It's donor.

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HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 01:43:05

Not donater.

<goes back to reading about Kevin>

Oh man I thought this was gonna be a thread about kebabs

Oh man I thought this was gonna be a thread about kebabs

HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 01:53:03

Did you come in to tell a pedant she'd spelled doner wrong? wink

EBearhug Sun 20-Oct-13 02:13:57

I'm with you. Can't remember what I saw/heard it on the other day, but I do remember wanting to claw my ears off.

HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 02:36:04

It's all over the Xmas appeal stuff. It started in the original MNHQ post and just cascaded from there.

SconeRhymesWithGone Sun 20-Oct-13 02:59:13

I wondered about that. It's donor in the US. I just assumed that donater was a British usage I had not encountered before.

BillyBanter Sun 20-Oct-13 03:22:06

I've not been a donater to the thread you mention so haven't noticed.

HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 03:52:47

Oh, applause for Billy. Nicely played. grin

No, scone, not British, just wrong. (Although according to my very quick Google, it would have been fine in the 15th century.)

addenuf Sun 20-Oct-13 19:52:26

Apparently 'donator' is in Webster pre-internet, print dictionary.

WMittens Mon 21-Oct-13 14:42:00

It's as bad as conversating.

HumpdaySelfie Mon 21-Oct-13 14:43:06

Conversate? Really? I've never heard that. But I kind of like it... wink

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