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Unreasonable dad!

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ktfs Fri 29-Jul-16 11:51:10

Just a quicky, don't want to rant!
My daughter has been invited to her best friends birthday sleep over but it's fallen on 'dads weekend' he's kicking off that 'it's always on my weekend!' No it's not it's all the time and I've suggested that she goes to his a day early so she doesn't miss out on seeing him!! I'm sure he thinks I'm making it up!! Does he think that she doesn't go to sleepovers or see her friends when she's home???
He's said ' I'll have a word with her Tuesday' when she sees him and now I'm worried hel mess with her head and shel cave and then miss out.
Soooo frustrated!?! He's so blinkered/selfish/childish!!!
He won't let me speak when I'm explaining it to him- not that I should waste my time trying to calm him down he should be adult enough to realise it.
Does he expect her to pick him over her friends every time?? She starts comp in September so will have a lot of things to do I don't want her to miss out on stuff just because he's an arse!!!

Missgraeme Wed 03-Aug-16 17:04:55

Been there with my ex. Judge told him not to make plans for the kids in my time. Sorry if that's not what u wanted to hear.

ktfs Mon 08-Aug-16 10:42:50

I didn't make plans for us.....its an invitation to her best friends would this mean that on 'his' weekends she HAS TO 100% be with him....if this is the case then when she is home she has to be 100% with us.....which then means she will never get any time to see her friends?????

Squirrel18 Tue 30-Aug-16 18:01:59

Been in that place. Its frustrating. You end up with alternate weekends their fathers being spent 100% with their father and your weekend is spent seeing their friends snd no time for you. Hopefully your daughters dad will understand when they have a chat and she doesn't cave like my son used to. If that doesny work the only thing you can do is swap weekends - not fair but at least your daughter won't miss out. Good luck

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