Unborn Spirit children

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Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 16:30:47
HellKat Thu 13-Oct-05 16:38:57

I loved the spirit babies one. Definitely makes you wonder does'nt it? Fascinating. Thankyou! x

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 16:44:29

ooh the spirit babies one was interesting.

Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 16:51:19

anyone got any of their own personal experiences they would like to share?

doormat Thu 13-Oct-05 16:56:30

I once was told by a clairovoyant that a baby was sitting near my heart and she will stay with me forever
he never knew I had a m/c 2 yrs before

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 16:56:45

no but my mum always reckoned my dd was here before - she had a very knowing look about her.

iris66 Thu 13-Oct-05 17:21:17

Was told by a clairvoyant (whilst I was pregnant) that DD had "been here before with your mum but it wasn't her time". I thought it was just odd 'til I spoke to my older sister and found out that my mum had had a mc before having me!! DD didn't meet my mum until she was 4 weeks old (and would cry if anyone but me or DH held her) but as soon as my mum picked her up she just lay there gazing at her calm as anything. V v spooky.

iris66 Thu 13-Oct-05 17:29:12

incidentally - I knew the night I conceived DD because a young girl with long hair wearing a long nightie/dress came into the room and handed me a baby. I thought I was dreaming at first (hadn't been drinking or anything!) but even though my conscious mind was trying to overrride it I knew I was pg - and was. She really has been ,and still is, the most beautiful gift I have ever been blessed to be allowed to borrow.

doormat Thu 13-Oct-05 17:33:33

iris that is a really lovely story

iris66 Thu 13-Oct-05 17:47:18

Thanks doormat - it still makes me feel humble nearly 17 years on! Strange thing is that when TTC with DS I desparately wanted something profoundly spiritual like that to happen again and I meditated like mad but it didn't. - though I did know when I'd conceived again.

Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 17:58:07

that is so special Iris, thanks for sharing such a beautiful spiritual experience

melsy Thu 13-Oct-05 18:04:42

I have been concentrating on non spiritual matters of late (i.e sorting someone elses dwellings out). BUt this side of things I find really pulls me in. They are amazing stories & Im sure my dd came to me many months b4. I had a spirit child leave me b4 dd , so may be they will be reincarnated next time?! My dd's hebrew name smeans blessing , as she felt like that to us when she came.

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 23:01:27

my ds has a birthmark on his back exactly where my dad had lung surgery which led to his death. I always thought that a bit strange.

misdee Thu 13-Oct-05 23:04:25

people say my dd3 looks like she has been here before. she just has a 'knowing' look about her.

Frizbe Fri 14-Oct-05 00:09:49

interesting stuff!

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 09:21:28

This probably has nothing to do with this subject but...

When I was 14 I had a very vivid dream about being in my mothers lounge and a beautiful little girl (about 3 yrs old) was running around calling me mummy. I remember the love I felt towards this little girl as being like nothing I had ever felt before.

When I woke up I was very confused, why was this little girl calling me mummy? I almost felt cheated that this little girl that I loved so much in a dream wasn't real.

Years later I had forgotten about the dream and was visitng my mother when I looked at my dd and I realised that she was the little girl in my dream, she was even wearing the same dress!

I can't explain it but I felt like I had met her years before she was born.

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 09:29:03

Probably has everything to do with this subject then (((Squirrel)))

Other people have stories of seeing their children years before they are born Did you read the link "Spirit babies"?

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 09:38:13

Sorry I didn't read it all of the way through, I only read the first bit about miscarriage and as I was 14 and had never been pregnant I thought that a spirit baby wasn't the case here.

That will teach me to read all of it

I'd never heard of it before, its nice to know that other people have had the same experience and maybe I'm not mad after all!

Very interesting subject.

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 10:06:45


the spirit babies link has a story / theory that:

...every woman has "a circle of babies that goes around and around above her head, and those are all the possible babies she could have in her whole life." Every month, one baby is first in line to be conceived.

So it may have been some of your spirit children circling and lurking

Nbg Fri 14-Oct-05 10:10:35

I'm totally fascinated now

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 10:33:04

Just phoned dd (she is grown up with a dd of her own) and told her about this thread.

She has always known about the dream as it had such an impact on me, and I told her that she must have 'chosen' me to be her mum, it was really quite moving, got a lump in my throat.

She said that she feels like she has always 'known' her dd and that she 'recognised' her as soon as she was born.

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 13:07:20

Squirrel that is heartwarming and a blessing.

I have had experiences with my spirit babies and last night after reading the Spirit baby link about Sabine, Dr Weils at the time pregnant wife (like his books on health btw) I spent time in bed connecting with my unborn one (32 weeks). Well the baby really responded and we had a "conversation". Really has brought me closer to the baby, which was heartwarming for me as it is our 2nd child and the 1st was so pondered over I sometimes feel this one is abit neglected!

My mother has a story about me and conception and this baby also has a story about its conception. In fact, I have written a short story about it recently I saw lights in the hallway on two occasions the week after ovulation and knew a little light being was on its way. Like you Iris both pregnancies I just knew I was pregnant - never did tests.

I am so happy this topic is touching so many people X

Zephyrrywitchescat Fri 14-Oct-05 13:15:56

What an amazing thread.

I've always believed in this kind of thing. I used to watch John Edward on living tv and he would often talk about how women had a baby or a child calling them without him knowing that they had miscarried etc.

I love that circle of babies thing - esp as I'm pg at the moment, it's a lovely thought to have.

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 13:27:57

I had a pregnancy which I "sent back" and tormented me emotionally for years, the spirit child lives just down the road from my parents - she is the age the child would have been - and the name they gave her is uncanny to my connection to her. She has a strong bond to me even though I have only meet her afew times - last time she saw me she said I think I choose the wrong mother.

I have never spoken to her about it - she just seeks me out.

SirFurmum Fri 14-Oct-05 13:35:54

What an interesting thread. I haven't had any personal experiences, but PILs are spiritualists and say dd is an old soul and has been here before.

We've been talking about getting a cat, but yesterday, unprompted, dd said I don't want a cat to live with us I want a dog. She then laughed and said "the doggy just licked my leg". We're trying to work out if it's a spirit dog or a 2 year old's imagination.

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 13:54:58

Uncanny Papillon, I had a termination after becomming preg after being raped and I was tormented for years about doing it and I one day (I'm not sure who I was talking to but...) I said The poor little thing didn't even have a name, then I heard (as clear as anything) "Bethany". It gave me comfort.

Later when I was a teaching assistant, there was this little girl who would only come into class when I was there, we didn't really talk much as she was very shy, but one day when (as a class) we were all making something she just ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug and told me that she really loved me. I felt such a strong bond with her, her name was Bethany. She was the same age as my child would have been, but I am sure she was with the 'right mother'.

Maybe it was just coincidence, maybe something else...

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 14:08:44

Its comforting to think that 'Bethany's' spirit is out there and she may have been born to someone else who could give her what I couldn't at the time.

SirFurmum Fri 14-Oct-05 14:10:09

I'm getting shivers down my spine!

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 14:29:40

It is comforting Squirrel, it did upset me at first but now I feel honoured she sought me out even when i did not want her

I am pleased to make your acquaintence

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 14:34:46

CreepyJess Sun 16-Oct-05 22:22:23

I feel a very very strong connection to my best friend's little girl. I have always felt this way about her. I love her almost like my own.. She sometimes feels like mine. Her mum knows I feel like this about her.

She comes out with some very insightful things. I was driving along once with her and my DD and my DS in the back of the car and she told me a tale about when she saw her mum and dad and me and my DH dancing in a pub! I told her that we never go to pubs anymore, at least not together and certainly not to dance not since all our children came along! She said 'no no.. this was before I was born.. I was watching you all.. I was still with God...'

She is five now. I hope she doesn't lose this. She is such a sweet child.. possibly an indigo child although she does not seem to have an issue with others the way I have read indigo children can. If another child cries because their balloon blows away she will give hers to the child - even one she doesn't know! - in a second. She is always like this.

I have a lot of spiritual-type children's books which I read to my own children.. but she likes them best I have just ordered her three for Christmas from Amazon.

CJ x

CreepyJess Sun 16-Oct-05 22:25:59

Paps that link below 'Spirit Babies' links to Stories Of The Unborn Soul, that book I was urging you to read a while ago.. have you read it yet?

Papillon Mon 17-Oct-05 12:16:18

Hi CJ, no I haven´t read it. Have done alot reading online and also some of my own writing. Don´t buy new books much as I have two sources of extremely cheap books and I like the randomness of browsing 2nd hand.

On the other hand, have just been given (well dh) gift vouchers and there are a couple of books I am interested in getting so this book might be a good idea - especially for research purposes.

In the new born year looks like another good books of hers, I have had afew good dreams and have been keeping a journal which is insightful and works towards a writing project I have.

alux Mon 17-Oct-05 19:04:42

I had a miscarriage years ago which I never told my mum about. when I was pg, she dreamt that she came visiting and my aunt met with her and told her that I had 2 babies but only one of them was alive but that the lo was healthy. hhhhmmmm.

Ellbell Mon 17-Oct-05 22:00:01

I find it very hard to believe in this sort of thing... and yet, and yet... I had a m/c before I had dd1. The baby's edd was 1st March. When I got pg with dd2, her edd was 9th March (but 2 years later, obviously). I didn't think anything of it at the time, but she was born 8 days early, on the date when her sibling would have been due. I do sometimes feel that she is here for both of them, if that makes sense. She is also the sort of child of whom people say that 'she has been here before', and a good Italian friend always says that she is 'wise'. Probably a coincidence, but...

melsy Mon 17-Oct-05 22:30:14

What wondwerful and amazing experiences to read before bed this evening. This aspect of the spiritual life has certainly rekindled some part of me & it seems piqued interest in lots of others. Lovely that you started this paps xx. I actually get quite a lump in my throat,(obviously I have some stuff to unblock in a big way),as it seems to remind me of my/our connection to things not just physical.

I was very touched by the newborn year excerpts (sp?) and am compiling an email to go to the author. Im finding it quite a moving(yet also hard) experince to write about,& each night i have re done bits , as new memorys surface. Its shown me/reminded me that not all of my 1st year with dd was trauma related.

CreepyJess Tue 18-Oct-05 09:40:52

Ellbell, I also think your DDs (both of them but maybe more so, DD2) are very 'wise' for their years (although this could be due to their boffin gene pool!! ..

Maybe DD2 is the same soul who came to you again.. so rather than being both of them.. she the 'one that slipped away'...

I sometimes wonder if my friend's child as mentioned below is mine that I lost through miscarriage.. she feels like mine in a very odd way that I can't descibe because she is D & N's child in every physical way possible and has a wonderful close realtionship with her parents.. and looks like her dad.. but the connection I feel to her goes deeper than that. I definitely think (know?) that she and I have some 'previous'. Also, she had the same due date (!) as me (26th March) but she was a premmie born six weeks early... and so was I! Her birthday is 15th Feb.. mine is the 18th. She spent some time in SCBU with jaundice/infection etc which, according to my mum, is very similar to the problems I had at birth. And when she was a young baby we still lived 250 miles away so she didn't see lots of me. But she would always settle for me as if she knew me well.. and I couldn't wait to see her each time were coming to visit. I didn't miss her in the sense that I miss my own children when I am away from them.. but there is ...something. When she has been here and she goes home I feel vaguely like somebody is missing for a while! It makes me feel a bit guilty as I love her little brother too, as much as I do her but I don't have the same connection to him.

