Tories, but that hasn't happened, says YouGov's Peter Kellner. For exmple, in Eastbourne the Lib Dems only needed a 1% swing to take control, but they didn't get it - and that will upset both Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:30:04

Con Gains are mounting up now aren't they

Oh woe

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:30:11

Good point Lentil

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:30:25

Only had one Tory MP in whole county for ages. (West Derbys - posh bits like Ashbourne).

This is not good.

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:30:39

another fifty on our tails if jim murphy in.

seriously girls, gambling's the only way to go at election time.

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:30:44

OK, no reasults in yet for Estbourne but from BBC website 02:27
Lib Dems seem to be narrowly ahead in Eastbourne with 10 minutes to go before declaration, the BBC's freelancer at the count records.

ravenAK Fri 07-May-10 02:31:05

aaaargh need to be up in 4 hours.

It's increasingly grim.

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 02:31:27

Labour are doing very well, under the circumstances. Lib Dems are doing pathetically.

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:31:27

don't buy thta, moondog - still up to individuals not to vote for racist sexist twats.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 02:31:30

LDs not doing too well are they


LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:31:36

Why no Lib Dem swing?

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:31:37

I guess so. I have a sat dish, and pick up the freeview channels.

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:32:19

dunno, Lenin - all scare stories about hung parliament?

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 07-May-10 02:32:23

SomeGuy - are you here to gloat?

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:32:26

Interesting analysis on ITV about the City

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:32:30

Clary, my sister is counting in Derby North. She is reporting depressingly high BNP vote and tight for first place between Libs and Tories. The world has gone mad!!

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:32:40

this gov's a poisoned chalice, i can live with the tories getting this one tbh.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:32:53

Still waiting for Hastings and Rye to come through. Only 1% in it according to Labour HQ today! (lab/cons marginal)

Will wait for Eastbourne too!

RedRedApples Fri 07-May-10 02:33:04

So city turf accountants prefer Tory's ... why do we care?

OK forgive me but what is the main ITV man called? I know I should know but you have to tell me please.

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:33:15

you can see iTV live online

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:33:36

Can't believe how unexpectedly good the ITV coverage is!

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 02:33:51

Still here (just) can't sleep am drinking tea and giving ITV a shot.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:34:08

Blimey checking bBC website, 12% swing to Tories in NW Leics

<interested in own area>

That's massive. Isn't that where MP died?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:34:16

I think that Aitch but it's what they cut that's worrying.

Will they really do that stupid marriage thing? If they do I'm giving mine away.

PinkFuschia Fri 07-May-10 02:34:32

Ohhh Alastair Campbell and Adam Boulton having a fight on Sky News!

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:34:40

The tax allowance I mean.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:35:21

The tories can do a lot of damage in one term. So the poisoned chalice theory not that much of a consolation really

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:35:28

they started confident of Tory majority but not so much now

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:35:41

I'm sticking to the Beeb for my coverage, I get all itchy when I watch ITV grin

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:35:51

That's easier said where we are, Aitch (it's Habs, btw) - I'd be more twitchy in England, I think, esp with children going to school.

DH got very gloomy before going to bed, muttering things like "might not have a job in the morning". Really don't think he'll be first against the wall...

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:35:57

clemette that's hideous re Derby North.

Thought they created new Tory area in Mid Derbys so as to leave Derby North as Labour! Cannot believe it can go Tory!

(Oh, wanted the Lab leader on DCC to be an MP as well, he's a top chap).

East Mids going blue sad

VoteRedLentil Fri 07-May-10 02:36:18

Alistair Stewart on itv

101damnations Fri 07-May-10 02:37:01

I agree Clary,for both Loughborough and NW Leics to go Tory is astounding.Never known anything like it.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 02:37:29

The boat thing and Andrew just make me slightly nauseous so flipping

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:37:43

<obsessed by own area>

When I was a working journo I was usually covering this malarkey. Such larks!

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:37:59

swing to labour in stirling

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:38:20

Lib dems have taken Eastbourne

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:38:33

Did I mishear, or did ITV just predict an overall swing by the end of the night to Con of 3.9%... if so, they're not there.

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 02:38:35

Found you! Don't you like me? Limpit is a tosser, glad he's gone. who could take him seriously. And, is the BBC paying for that waste of spce boat?

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:38:43

Second recount here in Broxtowe but looks like Tory win by 150 votes (wails)

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:39:22

poss true, habs, yes.
here's jim murphy

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:39:23

What do you think will happen re: all these people not being able to vote?

RedRedApples Fri 07-May-10 02:39:23

thank you lentil!

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:39:35

still with the beeb here.

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:39:39

more money for us, 'raaah.

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 02:39:46

Jim Murphy - 25,000 votes!

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:40:09

Boo to Eastbourne
Yay to Scots

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:40:17

ITV is better thanks, watching online.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:40:34

I wonder if the chaos with the voting will mean something being added into any electoral reform so it wont happen again?

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:40:56

I'm moving up there.

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:40:58

nothing, prole, that's my guess- some fuss, but nothinmg substantive

Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:41:13

I want the part of my tv licence that paid for that boat back!

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:41:29

I'm moving to Scotland too. Fuck this for a lark.

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 02:41:33

prolesworth- interesting isnt it- COn gain Chester city, but many there couldnt vote... what will be done?

Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:41:43

No Rees-Mogg. Phew!!!!

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:41:54

No declaration in eastbourne yet.

They are saying lib dem gain though, however, they said conservative hold just an hour ago!

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 02:41:57

Loving 'unScottish to vote for the Conservative party'

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:42:08

Why boo for Eastbourne? Lib dems seem to have kept Tories out which is good!

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:42:10

Yay Eastbourne
Yay Annunziata Rees-Mogg - byeee!

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:42:12

erewash gone tory too

oh bugger
<starts swearing>

the swing on the beeb results page seems to be hovering about 4% to the Tories - do you think that will continue? <eternal clutching at straws optimist me>

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 02:42:19

eastbourne is gain from tories...

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:42:26

Is it bad to say I like Ann Widdecombe's grey hair? I can't stand John reid, though.

<worries about being kicked off leftie thread>

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:42:29

god yes, ninj. rilly rilly bad. i am struggling to get ham shine into round up btw, it's really a standalone comment... will keep trying.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:42:31

lol at Ashbourne being posh. i went to school there. Perhaps I need to turn blue...

veselaliberalka Fri 07-May-10 02:42:38

Is that definite about Eastbourne, then? LD take? Glad about that if so, he seems really good.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:42:54

oops missed it thought I saw Tory gain...

thetoriesaretoast Fri 07-May-10 02:42:56

Yay, kicked out one Rees-Mogg (neighbouring constituency to mine).
Night night everyone, thanks for the company. Will be thinking of you as I toss and turn anxiously.

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:42:59

Radio4 reported it now as well as ITV.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:43:08

Just declared whilst I was typing.

Eastbourne has gone lib dem from conservative grin 4% swing

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:43:30

Looking good for Huhne?

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:43:41

<<realises I typed lol on mn, all can say is it's very late... early...>>

Chris Huhne has held Eastleigh for LDs but its close with tories

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:43:52

Good news at Eastbourne! Much needed good news!

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:44:42

Clary are you sure about Erewash? sad

veselaliberalka Fri 07-May-10 02:44:53

Huhne held with a 3% swing, and Eastbourne taken. Maybe I can go to bed a bit happier now

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:45:18

And Eastleigh has turned LibDem.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:45:32

I wonder when the Sutton and Cheam result will be declared

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:45:44

It is all a bit Eurovision Song Contest, the lady from Surrey SthWest

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 02:45:58

Habbs- JR is a cunt, regardless of how far left you are.

Aitch Fri 07-May-10 02:46:14

bloody hell 77 per cent turnout in east renfrewshire. we really are muhc cooler than the english.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:46:17

But lost Harrowgate...

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 02:46:21

Can see how ham shine doesn't really travel. I think you had to be there at that particular moment of brilliance.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:46:22

well I know, some of Ashbourne not so posh, but the area in general is pretty swanky.

Unlike Erewash ffs - Ilkeston and surrounding villages, why are they voting Tory???

