Cat arthritis?

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BWatchWatcher Sun 09-Oct-16 19:50:59

My lovely 9 year old cat has started taking the long way around into the house rather than leaping over fences and gets very annoyed if you stroke right to the base of his tail.
Could he have feline arthritis? He is otherwise in good shape, he has put some weight on, but fights a lot (he is neutered just angry).

Icequeen01 Sun 09-Oct-16 19:59:52

He may have just hurt his tail in some way. 9 seems a bit young for arthritis. My cat had a bite on the base of his tail which was incredibly painful for him. I would pop him to the vet as he's obviously uncomfortable. They will give him something to make him more comfortable I am sure.

ppeatfruit Mon 17-Oct-16 13:36:32

Or look at his diet. We are looking after 3 strays, and one was limping badly (he wasn't injured) so we stopped giving him the wheat based cat dried and tinned food , he got better quickly , we tried again just to check it wasn't a coincidence and he limped again, then stopped on the wheat free diet So it works.

They all thrive on it grin with some raw too.

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