What are your views on this Paps?

CJ x

iris66 Tue 18-Oct-05 09:56:38

isn't this a beautiful way to share our experiences - bet many of you thought (as I did) that what you felt was just a bit odd & put it to the back of your mind keeping it as a warm & fuzzy comfort thought. Just goes to show how connected we all are.
I certainly believe that a soul chooses to experience mc for the benefit of all concerned (as traumatic as it is) and that it aides our spiritual progression. Also that absolutely everything happens for a reason. I keep thinking that wouldn't it be lovely if we could truly understand what we needed to do to properly help our children but I suppose the answer is simply that they chose to be born to us because we, through our own life/soul experiences, are perfect equipped to support their growth anyway. Humbling eh. x

Ellbell Tue 18-Oct-05 12:47:29

My dd1 is very emotionally intelligent, I think. She is a bit like how you describe your friend's dd, CJ, in that she will always seek out and try to comfort any child who seems upset or unable to fit in. But she isn't 'deep' like dd2 is. As an example, last summer we went in a cable car in Italy. It was a bit windy and the car was swaying and I was a bit scared (cos I'm a wuss!). I was holding dd2, and she just whispered in my ear, 'It's OK mummy, don't be scared, I'm here'. She was 2! But it was as if she really meant it... that nothing bad could happen to me while she was there. I'm not sure about her being 'the one that slipped away' though, as I was convinced that that was a boy (though, in fact, it probably wan't anything yet, as it was a blighted ovum...). Lovely thread anyway... and I am supposedly a sceptic!

CreepyJess Tue 18-Oct-05 14:57:59

Even a blighted ovum would have been a potential little boy or girl...

(ONG I am late for collected the kids.. bl**dy MN... )

pinkmagic1 Tue 18-Oct-05 15:12:27

According to the lady who did my first scan when I was pregnant with DS, he was concieved on the day of my Grandads funeral. I knew right from the beggining I was expecting a little boy.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 13:05:47

My views, as per request:

I think the connection to a spirit child, whether you are the birth parent; they seek you out or find them birthed through others is dependant on your own views of the concept in this Earth life and the dimensions of the Universe:

How you view and decide or not to deal with this depends on your:
that such a pre and post birth communication exists.

I ask myself as someone who has/is experiencing this:
- Why does this child seek me out?
- What type of lessons have I to offer this child?
- Am I standing in my place of truth, a strong happy person, so that opportunites can foster and blossom?
- How such a relationship will individually shape us both and the potentials of the connection?

Everyone has their own individual feelings about such questions and that will depend on where they are in their life´s journey. But the more this concept is discovered and nourished as real in peoples lives, then the more knowledge will be gained. It does not require answers, it requires acceptance and actualisation that spirit children and people do connect and do exist.

I feel the truth in your post iris66 that it aids our spiritual progression - through loss, but also too through gain. I wonder at those woman who desire a child, but seem unable to keep a pregnancy or conceive when there is no medical explanation. How could conversations with their spirit children increase their chances of bringing the child into the Earth Life? Has anyone any experience or readings they could share about that?

Does anyone have any more thoughts or views they would like to share?

iris66 Wed 19-Oct-05 14:33:10

That was beautifully put Papillon.
FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)is, I feel, the biggest blockage of our energy. It drives everything negative in the world from racism to greed. If one aims for love and integrity in everything then acceptance, that the path we are on is correct, should follow.
It is interesting that, in many cases, once the "I want/have got to/should have a baby" attitude ceases, and true acceptance of the childless state takes its place, women who have been having trouble concieving often do.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 19:44:27

Yes in order to gain something you must first let go of what is craved or holding you back from progress on life´s journey.

Fear is a huge habit and vaccum upon human lives. There is alot of reinforcement in our societies of control and mis-use of power that to find real control and power in one´s own life are tools rarely found or used. We could have a thread just upon the subject of FEAR if anyone is interested?

I wonder at the place of adoption in connecting to your spirit child? Perhaps the journey of parenthood for certain individuals is meant to begin with adoption?

gothicmama Wed 19-Oct-05 20:00:41

an interesting thread one on fear would be good. I have been looking at this topic quite deeply and have come through the othe side. This has been truely beautiful to read and makes sense of a lot of things that have seemed strange to me and almost of my own imaginings

Donbean Wed 19-Oct-05 20:07:56

I so wish that this thread was active when i lost my two babies through M/C.
The words on this page from you all are just lovely and i would have found so much comfort and strength from such philosophy, truly i would.

Its almost like some one has come and put a warm blanket around my shoulders, explaining to me why my babies didnt come as i expected them to.

I feel ok with it all after reading the spirit babies link, for the first time in 5 years.

Always i have believed that if things had run smoothly with my lost babies, i would not now have my wonderful little bean, he was waiting to come.

Ive told this to one or two people, who have looked at me with a strange pitiful look. They just didnt understand i guess, you all do.

but now im

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 20:09:49

bags not that I have to start it!

melsy Wed 19-Oct-05 20:14:55

Thats lovely donbean. I relate to your warm blanket metaphor.

Now I wonder if my little "sent back" one is still around me , may be waiting to come back to me anotner time.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 20:16:58

Donbean that was beautiful, thanks for sharing

Gothicmama if you have the time would love to hear your insights and stories about what seemed strange and of imagings if you are willing to share them.

Blessings to all

Duranfan Thu 20-Oct-05 20:31:49

Someone has linked me to this thread, and I now know why..!

I am one of the people you speak of, who has no medical reason for not being able to concieve for 8 years. DH and I are ridiculously fertile and always have been.. IVF didn't work, but I knew it wouldn't and I've always had this deep down feeling that I wouldn't have my own baby.

This has frightened me silly for many years and the fear you speak of is very real to me, or has been. I have tried everything, from every therapy in the book, hypnotherapy, regression etc. etc. to the more practical solution of giving up work, changing career, taking time off. You name it, I've done it.

This has led me on one hell of a spiritual path and we've gone from "adoption, NO WAY", to "well let's look into it", to "excited that we are now on that path". I know I won't get pg before we adopt. I've asked so many times why my baby hasn't chosen me... she's very real to me... Mia Eleanor...and I have meditated, visualised her and called her... but she's not coming!!

All our fears about adoption are slowly slipping away... I feel more positive and accepting of this now than I have in years. I now truly believe that we are meant to adopt... that this experience of "unexplained infertility" has led us to be the sort of people who CAN adopt. I know many can't... and it's now made us feel quite special that we are doing this. Special, not in an egotistical way, but in a spiritual way... that our child WILL chose us, but they will chose us via another body!! I completely believe this is meant to be.

That's not to say that it doesn't break my heart that I may never carry my own child, but as time goes on, I am accepting that more and more.

Today, I had my usual monthly reflexology/colour therapy, which I've been having with the same lady for 8 years. She doused me and I needed coral this time, which is a colour I have never picked in 8 years. It is about letting go.

Anyway, I have so much more to say... 8 long years of things to say... but I just wanted to thank you for a lovely thread, because I truly believe any child we are lucky to adopt will be better off with us as a Mum and Dad, purely based on our experiences in the past 8 years.

Oh yes, to Iris66.. your story touched me, because when I was regressed, my Mum's miscarried baby (when I was 14 yrs old) was with me... I got an overwhelming feeling that his spirit was going to be my baby. He told me he wasn't ready back then, but I'm not to blame myself for him not being born (I didn't want Mum to have another baby then). I didn't think much of it for a while, because as per usual, I didn't get pg and I thought "here we go again, another therapist telling me rubbish"... but now we are adopting... well you never know.

Sorry for the long waffle... C xx

melsy Thu 20-Oct-05 22:21:33

I always take a last read of mn before shutting down pc. Duranfan I had to just say that reading what you have shared here tonight meant that I couldnt leave you withought someones acknowledgment. What you have wirtten is far far from waffle. In fact no reply I give will be appropriate for such a wonderful & moving account of your experiences the last 8 yrs. It sounds as if you are on an amazing journey. I will look forward to reading more about it. I would also like to talk more to you about your colour therapy if I may.

I dont want to sound flippant, but does anyone think that it may be possible that our unborn spirit children dont always come to us through concieving them ourselves and if you are to adopt, the child choosing you spiritualy could be part of our personal group of spirit children ??? Just a thought I had to share . x

jambuttie Thu 20-Oct-05 23:23:32

I lost my 1st child at 18 weeks and had to deliver it was taken away so quickly and i never even got to know the sex although i was convinced it was a boy.

On babies due date I went to my local spiritualist church and got a message. I don't normally cry but was soooo touched as my message was from my child[happy]

From my child i was told i would be congratulated withing 1 month and again in 2 years- baby was due 27th march 2001.

3 weeks later would you believe my 1st congratulation i was pregnant and 2 years later again i was preganant this time with twins due on 28 th march 2004- spooky really as this would have been 3yrs 1day since 1st child would have been due

Duranfan Thu 20-Oct-05 23:25:56

Hi Melsy

Wow, thank you for your kind words. I don't really see it as an amazing journey, but I should really shouldn't I!? I am truly grateful for my experiences, they have made me (and dh) who I am today! I also know we wouldn't have the marriage we have if it weren't for what we've been through. How can I not be grateful for that!?

I feel like I've always been searching for answers, and I believe I have found them one by one over the years, but thought that acknowledgement would help me conceive. Then at the same time, knew that there was something in my gut feeling that although nothing was wrong, it just wasn't meant to be in the usual way. I am only now coming to terms with this, and have tried so hard to turn my back on that gut feeling, willing it to be wrong, willing it to be fear based. I don't think it is.

Funny you should mention choosing our children thru adoption. I have heard all the horror stories, but am holding on tight to the fact that whatever child we are matched with has chosen us and we are each other's destiny. I know that I will get a feeling for the right child, and that is keeping both of us going. Adoption is such a scary thing, I don't think I could go through it if I didn't believe that all children choose their parents. I know (and feel) that I chose this life for various reasons, and have been through so many different emotions.

As for colour therapy, what is it you wanted to discuss!?

Thanks for replying, I'm really grateful..


jabberwitchy Thu 20-Oct-05 23:33:37

This is such a lovely thread.

At 18 I found myself accidentally pregnant and, for many reasons, decided to terminate the pregnancy. I grieved for my unborn child for the next 10 years. I began to fear that I would never have a child and that somehow I was being "punished" for what I had done.

At 36 I married dh, still thinking that it was too late to have children. Then over the next year I guess the clock started ticking and we began discussing it. I began to feel a frantic urge to conceive in the fall, just that it had to be done at a certain time. I was surprised/relieved/ecstatic when we conceived the second time we tried.