<No details in BBC yet>

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 02:46:30

Erewash is a conservative gain from labour 10.5% swing!!!!!!!!!!

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:46:49

Oh yes, just seen it. I have lots of young counsins in Erewash voting for the first time; they all voted Green. I didn't want to disabuse them of their idealism. Grrr.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:47:00

clemmette yes it was on ITV and also on BBC website, no detail so don't know swing

PositiveLabourVibes Fri 07-May-10 02:47:19

That's it, bed beckons... Toodle pip everyone, will pop back in the morning to see how it's going.

Good luck staying up! And good luck Gordon.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 02:47:22

Am awake keep having nightmares of DC as PM. A seagull told me hmm

Right off to bed

See you all for commiserations or fingers crossed not in the morning

smug hague on the beeb

I'm losing my stamina now... ready for bed.

PinkFuschia Fri 07-May-10 02:47:50

Got a friend involved in the Harrogate campaign for the LDs. He'll be devastated sad

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:48:16

woohoo lab hold brum edgbaston! rumour on ITV...

RedRedApples Fri 07-May-10 02:48:17

edgbaston hold????

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:48:30

mmm yes that's a new Labour candidate in erewash (who was MP??? racks brains...too late in day...)

They are not doing so well new candidates are they?

Derbys South con gain too <wails>

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 02:48:35

Um- what is Ham Shine please?

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 02:48:41

A labour hold would be great in Edgbaston, just waiting for confirmation it would seem!

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 02:48:41

lds lost harrogate because their well-known local candidate stood down and his personal vote went to the tories.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:48:43

Clary, Erewash is a shocker. You're right.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 02:49:05

I am giving up. It is almost 4am here. And I have to get up with DD at 7am.

Will do school run, then go back to bed.

Ok, he is saying 6% swing.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:49:20

Is Derby South Margaret Beckett?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:49:42

Oooh, ohh, they reckon Lab have kept Edgbaston. I like the ITV coverage.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:49:46

Erewash was Liz Blackman previously

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 02:49:51

Goodnight to those who are checking out

I am tired but not sleepy.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:50:15

right, if that turns out to be true I'm gonna go to bed after that feeling a bit more relaxed. No big lib dem bounce, no tory majority - 6% swing won't quite be enough...

elkiedee Fri 07-May-10 02:50:26

Just posting to get this one on threads I'm on.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:50:29

Nymphadora, I think that seagull has been doing the rounds on the bbc boat!

Ninjacat Fri 07-May-10 02:50:43

Off to bed with Radio 4. Fingers crossed for Edgebaston

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 02:50:54

Some good news coming in from ITV.

Night to those who are sensibly getting some sleep.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:51:00

clemette yes derby south Beckett but I meant Derbyshire south, Mark thingy standing down

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:51:21

come on come on we don't want to see cameron, we want Birmingham!

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:51:22

My eyes sting but I wouldn't be able to sleep if I did go to bed confused

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:51:26

Did UK man really say "England is a small island"? pace jeremy Hardy on twitter? twat.

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 02:51:49

Edgbaston recount

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:52:21

yep Derby South is Margaret Beckett. 53.2% in 05.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:52:22

argh! fucking recount!

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 02:52:43

I am only staying up until Bham declare something.. have to be up at 6:15....

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:53:13

yes of course Liz Blackman, did she retire then? (not that old)

Derbyshire South was Mark Todd but he has stood down deffo.

BBC says no result yet tho <puzzled>

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 02:53:22

BBC is on a boat? Are they leaving the country? Do they know something we don't ?

< thinking of moving to Scotland emoticon>

VoteRedLentil Fri 07-May-10 02:53:28

Don't Tory seats tend to roll in large numbers later because of the problems of counting votes for large rural constituencies?

<trying to dampen my own hopes before they take hold>

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:53:32

I doubt they've miscounted 1300 votes.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:53:33

No news from this recount. I need a cigarette but I have none left!

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 02:53:46

Swing in Lembit's seat is surely irrelevant: can be simply explained by the fact that Lembit is a twat

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:53:46

derby south gone blue sad

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:54:19

I was going to go to bed when Cons overtook Lab but it;s not happened yet!

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 02:54:32

wide awake her this is fascinating. Best thing so far is that Tories will be gutted: given everything, they should be miles ahead!

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 02:54:39

BBC reporting lab supporters in edgbaston celebrating but now shrugging...

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:54:45

aloe Derby South??????

surely not

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 02:55:37

redlentil I'm in Cumbria don't panic me! We are usually all red/yellow except for one i think

VoteRedLentil Fri 07-May-10 02:55:41

There's going to be a recount in Edgbaston apparently.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:55:53

BBC has got a bunch of drunk selebs on a boat and keep interviewing them for random opinions.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:56:10

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 02:56:38

And it is not a Middle England seat you twat.

Come on Edgbaston....

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:56:52

derby south not declared yet acc BBC website

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:57:09

dh said he saw it scroll on tv, but no info on web yet.
<hopes it's wrong>

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 02:57:49

Armando Iannuccci says boat is awful - no power, no TVs!

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 02:58:11

how could anyone choose between jesus and Bosshog in Witney?

Clary Fri 07-May-10 02:58:37

could it have meant Derbys south do you think?

Tho that's bad enough but after all used to be Edwina Currie.

Derby South surely true labour - inner city and all.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 02:58:52

Why do they let the eccentrics stand right behind the returner? I don't mine the cowboy but the white power bloke was a bit much earlier.

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 02:59:01

sorry, Derbyshire south has gone blue. here

Oh do fuck off Cameron.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 02:59:30

BBC said ukip are up to 3% from1% on their seats that's worrying too

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 03:00:07

Yah yah yah yah

But what about Edgbaston?!

scoutliam Fri 07-May-10 03:00:18

I can't bear to watch smugalot's speech.

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 03:00:24

<<shudder>> was that the chap with his fist raised Lenin? I was surprised he was allowed to do that actually

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:00:28

God I know the new Derbys South MP.

She's a proper true blue tory with big blue rinse hair and booming voice.


jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 03:01:00

I hate dc. I bet he thought he'd have something else to say by now.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 03:01:11

Cameron looks pretty crushed to me.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:01:26

Yes not sure what it was about.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:01:33

what a piss artist claiming victory already

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 03:01:45

Yay lab hold Bolton SE

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:01:48

No, refusing to listen to DC.

<fingers in ears "lalalala">

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 03:02:07

Is that wishful thinking, Wilf? I didn't think so.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:02:10

clemmette broxtowe Lab Hold yay

EweStupidToryVoters Fri 07-May-10 03:02:21

Oh FUCK YOU Cameron! Arrogant little twathead.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 03:02:37

don't think Cameron is that happy

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:02:45

grin at 'yah yah yah yah'

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:02:45

Waiting for a mention of his fucking SLEEVES any moment now

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:03:00

Clary, Broxtowe is Cons gain

aloevera Fri 07-May-10 03:03:00

Let's watch this instead.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 03:03:09

He thinks he isn't winning a majority though

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:03:18

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.......this sounds lke the speech of a man who knows he has done shite after all the hype and backing of nearly every media outlet. LOSER!

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:03:22

That's odd, BBC says Broxtowe con gain but ITV flashed up Lab hold

InmyheadIminParliament Fri 07-May-10 03:03:39

Okay, I can't take any more DC. Bed time. Sleeping with my fingers crossed and thinking "ham shine". Night night.

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 03:03:45

lab guy behind waxydave looks like he's considering putting his head down and ramming him.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 03:03:59

ITV reported Borxtowe lab hold but showed it going Tory? wtf?

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:04:11

yeah clemette I see that BBC is actually more reliable than ITV which I am watching <switches over>

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 03:04:27

please tell me what hamshine is?

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:04:36

Definitely a Cons gain - just watched the announcement. 250 votes in it.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:05:14

Yes hamshine story please.

So ITV predicting Cons 19 short. Does that include the DUPs?

