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Flying to Australia with a 19 month old

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Heatherbell1978 Tue 15-Dec-15 11:00:24

So we're off to Perth, Australia, for 3 weeks in March and I'm dreading the flight with my (will be) 19m old. We thought long and hard about making the long trip but we have friends out there and we're considering emigrating so felt we needed to have a 'reccy' before taking the visa process any further.

We flew with DS1 when he was 6m and 9m and both (European) trips were fine. He slept, played and loved all the people in the airports. But he's a LOT more active now and I'm worried about how to keep him amused. I'm sure he'll sleep for some of it (second leg through UK night time) but he has a short attention span and has never been one of those wee ones who just sits on our lap quietly. Tips? Experiences?

TheLittleLion Wed 30-Dec-15 17:01:03

It wasn't as long as Australia but I took DS to America when he was 19 months and it went a million times better than I'd expected.
I tried to keep him awake as much as I could before the flight and he slept really well on the plane. I took his toy animals, colouring things and a few books. I'd recommend buying some new things for him to play with during the flight that he won't have seen before then. If you take things he's already spent time playing with he'll get bored of them quicker.
Tbh though, DS was more interested in just walking up and down the aisle and talking to people. Everyone was great with him. They'd rather see a happy toddler running around than listen to him cry because he can't leave his seat iykwim.
Take a wide variety of little snaks for him too, my DS didn't want any of the the plane food.
I hope the flight goes well for you and DS smile

TheLittleLion Wed 30-Dec-15 17:02:35

Oh, forgot to mention the iPad. I took one with DS's favourite tv shows/films on and some little games for him to play. That definitely helped him stay in his seat for a while smile

Mumstheword31 Mon 18-Jan-16 14:54:39

We have just come back and our son was 17 months old and I have to be honest he was brilliant. We took a trunki of different toys (all new so he was a bit more interested) to keep him busy, introducing one at a time as far apart as his concentration would allow. I have to say one of the best toys we had for him was a buckle toy buster -
Obviously we had a few walks up and down the plane when he wanted to move about.
If you have your flight detail you can go online and see the layout of the plane, we contacted the airline and reserved the seats near the wall (separating the sections) so there was a little extra space. We put a blanket and a couple of cushions down and it was a brilliant little play space.
Good luck, sometimes I think the thought is worse than the reality!

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