Would a fox attack (heaven forbid, eat) a cat?

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DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:34:43

Dh and I have just seen an enormous fox in our garden - a real whopper size-wise. My concern is for our two cats who are only 10 months old and often spend the night outside, certainly all evening. Are they in danger from the fox or would a fox not attack cats?

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:36:04

Never heard of it happening before.

DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:36:58

Me neither but he was a monster and one of our cats is very small.

macwoozy Wed 26-Apr-06 20:37:16

I don't know about cats, but I watched my little yorkshire terrier being chased down the road by a fox, the fox never caught up but I hate to think what he would have done if it had.

starlover Wed 26-Apr-06 20:37:36

I wouldn't think so... foxes tend to go for smaller animals... plus cats are pretty good at getting away!

SoupDragon Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:22

Unfortunately yes. Happened to a neighbour's cat when I lived at home.

Generally speaking it's not a problem as they are roughly the same size. My neighbours cat was small though.

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:29

not sure but they attack rabbits and chickens and lambs so my first thought is yes a fox would attack a cat if it was near it, but sure someone will be here to tell you for definite

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:45

Sorry to say but yes it can happen. The place where we lived before here had foxes around and 2 of my neighbours lost their cats to fox attacks (neither of them where eaten though).

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:45

Ahhhh bless your teeny tiny cat
I'm sure he'll be fine hon. x

My cat is really getting on my nerves so perhaps I'll send him round to your as bait and see what happens

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:39:09

my dp is a vet..he says yes possibly ...he has treated a yorkshire terrier who was attacked by one

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:39:33

oh, people were busy while I was typing my last post.
ohhh, sorry mate.

Bugsy2 Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:04

A fox could definitely attack a cat, but foxes can't climb fences & trees like cats can - so unlikely that the fox would have much success.

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:13

also my aunts whole flock of geese were wiped out by a single fox, and my aunts geese were pretty good at protecting her farm

foxinsocks Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:14

yes - the fox didn't actually eat the whole cat but he took a bite out of it

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:54

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:55

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:59

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:59

good thinking bugsy!

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:03

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:13

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad now that I have worried/upset you.

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:48

alright alright!

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:06

thing is with foxes they will attack and kill for no good reason, they go for the throat

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:23

Sorry, no idea what happened there .

DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:32

OMG! We do usually get them in before going up to bed at night but sometimes they just don't come when called and as they have got older, I have become less bothered about them being in. (No cat flap yet). But now I am going to have to get strict again aren't I?

There was no way this fox was about the same size as any cat I have seen. It was at least mdeium dog sized.

my cat tried to scare a fox out of our garden when she was about 3 months old. she was a tiny weeny thing then. fox didnt even think she was worth sniffing, carried on munching the cat food i had put out for it

Caligula Wed 26-Apr-06 20:44:06

I've heard about it the other way round, a big bruiser of a cat attacking a fox. But if the cats are small, I'd be cautious.

DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:44:59

Eeek! And there was I all thrilled to see wildlife in my garden, until I remembered the cats.

Pixel Wed 26-Apr-06 22:39:27

My mum was driving to work early one morning and saw a fox carrying a dead cat.

Also saw something in the paper the other day about someone who discovered a foxes den where there were the remains of several cats .

pebblemum Wed 26-Apr-06 23:36:44

Our cat went missing a couple of years ago and when she was finally found she had been attacked by a fox. Unfortunately she didnt make it. Our cat was epileptic and we think she may have had a fit before being attacked as they left her dazed for a while after each one. I dont know if a healthy cat would stand a better chance against a fox.

edam Wed 26-Apr-06 23:46:11

Confused by the assertion that foxes and cats are the same size. No they aren't!

