If the general election were tomorrow - who would MN vote in?

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two parts to this question.

1) Ideally, who would you vote for if the General Election were tomorrow?

2)If you are a tactical voter who would you vote for instead?

So me:
1)Lib Dem

well, this thread didn't go down very well.
<wanders back to real life>

StretchFucksTheMailDaily Mon 12-Oct-09 16:38:33

Oooh, I'll answer!! grin

2. N/A

GrandhighBOOba Mon 12-Oct-09 19:12:44

1. SNP
2. SNP

Guess where I live! grin

YouLukaAmazing Mon 12-Oct-09 19:17:00

Message withdrawn

YouLukaAmazing Mon 12-Oct-09 19:17:48

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Mon 12-Oct-09 19:17:54

1) Labour

2) N/A

mumblechum Mon 12-Oct-09 19:32:17

I honestly don't know. I suppose I'll have to listen to some manifesto -lies- pledges in the run up to the election.

Luka - you are very welcome to ignore me - many do!

grin Grandhigh

YouLukaAmazing Mon 12-Oct-09 22:31:05

Message withdrawn

DogManStar Mon 12-Oct-09 22:33:25

1 Conservative
2 n/a

Luka - It looks pretty settled over the uk for the next few days. Not necessarily always sunny though, some drizzle and light rain with the SW seeing the best of the sunshine. I think temps will be a bit warmer than it was overnight last night with the increased cloud cover.

YouLukaAmazing Tue 13-Oct-09 19:03:42

Message withdrawn

ABetaDad Tue 13-Oct-09 19:26:01

1. Conservative

2. I will not need to as I will be voting for the winner.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 13-Oct-09 19:28:45

Lib Dem

I'm not a tactical voter.

1) Labour
2) Lib dem (we are in a Lib dem/Conservative area)

elkiedee Thu 19-Nov-09 11:56:07

1. Ideally, a party committed to socialist principles which I share

2. Don't really need to consider tactical voting, but will probably vote for my local Labour MP who will probably get reelected even if most of his colleagues don't anyway. I haven't actually voted for him yet because I voted Socialist Alliance and then Respect, but I don't think I'm convinced by anyone else in this election. The Green Party candidate is a sort of friend, but I will probably go back to voting Labour.

smartmars Thu 19-Nov-09 20:20:27

I'm with Bumper;

Lib Dem (if i had to, which i would)

pugsandseals Thu 19-Nov-09 20:26:00

1. Lib Dem
2. Conservative

Why on earth would anybody want to vote Mr Brown back in? All the labour ideas of the last 15 years have taken away choice to everyone who receives education, healthcare and the like!

The more that vote conservative the more chance we have of being rid of Mr Brown!!!

teamcullen Thu 19-Nov-09 21:00:28

2) Labour

I was Labour born and bred, my dad would have us driving round town on open top candidate buses when we were kids on election day, shouting Maggie, Maggie Maggie, out, out out. I think he would haunt me if I ever went over to the dark side grin

On a serious note though, the tories were in power all through my chilhood and school years and when my dad was out of work in the 80s we were very hard up even though my mum worked to keep us afloat and pay the mortgage, my education was rubbish and quite frankly nobody cared as we were only factory fodder for all the non exsitant factories.

My children are much better off now and have a better education and Things have definatly improved since Labour came to power.

diedandgonetodevon Thu 19-Nov-09 21:04:20

1) Conservative
2) N/A

smartmars Thu 19-Nov-09 21:06:58

Teamcullen; Me too! 'Dig Deep for the Miners' stickers all over house! Feel v sorry for GB

Ewe Thu 19-Nov-09 21:09:49

1) I will vote Conservative because I really like and respect my local MP and he is genuinely the best person for the job.

2) If I were to vote tactically I would vote Lib Dem but even that would be a waste in the Surrey stronghold I live in.

In an ideal world I would like to vote Labour but a) It is pointless here and b) I think we need a change in government (any government) after a reasonable time frame.

