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OH fanily

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Beautifulbella Sat 09-Jan-16 05:29:12

Me and my oh recently moved, we used to live two roads down from his parents, and we've now moved to the a town nearby. (20 mins car journey, max). All of a sudden his parents don't seem to be bothered to make the effort to come and see lo. I have repeatedly asked them to come and visit and if they wanted they was more than welcome to stay over. I send them daily pictures and ft them. I also offer to meet them at a local area convenient for both of us. The reason I don't go there is because my OH's family have this ongoing argument with their next door neighbour which happens almost daily and I don't want our son to be in that environment. His mum drives and so do both his siblings that still live at home, he has a sister that lives about 30 mins away from them who sees them everyday, as mil insists on going to her house because she cannot bear the thought of not seeing her other grandson who is two. During Christmas it was decided that his parents would come our house but one week prior they cancelled as "his sister got annoyed because they wouldn't be seeing her son" although his sister was going to her own mil house for xmas, it was then decided that they would come Boxing Day, on Christmas Eve they cancelled as his sister was going their house with her son on that day. I was livid, and I thought I was rightly so. Now his parents have cancelled on us around 7 times since the week before Christmas. That latest being that his mum didn't feel well, yet the same day she went to Birmingham to see her friend and has ended up staying there over a week. Now I'm not be no means saying she has you be up her life just because of my son, but it's becoming so frustrating. She's never messages me to see how he is, and the other day I saw OH sister, she told her mum she was with us and her mum only asked about her son. My OH doesn't seems to understand why I'm so angry but it's not just his parents it's all his family. Am I over reacting? I'm know beginning to wonder if I'm being childish. Any advise would be great, I have a great relationship with his mum, so I'm not sure as whether I should let her know what I'm thinking but the drama it would cause me and oh is unreal. Advise please, thank you. Oh and feel free to tell me I'm being a twat. sorry for such a long rant

Missgraeme Wed 03-Aug-16 17:11:21

She knows where u live. If she doesn't visit u will have to let it wash over u or it will chew u to bits. It is her loss - and she doesn't sound like an ideal gp if she clearly has a favourite!

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