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Wwyd? Next door neighbours keeps screaming at child

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Perriwinkle9991 Wed 15-Jan-14 20:14:54

What would you do

Next door neighbour constantly shouts at her child he is around 2ish I reckon.

She constantly screams shouts and grits her teeth.nothing is ever done/said quietly.

The family is Asian so I can't understand all the time what they are saying to the little lad but I hear sit downnnnnnn a lot.

She's not on her own the kids dad stays there a lot and another man. I just heard him shouting and then a smack sound and the same shouting noise or word (was in Asian so can't understand) and a smack sound and the kids crying.

I no kids are a handful and sometimes it can sound like there being abused but I'm not sure.

I live in a semi detached so she will no it's me if I report her and I don't want any trouble but I would feel awful if something happened. In sept an ambulance was called and be had to go to hospital so it makes me wary.

I don't no whether it knock on the door or not.

What would you do?

alita7 Fri 25-Apr-14 15:38:26

I think I'd make the call.
If you're worried then think how you'd feel if something happened.

They might not realise it's abuse as in their culture it may be acceptable, but it's not here so they need some education on what is and isn't abuse.

smileybadger Wed 19-Nov-14 19:41:51

my upstairs neighbours are always yelling at their 3yr old..especially at night..I saw mum recently and she commented on howI must hear 3yr old crying at night..I said no..but I hear you screaming at her to shut the f**k up should callsmile

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