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Bike trailer on an aeroplane?

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HankeringForSun Sun 31-Mar-13 08:06:56

Does anyone have experience of taking a bike trailer (such as a Chariot etc) on flights?

I'm travelling alone with my DC's aged 3 and 5 to Ibiza's countryside and want to take a double trailer with me to use as a stroller.

Does anyone have experience of travelling with them?

I've seen a few people with them at airports but don't know how it works...checkin or not etc.

The double one is obviously wider so I imagine I have to check it in.



ArabellaBeaumaris Sun 31-Mar-13 08:11:49

A mum at school told me they do exactly that with their croozr for 2 trailer. It's treated just as a buggy so you take it right up to the gate. Apparently. Haven't tried with mine!

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