Francasaysrelax Thu 19-Nov-09 21:13:28

And i'm not a tactical voter. Shame I don't live in the UK anymore and couldn't vote in the general elections grin

PippiHasALifeOfRiley Fri 20-Nov-09 12:36:46

1) Labour
2) Labour

3107 Sat 21-Nov-09 12:57:18

Labour all the time. They are the party most genuinely concerned with family and social welfare. If the Tory's get in, say goodbye to your Child Tax Credits...

said Sat 21-Nov-09 13:23:35

a) Labour
b) Lib Dem

Prinnie Sat 21-Nov-09 13:27:54

1) Conservative
2) Conservative

Buntytea Sat 21-Nov-09 13:29:30

1) Conservative
2) N/A

nickelbabe Sat 21-Nov-09 13:30:54

1) Lib Dem
2) Lib Dem

they're the only answer. and after seeing Nick clegg's broadcast the other day, i can honestly say i'm even more inclined to them. grin

hatwoman Sat 21-Nov-09 13:32:00

1. lib dem
2. lib dem

has ever been thus. I was rather delighted in 97 - I lived in a marginal tory-lib dem consituency and the lib dems got in by about 60 votes. gave me a real feeling of actually mattering.

hatwoman Sat 21-Nov-09 13:34:13

I'm smiling to myself about this thread's potential to be a useful point of reference. having a heated debate? want to know exactly where the participants stand? bookmark this thread...

nickelbabe Sat 21-Nov-09 13:54:30

i had the same thing, hatwoman!

(okay, nearly similar)

a friend and i both voted lib dem and when the results came in the results were however-many-thousand and two! so we could really see our votes on the table!

On current evidence I suspect MN would vote in Charlie Brooker if the election were tomorrow. With Chris Corcoran as First Minister for Wales.

ThingOneofYourNightmares Sat 21-Nov-09 14:09:24

1. Liberal Democrat.
2. N/A, I live in a Liberal Democrat seat. No tactical voting needed.

Peachy Sat 21-Nov-09 14:13:22

1) Green or Lib Dem

2) Labour, but Hell would freeze over before Cons got in here IMO, and I'd have to be really worried about something to vote tactically. Like if the BNP were likely to get in.

howboutnow Sat 21-Nov-09 14:17:34

Like Teamcullen, we were dragged out as kids to vote Labour so have always voted for them. Until 1997. New Labour are not the same as the Labour party, they took on Tory policies and continued to work for big business and the bankers. I would have thought it was obvious they had abandoned the working classes when Brown abolished the 10% tax threshold.

howboutnow Sat 21-Nov-09 14:21:30

So how would I vote now? I voted LibDems because of their opposition to the Iraq war but I don't like their policies on Europe. My area is a Tory stronghold but if it wasn't I would look into whether the current MP had been involved in the Expences scandal and if they had I would check out the others and if they all had been involved I would vote for an independent.

plus3 Sat 21-Nov-09 14:26:32

1) Labour

2) N/A don't believe in tactical voting.

Whilst I can see the advantage of a change of government after a prolonged period of time, there is just no way I could ever bring myself to vote Tory. Never.

howboutnow Sat 21-Nov-09 14:34:19

But voting New Labour is voting Tory-lite.

Thatcher was asked what her greatest achievement was and she replied, 'New Labour'.

nickelbabe Sat 21-Nov-09 16:52:47

howboutnow: you are spot on with that.
new labour really really isn't socialist like it's supposed to be.

Spacehoppa Sun 22-Nov-09 22:00:16

1) It isn't tomorrow yet

Maybe a bit too tactical there?

DamascusRose Mon 23-Nov-09 04:21:34


Apologies for going off on one in my own little "Goodbye to Lenin" style, day 11 of whole family Swine Flu incarceration and 4 night of next to no sleep. I'm waiting for my camomile tea to cool...

