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MoonFaceMama Sat 04-Sep-10 08:38:38


As a pagan who practices alone i sometimes find it difficult to mark the passing of the wheel of the year in a secular society which largely ignores there things (ie, i sometimes forget special days blush ) I get the feeling there might be others on here who feel the same, or who do remember, and that maybe we could support each other in reminders and suggestions for celebrations...

Personally i tend to mark the seasons in ways that feel appropriate and are informal, i'm not big into ritual (but willing to discuss this with those who are). Now that i have a ds i think i'm more concious of helping him to have structure to his year (when i was little i had this through the church) and am considering joining a local pagan group so that i have a community of support in this, which might, in time, be available to him should he wish to access it.

So...a place to discuss pagan celebrations, ideas etc... Any takers?


MoonFaceMama Tue 07-Sep-10 09:33:00

I'm sure i saw some pagans round here somewhere... hmm grin

spiritmum Tue 07-Sep-10 10:14:53

Hello, I'm not really pagan as I tend to avoid labels wherever possible, but if you want to pigeon-hole me I suppose I'm Christo-pagan with Buddhist and Taoist influences wink. We do keep an eye on the wheel of the year. I practise on my own and every now and then think about the craft, before unthinking about it.

My eldest is looking forward to the Equinox so she has something to do before Samhain. wink

MoonFaceMama Tue 07-Sep-10 14:55:04

Hi spiritmum!

I know what you mean re labels. I guess pagan is just about broad and nonspecific enough for me. And it's pretty much a definition without definition iykwim. Vague enough to give people a notion of my beliefs with out a prescriptive set of behaviours! I must say, your particular pigeon hole sounds taylor made! grin i look forward to hearing your take on things!

What are your plans for the equinox? We normally go for a walk and try and have a seasonal meal. But really we do that everyday so i've started making a teeny bit of effort to do something else. For lammas i collect some corn and made a st brides cross. It's currently tucked behind the greenman above the fireplace. I'm thinking for madron i might light the first fire of the autumn (not needed it over the summer and hoping can last till then!) and put the st brides cross on it, as a way of marking the transition from one to the other. smile But i'd like to do something else aswell...

I like to spend the special days with my family, including the large extended family. Or just spend some time in the day reflecting on what the year has brought and may bring.

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 07-Sep-10 21:46:01

We-ell, I used to be a Pagan... I've found it hard to engage with matters spiritual since I had my DD (now 3). I miss it and I think I'm just starting to get back to normal. Anyway, I'd like to lurk and/or pop in on this thread if that's ok?

MoonFaceMama Tue 07-Sep-10 21:50:36

Hi faerie! Welcome! Are your family and extended family pagan? Or open to paganism? Do you do things together that specifically reflect the special days or is it more general than that? Sorry for all the questions! smile

I try to reflect on the past and future too. For instance earlier this year i visited a stone circle and spent some time reflecting and being gratefull for things that have happened recently (got married, had ds). I found some little natural bits and bobs and wove them together to make an object for offering. I chose the bits etc to reflect what i'm glad, and hopefull for. Part meditation, part offering... smile

MoonFaceMama Tue 07-Sep-10 21:56:51

Ooh, x post, hello belle! Of course, more the merrier!

I know what you mean about it being hard to engage in spiritual things. Particularly, i think, as some pagan festivals aren't really acknowledged by wider society. It's easy for it all to slip by smile

BelleDameSansMerci Wed 08-Sep-10 08:10:01

There's just DD (3) and me which I suspect ought to make things easier. Of course, though, I want her to choose her own way (as my mother did) and that brings further complications. There is a Pagan group near where I live and we occasionally go to their family events. Unfortunately (and obviously) a lot of them are at night and so DD is a bit young yet. She has asked me for a Halloween/Witch Party this year though so I expect my non-verbal approval of her liking this kind of thing is rather more evident than I think grin

MoonFaceMama Wed 08-Sep-10 09:38:18

I know what you mean about letting the little ones choose their own path. I completely agree. I guess i just want to offer some structure to the year in the same way lent in to easter, advent into christmas etc did for me when i was a kid, and at the same time open up the possibility of pagan paths iyswim. I'm not really into ritual and tend to prefer adapting traditional activities that have paganish roots (at halloween my mum always got kids to bob for apples. That sort of thing) or more freeform spur of the moment things.

What have your experiences of the pagan group been like? The one near us looks quite welcoming and non dogmatic from the website. They had a picnic in the summer but we couldn't make it. I'll have a look on their website and see what they have coming up...

BelleDameSansMerci Wed 08-Sep-10 19:50:41

MoonFaceMama ours has a summer picnic too - which we also didn't make. It's been really welcoming - they're lovely people. We're in West Yorkshire this is our local group but you can't get to the website unless you're a member as there has been some unpleasantness in the past, I believe.

Sorry for rushed message - DD not exactly overjoyed at prospect of bedtime today!

MoonFaceMama Wed 08-Sep-10 22:29:08

Hi belle, we're in west yorks too, near leeds. grin I had been looking at a group called leodis pagan circle. Sorry i'm on my phone so can't link at the mo. sad about the web unpleasantness. Will have a proper look at your link when i'm on the computer. Am off to bed for now! smile

BelleDameSansMerci Wed 08-Sep-10 22:34:42

Perhaps we should start our own coven grin

MoonFaceMama Thu 09-Sep-10 08:20:47


I would definatly be up for meeting sometimes! We are blessed with some wonderfull places in yorkshire aren't we! I love the cow and calf, otley chevin and brimham rocks, all places i feel really close to the energy of the universe. I think for me there is something special about those places that are similtaniously high in the sky, on the top of a hill, and still offer access in to the flesh of the earth (ie the rock) iyswim. And i always get a real sense of people having gone there for ever to feel just that. That's the same feeling i get at stone circles etc, but then i also like to think about the huge effort that went in to constructing it. And all that after a day of farming and hunting! grin

PortBlacksand Thu 09-Sep-10 08:39:24

Morning. I would say i was an atheist with pagan leanings - i was very into all the rituals etc. in my youth but now i'm a bit more mellow and 'hedge' about it all. My interests focus on Earth Mysteries and Folklore as well. Oh and i'm a stone circle addict too.

MoonfaceMama - i don't know if you've heard of the megalithic portal (i'm a member). May be of interest to you.

PortBlacksand Thu 09-Sep-10 08:40:20

Although the site appears to be down at the mo <bangs head on desk>

Kaloki Thu 09-Sep-10 08:44:20


Pagan is probably the best description of my beliefs, not that I usually worry about the festivals too much.

MoonFaceMama Thu 09-Sep-10 15:04:13

Hi portblacksand and kaloki! smile

I love megalithic portal Pb! Though i'm not a member and haven't been on much for the part couple of years, but it was one of my most used bookmarks for quite a while. I just got out of the habit and don't have much free computer time now. I mostly mn from my phone while feeding ds!
Do you have any particularly favourite sites? I recently went to merrivale on dartmoor and it was amazing. And i love the whole kilmartin valley.

Just wondering kaloki, do you celebrate or anything like that, or are you more philosophically pagan iykwim...[hopes that doesn't sound bad] I haven't really worried about festivals that much to date...certainly not enough to remember them blush but think for me personally it's something that's becoming more important of late. I don't know why cause i guess the date shouldn't matter and in a lot of respect i'm more than happy to take my cue from nature. But i guess am adherance to the calendar is quite human so i won't beat myself up for it! grin

Anyway, welcome to you both. grin

PortBlacksand Thu 09-Sep-10 15:55:37

Well ... a couple of obvious ones - the walk from Avebury to West Kennet and Castlerigg for atmosphere.

There's one near where i live called Mitchell's Fold - it has a tale attached to it too.

I also like the circular churchyards in Wales - spotting which one i think may have once been stone circles - i like trying to read the landscape. I'm a bit out of practice though - a running theme on this thread i think grin

Anyone else got endless books on the craft, runes, tarot, dowsing etc. gathering dust on the shelves?

spiritmum Thu 09-Sep-10 20:47:33

Hi, everyone.

I'm in Essex and we have a real dearth of sacred sites here. No too much in the way of paganism either; in fact I wasn't allowed to go into the dc's school and talk about it! I did go to an amazing storytelling session on witchcraft a while back though, absolutely spellbinding.

I have lots of books on the craft which I read avidly but can't quite take that plunge. I know why; so many of them talk about needing to proceed with caution, the need for protection and even the possibility of awakening something that you can't deal with or angering the 'old ones'. I come from a liberal Christian background where making mistakes is normal and God is nothing but love, and although I'm not a Christian any more I still find it hard to reconcile what I read in these books to a universe which I find essentially beneficent.

I'm also rubbish at living a 'green' lifestyle; we do manage somethings, but not others. I have three kids and I do what I need to do to get us through with what we need whilst staying sane, even if that means running the washing machine five times a day or buying a packaged pizza. So I feel I can never quite measure up to the earth-centered lifestyle that I'd need in order to really say I follow a green spiritual path.

BelleDameSansMerci Thu 09-Sep-10 21:02:33

spiritmum I'm originally from Suffolk so not that far from where you are. There aren't many ancient sites left in East Anglia at all, I think. Many of them were destroyed by Cromwell's lot, I think, or had already been subsumed by Christianity by the time he was in "seek and destroy" mode.

I'm rubbish at the green stuff too. I have a black car, with two seats and a big engine that I call my broomstick! I think, borrowing from Buffy, that I would call myself a Techno-Pagan ie someone with the beliefs but who also embraces technology and the modern world. Not sure if that's a good mixture sometimes.

I don't do much ritual stuff any more although I used to do a lot before I had DD. I would, if asked, probably still call myself a witch but perhaps semi-retired witch would be more accurate these days smile

I'm feeling quite old now - definitely reaching the "crone" stage of the maiden/mother/crone trio despite actually only just being a mother.

I'm rambling so I'll disappear for it...

nemofish Fri 10-Sep-10 18:40:06

I'm another lapsed pagan with Buddhist leanings.

Got to read and run, but will be back later...

nemofish Fri 10-Sep-10 21:15:30

I am getting myself involved with the local Pagan Federation in an effort to be more 'actively' pagan.

I would like to teach dd something of her heritage (she has, as far as I am concerned, inherited the psychic / healing gift that has been present in our family for at least the last 5 generations) and also some pagan stuff. Dh not particularly religous but is supportive of my craziness and sympathetic to paganism.

I have taught her to say 'Namaste, Lord Buddha' when she sees a buddha, which is quite funny in the garden section of B&Q! grin

I feel a bit self concious about passing on information / pagan ideas / traditions, as we have an older dsd, I don't want dsd's mother to think we are dangerous or something... I already hide any books on ritual magik and mediumship upstairs!

How about 'mumsnet moot' thread or 'mumsnet merry meet?' wink

MoonFaceMama Sat 11-Sep-10 09:53:46

Hi everyone and welcome nemofish!

Such a shame to think of all those ancient sites being destroyed, and mitchells fold having stones removed as late as 1995. I really thought people were undertanding of the cultural importance of these places now days sad It sounds like a wonderful place though Port smile

Belle and spiritmum i sometimes think trying to live a green pagan life in modern britain is a bit like a muslim trying to live a caliphate life here! Everything is stacked against you!

Belle, i definatly feel i am moving in to my mother aspect at the moment. I'm really glad that i have the triple goddess as a positive model for ageing, it's always portraid so negativly (well, if at all)!

Nemo i love the image of your dd greeting the buddha in b and q!

It is a shame so many people have a judgey attitude towards paganism. sad that some of you have felt it necessary to be less up front about this, or even been discriminated against.

Nemo i'd be interested to hear about your adventures with the pf!

Does anyone subscribe to any pagan magazines or anything?

Back later grin

PortBlacksand Sat 11-Sep-10 17:01:26

Not unless you count Fortean Times grin I'm also a member of the folklore society.

Yes it is tragic how Mitchell's Fold has been plundered - but it does have a lovely atmosphere.

I love this time of year - i got married in September and had ivy, blackberries and even a conker on my cake. And the church was all done up for Harvest Festival which was perfect.

I've got no plans for Samhain yet...hmmm.

MoonFaceMama Sat 11-Sep-10 20:04:50

Ooh the folklore society sounds interesting!

It is a lovely time of year isn't it. We've had a few of those misty mornings that burn out to hot afternoons lately, a sure sign it's the end of summer. Your wedding cake sounds lovely! We got married at beltain in a tiny ancient disused chapel and had jars of spring flowers that we picked. Was very cheep seasonal. grin

nemofish Sat 11-Sep-10 22:17:11

We got married on summer solstice! We met at the summer solstice too. Ooh I'm going all misty eyed thinking about it...

I went on holiday to Glastonbury this year, and while we didn't get to visit the spiritual sites, I got a real feel for the place and we are planning to go back next year. That kind of spurred me on to do something about my spiritual feelings.

But I am still a bit scared blush

PricklyThistle Sun 12-Sep-10 03:12:11

I'm not an 'anything' religious wise. I am currently reading DD and DS a Bedtime Book of Buddha which they love, and lets me reinforce certain messages I want them to hard, be nice to others, share etc etc.

I'm really wary of calling myself or DC any religion (including pagan) because I don't believe in organised religion. But I do try to mark festive days related to the seasons -so will bookmark this thread!

Hazeyjane Sun 12-Sep-10 06:52:59

hello, can i join in?

i am paganish, try to mark special days and sometimes do little spells/charms with our dds.

we tried to get married at samhain - my favourite time of year, but the registry office was booked, so it was the week before.

we live just near avebury, a place which has a lot of resonance for me. have any of you with an interest in ancient sites read about the recent discoveries at marden henge? There is an article about it here, and lots more stuff if you google. dh, who is a history buff, went there recently to watch some of the dig. Also the modern antiquarian website is very interesting.

hope we can share some ideas of things to do to celebrate festivals, ours usually revolves around making and eating cake!

PortBlacksand Sun 12-Sep-10 12:22:49

Ooh thanks for reminding me about TMA website grin - i have the book - tis a hefty tome.

I will look at that article - the site of Stonehenge was much ruined (the road for a start - wtf were they thinking) before anyone listened to the fact that the whole area was a sacred site (Durrington Walls etc.) - madness!

Interesting too to hear what your DHs and family make of your beliefs. DH is a lapsed Catholic and a general sceptic on most things - but he puts up with me bless him. DCs think i'm a witch grin wink When we didn't get DCs christened we had the debate with DHs family - who thought it was because we couldn't agree between Catholic or CofE (as i was christened) - so we explained it was a bit more fundmental than that.

Like the idea of cake! I know next to nothing about plant / herb / kitchen lore and all that side of things. It is something i would like to know more about especially if it involves cake.

nemofish Sun 12-Sep-10 14:23:58

Hi PortBlackSand

Originally my dh was very sceptical of my beliefs with regard to nature spirits / spiritualism, however as I went further down that road he changed his mind gradually. Also I do Reiki and at first he was very hmm until he had a session with me and then it was more shock smile

But he is fairly well studied in paganism and majickal theory, he just never really believed before. When I first met him I would have said he had all the psychic sensitiveness of a piece of plasticine, however, now I think a bit of 'me' has rubbed off on him, from recent experiences.

Luckily we have no family really to disapprove of our weirdness!

Earthymama Mon 13-Sep-10 10:11:18

Hi everyone, I had a MN break as I was in Glastonbury last week, meditating in the landscape and defining how I feel at the moment with regard to my spirituality.
This thread seems appropriate and I'll pop back if thet's ok?

By the way I honour the Goddess, who I see as Gaia, embodiment of the Spirit of Life in this glorious Earth. I don't make herinto a person really but it's handy to do so sometimes to have a hook to hang my thoughts on.

We sing We all come from the Goddess and collect lots of natural masterials to honours the changing seasons and festivals.

Lovely to think of MerryMumsMeet smile

MoonFaceMama Mon 13-Sep-10 17:37:00

Hi all! So great to read your posts. Much to say but visiting my folks at the mo so will have to wait a couple of days till i get home to the computer. smile

Mumi Mon 13-Sep-10 20:57:08

"the walk from Avebury to West Kennet and Castlerigg for atmosphere" - for a second I thought you meant doing all three in one go, PortSandblack! shock grin

I'm lucky enough to be able to usually celebrate the wheel of the year in lots of company, but need to dedicate more time to my own reading and solitary practice. Will be watching thread with interest

PortBlacksand Tue 14-Sep-10 07:53:00

grin - yes that would be some walk!!!

mamatilly Tue 14-Sep-10 19:32:22

this is a lovely inspiring thread and please may i pop in and say hello...
i am not a pagan but i would love to embrace more ritual/ ceremony/ honoring of the seasons in my life.
i am seeing that the autumn solstice is nearby and wondering how this might be celebrated....

blessings to all x

spiritmum Wed 15-Sep-10 09:51:22

Morning! So much going on here and I've hardly had time to reply properly.

I think that part of the reason that East Anglia is so short of 'sacred sites' is actually the lack of big stone in the area. Weren't lots of sites made from timber? Still, there's not much in the way of burial mounds either. But I suspect that the sacred sites are still there, you just have to be tuned into their energies to recognise them.

Our village church has some very interesting gargoyle type things as well as a rather gruesome wall painting which I think is the seven deadly sins. It's called St. Michael the Archangel and I did read somewhere that this is a relatively unusual church name (using the Archangel bit) and indicates an earlier site that has been Christianised.

But yes, I agree about Cromwell. I love the Lady Chapel at Ely and wonder what it must have looked like in its glory.

Last week we noticed that Autumn had come to our neck of the woods, so dd1 and I had a long nature walk looking for signs of Autumn. We then came home and made a big display of things collected from our garden; seeds, nuts and berries, leaves that are just turning, and a few last flowers. Then dd2 and ds joined us for making apple, pear and blackberry crumble and butternut squash and apple soup. We'll add to the display over the coming weeks with the conkers and acorns and beech mast, and maybe even a few hazelnuts if I can beat the squirrels to them.

For the equinox I think I will do something in relation to having a white candle and a black candle. I'd also like to bid farewell to the light out of doors but I'm not sure if those lantern things that float up to the sky are eco or not.

I can feel my energies drawing inwards. It feels like it's time to take stock of what my year's harvest has been. I also think it might be time to find a course in the craft and really have a good look to see if this is for me at the moment.


teameric Wed 15-Sep-10 09:59:48

Hi can I join in please? I am very interested in the Pagan/Wiccan way, it just feels "right" to me iykwim. Its nice to meet like minded people! smile

MoonFaceMama Sun 19-Sep-10 12:42:44

Hello all! Special hellos to teameric , mamatilly , hazeyjane , earthymama , and mumi who i think are all new since i've been away! grin

my computer has fallen out with the mouse hmm so i'm stuck on my phone and haven't been able to properly explore the links people have kindly posted but i hope to soon, though this may mean a trip to the library.

I too practice a cake based belief wink and am planning a spiced plum number to mark madron. smile

Nemo i am blush to admit i know nothing about reiki! Do you have any links or a bluffers guide or anything?

Earthymama i think our beliefs are fairly similar. smile i'm interested in the song you mention. Could you tell me more? I love singing and think one of the things (more) organised religion has going for it is communal singing, which i miss (i know some pagan practice is quite "organised" but i don't quite consider it an organised religion iyswim)

spiritmum i hope you are well. smile. What a wonderful inspiring post. smile

Where to start!? Re east anglia and monuments. I think you could be on to something re wooden structures. Also i have heard that as it is such an agricultural area stones may have been removed to make way for ploughs, which then ploughed out the traces. I don't know how true this is, but i know that in yorkshire the smaller stones are well preserved on the moors, with pretty much only sheep for company. In the more intensively farmed areas such as the wolds there are ploughed out features (there,s some stuff about this in the modern antiquarian book, esp a sight called the gypsey race.) Though there are some huge monoliths that they have had to go round, like the devils arrows near borougbridge.

Portblacksand i'm fascinated by the christianisation of pagan sites too! I've seen some great ones in scotland and wales. Things like stone circles and barrows encompased in churchyards. Also the rudston monolith, the biggest in britain is in a church yard.

Anyway, back to spiritmums post... smile. I love gargoiles etc too. The imagination and the way they bring together the profane and the sacred is amazing. Plus i admire the craftsmanship. Have you been watching the how to read churches programme on bbc3 or 4 lately? Very interesting. I went to devon over the summer and stayed in a village called chagford. The village church has a three hares ceiling boss which was lovely to see. I love hares and am fascinated by (though pretty ignorant of) the mythology around them.

I'm going to post this and then continue in another post as i'm a bit worried it might crash my phone and be lost...

wukter Sun 19-Sep-10 12:54:28

May I join in?
I don't know about 'belief' as such, I'm still very much looking for my path, but I have an interest in these things.

Re 'Churches and How to Read Them', last week was about the first wave of Christian churches in Britain, and all the pagan symbolism and borrowings in them. Very interesting, it's probably on the website.

MoonFaceMama Sun 19-Sep-10 13:47:26

Right, where was i! grin

Spiritmum your display sounds wonderful envy grin I'm forever picking up bits and bobs and leaving on the mantle place. At the moment there is a pile of shells and sea washed pebbles with holes in (which are a goddess symbol for me. I've felt a strong connection and draw to the sea lately). Also a st brides cross made of corn at lammas, tucked behind the carved green man above the fire.

Re the floating chinese lanterns i'm afraid it's bad news. On farming today (up early with ds) there have been reports of animals ingesting the wire bit and dying. Also of horses being scared by them, bolting and getting fatally injured. sad I wonder if there are any available that don't use wire?

Thank you spiritmum for sharing your equinox plans. When are you planning on celebrating? I believe the actuall equinox falls on the 23rd this year, which is thursday. As it happens dh is taking ds for the afternoon that day (first time i've been apart from him in preparation for going back to work next month [nervous emoticon] ) so i'm thinking i'll take myself off for a meditative walk. Then we can all have a seasonal and celebratory meal together. What that will be might depend on the garden!

I love that phrase you use spiritmum "take stock of my years harvest" and i plan to do the same. I have a lot to be thankfull for this year. smile In the evening i think i'll light the first fire of (this end of) the year and will burn lammas's corn st brides cross on it. To symbolise the turning of the wheel iyswim. Your candle idea is am interesting one too. I read in one of my pagan/wicca books t'other day that in the past this time of year would have seen the release of prisoners. They would have made their way home before the real cold set in, and the captors would have had one less mouth to feed over the lean winter months. The book raised the idea of releasing our own prisoners by burning slips of paper with negative thoughts written on. An alternative is writting them on leaves and setting them in a stream.

Any way. I've whittered on for long enough now! grin

MoonFaceMama Sun 19-Sep-10 14:20:02

hi wukter! Welcome! Yes, i've found that programme fascinating. I loved the angel church, though i'm not in to angels much myself, i found them very charming.

Do you plan on doing anything to celebrate the equinox? smile

HappyHome Sun 19-Sep-10 20:52:08

May I join? I'm not sure if I would call myself a Pagan however it is the belief with which I can identify the most - it just feels right iyswim.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you all plan to celebrate the autumn equinoxsmile

wukter Sun 19-Sep-10 21:14:52

Thanks MoonFaceMama smile

Like Happy Home I am looking forward to hearing abour Equinox plans.

MoonFaceMama Sun 19-Sep-10 21:45:38

Hi happyhome don't worry too much about the pagan tag. I'm considering asking tech to change the thread title to "not quite sure but by closest approximation pagan interest thread" as we're nearly all a bit unsure wink grin

Yes, wukter and happy home. I know i've kind of laid my plans out above but i may well borrow some ideas from the others. smile

wukter Sun 19-Sep-10 21:49:39

What I love at this time of year is gathering conkers.
It's a little ritual to mark the turn of the year.

Hazeyjane Sun 19-Sep-10 22:06:43


For the Equinox we will probably go to Avebury, eat cake (I was thinking something plummy too, Moonfacemama), toast the equinox with a glass of apple juice, leave a little offering of thanks and let the dds run around like lunatics. Dh and dds are building a fairy house at the moment (inspired by 'Tinkerbell and the agreat Fairy Rescue' film!) which I thought would make a lovely Autumn-y altar, it is nice because it is something that the dds can do and love because it is fairy related, but also a way we can talk about the Equinox with them.

The churches programme was fascinating wasn't it.

Re the East Anglia thing, does anyone know about the Gog Magog chalk figures?

MoonFaceMama Sun 19-Sep-10 22:31:30

I love gathering conkers too. smile i have three at the moment that i picked up around some lovely old trees that are about to be felled due to infection sad I'd really like to propogate them but i'm not sure how. Maybe i'll just stick them in a pot and see what happens.

Your day sounds lovely hazeyjane. I bet your dd's fairy house will be gorgeous. Our plums needed eating so i've stewed them so no plum cake here after all! There was a blackberry cake in the paper yesterday so i might do that. Have just started a batch of elderberry wine but that might be ready for next year!

