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To wish the constant Disneyland adverts would feck the feck off?

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AngiBolen Wed 25-Jan-12 19:22:47

What's with the constant guilt trip?

I really don't want to go to Disneyland. Neither does DH (Not enough to part with our hard earned cash, anyway) Our children do. Luckily they don't seem to be exposed to quite as much Disney advertising as I am. Or maybe they have learned not to ask for things they know they won't get.

But why do I feel like a crap parent because my children haven't been? Am I just really gullible to advertising? I think I need therapy to help me get over this (which would probably cost more than taking them to Disneyland).

SwedishEdith Wed 25-Jan-12 19:26:05

I laugh every time this ad comes on now because of mn. "Disneyland Florida. In America" grin

I have no desire to go there ever and I just don't understand why anyone would ever feel"guilty" about this confused Doesn't cross my mind.

janelikesjam Wed 25-Jan-12 19:26:44

KnowWhatYouMean. Its called "creating a need". My son also burst out the other day "Why can't we go to Disneyland!" (He could have said the Moon and I'd be less surprised but, like you, I felt a bit guilty).

MuckyCarpet Wed 25-Jan-12 19:40:54

It's shit. Your children are missing nothing and you have nothing to feel guilty about.

It's too hot, the queues are ridiculous, the food is disgusting and overpriced, the toilets are weird and to top it off - you get grown men prancing around acting like twats and adult dickheads with micky mouse ears on their heads eagerly awaiting their turn on the fucking carousel.

Nightmare of a place. The adverts just make me shudder.

AngiBolen Wed 25-Jan-12 19:58:56

Thank you, MuckyCarpet. I may print out your post and stick it next to my computer screen.

Tell me more about the weird toilets. grin

TwoIfBySea Wed 25-Jan-12 20:03:41

Yes! Luckily dts have no interest in Disney thanks to the amount of girl's stuff they sell in their stores.

It's the way smug mum interjects with the fact that not only are the kids going to Disneyland but it is in Florida, in America. Just in case anyone thought she was taking them to France or anything.

Argh! Irrational but I hate it!

I went to Disneyland California ( in America) in 1990. I was all Disneyed out then. I remain that way to this day. smile

dixiechick1975 Wed 25-Jan-12 20:15:07

It's Disneyworld in Florida grin

smoggii Wed 25-Jan-12 20:17:06

I want to go and i love the adverts it gives me incentive to save.

Each to their own IMO

hairypotter Wed 25-Jan-12 20:21:07

Another Disneyland lover here. Horses for courses and all that. My dd's want pretty much everything advertised on tv I just ignore them most if the time

Scheherezade Wed 25-Jan-12 20:25:00

Sorry, Disneyland Paris is one of mine and DPs fave places grin

Has it got less naff since 1990?

StealthPenguin Wed 25-Jan-12 20:30:00

Disneyland Paris is great, except it's full of the bloody French!

I've been three times. Every single bloody time I will be in a queue for a ride, someone will inevitably jump the queue. I will confront them because I'm a gobby caah because I can't stand it when people push in. And every time I will get a haughty look and the immortal words...

"Oh, zorree, but I h'am Freeennnch!"

...and they'll carry on pushing through to the front of the queue!


I'm actually serious! If it happens again I'll punch someone!

Then again... I've been to the Florida one once. And if one more person said "Oh, you're from Wales?! That's in England right??" I would have smacked them into submission.

PlayEatSleep Wed 25-Jan-12 20:36:45

Yeah right, Penguin.

Whatmeworry Wed 25-Jan-12 20:38:35

I wonder if websites can track the negative impact of overplayed Ads smile

StealthPenguin Wed 25-Jan-12 20:41:31

PlayEatSleep - True story. Every time.

PlayEatSleep Wed 25-Jan-12 20:42:28

There are definitely a lot of queue jumpers here. And I could imagine people saying that, but 3 times??!

ReindeerBollocks Wed 25-Jan-12 20:43:22

DS was crying about not going.

His dad offered to take him a few months later and DS (who had forgotten about the advert by this stage) said he'd rather visit relatives instead. Relatives live abroad too, but it's not nearly as costly as Disney. That made me smile.

AngiBolen Wed 25-Jan-12 20:45:18

I did go through Disney phase once. I wore Mickey Mouse leggings (when I was old enough to vote). I actually purchased a checked shirt from the Disney store, with a Micky Mouse logo on the pocket. I went to Disneyland Paris (3 times) and on one occasion bought a Disneyland Paris ashtray (bet they don't sell those these days). And yes, I owned a pair of those ears. I must have looked a right eejit.

But life happens, I grew up, and I really don't want to return to than insanity. Maybe I'm scared that my 6yo will delight in a pizza in the shape of Micky Mouses head, and pizza express will never quite seem the same again.

