1st Birthday Party

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Spod Thu 02-Sep-04 21:53:42

I can't belive it, but in 6 weeks my dd is one year old! But what could we do to celebrate? We've had a crap year, but she is a total star! Family all live away... but would come over. Have moved to new area so dont know many people. Want it to be a special day. What did you all do?

Fran1 Thu 02-Sep-04 21:58:33

We took our dd to a local farm, (which was small enough for her small attention span) She enjoyed looking at and feeding some of the animals, and then in the afternoon we just had family round with a birthday cake!

Yorkiegirl Thu 02-Sep-04 22:02:40

Message withdrawn

sportyspice Thu 02-Sep-04 22:27:17

Could you not just have a wonderful family day with you, dh/dp and your dd? we didn't go over board for either of their firsts with parties or anything but did much more of a close family thing. I think the fun with the parties etc comes once they turn 2 and they understand that bit more,

Tanzie Thu 02-Sep-04 22:36:03

Chocolate cake and champagne, just for the three of us. Yum.

colinsmommy Thu 02-Sep-04 22:36:51

We just had Colin's a few weeks ago. We just had family over this one, keeping it low key with just cake and punch and light snack foods. We decided to have the big parties when he appreciates them more. I have a friend here (we are fairly new to area and so is she) that doesn't have family here, and she just invited Colin and I over to play with them and we went to the park and then her and her DH made a little party dinner for him. That worked really well for her. At that age, the party's mainly for yourself and dh/dp anyway.

eidsvold Thu 02-Sep-04 23:11:05

on her actual birthday we took dd to teh local zoo and then just had dinner with birthday cake - just dh, me and dd. THe next night we had a bbq for close family and friends who had supported us through a very difficult year. This year - 2nd birthday we just had an informal afternoon tea with family and very close friends.

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