Gog magog rings a bell but no images are springing to mind... Could you remind me? grin

Earthymama Sun 19-Sep-10 22:40:54

Hi, I think wukter is right, I love the informal rituals that we all develop that mark the seasons.

I gradually change the kitchen shrine by adding berries, seeds, conkers and then I burn, compost or throw into the river the previous offerings.

Will you think I'm crazy if I tell you the kitchen shrine has two empty ale bottles on either side, Hobgoblin and Wychcraft!! I've hung them with crystals and they hold twigs etc. They make me smile and I love Wychwood Ales. blush

MoonFaceMama Mon 20-Sep-10 01:13:25

I love an ale earthymama so i can completely understand! What is your kitchen shrine if you don't mind me asking? A shelf? Little table? I'd like to develope something a little more purposeful than the mantle piece, though i do like putting things there. But there,s often a lot of other crap stuff there too. Actually maybe i should just clear that lot away instead. Sorry...random. confused grin

Do you have anything planned for madron/equinox?

HappyHome Mon 20-Sep-10 09:18:58

MoonFaceMama - I've propogated conkers by doing exactly that! Just stick them in a pot and see what happens!

This is my favourite time of year and for Equinox I will be planting an apple tree in our garden and shall then make an apple cake from some of our other apples. Luckily I have a day at home on Thursday so weather permitting I shall tidy the garden/pick the last of the veggies etc. For me it seems a good way of marking the end of the season.

MoonFaceMama Mon 20-Sep-10 12:27:02

I'll do that then happyhome. smile

That sounds like a lovely equinox. I am very envy of your apple trees. grin

wukter Mon 20-Sep-10 21:12:06

MMm am partial to ale myself.

A neighbour has just dropped in a bag of apples from her trees - well, there was a bag of them tied to the door handle when I came home from work.
So I will bring DD out to pick blackberries at the weekend and make a crumble.

Thankful for good neighbours.

spiritmum Mon 20-Sep-10 21:56:01

How funny, haven't had time to check out this thread yet the dc and I did exactly that this afternoon - pop conkers in pots to see if they grow. Very sad around here though as all the horse chest nuts hav ethat horrible disease - last year they looked like they were rallying but this year two trees we usually go to have no nuts at all, one has small shrivelled nuts and two have fruited but nothing like they normally do. sad Usually we fill a whole bag from one tree alone but this year we have a tiny bowlful. So I suggested planting the conkers as a way of trying to offer hope and healing. If they grow we ar ethinking of moving so will take one when we go, and give othe rothers to one of dh's farmer mates to plant on their land.

We also tidied the autumn display in our hall.

I have a bit of a shrine/altar overload and need to get a grip. I have one in the kitchen and one in the hall. Then in our bedroom I have an angel altar where I work for our family, plus a shrine/prayer place. Then I have an altar or something that is connected to our move and one for dh and I. I'm not sure whether to condense this fdown a bit or just work on one thing at a time, or leave everything as it is. It'll work out. Anyway, this is what I will be doing for Mabon: sorting out my sacred space befor elighting a black and whit ecanle to symbolise the balance between light and dark.

I know that dd1 wants to do something as well so will have a think about this, and including dd2 and ds as well.

Ooh, and I've got a new card deck. I already read angel cards and work with angels a lot, and I feel like I want to work more closely with nature spirits, so I have a tree angel deck which is gorgeous.

With regards to Reiki, I'm a Reiki master (allegedly wink) and trained with these people.

Earthymama Mon 20-Sep-10 23:37:05

I love Starhawk and her novel, Fifth Sacred Thing was one of the signposts that led me to the Goddess.

She writes and speaks about mycorhizal fungi as

'Sticky as spiderthread, they snake through the caverns of the soil, holding the archways and boulders in place, wrapping them in a living binding'

'the caverns are penetrated by the most delicate, pearly, irridescent tubes of the root hairs of the plants and great trees above. And each gives of its own fragrance, its sweetness, its unique taste.'

I think of the hedgewitch, the Pagan woman, the Priestess, the shaman, the witch, the healer, the Wild Woman, the ordained woman, she who seeks the spiritual, as being part of the Great Web. Each action, each intention, each prayer, each blessing, each healing as the magic snaking through our world, each woman with her own unique signature.

So at equinox I will give thanks, I will ask blessings, I will seek to learn from the past and set out my intentions for the future.

And I will see myself as part of that Great Web, as I am the Goddess and She is Me, and I will think of my sisters on this Earth and here on MN and try to send that connection out to strengthen peace and love, to ask that we are helped to act on our beliefs and stand up for the oppressed and for this planet on which we stand.

Earthymama Mon 20-Sep-10 23:41:46

Ooh I came over all profound!! blush

Our celebration will involve food and drink, readings and blessings, candles and incense, creating an altar and a sacred space,giving thanks and looking at how we can improve the harvest, both in the garden and in our lives.

I will dig out the chants, they are mostly from the Reclaiming Tradition, that appeals greatly to me.

Then I'm off to Glastonbury with my beloved neice before she goes back to uni, so much to look forward to this Equinox.

Sleep tight x

moonmother Tue 21-Sep-10 10:06:40

Hello fellow pagans or not 'quite sure but by closest approximation pagan interest thread" as we're nearly all a bit unsure'

I consider myself to be a mish mash of Green/Kitchen/Hedge witch, lol, I don't really follow formal rituals, but use everyday things like cooking, gardening, crafts etc for my rituals, and sending my blessings to the Goddess and Gods, and through my weekly meditation.

We're gearing up for the Autumn Equinox in the Moonmother household. After school today we are going to gather fallen leaves, acorns conkers etc to decorate our Equinox display. In my house that equates to a large welsh pottery plate that sits in the middle of my dining room table, and it is decorated for each Equinox or Festival.
On the day after dropping the Dc's off at school I will go for a lovely wander through the local countryside with my dog, giving thanks for the wonderful fruits and berries on the trees, the harvest food that has already been gathered and the wonderful time of year. Back home , I'll probably do some gardening and harvesting of my own.
Dinner will be a special meal, as it always is on these days and I will read the Dc's a story at bedtime that follows the beliefs of the equinox.

Afterwards Dp and I will sit outside for a while , by our fire , surrounded by candles.

HappyHome Tue 21-Sep-10 10:52:20

Hello Everyone,

Moommother you sound very much like mesmile My path is similar and I try to express and include my beliefs in the way I carry out day to day things. Your Equinox plans sound lovely.

Its interesting to hear about your alters, its not something I have done but feel very inspired, I shall begin to create one in my plans for the Equinox.

Just out of curiosity I was wondering if your families share the same beliefs?

moonmother Tue 21-Sep-10 17:51:42

It's nice to meet a like minded soul Happyhome .

My family do not follow my path.

My Dp is a humanist if I had to describe him.

My Dc's will choose which path they wish to follow when old enough to choose. They know of my beliefs, and like all the nature inspired things, but I don't want to force any beliefs of any kind on them.

The rest of my family are Church of England but none apart from my Uncle and Aunt are in any way religious really.

I am open about my beliefs within my close family and friends and none have had a problem with it. Other family and friends don't need to know really, although it's not anything I hide.

PennyDreadful Tue 21-Sep-10 19:17:09

I'm sticking a twig in here to bookmark my place if i may...
Have to do the tea / bed thing but will be back smile
Merry Meet!

HappyHome Tue 21-Sep-10 19:27:40

None of my family or friends have any strong religious beliefs and so its not really a topic that crops up in conversation often - they are vaguely aware of my beliefs and accept them.

I would say that my path is Pantheist with Pagan leanings (or maybe Pagan with Panteist leaningsconfused) and that my DH can identify more with Pantheism and is quite open to that side of it however he does class himself as Atheist.
I'm the same with my DS, it will be his choice to follow whatever path he chooses.

MoonFaceMama Tue 21-Sep-10 20:01:38

hello and welcome moonmother penny smile

Moonmother your approach sounds very like mine too. smile

Sadly it upon closer inspection it looks like my conkers are no good. Hollow and shriveled. I suspect they were immature when i collected them.sad

Earthymama i love the text you quoted. I have a thing for fungi and love that idea of the myc. as "living binding" <random fact alert...the largest living thing on earth is suspected to be a mycorzia (sp) that fills the ground beneath, and is the size of, the amazon basin.>

Happyhome, my dh does not really share my beliefs. I'd probably call him a humanist too moonmother. But he does love the wheel of the year and happily celebrates with me, and is happy for us to bring ds up with an awareness of my beliefs. I think it's really the energy that i sense in things that he doesn't get.

On that subject decided to all celebrate together on thurs. I really do have to try and spend am afternoon away from ds to see how he gets on, back to work soon, but i don't want it to be then.

Earthymama Wed 22-Sep-10 10:13:19

MFM, I'm sure there is a problem with conkers this year, the unseasonal weather has affected their development.conker shortage

Do try to read Earth Path by Starhawk, it's lovely and always has something new to guide, teach and surprise me.

spiritmum Wed 22-Sep-10 16:12:33

Just a quick post, am supposed to be cooking. I love Starhawk and have her Reclaiming chants CD, and also a really good audio by her that is an introduction to earth-based spirituality. It includes some meditations as well as history and beliefs and is just the thing for when I'm stuck indoors.

Mind you, this afternoon I scared the pants off myself with MR James whilst ironing - can't listen to/read him late at night!

Re conkers, around here it is def. the disease that is the problem - two trees we usually collect from have no fruits at all, it's not that they've fallen early, they just aren't there. sad

MoonFaceMama Wed 22-Sep-10 20:37:20

I went to two more conker trees today, neither had any sign of fruit. sad i'll check out your links when i'm on the computer next earthymama, they look interesting thank you. Phone is a complete pita for things like that!

Well the equinox cake is in the oven. smile it's a blackberry upside down cake, the recipie was in the paper at the weekend. I couldn't find enough blackberries close to home though so made it up with some apple and pear. And i had to adapt some other things due to a lack of lemons. blush But i'll make some custard and that will make everything ok! The house is tidy enough to do for tomorrow. So it should be a relaxing, fun day. I hope you all have a lovely day too. smile

wukter Thu 23-Sep-10 11:17:52

Last night was just lovely here.
The full moon rose as the sun set.

Penny - I love you setting a twig to mark your place

PennyDreadful Thu 23-Sep-10 12:14:16

Thanks Wukter...yes it is lovely here at the moment too. I love autumn smile

I've recently bought myself some dowsing rods...any one here dowse? I do have a crystal one on a chain but have never used it. These ones are the copper ones that swing round. Funnily enough the day after i bought them there was a programme on with folks dowsing in a church to find the hidden spring it was built on (hidden meaning of churches series - fascinating stuff even for a pagan grin)...

spiritmum Thu 23-Sep-10 12:42:22


Funny but my non-believing dh and I have just had abig talk abut clearing things away and making a new start and breaking away...have changed plans to a ritual of releasing the old and welcoming the new tonight. Very emotional and a bit sad right now.

(Penny, I dowse, but for guidance mostly)

PennyDreadful Thu 23-Sep-10 12:46:35

Why so sad spiritmum? Will these be big or small changes? Sorry, i obviously don't know your history.

I think it's about now that we begin to see the dying days of the year (or the build up to Christmas i suppose) - Autumn is a time for reflection.

Ishtar2410 Thu 23-Sep-10 12:55:34

Hello...can I join in?

I've been Pagan for nearly 20 years and, if I had to categorise myself, it would be as a kitchen witch. We have an altar in the living room, but we don't tend towards ceremony or ritual.

I do try to mark the wheel, but pressures of life have taken over at the moment - I've just 'missed' the equinox...sad.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on - it's good to 'meet' you!


moonmother Thu 23-Sep-10 13:05:37

I too have been clearing and tidying generally around the house for the past week, including today! That wasn't in my festival plans grin

Sad to hear some of you are having problems with conkers- we have an abundance here this year. Dc's are coming home from school with loads in their bags each day.

I have a big glass bowl that we fill each year and we've already nearly reached the top.

I hope everyone enjoys the Equinox today.

HappyHome Thu 23-Sep-10 13:25:53

Hello everyone,

No conkers here eithersad

Penny I'm interested to hear about your dowsing as its something I've been thinking about doing for a while. The reason being is that we seem to have an abundance of frogs in our garden!!! There is however no visable source of water, the garden has been neglected for many years (not by us, the previous owner was an elderly gent who couldn't access it). Infact while we were planting our apple tree we were being watched by a little frog!

I hope you are all having a fruitful day!

MoonFaceMama Thu 23-Sep-10 13:34:04

Welcome ishtar and don't worry, the equinox is today this year! Bit later than often i know. So take yourself for a walk and pour yourself a glass of something to toast a welcome to the coming dark, and a farewell to the fading light. smile

Are you ok spiritmum? sad

We've been for a walk this morning to collect greenary which now crowns our green man. Off for another walk shortly to get brambles.

We've already had some cake, oh happy day! There,s more for pud later, have made some custard, yum! And we've prepped a dish of all things delish from the garden, courgettes, toms, chillis and little leeks. We'll stick it in the oven with halloumi when we get back, there,s bread rising to go with it. And the fire is laid for later on...though at the moment the sun is beaming down. grin

Have to dash, back later.

spiritmum Thu 23-Sep-10 14:47:43

Penny and MFM, thank you, I will be okay if not at the moment. Too much back history and pain which dh and I usually pretend doesn't exist - however am hopeful that now we're suddenly talking things will move in the right direction. So sad but also relieved.

I forgot to say, on our Autumn display we have a figure of a sleeping hare, curled round like a full moon. I'd put her in a shallow brass candle dish, and without me noticing the dc have made her a lovely soft bed of leaves and feathers. smile

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you if you can get to the last of the blackberries:

Blackberry brandy.

12oz blackberries
1 pint good brandy
6oz caster sugar.

Put the blackberries in a large jar and squash them a bit. Add the brandy. Cover and leave for 48 hrs hen strain through a muslin-lined sieve. Now pour back into the jar and add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Leave for 1 month. Bottle and cork it and leave for 3 months to mature.

Yum! You can also use summer fruits such as raspberries.

This recipe actually won me second prize in our village show. It did, you know! smile

spiritmum Thu 23-Sep-10 14:48:40

Oh, and it has rained here all day. No long walk for me sadly. sad

HappyHome Thu 23-Sep-10 15:23:47

My thoughts are with you Spiritmum.
Blackberry brandy sounds yummy, I picked the last of our blackberries to make a crumble but have a glut of autumn raspberries so may have to give it a go this weekend!

It was lovely and sunny this morning but put my walk off untill I had caught up on my work - its rain and thunder here now too so no long walk for me either.

spiritmum Thu 23-Sep-10 17:17:46

Thank you, Happyhome.

I've made it with rapsberries as well, it's a lovely summery taste in the middle of winter!

Earthymama Thu 23-Sep-10 17:34:56

Blackberry brandy here I come! That sounds wonderful.

I hope you all get to celebrate this Equinox, it is always quite low-key in the earthy household, just a chance to relax, reflect and meditate in the presence of the Goddess.

This is such a beautiful, bountiful time of year, I love everything about it. The Moon was glorious on Tuesday night so we grabbed a chance to sit in the garden and drink ale!!

Our new grandchild will be born in the next few weeks so there is more joy to come in my world.

My lovely mother died two years ago today, and it is bittersweet knowing she won't hold our newest family member in her arms. However, we will keep her memory strong and she lives in all our family stories.

Bright Blessings to all of you from Wales, EM xx

mamatilly Thu 23-Sep-10 19:30:12

happy equinox

i am off to the end of the garden to watch the light fade, make a small fire, open my heart to the beauty of the wheel of life, the cycles of mother earth as she turns, turns, turns to the autumn...

blessings x

jenpet Thu 23-Sep-10 22:16:59

I love this thread - I have very vague pagan/wiccan leanings, but I read some of your posts earlier and it made me feel very upbeat and strong, just when I needed it! - thank you all for posting, enjoy all your celebrations tonight...x

wukter Thu 23-Sep-10 22:29:11

Hi Jenpet, you sound like me, my leanings are vague too. smile
Case in point, I have a thread at the moment about Catholic Readings for my wedding grin
What I like about paganism is it's about what you can see, about Life as it's lived by all beings really. So I don't feel any contradiction.

spiritmum Thu 23-Sep-10 23:51:35

Bright blessings, everyone. smile

So lovely to hear about your beautiful days.

(I spent the evening asleep in bed! blush)

spiritmum Fri 24-Sep-10 00:01:12

(oh, by the way, Wukter, I have both the Goddess and Jesus on my home altar and see no contradiction in that. Probably my beliefs don't tick too many boxes of the Nicene Creed these days though smile

congratulations on your wedding smile)

Earthymama Fri 24-Sep-10 09:16:16

Spiritmum, at the Spring Equinox celebration in the Chalice Well, Glastonbury a young man who identified as a Christo-Pagan spoke about his beliefs at the 'Conversation Cafe'.

I found it very interesting and moving as a former Christian; he described how he embraces the 'nature' element of paganism in a way that is not inherent in most Christian traditions. (in my experience!)

this is back of of my blonde head at the silent reflection at the Well Head. grin

When's the Wedding, wukter?

MoonFaceMama Fri 24-Sep-10 09:37:42

morning all and welcome jenpet!

well we had a taste of summer yesterday but today definatly feels like winter! We had a lovely walk, though got caught in the rain, but the woods protected us from the worst of it. And nature provided again in the form of lots of brambles and apples. smile We also saw lots of interesting fungi including a big group of amazing fly agaric! The spotty red and white fairy tale toadstools! Some of them were huge too and it felt such a treat and a blessing to stumble upon them. I took some photos so will try and figure out how to put them on here. [ludite emoticon]

In the evening we lit a fire and reveled in its warm glow and in the darkness enclosing us. I had a real sense of the balance of the year shifting. I gave thanks for a blessed year.

Spiritmum i hope you and your dh find a way to resolve your issue. smile The image of your children making the hare a bed is a beautiful one. I love hares. smile

Will go for now but hope to get on the computer later and sort out those photos and check out everyones links. smile

PennyDreadful Fri 24-Sep-10 09:57:49

I love hares too - i wear this necklace alot - it is one of my faves.

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Shropshire too - rolling black clouds and pouring rain. We will be harvesting our apples (cookers) this weekend before they blow away!

wukter Sun 26-Sep-10 14:28:19

Afternoon all.

It's well and truly Autumn here with the trees turning. Open fires, woolly jumper lamplit evenings here.

The wedding is in 2 weeks - quite a lot to do yet. Even though it's a Catholic ceremony, the priest is willing to bless our two joined hands, so will be a nice handfasting element to it.

Earthymama Sun 26-Sep-10 22:49:06

Hi all, we are just back from two days in Glastonbury.

It was a very laid back experience this time as we went with family. DP and I tend to cram as much in as possible so it had a very different rhythym.

The weather was amazing, so warm when the sun shone but a definite autumnal bite in the shade. I bought a lovely woolen coat in a charity shop so I'm hoping for crisp winter days to wear it.

(I am obsessed with the perfect winter coat blush)

The Goddess Temple was packed with people when we went in, which was fantastic. However, it was so funny as it seemed as though they had not been before. They were very into it, but also really wide-eyed and watched each new person avidly to see what they did. It was unnerving to be so closely observed and I felt as though I was a real disappointment, as though I should have been far more theatrical! smile

I didn't sleep too well so I'm off to bed now, hope you are all well and I send bright blessings EM x

MoonFaceMama Mon 27-Sep-10 08:37:54

Hello all!

Well i still haven't made it to the computer (it's tucked away in the coldest, smallest room. Brr) so still haven't looked at the links sad but thought i'd pop in to say it's autumn here too. Since the equinox really. Colder and suddenly much darker. It's odd how that tiny imperceptable shift in the balance between day and night makes a difference. At the moment i revel in it but know that come spring i will long for the first sky lark.

For now i'm making a mental list of the things that will change between now and samhain...there are still a few poppies but their place is being taken by lords and ladies...the elders will be picked clean of berries but the sloes will remain...the swifts and swallows will have gone but the crows will plough through the low sky, cawing...fewer leaves will be on the trees, some such as conkers and alders are already begining to carpet the ground...there will be no more warm afternoon rain, but misty crisp mornings will unfurl into bright cold days...skeins of geese will have made their way across the sky... I'll keep my eyes peeled for these things as you never know i could be wrong. smile Any one for any more?

Closer to home i'll have to start doing some paid work by then...a sign that as far as the state is concerned my little boy can do with out me now sad...he cut his first tooth last night, i wonder if he'll have any more by samhain?

spiritmum Mon 27-Sep-10 10:47:25

Hi, everyone,

Earthymama, I think Christo-pagan probably sums up my beliefs if I were going to put a label on them. Christians believe in a Son God born to a Virgin who is then sacrificed in order for there to be new life. The pagan wheel of the year tells us that the Sun God is born to the Virgin Goddess and is then sacrificed in order for there to be new life. Tis all the same thing when you dig a bit deeper, it's just that people have dressed it up in different ways.

So my belief is that 'God' is one energy but that I can understand that energy in many ways - male, female, beyond gender, within nature, infinite, creative, love. I will always believe that Jesus was am amazing man and teacher and equally deplore what Christianity has made him into. Equally awful is the way in which Mary is relegated from creative Goddess to passive vehicle; there ar eall kinds of other teaching around Mary which have fallen from belief in most places but still do exist, such as jesus being miraculously delivered so as not to go through the birth canal and out through Mary's vagina; and the 'brothers and sisters' of Jesus being no such thing so that Mary could stay as a virgin.

Another interesting thing: whilst I have little time for the Davinci Code and its ilk what is indisputable is that in medieval times the church deliberately linked the woman caught in adultery with Mary Magdalene in order to undermine her authority as a possible priestess (as we would understand it). It also gave them an excuse to paint some medieval porn dressed up as theological teaching. hmm

Penny, that necklace is amazing, so lovely. I have one that I wear each day, it is a very simple Celtic triquetra that the dc bought for me for Mothers Day - it has three tiger's eye stones, one for each of them. smile

I hope to get to Chalice Well next year, a friend of mine is hosting a retreat there. Hopefully I will be running my own retreats and workshops by then, although not in Glastonbury!

Very definitely autumn here. We have a wise old ash who stands guard over us and he has lost quite a lot of his leaves in teh heavy winds over teh weekend. It's rained heavily, too, and it was misty this morning. The kind of weather makes me long for a dog to walk!

We are hoping to move but can't decide where. We do live in the countryside but I really yearn for somewhere wild; but at the same time I don't know how practical it woudl be with three young dc. To throw a spanner in the works we now have a very valid reason for staying where we are but for other reasons moving would be better for us. I'm finding the whole thing really draining and exhausting and can't work out how to get clear. Ironically I do this kind of thing for a living but I think I am too close to work this one out by my usual methods. Does anyone have any tips?

Earthymama Mon 27-Sep-10 17:42:41

just wanted to say I've seen your post and will think on your problem.

MoonFaceMama Mon 27-Sep-10 18:46:51

hi spiritmum, it really sounds like you are in a quandary. sad I tend to fall back on an old chestnut, it's quite practical but all i can think of at the moment.

I try to imagine what, on my deathbed i would regret. Obviously this requires options so I try and invisage my life in five, ten, twenty years time and weigh up the different scenarios.

Also i consider how far i could go down a route and where the "get outs" might be should i need a plan b. Also working back from each possible goal create an action plan of how to get there. Are there avenues you can begin to explore that move you in the right direction for both? This might buy you time and experience to make a decision. So if it were me considering moving somewhere wild i personaly would need to consider work so i might look in to what my options would be re that and them see if i could explore that from where i am, before i commit. That might mean training or developing related avenues of work now as a cross over iyswim. Sort of dipping my toes in the water iyswim.

Were you hoping for more spiritual ideas?

MoonFaceMama Mon 27-Sep-10 18:50:11

buy loved what you said about mary as creative goddess. I was brought up catholic and this was very much how i felt about her as a young girl. But i also picked up that she was different from, and therefore inferior to, god/holy trinity. sad

spiritmum Mon 27-Sep-10 22:24:15

Thank you, EM xx.

MFM, thank you, I'm all for anything that helps, spiritual or practical! Yes, I have tried going out into the future and working my way back but the problem is that I can't decide whether I would regret most not living the life I think I dream of (in the wild, with a large garden to grow our own food - not that I am massively green-fingered) or would I regret not taking this opportunity to get a very good education for the dc in a place that is good for them in terms of their future prospects? And do I have a rose-tinted view of what living somewhere very isolated is like? Would moving to a town be better for the dc? Work-wise I am web-based so can be anywhere and in the wilds I may draw more people for workshops, but in towns would have more regular clients, possibly. But not our local town, I don't think.