Ds was born one day after the due date of my first pregnancy. I have just felt from the beginning that this is the soul of my unborn child, who waited all this time to come back to me. He is very much an old soul btw, and I feel he is here to teach me many things.

melsy Fri 21-Oct-05 09:33:26

More and more lovely life storys.

Duran fan , regarding the colourtherapy , I just wondered how you found someone practising reflexology and colour therapy together, and how does she link the colours in a spiritual way? , does it form part of chakra work and the colours related ? Or is it quite a different colour work ?

Duranfan Fri 21-Oct-05 11:25:59

Melsy... she works in different ways. She douses for the colour at the start of the treatment to see what you are lacking. She then drapes a silk scarf of that colour over you and gives you crystals as well. She uses the same colour oil on your feet for the reflexology and then afterwards uses a crystal light with the colour in and passes this over the reflex points on your feet.

She also uses aura soma, which consists of lots of bottles with 2 different colours in each. She again uses the dousing technique and asks you to choose the colours you are drawn to. This is used for a reading really, and although it's interesting, I prefer the former method, as I find it only tells me what I know already. Good if you need confirmation, but over the years, I've learned to trust my own instincts.

All the colour work she does is related to the chakras.

I found her quite by accident, in a normal advert in a local paper... 8 years ago. She's been an inspiration to me. I'm now a practising reflexologist, but nowhere near as good as her.

Papillon Fri 21-Oct-05 19:23:12

Hello Duranfan, great to see you here on MN again, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and journey. Very interesting and humbling You certainly have come a long way in realisation and acceptance. I do feel there is a spirit child out there for you, and yes I think that the journey of parenthood for certain individuals can begin with adoption, when the spirit and heart is open.

Abit irrelevant and far fetched perhpas, but look at Stuart Little!

Zephyrrywitchescat Fri 21-Oct-05 19:25:41

Do you think that men have any sort of spirit child with them?As an example, a girl that dp used to go out with got pregnant but had an abortion aithout telling him. Do you think that would come back to him as his cild as it was originally meant to be or stay with the 'mother'?

Papillon Fri 21-Oct-05 19:33:38

Depends what the child wants and who calls them the most. While the mother is most frequently focussed upon the father is also very important - he cannot be excluded. See the Celestine Prophesies with regards to a child selecting its parents.

In the Aboriginal culture the father must dream of the child for it to be claimed as his... see this

My dh dreamt of a child not long after the conception of my current pregnancy. I also have a male friend who believes he felt the moment that life sparked within me, and another male friend who I have not seen in years who just knew that I was pregnant. Perhaps I am having a boy!

Duranfan Fri 21-Oct-05 22:38:42

Thanks Papillon.. I'm surprised you remember me, I only posted once or twice quite a few months ago....

I definitely think I'm well on my way to my heart being open for a child. It's taken a long time, but it's taken us embarking on the adoption process for that to happen. Ironic really, when all I've ever wanted is to get pregnant.

We were offered donor embryos by a friend a few months back, and really shocked ourselves that we even considered it (being unexplained ourselves). Anyway, after much thought, we decided to go with the adoption, it felt more right than going down the donor route. On the day of our adoption interview, my friend rang up and said that it wasn't possible because she was 2 days over 35 when they were created... so that was that. The offer was only on the table for 2 weeks, but I really feel that was the catalyst in deciding that we wanted to go ahead with the adoption. Amazing what tools are given to us when we need them... .

Thank you for your kind words...

Papillon Sun 23-Oct-05 09:47:14

Duranfan I remember you, even started a thread for you in June. Felt your journey deeply have have kept you in my thoughts and sent wishes of parenthood in some form or another to you.

Ever since having an abortion 10 years ago my spirit child journey began and continues, it is very alive to me still and as such I have developed a feeling and interest in spirit children. A reason why I started this thread, to share, to learn, to conceive and to heal

Duranfan Sun 23-Oct-05 17:34:31

Oh thanks Papillon.. I didn't see it. Would you mind linking me to it, or is it not relevant now. That's really nice of you thank you...

Papillon Mon 24-Oct-05 14:46:17

There was no info on the thread Duranfan, it was a thread to offer you support and a place for an exchange of ideas if you were interested. This thread looks to have done some of that

Don´t forget me (we) are here if you ever want to talk.

Duranfan Mon 24-Oct-05 20:23:28

Thank you Papillon..I'll remember that.. might be needing some support over the next 6 months...

jabberwitchy Mon 24-Oct-05 20:32:02

Papillon, interesting that your journey began, as mine did, after terminating a pregnancy. After reading this thread I decided to purchase a charm bracelet with ds's birthstone and the birthstones of the baby that I decided not to have, and of the one that I miscarried. It felt good to acknowledge those little spirits, although I do feel that ds is the spirit of my first pregnancy.

Papillon Wed 09-Nov-05 17:34:25

thought to start a thread for this site, but felt it belonged in here

the biology of belief

"The truth is, much of what we have traditionally believed about babies is false. They are not simple beings but complex and ageless‹small creatures with unexpectedly large thoughts." [Chamberlain 1988]

jabberwocky Tue 15-Nov-05 18:39:36

Papillion, since reading this thread I have become more and more interested in this topic. Have just purchased a book on Spirit Babies and started a meditation last night with this goal in mind. Thank you so much.

Very interesting thread...

Unbeknown to me as a child, my Mum had a m/c and a stillborn when I was 2 and 3 before having my brother when I was 4.

As a child (approx 5-12) I used to dream of having two younger sisters. I sometimes told my mum about these dreams and she always asked me lots of questions. It was only when I was in my teens that I knew of the lost babies. She knew the stillborn was a girl but often wondered about the one she miscarried.

Years on now, with children of my own at school, I am an amateur singer songwriter and last year got to record onto CD some of my work and record three-part harmonies... when my mum heard it for the first time she broke down in tears because she heard it as "her three daughters" all singing together... very moving.

Have now recorded a cover version of "No Frontiers" by the Corrs for her and she loves it!

Nice to make someone happy with my music.

Zephyrcat Tue 15-Nov-05 19:02:49

Hi there - do any of you know about the spirit of an unborn child coming to you in a dream as it's totem animal? I had a very significant dream which included an Eagle. Someone suggested it could be the baby coming as a spirit or its totem. When I looked up totems, one website had the Red Tailed Hawk as the totem animal for march 19th - April 19th - Baby is due within these dates.........

sunchowder Tue 15-Nov-05 20:16:32

What a wonderful thread. I have had several terminations over the years and dealt with them in a stoic manner, my first one at the age of 19. I have always tried to block my feelings about them, they were all terminated quite early (before a heartbeat, etc.)as I always knew unmistakably that I was pregnant. I believed I was with the wrong partner, somehow they were a mistake, the timing was wrong, I could go on. I moved though my life trying to block all of my feelings around this.

I married at 28, again to the wrong person and fortunately (or meant to be) never concieved during the marriage. I met a wonderful man 10 years later (bizarre story on meeting, but someone I was very close to and had become pregnant with 13 years earlier was responsible for the meeting between myself and my now DH) and within six months, I conceived my daughter on 9/20/1993. I remember what I felt, what I saw, everything--I said to my DP then, righta after we made love, that we had conceived a child. 3 weeks later I would confirm with a test. I knew she was a girl, I named her before I even went for the amnio. My DP at that time had 3 children (his wife had abandoned them a year earlier, they were divorced and she was living in another state) and I was pregnant with our 4th child. I have often thought about the terminations since (I had 4 of them) and the fact that I had been given an opportunity to raise children again in my lifetime as something that was meant to be. It wasn't until later in our relationship that I found out something else, his X had a baby die of placenta-pravia, she was a beautiful girl and they had named her Wendy (which is my name). My DH is from the UK, I have always lived in the States, his X and I are the same age (nothing alike though--she also had a baby with spina-bifida--she had a terrible time of it and then abandoned her kids).

It is odd and perfect the way that things turn and what life has in store for each of us. I love this thread and am very open and interested in this and the stories that are here. I appreciate everyone's sharing here.

paolosgirl Tue 15-Nov-05 20:23:22

I knew what sex all of mine were. DS, DD and the one I miscarried I know was a boy, even though it was too early to tell. The bit about spirit babies has kind of upset me, because since my m/c I've felt that I've denied my second son his existance, and constantly wonder if I should go for our third. Although my rational head says thats rubbish, I'm now even more confused.

sunchowder Tue 15-Nov-05 20:39:07

I feel badly that this has confused you--I only wanted to share what this thread made me think about for myself. I empathise with you Paolosgirl.

Zephyrcat Tue 15-Nov-05 21:05:48

paolosgirl I think you will know within yourself which way to go and I also believe that if it is meant to be, it will. I said that I wouldn't have any more children after ds last year but I couldn't rest with my decision. I am now pg again, unexpectedly, with number 3, and although it was a huge shock I feel a huge sense of calm and completion now.

paolosgirl Tue 15-Nov-05 22:13:25

Oh no, sunchowder, please don't feel bad. I think I've got issues that I need to resolve, and with the clock ticking (I'm 37 next year, DH is 43) we really need to make a decision soon.

jabberwocky Fri 18-Nov-05 02:29:17

This book I'm reading about Spirit Babies had a very interesting chapter about terminations. Since I had one at 18 I was particularly interested.

Anyway, it basically said that these little spirits simple go back up to wait for another try. If it is meant for them to be with that person they will just continue on until things go to fruition, so to speak, no matter how many tries it takes. Very comforting thought, that.

jabberwocky Fri 18-Nov-05 02:30:37

Oh, and the other interesting thing is that some spirit babies will follow that person into another lifetime if need be, or they can attach themselves to another person whose karma is open. I've always been a bit unsure about reincarnation, but this has definitely given me food for thought!

sunchowder Fri 18-Nov-05 03:52:33

Jabber, I never speak about my terminations, I can't even believe that I posted what I did here to be honest with you. I have tried my best to block them completely as if it was a different lifetime. When I did conceive my DD, there was no way that I could consider a termination, even though we were not married yet. I conceived her on September 20 and we were married on November 1. I really only took two weeks to think about my future commitment to my DH and I felt sure it was right. I am totally devoted to her. I just can't face the terminations, though I believe I made the right decisions at the time--just the thought that they were a life and soul knocks me out. I have to believe there was a reason for me to go through that and leave it there. I am very grateful to be able to have DD.

jabberwocky Fri 18-Nov-05 14:23:25

I know what you mean sunchowder. It was at least 10 years before I was able to talk about mine. I am much more at peace with it now that I have ds.

sunchowder Fri 18-Nov-05 17:15:13

Thanks for that Jabber

pucca Tue 06-Dec-05 10:08:05

I had a termination in Aug 2001, i was in a abusive relationship and i did what i thought was right.I have punished myself ever since and have never got over it.

A couple of months after my termination i was offered counselling but i refused as i didnt think it would help me... instead i went to see a medium who said i had lost a baby in some way and the baby was a girl. Also that she wasnt ready to be born...wasnt her time and she forgave me and that i did the right thing. This comforted me in a way that no counselling could have helped.

Since then i met and married my now dh, and we had a baby girl in Jan 2004.

