Things to do with 4/5 year old boys at a party held indoors and at home ... HELP!

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Snowstorm Sat 05-Jan-08 19:42:47

DD2 is going to be four soon. She's a bit of a tomboy and her guest list for her birthday party this year is mainly 4 and 5 year old boys. As our house isn't the mansion I'd like it to be and as her birthday is in winter, I've limited the total number of children to 12.

I know what girls like doing at parties, but does anyone have any suggestions what young boys like ... other than just trashing the place or fighting that is!

All ideas welcome. Many thanks!

DoubleBluff Sat 05-Jan-08 20:13:31

I would do a lot of structured party games to keep them occupied otherwise they will just run riot. Pass the parcel,etc. Pinataas always go down wwell they love bashing thisn with a big stick!

MinkVelvet Sat 05-Jan-08 20:14:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

perpetualworrier Sat 05-Jan-08 21:13:33

My mum used to do a great game at our birthday parties where she cut old greetings cards into pieces (the number would depend on the age of the children, suggest 2/3 for 4yo's). Give each child one piece and they had to go and find the others (hidden around the house , but you can specify rooms etc ours were always downstairs). Once they'd done it they'd take her the complete card and she'd give them the next one. Winner the one to complete most.

DoubleBluff Sun 06-Jan-08 17:56:11

Port and starboard.
Port is one side of the hall, starboard the other. They have to ;climb the rigging' or 'scrub the decks'.
Just shout the above instructions and get them to do it, the last one to do it os out.

Shushpenfold Sun 06-Jan-08 17:58:44

Make a train - keep/get hold of as many medium size boxes as children and get them to decorate each (not with paint!!) and then stick them together with masking tape, then sit in them and play trains for a while, swapping carriages occasionally - should keep them going for a bit at least.

southeastastra Sun 06-Jan-08 17:59:26

a dr who treasure hunt

kindersurprise Sun 06-Jan-08 18:02:27

Gosh, you are brave. 12 kids? I limit my DD to the same amount of guests as her age, so this year it will be 6.

Last year they loved Pin the Tail on the Donkey and musical bumps. Don't know if that was just novelty value though, at our strange British games for the German kids.

I also made a pizza with them. Big, ready prepared base, get them to spread the tomato sauce, cheese and whatever on the top. Took them a wee while and they loved it.

Good luck!

ChippyMinton Sun 06-Jan-08 18:04:38

eating mini doughnuts hanging off a string (like you do with apples at halloween)
quiet corner for colouring
Make a ramp from a piece of wood and let them race cars, or make their own from lego
musical bumps/statues
get a load of hats, they have to put on a hat when music stops

Make it a short party - 1.5 hours.

southeastastra Sun 06-Jan-08 18:09:55

ooh that's good worrier!

Snowstorm Sun 06-Jan-08 19:19:52

Thanks everyone - will certainly be following up some of these ideas. Like the idea of the musical hat thing - could be quite funny couldn't it and it's something I haven't tried before. Eating mini-doughnuts hanging off a string ... would LOVE to see that ... but maybe in someone else's house first wink

Shout Sun 06-Jan-08 20:18:56

I find having some balloons on the floor as guests are arriving keeps them entertained while you are waitng for everyone to turn up. They just keep tapping them up so they don't touch the floor.

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