Yes, the church definitely teaches that Mary is less than the Trinity, although in some places (notably Latin America) she really is revered as divine in all but name. And of course the same thing happened with goddesses and saints such as Brigid being reshaped into Saint Brigid of Kildaire. What I remember in particular when I was in my twenties was a knowledge that there is a Divine Feminine and looking for her in church and not finding her. Because, as you say, Mary had been relegated.

But then I see Jesus the man as different from Jesus who can be experienced today. I don't think Jesus who lived 2000 years ago was divine and nor did he believe himself to be. But I do believe in a divine energy if you like, that can be experienced as Jesus Christ in the now. So it stands to reason that Mary can be thought of and experienced in the same way.

Thanks for all your help. smile

MoonFaceMama Tue 28-Sep-10 09:36:07

spiritmum, i'm sure you have thought of this but re your dilemma, have you thought of a specific wild place? If so can you check out the schools/education there? And access to other facilities your dc might use? If not can you think about what you would like re education and find some where that fits that? Also can you grow as much of your food as possible where you are now, really go for it and so see if that aspect of your dream is one you want to make a reality?

I completely understand what you mean about seeking the divine feminin in the church. I felt much the same and so found my self naturaly drawn the wonder of the lunar cycle and so on to nature worship more generally.

Does anyone among us honor the lunar cycle?

I'm also interested in how you were drawn to a pagan (ish) path...if anyone cares to share with me. smile

Earthymama Tue 28-Sep-10 10:17:04

SM There are different things to consider.

Create a vision board/dream board of your ideal situation, considering everything you would like ie what sort of wild, do you want to be within hailing distance of services like hospitals, schools? etc etc

then look at different areas of the country to see if they would meet your needs and desires.

With regard to the option of staying put do a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity,Threat analysis(old style manager here!) smile
Consider things along a timeline too in that with children your needs change as they grow older.

Throughout the process keep your spiritual side open to how you are feeling; listen to your inner responses to the options. Meditate, go for walks or garden with the intention of considering an issue as you do so to. I find if I am doing something else my mind/inner voice seems to come up with good ideas.

Earthymama Tue 28-Sep-10 10:18:07

I'll have a walk and think about my path to Paganism, good book title smile

jenpet Tue 28-Sep-10 13:54:25

spiritmum agree with others on this - I'm always imagining myself lying in a bed somewhere in my final days thinking back on the decisions I made, it really helps put things in a different perspective. I'm also big on instinct - I often think if you trust your heart rather than your head things work out for the best (even if it doesn't seem practical at the time!)

I'm a real mixture if ideologies - I read a lot of Wiccan texts when I was a teenage goth grin but a lot of it made good sense to me and still does, I also feel inspired by Titania Hardie books on a day-to day basis.

We live in rural France (not far from Carnac smile) - although I was born & grew up in West Yorks, and my sil is in Essex, so a few links with a few of you - so the season here is a little later coming than it is further north, but it's my favourite season. Misty mornings, conkers, and gorgeous sunny afternoons. Love it! I'm just going out to plant some spring bulbs with DS2 to celebrate everything waking up again in the

Earthymama Tue 28-Sep-10 14:13:30

Jenpet, that's so true. I've made some choices that probably seemed indefensible at the time and that caused me and others lots of heartache. Yet I know I woulsd not be the person I am, indeed might not even be around now if I hadn't followed my heart.

MoonFaceMama Fri 01-Oct-10 12:13:11

Hi EVeryone!

Hope you are all well.

It is miserable and cold and wet here,but Im reveling in it!

I'm on the computer so have finally had chance to look at some of the links, hurrah!!

Penny that necklace is absolutly beautifull!! I think I may ask dh for one for a present some time!

earhtymama, I love the Chalice well place, and the spring equinox event looks lovely. I don't know of anything quite like that up here...hmm, maybe one thing that I have heard of but for imbolc

Also the starhwk stuff looks really interesting, I have added the boook to my wish list and have bookmarked her site, I love the idea of dirt worship, the strap line is like a check list of my interests!!!

Anyway, typically I think DS has woken up...dh has him but sounds like he wants a bf...

Better dash

MoonFaceMama Sat 02-Oct-10 07:15:34

just heard on the radio that druidry is to be recognised as a faith. grin

Earthymama Sat 02-Oct-10 21:21:03

Yes, I heard it too!

I wonder what the implications are for hedge-wiches with conkers and ale on their kitchen shrines,? grin

jenpet Sun 03-Oct-10 17:26:47

Totally off subject here, but over the weekend I've had an amazing mushroom circle appear in our garden. It's almost completely circular. I've never seen anything like it, it's beautiful. Don't know much about them at all. Does anyone else know anything about them? (will google later)....

MoonFaceMama Mon 04-Oct-10 18:33:29

grin EM! Can only be good me thinks!

Jenpet i love fungi but can't claim to be an expert. What colour are they? And what colour are the gills? And how tall and wide! I'll look them up in one of my many shroom books! grin

Beautifull day here. Went for a walk and loved the sunlight shining through the golden leaves. And the fungi! grin

Earthymama Mon 04-Oct-10 19:59:32

It's a Faery Ring, or if it's not it should be!!

We are all fighting off a grotty lurgi but managed to get out in the woods today, walk along the canal and collect some leaves so I felt as though I renewed my connection with the Season.

How's everyone?

Just found this thread, I knew there were some of you out there! Will read the whole thread and come back when I can, am planning for Samhain already... grin

Just found this thread, I knew there were some of you out there! Will read the whole thread and come back when I can, am planning for Samhain already... grin

Earthymama Tue 05-Oct-10 10:14:11

bob, glad you are SO excited to find us! grin
I am starting to think about Samhain, I was reading Glennie Kindred's Earth Wisdom this morning.

I love Samhain!

See you later EM x

MoonFaceMama Tue 05-Oct-10 13:56:17

welcome bob! I'm excited about samhain too! Haven't any plans yet (well a walk and food and cake wink ) but nothing firmer...better check the calendar and see when it falls...

EM can i please nominate you as thread librarian? grin my amazon wish list gets longer with each of your posts! That book looks lovely.

I've been in touch with spiritmum and sadly (for us i feel) she's left mn. Nothing to worry about she says, it was just taking over a bit. I can understand that! I've been trying to spend less time on here myself of late. Dh calls it mumscrack! blush

Samhain is one of my favourite times of year. I think it's really special to me because it's something i celebrated (as halloween) before i even knew the word pagan. I know some other pagan festivals survived into the christian calendar but i feel as a kid halloween was distant enough from christianity to have reclaimed some of its paganishness iyswim! So unlike most other pagan festivals i have a set of memories and associations with beltain that are long but not too christianised... Others are either unacknowledged or christianised in my youth...does that make sense?

Samhain smells of parkin and burning pumpkin. It is dark and cold and wrapped and warm. It is bobbing for apples when trick o treating.

Now days i always carve an ornate pumpkin. Scoring patternsp in the rind with a lino cutter so they glow through the skin.

When i was a student in edinburgh i went to the samhain celebrations organised by the beltain fire society and loved them.

Earthymama Thu 07-Oct-10 17:56:59

MFM, I was messing around on the National Poetry Day site with this today and your phrase,

'It is dark and cold and wrapped and warm.' was just what I was trying to say. grin

I adore this time of year, I find it comforting and healing. I have been out of doors so much this week and feel more energised and full of hope.

I'll take you up on the job offer, I spent nearly 20 years in libraries,grin I think they are precious resources we ignore at our peril.

More about Samhain when I am able to post more regularly.
EM x

Today's book is Magical

Earthymama Sat 09-Oct-10 13:44:28

Whispers...I know we aren't supposed to talk about posts on other threads but.....have you seen the one about the Satanic influence of......Waybuloo!!

ROFL and doing yoga while I'm at it grin

MoonFaceMama Mon 11-Oct-10 09:48:16

Hi earthymama!

so glad you are our ibrarian! That's another reommendatioon I'd like!

And the scarf with that phrase on! It'd be very approprriate!

Have to dash,

But back soon!

Oh yes, where'sthe other thread?

Ishtar2410 Sat 16-Oct-10 12:55:41

Sorry I've been away for a while....

I'm really looking forward to Samhain! Planning to make some gingerbread, mull some cider (mulled apple juice for the littleys) and spend some time sitting in the garden with pumpkin and candles and thinking of those we've lost. No ritual as such, but small things to mark the day.

(I'm sure the neighbours think we're mad!).

I do love this time of year.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 18-Oct-10 23:37:39

marking again...or should i say setting a twig? Back soon!

Earthymama Tue 19-Oct-10 22:16:46

Hello there!
I have been feeling sorry for myself as I fell over last week, (not drunken debauchery sadly but falling over my lovely linen skirt on the stairs at the theatre, oh the shame grin)
I will have to go to hospital as it feels worse, I couldn't face the wait at A&E. So I haven't been doing as much preparation as I wanted for either the imminent arrival of DGC 4 or Samhain.

I'm going to look at some websites and books to decide what to cook, though pumpkin soup will be on the menu! we grew two on the allotment, which is immensely satisfying.

There is an Iron Age, maybe earlier, hill fort nearby that has been sadly ignored and neglected. Local people have started a society and we went to the launch last night. It was great, enthusiastic amateurs, immensely well read, and equally enthusiastic academics from the local university. Our neighbouring town was on the path of a medieval Christian pilgrimage!!

The site is known as the 'nipple' so my lot are convinced that it represents the Goddess in the landscape.

I can't wait til we get talking to the one archaeologist who said, 'Now don't let's get into the realm of fantasy and fiction, we need hard facts'

Sadly he said this to the guy representing the Arthur Machen Society, one of the foremost cult figures said to have invented the horror genre.

How we chuckled!! There p-romises to be fun and games ahead!!

I hope you are all enjoying this bout of sunshine if it is shining in your area.

wukterWOOO Sun 24-Oct-10 00:14:50

Hello, sorry I haven't been here for a while but I was away getting married. smile
Earthymama, sorry to hear of your accident, I hope you are doing better now.

I haven't used pumpkins as such this last few years, I've gone back to turnips such as we had as kids. It's more indigenous. Not that I never do - it's just the main (in my mind)carving is always a turnip, the rest are only for decoration.
That sounds so interesting about your local hillfort and how nice to see such efforts being made by all in its cause.

Setting my twig here.

Earthymama Tue 26-Oct-10 13:43:36

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

I remenber we always used swedes, that lovely burning roasting smell!

The weather has been amazing so I've done lots of walking with the children in the local park but we are having a really grim day today, rain and grey skies.

So it's a den under the dining room table today!!

I'm feeling drawn to trees this week, collecting twigs, nuts, leaves and berries.
(though not from Next grin)

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 28-Oct-10 21:37:37

hi everyone!

Wukter grin congratulations! How was the catholic pagan day and married life? grin loving the name change too!

Earthymama i hope you are all healed now. I don't think it is the audience who are ment to break a leg is it? confused smile

Loving the seasonal emoticons blush

I have a pumpkin ready to carve and soup for sunday. envy at your home grown ones em! I recall us getting a swede to carve when i was little as it's what my folks did when wee. It only lasted that year...t'is not as sympathetic to carving as a pumpkin. But i agree much more indigenous wukter, i take my hat off to you!

I do get embarrasingly excited about carving pumpkins. I remove nearly all the flesh and score a pattern in to the rind with a lino cutter so the image glows through the skin from within. <geek emoticon>

I had fancied going along to the local pagan group but the celebration is in the evening and ds still bf's then.

EM, I have a lovely book about trees. Can't remember it's title and am feeding ds but it's very commonly available so you have probably seen it...each chaste looks at a different tree, it's properties and folk lore. I'd also recommend wildwood by someone deakin... Sorry. I am a crap librarian. Definatly your job! grin

Went for a beautiful walk this morning. It was dark when i set out but light by the time we returned home. The moon was shining in a clear sky and the clouds were kissed with the sun's pink. <sigh>

Walked a treck t'other day as a treat for my birthday. Dh carried ds wink We walked to towton which in the civil war witnessed the largest loss of life in one day that this land has ever seen. sad it's a wind whipped spot with a huge sky. We got married at the tiny chapel nearby which was there at the time. No doubt some of those wounded sought sanctuary there.

Planning another lovely walk on sunday but will be a bit later on than daybreak...but a favoured location. smile

Earthymama Sat 30-Oct-10 10:16:10

Wukter, many congratulations! How lovely, please more details when you have time. I too love that name.

DP is insisting we have Swede lantern now, I blame you, it's for the singeing smell!!

I'm off to buy some supplies now. It's a lovely day so I am going to walk through the park and rejoice in my blessings in this life, while thinking of those through the veil who feel so close at this time.

My latest grandchild is clinging to the safety of the womb so my poor daughter is shattered. This will be the first grandchild who will not physically know my mother so it's a bittersweet time.

Have a wonderful Samhain, Bright Blessings to all EM x

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sat 30-Oct-10 20:04:14

EM I'm thinking of your DD and DGC. grin

On the today programme on r4 this morning there was a brief feature on paganism and it sai that there wold be more on BBC news tomorrow but wasn't very clear as to what this ment...hmm...I'll keep an ear on it...

Hope you all have a wonderfull Samhain.



PurpleOne Sat 30-Oct-10 23:41:47

Bright blessings everyone for a lovely Samhain.




Mumi Sun 31-Oct-10 01:11:10

Been a while since I've peeked in here! blush

Have already completed my own personal main Samhain ritual tonight while DS is away as I know I wouldn't get the peace when he returns tomorrow.

Funnily enough, today a friend asked me to go through an old box of hers as she thought it may have some stuff she'd borrowed years ago from me. In it were loads of things I'd forgotten about, including a tealight holder, an incense holder and a small pot for water, all things I could use tonight! It was obviously meant to be shock

I love this time of year. Despite the windy weather, everything seemed bright and more colourful than it has done in a while tonight, even the most rowdy of revellers out tonight being a welcome sound.

Anyway, can't wait for pumpkin carving, soup brewing and general mischief making with DS tomorrow grin

A very happy Samhain to you all smile x

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 31-Oct-10 06:02:51

hi purpleone and mumi!

I hope you both have a lovely samhain.

Mumi i would be really interested in hearing about your ritual if you don't mind sharing when you have chance? smile

We have had lots of lovely bright moons here lately.

queenrollo Sun 31-Oct-10 10:08:00

Just found this thread.

Moonfacemama - Wildwood is by Roger Deakin, DP bought me his other other book Waterlog but i haven't got round to reading it yet.

I've had pagan leanings for years but a DP who hmm if i tried to observe. I've swapped him for a better model and my new DP will light a candle with me tonight but generally sits on the sidelines while i get on with my own thing.

I'm still finding my way, and developing my own rituals. Usually have a nice meal on Samhain, light a candle and have a few moments reflection. Always set an extra place at the table to invite the spirits of those passed to dine with us. Dining room out of action due to building work though so I won't be doing that tonight.
DS is very excited by Hallowe'en so we're having a little 'party tea' and having my parents over.

pleased i found this thread smile

Samhain Blessings to all x

Morning everyone!

Am so excited, about to carve the pumpkin and make (my own twist on) soul cakes and we have friends coming over for a bit of feasting tonight. Am also wearing my grandmother's ring and my Gran's earrings as a link to them and there'll be a place at the table for them tonight. grin

Lovely to hear what everyone else is doing to celebrate. This is my favourite time of year! Think we'll have to forgo the fire (weather looks a bit grim) but we'll be having fireworks instead!

Have a lovely day and bright blessings. xx

Mumi Sun 31-Oct-10 12:37:40

Hi Moonface! smile

Well I can't tell you everything as I wrote 2 sides of A4 as it was in my book last night and will probably crash MN! but I took guidance from a beautiful book called Creating Ceremony, as it not only reminds of the benefit of grounding myself, but is also generally grounding in itself as it invites you to think about your intent and what you want out of it.

I've also started reading A Witch Alone. While I'm not treating it as definitive, I do want guidance over the next few months as, what with caring for and grieving for my mother over the past couple of years, it's been difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Although I've been a small part of other group rituals over the past few months, it really does take it out of me, but as nervous as I was, I was really determined to re-dedicate myself to my own practice in the year ahead last night.

I was well rewarded as beginning by cleansing myself spiritually was what I can only call euphoric! maybe even as far as well deserved after the toil of recent times.

I then set about having a chat with a few people I'd lost over the past year, each in very sad and sudden circumstances. All I will say is that some prefer to be approached, some prefer coming to you instead at other times and some are just floating around as much as there were in life, but there all the same. It was intense and not always comfortable but I learnt who can help me in matters of head and heart.

It's quite difficult to know when to stop when you get going (especially when you're having a good chinwag with someone grin ) but I was getting quite drained by then so I then briefly meditated on and visualised a few things I'd like for me and mine and the world at large, then gave thanks and closed the circle with a

I was so tired this morning but was so glad I did it as it was a lot more successful and powerful than I'd expected, I feel I've really set off back on the right path and would recommend it to anyone who has felt they've lost their way smile

Earthymama Sun 31-Oct-10 23:20:10

Well, as midnight approaches, I'm sending Bright Blessings to all of you and yours, both here and through the veil.

I have had a wonderful day, firstly with DGC, crafting and playing, then preparing our ritual with DP.

As it had roasted vegetables with garlic and haloumi at it's heart I'm feeling very contented and ready for bed.

May we all find that are troubles are behind us and the seeds of joy and rebirth have been planted.

Blessed Be x

FunnysInTheGardenWithASparkler Mon 01-Nov-10 22:37:08

and here we are on all Hallows Day, albeit a bit late grin. I feel a certain sense of relief as 'halloween' always feels rather full of foreboding for me.

Now tell me what rituals do you observe for the Winter Solstice?

Earthymama Sat 06-Nov-10 09:29:28

Hello everyone, how are you all?
Woken to a glorious morning, so I have abandoned all plans to go shopping and decided to do some house stuff, then go for a walk in our glorious valley and mountains.
DP has a new camera so I'll try to put some pictures up.
We have asked Hathor and Juno to protect DD as the birth of DGCno 4 approaches. Hope you can spare a blessing too! smile
I'll tell you our Yule plans soon xx

Earthymama Wed 10-Nov-10 09:49:30

Where are you all?

Grockle Thu 11-Nov-10 19:12:43

Hello all.

I'm a long-time MNer (have namechanged over the years).

Not sure if this thread is still going but thouight I'd post and see...

I'm quite solitary and my family don't really know much about my beliefs. They know I celebrate Samhain and Yule but just raise their eyebrows and I think they assume I am just doing it to be a bit different hmm.

I used to be part of an active pagan community where I lived before which was lovely for DS - we'd do Ostara egg hunts and Imbolc celebrations but now it's just me and DS, doing our own thing. We tend to do informal rituals (cake based, like others grin)

I'm in Dorset.

Earthymama Thu 11-Nov-10 23:38:50

Hi Grockle, welcome. I'm on a emotional high as my grandson was born just 23hours ago!
I hope the rest of the group come back soon to say hello.
I'm going to sleep but will be back over the next few days.
Blessings EM x

Grockle Fri 12-Nov-10 17:06:15

Oh, how lovely. I've been at a funeral today & had another on Thursday but couldn't attend. So, a long, sad week for me but an exciting happy one for you smile

don't know if you know this guys,

the DM has written a pretty scathing article on paganism and a mumsnetter has been quoted


it doesn't name the mumsnetter but still.. thought you'd like to know

Earthymama Sat 13-Nov-10 21:59:27

Oh My Goodness!!

The Daily Hate Mail has browsed our thread.

We must be so scary with our candle lighting and cooking special meals to celebrate our festivals, I mean to say, no other spiritual path does that!

'^Modern-day pagans draw on Celtic imagery, and often worship the occult.^'
What does worshipping the occult mean?

Thanks QTR

Earthymama Sat 13-Nov-10 22:07:07

Grockle sending blessings, my lovely.

There's always a bitter sweet element to new lives. My new grandson is the first of my daughter's children that will not know my mother, and she adored the others. She's in our hearts and he will hear her story so I know she will live on.

I hope that you will find strength and comfort to deal with your grief.

Grockle Sat 13-Nov-10 22:18:45

Thanks Earthy

What a terrible article. Badly researched, badly written, lacking facts... how odd.

Interestingly, the group first mentioned are relatively local to me - I've been looking for a child-friendly group to join.

I drafted a letter to my local council this afternoon after reading their free magazine which they post through residents doors - on the back page was a calendar of winter festivals - Hannukah, Diwali, Christmas all mentioned. Nothing about Yule. Then I decided I was being petty and deleted it. Maybe I should actually have sent it.

just thought you'd like to know... me and my husband did raise an eyebrow at the "occult" worship...

i know another pagan quoted in the article, and she was actually quoted without her permission so hopefully that will be bad news for the DM

btw dont know if i've introduced myself yet on this thread

im quoth i follow the heathen path and lurk from time to time. im going to try and take part in this thread a lot more. I have a 2 year old ds (monster) and a dd (apparently) due in february. i live in scotland

Earthymama Mon 15-Nov-10 22:21:41

Hi QTR great name!
I have been busy with an ill DP and the birth of a new grandchild. I am looking forward to Yule and starting to think how to make it special. It will be easy as we are going to Glastonbury!

I am psychically connecting with my breast feeding daughter and have not slept properly for days so I'm off to bed with a Nytol cocktail!!

Blessings x

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 16-Nov-10 19:09:14

congratulations on your new grandson earthy! grin grin grin

Sorry i haven't been around. I've been busy and started some (very) part time work. I had loads i wanted to say but kept putting it off till i had enough time to write it all, and now the moment has passed. a lesson to be learnt there.

Welcome funny Qtr and grockle grin

what a shocker that dm article is! I'd be ashamed if i wrote something as rubbish as that! Lol at "worshiping the occult" ! That's the funniest thing i've heard in ages. I think the quote is spiritmum. What questionable behaviour! Haha.

Can't stop now but will be back soon! smile

SpawnChorus Tue 16-Nov-10 20:58:03

Hello! I'm a veteran MNer, but new to this thread. I'm not entirely sure if I fit here. I've been increasingly drawn from atheism to pantheism, and I'm not at all "woo" wink. I've decided to start introducing pantheist celebrations / rituals to my three DCs as I want them to enjoy the seasonal rhythms I experienced as a child (vaguely CofE).

I started a thread about child-friendly ways in which to celebrate Yule, and was given the heads up about this thread....<<waves>>

Anyway, that DM article was predictably shite, but I did like Prof Hutton's quote:

"It is gives a sense of connectiveness to the land and to our remote ancestors, both of which we lack in modern life,’ he says.

It is also feminist, in that it gives women at least an equal role, unlike most other religions.

‘It is environmentally friendly, and regards the natural environment as sacred. It has a powerful personal ethic, which could be described as individualism. It suits the free spirited in that you don’t have to do much. It is a back-garden religion."

How could anyone object to us when described like that?

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 16-Nov-10 22:02:10

hi spawnchorus! Welcome! Have you decided on your yule plans? I haven't thought about it yet [disorganised pagan emoticon]

I just can't get past the photos in the dm article. Cliche lazy journalism! Not sure about the "individualism" bit of the quote you give. For me paganism is the ultimate acceptance of ones dependance upon and responsibility to everything else in existance (though natch this means acknowledging the worth of each individual wink )

nemofish Wed 17-Nov-10 20:15:31

Well I'm just here to worship the occult. grin

We tend to have a pentagram theme for our Xmas decorations (usually made of twigs and sprayed gold / silver!) and also lots of 'woodsy' wreathes with berries on etc. We do 'Christmas' but it is about pressies for each other, the big meal, candles and playing and snuggling on the sofa.

I must admit that while I would say I am a pagan / buddhist mix, and I do take note of and feel the seasons changing, now more than ever with a big garden to do, I know next to nothing about the pagan days / festivals. I find it very perscriptive to be told 'on such and such a day we eat xyz, do xyz and think about xyz.' Erm. No. Bugger off. grin

Unless it's Xmas. (Santa's Day of recycled wrapping paper and as few things with batteries as possible)

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 18-Nov-10 14:17:14

hi nemo! smile

I hope you are feeling better.

We do christmas too. Any excuse for a celebration!

We have decided on one thing we will be doing for yule! (well, aside from cake, naturally wink ) Dh would like to find a yule log and keep a fire in all night. Sounds fun to me!

Nemo re pagan days i don't think there is much prescriptiveness there! The dates fall quite naturally for me. They are evenly spaced and act as a tipping point or doorway leading to the next part of the year. So each is a time to consider what that time of year means to me.
For me one of the joyous things about pagan paths is that you can celebrate what you want, when you want and how you want!

moonmother Thu 18-Nov-10 14:56:27

Blessings to Al,

I cannot believe that soon we will be celebrating Yule, this year seems to be flying by(perhaps on a besom wink.

We also celebrate Xmas, not the religious aspect, but more as a family time, with us all getting together a lot more from Xmas to New Year.With us all being off work it's a lot easier.

Yule is being thought about here too, we too have a Yule Log, and of course an nice feast and plenty of cake.