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 03:05:24

Well, that's true, wilf. And in many ways, according to media and habits after a party's been a long time in power, it should have been his to lose.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:05:31

At least Nottingham South is Lab hold (with a new Labour MP after Alan Simpson left)

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:05:48

Broxtowe def. a Con gain, the BBC showed the declaration

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:06:00

ITV really rubbish, sayign Erewash con hold - oh they have just corrected themselves

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:06:10

And suddenly they have an equal number of seats sad

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:07:23

Sorry, ham-shine was a crack I'mSoNotTelling made back on the first thread (roughly 150 years ago). She was speculating that Samantha rubs David with a cosmetic product called 'ham shine'

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:07:27

ITV still sayign Broxtowe is a Lab hold


Burton gone to con too - that's bad, Burton labour MP a top top woman

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 03:08:00

Oh, pol got there first - it's here

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:08:42

DH just gone to bed - should I switch to ITV now?!

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:09:04

The Guardian says: Our correspondent in Luton predicts Labour will win both city seats. Only Esther Rantzen prevented Tories getting Luton South.

Yay for UKIP and assorted crazies!

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:09:05

MY TV has just decided to update set top box.

Will have to go and watch in other room with no internet

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 03:09:40

back to sleep now, I think. be back when ds wakes up again <sigh>

it is getting depressing now.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:11:26

Yes pol, very interesting to see the right-wing vote being split.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:11:38

Have decided I might as well push on through to morning now. Off to buy fags...

CaptainNancy Fri 07-May-10 03:11:50

hamshine v funny
I need to go to bed, have to get up in 3 hours...
BIWI- your turn on scrabble

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:12:03

Yay for Dennis Skinner holding Bolsover grin

I can't keep my eyes open - so gnight all. Might be back later if DS wakes up again.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:13:01

Nice words for Dennis from ITV presenter whose name inexplicably escapes me at the moment...

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:13:06

ITV still predicting a hung parliament - why do I feel so gloomy then?

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:13:08

I think if Bolsover went Tory we might as well all give up grin

Why have ITV and BBC got such differing numbers of seats returned?

<flicks between channels>

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:31:54

Recount in Oxford West, seat of the Sainted Evan Harris. Sob.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:34:44

Tory gain in Hastings & Rye

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:35:42

Well THANKS for that, Tech grin

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:35:42

And we're back in the room. So what do we reckon's going to happen?

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:36:28

Hurrah - back again!

(CaptainNancy - have gone)

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:36:30

"Back in a few minutes" my arse grin

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 03:37:39

Alastair Stewart

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 03:38:26

Was panicing again, couldn't get back to sleep, Tories equalised & mn was doing back ups

Tell me it's ok & we won't have plastic man as pm

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 03:38:29

<takes Tech's beer away>

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:38:40

So are we on BBC or ITV?

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:39:02

Well at least Margaret Beckett is back, bringing us a small pinprick of redness in a sea of blue in Derbys.

Not sure abotu Burton - result not in yet acc BBC.

Why is ITV so much quicker here???

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 03:39:19

I am just depressed about all this it really feels like the Tories started winning when they went on about immigration and scaremongering on Lib Dem views

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:40:03

That's the one sfx, thanks.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 03:40:26

I am on BBC (despite the boat) because I cannot get ITV on my laptop.

Have retired to the bedroom. Now in PJs.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:40:32

Hastings has gone to conservative sad

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 03:40:37

BBC says NC just off to his count so they must be nearly done

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:40:51

I'm astounded by the apparent lack of support for the LibDems. That has been a real surprise.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:41:10

On my drive to the garage I was listening to Radio 4. They are calling it as a hung parliament with the Tories not getting a majority even with the DUP.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 03:41:13

Fewer Reid fewer

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 03:41:36

If I go quiet, I have fallen asleep. Bed is comfy.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:42:03

That's it im crying it is the worst thing possible for Hastings. The bloody conservative woman is disgusting.

I'm so sad

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:42:12

Is it too much to hope that some of the new Tory MPs are "nice" and will stem the worst of the decsions to come?

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 03:42:34


clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:43:31

Jaqueline that's how I feel. If the new Conservative MP for Broxtowe was in any way palatable I would feel better, but she represents the worst of the Tory party sad

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:43:54

Hmmn, Edgbaston down to 20 votes.

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 03:44:04

any news from Oxford west. Harris had a big lead and all the labour people I know voted tactically.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:44:31

clemette the S derbys woman is actually quite a local bod, very active in community etc.

Doubt if that will matter much in the scheme of things tho. sad

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 03:45:16

ours is a ponce and I would hate if he takes the seat, the turn out has been huge apparently not sure what that will mean

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 03:45:43

clemette yes

just been looking at the map & there is a definate n/s divide on colours, shame there is less seats up north

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:45:44

Jenny, is a recount and Dr Harris says it's 'looking difficult' sad

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:45:47

Now my new MP to be (foregone conclusion in Mid Derbys) is a hideous over-painted, rich husband type person. Ughhhh

Oh for one of those perky Sunderland Labour women.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:47:12

People are so bloody stupid...they don't realise just how good they have had it.

Oh yeah but we want change, it's been so fucking long will it be before the Tories reveal their true colours then lets see them beg for change. Sodding idiots!

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 03:47:22

I don't really like the idea of them all making deals on no sleep. And why would the stick to an electoral reform promise anyway?

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 03:49:04

yay rochdale labour despite bigotgate

Nearly half way, I need to go to bed.


schroeder Fri 07-May-10 03:49:19

oh god I fell asleep and am now living in a tory constituency sad what just happened?

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:50:05

I must go off to bed, I'm up at 7am and off to Uni for a full day.

hatwoman Fri 07-May-10 03:50:35

evening all. or morning. my constituency has just declared. derbyshire dales - no suprises. tory safe seat. lib dems lost a few votes. labour lost more.

have given up waiting for Brighton Pavillion and for kingston where my friend is standing for the greens. hoping he does well.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 07-May-10 03:50:47

Horrible isn't it Schroeder

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:51:49

My son will be up for the day in about an hour so not much point going to bed now. Have a full day in the hospital and a university social tomorrow night, but hey ho!

twofalls Fri 07-May-10 03:52:09

Oh no policywonk I so hope evan Harris keeps his seat. I think he is a great mp.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:52:15

hello hatwoman. Pavilion due to declare around 5am, apparently is close

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:52:43

Labour gain Redcar - feels like an age since they gained anything

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 03:52:47

redcar gained by lib dems from labour on 15%+ swing.

Clary Fri 07-May-10 03:53:00

Is ITV just making predcitions then?

Lincoln con; Redcar (!) libdem wtf; time for bed methinks.

Night all.

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 03:53:05

oxford west anyone?

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 03:54:16

Oh - misread the colours.

Time for bed I think

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 03:55:05

News from my sister - Labour may hold Derby North.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 03:56:00

Blimey, my safe Tory seat is still a safe Tory seat. There's a surprise <not really>

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 03:56:07

22% swing in Redcar (!)

schroeder Fri 07-May-10 03:57:39

Bloody hell there are only about 1000 votes in it too.
Peeps on the tv seem confident tories will have most seats-but it looks to me that there are not enough results in yet. Am I missing something?

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 04:00:05

The Tories already have most seats, and the early seats tend to include more urban, Labour-leaning constituencies, so there's no doubt that they have most, the only question is how many....

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:00:11

Ashfield held by Labour but by less than 200 votes. Everything so close here in Notts/Derbys

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:01:45

Carlisle and Blackpool north gone blue- I see both as W/C areas shock

I have gave up & switched the tv on and then my computer took ages to get going. Nearly woke dh to cry at him.

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:01:49

ITV predicting tories 23 seats short of a majority

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:02:24

Oxford West result will take a while I think - must be v close

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 04:02:34

Conservatives gain Stockton South, plus Redditch (Jacqui Smith)

elkiedee Fri 07-May-10 04:03:21

See you in a few hours (may not get on during morning/breakfast routine). Going to get a few minutes sleep...

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:08:16

Anyone seen Copeland? It looks blue on the map but not seen it mentioned.

