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Lonecatwithkitten Mon 10-Dec-12 23:04:02

Sorry can't stop laughing that the Bernese doesn't slobber!

Gracie123 Wed 05-Dec-12 16:04:11

Just wondering if you ever got anywhere with this breed Tigga?

We are hoping to get one in the summer (as they are the recommended breed for Autism Assistance Dog in Canada and the US) and train it to help our son.

Did you manage to find a UK breeder?

How is the dog a few years on?

sowhatis Fri 20-Nov-09 23:03:37

sounds like an interesting cross, never heard of them.

i have a DDB and a BM, both could suffer with HD, walking levels vary, only small initally, but have built it up now they are nearly 2. have 2 children aged 4 and 5 (nrly 6/7) and it isnt so much about the size of the dog with toddlers, ive found its the planning thats involved with keeping them seperate at different times to stop and 'trampling' - we now live in a house of stair gates!

good luck x

minimu Fri 20-Nov-09 17:06:00

Blimey that sounds like a tall order for the dog I hope they have read their new breed expectations!!

Dont want to sound grumpy but these so called designer breeds are cross breeds. Go to the resuce centre there are hundreds of dogs needing a home. As some will be adult or teenager dogs you will be able to see exactly what their requirement is and their temperament. That way you will not be disappointed if the designer cross breed has the negative genes rather than the positive one!!!

Eg the labrdooddles that moults and people are allergic too.

Positively breeding these two could lead to a disaster re Hip dysplasia and cancer. Bernese are very prone to cancer.

Don't dismiss the resuce dog. If you like we can give them designer names instead of calling them crossbreeds!!

I have currently been training two rescue dogs for disabled dogs for children and they have been an absolute dream and have transformed two families lives in a very positive way.

BellaBonJovi Fri 20-Nov-09 10:16:23

Okay - I can see why they appeal but (without always sounding like the voice of doom!) can you imagine what it is like having a big puppy/dog that you cannot tire out through exercise because of the risk of hip dysplasia? It can be fecking hard work, tbh grin

And lots of breeds/mongrels can be trained to be left alone - I wouldn't pin all that on a particular breed.

Best of luck anyway smile

dawntigga Fri 20-Nov-09 10:09:29

They are daft/soft and intelligent without being spaniel/collie neurotic when left alone for more than 5 minutes.

They are good with other dogs.

They have to be slowly built up over 2 years to long walks due to both breeds having hip issues - DS will be toddling about April so loooong walks won't be for ages yet.

They are good with children - although obv wouldn't leave any dog with a child.

And they look like bears

And they are a good compromise for myself and dp who wants a newfie.


MitchyInge Fri 20-Nov-09 10:01:11

ooh have been googling, they sound NICE

BellaBonJovi Fri 20-Nov-09 09:49:06

Aw, go on then, Tigga - we're curious now! What's special about their character and activity levels then? (We can make a good stab at looks and size!) grin

dawntigga Fri 20-Nov-09 09:42:44

Bella I have a rescue dog and we love her very much.

Mitchy it has to do with looks, character, activity levels and size.


MitchyInge Fri 20-Nov-09 09:28:05

is that a lab crossed with a Bernese mountain dog? how on earth does anyone arrive at that combination as their ideal breed?

BellaBonJovi Fri 20-Nov-09 08:53:52

Never heard of them - can work out from the name what they are, of course, but there are new concoctions every day.

FWIW, after some quite traumatic labradoodle threads (I kid you not) I wouldn't ever pin my hopes on getting particular genes from either parent.

If you're after a crossbreed, why not go to a rescue?

dawntigga Fri 20-Nov-09 07:24:40

After much investigation and working out we've decided we'd like a Labernese after Christmas - does anyone on here know of a good reputable breeder that I can go to they'd recommend? Am hoping the dog gets the Bernese no-drool rather than the lab slobber over everything genewink

I'd rather take a personal recommendation than run the risk of a puppy farm.


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