Dc's will have broken up from school, so we have a calm peaceful day going for a nice winter walk then back home and they make some lovely Yule nature type decorations. I meanwhile love to bake at Yule, and make extra that we wrap nicely and give to our next door neighbours with their Xmas cards.

Of course it's another day for counting blessings.

How shocking of the DM to 'steal' quotes, although I shouldn't be surprised. Paganism for me is about being as close to nature and the seasons as I can be, living a 'modern' life. It's about teaching my children to be respectful, of people and nature.It's sad that the media always seem to want to ridicule something our ancestors did for thousands of years.sad

Kaloki Thu 18-Nov-10 20:29:23

My dad, bless him, read the DM article and showed it to me because he thought it was fairly reasonable. Which I guess by the DM's standards it was. Still a load of bollocks though grin

For those of you that do any spell work, could I pick your brains? I don't normally do any as generally I find other ways, but I'm having such a rough time of it right now that I could do with something to give me strength and hope. If you haven't seen my other threads, the very short version is, me and DH are essentially homeless (yet paying rent), DH attempted suicide the other week and I am struggling with depression. So want a kind of luck/strength ritual, which doesn't involve much in the way of props (most of our material possessions are in boxes at various friends house) Any ideas?

nemofish Fri 19-Nov-10 22:11:06

I did think that maybe a binding spell to keep the landlord, well, 'out of your face' might be good? And maybe something to... ask that you find the right safe space to live in maybe... Unfortunately I am only a theoretical witch and don't know the specifics sad

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 19-Nov-10 22:38:47

kaloki, i'm so sorry about the crap situation that poor you and your poor dh find yourselves in. sad I'm afraid i don't have any suggestions really. One thing i do like to do is make things then offer them up to the elements. I feel it is an expression of trust in "what will be" (though i guess that must sounds pretty crass to you. I am very lucky to have never really been in need of help.)

So for instance at samhain i made chaplets of leaves (while thinking about people i had lost...such is that time of year). Then i had floated them off on the lake. The thing with this is i think to spend some meditative time making so you have an attachmet to the object, but to let it go. For me this speaks of trust (that nature will find a good use for it) resourcefullness (i could sit and make another, no problem) and a positive detachment.

I'm really sorry i don't have anything better to offer...maybe someone else does?

I didn't see your other thread btw, where was it? Blessings.

Grockle Tue 23-Nov-10 21:28:24

Oh Kaloki, I'm sorry sad

Having been through similar myself I sympathise but I have no spell to help.

My friend has a lovely spell book that I could look at for you if that would help? Otherwise I'd google.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 24-Nov-10 06:01:17

hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping warm!

I'm loving the cold dark nights at the moment. I keep making the poor dog come out for a night walk for me. Last night we cast moon shadows from the huge (almost) full moon. We are lucky to be very quickly (and mudily) able to get away from streetlights and the stars are so beautiful. I must find out more about them and the planets to be seen at this time of the year.

Last night held an extra treat as on my way back through the village i found that the village tree is up, complete with lights. I do love christmas lights blush

I hope you and yours are all doing well. Special thoughts for nemo, kaloki and earthy. smile

Bright blessings. Xxx

TheJollyPirate Wed 24-Nov-10 06:33:19

It's good to find this thread. I follow a pagan path and am considering doing Priestess of Avalon training next year in Glastonbury.

I live in Essex and am a solitary but looking around at Pagan moots to see if there's anything I could link into.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 24-Nov-10 07:45:16

Hi jolly! Welcome! grin

what is priestess of avalon training? blush i am northern and very informal (that's my excuse!)

Grockle Thu 25-Nov-10 19:57:37

I love lights too! We're getting our tree this weekend grin and then off to the Forest to hunt for a Yule Log.

queenrollo Fri 26-Nov-10 20:43:09

just popping in to say hi again.

With a small child in the house excited about Christmas and Santa we do that here too, but in an understated way.
I observe Yule, i usually bring greenery in from the garden to decorate the house the day before and will have a nice meal and some time to myself to reflect on the past year and what is yet to come. DP doesn't really observe but will join me in candle lighting. DS is at his dad's half the week so not always here on the actual day, but I do include him if he is.....usually in the kitchen with food prep/cake making grin
Our beautiful pear tree lost a big bough this autumn and so we have put the wood from that aside to season for next year, so this year it will just be a choice log from the existing wood pile, but next year I will be using the pear log for Yule.

DP and I have had a good chuckle at the DM article, it's just really bad journalism. DP did laugh at the first picture and say 'now why don't you do that? I might be more interested if there was more nudity in your observance' grin

It has come up in discussion a few times with friends just lately about how grey and depressing this time of year is, and I realised that since embracing the Wheel of the Year more I haven't been nearly as low during the winter months as i used to. I think that seeing the beauty of nature in her dormancy, waiting to burst forth in the spring and actually noticing how the lack of light casts a different kind of beauty over all around me, is actually keeping those low feelings at bay. Has anyone else found this?

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 26-Nov-10 22:19:57

QUeenrollo I completely agree about the pleasures of winter!

I see it as a time to indulge in crunching grass, pikelets toasted on fires, wooly jumpers, misty walks, feeling "the bennefit", dark nights, christmas cake with wensleydale and mulled wine etc etc... I would be bereft without it.
Of course I love summer too..and spring...and autumn grin

Grockle we have a tree in a pot that we have a had a few years 9called englebert [hmmm] ) that will migrate inside with us again this year...despite being a little patchy!

Hopelesslydisorganised Sat 27-Nov-10 05:47:57

Priestess of Avalon trainign is basically a Goddess trainign run by Kathy Jones in Glastonbury. It's mainly weekend based approx once a month/6 weekly with stuff in between. It's pricy though which is why I've never tackled it before. Having now met someone who has done it though I am more confident that it is the way forward for me.
There is a website here smile

ChildofIsis Thu 02-Dec-10 08:22:45

Hi, I'm relatively new to MN, I'm delighted to find so many open minded people here. I've been pagan for 2o odd years now. I was part of a group but it all went pear-shaped, there are megalomaniacs in every part of society. Unfortunately having an intimate relationship with nature and your own deity is no bar to being power hungry. I am a Priestess of Isis, I was called by Isis during one of the festivals, I'd previously had a less intimate relationship with a generic earth Goddess. For me the whole point of paganism is the free-form of worship and ritual. The rituals I do are all written by me and others I work with occasionally. Now I have dd4 I don't really have the time for inspiration to get thro, fortunately I've got quite a full book of shadows to work from. If anyone wanted help with forms of worship, protections etc I'd be more than happy to help.

Grockle Thu 02-Dec-10 19:54:39

Welcome ChildofIsis smile

Grockle Thu 02-Dec-10 20:52:13

Any of you watching Rick Stein... Interesting bit on Pagan celebration.

Earthymama Sat 04-Dec-10 18:07:39

Hi ChildofIsis, so glad you found us smile

Grockle I recorded Rick Stein, I loved his attitude to the Pagan celebrations, and what a very Green, Green man!

I am feeling rotten at the moment, can't seem to shake off a virus or something and it's making me a bit tearful and bleurgh about Yule and Christmas. I'm just tired I guess.

So if you have any ideas about healing I would appreciate it smile.

Earthymama Sat 04-Dec-10 18:08:53
PennyDreadfulInTheOldMansHat Wed 08-Dec-10 10:09:11

We are all trimmed up grin - love this time of year - we have holly and ivy and nice suitable green Father Christmasses (as well as tacky red ones obviously).

Our house is shining in the dark and you can really see how a 'festival of light and feasting' was needed in the past before electricity etc. - in all get folk through the winter.

What other preparations are you making for yule? I have Frankincense crackling away on my burner too - bliss.

Grockle Thu 09-Dec-10 20:40:04

I cannot find a green father christmas anywhere sad

ChildofIsis Sat 11-Dec-10 10:57:21

Blame the coca-cola company. They're the reason our green Father christmas turned red.
I haven't seev any this year, sometimes they can be found in independent gift shops.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 20-Dec-10 18:54:47

Hi Everyone,

Happy Yule Eve!

I jave been so busy lately i've barel hadtime to sit still...never mind MN sad and still have my halloween name blush

I hope you are feeling better Earthy! How is the new grandson? smile

Welcome Isis smile

We are fully dec'ed too Penny! smile bar a wreat that I'll collect stuff for tommorow.

YULE!! grin

I am planning three to greet the rising sun... one in the afternooon to collect wreath materials and other greenery to "Dec the Halls" and one as the sun sets. With any luck the moonrise will be as beautifull as this evning.

Then a lovely onion tart for tea. Maybee I'll take a dram of green ginger wine out on the evening walk grin

owever....I have no cake planned! shock I have a total mind block..suggestions gratefully recieved! grin

Anyone else still around and celebrating? smile

FunnysInTheGarden Mon 20-Dec-10 23:14:47

nearly the solstice. Am looking forward to the peace it brings. Will no doubt have a glass of champs tomorrow night to welcome back the light!

Sisqinanamook Mon 20-Dec-10 23:29:58

Hello, may I join? Just found this thread... lovely timing!

moonmother Tue 21-Dec-10 06:55:46

A Happy Solstice to All, and blessed with a Lunar Eclipse too. smile

A quiet Yule here, due to the weather. We will make our table centrepiece today, and go for a lovely walk in the local woods.

Finished off with a lovely yummy dinner and cake smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 21-Dec-10 12:22:38

WElcome Sis!

Hello Funny, good on you with the champers!

Moonmother, what cake are yu having?

We have lentil soup for lunch later...the little red lentils remind me off the sun at this time of year.

We saw part of the lunar eclipse earlier, it was lovely till it faded and dropped below the fuzz of the horizon.

And the sunrise oppostie was glorious!

Happy Yule to all! grin

Grockle Tue 21-Dec-10 13:17:52

Hello all,

I have a wonderful feeling about today - it all feels rather magical. Yesterday was my birthday and on the way home from a lovely day out, we drove past Stonehenge which looked amazing under the glorious full moon. I was tempted to return there today but couldn't face hoards of tourists so I have walked to the sea instead. It was very peaceful and grounding. It was too cloudy to see the eclipse this morning but I did go out and look (with mad bed hair and pyjamas) and said a little prayer stolen from a FB friend. This morning I have been finishing my fruit cakes for tonight/ christmas. I was going to make what I call mooncakes (almondy crescent biscuits) but i have no almonds so I shall paint DS's bedroom instead grin

Solstice blessings to you all

moonmother Tue 21-Dec-10 13:51:28

Hope everyones enjoying heir day.

Sadly we couldn't see the eclipse as our sky is full of snow cloud sad but we did watch it online.

Had a lovely walk this morning and has a lovely lunch of butternut and red onion soup.

We picked some lovely foilage to go with the holly and ivy from the garden to make our table centre piece , and are just waiting for it to dry out before creating.

I have a lovely shoulder of lamb slow roasting in the oven, this will be our last 'big' meal before xmas , so it's Roast Lamb and all the trimmings followed by a yummy lightly spiced fruit cake and custard for pudding.

Oh and mulled wine this evening grin

FunnysInTheGarden Tue 21-Dec-10 22:40:33

Happy Solstice/ Yule everyone. Had a glass or two of champs and went outside to welcome the return of the light. Then retreated inside to have lovely lamb rogan josh and a glass of pinotage and toast the solstice. Yum, but am very full now grin

ToriaPumpkinHead Tue 21-Dec-10 23:10:04

Just found this thread! Epic timing.

Happy Solstice/Yule everybody

insolsticecat Wed 22-Dec-10 09:31:58

Just wanted to say hello. haven't got time to read the whole thread at mo.

Happy Solstice for everyone for yesterday

Blessed be


MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 22-Dec-10 17:03:06

Hope you all had a lovely day.

We did! smile

Welcome toria and insolsticecat. grin

Grockle i am very envy of your moonlit stonehenge...i've never been. sad

Earthymama Thu 30-Dec-10 18:56:59

Hi Blessings Everyone, I'm sorry I missed you all. I left to go on holiday in a rush because of the snow and I had promised myself a break from t'int whilst away.

We had a wonderful Yule in Glastonbury in the snow, Meditation and Yule celebrations with the Green Man carrying a Yule log for us to fill with blessings, fears, dreams etc. Then singing around the Yule Fire.

An evening Solstice celebration in the Goddess Temple and a lovely meal completed our day.

I hope you all had lovely Yuletide and Christmas celebrations, I missed my family but we've had lovely times since we got home and I have had many cuddles with my newest baby boy, (who is a delight, thanks, MFM! smile)

PS I did smile at the ruck on the thread that asked if we celebrate Christmas.....chilling!!

Earthymama Sun 02-Jan-11 21:34:04

Bumping, hoping people will be along to say Hi x

Grockle Mon 03-Jan-11 23:21:43

Hello, I'm still here.

I've enjoyed a lovely winter break andxam getting ready to jump back into the busy life I lead the rest of the time. I'm very much looking forward to Imbolc. One of the things I love about my beliefs is that there are so many milestones throughout the year. Yule has gone but spring is on it's way and then it will be Ostaea. So many celebrations & things to be thankful for smile

Grockle Mon 03-Jan-11 23:22:31

Please excuse typos - am rubbish on my iPhone

Earthymama Tue 04-Jan-11 09:36:11

Grockle, I was thinking the same yesterday!
I've always loved Nature, gardening, watching the birds etc but now I'm more involved through my spirituality I feel the connection so deeply.
I used to suffer really badly with SAD, I could literally not see that there would be Light at the end of the long Winter tunnel. Yesterday as the snow fell again I saw the buds on the lilac tree and concentrated on thoughts of all the activity that will be happening out of sight.

Thelastnameleft Wed 05-Jan-11 20:41:28

Hello Im new here but would like to extend a hello and wishes of bright blessings to the other pagan members of MN here.

I was happy to see this thread here by the way smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 06-Jan-11 19:35:36

Hello All!

Welcome Thelastnameleft. smile

Grockle and EM..I am so looking forward to Imbolc too. And it will be Ds's 1st birthday not long after (Pfb) grin

Turn, wheel turn!

Have any of you had any pagan rites of passage such as handfasting...or something to mark a birth? (does that have a name blush ) We haven't done anything in that direction for DS and I sort of wish we had.

We have started ttc again so I am very alive to all the latent fertility around us at the moment. I keep going for long walks soaking it all up.

I am loving being outside and thinking of training as a forest school practitioner to tag on to the rest of my work so i can spend more time outside.

EM your Yule celebrations sound so lovely! I must go to glastonbury one day! I hoppe you had a good break. grin

Grockle Thu 06-Jan-11 22:05:06

Welcome TheLastNameleft smile

I'd love to do Forest Schools envy

Thelastnameleft Fri 07-Jan-11 09:52:59

TY for the welcomes smile

MFM.. Im getting married this August and would love to have a handfasting alongside the ceremony. We are getting married in a deconsecrated church which I find interesting as I never knew they existed before researching them.

This matches mine and my husband to be's desire for a church ceremony without the Christian undertones.

However, it was quite expensive to hire and the costs are beginning to escalate so Im not sure whether we will be able to sad

Grockle Fri 07-Jan-11 17:52:39

How exciting! I've never heard of a de-consecrated church but what a good idea.

I have told DP all along that I never want to get married again (messy divorce with ex) but I'd love a handfasting. It would be far more meaningful to me. And DP is, thankfully, fairly understanding aside from the occasional Harry Potter comment

Thelastnameleft Fri 07-Jan-11 19:01:36

Grockle (and anyone who is interested)

If you google The Lost Village of Dode, you will find it there

I cant wait, am really looking forward to it. We have our legal notification thingy booked for next Friday.

Really need to sort out the invites soon though.

lololizzy Fri 07-Jan-11 19:36:03

i like your idea. have moved and don't know anyone likeminded but mumsnet seems mainly a friendly place. Would like to share pagan ideas. Got engaged on Glastonbury Tor last yr under the one up there, just me and fiance..

Grockle Fri 07-Jan-11 19:55:42

I don't really know anyone like minded in RL either although a friend did vaguely mention doing a full moon ritual with her white witch group but she's rather cagey about it all!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 07-Jan-11 20:14:32

Hi Everyone!

Lololizzy that sounds so romantic grin

Thelastname we got wed in a tiny church that is still concecrated but not an active parish church (therefor could only have a blessing there so we got legally married at the town hall aswell)

The one we used is managed by the churches conservation trus and called Lead chaple...I'll toddle off for a link shortly...

We had a marquee in the grounds (had to consult english heritage re this as the whole field is a schedualed monument.

The marquee was £1500 but they brought all the tables, chairs, heat, generator, potaloos (glam) etc so we just did the food and put some cds on. Everyone had a wee job to do as we set up and so felt really part of the day. It was very informal but loads of people say it was the best weddin ever [preen] grin

We used wildflowers in big groups of jars to decorate along with pebbles etc, and paper lanterns lit up the field at night. It was lovely...and cheep grin

I really hope you pull it all together to get the day you want...if there is any help/ideas I can give please ask!

Grockle on the forest schools site you can win a level three training place! it's in the forum bit. I've just signed up and am hoping I'll be verified in time to enter as it closes on sun or mon or summat. I think you have to have done level 2 to do 3 (but you don't need 1 to do 2 iirc) confused

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 07-Jan-11 20:19:31

Grockle and Lololizzy I don't know anyone likemided in rl either.

Do you do anything to celebrate the lunar cycle? I don't but am much s I can be with the time I have but there youu go! grin

Grockle Fri 07-Jan-11 23:09:56

Thanks for the link- will investigate later. I don't really do anything with the lunar cycle but I do notice the phases and power of the moon and instinctively know when it is a full/ new moon. I always say thankyou to the full moon!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 07-Jan-11 23:19:49

I've toyed with the idea of a full moon tea before...bit like sunday dinner but not iyswim!

maybe I could do that...any excuse!

Grockle Sat 08-Jan-11 18:37:25

I like that idea! Maybe we'll do that and make mooncakes. I often intend to then forget. I might make more of an effort this year.

Earthymama Sun 09-Jan-11 21:49:42

Hi everyone, I'm so happy to see you all and to welcome TheLastNameleft smile
I went to a wedding in the grounds of a ruined castle that sounds a little like yours, MFM, it was really beautiful and great fun.

I do a ritual to draw down the Moon at Full Moon which is powerful, I'll go and dig out the book, but I'm poorly so might be tomorrow as I keep falling asleep!

It's been great having a clear sky to peep out at the Moon and have a look at the stars as it was cloudy here all through Stargazing.

I was wondering if anyone uses Journalling or Dreamboards to aid your spiritual awareness. I am trying to give my self a proverbial kick to focus my mind and thought that might help.

ChildofIsis Fri 14-Jan-11 16:47:10

Hello everyone, I'm asking a big favour.

My best friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. We're fairly certain it's been caught in time, find out on monday what course of treatment is recommended.

She is already a cancer survivor of 13 yrs standing,( had a very rare form of rectal cancer).

As you can imagine she's quite devastated by this, whilst being determined it won't beat her.
Could you all light a candle and send her some strength?

Her name is Geraldine and she's a feisty 59 yr old, short and curvaceous with spiky burgundy hair.

If you can do this I will be eternally grateful.
She's been a rock for me over the years and I don't want to loose her.

Thank you in advance.

Earthymama Sun 16-Jan-11 02:26:29

Hi can't sleep so amused myself by reading Middle Ages Mumsnet!

CofI, I will light a candle for Geraldine and ask that she makes a full recovery.

ChildofIsis Thu 20-Jan-11 16:34:26

Thanks Earthy, it means alot to me that there is lots of positive energy.

I'm taking her to see the oncologist in the morning. Had to tranfer hospitals as our PCT won't fund transport to the original one.

We think she'll be having some sort of surgery next week.

I pmsl at middle ages mn, it's the funniest thing on here since the mad dinner party thread.

moonwitch Fri 21-Jan-11 15:04:02

Hi ChildofIsis, I've only just seen this thread, I hope everything goes ok for your friend and I'll light a candle for her too.
Sending her and you bright blessings.

ChildofIsis Fri 21-Jan-11 20:47:30

Thanks moonwitch.

We saw the oncologist this morning, he's fairly certain that a mastectomy will be required, however he's willing to see if breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy)is indicated.
Apparently the growth rate is slow so there is time to do an MRI scan, although the type of tumor she has tends to be diffused over a wide area of tissue.

We've had a great day full of mad giggles and rude innuendos. It all seemed really heavy and real when the surgeon was talking to us though.

I'm very sad that my dear friend has to go through this.
I know we are only sent as much as we can deal with and that everything happens for a reason, but I do wish it wasn't happening all the same.

ChildofIsis Fri 21-Jan-11 20:48:05

Thanks moonwitch.

We saw the oncologist this morning, he's fairly certain that a mastectomy will be required, however he's willing to see if breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy)is indicated.
Apparently the growth rate is slow so there is time to do an MRI scan, although the type of tumor she has tends to be diffused over a wide area of tissue.

We've had a great day full of mad giggles and rude innuendos. It all seemed really heavy and real when the surgeon was talking to us though.

I'm very sad that my dear friend has to go through this.
I know we are only sent as much as we can deal with and that everything happens for a reason, but I do wish it wasn't happening all the same.

ChildofIsis Fri 21-Jan-11 20:48:16

Thanks moonwitch.

We saw the oncologist this morning, he's fairly certain that a mastectomy will be required, however he's willing to see if breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy)is indicated.
Apparently the growth rate is slow so there is time to do an MRI scan, although the type of tumor she has tends to be diffused over a wide area of tissue.

We've had a great day full of mad giggles and rude innuendos. It all seemed really heavy and real when the surgeon was talking to us though.

I'm very sad that my dear friend has to go through this.
I know we are only sent as much as we can deal with and that everything happens for a reason, but I do wish it wasn't happening all the same.

ChildofIsis Fri 21-Jan-11 20:49:03

sorry, didn't mean to post twice

Grockle Sat 29-Jan-11 21:22:52

CoI, I've only just read this - so sorry to hear your news. I have candles lit and am thinking of you and your friend. I like having somewhere to channel my thoughts, outside of my usual ways.

I was wondering if any of you do anything for Imbolc? I tend to just light candles and notice the bulbs growing. I'm going for a mooch round the garden centre tomorrow to lift my spirits a bit. I love spring.

Earthymama Mon 31-Jan-11 10:59:50

This is a time of positivity and new beginnings, CofI, so is auspicious for your friend.

We do a ritual, during which we burn or throw in the river the things we need to get rid of, and visuale all the positive things we seek.

Obviously we have nice food and drink!! Lots of candles, music and laughter. grin

Grockle Mon 31-Jan-11 17:25:12

That sounds lovely. Yesterday I swept the garden and tidied everything up then planted some pots with bulbs and pansies so my front door looks really colourful and uplifting now. Will have candles, ale and cake this week too wink

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 01-Feb-11 19:35:58

Hello all,

CoI I'm so sorry to hear about youur friend...I spent a few minutes in thought for her the other day (after I looked in on the thread but didn't have chance to post)

I don't have any imbolc plans sad I've been a bit busier than i'd like with work (when projects collide) but that should be calming down again now...phew!

SO tommorw I'll be abit in morning then ds never seems to nap well at his grandma's so is always reallt tired and ready to sleep all afternoon...maybe he could do this in the sling while I go for a walk and collect some nicely budded twigs to decorate the house.

I can celebrate more on thurs when I have the day off. I think then I might do something like the ritual you describe EM..

I have something good to focus on at the moment...I am pg!

Only six and a bit weeks so it's tentative early days, but fingers crossed...

So I guess actually that's the focus of my Imbolc this crazy to think that last Imbolc I was still awaiting ds's arrival.

Well...I came here all"argh....I haven't even had chance to think about Imbolc" ...but just writting has helped me work quite a bit of it out...


Anyone got a suitably seasonal cake idea/recipie?

Grockle I am rather envy of youur doorstep!

Grockle Tue 01-Feb-11 20:34:34

Ooo, how exciting! Congratulations - what a lovely Imbolc surprise grin

I don't think I have any seasonal cake recipes... I've been making Macarons recently due to a surplus of eggs (we have chickens)

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 02-Feb-11 16:21:27

Thanks Grockle smile

I hope you are having an enjoyable Imbolc...I'm defering till tomorrow!

Rosie47 Wed 02-Feb-11 18:53:42

Spring is comming! Soon be warm enough to get back to the countryside and out in the sun.