I have always said she has been a complete blessing in my life, a perfect baby in every way, and she saved me in a way. Very clever and special...my soulmate.

I have recently had a reading with a medium, and i asked her about my pregnancy in 2001, as i still feel tremendous guilt...the medium said there is no spirit baby around me and my now dd is the soul of the pregnancy i terminated.

The medium was very excited about this as she said it is very very rare, and very special. She asked me if my dd had recieved comments such as "she has been here before" and she has...MANY. She is a very bright child, the medium said this was because in "spirit" age she is almost 4 yo, in real age she is almost 2.

Very strange!

I was also told i have a boy spirit waiting for me (i am ttc-ing atm) and he is very near.

I will keep you updated on that one

Epiffany Tue 06-Dec-05 10:25:31

I conceived ds 8 mths after my father died.
I was on the pill, in a casual relationship with an enigmatic lad.
When I got pregnant I was stunned
When ds was born we all described him as an old soul, the name we had chosen was Jack, but we felt that was too carefree and jolly, he looked serious
Amy people have said "he's special" many have seen an aura, he was also born in his waters which is a sign of a blessed life or stething to that effect?
The medium I went to 6 yrs ago, described my firstborn child as the boy with the man in him - she said like the man he came from he was tall, blue eyed and adored me.
I went in to ask if I was every going to find a man (at a psychic fair) bit tipsy...
She also said my ds has a spirit guide, and will be blessed all his life.
I always thought it was a bit wobbly but she had no info on me, she could not have known
It has brought me a lot of comfort.
DS does have bright blue eyes his father has brown eyes, I am blue eyed.
He is very clever, sweet, kind and good.

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 14:53:45

Well found out yesterday i am pregnant, will have to see if its a boy

Very odd, as the medium also said that i would have a nice surprise for xmas but she couldnt tell me what it was

Very strange !!

Epiffany Wed 07-Dec-05 14:58:35

pucca that's amazingly wow!

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 14:59:40

I know!! was pretty gob smacked myself

My dh keeps saying that "gail the medium" made you pregnant lol

OnZephyrstDayofXmas Wed 07-Dec-05 15:01:36

Congratulations Pucca
Can't wait to see if you have a boy!

I had a very vivid dream last night that I was having another boy. Have now got a definate due date as well which ties in with my eagle dream. I'd love to get more confirmation of the whole dream thing.

Epiffany Wed 07-Dec-05 15:01:55

where is Gail, I need to find her LOL

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 15:04:00

It is said that a mother can having a feeling or a dream of what the sex will be

When i was pregnant with my daughter i "knew" it would be a girl and even could picture what she would look like... lots of black hair, i was right!

So you never know

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 15:05:22

Epiffany... she did a reading over MSN.

I will try and do a link to her website...


OnZephyrstDayofXmas Wed 07-Dec-05 15:06:17

I was going to ask where to find her too!!!

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 15:15:22

Give her an email, i did speak to her last night and she did say she was having a break for a little while, but i am sure she will sort something out for you in a couple of weeks.

She is very good, and a lovely woman

sickandtired Wed 07-Dec-05 16:47:21

e-mail her, don't you have to chosse a reading before she will talk to you - what reading did you have?

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 16:56:53

Sickandtired...i just had the general reading over MSN. xx

OnZephyrstDayofXmas Wed 07-Dec-05 16:58:04

I've emailed her. I hope she can do a reading - I've been wanting one for a long time but too wary of rip offs

pucca Wed 07-Dec-05 16:59:40

Ooh very good let me know what she says x

MelissasSecretSanta Fri 16-Dec-05 11:32:44

I have only just found this topic, I stumbled across it last night, which is weird as I am always looking for different topics to take part in & I have been around for just under a year now.

Anyway, this thread brought a mix of emotions to me as I sat reading it. I too believe that our children choose us, as I was told by a spiritualist that I choose my mother (which in it's self was odd as it led me to have a lousy upbringing, but she also told me that I needed to learn & teach her lessons & that it why I choose her)

I knew from the date before my AF should have started that I was pg & that it was a girl.

Anyway, I found a poem while I was pg & I framed it & it hangs in my DD bedroom, above her bed.

MelissasSecretSanta Fri 16-Dec-05 11:39:58

Did you ever think, Dear Mother
as the seeds of me you sowed,
as you breathed new life inside of me
and slowly watched me grow,
in all your dreams about me
when you planned me out so well,
when you couldn't wait to have me there
inside your heart to dwell,
did you ever think that maybe
I was planning for you, too,
and choosing for my very own
a mother just like you?
A mother who smelled sweet and who
had hands so creamy white,
a tender, loving creature
who would soothe me through the night?
Did you ever think in all those days
while you were coming due,
that as you planned a life for me
I sought a life with you?
And now as I lay in your arms,
I wonder if you knew
while you were busy making me
I was choosing you!

OnZephyrstDayofXmas Fri 16-Dec-05 12:00:16

Aww I love that

I got an email back from Gail saying that she was taking a break as she was worn out from all her readings but that she'd be in touch in the new year....can't wait!!

Minerva2005 Thu 22-Dec-05 23:54:16

I have just stumbled across this thread and have found it very moving and interesting.

I have not had any terminations, but have had 4 cycles of IVF treatment, one of which resulted in the birth of my daughter.

I have often though of all the potential babies/children that were created, in the form of embryos, but that didn't make it... in total I have had 11 embryos returned to my womb and only 1 has ever survived.

Am I stupid to think like this? I suppose that it depends on when you think that life begins and what a big question that is....

All I know is that I saw them, little bright bubbles of life.

It's just that sometimes I think about all my potential babies that didn't make it. Would they have been boys or girls and what they would have looked like?

They were alive when they were put inside me, but then they died, though the medical term is implantation failure.

After reading the poem, maybe they just didn't chose me to be their mummy!

I would love another child and am TTC - would love to hear that there is spirit child waiting for me. Maybe I need to get in touch with Gail too.

fransmom Sat 25-Feb-06 22:50:11

i just found this thread and i'm really fascinated by everyon's experiences, i would love to talk with you about them. melissasecretsanta, that poem was lovely i've just told dfiance about it and he thought it was lovely and asked where you got it from?
i have a lovely book by rita rogers "reaching for the children" i found it in a library sale quite a few years ago and it really helped me through my m/c memories. for years i had a dream that i was walking round a hospital , in a rather fetching hospital gown , with attached drip, looking for my baby. a lady (i'm sorry i don't remember your name) mentioned indigo children and a really good book i read "the indigo children" is written by lee carroll and jan tober i'm not going to say anything about it but it did ring a few bells when looking at our dd.......

bambi06 Sat 25-Feb-06 23:17:33

a few weeeks ago i was woken up by something .. and sensed someone near like when my dd creeps in to see me in the night and i was just about to say `go back to bed` when i opened my eyes and saw a little girl with long brown hair and a sweet face[ about 3 yrs old ]not like my dd who`s blonde and short bob ! she said to me[but in my `head ` can i be your little girl? i sat up with a jerk and stared and she just melted away in front of me..now i`m not sure whether i was dreaming but it felt very real and its still extremely clear in my memory so i`m thinking it actually happened..thing is we`re not trying for any more kids but i do wonder..afterwards i felt this incredibly warm glow and went back to sleep with a smile on my face!!!

melissasmummy Mon 27-Feb-06 11:02:39

fransmom, I was sent the peom in an email from a friend who found it posted on a parenting website.

fransmom Tue 28-Feb-06 22:43:32

bambi06 that sounds lovely though i think you should go with your gut on this one but g&p yourself first

fransmom Mon 06-Mar-06 21:22:27


Mirage Thu 30-Mar-06 22:10:22

Hmmm,food for thought.14 years ago I had my palm read by a lady who asked me if I had lost any children.I'd never been pregnant at the time & it was the furthest thing from my mind.She said that she could see 3 babies,2 girls & a boy,but couldn't tell me if I'd actually have these babies or not.

I thought that it was a very odd thing to say & didn't really think about it again,until almost 10 years to the day,I suffered an ectopic pregnancy & lost my 1st baby.I went on to have 2 beautiful dd's,so wonder if this lady could really see all my babies?

Vev Fri 31-Mar-06 08:56:10

A few years ago I had a really vivid dream where there was a little girl with me who I knew was mine, long dark curly hair. I'd already got my DD at the time and this dream was after she had been born. I can't remember if this dream was when I was pregnant for the second time but it was pretty close and when I gave birth to my DS I was really surprised 'cos I thought it would be a girl. I've seen a few psychic mediums who all say there's a little girl in spirit with me. My DDs actually seen a little girl in our house (who shouldn't be there).

pucca Fri 31-Mar-06 22:10:08

Just to update if anyone interested

I found out today i am having a little boy!! ...see below.

Papillon Sat 01-Apr-06 09:28:06

Wonderful Pucca!! ...congratulations

fransmom Wed 05-Apr-06 22:16:16

congratulations! x

SnowBoo Wed 05-Apr-06 22:22:55

I lost a little boy nearly two years ago and have always maintained he is still with us.
Am pg again with another boy, he is different yet the same. Iykwim.
My ds (3.4) talks about his brother 'Joe', my lost babys middle name is Joseph. We call him Ollie. Spooks me a bit as he is adamant his brother is Joe.

SnowBoo Wed 05-Apr-06 22:24:59

I lost a little boy at 17weeks pg nearly two years ago but maintain he is still with us.
Am pg with another boy but feel he is different.
My ds (3.4) talks about his brother 'Joe'. Babys middle name is Joseph. We called him Oliver but ds insists its Joe. Coincidence?

fransmom Wed 05-Apr-06 22:26:43

i can understnad your little boy saying he has abrother called joe x when i was growing up, i always knew i had an older brother, later on, i knew his name. it always seems that when i am seriously troubled, he is always there to help me out - being a shoulder to lean on, so to speak. perhaps your joe is doing the same for his brother? x

SnowBoo Wed 05-Apr-06 22:31:50

He knows all about him, he talked to him in my tummy when i was in hosp with the m/c. And he helps me with the grave, tidying and stuff. But we never told him babys middle name. Kids definately have a sixth sense.

fransmom Wed 05-Apr-06 22:40:44

i think they do. several times lo has woken up before i heard her moving in her cot, when i listen to her for a while, i can swear that she is chatting to someone, especially when she says nanny..... it's lovely because it gives us extra proof that our unborns (i'm sorry, i can't think of another word) have survived in some sense.

chipmonkey Fri 07-Apr-06 19:59:51

Whe I was 8 weeks pg with ds2, I was reading "Miffy" with ds1. We came to the part where Mrs bunny says to Mr Bunny, "If we could have a baby now, how lovely that would be" and ds1 turned around and patted my tummy. He was only 20 months old and we hadn't told him I was pg.

fransmom Fri 07-Apr-06 22:01:25

wow, well i'm just wow. that's (fm lost for words)

SSSandy Sun 22-Oct-06 16:01:08

We both knew straight afterwards that we had conceived and we were right. I had a vision when I was pregnant and saw dd exactly as she looked at about 2 years of age and I felt her, what kind of a person she was. I was a bit surprised because she didn't really look the way I'd expected my baby to. Dd turned out exactly the same as the child in that vision, looks and character.

