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JackReacher Tue 03-Sep-13 03:48:19

Hi does anyone have any experience of putting their baby (less than a year old) through the modelling world?
What agencies are good? Did you get work?
Was it worth the hassle? Do you get to get copies of the photos??
Would you want your baby's face on adverts / tv?

Any advise appreciated.

Pocket1 Wed 04-Sep-13 00:05:34

Been wondering the same for my 9 week old dd.... Watching with interest... smile

Doodledumdums Wed 04-Sep-13 00:07:38

I've been wondering about this for my 8mo!

GingerDoodle Sat 07-Sep-13 22:05:25

We've just registered our DD 11months with BizzyKidz; was very impressed with the initial photo shoot.

Its free to send in the forms, if accepted its £50 for a despot, £30 on the day of the photo shoot and £90 to complete set up (which you only pay once you see the photos and want to proceed).

My friends DD (same age) signed up a cpl of months ago and has been for a few castings and got offered a job with Clarks (although sadly they had to decline as they were on holiday).


GingerDoodle Sat 07-Sep-13 22:10:42

Sorry should have added:

We're really happy with the photos - actually paid to have all the pictures.

I'm pretty chilled; if she gets work great, otherwise its just a fun experience!

I'd have no issue with tv / film stuff.

JackReacher Mon 09-Sep-13 10:36:28

Thanks gingernoodle

Rockinhippy Mon 09-Sep-13 19:20:21

I'm sorry but no genuinely good model agency asks for fees to join, if they are, them it's a scam - if you google Bizzykids they are not known to be a good agency

- I can't help with baby modelling, but my DD is registered with an agency & we have been asked to pay nothing, they take their money as a cut of any fees your DCs make, that way they will only take kids onto their books that they genuinely believe they can find work for, that's how GOOD agencies make their money.

If they are asking for fees, at best they are just not confident they can find work for your DCs & you are wasting your money, at worst it's a scam

Rockinhippy Tue 10-Sep-13 12:55:37

Hi again,

Bruce and Brown are the most reputable agency, long history of working with kids & teens & they have just opened their casting list again this week, my DD is with going to be with them, they don't charge any fees at all, but you need to be within easy reach of London & do read the the blurb on their website as to what is expected of you, as 24 hours notice for a casting is normal practice.

My DD was also accepted by Source Models, who have branches in London & Manchester, again no fees though their test shoot photographer did try the hard sell for a ridiculously over priced portfolio for DD, this was the photographer not the agency trying to make money & the agency agreed to take her on their books WITHOUT this supposedly important portfolio & TBH I wasn't that impressed by how they handled kids anyway, the photographer who shot DD may have been a great photographer, but didn't have a clue when it came to kids, she was very sullen.

The advice I can give though, it's not just about how gorgeous your baby is, but temperament too - I did try DD with a bit of modelling as a toddler, I was asked by a local company & thought it a good low pressure test to see if it was worth trying properly.

My DD who is usually very bubbly & happy to do as asked, was an absolute opinionated nightmare as she didn't like the clothes they wanted to shoot her in - she even went as far as telling the designer her clothes were rubbish & that I make much nicer thingsblush cajoling her in & out of the various outfits was the hardest & most stressful days work I have ever done - & I used to run a fashion company - the photographer was fantastic with kids though & did manage to get some lovely shots, but I came away thinking. - never again

Thankfully DD now sees wearing stuff you don't like can be part of the job smile

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