Earthymama Sun 06-Feb-11 09:09:38

MFM congratulations, I'm delighted for you! grin
lovely news on this dismal morning.
I'm wondering how you are all feeling about the anti-woo and anti-horoscope threads?
I am definitely in favour of woo in some areas of my life in that I believe that there is Spirit who I acknowledge as Goddess. All life, All things are part of an on-going evolving changing pattern that is driven by the Life Force. I acknowledge daily the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and Spirit that combines them all. I try to live my life in a way that harms no others, including the planet, as best I can.
I am really happy to meet others who share this outlook, which is why I'm on this thread but I am not at all bothered about persuading any one else to join me.
With regard to horoscopes I'm a bit surprised that they upset anyone. I know I'm a Gemini as is DP, DD, one of my nieces, BIL, and several friends.
I know the vague characteristics we share, liking to talk and being good communicators, showing two faces to the world. I don't think any of us live our lives according to the Stars but if I found out that someone was being guided in that way I would see it as a seeking for guidance and reassurance.
(obviously I don't mean reading your stars in some tacky magazine and following that to the letter, rather people who have in depth readings) it seems harmless to me.
I'm happy for everyone to follow their chosen Path, however, I abhor anyone whose choice leads them to hate and despise others, whose fundamentalism teaches them that to mock and look down on others is OK, to hurt, kill rape and torture those who don't share there views is OK.
Sorry this turned into a rant.blush I am just surprised that things like horoscopes and crystals upset people so much.
How do all feel about it?

NorthernComfort Sun 06-Feb-11 09:33:30

Earthymama- I totally agree with you and I haven't even ventured into those threads because I just don't have the energy or space in my head to deal with all that at the moment. I don't generally let on to people about things I believe in because I can't be doing with defending everything all the time. I don't give a monkeys what other people believe and I certainly wouldn't comment but sadly not everyone does the same.

Grockle Sun 06-Feb-11 14:57:04

I haven't seen any of those threads, thankfully. I really believe in 'each to their own' and 'An it harm none, do what ye will'... that's my basic philosophy for life. I don't care what anyone else believes as long as they don't upset or hurt other people. And likewise, I think I should be able to believe and think what I want as long as it doesn't cause problems for other people. I think people who get so upset by these sorts of things don't have enough other things to worry about. My life if busy and stressful enough without fretting about what other people do.

Earthymama Sun 06-Feb-11 23:06:31

Thanks for confirmimg how I feel; I agree with both of you. I had a quick peep when they started but just ignore them now, though I was a bit put out by the inference that as a 'woo' person I rejected science confused Why get so upset, just get on with what does interest and excite you?

I've been asked to be friends on FB with people who know me slightly and I'm reluctant to confirm as I use my FB to be politically and spiritually active.
I'm thinking of having a page for work persona as oppossed my real self as people get so cross if you don't add them.


Grockle Mon 07-Feb-11 17:50:19

It's complicated in FB, isn't it? I used it to keep in regular contact with my family when I was overseas but it has snowballed somewhat and I now am friends with staff at work so need to be more careful about what I share.

ChildofIsis Wed 16-Feb-11 10:23:05

It's mad that we're supposed to 'reject' science because we're pagan. What a load of rubbish.

I've always followed new advances in technology, specifically astronomy and geology. It's all part of our evolution as a species.

Congratulations MFM, what lovely news.

My friend is coming to terms with her situation, she'll have a mastectomy on 9th March.
She's viewing the cancer as an alien invader that's taken over her breast, as such she's very accepting of the removal as a way to remove the invader.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words, they're very much appreciated.

Earthymama Fri 18-Feb-11 00:22:34

I'm glad your friend is able to be so courageous, being ill is so scary. I have a benign cyst in my breast and the time when I found it and got to see consultant was so nerve racking and that was just one day!! They were piloting a project that sped up referrals. I was so grateful.
How are people doing these days? We are under lots of stress, I'm not very well and DP's job under threat so I'll be certainly Drawing Down the Moon tomorrow!! I struggle to sleep at Full Moon, so I try to find something to celebrate.
Blessings everyone, EM x

Grockle Sat 19-Mar-11 21:49:05

Any equinox plans?

We've been moon-gazing tonight and will bake a big chocolate cake tomorrow and fill it with eggs. Am going to try to do an egg hunt too as we've always done. Other than that, just gardening and smiling at the bulbs that are just beginning to flower.

Hope all of you are well

Earthymama Tue 22-Mar-11 22:16:26

Hi Grockle!
We've had problems with the PC and internet, it's all been very stressful. smile
I can't believe that I used to cope if I didn't know the time of a bus service until the office opened in the morning. If I needed a contact address for an organisation I was able to survive until they answered the phone.
I have been SO frustrated and bad-tempered!

Anyway....Equinox was amazing; we went to Glastonbury and met up with a friend, had lovely food and lots of drinks, attended meditations and rituals,and so on.
It was so wonderful to be there, basking in the Sun light, walking in the Super Moon light.

I love the thought of you smiling at the bulbs, it's so evocative of those wonderful moments when the balance of the Year changes and tips towards the longer days.
Bright Blessings to you all xx

moonwitch Fri 25-Mar-11 11:37:27

Hi, ChildofIsis,
how is your friend doing? Ok I hope.
Bright Blessings.X

apples82 Fri 25-Mar-11 11:50:24

Hi all,

I'm pagan, and can't believe I've only just found this thread! smile

I am currently 10+4 pg with DC1.

I am a solitary pagan and not part of a coven, and tend to mark the wheel of the year privately. DH is not pagan but athiest.

Once DC is born i'd like to try and mark the wheel of the year in a more open way, making each of the days "fun" for the LO to mark too.

How do you do it with children?


Grockle Fri 25-Mar-11 18:54:42

Hi apples, welcome.

I am also solitary and my DP is an atheist but tolerant of my beliefs. With DS, I tend to just do 'normal' things - we talk a lot about the seasons and the changes. We walk in the Forest and on the beach and spend loads of time in the garden. He loves Hallowe'en and we always have a Samhain feast and he knows a little about that. Same for Yule & Ostara. We don't do anything partiularly more pagan than appreciate our surroundings and environment.


MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 27-Mar-11 10:18:44

hi all and welcome apples!

Sorry i haven't been around much. Work and broken phone have kept me from mn for a while. sad but i have a t'interweb phone again now so can be a bit more on t'ball!

I haven't even had chance to properly celebrate madron yet. sad Though i have been able to get outside a lot, soaking up the growing sun and diving amongst the beautifull green as it first creeps, and now gushes forth. grin

Ds has just started walking and loves touching trees and leaves and things. We always let him do that in the sling but is fascinating seeing what he is naturally drawn to. smile

Apples i am pg too. Thirteen weeks so just starting to feel not yuck. How are you feeling? smile

So as soon as ds comes off my boob i'm going to make some cheese and leek pasties to take off in to the woods for a wonder this afternoon. Then i can spend some time getting my head round the changes going on all around us. And see the oak king finally starting to win the battle against that dastardly chilly holly king!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 27-Mar-11 10:22:34

ooops. Ment to say that i hope your friend is doing well child of isis.

And i hope things pick up for you soon earthy, sounds like a difficult time for you and your dh.


ChildofIsis Thu 31-Mar-11 11:25:10

Hello All, thanks for your positive energy.
My friend had her mastectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed on the 9th.
She's doing great, still having alot of nerve pain in the lymph area but apart from that is fine.
She got her results and does not need any chemo or radiotherapy.
What a fantastic result, all due to the fantastic amount of good wishes and energy sent her way I'm sure.

Isn't it great to see all the new growth in the gardens?
I love Spring, the flowing energy is really revitalising.

Grockle Thu 31-Mar-11 20:16:31

What good news, Child of Isis smile

Earthymama Thu 31-Mar-11 20:30:22

Great news CofI, I'm so glad.

Earthymama Thu 31-Mar-11 21:17:17

Apples and Moon how are you both?

apples82 Fri 01-Apr-11 08:19:11

I'm very good thanks Earthymama, loving how green everything is getting around me. Everything is coming alive again smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sat 02-Apr-11 13:47:36

i'm great thanks earthy!

I've been thinking about how it is such a lovely time to be pg. That my baby, concieved in the dark of midwinter, is growing through the spring, will ripen through the summer, and be born at harvest time. Touch wood. smile

Great news CofI. smile

moonwitch Mon 04-Apr-11 08:16:28

Hi everyone,
that's great news about your friend ChildofIsis and congrats to you pregnant ladies.
I work mostly as a solitary but sometimes with my husband as he is pagan too. I have 5 children, ds1 is 26, dd1 is 23, ds2 is 21, dd2 is 14 and dd3 is 4 (our gift from the Goddess!) My daughters also practice the Craft, even the little one joins in with ritual and has her own robe. I have been initiated and I'm working towards my second degree, I love everything about being a witch!
It's a wonderful thing watching the earth wake up in the spring, the colours are just beautiful.
Love and Bright Blessings.xx

Earthymama Mon 04-Apr-11 09:40:43

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well on this Spring morning!
Though it's more like winter here in Wales.

Can I ask how people practice on a daily basis? I'm trying to do more things, learn more and struggle with time and competing daily tasks like cleaning and cooking. I do use the preparation of food as an intention and an offering but I want to be more organised and am being more and more drawn to the Wiccan/Goddess path.

moonwitch Mon 04-Apr-11 12:49:26

Hi Earthymama, I have an altar permenantly set up with a Goddess and God statue,a gold and silver candle a pentacle and a representation of the elements, I change the colours to mark the Sabbats and I always have a variety of nature bits on it that my little one collects, feathers,cones, shells etc. I write in my journal everyday, not appointments and what to have for dinner like a diary but how I'm feeling, any dreams I remember, things I've seen that sort of thing along with the moon phase and which astrological sign the moon is in. I grow herbs for spellwork and they can easily be grown on a windowsill. In the garden along with the herbs I have representations of the elements at their direction ( a wind spinner with feathers attached for Air, A shell mobile for Water, a red five pointed star t light holder for Fire and a pentacle on slate for Earth)and a couple of Green man ornaments and fairies. I'm not sure I've been any help but these are some of the things we do. It is difficult fitting things in when you have a family but whatever you do, however small you think it is the Goddess will be happy as She knows what's in your heart.
Love and Bright Blessings.xx

ChildofIsis Mon 04-Apr-11 15:02:32

Hi Earthymama, I make a bit of time each day to be grateful.
For me having a spirit of gratitude aids my contentment.
I speak daily with Isis, usually in the early hours when I can't sleep.
I've found a daily connection to Isis nurtures my soul and encourages me to then nurture my life and that of others.

Earthymama Wed 06-Apr-11 22:47:48

Thank you, I too have an altar in the bedroom, a little shrine in the kitchen and living room. I start the day with affirmations and think of the Goddess throughout the day.
You are right about gratitude, it colours how one sees the world.
I have made a Triple Goddess with stones fromour local river and planted around them, it's lovely. I love the idea of the Elements (gets out Garden Planner smile)
I want to learn more I guess, do some studying, chakras, reiki, magic; it feels as though there is so much to know and I want it all!

I'm going to start the journalling, that will be useful. Thanks again.

Hi all, just read through most of the thread and found it very interesting and supportive.
When me and my dh got together we were both very active pagans, but in the last few years 'real life' got in the way. We both lost our way, and it took a bit of a crisis for us to realise how far we had drifted away from those things we once believed important. We thought we were being grown up and sensible, but we were killing something inside. Just so glad to be back on a spiritual path, and so much happier, even though its taken a real change in our circumstances to find it again.

Grockle Thu 21-Apr-11 23:19:58

Hello dreamifwhitehorses... Your post made me wonder about families on this thread -are you ALL pagan or do you have DPs/ DHs/ DC with different beliefs? I found it very difficult to interest DS in Ostara because to him, it was just Easter at the 'wrong' time.

ChildofIsis Sat 23-Apr-11 13:34:26

My dh is an atheist and doesn't mind what I do or don't celebrate.

I'll let him know when festivals are coming up and do invlove dd4 in a small way.
I've always seen my faith as intensely private. Mind you that probably comes from times when to speak out about paganism was to invite vilification.

Grockle Sun 24-Apr-11 21:41:59

That sounds very similar to our situation. DS is atheist but is quite interested in my beliefs and always asks about each sabbat/ esbat. DS loves doing my celebrations and talking about the seasons but is also very caught up in the Christian festivals (through school) so we mark those too (but not in a religious way - in a story-telling/ learning about other faiths way)

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 25-Apr-11 19:57:11

Hi all and welcome dreamofwhitehorses smile

Earthy, I struggled to think of how I practice day today but guess it is like this...I go for a walk at least once a day. Being in nature is probably the most profound part of my faith. I also collect bits and bobs to go round the greenman. I try to obey "an it harm none..." amd the law of three fold return.

But really I would like to do more, tohave more structure or share more with others maybe. RL gets in the way though...but I have heeded what dream says and will try and make more effort.

So I'm off to think about my beltain plans...possibly my favourite festival as well as all the others

Any suggestions form any one?

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 25-Apr-11 20:45:51

Well...havig said I'd like to do more, want more structure, share with others etc...the local pagan group is having an open ritual for beltane. Normally theyare in the evening so I can't go (bf ds), but thi one is at 4 for some I could probably go (depending on what dh is working)...seems a little rude not to really given the way it's come up just as I was thinking about it...

Earthymama Mon 25-Apr-11 22:30:23

I'm lucky as DP is pagan and we share our path. My Family are fine, SSIL and DNiece share this too. While my grown up children are atheist I talk to my grandchildren about the Earth Mother and we give thanks for our Blessings, we sing some songs aand celebrate the passing of the Seasons.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 26-Apr-11 08:33:55

earthy can i ask what you sing? I love singing. smile

Grockle Tue 26-Apr-11 20:56:24

I wish I could find a local Pagan group. Especially one that welcomed children. I was really involved in one where I lived before but there seems to be nothing round here.

I'd love to know songs too - I am a singer but I sing sacred music grin hypocrite

Earthymama Wed 27-Apr-11 09:03:29

We All Come From the Goddess,
And to Her we shall return,
Like a drop of ra-ain, flowing to the O-ocean
Hoof and Horn
Hoof and Horn
All that dies shall be reborn,
Corn and Grain
Corn and Grain
All that falls shall rise again,
We all come from the Goddess.

I'll find a link later, PC playing up

Earthymama Wed 27-Apr-11 09:05:09
MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 28-Apr-11 08:12:09

Grockle I would sing anything if given the opportunity, be it sacred, profane or the phone book!

This group has a midsummer party that children are invited to but I don't tnk they can come to the open rituals...This one being at a time I could manage seems to be telling me something. But DH is working so it will come down to if MIL can look afetr ds for a couple of hours...she may already be booked oiut by another grandchild!

Earthy thank you for the link and lyrics. I love the wors but my old coal powered computer keeps crashing when I follow the link..I'll try it next time I'm at the library. smile

I'm really looking forward to beltane (and our anniversary). We have had such and unseasonally summery spring everything is gogo...bluebells out, swallows back, peas up in the garden...ah!


Thanks for the welcome all. I don't know where people are based but they have a lovely Beltane celebration at Thornborough Henge (near Ripon). Lots of dressing up, calling the quarters, play acting, handfastings, camping,and general fun for any age.
I think this sort of thing is a great way to involve family, as everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and its just lots of fun!

ChildofIsis Thu 28-Apr-11 22:24:44

DoWHorses I live near Ripon.

I've already got something lined up for Beltaine. It looks like a good day though.

It should be, especially if the weather holds! Hope you have a special day, its lovely to imagine all these celebrations, big and small, public and personal going on all over. Grockle, even if it feels like your celebrating alone, your not really, we're all just a little part of something bigger.

Earthymama Fri 29-Apr-11 22:49:30

Glastonbury for us, yeah!!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sat 30-Apr-11 10:11:23

DofWH I am going to thornborough!

I just found out about it t'other day and was coming on here to post about it just now!! grin

Maybe I'll see yo there!

Have you been before? I was wondering if we can take our very well behaved dog. It says they can go in the camping section but I wondered if thery are alllowed in the main event...there are pics of dogs in the gallery. I've tried emailing but imagine they are all understandably busy as I've had no reply. I'm thinking I might take a punt and take him but obviously wouldn't if I knew he'd spend the afternoon tied up at a fence...hmm...

Any way, I hope you all have a wonderfull Beltaine, looks like we might get a sunny one! grin

Hi MoonFaceMama, we'll be easy to find as we're going to have a little stall (should be able to work out who we are from my profile) so definitely come and say hello!
We've been before but a while ago, and its changed a bit since then. You could try checking on their face book page about dogs as that seems to be quite busy.

ChildofIsis Sat 30-Apr-11 11:55:37

Beltaine Blessings to all.

It's great that the sun is out.

We're looking forward to an afternoon communing with Isis and the earth in the garden.

Grockle Mon 02-May-11 11:10:47

Hello. What a beautiful weekend and a wonderful Beltaine. We've been camping - running in the woods, paddling in the sea, fossil hunting and watching the stars- perfect.

Earthymama Mon 02-May-11 23:26:43

Hi everyone, Beltane Blessings to all.
Back to real life tomorrow but I will be taking so much positivity into the future.
(PC playing up so excuse terse message smile)

What a fantastic weekend! Highlights were Mr Fox,(think spooky fire morris dancing) who put on a spine tingling performance, a Beautiful Beltane Circle, some amazing costumes and beautiful May Queens, and just lots of really happy people! Beltane blessings everyone!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 25-May-11 08:48:42

Is anyone still around?

My phone barred me from this thread for being underage hmm I'm nipping in while I have access to the computer in the hope that putting it in my active convos will let me in the back door again wink

Beltane was wonderfull! SOrry I didn't see your message in time Dream of white horses!

ChildofIsis Thu 26-May-11 10:19:39

Hi there, I thought you'd emigrated!!!

I had a lovely afternoon ritual in the garden with my little girl. The first time I'd shared a ritual with her. It was great.

I've had an emotional time recently as I've made contact with my birth mother. I spoke to her for the first time in 43 years 2 weeks ago!

We're taking it slowly in the hope that we can re-establish a connection.
I'm sure that there will be challenges ahead for both families, but am certain that they will be there for positive reasons.

What a thrill to be barred for being underage, that hasn't happened to me for decades.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 27-May-11 08:47:34

Wow CofI that is amazing. It must be such an emotionally turbulant experience for you. I hope it is a wonderfull thing too. smile

How lovely for you and your dd to share a ritual. Can i ask how old she is?

How is your friend getting on?

ChildofIsis Sat 28-May-11 11:15:00

Hi there, my little girl is 5 on tuesday, it was quite hilarious as she asked if she could call the Goddess God as she's used to that name from school.
I really don't think Isis minded in the slightest.

I got a bit annoyed by the enormous focus on easter, non religious school; and thought that I ought to give her a different view of religion.
After all who better to educate our kids about spirituality than those of us who've spent decades explaining our faith to others?

My friend is well on the mend now, thanks for remembering. She's riddled with arthritis though, as she's on a hormone removal drug. I've got her an appointment with my homeopath next week so hopefilly that will help.
She's generally an optimist though, so that tends to carry her through.

I am looking forward to meeting my birth mother someday soon, I have some misgivings though.
More in the nature of not wanting things to go wrong between us.
We may be genetically related but are strangers to each other so I think we need to get to know one another over the phone a bit more.

Earthymama Sat 28-May-11 20:58:04

Hello there!
CofI, what amazing news, I hope this will be a really positive experience for you.

I am awaiting the arrival of grandchild no5, my DIL is having twinges as I write, I am so excited and so full of joy.

I found out this week that a wonderful Follower of the Goddess, who I met at Glastonbury Goddess conference at a workshop with Starhawk, developed a sudden illness and passed at the beginning of the year. I saw her twice in 'real life' but loved her Facebook personality. She was truly beautiful, in body, mind and Spirit and my life was enriched by knowing her.
I am constantly remembering her and asking the Goddess to hold her and her family close. Every day is truly a gift, I hope you all find joy in something in the coming days,
Bright Blessings, EM x

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 29-May-11 07:49:13

Aw bless CoI. Your little dd sounds lovely. I can understand your frustration re school. I hope she has a great birthday. smile

Glad to hear about your friend too and that her attitude is so helpfull to her.

Earthy, so sorry to hear about your friend. Sometimes in life there are people we meet in passing, with whom a connection is formed. Perhaps you will get chance to persue that connection in a different way.

Fingers crossed for everything going smoothly for the arrival of dgc5!

And thank you for your wishes of joy for us. I hope you find joy too! smile

Well i think the oak king has thought better of it and gone on holiday maybe....judging by the weather. At least the garden steams ahead. Without me! The elders are in flower early here too...yum.

Earthymama Tue 31-May-11 17:12:05

Hello everyone, I am happy to say that my beautiful grandson, finally arrived this morning at 8.30!!

He is gorgeous, only seen photos as they live over in Bristol. Mu DDiL had a rough time so we aren't sure if we are visiting tonight or waiting until tomorrow. I am so grateful to live in these times, when we have the support of the amazing NHS to ensure safety for both mother and child.

Thanks be to Earth Mother for the gift of Life and Love, Bright Blessings to you all.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 31-May-11 17:46:31

Congratulations earthy! grin

moonwitch Wed 01-Jun-11 12:32:05

Congratulations Earthy, may the Goddess watch over and protect this wonderful new life.
Love and Bright Blessings to you and your

ChildofIsis Wed 01-Jun-11 15:57:47

Congratulations Earthy.
What a wonderfull start to summer!

I hope all goes well for your family.

Bright Blessings.

Earthymama Thu 02-Jun-11 00:23:59

Thank you all!
Can I ask that you ask a blessing for DDIL and baby? He is a sleepy boy and she is feeling pressure from the staff to get him to feed more. IMO he will wake up soon and be fine but she's new to this and it can be hard!

moonwitch Thu 02-Jun-11 08:10:16

It will be pleasure and an honour to do a blessing for you.

ChildofIsis Thu 02-Jun-11 16:47:40

I will light a candle this evening in their honour.
It's a privilege to be able to welcome a new child into our world.

Earthymama Sat 11-Jun-11 02:57:05

Hi everyone, let's do a catch up!
I'm struggling with this weather as I have images of summer in my mind and they don't include wearing my sheepskin lined boots!! I have been freezing lately, boiling hot, windswept, soaking wet, sunburnt!! All within the space of a day!! I'm worried about a drought too, I think we take water for granted and will really struggle one day soon.
Do any of you seek out spiritual pages/info on FB? I have made some amazing contacts.
Sorry if this seems random ramblings I am in an insomniac state!

Grockle Sun 12-Jun-11 18:46:15

Congratulations, Earthy. Can you recommend any sites/ FB pages?

We've been busy - DP and I have gone our separate ways but we're still sorting things out so it's a bit awkward. I feel lighter and free again, which I like but I miss him. DS and I have been on holiday to North Norfolk. We camped by the marshes which I love. It's amazingly beautiful there and I always feel so grounded and connected to the Universe in a way that I usually don't.

Bright Blessings

Earthymama Fri 17-Jun-11 00:21:13

Grockle, I send Blessings, we make hard choices sometimes don't we? For the right reasons so I'll ask that all will be well.
This too shall pass and All will be well are keeping me going through a physically painful period!!
I'm happy for you to PM me and be my 'friend' on FB, if that's not embarrassingly un-MN!!
Bless you all xx

Earthymama Sun 19-Jun-11 10:08:43

Right that's it!! If I say drought again you have my permission to psychically sort me out. I heard an article on Today about agriculture having to stop taking water from rivers, our river has been like a stream so I mentioned it on here.
It has not stopped raining for more than an hour ever since! I am in the middle of replanting the flower beds in home garden and have just resigned myself to getting muddy, wet and cold. I hope we have a few nice days so that I can drink G&T and eat dinner outside whilst admiring the fruits of my labours!!
Of course, I know that having enough water is more important than my leisure time, I do give thanks for our easy access to clean water. Though, I do wonder if it's time to concentrate on Fire, or the Sun for a while! grin

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 21-Jun-11 09:14:56

lol earthy! i too am torn between my understanding that we need rain, and my desire for baking heat and pretend pg friendly ice cold beer. grin Mind you, tis not as bad up here. Drought wise that is. We've just been to devon on hols. I had been so looking forward to sneaking out early in the morning, before ds and dh were up, to watch the birds and drink coffee. And not one morning was dry! Now clearly i can't begrude them the rain...but just one dry morning would have made my week. Should have gone in may...

How are your dgs and ddil earthy?

I don't use fb i'm afraid...i fear the time it would take up!

Grockle i'm so sorry to hear you are having a rough time, though as earthy says, for the right reasons. I found your discription for feeling lighter really evocative and hope you continue to find positives in what is always a difficult situation.

Well happy solstice all. grin It dawned bright here and i've collected some lovely grasses, barley, wheat, poppies, cornflowers and things i can not name. blush We are forecast showers for the rest of the day but hope for another walk and time to get goosegogs for a cake!

Grockle Tue 21-Jun-11 21:56:39


Things here are ok - I had a happy moment in the garden this afternoon, with the sun shining, surrounded by chickens when, for a brief second, I felt peaceful and happy. Then DS needed me, the dishes needed doing and life continued. But those precious moments are a wonderful reminder that life is good.