Many people approached me when dd was a baby to tell me she had a very old soul. I never knew what to think of this because I don't believe in reincarnation. Once a woman was coming to visit but had to cancel. She said she felt a connection to dd like a physical shock and something pulling in her stomach when she knew she wouldn't be able to come and told me dd has a very strong soul.

Dd is and has always been strongly attached to God. When we were in Spain on holiday, she was 2, she wanted to go into an old church which was no longer in use and locked up, and she stood outside for at least an hour pulling on the door and saying "they must open the church!". We couldn't get her to budge. Many things like that have happened ever since she was very small.

Spidermama Sun 22-Oct-06 16:09:12

I always had a strong feeling that dd1 was the same soul as my first MC.

I wonder though what happens about the male element. I mean if I'd had my first baby with a different man following my MC with dh.

fransmom Mon 23-Oct-06 20:34:57

i'm not entirely sure but imho, it's the soul of the child who choosess to return to either the same parents or, as for you spidermama, the mother. when dd goes to bed, very frequently she is chatting to someone and night before last, i was tucking her in when i felt someone say "i'm talking to her mom" - i always wondered who it is that talks to her cos there nothing i worry about in there. the thing is i had a mc before dd and have seen her a couple of times.

zachanhar Tue 24-Oct-06 17:48:18

I am agog. What do you think... My older brother died, aged four from meningitis on holiday in spain over 35 years ago. I was born several years later and grew up with photos of him around the house, although he was never really mentioned. I gave birth to a baby boy 7 months ago (in spain) and he looks EXACTLY like my brother who died. Even my father who is very cynical and skeptical has said they could be twins. they were presented the same way at birth and my baby is huge, (25lbs by 6 months) so was my brother. I know i should just accept this as a coincidence. but i am finding it occupies my thoughts a lot.... could my baby have the spirit of my brother somehow..... or am i completely bonkers? it seems strange they would be so incredibly alike physically. has anyone else experienced this?

pucca Tue 24-Oct-06 17:54:40

See below for my contribution to this thread, the medium said i would have a little boy in Aug, he would be big and i best get to the hospital pronto as i would go into labour quickly.

I had a little boy called George, he was born at 38 weeks weighing 9lb 6oz and i was down for a elective c-section but went into labour 6 days before booked section and was 3 cm within an hour so she was right about all

pucca Tue 24-Oct-06 17:55:01

He was born on 6th Aug.

pucca Tue 24-Oct-06 17:56:05

The medium told me all this before i even knew i was pg, found out the day after my reading i was.

Papillon Tue 24-Oct-06 17:59:46

Cool pucca

You are not boonkers zachanhar, how lovely that the memory of your brother now lies in your arms

zachanhar Tue 24-Oct-06 21:58:30

Thank you papillon, I love that, a memory in my arms. very comforting. I need to discuss it with my mother as it must be very, very hard for her.

zachanhar Tue 24-Oct-06 22:05:11

I have always been agnostic and very very cynical and skeptical, but since i had my baby i am so amazed by him and soooo madly in love that i am beginning to think about religion and stuff a lot more. especially with my little boy looking so like my brother. it is too much to be a coincidence or just a random happening. it is like he was meant, or he chose us or something. when he was a day old lots of people described him as an `old soul`. i dont know what i am getting at really. i dont want to saddle my son with stuff from the past, but nor do i want to ignore what is in front of me.

Papillon Wed 25-Oct-06 19:06:14

We want to protect our children so we need not tell them what we feel, except perhaps that they remind us of someone also loved by the family. If you wish to share what you see and feel later then he may feel a great connection to your brother, or it may not concern him.

I personally cannot see that your ds would be saddled by your brothers memory. It will be interesting to see if your ds seeks to know about your brother as he grows older.

Try not let the agnostic side of yourself conflict with the love you feel for your son as a strong reflection of your brother. Enjoy acceptance and joy that the miracle of life can in this way bring back your brother without emotions burdens.

I rang my spirit daughter on her birthday this week, I am so glad she is around me and wants to be a part of my life, without her having to know all that history that once caused me anguish.

Babyramone Sat 28-Oct-06 00:53:58

Hi, I,ve been reading this thread with interest and thought I'd share this with you.
Last summer I went to a medium with my friend, she really believes in them but I'm very much of the take with a pinch of salt camp. However this one did mention a few things which were spot on or quite close. Then he said "you have a child, a boy?" I nodded (I have 3 year old) he then looked over my shoulder and said "There's a wee girl being held up behind you, she's coming next" I got a real shiver when he said this and had that someone behind you feeling but put it down to his skill as meduim.
Anyway due to sceptical nature thought no more of it, I got pregnant last december and to my surprise gave birth to my beautiful DD this september, had been sure through most of pregnancy this was boy though had dream of a girl.
Not sure if this was spirit baby but wanted to shsre this experiance, it's made me wonder about things we don't understand

fransmom Sun 29-Oct-06 21:39:53

congrats about new baby x

I just found this thread when looking for something else and wanted to bump it. I am on it from a long time ago.. I used to love these threads.. one the things that got me hooked on MN in the first place.. but these days, if anyone posts anything like this (even in this section) the sceptics seems to flood in and posts negative stuff and the tread dies. Real shame. I am not one to make remarks along the lines of "mumsnet has changed.. (for the worst!)" because on the whole, I don't think it has. But we used to be able to have these kind of conversations and it seems that these days we can't. Would be good if we could get that back.

So just wanted to bump it in case anyone had thoughts/experiences to add.

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:14:22

hi shiny hows you? i think i met you in the barrrrr

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:21:38

aww hi shiny ikwym, ive been reluctant to share much on here these days due to what you mention. The more my abilities are coming out the more Im going within and being private. I suppose we can protect ourselves and help each other , but I dont like to be near the negativity that I think could come . Then again may be thats a reality we dotn have to create !!!

soo here goes

I have been feeling much from the spirit world of late and have started to feel when others spirits in terms of children are coming near. Not all of it may be what some may want to hear , so thats been difficult for me. On the other hand my abilites are quite new , so Im asking for proof of it a lot to make sure my info is coming in correctly.

what have you been seeing , hearing & feeling ?

Oh and who were you before or do u want to remain anonymous? Im feeling Iris ??????

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:23:59

melsy and shiny are quite welcome to cat me and then we can chat by email

i have experienced similar attitudes on here as well but have decided to ignore them

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:24:47

awww thatll be great fransmom, u got msn ???

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:25:15

oops havent updated my cat thingy

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:27:00

bugger. [oops]

i did but it was causing a few probs with downloading other things {need to update pc first}so had to take it off.

also have to update my cat thingy too

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:28:35

lol hmm well have to just get the skeptics out of the woodwork on here then for the time being !!!!!!

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:30:10

i'm ready.......

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:32:28

were u gone shiny ????!!!

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:35:53

OK diving in

I had direct conversations with my 2nd child whislt I was carrying her , she fooled EVERYONE including very strong physchics that she was a boy!!! Shes very strong cheeky gorgoues spirit!

Over toooo youuuuuuuuu

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:41:17

i had bleeding at 6wks, situation at the time with on/off dp was not good (he was still in contatc with xw) and had image of child's hand sticking thru stomach, so held hand and said you're an (my surname) so that means you're a fighter girlie.

you know what, i've been close to her ever since (apart from pnd episodes and normal other things ). i read a book caled the baby whisperer and she asked a question to which i thought of "no" and she thought "why?". the look on her face when she realised what had happened was funny

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:43:36

also had mc at 10wks in 94 (was pg after morning after pill and docs advised something i wasn't hapy with..... long story for mn) and have seen her a few times.

unborn children grow up as normal in the spirit worls, other family members look after them - read recently that people who were to become parents on this side of things, are asked to be in loco parentis, as it were, so the child grows up with spirit parents too

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:52:13

oops sorry to delay coming back got caught in reading bb thread!!!!

aww so did u loose the baby when u bled at 6wks? Sorry you had that loss in 94, I like the idea of them being person in spirit world, I suppose they woud be woudnt they as despite not coming into physcial plane they still are a spirit/soul. I have one there then also had m/c Nov 02 , with my grandparents awwwww I had a vision of it.

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:55:40

oops! sorry no she healthy 2yr old now. she is my 2nd preg

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 21:56:08

was2nd preg, is now healthy 2yr old

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:59:34

awww bless lovely

Was just the way you said being close to her and asking the question, I thought u were talking about contact with spirit, me being dense and doh for a change !

I'm here! And pathetically happy that my thread revival didn't go unacknowledged!

We may have met in the barrrrr FransMom but perhaps I was too pissed to remember! (We have definitely spoken before tho.. in this section at least.). Melsy, I'm SleepyJess [waves].. posting as CreepyJess (an old halloween name) further down this thread. That's great to hear re your abilities and experiences. Nothing that exciting to report from my end I'm afraid. But to be honest, it's been the furthest thing from my mind. I am completely bogged down by more "earthly" concerns, more's the pity and I feel certain that the "awareness" that I seemed to be developing has been completely blocked. I wouldn't say I'm depressed (haven't got time I don't think!) but I do spend much of the time feeling down and have done for the last couple of years. But I can never stay down for too long, which is why I don't think I'm suffering from depression. And it's entirely due to external circumstances as well. A counsellor told me she is amazed that I get from day to day considering what I'm dealing with (that shocked me a bit from a counsellor!) so I suppose I'm doing ok. Just not got time to dwell on the "spiritual me".. although I know it's "there".. and that in itself is comforting.

It was probably nearly five years ago when I first started reading all the spiritual stuff I could lay my hands on (which sort of kick started something in my mind) and before life got in the way, I did start to have a few minor spiritual experiences as well as experience quite a bit of (amusing!) electrial activity and malfuction from various sources.. but nothing like that's happened for a long time. Like I say, I think I'm blocking it maybe partly conciously, partly subconsciously.

I still do Reiki though.. that's one thing I haven't "given up".. although not as much as I should.. and I ought to self treat at well.

Oops sorry.. I seem to have revived a thread on spirit children only to drivel about myself!

I miss Bong Land Melsy. I have tried to post on the yurt threads the way we used to in the Land where the Bong Tree Grows.. but.. I don't know what it is.. partly, as previously mentioned.. that I feel all repressed because of the liklihood of people barging in and saying "what ARE you lot on??? " (not that it ever seems to bother Paps, bless her.. ) and partly because I seem to have lost the ability to project myself into such a lovely place.

Would love to chat by email! I will CAT you both. Can't do MSN on this pc however.

Shiny x

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:07:51

both really, sorry.

erm, shall we start again?

had mc in 94, have seen her a few times and the first time was when my older bro brought her to meet me. (my older bro was mc child too).

dd, aged 2, was the one i saw the hand with

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:08:51

ahhhhhh sleepyjess, i remember talking to you before, aloooong time ago tho

now i can go back and read the rest of your post

Bugger my £5 CAT subscription has run out and can't afford to pay again until next week. If either (any) of you want to CAT me so we can email that'd be great.

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:09:57

yurts? bong trees?

