Shirley's Party Advice Part 7 - how did they all get so big...

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Part 7 - link to previous one to follow!

Badvoc123 Fri 08-Aug-14 07:54:42

Am going to do dragon says, def.
Can anyone think of a dragon themed game that involves balloons?
<I have lots of balloons!>

Madrigals Thu 07-Aug-14 18:25:34

Stealth, I was very impressed by the cake smile

Dragon games sound great too!

Badvoc - credit for the design (especially the nest) would have to go to my DS, although we did have to eat the nest first as he loved the baby dragon too much to cut him up.

Could you interrogate DS a little about what they do in PE at school? We did dragon hoopla and dragon egg and spoon as relay races at DD's dragon party, which was her 6th, but she is one of the oldest in the year, so most of them were 5. It worked really well because they were so well drilled in relay racing at school - as soon as I told them it was a relay race they knew exactly what to do. We made dragon egg and spoon a little more chaotic fun by having 2 dragon tails and sets of wings, so each child had to put on the wings and tail for their turn IYSWIM.

Dragon Says works well too...

Badvoc123 Thu 07-Aug-14 17:41:09

Stealth...that cake - as my ds1 would say - is EPIC smile
The kids will be 5 so I think dragon says would be a good game.
Don't want anything too....erm...potentially violent...very boy heavy class! smile

here you go - Dragon on a nest. He's not a HTTYD specific dragon, but he could be made to be...

Dragon cakes - I will have to come back and post links from my PC later, but my favourite of several I have done was a baby dragon on a nest - the nest was made of of Mars bar krispie cake with lost of sparkly things mixed into it.

Dragon games - we did dragon egg and spoon, and dragon hoopla (I found wooden hoops on eBay and bought a couple of inflatable dragons). We did "dragon says" with some help from DS and his very bossy hand puppet dragon. We did dragon's footsteps with my DB's huge soppy cuddly dragon. We did "splat the knight" (splat the rat - beanbag, drain pipe, soft baseball bag thing) we did pass the dragon egg. Also pin the fire on the dragon.

If it's specifically HTTYD, rather than dragons in general, then there are lots of Viking training things you could bend into games, but most of my ideas are likely to come from the books rather than the films (bashball, anyone ?)

I stop concentrating and you are all doing a a dragon party, by the sound of it...

Off to read now.

Madrigals Mon 04-Aug-14 11:23:42

Blathers please stay with us though - we need our resident experts smile

Blatherskite Mon 04-Aug-14 10:28:56

Ooh, this thread still exists! I couldn't find it last time I looked.

Life/kids/running have taken over my life recently so there's not been much party planning going on. Looks like you're all doing OK without me though smile

Baddderz Mon 04-Aug-14 10:19:03

I did pirate themed pass the parcel last year, and pirate themed musical chairs..
I have a toy dragon I could hide somewhere and but it's a hall so not many places to hide it....
I even have a grand prize!
Just no game to play! smile

jetSTAR Mon 04-Aug-14 09:23:12

pin the tail on the dragon
pass the parcel

basically, take one of these and substitute the word dragon where appropriate! e.g. sleeping dragons, sheep sheep dragon etc

glad you prompted me to look up party games as we have DD 5th party at the weekend and need some games too!

jetSTAR Mon 04-Aug-14 09:14:35

We're going on a dragon hunt
We're going to catch a big one,
What a beautiful day,
We're not scared.

Uh Oh a mountain,
A steep, rocky mountain,
We can't go under it, we can't go through it,
Oh No, we'll have to go over it!

Climb, climb, climb slip
Climb, climb, climb, slip....


Madrigals Fri 01-Aug-14 22:41:21

We had one recently at a party with four year olds shock

Was great but strong parental supervision was required - pinata at one end of the room and kids all at the other end and then go up one by one to hit it under parental strictures!!

Baddderz Fri 01-Aug-14 22:20:38

Hmmm....30 x 5-10 year olds hopped up in sugar bashing each other a piñata?
Maybe not

Madrigals Fri 01-Aug-14 22:07:26

Pinata that was meant to say!! grin

Madrigals Fri 01-Aug-14 22:07:08


Baddderz Fri 01-Aug-14 21:12:30

Found some HTTYD party favours!
Just need sweets now and that's that done.
Am stumped on a game though.

Madrigals Fri 01-Aug-14 19:49:38

For party bags you could get the massive 1,000 sticker sticker book:

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Bumper Sticker Book
Cressida Cowell

If you get that from Amazon you can cut them up into separate sticker packs and put them in little clear bags - we've done that before and it was cheap and worked very well.

Madrigals Fri 01-Aug-14 19:46:44

All sounds good! Gold coins for dragon's treasure?

Baddderz Fri 01-Aug-14 19:41:27

I have asked a friend to make a rectangular cake and have ordered a topper from e bay smile
Invites, thank yous, party bag tags are done - got them from etsy.
Am doing white paper bags for party bags and am labelling them "dragon trainer snacks"
I need ideas for a dragon themed game though...
Also...any ideas for something dragon themed I can put in the party bags?...I have only come up with kinder dragon eggs!

In fact, I wouldn't make the cake, I would buy two of the plain rectangular supermarket 'add your own photo' cakes; rip off the fondant icing, stick them together, create hills and cover in buttercream. Decorate with dragon and eggs.

The rectangular, hilly, cake sounds cool. Just make as a Victoria sponge, perhaps with 3 layers so that you can hack away at landscape the top layer and then buttercream!! Or American frosting. No need to be precise with buttercream and it'll give a textured, grassy, finish.

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 20:44:29

I couldn't do ANY of the ones on there either. Come on cake experts - we need you smile

Baddderz Thu 24-Jul-14 20:15:26

I've done that and traumatised myself! smile
They are properly good.
I'm not capable of anything like that, sadly.
I was thinking a normal Victoria sponge but hollowed out in the middle and decorated (crushed up flakes?) then filled with different coloured eggs would be a good dragons nest?
But seeing those cakes, it sounds rubbish sad

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 20:00:00

Ooh if you google this:

how to train your dragon 2 cake

And then click images.

Loads of really lovely cakes come up!!

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