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 04:10:22

copeland is declaring this afternoon

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:10:29

Copeland apparently not due to announce until 1pm!

scoutliam Fri 07-May-10 04:10:52

Is there any way DC will not be our next pm?
Not being facetious genuinely not sure what's going on.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:10:52

I'm flagging and I slept earlier. It's going to take a while yet I think.

schroeder Fri 07-May-10 04:11:05

copeland result not in yet

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:12:35

The Times highlights one of the night's firsts: "At a stroke, Britain now has its first two Asian female MPs."

How am I missing these things?

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:13:50

Thanks! Its rural so will be a pita to collect from. Still worried about Cumbria going blue, too many land owners

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:14:02

4.15am Birmingham farce

Over in Birmingham, Tom Whipple writes: "The Birmingham Edgbaston count is rapidly becoming a farce. Three hours late, with three recounts, all of which showed Labour winning by 1,300 votes, many Conservatives are privately embarrassed by their party's contesting of the result.

"One told The Times, 'I don't know what we're doing - it's not like they're going to find a thousand votes hiding in a bundle under the table.'

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:15:25

STATE OF THE RACE: Cameron says Labour has lost its mandate to govern. But Tories still not on course for a majority. Reports say Labour and Lib Dems already in coalition talks

Can they really do this if the Tories outstrip them but don't get a majority?

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:16:13

Sounds like they can going by what the pundits on ITV are saying

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:16:13


LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:16:45

About time too:

3.45am Tonight's winners: Asian women

At a stroke, Britain now has its first two Asian female MPs.

Shabana Mahmood, won Birmingham Ladywood for Labour with a 10,000 majority. "This consituency has challenges, but it is also extremely diverse and vibrant...I will work every day to fulfil the faith you have in me," she said.

Shortly afterwards, Priti Patel triumphed for the Tories in Witham.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:17:46

Interesting Moley, hmmn, will result in a godawful amount of sniping.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:19:27

I'm far too hormonal for this I keep crying

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:19:38

Labour gain from Lib Dems in Chesterfield according to ITV

Haven't the Lib Dems done appallingly?!

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:20:39

The BBC site is good for individual constituencies

Interesting about Edgbaston Len

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:21:58

Yes pol, and that on The Times site so no agenda.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:23:39

BBC site very good for constituencies. Have to text a friend for ours as the LB candidate lives opposite them. Don't think he has a chance but who knows, has campaigned well locally but the area is huge and very blue.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:23:57

Evan Harris out! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:24:24

Louise Bagshaw -the writer? Do I blacklist her now too?

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:24:50

Crap result in Oxford West

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:25:22

holy shit

Oxford West maj 176!

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 04:25:32


Oxford west! How did this happen/

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:26:18

<strokes Nymphadora's hair> It could be worse. (Apart from the Evan Harris result, that couldn't be worse. FUCKING TORIES)

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:27:18

Where are you getting the results?

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:27:41

At least Ester Ransom did crap!

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:28:15

Don't they say that whoever wins Luton wins the election...?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:29:17

People are not going for gimmicks are they?

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:29:42

Have bbc on and flicking through news sites. BBC is crap this year though

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:29:44

Oxford West - new boundaries did for Harris apparently. Been beaten by a cocking Christian Conservative.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:30:35

"Luton South
In every general election since 1951, the party that has won this seat has been the same party that has gone on to form the government"

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:30:49

Me? I'm getting stuff from Twitter.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:30:56

ITV saying Greens might have done for him?

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 04:31:09

still shock @ oxford

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:31:38

BBC reckon that the debates made things worse for independants and small parties.

Am quite concerned about the voters not voting too

Tolalola Fri 07-May-10 04:31:44

harris was a really good mp for oxford. its so sad.

becksydee Fri 07-May-10 04:31:45

<rubs eyes>

hello everyone. truly gutted that evan harris has lost his seat

this is all rather depressing isn't it? can't believe the lib dems are doing so badly, really believed they were going to make a breakthrough this time [deluded emoticon]

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:32:02

So they tell the candidates first? Are these leaks?

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:32:04

I'm waiting with baited breath for Sutton & Cheam

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:33:06

V surprised by the lib dems

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:34:05

The candidates know the result before the official announcements.
When they do the counts they literally make piles of ballot papers and you can tell from the size of the piles. Most counts have journalists embedded (as well as party officials) so they blog/tweet/etc etc.

twofalls Fri 07-May-10 04:34:20

I don't believe it ox west and Abingdon is lost to the bloody Tories. Harris has been agreat MP. And nicola Blackwood just looks mad. And only about 1000 votes in it. Ivthought this seat was pretty safe.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:34:54

Len - yes, party workers are leaking stuff basically

Sutton is LibDem hold

Ed Balls is a hold (these both rumours)

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:35:05

Have you seen this Redcar result??

<< Labour have lost Redcar. Vera Baird, the solicitor general, was defeated by a Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems won with a swing of more than 20%, one of the largest swings of the evening. >>

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:35:49

oh God I really don't want a tory lib dem govt

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:36:17

Jacqui Smith gone...

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:36:19

4.32am Ed Balls holds his seat

The schools secretary stays in Morley & Outwood, the Times understands, by 1,100 votes. It has not yet been announced.

His majority has been slashed. But the Tories were ferociously trying to bring him down so that will be a huge relief to Labour.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:36:49

Harris will be back. And he will be more powerful than we could possibly have imagined. Or something.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:37:02

Jacqui Smith gone though the expenses thing won't have helped her.

becksydee Fri 07-May-10 04:38:08


Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:38:19

On the other thread they said Greens got Brighton?

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:39:13

WOOHOOOO LD hold in Sutton and Cheam

Take that gay-hater!

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:39:13

Cons in Dewsbury.. God

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:39:26

Brighton not yet announced but looking Green

becksydee Fri 07-May-10 04:39:34

shahid malik gone in dewsbury - conservative gain

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:40:50

this map looks much redder in proportional.

(struggling with spellings tonight)

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:40:55

Harris says: Sorry that you guys have to share my disappointment. thanks for the messages. I'm Ok & will come back from this and re-win.

Nadine Dorries says: Do my eyes and ears deceieve me? Has Dr Death lost his seat?

Fuck off Dorries you fucking fuck <loses it>

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:41:07

Anyone know when it will be 'over', mathematically speaking e.g. how many need to be called before we know re overall majority?

becksydee Fri 07-May-10 04:42:22

great news about sutton & cheam, that tory woman is vile

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:43:07

Not looking like a majority mrsbean.

clemetteakaSylviaPankhurst Fri 07-May-10 04:44:11

Mrsbean, I'm not sure we will know until every seat has been announced (apart from that one in Yorkshire? where the vote was postponed until next week).
Will be lunchtime before we know the state of play I reckon.

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 04:45:05

Wimbledon is a Conservative hold. Oh what a surprise.

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:47:06

what constituency delayed? I am in Leeds

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:47:11

Yvette Cooper ok.

4.45am Birmingham farce bulletin

Tom Whipple writes: "Approaching recount number 5 in Edgbaston - with Labour 1,300 ahead in recount 4.

"A Green Party member left in disgust. 'The Tories took 60 off Labour at the last count,' he said. 'At that rate, if we hang around for 12 weeks they might win.'

"Everyone's tired in Birmingham: John Hemming, Lib Dems, accepts victory in Yardley. 'I'd like to fart,' he says. 'Um...start.'"

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:47:30
Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 04:47:44

Gap is widening up to 50ish now


Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:48:21

Thirsk & Malton isn't it - the sitting MP died recently

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:48:33

Bloody Tories will still treat it as a majority.. and who will they cosy up with?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 04:48:34

Hello. Sleep intervened and DS3 has just needed a feed so here I am. What the hell is going on? What did I miss?
(Thank goodness I didn't stay up for Edgbaston)

I hear that Balls may have hung on. We shall see.

DS1 downstairs with squash and crisps.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:49:23

Balls all right by 1000

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:50:34

There you are Justa, your DH's mate is on the telly

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:51:34

Oooh Charles Clarke has lost in Norwich - LibDem gain

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:52:12

justaboutkeepingoutthetories my pfb is having boob for half the night.. it's like a party for him

gap getting too wide for me.. need some sleep

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:52:51

BNP split the vote to keep Balls in.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 04:53:28

Yes without the BNP he would have been toast.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 04:54:04

Did Justine ever get on telly in the end?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 04:55:30

Haven't seen her on ITV.

mrsbean78 Fri 07-May-10 04:56:30

sun just about up... on a tory government?

