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How much weight is my baby expected to gain?

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ButteryJam Mon 03-Jun-13 13:06:16


My baby is 10 days old and weighs 6 pounds, hence she is in tiny size clothes and doesn't fit in newborn clothes. I don't have that many baby grows and wondering whether I should buy more: how long will it take for her to reach 7lb-8lb and start fitting in newborn size clothes?

Thanks for your help! smile

KLou1105 Thu 29-May-14 23:57:21

Hi my dd is now nearly 8 weeks old and was 5lb 1oz at birth and I went 4days overdue! She has been gaining weight very well and is now 8lb 10oz and is still in newborn clothes and some first size clothes. The 0-3 months don't fit her yet. I think I brought upto 7.5lb clothes at about 4 weeks old but she grew out of them very quickly. I Found the best fits were boots mini club and tesco. Different brands have different sizing newborn, tiny baby, first size ect; all said upto different lbs. (George clothing comes up very big) all I can say is that there is no harm in buying a couple of things as ur LO will soon grow into them, just don't go to mad as they soon grow out of them too :-)x

AnythingNotEverything Fri 30-May-14 00:00:27

I believe as a rule of thumb, healthy weight gain is 4-7 oz per week (it's not entirely linear though - some weeks more, some weeks less!).

Also, clothes actually fit for such a short amount of time you're best letting them wear them from when they're a bit big. It's easier to dress them in bigger clothes and is only a hindrance when they start to move more.


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