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:11:52

what a lovely thread!

melsy...my DS was supposed to be a girl...according to the lady who told me i was pregnant.....

she told me i was pregnant , a week after i had conceived, she didn;t know me , she worked in the newsagents near where i worked, but didn;t know me properly....she told me i was pregnant, and that i had a twin !! eeeeeeek ! also told me who my spirit guide was..and various other things..

but the only thing she got wrong was the gender, told me i was having a girl and she was so sure..but he is a boy!

went to see two different mediums after DS, told me there was a girl , a fiery, feisty girl with a strong will and a strong spirit waiting to join us ! and she did !!!

also told me i would have a long labour, with a lot of back pain...which i did, forewarned is forearmed though!

i love these threads too !!

LOL FM. Do a search.. you'll find some of the old threads. The yurt ones still pop up. They're in this section. (obviously..!)

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:13:02

ours did too

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:13:24

<<<<<<<,,waves to luuuuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuuu>>>>>>>

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:14:38

waaaaaaaaaaaaves back !! LOL!

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 22:20:06

ahhh hiiiiiiiii(((((((((((((( sleepyjess )))))))))))))). Spirit is aalways there hun , I have been told they step back when either a) you are going into a move forarwd time spiritually or b) when there are lots of stresses and external thing going on. Im sorry you are having a low tide at the mo. bless paps , havent spoken to her in weeeeks,keep thinking off her loads, spirit keeps reminding me, she is good at being true self.

aww fransmom thats lovely u have been able to contact yuor brother.

lulu , I love it when I chat with local newsagent family , they seem to have a mytical soul connection there , I can feel it and I think they know I feel it from them, higher spirit wise ykwim ????

corrr I havent been this melsy on here for soo long , it feels strange !

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:20:19

<<<<<<<<<barrrrrrrrrrr is yours now lulu nite all x>>>>>>>>>>>

Well this Melsy.. there is a current Bong Land thread now.. where did that come from??

fransmom Sun 03-Jun-07 22:22:30

he tells me he's a busy boy lol cheeky bugger he is .

jsut had image of him as a surf dude with 'board! doesn't suit him blond tho, sorry just been told that's his mate! better be off methinks i getting tired

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 22:30:27

nite fransmom have a good on.

shiny , Im not good at all the poetic side right now either! Im tending to be much more clairaudient, sensient and voyant, not so wordy though. I think thats stepped back for me so I can compute whats going on in some way.

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:34:11

so phsycic news agents are quite common ????

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 22:35:39

lol lulu seems that way hey !!!

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:36:31

night fran x

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 22:54:12

everyone gone to bed now lol

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:54:47

am vaguely wandering !

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 22:56:09

me too , making up for lost mn time this week , but Im waning now, want to get to my new deepak book before falling asleep!!

Twinklemegan Sun 03-Jun-07 22:56:36

I was quite disappointed when I realised this thread was so old. Anyhow, just wanted to say that this is a lovely and very comforting concept. I am sure I had at least one, if not two m/c before having DS. I have always wondered what happened to those potential human beings. Now I realise that both of those m/c could have been DS trying and failing to come into the world. It's a lovely thought if it's true that he's finally made it.

When people ask me if I'll have another, I feel odd somehow. It's like DS has made me complete - I'm not sure I'll ever feel the urge for another like I did for DS. Maybe he and I were just meant to be.

Twinklemegan Sun 03-Jun-07 22:57:41

I have tears in my eyes now having thought about that.

lulumama Sun 03-Jun-07 22:58:22

oh twinkle, it is good you feel complete, that he has arrived though x

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 23:00:46

my I didnt realise how old it was twinkle !

No reason why it cant be started again hey. So many mums have their story to tell too.

melsy Sun 03-Jun-07 23:02:08

awww twinkle , they give us such feelings our kids eh, all these lovely little souls x

jajas Sun 03-Jun-07 23:14:57

Hello, have only skimmed this thread but it's fascinating. Not sure if this is ok to ask, but has anyone experienced spirit babies in animals? I have a beautiful mare who spent 4 months of this year in a state of nervous exhaustion and stress. I had a healer do some work on her and the change in her was incredible. It was 10 weeks ago this weekend and she is amazing, back to her old self. The healer told me that she had miscarried a foal 8yrs ago and the spirit had come back to her as some kind of energy that was attached to her. I would love to know what the healer did, but literally on the Sat (and months previous to this) she was charging around as though she were possessed, totally out of control, distressed, not eating or drinking etc and after she had been helped by the healer she went back to her normal self ~ the spirit foal having being helped on to the next world.

Hope I haven't offended anyone by talking about a horse, but I am so fascinated by what happened and why.

Twinklemegan Sun 03-Jun-07 23:30:39

It's fascinating no matter what, and in many ways even more so in an animal because one presumes they wouldn't imagine something like that like a human might (with PTS or depression or something).

I've been thinking about this kind of thing a lot recently. I mean, the way DS is growing up, it's like his whole personality is hidden deep inside him in a locked chest, and each day it's unlocked and another little piece is released. And the moment when a foetus's heart starts beating - what's that all about? The whole thing is just mind-blowing.

jajas Sun 03-Jun-07 23:48:44

I know what you mean about their characters bursting out bit by bit, it is quite amazing to observe. Is it all there predestined or do we have any influence over the way they are?

As to the horse story, the healer told me that the baby wasn't malevolant at all, just very mischievious in the way a child can be when they don't understand that they are driving you bonkers! She said that the mare was beginning to shut down as she couldn't cope or didn't know how to cope, with what was happening to her. The healer basically cleansed her and then shut her down and assures me that the spirit foal is at rest now and won't come back. I was so stressed about her that she also gave me some healing which was quite amazing. I felt as if I were floating over my horse and that all this pure light was flowing out of her. It was as though I was watching over her but that she was ok now. Sorry to ramble, there are only so many people in RL that you can tell this sort of stuff to!

wrinklytum Sun 03-Jun-07 23:58:35

This thread is really interesting.In my relationship I have always been the sceptical one,but dp is really quite spookily psychic in some ways.Anyhow,was very sceptical until I saw a psychic with dp before ds birth,very early in pregnancy who predicted month of birth,sex and other stuff,and also that I would have a dd!Have also experienced a few wierd happenings when working nights in hospital setting.

Twinklemegan Mon 04-Jun-07 00:00:00

Sometimes it's good just to ramble though isn't it? Whoever said there isn't enough of this kind of thing on MN these days is dead right. I don't know much about horses, but there's a really close connection between a horse and their owner isn't there, so it makes perfect sense that you'd be tapping into her.

For me, this concept of spirit children helps to explain the sheer desperation I was feeling when ttc. And sometimes I look at DS and he does seem "wise" (like someone said earlier on in the thread). Like he's been around for longer than 10 months somehow...

Aitch Mon 04-Jun-07 00:11:56

i don't think that sceptics should prevent you from posting this sort of thing, people with a greater understanding should welcome the challenge of scepticism, surely? i'm a big-time sceptic, it's all a load of rubbish etc etc (but i'm pally with Gordon Smith the psychic and some of the things i've seen him do would blow your mind.) but i'm still a sceptic, oh yeah. deffo.

Twinklemegan Mon 04-Jun-07 00:26:43

The scientific part of me says I'm a sceptic. The way ttc messed with my head makes me not so sure...

Twinklemegan Mon 04-Jun-07 00:27:39

And it's a damned sight more interesting than most of the stuff on here at the mo.

Aitch Mon 04-Jun-07 00:37:14

me too, twinkle, and i agree about the general boringness and also attrition levels on here. i used to love the ghosty threads as well. but i'm Still A Sceptic. you just ask my friend Gordon... he's offered to do a reading for me but i shat myself. but i've sat in on readings and been contacted by (i think) my dad who rather stuck hi head round the door. Nut I'm Still A Sceptic. <sticks tongue out, childishly>

Aitch Mon 04-Jun-07 00:37:42

But, not nut...

hedda Mon 04-Jun-07 00:45:54

Message withdrawn

Aitch Mon 04-Jun-07 00:50:47

pffffft, some scientist you are...

cool story, how lovely for you.

ghosty Mon 04-Jun-07 03:02:44

I absolutely KNOW that DD (now aged 3) is the same baby I miscarried 6 months before she was conceived. Absolutely, without a doubt. It wasn't her time and I sincerely believe that the body of that m/c baby wasn't right so DD decided to hold out until a bit later. I feel sad about that miscarriage, obviously, but I have DD now and she was meant to be here so ....
I would love to chat to some of you offline about this sort of stuff ... it's right up my street ...
ghostyandmeg(at)bigpond(dot)com ...

I miscarried a baby at nine weeks in 1997. I started spotting on the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend while visiting family 200 miles away from where I then lived. The on-call doctor told me to go back to my sister's house and rest and that I could be scanned the next day.

I continued spotting but the loss was no more than that. That night I had a very vivid dream, so vivid that I remember it in the same detail ten years later. I dreamed that a beautiful-looking older lady with a kind face came and took a tiny, live newborn girl out of my arms (I don't remember "giving birth" in the dream) and with a smile on her face said "No, don't name her now. She's not going to stay with you at the moment, I have to take her with me." And I handed her over without sadness.

The next morning, although the blood loss was no heavier, I "knew" the pregnancy would not continue. As soon as we arrived at the hospital for the scan, I went to the loo and lost a very large "clot". Once scanned, there was nothing to see but a slight thickening of the womb lining showing where she had been.

I have remained convinced that the baby I lost was a girl. I had an online reading 2 or 3 years ago and without knowing anything at all about me (or obviously even laying eyes on me) the "reader" told me that she had a vivid image of someone she felt was my maternal grandmother, holding some pearls (I have her simulated pearl necklace) and standing with a little girl who looked about seven or eight, with blonde curly hair. She wanted to know if I had lost a child as they were both sending me so much love and telling me everything would be alright and to "keep studying". (I had just started study with the OU.)

I have just realised that the tenth anniversary of losing this baby was 4 days ago. I hadn't thought about her in a while.

Aitch, re what you say about the sceptics (and I'm not sure I'd describe myself as one, but I don't automatically "swallow" everything spiritual that I hear just because it sounds nice, either).. it's hard to post your inner most thoughts and experiences as many of us have on this thread, and then have people barge in and say "FGS.. get over it..." etc. Nobody has done so on this thread either originally or since it got bumped yesterday, which is great, but that's maybe because people are mainly talking about babies they have lost and so peolple manage to hold back their scorn and disbelief that there could possibly be anything more "out there" then what appears to be so to them. I wish they could also do so on some of the other spiritual threads. There are threads where we do debate such things, such as issues of faith (Unquiet Dad and I always seems to debate such things and I think you can debate without sneering at other people's thoughts/expereinces) and then there are those, like this one, where people just want to share. I hope we can have more of these again.

