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2nd degree stitches come loose?

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ButteryJam Tue 04-Jun-13 05:44:26

TheOrchardKeeper, thank you so much! I've been asked to see my GP today.

(one last thing, forgot to add, it does heal fairly quickly on the inside apparently, so for me the worst part was waiting for the outside to heal/close up, as it obviously gets more irritated by everyday things like walking, sitting, peeing hmm etc. If yours is more inside than out it probably won't be so bad. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't scared the hell out of you)!

Or even better, nothing's wrong!

Good luck.

I remember feeling totally horrified at the time so hope you get seen asap and it's nothing too bad thanks

Mine completely came away (had an episiotomy) and it sounds like you describe. I could actually see a bit of untied stitching as well (like a loose end I suppose). Because it was infected it couldn't be restitched and ended up healing by itself (though could've been neater...scuse the TMI).

I would urge you to get someone to see it asap as you may be able to get it sorted if it's not infected and it will save you a lot of worry & discomfort in that case smile

ButteryJam Mon 03-Jun-13 13:09:42


11 days post birth, and two days ago I noticed some bleeding which I wasn't sure if it was from my piles or my stitches. So today I got DH to take a picture of the area for me, and it really looks like the stitches have come loose as I can see red inner skin. I had left the midwife a message but wondering if anyone else has been through this? If it has come loose what would happen now?

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