StealthPenguin Wed 25-Jan-12 20:45:39

I'm honestly not kidding or exaggerating. I've not been in a few years, but have been to DisneyLand Paris three times in my life. And it's happened three times.

It's always a woman as well...

wherearemysocks Wed 25-Jan-12 20:46:45

We took dd1 to disneyland Paris when she was 5, she has since been saving all her pocket money, and christmas and birthday money so we go again and take dd2.

I don't remember the toilets being weird? But yes the food was crap and pretty much everything was over-priced but we had great fun. smile

I watch pretty much everything on sky + so I never watch any adverts so I don't really know what the problem with them is.

Crap food, overpriced, weird toilets, queue jumpers, adults pratting about wearing ears. What's not to like. confused

whereismymind73 Wed 25-Jan-12 20:53:17

Aw I love that advert but then I love Disneyworld - we're going for the 7th time this year and cant wait. Have to say though I don't really fancy Disneyland Paris -not sure why though.
For those that say the queues are awful - you're not doing it right ;) there is definitely a knack to it - the longest queue we've ever waited in is 20 mins.

AngiBolen Wed 25-Jan-12 21:01:32

Can none of you see the Disneyland banner at the top on MN? It's constantly there, whispering to me "go on, take your children to Disney, you know you ought to"

Sounds like it would be a cruel thing to do Angi. grin

Forrestgump Wed 25-Jan-12 21:04:11

God you miserable buggers!!!! Holidays arnt always what mum and dad want to do you know!

GetOrfMoiiLand Wed 25-Jan-12 21:09:56

I also laugh at the Disneyland Florida, in AMERICA thanks to mumsnet.

TwoIfBySea Wed 25-Jan-12 21:13:58

If you want an advert for Disney then they should show this here too. I think they've used it in the US but it is just lovely and makes me all teary!

I would be like that girl if I was made to go Two, but the tears would not be joy. sad

Poulay Wed 25-Jan-12 22:59:07

Went to Disney in Florida, but absolutely will not go to Disney, Paris, for the reason already specified above.

Bloody French people!

Snowboarder Wed 25-Jan-12 23:14:03

Probably going to make myself v.unpopular here as obviously going against the consensus but I absolutely loved Disneyland (Florida, that's in America - snurk!) DH and I went before we had DC and it was absolutely magical. Pg now with DC2 and looking forward to the day we can take them. Better start saving now eh?

Snowboarder Wed 25-Jan-12 23:17:55

In my defines I will say I never Prather around in a pair of ears but I did enjoy all the kiddy rides - it's a bugs life and the little mermaid were fab blush. The waterparks were also brilliant and Epcot was my favourite park.

Snowboarder Wed 25-Jan-12 23:18:22

Pratted not Prather!

Poulay Wed 25-Jan-12 23:33:58

Little mermaid and bug's life are not rides, they are 3d movie thingies.

startail Wed 25-Jan-12 23:40:08

Disney Florida is great.
All American toilets and plumbing in general is weird or at least different to here. I'm very short sighted and always forget to work out the shower controls before taking my glasses off.
Agree the advertising of Disneyland gets a bit much.
My relatively well off DDs will never understand that at their age I might as well have seemly of going to Mars as disney land.

jasperJohns Wed 25-Jan-12 23:47:31

Those ads make me laugh - 'Disneyland, Florida IN AMERICA!, not just Paris y'know!'

Do people really film their kids' reactions?! Is it that huge a deal?

You couldn't pay us to take our kids to Disney.

We have taken our kids to Florida every year and have studiously given Disney a 200 mile berth.

Kayano Thu 26-Jan-12 00:33:03

I have a disneyworld fund and my child is still in utero wink

Best place ever

Sorry blush

foglike Thu 26-Jan-12 04:14:56

It always makes me laugh when people say they've been to America but they've only been to this theme might as well be parked in Nuneaton.

Although they might be technically correct it's not exactly a road trip down route 66 smile

Adverts are horrible and surely Disney doesn't do Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck anymore? It's never on my telly.

cidrenomore Thu 26-Jan-12 04:31:26

Took the DDs to Disneyland(world?) Paris last year. Their reaction when I told them was lukewarm to say the least. They enjoyed being there, but preferred the swimming pool at the hotel at any point in the day. The queue jumping was grim.
This year, will save some money and take them to a British caravan park with a pool. Bet they enjoy it just as much.
Having said that, I am glad we went. (and v grateful to DSM for paying for us!) And DD2 says is saving her pennies till she can go back the pool...

Alligatorpie Thu 26-Jan-12 04:45:27

We took my dd to Disneyland last year when she was five. Dh wanted to go, she didn't really have an idea of what it was going to be like. In the end, it was so much fun. Dh and dd have almost convinced me to go again this summer ( am hesitating as we will have a two month old baby...)

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 31-Jan-12 12:04:08

Hello. We're going to move this thread to our new Parentport topic, as it probably sits better there.

