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Stand Up For Parents Battling Against Vile Ex & Bias Social Workers

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Mumof2PrettyBoys Thu 14-Apr-16 22:11:00

New to mumsnet but have had some good info from other posts relating to my 'what to do' although THIS I have never heard of or seen so blatantly until it happened to me!!

History Brief:
I left a violent relationship in 2009 after 4 years of being with a dog. We had a son 10 months earlier to break up and I made the decision to leave for good following an incident where I was knocked out and ex tried to leave with son but was stopped by police due to 'nosy neighbours' reporting suspected DV. He was arrested but nfa due to me getting rid of sim card..I got the hell outta there with my son!!

I lived happily and single with my first son for 2 years and shortly before his 3rd birthday we were spotted by Ex who followed as he recognised me.
He claimed he didn't want trouble and got tearry when our son got out the car and softly said "hello I'm son1"- at the time I thought genuine and it broke my heart that I kept away from him meaning he didn't see his son who was fully walking and talking. We spoke and it was made clear that I didn't want to reconcile but made arrangements for him to see our son.

2011 - first referral made by ex to social services. He claimed my son was being neglected. SS completed assessments, no evidence of this.

He made a further 12 referrals each one stating something different, but based around me abusing my son. For example, locking him in rooms, beatings for looking like Ex and all kinds of bullocks that were never found during services involvement.

Naturally, as a mother it is my responsibility to ensure my child is safe and that's from ANYONE including Social Services who disliked me for my transparency in their recent 'findings' that I have suddenly developed mental health problems because I decide to stand firm as I have done not a single things wrong yet they pursue me anytime Ex throws a bitch fit. Of course i am passionate about my duties as a mother and apologies if it was taken as aggression, but I was told my son was 'better off living with his dad' because of this? Considering Ex continually breached court orders and made trouble outside my home address that SS chose to ignore!! It was full on war!

2015 - summoned to court for the 3rd time representing myself Without solicitors (due to not being eligible for legal aid )over care arrangements for son1 by Ex WITH assistance from SS who decided in his favour, The courts found no supporting evidence why son1 should be removed from me and ruled in my favour stating and provided a detailled written explanation why! Judge went completely AGAINST SS recommendation to let son live with dad instead of 'aggressive' me due to reports not being based on FACTS. SS and Ex were warned about breaching orders and I was granted funding should they take me to court again without real reason.

I was asked to complete a number of assessments by SS and completed everything they asked me to do with complete transparency as to thoughts and feelings no buttering up nothing! Why did I need these assessments? Why not just go away! Instead son1 was subject to a CP Plan for a planned 12 months due to 'emotional harm'.

2016!! what do we have here? Ex breaches order intentionally and although nothing came of any of the assessments, SS supported Ex in doing so and has falsified a statement to court stating my son is on CP plan due to NEGLECT!! This is no mistake and them papers were served to me so is a legal document. .

Would appreciate advice on what to do now as not only have SS lied to court. . They made fresh allegations clearly from the bundle I recieved which states son1 is being physically harmed and is now - since being with his dad for 3weeks severely bed-wetting and is 'stressed '!! Alarm bells going off like crazy there's so many things wrong about this but I can't think straight being without son1 for so long it's the longest he's ever been away and I know this is the reason hes stressed but can't prove it as SW is being a bitch and is covering up the discrepancies I have in regard to her biased reports and opinions despite me successfully completed what was asked of me and son1 saying he wants to live with me.

thisusernameisnotavailable Mon 23-May-16 08:49:16

I can't help but I can sympathise as I nearly lost my kids to foster care due to a lying social worker.

The only thing that saved us was a change in social worker. You do have the right to request a different person but that doesn't mean necessarily that it will help in every instance.

Good luck flowers

Missgraeme Wed 03-Aug-16 17:22:57

Get your child's school involved. They should be able to back u up. I too won against cafcass after 4 years of hell. And when u win ask for a judgement made against your ex to stop him taking u back to court.

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