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Advice or support groups recommendations for parents of kids in care?

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JandJsMummy Fri 17-Jun-16 20:36:41

My DS (13) has had some behaviour and mental health issues and after being arrested after hitting me he was bailed not come home or have contact with us for 30 days. Non of my family could take him in so he was sent to a care home out of county 150 miles away under a section 20 (voluntarily in care). This was in March and he has decided he doesn't want to come home because he likes it where it is. He gets £40 a wee pocket money and can earn more by being good and tidying his bedroom etc..., they brought him a laptop (after he smashed his) and is home schooled at the home so only does schooling from 10am to 2pm 4 days a week. I had no idea this was even possible that being in care could be this comfortable or that he could just say he doesn't want to come home. Although I have the option of taking him home all the professionals involved don't think it's in his best interests until he feels ready! Does anyone have any experience like this or know if any support groups for parents of looked after children?

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