70's Theme Party - Food suggestions needed!!

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valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 10:55:48


DP and I are having a belated housewarming party/Early Xmas party in December and we've decided to go for a 70's theme - so am looking for lots of suggestions for what food to offer - buffet style, also HAS to be vegetarian. Any cool ideas? we've got sausages on sticks and cheese and pinnaple hedgehog - you can see the kind of naff ideas we're looking for.

popsycal Mon 08-Nov-04 10:56:48

you need some 70s sweeties!!

there is a website hold on

popsycal Mon 08-Nov-04 10:57:18

look here

Caligula Mon 08-Nov-04 10:57:54

Was going to say prawn cocktail, but if veggie, how about avocado with a thousand island dressing?

Hausfrau Mon 08-Nov-04 10:58:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Caligula Mon 08-Nov-04 10:58:21

And chianti in baskets

binkie Mon 08-Nov-04 11:07:18

grilled grapefruit

little square sandwiches with the crusts off arranged like a chessboard - something on brown bread, something else on white. Used to be smoked salmon on the brown & lumpfish caviar on the white, but you said vegetarian ... other 70s salad fillings? - well, Sandwich Spread for one - don't know if I could stomach that now.

salad: shredded oriental cabbage (known as "chinese leaves" in 70s Edinburgh) tossed with salad cream & raisins

JJ Mon 08-Nov-04 11:08:01

Here are the veggie recipes for 1970-1979 from Marguerite Patten's Century of British Cooking:

Caesar Salad
Nut roast
Tofu with water chestnuts
Pecan pie
Bread and butter pudding
Hazelnut rissole
Carmelized oranges
Passion cake

Let me know if you'd like any of those recipes!

Geordie Mon 08-Nov-04 11:08:56

Abgel delight in glasses..preferably butterscotch flavour!

mothernature Mon 08-Nov-04 11:11:01

Prawn cocktail
Steak with Mushrooms and Tomatoes
Black Forest Gateau.
A cheese fondue.
Cheese and pineapple on sticks
Jelly and Ice Cream
Arctic Roll.
Vesta curry and chow mein.
Lemon meringue pie.
Dried cabbage.
Jelly made from powder.
Birds Cream Topping.
Robertson's Cherry Pie Filling.
Libby's orange juice in enormous tins.
Angel Delight (butterscotch).
Instant Whip.
Marvel milk substitute.
Rose's Lime Cordial.
Rose Hip Syrup.
Bird's trifle mix,
Curried eggs
Toast toppers [small cans of mixed
Harvey's bristol cream,
Sandeman port,
Milk Tray
Le Parfait,
Tin of salmon covered in vinegar with couple of lettuce leaves,
hard boiled egg sliced
white bread and butter with the crusts cut off, battenburg and a Fancy or a marshmallow from M & S
Newberry Fruits -
Those vile steak & kidney pies that you cooked in the tin after taking the lid off.
Farola - in a yellow and green box with a smiling blonde child on the box. Though god knows why she was smiling.
Tinned victoria plums in syrup served with custard made from powder.
Plumrose tinned risotto (yellow rice with ham and mushrooms),
pork pie with egg in it,
Spam spread,
Sandwich spread,
pink custard,
bread and butter pudding,
Gipsy creams,
Curley wurleys,
Advocat(egg yokes and vodka!)
Whites lemonade,
Tinned ham,
hundreds & thousands,
Texan Bars,
Walnut whips,
Watneys Pale Ale,
Mothers Pride white sliced bread - in waxed paper,
Stork margerine,
Bluebird toffees,
fruit bon-bons,
players No 6,
alphabetty spaggetti,
curried baked beans,
bovril crisps,
Woolworth pic N Mix,
Cream horns,
Red topped milk,
School milk
Lincoln biscuits,
processed peas,
granny smiths,
Arctic Rolls,
Mint Cracknell -

to name but a few...phew.....

valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 11:18:01

MY GOD!!! Mothernature, you are a 70's wonder!! Isn't a lot of the food totally gross!!!
Cheese findue - perfect. about the only edible thing on the list!! . LOVE Angel Delight.
perhaps we can do sweetie-goodie bags for when people leave!!
Anyone want to come over and organise this with me!!!
to make matters EVEN more complcated, some of the food HAS to be vegan!!!

Caligula Mon 08-Nov-04 11:20:37

Were there vegans in the seventies? I thought you only found them in California!

Mum2girls Mon 08-Nov-04 11:20:57

MN - I'm salivating!!

valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 11:23:39

they were feaks then and they are freaks now!

WigWamBam Mon 08-Nov-04 11:30:23

Mmmm - let's ignore the freaks comment, shall we.

Yes, there were vegans around in the 70s. Try:

Herbed olives (fill a jar with olives, add springs of rosemary, thyme and marjoram, a crushed clove of garlic and a small chilli. Cover with olive oil, seal and leave to marinate for a week. Eat the olives, use the oil as a salad dressing).

Mushroom pate
Nut roast

valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 11:38:13

not wanting to offend anyone honestly - my dp is the vegan - so i feel i can call him a freak! he's a lovely one at that!
perhaps little squares of toast with mushroom pate on? they liked bread with crusts cut off in the 70's didn't they? naturally it will be the finest mother's pride loaf.

WigWamBam Mon 08-Nov-04 11:42:49

Garlic mushrooms were very hip in the 70s too.

What about Melba toast - toast the bread, cut off the crusts, slice it through the middle to make 2 thin slices then stick it in the oven to brown on the other side - very chic in the 70s if I remember rightly ...

And Vesta curries, although I don't think you'll get a began one

WigWamBam Mon 08-Nov-04 11:43:20

Vegan I should be shot for that ...

valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 11:46:49

melba toast - so pointless, yet so 70's!! good for dips! what dips did they do in the 70's and anyone got a good recipe for a good knock-out punch?

WigWamBam Mon 08-Nov-04 11:52:34

Chick pea and tahini dip: blend large can chick peas, juice of 2 lemons, clove of cruched garlic, 2 tbsp tahini paste and 5 tbsp olice oil together

Aubergine dip: half 1.5lb aubergines, brush cut sides with oil and roast for 45mins, cool and scoop out the flesh, add clove crushed garlic, juice of 1 lemon, parsley and salt and pepper and blend together

I am doing my credibilty no good at all here.

mothernature Mon 08-Nov-04 11:53:53


valleygirl Mon 08-Nov-04 13:14:02

thanks everyone - esp for the vegan recipies Wigwambam - i shall be passign these onto dp who is head chef.

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