Bright blessings, all. Happy Solstice.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 22-Jun-11 09:02:47

Gooseberries...maybe it's a yorkshireism...

Glad you found a moments peace grockle. I hope that after the standstill of the solstice you can move forward to more fruitfull times. I recall it taking quite a while for the sad moments to be out weighed by the bright ones, but it does happen eventually. smile

Grockle Wed 22-Jun-11 09:16:42

I should've known that! I was married to a yorkshire man & lived there for several years! This is all making me sound bad, isn't it? Mentions of exP then previous marriage... I don't have a whole string of exes, honest just a short one grin

It was wonderfully windy last night - I love being tucked up in bed and hearing the wind howl through the trees. My chooks are all flustered! We got 3 ex-battery hens at the weekend and they looked appalling but everyday they are looking better and better. They are now perky and have a few shiny feathers. It's a wonderful feeling, nurturing something that seems so pathetic back to good health. I'd say I was doing it for the hens but it's purely selfish - it is making me feel good blush

Sorry for my rambling!

Happy Summer, everyone

Midsummer and I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to put on a thicker top because I was freezing.

I think the Sun God has packed up and gone on holiday because we all know it's cheaper to holiday abroad than in the UK.

Grockle Wed 22-Jun-11 09:30:38

Worldgonecrazy, I think you might be right! I've been tempted to dig out my hot water bottle. Yet I have a vague memory of swimming in the sea whilst wearing a bikini at the beginning of April. It's all mixed up!

Just popping in to wish all Happy Solstice!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 22-Jun-11 13:59:50

Grockle bless you for taking on those poor little mites, the hens that is, not the exes (though maybe so in the case of the yorkshire man), and i don't think it is selfish to get pleasure out of helping others. And on the subject of exdp's, well we all have to kiss a few frogs.

Happy solstice ygm and dowh.

Round here it seems like spring and summer have swapped places, with dry heat then, and cool showers now. confused

Empusa Thu 23-Jun-11 14:21:30

How was everyone's solstice? Unfortunately I was ill all day.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 23-Jun-11 19:03:07

Oh dear. Are you ok now? Low key but sunnier than expected here. smile

goingwiththeflow Thu 23-Jun-11 19:12:17

oooh can I join in ? .. just seen this thread !
After years of feeling a bit 'lost' in this aspect of my the last 12 months I am finding myself more and more drawn to the Pagan way of 'being' ...but I am def a newbie and would welcome any support and guidance you could offer me ..

Grockle Thu 23-Jun-11 19:40:03

Oh no Empusa, I hope you are better.

Welcome, goingwiththeflow... no guidance from me because I now plod along doing my own thing, reading a bit here and there. I've always been drawn to nature and the power of the Universe and I remember observing the stars and the phases of the moon and the changing seasons even when I was very young. There are certain things that just feel very special and magical to me.

goingwiththeflow Thu 23-Jun-11 20:27:49

thanks Grockle .. trying to find my own way is what I have been doing and so good to hear that I am not alone in that blush having read through the thread I feel I have found that bit of the 'outside world' that I was looking for.
Bring a country girl as a child and very aware of the turning of the seasons, went to Hortic College and slowly returning to that way with a recent move to a more rural area with a larger garden to grow my own food and herbs, starting looking onto herbal remedies and as my DH would put it 'turning into a hippy' hmm

Grockle Thu 23-Jun-11 20:36:04

I would love to do Horticulture. We live in an urban area, near the sea & not far from the Forest. We grow herbs and vegetables and have the chooks. I have a secret fantasy of becoming self-sufficient, like the Good Life but since I'll never be able to afford enough land for that, we'll have to continue as we are, producing what we can and being careful about what we buy. I'd love to strictly ethical about what we buy but I do fine myself at Tesco the local organic shop sometimes.

goingwiththeflow Thu 23-Jun-11 20:57:30

oooh we have chooks too ( tho between the three of them have taken turns in being broody and so eggs are very thin on the ground at the moment!) we are by no means self sufficient or anywhere near ..due to poor planning (by me but ssssh I blame other things like having 4 DC's and a puppy!) we will probably have loads of veg all in the same week then nothing!

I am in Tesco nearly every week (esp those furthest away from payday)and apart from what we grow ourselves (and kids and broad beans don't mix in our house!) have to rely on making the £ go as far as poss so just try and do the best compromise between feeding everyone and being ethical but thats what life is about I suppose

I never really made the most of college and is something I have come back to as I (ahem ) start to reach middle age blush

I dream of living in a little rural bubble but bills still need to be paid ..booo hissss ...maybe one day hmm

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 23-Jun-11 21:09:43

grockle i could have written your last two posts! I too plod a pagan path, hopefully towards the good life! grin

Welcome goingwiththeflow. smile i am quite relaxed about my paganism at the moment. I would like to do more meditation and informal ritual (can there be such a thing?) but lack time. So for now i just mark the seasons as i can. I do spend as much time as i can outside and consider this the major tenant of my beliefs. I pepper this with bits of reading. At the moment i'm reading hedgewitch by rae beth. It's great for solitary practitioners, and works its way around the year with lots of interesting bits and bobs about the craft (it's from a wicca perspective).

Earthy is great for suggestions of books and resources if you'd like some. I can do chat!

goingwiththeflow Thu 23-Jun-11 21:29:56

thanks (not sure how to do chat blush)...have ordered 'Tree Wisdom' and 'Earth Path' from the library ..which I am sure will raise some eyebrows when I go to collect grin (although I think they may be the sort of books I need to have a personal copy of my own to refer to ..)these appealed to me and 'Earth Path' was mentioned by earthy too I think ? but will def add Hedgewitch too and get some bedtime reading done

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 23-Jun-11 21:45:41

I have Tree Wisdom and love it. Haven't read Earth Path, but am looking out for it. smile

Grockle Thu 23-Jun-11 21:57:06

Yay, another chicken keeper! My veg growing is also poorly planned and we have an abundance of lettuce that no-one eats. Tesco delivery is my lifeline. I strongly object to them, as a company, but it saves me money and time and, like you said, those bills need to be paid!

Moonface grin I suppose the prupose of this thread was to find like-minded people smile I might have a look for some books. I shall browse on Amazon in a min.

goingwiththeflow Thu 23-Jun-11 22:07:36

it is great to find this thread and everyone ..and who'd have thought on MN too ! wink will def be a regular drop in of an evening

Grockle Sun 26-Jun-11 20:10:02

We've spent the weekend camping on the Mendips and walking around Cheddar. I was in complete awe of the Gorge - I always am but it takes my breath away. The power of nature is incredible. And then watching the shadows of clouds pass over the Somerset Levels. It all makes me feel rather insignificant yet truly grateful.

Hope everyone is well.

ChildofIsis Mon 04-Jul-11 16:53:08

Hello All an open invitation to everyone in the north Yorkshire area.

A spiritual coffee evening meet up has started in thirsk.
It's every fortnight on a thursday 7pm -9pm.

All faiths welcome for discussion and meditation.

Please let me know if you want the venue, as it's subject to change.

goingwiththeflow Wed 06-Jul-11 17:46:55

wow Grockle that sounds fantastic, I am ashamed to say I have never been ...can you recommend the campsite?

I have managed to 'escape' the family and do a bit of beach walking this week (well with the dog ..but he is quite chilled for a labrador pup) which was very peaceful and lovely to take a step out of the daily life and have a moment to myself and just sit and look out to sea.
Reading the The Hedgewitchs Way' at the moment too which is making me think
so all feeling good at the moment not sure why ..but not complaining at all (altho do have a glut of courgettes if anyone can recommend what to do with them.. nice suggestions only please wink)

Grockle Thu 07-Jul-11 21:23:18

goingwiththeflow, we stay at Mendip Heights in Priddy. It's a camping & caravan club site so is a bit regimented and not the sort of place I'd usually stay but has The Best Showers Ever.

I think we'll go to the beach this weekend. I live about a mile from it but still we have to plan to go there hmm I need a puppy to take with me!

I make cake from courgettes.

Earthymama Fri 08-Jul-11 01:39:16

Hello everyone, I have been caught up with work and the garden and laid low by sinusitis sad.
I'm going to Glastonbury on Saturday for a week, Yeay.
I can't wait, though I suspect I'll sleep til Tuesday.
I'll have my iphone so I'll come and reintroduce myself and chunner on as usual.
Can I just say I have lots of books and will be happy to lend them to my fellow PIT members?
Also I wanted to point you towards this very exciting project
Blessings, everyone, here's hoping that we walk in serenity and joy.

Grockle Sat 09-Jul-11 19:26:29

Have a wonderful time, Earthy. I'll read your link when DS is in bed.

It's a beautiful sunny day here and we drove along the cliff this afternoon on our way home. The sun was sparkling on the sea and it filled me with happiness. It's amazing how such a small thing can make such a huge difference to my mood and general outlook. I think we might have to go there tomorrow and just play.

Grockle Fri 29-Jul-11 18:37:21

Is anyone still around?

ChildofIsis Sat 30-Jul-11 16:04:51

Hi Grockle, How are you?
I was just going to post on here today and saw your message.

I will be celebrating tonight as it's Isis's birthday today and I usually combine my Lughnasadh ritual in with the birthday devotions.

I had an urge to write something new for the occasion the other day and the phone rang, by the time I'd finished on the phone my mind had gone blank.

Fortunately I have lots of stuff from previous years to go with if I don't get round to writing any.

Before I had DD I would always write fresh stuff each festival. Somehow i don't get the time these days, can't imagine why!

Are you doing anything special over the next few days?

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 02-Aug-11 00:10:37

<siddles in sheepishly>

Happy lammas all. grin

I haven't really celebrated today sad as i've been away and just come home today. Stayed at a wonderfull womens holiday home in the yorks dales. A fantastic place. Went with some friends and their toddlers. Much fun. smile

How was your celebration CoI? Anyone else too?

Grockle Wed 03-Aug-11 22:28:47

Belated Lammas blessingS. i didnt do anything special I forgot

Holiday sounds lovely.

Grockle Wed 03-Aug-11 22:29:42

What kind of things do you write, coi? I think that sounds wonderful

ChildofIsis Thu 04-Aug-11 15:13:59

I usually get inspired to write something appropriate to the season.
I tie in the 8 festivals with the ancient Egyptian religious celebrations. Lughnasadh is the Rite of Geb for instance.

My self and a friend have written loads over the years, unfortunately she's hundreds of miles away these days so we just say a time to link up and e-mail our thought afterwards.

As it turned out I didn't get to do much, but did a meditation in bed that evening. Mind you I do that most nights so don't actually feel as though I've done it justice.

LithaR Mon 08-Aug-11 15:22:36

Well met.

Just started on the pagan path, although I've been to the last two pagan pride festivals in Nottingham.

Having family thats predominately christian or that thinks its a joke its been hard finding out things.

What books would you suggest to help me on my way? Thanks in advance.

LithaR I would recommend Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton. It's heavy going in places, and I suggest reading the second half first. It really is a bit of an eye-opener and will give you a good enough grounding to start spotting those who are full of bullshit from those who are genuine. Philip Hesselton's books are good, if you are interested in the history of Wicca, though it is worth remembering he isn't bound by the same scholarly/academic requirements as Ronald Hutton.

LithaR Mon 08-Aug-11 21:48:18

Thank you for the quick reply and for the help.

I always tend to get disuaded by the hypocrites and bullshitters so its good to be forewarned.

I'm considering joining the pagan federation but am unsure how helpful it will be seeing as I don't know very much. >_<

The Pagan Federation really depends on where you live. It's pretty dire locally for me, but is good in other areas.

Grockle Thu 11-Aug-11 20:03:40

I'm impressed by your writing, CoI.

I'm having a bit of a tough time atm - stuck inside most of the time and missing DS terribly. He's been gone for almost 3 weeks and has another 2 to go. I'm not coping very well anymore!

Welcome, LithaR. I tend to keep my head down and stay quiet about my beliefs because most people make broomstick/ Harry Potter comments. I don't think I've ever announced to my family that I am Pagan but they know I have 'alternative' beliefs. My dad is very outdoorsy, scientific & a bit of an ecowarrior so he's generally quite understanding of my belief in Mother Earth & nature.

My DP (exDP? bit complicated!) was very supportive and wanted to know more which was lovely but unusual.

Grockle Tue 16-Aug-11 09:21:04

Hello - me again!

I'm having carpets/ wooden floor fitted atm so my house is finally beginning to feel like a home.

I had a bit of a shock yesterday when I saw a consultant re my dizziness. I've been diagnosed with hearing loss which is most likely progressive. It's only in 1 ear atm but there is a 50% chance it will happen in my other ear too and that I will have permanent tinnitus. I wasn't expecting to find out that my problems were likely to be long-term ones so I'm feeling a bit wobbly today. Oddly, being told what I have made all my symptoms much worse last night! I know the key is to be thankful for what I do have and to carry on so I am trying my hardest to do that.

ChildofIsis Tue 16-Aug-11 14:09:57

Hi Grockle, I'm sorry you've had a shock with the diagnosis.
Perhaps there's some comfort in having an accurate diagnosis, at least you know what you're dealing with.

Is there anything that you can do to protect the other ear at all.
I think you're right about having a gratefull attitude, it can make the hard days easier.

Can I light a candle for you later on? A bit of positive energy can't hurt can it.

Grockle Tue 16-Aug-11 21:17:04

Thank you CoI - that would be lovely. I'm feeling a little perkier now.

How do you all find fellow pagans, locally? I am feeling the need to do something with somebody. I don't know what - I always loved the idea of going to church because I love the community & social aspect but being a solitary pagan is, well, a bit lonely at times.

ChildofIsis Wed 17-Aug-11 11:07:50

I'm very much solitary now out of choice.
I've been part of pagan social groups/covens in the past and found the hierachy a bit too stifling.
For me the best bit of paganism is that there's no-one interceding with 'god' on my behalf.
I dislike the 'everyone has to do the same thing' part of of organised religion.

However someone to discuss faith, philosophy etc would be lovely.

Am I right in thinking your in my neck of the woods Grockle?
I'm in north yorkshire.

ChildofIsis Wed 17-Aug-11 11:09:06

Forgot to say that I'm glad you're feeling a bit more settled about your situation today.

Grockle Thu 18-Aug-11 14:54:49

Thank you.

I'm about as far from North Yorkshire as I could be! I'm in Dorset. I dislike the heirarchy and dogma that comes from formal groups but I'd really like to hve local group of like-minded parents. We had a lovely group where I lived before but there's nothing here. I'm happy plodding along by myself but it'd be nice too have someone to chat to who doesn't snigger and mention broomsticks! I think that's why I like this thread.

I'm sure there must be pagans down in Dorset, there always seem to be 'the type' on River Cottage programmes on C4.

Grockle Thu 18-Aug-11 15:41:03

I know - there must be! I think I need to move to the sticks - they must all be hiding there. Actually, I'd love to live in the sticks. My chickens and rabbits make my garden feel like a farm but the rumble of the bus as it passes the end of my road is a constant reminder that I am in suburbia. Close to the sea, close to the Forest, so pretty good but suburbia nonetheless!

GossipWitch Thu 18-Aug-11 19:55:06

WOW, I am so glad that there a many more like minded mums, I think I find it hard as a Wiccan mum, to find stories and activities for me to do with my DCs (both boys) and teach them more about the craft, DC1 already asks a lot of questions and I'll be blatantly honest, I'm not really sure i know how to answer them all, in a few years time I'll have the same issues with DC2, does anyone know of any good books that could help?.

ChildofIsis Fri 19-Aug-11 08:23:06

Most of the books I've come across are american so don't always suit our way of doing things.

In the USA Wicca/Witchcraft is a recognised religion, but for them to be taken seriously they've foung themselves having 'churches' of Wicca with ministers and all the rest of the stuff that goes with an organised religion.
This is often reflected in their books for children.

Sorry, that's not much help is it.
Maybe we should write our own!!!

moonwitch Fri 19-Aug-11 13:26:10

Hi all, my little girl was given a beautiful book for Yule by her Goddess parents a couple of years ago, it's called Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrew. I don't know if any of you have it but it really is beautiful, it follows Luna through the wheel of the year introducing the Sabbats and some Goddess'. It's a favourite of my daughter who is almost 5. My friend who gave her the book is a High Priestess and a wonderful artist and I've been trying to get her to write a book for the children of pagans for years. She has finally started one so I'll keep on at her till it's finished but as with a lot of us pagans it'll get done in her own sweet time!

Grockle Fri 19-Aug-11 23:22:30

That book looks wonderful but is unavailable now. Shame, it's so hard to find sensible pagan books for children.

Grockle Fri 19-Aug-11 23:28:10

Thats interesting, ChildOfIsis - I lived in the US for years and never came accross a 'church' for Wiccans. In fact, the pagans I know were similar to me in that they tended to keep their beliefs to themselves and were, for the mostpart, solitary. Some used to go to the local Unitarian church which somehow encompasses all the major religions but I always felt confused about how they managed that.

Pandemoniaa Thu 25-Aug-11 15:27:14

Merry Meet!

Quite why it has taken me all this time to find this thread but hooray, I have.

I've trodden quite a solitary pagan path for a while - it's not a journey enthusiastically greeted by family but I do have many pagan friends and now regularly attend open rituals. Although this solitary approach has been lonely at times I think I've learnt more from it than perhaps rushing in and adopting a particular path from the outset. As it is, I now find myself drawn in a direction that is ever more right but which would have surprised me back in the days when I realised the pagan way was the right one for me.

I do find that the organised hierarchy can sometimes have a dispiriting effect on those newer to paganism though. It is very easy to find yourself believing that your knowledge and beliefs count for little since you haven't "worked hard enough" or for long enough and thus, in some strange way, you cannot yet call yourself a "real pagan".

In my view, it is what is in your heart and soul that count and actually, there's no prescribed time limit by which your beliefs can be given credence.


ChildofIsis Fri 26-Aug-11 17:15:28

Hello * Pandemoniaa*, I agree completely.

I believe we're all capable of amazing, talented actions given the opportunity.
Our age and experience have little to do with our inate ability.

Granted long life and experience can bring wisdom to some, although not always to those who run 'groups'.

Grockle Sun 28-Aug-11 12:54:22

Hello pandemoniaa, what a lovely post. And so true.

Hope everyone is well. I'm meant to be returning to the uk tonight but am nervously watching the horror of Hurricane Irene & hopig everyone in it's path stays safe.

The energy in the universe is incredibly humbling.

Earthymama Wed 31-Aug-11 09:31:15

I too am sidling in sheepishly.....
I have had a crazyily busy summer and have tried to restrict both MN and FB.
We have had to replace bathroom and then tackle some redecorating so I have just been plodding along.

I will read the latter part of the thread properly later. I want to talk about setting up a group and would appreciate your input.
Love and blessingsEM x

ChildofIsis Sat 03-Sep-11 01:41:05

Hello All, I wonder if you can send some positive vibes my way?

My H dumped me by e-mail today, my darling DD has been right in the thick of it all.
He's been having an affair with a friend of ours and is the father of her eighteen month old D. My DD is 5.
Needless to say this is all news to me!

We've spoken and have said we'll remain civil and our finances are going to be ok. I'm at the solicitor and the STI clinic next week.

Grockle Sat 03-Sep-11 19:45:45

Oh my, ChildOfIsis... I'm so sorry sad

There are no words to make you feel any better about this but I am full of sympathy. My H left me when DS was tiny (he'd been having an affair all the time I was pregnant). He left me when I went away to visit my father who was very ill with cancer. I came home and H was gone hmm He's still involved with DS but things are frosty between us to say the least.

I wish you much strength and courage. You sound as if you are being very brave. Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat. The whole thing is a nightmare and so so shocking. I'm truly very sorry.

Hope the home improvements are going well, Earthy.

ChildofIsis Sat 03-Sep-11 22:19:20

Do you know today I feel fine. Despite having no sleep last night.

I've been away on a course and have accepted that this is his mess, i didn't ask for it but i can choose to respond to it with dignity and calmness.

He wants things to be right for me and DD and is sorry about it all.

DD and he have had a great day and I've had a fantastic time surrounded by loving friends.
If this is what the future looks like, Bring it on.

I'm so relieved that i don't have to try and be something i'm not in the hope it will make him want me. If he's not in love with me then he doesn't deserve me.
i'm worth more than sloppy seconds.

Grockle Sat 03-Sep-11 22:24:51

You're right, CoI. Dignity and calmness is what I lacked (well, I had it initially then I lost the plot a little - I have since learned to be more mindful and to handle things better, which is a great relief!) You sound very strong and together. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. How old is DD? DOes she know?

ChildofIsis Sat 03-Sep-11 22:30:03

She's 5 and was with me when i read the e-mail.
I've told her that daddy isn't in love with mummy anymore but is in love with the other woman .Also told her that he's had what called an affair and that it's a very naughty thing to do when you're married.

i've reassured her that we both love her very much.

Grockle Sat 03-Sep-11 22:51:39

Oh crikey - I can't believe he did it by email. I think you gave a very sensible explanation. My DS is the same age and doesn't know the details (he was much younger when it happened) but I always give him the facts (his father makes up strange stories that make no sense).

Blessings to you, ChildofIsis. x

ChildofIsis Sun 04-Sep-11 05:39:18

Hi Grockle, just musing away the early hours. I woke up and had a shock when I realised h wasn't in bed with me and it all came back to me.

I have given it some thought and realised again that recriminations and accusations aren't going to help going forward.

It's just dawned on me that we've all been on some sort of emotional hamster wheel whilst this has been happening.
All of us have been existing together rather than living our lives to the full.
Well the wheel has stopped, we've all had a nasty bump and now we're free to be ourselves.

Thank Isis for common sense and a sense of perspective in life.

I feel much better for having reassured myself.
I actually am blessed in that he's not walked off without a backward glance leaving me destitute to look after our DD on my own.

He was here with DD yesterday whilst I was away on a course. they had great fun together and I had a fantastic day surrounded by loving, supportive friends.

I am a volunteer worker for a charity that runs personal development and self-esteem enhancing courses.
Thank Isis that I am, the resources I've got from doing the courses have kept me sane over the last day or so and helped me see the truth of the situation.
I hope that it'll help us to find a successful way of co-parenting our DD into the future.

Grockle Mon 05-Sep-11 21:26:01

How are you today, CoI?

Your volunteer work sounds great. I'd love to go back to doing voluntary work but I don't know how to manage it, with work & DS. I am sure yours will be very useful to you - it sounds like a great thing for you as well as for the people you help. I could probably do with attending one of those courses!

ChildofIsis Wed 07-Sep-11 06:09:01

I'm sure there'll be someone in your area. Nearly every town/city has trainers teaching the work.

I'm ok today, had the odd wobble but that's to be expected.
I had a great time on tuesday as I met up with my birth mother for the third time.
It's shocking how alike we are.
I've yearned to look into someones eyes and see my own. DD looks like H.

I've just realised what a 'big' year I'm having.

My Mum's very ill with her heart, my best friend had a radical mastectomy with 70% risk of it returning somewhere else in her body, I've found my bm and h has left in shitty circumstances.
Well if I can survive this then I can do anything. Mind you I don't think I could do a marathon, Ha Ha.

Grockle Fri 09-Sep-11 20:25:24

What a lot you have going on, ChildOfIsis... How're you doing?

I'm struggling today - I had an MRI to scan my head for a brain tumour yesterday. Obviously, it being something so serious is unlikely and they have to check for these things but it suddenly dawned on me today that they were looking for something quite serious. I feel very unsettled and quite sad. Plus the MRI hurt my head - I've had terrible earache since they did it and I can't work out how to make it go away.

ChildofIsis Sat 10-Sep-11 06:20:54

Oh Grockle I hope that nothing untoward comes from the scan. It sounds like it really hit you.
Do you think that maybe your ears are hurting because there's something you don't want to hear?
If there's anything that I can help with, please let me know.

I'm doing ok. This situation has thrown up loads from my past, mainly abandonment issues from my adoption. I've done some regression work and now am ok about it. I don't like what he's done but I can take it and I will make the best of it.

I am starting to see that maybe this is a catalyst for me to move in a different direction. I believe that there are blessings in every situation and that through adversity comes strength.

I can go and do anything I want now, and I probably will.

Grockle Tue 13-Sep-11 21:06:44

Thanks childofIsis...I don't know what is happening - maybe there is something I don't want to hear. I'm feeling much better though, so that's good. I'm glad you are feeling relatively positive about your situation. I well remember that sudden realisation that I could go anywhere and do anything - it was such a revelation!

ChildofIsis Thu 15-Sep-11 06:29:20

It is a revelation, you're right.
Also I'm getting a sense of an inner strength I didn't know I possessed.
There are some very low moments, but genereally it's been quite easy to deal with. Which in view of the madness of the whole thing I find really strange.
I never knew I could be so rational about something so emotive.
Also the fact that I'm holding all the aces helps enormously!