Mirage Mon 01-May-06 15:37:50

We lost a litter of kittens to a fox years ago.Urban foxes are usually bolder than rural ones & aren't scared off by people.I'd keep the cats in at night if they were mine.

expatinscotland Mon 01-May-06 15:40:59

YES! Lock them up. Foxes are predators just trying to make a living like everything else.

lanismum Mon 01-May-06 16:39:21

id say a fox would def attack a cat, we have urban foxes, and they are def bigger than any domestic cat iv seen, the foxes here are the size of a large yorkshire terriers, as my mum has 2 and the foxes are so bold that they come up to the dogs when she walks them at night, dont know if they would attack the dogs as my mum is with them and shoos them away, but id hate to think of what they would do to our cats.

katyrocks Tue 02-May-06 09:28:07

we just lost our hen to a fox, but no problem with the cat who spends about 2/3 nights of the week outside and has done this for the last year or so

WishICouldGiveUpWork Thu 25-May-06 21:36:16

Our cats chase the foxes off!

I actually feed our foxes and have never had a problem with our cats or (running loose) rabbits.I reckon if I keep their tummies full the won't be arsed to chase my four footed furries....has worked so far!

jjxx Wed 29-Aug-07 23:46:01


read that, Dont worry about your cats they can look after them selfs wink. Like it says in that document a fox would chase a cat if its near its babies but then again a cat would chase a fox if a fox was near its babies. Cats are agressive fighters if they have to be...they have claws.

"Our cat went missing a couple of years ago and when she was finally found she had been attacked by a fox. " did u see it get attked by foxes..? foxes dont hunt in packs so it would have been 1 if that it wouldnt of attked to kill/eat the cat.

If u seen a fox eating a cat, its a cat that has already died. You see foxes carrying cow bones but the fox would never kill a cow..

twinsetandpearls Wed 29-Aug-07 23:47:07

yes when I lived in London the foxes were notorious for going for small cats.

jjxx Thu 30-Aug-07 00:00:09

Only dangerous wild life for cats would be a stoat or a ferrut..they will attack anything

Madwelshwoman Thu 30-Aug-07 14:00:18

Yes it can happen unfortunately but not that often. Saying that though cats are good at getting away so it really depends on your cat. There are loads of foxes where I live but thankfully my cats have not been hurt but I do worry about it but then again I worry about the road that claimed the life of my kitten a couple of years ago too! Try not to worry just as foxes follow their natural instincts so do cats.

RaddyGriff Sat 09-Oct-10 22:40:57

Just heard cat fight outside. Me and my two cats were pressed to the window and i realised that i could only hear one cat crying out. it got fainter and then stopped. we have a field at the back and am sure something killed it. my two cats are v subdued as well. :-(

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Sat 09-Oct-10 22:43:22

What makes you think it was a fox?

Fox cries can sound like cats, or even like babies.

If you have a field at the back it could have been absolutely anything. Have you ruled out the possibility of a big cat?

sharbie Sat 09-Oct-10 22:45:31

i think it depends on the cat and on the fox.
mine have been spotted having night time stand offs with foxes but the two outside ones are well hard streetcats. smile
my friend has lost two in the past one went missing fairly young and one she was convinced was eaten as they found remains (sorry...)

sullysmum Sat 09-Oct-10 23:36:48

Last year i watched at about midnight a really beautiful sight from my bungalow bathroom window a young fox cub and a young cat playing with each other,then the adult fox came and 'took' his baby fox home with him/her.

dolphin13 Sat 16-Oct-10 22:24:21

When 2 of my cats were kittens I watched them playing with a fox one night. They were rolling around together it was so cute.
However, in the last month 3 cats in our street have gone missing (including one of mine [sad). I also saw a cat missing its head and limbs. It had been pulled from a ripped bin bag and left in the street. People are saying it is foxes taking them.