(Hedda that's a lovely story. )

I think I mentioned a book by this author further down, orginally, but I must recommend her to all the news posters on the thread - you would find the stuff she has written facsinating if you haven't already read any of it, I promise. And the sceptics would too I think. She is Elisabath Hallett, a very experienced midwife who has a great deal of experience in the field of pre birth communication. See here.. http://www.thelaboroflove.com/forum/elisabeth/prebirth.html

The book that allowed me to discover her was this one.. Stores of the Unborn Soul: The mystery and delight of pre birth communication. Here.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stories-Unborn-Soul-Pre-birth-Communication/dp/0595223613/ref=sr_1_1/203-5057101-9579950?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1180943242&sr=1-1. It was one of the first spiritual books I every read and I could not put it down. Would highly recommend it.

fransmom Mon 04-Jun-07 12:39:10

hello just quickly scanned thru this thread as on my lunch break from work and have to be back soon - it's lovely knowing there are people we can talk to and have similar experiences as well. shphh, i shall try and update cat thing later when i've finished for the day

melsy Mon 04-Jun-07 23:17:42

lovely everyones bringing their storied back here and this space is stayng positive and sensitive.

Ive spoken with Elisabeth Hallet via email and shes VERY ineterested in these stories. Im yet to read her books , but read everything on her website.

Shiny & Frans Ive just updated Cat , routers been down all day , so just catching up now. Ghosty u might get a message from me too ! I have only a handful of friends I can dsicuss these things with at length.

You have spoken to Elisabeth Hallet by email Melsy??!!! WOW! Am genuinely in awe!!!

Have you read her books? I desperately want Soul Trek but it is always so expensive! It's even quite expensive second hand so I've not read it yet...

Ooops sorry.. I see you've yet to read them. Read them!!!

Just wanted to add the excerpt from Chapter 9 of Soul Trek that I just found on EH's site.

Has anyone ever expereinced anything like this?

From Chapter Nine, "A Presence". . .

How does it feel when a "spirit child" visits? A thread that runs through so many stories is the love that is experienced with these contacts.

"A great feeling of love washed over me as if pouring over my head. . . the sensation of great all-encompassing love was overwhelming." Expressions like this recur throughout stories of pre-conception and pregnancy as well. People speak of being cuddled, hugged, soothed and surrounded by love. They mention feelings of warmth and familiarity. One mother describes the presence as feeling "like an old friend had hugged me."

In the next story, a waking vision accompanies the experience of a loving presence.

I was one month pregnant with my second child. My four year old daughter, Catherine, and I were folding laundry in the family room. Oddly enough, Catherine, who hadn't needed an afternoon nap in perhaps a year, goes to the couch and immediately falls asleep! "Some unexpected, precious time to myself," I think.

Suddenly, I feel a heaviness in the room, a presence. It becomes almost palpable, a never-before-experienced feeling of "someone" being there with me. I can laugh at the situation; am I losing my mind or what?! It lingers, heavy. I look around, finally saying out loud, "Who's there?" I continue asking and looking, laughing a little at what I must look like. Finally, a feeling; a feeling that I am in touch with something very GOOD. LOVE ITSELF.

I suddenly see an image directly in front of me of a young, fair-haired, fair-skinned man. I know he is the spirit of the child within me. I feel such a sense of love, "karmic destiny," of history between us, but yet a sense that I haven't been with him for a very long time. A someone I have deep, deep love for and a profound connection with. I now know that we are reunited as mother and son. I feel such gratitude. With tears running down my face, I say out loud, "Thank God we are together again, you and I! We're back together and my love for you runs as deep as deep comes. Welcome. Welcome back."

I quickly get up and go to another room to find paper and pen to write down what occurred. I am still emotionally overcome. When I finish writing, I pause a moment and breathe deeply. Suddenly Catherine calls my name. She's awake! I am struck by the coincidence of her brief, unexpected nap and my "visitation."

Much of what I have written today is quoted from what I wrote that afternoon. I went on to have a fair-haired, very fair-skinned boy. He's sixteen months old now and we're very close!"

pucca Mon 04-Jun-07 23:40:56

The Stories of the Unborn Soul book sounds very interesting but also quite expensive.

My story is further down, but still feel quite shocked at it all tbh, very odd.

The books are cheaper on her site Pucca.. I have just seen that Soul Trek is only £7 something. I will treat myself some time soon!

Surfermum Tue 05-Jun-07 20:54:17

What a great thread. I had 2 mcs before I had dd. The first I always grieve for on the anniversary and we've put a plant in the garden, the second I never give another thought to and I've always wondered why I feel so differently about them. While reading this thread I got a strong feeling that the 2nd mc is in fact dd. I wonder if that explains it?

I know the first mc was a boy, he comes to help FIL with his gardening (FIL's a medium and a great healer). I've just learnt to meditate and on one of the first times I had a go on my own I saw him and he told me that if I smell bacon sandwiches, which I have done a couple of times, he's around .

Surfermum Tue 05-Jun-07 22:11:36

Pucca - I just booked a reading with Gail. I'm very excited!! Should have it tomorrow night.

fransmom Fri 08-Jun-07 20:28:59

surfermum how did you go?

melsy Sat 09-Jun-07 20:21:16

fransmom , did you get my cat ?

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Sat 09-Jun-07 20:38:16

I am glad someone has bumped this thread. I came back to it a few times after my m/c last year. It made me think that i was meant to have another child but that child decided now(then) wasn't a good time.

Its comforting to think that there is the spirit oif another child waiting for the right time but at the same time i can't help but wonder if that m/c symbolised everything i have lost and never greived for.

I remember reading this thread when it first started, it makes me feel so peaceful re-reading it.

A couple of days before I found out I was pg I had a really vivid dream about me holding a baby boy with fair hair and blue eyes. We looked at each other and I loved him immensely, we were both very calm and I knew we were meant to be together.
Ds is now 3, and yes he has fair hair and blue eyes, and he is absolutely that baby I held in my arms in my dream.

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:08:13

might it help to know that sometimes mc children only need to be on the earth for a very short itme to learn what they needed to know?

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:09:00

I had a feeling about my DD's birthmark before she was born. It is on her neck and extremely prominent (red). Now that I think about it I looked for her mark as soon as she was born (I was alone), it sdidn't take me long to find. Also my DS has strange but subtle markings from birth, although white - again on the neck, but symmetric (either side). An article I read once hypothesised some birthmarks are actually scars from a previous life (!). I would never have believed such a thing, but my DS's marks are very weird...

Newborn babies seem almost unearthly to me - not altogether 'here' yet. At around 6 weeks I felt both my DS and DD were truly 'here'. I don't know why I feel this way, I am not at all religious (rather scientific).

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:15:38

now i think about it, it seemed that way to me when dd was born i remember saying to her that i had waited a very long time to meet her and she was just looking at me - very calm, no crying - well, at least not til i was in surgery (ouch emoticon) and she decided she was hungry

i also have weird birthmarks - at the top of my ears where it curves back round to go inside the ear (if that makes sense) it looks like i have had my ears pierced - but i haven't.
where the 3rd one is under the "H"

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:22:52

DS was amazing when he was born - totally aware to have arrived somehow. Babies are amazing

It occured to me when I read your earlier post fransmom that a very short time would be enough time for little more than to feel love

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:23:51

That is a bizarre mark!

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:25:18

maybe that's all they needed to know?

yes it is. i've had loads of people ask if i had my ears pierced there as they are alittle bit noticeable when i have hair up

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:26:35

You mean that's what people notice when you have your hair up? LOL!

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:27:14

not all the tiem obv . tho my ahir colour bit obv too

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Sat 09-Jun-07 21:29:42

Wonderful thread - very touching

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:30:44

Am sure it's all balanced out by your spectacles .

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:39:18

hey? how do you know if i wear specs?!

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:47:53

Oh dear, I don't of course! Sorry if I stepped on a toe fransmom , I will stop hijacking this thread now because it should continue the way it was going...

I would like to post a picture of the birthmarks my DC have but they are very unique so it's probably best I don't.

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 21:49:09

oh gosh no was only joking bu tnow you mention it, i should wera reading specs - esp with the amount of time i spend on mn...........

kamikayzed Sat 09-Jun-07 21:52:04

phew, emoticon absentia paranoia!

kittylette Sat 09-Jun-07 21:52:19

fransmom what are we looking at thats odd on the pic - i dont get it

fransmom Sat 09-Jun-07 22:00:42

we were talking about birthmarks and possibility of them being related to experiences in previous life/lives. the pic i posted was saying where i had a n odd birthamrk - like my ears had both been pierced. where h is marked on the pic, there is a third (small) hoop and it's roughly in that place on both sides

melsy Sun 10-Jun-07 10:12:30

is that the line that follows into near the ear , faintly red fransmom? I can see an arm of glasses in the pic ! U not wanna speak with me , I mentioned catting u earlier.

fransmom Sun 10-Jun-07 22:09:15

sorry haven't replied have been rather lax of late with replying to emails sorry i upset you nelsy

Surfermum Sun 10-Jun-07 22:19:39

Aw, thanks for asking about the reading Fransmom. It was cool! But I'm wondering why I paid for a reading to tell me stuff that I already knew!! I really must learn to trust my own instincts. It confirmed lots of things I've been saying about my abilities. It said I'm going to be learning and developing via a group of people and I'm a great healer. So ... next stop a reiki course.

It said I've got an opportunity coming up on the career front, that I've been treading water for a while and now it's time to take up my career again (deffo been doing that - by choice - since dd was born, and she's now off to school). She predicted a property move in 2008 and a property abroad in the next 5 years. I find that hard to believe as if I bought a holiday home it would be in Cornwall. Ooh, just thought, maybe it isn't a holiday home ..... ooooh.

Sorry, I'm going on here. It's just it's great to chat to someone who's interested.

melsy Sun 10-Jun-07 22:28:32

aww u didnt upset me fransmom, im just frayed with nerves of late (dd2 been very ill), and its brought on paranoia.

sounds good surfermum, reiki, is that what youve been feeling to do ? I wanting to learn about all kinds of healing.

Id like a reading in person with someone. Ive had an impromptu one in a chat room , but would like to have some contact iykwim.

Those marks on ears are called Pre auricular pits I believe. DS2 has them. The medical reason for them is that when the ears were forming in the womb, the "pits" are where the ear didn't come together quite acurately. They are usually symmetrical. And usually don't affect hearing in any way at all although this depends how deep the pit is. Most of them are just "surface" ones. DS's are. Sorry if that's boring!

Re what has been said about newborns; DS2 is quite severely disabled. He was also unplanned. I am not going to pretend that being parents to him is not very very hard work and stressful (especially lately; one of the reasons I am under so much stess at the moment as his behavioural difficulties are getting harder to handle, more so than his physical needs) but I have always felt that we have him for a reason; he is supposed to be with us. I know that.