Like my sisters above, joined the Party when 15 (I think that is/was the age) and canvassed from an early age. Was in student politics at ULU & marched my socks off etc in the 1980's. Can still sing the Red Flag and the Internationale! I'm a clause 4rite - but also realised that even if New Labour wasn't quite me - I was still more for them than I could be for anyone else. I remember what is was like living those formative years under the Tories. Remember my bro's kids singing "ding dong the witch is dead" when Thatcher milk-snatcher had to stand down (anyone see that TV play recently - spine chilling). Remember all those elections we strove to win, like Kinnock's last stand, then John Smith's death... Our area elected the first Labour MP and was dying in "greed is good" era. My folks hosted miners families during the strike. Now we have all the impact of Sure start, free nursery places at internationally recognised council nurseries, all primary aged kids have free school dinner available to them etc. But - the Iraq war and the lies and playing poodle to Bush...we were living in the Middle East in the late 90's, and stayed up listening to the election results in 97 on the World Service, we celebrated with breakfast at a posh hotel and sat with other expats in the business suite after watching the TV. I have Iraqi relatives - Arab and Kurd, I have travelled & worked in Iraq. We marched again, protested and lobbied. I cut up my membership card and sent it back. However, the day after the European elections when the BNP got in, I re-joined the party and my DH joined for the first time.

Hmmm. After years of voting Labour/Lib Dem I thought I was going to finally do the unthinkable and vote Tory. I'd even got as far as telling my DH and BF (expecting to be shouted down - in fact they sort of shrugged and mumbled a bit). I don't know though, I think the Conservative decision on Europe was really disappointing. Whilst I can't bear Brown and the shambles of the last 12 years I can't bring myself to vote for David Cameron as I don't know he's got a plan that convinces me either...

Willbreakmybones Wed 25-Nov-09 22:22:16


However, I was with Tony Blair and NEW Labour up until about 2002 when the cluncking fist started wasting all our hard earned money.

Aubergines Wed 25-Nov-09 22:25:57

Today I might avoid voting for the man who didn't bother to research his points for Prime Ministers Questions today and tried to spark hysteria about terrorism in schools to score political points. Sorry David but that was shameful.

scaryteacher Wed 25-Nov-09 23:31:07


kerstina Fri 11-Dec-09 16:50:19

I agree with what teamcullen has said .I am fed up with all the negative press Gordon Brown and the government are getting at the moment .We need to think about all the positive things they have done.From a personal point of view i am happy with all the improvements to preschool education.I think surestart schemes have been very worthwhile .I am pleased with child tax credit.I did not support the war in Iraq at all but i am sure that if the tories had of been in power unfortunately it would still have gone ahead. I will be voting Labour again as i think he has handled our country well in this global recession.Also i would like to see a lot more resources put into helping our elderly people both for care in their own homes and in care homes.What are the tories planning? to cut inheritance tax party for the rich and selfish.

coconutice Thu 17-Dec-09 20:31:44

As I have now become totally disillusioned by all sides I think I'll be spoiling my paper. Can't not vote - people died so we have that opportunity - but really all sides are much of a muchnes, they all say what they think the media will accept and policy is basically decided through the sound bite.
Tactically, the land here is deep blue so probably would have to go red, but don’t think I can do it.

Wolliw Fri 05-Feb-10 16:25:02

1. Green
2. Lib Dem

FootStamper Sat 06-Feb-10 09:06:36

10 DC
2) N/A

ellielowe Mon 08-Mar-10 11:56:16

It's got to be:

1. Labour
2. Labour

I dread to think what the Tories are going to do to Sure Start...

ellielowe Mon 08-Mar-10 11:56:33

It's got to be:

1. Labour
2. Labour

I dread to think what the Tories are going to do to Sure Start...

kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Mon 08-Mar-10 11:58:24

are the monster raving loony party still around?

JennyPiccolo Tue 09-Mar-10 16:10:10

SNP for me.

Dont know how strong they'll be in Westminster, but they're the only ones i have any faith in.

mumblechum Tue 09-Mar-10 16:40:23

1) Conservative
2) LibDem
Although it goes against my natural grain.

Have always previously voted Labour but am disappointed at quite a lot of things going on at the moment.

Granny23 Tue 09-Mar-10 22:06:25

2) No tactical voting required, SNP will win this seat!

