Are science parties worth the high cost?

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Hygellig Mon 17-Oct-16 11:18:12

I'm thinking of doing a science party for my son's sixth birthday as he loves doing experiments. I've contacted a few companies and the prices seem to be between £200-250 for an hour. Whilst I'm not quite as tight as DH (who said he didn't expect to pay more than for a facepainter) it seems very expensive. If you've done one, was it worth it? There isn't the option to pay on a per child basis. I was thinking of inviting about 8 children.

On the other hand although the price is high I suppose it could easily cost nearly that much doing a large party at soft play or trampolining.

I know I could set up some experiments myself, or for that matter just have some of DS's friends over for tea, cake and a couple of party games, but get very anxious at the thought of supervising and entertaining multiple children.

Hygellig Tue 22-Nov-16 13:19:47

Not sure how many people ever venture onto this board, but should anyone ever be researching this, I highly recommend doing a science party. We used Science Boffins and the presenter was absolutely brilliant.

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