He has always been very hyperactive (ADHD was added to list of diagnoses last year) and doesn't sleep well and when he is asleep, that's the only time he is still and not "all over the place", both physically (he can't "do" still) and attention wise. He didn't have any speech for a long time. I have always felt (even before I began learning about all things spiritual, despite all his problems, he was actually "older and wiser" than me in some way. Even in special care, when he was completely oxygen dependant, still quite poorly and attached to various tubes and wires, his eyes used to follow me (just me) wisely around the room when I was in sight of him. He also smiled at the normal age although for months could do none of things he was "supposed to do". But when he was a baby and I could still hold him without him scrambling out of my arms in the hyper fashion he does now, I used to look into his eyes and feel calm and reassured as if HE knew everything was supposed to be this way. We were so stressed about what was wrong with him (no full proper diagnosis, still haven't) but HE was the most loving and socialable child even though he couldn't anything other babies/toddlers could do. We spent a lot of time trying to convince specialists that he understood much of what what said to him (in a somewhat "normal for his age" fashion) but they clearly thought we were kidding ourselves. These days at school, those that work with him daily know there is a "clever boy" inside somewhere, but he's mostly trapped by his physical problems and some kind of processing difficulities.

When he was about 3 and I was putting him to bed I lay down with him and said "thank you for choosing me to be your Mum "DS" " and he stopped scrambling around (could crawl by then) and lay down and looked straight up at me for the longest time. He just held my gaze forever, it was so strange. And made me feel so emotional. Then he hugged me. Although he's always been a "huggy" child, he is never calm or controlled and he never looks in the same place for more than a few seconds.. far too hyper.. but these moments where very calm and seemed so deliberate.

Typing all this has helped remind me of the child (or more to the point the soul!)inside the child who is causing us so many problems at the moment. I think he is very frustrated by his lack of control over things and so controls us the only way he can by doing "bad" things. He is so hard to handle these days. He talks a lot although it's indistinct if you don't know him. He has severe learning difficulties and often talks quite randomly but communication is so much better than I'd ever hoped. And strangely in the last few months as his speech has develped more, I have noticed that he often says something I was thinking.. it's almost daily.. probably more often than I realise but I don't always notice I suspect. Eg in the car the other day I thought (did not say!) to myself "I need to go and get bread.." and DS, from the back of car announced "Bread!"

I've no idea what all this means but I know DS is here to teach me something and DH. DH who is not prone to saying poetic things (and suffers along with me with much of DS' hard to handle behaviour) once said that he feels as if he was BORN to be DS's dad. Even though between us we have four other children who we love just as much.

(sorry for the mammoth post!)

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:02:15

maybe instead of seeing his health as "problems" you could see them as "challenges"?

it would seem as though your son is telepathic - he says things that you've been thinking of and maybe this is his soul's way of saying to you that he does understand you at some level and by repeating back to you what you say could be his key? i am not medically trained these are just my feeling surfermum and as i was typing my fingers could not keep up

Desiderata Wed 13-Jun-07 21:09:53

Well, thanks for your post, Shiny. It was very touching and thought-provoking.

I have always firmly believed, as did my father, that your children chose you.

I wasn't planning on having kids. But at 39, I found myself pregnant. And then I knew what I think I have always known. It would be a boy, and we were meant to be together.

My ds (2.7), quite often in a sleep-befuddled state, will sometimes ask where his 'other mummy' is. It's as if he carries a memory of another time. He comes out with other stuff, too, but this is the most consistent phrase. He has also told me that when I was a baby, he used to hold my hand and look after me.

I can't explain it and I don't even want to. But it's magical.

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:13:39

i can explain it but won't if you don't want me too

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:13:52

errrggggggggh to

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Wed 13-Jun-07 21:18:15

shiny what a lovely post. Thank you for sharing that. I agree with fransmom, it does sound like he has some sort of telepathy with you. ALthough i have no gift in these things it appears that way to me

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:19:51

i think you may have more of a gift than you relaise

musicianswidowakamumofmonsters - have we met elsewhere on another thread before?

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Wed 13-Jun-07 21:32:49

i am mumofmonsters usually so yes we have met a few times lol!(is it yo that was monstersmummy?)

i am only just exploring the possibility of any spiritual gifts i may or may not have. reading my own palm is quite insightful (lookingin a library bok rather than knowing how to do it)

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Wed 13-Jun-07 21:33:22

or even a library book

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:35:11

bok sounds quite good

no, still fm

Slightlyspooked Wed 13-Jun-07 21:43:20

I've changed my name too for extra anonymity. I had a termination in 1997 (was with the wrong man, it was the wrong time, etc etc) and agonised for years over the little soul I'd "sent back". My sister was pregnant as well - we must have conceived at very much the same time - and had a daughter. I was lucky enough to have another chance at motherhood and now have a three year old DS. My DS has always had a definite connection with his cousin. Who knows - perhaps their original plan was to be the same age - but it takes more than a mere seven year age difference to keep twin souls apart.
One more thing. When DS was tiny, I was waxing lyrical about his loveliness and what a just-right son he was for me to my mum, and she said to me "and he had to wait such a long time to come to you". And she's usually very sceptical about this sort of thing. But I think she knew that he had been waiting to come to me.

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 21:53:17

don't feel bad ss, it was obv the wrong time for you and your child's soul would understand that i would call it divine compassion

Slightllyspooked Wed 13-Jun-07 22:02:08

Thank you Fransmom! These days, I don't feel bad about it very often. I am sure my child's soul understands, and I know I'm a better mother now than I would have been all those years ago.

fransmom Wed 13-Jun-07 22:06:19

omg melsy had deleted your cat by mistake please can you cat me again then i shall be able to reply asap?!

Papillon Thu 14-Jun-07 04:38:11

(((Melsy))) hope your dd2 is better

currantbunmum Thu 14-Jun-07 06:50:20

Love this thread, I was quite shocked to see the date it was started. I have recentley (in the last few months) come back to mn, and agree the current threads are nowhere near as thought provoking as this.

Although I think it was ? Lulumama had me hooked with a thread regarding a spirit child in her home and how to deal with it.

I was apparently quite knowing when I was young and would tell my Mum things long before they happened, most of it quite trivial. I do seem to have lost this on the whole. But that said, the week before my Grandad (very unexpectedly) died, I had an awful sad feeling that I couldn't shift and would burst out crying for no reason. I just knew something bad was going to happen.

I have had a connection with him though since he passed, I was diving in Cuba and got the Bends quite badly, I was rushed off to the hospital, but they wouldn't allow dh to come with me, by this time I could hardly speak and was petrified. But when I got to the hospital I felt as if my Grandad was there with me looking after me til dh got there. There was a chair at the side of my bed and I knew he was in it. I have only just talked to dh about this, and it happened about 10 years ago. I do want to tell my Mum as it was her Dad, she is a Reiki healer and also loves this type of conversation / subject, but I just haven't I don't know why.

Sorry to have drifted somewhat from the original subject, but hopefully I wont be told to 'get a grip' as like minded people seem to be hovering on this thread.

fransmom Thu 14-Jun-07 12:33:20

we won't tell you to get a grip currant! seriously, amybe the reason you haven't told you rmom is cos you thinkt hat she may be upset that she hadn't seen him and you had???? otho, maybe she might understand why he chose to see you at the time?

vonsudenfed Thu 14-Jun-07 13:13:52

what a lovely thread. And I've found it incredibly healing.

I read some of it last night, and then went up and had a bath. I was thinking about this, and about the miscarriage I had the year before I conceived dd, and all at once in my head I saw my grandmother, and with her was a small blond child, just the age that that baby would have been. And I knew that she was looking after him for me, and it was all fine. I felt very happy, but also as though I was about to be overwhelmed and cry very clear tears. A hugely strong emotion.

It's funny, I'd never thought much about my grandmother for a long time - I adored her, but she died when I was about 14. But since I have had dd, I have thought about her a lot, and very occasionally feel that she might be with me. But I feel as if I have, unknowingly, asked her to be with us, as dd has my grandmother's name as a middle name, and was born in the town where my grandmother grew up. I hope I have asked her, as she was one of the most loving members of my otherwise bonkers family.

But what do I do with all of this? Just carry on, or can I try and open up the connection some more.

melsy Fri 15-Jun-07 12:54:13

ahh some lovely posts, shiny Im also feeling hes telepathic and I dont think its as unusual as we think. My dd1 does it with me alot too. Theres been tests carried out on it with animals and owners and vvvv accurate.

Fransmom Ive catted (sp?)you xx

fransmom Fri 15-Jun-07 20:37:18

hi von that's lovely to hear. i would say thatyes your gran is looking after your mc baby. not sure if you knew or not but mc babies grow up with the rest of our family members as they would if they'd been able to live here a bit longer. sometimes it's because they only need to learn a little bit and the rest they can learn in the spirit world.(((((((((((hugs vonsudenfed)))))))))))))

hi melsy have replied - finally! know of someone in rl with dd named m and friend k who has dd named a and dp named j. are you the same???????

melsy Fri 15-Jun-07 20:41:09

ooh bit freaked ,but dont think the combo is the same, one dd is an A ,other dd is a B and dh is a J ?????????????????????

ahh well if we speak via email we can sort that riddle lol.

fransmom Fri 15-Jun-07 20:42:45

k only has one daughter, as does this other m.

melsy Fri 15-Jun-07 20:46:53

ahh yer,me have me 2 sausages here. Ive opened your mail & replied. xx

fransmom Fri 15-Jun-07 20:50:10

ok x

ShinyHarryPplHoldingPortkeys Fri 27-Jul-07 13:42:35

This must be the most resurrected thread ever but for some reason I didn't see the responses after my last (mammoth) post about DS2so am replying now. Yes I think he could be telepathic, you're right.

He is such a naughty boy though.. his behaviour is so hard for us all to handle and I feel sorry for DD and DS1 who the throws things at and whose things he trashes.

I wish I could somehow use this telepathy thing to make him less hyper at least.

fransmom Fri 27-Jul-07 21:55:59

have you read the baby mindreader's book? can't find it in the cupboard sorry so can't even tell you the author's name

fransmom Fri 27-Jul-07 22:02:28

his name is derek ogilvie and this is his website. have not looked so don't know what it's like. his programmes were really good tho.http://www.derekogilvie.com

Papillon Fri 18-Jul-08 09:37:50

A MN thread... if you lose a baby before its born, where does its soul go?


Papillon Fri 10-Jul-09 22:54:45

noticed there was a thread recently about kids and pre spirit re-cognition.

so bumping this baby up

Papillon Fri 10-Jul-09 22:58:17

kids remembering other lives thread, to link up to ongoing conversations had here on MN

http://mumsnet.com/Talk/philosophyreligionspirituality/785389-Before-I-was-in-your-tummy-I-was -dead-and

Papillon Fri 04-Oct-13 06:50:57

An addition to this wonderful thread, may it continue to inspire, nature and reassure parents everywhere !

I have recently had a visualisation / lucid dream about a circle of whales who wanted me to get in the centre of the circle. In the centre was a whale who wanted help birthing her calf. I wasn't keen to get into the water, but decided to be brave and dived down and was midwife to the pregnant whale. After the calf was born, the whales sent out the word, Mela. I searched the words meaning;
Mela is Sanskrit for Gathering, celebration.
It's also part of the scientific name for the Long finned Pilot Whale - Globicephala melas (more a dolphin than a whale)
I sing to honour and acknowledge the whales : whale whisper, karanga to the whales for some years now. Recently was in a kayak very near a young humpback whale. Have had some wonderful connecting experiences with whales responding to whale calling.
Then I learn a girl child is on her way.

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