ClaireDeLoon Tue 09-Mar-10 22:07:31

1) Labour
2) n/a

LibraryLil Thu 11-Mar-10 15:21:22

Lib Dem

MsDav Thu 11-Mar-10 15:34:35

1. Lib Dem
2. Labour a wasted vote round here really tho

No Zac sodding Goldsmith I won't be voting for you. Ever.

Tashtodd Sat 20-Mar-10 13:22:27

1. Conservative

I live in a safe tory seat so no tactical necessary

missmoopy Sat 20-Mar-10 13:35:35

1) a socialist party if one was available

2) Labour - a may not be 100% happy with the labour government up to now but I would rather Labour won than the Tories. I dread waking up on May 7th to a Tory government.

foxinsocks Sat 20-Mar-10 13:43:04

I haven't decided

am waiting to hear what the budget says and a few more statements of intent from the party leaders. In fact, I'm most interested in what they plan to do (economically).

LucyLG Mon 22-Mar-10 07:01:21


I really don't want to live in a world that's got Dave's agenda driving it. I don't think he's remotely in touch with what Britain needs, and I reckon the Tories are using him as a thinly veiled attempt to disguise their true intentions. Beware the smiling assassin.

We've been warned that cuts in public spending are going to be 'worse' than under Thatcher already, and I just dread to think where the 'little' money that will be available will be spent under Conservatives. Certainly not on basic education & healthcare for the masses, I fear.

All this stuff about 'broken Britain' - what a joke. We have it better than we realise. I know unemployment has rocketed during the recession, but no-one's starving (unlike the 80's - remember Wigan? Starved back to work across the picket lines...) and many of the unemployed people I interview for jobs at my work may be struggling, but are 100% not desperate!

LucyLG Mon 22-Mar-10 07:05:25

AND don't forget what caused the recession in the first place... deregulating the banking industry, oh I wonder who could have done that...?!

Sorry about the diatribe, I'm just nervous about what's going to happen when my wee one comes in to this world. I wish I could guarantee my unborn child a benevolent future, conducive to putting in a bit of graft with a bit of success afterwards, not too much surely?

nosferatu Mon 22-Mar-10 17:57:34

a) labour
b) lib dem

eatsushi Sun 28-Mar-10 23:23:47

1) Labour
2) Labour

I have a young baby so it is Labour all the way.

WilfandWilma Mon 29-Mar-10 15:19:10

1. Conservative
2. Conservative

I have young children and I don't want them to be paying off the debts left by Gordon Brown when they start work in 15 - 20 years time.

MrIC Tue 30-Mar-10 15:12:36

1. lib dem
2. green

I have a young baby too!

dollius Tue 30-Mar-10 18:19:22

Wilf, that's what they'll be doing if we hand the economy to George Osborne. And DC doesn't believe in the welfare state, not really - that's why he keeps banging on about volunteering and charities.

So, I suppose if secretly you think the poor should really be shunted off to workhouses rather than leeching off the rest of us then go ahead and vote Conservative. Personally, I am grateful that I am in a position to thrive in our society having been given the tools to do so with a relatively privileged upbringing. I feel it is my duty to give those who can't cope so well with our hard-nosed Capitalism a helping hand.

Really it always baffles me that so many Conservatives claim to be Christians.

It's also a common mistake to say that GB was responsible for our collapsed pensions - that was the Tories when they introduced a tax on surpluses in workplace pensions. Axing the dividend tax credit was natural follow on from that move (thanks again Maggie).

Plus, in case you haven't noticed, it's a GLOBAL recession that's been going on out there.

Lib Dem all the way for me. They are the true socialists

electra Wed 31-Mar-10 12:49:37

1. Lib dem
2. Labour

pooka Wed 31-Mar-10 12:50:24

1. Labour
2. Lib dem

wutheringnights Wed 31-Mar-10 22:08:17

2. Green

MrsHappy Wed 31-Mar-10 22:12:57

1) Conservative
2) Lib Dem - we have a good Lib Dem MP and her only real opposition is the Labour candidate, so I very much hope our Lib Dem MP is reelected.

sweetjane1 Thu 01-Apr-10 16:44:05

Lib dem

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 02-Apr-10 10:30:05

1) SNP
2) I don't believe in tactical voting

volvogirl Fri 02-Apr-10 19:05:48

Tories for both even though i live in Scotland where the choice is always labour or snp.I live in hope for a change

Was Luka a Troll then?! grin

1) Lib Dem
2) N/A

Blimey - hadnt realised thread was still going grin

Nancy66 Sun 04-Apr-10 14:49:23

I'd like to vote conservative

(having previously been a labour voter all my life)

...But tories don't have a hope of getting in where I live so will vote Lib Dem who are in with a shot.

