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Womans Hour this week

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Whatalotofpiffle Sun 17-Mar-13 07:15:32

Fridays morning play had 'bastard!' Shouted out! Made me reconsider whether R4 is safe during the day

IamtheSnorkMaiden Mon 11-Jun-12 23:10:38

I didn't hear it, but I agree with you that there either should have been warnings prior to it being broadcast or else broadcast later (obviously Woman's Hour is normally in the morning.)

raffle Sun 13-May-12 13:59:20

Very well written drama, I didn't hear the 'cock' reference, but did hear the word 'pissed' lots of times. I felt it would have been better suited to a later time slot.

theDudesmummy Sat 12-May-12 07:27:09

This week on Womans Hour on Radio 4 there was a drama serial, very pertinent and quite well done, about a woman who had been raped and the recations of her friends and faily etc. All well and good, and an important topic, but it must be remembered that this is being broadcast at 11.45am and so would need, in my opinion, very sensitive handling as children would potentially be listening. I am no prude, very far from it, but I was actually shocked when I heard the main character talk about a "cock" being forced into her mouth as part of the attack. This was really realy inappropriate stuff for this time of day, IMO. I have compained to the BBC. Did anyone else hear it? What do you think?

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