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How do I get over the rattled feeling after telling children off?

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JohFlow Tue 20-Aug-13 20:53:48

Giving discipline serves many functions - promotes physical safety, teaches right and wrong, develops parental respect, gives a child security, aids organisation, helps a child fit into society etc. It later leads to children being self-disciplined and develops their skills to fit in with rule-driven workplaces.

Some disciplinary decisions aren't easy and we try to do our best. 'Tough love' is needed when a child refuses to follow your guidelines repeatedly.

So long as the discipline teaches the child something and is fair and kind then you have nothing to worry about.

girliefriend Wed 07-Aug-13 19:11:58

Umm no hmm

Its all part of being a parent and tbh it sounds like you should have done that much earlier in the day and it probably would have nipped the bad behaviour in the bud rather than escalating to the stealing.

farthingwood Wed 07-Aug-13 19:07:59

Today DC1 age 4 stole my good behaviour rewards from my hand bag, she had spent the whole day hitting her little brother, drawing on the walls and generally being silly, I had had enough and put her in time out and raised my voice, for the rest of the day she was an angel and we discussed it afterwards. But I too feel really horrible after I have to do that and wondered if anyone else has this too?

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