Ally12 Tue 06-Apr-10 11:36:50

1) With no doubt my child's life would be better - THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY

Spidermama Tue 06-Apr-10 11:40:11

1) Green.
2) Labour to keep the Tories out.

Greensleeves Tue 06-Apr-10 11:41:05

I see no need to duplicate what Spidermama has already posted grin

Spidermama Tue 06-Apr-10 11:47:11

grin @ sleeves of green.

sallyjaygorce Tue 06-Apr-10 11:49:26


Lib Dem

seimum Tue 06-Apr-10 11:56:24

1) Conservative
2) Conservative or Lib Dem

Not the current lot. I am fed up to the back teeth the way they that instead of doing something to solve a problem they just bring in a law which causes greater bureacracy to the law-abiding while the original problem remains. (eg recent suggestion that they could solve problem of 'killer dogs' with a dog licence scheme, or picking on people taking photographs in London under 'anti-terrorism' laws etc)

Granny23 Tue 06-Apr-10 12:03:19

Election Campaign now officially on and GB opens it by announcing proudly that he is from an ordinary Middle Class family. Will this play against him with Labour core support? Discuss......

Spidermama Tue 06-Apr-10 13:08:18

It serves to remind me immediately that David Cameron is not from any ordinary, middle class family but from the nobbish elite who look after each other whilst stamping on the rest of us.

electra Wed 07-Apr-10 01:49:51

Quite, spidermama

Ally12 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:14:03

While you are thinking please include a look back at Labour's deeds and ask yourself do you want that for your child/children? I usually think of all those mums who have been tortured by Labour - either forced to work or reduced to staying at hime because going to work has just gotten them into debt because the more you earn over 15 hrs employment, the less you receive.
I can't wait for Brown, our unelected PM to be booted out of office by the people!!!

The family frame has broken down thanks to Labour and so many children are imprisoned early thanks to Labour (more laws are in place now Labour is in power).

Ally12 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:19:37

I wish GB would talk about now, he is getting a very healthy pension(one of the reasons he dragged his feet on calling an election)- 20 days made a huge difference! He doesn't care about fair for all, he is just a 'hanger-on' who won't admit he has done wrong.

He can't use his past now - as has simply lost the plot!

Ally12 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:20:16

Hear Hear!!!!

Ally12 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:25:47

You make it seem like we the people are simpletons who will allow anyone to stamp on us. The reason we have a vote is to speak. If the Conservatives get out of line, we will voice our opinions. Give them a chance -as under them most certainly your local schools will be better and councils as well.

Labour is ROTTEN! The likes of Jackie Smith have been quite arrogant. All these many laws were Labour made - criminalising our children at a young age ashaming in Europe. We need a Britain that is strong again! Bring on the Conservatives!!!!wink

Ally12 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:29:48

Not to mention the wastefulness they are now trying to cry out that the Conservatives are cutting spending - they are trying to do away with the waste Labour has created, trying to get just about every penny we have. Did you all see the arrogance of GB this evening when asked by a parent about school admissions? A great leader would have stopped to say he will answer that at a later date. GB out!

edam Wed 07-Apr-10 21:55:10

I think you'll find it's the Tories who have always been the party in favour of hanging and flogging... no point voting Tory because you think Labour is too keen to criminalise people! If you don't like parties posing as tough on crime, vote Lib Dem or Green or other but not Tory!

Btw, I went to a state school under the Tories, the idea that they will invest in schools is a joke. It was four to a book when I was a kid.