BecauseIAgreeWithGordon Fri 07-May-10 04:57:17

Right off to bed. Too depressing to continue.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 04:57:27

So what are the depressed lefties' predictions?

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 04:57:47

Latest summary from the guardian

<< More than half the results are now in. The Tories have won 47 seats, Labour have lost 41 seats and the Lib Dems have lost 5 seats. On the basis of these figures, there's a swing from Labour to the Conservatives of 5.2%. With swing varying widely from constituency to constituency, it is still had to predict the result, although the results that have come in do seem to be consistent with the exit poll, which forecast the Tories getting 305 seats and Labour getting 255 seats.>>

Yay labour hold in Islington

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 04:59:17

Goodnight BIWI

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:00:23

So the polling stations with problems, were the votes close? If they were that may cause some problems?

Although the places named I would assume safe-ish Labour so maybe I should just ignore it ...

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:01:40

Night BecauseIAgreeWithGordon

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:01:59

I don't think the Tories will go for electoral reform, they know they will never get in again. Not sure what will happen.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:02:21

Night BIWI

monkeysmama Fri 07-May-10 05:03:11

Hello again. Barking result due shortly.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:03:54

Hey mm

monkeysmama Fri 07-May-10 05:06:38

What's the big news?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:07:27

" s-defeat-BNP-fails-Barking-Labour.html"

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:07:43
Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:08:11

Hazel Blears in

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 05:08:33

there are 22 seats declaring this pm, plus thirsk & malton in 2 weeks.

of those 11 are tory safe, 6 are possible Tory wins, one is the speaker, and 4 are Labour or Lib Dem holds.

So it won't be long before things are fairly clear - Tories have 227 already, DUP have 8, Fermangh & South Tyrone has 9 votes between Sinn Fein and the Unionist candidate (still recounting).

SF have 4 MPs, possibly 5, who won't sit, leaving 646, so Tories need 324, minus 9 unionists = 315.

So: 97 of remaining 191 seats = Tory majority
88 of remaining 191 seats = Tory government with Unionist pork

Only possible case for Labour is a grand coalition, something like Labour/Lib Dem/Plaid/SDLP/Green/SNP. They have 222 currently, and would need 102 of the remaining 193 seats, which doesn't seem likely.

becksydee Fri 07-May-10 05:08:35

ooh, i thought islington south would be closer than that, i know the lib dems were targeting it quite heavily.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:10:41

Is there a list anywhere of the whole countries votes?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:10:59

So 328 not really the number?

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:11:17

Hazel Blears angry - how stupid can people be to vote her back in?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:13:27

I'm not sure the Cons really want it but they can't afford to let Lab and Lib form a coalition and push through electoral reform.

twofalls Fri 07-May-10 05:16:01

Lol mrsbean dd2 also making the most of all night feeding frenzy.

Still can't get over the fact that a aparty with such a large proportion of votes can have such a low proportion of the seats. Do you think libdems will form a government with whoever guarantees electoral reform?

SomeGuy Fri 07-May-10 05:17:53

326 is technically the number (650 MPs), but there are already 4 SF MPs, who will refuse to sit.

So 324 is the real number, for whichever party/alliance

And the DUP - 8 MPs - will certainly ally with the Tories if required. There is also Sylvia Hermon who is a Unionist who was standing on an independent Ulster Unionist - but not Conservative ticket. Then there is the 'Independent Unionist' or SF in Fermagh & South Tyrone.

Not sure what the Alliance MP will do.

twofalls Fri 07-May-10 05:19:24

Of course Tories never going to guarantee that so if they don'tget amajoritywheredoes that leave them?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:23:05

ITV are saying it's not enough even with DUP so I don't know. It's still more than Lab and Lib combined but not a majority so Brown doesn't have to stand down.

ITV now saying Lab and Lib can outvote Tories. confused

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:24:19

Would Labour go for PR to appease LDs?

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:26:29

Do you really think that people will accept GB if the Tories are the single party with the most seats and possibly greatest share of the vote for one party. I apprecaite that until he's ousted GB can sit tight however if people are upset about being locked out of polling stations they'll be a damn sight more angry at having GB continue in office.

Just thoughts?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:26:49

I reckon but they are going to look churlish hanging on.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:27:17

I REALLY wish Hazel Blears had lost her seat. I REALLY wish it.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:27:38

More than just churlish - squatters!

monkeysmama Fri 07-May-10 05:28:06

So good to see Shaun Bailey beaten.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:28:13

That was to Nymph. I really don't know what will happen. Nobody will really want responsibility for the cuts but they won't want to lose share/ the upper hand.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:30:18

By the way, the Anxious Conservatives thread seems to have closed down a couple of hours that a SIGN?

(hopeful, reading runes)

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:31:20

Wetaugust- those people may have wanted Labour?

MrJustAbout Fri 07-May-10 05:31:31

thanks for the tea, dear

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 05:35:11

Labour doing well in London says the guardian:

<< Some VERY good Labour results coming in from London - holding Westminster North which I thought impossible (and a tribute to the local work done by Karen Buck), Islington South & Finsbury and apparently Hammersmith as well. >>

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:35:22

Would the scottish/welsh nationalists be more likely to side with Labour than Tories?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:35:38

hello darling

Any suggestion that I have been sniggering online at your upcoming op would be totally true unfair.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:37:59

I agree Nymphadora that they may have wanted Labour but I just don't see how Labour could legitimately rule as a minority party when the Tories although also a minority party would be larger than Labour?

Just to set the record straight - I'm not a Tory voter - I'm just someone who's stayed up all night watching this unfold

Allidon Fri 07-May-10 05:40:46

Surely a Lib-Lab coalition minority with 50% of the vote is better than a Tory minority with 37% of the vote?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:41:35

It's better in terms of voter preference but not in terms of electoral system.

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 05:42:32

Morning, any news on Barking?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:42:51

Nick Griffin says he's lost, no official result.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:43:38

DCs up, can have a cup of tea at last.

So, Lab+Lib could do it. Let's see.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:44:03

Yes - but you have to ask why those Lib voters didn't vore lab in the first place? They are not getting their 1st choice - whereas overall more Tory voters would be denied their 1st choice.

It's a very intriguing question and I shall be tuned to the media all day tomorrow to see how it pans out.

The Tories are still taking seats not on their immediate target list - WWinchester. They could get pretty close to the 324 they need

MrJustAbout Fri 07-May-10 05:44:27

Let's hope that's an epiphany on Griffin's part!

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:44:38

What's the best radio?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 05:45:47

I still think they are going to get a wafer-thin majority.

MrJustAbout Fri 07-May-10 05:47:13

We don't know what the first choice is for the lib and lab voters ... or indeed that those who vote conservative are getting their first choice either.

There's probably a reasonable sized Green minority in the UK, alongside the bigger-than-I'm-comfortable-with BNP and UKIP groups.

The only way to be able to do a first/second choice analysis is if that's the way the electoral system works.

Allidon Fri 07-May-10 05:47:13

That's true justabout. It just seems ludicrous that a party could form a Government when 63% of the country voted against them (I thought this about previous Labour Governments too).

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:48:26

Radio 4 - today programme but until it starts - Radio 5 Live 909 or 693 MW

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 05:48:54

Ty Justabout. I'm just hoping that the 3,200 and so votes the BNP got in a`neighbouring constituency doesn't translate into yet another council seat for them on my local council.

MrJustAbout Fri 07-May-10 05:49:24

The strength of a coalition is that it grabs a greater proportion of the votes cast, but not much more than that. It's not as stable but given the choices facing the next government, I think legitimacy is very important - and I don't think that the next govt is likely to last for five years in any case.

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 05:51:06

A Green MP in Brighton!

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:51:10

I think the Tories will get about 295 seats.

Yay - first GREEN MP just elected!

