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The New Oreos TV ADVERT

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bella0207 Sun 12-Feb-12 13:17:57

I find this TV advert very disturbing. It is for the biscuits ORIOS. In it, a three year old girl is under her bed sheet like a tent teaching her father - who's head then pokes in - how to eat an Orio. She narratives what she tells him to do, how to seperate the biscuit and then lick the cream inside which she does very suggestively. The father is watching her very carefully. She tells him it is naughty and says he must not do it. Later the father sneaks down to the kitchen and eats the ORIOS from the fridge. He licks his lips in a;p;proval, his face expressing ecstasy.The girl is seen standing behind her father looking disapproving. YUK, YUK, YUK, YUK, YUK

ahhhhhpushit Sun 12-Feb-12 13:20:46

Not just me who found it creepy then!!

Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Feb-12 13:21:41

Ooh not seen it yet.

picnicbasketcase Sun 12-Feb-12 13:22:55

I did too - but then gave myself a mental slap about the face for being such a DM reader.

GirlWithPointyShoes Sun 12-Feb-12 13:25:07

and then lick the cream inside which she does very suggestively

No she doesn't.

TidyDancer Sun 12-Feb-12 13:26:16

Oh I haven't seen it yet either. Anyone got a link? I feel bad for judging without seeing it, but if that description is accurate, YANBU.

As an aside, I do wonder how the fuck these ads get made....doesn't someone at some point think this might be how it's seen?!

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Sun 12-Feb-12 13:28:01

It's Oreos.

crazynanna Sun 12-Feb-12 13:28:12

I don't see the girl licking the cream suggestively.

Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Feb-12 13:29:06

Can't find a link. It's still the doggy one on You Tube.

southeastastra Sun 12-Feb-12 13:30:07

hahaha some people really do read way too much into commercials. i just think they look sickly

Abcinthia Sun 12-Feb-12 13:30:39

Is this the advert?

I haven't seen it yet,but am a bit confused about a three year old doing anything 'suggestively'.
I'll go and have a shufty on YouTube, but preparing myself to be mystified as usual grin

Kayzr Sun 12-Feb-12 13:31:31

Why 2 threads on this?

Also YABU, it is nothing like that. Yes she licks a biscuit but its not suggestively at all.

Here have a Oreo biscuit

crazycanuck Sun 12-Feb-12 13:31:51


howitis Sun 12-Feb-12 13:31:52

Have you gone frickin nuts? Suggestively? I find you more disturbing than the advert!


Frankly, it's crazier than Christmas to attribute any sexual stuff to it. hmm

If it was anything like you described it yes, it would be a paedophiles favourite advert. Thankfully, it's nothing like you suggested.

The bedsheet is on the floor in a brightly lit room, there is no suggestive licking.

PinkPeanuts Sun 12-Feb-12 13:33:13

Most bizarre analysis of an advert I've ever seen. Nothing about it is suggestive.

PamPerdbrat Sun 12-Feb-12 13:33:21

Can a 3 year old lick suggestively?!

Gribble Sun 12-Feb-12 13:33:42

Nothing 'suggestive' there at all. Stop clutching your pearls.

Just watched it, personally think it's very sweet!
I find attributing sexual undertones to it to be very strange indeedhmm

diddl Sun 12-Feb-12 13:35:03

"She tells him it is naughty and says he must not do it."??!!

OP-I think you need help!

Although I would say the biscuits look revolting & the idea of dipping/dunking them in milk extra revolting!

TidyDancer Sun 12-Feb-12 13:35:18

Oh for the love of God. I've just watched the link. Nothing suggestive about it at all.


scottishmummy Sun 12-Feb-12 13:36:06

youre being obtuse and seeking offence where none exist
wanky socialsciencetastic interpretation

Magneto Sun 12-Feb-12 13:36:33

Not suggestive at all, and saying they're under a bedsheet is misleading, the bedsheet isn't on a bed it's hung up like a tent.

Chubfuddler Sun 12-Feb-12 13:36:50

Honi soit qui mal y pense

You have a warped mentality op.

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