It looks like everything will continue as per usual financially, at least as long as we're both living independently of anyone else.
My solicitor has told me about a legal agreement we can make to do with the money so that I've got some come back if he goes back on his word.
I've cleared out all his stuff from my bedroom and the living room so it definately 'feels' like my house now.
Mind you there is 23 years worth of shite models/computers in the attic that need dealing with. He'll be doing that.

upsydaisysexstylist Thu 15-Sep-11 09:54:18

wow, stumbled on this thread, I would say by accident but my journey as wiccan so far has involved things like books persistantly falling off the shelf in Waterstones. I could have written the ops post, really feeling the need to start explaining the wheel of the year to my ds's now and realising how much I still have to learn. Live in sight of the Cow and Calf and started telling them about the fight between the giants that put it there and realised I cannot even remember both their names only Rombauld.

I am sorry this is a hard time for some
of you at the moment, I have found in the past that things often change rapidly around the equinox and are in flux till shortly afterwards' Blessed be

ChildofIsis Thu 15-Sep-11 10:36:56

Hi Upsydaisy, glad you found us.
You're right about flux at equinox.
Particularly in my case the phrase 'as ye sow, shall ye reap' H is now reaping his harvest! I'm reaping a future full of dignity and support.
Unfortunately DD is having his 'harvest' thrust upon her.
I'm glad it's come to the surface before Samhain.
I can start the next new year free from worry about my marraige. Free to go and do what suits DD and me.

Grockle Fri 16-Sep-11 22:06:27

As in Ilkley, upsydaisy? I used to live in Leeds.

I love the feeling of a new year approaching amd new beginnings.

I'm still desperate to find a lovely book for DS with explainations of the sabbats for DS. It's sad that there's millions of books about christmas but I can find nothing about Samhain or Yule etc.

How're you doing, CoI?

ChildofIsis Sat 17-Sep-11 07:27:19

Thanks for asking Grockle.

I've been having a really difficult week, feeling lots of anger about what the future holds for DD.
DD has been refusing to go into school; which she loves; for fear of me leaving her like Daddy did.
I am certain all will be ok in the end. However I have 28 years of emotion and memories to work through.

I saw a solicitor on wednesday, she was lost for words when I told her the situation, in 20 yrs of legal work she'd never come across such a dumbfounding affair. Apparently she's never usually stuck for words.

I've empowered myself by recharging my protections and binding OW from harming me and DD.
My little house is becoming just that; My house; as his stuff gets removed.
I'm surrounded by loyal support, including MNers and am feeling very uplifted and loved by it all.

I'm not craving h's attentions anymore, I'm looking forward to a time when I can be with someone new who will respect and love me.

The future is looking rosie, unfortunately there's some manure to get through before I can smell the flowers!

upsydaisysexstylist Tue 20-Sep-11 08:23:34

Yes Ilkley, shouldn't out myself really, but tis a reasonably sized town. I like to ponder if some of the chasing yout tail consumerism here is because the railway line blocks the flow of energy btwn the moor and the river, as Otley seems more spiritual. Mind you I am still adjusting to moving from inner city and this is the smallest and most homogenous place I have ever lived. Lovely day last week though took kids blackberrying in the woods in the late afternoon sun.

Sorry to hear you have had a bad week COI. I would be tempted to write all my anger down and burn it , counselling technique, but hey ho if done under a waining moon couold be a banishment ritual

Grockle Tue 20-Sep-11 21:29:31

Sorry you had a difficult wekk,. ChildOfIsis. I think this is one of those things where there are lots of ups and downs. The ups are good and the downs are, well, bad. But I'm glad you are so positive and looking forward to things.

My ExP's family live around Otley so I used to spend a lot of time there. It's a lovely part of the country. I love the chevin.

Do any of you have a besom. And, if so, where did you get it? I'm feeling the need for one but don't know where to look. I've googled but the garden ones are not made of hazel and birch which is what I'm after.

ChildofIsis Wed 21-Sep-11 06:19:49

Hi Grockle, I got mine years ago at my local hardware shop. I think it was locally made. Do you have anywhere similar near you?

Bright Blessings for the equinox to all too.

Grockle Wed 21-Sep-11 09:46:19

I think we'll go for a wander in the Forest at the weekend. There are lots of witchy shops in Burley - they're a bit touristy but they might have something overpriced locally made. Failing that, I've found a site on the internet that sell hazel and birch besoms so I'll order from there.

Cheaptrick Wed 21-Sep-11 09:49:54

Happy equinox everyone smile

Grockle Thu 22-Sep-11 14:55:40

Mabon blessings, Happy Equinox to all

upsydaisysexstylist Fri 23-Sep-11 08:27:53

Happy equinox everyone

moonmother Fri 23-Sep-11 08:36:30

Brightest Mabon blessings to all, hope you enjoy this special day smile

Chrononaut Fri 23-Sep-11 12:02:48

Happy mabon everyone smile

was wondering if anyone knew of any covens in lincoln? i seem to be the "only wiccan in the village" so to speak.

Cheaptrick Fri 23-Sep-11 12:51:22

smile @ only wiccan in the village

I dont know of any but you could put advert in local paper for a wiccan meet up/moot?

I used to go to one in South Wales - we would meet at a cafe and have a drink and a chat it was really good smile

Chrononaut Fri 23-Sep-11 12:59:29

i was thinking about doing that, putting an ad up when i find a good enough noticeboard. lincolns filled with all sorts normally but all my internet searches and wanderings round have so far been fruitless sad

Cheaptrick Fri 23-Sep-11 13:03:52

I dont think its something people shout about tbh.

If there is a witchy shop in town you might want to talk to the owner and see if they can point you in the right direction?

Or ask them can you put up a note?

Grockle Fri 23-Sep-11 19:29:25

The only Wiccan in the village grin

Me too!

Can I ask a bit more about people's beliefs? What you believe in & who you honour etc? I know it's very personal so won't be offended if no-one feels like saying but i thought I'd ask. If you can't ask in mumsnet, where can you ask?

Cheaptrick Fri 23-Sep-11 20:40:46


I'm a bit wooly really.

I believe in nature and magic but no gods or godess as the power comes from me, and the universe and the power around me. More like just keeping an opened mind to thing that could be true.

I believe people have spirte guides and that everyone's fate is already writen - like a time line that if you can tap into it you can know what will happen before it happens.

I believe we need to work in harmony with the world around us and not underestamet the power of Mother earth. I believe that a balance is kept with regards to everything.

Its more of a feeling or instict that is screaming to be followed.

<told you i was wooly grin>

What about you?

Grockle Sat 24-Sep-11 21:22:32

I'm another woolly one grin

I believe in magic - the power of the universe, in nature and in myself. And that the power & energy can be channelled in various ways.

Like you, cheaptrick, I believe in balance - in working in harmony with the world around us and I am in constant awe of Mother Nature. I love the feeling of the ocean and the sky making me feel so very small. There is a Levellers song which has the line 'the land has been here longer than the likes of you and I' and that always reminds me of my place in the universe.

I strongly believe 'an it harm none, do what thee will' and also in 'live and let live' and I suppose in Karma, of sorts... what goes around, comes around... cliches, I know but important to me.

I suppose mine is an instinct and a path I follow but I am never entirely sure who exactly is giuiding me or where I am going. But that's me - I plod along through life with my eyes and mind open.

ChildofIsis Sun 25-Sep-11 06:40:57

I should think you can all work out my affiliation from my nickname.
It'll be no surprise for you that I am a priestess of Isis.

I am not part of any coven ( been there done that!), and mostly work alone.
I do occaisionally work with a like minded friend who lives miles away. We coincide our rituals then e-mail after.

I started out a long time ago down the celtic earth mother path, I was more than happy worshipping The Goddess.
However Isis visited our coven during one of our ritual meditations and we all converted that night.

Strangely enough the coven disintegrated soon after.
We had always written our own rituals so I have continued that.
I often understand my self more once I've got the words out in print.

I have a very intimate and close relationship with Isis, one that my fairly analytical mind can't quite comprehend.
However it works for me, bringing me strength, wisdom and comfort so I'm not going to knock it.

It is especially welcome when I'm having a tough time like now.
I know that whatever happens in my life, whoever comes and goes I am never alone.
That in itself has helped retain my sanity since xh left.
That and the fact that I know his leaving is for a reason.
I may not know what it is yet but I do know that it will be to my benefit.

Pandemoniaa Mon 26-Sep-11 15:31:50

Belated Mabon blessings to you all. Sending all possible positivity to you, too ChildofIsis at such a difficult time.

As for the particular path we tread (or sometimes falter along) I'm ever more drawn to Druidry and am now taking the OBOD course which is fascinating and thought provoking.

Grockle Wed 28-Sep-11 14:22:25

I love your post Childofisis. It's wonderful to have something that gives such strength
I'm really fascinated by druidry - I tend to just label myself a vague pagan but Druidism intrigues me a lot.

Can any of you send me healing vibes? I'm home from work and miserable with aches and shivers and swollen glands. I'm feeling sorry for myself.

ChildofIsis Wed 28-Sep-11 21:03:12

Hi Grockle, I saw your thread earlier on today and wondered if you'd stayed home.
I'm sure you'll soon feel better, maybe you just needed a rest!

Grockle Sat 01-Oct-11 07:07:04

A rest on wednesday did me the world of good and I don't work on Thursday's so I had a quiet day then as well. I still have a sore throat though and am not sure how to get rid of it.

Hope everyone is ok

Grockle Tue 11-Oct-11 22:28:22

Anyone still around? Just wondering how you all are

ChildofIsis Wed 12-Oct-11 05:46:56

I'm still here, almost permanently so at present.
MN is a real lifeline at daft o'clock in the morning.

I'm doing ok, really looking forward to Samhain.
My favourite festival and a time for sloughing off the old ways and moving on.

Xh's stuff is all gone and work on changing bedrooms around starts next week.

I have had some really low moments of realising how low xh has stooped, but I know none of it is my fault. MN and RL friends have been a huge comfort to me and I'm on my new single path to a better future.

Grockle Wed 12-Oct-11 09:03:41

I'm glad you are still here ChildofIsis. I was here all the time when my exH left. I was living overseas and felt quite alone and MN was a real lifeline to me as well. I'd still be here all the time if I didn't have to go to work wink

I'm looking forward to Samhain too - new beginnings and all that. I still have quite poor health but apparently I do not have a brain tumour which is a relief. But they don't know what is causing my problems so I don't know how to fix it which is very frustrating.

I didn't see the moon last night and I love to see full moons so I'm feeling a bit sad and like I missed out on something magical. I must make an effort to look for the next one.

ChildofIsis Wed 12-Oct-11 11:16:45

I would have loved to have seen it, it was due to be a red hunter's moon.
All we got was rain and more rain.

Sorry you don't seem to be getting anywhere with a diagnosis, but not having a brain tumour has got to be a good thing.

Grockle Sat 15-Oct-11 18:11:08

Yes, definitely a good thing smile Just means back to square one with investigating and I feel like I go to the GP too much anyway and now my insomnia is getting ridiculous (up by 4.30 everyday shock)

Anyway, how is everybody? (or is it just you and me now ChildofIsis?)

We've had a tidying up sort of day (not that you can tell) but got DS's hallowe'en stuff out of the loft. We're going to pick pumpkins and squash tomorrow then going for a walk in the forest. It smells lovely and autumnal out there today so I'm looking forward to it.

ChildofIsis Sat 15-Oct-11 19:36:23

I'm often up at that hour too.
Is MN creating psychic links now?

It looks like it's just you and me for now Grockle.
No doubt there'll be a flurry of activity once Samhain draws closer.

I'm really looking forward to it.
I've really moved on emotionally this last couple of weeks, it hasn't been easy but definately worth it.
Bring on the new year!

ChildofIsis Sat 15-Oct-11 19:36:52

I forgot to add a smile

<creeps in>

Samhain is my favourite celebration. I always feel a sense of coming home at this time of year smile

I would've posted in here before, but I've only just found this section!


ChildofIsis Sun 16-Oct-11 06:56:41

Look Grockle we're not alone! grin

Welcome Sephrenia, I've seen your posts on other threads and didn't know if you were pagan or just a David Eddings fan.
I've always thought Sephrenia was one of the best characters in his books.

I have the same feelings around Samhain, I just can't wait now.

Grockle Sun 16-Oct-11 07:55:02

Welcome, sephrenia smile

Tell me what you all do for hallowe'en... We're away til the 29th so won't have much time to prepare but we always have a feast which includes pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin which the DC love. And we set an extra place at the table

upsydaisysexstylist Sun 16-Oct-11 09:07:14

Hi again. Grockle meant to post that sage tea is very goods for sore throats, just get some fresh leaves and steep in teapot add honey ( unless you really really like sage) and is very anti viral. As this is mumsnet best add not the best thing if breastfeeding as sage tea sometimes used to reduce milk flow when weaning.

My eldest 3 wants to dress up for halloween, but not sure what to do with him as don't like trick or treating, any clues

Hi ChildofIsis smile

I'm both and I love Sephrenia too. It seemed fitting to borrow her name when I started signed up to things ten a few years ago and now I sign up for just about anything with this name if other people haven't got it already.

Hi Grockle,

I tend not to do much on Samhain, we carve a pumpkin or two and I take the children trick or treating to the neighbours houses and then settle down for the evening with silly or scary movies. This year, I'm having a Mother and Daughter Most Haunted evening with DD because she's old enough to watch it now she's 12, while DS is having a Father and Son evening upstairs doing whatever it is they have planned isn't sure she wants to know.

When the children are in bed, I have a little private celebration all of my own to say thanks to my ancestors and wish them well and then hop into bed myself. It's nice that DH doesn't think I'm bonkers even though he's a confirmed athiest smile

upsydaisy what I used to do, until we got to know the neighbours and they got to know us, is I used to let them get dressed up and I'd take them to the local park at about 6pm and tell them stories about our ancestors and how, at this time of year, they could ask the ancestors questions and sometimes, they'd be answered.

I used to weave whole stories out of nothing and they loved it. As they got older though, trick or treating weaved it's magic over them and now they just go to the people we know. They don't want the stories so much any more but I hope that when they have children of their own, they'll do what I did.

Maybe something like that could work for you?

Sorry this post is so long blush

Grockle Sun 16-Oct-11 20:01:23

Thanks upsydaisy. I am not BFing but thanks for the warning. My chooks ate all my sage but I am going to plant a herb pot at the weekend so will buy some more.

DS was born in the US and lots of people decorate their houses round here so I think we'll be trick or treating, or at least handing out sweets. It was good natured and lovely last year and I don't mind it. We got our pumpkins today and I'm excited about carving them and making soup. DS loves Samhain.

Sephrenia, that sounds lovely.

upsydaisysexstylist Wed 19-Oct-11 07:27:49

Thanks for telling me what you do. They both have costumes so may just take them to a couple of neighbours that we know quite well. Am definately getting a pumpkin to crave/ make spicey soup.

Have sucumbed to the boys cold they had last week thank the goddess it's son1's full day in nursery, can veg on sofa whilst son2 scatters toys around the floor

I hope your cold gets better soon Upsydaisy smile

My mum was in LA year before last at halloween and she took a load of pictures of houses. It's amazing how well people get set up over there Grockle. I admit, I'm slightly envy that we don't have that over here.

Grockle Fri 21-Oct-11 19:47:44

Hallowe'en in the US is quite an experience!

Hope everyone is well

Grockle Wed 26-Oct-11 20:46:05

I'm away, in the Mediterranean. It's gorgeous - hot, sunny, stunning views. We've visited ancient cities, amphitheatres, gladiator homes, temples... But I don't feel connected like I do at home. I appreciate the earth and all the history but it doesn't move me or 'speak' to me like a walk on the Forest does or a run along the beach. I didn't realise til now that my faith seems to be more connected to a country/ area. Does anyone else have that?

ChildofIsis Sun 30-Oct-11 05:46:15

Hello all, I hope you're all looking forward to Samhain.

I have been inspired and have written a meditation based around transitions.
If anyone wants a copy please PM me your e-mail address and I'll send one out to you.

Brightest Blessings.

Grockle Sun 30-Oct-11 20:14:16

Have sent you a message, ChildofIsis. Hope all is well. Looking forward to tomorrow

It's stupid o'clock and I can't sleep so I thought I'd drop by to wish everyone a very Happy Samhain smile

Grockle Mon 31-Oct-11 20:50:28

Samhain Blessings to all. Blessed Be

Grockle Mon 07-Nov-11 21:34:45

ChildofIsis, it is beautiful, thank you. I've not been well so I apologise for not responding sooner but thank you so much.

Hope everyone is well.

ChildofIsis Tue 08-Nov-11 07:36:41

Hi Grockle, I hope you're feeling better now.

I always feel being ill in November is a bad start to the new year.
Although it may be your body's way of getting rid of stored angst/virus/bacteria.

I seem to be having a continuation of the ups and downs of getting used to my new life.
Mind you I do seem to be generally more positive and confident than I have been.
I'm actually sleeping through to my alarm; not done that since august; the cat is unimpressed she liked going out at silly o'clock in the morning.

NessaRose Tue 08-Nov-11 16:10:18

Hello may I join please? I am very intrested in becoming a Pagen.

ChildofIsis Tue 08-Nov-11 16:13:42

Welcome Nessa Rose, Merry Meet.

If there's anything you'd like our perspective on please ask.
We're quite an eclectic mix so have lots of varying views.
That's the strength of paganism, it's diversity.

Grockle Tue 08-Nov-11 17:43:14

Welcome Nessa Rose smile

Thanks childofisis- i really hope that my poor health does not mean a bad year - last year was a challenging one tp say the least!. I'm on the mend now. Hope all is well with everyone.

NessaRose Wed 09-Nov-11 17:11:54

Thank you for the welcomes.

morelovetogive Wed 09-Nov-11 17:21:01

Hello, i didn't know this group existed, stumbled across it in active smile I consider myself to be pagan, something that has developed over the last 2 years or so. We tend to mark celebrations as a family and consider paganism to be more a way of life than a religion. It is not something our wider family seem to particularly understand but we do involve interested friends sometimes. I tend to describe myself as ecclectic as i don't really follow a particular path, more adhere to the general ethos with huge respect for nature and the environment. I believe we are all different aspects of a greater whole. Be great to chat to other likeminded people to increase my knowledge and understanding and just for company, it can be a little lonely being different sometimes!

Grockle Thu 10-Nov-11 09:12:13

Welcome, morelovetogive. My beliefes are similar to yours. I'm happy on my own path with DS but it's nice to have somewhere where there are like-minded people who don't hmm at my interesting ways'

Tell us about yourself, Nessa Rose.

Grockle Thu 17-Nov-11 13:22:33

Just popping in to say hello smile

ChildofIsis Sun 20-Nov-11 17:27:46

Hello! smile

Grockle Tue 22-Nov-11 19:24:20


Brandybuck Sun 27-Nov-11 10:34:14

Can I join you please?
Have considered myself pagan for a few years but think I was for a long time before that iykwim. Drawn to Druidry first of all and I started training with OBOD but have put that on hold for a while. Bit tricky being a Druid with agoraphobic tendencies really confused

Brandybuck Sun 27-Nov-11 10:46:06

Have PM'd you Grockle wink

Grockle Tue 29-Nov-11 18:57:07

Ooo, hello BrandyBuck.

I need to know about OBOD training, sounds interesting. Nothing much to report from me. It's cool, wet and windy here but I kind of like that. We're getting our Yule tree at the weekend, so I am feeling quite festive.

How's everyone else? ChildofIsis?

ChildofIsis Wed 30-Nov-11 20:31:01

Hi,I'm ok.
Been really busy redecorating my new bedroom and just finished DD's new room.
Mine's all calm and tranquil, hers is so bright I think it's visible from space!
She is only 5 though so can be forgiven for day-glo pink and high visbility yellow.

We're looking forward to Yule.
I think it'll be nice for it to be just us two.
Xh was happy for me to have my own religious practises but somehow I feel freer to be more open about it now.
I guess I'm more open about lots of stuff now that I'm not trying to fit someone's preconception of me.

Ooh that turned out a bit deep and philosophical!

Grockle Tue 06-Dec-11 20:22:36

ChildofIsis, your DD is the same age as my DS - he'd love a room like that!

Our tree is up and I'm feeling quite festive although am quietly dealing with the annual Christmas/ Jesus thing that Ds brings home from school. DP gets quite cross about dogma and churches so he's generally quite grumpy but I love all things sparkly and pretty so am quite content. I seem to be spending much of my time ferrying DS from church service to church service (beavers, school, christingles etc) which always feels a bit odd but I am quite happy accompanying him because I love christmas carols. Despite being Pagan, I used to sing Sacred music. DP gets ever so confused!

I think becomming single after years of being with someone else is really liberating. Enjoy it!

ChildofIsis Wed 07-Dec-11 14:08:47

It's great to know of other pagans who love xmas carols.
I was always in the choir at school and know them all well.
DD knows that the xmas story is just that, a story.
She knows that all religions celebrate the return of the sun god at winter solstice and that the romans moved Yule and the christians too, took it over.

ChildofIsis Thu 08-Dec-11 08:28:45

I had a great idea for a Yule meditation in the night.
Once it's done I'll let you know.

Earthymama Wed 14-Dec-11 09:15:26

I'm creeping in to see if I am still welcome. wink

I have had a really hard time since the summer due to DP's ongoing depression. I had to 'close' to my surroundings to deal with it and that included my spirituality. I have felt like a fake and a Pagan Poser and I can't be doing with that.

DP's depression sucks the life and light out everything, it happens so slowly that you don't realise until you are living in the dark. My daughter is an amazing support and DP has great friends but she wants to shut herself away and I get pulled in too.

I was on the committee of our local allotment society and there has been such blatant hatred and emnity against those of us who want to protect wildlife and the environment and won't agree to grubbing up of hedges etc. It has been so horrible and hurtful, there have been mass resignations but those who thrive on conflict cling to power.

I felt (and I DO know this is ridiculous) that I had let the Goddess down, that I should be stronger and happier and able to cope with anything life throws at me. So I have been in a cave of my own making, licking my wounds and reflecting. I just could not come on here as I felt I would release a river of tears.

Thankfully the light is creeping back, I felt Moon's power this week and I am planning to celebrate Yule by foraging for greenery and creating wreaths with my lovely women friends on Saturday, before going to Glastonbury for the Christmas holidays.

I have missed you all and hope you are feeling some Light on these dark mid-winter days.
Blessings EM x

ChildofIsis Thu 15-Dec-11 06:35:31

You are most welcome of course!

You have not let the Goddess down by retreating to a place of safety whilst you deal with the issues in your life.

It's as if you are symbolising the not yet reborn sun god.
You had to retreat into a dark, enclosed space from which you are finally able to emerge.
What a fantastic image for winter solstice.

Yule in Glastonbury sounds fantastic, I hope you have a great holiday.

Tinwe Thu 15-Dec-11 09:25:21

Hi all! Apologies in advance for any spelling/grammar errors, as I read and post via my phone.
Only just found this thread on Active while having a stressful week, have read most of the posts and been reminded of what really matters so felt strengthened and at peace. Thank you.
I've been pagan for years but do not ascribe to a particular sect as I have intentionally turned away from any organised religion in order to feel free to trust my own spiritual beliefs and feel more directly connected/have a closer relationship with God/ess. Ultimately I believe most religions are different paths up the same mountain and my wanderings fit most closely with what I see, hear, smell and feel to be real - the world around me. I have pagan friends who unfortunately I see rarely and I go to a few pagan events a year but largely celebrate the turning of the wheel in a personal, informal way with my DH who has similar beliefs.
Yule is our wedding anniversary as we chose the date in order to celebrate in as pagan a way as possible without openly offending our less understanding Christian relatives (lots of holly, mistletoe and candles plus talk of brighter days), plus to start our married life as the days lengthen and dark receeds. It has worked well for us so far. This year has been very eventful for us in a good way, including the birth of our first child and pregnancy with our second but this has meant I've been distracted and felt less aware of the passing seasons. I am really pleased to have found a group to keep me reminded smile

ChildofIsis Fri 16-Dec-11 11:26:10

Welcome Tinwe.
What a wonderfull wedding date you have.

As no doubt you saw in the previous threads we're all on slightly different paths.
I see it as paths running parallel to each other, we may not follow a subscribed pattern but are all close enough to each others view to be a support network and even help those who falter along the way.

Grockle Mon 19-Dec-11 08:03:55

Oh earthymama, welcome back. I've been struggling with my DPs depression too. He's been signed off work with it for 5 months and it's exhausting dealing with it. You're right, it sucks the life out of everything around. My DPs on the mend - I hope yours is too. Thinking of you both. X

ChildofIsis Tue 20-Dec-11 15:48:32

My Mum passed away on sunday afternoon.
She'd been ill for years with her heart and had been seriously ill for the last 3 months.
She went peacefully with no pain.
Strangely she died at 1.50pm on 18th of december, my Dad died at 1.50pm on the 18th of June (1990).