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:51:25

Ya for the Greens in Brighton grin

Prolesworth Fri 07-May-10 05:53:02

Shuddering at the gaggle of gurning hoorays at Richmond Park shock

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:54:24

If Lab and Lib do form a coalition I think they would both be anihilated in the following General Election. It smacks of GB clinging onto power at all costs - however I think any coalition deal will not have GB as PM

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:54:50

Zac Goldsmaith's just got Richmond

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:55:32

Mine's just returned, Con hold, no surprise. Waiting to see how much the LD got.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:56:45

He did well, closed the gap but very difficult here. Even if the dodgy Lab candidate had stood down it wouldn't have been enough.

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 05:56:45

A colleague has been on the door knocker for the Tories and I'm hoping that they haven't gained the seat from Labour as he's an ignorant prat but the result hasn't been declared yet so doesn't look good sad

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:58:04

If PR was introduced would you change who you vote for? I always like the Green policies

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 05:58:08

Thanks WA, having to listen to Fireman Sam until DP takes over.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 05:58:40

Our Labour MP was voted out - the early surprise result. He was a terrific MP and I feel desperately sorry for him.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 05:58:54

Hey there is still Monster Raving Loonies grin

Margaret Hodge is in (not linked)

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:01:16

Latest SKY prediction

Con 309
Lab 259
Lib 54
Others - couldn't type that fast

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:03:21

What were your highlights / lowlights of the night?

Highlight - Jaqui Smith getting booted out

Lowlight - Hazel yucky Blears and the very nasty Ed Balls getting in

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:03:53

53 seats difference [worried]

Just to be shallow Sarah Brown looks much nicer than Sam Cam

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:04:06

Well done the people of Barking:

Labour's Margaret Hodge has held Barking with 24,628 votes - a hugely increased majority. Among those she defeated was Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, who came third with 6,620.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:04:53

Good good.

Oh WetAugust, you don't know how yucky the local Con candidate was. Ed Balls and he are equally yucky.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:08:08

Was the Lib man yucky too? Surely there was someone better than Balls to vote for?

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 06:09:04

Great news regarding Barking

monkeysmama Fri 07-May-10 06:12:10

Griffin was adamant they'd get 2nd at least. Even better news - Griffin dropped the BNP from 17% in 2005 to 14.6% in 2010.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:13:25

I voted Lib Dem. I don't know how yucky or not he was as he was invisible and doesn't seem to have bothered to campaign.

2cats2many Fri 07-May-10 06:16:19

Fantatsic- two Barking seats have declared and the BNP didn't come close. SO HAPPY!!

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:16:42

I really do think the Cons might 'let' Lab/Lib have a go for a bit, take the flak for the worst of the cuts, try and block PR, (could they?) and attempt to storm it in a year or two. Or does that seem too far-fetched?

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:16:54

Dag& Rain BNP overtook Lib dem shock

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:17:46

I think it's all in Nick Clegg's hands and I think he is going to go with the Tories.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:19:12

I think it may be a bit far-fetched Leningrad as the markets will not wait for political stability. Our bonds will be downgraded and it would be a downwards spiral to another really quick G Election.

No - whoever takes over has to demonstrate stability - how I don't know

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:19:22

Did I hear Nick Clegg wasn't safe yet? or did I mishear?

Caroline Lucas made interesting comments on the Tories

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:20:21

He's not declared. It would be extraordinary if he lost his seat. I have a friend in the constituency and she says it is pure yellow ATM - BUT then there were plenty turned away (Ranmoor polling station is in his constituency)

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:21:10

Blunkett is saying that Brown should concede

magentadreamer Fri 07-May-10 06:21:21

I was just going to post saying they'd not declaare his seat.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:21:25

But if that happened with PR...

Anyway, I can't see GB stepping aside.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:22:56

What did she say Nymph?

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:23:44

Major haung on to the bitter end with a handful of a majority and called an election at the last possible date - look how long they were out of power after the voters punished them.

I simply don't think the electorate would stand for GB doing the same -not even with Clegg as his bubble has burst

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:25:16

I feel much the same, WetAugust - I think it would be a poisoned chalice for Labour to try in the circs.

I'd rather see the Lib Dems restraining the Tories. Of course we might STILL see the scary Tory majority thing.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:26:49

True, but I want PR. This feels like the only chance.

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 06:27:38

Hello all. Checking in after night on sofa with TV in the background. Need to get kids up for school (hour later here in France).

No Tory majority so far!

Don't know about the rest of the lefties but I thought it would be worse than this.

Am still crumpled valiant and knackered proud!! See you all later.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:27:39

I want electoral reform too.

Cbeebies is now on in our house, damn. Shall have to watch on BBC website.

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 06:28:02

Well good morning...

I drifted into consciousness at some point for the radio to tell me it was hung, which was a relief

Good News:

Caroline Lucas winning Brighton
Griffin not taking Barking and BNP having no seat as yet
no landslide

BAd News:
Sheffield students getting locked out in favour of local residents
bad day for lib dems.

Hassled Fri 07-May-10 06:28:30

I can't believe Norwich South. Just can't get over it.

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:28:59

If sky are now forecasting 309 Con seats then with the 8 DUP seats they'll have 317 - they only need 315. I'm not counting the result that won't come through until late May as the matter will have to be decided long before then

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:30:00

Clegg's result due in 3 mins

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:33:39

Hooray for Lucas

Boo for Goldsmith

Hoping for a LibLabNationalistGreen coalition

Overall, not such a bad night for the depressed lefties I think

Going to be an interesting weekend

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:34:08

Clegg looks relaxed

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:34:39

Clegg's in

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:35:05

So why on earth did that count take so long?

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:35:54

Caroline Lucas- they arsked about siding with Labour over Tories. She said something about they have voted with Tories in the past when they made an effort (or something similar) as if that wasn't the norm!

Nick Clegg in

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:35:59

lol. someone on twitter: 'the people have spoken, and they're not making any sense'

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:37:37

Cleggs area had trouble with voters

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:39:14

I can't see Lucas voting with the Tories, I just can't. She might not formally join a left coalition but she is totally of the left.

Brighton FTW! <nostalgic for the Laines>

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:40:30

Lets all move to Brighton!

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:41:18

Yes overall not as bad as I thought it would be. Odd re: LDs though.

UnrequitedSkink Fri 07-May-10 06:44:19

Utterly confused - what happens now?!

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:45:14

Yes. LibDems - wtf happened? Wonder whether the Greek situation drove lots of waverers towards the Tories?

Bucharest Fri 07-May-10 06:45:16

Morning......Have you been here all night Policy?

Not quite an overall majority is that right? Haven't been and looked at beeb website yet, I prefer my politics the MN way....Italian tv is talking about Labour sunsets.

It's a lot better than I went to bed thinking it was tbh.

(thought we were going to be proud and valiant, not depressed? grin)

Good news about Barking. Need to catch up with thread and dress child.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:45:26

Ahem - we have a personal connection to Caroline Lucas. I know her sister quite well.


PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 06:46:32

70% turnout in Brighton Pavilion

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:46:34

Skink - your guess as good as anyone else's grin

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 06:47:11

I loved the Labour message to the BNP in Barking

"get out and stay out"

Pendulum Fri 07-May-10 06:47:50

Leningrad, I am beginning to think that I would prefer <whispers> a wafer thin tory majority to a lib/lab coalition which is forced to make very unpopular decisions and faces another election shortly afterwards.

Apparently the bookies have slashed the odds on an october 2010 election.

Best outcome might be for them to "win" it by a few seats and take the flak. Icould still take comfort in the fact that it has hardly been a landslide.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:48:13

Quite a few turnout in the 70%s

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:48:46

Pendulum, you have a point. What I would really prefer is Tories having to use Lib Dem support to get anything through - that may save us from teh worst of the right-wing lunacy.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:48:52

Pretty much Burcharest. I conked out for about 40 minutes and was woken up by the Lucas result.

