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an offer of free ice cream from Ann Summers will attract as many children as adults

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dontaskforthe99 Thu 10-May-12 10:14:47

Driving on the motorway on Friday (family in car) We passed an ice cream van that offered on the back - 'Free ice cream - Grab a mouthful'. On the back of the van was the web address Along the side of the van it proclaimed 'Summer of Sex'. Am I overreacting to think that kids seeing this may well go to the website to see how they can get their free ice cream only to be confronted by a selection of dildos? I did phone and email the company but got no response.

TheWomanFormerlyKnownAsSGM Wed 16-May-12 12:50:06

Definitely don't look 18. They should have been checking IDs.

fridakahlo Thu 17-May-12 00:36:39

They should not be running this highly inapropriate campaign in the first place.
I mean associations with hardcore porn on the highstreet, that's going right through libralism out to the pornification of society as a whole.

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