Summersoon Sat 16-Oct-10 23:30:50

No idea whether a fox would go for a cat but contrary to what someone wrote earlier, they can definitely scale fences - I know because I have seen them do it with my own eyes! Our garden fence is about 5ft high and a fox climbed over it, exactly the same way I see the neighbour's cat do. Neighbour's cat is still with us, BTW.

fluffybitingguineapigs Sat 16-Oct-10 23:40:18

An old boyfriend of mine told me when we were going out that one night when he couldn't sleep he had opened the curtains and looked out of the window of the quiet close where he lived and saw a fox slip by very quickly and take a cat by the scruff of the neck and run off with it into the woods. It was so fast and there was no confrontation at all. He was the least imaginative person I've come across and there was no bs so I really think he was telling the truth and it can happen sad

TethHearseEnd Sat 16-Oct-10 23:48:24

Foxes and cats regularly fight in my back garden in full view. Foxes definitely winning.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 16-Oct-10 23:51:11

Tbh, urban foxes are usually so well fed they rarely attack cats. I have seen lots of cats in my surgery that people are convinced have been attacked by foxes, but usually look more like they have been attacked by another cat (puncture wounds rather than tearing ones)

I watched my little cat box a foxes ears once- this is the same cat who was lifted (and then thankfully dropped again!) by a seagull!

TethHearseEnd Sat 16-Oct-10 23:55:39

Am in east london and foxes regularly attack cats in my back garden.

klw47p Thu 10-May-12 13:53:17

We have a lovely vixen who visits our garden and I often put out left overs when I have them. It is difficult sometimes to remember she is a wild animal and not to be trusted especially when she hears my voice she comes running and will sit with us grooming herself whilst we sit outside. If we leave the back door open she sits on the doorstep and waits for us to come out with a tasty snack. We have 2 cats and yes I am a little concerned about them, as last night my tabby ran up to the fox and made a noise at it, she then swished her tail and trotted of indoors and the fox ran after her. She came back out and was eating grass when the fox tried to sniff under her tail. I spoke sternly to the fox and told her no and she looked really sad and slunk of to sit by the car. I understand that if a fox is attacked by a cat, is protecting it's cubs, is starving and the cat is old or sick, it will attack and could maime or kill.
Having said that more attacks are made on children and other pets from the loyal family dog each year.
Enjoy the wildlife when it comes into your garden, we all deserve to eat, sleep, love, be happy and safe - human or animal.

dondon33 Wed 04-Jul-12 21:27:23

I've got foxes living under my decking...Mum, Dad and 2 little ones and they've never touched my cat. He keeps his distance but he goes quite close to them. It seems like they accept it's his garden and are just happy for shelter.

We have lots of urban foxes in my area, late one night a big one chased my sister down the street smile this was her version of events smile

zobopopstar Mon 10-Jun-13 22:39:59

just saw a fox go for a cat. I stopped it by shouting at it. it was not a small cat.

JakeBullet Mon 10-Jun-13 22:43:10

We have a lot of foxes here and my cat will not allow them in our garden. She actually chases them all round the garden and they scale the fence and are gone.

IceAddict Mon 10-Jun-13 22:57:52

We had a cat that was murdered by somebody vile. The police blamed a fox although everyone knows who did it. Our next cat who is now one is the most gorgeous cat and I often get worried about him, I'd be devastated if anything happened to him. We always get him in before we go to bed, its harder now the nights are warm he doesn't always come in when we shout so we've stopped feeding him in the evening so we can tempt him by banging the tin then give him food when he's in for the night. He tends to always come in now

himalayan Mon 10-Jun-13 23:01:43

Next door's dog (collie) was bitten by a fox; so was a cavalier spaniel a few streets away.

hedraflex Sun 02-Mar-14 01:06:01

I think the fox would win. however, i am willing to put it to the test... i got a fox trapped by tempting it into the garden with some meat and stuff and i hate my neighbour and especially his stupid cat called smokey, so whos up for seeing who wins? i reckon with enough goading the fox will win

Cataline Sun 02-Mar-14 01:25:55

WTAF Hedraflex?!?

gertiegusset Sun 02-Mar-14 01:30:02

Sigh, Zombie thread.
Ignore the idiot.

gertiegusset Sun 02-Mar-14 01:31:27

Oh, quelle surprise, Hedraflex's first and only post. grin

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