Six year olds - head torch gift?!

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russiandolly Wed 03-Jul-13 14:57:03

My DD is having a party in the woods and I thought a cheapy head torch might be a fun going home gift for her pals. Random or not?!

Would your six year old appreciate this in a party bag or would they they be underwhelmed?!

Thank you!

Our girls would enjoy it, in fact have given it and a book as birthday present before. Might want to check they all work before giving them out.

I gave these in party bags for my 5 yr old last year (from the £1 shop so a bargain!); went down a storm with the boys and girls!!

PyroclasticFlo Fri 05-Jul-13 20:54:40

My 5 yr old DS got a head torch last year for Xmas and absolutely loves it!!!

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