Fleas! Frontline doesn't seem to work anymore,Any ideas?

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Amapoleon Tue 28-Apr-09 12:24:11

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I just can't seem to rid them of fleas. The fleas seem to be immune to frontline [I think it's called that in the UK]

They have invested my leather sofa and ds is getting bitten.

I've done a huge clean up job but I need to get them off the animals if it is going to work.

Poor ds looks like he has got chicken pox!

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Apr-09 12:25:11

Frontline stopped working??


[ cold sweat]

Amapoleon Tue 28-Apr-09 12:26:48

I know! Maybe the fleas in Spain are hardnuts! grin

bella29 Tue 28-Apr-09 12:28:27

Are you sure it's on the animals, and not just in the sofa?

Try combing your pets fur onto damp white kitchen roll. Rust brown coloured spots are flea poo (digested blood).

Amapoleon Tue 28-Apr-09 12:29:57

Thanks, unfortunately they are still on the animals. It cost me nearly 100 euros to buy the frontline and it hasn't touched them.

bargainhuntingbetty Tue 28-Apr-09 12:30:41

You can buty something from the vet called CAPSTAR. You give them it orally and it kills all fleas within 24 hours. Provided you have rid of them in your house the frontline should work after that. Fog Bomb your sofa andd throw out all dog bedding and start again. Its the only way.

bargainhuntingbetty Tue 28-Apr-09 12:31:45


CAPSTAR Tablets kill adult fleas and are indicated for the treatment of flea infestations on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 4 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of body weight or greater.

A single dose of CAPSTAR should kill the adult fleas on your pet. If your pet gets re-infested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as once per day.

To give CAPSTAR Tablets, place the pill directly in your pet's mouth or hide it in food. If you hide the pill in food, watch closely to make sure your pet swallows the pill. If you are not sure that your pet swallowed the pill, it is safe to give a second pill.

Treat all infested pets in the household. Fleas can reproduce on untreated pets and allow infestations to persist.

Amapoleon Tue 28-Apr-09 12:34:27

Thanks i will see if I can find a Spanish equivalent. Will chuck out dog bedding and give the sofa another going over.

When we just had the dogs, I managed to keep on top of the fleas but since we've had the cats, it's just gone crazy!

Serves me right for being a soft touch and rescuing them from the bush!

bargainhuntingbetty Tue 28-Apr-09 12:40:50

information on flea bombs

A flea bomb is much quicker and more effecient then flea spray. You set the bombs in your house and you have to remove all animals. Put all food and plates away. You have to leave the house for about two hours. Then come back in, open the windows and leave it for another hour. After that you should just wipe down counters and tables you eat on. It will not set your smoke alarm off, it takes a few hours to complete and it does not get into electrical things. If you only use spray you will only kill the fleas that you directly spray, it will not kill all fleas in the house. It can be a lot of work but it's worth it.

I hate the little buggers andd make damn sure mine dont get them now., Horrible little critters.

Amapoleon Tue 28-Apr-09 12:43:25

Fantastic, I thought you just meant really spray the sofa, like a fog! Doh! I'll definitely get a bomb. I've had enough of the little blighters!

Thanks so much smile

bargainhuntingbetty Tue 28-Apr-09 12:46:17

Goodd luck. Hope you get rid of them soon. x

beautifulgirls Tue 28-Apr-09 17:25:35

You definately need to sort out the environmental issue here. The frontline may well be working just fine - there is no evidence that there is resistance happening that I am aware of. The trouble is only about 10-15% of the problem is on the pets, the rest in en environment. Make sure you address all the life stages too, not just the adult fleas in the environment as quickly the next larvae/pupae will mature and become adults in the environment despite you having killed the adults there - check the product you are using to ensure this happens or you will be clear a very short time and then re-infested again.

Clippy Tue 12-May-09 19:11:17

Can anyone recommend a brand of flea bomb

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