AngiBolen, as you're the OP, we've mailed you about this but haven't had a response yet. Do please get in touch with us ( if you'd like to.

hairypotter Tue 31-Jan-12 19:31:22

Ok I'm confused. I know lots of mn hate these adverts, but I would hardly consider them unsuitable for children hmm

Why move this thread to this new topic page?

Gemtubbs Sun 18-Mar-12 21:14:05

Took 4 yo ds to disneyland florida in america earlier this year thinking that he would absolutely love it, and we of course saved for ages and paid a fortune. After the holiday, our ds mostly talks about the villa, the car we hired and the plane. I honestly think that kids are better off in a caravan at places like Haven.

There's no need to feel guilty if you don't want to take your kids to disney. I really wanted to go when I was little, there was no way on earth our family could ever afford it.

We went to the one in Paris, we had a pretty rubbish time. Bad weather, crowded, over priced, queue jumping. At the end of the day, I've learned that it's basically a jumped up fun fair. There is a massive reality gap between the adverts and the real experience. Unless you're really into Disney, I really think you could have a nicer family holiday for alot less money.

MY 4 year old asks about Disneyland all the time.
We don't even watch kids TV with advertisements shock

gramercy Tue 17-Apr-12 13:37:04

I'm with whereismymind73 - it's not clever to say you don't like Disneyworld/Disneyland. You are not classier in any way. I LUUURRRRVE Disneyworld - and we would pass any MN test (Boden/Waitrose...).

Surely every advert is trying to sell you something? They're adverts . Duhhhhrrr. I don't want my dcs to eat Cheese Strings/wear Lelli Kellys or order Dominos Pizza. You just say no.

invaderzimlover123 Wed 15-Aug-12 15:21:20

if you went , although you don't want to, you and your kids would hve the time of your life smile

Lovelylace Fri 17-Aug-12 17:54:44

What does MN stand for, (sorry if its off topic) and just to say...I will definately take my (still in utero) child there too..We have already decided to do Disneyland and the Orlando theme parks, and then to rent a car, and drive to Miami for a few days and then drive down through all the keys..but will have to wait until this little one is a tad older so that he/she can enjoy it..Not that I want ALL my holidays to be theme park based, we will have loads of different kind of hols, skiing, sailing riding and just beach ones, but I quite like to see it as well...wink

HappyLashes Fri 17-Aug-12 18:10:11

DH, DD (10), DS (7) and I came back from Florida last week. We spent 1 week in Disneyworld and then 2 weeks in a villa with a car and explored Florida, along with visiting the Orlando theme parks. It was somewhere we thought we could visit once while the DCs are old enough to remember it and young enough to enjoy it, and that would be it.

It was amazing, even DH found his inner child in the Magic Kingdom and we all want to go back. I'm missing it so much sad

The toilets were need to touch the flusher, you just need to make sure you're not sitting when it decides to flush! grin

noisytoys Fri 17-Aug-12 18:12:22

Me and DH and the DDs are going to Disneyworld in 32 days. And I have a massive Little Mermaid tattoo the whole length of my forearms. And watch the promotional DVDs they sent. Love it grin

geeandfeesmum Wed 12-Sep-12 18:22:30

God, you people are miserable!! I suppose you don't like puppies or rainbows either. It's DISNEYWORLD in Florida, Disneyland in California in Paris. Anyway, I suppose you will telling your kids there is no such thing as Santa and the tooth fairy as well because who needs magic right?

This is meant to sound lighter hearted than it does, but you are all miserable lol!!

geeandfeesmum Wed 12-Sep-12 18:24:21

meant to say "California & Paris" not "California in Paris" lol!!

Hulababy Wed 12-Sep-12 18:27:25

I can't see the issue with these ads anymore than any other holiday ad, or even any other advert for anything to do with children.

A Disneyland ad is no different to an ad for a beach holiday.

It only bothers you because you know that you don't want to go but your children would like to.

Tell them they can go when they are old enough to go and pay for it on their own.

Shanster Fri 05-Apr-13 02:34:05

I live in the US, in the state next to Florida and we are NOT taking our kids to Disney...ever. I hate the marketing, its almost as though you are a bad parent if its not your idea of a perfect family holiday.
Anyway, Florida is a Godforsaken place - so far this year a guy was killed when his home fell in a sink hole, they have a problem with 30ft long snakes who are eating the alligators (and they asked the public to go on shooting sprees and kills some), they have horrid gun laws (stand your ground = any excuse to shoot) and there are always hurricanes there. It hardly sounds idyllic does it????

SatsukiKusukabe Fri 05-Apr-13 04:32:15

you felt the need to ressurect this thread just to let us know that you hate Florida confused.. also you do realize two states border Florida both of which have all the same problems as Florida but with none of the world class beaches so saying the state that borders doesn't really explain where you are right? it also doesn't give you any insight to Florida as Florida is roughly the size of England and you would be fucking miles away from Orlando.

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