When I lived in England I voted Green

Granny23 Thu 08-Apr-10 01:14:58

When my SNP supporting daughter was living in England she voted Green too.

tantrum Sun 11-Apr-10 00:49:01

Haven't a clue

Swithering cos Labour got in by 650 votes or so last time ahead of SNP

I live in Scotland, many things that are of importance to me have been devolved to the Scottish Parliament, thus Westminster elections are a mystery to me.

Whilst I think GB is a decent honest enough bloke I'm doubting that Labour have the best plans and ability to deal with the forthcoming challenges the UK faces.

Now I'm not a natural Tory (spit) I'm from a working class family in aberdeen. I was the first in my family to go to uni where I met my now separated-from husband. I'm a self-employed single mum, getting some vital help thru tax credits. But that doesn't mean I'm going to vote Labour either hmm.

I'm voting in this election but the parties had better hurry up and speak to me and my situation PDQ


Quattrocento Sun 11-Apr-10 00:55:27

1) Ideally, who would you vote for if the General Election were tomorrow? Lib Dem

2)If you are a tactical voter who would you vote for instead? My vote is worthless, unfortunately. It's not a constituency where tactical voting has any meaning.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 11-Apr-10 09:54:16

1. Lib Dem

2. Labour to keep the Tories/ SNP out

maximinimum Sun 11-Apr-10 19:17:08

1) Labour
2) Labour

KatharineFlute Sun 11-Apr-10 19:42:05

Labour or the Lib Dems based on their family friendly policies - I actually think a hung parliament with Labour and the Lib Dems might be quite a good thing.

MilkNoSugarPlease Sun 11-Apr-10 23:21:48


ShinyAndNew Sun 11-Apr-10 23:25:29

1) Lib Dem
2) N/A

LeninGrad Mon 12-Apr-10 07:29:03

1) Labour
2) Lib Dem

Don't like the way Labour completely lost its way but lots of personal gains and good measures for lower income people.

No chance of them getting in here and would really struggle to vote for them. Lib Dems not got much chance either but I am hoping 50,000 people think like me and vote Lib Dem for electoral reform.

daftpunk Mon 12-Apr-10 07:43:09

1) BNP

But will be voting Tory as I'm in a marginal, Libdems only have 2000 majority so possible to get them out <<fingers crossed>>

Have been in Dagenham & Barking all weekend supporting the BNP, NG has a real chance of winning there, all our efforts are being concentrated on him (and a few Northern towns where we have a chance) but we need to get Nick Griffin elected....

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

picc Mon 12-Apr-10 07:49:09

1) green
2) n/a

would always have voted labour (and always have), but i'm one of those people who stayed up all night in 1997, first time i'd been able to vote and soooo excited!

now i just feel let down

i do think there's been some good things to come out of the last 13 years, but mostly i just feel a bit disillusioned by the whole thing.

Sophia95 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:09:31

I have always voted Green since Labour let me down so miserably in 1997. However, I'm thinking of tactically voting Lib Dem in this election as I really detest the Tories.

blinkinblimey Mon 12-Apr-10 21:41:53

1- lib dem
2 - i don't do tactical voting...

gillybean2 Tue 13-Apr-10 01:50:47

1) Labour
2) No tactical voting here, tory stronghold

ouryve Tue 13-Apr-10 15:54:45

1 Libdem
2 Labour, though I'm not keen on our current labour MP. He's a little less unpopular than our old one, mind (Blair!), but that's only because no-one has a clue who he is.

Chazzab Wed 14-Apr-10 20:29:00

1. Labour

2cats2many Wed 14-Apr-10 20:39:13

1. Labour
2. Anyone else to keep the tories out

moof Thu 15-Apr-10 00:09:28

Without a doubt, The Conservatives. What the hell have either Labour or the LibDems done for working mothers or young children. Mums who work get no breaks and our kids' education is hardly as good as it could be. Wouldn't you like to see improvements on both fronts??

