wording birthday invites

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awesomeness Tue 20-Sep-16 18:18:53

right so planning DD2 3rd birthday, loads of kids from preschool, bouncy castle etc

but i'm stuck with invites, some of the parents tend to dump and run going by other preschool parties, but this is in quite an open venue and quite frankly their kids are 2/3/4 they shouldn't be dumping them and going. i need them to only come if their willing to stay with their kids, most do stay, but there's the same few who don't and they don't let you know in advance other wise i'd say 'well we really would prefer to have an adult stay'

we're allowing siblings too to rule out the 'we can't say coz of xxx older child' etc and tbf most of them go to the school with DD1 too so it isn't an issue

can anyone think of anyway that i could word this on an invite with out sounding like a bitch, it's going to be a huge party and DD2 first party with preschool (not just family)

so i want it to go well and i don't want to be chasing several kids i don't know well

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