Given that we were staring a large Tory majority in the face a few months ago, I can't find it in myself to be depressed today grin

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 06:49:36

Morning <uggggg>

WEll, I'm vaguely cheered by the fact we don't have a Tory govt this morning.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:50:42

No no no! Cons-Lib coalition wouldn't deliver PR. We have to get a PR referendum at least

<over-tired and bossy>

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:51:20

Absolutely pol.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 06:51:38

I'm back. Can't believe how poorly the Lib Dems have done despite their percentage of the vote.If anything is a case for pr, that is and i voted labour in a Lib De/ Labour marginal.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 06:52:21

<<<<Backs Policywonk>>>>

Caroline Lucas for PM?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:52:21

But Libs won't go with Cons unless they get a PR referendum, no?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:53:35

If that happened pen, I want Lib and Lab to form a pact now. Stop splitting the vote. Although that worked in their favour with some right-wingers doing that this time.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:53:56

SURELY Clegg wouldn't be so stupid as to form a government with anyone without PR assurances?


TheJollyPirate Fri 07-May-10 06:54:06

A massive well done to Margaret Hodge for battering the BNP in Barking.

Am amazed by how close the Lab/Con results are though, expected there to be a bigger difference.

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 06:54:12

Gah. Slept for four hours. Whad I miss? Thought it would be done and dusted by now. Did Lloyd George get in then?

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 06:55:16

justabout, I think Clegg wouild. It's whether the real liberals behind him in the party will let him do it (rubs eyes).

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:55:38

justa, clegg appears to be signalling that PR would be third on his shopping list

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 06:55:42


LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 06:56:02

jeez, why?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 06:56:15

OH NOOOOOOO! He can't. He just CAN'T.

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 06:56:42

I've really gone off Clegg. What are one and two? One - give me a job two - give me any job?

WetAugust Fri 07-May-10 06:58:44

Even if Lab / Lib try to govern surely the House of Lords still has a Tory majority that could send bills straight back to the Commons. I know they could then be guillotined but it would be absolute turmoil.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 06:58:50

You'd think it would be a sine qua non wouldn't you? But it's not looking so sure (re. Clegg/PR)

Gordon, the LibDems have in fact lost Lloyd George's seat. More importantly, they lost Evan Harris's too <starts crying again>

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:00:11

Why wouldn't they want PR first and foremost?

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:01:17

Maybe Clegg is thinking that if he props up a Labour govt, he will lose any chance of gaining soft Tory votes for the next several elections? And there's no point demanding PR from Tories because they just won't give it.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 07:02:45

Jacqui Smith is gone! [celebrates with abandon]

Nick Griffin got slaughtered! [would celebrate with abandon but too tired]

Not overly-amused by Ed Balls returning. That seat should have gone lib dem.

What idiots voted for Hazel Blears?

What about the Milibands? Have we heard yet?

What about spouses stuffed in 'safe' seats? Are they back?

Harriet Harman - tell me she's still here.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:05:02

That's the downside of LDs not doing very well, no confidence they would be a significant force in UK politics in the future so now PR not important for a few years /ever?

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:05:38

But their share of the vote still good enough to be significant under PR.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 07:06:42

Off googling.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:07:48

Just woke my mum to discuss results. Very happy about Caroline Lucas, very sad that my dad wasn't there (he was an election night junkie)

Now we nailbite and wait and see.

TheFirstLady Fri 07-May-10 07:08:11

Morning all. And what a grim morning. Switched on the TV just in time to see Camborne go Tory. Harrow's gone too.

taffetatactical Fri 07-May-10 07:08:43

so nice to come onto MN again this am and see the anxious conservatives thread, er, anxious

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:09:09

Having been up all night, now what do I do? Might try and stay the course through today at least.

Coolfonz Fri 07-May-10 07:09:44

Morning gorgeouses!

Greens win Brighton!!!

Some real lefties in the house!!!! Not imperialist monetarist fakes who kill innocent people for political gain!

Where did the right wing media write about the `rise of the Greens`? Too busy promoting the fucking BNP.

Awesome vibez! grin

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:09:54

Yes, that is true, at least no one is gloating.

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:10:36

And actually, would a minority Tory government be so very bad? They couldn't do much, surely, and they might not last long. We might end up back at the polls in six months' time.

(wishful thinking alert)

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 07:11:17

Just looked at my local areas that haven't announced .All saying 3pmish shock don't they realise I am going away for the weekend !

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 07:11:48

Have they declared for Streatham yet? (Don't live there, just have a crush on Chukka Umunna). BBC website not showing. Also dancing around that Shaun Bailey didn't get in. And Barking - much better than expected although I don't like Margaret Hodge. (Forgive use of And to start a sentence - it's a big day).

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:13:12

Raising a mug of builder's tea to your dad, justa

Morning coolfonz - not too bad, eh?

Milibands are both safe (D definitely in, can't believe E would lose his seat)

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 07:14:14

Our MP who seemed extremely complacent got in by the skin of his teeth. Had a hoooge majority in 2005. Need a laptop or something (dashes downstairs to see the telly box and iron school uniform).

Coolfonz Fri 07-May-10 07:15:03

Trying to be impartial, (so far) the Tories can't win an overall majority in the biggest recession for 50 years, after 13 years of Labour, where Labour attacked working class people financially in the UK and with bombs and bullets in foreign lands.

It gives Labour a chance to get rid of Brown and come back at them. Which personally would make me sick, I'd much prefer the Tories in, we will get where we are going quicker...

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:15:20

Haven't heard anything about Streatham but I did nod off for a bit

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 07:16:17

I'm safe going to Glasgow, all red & yellow up there (wondering how to holiday in only left areas)

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 07:17:28

Something in me asks the question "what were Labour DOING with seats in Brighton and Chester,anyway?" No obvious party strongholds any more, are there?

TheFirstLady Fri 07-May-10 07:17:59

Recount in Harrow.

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:19:22

You mean financial meltdown Cf?

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:21:28

Brighton Kemptown full of Guardian readers, young singles and dirt poor estates - rather amazed it's gone tory tbh

LeninGrad Fri 07-May-10 07:22:50

I'm fading, back later.

Coolfonz Fri 07-May-10 07:22:52

Systemic collapse yeah. Not as in Mad Max, as in political economic.

In France we're known as `the catastrophist left` by the right wing media, heheheh. Loads of commies vote UMP in round 2 etc...mind you the UMP are to the left of Labour...

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 07:23:10

Surely LibDems would not pass up opportunity for electoral reform? Clegg must lose all credibility with his members if he doesn't pursue it.

taffetacat Fri 07-May-10 07:23:18

how on earth am I supposed to get the DC to school this am? I need coverage

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:23:33

How cheering that the London futures market stayed open overnight by special dispensation, so that chinless twonks could gamble our currency away and generally try to override the outcome of the election. I mean, what a great use of everyone's time and resources.

Polly Toynbee is on R4 <soothed>

Morning. 4 hrs sleep, broken not once, but twice by DS, thanks for that, sweetie. grin

Well, I didn't expect to hear people still predicting a hung parliament this morning! Still, it's all pretty depressing. Reading now completely tory. I was vote-counting in '97 there, both seats Labour. sad At least that appalling woman in Sutton and Cheam didn't get in.

policywonk Fri 07-May-10 07:25:07

bye bye len

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:27:03

If Clegg passes up electoral reform opportunity I will personally seek him out and kill him in an as-yet undecided and painful way.

(wonders about the advisability of posting death threats on MN and if that counts as a personal attack)

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:27:28

oooohhh 66 vote difference in Cambourne.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 07:28:44

Justa - how is your DC this morning?

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:30:38

oh, he's all right. We got him up at 4.30 to watch, he promptly had another attack, but seems to have settled now. Pizza for breakfast seems to have helped.

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:30:44

Am gutted - my old constituency went Tory with a 7.7% swing. WITH A MARGIN OF 54 VOTES!!!

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 07:32:05

Pizza for breakfast does make a difference. smile

epithet Fri 07-May-10 07:32:59

I feel for you, Pfft. I've just staggered out of bed after 2.5 hours to find that I'm 'represented' by a filthy rich landowner with a quadruple-barrelled name.

Gutted for our outgoing Labour MP, who has worked hard for this area sad.

preggerspollsred Fri 07-May-10 07:33:18

Morning. Woken with a headache.

Wish I was a fly on the wall to hear what strategies were being developed.

