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Mumtochops12 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:36:51


I have just booked a spa day for 8 of us for my sisters hen do. She's not a big drinker and really wanted a spa day, but I'm looking for some ideas for how I can 'spice it up' a bit. We're probably limited with being in a spa but if anyone has any ideas of games or quirky things we could do then pease let me know.

I wanted to get us all personalised spa slippers but they're turning out to be quite expensive and we've already paid quite a bit for the day so think people would moan at me for demanding more money of them!

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks xx

Are you staying overnight? Murder mystery game to play before and during dinner? Sneak in a couple of bottles of fizz (long boots are good for this) and some plastic glasses.

T-shirts? I did some with an unflattering picture of the groom-to-be with the caption "would you marry this man?" and the hen party date. Cheaper if you can use your own iron-on transfers.

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