Party bag ideas for 8 year old boys

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reup Mon 01-Nov-10 09:12:42

Am taking my son and 5 of his friends to a softplay or laser thing, not sure which yet, it's not an actual booked party there. I can't stand doing the plastic crap thing again and wanted to buy one thing maybe £2-3 worth.

Last year we got free tickets to legoland so I bought the 4 kids we took a small Lego kit. I paid nearly £4 each then but as the tickets were free it was fine.

I have thought of books but even though they all like them I think hyped up boys maybe won't appreciate been given them. I did read on here someone bought each kid a huge bar of chocolate but am not sure the parents would appreciate that!

Had a look on a few web sites like baker Ross but nothing jumps out at me so any suggestions will be much appreciated.

savoycabbage Mon 01-Nov-10 09:14:23

I got my dd a small wind up/solar torch not so long at a camping shop.

savoycabbage Mon 01-Nov-10 09:17:20

here Not so sure 8 year olds will like the bee but you get the idea!

reup Mon 01-Nov-10 09:24:52

Oh that's a good idea. . My son did have one but over wound it. I think the sell them at the poundstretcher near me.

brokeoven Mon 01-Nov-10 09:28:30

This is a mine field isnt it.
Last year i gave ds's pals (5 of them) a wee treasure chest with sweeties in them.

2 of the boys said to me ...I KID YOU NOT:

"is that it, is that all we get?"

2 of them......

Im not going to lie to you, i saw these kids in a very very unfavourable light from that moment on.

reup Mon 01-Nov-10 09:39:43

God yes my friends son said is that all? To the Lego! And she says he complains about the plastic crap at other parties too!

escape Mon 01-Nov-10 09:42:24

2 minds about this personally. I think , if budget is an issue - cheap tat is the way to go, these things are never fully appreciated, except the sweets etc, regardless of thought and effort.

domesticsluttery Mon 01-Nov-10 09:49:06

The best party bag that my 8 year old has had recently was a book. The boy's mum had bought sets of those "Why is snot green" Science Museum books and wrapped one each for the boys that came to the party. They also got a small cellophane bag of sweets and a slice of cake. DS1 was very happy with it (and so was I!)

We don't do party bags. The children get a piece of cake, a balloon, and one little gift costing us no more than a £ or2, but not tatt. Try The Book People. You can often get very good boxed sets of books that will split up nicely fir individual gifts. How about a Hottible Histories/Science etc book, or a Roald Dahl book? Pens can also be good if you can find a multi-pack of something unusual. But Back to School season is best for those.

trice Mon 01-Nov-10 10:43:47

I made some pompoms with ds and put googly eyes on them. Instant puffles. Either his friends loved them or they were very polite.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 01-Nov-10 10:54:45

I don't do party bags, but do have a treasure hunt to end the party and everyone gets a price.

This year (8yo ds) they got a transformers pencil/ruler/rubber set (which I got in the M&S xmas sale 3 years ago for 10p each), a fun-bar size choc, a Maoam chew bar and a pack of club penguin cards.

DS went to an 8th in the summer and got a balloon, couple of sweet things and a pack of fun-snaps (those little twists of gunpowder that you throw at hard flooring to make a bang).

ChasingSquirrels Mon 01-Nov-10 10:55:54

a prize not a price, duh

reup Mon 01-Nov-10 17:37:16

Thanks for the suggestions but as I mentioned the party is not at home so cake or a treasure hunt not an option(we have done them for previous years) and although I think books are great as I said before am not sure a bunch of hyped up boys will best appreciate them but maybe the snot one is an idea!

reup Mon 01-Nov-10 17:39:59

I haven't seen those fun snaps things. They sound suitably dangerous! Will have a look

domesticsluttery Mon 01-Nov-10 17:43:18

DS1 and friends were very hyped up (the party was a swimming party) and still appreciated books, so you never know!

This is one reason I don't like party bags.

Why do you worry whether the guests will appreciate the gifts? As invitees it is their job to provide gifts, not yours. You provide entertainment and food, anything ex tra is a bonus to be appreciated.

At our latest party we decorated the room with simple, home-inflated, latex helium balloons. As well as a piece of cake to take home, each guest got to choose a few balloons to take. I saw no disappointment.

It's nice of you to care and make the effort, but for a guest to show disappointment over or be unappreciative of a going-home gift or party bag is greed and bad manners.

cornishpasty Wed 03-Nov-10 13:52:01

My dd (9) recently went to a party and all the kids got a Terry's chocolate orange in party bag.
Went down a treat with them all. I thought it was a fab idea - no plastic rubbish hooray!

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