I'm feeling happy there will be no Tory flag waving victory moment, means some smuggery has been avoided at least.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 07:34:15

Love how close loads of the seats are though.

dd2 is really wound up about the tories winning. She is hoping for wet play so she can go on the internet and find out who won!
She is 8 hmm

monkeysmama Fri 07-May-10 07:34:43

Been up all night apart from hour's doze on sofa. Of course dd is now up and ready to go dancing.

Am pleased by Barking result. BNP haven't dine half as well as they expected anywhere. On that happy note am off to bed for hour.

sunnydelight Fri 07-May-10 07:37:48

I'm watching from Sydney, and am SO depressed. I remember living in Brighton when Labour got in after the Thatcher years and it felt like waking up to a new dawn. The thought of the banker wankers being back in power is horrible.

OrmRenewed Fri 07-May-10 07:39:09

Still got Liddell Granger. No big surprise there. Lib-Dems in second place ahead of Labour.

BNP only got 2.35%. Thank fuck for that!

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 07:40:50

Anyone got any info on seats left to declare (about 56?) Are they all big rural Tory consituencies or what??

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:41:48

See Esther Rantzen did shockingly badly.

Am impressed at the lack of Tory landslide. If they can't do it now....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

justaboutkeepingoutthetories Fri 07-May-10 07:42:16

How badly did E do?

Morning all, was just about to type in despair, but just saw that we stayed red here, thank goodness.

I just needed to vent the fact that I want to poke Gove in the eye (want to do worse, but I'm also concerned about making threats on mnet). Why do they keep claiming it's been a comprehensive defeat/rout?? It hasn't at all. I was expecting a rout, but I'm finding myself relieved this am.

So pleased by how badly the BNP are doing, but I'm actually relieved that people have voted for them and not the Tories in some constituencies! Never thought I'd be pleased about BNP votes.

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:42:56

BNP and UKIP combined got almost 10% of the vote here.

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 07:43:09

really awful local result we now have a Tory MP

Lots of London seats left to declare, they're often red

OrmRenewed Fri 07-May-10 07:43:34

Exactly dragon! If they can't get a landslide after 13yrs in oppostion <snigger>

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 07:43:39

Morning all.

What is the state of the nation this morning? It is not looking great, is it?

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:43:39

Wilf - last time I looked, about 20 of the seats left to declare were Top 200 Tory target seats.

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 07:44:26

now live in a tory seat angry. shit

aren't they... <hopeful>

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 07:45:47

Cumbria- Copeland -was labour but is rural
Penrith was tory & v landed
westmorland was libdem but may waver
Morecambe may waver but I would suspect left
Lancaster similar

geekgirl Fri 07-May-10 07:45:55

fucking hell. Woke up to find that neighbouring Harrogate (safe LibDem seat for decades) has been lost by a massive unexpected swing to the Tories shockconfused

Grim all-round really.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 07-May-10 07:46:20

i cant watch anymore. why are people desperate for a tory government when their policies dont add up for the economy and the they will start making cuts? people think they are clever sticking to gordon brown....wait till it hits them in the pocket.

cannot believe our labour mp is out here.sad

are there more people with money in the country than i know about?

I'm also feeling evilly smug that my travelling db didn't organise his postal vote, he's annoyingly Tory. The rest of the family are lefties, so I cant say my parents went to much effort to remind him [evilgrin]

I can't believe people think that non-dom millionaires' sons are representative of their constituencies

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 07:48:46

Am so pleased for Caroline Lucas - quite a result!

LadycAshcroft Fri 07-May-10 07:49:36

The North East keeping the flame alive with lots of lovely ladies.

I could cry over the overall result though.

[goes into hibernation hoping it will all go away]

jenny60 Fri 07-May-10 07:53:04

it really could have been so much worse and the tories should have done sooo much better. they don't look smug to me.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 07:59:32

Am relieved to see that there is no strong majority.

BAD result for the Tories. After so many years in opposition, plus the whole crisis/critical press and the pressure that GB had been under, to just scrape in by the skin of your teeth is by no means a victory.

Having some parenting worries so off to start a thread for some advice. Wonder if anyone will even notice it?

HamShine Fri 07-May-10 08:00:32

signing back in, bleary. Glad it's a hp. Slap in the face to hamchops, tbh - on paper it should have been his to lose at the start of the campaign.

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 08:00:33

By ze way, what happened with Justine? Did she get all dolled up for nothing?

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 08:01:11

If Clegg sells out on PR to get his grubby hands on a bigger piece of the pie surely he will lose all credibility both in the eyes of the public and his own party?


The only way I can see this being presented (if the Tory majority doesn't happen) is that people want change so they'll eject Gordon Brown and adjust the system. Would a referendum be required to implement PR?

sfxmum Fri 07-May-10 08:01:22

LiB Dem to Tory sad I just can't get over this sad

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 08:04:28

I would think so beachcomber.

It must be difficult, because they imagined that they would probably be in a much stronger position. If they don't go in with someone else, will they stand a chance of power again? But then if they don't ger PR, they will never get in for good.

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 08:06:27

I bet WaxyDave is seething! This is a really bad result for the Tories so far considering long Labour term, recession, etc.

If they can't do it with all the cash they have thrown at it and with the help of the press then that really makes them look bad.

PfftThePinkoLeftyDragon Fri 07-May-10 08:06:30

A tight morning in Hampstead and Kilburn.

Gordonsavingexpertdotcom Fri 07-May-10 08:10:14

The thing is, although the Libdems may be able to bargain on PR now, actually the country hasn't shown that's what it wants as any sort of priority - or it would have voted in more Liberals using this system. Ooh, and then they wouldn't have wanted PR any more!
Very peed off with the LibDems for causing such a fuss about nothing, and still crowing on about three party politics.

I'm not surprised Harrogate has gone blue - was always waiting to happen. I think the MP stood down as well so no sitting candidate?

Well I went to bed at 2.30 and feel quite perky this morning. Plainly there are tough times ahead but after everything that's happened - the wars, the economy, the expenses etc it's pretty remarkable that the conservatives couldn't get it together enough to win. It's all going to be fine. grin

Beachcomber Fri 07-May-10 08:14:49

Just noticed there are 49 seats left to declare their result and the Tories need 40 of them for a majority.


thetoriesaretoast Fri 07-May-10 08:15:04

Geekgirl, I'm so sad about Harrogate, I grew up there.

theyoungvisiter Fri 07-May-10 08:15:17

Morning all!

No red eyes here - just a red nose. Am in agony as sinus meds have worn off over night but strangely cheered by the news.

It's not the result I wanted but it could all work out ok I think [hopeful]

POOR lib dems though. Feel really sad for them - I wanted them to get a substantial share. I blame those 50% poll ratings after the TV debates. All the waverers thought it was a done deal and went back to their roots.

WilfSellOut Fri 07-May-10 08:17:28

Yeah I think on the whole, right now, things are positive for us. Hung parliament best expected result if Tories don't pull back and as others say this is actually a disaster for both Tories (failed in their best chance) and LibDems - total collapse of proposed 'bounce'

But it does still very much depend on these last seats...

Just catching up and seeEdgbaston had only 0.5% swing - Go Gisela grin

<<waves flag>>

theyoungvisiter Fri 07-May-10 08:18:15

and agree this is a disaster for Dave.

He was handed this election on a monogrammed silver platter plate and he still couldn't get an outright majority.

[hopes I'm not previous here - can't imagine all the remaining seats are going to go Tory!]

[gibbers and chews nails]

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 07-May-10 08:18:29

I'm really surprised by the Lib Dem numbers.

And bored by the SNP getting its 6 seats.

CatIsSleepy Fri 07-May-10 08:19:58

have had about 3 hours sleep, no shower yet, have a headache and dd1 is having a tantrum

morning grin

theyoungvisiter Fri 07-May-10 08:20:00

I really wonder if PR will benefit the lib dems as much as everyone seems to think.

They are the party that benefits most from tactical voting. Surely with (some form of) PR there will be less incentive to vote tactically and they may actually lose vote share?

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 08:20:02

I am going to phone my Mum later and rant at her. Bet she voted SNP.

Nymphadora Fri 07-May-10 08:20:11

What is likely to happen regarding the polling problems? Would it affect Nick Clegg?