Religious texts and seemingly picking and choosing

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I can't help but notice lots of the religious people i know (largely Christian but not all) seem to pick and choose which bits of their religious texts they follow.

For example in the bible there are many examples which just don't fit with society values today but my question is: who told you you could choose which bits to follow..? Wouldn't you try and follow all the rules? If not, why?

I'm sorry if I'm not putting this across right, it's difficult to think of the right words to not sound rude! grin

Wow volestair reading it for fun, that is impressive.

volestair Sat 02-Nov-13 00:48:21

I don't think it's that impressive greyhound but thanks anyway grin I was a plougher-through of large amounts of text as a kid in a way I'm not any more. I don't know that I would have read it with the same level of understanding I have as an adult, and I can't say I remember everything I read (have to say I remember skimming some of the "begats"). I've since come across Christian reading plans that present parts of the Bible in a different order, with discussion of the text, which I would imagine takes a lot more concentration and study (some study guides I've seen have several times as much material to read as the chapter/verse being discussed, which would stretch reading the Bible to a lifelong task, which I suppose for many Christians it is). I am always slightly suspicious of reading plans of the non-whole-Bible type, and ones which jump around from book to book from day to day, for reasons related to the OP's question - a skilled editor can say something with selected material that wouldn't necessarily be what you would hear from the whole (though obviously the Bible itself is a carefully curated selection of texts).

volestair Sat 02-Nov-13 00:49:18

Oh sorry, wall of text there. Forgot what a paragraph is for. Should get to bed.

volestair I think this is why some people like to use a study guide they like so they know things will be looked at in the way they look at them. I think we (21st centuary folk) also need guides to say what was normal in that time and helps us understand. E.G. when you know it was normal for women to have their heads covered then you know that it is normal for the leaders to say it is important. A small number of Christians still apply this today and if we thought it was a rule for all time we might feel we need to (as I guess they do).

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