Ellie18 Thu 15-Apr-10 19:55:38

A conservative through and through, i feel they support my key issues of helath, crime and family more than any other party - bit of a traditionalist!

muminlondon Thu 15-Apr-10 20:37:06

1. Lib Dem
2. Labour

What the hell have the Conservatives done for working mothers or young children? In the 1980s they nearly closed down the only state nursery school in my area. Teachers were demoralised and school buildings were falling down.

Whereas Labour has at least introduced Surestart, increased maternity pay, increased maternity leave, introduced flexible working rights, brought waiting lists down in hospitals, put loads of money into schools especially early years, etc.

(But they also went to war in Iraq, failed to regulate banks, introduced tuition fees, abolished the 10% tax band, encouraged an unsustainable housing boom and saw industry decline, wasted money on PFI projects, etc.)

Squeezypumpkin Sun 18-Apr-10 00:02:26

Conservatives (unless in Bercow's constituancy). Gordon sold gold cheaply, dipped into our pensions and taxed us until the pips squeaked and still has no money!

The economy is in a mess but who regulates the banks? The FSA. Who re-arranged the financial regulators moving bank regulation from BoE....Gordon!

So nice of him to say he's best placed to save us from the mess he made.

In the '80 things did feel quite bad but you did feel people had hope...can't say that today

Quite aside from the multitude of rules, regulations, lack of police on the street (when did you last see a policeman? Quite.) lack of respect for teachers, anti social behaviour, welfare state out of control...I could go on.

As for unemployment, it's not down it's just not on the stats. After 6 months you lose jobseekers allowance and slide off of the stats.

The Lib Dems are all very nice but the figures don't add up, I'm afraid and a vote for a Lib Dem puts Gordon back in No. 10

Sad, mad and voting Tory!

doireallywant3 Mon 19-Apr-10 18:09:25

i was also labour born and bred and my dad was out of work for ages while i was in my forative years (leading to much resentment for us not being able to afford stuff!). my dad was staunchly anti-maggie but as i've grown up and understood more, i'm now a tory ( I think) due to the fact that my dh and i are educated and earning decent money and growing our family and not living on benefits. anyway, i'll be voting tory. i hate the fact that we had GB imposed upon us, unelected. i don;t believe in him any more than i did TB. I thing DC is a bit wet behind the ears, and though i really like NC, i do think the tories are our best option at the moment. i'm swayed by the married person tax thing too. anwyay, just my humble opinion. am very interested to read other mumsnetters' opinions tho.

doireallywant3 Mon 19-Apr-10 18:11:05

well said. completely in agreement with you!

TheChewyToffeeMum Mon 19-Apr-10 19:28:52

1. Lib Dem
2. Labour - I live in a marginal Lab/SNP seat, really not happy with SNP at the the moment, labour candidate seems to be proper old-school socialist.

2. N/A

WinkyWinkola Mon 19-Apr-10 21:18:21

i. Lib Dem
ii. Labour

I could never vote for someone who counts European Neo Nazi groups among his chums.

Up the Lib Dems, I say. As a lifelong Labour voter that sounds a bit weird but there you go.

ScotsFi Wed 21-Apr-10 12:48:02

1. Labour
2. Labour

And as for what Labour have done for working mums/families - well, childcare vouchers, working families tax credit, child trust fund, free nursery places for all 3 & 4 year olds, extending paid statutory maternity leave from 6 to 9 months, the right to ask for flexible working patterns, the extention of and right for fathers to take paternity leave....

Both the tories and the Lib-Dems are committed to scrapping the Child Trust Funds and to reducing the Child Tax Credits.

As a child of the 70s, I too grew up under a Tory government and am in no hurry to repeat the experience!!!

Gibbo68 Wed 21-Apr-10 14:11:29

1) Lib Dem
2) No-One

It'll be a cold day in hell before I vote Conservative

ScotsFi Wed 21-Apr-10 22:06:30

Oh yes, forgot to mention - as well as cutting child tax credits, the Lib Dems also plan to means test Child Benefit - not exactly been promoting that policy have they?

UnseenAcademicalMum Wed 21-Apr-10 22:12:57

1) Conservative
2) Conservative

(We live in a strongly Conservative region anyway).

Coolfonz Wed 21-Apr-10 22:25:35


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