I've written a short meditation for Yule.

If anyone wants a copy PM your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy.
(Grockle I've already sent you one.)

Grockle Wed 21-Dec-11 17:39:34

Oh childofisis, I'm sorry for your loss. Am so glad it was peaceful and that your mum is now at rest. The 1:50 thing can't be purely coincidence, can it? And both just before a solstice...

I hope you have lots of love and support around you. How's DD?

Solstice blessings to you all. It's been a hard year for many of us but I know the coming light brings hope.

PortBackForChristmas Wed 21-Dec-11 17:44:13

Happy Winter Solstice all.

So sorry to hear about your mum childofIsis - hope the lengthening days bring you some comfort.

ChildofIsis Wed 21-Dec-11 20:10:10

Thank you for your kind thoughts.
DD is ok-ish, she's upset because she thinks other people will leave her too.
Daddy left in september and Grandma died in december, who's next?
We talk about it when she wants to but some days she just assumes I'm going to leave her too. It's heartbreaking to see her struggle with it all.
I continue to reassure her of my love for her and my pride in her.

I'm surprised at how balanced I do feel considering the changes I've been challenged with since the summer.

The best comfort for me is acceptance.
Once I've accepted the truth of a situation I know that I am able to respond with clarity rather than react out of fear.
Some days that is very hard to do but I continue to strive for acceptance and to find gratitude in every day things.

My faith has been a huge support for me and I find myself with more understanding of who I truly am.
All those sleepless night gave me lots of thinking time.

I have a strong sense of something new awaiting me, something I would never have considered previously.
Watch this space!

I'm looking forward to my Yule ritual later on and have really enjoyed sharing the spirit of today with DD.

ManicPanic Wed 21-Dec-11 20:39:28

Great to have you back, Earthymama.

Good to see you too, ChildOfIsis, so sorry for your loss. Would you be able to pm me your Yule meditation please?

There is so much to do this time of year, but all I want to do is eat and sleep blush. I wonder what next year will bring? can i have another holiday in Glastonbury please

ChildofIsis Wed 21-Dec-11 20:50:16

Pm me your e-mail address and I'll send it now.

Pandemoniaa Thu 22-Dec-11 00:54:07

I'm sorry I've been absent from this thread and sorry to hear your news ChildofIsis.

I've had a bit of a basinful of pagan politics over the last few months and made the decision to tread a more solitary path. I feel all the better for it, to be honest and much more at peace.

So tomorrow, I am off to have a quiet, contemplative celebration of the solstice on a magical hill very near me.

I wish you all a wonderful Yule.

ChildofIsis Thu 22-Dec-11 08:15:43

Pagan politics are the pits aren't they Pandemoniaa.

Enjoy the space and air on your hill, what a wonderfull way to welcome the sun.

queenrollo Thu 22-Dec-11 09:09:45

I haven't been in here for a very long time. I've been feeling lost and completely disconnected from my beliefs and the earth. This year has generally been a good one, I got married and had a good summer and nothing too terrible has happened. December however has been very dark indeed with bereavement of both a much loved pet and very dear friend, the latter made harder by the fact he chose to leave this life. I'm also having an ongoing struggle with secondary infertility - on a personal level this has hit my sense of self very hard.
I'm feeling very contemplative today and thinking I need to make more of an effort to keep myself connected to my beliefs.

Leni75 Thu 22-Dec-11 10:45:12

I am new here, so hello!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books or websites about family pagan celebrations etc. I have several books on pagan celebrations and traditions etc but nothing aimed specifically at family life, I have two kids (3 and 18 months) and would like to start to involve them, but as I don't really do much myself (except in thought- I used to celebrate summer and winter solstice and Samhain with a good friend when i lived in the UK but now I am not there it is much harder ) I wanted to take them both to make a fire yesterday in the local forest BBQ pit but unfortunately DS had a raging fever so had to stop that plan (he was making his own fire!)

Nothing to complicated or ritualistic, just some simple things that we can start to make family traditions if you see what I mean

Thanks xxxx

Earthymama Sat 24-Dec-11 20:03:38

Thank you all for your understanding and kind words, they mean a lot to me.
I feel as Life is reawakening as the Sun returns. I am in Glastonbury, with DP having a really lovely time.
We went out into the woods last weekend with my DD and her friend, we collected greenery and made beautiful wreaths and drank DP's mince pie brandy! She has gone to town on the HomeMade stuff and it has helped her heal I am sure.
We came to Glastonbury and are settled in a lovely cottage, right close to the Town Centre and have thrown ourselves into celebration!
We went to a Winter Solstice celebration with poetry, choirs, wonderful violins and beer wink
Then a meditation at Chalice Well, followed by a fire-lighting ceremony, more music and a Mistletoe Ceremony at White Springs. We saw a band called Dragonsfly in the evening and danced the dark away.
It's been so lovely and I feel so connected to Goddess again.
I hope you all had Joyful Yuletide celebrations, each in your own way, and that you are able to feel the sense of peace as we are held in this MidWinter pause.
Merry Christmas too! May the Goddess, wreathed in Holly and Mistletoe, dance through your celebrations grin
Bright Blessings to you all
EM xx

Earthymama Sat 24-Dec-11 20:06:05

Leni, I have several books for children, I can't remember the authors and titles off hand, except for Circle Round by Starhawk and another woman whose name I have forgotten blush
I'll look when I get a chance, nice to see you on this thread.

Earthymama Sat 24-Dec-11 20:10:18

ChildofIsis, bless you, I lost my mother a couple of years ago, it is hard and hurts a lot.
However, the cliches are true, time does heal and your mum will always be in your heart.
Your little one will remember too, my grandchildren still tell stories about their Nannie and know that she loved them.
I'm sorry she is feeling such loss, I send blessings and will remember you at the Well tomorrow x

Tinwe Sun 25-Dec-11 23:09:26

Just composed a long message twice only to have my phone eat it and now too tired to type it all a third time... Just want to wish all a peaceful Yuletide with loved ones, full of optimism brought by the lightening days x

trulyscrumptious43 Tue 27-Dec-11 11:14:34

Hello I'd just like to register my interest/compatibility with this subject.

ChildofIsis Tue 27-Dec-11 16:06:55

Welcome trulyscrumptious.

I hope you had a Merry Yule.

trulyscrumptious43 Tue 27-Dec-11 18:01:19

Thanks you...merry and mixed, and it ain't over yet!

Grockle Wed 28-Dec-11 12:52:02

Earthy, that sound like a lovely weekend. I want some of your DPs mince pie brandy. Is there a recipe?

I'm feeling overwhelmed and very stressed atm. I want to stop the worl and jump off, in order to have a break. Either that, or take DS to a remote croft in Scotland and hide there, snuggled by the log fire all winter. Unfortunatley, I need to tidy my house and do work. But I can dream!

How're things, ChildofIsis.

Welcome TrulyScrumptious smile

ChildofIsis Wed 28-Dec-11 14:04:32

Everything's ok at present. We had a great Yule and xmas and are looking forward to new year.

Mum's funeral in in the morning, DD is going to her Auntie's for a couple of days.

Xh has been an arsehole, but what's new?

Roll on 2012!
I hope you start to feel less stressed soon Grockle.

Grockle Thu 29-Dec-11 19:11:30

Thinking of you, ChildofIsis.

moonwitch Fri 30-Dec-11 07:28:21

Wishing bright blessings and a happy new year to all you lovely pagan ladies!xxx

Tinwe Sat 31-Dec-11 05:55:08

Thanks moonwitch, same to you.
Hope all went ok ChildOI.
Welcome Truly
Hope you are feeling more grounded now Grockle.
We had a wonderful Yule/anniversary but I'm also starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I start work after several months of mat leave next week. I'm apprehensive as, on top of missing my DD, I'm 6 months pregnant and suffering with sciatica, so won't make the best first impression in a new workplace! My DH is minding DD for the first few days until childcare arrangements start, but he has never had her alone for a full day so it will be an intense experience for him, plus we have just all started with colds and there will be a family funeral next week too, so feeling v guilty about leaving him with that responsibility alone. It will be a challenging start to the new year for us all!

ChildofIsis Sat 31-Dec-11 14:09:49

Thank you for all your kind thoughts.
It's been abusy and emotional few days.
The funeral went ok, had a lovely wake with lots of family I haven't seen for ages.

DD now knows that she has a half-sister, she's not impressed and it's taken quite a bit of encouragement for her to go to her dad's today.
I've asked her to give him a chance and to see what positivity can be found in the situation.
We may not like it, but it is a fact and we will be better placed if we choose a positive outlook rather than living in denial and reactivity.

Happy New Year to all!

pumpkincarver Sat 31-Dec-11 14:27:56

hello, genuine question here: is paganism a bit of new age stuff? Do pagans believe in god? Do pagans believe that rituals have an effect? Or are they just carried out for the fun of it?

ChildofIsis Sat 31-Dec-11 15:26:08

Pagan religions are the original human faith.
Monotheism is a relatively new (a few thousand years) concept.
Paganism is defined as a multi-theistic religion.
Hinduism is one such pagan faith. Also native american and aboriginal faiths are.

Pagans worship an eclectic mix of deities, female and male.
Rituals and magic are worked to have an effect.
Mainly the effect is to create change within the person doing the ritual.
This can be in terms of strengthening their confidence, personal protection, image that they project into the world, ability to see the truth of a situation.

We do have fun times too, we have 8 festivals annually that celibrate the turning seasons. Some festivals are more serious than others.

Pagans generally have an intimate relationship with their deity/life force, as such there is no need for an organised clergy.
Each pagan is a priestess/priest in their own right.

I hope this aids your understanding.

misty0 Mon 02-Jan-12 18:52:42

Hello all,

I confess i havnt read the whole thread (long!) but found your last post fascinating child of isis.

I'm posting this hoping for some words of wisdom concerning my current situation as i'm getting bogged down and confused ... i'm so sorry if this is rambling, offensive or inapropriate here.

Right - my OH proposed out of the blue on xmas night and i said yes. So far so good smile We've been living together 4 years and since i've known him he has always said he would never marry as firstly he did not see the point and secondly he is not religious. Happily he now does see the point but is still not keen on a traditional church or simple a registry office wedding as he feels he would like something more meaningful and personal to us.

As for me - i too would not want a traditional christian wedding as i do not believe in 'God'. Instead in my heart i feel a deep love of the power and beauty of nature and her seasons and cycles and am never more at peace than when out in the countryside where we live, or near the sea. Just close to nature. I find my 'spirituality' there. I have always been intrested in the idea of Pagan beliefs but would not try to elivate myself by saying i'm pagan as such, as i dont quite understand the concept of 'the godess', and am not clued up on all the festivals. If, however, i was pushed to choose a pigeon hole for my beliefs i would be happy to be labelled pagan. It feels right.

Now to the point. After OH had proposed we chatted about what we would like to do and he suggested a 'pagan wedding'. My gut reaction was absolutely yes! How wonderful. Meaningful and personal with just a few family friends around us. I pictured us outdoors somewhere green and lovely in the summer here in England (maybe not sunny!?) making our vows as we see fit. We would legalise our mariage at a registry office earlier/later in the day. We looked up handfastings on the net and have read about the sentiments and they are perfect. Wonderful and beautiful to both of us.

My problems have begun, however, as i research more into organising a handfasting because i am worrying about being a fraud. I dont want a 'pagan themed 'do'' for a bit of a laugh. I dont want to just hijack the pagan idea of a wedding in the same way that many (most?) couples hijack the christian faith just because their local church is really pretty and would look good in the photos. We are serious about each other, of course, and are serious about having a union without involving 'God' as neither of us believe he exisits. We are serious exchanging our vows in a personal, loving way and love the sentiment of the tying of hands within a natural setting and exchanging rings presided over by a minister of a faith which is steeped in the worship of nature.

So what do practising pagans think? Am i over thinking this now? Will i be laughed at and sent packing if i approach a local pagan organisation with our ideas for our day? (We live in Northants btw) The more i google this the more befuddled i'm getting. Help!

Thank you for reading all this. Any advice would be appreciated.

trulyscrumptious43 Mon 02-Jan-12 19:29:28

Marking my place here as I too will be interested in the responses to this question, thanks misty0

Grockle Tue 03-Jan-12 19:50:04

Congratulations misty0

No-one will laugh at you, a handfasting sounds wonderful. Please keep us posted - I'd love to hear more about your plans.

For me, the important part of paganism is no dogma. I am free to believe what I believe with no-one telling me how, where or when to worship. I can show my respect and gratitude as I see fit and honor what is important to me in the way that feels best.

Good advice to your DD, CoI.

seaofyou Tue 03-Jan-12 21:36:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seaofyou Tue 03-Jan-12 21:38:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misty0 Wed 04-Jan-12 18:52:24

Thank you grockle, and thank you truly as well. Glad i'm not the only one wondering about this.

I do feel alot more confident about organising this now. Do need to find out what everyone does in case of dodgy weather though. It wouldnt bother me and OH to stand there in the rain together but my aged mother wouldnt be happy grin

I will keep you posted if thats ok. Thanks again.

Grockle Sun 08-Jan-12 22:33:14

What part of the county are you in, Misty? Can't remember if you said and I'm being nosy. DP mentions getting married often and I said no but I'd be open to a handfasting. I've not really done any research though. My family would think I'm bonkers. I tend to keep my beliefs to myself and they don't ask questions and just ignore my besom and DS's shrieks of 'Mummy's a WITCH!' (I'm not but we talk about various pagan beliefs...)

Red2011 Tue 10-Jan-12 10:04:09

Identifies self as crap pagan who misses many occasions! I do occasionally do some rituals with like-minded friends but as we (mostly) have busy lives with small children, it's difficult to fit in anything around bf/picking up from clubs etc.

And I've just realised this thread is quite old! blush

ChildofIsis Tue 10-Jan-12 14:55:38

Hello Red it is an old thread but still very much alive!

Red2011 Tue 10-Jan-12 15:58:22

Thanks Childof.

Funnily enough I was surfing the net earlier to try to find some pictures to put on my mantlepiece (I don't have an altar - I don't have ROOM for an altar!). I remember distinctly a dream I had a couple of years ago where a man appeared to me, apparently dressed in leaves. I looked closer and saw that it was tongues of flame. I asked him who he was and he said he was Lugh.
Sadly I can't find any pictures of him with leaves or flames and the mental image has faded so I can't recall his face.

Since he appeared I have met and befriended a few pagans and witches and feel very relaxed and at home in their company despite the fact that I seldom practice.

Grockle Tue 10-Jan-12 18:18:48

Welcome Red.

misty0 Wed 11-Jan-12 11:58:26

Red - i dont know if this will help, and you may have tried it already but perhaps goodle images of 'the green man'?. I have a lovely bronzey looking cast plaque of a green man face with his leaves radiating outward. Something like that might be nice? Mines only about 10" across and is meant to be an outdoor thing but it looks lovely on the wall indoors. I feel he watches over me! Would be nice over a small fireplace.

Grockle - I'm in the middle of nowhere in Northamptonshire! I've had no probs from DPs side of the family about a pagan wedding, but havnt plucked up the courage to tell my side! To be honest i'm finding it a nightmare to even begin to organise. Plus the only official site i can find who help out with this sort of thing are being very kind but seem intent on it being held in Glastonbury which would mean putting everyone up in hotels. eek. (+ they want to charge £700 minimum for not alot it now seems). Nice web site though smile

Red2011 Wed 11-Jan-12 16:34:23

Thankyou Grockle and Misty

I have had a look at green man images, but they're too 'green'! Lugh was autumn shades of brown,orange and cerise. I guess an image will turn up at some point. :-)
I do have a green man on the wall at home - a gift from a friend - he looks down over our dinner table from above a mirror.

Congrats on your forthcoming wedding, Misty. What are you looking for specifically with regard to organisation/items? I have several friends who might be able to advise on location etc. (And I make stationery if that helps!)

Grockle Thu 12-Jan-12 17:10:44

I have a lovely wooden green man that DP got me for my birthday. I can't remember where it came from though.

All sounds complicated, this wedding business. I swore never to get married again so I won't have to worry!

Grockle Thu 19-Jan-12 20:27:13

Popping in so this thread doesn't disappear from my Threads I'm On - I'll never find it.

Hoping everyone is well.

Earthymama Thu 19-Jan-12 22:52:30

Hello and blessings to everyone!
I am very stressed and fighting a battle I need to share with you all but I'm too tired and need to clear my head tonight.
I'll come to ask for your support tomorrow x

ChildofIsis Fri 20-Jan-12 12:20:54

Let me know if I can light a candle for you Earthy
There does seem to be a lot of 'battles' to be fought at present.

All I can say is that the MN saying 'this too will pass' is helpfull to me in my trying moments.

Grockle Fri 20-Jan-12 17:11:52

I'm struggling too sad

Blessings to you all.

misty0 Sun 22-Jan-12 20:08:35

Sending out all my best and stongest vibes to those who are struggling at the moment.

I've just come through (almost) the worst year of my life and i can say confidently that yes 'all this too will pass' got me through. I can also say that i used the support of a lovely bunch on MNers on a forum here and without their help i wouldnt have come through so well. At times it saved my sanity to get my thoughts out here, so i would recomend it. There is always someone listening.

Thank you for your interest in my nuptials red! smile After all that we have decided upon a 'traditional' wedding. I still hold the idea of a pagan wedding dear - but it just wasnt working out. Numbers have grown and grown and the logistics of it all was taking away the simplistic nature which was the key for me. Sooo its now a rather unpagan do in an Elizabethan manor house. Still excited though smile And its still going to be very personal to OH and i.

Anyway all is not lost as i've found this lovely thread!

Grockle Wed 25-Jan-12 20:11:58

Thanks for the update and good wishes, misty.

Hope everyone is well.

Red2011 Thu 26-Jan-12 16:05:53

Well, on the plus side, Misty, an Elizabethan manor is going to be full of character, and you can always weave in a few pagan elements I am sure.

I had a traditional (church) wedding 15 (almost 16) years ago, because at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, and at the time, I had no strict beliefs other than going with tradition. If I did it all again now, I don't know what we'd do, probably a civil ceremony as DH is an agnostic.

I was hoping to have had a naming ceremony for DD which would have been a bit pagan but that's not been well-received as an idea by DH and I can see some family members getting twitch, so we're just leaving it all for now. Perhaps when she's older, and if she's interested, we'll do something then.

Next full moon 7th Feb. Perhaps we should commune here at some point ahead of that and plan to do something - not online at the time, and not a joint ritual, but at least agree amongst ourselves to do something - even if it is just lighting a candle and sitting for a few minutes at some point that day or night?

Red2011 Thu 26-Jan-12 16:08:37

Just thought, Misty - you could always do your 'official/traditional' wedding , and do a handfasting later, with a smaller crowd or just the two of you.
I am fairly sure I know someone (or at least she will know someone) who could perform the ceremony - they're in the Leicester area. smile

BullieMama Sat 28-Jan-12 23:18:28

Marking my spot as I keep forgetting to check this threadout! Bright Blessings all x

Grockle Tue 31-Jan-12 20:02:34

Welcome, Bullie

What kind of things do you do for full moon, red?

Grockle Tue 07-Feb-12 19:27:43

Full moon blessings to all

It's a pretty one tonight.

Red2011 Thu 09-Feb-12 14:45:34

Oops - missed that! The post not the full moon. I just lit some candles (having cleared my altar), and had a little stand in the moonlight - although I was indoors it was still great. Am hoping my request for determination and hard-working attitude will be answered. I still have over 5000 words to write!

FlamingoBingo Thu 09-Feb-12 21:56:51


May I join your thread? I may be a bit of a sporadic poster, though, as I don't turn my computer on very often!

I want to introduce some personal full moon ritual. The last three moons I have attended a moon group held by a woman who is some sort of shamanic medicine woman I think. However, I am coming to feel that the group is not for me every single month, but I definitely want to honour the full moon each time in some way. Thinking might drag some of my friends into some woods for a barefoot walk. I am desperate to buy some woodland so I have somewhere I can go and light a fire as well!

Red2011 Fri 10-Feb-12 20:45:42

I would love to have my own woodland, Flamingo!

I don't have much spare time at the moment but on previous full moons I have worked in a small group with some friends, in someone's back garden as it's not overlooked. We cast circle, purified ourselves in the moonlight, raised some positive energy, cast out negative aspects in our lives, laughed, danced, cried, hugged and chilled out.

Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to do something similar again as I have friends who are pagans and friends who are witches so I am sure we can work something out.

At the moment I am lighting candles on my (mantlepiece) altar every day for a week because when I lit them at full moon I got a very clear message to do so! smile

FlamingoBingo Fri 10-Feb-12 21:07:50

How lovely, Red smile

My daily rituals have gone a bit haywire lately because of birthdays and a weekend away, and now a cold, but I'm looking forward very much to starting my day with my yoga and meditation, then coming downstairs to light candles on my altars (we have a family one and I have my own one), and around the living room (we have no way of having a fire in our house, so we have lots of candles instead smile ) and starting my day having had a chance to really tune into the universe.

May I ask, do those of you on here who class yourselves as Pagans follow any particular spiritual tradition, or does it just mean, to you, a sort of eclectic spirituality?

I am drawn very much to Eastern spiritual traditions - specifically Buddhism and Hinduism - but also enjoy very much following the Celtic wheel of the year and honouring the lunar cycle. So does that make me pagan? (or just weird! wink)

Hello can I join please.
I am very new to paganism and really have no idea what I am doing. But it feels right for me IYKWIM.

Red2011 Fri 17-Feb-12 20:39:32

I would say that my path is eclectic. I don't seem to be able to make time for daily meditation or reflection, but try to take time out at full moon to acknowledge the turning of the wheel of the year.

I am hoping to go back through some literature later on this year once I have finished my degree.

I feel quite drawn to Celtic gods and goddesses, and to hedgewitchery but at the moment don't feel particularly 'in' with any particular representations of the god or goddess. I tend to feel most at ease when I am somewhere close to nature; when I can touch the earth, walk amongst the trees, listen to the birds and breathe fresh air. However, like Flamingo I find aspects of buddhism and hinduism interesting.

A friend of mine runs a retreat once a year and I am toying with the idea of going; but it would depend on when in the year it is (haven't checked) and how much it costs (ditto). Her patron goddess is Elen of the Ways and she sounds interesting.

Grockle Mon 20-Feb-12 21:57:38

Rushing in to post before this drops off the 'Threads I'm On' & I lose it. Hope everyone is ok.

Red2011 Tue 21-Feb-12 17:08:03

All good here thanks, Grockle.

Hello to new thread joiners! grin

nannipigg Tue 21-Feb-12 17:11:04

Hi everyone,
I'm not a Pagan but I am into Mother Earth, Spiritualism and Magic!
I would love to meet like minded people on here too for a chat sometimes x

FlamingoBingo Tue 21-Feb-12 20:35:12

I'm going to train as a yoga teacher! I'm so excited! So I guess my path is going to turn more Eastward as time goes on. However, I am still feeling very close to and inspired by nature so will definitely not stop marking the wheel of the year and honouring the Goddesses smile

Why do you say you are not a Pagan, nannipigg?

Can I give a little self-promoting wave if anyone wants handfastings/namings?

I'm really looking forward to the brighter times ahead - Summer seems a long way off when it's wet and cold sad

nannipigg Fri 24-Feb-12 13:53:27

@FlamingoBingo....I should of said I am not a practicing Pagan, I do try to follow the Wicca ways but don't get much spare time to do many spells with my 3 year old DD x
I love animals and nature and believe in Mother Earth not God as such, although I do believe in Angels....I'm complicated :-)

nannipigg Fri 24-Feb-12 13:55:54

OOh maybe I am a Pagan then.....I was thinking of Druids!!!!stupid me :-)

FlamingoBingo Sat 25-Feb-12 11:26:47

LOL. I found a lovely little thing on Pinterest the other day. I wonder if I link to it here will people who aren't members of Pinterest be able to see it - hang on: Let's try it.

FlamingoBingo Sat 25-Feb-12 11:26:59

Tell me if it works! grin

Grockle Sun 26-Feb-12 16:10:45

Lovely, Flamingo

nannipigg Tue 28-Feb-12 12:24:19

Yes that makes sense now x thanks!

Grockle Sat 03-Mar-12 20:27:32

How is everybody?

I'm having a really rough time and need to channel some positive energy but I don't really know how. I've just begun to notice little signs of spring - daffodils and primroses beginning to bloom and the days are getting longer. I'm looking forward to brighter days ahead.

FlamingoBingo Sat 03-Mar-12 20:32:29

Hi Grockle

Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Maybe some walks on your own in the woods would help? Take your shoes off and walk barefoot and really feel the earth supporting you.

How about doing some yoga and/or meditation in the mornings to start your day off? Burn some incense while you do it.

How about smudging yourself before you go to bed as well, and smudge your home too.

Sending you love and light...